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Rise of Nightmares - Thread 2 DM 306650

>Unresolved side quests: Tall Tally's dad [you may choose to auto-resolve this]
>Next main plot step: Report findings and make a plan

Having recovered the stolen goods and discovered the purpose of the thefts, the party is now ready to form a plan on how to deal with the new info.
White Shield organized for the stolen goods to be returned, which means you all now get a friendly discount at the local store if you need anything.

Report in and organize a plan of action to deal with the strange group of ponies who tasked the paint theft and are expecting delivery.

Sylt [Omniseer] 306654

"They meet in the woods every night. Might be heretics, the same who stole the holy symbols.
I know because a voice in my head told me!"

Aleister 306657

I look at Sylt for a second, briefly touching a ring in my pocket.

"Okay. In that case we need to get to the others as fast as possible."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306659

I'm all for auto-resolving Tall Tally's thing

Barnes [Knight] 306660

How much did we discover?

Aleister 306664


I say goodbye to the fillies, tell them to let us handle the strange ponies and leave the treehouse.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306665

Welp, seeing how no one else is taking any actions, let's just say it's resolved and we head off to meet up with the rest of the party.

Sylt [Omniseer] 306667

Follow him and let's find the rest of the party.

Barnes [Knight] 306669

"To reorganize our information, we are going to investigate those moon signs, are we?"

DM 306670

-The paint was stolen by the teenagers to give to creepy looking suspected cultists in exchange for wine
-The creepy guys are only ever seen at night, and gather in a clearing in the woods
-The treehouse kids know the place
Ultimately after some arguing, Tall Tally and his father agree to give family life one more chance, promising to behave themselves for mutual benefit.
The goods have been returned to their owners by the guards brought by White Shield.
If you wish to report your findings, the head of the local guard is at the barracks and the town representative is available in town hall.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 306671

"I think we should report this to the town guard. We might need the help."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306672

"We should also visit the library for clues on what exactly all this means."

Aleister 306675

"I think we should further investigate the strange drawings in the library first. This cult could be big and if we talk about this to the wrong person, we could get in trouble."

Sylt [Omniseer] 306676

"What moon signs?"
"All what? I can ask the voice in my head."
Hey voice, now that I know where the guys meet and when they do it, can you show me a good hay place?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Barnes [Knight] 306677

"That is our first priority. This looks something more serious than usual."

"And until Nightfall, that shall be our second priority."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306679

"Exactly my thoughts. Best tread carefully here. You never know after all. Now let's move out."
To the barracks!

Aleister 306681

I follow Rosethorn.


"Hey are you even listening? You still haven't told us what's this 'All' you were talking about! What did you find?"

Hey voice, what did they find?

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10

Cirrus [Battlemage] 306684

I do too.

DM 306686

No. Focus on the task at hand, puppet.
The barracks is near the center of town. It is not big, but then it is not very central either, serving more as a rest stop for the area patrols than a real HQ. The guard leader does know some of the Royal Guard bigwigs in Canterlot though.
Read the thread

Barnes [Knight] 306687

Go over to speak to a senior guard.

"Regarding the posters looking for help, it appears the matter will be more serious than thought. We may require the assistance of the rest of the guard."

Aleister 306688

I look around the barracks for anything unusual.


Roll #1 7 = 7

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306690

I'll let the others do the talking actually.
"We'll meet back up at the library alright? I need to take care of something."
Now that we're back in Canterlot, go visit either a temple or a hospital. We need medical ponies to aid us. Badly.


Oh my I can jump between realities!
Go talk with a guard! One of the important ones.
"Hey guards. Hey. I heard there's a very important task that can't wait even the time of a bite! All kind of crazy stuff with moon and heretics and paint."

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11

DM 306694

"Oh? This sounds big. We should go see the Corporal. He probably wants to know too. Right up the stairs there, his office is at the top."
Several guards are gathered around what seem to be drawings based on the graffiti, trying to analyze them.
You're in the town where you started, not in Canterlot.
If you wish to travel to Canterlot, please inform the others.

Sylt [Omniseer] 306695

Gee voice, you could have pointed me to that corporal sooner.
"Heretics. Woods. Big thing. Do you have any apples?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306696

Ah crap! I don't suppose there are any ponies here that know anything about healing aside from that lone doctor? '1d10'

If not, just rejoin the others

Roll #1 8 = 8

Barnes [Knight] 306697

"I thank you,:

Go see the corporal.

Aleister 306698

I go to the guards with the drawings.

"Hello guards, me and my companions are trying to figure out the meaning behind these drawings. Have you discovered anything?"

Are their drawing the same as we saw before or a more complete version before the washers got to it?

DM 306699

The doctor does have an assistant
But if you want a skilled one, suggest a trip to Canterlot
The corporal is quite young, but his complexion tells a long tale about his history of action.
"So, you're here about the reward for catching the thieves?"
These are the complete versions, drawn before the cleaning began
"They all share themes. The night, the full moon, and often blood and twisted shadows. Sick stuff, really. Who would defile great Princess Luna's night so?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 306700

"Stop ignoring half the shit I say.
Yes. Money. Wonderful idea."
Drop my ass on the floor in front of the corporal and wait.

Barnes [Knight] 306702

I'm a guard

"No, but we may acquire assistance regarding the thieves. The situation looks more complicated than we expected. At best it is a gang, at worse, cultists."

Rili [Ranger] 306703

Is there anything I can do

Forest [Bard] 306705

What's happening where am I?

Cirrus [Battlemage] 306706

"Indeed. The defacing of the clock tower is connected to the thefts. This seditious group solicited help from local hooligans to gain paint for their profane markings."

Aleister 306707

"That's what I hope to find out."

I study the drawings to see if there's anything I can learn from these complete versions.


Roll #1 1 = 1

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306708

Eh, just rejoin the others.
"Corporal, serving Equestria is enough for me."

"I say we travel to Canterlot itself to visit the Royal library and do some research."

You can help Aleister?

Aleister 306709


Yes, I'll probably need help very soon.

Sylt [Omniseer] 306711

"I'd love to eat too alongside with saving Equestria thou."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 306712

"It certainly couldn't hurt, but I would like to locate these cultists first."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306714

"There's another reason why I'd like to visit Canterlot. They have hospitals there. And we really do need somepony to patch us up when we're in trouble like before…"

Aleister [Mage] 306715

Is anyone actually injured? I thought Rili was the only one who actually got hurt, and she got fixed by the doctor

DM 306716

"Impatient, aren't you?
Well here."
He tosses you an apple and a sack of coins
Roll to catch
min 4
Sorry about that, forgot to open my notes
"Cultists? Damnit that is big. Tell me everything. We may need to inform headquarters in Canterlot…"
You returned to town and went to report your findings
it might have been better you never saw them in their full glory.
Try not to wet yourself over the imagery. It's not really easy to look at.
But it leaves little doubt in your terror gripped heart. These are probably cultists.
You scream in terror, flip the table over, punch the nearest guard and run out of the room
"Well if you feel a need to visit Canterlot, take this letter with you to the Royal Guard Captain. It should help explain the situation and allow him to take any precautions he feels are needed.
But if you do want to go, I suggest leaving soon. If you go within the hour, you might get there before nightfall.
Do you know anything more of these cultist?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 306717

"And they are gonna follow us because?"

Hey voice.
How far is Canterlot?


Telekinetick catch!

Roll #0 9 = 9

Forest [Bard] 306719

"No, sadly. We will try to find out more though. We are happy to help!"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306720

Not at the moment no. But the party needs a healer.

"I'll convince them to."

DM 306721

Hooray for apples and coins!
The corporal just told you.
"Very well. Though without additional information all I can do is double the patrols for tonight and hope we get no more vandals.
Was that all then?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 306722

"If your mind is set, you had better. We don't know how old this cult is. Is this the first time they've acted so openly?"

Forest [Bard] 306723

"It might be best to scrub off the painting on the side of the cave. It could prove unsettling for some ponies. Scary, even."

Aleister [Mage] 306724

I sit outside, trying to catch my breath. I grab onto my ring, hoping it will comfort me.

"I could use a drink right now"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306725

"Yes. Thank you."
Take the letter and leave.

"We'll find those answers in Canterlot, I'm sure."


I'm all kinds of happy now.
"Interesting. Let me ask."
How long has this cult been operating?
How ponies in there? Do they have goats too?
I like goats.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7

Barnes [Knight] 306727

"They appear to be responsible for the vandalism, obtaining their paint by trading with a group of teenagers, who were the thieves. The sigils appear related to night, and has a recurring theme of cannibalism, more specifically night devouring day. I can only hope no fey magics are involved."

Aleister [Mage] 306728


I look around to see if there's a tavern somewhere


Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 306731

One of the guards outside mentions there is a tavern nearby
"The cliff has a painting? Hm, right. I'll send some ponies to deal with it."
I'm not a plot fountain you cretin stop asking me to reveal everything in the second session.
No they don't have goats. Goats shun the night, for it is not good for bleating.
There IS a tavern nearby!
But a very fancy, expensive one you have to wear a suit to get into.
"Night devouring day…
…sounds like heresy to me. Indeed dark stuff. Talk to the research team downstairs if you haven't already, and head for Canterlot at once. I will send a message ahead to the captain to meet you as soon as you arrive. I have a bad feeling about this…"

Forest [Bard] 306734

"A big one at that. With fangs and everything. Not pretty."

Barnes [Knight] 306736

"Then we can leave the matter here to your team here? Then if you have anything to clarify, you should ask the teenagers in their treehouse."

Go down.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 306737

"Thank you for your time. I suggest you start drilling your men, something big is brewing."

Go downstairs and greet the researchers.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306739

"All this lollygagging is pissing me off…"
Follow the rest down

Aleister [Mage] 306741

I curse the six Hierophants of Alcohol for giving me such bad luck today.


Damn, you are really pissy today voice.
Okay, eat my apple and look at the others.
Rolling for taste.
Oh wait they are leaving. FOLLOW!

Roll #0 5 = 5

DM 306750

Right. I'll have my men clean it right away."
"Treehouse? Well, I've had stranger informants."
There is a group of ponies downstairs researching drawings of the graffiti, and bandaging up one of their own.
You have made great enemies this day
The ascendant of alcohol does not take kindly to challenges.
You will get yours one day.
One day.
It's bland.

Forest [Bard] 306755

"Thank you. Have a nice day!"

Find the others?

Cirrus [Battlemage] 306757

"Greetings, scribes. Have you extrapolated anything new from those symbols?"

Look at the hurt one.

"What happened to him?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 306758

Just like my life.
Hey what are those ponies in front of the graffiti doing anyway?
"Learnt anything?"

Barnes [Knight] 306763

"Researchers. What deductions can you make from the graffiti?"

DM 306769

Looks like most are helping study the graffiti
"Some mage came in, panicked and hit him."
"Looks like the repeating parts deal with the night and full moon. Also these twisted shadows keep appearing in most.
In interest is that the older graffiti did not involve nearly as much blood, and a new element, a black alicorn, has been added lately."

Aleister [Mage] 306773

I take out my silk blanket and start meditating outside to clear away the horrible images, waiting until the others are done with their business.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306775

Approach him
"What are you so worked up about?"

Forest [Bard] 306778

Go there.
"Um… excuse me for interrupting… but is it just me, but the black alicorn slightly resembles Princess Luna? Or, at least the one that is painted on the side of the cave? Not that I would say the two look alike, since Princess Luna is regal and noble, but still."


"Much of the graffiti has revolved around a theme of night overtaking day, through an act reminiscent of cannibalism. Indeed, the central theme appears to be day, being devoured by night. What can you make of this?"

"A black alicorn? Do they worship another night deity? Very disturbing…"

roll to see if I can have any moments of insight

Roll #0 8 = 8

Cirrus [Battlemage] 306781

"Interesting. If it weren't for the blood and death, this might just be a misguided following of the moon princess."

Aleister [Mage] 306783

"I got a little antsy when I saw those drawings the cultists made. It's truly horrible, whatever these cultists are trying to achieve, we can't let them succeed."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306785

"… You got scared by a drawing made by some kids?"

Barnes [Knight] 306786

"In a way, it does, but only in appearance and colour. While Princess Luna is associated with our night, none of these other themes have been associated with her. Unless.. this is the cultist's plans, maybe? Then we need depart for Canterlot at once."

Barnes [Knight] 306787

"Have we already not established the the children did not do it? Besides, you must consider, if it were them, why of all things night and cannibalism?"

Forest [Bard] 306788

"They were pretty unsettling."

"To corrupt the image of the Princesses?"

Aleister [Mage] 306789

"These aren't just some kids. Whoever drew them did it for a purpose. They represent some dark magic, that's what freaked me out."

DM 306790

They turn to you
"Sounds like heresy to me, boy."
"Princess Luna is blue, not black"
"Nor does she have fangs!"
Well this is all clearly somehow linked to the alicorn sisters. Perhaps a cult of some sort is hoping for Luna to overthrow her sister?
"Indeed. It's the blood and death that make it so worrying. We fear someone is planning something big."


