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Rise of Nightmares - Thread 1 DM 304043

Please take your seats everypony, the show is about to begin.

T'was a time of peace and prosperity in Equestria. Following the defeat of the draconequus Discord, and with the terrible events of the far north behind them, the alicorn sisters, Celestia and Luna had once again settles into a calm, harmonious cycle of ruling.
With the elder overseeing the day, and the younger safeguarding the night, all was well in Equestria.

Well, in the grand scheme of things at least.

In the region colloquially called "Outer Canterlot", consisting mainly of small villages and towns between the capital of Canterlot Castle and the Sanctum of Harmony, minor everyday troubles never seemed to relent.
A broken fence here, a lost sheep there, and recently a very troublesome string of burglaries.

Tired of the constant running about, the local guards have set up some posters offering rewards to citizens who can apprehend or locate these bothersome criminals.
You decided to go read one, and by the looks of it, so did a bunch of others.

Players, report in and introduce yourselves to one another while you wait for one of the local guards to get a better briefing on the mission at hand.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304046

What kind of dirty criminals are they looking for according to the posters?

Barnes [Earthpon Knight] 304047

Watch over the people coming in.

"Are you all, perhaps, help for the guard? Welcome. I am Barnes, though I am a guard, I was recently posted here due to necessity, but please make yourselves at ease."

Rili [Ranger] 304048

I wonder what's being stolen.

Sylt [Omniseer] 304049

Okay what kind of criminals are we talking about? That's just what I always did for a living!
Also, DM, does 4th eye allow me to always listen in on OOC conversations or not?

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304050

"Uhmmm.. some burglaries, sheep stealers.. broken fences? They ought us to mind about broken fences?"

Forest [Bard] 304051

"My momma always said that we should help other ponies, so that's why I am here."

DM 304052

It seems there are two major cases
-A string of burglaries, loot including money, valuables, tools and some personal items such as religious trinkets
-Odd cases of vandalism, including text and imagery painted on buildings and even the landscape, causing lots of bother to clean up
4th Eye allows you to know a piece of OOC info on a successful roll.

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304053

"I dont mind burglaries but broken fences? Cant they… repair it themselves?" I point at the paper where the report is written.

"I feel the same way… kinda but near that." I shrugged.

Barnes [Earthpon Knight] 304054

"Your mother is a very kind lady, then! She must be proud of you."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304055

"I am. Nice to meet you! The name's Rosethorn."

"That doesn't really sound all that serious!"

"I was really hoping for bigger fish than these to be fair…"

Forest [Bard] 304056

"I am no detective, so maybe we should check out the latter?"

"Thank you, sir. I am Forest, by the way."

Aleister [mage] 304057

*overlooks posters*
*takes a long look at a gold ring before looking at the others*

"Pleased to meet all of you. My name's Aleister. I hope I can be of assistance."

Rili [Ranger] 304059

What do they paint on the buildings?

Barnes [Earthpon Knight] 304061

"Welcome, and thank you for your help. Now, it does look like little, but our duty is before us. It is best that we address these matters timely."

Turn and offer a hoof to shake.

"You too? This is very heartening. Welcome."

Forest [Bard] 304062

"Hello! I am Forest! We all hope we can help I think."

Sylt [Omniseer] 304064

"It's serious enough, not like we have any 'big' problems around here."
"Sylt, archer and archeologist."

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304065

"Oohh.. either we go for the vandals or the burglers. Those two interesting I say."

"Well, give them time and these vandals will escalate it themselves I tell you."

I look around, anything out of the ordinary?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304066

"Hmph. Thievery is bad enough, but who would be debased enough to steal holy icons or deface our land?"

"Any slight is a crime against the crown, and must be dealt with promptly. No exceptions."

Aleister [mage] 304067

*shakes hoof*

"Thanks. I'm sure all of us together are no match for a bunch for a bunch of petty criminals"

Sylt [Omniseer] 304069

"The kind of ponies that don't like the princesses?"

Aleister [mage] 304070

[sorry for the typo]

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304071

"I suppose that's true…"

"Exactly! This'll be really easy!"

Forest [Bard] 304073

"I just hope we don't get in too much trouble ourselves."

"Who doesn't like them?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304074

"Impossible. And if they have a grievance, then they should find a more productive way of airing it than taking it out on the common folk."

Barnes [Earthpon Knight] 304075

"Let us not make judgment of the perpetrators. Our objective is to find them and bring them in for trying, and clouding our judgment will not help here."

"Most likely the workings of desperate thieves, though one can never tell."

Sylt [Omniseer] 304076

"Just saying, not like I know anything about it."
Or do I? Who doesn't like the princesses?
4th eye.
"Nothing is impossible, there are enough ponies around to make some of them wrong in the head, you know."

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Aleister [mage] 304078

"Worries invite danger, Forest. Let's hope for the best and prepare for the worst"

DM 304079

Etiquette note: Please refrain from using *action* style text. 'I look at the poster' will do well. This is just how we do stuff here, nothing personal.
It appears they painted imagery of the night sky, and strange, malformed ponies.
Rather ugly stuff.
You deduct that the vandals must have some way to access lots of paint in order to pull off their jobs.
Perhaps you should ask around for paint vendors, or see if any was stolen.
Heretics don't like the princesses, for one.
Demon worshipers for another.
And then there are those who still cling to ancient deities like the Godless and Inevitable Death.

A guard patrol is passing nearby if you wish to ask them more about the events.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304081

Guards! Perfect! Approach them!
"Honorable guards! I'd like to ask a question regarding these wanted posters!"

Aleister [mage] 304082


Got it. By the how do I roll?

Forest [Bard] 304084

"I can hope for the best!"

"Ask them about the vandalism too!"


Either put 1d10 in the email field or just type '1d10' in the comment box

Roll #0 5 = 5

Roll #1 4 = 4

Barnes [Earthpon Knight] 304086

Turn over to the guard.

"Excuse me, sir? I and a group here wish to look into the troubles surrounding here of late, and we were hoping you would be able direct us."

Rili [Ranger] 304087

"Oh uh, can I help you guys somehow?"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304088

Hmmm… yeah perhaps thats an idea. To the paintshop later.

Follow rosethorn and listen.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304089

I become slightly unsettled at the images, disturbed that anyone could associate such monstrosities with the domain of one of our holy rulers.

I turn away and listen to what the guards have to say, taking my mind off the graffiti.

Rili [Ranger] 304090

Why did that roll twice?

