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Paladinquest - Thread 15 DM 373709

Murder and mystery at the gala!
At the gala!

The party found a dead body, and identified it as one of the palace's security guards.
Shortly thereafter, a masked pony in a similar uniform appeared before them, demanding them to report all they know.

Nock [Tracker] 374934

"I was making the rounds when I spotted a figure in the bushes and two guests arguing. The figure disappeared quickly, so I thought it might be a trick of the eye. I briefly checked on the guests to make sure things wouldn't escalate before investigating the bushes. After finding the body, I immediately searched it for identification and reported to a guard. I suggest immediately moving the guests inside to the ballroom where we can protect them while we investigate without a panic."

Papaver Field [Mage] 374935

Guess I've just came back from the chat with Starswirl and got his book?
Time to meet with the others!

Star Hopper [Cleric] 374936

"I-I don't know anything! What's going on here?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 374938

"I arrived after Nock found the body. I was about to search for the High Celestial before you pulled me aside."

Papaver Field [Mage] 374939

"Wait! That would stop the celebration! We cannot, the princess told us not to!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 374942

"Well, if there are any pegasus available, couldn't they make it rain a bit to convince the garden partiers to come inside?"

Nock [Tracker] 374944

"Clever. That's a good plan, unless the guards have any other…?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 374947

I'll raise an eyebrow at that. Nock isn't usually one for compliments.

DM 374948

>Autoupdate in charge of working
"This is a worrying turn of events."
He checks the body
"…such a clean hit… but how…"
"Arrange it if needed. Though if my fears are correct, we may need more than that.
I've caught many assassins in these galas. They are usually only after one target.
We need to figure out who."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 374953

I'll nod.
"Should I inform the Battlemaster, since he is in attendance? And the rest of the guards?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 374955

I'm here too if Cherry is

Nock [Tracker] 374956

"Lady Morningsprite and Lord Wonderbolt were the two nobles near the guard. They're possible targets."

Papaver Field [Mage] 374957

"Who could they possibly…
We should get more help, keep track of the princesses and anypony that matters!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 374960

"Everypony matters, Vera."

Papaver Field [Mage] 374963

Gasp and bring my hooves to my mouth.
"You mean they want to kill everypony?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 374966

"well, no, but… since anypony could be the target, everypony matters."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 374970

"… C-Could they be after us too!?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 374972

"I don't know why they would be, but it's our job to get in between them and whomever they're targeting. So we're going to be in danger regardless."

DM 374973

"We should not cause unnecessary alarm. But the battlemaster might be worth informing…"
"Then we probably should watch them. Just in case."
"If experience has taught me anything, it is probably a hit on one of the noble houses.
Possibly ordered by another of the noble houses.
We should secure the representatives, and ensure no harm comes to them."

Papaver Field [Mage] 374974

"Danger? I call it honor!"
But then suddenly flop my ears.
"But we have no weapons…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 374976

I gulp, but nod anyway.
"O-Okay… I will follow you."

Nock [Tracker] 374977

"Numbers are on our side. If you spot anyone suspicious, get the guards."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 374980

Now then, where was I?
Oh yes, that body.
I'm confident they can deal with it.
I have a beautiful wife to go back to.

Papaver Field [Mage] 374981

I guess no trying magic weapons then.
Well they are too unstable anyway.

Sidus [Rogue] 374982


DM 374986

"There you are you old owl.
Now how about giving me a dance, hm~?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 374989

I'll nod.
"Star, if you could find High Celestial Morion and inform him of the situation, I can get to the Battlemaster. But remember, be calm, don't run, and be ready for anything."
"Don't you know how to wrestle, Vera? Or fight with your hooves?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 374990

Blush and feign surprise.
"Oh? Here? It'd be scandalous! Everypony would be staring at an old bird dancing with a young beauty!"


I take a deep breath and try to find Morion

Roll #1 3 = 3

Papaver Field [Mage] 374993

"Of course I do! I've been trained all my life, remember? I will go look for one of the nobles.
Archmage Starswirl has Lady Radiant with him, he should be safe."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 374996

"Doesn't mean you can't tell them to keep an eye out."
And I'll go hunt down the battlemaster. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Papaver Field [Mage] 375001

Nod and go looking for Starswirl first.

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 375003

Morion is practicing with his choir
She bumps you with her flank
"Try not to break a hip, dear"
He is enjoying a cupcake
Him and his guardian are talking with Celestia.
Or, well, he's talking. She is just kinda… staring.


Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375006

I'll frown a little.
He's not gonna like this…
Swallowing slightly, I'll approach the battlemaster.

Papaver Field [Mage] 375007

Well nonchalantly walk over and tap Radiant with a hoof.
"Lady Radiant. Something important is going on."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 375008

I skittishly walk over and tug at one of his sleeves once this song is finished.


"What a shame that would be for the afterparty~"
Offer her a hoof.
Do a little twist.
Then a swing.
Then dance!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Sidus [Rogue] 375012

So, am I just fucking around and no one is telling me shit or what?


Track Lady Morningsprite, then.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Nock [Tracker] 375014

That is exactly what happens. Maybe you could bump into me while I'm tracking?

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375015

We'll get there, don't worry. You were my second stop, on the way to the pegasuses.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375018

I turn my head to her.

Papaver Field [Mage] 375024

Motion her to move closer with one hoof.
"There is an assassin at the dance.
The Princesses don't want the gala to stop, so we will have to ask you to give extra attention to Archmage Starswirl.

DM 375028

"Yes, Apple?"
They pause after singing a few opening bars.
But even that little was enough to light your heart as if the high heavens themselves were within it
"Yes, dear child?"
She is watching the night sky, alone
I thought I said "everyone saw the body and gathered there"
Mission: find out who is getting assassinated.

Sidus [Rogue] 375032

"We're not done just yet it seems, Burning."

Can I into stealth?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375034

I nod, then look over to Starswirl.
"Uh… Starswirl?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375037

I'll look him in the eye.
"Sorry to interrupt your snack, sir, but there's been… and event."
I'll move a little closer so I can speak without being overheard.
"One of the spooks is dead. Single, clean hit."

Nock [Tracker] 375038

No need to get Morningsprite in a panic. I'll just take up a vantage here.

Speaking of which… I can see her moving, right? She's not just a propped up corpse or anything.

Papaver Field [Mage] 375041

Nod back and leave.
Find lord Wonderbolt.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Star Hopper [Cleric] 375042

I move in a little closer to whisper
"Somepony has been murdered!"

DM 375058

Not really.
Lots of light and open areas. hard to hide…
"You're not getting old are you?"
"Yes, Radiant?"
You find him drunk as hell outdoors, laying in a chair
"…terrible. Who?"
She is moving, occasionally sipping her drink and sighing.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Star Hopper [Cleric] 375062

"A-A guard… I think. Uh… I-I was told you could be in danger! There's an assassin around!"


"You might have caught me. It's all that sitting around watching plays and listening to the opera…"
Smirk and throw back my eyes.
She's still got the moves…

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Nock [Tracker] 375064

Well… Maybe I can gather information. I can always retreat to my vantage. Approach.

"Lady Morningsprite?"


Look around. Anypony suspicious? Anypony at all?
Wait a minute. Get closer.
See if he's breathing…

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 375066

I'll get there in a second then…
In the meantime, 10/10 Perception, tell me your secrets!

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375067

"Can we… interfere?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375068

"I thought you'd say as much, sir. I've sent Cadet Hopper to notify High Celestial Morion, Cadet Field has gone to Starswirl and Lady Radiant, Nock has gone to check on Lady Morningsprite."
I'll pause for a moment.
"We had considered getting all the guests inside so they'd be easier to watch, and enlisting a few pegasi to convince the weather to cooperate was an idea of how to do so. Problem with that is is that the assassin would likely be among the guests, and could probably move to their target more easily in the confusion."
I'll shake my head.
"We have no clue who the target is."

DM 375069

"Then it is their loss of they come for me. I feel safe here, with my voices."
So have you
Indeed you seem to be a center of attention
"Oh your charmer you~
What say we head up and get you loosened up a little, hm?"
"Hm? Have we met?"
He is.
He kinda smells too.
And is giggling inanely.
"Facken kehehe… dumbass kid… probably took me seriously…"
"You don't trust the young paladins?"
There is a very impatient looking pony surveying the gala hall
"If I know anything at all it's another class of nobles. Someone hired a hit on another.
…but I don't like the dead spook."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 375070

I cock my head
"Huh? But…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375071

"Neither did they. Another one appeared almost immediately to question us when Nock found the body."
I'll shake my head again.
"How good would this guy have to be to not only sneak up on and take out a spook, but do so quietly and then slip in here?"

Sidus [Rogue] 375074

Slowly get nearer to that pony, as if I was just walking around with Burning.

Nock [Tracker] 375075

"Not at all, Lady Morningsprite. I'm part of the security staff. Are you having a pleasant evening?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375076

"I do… but you didn't tell me this was going to be that sort of Gala."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375077

"Oh the princess would hate us."
Giggle briefly.
"Isn't there somepony you wanted to meet, my dear?"

DM 375084

"The show must go on, child. And in this room, I am safer than anywhere else.
Not even the darkest pits of Tartarus could threaten me."
"For the most part…"
He seems to be waiting for something. Or someone.
"I didn't bother to check. Life is more fun with a few surprises now and then. I thought you agreed on that?"
..was there? I was so enchanted by your dance I simply forgot~"

Papaver Field [Mage] 375085

"Uhm… Sir? You feeling alright?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375086

"I don't like surprises…"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375088

"You never change, my love."
Smile and lead her to the buffet.
"We haven't had anything to eat, you know."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 375090

I frown a little, but nod anyway.
"Okay… B-But I'm staying here to keep an eye on things!"

Nock [Tracker] 375094

"Is something the matter, Lady Morningsprite? The Sisters have ordered this night to be perfect."

DM 375095

heheh… dum facken Morrinsprat… Morrinbrat… kehehehe…"
"My mistake.
But rest assured, we, and the princesses, are safe."
"I know something I'd love to eat…"
"Very well.
Feel free to listen as we practice."

DM 375097

"It's just my dumb nephew.
He insists he will make a good impression on Lord Wonderbolt of all ponies, and has just seemed impatient all night."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 375098

I nod and settle down to listen while staying observant!

'1d10' to see how observant I am!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375100

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375101

>autopupdater only refreshes now.
Holy shit I missed all this

Where am I?

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375102

With me~

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375103

"Shouldn't we move closer to Princess Celestia?…uh, just in case?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 375105

Uh. Better take a step back.
And look around for ponies.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sidus [Rogue] 375106

How close can I get without raising suspicion?

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375108

Are we still in the room?
"What's going on outside?"

Nock [Tracker] 375109

"I see. And this led to the argument with Lord Wonderbolt? I was asked to make sure you were still having a good evening, after the disturbance was noticed."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375111

Sigh and smile a bit to myself.
"You do offer an inviting serving of sweets yourself~"
But then shake my head slightly.
"We are having one of those nights thou."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375120

"Cherry… I think somepony got murdered."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375122

My eyes widen.
Run over and look out the window.
Look at him.
"We've got to go to the others, quick."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375123

I nod
"Yes we should."
I gulp.
"Maybe doing this wasn't such a great idea after all… damn."

DM 375124

Even though you are witnessing the most glorious voices of the world giving you a special private show.
Morion turns to you after they pause again
"Child… is there anything you'd like us to sing for you?"
"At least as good as they are.
…and that has me worried."
He smiles
"Yes, I think you need that."
He probably meant Morningsprite.
…Young Master Morningsprite, the lady's nephew is in attendance tonight.
Right next to him if you need to. He is near the buffet.
You should ask one of your fellow cadets about what's going on
She grins with all the burning youth she is known for in her eyes
"Let Clandestine do his job dear. He can manage.
…Lets go upstairs"
"Argument? Well I suppose you could say that. That old drunk mule would be nothing if he didn't have the fastest wings in Equestria. And poor young Feathercrest has set his eyes on him for it.
Then, I suppose that's what you get when your sister marries pegasi."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375125

Smile back at him.
"Thank you, Starswirl."

Find Celestia!
And keep my spagetti! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Papaver Field [Mage] 375127

Well if this guy is the murderer we are relatively safe then.
But what if he's the pony who sent for the murderer?!
Find a guard and tell them to keep an eye on him.
Then, go look for this young Morningsprite!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375128

I gulp, then put a hoof on his shoulder.
"I'm sure it wasn't our fault.
Let's go find the others and find out what's going on…"

Nock [Tracker] 375129

"So sorry to hear you're having a troubled evening, Lady Morningsprite. Has the evening otherwise been quiet and pleasant?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375130

I'll nod again.
"Then that means they'd probably notice if a lot more of the guards started looking in than out."
I'll think for a minute.
"Any suggestions, sir, before I go off to round up some aerial assistance to herd folk inside?"

Sidus [Rogue] 375131

Wander closer, and inspect the buffet for a while before turning to him.
"I'm terribly sorry for bothering, and I hope you excuse me, but even the mother can't tell the wishes of a mute child, or as one might say, if you don't ask, you don't get, so may I ask you if you know any of the better dishes from the buffet?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375133

Well fuck those eyes.
No, not directly those eyes of course. Fuck her.
In a moment.
Grin at her through clenched teeth.
Do you think I should retire?"
Let's start making our way upstairs.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375138

Who can we find?