Forest [Bard] 306793

"I am very sorry, I didn't mean to offend anypony!"

Forest [Bard] 306794

I am ready

Rili [Ranger] 306795

i'm pretty useless still but ready

Barnes [Knight] 306796

"..worst yet, they wish to corrupt the princess herself. From the evidence we have gathered, they may be hoping to have Princess Luna… overthrow Princess Celestia, symbolised by the act of devouring her domain."

Turn to the whole party.
"Pack your supplies. We leave at once."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306797

"Those kids made the drawings, they admitted that much."

"Can we please get a move on? This endless yapping is just tedious."

Aleister [Mage] 306798

I'm ready

DM 306800

"Damn good thing that."
3 ready
"How could that possibly happen!?"
"There is no way they could possibly-!"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 306802

"That is a damning assumption. Better we make sure of it before going too far…"

Barnes [Knight] 306804

"It could happen. I will not take any risks. I have already lost one home, and I will not lose another. You must continue with this possibility in mind."

Again, turn to the party.

"Are we ready to depart?"

I am

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306805

"Appears so. Let's move out, shall we?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 306806


Barnes [Knight] 306807

Look away.

"My home was lost because we were too proud to accept such madness as possibilities. Never again."

DM 306809


Majority vote wins.

Forest [Bard] 306810

Break up cult meeting first.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306811

We need help. And more information.

Barnes [Knight] 306812



"Good. We must make haste. Should any of you tire, ask another for help. We cannot afford to stop and take rest."

And then to the researchers.
"The guard above will be breaking up the cult meeting supposedly scheduled in the woods, will they?"

I'm hoping for some combat, really

Aleister [Mage] 306813

Break up cult meeting, we can still go to canterlot later

DM 306814

Well combat will be more abundant if you go after the cultist.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306816

Which is not very smart considering we lack a healer

DM 306819

Oh look, the doctor was having a colleague from Canterlot over for tea.
Use him.

Aleister [Mage] 306820

can we just vote and get going?


Fair enough
Get over there are use Command on said colleague. We need to get this party started already, he can have his tea later.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Aleister [Mage] 306825

Thank you

Barnes [Knight] 306828

"If we are looking to find the Cultists tonight, then I would have a messenger sent to Canterlot immediately. I will speak with the corporal and I would like you all to quickly compile as much as you know for transfer. Can you do that?"

DM 306829

Well done, you have gained
Time Saver [Cleric]
Prayer of Healing
+2 to Prayer of Healing


Night is falling.
You were given a flare by the Corporal. It will summon a guard patrol to aid you if things get too difficult.
The kids from the treehouse have taken you to the edge of the clearing.
Six ponies in robes have gathered in the pale moonlight.
They seem to be chatting.

Forest [Bard] 306830

Whisper to the others.
"Do we wait a bit?"


Strain to listen in.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Rili [Ranger] 306832

Listen in on them

Roll #1 7 = 7


Can we have a messenger sent before us to Canterlot?


Roll #0 1 = 1

Whiteshield[Unicorn Crusader] 306834


"Huh… wha..? where am I?" I shake my head.


Roll #1 6 = 6


4th eye.
What are they talking about?

Roll #0 8 = 8

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306836

Unsheathe my swords and nod.

Aleister [Mage] 306837

"Let's try to hear what they're saying"

Sylt [Omniseer] 306839


Oh god pls I don't want to beef this

Roll #0 9 = 9

DM 306879

Should have picked Trickster if you want to fix crit fails
They seek to prepare the lands for the coming of something named "Nightmare Moon". To grant those who accept her a chance to revel in her glory, and those who deny her a chance to hide before they die. Then they will kill the teenagers who betrayed them.
The sixth is clearly a leader of some kind. He is big and buff, and his muzzle and hooves are dark grey. His voice sounds otherworldly and deep.
"What happened to the shipment?"
"It was lost, master. The children failed to deliver"
"Then they have betrayed us. We will deal with them tonight. What of the great painting?"
"It was discovered master. A group of guards cleaned much of it away."
"CURSES! Well, no matter. We still have the other shipments. We still have the longest night of all ahead of us. We still have time to herald the message of Nightmare Moon's coming to this region, as our brothers and sisters do to other regions.
First, we sha-"

And then there's this asshole.
You fall over the bush you were hiding behind, clear your throat, pull your shirt over your head as a makeshift hood and trot on over to the cultists.
You push the leader over, then announce the new plan is to go and praise the sun until you win.
After asking if anyone has any questions, the reply is a ritual dagger between the ribs, leaving you bleeding heavily, probably with internal damage.

The jig is up.



At least, signal to the party not to panic and stick to the plan!

Roll #0 2 = 2


Well damn.
Teleport Barnes back here!

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Stay hidden, Time."
Throw one of my daggers at one of them. Cheap Shot.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Forest [Bard] 306890

"Oh no, not fighting…"
Clear my throat.
"Friends, I am quite sure we can best them."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Rili [Ranger] 306895

Explosive trick shot

Roll #1 5 = 5

Whiteshield[Unicorn Crusader] 306897

I peer at the party.
"Whats happening? Last time I know is I was drunk then these guys." pointing at the babbling cultist. "Is talking about the childrens loot."

With that I draw my sword and shield.


Magic Lightning Bolt the leader.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7

Aleister [Mage] 306900

I take out my bow and arrows.

I look around the area for anything to use to my advantage


Roll #1 7 = 7

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306902

"Just take them down. Try not to kill them, I want to squeeze some answers out of these scumbags."

Whiteshield[Unicorn Crusader] 306912

"Ah… what the… by Equestria's honor it shall be done."

Charge in and attack with my sword while shield is raised.
>inb4 a 1

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

DM 306928

You'd tell them not to panic if you weren't bleeding into your lungs.
You grab Barnes and teleport him into the bushes
Your dagger smacks one of the cultists in the muzzle
Your shot bounces off a cultist's head.
Looks like a dud arrow…
You charge in blindly, tripping on a rock, dropping your sword.
One of the cultists picks it up for you and returns it to your hoof.
Well not to your hoof.
Through your hoof.
You are now pinned to the ground by your impaled hoof, and helpless.
You could probably get a good shot if you climbed a tree. Or you could try flanking them.
As the leader is distracted, you blast him with a lighting bolt, sending him reeling a little

Five cultists and the Leader remain
White Shield is helpless and in peril
Barnes is helpless


"Damn it… Go help White Shield! Doctor, heal me!"

Try to stand.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Rili [Ranger] 306935

Marksman shot on a cultist

i hope it doesn't fail.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306936

Charge out of the bushes and attack the leader with my swords. Stab him! '2d10'

Time uses Heal on Whiteshield 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 7, 8 = 15 / Roll #2 3 = 3

Forest [Bard] 306937


Take out my bow and fire an arrow at the one who impaled White Shield.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 306941

"AAAHH!!!" I try to pull my sword from my hoof using telekenesis while raising my shield to protect me from these fools.

stand up from helpless

Roll #1 4 = 4

Aleister [Mage] 306942

I climb in the tree and fire a lightning Orb at the guy trying to kill Whiteshield


Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

DM 306955

You stumble up, and are face to face with the mildly singed Cult Leader
"Ready to die, heretic?"
Your aim is as true as that of the archers of legend. Your shot pierces the knee of one of the cultists, ending their charge and leaving them helpless on the ground as they try to remove the arrow.
Calming and minimalistic.
+1 to all rolls next turn!
You slash the Cult Leader, and stab him in the side before he can retaliate.
Meanwhile, Time Saver hides, having never seen combat before.
Your arrow hits the cultist, drawing their attention away from White Shield for a moment.
You get the sword out, but standing hurts too much right now. You are unable to get up this turn.
With the cultist distracted, your Lighting Orb explodes on him without giving him even a chance to avoid it.
His muscles twitch out of control, and he is helpless with no hope of getting up soon.

Two cultists are Helpless
Three Cultists remain
The Cult Leader is somewhat hurt

Whiteshield is helpless


Another arrow at the same cultist! Aim for the head!

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4

Rili [Ranger] 306963

Arrow to the knee, really.

Shoot an unhelpless cultist with an arrow.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 306964

Stand up soldier.
"You can do this Shieldy." I try to support my bleeding hoof and lean on the stronger one.


Roll #1 7 = 7

Forest [Bard] 306965

"Don't worry, I am quite sure these cultist will prove no challenge at all for us!"
Inspire, Heroism.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Let my spear answer that.

Suppress him!

Roll #0 2 + 3 = 5

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306970


I slash at the leader once again '2d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Rosethorn [Warlord] 306973


Roll #1 8, 1 + 2 = 11


I fire a lightning spike at the leader from the tree.


Roll #0 8 = 8

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 307001

Roll for damage
You miss him barely, but his paralyzed body cannot get back up.
You stand up, somewhat tripodded.
The cultist assaulting you is still helpless.
There is nothing heroic about this disaster.
You are all going to die!
You slam into him and try to wrestle him down, but at the end of it you seem to be evenly matches as you stare into his bright yellow eyes.
…huh. He has slit pupils. How odd.
Time Saver keeps hiding.
Your attempts to slash at the cult leader fail to impress twice, as he sees your trick coming, parries skillfully and leaves you with two deep cuts on your face
You conjure a mighty spear of lightning, or mighting spear of you will, and hurl it at the leader, blasting him off his hooves
The leader's pendant begins to glow!

Two cultists are helpless
The leader is wounded
We await the results on Rili

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307004

Smack the helpless cultist hard with the pommel of my sword to make him unconcious.


Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7



Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4

Forest [Bard] 307007

Oh for the love of…
Time to act!
Bash one of the cultists unconcious with my stick!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Rili [Ranger] 307008


Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh fuck.
Arrow at pendant of the cultist leader!

Roll #0 1 = 1


Shoot an arrow at the pendant hoping to break it

Roll #0 10 = 10

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307016

Spit at him and strike him in the lower regions. Cheap Shot. '1d10'

Time Saver stallions up already and uses Heal on the one needing it the most 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 5 = 5

DM 307038

Being a clever griffon, you decide against shooting yourself to test the effectiveness of aiming for joints.
However, a tree branch falls on you, pinning you down helplessly on the ground.
You knock him out nonlethally.
The Cult Leader blasts you aside with a magic bolt, leaving a burning wound on you
You incapacitate the other helpless one
Your arrow disintegrates when it gets close to the pendant
"Hehehe… useless."
For your troubles, you are rewarded with a powerful magical blast to the face, which slams you against a tree and leaves you helpless.
It seems the pendant was momentarily powered down after the previous blast, and your arrow splits it in half!
The useless broken pendant falls off his neck
"WHAT!? NO!"
He smacks your hoof away, tackles you down and slams his own hoof on your privates instead
"Feel the pain you so seem to enjoy inflicting. Revel in it."
You are rendered helpless on the spot.
Saving Time swallows and goes aid Rili, who gets +1 to attempts to get up.

Rili is helpless
Rosethorn is helpless
Sylt is helpless

Two cultists are incapacitated
Three remain
The Cult Leader has no more magic, and is wounded.

Rili [Ranger] 307041

"Just my luck!"


Get up.

Roll #0 6 = 6


I fire a Lightning Orb at the leader from the tree

Roll #0 9 = 9

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307057

Approach the leader and plant my trusty sword to his side.


Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


I must go now, night

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4

Rili [Ranger] 307060

get up!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Forest [Bard] 307065

"Come on, make your friends proud, don't let us down, show that bad guy we are better than them!"

Roll #1 10 = 10

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307066

I meant the legs!
Try to get up. '1d10'

Time Saver uses Prayer of Healing 'r2 1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3

DM 307077

You get up with a little help from Time Saver and are ready to fight again!
Same with you. A little bruised but good to go.
He does not discriminate, and keeps you pinned down.
"Oh, you don't like it? Would you prefer something WORSE!?"
…damn he has some sharp looking fangs for a pony.
Meanwhile, Time Saver tries to confront two of the remaining cultists, armed with a stick.
A few seconds later he is on the ground, getting stabbed and stomped.
He is helpless and will die soon if not helped.
Inspirational words indeed
+2 to all rolls next turn to everyone!
He snarls, stabs you in the hurt leg and twists his dagger until you scream and fall over helplessly
Your Lighting Orb explodes on the Cult Leader, burning off his cloak and revealing he has… bat wings?
That can't be normal.

The Cult Leader is badly wounded
Time Saver is in peril
Whiteshield is helpless
+2 to all rolls


Try to teleport Time Saver away from his grip!

Roll #0 2 = 2

Forest [Bard] 307082

Fend off his attackers with the walking stick of my own!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307083

Alright, now I'm pissed. Get up. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1



shoot a lightning surge at one of the guys stomping on Time Saver

"Fight somebody your own size!"

Roll #0 10, 5, 1, 5, 2, 1, 6, 5, 5, 6, 6, 3, 6, 5, 6, 1, 10, 3, 5, 6, 2, 9, 2, 8, 7 + 2 = 127

Rili [Ranger] 307085

I'll try to help someone up

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sylt [Omniseer] 307086

Automatic on Willing or helpless targets.


