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A new day dawns
And it dawns in a choir of anvils
You have been called to the forging ceremony, where your past year of struggle and introspection will at long last bear fruit.

Report in at the great hall.


Ready as ever!


Ready, I guess



Ready and shining.


Do you feel you have done all you wanted to do at the academy, or shall I give you more time?




Well, we never did that sneaking sidequest, did we? I'd sure hate to let that guy down.


Yeah sure, let's go.


I'm good enough with the academy as it is.


I guess?


I'm good.
Let's get to some nonsexual plot.


Well, the sneaking will conclude later.

You arrive to the great hall, along with the rest of those who passed their trials.
That is not many. Less than half of those in second year.
The Battlemaster, Headmaster, and Smith have come before you

"Paladins! This day you will cultivate the fruit of your endeavors! This day, you will be allowed to walk amidst the Reliquary, and gaze upon the weapons of those who came before you.

May that knowledge guide you in understanding more about your coming task.
Follow the Battlemaster and me, please."


Nod, grin, and follow.


Did Crescent make it or did she fall asleep?
Follow anyway…


Follow along. Together with Lime.


This is going to be with me forever in battle, isn't it?
I can already imagine it…
Follow, absent minded.


Let's see how she did
You are lead to one of the locked doors in the lower floor, and from there in a tight line down a guarded corridor

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Keep on strolling, confidently.


Guarded by who? Are they 5th year?


Hard to tell. Probably? You've never seen anyone in that uniform in the other areas.


I'm totally here as well!


Alright, keep following.


Ultimately, you come to an ornate door, behind which is a well guarded, vast room full of statues and display cases
"Here are stored the deeds and gear of this academy's fallen graduates. Those who gave their lives for Equestria.
Study them. Learn from then. Embrace the stories they have to tell of their wielders and their deeds."


I was going to say my statue should be here too, but I won't fall.
Right away, let's check out a heroic statue or two! The most heroic-est!


Look at the statues.
Any earth ponies? qt stallion earth ponies?


Statues? Awesome! Check them out!


I should study the mightie-
Not. I should study both the magic users and the heavy fighters as if they were one.


Surely there are plenty of Lunite statues present, no?


I know Inquisitors have a bad reputation, but surely there are some statues of them here.


The room, despite being hidden deep below the academy, is still an impressive sight with it's strong granite walls, marble reliefs and gold decoration lining the displays, each with a plate of polished platinum upon which their names, creeds and deeds were inscribed.

[Bane of Betrayers
Sword of Sir Wildfire
Slayer of the usurper prince, feller of the triad of corruption, destroyer of the Rebellion of Ghastly Gorge
"Suffer not that which is false
For what is true exists
Thus all falsehoods
Half-truths, lies and betrayals alike
Are not real
And do not deserve to exist"]

Axe of Lady Morkai Ironbrow
Purifier of the coast, the flame upon the whores of Haunchback, The ender of decadence among public bathers.
"All things have their place
Their home, where they belong
When taken from there
They will need to be guided back
If not by word
Then my steel and fire."]

[Heaven's Kiss
Repeater Pistol of Inquisitor True Sight
Revealer of the Fetlock Conspiracy, uncoverer of the Taxbleed Operation, Light upon the shadow hiding baron Devlin Silverstride's slave trade
"Not all is immediately visible
Yet in time, all is revealed
I stand and exist to hasted that revelation
For information is power
And power belongs to the people"]

[Crusade's Call
War-Horn of Diadem Diamond
Uniter of the war-torn tribes, beacon of the borderland exodus, leader among the lost, the song of the south
"My song is that from which hope is born
And hope is that from which strength is sworn
So let from my song unity be begotten
United under Celestia, let none be forgotten"


This Wildfire dude.
I like him.
Stare intentedly at the sword.


Raise a brow at the pistol.

I wonder if such a small thing can be trusted and relied on.


This all seems very violent…


I look at the horn of Diadem Diamond.
Oh how I wish I could hear its sound.


I'm probably more interested in the decoration and construction of the room than the weapons.


The weapons I mean.
They were heroes, for sure, but couldn't they have picked more interesting weapons?


A mighty two handed greatsword, with a part of the blade wrapped to enable half-swording. It is decorated with imagery of flames, and the face of a wise old warrior.
Upon closer inspection the outlines of these decorations are the words of the creed, written in a way that makes them appear as outlines to an image.
It is not exactly… small.
Though called a pistol, the repeater reload mechanism is far from compact, and the ammo used by this monster of a weapon looks suited for hunting bears more than ponies.
Horns are not violent, silly.
The exquisite curvature of the horn must lend it it's sound. A long silver piece, with small statuettes of pegasi near the mouth as if they were crafting the horn from clouds as it sounded. The mouthpiece is shaped like the lips of a lover awaiting a soft kiss.
A strong vault if there ever was one. It is easy to see why such important things are stored here.
Yet it looks far from utilitarian. Indeed the decorum rivals that of Canterlot Castle itself, great works of art portraying the mighty deeds of the heroes remembered here.
Commander Fenfog's heroic charge against the marauding wounded dragon.
Sir Kariala's last stand against innumerable foes as his kinsmen fled to safety.
Miss Maple's final goodbye to her comrades in arms as she laid down her sword forever so she could better take care of her hopelessly ill daughter.
Perhaps only those wit boring weapons have died so far.
Or maybe you need to go look around deeper in the reliquary.


You can totally clobber someone with a horn like that!


Onwards then!
Look for some more interesting weapon wielding heroes!


Wow… these ponies really are big damn heroes… Awesome! They even had children!


I'll stroll along after Sidus.

The repeater is interesting, though. I might come back and study it more later.


Oh my, how elegant~
I look at it dreamily.


This is definitely something I will have to think about.
Go on deeper, look for heroes who used magic more than swords.


Oh yes, that!


[Unseen Judgement
Cord of Shadow's Shadow
Silent end of assassins, unspoken killer of murderers, judge and jury of those who the law never touched
"There is nothing to fear
Once one becomes fear itself
When one is fear
All will cower before him
And from that platform, much good can be done"

Sheers of Watchful Wish
Punisher of the overconfident, the proverbial knocker down of a few pegs, ender of the order of Blood Knights
"One who believes themselves perfect
Is but a fool, and an easy target
For none are perfect
Save for the princesses of Canterlot
In their name, may this creed be proven"]

[Really Big Rock
Boulder of Brickhead
Smasher of the cave trolls, basher of the swamp hydra, crusher of the grand timberwolf, demolisher of the walls of ten fortresses, breaker of all who stood before it, protector of Lady Iridescence Fadinglight, to the end and beyond.
"Those who strong
Need to be good
Because it easy to be mean when strong
And easy not what life is"]
[Moonlight's Charge
Broken Sword Catalyst of "Bigwig" Istarelle
Vanguard of sword and sorcery, destroyer of dark mages, avenger of the defiled dead, preserver of knowledge
"Things may be broken as time goes by
Weapons, homes, hearts, souls
Yet there is little that can never be repaired
And if not repaired, replaced, with something better"


"Oooooh! I like that! A sword catalyst!"


Nod along.
"Yeah! It's just…
But I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave my old catalyst behind."


I tap my horn with a smile
"I don't really want to replace my horn just yet."


It's more of a hilt with an inch of broken blade left.


But it used to be a catalyst sword!


I already know how my sword's gonna be~
"I'm not sure it works the same with us other… Non unicorns, you know.
I might have to destroy the old one, make it part of the sword…"


This shadow guy looks like a good guy.
I might need to get some cords myself at one point…

And hey, this Watchful Wish.
He's onto something, but not quite.
Nopony is perfect, true, but what's stopping me to becoming it once? Even greater than I am now!
Are there more?


"I know how you feel. My bow is a family heirloom. I've only been using it for a few years, but it'll be something to put it down for good. Until the next generation."


"Really? I didn't know that…"

"I can't really get rid of my horn, can I?"


"You remember back when we took Magic Theory I? There were some ponies that would carry around three or four catalysts – then have tattoo catalysts and horn catalysts on top of that."


"That's smart… you can't ever disarm them that way!"
I tap my chin with a hoof
"I'm not sure if it's healthy though… tattooed catalysts…"


"Yeah but I'm not sure how well I could… Control it, without the bracelet."
"It has to connect to us, you know?"


Look at more stuff?
Talk to the faculty?
Get on with it?


Is there a greathammer here somewhere?
That horn looks good, but I like hammers and stuff.


Well I should talk with the smith.
And the magic trainer whose name I forgot.


Is Crescent around? I'd like to talk with her and see how she's faring.


Well, do any of them have glaives or kamas like I do?


Are there any more guns or bows?


With a 4/10 performance, she is looking rather down.
[God Splitter
Unstoppable force of Smug Execution
Ender of the siege of Trottingham, victor of the Farland Expansion, last one standing in the battle of Stalliongard
"If one focuses on defending oneself, one forgets what one fights to truly protect - others.
Best so forsake all defenses and give one's all for the cause one believes in."]
Only the Headmaster and Battlemaster came down here with you. Save for a few guards.
Halberd of Mordred the Grim
Headtaker of the battle of Wyvern's Fall, bloodletter of Fallen Grace Valley, sinker of the flagship Dark Water's Treasure
"Mercy is what one should show to one's foes
Mercy is a quick death, without need for fear nor suffering
Mercy is what I shall show all who stand before me
But I will show none to those who would defile Equestria."]
[Heaven Piercer
Greatbow of Gouged Eye
Dragonhunter, rocslayer, protector of the skies of Canterlot
"Many know how to fight their foe toe to toe on the ground below
Yet few understand the power so grand of a weapon that can pierce the sky
So let them fly and let them die, for all they are to me are targets."]


I-It can't be that bad!


"Huh? Yeah?"


Okay, those are some wise words.
Not exactly. Sensless killing isn't right either.
Just one more!


"What's wrong? You seem really sad…"


Over to the headmaster I go!
"Sir? I think I know how my blade should be."


That's a bit too rough.
I want to make an elegant hammer.
One that screams "Love and tolerance" while you're slamming ponies into the ground


[All I Needle
Needle of Precise Strike
The one who ended all his battles in a single strike
"Everyone has a weakness
Mine is to be guarded
Those of my foes exploited
Those of my allies protected
For through those and those alone, can battles be won and lost."]
"My trials left me a mess…"
"That's very good, Paladin Field."
[Boundless Love
Lower Body Mounted Blunt Weapon of "Dead Eye" Tasokas
Penetrator of all defenses, violator of defilers, indecent yet irreplaceable
"If I do this, I might as well do it my way"]


"But I should consult with the smith to know if it is doable, sir."


Oooh, now THIS guy!
One strike!
Morale: do not rush into battle, size up the enemy, and exploit those weaknesses in style!


"What happened? What were they like? … You didn't fall asleep, did you!?"


I like it. 10/10 weapon, would slam heresy with.


"Of course.
What did you have in mind?"
"Of course not. Mine was in the dead of night.
It's just… I had to.. do a lot of stuff I would rather have not done."


I'll go chat with the battlemaster.

"How do those repeaters work? Are they accurate? Similar force to that of a bow?"


"… D-Do you want to talk about it? Because I'm here for you if you do!"


"Half a blade. Small, lightweight, a single piece of steel capable of cutting in case of need.
But that'd only be the base of it.
The actual blade would be like a blank sheet of magic to call upon in battle, able to take the shape of the elements on a moment's notice."
And smile at her as she comes close.


"I never got used to one to be honest. You need a sturdy shoulder to keep is steady and I've seen several blowhards blow their own bones apart trying to take the recoil with improper bracing."
"A large part of me wants to just forget about most of it to be honest. Put it behind me and look forward rather than back."
"A magic-based weapon?
Well, I can tell where you got that idea from"


I'll go to the teachers to ask for some explanations.
"Excuse me, how would a battlehorn help me in battle?"


"It's more of a safety measure than anything else sir.
This way I'm sure nopony but me can use my instrument of faith."


"Sounds powerful. Accuracy is what's important, though. Do they shoot true?"


"Oh… okay."
I give her a hug
"If you ever want to talk about something, you can always ask me, okay? But I understand you don't want to talk about this… it was pretty heavy stuff."


"The horn of Diadem Diamond was said to be the one instrument she could play flawlessly. Designed to sound it's best when played by her and her alone, since she never quite got the hang of a normal horn.
So it became her personal sound, her theme of sorts. And with it, she was able to rally many allies in battle."
"Oh there is little need to worry about that happening…"
"It does, but every repeating shot will aim higher from the recoil of the last."
"I'm starting to think that was the point…"


"So… students don't spoil it for others?"