DM 375142

File: 1363976626394.jpg (655.66 KB, 1950x2755, 1314487335349.jpg)

She is right there.
You may bask in her divine glory, for she is your eternal reward for your sacrifice of becoming the Timeguardian.
The princess is here.
And with no guests to greet, she is here, only for you.
She smiles warmly at you
A guard salutes at your request and goes amuse Wonderbolt, who complains that he doesn't need to be looked after not by Falconwreath, not by some guard.
It seems Sidus and Burning have gotten close to Young Morningsprite
"Oh yes, very.
…the food is great too."
"Find out if any noble quarrels are going on."
"Only when you feel it is time for that, dear.
And not even a day before."
"Huh? Hrm. Try the cake. I hear it's good."

Papaver Field [Mage] 375143

Smile warmly at Burning as I see her.
Move closer and whisper.
"Nice dress. What's Sidus doing?"

Sidus [Rogue] 375144

I shake my head slightly.
"It was not bad, I will give you that, but I already did. I'm looking for something else…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375146

Smile like a filly on Hearth's Warming who just got a gift from Celestia herself, and bow deep.
"Princess Celestia… It's good to see you again."

DM 375148

"Plenty to pick from. Close your eyes and make a wild grab."
He looks outside and mumbles something
"He wanted to see if this guy had something to do with the thing"
"As it is always good to have you around. How have you been?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375149

I'll nod again.
"Sorry again for interrupting you off-duty, sir."
And then I'll go see who I can find. Maybe Lord Falconwreath? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375153

Let's find Papaver, if we can.

Papaver Field [Mage] 375155

Nod and look at the guy.
What does he look like?

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375156

"Better and worse, but it is always worth it, as long as I can serve you, Your Majesty. And when I can see and talk to you like this, it's more than worth it."

Keep smiling.


that may be wise
find papaver

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375161

"Bah. I don't know. This city calls out in pain. This kingdom does."
Sigh again.
"I might just have to fight forever…"

Sidus [Rogue] 375163

"Oh, but then there would be no sense in asking, would there?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 375164

What a lovely reunion.
"Hey guys!" Wave a hoof at them.

Papaver Field [Mage] 375169

"Oh c'mon, don't think too hard about this!"
Close my eyes and pick a piece of food.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375171

"Hey Vera."
Move closer.
"Vera, we saw something in the garden. What's going on?"

Nock [Tracker] 375172

Nod. "Very good, Lady Morningsprite. Please have a pleasant evening."

I'll retreat and take up my post in wait. Anything suspicious? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Papaver Field [Mage] 375173

"Somepony's been killed. We are trying to stand guard of all the most important ponies around."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375175

"Well… crap. Can we help?"

DM 375180

He seems to be going upstairs with his wife.
There also seems to be a shadow trailing him.
Young, eager and impatient.
A pegasus. From the looks of him, rich too.
"We are glad you feel at peace with us."
She puts her wing on your head
"Ah, just pick whatever. Why does it need to involve me?
It's annoying enough being here knowing I'm being watched."
Jon seems to be looking at Lord and Lady Falconwreath.
"Well, for now, you'll be a lover, not a fighter."
She glances upwards
"…Peaches is coming too, huh?"

Sidus [Rogue] 375182

Tilt my head.
"You are being watched?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375183

"Right, we'll keep our eyes open."

Papaver Field [Mage] 375184

Nod to them and walk them apart from junior Morningsprite.
"So far I've checked on lord Wonderbolt, he's babbling on a chair, and Archmage Starswirl, the Timewarden Radiant is protecting him.
Nock went to the High Celestial and Jon to the Battlemaster.
I think Star went to warn Lady Morningsprite…
We should find nobleponies or important figures still in danger!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375185

Wait, a shadow?
I'll trot up them.
"Pardon me for the interruption, Lord and Lady Falconwreath, but may I have a moment of your time?"

DM 375188

"Guards everywhere.
And if the stories are right even the walls have eyes here…"
"Yes, boy? What is it?"

Nock [Tracker] 375191

I want to regroup with Jon, but I can't leave Morningsprite uncovered. Keep watching her.

Papaver Field [Mage] 375192

"Well you kn-"
Look at him with a smile.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375193


Sidus [Rogue] 375194

I chuckle.
"Then we are all watched. This is the Grand Galloping Gala, after all. Not that there is anything wrong with a bit of attention, is there?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375196

Close my eyes and smile as I feel her soft wing on my head.
"There is nothing more I could wish for, Princess…"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375198

"Right… Cherry? Where to?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375200

I'll bow my head slightly.
"There's been a small problem with one of your associates, Lord Falconwreath. Or at least I would assume he was one, seeing as he was dressed similarly to the gentlecolt you were speaking with earlier. I thought it best to tell you."

DM 375203

"Attention is fine.
Watchers I don't like.
I guess that's why I'm not too fond of House Falconwreath either."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375205

"Thanks for your consideration boy, but I think you think too high of me. I'm nothing but a hold noble. Not many associates left for me on this world."

Sidus [Rogue] 375206

I nod.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375209

"Even so, sir."
I'll turn to leave.
"One last thing, sir. Your bodyguard's shadow is visible."
And then I'll return to the main floor.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375211

"It's all the same to me."
I look around for signs of trouble, a bit shaky.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375215

"What a lovely boy."
And upstairs we went.
Shoot a glare at Peaches once we are out of sight to let her know I'm very disappointed.

Nock [Tracker] 375218

Oh right. Dice. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375220

I sigh and take her hooves in mine.
"Don't worry, alright? I'm here for you. Now… let's go check up on the ballroom, okay? Maybe we can spot something suspicious there."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375221

"Right, right…let's do that.."
Stick close with him.

DM 375223

"Spooks. Shadow spies. Prying eyes.
The Lord's gem eye for one. I hear it can see through things.
And I've heard his brother and nephew are secretly spies.
And that his daughter is screwing his nephew."
Peaches pops up from under the bed as you and Bearing get on it
"You two get comfy, ok?"
Bearing giggles
"Actually, Peaches, why don't we prepare a little surprise for the lord, hm?"
"…you have something in mind?"
The ladies go into a side room
Morningsprite eventually yawns and heads inside for more cupcakes

Nock [Tracker] 375225

Well, track her! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Let's get in there and take a look around.
Who is here in terms of important ponies?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sidus [Rogue] 375227

I nod again.
"At least it is just this one night, isn't it?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375228

I sure do love her pretty wings~


"Actually, give me a second. I feel uneasy."
Sbs to check around and inside the room.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Papaver Field [Mage] 375231

Wave them goodbye.
"His daughter… The nephew? But that's wrong!"

DM 375238

he shrugs
"Some ponies are sick like that I guess…"
Lady Morningsprite walks up to her nephew
"What did you talk to Wonderbolt about earlier?"
There is a shadow in here that should not be in here.
And it seems to have locked the girls into the side room.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375241

As long as the girls are safe.
"Admirers I suppose?"

Sidus [Rogue] 375242

Bow slightly to the newcomer but say nothing.
I'm just an average gentlepony.

Papaver Field [Mage] 375243

Shudder slightly.
"So you are worried about these ponies? Why?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375244


Roll #1 8 = 8

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375245

I quickly do the same.

Papaver Field [Mage] 375246

Follow suit.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375247

Look around.
"Maybe a… hug… would be nice?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375248

Look around.
"Oh, it could be anypony….what do we do…"

Nock [Tracker] 375249

Well, I'm still tracking subtly, so I'll keep my distance and listen.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375252

Notice her and quickly bow as well.

DM 375259

"You stole my life from me you worthless traitor"
"…we suppose that is… acceptable"
God Hugs
"Pardon me, I need to talk to Auntie real quick"
He turns her aside
"What kind of 'business'?"
"None of yours, that's for sure"
"Tell me boy."
"I'm getting on Wonderbolt's good side, just watch me!"

Roll #1 6 + 10 = 16

Papaver Field [Mage] 375261

It's totally unpaladinlike to listen in.
But I could always happen to overhear something.



Roll #1 4 = 4

Sidus [Rogue] 375266

Levitate a non alcoholic drink over and take a sip calmly as I listen.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375267

"I see. Care to discuss this someplace where we will not hurt innocent ponies?
Even if, truth be told, I do loathe most of them."
Take out a dagger. A normal one. Start cleaning it with a hoofkirkief.
SbS, identify this guy.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375269

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375271

Ohmygosh that is godly
I wonder how a crit hug like that is…hint hint

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375272

Keep listening I guess.
Keep close to Lime.

Nock [Tracker] 375273

Yep, we'll listen I guess. But really pay more attention to watching for anything suspicious. I already know about this incest stuff!


Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 375279

His face gives you some very vivid flashbacks
A forest
A duel
An offer
A promise never kept
But… it can't be
"Father never came back because of you."
So this is what it feels like to hug a god.
The blinding light of a heart that burns with the flame of hope and unity. The warmth of a blessed ray of sunlight.
It really is quite something…

Nock [Tracker] 375281

… What am I looking at?!

DM 375283

You shoved your face right up to the Morningsprites in a most sure interruption of their family time.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375284

Just smile with closed eyes and bask in her light, warmth and glory.
I love you Princess Celestia…

Papaver Field [Mage] 375285

Gasp in shock.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375287

Inhale sharply.
"He was one of the lucky ones. He did believe."
Start trotting slowly towards a balcony, keep an eye on him.
"So, I guess you want your revenge, uh? Come, let's talk outside."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375288

Nock [Tracker] 375290


Yeah, no, just gonna go… find someone else to watch entirely. Anywhere else. Not Wonderbolt either. I don't want to run into them again. The third noble. Falconwreath. Go find him.


Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 375295

"We know…"
"You're not going to trick me you old shit. Shut that balcony door or innocent heads roll.
I'm here for you, and this is one thing I'm not letting you steal from me. You already took everything else."
He is nowhere to be seen on the first floor


Then track him elsewhere! The next floor! And the one after that if I have to! Look out windows and balconies into the garden! Anywhere but here!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375300

Stand still, don't head for the door.
"I really don't want to fight you. Time has taught me that's the wrong solution.
The killing, the blind loyalty.
But revenge, that's noble. I can understand it."
Turn to face him.
"If this is your desire, so be it. But know there is another way for you."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375305

Oh, Um, Sorry Princess, I didn't mean to think that out loud…

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 375310

"What way is there left? You broke my family and settled to enjoy the fruits of your betrayal! I gave your years to make up for it, and got nothing! So I trained. I trained and swore on father's grave I would finish what he could not. And I'm here to take your head, Falconwreath. Even if I had to pretend to be some lowly blade for hire like you to get that chance."
She's so warm~
…from the sound of it the second floor is for… private affairs.


An Inquisitor is not so weak willed as to let that slide. I'll look through EVERY KEYHOLE if I have to!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375312

Look to Lime.
"Maybe we should go look at the choir, to see if there's anything suspicious…"
hold his hoof tightly.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375313

"Right… let's."
Go check on that choir.

Sidus [Rogue] 375315

Um, I sort of dazed off for a second.
I blame that pretty dress on Burning, it's distracting!

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375317

Enjoy it for a while, but all good things must come to pass… so break the hug.

"And… Are you well as well, Your Majesty? It would be selfish of me not to ask."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375320

"I didn't even know Waymarker had a son, actually. Why didn't you and your mother come to me?
I do remember talking with her, years ago.
Smart young girl she was…"

DM 375322

Awkward wingjob
Passed out stallion
Kids playing doctor
Lord Falconwreath
They are humming a soft tune to tune their voices
But that sound, all together in harmony, is like a divine blessing in itself.
"Of course we are. For we now oversee an era of peace and harmony."
"We waited for father. But he never came back from the north.
I found his grave there. Forgotten in the snow."

Sidus [Rogue] 375323

By that I mean get back on the case!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375325

I think back to another time, and my smile falters slightly.
"We have peace now, yes…"


Well, listen in to him and his guest. Quietly.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Papaver Field [Mage] 375327

I should go look for Nock.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375328

Lean against Lime, enjoying the music.
"It's so beautiful…"

DM 375329

Have you pieced things together yet?
"And we shall from here on. For harmony and its virtues mark all corners of our empire."
Enjoy listening in on the accusations
Second floor.
Peeping in the private rooms.

Sidus [Rogue] 375330


Nooot yet?

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375331

I smile
"Yes… But we're here with purpose Cherry!"
the leader of the choir is Morion right? Is he doing alright?

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375332

Look at Morion.
Is he allright?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375333

"If it is of any comfort, he did think of you two all the time. And he thought of the North as a second home, too.
But I guess none of this can soothe your rage now, can it?
I just like to think that a little Waymarker now is trying to stop his son with all the strenght he can master.
Can you hear him shout?
I can. I can hear him in your eyes."
Stare at him.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375335

"I know you will make Equestria prosper, Princess."
Smile again.

Papaver Field [Mage] 375336

Approach her.
"What are you doing? These are private rooms!"

