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Paladinquest - Thread 11 DM 362691

Sidus was recovering from his beating

Star was about to go climbing with Crescent

I forgot the rest so refresh my memory

Nock [Tracker] 362693

Nock was making sweet, sweet love to Papaver.

Speaking of Papaver, where is she?

DM 362694

I dunno.
Should be around somewhere. Surely a hunter of heretics can find her own roommate.
Also, spellbreaker class.

Nock [Tracker] 362695

I need Star for that, right?

Papaver Field [Mage] 362696

Getting into troubles.
Try and stop me!
So, I just pulled away from Balsa. Go and look at the conjured demonic Symbol.
"S-so. This is it. How do you know?"

DM 362697

I've been to the Dark Arts wing of the library.
Off limits, yes, but look at me care.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362698

Let's wait with the climbing until later

Let's do this!

DM 362699

Forgot the ""s. But he said that.

Spellbreakers, report to class.

Nock [Tracker] 362700

Then I'll come collect Star.

"Star… we're going to be late for Spellbreaker. Ready?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362701

Ready for MAGIC

I grin broadly and nod

DM 362702


Sidus [Rogue] 362703

I was.
I think.

Papaver Field [Mage] 362704

"You don't look like a dark mage or a heretic to me."
Speak with a distant voice, lost in contemplation of the symbol.
Poke it with one hoof.
"And what does this demon want?"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nock [Tracker] 362705

Then head off there and chat while walking.

"It's good to see you're so enthused. I remember on your first day you were so worried about magic. Now look at how confident you've become!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362707

"W-Well… spellbreaker is magic i-in a sense too… I-I did some reading on it and it's r-really neat!"


Rolling for luck

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 362709

Are you still, or are you ready for the next day?
Welcome to class.
Unlike most instructors, Glossy Wards and Spell Seeker are already here.
You have a moment as we wait for the last students.
Though it is just another construct of your own magic, glittering like your dress, it feels foul to the touch.
"Not all who know of the dark things of the world worship them. And besides, knowing the enemy is halfway to victory.
As for Arabus, historical records indicate he was a demon that fed on the shadows of ponies. Though that is based on records that date back to the times of the Nightslayer, so I think the "shadow" part may be a mistranslation."

Sidus [Rogue] 362711

I think I am.

Nock [Tracker] 362712

I nod. "Of course it is. I's just Divine. Doesn't make it less magical."

Papaver Field [Mage] 362713

Glance back at my shadow.
It's all still there, no?
Dismiss the magic costruct.
"Right. I'm not sure I want to learn about it anymore."

DM 362714

What a lucky guy.
I bet a blowjob fairy will visit you tonight or something with luck like that.
Were you about to do something?
Next day it is then.
The night felt colder than usual…

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362715

"Y-Yeah! M-Maybe it could even be applied t-to cure m-magical diseases!"

Phanny [Necromancer] 362716

Not really.

Lending myself to providence, you know? Sometimes granpa told me to do that, and see what opportunities come.

Nock [Tracker] 362717

Consider remarking about how all magic is a disease, but hold my tongue.

"I think you're right."

Sidus [Rogue] 362718

And I don't think it was the open window either…
Wake up and get ready.

Sidus [Rogue] 362719

Oh, right, and I'm not feeling any pain anymore, right?

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 362720

Your shadow is where it should be.
After all it is just a trick of light, based on the way light cannot penetrate opaque surfaces, leaving blotches of darkness. Not a reflection of the soul or anything.
The rune, being demonic, resists your efforts
"Little late to run now, if you got demons in your dreams. Maybe that has something to do with your remarkable magic?"
If you have no classes to attend to, you can wander a bit and see who you run into.
Your uniform coat looks a little scruffier than usual. Normally it's all neat and well presented in the morning, regardless of where you left it.
It has gotten worse.
A lot worse.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sidus [Rogue] 362721

Well fuck.
Take a painkiller.
I think I'll skip going to the forge today.

Go to the hammer dorm, and under Bearing's window.
Is it open?

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362722

I keep grinning and nod
"T-This is going to be f-fun!"

Nock [Tracker] 362724

"Have you met my Father since his arrival? Maybe we'll have to have a more personal introduction later…"


Well. Fuck.
Push that rune harder.

I made you, I can undo you!

"Yeah, tell me that. It's really gonna help."
Focus on the rune.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362727

I nod vigorously
"I did! He w-was… uh… nice!"

Nock [Tracker] 362729

Smile pleasantly. "It's good that you got along. Papaver liked him as well."

DM 362730

Before you can even quite reach it, you hear a somewhat familiar voice.
roll to dodge.
"Alright class settle down. I have a new co-instructor here from now on, Instructor Spell Seeker."
The three-hooved pony waves hi to everyone
"Hey! I'm Spell Seeker, former Inquisitor."
It mocks your futile mortal efforts.
"Hey now. And here I thought you were a stronger type.
I didn't upset you did I?"

Sidus [Rogue] 362732

Oh crap!
Ninja reflexes!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Right. Do one more try.
"No. Fetch me a sword, would you?"
Keep looking at the symbol.
Make it disappear.
"Or a greathammer, better."

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Nock [Tracker] 362734

Give a pleasant smile and wave a little.

Pull out my notes and writing utensil.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362735

I take out my quill and notebook and get ready

DM 362737

Springwind's angry punch misses you by a mile, and she staggers to hold her balance.
The rune continues to attempt to exist
"Ha. Good. I was already worried you'd be some prissy little filly at heart. I'm glad I was right on the assumption that you were stronger than that."
…where is your sword anyway?
"Hey Nocky! How's my lil' filly? Ha!"
"Ahem. Yes, well, class, shall we recap what we know of Spellbreaking thus far?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"The rack over yonder."
Keep glaring daggers at the shadow, and frown in pain as I try to focus again to make it disappear.

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 362739

Somehow it glares BACK.
"Here ya go!"
He tosses you a hammer

Roll #1 3 = 3


I know mostly practical knowledge. Let's see if my theory holds up.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Try to catch it.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sidus [Rogue] 362742

"What do you mean?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362743

I snicker slightly at Spell Seeker, but keep quiet otherwise

DM 362748

It slams right into you with painful precision no intended throw could have achieved.
"Oh, shit. That might have hurt."
"SHE WA-woah! Ahem. She was crying her eyes out all night! She came back with a bandaged head and locked herself in the bathroom. All I could hear was her weeping and when I saw her in the morning she had bandages on her hooves too! I bet this is is your fault!"
"So, as we know the two basic forms of antimagic are Branding and-"
"-Spellbreaking, also known as Counterspell."
"One is based on outright negating the effects of a spell, while the other-"
"-messes with the balance of the spell being cast, turning it against the caster."
"…when successful."
"SPLAT. KABOOM. Lotta good that big head did ya, heretic! HAHAA!"


Sidus [Rogue] 362749

"It's a bit more complicated than that."
I sigh.
"Burning… where is she now?"


Yeah, getting the crushing part on my side is not a good way to start the day.
Clench my eyes shut and fall to a knee, trying to keep the pain in check.

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 362783

"Beats me.
I can barely keep track of her on a normal day, let alone now that she seems to actively avoid me."
It really hurts…
"Whoa now, I didn't really hurt you there did I?"


"I'm not the one who did holy magic-"
Try to stand up.

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 362785

You can stand. It's just a hammering after all.
"Just making sure. I can try to fix it if you want?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 362786

"I won't die from this."
Look at the symbol.
"That, on the other hoof…"

Sidus [Rogue] 362787

"…If you find her before I do, tell her I'm looking for her, okay?"
Don't wait for response and climb that window.
And traces of where she could have gone?

DM 362788

"From what I know, demonic symbols do often contain at least a faint echo of their power. As such, catalysts of demon worshipers tend to contain those symbols interwoven with the runic strings in a hope to attract additional power."
Not in here.
Her bed has not been touched all night.
Maybe she has gone somewhere she considers special to herself?

Sidus [Rogue] 362789

To the roof!
Make sure that the little badge thingy she gave me is right where it needs to be.


"Yeah, you are not helping."
Take the hammer in my hooves.
"Now let's see if this demon is oh so mightier than me!"

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 362791

"Just thought you might want to know, and not shy away from the truth.
Well, at least you aren't running scared. That's what I like about you in this. You actually stand up to adversity and take matters into your own hooves."

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 362792

And it breaks, dissolving into nothing.
"Good job. A little on the barbaric side, but hey, it was effective.
I might have suggested a Spellbreaker myself."


"I'm not taking that class. And I'd rather not go to Nock with a demonic symbol in my hooves."

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 362794

"Well, I did take that class. Thought it might come in handy. And it has."

Sidus [Rogue] 362795

Papaver Field [Mage] 362796

Stare at him flatly.
"You could have really said it sooner."
Rest the head of the hammer on the ground and lean my weight on it.
"So, we stay here all day or actually leave?"

DM 362797

What a clever lad you are.
Roll to remain quiet unless you want her to hear you coming.
"That's up to you to a degree. How you holding out after all that?"
He gives you a friendly pat on the shoulder

Sidus [Rogue] 362798

Let's try to be sneaky, yes.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Papaver Field [Mage] 362799

"It's just a hammer blow. I've had worse."

DM 362800

Rolling to hear you
"I meant the whole demon part. I assumed any partner of mine could take a hammer to the gut and walk it off."

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 362801

Nah. She is oblivious.
You can get right up to her without her noticing.

Sidus [Rogue] 362802

Get right behind her, and quickly hug her then.
"I'm sorry. And I forgive you."

DM 362803

She tenses up at the sudden touch
…I keep messing up… don't I?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 362804

"And if I'm not talking about the demon it means I can take it."
Frown at him and poke with a hoof on his chest.
"Got it?"

Sidus [Rogue] 362805

Keep holding her, but stay silent.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362806

Shit, looks like Wf died

DM 362808

"Feisty, aren't you?
I just wanted to be sure. No good having a partner with too much emotional baggage to handle, right?
You ever feel like life's throwing a little too much on you, you can come talk to me, ok?
Want another hug?"
You can feel tears falling on your hooves
"No need to even say it… I know I do…
…why do you even put up with me?"
Reading that in Star's voice lead me to thinking of this

Papaver Field [Mage] 362809

"I think I'm fine, thanks."
Place the hammer back on the weapon rack and collapse on the cuschions.
"So, got plans?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362810

Well I guess we can go back to the night then?
Crescent had just convinced me to come along climbing

DM 362812

"Come on. I see a open window up there. This should be easy!"
"I guess first we need to evaluate you a little before we go in for the big time. See how you're with sneaking and thinking on your feet."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362814

"Uh… w-why are w-we doing this again?"

Sidus [Rogue] 362815

"Because you might make mistakes… but when I see that spark in your eyes, I see potential. And I have faith in you."

Papaver Field [Mage] 362816

"You saw me sneaking! I mean, you DIDN'T see me sneak! Ah!" Smirk at him.

DM 362820

"'cause it's fun. Might do some good for that chub of yours too.
So you said you knew some cute stallion huh?"
"I just don't know if I can take failing you again… it hurts me too much to know I failed you…"
"Hm. Indeed. But you won't be going up against me. You'll be sneaking against the fine eyes of the oldest students. The Keepers.
Those guys have caught me more than once let me tell you."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362822

I blush

Sidus [Rogue] 362824

I take a deep breath.
"Burning… what did you do?"

Nock [Tracker] 362825

If you want you can finish the night or we can do spellbreaker, whatevs

Papaver Field [Mage] 362826

"Well I wouldn't know. Never met anypony over the third year, myself."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362828

>implying we can't do both at the same time

DM 362830

She looks down but says nothing
She gets a glint in her eye and hops onto the vines on the side of the wall
"Know which room he's in?"
"Third year paladins are pretty much where the training ends. Their days mostly consist of polishing what they already learned in the first two years.
Those older than them, those are special cases…
And really, sneaking only gets you so far. Those basements are better designed than these top parts. Less blind corners, less holes to exploit, more unavoidable checkpoints.
You need to know how to keep a strong poker face and how to convincingly talk ten flavors of bullshit to a guy who could break your legs and have you expelled within minutes of doing so if he caught on."



Roll #1 1 = 1

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362833

I gulp and point her at the open window

Sidus [Rogue] 362834

"Burning. What. Did. You. Do?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 362836

"Urgh… I'm not good at this. I shouldn't even be lying in the first place! There is no honor in it!"

DM 362837

"Oh my~
Lets go pay him a little visit."
She offers a hoof to help you get started
"I… I got a little… no.. a lot…
she sighs deeply
"I did a stupid thing thinking it would make me feel better. It didn't. because it was stupid."
"So you want to just admit you're breaking into a restricted area to search for the Headmaster's Collection?"
He raises a brow at you

Sidus [Rogue] 362838

"Please tell me you didn't hurt yourself…"


I gulp and take her hoof, trying to start climbing along.

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5

DM 362842

"I'll get better…
I did say it was stupid. But I wasn't thinking straight."
"Urgh… fan of pancakes are you? C'mon, work with me. We can do this!"
She helps you along as she climbs

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 362843

"So, who can tell us the core nature of magic, and how antimagic affects it?"


Try to use my telekinesis to help me along

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 362845

You reach the open window in short order
"Shh. Lets keep it down to a whisper from here on. We don't want to wake them up after all, now do we?"

Sidus [Rogue] 362846

Release her from the hug and turn her arouund.
"Burning, when you tried to make up for it yesterday, it was so hard for me to just ignore you. I was stupid not to forgive you right away, like how you did to me."
I sigh.
"And please, never hurt yourself again, okay? For me?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362847

"I guess not… w-what do we do now?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 362848

"I… Don't know what I want to do. I just want to know why I see what I see!
Lying and sneaking around… That's just what a demon would want me to do!"

DM 362849

…I guess I thought it would be poetic justice or help me get more attention from you or… something.
It really was dumb of me."
She scratches her ear with a bandaged hoof
"Lets get in first"
She slips in through the window
"No. A demon would want you oblivious, scared and easy to manipulate.
Not headstrong, confident and willing to solve the problem."

Sidus [Rogue] 362850

Take her hoof in mine and kiss it.
"It really was. Let's get to the infirmary, okay?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 362851

"Yeah. Maybe. Or maybe he'd want me to be thrown out of the academy to better manipulate me!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362852

Slip in after her

DM 362853

She cringes heavily as you do it.
"…can we please not? I'd hate to explain this to anyone…"
"And would you let it get more power over you just because you left?"
Looks like the boys are fast asleep
So, which one is yours, huh?

Sidus [Rogue] 362855

"They don't need to know how it happened."
I clear my throat.
"And I think I need to go there anyway."

Papaver Field [Mage] 362856

Avert my gaze.
"…That's not something I can answer…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362857

I point at Jon, blushing bright red.

DM 362858

"I messed you up kinda bad, huh…
To be honest I don't even know where I ended up hitting you. When I get mad like that I just kinda stop remembering things."
She looks down
"I hope it wasn't too bad…"
"Then how can I trust you to be a capable partner?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 362859

"Yeah you are right. I'm not cut for this."

Sidus [Rogue] 362860

"Not until this morning. And Burning, you will need to learn to control this."

DM 362862

"So that's it then? You'll just sit around with who knows what going on inside you, accepting that it's better to leave a demon in your sleep to devour you than make up a white lie to possibly solve the issue?"
"I was hoping to, yes.
It makes me stronger though. Just letting go like that. Ignoring everything and focusing myself on destroying my enemy.
…or well, you know… gah. You get what I mean.
It makes me more powerful. But a little unpredictable.
Look we were both idiots yesterday and we both feel bad so can we just let this whole big issue go?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362863

Sidus [Rogue] 362864

"Consider it done."
Hug her again.
"I wasn't kidding about the infirmary though…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 362865

"I will go ask the Headmaster. He won't be able to usher me out this time."

DM 362866

"Ever seen him naked? I bet he sleeps naked~"
"I know…
Can I at least get a kiss first so I can remember what it feels like to not be sad and hurting?
Last night was so cold without you…"
"You? Just go right up to him?
Mare, you crazy."


Papaver Field [Mage] 362867

"Stallion, he got all this started, he will give me an answer!"
Trot down and be on my way to his office.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362868

Trying my best not to think about that mental image to hard…
"I d-don't know…"

Sidus [Rogue] 362869

I nod.
It was… I missed you. I kept the window open just for you."
Kiss her.

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 362871

"And here I was hoping I finally found someone to call partner…"
Without a sound, he is gone
"Lets take a look then."
She starts carefully rolling up his covers
"You know I can open that easily from the outside, right?"

Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 5 = 5

Papaver Field [Mage] 362873

And I was hoping he would follow me.
Stand right in front of the assistant of the Headmaster, staring her down with a determinate glare.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 362874

I keep blushing and attempt to keep them back with my telekinesis
"W-We shouldn't… I don't w-want him to get mad at m-me…"

Sidus [Rogue] 362875

"It was symbolic, Burning. An invitation back."

DM 362877

"Trust me, if a stallion gets mad at some special attention, he didn't like you in the first place.
And don't pretend like you don't want to look~"

Perhaps he did.
Were you being particularly perceptive of your surroundings?
"Yes, what's the problem, cadet?"
"So was beating my hooves raw. I guess symbolism doesn't really do us much good, huh?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 362878

No, I'm not a clever pony. I hope he is thou.
"I must speak with the headmaster. He told me to come back if I ever had those nightmares again."