Sylt [Omniseer] 304091

Oh look somepony who jumps istantly at the money.
No wait that's me.
Approach those guards.
"Yeah, like what's the bounty."

Aleister [mage] 304092

I follow Barnes and listen to the guards

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304095

"The more the merrier!"

Multiple rolls per post are possible. I put a roll in the comment and a roll in the email field

'r2 1d10'
'r3 1d10'
'r4 1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 1 = 1 / Roll #3 8 = 8 / Roll #4 5 = 5

Forest [Bard] 304098

"Um, excuse me, you are not a pony, are you?"

Rili [Ranger] 304103

"Oh no, I'm a Griffon!" "I have a beak and everything."
"I'll be glad to help you guys in any way"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304105

I give him a blank expression.
"She's a griffon."

Aleister [mage] 304109

"I'm sure she will prove to a valuable addition to our group".

I turn to Rili

"Very nice to meet you."

Forest [Bard] 304112

I give her a curious look
"I've never seen one before!"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304113

"Interesting. What brings a griffon into the country?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304116

"Why do you think? Equestria is like, the greatest country in the world!"

Barnes [Earthpon Knight] 304118

"And you are welcome amongst us. Please, put yourself at ease. I am certain you will do well in our ranks."

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304119

"Well… I read them in books and stuff so I know a little on what they look like." I raise a hoof in defense.

Rili [Ranger] 304120

"Oh uh." "Nice to meet you too."
"I thought I'd just.. travel a bit. You know."

Sylt [Omniseer] 304121

"Waaait slow down. I'm not enlisting or anything, this is a freelance job, no?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304122

"Good to see others that appreciate the greatness of our culture."
I smile.

DM 304123

One of the guards looks at the other.
"Well well look at that, someone actually did read the posters!"
"Guess I owe you lunch then buddy."
"That you do pal."
He then returns his attention to you
"Anyway, what was it you wanted to ask, hm?"
"Ah yes. Well, the store nearby had its warehouses looted a week or so back, three houses down by the orchards were hit two night ago, and if you're looking into the vandalism, they are still scrubbing one of those damn things off the clock tower."

Sylt [Omniseer] 304124

"Talk money, of course. What's the reward?

Forest [Bard] 304125

"Is everypony a griffon from where you come from?"

"We want to help however we can! How can we?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304126

"Interesting. I would like to see this vandalism for myself."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304127

"Where do we start exactly?"

"The reward is that we get to serve our country and help improve it!"

Barnes [Earthpon Knight] 304128

"Of course, I mean amongst the group you and I are in now, though Rili is welcome to join the guard proper if she feels."

"Lootings, and vandalism? Of what sort was this vandalism? I fear the image we see on the clock-tower will have been disturbed enough to be unrecognizable."

Aleister [mage] 304129

"Any suspects in either case?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 304130

"And that works well with me, but I'd like not to starve."

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304133

"What do these ruffians write or put on the walls? D.. dont tell me it s those phallic imageries these brutes usually draw. I am tired of their poor taste in the arts" I scrunch my snout.

"Ugghh… most of them are of poor taste but if you insist I wont stop you."

"How about we check on the paint shops, those brutes most likely get their paints on them right?

Rili [Ranger] 304134

"There are some ponies that hang around, but mostly yes."
"That sounds like a little too much commitment, I mean I just met you.."

"I would also like to see the vandalism."

Aleister [mage] 304136

"If they're scrubbing the vandalism as we speak, there will probably not be enough of it left to investigate by the time we arrive. We should go to the warehouses. The vandals will try again sometime."

DM 304139

"Well these are eating up a terrible amount of time so tell you what, solve the problem for good and we'll toss half our pay your way, plus anything the grateful victims feel like sharing."
"Well for a start, I'd say chat to the sore owner or the cleanup crew."
"No, it's some cult crap"
"Demons and shadows and messed up ponies dancing in the moonlight"
"Lately, they have gotten increasingly gory"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304140

"If what is described on the pamphlets is true, this may edge into blasphemous territory. A few robberies are a lesser problem."

"Consider this a trial period then. The Guard is an illuminating experience, but we do not conscript."

Barnes [Earthpon Knight] 304141

"No obligation, of course! But you are welcome, if you wish."

"I do not think so. If there are no records of any place being repeatedly hit, there is no reason to assume that at all. We should, however, investigate these locations for information."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304142

"So it's settled then, let's go to the crime scene!"

Forest [Bard] 304146

"I'm sure it is a nice place. This is a nice place too!"

"I bet it's just some troubled ponies, nothing more."

"Lead the way!"

Aleister [mage] 304148

"Sounds fine."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304149

"… Uh… right!"
Find my way there? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Rili [Ranger] 304150

"I will follow you"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304151

"Yes, let's."

Sylt [Omniseer] 304154

Follow along.

Aleister [mage] 304155

It's a tower, it shouldn't be too hard to find.

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304156

"Well I suppose some people have too much time in their hooves." I give a blank expression.

"Alright then." I follow the main group, looking from side to side to see the damage done.


Roll #1 4 = 4

Sylt [Omniseer] 304158

Secretely, we all hope for a 1 or a 10 when doing spot checks. Ilarious results follow.

DM 304160

After a while you do find the clock tower.
Looking for a tower really helped the search.
Half a dozen ponies are scrubbing the side of the bell tower, coordinated by a disgruntled looking older pony.

Barnes [Earthpon Knight] 304161

Follow along.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304163

Approach the old pone
"Hello there sir!"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304164

"Greetings, foreman. What defaces our fair monument?"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304165

"You guys ask the old timer, I will stand guard."

Look for anything out of the ordinary.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Aleister [mage] 304167

I go and look at what remains of the paintings.

Do I have to roll to investigate it?

Forest [Bard] 304168

"Good day! How is it going?"

Barnes [Earthpon Knight] 304170

"Good day. We are here to investigate the vandalism of late, and would appreciate your co-operation. What did the original defacement look like?"

Rili [Ranger] 304174

Spot check!

