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This is the story of faffers faffing in faffland



I don't even know if this is faffing or not.

Anyway, Donrick and I stepped out for a chat and now probably returned.


I was gathering trackers for the mission up north.


The day before I leave for the frozen wastes of Northscrown. I come to visit Liviana.
Knock on her door or wherever she is.


Open up as I hear the knocking.
"Yes? Oh, Smouldering, good to see you, come in!"


I smile and come in.
"Hello, Liviana, how are you today?"


"Oh I'm great! I was just piecing together the last parts of a small new melody I wrote."
Motion towards the sheets of paper and my lyre lying on my bed.
"Anyway, is there something you need?"


I inspect the lyre.
"It looks lovely. I didn't know you were a musician as well as a priestess…"
But I straighten up.
"Yes. Liviana, I have some bad news. Me and Waveform won't be able to accompany you to Rockeye for some time."


I deflate slightly.
"That's a shame. But I'm sure you live a busy life, so work comes first for you."


"I'm terribly sorry about it. But I'm being called away to Northscrown for…well I don't know how long exactly.
I could arrange for somepony else to accompany you and Donrick."



I have a bit of time. Visit the library and look up some things on Trotantium.

Now that we have 2 of them with us, I have to wonder how much we have yet to gain.


"Well… who do you propose could take your place?"

DM isn't running.


"You're emissaries of Trotantium.
I'm sure the High King would immediately send for some mages from Rockeye to guide you around the city for that.
I've heard Highhorn is very capable, but of course, I'm not sure if he'd have the time to guide you personally."


I nod.
"Right, right… still a shame you wont be there. We could just postpone it instead, until you return…"


"I'd love to guide you, but still, pri…priestess, if you'd like to leave earlier, don't delay for me.
I could be away for quite some time."


I smile slightly
"Hmmm… I guess we can wait and see for now. If I get too curious and you take to long to get back, I could always ask the High King if he could arrange something…"


I nod with a slight smile myself.
"That would be best then, given the circumstances."
I look at the lyre again.
"..I'd love to hear you play it someday."


"I'm not that great at it, it's only a hobby to fill up the day with. Lyres are popular back home, so it wasn't too hard to pick up some things and start myself."


"I'm sure you're better than you give yourself credit for."
Look back.
"But I'm afraid I'll have to leave now. Got to help pack the bags. Goodbye, Miss Liviana"
I pause for a second
"….And I wish you much luck with your trade mission."


"Thank you Smouldering. Remember, don't you dare die on me out there."


"That's not the plan, believe me." I grin and walk out again.


"Good. Stay safe out there, okay?"



Is the time yet right?



"Welcome back.
We should probably finish this up soon."
Three look away
Who do you need?
If they all report in, this happens now.


"… Indeed. I'd rather not dry out and shrivel up, your highness. Besides, you must be a busy stallion. I'd hate to take away too much of your time."


Did winterbreeze feel like doing the research required for spellbinding? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I've found the time spent here to have been well spent.
I should never allow work to fully take over my time from friends and allies."
I think Verne wanted you for a wedding.


But the possible well being for the fut- ah forget it. Where is Verne?


Venia, Pumpkin, Nylis


We here for you bro.
Tell us where to and we will make it happen.
I'm bring the waifu in the good dress.


I smile.
"That is a good virtue to uphold, your highness. Keep your allies close, they are more precious than anything else in the world."
Bow and step out. Get showered and clothed again.



Our old school.

No need to be so formal. It's just for ud


These days, I'm always available.


Well if I know about it then me and winterbreeze are there.


Yeah, me and the girls are there, don't worry.


Curing it down to two, huh.
"Alright, and between the two of you, which of you might be concerned as to the whereabouts of the missing Eaglecrest ponies, and the supplies they disappeared with?"


You do. I invited no one else for myself. Venus invited her parents, at least. I guess I have a new pair.


Frostmourn stays behind to enjoy the last of the heat, but Sunrise follows you.
…thanks for considering it."
At the old academy, preparations are pretty well complete.
Not much, nothing overt, but still enough to make things look important and festive.
To bring a bit more life into things, several noted troubadours from Eaglecrest, along with the best military musicians of the United North, have come to provide the music.
Frostmourn is attending, with Sunrise in tow.
Valeriana and Highhorn are sitting near the back, out of the way.
Ironfoe sent its regards in the form of a few gifts.
Timberjaw only sent a sealed message.


Spy sense tingling.
Oh well, it's just a message, what could ever possibly go wrong.
Where is my pony Verne at?




About time you two got married. I got a new fancy journal for you guys.


They grow up so fast don't they…
Oh wait, I'm not married yet myself.
Still, I could not be happier for the bride and the groom. Where is the groom anyway?


Right, well stand off to the side with winterbreeze.


"There are… things I need to consider first. I'll need to inform the empress and ask await a response. … Though I get the feeling I know what that response will be already."
I cock my head.
"Does the High King know not at all?"