DM 362879

"He's booked full for the day. Can I get you a time in for tomorrow? Is that good?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 362880

"I think he will want to know about it now."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 362881

Rolling to see if I spoil Crescent and Star's fun.

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 362882

"He has some important business to deal with today."
Looks like Crescent is a little too experienced at this for you to notice what she is doing as you sleep.

Papaver Field [Mage] 362883

Grow angrier, but just clench my jaw shut.
"Fine. Doesn't matter. Tomorrow, whenever."

DM 362884

"I can also ask him to see you after hours if it's really urgent."

Papaver Field [Mage] 362886

Nod fiercely.
"It is. And you would be doing me a great favor."

DM 362888

"Very well. I'll inform him as soon as he is done with his meetings.
Cadet… Field, was it?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 362893

"Ah! Yes sir, it's an honor to know you remember my name!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 362894


DM 362896

"I try. Then, I can only recall so many. We have hundreds of ponies here after all.
Was that all then?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 362899

"Ma'am! Yes, ma'am! And forgive my urgency."

DM 362900

"That's ok. This does sound actually like a real reason unlike some of the crap cadets come to me for.


Complete the salute and trot off.
I'm still nervous as all tartarus. Maybe I should meditate some.
Is there a chapel, a shrine, a mausoleum to the sisters in here?

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 362902

Of course.
It is always open too.
When you turn a corner, Balsa is waiting
"Hey again. You sure look spooked."

Papaver Field [Mage] 362903

"I wonder why…"
Sit somewhere near the altar.

DM 362905



DM 363331

I bet some shit was happening here too

Papaver Field [Mage] 363332

Sidus [Rogue] 363334

"Bearing, please, next time, instead of hurting yourself… speak it out with your roommate for example. That helped me a lot. Talking to my roommate I mean. I know that Springwind was worried about you."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363336

I frown and keep her hooves off of the covers with my telekinesis
"B-But… I don't… I-I mean… uh… n-not like t-this…"

Phanny [Necromancer] 363338

Let's have a roll for fortune once more.



Roll #1 7 = 7

Phanny [Necromancer] 363341


How fortunate.

now I'll wander around till I find a party member, preferably Sidus

Sidus [Rogue] 363342


DM 363348

"I guess that might work…
Then, Springwind doesn't really seem to like me that much."
"Are you trying to tell me to just lay off or something?"
The shrine is empty save for you two
"So that's it then hm? Gonna ask to get dissected by some Inquisitors and end up as a footnote in a study on possession with your ashes locked away in a blessed jar in some catacomb?"
Sidus pls
You are needed

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363350

"I just d-don't like doing this…"
I blush
"I w-wouldn't want s-somepony I d-didn't know d-do the same to m-me…"

Sidus [Rogue] 363352

"Do you even try to talk to her? She wouldn't have been this upset if she didn't like you!"

Timewarp talk?

Nock [Tracker] 363353

If Groves wants to we could continue Spellbreaker or whatever.

Or I could find Papaver

Papaver Field [Mage] 363354

"Sisters no! Not until I can fight!
I want to see my end by the glory of battle, not…
Foul magic."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363355

We totally could.

DM 363360

"Oh? Well, what if I just go over here to the other one then, and let you have him all for yourself~"
She tiptoes to Sidus' bedside
"You think they'll let a cadet who claims to be possessed to keep training?
The way I see it, you're walking into an early grave if you admit it. But if you resolve it on your own, none need be the wiser."
"Alright students. Lets see some answers.
Where does the magic we understand originate from?"

Nock [Tracker] 363362

Ha ha ha I am awful at the theory portion of magic.

Better just stay quiet and let some mage type answer this one.

Sidus [Rogue] 363363

Papaver Field [Mage] 363364

"Hey I'm not posessed!
I am still me! And besides, I showed the headmaster that symbol already!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363367

I sigh softly as I watch her go.
No way I'm going to sneak a peek at Jon without him knowing…

I cock my head
"Uh… T-That depends on the type, really… D-Divine magic is a g-gift of faith for e-example…"

DM 363370

"We don't really see eye to eye. Nothing to talk about…"
"And he dismissed you on the spot, didn't he?"
"Good. And what of elemental magic?"
She start softly rolling up Sidus' bedsheets, cooing softly to herself.

Papaver Field [Mage] 363374

"Actually, I asked to go.
But he didn't have anything to say, didn't even want to tell me what the symbol was about!"

Sidus [Rogue] 363376

"You sound just like Star. Have some confidence, Burning! Find things to talk about!"


Star Hopper [Cleric] 363380

"Is t-this really n-necessary…?"

"Uh… e-elemental magic is magic p-powered by a c-catalyst alone… n-no faith involved."

Nock [Tracker] 363382

I didn't know you wanted to talk so badly! What kinds of places does Sidus visit in his spare him? He doesn't seem the library type. Hm… Hallways are an option.

Sidus [Rogue] 363385

They are.
Though I'm not sure Sidus would recognise Nock.

DM 363387

"Understandable. I mean not even that crazy pony would want a demon roaming free in here."
Necessary? Of course not. Fun and exciting? Oh yes~
"And it is derived from the natural elements."

Sidus [Rogue] 363388

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363389

"I t-think it's kind of m-mean…"

"Uh… r-right…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363391

Sigh and fall down.
Look at the altar.
"What should I do?"

Pray for illumination.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nock [Tracker] 363392

Suppress a sigh of relief that Star answered them successfully. Whew.

Nock knows Sidus, though.

Returning from Inquisitorial studies, I'll stop him. "Have a minute?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363394

I stop in my tracks and smirk.
"Of course! Need an autograph?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363395

"I k-know stuff about magic!"

Phanny [Necromancer] 363396

Can I randomly run into toy?

"What's this? Handing out autographs? Why not we trade them?"

Nock [Tracker] 363397

Actually give an amused smile.

"You know, I don't think you'd like to admit it, but you actually have learned quite a bit of restraint in the last few months. Maybe Star Hopper is rubbing off on you from all those lessons?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363398

He's not a toy silly
"Oh, you want one too? Get them while you have the chance!"

Raise a brow.
"Do I know you?"

DM 363399

"And if I don't want to? You gonna make me or something?"
You see a vision.
A vision of a fog engulfing the land.
Of ponies losing their minds. Their very souls.
Of the pious turning on themselves, their flaws blotting out their virtues.
Of the princesses weeping.
And above all, the great devourer.
It speaks not, but you know its name.
"Antimagic then, by definition, exists to sever or warp one's connection to these powers."

Papaver Field [Mage] 363400

Resist the need to throw up.



Roll #1 2 = 2

Phanny [Necromancer] 363402

"Ooooh, thanks!"

Get out some paper and a quill/pen and write one.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Nock [Tracker] 363403

"Not really directly. Our roommates are dating. It is a little unfair, though, that you don't know who you're talking to. Nock, daughter of Spell Seeker."

Nod along and write that down.

Phanny [Necromancer] 363404

"All done, here you go!"

Give Sidus the 9/10 autograph of "Phanny".

Sidus [Rogue] 363407

I shake my head.
"No. I'm asking you. You are a wonderful pony, Burning, when you want to be. I'm asking you to make some friends, and you will see that you will feel better about yourself!"

"Oh, so you are Nock! Sorry, I had a lot on my mind recently. We haven't talked much yet though, so I think it's understandable."

Shake my head with a chuckle.
"No, no, no, it works the other way around! I give you one and it makes you happy!"

DM 363410

That's just not proper at all.
Balsa tries to help you out
"Hey! Hey, what's going on?"
"Well I did talk to one nice enough girl the other night…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363412

I nod in understanding

Also see >>363399

Phanny [Necromancer] 363413

"But I offered a trade! You take mine, and then you can give me yours! come on, man!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363414

Heh, I switched those links around

Phanny [Necromancer] 363415

"..oh? You giving autographs, too?"

Nock [Tracker] 363416

Give him a surprised look. "You really have changed a lot. In a good way, though. It's not surprising the battlemaster too an interest in you. Is Star making a capable student?"

Nock [Tracker] 363417

Chuckle. "I don't think I'm quite so formal."

Papaver Field [Mage] 363419

Push him away, get back in shape.
"I saw… Death."

Sidus [Rogue] 363420

"Fine, I'll chalk it up as a gift from a fan."
Write a quick autograph of Sidus the Great and levitate it over with TK, like I've done it a hundred times.

I nod.
"Yes, and? Did you two make friends?"

"He can see the promise in me, has a good eye I'll admit."
Then sigh.
"She was doing well, but fell back recently. She failed her last session, even if it was made up on the spot."

DM 363424

"How so? They like it. So do I."
"Has anyone here ever seen antimagic in action? Anyone?"
"Well, we did trade favors at least."

Phanny [Necromancer] 363427

Bow and accept it.

"Mind you, I don't think Royal Guard are really allowed to give those away, so what you have there is a limited edition! First one too, eh, Sidus!"

"Oh, no need to be formal about it! If I had some pretty colours with me, I'd let you use them for your own autograph!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363429

Can I randomly bump in here too?
I hop through the hallways and see you guys.
"Hello" I say cheery.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363430

"S-So you wouldn't m-mind it if random c-colts snuck into your bedroom at n-night to take p-peeks?"
I sigh, still blushing
"N-Not all c-colts are like that…"

I nod
"I s-saw mom use it once! S-She's an inquisitor!"

Nock [Tracker] 363432

"Proactive antimagic! The Null."

"That's unfortunate. Maybe I can talk to her. The Gala is coming up, after all. It's more than a fancy dress party, it's our first real mission. I guess you're going with the mare you're always with?"

Nod at her. "Cherry, right?"

Laugh again. "I don't think I want to commit something so passing to paper for long."

Sidus [Rogue] 363434

"What sort of favors? And who was she, if I can ask? Since you know anything about me and what I do and who I spend time with, it's only fair, isn't it?"

"Oh, you are going to be a Royal Guard? Not a life I could imagine myself in. Too boring for my tastes. Not enough action!"

"Hey there!"

"The Gala?"

DM 363436

She seems to get all excited about the idea
"Y-you think they'd do that to me?
O-oh my~
"Good. Good."
"Next we will hold a little demonstration. Any volunteers?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363438

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363441

"Hey there, long time no see."

Smile at him.
"Hello Sidus.
How is Burning?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363442

"We've been better, but we are doing fine."

DM 363443

"Death? Like Grogar death, or?"
"her name was Crescent. She gave me a badge used by night students. It lets me walk around outside at night without getting into trouble."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363445

Roll to not look too happy about that. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Phanny [Necromancer] 363446

"..yeah, I guess. I mean, sure, you give up loads of things, like all that action, but someone's got to do it, eh? and I think I can! Besides, there's enough there for me to enjoy."

Laugh heartily.

"Looks like I'll just have to have your name the normal way, then! You can call me Phanny, and.. you?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363448

Shake my head.
"Of ponies killing their friends kind of death."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363450

"I… I-I don't know but… m-my point still stands!"

Oh no.
I still remember that one time Nock used it on me…
No way that's happening again!

Sidus [Rogue] 363453

"That's pretty useful, yeah. What was your favor?"

"I didn't say it's any less honorable."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363454

Cherry is a good actress.
"Oh dear. What happened?" I say with a concerned look.

Nock [Tracker] 363456

"Is it not general knowledge? You know, the mission to defend the Grand Galloping Gala."

Raise a hoof. May as well.


Smile again.

DM 363457

"You need proof that they like it? Just touch it. Trust me. You can tell he likes it."
"I showed her how to improve her climbing techniques. That's what started the conversation anyway."
Wanna talk about it, or?"
"Come on down then!"

Nock [Tracker] 363461

Head to the floor and nock an arrow.


"I just wanna clean this mess."
Look alienated at the altar.
"This of all places…"
Anything I can clean the floor with?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Phanny [Necromancer] 363464


Pause a bit to think.

"Well! I like it. It flows off the tongue very nicely, you see? Good to say and find words to work with."

"Well, some peonies don't need honour, I guess. But then, if not that, what do I aim to have?"

Laugh a bit weakly.

DM 363466

Balsa gets a mop and some water
"Two can work faster than one."
"Know any spells by chance?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363468

"Long story, but as I said, we already sorted it out!"
Smile at her.
"So the song can still be a thing once we get to telling our story."

"Oh, right. As I said, a lot to do nowadays. I haven't made any preparations yet."

"As long as you do good? Maybe you could strive to be the best royal guard!"

"She sneaks in the room of her stallion too?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363471

"It's my mess. Don't worry.
But… Thanks."
A mop and water sitting around in a holy chapel. What luck. Start scrubbing.
"I'm sorry you had to see this."

DM 363472


"Oh don't be silly. She just likes to climb, but was a complete amateur at it."

Nock [Tracker] 363473

"Null Shot… and we've started Brand training, ma'am."

Phanny [Necromancer] 363474


"Not a bad thing to aim for! What about you? You aiming for anything?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363478

"Just likes to climb? Huh. Interesting. So is she your new sneak buddy?"
Stand up.
"We should be on our way to the infirmary though."

"Becoming greater than the Gods!"

DM 363480

"Null shot? That's-"
"That's my girl right there. C'mere Nocky, you get to make your old man proud."
"Inquisitor Seeker! This is highly-"
"-appropriate. Now stand still and cast that firecracker of yours.
Ok Nocky. Nail that heretic for daddy!"
Glossy Wards rolls her eyes and powers up a spell

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363483

I blush
"T-That's just a n-natural reaction! They c-can't control t-t-

I look at the exchange with wary eyes


Please don't fuck up. Please.

"Ready, ma'am."

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363485

Smile, but a bit less cheery.
"Oh well, I'm just happy you two solved your problems."

Phanny [Necromancer] 363487

"Well! Can't say I know how to do that, but good luck with that! So how're you going to do that, anyway?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363488

So… where am I?

Sidus [Rogue] 363489

"Thank you! It was very… edifying. What mistakes not to make."

"Time, patience, and most importantly, skill! I'll work out the details on the way!"

DM 363491

"It doesn't happen if they don't like it you know~"
She moves the rest of Sidus' bedsheet off
"Hello there~"
"You best know what you're doing, Seeker"
"Trust me. Nocky doesn't fuck up. She fucks others up. Ha!"
Glossy fires a magic bolt at you.
"I prefer to sneak alone.
And ok…"
She gives you one more hug before you go

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 1 = 1

Nock [Tracker] 363492

This should get +1 for Vantage Point, if that helps soften the blow at all.

"Is she keeping you busy?"

Phanny [Necromancer] 363494

"Working out the details on the way? Sounds like fun, man. Got a nice weapon you want to do it with?"

show him my Falchion.

Papaver Field [Mage] 363495

Sidus [Rogue] 363497

I chuckle.
"You could say that."

"Do I?"
I grin even wider.
"These are only the training ones though!"
Show him my dual kamas chained together and my Glaive/Sword.
"Real beauties, aren't they?"


Star Hopper [Cleric] 363498

I sigh
"I-I can't believe you… H-He has a marefriend t-too!"


Stop it

Before it gets to me

Oh gosh

"I take it that it's not with battlefield training."

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7

Sidus [Rogue] 363502

Give her a cheeky smile.
"Oh, what implications."

Phanny [Necromancer] 363504

"Oooh! Reminds me of the cool-looking weapons I saw in books! Like, this curved, thin blade that looks like it'd be able to cut through metal… too bad I don't think a guard would get much use out of those, they looked a little fragile. I'll just stick with this!"

"Man, you have a good name to match the rest of you."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363506

Cringe but say nothing.

Turn to Nock and try to change the subject.
"Uh, Nock, I never heard what kind of lessons you have."

Nock [Tracker] 363508

"Most of my time is taken up by Inquisitor studies, but I do study Spellbreaker with Star Hopper. Besides that, I barely have time for my hobbies. Yourself?"

DM 363514

"Still sure you don't wanna be partners?"
She stops
"…he does?"
Your arrow hits the bolt in mid-air, exploding both
"I've seen better."
"Like hell you have Wards."
"Cut the sass Seeker"
"Make me you old goat"
She fires a bolt at Spell Seeker, but suddenly flips over and ends up on her back, fireworks shooting out of her butt
"And that, kids, is what a Brand does."
"I know it is. Don't you agree, class?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363517

Well I guess I'll just wander around the school aimlessly in search of something to do

Sidus [Rogue] 363518

Keep smirking, and put away my weapons.
"Once I get better at the forge, I could try and get you a blade like that for hobby purposes."

"I haven't heard much about Inquisitors. No offense."

So what happened with that >1

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363519


I wince but keep quiet

Papaver Field [Mage] 363520

"I'm not good at this, Balsa.
I mean, I want to know, but I'd just get you killed."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363521

Just hop into us.

"I'm a bard so I have some art classes in addition to my paladin studies. I also write songs in my spare time."

Phanny [Necromancer] 363522

"You work at the forge? Man, I'd love to see, but I'll probably be busy. Royal Guard preparation and all."

Sidus [Rogue] 363524

"It's mostly in the mornings before sunrise anyway."

Nock [Tracker] 363525

"It's a pretty rigorous training regimen, and Inquisitors aren't known for being social with others. It's not a surprise."

"That sounds like a relaxing workload."

Try to suppress grin. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363531

I stride over to this group ponies, clearing my throat to try and catch their attention.
"Hello there, am I interrupting something? I've got a question to ask you if you don't mind."

DM 363533

Her squeeze brought all the pain back…
"And… who is it?"
"Certainly if we rush into things.
But if we train you up first…"
"Nocky… that's not appropriate."