Oh sorry I must have done something wrong

I'll roll like last time


Roll #0 8 = 8

Roll #1 10 = 10

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307090

Stand up stand up you damn little unicorn.
In tears, I use my other good hoof to stand up.


Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

DM 307104

You nab Time Saver away from the cultists
While Forrest beats one helpless with his stick
"Take all the time you need."
He lifts his hoof off you, picks up one of your swords and stabs is down there instead, finishing with a sharp kick to the hilt.
You have lost a wound.
You blast the one Forest left standing, rendering him helpless as well.
You are up. But that's about it.
The last remaining cultist slashes you with his dagger, then tries to corner you
"For the coming Nightmares!"

Time Saver is safe but helpless
Rosethorn is in peril

The Cult Leader is badly wounded
One cultist remains

Forest [Bard] 307105

Help Time Saver up!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"F-fuck you!"
Drag myself away!

Roll #0 7 = 7

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307109

Oh no you dont, I have a duty.

Use protect on her.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Rili [Ranger] 307110

I think I can use marksman shot now, right?
Use it on that fucker

Roll #1 1 = 1


End this.
Draw my bow and fire an arrow at the last standing cultist.

Roll #0 10 = 10



I fire an arrow at the leaders leg

Roll #0 6 = 6

DM 307124

Sadly, Forest's traditional folk remedy of beating the dying horse with a stick until the bleeding stops is not very effective.
Time Saver needs medical attention, and will not be able to perform further actions in this battle.
"I will enjoy eating your foul tongue come Nightmare Night."
You do crawl away though as he delivers an over the top villain laugh.
The leader flaps his wings open and takes to the air, dodging your arrow.
In a thundering crash he dives onto your spine, crushing you against the ground with an excruciating crunch.
You are helpless and in great pain.
Your arrow slams into the eye of the cultist, who falls over, screaming and clutching his bleeding face.
Your arrow sticks to his leg, forcing him to take to the air again

Rili is helpless
Time Saver is out of commission
Rosethorn is badly wounded

The Cult Leader is almost down
No cultists remain


"Oh no you don't"

I fire a Lightning Orb at the leader

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10

Rili [Ranger] 307130

crawl to safety so i can cry by myself

Roll #1 4 = 4

Forest [Bard] 307131

Clear my throat.
"We can do this, just keep positive!"


Shoot an arrow at his uninjured leg.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Can I pull out the sword and get up?

Roll #0 10 = 10

Forest [Bard] 307136


Roll #1 10 = 10

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307146

"You stay right there, you need medical attention."
With that i stand on a limp but seeing how good my teammates are, its best to stand here and guard the helpless.

DM 307152

before you can really get anywhere, the Cult Leader dives in again, blade in hoof, leaving a deep gash on your (roll for damage)
However before he can gain altitude for another strike, he is blown out of the sky with an arrow and a lightning ball, leaving him twitching and unable to walk.
Rosethorn also gets the sword out of her.

You have won.

Two cultists are helpless
Two are incapacitated
One is bleeding, screaming and half blind
The cult Leader is paralyzed and crippled

Rosethorn is badly wounded
Time Saver needs medical attention
Rili is wounded and helpless

Rili [Ranger] 307154


Roll #1 9 = 9

Forest [Bard] 307156

Can I loot some rope off ot the cultist to secure them?

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 307160

Looks like you had time to block the hit with whatever body part you felt was best.
Name the location yourself.
You are a clever pony, and use the rope you brought along.
You also remember you have the flare for summoning guards.



I get out of the tree to secure their leader

As I walk, I suddenly remember something

"who the hell has that flare?'

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7

Rili [Ranger] 307165

Forest [Bard] 307167

Fly above the treeline and use the flare.

Aleister [Mage] 307170

>You also remember you have the flare for summoning guards.

I just remembered that myself

Sylt [Omniseer] 307173

Okay walk up to the Cult leader.
"So. What's all this for?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307175

I cough
"I'm a little woozy right now…"
Try to pick up Time Saver and get him back to the Doctor! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307182

I stand next to Sylt and point my sword at the cult leader.

Aleister [Mage] 307187

I keep an eye at the other cultists ready to unleash lightning if one of them moves too much

DM 307199

Mooning a ferocious attacker. Clever.
Yes, you ended up with a slashes open butt. Don't try sitting down for a while.
After the flare is triggered, you hear hoofsteps coming your way. The guard patrol should arrive soon.
"Nightmare Night will soon be upon us. Night will devour day. Moon will devour sun. And the faithful will devour the heretic."
You really could at least help that one poor guy get the arrow out of his eye…
You pick up the wounded doctor and begin the trip back to town.
>Would you like to timeskip there now?

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307203

Yes, the others can busy themselves with the remaining cultists. The two of us are fucking dying here.

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307207

I turn to Sylt and waved my sword at the cultist leader.


"What is this loony saying?"

Forest [Bard] 307208

Keep hoovering in the air and looking out for their approach!

Aleister [Mage] 307209

I suddenly notice someone with an arrow in his eye.

I move over to help him

Who had an arrow in his eye?


Roll #1 3 = 3

Sylt [Omniseer] 307212

Okay, what the fuck is nightmare night?
4th eye.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Rili [Ranger] 307213


Sylt [Omniseer] 307214

Look back at him and shrug.
"No idea."
Back at the cultist.
"And Nightmare Night would be?"
Raise a brow.

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307220

"He says the moon will devour the sun, thats kind of weird dont you think?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 307223

"I think we should give him up to the guards soon before his 'moon' gets around to save his ass…"

DM 307244

Two of the guards coming to help out break off and escort you back
The doctor is woken up and he comes to check on you
"Great sun and moon! How did this happen!?"
"None can stand against the Rise of Nightmares! She will soon come for us! Those who give themselves to her will be showered in glory! Those who deny her will die!"
There they come.
Looks like four of them.
One of the cultists.
You rip the arrow out, causing his eye to explode into a mess of goo and blood.
He passes out from pain.
It is a celebration about giving candy to children and dressing up in funny costumes.
You should probably get a funny costume ready. Otherwise you will look like a grump and an idiot when it comes.
You are feeling rather butthurt
You might want to get that looked at.

Four guards arrive
"We saw the signal"
"What's the situation?"

Forest [Bard] 307249

"We captured them!"
Point at the bound up cultists!

Rili [Ranger] 307250

"Can someone please take a look at my wound?"

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307251

I approach the guards.

"H.. hey, we caught some cultist. Look!" I pointed at the leader.

Aleister [Mage] 307252

Okay then I don't feel bad at all.

Go to the guards.

"We captured them. But we have some ponies who require urgent medical attention"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307255

"Bunch of bandits in the woods. I uh… I'm sorry your friend got hurt like this. Although if it makes you feel better, we did manage to take them down."
Release control of Time, he has already suffered enough.

Aleister [Mage] 307256


"Especially that one"

Rili [Ranger] 307258


DM 307260

"Where were you hit?"
"Good job! Was this all of them?"
"Any casualties on your side?"
"Truly terrible…
Now, let's see how bad this is…"
Rolling for horribleness of wounds /10
1 - terribad
10 - will heal just fine
first you, then Time

Roll #1 10, 5 = 15

Rili [Ranger] 307263

"On, uh… my behind."

Forest [Bard] 307269

"Some ponies got hurt, but nothing too serious, thankfully."

Sylt [Omniseer] 307270

"Urgh. And who in Tartarus is this Nightmare Moon?"
4th eye.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307282

"None so far, but they put up a fight I tell you." I nudge the guards side.

"So where do you plan to take em? Mind if I tag along?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307285

I sigh and look over Time.
"I'm sorry buddy, this was my fault."

DM 307286

They raise a few eyebrows
"Fine. Let's take a look at it then."
Rolling to see how bad the ass-damage is
Time will probably need a walking stick from now on, but you will get away with relatively little permanent damage.
Well, my little puppet, she is the endless darkness, rage and jealousy within praised princess Luna given form and flesh.
"Pack 'em up lads. We'll hold them overnight at the barracks jail and have them shipped to the Canterlot Dungeons in the morning."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307289

"Where do you get such threats from, rogue? Speak!"

Sylt [Omniseer] 307291

Jump back and widen my eyes in shock.

Aleister [Mage] 307294

"What's the matter?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307295

A walking stick? Shit man, that's rough!

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307296

I look at him, confused by his actions.
"Whoa, you are having a trip there. Are you spasming or something?" I give a quizzical look.

Rili [Ranger] 307298


Sylt [Omniseer] 307299

"The… The Voice! It told me! These guys worship Nightmare Moon!"

DM 307300

The ass damage is horrible. Just horrible. Your perfect 10/10 cat butt forever cloven in half.
You now have three butt cheeks, but the wound itself seems to be non-lethal and should not cause further harm.
"Just await the coming of dawn. You will see. You will see."

Aleister [Mage] 307304

"Who are you talking to?"

"Yes and who is nightmare moon?"

Rili [Ranger] 307305

oh i thought he was talking to someone

Sylt [Omniseer] 307306

Gulp down.
"I… She is… Luna…"

Forest [Bard] 307308

"Don't be silly. That's not possible. Luna is our benevolent Princess!"

DM 307313

The guards look at you angrily
"What heresy is this you speak?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307314

"All I see now is a mad heretic who needs to be put down."

Sylt [Omniseer] 307319

"Yeah that's what I thought but the voice told me! That's… The voice can't lie!"
"Me? Nothing at all. Must have been some thought of one of the cultists. That's what they believe! Yeah, must be that!"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307326

I'll just sit by Time's bed for a while. Is he awake?

Aleister [Mage] 307328

He's at the doctor in the city

I widen my eyes in shock. I look down contemplating this while holding my ring.

"these cultists definately hold an unusual intrest in our glorious princess Luna. We cannot deny she's somehow involved in this."

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307329

I tilt my head.
"Huwwaatt? Are you serious pony?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307331

"Choose your words carefully, unless you want to share this heretic's fate."

Rili [Ranger] 307335

Oh, I msis things easily.

Sylt [Omniseer] 307339

"Oh shut it. It's not something I'm saying. Just, the voice decided to tell me. It happens.
It's not what I think!"

DM 307344

"There is a reason I'm a doctor, not a fighter…"
"Hearing voices? Are you mad in the head?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 307351

"That… Must have been a trick from one of the cultists! Dark magic, I'm sure!"

Aleister [Mage] 307352

"I'm sure what Sylt meant to say was that these cultists seem interested in Princess Luna and that we should investigate this more closely. Isn't that right, Sylt?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307358

"Really? Because you didn't take long to start backing up his story with blasphemous accusations of your own. We have no need for a mad pony, and even less for a traitor."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307359

I nod
"I know. I was hoping you'd just stay out of the battle and out of sight. We didn't have much time and needed somepony with medical experience. I'm so very sorry it ended up like this. Is there something I can do for you?"

DM 307360

"Hm. Very well.
We will take them to the town jail for overnight storage. You are free to rest at the barracks if you are so inclined."

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307364

"Whoa there, he's not mad. He's just in touch with the other side or something. Got something to what he eats." I smile at hte guard.

Forest [Bard] 307365

"That's a kind offer. Is this all we could do for today,"

Sylt [Omniseer] 307368

"Look just… Whatever. The guards will ask the cultists and all that."
Put a hoof over his shoulder.
"Yeah, that would be great…"

Aleister [Mage] 307377

I whisper to Sylt.
"Are you sure it's Luna?"

DM 307380

"I think you've done quite enough.
But if you want to do something nice for me, take this letter to my sister in Canterlot so she knows what happened and does not need to worry."
"Just don't let him run around spouting heresy buddy. We don't want to sow panic."
"Right. If that's all you needed form here, you can come with us when you're ready."

Forest [Bard] 307383

"Thank you. I think it is."
Follow them.

Aleister [Mage] 307385

"I have one question, do you guys happen to have a suit laying around somewhere?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307387

"He makes terrible, baseless accusations against one of our benevolent monarchs and blames it on voices in his head. That fits the definition of mad to me."

"Of course. Many thanks for your help on this matter."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307388

I take the letter and nod.
"Will do. Listen, if I come across some coin, I'll send it your way. The least I can do is make sure you're safe financially."

DM 307392

"A suit?
Ah, thinking of heading to the fancy pub?"
"Very well. Come along then."
The guards lift the cultists on their backs and head back to town.
"I doubt I have much trouble in that regard, I'm not exactly poor. But it's a nice thought.
Keep your money. But don't ask me to give you my sister as your next assistant or anything."

Aleister [Mage] 307396

"I'm in very serious need of a drink, yes"

Sylt [Omniseer] 307398

"No, of course I'm not. Let's not speak of this again."
Follow them.

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307400

I look at Sylt.
Yeah he looks mad.

"He is mad but he is not dangerous on our side, he helped us take out these heretics, what proof do you guys need?" I give a quizzical look.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307404

"What greater reward is there than a job well done?"

"Though a round of spirits is just as good after a hard day's work. Who else would like to join?"

