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We meet together once again to decide upon the fate of one determined golem filly and her trio of loyal friends. Let’s take a look at our summary before we get heading out on the trail to get an idea as to what direction we’re heading in our epic adventure.


File: 1349661665563.png (178.42 KB, 361x463, 7Uk1z.png)

>Go back to the Ponyville Hospital to pick up Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle
>Wake up Scootaloo, discover that Sweetie Belle is nowhere to be found. Scootaloo rejoins your party.
>Head toward the Library; see the town guards holding off a pack of Diamond Dogs from a raid
>Head to the Carousel Boutique, find Sweetie Belle picking up a mess of dresses. Rarity is missing. Sweetie Belle rejoins your party
>**Head to the Library to gather Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo’s saddlebags**
>Check for Spike. He is not home right now.
>Make sure to let Scoots know you bummed some stuff off of her
>**Reinforce the Library door with Twilight’s heavy table**
>Add the Stone Serpent Scale to your inventory
>**Feed Scootaloo, take Head of Lettuce with you**
>—Leave a letter for Spike telling him to relay ‘everything’ to Princess Celestia—
>xXx Diamond Dog Raiders have pushed the guards back into town xXx
>Pick up Mysterious Letter
>**Pushy Pegasus tries to usher you back into the Library; door will not budge **
>—Start running with group; crystal grinding is getting worse—
>Run into a small group of armored Diamond Dogs
>**Use Sneezing Powder to distract them; bypass them on way towards house**
>Read through letter, discover that your friend is no longer confident about the ruins, LS is indeed a dragon, he’s not being blackmailed, and he doesn’t know why LS likes Applejack.
>xXx While reading your letter, the Diamond Dogs you threw Sneezing Powder at earlier have caught up xXx
>Tell your friends to go on ahead; you’ll catch up. The Diamond Dogs can’t possibly hurt you…
>—Run a bit further; a crystal falls out of your back, leaving a little gap in your skin—
>Call out for some explosives to be lobbed in your general direction; the Diamond Dogs think you’re bluffing and attack
>**Dodge body slam, STOP as Diamond Dogs try and tie you up in vain**
>Mary throws some Dynamite your way; you realize you just barely missed landing on top of it
>Dogs run, reunite with friends and family
>—Refuse dad’s offer for repairs; insist that your group heads out to the mountains—
>Go to Sweet Apple Acres
>—Avoid speaking with Applejack, fearing that she might try and ground Applebloom again—
>Head out down the mountain trail

After traveling down the peaceful mountain trail for a few minutes, our determined investigators stumble upon a path most precarious that leads higher into the mountain a dragon known as ‘LS’ was last heard occupying. Sending Scootaloo to look on ahead to make sure the trail is navigable, Raisin was just about to travel the narrow path herself in hopes of catching up with the little orange Pegasus. High above, several pegasi sweep the mountain tops, trying to discover the cause of a recent explosion.

Danger is ever present during a quest. Using your wits and a little luck, I firmly believe that Raisin is in good hands tonight. I wish you the best and hope for Raisin’s sake that you stay on your toes; she’s counting on you.

Good luck!



Awww yeah motherfucker.


File: 1349661839996.png (68.97 KB, 696x700, krabb raisin 7.png)


First thing's first.



I suggest we take a vote: risk death or go back into town.

There's no way we can make the trek up there without falling to our death.







I hope that the drawfag comes back.



Man, fuck that. Do or die.


SLOWLY proceed up the path.


Raisin: Hayseed, Stone Serpent Scale, Wadded Up Parchment + Pebble, Royal Medallion (Equipped), Grappling Hook + Cut Rope (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Box of Quarter Sticks (x1), Stompstarter, ‘Love’ Letter to LS

Sweetie Belle: Baby Blue Sapphires x9, Saw, Nails, Satchel + Bubblegum

Scootaloo: CMC Cape x2, Empty Flask, Lamp (Shattered), 1x Head of Lettuce



What's waiting for us back in town?

If we get captured, it's game over. Didn't Jr say this straight out a while ago?


File: 1349662243667.png (279.61 KB, 1700x1200, raisin quest faces.png)



I think we should travel the stone ledge alone first.

if its strong enough to hold the pony made of stone, it should be good for the other CMC









"Careful, Raisin!" Applebloom calls from behind you. You turn your head to meet with Scootaloo's slightly anxious expression. She shivers on a little ledge about 30 feet and a narrow trail away. She's safe, but you can clearly tell she doesn't want to be out there by herself.

"Alright… just gotta go slow…" Your foreleg crunches a little as a crystal jostles about under your stony skin. You tap the path to make sure it's not going to fall as soon as you step out. It seems pretty stable, but it's incredibly thin. Taking a gulp, you begin to catwalk out onto the narrow walkway.

You can hear Sweetie Belle and Applebloom gasping every once in a while as your hooves shuffle along the path. Suddenly, your hoof lands on a slightly weaker part of the path. There's a foot long gap in the path now with nothing but a solid drop below.

You freeze alongside the suspense coursing through your friends. "Are ya alright?!" Applebloom calls from behind.



I immediately regret everything.


META INFO: Glorious. 11/10



how far down is this drop



Maybe we should backtrack and try to find an alternate route.



We are a brave filly.

We must go on.


GAME INFO: If you were going to estimate the drop down the side of the mountain, you'd estimate it to be about 40-50 feet. There's a little river running down below… not that it would cushion your fall in the slightest.



This is porbably an immediate sign that this is the wrong course of action.

Tell Scootaloo to scout ahead a bit and see if there's another way up.



well shit

i dont like this, we cant make a jump with a injured leg

as time wasting as it is, i think we should go get repaired by dad.



I second reassessing the situation, but let the CMC do it. We can just stand here and wait before taking a life threatening risk.



If our house hasn't been raided.

Jeez, might as well, this run is fucked anyways.


Frozen on the incredibly narrow trail, you fight a slight sense of vertigo as you try and think of something quick.

"H-hey, Scootaloo… how's the p-path ahead look?"

The little pegasus shuffles along the cliffside, going a little further up the path. "Uh… well, it looks a little easier to navigate up this way…" She scuttles along the cliff face, her side pressed into the solid pinkish-brown rock. As she rounds the corner, she lets out a sigh. "Scratch that. There's a super huge gap up h-here." She trembles a little as she starts hastily making her way back.

You remain frozen in place.




Turn around and head back I guess.

He probably nailed what the purpose of getting repaired was.



Make a leap of faith.



We're on our first life, right?




and back up


we arent making this jump, we can barely walk.


GAME INFO: Raisin has not perished during our quest yet.



Be brave. It's just a foot. We can step across it.



Ugh, fine, we hear you.

Go back to town. I guess we'll look for that other end game path.



Go home, get repaired, cry when the ground erupts under us


"There's no way I can make that jump safely." You look straight at Scootaloo after looking at the gap again.

"…b-but I gotta make that jump b-back…" Scootaloo's eyes are filled with fright.

"Hey, don't worry. I'll come up with a safe way to get you back across… after I get to stable ground. Give me a second here…"

Your stony hooves carefully move you back down the precarious path you started navigating. You can hear the river far below. Some birds are chirping with devilish delight, no doubt relishing in the fact you've been bested by your weight on this loose, narrow path. You take another step back.

The path crackles beneath your hooves, though it doesn't give. You're not sure how stable it's going to be as your other hooves step near it, but eventually you feel a hoof tapping against your flank. "You're safe! You're safe!" Sweetie Belle announces.

"Scootaloo! Just hang tight while we come up with a plan!" Applebloom calls over to the shaky pegasus.

"Yeah, d-don't worry. I'm not going anywhere." She sits down with her back to the wall, her wings spread to help give her just a little extra stabilization. You can see faint shadows moving around from up above, probably the pegasi investigating the mountain top.

"Well, if we can't get on over there… what're we gonna do now, Raisin?" Applebloom rubs her chin.


>all this indecision

We so ded.



Goddamn it.

Tell her to flutter down.



Tell Scootaloo to see if she can find a good spot to hide so she isn't "rescued."


