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Paladins - Thread 14 DM 370974

Are we all ready to go to the Grand Galloping Gala?

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 370985

Damn straight we are.

Nock [Tracker] 370990

All our dreams will come true.

Papaver Field [Mage] 370995

I've been dreaming, I've been waiting, to wear my shiny dress.

Sidus [Rogue] 370997

Manliest suit EQ

Star Hopper [Cleric] 370998

I-If we have to…

DM 371005

I can't believe we're finally here…

With all this buildup this session will certainly be… THE BEST PLOTLINE EVER!

So what are y'all wearing?

Papaver Field [Magic Fascionista] 371006

Do you even have to ask?

Nock [Tracker] 371010

Papaver made me a pretty dress, so it would be a shame to not wear it.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371012

I'm wearing my nice suit.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371015

Vera made us dresses right?

Sidus [Rogue] 371016

My personally made Pish Posh™ fancy suit.

DM 371023

And with wardrobes dealt with, the academy has arranged for you all to be transported to Canterlot Castle ahead of time for a mission briefing before the guests arrive.

Aside from you, the uniformed Royal Guards are taking positions, and the catering crews are rushing to get everything finalized.
As you were on the first coach over, you have a small while before the other half arrive.

Sidus [Rogue] 371025

How does Burning look?

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371028

Take Nock by one hoof and start taking a tour of the place!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371030

I'll take a look around. Not every day you get to see the palace. If we're lucky, maybe we'll meet the princesses!
"Hey, Star, care to join me for a walk?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371031

I grin excitedly
"M-Maybe we'll meet with L-Luna!"

I jump up

Sidus [Rogue] 371034

I smirk at them.
"I already visited the Palace when I got my suit. The roof is a perfect place to have ice cream, by the way."

DM 371035

While not outright outlandish, she certainly went for unconventional. The dress shows off her right real leg quite flatteringly, complementing her tall, skinny stature.
She even got her mane done.
The food has mostly been set up, and you can smell more being cooked in the castle kitchen.
The decorations are all in place and the guards are checking into place.
One of them is reviewing a guest list at a table.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371038

I cock my head
"T-The roof? W-Why?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371039

And then off we go. We'll stay out of the caterers' way, and instead start our walk in the main hall.
See anything interesting? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371041

Oh, right.
I should be professional!
So, go near the guard working on the guest list.
"We are from the academy. Anything important we should know?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371044

"The view is nice."

Smile at her.
"That's quite something~ Are you excited for the night, my pricncess?~"

Nock [Tracker] 371046

Stand cooly next to her. One of us has to suppress the stars in her eyes.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371048

"Oh… I guess that's t-true…"

Follow him!
"T-This place is s-so pretty…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371051

"It really is! I can't begin to imagine how long it took to build."

DM 371059

The decorations are very lovely.
And a massive choir of what must be a hundred ponies seems to be starting their final practice run.
However they seem to be waiting for someone.
"Of course I am~"
"The Academy? Good. Right on time.
We're expecting a large crowd tonight. Some rare guests even, with so many of the noble houses representing. Even Archmage Starswirl said he'd find time to come."

Sidus [Rogue] 371061

"And with good reason… now let's find out what exactly we'll need to do… so we'll be able to get it out of the way and enjoy ourselves~"

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371062

"Ouch… Good thing instructor Layline is not here…
So, what should we do?"

Nock [Tracker] 371063

"The rumor that the Princesses greet their guests in person… is that true?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371064

"Wonder who they're waiting for… the Princesses? Or maybe they're missing a member? Don't know how you'd notice one pony out of that many missing though."


"I don't k-know… c-could be the princesses, yeah…"
How does the food look?

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 371071

She nods and tosses her tail around yours
"They do, yes."
"There is a briefing for you with the captain in the second floor. Head there."
The finest in the empire.
No expense was spared, and the amounts available defy all reason.


Rolling to not get too excited

Roll #1 4 = 4

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371074

"The food will come later, Star. We should probably see who we're supposed to report to, since we're technically here as guards…"
I'll throw a look at the food as well, and my stomach will grumble at not being able to go over there yet.

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371075

Nod with a smile and make a little motion with my head, asking Nock to follow me.
"We should tell the others, too."

Go find Star, Jon, Sidus and everyone else that's here with us.

Sidus [Rogue] 371076

Wrap it around her's, then find the place where we should be briefed.

DM 371077

Once ready, please converge in the second floor briefing room

Sidus [Rogue] 371078

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371080

There we go!

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371081

I deflate slightly

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371082

I'll nuzzle her a little.
"Hey, I'm excited too, but business before pleasure. After we're briefed, we'll have a quick snack."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371083

I sigh and nod, then obediently follow him along

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371086

And then we'll head to the briefing area.

Nock [Tracker] 371087

Let'sa go.

DM 371107

The rest of the academy undercovers gather too.
Some of them are clearly wearing academy-supplied outfits, while others have tailored ones.

The captain of Canterlot's royal guard enters, flanked by two soldiers
You have been recruited to act as undercover security during the Gala.

This means you are not to draw any attention to yourselves. You may move freely, even in restricted areas, and enjoy anything and everything we have to offer.

However with privilege comes responsibility. Your main mission is to be on the lookout for signs of trouble. Violent guests, potential assassins, the like.
If you see one, alert the guards, or if the situation seems delicate, intervene on your own and subdue them. But whatever you do, do not ruin the party.

Notable guests you should be looking out for are the noble house representatives of the houses of Morningsprite, Falconwreath, Wonderbolt and possibly a few others. On the non-noble side, we expect High Archmage Starswirl to make an appearance, and Lord Celestial Morion and the Celestial Choir will be performing later in the night.


Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371109

I'll shuffle my hooves a bit, and then raise one.
"Will we be allowed to greet the Princesses, if there's time?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371113

"We only have our hooves and magic to count on if we see trouble that can't wait for the guards, right?"

Nock [Tracker] 371114

Look at him. Good question.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371116

Oooh! That's a great question!

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371118

No time to ask where the restroom is, I guess.
Look at Jon.

DM 371128

"Concealed weapons are accepted, as long as they do not draw attention.
And that goes for magic too. I do not want to see any fireballs flying in the dining hall, got that?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371130

"I guess you will be providing said concealed weapons then, since I didn't bring any."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371132

I'll nod at that, and then smile a little a Star.
"I might get to thank Luna for those lovely nights face to face, it seems."

DM 371135

"We do not stock any. But the guards carry spare weapons, so shout if you need one."

Nock [Tracker] 371138

"Sir? How many entrances are there to monitor?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371139

I grin and nod quickly
"That'd be the best!"

Sidus [Rogue] 371140

"I can handle myself without one, I was just asking."

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371144

"Oh, and sir, are the roof and higher floors guarder?"

DM 371148

"One main.
But there are a total of one hundred fifty three points large enough for entry, from the service entrances to the ventilation windows and garbage shafts."
"Some of the guards also have agreed to carry stun batons. Experimental, but field tests have proven effective."
"The roof is fully manned as are the battlements. The upper floors have standard guards and additional patrols."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371151

I'm here too now.

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371153

Nod vigorously.
"Seems like the best solution would be to guard spots of interest instead of the entrances."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371154

I'll raise a hoof again.
"Sir, what if one of the notable guests begin to cause a disturbance? How would we convince them to either settle or leave peaceably before it effects the rest of the party?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371156

"A baton is slightly harder to conceal than most concealed weapons."

DM 371160

"An image of security is important. Guests will feel safer with guards at the entrances, rather than ones staring out windows.
"Last time that happened we had a few undercovers gag him and drag him off unnoticed, then reported he has gone home."
"I never said they are concealed."
He pulls out a tube about the size of a mace

Nock [Vera's Dom] 371161

Nod at her.

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371164

"We are undercover just for this. What are the most dangerous places, sir?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371165

Roll my eyes.
"That defies the purpose of us being undercover. Not like we will need anything more than our hooves if something goes terrible anyway."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371168

What are the chances that was Star's dad…
I'll be done with my questions, I suppose.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371172

I'll be standing next to you, looking a little overwhelmed by all this

DM 371176

"Try not to get shanked like two undercovers a few years back."
"The garden side windows are safe, as there is a garden party going on outside regardless.
The garden is also secure thanks to the guards on the ground and rooftops.
We have made sure the most vulnerable places are covered, but if you want to keep an extra eye out, the staff entrances are not locked so we can move things around easily. And once we did have a fake waiter sneak in. Though he just wanted the free food."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371177

I look around if I see Lime somewhere.

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371178

"Sir, we'll stand sure guard, sir!"
Salure and stand tall with a smile on my face.

Sidus [Rogue] 371179

I huff.
"As if."

Nock [Vera's Dom] 371181

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371183

I nod skittishly.

DM 371184

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371186

"No, sir."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371187

right sorry, didn't notice this

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371190

Shake my head.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371191

And now to shake my head

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371192

"No sir."

Sidus [Rogue] 371194

"That was all."

DM 371196

"Then you are dismissed.
Enjoy the gala, but keep your eyes open.
The guests should start arriving in about ten to thirty minutes."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371198

Look for Lime.
"Hey, are you ready?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371200

I smile at her
"For you? Of course I am."

Sidus [Rogue] 371201

I nod, then turn to the others.
"Let's have ourselves a Gala, right guys and gals?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371202

I'll nod.
"Hey Star, want to see if the Princesses are here yet, or do you want to hit the food table first?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371203

I shuffle a little closer and whisper

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371205

I'll chuckle a little.
"Food it is, then."
And then off we go to the food tables.

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371207

And then I trotted off and went looking for Nock.
"Where do we stand guard? Dance floor, Main Hall, Buffet…?"

Nock [Vera's Dom] 371208

I'll sidle up to Papaver, then.

"Well now… you are looking beautiful tonight, Vera."

I use my tail to play with hers as we stand side by side.

"We can't get distracted, but let's enjoy ourselves."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371210

Get next to him.
"Where do you want to go first then?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371215

"Well… we could go check out the buffet? Or maybe explore around?"


Follow him! Start scooping up food!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371217

Giggle stupidly as she tries to be cute.
"And you are looking as strong as ever~"
Blush a bit.
"We should go, yeah. Be my guide in this unknown palace!"
Giggle again, jokingly.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371219

"Let's take a look around before all the guests are here."

DM 371222

Everything from tasteful little biscuits to life-sized food sculptures are available.
Chocolate fountains, syrup fountains, wine fountains…
Cakes, salads, salad cakes, salad jelly, jelly cake…
Pies, tarts, fritters…

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371223

I'll take a small plate of things, just enough to take the edge off.
"The caterers really pulled out all the stops, didn't they?"

Nock [Vera's Dom] 371224

"Oh? The bridle and reins will have to wait for tonight. Until then, I'll have to guide you to the dance floor by tail."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371225

I smile at her
"Alright then, who knows, maybe we'll find some hidden spots… to make sure there are no assassins hidden around of course!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371226


I start shivering

Sidus [Rogue] 371227

Turn to Burning.
"Let's have a walk in the garden, shall we?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371228

I giggle.
"Of course~"

DM 371230

Lead on~"

Sidus [Rogue] 371233

Lead her out in the garden like a gentlepony.
We are all royal n' stuff like this.
What about my perception, is it sharp as ever?

Roll #1 10 = 10


I nod and start patrolling the entire area, anything suspicious or hidden around?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371238

"D-don't say these things while we are around…"
Go with her to the dance floor.
"So… how did your father take it?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371240

"Just take it one plate at a time, Star. And don't eat too much. There's no way the Grand Galloping Gala is going to run out of food, but don't eat yourself sick, okay?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371242

Go with him.

DM 371243

Not even dat ass can distract you from that mission, firm and tempting as it is.
Not at all.
With everything in place, the catering staff is taking up their positions around the tables, and the guards have stopped talking.
The dance floor is empty, but the musicians are present, tuning their instruments

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371244

"B-But what am I supposed to c-choose!?"
I start breathing rapidly
"T-There's just… j-just so much choice! I… I…"
I whimper softly


Oh. What an occasion. Trot over there and look at them.
Anypony suspicious?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sidus [Rogue] 371248

Right, she does look good in this dress…
Anyhow, keep my eyes open and ears perked and lead her out in the garden.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371251

"Breathe, Star. Just work your way down the table. It'll all still be there when you've finished the first plate."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371254

"Well… looks like we have an all-clear. And I think the guests will be coming in soon…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371256

"Oh this is so exciting…"
Little squee.


I take a few more deep breaths, then slow down slightly
Right… start gathering up food on a plate.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371262

"Heh, it is. We still have a job to do though, you never know what may happen at parties like these."

DM 371263

"Do you mind? We need to get ready for the guests."
One of the caterers gives you a displeased look as you start taking stuff

Nock [Vera's Dom] 371264

"You were outside the room. Clearly he didn't murder either of us. In any case, tonight is about us, not about dad."

Lead her in dance. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371267

"B-but Nock! There is no music!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371268

I blush and sheepishly put it all back

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371269

I'll shrug towards him and give an apologetic smile.
"I'm sorry. We just couldn't help ourselves. It looked far too tasty to leave uneaten."

Sidus [Rogue] 371270

Nuzzle Burning's cheek.
"Keep an open eye for bushes."

Then look around, as if I was just checking out the garden.
Anything I see around the bushes? Or treetops, even?

DM 371275

"If you're peckish, we have some unservable ones in the kitchen. They taste the same, but don't look as good, so we'll throw them out soon if someone doesn't eat them."
There are lots of animals in the large garden.
Another part of the gardens features statues.
Most of the catering and lawn furniture is focused near the palace wall though.

Nock [Tracker] 371276

"Don't we make music of our own?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371278

"Don't worry, I'll protect you"
Lay my head on his shoulder

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371279

I cock my head, then smile
"Oh! O-Okay!"
To the kitchen! Drag Jon along too!

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371282

I guess I'll be dragged along.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371284

I snicker
"Hey now, are you implying I can't look after myself?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371285

Ever so slightly tap some of the statues with my TK, barely even a flick, just to see what they are made of.
I guess the rustling was just the animals though.
Any other ponies out in the garden?

DM 371288

Busy busy busy in here. Meals being made and decorates left and right, rejects being tossed into a big vat.
The statues are marble, depicting notable names and events from Equestria's past, such as military conquests and scientific breakthroughs.
The only ponies here are the rooftop guards, yard guards and battlement guards.


Uh… can I see the stuff that caterer told us about?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371293

Look at the musicians, then back at her, then at the empty ballroom.
"Uh… No?"
Let go of her and take a few steps away, towards the edges of the room.
"We should just wait for the dances to start, uh?"
Are the special guests starting to show up?

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371295

"Can't hurt to have another pony to watch your back. Just in case."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371298

"Right, I'll make real sure to look after you too then."
I smirk and wink at her.

DM 371299

That'd be the huge vat.
It's mostly things like fritters with cracked shells, discolored or splotchy pies, cakes with uneven frosting…
Must be. Because look!

The princesses have arrived.

Sidus [Rogue] 371301

No catering ponies for the garden party later?
Any outdoor foodstands?


Contain my awe!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371304

Pull Nock close.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371305

"Well, Star, that must be what the caterer was talking about. Remember, light snack until the gala starts for real, okay?"