Aleister [Mage] 307405

"Sure, but, just so you know, I don't think you're mad."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307408

I chuckle and get up to leave
"I wont. Thank you Time Saver, hopefully your sacrifice wont be in vain."
To the rest of the party!

Aleister [Mage] 307410

Follow the guards

Sylt [Omniseer] 307414

"Chill out. It was just a thought that crossed me. Might have been some magic those heretics used for all I know!"
Smile at him.
"Then I should thank you properly. The drink is on me."

DM 307418

He tosses you a badge
"Tell them it's guard business. Consider it a reward for helping out."
"Just make sure he keeps the crazy talk to a minimum when near civilians, got it?"

You may
-Head to the fancy pub for drinks
-Go to the jail to talk to the cultists some more
-Rest up and wait for morning
-Go meet up with the Town Representative, Shop Owner, Corporal or Kids to tell them the good news

Forest [Bard] 307421

I'll just go and take a rest.

Aleister [Mage] 307422

I'm going for a drink

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307424

"We should spread the news before any celebrating."

I go meet with the representative.


Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307425

I look at the others.
"I feel bad about the kids, do you think they need some security for the night?"
I then give a thought.
"Well.. not me, but give them some guards to nanny them. They are treathened by those cultist mind you."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307427

Regroup with the party
"Just so you know, Time Saver will most likely be a cripple for the rest of his life."

"You. What did you learn?"

Rili [Ranger] 307428

I choose to rest, my ass still hurts.


Let's drink my sorrows away.
How shaken am I from the revelation, Voice?

Roll #0 5 = 5


Do we apply the usual rule to the most boring roll?

Roll #0 2 = 2

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307445

"The cultists venerate a being they refer to as 'Nightmare Moon', and that it is on the verge of manifesting. Odds are that is the large, black alicorn that keeps appearing in their art."

I lean in.

"The seer claimed it was one and the same as lady Luna as well."

DM 307446

You go to bed.
Roll for quality of dreams
Flashing the badge at the pub door, you are granted entry.
Soft music is playing, and there is a quiet murmur of conversation. The lights offer a calm, warm atmosphere.
The representative is a diligent and busy pony, working late into the night to get all his work done
"Hm? News of the recent events?"
"Right. We'll assign someone to watch them."
Your faith is shattered and your heart is heavy.
You know this will end in blood, but telling anyone will get you branded as a mad heretic.

Rili [Ranger] 307448

oh boy

Roll #1 10 = 10

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307450

I cock an eyebrow
"That sounds like quite the claim. Either way, just another reason for us to head to Canterlot."

Just stick with Cirrus. He seems nice enough.

Forest [Bard] 307451

I'm sure they'll be nice

Roll #1 3 = 3

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307454

"Ah. The cause of the graffiti has been discovered and dealt with, and the stolen paint has been returned. I suggest you start being more alert after dark as well, miscreants of all sorts are using the cover of night for all sorts of misdeeds."

"Indeed. I would like to at least stay the night to make sure this area is clear, but we should make for Canterlot at first light. This needs to be brought before the thrones."

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307457

"I'll head to the barracks if you guys need me." I smile at Sylt.

Well I am worried about the kids.
I then head to the barracks and socialize with the… guards.

"Uhmm.. hello guys." I give a smile while finding something to drink.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Aleister [Mage] 307459

I sit down at the bar and look at the bartender.

"What kind of drinks do you have here? I need something pretty strong."

Sylt [Omniseer] 307462

Yeah fuck this. I'm drinking it away.
"The strongest you have. Make it double."
Roll for hammered.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307467

I just nod and let him do the word

DM 307482

You have the best dream ever.
Your tri-ass makes you famous, and you become one of the most renowned griffons in the world.
No, they are not. Plagued by visions of darkness and bloodshed, you cannot help but feel you have seen an ill omen.
"Well that's a relief. You've been a big help to my little town. I'd thank you more, but I don't really have much to give."
"Whiteshield what are you doing? You know there is no drinking in the barracks! Get some water if you're thirsty!"
"Marefriend just left you strong or lost your whole fortune gambling strong?"
"Alright. North-styled Mage Wine, chilled, raw. Imported. Good stuff, but stiff as all hell."

Forest [Bard] 307487

Did I at least get well rested?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307488

"No need, it's reward enough to see Outer Canterlot at peace. Times are tough all over, ponies should not be adding to them."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307489

"We are just happy to help out. These ponies were clearly evil and needed to be dealt with. It's just a shame about the damage done…"

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307493

I tap my head softly with my hoof, why do I always forget that.

Take a swig of water and relax.
Do I need alcohol?


Roll #1 2 = 2

Sylt [Omniseer] 307494

"Sounds good enough."
Turn to Aleister.
"You want some too?"

Aleister [Mage] 307498

"Do you have life-is-in-the-shitter-and-it-won't-get-better-soon strong?

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307501

Head to the place where alcoholic drinks are served.

DM 307505

Not really.
You wake up in a cold sweat. It is still dark outside.
"Good words, good words. I understand you're heading to Canterlot proper in the morning?"
"Look take the night off. You bagged those Cultists after all."
You join the others at the pub.
He pours you a shot of the same wine
"We all have our bad days, friend."

Forest [Bard] 307510

Climb out of bed and take a jog in a park or something.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307514

"Yes. We need to tell this tale to the capital, but we can stay the night to make sure there are no other cults in the area."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307515

"Indeed we are."

I nod.

Aleister [Mage] 307517

"Looks like I already got some"

I raise my glass.

"To bad days"

Sylt [Omniseer] 307519

Okay drink more.
And think about why.
I mean. Why?
Why would princess Luna ever do something like going crazy?
Fourth Eye.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sylt [Omniseer] 307525

"And to better nights."
Raise my glass… Bottle, actually, and toast with him.
Then, drink.
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 8 = 8

Aleister [Mage] 307531

I drink.

Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 307534

The others seem to be at the pub.
Huh. Given the amount of sleep you got you'd imagine it would be about time for sunrise, yet it's still as dark as ever.
"Good, good. Well, best of luck to you. Let us hope this was an isolated incident."
Look outside.
It's a lovely night, with beautiful starry skies and embracing darkness as smooth as velvet.
Yet everypony is asleep, ignoring it.
You spend the night drinking and socializing.
…but the morning isn't really coming.
Indeed some ponies are already looking out their windows, wondering why the sun isn't up by now.

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307540

"longer nights, weird.."

I take a drink and see how it goes.


Roll #1 4 = 4

Sylt [Omniseer] 307541

Well fuck.
"Usually when I'm this shitfaced it's already morning…"
Walk outside and try to figure it out.

Aleister [Mage] 307544

"Looks like Celestia overslept" I say somewhat hazy.

I notice Sylt walks outside and follow her.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307548


Look up.

"Say…do you have the time?"

DM 307552

Burns like a right bastard.
Helps you forget you're walking on three legs now.
A lot of ponies are outside, wondering about this event
But it really IS a pretty night.
"Should be a little past sunrise, why?"

Forest [Bard] 307556

"Strange… I did sleep pretty bad though."

Sylt [Omniseer] 307559

Okay. Roll to remain oblivious of the implications.
I really really don't want to connect what the voice told me yesterday with what I'm seeing right now.
+2 because I'm shitfaced from last night.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Then why is it still dark?"

Watch the sky.

Roll #0 2 = 2

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307566

"What time is it?" I asked the others while taking another drink.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307567

I blink
"… Maybe Celestia overslept?"

DM 307568

Must be winter solstice. Nights get longer close to that.
"Beats me.
…I do hope everything is fine in Canterlot."
"Morning, I'd wager."

Sylt [Omniseer] 307572

No need for alarm then.
Sit on my rump and look at the sky with a silly smile.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307577

"Perhaps. I suppose even she's not infallible, is she?"

"We should probably be leaving soon."

Aleister [Mage] 307578

I walk outside wth a drink in my hand and look up.

"It really is a pretty night."

I get the feeling there's something horrible I'm missing but I'm too hazy to connect the dots.

I take another sip from my glass.


Roll #1 4 = 4

Sylt [Omniseer] 307583

"Yeah, the stars look beautiful…"
Focus time.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307584

"Yeah… that must be it."

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307590

Alrighty then
take a drink

Here, I give Sylt a shot.

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 307592

With no morning in sight, the guards gather up
"We are ready to move out to Canterlot at any time now. Though we feel we may need to hurry. This… long night is quite unnerving."

"Once you are ready, report to us so we may go."

Aleister [Mage] 307595

"You know, sometimes I wish the night could just go on forever. Everypony lives their lives during the day, worrying, running around. At night you truly can take a breather."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307601

"We are ready to take our leave."

Sylt [Omniseer] 307606

"Then the night would be just the same as the day, no?"
Smile at him and make my way for the guards.
"Yeah, ready to go."

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307607

Drop the drink.
"Yes, yes we are."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307608

"Ready indeed."

Aleister [Mage] 307610

"Guess so"

I empty my glass and go the guards.

"Do you guys have a carriage or something?"


Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 307625

You throw up in front of everyone
"Good heavens man!"
"Get a hold of yourself!"
"And yes."
The Cultists are placed in an iron cage on wheels and two guards begin pulling it along.
You may fast travel to Canterlot if you do not wish to speak to anyone along the way there.

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307636

"Hey, you are the guys from earlier." I pointed at the cultist.

"Also, can anyone heal this wound on my hoof? Please." I look at the party and smile.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307640

My thoughts are with Time Saver.

"Not anymore…"

Sylt [Omniseer] 307642

Better not be seen with the cultist.
And better not speak to the guards.
"What happened?"

Aleister [Mage] 307644

I drag myself to the top of the carriage

As I lay down, I hear the laughing of the six Ascendants of Alcohol in my head.


I'm all for fast travelling since I don't take I'm going to speak to many people for a while.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307646

"Like I said, Time Saver is with the good doctor now. He'll most likely be a cripple for the rest of his life thanks to those filthy heretics."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 307650

I fly alongside the cage.

"We might need to ask for another medic when we arrive."

Sylt [Omniseer] 307652

Voice, will he be a cripple?

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307656

"Another medic, alright then perhaps after we arrive."

DM 307659

Ye he will puppet
had you bothered with learning healing, none of this would have happened

Sylt [Omniseer] 307664

But I saved his ass when the mad cultist was attacking him!
I'm… I'm not a bad pony!
Also, ready for fast travel.

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 307690

And so they traveled towards Canterlot. But the carriage was heavy, and the trip took a good while.
Before they could reach Canterlot, they saw a fire in the horizon. The guards knew there was another town in that direction.

Send guards to investigate, take prisoners to Canterlot?
Ignore it?


Fourth Eye.
What the hell is that fire?

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11

Aleister [Mage] 307700

I'm ignoring everything at this point.

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307703

I peer and see whats on the horizon in my position


Roll #1 7 = 7

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307707

"We should check up on that town. Stop the caravan."

DM 307712

Well puppet, that is lynching.
Some do not take kindly to heretics.
Looks like a house is on fire, with some ponies outside.
The guards hold their position

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307718

I go down the caravan unsheathe my sword just in case.

Sylt [Omniseer] 307719

Gulp down.
Go to the leader of the guards.
"Maybe we should check if somepony is in danger…"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307722

"Party, on me. Let's investigate."
Take a guard or two with us just in case. Let's go investigate!

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307724


DM 307725

"Right. I need to leave some of us to guard the wagon, just in case."

You have 6 guards. You may take as many as you want, but taking more than 3 leaves the prisoners at risk.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307727

Take 3 then.
Let's move it. Ponies are in danger.

Sylt [Omniseer] 307729

Follow the lady.

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307731

I then think a little.
"You guys take two or three guards, I'll stay here in case that fire is a ruse."

Aleister [Mage] 307733

Still too drunk too care.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307734

"Oh no, you're coming with us."

Sylt [Omniseer] 307736

Nudge him.
"Hey, coming along?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 307739

"Somepony should remain to guard the prisoners."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307745

"We have six guards and we're taking three along. Now shut the hell up and follow. Lives might be at at stake and I have no time for this trivial bullshit."

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307746

"I'll run to you guys if you call. I am just too suspicious of a fire on the same road that we are trekking while carrying these loonies." I pointed at the cultist.

Sylt [Omniseer] 307747

Sigh again.
"I think you'll only be disappointed once we get there…"

Aleister [Mage] 307748

I open my eyes. My vision is still blurred.

"Wu..Wha-..Is that you F-"

Vision slowly unblurs.

"Oh…wait, wha-..what's going on?" as I slowly get upright.

DM 307752

You split up, with Whiteshield and three guards staying to keep the wagon safe.

As you get to the town's edge, you see a house has been set on fire, with an angry mob outside

Sylt [Omniseer] 307753

"Some fire up ahead. We are going to scout for it, looks like a town.
You staying with the prisoners or coming along?"
Give him one more look.
"I think you should stay."
Smile at him.
Fourth Eye. Is he really a heretic?

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307754

Approach the mob
"What the hell is going on here?"