Papaver Field [Mage] 363535

"Got something in mind… Partner?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363536

I look at her oddly

"Uh… I t-think her name w-was Burning H-Heart."

Sidus [Rogue] 363537

"You seem reasonable enough, and if you haven't scared off Star, you can't be that bad."

"Want an autograph?"

"Ouch… let's just go, okay?"
Try to walk on my own.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Nock [Tracker] 363541

Chuckle again. "I'll have to extend you the same courtesy seeing as you haven't either."


"Guess I'll wander in if I have the time!"

Wander out.

Rolling for something to happen like meeting a PC

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nock [Tracker] 363543

Blush. "Sorry. I got a little excited, ma'am."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363547

"What? Why would I want an autograph? I just wanted to see if any of you know anything about the Gala."

DM 363550

We can begin tonight. My door will be locked. Your first mission is to get in."
She goes as pale as a sheet, tucks Sidus back in while looking away and slowly walks back to the window
"Nope nope nope nope nope…"
"Get back in your seat."
You make it to the infirmary safe and sound

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363551

"Well it's not always easy but I like to do it, so that makes it better.
I heard Inquisitorial classes were really hard though.
Make sure you don't work too hard."

"Hello, what's your name?"

Nock [Tracker] 363553

"Just the general information. What did you want to know?"


Star Hopper [Cleric] 363555

I cock my head and follow suit
"W-What? You know h-her?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363558

"…I'm supposed to sneak in the Sword dorm?"

Nock [Tracker] 363559

"You know, Vera really likes that kind of artsy stuff. Maybe we should get together sometime."

Sidus [Rogue] 363563

"And you even have a sense of humor!"

"Come on, no need to be shy now!"
Write him an autograph by the name Sidus the Great.
"There you go!"

Turn to Burning.
"Now comes the strange part."
Lean closer.
"I'm afraid that I will have to show it to Steamships…"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363568

I proudly hit my chest with a hoof
"My name is Lime Rock. Artist and aspiring paladin, ready to serve Equestria and its princesses!"

"From what I hear, they're searching for guards. This is an important chance I cannot afford to miss."

"Uh… thanks… guy."
I shove it in my bag

DM 363571

"Well enough to get the hell out of here now.
…please never tell her I did that, ok? Ok? Please?"

"Well if the Collection is your goal, that's a soft start."
"Sidus… I didn't… did I?"

Nock [Tracker] 363573

"Not just looking… They're taking the whole class on. It's a required mission. That said, there's a rumor that they choose the Royal Guard trainees based on performance, so I guess try to avoid spending all night at the punch bowl."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363574

I look at her a little weirdly, but keep following her
That sure was a quick change of behavior…

Sidus [Rogue] 363578

"You can call me Sidus, and you are more than welcome!"

Exhale deeply, then nod slowly.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363579

"Nice to meey you Lime.
I'm Cherry, bard and future paladin.
I still have to sign up for guard duty at the Gala myself.
If you want to, we could go together later."

"It's a deal."

Papaver Field [Mage] 363580

"But… It's the stallion's dorm!"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363584

"Royal Guards? Why would people want to become a guard?"

"Okay then… Sidus. Are you some kind of celebrity? Because I sure haven't heard of you before."

"Wait, didn't she just tell me everypony was signed up? What's going on here?"
I point at Nock

Sidus [Rogue] 363588

"You could say that I am, yes. And you would have, eventually."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363589

Take a look at Nock and back at him.
"Oh I'm sorry, I must have missed that."
Smile sheepishly.
"All the better right?"

DM 363590

"And for a reason…"
She climbs out the window
"Never again. Guess I gotta learn to pick locks better…"
She buries her face in her hooves
"Why why why why why why…"

Nock [Tracker] 363594


"I don't know. You're the one who said you wanted to be a guard and serve the Sisters."

Will class continue or is it over?

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363598

"… Right. I'll keep an eye on you then."

"Well it does save us the effort of having to wait in line."

"Uh… right! But I don't want to do that all my life! This is just a chance to meet influential ponies at the gala!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363599

"I still think sneaking into places is NOT something I should do. I just can't help it! But I will think about it.
Don't wait for me up."

DM 363600

Do you want more class?

Sidus [Rogue] 363602

I sigh.
"You did a good job too… it got worse this morning. So let's just ask for something to make me better, and you ask for something for your hooves, so we can put this beind ourselves, okay?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363604


I climb down after her
"O-Or you could just talk t-to colts instead…"

Nock [Tracker] 363605

I just want to know because if it's over I want to go apologize to Madam Wards, chat with Spell Seeker and Star Hopper.

Sidus [Rogue] 363609

"I got signed pictures too, if that's what you mean."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363612

"Of course not. I have eyes and I can see, you know."

DM 363613

"In conclusion, a summary:
Antimagic is designer to sever or alter the connection between a spellcaster and the origin of their power.
Next time we move on to practical ways of doing it.
Wards slowly comes to a halt on the floor as her ass runs out of fire.
"B-but what if I say something stupid?"
"I can't believe I'd ever do that… I mean why would I even…
…can I at least apologize to the poor thing?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363614

"You could say that about most ponies, yes."

"Later. I don't think anything but professional help would do any good now."

Papaver Field [Mage] 363616

With that, be off.
Is it time for my appointment with the Headmaster yet?

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363617

"Right, I absolutely hate that."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363620

"I-I say stupid s-stuff all the time and J-Jon still likes me…"

Maybe a healing spell on her will help? That must have hurt… '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363622

"Exactly! Who needs pictures, really."

"Well… maybe we could use this spare time otherwise then? Any of you guys planning to do something?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363624

"Just in case! And they will be worth much more once I'm more famous!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363625

"Ooooh, can I have one?"

DM 363626

She hold back a tear and nods, then follows, muttering to herself.
Well it sure as hell did now.
Wincing violently, her legs lose their strength and she collapses
Yeah sure.
Go ahead.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sidus [Rogue] 363631

"Good thing I always keep one or two on myself for dedicated fans!"
Levitate her one.

Kiss her forehead.
"Don't worry…"

Knock on the infirmary door then enter.


Gee, wait, let me erp some more.
Enter his office and salute.
Stand tall.
Try to, at least.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363634


I wince
"I-I'm so s-sorry! I-I miscast!"
I hurriedly try that again '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Nock [Tracker] 363635

"Star, stop! Brand residue!"

Can I stop her from killing our teacher? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363638

Put it away carefully, then realize ponies are watching.
"Uh…I'm sure it will be good to have that when it's worth a lot."

DM 363640

A well-placed null shot to the back of the head does wonders.
Wards drags herself up
"I need to see a doctor…"
"Had more visions did we?"
Steamship welcomes you
"Cadets. How might I help?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363642

"Why would a picture be worth a lo-"
My face lightens up
"Oooooh! Hey Sidus, want something beter than those lousy pictures?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363643

What about nightclass?
I rub my horn with a sad look on my face

Nock [Tracker] 363646

"I'll go get the medical staff! Star, make sure she's alright!"

Sprint off for the nurse's office.

Papaver Field [Mage] 363647

"Sir, yessir. And thes symbol remains there.
I've had nightmares of-"

Sidus [Rogue] 363648

"You are welcome! It's true worth will not lie in it's value though!"

"Cadet Heart needs to have her head and hooves looked at."
Take a deep breath.
"And my problem didn't get better."

"Hm? What do you mean?"

Nock [Tracker] 363651

Take a look. What could it be?

DM 363653

Returning Slab is on call
"Afternoon. Who needs help?"
Nightclass will continue soon
"I'm just not confident enough… he's so… cool. And strong. And… I don't feel like I'd be enough for him."
"Well, please step into the examination room then."
Burning takes the lead

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363654

Take a closer look.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363655

"… W-What's his name?"

Nock [Tracker] 363657

"Glossy Wards, the antimagic teacher, needs help. Can you come?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363658

I open up my bag and take out my sculpting tools
"I could sculpt an image of you out of stone! 3D instead of 2D!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363661


Sidus [Rogue] 363663

Wait for her patiently to finish.

I smirk.
"A small statue of myself… I like the idea. No, I love it!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363665

Look at him curiously.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363668

I grin
"Well I don't work for free of course…"

"I told you! I am an artist!"

Sidus [Rogue] 363669

I nod.
"Wouldn't expect you to. What can I offer in return?"

DM 363671

"Certainly. Lead the way."
"Care to tell some details?"
"Burnt hooves and a minor skull fracture.
The ointments will fix them in time, but for the time being, you are not to take part in combat training.
Now lets look at the other patient here."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363672

"Well… what do you have to offer?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363675

Sigh and comply.

Nock [Tracker] 363676

Take her there.

Lunch time

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363677

"I just wasn't expecting this sort of art.
Do you have some examples?
I'd love to see them."

Sidus [Rogue] 363678

"That depends on what you are interested in!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363679

"It was just a dream sit. I barely remember it myself."
Hey what a coincidence, I turn a left and suddenly there's a time pocket.
"What's up here?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363680

"Oh… W-What's he like?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363683

"How about we call it a favor… and then in the future, when I need one back, I can call on you? How about that?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363686

"I haven't found the materials yet, so practice has been slim lately. I have lots of examples at home though!"

Sidus [Rogue] 363689

"Hmm… Favors can be abused though. Not that I'm claiming you would."

Sidus [Rogue] 363691

Perk up.
"What sort of materials do you need though?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363694

"Hey come on! It wouldn't be a huge favor! But I can't just do this stuff for free, it does take time!"

"Well that depends on what you want it to be made of. Could be limestone or tuff, which is relatively cheap depending on how big you want it to be. Marble is an option too, but expensive as hell."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363697

"Oh I'd love to see you work sometime.
I'm a bit an artist myself."
Smile at him.

Sidus [Rogue] 363699

"So do you want payment for the time it will take, or would you do it if I got you the required materials?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363700

"Or I could make one for you too!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363701

Blush a bit.
"Oh no, I couldn't possibly ask that.
Besides I wouldn't be able to pay you anyway."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363702

"Getting the materials would be a huge help, but I'd still have to spend some time on sculpting the damn thing. I guess I could humor you though."
I think for a moment, then nod
"Ah hell, sure. You get me the materials, I'll do it for free."

I shrug
"Again, just get me the materials and I'll do it for free. You seem like a nice bunch after all."

Sidus [Rogue] 363705

"Consider it done."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363706

"We'll still need to discuss dimensions, the pose, the style and… uh… the amount of details of course."

Sidus [Rogue] 363707

"One step at a time, my friend, we'll get to that when I have what you need to make it."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363709

"That's okay, I really don't need one. I would like to see you work sometime…"

DM 363711

We can skip that then.
"He's so cool~
He sneaks around too, or so they say at least, and he's great at fighting and gets good grades and is a noble~"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363712

"The size is kind of important, so you know how big of a stone slab you want to get for this."

"I don't mind. But if you just want to watch me at work, be my guest. Might be nice to have somepony to talk to when at work actually."

Papaver Field [Mage] 363713

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363714

"Oh… I d-don't think I-I've met him… D-Does he know you?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363715


"As much as I would like a real life one, I'll have to think of something smaller this time."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363718

I nod
"Yeah, a real life one would take a while. Any idea which material you want?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363720

"I'm thinking of marble… We'll see what I can manage to get."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363722

"I love seeing artists at work.
And maybe I could play a little on my flute too, if that wouldn't disturb you.".

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363723

"Right, have fun storming the castle!"

"Oh, you're a musician? That's lovely, I do like hearing a bit of music!"

Sidus [Rogue] 363724

Smirk again.
"I have my ways."

Papaver Field [Mage] 363726

Yo can I get in the conversation?
Guess I was trotting around.
"Hey! We still have to do that thing together!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363729

Jump up startled but smile when I see who it is.
"Hey Vera.
Have you met my new friend, this is Lime Rock."

DM 363730

"Alright Cadet, lets have a look then."
"And you're sure you can tell me nothing more?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363732

No need to be ashamed.
Though Burning won't like it, probably…
Show it to Steamships.
"How bad is it?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363734

"There was… Death.
Fog, and ponies crying. And there was something there. Not a pony. Something."
"Oh! Hey there! Never seen you around!"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363735

"We'll see."

"Hello Vera. Good to meet you."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363736

DM 363739

"How has it been fee-"
Steamships looks up and notices Burning staring at her intently
"Fog, you say?
Do you, by chance, know what the symbol represents?"
"I doubt it… why would he know lil' ol' me?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363740

"Hey. Summoned any bloodthirster swords recently?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363742

Crescent is a first year too right?
"W-Well… is he a first year?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363743

"Yesterday was tolerable thanks to the painkillers, but it's been hurting a more since then."

Papaver Field [Mage] 363746

Well it's that moment.
What do I say? What does my honor tell me?
I know what it's saying.
Lower my head.
Wave at him and smile.
"Nah, I've been into dresses lately."
Pull out my tongue at him.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363749

"You wanted to go practice singing?"
DM Am I still under the -1 voice penalty?

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363751

"Another musician?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363752

Snort at that.
"And do they feats on the ponies who wear them?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363753

"And kind of mage. Kind of."
Nod eagerly.
"You gotta teach me how!"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363754

"Oh… well look at that. A warrior mage."

Papaver Field [Mage] 363755

"Yeah, but don't say that around. I'm just doing it to make Layline happy."

DM 363756

Yes she is
"No.. he's in second…"
He raises a brow
"It spoke its name then?"
"Mhm. May I touch?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363759

"I would prefer not to. I'm pretty sure it would hurt, if that is what you want to find out."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363762

"I'd love too."
Hesitate for a second.
"But just try to be a bit careful.
Sometimes when learning you can accidentaly overdo it a bit…"
Look down.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363764

"Layline? You don't like magic?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363769

"No sir. I asked around. Showed the symbol to higher-year students, sir."
Look concerned at her and put a hoof over her back.
"Hey, anything happened Cherry?"
Shake my head.
"It's not this, I like it. Makes nice dresses.
But I don't like fighting with it."

DM 363770

"I was hoping to locate any possible abnormalities like dents, cuts or other such damage. But, as you wish. I'll just let you give me a rundown then."
Burning looks ashamed and annoyed, and keeps glancing at you.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363773

"S-So… w-what else does h-he do? Aside f-from sneaking…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363774

Nod, move closer and whisper.
"It's Star."

Sidus [Rogue] 363775

Glance at her.
"Burning, maybe it would be easier if you waited outside now? Please?"

The nurse is a unicorn, right?

Papaver Field [Mage] 363778

Widen my eyes in shock.
"Wha-! What happened?"

DM 363780

"I've heard stories~
He's so good at his classes he needs to do all kinds of daring things to keep his mind busy. And that he keeps himself pure for his one true gal, when she comes around~"
She is.
Burning looks at you both
"C-could I do the examination?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363782

"That's a shame. it's pretty damn useful, I'd say."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363783

"Oh… I-Is he part of t-the night c-classes too?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363784

Look at Steamships.
"Would that work for you?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363785


"At times. But it just doesn't feel… Fair."

DM 363788

"And who might this student be?"
Well I'll need to guess based on how she describes it, so accuracy might suffer.
Your call, Cadet.
"Sadly no…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363790

"Well, I was trying to teach her how to sing, to help her voice, and I told her to sing really loud.
But she…she hit a really high note."
Tears form in my eyes.
"And she was so sad about it.
I don't want to make my friends sad."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363792

"Oh… T-That's a shame… Uh… m-maybe I could h-help?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363793

"Why not? Magic is a tool, just like a sword or a axe is."

Sidus [Rogue] 363794

Take a deep breath.
"I'm sorry Burning, but this is important. As much as I trust you, I need to take this seriously."
Turn to the nurse again.
"Can you do it with your magic at least?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363795

"Sir, I don't know her name. I just asked around in the mess hall, sir."
Yeah, that should work…
Hug her.
"No, c'mon, don't worry. I'm sure she was just scared. You did nothing wrong!"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363802

Wipe my tears with my hoof while hugging.
"I just hope she'll give it another try…"

DM 363813

"You'd do that for me?"
"Of course. It's more accurate anyway."
Burning frowns and leaves the room
Well I suppose Paladin Yew had a good reason to spread such sensitive material…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363814

Pull back from the hug.
"Vera, just promise me to be careful when you sing okay?
I don't want to hurt another one of my friends."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363815

"W-Well… You've b-been nice to me too so…"

Sidus [Rogue] 363818

Sigh again.
"Let's just get this over with, please?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363820

"We are gonna make her!"
"Sir, if somepony ran up to me with a symbol I've seen only in books asking what it was about, I'd tell her the truth. Sir.
And I'm scared."
Smile sheepishly.
"It's not like I'm new at this-"

Nock [Tracker] 363821

Give an amused smile. "You should have heard her on Hearts and Hooves day."

DM 363822

"W-well… I..
…I don't know what to say!"
"Of course. Just relax. I simply need to make sure I don't need to ask for specialist aid."
"Scared, cadet?"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363828

Giggle and blush a little while looking at Papaver.

"Well, in that case,
I guess I'd be glad to help you learn how to sing a bit better.

Turn to Nock.
"Do you want to come too, Nock?
It will be fun."

Nock [Tracker] 363831

Smile. "Sure."

Take up position very close to Papaver and walk next to her.