DM 304177

"I'm guessing you aren't here to help with the cleanup?
Bah. Whatever. I bet it was those damn kids who did this. Nothing but trouble that bunch. I swear they are going to get cutie marks in being a nuisance if they don't already have ones!
Anyway, almost all of the tower's side was painted black, with a moon and stars and a load of messed up looking stuff like creepy shadows eating ponies. That just ain't normal!"
You feel deeply disappointed it wasn't drawings of dicks.
Luckily, you can remedy the problem with that nearby can of paint.
A short while later the cleanup crew pushes you away before you make their work any harder.
You can roll to see how much you figure out

Aleister [mage] 304179

I look at what remains of the drawings and try to figure out if there's any magical significance behind them


Roll #1 2 = 2

Forest [Bard] 304180

"That's not very nice of them… what if they come back again tonight?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304181

"Are there any witnesses? Descriptions of those who made them?"
I tap a hoof and look around to see if I can see anything of note '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Barnes [Earthpon Knight] 304182

"Painted black, with shadows devouring? A moon and stars appear associated with the night, somehow, but I cannot place the shadows. At best, this is merely graffiti, at worst, fringe cultists."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304184

"Are you certain it was a band of ruffians? Such art seems beyond the realm of childish pranks."

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304186

"Whu… what? Dear Celestia what am I doing." I drop the paintbrush as I exit my trance.

"Simple, we catch or arrest then." I smile.

Sylt [Omniseer] 304187

Okay let's see what this stuff is.
4th Eye.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Rili [Ranger] 304192

Investigate the drawings

Roll #1 7 = 7


Rolling to see if the troubles I abandoned my old home for Equestria for is connected to this enough for me to recognise it somehow

Roll #0 8 = 8

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304196

Alright you can do this Shieldy.
I stand guard again and let the others investigate in peace.


Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 304198

Can't make heads or tails of this.
Whoever made it lacks artistic talent.
"Well it was night so we were all sleeping. But I've seen those no-good hooligans snooping around here before!"
"If I was 20 years younger I'd catch them myself!"
No idea.
Might be rule 63 of the sky
There is enough left to make out some clear key elements.
Looking closer, you can see the outline of a large pony that covers much of the sky. In its mouth, a ray of the sun can be seen. Perhaps it is eating the sun? Like the shadows are eating the ponies?
This must have some symbolic significance.
Perhaps later you could visit the library for info

"Now if y'all wanna go after those brats, I know they have a clubhouse or treehouse or hideout of some sort in the nearby woods.
Oh and we also found some paint cans left around. Some of them still unopened. I bet the shopkeeper would like it if they brought them back to him. They have his label on them after all."

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304199

I pick up the cans.
"I would return these, if you could point me to the right direction that is."


Roll #1 3 = 3

Forest [Bard] 304200

"We can get that paint back then, I'm sure they'd be grateful! Where are they?"

Aleister [mage] 304201

"I would like to talk to those kids. They might have seen something."

Barnes [Earthpon Knight] 304202

"Dark, consuming light, as how the sun sets as the nightly blanket takes over, sending the sunflowers to sleep… how certain are you it was youthful mischief that did this?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304203

"Yes… we have to interrogate some ponies to get to the bottom of this!"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304204

"I would as well. Either they are guilty or are important witnesses to this."

"I agree. Cannibalism is not the product of rambunctiousness."

DM 304205

"Well I didn't see them do it, but I've seen them skulking around here before. And they are troublemakers! Who else could it be!?"
"Shop's over in the town square, hard to miss really."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304206

"Let us confront them with the paint cans first. It may help loosen their tongues."

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304207

Head to the shop, carrying the cans of paint that I can muster.

I then knock on the door of the shop and ask out if anyones at the store.

Rili [Ranger] 304208

"That is a good idea"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304209

"Exactly. Smart pony."

Sylt [Omniseer] 304210

"What if they get protective and try to run?"

Aleister [mage] 304211

"Good idea"

I run over to White shield who is already running to the shop to stop him

Forest [Bard] 304212

"Come on, we can ask them later! I am sure the shopkeeper is missing his or her wares now though!"

Get the unopened cans and walk over to the shop!

Barnes [Earthpon Knight] 304213

"I would not be so hasty as to judge without proof. While I cannot condone your vies, perhaps the children may have seen something of use."

"I would agree. If they are guilty, it would make things faster."

Forest [Bard] 304214

"We can ask them with the spent cans too, can't we?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304215

Grab one of the cans.
"We'll return it soon."
Now, where are these young ones this guy was talking about? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304216

"Thanskfs frr the khelp." I said while carrying the cans.

Aleister [mage] 304217

"I guess so"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304218

"They are children. If you cannot catch them, I suggest you find another line of work."

Step in his path.
"And have them deny our accusations? Troublemaking children will say anything to avoid suspicion."

DM 304219

You gather up the full cans and head to the shop
"Well well, yep, those are mine. Stolen last week. Where did you find them?"
"What do ya need it for? If it helps with catching who did this I'll help in any way I can."

Forest [Bard] 304220

"I'm sure the spent cans will be evidence enough against them."

"They were used to paint nasty things on the clocktower."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304221

"Yes, that's what we aim to do! These cans are evidence we can use!"

Sylt [Omniseer] 304222

"Well gee, and you would jump on kids based on suspects? Talk about moderation."
"Clock tower, used to paint it black by some vandal."

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304223

"They are found by the ponies who cleans the watchtower. They are used for vandalism. Did you know anything about that?"
I raise my eyebrow, then watch his snout for lies.


Roll #1 2 = 2

Rili [Ranger] 304226

Look around the shop for anything interesting

Roll #1 1 = 1

Aleister [mage] 304231

Look around the shop for anything unusual


Roll #1 10 = 10

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304234

"We wish to confront the town hooligans with your merchandise. They seem to be under suspicion, though I am more curious about what they saw."

DM 304235

"My paint used for vandalism?
…well I guess it makes sense the crimes are connected. After all, they were probably done by the same ponies."
"very well, take any you need, but please do bring them back. I can still sell them later."
Oh hey what's this behind the counter?
…oh boy.
I guess there is a reason he keeps this stuff here. Wouldn't want just anypony seeing it…
…look you have a job to do, get your face out of that! Focus!
There is a small stick between one of the high up ventilation windows in the storage room.
The window is too small for an adult pony, and too high up for anything but a pegasus.
This leads you to conclude a young pegasus is part of the burglar gang.
"I do know there was vandalism going around, and suspected the paint was for that purpose.
That's why I locked the rest in a cage."
…no button prompt appears to accuse him of being a liar. Seems legit.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304238

"Of course. Thank you for your cooperation."

Gather up the cans and head for the clubhouse.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304240

Follow him
"So… What are your thoughts?"

Forest [Bard] 304241

"The same ponies? Do you have a hunch who did this?"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304242

"I see, well you better keep watch of your store more closely. You dont want your paints or other items stolen from you." I hand the cans to him.

