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Another day, another opportunity for adventure. Our beloved stone pony pushes forward in her quest, hoping to discover the cause behind the recent pandemonium that has surged through the streets of Ponyville. Let’s take a look at the summary from our previous session before we continue, shall we?

Also, Raisin in a maid outfit


File: 1349056982975.png (16.84 KB, 650x650, 8TvVo.png)

>Head back into town square
>Get Derpy’s attention before she delivers something down the road to your house and Sweet Apple Acres
>Get Report Cards from Derpy; you and Applebloom have received high marks
>—Ask Derpy if she will deliver a letter to LS; she says she can—
>Tell Derpy that you’ll meet her later with a letter ready to send; in a hurry, she takes off down the road
>**Check under the front door rug, find a letter from your Mysterious Friend**
>**Get Saddlebag pocket quickly repaired by Mary: can now hold a light item safely in damaged pouch**
>—Go inside to write some letters. Have Applebloom write a letter to LS—
>Write a letter to your Mysterious Friend
>—Correct Applebloom’s letter—
>Place your letter to your Mysterious Friend under the front door doormat
>—Make sure that Applebloom gets some lunch—
>?? Discover your letter has been partially removed from under the mat as you head out ??
>—Leave the house, knowing your shy friend will pick it up when you’re gone—
>Go to Derpy’s house
>—Applebloom gets bonked on the nose by the front door; she cannot see—
>xXx Forget about sharp crystals growing out of your back as Derpy leans in for a hug; Derpy is injured xXx
>—Have injured Derpy go and deliver your letter to ‘LS’; follow her—
>xXx Upon getting back into town, hear a large explosion in the distant mountains; Derpy confirms the explosion came from where LS’ laboratory was located (second tallest peak behind Sweet Apple Acres) xXx
>?? Ask Derpy about a package she just delivered to LS. She says it was from his “Mom and Dad” ??
>Head to your house to receive another letter from your Mysterious Friend
>Sneak inside of house to write another letter to your Mysterious Friend
>**Avoid speaking with your extremely worried parents; pass on by and head outside**
>Place letter underneath doormat

Watching as a plume of dark gray smoke bellows forth from the distant peaks beyond Sweet Apple Acres, Raisin and Applebloom know that their quest has only become more complicated. They sit down and devise a plan; clearly, the potential level of danger they shall surely face is a job that will take the combined effort of all of the Cutie Mark Crusaders in order to brave. The smoking mountaintop seems to be their next destination.

Raisin watches as a small flurry of pegasi investigate the source of the town shaking explosion. Small, colorful dots whisk around in the tumbling smoke, looking for any clues as to what might have caused it.

Now, my dedicated questers, is your chance to help our small golem filly push on through her quest. Who knows what you may encounter tonight. Good luck!



Action time?

Gather party and head out.



So fucking cute. Can't wait to see when it's finished.


Time and inventory check.





let's go to the hospital and see if Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are still there



Head to hospital, check on Twilight and Spike, and pick up Sweetie and Scootaloo.



Checking on them would be good.


Raisin: Hayseed, Sneezing Powder, Lamp (Shattered), Royal Medallion (Equipped), Grappling Hook + Cut Rope (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3), Stompstarter, ‘Love’ Letter to LS

Judging from the position of the sun, you'd say nearly an hour has gone by since the explosion occurred. It's about 1PM. Smoke rises up into the sky from behind Sweet Apple Acres.



I agree, we should check on them.


Looking toward the mountains, you feel a certain sense of anxiety and determination. You feel as though your very actions and your investigations of the burnt up peak could reveal the one fact that could tie everything together for you. Surely, this explosion and assassination attempt on the elusive 'LS' has something to do with the Boulder Snakes.

A feeling of imminent adventure overwhelms you.

"Alright, now that we've got our letter in place, let's gather the Crusaders together. I'm sure Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are well rested by now."

Applebloom takes her golden eyes off the mountain top, taking in a deep lung full of air. "Okay, sounds like a plan. Where do ya think they're at?"

"Last I saw them, they were up at the Ponyville Hospital on Twilight and Spike's behalf. Let's head up there and see if those two are still around."

With little debate, you turn your tails to the smoking peak and head back into town, skirting around a cluster of ponies in Town Square. You see that the overwhelmed Mayor is addressing everybody, asking them to stay calm. Rainbow Dash is up on stage with her, telling everybody about what she had seen up at the peak. Nothing interesting immediately catches your attention as your heavy hooves hobble on by.

In a matter of minutes, you find yourself at Ponyville Hospital. You enter and immediately take a left to the visitation area, seeing a small orange pegasus napping on some of the chairs alongside an older couple.



have applebloom wake her up

we are sharp and pointy



Give Scoots a boop to wake her up.



Have Applebloom check to see if it's Scootaloo.






On second thought, have APPLEBLOOM boop her on the nose.


"Wake up, Goldilocks!"



Is Sweetie in the area?

Bet they sent her home for being too cute.



Yes please.



So you're saying

S-scootaloo d-doesn't have a h-home?


Have Applbloom boop her.
Appleboop her.



Appleboop with Applebutt.


This isn't that kind of quest.


"Hey, Applebloom… I know Scoots is a heavy sleeper. Could you just give her a quick bop and wake her up?"

Applebloom looks at you, knowing you'd do it yourself if it weren't for all the razor sharp crystals covering your body. "Roger, Raisin."

The crimson mane zooms over to the little curled up ball and gives her a gentle boop on the nose. "Hey, Scoots? Scoooooots~? Wake up sleepyhead!"

The little pegasus startles awake, nearly falling out of the chair. "Wh-Wha?! Whoa, Applebloom!" Her eyes turn to greet you. "Raisin! I was wondering whe- wait, what's with the crystals?" Scootaloo stops when she identifies the sharp, beautiful structures sticking out of your body.

"That… that would be a gift from the Diamond Dogs."

"Oh… looks kinda…. painful." She stares for a few moments before a thought springs up. "Oh! They said that Twilight and Spike are going to need some more rest. Apparently, Twilight had a cracked rib or something… her lungs weren't working right." She shrugs. "Spike just got knocked out. After he woke up, I decided to crash out here."

You look about, noticing that Sweetie Belle isn't anywhere to be seen. "Uh… where's Sweetie Belle at?"

"Oh, uh… I think she went home. I think. Did you see her at the Boutique?" Scootaloo tilts her head.

"Well, we needed to go back inta town anyway, right Raisin?" Applebloom adjusts her saddlebags.


Their saddlebags are still at Twilight's treehouse.



To get the bags, yeah.

They were at the library.


And we can pick Spike up at the treehouse too.



Let's check on Spike and see if he is able to get a letter to Princess Celestia.



let's talk to the old couple

if they weren't important they wouldn't have been mentioned



We should pick up Sweetie first so we can carry all the bags. I doubt Spike will want to join us.