"That sounds amazing…but the greathammer looks marvelous as well…I can't decide."


Cock my head.


Okay, now, one more.
Look for the proudest looking statue.



"Perhaps I'll investigate multiple routes. It sounds like a repeater would give me more flexibility to fire more quickly, whereas a greatbow would hit with more accuracy. Both sound like they impact pretty heavily."


"I imagine the trials exist so we can prove to ourselves what we truly are when faced with the darkest of situations"
"Search your heart, and you will know what is right for you."
"If forged correctly, a paladin's weapon will turn on any other who tries to wield it. So deep is the connection between weapon and paladin."
"They do.
The greatbow, as I remember, was impossible to fire without first anchoring it to the ground.
Then, it used lances for ammo, so I suppose it makes sense."
[Triumph and Victory
The Hooves of Falconfist
The one whose bare hooves were as mighty as any weapon, who never once lost a duel, and who never once backed down from a challenge
"To lose is not to fail.
To give up is to fail.
To know when one is outmatched is wisdom
To fight regardless is courage"]


"So deep…"
Now I just have to.
"I think I'm ready, sir."


Now he is a pony I could look up to!

Oh, what's Burning up to by the way?
What statues is she checking out?


"I… they weren't that hard for me… I think they may have gone easy on me."


The same one, glancing at her own hooves, then back at the cracked bones in the display case
"Very good."
"Well gee, that sure helps…"


I gasp and take a step back
"S-Sorry! I didn't mean to… oh goddess!"


Here we wait then.


"You are thinking what I am thinking that you are thinking?"


Cherry wants to talk to you if you're not too busy.


Not busy at all.
I'm off on the side thinking about magic swords.


"Impressive. That does sound a bit stifling in terms of mobility, though."


I come over nervously.
"I can't decide what weapon to take…"


"It's fine.
I just feel kinda upset at myself over it all."
What am I thinking then?"
"Well it was a stop and go affair. Then, old Gouged always did hate anything with wings, so I guess speed was not a big thing for him."


I awkwardly paw at the ground with my hooves
"So… what's your creed?"


Look at her for a moment, as if dumbstruck.
"Y-you sure? I thought you'd have it down already, seeing how good you are with hammers…"


"That your hooves are your best weapons.
With some added extra power at best."


"Drakes are fast. Supposedly they can close on a battlefield between heartbeats. He must have found a way to move more quickly – or was exceptionally strong."


"But there's this really nice horn as well. Oh wouldn't it be beautiful to call my allies into battle with it…." Look dreamily for a second.
"And now I can't decide."


"But just make a horn inside the hammer, no?"


"To become the night, and defend it, so those who defend me during the day can sleep soundly."
"Well, I was thinking I'd still wear something over them.
But I do admit, the rush of just punching the juice out of your targets is… exhilarating."
"He was rather strong, capable of repositioning with relative ease.
Fearless too. Never ran away even if an enemy dived at him. He just shot them at close range then."


I smile
"Wow… that's a great creed, Crescent!"


"Remember, keep that fervor in check.
Use it to your advantage, not your disadvantage."


I look at you dumbstruck.
"You think that's possible?"


"Interesting. I'll keep it in mind. Thank you for the stories."


"Well, a hammer is made of a long handle and a blunt part at the end.
Just like a horn!"


"I'm not really sure about the wording yet.
What about yours?"
I learned that much already."
"Any time, Paladin."


"Are you ready, by the way?"


I think about this for second.
"That's brilliant. I'll ask the Battlemaster."

I walk off to the Battlemaster.
"Battlemaster, would it be possible to make a horn inside a greathammer?"


Trot over to Sidus.

"I am interested in what you pick, Sidus. Have you decided?"


"Why should I choose one weapon when I can have many? Looks like all that time I spent at the forge might pay off."


"I am, yes."
"Anything is possible, to a skilled smith."


"Uh… I haven't figured out the wording either but… to protect those who cannot fend for themselves, to heal the injured and weak and to take down all who defile the night."


"Then that's what I'll try. to create. An elegant hammer with a pink jewel in the blunt part, to smite the wicked. And I'll try to forge a horn into the shaft. To call my allies into battle and give them hope.!"


"Amazingly, that answer doesn't surprise me at all."


"Well, here's hoping it will become clearer when the time comes."
"An inspired plan. A good weapon is as unique as the paladin that wields it."


"Why should it? You know my style."

"Good. Care to tell?"


"I'll do my best! So which weapon will you forge?"


"I thought a crescent axe might be fitting."


I giggle
"It does! I'll just try to keep to a shield and a mace… it feels the best."


"I'm sure it does. And really, that might be a more sound plan than my wild symbolism.
Maybe I'll go for a… sickle instead."

Forging will not happen tonight.
If there is anything you want to do or anyone you want to meet before I call a pause, time warps are ok.


"… A sickle? Really?"


I'd like to go to the library and see if there are any books about my lineage. They document a lot of paladins, and everyone in my line is an inquisitor. I just need name, anyway.


"Well it's more nimble, and still shaped like the moon…"
"Copies of the Inquisitorial Roster are in the side wing."


Let's see…

My father was Spell Seeker, and before him, Star Guided, and before him, Crescent Path… and somewhere in the lineage was Waning Spark. Hopefully that's enough information to find my family line…


Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 2 = 2


"Well… I don't really know much about weapons, but isn't it used to farm too?"


It seems family lines and other such connections are not recorded for safety reasons…
"Aren't axes used to chop wood and hammers to build houses?"


"… I guess."
I scratch my mane awkwardly
"Uh… but… waraxes and warhammers are kinda different, no?"


"So why not a warsickle?"


Well, that makes these records useless for my purposes. Give up, then.

I'm done.


"I… that exists? Are you sure?"
Is Sidus around?




The grand day is upon you.
The day you at last put your oaths to steel.
Before each of you is the materials you will need, gathered to your specifications and wishes. Assisting you will be a number of smiths trained in the divine arts, lead by the academy master smith.
The battlemaster and headmaster are also here to oversee your progress.

Today you at last commit your will to eternity, and forge your own destinies!
Take now the hammer and behold the metal that you will forvermore have at your side.
All the materials have been purified and consecrated beforehand. They are flawless, as should their wielders be.
Heat the metal. Beat the metal. Give it shape. Give it form.


So many things to craft!
Let's start with the sword!

Roll #1 3 = 3


You soon realize there is ill enough materials here to build an entire arsenal


To make a repeater, start with the barrel and chamber mechanism. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I thought up an oath. An oath of protection and control.
And I'm not gonna need much metal for this one either.
First of all, let's start with the core. A small sphere of the purest metal I can find.
And in the middle of it, place the arrowhead.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Frown slightly.
"I really hope the Battlemaster remembered to provide me enough to make at least my signature weapons."


One of the assistant smiths helps you after you struggle with getting the tube shape right.
Going well so far. No need to call for assistants yet.
The head smith comes stand by you
"Problem, lad?"


Oh god what am I doing how do I smith?
I'll start with the shield… I'm going to make a heater shield. Nice and compact, yet big enough to take some blows… I think.

Roll #1 3 = 3


One of the assistants comes to guide you
"Heat the metal more. Just hammering at it will do no good…"


"Not a thing. I can make my own weapons just, fine, but I'm not sure I can make enough."
Smirk again.
Okay, continue on the sword.
This sword… will be sharp as my wits and quick as my reactions.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well, as long as he's here, ask for his advice.

"Surely arms have advanced in a burgeoning field like this since True Sight's time. What do you think we can do about a compensator mechanism to reduce recoil? I understand it's a big issue on a weapon like this."

Keep hammerin'.


Roll #1 8 = 8


Now, the Hilt. The guard of this hilt will have to incorporate the ball of metal I just forged right in the middle.
Make said hilt as polished, refined and ornate as I can. Make it the hilt of a great, powerful sword meant to hold strong in a thousand battles.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Uh… like this?"
Make sure the metal… slab or whatever is as hot as possible, then start working again!

Roll #1 2 = 2


I wanted to thank you for all your help.
And for keeping an old smith some company on tired mornings."
The sword is starting to take shape
"A heavier stock often helps to dampen recoil. As does a spring in the stock to absorb the blast."
You make some kind of extremely fancy door handle. It's incredibly awkward to wield, and an assistant asks if that's what you wanted.
"Here. Let me help…"

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"We can cut the stock next. It should be the easiest part. For the spring, I want a metal that will absorb a lot of shock. We'll have to custom-forge an alloy, I think. Let's do a few experiments on tension versus stress capacity."


Roll #1 2 = 2


"Or we could simply use known, working alloys.
Also, that's a metal file. It won't do much good in shaping wood."


Oh! That's how you do it!
"Thank you…"
How is it shaping up so far? The shield is the most important…

Roll #1 10 = 10


It seems just about perfect!


"It was my pleasure, really. I was glad to be able to work on those weapons, and to hope that one day they will be wielded by worthy ponies. I should thank you, for letting me work on them.
And the company wasn't bad either."
Let out a small laugh, then keep working.
Make sure to make the handle in a way that it will fit into the glaive-contraption I will make afterwards. Just like my old weapons, only better!
This sword shall bring justice as long as I wield it, and always strike true on foes, and never strike down innocents.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Why don't you show me one of your alloys, and we'll measure it against this one?"


Roll #1 9 = 9


Can I decorate it a bit to make it look more… Moon-y?

Roll #1 9 = 9


The smith checks that nobody is looking, then puts a small device of crystal and bronze next to your weapon
"A gift for you, my apprentice.
A mechanism I never thought I'd find use for until now - it allows metal to remember a shape, so to say, and to return to that shape when ordered."
"Mhm. Well, I would have suggested this."
The battlemaster comes check on you
"You look very pleased."

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"I don't know… I think mine performs better. What do you think? While you look them over, I'll start filing a stock."


Roll #1 9 = 9


"A wise pick, young Inquisitor… A wise pick indeed."
This thing is starting to look quite ok!


I grin and nod vigorously
"Yes! It's exactly what I wanted. I love it!"


"Then keep it's shape in your mind.
For soon, you will get to truly forge it.
This time, with your heart and soul within it."


I stare at it, then at him.
"Wait… Does that mean that I could carry less… and still have all my weapons?"
"How does it work?"
I look around as well.
"And thank you."


"… Okay!"
Next up is my mace! Which materials are available?


Barrel: 8
Spring: 9
Stock: 9
Quite okay is an understatement!

"The firing mechanism will be the most important part. Can you help me with the chamber? It's intricate… but using a mold won't get the precision I need."


Roll #1 7 = 7


Plenty to pick from, from solid, unforgiving steel to ornate brass.
"Bury it in the metal, once you have the shape you desire.
Then melt it down, and forge it anew.
When ordered, the mechanism will restore the first shape it was placed in."
"Very well."

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Steel is probably best right? I mean… it's steel!
Get to work on that mace. Make it look nice and sturdy!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"That doesn't look quite right. Let's see… I'll just finish the mechanism and put it together."


Roll #1 10 = 10


"Ah. Silly me. I thought you were going with a sinister pattern chamber."
>Oh god what am I doing how do I smith?
Star Hopper, two hours ago
No way to really make that macier.


"I will make sure to have your name in the stories that are about me and my weapons."
Well, this makes it somewhat easier! So the plan is forge the sword/glaive, activate device, and forge my kamas, right?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Guess I'm a quick learner!
I proudly pick up the mace and give it a few swings to get a better feel of it.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Shake my head.
"No! I had this vision of… Utility and power and I thought it'd look magnificent and…"
"All I wanted was a sleek, solid piece of metal.
A long hilt with a hole I could enbed this into…"
Show him the arrowhead-sized sphere.


"Let's see… that looks pretty solidly put together. Is there anything we're forgetting?"

Pick it up and look down the barrel.


God DAMN that's heavy.
A counterweight might be in order.
Or was it the other way around?
Should you ask?
"Oh. Well, if we strip off the excess ornaments here…"

Please note: The final weapons should adhere to these guidelines
Take one weapon tag free, then assign 3 points.
1 Point:
-Add a basic tag (single, great, dual, ranged, catalyst)
-Add an elementalist effect (fire, lightning, ice)
-Add Possessed (intelligent spirit only you can communicate with possesses your weapon)
2 Points:
-Add Favored Enemy (Autocrits on select enemy type)
-Add Double Strike (As Magic Bolt, one roll for two attacks)

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Were you planning on adding a magazine for the ammo?"


