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Rise of Nightmares - Thread 6 DM 349149

It is afternoon, but as dark as midnight.

You have returned to the Canterlot City Guard HQ with evidence of Lord Morningsprite's heresy.

Canterlot Castle is in lockdown by order of Princess Celestia, and the Night and Sun guards both watch over the gates and important guests.

A way into the caste exists if you crawl up the kitchen garbage chute.

You may freely move about anywhere else.

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349155

I approach Captain radiant.
"Ready for orders commander." I salute.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349157

I'll buy Heal with my skill point.

Wander to the rest of the group.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349159

"Do you have a floor plan of the castle?"

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349160

I pretty much lost track of what's going on

Then again, inquisitors aren't paid to think, just to do

DM 349161

I trust you mean the Guard Captain, and not Captain Radiance of the Sun Guard.
If you did mean him, he is at the palace gates.
The captain shakes his head
"Not here, no. At best I can give some directions."
And this is why the OP had a plot recap.
Morningsprite is a heretic and you have proof.
You cannot get into the palace through the door, and Morningsprite is locked inside.
You can recruit Grindstone with the evidence.

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349162

Grindstone huh? Yeah let's do that. Let's go find our little psychopath.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349163

I'll go with Dewdrop to the interrogator

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349165

Instead of going to the captain, I will follow Dewdrop instead.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349166

"It was a hopeful guess. We'll take what you can give."

DM 349169

The interrogator is in her room. She seems to have one here in the barracks.
A small one without many comforts, but her bed has some clearly non-regulation soft pillows and the room has a private shower. Probably for a good reason.
"Well what is this, some sort of meeting? Am I needed for something?"
"That depends on what you intend to do in there."

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349171

"You wanted your evidence? We have it. Morningsprite is a heretic."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349173

I nod at Dewdrops comment.

DM 349174

"And what do you have to back your claims?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349175

"I thought we told you. Expose Morningsprite and hopefully restore order."

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349177

Motion her to follow us to the captain
"Grab your gear. You'll see for yourself."

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349178

I look at Dewdrop.
"We have the evidence and stuff right?"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349181

"Dewdrop gave it to the captain…I think." I look at Dewdrop.

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349184

"Yes, I did. Now let's stop wasting time and go present it to the interrogator."

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349185

Help Dewdrop show the material evidence if any.

DM 349190

"His lordship will most likely be in the east tower suite. He will almost certainly have guards at the door, but the suite door is on the outside of the tower, so as long as you can make it to the roof walkways you should have a clear run there."
"This better be good…"
She throws on a leather coat and apron, then grabs her bag of tools and follows.

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349192

Lead her to the captain. I believe I left the evidence with him
"Try and trust my judgment, interrogator. You just make sure to follow."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349193

"Thank you. I'll do what I can to keep things from becoming any worse."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349196


I go with them to the group.

I go next to Whiteshield and ask "We'll probably go to the castle soon. How are you holding up?"

DM 349198

The captain turns to you
"What news, Inquisitor
Because I'm putting my head on the block here just as much as you."

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349201

I tap my hoof
"Well? As much as I appreciate the tearful reunion, I'd like to get it on with."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349202

"Same here."

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349204

"Lets get it on." I smile.

"Get it on with what?"

DM 349209

"An altar… heretical effigies… demons? Captain, these are heavy things you know."
"Perfectly well, as do you. Which is why I'm willing to let these ponies try bypassing the lockdown."
"And you won't simply present this to Nightstrider and Radiance because?"
"Do you think they would listen? Celestia herself ordered the lockdown. Nopony gets in or out."

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349211

I keep tapping my hoof impatiently

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349215

Wait and listen.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349217

DM 349222

"So what do you propose we do, Captain?"
"Either we sit tight and corner him when the lockdown is lifted, or break in and try to get him out with as little mess as possible."

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349224

"I would rather take him down as fast as possible. However rushing in may be quite dangerous and risky…"

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349225

I look at Alestier.
"Presenting of evidences and so, how about you?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349226

"It will be, but he is essentially untouchable otherwise."

DM 349231

The captain nods
"I would rather wait until the lockdown is lifted"
The interrogator shifts her weight uncomfortably
"I really don't know what to think of these options"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349233

"Just waiting for the inevitable."
I sigh.
"Whiteshield, we haven't really talked a lot, but I want you to know you've been a great friend."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349234

"He would be a fool if he didn't have a plan in place for afterwards. At the very least we know where he is now."

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349235

I nod in agreement
"We can catch him off-guard right now. It will simply be tricky to do so."

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349236

I stare at him deeply.
"I am?"

DM 349239

The Interrogator steps up
"Very well. I'm with you. Let no heresies go unpunished."
The Captain sighs
"I really wished we could all have just taken a nap or something instead before any more demons show up…"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349240

"Vigilance never rests, Captain. Something I've learned recently is that the blessed night is too easily exploited for evil ends."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349242

I nod.
"You've always been there for all of us. Maybe if there were more ponies like you, things wouldn't have gone so bad."

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349243

"I cannot rest while heretics continue to roam free, captain. We have to do all we can to take down this threat. If I die trying, then so be it. Another inquisitor will be there to take my place."

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349248

I scratch my mane with my hoof then lightly punch his shoulders.
"Ahahahaha! You kidder, if there were more of me then we would have more alcoholic mares going around this city."

"Plus, it will always get better. Trust me." I give him an eye-wink.

DM 349255

"You know the way then.
…stay safe. If you are found and caught, we will all be lucky to get life in the dungeon over death."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349257

Give her a sad smile.
"I'm sure it will…"

I'm ready to go wherever.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349261

"Thank you, Captain. I sincerely hope we can meet again when this is all over."

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349262

"I'm an inquisitor. If we fail then pit the blame on me. They'll believe you and execute me alone."

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349263

I ready myself.
I whisper to the two.
"We are going to sneak inside the castle??"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349267

"Up the kitchen garbage chute. I hope you're not squeamish."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349271

"That's the plan."

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349273

"Euugghh… I'll try covering my nose and wearing shoes then."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349276

"We should find some rope. In case of emergency, I could pull some of you up."

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349283

"Thats a sound plan, so when will we execute this mission?"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349284

I turn to the Captain.
"Captain, do you have some rope laying around?"

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349286

I nod with him.
"I am not good at tying knots though, I think you guys should handle that." I added.

DM 349295

The captain tosses you a key
"This open the armoury. Now I'm done doing enough potential heresies for one night, and will go take a stiff drink and sleep a little. I have not slept in days and I fear it has clouded my judgement."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349297

"Thanks. Enjoy it."

I go to the armory.

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349299

Follow Alestier.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349302

Nod to him and head off.

DM 349304

The armoury holds standard gear for city guards.
You may pick any weapon type up from here, but can only carry two types max, and use one at a time.
You can also pick up generally available items like lanterns, rope, etc here.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349305

I'll switch my bow for a crossbow, pick up a number of bolts, pick up a dagger, some rope, a flintbox, a lantern.

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349306

I have my weapons sorted already

Get some rope and a few torches, that should be sufficient

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349308

I too will take rope, as well as a shield.

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349309

I took some oil, some boots and and a heavy dark cloak for concealment.
Also get my sword and shield.

DM 349316

With all of you all geared up, you can now proceed to the palace service yard to locate the chute, go talk to the guards at the palace gates, or wait for the lockdown to be lifted.

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349320

I believe we're going to take our chances with the chute

This ought to be fun.
"So tell me interrogator… how much of a fighter are you really? This is different from picking apart ponies while they are strapped to a bloodied wall you know."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349321

That we are.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349322

Let's do this.
I listen in on the conversation with the interrogator.

Sylt [Omniseer] 349324

And suddenly I'm here too. Puff.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349328

Go get whatever you need at the armory while you still can.

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349329

"So we just go to the chute and enter it?"

I then look at the others.
"So… any of us who would be willing go first and tie a rope so the rest can climb up?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349330

"I can fly, so I'll go up first."


I totally need… A stronger bow?