Yeah. At this point I wouldn't mind if the god empress solved all our problems.



We could get Spike to come. It's not like there will be anything left if we fail.



Talk about what?


I'm not to sure. They could just be scenery.

Raisin should be strong enough to carry Sweetie's bag by its strap.


File: 1349059078586.png (108.33 KB, 1000x700, oh god what is even going on.p…)


i don't even know, maybe not.

we should round up sweetie, pick up their bags and head to LS.





"Right, right. Your saddlebags are still over at the Library, Scoots."

Rubbing some dust from her bleary eyes, the little pegasus gets up on all fours. "Oh man, I almost forgot!"

The receptionist shushes the loud little pegasus. "This is a hospital. Please be considerate."

Scootaloo glares over at the front desk. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get going."

You take one last look around the visitation area, seeing if you could have possibly missed Sweetie Belle anywhere. You know she likes to take naps in weird places sometimes. The hospital is much quieter and calmer than it was this morning; in your little violet colored sitting area, a calm instrumental guitar plays over the ceiling speakers. Besides the old couple sitting nearby, you don't see any other ponies around.

You head out of the Ponyville Hospital and continue down the road. Scootaloo immediately notices that you're not moving anywhere near as fast as you normally do, so she walks on up ahead by Applebloom.

As you get closer to town, you can hear some growling coming from down the road to the school. A group of guards and pegasi stand at the ready, blocking the little road off almost completely.

"…What's going on over there?" Scootaloo asks.

The Boutique is just a little further on ahead, thankfully in the opposite direction of the now blocked off road. The Library is also closeby.



Eh, library first. Time is of the essence, might as well get things done in case the world explodes in the next couple of turns.






See if Sweetie Belle is at the Boutique.


Send them both to the library to get Scoot's saddlebag and see if they can convince Spike to join us. Tell them to wait there while we go see what's going on with the guards.



Tell her that the schoolhouse has been overrun by a pack of diamond dogs with some workers being held hostage.



boutique first. 3 bags for three fillies



yeah we should inform scoots along the way



Boutique first. Sweetie pone makes everything better.



Shit, I forgot about the hostages.

Hopefully we can avert it next life.



Didn't our bag already get fixed by the maid?


It can only hold light items in the repaired pocket.



she quickly patched it, meaning light items only.

seeing if rarity could do a real fix or even an upgrade could be worth trying



Mite b cool then.


Yeah. An extra item slot would definitely be helpful.


"Well… alright, you know how I said there were Diamond Dogs at the schoolhouse this morning?"

"Yeah? Are they really trying to come into town now?" Scootaloo shakes her head in disbelief. "Just wait until the Mayor calls the Royal Guard. Those bozos won't know what hit 'em."

Applebloom looks at Scootaloo with some concern. "Ah wouldn't be too sure 'bout that…" She looks down at a shard of one of the crystals sticking out of your upper foreleg.

You lead the group toward the Boutique in hopes of finding Sweetie Belle. The front door appears to be open. You can see Sweetie Belle walking around picking up a bunch of dresses that lay scattered about the floor. As you approach, she jumps. She's relieved to see that it's you, Scoots, and Applebloom.

"Whew! I thought Rarity had come back already…" She gathers up the little pile of dresses she dropped.

"What happened in here?" Applebloom inquires.

"Oh… um… well, I was sleeping by the yarn balls and… uh…" Sweetie Belle looks around. She doesn't look to sure as to how this mess came about.



Oh Sweetie Belle, you so crazy.

Tell her that we need to get our stuff from the library, pronto!



Ask her if she wants to go on an ADVENTURE(tm)!



Ask her if Rarity has time to look at our bag.



Retrieve airhead, head to library while watching out for a possible diamond dog raid.




also ask her if she knows where rarity is


Ask her if she wants to go on adventure. We can help her clean up the dresses later.



"Come back? Where is Rarity now?"


sweetie get!

now let's get to the treehouse for those saddlebags


"Listen, something really big is going down right now. We're going to swing by the Library to grab the rest of our saddlebags."

"We're headin' up the mountains to see what that big explosion was all about!" Applebloom adds.

"Oh! So that wasn't just a dream… that's what startled me awake earlier…" She giggles to herself. "…and kind of caused an explosion in here. Rarity would flip if she saw this place right now…"

"Don't worry about it right now…"

"…besides, Rarity is out right now, isn't she?"

"Yep! Thankfully." Sweetie Belle plops the dresses back on the floor. "She's probably delivering some dresses right now."

"Do you actually know where she went?"

Sweetie Belle shakes her head. "Not really… she was here this morning, but gone when I woke up. She could be delivering dresses or buying supplies… I don't know."

With the Crusaders assembled, you prepare to head out to the Library. As you make your way back through town, you see that the guards are using the butt end of their spears to jab at what you believe are the Diamond Dogs.


META INFO: >right now



To the library



Uh oh.


That'll show 'em. Let's go get Spike and the saddle bags.



Head to library, get stuff, go on ADVENTURE (tm) before we get caught in a raid.



>everyone thinks we're going to die

>we get lucky and win this life
>didn't bother rescuing hostages

It would be a shame to have to restart at the end. All or nothing.



Actually I'm having second thoughts, maybe we should take a quick look through the Boutique and make sure everything is all right.


File: 1349060657022.png (66.77 KB, 1000x700, RIGHTNOW.png)


grab our bags





Maybe to would be a good idea to move a couple of pieces of furniture in front of the front door once we get inside.


Yeah, we should at least try to do as much as we can on this life.
Investigate dat dog hideout!



Raisin x Donut Steel being silly, do it faget



[s]okay, maybe after the quest tonight. for now, goofy quest reactions.



fucking sub needing endtags


Seeing tensions rise with the guards and the Diamond Dogs, you make your way to the Library as quickly as possible. Most of the Town Square is pretty empty right now… beyond a few pegasi flying up above watching the roads, everypony else seems to be inside their homes.

Running up to the Library, you take care to gently open up the front door. You notice how sharp your crystal covered body really is; the gemstones easily slide through the wood, leaving a series of parallel cuts. Scootaloo gulps. "…glad I didn't hop up on your back earlier…"

Noticing that the main room is devoid of life, you decide to call out in hopes of finding the little dragon. "Spiiiike! Spike! Are you home?"

There is no response.

A small pile of saddlebags lie next to the sofa your friends napped on earlier this morning. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo rush over to equip them. Scootaloo notices her bag is a little lighter that it was before.

"…hey, where's all my stuff!?" She gets a bit ruffled when she discovers the bags are nearly empty.

META INFO: I noticed that I overused the hell out of 'right now'; surely, I could have benefited from better word choice.



Oh god why.



Are Scootaloo's items missing as well?

Does she have anything left?





…You're shitting me.