I did start the sword already.
Maybe, just to make sure ask.
And ask about the handles too, since those aren't metal.


"Battlemaster? This mace is too heavy…"


"So it will automatically feed? That's clever."


Roll #1 4 = 4


"Then reforge it. Or if it's just top heavy, add a counterweight to the pommel to balance it."
"Aye lad. Forge, add the mechanism, melt down, reforge.
And I fear you'll be making the new handles from metal too, if you want them to change."
"Well, close. A pure gravity feed would just dump the ammo into the chamber and clog it, but a simple lever will let you swiftly reload so long as you have spare ammo left."


"I see… then I'll need to forge a lever first…"


Roll #1 7 = 7


Oh, do I know how to do that? Try it anyway! Work that steel! Work it long and hard!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I can manage. Less parts to break, right?"
Okay, then finish the sword.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Actually, that helped! Now the swing is much easier to control.
"And now we simply make a box wide enough for one round at a time, and mount it on top so it can feed the ammo in."


Right. Pick up both my shield and mace and hold them both. Try to get a good feel and see if the balance is there…

Roll #1 6 = 6


You forgot the moving parts. This is just a sword.


After a bit, you do find a good stance with them.


I got all day.
Melt away the unnecessary parts, then reforge it with the moving parts of the sword.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Remember that.
Now, approach the battlemaster again
"I like these!"


"Let's get to it, then."


Roll #1 4 = 4


"You need to align it with the barrel or else it will jam."
Now melt them down and start over."
Ok now we're getting places.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Right, now let's start adding the glaive parts.
From metal.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"What!? But I like them!"


"Oh… It… It works now!"
Give him a reassuring smile.
Now, place the metal ball inside the hole, and tie it shut, sealed almost, with the guitar string before fusing everything together in the forge.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"That looks like it did it… Everything looks set."


"So keep their shape in mind. Their weight. Their feel.
For the next time you forge them, the metal will be impregnated with your very soul and heart. So that they will truly be yours."
You do not need to roll the reforging.
Soon enough it is done.
"That looks quite solid. If… bladeless."
"So it does.
Are you happy with it?"


I gulp
"That sounds really serious…"


And now, for the finishing touches on it.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I won't be happy until I've tested it. And there's the matter of personalization, but testing it comes first in priority."


File: 1370459769989.jpg (333.1 KB, 1357x1776, 1329743268487.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

"It is more than serious.
It is the very culmination of your paladinhood."
Somewhere along the line something went very wrong…
"There are targets outside."


I nod
"I understand… I will… I will do it again then!"
Time to reforge… nervously


"… I think I overdid it."
Okay, this will take more time to perfect than I thought.
Again, melt down everything I don't need.
Then, reforge the moving parts.
Then, the glaive parts.
Make it fittingly perfect for me.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"The blade comes now."
And for this, I will need a short piece of metal. Of the purest, most fragile metal there is.
Through magic and through work I will shape it into a hardened lump of metal.
Then the actual work on it begins.
One side will be as polished and sharp as the finest sword I know. The inside, instead, will be raw like the molten metal just pulled out of the forge itself.
And this will only be half a blade wide, missing a whole side, and long not even a quarter of what it should be.
Upon the polished side of the blade, I'll inscribe, in the most beautiful calligraphy I can master, "To strike, To protect, To bind."
Roll pls…

Roll #1 1 = 1


Take it to the range outside and give it a test shot.


Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"Get acquainted with it. All shall reforge together. For it is a ceremony in and of itself.
Take this time to think of your creed."
"Paladin. Stop.
What are you inscribing?"


…with what ammo?


"Sir, I doubt the sword would work without this…
It's a vow. To myself."



"The inscribing of one's creed is not to be done on the raw weapon. Ever.
Do not go ahead of yourself. Finish the raw weapon, get a feel for it, then melt it down."
There we go. This time it worked!


"But… I… It could blow up if I don't write this!"


They don't have ammo?

Come on, he told me there were targets outside!


Inspect it, it must be perfect.
Is it perfect?
I can only begin the next phase once it is perfect.
Inspect it!


I nod weakly
"I will."
First up, the shield.
Recreate the same shape I gave the metal slab last time. Beat the steel into submission and bend it to my will. To Luna's will. This shield is what will protect me, and in turn protect so many others. My first and last line of defense…


"The inscribing of the creed is done on the sacred metal once it has been given shape and had it taken away.
It is symbolic of the life of a paladin.
They are born, their old life is taken away, they are given a creed, and they are reborn better, stronger and more complete."
"I forgot to give you ammo. My bad.
Fire at will."
It's slightly heavier than the original thanks to the metal shaft, and a bit more ornate, but feels about the same.
"Think of your creed, paladin.
And think… with your heart."



Roll #1 6 = 6


But this is not..
"Yes sir."
Finish the sword, inscribe all the needed runes to make the enchantment work.


"My creed… is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. To heal the injured who are innocent. And to guard over the Night."


It has more kick that you expected, but had you braced more that would have been a bullseye.
Very good. Very interesting too.
Are you happy with it?"
"To be wounded in the place of those who could not endure, and to help those who can, endure it better…"


Now, apply the gadget.


Nod, and take it back.

"I'm satisfied with it."


Hold it steady.
Look at all its features, at the runework, at the ball of metal and wire that once was my catalyst.
Fire it.
Materialize that strenght that's mine inside a blade that's not here yet.
Make it happen.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


As you place it upon the metal, it seems to shed a faint light across all parts of it, as if it was studying the weapon.
"Then dismantle it and melt it down."


Oh that's very good! I want that on my shield!


Reforge it, then.


Let it finish the scan.


In a terrifying flash of power, the blade erupts into a dark and twisted shape, shrouded in clouds of screaming energy, the blade itself manifesting as a gnarled, jagged shard of charred ice.
And from deep within, the demon in your nightmares, Arabus, gazed back at you.
And as soon as it began, it ends.
"…to become the sufferer serving the frail and faultless. To see to it that those at your side can stand beyond what their bodies can hold. And even if celestia's eyes are averted, in Luna's night you stand just as proud if not more…"
"Paladin. Please wait as the others catch up.
Take this time, to think of your creed."
It is done soon, and sits dormant.
The others seem to be already almost done…


Wince, and drop the blade to the ground.
And with a scream of rage and fear, I'll jump back.
"I knew the inscription had to go there! I knew it!"


Let them rush it.
This weapon is my child, and I will bring it up and treat it properly.
Now comes the part when I melt it all down, right?


I nod, starry-eyed as I wait for him to continue.


Calm yourself. And explain yourse-"
The Headmaster pushes the battlemaster aside, and picks up your blade for you
Do you wish to talk?"
Yes. So the device can sink into the metal and prepare for the other shape.
"As you see, the same creed can be said in many ways.
Is one way better than another?"


Bow my head in a salute.
"Sir, everyth-"
Bite my lips.
"Sir, I thought I could control it by now. Sir."


Do so then.


"Walk with me Paladin."
He goes outside
It is ready for the new shape.
But first…
What command will it obey to change?


"Um… I don't… I don't think it matters, does it? I mean… they are just words… your true creed is something only you know, right? … Right?"


Lower my head in resignation, and follow grim after him.


Indeed, it may be good to write every form of your creed you can think onto the metal. So you know in your soul what those words mean to you."
He takes you out of earshot
"Explain in your own words, please."


"The blade didn't… It didnt have the incision on it. I thought the wire and the arrow would have been enough but…
They didn't keep him away."


All of them? Oh dear…
"Is there going to be enough room for that….?"


"I know my creed.

To protect from truly dangerous magics. To question even the presumed. And to serve Justice above any titles or masters.

Maybe too wordy for a creed, but it's something I can live by."


"You speak of the demon, Arabus.
Do you know why he haunts you?"
"You will inscribe one upon the metal, fold, heat, inscribe another, fold, heat, repeat, so not one layer, not one inch of the metal exists that has not been touched by your creed."
"If you feel it too wordy, how else might you phrase it?"


Shake my head.
"I never…"
Raise it, looking at him.
"I never pursued the inquiry, sir. That much would have been borderline heresy."


"Oh my… okay!"
Well now… This is going to get very wordy.
And I have two different to inscribe too! Better start working… Maybe I should get a dictionary.
Nah, just get to work. Try to think of every possible way to word what I believe to be my creed. Let's see how creative I actually am '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Greater than the Gods.


"I prefer it wordy."


"I have tangled with the legacy of Arabus in the past. If you wish to know, I can tell you."
"Then inscribe it upon the metal, fold the metal, and inscribe it again. And keep at it, until there is not a point anywhere in this slab that has not once been touched by your creed."
…thinking is hard.




In it goes, then. Steady.


But I read so much, I must be really smart!
Just… get it done.


And indeed soon enough, it is done.
The weapon studies it's new form once more, and soon stops glowing.
The process is slow, but with every passing rewrite, the words feel closer and closer yo your heart and soul. Slowly going from mere words to representations of concepts you have faith in. Reflections of all you have learned. Fought for. Shed blood, sweat, tears and gall over.


"… Sir, I… Would it be wise?"


"Do you feel like you should know?"


Okay, inspect it again, my little precious.


Take a look.

A good hard look.

How's it look?


It seems to work just as before, even if again, it is a little heavy.
Like a hot slab of metal covered in holy scripture.
Time to rebuild your weapon, Paladin.
This time, for good.


Especially sweat… Lots of that stuff.
Let out a long sigh and inspect my work.


Shake my head.
"But I would like to…"


I will get used to that quickly.
Check the chains.
Take a few test swings.
Greater than the Gods.


Good, then. Reforge it.

Do I need to re-roll each part?


The chain retracts with a violent snap as the metal twists and bends to form into the halberd
There is no need to roll.
After all is said and done, the weapoms are ready to be quenched.
And for this purpose, each of you is brought a large vessel.
"In this, you will quench your works in these vats of blessed oil. Mixed in it is the proof of your toil. Taken from you over the years here, Your sweat, your blood, your tears, your bile. Together with the blessed oils, they will seal your vows and forever bind your weapons to you.
As you lower your arms, speak your creed. Not to me. But to the weapon.
Let it know it's master."
"Long ago, before the Academy was founded, I was very active in the field. My specialty was seeking out and safely storing heretical artifacts.
Indeed I spent a long time hunting down a certain cultist of an ancient demon I thought long since lost to the dust of time - the last high priest of Arabus the Devourer.
And from his cold dead grasp I pried the Cask of Shadows, a vessel used to capture the souls Arabus fed on. And in it, I saw a chance to at last use a demon's weapon against its own kind. For if the cask could hold a pony's soul… why not a demon's soul?
It is for this reason that Arabus.. or what remains of him… has sworn to destroy me."


Okay, let's check that again.
Greater than the Gods


The shaft snaps in half, uncoiling into chain as the blades of the kamas reappear


This is the best thing ever.
Now, what's next?


"I see you are pleased?"


I take a deep breath and take my newly forged gear, slowly lowering them into the vessel.
"To protect, heal and defend."


"More than pleased.
I love it!"


In a bright flash, the oil ignites, swallowing your works in consecrated flame as it cools them, sealing the magic that binds them to your soul.
It is done. Now all they need is names.
>And stats.
"Good. Melt it down, and inscribe your creed upon the metal. Fold the metal, and inscribe again. And again and again until not an inch remains where your creed has not been written.
Then rebuild your weapon."


Start gasping for air, in panic.
"That means he want to use my magic to hurt you and the academy?"
Look at him in fear and worry, a hoof over my mouth.


"I am yet to fully understand why it has singled you out among the students.
…no, that's something of a lie.
Tell me of your relations to Paladin Lead Blade and Paladin Balsawood."


"Paladin Leaf Blade helped me understand and accept my magic, sir.
Paladin Balsawood… I've met him in few occasions. I know of his… Plans."
Look down, in shame.


"Go on.
Or would you rather I ask more directly?"


"I don't know! I swear sir I don't know! I haven't been talking with Paladin Balsawood since months now, and Paladin Leaf Blade is doing absolutely nothing wrong!"


Nod and get to work with the melting.
It will remember these shapes from now on, right?