Aleister [mage] 304243

I follow Rosethorn outside

DM 304244

You mean those young lads with the clubhouse in the woods? Or the group of teens?"
"No problem. Return any other things that belong to me and I'll give you a friendly discount!"
"Not really, at least beyond the fact that not THAT many ponies around here can be criminals."

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304245

"H… hey." Follow Cirrus.

Forest [Bard] 304246

"Thank you, will look into it. Have a nice day!"

Leave and follow Cirrus

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304247

"I doubt the graffiti was the work of those kids, like the foreman says. It was too extreme and borders on blasphemy. However, they may have seen something worth investigating, or even the true perpetrator."

"Oh, the head cleaner seems to think it was the group in the clubhouse. Is this other group a source of problems for the village as well?"

Forest [Bard] 304248

"They stole the paint and passed it over to somepony else for bits or something they couldn't get otherwise?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304249

"Possible. I doubt they're guilty of more than petty theft or breaking and entering. Maybe less obscene graffiti as well, but nothing so extreme as the clock tower."

DM 304250

"They talk big and like to scare ponies, but I don't think they ever did anything worse than pranks."

Aleister [mage] 304251

"I think so too. The fillies must now something, even if they didn't paint the clock tower.

By the way, isn't their clubhouse near those warehouses that got looted?"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304252

"I still wonder what those vandalism meant though." I try to catch up from their pace.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304253

"They're just edgy kids trying to fight the system. Bunch of unpatriotic goons…"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304254

"Interesting. Groups like that are impressionable and easily misled. Could you point us in their direction as well?"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304255

"Oh… I mean its ghastly but perhaps you're right." I then relax a bit.


"Guess we gotta find out!"
Did they ever do worse than pranks?
4th Eye.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12

Aleister [mage] 304257

"In any case, let's not go waltz in there and shout at them. They probably got into something bigger then they can handle and they might need help."

DM 304259

They are extremely eager to impress those they think are cooler than them, and never back down from a dare.
So yeah.
"Last I head they hang out in the cave by the cliff"

Head to the treehouse?
Head to the cave?

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304260

"I got to agree with that. They still do need to be questioned for their actions." I shrug.

Sylt [Omniseer] 304261

Turn to the others.
"Okay we got our little impressed cultist aids. Let's roll over to the treehouse."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304262

"I say we head over to the cave first."

DM 304263

I meant the teenagers at the cave
-mysterious 4th wall voice

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304264

"I agree."

Aleister [mage] 304265


"I can try to locate them. Give me a moment."

I take out a silk blanket and sit in a meditation position.

I try to use Astral Projection to locate the kids.


Roll #1 5 = 5

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304266

"I follow you."

DM 304267

You take a while looking around but finally notice the silhouette of a treehouse in the small nearby woods.

Sylt [Omniseer] 304268

I should probably follow the quest more closely, voice. Thanks.
Head for the cave.

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304269

"Good! Onwards! For Equestria!"
Try to find this cave place thing '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Forest [Bard] 304271

"I think the pony said they are by the cave."

DM 304272

The cave is not too hard to find.
It is marked with big (somewhat misspelled) signs telling ponies to [CEEP OWT]

Aleister [mage] 304273

"Well, I found the treehouse, I'm unsure wether the kids are in there though."

Rili [Ranger] 304274

"That's pretty convincing, maybe we shouldn't go inside."


"Great, kids."
4th eye, what's inside?

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3

Aleister [mage] 304276

As I come out of meditation, I notice everybody went ahead and I go running after them

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304277

March inside
"Everypony on the floor! Adults coming through!"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304278

"Why? They must have something to hide."

Rili [Ranger] 304279

"The sign obviously says to keep out."

Aleister [mage] 304281

"These are just a bunch of kids, not a group of changelings. Be calm for once"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304283

"It's also spelled wrong. I believe the law of the land supersedes the desires of a few punks."

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304285

I look at them surprised.
"Whoa, you ponies are taking this way too seriously. This are fillies or kids after all."

"Lets head in, but dont scare them too much."

Forest [Bard] 304286

I fly up outside, find a good lookout spot and start looking around.

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 304288

Dude lay off the coffee
You can hear some clattering inside.
I guess they went to hide.
You notice some outlines have been sketched into the cliff itself


"Hey guys… What if you go on ahead?"
Try to hide behind the biggest one in the bunch.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Forest [Bard] 304290

Can I inspect them from where I am?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Aleister [mage] 304291

"Gee thanks Rosethorn. You probably scared them away. Keep it quiet."

Use Farsight to locate whatever was clattering about in the dark


Roll #1 8 = 8

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304293

"Hiding eh." I smile and head inside to look where they are.


"Look we are not here to hurt you guys."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304294

Start looking for them '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Rili [Ranger] 304297

I try to look for whatever made the noise

Roll #1 6 = 6

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304299

"They have nowhere to run!"

Aleister [mage] 304304

"For all we know these caverns could go on for miles"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304307

"Then we will track them down. All the way to Tartarus if need be!"

Sylt [Omniseer] 304311

"I think you both are missing one little detail… There should be kids inside. I doubt they are hiding very far."

Aleister [mage] 304312

I mutter under my breath "We'd see if you're still laughing if you actually end up in tartarus"

DM 304314

You fly around and inspect it.
It seems to be a huge, HUGE pony. Probably a pegasus as it has big wings.
You can also see the moon outlined in white.
You notice there are at least five ponies in various hiding spots
"Sorry, can't really say the same."
Before you can pinpoint where the voice came from, a metal bucket full of rocks swings down on a rope, nailing you in the groin.
You are helpless.
Looking up, you notice a pony on a small raised platform overlooking you. He must have dropped the bucket.


SbS to look inside the cave.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


Grab that fucker who threw the bucket with my telekinesis and float him down here

Roll #0 6 = 6

Forest [Bard] 304318

How HUGE exactly?

And what else do I notice about it?

Roll #1 10 = 10

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304319

"Ow.. ow…. !!"
Try to see if I can stand up while trying not to cry.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Aleister [mage] 304320

I step forward in the cave.

"There is nothing to be afraid of. We just want to talk to you. We know you have something to do with the drawings on the clock tower. We think you're in trouble and we want to help"


Roll #1 2 = 2

Rili [Ranger] 304321

"oh jeez"


I fly up and grab on to him as well.