Aleister [Mage] 307756

"No..No..I'm coming. Just go ahead. I'll just need to get back to reality for a second."

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307758

I look around and make sure nothing is lurking nearby in the shadows.

"Busy night was it?" I said to one of the guards.

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 307768

Why yes he is, puppet.
But then, aren't you?
"That dirty heretic keeps spouting his lies and tarnishing the princess' good name!"
"He fled inside and barricaded the doors so we set his house on fire!"
It's too damn dark to see.
"And how. The whole place is going crazy it seems…"

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307773

"I got to agree, I mean we got these guys here as proff of it." I chuckle while looking at the cultist.

"Say are we still far from CAnterlot?

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307777

"That seems a little excessive, don't you think?"
Is there a way in I can spot? '1d10'

Tell the guards to head back to the caravan by the way. And wait there.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Aleister [Mage] 307778

I get off the carriage.

Whoops still a bit wobbly.

I lean against the carriage for a moment, listening to Whiteshields conversation

Sylt [Omniseer] 307779

Hey don't look at me like that voice, I just want what's best for ponykind!
I don't go around yelling to praise the eternal night or whatever!
How big is the mob?

DM 307785

"An hour or two at this rate."
The guards salute and leave
There are windows all around you could break and enter from.
Looks like ten or so.

Aleister [Mage] 307790

Am I sober enough again to go to the village?


Rosethorn [Warlord] 307794

Let's try that '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Aleister [Mage] 307795

Well obviously not.


Roll #1 6 = 6

Sylt [Omniseer] 307796

How bad off is this 'heretic' thay are talking about? Any family in there with him?

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307803

"Ugghh… perhaps in time then."

"Is it safe to move forward?" I look at Rose

Aleister [Mage] 307804

I shake it off and walk to the village, still a bit tipsy.

DM 307810

You seem to be.
Go inside and see for yourself, puppet.
"Come to watch the damn heretic burn?"
"Did you hear something just now?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307813

So? Can I get in?

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307814

"What?" my eyes widen.

My ear flicks and tries to hear whatever he is talking about


Roll #1 8 = 8

Aleister [Mage] 307815

"Heretic? What heretic?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 307817

Wasn't the place on fire?
Approach the mob-
"Everypony, calm down. Is this how our princesses would want us to behave? Burning ponies in their homes?"

DM 307827

You smash a window
"Hey! What's the big idea, lady?"
Yes. Impossible to mistake. The sound of flapping wings, coming your way!
"The one we trapped in the house!"
"Kept preaching about Princess Luna going mad!"
"Said we should all forsake the sun to stop it!"
Oh yes, puppet, it is.
"I doubt they'd like his preaching either!"
"He was probably the one who painted all those awful pictures on the walls too!"

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307834

Look up.
"Get ready! There's something up there!"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307836

"Shut up. Get back to your damn homes. If I come back out and you're still here, I'm going to be pissed, understood?"
Hop in and look around '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sylt [Omniseer] 307837

"And why not give him up to the guards instead? Look at all of you, self righteous, judges of what's wrong and right! Do you feel yourselves above Celestia and Luna? This is downright atrocious! Now bring some water to extinguish the fire!"
Burst inside and see who's in there.

Aleister [Mage] 307846

"And did you see my friends running past here?"

DM 307849

The guards get ready and pull their weapons.
Moments later five pegasi fly over and three of them land nearby
The prisoners look out at them
"Brothers! Free us!"
The fire has spread massively. After some searching you can see the accused heretic in a side room near a collapsed window. He has been knocked out cold by some fallen debris.
"Well two just jumped inside the house.
…hey what's that?"
Two pegasi fly over the burning house and towards the town

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307851

Pick him up and put him on my back. Anypony else around? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 307854

Two young foals are trapped upstairs. The stairs have collapsed entirely.

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307855

I draw my sword and shield.
"Here they come!"
Attack one of the with my sword '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Aleister [Mage] 307856

"Well that's odd."

Deciding the others in the burning house might need my help more at the present moment, I go and climb through the window in the house.


Well isn't that just fucking perfect

Try to float them down with my telekinesis.
"Sylt. Help."

Roll #0 8 = 8

Sylt [Omniseer] 307863

"On it!"
Wink one of them to my hooves.

DM 307871

You each grab a kid and haul the accused out of there
You help pull the whole lot out safely before the house collapses.
The angry mob looks confused
"HEY! Why are you helping the heretic!?"
You block the charge of one with your shield and toss him on his back, then knock him out.
The three guards pin down and incapacitate another, leaving only the third.

Meanwhile in the town, screams of panic can be heard.


Okay now that the kids are safe… WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE SCREAMS?
Fourth eye.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307876

WoP '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 307881

Remember those two pegasi, puppet?
They have come to begin the festivities.
And by that, I mean murder.
You might still prevent it if you hurry.
They seem to be distracted by the screams, and instead rush to see what that is all about.
You may check on the accused and his kids, search the house ruins, or join them in investigating the screams.

Aleister [Mage] 307882

I stand around near the mob. Wanting to look what the screaming is all about, but not wanting to leave the "heretics" with their mob.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307885

"Go! I'll take care of them!"

Turn to the kids, how are they doing?

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307886

Charge at the third and slash at him


Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Aleister [Mage] 307888

I nod and start running looking for the source of the screams.


Roll #1 5 = 5

Sylt [Omniseer] 307889

Truth be told, I don't.
But I'll take your workd for it, voice.
"Rose! Follow me!"
Run to intercept them.

DM 307892

The mob no longer cares about the accused.
They're a little sooty and very scared, but otherwise fine.
Do you want to talk to them?
You slash the pegasus before it can take off, leaving it as easy pickings for your fellow guards.
A quick bag and tag later, the assailants are stuffed in the same wagon.
You notice the mob has stopped near the town square

Aleister [Mage] 307895

I get to the front of the mob to see what's happening

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307897

Sit down and pet their manes
"Hello there little ones, can I have your names? Can you tell me what happened? You're not hurt are you?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 307906

What? Who are they talking with?
"Follow me! There's no time!"
Assume I've told you this last round.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307909

"I'll be there soon dammit!"

Whiteshield(Uni Crusader} 307910

"they are down at least, who are these guys?"

DM 307912

Looks like the two pegasi have a few townsfolk at daggerpoint
"I-I'm Cream Crop, a-and that's my sister, Image.
We were sleeping and then we woke up to dad shouting something.
…I didn't see or hear mom or… bro…"
"Must be more cultists, the way they talked to one another…"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307917

"… They weren't upstairs?"
Shit, get back in there! They must be around somewhere! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Aleister [Mage] 307918

Shout at the pegasi.

"Who are you? Let those ponies go!"

Sylt [Omniseer] 307922

Fuck. If I teleport one away, the other will die.
Step forth.
"There is nothing you can do now.
Nothing to gain in killing more ponies. Fly away."

Chip(DD knight) 307925

I look at the new prisoners, slightly angry.
"Who are you, you ponies! And what is this Nightmare night you guys are talking about!"

DM 307935

Oh yea, they are.
In the collapsed ruin you find the burned remains of a mare and a cradle.
Her legs were crushed by a fallen support beam.
The cradle was just out of her reach.
"We have come to give you a sign."
"Nightmare Night is almost upon us! The death of light and the fall of day!"
"We have only come to warn you."
"Embrace the night, shun the day."
"Or you will not be saved!"
"Come the night that never ends!"
They raise their daggers
"She will soon rise to blot out the sun"
"Under her beautiful night, we will feast, and drink deep from those who stood against us."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307939


Roll #1 1 = 1

Sylt [Omniseer] 307941

Fuck. Teleport one of the ponies in harm's way out of there! Wink!

Aleister [Mage] 307942

Do I have a clear shot at one of the pegasi?

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307943

Get back to those two foals and check on the father.

DM 307948

More or less. Though a bad miss might hit the hostage.
You magically yank one of the two hostages away, leaving the pegasus cultist bewildered and angry.
He is out cold but stable


If I still have time, try to pull the other away with my Improved Telekinesis!

Roll #0 7 = 7

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307951

Put my blanket on top of him and turn to the foals.
"What does your daddy do?"

Aleister [Mage] 307952

All or nothing then.

I use a Lightning Orb against the other pegasus that still has a hostage


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Whiteshield(DD knight) 307953


"What do you mea… could you just make it simpler? Drink deep what from us? You guys just sound crazy do you know that?"

DM 307963

One of them rolls his eyes
"You just have no sense of drama do you? It sounds a lot less impressive if I just say 'we will eat you when our god gives us endless night'. You cretin."
"D-daddy works at Canterlot. He studies the stars."
You do nab the other hostage away too, but not before the pegasus cuts her leg open
With no more hostages, the pegasi fling their blades at the crowd and take flight to flee

Roll #1 9, 4 = 13

DM 307966

One of the bystanders also got hit by a flying dagger.


Take out my bow.
Aim for the wing.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Aleister [Mage] 307971

I use lightning surge against one of pegasi


Roll #1 6, 1 = 7

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307972

"Has he been acting unusual lately? Like saying strange things? Doing strange stuff?"

DM 307976

Turns out he had a second dagger. You can now find it in your stomach if you'd like a closer look.
Your spell backfires, sending you crashing into Sylt.
The pegasi flee.
"H-he said the nights have gotten longer and longer. A-and that the princess is to blame."

Whiteshield(DD knight) 307977

"Oh my, thats horrible. Why eat us?" My eyes widen.
I then look around and make sure no one like them are outside, and wait where are the others besides from us the guards?"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307981

I take a deep breath.
"Okay, follow me."
Put the father on my back and lead the children back to the caravan.


Okay, try to stand up.
"You okay there Aleister?"

Roll #0 4 = 4

DM 307992

Probably still in town.
Two flying figures escape the town as you watch.
"Because you never respected the night. And now, you will pay for that transgression. It's all supposed to be very symbolic. But I guess poetic symbolism is wasted on uncultured swine like you."
"W-what about mom and bro?"
You can barely stand. It might be a good plan to ask for some help.

Aleister [Mage] 307993


"Oh I shouldn't have drunk so much".

I notice the huge dagger in Sylts stomach.

"Oh shi- just hold still for a minute"

I try to help Sylt


Roll #1 4 = 4

Sylt [Omniseer] 307997

"Yeah I will.."
Trail my voice off and lie on the side.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 307999

I close my eyes
"… They're not coming."

DM 308000

You're a mage not a doctor.
Violently ripping a chunk of metal out of someone is not often too helpful.
Good news: the dagger is out
Bad news: you are bleeding. A lot.

Sylt [Omniseer] 308004

Try to hold it, put pressure on the wound.
And don't shiver.
"Go look for a medic!"



Roll #0 3 = 3

Aleister [Mage] 308006


Look at the crowd



Roll #1 9 = 9

Whiteshield(DD knight) 308008

"Hey, thats uncalled for. Besides you are the one's who has plans to eat me so that makes you barbaric as well."
I look around.
"I dont trust much of the guards, better to stay here and guard you fools in case some of you're comrades come and try to rescue you."

spot and listen

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 308012

"Yes, I'm a doctor!"
"Ok sonny, let's get that patched up."
Taking 6 on the heal roll.
Rolling for how messy the result ends up being
Sounds like things have calmed down in town.
Also, the sun is starting to rise at long damn last.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Rosethorn [Warlord] 308015

Chip(DD knight) 308017

"Look the sun!" I tell to the prisoners while I pointed at the horizon, smiling.

Sylt [Omniseer] 308019

Wear a sad smile and watch the pony work.

DM 308020

"W-what do you mean?"
"…the long night ends."
"More will come."
"It may not be time yet… but soon."

Sylt [Omniseer] 308021

Okay, find Aleister and go back to the caravan.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 308023

"I'm sorry kids. But your mother and brother wont be joining you."

Aleister [Mage] 308024

I sit by Silt while the doctor works

Sylt [Omniseer] 308026

"Thanks for finding that doctor. I thought I was a goner."

Aleister [Mage] 308027

"Wow, you look good as new."

Chip(DD knight) 308029

"Guards lets keep this caravan moving and see what happens on the way forward."

Aleister [Mage] 308032

"Don't mention it. You would have done the same."

Go to the burned out house.

DM 308042

Eating spicy food will probably hurt for as long as you live, but no real damage was done beyond that.
They look back at the house
"…I wanted to know what our baby bro's name would be…"
And once everyone returns to the caravan you head on the last leg of the journey to Canterlot.

>It's only a model…

DM 309090

Dawn rises at last after a long night.
The sun hurries up the sky, and by the time you reach Canterlot, the gilded capital of Equestria, it is already high noon.
A guard patrol meets you at the gate.
"We received reports that you had important information regarding the Nightmare Cult."

Sylt [Omniseer] 309110

Well yeah I do. But they'd never believe me.
Hey voice, would someone ever believe me?

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309114

How are the kids and the father doing?

Chip(DD knight) 309116


I then climb on top of the cage and smile as I see the magnificent city on the side of the mountain.

Sion [AKA Aleister] 309120

Meet up with the guards.