"They both seek my collection.
It should come as no surprise that that is where I keep the Cask of Shadows.
…were it to be opened by some… greedy glory seeker…"
All that remains to do is write your creed.


Stand tall, sure of what I say.
"I know for certain Paladin Leaf Blade is not after the collection anymore. He promised me as much."


"Well, it matters little. If he does go down there, he will be met with those who keep the collection safe.
Unless he has somehow found a way to know what awaits him."


Shake my head slowly.
"Sir, I have nothing to do with any of this. If he really is going after it again, he is doing so without telling me a word."
Then, after a moment of silence.
"Did you say… You knew why the demon is attacking me, of all students?"


"I guess I was mistaken.
I thought you were their accomplice in all this.
But if not you… then who?"


Look scared, afraid, heartbroken even.
"S-sir I… I would never!"


"Well, we all make mistakes I suppose. Even me.
Now who else could it have been… hmm…
Carry on Paladin. I need to think this over."


Nod slowly and go back to the forge.
Well that was pleasant.
What condition is my blade in?


Perfectly fine.
Needs to be melted though.
The creed awaits.


Melted? But… Why? That'll ruin it! The precious wire, and the carefully balanced metals…
Hoof them the blade over.


Names? Uh oh…
The mace will be called Lunar Tide, signifying the unstoppable effect of the Moon on even the mightiest of seas.
The shield will be called Total Eclipse, signifying the shielding effect of the Moon during a eclipse.
Possessed and double strike


"It needs to die, so it can receive it's creed, and be reborn as a blessed weapon of a paladin.
Much like you yourself had to give up your past life, good as it may have been, to receive the light of Paladinhood, and be reborn this day."
And here I expected Waxing and Waning…
Very well.
By these arms may her creed be bound to her. May they strike true, protect her from harm, and if she ever falters from her chosen path, strike her down all the same as they would her other enemies.
Take your arms, Ascendant Star Hopper.
You have earned them.

The others get to finish their weapons.

>Powers (see list here >>426495 )


A'ris, the blade which isn't.
Great Weapon. Only the hilt happears to be completed and refined, hosting a strange, shining metal sphere not bigger than an arrowhead where the hilt meets the guard, fastened in place by many passings of what seems to be a long metal wire. There is no real blade, which instead assumes the shape of a short, thin, very polished part of a blade on one side, only to become a raw lump of metal near the middle, and be entirely lacking on the opposite side. Runework runs through both the polished and the raw metal, leaving a single blank stripe on the polished side, meant to host the creed. When wielded by a magic user capable of releasing its real power, an ethereal blade comes to life, filled with every color of the rainbow.
Ice, Fire, Lightning.


The creed.
Ad protegendum, ad honorem, ad ligare.


And I was totally just floating out of sight in the Background during all of this. Really.


We continue from where we left off.


And that's the description of my weapon.


Right. So I should be making a weapon.


Crescent? That'd just be awkward for Waning Crescent…

I smile and pick up my newly forged gear.


Muh weapon.
How do I start?


I swear I got it just yesterday.


You have a whole bunch of materials at hand.
You need to pick a shape, and hammer it out.
Then when you feel it's good, melt it down again, and inscribe your creed on every inch of the metal, folding it after each line.
"Well, Paladin? Feeling proud?"


Well that's up to you to remember.
Just look into your heart and write what you feel.
Indeed. >>426750
So we're skipping on to you being done?
"I see it is done, Paladin?"


I nod vigorously at him.
"Yes! Very proud, sir! It's all I could have ever dreamed of!"


Allrighty then.
I'll start by hammering out the overall shape of my warhammer. In the hardest material I can find here.
It's gotta be big!

Roll #1 3 = 3


I thought we had done everything ;_;
"I reforged it as you told me, sir. All that should be left is the creed."


Well, let's think it up first. Sword and shield. How should the sword look? Well, something simple. Balanced. And above all, functional.
So let's get started. Forging time. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I told you to inscribe the creed onto it as you reforged it. Did you not listen to the full instructions?"
"Good. Because they will follow you for the rest of your life."
You really have no idea where you're going with this do you?
An assistant comes to your aid
"It is easier if you build it out of parts, rather than one slab."
You seem to have a good grasp of this. And Star would be glad to help, right?

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Forge it and speak the creed, then.

"With you, I will bring balance to magic, and truth to justice."


I grin nervously.
"Yes, that would be better…"


"Got it! I'll take really good care of them!"
I'll observe Jon for now.


True, but I can't just ask her if I haven't at least tried myself.
Now, back to work. The pommel of the sword will be what's going to be interesting about it, since on one side it will have a sun, and the other will be a full moon. So let's see if I can't get that in there right. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Uh… No?
"Was this before or after it blew up the first time?"


Justice from Perfection
Perfection from Greatness
Greatness from Willpower
Willpower from Confidence
Never to falter, never to doubt
Never to fall, never to fail
Only look forward, Prevail.


"If the metal was not treated with your creed, then melt it down and do it right this time.
Upon the hot metal, inscribe your creed. Fold the metal and inscribe anew. And anew and anew until not an inch remains that has not been touched by those words of your soul."
"Well, here we are then.
What next?"
In a powerful flash the weapon cools and solidifies.
As you pull it out from it's baptisement, it hums softly with power.
What is its name, what are its powers?
…intricate work like this is hard with a hammer in your mouth…
That's a lot to write.
Now reforge the weapon.


Reforge it!
Do I have to roll for that?


Bleh. Let's set it down for the moment, then, and focus a bit more. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I'd like to hollow out the shaft."
Do that. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


That's not focusing. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2



Untangle the guitar string and set it aside.
Then, melt down each and every piece of the sword, taking care to hammer down those six words over and over and over.
This will take a lot of time.

Roll #1 4, 3, 6 = 13


"I christen you, Revelation."

+ Ranged
+ Great
+ Favored Enemy: Primary Spellcasters


No. No you do not.
And once it is done, quench it in the consecrated oils that have been mixed with your sweat, blood and tears.
Speak your creed to it, so it knows its master.
And grant it a name.
The chisel is hard to hold in place
Your neck hurts
You wish you were back on the farm making pie
"Something the matter, paladin?"
"Would it not be easier to roll a sheet of metal?"
And what a beauty it is…
Quite so… quite so.
When you are ready, reforge and quench the weapon.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"Seems I'm not quite cut out for detail work. 'Specially on something this small. Would you mind terribly if I asked for help?"
I'll shoot a quick glance towards Star, who already finished her weapon.


I think it's time. Make the weapon whole again, and with a silent stare, dip it in water.


Head over to Star and Jon.

"How's it coming?"


I'll frown a little.
"Just having some trouble with the details on the pommel here. Once I get that out of the way, I can work on a shield."


"I'm done!"
Show off my mace and shield.
"And you?"


Blink for a second.
"Of course, that's so much easier."
I look over the things.
A hollow shaft, the Hammer haft.
"Do the decorations have to be put on afterwards or now already?"


Hold out my repeater.

"I think it came out nicely. I am ready to feel the recoil."


"Allow me."
Are you sure you wouldn't rather use the sacred oils you were provided?
You did notice those right?
"The weapon is to be made, then melted down and made anew. This is symbolic of the Paladin's birth, her abandoning her old life, and begin reborn as a Paladin."

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"It looks good… I never really held a gun in my life before…"


"Justice from Perfection
Perfection from Greatness
Greatness from Willpower
Willpower from Confidence
Never to falter, never to doubt
Never to fall, never to fail
Only look forward, Prevail."
Speak confidently as I lower it.
"Arise now, Flawless, and serve as much as I will serve you."


Nope, had no idea.
Actually, what have I been given? As in, how is this place set up?


Now, to take a look at what I can use for a shield. Something light, but sturdy and resilient. And I'll hammer it into a simple circular shape, to easier deflect blows. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I don't have much experience with them either, but I had an odd… feeling when I saw True Sight's weapon. For some reason it struck me… and I knew right away that it was time to make a change. In the time leading up to the forging, I've been training relentlessly with a repeater."

Indicate her mace. "Yours looks nice as well. To what end will you use it?"


"Can I… hold it?"
I look at my mace
"I… I'm going to use it to defend others who can't fend for themselves. And to bring down anypony who threatens the night too!"


Then I'll decorate the haft with 2 heart-shaped pink gem stones, just like my CM.
I also make a mouthpiece around the middle of the shaft, so I can hold the hammer over my shoulder and blow it when I want to use it as a horn.

Roll #1 3 = 3


The weapon glows softly as you pull it from the bubbling oil.
Everyone has a bench to work on, consecrated metals and gems, and a container of blessed oil that has been mixed with the blood, sweat and tears you have shed over your years in the academy.
You seem to have made a massive tower shield. Somehow.
"Can I help?"
He starts making silver lips out of metal, emulating the legendary warhorn

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


I'll blink a moment at that.
"That's not right."
Is it still light, or is it too heavy to use properly? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Nod. "If you like. Be careful, though. I can feel that I've rubbed off on it pretty considerably… I can feel the nullification powers inside of it."

Hoof it to her. "As for your own goals, they're admirable."


Right. Then use said oils to work the weapon.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Speak in a soft voice to it.
"We've got a glorious road before us. We are going to achieve great things, you and I."


I carefully take the repeater and look at it in amazement.
"How does it even work…? It doesn't look magical."


"Thanks. Those look marvelous."
So what do I've got now?
Hammer, hollowed out with pink heart gems in the harft and a silver mouthpiece?


"No magic involved. In fact, it's built to destroy magic. It works with explosions."


I look at her with big scared eyes


You can't even lift it. You made a goddamn gate.
Somewhere along the line between your several mistakes and constant rebuilds, you get a nagging feeling something went wrong.
But hey, why worry about that.
The sword sinks into the white flame of the oil as you dunk it, and hums softly as you pull it out.
Speak your creed to it. Let it know who it serves. And what name it carries.
What are its powers?


"I don't even know how it went so wrong."
Alright, let's try this again. And do it right this time! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Chuckle. "Still not over it after nearly two years, Star? We all wield the power to destroy. Even your mace is an instrument of destruction. Our faith is placed not in the weapon –"

Touch her chest where her heart would be with a hoof.

"But in its wielder. Understand?"


"It's just… weird to hear you say that still."


As seen in meta.


If I can, I'll decorate the shaft a bit more with some elegant silver lines and place a silver circle around the pink gems.


"Allow me to assist"
"That we are."
"Do you feel happy with your creation?"

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Best blade ever anyway.
From this day, we are one. We are one to protect Equestria, to bring honor to our order, and to bind the evil that lies within each pony's heart.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"To use your verbiage, then: 'bring down' bad magic."


"Well, that's come out perfect. Thank you."
Now, what should I put on my shield? An Apple tree sounds about right… '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


I float the repeater back over to her
"Of course…"


"An octopus, Paladin?"
The blade glows softly, an ethereal blade drawing its outline in the air where the steel ends.


Are those silver lines on it? I forgot to roll.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Are you ready for it?"
I'm sure it's normal to talk to your weapon like this, right?


"…It was supposed to be a tree."
I'll sigh.
"Maybe I can still make it work…"
Can I still make it into an apple tree? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Maybe this time it will work…
Ad protegendum, ad honorem…
"Ad ligare."
Stare at the blade in determination.
Make it happen.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Frown. "You still sound unconvinced. And after two years, I'm starting to get exhausted of people thinking I'm a villain for no reason. Especially a roommate How many mages have I 'destroyed' in all my time as an Inquisitor, anyway?"

Shrug and head off. "I guess I'm just disappointed that you never grew out of that."

Go see Cherry.

"How's it coming, Cherry?"


"No no!"
Go after her
"Please, I didn't want to sound like I doubted you!"


I turn around.
"Oh hey Nock. It's going…..okay, considering I've never worked at a forge before. Luckily the assistent helps me out."
Grin sheepishly.


They came out a bit wonky…
"Need help?"
It probably is, if they talk back.
Does yours talk back or does it have a chain for Ranged?
"Ah yes, I see. It was still missing the leaves. I see now. Very good."
The blade flickers for a moment, then springs into reality in a bright flash before solidifying into a coherent shape.


Contain excitement!
"Sheisansweringtome! She is!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Just give her a tired look.

"That's good. I had a little help, too."


I must be hearing things, of course it has chains.
Okay, look around, maybe somepony was messing with me.


I look down sadly
"I'm sorry Nock…"


Must've been Burning. She is right behind you after all.
Stoic as fuck.


And off to find everypony else!
Where are they?


