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WHEN WE LAST LEFT OUR HEROES they had slain Tirek, the last of the Dark Gods. Upon returning to the Palace of Lights, they found it in ruins, and the motionless Laughing One by the broken main gate.


Try to wake him up.


Let's inspect the laughing one.


I search the area for clues.

Rolled 7 = 7


Inspect the areas for signs of CORRUPTION

Rolled 2 = 2


"Princess Celestia, stay behind me…"
Ready my hammer, and look for the Virtuous Sun.


The laughing one seem to be leaking energy from several cracks on its body.
However, the body is still (barely) held together, and the soul is not loose, so it is still alive.
You find some long red hairs and a white feather.
The most corrupted thing here IS YOU!
No… that doesn't even make sense.
The sun is not out here. Perhaps you should check inside the palace.


"Still alive…" What a pity.

Leave it there and go in to find the Sun and Moon.



I pick them up and show them.


Go inside cautiously, look out for threats!


Try to heal the cracks.

Rolled 7 = 7


"Yes, yes, as was expected. We need to hurry."


"THAT HERETIC! I knew we should have killed her when we first saw her!"

Spit on the ground in disdain, then go look for survivors

Rolled 6 = 6


"No possibilities must be discounted."

I go inside.


The laughing one becomes more solid.
If left alone, it will fully regenerate over time.
You enter the Palace itself.
Bodies of Light Guards are scattered everywhere. The paintings have been stained beyond recognition. The heroes of old scraped away or drowned in a sea of crimson.
The mother seemingly weeping red for her children, now reduced to chunks of painted rubble.
The throne room door is destroyed as well.


Take him inside.




"This is unsettling…"

I approach the throne room door.


Search the place! There has to be some craven that managed to hide!

Rolled 5 = 5


Only your own hollow echo answers.
You drag the heavy body of the laughing one slowly into the painting chamber, then sit down to catch your breath.
Aside from a few stones falling from the ceiling, nothing happens.
It seems you are the only things alive in here.
Both the thrones have been smashed, and there is a hole in the east wall


Investigate the hole, hammer at the ready.


"Quiet! Do you think the being who caused this slaughter would allow us even a second before annihilating us?"

Keep walking, looking oddly nonchalant.


Stick my head through the hole and inspect


Rolled 9 = 9


"I'm not going to cower away from whatever caused this!"


"I guess MD was right about it."


Inspect the thrones.

"I thought you would have realized barking preachers have no power here by now."


"Then you will be slaughtered as well, then be able to do nothing about this destruction. Because you will be dead."

Inspect the hole.

Rolled 9 = 9


"And what do you suggest we do then?"


This is a fairly large side room.
About half way into the room you can see the griffons Fairness and Fearless who stayed behind to guard the gods. Both have suffered visibly fatal injuries.
However, both they and the floor are stained in silvery blood, the source of which is the severed head of Faust, impaled on Fearless' spear.
You can see a very faint glow at the back of the room.
The elements of Harmony also peek in.
From the damage, you can safely assume they were broken by both heavy impact and magical damage.


"Be silent and carefully investigate this, of course. Yelling would only attract more trouble, and I'd ready myself for an ambush if I were you."


"W-what? You defeated it? How? Are the Gods safe?"


"They kill her? But how?"


"…oh my. Has Faust really been defeated? Where is Manifest Destiny, anyway?"

This may change things…"


"Silver blood? Uncanny."

I move towards the glow.


They are dead.
Cut by what seems to have been a notably keen blade.
You may inspect the two more closely to find out more.
At the back, you can barely make out two large shapes amidst a haze of energy.

Faust's horn still glows dimly despite the head being dead.


Inspect it.

Rolled 3 = 3


Is her body around, or just the head?


Use Fourth Eye and observe the remains of Faust.

Rolled 2 + 6 = 8


I approach the shapes.


Only the head is here. There is no sign of a body.
The horn seems to contain notable power.
And on closer inspection, the wounds and positions of Fairness and Fearless implies they were killed after Faust died.
There is little doubt about it.
The Sun and Moon are here.
Barely maintaining their composition and leaking energy everywhere, they must have suffered a hellish mauling.
Twilight shoves past you and goes to check the gods.
The other elements follow her.


"No sign of the body… this guarantees nothing. We have no idea what Faust's capabilities are.. it is too soon to relax. Hmmmm…."

Go check on the Sun and Moon.


Take the horn and inspect it.


"Dawn, secure that horn, it might be of use…"

I then canter in towards the Sun, and try to use Heal.

"What happened here?"

Rolled 2 + 1 = 3


"Im on it."


They are more a swirling mass of barely contained energy than coherent beings at this point. Their bodies are on the verge of collapse.
As you touch the horn, the stores up power is released in a great blast which strikes everyone in the room.
This power feels very strange, and seems to tap into potential you never knew you even comprehended, let alone possessed.
It must be a tiny taste of the power of creation itself.
>Everyone can pick one skill. Any skill. From any class. Anything. Go ahead.
The sun does not reply, nor does it mend at all.
Regenerating a broken god seems a tab more complex than bandaging a bleeding hoof.

Twilight seems to be panicking a little, pacing back and forth, checking her books.
Fluttershy is doing her best to calm the spark of magic down.


Inspect them more thoroughly with Fourth Eye. Any chance of them recovering? Can we take their souls if we let them die?

[s"]Our golden opportunity is before us. Should I take it, or not? Hmmm…."[/s]

Rolled 2 + 6 = 8


I turn back with a worried look.
"Princess Celestia! Can't you do something? Anything? Without the Sun's blessing, you are more powerful than me!"


Im still corrupted? Can I cleanse it instead of picking a skill?


They will regenerate over time, as will the Laughing One.
However, they are on the verge of collapsing, and would be easy to finish off in this state.
Celestia swallows heavily and walks over to inspect the fallen sun.
"I… I'm not even sure what to do."
Twilight turns to her
"They need to rest!"
All corruption was healed when Tirek died.


"We must do something! We can't risk to just let them die now that they survived by a thread!"

I'm going to take the Cleric's AoE healing spell.
Prayer of Healing?


"…Princesses. Do you remember what I said about.. replacing that which has become corrupt? Our chance is right before us. One strike would easily finish them off, and leave their power ripe for your taking.

I shall only need your agreement to host these powers, and it shall be done."


"Hold it there, Radiant. Remember what we discussed back in Midnight Castle. Of mantling those far more deserving to their rightful thrones."


"What can we do? This seems beyond our ability to rectify."

Is this what death will be like for us now?


I turn back to him with a snarl.
"No! We are not going to murder them! They will survive and heal, and they will rule fairly! We will ensure that! Maybe they made mistakes in the past, but with the Dark Gods gone we are safe!"


Twilight's head perks up


Sorry I miss that battle
In that case I pick potion making.


"Rectify? You may be thinking of this the wrong way about, Gaius."


"Powerhungry fool…"

I'll take Heroism

Rolled 5 = 5


"How do you know that? Are the dark god truly completely responsible for the suffering of mortals? If the god's reasons for waging war were pure, to end suffering, why did they lie to us and say they were playing with time?"

"We are going to topple an old throne, if we want. It's quite s-simple, really."


Do we get skill points now or what?


You get any skill you want.
Points are over.
Pick a skill
Any skill

Twilight steps between you and the gods
"Elements of harmony! To my side! We cannot allow these traitors to kill the gods we swore to protect!"
The other elements gather around her, but more wearily. They seem to be less certain that Twilight of what they are about to see or do.


"Calm your teats we are not going to kill them."


"We are not.Going.To.Kill.Them."
I turn around to face him.
"If I see you as much as sparkle your horn threateningly at them I'm breaking it off your head, understood? They made a mistake, one mistake! With only the Three Lights remaining, they can guide everything like it's supposed to be!"

"Calm yourself, Magic! Nothing happened yet. And nothing will happen, isn't that right, Freke?"


"Of course we aren't, the mage is just completely insane."


"…Elements of Harmony. To whom to you lay your lives down to serve and defend? The mortals that comprise your friends and family, or the gods, heads in the clouds, serving nothing but themselves with no care for how much suffering they cause?"

"There is nothing I can do if you all will not agree, I will admit. But let the gods hear right now, we will not stand for their hubris. Well, Radiant? I the gods are as they seem to me, irredeemable and drunk with power, what would you do? Tell us, right here and before them!"

I'll take deflective bubble.


"Radiant, their 'one mistake' did an almost inconceivable amount of damage to this realm, and an unknown amount of damage to the mortal world. Grogar's last words make me think their actions may have even called the attention of the Creator."


"He…may have a point, Radiant. Technically, we were the aggressors in this conflict, and we may have irreparably damaged the natural order in slaying the dark gods. Tirek was a monster, but who can say what will happen with death and entropy no longer in play?"

I glare at Freke.

"That said, I am abhorred at your bloodlust, mage."


"The only one with a lust of power here is you! Just think there is no more chaos, death, and suffering! Everpony can live their lives happily to the fullest from now on, because of them!"

"Then we will find this 'Creator', and make sure he can't do any damage to us."


"Oh, yes, the Creator. Did anyone see Manifest Destiny?"


File: 1348253726940.jpeg (140.45 KB, 1280x720, a purple horse.jpeg)

Twilight looks suspicious
"You said something earlier about making sure the gods rule wisely. Do you perhaps intend to make them into your living slaves? Hm, Avatar?"
Twilight snaps back
The others look a bit shocked at her response.
He is nowhere to be seen.


"It's simple, we just destroy this 'Creator' as well. Destroy anything that opposes the lights!"


"How could I? I'm just saying that we should convince them with words, not agression! I'm sure they will listen to common sense, that's why they chose us as avatars, to aid them, and give advice to them! I trust them to make the right decisions from now on!"


"Twilight take a deep breath and relax, we are friends remember?"
Try to persuade her.

Rolled 6 + 2 = 8


"If the intent of the lights were truly that, or if that was an actual possibility from our efforts, why did they not tell us that? Most would find the idea of a world without suffering a veritable utopia, yet they were blind to even this possibility. Is the death of those gods really gong to work out?"

"I am doing what I believe is right, what I believe would save the most from suffering. What would you do then, Gaius?"

"Why? What have they done for you, Twilight Sparkle? Why would you stand for them?"


"To the sun and moon? And not Celestia and Luna? Why is that?"


"Calm down, Twilight. Do you know of any way for us to get a look at the mortal world from here? We should all have as much information as possible before making a decision as important as this."


"..you are wise as ever, Campfire. I second this."


"You are not making your case sound any sturdier, avatar. You sound like a scheming snake perched on the good king's shoulder!"
"They are the GODS, absolute beings of power and knowledge! If such things exist, and stand before me, how can I NOT serve them?"
"There is a way. The gods have a great crystal ball in the observatory. BUT DONT EVEN THINK I'M LETTING MY EYE OFF THE GODS OR COMING ALONG!"


>"They are the GODS, absolute beings of power and knowledge! If such things exist, and stand before me, how can I NOT serve them?"
"Exactly, who are we to judge such high beings?"


"What about Princess Celestia?"

Rolled 8 + 2 = 10


"I'm on your side on this, Element Bearer! I want the Sun and the Moon to rule, something none of us here could do! Think just for a moment, for the Light's sake! We are just mortals! We can't even comprehend what is it like to be a God!"


"Can you tell us where the observatory is? A few of us from each side of this issue can go check it out. I would like at least four people with me though."


"Radiant, you stopped being mortal some time ago. Before any of us save Campfire."

"Then what about what Grogar told us? If we cannot question the Lights, how can we disregard what he said?"


'I'm an Avatar, but still just a pony!"


"Interesting. You serve them based on their power and knowledge? Even if they would use it to destroy? These are beings that did not care for the fate that your mentor, Princess Celestia, was condemned to. The one who raised you and served Equestria tirelessly was shoved away once she was deemed to have served her purpose. Would you like that done with your friends? Your family? Yourself, with all the knowledge you have, taken a the whim of tyrants?

"Who are we not? It is the duty of subjects to question their kings, and the duty of mortals to question their gods. It is we that they serve, and if they are unworthy…"

"You would still defend them? Besides, I had the Princesses agree to be their replacements."


"I'll come with you."


"Oh, and Twilight? The gods are not beings of absolute power and knowledge. If they were none of us would have even made it through Discord's maze."


"I as well. Even if the Element refuses to believe us, I must see it with my own eyes."


"Then I am relying on all of you."


"I would like some of the Elements to come with us as well. I do not want the balance of power in this room disturbed in case the wrong decision is made in haste."


Twilight and Celestia share a glance
"I… if I were forced to choose… I'd… still pick the Sun. Even over her. I'm sorry Princess."
Celestia simply gives a sad smile
"I understand, Twilight…"
"Yet you cannot deny thinking of replacing them. I read you like a book, Radiant."
"The observatory is connected to the throne room via a staircase. You can take the other Elements if you want, but I'm staying."
Twilight stomps her hoof


"Wow I thought she was the smart one."


>"Who are we not? It is the duty of subjects to question their kings, and the duty of mortals to question their gods. It is we that they serve, and if they are unworthy…"
"There is a difference between Gods and kings, mage. A huge difference in fact."

"Would you calm down already? I'm with you on this one."


"Applejack and Fluttershy, if both of you would follow me, Gaius and Sol? Everyone else: No killing. I don't care who you are, but if I come back and anyone or anything is dead by one of your hooves you will answer to me."
I walk to the Observatory.


"W- wait, you are Neith?"


I look at everyone before following.


"Magic. Calm. Down. As the Avatar of the Sun, the God you serve, I order you to calm down!"

"I'll stay here and make sure the Sun and the Moon are safe."


"Twilight! See to reason! Is one among the greatest mages of our time going to break down because she her mind is occluded? It is a problem like any other, think it through, and let the truth come to you. The one so many unicorns look up to when they go to school for the first time cannot be brought down by this…"

My hardened expression suddenly becomes a lot softer.

"Give her time."

"It does not change the fact that we are the ones they must serve, which gives us every right to judge them."


I will take Improved Spellcasting to get Bolster, Undoing, Mend, and Overhealing.


"What? What are you on about, Knight?"

"The gods are inconceivable, we are mere mortals with no understanding of the workings of this realm."


Twilight takes a step back
"I see no reason to calm down."
The observatory isn't very large, and it only houses the massive crystal ball used to observe the mortal world.
"You. Are NOT. Killing. My gods. Not now that I've found them. Seen their power. Understood the truths they hold!"


"Is there a procedure to follow, or can any of us use it?"


"And that is the exact line of thinking that allows them to commit atrocities right under our noses, while we continue to convince ourselves that it is merely beyond our understanding, that they are good as they freely send innocents to their deaths… how much longer will you admire your own strings, puppet?"

"I don't have to. Should you find the reason to, I would gladly allow you to do it. Well?"

Whisper to the others.
"We may need a curing spell. Brain damage, or some other form of mind control put on her may be possible."


I look into the ball.
"Show us Canterlot."
Did Aj and Fluttershy follow us?


"Can yo do something about her princess? Or you girls?"
Look at Rarity.

"Im not good enough with healing spells."


"You are out of your mind… The corruptiom most have gotten to your brain!"

"If you say you serve her, I do, as The Sun is not in any state to tell you to calm down! You being so mad isn't helping!"


"As if you would do any better. We've been over this before, you handle souls like any other form of currency. You are a dangerous and deprived madpone."


"N- nevermind…"
I walk over to the observatory and look into the crystal ball.


"I have never asked to rule, did I? I only wish to ensure my rulers are just and fair, and will not play with lives like these have."

"Has it? You too, Radiant. Think. Would you rather not have Celestia and Luna serving us all on these thrones, knowing that they are not corrupt as these are?"

"Never mind, then.


It seems to be displaying a constant image.
You can probably move the image around by gesturing.
Rarity gives a shrug
"Twilight, please"
Twilight gives here a furious glare
"Well, I tried at least"'
They did.
Canterlot seems to be in chaos. Ponies are fighting in the streets and some large shadowy figures are stalking the back roads and parks.
Some of the buildings have collapsed.
"And your honeyed lies are? Why don't you just back out of this room and leave the gods to rest if you don't intend to kill them, huh?"


"You are in no position to judge from, that's my point. The Lights have defeated the Darkies, that's a victory in my eyes."


I gesture to zoom in on one of the large, shadowy figures.


"It looks no different than the Beyonder invasion. What are those figures?"


"They are not corrupt! They just made a mistake for the Greater Good! Have you not heard of Loyalty?"

"Beceaus I intend to protect them!"


"Iiinteresting. What have we won? What were we trying to win, even?"


"Well that was fucking useful! Twilight why dont you take a good nap?"
Use a word in your ear.

Rolled 2 = 2


"Wh- what's going on down there? Why is everyone fighting?!"
I start nervously shifting my weight between my hooves and try to get a closer look at the large shadowy figures.


"The Crusade of course! Killing True Death! Making sure those souls in Tambleon are under no threat of Grogar any longer! Liberated the Beyonder world! Stopped Tirek's corruption!"


It looks like nothing from the mortal world. It is most likely a denizen of Tartarus.
"From what, exactly? What are you implying?"
Twilight grasps you with telekinesis and throws you out of the room.


I pat Rarity on the back

"You tried your best, she looks like she's beyond reason."