GAME INFO: Looking across the way, you see that there are no overpasses to hide under. Sticking up close to the wall seems to be the best way to stay out of sight…



Return home and get repaired.



lets yell for the Pegasus to help scoots

scootaloo will just have to swallow her pride and get help across.



Then tell her to stick close to the wall.

Better than nothing.



Seconding. if we can get across the gap, so can Scootaloo.



Pretty much this.

Unless the other CMC think they can make it.



Seems like the safest option


Noticing the faint shadow, you look up to see it's caster. A darker pegasus with a two tone light blue, teal mane is flying by overhead.

"Hold on, guys, let's get some help for Scootaloo."

Sweetie Belle nods. "Anything to get her back over safe… Hey! Thunderlane!" Her small arms wave back and forth as she calls up to the investigating pegasus. He appears shocked when he sees your group down below.

Scootaloo waves her hooves back and forth. "No! No! I don't need any-"

"Hey! You fillies shouldn't be out here!" Thunderlane descends to get a closer look. He looks a bit unnerved when he looks at you. The crystals in your skin seem to be very off-putting to the colt.

"Our friend is trapped over there. Do you think you could lend her a hoof?"

Thunderlane turns his head over toward Scoots. "…but… isn't she a pegasus?" His question is met with an upset glower. Not pressing the issue, he effortlessly hovers across the gap to help her back across. Though it takes some coaxing, Scootaloo eventually hops up on his back and rides him back over to stable land.

"Thanks…" While thankful, she holds a certain air of defeat.

"You kids get on home. This mountain's no place for a bunch of curious fillies." With a few strong flaps, he ascends. It looks like he's heading towards another group of pegasi that are also investigating the mountaintop.

"Well, at least Scootaloo's safe…" Applebloom sighs. "…but now they're gonna be on the lookout for us for sure."

"Man, I would've rather tried hovering back across on my own…" Scootaloo says, slightly peeved.



apologize for hurting scoot's pride and continue home



"Don't worry Scootaloo, you'll have a chance to flutter across when we come back here."



Return home, get repaired, come back.



Tell Scoots we're sorry, but we didn't want to risk anything happening to her.



Take our defeat in stride it's not like we're going to have enough time to return anyways


wait, we're going back home?
wasn't the town being ransacked by diamond dogs?



Yeah, but our house is further out.

It'll be burned to the ground when we get back



I guess this.


are there any trees nearby?

if we cut one down with our saw, we could use it to cross the gap in the path.



the maid did scare them off but…

aw geez

but anyway the faster we're repaired, the better.

and we do still have all our lives left.



Oh yeah.

Look around for possible trees before returning.



But still, we'd be going back all the way back.

And I thought this wouldn't take 3 months to finish.


Voting for this too.


You bump the tip of your nose into Scootaloo's. "Hey, we all need to stay together if we plan on figuring out any of these shenanigans. Getting a little help is nothing to be ashamed of…"

"It is when you're a pegasus that can barely hover…" Scootaloo bats a hoof into the dirt. She turns and starts walking back down the trail. "I guess we're going back to the farm to regroup then? Nothing else to do here, right?"

GAME INFO: There are several trees that line the mountain trail. They barely have a foothold along the rocky path, but they're still green and happily growing. They're not quite saplings, but neither are they any where nearly as tall as the trees in the forest.



Let's try cutting one down.

Applebloom still has her saw, right?

Would that even help? Am I visualizing this right?



Well shit.


let's try cutting one down and pushing it so it bridges the gap
it might support our weight…might



but how thick are they? they need to support the weight of a stone filly.

this is for the other path we saw, yes? the one that's just a big gap?


We could cut a tree down and then see if it is able to hold our weight.



Better than risking jumping over a gap on an extremely narrow path.

Besides, it'll get the CMC across. I don't care if Raisin dies, but Sweetie Pone? That would hit me right in the feels


GAME INFO: Sweetie Belle is currently in possession of the Saw. Which CMC do you wish to operate the Saw?

GAME INFO: The trees are all about as round as a filly. They're not incredibly thick, but they're no twigs, either.



I think it would be best for either us or Applebloom to operate the saw.



Let Applebloom handle it. Provide any assistance she asks for.


Applebloom can use the saw



Applebloom. Is this even really a question?



perfect, so probably enough to hold our weight but just small enough to be awkward as hell to walk across.

and we still have a near broken leg and can barely walk.

but i seem outvoted for getting repaired here, SO LETS GET APPLEBOOM TO CUT THIS SHIT DOWN

the trees are tall enough to span the other gap right?



Pretty much these.



You know what, just to be safe, I'll make a vote to not go back and try the tree idea.


the gap is only a foot long
also we should shimmy across it rather than try to walk when it's our turn, so our weight will be more distributed



wait shit

this tree is for the ledge with the foot gap?

now i'm just having trouble visualizing this



Jr pls.

You're an artist, give us a sketch.


Scouring over the line of trees by along the trail, you suddenly get a bit of inspiration. "Wait, Scootaloo! I've got an idea."

Applebloom seems to have read your mind. "A bridge? Good thinkin', Raisin." The little filly reaches for her Saddlebags, then suddenly realizes that she doesn't have it on her. "Oh yeah… hey, Sweetie Belle? Ya'll still got the saw on ya, right?"

"Sure do!" Sweetie Belle withdraws the toothy piece of steel from her saddlebags. The jagged teeth seem to gleam in the slowly waning light. She hoofs it over to Applebloom who immediately fastens the straps around her right foreleg. With the cinching of a buckle, the saw is ready to use.

"Alright… Raisin, can ya brace the tree while I cut it?" Applebloom slaps the saw into the tree bark, ready to chop it down. Just as you place your hooves up against the surprisingly sturdy tree, a group of voices calls down from up above.

"You girls get on home! This is no place for a bunch of fillies! Your parents are probably worried sick about you!"

"Oh jeez… here comes the adults…" Scootaloo looks at you, slightly annoyed. "How are we going to get rid of 'em?"

Sweetie Belle starts clamoring through her bags, looking for something to get the Pegasi to leave you alone while you try your tree idea.



I regret everything.



Maybe we should just head home, I don't think it's worth losing the sapphires for this.



I guess that little ordeal bit us in the bum.



Do we still have our medal? Could flash it and say we're on official business.


that could work



We could try pretending to go home, then doubling back after 5 minutes.



great. just great

maybe not, the tree falling over probably would have alerted them anyway.

haha, this just might work. lets do it.



I vote this

If that does work, then >>145069


File: 1349666282210.png (11.64 KB, 528x406, quickcliffs.PNG)

GAME INFO: Here's a rough idea of what you're up against. There's a narrow path just a ways from your group, then a slightly wider path and a big gap on the right.



Thank you, that makes things easier.



Huh, I thought the narrow path was against a cliff.

That does make it a lot more threatening.



thanks for this, it helps a ton. i thought we were on the edge of a cliff.

there's a whole lot of nothing under most of that ledge there's no way we could cross it as a big rock.

the tree could work.


Thinking quick, you realize that you've still got your beautiful Royal Medallion equipped. As the first annoyed adult makes a landing, you carefully drop off from the side of the tree and hold up your Medallion. "Hey, we're on official business here. We're conducting a simple investigation; nothing more, nothing less."

The pegasus is shocked. "Wh— oh, uh… alright…" She doesn't look like she was prepared for such an immediate, official response. "…do you… uh… do you need any help or anything?"




"Why yes. If you don't mind we're having a bit of trouble crossing this gap here. Do you mind carrying us over?"



Some help putting the tree into place would be nice.






things finally go right.

tell them we need to get this very heavy pony made of stone up there and were planning on using a tree as a makeshift bridge.

ask them if they have any better ideas and to give us a hand if they have time.



We should get this tree into place, then another for that second gap.


If we do this, let's tell them that we would need both pegasi to carry us since we're so heavy.



Carrying us would be a bad idea. Our crystal shards would give them serious boo boos if they grabbed us tight enough to carry.



Oh yeah, fuck.