Nock [Tracker] 371308

That has my attention.

"Remember, we're here to protect them."'

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371310


I take out a few items out of the barrel for both me and Jon and dig in '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371313

Gulp down nervously and nod.
"I would gladly give my life for them."

DM 371315

Seems the catering was mostly inside. Probably because of the animals. They have set up some games outside though, like croquet.
Their wings are so pretty~
Also holy shit they are HUGE. They must be twice as tall as even the already big Jon!
You slam your head into the barrel and start munching like a pig.

Nock [Tracker] 371316

Kiss her cheek. "I don't think I'll permiss you to do that. We'll find a way that doesn't involve anypony dying."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371321

I silently pray that the cooks are way too busy to notice that.
And then fetch a towel real quick so that Star can clean up before we leave the kitchen. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371323


Sidus [Rogue] 371324

Guests will show up out here too, won't they? Anyhow, let's sit down on one of these outdoor pillow things with Burning and just enjoy the gardens for a while before the rush starts.

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371326

"Right. Can't leave you alone, you'd just do something silly like jump off a roof again."
Well I really feel tiny and powerless now.
But I guess, if there isn't much line, we could dare to greet Their Majesties?

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 371329

She might need a bath more than a towel…

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371331

Well, it'll… Oh geez.
I'll tap her on the back.
"Star! Your dress!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371333

"Who says I need that?"
Give him a playful kick on the shoulder.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371339

"You'll just find your way into trouble one way or the other."
I chuckle


I startle
"Uh… O-Oh!"
How dirty am I right now?

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 371345

No guests have arrived.
Hurry and you'll be the first!
"Sidus… thanks for bringing me here~"
Not very. Yet.
You have frosting in your mane though.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371347

I blush
"Ah… S-Sorry…"

Sidus [Rogue] 371348

Smirk at her.
"It's everything a Princess like you deserves~"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371350

I'll give her a little smile.
"Pacing. Let's go see if we can't wash that out. There should be a free sink over there…"
Is there a free sink? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371351

H-ho my!
"Nock it's our chance!"
Drag her along to the princesses and bow deeply in front of both!
"Your highnesses."

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 371353

"…don't call me that."
There is.
"We hope you enjoy the Gala."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371355

"I-I got a little carried away…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371358

Smile at him
"Good thing then that you're here to make sure I don't."

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371359

And that's their voice, yep.
Keep bowing down.
"We will do our best to keep it safe, our Graces."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371362

I'll bring Star over, along with that towel.
"Enthusiasm is good, but restraint is too. It's not going to get up and run away, after all."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371364

I brush against her with a smile
"You bet.
… sounds like something is going on in the main hall, wanna go check it out?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371366

"Why? Don't you like it?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371368

"Right with you."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371370

I lead her along and get to the main hall
"Oh… it's the princesses! They look great!"

DM 371371

"So long as you also ensure the festivities are not disturbed."
"We hope you enjoy the Gala."
"If it's true that I'm indeed… princess of the North… well, lets just sat history does not remember my supposed grandfather too fondly."


I nod weakly
Try and clean my mane now

Roll #1 6 = 6


Gee, what a bitch.
Nod weakly and be on my way.
Roll not to squee in glee.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371376

"Don't be too upset, Star. I was pretty close to diving in too."

Nock [Tracker] 371377

Nod along with her in a deep bow.

"Of course. Absolutely."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371379

"Amazing. We have to go greet them."
Go to them and bow deeply.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371382

I follow her example
"Your highnesses…"

DM 371384

Clean enough.
At least as good as it was to begin with.
You remain squeeless
"Please do enjoy the Gala"

Nock [Tracker] 371385

"Well, now that that's out of the way, we just have to keep this place quiet. Shouldn't be too hard, right?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371387

I let out a sigh of relief
"Well… t-that was stupid of me…"

Sidus [Rogue] 371388

"The ponies of the present are fond of you though, so cheer up… We are at the Grand Galloping Gala, after all~"

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371390

"Yeah, unless some fancy mage and mad inquisitor start having a spar in the garden, we should be fine…"
Smirk at her.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371391

"You were excited. Mistakes happen."
I'll nuzzle her a little.
"But, I think we've still got a little time before the gala really starts. Want to see if the Princesses have arrived yet?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371392

"Of course. Thank you."

Nock [Tracker] 371394

"I'm certain the Inquisitor would wrap it up quickly. There would be a whole night of viscous beatings to follow. Interrogation."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371395

I jump up
"Oh! R-Right! The princesses!"

Nock [Tracker] 371396



Cherry Merry [Bard] 371397

"Thank you, Your Highnesses."
Go away again with a bow.

When we're out of the princesses sight.
"We talked to the princesses! Can you believe it?"

DM 371398

She leans against you
"Wanna kiss while we're still alone?"

The guests are starting to arrive

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371399

"They really are something… Did you see those massive wings!?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371400

And then we'll head out to the main hall.

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371402

>implying that wasn't Nock's intent to begin with
"I dunno, I heard some mages have been keeping up with their training, in the long, long days alone…"
Widen the smirk.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371403

I run after him, quickly sneaking in another kiss before we arrive.
"T-Thank you for b-being my date by the w-way… This is like… like… a dream!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371404

"And that shining hair, and those graceful horns. They're magnificent."

Sidus [Rogue] 371406

"Could I refuse?~"
Smooch smooch.

Perk my ears nevertheless.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371407

I'll give her a little kiss back.
"The honor is mine, Star. And if this is a dream, I'd rather not wake up."

Nock [Tracker] 371408

"That kind of mage is just asking for a brand."

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371410

"Maybe, if the inquisitor is just the right one~"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371411

"They're beautiful…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371412

I nuzzle his cheek, then move along to the party hall thing

Nock [Tracker] 371413

"Well, well. Let's save it for tonight, then."

Take a look around. Everything look alright? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371416

I smirk.
"Well, don't get too carried away, mister."
Hit him playfully.
"We still have a job here."

DM 371417

There is something in those bushes…
That chandelier chain looks really worn…

The first guests to arrive are some of the noble representatives. At the forefront, a pair of lords with their wives and what appears to be one's daughter by the looks of her.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371419

Star and I have entered the main hall. I suppose, since there's a line forming, we'll form up to greet the princesses.

Sidus [Rogue] 371420

Break away the kiss, slowly.
Is it some sort of animal?
Check out the bushes from where I am.
Do I see anything out of the ordinary?

Nock [Tracker] 371421

I should seek help immediately.

"Papaver… do you think that chandelier chain has been inspected? It looks pretty aged…"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371422

"Oh… right… that."
I smirk
"It's all under control! Look, guests are starting to arrive!"

DM 371424

You get in after the nobles
…it's a pony

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371426

Look up and try to make out the details.
"You think we should try blasting it apart so we can be sure it won't fall on anypony?"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371427

Which nobles? What are they like?

Nock [Tracker] 371428

"That sounds incredibly dangerous and not at all subtle."

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371431

"But nopony would get hurt if we take it out of the way first!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371432

Take a look at them.
What do they look like?

Nock [Tracker] 371435

"And the princesses would definitely see guards blowing up their decor. Let's get a ladder."

Sidus [Rogue] 371436

Try to take a better look.
Is it a guard, or something else?

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371437

"But everypony will see under your dress like that!"

Nock [Tracker] 371441

"That's not important by comparison…"

DM 371443

"Lords Falconwreath. Lades."
""We're glad you could make it.""
"Thank you, your highnesses."
"I trust my son is here already?"
"He is"
It's a little old, but then, so is much here.
Maybe it will hold.
The first in line are a pair of lords the princesses addressed as Falconwreath.
One is a pale blue with a dark blue mane while the other is a a much darker, almost midnight blue with a grey mane.
It certainly isn't wearing armour.

Papaver Field [Magic Fashionista] 371446

"We should go tell a guard…"

Sidus [Rogue] 371447

"I'll get ourselves a drink, dear."
Nuzzle against Burning's neck.
"Keep an eye on that bush while I do so, there is somepony in there."

Stand up and head inside, then go to a table with drinks. Are there any guards next to the tables?

DM 371448

Some are on both sides of the door that leads to the yard

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371449

The second set of nobles between us and the Princesses had a daughter with them, right? How do they look?

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371450

A son?
Do I see anypony around who that could be?

Papaver Field [Lonely] 371451

So, yeah, go find a guard.

Sidus [Rogue] 371453

Grab two non alcoholic drinks.
On my way out, but still inside of the door so I'm not seen yet, stop right next to a guard and pretend that I'm inspecting my drink, but speak in a low voice.
"There is a pony hiding in the bushes in the gardens. I don't think it's a guard. Just thought I'd let you know."

Continue and go back to Burning, and float her drink to her.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371454

Hm. What about the other ponies around here?

DM 371458

Out of fucking nowhere, there is another pony in the room. You could have sworn he was not there a second ago.
Considering he is heading for the nobles, that is probably the son.
There are some available by the wall.
She takes a sip
"He hasn't moved."
More nobles are arriving constantly.
One of the guests really sticks out, as he is wearing a much less fanciful outfit than the others. Indeed he looks outright downplayed compared to the guards who are with him, decked in full golden armour.

Sidus [Rogue] 371460

"Let's just wait here and relax a bit more."
Clink my glass to her's playfully.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371462

Maybe I should move a little closer, just in case.
"Lime, I'll be right back."
Follow him from a distance.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371463

Hey no way! Follow her!

Papaver Field [Lonely] 371464

Head for them.
"The chain on the main room's chandelier is weak. I fear it might be too easy to shatter with a well placed blow."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371467

I scrunch and keep waiting in line, nervously looking around

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371469

"Relax, Star. Sure they're big, and the princesses, but they're still ponies."

DM 371475

She smiles and takes another sip.
The pony in the bushes moves to another spot.
The newcomer greets the nobles as they stop talking to the princesses.
He gives a quick kiss to the younger mare who came in with the older lords.
Your turn.
They glance up
"Oh that old thing"
"Yeah we said the same last year. Apparently it's looked like that for ages"

Papaver Field [Lonely] 371478

Give a sigh of relief.
Uncle gives a sigh of resignation instead.
"We were so worried… Thanks. I will go back to work."

Sidus [Rogue] 371480

Can I keep track of him?

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371481

I'll take off my hat and bow.
"Thank you for allowing us to attend, your highnesses."
Keeping the hat off, I'll look Luna in the eye as best I can from this angle.
"And I thank you, Princess Luna, for the night sky that convinced me to stay here in Canterlot."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371482

I guess he's the son after all.
Turn to Lime.
"Silly me, I got worried over nothing."


Oh crap… spaghettiroll!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371484

No… okay I can do this.
I bow deeply
"Y-Your highnesses… Princess Luna and princess Celestia…"

DM 371486

I can give you control of Old Pumpkin if you want.
If you keep an eye on him. The bushes give away his movements.
Luna smiles at you
"Thank you for your kind words"
Celestia keeps her pleasant, if neutral face
"I hope you'll enjoy the Gala"

Sidus [Rogue] 371489

As much as I love Burning, we have a job. And the guards should arrive any second now.
So keep track of him.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371490

"Oh… well okay then."
I look around
"So… anything you wanna do? Eat? Explore? Oh! The gardens! They're filled with statues! Wel'l have to go check those out at some point!"

Papaver Field [Lonely] 371492

Seeing how my prom date is gone, I could.
Stand guard like the good little pony I am.
But I have a small bug munching in my ear.
Wasn't Morion the celestial who founded the academy?
If only I could remember…

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371494

It's been what, sixty years since I've agreed to start coming to these things? Sixty years and they always have the same music.
"Honey, we should leave the kids be, don't you think?"
Smirk at her. Just like old times…

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371495

I'll bow to the Sisters again, and if Star's ready, we can head out to do our rounds of the dance floor and meal area.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371498

"Let's go to the gardens.
They must be so beautiful."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371499

I squeak quietly and back off with Jon >>371495 without another word

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371501

"Heck yes!"
To the gardens!
"Just think what kind of important statues they must have placed here!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371504

"And I've heard they have lots of animals in the garden."
Go with him to the garden

DM 371505

Oddly… no guards seem to care at all.
Lord Celestial Morion was among the most important founders of the Academy.
That's him in the line there. You've seen a painting. The one with nothing fancy on.
"Certainly. Run along Fall."
"Mother, I haven't been a child in good while."
"You'll always be my child. Now go."
Fall harvest goes tag along with Spymaster Clandestine.
Sidus and Burning are out here too.
The nearby area has some lawn furniture set up.
The further away parts include the statue garden and the animal-populated parts.
Food is available for eating, and the music is playing.

Sidus [Rogue] 371506

Lean closer to her.
"Think we should investigate ourselves?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371507

"Well, that was nice."
I'll smile at Star.
"I'm glad we could thank the Princesses."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371508


I wave at Sidus and Burning.
"Hey there!"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371510

Wave at them, then take along Cherry to the further away parts.

Sidus [Rogue] 371511

I wave at them.
"Hey! Why don't you come over here and sit down with us?"

Nock [Tracker] 371512

I'm back.

Papaver Field [Lonely] 371513

I should definitely go to him.
Maybe stare for a moment or two.
But are you black?
Tug at her.
"Look! That's High Celestial Morion!"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Nock [Tracker] 371514

"We expected he'd be here, right?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371515

I start collecting myself again and nod
"Y-Yeah… They were so… so…"
I trail off

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371516

"We'll be right back"
I say as I get dragged along by Lime

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371517

"I heard there is a certain balcony upstairs with a great view of the gardens.."

Papaver Field [Lonely] 371518

"Yeah, but now he's here for real! We should talk to him!"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371519

Oh… I guess we can do that first.

"Hey those statues wont run away! Hey Sidus!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371520

I'll just nod.

Nock [Tracker] 371521

"If you think he'd be interested in talking to cadets… well, he was the Pauper King, right? So maybe he will."

Sidus [Rogue] 371522

"Hey! Enjoying the Gala so far?"
Motion them closer again.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371524

After a few more deep breaths I look at him sheepishly
"S-So… uh… t-there's music playing…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371525

"We've talked to the Princesses!" I say with a squee.
"Oh" Motion to Lime.
"This is Lime, have you both met him yet?"

Papaver Field [Lonely] 371527

"I just want to look at him up close…
Do you think he's immortal like the princesses?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371528

"Oh yeah, we greeted the princesses just earlier. They look amazing!"

I chuckle
"Of course I know Sidus! I'm making a statue out of him! I don't think I've met his friend here yet though, miss…?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371529

"That's something."
I nod.
"I have, yes."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371530

I'll smile a little, and nod.
"So there is."
Come on, Star, ask away.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371531

"Right, silly me."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371534

I keep looking at him expectantly, but say nothing.

Nock [Tracker] 371536

"Maybe… But then, he's probably not old enough to be dead yet anyway, right? He's not even like, a hundred yet."

DM 371537

"I'm not entirely sure…"
He is flanked by highly decorated guards. A massive contrast to his plain looks.
"Don't you think we should socialize?
…well, we can do that later too. Lead on~"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371538

Fine, but you have to ask for the next one.
I'll take off my hat again and bow to Star.
"My lady, would you do me the honor of joining me for a dance?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371539

"She is Burning Heart, the best mare a pony could wish for~."
I chuckle.