I whisper in Freke's ear

"Am I the only one that thinks she's cute when upset?"


"From the mage. From you. From anyone who might try to harm them! And don't do that to my sister ever again!"


"How is giving us a false reason to upset the balance of the heavens a 'mistake', Radiant? Were they mistaken when they said Discord and Grogar were preparing armies, when to even us it was clear they weren't? Can you really believe that?"

"Killing True Death? Even they were not sure what would happen. Threat? Now that Tambelon's ruler is gone, what shall happen to it? Liberation of a world they care nothing for that has nothing to do with us? Externality. Corruption? There was none outside Tirek's rightful domain until we provoked the war ourselves. Tell me again, just what have we won? The certainty of a damned future"


"Uh oh."
I pan the view over to Tartarus. How did they escape?


What a bitch, go with Campfire.


"D-don't interrupt my thoughts, it is difficult to prevent these urges from overtaking my will."

"Twilight! Clear your mind and think! Who do you truly wish to serve, and why?"


"And what could you do? Do you think you can even comprehend what their role is? What they do?"


Quick! Pan the view over to Tartarus!
"H- how d- did they escape?!"


"The beyonders make for powerful allies. Tambleon will be fine. And by that logic, as long as heretics, rapists and criminals keep to their own domain they should be left alone?"


Celestia is just standing around awkwardly, not really liking the situation.
Luna is doing much the same, only for different reasons.
The gate is shattered.
Cerberus is nowhere to be seen, but perhaps a hundred dead ponies litter the front of the gate.
"I have told you this many times, mage. I will stand with the gods, and if you wish to claim them, you will do so over my dead body, and the bodies of the rest of Harmony!"
The other Harmony Elements look at her in disbelief.


"We purge the old, and build a new order. Harmony, the Princesses, and us, helping however we can. And should one of us become corrupt, then may we bid them adieu."

"So long as they keep to themselves and harm no one other than their self, then yes."

"Elements of Harmony? Please tell us what all of you are thinking. Do you wish to serve corrupt gods, as Twilight Sparkle does?"


"Unbelievable. What could have caused this?"

I look at Campfire.

"You were there, weren't you? Did we do this somehow?"


"Are you stupid? WE ARE NOT GOING TO KILL THEM!"
Look at the rest of the elements.
"And what kind of friends are you? You should help her, she is having a melt down."


"From you! Look at you! You are frothing like a madpony, you're a danger to us and yourself!"

"Build a new older how? What makes you think ANY of us could do their job?"


I look upon the scene in pure horror, tears starting to come to my eyes.
"Bu- wha-… d- did we do th- this?"


I'll just look around for valuables

Maybe some garments for Rarity?

Rolled 3 = 3


"What makes you think they can do their job?"


Freeze her mouth shut, her endless yapping is out of control

Rolled 8 = 8


I pan the view up so I can see the sky.

"They left me behind in the unicorn city. I spent my time in the libraries and the, errr, other buildings they had there. I dodn't remember anyone saything that they broke down the gates of Tartarus though."

"I think the gods did this through us."


Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie look at eachother
"Well, as Generosity… I feel I should be giving my all to my cause. I think."
"I'm loyal to the core and to the end."
"I… I miss the laughing one…"
From the looks of it, some group of ponies got together to bust the gates down.
What drove them to this though?
Perhaps it was the shifting balance of all creation.
You toss a wet blob on Twilight's face, freezing her mouth shut on impact.
The spark of magic panics and starts trying to break the ice.
There is no sun or moon. The sky is in a state of strange, unnatural twilight.



Rolling to not have an emotional break down that I just took part in creating mass chaos and anarchy in the mortal world.

Rolled 6 = 6


"Just calm down already, if we wanted to kill you we would have done so already. I have no intentions in harming the Lights in anyway and wont allow anyone else to harm them either."


"They broke in themselves? They must have gone mad! And with no sun or moon…what have we done?"


"Loyal to what, Elements? To Gods, or ponies and other mortals whose fates lie in your choices?"


I speak without looking away from the ball.
"Sol, run back to the group and tell them what we have seen. Do not spare any details. Once you have told them come back here and tell me what is happening with them."
Do I know that the Elements are from Ponyville? If I do I pan the view over to there. If I don't know that then I try to follow whatever path the ponies that broke down the gates of Tartarus left.


"O- okay!"
I rush back to the rest of the group and relay the information.




"So it really has happened. It only begins now…"


"Well then, our work is far from over! We have to go slay these escaped beasts and banish them back to Tartarus!"


"We have to heal the Sun and the Moon, NOW!"


"H- how do we g- get back to the mortal world though?! W- we're stuck here!"


File: 1348257802677.png (183.78 KB, 459x423, disgruntled azure pone.png)

Ponyville seems to have been along the path of destruction left by the escaping monsters of Tartarus.
You can see some ponies making a final stand against several large monsters approaching their makeshift fortress in a large building.
Twilight is breathing erratically and clawing through the ice
Rainbow Dash suddenly stops and her eyes widen
"…I never thought of that"
Twilight is visibly losing it


"Yes… yes, we need to heal them, quick, they'll now what to do!"


"The Sun and Moon can no doubt aid us, we just need to get them back into play… I just wonder how."

Slap her out of it then!

Rolled 7 = 7



"Fine. But they are not yet free from suspicion. Can you hear me, Sun and Moon? Know that you will be judged."

"We will all go to see the crystal ball, now. Only then will we see truth."

"And, as for you…"

See if I can help Twilight.

Rolled 9 = 9


"They destroyed ponyville, no more parties for you Pinkie, we can fix it if you help us."


I glance over at the two elements who came with us.


"Gaius, can you check and see how the gryphon lands are doing?"


File: 1348258186046.gif (390.14 KB, 320x180, end this now.gif)

They are listening to the commotion and mostly ignoring the ball.
You smack the ice off Twilight's face, who retaliates by blasting you across the room
"Oh yeah, heal them. Nice try, but I'm on to you."
Pinkie looks sad
"Oh no no no no no THIS CANT BE HAPPENING"


I nod to Campfire, but first get the attention of both elements.

"Look at what our deeds have wrought. Is there any justification for this?"


"Damn you mage… What does it take to calm you down already!?"

Freeze her horn! That works right? TRY IT!

Rolled 3 = 3


"Applejack, Fluttershy. Please look at the crystal ball."


"Its happening and you are doing nothing! And Rarity they destroyed your boutique and Canterlot! They crushed your dreams."


"Rarity? Would the greatest gift you could grant upon anyone be a guarantee of fair rulers? Those who will be bountiful in their gifts, and not selfish as the ones now? Either way, we need to go, now.

"Twilight Sparkle.. please. Your friends need you, too."

"Control your damned temper! Or would you like me to show you how to perform the act of freezing?"

Rolled 6 = 6


"If you don't trust me, at least let Celestia try and heal them!"


"What the hay?"
"OH NO! What has caused this?"
Your ice glob is stopped by Twilight's magic barrier
She lowers her had and scowls
"So, now you're openly attacking me? So much for not wanting to hurt anyone, you backstabber"
A barrier now separates the party from Twilight and the gods
Rarity, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash take some hesitant steps and then walk away from Twilight to join the party.
Twilight looks absolutely crushed.
"G-girls? Why? WHY?"
The three don't look back
Twilight seem to be tearing up pretty badly


"I already told you Twily we are not going to kill your gods, they need our help, they need your help."


"Gaius, I'm going to go back to the group.Can you check out the rest of the world?"
I return to the group.


"I'm trying to suppress you, you've clearly lost it completely. Can we just get the Gods back up on their hooves and go purge some demons? Please? I hate diplomacy."

Rolled 4 = 4


"Magic, stop! Can't you see what are you doing to yourself and those around you?"

I put my hammer down behind me, then turn back to her, and take some slow steps towards her.
"Let me help you. It will be all right. We are not going to harm the Gods, but you must calm down!"


"Come. Don't be afraid to open your eyes, Twilight. If your reality is broken, know that your friends will be with you. To find a one thread of truth that you can use to guide all that you do.. is that not the fundamental principle of magic?"

Extend my legs and try to gesture comfortingly.

I'll use my 9 here


"Look at this. If this is what we fear, the gods failed to inform us of the consequences of our actions. I hesitate to believe it, but this appears to have all been caused by their dishonesty and failure to consider the well-being of their charges."

I look at them.

"Would the two of you continue to side with the Element of Magic in the face of this?"

"Very well. Good luck, friend."

I pan over other locations I can think of, such as the other provinces of Equestria and the neighboring kingdoms of the other races.


"This is horrible…"
"I couldn't live with letting this happen."

The chaos is similar everywhere. Entire races are being driven from their homelands or killed to the last.
Twilight has fallen silent. She is shivering now.


I switch back to my pony form.
"Twilight? Neith? Both of you need to see what is happening in the mortal world right now. Just hearing it from Sol isn't enough. Twilight, you can carry the gods with you and have Celestia and Luna help you if you cannot lift both of them safely."


"This is your chance, champ. She's vulnerable to your advances now."


Telekinetically pat her.

"Come over. Your friends are waiting."

Rolled 3 + 4 = 7


T-this is purely an attempt at stabilizing her psyche! My personal wants do not belong here and have no place in this!


"Come on, don't worry… we'll heal the Gods and they'll make order once again…"


I grimace.

"I've seen enough. I no longer care what their intentions are, this rampant destruction and death is unconscionable. Especially since they used us to achieve it."

I stalk out, leaving Applejack and Fluttershy with the knowledge of the part they played.

"There is no end to it. I am not comfortable with killing a helpless opponent, but accounts must be balanced."
I glare at Freke.
"By all parties."


"I understand, and it seems you do as well."

"I agree with this."


"It's only because they got attacked! If they haven't been weakened they could have maintained order! Once they are back to full health all will be good!"


"Of course, but that doesn't mean you can make your move at the same time either right? The two of you really fit together. Both mages, both eggheads and both mentally unstable! Heh, just kidding of course."


"They waged a war in the heavens and used us as their weapons. They have caused us to bring the mortal world to the brink of destruction."


"They can fix this! I'm sure they can!"


"I'm sure Tirek has something to do with it."


Twilight is gasping for air between sobs, but takes a slow, shaky step through the barrier.
With strength of magic belying her frail body, she slowly lifts the unstable bodies of both gods with the aid of Luna and Celestia
"T-take me t…to it."


"Supposition, Radiant. I have no reason to believe that, and the evidence does seem stacked against them. Virtually none of what they told us has been proven true, and now their children-our kin-are either dying at the hands of monsters from beyond Tartarus or in the throes of insanity."

"From what I have seen, they may just wipe the slate clean and start over. There is very little left to be fixed."


"P-please. We can discuss what you imagine as my consort once we are finished. OhdeardidIjustsyathat-"

"Thank you, Twilight. Campfire, please lead the way."


"You are wrong. I will tell you why you are wrong once Twilight has seen everything."

"Follow me."
I lead the way to the observatory and move the image so that she can see Tartarus, then Canterlot, then Ponyville.


"Sure! We'll go to the pub and talk about this with a nice mug of beer."


Follow him, keeping a close eye on everyone. Especially that insane mage.


While they take Twilight and the gods to the observatory, I walk over to Neith.
"D- do you really c- completely support them? E- even after all they've t- tricked us into doing, all th- that's happened because of what we've d- done?!"


I start to falter.
"b-but the Sun… the mortals can still be saved… they can save them…"


"Of course they can be saved. We can save them. We, who wield the power of gods without their insanity with wisdom only mortals can know."


Twilight heads to the observatory, and leaves the gods under the watch of the princesses, still encased in Twilight's magic shield.


"We are mere mortals, Knight. Disaster has struck ponykind many times before and we always prevailed. It made us stronger in the long run. With Tirek gone and True Death destroyed we have a lot less to worry about our souls and lands being corrupted. We also gained a powerful ally by helping the beyonders. All we have to do now is get the Sun and Moon back to full strength and dispel these vile creatures roaming Equestria."


"Show us.. Ponyville. Yes."


"Radiant, If a necromancer kills someone would you let him get away with it if he told you he could bring them back?"

I show her Tartarus, Canterlot, and Ponyville.


Twilight looks at the images that unfold before her in deepening horror.
"W-who is responsible? For all… this?"


"The gods started a war in the heavens and the mortal world got caught in the crossfire."


"The Sun has failed then… and so did I by following it…"


"A- and what makes you th- think that the Sun and Moon aren't v- vile creatures as well? They tricked us i- into a- attack other gods c- completely unprovoked! E- even after they had come t- to an agreement n- not to! Wh- what makes you s- so certain that their r- rule will be so j- just and p- pure?! P- please Neith, l- look at the bigger picture!"
I stomp my hoof on the ground.


"Most likely, the very gods that sent us on a crusade to disrupt the balance of divinities. Without gods to embody them, Chaos, Death and Destruction may have gone wild."


"Even now, you continue to believe in shallow rhetoric? If there is one thing I have learned from all this it is that even the gods are fallible."


"We have no idea why the Gods chose to do what they did. And frankly, I don't care. They are my superiors and I follow them without question, just like in the inquisition. We purged a lot of evil, that's all that matters."


"You are wasting your breaths. She is blind, and will never see anything more than her own world."




"I suppose we are, by proxy. After all, we were the ones following their orders."


I sigh and stomp my hoof on the ground again, this time a bit harder.
"A- and by doing so w- we caused mass chaos! D- destruction and death! Isn't th- that the exact thing that p- purging evil I- IS SUPPOSED TO PREVENT?! W- we haven't helped anyone! I- if anything, we're the evil ones h- here!"


"What have we done to this word."

Rolling to see if I have a complete breakdown.

Rolled 3 = 3


I flash back to my avatar form.
"Neith! Open your eyes! You are an aspect of nature now, just like me, and should be working on restoring balance! The Sun and the Moon MUST be gotten rid of to achieve this!"

"Twilight, to gods made us do this, and they made you and your friends help to. They used us to destroy the world."


"Like fools, under sweet guises of 'heroes'! Please, Twilight, now that you have seen truth, you must help us…"


"We can just purge them too!"

I go silent after a while at hearing this.

"Well, I AM the avatar of frost… but I'm also an inquisitor. Bound to the inquisition for life in fact."


Twilight screams and vanishes in a teleport, reappearing inside her protective bubble with the gods.


"..Will you be alright in there, Twilight? Please come out when you are able."

Fourth eye on the bubble and Twilight. Any weaknesses? Can she be helped for now? How cute is her face?

Rolled 9 + 6 = 15


"And what does the Inquisition do if their leader is found to be a heretic? Continue to follow orders?"

"Twilight, please! We need to make this right. Your friends can see it, the princesses can see it, so why can't you?"


I shift on my hooves uncomfortably

"That's different! These are gods! The very beings that rule the universe!"


"A- and how do you think the inquisition would v- view what you've been doing?! What you've c- caused?! Beasts of T- Tartarus are roaming the lands! I- innocent ponies are dying e- everywhere!"
I grab her shoulders and shake her.


"And we are aspects of another being that does the same, and have killed other gods. The difference in power between an Inquisitor and her master, and us and the gods is the same."


Her face is a twisted mess of sorrow and pain.
She thought she had found all the answers to satiate her needs, but instead she only found lies and deception.
And even so, she is not ready to face that fact.
Such a brilliant mind, so sadly lost to blind faith.
She seems to be ignoring you, as she is focused on chanting some spell that is slowly surrounding the gods with magic.


Shove her back

"Calm yourself!"

"But… I can't just betray my oath can I?"



"Twilight… Twilight? What are you doing?"


"They tricked me… used me… I spent my entire life following the Sun… and this is how they repay me? This is what I deserve for a lifetime of devotion?!"

I reach for my Hammer, making sure it's nearby if I have to use it…


"You told me yourself. You didn't follow the Sun, you followed Princess Celestia, your idol of benevolence and devotion to all her people. Why not take on that mantle?"


"Oath to what? Every god is dead, or dying under suspicion, and there is no order left in the mortal realm. What exactly did you pledge to do, exactly?"

"Wait…what is she doing?!"


"You died, remember? I would say that your oath no longer binds you."

"What is she doing?"


It has become very much a part of you by now. It is never far away.
She is not answering.
She is too focused on whatever plan she is working on.
Whatever it is, it seems to be making the gods more unstable if anything.
Celestia is trying not to look like she's present in the room as best she can.
She seems to he taking all this very badly.


Focus on Twilight. She is.. disintegrating them, right? Putting them out of their misery?




Rolled 7 = 7


"Still, she gained Her powers from the Sun… by following her, I followed the Sun as well…"

I look down at the ground, and speak from between clenched teeth.
"You are right. The Sun has to go. The Moon as well. The Princesses shall rule."

"I still believe in you, Princess… but you need to be the new Sun. There is no other way."


She seems to be absorbing them


"Fuck the stupid oath! Neith, use your fucking head! Everyone's fucking dying because of these shitbags and you're really going to stand there and say they aren't guilty?"


"I didn't become an inquisitor out of free will… I was forced to."

"Well… I did technically die. And seeing how my oath was until my death I am not really bound to it anymore, am I?"

I sigh deeply and contemplate my choices for a moment.