Trees it is.



Second cutting down two trees to bridge the other gap. Didn't even know it was there without the pic and it probably is a shortcut to the summit.



How about they carry the CMC over to be safe, then have them press up on the tree bridges from the underside to provide extra support?




yeah that sounds good.

we are the only ones who need to use the bridge.



Sure, why not?


You give Scootaloo a smug grin. She laughs to herself. "Actually, yes. You 4 could most certainly help us out."

The group of pegasi seem willing to obey. Your Medallion is, after all, one of the highest ranking honors that can be awared to a civilian. Certainly, if you hold one, you must know what you're doing. The pegasi group respects this.

You line them up and pace in front of them, thinking about how they could ease your situation.

"If you ladies would be so kind as to help us move a few trees over into the gaps in the path, me and my compatriots would be ever so thankful."

One of the pegasi, a purple mare with a two tone golden mane, speaks up. "You mean you're going to try and scale the mountain up THAT path?"

"Correct. We need to get to the summit."

One of the others, a bright blue mare with a pink mane, shakes her head. "But what if you fall? You're very… um… it might be hard to catch you, you know… because you're… uh…"

"Yes, I'm heavy. As long as those bridges are in place, I can travel the path safely." You can hear Applebloom sawing down one of the trees as you speak. Scootaloo seems to be helping her with it.

"Oh.. and.. uh, how about after we get the gaps filled… could you carry my significantly lighter friends over?"

They look at one another. "…so… wait, they can't just cross the bridges we're making?"

"I'd feel better if you flew them on over."

"Raisin, dear… we know that you know what you're doing…" They look at your Medallion again. "…and we simply love helping Mr. Merlot's daughter and all… but we've got to get our reports back over to the Mayor as soon as possible. We'll help make the bridges, but we can't babysi– we don't have much time to spend here helping you navigate up the mountain."



thank them for their help and cut down them trees



Thank them for helping out and get the bridges in place.


File: 1349667585940.png (65.16 KB, 793x559, thunderlane.png)


>forgot image


that's okay, we understand that they have their own duties to attend to
we should thank them for their help all the same



I guess we'll have to truck it ourselves inb4 Scootaloo loses her balance and plummets to an untimely death


GAME INFO: The time is currently 6:00PM. There is still plenty of light washing over the beautiful pastel green bluffs of Equestria. Everything looks gorgeous up on this mountain path… it's quite the view. You can see most of the orchards down below. Applejack and Big Mac are hauling a wagon around in the distance.






Let me guess, game over in a few turns huh?



no pls



>beautiful pastel green bluffs of Equestria

>Everything looks gorgeous
>plenty of light





I vote to send her first If she can balance on that narrow pathway, she can balance on a log


"Well, that's alright." You hear the first tree fall down. Applebloom and Scootaloo bail out of the way. "Let's get this one onto the narrow path gap; I'm sure it's going to help stabilize the path significantly."

The mares and Thunderlane look at one another. "Alright… we'll get this one into place then." The four surround the tree and heave it up, struggling to carry the slightly crooked timber into place.

"Alright… which one next?" Applebloom taps her saw on the ground, letting a few bits of pulpy tree matter roll off into the dust.

There are two trees left that are immediately accessible. One tree seems a bit longer, but is thinner. The other tree is shorter, but looks a lot more sturdy. It's nearly twice the thickness of the longer tree, but you're not sure if it's going to span the gap. Knowing the Pegasi aren't going to move trees around all day for you, a call must be made.












Look at it this way; if we use one and it doesn't work, we know to use the other next time.




ask thunderlane to use your grappling hook rope to make a quick measurement

lets see if we can use the better log




If it doesn't fit, then we take the other path.



Ooooh fuck, this.



You brilliant son of a bitch.



Voting for this because fuck it if Jr thinks it's one off from majority.


"Hey, Thunderlane…"

The exhausted pegasus touches down next to you. "Yes? What?"

"Can you take a quick measurement for me with my Grappling Hook? I'm not sure which tree I should use…" You unwrap the Grappling Hook from your stomach and hoof it over to him.

As you let go, the full weight nearly pulls the poor pegasus into the ground. He struggles for a moment, looking at you in disbelief. "How do you even CARRY this thing?"

Not waiting for an answer, he strains and struggles to carry it over to the second gap. Dropping the hook down on the path, he stretches the rope over to the other side.

"Almost at the end of your rope!" He shouts back. "You know how long that is?!"

You remember that your Cut Rope is about 10 feet long.

"Yeah, alright…" You turn back towards the trees. The longer tree is approximately 14 feet tall while the shorter, sturdier tree is probably 8 feet tall.

Quick Action: No time has been lost


Longer it is.

2 feet less is a huge gap.



looks like we're using the longer one.



Use the longer tree.



Longer then



Do I even need to say anything?


Judging that the shorter tree is not going to bridge the gap, you direct Applebloom over to the longer tree. "It's going to have to be that one. The short tree won't make it."

"Roger, Raisin." Applebloom three-legged hobbles over to the longer tree, keeping the saw from touching the ground. This time, Sweetie Belle helps stabilize the tree as she saws. Scootaloo walks over to you and the other pegasi.

"So… what do you think we're going to find up there? You think 'LS' is still in hiding?" She looks curious and slightly excited; this turn of events has boosted the morale of your team. Having a bunch of adults help you for once feels great.

"I'm not sure what we're gonna find. I have a feeling there's something important up there."

The other mares are gossiping as they wait for the tree to fall. Some of them are talking about the schoolhouse; apparently, one of them has a sister that received her report card earlier that day. After a few minutes, the longer tree finally separates from it's stump, slapping the ground with a healthy thud.

"Alright; just get this one into place and we should be good." You make sure not to flaunt your Medallion too much. The pegasi nod and pick the tree up into the air, straining slightly as they fly it into position.

"Perfect! Thank you so much!" You call out when they get it secured. Your Grappling Hook is embedding into the cliffside next to the tree.

"We've gotta get back to the Mayor! We'll try to get back out here as soon as we can, but is there anything else you need before we leave!?" The mares call out as they start making their way back to town.



"No, thank you!"

Proceed to leap head-first into certain death.



Tell them to stay safe and beware of the diamond dogs.

Cross the bridges, making the CMC go first.



Give them a Royal Junior Adventurer(tm) salute and cross the bridges.


File: 1349669418193.png (74.82 KB, 1000x700, h here i go.png)


ask them carry the cmc over the gap, you are the only one who needs to use the bridge.

(we did mention this to them earlier)

and get our grappling hook back



Seconding the CMC go first. I easily see a situation where the bridges collapse or become cracked and unstable after we cross.



Yeah, they said that they couldn't "babysit" us.

The fuckers.



Oh fuck, yeah, get our grappling hook back.



Retrieve items, put them back in their original inventory spots, cross the first bridge.



Fuck, Jr would do this.



inb4 ded


"No, but thanks again!" You wave as the mares wave back, quickly shrinking into the horizon.

Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle are astounded. "How did you know that they'd go for that Medallion thing?" Scootaloo asks.

"Had a feeling."

Looking ahead, the two trees seem to have made the path strangely inviting. They look like they're reinforced, almost impossible to break. Considering your incredible luck so far, you feel empowered. Caution arises, however, as you know you're still quite the heavy pony.

"Applebloom, Scoots, Sweetie… you guys go across first. I don't want to crack the trees or anything with my weight."

Applebloom nods. "Right… good thinking." Scootaloo moves up towards the tree as if she has something to prove.

"Alright, I've done this once before. I'll take the lead. You guys follow me!" The orange little pegasus spreads her wings out as she shimmies across the tree with relative ease. She seems much more confident than she was just a few minutes ago. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle aren't anywhere nearly as sure of themselves.

"A-alright… Ah'm next, then…" Applebloom jumps up on the tree and carefully moves across…
Doom numbers = 14, 18, 8: rolled a 20
Applebloom hurries along the tree like a cat. She promptly hops off, landing next to Scootaloo. "It's okay! It didn't even budge for me!" She calls to Sweetie Belle as the little unicorn steps up to cross…
Doom numbers = 14, 18, 8: rolled a 10
Though a little frightened by the potential drop, Sweetie Belle rushes across the tree bridge, slipping only once when her tail nearly snags on a branch. She's a little shaken when she lands next to Applebloom.