Inside the room or right out the door.


Smirk at her.
I knew it!
"How are you faring?"


"If you'd like…I don't want to take up all your time…"

"It's so hard…I didn't know making weapons was so hard."


"All done~"
If you do not describe her weapons, I will.
"I'm here to assist."

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"It's… alright."

"Well, not exactly what we've been training at. But I bet your creed came out very flowery."


I don't know what kind of weapon she made.


Dismiss the blade.
Go look for them.
Smile wearily after all the work. "Hey there."


"No it's not alright, I shouldn't be so easily distressed like that… it's not befitting for a paladin."


"Well, look who's finally finished. How'd it go?"

"And forgiveness is befitting a paladin. I can yet forgive, now you forgive yourself."


She's your pet.
She pulls up her hooves, each covered in a heavy iron gauntlet with flanges on the sides, making them resemble maces.
"Justified Means.
To strike where the enemy is weakest, when they least expect it, in order to prevent more suffering, to them them or those they seek to harm."
Great, Double Strike.



Smile at her.
"Looks good on you."


"Thanks. That's it."

"I hope so. I think it will be okay."



Move closer to her with a happy expression, before pulling out the hilt and showing it to her.
"Pretty well I'd say…"
"How did the hammer come along?"


"I… yes, okay. Thanks Nock. I'm sorry."


I show her the hammer.
"I still need to reforge it."


"Feels good too. Powerful."
"Now, take the weapon and melt it down.
Then inscribe your creed upon the metal.
Fold the metal, and inscribe anew, until not an inch remains that has not been touched by your creed.
Once it is done, reforge your weapon from that sacred metal you have carved your heart and soul into."


Nod at her as she goes away for the reforging.


I'll smile a little at that. Well, at least it looks sorta right.
That should about do it. Time to reforge them with the oils and carve my creed into them.
Breathe deeply, in preparation.
"Alright. Can't afford to mess it up now…"
And then, I'll set to work reforging them into what they will be for the rest of my life, inscribing my creed into the sword and shield both.
"To those plagued by Injustice, I am a Shield. To those who follow the Dark Paths, I am a Sword. To those who serve the Good, I am a Friend."
And I'll name the sword… Earthshine. And shield will be Ward.
I don't need to roll for that reforging, right?


Speak teasingly.
"Don't let it go to your head."


"I probably will.
Try to stay out of my way when that happens."
Reforging is automatic.
Remember to update your sheet when you are done.


Grand. And I'm going for Possessed (1) and Double Attack (2).


"So you could get all the glory?
No way."


"It seems a little… short. I thought larger weapons were more your style?"

"Look forward to seeing the final result."

To Jon, then.

"How is yours coming, Jon?"


Turn that smale into a slight grin.
"And it's ugly. And broken."
Pass a hoof over the raw insides of the weapon.
"Recognize this wire? Now look."
Point the blade away from us or anypony else.
Ignite it.


"Just finished, I think."


"I think we both remember the last time you ignored my warnings."
When you are ready, quench it in the sacred oil, and speak your creed, then give it a name.
And tell its powers.
And update your sheet in the doc.


Shake my head.
"No, no no, no, that-"
Point at her new toys.
"-will not go anywhere near where the last one went."


"Impressive. Its just a conductor."

"Let's see it, then."


She puts on a playful smirk, rears up and slams them on the floor hard enough to make it shake a bit
"I'll try to remember~"


Pfft, she won't intimidate me.
Flick the back of her head with my TK.
"You'd better, or I'll make sure our children will never hear the end of it."


Smile at him too.
"Hey Jon!"
"And it keeps me safe~"
Look at the blade with malenchony before making it disappear.


I thank the assistant for his help.
And now I very carefully melt down the weapon again, removing the gems.
I then inscibe my creed over and over again on the folds.
"Let wisdom guide love. Let love guide this hammer. Let this hammer guide others to glory.."
Then I reforge it and call it "Paladin's Kiss."

Special things
>Double Strike


And I'll present my arms.
"The sword I called Earthshine, and she's a simple enough piece of work. Though it suited me more than something fancy. The shield is Ward."
And you both are going to serve well. I can feel it.


"I thought that was my job."

"I've seen flimsier boards. They'll surely serve you well."


Tap th- No wait, hold it.
"Can I?"
Roll my eyes.
"Look at what's on top of the hilt…"


I'll offer the sword to her hilt-first.
"She may not look like much, but she's sharp, and that's what counts."


Wink at her with my eyes.

"I saw. I'm only teasing."


She tries to hug you with her mace fists
Now all that remains is quenching it in the sacred oil

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5


Do I need to roll for that?


It stings a bit, but it's the thought that counts.
"Don't worry about it."
Smirk, and pull away.
"Now, do you want to see something amazing?"


She glances around you and down, then raises a cheeky eyebrow


Then I quench thee my hammer.


Smirk back.
"That weapon didn't change."
Show her the Glaive.
"So, what do you think?"


I'll hold it.
"Simplicity and strenght."
"That's the best life."
Laugh at her.
"And what did you do?"


The oil ignites into white flame as you dunk your weapon, the blood, sweat and tears mixed in it seeping into your weapon, forever binding it to you.
And as you lift it, the lips of the mouthpiece speak softly.
"Dearest Cherry…
What is… my name?"

"Long and hard?"


Tap her nose with the side of the blade gently.
"Concentrate, Burning."


Extend my Great Repeater.


"My mistake. It seems to be stubby and flabby."


Blink a few times.
"But… What happened to the bow?!"


"Fine then.
Be that way…"
Turn away slightly and feing ignorance.
"If you don't what to see what Flawless can do…"


"Oh I'm sure you're just burning up to show me~"


"Didn't you notice something?"


Is the name I tell the spirit, the same name as the weapons title? Or can I give him a more personal name, just between the 2 of us?"


"When I saw True Sight's weapon, I knew it was time to reforge myself. I felt a connection right away, like you did when you first came into contact with your weapon at the academy. But repeaters are rare, so I had never laid a hoof on one. Since that day, I've been practicing every time I had an open hour."


Look fashinated at her and the weapon.
"It looks so strange… So this is like, a stronger bow, no?"


"In some ways, they are much alike, but in most ways, they are totally different. This one will definitely pack more a punch, though."


"…please demonstrate."
"You can call me anything you like~"


Hold out the weapon again.
Greater than the Gods


"Definitely not gonna duel you with something like that!"



"The thought did occur to me that I can't think of a way to make this duel-friendly. It's pretty much just a hunting tool, now."


It snaps in half, bending into kamas
Burning looks surprised
"From a long hard shaft to two dangly things. How… poetic."


Facehoof and put them away.
"You are hopeless sometimes, Burning."


"And I sure wouldn't want to hit you with something like that!"
Shrudder at the thought.
Or not…
"Wanna see what Sidus is doing?"


"Sure. He's the only one I haven't checked up on. Well, except Lime Rock."

What ever happened to that Blackguard? Did he pass his trials, or lose out?


"It really is rather impressive.
Fitting for its wielder."


"Good things come in pairs, or so I heard."




Put on a smug face and look around.
"I suppose I should start looking then…"


"I'd help you find your pair if you wanted~"


"Oh? How was Star doing then?"
And we exit the room, looking for you.


Boop her nose.
"Too late, found her already."

Wave at you.
"Hey there!"


Take a look at the weapon and say "This hammer is called Paladin's Kiss."
Then move a bit closer, "but just between you and me, I'll call you Stormy"


"Hey Sidus. You done early?"


"Of course.
And how!"


Smirk at him.
"Show me."


Show her the chained kama Flawless.
Shiny metal, so carefully worked~
Smirk all the while.


"As you desire, dearest Cherry.
I am yours to use as you see fit. Now and forever.



"That's really similar to your old weapon, isn't it?"


Hold one of them in a hoof, and spin the other around leasurely with my TK.
"Why would I move from something I love?"


"I never understood why you used it in the first place."


Swirl the one I spun slowly around her front leg with the chain and pose the blade of the other towards her.
"I could yank you into this, for example."
Release it before she gets too agressive and keep it spinning.
"And it's perfect to strike with surprise, or from both sides at once."


Take a step back, slightly annoyed.
"If that's your game…"


"Would you rather see me duel honorably with a sword?"


"Kinda, yes."
Nod slightly.


I let out a theatric sigh.
"Fine, fine have it your way then."
Greater than the Gods.

The chain retracts with a violent snap as the metal twists and bends to form the sword.


Raise a brow and smile.
"Now, that's more like it. I like this blade better already!"


"I could still do this."
Snap out the handle and make a sweeping motion with it at her front hooves in a non harmful manner..

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Get the fuck away from that wild swing!

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 9 = 9


Good night
Great weapon, that's a crit




Looks like I didn't count for the extra weight of the metal handle.
Which is a bit more than I anticipated.
Instead of playful sweep it ends up as a widely arched swing throwing me off balance and sending me tumbling forward and falling flat on my face.
Probably hitting myself in the muzzle during that too, all the while Vera simply and gracefully steps back.

Of course, I use Escape Artist and get back on my hooves right away like it didn't even happen.


Giggle a bit at the show.
"Need any help?"


"No idea what you are talking about."


"You know, getting used to your new weapon and all…"


"Oh, it's just the weight of the handles, nothing more.
I can manage."


"You know, I might have just the same problem…"
Take out my sword's hilt.
"It's the middle way between a conjured weapon and a real one, weight like neither one of them."
Extend the blade.


"Wield it like neither and both then."


Roll my eyes.
"The ever so wise Sidus."
Off to a training dummy I go.
Try to hit it.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Looks like it connects.
"Good enough!"
Back to Sidus.
"Seems like it works."
Make the blade vanish.


"Told you."


Just let it happen
This will all be over soon

If you have things you still want to do, list them now.
Once we are done, we enter the Endgame.


I want to talk to my father.


I cannot fail at finding the collection!


Not really. I assume all that needed to be done has been done in the timeskips.
Crescent, the nurses from the medical bay, the librarian, that guy who taught me how to properly use shields… are all things of the past.


I have.
I need to talk with Leaf.
Power entry, slap him.

Roll #1 1 = 1


That IS the endgame.
This is your last chance to faff until I throw you into it and put a time limit on getting there.
He has an office. Go have a chat.
You slap him on the ass.
"Whoa! Hey now~
What brings you here then?"
If you want to thank any of them for their aid, they are available.


Maybe a chat with the Battlemaster.
Or what'shisname.


To his office, then. Knock, Nock!


Nah, it's fine.

I'll just bide my time and pray to Luna that I'm ready for this.


Good to see you. Fresh from the weapon ceremony, huh?"
You catch him near the smithy as he is leaving
"Paladin Sidus. What do you need?"
"…would you mind some company?"
Sounds like Crescent followed you


No matter, I'm mad!
"You! You promised! You said you'd stop!"
Hard, disappointed, angry stare.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Is this about what I think it is, or what I hope it is?"


"I just thought you'd want to thank me for being such a good student and tell me how it was an honor to you that you could be one of the ponies there when I was trained a Paladin."


"Yes, father. And you know what that means. No more 'Nocky'. It is time that I select my paladin name, according to family tradition. And in accordance with family tradition I have come to ask for your advice on the matter."


"Don't make me smack you, runt.
But you've done good."
"What's wrong with Nocky, then?"


"Huh? Uh… of course not!"
I pat the ground next to me.


"It's about exactly what you know it is!"


"Will I get a task soon?
I can hardly wait to start earning my fame."


"It's only one word. It is our family tradition to have a two-word name. Spell Seeker. Star Guided. Crescent Path. Waning Spark."

Pause a moment. "What was your given name, before you chose Spell Seeker, father?"


"…we really made it, huh?"
"Still traumatized by that Trial of yours?"
"All in good time, Paladin. All in good time.
I did hear Lord Falconwreath was looking for new blood in his personal guard."
He thinks for a good while, then sighs


"This has nothing to do with it!
Leaf! The headmaster came to me!
Talking about THAT!"


I snort.


I look at my newly forged weapons.
"… We did. I never thought I would have made it this far."
I give her a melancholic smile
"You know… I didn't even want to be here during my first year. I wanted to go to the mage academy, not the paladin academy… But that was a different Star back then. Thanks to my friends… I changed my views on things."


Break my serious expression for a minute.

"Really? Grandfather named you Seline?"