DM 375341

He is the lead singer. His voice echoing in them all, glorified a hundredfold.
"Don't give me your philosophical bullshit you one-eyed backstabber. What next? You'll try to buy me off? Then go and strangle those who hired me in their beds, like your kind does?"
"That we will. That we will."
Guess you need to think harder then.
Or roll to investigate.

Nock [Tracker] 375342

"Quiet. Lord Falconwreath is the target. Get guards. Go."


Widen my eyes and scramble for a pair of guards and our other friends.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Oh. You were hired, of all things?"
"By whom?"

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 375347

Rolling never hurts.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375349

"He doesn't look in trouble."
I sigh.
"Maybe I should have become a singer instead of a paladin…"
Then snuggle up against Lime.
"But then again, then I wouldn't have met you…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375351

Keep smiling at her and just enjoy her presence.
I like it better when she doesn't speak so loud and with that… we thing, but the Princess is the Princess~

DM 375355

"That useless Morningsprite runt.
It was a convenient way to get in here. To get to you."
The cake is good.
Incoming Vera.
No guards up here.
Go to your friends.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375356

I chuckle
"Well, is that necessarily a bad thing? Nothing to worry about except the quality of your voice and singing?"


Chuckle a bit.
"I can hardly imagine Morningsprite having a grudge against me. He just thinks I'm some idiot who manipulates his daughter to keep the family line pure."
Sigh again.
"Who were you supposed to hit?"

Roll #1 8 = 8

Nock [Tracker] 375362

Wish I had known that before I sent away Papaver.

Keep listening.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375363

Sidus [Rogue] 375364

Papaver Field [Mage] 375365

Panthing, I will tug at him and the others.
"Upstairs! Target! Noble!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375366

"It's not very heroic though…
And I don't think they'd let me practice my hammer."
I chuckle.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375367

I perk up immediately
"Come on Cherry!"
Pull her up and take her along upstairs!

Papaver Field [Mage] 375368

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375370

Go with him.

DM 375372

"You're a lot more oblivious that I would have thought.
Wonderbolt wants you gone. The Morningsprite runt wants to prove himself to him, so he paid me to go after you."

Sidus [Rogue] 375374

Follow her I guess.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375380

I will have the most charming of times with both of them."
Take an apple out of hammer space.
Skilled assassins have that.
"Now, how I see it you have two choices.
Either you submit, or you die.
The first choice means you live long enough to see those two bastards die before you.
And maybe, who knows, even join the blades.
That would give you immunity against the murder of one of my ponies, for istance."

DM 375388

"Join the very pony who stole my life from me, and get to watch two innocent idiots die. Yes, that sounds exactly like the kind of sick shit you'd be into, Falconwreath."
He draws a dagger
You gather behind Falconwreath's door

Nock [Tracker] 375398

Whisper to each: "Feathercrest Morningsprite hired the assassin to kill Lord Falconwreath for Lord Wonderbolt. We need to get them immediately. Where are the guards?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375399

"I would hardly call them innocent, you know. Sending somepony to his death is quite a sin, under the pale Moonlight…"
Ah. Daggers. How wonderful.
Maybe I can dance some more tonight.


"No guards! Only us!"
Conjure an iced sword!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

DM 375408

That's more of a solid slab of ice with a sharp edge.
"Not like you ever thought twice about it."
he puts on a mask
"mask goes on, and you are no longer a pony. Only a blade, right?"

Nock [Tracker] 375410

Very, very quietly, slide open the door.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375411

"There aren't any here, shall we get them?"

Sidus [Rogue] 375412


Roll #1 9 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 375413

Once this is over, ice cream for everyone.
Stand right behind Nock!

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375416

"Yes. But a blade is such only if he truly believes in his cause.
You are not here for the ideal or for the loyalty to your masters.
You are here for your own end.
There is no mask for you tonight."

DM 375447

"Symbolism is lost to you you dogmatic mule. I wear it as a mockery of you and your ideals."
You push the door open just a little
And Sidus slips in.

A masked assassin is threatening Lord Falconwreath, who is on the bed.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375449

"Then there shall be no solace in death for you. I'm sorry."
I guess I can notice the door opening, since I'm facing it.

Papaver Field [Mage] 375454

Jump in pointing my sword at him.
"Stop right there you honorless vermin! Taking on unharmed ponies is a shame unworthy of a fighter!"

Sidus [Rogue] 375460

Good thing I still have that dagger from earlier.
Get closer.

Nock [Tracker] 375461

Okay. No stealth, then.

Tackle that assassin! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Earthern Grasp on the assassin!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

DM 375473

"Children. How honorable of you, Falconwreath."
He dissolves into dust as you hit him!

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375474

"Don't look at m-"
Sigh as he vanishes.
SbS, locate him.
"Kids, you should go."

Roll #1 7 = 7


What!? Where did he go!? Spot check!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sidus [Rogue] 375477

Keep hidden, wait for him to reappear

DM 375480

Under the bed
He has a knife jammed into the mattress, ready to stab you if you move
He's not immediately visible

Sidus [Rogue] 375482

Perception pls

Roll #1 7 = 7

Papaver Field [Mage] 375484

Grunt and look for him.
"You are not safe here! Come closer, run back downstairs!"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375487

Look at the kids.
Stare at them for a few seconds.
Then, slowly lower my eyes towards the mattress.

DM 375493

The good lord may be indicating there are monsters under the bed.
There is a side room, but it is closed…

Sidus [Rogue] 375495

Sneak closer, can I get a good look and reach under it?

Nock [Tracker] 375500

Slide tackle said monsters, then! '1d10+1'

"Someone get the guards!"

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Papaver Field [Mage] 375504

Then he didn't go there!
"Nock! Do you see him?"
Keep looking!

Papaver Field [Mage] 375506


Roll #1 10 = 10


Whoa what!?
Earthern grasp on whatever she's tackling!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375515

Yeah, these kids will kill me.
Heroic Fortitude.

DM 375527

Too late…
Just Lady Falconwreath here.
You dash under there, but are stopped by a sharp, horrible pain as a blade is jammed into your face.
You fail to get roots into the second floor, but see the bed heave
A good move too.
His blade sinks into you as he pushes the bed over, bursting out

Sidus [Rogue] 375529

Backstab that assasin!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Earthern strike in his face!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375534

"Release him!"
WoP '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Charge at the assassin with my ice sword!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Nock [Tracker] 375541

Tear the blade out of his hooves! '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 375544


Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375545

The things I have to do.
Roll over the other side of the bed and cower in fear!

DM 375554

Spinning around with speed clearly born of years of training, he leaves a deep slash across your chest as you try to jump him.
As he focuses on Sidus, your massive strike to back of the head sends him tumbling-
-leaving him open for an easy strike-
-and a shout to send him reeling-
-allowing Nock to disarm him.

The assassin staggers, then falls over, before catching his fall, hopping onto his hooves and vanishing from sight

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375556

Where is he? Look around.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375557

Not hiding. Not tonight.
SbS, find him.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sidus [Rogue] 375558

"Ouch… how did he see me?"

Nock [Tracker] 375559

The balcony! Shut it, and look for him! '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375561

And then point him to the kids.
"T-there! HAAA!"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375566

"I hate sneaky ponies!"


And if I can I will take this cue to jump and Blast him.

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 375575

He drops down from the ceiling
Catching you with a punch to the underbelly and landing on you with his full weight, before grabbing your ice sword for himself
"Right behind you."
A smash from the stolen ice weapon makes you see stars


Too bad for him, because I can undo that at my own will!
Destroy the ice weapon!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Charge in! Earthern Strike! Pound him into a new dimension of pain!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nock [Tracker] 375585

A father as paranoid as Spell Seeker no doubt taught me how to deal with sneaks.

Strike low. Use my size to my advantage. The hooves! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375586

Shake my head.
what just happened.
Buck the assassin with my back legs.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sidus [Rogue] 375590

Switch to Ranged, launch the dagger at him with my TK!

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375600

Oh I should pray.
"Oh Great Luna, if you let me out of here I will be good, I swear!"

DM 375627

In soviet equestria, Ice Weapon destroys you!
Or at least knocks your lights out when smashes across your teeth
"Be silent child"
You don't even see what he hit you with or where.
All you know is the world around you turns into white hot pain, and you collapse.
He dodges under that hit and strikes you in the knee joint, causing your legs to buckle and lose strength.
You sweep his hooves from under him, causing him to lose balance-
-and take a dagger right into the eye, making him fall to a knee, desperately trying to pull it out

Cherry: Dizzy and beat up

Assassin: HELPLESS


That's my chance.
Take the Lightning dagger.

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7


Well assuming Lord Falconwreath didn't kill the boss for us…

Hold him down and kick away his weapon.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Crapcrapcrap that hurts!
Get up!
At least I didn't make it a fire sword…

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 375645

Now would be as good as time as any, Burning.
Close the distance and try to hit him in the throat with my hooves.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375648

And I'm… there's no way I know this kerfluffle is going on up there. Do I at least notice everyone else seems to be missing? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Papaver Field [Mage] 375655

We should have called you too I think.

DM 375684

He rips the knife out and slams it into your shoulder, screaming with anger
You stand up shakily
While you and Burning pin him down
And… the old lord pulls out a dagger and stabs the assassin in the heart, killing him in a single, clean strike!

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375688

Doesn't do much good if I wasn't actually there to answer the call.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375689

"Hey! What did you do that for!? Now we can't interrogate him!"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375691

Shake myself up and clean the dagger.
Thanks Medve.

"No need to. He has already confessed, actually.
But thanks for your help."
Smile at them all.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375693

Shake myself out of it. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sidus [Rogue] 375694

"That wasn't bad at all… but I still don't know how he saw me."
My suit is not ruined, is it?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Papaver Field [Mage] 375695

Run over to Nock, looking at her wounds.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375696

Right, give her a hug.
"I was worried about you…"

Nock [Tracker] 375698

"But you killed him!"

Sigh in frustration. "I know he was a murderer, but we had so many against one enemy. We could have stopped him…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375699

"Oh silly, I'm okay."
Hug him back '1d10+4'

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375703

"Some ponies have just the eye for this kind of things, you know what I mean?"
"I… Gave in to fear?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 375705

Stand at her side and look at her with a worried expression, slowly inspecting each and every cut.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375709

"Well I'm sure glad you're okay."

I scrunch in anger.
Stupid yellow-belly noble…

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375716

Well, time to move and free my ladies.

"You little heroes should go downstairs and get cleaned up, don't you think?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375718

"But this man just got killed.
We've got to alert the guards…."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375720

I give him an incredulous look
"How about the fact that there is a dead assassin lying in this room?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375723

"Oh I can do that, don't worry. Though if you want to, I'd suggest not bleeding all over the floor while looking for one. The princesses would hate it.
And a few ponies of the cleaning staff too."
"A dead assassin, which in my books is a much better thing than an alive assassin. Don't you agree?"

Nock [Tracker] 375726

"We have a need to alert the guards… and tell them about Lord Wonderbolt and Feathercrest Morningsprite. And this confrontation."

Sidus [Rogue] 375727

"Are you sure you had everything you needed to know from him?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375729

I suppose at some point I'll be coming up the stairs with the "cavalry." Or at least a medical professional.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375730

Take a look at myself.
Am I bleeding?

"Maybe somepony else can go get some help?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375734

"So you're just going to leave him here on the floor?"

"Jon! Go get some guards!"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375740

"I agree, but all in due time. The show must go on, downstairs."
"Quite. At least the names of my enemies. I will tell the guards that much. But it is important nothing happens tonight. Not to this night.
Luna and Celestia would never forgive us."
"That was my intention. I'd hate for you kids to get into any more trouble."
"At least until the guards come."

DM 375751

It's bloodied and ripped.
But maybe the good Lord can spare you the cost of repairs?
Your wife is sitting calmly
"The past never leaves us alone, does it?"

Sidus [Rogue] 375754

I frown.
"I think something needs to be done about this. I can't go back down to the crowd like this."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375759

Shake my head with a smile.
"Neither does the present I'm afraid. Come."
Hold a hoof for her.
Turn to the kids.

"I thank you all for saving my life tonight."
Take a deep bow.

"Ush. We can fix that pronto."
Smile at him.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375760

"I guess we can't interrupt the party…."
Are there any bandaids around?

DM 375766

I'm sure the room has first aid supplies

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375768

"In a minute."
"Would you like to borrow a few pieces of mine? I think I can stand to lose the cap and hat and still be presentable."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375770

I think Peaches can spare a PoH/Mend where needed.
Improvise, '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sidus [Rogue] 375772

Smirk back.
"That would be great."
Turn to Burning.
"Are you okay?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375776

Patch myself up a bit in that case until the bleeding stops.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Nock [Tracker] 375787

"We can't just let them go… but you're right. Before interrupting the party, we should just tell the Princesses."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375791

"Well maybe you kids could help me? I can take the guards outside, in a lone place in the garden, and you can lure Wonderbolt and te young Morningsprite there to meet with justice."

