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Welcome to another exciting edition of Raisin Quest 4! Are you ready, questers?

For Raisin's sake, I certainly hope so.


After a slight delay in our normally scheduled Golem Pony Raisin Questing, let’s take a moment to review last week’s tomfoolery before we delve into tonight’s session:

>Tell Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle to watch over Twilight at the Ponyville Hospital

>Rush back to Clubhouse to discover that it is in flames
>**Fetch Weather Pegasi team to extinguish the fire**
>Horrifying red crested avian screeches from atop a fencepost, stopping you in your tracks
>xXx Continue straight into the Everfree Forest, completely alone without a light source xXx
>Immediately, Raisin’s mere presence summons a set of midnight wings; she dashes into the forest to try and escape
>Lost in the Everfree Forest; tries to look around, but cannot see anything
>**Do a perfect 180 turn and backtrack, approaching a cacophonous murder of crows**
>?? Hear some plinking; the crows suddenly fly off ??
>Make it back to the main path
>**Sing as you continue into the Everfree Forest, warding off any other winged pests that might try to get the drop on you**
>Hear a bird call, rush to the front door. Zecora lets you in.
>—Sit down to breakfast with Applebloom, making sure she gets some food in her—
>**Discover the Red Cobra’s Amulet could potentially be a True Soul Amulet, a nearly mythological talisman that has the ability to potentially restore the true form of any cursed creature**
>xXx Try to wake up Harry; the jumpy thief’s muscle reflexes send a claw flying into Zecora’s hoof xXx
>—Head on out with Applebloom; attempt to walk through the forest without light—
>**Intuition tells you to stop and light your lamp; avoid a strange looking frog plant thing**
>Head back to town looking for Derpy; hear Mayor Mare shouting something over a bullhorn by the school
>—Bypass Derpy, seek Mayor—
>**Run into guard barricade; use equipped Royal Medallion to convince guards to let you through**
>—Decide to make direct approach; see if Mayor Mare will let you talk to Rover, the Diamond Dog up in the school’s bell tower—
>Discover from Rover that the kidnapped construction ponies are alright.
>**Discover that the Diamond Dogs have taken over what you believe to be the Red Cobra’s snake tunnels**
>—Ask Rover about what made the tunnels—
>xXx Press that Rover’s new ‘sandbag gun’ probably won’t stop the creatures that dug the tunnels, considering they couldn’t even stop you and it only managed to injure a dragon and a pony xXx


The trigger happy Diamond Dog inside the fortified, sunken Schoolhouse bell tower takes Raisin up on her challenge. He initially fires a volley of sandbags as Raisin expects. A small group of unicorns stops the projectiles in midair, preventing them from doing any harm. Disappointed, Rover flips the ammunition chamber over and fires another volley from the gun. The ground, as well as the small golem pony, are immediately littered with a collection of dazzling, razor sharp crystals.

The Mayor orders a full retreat. Sustaining some pretty severe injuries on her craggy body, Raisin flees from the schoolhouse in order to recuperate. With a hoof-ful of leads… the mysterious romantic ‘LS’ from the mountains, the Diamond Dogs’ newly acquired Schoolhouse fortress that leads into the Snake Tunnels, and a strange little Pegasus stalker, Raisin has quite a mess to sort out. Thankfully, she has some help.

With a few crystals embedded into your body and a torn saddlebag, you, the questers, have been given yet another opportunity to help Raisin along in her rather complicated journey. As always, I wish you all the best of luck. Though injured, I know you shall persevere.




let's go by our place and see if we got a message back from that pegasus guy



Time and inventory.





Let's keep an eye out for Derpy as well.



Inspect injuries.






Eh, why not? I have no idea what to do anyways.



seconding this

we need to get our bearings here

also who is with us?


GAME INFO: It is currently 9:45AM. The morning sun glows over Ponyville, drying up last night's storm


Raisin: Hayseed, Sneezing Powder, Lamp (Shattered), Royal Medallion (Equipped), Grappling Hook + Cut Rope (Equipped)
Saddlebag has been torn: 1 pocket unavailable for storage

GAME INFO: Craning your head back over your shoulder, you see that your back has several new gemstone filled grooves that run down your sides. They are unevenly filled and seem to have displaced some rock. The crystal looks as though it has caused the rock around it to become stressed…

Of course, none of this hurts. It doesn't settle well with you either way.

>Head back home, looking for Derpy and a response from that mysterious Pegasus



So let me guess, they'll crack and we'll fall apart eventually?

A bit horrifying.


Can you still move normally?






well shit we sanic spikes now i guess

i suppose we should pick a lead and follow it as far as we can

lets try to catch derpy


Feeling slightly defeated by the boisterous Diamond Dogs, you hobble slightly as you pass the guard barricade set up on the road. The guards immediately take notice of the shiny gemstone stripes embedded into your back.

"Whoa there… that's new…" The one guard that so willingly let you on by inspects the injuries closer. "…it is new, right?"

"Yes… I was shot by those darned dogs."

The guard looks into your eyes with an overwhelming sense of guilt. "Oh my… Sweet Celestia, I'm so sorry… I shouldn't have let you…" He looks genuinely disappointed in himself. "…it doesn't hurt, does it?"

"Not really… but its rather unsettling."

Both of the guards watch as you hobble slightly back down the path. You can hear the one muttering that he's failed in his duties as the other tries to talk to him.

As you venture back towards town, you see the Mayor and her small group of guards. The two that were shot earlier are missing… you assume they must have been carted off to the hospital by now.

Standing in the town square, the Mayor is on your right by the Town Hall. Straight ahead, you see Derpy starting to head out towards Sweet Apple Acres, her bags that were previously full now nearly empty. Applebloom is near where the snake statue was standing; it seems that she was whisked away with the guards during their tactical withdrawal.



Talk to Derpy

what do we say?



Grab Derpy before she flies off and wastes us even more time.



Go get Applebloom and follow Derpy.



call out to derpy



Call out to Derpy and tell her that we need to find LS. He might be a bad individual and might want to do mean things to ponies.


Get Derpy's attention.



The bubbly gray pegasus happily bobs up and down as she starts to head out of the town square. As she trots over to the road leading out of town, you shoot your hooves up into the air and slam them down. A thunderous boom startles some of the other residents as they exchange some early morning conversation.

"Derpy! Hey, Derpy! Over here!"

It takes a couple of seconds, but she turns her head your way. She stops in her tracks when she realizes who you are. "Raisin!" With a smile, she meets you halfway between the road and Town Hall. You notice that you're not able to walk quite as fast as you remember.

"Hello Raisin! Isn't it a beautiful day today?" Derpy seems cheery to have bumped into her latest friend once again.

"Well, yeah… it is pretty nice out…"

"Your back is so pretty!" She immediately notices the gleaming gemstones embedded into your stony flesh.