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 349333

"I've been in my share of fights, wanted and unwanted.
But I'll let you do the wrontline dirty work. Leave them on the ground for me, and I can make use of their tender meat."
see >>349304

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349334

I glare at her dangerously
"Are you implying what I think you're implying?"

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349335

I look at Cirrus.
"Alright then, just be careful tying the ropes." I smile.

Sylt [Omniseer] 349336

Gimme a shield in addition to my bow. And rope and grappling hooks.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349338

I cock my eyebrow.
"Isn't just defeating them enough for you?"

DM 349340

"What I am implying, inquisitor, is that few ponies have the heart to fight once they see me in action.
A broken morale can be much worse than a few broken bones."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 349341

"Of course. It wouldn't do for use to be defeated by a ledge at this point."

Head to the service yard.

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349346

I glare at her a moment longer, then shake my head and grumble as I go after Cirrus >>349341

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 349347

"If we're still alive tomorrow, you and me are going to have a talk."

I follow Cirrus.

Sylt [Omniseer] 349348


Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 349351

Same here.

DM 349355

"Depending on your actions this night, the topic of that talk can change drastically."

The chute is not hard to find. It ends in a big pile of garbage that has not been mopped away today.


"Well, here we go…"

Tie one end of the rope to myself, open the chute, and fly on up there.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sylt [Omniseer] 349357

"Well that stinks…"
How high above us?

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 349358

"When I've finished my work, I will too."

DM 349359

You can reach it if you just stand up against the wall.
"Much the same sentiments to you, Inquisitor.
I have no qualms of turning on you, should you make it necessary."
You fly up into the stinking darkness.
Somewhere inside the walls, you can hear the faint echo of powerful magic…


DM 350657

You were making your way into the palace kitchen

Sylt [Omniseer] 350671

Wink into the chute.

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 350675

"Oh… are those cookies." I exclaimed as I grab one and bite.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 350679

Wasn't someone tying a rope?
I'll wait for that.

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 350686

OOC: perhaps a fast forward?

Sylt [Omniseer] 350689

I brought some.
Throw the rope down for them.

DM 350693

Lets not waste time.
You are in the kitchen.

It is spacious and well equipped. Some ready dishes were left out as the lockdown was ordered, and all the staff is in their quarters.
A door leads into a dining hall, and another into a hallway.

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 350700

I look at the others.
"Should we split up?"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 350705

"I think we should stay together. Let's pick a way and hope we get there."


Safest way?

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 350719

I giggled.
"Of course not, I am just joking."

I then look at Sylt, baffled at what she is doing.

DM 350723

The dining hall is not guarded.
You can use the window there to access the rooftop

Sylt [Omniseer] 350733

Thanks Master.
I will found a religion in your name, if we make it out alive.

"Everypony, follow me. Through the dining hall."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 350739

I nod and follow Sylt closely.

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 350753

Follow Sylt and keep low.
Also look out for guards and stuffs.

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 350806

You enter the dining hall. Seats for around a hundred ponies. Tasteful curtains. Expensive chandeliers.
And most importantly, big windows. Parts of which can be opened for ventilation.

No guards in sight. They must all be assigned to keeping the guests secure, and the entrances shut.

Sylt [Omniseer] 350810

"By the roof."
Wink on a window, open it and drop the rope for them to climb.

DM 350818

Walking up the glass is a little dangerous.
Crit failing the rope climb will break the window.

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 350822

"Thanks." I said to Felfire.
I grab the rope and start to climb the window.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sylt [Omniseer] 350826

I could just wait and blink everyone one at a time, but that would be no fun, no?

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 350828

I grab the rope and climb.

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 350849

You'd probably trigger the magic detectors anyway.
So far so good…
Upon getting to the top you hoist yourself onto the roof and lay low to avoid the sentries on the battlements.

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 350863

"Where to?" I look at Sylt.
"I hope the princesses are safe though."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 350867

"Where did captain say again Morningsprite was? It was one of the towers."

Dewdrop [Inquisitor] 350875

Right, I'm here too

Cirrus [Battlemage] 350892

I guess I am as well.


I honestly don't know where we are supposed to go.
Off to the captain of the night guards, I guess.

Master, where is the captain of the night guards now?

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Cirrus [Battlemage] 350901

"He's holed himself up in one, with guards. We should make sure he's still there."

DM 350902

Sylt opened a window in the dining hall to grant you access to the roof.
You were hunting for Lord Morningspite, who was holed up in the Tower Suite.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 350904

Let's sneakily go to the Tower Suite then.

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 350906

"Are we going to interrogate him there or extract him out of here? I mean both are going to be hard."


Yeap. Sneaky sneak.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Cirrus [Battlemage] 350913

"After what happened when we confronted the dean, I'm not sure. Maybe we should bring this to one of the guard captains first…"

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 350915

I try my best to sneak and follow Sylts lead.

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 350918

There are sentries up on the battlements, and guarding the tower stairs.
Just walking in is not an option.

Sylt [Omniseer] 350923

How many sentries? Night guard?

DM 350939

Night and Sun. Both in lone or mixed patrols.
Three on the visible battlements, one by each tower.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 350945

"Maybe we can take one down quick?" I whisper.

Sylt [Omniseer] 350947

"Attacking them is not an option…"
Turn to the others.
"I can't teleport more than one of us at a time, and even that might draw attention."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 350949

"If we could cause a distraction, we might lure them away from here."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 350951

"They're probably all pegusi anyway, aren't they?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 350956

"Some. The problem is, many are sunguards too."
"Got ideas?"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 350969

I use farsight to look down from the roof. Is there anything useable down there?

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 350971

"We could take them down here right now."
"Wait do they got some of those sensor magic thingy?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 350976

I mean, this is the royal palace."

DM 350982

The courtyard is empty for the most part, but there is little cover down there, beyond the statues and bushes.
You might be able to sneak past the library to get to the towers if you took a longer route.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 350993

I turn to the others.
"Well I've got 2 plans. But both of them are pretty dangerous. Either we go try sneak past the library to get to the towers or…"
I hold up the unlit latern and point at one of the bushes "we create a distraction."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 351002

"I say we try our luck. We don't need to add to the confusion outside, and if we do get caught it might reflect better on us if there wasn't a raging fire."

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351003

"Burn the bush in this holy place? That is sacrilege." I raise my eyebrow.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351015

"I'm sure worse sacrilegeous things are happening right now in that tower."

"I'm fine with whatever route we take."

Sylt [Omniseer] 351019

"If we do get caught we are due to the chopping block."

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351021

I breath out.
"Perhaps you're right, I'll go with the distraction idea."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 351025

"Well at this point that may happen regardless. I'd still like to be able to choose my method of execution at least."

Sylt [Omniseer] 351026

"We could just take the longer route."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351042

"Let's just take the longer route then. We don't have more time to waste."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 351044

"You're right."


Nod and go!
But 4th eye, what's on the path ahead?

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351056


DM 351058

There is a patrol in the yard.
If you stick close to the statues you can avoid them.
You will still run into the guards who watch the tower gates though.

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351088

"Perhaps we can wait for the patrol to passby." I look at the others.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351091

Why did we even come here?

"Let's hide."
I sneak behind one of the statues.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sylt [Omniseer] 351093

"We should hang near the statue."
Guide them safely towards the tower gates.
"But now we need a distraction. I could attract them and then wink away."



"What direction are they heading in? They may be the shift for the courtyard."

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 351100

In the darkness, it is hard for anyone to tell what is a statue and what is a real pony.
Your cover is good, and you can see the tower area gate. Two Night Guards stand watch there.

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351102

Follow Alestier and try to sneak in too.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351107

"So what do we do now?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 351109

"Are you positive yo ucan get away from them?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 351113

".. Maybe?"
"You blow a hole in the gate while I draw the guards away.
Or we kill them both."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351120

"Blowing the gate up would make too much noise…"

Sylt [Omniseer] 351121

"I can't teleport the lot of you easily…
We drop the guards?"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351123

"We walk up to them like nothing is wrong. They'll ask what we're doing here and we kill them."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 351129

"I'd rather not. We're supposed to be better than that."