Move furniture in front of door, just in case.



>Sweetie Belle's

fuck me.




Raisin: Hayseed, Sneezing Powder, Lamp (Shattered), Royal Medallion (Equipped), Grappling Hook + Cut Rope (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3), Stompstarter, ‘Love’ Letter to LS

Sweetie Belle: Baby Blue Sapphires x9, Saw, Nails, Satchel + Bubblegum

Scootaloo: CMC Cape x2, Empty Flask



Does anyone remember what she had before?



Oh man it's been a while

what did she have when we left them?



Sweetie has her stuff, so that's good.

Also, I second >>135545

It should be easy with our golem strength.


Oh right.

We used some of her stuff when fighting the diamond dogs. Better tell her that.



>Scootaloo: CMC Cape, Fireworks x1, Stompstarter, Bag of Sneezing Powder, Wake-Me-Up Dust

Yep. Now I remember



Yeah. But now I remember that we have nothing to fight with. Goddammit.


You mean the golem covered in jagged crystals has nothing to use as a weapon?



Tell her we used her stuff to fight the dogs and that we should leave immediately.



We should probably make one last call for Spike though.


You sheepishly kick a hoof against the floor. "Uh… well, you see, last night… when me and Twilight went to investigate the schoolhouse, I kinda borrowed some of your supplies…"

Scootaloo breathes a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness… okay, I thought that thief broke in here and took everything."

As Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle saddle up their supplies, you can't help but feel as though something horrible is about to happen. Applebloom sees it in your expression. "Something the matter, Raisin?"

"I think we should barricade the front door in case the Diamond Dogs break through the guard's barricade."

Scootaloo simply scoffs. "PFffff! There's no way they'll get through all of the guards. Reeelax, Raisin."

As you drag Twilight's extremely heavy table over to the door, you get the distinct feeling that someone is watching you…




Jr, how many inventory slots does the stone scale take up?

It probably can't fit, but I'd like to make sure.


Spare a brief glance for any watchers while we head out the kitchen door.



Make one last call for Spike, then head out for the mountains.


GAME INFO: As an act of mercy, most objects only take up a single inventory slot. The Stone Scale is pretty big, but your saddlebags should be able to hold it.

It's quite heavy, however…



Raid the kitchen for food. Have the CMC fill their little bellies while Scootaloo can carry snacks for the road.



Head for the mountains, check to see if there is a new letter for us on the way.



i have a question about the DD's cannon.

how big was it?

i assumed it was a mounted gun and difficult to move.

if its not, im sure the razor sharp stone filly can take care of any dog attacks.



The stone scale might make a good shield, but the weight might tear our bags.



>someone is watching



Put it in one of our undamaged slots.


That too.



We should probably check the FRONT door for any letters.



Seconding. Scootaloo has space, we can give her whatever is in the undamaged part of our bags.

But, keep Hayseed on us at all times.

Maybe give her the broken lamp.


We can check by the front door after leaving through the kitchen.



You're right. Maybe he doesn't know about the back?

Do a quick search, but still go to the kitchen to refuel.


Shouldn't we check out the schoolhouse?
Something bad might happen…



So give Scoots lamp, acquire stone scale, check for letter around front porch, and put a loaf of bread into Scootaloo's spare slot?

Sounds good.



I think that's a lost cause at this point. We're probably approaching game over and need to hurry.



I want to, but we can't afford to lose any more party members. Besides, what if Sweetie got boo boos?


You watch the front door for a moment. When it doesn't immediately come bursting open with a swarm of Diamond Dogs chasing behind it, you turn your head and call out one last time.

"Spiiiiike~! Are you home, Spike?!"

There is no response.

"If he's not here, he's probably still up at the hospital." Sweetie Belle reasons.

"Makes sense." Applebloom nods. "He's probably watching over Twilight to make sure she's gonna be alright."

You walk into the Library's modest little kitchen area, scouting around for some food. You don't know if Scootaloo or Sweetie Belle have eaten yet.

"Hey, are you guys hungry?"

"Nope! I ate some carrots for breakfast this morning." Sweetie Belle calls over from the other room. The CMC are going over all of their supplies.

Scootaloo darts into the room. "You found some? I'm starving!"

Looking about, you see that Twilight has a few baskets of veggies sitting on the counter. They look like they were bought just yesterday; everything is very fresh. You figure that you can borrow some and pay her back later; she won't mind.

>3 Tomatoes

>5 Carrots
>2 Cucumbers
>1 Head of Lettuce

>What will you stock up on before exchanging your other inventories?

GAME INFO: The Diamond Dog's cannon was indeed a mounted device. It's nearly the size of one of the massive Diamond Dogs you've encountered; you feel certain that there's no possible way they could lug it around.



Cast my vote. Gotta be specific with Jr.


And then when it comes up on the next run we'll have no idea what to do.
At least pay it a visit before heading to the mountains.



1 food item per slot?

I vote carrot. It's least likely to be ruined if someone fell down or something.


This, but change the bread for the head of lettuce and tell scoots to head a cucumber or carrot.



I vote checking it out, but only if we bolt if fighting starts.



Seconding lettuce. It's good trail food because you can peel it off leaf by leaf.



Good point. Keep our distance though.


It also make a more durable projectile than a tomato.



Head of Lettuce



Remember to check for a letter at the front door before doing anything with the diamond dogs.



Jr pls



You grab the leafy green Head of Lettuce, hoofing it over to Scootaloo. "Here, put this in your bags."

Scootaloo looks mortified. "B-but… why can't I eat it now?"

"You can eat the rest of the stuff in the basket. I'll pay Twilight for it later. We need the Lettuce for just snacking and stuff while we're climbing."

Before you finish, the little filly is already devouring most of what's left in the basket. As she eats, you place your Broken Lamp into Scootaloo's bag. She pays you little mind as she continues chomping down a few carrots, flapping her wings every once in a while.

As Applebloom and Sweetie Belle start reorganizing their supplies, you grab the Stone Scale off of the table and place it inside an undamaged pouch. Surely, this thing will have some use on down the road.

Raisin: Hayseed, Sneezing Powder, Stone Serpent Scale, Royal Medallion (Equipped), Grappling Hook + Cut Rope (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3), Stompstarter, ‘Love’ Letter to LS

Sweetie Belle: Baby Blue Sapphires x9, Saw, Nails, Satchel + Bubblegum

Scootaloo: CMC Cape x2, Empty Flask, Lamp (Shattered), 1x Head of Lettuce

>Any additional actions before heading around the Library to check the front door's mat for a letter?



Burn this motherfucker down.



don't you pull a fast one on us here, jr

what is in the shitty pocket of ours?



Not really.

Let's take point.



I'd like to know this too.

What's in our undamaged and our damaged pouch?


Please no.



We should leave a letter saying that we're going to the mountains and about the snakes.