"I haven't really spoken him to about this yet. It seemed awkward. Especially had you had no intention to even give him a chance.
Forcing love is pointless. But with time, I'm sure we will all be very happy."
Should get that thing done, you know.


Wherever I'm supposed to be at the wedding

I hope my suit is nice. It's a tailored formal robe I've been saving.



Finest in the north. I'm sure Frostmourn would allow no less.
Ready for the bride?
They both turn away


"… If you say so, your highness. You are sure about this, are you? Absolutely sure? A marriage purely for the sake of a formal alliance?"


I'll snort slightly.
"That's the thing I never understood about Eaglecrest. You all value your individuality so much you stopped caring about the ponies who live with you. There's no sense of unity in you. Didn't any of you have friends or comrades amongst those missing? Aren't you curious why they left without a word to you, and after raiding military supplies?"


Yes yes yes
I've been waiting for this
Keep quiet as I stand in the hall
Everyone here?
Pumpkin, best man?


Turn to him with a smile.
"Right at your side."
And now, let's turn to see the bride.


So exciting!


Marriages are the culmination of a loving relationship. Alliances that are born of them are but a fortune thereupon."
One comes tap you on the shoulder
"A friend of mine left with them. Asked me to go. I refused."
And here she comes.
Flanked by a pair of guards, as she asked.
Her father marching behind, in his full uniform.
And Venus herself wearing… a surprisingly feminine gown, with only a few trinkets and decorations alluding to her profession. She even had her mane done…


Watching over you as always.


"Did he say why he wanted to leave?"


This is gonna melt my heart.
Oh, and the rings. As Verne's best stallion, I can't have forgotten the rings.


"That's… a very nice look on things, your highness."
I probably shouldn't anger her…
"I'm sure things will work out for both sides. But we shouldn't be too hasty."


I can melt later.
Show just a bit of awe.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Oh god, she looks pretty. That's heartwarming.


She's absolutely stunning. I hope she's happy up there..


"Something about forging a new world for himself an others. About becoming more than just a wandering soldier."
"Of course not.
I don't even know what you like yet. But I'm sure you'll teach me when the time feels right."
She gives a very sincere, pleasant smile.
"Keep it together Verne. We have duties to attend here."
Destiny looks over both of you.
It has been a while since he has worn his full regalia, but it seems to fill him with inner light not often found on his worry worn face


I cock my head. What an odd thing to say.
"Of course, your grace."
Bow and be off.


"You have come too? Thank you for attending. "

Let's just… purge those thoughts and worries. This is my day.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Well, that doesn't sound suspicious at all.
"A new world in the frozen hoofhills of the Northscrown? You'll have to forgive me for believing that is patently ridiculous. I can respect his desire to be something more than a sword-for-hire, but that was the point of the United North, wasn't it?"
I'll think a moment.
"Would you like to come with us to discover exactly what they've created up there? You will be compensated for your time, of course."


She waves you off with a smile, then trots back inside to enjoy a quality moment with Frosty.
"I came in case you needed a clerical authority."
Frostmourn gives you a smile
"So, anything left to say between you two?"
"I… suppose I could.
I still have the note he gave me, if I wanted to follow him."


Smile at him from my seat.
He looks relaxed for once…


"Thank you."

"Nothing more needs be said. Just being here together with all of you speaks more than anything. "


"It would be appreciated. Do you know of anyone else who would want to come with us? Just one would do."


"I suppose if you put up a poster or two you might attract the willing. A lot of our friends left."
"Then should we dispense with the lengthy formalities and simply declare this marriage a binding contract?"


"We're set to leave the day after tomorrow. Do you think that would be enough time?"


"I've seen days when news of a poster have gathered dozens in an hour."


"Alright. I'll need somewhere to post them, then. Is the board that was used during that tournament during the King's Match open to the public?"


"A lasting declaration of love, to leave a record that lasts far into the future, come what may."

Look right at Venus. I can't look at anything else now.

"So much that even the stars take note and write it into their annals. Here it is… I love you, Venus."


"Any board should be, if you find the space."
"I know."
She then grabs you and kisses you

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Complete that.

Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12


"That's so beautiful"


I smile broadly as they kiss.
So romantic~


"I can count you amongst the party, then?"


"W-what passion!" I tear up a bit


Smile warmly at their side.


"Aye. I might as well."
kissu kissu of true love
After a moment you realize the band had actually started playing, but you failed to hear it from the rush of the moment.


"Then we should make haste. The sooner we find a second, the more time you and they will have to prepare for the journey."
And let's find a good board. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Do we we walk out now


God damn. Are ALL of these full of pointless posters? Help wanted for killing rats? What is this shit?
Venus motions towards the catering
"….we're supposed to cut the cake"


I'll frown under my helmet.
Do none of these boards have any space? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Put our mouths together on the knife
It's like we're kissing while cutting the cake~


There's a few empty tentposts around town…
And so the cake was cut.
Parents cried.
Friends congratulated.
Emissaries sat around because it was their job.