"It's really stable! Shouldn't have a problem holdin' ya, Raisin!" Applebloom calls back.

You hop up on the log, ready and waiting for it to snap…
Doom numbers = 14, 18, 8: rolled a 3
As you push your weight into the tree, it creaks and crunches beneath your hooves. It sounds absolutely terrifying. Your hooves leave prints on the fresh wood… but in a matter of moments, you step down safely on the other side of the chasm next to Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle.

"Whew… wow… if I had a pulse, it'd be racing right now, I know it…"

You glance at the next tree. The pegasi seem to have fixed it firmly in place; it doesn't roll or budge in the slight updraft rolling up the mountain cliff. It's beautiful on this side; all of Sweet Apple Acres rolls out beneath.

Also, how do I use the dice on here? I know there's a function on here to use 20 sided dice, but I'm not sure if I can do multiple rolls or anything



There's an explanation in the sticky.


As you prepare for your next move, you notice your Grappling Hook hanging from the side of the cliff. Effortlessly, you rip it up from the path and tie it around your waist.

"Can't leave anything behind."

The other three simply nod and gulp, looking toward the long tree in the path ahead.



==How to roll==
Just use the email field. IE:
"dice+2d20" in the email field without quotes will roll 2 20 sided dice, adjust the numbers as needed. To add or subtract tack on "+#" or "+-#" to the end.
"dice+2d20+3" would add 3 to the total
"dice+2d20+-3" would subtract 3 from the total.
Case sensitive, no spaces

Rolled 14, 5 = 19




Let me try

Rolled 7 = 7



Crossing my fingers.


GAME INFO: This next tree is going to be a little different. Seeing as it's extremely long and thin, Raisin's weight is going to significantly impact how she gets across.

2 things we could do; either you guys pick your 'grace' numbers (3 numbers, 1-20) or I'll roll a 20 sided dice with a -5 modifier and anything below 10 equals 'SNAP'.

How are we going to do this?

Rolled 17 = 17


META INFO: Okay, that's pretty fucking sweet. I like /q/

Rolled 14 = 14


By grace numbers, you mean numbers where we fail or numbers where we succeed?



Any math wizards in here?



uuuh, it's not too late to back out of this, right?


3/20 chance or 1/4 chance
so basically we're completely fucked either way


GAME INFO: Numbers that determine if you were successful. Although you only get three number picks, they can be any number between 1 and 20 that you get to choose.

On the other hand, you can roll anything above a 15 and cross safely, which gives you 5 possiblities, but you have less say in what number determines success.

Rolled 18 - 5 = 13



Probability of getting any of the three numbers is 85%

Probability of making the -5 modified role is 30% (assuming 10 isn't counted, 25% if it is).



Can't we just use that one?



You have it.

Use d20 with modifier. Go full DnD.


File: 1349671173105.png (64.62 KB, 594x555, lets rock blue.png)



i don't have any lucky numbers.

better chance of success.



Fucking christ.

Should have been flown across.

And we have to do this twice.







Not only that, we would have to do it on our second life too.

Something tells me this is NOT the right way to be going.



If we die, please draw the death scene.




its not 85%

its 3/20



3/20 is less than 5/20


GAME INFO: Going to go with that modified Dice Roll then? Anything else you'd like to do before continuing?



Pray to god.



Back out if possible.



i think that's the best option

i'll have to.



I've always liked your art.



Let me search for a video appropriate for the imminent feels.




You stare ahead over the breezy walkway. It doesn't look inviting in the slightest. You can feel the tension in your friends as they stare out over the expanse.

"S-So… us first, right?" Sweetie Belle swallows hard.

"Don't worry, we've got this." Scootaloo hops up on the tree and spreads her wings again. The few trips back and forth over the precarious cliffs seem to have bolstered her confidence…

GAME INFO: Each of the CMC will also have to go through with a similar roll, but they will have different modifiers.

Scootaloo: +4
Applebloom: +2
Sweetie Belle: +0
Raisin: -5

They must roll above a 10 in order to not slip and fall. Do you want me to do these rolls with my d20 behind the screen or use the site for each roll? Sorry about the incredible suspense; just want to make sure we've got everything settled before we go through with this.



Do it.



There was another path, right?



wait the cmc have to roll as well?

hang on, they should wrap their capes around the log as something to hold onto.

i thought the problem was SNAP and that was only for us.



Pray to Celestia.

Might help. Maybe.



Yeah. the pic shows another path. Or, was that just flavor?



Do you mean if we have to roll AT 15 or ABOVE 15?

It's really important to clarify this. Trust me, I've been on /tg/.


GAME INFO: 'SNAP' is just Raisin's problem. The other's, however, must maintain their balance as they did with the previous tree. Since it's a longer path with a gentle breeze coming up, I think this makes things more interesting.

GAME INFO: The left path may lead to somewhere, but it has not been investigated. You have placed crossing trees on the narrow path and on the right gap.

GAME INFO: If Raisin rolls a 15, then her dice modifier subtracts 5 and she's at 10, she will have just barely made it across the bridge.


yeah, where does that path lead?


Chance of at least 1 death at 89%.

Fuck everything.



> or I'll roll a 20 sided dice with a -5 modifier and anything below 10 equals 'SNAP'.

15 is safe.




S-scootaloo can at least f-flutter down slowly and not die, right?





I think maybe we should try the path to the left first, then use the tree bridge as a last resort in case it doesn't lead anywhere



Yeah, I agree, especially with >>145214


Going to agree with checking out the left path.


"WAIT! Scootaloo, hold on a second…"

"Ugh… what now?" Scootaloo freezes up on the tree, maintaining her perfect balance by fluttering her wings every few seconds.

"…what was down the other path? You know, behind us?"

Sweetie Belle perks up. "Oh yeah! Hey, there was another path down that way… should we go and check it out?"

Applebloom agrees. "Yeah… Ah just don't feel good 'bout this tree bridge here…"

"Oh, come on… it's just a short walk and we're on the other side. What's there to be afraid of?" Scootaloo balances on one hoof before hopping down. You lead the way around the cliff face and toward the other path.

This way seems to lead further down, but the path looks like it's eroded in a few spots. The drops down this way look far less perilous, but this path doesn't seem to lead up the mountain at all.

"I thought we were going UP the mountain?" Scootaloo peeks around your side.

All of the jumps this way look easy to make… going down, at least. Climbing back up would be nearly impossible without a ladder.



Fuck it.

Risk the bridge. I don't care anymore.



Well shit.


>89% chance of death.

This is clearly, CLEARLY not the right way. But we've come this far, might as well go all the way







So, with this bridge. Will we be able to carry on if we experience any fatalities?


File: 1349672983686.png (70.22 KB, 1000x700, curegolom TM rainbow.png)


man that's not what i expected

up the death pit we go



I wonder what could be the possible solution then?

Do we need to recruit a pegasus? Getting captured by the diamond dogs is death, but maybe that just means we have to infiltrate?



I say we go down the left path, who knows what we may find.


GAME INFO: By 'fatalities' you mean if a filly falls off, will you be able to continue with your quest?

As long as Raisin doesn't die, you are allowed to continue questing. Once Raisin dies, you are forced to reload.



It just goes down, presumably to the mountain's base.


META INFO:>Golem Cure Rainbow™
My fucking sides, where are they?



oh we're reloading

there will be no ded babbyhorses on my hands



We should definitely come to the mountain at night. If LS keeps his fortress lit up all the time, it might be easier to spot.



Yeah. We might as well restart anyways. Things are so fucked.

But I want to get the sadistic pleasure of reading them deaths


Seeing no safe way around the long tree bridge you had the pegasi put in place for you, you muster up some courage and shut your eyes. "Alright… Scoots is right. There's no other way up. We've gotta try the bridge."