"…thanks." You glower a little bit, trying to remember what you wanted to ask her. Nearby, Applebloom rushes over to greet you.






its gonna be hard to just ask her about LS

she's pretty much told us all she was gonna actually say

we might have to trick her or plead with her


Ask her if she has any letters for Applejack.
She may have another one of those LS letters.



Ask her if she's gotten any new mail from LS recently.



We have to be honest. We just need to say that LS might be planning something bad and that we need to know where he lives so we can meet him.


What do we know about LS?





Here's hoping we can find out what's his deal by maybe arranging a hot date~~~~~~



Ask her if she has any mail for us or Applebloom.


a hot date with the girl who was almost mauled to death not 24 hours ago?



honesty has been the best policy so far

i agree, tell her he might be planning something awful and related to the snakes/all the crazy stuff


he's a dragon maybe
he lives in the hills behind Sweet Apple Acres
and he's got a crush on Applejack



Well, maybe not ALL at once. Seems a bit crazy now that you think about it, huh?




but she knows about the snake statues and the dogs takeover? right?


"Hey, I hate to bother you about your… you know, secret friend…"

"LS?" Derpy asks.

"…yes. Did he send out any mail recently?"

Applebloom hops up to your side. "Raisin! Ah was so worried! Are ya'll oka—" She notices the sparkling gems sticking out of your back. "…ouch…"

"It doesn't hurt." You assure your friend that you're in no physical pain. She still looks at the new crystals with some concern.

Derpy tilts her head. "Uh… well… um… that's kind of a secret…" She dips her head down close. "…but since we're friends… um… well, I think he might send another one probably. He really likes Applejack!"

Applebloom looks slightly disgusted. "Ah really wanna sock this creep when we meet 'im… sending all those weird letters. What a freak!"

Derpy shakes her head. "He's not a freak! He's just really shy."

Considering she hasn't gotten his mail yet, you decide to see if she has any formal letter for you or Applebloom.

"Oh! I do! Here you go!" The mail mare shakes a pair of identical letters out of her mane. Peering at the address, you see that they were sent from Cheerilee's house.

You let Applebloom open them up, revealing a set of report cards alongside a letter addressing the recent Schoolhouse situation. She simply remarks that the Mayor needs to investigate the school before classes can resume.



Tell Derpy that you appreciate the fact that she can keep a secret, but LS might be someone mean and you really need to find out how to get to his fortress. Be honest. Tell her that you won't tell anybody about it.



Pretty much >>127529


maybe we could write a letter to LS and have Derpy deliver it for us


She seems to trust LS quite a lot. Maybe even more than she trusts us.



What are our grades?

Also, seconding being honest. He's the only lead we have left. Appeal to Derpy's sense of doing the right thing.


are we even sure that LS is one of the bad guys here?



We just need to explain these connections. besides, we should also tell her that him being evil is unlikely but we have to be sure.


I don't Derpy is going to budge on telling us anything more about LS.

I think our best bet is to just trail to LS's place.



We can do that if she doesn't spill the beans right now.


>implying anything other than straight As

We are a smart pony.


File: 1348456738239.png (109.34 KB, 1000x700, Untitled.png)


I don't even know anymore

but he's our only lead other than that weird Pegasus we saw with the snakes



good idea
but would we even be able to keep up with her?



10/10 would quarry again.





While Derpy's head is still craned low, you approach the subject with caution.

"Derpy… I think that you're a fantastic, incredible friend for keeping so many secrets for your friend… but we've been doing some research…" You pause to gauge her reaction. She seems oblivious as to the direction you're taking the conversation. "…we have reason to suspect that this 'LS' guy is up to no good."

She looks offended. "No way! 'LS' is a really super nice guy! He would never be up to no good!"

Applebloom chimes in. "No, really! Why's he bein' all secretive an' whatnot if he's got nothin' ta hide?"

Derpy looks a little confused, so she doesn't answer. "He's a really nice guy. He is not bad at all!" Looking slightly distressed, she shakes her bags. "I have lots of mail to send. Excuse me!"

The pegasus prepares to set out on her typical route.

GAME INFO: Your grades appear to be quite outstanding. Considering the extra time you've spent devoting yourself to research at night, school has been flying by. All of the assignments are a piece of cake; there's little that challenges you in your class.

Applebloom has relatively high grades, but she's only performing at average level for her mathematics. It's something that the two of you have been working on together along with Scootaloo.

META INFO: +1 lyk



I vote this as our backup plan.



Well, that was a disappointment.



Call out to her and ask her if LS doesn't like getting mail either. Maybe we can send him a letter.


I knew that wasn't going to work…



Trail Derpy and pray she flies to LS's house.



We don't have pen and paper though.


we should check the front porch back home
if we got a letter back from the pegasus guy, he would have left it there



New plan: lie through our teeth when we think it'll make us get ahead.



Trail Derpy and check to see if there is a letter at our house.




ask her why she's so sure

maybe we should actually trust Derpy on this one.



Seconding this at least. Pegasi could certainly move far faster than we can keep up with.

Then >>127570

Probably bupkus, but we might be in an unwinnable game if we keep botching leads.


With a bit of quick wit, you halt the mare in her tracks with a request. "Stop! Hold on… Derpy, I didn't mean to make you mad. I just wanted to see if you'd let us send 'LS' a letter is all…"

Applebloom looks surprised, but nods her head in agreement. "We just wanted to send him a quick letter is all…"

Derpy turns around. "…but… you said he was a bad guy…"

You backpedal. "No, no, no… we were thinking that… well, you see… we just wanted to ask him some questions quick."

Derpy tilts her head back and forth. "…weeeeeelll…. since you're my new friend… maybe I could give him a letter…" She looks unsure of herself. "I don't know if he'll write back."

Though your back in impaled with an array of shiny gemstones, you can't help but wiggle in place. "Finally! Alright…"

You realize that you do not have a Quill, Ink, or any Paper to write a letter with. Derpy looks like she's ready to continue on down the road.



…she doesn't happen to have any on hand?







Please tell us that there is a Quill, Ink, and Paper store right next to us.






what exactly are we planning on writing anyway?



Ask her if she might take a letter later at her house.

We could pay her for making an extra run out there.


Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3), Stompstarter

GAME INFO: Looking about your immediate surroundings, there doesn't appear to be any stores at your immediate disposal. You're just on the very outskirts of town, nearly on Sweet Apple Acres road.

You approximate that it's probably 10:30AM. The sun looks to be about that angle right now, anyway.



Presumeably something that will fuck us over yet again.


there's writing stuff back home
we can write a letter out while we're checking for our correspondant's reponse, then have Derpy swing by to get it



I guess we have to ask >>127601 then. If we're heading back to our house, there will be pen and paper there.



Scan the road for any wandering salesponies.



I think we should ask derpy why she trusts him

maybe LS could actually help us



"Hey there hot stuff, let's meet up

Love, Applejack"

Surely AB will know how to forge her sister's writing.