I'm sticking with them as long as I can.
They got a party planned, no?


Go over to Venus' parents.

"Thank you so much for raising Venus so I would have met her that day. Could I.. could I call you mother and father, now?"

Enjoy the dinner.


"I suppose that would be appropriate… son.
Besides. That's a whole lot easier to remember than your title, huh? Ha!
You treat her well now."


"I don't know how I would live without her."

What's her mother look like anyway


"Everything's finished?"


"Pretty much. Enjoy the dinner. Thank you so much for coming, Nylis."


Kinda chub, as if she doesn't go out much and prefers cooking and lounging around.


"Hey wait, I want to see you and Venus dance!"


I'll sigh for a moment.
And then stick a notice on the side of the bulletin board.
"You think that's good enough?"


Give him a hug
"You're welcome, but uh- I- I kinda need to head back and do some research in spellbinding. At least I hope I can.



Tilt my head a little.

"Work calls, I suppose. Let me know what you've been doing sometime, okay? See you."

If only it wasn't too late for me to let mother be the same.

Have I secretly practiced ballroom dancing in my quixotic youth?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Of course!"
Smile at him, then teleport back to my room with winterbreeze '1d10+3'

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4






"I'm so happy for you both!" I say "you've really earned this, try to enjoy it a little."


"Thank you so much, Kilana. It's.. a bit of luxury I'm allowing myself. All the best for you, too."

Smirk and wink.

Time to rule the floor.


"Often mentioning a reward helps smooth things along"



"Ah yes."


If you want to do InterMission stuff, please inform me so I can open up the relevant thread.


I need to go meet with the CCFBR.


I don't have a separate thread though!
We left Frostmourn and Sunrise behind in their new sauna, so I'm not sure what's next.


Cloudcaller's Federation of Brazilians?
This is something we should really note down for everyone by now. What exactly will you all be doing for the following age.

Radiant: Canterlot
Pumpkin: Training
Crescent: Searching for the deserters
Smouldering: Lavan and Alaran
Kilana: Underkingdom
Gordic: Politics
Liviana: ???
Id: ???
Nylis: ???
Verne: ???

Please tell me your thoughts.


Clandestine Council for Banned Research (in Rockeye). Didn't you pay attention to my bio?


I'll be waiting in the other thread.


Of course not.
Not like those ever end up doing anything, you silly filly.
Anyway, they haven't moved their hideout. It's still in the Upside Down Tower under the market square of Rockeye.


Honestly? I don't really have anything I can do. Except maybe meet with some of the other Northern kings. Longshanks and Deep Rock in particular because of their specialties.


Well, I was hoping that wouldn't take the entire year, since I still have to get that armor kitted properly. And check on the axe that I requested mixed with the one Breaker I kept.


Then I don my mask and head there.


Trust me, you might need the axe and armor by the time this is over.
Well feel free to go anywhere.
And if you run out of stuff to do, Sunrise and Frosty can always use company.
At night, this part of the market is always so empty. Even though there is vibrant night life in other parts. Mostly the parts that cater to those who enjoy drink and dance.
Just step into the fountain and you should end up where you are needed.


A furtive glance left and right, then into the fountain.


It's always an odd sensation, stepping through what looks like a shallow pool and ending up in a room underneath.
Welcome to the Upside Down tower. A deep pit that extends far below, built to resemble an inverted tower. The staircase will take you to the main meeting hall.


I'm not entirely comfortable with butting in on them like that yet.
I would have liked to have Smouldering accompany us to Rockeye, but I guess he'll be away for a loooong time. So Longshanks it is. Let us meet this famed wizard king with his many spells… if I'm allowed a audience. I guess I should ask Frostmourn.


Well, that volunteer said that ponies would show up if I stuck the notice up on the board. Anyone show up yet?


Right, a stroll up the stairs. Anything seem amiss or different since I left? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Meeting with Longshanks? I'm sure he'll find time."
Some are checking out the poster. You can go interview them if you want.
It seems some of the stuff has been packed away, and what's left around is mostly things that are needed constantly.
Looks like they are making preparations for the big move.


How do they look? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Hardy and well-off. Experienced. Rugged.


I smile and nod.
"I didn't expect anything less, your grace."


They know? As far as I know I haven't written back to them so it couldn't be intercepted.


"If you wish, Valeriana and Highhorn will also be available there."
Verne told them ages ago of the possibility.
Seems they have been making preparations just in case.


I'll approach.
"Good day."


Announce boldly:

"Lecturer Ten returns from Wintersgrasp."


I nod.
"Excellent. I'll leave at once then."
And off I go, fully armored and presumably with Donrick in tow.


A burly pony with a beard and thick armor of hides and furs turns around
A few of those present turn to you
"Welcome back, Ten."
"We trust all went well?"
"Welcome to Rockeye, please make room on the teleport pad for those who are coming after you."