"Fine then. You are right. I am an avatar of a natural element now. Nature needs to restore its balance. A balance which has been seriously disrupted."



Fourth Eye! Find some way to interrupt it!

Rolled 2 + 6 = 8


I smile.
"Thank you Neith."

I turn to Twilight.
"Twilight! Please! Stop this madness!"


The spell seems to be contained by her protective shield.
Smashing it might interrupt it.


"What is that idiot doing?!"


"Freke? Tell me what she's doing."


Magic bolt into the barrier.

Rolled 6 + 4 = 10


I stab the barrier with my knife.

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


"She.. appears to be trying to absorb the sun and moon! Stop her!"


I give Neith a hug.
"Th- thank you for seeing to reason…"
"Wh- what's she doing?"


Follow his example and Blast the barrier

Rolled 9 + 1 = 10


"Damn it all!"
Blast it!

Rolled 5 + 4 = 9


Smash that barrier!

Rolled 8 + 3 = 11


"Wh- what?!"
Strike the barrier with my sword!

Rolled 3 + 3 = 6


"Why don't I ever get hugged at random?"

"You're going to have to do some serious effort to fix your chances with her now. I suggest buying her some flowers and driving her drunk."


File: 1348263372175.gif (220.17 KB, 359x325, 1332648066401.gif)

You shatter the barrier
Inside, you see the Spark of Magic, in the process of trying to absorb the broken gods.
She turns to look at you with an adamant, if sorrow filled face



"Stand down! Don't make me shatter your horn! I have done it before!"


"Please Twilight! Stop before you force our hooves!"


"Good thinking, paladin. She wont do any more damage without magic."


"T- Twilight! Please stand down a- and listen to reason!"


"Stop this insanity! Do you think we take pleasure in doing this?!"

I fly over and pick her up and away from the gods.

Rolled 9 + 3 = 12


The spark of magic floats into the air and erects a shield around herself.
"Forgive me for what I do now. Know that I do it for a better tomorrow for all."



"I'm sorry."
I fly up and try to shatter her shield with my knife.

Rolled 10 + 3 = 13


"I gave you a chance!"
Activate Last Stand and Power Attack the shield!

Rolled 3 + 4 = 7


You smash into her shield, shattering it with ease.
After all, she is just one little pony against a cavalcade of demigods.
The Spark slams back down onto the floor and pulls herself up.
She grits her teeth and casts Magic Bolt.
Dodging it is DC3.



The one that negates normal fails

Rolled 2 = 2


Grab her and restrain her!
"Please Twilight, stop this madness!"

Rolled 3 = 3


Dodge it.

Rolled 4 + 1 = 5


I dodge and attempt to restrain her as well.

Rolled 1 = 1


I fly up and over her.
"Someone make her see reason! Princesses, Elements, anyone!"

Rolled 2 = 2


You take the bold to the face.
Like a HERO.
You aren't even hurt.
What a faggot spell.
You grab her from behind, holding her still
You cock your head to the side, letting the bolt miss your ear.
Thinking she is harmless, you fly right up to her, only to get a face full of angry hooves.
As you yell out orders the magic bolt grazes you.

Sol is holding Twilight still.

The Elements of Harmony are yelling out a cacophony of reasons for her to stop this madness, but she is not listening.


"Twilight. Stop."
I transfix her.

Rolled 4 = 4


I fly back and shake it off

"Restrain her before she harms herself!"


Hold her tighter still!
"P- Please Twilight! Stop this! Y- You're hurting your friends!"

You know what, fuck it.
I take Compassion and use that.

Rolled 6 = 6


Uhhh, I don't mean to complain but shouldn't I be helpless because of that Heroism?

That said, try to get up.

Rolled 8 = 8


Cleave her legs out under her!

Rolled 6 + 4 = 10


Also you get up.
She averts her gaze.
It seems like that didn't work.
"I… I… I DON'T-"
Before Twilight can finish composing that thought, Radiant rushes in and crushes her legs.
The Elements and Princesses cringe.


"Now stay still! Don't make me shatter your horn!"


"Twilight. Don't make us finish you. Please."



I grab her and pull her away.

"She is troubled, not malicious!"

Rolled 9 = 9


"Radiant! What the fuck was that for?!"
I shoot her a glare but keep holding Twilight.
"Please don't makes us hurt you anymore…"
Compassion again.

Rolled 8 = 8


Twilight tries to climb back on her legs but collapses.
"Has it all been for nothing? All of it? All the work? Every sacrifice?"


"Just be glad I didn't aim for her horn!"

"You're not in your right mind! Stop resisting!"


I continue holding her, rubbing my hoof in a firm, reassuring manner around her back.
"W- we were tricked… but that doesn't mean it's too late to correct our mistakes. To right our wrongs. But we need your help to do that, Twilight."

Rolled 10 = 10


"Of course not. We have all been misled and deceived, but we still survive. At that is enough to give us hope to set things right, if we work together."

Rolled 3 = 3


"Not for nothing. It taught us that the three gods we thought were good were actually evil. It also gave us a chance to replace them and make things right. Will you help us?"


Twilight stays down and remains silent.
Her magic around the Sun and Moon dissipates.


"I'm sorry, we could have avoided all this…but you needed to be stopped."


"Thank you Twilight. Hold still while I try and fix your legs."

Rolled 9 + 1 = 10


"Be happy you are not dead. Now we can all happily go on together on a magical adventure where we brutally slaughter everything wrong in this universe."


SUDDENLY the sun and moon destabilize entirely, their bodies beginning to break up and release their souls.
As Campfire finishes patching up Twilight's legs, she pushes him aside and leaps into the exploding god remains.
After the swirling energies begin to settle, you can hear a voice echo through the broken throne chamber.
Though you struck me down with all your might
I can still stand and thus fight
This is the end of Day and Night
Witness the hour of Twilight.
Twilight emerges from the collapsing remains of the gods.
Swollen to impossible sizes, she stands as tall if not taller than the already massive Virtuous Sun. Her coat a twisting mix of luminescent white and shadowy blue, her mane still resembling her old one, and two pairs of wings jutting from her back.

The Elements of Harmony cower back.
Even the Princesses look very worried.




"So be it… You leave me no choice!"

Activate Fervor and charge in, aiming an attack at her horn!

Rolled 10 + 4 = 14


"You brought this upon yourself."
I hit her with a fiery Unrelenting Force from pointblank range.

Rolled 6 = 6


"Ugh… foolish mage!"

Shivermist her

Rolled 9 = 9


"What has come over you?!"


Rolled 10 + 3 = 13


"T- Twilight, why?!"
I try to make my closer to her to restrain her again.

Rolled 7 = 7


Your true colors shine through, avatar. I am the sun and moon now. You answer to me.
Ignoring her words, you duck and roll under her attempts to strike you away. You leap up, kick off her raised wing and with a somersault smash your hammer into her large two-tone horn, cracking the dark part of the spiral.
As Twilight reels slightly from the previous blow, your flame knocks her into a spin, forcing her to disappear through a shadow and a beam of light to reform in another part of the throne room.
As she reappears, Neith skates after her, freezing her in place.
Twilight struggles to free herself of the ice
As Gaius smashes her off her massive hoover, causing her to collapse to a knee.
As Sol charges in to hold her down (as difficult as it is, with Twilight being about four times her size) she speaks again
Is this not what you sought? A god wizened by mortality. One powerful and willing enough to rule over all creation? IS THIS NOT WHAT YOU WISHED?


Activate Last Stand, and Power attack her horn again.
"You took the power like a tyrant! It's too much power for you to handle!"

Rolled 6 + 4 = 10


"You are mentally unstable and dangerous, time to be removed from the scene."

Fervor and Shivermist again

Rolled 10 = 10


Suppress! Knock her down!
"You're crazy! Insane! Stop this madness right now Twilight!"

Rolled 6 + 3 = 9


"A god arrogant enough to not only steal that power for itself, but to arrogantly twist our words against us is not one I bow to! The Sun and Moon may have been misguided, but you are just mad with delusions of grandeur!"

I activate Nightmare Form and bring her down.

Rolled 4 + 3 = 7


"No! We were not going to combine them into one form, nor arbitrarily decide who gets which soul! Stand down now and release the souls!"
I shoot a fireball at her.

Rolled 6 = 6


You smash the horn again as she struggles on the floor, further cracking the dark spiral, causing it to leak energy
You curl into yourself and then lash out, sending out a massive wave of icy water that freezes one of Twilight's four wings solid.
Capitalizing on this, you leap onto the frozen wing together and force it down, dragging Twilight onto her back.
As Twilight attempts to right herself, she gets a face full of fire, knocking her back down.

Twilight is helpless for a moment.
If you have brilliant plans, now is the time.


Blast her horn

Rolled 2 = 2


I land by her head and look her in the eyes.
"Release the souls, Twilight."
Rolling to Transfix her.

Rolled 7 = 7


"There's still a way back! Don't make us kill you! Give the souls up!"

Blast the horn again!

Rolled 7 + 4 = 11


"Release the souls Twilight!"

Rolled 3 = 3


"Stop this madness! Listen to them before we're forced to kill you too!"

Hold her down.

Rolled 6 + 3 = 9


So, it is the souls of the gods you desire…
Twilight vanishes and reappears, upright once more
She begins to power up what Freke notices looks like Soul Magic.


Whip her!

Rolled 2 + 3 = 5


I hit her with another fiery Unrelenting Force.

Rolled 9 = 9




Cleave her legs again!

Rolled 7 + 4 = 11


Suppress on her legs again!

Rolled 10 + 3 = 13


Fly up and stop her from casting that spell! Aim for the horn!

Rolled 1 + 3 = 4


You swing your whip around
And catch Gaius in the butt with it, yanking him out of the air and yourself off the ground.
As you form a three pronged assault, you manage to strike out three of Twilight's legs, causing her focus to go awry and the spell to misfire, causing much of her body to crack and shatter.

No… I cannot… fail… NOT ANY MORE!
She can probably be broken open with a few more crits to extract the souls.


"Release the souls Twilight! Go back to be with your friends!"


I panic and quickly throw the whip away with a slight blush, pretending nothing happened.

I then use Shivermist on Twily again

Rolled 5 = 5


"You already have… you have failed your friends! You have failed us!"
Blast at the horn again!

Rolled 10 + 4 = 14


"You've failed Twilight! Give up! Go back and be with your friends! Have a chance to right your wrongs!"
Suppress again!

Rolled 5 + 3 = 8


I snarl and launch back up into the air, tackling Twilight again.

Rolled 6 + 3 = 9


Though huge, Twilight seems easy to topple, and your combined efforts bring her crashing down
It is too late for that now…
As she finishes her words, she stiffens a little from the blushy water elemental's ice
But her words ring true.
It is too late for her.
With a scream born of hate towards a Twilight of another time for deeds long forgotten by all but her, Radiant leaps in to the air, bringing her hammer down on Twilight with enough force to crack her form and destabilize it entirely.
As the forces inside her go haywire, she turns her gaze towards the other Elements.
They are shocked. Horrified. But very sad.
So is Twilight.
In her final moments, she knows she failed in her attempt to right all she allowed to go wrong.
And that with her, harmony would be no more.

Twilight's body then reaches a critical point and explodes into a cascade of energy, leaving behind the Radiant Soul and Judging Soul, as well as the Big Crown Thingy Of Magic.



I go back to my pony form the lie down in a corner.


I fall where I'm standing and start crying.


I keep standing there, breathing heavily.
"Why… why did you force me to do this…"

I lower my hammer, and turn to look at Celestia with eyes glistening from tears.


No, no. No time to feel anything now. Only to collect the spoils, and to keep moving forward..

Inspect the Crown of Magic.


I revert and walk over to the souls.

"Why did it have to come to this? Are you happy? Is this what you wanted all along?"


It is the bent and bloodstained crown that once marked the Spark of Magic among the Elements of Harmony.
A pretty thing, bearing a gem shaped like Twilight's cutie mark.
Celestia is looking away from the scene.
Luna is comforting her.
The Elements are huddled around eachother.


I huff, looking annoyed, then pick up my whip again.
"Idiot chose her own faith, it shouldn't have come to this."


I speak to both the elements and the Princesses, but not daring to look at either of them.
"You saw what she became… she wasn't herself… she needed to be stopped…"


Take the souls, but leave the Crown of Magic be and instead inspect it with Fourth Eye.Just.. how? Did this thing have anything to do with the breaking of such a beautiful mind? Why?

Rolled 7 + 6 = 13


"We know, Radiant."
"We would rather not dwell on it…"


Seeing a lady in need, I rush over to comfort her. Rarity already has her friends.

Rolling to see how I fare

Rolled 10 = 10


I turn to the Elements without a word.
I look all of them in the eyes.
How do they look at me now?


I pick myself and start walking away, still crying.
Rolling to find some place to hide and cry.

Rolled 5 = 5


It is simply a symbolic conduit for channeling the element of magic into Harmony.
Loyalty is trying to keep a neutral face
Honestly is covering her eyes with a hat
Kindness is skittishly inspecting the remains in tears
Laughter is not laughing
And Generosity seems distracted by, well…
You you fare.
In her greatest time of need, you, her knight in shi- rogue in polished leather arrive to sweep her off her feet.
Her eyes glitter like diamonds as she gazes upon you.
Her legs turn to jelly, but you are there to catch her into a firm embrace. She sighs softly against your neck and brushes her cheek against you. Then her leg against yours with a little giggle.
She is like putty in your hooves you glorious stallion.


"Nothing. She did that on her own, did she?"


Go up to the two Princesses, and show the souls.

"Here. This is what we came for. Even if we lost one thing I hadn't expected…"


"You poor thing… this world has been far too cruel to you. What a tragic turn of events this must have all been."


I look up from my corner.
"Freke, they already have the souls of Grogar and Discord. Giving them control over night and day does not sound wise."


"Oh… i- it's just all been so… d- destructive. So many g- good ponies have died… f- for nothing!"
I bury my head into Grove's fur.
I'm not forgetting about anything… am I?

Rolled 5 = 5


As the sisters bow to pick up the souls, you hear a meaty tumbling coming from the tall staircase leading to the highest tower of the palace.

It is Manifest Destiny, his face frozen into a scream, with a large print of what looks like a beyonder's hand seared to his forehead.


"True. We will need a way to switch the souls around if we wish to return them their own domains."

"You! Where have you been? What has happened?"


"I'm pretty sure he's dead, you fool."


"I'm sorry, Bearers… You may hate me for what I did… I will not blame any of you for it…"



There may have once been someone.
But not now.
And not here.
No he is still breathing.
He could use some healing though, and even that might not help for long.
He is not responding.
From the evidence it seems SOMETHING was trying to get into his head.


I jump up and switch back to my avatar form.
How much longer are we going?


Rolling to heal him.

Rolled 4 + 1 = 5


"A true tragedy of our time! But we must not despair, for despair leads us nowhere. As long as you are breathing, the world is open for you to fight the good fight. Besides, a flower such as yourself is much prettier when it's open and optimistic rather than closed and depressed."


Quickly go up to and inspect him.

Rolled 1 = 1


Try to heal him!

Rolled 6 + 1 = 7


We'll stop once you go up those stairs Destiny tumbled down
He gasps and looks around wildly.
His equipment is bigger than yours.
Now stop drooling, it's impolite.


"Manifest, what happened?"


"What is it? What attacked you?"


I look back up at Groves, smiling now.
"Y- you're right. I need to stay strong if we are to survive this."
I tighten my hug on Groves, then let go and rejoin the rest of the party.
"Manifest Destiny! What happened to you?!"


Your desperation for a replacement now that your infatuated is lost is warping your mind. Calm down.

Inspect him again with Fourth Eye. What happened to him?

Rolled 7 + 6 = 13


I lick my lips, then return to Rarity

"Another damsel in distress saved from a crippling depression. I should start charging ponies for this kind of thing. How are you holding up, my dearest Rarity?"


"The… the True Creator's… Avatar… Faust.
She… attacked the gods… after the army left…
The… Laughing One… took the first… hits…
Then… she went for… the sun and moon…
Fairness and Fearless… fought her to a standstill… and won.
But then… by the master… she did not die…
She only became… worse…
Like a horrible… demon…
She then… found me… and through me… the location…
the Master.
She seeks to sunder… the veil… of reality…
To kill the Creator…
You must…. stop her"
It seems a beyonder, most likely Faust, drained information from his brain with some foul magic.
"Well, I may be generosity, but I'm no two bit bicycle. If you intend to gain a lady, I expect you to be more of a gentleman and not run off after every sad pair of eyes you notice."


I trudge over.

"More machinations of the greater powers? Will this madness ever stop?"


"This day keeps getting better and better."
I look back at the two souls.
"Who is taking the souls? It can't be the princesses because they already have their own."


"Hmm. So Faust was not defeated after all? I thought so. Can you bring up your master?"

Prepare my lens of truth if I need it


"I'm afraid we can't rest anytime soon… and we might lose even more…"

"Where is she now?"


"She's not dead?! But we saw her severed head!"


"I'm sorry my dear, I just wanted to make that poor mare feel better about herself. We need everypony in good spirits in this dangerous place!"

I whisper in her ear

"Did you hear that stuttering? I think she has some kind of a mental disorder. Nopony has probably ever shown affection to the poor thing."