"I need to know something first…"

Master, are they corrupted? Are they in this to kill innocents?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351136

"Or just knock them out then."

DM 351137

One is Gifted.
The other is just a devotee of Luna, not a Nightmare Cultist at all.
They are lifelong best friends.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351143

Let's do another spot check then. Is there another way into the tower?

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 351145

Across the rooftops.

Sylt [Omniseer] 351147

"We can't kill them."
"And if they see us, the whole palace will be onto us."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351152

"Well then I guess we'll just sit here then."

Sylt [Omniseer] 351153

Frown at him.
"Want me to teleport behind the gate, call the whole guards on me so you can slip by? Because I can do that."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351159

"Please don't."

Sylt [Omniseer] 351164

"I doubt the master would let me die anyway."

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351166

"No dont please." I frown.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351170

Sit next to her.
"I'd rather not gamble your life on the Masters goodwill."

Sylt [Omniseer] 351176

Smile at him.
"We could get them to attack something else then…"


"I'm more worried about the two guard corps she'd have to face on her own."

Take another look at the courtyard. Is there anything we missed?

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 351188

The statues are almost impossible to tell from actual ponies in this light. The only thing that really proves they are statues is the fact that they are silent.

There are vines on the side of the tower wall, and a tall tree in need of trimming near them.

You can see light in the Royal Tower, which is in another part of the castle.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 351205

"How good are you at climbing?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 351209

Tap on my horn.
"Can say it's not a problem."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351210

"What's the plan?"

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351211

"I got training back then as a cadet so I could say I have experience." I smile.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 351216

"I'm going to conjur weapons on the statues. We make a break for the vines over there then. Hopefully they'll go up a reasonable distance."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351217

"Nice thinking, Cirrus."

Sylt [Omniseer] 351219

"Good plan."

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351235

"Alright then, lets do it." I smile.


"All right."
Conjure Weapon on all the statues. Make them nice and bright.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

DM 351246

Well that sure is NICE AND BRIGHT.
The resulting explosion slams you against the ground, and you can hear guards rushing in to inspect the situation from several directions.

You have two turns before they reach this place.
Cirrus is helpless.


Help the poor sap up.

Roll #1 6 = 6

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351252

Help Cirrus up.
"Get up get up!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Get up!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351261

It's almost like you knew.DM.
So Cirrus is up right. "Let's go up the tower quick."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 351264


Fly over to the tree and up, hugging the wall.

Sylt [Omniseer] 351269

Yeah, follow them and hide in the darkness.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351274

When Whiteshield and Sylt are up, I go after them.

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351278

Follow Sylt and hide.

DM 351287

After you hide near the tree, the gate guards, the yard patrol and one of the battlement patrols storms the statues
"Was it just the statues?"
"Impossible, that was a magical blast."

You have a chance to get into the tower area now.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 351289

Sneak on in there.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351292

Let's go sneakily. I go after Sylt.

Sylt [Omniseer] 351293

Wink past them and hide on the other side.

DM 351308

For the sake of the plot, I won't make you roll.

But I will roll for the level of general alertness of the guards
1 - bumbling idiocy
10 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQiDzSWLIm4

Roll #1 1 = 1

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351314

Hide from the guards while following the rest of the group.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351318

>Canterlot palace guard.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 351329

>patrol squad Magoo

DM 351331

General chaos reigns.
It seems the day and night guards can't really see eye to eye for some reason, and a bit of infighting ensues between the officers of each guard.

There is a series of walkways and staircases here that lead to the suites.
Morningsprite should be at the top of the east tower, which is close by.


Sneakyness be it!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Cirrus [Battlemage] 351338

Fly up, keep hugging the wall.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351339

Go with Sylt.
Sneaky like.

Roll #1 9 = 9

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351343

Same here follow them sneakily.
"are you guys sure this is going to work?"

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 351361

The guards down in the yard reestablish order and begin searching the area
It sure would have, had you not walked directly into the two guards posted at the door of the tower suite housing Morningsprite
"Wait, what's a City Guard doing at the palace? I thought only Royal Guards were here."

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351369

I slowly back away.
"Aaahh… errr I am a guard in training and was locked down here. Nothing in, nothing out remember hehehe…" I smile.


Roll #1 2 = 2

Sylt [Omniseer] 351371

Hold my breath and steady my aim.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351375

Oh why.
Get ready.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 351382

Tense up. Get ready…

DM 351384


Roll #1 6, 6 = 12

DM 351389

"Nopony should be out here."
"We have orders to keep his Lordship safe at all costs. And that means no visitors."
"Go back to your room and wait there until the lockdown is lifted."

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351391

I lower my ears.
"But where should I go?"

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351397

"I'll go out peacefully, I am just a lost cadet."

DM 351398

"Where ever you were when the lockdown was issued."
"Everypony was escorted to a safe room. Why did you leave?"

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351408

"I… I dont know there was a saferoom. I was afraid so I hid inside the girls bathroom." I frown.

"Haha… a cadet soldier, pathetic me isnt it." I look down and draw circles on the ground.

DM 351410

"Well go report in to one of the room guards. They will help."
"Did you see any others who got left out of safe rooms on the way here?"

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351416

I approach the guard and hug him.
"Please can one of you show me the way to this saferoom?" I smile.

DM 351430

"We are needed here."
"His Lordship felt he needed the security."
Rolling to not help the cute guard girl anyway

Roll #1 7, 6 = 13

DM 351432

These guys are pros.
They have a job to do here.

You can climb the tower roof to get a jump on them

Sylt [Omniseer] 351435

Can I teleport her away?

DM 351439

There is also a window on the other side of the tower, reachable via the roof of the tower.


So make my way to the roof.
Teleport her away and besides me if we are too far for Wink.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Fly on up there, sticking underneath the ledge.

Roll #1 7 = 7

WhiteShield(Unicorn crusader) 351447


"Alright then." Head out to dark corner and wait for Sylts extraction.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351448


Get up there.

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 351455

Grindstone follows you up.
You are now at the top of the tower.
You can get in a sneak attack on the door guards, or walk across to gain access to a window.


Window of course. SbS, check inside.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

DM 351463

Lord Morningsprite has four other bat ponies in the room.
They have made themselves comfortable, but the atmosphere seems tense.


Best place to drop in unexpected? Something with nice cover.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

DM 351474

You can't really do anything but bust in through the window. He has barred the door anyway.


Fly over to the window and peer in from the side.

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 351492

There seems to have been some sort of ritual going on.
The air is hazy, but you can make out five ponies.

Sylt [Omniseer] 351508

Whisper to my companions.
"Everypony ready? Five in there."


"They're enacting some kind of ritual. We had better hurry."

Roll #1 7 = 7


Line up a shot.
Hit one of them through a window with an arrow.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351534

Jump in and fire a Lightning Bolt at one of them.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 351541

Welp no choice.

Jump in and attack one of the cultist with my sword.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Storm Bolt on Morningsprite.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

DM 351569

You smash through the window, kicking one of the cultists over, shocking him and leaving him helpless with an arrow through the leg.

Morningsprite, a thin bat pony in an expensive robe, leaps up.
The last one in is Grindstone, who grabs the helpless cultist by the arrow jutting from his leg.
Dragging him off to the dark side corner of the room by it, she hisses at those still standing
"Listen well to how he screams. I will come for you once I am done with him…"

Three bodyguards remain standing
Lord Morningsprite remains standing

Sylt [Omniseer] 351582

Wink the Helpless cultist out of the tower.
The fall should do it.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351595

Fire a Lightning Spike at one of the bodyguards.

Roll #1 6, 1 = 7


Conjure Weapon, attack one of his bodyguards.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 351606

Attack one of the bodyguards
"Dont let him escape."