I'll blink behind my helmet.
"While appreciated, I'm certain you'd like to know what, exactly, you're agreeing to before agreeing to it."


I'm probably a little dazed after that teleportation thing.
"I… right. Of course."
Make way and take off my helmet.
"I'm here for an audience with King Longshanks of Rockeye, on behalf of her majesty the Empress of the Trotantine Empire. High King Frostmourn is aware of my mission."


"Yes. Construction of the grounds is underway. I've met with the local specialists and have already begun organizing construction plans and bringing in hoof-selected foreign teachers to add to the repertoire. High King Frostmourn has promised whatever we require, and the United Northlands have made some interesting advances of their own."


"Does it pay well?"
The guide raises a brow
"Trotantium sends an envoy to us? This is new.
Please, right this way then. You do have some token of proof I trust? Anypony can claim to work for the High King."
"We have heard.
But do give your own views."


"Assuming we succeed? Moderately well, as this is also to aid the High King."


"I don't work for the High King per se."
Take out my seal of authentication and show it to him/her.


"The locals are dangerously reactionary, and even if the noble practices are de jure allowed, they are still de facto frowned upon it seems. I am hopefully that establishing a presence will help turn public opinion, though I still place removal of the Tyrant of Rockeye from power as an important step toward equal rights."


Honeymooning for a short while, then politics.

Seeing the Eaglecrestian sky was Venus' idea, right?


He snorts
"Do I at least get some renown out of it?"
"…Very well then. Right this way."
He takes you through the palace and to the throne room door
"Please wait here a moment."
He then enters to announce you.
A few roll their eyes as you mention "tyrant"
"Same old Ten, that's for sure.
What of the High King and his thoughts?"
It's high up and should have lovely fresh air.
Or you could ask to visit Stormheart.


Do as told and wait until I may enter.


What's Stormheart like?

Do I feel a mild compulsion to go there, as if an idea placed by some external force?


"Not in the strictest sense, no. There is no great battle, we're just a small team tracking stolen military supplies and the ones who took them."


"He walks by virtue of the noble practices. He will listen to reason."


I guess spellbinding is out of the question? Alright I'll be around when the story picks up again.


After a while the doors open for you.
Longshanks is a rather skinny old pony with a long, if narrow, beard and sharp eyes. His throne is on an elevated platform, and several unicorn guards line the throne room.
A faint glow can be seen around the throne perimeter.
Can I at least get like a medal or badge or something?"
"Well it's certainly a step in the right direction."
"You've done a good job, Ten."
If you wish to study magic, I can arrange for that.


It has no roads, so flight is the only way to get around.
Also most of the locals prefer eating ponies over talking to them.


"It wouldn't be official, but I think I could make it a part of your payment."


Nevermind. Shake off that idea. Eaglecrest it is.

Maybe Venus could fly me closer to the stars


And so I have entered the realm of the mighty unicorns.
Approach the throne and bow.
"Your grace."



"By the way Nylis any projects you're working on right now?"


"That's a deal then."
She spits on his hoof and offers it for a shake
Better go tell her the plan then.
"Envoy of Trotantium. Welcome to the halls of the Mage King. I've read much of your empire, but never expected contact from them."
You notice there are some hovering trays of fruit and wine moving around the room.


"Huh? U-uh.. No not really. I mean those teleporting arrays and the long range teleporting… thing, were more or less my main range of research. I uh… w-well unless having doors that are somehow consistently powered to ensure a lasting teleportation is possible… but.. but that would take too much energy to keep open for more than a minute."

"U-uh why?"


How… charming.
I'll offer my hoof as well.
"A deal. We leave day after tomorrow, from Wintergrasp. When you're ready to go, head up to the transporter and say that you're working with Waxing Crescent on the King's business. They'll send you through to Wintergrasp."
I'll look at the tracker.
"Same goes for you as well. I'll expect both of you on time, and I'll deliver the first half of the payment then. Agreed?"


"Agreed, boss."


"Oh, nothing much. I just thought, since we have some time to rest, you might be interested in meeting High King Longshanks and learning from him. He personally trained me in my youth and though I've fallen out of practice, I was very good at mirror images for a while. Best part is, they say he's a master of almost every magic field there is. Interested? "


"Until then. See you day after tomorrow."
And with that, head back to Ironfoe. I've got an axe to check on, though I know it's probably nowhere near finished yet.


Rise up again.
"With the passing of late Empress Lavinia XIV and the ascension of empress Lavinia XV, foreign policies have changed. These lands were abandoned by our earth pony ancestors centuries ago, but we did not forget about them. To prevent estrangement from happening, her majesty has ordered for diplomatic channels to be opened at last, and hopefully through that, friendship with the North."



