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Paladinquest - Thread 2 DM 321308

After a disaster at the dining hall, we return to our heroes and their adventures.

Papaver Field [Mage] 321312

So… What happened?

DM 321313

Burning Heart busily dabs away the food on your face
Totally cool with this situation.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321314

I shriek and jump up to face Papaver
"Wha… what!?"
… how many ponies saw that?

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321316

Does… should I help pull her out?
I don't… Oh jeez. This is too much for a simple farmer.

Papaver Field [Mage] 321318

I'll just stare back mouth agape and eyes wide.
Mouth the words 'I am sorry' in a slow, dreamlike silence.


Get myself off the table, and drag those two out. We can sort this out on our own!

Roll #0 1 = 1

Sidus [Rogue] 321321

Give her a thankful nod.

Poke her in the chest with my TK
"You hear me?! Don't you just ignore me after what you did!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 321325

Nope I can ignore you at will. Virtues of the >10.

Sidus [Rogue] 321330

Ignore this then.
Slap her with my TK.

Sidus [Rogue] 321331


Roll #1 5 = 5

Papaver Field [Mage] 321332

Keep ignoring his rather ineffective slap.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321333

Whoa, hold up. That's going a bit far.
"Hey, hang on. You shouldn't hit mares."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321334

Take a few deep breaths and try not to think of all the ponies watching us
"W-w-we should leave… now."

Sidus [Rogue] 321336

"Oh, and she can hit me? That's how it works?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 321337

Nod, gulp down and hurry for the exit.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321339

"Well, no, but you can't just hit them and yell."

Nock [Tracker] 321344

Regardless of the effects of that one, I'm going to flee as well.

Hopefully dignity intact.

Sidus [Rogue] 321346

"Just she wait until we fight tomorrow… I won't go easy on her after this."

DM 321347

Lets see
Rolling for general amount of ponies
1 - a lot
10 - none
A paladin must face many challenges of the heart.
Your efforts result in the lot of you tumbling back to the previous table in an embarrassing pile of mare.
…is someone copping a feel?
Burning Heart looks a little surprised
"I-I didn't guess you'd be into that…"

Roll #1 5 = 5




Run away, back to the dorm

I don't even want the dessert anymore

Roll #0 4 = 4



Roll #0 8 = 8

Sidus [Rogue] 321352

I glare at her.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321353

I'll help separate Star and Nock. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Nock [Tracker] 321358

And with that, I'm headed back to the room, hooves very much to myself.

I think I'll fling myself on my bed when I get back. Was one of those two feeling me up? It must've been an accident.

DM 321359

"…I'd let you slap me if it made you feel good…"
And back to the dorm you go.
…you still need to get uniforms though.


Rolling for spaghetti from it all.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Papaver Field [Mage] 321365

Aaaand I'm crying like a bitch into my pillow.
"I'm sowwyyyyyyy!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321366

Well, that was an exciting second day. There are bound to be other mares around, so I'll ask if there are any who are on the same floor or hallway as those three. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sidus [Rogue] 321367

"Do you really think my greatness would… bah, let's just get our uniforms…"

DM 321370

Some of the passes by respond
"Yeah, we have the room across the hall from them. Why?"
"…whatever you say~"
The uniforms are available in the side room

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321372

I cringe
"Oh no… the uniforms…"

I look at her with wide concerned eyes

Papaver Field [Mage] 321375

"I ruined everything! I'm sorry! It'd be best if I just took all my stuff and left now!"
Keep crying into the pillow.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321378

"Don't suppose you'd be up to bringing them their uniforms? They left before they could grab them."
How good is my guesstimate of their clothing sizes? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Nock [Tracker] 321379


"It's… fine. This has been an interesting day… the uniforms ARE still a problem, though…"

Roll off my bed and go over to her and put a hoof on her shoulder.

"Papaver, calm down. What's the absolute worst that could happen? You can't get expelled for tripping."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321382

"Oh… oh no no no no! D-don't do that! Please!"
Rolling to not get emotional as well '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sidus [Rogue] 321384

"I'll make her pay… you'll see! She'll regret this!… Hitting me while eating! And a cheapshot like that too! Thinking she can ambush me even with that!"

Go to the side room

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321385

Looks like I tear up slightly as well

Papaver Field [Mage] 321387

Raise ny head from the pillow and look at her with red eyes.
"But it was just so shameful…"
Noticing her, I turn around.
"No! Please! Not you too!"
Try to calm myself.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nock [Tracker] 321389

Oh boy, I'm supposed to be the stoic of the group, but all this sobbing is starting to get overwhelming.

Surely I'm alright, right? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 321390

About accurate.
"No problem at all."
"First years? Size please."
"…Medium Small."

Sidus [Rogue] 321392

I laugh.
"I'm great, can't you see?"

Nock [Tracker] 321396

Whew. The clear-headed inquisitor-to-be doesn't let emotions rule her!

Let's try to cheer them up.

"You know what will help you forget?"

Open the balcony door. "The sky. You promised I could gaze with you tonight, too. Let's just relax for now and calm down. We'll think more rationally later."

Roll for effect. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321398

"Thank you."
I'll briefly consider asking them to carry up some of the dessert as well, but…
Ah what the hell.
"One last favor, please. Could you bring up three servings of the dessert? Miss Hopper was really looking forward to it before… that."


Roll to like the idea.

Roll #0 3 = 3

Papaver Field [Mage] 321405

Let's keep hugging the pillow.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321410

"But… I-I just don't want to lose you!"

I sniffle
"… I guess I did say that…"
Look outside, how nice of a night is it? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 321413

"So… extra large?"
"Should we bring a note and some flowers too?"
It's more like early evening.
The lighting is soft and the air is warm.

Sidus [Rogue] 321416

"Uh… no, I don't think that's my actual clothing size though…."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321418

'1d10' to not blush
"No, that's… that's fine. It's not like that."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321420

I let out a weak groan and slump down on my haunches
"Today was terrible…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 321422

"You… You mean that? Really?"
Trot over to her and sit down.

DM 321424

"Well what is it then?"
They look annoyed
"Suuuuuuure. So who should we say it's from, hm?"
"or will we just go with 'secret admirer'?"

Nock [Tracker] 321429

Trot out behind them and throw a sheet over their shoulders, then wedge up on the other side of Papaver, who seems the least stable right now.

"It doesn't matter now. Tomorrow is a different day."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321431

Why are mares such trouble. Jeez.
"Just say it's from Jon. Thank you."
And, still blushing terribly, I'll make my way to the uniform section.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321434

"Well… you and Nock are nice to me after all…"

"B-but… everypony saw what happened in the mess hall! It's just so… so… embarrassing…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 321435

Get comfy into the blanket.
"Thanks Nock… Star… I'd be lost without you girls."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Papaver Field [Mage] 321436

Blush furiously.
"Don't remind me… I'm so, so sorry…"

DM 321444

The mares giggle and leave to get some desert
Meanwhile in the side room
"First year, right? Size?"
Looks like these are different guys than before.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321445

"Basic large."
Probably shouldn't be getting a spare uniform, but whatever. Who knows when a spare will come in useful.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321446

I look away, blushing too
"I-It was an accident… It's nopony's fault."
I cringe
"I bet ponies are spreading the news already though…"

Nock [Tracker] 321447

I sigh. "I'm sorry too. I tried to help and made it worse. I don't want to lose either of you, either… regardless of how corny that is to say. I feel closer to you in days than I've been in with my friends back home for years. I think… going through trouble brings ponies closer together. And not just stuff like this… but that book incident yesterday, and learning about this 'mark' business… I don't know. I almost feel as if we were fated to become friends."

Laugh nervously. "Wow, that sounded totally stupid, didn't it? I can ramble when I'm not sure of what to say…"

Sidus [Rogue] 321448

"I never measured! I'm far too busy being great for that!"

DM 321454

They give you a uniform
"Are you picking any up for others?"
One of them sighs and gets a measuring tape
"Hold still please"
Rolling for shape
1 - twig
10 - fatass

DM 321455

I mean you roll for it.

Sidus [Rogue] 321458

I can't be fat!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Papaver Field [Mage] 321459

"Stupid ponies…"
Look to the other side and keep blushing.
Damn. What if everypony thinks we are like that?
That would be stupid. And bad. Right?
Giggle a bit and pull her in for a hug.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321465

"It's okay… I think you're right… And I tend to ramble too."

DM 321466

Well you certainly are well above average.
Do you want me to reroll that for you?

Nock [Tracker] 321467

I don't resist, unsure how to respond at first, but then return the hug passionately.

I think we both needed this. Stoic on the outside, exhausted on the inside.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321469

"Three mare's uniforms, their sizes are medium, medium, and medium large."

DM 321471

"Very well. Names of recipients so we don't end up giving out doubles?"

Sidus [Rogue] 321475

Or we could just not let the RNG decide it and say he's a bit shorter than average

DM 321479

Well he could have answered a simple question of "what is your uniform size" and avoided the wrath of the dice god

Papaver Field [Mage] 321480

Try to straighten up.
"Should we go get the uniforms now?"

Sidus [Rogue] 321483

>implying it would be IC for him to admit he's short

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321485

I shrink
"I don't think I want to leave the dorm anytime soon."

Nock [Tracker] 321486

"I'll go get them this evening. The night is young. Let's just stay. This is… nice."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321488

"Misses Star Hopper, Papaver Field, and Nock… uh"
I'll wrack my brain for a minute.
"Just Nock, I guess. Anyway, those are the three."

Papaver Field [Mage] 321490

Get comfy then.
"We should read those books…"

DM 321492

"Well here's the Medium-Small one. Hope it fits."
"Right. We have all those here. Marked down. Good to see you're making friends."

Nock [Tracker] 321493

"Oh? Which of the three do you think would suit a quiet evening alone with each other best?"

Sidus [Rogue] 321496

"Don't say that!"

Take it and leave.

"It's great because it's for my greatness…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 321498

"I'd leave the book about party parts behind for this night…"
Try to give an awkward giggle.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321499

I'll thank him, and then find those mares again.
'1d10' to suppress a snicker at Sidus's troubles.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321502

"Uh… You ponies can read those I'll just uh… read my medical books…"

I cough

Papaver Field [Mage] 321504

"C'mon. You told us you'd show how fun books can be!"
Tug at her side.

DM 321506

Burning Heart smiles at you
"I believe in you at least.
…you're still not hurt from before are you?
M-maybe I could take a look at it… make sure everything is… ok?"
Pointing and laughing is not too subtle.
The mares join in too for the hell of it.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321508

"… fine. You two decide which book though!"

Nock [Tracker] 321509

"How about the third one? The one about paladins. Something to let us look forward to our future."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321511

Oh that was bad of me. I'll have to apologize later. Maybe. Anyway, I'll hand off those uniforms.
"If you ever need a favor, and it's something I can do, just ask."

DM 321515

"We'll keep that in mind"
"Where can we find you if we need you?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 321517

"Yeah! Let's read that one!"
Cheer up and go take the book, then, settle it in front of the three of us and take cover once more under the sheets.
"So, where do we start?"

Sidus [Rogue] 321518

"Really now?"

DM 321521

She looks away
"…sorry. I'm sure you're too great for pain. I should not underestimate you."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321522

"Uh… the introduction?"
How many pages does this thing have?

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321523

I'll think a bit.
"Hmm. Well, if I'm not out in the training area, I'll probably be in the library. But I'll always be in the same place at breakfast or dinner, so that's likely the easiest way to find me."

"I don't think I got you names, though. Pardon my manners. My name's Jonagold Apple, what are yours?"

DM 321525

Thousands from the looks of it.
"Windy Valley"

Sidus [Rogue] 321527

I grin.
"You learn. And you may be my number one fan, but I don't think you are ready for what you asked!"


"Oh dear…"
We best get started then. From the intro.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321529

I'll nod.
"Nice to meet you both, Miss Valley, Miss Heatspike. Thank you again for doing me this favor."
And with that, I'll head back up to the dorm, after grabbing a serving of that dessert for myself.

Nock [Tracker] 321530

Cozy by Star.

Hopefully the reading will clear her head.

Papaver Field [Mage] 321534

Oh yeah. Let her do her thing. Lay down and get even cozier under the sheets, standing right besides Star.

DM 321566

"Well. If you say it then I'll believe it.
I know you wouldn't lie."
[Paladins, the fabled holy warriors of the world. Written by Charlie Mane.
The exact origins of the paladin lifestyle is not known. Some say it is the natural social evolution of the warrior code of old. Others say it is simply a name change of the concept of a fighter. Some insist it is the legacy of a holy warrior of old. Whatever the case, the Paladin Orders exist to keep this tradition of martial pride and self-discovery alive-]
It looks yummy.
And back you are.

Papaver Field [Mage] 321570

"Read about the great paladins and their deeds of faith!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321573

Keep reading

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321574

Well, I'll put that uniform with the other one, and then sit on the edge of the bed and eat that dessert.
'1d10' for enjoyment.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sidus [Rogue] 321575

"A great pony never lies! Now, as my number one fan and assistand, remind my greatness, do we have any tasks left for today?"

DM 321590

This has been a fucked up day…
"I believe the tasks were to pick up gear and uniforms, and to sigh up for classes. Oh, and evening assembly."
[-Many revered names in history were Paladins. Though some would argue they are no more prominent than any other creed of war. What makes them special, however, is their quest. Ever paladin, regardless of liege or mission, is on an endless quest of self improvement. Directed by their Code of Honor, a personal guideline as unique as one's face or hoofprint, the Paladin seeks to better understand the world, ponykind and themselves with each passing event.-]

Sidus [Rogue] 321594

"I think we got most of that, didn't we! Off to the evening assembly we go! I've got to make my great enterance!"

