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This is the story of an aspiring mage who braved the worst the North had to throw at him to find what he sought.

His journey has brought him to the World's Crown, a massive mountain range in the far north. Somewhere amids these peaks lies the truth behind the Shards of Lavan. And to help him find it, he is joined by the young but capable Waveform.

CHAPTER 1 - The World's Crown


Wipe the sweat of my brow and graps the amulet.
I hold it in my hoof, slowly moving it around, to find which direction to go from here.


Due northwest it seems. Those are not the highest of peaks, but still plenty to climb.
Looking a but towards the east, you can see some groundwork has begun on the highest mountain. The foundations of the city of Northscrown are being laid.


I point over to the Northwest and look Waveform.
"To those peaks over there…it looks like quite a climb. Let's hope we find some place to camp on the slopes if we don't make it today."


"I tried to get us a guide but next to nopony has ever mapped this place out properly.
I guess we get to play explorer."


"Onwards to adventure then!" I say happily.
Start the long walk towards those peaks '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


A good start. You slip on some moss and fall on your face.


Perfectly calm….
Well that certainly put a domper on my mood.
Start walking for real now. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


The day is calm, and you make good time.
The moss was actually kinda tasty too, if a bit damp.
"Do you have any idea what we are actually looking for here?"


Grab the amulet around my neck for a second and look at it.
"It must be some place of worship of Lavann, since the pony who went there came back completely devoted to him.
I suppose we'll find a temple or at least some altar of some kind, one where communication with higher beings is possible.
The big question will be wether or not it's guarded. Either by worshipping ponies or maybe even Fire Elementals."


"I don't think we really packed anything to ward off elemental with…"


"We didn't? That's…unfortunate. But between the 2 of us, I'm sure we can handle a few of them if worst comes to worst."


"Well so far we've bested everything thrown at us, so my hopes are high at least."


"Exactly. Besides one pony I defeated, managed to get there on his own. So, us together, it should be a breeze really, getting there. Just keep alert for any movement, I do'nt think there are many fellow pony travellers out here."


So Lavan was some old fire god, right?"


"Sort of.
He was a Fire Elemental, a very powerful king amongst the other elementals.
But when he discovered a way to reshape his body, transforming it into a pure arcane crystal, making him capable of channeling any form of magic, he became something far greater."


Is that the power his shards hold?"


"I theorize that to hold such power, such a shard should contain within itself the purest arcane energy possible, which is very hard to contain, in stable form at least.
Even catalysts are just ways to channel magical energy temporarily to more easily cast a spell.
So if that's the case, yes, there should be tremendous power in even a single shard of his entire body."


Walking and talking seems to be giving you a good pace. You have already reached the foothills.


"It will be quite exciting just to have a shard.
And maybe, if we study it, we'll find out more about how Lavann did it."
I look around as we reach the foothills.
Any paths to the top? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


After some climbing, you notice what appears to be some sort of actual path, half hidden in the snow and rocks.


I walk over there.
"A path out here. I'll bet it leads straight to what we're looking for."
I'm getting excited again.


"You think?
It could just lead to a mountain cottage."


I grin.
"Then it would make for a far better base to search for the altar than sleeping on the ground!"


"Lets check it out then?"


"Let's go."
Follow that path!


Let's see how she manages. It s icy and quite steep

Roll #1 3 = 3


Help her out! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You manage to grab her before she falls off a nearby edge, and drag her along up the path.
It seems to lead… to some kind of shrine, hidden among the mountain ridges.


"Hey now, we don't have time for the scenic route!" I say playfully.
Then I look over.
"Look, there's something there. Let's try to take a peek."

I try to get closer to the shrine to take a look from a distance '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


It seems someone lives here.
And that this place is quite old indeed.


…out here?
Can I get a good look at him? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


He seems to be older than you, with a white, or possibly very light grey, coat and mane. He is stoking a fire inside.


Let's stop this sneaky stuff then.
If he's a fire worshipper he'll appreciate boldness.
I nod to Waveform. "Let's greet him."


"Right behind you"


Walk out of my hiding spot and trot towards him.
From a distance I already wave my hoof and call out to him.
"Hello, sir."


He turns to look at you with eyes of a flaming orange
"Greetings, travelers. What brings you this cold place?"


"Looking for a place dedicated to heat."


"You speak in strange riddles. But if you need a warm place to stay, the fire is always hot here."


Nod with a smile.
"Thank you very much."
I go sit down next to the fire with Waveform.
"And what brings you all the way out here? So far from any city?"