Roll #1 6 = 6


"I- I- Uhhh… I guess? I mean I don't need to bother him if there's a chance to learn from any available books…"


"It's not a problem. Just… do me a favour. See if can find out if he has developed anything new, any contributions to magic. You've developed a lot, but all records say Longshanks has nothing like this to his name. I don't believe that. I'm sure he has something he kept secret.. maybe he'll share it with you. "


Narpa is busy at work
"Sir Crescent? I'm afraid this will take much longer to finish."
"Then why have you come to seek the Mage King, and not the High King?
I take it there is more to this than mere diplomacy."


"I had assumed as much. Just checking in on things. How are the apprentices, Mastersmith Narpa?"


"W- Uhh.. Sure."

"What do you think I should look for? He's not likely to just… SHOW me his secrets because I'm good at healing or anything."


"You are correct. I've met with the High King already, but I did not come all the way up North to confide myself to his retinue alone. I wanted to speak with the other lords of these lands. Admittedly, I was more pressed to visit Rockeye because of the reputation it holds. From what I hear, it is the single most important hub of arcane magic."


"He has shown profiency in almost all fields of magic. Do you think it could be some enhanced learning method? A mind enhancing spell?"


"Well I- uh… I don't know. I- I mean if he has developed a spell that amplifies a pony's ability to learn then I'd want to fully test it out to make sure it's safe not just for short term things…"


"Helpful. They know a lot that I don't, seeing as I'm just a traditional weaponsmith."
We are the single most dedicated, advanced and expansive collection of magical research and knowledge in the north, if not the world. We have expanded our knowledge from arcane and elemental magic to the arts of life and death, the mind, alteration, conjuration, illusion and most other schools of magic. Our academies hold a ceaseless project to research and discover new aspects of magic, and refine our exiting knowledge, as well as integrate it into out everyday life to enable an easier lifestyle for the people.
The mass teleportation arrays of the north are but one tiny fragment of this vast knowledge."
As he speaks, images of the things he speaks of appear as brief mirages around the room, projected to your mind by an unknown force.


"If he's used it on himself, it should be safe."

"… Though one must wonder why he felt a need to keep it secret. Can you think of anything else? "

Rolling for closeness to the truth.

Roll #1 2 = 2


… Nope, that's all I can think of.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Rolling to not gape in amazement for too long.
"I… yes."

Roll #1 9 = 9


"A shame I couldn't be among them, but I suppose I should be happy to at least know how to sharpen my weapons with cutting off a hoof."
I'll shake my head slightly.
"Ah, one thing. I mentioned to king Deep Rock, and suggested to the High King, that the envoys from Trotantine might like to visit Ironfoe. One of them is a smith himself, and he's crafted a golem almost entirely out of mechanical parts. I wager the two of you would have much to speak of together."


Clear my throat when I've regained my composure.
"Clearly, words alone were not enough to justify the magnificence of Rockeye."


"I don't know Verne, If he's been quiet all these years about this higher ability to learn… It might not have worked."

"Uhm… I- well, He's been doing for this long, maybe he's harboring a demon like the other kingdoms. hahahaahahaaa…..hah"

rolling to not spill my spaghetti with that '1d10-1'

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6


"So I would hope.
We owe its continued existence to High King Frostmourn though. Without his efforts to overthrow Eaglecrest, it would have been a simple question of time until Rockeye would have fallen to their assault."
I would gladly meet them as time permits."


"Yes… Eaglecrest. They value physical strength over anything from what I hear. It is good to see the High King's initiative is working out well then."
I pause for a moment, hesitating.
"And what of Equestria?"


"It will probably happen sooner than you think, and while I'm away chasing supply thieves and deserters. I will have to apologize to them for not personally taking them around, but I'm sure they'll do well enough."
I'll look around the forge for a moment, and breathe in the smell of metal, fire, and hard work.
"I'll leave you to your work, then, Mastersmith Narpa. I've a few preparations to make before my team leaves."


"But it did in a way, because his apparent mastery in all magic has resulted. And.. Well, demons are a long shot."

I'll think about that strange choice of words and Nylis later. For now, one more attempt to think things through.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"What of Equestria? They are a far away thing on the other side of Snowborder. We have no contact with them, nor do we share the High King's obsessive fear of them."
"Good hunting out there."



"All we know is that he masters many forms of magic. Or…. appears to have."

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Are you not… wary that their grasp on magic may be more advanced than you think? There is no denying that the two ruling princesses are no ordinary ponies."



"Yea I guess."

"W-well he's not really hoarding much of the rest of magic that's floating around, so uh- don't be disappointed if he's just keeping quiet about a few experiments he didn't want to let others know. Someponies don't like knowing they're capable of failing an experiment.

Oh! W-when did you want me to see him?"


"Yes. Though I'm really just hoping we can found out why they deserted, and who let them into the supply caches."
And I'll head off to make sure my own supplies are in order. Tent, firestarters, blankets, cold-weather padding… Ah, right. And the reward I need to scrounge up. Probably shouldn't have said they were getting paid before I made certain they would be.
Head to the guard station, where we keep the confiscated goods and contraband. Because we've totally got one of those, right?