Roll #0 2 = 2

DM 304324

Looks like they are playing hide and seek and cheap shots
You grasp the young lad and float him down. He cowers as he sees the group of you. Poor guy can't be older than fourteen.
Big enough to be seen for quite a distance around.
…also it has a horn. And sharp teeth. And a vague likeness to Princess Luna.
You stand back up, sore but able.
Whoever designed your armour left quite a weak point…
"We ain't saying nothing!"
A heavy sack of flour falls on your head


Nest them all out before walking in, memorize their locations so I won't fall into their traps.
4th Eye.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


Knock him out and use my rope to tie his legs together

Roll #0 8 = 8

Aleister [mage] 304327

I stand back up.

"Well I tried it the easy way".

I look for the one pony closest to me (from when I used farsight) and try to catch him


Roll #1 8 = 8

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304328

I know I shouldnt have trusted that dog when he hand me this particular piece.

"Hey you!"
I look at the filly who hits Alestier and try to pull him/her out of there using telekenesis.


Roll #1 10 = 10

Forest [Bard] 304329

There's not too much alicorns like Luna, and it did had a moon too…

Why would they paint her like this though?
Judging from the state of the paint, how fresh it could be?

Rili [Ranger] 304330

I try to find out what exactly that large thing is.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"A bit excessive, don't you think?"

Keep an eye out for the closest troublemaker.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304341

"That's what you get for throwing buckets filled with rocks."

DM 304346

You won't trigger a trap unless you roll a 3 or less.
I'm sure his mother will be happy you brutalized the boy.
You have one tied up teenager.
You notice a tail in a nearby barrel, tip the barrel over and roll out out the cave entrance, leaving you with a very dizzy teenager.
An easy grab.
Oh hey, a small pegasus! Just what you were looking for
He eeps and stays still, knowing he is in trouble
The outlines were probably done last night.
You turn to go out and see what Forest found.
However you fail to notice a tripwire.
Roll for damage
Two are hiding behind a nearby crate


Walk up to them and lift up the crate.

"If you know what's good for you, you will go join the others over by the entrance. Now."

Roll #0 7 = 7

Aleister [mage] 304352

I walk over to the dizzy teenager and tell him to stay put.


Roll #1 4 = 4

Rili [Ranger] 304353


Roll #1 2 = 2


Off into the cave I go!
"Okay we know where you are, so just surrender now!"

Roll #0 3 = 3

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304355

He'll live.

Walk behind him

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304356

"Hey, dont give me that look after what your friend did to me, so rude and uncouth dont you agree?" I then tie him up.

"Look you dont have to be scared."

Roll #1 9 = 9

Forest [Bard] 304358

Okay, fly back in to the others.

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 304364

You have all but one of them bagged and tagged
Within seconds, a beautiful ballet of chaos unfolds.
hearing a click and swoosh, Rili thinks fast to avoid the face suffered by White. Spinning around, she takes the bucket to her beak instead. The impact is enough to cause a small but painful fracture, and send her flying.
Meanwhile outside, Sylt and Forest collide at the door, and have Rili slam into them, followed shortly by the now loose bucket of rocks that snapped off its rope on the griffon's sharp beak.
Forest end up taking the worst of it, and rolls for damage.


"What the-" Stand up and seize the situation.
Voice in my head, what are those kids up to?

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8

Forest [Bard] 304366

Uh oh

Roll #1 2 = 2


I quickly corral the kids by the entrance, making sure they don't try anything else in the confusion.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Aleister [mage] 304369

I wonder how a bunch of teenagers managed to do so much damage to sylth, rili and forest, then turn and shout to the last one

"We've got your friends, it's over. Come out now, don't make this any worse for you and your friends."


Roll #1 6 = 6

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304370

I grumble and grab one of the kids by his collar with my magic
"What is wrong with you kids!? Do you have any ideas how dangerous it is to throw rocks like that!?"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304371

I approach slowly and try to see where the remaining last is hiding.

"Just come out now, we just need to know why you do those graffiti's."


Roll #1 5 = 5

Aleister [mage] 304372

"Rose, go easy on them"

Grab Rose aside for a moment and whisper "Good cop, bad cop, you'll play bad and we'll have em crack in a second"

DM 304373

being scared as shit mostly.
one is still hiding in there
Good news: the bucket only rained you with rocks.
Bad news: the combined weight and impact of two adults on you means you probably will be walking funny for a day or two.
You ensure the kids are secured.
They show no signs of wanting more trouble
He peeks out from a big vase
"Am I in trouble?"
"We never though we'd actually use the traps miss! We thought the signs would be enough!"

Rili [Ranger] 304374

"Everything hurts"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304375

"No you are not."
I pick him up.
"So now just be cooperative and come with us alright?"

Forest [Bard] 304377

Stand up.
Good thing I have a walking cane, right?

"The hurt goes away! It always does! What did you guys found in here?"

Roll #1 10 = 10

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304378

"But you used them anyway! And now ponies got hurt! Just what do you have to say for yourself, mister!?"

"Somepony help her!"

Aleister [mage] 304379

"you're not in trouble. We just want to help you. Go sit with your friends so we can talk"


Roll #1 2 = 2

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304382

"That depends on how honest you are with us. We have some questions for you."

Sylt [Omniseer] 304383

Turn to the others.
"I'll get the one inside."
Walk into the cave and try to find this last kid.
"Hey buddy, we are not here to take over or anything. We just want to talk."

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304384

"KIds mostly." I show him the colt that I am lifting up.

DM 304385

Yep. That should help a lot.
He walks out but then starts sprinting away!
MIN to catch him: beat my roll

Roll #1 3 = 3

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304386

Aleister [mage] 304387



Roll #1 3 = 3

Forest [Bard] 304388

Fly after him!

Roll #1 10 = 10

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304389

"Oh no you dont." try to levitate him.

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 304390

"…sorry? We weren't really thinking this all the way through…"
Being a kid, he is not too hard to nab
He gives up, realizing he is outnumbered

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304391

"No you did not."
Restrain him and show them all the paint cans.

"Now. Did you steal these?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304392

Shake my head in disdain and put him with the rest. I'll let the rest hoofle this while I check on Rili
"Are you alright?"

Forest [Bard] 304393

"You aren't really nice little ponies. What would your mommas think? Did you paint that nasty thing on the side of the cave?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 304394

Give him a stern look.
"Now kid, before we take you to your parents and tell them what you did, mind explaining about the paint?"

Aleister [mage] 304395


"We know you stole the paint cans".

I look at the pegasus.