"I found this place, so I figured I might as well keep it as a sort of retreat away from home. You know. For times when I need to get away from it all for a while."


I smile.
"Don't we all need that once in while."
Look around. What's the place look like? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


It was clearly a shrine at some point.
Now, it has been converted as living quarters
"So what the heck are you two doing this far north?"


I look to him.
"Believe it or not, we're looking for something out here. Though I'm not quite sure what exactly. Have you by any chance seen something like this before."
I show him the Lavann amulet.


"A crystal? Those are plenty common. You can get them for cheap from most jewelers."


"Well it belongs to a place, that's supposed to be here on this mountain. A place where ponies worshipped a being called Lavann.
Did you ever hear of anything like this?"
Can I use 4th Eye to look beyond the furniture and decorations and get a closer look at the shrine? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Hm. Sounds like some rootless fairy tale of you ask me.
But if you want to take a look around, go ahead."


"I'm quite positive it's more than just another fairytale."
Since I've got a hard time using my Sight here, I'll take a look myself.
Move some furniture to the side and study the shrine closely '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Some fire and feather motifs can be observed.


Feathers…like Alaran.
This guy, look back at him.
4th Eye (SbS) is this what he really looks like. He isn't using some illusion? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


But he sure as hell does not think his master is a fairy tale.
"Hm. I see you are a seer of some kind, looking through me like that."


Nod slowly.
"And I guess you're the keeper of this shrine to the Ashfather?"


"I am Cinderwing. High Priest to the Ashfather.
I had not wished to reveal my identity so soon, had it been avoidable. But it seems you have more to you than you let on."


Bow my head a little bit
"It is an honor to meet you."
Look up.
"My name is Smouldering Torch, fire mage from Rockeye. And this is my confidante, Waveform."


"Then it seems the smoke of secrets has been blown away. Tell me the whole truth you seek from my master's mountain."


Go sit down next to the fire again.
"High priest, we are here for two reasons.
First of all, I've been a student of the Fire Element all my life and strive to attain the highest possible mastery of it. As Alaran is the Lord of Fire, it seems only natural I'd seek his counsel.
And secondly, I've been seeking a shard of the body of Lavann. This amulet, dedicated to Lavann, led me here in that search."


"Alaran speaks to those he sees worthy. The ashes of the unworthy are as plentiful on these slopes as snow. So turn back, unless your affinity to the flame is truly without peer."


"I know he will speak to me.
I've seen him."


"Do tell."


"When I first put on this amulet, I had a vision.
I saw white-hot burning heat…and it looked back at me…saw me."


"Then perhaps you have a chance yet…"


"I know I do. How do I prove myself worthy to speak to the Ashfather?"


"He nests at the hot spring near the summit. Reach it, and he will surely give you a trial to prove your worth."


I go take a look outside.
How high is it?


It may take days to climb, even if it had roads.


What time of the day is it?


I'm mostly asking to see if there's still time to start today or camp now and start fresh tomorrow.


The sun is setting
"Stay the night. Though it pales before Alaran's white flame, my humble fireplace will keep you warm."


"That is most generous of you."
I go back in and sit down next to Waveform again.
"I take it the mountain houses more dangers besides the cliffs and height?"


"The Ashfather and I place many trials before those who seek him. It is our duty to see that his roost is not disturbed without reason."


I nod and look at the fire…
And then at Waveform, I run my hoof through her mane.
"Are you sure you want to come with me?"


"If you ask that because you think you won't make it, then know I'd rather we die together."


I smile and give her a quick kiss.

Then I suppose we spent the rest of the night there. Maybe talking a bit with Cinderwing if he likes to talk and otherwise just getting ou bedrolls out and sleeping.


"I fear I am not allowed to speak much of King Lavan."


I nod.
"Is there anything you can tell me about the Ashfather? How should I adress him when we meet?"


"Address him as your heart sees hit. He appreciates honesty over courtesy."


"…How long has he existed?"


"Since times when the Draconqui were but a myth of the future.
After all, he succeeded Lavan as the Lord of Fire."


"This is news to me. Was he part of the group of ponies that defeated Lavan?"


"Alaran is not a pony."


"Uh…of course, how silly of me. I always read Alarans most distinguishing feature were his white feathers. I guess I always imagined him as a pegasus…"


"You would be rather mistaken in that thought."


I think.
"More like a phoenix maybe? Then again, I've never seen a phoenix before, only read about them."


Alaran, the Asfather, is a great white phoenix. He was most likely not born as such, but it is the form he takes as Lord of Fire."