"Be they what they are, we respect their efforts in the fields of magic. I would personally love to meet their archmage Starswirl."
You do. It was relocated to the Deep Roads earlier because the land route from the south border to the capital was very busy.


Let's check out how much of it is available for repurposing. Coin for payment, a loaner weapon so I'm not just swinging one axe around all day, maybe something I could melt into a badge or medal… '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Of course, your grace."
Looks like not all of the North is so willing to defy Equestria…
"In that case, you must also know of Trotantium's… magical department."


Plenty of weapons to pick from, and there is even an assortment of fake medals that were taken from some peddler trying to pass them off as genuine war medals.
No money though.
"A first hand account would always be pleasant to hear. Books can only teach so much."


"I'll pass a letter to him. I'll tell you when. "

DM can I automate the letter and get a reply immediately?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Oh, uh- ok!

Is uh… is that all?"


Well, the medal works. I guess I can get it engraved with something. He'll be aware it's mostly decorative, though.
As for the weapons, anything magical? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"In truth, as unfortunate as it may be, our dedication to the arcane magics is somewhat… lacking."


A maybe isn't an answer, inventory catalog. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"For now. What's this about demons… everywhere in the North, though? "


"OH! W- welll… uhh.."

Look around, then teleport to someplace quieter with Verne '1d10+3'

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


Only a few.
They were scheduled to be inspected by Narpa when he had time.
"A shame. How have you allowed it to become so?"



"I uh.. w-well it's just that dragon in the underkingdom, then I heard snippets about King Frosty's duel.. a-.. well and Winterbreeze."


Hmm. If the effects haven't been cataloged, probably best not to take them. Could be something cursed. Or dangerous. I'll just take another greataxe, so I've got a pair of them again.
Perhaps a visit to Adviser Foglight is in order. He should have and idea on how much of a reward this job should be…


"Winterbreeze. "

"… I heard a few things. Please, tell me everything."


He should be available >>450674


"We… are an earth pony nation at heart, your grace. When our tribes migrated from here across the sea, our relations with the unicorn tribes were… strained. It wasn't until the great winter came along that we saw unicorns again. Most ponies at home are content with earth magic and divine magic, so the drive to indulge ourselves in the arcane is not exactly high."
Straighten up slightly.
"I think differently, however. I find it a fascinating school of magic."


Knock Knock.


"I- uh… w- well I don't know how much you don't already know, unless Miss Shadow Song didn't tell you anything.

B-but uh, she's spent almost all of her time since we went to school - into researching the Dark Arts, and I think above anything else she's translated the dark tongue and was almost ready to summon a demon.."


"We have had fine earth pony scholars here. Knowledge and power do not look into race. Only into ambition.
So, what of your own skills then?"



".. I trust your counsel on this. Is it safe? For Winterbreeze, and for ud, and you? "

"Please come in."


I'll enter, but stop a moment when I see Nylis.
"I see you're occupied. I can wait until you've finished."


"A-actually she uh.. By King Frostmourn's order she was made to stop with the summoning. I persuaded Breezy into talking before actua- "


Teleport out of there! '1d10+3'

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


We can do a time warp. You come in sometime after


"While that may be the case today, it wasn't centuries ago I'm afraid. Unfortunately, that mindset has been somewhat engraved into our culture."
I bow my head.
"I am a sister of the order of St. Sophia. Trained in both combat and divine magic, your grace."


I'll just back out and shut the door.
The die is cast, it is too late.
But this can be after Nylis leaves.
"Adviser, I was curious. Which should I pull from to fund the expedition to track down the deserters and supply thieves? Would that be under the high king's funding, since it concerns his military, or should this come from Ironfoe's coffers?"


"Divine magic, huh?
A field I've some experience in. Then, I can say that of any school of magic. After all, I know every spell known to Rockeye."


"I haven't kept track of this matter. Please brief me. What deserters and supply thieves? "


"Recently, there has been a rash of desertions, missing ponies, and thefts of supplies from both Ironfoe and Eaglecrest storehouses. There were no signs of forced entry, so they had the keys."
I'll lay out the map marking the spot north of Hardflank and east of Northscrown.
"This is one of the maps recovered from the homes of missing ponies. They all had this location marked. From what I learned in Eaglecrest, they are going there to start something new, what exactly I'm not certain. From the widespread nature of it, I'm assuming it's some form of cult following that's only now decided to surface. The deserters took their family, friends, anyone who'd go with them. So I've arranged a small team, consisting of myself, two Ironfoe soldiers, and two Eaglecrest mercenaries, to pursue and investigate them. We will be attempting to learn why, exactly, they left, and why they chose that particular spot. Any supplies we can recover, we will. The sticking point is who is going to foot the bill, as I promised the two Eaglecrestans payment for their time and talents. They are to be paid half the total reward the day after tomorrow, our departure day, and the rest upon our return."