"I know it was you who broke into the store through the window"

"Now you can all be in a whole lot of trouble or you can tell us why you did it"


Roll #1 1 = 1

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304396

I look around and search this base camp of theirs while Cirrus ask questions on the colt. Anything of interest?


Roll #1 9 = 9

Rili [Ranger] 304398


Rosethorn [Warlord] 304399

"You look the part."
Use my magic to lift her up and put her on my back.
"Let's get you to a doctor, alright?"
Back to the city we go. Find a hospital or something '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 304400

"It was the little guy!"
He points at the small pegasus
"What thing? We don't paint! Painting is for losers."
"As the little guy!"
He tries to avoid your gaze, then starts crying his eyes out.
MIN to make him calm down: beat my roll
Looks like there is a lot of stolen stuff here.
Old furniture, food, books, lamps, candelabras, wine…
The closest proper hospital is in Canterlot.
But there is a town doctor around

Roll #1 3 = 3

Aleister [mage] 304401


"It's alright."


Roll #1 4 = 4

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304402

"Town doctor it is, hang on."
Let's find this horse so we can get the griffin some medical attention.

Forest [Bard] 304403

"Then how did that giant fanged pony get to the side of the cave?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304404

"And why would you steal paint? Did you deface the clock tower last night? Those were some serious pieces on it."

Rili [Ranger] 304405

"ᵀʰᵃᶰᵏ ʸᵒᵘ⋅⋅⋅"

DM 304406

His house has a big sign outside, so it is easy enough to find
"Good day ladies, how can I help?"
He sniffles a little and calms down
"Are you gonna tell my mommy?"
"Heck if we know, we hang out inside the cave"
"We stole the paint 'cause we got a very generous offer for it. And no, we still don't do no sissy art projects!"

Sylt [Omniseer] 304407

"The little guy?"

DM 304408

He meant the small pegasus

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304409

Where do they get this stuff.
Oooh wine, I picked it up and examine it as of the rest of the goods.

"How did you carry all this stuff?" I said while examining the items.


Roll #1 10 = 10

Aleister [mage] 304410

Put my hoof on his shoulder

"I promise your parents won't find out about this, if you help us."

Sylt [Omniseer] 304411

Ask the small pegasus then.
"Who told you to get that paint?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304412

"Don't mention it."

"My friend got hurt and needs some medical attention."
Gently slide her off of my back.

Aleister [mage] 304413

The one I'm talking to >>304410

Forest [Bard] 304414

"Your mommas wouldn't be proud of you. These are very bad things you have done."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304415

"Offer from who? Exactly why did they want this paint?"

Lean in.

DM 304416

"Sometimes we had help… sometimes we just carried it ourselves…"
Vases, rugs, money, clothes, pipes…
"…they told me I could be one of their cool group if I did it…"
"Oh boo hoo. Ponies need to take better care of their stuff if they don't want it taken."
"Bunch of adults. They just said they needed lots of paint, and we said we could get it for them."
"Ok, lets see then… Hm… beak damage. Griffons are not really my forte, but here goes."
he tries some healing
"How did this happen anyway?"

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 304417

And that beak is better than ever.
Probably sharper too.

Sylt [Omniseer] 304418

"Who told you?"

Forest [Bard] 304419

"So would you be happy if your things got stolen just becauase you left it out?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304420

"She tripped and fell, don't worry about it doctor."

"Looks like a job well done to me!"

Rili [Ranger] 304421

"thank you doctor"
"And, thank you for helping me Rosethorn."
Roll for platonic hug

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 304422

He points at the others
"See, we don't leave our stuff out to be stolen. That's what the signs and traps are for!"
he looks proud of his genius
"Glad I could help"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304423

I grin
"Like I said, don't mention it. Let's get back to the others shall we?"
Let's get back there

Forest [Bard] 304424

"We managed to get past those, didn't it? Do you really want to live in a world where everything has to be under locks so it won't get stolen?"

Rili [Ranger] 304425

"Lead the way!"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304426

I then get a good looking(and clean) rug and show it to the others.

"Look they even got these vases and antique furnitures."

I then look at the colt.
"You told us sometimes you had helped. Who helped you?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 304427

Turn to the others.
"Okay, and who told you?"

DM 304428

"Well you got lucky. Guess I got improvements to make.
And besides, I'm a master at what I do! I could just steal it back!"
Just look at that smug face…
"Usually we hire someone. You know, pay them to haul things. Mostly just passers by, neighbors, the sort."
"Told us what?"

Aleister [mage] 304429


I take the pegasus away from the rest of the group, somewhat away and tell him he shouldn't waste his time with guys like those

this pegasus is giving me feels.

Sylt [Omniseer] 304430

Okay back to the pegasus
"Who's the 'cool group'? Where are they?"

Forest [Bard] 304431

"In that case, I'm sure your parents will appreciate your skills too…"

DM 304432

He mutters something and points at the other teens
…I guess rebellions punks are cool to someone that young.
"B-but they said they'd help me get a cutie mark! Not like the babies I used to be friends with…"
"Hey hey hey! Leave them out of this!"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304433

Once we're back, take out my morningstar and smash the ground right next to that smug stallion, glaring at him threateningly.
"Want to see how good you are at fighting, kid? How about you drop the tough guy act before I get angry?"

Aleister [mage] 304434

"you really want a cutie mark in stealing other peoples property?"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304435

"Nic… I mean thats bad. Look we are going to confiscate these you know that dont you?" I look at him worried.

I then turn to my party.
"So what do you think guys?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 304436

Okay let him go and speak with the others.
"So, can I know why did you take the paint and why did you vandalize the town clock?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304437

"I suggest you listen. We're investigating a more serious crime, but we can always find time for remedial punishment."

Forest [Bard] 304438

"Should I? I think they should know what you do in your free time."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304439

"Damn right we have time. These kids are going to return every single bit of stolen property back to its rightful owners. And then they can help the city clean up all the mess they made."

DM 304440

He takes a step back
"A little unfair using a big spiked thing against little ol' me…"
one of the others sighs and steps forth
"We took the paint because Tall Tally there-"
he nods at the smug one
"-made some deal with a bunch of creepy guys. We get them paint, they get us whatever we want in return. And well, Tally asked for wine and mares. Figures."
"…no. But I don't wanna be a blank flank all my life either…"
"Yeah… guess that's the end of this group of friends then…"

Rili [Ranger] 304441

"Poor kids."