DM 363832

"Wait.. that can't be right…"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363833

"Hm… m-maybe I could a-ask my friends for help too? T-They helped me a bunch w-with Jon…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363834

"Of my visions, sir.
Since I've come here I've been told I am marked by some unknown identity by you, then discovered I am a mage and my family will never look at me again, learnt I'm a freak of nature and can make things nopony else ever could, and now my nightmares have strange symbols I can't understand in them.
Sir, I might be just a bit weary, right now."
At least blast class was nice…
"H-hey! That was just because I was embarassed!"
Blush time?

Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 363837

"Oh… oh dear… that didn't hurt did it?
Lets… check the other one."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sidus [Rogue] 363838

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363840

"Maybe I could join too? I'd love to hear you at work."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363841

"Where would you like to go?
Singing outside is always fun.
But if you'd rather sing in the dorm, that's okay too."

DM 363843

"I have good news and less than good news."
"Well I… I…
If you ever need anything, just ask. Anything at all!"
"Have you considered that all these may be related?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363844

"Well, if that's okay with Vera and Nock, it's no problem for me."

Papaver Field [Mage] 363845

"Uh… We could go outside, in the garden. Find a nice looking three… But I gotta take my guitar!"

Sidus [Rogue] 363846

"Go on, tell me then."

Papaver Field [Mage] 363847

Nod and smile kindly.

Nock [Tracker] 363848

"Outside is better."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363849

I smile at her
"O-Okay! And d-don't worry… I'm sure y-you'll succeed."

DM 363853

"One is in perfect condition. The other less so."
"I sure hope so.
I was hoping to do something big, make a name for myself, before approaching him…"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363854

"Goodie. Can't wait to hear this."

Sidus [Rogue] 363855

"What can be done about it?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363856

"I'd like to think it's not. Sir, might I ask your honest opinion on this?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363858

"Let's go then"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363859

"M-Maybe Sidus can help… he usually t-talks about doing 'g-great' things…"

DM 363863

"Some relevant healing magic does exist.
Or, I guess, we can just leave it. Or take it out if you want."
"I have my theories. Knowing them would bring you no comfort."
"Well I'm not going to ask him… I don't want to upset Burning…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363864

"I'm a strong mare sir. At least, I like to think so.
Knowing them might allow me to prepare."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363865

I guess we can all happily go together to a field with a tree.

Sidus [Rogue] 363867

"What?! You can't be serious! Of course I want the healing magic!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363870

I probably went for a fast trip to my room, and got the hammer-guitar.
Follow happily.

Nock [Tracker] 363871

"Let's hunt down Star, first."

With catlike tread, upon our prey we steal
In silence dread, our cautious way we feel.

Find Star Hopper.

DM 363873

"Well they were all equally sound options from a medical standpoint.
I can contact my colleges at the Medical Academy and tell them of the case. I'm sure they will like the chance to test out the Regeneration Spell in its original application again."
"I do believe they are all related. One spawning from another."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363874

"W-Well… I'm s-sure she wont mind…"
I look around
"Back to c-class?"

I'm here!

Sidus [Rogue] 363875

"I'm not very keen on waiting. At all. When can it be done?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363876

"Then, sir, I was right.
This magic of mine is heretical.
I should burn it out of my body."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363877

As do I

Papaver Field [Mage] 363878

"So, why are you here, Lime?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363880

"Like I said to your friend, I'm just your average pony wanting to become a paladin and serve Equestria. I really do like hitting things with my hooves after all."

Papaver Field [Mage] 363881

"Hey I like you! We should totally spar some day!"
Grin at him.
"But… Hooves? Got no favorite weapon?"

DM 363883

"I did not say which was spawned from which, Cadet.
And if I am right, this fate that is now cast upon you would only befall a new host, should you find a way to reject it."
"Yeah. Lets go. Pal."
She gives you a warm smile
"Hard to say. The spell is not widely known, and has side effects if miscast."

Sidus [Rogue] 363887

"That's not an answer. When can it be done?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363889

"I carry a mace around as well. Made it myself, in fact! But honestly, there's nothing more fun than covering your hoof in solid rock and beating somepony up with nature's wrath."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363890

I smile back and follow her

Papaver Field [Mage] 363891

Try to remain stoic.
"Might I at least know what I'll have to face, sir?"

Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 363892

"A few weeks maybe? As I said, I do not know until I ask the Medical Academy."
"Only time will tell.
Indeed it is every bit as likely that this is all just coincidence. That you are just an accidental magic prodigy, the nightmares simply seem meaningful, and your parents' mail just got lost on the way here and they still love you."
Want to RP the rest of night class or timeskip?

Sidus [Rogue] 363893

"That's unacceptable. What if I go there?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363895

Sigh and stand up.
"Sir, thank you for your time, sir."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363897

Time skip is fine by me.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363898

I hop next to him.
"Nature's wrath?"

DM 363902

"Dismissed, Cadet. Come see me if the visions grow more vivid."
Welcome to the next day.
"Then you can hear the answer straight from them.
I can write you a pass if you want. It will give you 24 hours to leave the academy and return."


"Yes. Uh… let's see if my earth magic is willing to cooperate today."
Try an earthern grasp on one of my own legs

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 363906

"Sir, yessir."
Leave and be off.
Find Nock. In this timestream.
Try and to-
"Can I?"
Lean closer and hang a hoof inches from it.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363907

Jump up when I see the vine.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363909

Right! I'm awake and ready for today!
Go eat breakfast! Rolling for quality '1d10'

Which timestream am I in? With the others now, right?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 363910

"Is there a possibility of being healed right away, and not just getting an answer?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363911

I thought you were already with us.

DM 363915

"If by some miracle one of the head doctors is not busy, and is still willing to put a complex magical procedure into his schedule.
So I'd say chances are low."
Everyone is now in the same time again

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363916

"Pretty wicked, huh? Don't worry, it wont hurt you. It's just a spell that impedes movement."

Sidus [Rogue] 363918

"More than nothing."
Get on my hooves or whatever.
"If you would be so kind to give me that paper now then."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363919

Calm down a bit and inspect the vine more closely.
"Wooow, nature magic, I've never seen it before."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363921

Uh… I'm not sure what to do now again. I guess go meet with Vera and Nock

Papaver Field [Mage] 363922

"Right. Cool I guess?"
Tentatively poke it.
"So, we start?"
A few minutes before going to the three…
"Star! We were looking for you! Time to fix that singing problem!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363924

I take a step back

Papaver Field [Mage] 363926

"We are gonna sing and we will all sing together! You, me, Cherry and Nock!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363927

"Yes, we start.
What song do you want to sing?
The Heart Warmings day song, that's such a lovely one. Or another?
I love taking suggestions."

DM 363931

She fills up a form
"Show it to the gate keepers, and they will let you out. And don't try to sell it to another student either. Got it?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363933

"That's kinda private…"
Blush slightly.
"What's your favorite?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363934

"Of course I won't. Thanks."
Head back to my room and pack up.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363935

"Uh… I'd r-rather not… I c-can't sing at all…"
I wince at the memory of the day before

Papaver Field [Mage] 363937

"Stop complaining, everypony can sing! Just come with us!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363938

"I-I don't want to…"

DM 363939

Burning trails you as always
"…you're leaving?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363940

"It's gonna be fun!"

Sidus [Rogue] 363941

"I'm going to visit the Medical Academy."

I can carry my regular weapons outside the Academy, right?

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363942

Hop in the air enthusiastically.
"Oh I know lot's of ones.
We could sing heroic songs, like the Ballad of Lady Radiant, or the Swansong of Falconwreath"
I blush a little bit.
"That's bit of a naughty one though. And they're both too long, but we could sing a part.
Or maybe a more fun song, like Stable on the Range, or Polly-Woodle-Doodle. Ooh I can't decide."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363944

"I d-doubt that…"

DM 363945

Yes you can.
"It's that bad, huh…?
…I don't think it helps if I say I'm sorry again…"

Sidus [Rogue] 363953

"Unless it helps me fit in the timetable of one of the head doctors, I doubt it."
Put my training ones away and get my real ones.

Papaver Field [Mage] 363954

"Oh! I've read about Lady Radiant! Let's do that one!"
"No way, we will all be there! It's fun even if you don't sing!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363955

I sigh

DM 363956

"How long will you be gone?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363957

"Okay, I'll sing the first stanza and then we can sing it all together."
Clear my throat.

Sing '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Sidus [Rogue] 363958

"Just a day, hopefully."


Join in!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363961

Clap my hooves.
"Wow Vera,
That was amazing. I don't think I could teach you anything at all."

DM 363964

"I'll miss you…"
She nuzzles against you
"Can I give you a long kiss goodbye at least?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363966

Deflate slightly.
"You sang so well too! I just felt… Invigorated by your words!"

Sidus [Rogue] 363967

I nod.
"And let it be a wish of luck for me that I can right this in one trip."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363968

I look between the two of them in admiration.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363969

Blush slightly.
"Thanks, but really, you're not just a warrior-mage, you're a warrior-poet-mage."

Papaver Field [Mage] 363970

Nudge at her.
"C'mon. Your turn!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363971

"I d-don't want to sing… It w-went horrible l-last time…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363972

"And I didn't want to magic.
See where that brought me!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363973

Look at the rest of the group.
"Now, everybody ready?"

DM 363976

She gives you a quick peck on the lips and then bends down under you
"I'm so sorry… let me make it up to you ok? And good luck out there~"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363978

"But I already t-tried it… I'm t-terrible at it…"

Sidus [Rogue] 363981

Step away.
"You can make up for it when I return, okay?"

Take a painkiller.

Papaver Field [Mage] 363982

"I blew Layline's office up the first time I did the sword! And it went even worse with Leaf!"

DM 363985

She sits down sadly
I know it's irrelevant if I say I'm sorry again… lets just… lets just cuddle a little before you have to go ok? Please?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 363986

I stay quiet for a while, considering this, then shake my head
"I… It'll be t-too embarrassing…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 363990

Look at her.
Then at Cherry.
Then at Nock.
Then at the newcomer.
Then at me.
"Hey Lime, do you think it'd be embarassing?"
Then, back at Star.
"Because I doubt your three roommates will have much of a problem with it."
Smile kindly at her.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 363992

Sorry, internet is being an asshole
"I don't know, maybe I could join in too?"

Sidus [Rogue] 363993

"I really wanted to hurry to get there in time and not risk of postponing this…"
Put down my weapons.
"So just a bit, okay?"
Cuddle her.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 363995

"Of course, silly." >>363973


Star Hopper [Cleric] 363999

I gulp

"I-I don't know…"

I let out a defeated sigh
"I g-guess…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364000

Smile to both and go back to singing!


Join in on the fun
dice pls

Roll #1 3 = 3

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364002



I gulp and try to join in without messing up again

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 364006

"I'll never hurt you again…"
She softly pets your mane
"Please be safe…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364007

"You liar! You were great!"
Giggle a bit as he sings.
"First time?"

Sidus [Rogue] 364008

"I will be."
Kiss her on the cheek and rest for a few more minutes before getting out of bed and getting ready again.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364011

Clap in my hooves.
"Yay. See, I knew you could do it."

"Lime, try to breath from your belly.
It makes you more relaxed and let's your voice go a bit deeper."


I clear my throat
"I've never been much of a musician myself…"
Try to do better here dammit

Roll #1 3 = 3

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364013

I blush and stop singing, staying quiet now

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364015

Smile at him.
"That wasn't bad at all for a first time. A voice is an instrument too. You have to practice it."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364016

"I think we should do this more often.
Like, come here every day and sing!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364017

"Uh… I-I don't think I can…"

DM 364018

"Come back to me healed and strong… Sidus the Great~"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364019

"Uh? Why not?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364020

"Ahhh… I already have a lot to do though. Sculpting is something that requires time and effort."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364021

My eyes widen.
"Ooooh! You do sculptures?"

Sidus [Rogue] 364023

Nod and leave after I'm set to go.
Get to the gates.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364024

"That's alright.
You can come whenever you want to.
And I'll get to see you sculpting someday right?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364025

"W-Well… I have s-so much to do already… W-Work in the clinic, night classes, m-my book, day classes…"
I blush
"… J-Jon…"

DM 364026

There are four guards at the gate
"Halt Cadet. What business?"

Sidus [Rogue] 364028

Show the paper that allows me to leave.

Papaver Field [Mage] 364029

"Ooooh, right.
And how are your night classes? I was thinking about showing up for one or two."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364030

"Sure as sugar do. It's just another form of earth 'magic' I think. Taking something raw and untouched and then changing it into something refined and controlled."

"Of course! You can come any time you'd like! I'd be real heartless to turn a mare down like that."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364033

"Uh… they're f-fun… Crescent is really n-nice… I like her a l-lot."

DM 364034

"Mhm. Medical Academy is on the southern quarter of Canterlot. Do you need a ride there?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364035

Sniker a bit.
"That's so funny. The best way to use my magic I've found, for istance, is to make dresses!
But I guess it could work for statues too…"

Sidus [Rogue] 364037

"Chariot ride? That would save some time."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364039

I chuckle
"Tailoring with magic? I'd like to see that for sure!"

DM 364040

"There is a chariot service half a mile down the road. Tell them to put it on the academy tab.
And be back by latest at this time tomorrow, or we'll send someone after you."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364041

"I'd love to see it.
It's so exciting to see artists at work.
The raw spark of creativity being driven into their art."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364042

"No I don't really sew. Never took a piece of cloth in my life.
I just make them happen."

Sidus [Rogue] 364043

I nod.
"Of course, of course, no need to worry."

Make my way to that chariot station.

DM 364044

The charioteer is taking a nap in the afternoon sun

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364045

I smile at her
"Good to hear you think that way. Hopefully you'll be able to provide me some music and encouragement to inspire me to work harder."

"So… could you show me an example? I'm not sure I understand."

Sidus [Rogue] 364047

How the fuck is it afternoon already?
"Good day. I need a ride to the Medical Academy, on the tab of the Paladin Academy."


"I could blow everything up…"
But yeah, I'm pretty confident.
"Everypony, get as far as you can from me."

Conjure… A fancy set of armor!
Golden! With decorations of leaves and flowers and all I can think of!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Papaver Field [Mage] 364051

Guess it happens!
"Ugh. It won't last long. Too bad."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364052

I whistle in amazement
"Now that's some neat magic. And you say you don't like it? How on earth could you think that!?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364053

I smile
She really is getting good at this…

Papaver Field [Mage] 364054

Give a weak, weary smile.
"Long story. Very long."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364055

I whistle

DM 364057

"Ya, sure. Always glad to help the paladins. Hop in buddy."
He points at his chariot

Sidus [Rogue] 364058

Hop in.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364059

"That so? Well, we've got time no?"

DM 364061

Though he seemed sleepy just a moment ago, he picks up speed at such a rate you need to hold on to even stay on board.
You make it to the medical academy in half an hour.
"Fast enough for ya hotshot?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364062

"Not too much…"
Look at the armor.
"A shame it's not one of those that last.
It looks so nice…"
Sigh and sit down.
"Wanna go for a fight? I could tell you, while we spar."

Sidus [Rogue] 364063

Nod with a smile.
"I'll admit, you made pretty good time."
Hop off.
"Thanks again!"

Walk inside the Medical Academy.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364064

I nod
"Sure, that should be quite fun."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364065

Jump up.
"Ooh, I'll come too.
Don't underestimate Vera."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364066

I scrunch
Does everything really always need to include fighting?

Papaver Field [Mage] 364067

"Good! But no fancy magic!"
Trot over to the training field.
"I really hate that."
Pick up my longsword.
"Best of five?"
Rolling initiative.
Simplified pvp. No skills, no CM bonuses, only weapon skills.

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 364068

It smells clean.
Very clean.
Every surface is a pure, polished white. Everypony is wearing clean white.
Nothing looks natural in the least.
There is a clerk at the front desk.


Oh great, last time I did so well in one of these.
I guess I try to dodge her strike and land in a hit?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364070

Well, I'll just sit by the sidelines and watch things go awry

Sidus [Rogue] 364071

Very strange.
Whatever, I don't plan on staying for long.
Go to the clerk.
"Good day. My name is Sidus and I have an appointment with the head doctor."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364072

Cheer for both of them.


This is actually only the "who goes first" roll. No real damage.
Charge at him, sideswipe with my greatsword on his armor.

Roll #1 5 = 5


ah, okay
Try to dodge that by jumping backwards, then move in to hit her with my mace

Roll #1 3 = 3


Sidelining him is easy, even if the move is not impressive.
"One. Ask away."

Roll around my sword and try to hit him once more.

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 364076

"From the Paladin Academy I see. What ails you?"

Sidus [Rogue] 364077

"That is a private matter. Just point me to the head doctor who is best at regeneration magic."

DM 364078

"We only have three Regenerative magic specialists. Who did you have an appointment with?"


I once again try to dodge the blow, then counter it with a blow of my own
"Well… why do you dislike magic so much?"

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 364080

"I wasn't told any names. I was only told I'm being sent to the best."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364081

Your time to do the description and take first move.
"I'm from Eaglecrest. So are my parents.
Magic in combat is not honorable!"

DM 364082

"And who sent you?"


I dodge the incoming attack and counter it by hitting her on the chest with my mace
"Eaglecrest? I don't think I've heard of such a place…"
I stand ready for a counterattack

Roll #1 1 = 1


"It's in the north, you wobblyhooves!"
Pierce through his stance with a focused attack to slash near his neck.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sidus [Rogue] 364085

"A nurse from the infirmary of the Paladin Academy."


"And that's two. Would be three, but I give you one more chance.
You have another question."
Sweep under his hooves with my blade!