Leave a note for Spike, telling him to contact Princess Celestia about everything that has happened.



Let's not.


GAME INFO: Currently, your damaged pocket is empty.



Yeah, smart idea. Probably won't matter, but we need a last will and testament.


Sounds good.



oh right, the grappling hook is wrapped around us.


yeah this


The grappling hook with the weakened rope. Tell one of the others to leave a note telling Spike to tell the Princess about everything that has happened while we inspect the rope to see just how damaged it is.


After confirming your inventories, you scan the library for a piece of parchment and an inked up quill. You manage to jot down a quick note:


Tell Princess Celestia everything. We're going to the mountains. Will be back soon.


You feel as though you're chilled when you sign the letter. You leave it out in the open where it's sure to be seen.

"Ya'll ready?" Applebloom calls you from the kitchen as the CMC start heading outside. From the distance, you can hear an adult telling you to stay indoors. The reddish pink maned Earth pony promptly shuts her door after issuing the warning.

You maneuver around to the front of the tree, checking under the doormat. To your disappointment, there is nothing.

"Hmm… must have been too soon…"

"What are you doing?" Scootaloo tilts her head with confusion. Suddenly, you hear a plink against the flowerboxes just to your side.

"What was that?" Sweetie Belle jumps up at the noise.

In the distance, you can hear armor clinking about. You see a pegasus hovering up above. "Kids! Kids, get back inside! The guards are being pushed back!"




Jr I'm disappoint.



Run for the mountains


Yell that we know what we're doing and check in the flower boxes.




Haha, fucking called it.

So, hold up or head out?


Check the flowerboxes for a letter.

That pegasus must be throwing pebbles.



Is the direction of the mountain opposite from the schoolhouse?



Seconding checking the flowerbox box hightailing it out of town with our stuff.

The rest of the CMC is with us right?



Head back inside. Raids don't last long and we can guard the door.


File: 1349064184586.png (50.45 KB, 904x448, no letter.png)


guh, check the flowerpots.

tell the meatbags to head back inside.



"Wh-Wait, but how?" Scootaloo looks a little frightened. "The Unicorns should be able to hold them back…"

"Ah don't know… we gotta get outta here quick!" Applebloom shouts.

Keeping your cool, you run over to the source of the light plinking noise. To your surprise, you see a wadded up ball of parchment with a rock inside it.

"Is that.. a letter?" Sweetie Belle asks with certain curiosity. "Who in Equestria could it be?"

You shake your head. "Beats me. They're helpful sometimes, though…"

The noise is getting louder. A sunny yellow pegasus with a peach mane swoops down next to you and pushes you the CMC closer to the door of the Library. "Quick! Get inside!" She's surprised when it doesn't open. She continues to fuss with it, trying to get your group to safety.

While she's distracted, you hightail it down the road out of town, carrying the hastily delivered letter in your damaged pouch.

GAME INFO: You must specify if you want certain text to appear in your letters. When leaving the contents of a letter to the Quest Master's discretion, he may not be as thorough in completing it as the questers could be.


Make sure our friends are with us, then head to the mountains.



Let's run while we can, once we're out of the town limits we can read the letter.



get our friends and run. no cmc left out of the adventure.




Get to a safe distance and then read the letter.



I propose the notion that all future letters have a gratuitous amount of XOXOs at the end.



Be ABSOLUTELY sure the CMC are with us and tell them to run down the road until we're safe.

Have use follow close behind to make sure nobody gets distracted.






Your heavy gait is much slower that it could be. The crystals embedded into your body seem to continuously grind and crackle with every stride you take. The sounds nauseatingly echo through your head.

"C'mon! Hurry!" Applebloom calls back to you. The group seems to be holding back a bit so that you don't get left behind.

You try to keep your pace, but the harder you push yourself, the slower you seem to move. As you near the edge of town near the familiar dirt road to your house, a gaggle of Diamond Dogs cuts you off.

"Oh no…" Sweetie Belle's eyes widen up as the dastardly dogs make their approach. You notice that they're iron armor is now covered with an array of crystals much like the ones in your body.

"Small work horses! We'll make little carts for you to pull together!" One of the dogs barks.

Your group stands firm. Between you and the open road stand 3 Diamond Dogs. They're armed with lassos and covered with a brilliant gemstone armor. It seems haphazardly constructed.





File: 1349065233942.png (85.08 KB, 1000x700, oh no.png)






Use sneezing powder!



Kick them in the face!


META INFO: Oh god, I laughed.



Oh shit, yeah.



Hit them with the sneezing power.


This, then go around them.


Raisin: Hayseed, Sneezing Powder, Stone Serpent Scale, Wadded Up Parchment + Pebble, Royal Medallion (Equipped), Grappling Hook + Cut Rope (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3), Stompstarter, ‘Love’ Letter to LS

Sweetie Belle: Baby Blue Sapphires x9, Saw, Nails, Satchel + Bubblegum

Scootaloo: CMC Cape x2, Empty Flask, Lamp (Shattered), 1x Head of Lettuce






Tell the CMC to stand back and through it at the center of the dog posse.



How does the sneezing powder work again?



inb4 its only good for 1 enemy



Yeah, tell the CMC not to breathe it in as we toss it.


This, and aim for the dog in the middle.


As the lumbering dogs make their slow approach and ready their lassos, you reach into your Saddlebags to withdraw your pouch of Sneezing Powder.


With a quick throw, you nail the dog in the very center with the little brown bag. A brilliant orange dust lingers in the air. They all seem to catch a breath of it.

"CCCCHHHHHHEEEUU!" The dog that was hit directly cannot stop blinking his eyes. "UGH! GRRRUGHHH! WHAT IS THIS?" They all start covering up their faces, trying to rub the irritating powder off their faces. All three of the dogs are sent into a massive sneezing fit. They buckle over in agitation.

"Perfect!" Sweetie Belle takes the lead, walking a distance around the trio. Your group takes her lead. The dogs sound like they're starting to cry as they rub dirt in their faces… anything to rid themselves of the terribly itchy powder you hit them with.

Continuing down the road, you see that the Diamond Dogs haven't bothered with anything out here. The countryside is peaceful as ever.

"That was some quick thinking, Raisin! I didn't know if we were going to have to bust out that TNT or something to get around those idiots." Scootaloo walks by your side. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle are a little distance ahead, thankful to have just avoided the dogs. "What about everyone else, though? Are they going to be okay?"






Tell her that we can take care of that after we've stopped the cataclysmic eruption.




"Of course! If this get too bad we just call on the whole royal army for a rescue mission!"

Read the letter we found.



>Are they going to be okay?

oh geez

hostages guilt trip.

i say we continue up the mountain.

also, read the letter.