"… this looks serious. A couple of deserters wouldn't be an issue, but this… is a potentially big scenario. How well can Ironfoe foot this bill?"


"I'm prepared to pay out of my own, not inconsequential wages if I cannot convince the king- viceroy, to do so. Considering that this would likely be considered a 'personal hire', I will likely be who pays for it."


"You will be compensated if the results are notable, if you go that route and pay out your own pocket. I'll make sure of it. If not.. well, see me if you have any trouble. "


"Of course. Thank you for your time, adviser."
Nodding, I'll turn to leave.


"Please stay safe and be well. "


"So I've heard… that is quite the mental library. I can't even imagine the amount of hours of study it must have required."


"it is what I have poured my entire life into. That devotion is what saw me crowned as Mage King."


"Your grace… May I be so bold as to ask you for a demonstration?"


He gently lifts you off the floor
"I am no simple jester.
But perhaps just one trick. Ask away."


Try not to panic.
"I admit I'm not sure exactly which kind of spells you possess… so I'll need to leave the choice up to you, your highness."

Roll #1 8 = 8


Do I have my reply from Rcockye yet?

Asking if Longshanks would be interested in taking a very talented mage as a student for a while.


"As you wish."
You suddenly disappear, and find yourself falling from the sky towards the clouds.
As you plummet, the clouds twist to form the face of Longshanks, who lets out a laugh and opens a hole in the cloud with his mouth, allowing you to fall through it as lighting flickers around you.
The lightning follows you down, forming shapes, patterns, and small dancing critters, which soon ignite into little flames than race past you, ramming together and exploding just before you pass them.
You can see Rockeye down below, closing in fast.
And yourself falling next to you.
And a second you. And a third.
They grab your hooves and smile, spinning you around before vanishing in a cascade of magical sparks.
And moments before you hit the top of one of the towers, a small portal opens, allowing you to fall unharmed, but at no less speed, through the roof, before landing, gently as a feather, back where you started.
"Had enough?"


He says that if proof of remarkable talent exists, he'd gladly at least see them.


I stumble and drop to the ground, terrified by that display and having just experienced freefall.
"Y-Yes, your grace. That was… something."
I gulp.
"I'm not sure what happened exactly, but it was remarkable."


"It was a quaint little mix of teleportation, conjuration, weather control, illusion and telekinesis."


Shakily get back onto my hooves.
"I've never seen anything like it…"
That was scary! Good thing I have a strong belly or I'd be throwing up right here.
"… But I suppose that's what makes you the Mage King."


"Well it was all show and little substance, but I felt you might have liked it better than me simply blowing up a mountaintop or something."


"Right. Thank you, your highness. I appreciate your time and effort greatly."
I bow.
"As much as I'd love to talk and see more, I shouldn't keep you from your duties. If all goes well, we will be seeing each other again in the future for further negotiations."


"Not so fast, envoy.
You've yet to elaborate what Rockeye is to gain from our accepting hospitality of you and the empire you represent."


So, it seems we are already side quest. Would I be headed to the underkingdom now?


Right. I've talked with Verne, checked on things… Now I just need to notify Liviana and Donrick that I can't escort them for their tour of Ironfoe. Providing they're still in Wintergrasp right now.


Guess so.
So… what is our plan?
Liviana is in Rockeye


Wait, alone? The high king, or at least Verne didn't go with her? That's incredibly lax on their parts. I'll take the warp gate to Rockeye.


"Ideally, a formal alliance and new tradepartners, your grace. The North is one of the few known places we haven't been trading with, and we both have resources the other doesn't have."


"We venture forth and uncover the secrets the old king left behind." I smile "Its like the beginning of a good story, well aside from the fact we're on our own, that's usually how a villain's story begins.. But anyway, with the land being united soon there isn't any time to waste, least someone untrustworthy stumble upon something."


Sounds good.


Maybe I'll take my vacation soon.

"Venus, how about that trip to eaglecrest you mentioned? Anything you'd like to do, yourself?"


Welcome there.
She's with Longshanks.
"You admitted your resources of magic are limited at best. That does not sound like too profitable a deal."
"I had some thoughts… a few things we could try again from the old days~"
We trust the guardians have kept the secrets well. Had they not, we imagine the roads would have long since been evacuated.


"Oooh, like, like?"


"I assume you knew the guardians well?"


I'm certain he's taking the opportunity to show off. What I've heard of Longshanks isn't flattering, aside from his array of magic.
I'll sit and wait outside of the audience chamber. Liviana will come out eventually.


By herself? Surely we could have arranged an escort.
Still, I'll sit and wait outside the audience chamber. Liviana will come out eventually.