DM 321599

"I'm pretty sure that's still hours away… Unless you want to hide in the Great Hall and wait for everypony else."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321600

It really has. If every day is like this…
I'll shake my head, strip out of my traveling outfit, and head to the shower. Showers are relaxing, right? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sidus [Rogue] 321601

"Oh… no, that would not be fitting for somepony such great as me…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 321603

"The code of honor…" Daydream about it for a moment.
"What do you think they'll teach us, about it?"

Nock [Tracker] 321604

We press on.

"Keep going. I haven't seen what makes these books so great yet."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321605

My eyes widen slightly
"Oh… A code?"
Keep reading

DM 321625

Reroll for relaxation
"If you say so. Lets hear your plan then."
[-But it is the paladin's legendary skill at arms that makes them such a well known figurehead. A paladin is the master of direct combat, an unstoppable force capable of ignoring any wound and inflicting massive damage with even a simple strike. Paladins also often employ other methods to further enhance their powers. Powerful spells to summon weapons from thin air. Their inspiring voice to command allies and cohorts. Knowledge of life and mortality to place lethal strikes. Bonds of fraternity and harmony to form eternal friendships and brotherhoods. Unbreakable will to ignore blows as they charge into battle or stand their ground. Intimate understanding of magical theory to counter spell-wielding foes. And divine ascendance to strike down any who would dare oppose their creed.-]

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321626

Am I forgetting anything as well? 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 5 = 5

DM 321629

It is a very nice shower. It helps you calm down. Relax. Focus.
…what might you have forgotten?

Nock [Tracker] 321632

"Heh, they make it sound so dramatic…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 321633

"Whoa… Wish I knew how to do half that stuff…"
Get even comfier leaning on Star.
"What would you like to do?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321634

That's a good question. I sent the girls their uniforms, I got my gear, I ate dinner… What else was there tonight? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321638

Keep reading!

"Well… paladins are pretty well known for being holy warriors…"

"I don't know… not yet anyway…"

Nock [Tracker] 321640

"How about the one about friendship? We might already know it too."

Papaver Field [Mage] 321642

"Hehe. That sounds fun. So when one of us is in need, she can just call the others!"

DM 321648

Maybe you should check the booklet.
[-Be it whichever creed the paladin follows though, their code always remains with them. And were they to act against this code, their powers will often turn on them. A paladin attempting a dishonorable attack and an evil deed may find themselves struck down by their own weapons, or find their powers ineffectual against foes-]

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321654

True, it should be in that booklet… Now where did I put it?
I'll get out of the shower and towel off, then look for the booklet. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Papaver Field [Mage] 321655

"I can't wait for classes to start! I want to learn all about this! Everything!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321662

"This is interesting… sounds magical…"
I grin slightly and keep reading

Papaver Field [Mage] 321664

"What's so fun about magic anyway?"

Nock [Tracker] 321665

"And here you were worried!"

DM 321674


Star Hopper [Cleric] 321676

I give her a blank stare, looking dumbfounded
"W-what do you mean? What kind of question is that? Magic is amazingly varied! So many ways to practice it! Healing magic is just a small part of it! There's magic that allows you to see through walls! See into other ponies' minds! Conjure things out of nowhere! Create illusions! Create magical bubbles that protect you! There's just… just…"
Suddenly aware of how worked up I got, I simmer down again
"… so much to learn."

Papaver Field [Mage] 321847

"My parents always said it was a coward's way of fighting…"
Look down towards the floor, a bit ashamed.

DM 321854

And we're back for more My Little Paladins
Only on the Sub

Sidus [Rogue] 321856

DM 321857

You have a moment more evening assembly

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321858

Have I found that booklet yet? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 321859

Why yes, yes you have!

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321860

Excellent. Let's look through that and see what I'd forgotten, if anything.

Sidus [Rogue] 321861

A moment more before evening assembly?

DM 321862

There is an evening assembly tonight
Your greatness transcends my missing words.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321863

"B-but it's not just used for fighting! There's more to it than that… it's got so many uses!"
I sigh
"And well, I'm not a fighter myself. I never even fought anypony in my life. Just little old me and my books."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321864

Oh. Well, good time to take that uniform out for a test run. Let's put that on and… hm. It's not for a while yet, so lets kill some time in the library.

Sidus [Rogue] 321866

Truly I have already ascended beyond the Master.

Get there.
Find a good spot.

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 321868

Is there anything particular you'd like to look for?
All the seats are free. The only question os where do you want to sit mr. early bird

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321870

Well, is that book on Blast still on the table, or has that been shelved? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sidus [Rogue] 321871

Obviously I need to take a seat to the front to be in front of anypony else.

Papaver Field [Mage] 321872

"But we'll have to, soon enough, if we become paladins…"
Do we still have to take the uniforms?

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321873

"I know… I really hope I don't mess it up."

DM 321874

Well there is some book still on the table.
The front row or the stage?
There is a knock on the door, some giggling and distancing hoofsteps

Papaver Field [Mage] 321875

"Ush. You can't mess it up. We are friends, I'll be here to help you~"
Boop her nose playful.

Sidus [Rogue] 321876


I deserve it.

Papaver Field [Mage] 321877

Oh? Go check that out…

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321878

Some book?
Well, I'll approach and give it a look. If it's that party parts book, I'm putting it back on the shelf immediately.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321879

"It's just… I'm not exactly… you know… fit."


Papaver Field [Mage] 321880

"Oh believe me, I'll get you straightened out."
Giggle a bit.

DM 321881

You get up on the stage and pull up a chair.
Burning Heart sits down next to it.
Looks like someone left three uniforms, three desserts and a note at your door.
On no, the girls checked that out. This is a book on the Canterlot Honour Guard

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321882

Oh, that's not so bad. Let's flip it to the beginning and start reading.

Sidus [Rogue] 321883

Clear my throat and give her a look.

Papaver Field [Mage] 321884

That… Incredibly kind!
Take everything inside.
"Look Star, someone left us dessert!"
Read the note and lay the uniform across my bed.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321885

"W-well I-"

I gasp and grab some dessert with my telekinesis, a silly grin on my face

Sylt 321886

Give her a smile and let her eat.

Read the note out loud.

Papaver Field [Mage] 321887

DM 321889

[-The Honour Guards are the age-old protectors of the Alicorn Sisters. Traditionally split between the Dayguard and Nightguard, these fearless protectors are chosen from among the finest candidates of Equestria's knightly orders, military academies, paladin orders and heroes. Devoting themselves fully to their work, these brave ponies sacrifice their normal lives to serve for as long as they live. They forsake seeking glory, starting families and the ability have children to fully reach their peak potential in defending the crowns. And it is a great honour. Many times fitting candidates are picked from among the first or second year students of academies, or soldiers of similar age.-]
"So, what's the plan?"
[Here's a little something courtesy of a friendly stallion by the name of ~Jon~]

Sidus [Rogue] 321891

"First of all, my greatness should be in the spotlight."


Roll not to blush.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321893

That's a lot to give up…
Keep reading.


Keep eating
"Who's it from?"

Roll #0 8 = 8

Papaver Field [Mage] 321895

Oh, looks like i don't feel almost a thing… Strange.
Eat my dessert and wear the uniform.
I should probably tie my mane in a bun, that will look well on the uniform…
Wait, how does the uniform look?
"Looks like Jonagold had a little thought for the three of us~"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321896

"Oh… that's nice of him. At least we don't have to leave the dorm in that case…"
Try out that uniform, how's it look? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Papaver Field [Mage] 321898

"Yeah, I guess we can thank him tomorrow, uh?"

DM 321905

"Spotlight? Isn't that really boring and predictable?
Shouldn't your chair rather be elevated above the stage, with the lights shining up at it?"
[-To ensure the vows are kept, chosen candidates are sterilized to prevent any possible mishaps. Medical science regards this a vile relic of a bygone age, and as such all major medical academies refuse to spend time and funds to research updated methods. This has lead to a rift between the Honour Guard and the academic world, condemning them to archaic, if effective methods mostly involving a hammer and something to bite down on. Criticism of this brutality has mostly been met with a cold shoulder and a statement that it builds character and is as efficient as methods come. Opinions on this are split outside their inner circles.-]
Seems to be a good fit.
Looks like he is good at guessing sizes.
Comfortable and warm. The additional layer is made to be durable enough to be worn on outings and combat sessions.
Visually, it is not very striking. Carrying only the colours of the academy - sunlight yellow and midnight blue - and some blank areas for personal heraldry and honor patches.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321908

I'll put the book down for a minute and wince.
Then I'll sort of hope that Papaver doesn't kick as hard as a hammer swing, for Sidus's sake.
About how much time is left before the assembly? I might have time to read a bit more before heading there.

Papaver Field [Mage] 321911

Uh! It's beautiful!
Giggle like a schoolgirl and put it on.

Should we do something before bed or are we free?

"Hey Star! Look! it's beautiful! You look good in it too!"

DM 321912

If you head out now you can pick your seat.
If not, you will need to settle with what you get.
You can check the booklet.

Sidus [Rogue] 321914

"Brilliant idea! I see that you are in synch with the thoughs of my greatness! Now, the only question is, how do we raise my seat for everypony to see my greatness?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321915

That's nice!

… back to eating dessert!

I blush
"Y-you too…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 321916

Right, I totally should.
What does it say?

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321918

Well, might as well get a good seat. Maybe I can save a few for those three… Unless they're going to skip the assembly, after what happened in the mess hall.
Ah, might as well. I'll close the book, shelve it, and then head to the assembly hall.

Papaver Field [Mage] 321919

Wave a hoof at her dismissively.
"It's just the uniform, it looks so good!
Do you think I would be better with my mane tied or should I leave it wild?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321923

"Uh… I… I don't know? I'm not really good with that kind of stuff…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 321924

Pout a bit.
"It's okay. We got all night to try manestyles!"

DM 321925

She looks a little surprised
"…we use the ropes used to hold up the banners? Or… am I thinking too simply? What was your plan?"
There is an evening assembly. Starting in half an hour.
Looks like Sidus is up on stage again…
Pick any seat you want.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321926

I'll head to the front-third row. On the left.
"So, you're here early, Sidus. Who's your mare friend?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 321927

"Or maybe not… Star! There's an evening assembly! We must go there!"

DM 321928

"I'm Burning Heart. And you are…?"

Sidus [Rogue] 321929

"Holding up with telekinesis might be too hard, even if the shimmer of magic would add some extra, so yes, indeed we should use the ropes!"

"She is none other than Burning Heart, my number one fan! She already comprehends how great I am!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321930

I scrunch
"I guess…"

My eyes widen in fear
"W-what? Oh no… oh no no no! Everypony will laugh at us!"


"You might be right…"
Bite my lower lip.
Do I want to go there?

Roll #0 9 = 9

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321932

I'll roll my eyes at Sidus's claims.
"Nice to meet you, miss Heart. I'm his roommate. Name's Jonagold Apple."
Sighing a little as I sit, I'll speak again.
"Hey, sorry for laughing at you earlier when your uniform came up a little short. That wasn't proper."

Papaver Field [Mage] 321933


"We should go anyway, Star. Our future depends on it!"


Do I want to go there?

Roll #0 5 = 5

Sidus [Rogue] 321935

I wave my hoof around.
"My greatness is not bothered by such claims! But now, I still need to do some preparations…"

Can I use my TK to hang the seat with the ropes like I planned to?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321936

Still unsure
"I don't know… I-I don't want everypony to laugh at me…"

DM 321937

"Oooh! You simply must invite me over some day"
"Then wait right there, I'll go release them."
Burning Heart heads out to climb the supports and get the ropes loose
You loosen one of the ropes while Burning Heart works on another

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 321938

Two loose
"I can get the last two if you want!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321939

I'll look at him quizzically.
"What are you doing with the ropes?"

Sidus [Rogue] 321940

"Go ahead! Don't keep my greatness waiting!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 321941

"Let them try! I will protect you till my last breath! Be it from a few mares laughing of from the abominations of Tartarus!"

DM 321942


Roll #1 7, 10 = 17

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321943

I sigh weakly
"… fine then. Let's just get this over with… We can't stay in our dorm forever anyway…"

DM 321944

She gets the other ropes loose
"I'm coming down now!"

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 321945

And with that, she slips off the support and falls.
Do try to catch her.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321947

Oh that's bad. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Papaver Field [Mage] 321948

"H-hey if you would rather stay inside…"
Nope, not thinking about it!
"No, wait, we should go. And don't mind them if they laugh, okay?"

I like this uniform. It covers my blankflank.


Sidus [Rogue] 321949

Time for a heroic show of my greatness!
Catch her!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321952

Skittishly follow her

DM 321958

Smooth as fuck.
You catch her with a leap, embracing her against you as you whip out a rose from somewhere and put it between your teeth, giving her a charming look as you land.
She has no idea how to react.
You see Sidus catch a falling mare in mid air on stage as Jon watches.
What the hell is up with this place…

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321959

Well, crisis averted, I guess. I'll head back to my seat.
Don't suppose I see the mares at the door? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sidus [Rogue] 321960

After smiling a bit, levitate the flower into her mane.
"You did good, but do try to be more careful next time, will you? Wouldn't want my number one fan to get hurt!"


Jon! But… Urgh, that guy is there with him. I'd really like to avoid him.
Try to find a different seat and remain hidden.
I'm really sorry for Jon, but his friend is umbearable…

Roll #0 2 = 2

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321963

"… looks like he found a friend too."
I smile slightly
"That's nice, I'm happy to see that."

Stick close to her

Do I see him? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


I do!
Give him a small wave and try to flash a non-awkward smile

Roll #0 1 = 1

Papaver Field [Mage] 321966

"Yeah, maybe now he'll stop being so obnoxius…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321967

Oh Celestia, what did those mares tell her.