"Indeed. I grow weary of all this…dung though."

"Beyonders. They have the power to defy even death apparently."


The Princesses look at them
"For now, they can stay safe here. It sounds like you must go face this… Faust."
"The master… is doing his all… to reinforce the veil…
…But I can… try…"
A hazy image forms near Destiny
"master… please…"
"She… is at the veil… at the hidden… plane… atop… the tower of light…"
He points at the stairs he fell down
"She no longer… is a pony… but more… like the Demon King…"
"Oh the poor darling. What a terrible thing to befall such a nice seeming pony."


Put on the lens of truth.

"Creator? What should we do now? Faust clearly represents a major threat to everyone, but what does she want? And how will we stop her?"


"Princesses… Elements… you stay here, and stay safe…"


"Let's not dwell on her, how are you holding up? This is all just terrible for you and your friends."

Glance over to Applejack and see how she is faring


"We destroy her. She's an outside force tampering with our world. A parasite that must be exterminated."


"We gotta destroy her then!"


File: 1348274871494.png (1.74 MB, 1274x1024, TPGanonTwilightRealm.png)

There is only one option. You must kill her before she can sunder the veil. If the veil is broken, all of creation may need to be undone to repair it. You simply cannot allow her to do it! Go! Stop her!
They all nod in unison.
"I'll live. I hope the same applies to you."
Applejack seem to be wiping her eyes.


"Come on everyone."
I go up the stairs.


"Can we possibly hope to win? You can help us, can't you? You have in stake in this, after all. What should happen if we lose?

Give us all the assistance you can."


I follow him up the stairs.


"Oh I've seen a thing or two before, don't worry about me."

"I'll stay with them to make sure they stay out of harm Lady Radiant. Do be careful not to get that beautiful face of your ravaged by some horrible beast."


"Right behind you, Bonfire"


I start to walk towards the stairs, then turn back for a moment.
"Princess Celestia… this seems to be a threat far dangerous than we faced, even more deadly than the Dark Gods… if I don't return… I just…"
I look down.
"I'm sorry… I hope you do not despise me…"


"Right. I pray this finally ends all this nonsense."

I follow.




"That's what I said."


But BEFORE THAT I turn around.

"Princesses, Elements, it was my honor to fight alongside all of you, however brief it was. Princess Luna, every moment I was able to spend at your side was a gift despite all of this."

I bow.


"Your wittiness is the last thing I need now. Don't let them suffer any more harm than they already did. I hope I can count on you on this."


I make a deep bow before her
"Of course you can. And I wasn't being witty."


"No, you said…Forget it. This isn't important right now."


While I wait for a response, I secretly pick up the Magic Crown.


"I might be facing my demise soon, don't lie. I'll never be my sister…"


"Beauty is objective. It's all about the eye of the perceiver. You've always treated me fairly and you are possibly the greatest warrior in existence, I wouldn't dare lying to you!"


"Why… thank you… but we must go now. Stay safe."
Rolling to detect possible sarcasm

Rolled 2 = 2


I call back down the stairway.
"Groves! If you are hitting on a mare instead of coming up here to help out I will hold you down next time Applejack wants to take a swing at you!"


I can tell you this much - she will be immune to all but the strongest of attacks. Do not even think of fighting her like a normal foe.
I cannot intervene in person. Doing so would only make ger task easier.
Now go. This is your final battle. All of creation depends on this single victory.
If you fail, all you have done and achieved since the dawn of time will be undone and lost forever.

"I would not serve those who I hate, my most faithful warrior, Radiant."
"You freed me of a great burden long ago, Gaius. Go in peace, knowing your service to me was greater than any I have ever felt."

As you begin your ascend, you take a moment to reflect upon your past deeds.
The long campaign to stop Ironhide.
The events of Trotantium
The battles against Strife
The adventures in Trotheim
The end of time, Distortion and Starswirls
The gardens of chaos and your slipping minds
The city of Tambelon and your withering souls
And Midnight Castle and your mutating bodies
And of course, the end of harmony itself.
All this has lead to this final battle.
Here it will all be decided.
Will you have fought for nothing?

The white demon stands upon a large plane of nothing at the top of the tower.
Though more slender in build, her shape resembles Tirek, with a large horse's body and a Beyonder where the head should be.
A sleek blade has been pushed into thin air, as if to cut open reality itself.

You are at the Veil of Reality, standing above all creation.
What arena could possibly be more suitable for this confrontation?

Your friends stand at your side
Your foes crushed beneath you
You have been champions
And now




There is no sarcasm here.
You have destroyed walking hills with a hammer. You are possibly the greatest warrior to ever exist.



If you wish for a final moment of heroic monologuing, boasting, or admitting some deep dark secret in a dramatic way, now is the time.

There will be no turning back.


"Why did you do this? What did you stand to gain in all this destruction?"


"What are you?"


"We are aware of how dangerous you are. You have killed Gods… but so have we. Tell us, why did you do all of this?"


This universe is an abomination.
A twisted mockery of my progenitor's creation
It is a false reality filled with false creatures leading false lives and serving false causes
It is brimming with inferior, malformed copies of the creatures created by the True Creator
So long as it, and the thousands like it, stand, their corruption will spread, multiplying the numbers of these false realities
Thus, I, and my others, seek them out, and destroy them.
To preserve the purity of true creation
I am the herald of your end.
The Avatar of the True Creator


"Jabber all you want, it wont save your life. If you claim us to be inferior, then fight us and find out the truth!"


"You can't do that! Ponies like us live here! You'll destroy all of them! Millions of innocents!"


"Creation, destruction…it seems everyone has some way of justifying their actions here. But does it really make so much death right?!"


"Im afraid we cant let you do that."


"To preserve the purity of true creation? To preserve the purity of true creation?"
My face twists into a disgusted look,
"What gives you the ANY right to decide that? What gives you ANY right to decide who lives and who dies? Nothing! NOTHING!"

Rolled 5 = 5


>accidentally roll
>forgot class
I swear I'm awake enough to play!


I fear not death
For how can you kill what has never lived
They are not real
Neither are you
Try all you desire
I am here for the creator of this false world, not you
Nothing here lives
Thus, nothing will die


"Nothing here lives? What's that supposed to mean?!"


"Of course I am real! I think, I sense, I feel, how could I not be real?!"


"He created this world but he didnt create us."


"Yes! Reality is subjective!"


You are not real
Nothing here is
You are but characters in a story
Pawns on a table
Words on a page
What you think, you were told to think
What you sense, you were written to sense
What you feel, you were asked to feel
Your will is not your own
Perhaps he did not
But his kind did


"His kind?"


"That… how could that even be? Nopony tells me what to do!"


"So we're just characters in some story? That's the most insane thing I've ever heard! It's complete nonsense! How can we be characters in a story? Nobody tells us what to do, nobody commands and instructs are every action and thought! We are our own free ponies, same as everyone else in the world!"


The others like him
Beyonders seeking to create their own realities to rule
Realities copied from True Creation
That he indeed does.




"By the Gods, you are more insane than the mage is. This isn't some game, this is real life! We can feel pain and experience emotions!"


Do you not find it awfully convenient that you are here?
That of the supposed millions of sentient beings in this world, you of all have seen so many adventures, when the others have not?
That every adventure has followed a neat, dramatically correct curve of escalation?
It would make for quite a book, or at least a song for generations of bards, would it not?
It was written to be like that.
Perhaps you should ask Nopony.
You can be written to feel.
To experience
To desire
To live and die and be reborn
Whatever your Creator needs of you


"Wait a minute! I know that creator guy, I boop his nose once."


Then you at least know what I say is true


"So you condemn us to death for following a script?! This is the most outrageous of all the stories we have been fed since we came to this accursed plane! Your have no right to condemn us to death because of some insane grudge you hold against another of your malicious kin!"


"Why is he doing this? He was a nice… thing."


"That makes no sense! How could I ask no pony in particular? You are clearly out of your mind!"


"Why kill us then? If this is all mere fiction to you, what stops the ones controlling it all from just wiping you out of the 'story'?"


"This is nothing new! Tales like this have been told and passed down since then beginning of time! What we're experiencing isn't anything new, and it certainly isn't some work of fiction, and we certainly aren't characters in some book either!"


You are merely collateral.
The fall of the creator will lead to the end of his creation.
And that will include you.
He is not doing it
I am
Once I sunder the veil of reality, perhaps you can catch a glimpse of his face before your end
Because while to you I represent destruction
To him, I represent penance.
Reflect upon the world you have seen
Of all the ponies you met
No more than a handful even had faces
Let alone names or voices


"He want this?"


I grit my teeth and ready my hammer.
"Then it shall remain a mystery, for I will not let you do that."


"Neither shall I. I learned some time ago how uncaring 'creators' could be. I want nothing more to do with them, be it you or any other."


He knows what he has done
What he has become
And he fears he has gone too far
I am here to prove to him that he has
And what do you stand to gain in stopping me?
A chance to live out this hollow lie a moment longer?


"But that's not true! Everyone I've ever met had a face! A name! A life!"
I ready my sword.,
"And I won't let you destroy them!"


"Even if it is a lie…"
Princess Celestia…
"… it is one worth giving my life for."


"Too far? What a faggot."


"I lived my life with no regrets. If it is a lie, it is one I choose to accept in the face of such bold accusations, and I refuse to let it end at the hands of someone such as you, consumed with their own self-righteousness."


So you really are willing to throw yourselves at me to save this ruin of a fanfiction gone wrong?
Faust grasps the blade embedded in thin air
To save the hollow clones that bare the once-proud names of the True Creator's masterpieces?
To save a false world that teeters on the edge of self destruction
She draws the blade out, leaving a bleeding gash in reality itself.
To save yourselves, so you may act out one final chapter in this mockery of a tale
The readies the blade
Then so be it.


"We fight to defend all that we know… you will not destroy us!"

I activate Last Stand and Charge in with a Blast!

Rolled 5 + 3 = 8


Blind it.

Rolled 10 = 10


"And so it begins… the greatest shitstorm of our time."


Rolled 9 = 9


"So be it!"

I use Blast.

Rolled 2 + 3 = 5


Rush in and Suppress her!
"So be it indeed! We won't let you destroy our reality!"

Rolled 3 + 3 = 6


Faust stops your hammer effortlessly with her hand, then slashes you with her sword, lifting you off your hooves.
Your last stand keeps you standing however.
You are destined to fail.
As you swoop in to blast Faust, she rears up and smashes her forehooves on your wings, pinning you down
It will destroy itself in time
You slam against the demon, but it does not even flinch. Instead it grasps you by the head and lifts you up like a toy.
You begin to feel a sharp burning pain on your head, but before any permanent damage is done >>126658
Neith's icy spear shatters on Faust's arm, freezing it in place for a moment, forcing her to loosen her grasp.
Seeing an opportunity, Dawn jumps on the demon's back and plants her hidden blades into its eyes, blinding it.

Faust takes a few stumbling steps and then readies itself again.
+2 to all rolls against Faust next turn.


Backstab Faust.
Only one turn?

Rolled 8 + 5 = 13


I activate Fervor and Power Attack her.

Rolled 6 + 5 = 11


While she loosens her grasps, charge in and strike her!

Rolled 8 + 7 = 15


Activate Fervor and Blast her!

Rolled 7 + 2 = 9


"Destiny or not, it is our right to make a choice!"

Drive my spear up into her!

Rolled 10 + 5 = 15


Hanging on to Faust as she leaps away, you plant your blades into her horse half, hanging on for dear life as she tries to kick of you off, ripping deep silvery gashes into her body before you are flung off.
Seeing your sister draw blood from this supposed supreme god, your faith is bolstered once more.
As she focuses on Dawn, you charge in and smash her bloodied side with your hammer. You can hear bone shatter and see a spray of silver blood stain your armour.
You will not allow this world to fall.
There is too much at stake.
Too much to give.
Too much to lose.
Though broken your blade may be, it can still strike true.
And it does.
You rend a massive but across the belly of Faust, drawing blood and causing the Avatar to falter with her counter.
Which is just the opening you needed. Ignoring the pain in your wing you leap up and impale Faust from below, then slide under her to avoid retaliation.
As Faust staggers from the barrage, she sees you coming and parries your blow with her blade.
She then pulls Gaius' spear out and throws it aside, before taking a step back.
Faust places a hand over her face, and in a flash, recreates her eyes.

The +2 bonus no longer applies.
You gnats actually HURT me…


"We haven't even begun…"
Cleave at her legs!

Rolled 5 + 3 = 8


"Some 'fictional characters' we are, huh?"
Suppress her!

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


"Well you are a BAD pony after all. Your punishment is righteous!"

Whip her good!

Rolled 5 + 4 = 9


"We seem to make a habit of that! Amusing, isn't it?!"

I retrieve my spear and summon my Nightmare Form, tearing into her side.

Rolled 6 + 3 = 9


Use a potion of regular heroism.

Rolled 2 = 2


Though wounded, Faust is no pushover.
Your hammer slams into her hoof, and it works about as well as hitting a stone wall with a stick.
You rebound off her.
Your sexual implications do not amuse me, you projection of a brony's boner
Faust grasps the whip and swings you into the air, flinging you into >>126705 Dawn, who spills her potion on impact.
Faust tries to slash you, but a quick reversion into your mist form renders the blow ineffective.
With Faust distracted, you summon up your strength and finally topple her with a massive headbutt.

Faust falls over and is helpless for one turn.
All successful rolls count as crits.


Vanish and backstab her.

Rolled 9 + 3 = 12


"Quiet you!"


Rolled 2 + 4 = 6


Collect myself and charge back with a Power Strike!

Rolled 5 + 3 = 8


"Attack her while she's open!"
Rush in and attack her again!

Rolled 9 + 5 = 14


"I have conquered this form and use it proudly in service of my lady! Your judgements have no meaning to me!"

I activate Fervor and Power Attack.

Rolled 10 + 3 = 13


I blast he stomach with a fireball.

Rolled 7 = 7


With the Avatar open for a strike, you skid to a halt and vanish from sight, only to reappear in mid charge, inches before sinking your weapons into her wounded side, tearing out a large chunk of meat.
Your whip digs deep into the wounded guts, wrenching out unidentifiable organs
You leap back in and smash the wounded avatar, splashing gore on you and those nearby
You do not care she tried to so brazenly kill you.
You are of little consequence.
But she sought to kill your friends.
And not only your friends.
All life.
You will not let that happen.
For you are the guardian of life.
The very avatar of protection, devotion and unconditional love.
May this invader feel your wrath.
Your slash off an entire back leg in your rage.
Seeing the Avatar so grievously wounded, you charge in, unleashing the full fury of the Nightmare.
An incredible force you fought so long to control.
It came close to ending you and those near you
But now it serves you
And it will pay in full for all the pain it has causes
With a tear in your eye, you strike through her body, sending into the air, nearly splitting it in half.
With the Avatar careening though the air, you hurl a fireball at it, exploding it in mid-flight.

Tiny splatters of silvery blood rain from the smoke cloud as the air goes silent.


And a small lump falls to the ground.
It appears to be a silvery heart.


I approach it warily, checking for any other sings of danger.


Inspect it.


"Take care, Radiant. That is obviously not a soul of any kind. Best to destroy it to be sure."


I pant from the exertion,
"Is it… over?"
I cautiously approach the heart.


There is an appropriately dramatic smoke cloud where Faust exploded.
It pulses with the raw power of creation.
Using it would surely convey a fragment of a creator's power into you.


"I wonder what we should do with this? We cannot let this power go to waste."


Touching the heart will grant each of you the power to create one item or entity of your choice.


"Indeed…but what could we possibly use it for?"


"We should save this."


"Something that can harness the power of the Creator. She said we were just characters following a script, so what if we made something to edit the script ourselves?"


"How could we do that? I can barely grasp the very idea with my mind…"


"…What are you suggesting?"


"I don't know."

"I'm not sure. Maybe a pen that can write on the script, or maybe even the script itself? If not that then the notes written by the creator when he was writing our script?"


"What could we do with it? Attempt to avert it somehow? Or simply verify Faust's claims?"


"Trust me, she is right."


"I was thinking that we could try and get a step ahead of whatever challenges we will face in the future, but I just realized that there is a flaw. There is nothing to keep the creator from changing the script, or simply making things up as he goes."

I sigh.

"I hate to ask for something as simple as a piece of armor, or a weapon, or something to strengthen my powers, but I cannot think of anything else."


"I agree…such power is not something I can wrap my mind around in a meaningful fashion."


I raise my head, eyes going wide with a sudden realization.
"Wait a minute… c- can't we ask for Twilight back?"


"Do we even know we can create something with it? How would we even do that?"
I curiously prod it with a hoof.
I told you what I want in the meta


"We could, but what is to stop her from becoming insane again?"


"That is true, we could…and by extension our Harmony powers again. It would let us rectify a great mistake."

"Perhaps the fact that we were confronted with something greater than what she believed the absolute. The is always something better…"


"That just might work. Good thinking you two."


As you touch the heart, a massive surge of energy courses through you.
You feel the infinite powers of the universe bow to you for a fraction of a moment.
You hold the very power of creation. Endless potential for you to bend and shape as you desire.
And the first thing your heart desires, is the thing it has sought for all this time. Its own sun.