"Yes, we've captured these ponies." Point at the prisoners.

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309124

name oops

"Here are the prisoners of the cult." I pointed at the cage below.

DM 309130

Oh yes, sure, puppet.
Just be careful who you trust and how you word it.
The father is waking up
The kids are asleep
"First time in canterlot, guardsmare?"
"Very good. Are they cultists?"
"Ah. Good job. We'll take 'em off your hooves. Go along and see the Captain at the palace. He will want to hear everything."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309131

Sit in front of him and look him over
"How are you feeling, sir?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 309132

Stand back and go check on the kid.
Didn't have time to, last night.
"How are they faring?"

Aleister [Mage] 309133

"They spoke heresy of our Glorious Princess Luna, made public drawings depicting heresies, and tried to murder anypony who got in their way, they're about as cultist as you can get"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309136

I sigh
"About as well as you can expect them to in a fucked up situation like this."

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309137

"Ah that would be a good idea, I'll head down for now and go there myself."

"I'll go and meet the captain at the palace, where do you guys want to meet up for later?"

DM 309139

"Hm? Where am I, exactly? Did you… save me?"
There are two of them. Older brother and younger sister. Small kids, both of them.
"Same as the others then. Good. At least we know it's just one group."
"Very good."

Aleister [Mage] 309140

"I'll join you."

Sylt [Omniseer] 309142

Look at her sadly but say nothing.
"I… don't know. I'll just follow the others."
Are they awake?

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309144

"You guys go. We'll meet back up at the Royal Library."

I nod
"Yes. Yes I did. Can you tell me what happened?"

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309147

"Alright, lets tag."

"Alrighty, Royal library it is."
"If you want you can tag along, if not go with Rose. We shall meet at the royal library as said."

Go to the palace to meet the captain.

Aleister [Mage] 309150

I follow Whiteshield to the captain

DM 309158

The kids are sleeping
They must be exhausted
"I work in Canterlot as an astronomer, and recent celestial movements seem to have more in common with the coming of winter solstice than anything this time of year. I've idly voiced concerns over the issue in public, and with the rise of these… cultists, I guess they suspected I was one too."
The Captain welcomes you
"So you're from the group who captured some cultists in Outer Canterlot? Tell me everything you know."

Sylt [Omniseer] 309160

Very well. Then, let them be and follow Whiteshield.
"I'm coming."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309162

"Hm. We've encountered those cultists. You sound like you might know a thing or two about what is happening lately."

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309169

"Hmmm… where to start."

I tell the captain about the orphan fillies that vandalized the village, their loot, the confession. I also tell him on how me and the others attack a group of suspected cultist, their imprisonment and how they are captured.

I also tell him about the long night that happened yesterday and how it coincided with the attack of the other cultist. Last one, I also tell him about the babbling of one cultist member and told me how he is going to 'eat me' or something,

Aleister [Mage] 309170


"These cultists seem to be highly organized. They've spoken of multiple groups operating in different areas of Equestria. They seem to have an intrest in the moon and Princess Luna in particular."

DM 309186

"I have theories and observations, but nothing beyond that."
his assistant makes a long list of notes
"This sounds worrying. You are to be commended for standing against them. You're the first guardspony we have who has first hoof experience on them and is still alive.
We should gather the others and call a meeting to discuss how to best approach this."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309188

"Well… do you know anything about Nightmare night? Or Nightmare Moon? What they mean?"

Aleister [Mage] 309189

"Captain, I'd like to request an audience with Her Highness Princess Celestia."


Ask the captain.
"Does this meeting involve freelancers too or should we leave?"
Hey voice, could the guards alone take care of this? I want to stop worrying.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309199

"First one alive? Are there other incidents that happened that is the same as ours?" I look at the captain, slightly worried.

I looked at Alesiter surprised.

DM 309203

"All I can guess is, Nightmare Moon is somehow connected to Princess Luna of the Night. I know not how. Perhaps it is some demon god the cultists seek to summon to slay her? I cannot possibly say.
Nightmare Night seems to just be the name for the day of its arrival."
"Entirely out of the question. Her majesty only sees important dignitaries, and her schedule is so full even I have trouble talking to her."
"All information is relevant here. We need all the first hoof accounts we can possibly gather."
Of course the guards can take care of this, puppet. They are highly trained after all. What could possibly go wrong?
"Indeed. We've had six dead patrols reported so far in Outer Canterlot."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309206

I nod slowly.
"Not much new then…"
I look at him sadly
"I am… so very sorry for what happened. I wish there was more I could have done to prevent it. We were just too late…"

Sylt [Omniseer] 309208

Thank you for the creepy reassuring voice, voice.
By the way, do you have a name? Calling you voice sounds stupid.
"Right. I will stick around."
Sit somewhere.

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309209

"Thats… troubling, then this group is far from the common rabble as I thought." I look down.

"So, what are we going to do about the matter, about this so called Nightmare night that the cultist are talking about?"

Aleister [Mage] 309222

"I have some vital information which should be delivered to the Princess right away. This cult is highly organized. As a soldier, surely you understand the need to be discrete with information."

DM 309227

"I do not blame you.. or even my fellow townsfolk.
I blame that blasted cult for existing."
I have many names, puppet. All of them equally valid and terrifying to know.
"We need to find some way to uncover their power structure and break it down. I've heard the cultist groups often have leaders, but none have been taken alive."
"Then you can start by relaying this information to me. I have some… old favors I can call in if we need them. I can get a message to the princesses, but i doubt I can get many delivered before I run out of friendly goodwill."

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309231

"Oh! Oh! We got one! We got some sort of leader type among them. He is with the others inside the cage." I smiled with glee.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309232

I nod
"Yes, I suppose they are to be blamed in the end. Rest assured that my companions and I will do whatever we can to put an end to them. I will see justice served and this cult put down, you have my damn word on that."

Aleister [Mage] 309235

"I have reason to believe the cult has already infiltrated the Royal court and are planning an attack on Princess Luna herself. She should be kept under protection at all times."

Sylt [Omniseer] 309248

Tell me one of them?
Just look at him and sigh.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Aleister [Mage] 309261

Could I have rolled to bluff the Captain into arranging an audience to Princess Celestia? Just for future reference. I'm not really happy about telling the captain that.

DM 309269

"Magnificent! I will inform the High Interrogator at one."
"Thank you. If there is anything I can do to help, do not hesitate to ask."
"And what do you base these accusations on?"
Some call me Master.
You need the skill Bluff to pull off a grand accusation like that with a straight face. without it, you aren't really a very convincing bluffer.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309272

I point at his children
"Raise them well and keep them close. They will need you now more than ever. Please."

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309275

I smiled back, perhaps I am lucky this time of the year.

"Can I come and see what the leader has in mind?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 309276

Some? There are others you talk to?
Okay you know what? I don't want to know.
Too much stuff for one day.
Interject between Aleister and the Captain.
"The cultists that we had to face in the woods said something about her."

Aleister [Mage] 309281

If I had known that I probably wouldn't have started this.

"The leader of cultists we have captured told us this. I'm sure your High Interrogator will confirm this. I felt it was necessary to tell this to her Highness right away."

DM 309298

"…if they live past the coming of that horrible thing, I will…"
"If you wish. I'd rather not watch the High Interrogator work myself. He is a nice fellow but… his work is not the kind I appreciate."
"Hm. Well, I am friends with the captains of both Honour Guards, who in turn do have unlimited access to the princesses. I can give one, or both of them a message to deliver to either or both princesses."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309305

I pat him on the shoulder
"I wish I could stick around longer but I have some things to take care of before I destroy those fuckers. Hopefully we'll meet again."
Wave goodbye and take out that letter from Saving Time. What is his mare called?

Sylt [Omniseer] 309307

"Just tell both of them to look their back?"
Give him an imploring look.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Aleister [Mage] 309308

"I think it would be best to send this to Princess Celestia right away."

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309317

"Oh… I see. Perhaps it would be best for me then too."

"I… have delivered my report captain, I will take my leave." I bow down and head for the library.

"See you at the library later." I smiled back.

Aleister [Mage] 309319

"See you later"

Aleister [Mage] 309328

I add "If this claim turns out to be true, there could be spies within the Lunar Honour Guard or servants close to the Princess Luna herself. It would be wise to first alert Princess Celestia, so she can take the proper precautions and alert Princess Luna herself."

DM 309367

Passing Time
There is an address included, which points to the market district.
"That's a little flimsy. I think I'll await for the interrogation results."
"Hm… very well. Once we have all the information we can muster, I will meet with Captain Radiance and voice our concerns."
The grand library is as impressive as it is extensive. Spanning several buildings and a garden, it houses the collected information of Equestria.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309370

Easy peasy, let's go track down this address and find this mare.

Sylt [Omniseer] 309372

Master, can I tell it to this guy?

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Aleister [Mage] 309378

"Thank you very much Captain. One last question, does the guard know why the night lasted so unusually long last night."

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309381

"Hmmm… Go around the library and pick some random book to read and past the time.


Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 309407

Easy indeed. She has a quaint little house by the market.
"Yes, how can I help?"
The captain is a pony of reason and evidence, puppet. Not easily swayed by voices in the heads of fleeting mares.
If you want him to consider your words, you had best dress them up a little, with facts and proof rather than just rambling.
"No idea. We suspect there may have been some trouble with either of the princesses. The royal physician was not available for comment."
[The Boring Life of a Rock Farmer - By Puck Pon]

Aleister [Mage] 309410

"Thank you." I leave the barracks.

"You coming, Sylt?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309411

"Miss Passing Time? My name is Rosethorn. I'm here on behalf of your husband, Saving Time."

Aleister [Mage] 309416


Memo: I'll have to leave in about 50 minutes.

Sylt [Omniseer] 309418

But I have no facts other than those 12's and 10's in my head. Try to explain that to them.
You know, I could always ignore you and go on with my life. Not like I have family to protect or ponies I care for. Maybe leave for the zebra lands.
They must be lovely in this season…
Okay, leave the office.
Shake myself out and turn to him.
"… Sure, coming. Where to?"

Aleister [Mage] 309422

"I think we'd better go find the library. Whiteshield should be there and we better don't go alone if there are cultists around. …And I think the library won't be full of people ready to kill both of us if we said a wrong word."

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309429

Perhaps not this, I frown.

Look for something… thats exciting~


Roll #1 3 = 3

Sylt [Omniseer] 309431

Walk besides him, slowly, looking at the ground.
"Why do you believe me? You have no reason to. I could just be a madpony cultist for all you know…"

Aleister [Mage] 309437

Look at her and take out a ring from my bags.

"Well let's just say you're not the only one who hears voices from time to time."

DM 309438

"Oh, yes, I was wondering what was taking him so long to get back."
Welcome to the library.
[The many uses of cucumbers - By P. Sunraiser]

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309443

"I'm sorry to tell you ma'am, but your husband was injured during a battle. He told me to hoof you this letter."
Hoof her the letter

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309445

Put it back, something exciting. I'm not a chef nor do I plan to cook today.

Last pick, if not exciting~ then perhaps I'll go down the nearby pub to catch a drink.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Sylt [Omniseer] 309450

"Wanna talk about that?"
Look for books on… What can change the nature of a godness?

Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 309455

[Dark Arts Vol XXVI: Tartarian Arts, Tartarian Cults, Tarts - By X. Position]
[The Sensual Arts Omnibus Vol MMIII: The North Queen's Special - By Gutter Mind]
She reads it
"Oh dear… well, I expected this might happen one day. He always insisted he was an adventurer at heart. Maybe now he'll understand he isn't.
Could you do me a favor? Go to the Medical Academy and inform Physician Flatline of my husband's situation."
Looks like Whiteshield found something on that subject

Aleister [Mage] 309458

"well it's a….keepsake I took with me when I left home. Whenever I was wondering what to do next, a voice came from it to tell me where to go. It never told me why, it never told me exactly what I was supposed to do, but somehow whenever I did it, things would always work out in a good way. So over time, I just came to trust Flora."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309459

I smile and nod
"Of course, I'll gladly do so. My apologies ma'am, I am partially responsible for this mess."

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309460

"Hey there!" I waved at the two.

"Oh these two books looks nice." TAke them for a read.

Aleister [Mage] 309463

"Hey Whiteshield. What have you got there?"

I'll have to leave in about 10 minutes.

Sylt [Omniseer] 309465

"Sounds like a really nice voice to talk with."
Give him a kind smile.
"The one I listen to is… A mockery of all I know. It takes pleasure in showing me the worst outcome possible, I swear."
"Hey big guy. What are those books about?"

DM 309466

We may pause then…
"Well so is he, the big silly. I hope he didn't get too badly mangled."
Just what are you implying, puppet?

Sylt [Omniseer] 309468

That you are a cruel Master, that's what. And your breath smells of cheetos.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309471

Celestia's horn fuck me hard, he didn't write it down in the letter!?
I droop my ears slightly
"Well… that's really up to the doctors to decide but… uh… it's possible he'll be crippled."