DM 321969

of course you can see eachother.
Rolling to keep it professional
Your face implies a lot of things.
A lot of things.

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 321970

"Y-yessir. Should I tie the ropes to the chair?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 321971

I'll return the wave, and motion that I've saved some seats.

Sidus [Rogue] 321973

I nod.
"We need to be ready before the crowd arrives!"

DM 321976

"We don't have too much time…"
Rolling for knots

Roll #1 5, 3, 3, 9 = 20

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321977

And I don't even realize it.

"J-Jonagold is waving us over, we need to thank him for the uniforms and stuff…"


Move over to the seats.
"You saved these for us? Thanks!"
Then, look slightly embarassed.
"And.. Yeah, thanks for the dessert and the uniforms~"
Try not to sound too awkward.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 321979

Nod, gulp down, and walk over there.
Damn looks like he has almost no effect on me anymore!

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321980

I nod in agreement
"The dessert was nice!"

DM 321982

Yeah ok.
Wanna sit and get hoisted up?

Sidus [Rogue] 321985

Take my rightful place!

Papaver Field [Mage] 321986

What is that crazy stallion doing?

DM 321989

Burning Heart hoists his chair above the stage.
Before she can turn the spotlights though, the other students start pouring in, followed by the Councilor, Battlemaster and a few instructors.

Papaver Field [Mage] 321991

"Mare, you might want to rethink this…"
Start shrinking on my own seat. This is going to be hella embarassing…

Sidus [Rogue] 321992

Well, I got my rightful place anyway already!

Strike a pose, just in case.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Star Hopper [Cleric] 321993

"… What is he doing?"

DM 322005

…did that knot just loosen?
It did.
You can hold onto the rope if you want to avoid falling.

The instructors take the stage and the councilor begins
"I am glad to see everyone signed up, and it seems most of you even have uniforms. Those who did not get everything done, can do so tomorrow until noon. Those who already have free time until noon. At noon, I expect everyone to report to the training fields for the first combat exercise of the year, followed by a physical stress test and a checkup. This will allow us to accurately gauge your shape and stamina to know how to best train you.
After dinner, the academic starting level tests will be held in the classrooms to ensure you are put in a course that correlates with your knowledge level.
Finally, in the evening, we will have the first meet of each of the optional course groups so you can get to know one another.

Now as the last event of today, please line up, row by row, to pick up your first year guidebooks.
Front row, you are up."

Sidus [Rogue] 322010

Damnit Heart!
Hold on!

Roll #1 4 = 4


I just gape at Sidus, then try to catch him with my telekinesis as he falls

Roll #0 4 = 4

Papaver Field [Mage] 322014

I guess we are front row.
And I really look forward to the guidebook! LINE UP!

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322016

I will just be staring at Sidus's troubles.
If those knots keep loosening, I'll probably have to yell for the instructors.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322018

I had saved seats in the third row, near the front.

DM 322022

How do hooves even hold onto rope?
He is way too heavy for you.

Burning Heart tries to go for a heroic telekinesis catch!

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 322027

And she does!
Gently floating Sidus out of sight as the chair falls and hits…

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 322030

The stage, breaking on impact.
The battlemaster immediately pulls his sword
He blasts upwards into the rafters a few times with his magic, then sheaths the weapon again

Sidus [Rogue] 322032

"That was supposed to be the seat of my greatness but it seems these ropes are too lousy to handle one as great as me!"

DM 322034


Sidus [Rogue] 322035

Get up there!

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322036

Face into hooves, I will just sit quietly.


Try not to facehoof too hard.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322038

I wince and flatten my ears slightly
"H-he's really angry…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322040

"Wouldn't you be, after a chair falls from the sky and nearly hits someone?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 322042

"Why does your friend have to be so stupid all the time?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322044

"I honestly don't know."

DM 322047


Sidus [Rogue] 322048

"Drop a chair on you? I was sitting there, but the rope gave away!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 322049

Whisper to the others.
"Maybe we should help him.."

DM 322052


Sidus [Rogue] 322055

"Those seats were not fitting for my greatness! I needed better!"

DM 322057


Roll #1 6 = 6

Papaver Field [Mage] 322059

"On second thought, no, let's not say anything."

DM 322061

He gives you a terrifying glare
"I expected more of you. You seemed like you might have been worth something when I met you earlier. But it seems I was mistaken. Go tie up those banners again, take out the broken chair and get a new one from storage. Then report to me at dawn. Your half a day off has been canceled."

Sidus [Rogue] 322063

"Hah! Are you saying I'm not worthy? I'll show you then!"
Let out a laugh.
"At dawn! The sooner I can start the better!"


Mistery roll.

Roll #0 2 = 2

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322068

"I don't understand… Doesn't he realize he's in trouble?"

DM 322071

"And shut your mouth. I don't want to hear your empty boasting any more. It only serves to further prove your insecurity and worthlessness.
You really disappoint me. Now start climbing. The ropes aren't going to tie themselves."

Papaver Field [Mage] 322072

"Honestly? I think he's just an idiot."

Sidus [Rogue] 322074

Shake my head.
He clearly doesn't know who he's dealing with.
Tie the ropes with my TK.

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 322081

He backhoofs you across the horn
"I said climb, maggot. With your hooves. Unless you're too much of a prissy little flower to dare use them."

Sidus [Rogue] 322085

"Bah… Be that way! It's all the same to my greatness!"

Climb up and tie them!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Papaver Field [Mage] 322091

Urgh. Can I at least get my booklet now?

DM 322098

"Oh I'm sorry, is climbing a ladder too hard a challenge for you? Should I maybe come up there and carry you? Hurry it along sunshine! There are three hundred ponies here waiting for you to finish up being pathetic so we can wrap things up."
You can. The Councilor is giving them out while the Battlemaster rants.

Papaver Field [Mage] 322100

Good. Stupid stallions. I guess Jonagold is the only nice one around.
So, booklet. What does it say?

Sidus [Rogue] 322101

"Just you wait until tomorrow dawn, I'll show you… when you will be begging at my hooves for forgiveness…"

Do it properly!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322103

Take a peek at that booklet as well

DM 322109

It lists out school rules, lesson plans, schedules, menus… lots of things.

Papaver Field [Mage] 322112

"Let's read the school rul-
No wait, I know what you like!"
Smirk at Star.

Sidus [Rogue] 322113


Roll #1 7 = 7

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322116

I smile sheepishly
"Oh you… I know there's more in life than food, you know…"

DM 322118

Looks like they have a monthly rotation, with a special week slipped in at the end of each month.

Sidus [Rogue] 322119

Tie them without a word.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Papaver Field [Mage] 322120

"Still, is something to look forward to, running around training all day make hungry!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 322121

School rules. Anything special we should know?

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322123

"That's true…"
I sigh
"This is going to be hard… All that exercise I mean."

Try my best to ignore the shouting

DM 322127

"Good. Now go get a new chair and get the hell out of my sight."
There is a mention that some areas of the school are forbidden for students below a certain level, and some areas are only for the faculty. This includes some sections of the armoury, library, upper floors and basements.

Papaver Field [Mage] 322129

"You just gotta take it slow! Trust me, it's easy!"
Forbidden Areas?
Ohohoh~ Read more…

Sidus [Rogue] 322132

Hop down and get a chair.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322141

"If you say so…"

DM 322143

Roll to land without getting hurt.
+2 if you want Burning Heart to catch you.
[Areas that are off-limits
First Year: Lethal Weapon Storage / Advanced Combat Arts Study Material / Forge / Magic Training Range (without supervision) / Any below
Second Year: Reliquary / Bestiary / Dark Arts Study Material / Any Below
Third Year: Sanctum / Proving Halls / Dungeon / Any Below
Fourth Year and beyond: Faculty Only areas
FACULTY ONLY: Faculty lounge / Relic Library / Underhalls / Teaching Materials / Catacombs / Supply Closet / Faculty Bathrooms
Entering restricted areas will result in disciplinary action]

Sidus [Rogue] 322146

I can do it on my own.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322147

Okay, that's enough. As his roommate, I've got to help at least a little. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 322148

No, you really cannot.
Roll for damage.

Sidus [Rogue] 322149

Fuck this gay earth

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 322151

You land on top of Burning Heart.

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 322152

Who is mostly unharmed.
"W-we should probably… just get that chair and go…"

Sidus [Rogue] 322153

"Yes. I should."

Go to the storage whatever.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322155

I guess I'll just get my booklet and return to the seats next to Star and Papavel.
Read through it, as well.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322156

"That's a lot of places we can't visit…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 322157

"Dungeon… Probing Halls…"
Turn to Star.
"We must go there!"

Okay, anything else that needs doing? Otherwise, back to our chamber!

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322158

"W-what? Why!?"

DM 322159

It's a large room near the great hall.
Lots of everything here. Chairs are in a big pile on the left.
…a pony could easily hide in here. Heck, several could.
This was all for tonight.
There is info on school rules, forbidden areas, menus, general tips for newcomers…

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322160

Hmm. I suppose I'll look up the rules while we're waiting to be dismissed.

Sidus [Rogue] 322161

I'll keep that in mind.
Get a chair and bring it back.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322162

Namely the ones that the Instructor didn't mention when I asked him the other day.

Papaver Field [Mage] 322163

"Because it's called Proving Halls! I mean, some serious epic stuff must be going on down there!"
And off to our room we went.
If Star wants.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322166

"H-hey uh… thanks for the uniforms and the dessert by the way… it was really good!"
Try to give him a grateful, non-awkward smile again '1d10'

"I don't think that's a really good idea, Papaver…"

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 322168

"Good work. Now go get some sleep. You'll need it."
Burning Heart looks a little worried
The rules list is quite extensive…
-Unapproved personal weapons may not be carried
-Approved personal weapons may not be used on campus without prior consent of an instructor
-Students are free to decorate their dorms as they please, but must also remove all decorations prior to leaving the academy after graduation.
-Uniforms may be customized to include personal heraldry and other sentimental aspects, so long as they remain dignified
-It is possible to appeal to the Headmaster and Councilor if you feel you are being mistreated
-Personal property exceeding value of
And off you go

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322169

"No problem. I'm glad I guessed the right sizes. And it looked like you were looking forward to that dessert, so I asked your neighbors from across the hall to bring some up to you."
I'll sweat for a moment, recalling the earlier smile.
"They didn't… say anything funny did they?"

Sidus [Rogue] 322170

Start heading back towards my dorm without saying anything.

DM 322171

Burning Heart tries to keep up
"I messed up, didn't I?"

Sidus [Rogue] 322173

"You are dismissed for today."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322174

"W-what? No… They just left a note saying it came from you… What's wrong?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322175

Try not to blush. '1d10'
"N-nothing. It was just… they might have gotten the wrong impression."

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 322177

Her ears droop
"…are you angry at me?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322178

I cock my head
"You mean like… you were worried they wouldn't deliver it to us?"

Sidus [Rogue] 322179

"And dissapointed."

DM 322180

"…how can I make it up to you?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322181

"No, not that. They are paladin candidates, after all. I just thought…"
I'll shake my head.
"But I guess I was wrong. Anyway, you're welcome, and I guess I'll see you tomorrow at breakfast?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 322182

"Hey, we still got the night free, no?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322184

"Well, for a few hours until lights out, anyway. What were you planning?"

Sidus [Rogue] 322185

"By not messing up next time and getting my greatness into a situation like before."

Am I at the dorm yet?

DM 322187

You are at the Sword building. Obviously, Heart is not allowed in there.
"I… I just wanted to help…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322188

I nod

I look between the both of them

Sidus [Rogue] 322190

"You'll need to do better next time. If there will be a next time."

Keep going.

DM 322193


Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 322194

"I will make it up to you… In any way you want me to.
I won't let go of you so easily. We could be great together, given a chance."

Papaver Field [Mage] 322196

"We could always take a tour of the outside of the academy. Still haven't given much thought to the training grounds!"

Sidus [Rogue] 322198

I stop, but don't look back.
"…Fine. Since I am so great, I will give you one more chance. One. Don't fail me like that again."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322201

"True. What do you say, miss Hopper?"

DM 322203

"Just say what you need."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322205

"I don't know… I think we'll see enough of the training grounds the next few weeks…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 322208

Look at Star.
"C'mon! I'm sure it's gonna be full of stars!"
Give her a smile.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322211

I'll nod.
"If it's anything like last night, the sky should be wonderful."

Sidus [Rogue] 322212

"I will. Now, I just need rest to be at my greatest at dawn."

Papaver Field [Mage] 322214

"Okay, if you want to go back to the room let's. We can stargaze from the balcony anyway!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322217

I grin slightly and nod, then turning to look at Jonagold
"… you can watch with us if you want!"

DM 322218

"Say. What. You. Need."
Did you just invite him to your dorm?

Papaver Field [Mage] 322220

Look strange at her.
"I'm not sure stallions are allowed in our dorm…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322221

I'll smile and shake my head.
"Stallions aren't allowed in the Hammer Dorm, miss Hopper, though I do appreciate the invitation."
I don't need to tell her [i]why[i] they aren't allowed, of course.

Sidus [Rogue] 322223

"I only need myself. I'll prove that whoever that I am better than what he thinks I am."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322224

DM 322226

"If you are so great then why are you dodging my question?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 322227

"Because… Hey, right, why are they not allowed?"
Turn to Jonagold with a questioning look.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322229

Ah jeez.
Leaning close, I'll whisper:
"Because in the past there have been a few too many… meetings between male and female students. There's even a rule about it.
'1d10' not to blush while giving the explanation.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sidus [Rogue] 322231

"I'm not dodging your question."

Papaver Field [Mage] 322234

"And? We are having a meeting right now!"
Look at the rulebook! Where does it say about male-femle relationships?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322236

I cock my head even more to the side
"… What? I don't understand… we're talking right now right? …What's the difference between talking right here and talking on the balcony of our room?"