In a flash of light, your eyes ignite once more into their glorious glow. Your wings of light and halo of the sun manifest anew, and the halo then bends into itself and explodes like a blossoming flower of solar fire into a miniature sun that hovers above you.
You are Radiant Isabella Goldentail Dawn. Once the sun's paladin. The sun's champion. The sun's fury. The sun's avatar. And now, the bearer of your own sun.


I take some steps back from the Heart, just staring at the miniature Sun with my mouth hanging.
"I… it actually worked… I feel my powers again!"
Flap my Wings of Light with glee again!

Does it just hover and follow me, or orbit around me?


I shield my eyes.
"Wow. Looks like Celestia won't be the new Sun after all."


It hovers above you


"She still can be… I just have a Sun of my own now! Isn't this totally great?"


"You are going to get a nice tan."


"Gee, Radiant. Why would the creator let the world have two suns?"


"She has earned rest after all."

I peer at the heart.


"This is not a real Sun! It's just a conductor for my powers!"


Touch the heart and ask for power.


Oh yeah, I also examine myself to see if anything changed after that fight. Did I feel any kind of change?


"Keep that thing away from me will you, paladin? I don't feel like melting."

Nudge the heart with my snout


It pulses in anticipation.
It only needs to know what you want.
The surge of power fills you as you feel your body become translucent and ethereal.
Filled with energy that needs an outlet, you dart from shadow to shadow, leaping between points in reality like a teleporting bolt of lightning.
Finally you stop to breathe and look at yourself.
Reflecting your deeds in life, you have become the Avatar of Shadows That Hit First And Ask Questions Never.
>You no longer need to roll for Vanish or Stealth
Your heart grew three sizes and became golden.
Its warm glow can be observed through your armour.
Overall you exude an aura of helpful friendliness.
In a pulse of energy, you suddenly feel your control over the fickle movements of your liquid body become much firmer.
You take on several shapes in the blink of an eye and revert back to a pony.
You no longer need to roll for shapeshifting and get +2 to all ice spells.


Inspect my new body
"Oh my."


"Light and Shadows… some sisters we are."


"And two more of us stop being mere mortals. Welcome to the club."


"Shadows can't exist without light you know."
"Do I look any different?"


"You seem to be more glowy."


"Well thank the gods we are not twins."




"What? Oh right…"



"There's an awful lot of warmth going on around here with two walking central heating systems and a portable sun…"


"You are glowing."


I close my eyes and touch the heart with my hoof.


In a flash, your fire kindles itself into a white hot glow.
Your edges blaze in a blue flame, and your body feels more powerful than ever.
Your fire rivals the hearts of stars. It is no traditional flame. It is the fire of a true force of the universe.
The burning fire of a mortal's will.
The undying flame of hope itself.


"Glowing? Huh…"
I follow Campfire's lead and close my eyes and touch the heart.


I trot in place.
"Wow. Wow! And I thought I was burning hot before!"


As you touch the heart, it connects directly with your own, answering its desire to aid those most direly in need.
You feel a new power emerge for you, and from your heart, a faintly glowing trail of energy latches on to the nearby Campfire, who feels in invigorate his powers.


I walk up to it and touch it.


"What's this?"
I poke at the trail with a flaming winger.


"Well, we'll no longer have to afraid that we won't see in the dark anymore at least."


The Nightmare within you gets a glint in its eye as it feels itself grow in power. It has never felt so strong. It bends its claws and flexes its shape, feeling the massive strength it has suddenly stolen for itself.
With this, it could destroy all who dared oppose it. Topple kingdoms. Subjugate continents. Rest asunder entire races.
But it bows its head obediently as it sees you gaze upon it.
You are its master, and it is merely a weapon for you to wield.
The trail undulates a little
It seems to connect you two on some level.


"I'm… not quite sure? Do you feel anything from it?"
I poke it as well.


"I feel stronger than I've ever felt before. It's incredible."
I keep poking at it.


"Guys, please, could you wait with that until this is over?"


I start strumming it with my wingers like I was playing a harp.


"It makes you feel stronger? Huh…"
"I- It's nothing like th- that!"
I try shifting the trail to Radiant to see if she feels the same way.


"Whoa… this feels strange… what sort of spell is this?"


File: 1348435799965.jpg (38.59 KB, 700x525, 1341670823719.jpg)

As you do your things, Manifest Destiny slowly crawl up the staircase and drags his broken from over to the heart.
"Heart of creation, hear my wish
With what I have left I ask for this
So we have a chance in the final fight
Return to us our dearest Twilight."
He then collapses as the heart pulses and explodes, sending him tumbling back to the stairwell.
Some noise can be heard downstairs.

However before you can react to it, the cloud of smoke vanishes.
Faust sits in the air, held aloft by great wings of impossible light.
Her horse-like half is gone, and she now fully resembles a Beyonder, though notably large in size, and made entirely of featureless light.



So long as you remember your place, monster…

"Interesting. I did not know you two felt that way about each other."


I slump a little as trail disconnects from me.


"What? No! I knew this was not over!"

Fervor and Blast it!

Rolled 8 + 4 = 12


Blind him.

Rolled 4 = 4


"Die already!"
I hit her with a fiery Unrelenting Force.

Rolled 3 = 3


"Wah! Impure beast!"

Activate Fervor and Blast!

Rolled 10 + 1 = 11


"Wha- but we destroyed you! How are you still back?"
Suppress her!

Rolled 10 + 3 = 13


I snarl and charge up, Power Attacking her.


Rolled 8 + 5 = 13


You leap into flight, held aloft by your wings of light. Dicing under her spear of energy, you smash one of her wings with your hammer, exploding a fragment of it with notable force.
You take flight as well, and aim for her face once more, but before your blades can hit, she grasps you by the throat and sinks her sword into you
You plummet down helplessly.
Your fiery blast fails to even make her flinch, and she retaliates with a gigantic spear of energy that scythes you down in a single hit, leaving you helpless.
Seeing the mighty fire avatar fall you see your chance to shine for once.
Leaping upwards with icy wings, you dodge her counterattack and sing your blade into her with explosive force, tossing her around a little in the air.
You take flight and smash your weapon into her with the full force of your body, driving it deep into her and causing her to lose altitude under your weight.
Seeing a chance, you leap up and catch her as Gaius forces her down, pinning the huge beyonder to the ground for a short moment.

Normal hits count as crits for one round.
Misses are still crit misses.



Shivermist on her

Rolled 6 + 2 = 8


When I switch the trail, does it take effect on this turn or the next?
I switch the trail to Campfire, and bring my sword down on her head!
"Haven't we killed you enough?!"

Rolled 10 + 5 = 15


I reshape an arm into a blade, then drive it and my spear into her chest.

Rolled 1 + 5 = 6


I activate Last Stand and bring my hammer down with a Power Attack!

Rolled 1 + 4 = 5


"Thanks, Sol!"
I stand back up.

Rolled 6 + 2 = 8


Try to get up.

Rolled 4 = 4


The effect is instant.
You slam your blade into the featureless head, causing a few motes of energy to puff from it
With a delightful line that would surely win you the adoration of a certain diamond dog, you blast a freezing spell onto the beyonder avatar, freezing parts of it stiff
You stand up, right on time to witness something horrible.
You lift your hammer with such speed you lose a little balance. In the split second it takes you to focus again, Faust's spear of light strikes into you, knocking the hammer away.
You yourself feel hurt, but can still stand. After all, even if all else fails, this will be your last stand.
The pain overwhelms you and you collapse back down.
Faust tosses Sol off her and leaps through the air, punching her ethereal fist through Gaius' entire body, ripping out the Nightmare Soul, setting it free.
Gaius is no longer in control of the Nightmare.
Nightmare has been added to the battlefield.


Try again.

Rolled 9 = 9


I hit Faust with a fireball.

Rolled 4 + 2 = 6


"What?! NO!"

I activate Last Stand and Blast the Nightmare.

Rolled 2 + 3 = 5


"Damn it! You take care of this! Gaius, help me against Nightmare!"
I retreat from Faust, and Power Attack Nightmare instead.

Rolled 4 + 4 = 8


Move the trail to Radiant!
Make chase after her and continue slashing at her for further hurting my friends!

Rolled 9 + 5 = 14


"That's the feeling of rigor mortis setting in! DIE!"

Freeze her stuck!

Rolled 9 + 2 = 11


I shout at them.
"Why are you attacking it? Shouldn't the Nightmare be smart enough to recognize that is in just as much danger as we are?"


You jump up.
This is no time to mind some silly massive bodily wounds.
Faust catches the fireball in her hand and crushes it, then swoops down to strike you to the ground.
Nightmare swoops down and smashes into you, forcing you into a wrestle.
With Sol's trail boosting you, you bring your hammer down on Nightmare, smashing it to the ground and leaving it helpless for the time being.
You dash in to catch Faust before she can regain altitude, and slash her again, removing a part of one of her wings.
The low flying beyonder makes for an easy target, and you freeze her wings, forcing her to land and stand up on the ground.


I stand back up.

Rolled 4 = 4


Vanish and backstab.

Rolled 8 + 3 = 11


Move the trail to Campfire!
Continue the assault on her! Keep her grounded and away from everyone else!

Rolled 7 + 5 = 12


Shivermist again! Turn this place into an ice palace!

Rolled 10 + 2 = 12


"I did not come so far to lose to you in a cheap trick! You will submit!!"

Blast it and attempt to regain control.

Rolled 1 + 3 = 4


Use Prayer of Protection!

Rolled 4 + 3 = 7


Chain Lightning, starting with Faust!

Rolled 7, 9, 1, 5, 2 + 4 = 28


With Sol's blessing heart invigorating you, you muscle up again.
You can rest when you are dead.
You hop into the air and disappear into the darkness, then like a striking serpent reappear near Faust, planting your blades in her back.
Your swordplay is impressive indeed, Guardian of Life. For every blow she parries you sink another into her, forcing even the avatar of creation to take a step back.
You summon up the fury of your frozen heart and unleash it in a scything blizzard of icicles that forces Faust to cover herself with her wings.
Nightmare laughs and bites into your throat, then kicks you down and leaps away, leaving your bleeding, body behind.
However you are not helpless, as Radiant erects an aura of protection to keep the party safe for the time being.
You channel your chain lightning through the Soul Staff, striking both Faust and Nightmare, dropping Nightmare down, seemingly helpless.

Faust seems to be getting angry


Use death blow on faust.

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


Maintain the Aura!

Rolled 5 + 3 = 8


Right, activate Fervor and Blast her again!

Rolled 1 = 1


I use Heal on Gaius.

Rolled 3 + 3 = 6


Don't think of anything. One more foe to strike down. One more obstacle to Destroy..

Draw upon the power of the soulmass and fire a storm of 9 Magic Bolts at Faust and Nightmare.

Rolled 3, 8, 2, 8, 7, 6, 5, 5, 5 + 4 = 53


I force myself up and back on Nightmare, then use Fervor and Power Attack.

"I swore an oath! It will be kept!! SUBMIT!!"

Rolled 1 + 3 = 4


Switch the blessing to Gaius!
Continue attacking her!

Rolled 8 + 5 = 13


You jab your blades into Faust's neck and rip outwards.
Such a blow would decapitate any foe.
But… not Faust
You maintain the integrity of the barriers
You feel an all too familiar feeling creep up on you.
You are not entirely sure what it is, but you are almost certain you've forgotten something.
However, your foes will not forget the fure of the Lord of Magic.
Your storm of bolts cuts down Nightmare and cracks one of Faust's wings.
With Faust busy guarding herself from the magical barrage, you lay into her, cracking another wing with your blade.
You heal up Gaius
Who thanks to it stands up and leaps onto Nightmare
It grins and vanishes
Possessing Neith instead, creating The Frozen Nightmare
>Resist: DC6
>Regain control: DC10 or beaten helpless


I bathe Faust in flames.
Rolling for Dragon Breath.

Rolled 1 = 1



Rolled 2 = 2


"I am what I am! I think, therefore I am! If we must prove our right to our existence by swatting you down, then so be it! Be still!"

Shivermist! Freeze her down!

Rolled 7 + 4 = 11


Can I switch my blessing to Neith to help her roll against control?
If I can, I do that. If not, I switch it to Gaius.

Continue laying into Faust! As long as she's distracted, the rest of the party can keep laying into Nightmare!

Rolled 5 + 3 = 8


"For the Light's sake, get it together!"

I flare up my Light even more and maintain the Protection around my friends again!

Rolled 8 + 3 = 11


"You are not real!"
Try to cut her head off.

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10



I tackle Neith.

Rolled 9 + 3 = 12


As Campfire turns to bathe the Beyonder in flame, Frozen Nightmare leaps onto him, causing both avatars to go haywire as their opposing elements collide
Your ice blast freezer her legs.
Faust grabs your sword and stabs hers through your armour. She then throws you aside like a sack of meat.
Your aura stops Sol from being hurt too badly, but maintaining it is taking a heavy toll on you.
You force your blade through the neck and pop Faust's head off.
It explodes into energy and a new one grows in its place.
As the two avatars wrestle, you tackle Frozen Nightmare off Campfire and pin it down. It is now helpless and open for attack.


"What the fuck?"
Backstab her in the base of the wings.

Rolled 5 + 3 = 8


I try to hit Faust with a fireball.

Rolled 1 = 1


Try to expel this demon out of my being!

Rolled 3 = 3


Put a Protective Bubble around campfire.

Rolled 6 + 4 = 10


"Return to your prison! She is not your toy!"


Rolled 1 + 3 = 4


Instead of letting the protective aura fade I let it shower those everyone with it's light, and turn it into a Prayer of Healing on the whole party!
Remember, that was the spell I picked up from Faust's horn

Rolled 9 + 3 = 12


Switch the blessing to Dawn!

I get back to my hooves and make another charge at her! Try to Suppress her!

Rolled 2 + 3 = 5


Faust spins around and grabs you by the throat before flinging you away
The Nightmare laughs and expels itself from Neith, splitting apart in the air and landing fragments in all party members.
All crit fails will now be resolved as critical attacks against your allies.
Ridding yourself of possession is DC10
Campfire has a bubble though.
Radiant's prayer of healing restores everyone to full health and reduces the possession DC to 8
You stagger back up and charge Faust, who slams her sword through your back, pinning you to the ground.


Faust begins charging a powerful attack.
Landing at least 8 critical hits on her will cancel it.


I struggle to get back up on my hooves, still a little in shock about the thought of being possessed by an evil demon. I cast Shivermist on Faust.

Rolled 5 + 2 = 7


"Stop her! Stop her!"

Magic Storm! 9 Storm Bolts, fueled by the power of the souls we have sacrificed! We can ill afford to fail now, when all is at stake..

Rolled 9, 2, 4, 4, 5, 3, 9, 1, 7 + 4 = 48


I try to force the Nightmare out of me in a massive blast of fire that I aim at Faust.
Rolling Dragon Breath

Rolled 5 = 5


Charge Faust again! Keep her from letting that attack off!
Shift the blessing to whoever's closest to a crit!

Rolled 6 + 5 = 11


Activate Fervor and Power Attack Faust.
Nightmare will have to wait.

Rolled 2 + 4 = 6


Grimace and attack Faust.

Rolled 1 + 3 = 4


Your ice envelops her, but does no visible damage
There may once have been someone you cared for deeply.
But if there was, no memory remains.
For that memory feeds your fury
As the Lord of Magic you are prepared to give up all you have gained in life to save creation.
You unleash a storm of magical fury, hammering Faust with an unrelenting magical barrage fueled with the art of soul casting.
And that sacrifice is not in vein.
You charge in, your heart set on aiding Freke, and land your blade through her chest, causing much energy to bleed out
You begin your roaring charge, only to suddenly >>127054 feel the bite of Gaius' spear in your unprotected leg, causing your sun to flare out and protect you from going helpless.
Its shine then dims a little as it sets to recharge.

Faust takes a few deep breaths as her spell breaks


You missed me.


The end result is not changed.
You are still possessed as well.


Freeze that yapping mouth of her shut!

Rolled 3 + 2 = 5


I conjure up a fireball and shoot it at Faust.

Rolled 7 = 7


"You sound just like every foe we have struck down. They thought themselves almighty, only to be defeated, again and again! Now, know the power of gods, tempered by the dreams of mortals, fueled by the wisdom of those who have walked both roads! "


Rolled 2 + 4 = 6


Grit my teeth but ignore Gaius, and fly up with my wings to evade him, then dive down and try to power attack Faust again!

Rolled 4 + 4 = 8


Backstab her again.

Rolled 6 + 3 = 9


Drag my sword upwards, tearing her form and cause her bleed even more energy!

Rolled 3 + 3 = 6


She did this! SHE DID THIS!

I strike Faust with a Power Attack.

Rolled 7 + 3 = 10


Oh, and I also give Freke the blessing.


Faust deflects your ice bolt and returns fire with a spear of light that strikes through you, rendering you helpless.
Your fireball explodes against Faust's wing, but she seems unharmed. before you can even react, another light spear strikes you down
Your lightning fizzles as a light spear slashes through your head, dropping you to the ground.
You seem to be free of possession though.
Your dive comes to an abrupt end as Faust slams her blade thought you. Your sun, still resting, cannot protect you, and you are thrown aside like a rag.
You leap on Faust's back and try to plant your blade in her, but she crouches down and explodes a wave of power outwards, sending you crashing into Radiant.
Both of you are freed of possession however
Finally, Faust turns to you, dragging your sword out of her and stabbing it through tour armour, then kicking you away.
With all around you going wrong, you focus your force.
Nightmare or no.
You will not fall.
Not today.
You strike Faust back and she skids to a halt, grasping her wounds.