Sidus [Rogue] 375792

"You want to kill them? Isn't that a bit too strong? I think arresting them would be more than enough. And this might be trickery too. If I wanted to get someone in trouble, what better than to send an assasin in their name?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375796

"ME? Kill? Oh Sisters no!
I just want the guards to arrest them away from the celebretions, so not to create a scene!"

Nock [Tracker] 375797

"Justice? I think we need the guards for that…"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375803

"Yes, exactly what I said.
I will take a few guards outside and denounce them, so they will be interrogated. With the word of so many young paladins it should be no problem, no?"

Nock [Tracker] 375815

"That doesn't sound like a bad plan, but shouldn't we tell the Princesses?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375816

"I'm sure one of you could do that?"

DM 375817

And the party is good to go healthwise
"Yeah… sorry for my slow reaction time."

Sidus [Rogue] 375818

I guess I can cover up the blood with something before going back to the party?

Kiss her on the cheek.
"Don't worry about it. I had it in check."

Roll #1 9 = 9

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375819

Yes, like the cape and hat that I offered earlier.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375822

"Well… what's the plan, people?"

Sidus [Rogue] 375827

Oh shit I'm sorry, I missed that
I use that 9 and Jon's charity then.
"Just try not to abuse my blood when I give it back to you."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375829

Cover up the bandaids with my dress and join the rest.

DM 375830

Indeed, what is the plan?

Nock [Tracker] 375833

"Alright. Star and Jon, can you get Lady Morningsprite? I don't think I can face her again. Sidus and Burning, can you find Lord Wonderbolt? A unicorn has the best chance to find pegasi."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375836

"The only abuse it's going to get is while I scrub it out."
I'll nod slightly.
"What's she look like?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 375839

"What about us? Will we stay here and check on the body or go warn the princesses?"

DM 375842

Lady Morningsprite, or her nephew Feathercrest?

Sidus [Rogue] 375846

Motion her closer and hold her tail.

"You should have seen my dagger throw though. Second assassin of the night stopped by me!"

Keep smirking.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375850

"My, what a hero!"
Smile at him.
"Remember kids. Don't let them suspect you know something. Just led the over there."
Point an isolated spot in the garden from the balcony.
"I will be going now."
Leave the room with Bearing and Peaches.
Send Peaches to call a few blades, have them disguise as guards.
Two will retrieve the body in the room, four more will come with me to the meeting point.

Nock [Tracker] 375853

They're both together, aren't they? Get Feathercrest, of course, I was being dumb.

"Two of us should watch the body. Lime and Cherry feeling up to it? We should go get the Sisters, Vera."

Papaver Field [Mage] 375857

"Wait, maybe it's better if they go. I at least can make weapons."
Recover the ice sword.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375859

"Won't you need our help outside?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375860

I'll roll my eyes a little.
"I don't think you can take complete credit for teamwork, Sidus. If nothing else, miss Heart probably helped you out a lot."
I'll nod again. And then set off to find the Morningsprites.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375861


Sidus [Rogue] 375862

I nod.
"Towards the end, yes."

Nock [Tracker] 375865

"We'll have all the guards. We can't let anyone move the body. What if he had a collaborator? You can see the garden from the balcony, though. So it will be really important for you to confirm it's there when we indicate it's time."

Turn to Vera, "If you want to say here, that's totally fine. We don't need more than one to tell the Sisters. It's not a risky job."

Papaver Field [Mage] 375867

"But I want to be near you when you are hurt…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375871

Stick wilth Lime to guard the body.

Nock [Tracker] 375873

Sigh and try to suppress a grin.

"Then make up your mind. This will only take a minute. We'll have all of the rest of the night."

Take off for the Sisters.

DM 375878

Peaches nods and goes inform Clandestine.
It looks quite bad after the attempted shattering and general abuse…
Lady Morningsprite is enjoying some tea with some guests.
Feathercrest Morningspite is shuffling around uncomfortably further away.
They are attending the part as before

Papaver Field [Mage] 375879

Sigh, because duty comes first.
Stand here.

Papaver Field [Mage] 375882

Smile and tell to her in a low, soft voice.
"Go. I will be fine."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375888

I'll breathe a little.
Alright. Be convincing.
Walking up to Feathercrest, I'll speak.
"Pardon me, but are you master Feathercrest Morningsprite?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375891

"What a night…"

Nock [Tracker] 375893

"Princesses? I am making a security report."

Whisper close, "There was an assassin. He has been dealt with. He confessed as to his conspirators. We are prepared to arrest them on your signal and deal with them quietly without a scene."

DM 375896

"That's me. What's the occasion?"
A couple of masked ponies appear soon
"We came to secure the body"
She just silently nods
Don't disappoint her by making a scene.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375897

I close the door.
And stand in front of it, making sure I can see the entire room.
"I wonder if each Gala is like this…."

Papaver Field [Mage] 375899

>masked ponies
They were supposed to be in guard uniform.
Nod and show them the corpse.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375900

"It's just that your presence has been requested by, uhm… ah! Lord Wonderbolt. He'd like you to meet him in the garden."

Sidus [Rogue] 375902

So, I guess I will go to the garden with Burning where the others will 'lure' the supposed hirers of the assassin?

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375903

I cock a brow in suspicion
"Why are you masked?"

Nock [Tracker] 375907

Alright. Go find Lord Falconcrest.

DM 375913

This is the corpse team, they don't want to be seen by anyone, so no need for disguises
The ambush team will look like guards.
"Part of the uniform."
They pick it up and vanish in a puff
One one appears, but instead of the dark uniform he has an apron, bucket and brush.
He then begins washing the floor silently
…you mean Wonderbolt, or?
Is anyone even going to get Wonderbolt?
Oh well
"Well… this has been quite a night, huh?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375917

"What the hell kind of guards were those!?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 375918

"Uh… You guards have to wash too?"

Nock [Tracker] 375921

No, I mean I'm going to go regroup in the garden with Lord Falconcrest like he told us.

DM 375926

"I can get this done faster and more neatly than the cleaning staff. And I don't mind. Be my duties whatever, I did always enjoy cleaning."
Welcome to the garden.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375929

I think you're confusing Falconwreath (Pumpkin) and Feathercrest (Morningsprite). Wonderbolt is the other one.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375930

"Oh my, back already? Where are your companions in arms?"

Sidus [Rogue] 375932

"It has been, yeah."


Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375937

Papaver Field [Mage] 375938

Slowly back down.
Oh yeah, give him less stuff to clean. Undo the sword.
And then find Nock!

Nock [Tracker] 375944

"We split up, remember? I was just getting the go-ahead from the Princesses. The others are getting the guests."

DM 375947

Please, take me there."
He is drunkenly snoring in a chair outside
She's out here >>375944

Cherry Merry [Bard] 375948

I shake my head wondering if we haven't somehow made a horrible mistake.
I grab Limes hoof.
"Let's go see if the others need help."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 375950

Guess we'll just follow her.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375953

And I'll lead him out to the garden, and the others. I really hope they aren't just standing in plain view and being suspicious.

Sidus [Rogue] 375955

Well he is outside at least.
Stay in the vicinity.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375957

"I'm afraid not, I left the room before you could come to a conclusion on which method to use.
Thanks for your help, once more."
Wave a hoof at him too.
What a nice lad.

Papaver Field [Mage] 375959

And then I pomf here.

DM 375974

He is sound asleep by now.
"So… where now?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 375979

Oh yeah, me and the guards are hidden.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 375980

"Hm, he was right here when he sent me… did he go this way?"
'1d10' find the others and Wonderbolt!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Papaver Field [Mage] 375982

As I see Feathercrest approaching, go find Wonderbolt.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sidus [Rogue] 375986

Then we can just say the guards are taking him away because he passed out

DM 376003

You both turn a corner and slam into eachother, lips first.
What will you do to him though?

Papaver Field [Mage] 376005

Oh crapcrapcrap!
Pull away!
"Jon! Why! You have Star!"

Sidus [Rogue] 376008

I'm not the judge, he supposedly hired a pony to kill another, I'm just here to make sure the royal guards arrest him.
I'm sure they will judge him fairly.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376011

"Vera, what are you doing? You have Nock!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 376017

"I was just running to lord Wonderbolt! You kissed me!"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Papaver Field [Mage] 376018

Much panic.
"N-now she's gonna jump!"
Try not to cry.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376019

"What are you talking about? I was trying to find Lord Wonderbolt?"
Try not to panic. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Papaver Field [Mage] 376020

Duty comes first.
Shut everything out and push on.
Onto Lord Wonderbolt!

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376022

"And it was an accident! Accidents don't count!"
After a moment, I'll speak again.
"What do you mean she's going to jump?"
I'll turn to look back at Feathercrest.
"I'm sorry about that. It seems she was looking for lord Wonderbolt as well… so I guess he isn't that way."
I'll trail after Papaver.

DM 376026

Wonderbolt is passed out in his chair.
Sidus is nearby
A few guards are headed for him, but stop to observe the situation first before making any moves.

Sidus [Rogue] 376029

Lower my voice.
"Burning, tell them what's up. I'll stay here and keep watch."

Papaver Field [Mage] 376030

Approach the guards.
"We are from the paladin academy.
Lord Wonderbolt might have commited a heinous crime. There are guards waiting to arrest him after denounce from Lord Falconwreath waiting over there."
Point them at the meeting point.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376032

"Ah, there he is. Lord Wonderbolt?"
I'll raise my voice slightly.

DM 376036

"How about I take Feathercrest to Lord Falconwreath?"

Sidus [Rogue] 376037

"Can you do that?"

DM 376041

She gets the young noble's attention and leads him off
The guards nod
"What do you need of us?"

Sidus [Rogue] 376044

Can I into stealth?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 376045

"Take him over there!"
Point once more.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376046

"Could you help us make certain no one interferes before we've got a confession out of them?"
I'll wave slightly to Papaver.
"You know, I could carry him. He doesn't look that heavy."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376047

I could too, probably…"
Lets trot over there.

Papaver Field [Mage] 376048

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376049

And with Lord Wonderbolt hefted over my back like a sack of potatoes, away we go.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376054

I'm down with Lime.
Do I see them carrying Wonderbolt?

DM 376055

Out in the dark, lots of shadows.
"Let's go."

Two guards, Feathercrest, the sleeping Wonderbolt, and Pumpkin

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376058

Lots of plantlife… I like it here.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376059

I'll set Lord Wonderbolt down, and then nudge him gently.
"Lord Wonderbolt, young master Feathercrest is here to see you."

Nock 376060

I sure am glad I took a leadership role early so I don't look retarded now.

Look brave confident and beautiful.

Sidus [Rogue] 376061

Keep hidden at the metting point.

Papaver Field [Mage] 376063

Look panicked and worried.

DM 376064

"Tellim ta go fack himself… I wanna schleep…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376065

Look nervous.
Stick with Lime.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376066

Step out of the shadow with the guards.
"Thank you for seeing me, Feathercrest, Wond-"
"He's drunk.
Very noble-like."

Nod for the guards to come out of hiding.

Nock 376068

Hoof around her and nuzzle.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376071

"I'm afraid there's no time for you to sleep now, Lord Wonderbolt."
I'll lean a bit closer to him.
"Your planned assassination of lord Falconwreath has fallen through."

Papaver Field [Mage] 376073

Smile and let go of my anxhiety.

DM 376074

Twenty Royal Lordblades surround you
Clandestine among them
He laughs in a stupor
"That idiot actually facken tookat serioschly? Ha! HAHAHAHA! What a dolt! Hic…"
Feathercrest looks shocked

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376075

"Oh. I see. Eh."
Try not to burst out laughing.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376076

"You mean you got someone killed on a joke? You used murder as a joke?"
I'll glare at the old stallion.

Papaver Field [Mage] 376078

"What are you even…"
Look at Feathercrest.
"And you sent an assassin over a joke?
No, wait, you sent an assassin after somepony in the first place?!"

DM 376080

"Wha? Thefack are aya talking about…."
He stand up shaking
"Schomeone facken… help me schtand so I can exschplain…"
Feathercrest has gone entirely pale
"Y-you mean… it was… a joke? T-that I never actually had… a chance!?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376083

Walk over.
Instant kill-a-hangover method by mom on lord Wonderbolt.

Papaver Field [Mage] 376084

"Answer me first! What in your twisted mind told you to send an assassin, the most degrading, insulting thing in the world to kill somepony?!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376085

"Wonderbolt, it seems Feathercrest there believed you. And as a result, someone died, and lord Falconwreath almost died as well. If the assassin hadn't been stopped, he likely would have been."

Sidus [Rogue] 376087

Keep watching.
Where is Burning?
Is she hidden too?

DM 376096

A gout of undignified vomiting later he looks quite sober
"…well that was different.
Anyway. As I was saying, this upstart has been bugging be about joining my training program for months. So I get fed up with him and tell him to go send and assassin after Falconwreath or something if he so desperately wants to prove his stubbornness.
Now, anyone who knows the good lord here would understand that was me trying to say 'go jump into a well' or similar.
But apparently young master smartyhose here actually took it seriously like the snotty idiot he is."
"Well that's on his head, not mine.
Had I told him to go eat a mountain and he did it, would you complain to me about the missing mountain?"
Feathercrest just looks thoroughly shocked and defeated

Sidus [Rogue] 376097

Smile at her, and whisper.
"What do you think about this?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376101

Oh, that's a good one.
Smile wide, grin even. Through clenched teeth.
"That's a fucking damn shame."
Walk over to Feathercrest.
"So, what shall we do then?"
Stare him right in the eyes.
I had a smile a second ago.
Now all that's left is a cold, hard gaze.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376104

"Possibly, though there are better ways of dismissing ponies."