DM 322237

"You aren't answering it either."
It just says the students are not allowed to have kids


But I don't know how to have kids! How can I avoid to have them if I don't know how it happens?
Read more!

Roll #0 8 = 8

Sidus [Rogue] 322241

"I already did."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322242

I'll put a hoof to my face.
"What I mean is… well, inviting a stallion into your dorm room is kinda… jeez."
'1d10' to keep the blush off of my face.
"Most ponies would assume that would mean that you want to, well, have… sex.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Papaver Field [Mage] 322245

Stare at him blankly.
"Wait, is that the thing we read about on that book today, Star?"

DM 322246

"So the answer is 'do nothing, hope your greatness comes up with a real answer later'? Just tell me straight! How do I make this up to you!?"
You have an anatomy book for that.

Sidus [Rogue] 322251

"You made me look like a fool and not so great in front of everypony. Remedy that."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322256

My eyes widen and back up
"But… I just want you to join us and watch the stars! N-nothing more!"

I facehoof, blushing


Okay everyone is blushing.
Should I go with the mood?

Roll #0 2 = 2

Papaver Field [Mage] 322259

Yep that's a furious blush and I don't even know why!

DM 322260

"…is this a test of some kind?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322262

"I know that. You know that. Miss Field knows that. But anypony who sees me walk into your room? They won't know that. So, I thank you for the offer, but for the sake of your dignity I don't think I can accept."

Papaver Field [Mage] 322263

"Y-yeah, that sounds rather silly…"

… I will have to read that anatomy book later.

DM 322264

or you could sneak in and out. Possibly via the balcony.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322267

I sigh defeatedly
"Stupid academy… Although… M-maybe I can just go get my telescope and set it up someplace else… On the roof maybe?"

Sidus [Rogue] 322268

"Take it as you may. Or a task. But my greatness really needs rest now."
Or I can't skip to the dawn on the next day with the others faffing around, can I?

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322270

Knowing my luck, I'd end up falling. I'm not built for climbing.
"Well, there is the training field. It's probably pretty empty around this time of night, but we'd have to remember to come back in before lights out."

DM 322271

"Then… I will be there for you."
You may skip to dawn

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sidus [Rogue] 322272

Skip there then.

Papaver Field [Mage] 322273

"Yeah! That's a good idea! And I can bring the guitar, that's gonna be fun!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322274

"I guess we can do that… O-okay then. I'll go get the telescope."
Back to the dorm, collect my stuff

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322276

"Meet you there, then."
I'll head to my dorm to get my cloak, and maybe a blanket if it's chilly.

Papaver Field [Mage] 322278

Yeah follow her and bring my Guitar Warhammer.

DM 322279

The sun is rising.
You should get to the training grounds.

Sidus [Rogue] 322280

Head there in my gear n' all

DM 322281

You are very prepared ponies

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322282

To the training fields! How's the nightsky look? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322284

I'll meet the others on the training field.

Papaver Field [Mage] 322285

To the fields, hammer across my back, humming the tune from yesterday!
Sure there must be something we can do!

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 322292

The Battlemaster is waiting there in person.
"Good morning."
You try to look up really high, but end up losing your balance and falling on >>322284
Jon who just arrived. This would all be nice and well and all if >>322285 Papaver did not have her face buried in the anatomy book, making her trip over you, further complicating the pile of teenage horses.
All three of you roll for damage.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322294

Ah jeez. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #0 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 322296

"Morning. What meager tasks do you have for my greatness?"



Roll #0 7 = 7

DM 322299

Well at least nobody got hurt. Just kinda stepped on and poked around.
"Do you think you can sit quiet for an hour?"

Sidus [Rogue] 322300

"…that's it?"


Untangle myself and scurry away

Roll #0 7 = 7


Alright pick myself up.
"Ow.. You said reading was fun, it only got me into troubles so far!"

Roll #0 10 = 10

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322303

"Are you two alright?"
I'll dust myself off.

Papaver Field [Mage] 322304

"Yeah, I was sorta buried in this book… Sorry…"

DM 322305

"No, of course not. We have a lot of time until noon.
I've been thinking about you, runt.
You are either the biggest sack of hot air I've ever seen shoved into a filly-sized little turd of a body.
OR a diamond waiting to be sharpened and polished by a knowing hoof until it becomes something worthy of notice.
Now do you think you can sit still and quiet for an hour?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322306

"Fine! Just fine!"
I'll just go ahead and set up my telescope now…

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322307

Do I notice what book it is? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 322308

Yes you do.

Papaver Field [Mage] 322309

"You are staring…"

Sidus [Rogue] 322310

I grin, ignoring his smack talk.
"Of course I can! Such an easy task is nothing for my greatness!"

Sit down.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322311

'1d10' not to blush.
"Sorry, it's just… you picked an interesting choice of book."
Then studiously go over next to Star and look up at the sky while she sets up the scope.

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 322312

"Good. Then let us sit and learn some patience."
He sits down opposite of you.


"It's Star's. I wanted to learn more about certain rules."

Set the book down and take out my hammer, trying to play a tune.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 322314

Keep smiling confidently at him without a word.

DM 322316

He mournfully shakes his head.
Roll to stay quiet for an hour.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322317

I look at the book
"Oh! Right… that one…"
I gulp and turn back to my telescope.
"Uh… anyway… let's see…"
Peer through it '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 322320

The night sky is truly something else.
It is a shame many sleep past it, never knowing its beauties.

Sidus [Rogue] 322321

I might be loud when needed, but my greatness knows when to concentrate and such an easy task should not be a problem.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322322

I grin slightly and motion Jonagold over
"Look! Look! It's pretty!"

DM 322323


Roll #1 3 = 3

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322324

I'll look into the telescope. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I'll just stand here, singing a bit, being the third wheel.

Roll #0 4 = 4

DM 322328

There is a slight puff of dust behind you as something misses your head
"Well, you were quiet for forty minutes. That's a start. You lack patience though. We will need to work on that.
How much can you lift and carry?"
Have you ever truly taken the time to appreciate this work of art?
How the infinite starts form an intricate tapestry of galactic beauty? How the myriads of shapes and colours play in the night sky, studded by the shining diamonds of starlight? Is the night not magnificent?
It would be more polite to just ask him and not keep peeking like that.


Contain the hurge to ask him.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322331

"Wow… I've never seen 'em up close like that before. It's beautiful…"
I'll turn to Star, fairly excited.
"It's really beautiful!"

Sidus [Rogue] 322332

"How much do you need me to?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322333

I grin and nod enthusiastically
"I know! We really don't appreciate it enough… That's why I always bring along my telescope!"


Looks like I can stay quiet. Look at the sky myself. No matter if I don't have a telescope.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322337

I'll nod again.
"You know, last night I decided to stay up for a while and watch the stars because you mentioned how nice they were. And, wouldn't you know it, looking up at the sky, seeing the same constellations as the ones at home, really made me feel more at ease being here. So, thank you. You and this amazing sky."

DM 322342

"If I told you to set up target dummies for striking challenges, how many rounds wound you need to set up all thirty?"
Those are pony-sized enchanted wooden dummies.
Really, why does anyone even care for Celestia and the Sun? Just look at it. These are the infinite wonders of the universe, right there before your eyes. Open to explore, interpret and understand.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322343

I blush slightly, this is too much credit
"Don't thank me… thank princess Luna… She's the one responsible for the night."

Sidus [Rogue] 322345

"Ten would be more than enough for my greatness."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322346

"Even so, you're here and I can't thank the Princess in person. So you'll just have to accept it on her behalf."


"Something… Something… Night…"
I should come up with a good song for the night sky, really.
Maybe talk about its eternal beauty, the everchanging face it wears, the far eye of the moon watching over us…
Hey Luna can you hear me sing you a song from battlefield to battlefield?

Roll #0 8 = 8

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322350

"Oh you…"

"… What's wrong Papaver?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 322353

"I was trying to call on Luna… Ask her to help me write something to describe the night…"
Lay on my back and keep looking skywards.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322355

"I'm sure you'll come up with something."
I'll lean back and look at the sky again.
…Has it gotten chilly? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322357

I watch her lying there for a moment, then take out my book of astronomy and read a little

DM 322361

"So you think you can carry three ponies all on your own at once?"
The Dreamwalker can always gear you in your sleep.
It's after dark. It is a little cold, but bearable.

Papaver Field [Mage] 322362

"Yeah, I think I've got something already!" Smile at him.
"So books are more interesting than the sky now?"
Chuckle a bit.

Sidus [Rogue] 322364

"Yeah. Whoa, you can count! You already surprised me!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322365

Bearable for me might not be the same as bearable for them.
"How are you two holding up?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322367

"… t-this is a book about the sky! And… I don't want to hog the telescope all evening! You should gaze through it some more! You see so much more stuff with it than with the naked eye!"


Papaver Field [Mage] 322368

Let's see.

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 322370

"There is a regulation that stops me from hitting students, but I'm willing to petition to have that removed if you keep pushing your luck. Lets see you pick those things up then. Hop to it."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322371

"It's getting a little cold. Just asking to see if you needed to use the blanket I brought."

Sidus [Rogue] 322373

Use my TK to get weight off of the dummies then carry them on my back.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322374

Am I cold? '1d10'
"Oh… I'm used to the cold… I used to stay up all night and just sit outside gazing at the nightsky…"

Roll #1 6 = 6

Papaver Field [Mage] 322375

"The big picture gives so many ideas more than the little window of the telescope…"
"It's okay. Tonight is not a really chilly night."

DM 322379

The miscast really hits at a bad time.
A splitting migraine lashes through your brain, and you drop all three dummies on yourself.
Roll for damage.
I think he wants to cuddle up under that blanket

Sidus [Rogue] 322381

God damnit horn

Roll #1 5 = 5

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322389

"Well… I guess…"

Spaghetti roll '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322392

5 is not an answer '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 322393

Two dummies fall on you, bruising and bludgeoning you.
…the third, which was about to hurt you the worst, stays in the air.
…how in the fuck?
The Battlemaster rushes over
"You ok?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322394

I gulp and eye Jonagold carefully
"… Is that the only blanket?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 322396

Keep looking at this exchange between Star and Jonagold slightly amused.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322397

I'll shake my head.
"It is the only blanket, but I brought my travel cloak since I thought you and miss Field could share the blanket."

Sidus [Rogue] 322398

Stand up, and try again, I won't fail!
"I'm fine."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322400

"Uh… I… uh… I think I'll be fine. T-thanks for asking."
Smile at him non-awkwardly '1d10' and get back to my book, occasionally gazing back at the nightsky

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 322402

"Good. Lemme help you with that. Being confident is good, but knowing your limits is also important. Few truly great paladins have stood alone, though scores of mediocre ones have died trying to do that."
He helps you carry and set up the dummies.
"Now, we're making good time, so how about a little break so we can chat, hm?"
That ain't no night sky you keep glancing at…
Unless that's your nickname for it.

Papaver Field [Mage] 322403

Frown and move over besides her.
"You are freezing, aren't you?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322405

I think she's feeling awkward enough for the both of us, but still, that spaghetti's contagious. '1d10'
I'll just look at the sky a little longer.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 322408

"Break? I thought I'm here to train with you and not to waste my precious time! It's the third day and hardly anything exciting happened so far! I know that I am great how I am, but I came here to get even better than myself, not to smalltalk!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322411

No! Concentrate on the book!

Am I? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322412

I nod
"J-just a little…"

DM 322413

"Still so impatient. Well, what else could I have expected… you did only just join.
Well, I'll give you a chance to impress me then. What are you particularly good at?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 322414

Change my frown to a kind smile and trot over to Jon.
"Is that offer for the blanket still valid?"

Sidus [Rogue] 322417

"Haha! I'm great at fighting with my weapons! Surprising the enemy with something new at every turn!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322418

I'll look back over.
"Sure is. Here you go."
I'll hoof over the rolled-up blanket.
"And you shouldn't be afraid to admit things, miss Hopper."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322420

I look down
"… sorry."

DM 322421

"Well, you can show those skills later, once the smith is done making your replicas.
Anything else?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 322422

"Thanks Jonag- Can I call you Jon?"
Take the blanket and spread it across Star, then, snuggle under it with her.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322424

I'll smile at her.
"You don't have to be sorry either. You'll get the hang of this friend thing soon enough."
"Sure, miss Field. I don't mind."

Sidus [Rogue] 322425

"I'm good at getting out of sticky situations."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322426

I gulp and quickly get back to reading

Papaver Field [Mage] 322427

"Call me Vera. It's how everypony calls me at home."
Smile at him.
"That holds true for you too, Star!"

DM 322428

The battlemaster's ears perk up
"So you're some sort of escape artist? What sort of background do you come from?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322429

"Sure thing, miss- Vera."
I'll smile, and then turn back to the sky.
It really is a lovely night.

Sidus [Rogue] 322430

"I come from a family of mercenaries. After my greatness was brought to this world, they calmed down though, and decided that I was more important. Didn't stop them from teaching me a few tricks of their trade. I learned figthing with kamas and getting out of trouble from my mother, and learned how to fight with bigger weapons and where to attack to make it count from my father."


And then they all enjoyed the night.
Roll to snuggle a bit closer to Star.

Roll #0 3 = 3

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322433

I just nod absentmindedly

DM 322434

"Well well. Then you probably did not bother with the combat courses here?"

Sidus [Rogue] 322441

I grin.
"Unless you can teach me with more weapons than I already know. Or can name a weapon I can't use yet."

DM 322445

"Well for one you look a little feeble for a heavy impact weapon like a warhammer. Beyond that, concealed weaponry that bases its effectiveness on precise surprise strikes does not seem to suit you. Not to mention long range weapons such as longbows."