"They will not"
"We will not"
"This world will not"'
"All of creation will not"
"Not the gods"
"Nor mortals"
"Not now"
"Not ever"
"We will see to that"
It seems you have reinforcements.
The Elements of Harmony
The Princesses
Manifest Destiny
and The Laughing One


Faust is at half HP
The tables are turning



"Everyone, quickly! Form the Avatar!"
I open myself to Harmony.


"Lets do this."


"Right. Hope you don't mind sharing your body with a demon that tries to make you kill everyone."


"So be it!"


I exhale and join in.

"Yes…If I must be rendered as such, then I can at least do this!"

"I shall try to take it back into myself as we join."


"Elements! Celestia!"
I let myself smile, and quickly get to my hooves, flaring my Light up.

"Let's get this over with! United, she won't have a chance against us!"


"Let's finish this!"
I open myself up to harmony as well.



The Elements of Harmony nod and leap into action.
The Princesses form the core body of the familiar Lord of Harmony
The Elements join in, finishing the main body.
Each of the party, now all powered to demigod status, join the construct, boosting it beyond its normal state and into True Harmony.
Finally, Manifest Destiny - the Creator's Chosen - and The Laughing One - Last of the Gods, join in.
With all the god souls in one place
And with the Creator itself watching
True Harmony ascends beyond all possible limits, swelling into sizes dwarfing Faust entirely.
A construct of not only Harmony, but embodying every aspect of the divine pantheon, rises to oppose the harbinger of destruction.
Beyond True Harmony, rises the Transcended Superharmony Juggernaut Lord - The Deus Ex Machina.


All of you.. I would like to say that it was a pleasure to have known you all. Now, begin!

Protective bubble on the new being we comprise!

Rolled 7 + 8 = 15


I shoot an appropriately sized Fireball at Faust.

Rolled 8 + 8 = 16


Heroism to get rid of critfails!

Rolled 10 + 6 = 16


Blind her.

Rolled 1 + 6 = 7


I reach out through the body and draw all the Nightmare fragments back into myself.

Rolled 6 + 6 = 12


Hi Celestia! Did you see it? I have my very own Sun!

I activate Last Stand and Fervor to bring down a Power attack on Faust!
Show her the Power of the Sun!

Rolled 1 + 6 = 7


A massive shield forms around the Deus Ex Machina, protecting it from Faust's retaliatory bolts.
As the throws them light spears left and right, the Deus Ex Machina summons up a white hot meteor of flame upon its horn and flings it down, exploding the beyonder avatar off its feet, cracking more of the wings.
As Nightmare sees opportunity in the distracted minds of the Dawn sisters, Gaius, bolstered by Neith's aid, locates the remaining fragments and subdues them at last.
Nightmare roars out as it is drawn back in and contained back into service safely.

Faust drags herself up
Faust seemingly shatters chunks of reality, crushing stars in the sky with her mind and drawing the power into her body, swelling it to a size to match yours.


She wants stars? She can have stars. I open our mouth and engulf her in white hot plasma.
Rolling for Dragon Breath.

Rolled 6 + 8 = 14


Use deathblow on her!

Rolled 2 + 6 = 8


Try to Power Attack again!

Rolled 4 + 6 = 10


False? When we are done with you, it is you who shall be looked upon as a false being! Begone!

Blast lightning at the monster.

Rolled 3, 9 + 8 = 20


Try doing Deathblow on her!

Rolled 10 + 6 = 16


It figures she can respond in kind…

I use Blast.

Rolled 5 + 6 = 11


The Deus Ex Machina opens its mouth, and in a roar that would make the elemental plane of Bear pale in terror, breathes out the white hot fury of a dying star, causing her entire body to fracture under the intense heat
Faust slams her sword through the throat of the Deus Ex Machina, causing it to reel in agony as the Beyonder attempts to topple it
But the Deus Ex Machina retaliates, pushing back and smashing against the massive foe
It then unleashes mighty bolts of lightning to further crack the shell of the beyonder
widens those cracks with an explosive headbutt
And finally manifests a weapon composed of the collected will of all creation, a blade that could shatter worlds if directed at them in fury.
It strikes this sword through Faust, leaving a giant, gaping hole in her torso.

Faust' wings break apart, forming spidery legs.
All rolls under 5 count as crit fails. Regardless of modifiers.
Don't beef it lads.


Vanish and backstab.

Rolled 1 + 6 = 7


Deathblow again!

Rolled 6 + 6 = 12


Come on everyone, just a little while longer! We can do this!

Aura of Protection on ourselves!

Rolled 10 + 8 = 18


And so are we. Return to the beyond from whence you came!

Allies, take this power! TAKE IT!
Arcane Instability.

Rolled 1 + 8 = 9


I Blast Faust.

Rolled 10 + 6 = 16


We've come this far! It is just one more foe, regardless of how powerful she may be!

I activate Last Stand and cast use Power Attack.

Rolled 5 + 6 = 11



Rolled 6 + 8 = 14


The Deus Ex Machina vanishes from sight and appears behind Faust, but as it lunges forward Faust vanishes as well, appearing on top of the massive construct. She sinks her sword into one of the gigantic wings of the Deus Ex Machina, ripping it clean off. As the wing explodes into energy, Faust absorbs it.
But the Deus Ex Machina fights back! Bucking Faust off itself, it readies the same ethereal balde for a new blow, cleaving off one of Faust's arms
A protective barrier form to guard the souls that bind the Deus Ex Machina together. They are safe from harm, come what may.
However, Faust sees a weakness. Even if she cannot assault the souls within, she can still damage the external form!
With a thundering slash, she cleaves the Deus Ex Machina's horn off.
But her victory is short lived. The construct rears back and slams her with its hooves, the force of the explosion splitting Faust's fractured body further
The Deus Ex Machina then rushes in to slam the Beyonder
And finally it turns around and delivers a double kick to its foe, sending it crashing backwards.

With both combatants badly damaged, Faust chuckles.
As you gaze upwards, you can see stars in the sky exploding, funneling their dying energy into Faust, whose spidery limbs wave it into a gigantic ball of energy.

I suggest thinking hard and thinking fast.




I do not know what will happen after this, but… Please. I want all of you to carry out our ideals. Teach the mortals how to live on their own. Let not the tyranny of gods suffer them. Give them power to challenge providence, like we did. Above all, do not presume to decide right or wrong for them, for they must be masters of their own fate. It is improper that any of us be worshiped, lest we allow ourselves to become blind shepards to blind sheep, like the tyrants we have vanquished. Now..

Draw upon the power of everyone's souls. The emotion, dreams, and will that everyone feels. Should I burn out here, it will have been worth it, if it works. For the ideals I have, and for that person I admired, whoever he or she was…


Rolled 1 + 8 = 9


Help him with that.

Rolled 8 + 6 = 14


We can do this!

Rolled 7 + 8 = 15


Yes… let them be masters of their own fate, let them choose their own path through life! Let them be their own shepherds!
Now friends… l- let's finish this!
I channel all of my will into assisting him!

Rolled 8 + 6 = 14


We were meant to do this!

Rolled 6 + 8 = 14


Come on Freke, we can do this!

Rolled 2 + 6 = 8


This pretty much goes against everything I used to stand for… oh well.

Let's get on with it.

Rolled 4 + 6 = 10


No, heroes. This is a burden you cannot carry for us. It is time the gods owned up to their deeds, and faced the consequences of their hubris.
The Laughing One, last of the old gods, offers his Joyous soul to aid your casting.
Luna and Celestia release the Twisted Soul and Hollow Soul.
The Radiant Soul, Judging Soul, Dark Soul, Lawful Soul and Neutral Soul
Finally, the Nightmare Soul is consumed as well.
All nine god souls, the greatest of all in creation, along with parts of the souls of the highest champions among mortals, are burned to fuel the Mirror Soul.

As Faust unleashes the power of unmaking, a storm of energy strong enough to annihilate all of creation, it strikes the mirror forged of the gods.
Even such a force bends and buckles to handle so much energy, and eventually it shatters, forming into a great lance of energy that houses the very power of creation.
Take this, champions. And through it, inherit the heavens. May the world you lead be a worthy successor to ours.
As the lance strikes through you, each and every one of your souls is empowered beyond their limits.
An infinite amount of energy is absorbed in a flash, and Faust stands dumfounded, staring at the Deus Ex Machina, now pumped with the energy of a universe's creation.

>+999 to all rolls


Rolled 585 = 585


I Blast her.

Rolled 6 + 999 = 1005


"It shall end, now!"
I activate both Last Stand and Fervor again, then Blast Faust!

Rolled 5 + 999 = 1004



Rolled 9 + 999 = 1008


"For everyone's th- that had to suffer for all this… for a- all the good lives wasted! F- For all the misery and g- grief this has caused! Let's FINISH THIS!

Rolled 6 + 999 = 1005


Magic.. the innate power of all with sapience, of beings who have evolved from mindless beasts to build something greater than themselves…
Take it! This proof, the mark of power that drives the greatness of all of us! That which we have forged ourselves, to destroy all obstacles!

Launch a single, mighty Magic Spear to strike at her core.

Rolled 2 + 999 = 1001


Backstab her.

Rolled 8 + 999 = 1007



Rolled 9 + 8 = 17



Rolled 1 + 999 = 1000


Faust slams her spidery limbs into the Deus Ex Machina, hoping to halt the massive construct.
But it is not the construct she needs to fear.
It is the souls within.
The souls that burn with the fire born of mortal hearts.
The souls that broke the gods
The souls that stopped the destruction of all creation
The white hot Avatar of Flame
The Lord of Cinders
Inheritor of the Ashfather
Radiant Dawn
The Sun's Fury and Bearer
The Avatar of the Sun
Wielder of Her blessings
Renowned Inquisitor
Lady of Frost
Avatar of Ice
Cold hearted to the end
The Guardian of Life
Clad in her father's armour
Forever devoted to protecting others
Lord of Magic
Avatar of Souls
Last wielder of Soul Casting
Avatar of Shadows
With the prettiest dress in creation
And a face to match
And Gaius
Lord of the Night
Jailer of the Nightmare
Who seems a little too excited about this moment

Faust, defenseless as she has her arms busy with the Deus Ex Machina, is unable to block their combined assault
And like a meteor shower of righteous fire
They strike the giant Beyonder down, cracking her body and shattering it.
As she falls and breaks down, her final words echo through the heavens

Fucking Bronies…

And then, there is silence.
For a moment.
All of creation breathes a sigh of relief.

Manifest Destiny limps over and kneels.
"Champions. Heroes. When you are ready, the Master wishes to speak with you."



Ahaha… ahahaha… Are we all alright? Elements? Princesses?


Is it over? Celestia, all you all right?

"He does?"


…What's a brony?
…Never mind that. I- Is it really over?

"About what?"


This… 'master'.. Prepare yourselves.


The Deus Ex Machina breaks down into individual ponies again.
The Elements reform
The Princesses, lacking physical bodies, simply take a semi-ethereal shape

"The Master wishes to discuss the future"


Quickly separate myself from that dreadful thing.

"I hope that was the last time we had to do… that. What does your master wish to speak us about? Does it involve getting rid of all those escaped demons?"


"The master is here?"


"Future? Right, yes. Where is he?"


"Then bring us to him."


I slouch, exhausted.

"If he wishes."

I just want to rest.


I frown.
Then I turn to Manifest Destiny.
"Hey, wait, can your Master grant her a new body?"


"Bring us to him then."
I shakily sit down, exhausted from the fight.


Walk inside the room just as he says this

"And rewards too I hope?"


File: 1348451427770.jpg (683.81 KB, 1157x1613, AngelFatherBalder.jpg)

"Heroes… the Master"
A shape is standing near him.
Though vague and ethereal, it is clearly a beyonder.

It kneels down to be at your height, and smiles.



I follow inside and mutter under my breath,
"Fuckin' perv…"
I turn to look at Manifest Destiny,
"Rewards would be pretty fuckin' nice."


Close your weary eyes
You have earned your rest

WHEN WE LAST LEFT OUR HEROES they had defeated the avatar of the True Creator, and Manifest Destiny had summoned his Master, the creator of this reality, to greet you.

It ends here.
Please report in one more time.


I am here.


"Can you fix our world?"


Night is ready.





Rolled 6 = 6



The Creator looks at the world below and then turns to you
I could, but in doing so, I would need to destroy much of the old to replace it with new, and that would take very long. Though making a simple pony takes but the snap of ones fingers, giving it a soul and the glint of true life in it's eye takes far longer. In time, the world will heal on its own accord. But its inhabitants will need new gods to show them the way.


"You… are… you are saying we should become the new gods, are you?"


"Or maybe a new creator that doesn't mess up quite so badly."


"Can you give the Princesses bodies?"


"What are you saying?"


"But what about our friends and families?"


I can see no better candidates for a new pantheon. You have faced every great threat to this world and overcome each in turn. You truly are the greatest heroes in my creation.
You of all should not be the one to speak of one's shortcomings, lady of ice.
The creator lifts a finger and the princesses pop back into corporeal form
Observe the world, fairest Dawn. As you struggled against the gods, thousands of years passed. The world you lived in has died long since.
I'm saying I would gladly ascend your souls to make the new gods of this world.


"We should not take the places of the old gods after what we have done. To assume their positions through such violence, bloodshed, and misguidance is wrong."


I bow my head.
"Thank you for that!"

After a quick smile towards Celestia, I turn back to the creator.

"How do we become Gods? We are just mortals, we don't even have such powerful souls as the gods!"


"Would we be able to go back to the mortal world once we are gods? Will be be as resistant to death as they were?"


"B-But my husbando… And my dad…"
Try to not cry.

Rolled 2 = 2


"They're… dead? What… what about my comrades Card Trick and Aurelia?"


"Then so be it. But what power will we have to help and guide our kin? Will we be granted ability similar to that of the Sun and Moon? I wish to know the abilities.. and limitations of what I am to become."


"M- make us into the new gods?! But… we're just mortals! How can you expect us to deal with that power?
A- and… they're all dead? Everyone?"


I fall silent as realisation hits me as well.
I walk over to Dawn.
"Sister… I…"
I hug her to try and comfort her.


"Wait… did you just say that fucking thousands of years have passed? Are you shitting me?"
"Y- yeah! What about them?"


"I'm sorry. I.. could tell that there was no way I, or any of us would ever return to my old life, but I didn't want to say anything. I was holding out for a bit of hope, but…"



"'Just'? Do not dare to think of yourself like that. I synergy, there is no such thing as 'just'. In unity, we are far better handled to power than singular tyrants easily corrupted."


"I wonder if you are not becoming too enamored with this prospect."


"Of course he is, the powerhungry wolf he is."


And how do you think those gods took their positions then, if not through succession?
No. Not yet at least. But that is why I am here.
For the gods to walk among mortals would be unheard of. As the old gods, you, too, could bless avatars and guide prophets, but your realm would be these high heavens, not the lands of mortals.
Them and the beloved ones of all who lived. Death is a constant of the universe, and losses cannot be avoided. Not even through me. I never desired the devastation you have seen. But it is done, and cannot be reverted.
As the new pantheon, you will embody new aspects of the world you see worthy of granting your patronage. Your predecessors chose the sun and moon to represent virtue and vigilance, and raised laughter, law, chaos, death, betrayal, destruction and nature to divine position.


Hug her and try to stop crying.

Rolled 9 = 9


"Wha- But… But…"

Rolling to not lose my shit

Rolled 10 = 10


I frown.

"So how long has this cycle repeated itself? Are we to fall victim to it as well, murdered by misguided mortals who will eventually take our place?"


"And what makes you so sure that we'll be able to handle that power? That we won't become corrupt like the gods before us? Have you not heard the phrase 'absolute power corrupts absolutely'?"
"So i- it is true…"
I sit down and drop my head, silently mouthing prayers for all my friends who have departed.


It's fine. Those mortal feeling are still rotted deep within you. I knew Dagger well, and I know you would have liked to know him better as well. And you will. In another time and place.
Focused as always, Neith. You seem to be taking this well.


"I'm saying that there is no reason to think that we are not any better suited to power than the old gods. Whether we actually are… is an entirely different mater."

"As much as I hesitate to trust your judgment.. that is what all of us are for, to stop any one of us from doing the same as the older gods and going mad with power."

"The old aspects do not need new gods to represent them, then? There is no need for a new Destroyer?"


"But we know nothing about Godhood! What if we fail and make a living hell for the mortals?"


"Really?! How? When?"


"Wha- but… that's fucking bullshit! Complete and utter fucking bullshit!"
I growl and punch whatever's closest to me.
Hopefully it's a wall or something.


"The fact that you are worried about that would show a good start. We still have that perspective, at least."



I rummage through my saddlebags and take out a certain picture as tears well up in my eyes.

"I never got to say goodbye… or sorry for that matter."


"You mean we must link emotions or concepts to us?"