Roll #1 7 = 7


I frown
"The north… okay then. If you say so."

"Why do we need to fight to talk?"
Jump up and hit her with my mace

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 364088

"I got that much. Can I have a name? It helps me check the schedules and makes things faster for us both."

Sidus [Rogue] 364089

"Nurse Steamships."


And I fail to dodge.
Getting back up, I ready myself for a charge.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 364091

It was best of five. You got hit 3 times. 4 if we count the critfail.
White, I'm answering your other post.

DM 364092

"Very well. Just a moment."
She goes check some files
"So… Cadet Apple?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364093

so… what now?

Sidus [Rogue] 364094

Papaver Field [Mage] 364095

As our sword and mace cross, the wooden tools slide one across the other, and only the superior reach of the greatsword allows me to hit.
"And that's three."
Drop the sword, and sadly look at the armor as it disappears.
"I do this because… It's relaxing. Don't you think?"

DM 364096

"Huh. That is the only cadet I have marked for treatm-
Oh silly me. Wrong date.
Goodness, I hope I haven't messed anything up…"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364097

"I think it's exciting… but I'd rather talk in peace. Fighting is not for talking, in my opinion."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364098

"Well maybe I just wanted to get to know you."
"So, got any more questions?"

DM 364099

"Well horseapples. No wonder that calender was so full. I must have put two days into one day.
…that means the doctor should be free, yes."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364100

Clap my hooves at the both of them.
"That was great."
Then I remember something.
"Hey, Vera, I've never fought you before. Can I, can I?"

Sidus [Rogue] 364101

"Thank you very much. Where can I find him?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364102

"Well… I guess if it has to do with family tradition, it's not really any of my business."


"Not anymore."
Smile sadly.
"They didn't even answer me when I told them I had earnt my cutie mark in magic, not even a week after joining the academy…"
Right now?"
Try to cojure the armor again.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

DM 364104

"Last room on the right… I have errors to fix…"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364105

"If you want to,
but we can do it later of course."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364106

Nope, nothing.
"I'm kinda tired. But if you want to, sure, I guess."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364107

"Oh… that's very unfortunate. I hope they'll change their minds though, it would be terribly inconsiderate of them to do something like that to their own child."

Sidus [Rogue] 364108

"Don't worry, we all make mistakes."
Smile again, then head there.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364109

"Later then, when you're well rested."


"I doubt they will.
I wouldn't have, if not for Star and Nock."
"Hey you did sing for me. I think I can hold two fights in a row."
Retry to conjure the armor.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

DM 364111

"Come in.
Name and case, please?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364112

And giggle a bit as I see the result.
"And this is here to staaaay! Yeah!"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364113

I sigh
"Well that's just depressing."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364114

"Okay, Ill get my hammer."
Hop off and come back with a big warhammer. I'm not sure if Cherry herself even knows how she can hop while carrying it on her back, but she does.

Sidus [Rogue] 364115

"Good day. Cadet Sidus from the Paladin Academy."

DM 364116

If you're going to start rerolling just to get permanent stuff I'm taking the power away.
Just a heads up.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364117

"Well… I-I'm glad we convinced y-you…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364118

"And I'm glad you are my friends."
Smile at her.
"It doesn't matter anymore. I will be a paladin. No time for family."
"You ready?"
"I like your weapon choice!"
'1d10' for initiative.
I didn't do it on purpouse! The fight was over, I tried to make a new one! Couldn't make it at all, so tried again just because Cherry wanted to fight!
I really wanted this golden armor.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364119

I turn to her
"We haven't introduced, have we? My name is Lime Rock. Artist and aspiring paladin. Nice to meet another friend of Cherry and Vera!"

DM 364120

"And what ails you?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364121

I freeze up slightly, but smile awkwardly
"Uh… h-hi… I'm S-Star Hopper."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364122

"You need big arguments to smash evil."
Swing it around in the air a few times.
Rolling for initiative. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 364123

Your permanent constructs look like Luna's hair or Ursa Minor fur anyway.
Magicky-shit, not metal.

Papaver Field [Mage] 364124

"Ahahah! That's a great one!"
Charge at her!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sidus [Rogue] 364125

"There was a slight accident during training, and I got hit in my more private areas. The nurse at the infirmary said I need regenerative magic."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364126

"Come on now, that's not true. Paladins, like all ponies, need family in their lives."

I smile at her
"Alright then. Can I just call you Star?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364127

Jump aside, letting the weight of the hammer spin me around and hit her.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364128

"S-Sure… I don't m-mind…"
I awkwardly look around, then turn to watch the ensuing battle

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364129

And I will do the same. She's clearly shy.


Clash of titans!
"I like it!"
Try to bring my weapon around for a quick swing!

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 364131

Then why call it golden?
It's gonna be blue.
"Poor lad.
On the positive side, I'm actually trained in that.
Well no point in wasting time I suppose. Do you have the nurse's examination report with you?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364132

Because Gilgamesh.
I blame you.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364133

You sing around all right, just to see my hammer come crashing down on you.'1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364134

Well fuck, we both critfailed technically.

Sidus [Rogue] 364135

"Not really."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364136

Terrible Cross-Counter!
You describe it!

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364137

Cherry swings the hammer high allright, so high she loses her balance and the weight drags her down right into the trajectory of Vera greatsword. The hit of the sword causes me to drop my hammer, right on Vera's head.
In the end we both lie on top of each other.

Spaghettiroll '1d10'

How was that?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Papaver Field [Mage] 364138

Plenty good kid.
"Ouch… You okay?"
Shake myself up.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364139

"Uh where am I.." then I notice I'm lying on top of you and get up.
I rub my side where the sword hit.
"Oh dear, how did that happen?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364140

"A bit too much fire inside?"
Giggle a bit.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364141

"I do let myself go too much sometimes in things like these. Do you want to continue?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364142

"Sure. Let's say we are one to one?"
Pick my sword again.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364143

Pick up my hammer and get ready.
Who starts?


Oh I do! Mhuahaha!
"This is too much fun!"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364145

Block, push you back and hit.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364146

HAHAHAHAHA oh wow. We're quite evenly matched.

Papaver Field [Mage] 364147

Papaver goes in for a low swing as Cherry brings down her hammer, crushing her sword under it.
Papaver drops the sword and tries to jump at her with her hooves and a huge grin on her face, just in time to see Cherry drop her own weapon too, in an attempt to hit Papaver faster than she could with the hammer.
The result of this is a clash of martial arts resolved in a second. Disregarding any pretense of defense, both of them place a powerful, marked blow on each other's face, freezing in place for a few seconds.


Cherry Merry [Bard] 364148

"Uh…did we go a bit too far again?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364149

"Well, you two sure are fighting evenly hard!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364150

"I guess so. Nock might get jaelous~"
Pull away and get my weapon back.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364151

I do feel a powerful sexual tension between these two ponies.
As I get my weapon, I chuckle
"Can't have that now, can we~"

I jump around and charge at you.

Roll #1 8 = 8


No you don't! Strike a pose! Use my sword to parry and quickly strike her down!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364153

Oh I did get that hit.
Press the offensive.
With a yell I spin around and hit you from the side.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Counter her spin, use her dead angle against her!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Giggle a bit.
"Ehehehe. Last one. The mare that stikes this will have the ground, today~"
Set up a defensive position! Hold my sword high!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364156

"Don't laugh yet."
Swing my hammer and break your defensive position by sheer force.

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 364157

"Then I assume you can bring me up to speed without a new examination being necessary?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364158

And I do just that. The hammer comes down, you try to block it with your sword, but maybe it's exhaustion, maybe it's the weight but you can't hold it and strikes you down.

As the fight ends I drop my hammer and sit down, catching my breath.
"You're one tough pony, Vera."

Sidus [Rogue] 364159

Tell him about what it being half faulty and half fine, and tell him which one hurts too.

DM 364160

"Good. That's all I need to know. Now hold still, this magic is known for being… temperamental."

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


I'll try and heal the both of them.
"Uh… V-Vera? I g-got a question I-I need to ask by the way…"

Roll #1 4, 8 + 2 = 14

Sidus [Rogue] 364162

Ze magics
Zey do nothing

Papaver Field [Mage] 364163

Barely contain my laughter.
"You, I like you! A lot!"
Roll over near her.
"And I love the way you use that hammer!"

DM 364164


Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364165

"Oh, you're a healer pony? That's great!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364166

Grin, wipe of the sweat.
"You know your way with a sword too."
Give her a hug.'1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Sidus [Rogue] 364167

Now that's something.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364168

I blush
"Uh… T-Thanks…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364169

Sigh in relax at the healing magic.
"Why didn't you tell me sooner Star?"
Tap the ground near me.
"C'mon, sit down."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364170

Release and grin.
"We should do this again sometime."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364171

"I-I just didn't want t-to bother you…"
I skittishly walk over and sit down next to her

Papaver Field [Mage] 364172

"And your hugs are great, too~
But yeah, we are totally doing this again!"
Wave a hoof.
"Don't be silly. You are my best friend!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364173

And then I'm adrift in the timestream.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364174

"Well it's handy to have somepony around who knows their way around healing."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364175

"I-It's about Crescent… W-We were… talking last night and… uh… we eventually h-hit on the subject of c-colts…"
I gulp
"S-She's really shy around t-them and has her eye on o-one but… she d-doesn't know h-how to approach him…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364176

"Oh please. Choosing a mate is so easy.
And who is that?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364177

"H-His name is B-Balsawood… he's a second year…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364178

Frown in concern.
"Really? Balsawood? Are you… Are you sure?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364179

I don't think we met yet

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364180

I nod slowly
"Y-Yes… y-you know him?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364181

"Yeah. He's… Particular."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364182

"mmmmh? Who's Balsawood?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364183

I cock my head
"Huh? S-She said he l-liked sneaking…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364184

We haven't, true.

Papaver Field [Mage] 364185

"He's… A pony that likes to get himself in troubles."
"Yeah he does. And he wants me to, too."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364186

I cock my head
"T-Trouble? Oh… oh dear… I-I'll have to w-warn her!"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364187

Well I'm on the training fields right now, doing nothing

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364188

Lie down and hold my head in my hooves.
"Sneaking? Why would a pony sneak around here?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364189

"I should show you two something… We better go back to our room."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364190

"Huh? O-Okay then… s-show us."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364191

"But what about Lime?"

Wave at him.

Papaver Field [Mage] 364192

"It's been good fighting with you, Lime, but I have to go now."

And back to our room we went.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364193

Then I suppose I'll head out there as well.
At some point in the future, I'll end up on the field myself.
Seems like everyone else is there…

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364194

"It's fine, you go. We'll meet again soon enough."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364195

Get up.
"Okay, bye Lime. Maybe I can see you sculpt sometime."

And off I go to the dorm.

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364196

"Oh hi, you a friend of that bunch as well?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364197

Close the door and go on my bed.

"Okay. Star. Cherry. Promise not to tell this to anypony.
Not even Nock."

Start taking off the armor.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364198

Place my hoof on my chest.
"I swear."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364199

I nod
"O-Okay… I wont."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364200

"Hm? You mean Star and the others? Yeah. Who are you?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364201

"I'm going to enter the headmaster's collection with Balsawood."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364202

"My name is Lime Rock. I'm an artist and aspiring paladin! Your friends were nice enough to help me out, so I stuck around for a while."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364203

I gasp

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364204

I look confused.
"The Headmasters what now?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364205

"It's a secret room filled with trinkets and heretic tools of all kinds."
"I have to. Balsa told me what the symbol means.
I can't stand back and watch now."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364206

"I see. Name's Jonagold Apple. Nice to meet you."
And I'll extend a hoof.

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364207

I gasp.
"A secret room? And where is it?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364208

"B-B-But why!? W-What does it m-m-mean!? What's going on!?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364209

Shake my head.
"I have no idea. Balsa does. But it's heavily guarded."
"I can't tell you. Just believe me, it's bad. Really bad."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364210

I jump upright.
"Then you'll need my help."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364211

"Apple family? Figures they'd have ponies in here as well. Seems like everywhere I go, there is an Apple to be found. Either way, good to meet you."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364212

I look at her sadly
"V-Vera… you c-can't do this! T-This is dangerous! P-Please!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364213

"What? No! It's too dangerous!"
"I know! But it's something really important to me! My life might hang on it!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364214

I'll assume that's for me.
"But that's exactly why you need my help. So I can watch your back."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364215

We'll shake hooves, then.
"Nothing wrong with that, I hope."
Also I assume I'm nowhere near Papaver spilling her guts about raiding the Headmaster's collection.

Papaver Field [Mage] 364216

"I can't ask anypony to take this risk for me! Not now, not ever!"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364217

"And you didn't ask me. I offered.
I'm not going to let you go on a dangerous mission alone."
Wave my hoof dismissively.
"And I won't take no for answer.
Besides" Get a bit more excited "a secret room full of secrets? Who knows what we'll find."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364218

"But why!? P-Please! M-Maybe I can h-help s-somehow!"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364219

"Oh no, not at all. Just a big family, that's all!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364220

"Star, believe me. It's… Hard. Even the headmaster didn't know what to do."
Narrow my eyes and tighten my jaw.
"You are doing this just to sneak into a room?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364221

I give her a heartbroken look, but nod anyway
"O-Okay then…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364222

I'll chuckle a bit.
"That we are. So, how'd you and the rest of them run across each other?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364223

"It's… I don't want anypony to know. You'd hate me for it."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364224

Shake my head.
"If it's dangerous, I want to be sure you're safe, that comes first.
If we can't make it to the room without getting hurt then so be it.
But IF we get in there, well I'll admit I'm a bit curious to what's in there."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364225

"One moment I was asking them about the gala, the next I agreed to make a statue for one of your friends. They're pretty nice, I'll give them that!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364226

"I'd n-never hate you V-Vera… w-why would you even t-think like that?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364227

I'll raise an eyebrow.
"That's… quite a leap. Which one?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364228

"Then… I don't know. This might all be a mistake.
But come with me to the sword dorm tonight.
I'll introduce you to Balsawood."
"Well… Let me ask you this. Do you love the Sisters?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364229

"Sidus. He seemed like the type that appreciates that kind of stuff so I proposed."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364230

I nod
"I-I do…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364231

I'll roll my eyes.
"Never mind, that's not a leap at all. So what made you want to be a paladin? Can't imagine why a sculptor would want to risk himself in combat."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364232

"Then, you would hate me."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364233

"S-sword dorm?"
I scrunch.
"I'll be there and we'll be as quiet as a cat."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364234

I cut myself off, looking a more than a little sour.
"Fine… If you s-say so…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364235

"I will wake you up tonight then."

I need to meet with Leaf now.

DM 364236

"Well, that went well…
How's it feel?"

DM 364237

"Hey. What's happening?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364238

"Hey. Do you remember that lockpicking lessons? I kinda need them now…"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364239

"I'm not just a sculptor, I'm an earth magic practitioner. Sculpting is just an artsy form of earth magic! You take a piece of raw stone or wood, then change it into something refined!"

DM 364240

"Hm? Now what ever for?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364241

"I learnt about the symbol, Leaf. It's-"
Bite my lip.
"I must get into the collection."

DM 364242

"Vera, what the hell are you talking about?
Just… lets go somewhere and start from the beginning."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364243

Take him to the secret room.
"See over there? The burnt part of the floor?"
Point him at where I smashed the conjured symbol.
"That's where I destroyed my own conjuration.
It was denying me.
And it was the symbol I see in my nightmares."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364244

As Papaver leaves the room, I turn to Star.
"Don't worry I'm sure she didn't mean it like that."

DM 364245

"And what is that symbol then?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364246

I pout
"W-Well it wasn't nice of h-her…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364247

Gulp down.
"It's the rune of Arabus."

DM 364248

"…the demon of old?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364249

"Something's bothering her.
She's really nervous talking about that room."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364250

Look on the floor and slowly nod.
"Now you see why I must learn more."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364251

I'll turn my head a bit sideways.
"Earth magic? You mean like growing things, or moving dirt without touching it?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364252

"W-Well she c-could have at l-least told me… W-We're friends!"

DM 364253

"Only third year paladins can use the Dark Arts library though…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364254

"I got a tip from somepony else.
I think you know the one."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364255

"Whatever it is she's hiding,
she's obviously worried about it.
I'm sure if we'll give her some time, she'll tell us."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364256

"The latter. I'm not an earth pony. However, my earthern spells allow me to move the earth and command it using magic! Errr… If nature allows it, that is. It can get uppity sometimes and backfire on me…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364257

"I suppose it could. Some rocks are stubborn, and sometimes ground doesn't want to move. Other times it does when you don't want it to."
I'll shake my head.
"But how's it work, I mean? You said it's magic, but is it the same kind as what Star uses, or Papaver?"

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364258

I smile and turn to Star.
"You really sang well today, Star.
I told you you could do it.
You have a pretty voice."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364259

"I j-just wish she would tell us n-now…"

My ears perk up
"Uh… I-I guess… T-Thanks… And sorry again f-for last time…"

DM 364260

He sighs deeply
"Really, Vera? You went to him?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364261

"I just wanted to ask him something. Then things evolved.
I think-
I know I must see what's in there, Leaf.
My life might very well depend on it."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364262

I scrunch and flap my ears at the memory.
"Well, it was a bit uncomfortable.
But hey, I knew you had to have a very good voice to reach those tones.
And today that came out."