Papaver Field [Mage] 322457

So…. We still doing nothing or can skip to tomorrow?

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322460

I'm good with that, yeah

Papaver Field [Mage] 322463

Or at least snuggle closer.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322465

I too am fine with forwarding to the morning, and breakfast.

And do I notice >>322463 '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 322467


Sidus [Rogue] 322468

"I don't need a warhammer's heavy impact when I can do the same with a glaive, and I know it is about armor shattering, but that's why I know how to strike where it hurts."
I chuckle.
"I wouldn't use concealed weapons, you are right. I want my foes to know what I defeated them with. As for the last one, they require some form of ammuiniton. A medium range weapon like a Kusarigama on the other hand, doesn't, because I can just yank the chain back after an attack, moreso, I can disarm enemies with the chain, or even pull them closer in range to finish the job with the kamas itself!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322469

Am I too naive to notice? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322470

… she sure likes getting close…

Papaver Field [Mage] 322472

But it was done in a totally innocent way of a little horse not knowing what's wrong and what's right!

Papaver Field [Mage] 322482

Also, try to move away as I notice her getting uncomfortable.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322485

"Uh… it's fine! I mean… we're friends right?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 322488

"Y-yeah! Totally! I mean, it was just cold, you know?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322490

"Did you need the cloak, too? I'm fine without it, but if you two need it…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 322491

"No, serious, this is already too much… You should not have bothered, Jon. You are too kind."
Give him a large smile.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322492

"It is a little chilly, yeah…"

"But… wont you get cold then?"
I pause
"Maybe we should just go back inside…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322495

I'll shrug.
"I find it never hurts to be prepared for things."
I'll tap my left rear horseshoe.
"And a little luck never hurts."
"Nah, I'm fine miss Hopper. Big lug like me can take some cold."

Papaver Field [Mage] 322502

"Well.. They'll put out the lights soon… Maybe we should."
"Eheh. Right. Be prepared. I should write something about it…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322506

I get up and start packing up my stuff
"I wonder what tomorrow will bring…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322508

I'll start tidying up the blanket and my cloak.
"Breakfast, and maybe a more humble Sidus? Who can say."

Papaver Field [Mage] 322512

"Pff right."
Roll my eyes at him.
"I think I'll still have that duel with him.
Not because he taunts me, but because… I want to show I can do it!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322513

"Just don't get hurt please… And don't hurt him too much either…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322514

"Well, just be careful. He may not look too impressive, but he does know how to fight. At least, he knows better than I do. I had a run-in with him the first day, him being my roommate and all, so we thought we'd settle it on the field."
I'll frown.
"Long story short, I figured out I had a long way to go before I'm anywhere near I need to be."

Papaver Field [Mage] 322515

"Right. I doubt I will win anyway. Have you seen how confused I was today about something as stupid as a weapon?"
"He'll destroy me…" Sigh.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322518

I'll chuckle.
"I never said that. Heck, despite my size, you could probably show me a thing or two about how to use a weapon. I'm pretty much self-taught, so there are a lot of flaws in my form."


"Hey don't be like that…"
I try to give her a non-awkward hug
"I'm sure you're really strong… and stuff."

Roll #0 4 = 4

Papaver Field [Mage] 322524

"I thought I knew how to use a weapon before today… But when I tried to show the instructor how I held my warhammer I clumsily dropped it!"
Bite my lower lip.


Try to find comfort in the hug despite the awkwardness.

Roll #0 10 - 2 = 8

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322527

"You were probably just nervous. I mean, the Battlemaster's a big fella. I'll be surprised if Sidus isn't at least a little scared of him after tomorrow."

Papaver Field [Mage] 322536

"That was the best hug ever…"
As warm and fuzzy on the outside as I am on the inside.
"And what if he is not and turns out he's not such a big hack as we thought?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322539

"Then just means he's a goal post to reach. A landmark to pass. You beat him, and bam! You've already improved."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322540

I smile, happy I managed to comfort a friend

Papaver Field [Mage] 322569

"Eheh, maybe we could even start a little rivalry! I beat him, he beats me, I beat him and so on. But mostly I beat him!"
"Really. You are a special friend, Star."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322576

"That might do him some good, actually."
I'll smile a bit to myself. Tomorrow should be an interesting day.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322583

I bite my lower lip and try not to squee in delight '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Too bad I heard it.

Roll #0 3 = 3

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322588

I guess we'll have split up, then. After bidding them good night, I'll head up to the room and sleep until the morning.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322592

Could be better. Not that great of a hug, let's see if we can improve '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I say we take 10 in the name of friendship.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Papaver Field [Mage] 322595

Or yeah, 8 works too.
"We should really sleep now…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322599

"… yeah. Good night Papa-… Vera."
Crawl into bed. Rolling for good dreams '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 322609

Looks like you get the Night Mare.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 322611

Good nightmares

Papaver Field [Mage] 322720

And that was me critfailing at dreams.

DM 323870

Morning of the third day.
You have free time as a reward until midday, when you must report to the training field

Roll for horrible things

Sidus [Rogue] 323873

I am so great I am already living the future!


Not to horrible things?

Roll #0 5 = 5


I'll just spend all that time reading my books like a reclusive nerd, nervous for what is to come.

Roll #0 3 = 3

DM 323876

"A chain can also get tied up on an unwanted object, grabbed or used to trip or pull you. It is a liability."
Relatively horrible things.
You are really really tired from the horrible dreams and need some safety in numbers.
What good is reading going to do on the morning of a physical test?

Star Hopper [Cleric] 323879

It will keep my mind off things okay!?

J-just read and enjoy while I can…

Sidus [Rogue] 323881

"Not if I control it! And if I get pulled I can always just shift into a surprise attack using the momentum of their very pull!"


Roll around my bed and look at my roommates. Safety in numbers, good idea.

"Morning Star…"

Roll to get comfy in my bed and let the warmth wash away the horrible things from my mind.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Star Hopper [Cleric] 323893

"Uh… hi. … Did you sleep well?"

DM 323895

Suit yourself.
"Provided you don't just get pulled into the mud or roped with your own chain.
Not that I disapprove of your choice of arms. I am simply pointing out possible flaws you need to be aware of."

Papaver Field [Mage] 323897

Shiver slightly at the question.
"Not too well… Must be the new air and all…"
Snuggle even deeper into the sheets.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 323898

Up and at 'em. I'm assuming Sidus is long gone by now, so I'll toss on my uniform and hit the dining hall for breakfast.

Sidus [Rogue] 323899

"Pff, please, I'm far too great for something like that to happen!"

DM 323902

Seems like most ponies have already eaten. The long sleep did you good.
Roll for breakfast quality.
"No. No you are not."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 323903

"Oh… Sorry to hear that."
Unsure what to do or say, I get back to reading

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 323904


Roll #1 4 = 4

Sidus [Rogue] 323908

"Are you doubting my greatness?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 323911

Look slightly beat down and keep rolling under the sheets.
"Hey… how long till noon?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 323913

Wait! Breakfast!
"… I'm hungry again. I think uh… I think it's time for breakfast."
I hop off of bed and make myself presentable in the bathroom.

"… My belly says soon."

DM 323917

They were out of pancakes…
"No. I am outright saying there is very little great about you in your current state."


Roll my eyes and crawl out of the covers. How much rugged do I look?

Roll #0 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 323923

"In my current state? What does that supposed to mean?!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 323924

Ah well. Let's get a good amount of what's left, '1d10' and find a seat.

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 323931

You are a very pony looking horse.
"Undisciplined, impatient, under-trained, lacking in better judgement, childish and incapable of taking orders."
Well at least the rest looks nourishing and delicious.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 323932

Alright, time to rush down for breakfast!

As usual, grab all I can! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 323933

Well, I've got until noon, so I'll take my time eating it. Don't suppose Star or her friends are here? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sidus [Rogue] 323934

"Only I can order my greatness around, that's why!"


Gotta do something to kill time until noon then. Let's go eat a light breakfast.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 323936

"You know Star, eating that much can't exactly be healty…"

DM 323938

They just brought in fresh pancakes too!
They just arrived.
"Those who march alone, die alone. I would rather see you reach a point in life where you are great outside your own sheltered delusions. So take that to heart. Understand this. You. Are not. Great. Chances are you aren't even special. But you can be. If you just learn how.
And you will never learn if you don't relinquish that mindset."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 323939

I'll give them a wave, and continue eating.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 323940

"But… But… it tastes so good!"
I give her a hurt look

Dig in!

Papaver Field [Mage] 323944

"I guess you'll burn it down during physical.."
Would you look at that. Take a few pancakes and join Jonagold.

Sidus [Rogue] 323946

"I came here to be better than myself, didn't I? For fame and glory! You are wrong, I AM great, I just want to be even greater! That drives me!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 323953

Oh… go after her!
"… I'm not looking forward to that at all…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 323954

"Good morning. You two sleep well?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 323955

"You should look at it like a new adventure! A test!"
Flash a grin at her.
"Meh. Could have done better. But the sheets were comfy~"

DM 323956

He sighs
"Unless you learn to control yourself and understand the benefits of strength in numbers, you will never survive.
But if you do, you will, one day, be worthy of being called great. Possibly even worthy of being called a leader.
Until then, you are just another errant hothead hurrying along to an all too early grave."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 323957

I nod, smiling a little
"I had the sweetest dreams…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 323967

I'll nod.
"That's good. You two ready for classes this afternoon? I've still got to run by the smith to pick up my sword."

Papaver Field [Mage] 323970

"Hey you didn't tell me…"
Look curiously at her.
"Can't wait!"

Sidus [Rogue] 323972

"Hmm… Are you saying that I can be great alone, but even greater with the help of others?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 323973

"Uh… you didn't ask so…"

"… not really."

Papaver Field [Mage] 323976

Giggle up.
"Right. I wanna know about it now!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 323979

I'll nod again.
"Don't worry too much about it, miss Hopper. It's not like they're going to throw us to the wolves on the first day, right?"

DM 323980

"More or less.
Though if the past is any indicator, you will more likely wind up dead than great alone."

Papaver Field [Mage] 323982

"Wolves? LET'EM COME!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 323986

"… They weren't that interesting. And you didn't tell me yours so…"

"W-what? No! Don't let them come! Leave them where they came from!"

Sidus [Rogue] 323988

"Your lack of faith in my greatness disturbs me!"


"But mine were bad… Wanna know then?"

Hey, can I remember what my bad dreams were about?

Roll #0 5 = 5

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 323994

I'll chuckle a little at this.
"Wonder if they're going to split the class into stallions and mares, though. It'd be nice if we were in the same group, but I guess I can understand if they'd want to keep it separate."

DM 323997

"After hearing the same boasting time and time again, I have grown a little jaded. I would prefer you don't end up like they did."

Sidus [Rogue] 323999

"I am sure they had nothing on me. At least I can back up my boasting!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324000

"Would be a shame. I'm looking forward to a fight at your side!"
"Don't worry, I will help you fight them!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324003

"I wouldn't understand… It's just silly…"

"Still… I wouldn't know what to do…"

DM 324007

"So could they for a while. Then they went too far, and never came back.
Well, one did. He lives a quiet life now as a shop assistant. He has not walked in six years."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324008

"You brace your sword and strike when I tell you!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324009

"Well, when you put a bunch of stallions near a lot of cute mares like yourselves, they tend to want to show off, especially if they think they can impress them. It's just how we work, I guess."

'1d10' to realize what I just said.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Papaver Field [Mage] 324011

"I don't need no stallion to impress me!"
Give him a crossed expression.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324012

"Never said you did, Vera, just that's what they do. Never fails."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324013

"Not like I'll have much choice in the matter."

I gulp
"Show off to me? … usually they just laugh at me or tease me, but if you say so…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324015

"Why would they laugh? You're nice, and cute. And a healthy appetite never hurt anyone."

Sidus [Rogue] 324016

I chuckle.
"You're not going to scare me."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324018

"That's silly. What do they hope to accomplish anyway?"
"You really don't like fighting, uh?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324019

"… I'm not really a… uh… pony person. So yeah…"

"I don't know, I never really… fought. And I'm not exactly well-fitted for it either…"

DM 324020

"Scare you? Lad, if scaring your kind worked I would yell at you a lot more.
Go talk to him some day if you want. I'm sure he'd make for a nice conversation partner. He lives down by the bakery.
Now go drink some water and stretch before noon so you'll be ready for the tests."

Sidus [Rogue] 324021

"That was it? Over already? No action? Anything?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324022

"Well, from what I've seen, it's mostly colts trying to impress a filly they like, hoping that she'd like them back."
"You seem to be doin' alright so far, miss Hopper. I mean, you've already got me and your two gal pals already."

DM 324024

"I have no intention of handicapping you for the coming test. Even if you are a short-sighted dumbass, you deserve to be gauged at your optimal level.
One last thing though.
…Was the chair trick worth it, in the end?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324025

Look a bit down.
"Meh, doesn't affect me. I have no time for colts anyway, I have to train if I want my name to be sung in a thousand a bard's tales!"
My smirk grows with each word.

Sidus [Rogue] 324027

"No. We couldn't fix the spotlights on it in time."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324029

"That's true… You ponies really are nice to me."
I smile slightly

"… what's wrong?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324031

"Nothing, really."
Pass her half my pancakes.
"I'm done eating, want them?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324033

"Do I!?"
Eat all the pancakes!

DM 324034

"I only have one more thing to say to you then."
He gets up and looks down at you
"Fix your attitude before the end of the year, or you will never be allowed to be come a paladin. We are better than petty glory hogs or pompous self-gratifying fools.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324036

I'll smile a bit at this.
"That's a good goal, but surprises happen. Who knows when romance can fill the air."
I'll finish up my breakfast.
"I'll see you two later, I've got a sword to pick up."
Then I'll head out to my room to suit up.