"Interesting. How did he come to be the Lord of Fire then, once Lavan was defeated?"


"He proved his affinity in a time of great need. And Nature saw it, granting him his new title and power."


"And what about you? How long have you tended his shrine?"


"For over a century now.
His fire heals me as I grow old and weary. I am his favored servant, and so he has chosen to keep me long."


"Fascinating. I had always thought there were some rejuvenating properties to fire elemental magic but I never seemed to grasp it."


"Such is the art of the phoenix flame. A power beyond most. For good reason."


And time for sleep.
Certainly tomorrow shall be a good day.


A new day dawns.
It is warm in here, but the sound of the wind carries cold echoes outside.


Time to get off to a start.
I thank Cinderwing for his hospitality and than leave with Waveform.
Rolling for climbing '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


The wind is really keeping you from advancing at a good rate out here. Odds are that any leaps you may need to make will be perilous to say the least.
"Are you sure this will work?"


"Of course, it will.
It just looks worse than it actually is."
Any good paths to climb with as little leaps as possible? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Sure there is.
It stops right around the bend, ending on what seems to be a rope bridge, being eaten by a goat.


You've gotta be shitting me.

How much is left of this bridge?


Most of it.
Wossit to you?"


Oh for the love of…
"Well thanks a lot. Of all the rope bridges in the whole world, you just had to eat this one, didnt you!"
How deep is it?


Enough to kill you, easily.
"Do you see a whole lot else to eat around here then?"


"And how are ponies supposed to cross over now? How do you cross over?"


"Now why would anyone want to use this thing to cross over?"


"Both of us, for example. We want to reach the top of the mountain, and you managed to eat part of the path to it."


"And I fully intend to eat the rest. This is a dangerous bridge, I tell you. Old and rotten. And I'm hungry."


I suppose there's still a rope or something left to climb on?

"No, no, you won't. You're going to leave at least that.
We need that bridge and I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more food in the valley."


"I'm telling you, you don't need that bridge. It's old and dangerous and not suited for anyone."
There is still about 2/4 of the bridge there. Both ropes are still connected on the far end.


"If it's the only way to the top then I do need that bridge, no matter in what condition it is. Do you know of another way?"


He points a little to the left
"We built a new bridge last year."
That one is sturdy and wooden


…how did I miss that?
"Well, thanks…and bon appetit."

Cross that other bridge '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Have fun up there. Send a card."
It's a bridge. It takes you to another stretch of road.


How high are we already?
Any snow?
Time for more climbings '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


The road leads you to a cabin surrounded by high cliffs


God, that was a climb.
"You allright, Wave?" I say.


"I could do with a bath.
…what's with the cabin? Looks fancy."


"I wonder who built it…
Do you suppose somepony is home. Surely there won't be ponies this high…"
4th Eye to look through the wall '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You find a sign
[The World's Most Northern Resort]


Knock on the door.


A cheery looking pony opens the door
"Howdy! Welcome to the last resort in the world this far north! You won't find anything more northern than this! Come in come in! Take the load off! Get a bed, take a bath, enjoy our fine traditional meals! Buy some souvenirs and remember this trip for the rest of your life!"


I look in shock.
"….Are you serious?"


"Of course I am!
Please, please, come in. We have plenty of space, and the goat cheese is fresh!"


I go in.
This has to be some kind of ruse right.
What does the inside look like?


It's a cozy place. Large, warm, well lit.
Smells clean. There is a gift shop on the right and a check in desk on the left.


I nod to Waveform.
"Doesn't this look…strange to you?"


"I wonder how they stay in business.
Should we get a room?
…I was serious about the bath."


"…I could use some rest too.
But still…"
I walk over to the guy.
"How in the world do you manage to stay in business?"


"Barely. But we're a family, so we rough it out. Sometimes head down south to sell our wares. It's not easy, but we make the best of it."


"…how much for a room?"


"How much can you afford?
I'd ask for a hundred, if that is not too much."


Uh…how much money did I bring with me?



Roll #1 827 = 827


A lot, for some reason.


>didn't bring elemental wards with me.
>brought loadsamone to a place where there aren't supposed to be any resorts

Okay I'm retarded.
But give the guy 100 bits + 50 since his family is doing bad.
What's the room look like?


"My kindest thanks, good sir.
Please, join me and my family for dinner, when you feel ready."
The room is spacious, with a wide, soft bed and a view outside to the bridge and canyon.
There is also a bath available, as well as storage space.

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