You feel a wave of panic wash over the team, but they follow your lead. Spinning around on the narrow pathway, Scootaloo is now leading the CMC back to the tree bridge. With little hesitation, the confident pegasus jumps up onto the long timber. She spreads her wings to get slightly better balance as she nears the center of the tree…

Success = Greater than or equal to 10

Rolled 9 + 4 = 13






Scootaloo trucks along the tree and bounces off at the other side. "You see? It's not that bad! Come on over, Applebloom!"

The small filly shakes in place for a moment. "A-alright… here we go…" She steadies herself up on the tree, arranging her hooves in a line. She walks as carefully as she possibly can…

Success = Greater than or equal to 10

Rolled 17 + 2 = 19




is there any way we could make this eaiser for them

so they dont fall

like use the grappling hook as a guideline or anything



2 down.






I am Barack Obama, and I endorse this action.


Applebloom opens her eyes when she sets down on the opposite side. She looks like she's nearly ready to faint. She laughs alongside Scootaloo before bumping hooves with her. "Okay, it's not that bad at all! C'mon, Sweetie Belle! Yer up next!"

Almost negated this request because of Barry there. You on thin ice, Obama.
Before Sweetie Belle jumps up, you stop her. She turns around, shaking. "R-raisin… do we h-have to g-g-go this way?"

She looks utterly terrified. "Don't worry, Sweetie Belle. I think I can actually help you along here…" You untie the grappling hook from around your stomach. "Hey, Scoots! Applebloom! We're going to put a tether down quick!"

"Wh-WHAT?! Why didn't you do that BEFORE we started goin' across?!" Applebloom yells over.

Without reply, you toss the giant iron hook over to the other side. It's twin teeth sink into the path with ease. There's a little rope left to hang onto, but not enough to tie it around Sweetie Belle. You pick it up with your mouth and let her bite the end. She still looks shaky.

"Just hang on tight. You'll get across safely."

She swallows, then hops up on the tree. Carefully, she slowly inches her way on across, biting down on the rope as hard as she can. Scootaloo stands on top of the Grappling Hook, helping guide the rope in. "You can do it, Sweetie!"

+1 modifier for tether

Success = Greater than or equal to 10

Rolled 18 + 1 = 19



I am Mitt Romney and I support this action.

Obama is a doodoo head.






Well at least they all got across.

At least we won't have to deal with the consequences of fillydeath if we fall.



Give Hayseed a hug and a kiss, then journey onwards.





maybe just a kiss

but a hug will kill our oldest save



Mitt Romney here again. It is my official platform that Raisin is a pretty filly and I feel those who help her survive should have tax breaks.



I am Mitt Romney and hugging is a tragic problem that is plaguing society. I do not endorse it.




META INFO: You ain't no betta, White Obama.

Shaking and scared, Sweetie Belle nearly trips over the leafy branches as she touches down on the other side. She's gasping for breath; apparently, she held it all the way across. The three embrace each other in a group hug. Scootaloo is less than pleased. "Ugh! Okay, we made it! But we're still missing Raisin!"

Applebloom agrees. "Alright! That tree must be made outta steel! C'mon over, Raisin!"

Before you cross, you very carefully withdraw your beloved doll Hayseed from her pouch. You two haven't seen each other for quite some time… she looks just as eager as ever to give you a hug. You know better, however; that'll have to wait until later. Giving her a kiss on the forehead. "Here we go, Hayseed… I hope you're feeling more confident than I am right now…" You tuck her away very carefully, making sure she doesn't brush up against any of the razor sharp crystals covering your body.

You take to the tree bridge. Each step creaks and cracks the wood, splitting it up. Your friends look on with shock as you near the center of the tree…

Success = Greater than or equal to 10

Rolled 4 - 5 = -1



hopes deleted


File: 1349674465641.gif (43.57 KB, 354x236, 1349371197258.gif)



File: 1349674498796.png (257.86 KB, 635x475, raisin for president.png)





File: 1349674512974.png (20.71 KB, 531x574, 1336005256089.png)

Good going

I hope you're all happy.



The fuck? -1? What does that even mean? trip and fall before we even set foot on the bridge?



I am Jill Stein, Green Party presidential nominee.

Please vote for me. I'll feel so happy if I even got just 1%. Nobody knows who I am anymore.


A thunderous explosion sees the into two large pieces. Your weight overcame the structural integrity of the wood.

"RAISIN!!" All three terrified fillies shout at the top of their lungs. It feels surreal as you plummet through the air… you remember the first time you ever fell from such a distance. You remember being a simple little filly… ambitious and brave, yes, but you were certain death awaited you then. Through one prayer to an evil artifact, your life changed forever. That drop didn't kill you, but it certainly took it's toll.

The cushy Earth comes up fast. It looks alluring in the evening orange sun, the blades lit up like stripes of copper. You don't let out a sound during your entire fall… it doesn't seem to scare you at all. The rushing ground doesn't feel threatening…

As you impact the Earth, you hear every crystal in your body shatter simultaneously. It's accompanied by a series of sounds you've never heard before. Though you're not in any pain, you find that you cannot move anything but your head and your right foreleg. Your saddlebags are also laying in front of you… somehow.

"RAISIN!!! RAISIN!! ARE YOU ALRIGHT!!??" The CMC call from up above. You look about, your head level to the ground… pieces of your stony body are scattered about the general area.

"Uh… I don't think so?"



"Well that was interesting."



Try not to look at pieces or our body. It'll be mentally scarring.



Welp, time to reload.



i had a feeling we wouldn't be dead

i think reloading might be the best option here

reach for bags


we've died at least twice before
we've already had our fair share of mental scarring



Fuck that. Let's see if we can still will our severed niblets into motion.



Quickly learn how to hop on one leg.


hug hayseed before some bird decides to poop on your pieces


File: 1349675557993.png (155.22 KB, 1000x1800, RUBBLE.png)


You may be broken, but not defeated. Mustering up your strength, you kick your functional foreleg up in the air. It unearths itself along with some of your chest. You quickly roll over on your head, unable to maintain balance.

Kicking your leg about, you find it impossible to get back on your hoove– hoof.

Looking about at the pieces of stone scattered on the ground, you try your hardest to get them to 'reassemble' or move somehow. They lay lifeless and still. Looking straight ahead, you see a chunk of your hair leaning up against a piece of your flank.

"…well, this can't get any worse…. at least everyone else made it across without falling." You roll your eyes. "C'mere, Hayseed… let's fix this…"

Reaching around the back, you're able to pull it in close enough to search one of the pockets. You rip the bags a bit trying to get your beloved doll out. With a bit of effort, she finally pops out of one of the pouches. You lose your grip on her.

"There you are… come to momma…"

Reaching a little further out, you're just able to pull her up to your face. You nuzzle her and close your eyes, removing yourself from this terrible situation. Your friends cries from above slip away with the horrible cawing of the carrion picking crows above. A peaceful silence washes over Equestria as you remember tobogganing with your dad down Bunny Hop Hill. You remember the snow blasting over the front of the sled… a brilliant display of crystals filled the air…

>Go back to a time previous?

>DAY 1: 9:15AM, Raisin's Room
>DAY 1: 6:00PM, Boulder Snake Statue



I nominate the boulder snake.



Alright, if we go back to the very start, we lose the scribbled map. Do we lose anything else?


go back to the beginning
the origina save






all our stuff is there, and we lost that map.

also, what time die we hug raisin.



Eh, might as well.



We also lose one of Sweetie's gems, looking over the summaries from the archive.



Inside this peaceful void, you draw in a deep breath. Just for a moment, you swear that you can smell fresh lavender in the air… that wonderful, flowery smell that accompanied mom's special floral breakfasts. You hear the sounds of a wretched fowl crowing in your window… it makes your heart beat. You count… 12 beats before they suddenly stop.

Your eyes open up. You're back inside your room, hugging Hayseed tight. Your stony body is whole again… your glossy, gold speckled coat is vitreous and beautiful. You see your rack of adventuring tools full to the brim… you distinctly remember the paranoia you felt this yesterday morning. You knew something weird was going to happen today… you had that feeling.