Papaver Field [Mage] 324039

Wave at him as he goes.


Star Hopper [Cleric] 324041

Join her

Sidus [Rogue] 324042

Good thing I'm neither of those!

Head back to the dorm!

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324044

While I'm walking, do I realize that I may have just unintentionally been hitting on both of them? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324046

Oh yeah. I do.
oh boy. Checking spaghetti deployment. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 324059

Next time on DM needs more sleep



"And that's why I picked up this longsword. It just sort of called to me…"
Keep moving towards the training grounds and try to find that unicorn so full of himself…

Roll #0 3 = 3

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324184

"Huh. Sword's a good weapon. Has a nice balance, and you can recover a lot faster than swinging your hammer."

Sidus [Rogue] 324185


I point at the approaching mare.
"Hah! Came to be defeated by my greatness?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324186

"I don't know… seems really heavy and a-"

"Oh no…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324187

"I see the Battlemaster didn't put much fear in you, Sidus."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324188

"Pff, like I would lose to a wimpy unicorn like you!"
Flash him a confident grin.
"Don't worry Star, I'll be fine!"
"Yeah, stupid family traditions, right?"
Give an awkward laugh.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324189

"Hey, whatever works. I'm sure your family will understand."

Sidus [Rogue] 324190

"Not at all! It wasn't even a bit bad!"

"There's no wimpy unicorn here, only my greatness!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324193

"Keep talking."
Take out my greatsword.
"Only thing you are good at."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324194

"So, how were you two planning on doing this? First to a certain number of points? Last one standing?"

Sidus [Rogue] 324196

"Hmm, so do we get to use our own weapons? I don't want to hurt you too much…"
I chuckle.
"Oh wait, yeah I do. After how you ambushed me like a coward yesterday!"

"It will be over in a heartbeat anyway, why need rules?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324197

"First to three. We have a checkup soon, I don't want to have to carry him over there because I've beaten him too much!"

Sidus [Rogue] 324200

"Really? Or are you just too chicken for the challenge?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324202

"Oh shut up! I tripped yesterday!"
Spaghettiroll remembering where I ended up.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324203

I just look around uncomfortably. I don't like all this conflict…

Papaver Field [Mage] 324204

No dishes to wash here.
"Keep talking, I don't see you acting. Step onto the field, c'mon!"

Sidus [Rogue] 324205

"You didn't answer. Last pony standing? And can I use my own weapons or are you afraid of them? They are sharp. Probably sharper than you are."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324208

"It'll be over fairly quick, one way or the other."
Leading them to the field where Sidus and I had our altercation the first day, I'll set up the ground rules.
"First to three contacts. If you are hit, you are to recognize you have been hit. There will be fair play, and no dirty actions. I'll give the signal for you to begin. Weapons will be from the armory, since we don't want any lingering injuries."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324209

"I'm not a weapon, silly."
Then, shrug.
"Best of three. We better take wooden weapons thou. If the instructors catch wind of this we might have problems."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324210

"I hope I wont need to heal anypony…"

Sidus [Rogue] 324214

"Bah. I can't wait for that smith to finish my replicas. In the meantime, let's see if this armory has something fitting for my greatness."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324217

"Found anything yet?"
Tap my hoof on the fence of the training grounds while I wait for him.

Sidus [Rogue] 324220

I suppose the armory has the basics, so I'll grab dual tantos.

"This should do. Against you, anyway."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324221

"So are you both ready?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324222

"Yap yap yap. All I hear is a old dog barking."
Step to the middle of the arena.

Give a confident smile as I embrace my newfound Greatsword.

Sidus [Rogue] 324223


"Let's get this over with."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324224

"Alright, then…"
I'll raise a hoof, and then bring it down in a chopping motion.


Stand tall on my hindlegs, raise the weapon straight in front of me and with a determinated look on my face charge at Sidus!

Roll #0 6 = 6

Sidus [Rogue] 324226

Make a fast lunge and jab with the right weapon.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Papaver Field [Mage] 324227

Drop my weapon and stop dead.
"HEY! What the hell was that? Why did you hit me in the back?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324228

"First point to Sidus!"

Sidus [Rogue] 324230

Start circling her, weapon ready.
"What, is it off limits? I could hit you in your chest too if you want me to!"

Let out a laugh.

Papaver Field [Mage] 324231

"No you shut up!"
Turn to Sidus.
"That hurts like hell! Why did you hit me in the back?"
"Hell yes it's off limits! That's a damn cheap shot if I ever saw one!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324233

I'll shrug.

Sidus [Rogue] 324234

"Aww, are you going to cry now?"

Keep circling.


"You are gonna regret this…"
Charge at him with all my might and go for a power attack!

Roll #0 3 = 3

Sidus [Rogue] 324236

Wait for her to get close then jab with both tantos from both sides at the same time.

Sidus [Rogue] 324237


Roll #1 8, 2 = 10

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324239

I'll wince a little at the exchange. That had to sting.
"Second point, Sidus."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324240

Basically what this does is, you hit me once thanks to the 8, and I hit you once too thanks to your 2.
It's 3 to 1 for Sidus.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324242

I'm counting the double attack as one attack. And wouldn't it only be 2:1 in that case, since your 3 beats his two, and nullifies it?

Papaver Field [Mage] 324243

Drop my weapon on the ground.
Panthing, sit on my flank.
"Fine, you win."

Sidus [Rogue] 324244

Let out a victorious laugh.
"Was there ever any doubt?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324245

"There is such a thing as humility in victory, Sidus."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324246

That's not the rule for dual weapons thou.
Also, the 2 points come from the crit with Backstab, since it crits on 9.

"With your cheap attacks to the back? No, little doubt.
But don't believe yourself anything more than a street urchin, you scum."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324247

"Are you… alright?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324248

Look away.
"I will be."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324249

Ah, but I said three "contacts", not "hits."
I'll head over to Papaver.
"You need a hoof up?"

Sidus [Rogue] 324251

"She asked for it, really!"

"So? Is it still just all bark?"
Grin at her.

Papaver Field [Mage] 324252

It was more an occasion to test pvp rules anyway.
Slap his hoof away and get up.
"No. Thanks."
Then, go take the weapon back.
"What, want to show off you snake moves once more, little vermin?"
Look at him with swollen eyes.

Sidus [Rogue] 324256

"Hah! You leave an area wide open for a hit and you expect me not to hit it? What, you think your foes will chivalrously bow and remind you to watch your back? If you were as great as me, you would know you always have to watch out for yourself in combat!"


Power Attack.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Papaver Field [Mage] 324259

"Here. You should have expected that."

Sidus [Rogue] 324261

Can I dodge that?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324262

I'll look a bit sad at this.
And I'll wince at that.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324264

I wince and jump away

Sidus [Rogue] 324268

I growl at first, then start smile and laugh.
"Haha, you are really pathetic, aren't you? First yesterday, now this. First you are afraid to face me head on, then use a cheap shot like that after I beat you. I feel sad for you, really."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324269

Spit on him, for good form.
"This is how warriors fight."
Also, that's a doublecrit. 3 hits. You are down to 1 left.
"I can't take seriously words coming from the mouth of a vermin who is too afraid to hold his weapons in front of his opponent."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324271

"Sidus, that's enough. Know when to stop."

"Miss Hopper, could you take Vera? I get the feeling if we leave these two together, one of them's ending up in the infirmary."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324272

"And Vera… you've got a nasty temper."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324274

I nod sheepishly and tug at Papavers leg
"Come… L-let's go do something else…"

Sidus [Rogue] 324275

Keep smiling, even after she spits on me.
"You're one to talk, aren't you? Don't worry though. I'm sure that one day you'll actually learn how to fight. Judging from today, it will take a few years. Against targets that don't move."

"I have a hunch who."
Chuckle again.

Papaver Field [Mage] 324276

Snarl at him.
"He deserved it."
Spit him once more.
"Yeah. Let's."
Turn around and get away from that heap of pony rubbish.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sidus [Rogue] 324277

Wipe it away with a hoof.
"I'm sure one day you'll be able to act like a proper pony too and not some beggar from the streets!"

Laugh again.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324278

I'll give Sidus a left hook. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sidus [Rogue] 324279

Dodge that.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Sidus [Rogue] 324280

"Whoa now, don't make me beat you again too."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324282

"Just because you're a bit better at fighting doesn't mean you can look down on everyone else, Sidus. One day you'll pick a fight with the wrong pony, and they won't have any problems with doing things unfairly."
I'll sigh a bit.
"To be honest, I'm disappointed in you. A great pony is one who's humble in victory, and in defeat looking to learn. You're just being a bully."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324284

"… I feel bad for him… I think… I think he's unhappy. Frustrated even maybe…"

Sidus [Rogue] 324286

"Oh? Am I the bad guy now for winning a challenge and being glad for it? And I could have mopped up the entire school's floor with her after what she did once the fight was over, but didn't. Because I was the better pony."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324289

"Did we see the same pony?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324291

I'll shake my head.
"No, you're the bad guy because you're not considering the other angle. She wouldn't have done that if you had been a bit more gracious. But no. You had to rub it in, because the Great and Powerful Sidus always has to make a point."
I'll sigh again.
"You keep this up, and you'll never make any friends here. It's a wonder miss Heart even bothers with you, if you treat her like you do Papaver."

Sidus [Rogue] 324294

"I told them in advance I will be victorious. She knew it was coming, yet she acted surprised! Am I to blame for that?"

I flash a grin.
"And Burning Heart is the only one who can really see my greatness, why would she ever leave?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324295

I gulp
"Well yes but… i-it could all just be an act to cover his insecurity. I remember back in cleric school… we were taught compassion. T-that sometimes a frightened or frustrated being acts aggressive as a matter of self-defense…"
I look away ashamedly
"I know what it's like to be ignored… so maybe he just wants to make himself heard to make up for it… M-maybe that's why he's so attached to his weapon too… compensation and all that stuff…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324297

"He fights like a scared zebra. Hitting in the back, no eyes to match his opponent."
March with my head low and jaw shut tight in frustration.
"I hate this because it might be true."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324299

I'll just frown.
"Then you be sure to treat her right, then. It would be a shame if she came to find out her great Sidus was just some puffed-up popinjay on a power trip."

Sidus [Rogue] 324300

"She does pretty well as my number one fan…"
Then I chuckle.
"And don't worry, she knows I am great and nothing like what you just said."

Get levitate the weapons back to the armory with my TK while talking.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324301

"I believe it's true at least… M-makes sense to me at least…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324302

"Yeah well I'm not going back to him. Not before he's said he's sorry and accepts a rematch."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324305

I stay quiet for a while before speaking up again
"M-maybe I try to could talk to him? I don't like seeing you so upset…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324307

I'll just shrug.
"Knowin' something doesn't make it true."

"Anyway, you should probably head to the infirmary to get looked at before the noon exercises start. You talk a good game, but Papaver really messed you up with that last hit."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324315

Raise my head and look concerned at her.
"I think he's just going to push you around with more of his boastful talk.
You don't have to do this for me, I will be fine. Really."

Sidus [Rogue] 324316

I wave my hoof around.
"Bah, don't be silly. That blow was barely anything for my greatness. Didn't even feel it, really."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324319

I'll cock an eyebrow.
"Are you seriously going to try and live on nothing but bravado while you're here? Hell, even I almost hit you a bit ago, and I'm about as unskilled as they come. You should get looked at."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324320

"Well… I could try right? I-I feel like I have to… I mean… you gave me a chance. So I should give him one too…"

Sidus [Rogue] 324327

"I told you, I am fine! I'm not going to run to the doc for something like this."
I chuckle.
"You should start to trust me more. We are roommates, after all."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324329

Sigh, stop, and give her a weak smile as I sit on the floor.
"You are a wonderful pony, Star."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324331

I'll just sigh again.
"And because we're roommates, I've got to try and keep you out of trouble. Especially after last night's fiasco."
Putting my hoof to my face, I'll continue.
"How did you even plan on getting down from there, anyway?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324333

"Ah… I'm really not nearly as courageous as you are… I just… I want to help him somehow. I don't want ponies to fight…"

Sidus [Rogue] 324334

"Jumping down? You do know you can jump from heights safely if you land in a roll, right?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324336

Stand back up and move again.
"That was horribly wrong…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324337

"And the chair? Were you just going to leave it up there?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324339

I give her a confused look

Sidus [Rogue] 324340

My smile falters momentarly.
Nope, there it is again, and I tap my horn.
"Just untie it with magic and float it down!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324342

"The fight. I got upset after he hit my back and couldn't focus. And then hit him because he was taunting me.
Damnit. My parents would disown me for something like that."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324345

"R-really? That's… that's awful! Why?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324346

I'll just shake my head.
"Why'd you want to be a paladin, instead of an actor, anyway? What with your flair for the theatrical."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324348

"Because we value honor before anything, that's why."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324351

"B-but… isn't accepting and forgiving mistakes part of being honorable? I mean… I-I think my mom was disappointed with the way I turned out to be but… she just accepted it and made the best of it… N-now she's proud of me going to the paladin academy… So is dad."

Sidus [Rogue] 324352

"Hah, actor, don't make me laugh! To pretend that I am somepony else? Why would I ever want to even just pretend to be somepony else when I am already me? And I came here to be even better than myself!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324353

"Well, if you want to be greater than yourself, you should try and make nice with other ponies. That seems to be something the current you has some trouble with. You could start by maybe trying to patch things up with Papaver."
After a moment's thought, I'll continue.
"You should probably apologize. Even if you've done nothing wrong, apologizing usually helps patch bridges."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324354

"Not the way I've been told.
Only way to fight is with the power of your body, always faceing your enemy, looking straight at them.
Hitting somepony on the back is the lowest kind of insult you could do them."