"Star told me she's a healer, so no. And Vera is a mage, so again, no. Although mages do use elements too! Earth magic is just another type of elemental magic!"
Let's give him an example and use earthern grasp on him

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

DM 364264

"You do know what happened to those who tried before?
Those who followed him?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364265

I blush slightly

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364266

And I'm quite stuck.
"Whoa, wait what!"
I'll struggle a little. Can I break free? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 364267

"They all left him. You told me.
It's not this I'm worried about. I just want to know what's inside of me…"
lay down on some pillows.
"You know, I went to pray today…"

DM 364268

"Well, did it help?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364269

I chuckle and get rid of the vines
"Earthern magic."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364270

"I saw fog. And ponies crying. The Sisters crying. And death. And… It.
I threw up right in front of the altar…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364271

I'll rub my hooves a bit.
"Useful if you want to keep a pony from going anywhere, I guess. Good thing it worked for you. Don't really want to think what would happen if it went wrong."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364272

"If we just practice once in a while,
I'm sure you'll lose that little stutter in no time."

DM 364273

He puts a hoof on your shoulder
"That sounds… terrible. You feeling ok now?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364274

I nod meekly
"O-Okay… Thank you for helping with it… I-It's really nice of you…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364275

"No. And I have a demon inside me and I just wish I never knew it.
I wish I never had this magic and never set hoof in this damn place.
But I have to live with it."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364276

Wave my hoof at her.
"It's no problem, silly.
Singing is fun."
Look around for a second.
"Maybe I should take a little nap."

DM 364277

"So what will you do?"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364278

I wave a hoof
"Don't worry, it wouldn't hurt you. I know a thing or two about this type of magic!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 364279

"Uh… S-Sure… maybe I should too…"
I yawn
"Night classes are t-tiring…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364280

"I will get into the collection and see this item the Headmaster speaks of.
See if it can show me the truth about… This."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364281

"But you did say it could backfire. If it's anything like other magic I've seen, that could hurt everypony involved."
I'll poke the ground a bit.
"Still, pretty neat trick."

Cherry Merry [Bard] 364282

Stretch my body.
"Yeah and I'll need to be fresh for tonight."
Slip out of my uniform, put it next to my bed and snuggle into my bed.
"Sleep well, Star."

DM 364283

"And you intend to use Balsa to get there?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364285

"I intend to help Balsa to get there. Work toegether with him.
Nopony is using nopony. Not if I can help it."

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364293

"Hey, that was one of my safer spells, buddy!"

DM 364294

"I can't really condone that…
…it goes against…
…Vera, you…
are making this really hard for me."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364297

Look ashamed of myself.
"I know it. I hate myself too for this.
But I must, Leaf. It's just too dangerous.
What if I hurt those I love? Nock, Star, you?
What if one of these days that thing inside me decides to take the lead and I don't know how to stop it?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364299

"And I'm thankful for the consideration."
I'll scratch my chin.
"Still haven't said why you want to become a paladin, though."

DM 364300

"Then… that is your decision. Your path in life. And I cannot really judge it.
…did you just say you love me?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364303

"Of course! You are the pony who showed me magic! One of the reasons I didn't leave this damn place till now!"

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364305

"Why? The same reason why everypony else is here, I reckon; to serve Equestria and its princesses!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364313

I'll nod.
"I guess that's as good a reason as any."
I don't really have much else to say here…

Lime Rock [Shaman] 364316

"So tell me a bit more about yourself. And your friends too!"

DM 364317

"I think you meant platonic love though…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364318

"Leaf, is there something you have to tell me?"

DM 364330

He sighs
"No. I guess it doesn't really matter. Especially if you're going to join Balsa now."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364332

"What does that even mean?
Stand up and walk circles in frustration.
"You are the pony I look up to, not Balsa! You are the one who taught me about magic, you are the one I go to if I need help!
I just need to know that one thing! That's why I will help Balsa!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364333

And after my discussion with the Headmaster, I will go looking for Nock.

Nock [Tracker] 364334

I imagine I'm returning from the delightful hallway chat I had. That Sidus isn't half bad. Maybe it was a good day for him. Oh, there's Papaver.

"Vera? Something wrong?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364337

"We- We should talk. In private."
My eyes are unnaturally still, an expression of sadness and fear in them.

Nock [Tracker] 364339

Frown a little. "Let's go back to the room, then."

Once we arrive, close and lock the door. "What's the matter, Vera?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364345

"I think you might want to sit first."
I do so anyway, taking a seat on my bed.
"I discovered what the symbol means."

Nock [Tracker] 364355

I'll remain standing.

"Didn't the headmaster say it was the mark of some Master?"

DM 364363

"Well, to get to the Collection, you'll need to learn from him as well.
I can show you what I know about sneaking, but he was always better than me.
And you will need to be as well."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364365

Shake my head around.
"That's another mark. Which makes this even worse."
Sigh and inhale sharply, closing my eyes and trying to relax.
"It's the mark of Arabus, demon of corruption."

Nock [Tracker] 364372

Cock my head. "So what does some demon want with your dreams? Isn't that Luna's domain to protect?"

Consider the thought. "…I wonder if we could ask at the Gala… no, that would be too personal, wouldn't it?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364378

"Didn't you get a word of what I said?"
Look at her in distress.
"I'm hunted by a demon! I'm a heretic! Impure! You should hate me!"

Nock [Tracker] 364383

Sigh. "Would you feel better if I tackle you? Inquisitors are supposed to protect ponies from demons. That's what Star's mom does. So what if you're hunted? That just makes it my job to defend you."

Pause. "As for the heresy thing… it gets exhausting trying to maintain a facade of fear. My spellbreaking classes have just made me more confident in my power to control mages, so…"

Close the distance and whisper in her ear, "You, my little heretic, are not going to be a threat to anyone. Not even yourself."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364392

Sigh and lower my head.
"I really hate you when you act like that, you know?"
Curl up in a little ball on the bed.
"Don't come crying to me when he pokes his ugly head during sex."
Smirk a little.
"So, how was class?"

Nock [Tracker] 364403

"Class was good."

Hop up next to her and run a hoof through her mane. "Act like what?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364407

"Act like that. Like nothing's ever wrong."

Nock [Tracker] 364409

I shrug. "I would love to vent. I would love to shout and holler. But my main job is to help you solve the problem. Obviously doom isn't imminent. Getting upset doesn't protect you."

Caress her cheek. "And I will protect you, Vera. That's what I got into when I won you. We play for keeps, and that means that no one gets to hurt you."

Give her a mischievous grin. "Except me."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364413

Headbutt her.
But nuzzle her nose.
If you keep helping me and hide everything, how do I know you are happy?"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nock [Tracker] 364424

Pull her close into a cuddle.

"I'm happy because you're happy. That's what it means when someone says they've fallen for you."

Nuzzle up and down her cheek.

Papaver Field [Mage] 364434

Let her do.
"So. You wanted to ve… Veeent.
Tell me what happened, okay? Maybe it will take my mind off all this…"

Nock [Tracker] 364443

"My father started teaching in spellbreaker today. I suppose I've become good at hiding it, so you may not have realized… but I really would like to be closer to him. He seems so untouchable, sometimes. A perfect paragon of what an Inquisitor should be. He taunted Glossy Wards, who has been like a mentor to me these last few months, into using a spell after he had Branded her, and she got hurt. I said some things I regret… but I apologized and got a nurse. I can't help myself around him, I guess…"


"Well, he is so cool…
And I bet you took all your strength from him, uh?"
Smile silly.
"How did Wards react?"
Pull her closer and start to cuddle her.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Nock [Tracker] 364453


"She was upset… but I think she was better after the nurse came. We'll see… for now… I'd rather just cuddle with you… You feel good after a long day…"

Enjoy the crit cuddle.

Papaver Field [Mage] 364459

"Better than you? Pff."
Wave a hoof around dismissively, try to smile and fake a voice of superiority.
"It's just gonna take me a day or two!"
Giggle a bit, but then look him in the eyes.
"Thanks. For not stopping me. For supporting me."
"If you keep being bad to those poor mages I will have to punish you!"

DM 364469

"You deserve more than what meager lectures on morality I could give you.
You deserve to find your own path and destiny. All I can do is offer you all the help I can. If not as a lover, then… at least as a friend."

Nock [Tracker] 364471

"Oh? I always got the feeling you preferred to be on the receiving end of punishment, by the way I always seem to win our duels my such a margin~."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364473

"As a- Leaf, you deserve better than a fluked brawler with a demon inside."
Smile at him.

Papaver Field [Mage] 364490

"Keep yapping. I caught up on you last time.
One more duel and I know who's gonna bite the dust~"
Smirk at her and move on top.
"Besides, I might always decide to use my heretic magic on you!"

Nock [Tracker] 364498

"Oh? Or are you just teasing me because you want to feel my brand on your skin? Would you like to be marked as my property, Vera? I did win you twice over, now, after all."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364506

"Hey I beated half of the academy already but you don't see me going around with Sidus on a leash…"
Giggle a bit.
"I wonder how you would like my magic…"

Nock [Tracker] 364511

"You'd never even get close. I'd see your swords coming a mile away. They're too big and clumsy."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364513

"Then do it-"
Move closer, eye to eye with her.
"Brand me, if you can~"
Immobilize her on the bed under me.
And then we can very well blank.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Nock [Tracker] 364519

Can I turn the tables? She should be the one subbing, not the patient teacher figure. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Papaver Field [Mage] 364524

And then all this lesbian thing was over.
Hug her tight.
"Nock… You think he should know?"

DM 364527

"It's not the deeds. It's the heart behind them.
It's the personality I like about you.
Though I must ask this: has Balsa showed similar interest?
Because we always did think rather alike."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364534

"If he has, I've been ignoring him.
And really, I haven't been such a nice show in front of him.
I've even thrown up…"
Look at Leaf.
"You know I love my Nock, right?"

DM 364541

"I do. That is why I don't push the issue.
…but does he?"

Nock [Tracker] 364545

Nuzzle her through the tight hug. "I think the headmaster doesn't care that you're an awful, awful heretic."

Squeeze a little more. "That needs to be kept bound up."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364546

"I don't care what Balsa thinks. Hell, I've spoken with him for what, less than a couple of hours!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364557

"Not the headmaster. Not my magic.
The other thing."

DM 364560

"Just a word of warning: he can be quite… persuasive. Even aggressive."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364562

"I can make magic firing swords."
Smirk at him.

Nock [Tracker] 364566

Give a confused look for a moment, then nod knowingly.

"Maybe you're right. That friend of yours might have some insight into this symbol if he had seen the last one before. But I promise you, Vera, I won't let you fall into danger. We're in this together."

DM 364568

"So can I. Your point?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364575

Sigh, defeated.
"No Nock. I'm talking about us. And your dad. And us."
Wiggle a hoof frantically between our chests.
"I think I can take care of myself, if he tries anything."

Sidus [Rogue] 364577

"Much better!"
Is it fixed completely then?

Nock [Tracker] 364590

Sigh myself. "I'd feel better about talking about the demons I do want to fight…"

Pause. "I-I don't know, Vera. I'm not afraid to say that I have fallen for you. I make it no secret among others in public, you know that. I just… I don't know. I thought I'd have more time to work out something to say. He raised me to carry on the dynasty. I… can't do that with you. I'm not sure how he'd react."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364599

Just sigh and hug her, try to catch her tail in mine under the sheets.
"Right. It's not a problem. We could even keep it a secret, I guess…"

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Nock [Tracker] 364602

"I don't want how I feel about you to be a secret. I'm not ashamed of you, Vera. I care about you. And I'm proud of you. I just haven't had time to figure out what to say."

DM 364618

Seems so.
It's even all nice and smooth and shiny now.
"Just watch yourself.
He will take what he wants from those weaker than him.
But he does have his weaknesses. Because deep down, I know he cares for his partners. And whatever he says, or does, in the end he just want to feel loved."

Sidus [Rogue] 364622

"Yeah, this will do. Thanks again!"

Get ready to leave.

DM 364634

"Do have it checked up a week from now to ensure all is well. I rarely get to use the spell for its original application, and all research data is valuable.
And if any future injuries occur, do not be afraid to come back.
That just leaves the question of payment."

Sidus [Rogue] 364635

I nod.
"Right, got it. As for payment, I am guessing that the Academy has it's own tab for students?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364653

"Yeah, that won't be a problem. I know somepony that likes him."
"It's okay, you don't have to. alright?"

DM 364667

"I was not aware this sort of treatment was included in that policy. But, very well. I will file a claim then.
If that was all, have a lollipop on your way out and have a nice day."
"You do?
…I hope she's up to the job.
And I hope that won't turn on you, when he realized he won't find what he wants from you."

Sidus [Rogue] 364670

I can put that away and save it for Burning I guess.
Nod and leave.
What's the time?

Papaver Field [Mage] 364671

"I thought he just wanted somepony to sneak with, from me."
Look around for a second.
"So! Lockpicking lessons! Fun!"

Nock [Tracker] 364675

Nuzzle her some more. "You're making it really easy to avoid the issue. That's not like you."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364682

"I just got a lot going on right now."
Stay silent for a minute, then roll on the other side of the bed.
"I'm gonna sneak into the Headmaster's collection."

Nock [Tracker] 364687

Kiss her nose. "No you aren't."

Papaver Field [Mage] 364692

Push her away.
"Yes, I am."
look her straight in the eyes with the most serious expression I can master.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Nock [Tracker] 364696

Frown at her.

"Why, Vera? It's dangerous, and even if you were to succeed… you heard about that one pony that DID get there. He disappeared without a trace the next day. And let's not forget that sneaking is dishonorable itself."

DM 364700

You have an hour if you want to make it by nightfall.
"That's what he needs, not what he wants.
When do you want to start?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 364704

"I thought about that. All of that.
But in that room there is the only thing that might tell me what I am.


Grin and conjure a pair of lockpicks.
"Right now!"

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Sidus [Rogue] 364708

I guess I can catch a chariot and go back then.

Nock [Tracker] 364715

Frown harder. "You're Papaver! You're a paladin."

Get up out of the bed.

"You want to define yourself by some marking?" Shake my head. "That mark isn't you, Vera! It's an invasion upon you. Of everything about you, it is the LEAST you!"

DM 364722

Well, lets start with something easy.
I'll lock myself in a closet and you have to get in there with me."
Unless you wish to spend time in Canterlot for some reason, sure.

Papaver Field [Mage] 364726

"And I want to know what it is. Why it is there. I want to stop it, Nock."

Sidus [Rogue] 364732

It's not like I have much money or can get anything that would help me in the sneak mission, right?

Papaver Field [Mage] 364733

Raise a brow, but say nothing, just nod.

Nock [Tracker] 364734

"The headmaster already has access to whatever is down there, and he knows you have seen it. Don't you think he would do something to stop it if that collection held the key? You're taking a needless risk – unless you don't trust the headmaster for some reason."

DM 364741

Probably not, unless you want to just visit places for fun.
"Come find me then."
He walks off and turns a corner.
You hear a lock click

Papaver Field [Mage] 364745

"Of course I do! But… Some times, you just have to act.
And believe me, I hate myself for this."


Turn the same corner and look around.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sidus [Rogue] 364750

I think that would make Burning jealous.

DM 364779

There are ten closets here…
Hop on the chariot then

Sidus [Rogue] 364781

Tonight, we ride!

Nock [Tracker] 364783

"Don't force yourself into an action you'll hate yourself over… It's like you're being bullheaded just for the sake of being bullheaded."

DM 364791

You return to the academy gates as the sun sets
"Welcome back cadet. And in good time too."

Sidus [Rogue] 364795

I nod.
"Of course. The trip was easier than I thought."


Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364797

Should I have my jaunt to the facility, or just wait until some other time? I did see those rolls you did a while ago…

DM 364801

"You do not retain any hours you did not spend. Dismissed."
Welcome back home

Sidus [Rogue] 364803

Get back in my room, and put down my real weapons. Wouldn't want to walk around with them too much inside the Academy.

DM 364806

As you out your weapons down you feel a soft, warm hug embrace you
"Is it all better now?"

Sidus [Rogue] 364815

I smile.
"Hey there. Yes, everything is fine. I was lucky and managed to get an appointment and healing already."

DM 364818

"Great fortune follows you, Sidus the great…"
She softly presses against your back and reaches down you caress you
"Never again… I promise…"

Sidus [Rogue] 364829

I nod seriously.
"I have forgiven you… but you better not. I'm not sure I could tolerate something like this again."
Then chuckle.
"What matters now is that everything is fine though."

DM 364834

"Then… could we end this awful chapter of our lives by enjoying eachother?"
She moves to your bed


Sidus [Rogue] 364850

And then when Burning is 'gone' later and I took a shower I keep fiddling with my weapons in our room.

Oh, and open the door.
And remove the chair too.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364852

And I'll have wandered in.
"So… why was the door blocked earlier?"

Sidus [Rogue] 364856

"Oh, it was? I didn't even notice!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364859

I'll raise an eyebrow.
Then I'll wander over to my bed, and plop down.
"Does it feel like the days are starting to blur together to you?"

Sidus [Rogue] 364864

"Say, can I ask you a question?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364866

"Sure, go ahead."

Sidus [Rogue] 364870

"Why are you signed up for something at the Medical Academy?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364874

I'll cough slightly.
"What? Where'd you hear that?"

Sidus [Rogue] 364875

"At the Medical Academy, duh."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364876

"Why do you want to know?"