You are now back in your room with Hayseed in your hooves. Your saddlebags are laying by the closet door. All of your knicknacks are in their place… your Daring Do novel is still cracked open to the page you left off on.

Raisin: Hayseed (Equipped)



Now that we failed, can you at least tell us if it was the right way to go? That fatality rate was stupidly high.






Gaze upon our smooth, beautiful uncracked body.



Time to bring up the archive.




what's in our room?



I jumped in midway. Can you remind me what we were supposed to be doing at the beginning?



We should play dress up in our maid outfit


first thing we should do: write a letter to our pegasus friend
tell him EVERYTHING we learned



pfff that's silly.

how many pockets does the maid outfit have anyway?



Maybe we should avoid freaking him out. He already seems a taco short of a full platter.

But yeah, we should immediately start correspondence. Maybe say hi and that we want to talk to him, with a few questions.



We were going to go to the school, then deliver flowers to Zecora I think.


GAME INFO: Should I answer this question?

Feeling relieved that you're back in one piece again, undamaged and freshly polished up from the weekend, you take a moment to look upon yourself once more in your bedroom mirror.

You tilt your head down to where you know the crystals had embedded themselves into your hair. Not one flaw remains on your lustrous, sleek coat.

"Lookin' good, Raisin… hopefully, we'll keep it that way this time…" You ponder a few things as you admire the buff job dad gave you. "…I have no idea what I'm supposed to even be doing, do I? How do I stop those snakes?"

GAME INFO: You remember when you wore your maid uniform for the Winter Wrap Up play just a few months ago. You know that Mom had sewn a pocket into the front of the uniform so that you could keep Hayseed close to you during the play without throwing your heavy saddlebags on.



Anyone got a list of questions we've already asked him?




But we already have a save.



Let's not wear the outfit. Raisin is a very silly filly but not that silly.



Yes please


>GAME INFO: Should I answer this question?




>only 1 pocket

no maid outfit

and yeah, do we need to save again? can we reload to here again?



We should save again so our new life will be our most recent save. No sense going back to the boulder snake one now.



I really, really don't want to cheat.

Can you at least tell us if there's an alternate way? Just yes or no.


what he said
save now, overwrite our oldest save



If I remember correctly, when we make a new save we lose the oldest one.

If we save now, we'll only lose the Boulder Snake save if we have to save again.



Yes. Refresh the save.

We have unlimited saves right? If we don't, then maybe not.



Can we wear it after we win?



Not up the mountain, but to victory?


GAME INFO: You actually got a say in helping design this room; it's always a welcome sight at the end of a long school day. You’ve got a beautiful, hoof sewn ornate rug in the very center of the concrete floor, a big desk, several bookcases filled with books from the Ponyville Library, and a closet nearly the size of your old room. Some of your old stuff still remains, like your old dresser and your saddlebags, but almost everything else, like the paintings, the windows, the chandelier… that stuff is all brand new.

Hayseed is in your hooves. Your trusty saddlebags, slightly worn and torn from your trip with your friends through the Everfree Forest, are filled with a few supplies already. Your spare Cosmetics kit is in there… courtesy of the local stone carver in town. There’s also that slightly poisonous Bouquet of Flowers you collected for Zecora on your last quest. Lastly, there’s your 'Grappling Hook' currently bent into the shape of a ring. That thing has definitely come in handy on more than one occasion.

Since your last major adventure, you’ve taken to collecting adventuring supplies. Along the wall by your dresser are a myriad of tools hanging up. You’ve got a Spool of Rope, a Stompstarter, some Glass Vials, a very secure Firework Chest with Quarter Sticks of Dynamite, some Lamp Oil, a Hammer, a Saw, a Box of Nails, a Bag of Sneezing Powder, a large Satchel with a Money Symbol on the front, a Treasure Chest, and a Pack of Bubblegum.



Well, we need to come back anyways once we get the rest of the CMC.

It really doesn't matter this time around.



GAME INFO: Overwriting previous save…





Write a letter to our secret admirer asking who is is and that we want to talk.

Also, how to locate LS's fortress.



Well, that's comforting.

But now it just raises more questions. Ugh, we'll never win.



Oh yeah.

Get book bags to act like everything's normal and maybe >>145333

Maybe instead of naming LS you could say ask him if he knows about the freak who has been writing AJ secret letters.




If we do lose, we can at least say we went with honor


You take a moment to concentrate once again. Standing in front of your mirror, you look down at Hayseed nestled in the crux of your foreleg. With a refreshed, cheery smile on your face, you nuzzle up to her cheek. You can hear the sound of bells ringing in your head… it reminds you of the celebration you had after defeating the small, angry, ancient dragon named Cilepharus. An air of glory and pride hung around you and your friends for days… you remember how special the recognition felt as you finally had a chance to hug your parents out of the Royal Canterlot Hospital.



File: 1349677516793.png (57.01 KB, 594x555, lets rock no blue.png)

>sunday night quests

it's late and im out for tonight, hope you guys enjoyed my goofy during quest doodles.

try not to die without me~


you know, just because the trail to the left seemed to go down doesn't mean it couldn't go back up again



Goodbye drawfag.



Still think we should write a letter.


META INFO: Always love the doodles, Krabbs. I'm saving all of these.Thanks for playing, hope to see you either Friday or Sunday probably Sunday again


get some paper to write a note to our pegasus friend




But yeah. You can really see the dropoff on Sunday night sessions. Maybe Saturday?



We should probably ask him first why he left us this map, to avoid jumping to anything that might make him freak.


As the room fades in once again, you get your thoughts straightened out. "Alright… I know that mysterious friend of mine is going to be leaving a letter on the doorstep anytime now…" You walk over to the desk. It feels amazing to simply walk again without that crunching and grinding crystal sound echoing through your head.

You carefully push your Daring Do book aside as you grab a fresh piece of Parchment and a wet black Quill.

>Letter Contents?

META INFO: I'd love to on Saturdays, but I've got a Traveller game going with a few other guys. Friday WOULD work great, but I'm usually so tuckered out from doing shit all day I just need to game/chill.



Ask him why he left the map and who he is, just to get those out of the way.

Then, ask him if this is connected to those weird love letters our friend's sister started receiving recently.





"What is in Canterlot?"
the mark in the mountains was LS' hideout, and the Everfree ruins was a red herring
but we still don't know what the third mark on the map is supposed to indicate




Damn, great taste. Do you go to /tg/?

Also >>145358


should we inform him of our ability?



I second this. Asking about what the Xs mean is more logical than immediately jumping to LS. Maybe we can do that in a bit. If he's watching us, he'll see AB showing the love letter to us.



I vote against it. It just opens up far too many cans of worms. It's amazing we weren't recruited into some program at the end of the last adventure.



"To whom it may concern,

What do these X's mean? Especially the ones by Canterlot? Why did you leave this manp? Who Are you? Is it okay if we talk through letters?




this guy seems pretty mysterious himself
if he can fly without making a sound, and apparently knows a way to help us with our stone problem, something even Celestia doesn't know


wasn't there some sort of event that we supposedly missed while we were dicking around with applejack?

we'd better make sure we don't miss it this time



I am Benjamin Franklin, founder of the United States Postal Service, and I approve this letter.



What if he's a batpony?


Benny, my nigga. Love dem specs, sir.
As you lift your perfectly filled quill to the parchment, you run through a good list of questions in your head. You remember the little map you're about to receive… knowing that the Ruins in the Everfree Forest was just a false lead…

"To whom it may concern,

What do these X's mean? Especially the ones by Canterlot? Why did you leave this manp?"

You stop a moment, realizing you've made a spelling error. "Eh, he makes them all the time." You continue the letter:

"Who Are you? Is it okay if we talk through letters?



After the calligraphic ink dries, you roll it up and let it sit on the desk. Currently, you can only carry it inside of your stony mouth or try to tuck it in between Hayseed and your foreleg. How do you wish to carry the letter?