DM 376111

"Sounds like a load of dumb dick-waving to me"
He tries to take a step back and avoid your eyes
…L-Lord Falconwreath… Uh…"
"Bah. He never listened when I just told him to stop trying."

Nock 376114


This decadence is as disgusting as it is shocking.

Papaver Field [Mage] 376115

"Do you think I should shout at somepony?"

Sidus [Rogue] 376116

"You think he just wants to pass the blame?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376118

Keep my voice calm.
"How did you find that assassin?"

Nock 376119

"We have to keep this quiet."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376122

"Maybe you should have given him a series of tests? A week of the harshest training that you offer, and if he still wants to do it, then you'll give him a chance? I'd think something like that would weed out the half-hearted, don't you?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 376123

"Oh… Okay… I just don't know what to do. Wonderbolt obviously told the other pony to send an assassin!
And Lord Falconwreath looks just…"
Cock my head.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376124

"Pfffff… nobles…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376125

Nock 376127

"I'm sure there's some kind of lie detector magic they can use on him later, right Star?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 376128

"It's not that! It's… Bah."
Turn around.
Maybe I'm overthinking this.

DM 376129

"I can't tell. Then, he seems honest in his indifference…"
"Please s-sir I…
…don't drag my family into this, ok!? I found him through a friend of a friend. Old contacts."

Sidus [Rogue] 376132

"It seems he is honest, and the other one is to blame, with his stupidity…"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376134

"That is a promise I can't keep."
Step back him. Motion to the blades to take him away.
This is gonna be a long night.
I hope he doesn't crap in the interrogation room. I hate it when they do that.

Go to Lord Wonderbolt.
"You and I are gonna have a long chat. And with Lady Morningsprite too. Understand?"

Once that is dealt with, call for the kids.
"So, heroes that saved my life, how will I ever be able to repay you?"

Sidus [Rogue] 376137

Guess we can appear with Burning then and smirk.
"Fixing my suit would be nice, for starters."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376139

Grin, taking a hoof to my chin.
"I could get you a better one."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376140

"I think just enjoying the rest of the night would be fine. It is the Gala, isn't it?"
Not that I really did much of anything…

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376141

"It's what we were tasked with."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376142


Sidus [Rogue] 376143

"Better than a custom made Pish Posh suit?"

Turn to Burning.
"Anything you would like by the way?"

Nock 376144


"Having the rest of the night off to enjoy the party would be nice…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376146

"Well, I meant Lord Falconwreath enjoying his time with his wife, since we've still got the rest of the night to guard the party…"

DM 376150

He rolls his eyes
"Your talks are rarely any fun. For a lord with two wives you certainly know how to be a complete killjoy."
"I'd just want to be with you~"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376154

"Oh I see. Can't tempt a paladin, uh?"
"I think the night can do without you. After all we should be very unlucky to have two would be assassins at once, no?"
Glance over at Sidus with a smirk.
"Right. But certain talks must be had. This, sadly, is one of those."
"Just give me a morning."

Sidus [Rogue] 376155

"We can take the night off from here then, can't we?"

"If you say so…"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376159

"Yes kid, enjoy it."

DM 376160

He frowns
"Save it for later. I have a gala to enjoy.
And if you send your nephew to bug me I'm taking this all the way to Celestia. You got no authority over me.
See you tomorrow."
He leaves.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376162

I'll nod to him.
"I need to tell the Battlemaster the situation's been resolved. Then I guess I can relax a little."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376165

I look at Cherry
"That would be nice…"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376167

What a little dick. Not like I'm trying to save a whole noble house from eradication. In the morning I'll fly over and tell him why I need somepony to work as negotiator at the conference table between me and Lady Morningsprite.
Can't really make a noble fuck like that disappear.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376170

"Then what are you doing still here? Go! Enjoy the night!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376173

Grab his hoof and nuzzle him.
"What do you want to do?
Do you still want to see those statues?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376174

I'll nod to him again.
"Sidus, I'll be expecting that hat and cape back by tomorrow so I can get them cleaned."
And then I'll set off to find the Battlemaster.

DM 376175


Sidus [Rogue] 376178

"Of course, you will have it!"


Papaver Field [Mage] 376180

At the Gala~
Have a great time with my Nocky.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376182

"Sure I do…"
I nuzzle her back
"Or we could go do something else~"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376185

"Whatever you want…"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376186

"You decide!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376187

I'll tell the Battlemaster the situation's resolved, the Assassin's pushing up daisies, and the spooks probably listen to that fop noble, since they seemed to appear when he needed them.
And then I'll spend the rest of the night dancing and eating with Star.

DM 376190

"So… free at last~"
The battlemaster offers you a stiff drink
"Come see me tomorrow.
..bring the others too."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376193

"Let's go see the statues first.
I got to see the animals.
It's time to do your thing."

Sidus [Rogue] 376194

I nod.
"Want to dance some more?~"

Papaver Field [Mage] 376195

Well I have absolutely nothing to do.
Could aswell timewarp somewhen else and read the book Starswirl gave me.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376197

I'll look at the drink slightly oddly.
Well, it can't be much worse than the old cider usually is… Down the hatch.
'1d10' to resist alcohol.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376198

"Riiight, let's go then!"
To the statues!

Nock 376203

You have some ONE to do.

Papaver Field [Mage] 376204

"H-here in the bushes? What if somepony comes along?"

DM 376209

She offers her hoof
"And so much more. We have earned it all."
You can stand it
"Good lad. Dismissed."
Statues it is.
Fallen enemies aplenty

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376211

Go take a look at heroes first! Heroic poses and all that jazz!

Sidus [Rogue] 376212

Accept her hoof.
"We did… and a few drinks too."

Nock 376214

That wasn't in quotes. But after that 11 it's probably assumed we seek a room or get some special punch.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376215

And then I'll join Star at the buffet tables, eat, and maybe dance later.

Papaver Field [Mage] 376218

And I was testing you, to see how far your imagination would go with that sentence.
Vera didn't want anything more than a kiss.
You dirty, dirty dyke.
"So. We are in Canterlot. On the most magical night of the year, nopony to depend on and a whole world to explore.
What do you want to do first?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376219

Go with him.

Nock 376225

Then she'll get her kiss.

"I promised you the night back in the room. You choose first."

DM 376227

A prominent statue has been erected for the unsung heroes. Those whose names were lost to history, but whose contributions mattered more than those of any single champion.
"Lets go get some~"

Sidus [Rogue] 376230

Let her brush against my side as we walk and get some drinks.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Papaver Field [Mage] 376232

1- the Labyrint!
2- the Lake!
3- the Tourist Traps! Aka the statues of heroes
4- the [this is not allowed on a christian imageboard]

Roll #1 3 = 3

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376235

What does it look like?


I take a moment to quietly observe and examine the handiwork.

How's it look?

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 376239

She damn well brushes against more than your side.
A group of ponies, all faceless, holding weapons, shielding their wounded, and in the center, holding up a banner
…said banner bearers all appear to be dead. Still holding the flag high. Even in death, they still served…
Looks like Cherry and Lime are here too

Papaver Field [Mage] 376240

Okay, you know me.
Great paladins.
Great bards, too!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376241

"That's a little eerie… Move on?"

Sidus [Rogue] 376242

Oh my
"Tsk tsk, Burning, getting impatient?~"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376244

"We should take a moment to honor those who didn't get songs to remember them. It's the least they deserve"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376250

"Right…. you're right."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376253

Go stand in front of the monument, sit down and be silent for a few moments.

DM 376255

She does it again. Harder.
It is perhaps a little ironic that they have a statue of Endless Devotion, the legendary glorifier, within walking distance of the statue of unsung heroes…

Sidus [Rogue] 376257

Okay, try to resist for just a while…

"Shouldn't we get some drinks and move to a more private area first? Like those upper rooms?"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nock [Tracker] 376258

I don't get the statues as much, but I'll enjoy them for their historical aspect as I brush up alongside Papaver.

"They're nice."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376262

Get up and go with Lime again.
We can't let this go too gloomy now can we?

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376266

I smile at her
"Let's go see the champion statues, shall we?"

DM 376270

"Lets go lets go lets go…"
He's practically spanking you her tail now…
Some of the statues are clearly newer than others here

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376271

Go with him.
Do we find any great paladins or bards?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Papaver Field [Mage] 376274

"Look at this one! This, this is the hero who always sang. For twelve days and twelve nights he sang on the battlefield."
Lose myself looking at the statue.
And feeling Nock's touch.
'1d10' to enjoy the moment like a proper mare and not overdo it.
Pass a hoof behind her back.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sidus [Rogue] 376275

You just gotta love the devotion of this mare…

Take her to one of those upper floor rooms right away, without any stops, and let things happen.


Any outstandingly impressive ones?

Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 376285

Roll for things
[Endless Devotion, the Great Glorifier, whose songs of praise and heroism spurred all within earshot to unexpected feats]
You are very qt horses
[Captain Philomena of Canterlot and The Sun, The Fire of Faith, The Light in Darkness, The Ashborn. Fell to dread magic and dark trickery.]

Roll #1 10, 4, 7, 6, 3 = 30

Sidus [Rogue] 376288


Roll #1 3, 2, 5, 8, 4 = 22

Nock [Tracker] 376292

How qt.

I'll enjoy the hoof, then. "You know, I never tried any of the food. Once you've had your fill of the garden, I would like to see if it holds up to all I've heard of it. And besides…"

Gesture to the other couple. "Looks like the statuary is occupied."

DM 376296

Her eager start caught you off guard, and even though it was perfect for her, left you bewildered and unsatisfied, prompting you to try and catch up to her rhythm, messing it up for both parties.
After agreeing to slow down, calm down, and try again with no hurry, you work up an acceptable, if not incredible pace, which sort of tires itself out towards the end.
Overall, 52/100

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376297

Make a mental note to read about her.
And walk over to Lime.
"So what is your expert opinion?"
I giggle and snuggle up to him.

Papaver Field [Mage] 376298

Time to go full red.
"R-right. We should leave.
You decide!"
Quickly close my eyes in embarassment and hug her even tighter.


Interesting… I'll be sure to read up on whoever that was.

"Well… they sure as heck are impressive!"
I examine them
"Can you even imagine the amount of work that must be put in this?"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Nock [Tracker] 376306

I'll lead her away to the refreshments.

What should I start with?
1: Cupcakes
2: Cake
3: Fruit Salad
4: Pudding
5: Apple Treats
6: Vera

And to wash it down?
1: Lemonade
2. Tea
3. Punch

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 2 = 2

Sidus [Rogue] 376307

Well I did sort of get slashed across the chest today so she could have considered taking it easier.
That's Burning for you! [sitcom laughter]

After a bit of rest, ask her if she's ready for some actual dancing and drinking.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376310

"Nothing you couldn't do."

Papaver Field [Mage] 376313


Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 2 = 2

Papaver Field [Mage] 376314

You know what? I try the punch.
Actually, I try the most alcoholic thing I can see.

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 376323

They have Rockeye Mage Wine. Magically enriched for more kick than is actually possible.
And it fucks. you. up.
And there she goes again, enjoying that warm, gooey aftertaste…
She really loves it. Because it tastes like you~


Nock [Tracker] 376325

"Are you alright, Vera?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 376331

Look at her.
Try not to laugh.

Roll #1 10 - 2 = 8

Papaver Field [Mage] 376333

Okay. dead Serious. I'm so serious I could stare Falconwreath to hell and back right now!
Then swoon all over her in a slow, soft drunken embrace.
But keep the serious face on!

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376334

"You're too kind to me, Cherry."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376336

"I'm sure you could…Given time"
Nuzzle him
"And the proper inspiration."

Nock [Tracker] 376338

"Vera… you're not going to enjoy, or even remember this night like that… Here."

I'll sit her down in a chair. "Stay here. I'll be back for you. I don't think you'll even be able to stand like that."

If Lord Falconwreath hasn't left the party yet, I'm going to chase him down and ask, "One last favor if you have a minute. Can you show me how you sobered up that nobleman? My date… overindulged."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376341

I smile and put a hoof around her, pulling her close.
"I'm happy to have you with me then… because you seem to be pretty darn good at that."

Papaver Field [Mage] 376342

"W-w-wuuuuut Ah'm wonna miff 'ouuuu!"
Try to stay decently seated.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376344

Kiss Tiem. '1d10+4

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376345


Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376347

Wince in hearing this.
"It's not pretty, you saw the big mess.
And now she's laiyng across three seats…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376349

Fuck it, that's not a good kiss. Try again.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376350

I'm getting tired

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9

Nock [Tracker] 376352

Look at her collapsing.