Sidus [Rogue] 364877

"Because I'm your roommate? They asked me if I was Cadet Apple."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364880

I'll scratch my nose.
"Okay, why did you need to go to the… oh, geez did you get hit that badly?"

Sidus [Rogue] 364883

Wave a hoof around leisurely.
"Nevermind that. They knew just how important of a pony I was so I got first class healing treatment right away, and I'm good as new."
Chuckle again.
"Everything is working as intended."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364888

"Well, I'm sure that's somewhat related to the blocked door, then."
I'll wave a hoof dismissively.
"Anyway, to answer your question, my name's up there because of something that came up during the physical exam. Nothing major, just something that needs a more trained eye to see if it's as bad as it seems."

Sidus [Rogue] 364894

"You didn't say you got hurt though."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364901

"I hadn't been. This is something… else. Something I was born with, but didn't seem to raise too many alarms."

Sidus [Rogue] 364902

I look at him slightly concerned.
"It's nothing big, right?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364904

I'll frown just a little.
"No, it's certainly nothing big, and it doesn't really effect my fighting, but… still. It's something that should be fixed."

Sidus [Rogue] 364910

"So are you going to tell me what it is or not? There's no shame to it, after all, you know what was the deal with me and why I went there."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364915

I'll roll over a little.
"There is too."
And then I'll roll back.
"But, so long as it never leaves this room, got it?"

Sidus [Rogue] 364917

"You know you can trust me. I would never betray a friend. I helped you when you asked without much questions, didn't I?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364920

I'll twiddle my hooves for a moment.
"It seems that… I may have a bit of a problem in the, ah, lower areas. They think it's a birth defect, and I asked if they could fix it. So I'm just waiting on the paperwork and invitation."

Sidus [Rogue] 364924

I stay silent for a while.
"So, you mean… it doesn't work? That must suck…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364926

I'll shake my head.
"No! No, it works, it's just…"
I'll hold my hooves a few inches apart.
"…This. Like I said, they think it's a birth defect, and it would probably heavily mess up my chances at ever bein', you know, a father."

Sidus [Rogue] 364930

My eyes widen again.
"Oh, like that!"
Rolling not to chortle, not even a bit.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sidus [Rogue] 364931

Yeah, I can keep a straight face.
"And what did Star say?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364935

I shake my head.
"Haven't told her. Haven't shown her, either. I'm letting her move at the pace she's comfortable with. That's why… that's kinda why I want to get it fixed before she gets ready to take that step."
I'll glumly look at the floor.
"I don't want to disappoint her."

Sidus [Rogue] 364942

"I'm sure she would understand… but hey, if you got a date and everthing for it, you don't have to worry, right?"
"Would have bit you in the ass if the confidence lessons made her more pushy, wouldn't it?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364946

I'll laugh as well.
"I suppose so."
I'll smile a little sadly.
"But, if she'd drop me for something like that… then maybe I would have overestimated her."
I'll shake my head.
"Not that she would, right? I mean, she's not…"
I'll sigh.
"She's not the real problem, though. I'm just being selfish, I guess. My pride won't let me disappoint any expectations she might have…"

Sidus [Rogue] 364950

"Aw, come on, you know Star is a better pony than to just stop being with you for something like that. She loves you for who you are. You don't have to worry."

After a few seconds add with a smirk.
"And hey, even a small shiv can be deadly if you can use it, right?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 364951

I'll give Sidus a half-grin.
"If you hadn't noticed, I'm not much of a 'technique' pony."
I'll sigh again.
"Still, if it doesn't work out… well, I guess it won't be too bad. I'll just have to start learning ways to get around it."

Sidus [Rogue] 365072

"I wouldn't worry about it too much."
Stay silent for a minute or two, before speaking up again.
"And what about that Gala, huh?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365074

"Oh, right, that. Well, you can sign up to volunteer for guard duty, either with the Battlemaster, librarian, or Headmaster's assistant. They'll provide a suit if you don't have one."
I'll fiddle with my hooves for a minute.
"I was thinking of seeing if I couldn't find a little side work, either in the kitchens or with the custodian to see if I couldn't afford my own suit. I don't really have anything fancy, and I don't really like the idea of just borrowing an academy suit…"

Sidus [Rogue] 365076

I snort.
"Guard duty? That seems pretty… you know, boring."
I look at the ceiling and start to think.
"I should have gotten myself a fancy suit while out in Canterlot though…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365080

"Well, the guard duty's so we can catch troublemaker's unaware by pretending to be guests, I think. If nothing happens, well, it's a night at the gala."

Sidus [Rogue] 365081

"Oh, so not the standing around sort of way?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365083

"Don't think so. At least, the standing around like actual guards. But we are supposed to not attract too much attention, I think."

Sidus [Rogue] 365084

"Where's the fun in that?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365085

"Well, we attract too much attention, and suddenly they know we're guards. They should only find that out if we catch them doing something they shouldn't."

Sidus [Rogue] 365087

"Who would want to mess with the Gala anyway? It would be a pretty stupid thing to do."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365089

"Well, you never know. Some ponies are just that stupid."

Sidus [Rogue] 365090

I nod.
"It could also mean some real action though… how would we hide our weapons anyway?"

DM 365093

NPCs online.
What have you been up to?

Sidus [Rogue] 365095

Talking, mostly.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365100

I told Vera about Crescent and Balsa, then she was a butt and wouldn't tell me anything. So I guess I'm kind of stuck again. Jon isn't around either.

DM 365111

Is there something you'd like to finish up before the gala?

Sidus [Rogue] 365113

I can skip to the next morning to explain it to the Smith why I didn't heat up the forge.
And get a suit.
And talk with Burning and ask her if she wants to come with me.
And sign up at the Battlemaster and then have that talk he wanted to have.
See, I'm a busy pony!

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365115

Well I really need to speak to Jon first
And after that is done, with Sidus

Aside from that, nothing but the usual stuff

DM 365119

What about Balsawood?
Welcome to next morning.
I assume you did heat it up this time at least.
"Morning Cadet. Where were you last time?"

Sidus [Rogue] 365122

"I had an accident the day before so medical reasons and whatnot. Sorry that I couldn't warn you about it."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365123

That would be an easier option if Vera hadn't been such a butt

But fine, let's go find him

DM 365126

"Sorry to hear that. Everything ok?"
You've met him earlier right?
Anyway, he's that guy over there by the stairs. Tall dark and regal.

Sidus [Rogue] 365127

I nod with a smirk.
"Of course I am okay. Feeling better than ever."
Stand as tall as I can to show my perfect health.
"Ready to work!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365128

I have not, no. But I can just ask around.
Either way, having found him I skittishly approach him
"Uh… h-hi. You're Balsawood?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365132

"No idea. I suppose that's one of the things they'd fill us in on in orientation. Or at least, for the ones who get picked. Supposedly the Headmaster picks who will and who won't go."
I'm going to try and hunt down the Head Custodian. See if he's offering some extra change for chores.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365134

We'll need to talk soon

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365138

Well, certainly. Just pick a spot.

Sidus [Rogue] 365140

"Huh. I'll consider showing up. I bet Burning would look cute in a pretty dress."
Chuckle again.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365142

"I know Star will. I just hope I can scrounge up enough to have something nice."
I'll chuckle a little as well.
"You should probably tell miss Heart that, though. I don't know if she's signed up or not."

Sidus [Rogue] 365146

I smirk.
"Oh I bet she will know~"

DM 365147

"Glad to hear that. Could you go fill up the buckets for me and get some iron bars?"
"Hm? Yes, that's me. And who might you be, Cadet?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365151

Timewarp is magic?
I go look for Jon! Somewhere!

I gulp and force an awkward smile, the conversation with Vera still in the back of my mind
"I uh… M-My name is Star Hopper… I'm a f-f-friend of Vera so… I wanted t-to meet you."

Sidus [Rogue] 365152

Do as he says, and talk while doing it.
"Say, if we dulled the blade, could I craft some sort of scimitar?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365155

I'll raise an eyebrow.
"If you say so.
Time wizard time roulette, go~
And we'll bump into each other. Somewhere.
"Hi Star, what's up?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365159

I quickly run up to him for a hug

Sidus [Rogue] 365161

I nod.
"She's a clever mare, don't worry. It's almost as if she can read my mind sometimes."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365162

I'll hug her back.
"So, what's the matter?"
"Well, I can guess that could be troublesome in the wrong situation."
I'll smirk a bit.
"But if she could read your mind, she probably wouldn't have hauled off on you like that."

DM 365164

"Hm, Vera? Ah yes, Papaver. Well, you found me, Cadet Hopper."
He takes a small bow
"Scimitar? What would you need one for?
I do have wooden ones for training purposes if you need one."

Sidus [Rogue] 365167

I shake my head.
"It's more about the crafting, really. I want to make a weapon."

Give him a deadpan look.
"That was a one time accident, I assure you."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365168

I release him and look at the ground sadly
"I… I got upset at S-Sidus…"

I watch him bow with wide eyes
Oh Luna what am I supped so say now!?
"Uh… so… H-How are you?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365170

"Well, you should probably work hard to avoid further accidents."
"I heard. And you were right to get upset at him."

DM 365174

"Ah, want to get some practice in for the second year hm?"
"Oh I'm good. Studies are going well, that old wound finally stopped nagging me and… Vera is quite the mare. I'm glad to have met her."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365178

I sigh sadly
"I… I just panicked and-… wait w-what?"

Sidus [Rogue] 365179

"Of course I will. I won't let this happen again."

I nod.
"That, and I told you, I want to learn how to use the forge better in general. To not be just an apprentice, but a smith myself."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365182

I'll nod.
"He kept pushing you when he knew he shouldn't have. You were right to get angry. However… running away probably wasn't the best way to handle it. You've got to tell ponies when you get angry, after all."
I'll nod.
And then this time pocket closed.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365185

I nod
"She s-sure is…"
Oh god, oh god oh god…
"So… uh… H-Have you praised L-Luna lately?"

I idly trace a hoof over the floor
"W-Well… I was j-just… H-He said s-something that really m-made me panic and.. b-before I knew it I w-was running away…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365191

"Well, you won't always have that choice."
I'll nuzzle her a little.
"But I know you're strong enough to make the choices you'll need to."

DM 365192

He smiles warmly
"I should be repairing a sword of one of the paladins today. Would you want to help?"
"I don't really hail the night actively. Then, neither do I give any special significance to the sun. I see the Princesses as our leaders. Supreme commanders. And in my heart, praise the virtues they represent, rather than the symbols they are known by."

Sidus [Rogue] 365194

I nod.
"That would work too as a start! Of course I want to!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365199

I sigh
"I-I don't know… I…"
I keep idly tracing my hoof over the ground
"I'm j-just worried I'll f-fail you… and that y-you'll get hurt b-because of me…"

"But… uh… w-wouldn't it be interesting to join the n-night classes as well? That w-way you have a bit of b-both!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365201

"Well, Star, if that happens, you'll just have to patch me back up."
I'll give her a small smile.

DM 365203

"Good. Then we will need the sharpening stones as well. Go get those, and the sword itself. I left it on the workbench."
"I did consider that, but I'd miss an awful lot of sleep…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365204

I gulp
"No I m-mean… like… r-really hurt…"

"I-It's not that hard to b-balance! You just h-have to g-get used to it!"

Sidus [Rogue] 365206

Nod, and go to the workbench.
Grab the sharpening stones with my TK and the sword with my hooves.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365212

"Well, the chances of that are pretty low, Star. Besides, it's not like I'd be running headlong into danger if I knew it would worry you."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365217

I look at him sadly for a while
"I just… p-promise me you'll n-never abandon me… please…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365219

>10 closets
Well there is an easy way to know which one.
"Where are you?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365222

I'll look at her curiously.
"Where did you get that idea? It wasn't…"
I'll frown.
"It was, wasn't it? That stupid idea I had back when nurse Steamship was a problem."
I'll sit on the floor, and sigh.
"I knew I never should have done that. I'm sorry."

Nock [Tracker] 365223

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365228

I shake my head and shuffle a little closer to him
"It w-wasn't your fault… Y-You were right to be mad at me and I'm g-glad you forgave m-me…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365230

"No! Maybe!"
Jump off bed and start pacing.
"It's just, I don't want to be caught by surprise when the time comes!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365231

"No, Star, I wasn't."
I'll shake my head.
"I was wrong, and worse than that I was stupid. I never should have even thought that was a good idea."
I'll sigh.
"If anything, I should be glad you forgave me."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365233

"I-I was the one who g-got us into trouble…"

Nock [Tracker] 365234

"Can't we just ask the headmaster to tell us? Or even take us to look at it ourselves…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365235

"I did. I went there. You know what he said? It's nothing I can change!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365236

"No, Star. It wasn't your fault. I should have just told nurse Steamship right out that I didn't want to do what she wanted. It's my fault she got you involved."
I'll shake my head.
"What I did to you is something I can't take back. I wish I could, but I can't. So I need to accept responsibility for that."

Nock [Tracker] 365239

Sigh. "Well if it's nothing we can change, why get in trouble over it?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365242

"B-But I don't blame you at a-all… I d-don't want you to f-feel bad because of m-me…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365244

"Because I can't accept that.
I will change it. Or at least see it with my own eyes before calling myself defeated!"

DM 365245

"What's so special about the night classes anyway? I thought they were mostly the same topics with an overtone of moon worship?"
"Good. Now, observe the blade. Tell me why it needs repair."
No answer.

Sidus [Rogue] 365247

Perception time!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Okay. Time to look at the ground.
Any traces?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nock [Tracker] 365252

"Just because the collection is a dead end doesn't mean that we're defeated. There's an entire world of information out there. Maybe Luna really would protect your dreams. Maybe there's something in the Canterlot Archives. Who knows?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365259

"Then we work on-
No, sorry.
Then I work on those fronts too, but I'm still aiming for the collection!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365264

"Well… uh… t-there's a lot of interesting p-ponies to meet! L-Like uh… I have a friend t-that really likes s-sneaking around!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365267

"You should, though."
I'll shake my head.
"But that's in the past. You forgave me, and I never blamed you."
I'll make a small shoving gesture to the side.
"But let's talk about something more pleasant. Have you signed up for the gala?"

DM 365277

It looks… dull?
And a little nicked?
Two of the closet doors seem to be slightly more tightly closed
"That's dangerous business you know, sneaking. Not really fit for a paladin, is it?"
He has a playful tone

Sidus [Rogue] 365279

It can't be that easy…
Turn it around slowly with my TK and search for flaws!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365280

"I uh… W-We have to sign up f-for it? Isn't it compulsory?"

"I-I don't do it myself or a-anything but… S-Some ponies like i-it!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365286

Lean against one and see if I hear anything.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365287

"Nope. The Headmaster picks who gets to go out of a list of volunteers. You can sign up with the Battlemaster, the Headmaster's assistant, or the librarian."
I'll smile a little.
"And if you don't have a dress or suit, the school apparently provides one. I was thinking of taking a few odd jobs around to see if I can't scrape up enough for a nice suit."

Nock [Tracker] 365296

Frown. "Are you trying to push me out? I'm not just here for you, Vera. I am with you at every step."

DM 365298

You fumble and drop it.
Roll for damage.
"I should know."
He nods to the side
"Lets talk somewhere more private."
Not a peep.

Sidus [Rogue] 365300


Roll #1 3 = 3

Papaver Field [Mage] 365301

Move up to her and take her hooves in mine, meeting her gaze.
"I'm not getting you killed for my demons."
Oh well.
Still worth a shot!
Conjure a pair of lockpicks.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365307

"Oh… M-Maybe I s-should do t-the same… uh… if you w-want me to, that is…"

I nod

Nock [Tracker] 365316

"I'm not letting some demons kill you, either."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365320

"Well, if you sign up and we both get to go, we could stick together. It'd be like a date, only with guard duty."
I'll shuffle my hooves.
"And… you probably already have a nice dress, right?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365328

"Too bad. I can't ask you to come and do something dishonorable with me. I would be a failure, as a paladin and as the pony that loves you."

Nock [Tracker] 365341

"Well, I can't let you risk your hide to do something dishonorable and dangerous. That would make ME a failure as a paladin and a pony that loves you. So we're at an impasse."

Papaver Field [Mage] 365348

"I have an ace up my saddle thou.
No sex until you let me go."

DM 365349

They won't last long, but they will work.
He takes you aside
"So, what's this all about?"
It rips your uniform at the front.
"Careful, boy!"

Sidus [Rogue] 365350

"I was just testing if it was still, sharp, calm down! It is!"

Pinpoint the problem with it already!

Roll #1 7 = 7


All I need.
How does this work?
Start talking with the locker.
"You know, I could even jam you inside. Not like I'm an expert lockpicker. I only saw you do this once."
Start working on it.
Stick one of the lockpicks inside and twist.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nock [Tracker] 365362

I frown. "Yeah, and when you get eviscerated, it'll be no sex ever. As if that's all I think about."

DM 365372

The blade feels really loose when you lift it
You remember how a lock works.
The hook needs to push the pins into place, then the spike can rotate the lock itself

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365374

"I-I don't… B-But Vera p-promised to make me one!"


Sidus [Rogue] 365377

Inspect how it's attached to the hilt/pommel more closely!

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365380

I'll smile.
"Then I'll try to come up with something to match it, or at least not embarrass you."
I'll nuzzle her again.
"And to do that, I'm going to need to go pester the head custodian."