"So.. he knows then.
…so why hasn't he done anything?"
"I take it you don't know what his personal guards are?"
She tries to timidly hug you
"I don't think I could have made it without you"
"That he did… yes."

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Do enlighten me."


That's no timid hug!
"Well, I kind of owed you for helping me get settled in during night classes.
… And for making me climb that wall to the Sword Dorm. Oh gosh…"


"Because he's cr-"
Tremble in hanger and move into whisper distance.
"Because he's crazy! And he wants you expelled!"
Then, take a step back and sit down, looking at him. Try to remain stoic.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Release the formal tension and let out a little laugh, then flop onto a chair, relaxing.

"That must have been difficult for you when you went to academy. But I guess it didn't matter. How many Inquisitors even live to see your years of service?"


"Are you sure lad?
Once you know, you can't exactly turn back on it."
"Yeah… heh… things did get a bit crazy that night, didn't they?"
"If he wanted me gone he would have thrown me out years ago. That's clearly not his goal…"
"The cautious ones and the skilled ones.
And those who knows when heroism is not the best option.
…I see you found some inspiration among the fallen?"
He glances at your gun


"Sounds like a trick."


I look around to make sure no one is listening in, then whisper in her ear.
"I'm just glad Burning Heart didn't spot us!"


Hold it out.

"Revelation. 'The making unknown of the unknown.' It seemed a fitting name. But… you're right. I felt a connection right away when I saw True Sight's repeater in the Reliquary. This one has a modified stock and compensator… and the barrel is made out of a custom alloy that I made myself."

Give a distant smile. "They… don't prepare you for the connection you have to your weapon, do they? I didn't think it would be this strong so quickly…"


"Then it's worse.
A thousand times worse!
And I'm not letting you just…"
Stop a hoof on the ground in hanger.
"Just throw your life away like that!"


"Some organizations can ill afford the publicity.
Meet me in my office if you want to take the plunge."
"She can be kinda scary at times…"
"It's as much part of you as your legs.
Nay. More.
It has a part of your soul in it."
"If he wanted me dead, why hasn't he killed me yet?"
He stays silent for a moment
"Vera… look.
I'm sorry about earlier. I know I've been terrible towards you, but… you're everything I have left aside from hunting that collection. And it's just so hard for me to see you shrug me off like you do…"


"Really scary! It's like… she appears out of thin air constantly!"


Twitch my eye in disbelief.
"I don't shrug you off! I'm worried! That's the reason I'm here, damnit!"
Sigh and lower my head, almost tearing up.
"You are the best friend I ever had. I knew you could understand me.
But just… I cannot be what you want me to, is this too much to ask?"


I think for a second.
"… they really don't sound like average, boring guards."
I think for a few more seconds.
"On the other hoof, I couldn't hide my greatness from publicity even if I wanted to."


"I believe you. And so… I want a name that respects that. Can you help me?"


"It's a talent I suppose…
I wish I could surprise a guy like that some day."

"A goal I can never attain to replace a goal I must strive hard to attain…
It just feels like I'm giving up here, Vera. Accepting that nothing I want can ever be mine, even for one tiny moment."
"Your call lad.
With these things, it always is."
"Well. My name is based on my… rocky history with magic, and mages. It carries meaning to me. Reminds me of who I am, how I became what I am, and why I keep going."


"I don't think Jon would appreciate it as much as Sidus does…"


"It's a big thing to ask somepony to commit to something he has no idea about."


Facehoof, then look at him with red, swollen eyes.
And I seriously hope we are somewhere private.
"I'm trying to save you. To save all these years you spent in here.
What do you want from me?"


Chuckle. "I've tried lofty titles that appeal to me, like 'Deliberate Action'. But… they don't roll off the tongue. I think I'd grow out of a name like that. Besides, it's a mouthful!

What inspired your name?"


"Did you ever try exploring that side of him?"
"It's a leap of faith boy."
You're in some secluded place
He shakes his head
"What I want… is you. As more than a friend.
But I know I can't ask for that."


"Uh… N-No?"


"…do you really want to know?
You may never look at me quite the same."
"Then how can you know?"


"Because… I know him well enough by now! He's not interested in that stuff, I guarantee it!"


Look at him with a hangry stare, but still broken eyes, trying to stop the sobs.
"Damn right you can't."
Stomp a hoof.
"If you have to blackmail me…
On my honor, on the things I love…
Maybe you are not even worth saving."

Turn around and leave. Back to my room.


Raise a brow. "In the Inquisitor classes they taught me to question everything… but I don't subscribe to a title. I'll defer to your wise judgment, Father."


"Well, if you say so."
He rushes after you
"Vera! Wait!"
"There is a Spell I Seek. A very specific one."




Keep walking, but turn my head and stare at him.
Try to remain angry and stoic.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"A spell that would let me return to what I really am."
He gets in front of you to block your path
"I would never blackmail you.
I don't want to be that kind of pony. I want to be the good guy, and leave my past behind me!"


"And are you saying I should take it?"


"So how did your weapon forging go? … Warsickle?"


Scrunch. "You speak in riddles. How can you return to what you are? You are what you are."


Stop and look him in the eyes.
"And then you keep going after the collection.
And every time I worry for you, you just talk about how evil I am for daring to fall in love with somepony else!"


"That depends.
I believe you may have met some of them at the Gala."
"Cold Light."
She pulls out a sickle, thin and cold to the touch, reflecting pale light like the moon itself.
"I used to be a mare."
"Vera, I…
You really should understand by now that you, and… well.. you alone, are what keeps me from going back to what I used to be. Around you I just end up acting nicer. More honorable. Helpful and kind.
Or, so I think.
But you keep saying that's not enough for you."


Through pursed lips, I'll say slowly.
"It does. Not. Matter."
Then, shut my eyes and sit down.
"What should I do, Leaf? Throw myself in your hooves because you say you love me?
I don't! There is one pony I ever felt something for and I don't even understand what!
And soon me and her will forever be apart, and battle will be all I've left!"
Look at him on the verge of tears.
"I'm going to lose you too, aren't I?"


"That's… what?"


"Maybe I did…
But if I did, they weren't very hero-like."


"That can't have been easy to forge… It's really nimble!"


"I thought the name would have tipped you off.
It's kind of a long story."
"If what you said is true, I'm a marked man, Vera. Part of some grand scheme too big for me or you to solve on our own. So what can I do, except await what is to come?
Unless you happen to have a plan to stop it?"
"Not every hero wears shining armor, lad.
There is more to heroism than fame."
"It is, isn't it? Light as air too. I have no idea how I managed that…"


"But your legacy lies in your name."


Apple activated. Do I really have any faffing to do before the final run?


"I didn't really know where to begin either but… once I started on it, I immediately got into it and finished in no time!"



"Nah lad.
It lies in your deeds"
Your mare is talking girl things with a moonanite
"I think that happens to us all. The weapon just… speaks to us."


Ah, of course. I can talk with Star and her sleepy friend.
"Hey there you two."


"You think… we're being guided by the divine?"

"Oh, hi Jon!"


Take a deep breath.
"I will give it some thought."


I'll sidle up next to her.
"So, are you two excited to have your weapons made? What did you make?"


Show him my shield and mace.
"I stuck with the things I've liked for years…"


"Something like that."
"You do that. Reflect on it. Ask your heart.
This is not a step to be taken lightly."


I'll nod.
"Familiarity is good. May I?"


"That's… really neat!"

"Go ahead."
Hoof them to him


"Stop right now and break the chains of fate."


Let's turn around.


'Nice balance. Shield's pretty good too. What do you call them?"


"Lunar Tide and Total Eclipse!"


"And what? Just sit down and accept all I have left to look forward to is gaze at you from afar and forever be gnawed by knowing I gave up on my dreams?"
"So… will you take the offer?"


"Why did you even join this academy if all you ever wanted was to sneak into the collection?"


I'll nod, and give them back to her.
"They're good, solid tools, Star. You forged them really well."


"I needed a direction.
Any direction.
I suppose all I found was that I can't run from my past."


"Recite this shady deal again."


"Thanks. What about yours, huh?"


"I decided simplicity would probably be best."
I'll show her my sword, and the shield.
"I'm not much of an engraver, though… That's supposed to be an apple tree on the shield…"


"Stallions can have feminine names! I don't understand… how long?"


"What direction would love even give you? I don't understand!
Don't you long for glory and honor, and for the red rivers that will cover us in the magnificence of battle?"


I giggle
"It looks great Jon, don't worry."


I'll smile a little.
"Well, even if I had messed it up completely, it would still be mine, and something I made. I plan to get a lot of use out of these two."


"We join Falconwreath's elite in Canterlot. And never look back."
"Longer than you. I'm still your dad, it's just that when I was your age, I sure wasn't a stallion.
I had some years experience by then, and had cornered a mage. Wounded and knowing he was done for, he cursed me with his last remaining power just to ensure I had something to remember him by.
Thing were a bit weird for the first year or two… but I grew into it."
"It would have given me something to truly rely on, in and out of battle. Someone more than a comrade in arms or a friend. Someone I could never see as expendable.
A reason to come back alive."


"You missed out one of the more important parts."


Shake my head.
"I cannot be this reason Leaf. Because for me, that reason is battle itself."


"Me too. These are things I made with my own hooves… without any experience! They're special to me…"


"That's… a lot to think about…"


I'll stop a moment.
"But we've completely tuned out your friend. Crescent, what did you end up making"


"Which is?"
…is so very… very…
"Is it?


"They are just some 'noble guards', until you learn more about them.
No names.
No fame.
No legacy."





"You said yourself it would change how I view you!"


"You don't know that… for sure.
Do you?"
She lifts up her sickle
"As light as air, as cold as ice…"
"Fighting… just to fight more.
I never took you to be a blood knight."
"You gonna start calling me mum now or something?"


Do you want to risk it? Slinking off to the unknown for a deal we can't even know until it's too late?"


Look at him outright shocked.
"T-that's not it! I fight for honor and truth, damnit!"


"Looks kinda like how the moon does when it's going into a new moon. What's it called, waning."
I'll nod.
"I guess that makes sense, considering your name."


"Surely if it's not what you want… you're great enough to get out of it?"
"You just said what keeps you going is the promise of more fighting…"
She flicks it around a few times before tossing it in the air and catching it
"It feels good"


"Because that will bring even more honor to my fa-"
Oh, right.


"The Battlemaster sure didn't sound like it?
He said this was a commitment. A leap of faith into the unknown that could drag us both down."


"It should. It's a part of you now."


"And will you take it?"
"And how"
He raises a brow


"What did you name it?"


"Would you?"


Shake my head slowly.
"I am alone and alone I will forever be. The only light I know is the Princessess'.
That will be enough.
That will do."


"Cold Light"
"If you did… so would I."
"You don't need to be alone."



"No. That's right, that's the reason I do have somepony that I love."
Narrow my eyes at him.
"And even if I'm not gonna see her all the time, even if it has to be only once in a decade, I will stay true and faithful to her!"


I'll nod.
"A good name."
I'll tap my sword hilt.
"Along with Earthshine, and Star's Lunar Tide, there would be few who could stand against the lot of us."
I'll shrug.
"Well, that's what I'd like to say, but the weapons don't always make the paladin. They do help a lot, though."


She looks at her gauntlets
"…I'm not sure myself."
"I suppose you have chosen your path then."


Point at the pin she gave me, way back.
Say nothing.


Stare him down.
"Are you still going to keep looking for that collection?"


"I can hardly wait to show it to the moon."
She puts her hoof on it
"But now I do."
"What else do I have left?
Once a thief… always a thief it seems.
I have not found myself in prayer, in battle or in parade. Only when in the shadows, and making my own path.. have a I felt at peace."


Try not to cry.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I can't stop caring for him, uh?
That's okay.
Move closer.
Kiss him.
"That's for good luck then. Try not to die."

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I'm sure Princess Luna would be proud to have you among the ranks of her paladins."
I'll nod a little to myself.
Well, that's about it for me, unless I bust in on Balsa maybe. But I wouldn't know where to find him.


Smile at her.
"Shall we tell him our decision then?
Let him look for others who can be forgotten."


"Neither can I. I'm going to make her proud!"


Can he keep himself from capitalizing on that?
He has a room, and moves around Sword Dorm at times.
"I'll be right behind you."

Roll #1 10 - 2 = 8


He understands it's time to let go
Follow your heart.
I know I must follow mine.
Just promise not to cry for me. I'm just an old thief chasing his own shadow. There are better ponies out there to care for."
He softly pats your head


Nod, then head to his office.