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

DM 351621

You wink the cultist out of the window before Grindstone can get to work on generating you a bonus.
A wet splat draws attention out in the yard.
A full alert will be raised soon as they find the body.
Your magic rebels.
The shocking pain of becoming a lightning conductor has become all too common by now.
Whiteshield takes a hit from one of the bodyguards, but Cirrus cleaves its head clean off, revealing several dark tendrils connecting it to the body.
The Bodyguards are Gifted.
The decapitated one tries to get its head back on, but cannot retaliate for now


Press on him. Don't let him recover!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 351631

I breath in deep, seeing at the gooey remains of the guard as it stands up.
"Dear celestia I will never get used to this."

Cleave the abomination before it stands up.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351632

I think it has almost become a turn-on by now.

Am I helpless? Get up or otherwise use this roll to fire an arrow at the the decapitated one.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I know that.
This is why as soon as I can, I will teleport the body back inside.
For now, SbS to locate it exactly and be ready for when I'll need to teleport it back.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351639

Leave it. If the sunguard walks in on all these gifted they'll flip out.

Sylt [Omniseer] 351642

What if we are done for when they come?

DM 351648

Recovering from the initial shock of you bursting in, the remaining bodyguards go for a counterattack.
You find yourself wounded
But Whiteshield ends up worse off, getting pushed over, and bitten by the tendrils as they pull the head back onto the third one's body.
You get back up and shake off the shock
The body has already left a huge splash of blood and gore on the stones below.
Not like you can teleport that up too.

The decapitated bodyguard stands back up
Two bodyguards remain
One bodyguard is in gifted mode


"Everypony! Attack the mangled guard!"
Link me the rule for it.

Roll #1 6 = 6

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 351665

"AAAAHHH!!" I try to wrangle free from the tendrils and stand up.
Get up from helpless state.

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 351667

Everyone gets to use 2 skills for 2 turns

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351668

Good point, but we'll have to get out of this room eventually. Do what you think is best.

I fire a Lightning Bolt at the Gifted Guard

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Magic Bolt on the transformed guard.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 351686

Attack one of the guards after I escaped.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Sylt [Omniseer] 351689

Next two turns.

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 351700

My bad.

DM 351711

You get up and manage to slash one of the guard,s but no without suffering a strike in return.
Your combined blast weakens the transformed guard notably, and he collapses to a knee, demonic tendrils grasping out desperately.

The unengaged third bodyguard attacks Whiteshield, causing a further hit

Sylt [Omniseer] 351715

Shoot an arrow at the transformed guard and then again at the one attacking Whiteshield.

Roll #1 1, 7 = 8


Keep attacking the transformed guard, and hit the third one with Blast.


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 10 = 10

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 351730

I cough up but try to tough it out.
Grittign my teeth I lash out on one of the guards that attacked me.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351732

I grab my ring
"Flora, give me strenght."
Heal on Whiteshield and Sylt.

Roll #1 1, 7 = 8

DM 351762

Desperate for a stronger host, the weakened tendril demon rips itself out of the broken bodyguard and slams into you.
Cirrus suffers just a minor hit, and blasts one of the other bodyguards into a wall, leaving him helpless.
Aleister and Sylt get swarmed with tendrils, and are pulled helpless, screaming and kicking as the demon tries to invade their bodies.
Before going down, however, Alerister managed to heal Whiteshield.
Who slashes the last remaining guard, forcing him back.

Sylt and Aleister are helpless
One Bodyguard remains standing
Grindstone leaps on the now helpless other bodyguard, stepping sharply on his broken rib, driving it into his lungs
"Sing to me your song of pain…"


Get up. Try to kick this think off, pick the tendrils with my magic, wink away, anything!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Try again.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351772

Nobody gets to invade that sylts body but me nigga.

Get up. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351774

Get up again.

Roll #1 2 = 2

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 351777

Attack the guard again, the others can stand on their own.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Storm Bolt on the invading demon, and attack the one still standing.


Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11

DM 351809

You do manage to eventually rip the demon off and get up
You are not as lucky.
It is looking for a way in.
Any way in.
If it cannot find a hole it will make one.
You feel life slowly draining away from you.
But Cirrus' blast frees Aleister from the demon, destroying the dark mess of tentacles
And another thunderous bolt blasts the remaining guard off his hooves
Whiteshield then pins him to the ground, forcing him to reveal the demon nested inside his body

The screams coming from the far corner where Grindstone pinned down the other guard seem to have demoralized your enemies.
+1 to all rolls VS the bodyguard and Lord Monrningsprite.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351819

"Thanks Cirrus. I owe you one."

Fire a lightning bolt at the bodyguard I just remembered I have a +1 to spellcasting.

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14


Attack Lord Morningsprite!
With my bow!
Creative, I know!

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"Thank me when this is over!"

Blast on Morningsprite.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 351828

Attack the bodyguard that I pinned.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

DM 351853

Ripping open his chest reveals the full extent of the demon. A pulsing black hard that extends it dark tendrils like veins into the pony.
You rip it out and blast it apart with lighting, killing him.
Morningsprite is unarmed, and he just tries to crawl away, surrendering
"Stay away from m-"
The slightly blood covered Grindstone walks out of the hazy smoke
"Go light the fireplace.
Hello, m'lord."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351858

"Surrender Morningsprite." I shout to him.
But I do keep an eye on Grindstone.

Sylt [Omniseer] 351861

Wink Grindstone over to me.
Narrow my eyes at him.

DM 351865

"What is the meaning of this!?
Grindstone goes light the fireplace herself

Sylt [Omniseer] 351867

"Ponies who, sadly, know too much.
About you. About the eternal night.
About what's inside Princess Luna right now…"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351871

"We know about your involvement in the cult. We found the hidden room in your basement. We're here to arrest you."

I turn to sylt. "Can you wink in that corpse again? Now might not be the best time to get discovered.

Sylt [Omniseer] 351875

"Too much blood. They'd realize it anyway."

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 351876

Wipe the blood off my sword and stand next to Sylt.

"Yes, we are here to arrest you." Strike a pose, the look at Alestier.
"What are waiting for?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 351878

Keep my weapon pointed at him.
"Please make this easy, lord."

DM 351885

"You know nothing.
You understand even less."
"Arrest me?

Sylt [Omniseer] 351890

"I care little for your rabbling.
Any last words?"
Raise my bow at him.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351894

"We have proof against you. We know what you and the cult have been trying to do. Surrender now and we'll go easy on you."

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 351897

I stop the pose.
"Look you old codger, you got those tentacle thingies on your guards. That is enough evidence to warrant a life imprisonment."

"For your sake, just give up." I shrug.

DM 351906

"Go ahead.
See what good it does."
"Or what? You'll make me stand trial?"
"Life. Hah. Such a petty-"

Grindstone returns
"Someone hold him down for a moment."


"With pleasure!"
Arrow to his leg.
"Stay down."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351933

I step forward and restrain him. '1d10'
"You better start talking or she will make you talk."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Cirrus [Battlemage] 351939

"I'd listen. She is very good at her job."

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 351940

Looks like Alestier can do it.

But help him restrain it nonetheless.

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 351971

A small glint passes through the eyes of Grindstone.
"Lord Morningsprite."
She opens her bag and pulls out a few barbed nails
"Soon, you, too, will sing to me your song."
She plants a hoof on his gut and carefully places the first nail on his knee
"A song unique to every singer"
She softly raises her hammer, staring deep into his eyes
"The song of suffering"
"And what a song it is.
Let us hope you answer their questions before the final verse."
She starts placing the second nail
"Feel free to ask whatever you wish from him."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 351995

I try to ignore what Grindstone is doing.
"You feel that, Morningsprite? I just have to say one word and it will stop. But first you're going to tell us exactly what the cult is doing with Luna."

Sylt [Omniseer] 352000

"And how long we have before it happens."

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 352002

"Hayshake or Applejack?"

DM 352018

"G-go to tartarus. Y-you doNT SCARE MEEEEeee!"
"Hrggggg… y-you'll s-s-s-"
"ARG! Haaaaa… a… a few… minutes… at… mosssssst!"
"Wh-wha-what are y-you..AAAAA"

"Well that's it for the nails."
Grindstone leaves for a while to check on her fire


"A few minutes?!"
Yell in alarm.
"We are late! So damn fucking late!"