"I think I can handle clean-up if she can get her night back."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376353

there we go

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376355

"Well let's not do it inside, shall we?"
Trot over to the collapsed thing.
"Help her onto my back, please."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376356

okay kiss, I guess

So much better!
I smile and slowly push her down onto her back as we keep kissing.
Hopefully nopony is around…

Papaver Field [Mage] 376357

"Whuuuuuuu awe 'ou?"

Nock [Tracker] 376358

Load her up!

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376362

I giggle.
"Wasn't the room upstairs enough for you~?" I say as as carress his face.

Papaver Field [Mage] 376363


Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376364

"Hum, if you two need some time alone, there's always a room upstairs… No assassins this time."

Nock [Tracker] 376371

Enjoy the hug.

Give a sheepish grin. "Sorry… I'd rather… Make Gala memories that both of us will remember. I want her to have a special night."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376374

"It was… nice. Very much so… Attempted murders aside… this has been a good Gala. I'm happy I asked you, Cherry."

Papaver Field [Mage] 376375

"Awe 'ou wonna cawwy me?~"
Hug her tight and get comfy on her back.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376376

"Shut up and kiss me~"
Kiss again '1d10+4'

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376377

"Wish I could help a little more."
"You want me to carry her?"


Kissu kissu back~

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Nock [Tracker] 376379

She must be excited to be on top for once.

"I don't think we'll be able to get her off."

Trot outside.

"Alright, all ready?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 376381

"It'w wo high up he'e…"
Roll not to fall over on the grass.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376390

Roll not to squee '1d10-3'

Roll #1 6 - 3 = 3

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376392

"Ready. Drop her off your back, this will be nasty."
Take the kid.
Open her mouth.
Stick a hoof in there.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Papaver Field [Mage] 376393

Harsh wake up call it is.
At least I hadn't eaten anything.
"Pretty water…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376394

Hold you tighter.
"But what about the statues?" I say teasingly


And then it was time to top that kiss with more cuddling.

"… They wont be running away any time soon! I want to enjoy this~ Enjoy you~"

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376397

More cuddling.
"You naughty boy~"

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9

Nock [Tracker] 376398

Smile. "Welcome back to the land of the sober."

Papaver Field [Mage] 376400

Look at her with a destroyed face.
"I liked it better that way…"
Look at him.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376401

Wave a hoof around dismissively.
"Don't mention it. I could teach it to you. Never had wine before?"

Nock [Tracker] 376403

Ears back, crestfallen. "You mean you don't want to remember this night?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 376410

Turn to her in a rush, widen my eyes.
"N-no! Of course I want to! It's everything I always wanted after all!
You, my friends, the Princesses…"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376411

"Hey, somepony has to be the bad guy!"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 376412

Lean close and whisper.
"This is the moment when you hug her, kid."

Nock [Tracker] 376413

Give her a quick peck.

"Then let's make memories."

1. Punch
2. Pleasantries

Roll #1 1 = 1

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376415

Get the pink potion.Wink Wink

Nock [Tracker] 376417

"And we can start with something a little weaker than Rockeye alcohol. Let's get some punch, then we can go out to the lake, or have that dance."

Papaver Field [Mage] 376418

Uh. Right.
How does he even know.
Roll not to blush.
Roll to hug.
Yeah, I'm totally holding onto the Rockeye wine.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376420

"That's not very paladinlike~"
Snuggle closer '1d10+4'

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14

Nock [Tracker] 376426

It's an okay hug. Nothing to write home about.

Fill up our cups with some pink poison.

"To a Gala well-guarded."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376428

Oh god.
"H-Heh… I guess not…"
I'm out.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376429

And then they fucked again '4d10+4'

Roll #1 7, 7, 5, 9 + 4 = 32

Papaver Field [Mage] 376430

"I still don't like that Noble…"
And down the pink goes.
Is this the love poison?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376432

in public!?

Roll #1 8, 2, 9, 5 + 2 = 26

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 376433

You need another d10. It takes 5.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376434

In the bushes, or we went back to a room, whatever we don't have time for that, also I was mistaken it's 5d


Roll #1 2, 10, 4, 5, 9 + 4 = 34

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376435

B-but… 5d10+2

Lime Rock [Shaman] 376436


Roll #1 8, 9, 3, 4, 3 + 2 = 29

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376437

Good night~

Nock [Tracker] 376438

I think all the pink stuff is.

Roll for effect.

1 = All inhibitions lost
10 = Not even affected



Roll #1 9 = 9


Right. Let's do this shit.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Cherry Merry [Bard] 376441

All of you need more of that stuff obviously


And to top off the night, here:
But since we are Earth Ponies, 2 more rolls for the added endurance.

Roll #1 8, 8 = 16

Papaver Field [Mage] 376443

In case you don't want to do the math, that's 107/100, adding the +2 to each single roll.

DM 377147

And with a gala well and truly well spent, the paladins returned tot he academy, slept off the hangover and woke up the next day.

Unless you still had shit to at the gala?

Nock [Tracker] 377150

Roll for wakeup initiative.


Roll #1 2 = 2

Sidus [Rogue] 377151

The question is, in which dorm do I wake up?

DM 377158

1 Hammer
2 Sword
Feeling a bit groggy are we?
Good thing all Gala Guards were given the next day off to recover.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Papaver Field [Mage] 377159

Nah, Ah'm good. That kind noble from yesterday gave us a room.
Roll to wake before her and stealthly steal a kiss.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 377164

Any details?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377166

Pfah, Jon only had the one glass.
However, Sidus not being in his dorm room is probably cause for concern. Especially since it doesn't look like his bed's been slept in.
So, get up, get dressed, and get some breakfast. I'm sure the others will show up there eventually.

DM 377174

There is a used horse condom gentry resting on the sleeping Springwind's face.
Burning is still asleep, her hoof resting on your well-spent stallionparts, her face on your chest.
You have the day off as reward for your work last night.
Breakfast is being set up, and there is no line yet.
Seems Vera is stuck in sleep paralysis

Nock [Tracker] 377176

Did she share my bed last night? '1d2' Y/N

Roll #1 2 = 2

Nock [Tracker] 377178

Then get up and yawn. "Star? Vera? Whew… I'm glad we have the day off."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377180

Well, I've a powerful hunger, so I'll load up on food and have my choice seat wherever I like.
And then, I wait. Have to relay the Battlemaster's request, after all.

Papaver Field [Mage] 377181

Did I have my usual nightmares then?
LALALA can't hear ya!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sidus [Rogue] 377184

Shit, think fast…. not to disturb Burning's sleep…
Light up my horn, and use my TK to sneakily remove that from her face without waking her up!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Nock [Tracker] 377185

Prod her a bit.


Cherry Merry [Bard] 377187

Where am I?


Reactivity roll.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377190

With me~
actually I have no idea either

Nock [Tracker] 377191

Shrug and climb into bed with her and cuddle up.

DM 377193

Good lad.
Want to see any NPCs in the meanwhile?
You pick the gooey sock off her her and put it aside. She turns to face the wall and keeps sleeping soundly.
Back at the academy probably.
1 you are both in Cherry's room
2 you are both in Lime's room

Roll #1 1 = 1

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377196

Do I feel like getting out of bed yet?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377197

Well, it would be awful convenient for Leaf or Balsa to wander in, but what are the chances of that?

Sidus [Rogue] 377198

Let's just hope she won't notice the smell once she wakes up…
Since Burning is still sleeping, can I nap for a bit longer too?
It is comfy like this and I need my rest after a wild ride like yesterday to be great.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377199

Oh dear… are we alone?

DM 377202

That 10/10 stallion staff sure felt good
1 Leaf
2 Balsa
You can sleep all day if you want
…so warm~"
She's talking in her sleep…
Is cherry rooming with the other girls or?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377203

Guess I'm feeling great.

She's in the same room as the others

Sidus [Rogue] 377204

Nah, just rest a bit…
Listen to her a bit more~


It's warm in here. Wonder why.
Cling to it.
What am I dreaming of?
1-3 Nock
4- the gala
5- my friends
6- the mark
7- sneaking
8- singing
9- Balsa
10- Leaf

Also, '1d10+2' for hugging the misterious force.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377206

Well well, looks like it's Leaf. I'll wave him over.
"I need to talk to you for a minute, Leaf."

Nock [Tracker] 377209

Share the tight hug and nuzzle vigorously.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377211

Stay in bed and snuggle with Lime a bit longer.
It's not because I'm feeling great that I want to leave.

Papaver Field [Mage] 377212

Rustle in my sleep.
"N-nock… Everypony will see us…
Not the collar…"


Time for pone cuddles
I burry my face in Cherry's mane and hug her tight
"… What a night…"

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

DM 377219

"…so strong…
…impressed the noble…
"Hm? Sure, ok."
He comes over
Try not to mind Cherry's male company
How qt

Nock [Tracker] 377221

Whisper in her ear, "You want them all to see, don't you?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377223

"Let's enjoy it just a little while longer."

Sidus [Rogue] 377224

Aww, she's so sweet~
Pet her mane as she sleeps and mutters.

Papaver Field [Mage] 377225

What do I know, I'm asleep.
Stir again and grit my teeth, jerking my head and clencking my eyes shut uncomfortably.
"N-no… Just you~"


"Yeah… let's…"
Rolling to not fall asleep in her embrace again

Roll #1 5 = 5

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377229

"So, I hear Vera's trying to break into the Collection. It's why she was in your room, and talking with Balsa."
I'll frown.
"Tartarus, I was there when the headmaster out and told her about the collection, but she didn't even bother asking my help for anything."
I'll shake my head a bit.
"Anyway. I need to know everything I can about the collection, Balsa, and how to beat them there. I figure you're the only one who really knows how Balsa thinks, so you'd probably be the best one to ask how I could outdo him."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377230

I snuggle up to him while he's resting.

I perk my ears and hear snippets of that conversation

Nock [Tracker] 377236

"They'll find out you're my mare sooner or later."

Snuggle closer

Papaver Field [Mage] 377238

"That… Good… Yours forever…"
The strange thing is moving closer.
Do I feel like waking up yet?

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 377239

"I.. wonder what… he'll… become
..our future…
…best not… ask…
…just please him… for now
and be.. happy~"
her hoof idly moves as she slumbers. Its touch is not precise or careful, but it feels nice.
He looks around uncomfortably
"The Collection seems to have become some damn public secret by now…
…at least nopony is around.
I gave up chasing the collection. Or, I wanted to.
But lately I've felt that old urge again. Thanks to it becoming such a talked about subject. As for beating Balsa there, he has the advantage now. He has been the furthest. And he knows the most about the routes. He even kept extensive notes."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377242

I quietly slip out of the bed and go to the door, trying not to wake or disturb Lime, Vera, or Nock

Sidus [Rogue] 377243

Let her have her fun.
Though now I wonder…
A future together, that I like~
She dreams of kids… well, I'm too great not to have descendants…
But ask about what?
And for now… is she really needy or does she just do it because she thinks I might leave her otherwise? She seems to enjoy it…

Listen in some more!
And keep gently petting her mane, maybe even running my hoof along her neck.

Papaver Field [Mage] 377244

Yep. It's time. Open my eyes and try to make sense of what I see.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377246

Notes? Didn't Sidus make a bet with Balsa about something like that? I'll have to ask.
"Well, he can't be the only one. And there are probably other routes there."
I'll think for a minute.
"And you can't be so rusty that you can't grab a copy of his notes, can you?"


Do I notice?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Papaver Field [Mage] 377253

I can't see shit.
Start flailing my hooves wildly along Nock's sides, in a bit of a panic.
"W-what is going on! It's all dark!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377255

I'm out of here to the dinner hall to get breakfast.

Nock [Tracker] 377259

Pin her down. ~

"Calm down! We're back at the dorm."

DM 377260

"keep him… as mine…
…one day… tell him…
…I'll know when…
…so will he…
…not princess…
…special… somepony…
…his alone~"
She shudders a little at your touch, curling up slightly
Someone is touching you
There is a stallion in the other bed
Holy shit where are you?
Are you in Sword Dorm again?
Are you getting raped?
What's going on!?
"I'm not rusty at all I think.
But I'm not sure if I want to steal his notes. That feels like cheating."

Papaver Field [Mage] 377262

I should totally stand up with the fury of a thousand heavens and summon a storm of magic swords and…
"T-the do-"
Oh my gosh.
"Y-you were here all the time… For real?!"
I should… Yeah, blush check.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377263

Get some breakfast for 4 ponies on a tray and happily go to the dorm again.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377264

"I hardly think leveling the playing field counts as cheating. After that, it's just a race to see who can get there not only first, but safely."
I'll tap the table lightly.
"And I want to be there to help Papaver with whatever is drawing her there. She's my friend, and I'll be damned if some after-dark story and even vague threats of death are going to stop me from helping her out."
I'll lean back a little.
"Besides, her marefriend would have my head if I let her walk in there without even trying to help."

Nock [Tracker] 377265

"I didn't know you liked collars."

Papaver Field [Mage] 377268

Look away ashamed.
"I don't."

Sidus [Rogue] 377270

I am hers, and she is mine…
I could imagine her as my wife…
Seems like that is something she wants more than being a princess, which is saying something..
But what does she need to tell me?… on the other hand I don't want to just outright ask, since she says she will know when the time is right…

For now, hug her a bit closer and keep caressing her neck.
And listen.