When they both come closer, I lower my voice.
"Act natural. There is a pony in the bushes. I don't think he or she is a guard. What do you think we should do? I already told a guard inside, but they haven't done anything so far."


Look slightly surprised.
"I thought you knew every single pony in here, honey."
SbS. Ponies we don't know yet after something like a century of parties?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371541

I smirk and nod my head at her
"Nice to meet you, Burning."
As he tells us about the bushes, I lower my voice as well
"I could always use some earthern magic to grapple him or her…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371542

I blush and smile
"I… Y-Yes please… t-thank you."

Papaver Field [Ronery] 371543

Oh my.
"Maybe we shouldn't bother…"

Sidus [Rogue] 371544

"We should be more sneaky about it. We can't know who it is yet."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371545

"It wouldn't hurt him or her at all. Besides, who would sneak through the bushes like that? … the gardener?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371546

"A very strange guard?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371547

Putting my hat back atop my head, I'll walk Star out to the dance floor.
Alright, we know the steps, we've got the music, and we've practiced. Just breathe, relax, and have fun.
Hoof on her waist with hers on my shoulder, we'll begin the simple waltz. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Nock [Tracker] 371548

"I'm sure he would at least greet us if you want to be able to brag about it later."


Oh dear… Try and keep up and straighten him out.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Papaver Field [Happy Pony] 371550

Nod at her, more to make courage to myself than anything else.
I've greeted the princesses, damnit!
Move closer.
"S-sir Morion?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371552

"I dunno… seems too weird… What do you think Cherry?"

DM 371554

"Just to keep up appearances dear. I know that was never your thing, but still."
There are some new paladin cadets at least.
He is done with his greetings to the princess now
…what a pleasant voice.

Papaver Field [Happy Pony] 371556

"We- we are from the academy. I just wanted you to know it's an honor being able to meet you, sir."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371557

"We could just go look and see what it is."
I look at Sidus.
"Did you tell the guard?"

Nock [Tracker] 371558

Nod along with her. "You are an inspiration to all those who follow the Sisters."

Sidus [Rogue] 371561

I nod.
"I did. How do we remain non suspicios and check around the bushes though?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371563

Cross my eyes and do a mock up of a serious face.
"Yes my dear, of course my dear!"
Paladins. Bah. I wonder where that stinkbag of a sun-crazed lunatic went.
No harm in taking a look at the young generations thou.
I wonder if there is anypony worth setting on a life of pain and damnation.
Go look at these 'new cadets'.

DM 371564

"Ah. Cadets of the Academy. How lovely to have you here.
Dressed up all nice too, I see."
"We could pretend to have a reason to go there?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371566

"Reason being?"

Papaver Field [Happy Pony] 371567

"S-sir, the dresses where actually just an exercise to train my magic, I didn't mean to waste time in something so silly!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371568

"To look at the animals.
I know there are a lot of cute animals around here."
Grab Lime
"Do you want to go look at the animals with me?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371569

I smirk
"Sure I do. I heard they're lovely."

Sidus [Rogue] 371570

"We'll stay here and keep watch. Good thinking."

Do I still see the pony in the bush?

Nock [Tracker] 371571

"Yes, sir. It wouldn't have been possible without your contributions to the Faith. I think it the dream of every cadet to one day measure up to your accomplishments."

Papaver Field [Happy Pony] 371572



Looks like I manage to keep us going, with Jon BEEFING it completely.
But keep dancing nonetheless… at the gala~

Roll #1 2 = 2

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371575

Let's see if I can't salvage it this time. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371576

Smile and grab his hoof.
"We'll be right back."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371579

I trot along with her

DM 371581

A bunch in the garden
A few talking to Morion in the hall
A pair dancing
"I dunno. We went to look for the animals? Take a leak? Pick a flower we liked? Check if it was the species of bush we thought it was?"
"Magical dresses?
I've heard of temporary magical armour, but that hardly lasts ten minutes. Never heard of magical dresses though."
Yes. He keeps moving, as if surveying the area.
"Faith is not about accomplishments. It is about finding inner peace, and helping others do so as well. It is about doing good, as the virtues teach us."
Why yes you can.
Absolutely perfectly.
Not a single step missed, and you even toss in a few you come up with on the fly.

Papaver Field [Happy Pony] 371584

Wave a hoof dismissively.
"Just boring magical stuff. I'm not great with the theory.
Instructor Layline seems so impressed with it, but I'd rather train my body, sir.
And sing of the glory of battle."

Nock [Tracker] 371585

Nod along.

Sidus [Rogue] 371586

"The others are 'checking the animals', that should allow us to corner him."

Raise my voice from it's previous volume.
"Burning, I think your mane would be complemented by a nice flower. Want to get one?~"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371589

We hardly share views. And be I damned if I butt in on two ponies dancing.
Last time I did that was…
Yeah, let's go for the garden.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371590

"Well, I'd say we're both holding up rather well on the dance floor, Star."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371592

Now what?

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371594

We wait for DM

DM 371596

"The voice of the faithful is the holiest of instruments, cadet. Never let the song in your heart end."
"You have a certain air to you.
Tell me. What do you seek to become?"
"That'd be lovely. I think I see one that fits the bill over there~"
Bearing nods and follows
You head off to the side bushes, forming a pincer move on the hiding pony with Sidus and Burning

Sidus [Rogue] 371598

I stand up and help her up, then head towards the bushes as well.
"Just point out which one you'd like, dear~"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371600

I nod and lean in on him to share a kiss
"Y-Yeah… you're doing really good~"

Papaver Field [Happy Pony] 371601

"I never will, sir. It's what gives me strenght, what reminds me of the benevolence of the Sisters even in my darkest hours."
Beam with resolution.


Well then. What exactly is happening here?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371603

I'll return the kiss.
"It takes two to waltz, Star."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371604

"You're an earth magician, Lime.
Do you think there are any animals near?"
Walk towards the bush.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371605

"Oh yeah! It's full of wildlife. Just look at all the differently colored birds!"

DM 371606

Looks like one of Clandestine's agents has been spotted by these undercover cadets.
"That one~"
She points near the pony

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371608

Take a look in the bushes.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371609

Sigh deeply. Then, talking to the agent, raise my voice slightly.
"Get out of there son."

Sidus [Rogue] 371610

"As you wish."
Use my TK to part the bush slightly.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371611

Go ahead and do other stuff without me, I'll be back later

DM 371615

That's a bush.
You show yours off all the time, so this should be familiar territory.
There is a slight flash inside the bush, and then the pony is gone
He vanishes out of the bush and appears before you with a bow
"Lord Falconwreath."


I do the same

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sidus [Rogue] 371618

Can I pick a nice flower nevertheless?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371619

I guess after our dance, I'll let Star settle down somewhere with a nice selection of the catering, and make my rounds. Maybe find everyone else.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371620

"Huh. He's gone.
That's weird. That can't have been an ordinary pony."
I look at Sidus and Burning.
"Did you see something?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371621

I shake my head.
"He probably teleported away…"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371622

"Maybe he knows teleportation magic?"

DM 371623

Lifting a lady's dress is not appropriate even if you are just trying to get a look at the bush she is in front of.
She'll love it for sure.
They seem to be in the garden

Nock [Tracker] 371625

"I wish to serve the Sisters and my family. My dynasty has served generations now as nullifiers, to protect the faithful from rogue magic."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371626

Ah! Faux pas!
"Crap! I'm sorry!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371627

Smile slyly at him.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371628

Well, let's head that way.
I'll pardon myself as I walk past that Falconwreath fellow and his friend.
"So, what's everyone up to in the garden?"

Papaver Field [Happy Pony] 371629

Ouch. The dinasty thing.
Shrink back.

Sidus [Rogue] 371630

Levitate it in her mane with a smirk.
"That's that then. Let's not slack off, but we can enjoy ourselves a bit, can't we?"

Chuckle at that but say nothing.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371631

"Did those kids pin you down?"
Give a subdued chortle.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371632

"I… It was an accident!"

DM 371636

"That's a fancy way of saying you want to be an Inquisitor."
"Something the matter?"
"We sure can.
…looks like they already are…"
She nods at the other duo
"No, lord. I was prepared to vanish to another location if needed. I was tasked with keeping the yard secure."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371639

"I don't doubt, I'm sure you are doing an excellent work.
Now, which one of them did find you?"
Look at the kids.

Sidus [Rogue] 371641

"Mhm… want to check inside too?"
"I would proudly show off with having the prettiest mare at the Gala~"

Papaver Field [Happy Pony] 371643

"Sir, no sir. Just minor matters. Nothing that should bother a paladin, sir."

Nock [Tracker] 371644

"That is the consequence, but I would gladly any road that would lead me to serve, sir. My family and my talent have lead me to believe this is through the Inquisition. I did not intend to put on airs, sir."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371646

"Accidents happen, I guess."
I say with a smile.
"But I really wonder where that pony went to."
Look around, do I see him anywhere?

Roll #1 6 = 6


I grin sheepishly
"Yeah… heh… I mean… at least the sight was goo-"
And then I stop myself from saying anything more.
"Right! Let's look for him."

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 371652

"The short one, lord."
…who are those two at the door?"
"No need to be so formal with the titles and sirs, friends.
They may call me High Celestial or Light of Faith or Heart of Heavens, but in the end, I am simply Morion, and nothing more.
As for the Inquisition… I never did like them. They had no place in my kingdom, for I saw their hate as misguided."
There are a pair of ponies talking at the door leading inside. The other could have been the pony from the bushes.
The other seems to be a noblepony.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371654

"Good to know. Shape up blade, the night is young. Dismissed."

Go after the short one, then.
"Say honey, doesn't tonight remind you of anything?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371657

Turn to look at them.
"… I don't know."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371659

I'll pipe in.
"The noble is Lord Falconwreath, or so he was introduced as. Star and I were behind him in line to greet the princesses."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371660

Well that's a long shot.
Turn to Lime.
"Those 2 ponies at the door, what do you think?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371663

I shrug
"I dunno… could be one of them maybe?"

DM 371664

The blade bows and vanishes
"What might you be thinking of?"
one of them just vanished, and the noble was joined by what is probably his wife

Nock [Tracker] 371665

"Surely not every inquisitor is so?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371666

"Oh. A noble, huh."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371668

"Wha- Hey!"
I run over
"Where did he go!? Who was that you were talking to, sir?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371669

Gasp as he vanishes.
"Well that was odd.
Maybe we should watch them?"

Papaver Field [Happy Pony] 371672

"B-but not all of them are bad!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371675

Oh Celestia.
I go run next to him.
"Please excuse him, sir.
We didn't want to disturb you."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371676

"Well, I don't know who he was talking to, though. Maybe a guest who arrived after him? Or a bodyguard, since he disappeared like that."
I'll look around.
"So, what were you four doing out here anyway?"

DM 371678

"Only those who use faith as a reason to sow pain, fear and hate."
"Well well dear, seems we have fans"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371679

"Me, you, that old mansion in the snow… I don't quite remember, what were you dressed like?"
"I think he went back to doing his job. Guarding the night, like the silent protector he is!"
Ramp up the drama in my voice but end up with a chuckle.

Sidus [Rogue] 371680

"Enjoying the outsides of the Gala. We were just about to head inside. What about you, enjoying it so far?"

Papaver Field [Happy Pony] 371681

Stick closer to Nock.
"Y-you would never, right?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371683

Nock [Tracker] 371685

Give her a gentle smile and suppress a chuckle. "That's a silly question. Like asking if I would ever be evil. I think nopony that follows Celestia or Luna would be truly so sadistically motivated."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371688

I'll nod.
"So far Star and I have danced for a while, and she's currently enjoying the catering."
I'll grimace a little.
"I think she's having more fun with that than when we danced."
Shaking my head, I'll continue.
"So, when are you and miss Heart going to storm the dance floor? I'm sure Sidus the 'great' won't be upstaged by a farmpony in a reasonably-priced suit."

DM 371690

"Oh please dear. As if I'd remember every outfit I've had over the decades."

Sidus [Rogue] 371691

I turn to Burning.
"I guess we could do that right now."
Smirk and turn back to Jon.
"Want to see the master at work?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371693

I'll chuckle a little.
"If I wanted to see a master, I'd ask the nobles. I'd rather just see a friend and his special somepony enjoying themselves."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371695

"Very valid question.
A bit too broad.
What what, young one?"
Smile at him.
"Oh but I'm talking waaay back then.
When I wore that old batpony uniform…"

Papaver Field [Happy Pony] 371698

Melt in a loving smile.
"Right. And I know you wouldn't."
Shift a little closer to her.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371701

"There was a pony right there, standing with you. Then he vanished… and he was sneaking around in the bushes earlier too! Do you know where he went?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371703

"If you say so, I guess we can."

Start leading Burning inside.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371705

"Ah, that what.
I have no idea. It's really a dark night outside, Luna seems to be gloomy.
Now, it's your turn to tell me something.
Who's the kid over yonder?"
Nod in the direction of the Short One.

DM 371708

"We could, yeah~"
Morion raises a brow
"Are you two…?"
She follows with a smile

Sidus [Rogue] 371709

Once inside, use my 10/10 perception, anything out of the ordinary?

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371710

"Uh….that's Sidus. We could introduce him to you, sir."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371712

I tap a hoof against my chin
"I wonder if he was a spy…"
I shake my head
"Him? Oh that's Sidus."

DM 371713

A noble is hitting the booze pretty hard at least.
Also the cherry on top of one of the cakes is crooked.

Nock [Tracker] 371715

"Yes, we came together, sir. It won't interfere with our job performance, I assure you."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371716

I'll follow the two inside, and get myself a small plate of food.
Any trouble at the tables? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Papaver Field [Happy Pony] 371719

Blush slightly.
"We are good friends…"

Sidus [Rogue] 371720

Right it with my TK.
Get on the dance floor, keeping close to that notorious pony.
Turn to Burning and bow.
"May I have this dance?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371722

"No, no spy I assure you. Just a very playful pony, that's all.
And don't bother your friend, he's with a mare, after all."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371726

"If you say so…"
I look at Cherry
"Wanna go check out the rest of the garden?"

DM 371727

The guests have mostly arrived it seems.
"Hm. From the looks of you you might even have been lovers."
"You may have as many as you want~"
She whips her mane a little, and grabs one of the roses she had it in into her teeth, then grins

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371728

"As you wish.
Have a pleasant evening sir."

Go with him to the garden.
"Well that was lucky. We weren't supposed to just disturb the guests remember?"

Papaver Field [Happy Pony] 371730

"We are in the academy to become paladins, not to find a family.
That's what's been told to me when my parents disowned me for being a mage.
I wouldn't let a relationship stand in the way."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371731

Well, let's wander a bit. Sidus has the dance floor covered, and those other two are in the garden doing… something.
Vera and Nock are busy, it looks like.
I wonder if the Battlemaster was invited? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371735

I frown
"It could have been important…"
I sigh
"But apparently I just made a fool out of myself… damn."

Sidus [Rogue] 371736

Can I make her proud with a dance then?