"And what if you get killed and I don't? I couldn't live with that, you know it."
Turn the spike slightly and start rotating the lock, making sure not to force if I feel it's stuck.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Nock [Tracker] 365404

"What do I have to do to keep you safe, Vera? Do I have to physically put you on a leash? Tell the headmaster your plans? If you even got hurt, I couldn't bear it."

DM 365407

"Are you trying to get me into some sort of clever trap with all this sneaking talk? Thinking you can blackmail me off some slip of my tongue?"
It runs through the guard, but the pommel doesn't seem connected at all… odd.
After some fiddling, the lock pops open.

Sidus [Rogue] 365428

How can it be fixed again then? How did it come loose in the first place?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Time to open the locker and see if he's in there!

Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 365434

It seems the bit of metal that connects the blade to the pommel has snapped inside the handle.
There is a note
[Behind you]

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365437

I nuzzle him back affectionately
"O-Okay… T-Thank you…"

"N-No! I'd never d-do something like that! That's awful!"

Sidus [Rogue] 365438

Look at the Smith.
"Do we need to repair the handle or would it be easier to just replace it?"


Turn around in a hurry and try to see what's happening!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365447

I'll chuckle.
"I should be thanking you. You're the one giving me a reason to want to go."
I'll give her one last hug.
"Now, I've got to go hunt down the head custodian. See you later, Star."
I'll look around for a moment.
"I love you."
And blushing a bit, I'll start walking off.

DM 365448

"Good. You seem honest enough.
I've had all sorts of types harass me before, so I just wanted to check.
So, tell me then, what is it that you are really after, hm?"
Leaf boops you on the nose
"Not bad"
"The best way would be to take the handle apart, reforge the piece inside it, and then re-attach the handle again."

Sidus [Rogue] 365450

Do I know any ways that could take the handle apart without damaging the blade?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Papaver Field [Mage] 365455

"I- I don't know.
What is it Nock? What would make you sleep safe at night?"
"Not funny!"
Okay, giggle a bit.
"Well. Maybe. A bit funny."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365459

I watch him go, then get back to my hooves and leave as well

"W-Well… uh… I-I'm not sure she'll appreciate me t-telling you outright…"

DM 365461

You need to remove the leather grip first.
"Just a bit? Well, that's a start.
How was it?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365463


Star Hopper [Cleric] 365464

I wince, already having messed up my game
"Uh… yes… s-she… a friend of mine…"

Sidus [Rogue] 365465

No rush though, I can't mess this up.
"Remove the leather then take it apart then?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365466

And I'm going to try and find the head custodian. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nock [Tracker] 365474

"I'd sleep soundly if you were safe in my arms. That I knew while you had your nightmares, I could squeeze you close and protect you from them… Are you sure there's nothing else you're not telling me? This seems to be a lot of trouble for no lead."

Papaver Field [Mage] 365478

"I told you Nock! The demon, the symbol, the headmaster, Balsa, everything!"

Nock [Tracker] 365487

Frown. "You're not doing this because you want to impress Balsawood are you? Last time we talked about this you said you wanted me to help convince him to not go."

DM 365488

"Good. That means we're making progress!"
"And what might her name be?"
"Go ahead. Then take out the pegs and remove the wooden handle halves."
He lives in his room by the basement entrance.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365491

Well, I guess I'll head down there and knock.

Sidus [Rogue] 365496

Do just that.
Take my time, no rush.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 365501

"Last time I didn't know I had a demon inside! And why would I care about what that guy thinks of me!
He already has Sidus to compete with!"
"So, got any other advice, master?"
Chuckle softly.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365509

I look around for a moment, then whisper in a soft voice
"W-Waning Crescent…"

DM 365516

"Wha? Whossat?"
A donkey opens the door
"What do ya need?"
You disassemble the handle and find the problem. The metal bit inside is snapped in half.
"Well I guess if normal locks are too easy, I should give you something more advanced."
"What a nice name. So what's she got to do with me?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365518

"Not backing down from a challange!"

Sidus [Rogue] 365519

Can it be removed?

Nock [Tracker] 365520

Sigh. "I just don't know what to do with you, Vera. You agree with me that it's dangerous and nothing to me gained, but you want to go anyway…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365524

"I was hoping to pick up a few odd jobs, sir, in exchange for pay."

Papaver Field [Mage] 365526

"At times there are things a pony has to do… Because she feels it inside!"

DM 365530

"I do have a lockbox I used to train with myself. maybe I could give it to you?"
With the wood and leather parts removed, it is all that remains of the handle.
"And there we have our problem. The inner handle needs to be reforged."
…what sort of jobs were you looking for?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365536

Nod eagerly.
"Where is it?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365537

"Anything that needed to be done, sir. I'm not picky."
I'll shuffle my hooves for a bit.
"And the reason I'm asking for pay is because I don't want to bother my family by asking for funds. They get enough of that from my brother."

Sidus [Rogue] 365538

Can I do that right away?

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 365541

"In my room."
"I really don't care what you need the money for. But if you don't mind doing shit jobs, I got plenty I'd rather not do myself."
"No, we can't just glue it back together, boy."

Sidus [Rogue] 365543

"Right, right."
Reforge it then.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365544

I'll nod.
"As I said, sir, I'm not picky. And it can't be worse than mucking out pig pens or cow barns."

Papaver Field [Mage] 365545

"Lead the way! I will try to sneak past the other students!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365555

"Uh… well… she uh… l-likes you… and admires you…"

DM 365560

After spending several hours with the smith, you get the handle repaired
"Good job, boy. Good job."
"Ever tried shoveling shit that used to be living, breathing things, still finding bones and faces inside every time you jab your pitchfork in it?"
"Why don't you go and get it for me?"
He raises a brow
"…you don't say?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365563

"Because I don't know which one is your room!"

Sidus [Rogue] 365566

"That felt pretty good, actually. Not like making a weapon myself, but still counts."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365573

I'll blanch.
"N-no, sir, but if that's what's in the job description, I can probably do it."
I'll swallow a little.
"And once I'm a paladin I might run across something like that in the future. So it's probably best I get my squeamishness out of the way now instead of then."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365575

I nod
"S-She likes sneaking as well… and… s-stuff… but she's n-not sure h-how to approach you so I-I decided to do it f-for her instead…"

DM 365587

"Alright, alright. I'll show the way."
He starts walking
"You gotta start small, boy.
Start from the top, and you'll never appreciate what got you there."
"Well that's a joy to hear. Usually I only take cretins and troublemakers down there.
Anyway, the bestiary ain't due for a cleaning today. If you want to earn a few coins though, I was supposed to go mop up in the library. Go do that for me while I take a nap and I'll toss something your way."
"And where might I find her then?"


Find a shady corner and hop in it!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sidus [Rogue] 365592

I nod.
"I guess that is true… And it will feel all the better knowing I achieved to get there, right?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365594

"W-Well… that's w-why I proposed night c-class…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365595

"Yessir. Cleaning supplies are up there, right?"

DM 365610

You do your best to keep out of sight as he goes into the dorm, but this leads to several very awkward and uncomfortable hiding places
"You'll learn to appreciate the outcome more.
A sword is only a sword to the one who wields it. But to the one for forges it from a bar of iron… it is a child."
"So, she's a nightwalker huh?
Pity. I didn't plan on sacrificing sleep that much. But if she wants to talk, she can always tug my sleeve."
"Here's a key to the custodian supply closets. I got several around the academy. Now I'm off for a nap. Drop the key into my mailbox on the door when you're done."


Hey, I have to can my honor for this! It's more important not to be seen than to be comfortable!
Keep following.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sidus [Rogue] 365612

"So what did repairing that one make me? An uncle?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365618

And I'll head up to the library. There's a custodial closet nearby, correct? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 365648

It's across the hall
"More like a midwife."
You track him as best you can, though you keep getting left a little behind.
You notice his tail going into a room though, and after making sure the coast is clear, you follow him in.
Only problem: this isn't his room. And that guy sure isn't him. Nor is his fresh out of the shower roommate.
They both stare at you in shocked silence.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365654

Well, let's open it up.
Should need a mop, the buckets, and… are there any wet floor signs? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Is there a balcony?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sidus [Rogue] 365660

"Right. As much as I want to stay and chat, time flew away with work. Until tomorrow morning!"
Nod and leave.

Meet up with Burning.

DM 365664

Right past the two lads.
Only one.
She's right where you need her



Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 365669

Give her a smooch.
"Would you honor me with accompanying me to the Grand Galloping Gala, fair lady?~"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365672

It'll have to do.
I'll take everything I need, and notify the librarian I was sent in to mop.
"So, where am I supposed to be cleaning, ma'am? Any particular spot, or the whole floor?"

DM 365681

You stand in the doorway, looking vaguely constipated, as you attempt to make two new limbs grow out with sheer willpower.
"The Gala?
"There was a mess in the biology wing."

Sidus [Rogue] 365688

"I guess you weren't paying attention yesterday while I was speaking with Jon? We can sign up to be undercover agents!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365689

Okay that plan didn't work.
Giggle awkwardly.
"I got lost…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365690

"Oh… But… A-Are you sure?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365693

"Thank you, ma'am."
And then I'll go look for that mess. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 365702

"I guess so.
Well that sounds just lovely~"
"You sure are."
"Wanna come in?"
"Sure about what? What's she look like, anyway?"
The smell is a little too familiar.
…does anyone even read this books for educational content? Doesn't anybody own paper towels?
Why in the library of all places…?

Sidus [Rogue] 365707

"I bet you could get a pretty dress~. We need to sign up first though."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365711

I'll just shake my head.
"Some ponies…"
After setting up the wet floor sign in a clearly visible place in the aisle, I'll get to work mopping the floor. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'm not sure this is a good idea…"
Start backpedalling.
Can I scamble around a corner and hide again?

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 365715

"We should. Right away!"
You get done in a jiffy. No mess, no fuss.

Sidus [Rogue] 365717

"Follow me then!"
Head to the Battlemaster.

DM 365719

You can if you want, but they will come looking for you.
"Ah, well we didn't mean anything like that"
"Just thought you might want to chat is all"
"Come in."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365720

I grin
"You s-should meet her! Come t-to class tonight!"

Sidus [Rogue] 365722

"Good day!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Crusader] 365723

I'll nod to myself.
Then wait a few minutes for the floor to dry, and then pick up the sign and return the supplies to the closet, and wave a little to the librarian on my way out.
After everything's squared away, I'll return to the custodian's office. Mailbox should be right there, so I'll place the key in it.

Papaver Field [Mage] 365724

"But I'm sure if anypony else heard us, they'd be terribly jealous!"

DM 365740

"If she so dearly wishes to meet me, then she can come to me.
I will leave a flower in my window so she knows where to look."
"Cadet Sidus. Cadet Heart. What business have you?"
A job well done.
He seems to be snoring peacefully
"Shall we just see you out then?"
The other one puts on a towel after realizing he is dripping all over the floor.

Sidus [Rogue] 365743

"I head that there is a possibility to visit the Grand Galloping Gala."

Papaver Field [Mage] 365744

"I think I can find my own way out."
Smile at them and quickly take the door, find somewhere to hide!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365745

"O-Okay then… I'll tell her t-that…"

DM 365751

"It's no visit, cadet. It is covert security detail.
The academy lets some go to make sure no trouble happens outside the view of the uniformed guards."
"Thank you. And hey, thanks for letting me know."
You bump into a third student before diving into a closet

Sidus [Rogue] 365752

I nod.
"Same thing, really."


Oh god. Pray to the Sisters for a miracle.

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 365780

"Well, depends on how often your visits end up in violent takedowns."
From the sound of it several ponies are now looking for "that girl in here".
And it seems they found you. Someone pulls the closet open

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365783

I blush
"I w-wanted to do her a favor…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365784

I can't fucking believe this.
How many?

Sidus [Rogue] 365786

"What's the worst that could happen? A noble who drank too much punch?"

DM 365790

"And next, she can do one for herself."
About a dozen.
"Hey there."
"Well well well, what have we here?"
"Ooooh, a bad girl, huh?"
As they close in to pull out out you hear Leaf's voice
"Back off. She's mine."
"Oh? Says who?"
"Says her."
"Drank too much punch, pulled a sword and made a very personal problem with someone.
Or an assassin sent in to take care of an old grudge.
And a few years back we had that whole thing with the revolutionaries."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365793

I nod
"H-Hopefully… uh… I'll leave you alone now…"
I slink back out of here

Sidus [Rogue] 365795

Wave my hoof around.
"Nothing we couldn't handle."


Jump at him.
Try to hug him on the fly!

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 365815

"Have a nice day, Cadet Hopper!"
"Good. So you'll be signing up then? Do you need outfits?"
The crowd seems defeated
"Oh screw you Leaf"
"Some guys have all the luck…"
"This better be the last fucking time you bring mares in here or we're busting you"
Leaf just gives them a stern, if somewhat smug look, as he pulls you in closer by the butt
"Yeah yeah, get lost now."
The others disperse with a grumble

Sidus [Rogue] 365817

"Of course we are! We wouldn't miss an occasion like this! And probably, yes. Unless we can get some from Canterlot."

Papaver Field [Mage] 365819

Oh well, he's saving my ass, let him do.

DM 365821

He lets go but gives you rear a rather firm squeeze as some of the others turn back to look.
Annoyed, they finally go back to their dorms.
"Sorry about that. I had to make it look legit."
"You think you've earned leave to go shopping?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365823

"It's fine, I'm the pony that messed up. Wanna go to your room or should I just leave?"

Sidus [Rogue] 365824

"Of course."

DM 365825

"Might as well see this to the end while we're here. They didn't do anything to you did they?"
"And with what money?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365826

Shake my head.
"Not like I would have let them!"

Sidus [Rogue] 365827

"That's a good question…"

DM 365829

"I wasn't aware they were asking for permission.
Then, they were just cadets. Cadets can be like that."
"Indeed. The academy has outfits you can borrow for that very reason. Mostly ones donated by former students or the noble houses."

Papaver Field [Mage] 365831

"I wan't talking about just saying no, either."
Follow him to his room.

Sidus [Rogue] 365832

"That's not very fitting though, to be wearing something that has been belonging to somepony else before."

DM 365833

He sighs and shakes his head with a smile
"Oh dear Balsa, what ever did you get yourself into…"
He closes the door after you
"Well princess, it was good enough for dozens before you. But if you have savings and want to burn them on an outfit, I think we can arrange a little leave for you if you prove you are worth it."

Sidus [Rogue] 365834

"I'm sure that I have enough for a suit."
Glance at Burning.
"And with luck, maybe even a dress."
Turn back to him.
"And how do I do that? Have I not done it yet?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365835

"Getting both of us killed, of course. That's what."
Look around his room.
"Your roommates?"

DM 365838

"Usually leave is only granted for notable reasons, or beforehand agreed deeds."
"Don't have one."

Papaver Field [Mage] 365840

"Well that looks boring. I live with four other girls! It's always so full of life!"
So, look around for the box.

Sidus [Rogue] 365841

"Does working at the forge count?"

DM 365842

He pulls it out from under his bed
"I used to have one, you know."
"The forge? You interested in becoming a smith?"

Sidus [Rogue] 365843

I nod.
"I repaired a sword with a broken hilt on my own just today."

Papaver Field [Mage] 365844

"Let me guess. Balsa."
Give it a look.

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 365847

"No. His name was Fallbrown. Like me and Balsa and Lightbringer and the others, he liked to sneak into the off-limits areas.
He was among the last to get caught too. The found him trying to break into the relic library and expelled him."
The box is rather ornate, but on the outside, the lock looks normal
"Well, that's nice.
Tell you what. Ask the smith for some tasks. He can tell me when he feel you have earned a half-day off."

Sidus [Rogue] 365848

I nod.
Glance at Burning again.
"You would like to accompany me to find a matching outfit, don't you?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 365849

"Everypony tells me not to. You, Nock, Star.
But inside there's just this thing… It forces me, do you understand?"
Take out the lockpicks.
"Let's get to it."

DM 365852

She nods quietly
"I know how you feel."
He lays down on the bed and puts the box on his belly
"That place has some unnatural draw. Even I still want to see it… But not by breaking the rules. Not any more."

Papaver Field [Mage] 365853

He does what?
"Uh. And this is why you are gonna stay here until the fifth year?"

Sidus [Rogue] 365854

Back to the Battlemaster.
"I don't suppose I can earn her share of a leave too?"

DM 365855

"That was my plan.
…well, until recently. Your enthusiasm to get there… it has awoken something in me. Something I put away long ago."
He then takes the box, looks at it for a while and puts it back on the floor
"Out of the question. She will earn it herself."


"You are not thinking of trying again, are you?"
Get near the box and start toying around with it and the lockpicks.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sidus [Rogue] 365858

I nod.
"Any proposals?"

DM 365861

"That's up to her."
"I… could improve my personal skill records?"
"Sounds good. You'll be given a new evaluation in two days time."
The lock does not even seem to work like a normal lock at all…
"I kinda am. Just… not alone."


"I don't want to be remember as the corruptor of paladins, Leaf."
Put away the picks and take a long, hard look at the lock.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sidus [Rogue] 365863

I give Burning a good girl smile, before turning back to the Battlemaster.
"Is that all then concerning the Gala?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 365864

For some reason, I thought this was paused
Okay, Balsawood is taken care of now.
I'll… I'll go train! To the training field! I have to become stronger for Jon! Is there anyone around?

DM 365865

It is a keyhole.
"You know Vera… I wish I didn't like you as much as I do at times."
"I believe so. Was that all you wanted from me?"
There are almost always some instructors and students sparring