If we're safe we should read the message from our secret admirer ~~~~~~~~


We shold put a bit more distance between ourselves and the dogs first.



inb4 the eruption is just some harmless ritual that will go away in a few days

inb4 rescuing the hostages is the real quest



Yeah, let's keep running for a bit longer, then read.



my guess is the real quest has something to do with the GIANT ROCK SNAKES


"Yeah, don't worry about that. We've got to stop that eruption from happening. If that happens, we're all done for."

Scootaloo looks a bit worried. "…but how do we stop the eruption?"

"…working on that. Hold up, guys, I want to see what our friend had to say…"

You sit down on the dusty road, pulling out the letter you got from your Mysterious Friend. You clear your throat to grab your friends' attention.


I’m s-“ You can read ‘I’m sorry’ under a mess of ink. “…a theory, but I lo-“ Some more scribbles. “-nothing useful, but i-“Again, the sentence is interrupted by some crossed out words with a small ‘ignore this’ written above it. “LS is a dragon. I sa- seen- have seen him on-“ The text is indecipherable. “Blackmail?” The word appears without any other legible ones nearby. “I don’t know abo-Wh- why he’s attr-interested in Applea-Applejack” You feel your stony teeth gritting slightly as the rest of the text is completely unreadable. “Understood, will deliver like this”

You notice that the ink is still wet; it seems to have run a little bit on the last few letters.

“They sure were in a hurry to get that to you…” Scootaloo arches a brow. "Are they all written that badly?"

"Unfortunately, yes."

You can hear something coming your way. It's still a distance off, but the distinct sounds of sneezing accompany a single demand. "GET BACK HERE!"



But what if

it's all a dream?




Try to move as fast as we can.



Make sure it's the dogs before making our stand.



Move it


Run for it!


Keep on going towards the mountains.

It's the dogs.




keep moving



Told you all



Tell the CMC to stay ahead. We can fight back if they get us first.



we already move the slowest due to our injury




If we try to fight, we'll probably end up falling apart.

Still, better than being captured. Death before dishonor.



its gonna be hard to capture a pony made of solid rock covered in deathspikes.

but yeah, we should take the end.


We automatically load when we die, right?



as long as we have hayseed.



Falling apart probably won't equal death, but we won't be able to do anything just as a stony head while our limbs wiggle around on their own.


You notice the sneezing trio stumbling along the road a distance back. They're not close at the moment, but they're closing distance between their sneezing.

"Girls, let's move." You pack up the nearly illegible letter and continue your pace. Being a bit slower, you watch as Applebloom and Sweetie Belle keep a bit further ahead.

"C'mon, guys! We can't let 'em catch us now!" Applebloom calls back.

Scootaloo stays by your side. "Can you move ANY faster?! Pick up the pace, Raisin! They're gonna catch up!"

You can see your house materializing in the distance. You're not sure if you can make it there before the dogs catch up.

"You guys just get to my house! I'll catch up in a minute!"

"But what if they catch you?" Scootaloo asks.

You just give her a glance. "Uh… don't worry too much about that." You tap a hoof against your chest.

Without another word, Scoots just runs ahead, keeping an eye out over her shoulder. You can hear the dogs getting closer.

"WHICH ONE IS THAT!? I CANT SEE!" The dog you pelted has been running with one paw extended out and one rubbing his eyes. He sneezes intermittently.

GAME INFO: That is correct. You can also call a load vote with the other questers if you wish to reload before a death.


Keep going for our house. Yell that we have dynamite and aren't afraid to use it if they get too close.



Keep running. If one gets too close give me a kick to the face!



Yeah. They already know we might have some other adventuring tools.


have applebloom throw a stick of dynamite as a distraction



She doesn't have a firestarter though.



Ready our stone scale. It's sharp, right?


>Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3), Stompstarter, ‘Love’ Letter to LS

she totally does



Oh shit, yeah.

Just tell her to throw it far away from us.


Jr, will you roll to see if Applebloom can successfully throw a light stick of dynamite?



Nevermind, I'm retarded. If she can still hear us yell for her to throw it off to the side then.



yeah, i say we just kick them.

it took 2 of them to barely carry us earlier when we were pretending to be a statue.



I don't suppose any of the servants would know anything about fighting?


I bet the maid is a female, pony Alfred.



Yeah, might as well. The can barely see and if we don't stop them they'll raid OUR mansion! They might even steal our maid costume.


You keep trying to run, but the gritting sound of the crystals embedded in your body becomes worse. You see a crystal loose itself from your back, spinning and sliding against the road. Your speed has deteriorated. The spot the crystal left is now making a stone-on-stone clinking sound…

"GET HER! GET HER! UCCCCCHHHEEEUUUU!" The dog jumps in the air with his sneeze.

"Applebloom! Light up one of my quarter sticks!"

You shout on up ahead. You're not quite certain if she heard you or not.

"SHE'S BLUFFING! NAB HER!" The annoyingly high pitch voice screeches just a few feet to your rear. The dogs have caught up, it seems.

One of the bigger dogs jumps up in the air, preparing to land on top of you.


Okay, no more running. Just walking.

Hunker down and let him land on our spikes.



Yes. We make our stand.

And by stand I mean let them cut themselves on our gems.



But he's wearing armor.

Jr are their arms and hands covered or bare?


Hold on, can you tell us if the gems on their armor look as sharp as our gems before we act?




I'm not so sure thats a good idea anymore.

with our gem damage a dog landing on us might make it worse.

not to mention he's wearing armor.

oh god were gonna end up with a leg snapped off



Hunker down and let the big one land on us, then get on our hind legs and kick the air.


GAME INFO: The Diamond Dogs are wearing Helmets, Chestplates, and some weak bracers around their massive forearms.

The Helmet and Chestplate are haphazardly covered with the same blue looking gems that are sticking out of your body. The bracers are essentially pieces of rope with gems stuck through it.



This is where we die probably.


We could always try taking a few steps back so he lands ahead of us. After that we could walk over him.


I can't help but feel that those gems are there especially for us.



That's probably significant somehow.

Still. We have to fight.

Let's just hope the dice are with us.



>same gems

>chest plate

oh shit, back up quickly. we do not want him landing on us.



What are the odds of us running into a group sent to hunt us down?

The gems are probably so lasso'd ponies don't struggle, lest they cut themselves.



Do a fatty roll off to the side.


Yeah, he would carve us up.

I think all the dogs have them. That's why it looks hastily constructed.



Seconding. We can at least move a little, then kick his face.



you know, if we had a stompstarter in our sattlebags

landing on our side might have been a hilariously effective idea.

after stuffing hayseed in our mouth of course.


Quickly, you realize that the big dumb dog is wearing crystals that look almost exactly like the ones sticking out of your back. You grind to a halt, letting the dog overshoot you. The other two dogs slide to a halt by your sides as the big leaping bozo slams into the dirt road.