Come on, be a smooth now.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371737

Nod at them as they go.
"And you know what party I was talking about! The first party we ever went to together!"
So, this Sidus kid.
Look him over.
Is he that kind of pony?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371739

"Oh no. You'd have got him if he was up to something."
Put my hoof on his shoulder.
"Besides who cares about what some old pony like him thinks.
Let's go check out the garden."

Nock [Tracker] 371740

Chuckle. "At least we're doing a good job of looking low profile."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371743

"Heh… I guess you're right… let's go see that garden!"

DM 371750

"A focused mind makes a good bed for faith to take root in."
Amazingly, he was.
Or then he simply was sent here because the Headmaster was busy.
He looks rather uncomfortable in formal attire.
In an odd twist of faith, your dance moves are impeccable.
You two are the center of admiring attention by all on the dancefloor, and she is completely blown away.
But there will be dark things to come in your future.
"The Ambassador's party?"
And Sidus is probably not gay. But then, neither were you until you tried it.
Animals, statues or lawn games?

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371754

"So, what first?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371755

I'll go say hello.
"Evening, Battlemaster."

Sidus [Rogue] 371756

I ain't going to heaven niggas I already sold my soul to Lucifer.

Keep her dancing and amazed completely, and at the same time, keep an ear/eye out for that pony who was hitting the drinks earlier.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371757

Look for the animals.

Roll #1 8 = 8


As do I!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371760

Eh, sure, how likely for me to think about the D when the only one pony I took it from is the same pony I betrayed so long ago.
And for what, an eternity of parties?
I should have died when I was young, fighting father that one day.
But he dances just like I did.
"Mhmh. That one.
Seeing him dance… Do you remember? I took you like this-"
Move a hoof behind her and mock up a dance move.
"-and we dived into the floor."

Now, is that a soul that would do just anything?
I will just have to wait.

Nock [Tracker] 371761

"So it does."

Papaver Field [Happy Pony] 371764

"Were you like this too, sir?
U-uh, I mean, focused, of course…"

DM 371766

"Evening Cadet. Liking the party?"
He left for the bathroom.
Burning decides to be brave and kisses you, passing you the rose in her teeth.
A more distant area of the gardens is teeming with animals. You can see rabbits, birds, a goat…
He does dance well at least
"I mostly remember that party ended really badly…"
"When I was your age, I was working to bring inner peace and spiritual reason to my homeland.
We were very poor. Barely had enough food, and our armies were poorly armed. But we had faith. Faith in the Sun.
Have you two heard the stories of the north by chance?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371768

"So far, sir. Got to say hello to the Princesses. Princess Luna has a nice smile."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371769

Oooooh, can I pet one of the rabbits?

Roll #1 7 = 7


Am I eating?

I better be enjoying this buffet right now…

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sidus [Rogue] 371771

Keep an ear/eye out for his return.
If he went there to puke, all the better, that will clear his head up a bit.

Smirk at Burning as she does so, and accept the flower.
And keep her dancing, oh god I'm so good.


I smile
"You really do like animals, don't you?"

Wait what? Goats?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371773

"I was glad I could take you home before anything happened that night."
Kiss her.

Mill around a bit. There is something I have to do once it all calms down.
Lean against a wall in a dark corner.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371774

Papaver Field [Mage] 371775

"I… Have a general idea.
My parents are from Eaglecrest."

Nock [Tracker] 371782

"Many, sir."

I did get a good history roll after all.

DM 371790

"She does indeed…
Any signs of trouble?"
Sure you can. They are very friendly. And cuddly.
Oh yes.
Just look at all this food.
Hot damn.
Enjoy it while it lasts.
The noble returns, walking a little uneasily.
I'll let it slip this once.
"Ah. Then I won't bore you with more, I suppose."
Just one. He is eating one of the bushes.

Nock [Tracker] 371792

"It would be an honor to hear your account, sir."

Straight from the horse's mouth!

Papaver Field [Mage] 371794

"N-no! I'd love to know the words of somepony like you!"


Welp, I know what I'm going to be doing for now.
Wait… is Luna around somewhere?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371796

"Eeeeh, they're so cute."
I puck one up and hug it and cuddle it and pet it.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371797

Gee, no description for my exacrit kiss? No "You still got it Pumpkin, old champ!"
Okay I will shut up.
"I take you saw the kid that found out one of ours, right?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371798

Finish with some sort of flashy dance move.
After that, kiss her, just for good measure.
"How about a little break? Let's not get too exhausted in dancing right away~"

Walk over to the table and grab a drink, then float her one too.
Possibly nearby that noble.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371799

"Not so far, sir, but the night is young yet. Sidus and miss Heart did find an odd pony in the bushes, but it seems that was someone who knew lord Falconwreath. A bodyguard, probably."
I'll look over the crowd.
"Let's hope it stays this quiet, though. Star told me about how her dad got banned from the Gala one year, and I hope we don't end up having an incident like that on our hooves…"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371804

Strange creatures…

I chuckle as she squees in delight

DM 371809

She is indeed.
She is looking out one of the windows, polishing the stars to make the night prettier.
"Well. The High King offered us a share in his empire. Food to feed us and safety from aggression.
I feared he may turn on us if we refuse, so I accepted. But when Celestia's light came to the North, I chose her over the cold heart of the High King. And sure enough, he died shortly thereafter.
I never did like his adviser, Destiny, either."
It is a very fluffy bunny and it loves hugs.
"I did. A little short for a Lordblade though."
He sits down by the wall and laughs at his own thoughts.
Burning gives you a smile and tosses her hips a little to show off her cutie mark better from the dress' cut
The goat scoffs and continues his meal.
"You met one of Falconwreath's spooks?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371811

"Not personally, sir. As I said, it was Sidus and miss Heart who ferreted him out. But I suppose he'd have to be one if he could just vanish into thin air like he did after having his chat with Lord Falconwreath."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371814

"And you were a little too young, if I remember right.
Can you test him? Give him something to chase? I will watch from the shadows."


Oh gosh…
I'm probably not even supposed to be disturbing her but…
Urgh… do I have the courage?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nock [Tracker] 371816

"It sounds like things were unstable back then…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 371817

"My parents never told me much of the High King…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371819

"Who's the cutest bunny, you are yes you are."

Sidus [Rogue] 371821

"Think that guy will be fine or will he be trouble?"
Smirk at her and very quickly smack her rear with my tail.
Let's hope nopony saw it and deemed it inapporpriate.
"You were right. I really like this dress on you~"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371824

"Do you want to hold the bunny too?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371825

I wince slightly at the sight of the rabbit
"Uh… no that's fine! I'm uh… content with just watching!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371829

Put the rabbit down and walk over to him.
"Hey, you're not scared of rabbits are you?"
I say with a smile.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371831

I take a step back
"What? No! Of course not! It's just a rabbit!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371836

"I thought you liked animals too.
isn't that part of Earth magic?"

DM 371840

"Aye. I know the type… They give me the creeps.
And I've heard there's dozens of them in Canterlot…"
"To say the least. I prefer it here in Canterlot. I do not miss the cold."
"I always felt he wasn't evil, so much as… misguided. He felt detached from the world to me."
The bunny shakes its head and points at a notably cuter bunny a few feet away. It is playing with a ball of string.
100% stealthy lewd actions.
"I knew you would~"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371841

"I uh… ugh… I'm allergic to rabbits."
I rub the back of my neck with a sheepish grin
"… it's stupid for somepony who practices earth magic like me, I know…"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371843

Sidus [Rogue] 371844

Lean closer.
"Maybe I'll even allow you to wear it during other occasions later~"

Still no troublemakers?

Papaver Field [Mage] 371845

"Maybe he needed a stronger light in his life…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371846

I'll cock my head sideways a little, but not so far my hat falls off.
"If you've heard about them, doesn't that mean they aren't doing their jobs right?"

DM 371850

File: 1363491804235.png (235.18 KB, 864x481, Luna_Angry_3_S2E4.png)

You swallow your fear, go get a plate of cake and trot over to the princess.
However you trip over a lump in the carpet, losing balance. As you stumble, you step on Luna's tail, causing her to yelp in pain. The cake flies out of your hoof and lands on her head, and you fall over, slamming into her, ending up on the floor, tightly hugging her butt.
She turns her head to look back at you, looking absolutely terrifying.
"You need me to make a scene, or?"
The drunken lord gets up and stumbles a bit, mumbling some swearwords as he does.
"A few of them are my old students. I think."

Nock [Tracker] 371851

"The peace must be a relief as well."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371853

"I need you to look suspicious enough for him to pick your trail.
Lead him upstairs. I will wait there."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371856

"Those are probably the ones you haven't heard about, then."

Sidus [Rogue] 371858

Kiss Burning on the cheek.
"Excuse me for a second."

Walk over to the noble.
"Enjoying the many goods of the Gala, sir?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371859

I look at her, then back at her butt, then back at her and yelp loudly as I release her and jump backwards.
"I-I… I… I j-just… I w-wanted…"
I gulp, slowly backing away and tearing up now.
"I-I'm r-really s-sorry I didn't mean to…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 371861

'1d10' to notice what's going on with the princess.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371864

'1d10' to care about what's happening to the princess.
'1d10' to have pity about the poor cadet.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 9 = 9

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371865

"Oh, I understand, I'm sorry."
Grab his hoof.
"We should go somewhere else then.
Where do you want to go?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371867

Oh, this old heart can't take it.
Daintily trot over to the scene of the crime, a small smile on my lips.
Wistle something lighthearted.

Nock [Tracker] 371868

And do I? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371870

"Oh no! You can go ahead and enjoy the animals!"
I smile
"It's great to see you enjoying yourself around them like that."

DM 371872

"It is… it is.
I am glad for it."
"Can do.
…for a kiss~"
"Very possible. I only know stories really. Hearsay and all that.
…get me a drink will ya?"
"Oh yesh. I particularly like the puncsch.
Go get me another glash of it would you?"
Rolling to not get mad
Welcome to the scene.
You do.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Papaver Field [Mage] 371873

"What is it Nock?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371875

"Anything in particular, sir, or just the punch?"

DM 371876

She ain't even all that mad.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371877

"I'd rather do something we can both enjoy.
Now where do you want to go?"

Nock [Tracker] 371879

"…We need to help Star. Now."

Turn to Morion, "Pardon us, sir, duty calls."

Charge off, dragging Vera, to Star.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371880

Too late for that kiss, I guess it will have to wait.
"I did always find the frosting did wonders for the face, my princess."
Smile at her, start to move closer to the cadet.

Papaver Field [Mage] 371881

Look confused but follow.
"What?! Is it intruders!?"

Sidus [Rogue] 371882

"Hmm, sir, I'm sure you tasted quite enough of it. Why don't you try some of the apple pie? Maybe even check out the gardens for a bit of fresh air while doing so? The gardeners really outdone themselves this season."


I gulp again and try to pick out the pieces of cake with my telekinesis.
"I-I tripped and… I… I-I just wanted to ask i-if you w-wanted some c-cake… I'm really s-sorry… princess… uh… okaybye!"
I turn and run the hell away from here!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371885

Place a hoof to stop her.
"Now young lady, no need to run. I'm sure you did not mean it."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Nock [Tracker] 371888

"Star tripped on Luna!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 371890

"Oh I'm sure she just wanted a hug!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371892

Do I notice them rushing past? I'm sure the Battlemaster does… '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 371895

"The good punsch… an if ya shee Celeschtia… tell her she's got a GREAT ASS. And her her stuck… ALL THE WAY up it… HA!"
"Forsake the remarks and give us a tissue."
"Jush get me my facken drink…"
It seems your telekinesis is out of control.
With your heart racing, you can't focus on a target.
You end up pulling your own dress over your head.
And you kindly pull it back on her to stop any more gawking from happening.
He is enjoying his drink. This is a day off for him after all.

Sidus [Rogue] 371898

I shake my head slightly.
"I don't think you need one more, sir."

Nock [Tracker] 371899

Gonna go grab Star and drag her off.

"Let's go lay low, Star."



Roll #1 5 = 5

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371903

"Uh… Garden games? Or the statues?"

DM 371904

"Who the fack are you ta tell what Lord Wonderbolt can an cannot do?"
And you leave behind the princess, who is now wiping the cake off

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371905

Smile and hoof her my personal hoofkerchief.

Papaver Field [Mage] 371906

Join them and find someplace to lay low.
"Star what was that all about?!"

Sidus [Rogue] 371907

Smile at him.
"I'm not telling you can't. I'm only saying that you shouldn't."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371908

"Whatever you like."
Trot next to him and grab his tail with mine.
"Lead the way."

Before we're off, I will wave to the cute bunnies though.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371909

Then I'll excuse myself, and let him enjoy it.
Don't suppose I can spot any trouble brewing? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371910

Yeah I'm running. I'm going to the roof, Sidus said it had a nice view… and there's probably no one else around.

Papaver Field [Mage] 371911

Nope, we followin' ya gurl.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371912


Lime Rock [Shaman] 371914

"Alright then… thanks Cherry."
Let's go take a gander at those statues!

Nock [Tracker] 371916

"Star, I've dragged you away from worse than this. Like the cafeteria on our first day. Calm down."

Papaver Field [Mage] 371918

"Arguably, that wasn't the princess at the grand galopping gala…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371919

"I-I don't want to t-talk! L-Leave me alone!"

DM 371920

She wipes off the cake
"We did appreciate the gesture. Well, the cake part of it."
"Good. Now will ya get me one?"
The bunnies wave back, then go sit in little armchairs and read tiny books.
Seems it's already over
Dozens of 'em!
Heroes, events, inventors, artists…

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371921

Roll not to squee '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nock [Tracker] 371922

"If you don't want to talk to us, I could go get Jon instead."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371923

Oh my…
Start looking around.
"Oh gods… hold me, Cherry."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371925

"Such a shame that kid will probably be forever too scared to ask for your forgivness…
If only the dreamwalker could talk to her…"
Speak in very broad tones, as if talking to myself, but giving a big smile to the princess.

Sidus [Rogue] 371926

Papaver Field [Mage] 371927

"You gotta promise not to do anything stupid like run away on duty!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371928

"I j-just want to be alone r-right now!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371929

Hug him '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371930

Hmph. Some guard I am.
Then again, you go looking for trouble and it'll find you sure enough.
Time to go look for my date. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nock [Tracker] 371933

"Star, this isn't just a party, this is our job. We have to make sure you're alright. You're not just a friend tonight, you're a partner."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371935

"I-I'll be fine! J-Just leave me b-be! I… I need some time a-alone!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 371937

Sigh and shake my head.
"Star, I'm sure everything is fine.
You'd know if she hated you by now!"

DM 371942

"Fffine I'll get myself…"
he stumbles up and goes get his own punch
"You request we speak to the child, Falconwreath? We have duties to attend to. Seek her out for us yourself if you so desire, but we cannot take the time to search for her."
Well I guess that counts as some sort of hug if you use a broad definition…
Good luck getting the feeling of that 10/10 out of you mind for the rest of the night.
Why not just ask to see it right here if you have to be such a slut?
She is headed upstairs it seems. >>371935

Sidus [Rogue] 371944

"I don't think that's a very good idea, sir. Why do you insist on getting so drunk at the Grand Galloping Gala?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371946

It's not her fault, dat bulge distracted her.
Cherry never failed a hug before.