Master! How!? Tell me where to go to stop this!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 352029

I sigh.
"He's not going to talk. Just leave that fire, Grindstone. You've done enough."

DM 352031

File: 1361588417683.jpg (71.84 KB, 666x449, 801.jpg)

"Shame to waste a good fire."


Rolling for mental damage.

Roll #1 4 = 4

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 352039

I look at the others with a worried expression.
"What are we going to do? We have wasted our effort for nothing if we cant get anything from him." I scrunched.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 352055

I go to Whiteshield.
"At least we won't have to worry about him anymore. Who knows what he could have done."
I take a look back at Morningsprite and wonder where my life went wrong to be so indifferent to his suffering.
Was it because of the last past days or was I destined for this the moment I got that ring?

Cirrus [Battlemage] 352059

"We could at least learn what he was trying to do here."

DM 352071

Grindstone returns with a white hot iron rod in tow
"You may want to look away now."

Sylt [Omniseer] 352077

I was waiting for your verdict!

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 352078

"Your call, Cirrus."
I go to Sylt.

DM 352083

I would have given you one had it been a >1
You can handle your own 4

Cirrus [Battlemage] 352085

Grimace and look away.

"…do it."

Sylt [Omniseer] 352090

I've lost a little more hope.
And sure as hell can't stand to watch a pony being tortured.
Or maybe…
Look hard and close at what the Interrogator is doing.
I don't care anymore. If they want the end of our world, the death of us all, then I want to see them suffer.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 352098

I go to Sylt.
"Are you allright?"

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 352099

I cover my eyes with my hoof.

DM 352103

She practically smiles at that
"Lord Morningsprite"
She takes a dull looking knife from her bag and presses it against the broken pony's gut
"Any last things you'd like to-"
she lifts the knife and shifts herself a little
"I never did notice what lovely wings you have. So leathery. So… fragile
Tell me… are they sensitive?"
"Oh, they are?
what if I instead bend them like this"
Now then. Where were we?
Oh yes."
She puts the knife against his belly again
"I wanted to see if your heart is as black as your sins."
By now Morningsprite is just panting, unable to even scream out

Sylt [Omniseer] 352115

"Yes. Perfectly fine."
Stare hard and long.
"Before you do that, one last thing I have to ask him.
Morningsprite, any. Last. Words?"

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 352116

I cant watch or hear this.
With that I step outside.

DM 352119

Please note that there are TWO GUARDS OUT THERE.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 352128

"…we don't really have the…time for this…"

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 352130

Oh dear.
I stop myself from walking out and just stood there.

Sylt [Omniseer] 352131

"Oh you are right.
We don't have the time anymore.
Never had. So why hurry?"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 352134

I sigh and put my hoof around her shoulder and I watch the scene without saying a word.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 352138

"Because we're trying to get answers? Are you thinking right?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 352139

"But I told you."
Speak in a calm, low voice.
"It's too late. So I will just sit back and enjoy the show…"

DM 352144

File: 1361590233396.png (667.86 KB, 803x547, nightmare night.png)

Breathing through his teeth, Morningsprite forces a few himself to strain out some final words.

"Though you have tried with all your might
To keep us down, we can still fight-"
The knife pushes into his gut and rips upwards
"-Witness now the death of light
And hail the fall of Nightmare Night-"
in a splash of dark blood, his black, tendril-wrapped heart is revealed
"-By the power of darkness this dark descends
Now begins a night that never ends-"
With a sick grin Grindstone plunger the glowing iron rod into it, twisting and pumping, eyes dilated and face twisted into a snarl
"-So look to the skies to behold your doom-"
The windows of the highest tower of Canterlot, the Royal Tower, explode
"-And witness the birth of Nightmare Moon!"
And against the pale, full moon, a black figure is drawn.

Outside, screams, roars and cheers can be heard.

Sylt [Omniseer] 352154

Move up to him. A few centimeters to his face.
Disregard the explosion, the screamings, his words.
Put my hooves on his neck and squeeze.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 352159

My expression never changes during the whole thing. This is all so unsurprising.
It does when I see Sylt reaching for his throat.
I run up to her and tear her off.

Roll #1 4 = 4

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 352165

I stop Sylt
"What are you doing?!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Keep peeled to Morningsprite.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 352170

"Sylt, let go. "

Roll #1 1 = 1


Help them pull her off his body.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sylt [Omniseer] 352172

"Get off me!"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 352173

"This isn't you. Please just let go."

Sylt [Omniseer] 352175

"First, I kill him."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 352178

"I won't let you."
Try to pull her off again.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sylt [Omniseer] 352180

Hold the tears. '1d10'
And give a last twist to Morningsprite's neck. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 1 = 1

DM 352185

Well he was dead before you even started anyway.
Blind from tears, you grab his dick and wave it around for a while, kinda making the mood awkward.

The guards finally smash the door in

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 352187

"you're crazy girl. Relax!"

Sylt [Omniseer] 352189

Well gee, thanks for ruining the mood.
"Look outside you idiots!"

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 352192

I raise my hoof up.
"We're innocent I swear!"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 352195

"From all the screams outside I guess Nightmare Moon is born." I say simply.
Sit next to Sylt.

DM 352197

"So it was true then?"
"Lord Morningsprite was… one of… those things?"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 352200

"One of the biggest of them all. Now if you would excuse us."

I grab Sylts hoof "You need some fresh air."

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 352203

I approached the guard and hug him.
"It almost killed us…"

Sylt [Omniseer] 352204

"Welcome to two hours ago.
Want to know what's going on right now? Nightmare Moon is Princess Luna.
And Celestia is still denying it to herself.
You dear guards have just become the last line of defense against the eternal night. Shape up."
Push him away.
"I'm fine. Let's get killed by that monster and be over with it."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 352207

"Yes sir. Him and all of his guards. And we were still too late."

DM 352208

"There there gu-
…wait didn't we just bump into you not ten minutes ago?"
"Princess Luna?
We have to get to Captain Radiance! NOW!"

Sylt [Omniseer] 352210

"We are coming with you."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 352211

I'll go with the guards but I'm not leaving Sylts side.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 352213

"We were hoping to meet him eventually, but I doubt there's anything left for him to do."

Sylt [Omniseer] 352214

"Is there for any of us?"

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 352215

I smile at him then wink my eyes.
"Yes actually, sorry if I lied."

I look at the others and nod.
"Yes lets."

DM 352216

"Hope dies last. Move it!"
The guard hurries down the tower stairs and heads for the main palace
"…lets talk about this later ok?
Over dinner, if we live through he night?"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 352218

Follow him.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 352219

Steel up and follow him. I still have my training.

Sylt [Omniseer] 352220

Laugh at this.
Optimistic fools.
I wonder what will happen, if we survive the night.
Follow the guards.

WhiteShield(Crusader Unicorn) 352221

"Agreed." I smiled at him then follow them.

DM 352230

As you pass through the palace grounds, you see Night Guards in various stages of mutation fighting against the City Guards and Day Guard.
Some City Guards seem to have sided with the Night Guards.
And some Night Guards, free of corruption, fight against their gifted kin.

Inside the main doors of the palace proper, you find Radiance. His great halberd stained deep with demon blood, his resolve unbreakable.


DM 356040


Captain Radiance of the Sunguard meets you at the main gates of the Royal Quarters.
His halberd stained red from heretic blood and his coat splattered in equal, with his eyes burning with resolve.


Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356045

I go to Radiance and tell him about Lord Morningsprites betrayal, leaving out the details of what Grindstone did to him.

Sylt [Omniseer] 356047

"The whole Nightguard is corrupted and a monster known as nightmare moon as been released.
And we are too late to do a damn thing."

DM 356049

"The entire night guard? Impossible. A few of them fought at my side to even get me in here."

Sylt [Omniseer] 356054

"The leaders are. We just caught lord Morningsprite trying to summon a something.
Didn't have much luck."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356055

"Well, not the entire Nightguard. But most of them at least."