Sidus [Rogue] 324356

I stop for a moment.
"The Battlemaster did say I can be great alone but greater with other ponies… and since I am such a great personality, I will apologize for her."
I smirk.
"But she has to admit that I bested her in a fight and she was overreacting first."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324357

I droop my ears slightly
"Oh… I-I'm not really familiar with all that combat stuff…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324359

"That might be a bit of a stretch, but she might go with it. Just don't be surprised if she challenges you again. She's got a lot of family pride to live up to."

Sidus [Rogue] 324361

I chuckle.
"I will gladly fight her again. Especially if I get my replicas."


Wave a hoof at her.
"Don't worry. I'm sure you will do great once it comes to it."
Give her a smile, then drop my head and look at the ground.
"I brought shame to my family today…"
Roll to keep it together.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I try to give her a comforting, non-awkward hug again
"Oh no… don't be that way. E-everypony makes mistakes sometimes… T-there's always next time right?"

Roll #0 6 = 6

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324364

"That's good to hear. Now, we should probably set about finding those two before classes start…"



Roll #0 1 = 1


Crap I'm broken.
Cry on her shoulder and try to calm down.

Roll #0 2 = 2

Sidus [Rogue] 324367

I nod.
"You seem to be on good terms with them. I saw you hang out with those mares in the cafeteria earlier."


"H-hey… D-don't worry… Uh… M-maybe we could go eat something? That usually calms me down…"

Roll #0 9 = 9

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324371

"I think we're friends, and they seem to think so as well. So I guess we're friends? They''re nice ponies. Papaver's actually a lot friendlier than you'd think. And that thing in the cafeteria the other was just an accident. There's something about those floors… I ended up face first in the porridge bowl yesterday at breakfast.
"Miss Hopper's really nice as well. Shy, and a little awkward, but she's got a good heart."


Oh look that hug actually feels nice.
Let's try to calm down once more.
+2 because friendship is magic.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11

Papaver Field [Mage] 324374

What do you know, it really is!
Raise my head from her shoulder and look over her now wet mane.
"I- I did such a mess…"
Bite my lower lip.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324377

"B-but it's okay! You just… you just try harder next time! Now you've got something to work for… right?"

Sidus [Rogue] 324379

I keep nodding.
"Hmm… yes, yes you three might make for good fans."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324380

Nod vigorously.
"I won't let him best me, even if he uses cheap tricks!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324381

I'll just roll my eyes.
"No, we're not trying to make fans. We're trying to make friends. Friends. Your miss Heart could join as well, you know."

Sidus [Rogue] 324384

"We'll find her later then. And if you want to call yourselves my friends instead of fans, you are welcome to do so!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324391

"Well, it's gonna take a bit more than just that to win over Papaver. Still, there's one thing you've got to remember about friends: you don't have to put on airs around them."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324392

I let out a sigh of relief
"Okay then… now what?"

Sidus [Rogue] 324393

I raise an eyebrow.
"What, you think I am just jesting?"


Wipe out the last tears.
"You mean after disgracing myself like that and losing to a bufoon?"
Try to give an encouraging smile.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324395

I'll think for a minute.
"No, I suppose not. Still, you don't have to brag around us. We already know."

Sidus [Rogue] 324397

"Hah, it would be foolish not to, I have proven my greatness to you twice now."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324398

"H-hey… stop that. I really don't like seeing you upset… It hurts me as well…"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324401

"Yeah, yeah. Let's just focus on finding the girls."

Roll #1 10 = 10


Boop her on the nose.
"I'm not upset silly. You took that away."
Giggle a bit.
"I think we should clean up after this…"
Look at my bruises and Star's messed up mane.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Can I Heal those bruises?
"But still… don't beat yourself up like that…"

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


Nod at her.
"We should go back in our room. I messed you up big time."
Do I notice him?

Roll #0 10 = 10

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324413

"This way, I think…"
After wandering a bit, there they are.
"Hey, you two."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324418

Looks like i can see him.
"Ah. You two."

Sidus [Rogue] 324421

"You sound dissapointed."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324423

I'll motion Sidus forward.
"I believe you two should talk."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324427

Looks like I fixed the worst of it

I look surprised, but keep quiet and try to Heal Sidus as well '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Papaver Field [Mage] 324428

"A bit."

Sidus [Rogue] 324429

I smile at her.
"I'm here to accept your apology."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324430

"No, Sidus, backwards."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324431

Give him a flat stare, say nothing, then look at Jonagold with the same expression.

Sidus [Rogue] 324433

"I told you. I will apologize to her about exploiting a weakness in her defenses during a duel if she apologizes of how she acted afterwards."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324434

Turn to leave.

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324435

I'll sigh.
"The thing is, you've got to say those sorts of things, not just ask the other party to apologize first. And you're apologizing for more than just the back attack, Sidus. Remember what you did to make her angry?"

Sidus [Rogue] 324436

"Being glad for victory?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324438

"Papaver, wait, please. Just… hear him out. Give him one chance."
I'll glare at him.
"You are apologizing for gloating, and being a sore winner."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324439

Tug at her leg again

Papaver Field [Mage] 324441

Turn again, move close to Star and sit on the floor.
"Okay. I'm listening."

Sidus [Rogue] 324444

"I wasn't sore, I was pretty happy, actually."

I sigh.
"Okay, I'm sorry that I rubbed in that I was the better fighter."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324446

I'll drop my face into my hooves.
"That's… ugh."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324447

"Jon, do I have to keep up with this?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324450

"I'm sorry. I thought he was going to take this seriously."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324454

"Well since we are here."
Turn to Sidus.
"I'm sorry I attacked you while your guard was down."

Sidus [Rogue] 324456

"I am taking it seriously! I just honestly apologized!"

I smile at her again.
"Apology accepted."
Extend a hoof towards her.
"Don't worry, I hold no hard feelings for it."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324458

I look at the two of them apprehensively, keeping quiet

Papaver Field [Mage] 324459

"I knew you would not, since that seems to be how you fight. Honorlessly."

Sidus [Rogue] 324460

I keep grinning.
"I don't blame you for being upset for losing against me. Couldn't really."

Turn to Jona.
"Is this your concept of 'nice', by the way?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324463

"It's… not quite nice, but it is civil."
I'll clear my throat.
"But the afternoon classes are starting soon, and I'm sure miss Hopper and Vera would like to get their gear before classes start, right?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324466

I nod
"Y-yes. And uh… you can just call me Star by the way…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324467

Turn around, not give them a second thought.
"Star, I'm going back to my room. You coming?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324472

"Right. See you during classes later."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324473

I nod and quickly scurry after Papaver

Sidus [Rogue] 324474

After they leave, turn to Jona.
"That went well."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324476

And back to our room we are.
"I hate that jerk. I swear I would be happy if I never saw him again!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324477

"Not as well as hoped, but at least she didn't hit you, right? That's a step in the right direction."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324478

I droop my ears
"I'm sorry…"

Nock [Tracker] 324479

Perk up as they come in.

"Hey! I missed you two yesterday! How was your introduction ceremony? The Inquisitor ceremony… don't even get me started."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324480

"Whatever, if you want to hang around with him that's not my call."
Jump onto bed and curl up in a ball.

Nock [Tracker] 324481

Scrunch as I get a better look.

"What happened? You didn't have another scene at the mess hall, did you?"

Sidus [Rogue] 324483

"That was sarcasm. She seems like a bitch. I mean, I truly apologized and said I hold no grudge and she starts to insult me?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324484

I look at her sadly, then hop onto my own bed and get back to reading

Papaver Field [Mage] 324485

Bury my head in the pillow.
"If ith fhthat gherk fhauwt!"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324486

"You worded it like it was her fault, though. If there's one thing I learned from my pa, it's you never, ever make it sound like you're accusing a mare of being wrong. Especially while apologizing. 'Course, it could just be that my ma has a temper bad enough for three Papavers…"

Nock [Tracker] 324488

Come over to her side.

"Hey, come on, this isn't fair. Fill me in or I can't help. I don't see you two for a whole day and a half and now I'm a stranger?"


Roll over and take my head out of the pillow.
Rolling to see how angry I am.
"It's that JERK!"

Roll #0 3 = 3

Sidus [Rogue] 324493

"Seriously now, I smiled at her, offered a hoof, and then she started flinging mud at me, and you are still saying it's my fault. I think you might be biased."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324497

"Possibly. She is prettier than you."
Grinning a little, I'll continue.
"But she only acted that way because of how you entered the conversation. Think back how it started. What was the first thing you said to her?"

Nock [Tracker] 324499

She seems more sad than angry. I'll hop up on the bed next to her.

"What happened? You didn't have that duel, did you? Papaver…"

Sidus [Rogue] 324503

I stop and shake my head.
"You are crushing on her, aren't you? That's why you hang around them so much and why you defend her so relentlessly!"


I'm fuming.
"First he hits me in the back while we spar, then he comes back and starts giving me crap like 'I'm sorry I am better than you, and you should totally apologize for hitting me fair and square with that big attack on my face even a toddler could have avoided!' while he hit me. in the. back!
During a duel!"

Roll #0 10 = 10

Nock [Tracker] 324507

Put a hoof over her shoulder. "I'm so sorry, Papaver. I told you nothing good can come of associating with his kind. If he had lost, I'm sure he would have made up some excuse. There's just no reasoning with that sort. They'll do anything to win, especially resort to cheap shots."


"Yeah… But then Jon too… I thought he was my friend, instead he just came to us and brought that obnoxius jerk back only so he could insult me…"
Move closer to Nock.
"I don't want to hate them…"

Roll #0 3 = 3

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324515

"What? No! No, that's not it at all."
'1d10' blush
"And you're avoiding the question."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Nock [Tracker] 324518

Draw her in close. She needs the comfort.

"Then don't. He wants you to hate him. He wants to see you angry and upset, because that makes him feel like he's won. The most devastating thing you can do to someone like him is ignore him. Think about all those cries for attention he's made."

Sidus [Rogue] 324520

"Yeah sure. And I said I'm here to accept her apology. I wasn't the one to spit the other in the face, was I?"


Snuggle closer and roll to enjoy it.
"… Okay….
How was your ceremony?"

Roll #0 6 = 6

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324523

I just glance over to them sadly

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324527

"Sometimes, you have to tell ponies what they want to hear, Sidus. Saying you're sorry first would have made her act a bit nicer, and she probably would have apologized for spitting on you. Maybe."
I'll sit on the floor.
"It's just… you seem to have a real hard time reading the situation, Sidus. I mean, have you never apologized to anyone before?"

Nock [Tracker] 324528

Let her snuggle, and chuckle a little.

"Well, if misery loves company, prepare to enjoy this. I kid you not, we had a visit from the Grand Inquisitor who came over from the civil buildings. He flat out accused most of the student body of being Tirekian spies and swore to purge the infidels from our ranks. He might have, if the staff didn't calm him down. The worst part was that no one seemed surprised."


Do I notice?
Chuckle a bit.
"Sounds like a fun instructor~"

Roll #0 1 = 1

Sidus [Rogue] 324531

"I never needed to."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324532

Totally. Dead. Oblivious. I guess something else is distracting me…

Nock [Tracker] 324536

Laugh along with her. "Wouldn't that be a nightmare? Fortunately, he was just visiting for the day. I guess he has more important things to do than wipe out every prospective batch of inquisitors-to-be. Hopefully our real teachers will be more sane. I thought it was nice that the Battlemaster remembered my father's name, though."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324537

I'll just shake my head.
"Mares are different, Sidus. You need to treat them gently. And sometimes, you've got to apologize even if you've done nothing wrong. It's just how they work."
Sighing, I'll get back on my hooves.
"Still, noon classes start soon, so if you see miss Hopper, be sure to at least thank her for taking care of those bruises. You do know how to thank somepony, don't you?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324538

"A nightmare… Oh right. I had one, last night.
Can't remember it thou…"
"And I'm even in class with him…"

Nock [Tracker] 324539

"Which classes do you share? You know I have to miss sometimes for my special courses, but I'll be around sometimes, too. Then again, you'll also have blast training with Jon, right? Maybe you can patch things up with him, at least."

I look over at Star. "You're still going to be in Spellbreaker with me, right?"

Sidus [Rogue] 324540

"Yes, I know. And from now on, it's out of my hooves. You saw that I tried to be friendly and start with a clean slate. She refused. Her loss, really."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324541

"U-uh… yeah."


"Oh no… That jerk said he was in blast training too…"
Roll not to fall prey to despair.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Papaver Field [Mage] 324543

"I won't let that jerk influence me!"

Nock [Tracker] 324544

"What, really? I thought he signed up for Word of Power. Wouldn't hurt for a guy who likes to talk as much as him to at least talk pretty, I guess."

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324545

"I know."
I'll look a bit dejected. I had really hoped this wouldn't go so… badly.
"Anyway, you've got all your equipment, right? I need to stop by the smith, personally, to pick something up."

Sidus [Rogue] 324547

"I'm not sure if they are done with my replicas yet."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324549

"Oh Celestia I hope so… I don't know how I could bear a whole year with him!"
Then, look worried to Nock.
"But are you going to stay away for long?"

Jonagold [Male Earth Pony Knight] 324555

"Well, you never know."

Sidus [Rogue] 324560

"I sure hope they got it right though. They need to be as great as my own weapons."

Nock [Tracker] 324566

Give her a smile. "You know I'll be back with you two as often as I can. It'll only be a few days a week."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324570

Sigh and turn around on my back, looking at the roof.
"You coming to the assembly today?"

Nock [Tracker] 324571

"Assembly? I thought we had physicals and pre-exams."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324572

"Right, that. Damn stallion scrambled up my mind… I'm not even sure I can do good at those anymore…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324573


Papaver Field [Mage] 324574

Turn and look at her.