You know, this isn't a bad idea.



who needs letters?


give him a time and arrange a meeting, we show up instead.



You know what, fuck it, we can't possibly burn this bridge any more. Why not? Ask her what he told her to make her think he's such a nice guy.


Alright, we've got two directions we could potentially go right now:

>Tell Derpy to meet you at your house later and pick up a letter for 'LS'

>Ask Derpy why she likes/trusts 'LS' so much

Either of these could be an interesting direction to play our quest… which one, questers?



We can't do both?

Picking up the letter.



Ask Derpy why she likes/trusts LS.


>tripfaging on a quest



I vote the why she likes/trusts him so much




Ask her the trust question.


we don't we do both?
if why she likes LS is a secret, then don't push it


Or we could just go to her house later.



Picking up the letter at our house. We'll be able to see what direction she flies and be able to think of a good letter.



>not being an attention whore all the time.



Without any means to quickly throw a letter together, you sigh to yourself. "Uh.. on second thought… I was meaning to ask you one last thing before you go on your way…"

Derpy looks a bit uneasy, probably about being late to her next delivery.

"…could you tell us why 'LS' is a good guy? We just don't know why he's so… good."

The question strikes Derpy as an odd one. She plops down onto the road and thinks for a few moments. "Well, he is really super nice. He said that I had a pretty mane and he liked my eyes!" She's nearly blushing.

"…oh, I see… so he's quite the charmer then, I take it?"

Derpy nods her head. "Yep! And he said that we could be best friends if I was good at keeping secrets…" She puffs up her chest. "Which I am."

Applebloom looks at you. "So… he was nice to her ah guess… he doesn't SOUND so evil…" She shakes her little red bow. "…but come on! Ya saw the letters he wrote! That's just gross!"


Ask her if she can swing by your place later to pick up a letter for LS.


I think it would be easier to go to her house and give her the letter.



Tell her if she could pick up a letter to LS later for 20 bits. If he doesn't respond, then we'll just have to deal with it.



Yeah. Well, if she's going to be home most of the afternoon. Ask her if she'll be home most of the afternoon.



This seems like the path of least resistance, plus it wouldn't put us on such a strict time limit.

Just be sure to ask if she has anywhere she needs to be after her shift is over.



writing love letters and making weird purchases from zecora isn't really much to think he's evil i suppose.

maybe we should ask derpy if she can set up a meeting with him. and by "we" i mean if "applejack" can set up a meeting with him.

I don't really see the point of giving her a letter if we can just ask her to do it. we wont have to forge handwriting.



Derpy is too naive and would blab that we're impersonating Applejack.

Have Applebloom do it. Whisper for her to say that her sister has been fawning over his letters and would really like to meet


What does Applejack think about him anyway? Is she interested?



Fuck it. Roll for persuasion. Here's hoping AB stacked charisma.



She thinks he's weird but LS doesn't have to know that



I change my vote to this.



yeah i agree

let AB do it


"Hey, thanks for sharing. Now, I was kind of wo-"

Derpy looks straight up at the sun, then jumps to attention. The startled mare whines a little bit. "Sorry Raisin! I really gotta go now! I'm late!"

"Bu- wait, hold on; I was wondering if you cou-"

You watch as the mare speeds off into the distance, clearly late for her next delivery. She gallops down the road to Sweet Apple Acres.

"What were ya gonna ask her?" Applebloom inquires.

"…I was going to ask if she could take a letter to LS later… guess we can try to catch her on her way back or something."

As the dust settles again, you travel a bit further down the road and head up to the front door of your house. You see Mary out front watering some of the decorative plants. She's humming a lovely little melody to herself. As she waters, she slowly turns her head around to greet you. She almost drops her watering can.

"Master Raisin! Vat iz…" She stares at your back, noticing the crystals protruding from its surface.

"Some decorations. Don't worry about it, Mary…" You try to sound cool so she doesn't panic too much. She can't take her eyes off you as she overwaters a few of the hanging potted plants over the doorway.

You check by the rug again. Besides being slightly wet from the storm last night, you don't immediately see a letter sticking out from under it.


>don't immediately
search harder








If it still isn't there, ask if the maid found it and threw it in the garbage.



check the rug harder

then ask the maid about any letters



Pray that it's there. If it doesn't show then we literally have nothing left other than wandering into the mountains and hoping we find LS ourselves.


Lift it up.
Leave no stone unturned.



We still have Twilight, and the scale.

Cutie mark crusaders junior scientists yay?


Just curious, where were the last known locations of the rest of the party?



If not, maybe Pinkie can cheer us up with some potentially helpful anecdote.



id like an update on the locations of everybody we've met so far, honestly

at least where we last saw them


"Oh man, seriously? Nothing?" Your back crunches and grinds a little bit as you lean down to check about the doormat. Upon lifting it up off the ground, you see a dry letter placed perfectly center underneath.

"Good job, Raisin! Final'y, another lead!" Applebloom seems excited to have discovered some new evidence.

You take it out of it's protective sleeve. It seems as though it was written very haphazardly… the outside looks a little damp, so it was probably there during the storm.

"Dear Raisin,

It's alright. Mistakes can happen. I'm so-" The letter seems to have a lot of corrections made to the wording right off the bat. The convoluted scribble is impossible to decipher. "…I don't think we should meet. I can answer questions. I'm always nearby." The last bit is jammed onto the only remaining part of the paper that hasn't been smothered in ink.

As was the case last time, the letter doesn't have a signature.

"…that's… creepy." Applebloom comments.

"Iz zat a secret letter?" Mary inquires.



>that feel when pity lead



ask Mary to fix saddlebags




Tell the maid to fuck off.


>Not immediately seeing any letters laying around in the rain, you decide that you've run into some sort of a dead end. "Hmm… what now…"
>Not immediately seeing any letters laying around in the rain

You certain?



Well, this is comforting at least.

Should we leave another letter?


Let's not and just say that it's from a secret admirer and it's private.



META INFO: Sorry, meant for >>127728



Yes, don't want or stuff to fall out when we don't notice it.


Yes, I noticed that after the last session finished.



Should probably leave one asking if LS is connected with the serpents.






Ask what they know about the serpents and the amulet.


also we should ask what the significance of the marked locations are
one of them is presumably LS' house in the mountains behind Sweet Apple Acres
the other two are Canterlot, and some ruins in the Everfree Forest
unless I'm forgetting something



That's two questions. Anything else?

Doubt he'll give us straight answers seeing on how scribbled the notes are


Do we even need to leave a letter? He said he's "always nearby". Maybe we can just ask out loud next time we feel like we're being watched?



He probably keeps his distance.

Communicating in letters would probably make him more comfortable.



"How do we stop them?"


this also
those snake things have to have some sort of weakness
or else we're fucked



Their weakness if that they have no weakness.

Oh wait that's not a weakness.


"Hey, Mary… I kind of ripped my saddlebags… think you could patch up a pocket quick?"