DM 356058

"So the night lords have gone mad, as has our beloved princes…
I wish I could say I'm surprised."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356061

"You knew this was coming?
Did you get the letter we sent you?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 356062

"And you are actually the first pony I see who accepts it without trying to cut my head."
Look at the situations. Fighting anywhere near us?

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356065

"What do we do now? What can we mortals do against such power?!"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 356066

"Tragically, yes. Apparently this was long coming."

DM 356067

"I did. It helped me confirm some suspicions and make some preparations. For one, I ensured Sunguards under my command guard most night lords. This helped us take out a few as they went mad."
"I had my fears. Both from talking to fair Celestia, and my good friend Nightstrider.
Their words carried dark implications of Princess Luna."
There is no battle going on in the Royal Tower. The bodies in the main hall, along with the gory state of Radiance goes a long way to tell why.

DM 356069

"We may not be able to do much.
But… she can."
he looks upwards at the stairwell of the tower
"So I feared."

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356071

I look at the captain.
"Perhaps Radiance needs our help! We have to go after her!"

Sylt [Omniseer] 356072

"So we go ask princess Celestia? Right behind you."
Give a sigh of relief.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356074

I chuckle.
"Well then that letter was good for something after all."
I follow Radiances gaze and also look to the stairwell. "Where is she?"

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356077

"But what about Radiance?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 356078

We are taking to him.

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356079

OOC: shit my bad.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 356080

"Has there been any progress negotiating?"

DM 356082

you are talking to Captain Radiance. A stallion earth pony. Captain of the Sun Guard.
"Negotiations are over.
I was trying to make it to the princess to ensure she was safe, but was delayed by an ambush inside the doors here.
Now let us make haste!"

Radiance storms up the stairwell.
Outside, you can see some fires have started.

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356083

"Then consider me being part of the one following you."

Follow Sylt.

I ready my weapon and shield

Sylt [Omniseer] 356084

"This. Fucking. Night."
Chase after him.

Any further delay on our path?

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356085

Go with Radiance and the rest.

DM 356089

Princess Celestia is alone.
Nothing stops you from advancing until outside Canterlot.
He tackles the doors of the princess' chamber open

The great white alicorn, Celestia of the Sun, is sitting sadly by a broken window.
The room is in chaos, with evidence of a heater argument. Broken potted plants, thrown pillows, knocked over furniture, smashed items.
The Princess says nothing.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 356095

"Blessed sky…"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356096

I bow before entering but say nothing.


Bow down.
She's still the princess after all.
Roll to keep my composture.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356099

Bow down, rolling to see how I fare.

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 356103

You end up smacking your face on the floor.
Radiance takes a few steps forward.
"Your Highness, are you wounded? It's me, Radiance…"
The huge white demigod slowly turns to face him
"Begone. Leave us be."
"Art thine ears ruined or thine head caved in? I said LEAVE!"
"No. I will not. Because now, more than ever, your kingdom needs you."

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356105

Stand up. I dare not interrupt the princess in her presence that is why I zip my mouth shut and watch. For now that is.


Step forward but remain still behind Radiance, looking with a weary face at the princess.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356108

I'm not interrupting a goddess.
Look at Radiance and hope he knows what he's doing.

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356110

I whisper.
"Should we do something? I mean I really would like to go in and say 'but princess we loyal citizens are here for you' but that would just be in bad taste."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 356113

Bow down and inch forward.

"My lady, I beg your forgiveness, but we have nowhere else to turn right now."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356114

"I don't know, Whiteshield.
What do you say to a Goddess?"
I look back at Celestia.

DM 356117

The captain walks up the the princess, discarding his halberd as he goes.
Its blade is shaped like Celestia's mighty white wing.
"Your Highness. The evil your sister has unleashed-"
"-cannot be allowed to consume Equestria-"
"-You must stand up to her. You are the only one with such power-"
""I SAID-""
"-the power of Harmony."
Celestia freezes for a moment


What's the power of Harmony, Master?

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356120

"Well… " I gulped.

I step forward and bow slowly.
"B.. but princess Celestina, we your loyal servants would protect you and your sister."

"E.. even if we have to protect you from yourselves."
I then gulped.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 356122

"The power of Harmony?"

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356124

I then look.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356126

I'll stay next to Sylt.

DM 356127

The legendary power of the Alicorn Sisters. Harnessing the energies of the virtues of harmony, born from the will of every living pony, it is a potent weapon in the right hooves.
"And who are thou to speak to me?"
Radiance shoots you a look
"Have you never read books?
The power of the Elements of Harmony. The greatest power of the Alicorn Sisters! The very power they harnessed to defeat the ancient tyrant Discord!"


And she just won't use it, right?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Cirrus [Battlemage] 356134

"O-of course I have, but can they even be used in such a manner right now?"

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356136


I bow even lower avoiding to look her in the eye.
"A guard loyal to Equestria, Whiteshield is my name."
"M.. my princess, me and my friends are here to serve."

roll to hold spagghetti.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356141

I gulp, take my ring in my hoof and walk next to Whiteshield.
"That's right, my Princess. All of us are here to serve."
Bow again.

DM 356142

She needs the Elements, puppet.
They rest in their sanctum, in Castle Everfree.
"Of course, they were used to defeat-"
"The Draconequus, Discord. The Shaman Chieftain of the Great Planes. The Ursa Supreme. And many other great enemies of our kingdom."
"Well we do suppose all help is appreciated…"
She looks out the window again, at the pale full moon
"Sister… why?"


I guess it's not a good time to tell her just why her sister did it.
Stand silent closer to Aleister.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

DM 356152

Radiance goes sit next to his princess
"We both know why, your highness."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356153

I take another step forward and gulp.
"My princess." I bow and keep talking
"With all due respect, why Princess Luna did what she did is not important right now.
Equestria is on the brink and we need your help now more then ever if we are to survive."

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356154

I look up to her sadly.
"If there is anything that you need, please dont hesitate to ask."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 356156

"Mi'lady, if this can bring a stop to the madness, then we shall do everything in our power to make sure it happens."

DM 356159

Celestia pushes Radiance over in annoyance, then stands up
"Luna is dead to us. We shall strike down the monster they have become. We must. For Equestria."

Sylt [Omniseer] 356160

Let out a sigh of relief.
"Now we take the elements and end this, right?"

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356167

I bow down.

Then look at Sylt.
"The elements? What do we do with it?"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356168

I perk my ears and get back up.

DM 356171

"We must head to the Shrine of Harmony and recover the vessels of the Elements so we may use them."

Sylt [Omniseer] 356175

"Your highness, allow us to assist you."
Bow again, closing my eyes.

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356177

"Shrine of Harmony?"
I bow down.
"Tell us princess where to go and we will retrieve the vessel for you."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356178

Bow again.
"It shall be done."

DM 356188

"It is located in the castle of Everfree, outside Canterlot. We must make haste."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356195

I'm ready to follow her. I'm not going to argue with Celestia.

Sylt [Omniseer] 356196

"There are troubles outside of Canterlot, your highness."

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356197

I stand up and head for the door, then stop for a moment and look at Celestia.
"Wa.. wait, you would come too my highness?"

DM 356206

"And how dost thou know that?"
"We feel the more appropriate question is, were you coming as well? Have thee not peasant duties to attend to?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 356208

"I have seen it."
Look at her in the eyes.
Try to.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Whiteshield(Unicorn Crusader) 356210

I look at the Princess with steadfast eagerness.
"There are more pressing matters than that of peasant duties."

I then bow down.
"Whether you like it or not, I would not abandon you my princess."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 356212

"Princess Celestia, my friends and me have sacrificed much these last few days to try to defeat these cultists.
We will not give up now."

DM 356213

You meet the gaze of a broken god.
"We see."
"Very well. Let us go then."


DM 361144

The time has come.
Nightmare Night has fallen upon the land, and your only chance at salvation lies in the shrine of Everfree.

With you, are Interrogator Grindstone, Captain Radiance and Princess Celestia.

You must hurry, heroes.


The darkness, master. where do they hide? Where will they strike?