Nock [Tracker] 324575

Give her the hug. "Papaver, you're a strong pony no matter who you lose to. It's in your blood and in your destiny, like my strength. You're more of a reader than me, too. You'll score great on exams."

I glance over. "What?! Did I miss out on a nickname all this time?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324576

"Just… You'll be fine… You're strong enough."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324577

"After today I don't think so anymore…"
"Oh, that. It's just silly…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324578

I hop back off of bed and walk over, nudging her side
"Look I'm not an expert of fighting or anything but… I trust you and… believe in you. I really do…"

Nock [Tracker] 324580

Give a little teasing squeeze. "See? One day gone and you're already start cutting me out of the loop."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324586

Emit a high pitched sound as she squeezes me.
"It's just… Something they called me back at home…"
Oh celestia, this will be embarassing…
'1d10' not to blush.
"I just thought I'd feel more at home if you called me that…"

Roll #1 10 = 10

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324595

Don't mind me, just being awkward here

Papaver Field [Mage] 324596

"You really should put down that book and come over here…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324602


Star Hopper [Cleric] 324603

"I-Is this a joke or something? D-did I miss the punchline? Sorry.."

Nock [Tracker] 324606

Smile. "Okay Vera. Cheered up yet or do I have to keep hugging you until classes start?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324607

Prance over her.
"I meant over here over here~"
And don't let her go!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Rolling for surprise spaghetti over such a great hug

Roll #0 7 = 7

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324611

Looks like I return it decently
"So… are you happy again?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324612

"With the two of you? Yeah."
Keep hugging both tight.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324614

"Okay… that's nice to hear… Thank you Papaver."

Nock [Tracker] 324616

"Alright but only so you don't forget me while I'min my other classes!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324617

"I really wish you would just open more to us…"
"I need something to remember you by…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324621

"Wha-… S-sorry… I just don't really know… I'll just say something stupid…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324622

"Try us. Tell us about your dream, for istance."

Nock [Tracker] 324625

"Oh yeah?" A silly smile. "What'd you have in mind?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324627

"I dunno… I guess you'll just have to stick around until we find something, uh?" Give her another silly smile back.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324629

"M-my dream? I… I don't really know. Just… learn and improve my magic I guess. Use it to help ponies."
I stay quiet for a while
"I always… No… nevermind that thought."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324632

Wave a hoof in front of her.
"Focus, girl! That thought matters because you matter to us! Right Nock?"

Nock [Tracker] 324636


"Remember what you told Vera about that sword? You hafta do what feels right!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324639

I sigh and look around sheepishly. No way out now…
"I-I don't know… I just always… envied pegasi. I… I always wanted to be closer to the stars but… well… I can't. I just wish I had wings sometimes so I could just… fly closer… Up there…"
I blush
"It's really stupid, just… forget I said anything…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324642

Boop her on the horn with a super-serious flatface.
"No. It's not stupid. Silly. It's your dream, right?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324647

"Well… one of them. I'd also like to become the Royal Astronomer… M-maybe even meet with princess Luna some day…"

Nock [Tracker] 324649

"That's a great goal! Don't they select second and third years for training to join the royal guard here?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324653

"Yeah they do!"
Then drop my voce seriously.
"And you know, we might even… With the mark and all…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324655

"T-the royal gua- Oh no… I don't think I'd ever fit in there… I'm not really… guard material, you know?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324657

"Guess you have to stick your nose to the sky then!"
Giggle a bit.

Nock [Tracker] 324659

"I've been meaning to say… Maybe we should try to learn more about that. I haven't had much of a chance. Have you seen the Inquisitor's Library? Everything that first years have access to is so censored that you can't make out anything about anything. I tried to read a book about flowers and the first six pages were torn out entirely!"

Give me a look. "What you do mean, Star? You think Celestia doesn't need healers in her ranks? Or Luna? What do you think the guard does when there actually is trouble? And besides, we all know the royal guard is mostly ceremonial. Nopony is crazy enough to attack the palace."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324661

"Still… Not just anypony can join the guard. I'm not even sure I'd ever want to… I'd rather spend my time reading and watching the skies…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324664

"Yeah… When we opened a book on the Master here the first thing we could read was…"
Murmur as quietly as I can.

Nock [Tracker] 324665

Suppress inborn urge to yell "heresy?!" in response.


Roll #1 2 = 2

Nock [Tracker] 324666

"HERESY?! Why in Equestria would the Headmaster not do anything to cure us?!"


Roll not to be scared by her.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I need answers, RNG.

Roll #0 4 = 4

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324669

I wince and give her a fearful look

Papaver Field [Mage] 324672

Yep, same.
"Nock.. Please…"
Shrink back as she shouts.

Nock [Tracker] 324675

"But why wouldn't the Headmaster do anything about it? He's the best of all the paladins here, right?"

Lean in close, "You don't think he's a heretic, do you? He sure said he studied it a lot."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324677

'1d10' to slap you across the face.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324679

I look extremely uncomfortable by now
"I-I-I don't know…"

And another wince

Nock [Tracker] 324684

About to say something else, I stop myself, and sort of shake it off.

"Sorry, I don't know what came over me… But the headmaster probably has answers, right? I wonder why he won't tell us more… If I didn't think we'd get expelled for it, I'd say we should sneak back in and find out what he knows."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324687

"SNEAK? NOCK! What sort of paladin are you!? There is no honor in that!"

Nock [Tracker] 324690

"Well I'm obviously against it, Vera, I said so. But don't you think we should know more? There's no honor in withholding the truth from another pony either, is there?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324692

"Do you think the princesses tell everything to us?
We follow them because we have faith!
Maybe we cannot understand the truth! I sure can't!"

Nock [Tracker] 324694

Sigh. "Maybe you're right. Maybe that talk the Grand Inquisitor had is just getting to me. He sounded so compelling at times… y'know, when he wasn't shouting about how there were traitors among us."

Shake my head again. "You know what? You're right. It's our third day at the academy. We have our whole lives to figure this out. We don't have to rush into anything unpleasant, especially when we're probably not ready."

Pause. "I didn't get you upset again, did I? How can I make up for it?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324695

Hug her.
"No, silly~"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324697

I still look a little scared
"I-It's okay…"


How well do I hug back, though?

Roll #0 1 = 1

Nock [Tracker] 324701

This hug was a huge disappointment.

Papaver Field [Mage] 324703

"Ouch, what was that for?"

Nock [Tracker] 324704

"Sorry! Maybe I should've taken off my practice armor first."

Remove it for a proper hug. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Papaver Field [Mage] 324707

"What did they do to you in that place!?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324710

I still look scared. And shocked.

Nock [Tracker] 324711

A slight frown. "You said you wouldn't judge me because I'm in the Inquisitorial program, Vera. That's not very fair after one day."

If she wants another hug she's going to have to come get it herself.


"No I.. Just… Look at you. You are beat…"
Slowly pass a hoof over her features, trying to delicately caress her.
"You sure look beat…"

Roll #0 9 = 9

Nock [Tracker] 324716

The frown melts into a smile, then a sigh of relief.

"You have no idea. You know Inquisitors in training start practice before the physical? One of the tests I would swear was just lashing us to see how much pain we could take. What kind of practice is that? I press on, though. It must be Celestia's will, right?"


"Wha- That's cruel!"
Bring both my hooves to cover my mouth.
Roll not to be too shocked.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Papaver Field [Mage] 324718

Okay, I guess I can keep it together…
"C-can I?"
Slowly move towards her, my hooves open in the offer of a hug.

Nock [Tracker] 324719

"It's not so bad… they close the wounds with magic after you collapse. They're just trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. I won't disappoint my family."

Accept the hug. "Or either of you."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324720

"W-wha? L-lashing you!? T-that's horrible!"
I look even more shocked now
"Why didn't you say so earlier!? I… I could have eased the pain! A-Are you in pain?"


"I think it's cruel… That's not what the Sun and Moon would want… Does it still hurt?"
Softly try to caress her, give her some comfort.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Nock [Tracker] 324722

A hoofwave. "The pain has passed. That's why I slept through breakfast. Honestly, I'm more hungry than anything."


"Damnit… If you had told us this morning…"
Hug her tighter.
"Never hide something like this again. No wait. Never hide anything again!"

Roll #0 3 = 3


I try to pull her into a non-awkward hug myself for once
"I'm so… so sorry."

Roll #0 4 = 4

Nock [Tracker] 324725

Unsure how to react to these odd hugs that are obviously squeezing scar tissue beneath my uniform, I just reply, "I didn't know it was a secret. What did you two do yesterday while I was gone?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324726

Let her go and sit back, awkwardly scratching the back of my head.
"We… Kind of went for a walk under the night sky?"

Nock [Tracker] 324728

Give a light laugh. "That does sound a bit lighter. Well, I knew coming into the program that it was supposed to be hard. That's why there are so few Inquisitors in Equestria."


I just keep hugging her. Do I realize this is the time I should release her?

Roll #0 2 = 2

Papaver Field [Mage] 324730

"But… Do you really have to?"
Bit my lip.
"I mean, you could just study with us…"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324731

Not at all

Nock [Tracker] 324732

A grin. "Vera, you understand. The same reasons you want to make your family proud and become a bruiser. The same reason Star wants to make her family proud and become a paladin."

Wince. "Star, my scars…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324733

"But- If you become a true inquisitor, then you'll hate Star for using magic…"


I gasp and break off
"R-right! Uh… sorry?"
Can I Mend them?

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9

Nock [Tracker] 324735

"Not all Inquisitors are like that… Like Star's mom, right? Sure, magic is a little unsavory, but I don't think I'll grow to hate my friends just because they like it. We can have differences, that's what friends are for!"

Looks like you can. Or at least fix the pain.

Papaver Field [Mage] 324737

"Right… But don't get too many scars on your pretty face, okay?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324738

"Uh… right! M-mom's order just hunts the undead… nothing else."

Nock [Tracker] 324740

Stick my tongue out playfully. "I'll try. For you."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324742

'1d10' Not to get the wrong idea.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Papaver Field [Mage] 324744

1d10 not to blush.


Roll not to blush, nigga.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Papaver Field [Mage] 324750

Spaghetti contained. But that idea remains.
"I'm… Counting on it…"

Nock [Tracker] 324756

"So… stargazing walk, huh? No wonder I didn't see you when I got back. I'll try to make the next one. Why did you decide to ditch our balcony?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324758

"We couldn't really bring Jon here, could we?"

Nock [Tracker] 324760

"Hey! You didn't tell me you brought Jon along. So one day you're inviting him along for stargazing, and the next you're not sure if you can trust him anymore? That's no good."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324762

"… I still trust him… He's really nice and polite…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324764

Look a bit ashamed at the ground.
"But.. Why did he bring that jerk along?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324765

"I already told you… I really think he's just insecure… I think… I think he's just unhappy and tries to compensate… I feel bad for him."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324767

"Didn't really stop him from stabbing me in the back and insulting me…"

Nock [Tracker] 324768

I give her a smile. "I think it's beautiful that you can always see the best in ponies, Star."

Then I shoot a look at Papaver, "Though I agree, Vera, he's a nasty pony."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324773

"B-but that's just because he wanted to win! Ponies do… bad things when they're scared or upset… Dad always said that. They'll just do anything they can to come out on top. But… that doesn't make them bad. I-it's just… normal. I-I mean he didn't even apologize properly!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324774

"I just… He hit me in the back. A true warrior should never hit anypony in the back…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324775

"He didn't apologize! He just rubbed his victory more! He came to mock me!"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324780

"E-exactly! He just… He didn't want to feel bad about himself so he just denied any blame. T-to boost his own self-esteem…"

Nock [Tracker] 324783

A little grumble. "Sounds like a nasty pony to me. But like I said, the thing you can do to get back at him best is to pretend like he never existed."

A nod of agreement. "He's starved for attention, so don't feed him."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324786

"And why should I go and put my honor under his hooves for him to stomp it?"
"Right. I really don't care about him. It's just, Jon is always buzzing around him. They are roommates."

Nock [Tracker] 324791

"That's unfortunate."

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324796

"I think he just needs a friend… Somepony he can trust to talk to…"

"B-but I do. I care for all ponies. I… I swore to do so. To Luna. To my family. To myself… What would it say about me if I turned my back on this?"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324798

"Don't give me that. Jon is just a friend."

Nock [Tracker] 324802

I shake my head. "I know. I promised not to tease anymore, remember? I'm including you in that promise as well. It really is a shame he has that boor for a roommate. I've known boars that were less boorish!"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324804

Now, stop talking about that. We should get ready for the physical."
Look at her scars.
"Is there… Something we can do about those?"
"You are too good a pony, Star-"

Nock [Tracker] 324807

"I think Star patched them up pretty good. They aren't bothering me anymore."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324814

"Good. Then we should reall get ready."
We can pause.

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324815

"I-I'm just doing what I feel is necessary."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324816

"But why? He's done nothing to redeem himself!"

Nock [Tracker] 324827


Okay. I should be able to play next time, too!

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324829

I stand my ground
"I-It doesn't matter! That's not what it's about! It's… it's about looking past somepony's flaws. I-I just know that under that shell… that act… there is something more to him."

Papaver Field [Mage] 324834

"But if you keep digging and digging and never find that good?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324843

"T-there's good in everypony… Even if it's hard to see sometimes. Ponies aren't bad or mean by nature… there's always a reason… always something that causes us to be the way we are…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324847

"Look, I'm not saying not to do this… But be careful, okay?"

Star Hopper [Cleric] 324857

"I just hope I'm strong enough…"

Papaver Field [Mage] 324859

Move over to him and slowly embrace her.
"Why don't you just stay with us? No need to go after that big dofus right now, no?"

Roll #1 8 = 8

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