The maid gets down from her stepstool, then takes a closer look at your bags. She sees that the Rope going to the Grappling hook has been frayed. "Sweet Celestia… how did zis happen?" She pushes the rope aside, careful to avoid the dangerous looking crystals on your back. She looks at the hole, astonished. "I don't even know how you did zis… my verd…"

Mary pulls out a Thread and Needle and immediately goes to work repairing the little pocket. In just a few moments, she stops. "Zere! Iz not a permanent fix, mind you… I vould need to put it on ze zowing machine for zat."

"Thanks for at least patching it up for me, Mary."


>Ask about LS

>Ask about marked locations
>Ask about the serpents weakness



Well that's nice at least.


Maybe asking about a weakness is too specific. We could use any information we can get about the serpents. Why don't we also ask just generally what our mystery friend knows about them?



Should we go inside to get pen/paper and maybe check in with our parents.


while we're at it, we should also write a letter for LS
we can carry it on our person until we find Derpy


This sounds like a good idea.



>"Hi mom! Hi dad!

>We're a wreck, both literally and figuratively



Ask about the serpent's plans.



>not a permanent fix

lets not put anything heavy in the broken pocket

we should write a letter to LS asking some questions



He might be being blackmailed somehow. I bet that's why the paper is always so scribbled; he has to cross out whatever he's written if he thinks someone might see it.



So write two letters, one for mystery friend, and one for LS?

Mite b cool.



If that's the case then we need a better way to communicate with him.



>You like my new look? I tried sticking some gems Sweetie's sister threw out. Don't I look pretty?


You carefully move passed Mary and push open the strong, thick, sturdy front doors of your house. As you enter, you swear that you can hear your mom in the other room. She's probably doing her aerobics exercises again. You can hear the cheesy exercise music of her record player echoing about the other room.

Applebloom follows you close as you head down the hallway and to your room. You know that you've got a very large supply of Ink, Paper, and Quills at the ready. These should help you write a few letters, you figure.

>Letter to LS

>—contents go here—
>Letter to Mysterious Friend(?)
>—the contents goes hier—



We have no other choice. We can't meet with him, have no idea where he is, and have no idea how to fix his problem.



Have Applebloom write one for LS pretending she's Applejack and to set up a meeting.

Have us write >>127771 those three questions for our pegasus friend.


GAME INFO: Ah, but what shall you write, my good man?

">Ask about LS
>Ask about marked locations
>Ask about the serpents weakness"

Do you want that to be the contents of the letter?



"Is LS connected to the serpents y/n?

"What can we do to help?"



tell them both


might backfire, but we need all the info we can get.



…You're trying to trick us, huh fucknut?

Write those out as questions, not verbatim from that post, fucker.



Tell Applebloom to be sure to be a little flowery and add some of that romantic country flair.


"Dear LS, giant snakes are going to cause an eruption that will fill an underground tunnel network with lava and wipe all of Equestria off the map.

Please advise."




"Who is LS"

"Why did you mark those locations on the map?"

"How do we stop the eruption?"



I feel like it's redundant to vote for this, but after last time I don't want to take any chances.


Tell her to pretend she's writing a letter to Pip


GAME INFO: Alrighty, so something like this:

"Ask about LS?
Ask about marked locations?
Ask about the serpent's weakness?"

Confirm? kekekekeke

GAME INFO: Applebloom will now be in charge of the letter going to LS. In the next action where you write the letter, you'll tell her to come up with something so as to make LS believe that she's Applejack and wants to meet him.

"Dear Mysterious Friend,

Who is LS? Why did you mark those locations on the map? How do we stop the eruption?





Option 2 only if you double the amount of Xs and Os



Option 1



more x's and o's

also ask mysterious friend about the snakes and their weakness


Option 1 doesn't have nearly enough X's and O's. I vote Option 2.



Tell Applebloom to pretend that she's writing to that one colt she has a crush on tell her to pretend if she doesn't have one Even though everyone knows it's Snails



All dem spoilers she likes Snips more


"Dear Mysterious Friend,

Who is LS? Why did you mark those specific locations on our map?
There's a bunch of serpents trying to cause a giant eruption that'll destroy Ponyville! Do you know who they might be? What their weakness might be? How we can stop them and/or their evil eruption plans?



this one sounds good



sounds good to me

but needs a please respond

then we're golden



No, needs "Pls respond"


You unfurl a pair of papers from your stack of new paper. With certain dexterity, you slide an Ink Well to Applebloom and uncork one for yourself. Readying a quill, you raise a brow to Applebloom.

"I write to our Mysterious Friend, you write to 'LS'".

Applebloom scoffs. "Ewww, no."

"C'mon, you know your sister better than I do. We've got to make it sound like she's interested in meeting him."

"But… oh, wait a minute! We're gonna get him to meet up with us!" Applebloom nods in approval. "Alright… okay, ah think ah got somethin' good in mind…" She immediately starts scrawling out some rather unexpectedly beautiful calligraphic text. You mind your own letter as you pick your words carefully…

"Dear Mysterious Friend,

Who is LS? Why did you mark those specific locations on our map? There's a bunch of serpents trying to cause a giant eruption that'll destroy Ponyville! Do you know who they might be? What their weakness might be? How we can stop them and/or their evil eruption plans?

Pls respond.


After rereading it a few times, you carefully place it inside of a protective envelope and seal it, ready to place under the doormat.

"Applebloom, you almost done?"

"Yyyyyyyyyep!" Applebloom finishes drawing the last little heart on the letter before placing it inside of an envelope as well. "This is sure to get 'im down here!"

You place your letter inside of you extra Saddlebag space. Applebloom places her letter inside of her own Saddlebag space.



Read Applebloom's letter.




ask applebloom to let us read her letter

we need to know when and where she said



I second reading over Applebloom's letter.

After we do that, leave our letter under the mat and see if were able to spot Derpy.



Seconding. Who knows what her perverted mind put in there.


she may have already sealed the envelope



Should we leave it under the doormat? The maid knows now and might get snoopy. Do we have a balcony or something? Maybe we can leave it stuck halfway underneath our bedroom window.



Ask her what she wrote then.


Yeah, we should definitely read over her letter.
It might screw us over the long run if we don't.



she's right there she can write us a new one.

Besides, I want to see what kinds of dirty things AB knows about


"…not that I doubt your writing abilities, but… can I see your letter before we send it out?"

Applebloom looks a bit offended, but she withdraws the letter from her saddlebag. "Ah'm sure it's gonna be a real knockout…" You carefully pull the letter out of the envelope.

"Dear Mr. LS,

Yore letters made me feel all weird on the inside. I want to meet so that we can talk and maybe more. Meet us at the farm, 3PM today.


"Uh… Applebloom… that's not the right kind of 'your' in the beginning…"

"Pfff, it's fine. He'll understand. Mah big sister's supposed to be head-over-hooves about him anyhow, right? He won't mind a mistake or two." She justifies her letter.