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361151

I think we're leaving with the rest of the party.
Where are we now? Still in the castle?

DM 361158

They are everywhere.
And yet, not in everypony.
But you won't know who to strike down and who to spare.
Already they march on the shrine.
Already they have defiled the woods and gardens of Everfree.
You march to your deaths. But if you do not, you abandon the world to Nightmare Moon.
You may leave at will.
Radiance can secure you safe passage to the gates of Canterlot.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361159

Well I guess that's what we'll do then?
Maybe we should wait on Groves since it's just me and Sylt right now.

DM 361160

let us wait then

Sylt [Omniseer] 361167

Which means I die anyway. At least I'll die together with "Aleister…"
Go near him and sigh.

"Your highness, they will be waiting for us."

DM 361169

"We expected no less of our sister."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361192

Put my hoof around her her shoulder and hold her close.
Give her a little kiss on the forehead.
"It's going to be allright" I whisper.
"This is just how it's supposed to go."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361194

"As you will it, Princess."

Sylt [Omniseer] 361201

Smile and let him hold me. Better not tell him.
"We are ready to move, your highness."
Nod at Radiance.

DM 361208

"Then let us be off. Captain, lead on."
Radiance nods, hefting his wing-shaped halberd onto a shoulder
"My troops will secure us a path. Come."
He leads you out of the palace gates and into the streets.

Around you, there is chaos. Houses are aflame, ponies are struggling against guards, the air is heavy with smoke and screams.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361214

"This is madness! How could it have come to this?"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361215

I take a look around,
while contemplating all the different things that must have happened for things to go so wrong.
Is it just chaos or did some force guide all these events, like it guided me?
Shake it off and keep going.

Sylt [Omniseer] 361216

"I hope those idiots got home safely…"
Keep following.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361219

"A lot of bad decisions."

Look up at the sky.
"Yeah, I wonder what happened to them.
They weren't that bad, just confused."



Master, what came of them?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

DM 361228

Radiance glances at Celestia but says nothing.
They are still out there.
Fighting to protect those who would praise the night. Fighting against the bloodthirsty Gifted.
Fighting to keep the innocent safe from this madness.

You soon reach the outer gate of Canterlot.
Radiance turns to you
"I can go and get the Sun Guard to join us. It will give us additional safety, but leave the capital without additional defenses should the City Guard fail.
Should I?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361234

"Leave them here. Normally they shouldn't leave the Princess' side, but this madness has to stop."

Sylt [Omniseer] 361237

I don't need to be a seer for this.
"The princess should decide. If we lose her, we lose Equestria."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361239

I nod.
"It should be her choice."

DM 361243

"This is between we and our sister. Leave your guards to protect those who need protecting."
"…as you command. OPEN THE GA-"
"There is no need. TO ME!"
A few chariots, pulled by pegasus guards swoop down
"We must make haste to Everfree. Walking would take too long."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361249

I'll hop in with one together with Sylt.

Sylt [Omniseer] 361256

Hop in.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361258

"I'm honored, milady. I volunteer to take point if necessary."

Climb in.

DM 361265

The chariots take off, taking you swiftly over Outer Canterlot.
Below, you can see the villages you started from. The same chaos reigns there, with blood on the streets, small battles here and there, and dead and wounded plainly visible even from up here.

Sylt 361270

Wince. Not like I didn't know, but somehow… "… I nevrr believed this would really happen…"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361273

Wince and keep my eyes up ahead.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361275

"We've talked about it…
But seeing it like this…
It's horrible."
Go sit close with Sylt.
"I wish we could have stopped it."
Look down.
"But I don't think that would even have been possible."

DM 361282

Radiance looks down, while Celestia keeps her eyes forward
"We are in a hurry! I don't think we can save them all!"

The treehouse is on fire.

Sylt [Omniseer] 361284

"Yeah. We could have waltzes into the royal palace and exposed princess Luna days ago…"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361286

"Well, we tried."

I gasp.
"Those kids. Stop the charriot, we need to check if they're safe."


"I doubt we can save any… Fly closer to that!"
Point at the threehouse. SbS on it.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

DM 361294

You divert one chariot away and down towards the fire
"Hold course. Captain, we have a kingdom to save."
Celestia and Radiance continue towards Everfree.

Once you get low enough, you can see three nightmare cultists fighting the remains of the band of night worshipers you met earlier.
They are standing between the nightmares and the kids, who look a little singed.


Fly out and meet them! Conjure weapon and land on top of them.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Hang on kids!"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361298

"How in Equestria did those guys get here?" I say surprised.
Once the carriage is close enough to the ground, I jump out and fire a Lightning Bolt at one of them.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361300

Who controls Grindstone?

Sylt [Omniseer] 361305

DM 361306

With an entry that can only be described as explosively dynamic, you slam into the three cultists, breaking them apart like they were scarecrows.
Luckily for them, and less so for you, the demons infesting them pull them back together, and they move in to surround you.
You may use 2 actions this turn and the next.
Since we lost the inquisitor, I do.


Pew pew! On the double!

Roll #1 5, 8 = 13

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361311

Lightning Spike on one of the cultists. '2d10'
Shoot an arrow at another.'1d10'

Roll #1 3, 2 = 5 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Storm Bolt! And attack!


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3

DM 361329

One of your shots lands a solid hit, but the other misses, leaving you open for a demonic tendril to lash at you.
You see an opportunity to finish what Sylt started, and put a well-aimed arrow through the heart of the wounded cultist, killing it.
The other slashes at you as well.
The third turns to you, roars and leaps on you, pinning you down and shoving several tendrils into your helpless flesh.

Sylt 4/5
Aleister 3/5

Two cultists remain.
Grindstone dodges some blows.
The friendly cultists look confused.


Get up! And force him back!


Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9


Are we not using Far/Near?
Help Cirrus up! And teleport one of the cultists off the three, into the sky!

Roll #1 4, 5 = 9

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361337

Heal on Cirrus '1d10'
Fire an arrow at one of the cultists.'1d10'

I shout to the friendly cultists. "MAKE SURE THOSE KIDS ARE SAFE."

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1

DM 361341

The tendrils are rather long
You try to pull the demon off Cirrus, but just end up hurt from its retaliation.
You do manage to momentarily distract the other one with your spell though.
You rip the demon off yourself violently, throwing it aside.
Your wounds are rather visible though.
The demon turns its attention to you as you shout, leaping on you and pinning you down, screaming and clawing.

Sylt 3/5
Aleister HELPLESS/4
Cirrus 5/3

The friendly cultists go calm the kids down. Grindstone goes protect them.

One demon is on Aleister
The other is distracted

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361342

Hit the demon(no damage of course, just to get him off me) and get up again.'1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Jump on top of the demon pinning Aleister down and blast it with my knife.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Let's try this again. Magic bolt that beast!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

DM 361354

It jams another tendril into you.
Your vision goes red and blurry
However your blase sends the demon reeling, forcing it to coil into itself and get off the helpless Aleister.
Your magic bot grazes the other cultist, but it retaliates with a lash, leaving a nasty cut on you.

Sylt 3/5
Aleister 4/3
Cirrus 4/3

The kids have calmed down.
Grindstone is talking with the cultists


Let's finish this. Attack the demon!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361360

I get up, still a bit shaken.
That girl~
Fire a Lightning Orb at the demon.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Keep at it. It's got to go down eventually.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

DM 361367

So will you at this rate.
Those blows are starting to really wear you down.
You form a two-pronged assault, blasting the demon in half and destroying its core.

One demon remains
Sylt 3/5
Aleister 4/3
Cirrus 3/3


Perfect synchronization.
Fire up my horn. Catch the demon in my tk and slam it against a wall!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361373

Use heal on Cirrus

Roll #1 1 = 1


Only one left! I can do this!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

DM 361379

Cirrus slashes the demon, revealing its core, and Sylt grasps it, slamming it into the burning treehouse which collapses on it, killing it.
Aleister then does something horribly, horribly wrong, resulting in Cirrus retching violently as his wounds open further.