Roll not to blush '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371947

Sigh and shake my head.
"I'm no princess. No ethereal mane and sparkling stars. But I do understand your duties are important, my Moon."
Bow and be off.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371949

RNG pls

Roll #1 2 = 2

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371950

"S-She'll never want to see m-me again! I-I'm such a klutz I-I messed up the f-first time I m-met the princess!"
I bury my face in my hooves and start sobbing.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371951

Blushing like a tomato.
I'm probably at a loss for words right now.

Nock [Tracker] 371952

"Star, it didn't even get on her dress. I bet she has already forgotten with how busy she is tonight."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371953

I'll be blushing slightly as well.
"Uh… well that was unexpected. Are you… okay?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371954

I'll frown a little.
What exactly happened while I was distracted?
I'll start to head over, but then stop.
What if she doesn't want me to talk to her right now?
I'll shake my head, and get moving again.
If she doesn't, she'll say so and I'll let her be.
I'll approach the three mares.
"What happened?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371957

"D-Didn't you see how angry s-she was at me!? I-I'm supposed to b-be a paladin of hers and I… I…"
I burst into full tears now.

DM 371961

"Becaushe I never wanned to be here to begin wish an I need a way ta pash the time…"
Can't you just imagine what it must look like?
What it must feel like?
"Still waiting big guy…"

Nock [Tracker] 371963

Can my cuddly lesbian hugs help? '1d10'

I seriously hope these aren't only good for Vera.

"I think you're psyching yourself out, Star. I saw her, too, but she didn't look very mad. Just… surprised. You think she was mad because you were afraid."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371964

I nod.
"Y-yes. I…I'm allright. Better then allright."
Grab his hoof again and snuggle up close.
"Let's see those statues."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371965

Appear behind that dark corner she hides in.
Kiss her neck.
"Off you go sweetie~"

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371967


Lime Rock [Shaman] 371968

"I uh… I mean not that I mind it or anything! It was just… unexpected."

Sidus [Rogue] 371969

"Sir, you could pass the time in so much more refined ways. You would feel better about it tomorrow too. I'm just giving some advice, and you don't have to do it, but if I were you, I would grab a slice of apple pie, a big glass of pure and fresh water, and I would sit down outside to watch the beautiful night sky and the gardens. You will not regret giving up drinking for that, sir, I can promise."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371970

No, they don't. They just freak me out even more.
I push her away and start running again, towards the roof
"L-Leave me alone!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371972

"Yeah, I don't know what came over me."
Can I resist letting my eyes wander down again?'1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371974

I'll sigh a little at being ignored, shoot Nock a look, and go on up after Star.
"Star, wait! What happened?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 371975

"She's gonna get herself in a lot of troubles!"
After her!

DM 371976

I think your lesbian marefriend appreciates those moves a lot more than the innocent straight girl you bulldyke dominatrix.
She raises a brow
"On the mouth Romeo. Just like old times."
Lets hope there are no distracting statues.
"I'd jush fall ashleep again.. happened lash year… shomeone shtole my watsch and drew a dick on my wing…"
Roll to not blurt out your desire for it

Nock [Tracker] 371977

Yes. Let's track her.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371978


Roll #1 5 = 5

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371979


Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 371980

You settle on just outright staring right at it in the most blatant way possible.


"But yet again, did we ever stop?"
Let her go to the kid.
I should keep a watch on the ballroom, in the meanwhile.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sidus [Rogue] 371982

"What do you think would happen if you'd pass out from the too much punch, sir? Probably something worse. If they see you with a glass in your hand, they will ridicule you in your sleep. If they see you with closed eyes in the garden with some water, they will assume you just meditate or enjoy the a night breeze and leave you alone."


Rolling to get away from them

Roll #1 2 = 2

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371984

Catching up. '1d10'
And hugging. '1d10+2'
"Star, what's wrong?"

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


Whoa I'm a huge faggot and read mouth as mount.
Give her the kiss she wants.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 371986

Put a hoof on Nock's shoulder.
"We should let her and Jon talk now…"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371987

"Uh… Cherry?"
I get back on my hooves
"Are you feeling alright? You're looking a little… hot."

Nock [Tracker] 371988


Star Hopper [Cleric] 371989

I just whimper as he catches up with me and embraces me

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371990

I'll pet her mane a little.
"What happened, Star?"

DM 371991

Drunk idiots mostly.
One of the Blades is taking a sleeping lady to a guest room to sleep off the drink.
And with that, she's off
"Hrm… you know… ish worth… a try."
He waddles off.
You notice a very suspicious something creep up the stairs to the second floor in the corner of your eye…

Cherry Merry [Bard] 371992

Good thing I'm wearing that dress.Wink Wink.

Look back up.
"Uh what? Oh…uh…yeah."
Wave my hoof near my face
"It's such a hot night. Maybe we should….get a drink before looking at the statues."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 371993

"I… I… I h-hurt princess L-Luna…"
Continuing between sobs, I bury my face in his chest.
"I-I made her a-angry…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 371994

"What do you mean?"
'1d10+2' calming hugs.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Sidus [Rogue] 371995

Glance at Burning.
Wait a few seconds, that should be enough to get her attention.
Once that's done, slightly nod my head towards the stairs, then slowly start making my way upwards.

Papaver Field [Mage] 371996

"We- we should go back to the Gala. Something might be happening."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 371997

"… Right. Drinks."
I dust myself off and smile at her
"Let's go get some."
I lead her back to the buffet hall thing place

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 371998

Time to wait upstairs then. Hide in a nice dark corner on the rafters of the second floor hallway.

Nock [Tracker] 371999

"Right. Let's have a look around."


Roll #1 9 = 9

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372000

Go with him, keeping him close, very close

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372001

That helps.
"I-I just… I was eating from the b-buffet and s-saw her standing a-alone… s-so I thought I c-could get her some c-cake…"
I sniffle.
"And then… I-I tripped over s-something and… f-fell on Luna… w-with the cake in h-her mane and…"
I start sobbing again.
"S-She looked so a-angry at m-me…"

DM 372002

Whatever it was, it knew what it was doing. And it was fast.
The nobles are mingling
The music is playing
Morion is talking with his choir
You see Peaches dart up the stairs and give a confirming nod.
One of the guests drops her cake.
But moments thereafter, the cake lifts off the floor, reassembles itself and puts itself back on her plate.
The perpetrator of this trick being none other than the mage any Equestrian would know. Starswirl the Timestrider. High Archmage of Canterlot.
And… his… guard?

Papaver Field [Mage] 372003

"See anything?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372004

Get myself a drink. Something refreshing and preferably non-alcoholic.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372005

I'll keep petting her mane.
"Well, you probably apologized already, right? I'm sure she forgave you."

Sidus [Rogue] 372006

Be on my guard and pick up the pace.
Keep up and keep going.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372007

Wait for the kid then. And for his mare.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372008

I do the same, keeping close to her and occasionally glancing over

Nock [Tracker] 372009

"Starswirl is here. You're a mage, I guess you want to talk to him, too?"

DM 372010

There is plenty to pick from.
…including a pink one in a heart shaped bowl.
It has a wet piece of paper near it.
You soon reach the second floor, but there is nobody in sight.
Right below you.

Papaver Field [Mage] 372011

"I want to avoid magic for the whole night."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372012

Pick up the paper.
Is there anything on it?

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372013

Keep hidden. Mask my voice.
"So, we have ourselves a little hero."

Nock [Tracker] 372014

"Why's that? Even I think he'd be a pretty interesting character to meet. Magic theory's not my strong suit, of course."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372015

"I-I apologized… b-but I messed up! Again! I-I've been wanting t-to meet the princess f-for so l-long! And now I-I made myself l-look like a c-complete idiot… s-some paladin I am… S-So stupid…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372016

"If Layline was interested in the dresses, I can't imagine what he would do."

Sidus [Rogue] 372017

I pull out myself, stand tall, and smirk.
"And a troublemaker too, it seems."
Can I tell where the voice is coming from?

Roll #1 1 = 1


I look at it as well

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nock [Tracker] 372019

Shrug. "He's probably seen it before. In fact, you should ask him! And ask about those demons, too. He's supposed to be one of the most knowledgeable ponies in Canterlot, right? I mean, if he's as nice as Morion and lets us chat. I almost wanted to ask Luna about your nightmares, but she seemed busy…"

DM 372020

It seems to have been a label of some kind.
Must have gotten wet when someone spilled something. A little hard to read unless dried up first.
It's fucking EVERYWHERE for all you know.
It might not even be one voice.
Who knows what kind of ambush this is?
The starry sky looks a lot brighter and happier than earlier though…

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372021

"Shh, shh. Everyone makes mistakes. But being a paladin means more than getting it right the first time, it means having the courage to keep trying, even if you fall."
I'll give her a little kiss.
"And you, Star Hopper, are a courageous pony. I know you are."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372022

"That's how the world goes. There are ponies who keep it running and ponies who push it down. Turn around now before you get hurt kid."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372023

"W-well that's true… Will you stay with me when I do it?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372024

Hard to read but maybe not impossible.
Try it.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nock [Tracker] 372025

Chuckle. "Unless you want me to wait outside the door."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372026

Frown at her.
"Hey, that was your idea!"
Approach Starswirl.
"H-hem, sir?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372027

I look up at it with teary eyes, feeling slightly better at the sight.

"B-But what i-if she starts yelling at m-me? O-Or bans me f-from the Gala like my D-Dad?"
I shudder at the thought


Any better luck for me?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372029

Then I'll never know.
Ask one of the caterers what the drink is.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sidus [Rogue] 372030

Burning I hope you are hiding somewhere nearby…

Keep cool, I got this, I just need to stall for now.
"Yeah, you're right, I might get hurt if I stay… I mean, I don't even have a weapon, and punching someone so many times does make your hoof rather sore after a while."

DM 372031

[–ut-o-: -ov- p–-on]
"Good evening."
He has a strong magical aura to him. And a luxurious beard~
His bodyguard looks rather gruff though. Clad in golden armour and wielding a warhammer.
They seem terribly busy…

Papaver Field [Mage] 372032

Well that looks like a strong stallion alright!
Bow down.
"We are from the paladin academy sir. And I had a small question…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372033

"Then I'll be with you. If she bans you, I'll get myself banned too. Shouldn't be too hard."
I'll give her a smile.
"Or we could always try again. If she's angry, then all we have to do is apologize. I'm sure a fresh slice of cake will help soothe that, though."
I'll plant another small kiss on her forehead.
"And this time, I'll be there with you, to catch you if you fall."

Nock [Tracker] 372034

Nod and bow with her. I don't know what to say to these mage types.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372035

I gulp
"Y-You really mean t-that?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372036

What a surprise. Who is in charge of this catering anyway?

I sigh. "I can't make it out."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372037

I look at Cherry, then shrug.
"Well, might as well grab a drink while we're here."
Fill a glass for myself.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372038

"What, the getting myself banned, or being there to catch you?"
I'll keep smiling.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372039

"Yes, you're right. It can't be dangerous if they serve it at the Gala."

Get one for myself.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372040

"Going around chasing ghosts without a weapon, that's a damn shame."
Let a normal dagger fall on the ground in front of him, then swiftly change hiding spot.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372041

I sniffle one more time, then tighten the hug around him
"O-Okay then… T-Thank you…"

Sidus [Rogue] 372042

Smirk and levitate up the dagger.
Keep it from a distance from me, it can be a trap/rigged.

"You just made a big mistake…"
Any places where I can stealth to?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Keep track of the guy with SbS.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372044

Well, this little half-cape thing is good for something. I can use it to dry Star's tears.
"You can thank me after we've talked with the Princess."
Now, let's help Star to her hooves, and we can get ourselves another slice of Peace Cake.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372045

"So, now that you have the safety of your steel, what will you do?"

DM 372046

"Go on…"
Celestia's kitchen crew she needs her fun
It's not metagaming if your characters know how to play hangman.
Just sayan.
There is nowhere he can run from the eyes of Canterlot.
Burning looks worried

Sidus [Rogue] 372047

Start circling the place, he must be hiding somewhere.
"Bring you down, of course."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372048

"Well there is this one friend of mine that can do strange things with her magic, and really nopony can understand why…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372049

What do you say Lime?

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372050

I only just realized what is going on here after rereading the previous posts. goddammit, my tired brains are playing tricks on me

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372051

I nod and obediently follow him.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372052

"Think about your mare, hero. Look at her. She's scared. She's still just a child. Do you really want to risk her too?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372053

So, peace offering in hoof, we'll go back to where there was a Fallen Star.

Sidus [Rogue] 372054

"No… you are right."
Turn to Burning.
"I'm sorry, could you go downstairs and check on Lord Wonderbolt? I will need to take care of this myself."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372055

Watch the scene unfold, silent.

Nock [Tracker] 372056

Shake my head at her. "Don't b eat around the bush. She conjures items and they don't disappear with time. The magic teacher can't explain it."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372057

My blood freezes solid as I hear her destroy my perfect cover.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372058

It could be >fun, it could also be disastrous on a massive scale and it will probably be both. If you'd rather not, Cherry could just take another look at the paper and start piecing it together.


Once we get back to the dining hall I sheepishly look around

Angry princess spot

Roll #1 4 = 4

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372060

I agree, why the heck not?

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372061

I'll look around as well. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372062

We drinking?

Nock [Tracker] 372063

I didn't destroy your cover. I'm describing your friend! Stop freaking out and making him suspicious!

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372064

"You want a glass too, Cherry?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372065

But I'm not a clever mare and these eye-contact duets are already too complex for me and why the hell do you want ice cream for dinner?

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372066

I already got one.
Raise the glass while looking at him.
Down it.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372067

I nod and start drinking as well.
"To the gala."

Nock [Tracker] 372068

That would be nice, I think I saw something at the catering table.

Hey, isn't it cool we can have these telepathic conversations now? I think it might be all the time in bed getting in sync.

DM 372069

She is like six feet tall, not exactly hard to find.
There she is, polishing the moon with her magic
…I won't leave you."
I take it the dresses are examples of this power? Their patterns seemed very special."
It tastes very sweet.
And Lime looks really sweet~
It tastes very sweet.
And Cherry looks really sweet~
Heh. Cherry Lime. What a combination of flavors…

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372070

I'll turn to Star.
"Are you ready?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372071

Nod slowly.
Steal another glance at his guard.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372072

I gulp
"O-Oh dear…"

"I… y-yes."
I take a deep breath and go over to fetch a piece of cake

Nock [Tracker] 372073

Nod. "Yes, said friend made them for us. And two more. They've been around for days. There was a ladder, too."

Sidus [Rogue] 372074

I smile at her.
"And I won't let you get hurt~"

Turn back to the… well, voice.
"You heard the mare."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372075

Once Star returns with the cake, we'll make our way over to the Princess.
Carefully, and making certain there are no errant rugs to trip us up.