Facehoof and have her rewrite it.

Neatly this time.




let's go ahead and write it ourselves



Damn girl that cunry upbringing shows. Why don't we have her redo the letter in her flowery writing and just dictate it to her.


maybe we should write this one too…



For a filly who gets high grades in school she sure writes like shit. I guess that just comes with No Foal Left Behind



Tell Applebloom that this is serious, it's Applejack's safety we're talking about.

Have us redo the letter.


GAME INFO: It looks like you guys want to rewrite Applebloom's 'knockout' letter. She can still write it while you dictate the actual wording, but you'll have to actually come up with the words you wish to say.


GAME INFO: At her current age, Applebloom isn't expected to have absolutely perfect writing/grammar. While it's acceptable in her current grade, further education will help her become more adept at written communication.



Do our best to imitate the writing and write:

"Dear Secret Admirer,

Your words make my heart sing. You make me feel like a filly again. I want to wrap my hooves around you and whisper sweet little things in your ear. I'd love to meet. How about in my barn at 3PM? Of course, if you have something else in mind, I wouldn't care either way. I just want to have a face to match those sweet words"

-Love, Applejack



"Hey there hot stuff let's snuggle"



File: 1348463612740.jpg (9.74 KB, 229x220, 1334427827078.jpg)



I can't imagine what Sweetie would write like



Damn son Romantically repressed much



Were AJ's letter's anonymous or addressed from LS?


"Dear LS,

I've read your letters, and I must be honest: I can't remember the last time I've heard such sweet words. I don't know nearly as much about you as I'd like just yet, but I can already tell you're a real gentleman. If you'd be willing to show your face 'round these parts, I'd sure love to get the chance to meet you face-to-face.

I'll be waiting, at the Sweet Apple Acres barnhouse.

See you soon, sugarcube

- Applejack


a thought occurs

if Derpy spills that the letter isn't actually from Applejack when she delivers it, our plan will be ruined



Eh, I still liked the first one. Besides, if we give a time, we can just make sure that AJ is out of the barn around # PM rather than keeping her away the whole day.


File: 1348463953397.gif (368.07 KB, 308x230, 1346966267714.gif)


We could always say Applejack was too shy to ask Derpy to deliver the letter and so volunteered to do it for her.



Applebloom gives letter and says her sister wanted for her to deliver it for her since Applebloom said she was going to see Derpy.


You sit Applebloom down and hoof her over a quill. She pouts a bit.

"Hey, we've got to do this perfectly. Every little word counts. Besides, judging by his letters, he's probably expecting something a little sappier… here, I got an idea…"

You speak the following:

"Dear Secret Admirer,

Your words make my heart sing. You make me feel like a filly again. I want to wrap my hooves around you and whisper sweet little things in your ear. I'd love to meet. How about in my barn at 3PM? Of course, if you have something else in mind, I wouldn't care either way. I just want to have a face to match those sweet words"

-Love, Applejack"

Applebloom finishes up the letter, slightly dumbfounded. "…ya'll came up with that jus now?"

You nod. "I think it'll work."

"No kidding! That's gonna work guaranteed! There's no way he can say no!" Applebloom gives you a hoofbump.

She carefully tucks the letter into the envelope. "Well, we got both letters. Time to send 'em off, right?"



We should probably remember to screen any mail that comes to Sweet Apple Acres. I'd hate to have to explain this to AJ if she gets a reply from LS…



We did make sure she spelled the words correctly, right?




Ask AB if she's hungry though. Better suit up for a confrontation.


Alright, let's set our letter under the doormat
tell Mary not to touch it
then see if we can find derpy to send off LS' letter



Inventory check. Didn't we leave an item in our room? Maybe we can carry it.

Also, leave the letter underneath the doormat. Make sure the maid isn't looking.



It is getting around lunchtime, right?

Might as well just ask her. Don't want her rumbling stomach to gives us away when sneaking.


GAME INFO: You cannot currently hold any extra items in your inventory.


Raisin: Hayseed, Sneezing Powder, Lamp (Shattered), Letter to Mysterious Friend (Repaired Pocket), Royal Medallion (Equipped), Grappling Hook + Cut Rope (Equipped)

Applebloom: CMC Cape, Hammer, Box of Quarter Sticks (x3), Stompstarter, ‘Love’ Letter to LS



Thirding about the doormats. It's a good place, but either make sure Mary isn't there or tell her that she should respect your privacy when it comes to shenanigans.


drop the grappling hook and the cut rope
they're not going to be so useful in that state


oh, and the shattered lamp too



We can drop it when we find another item.



inspect broken lamp

how broken is it

does it still have oil


GAME INFO: Inspecting the broken Lamp, you see that it has lost all of it's Lamp Oil. In its current state, it could probably hold a flame, but you think that the oil reservoir is beyond repair.

Wary that a confrontation may be imminent, you make sure to check on the general health of your friend. "Applebloom… you wanna get some lunch before we head out?"

The little Apple filly puts a hoof on her belly. "Well… now that ya mention it…"

"Let's get you something from the kitchen."

As you exit your room and head into the Merlot Residence Foyer, you open up the front door really quick. Mary seems to have moved; she's down by the flower boxes on the other end of the house by now, you figure.

Checking both directions, you slide the letter under the doormat quick, leaving just a little corner exposed.

"There we go… that's settled…"

"Hope he gets it soon…" Applebloom comments as she heads towards the dining room. You follow close behind her, showing her into the kitchen. There's quite an assortment laid out already… judging by the setup, you'd say your dad is responsible for this. Alongside all of the various salads and veggies, a single book with a marked page lays by the spread. You just smile to yourself; your mom and dad have always been so thoughtful of you since you lost the ability to eat.

Applebloom helps herself to an extra bowl of salad set off to the side. She carries it over to the table and begins devouring the leafy greens, carrots, and grapes.



Inspect the book



I guess just wait for her to finish and head to Derpy's house.



Read the book while the meatbag eats.



Check in with our parents, say that our sleepover was fun and uneventful and to ignore our gaping wounds.


GAME INFO: Looking closely at the book, you realize that it's one of your favorite action adventure novels from the Daring Do series. Ever since Twilight recommended them to you, you've been hooked. In this particular installment, Daring Do must brave the Crystal Mountains in order to stop a gigantic, evil falcon from using a cursed artifact to take over the world.

Unsurprisingly, you see a bit of yourself in Daring Do… perhaps that's why you've taken such a liking to the series.



Is there anything else we can do?



Do we have a daring do costume in our closet?


GAME INFO: During a few discussions with your mom during family time, you've brought up the idea of dressing up as Daring Do for the next Nightmare Night. You know that Sweetie Belle could ask Rarity to make one for you, but you haven't decided yet. It's quite a few months away, anyhow.


Do we own any books that may contain information about obscure fauna ?


GAME INFO: To your knowledge, you do not currently hold any extraordinary books within the family 'library'… which happens to be a large bookshelf in the living room.