Sylt 3/5
Aleister 4/3
Cirrus 3/2

The battle is over.
You have won.

Grindstone returns to you.
"We have a few options.
I can send them off to secure the kids on their own, or I can go along with them.
…or we can give them the chariot so they can safely reach Canterlot. We'd need to walk the rest of the way to the shrine then, however."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361380

I run over to Cirrus.
"Oh Celestia, Cirrus, please forgive me."


"Just…try and fix if if you can…"

Hold in the pain.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361384

Right. I focus and…
Heal Cirrus. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Master, what awaits them on the road? Are there no closer hiding places wherethey can be safe?

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

DM 361398

At least it gets a little better.
Cirrus 4/2
Canterlot is the only place they can be truly safe. Anywhere else they can, at best, barricade themselves somewhere and try to sit it out.

Sylt [Omniseer] 361401

Yeah right.
"My Princess."
Bow down.
"The everfree are near. Let the kids go back to the capital with the chariot…"

DM 361403

Celestia and Radiance are long gone by now. They had a shrine to get to while you fucked around with a treehouse.
The chariot guards look at you
"Should we take the kids then?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361404

Look at the others.

"We probably won't be able to catch up without it. Are you sure?"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361406

I take a look at the kids and back at Cirrus.
"We can't leave them here like this.
I'll gallop the whole way to the shrine if we have to."

DM 361410

"Your call. We are here to serve.
The edge of Everfree is just past those hills. The bigger problem will be getting to the shrine itself."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361412

"I thought so. I can fly to it, but I can't carry both of you."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361416

"We'll go on foot,
I've looked away too much the last few days.
I won't let these kids get harmed."

DM 361419

"Very well. Best of luck to you."
As the kids get into the chariot, the cultists and Grindstone come to you
"What about us?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 361421

Look sharply at the cultists.
"Hail the night, uh?"

DM 361424

"Hail the night, not the Nightmare."
"We never asked for this."

Sylt [Omniseer] 361425

"Glad you see it. Can you still fight?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361427

"So long as you still believe in the princess, then your assistance is most helpful. We can't afford to be chosy now."

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361428

I wave at Silverwing and give him a smile as he gets in the carriage.
I turn to Grindstone and the others.
"We're going into dangerous territory and I can't demand of you to come with us.
I can't even promise anything
but if you want to try to stop this Nightmare,
we could use all the help we can get."

DM 361433

"Some of us can. But you know we aren't fighters at the core."
"We do what we can. Little as it may be."
Grindstone salutes
"I will not run from duty."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361434

"Stay behind us then. We could use you covering our backs."


"Get back home already."

Teleport to catch up with the Princess.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361437

"Good let's get going then."

DM 361441

She is miles away, at the heart of the demon-corrupted woods.
You can't teleport that distance.
"If you say so."

The chariot takes off with the kids and a wounded cultist to watch over them.

Travel to the edge of Everfree?

Sylt [Omniseer] 361442

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361443

Let's go.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361444

DM 361449

After half an hour of running you reach the edge of Everfree.
Once a magnificent royal garden, it has been twisted by the Nightmare into a horrible, gnarled forest.
Deep at its heart, you can see Everfree Keep.


Stuff ready to jump at us?

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361452

Fly up above the treeline. What do I see?

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361453

I shudder at the sight, but try to supress it.
This is where we're supposed to go.
Use Farsight.
What do I see on the road?

DM 361458

The trees will attack any who attempt to fly over them, or attack them.
But they cannot harm those who do not fear them.
You can still save one of the chariot pullers. The other is dead by now.
Cultists guard the bridge before the keep.
You see SHARP JAGGED WOODEN CLAWS trying to rip and grasp at you.
The trees have grown twisted faces.
Strange plants have sprouted in the grass.
Shadows move in the distance.


Teleport Cirrus back over here.

"Everypony, thr trees can't hurt you if you don't fear them! Now let's go, cultists ahead!"

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Sylt [Omniseer] 361461

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361467

"So much for that then. I pray the Princess and Captain Radiance are safe."

Take point and march in.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361469

March in. Keeping a straight face.
Sylt has always been right. If they can't harm us if we don't fear them, there's really nothing to fear.

Sylt [Omniseer] 361478

"One of the guards is dead."

DM 361479

The trees, scary as they look, do nothing.
They are just trees after all.
Ahead of you, you can see some plants have grown across the path.
Blue flowers to be exact.
Some thorny bushes are growing off to one side of the road as well.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361480

Inspect the plants without coming too close.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361482

"Do either of you recognize these plants?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 361483

Stay away from the thorny bushes.
Walk through the flowers.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361489

I look worried at her.
"Sylt, be careful, we don't know anything about this place."


"Right… But the guards are ahead!"
Hey Master, anything I should know about this place?

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361491

"Well I can't say I recognize them."

DM 361498

They smell foul, and look poisonous.
You feel nothing in particular, except the world around you stops moving, as if frozen in place.
diarfa ton era uoy fi uoy kcatta ton lliw seert eht


"Uh? M-master? What did you just say?"
Maybe my legs are stuck. Give a really strong pull.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361500

Why do I always forget that +1 to spellcasting?
That doesn't look good.
Try to get Sylt back here with Telekinesis

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361501

"What's going on?"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361503

"Cirrus, get her out of there. FLY!"


"I- Don't hear! Don't feel him anymore!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


Fly over and pull her out of there. Make sure not to touch those strange plants.

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 361510

snomed yb detpurroc si tserof eerfreve
You can clearly move.
It's just that the world does not seem to move.
You shove her forward violently, landing her in the thorn bushes.
The trees begin moving towards Sylt as she kicks around in the thorns
And they also begin converging on you as you take flight.
You do pull Sylt out though.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361511

Quick, drop her and land!


"W-what! Where is everything! ANSWER ME MASTER!"
Try to grasp at something.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 7 = 7

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361516

Go to where Sylt lands.
Are the trees still converging on them?

DM 361519

You get out of the plants and calm down.
The trees stop again.
Sylt is hugging Aleister tightly.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361520

Hug her.
"Sylt, what happened? What's wrong?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 361521

"I can't understand him… Aleister…"
Start crying.
"I can feel you but… I can't see you…"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361523

"Those plants did this to her. Nobody touch them!"

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361526

"What…no nononono, that can't be.
I can heal you, I will heal you."
Heal '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

DM 361531

And heal her you did.
She can see! It's the intended effect of Cure.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361536

I look her in the eyes.
"Sylt, did…did it work?" I say uncertainly.

Sylt [Omniseer] 361537

'1d10+2', bury myself into him.
Kiss him with all my fervor.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361542

I say through tears
"Oh Sylt, I thought…"
Kiss her '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Sylt [Omniseer] 361546

"It's fine. I can see you again now…"
Nury myself into his chest.

You there too, Master?

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Cirrus [Battlemage] 361547

"We're still in the middle of the cursed forest, you know."

DM 361548

I was only speaking backwards you dolt.
Cut through the thorn bushes and keep going. You'll get to the bridge soon.

Sylt [Omniseer] 361550

Gee, I was worrying for you!
"Right… Avoid that stuff, okay?"
Move to the edge of the flowers and start winking thorns away.

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361555

Hug her.'1d10+2'
And stroke her mane.

I look a bit embarressed at Cirrus.
Look again at Sylt.
"Are you ready to go again? We can wait a few more moments if you'd like."

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Sylt [Omniseer] 361556

"No, it's fine.
We have to go through here…"
Point them at the thorns.


"Well we're certainly not going through those flowers."

Zap away some of the thorns.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Aleister [Thaumaturge] 361558

I go and start hacking at the torns with that dagger I brought.
Why, oh why didn't I get fire elementalism.

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 361565

Something goes wrong, and you end up blasting yourself with the spell, leaving you rather toasty.
After hacking through the thorny sea for a while, you reach a wooden bridge.
On the other side, shrouded in mist, you can see some figures.
Nearby, you can see the remains of a crashed chariot.

Sylt 3/5
Aleister 4/3
Cirrus 3/1


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