META INFO: A guy in the chat room is running it for his first time. We've got 6 players, so it's going to be pretty crazy. It's also my first official dice RPG game; hoping to help blend some of the better qualities of those game types into the quests I run. Could make it more interesting/official feeling.


we've seen him. wouldn't we have noticed if he was a batpony?
besides, they probably make sound when they fly too. I'm willing to bet the silence is something supernatural



Equip saddlebags. Insert Hayseed, letter, and school supplies, for "school."



Put it in our saddlebags with our doll. Go down and do our little breakfast ritual with our parents before "accidentally" discovering the letter left for us.



What if he's

A ghost pony?



Pretty much these. At least we don't have to worry about inventory until we return home with the rest of the CMC.


GAME INFO: Your saddlebags are not currently equipped. The familiar bags lay across the room next to your walk-in closet, already filled with a variety of items.

Raisin's Saddlebags: Bouquet of Flowers, 'Cosmetics' Kit, Twisted Iron Rod

Hayseed will fit or the letter, but one item or the other will have to be equip carried



Did we immediately return after going to the schoolhouse the first time? I don't remember.


swap the cosmetics kit for the letter
we can run back to grab something once we've placed it under our mat



Leave the iron rod for now, then.

We'll need to carry the flowers anyways.



Equip bags, leave cosmetics kit in one of our drawers.



That's kind of the thing about quests like these. You know what to expect so you can't really contribute since there's nothing really to argue.


You go across the ornate rug in your room to fetch your trusty saddlebags. They're back in perfectly functional condition once again… it feels weird to have just ripped them apart to get Hayseed out only to have them be back in perfect physical condition. Not even the stitch-job on the damaged pocket remains.

You fasten the bags to your back, ready once again to haul your adventuring equipment. >>145391
Before going back to your desk to pick up Hayseed and your Letter, you deposit the Cosmetics Kit inside of your dresser drawer. It fits in neatly with a selection of socks, scarves and sweaters… not that you've worn any of them recently nor have need to.

You pack your precious doll Hayseed and the Letter to Your Friend in separate pouches.

Raisin: Hayseed, Letter to Mysterious Friend, Bouquet of Flowers, Twisted Iron Rod



Hey, just keep reading. You might see something most of us don't catch.

Will the random events be rerandomized, or kept the same?


GAME INFO: Any random events that occurred will be rerolled; this time, I got those neato d20 dice to throw at you guys so you can actually see when they show up. I'm really liking /q/ more and more as we quest here



Go down and say hi to our parents.



Go down and have breakfast. Gotta keep that sense of normalcy.

What if Jr implemented sanity/silliness loss in these quests?



Say good morning to our parents, go outside, find map, replace map with letter, and continue into town.


GAME INFO: Raisin would be one silly filly right about now.



>silliness gets too low as things get tense and dramatic

>causes the rolls to be EVEN MORE against us.

Pleae Jr, don't do this.


now we'll never know what that item was…


Adjusting your bags, you breathe in deep as you make your way out of your room once again. You look at the day as another opportunity. Thinking back, you're thankful that none of your friends are hurt this time. Nopony perished last time either… things could have been far worse, you figure.

Your hooves patter down the luxurious hallway rug leading into the Merlot Residence Foyer. Just like this morning, you hear your mother arguing to Mary in the room over. She's trying to do the maid's job for her again…

Quietly, you make your way into the Dining Room.

“No, no, itz fine! Just relax, Mrs. Merlot, and… I’ll prepare ze table for you after I’m done vith ze cooking…” Mary tries to wrestle a stack of plates out of your mother's hooves as she prepares the table for the field workers.

“Please, Mary, I just want to help. Let me set the table while you…” Her resistance to the flustered maid ends when she sees you. “Raisin! You’re up and about early this morning! I didn’t even hear you come in!”

"Good morning, mom~!"

You meet her about halfway between the table and the Dining Room doors. Mary looks relieved as she quickly slides the plates in front of each chair before dashing back into the kitchen. You give your mom a quick little squeeze. She nearly squeaks.

"O-oh! “Strong as ever! Oh, my beautiful, shiny little gemstone!" She gives you a little kiss on the forehead. "Are you going to sit with us for breakfast?"


Damnit, I'm late.

Way, waaaay too late now, but we should have asked the pegusi to share their report with us; they undoubtedly found LS's shack, since it'll be in the middle of the smoking crater.



Oh well. At least you weren't here for ded filly.


Eh, might as well.



Have a little morning chat, then go outside and find the map.



Tell our parents how much we love them.

Then >>145417



Get sanity/silliness+1 for seeing their smiling faces.



Perhaps we should do a little digging into Mary's background, if we ever have the time.




She seems like a badass.

Potential party member?



Maybe we could ask her to go adventuring when shit hits the fan?


Things todo
-Get guards to investigate the tunnels under the school ASAP; if we can get them cleared before the dogs can get their stationary weapon set up, things should go a lot better
-Get Twilight researching the True Soul Amulet
-Enlist Dash to snatch the TSA from midair when the snakes show up at midnight, lead them out of town where we're waiting with a lock of our mum's hair to transform back, then drop the amulet and get her to carry us away at top speed.
-Visit LS. If we can't get there before mailbomb time, send him a letter to warn him about it


Third item there was supposed to be a suggestion, not a "We must do this", sorry.



Sounds like a good plan.



We should probably wait until the quest is over before curing ourselves. It seems like a golem body is just too useful.



We should also think about asking Dash to look into the storm that is going to happening, see if it is suspicious or not.


Your mom excitedly clops her hooves together. "Oh, you're just going to loooove the little setup me and Mary have been working on! The vineyard workers are going to be so tickled when see this morning's spread!"

"I'm sure they will, Mom. Those ponies always love you and Mary's cooking."

Your mom smiles, then ushers you up to your 'throne'. "So, how's my little pebble this morning? What did you read last night?"

"Oh, you know. Going through my Daring Do collection again… back on book 12 now."

She looks astonished. "Weren't you on 5 just yesterday?"

Time is still a bit wonked out for you; yesterday, you apprehended a group of vicious looking Boulder Snakes at midnight. The night before you were finished up book 8 at around the same time. It takes you a moment to respond.

"…oh, yeah. I was, wasn't I? Just can't put her down; I love her adventures."

The two of you talk back and forth as the vineyard workers funnel in from the fields, greeting you and your mom at the dinner table. After a few minutes, one of the vineyard workers, a spicy red and white mare, comments on your presence.

"Hey, did Ms. Cheerilee cancel school or something today?" The others just chuckle to themselves.

"Oh goodness! I almost completely forgot!" Your mom rushes over to you. "Do you have everything ready for school?"

"I'm good, mom. Got everything packed up this morning…"

She gives you a little squeeze and a kiss on the forehead. The workers 'awww' at you. You feel slightly embarrassed, but it doesn't bother you that much. You give your mom a gentle nuzzle under her chin.

"Love ya, Mom."

"Love you too, sweetheart!" She drops her forelegs back onto the marble floor. "Now get going! You don't want to be late for class, do you?"



"Of course, of course."

Find letter, replace letter.



Look under the doormat for the scrawled map.

It was under the doormat, right?


It'd be nice, but the only time we've know of that we've got a clear shot at it is that midnight run, and if we hold onto it I'm sure that it'll bring the snakes down on us, or on the town.

Goodness know. Even if it is cancelled, I'm sure Cheerilee wouldn't be happy about us showing up late.
Once she gets over the shock of the collapse, anyway.



True, but then again the snakes are using it. We'd have to swindle it away somehow and I doubt they wouldn't keep it secured.



I'm reading the archive and we got it from Applebloom.



Fuck, you're right.



Well, I guess we proceed to the schoolhouse.

Don't put the letter underneath the doormat before we see it.



Seconding waiting. It would be pretty strange to talk to him about something we haven't seen yet. This guy is the closest thing we have to a lifeline.



Then let's go and meet Applebloom on the way to the schoolhouse, like the first time around.



Looking through the archive myself, we met AB on our doorstep, and found the letter by stepping on it. AB just said she saw the pony delivering it.