You know for certain that you don't have any obscure/rare fauna books on your shelves; you've read through all of those titles several times.


Alright, let's see here…

>Check in with parents

>Wait and head to Derpy's
>Read some Daring Do while Applebloom finishes lunch

Any other suggestions?




wait for the meatbag to finish

we shouldn't leave her



Eh, might as well just check in with parents this might be the last time we see them

Tell them that our gems are a decoration of our own and not the result of getting blasted.



Wait until Applebloom finishes and then head to Derpy's to deliver the letter.



Do all 3 lel.


You sit patiently in your little 'throne' at the table, watching as Applebloom munches through a variety of very delicious looking garden veggies. Listening to the fresh crunch they make leaves you feeling empty inside… you've completely forgotten what the sensation of taste was like. It's odd when you think about it; not even your imagination allows the sensation in. She crunches into some carrots, then takes notice to your longing stare.

"…uh, Raisin?" She gulps down the mash of veggies. "Ya'll okay?"

You snap out of your daze. "Yes, quite. I'm good."

The filly burps and pushes the bowl aside. "Okay, so now we've gotta deliver this letter to 'LS'. Ya think Derpy is home by now?"

"She could be. She covers the morning route… and it's almost 12:00PM, I think.. she should be home by now. Shall we be off?"

You and Applebloom team up and head out of the dining room. You can still hear your mother in the other room blaring her record and, no doubt, working up a sweat with some of her ridiculous toning exercises. Not wanting to think on it any further, you open the front door.

As soon as you crack it open just the slightest, you hear a gentle stirring of the sand at the ground, then silence. Looking down, you see that your letter has been partially withdrawn from the doormat.

"What the…?" You are overwhelmed by the odd sensation that someone is watching you.

>Continue to Derpy's House (30 minutes)?



shit, if he's here, maybe we should wait a while. Just make sure that he gets the letter.



if he's there, he'll probably get the letter

this seems like a good sign.

lets continue to derpy's



Leave the letter as it is and continue onwards.




Let's wait 5-10 minutes before leaving.



Don't do anything threatening.

Just smile and tread onwards. Don't say anything to AB so she doesn't panic and spook him off.


"We goin' or what?" Applebloom stands behind you as you remain frozen in the doorway.

Not wanting to give any cause for alarm, you ignore your gut feeling and continue out the door. "Well, yeah. Let's get going. I'll lead the way."

As you take to the dusty, dirt road, you notice that your hobble walk is slowing the two of you down significantly. You actually don't mind it too much; charging from one place to the other doesn't allow you to appreciate the beauty of your home. You look over the wide expanses of verdant green and colorful flowers on either side of the road. Lakes, streams, and distant mountains fill the landscape with the vibrant thrill of life. You realize that you've saved this place twice already… without you, it could've all been gone… You think to yourself as you travel through town, Applebloom close by your side. Every once in a while she breaks your train of thoughts, talking about the Boulder Snakes and asking you about your current battle wounds.

After a long walk, you finally start coming upon the windmills and plains out towards Derpy's house. "Well, here we are. Hopefully she's home by now…"

You approach the front door of the house, ready to give it a solid knock. Just before you do, you let Applebloom do the honors for you. Within a few seconds, you hear something crash from inside. "Cooooooooooomiingg~~!"

"Whew, she's home." Applebloom breathes a sigh of relief.

The door swings open, bonking the little filly on the nose. She winces and holds her schnoz in pain.

"Ooop. My bad…" Derpy looks at her with concern before cracking a big smile your way. "Raisin!" She leans down to give you a hug.




Give Derpy a hug and ask her if she's willing to deliver Applejack's to LS today.


tell her it's good to see her
and that we have a letter for her to deliver to LS, from Applejack



give her the letter and ask her if she's willing to make a special delivery to LS



"Hi Derpy. We just wanted to let you know Applejack wrote a letter to her secret admirer but missed putting it in the mail this morning. Could you go and deliver this now? She'd really appreciate it!"



Turn in letter I hope our mysterious friend wasn't confronted by the maid after we left trying to get the letter


File: 1348467484755.gif (930.62 KB, 250x197, shocking.gif)


As Derpy wraps her hooves around you for a hug, she suddenly pulls back. "YeeeoOOWW!"

You blink a few times, realizing that you forgot to tell her about the razor sharp crystals growing out of your back. "Oh my sweet Celestia… Derpy, I'm so sorry! I forgot to warn you about those!" You reach a hoof out, but she pulls back.

She's sitting back on her rear, holding her forelegs close to her. She quivers slightly. "Ohhh… darn it… I should've seen those…" You're pretty sure she just scraped herself.

Applebloom blinks the tears out of her eyes, finally recovered from the door bonk she received. "Wh… oh, shoot…"

"…Derpy, this is like, the worst possible way to say hello, but… um… do you think you could drop off this letter from Applejack quick?"

Loyal to her duty, she reaches out and takes the letter in her trembling hooves. She holds it up close to her eyes, checking the hoofwriting closely. You can see two red cuts on her legs… they don't look too bad, but they're probably painful.

"Um… okay. I'll deliver it, sure… I need to get some bandages first, though… c-could you wait?" Derpy sounds like she's about to start tearing up.



I immediately regret everything.


apologize for hurting her



Well, shit.

You would think that even the retard would know not to hug the parts of us that look like jagged blades.


File: 1348467993163.jpg (12.03 KB, 245x318, 1344037768970.jpg)




Let her get the bandages. Here's hoping those crystals weren't some kind of funky poison crystal.



We're a good and respectful filly.


"I'm really, REALLY sorry about that. It completely slipped my mind…"

Derpy's eyes are a little watery. "I just need some bandages. Hold on…" Quickly, she shuts the door. You can hear her sniffling for a minute on the other side.

Applebloom is covering her eyes. Her cheeks are as blazing red as her mane. "Oh man… oh man… we messed up…"

"Relax… I think she's still going to help us… I just feel awful about that… she goes to give us a hug and slices herself on these stupid things…" You reach a hoof back, dragging your stony appendage across the crystal formations. Though they were already pretty low profile, you try to ground off the ridges as best as possible before the door swings back open.

Derpy's forehooves are wrapped together. She looks like she's doing a little better. "All better now." She doesn't crack a smile this time. "Do you still have Applejack's letter?"

You hoof it over to her. "Here you go… she was too shy to give it to you herself…" Derpy puts it in her mouth and starts flapping her wings. She moves a bit slower as she takes off, but shes starting to fly back toward town… at a pace that you can keep up with.


"Should we follow 'er?" Applebloom starts following her shadow automatically, sniffling and scrunching her nose up occasionally.



I say we stay out of sight and try to follow her. This could be our chance to find out where LS lives.



Eh, as long as it's towards town we could follow her. We should probably gather the party for whatever will be going down at 3.