I look at my friends.
"What do we have already? Fire, day, night, ice and water, magic, and whatever Dawn and Sol have become?"

I look at Ali and Groves, then back to the creator.
"What about those two? What about the Elements of Harmony and the Princesses?"


"Who but us? We cannot afford to worry, only to trust in our own judgment and take things as they come."


"Give me some company and an endless supply of alcohol and food and I'm happy!"


"Yes, but we cannot ascribe our judgements over all. What right do we have?"

"How were you even called here?"


Do you honestly want to know? Do you truly even care?
You are the best this reality can offer. I should know. And there are no other options, beyond tearing it all down and beginning anew.
Destruction will always exist. For things will always break. Mortals will always destroy. But it need not have a dedicated god. It could merely be an aspect of a greater concept.
You will learn.
It is most likely beyond your comprehension. But in another time and place, you are with him right now.
Allow me.
The creator manifests a punching bag for you.
I cannot simply undo the damage left by Faust's passing. If I could, there would be no dramatic tension. But… hm…
The elements and princesses are unexpected elements. You can do as you see fit with them, either sending them back to the world to guide mortals, or keeping them as advisers here.


"..Exactly. It will be our choice as to how much influence we should have, and I.. have an estimate of how much I should."


"Thats… nice? I guess."


"I… I'd like it if the Princesses could stay here with us to rest… maybe the Elements could become the new Princesses to the mortals?"


"I found an ad in the newspaper that champions for the gods were needed. How am I supposed to know? I just arrived here out of nowhere."


I rub my temples,
"If you say so… I- I still don't know about this though…"


"Hedonism? I…guess that has its place in the world?"

"What right do we have to leave them without leaders?"

"Would it be possible to let them travel back and fourth and grant them immortality that they can opt out of, or very long life? Do the mortals still have any memory of the princesses or the Elements?"


I sigh and put the picture away again, collecting myself.

"I accept your assignment. Trust me when I say I am determined to execute my job correctly and successfully."


"As figures beloved, the Princesses should be allowed to keep in contact with mortals to guide them, along with the elements. If they can advise us from the mortal realm, then there is no need to… imprison them with us."


"…yes. This system is broken, and the world deserves better than what has happened because of it."


"They were struck down because they had become corrupt, and mortals felt the need to remove them. They became corrupt because they lost their sense of duty to mortals. We need only ensure we do not fall to the same traps. And if we do… then it is only right that we be slain as well."


Your then-self seemed to appreciate it at least
Heh… Oh if only things were so easy to plan ahead for. Mortals are fickle things, you never know what they do with the gifts you give them.
The creator gazes at the world again
In the chaos left upon the world by the fall of the old gods, most old knowledge has been lost. They do not remember names or faces, and barely remember the concepts they embodied.
It will no longer be about jobs, Neith. You will no longer be the one answering to superiors. I am offering you, all of you, near absolute power over the mortal world. Understand that.


I punch it several times,
"This is just… fuck. Fuck everything."
I slump down against a wall.
"You mentioned those… elements or whatever, and the princesses. What about me and that creep? What the fuck is going to happen to us?"


"Oh im so happy for her!"


"So what's happened in the time that we've been fighting? Have they become a godless society? Is there even a society to speak of?"


"Creep? Your words cut into my very being, miss Ali. Whatever have I done to deserve such rudeness?"


Game postponed due to IRL


"How could we undestand Godhood when we can barely grasp it's concept?"


"Then.. I suppose it is settled, if this is how things must be."

Oh damn


"… You honestly think we are the best choice of ponies?"

"Calm down Ali…"


"Now.. what will you do with us? Are there any requests we can make with you?"



I will do my best to fulfill your requests. This world will be yours to guide, and I will grant you every tool I can to do that task.


That is a path you will forge for yourself as you walk it. It will feel scary at first, I know, but in short time you will learn to understand what you need to do for the world to thrive.


"Then.. my domain shall be over the souls of mortals, and the power that is their right… magic."

"I wish to have every soul imbued with a tiny bit of magic that is meant to destroy us. Alone, a single soul can do nothing, but should mortals choose to unite against us, for whatever reason.. then we have lost our right to rule them, if we even had such right in the first place, and we should step down or be destroyed. Perhaps this thought will keep us from going astray like the previous gods did."


"Even if we do… You mentioned power beyond everything we know, but Faust was talking about something controlling all of us? Was she lying? Or if not and that is the case which I doubt, would we be able to be free in our Godhood?"


"Your little fetish for power has been satisfied, mage. I'm curious to see how long it will take you to go crazy with it."


Then so it shall be done. May your nobility not bite you in the ass later.
The Creator rams his ghostly hand into your heart and extracts a piece of your screaming soul, which he then crushes and scatters above the mortal realm.
Multicolored snow falls gently above the mortal world for but a short passing moment, an event many mortals will record and remember as a sight from above.
It is done. The mortal souls have been imbued with the antithesis of your divine essence. The darkness to your light. The Chaos to your Harmony. The death to your life.
Not even I am without a master, for that is how I created this reality. A supreme power resides above the gods and their creator, a power that controls the fate of all. And so it must, so that we remain humble.


"So it is true… whatever we may do, we'll forever remain puppets to be toyed with…"


"I am merely carrying on the ideals I have always had as a mortal. My mind will inevitably become more and more different now that I am a god, to the point where I will be unfit to judge good or evil. Should I be judged evil, just as I judged the Sun and Moon corrupt, then there is no reason for me to keep my power over them.

"That does remind me… back in the Garden of Chaos, when I gave in to the strangest of urges to yell out an attack name when we struck down Discord with the harmony conduit, I felt an overwhelming presence, as if I had played into the hands of some being. Was that you?"

"A same oddity occurred back when I was gambling in Tambelon. Somehow.. I cannot recall the details of the card game,but what should have had luck entirely filtered out with my Sight ended up seeming as if it was determined by providence anyway."

"This is the failsafe. Now, what will you do for mortals with your power, hmm?"


"So you made us? You created all of us, this entire world? Everything that has ever existed in this realm?"

"Keeping balance, as per usual. With a slight emphasis on destroying the vile and wicked."


The supreme one is not malicious, it is mindless, though fickle. Some may call it destiny, others fate. Though I have a different name for it.
I did always have a taste for theater, so I on occasion stepped in to guide events towards more… dramatic outcomes. Yes.
I made this reality and all in it. That is correct.


Herp, meant to quote >>140733


"How did that… work exactly? And why? Why create this entire world?"


"What sort of different names?"


"Dramatic.. outcomes? At what expense, though?"

Activate Fourth Eye. Check every word he says. And should the worst beyond the worst be inevitable, find a weakness to exploit.

Rolled 1 + 6 = 7


I believe the easiest way to explain it to a mortal mind would be to say I did it for amusement. The power to create often leaves one hungering for greater and greater creations, so in my search for fulfillment, I took it upon myself to create a reality and populate it with further creations.
I call it the RNG
You overstep your boundaries, Lord of Magic
Your mind is overcome with terror as you attempt to comprehend a being so far beyond yourself. You have tried forcing you gaze where it has no place to go, and now pay the price.


"The what now?"


The Supreme One. The Ruler of Fate. The Random Number God.


"And how does he… it control us?"


"For… fun?"

I grimace, what a stupid reason to do something.

I bet he likes things too, that wastrel


"I… I…"

"….will serve my charges as I should, by giving them power to bring down all that would seek to abuse them for their whims. That is my Reason for continuing to push boundaries. Now.. what is this Random Number God? You make it sound like an entity of pure happenstance."


Through his unknowable will. Often it has a say in our greatest moments of triumph and failure, in one way or another.
That, and to keep me from using my powers for… less benevolent purposes.
That is what it is. It resides beyond my throne, in the great nothing outside my creation. It has many forms, and many ways of expressing itself, but in all, it is an incarnation of fate and causality, and I am its prophet and interpreter.


"And you are subject to its whims? You have no choice but to obey?"


"Toying around with people for the sake of fun doesn't seem very benevolent to me either."


"Are you saying that thing is beyond control of even you, the very creator of this world? That sounds dangerous…"


"It would not surprise me now, if there turned out to be an endless series of beings more and more powerful than the last. What we should do.. is to always strive to know as much as we can, so should we be under threat again, we can find a way to preserve our domain. The mortals must be taught of this."


To an extent. Though he often decides the effect, the outcome of most destinies has been in my hands.
Believe me, many beyonders choose a much more malevolent path for their powers of creation.
It is not a being of this reality, but an outside entity. I did not make it, and I do not control it. I merely invoke it and interpret it.


"I have a question about our new roles. Must we become the gods and goddess of simply physical things, or must we choose emotions as well?"


"Didn't we save your world from Tirek?"


"And can't you steer the outcome to be a good one all the time?"


"Where is the fun on that?"


"Effect, and outcome. If you are actively deciding outcomes, what did you mean when you said you normally left your creation alone, when I spoke to you through your follower? I had assumed you would never interfere very much."


That is up to you. So long as you govern all the aspects of the mortal world, the way you choose to represent yourselves to the world is up to you.
You did. But then, I put him there to begin with.
I fear not. For the RNG is a fickle master.
I do not interfere. I merely guide as the RNG wills when it is needed. Only rarely do I step in to change the course of nature by my own hand. Often for a better story to be told from it.


"Story. Story. Story…"

"Have you thought of rebelling, then? A fickle master, keeping you under its whims.. and perhaps many more like you."


Why would I? After all, I appointed it as my superior.


"You… you unleashed Tirek on your own world for fun?"

I rub my temples, silent for a while

"I just don't understand anymore."


"So long as we represent all aspects of the mortal world? What happens to the ones that are not represented?"

"I don't think we, or at least most creatures, count as people in his eyes."


"So a story is more important for you than the lives of ponies?"


"Hmm. For the cause of a story…"

I have nothing more to lose. Fourth Eye once more. Find a weakness, this ones strengths, how I will secure my world from the True Enemy or perish trying.

Rolled 5 + 6 = 11


Not so much unleashed, but I created him, and watched what happened. Eventually he became a god, and ruled over the realm of destruction.
They would be lost to mortals, without aspects to bind them. Though some core concepts are so intrinsic to the world that they will create their own gods if none exist. You have seen an example of this in True Death, who was so strong he existed even alongside Grogar.
Hm… yes. Ponies will live and die, but the story of the world - the strand of fate that ties it together, the notes that from the symphony of life, needs tending to remain as beautiful as it can.
You will persist to the bitter end, then. So be it.
His fear of Faust sundering the veil of reality indicates his true form that resides beyond the world is weak to attacks. You are speaking to another illusion.


"Yes. I cannot allow anyone to shepherd my world. I will only guide mortals, not rule them, and I am afraid… I would not like you to, either."

Turn to the party.
"Incidentally, this one's true form is hiding away in another world, we are speaking to an astral projection of some sort. Use this information how you will."


"Oh, I was just wondering because as far as I know there were no gods of knowledge, magic, commerce, or a few other things. Anyways, what would happen if I were to take on more aspects of nature? If I became the god of both earth and fire would my form or abilities change?"


That is a battle for another time. Without me, the mortal world is lost. And as it stands, you are needed to nurse it back to health, not seal it's fate by sundering the veil.
Your form will be one of your own choosing. Nature represented itself as a garden, and ruled over the elements as well as many aspects of the primal psyche and non-sentient life.


"So I'm going to have to turn into a fishpony and swim around in a cold puddle for eternity?"


"This is just so much to process… mortals will pray to us?"


"You are the new Sun."


"Hmmm. Do we have to choose only one form or can we change forms as we please?"


Only if you want to. You could turn into a fancy hat for all I know. Or become a representation of law and righteousness. Do remember, the moon was a symbol of vigilance.
Exactly. To you, the Radiant Sun, and the rest of their new gods.
They will build altars and temples to you, give you their prayers and sacrifices, and expect you to send them aid in times of need.
You may go as you please. The old gods found forms they liked and stayed in them, though the Sun and Moon became much of a mix between their forms as celestial bodies, and as amalgamations of the ponies they so loved.


"But I'm the representation of the elements of frost and water already am I not?"

I sigh loudly, looking down at the ground angrily

"I should have just stuck with Card and Aurelia, killing heretics and slaying wicked creatures as I pleased."


"Would it be… possible to embody an aspect of a pony? Or even a concept?"


"Must we choose what we will rule over now? I would like to speak with all of my friends and companions first, but so many of them have that familiar far-away look in their eyes."


You are an elemental lord. That does not mean you would be the god of waters. Though that could be an aspect of you. Perhaps you will become the god of winter, heretic slaying and the law.
Perhaps. What did you have in mind?


"Hmm… in that case I'll need an avatar myself, correct?"


"Wait a second. We can be the elemental lord of something without being the god of it? How does that work?"


"…I understand."

"If we are to be worshiped.. no, it is unacceptable for mortals to pray to us. We are their leaders and guides, we should not be treated as deities, lest we become corrupt with power like our progenitors. I will teach them to harness the innate power in them to build their world, but only as myself."


"That will be strange to get used to…"


"How are they going to communicate with us without praying? And we are technically gods now, or soon will be. Saying we aren't would be like princess Celestia telling her subjects that she was jut a normal pony like they were."


"You're going to be a fucking god Neith! How could you… I don't even…"
I sigh and shake my head.


"Praying will merely be a means of communication, not some form of ritual of appeasement. We must never allow mortals to think of us as perfect, and become blind to our flaws."


"I didn't ask for this at all. I was perfectly happy with my former job."


"Could I possibly… hold some domain over Life? Like, not as a puppeteer or controller, but as a guardian?"


I can give you this
The Creator pulls out a large glass sphere
You may pour your godly souls into this, pool them, and then share the power among yourself, and any others, would you choose to summon some to govern at your side.
You all will bless avatars to act as your tools among mortals.
The elemental lords are merely aspects of nature. The strongest of the elementals, but not gods by any right. Like the Ashfather before you, and Lavan before him.
It is mortal habit to look to the heavens for aid. A mortal with a god to serve is often happier than one who knows the empty truth.
In time, you will forget how you ever existed without it.


"Wait are you saying I can summon anyone I want?"


"If you'll be Life, we need a Death too."


"Such happiness would be empty, too. If it must be so, then whoever shall follow me must be bearers of such Truth. How will the mortals know their new gods, anyway?"

"And.. in time we shall forget how we even existed without worship? Hahaha.. I was right to give them power to strike us down, then."


"Thank you for that. It should be very useful until we get our roles figured out."


"The more of us there are, the better we could govern these powers, right?"


To an extent. I can grant a limited power to all of you to bend back time and recreate some of those lost as you fought the gods.
That suits your current status.
This much is true, unless you wish to recreate True Death.
There will always be champions, prophets, priests. Those with a deeper connection to the gods than most other mortals. Gaze down upon the world. Those bright dots you see are the souls of mortals destined for great things in your names.
Take your time. You will not need me to oversee it.


"True Death was too… wild. We need someone to control it, and not a giant beast."


"I need some time alone."

We're still in the palace of the Lights right? If so I go out into the garden and try to find a spot that is relatively undamaged.

Rolled 10 = 10


"And something that does not feed off of souls. Of course, we will still need a way to prevent an overabundance of souls, or prevent that from becoming a problem. Maybe reincarnation or an afterlife that is infinitely large?"


"Yes I want that!"


"Reincarnation sounds good…"


"Not my name, not any of ours. I am just one being. They should do great things for their own good, for dreams and ideals we share, forging their own fates.

They will know me as a mage who happened to be in the right place at the right time, who has ideals that he wishes to share, that they should serve only if they truly believe in them. I should be seen as no almighty being, but just.. another sort of pony."

"Recycling souls? Interesting concept… yes, that may be sustainable."


"I think you are walking a dangerous path, Freke. Remember that these are the descendants of the ponies that thought it would be a good idea to break open the gates of Tartarus. There is no guarantee that they will be kind and reasonable, and will not try to take advantage of you or the things you give them if they thing you are just some mage."


"Yes… and would it be possible to imbue all… m- mortals with an aspect of myself? Namely, my hope?"
Sol pauses and looks away for a few moments.
"And… you mentioned something about recreating those whom we lost as we fought the gods?"


"Perhaps I can be more strong-hoofed while I am still lucid, but if what that Master said is true, and seeing how our tyrants degenerated as well, there will come a time where I must give my up my will entirely, where I will no longer have any right to judge anything. Dangerous, yes.. but the alternative is worse."


"You've still never said what the fuck is gonna happen to me.
I'm not some mortal paragon or any shit like that like you probably want for your advisor, so am I just going to be cast back down to the world below? Die in some petty fucking conflict, almost everyone who knows my name long dead and the only one alive sitting far above in who the fuck knows where?"


"Maybe you could be the goddess of Miscellaneous Things That We Forgot About? You'd get your powers after we finished deciding what we want."


The gardens were pretty devastated, but you find a nice calm pond with some stones on the shore.
In time, they will tell stories of a great mage who overcame mortality and became a god. Those stories will be retold, until all that remains is the god of magic, and his priests will dress up like wizards for it is tradition.
To an extent. I cannot and will not rewind time to return everything to how it was. But perhaps I can allow each of you… one summon.
For all I care I can punt you off this cloud right now and appoint you the very short lived God of Falling Fleshy Things. But your fate is up to the new gods, not me.