Alright, and with a small farewell to Star and her friend, I'll set off to find Balsa.


Shake my head.
"Try not to get into troubles. I don't want to take on the Sisters to save you."


"So, I take it you've decided?"
You find him about to go into his room
"Vera… If I survive this.
If I actually catch my shadow and beat some answers out of it.
I'm coming back for you. And this time, as a better friend."
He mutters something under his breath as he leaves


"The answer is no."


"Hey, Balsa, need to talk with you."


Right. Time to go to my room and finally cry some.


"A shame, but an expected one.
Some can never put that glory seeker mentality behind them. And a good troubadour is always an amusing mood lifter at any tavern.
So. What will you be doing then?"
Alright. What about?"
Onwards and upwards


"About that little treasure hunt. And Leaf Blade."


"I can do whatever I will without some secret little club.
And what I will do is seek out evil and vanquish it, help those who are weaker and need protection, and do what any Paladin should.
Help ponies."


"Yes, what of it?
I trust you know I have no reason to associate with the likes of Leaf Blade any more."
"So I take it you won't remain here at the academy then?"


"If I do, then not for long.
Adventure is waiting, as well as other noble plans."


"Even so, if you two would work together, you'd have a higher chance of success. Because if both of you go it alone, you're probably going to die."
I'll pause a second.
"And I need to see that collection too. Find out what's bothering Papaver once and for all, and then get rid of it."


I shall spend my time writing on paper how penitant I am for being such a terrible pony and a letdown of a friend.
I wonder where my other friends are… My roommates, Nock…


"Well, it is not my place to stop you, Paladin.
By now, your heart should know what it yearns in life."
…come inside."


Maybe I can bump in.
Looking tired.
"Hey Vera."
I hop over and lay in my bed.


And in we go.
"You already know I can borrow the head custodian's key so long as there's a mess somewhere. That gives us a way in without raising a fuss. It's the getting out that's going to be a problem."


"Indeed. As far as all my research has shown, there is no emergency exit out of there.
But I think I may know where it is located now. At least roughly."


"H-hey Cherry…"
Try to smile, but I'm sure it won't hold well…

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I will be the Hero the people of Equestria need and deserve.
Somepony to look up to."
"And I'm not planning to be a role model for just strangers."


I'll nod.
"It's somewhere below the monster cages, right? Seems the easiest way to dispose of trespassers would be to turn them into food for whatever they keep down there."


I turn over on my bed towards you.
Smile a bit.
"Rough day as well, cutie?"


Nod in silence, looking at her with big red eyes full of shame.


"Do you want to talk about it?"


Again, nod slowly.
"It's… Leaf. He's gonna throw it all away…"


"What? But why?"


Sigh and move on one side of the bed, tapping the other.
"Long story…"


I go lay next to you nonsexually.
"I've got time."


Grab a pillow and bury my head in it, crying.
"I've been the worst friend ever!"


Stroke her mane.
"Ssshhh. Tell me what happened."


"No. Maybe if you change back."


Take up the head and lay it on the pillow.
"The headmaster… He… He came to me. He's after Leaf. So I went to warn him but…
He won't stop it! He won't stop going after the collection!"


I pause for a second.
"Did he say why he still wanted to do it?"


Nod slowly.
"Something about… About failing at everything. Like, his only motivation to come back home after a battle…"


I sigh.
"Stallions…..why do they have to be so stubborn at times…."
Then turn to you again and put my hoof on your cheek.
"But you warned him sweetie, you did what you had to do as his friend…but you can't be with him all the time to stop him if he really wants to go."


Shake my head.
"He would have stopped! He would have!
If only I had been a… A better friend!"
Then, bury it into the pillow once more.


"Raise yours better than I did mine lad."
"Well below. It has come to my attention that the bestiary sewers may actually be part of the same larger waste disposal network of the academy. And considering what those things eat, it's rather more… robust.
With the right tools, it could be broken into, and used to navigate one's way into the part that feeds into the Dungeons, bypassing all the guards inbetween.
From there… it's just a question of finding just where the entrance to the Collection is."
"I've spent your entire life and more looking for a fix. I've yet to find one."


"We all feel like that sometimes….that we should have done more. But sometimes things just don't go like we want them to go."


Nod solemnly, stop smirking.
"I will tell them about you and him one day."


I'll grimace.
"Well, that's certainly… less than pleasant. I don't suppose you've even talked with Leaf Blade, despite your being 'done' with him? We could use all the help we could get."


"No you don't…"
Punch the pillow.
"You don't get it! I could have stopped him if I had told him yes!"


"…yes to what?"


"Searching in secret is a difficult thing. If it's what you want… you can't give up hope."


"Admittedly I've kinda had it on the backburner lately.
You get used to the meat and potatoes eventually. Kinda grow attached too."


"He has a crush on me. And I always told him no, but he just… He never let it go."


I bite my lip and give her a hug '1d10+2'
"Vera, it must be hard…but you can't blame yourself for that. You just told him what you felt…"

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3



I'll just cry some more.
Just where are you touching now?


I don't want to know, that's not what I usually do.


"Well, surely you'll find the cure someday."

Sigh. "In the mean time… I need a name. Maybe I'll go consult the archives again. But… thanks for your help."



"It's good to know I'll be remembered as a failed father."
"Leaf would rather use us as stepping stones than allies…"
"Any time Nocky.
Any time."
Girls please
A mare pile is no way to cheer up others
Unless they are stallions


"There are more ways than one to be a father."
Smile again.
"And even the best of those can hardly deal with an unruly kid."


I get off her again then.
That was taking it a bit too far.

"Vera, you told him the truth, you couldn't have done more…"


"If that was all, Paladin, you are excused."


"Not if he really wants to help Papaver. Besides, we can at least try. Ponies can change, after all. When Sidus got here, he was so full of hot air you'd wonder why he never floated away. Now he can back it up. And he brags less."


Head back to the room, exhausted.


Bite my lips and curl up on my side of the bed.
"He's gonna lose everything… I'm never gonna see him again.
I should never see him again anyway…"


"You don't know that….maybe he'll make it."


"Depending on when I leave, see you on my statue erecting ceremony.
It will be hard to miss."

Let's leave.


Open the door.

"Long faces… I wonder how such an important day can be so gloomy for everypony."

Sigh deeply and fling myself onto my own bed.

"What's going on?"


"But the headmaster knows it already…"
Hey there. Two mares, one bed, a lot of sobs.
Rush her. I need a hug.
"It was so cold…"

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


I try to wave my hoof or attract Nocks attention to Vera.


I go lay on my own bed again.
And grab my hammer.


"Shhh… not anymore."


Cuddle up against her.
"I had a… An okay day, now that you are here."
Smile at her.


"Where to now, my love?"
"Trust me, ponies do change.
When I met Leaf, he was full of life and laughter. A pony of friendship and charisma.
Then he grew colder and more hollow with every passing month, losing everyone around him.
I stuck along as long as I could, but his obsessions are beyond what I can stomach."





"All it takes is one pony reaching out his hoof to the other to change someone, Balsa. Look what happened to Star. Look what happened to Leaf, even, after he started hanging around with Papaver. If you tell him that working together with you will help Papaver, he'll do it. I can almost guarantee that."


"Did you hear what Vera said? Do you think Leaf will be safe?"


"I can't face him Apple. Not after everything.
…but if you can show him some sense and reason… I won't turn him down."


"Before we talk with some of our friends, we need to talk about us first."
To the roof!


"I'm a hammer. Not really in on all the details."
"So, here we are again…
It really is our special place~"


"It really is~"
Kissu Kissu
"Fitting that here is where we should decide our future."

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


I chuckle.
"I'm sorry, I'm still not used to you…being a hammer. You seem like such a friend already."


"Make your offer then~"
waifu kissu
"I am.
And indeed I am more. Because I am a part of you~"

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Part of me? How?"


"Was I not, after all, forged from metal deeply touched by your heart's desire?
Was I not born by your hand, quenched in the blessed oils mixed with the proof of your toil?"


She seems to kiss better at the moment, now that I'm already thinking ahead.
"Now that we are done with the Academy, where to?
Roam Equestria and help ponies any way we can?"


I'll nod.
"Looks like he's my next stop before we go. And Sidus too, if I can get him to stop looking at this like a race."


"Did that make you come to life?"


"You did sees determined to leave.
…thought I would have thought you wouldn't go before you resolved your business here."
"In a way."
"Good luck out there Apple.
Just remember. This isn't about glory.
Something dark is hidden down there. And I want to prove it exists."


I sigh and then grin.
"Well…I'm not sure I understand it. But I'm glad you're here…I can't even cheer up Vera, and Lime is so busy these days…"


"Oh I know something's down there. And it's messing with one of my friends. I want it destroyed."
And with that, I'll head out and look for Leaf. Is he in his room?


"I got closer to that Collection in my first year than Balsa in all his years.
I'm pretty sure I could find it easily if we stayed.
You are more important than a competition I won already."


"The life of a paladin is not an easy one. But it is a rewarding one."
He seems to be arriving to Sword Dorm now.
"Then I guess I wasted the effort finding out how to get in there…"


"I just hope I'm up for it….."


"Leaf, I wanted to talk with you."


"Apple? What is it?"
"Time will prove that you are."


Perk my ears, grab her cheeks by both sides gently and look deep into her eyes.
"Come again, Burning?"


"I wanted to talk to you about Vera's problem. You know which one."


"I… did my best to look through those maps and notes and did some research of my own and…
…I think I have a pretty good idea of where it is."
"News travels fast huh?
…I really should go back. Make it up to her."


"I hope so……."
Lay on the bed a bit, resting from the day.
Lay my qt hammer on the table next to the bed, very close next to the bed


"Am I not allowed in bed?"


I'll look at him oddly.
"What? I'm talking about the…"
I'll lower my voice.
"The collection."


"Old, run down, abandoned, sealed off part?"


I look up again.
"Uh…sure, if you like that…I didn't think you could feel the bed or the table…"


I should do something…
SOMETHING! I'm feeling too anxious for this shit!
"Hey Crescent… What do you think is going to happen next? I mean… we're paladins now."


…what of it?"
"Below the dungeons. I happened to find a map of the waste disposal system. It's intentionally confusing and labyrinthine, made to look as if it was built as a layer cake of afterthoughts.
But if you clear out all the chaos, there is a space large enough to house a large vault a corridor below the area marked as the dungeons in other maps."
"I feel as you feel. After all, I am a part of you."
"New we decide if the Academy still has something to offer… or if we should move on."


"What do you think you're going to do? Travel?"


"In that case, sure. I wouldn't want me to uncomfortable."
I pick up the hammer again, but before I lay it next to me.
"You know, playing a song always makes me feel better….and I should practice playing my new horn…would you mind?"


"Well, since whatever's been bothering Vera is in there, I wanted to go in with you… and Balsa, if you'd work together with him. He's willing to give it a shot if you agree."


"I think I still need more guidance before I can truly serve the night…"
"I exist to serve. Press your lips against mine and let us make beautiful music"
…he'd still have me?"


Give her a quick kiss.
"How did I overlook it…"


Play a nice tune. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You never got those plans. I had to work for them."
"You play me so well~"


Relax on my bed.
"I missed your songs.."


"He won't turn you down if you want to work together. I don't know what happened between you two, but he's still willing to give you a chance to work with him, as a team."


"Work for them?
How did you get them? I got the plans for the sewers of the bestiary already, and some other prints."


"You… From who? I'm not sure if I'm really ready either… I mean… being a paladin is rough!"


I blush.
Put the hammer next to me on the bed and rest a bit.


That "thanks" was also towards you.


And I'll just watch with a smile.


"Just like old times then…
This day…"
"I would love to take a few more night classes… maybe a third year…"
"I copied them, from several sources…"


"His journal?"


"Well, it's about to get a little stranger. I'm going to try and talk Sidus into helping us out as well. He made himself a skeleton key and sneaksuit at some point, and he's scored most of Balsa's notes off of him for winning a bet. So now I just have to convince him this isn't a race, and the more of us that go there to help Vera, the easier it will be."


"A third year? Maybe I should too…"


"Among other sources."
"…will Vera join?"
"That depends on how you feel."


"How did you get it?"


I'll think a moment.
"I… haven't asked yet. I don't want her to, honestly, because whatever's in the vault might be waiting for her to show up, and if she doesn't then we can destroy it without risk to her. But… if you want me to ask her, I will. She's got a reason both to be there, and not to be."