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309475

Show them the books of Tartarian knowledge, I will keep the other one for myself.

"I think this books might help, might contain knowledge of some sort." I pass it to the two.

DM 309476

Oh puppet, I have not yet even begun to show you cruelty.
Check the bookshelf under H for Henderson why don't you?
"Crippled? Oh the poor dear…
Well, I guess that means I'll need to go get him home then. What a bother…"

Aleister [Mage] 309477

"Well she never tells me important things I'd really like to know…about princess Luna for example. I'll admit I find it hard to believe but…you were right about the meeting place in the forest and the cultists definately have an unusual intrest in Luna, so I feel you must be right."

Aleister [Mage] 309478

If the others want to continue, don't stop just because of me.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309480

I swallow.
"… possibly for life?"

Nah, it's fine. I suppose it doesn't matter for me seeing how I'm separated. Maybe I can get this resolved while you're gone

DM 309482

She shakes her head
"Stupid old fool… why did he ever think he was adventuring material…"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309484

I poke at the ground
"Well… like I said it's also my fault to an extent. I failed to safeguard him properly."

DM 309490

"Can I really blame you if he insisted on going adventuring?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 309496

Okay, I would. Let's give it a try.
"A book about tartarian powers? Just what could brighten up my day…"
Read from it.
"That's a large gap, don't you think?" Chuckle a bit.
"But thanks. For everything."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309500

"I shouldn't have asked him to come along."
I groan
"Really, I'm sorry. I'll just go to the Academy now. Goodbye miss Saving Time."
I turn to leave and head over there

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309505

"Here you go, I'll go read in a corner. Just call me if you find something."

With that finished, I then find a good place to sit down and read the book that I found

DM 309521

It was a joke, puppet.
[Tartarians, also known as Demons, have been worshiped as lesser gods for ages by cults in many cultures. Tartarians are said to feed off emotion, though this could only be a folk tale and superstition. What IS known, however, is that a legendary Tartarian, the ancient Tirek, once sought to bring about eternal night-]
This place smells very clean. Pristine white everything seems to be colour of the season here.
A receptionist asks what you are here for.
[-among the more famous arts of old is what became known as the Northern Queen's Special, after a certain noble who is seen as the mother of said technique. It involves -]

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309529

"I'm looking for one Physician Flatline. "

Sylt [Omniseer] 309530

Okay, so you are telling me Luna made a deal with this Tirek because… She is jaelous of the day?
What a wonderful thing.
And Celestia will have my head on a pike if I told her, right?

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

DM 309535

"Certainly. His office is the last door on the left over there."
Puppet, you are taking things all too literally.
But go ahead and jump to conclusions, if you so enjoy being a fool.

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309537

Close the book, what am I doing reading this.

I then approach Sylt.

"Did you find anything?" I look at him curiously.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309539

Nod and head over there. Knock on the door.

DM 309540

"Enter. Hm? You seem fine on the outside, what business have you?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 309542

But you pointed me to this book! And showed me the connection between Luna and the eternal night.
And told me why she is doing this.
See, I told you, a voice in my head I cannot believe to.
Look for more books about Tirek.
"Tartarians, greed, corruption of souls and a big old goat called Tirek."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309550

I walk in and nod my head
"I'm here on behalf of Saving and Passing Time. I regret to tell you that Saving was badly wounded in battle."

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309553

"Hmmm… " I squeeze my face next to Sylt and try to make up whats written on the book.

"Anything written in there related about this nightmare night event?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 309556

"Yeah, Tirek.
Seems he tried to bring forth the eternal night."

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309558

"Ah that clear things up. Then how do we stop this Tirek character?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 309559

"Yeah… How would you stop a demon? We could tell the princesses."

DM 309561

[False Gods and Heretical Beliefs: Tirek the Corrupter]
"Somehow, I'm not surprised. Where is he now?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 309563

Last apparison of this Tirek fella?

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309566

"With his colleague in [- INSERT TOWN NAME HERE -]. Miss Passing asked me to inform you of this."

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309569

"Hmmm… perhaps. Oh! I know the Captain, perhaps you can tell him about this and the other stuff that you know."

Sylt [Omniseer] 309571

"Yeah, I guess that's the best way to go about it. We should bring him this book and warn him about the return of Tirek."

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309574

"Follow me then." I help Sylt up the chair and proceed to the palace and to the captains office.

DM 309575

"Ah. Well then I guess he won't be retiring after all. Good. Good. This is very good for us to know.
is there anything else I can help you with?"
Would you like to bring this info to the captain?

DM 309579

It seems he is studying the notes of the High Interrogator
"What news?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309581

"No, there is something more actually."
I start pacing around
"No doubt you've heard about these cultists stirring trouble all over Equestria? I belong to a group that is trying to stop that. Unfortunately, we lack ponies with medical expertise to aid us when things get hairy. I was hoping the academy could grant us somepony that would be willing to help us out."

Sylt [Omniseer] 309582

Tell him the 'eternal night' these cultists talk about is something that dates back to Tartarian corruption, by an entity called Tirek.

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309589

Stick close and listen to Sylt's report. Also listen to what the captain has to say.

DM 309594

"Well, I've lost some friends to those cults. I'd gladly help myself if you want."
"Tirek… Tirek hm, yes, I remember my history lessons. An ancient demon, defeated by the legendary Nightslayer in ages past.
This does indeed imply Demonic powers at work. Combined with the Interrogator's findings, I have been lead to believe that these cultists worship some sort of greater Demon which they call Nightmare Moon. Its exact connection to Princess Luna is unknown though.
…what worries me the most is who the cult leader you captured was. Bat Ponies are not a common sight, and many of them share blood here. He is a very distant relative of a friend of Lord Morningsprite, cousin of Captain Nightstrider of the Lunar Honour Guard."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309598

Look him over. What's he like? Which race?

Sylt [Omniseer] 309600

"Ah. Nice."
Look downwards once more.
"And you fear he might be in this, right?"
Is he?

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

DM 309601

'r2 1d3'
'r3 1d2'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 3 = 3 / Roll #3 2 = 2

DM 309603

Who? Be more specific, puppet!
Older male unicorn. Not much of a fighter, but with years and years of medical knowledge.

Sylt [Omniseer] 309604

This Lord Morningsprite, Master.
Is he one of the cultists too?

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309607

"If you think you can hoofle it? Although things might get very hairy, so are you sure?"

DM 309608

Why yes, puppet. Yes he is.
But good luck ever using that knowledge.
"I am no front line fighter, but if you need a medical expert, I know my things."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 309610

"That sounds good. Alright then, you have yourself a deal. I'll let you tag along for the ride."
Command '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sylt [Omniseer] 309612

I'm not staying in a room alone with him, at least.
Turn to the captain.
"Okay, what should we do?"

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309620

"Bat ponies, well that explains the wings."

Stick close to Sylt,

DM 309629

You may allocate his points as you wish.
But he must be a Cleric or a Cleric multiclass.
"Well for one we should probably inform the Lord that family of his friends has gotten mixed up in this kind of thing so he can avoid any scandals."
"Quite. They are few in number, and nocturnal so they are rarely seen. But many have found favor in the moon's court, as their nature gives them a great appreciation of the night's beauty."

Sylt [Omniseer] 309632

"Right… But… Batponies are all so close together… You know, I've a bad feeling about this."
Avert my gaze.

DM 309633

"There are always bad fruit in a tree. No need to implicate an entire race for the mistakes of one."

Sylt [Omniseer] 309635

"Okay… We will give the message then. Could some of your guards accompany us?"
Should we pause?

WhiteShield(Unicorn Crusader) 309639

"I'll be with you." I smile.

"And some guards added would be nice of course."

DM 309644


Rosethorn [Warlord] 309645

Thanks! Cleric with Heal, Bolster, ISC and Read Intentions then
"Well then, Flatline. Let us meet up with the rest of the group."
Motion him to follow, talking to him as we walk
"Uh… one more thing. I'm narcoleptic. Just so you know not to panic when I suddenly drop to the ground."

Sylt [Omniseer] 309648

"Y-yeah, that's great." Give him an insecure smile.

DM 312527

The day shall weep as the night grows bold
Let them come, for our will is unbending.

Having studied in the Canterlot Library and interrogated the cultists, some new information has come to light.
The guard captain has agreed to send a message to Princess Celestia using his contacts inside Canterlot.

It is evening.
A meeting was planned to discuss the findings and possible plans of action against this threat.

You may continue research, or skip ahead to said meeting.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 312529

"Shall we review our findings?"
because i missed the last session and have to cover my ass

Rosethorn [Warlord] 312530

Sion 312531

"We discovered the cultists are linked to a a demon called Tirek, who wants to bring eternal night"

Sylt [Omniseer] 312532

I think I'll wait till the meeting. Not much you can do when you know you are walking into a trap.

DM 312534

"A terrible disease indeed. Rare, without known cures. I will do my best to safeguard you when you need it, but I am no fighter."
-An ancient demon, Tirek, once wanted to bring about eternal night (the party has a book about him for more info)
-One of the cultist leaders is related to a friend of a Canterlot noble
-These cultists are popping up all over Outer Canterlot
Why the defeatist attitude, puppet?
Do you feel alone in your knowledge?

Aleister [Mage] 312535

I study the book about Tirek for a moment.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Rosethorn [Warlord] 312536

"A demon? Well this is just absolutely wonderful. What exactly can we do about this?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 312537

"We can prepare."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312538

Yes. Kinda. Almost everypony thinks I'm crazy.
And it will be no fun to tell them 'I told you so' when the time comes.
"What, you want to take on a demon? That's crazytalk."

DM 312539

[-Great Tirek, Destruction Given Flesh, was the lord of Midnight Castle in ancient times. Best known for his demonic magic called the Power of Darkness, he was capable of twisting and corrupting any mortal being, regardless of how harmless or benevolent, into a twisted raging monster. He was ultimately defeated and slain by the legendary Meg'Ahnn the Nightslayer, but his memory is still worshiped in hopes of unlocking fragments of his incredible power.
Some say shards of the Power of Darkness remain yet in the world, hidden away in the dark forsaken corners of reality. Though this may just be a legend.-]
Read more?
Perhaps there is one you can trust, puppet.
Perhaps there is another

Aleister [Mage] 312540

Most interesting book I've read in a while, of course I keep reading.


Roll #1 7 = 7

Sylt [Omniseer] 312541

Is it some high-ranking guard? Some secret assassin? Some Dashing Rogue who'll save us all in a swipe of his mighty hoof?

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

DM 312544

No, puppet.
They will all stand against you in the end.
And I will watch as they drink from your hollow vessel, silently laughing at your misfortune. Give up. There is no hope in this. Accept that, and accept Tirek. Accept that the only redemption is redemption by fire.
Kill them before they kill you, puppet.
[-Shrines of Tirek are known to exist, and often bear at least one common element: the Heart of Darkness. In dark lore, it is written the Power of Darkness was spawned from Tirek's black heart. A heart he kept in a bag around his neck. Effigies of this heart have been found on nearly all altars to Tirek, and it is said to be a portal for communing with the demon, and bargaining for his blessing.-]

Aleister [Mage] 312547

"hey everypony I found something."

I tell the others about what I read in the book.

Sylt 312551

But he's a demon! If they are bound not to believe me, I might as well just shut up and die quietly in a corner.
Silently trot over and listen.
"So… The cultists might be gathering at one of these shrines, one large enough to have actually summoned the heart of a demon?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 312558

"So what does all this exactly mean again? This all sounds like a bunch of horseapples to me."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 312561

"Says the pony listening to voices in her head. A defeatist attitude helps no one."

"Hmm. Altars like that would be dangerous if left unsupervised.

DM 312562

I leave it to you to find your one possible ally.
Choose wisely, puppet.

Aleister [Mage] 312565

"Well it doesn't say the heart itself has been summoned. It merely talks about effigies. I don't think a demon would just give his heart away, even to his devotees."

"It means we need to track down one of those shrines if we want to get to the bottom of this. And I'd like to know more about this Meg'Ahn"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 312567

I shrug
"If you think that'll help us, I wont debate it. I'm no scholar, so I'll put my trust in your little investigation."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312573

An ally that can help me save princess Luna from the corruption Tirek brings forth?
And I should find it alone? This is impossible!
"In some way this demon is corrupting our world. So they must have had a contact with him, in a way or the other."

DM 312582

The Captain comes to check on you
"Anything new?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 312587

Point at our mages
"Ask the boneheads."

DM 312594

"Well you two? The lady insisted you know something new."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312599

"Just more leads on Tirek. Looks like he needs a shrine and some kind of… Manifestation of himself to corrupt.
So wherever these cultists originated, they must have a shrine."

Aleister [Mage] 312602

"Have you ever heard of shrines to tirek? They probably have some heart shaped statue at the center."

DM 312605

"Shrines of Tirek?
Hm… wait. I think I remember an old scout report about something like this. In the mountains north of here, in what aerial scouts confirmed as an empty peak, there is a hidden shrine with a strange statue. The entire area bore some sort of enchantment, shrouding it in mist unless a specific path was taken, but it was not looked into any further as the scholars of the Mage Academy seemed uninterested in studying the enchantment."