Nock [Tracker] 377271

"Oh? And here I thought it was a useful way to keep heretics on a short leash."

Stick my tongue out playfully.

Papaver Field [Mage] 377274

Try to move out of bed with a pissed off expression.
"Yeah, very funny."

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 377288

No escape for you.
"I hope… I make him…
…he makes me…
…please be… safe…
Be safe… so… i don't have to…

Papaver Field [Mage] 377289

Well then. Stare into Nock's eyes with a frown and pursed lips.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Nock [Tracker] 377290

Laugh a little. "I guess I don't need a collar to keep you in check. Did you have sweet dreams, Vera? Last night was lovely."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377292

Did I get the tray with breakfast to to the dorm safely?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 377294

I guess I do make her happy…
Hmm, maybe I should start saying how happy she makes me.
You are very educational in your sleep, Burning~
Hug her reassuringly to let her know we are safe.
And see if she talks a bit more

Nock [Tracker] 377297

Grin. "I see a smile peeking through that pout. I can tell you had a good night, too."

Papaver Field [Mage] 377298

"You butt…"
Look away.

DM 377300

Seems so.
Lime in bed, Nock and Vera are playing bondage games.
"I just hope… I'm… good enough…
…and that… I never… hurt him again…
…our children…
…will be so pretty…
…one day…
…I'm so sorry… for what I did…
…so sorry…

Nock [Tracker] 377302

Nuzzle the poor pinned pony.

"I'll let you off while our roommates are here."

Then slide off her so she can get up freely.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377303


Did I drift into actual sleep?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377306

Spaghettiroll '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377307

Oh jeez, yes I did

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377310

I can keep myself together.
I cough to let them know I'm here

Papaver Field [Mage] 377312

Slide on the opposite side and get up with a sigh.
"You know, there was more to that dream than the coll-"
Awkward much?

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 377315

He eyes your heavy frame
"And you're experienced in sneaking?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377316

Smile awkwardly.
"Uh….I got all of us some breakfast."
pointing at the tray.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377318

"Not a lick. I got much the same response when I interrupted his talk with Papaver."
I'll shrug.
"But I can do something he can't."

Nock [Tracker] 377320

"Good morning, Cheery. Did you have a good evening after the incident? Thanks for the food, by the way."

Sidus [Rogue] 377321

Of course you are good enough~
Of course they will be pretty~
Pet her mane again as she mutters those last ones, lean closer to her head, and whisper, not to wake her up, just to reassure…
"Sshh… it's okay… I forgave you…it's okay~"

Papaver Field [Mage] 377323

Sit on my aunches and stare at her, eyes wide and mouth shut tight.
Spare a glance at the food.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377324

"Oh it was lovely.
I'm sure both of you had a lovely night too?"
I say as I grab a plate for me and Lime."

DM 377330

"And that is?"
"…he forgives…
…he forgives…
….so noble…
…why did I hurt him…
…I didn't… mean it…
…why him…
…why there…
…he forgives…
…he forgives…
…kiss… I want… one…
…he tastes… so good…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377332

I'll hold a hoof up.
"I can borrow the custodian's master key so long as there's a job to do."

Papaver Field [Mage] 377333

"Yeah… I just had a bad wake up call."
Grab a plate too and dig in.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377334

I am pretty much in a coma right now

Sidus [Rogue] 377335

Can I kiss her without waking her up?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377336

Smile at her and wave my hood dismissively.
"Ah, we all have those."
and go to Lime with 2 plates.

Not for long.
Gently nudge him to wake up.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377337

Was for

Sidus [Rogue] 377338

I was wondering what you were doing thereWe don't need no 4/10 round here

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377340

I awake with a start and look around.
"Huh? Oh… hello again."
I look around sheepishly
"Heh… guess I was sleepy.
… Did you bring us food?"

Nock [Tracker] 377341

Dig in.

Papaver Field [Mage] 377343

Right, after choking on the food take a shower '1d10', tie my mane in a bun and go on the fields.
I need to hit something.
Find Leaf.
I have to get this stuff moving.

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 377346

"The master key?
That is quite an asset."
You suffer a horrible eating mishap
Roll for damage
1 - choking to death
2 - made a huge mess
3 - coughing
4 - made a small mess
5 - dropped the food
Seems so
She snuggles up closer in her sleep
"I should…
..give him… a nice…
…wakeup… surprise…
…when I…

Papaver Field [Mage] 377348


Roll #1 2 = 2

Papaver Field [Mage] 377350

But then again, I will go and take a shower here

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377351

Let Burning get you breakfast then.

I nod smiling and give him a plate.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377357

"Of course, I'd have to actually do the job I borrow it for, so he doesn't get suspicious. After that, he usually has me drop it off in his letterbox. So between finishing the job, and putting it back, I could go just about anywhere with it."
I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Paired with Balsa's notes, we could probably get in there all together, and help Papaver with a minimum of fuss."


I chuckle and give her a quick kiss
"Really Cherry… you're too good for me. Next time, I'm getting breakfast!"
Let's dig in on this delish waifu breakfast

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sidus [Rogue] 377360

I chuckle to myself.
Can't say I would be opposed to that…
Truly it was fate and destiny that brought the two of us together…

Caress her neck a bit more, but close my eyes.

Nock [Tracker] 377361

As she goes, call after her, "Hey Vera… when you get back, remind me, I want to talk to you about something."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377362

I wince a bit at the kiss, but blame it on tiredness from yesterday and snuggle next to you to eat my plate.

Papaver Field [Mage] 377363

Give a firm sign with my hoof without looking back and be off.

Nock [Tracker] 377366

End up speaking up, "Do you want me to go? You really should start thinking about a way to sneak him out of the girl's dorm, too."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377369

"I'm sure it's no problem.
Most of the students still have class.
It will be empty here soon."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377370


I nod
"Yup, no need to worry."

Papaver Field [Mage] 377378

DM 377394

Leaf is eating with Jon
"Hm… you tempt me. You really do."
Rolling to wake up

Roll #1 2 = 2

Papaver Field [Mage] 377396

Well now. Approach him.
"I spoke with Starswirl.
He told me to sneak into the collection."

Sidus [Rogue] 377397

Seems like she's sound asleep still.
Any more sleeptalk?

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377398

"Of course, we'd need a copy of those notes to know where the entrance likely is, so we can plan accordingly. I mean, if it's in the dungeons, like how most secret areas are in stories, then we'd have to keep the things down there quiet, likely by drugging their food."
I'll look a bit surprised at her just coming out and saying it.
"Lucky you, we were talking about just that. Pull up a chair."

Papaver Field [Mage] 377399

"What? Why you too now?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377400

I'll roll my eyes.
"Because you're my friend, and I want to help?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 377401

"This is silly and will get you killed."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377402

"What's silly is you not asking for help, which will get you killed. You never know what your friends can do if you don't ask!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 377403

"Okay. What can you do other than make Star cry if you get caught?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377405

"I can borrow the Custodian's master key."

Papaver Field [Mage] 377407

Cock my head a little.
"What's that?"

DM 377408

"…I wish…
…he'd just…
…hurt me back… once…
…so I could feel… like we're… even…
…but.. that's dumb…
…I'm dumb…"
She curls up more and tries to wake up again
"Even reaching the dungeons will be hard. Few ponies have access there"

Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 377410

5 is not waking up

Roll #1 9 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 377412

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377413

"Master key opens pretty much every door in the academy. I'd assume the Headmaster would at least have a few different locks, but it should open the way between us and those."
"Which is where those notes come in."

Papaver Field [Mage] 377415

"I know the headmaster has special locks, with words and numbers and strange stuff.
But if you can show me the master key I should be able to make a copy."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377417

"Why would you want a copy? I thought being a sneak was below the proud Papaver Field?"

DM 377418

He spits out his mouthful
"Hold on. Hold on. I need to hear this."
She will wake up very soon.

Sidus [Rogue] 377420

You are right, that's dumb.
Don't be a dummy~
Keep my eyes closed.
Can I hold back a smirk?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Papaver Field [Mage] 377425

"You heard me. At the gala.
He even gave me a book that might explain. Something to do with a certain Manifest Destiny.
And it's not demons."
"Because Starswirl told me to?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377426

"I meant make a copy. Just using it the once should be enough, don't you think?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377427

I guess we must have eaten our breakfast by now.
Do I feel like going outside yet? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377428


Roll #1 3 = 3

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377430

I'll snuggle up with Lime.
"Did you like that?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 377432

Shake my head.
"What if we need to go somewhere else? To trace back?
And if we take it for too long somepony might notice."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377434

I let out a slight yawn
"It was nice… Thank you for that."
I wrap a hoof around her and pull her closer.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377435

"And if you try and make a copy and it explodes? Too dangerous."
I'll think for a minute.
"Sidus knows how to work a forge. Maybe I could get him to make a copy? And he's been helping the Smith a lot lately…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377436

"We can just stay here all day if we want."

Papaver Field [Mage] 377437

"If you can get the key and are sure he won't talk."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377439

"Now that would just be lazy of us, wouldn't it?"
I snicker
"Besides, I still need to sneak out of this place… and work on that statue!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377441

"The worst he'll do is probably try to join in. I don't think he'd like the idea of being left behind."

Papaver Field [Mage] 377446

"Sure, lets all jump to our deaths!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377449

"Sometimes a friend can be all that's between you and horrible circumstance. Besides, Nock would have my head if she knew I'd let you walk in there without helping."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377452

Then hug you tighter. '1d10+4'
"Just 5 more minutes…please~"

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8


"For you? Anything."

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Papaver Field [Mage] 377455

"Right… Nock."
"She's so… Infuriating at times!"

DM 377457

You can.
She has no idea you are awake, and capitalizes on the fact by inching her face lower under the covers to kiss you good morning~
"Manifest Destiny… the arch-heretic of the north?"

Sidus [Rogue] 377461

Let's pretend I'm asleep for just a bit longer then…

Papaver Field [Mage] 377462

"The headmaster has some books in his collection that might just have what I'm looking for."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377463

I'll snort slightly.
"Don't have to tell me twice."
I'll think better about asking Vera what she meant by "now she's going to jump" last night.
"So. You need to get in there because Starswirl said so. Your friends can help. Leaf can help. Heck, if you can coerce Balsa into helping, his notes would be great."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377465

That's a very frolicky hug.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377467

It's a very huggy hug!
Nock is here!

DM 377471

rolling for lewd things under the covers
"How… how does… Destiny of all ponies tie into this?"

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Nock [Tracker] 377472

Trying to pretend I'm not here.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377473

Oh right
Very huggy hug it is.

Papaver Field [Mage] 377477

"Don't ask me. Starswirl and-"
Eyes go dreamy.
"-Timewarden Radiant-
Let out a long sigh.
"Said it…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377481

And then we get up with just a little hugging and no really lewd things happening.
And I hop to the door to chack if there's anypony in the hall.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377484

I follow closely behind her

Sidus [Rogue] 377485

That's decent enough for something for the morning.
Must be dehydrationBetter help her with that~

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377487

I'll roll my eyes a bit at her mooning over Radiant.
"Anyway, the more ponies with the right things to add to this we've got working on it, the better."
I'll blink for a moment.
"Oh, right! Last night, the Battlemaster told me to get you, Nock, and everyone involved with the incident together, and meet him in his office. I've been waiting here since I figured you guys would come down for breakfast sooner or later."

DM 377488

Looks clear.
"You spoke to the Timeguardian too?
My oh my. What a star-studded night."
By shoving your meaty stallion bits against her face, you help her really get into the spirit of happy wake-up calls

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377492

I nod to Lime and walk into the hallway.

Sidus [Rogue] 377493

See, she just needed a bit of encouragement.
And then things happen under the sheets unfit for a religious imageboards such as this

DM 377497


Roll #1 10 = 10

Papaver Field [Mage] 377498

"And the Sisters. And the High Celestial! And a bunch of prissy nobles. We even saved the life of one of them!"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377500

Walk after her.
"Here's hoping…"

DM 377504

There is a voice next your ear
"If you want to impress her, service her back you dolt"
"…I really want to hear the full story now"
Roll for clean getaway

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377505

I don't have to roll.
Lime is the illegal one here.



Roll #1 3 = 3

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377507

You can still roll to pull him into cover if a random encounter happens. What a terrible waifu.
"It would take a little while."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377509

Get him into cover.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sidus [Rogue] 377510

Who the…
Who was that?
Did Springwind wake up?
No sudden movements though!
And let's see if magic is accurate enough for what the whispering sound said'1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

DM 377515

'1d10' mares enter the hallway
1 behind
2 in front
3 both
'1d3' of you
Considering that she picked up the pace considerably and nearly convulsed from pleasure, that'd be a yes.
"Good boy. You enjoy her now. I'll go get something to eat…"
After a moment you hear the door open and close.

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 3 = 3

Papaver Field [Mage] 377518

"Some bodyguard in a strange mask was killed, and then Nock tracked this noblepony, Falconcrest or whatever, to a room alone with a masked pony that wanted to kill him!
We jump in-"
Gasp in shock.
"Oh, right! I used my magic to make an ice sword! For the first time ever in a fight!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377519

I'll make minor corrections here and there.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 377520

I am… where?