>as a stone golem
…That somehow doesn't seem like the best idea.
She'd find out and then we'd lose even more points with her.



…She's probably going to deliver it to the post office.






also, im getting tired and got to get up tomorrow. try not to die while i'm gone


ask applebloom if she's alright
also we should check our porch for a reply, if it's on the way



We could probably follow her to make sure she's not just leaving it someplace. If she asks why we're following her we can just say that we're heading back to town to get our friends.



Yeah, we should check on the porch letter to make sure that mystery pone got it.



Jr where were Scootaloo's and Sweetie's last known locations?


You hobble after Derpy and Applebloom, telling your crimson maned friend to keep her distance. Derpy bobs up and down in the air, flying straight towards town.

As you near town, you see that the square is full of ponies all gathered around and trying to find some lunch. Derpy is just over the town square as the sun reaches its apex in the sky…


As you're following Derpy, trying to maintain your casual stride, you hear an absolutely massive explosion echo out from the distant mountains behind Sweet Apple Acres. A couple ponies jump and scream. Overhead, several pegasi start flying out towards the boom; a rainbow streak zips ahead of all of the others.

"What the hay was that?!" Applebloom asks. "Oh my… no… there's no way… that's not the eruption is it!?"

Panicking, the two of you try to run to the dirt path by the edge of town. You feel odd as the crystals in your back are being pulverized and crushed into dust with your run. A large crowd of ponies have already blocked up the path. Overhead, Derpy seems to have just stopped, hovering in one spot above you with the other pegasi. You and Applebloom walk around the group and try to get a good view of the mountains.

One single mountain top appears to be smoking. To your amazement, there isn't any lava pouring out of it or anything else indicative of an eruption…

"What just happened?" You ask yourself.

GAME INFO: To your knowledge, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are still at the Ponyville Hospital watching over Twilight and Spike.



Silly filly, marshmallow pone snouts pop back into position, like a balloon!


The tunnels are filling up with lava…

We're out of time.

We're too late.



Ask Derpy if she thinks the smoke is coming from where LS live.



Something bad.

NOTE: Noon on the second day is a deadline.


we need to get home as fast as we can and see if we got a reply from our correspondant

we need that last bit of intel before we have to load



Yes, this.

Tell her that LS's machines might have been bad.



Let's wait until we feel some sort of earthquake.



Is it wrong that I've kind of been waiting for our first death scene in all its morbid detail?



Memorize the location of the mountain that's smoking.


by then it could be too late



Seconding. Gotta remember if we have to try looking on our own.


You notice that Derpy is no longer heading in any specific direction. You call up to her.

"Derpy! Is that where LS lives?"

She doesn't respond at first. It takes about a minute, but she lands down on the ground. She drops your letter down, looking depressed.

"Yeah…" She sounds shaky.

"So he was out there on that mountaintop?"


"…do you know what happened?"

Derpy shakes her head and plops down, unsure of what to do with your letter. "I delivered a package to him just a little bit ago…" She swallows. "He said I looked pretty today…"

A bunch of pegasi rush out towards the mountains. You see a small platoon of armed guards rushing up the road from the Schoolhouse, obviously shaken by the explosion.

GAME INFO: The ashy smoke rising from the second tallest mountain on the range burns itself into your memory.



Tell her that she is pretty and should fly away.

Might as well return home. All signs point to murderous psychopathy.



Round up Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo and prepare for the journey to LS's home ?



Run home and check to see if our friend responded. Better a little than nothing.



Ask her what package it was.



"What was in the package? Dynamite?"


tell derpy to get somewhere safe
somewhere high up
then get home and check for a reply





"Do you know what was in the package, by any chance?"

Derpy sniffles. "…no… but they said it had to be there by 11… that's why I had to rush earlier…"

"They? Who's they?"

She swallows hard. "LS's mom and dad… oh my goodness, what are they going to think?" The little pegasus starts to sob.

"Derpy… you should get on home… or somewhere safe." You pause. "I-I'm sorry."

The crying pegasus tries to gallop away, but falls flat on her face because her forelegs are bandaged together. With a couple flaps, she picks up into the air and takes off back towards her house, leaving your letter undelivered.

"…what do you think, Raisin?" Applebloom picks up the letter, storing it inside of her saddlebags.

"I'm actually not sure. Looks like someone blew up LS… but why?"

You squeeze on through to the road before the guards start racing down it on either side of you and Applebloom, telling the two of you to get indoors. You keep your walking pace until you get to the front door of your house.

The doormat doesn't seem to hold your letter anymore. Knowing better, you look under it again to find a freshly sealed letter.


Read it.



Read the letter.

Before we're incinerated.



Pray that it has some answers we desperately need.



inb4 it's nothing.


His mom and dad?

Anyways, read dat letter.
Hug Applebloom.
Kiss Applebloom.



No kisses save that for Scootaloo


“Dear Raisin,

I believ-“ Immediately, the hasty author has scratched out another sentence. “-LS can help. He’s mean, though. Do-“ Again, you’re not sure if he wanted to keep the “n’t” contraction on the end or not. There’s more scribbles, then some words. “-alone. Also, his door is elect-“ you think you see ‘booby-trapped’ among the scribbles. “Helpful spots, maybe, except the ru-“ Some more ink is blotched all over the place. “Sorry for my writing. Nervous. Serpents turn to stone in t-“ Another annoying scrawl of indecipherable characters… “Don’t know about the eruption. Sorry I didn’t respond faster. XOXO”

He fails to sign it again, using the very last bit of the paper to put in the ‘XOXO’.

“Well…” Applebloom starts. “…at least he’s friendly, I guess…”

The two of you look up towards the mountains again, wondering if the mysterious LS guy could have possibly survived.








>no answers just more questions

Pls Jr




Well, it looks like we have no choice but to go hiking.



Make sure our doll is with us. Walk outside.


>serpents turn to stone in the daylight(?)
>marked locations are helpful, except the ruins(?)
>LS can help




Maybe that's why he keeps the place light up, they turn to stone when exposed to light.



Lit up, fuck, I'm getting tired.


An unexpected explosion seems to have rattled every guard and pegasi in town… LS certainly isn't a very well liked individual, is he?

How do we proceed from here? I'm certain that there are a good hoof-ful of leads yet to follow… you've got quite a few dangerous tools at your disposal yet.


>Using hoof-ful
>Outside of story context dialogue
I hope that at least you guys don't do this



You mean we aren't being railroaded to death at this point?

Shit, I guess we gather the party and start trekking up the mountain.






let's head to LS' place
and see what we can find



We should probably leave another letter for our mysterious friend.



Shit, this might be a good idea.

Should let him know we might not be coming back to the house.


Do we have any other choice?
We might want to do that real quick first though. What should we write?



What should we ask him? If he's being blackmailed? Who he is? What can we do at this point?


GAME INFO: A letter will have to be written before you depart to investigate the mountain explosion.