Papaver Field [Mage] 372076

Follow up with a shy voice.
"And I think Layline still has the lockpicks…"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372077

I wipe my mouth and look at Cherry.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372078

Just stare into his eyes with bedroom eyes.
I've never felt like this before.
Roll to control myself, drag him away somewhere more private.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372079

"I did. Ready to die for you. But what are you asking her to die for? Did you think about that?"

Sidus [Rogue] 372081

I let out a honest laugh.
"You don't scare me with your cliche bad guy talk. We both know that the moment you show your face it will end in my triumph, as it should."

DM 372082

Many books have been written and many legends told of the Timeguardian.
She arrived from the north, at the wake of the Northern Expansion, carrying with her the light of the sun itself. Her devotion unquestioned and her fury in battle every bit as equal, she made an unspoken impression even on the immortal Celestia herself.
And though her partner, Captain Celaire, did come to lead the Phoenix Guard, Radiant herself forsook the titles of military life, joining Starswirl in his duties.
Some rumor she is a guardian of time itself, fighting to keep it safe, much like Starswirl strives to study and understand it.
A paragon of loyalty and devotion, a force of nature in battle, and a stallion at first glance, she is Radiant Isabella Goldentail Dawn.
Releasing control of Radiant to Nopo.
"Wondrous. Truly wondrous. I would love to take a closer look if I could."
Peaches holds a vase over Burning's head and gives a questioning look, silently asking if she should drop it
You can talk to her at will.
It cannot be contained.
Try not to stain the dress.
There are guest rooms upstairs, and bushes in the garden.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372083

"You should have more respect for your opponent.
They might be actually interested in what drives you, after all.
And really, talking is a wonderful way to stall for time.

Nod at Peaches.
Have her knock the girl out and take her somewhere safe.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372084

Well, no time like the present.
I'll take off my hat and clear my throat slightly.
"Pardon me, Princess Luna?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372085

I skittishly stand behind him.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372086

Grab him.
"Lime, let's go upstairs~"
I breathe heavily in almost uncontrolled desire.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372087

Nope, you're standing next to me, not behind.

Nock [Tracker] 372088

Look to Papaver, "Well, if anypony could give a real answer, it's Starswirl."

Sidus [Rogue] 372089

"I'm not interested in joining whatever you plan. I'm here to keep this Gala in check, and that is what I will do."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372090

I can't believe this is the actual Radiant I've read about!
Fangirl squee mode activated.

But onto serious business now.
"Ah. Sir, of course sir."
Hold a hoof of my dress closer to him.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372091

"Why aren't we already there!?"
Grab her back and rush the heck over to one of those rooms

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372092


Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372093

Give a long, dry laugh.
"What do you think I am, a villain of some tale your parents read you at night, before sleep?
I just like to know what my prey is thinking before I cut him. Whose face they will see last.

DM 372094

There is a slight thump and a poof.
As a result, Burning and Peaches are gone
"Yes? What is it?"
He takes it via telekinesis and observes it
"What a wonderful pattern… so mathematical. So precise… I can clearly see why this lasts so long. It has barely any instabilities. Whoever came up with this structure must be a genius!"
You pass Sidus on your way there, but promptly ignore him.
The guest rooms are fitted with double beds, a table, a dresser, a closet, a chair and a bathroom.

Nock [Tracker] 372095

Playfully grin at Papaver.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372096

I'll nudge Star a little.
"Go on, she won't bite."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372097

Try not to blush.
"She says it just happens!"

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 372098

I glance back and snark.
"Now you just made an even bigger mistake. I will go easy on you if you show yourself right now. Maybe even spare your life if you beg for it."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372099

Get in.
Slam the door.
Push Lime on that bed.
Climb on top of him and kiss him.
And I'm giving myself an extra +1 for love poison.

Roll #1 5 + 5 = 10

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372100

I bite my lower lip and slowly shuffle forwards
"Uh… I-I just… I w-wanted to apologize f-for hurting you earlier, princess L-Luna… I'm s-sorry for messing up l-like that…"


Kiss back, duh!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372102

Vanish, appear right in front of him. Mask and everything to conceal my appearence.
"I'm here kid. What will you do?"
Intimidation roll.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372103

You can roll that +2 since we're lovers now so that's an 8.

Start yanking on those clothes, get them off now. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sidus [Rogue] 372104

Not scary at all.
Look him in the mask, still standing tall.
"Give you one chance to surrender and tell where you took Burning."


Cloths… who needs 'em? Fling them out the window!

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 372106

"Hm. An unconscious effort…
What a magnificent brain. I would love to see what makes it tick."
Out they go.
Be on the lookout for a well dressed goat
She gives a soft, understanding smile
"We are not so easily offended."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372107

"I give you the same offer.
One chance to go back now. Tomorrow you will wake up and find her sleeping safe and sound in her bed."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372108

Roll not to be scared.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372109

Pin him down on the bed.
"I want you."
Kiss him '1d10+5'
This whole evening I couldn't think of anything else."
Start kissing his neck, letting my hooves go over his body."

Roll #1 4 + 5 = 9


Gulp down nervously and start backpedaling.
"Y-yeah. Will tell her. For sure!"
Try to sound as sincere as possible.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sidus [Rogue] 372111

"If you want to get something done, do it yourself. I can't, an won't trust you. You can still walk away."
Smirk slightly.
"To the hooves of the guards at least."


Catch her!

"Woah, there. Calm down, Vera."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Papaver Field [Mage] 372113

"B-but you heard him! He wants to split me open!"

DM 372114

"If you would ever so kindly hold still."
He powers up his long horn and takes a step closer

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372115

I let out a sigh of relief, then tense up again.
"T-Thank you… princess. I j-just wanted to tell you… I'd like to t-tell you how much y-your work means to me… B-Because it r-really means the world t-to me. I've o-observed it for so m-many times and it still a-amazes me… and…"
I blush, realizing I'm just rambling now
"Thank you…"

Nock [Tracker] 372116

"Stay calm he doesn't even know it's you."

"I think she's a little nervous! Why don't you look at my dress instead?"

Offer a hoof to him.


I grin, stroking her mane and kissing her back
"I'm glad we agree! I just can't… I can't stop thinking about you. I want you too."

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372118

"All this talking. You remind me of one of my first battles. One I had no hope of winning."
"Au revoir, ma proie."
And with this, vanish off into the night.

Sidus [Rogue] 372119

I'm a fucking hound, bitch!
Can I track him?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Papaver Field [Mage] 372120

I'm a paladin to be! I won't be scared by a flimsy mage!
And Nock is here after all.
Stand very, very still.

DM 372121

"Thank you.
Do you happen to know the name of the pony who made these?"
Seems you got a rough idea at least.
Give chase?

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372122

Knew she wouldn't be angry.
I'll chime in here as well.
"I'd like to thank you again, as well, Princess. It was thanks to your night sky that I and Star here are together."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372123

Good luck rolling against DCplot.

Papaver Field [Mage] 372124

'1d10' for the courage.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sidus [Rogue] 372126

Of course give chase!

Papaver Field [Mage] 372127

Sigh and lower my head.
"It was me, sir."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372128

Roll to pin him down again.
Do I get to be on top? '1d10+4'

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13

Nock [Tracker] 372129

Sidle up next to her. She needs some support.


I need imput from DM here. Otherwise I'll just do a Vanish roll as per PvP rules.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372131

You want to fool around a little further or fade to black?


b-but! that's not fair!

I honestly don't care either way
may as well make the best of it

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

DM 372133

"Mind if I take a peek inside your head?"
You think you can just fade to black when poisoned?
Roll VS eachother to see what happens.
Sidus wins he catches up
Pumpkin wins Sidus just finds Burning

Sidus [Rogue] 372134


Roll #1 9 = 9


Trained assassin against guy who just learnt to sneak rng battle!
Why would he find Burning if I'm going away from the castle anyway?
Also, he can't fly.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372136

We'll have to fade to black sometime, this is a christian imageboard you know.

"Just lay back and enjoy it baby~"
I start kissing his chest, slowly moving down to his majestic

BUT MUH CHRISTIAN IMAGEBOARD? What if children are reading?

Papaver Field [Mage] 372137

Look in distress at Nock.

Wf+6 372138

No wonder you failed so bad, nothing to hide in.

Twist my tail with hers.

"I'll be here for you in case he does any dangerous magic. I can nullify it."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372139

Bitch I'm the dark of the night.
Batman got shit on me.


right, I nearly forgot about that
I grin and use my telekinesis to play with her _____

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Papaver Field [Mage] 372141

Stand tall.

DM 372142

She looks very honestly happy, and a little surprised
"Not many appreciate our creations. You have my sincere thanks for your kind words."
Your attempt to hide in mid air did not work. You have been spotted.
Peaches is sitting in a tree with Burning.
That is quite a D
Believe me, if you won't I will if the audience requests it
He places his horn against your head.
In a flash of magic you can feel him inside you, looking around.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Anonymous 372143

>Believe me, if you won't I will if the audience requests it
Yes pls

Sidus [Rogue] 372144

Follow him.
"You make for a pretty bad assassin!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372145

Well that's quite effective, whatever it is.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372146

Do it, faglord
I bow my head
"I-I wish I could have s-said it without g-getting cake in your m-mane…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372147

You're a 1000x better at this anyway.

Sidus [Rogue] 372148

Eww I don't want to read about a 4/10 mare or whatever

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372149

Flutter in mid air, 30 or so meters from him.
"Or maybe I was just right about you after all, kid.
But tonight is not the night."
Nod at Peaches to retreat.
"Go to your loved one. And treat her well. She's like a daughter to me."

Well I think it's time to fly off into the night.

Anonymous 372150

I need to know how love potion love differs from normal lovemaking. For research.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372151

I can't write horseporn, unfortunately
guess I'll just lie back and enjoy the attention

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372152

"Is it really so uncommon? I mean, Star showed me that stargzing by itself can be a fairly romantic thing…"
I'll blush a little at that.
And that will remind me.
"By the way, we, uh, brought you another piece. Of cake, that is."

Sidus [Rogue] 372153

They flew away at least…

To Burning!

DM 372154

This is an invitation only event, put your name back on you faceless weirdo.
"Tis nothing. No harm done. Be glad you did not do it to our sister."
He pulls out after a while
"How curious…
Diluted love poison mixed into alcoholic punch, to be exact. it amplifies desires and removed inhibitions and shame
And what are Lime and Cherry in to, other than being very opposite if equally fruity flavors?
"Most ponies prefer to sleep at night.
…and thank you. I do like this cake.
She is underneath a nearby tree, looking a bit dazed.

Papaver Field [Mage] 372155

Stare blankly from him to Radiant.

Sidus [Rogue] 372156

Rush to her.
"Are you all right?"

DM 372157

"Something bonked me on the head…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372158

I was probably staring at whatever direction I saw Celestia go.
Turn to him.
"Hmm? I'm sorry, I was distracted."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372159

"Oh… I-I'll keep that i-in mind next time I carry c-cake… And I l-love the night! I've been g-getting as m-many ponies as p-possible to stay up and stargaze w-with me at n-night!"

Sidus [Rogue] 372160

"Then they fled like cowards…"
I sigh.
"If I was faster I could have prevented that. And my ears and perception failed me… I'm sorry Burning."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372161

She wants it. Hard.
She's hoping that any moment he'll grab her push her down and make her his.
And she'll love every second of it.

Papaver Field [Mage] 372162

"Your warhammer is so pretty…"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372163

nothing particular
entertain us. show the power of love potions

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372164

I'll nod.
"The caterers really went all out with this."
"Didn't you also start taking night classes with… ah, Crescent. Waning Crescent."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372165

I turn my head towards her.
"Excuse me?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372166

"Your weapon.
My parents gifted me a warhammer too before leaving for the academy, but it felt wrong.
I took up swords."

Nock [Tracker] 372167

"We read about you in a book at the academy, miss. It's an honor to meet in the flesh."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372168

I smile.
"I got a small toy hammer when I was a filly, signed by Princess Celestia herself. It was my favourite one of course."
Motion at the Celestial Hammer.
"This one is no toy on the other hoof."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372169

"It looks impressive ma'am."
Stare in awe at the hammer.

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 372170

"Scan this young paladin."
He points at Vera
"I have a hunch. Tell me how she feels to you."
"That's ok… for all we know, we prevented an assassination!"
"That's lovely."
She takes a spoonfull of cake, then dabs her lips
"Such good cake…"
How vanilla
How am I supposed to make horrid poison-blurred fetish exploration happen if all I have to work with is mild rape fetish and 'nothing particular'?
Sigh the things I do to amuse you people…

Anonymous 372171

You could add a cum fetish that might be interesting

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372172

I smile
"I-I'm glad you like it, p-princess!"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372173

domination is good though

Papaver Field [Mage] 372174

Look at her, slightly afraid.

Nock [Tracker] 372175

Twist tighter.


Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372176

"I'm afraid I can't give it over for you to just idly check it."

I nod at Starswirl.
"Don't worry this won't hurt."
Detect Heresy/Evil

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sidus [Rogue] 372177

I slowly start to smirk.
"…we did… We did!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372178

Oh right, her tail. Hold her tight and move closer.
Close my eyes shut and pray to the Sisters.

DM 372179

"You should try it. It's great."
It's not demons.
But don't say that out loud.
"Clean, or?"
"Mission complete?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372180

I'll take that as a cue.
"I'll be right back."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372181

Open one eye to look at Radiant.
I've not been smitten yet, right?

Sidus [Rogue] 372182

Kiss her deeply.
That should be answer enough.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372183

Nod sternly.

Nock [Tracker] 372184

"Clean of what?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372185

I blush
"B-Believe me… I have t-tasted it… the caterers r-really did their best! This w-whole gala is great!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372186

Let go a deep breath in relief.
"But then what is it?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372187

"Of anything that I would need to banish."

Nock [Tracker] 372188

Look seriously concerned. "What? I mean– I'm sorry, ma'am."

Look to Starswirl, "You thought she was possessed?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372189

Mutter under my breath.
"Nock, I thought I were posessed…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372190

"Better safe than sorry."

Nock [Tracker] 372191

"Obviously not. The legendary timewarden paladin says so."

Nock [Tracker] 372192

"I agree, of course, it's just… I didn't know it was so serious… None of our teachers seemed so concerned."

DM 372193

"I simply wished to make sure.
This does leave some questions open, however.
Tell me, young lady, have you ever had visions?"
"It was a possibility. There were signs on some form of external influence inside the part of her subconscious that relates to visualization, and thus conjuration. But this rules out demonic possession at least.
It does leave the question of what, exactly, it is however."
"We are glad you enjoy it. So long as it remains a once in a lifetime experience, it can be most impressive."
She rolls you into the bushes
"I don't suppose you brought any of your… things… along?
…then I don't suppose we have time for that sort of thing either, do we?"

Sidus [Rogue] 372194


Roll #1 2 = 2

Papaver Field [Mage] 372195

Look concerned and hesitant.
"Sir, we should talk in private…"

Sidus [Rogue] 372196

I chuckle.
"I'm sorry Burning, but I'm afriad that might ruin your pretty dress, so you will have to wait until we get back… but I can spare the time for a bit of kissing~"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372197

And I'll choose this moment to return with a slice of cake for myself and Star.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372198

"Always with the big talk. Give the ladies a rest."
Trot calmly up to her.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372199

"Probably no need to-"

Raise an eyebrow.
"You don't have to hide anything, do you?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372200

Roll my eyes.
"Nice to see you too, Pumpkin."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372201

"W-Well… I'm g-glad to be here at l-least once! I d-don't know how much t-time I'll have for this stuff o-once I'm a p-paladin…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372202

"No! Of course not! It's just something I'd rather deal with in private.."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372203

Glance at Starswirl.