He grunts and sneezes when he crashes, but quickly gets back up. The other two, probably blind, are trying to tie you up with their lassos. Of course, the ropes are almost instantly severed by the sharp crystal embedded in your mane and the back of your neck.


Suddenly, a massive explosion tears up some of the road a few feet ahead of you. The dogs all jump up and dash a few feet back, leaving you standing in the middle of the road. The blast was relatively close; you're certain that the brown casing of your quarter sticks must have blended into the dirt colors of the road. You breathe a sigh of relief out of habit, thankful you didn't run too much further ahead.

The Diamond Dogs get their bearings again, still sneezing every once in a while. The powder's effects seem to be wearing off. You can see the Crusaders up ahead standing with Mary. You swear she's got another stick inside of her mouth.

META INFO: Fatty rolls never work; you always get clobbered by whatever the hell the bad guys are swinging at you. Artorias is probably goddamn impossible with a fatty




Kick them while they're disoriented.



Tactical retreat while they're pelted with dynamite.


head for Mary and the others



run ahead, yelling back that you have plenty of TNT left.



Better to pelt them with dynamite and to get pulverized.


Walk towards Marry and our friends while tell the diamond dogs to run before they get killed.



Yeah, do this. Maybe they'll believe us after a couple more sticks.



Oh shit, seconding the walking.


Don't run. Remember that the crystals damage us if we run.



Yeah, don't run, back up at a pace that won't cause us to fall apart.





that is a much better idea


File: 1349069494423.png (81.85 KB, 1000x700, there is no time for run.png)

these crystals are a bitch


You take this opportunity to get some more distance between you and the bleary eyed dogs.

You take care to walk instead of gallop back to your friends. You swear that the crystal in your rear leg is nearly ready to explode; it's an odd sensation, but you can almost swear that you feel a pressure on your back leg. You keep a casual trot as your group entices you to move faster.

The dogs start to get back up. Because of your slow pace, they get their confidence back rather quickly. "HA! WE CAN STILL CAPTURE HER!". You crane your head back over your shoulder, watching as the dogs are running toward you once again. Mary lobs another lit stick of Dynamite down the road. They immediately pull into a full on retreat.

As you approach the group, the CMC almost make the mistake of hugging you.

"Oh thank Celestia… you're okay!"

Mary slides a nearly empty box of Dynamite back to Applebloom along with her Stompstarter. "Master Raisin, I am so sorry! I did not mean for zat first one to be so close! I have not thrown Dynamite in so long!" She looks genuinely worried. "Are you okay?"

"Thanks… I'm not sure what those idiots would have done had it not been for the… wait, you've thrown dynamite around before?" You catch Mary's interesting little tidbit of information.

She looks around. "Who hasn't?"

You roll your eyes, thankful to be back with your group. You can see your parents running your way wearing a look of joy that you've never seen before.



poor little grape filly



"…In so long?"


META INFO: Goddamn, I'm loving the fuck out of these little doodles. Thanks Krabbs!


Warn Marry to tell our parents not to touch us because of the sharp crystals in us. Ask the CMC to look us over and inspect the damage that has been done to us.



Ask Mary more about throwing dynamite in the past.


File: 1349069843169.png (68.97 KB, 696x700, invintory check.png)



just having a little fun


tell them not to hug you

don't want a repeat of the derpy mishap




no parental stabbings



Tell them not to hug us.

How are we going to weasel our way out of being grounded?


Raisin: Hayseed, Stone Serpent Scale, Wadded Up Parchment + Pebble, Royal Medallion (Equipped), Grappling Hook + Cut Rope (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Box of Quarter Sticks (x1), Stompstarter, ‘Love’ Letter to LS

Sweetie Belle: Baby Blue Sapphires x9, Saw, Nails, Satchel + Bubblegum

Scootaloo: CMC Cape x2, Empty Flask, Lamp (Shattered), 1x Head of Lettuce

Mary Annette: Maid Uniform, Duster, Thread + Needle



walking through our bedroom wall


Tell them at Equestria is in grave danger an that we must get to the hill where the explosion was.



We can tell them Mary will take good care of us.


As they get closer, you hear your mother's voice first. "Raisin! Oh thank Celestia! We thought you were involved in that mountain explosion!"

Before she's able to hug you, you pull back. "No! Careful; I'm covered in really, REALLY sharp gems."

Your dad collects himself and wears his normal, cool attitude. "I knew you were with your friends, but we had no idea you girls were getting involved with so much trouble."

Immediately, the CMC lower their heads.

Your dad continues. "Applejack said that you never arranged any sleepover with her over at the farm. I'm relieved to see that you're all okay… but you lied to your siblings and your parents." He looks at you, slightly disappointed. It's not often you've got that look; it feels miserable.

"I'm sorry, dad…"

He breathes deeply. "I'm just glad you are all okay." He looks straight at you. "What were those monsters chasing you girls down for? You didn't take anything from them, did you?"


Tell them that the Diamond Dogs are raiding the town for slaves, then ask them to look us over because we think the gems hurt us.



"No dad, the whole town is being raided by a pack of diamond dogs. Pone's getting kidnapped every which way."



"…Don't you read the news?"


tell him they were about to cart you off to work in their mine



no, they've attacked us because they've taken over the town.

also the school sunk into the dirt

and there are giant snakes coming to kill everyone

and something blew up in the mountains at a guy who's secretly in love with applejack's house

and somebody keeps writing letters to us helping us but cant write at all



Tell them to get inside and barricade the doors in case the diamond dogs decide to raid us rich folk.

Besides, there's a cataclysmic eruption that will destroy the land unless we do something about it.



"Also I love you and you're the best parents ever, just so you know."




"Uh, no… actually, those are Diamond Dogs. Recently, they kind of took over the schoolhouse and they just raided the town for slaves."

Your dad looks dumbfounded. "…I really gotta stop spending so much time in the vineyards…"

"The guards are in town, right?" Your mom looks incredibly worried. "What if our neighbors are under attack at this very moment?!"

Your dad tries to calm your mom down before he takes a closer look at the gems on your back. He pulls out his glasses to inspect them. "…what's this? Are these… these are stuck in your back!" He looks panicked now. "It doesn't hurt, does it? We need to get these out immediately!"

He gets behind you and starts pushing you back toward the house. "Excuse me, girls." The CMC move out of the way. "C'mon, we need to get you into the shop. I know I've got something down there to get these out."

"But… wait… what about the-" Sweetie Belle is suddenly interrupted by Scootaloo and Applebloom as they cover her mouth up.


We should get out all the ones that grind against us when we move, but leave the others.


GAME INFO: You know that your dad spends an inordinate amount of time when he just gives you a coat of polish… something like removing these crystals and patching you up is bound to take a long time.

This information is necessary in making your next decision.


How long?



i think we should yell GIANT SNAKES INBOUND



I suppose let's go inside. We've lost so much time already.