Any idea what you want to write to your odd, nearly incoherent friend?


we should ask for more info about those ruins. if he was implying they weren't helpful, then going there could be a red herring. we should clarify things.



We should probably ask him what LS looks like so we're not tricked by another serpent.



"Why did you mark the ruins if they weren't helpful?"

"What does LS look like?"

"Are you being blackmailed?"

Also include a note saying that he'll need to leave us a letter on the road since we'll be going up to the mountain.



Good idea. Who knows, he might not even be a serpent. Might be a dragon or some sort and the serpents are just some sort of slaves.


ask him why he's helping us


maybe LS is the rebellious teenager of the family
his cobra mother worries about him sometimes



And >>128192

Seem like good options. Tell him to mark his letters with a white flower so we can spot them more easily.



Seems pretty comprehensive, especially the bit about not leaving letters under the doormat anymore.



Shit, this.

Also tell our parents that we love them and that if we don't come back we want purple flowers at the funeral.



Ask him if he knows why LS would be interested in Applejack.



Yes, this too.


"Applebloom, stay here for a second. I'm going to answer this letter."

The little Apple filly nods, keeping her eyes fixed on the distant pegasi and the plume of gray, black smoke.

You walk inside the house. Both of your parents are huddled up by the window. Your mother hasn't even changed out of her exercise gear. They're both looking out of the living room window; it's a brilliant view of the smoking mountain. They seem a bit distracted as you pass on by.

"I'd love to catch up with my parents… but I think they'd get jittered up if they saw the crystals…"

You hear your mom's voice. "…you don't think… Raisin didn't… she wasn't up there, was she? She was at the farm, wasn't she?"

Your dad doesn't reply; he stares out the window, unwavering. You pass on by to your room, feeling slightly guilty. "…I'll catch up with them on my way out…"

Quickly, you jot down a letter:

"Dear Mysterious Friend:

"Why did you mark the ruins if they weren't helpful? What does LS look like? Are you being blackmailed? Why is LS interested in Applejack? Does he actually like her?

Also, the doormat is a bad place for letters from now on. We're traveling up the mountain to investigate the explosion. You'll have to deliver them another way.

Lastly… why are you helping us? I'm just curious.


Your letter complete, you stuff it into an envelope and put it into the empty pouch of your Saddlebag.

>Visit with parents before leaving?



Yes, this.

10 bucks says he's just a snake with a pone fetish



Not enough Xs and Os, but it'll do.


We gotta specify where he should leave them!
If we don't he might put it somewhere where we won't know where it is!





visit them
then leave the letter under the mat and let's get a move on



I second the white flower idea.

Don't visit parents before leaving. After all, wouldn't want to get grounded now. Besides, it would just waste time.



We can save the sad goodbyes for the last life.

Also >>128218


>wouldn't want to get grounded now.
shit, good point
forget what I said, don't visit them


Ah, almost got you.
As you silently make your way back out of your room, you trot on passed the living room once more. Your parents are still fixated on the smoke. Your mother is leaning up against your dad… she looks like she may have fainted. They're both incredibly still. You resist an overwhelming urge to run over and hug them.

"…I can't… not right yet…" You think to yourself. Silently, you slip through the front door, undetected.

Applebloom looks you up and down. "That was quick. Yer parents not around?"

"Nah." You swallow hard, then slide the letter underneath the doormat.

"Are we gonna go an' get Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle?" Applebloom asks. "This seems like a good time to get the Crusaders altogether 'gain."



I think we should

We can also check to see how Twilight and Spike are doing.



Place letter underneath doormat, proceed to the hospital.


do we know where they are?



Sure, but don't forget to place the letter. We might as well try to get as much info as we can.


odds are sweetie belle's parents would be reluctant to release sweetie into our custody



Hospital, and their bags are in the library.


GAME INFO: The last time you remember seeing Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo was early in the morning at the Ponyville Hospital. You're not sure if they are still there.



Screw her parents ADVENTURE(tm) awaits!


we already placed it



Hospital it is then


Fuuuuuuck almost forgot.


alright let's go check the hospital
if they're not there, we may have to go on without them
now that the eruption has happened, every moment counts


GAME INFO: Are you guys getting tired? I don't want you guys to trip during these parts; you might miss out on some vital information if you go into this next part really groggy.



Maybe, it's getting late.

Place the letter before we forget next time



I don't have class until noon, I can go as long as you want.


GAME INFO: The letter has already been placed underneath the doormat.
This was partially what was raising concern; I think we all be getting a little bit drained



I'm somewhat tired



If we stop can we do this though. You know that we might forget if we wait a week.



You've conditioned us to be ultra paranoid


I'm fine with stopping here.
We've made a lot of progress tonight.
How-Fucked-Are-We Report please.



If we're not going to die soon, then we should stop. It's pretty late.


GAME INFO: Not to completely spoil things, but that explosion may play on your overall fate quite a bit. That's all I can reveal; you're not in immediate, instant death kind of danger right now.

You could be more fucked than what the situation lends right now. At the same time, you are not doomed yet.



I'm honestly surprised we aren't dead yet. It seems like we're approaching endgame and still on our first life.



Let me guess, it's one of those "If you haven't done X by Y event the game is unwinnable" right? Been playing a bit too much Zork, huh?


GAME INFO: Nothing is ever 'set in stone' during Raisin Quest. I can actually imagine a few creative ways to make it from your current position straight to the end of the game of course, I have an unfair advantage in the knowledge of the game's plot so I suppose that isn't saying much

Point is, you can usually find a way to get yourself out of shit or find another way around an obstacle. Tenacity is the best tool in Raisin's arsenal right next to her inquisitive nature.



So next Friday then?


Yes sir. Next Friday (this Friday, end of this week Friday) we shall continue Raisin's epic little adventure. Hope you guys can swing by to help her out.


thanks for the session, Jr
unraveling your mysteries is such fun!



Sounds neat.



Yet another night of delicious grapes.

I have to stop buying chocolate covered raisins every time. I'm going to get fat



You know, I think I'll draw Raisin. I'm pretty bad but I really like her.


I know what you're saying. I usually slug down a cherry soda while we're questing. Don't know why; I've done that the past few sessions. Feels good.

Hey, and since we're on the sub, you can totally post that up in the thread during next session! That's actually pretty neat about migrating over here… that and not having to worry about our horse going belly up mid-game.


For some raisin I suspect that LS is something evil that something ELSE evil wanted out of the picture thus sending the mail bomb, and if we were to go look for LS on our second life we'd end up playing between an angry dragon or griffon or something, and the rock serpents.
After all, AJ isn't just anypony, she's an Element of Harmony, what if LS was trying to get her alone to disable the Elements for some plan? Like Caph or whatever that dragon's name was.
We should set all of the backup plans, except that kind of defeats Raisins usual "by the seat of our pants" batman gambits…

Of course LS might just be what he appears, some benevolent scholar who wanted to get away from the paparazzi. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA

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