With a little nod, you shuffle out of the Dining Room. Several of the vineyard workers wish you well on your schoolday. "Hey, remember! We'll need your grape press expertise tonight!" The others chuckle amongst one another as they eating a very leafy green breakfast with your mother.

As you open the front door, the brilliant morning sunlight greets you. The heavenly light fills the land with a beautiful golden glow. Sweet Apple Acres looks wonderful in the sunlight… almost better the second time seeing it this morning. An impatient Applebloom waits at your door, jogging in place.

"There ya'll are! We're gonna be late!" She looks a little panicked as you casually stroll out of the front door. Before you set hoof on the doormat, you reach down and pick up a piece of paper.

"Oh, ah was gonna ask you about that on our way to school… somepony dropped this off in a hurry." She looks at it curiously. "After we get to school, Ah've got a weird letter of my own to show ya… but we gotta get goin' now!"



Goddamn it. I must be tired.

Guess that's what I get for trying to cheat.



Replace the map with the letter we wrote, put map in bags, go to school.



Put the letter we wrote under the doormat.



"Relax Applebloom, I have a feeling Ms Cheerilee won't mind."

Give the map a quick lookover, then put it in our bags and put the letter under our doorstep. Make sure none of the maids are watching.


Ask AB for a description of the pony that delivered our letter while we're heading to school.



Seconding. What did he look like?

What if it's Dash and the reason things are scribbled out is because she has horrible penmanship?


That's not cheating at all; using the knowledge from past runs is about the only chance we have of solving this knotted puzzle with all our fillies intact.
Just gotta make sure you've got your details straight.


I'm really hoping it's the silver-helmeted superspeedy sneakasus we saw at midnight, just because I don't think I could handle that being a seperate plot thread ON TOP of everything else we're dealing with at the moment.



What if it's a changeling who cycles his appearance and we're being manipulated into solving a problem that threatens the changeling hive?



Now that's just silly.

+1 silliness points.


"Right, right…" Quickly, you pull the little letter you wrote out of your bag and place it under the doormat. Looking back and forth quickly, you don't see any maids looking around. Applebloom watches as you sneak the letter under the doormat.

"Ah, so ya'll got a secret friend, is that it?" She immediately seems more interested in your letter than she does getting on down the road. She gives you this sassy look. "Does Raisin have a cruuuuush on somepony?"

"N-No. I just… I had a feeling somepony was going to drop it off, so I… wrote a response ahead of time…?" Your story doesn't seem to make much sense to you either. "…you'll see once I open this up. It's going to be weird, I guarantee it."

"Riiiiiiight." She shakes her mane. "Okay, later. Now, we're just gonna be extremely late! Ms. Cheerilee's gonna take one of our stars away fer sure!"

As the two of you bolt down the dirt road, kicking up a thunderous cloud of dust and sand, you decide to try and get a little more information out of Applebloom.

"Hey, what did the pony that delivered this letter look like?"

She looks confused. "Ya'll should know, considerin' yer writin' him letters an' all."

"So it's a colt then, right?"

Applebloom giggles. "Ah would like to think so!"

You feel a bit embarrassed. The two of you continue on down the dirt road until you see a gathering of ponies on up ahead near the town square. Both of you slow to a stop.

"Huh? What's goin' on?" Applebloom asks.



"I don't know, let's stay and listen a while"

Use this opportunity to drill her about the mysterious pony's appearance.



So she didn't see him?

Dang. I guess we should listen to the Mayor rattle on about the statue so we don't have to explain everything.


Once we've got the gang together we should probably mention that our Raisin Sense is acting up again, so we've got an easy out for these oddities, at least with the CMC.



I am Deckard Cain, elder of Tristram, and I approve this response.




Besides, it'll get everyone pumped for adventure!



Seconding this; we met up with the rest of the CMC here last run; they should be along in short order



YOU FOOL! It's "stay awhile and listen"


You approach the large group of ponies. You know they've discovered the Boulder Snake Statues already… pretty hard to miss such a monstrously large creature, you figure.

"We've gotta check this out, Applebloom. Mr. Cheerilee won't mind, I'm sure. She's probably in the crowd."

Applebloom can't help but agree. "Ah wonder what they're all lookin' at…" The curious filly squats down to try and peek through the sea of pony legs ahead for a glimpse at the statue, but to no avail. You listen as the adults try and figure out what it is.

"Is it a carving? Who would make such an ugly thing? How did it get here?" The air is abuzz with curiosity. As you wait for the mayor to start up her speech, a familiar voice calls out from behind. "Raisin! There you are! You'll never guess what happened today!" Sweetie Belle joins up with you and Applebloom. She looks into the crowd with certain confusion. "Whoa… what's going on?"

"That's what we wanna know!" Applebloom answers.

The Mayor starts speaking over the crowd. "Citizens of Ponyville! There's no need for panic nor alarm!" The ponies all start to settle down, preparing for a speech. "We're currently assessing damages and trying to figure out where this thing came from!"

The Mayor takes a pause as she flips a page over.

"Twilight Sparkle, Celestia's star pupil, is currently researching what this creature may be or may have been. What we do know is that it has not moved since it was discovered and more than likely will not move again. We ask that everypony keep their distance while we try to get things sorted out!"

The crowd starts getting a little restless. "That can't be all you know! It destroyed half of my house!"

The Mayor talks over the disgruntled pony. "Please, be patient! We've already got ponies helping to repair all of the damaged buildings and other statues! We're not even sure if this thing caused the damages!"

From behind, another voice chirps in. "Hey, what's going on?" Scootaloo stands atop your back, craning her head down over yours and meeting you face to face.

"Hey Scoots."


>Mr. Cheerilee
>MS. Cheerilee
Alright, I'm officially losing my eyes. I can't brain



>Scootaloo on top of Raisin's back, craning her head down to look at us

Too bad the drawfag is gone. That's really cute.



You want to stop? It's 4AM on a Sunday.



"Hi Scootaloo. You see Sweetie Belle around here?"



I'd be okay with stopping for now. I'm pretty tired too.


Have you read through the first run? She did that last time too, then just surfed us to school when we took off running.
I'm sure she would have kept doing it through the quest as well, if it weren't for us going and getting ourselves covered in vicious spikes.


GAME INFO: For the sake of keeping everything flowing smoothly, we probably should. We'll pick up on Friday or probably Sunday again and just run from there. So far, things are seeming to get back on course…

You know, I was thinking that Raisin Quest would probably do well as an 8-bit adventure game. Thought just came to mind.. like, I see Rainbow Dash playing a Raisin Quest 3 video game for some reason.


>As you wait for the mayor to start up her speech, a familiar voice calls out from behind. "Raisin! There you are! You'll never guess what happened today!" Sweetie Belle joins up with you and Applebloom. She looks into the crowd with certain confusion. "Whoa… what's going on?"



>Raisin Quest

>Anything other than a Zork-eque text adventure

I would make it if coding vidya wasn't hard as fuck


>You'll never believe what happened today!
Huh, she said that last time too, but cut herself off partway through in amazement at our tacticool getup.
We'll have to remember to ask her about it, when we get going next.



Eh, I'll check Friday I guess.


Same. I'm actually not complete shit at coding, but doing my own graphical/physics engine work would be a neverending nightmare.

Wouldn't mind trying something with Flash in the future, though. I was learning a ton of AS3 probably a few months ago.



Shit, yeah.


You know, you could always draw it yourself



Delicious grapes tonight. Whatever day you end up I'll be there.



Or you can download simple generic overhead RPG code for flash and edit sprites, location, and dialogue and shit.


>Info changing based on such a tiny thing as what we're waering
Man, the little touches like this are amazing. Thanks for the session Jr! I'll try to actually get into the next one at a reasonable time.



My name is Michael Jackson, popstar extraordinaire, and I'll be theeeeeeere…


Hey, hope to catch you guys on Friday/Sunday. These quests are always a ton of fun to run; this new dice thing feels like sex.

This is good.





Man, I've gotta check this…

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