Forest [Bard] 304442

"What is it like? Crime is not a solution, you know."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304443

"Unfair!? How about the fact that you stole property from other hard-working Equestrian citizens!? How's that for unfair!?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304444

"Better." I nod at the honest one.

"Tell us more about these others."'

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304445

I then look at them confused.
"Who… are these creepy guys that you ponies are talking about.

Sylt [Omniseer] 304446

"Silly boy. You can win mares over with a few sweet words.
Now, who were these creepy guys?"
4th eye, who were these creepy guys?

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Aleister [mage] 304447

"All of us get a cutie mark one day, kid. It is more probable that the sun would fall from the sky then that you will never get one. Don't worry about getting a cutie mark, live like you want to live and do what you feel is right and your cutie mark will come to you. Trust me."

DM 304450

He hesitates a little, then turns his head, showing a bald spot where he has a long scar
"…they don't really like me."
"They seemed kinda odd to me. Only saw them at a glance though. Tall but skinny, with big robes like they were cold or something…"
Cultists. They must be the ones doing the graffiti…
Rolling to see how he feels about that

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 304452

he grabs onto you and cries softy
"…I miss my real friends…"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304453

"Where did you first meet them." I open the wine a drank a bit.


Roll #1 1 = 1

Forest [Bard] 304456

"Oh my…"
Improvise, comforting hug time!
"I'm sorry, I didn't know… you never asked for helped for any of your teachers at school about this?"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304457

I narrow my eyes at him
"What's that supposed to mean?"

Forest [Bard] 304460

I lean a bit closer and whisper.
"I think he might be abused at home."

Aleister [mage] 304463

Hug back.

"I'm sure they miss you too."

DM 304464

…that's not wine.
Or well, it might be in some regions.
It hits you like a hammer to the head. You can barely see straight, let alone walk straight.
"I… I… I…
"I wanna go see them at the treehouse again…"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304465

"Hmm. Do you know where they meet?"

Aleister [mage] 304467

"Do you want me to go with you?

Forest [Bard] 304468

"You should have… want me to try and talk to them? Things like these need to be discussed, not kept in secret while you ruin your life with stepping on a wrong path…."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304469

"That doesn't excuse him from doing what he did."

Forest [Bard] 304470

"He is just a bit troubled, I'm sure if we fix the situation with their parents, he will stop doing these bad things."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304471

"You're right…"
Look at the stallion
"What is your name?"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304472

I sit back on a corner and relax.
"I got to tell you, whoever these mystery guys are they know their stuff.. hic "

I then look at Forest and pointed at him.
"Listen to him, he knows what he's saying."

Just keep the bottle next to me in case I need a little swig.

DM 304473

"Sorry. No clue. As i said, I only ever saw them once."
"Y-yeah… that'd be nice"
"Look I just needed something I was good at! Something I could call my own! ANYTHING!"
"Tall Tally."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304475

"Where are you from? Canterlot?"

Forest [Bard] 304476

"Uh… Excuse me lady, you sure you should be drinking that?"

"Have you tried helping ponies?"

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304479

"Where did you meet them?"

DM 304481

"I'm from the town where we got the paint… you know the one. Part of Outer Canterlot."
"Who would have a failure like me anyway? Whenever I try doing something SOMEONE GETS HURT OR ANGRY OR BOTH AND YOU ARE NOT HELPING!"
"Ask Tally. I saw them near here one night, you know, the one time I saw them."

Aleister [mage] 304483

"Okay Just a minute"

I stand up and walk to the rest of the group.

"Guys, I'll just bring this kid to his friends. He's in no shape to stay here. We'll meet back in town okay?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 304484

Okay I was afk, where is everyone? Still talking with the kids?
"And where did you meet these guys?"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304485

"Tall tally? I got to tell you, your parents do give you a cute and funny name." I smiled while covering my mouth with my hooves.

"Oh this.. " I look at the bottle.
"Actually, no. Its a bad ide*hic.. idea but yeah I'll put it down now."

TAke a little swig before putting the bottle down and try to balance myself.

'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 7 = 7

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304487

"Very well. Thank you for your honesty. I suggest you had stop stealing from now on."

Go join Rosethorn.

Rili [Ranger] 304488

Look for stuff to do that isnt talk to kids

Roll #1 5 = 5

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304489

Take his hoof and lead him along outside
"We're going to talk to your parents."

"Any thoughts?"

Forest [Bard] 304490

"Look, calm down, everypony can be useful in a non harmful way. I'm sure you just haven't tried something yet!"

DM 304491

After the first one, the second swig is entirely tolerable.
You can even stand.
…walking is different though.
"Well if you tell the guards about us not like we're gonna have much choice in the dungeons…"
You could return some of the stolen goods or study the outlines painted into the cliff
"if this backfires I'm coming to haunt you…"
These kids are dry on info. The last lead is the kids in the treehouse

Rili [Ranger] 304492

Inspect the outlines

Roll #1 4 = 4

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304493

"As I thought, they are just typical ruffians who might be in over their head. Your friend there seems to be their only connection to any cultists."

Sylt [Omniseer] 304495

To the treehouse I go!
How many kids, how many strangely suspicious adults harrassing them?
Count one more.

Aleister [mage] 304496

"I'm going to bring the pegasus back to the treehouse, any of you guys coming with me?".

Beckon to the pegasus to follow me.

Forest [Bard] 304497

"I'm sure we can work something out."
Look at Rosethorn.
"Will you join me in talking with his parents?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304499

"Listen, you can either complain about how terrible your life is for the rest of your life or actually stand up and do something about it."

"We'll figure out who those cultists are, I got the feeling this is something big."

"Of course."

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304501

"You be careful out there."

"You know what guys, I'll go outside and ask for help to carry and confiscate these things. You handle them alright?" I smiled back to the party before heading out.

Now I just hope I can keep my head up and reach the guard barracks for assistance. Keep focus Shieldy.


DM 304502

You leave for the treehouse
You will arrive soon
Looks like a big pony.
With big wings and a big horn and big fangs.
"Good luck on that…"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304503


Roll #1 7 = 7

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304504

"Rili, you coming along too?"

Rili [Ranger] 304505

Can I touch it?

Aleister [mage] 304506

While I walk I look around for anything unusual


"So what's your name anyway kid?" I ask the pegasus

Roll #1 8 = 8

Forest [Bard] 304507

Wait for her answer before asking Tally to lead us to his home.


In the meanwhile, voice in my head, are these cultists the same who stole the holy images? Why are they doing this?