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372204

Nod to her and Starswirl.
Back to Radiant.
"What's wrong with this kid? Oh, you have no idea about the one I found earlier, he's a catch!"

Nock [Tracker] 372205

I will emulate her styles.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372206

"Ask the mage, not me. And a catch for what? You want to rope in another poor soul for your sneaky madness?"

DM 372207

She gets up and turns away from you, then flicks the dress across her back for easy access
"I did say the dress has some surprises…"
You suddenly notice the world around you standing still, save for Starswirl, who still moves
"Speak then. They cannot hear."
"A paladin of the moon, we hope?"
…he's doing his 'stepping outside time for a private talk' thing again…
Stand by

Papaver Field [Mage] 372208

"I think he's a natural actually."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372209

I grin and nod quickly
"O-Of course! I already u-use that faith to power my healing s-spells! I've b-been fascinated a-all my life!"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372210

I hate it when he does that…

Nock [Tracker] 372211

I suppose I stand miserably frozen, tail still interlaced with hers.

Some anti-mage I am.

Papaver Field [Mage] 372212

Freaky mages and their freaky magic.
"Sir, I do have visions. Nightmares. Of Arabus."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372213

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372214

"Really now? And you want to make him like you were?"

Sidus [Rogue] 372215

And then things happened and it was half an hour later.

DM 372216

"We, too, know a little of that. Though then we suppose we know a little of all magic."
"And this lead you to assume demons had possessed you?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372217

"Up to the kid. Minus the impeding doom and the whole 'all your loved ones will die' of course.
I just fear he might be too old."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372218

"Or… something. It's been bothering me deeply, sir. I never used magic before joining the academy!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372219

I look at her in amazement
"C-Could you… could y-you show m-me?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372220

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372221

Roll my eyes again.
"You know She was right. I thought you got over that already."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372222

"Yeaaah. You know what made me stay. And let's not talk about it, uh?"
Take a little flask from my inner pockets and take a quick sip.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372223

Look away.
"She was still right though…"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372224

Can't hear you. Drowning my regrets in alcohol like all responsible adults.

DM 372225

And she enjoyed every minute of it.
I hope Sidus found her repayment good as well~
"Ahem… we… should probably get back to work."
"Perhaps we can spare a moment. What sort do you wish to see?"
"I don't suppose the academy headmasted took interest in you?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372226

Sigh again.
"He did, sir. Told me a bunch of stuff I didn't understand about a mark of the master and his collection and so on.
But he has never explained…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372227

"W-Well… divine h-healing magic has a-always been my specialty… B-But any m-magic interests me really! Arcane, elemental, natural,…"

Sidus [Rogue] 372228

I nod as I right my suit.
"Right… we should, yes."
Get out of the bushes.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 372229

Smack his hoof that holds the liquor.
"Stop that."

DM 372230

"That ridiculous fool…
Let us both hope he is wrong. And that i am wrong. But in the case that I am not, there is something I can give you. A book that may contain some answers."
"Perchance we can heal thee of thine stuttering."
She sticks close with a big smile though.
She knows you both liked it.
Inside, the would-be assassin is having a drink with a shiny paladin, Lord Wonderbolt is getting another slice of pie, Princess Luna is talking with Star, Jon is looking lonely, and a several ponies are dancing.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Papaver Field [Mage] 372231

"A b-book?"
Bow my head, and speak in a low voice.
"Thanks. Honestly, thank you. This might finally take my mind off it…"

DM 372232

"But I warn you. It is a book I recovered from Destiny, the one many call the Arch-Heretic.
You must never let it fall into the headmaster's hard. Do you understand?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372233

I gasp as I get hit by the spell.
Princess Luna herself healed me!
"That… Thank you princess! I'm honored by your blessing!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372234

"But I cannot! What if he asks me, or there is a surprise inspection, or- I cannot lie!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372235

I'll just watch the two, and eat my slice of cake. Star's having fun, and the cake is good.
Princess Luna seems a lot friendlier than Princess Celestia. Though all I have is first impressions for Princess Celestia.

DM 372236

"Think highly of it. Tis not every night we grant our magic to others."
"By order of the Timestrider, High Archmage of Canterlot, that book is not to come into his possession.
I cannot risk it."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372237

"Maybe you should keep it… I'm only a cadet, I haven't taken my vow yet!"

Sidus [Rogue] 372238

I think he masked himself before assasinating.

Let's join Jon.

"Hey there! What's up? Not bored I hope?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372239

I bow deeply
"Of course… thank you, I'm honored, your highness… I will never forget this…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372240

I'll wave a fork at Sidus.
"Evening, Sidus. And not at all. Princess Luna is wonderful conversation partner."

Sidus [Rogue] 372241

I shrug.
"I wouldn't know. Had more important things to do. Like reforming drunken Lords, entertaining Burning…"
Nuzzle her.
"…and stopping assassins."

DM 372242

"Very well then.
Let us hope that I am wrong.
But know this: your life may be destined for strange, grand adventure. If it is, trying to prevent it from happening will be of little use."
Time begins flowing normally again
Good thing his mask covered his outfit too. Otherwise things might have gotten awkward.
Consulting the book of armaments.
performance of Lime '5d10+2'
performance of Cherry '5d10+4'

Roll #1 3, 3, 10, 1, 6 + 2 = 25 / Roll #2 4, 6, 5, 8, 5 + 4 = 32

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372243

I'll raise an eyebrow at that.
"Assassins? Really?"

Nock [Tracker] 372244

Tighten my tail around hers for another squeeze. "Don't worry, I'll be by your side, Vera. I know there are some quiet rooms upstairs we could go to…"

DM 372245

Giving us a total performance of 81/100

Sidus [Rogue] 372246

Hey, he would sperg out if we didn't agree that he had a 10+2 Disguise or someshit.

"You don't believe me? Tell him, Burning."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372247

Not bad for a first time.
I was hoping for a 100+ though.

DM 372248

…of which 20 was thanks to the love poison

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372249

What do each of those numbers stand for anyway?

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372250

Obviously he was wearing a Hat of Disguise. Trendy, fashionable, and whatever you want it to be.

DM 372251

Performance rolls.
As taken from BoH: "When you are not using active skills, roll for Performance. This determines how god you are in bed in general, ranging from nauseatingly god awful to genital-explodingly divine. If a skill is used, it is up to the DM to determine how each skill affects the score. – Every action burns Stamina. You start with a base of 5 stamina. –At zero stamina you climax. Combine your partner’s performance rolls together to calculate how good it was."
"We did chase a masked pony into the second floor
…and I got knocked out…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372252

"You okay?"

DM 372253

"Yeah… I am now…"
"Enjoy the night then."

Sidus [Rogue] 372254

"It was nothing big, don't worry, and I managed to defuse the situation and chase off the offender. I even got his dagger."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372255

I'll nod to Burning, then turn to Sidus.
"But miss Heart still got hurt. I give it a 75 out of 100. She can only look after you if you look after her."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372256

I'll shrug.
"If I was grading you, anyway. But I'm not, so I'm just glad it didn't end up too badly."

Sidus [Rogue] 372257

I nod.
"So how many dangerous situations did you and Star defuse?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372258

"I got the Battlemaster a drink, and Star has made Princess Luna's acquaintance. You should say hello, by the way, she's quite nice."

Nock [Lonely] 372259

Well my prom date is definitely out cold. Anything interesting I can see on my own?

Sidus [Rogue] 372260

I shrug with a smirk.
"I got a Princess of my own, I'm not that interested in the other two."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372261

I'll smile a little.
"You think quite highly of miss Heart. Just do try to live up to being her prince, Sidus."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372262

I'm here!

Nock [Lonely] 372263

You've still got a date and you pushed me away and told me to let you be alone.

Maybe I'll just go look for something good to eat and any other personalities. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 372264

You should be guarding the place.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372265

"Thank you! I will princess!"

"Hey Sidus!"

Sidus [Rogue] 372266

I wave at her.
"Hello. Made a new friend?"
I chuckle.

"I'm doing my best."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372267

I can consider myself busy for the rest of the Gala, I take it?

Nock [Lonely] 372268

Oh, fine.

Anything odd? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 372269

>3, 3
The sheer size and weight of your fully deployed stallionhammer is making accurate control difficult. After a few awkward

attempts at various angles, you rationalize a bit and decide to just lay down on your back
Which proves to be a great idea, as it gives her full, unhindered access.
And boy does she feel good on the inside. Some use the term cock sock. No, this is no sock. This is a finely tailored

article made with masterful tools. It fits around you as if it were molded, the little natural bumps and ripples pleasantly

massaging your bare length
But you get a little too careless after she insist you go harder, pushing her over and forcing yourself into her with such

force it ends up hurting both of you
But towards the end you ease up, find a good, solid rhythm and let your body decide for you.
To your amazement, it got even bigger with a bit of teasing. However, the majestic stature of the erect colossus is enough to outright intimidate you.
After a few attempts, you find the perfect solution - letting you lower onto it. Like molten chocolate fills a mold's every corner to make a bunny-shaped cake-topper, his engorged glory fills you in ways you never though possible. All that stops this from being perfect is the fact that you keep making weird, uninentional noises as you hoist yourself up and down like a flag at a Lifebinder's funeral
Though the action does get tiresome, and you simply need MORE. So you demand it, prompting Lime to slam you down on your back and shove it deeper so violently it hurts. But even with that, you still like it.
And after the pain disappears, the forceful, unyielding mass plunging into your well-trained loins is magnificent in ways few bards would dare write about in fear of censorship.
And towards the end, as you see him tire, you let him lay down and ease out of you, choosing instead to end this celebration with a meal of the finest sort.
This backfires slightly after he violently climaxes all over your face far sooner than you dared expect. But you consider it a compliment. After all, he had to like it.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372270

I nod
"Yeah! The princess is great! She's really nice and understanding!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372271

"Well, the best is all anyone can do."

Sidus [Rogue] 372272

"It's just that my best is better~"

"Oh… so how many assassins did you stop so far?"
Keep smirking at her.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372273

"It's not a contest, Sidus. And we should be lucky if there's only the one."

DM 372274

Two nobles seem to be arguing.
And someone is watching from the garden.
Your call.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372275

"Uh… none… I did make sure the food wasn't poisoned though!"

Nock [Lonely] 372276

I'll check it out. Who are the nobles? Who is the watcher?


Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3 = 3

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372277

oh dear
hopefully we didn't create too much of a mess…

Sidus [Rogue] 372278

"You did? Mhm… that's not bad…"

"Yeah… that would also mean I won!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372279

I'll roll my eyes, and finish my slice of cake.
"Did you and miss Heart try any of this cake? It's really good. I'm sure a gentlecolt of your caliber wouldn't let his lady fair starve, would he?"

DM 372280

Seems like Lady Morningsprite and Lord Wonderbolt are having an argument.
Whoever was outside ducked into the bushes.
1 a huge mess
10 no mess at all

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 372281

A pretty big mess. Mostly over yourselves.

Sidus [Rogue] 372282

"She had a bite earlier…"
I chuckle.
"But I guess we can try the cake out too."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372283

Well, young and in love. I guess Cherry just wasn't used to Lime's size, which is a compliment for Lime. I also noticed Lime didn't come inside her.

She rests for a while before taking a shower, cleaning herself and Lime up completely and then going out to find those clothes

Nock [Lonely] 372284

Can I overhear it?

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372285

Better clean ourselves then
I assume that love potion is still in effect?

"Hey… Cherry! come back!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372286

I grin victoriously

"It's the best!"
I go back to the buffet table and see if there is something I haven't tasted yet '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372287

waiting on confirmation on wether the love potion still works. we're already cleaned up though.

DM 372288

As you go around the table, deep in throught and hungry for a treat, you decide to let fortune point you in the right direction.
You close your eyes and point out your hoof randomly.
That one!
…someone just took the last cupcake on that tray.
And your hoof is pointing right at Jon. From behind.
Something about old deals, and Wonderbolt bragging about his speed.
It was diluted stuff anyway, so the strongest zing has worn off.
Burning has already brought some.

Sidus [Rogue] 372289

Share some cake then.
How is it?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372290

"Oh we'll just go get our clothes silly.
Come with me."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372291

I guess I'll be picking a few things from the food tables as well, after we've politely excused ourselves from Luna's presence.
Lessee… any apple dishes? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Nock [Lonely] 372292

And the bush fellow? I'm a tracker, surely I can track him.


Roll #1 2 = 2

Sidus [Rogue] 372293

that is not an answer

Roll #1 9 = 9

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372294

"… Are you sure we should have gone that far? I feel like we overdid it… it's weird because it didn't seem that way before…"

DM 372295

More than you can name.
He's not in the bushes.
…what is in the bushes is a dead body.
Judging from his outfit, he must have been some sort of spy or assassin.
You think they'd serve bad cake here?
It's delicious.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372296

I shake my head and go for something else instead.

"What should I pick?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372297

I look down.
"I think we shouldn't have drunk so much of that drink…whatever it was."
I look up at him.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372298

"I think I'm having the same problem you were earlier. I don't even know where to start."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372299

"You don't… regret it do you?"

Nock [Lonely] 372300


Rush to the nearest guard immediately! But first– search for any insignias, paper instructions, identification, ANYTHING. If nothing can be found, tear off a piece of his clothes. I need proof of the body.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372301

Giggle a bit.
"I'm glad it was with you…"
Snuggle up to him.

DM 372302

Ooh! Gold-flaked pancakes!
On the inside you find an insignia of Canterlot. He was one of the good guys.


That sounds delicious! I'll take a plate!
Also, look around again. Anyone famous I notice/recognize?

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 372304

You can't help but notice the High Celestial left somewhere.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372305

I suppose I'll pick up a plate of various apple foods.
And then remember I'm supposed to be a guard. Look around for anything suspicious, or disruptive. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372306

"Hey Jon… Do you see the High Celestial around somewhere? Because I sure don't…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372307

Well, let's cast a look for him specifically. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Lime Rock [Shaman] 372308

"… okay. I don't regret it either… that was nice. A little sudden but… nice."
I move in for a kiss

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372309

"Nope. I don't see him either…"

Nock [Lonely] 372310




Nock [Tony Kornheiser: PANIC] 372311

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372312

Let me roll that for you. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372313

"Huh… you think he's like… busy someplace else?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372314

"Possibly. Or just in the restroom. Let's not forget we're on guard duty too, though."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 372315

Nice kiss.
"Now are we going to go find our clothes or are we just going to visit the Gala naked?"

DM 372316

There is one attending the yard nearby.
Nock is flailing about in the yard.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372317

"Star, Nock seems to have found something. Let's go see what it is."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372318

"I guess…"

I nod and follow him along

Nock [Tony Kornheiser: PANIC] 372319

Grab his shoulder and hold up the insignia Try to contain my panic to a whisper:


Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372320

And then we're at Nock.
"What's the matter, Nock?"