"I think I should… but I'll have to ask Jon…"


Return the smile.

"What's the matter? I thought you were pleased with your weapon."


Shake my head slowly, dragging it across her chest.
"That's not…"
Sigh and hug her tight.
"The headmaster came to me during the forging…"


Muse, "What a privilege."


"After I screwed up and the blade became a demonic vessel, that's when…"


"What? You didn't say anything about that!"


Recoil and break the hug, looking scared.
"It lasted just a second!"


Sigh. "So? What happened?"


"So the weapon was sorted out but…"
Start fidgeting with my hooves.
"He told me that Leaf is still at it. And then I went to talk to him.
And he… He's not gonna stop! He's gonna get himself expelled!"


"We'll just have to convince him to go with us instead."


Jolt up and shout at her.
"What!? No! Nopony is going, damnit!"


Frown. "I thought we had decided that we had to know what was afflicting you?"


"Yes, last year! But then I spoke with the headmaster, and went through my trials and…
I've changed, Nock."
Loock at her with big, hopeful eyes.


Chuckle. "I thought I was the one who changed. I matured. I realized that I don't need to be so dogmatic. Being an Inquisitor is about questioning the preconceived and uncovering the truth, not about sticking to rigid laws. That's what got the Inquisition a bad name in the first place. And it's with this new mindset I think that it is important we find out the truth."

Give her the same look in return.


"But rushing in amongst all those heretic items…
It is…"
"Starswirl told me to do the same and I've ignored it until today…"


After that talk with Leaf, but before the talk with Vera…
I go find Sidus.


I am amazing, as usual


And I'm unimpressed, as usual. You're less amazing when you leave laundry scattered on my side of the room.
"Sidus, I've got to talk to you about something."


"Of course.
But you can only name them after me if they are suitably great."


I'll just shake my head.
"No. Anyway, it's about the collection. I've managed to get Leaf Blade and Balsawood to work together again on it, and we know where the door might be. So I wanted to bring you into it as well, since between the four of us we should be able to handle whatever's in there that's trying to drag Papaver to it."


"Oh, only just now?
You are really slow on this, aren't you?"


I'll frown a little.
"Sidus, can you set your ego aside for a minute and focus on why getting into the collection is important? I know you still think it's a race, and that you're in the lead, but what good is that going to do when whatever or whoever's guarding the collection surrounds you because you went in alone?"


"Who said I'm going alone?"


"Oh? And who would you go with? Burning? I know she's tough, but that collection is dangerous, Sidus. And not just physically. If there's something in there that can attack Papaver from so far down in the ground, I don't even want to think what it could do to your marefriend."


Wave a hoof around.


"Don't 'psstch' me, Sidus. What would you do if she got hurt because you were too arrogant to work with others? You may be good, Tartarus, you may be great, but you're not perfect. No pony is. And if you two go it alone then the chances of you getting hurt, or killed, goes up. I don't want to have to clean your bones out of the monster cages, Sidus. I'm telling you this as a friend."


"It's almost like you don't trust me.
The Collection is not the bestiary."


"I know. It's below it, through the sewers. We just have to find the right door. But that doesn't mean they can't dump your corpse into the bestiary's food stock, or just leave you there to rot."


Can I stealth from right in front of him?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Not really.
Let's just pretend I didn't want to then.
"You are worrying too much."


"Aren't I allowed to worry about my friends? It's the only reason I'm even planning on going down there. No one, pony or demon, is going to mess with my friend's head. I was hoping you'd at least work with us with that in mind, but I guess you just care about the glory and accomplishment of it."
I'll wave a hoof.
"And if you don't, then that sure as heck isn't what I'm hearing."


"I will help you with whatever.
I will even lead you all down if you fancy after I checked it out.
Except for Balsa."




"Because he is rotten to the core."


"And how's that? He was even willing to forgive Leaf for using him, and all of Leaf's previous friends, as stepping stones to the collection. Getting those two to work together was hard enough."


"I might consider it.
If he apologizes."


"I don't know what this is about, but I can pass it along. Just… don't run off until I get back with an answer, alright?"


"Don't worry.
I might do a bit of recon, that's all."


I'll shake my head.
"No, Sidus. I'm serious. Wait for us to all go in together. I can get us in easy enough thanks to having helped out the Head Custodian enough to trusted with the key, and I can sneak the rest of you in there in a cart or something. Just… please, don't go running off on your own."


"I'll see what I can do."
Flick my own custodian key in sight for just a second.


"Just… don't get too far ahead, okay? None of us know what's down there, exactly, so we need to be careful."


"I'm telling you, you worry too much."


"I worry as much as I should, 'cause it always seems like no one else does."
I'll sigh, and shake my head.
"I need to go talk to Papaver, and then I'll run your conditions by Balsawood."


"You didn't even ask.
I'm disappointed."


"I'm going to be asking whether she feels up to coming with us, or if she wants to wait it out up top. Whatever's in the vault is calling to her, Sidus. That sounds as good a reason to stay away from it to me."


"Not that."
Take out my glaive.


I'll blink.
"Oh! Your weapon… wasn't it different a second ago?"


Smirk and slowly wave the blade around the air.
"Was it?"


"Might have been. Don't you usually walk around with those two sickles on a chain?"


"You still can't remember the name of that weapon? I told it to you a thousand times!"
Keep spinning the glaive slowly, over my shoulders and everything, as much as to entertain myself as to show off.


"A sickle on a chain is a sickle on a chain. Besides, kama just sounds funny."
I'll scratch my chin.
"So what do you call it?"


Grin even more.


"It's well-forged, yes, but what is its name? Unless that is its name?"


Hold it out in front of me with my TK.
"Of course it is."


"Well, I suppose it makes sense, since you're not one to undersell yourself."


"And I did make sure it is flawless."
Spin it around.
"And I can stick to my old style."


"You mean the one where you switch weapons around in the middle of a fight?"


"That's right."


"Is it like your old glaive where it's got that trick switch thing and it turns into something else? Or what?"


"Oh, yes, with some moving parts I could slid the handle down to make it a sword."
Greater than the Gods
And this is the part where I drop a glaive from my TK and catch my dual kamas in my hooves.


If you said that out loud, then I'm going to roll my eyes. If not, I'll just be suitably impressed.
"Pretty magical, Sidus. And fancy. Me, I'm more a fan of simplicity and function."
I'll tap the hilt of my sword.


"What's more functional than easily defeating your enemies?"
Glance at the sword.
"What's his name? Or is it a she?"


"They," I'll tap my shield as well. "Are Earthshine and Ward. And I'm not quite certain. They haven't really been too talkative yet. Or at all."
I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Does yours talk to you?"


Extend a hoof and coil the chain around it with TK.
"But that doesn't mean I can't talk to Flawless with respect."


"Are you implying that I would talk to mine without the respect they're due? They're as much a part of me as my own legs."


"And that is how it should be!
Weapons have souls, you know."


"You know, I distinctly recall telling you something similar the first day we got here, when we had our sparring match."


"Looks like I was clever back then too."


"I think you got it backwards. You tossed the training spear to the ground without a care, and I'm the one who told you to respect your weapons, even training ones."
I'll think a minute.
"Now that I think on it, I think I owe you a rematch. We can take care of that after the collection's taken care of."


After the talk with Sidus, I track down Vera.


I'm sure you can give me a shout from below the balcony.
"Lemme come down!"
Here I am!


"Hey, Vera, we need to talk."


Nod cheerfully.
"What about?"


"About the collection. I've managed to talk Sidus, Leaf Blade, and Balsa into working together, but I need to know if you're coming with us or not. Because whatever's in there might be waiting for you, and I don't want one of my friends to walk into a trap."


Widen my eyes and stick a hoof up his mouth as he starts talking about the collection.
"Are you crazy? Talking about it like this, in the open?"


I'll roll my eyes, and move her hoof down.
"At this point, it's probably the worst-kept secret in the whole school."
Turning a little, I'll lead her out of the open, and out of sight.
"Alright, now let's talk. What don't I know about what's waiting for us?"


Look at him worried, the smile completely ran away from my face.
"What do you me-
Why, are you going down there too?!"


I'll give her a flat look.
"Of course I'm going down there. You're my friend, and I'll be damned if I let something attack you where you can't fight back. And we've already almost found the door."


"But… I told Leaf not to go! I begged him!"


"I'm not Leaf Blade."


Stomp a hoof to the ground.
"And I'm not going either! Why should you?"


"Because you're my friend, and you're being attacked by something down there. I'd be a damn poor excuse for a friend if I ignored this."
I'll huff slightly.
"But if you're not going, then that's all I needed to know. It can't get you if you aren't there, after all."


Poke his chest.
"You- And everypony else you know is going, isn't anymore! Why can't we just let it be?"


I'll frown at her.
"And you're fine with living with nightmares for the rest of your life? Maybe even getting taken over by whatever's down there?"


"Are you saying I'm not strong enough to hold it off?"
Glare at him.


I'll return the glare.
"I'm not saying a thing. You are by running away from it. You think just by ignoring the problem it'll go away. You did the same thing with your magic, but this could do more damage than that ever could."


"No Jon.
I think that the Sisters will protect me from temptations and demons, as long as I follow their ideals and my creed with convinction."


"It's perfectly fine to trust the Sisters, Papaver, but that doesn't mean you don't have to lock the barn door at night."
I'll rub my nose.
"And you haven't even told Nock or Star about this, have you? This whole problem. I haven't mentioned it to Star because I thought you, being her roommate, would have talked this over with her."


"N-no… I haven't."
Look ashamed at the ground.
"But it's just better that way! Believe me!"


"How is it better?"


"You won't get into trouble, that's how!"


I'll just roll my eyes again.
"If I wasn't prepared for trouble, I wouldn't have been your friend."
I'll start to turn towards the main hallway.
"If you don't want me going down there, Vera, you're going to have to rat me out to the teachers. Because otherwise, I'm going down there and dealing with whatever's been attacking your dreams."


"Jon I cannot do that!
The headmaster already knows!"


"And if he hasn't stopped us yet, then that means he's not going to."


"Don't you ask yourself why?"


"Probably one of several reasons. He either doesn't care, is sure we won't succeed, or thinks you can talk us out of it. Taking the first one out of consideration, and you not fulfilling the third one, that leaves the second."
I'll frown a little.
"And I'll be damned if I don't prove him wrong."


Lay a hoof on his chest.
"What if he's… Look, Starswirl told me things.."


I'll raise an eyebrow.
"At the gala? What about it?"


"It's about… The headmaster."


I'll raise an ear.
"What about him?"


"The things he is hiding there… They are not things a normal pony would gather…"


"Well, yeah, that's kinda the point of a secret collection."


"So what if he wants us to enter it?"


"Well, then, we'll give him more than he bargained for. And he may only want you to enter it. You're the one who's been having the bad dreams. If the rest of us go in, nothing will probably happen except we'll break a few priceless heretical artifacts and hopefully stop your nightmares."


"You saw whay happened with my sword, right?"


"I was kinda busy making my own, actually. Did your magic go haywire?"


Nod slowly.
"Like in the old days.
And it was there."


"It? You mean the thing that's been attacking you in your sleep?"


"It's a demon, and it has a name."
Shrudder and curl up on myself in a corner.


I'll go sit next to you, and pat you on the back a bit.
"Alright, and why's that stopping us from going down there and kicking its face in? What's more, why isn't the Headmaster doing it?"


"I don't know, I don't… I don't know!"
Hug him tight.
"And it keeps following me, and the Headmaster is not helping and…"
Yeah, shut up.


I'll hug her back. Friends hug friends, after all.
"You should probably let it out, Vera. Bottling it up inside you like this isn't good. Get everything off your mind."


"I just want to leave this place and start doing good. Helping ponies.
Tell myself I am no demon…"


"Well, of course you're not. You're Papaver Field, a paladin. Marefriend of Nock, also a paladin, and friend to both Jonagold Apple and Star Hopper."
I'll lightly tap her head with a hoof.
"And don't you ever forget it."


Look up at him and nod slowly, still shaken.
"I won't…"
Sigh and stand up.
"If you go, I won't come."


I'll nod a little, and stand as well.
"We'll be back before you know it, Vera."


"Apologize to Leaf for me, uh?"
Smile, and with that go back to my room.


"Sure thing."
And then I'll head back to Leaf and Balsa.

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