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6

Rili [Ranger] 304509

"Oh, yeah, sorry."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304510

Follow, motion Cirrus and Rili to do the same.

"I think we should dive into the library soon, find out what all these markings actually mean."

Forest [Bard] 304511

"No problem!"

"Is it just me, or did it look a bit like Princess Luna? It can't be her, but it looked like her."

DM 304512

"…I suppose you're right.
Guess trying to be a master criminal was kinda stupid, huh?"
You get there in acceptable shape.
Roll to be presentable
The cliff? Sure.
It's made of rock.
It has some paint on it.
Oh! We're here!"
The treehouse is ahead
Tally leads you to a run-down house by the orchards
"…guess this is what you'd call 'my home'…"
I'm not giving you the entire plot, silly wizard.
Go talk to the kids in the tree house.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304513

"Good idea. It's disturbing to see them associated with the night."

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304515

I trot casually.
"h.. hey guys." my ears lowered with a weak smile.


Roll #1 8 = 8

Aleister [mage] 304516

I walk up to the treehouse and let Silverwing go in first.

Sylt [Omniseer] 304517

Gee, this thing worked so much better when I forced nasse to reveal me the traps of his dungeon!
Knock on the treehouse, I guess.
"Anypony here?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304519

"Your parents are farmers then?"
Walk up and knock on the door.

"Mmhm… exactly my thoughts."

Aleister [mage] 304520

"Just let Silverwing handle it Sylt, they're his friends."

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304521

I then straighten my stature though still lowering my ears and head.

"We just busted some stolen goods, I need some backup to review and see the scene. Anyone willing to come?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304522

"We'll deal with that after this."

Forest [Bard] 304524

I walk beside Rose after she knocks.
"Don't worry, we'll do our best to mend your relation with your parents."

DM 304526

"Hey Shield. Anything to report?"
"Yeah, we can get a few of the guys to haul it. Where was it stored?"
Three ponies open the door
"And still no cutie mark"
They share a group hug
"I'd rather earn a cutie mark with my real friends. These ponies helped me get back to you! They're investigating things jut like we were!"
"Not exactly farmers…"
An angry looking stallion opens the door
"Huh? What the hell do you want?"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304527

I'm at the guard barracks.

Sylt [Omniseer] 304529

Move besides him and sit down, watching the scene.
Then, whisper to him.
"What's happened so far? I have a lead on a bunch of cultists."
Wave at the kids and give them a motherly smile.

Forest [Bard] 304533

"Have a talk."

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304534

I cock an eyebrow and motion at Tally
"This is your son? Tall Tally?"

Aleister [mage] 304535

"Hey kids"

Whisper to Sylt.
The kid was forced to steal those paint cans for those teenagers. I convinced him it would be better to stick with his own friends. Besides, maybe these kids now something else about the cultists.

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304537

"Ah.. commander, its some small time burglars that are able to take a big haul. We tracked them down through a series of vandalism." I keep my head from drooping.

"I know the place, if anyone wants to follow me then stay at my back. I need the meb to carry the stuff for inspection."

DM 304539

"Not interested. Piss off."
He takes a look
"Regrettably so. What's the little shit been up to now?"
Five guards salute and move into formation
"Are you investigating those creepy painter ponies too?"
"We've been trying to find out who they are for weeks!"
"We're getting cutie marks for it for SURE!"

Aleister [mage] 304542

Smile at Sylt before turning to the kids.

"So what can you detectives tell us about them?"

Sylt [Omniseer] 304544

"Well if you show where you meet with them we can discover that in a moment, kiddo!"
Smile at them.

Forest [Bard] 304545

"Please, could you not talk about him like that?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304547

"Sir. I implore you to reconsider. Where is your wife?"

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304548

Lead them to the cave.

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304550

"Sir, do just you and your son live here?"

DM 304552

"They only travel at night!"
"And they have a meeting place in the woods!"
"And they do all the graffiti!"
"And why the hell not? That useless runt is the reason my life is in shambles!"

We can pause now, or go on a little longer


"Wait wait wait. Place in the woods? Where?"
Where, oh my handsome/beautiful I've checked my priviledges voice?

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304555

I look at one of the guards.
"We confiscate these guys, we need to see how know who owns the furniture rugs and other items. We need to know who bought them and where they came from and how it got here."

I then look for the bottle of wine.

Aleister [mage] 304557


"How many of them are there? And did you see them paint the graffiti?"

Forest [Bard] 304558

"Or you just need somepony to blame for your mistakes."

Cirrus [Battlemage] 304561

"I doubt that is the case sir, but would you care to explain your reasoning?"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304563

"Again, where is your wife?"

DM 304568

"Ran off ten years ago, thanks for asking."
"Yeah. Though lately it was just me, ever since he tried to run off too."
There is a clearing where the moon is visible at all points of the night, and a great holy symbol is built into the ground from white stones.
The guards get to work emptying the cave.
Meanwhile, you locate the remaining wine.
"You looking for a fight, guy?"
"Well, for one he was always insufferable. Drove my wife to leave, cost me my job as a carpenter because I had to get rid of all my tools so he'd stop hurting himself with them or otherwise getting into trouble, no job meant no house, and squatting in this hole has cost me my damn health too! And what does the ingrate do? BLAME ME!"

Sylt [Omniseer] 304570

Tug at Aleister.
"I know where they will meet! We have to tell the others!"

Rosethorn [Warlord] 304572

"Hurting himself?"
I look at Tally

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304573

locate wine and take a swig

Wait… where are the others?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Aleister [mage] 304574

I look at Sylt weirdly. "Hold it for a moment I still want to know what else they know about these guys"

Forest [Bard] 304575

"No, I am not looking for a fight. Have you two ever tried to calmly discuss the situation or even come to a conclusion that would benefit both of you? Do you not want to make peace with him?"

DM 304579

What do you care?
You'd rather get laid
Or pass out
passing out would be nice~
…try not to puke on yourself.
"because he's a damn klutz."
"Their leader has a different kinda robe"
"And they like bats!"
"And the moon! They love the moon!"
"Look I'm done with that pony. He wants to run away from me, fine. He can find his own damn life. He already pretty much took away mine anyway."

[quest paused]

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304587

Oh dear dont you puke girl damnit.


Roll #1 8 = 8

WhiteShield(Uni crusader) 304592

Good, now try to rest on a side and let the.. stallions~ do the work.

"You… guys carry me also when you're.. finished." close my eyes and try to get some shut-eye.

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