Aleister [Mage] 312611

"Mages uninterested in studying something? That's weird."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 312616

"It is. A wide-area enchantment like that should have gotten more attention."

DM 312620

"From the report I understood it was seen as mundane and easily reproducible with known magical effects. I'm a soldier, not a mage though so the technicalities escape me. I believe the report was filed by the Dean of Illusions, Daydream."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312621

"So… That means there could be a shrine to a corruptor demon just about everywhere in Equestria?"
Does it?

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Cirrus [Battlemage] 312623

"Maybe, but why go to the trouble to hide so much in the first place?"

Aleister [Mage] 312626

Any chance we could see that report or talk to the Dean?

Aleister [Mage] 312629

Forgot the ""

DM 312631

No, puppet. Shrines of Tirek are exceedingly rare, but also more or less impossible to destroy without collateral damage.
Also, just a heads up, why would the Dean of Illusions ever want to not investigate this sort of thing, hm?
"You can ask my assistant for the report if you want, he keeps copies.
As for the dean, he should be at the Mage Academy."
"I always assumed it was either because cultists did not want it found, or because someone else did not want cultists to find it."

Aleister [Mage] 312637

"Well, I think my time would be best spent looking at that report and talking to the dean. What do you ponies want to do?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 312642

Urgh. Because they too are neck deep into this cult shit.
Thanks, very useful. Other ponies to avoid.
"I'm… Yeah, I'm helping you. There are a few things I want to check in that report."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 312644

"What do I want? Taking out bad guys."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312646

"Eh. Yeah, easy."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 312647

"Sounds like we should ask the dean a few questions."

Aleister [Mage] 312650

"That would be great. I'd love having another mage with me."

"I'm suspecting we'll have a lot of those."


DM 312652

Possible courses of action:
-Read the Report
-Talk to the Dean
-Travel to the Altar
-Go find a brother or something

Sylt [Omniseer] 312653

Read the report somewhere in private without a lot of ponies.

Aleister [Mage] 312654

Read the report.

DM 312665

You two go ask the assistant for a copy of the report.
[Regarding the Enchantment of the Abandoned Alter

After reviewing the scout report on the nature and appearance of the mist shroud surrounding the altar they discovered, I am lead to believe that nothing new could be discovered from closer study of it. It appears to be a variant of the mundane stationary illusion or Mirage spell, bound to the altar statue and/or surrounding temple as a means of obscuring it from ranged observation.
Sending any further patrols would be a waste of resources and time. I suggest we forget all about Midnight Peak.

-Daydream, Dean of Illusions, Canterlot Mage Academy]

Sylt [Omniseer] 312668

Turn to Aleister once I'm done reading and motion for him to come closer.
"We should talk. Somewhere in private. I have… A bad feeling. You still believe me, right?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 312671

I head for the dean's office.

Aleister [Mage] 312672

"Well, he definately closed that case pretty quick. But that could be for a lot of reasons. Maybe he just had some other project he was working on."

Turn to Sylt

"What do you think?"

Aleister [Mage] 312673

I whisper back.

"Sure, I believe you. Let's go."

DM 312674

Don't tell me you are missing the clues, puppet.
After asking the receptionist for some directions, you locate the Dean's office.
"Yes? What business have you?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 312675

Follow him

Cirrus [Battlemage] 312677

"You filed a report stating that the enchantment hiding a northern mountain was not worth investigating. Why?"

DM 312678

"That was months ago. It really was nothing I'd waste time on. Some hedge wizard's variant of a Mirage Spell. Why?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 312679

"The spell covered an entire mountain peak. I doubt some simple rogue mage could manage that for so long. There's also the manner of what it was hiding."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312680

Head somewhere private, then pace back and forth before turning to face Aleister.
"They know. The mages, they know everything, they are as deep in this as the cultist we met, as those we have to see, as the prin-"
Bite my lip.
What, that the guy who filed the report is obviously another cultist and Midnight Peak is their base? That they do things more dangerous than simple illusory magic?
I get that.

Aleister [Mage] 312681

"…as the princess?"

DM 312682

"The remains of a temple housing an altar. Really, shrouding a single building is not that hard with a bit of time and dedication."
Good puppet.
There was also the fact that the report knew there was a temple, although the captain only ever said there was an altar. But that's nitpicking.

Sylt [Omniseer] 312683

"Shut up. I did not say that. And I'll pretend you didn't either."
Turn around and give my back at him.
Why is that all this comes down at the same time? Yesterday I was chasing against kids, damnit!

Cirrus [Battlemage] 312684

"An altar potentially used in rituals for demonic magic or worship. What was it you named the mountain again?"

DM 312685

Puppet, it has not yet even begun to come down.
But if you feel need to reassurance… ask about his ring.

DM 312687

"Midnight Peak. Again, why is this important?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 312689

He told me, Master. You don't seem so omniscent anymore, uh? So what, are you the one that's been guiding him?
Why didn't you tell him your name then?

Aleister [Mage] 312690

"Listen, Sylt. It must be really hard, having this "Master" who tells you all these things."

"I put my hoof on her shoulder.

"But you have to try to keep it together. You've been looking more nervous ever since coming to Canterlot. You have to keep strong, we cannot do anything about these cultists if we're constantly on the edge"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 312692

"And this 'Midnight Peak' just happens to be the site of an altar to the demon Tirek, the so-called 'Lord of Midnight' and arch-corrupter. Yet you just brush this off as unworthy of investigation or quarantine."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312693

"But you did not see those things! They… Everypony, they are all in this! There is nothing we can do! We are just a bunch of noponies!"

DM 312694

Because that is now how I work, puppet.
"I assure you my involvement was purely in relation to the scholarly value of studying the enchantment. Given its probable age due to its location, I saw no value in giving it a closer look. As for why the altar itself was not investigated further, that is not my jurisdiction. Chances are the guard saw it a waste, given the state of the altar and its remote location."

Aleister [Mage] 312698

"Look at me."

Aleister [Mage] 312699

I say this in a calm voice.

Sylt [Omniseer] 312700

"What, are you gonna tell me everything will be fine? Because I've had a voice in my head laughing every time I asked for reassurance since we left that damn town!"
Turn around and look at him.

DM 312703

"Now, was there anything else I could help you with, or was that all?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 312705

I look around awkwardly
"I don't know?"

Aleister [Mage] 312709

"You told me this Master shows you the worst possible outcomes, but that doesn't mean those are the only possible outcomes."

I take her hoof.

"We both are Mages. That means we have the gift to use powers beyond the comprehension of other ponies. But it's also a burden, one we have to carry. And we can't let it crush us. I can't tell you everything will be alright, because I don't know. But what I do know is that we have to believe there is a way through this, even if we can't see it yet."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312718

I just look in his eyes.
Master, is there a- No, can it.
Hug him for a second, then Wink away.
"I'm more of a one trip pony, thou."
Give him a smile and leave the room.

Find the others.

DM 312720

"Well if you have no further questions, please be off. I am a rather busy pony."
He knows how you feel.
But you already knew that, didn't you, puppet?

Sylt [Omniseer] 312721

Which doesn't change the fact we are all going to die in horrible ways.
What did we do to you? Why us?

Rosethorn [Warlord] 312723

"Yeah, sure. Not like I know what is going on anyway."
Leave and meet up with the others

Aleister [Mage] 312726

I look really confused for a moment.


I check for a moment if no one is in the room, then take out my ring.

"Flora, I've never really asked much of you. You never talk much, and when you do you never me why I should do the things you have me do. And I've been fine with that. But now…I just need to know now…can I trust her?"


Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 312731

You focus on the end, puppet, ignoring the journey ahead. Go on. Walk the path. I will be there, watching, guiding, feeding.
What could possibly go wrong? Just follow your heart.

Possible plans of action
-voice any concerns you have
-report to the captain and ask why the altar was left alone afters its discovery
-throw wild accusations around
-investigate the altar yourself

Sylt [Omniseer] 312734

Round up the others.
"Okay, me and Aleister went over the report and think we should visit this Midnight Peak."

Aleister [Mage] 312737

I sigh. "You can never give me a straight answer now, do you?"

I put the ring away.

Having a voice that actually would tell me things doesn't seem so bad right now.

I go outside to the rest of the group.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 312743

"Listen, I already told you I'm just going to rely on the both of you to figure this shit out. I'm no scholar so I have absolutely no idea what all this crap means."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312745

"RIght. So what did you do while we were working that stuff out?"

Aleister [Mage] 312746

"Well there's only one real option left. Investigate the altar."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 312750

Motion over to Flatline.
"Recruiting some help. And taking care of some business for Saving Time."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312753

"So you think we are ready to move out?"

Aleister [Mage] 312756

"Good, we'll need all the help we can get. Does anyone know how we can get to the altar and if there are any towns nearby? I don't feel like going to an altar of a crazy demon that wants to bring about eternal night filled with crazy bloddlusting ponies, without gathering some information first."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 312760

"I am, at least."

"Did you visit the library yet?"

Aleister [Mage] 312763

"Maybe we should, quickly. They must have a map of the area."


"About what? We know who is in this already.

Hey Master. How hard will it be there?

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11

Aleister [Mage] 312767

"Well if the altar is protected by an enchantment that only allows access when we know the right route, we'll need someone to show us the route, in whatever way possible. I'm thinking that any ponies who go that shrine probably live in the closest village nearby."

DM 312771

You will never reach the altar before the next long night. And the nights will only get longer. And bloodier.

Aleister [Mage] 312774

Listens to the sound of silence.

"So I guess I'll quickly check the library then?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 312777

I shrug
"I wont stop you."

DM 312780

And it seems we are missing most players again.
Check the library THEN pause?

Aleister [Mage] 312782

I could use a pause. I haven't eaten yet.

Sylt [Omniseer] 312784

"No… Please anything but that!"

DM 312798


Aleister [Mage] 312800

"You…don't want to go to the library?"
I think for a second.
"Well I suppose we're wasting enough time as it is. I'm ready to go to the altar."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312810

"No! Not that! It's not the library!"

Aleister [Mage] 312813

I go next to Sylt.

"Yes I know Sylt. You're just concerned we're wasting enough time as it is."

I whisper.

"Shut up, or do you want to look like a crazy pony?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 312816

"Look I saw… Something. Bad."

Aleister [Mage] 312820

"We can talk about it on the way. Not shout about it here in front of everypony."

this really would work better if the others were still here. I guess I'll just stop since the quest is paused anyway.

Sylt [Omniseer] 312824

Usually if we have a discussion between two or more pc's, we just keep going even if the quest is paused. If you need to go, don't worry, we'll do this next session.

Aleister [Mage] 312832

I can go on.

I seclude myself with Sylt while the others make their preperations.

"What's going on? For a moment there I thought your voice had told you about something dangerous in the library."

Aleister [Mage] 312837

Actually come to think of it, I DO need something to eat. If you can wait for about 15 minutes, we can finish this up tonight.

Sylt [Omniseer] 312839

"Not the library is…"
Sigh and pace back and forth before stopping again and dropping my gaze.
"We won't make it in time before it happens again. The night.
And they'll come out again, and there will be more!"
I'm usually always around anyway. Go and eat, pone comes last.

Aleister [Mage] 312887

I think for a moment.

"Well….that could be a good thing. We can finally grab those bastards on their own ground once we reach the altar."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312906

"No, you don't get it!"
Raise my voice and look around angrily, but settle down almost immediatly and drop my head low.
"He… He told me there will be blood."

Aleister [Mage] 312927

I look down.

"Well, I don't think we'll be able to stop that. But if we go, we might be able to stop this at the source and prevent more ponies getting killed."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312929

"But… All those ponies that will be hurt…"
Sit down, trying not to break into sobs.
"We must tell someone!"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Aleister [Mage] 312940

I sit next to Sylt, putting my front leg on her shoulder.

"We'll need some proof first…and I think we can find it near Midnight Peak. Besides I don't think we want to stay here, if Canterlot is full of as many cultists as you say there are. And we got the letter to Princess Celestia, I'm sure she'll know what to do."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312951

Wince at the idea of Celestia receiving the letter and Luna discovering it, but say nothing.
Then, let out a long sigh and relax my facial expression.
"Maybe there's just nothing else we can do, uh?"

Aleister [Mage] 312957

"Like you said we're noponies. But that doesn't mean we can't give it a shot. Besides if those ponies are coming to kill all of us, I'd rather die fighting them."

Sylt [Omniseer] 312958

"Urgh. I'm no fighter. It's not why I'm here…"
Stand up.
"We should make double time for that place. Get there before too much blood can be shed."
Move towards the rest of the group.
"You coming?"
I think this is a good place to stop.

Aleister [Mage] 312961

I agree, any more and we could as well call this the Sylt/Aleister-quest


Sylt [Omniseer] 312962

You have no idea what happened in NL then.
I ended up monopolyzing the plot for 3/4ths of the quest.
The plot bends around those who take interest in it, that's how it works.

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