Guess I'll just spend some time reading up on what I missed first.

Papaver Field [Mage] 377521

Nod to him.


Jump into an empty room!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377525

Remember what Vera said
Grab him and kiss '1d10+4'

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8

Sidus [Rogue] 377533

Yep, that was Springwind… I really hope she washes her face in the morning before going to breakfast, though

Oh well, she had a good thought, so enjoy the time with Burning.
And then things continue to happen

DM 377548

He nods with an amazed look
"Go on?"
You leap into an empty room, fall on the floor, shut the door and kiss.
And they happened and happened. But before they could happen all over her face, Springwind returns with a few trays in tow.
…can I stay and eat while you finish? I… don't exactly want to sit out in the corridor."

Papaver Field [Mage] 377553

"Oh. Right.
So we defeat the assassin, but then this lord Falconwhat jumps out of the hole he was hiding in and stabs the pony before we could ask anything!
Turns out he had already questioned him and other two lords were involved.
So we set up a trap with the palace guards and turns out Morningspring or something wanted Wonderball to like him and sent an assassin for this, but Wonderball was just kidding around and…. Stuff."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377556

Well now… this isn't too bad.
I chuckle and wait for her to break off

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377558

"Morningsprite and Wonderbolt. Old lord Wonderbolt decided his method of getting rid of Feathercrest Morningsprite was making a joke out of sending an assassin after Lord Falconwreath."

Sidus [Rogue] 377561

I shrug.
"It doesn't really bother me… Burning?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377563

"Oh sorry" I blush.
"I thought that would help…" Smile sheepishly.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377565

"I'm not complaining~"
I look around, is this a dorm room?
"Could you see if the coast is clear now?"

DM 377566

"Well that sounds more like the gala stories I've heard.
Still… Starswirl himself making an appearance… that's… wow."
She sighs deeply
"…if it's ok with you, i guess…"
Springwind sits on her bed and begins eating, glancing your way between bites

Papaver Field [Mage] 377567

"Doesn't he always?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377569

"It was a lovely night. Princess Luna really outdid herself."

Sidus [Rogue] 377572

Well it would be rude of us to make her eat on the corridor when her roommate is eating inside.

Carry on!

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377573

I'll go take a look '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 377597

Still a lot of ponies out there.
It might take a while…
"From what I've heard, no.
And he rarely socializes."
"I wish I had gone now…"
After a while she finishes.
"Hey uh…
…can I join in?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 377602

Sink into my seat.
"I hate all this…"

Sidus [Rogue] 377603

"…Hah, good one, Springwind! Almost got me there for a second!"
She was joking, right?

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377604

Sigh and close the door.
"Gues we'll have to wait a while…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377608

"Well, there's always next year, right?"
"But think how relieved you'll be when it's over!"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377609

"Yeah… guess we will."
I hop onto bed and settle down.

DM 377617

Burning peeks out from under the covers and growls.
She then stops and gives you a questioning look.
Springwind sighs.
"Sorry I asked."
She then lays down facing the wall and stays silent.
"Well this certainly has put… a lot of new light on things.
Arabus… Starswirl… Destiny… what does it all mean?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377618

"And now here we are…
I'm not even sure how we got back here."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377621

"It means we've got a collection to break into. Once all the pieces are put together, anyway. Can you work with Balsa? If we all go in as a team, there's probably a good chance we'll all make it out, too."

Papaver Field [Mage] 377622

"I have no idea. And I did something stupid coming here in the first place since I made you a promise not to drag you back into this."
Stand up.
"I could just go and fo-"
Nah, I cannot.
"We should go."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377626

"Right. You tell Nock, Star, Cherry, and Burning Heart about the Battlemaster needing to see us. Burning will probably find Sidus before I do. Now I just need to find that last guy. The earth magic user. Limerock."

Papaver Field [Mage] 377630

"Wait. The battlemaster?

Sidus [Rogue] 377631

I shrug as I look at Burning.
"I guess she was just joking… no need to get jealous, babe~"
Pat her head.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 377633

"I said so a little earlier. Battlemaster wanted all of us involved in the incident to meet him in his office today."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377636

"Guess we're just loose cannons."
I snicker.
"I hope nopony comes back to claim this room anytime soon."

Papaver Field [Mage] 377637

"Uh. I wasn't listening I guess."

And off to the others I go! Back in my room!

Nock [Tracker] 377643

"Welcome back, Vera."


DM 377646

She slowly pulls her head back under the covers and gets back to work
Springwind tries to not listen
"…just like old times… huh…"

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 5 = 5

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377648

"We'll talk our way out of it."
Take a look around the room. Anything special?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Papaver Field [Mage] 377650

Oh. Right. Damn.
"The battlemaster wants to talk with us.
And… Uh… Sorry for walking away like that. There's something I need to say.
And it's not about collars.
Where is Cherry?"

Nock [Tracker] 377652

"They already left. And don't worry about walking off, I've already forgotten all about collars. Do you have a sec before we go see the battlemaster?"

Sidus [Rogue] 377653


Papaver Field [Mage] 377655

"Sure. But first let's find Burning Heart. We can talk on the way there!"


Nock [Tracker] 377660

Trot alongside her.

"Look, Vera, I was thinking… maybe I was too hasty the other day. I was upset, and it was clouding my judgment. If it's really important to you…"

Whisper, "The Collection, I mean"

"…I'll support you. I still don't think there's anything to be gained from it, but maybe I'm wrong."

DM 377661

After a while
Burning's head pops out again.
She stands up, walks over to Sprinwind and yanks her onto the floor, hoof still lodged in a rather inappropriate place.
"Quit. That."
"I.. I can't help it! You-"
Springwind swallows, then shoots a begging look at you, shifting her fearful eyes between you and Burning

Papaver Field [Mage] 377664

"Oh. That."
"I have to go there anyway. Starswirl told me so."
Dramatic pause?

Nock [Tracker] 377667

Frown. "You were going to tell me, right?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 377670

"Yeah. Of course. And there is just a lot more, but I can't talk about it here."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377673

Nothing. Take another look outside. Are those mares gone?

Sidus [Rogue] 377674

Okay, time to levitate some sort of covers or sheets over anything that should not be visible on everyone present.
I'm a gentlepony afterall.
Hop down the bed myself.
"Ladies, please, contain yourselves."
Look at Burning.
"Burning, you are getting mad again. For the sake of all of us calm down. She did nothing wrong that we didn't commit before, so you have no right to be angry. And…"
"Who could help it in my presence, really?"
Then give her a serious look again.
"Let's not make this situation any harder or more awkward than it has to be."

Nock [Tracker] 377675

"I don't know why he had to do that magic and leave me behind…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 377677

"Well we needed a private place… Don't worry, I'll tell you everything that's happened in there!
Oh, he didn't try any strange stuff! And didn't look at me strange either!"

DM 377680

Rolling for
Burning containing her cuntblock mad
Springwind to contain her panic and shame

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 4 = 4

Papaver Field [Mage] 377681

Bitch I've seen Cherry and Lime.
You are smalltime.
"Are we interrupting something?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377682

I'll look another time to see if the corridor is empty.

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 377683

Burning screams, grabs Sidus and drags him into the bathroom.
Springwind pulls the sheet over her and curls up

DM 377685

The coast is clear all the way to the exit

Nock [Tracker] 377686

"This seems like a bad time…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377687

"Allright, let's go Lime."
I motion him over to the door and we get out of here.

Papaver Field [Mage] 377688

Nod in approval.
Get near the sheets.
"Can you hoof them a message once they are done?"

Sidus [Rogue] 377689

Sorry, I got dragged into the bathroom.

Grab her by the shoulders.
"Burning, listen to my voice and look in my eyes."
Glare into her eyes.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 377690


DM 377695

"please don't look at me right now…"
"I need you.
Right. Now."
Welcome outside.

Sidus [Rogue] 377700

"I am right here, Burning. Calm down. I'm just yours, okay?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 377701

Yeah right.
Look for some paper and a quill.
Write them "Battlemaster wants to see you".
Leave it on top of Sidus' weapons.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sidus [Rogue] 377703

We are in Burning's room
He didn't carry weapons to the gala

Papaver Field [Mage] 377704

Guess I will leave it near the exit.

DM 377708

She pushes you on your back and climbs on top of you
"Please let me have you… Just…
Let things happen Y/N?
After you leave, Springwind gets up and makes the beds.

Nock [Tracker] 377709

Papaver Field [Mage] 377711

"I just don't know what happened there."

We should find Lime and Cherry.

Nock [Tracker] 377713

"That felt pretty intrusive…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377714

I'm right here outside.

Papaver Field [Mage] 377715

"Yeah. Let's never go to that room ever again."
Wave at her.
"The battlemaster wants to see us all."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377716

Hop over to her.
"Right, let's go then."

Sidus [Rogue] 377719

"…not all the way, okay, Burning? We can't risk it. Can you promise me that?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 377720

"You seen Lime? He wants us all, from the incident."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 377722

"He said he'll be right back."

DM 377726

And then things happened.
Wild, young things.
But responsibly.
After a little cleanup, you exit to find the room has been tidied up, and Springwind is looking rather guilty.

Sidus [Rogue] 377732

Motion for both of them to sit down, then sit down myself.
"Girls, we need to talk… I would like to avoid things like this in the future, but in my absence as well. I want you two to be friends, since I know…"
I sigh.
"I know that you truly care about Burning, Springwind."
Look at her, then at Burning.
"And I know a friend like Springwind would do you some good, Burning."

DM 377746

Burning sits very silently
Springwind looks embarrassed

Sidus [Rogue] 377748

"Come on, ladies, as great as I am, I can't talk instead of you two. Maybe one of you should start."

DM 377751

Burning sighs
"It is entirely inappropriate for her to start poking her nose in our affairs."
Springwind looks down
"True… again, sorry for that…"

Sidus [Rogue] 377755

"That is true, yes. Then again…"
Look at Springwind.
"I apologize."
Then back to Burning.
"Because we behaved inappropriately too. Just becasue there is two of us doesn't mean she doesn't have a private space, and with what we did… I think we violated that. All three of us is at fault here, there is no right or wrong nor better or worse."

DM 377759

They both look at the other two of you
"So we're all wrong and everything is terrible?
Great. And t think this morning started off so well."
"Maybe I should just go now. You know. Give you two some space. Some time."
Springwind gets up
"I think we were all happier when I just stayed out of the way"

Sidus [Rogue] 377762

"No, that's not what I meant at all! Come on, girls, be a bit more cooperative! What I meant is that we all made mistakes in the past, but what is the point of being upset at each other?"
I look between the two of them.
"I really want both of you to be happy with the roommate she shares. You live together, after all, just walking away or neighsaying won't solve the problems! We are here to talk!"

DM 377767

Springwind stops
"Well what else can I do except stay out when you two need the room?
We just saw I can't really stay in either…"

Sidus [Rogue] 377770

"At the moment, I think that nothing naughty is going on. If there is, whoever is doing it must be pretty damn good at hiding. And this is still your room too. There must be something the three of us can work out so everypony wins."

DM 377772

"I'm all ears."
Burning sighs again
"I'm happy so long as you are…"

Sidus [Rogue] 377775

I tap my chin with a hoof.
"What if Burning and I used the bathroom for the private affairs? That way we all have privacy, we get what, hehe, well, we need, and you can stay in your own room as well."

DM 377777

Burning groans
"But like the beeeed…"

Sidus [Rogue] 377780

"We must all make sacrifices, Burning. And it would help you to get on better terms with Springwind… which would make me happy."
Smirk slightly.
"Even happier than you already do."

DM 377783

Springwind smiles a bit
"I don't want to be a burden. But thank you.
…any time you want the beds… just ask, ok?"

Sidus [Rogue] 377785

I smirk back at her and nod.
"No, we thank you."
Look between the two of them.
"Can you two promise not to catfight and actually be good little mares and even better roommates when I'm not around?"

DM 377787

"Oh, we never have problems when you're away"
Burning shoots her an angry look
"What she meant is I find it harder to control myself around you… She didn't mean anything against you."

Sidus [Rogue] 377789

Yup, she's back.
Both of them.
Clap my hooves together.
"I'm glad we managed to sort this out."
Can I do one of those slight-head-shake-mane-instantly-looking-presentable tricks?

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 377790

Do either of them capitalize that split second of you closing your eyes to tackle you onto the bed?
1 Yes, both
2-5 Yes, Burning
6-10 No

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 377791

Springwind rolls her eyes
"Whatever you two.
Take those dishes back to the dining hall when you're done. I'll be…

Sidus [Rogue] 377794

"Will do… thanks again!"

And then I guess one more safe something something happening and then I went to sleep

DM 377796

How nice



DM 377860

It is next time.
You have a battlemaster to meet.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 377861

So we must. Lime probably came down to the dining hall and I waylaid him with information, so I'll be ready to meet the others in front of the Battlemaster's office.

Papaver Field [Mage] 377867

That stuff in Burning's room was totally not awkward and strange, no no.
Battlemaster it is!

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