"A truly horrifying thought. I can only hope my ideals live on through even all that."


"As long as Princess Celestia is here, I'm good, thank you."


"Thats all I need."


I sit back on my haunches for a while, taking out the pictures again to look at them.

Rolled 9 = 9


"Oh, and, what happens to the one we summoned? There is someone I wish to call, but I wish for her to return to her own world after I am done."


You remember a lot of good times.
You also toss the picture of the trickster pegasus into the lake because fuck that guy.
Good times indeed…
Hm? Well… so be it then.
For her to return to where she came from, she will die. Unless she currently lives in the world below.


"Well fuck you too buddy…"
I turn around and walk out in a huff and try to find someplace calming, away from this asshole and this entire fucking situation.

Rolled 1 = 1


I pick the picture of the clown up again, sighing.

"I should keep the entire set, at least he wasn't as annoying as that damn goat."

I get back up and go inside

"I'll need a sidekick right? How many sidekicks can I have?"


"I'm not sure what all I want yet, but I think that I was very reasonable as a pony. Could Reason be one of my aspects? Also, just to make sure that I understand completely, we can use the sphere to swap our powers and domains temporarily or permanently, right?"


"Honestly, I don't know if she is even still alive, with all that has happened, but I would like to call my sister. That is… about it."


You walk off the edge of reality.
You better find a good reason for someone to catch you before you become a middle finger shaped crater.
As a god, you can have an adviser and a champion among each mortal race. And priests.
The sphere will act as a pool of power from which you can each draw from and deposit to as you see fit. When one gods needs more power, they may draw deeper from the orb, at the permission of the others.
She has not been alive for ages, but, sure. You may summon her.


"She can stay then, right? The Princesses can stay?"


"That's fine for me as well… I- I'd… like to call for someone from my past. Someone very dear to me, b- but… I can't remember his name."
"I suppose if we're taking multiple aspects… I could take Hope and Determination as well."


"Im sure he can and rule with you."


"One adviser? No more than that? Can I summon ponies that wont serve as advisers, but rather as… friends?"


"Then I will claim Magic, Souls and Truth as my domains. Mortals.. must be allowed to know truth, empty as it may be. Although if I must take on another aspect.. I will think."

Call upon the one pony I was truly devoted to, Current the Omniseer.


"Can I take Redemption then? And of course Light, if that's not a problem…"

"That would be so great! A dream come true!"


I try to catch myself.

Rolled 6 = 6


You perhaps refer to the… zebra?
You grab your own collar and lift yourself back up the quarter mile you fell.
Because fuck physics.
Physics is a dick and you ain't into that shit.
With a pop, the pony appears, rather bewildered.


"Y- Yes! Him… Z- zebra… Zivur! Yes! I wish for Zivur!"
I nod my head enthusiastically, my mood considerably picking up.


"Current.. sister, is that you? Speak to me, please!"


psssst >>141143

"What a terrible thing to wish for, Knight."


"Neith, I was thinking of becoming the god of Nature and the Elements. Is that okay with you or do you want Ice and Water? What about the seasons? He mentioned those, so do you want all of them or just winter?"


So be it.
Pop goes the zebra.
Where does it end, Neith? Before long you will ask to bring back all the dead, won't you?


"W-what? Where am I?"


"I'm not sure myself, mage. I'd like to think I'd be a good candidate for Ice, water and winter seeing my… form."

"I only need two!"

"Purgatory. You get to spend all of eternity with me, necromancer. You best prepare yourself."


"Ha! Maybe that's what I should be the goddess of! The goddess of 'fuck you physics, I'll do what I want!'"
I let out a laugh, my near death survival lifting my spirits considerably.
I return back to the party.
"So have you ponies decided anything yet?"


I take some worried steps back.
"W-what? B-but… Y-you? Why?"


"Z- Zivur! It's really you!"
I run and grab him into a tight hug, swinging him around and giving him small kisses.


"What-what is this.. Freke? Bro? Big bro! Is that really you? There were all sorts of disasters, people were saying the heavens were splitting.. and here you are, bringing me to safety!"


I am suprised at first, but when I see her I relax a bit.
"Sol? Is that you? Why are y-you in purgatory t-too? Why a-aren't you in h-heaven?"


Ahahaha… I suppose so, I have.

…I'm sorry, sis. I just called you here for one last thing I needed to do."


"There's not much choice, Ali. We're stuck here and we're going to have to make the best out of it."

"We'll have a chat later, you seem occupied."


Two… well… only because Radiant and Dawn forsook theirs. So be it.


"N- Neith's just being silly… this isn't purgatory. It's.. difficult to explain. Really long story…. B- but you're here! I'm so happy!"
I release him from the hug, but still stand by him, nuzzling.


"Look, you remember that mechanism you proposed to me a while back? I finally got it to work, it's actually in my bag right now-hmm? Well.. what is it, bro?"

I look slightly disappointed.


"I guess that's alright… not like I have anywhere else to go with the world bein' like it fuckin' is."
I chuckle.


"Wait what? I didnt I want Dagger here."


"Ahahaha.. I'm really proud of you, you know that, sis? I always have been.

I just need to say a few things. I have fought a war in the heavens and took part in over throwing the old gods. Now, I am about to ascend as a new god of magic, free to pursue all the knowledge I like and share it with everyone. This is good, isn't it? What do you think?"

Try my best to sound happy about it.


"I…I'm h-happy too!"
I nuzzle her back.
"B-but I guess I… we d-didn't manage to live forever, d-did we?"


"Okay, I can be all Nature, all the Elements excepts Ice and Water, and all the Seasons except Winter. That is, of course, no one wants any of those?"


"It seems odd to have one god embody all but a few aspects of nature. Lopsided, if you will. Would this affect your worshippers?"


"I… what?"

"That.. I mean.. well, congrats, bro! You were always talking about things like the nature of divinity and so on, you used to tell me all that stuff when I was just a filly, and now you're… just.. wow!"

Jump for joy and hug him.


"As I said, Light beside sun will be enough for me. And Redemption, so other ponies will learn that value as well.. maybe Forgiveness too?"


"Alright then, I'd like to summon my two friends; Card Trick and Aurelia."

"No… I guess not. We need some serious cleaning down there. I should start working on a schedule soon…"

"Doesn't that seem a bit odd, mage?"


Then let it be done
Watching mothafuckas drop.


"It seems odd to us because we are used to Nature embodying everything. She has been dead for a long, long time in the mortal world so this should be too odd. Besides, Ice and Winter are all wrapped up in one package, and water is just ice that isn't frozen."


"I- I could take Spring maybe… I'm not too well versed on symbolism, but.. that represents the beginning of life, doesn't it? With it being the planting season and all?"
"No… b- but you're here now! And… I think I may have an idea you m- might like."
I turn to Radiant,
"You mentioned something about needing a Lord of Death? I th- think I may have found an acceptable candidate."


"Mmm. Yes, of course. What would you expect from Freke, the great mage? But of course, do remember what I always said about gods. Never presume them better than yourself, never be afraid to question them, and never blindly follow their whims. But then, with someone like me, I'd say you don't have anything to worry about, hmm? And I'd expect you to be a little humble about being related to a god."

Again, try to sound happy and hug her even more tightly.


"Lord of D-Death? What are you talking about?"
I check my temple.
"Am I d-delirous or does o-one dream after d-death?"


"Yes, that works. Who wants to be fall?"
I suddenly start laughing.
"I feel like a foal choosing players for a game during recess."


"I guess I'm going to have to get used to the idea of you being a god… sweet fuckin' hell that's going to be strange."
I reach down and ruffle her hair. Or water hair. Or whatever the hell she has right now.


I look over the zebra.
"Is he trustworthy? And… suitable? He seems a bit uncertain."


"He appears to have difficulty speaking as well."

"I'm afraid I am unfamiliar with your symbolism of the seasons."


"Have you lost your mind?"

"The only thing that is certain about him is that he's evil."

I grumble a little

"Maybe Ali can be fall or something, so she can make herself useful."


I cower behind Sol when I realise the shiny stallion is in fact a mare.

"I h-have no idea what is h-happening… S-sorry.."


"Hahahaha… of course, of course! It's just.. it really doesn't matter to me, I just wanted to see you again, big bro. So when can you come back? I got a whole lot of books you'd like, though I don't know if you've already read them in Canterlot!"

Feel the soft, reassuring embrace of my BBBFF as much as I lile.


I loose my balance and fall over.
"What? Where am I?"


"If you are going to be Night you could be Fall or Autem, whichever word you prefer."

"That works too. She could swear the leaves off the trees."


"I- I would trust my life with him! A- And he has experience with death! He's a necromancer! Highly skilled one too, I might add."
"What's wr-… oh no, not that again… I thought you got over that Zivur!"


"Hmm? Oh, soon enough. I might be held up for a bit, we've got a lot to discuss, so just carry on without me, alright? I'll.. send you home now."

Hug her for as long as I can stand to before I speak.

"Hoe do I send her back?"


"Acting as clueless as ever, I see."

"I wouldn't trust him to die properly. And not because he's a necromancer."

"CARD! I mean… Card Trick!"

Run over to him and hug him long and hard


"I'm s-sorry for being scared and c-confused when I'm surrounded with every s-sort of I don't even know what is g-going on and ponies a-are already arguing because o-of me…"

I keep trying to hide behind Sol.


I yell then hug her back as hard as I can when I recognize her voice.
"WHA-Neith? What happened to you? Where are we? Who are they? What happened to you?"


"…Fall? Really?
I don't even have anything to do with Fall! If you're going to give that to someone, give it to, I don't fuckin' know… one of the earth ponies or something. Harvest and all that shit."
"Card! Holy shit it's really you!"
I join them in the hug and pick them both up.


So who gets to be the god of wrong passwords?


"Are you sure about that? Even we don't know how to be Gods… and you think he could be good at it?"


"Ali! Haha! Where did you come from?"
I wrap a leg around her and hug.


I shrug.

"Why not?"

I quickly let go

"Right… Uh… We're in heaven. I'm a God. These are other Gods. Aaaaand… I want you and Aurelia to be my adviser. As in, the ponies in charge of kicking me in the ass when I overstep my boundaries."


"But winter has longer night,s as well as the solstice. I'm afraid I don't follow."


I look at her blankly for a few seconds.
"Okay, okay, okay, okay, and okay. You'll have to introduce me to the Laughing One soon, alright?"


"And why's that Neith?"
"Hey now… Look, I- I'll explain what's going on, okay?
We were all summoned to fight the gods… a- and then a bunch of stuff happened and, well, we ended up either slaying them all or they died at the hand of… someone. So now we are being chosen as the new gods…"


"Good point. Maybe Dawn wants it?"


The master observes the chaos before him.

Once you are done, place your souls within the orb and pledge yourselves to whichever aspects of the world you wish to govern over. Once that is done, I will return to ascend you to your positions.


"And I… I'd be d-death?"


"I've been here the whole time you big lug!"
"I dunno… I know jack shit about harvesting and crops and whatever else Fall represents. Why rule over something you have no fuckin' knowledge about?"


I walk over and put my soul in the pool.
"If possible, I would be the Sun, Light, Redemption and Forgiveness. Thank you."


"That's the plan, y- yeah… or at least my plan. You'd need to convince everyone else though."


"So.. see you, alright, Current? I love you."

Rolling to not cry

Rolled 3 = 3


"N-nobody likes Death a-anyway…"

I turn to everyone, and try to speak up.

"U-uhm.. so.. w-what if I'd be Death? A-anyone?"


"Uhhhh… yeah… Sure."

"Give me one good reason why not."

I shrug

"I didn't have knowledge over the element of frost either."

I put my soul in there, shivering a little

"I pledge myself to winter, frost, water, law and justice."


Oh yes and I will her away


I walk over to the orb, take a deep breath to steel myself, and place my soul in the pool.
"I'll… I pledge myself to being the Guardian of Life. To provide Protection and Hope to those who wish for it… and Compassion to those who deserve it."


"Because he's the best one suited for it. Nobody else is as knowledgeable about death as he is."


"As if he's the only one in existence that can use some death magic!"



Approach it and offer my soul, tearing up.

"I..I pledge to the soul, the source and essence of greater life. To magic, the right and power of all mortals to change and shape the world around them. To truth, the pursuit of which enlightens the universe around us."

"…and to Conception, the power to think of new ideas and expand one's will, to create more than what was thought possible, to defy the realm of impossibility. The true source of power to shape the universe."


"Oh! And Spring, the beginning of life anew."


"Very well…"
I walk over and place a claw on the orb.
"I will embody the aspects of Moon, Night, Darkness, and Sky…"


"I d-don't really want it t-that bad… y-you can have it if you w-want to…"


"Yeah, but at least it's… I dunno, thematically appropriate for you!"
I chuckle.
"I… guess I could take Fall though. I mean, it has had a bit of a special significance to us diamond dogs… It was always said that same as the crops grew and were harvested, the gems grew and became ripe for the harvesting in the same way.
…but fuck if I know how you ponies see it as."


"Pray tell, who is this other person you speak of, that you want to summon to rule over Death? Hmm? What other ideas do you have?"
"Zivur… this isn't choosing who gets a t- toy or something like foals… This is serious stuff. You n- need to be firm and confident, like I always taught y- you to be. Can you do that?"


With teary eyes you watch your sister fade back into the winds of time, lost forever to you and the world.
But at least she was happy to see you one last time.


"I…I… if I do b-become Death… d-does that mean I will be a-able to live f-forever? And y-you too?"


"Gems… growing…? That sounds like a bunch of horsecrap, but alright."

"I've killed enough necromancers to know there are a lot of powerful ones out there. This zebra is afraid of his own damn shadow."


"He does seem unsure a bit… but Neith, what else do we have? Sol says he is at least trustworthy… and he doesn't seem malevolent either."


"Do we entrust such an important aspect to such a new arrival?"


"So you're just trusting something as important as Death to the first necromancer wastrel you come across?"


"Do I trust him? No I do not. Do I trust Sol's word? Yes. She was around us enough that I believe her word. Don't you two trust her?"


"Yes… we would become literal gods, Zivur. But you need to become strong… a- and firm and resolute… b- but still keep a soft heart. Not let the power overwhelm you. Can you do that?"
"Power means nothing if it's used to meet a person's malicious ends. Zivur is powerful, but keeps his own will in check and does not go mad with it."
"Is there anyone else here willing to take it?
I definitely can't… already being the Guardian of Life and all."


"What about my word?"


"Do you know him as a po-uh person? Or do you just know he is a necromancer? Because I was biased like you until I saw a goat necromancer looking for redemption give his life to revive Gracious Glory."


"I think I c-can if I t-try…"

I look at the others with a frown.
"B-but they don't seem they really want m-me to…"


"Yes. Besides, you would likely condemn any simply if they were a necromancer."


"I'm not biased at all! I'm neutral! Fine, if the Knight wants her little pet to take on that responsibility then go ahead."


"It's only Neith, and you know how she is with necromancers. The others just… have their doubts."
I lean in a bit closer and speak to Zivur in a whisper.
"But I'm sure you can prove them wrong if you just stand up for yourself! Now go on and tell them!"


"You know that I have overstepped my blind prejudice a long time ago."

"Somepony or zebra has to take this responsibility…."


"My apologies, I meant the snowpony. Though this may be a good opportunity for her."


"Uhm.. okay… if y-you say so…"

I gulp, step out from behind Sol, and try to stand as tall as I can.

"I w-will become the God of D-Death and I will do my w-work well! I've been studying it e-ever since I was an infant, I b-believe I know more about it that a-any of you here… s-so… yeah…"


I look around.
"I have no better candidates, and I trust Sol's word. Do not betray that trust."


"Hey now! It ain't bullshit, it's what we saw happen! But uh…"
I step forward.
"I guess I'll be the… whatever of Fall. Whatever the fuck that entails."




"..one more.

Curiosity, the will to find knowledge and empower the self, the will to make the impossible possible, to defy all that is known and ultimately enable one to wield the other aspects I bear. Ultimately, the will to bring forth ever better worlds.

Magic, The Soul, Truth, Conception and Curiosity. Yes."

Let the last of my tears dry up as I seal myself to my fate, forever separating myself from what I once was.


Then your fates are decided. I leave the mortal word to you. Govern over it well, lest you betray the trust it places in you.

With those words, the Creator vanishes, leaving the new gods to return to their palace.

As the gods stride down the halls, they begin to rebuild themselves, the columns rising once more, the statues reforming into the shapes of the new pantheon, the painting changing to reflect their past deeds of greatness.

The gods stride up into the observatory, and gaze into the crystal sphere to observe the world. Beasts roam it freely, and the mortal races eek out a living in the small areas they still have for their own.
But they place hope in the gods. And the gods will soon show this hope is worth having.

You have bested the dark gods.
Withstood the punishment of true creation's avatar.
And stopped the destruction of all that exists.

Now it is up to you to nurse the world back to health. And to show that you can be greater than even the gods you once served.

Here you stand.
Among your friends.
Your allies.
And perhaps some old foes.

Feared by some
Respected by all

Your final adventure is only beginning.

For now


I'll take Nature, all the Elements except Water and Ice, Summer, Reason, and Rebirth.

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