Oh, in that case. Tell him we need to get going. He needs to trust us.


GAME INFO: Every weekend, your dad spends around 2-3 hours simply sanding down your exterior and hitting you with a buffing wheel. You have no clue how long he could take trying to remove the crystals or if he even can. He's also bound to try and patch you up with some concrete; it could take hours before he'll allow you to leave.


How long do we expect it to take in hours?



Time is of the essence, see if we can't just the shards that impairing removed and leave the rest for now.



We just need to be blunt. Tell him that we need to go, and that there's really nothing he can do that can stop us.


Ask him how long it would to him to remove only the crystals in our legs. He can get the rest and patch us up later.


Hrmm, so that'll be the rest of the day, then. Damnit, I really want to patch us up, but I think things are starting to get hectic. Maybe tell him we can only stay for an hour, and get him to remove as many of the problematic crystals as possible, and that we'll do a proper repair job later?



Trouble is what crystals are holding us together and which can be removed? It's like jenga, pull the wrong one and there's collapse.



We still need to be respectful, but I see your point. We weigh a ton, he can't stop us from going on ADVENTURE(tm).


As your dad tries to encourage you to budge an inch, you turn around and look him dead in the eyes. "Uh… how long do you think it would take to just remove the crystals in my legs?"

Your dad stops for a moment. "…do you have anywhere you need to be?"

"Kinda, yeah… the world is in trouble again."

Your mother looks nervous. "A-Are you sure somepony else can't just… you know, do it this time? Just this once? Can't anypony else help just this once?"

"I'm pretty sure I have to figure it out."

The CMC decide to try and help. Scootaloo bumps your dad. "Mr. Merlot, we're just doing a little investigation right now. Sure, Raisin got a few… crystals… in her back… but we're not going to be doing anything completely dangerous."

Applebloom yanks Scootaloo back. Your dad continues. "It's probably going to take hours to get all of these out… then we've got to put some concrete 'bandages' in those gaps until your granite grows back in…" He stands back for a minute. "…it could take all night."


"Just the ones in our legs?"



We don't have all night, what can be done in an hour or less ?


We can't be Applebloom, can we? She'd be the best pony for talking to LS.



Well, we've wasted enough time already

why not waste some more



Tell our dad that we can't stay. If he protests, we'll just have to walk out on him.


The problems the gems have been causing have been getting worse as we headed home, right? I think we might have to go ahead and take the time to repair.



We might if Raisin's dad accidentally pulls a gem that causes her to fall apart.


Why are you all insisting on taking an all or nothing approach?


GAME INFO: Knowing your dad, he's a bit of a perfectionist; even if he says he's just going to do one little thing, you know he's probably going to just continue until he's pulled all of the crystals out. He doesn't want his daughter to be walking around injured in the slightest, though if he doesn't get a chance to start, he'll respect your wishes. The two of you have developed a very deep trust.



>Not taking all or nothing approach



in that case, tell him he can fix us up when we get back


Man, Raisin's parents are the best.

Speaking of bandages, we might be able to use the twisted metal as a clamp to hold some parts together, maybe.
…Unless having it around our waist is why we haven't fallen apart yet.



In that case, tell him we can't afford to waste time. He can patch us up when we come back.




Just tell him that he needs to trust us. We've saved the world twice already.


>You keep trying to run, but the gritting sound of the crystals embedded in your body becomes worse. You see a crystal loose itself from your back, spinning and sliding against the road. Your speed has deteriorated. The spot the crystal left is now making a stone-on-stone clinking sound…


You take care to walk instead of gallop back to your friends. You swear that the crystal in your rear leg is nearly ready to explode; it's an odd sensation, but you can almost swear that you feel a pressure on your back leg. You keep a casual trot as your group entices you to move faster.

Are we sure we'll be able to continue as is? We seem to be barely keeping it together while moving carefully, let alone the movements that adventuring'll undoubtedly take.



This run is probably unwinnable as it is, but we need to make every life count.


…Yeah, you're right. Was hoping we'd make it to see the final cataclysm, but better to carry on, learn new stuff and die than waste time, I guess.


I'm still saying we should try to have him remove only the gems in our legs.


if we let him start he won't be able to stop


We can walk away.


i say we let him fix us, id rather not CLIMB A MOUTAIN with my legs falling apart.

also, im out for the night. try not to die without me ~~~

>sunday night quests


You have a terrible feeling that you don't have enough time as it is. "Dad… I promise that after I get back, I'll let you patch me up. I've got to go and do this."

Hesistant, your father holds his peace for a few moments. He looks down at the Royal Medallion hanging around your neck. He looks at the crystals on your back, then to your friends. Your mom seems horrified as she predicts his response.

"…Alright." He simply states. "I've got to see what I can do in town. The vineyard workers haven't even heard the news yet."

Respecting your dad's wishes, your mom hesitates before giving you a kiss on the forehead. "You be careful… oh my goodness, you be careful. Be home by 9 tonight."

"I'll try, Mom." You gulp.

As you and the Crusaders start heading down the road towards the farm, they all seem taken aback.

"Your parents are so… understanding." Sweetie Belle comments. "Mom and dad would have NEVER let me adventure after hearing about all the stuff in town… I know Rarity wouldn't either."

Applebloom chimes in. "Ah just can't believe it. We should be holdin' meetings over at yer house more often."

Scootaloo stays extremely quiet, just following your lead.

You're right at the split in the road between Sweet Apple Acres and the mountain trail. The sun still hangs in the sky, lighting up the big red barn up ahead. You see Applejack wearing some bandages while tugging around a cart. You're rather positive she hasn't heard about the news in town.


Do we want to invite her along to meet LS?
…Do we want to ask her to pull us in a cart, so we don't have to walk?
Though thinking about it, it's unlikely a cart'd be able to get us too far up a mountain, unless there's an unexpected trail.



Mountain trail


Yes. The cart idea is good.



Mountain trail. AJ has Big Mac. He can protect the farm.


warn Applejack about what's going on in town



If it's a wooden cart, our weight might break is. We probably weigh more than a pile of apples.


No, she won't let us go anywhere.


Crap, you are probably right.

No cart.


…This is a good point. Thankyou.

Man, I want to tell her about the troubles in town so she can go and help, but I'm worried we'll lose AB.



Especially with AB.

Continue. We'll probably fall apart anyways. Thank god we're still on our first life.


You ponder telling Applejack about all that has transpired in town. She seems completely oblivious to the recent happenings… though she probably heard the giant explosion or looked up at least once since noon to see the dying plume of smoke coming off the distant mountain tops. You decide it best not to confront her; you could potentially lose Applebloom from your party.

"Let's keep going…"

"Agreed." Applebloom nods, staring at Applejack's bandages.