Pretty good kiss.
I look out the window, can I see and grab them with my telekinesis?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nock [Tony Kornheiser: PANIC] 372322

Okay, okay, I've had time to calm myself a bit.

Give him a very serious look, "We have absolutely no time. We've been fatally compromised. Stay calm. We need to get guests away now. Ideas?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372323

I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Fatally compromised? You mean one of the guards is…? Uh. The Battlemaster's here, he… wouldn't be subtle about it at all."

DM 372324

He keeps a calm tone
"Show me."
You can.
The goat didn't even eat them.
…holy shit is that a dead guy down there?

Nock [You Should Have Listened] 372325

Hold up the insignia to him.

"Talk to someone… the Sisters… the organizers… Anyone. Have them move guests to the ballroom so we can protect them."

Take him back to the body. Please tell me it's still there.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 372326

I walk up to him
"… What's going on?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 372327

"Well, this gives me a reason to find the High Celestial."
I'll turn to Star.
"Seems there's a bit of trouble. We should start looking for the High Celestial."

DM 372328

He looks at the insignia and the body
"…I need to report this in. Stay here. They will find you soon."
"All of you. Stay here."

The guard leaves.
A few moments later, a masked, cloaked pony emerges from the shadows. His uniform matches the dead body's


Nock [Tracker] 372329

Meanwhile, in the not so distant past…

Wandering about. Anything suspicious? Any other celebs to see?

DM 372330

AND A SHORT TIME IN THE TIME BETWEEN TIME, our Inquisitor to be meets a rather… important somepony.
The Grand Inquisitor himself.

Grizzled from all the action he has seen, but with a keen eye left in his head. And a rather fetching gem for the other.

Nock [Tracker] 372331

Oh boy. Should I even approach him? I mean, he gave that speech on the first day of class for Inquisitor cadets, but I don't know if he even has time for a single one… Can't hurt to show some courage, though, right?

When he looks like he's not engaged with other guests, I'll go over and salute. "Grand Inquisitor, sir! It's an honor to see you here this evening, sir!"

DM 372332

"Hrm? Good evening. I must admit I don't think we've met before."

Nock [Tracker] 372333

"We haven't personally, sir. I am Nock, daughter of Spell Seeker. I was there for your speech on the first day of the academy this semester, sir."

DM 372334

"Ah, from the academy. Right, right.
Spell Seeker you say? Good pony, that one. If a little reckless.
You got that same fire in you?"

Nock [Tracker] 372335

"Absolutely, sir. My professors have said so outright, sir!"

DM 372336

"Try not to get killed for it. Your dad already had to take an early… if hopefully temporary… retirement for his.
So, how has school been?"

Nock [Tracker] 372337

"Very good, sir. I'm performing well in my classes, and have set benchmarks in physical performance tests, sir. An overwhelmingly positive experience, but I've run into only one reservation. My non-Inquisitorial teachers have unilaterally advised me to stay out of the Inquisition. My father warned me when I was sent to the academy I would face discrimination, but I didn't expect it to be so deeply rooted, sir."

DM 372338

"A weak mind cannot bear the weight of our duties. They will accuse the inquisition of blind hate and sadism. Of extremism and needless brutality. But we do what we must, to keep this world safe. Safe for those who cannot keep it safe on their own.
Safe from demons, heretics and madponies."

Nock [Tracker] 372339

"Wise words, sir. I will keep them close to heart, sir."

DM 372340

"That's a good gal.
Anything weighing your heart down?"

Nock [Tracker] 372341

Consider the question. Hm… Vera was brave enough to confront Starswirl about her magic, I need to be brave enough to confront the Grand Inquisitor. He may be the most knowledgeable.

"You see right through me, sir, it is no wonder you lead the order. Since my enrollment in the academy, I have come into contact with an enigmatic mark that I have since learned may be rooted in heretical magic. Thus far, no one has been willing or able to explain it, sir."

DM 372342

He leads you off to the side
"Tell me everything."

Nock [Tracker] 372343

"One of my roommates started to see visions of a symbol. We reported this to the headmaster immediately. He said that she had been seeing the Master's Mark, and that he already suspected some of the students at the academy bore it. He also mentioned a collection of artifacts with the mark, but didn't show us or explain the implications of this mark – only that he had spent considerable time gathering information about this 'master'. It was my independent research that turned up ties to heresy."

DM 372344

"Heresy indeed.
I always did suspect that headmaster was going to be trouble. As brilliant as he may be, his obsessions are simply not healthy. Even less so after he raided the possessions of the Arch-Heretic, Manifest Destiny.
Have you ever heard of him?"

Nock [Tracker] 372345

"This very night, sir. The High Celestial expressed distaste for him. I've also read quite a bit about the history of the North, which does not flatter him."

DM 372346

"Hrm. Good.
Then you probably know he was a high priest of this… so called 'Master'. Indeed almost everything we know of it's supposed existence comes from his writings. Most of which are owned by your headmaster."

Nock [Tracker] 372347

"Yes sir, he did seem to imply that, sir."

DM 372348

"Well, I did always fear his obsession went beyond idle theological curiosity. Do you know what the Master supposedly is, according to Destiny's writings?"

Nock [Tracker] 372349

"The Headmaster didn't tell us, but my research suggests that Destiny viewed him as a god, at least on par with the Sisters."

DM 372350

"According to Destiny, the Master was… or is… a creator god. A near-omnipotent force that amuses itself by placing its mark on mortals, then leading them on great, often tragic, adventures.
And if the headmaster believes one of the students carries this mark… he may be trying to use that student as proof… or worse yet… bait."

Nock [Tracker] 372351

"That sounds very serious, sir. Worse so, because while he didn't state it explicitly, he seemed to imply that at least one pony in my circle of friends may bear it. I'm most concerned for my roommate that had the visions, of course, sir."

DM 372352

"That damned madpony and his collection of heresies.
Were he not the most capable keeper for them, I would have stormed that place long ago…"

Nock [Tracker] 372353

"Do you have advice, Grand Inquisitor? Certainly if anyone is qualified to speak on heresy, it is you, sir."

DM 372354

"I am not the one who decides what constitutes as heresy. But what I do know, is that I would be willing to go to great lengths to find out what else he has hoarded in that collection.
Sadly, I have no official routes to do that, nor do I have authority over him in the academy."

Nock [Tracker] 372355

"I…" pause, and bite my lip.



Roll #1 2 = 2

Nock [Tracker] 372357

Looks like I don't have the confidence to volunteer that information without urging.

DM 372358

"Yes, go on."

Nock [Tracker] 372359

"I know some cadets that plan to break into his collection. They seem very confident they will succeed. Magic lockpicks, lordblade-like stealth, and supposed maps of the restricted areas. I had intended to try to talk them out of it, and succeeded with one of them…"

DM 372360

"…extraordinary situations sometimes call for extraordinary methods.
How would you like a mission, directly from the Grand Inquisitor?"

Nock [Tracker] 372361

"It would be a great honor, sir."

DM 372362

"Then consider this a mission briefing.
I want you to use whatever means you deem acceptable to locate, enter and fully document the Headmaster's Collection. Then return those findings to me.
However, you cannot carry Inquisitorial authority in this mission. For the internal politics of the situation are very delicate. I do not want a veritable political civil war between the Inquisition and Paladin Orders. Understood?"

Nock [Tracker] 372363

Consider it for a few moments in silence. This actually is a pretty considerable point of choice. Opting to take this mission is a very stark and explicit mental distinction. It means that, if I accept, I view the Inquisition as above the law and that no paladin, even a trusted headmaster, is unsuspected of heresy. Perhaps all Inquisitors have to make this choice eventually, but I haven't even taken my vows as a paladin yet.

…Nonetheless, knowing myself, there was never really a choice in the first place, was there?

"It will be done, sir. How can I contact you when it is done?"

DM 372364

He hands you a seal
"Stamp a letter with this. The mailmare will know."

Nock [Tracker] 372365

"Yes, sir. Anything else, sir? Given the need to stay officially innocent, I assume the Order won't be able to provide any resources for my disposal."

DM 372366

"Not many, no.
And as my name needs to stay out of this… I fear it comes down to your resourcefulness.
But should you succeed, there will be great things ahead for you in the order."

Nock [Tracker] 372367

"Of course, sir. But given your need to stay detached, it's probably unwise to continue chatting much further, especially if I make my move soon. It wouldn't look right if they ever connected me back to the break-in, sir."

DM 372368

"Smart lass. I expect to hear back from you within the year."

Nock [Tracker] 372369


And with that, I'll depart. I should find Papaver…

End Timeskip

Papaver Field [Mage] 372370

"Sir, just so I know… What was the book about?"

DM 372371

"It is the one piece of Destiny's notes I could salvage before our friend the headmaster got to it. Without the rest, I am not sure how important it is, but a cursory study implies it could well be the key to many things."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372372

"The rest? You mean other books with this symb-"
Widen my eyes in realization.
"I think I know who does have the rest, sir!"

DM 372373

"The rest of Destiny's writings on the Master."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372374

"I think it's in the Headmaster's private collection, in the paladin academy."

DM 372375

"As I feared.
I have heard of this collection. And from what I've gathered, it is where he has stored his many years worth of collected heresies for safe storage.
Or so he says."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372376

"Sir, I think… I think I should bring them together.
Get into the collection, copy the books in there with my magic and get the whole story."

DM 372377

"That would probably answer some age-old theological questions… for better or worse."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372378

"Then sir, I will have to do it. Even if it means having to break the one promise I made to her."
Look with a sad gaze towards Nock.

DM 372379

"Perhaps somewhere in those crazed writings you can find something that aids you in uncovering the truth about yourself. And more, if you dare."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372380

"I just want to make sure nopony suffers, sir."

DM 372381

"If only that could be so easily ensured…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372382

"If I must, I will give my life to protect the kingdom. Even from myself."

DM 372383

"I fear it may not be as simple as the giving or taking of one life.
For if Destiny's writings are true… the world may well be headed for some great unknown event of untold proportions.
And I am still not sure how Arabus ties into all this…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372384

"And to think I wanted to have such a fun night at the gala…"

DM 372385

"Oh, the night is still young. Believe me.
A bit of time magic can help with that."
He winks with a smile


Look at him with a lost expression.
Do I notice anything strange going on?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372387

Time to go back to the old boring party dress I suppose.
Talk with Peaches.
"Well that was quite an energic boy over there.
And did you see the gal?"

DM 372388

Well the world around you is still paused.
"Just a little trick I like to do. For those inside the palace, this night is the longest of the year.
A small gift from me to those who enjoy the festivities."
"I did. Pretty little thing. Not quite as pretty as your darlings, but still."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372389

"No, I mean did you see her? She had those eyes… Don't tell me you forgot them already."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372390

Look around in awe.
"If only my parents could see this now… They always dismissed magic…"

DM 372391

"…I did see. I was hoping I was wrong."
"Hm. Some do. Their loss.
Magic has kept me going for over a thousand years now, and I don't plan on stopping yet."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372392

Look mildly surprised.
"But… Don't you ever get bored?"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372393

"No chance, it's her. The kid is a natural, but the girl has to stay away from it. I'm not condamning her to this life.
Not now, not ever."

DM 372394

"Oh, I have all of time to keep me company. So much to see, so much to learn and understand.
It really is fascinating."
"Still feeling sore over her grandpa are you?
…I can't blame you."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372395

Sigh heavily.
"No need to think about it now. I'll ask Clandestine to place somepony at the academy and check on them."
Take a stroll and be on the lookout for threats.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 372396

"…It seems just so strange. I never think about the time. Seems like there's so much of it around."

DM 372397

The blade you scolded earlier is not at his post.
"Indeed. Just think of this night. It lasts what.. ten hours?
But does it?
There are at least two hundred guests here. And each of them experience a different ten hours.
So does this night last ten, or two thousand hours?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372398

"I think the night lasts as long as Luna wants…
We count our hours, we count our lives, on them."
Look back with a smile at the Princesses.
"So there are just twenty hours that matter, tonight…"

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372399

Casually trot over there.
Look for a guard.
"Seen anything unusual?"

DM 372400

"My point is, time is a relative concept. For example, this conversation has only lasted a few seconds."
"No m'lord. All quiet here."


"Well I count a pony less. Keep sharp."
SbS. Is he a real guard?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Papaver Field [Mage] 372402

Giggle a bit.
"And I meant to say, time to me matters only as long as I can follow my wish.
Serve the sisters and fight for glory in battle."
Smile at the old bearded pony.
"But thanks."

DM 372403

Of course he is.
He's just new.
"Then shall I let you enjoy the rest of your time?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372404

Nod slowly.
"Thank you sir. I will cherish and protect the book.
Oh, could I ask for one last thing, before time starts again?"


Bad form.
Look around for the boy. I swear, if he's taking a piss break I will make sure he needs a catheter for the rest of his life.
"Peach. Might be troubles. Keep an eye out. Warn my nephew."

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 372406

He's right there in the bushes.
Laying down on the job.

Papaver Field [Mage] 372407

"Could I… Could I have yours and Lady Radiant's autographs?"

DM 372408

"…whatever for?
Well, I won't refuse."


That's not what I teach them. That's not what they'd do. Fuck.
Anyone nearby? If not, trot over there and try to wake him. Or inspect the corpse, if my fears are true.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Papaver Field [Mage] 372410

"Well, she is the most famous paladin in history and you… You are the first mage, the first pony, that's given me a chance I might not be rotten inside."
Smile at him.

DM 372411

It's a corpse alright.
Clean kill too. Whoever did it is a pro.

DM 372412

"What a high honor.
Where shall I sign you?"


Try to conjure a lasting piece of paper.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372414

I should have learnt Last Rites. Vanish with the corpse and jump in the balcony of a second floor room.
Leave the body in there and lock the door.
Go downstairs and find a blade.

Papaver Field [Mage] 372415

Looks like I fail. Turn on the side.
"You could firm the dress, sir."

DM 372416

Please stop causing time paradoxes. The party finds that corpse soon.
The nearest blade vanishes in
"Yes, Lord?"
He powers up his horn and with pinpoint accuracy carves his signature into the dress with a focused magical beam

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372417

"Get me one of our necromancers. One of ours has been killed. Tighten the watch over the princesses and important nobles.
Lord Wonderbolt has been drinking too much tonight, keep that in mind."

Papaver Field [Mage] 372418

"That's a great honor, sir."
Smile happily.
If only I had my armor here…
"Will I ever see you again?"

DM 372419

"Lord… a necromancer? At the… Gala? Are you sure?"
"Perhaps. Only time will tell."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372420

"Not one of the spooky ones, of course. I need to know who killed the blade.
And it's a long shot, because if I know my wounds right that was a single blow."
Move towards my nephew.
"You have been informed, right?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 372421

Smile as I give one more bow.
Done with this conversation.

DM 372422

We have entered full time paradox
"I have now."

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372423

We can still undo everything and I can delete those.
After all the quest is for the party, not for Pumpkin.

DM 372424

Perhaps I could sleep…

Pumpkin Falconwreath [Noble] 372425

Free… At long last…
I told you so hours ago man!

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