You take a left and head down the beautifully lit trail. You've been back here quite a few times with Applebloom looking for beehives. This trail almost never sees any heavy traffic; during the summer, there's only a handful of ponies going either way. It's very peaceful back here. You march along over a bridge, thinking about the crystals embedded in your body.

"Where's the actual path up the mountain start? This LS guy had to get up there somehow, right?" Scootaloo looks around for a turn off toward the mountain base.

"Well, he's a dragon, right? Coulda just flown up there…" Applebloom comments.



Scootaloo seems to take some offense to the comment, thinking it as a slight against her inability to fly. As your two friends argue a bit, Sweetie Belle hangs back to match your speed.

"Is 'LS' up on the smoky mountain?" Sweetie Belle asks. "We could hear the explosion all the way in Ponyville… do you think he's going to be okay?"

Before you can answer, Scootaloo points out the mountain trail. "See? Told ya there was a trail up there!"

You notice a sign that says "DANGER: UNSTABLE PATH. DO NOT ENTER"


I have a sinking feeling that I'll be immediately regretting everything soon.



If only we had a derp ponae to help.



Enter that motherfucker.


of course…
welp. up the path we go



Have Scootaloo take point. If she stumbles she can flutter her wings to reduce the impact.


That sounds good.


mental note: ask pegasus if there's an alternate path to LS' in our next letter



Are there any alternate paths nearby ?




inb4 it's illegible

I seriously wonder why that is.


maybe he's got worse social anxiety than fluttershy
and is constantly second-guessing himself


Or maybe its Cil.



As much as I don't want to see a tiny pone get iced, we might need to to learn as much as we can.


Or maybe it's CIl.


We back?


With some slight hesitation, you approach the sign and the path right next to it. "Well.. huh. This looks pretty dangerous."

Looking ahead, you see the path beyond a cropping of rocks. To either side, there's a rather sharp slope along the path leading to the side of the mountain. You think there may have been a rockslide or something at some point in time that knocked out the trail.

Beyond that, the path leading higher up seems to be missing a few sections. The gaps are jumpable.

"Looks like this is doable… probably…" You turn back to Scootaloo. "Hey, do you think you can scout ahead and check the path more closely?"

"What? Why me?" Scootaloo looks a bit anxious. "I mean, I'm not afraid or anything, but…"

"You're a pegasus. Pegasi have excellent balance. You're the least likely to slip off the path." You try to bolster her confidence a little bit.

She rolls her eyes. "Alright, fine… here we go…"

She walks ahead, keeping her wings completely spread. They jitter every once in a while as she nearly tightrope walks up the dangerously narrow path. She nearly slips near the end, getting to the rocky wall.

"Does it look… well, not safe, but could we all cross the path ahead up there?"

The little pegasus shakes in place. "Y-yeah… I th-think?"

Lost connection for a couple minutes there


let's go next



Maybe we can use the rope. Is there a big rock we might be able to tie it too? It's weak but better than nothing.




Well, I guess this was what the timer was for.

The eruption was at noon on the second day, right?


GAME INFO: The only really big free rocks you can see at the moment are the ones on either side of the trail. Beyond that, you're pretty confident that you'd be able to throw the Grappling Hook + Cut Rope hard enough to lodge into the rock wall of the mountain cliffside.

GAME INFO: The eruption has not occurred yet.



If there is, Applebloom or Sweetie Belle should go next.

If not, then us. If we fell the rope would just break and we'd be turned to gravel on impact.



Well, I mean when the mountain started smoking and there was an earthquake.

Or was there an earthquake?



Use Grapple hook, tie cut rope to Applebloom and let her go.

I know we're going to fall here. Bet if we go back what's left for us? A bunch of diamond dogs ready to pulverize us?



Would the grappling hook leave enough rope to tie onto a filly while she walked across?


Inspect the rope for damages. If it looks salvageable tie it to Sweetie Belle and Applebloom and have them walk ahead of us while we hold still. When they reach a part of the path that is wide enough for them to stand easily they untie themselves and we follow them.


GAME INFO: The rope is cut in several places. It's not completely severed, but it's definitely been weakened by the barrage of crystals that pelted you earlier and your general movement against the rope.



Sounds good, but I nominate Applebloom first. Earthy's tend to be more in tuned with the ground or some shit hopefully.



Better than assured falling to death.

Going back is looking more and more appealing. Might give us a clue about the diamond dogs.


Let's do that looping trick again, but only do one loop this time.


Unless I'm mistaken, the smoke's from the letter bomb Derpy delivered earlier. I'd have to check the logs for the exact time, though.


No, the letter never made it there.


GAME INFO: Hey guys, I don't know about you, but I'm feeling whipped. How are you guys holding up right now?


I have an early class today so I'm ready to stop.



I could stop. It is late.


I'm fine with stopping here


>A letter bomb, also called parcel bomb, mail bomb or post bomb

>xXx Upon getting back into town, hear a large explosion in the distant mountains; Derpy confirms the explosion came from where LS’ laboratory was located (second tallest peak behind Sweet Apple Acres) xXx
>?? Ask Derpy about a package she just delivered to LS. She says it was from his “Mom and Dad” ??

I'm still fine, but I only joined in a little while back. I'm fine with stopping if you/the other players are getting weary.



I could stop. Next Friday.

Too bad we're ending on a cliffhanger


META INFO: My hands are starting to cramp up or something. I'm not typing as fast as I usually do… that and being tired is making me lose my focus. I don't want to foul up on you guys when we're in a precarious situation like this; after all, one wrong move here could see you down an ally.

Let's aim for Friday again and hope for the best? Hate to cut it short, but I know a lot of you guys probably got stuff going on tomorrow anyhow. It's Monday, after all.





Might want to call a vote next time to risk instant death or learning more about the diamond dogs.

We're not ending this run with pones getting enslaved. That's worse than death.



Friday would be nice



Weekly how-fucked-are-we report?


what he said


Wasn't she complaining that she had been too late to deliver it?



I know you want to write a death scene at least once. Might as well do it when your fresh so you can savor it and maybe be more merciful that night


I like your attitude. Never give up, brave questing anon.

Let's see… well, it's not irreparable. You could be down a really sweet item, but even then, it's not absolutely required to win the game. You're on a very dangerous route…

Derpy delivered the package from 'LS's "parents" just fine. Being injured, she was unable to escort your letter to LS before some massive explosion wiped out LS' laboratory.


we'll worry about the item in round 2
this is an information-gathering run



The more you keep saying that, the more Jr will probably be more willing to kill us off because Our save goes back, what 6 sessions?


Speaking of which, you guys got a very large amount of information thus far. There was another route you could've gone to collect quite a bit more endgame related stuff, but even now, you're seeing the timing that I've set up for a lot of the events thus far. This should prove invaluable during your adventure, especially if you're given the honor of a second chance.

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