"That is true, but there is more to life than magic. But I don't doubt for a second that we have the highest production rate of food in the world, which is to be expected of an earth pony nation. We mainly export salt, grain, truffles, oil, olives, silk, linen, velvet, wool cloth, pearls, jewelry, gems, weapons, armor, clothing, gold, silver, iron, copper, incense, marble stone, pottery, wine, ales, ivory, dyes, spices, dried fruits, honey and so on. And while some of these may already be available through other sources of trade in the North, nopony can beat our prices. Nor can they beat the sheer amount of resources we can deliver and the speed at which we do so. Our fleet mostly controls the sea west of here and keeps merchants safe from attempts at piracy."


My my, this does give me ideas. Perhaps this deal isn't as useless as I thought at first."


Herp, east I mean.

"I humbly request you not to look down on my country because we are not as well versed in the arcane… There are plenty of other surprises we hold."


"I do not mean it in any specific insult to you. It is merely how I see the value of things. We have all we need here, and can invent what we think we still may need.
But there is no such thing as enough knowledge.
By combining your fleet and our teleportation arrays, we could create instant transportation across the sea."


"Well, I know I want to do a lot of stargazing.. anything else?"


keep going down in those tunnels, surely I prepared properly, got some basic adventuring stuff like rope and a lantern. "Will we have to fight the guardians?"


I cock my head.
"That is… how, your highness?"


"Depends. Maybe we'll get ideas, being all alone under those stars with nobody to judge us…"
That depends on how he will view us. But first we must get there.
Should I make a separate thread for this?
"Due to the limited range of each teleport array, we needed to establish a network to allow for transportation to any location in the north.
Adding a few extra pylons over the sea would allow for the connection to reach Trotantium, eliminating the need for caravans or transport ships."


I stumble for a moment.
"That is… completely mindbending. Would… Would it truly work? Ships never quite stay in the same location due to the movement of the sea…"


"Anchor them down then."


Up to you.
"Ah, its up to me to make a good impression then. Still If we do have to fight it would be a good test of your new abilities, we'd just be careful not to harm him too much."


"Somewhere out in the open, away from a city, alone under the stars together?"

Nuzzle her.


"Well yes, of course, but the ships will still move somewhat even when anchored."
I tap my chin with a hoof.
"They'll need protection as well, which shouldn't be too much of an issue."


I doubt that will be an option. If he does not accept you as the new king, he has no reason to stop fighting as long as he can keep going.
"Whatever suits your fancy."
She lowers her voice
"Be nice and I might even let you put it in my butt again."
"It may not be entirely safe then.
Unless we built artificial islands."


I nod with a smile.
"That should be possible. Or perhaps multiple anchors will keep the ships stationary enough unless there is rough sea out."


I nod slowly, "Well, I would rather disable him then outright destroy him, but if we must.. Do you believe we will require the crown?"


"A mistake of roughly half a meter can kill someone landing in one of those teleporters.
Then, they are only links, not destinations, so it may be fixable between jumps."
It is the sign of the Underking. It would aid us greatly.


"Alright, I shall inquire the high king about it." and then I went to see frosty.


"Certainly something to look forward to… this could change everything."


"Kilana. Long time no sea, long time no ocean."
"Oh yes. Maybe we might even send some knowledge your way to help you along."


"The empress will be pleased by this development… perhaps she will extend her grace and offer some truly exceptional gifts if this plan works out."


I blink "What do you mean? I saw you just the other day, when you came to our rescue on that TIARA." Does he seem alright? "Although much has transpired since then, is anything weighing heavily on you Frosty?"


"Funding its construction will be a start.
Now, is there anything more I can do for you?"
"I was trying to be humorous.
But indeed, much is going on, and it's messing with my sense of time to a degree."


I smile "Ah, sorry I've been in a very serious mind set lately. Well, I actually came here for something rather serious, I'd like to borrow the underking's crown, so I might explore his old kingdom."


"She will be glad to do so."
I shake my head.
"As I said, I should leave you to your duties. We will no doubt meet again in the future. Thank you so much for your time, your grace."


"What's there to find? They are public roads now, are they not?"
"Knowledge is power. Guard it well."
He waves you off


Should I automate the vacation?


Depends on the amount of shameless ERP you want to do


Power is power…
Bow and be off then. A shame I couldn't see more of his magic tricks… I think Valeriana was here as well? I ought to go check and see if she's doing better than Pumpkin…



S-should I roll


Surprise, I'm waiting outside Longshanks's audience chamber.


Nod at him.
"Waxing Crescent, are you here to see the King as well?"


"I was actually looking for you, Lady Liviana. It concerns your and master Donrick's tour of Ironfoe."


"Were I the underking, I would keep some record, if only to keep myself busy.. Codar tells me that there is a guardian of his secrets below the roads, and that having the crowd will help in the guardian accepting me as its new master, I would like to see what he knows. "


"Oh, do tell. I was planning on visiting there soon."


Eh. Whatever keeps you happy.
…Should I come along?"


"Mostly I was going to inform you, to my regret, I won't be leading the tour, as a minor matter has come up that requires my attention. As I'm not set to leave until the day after tomorrow, I was hoping to arrange someone agreeable as a replacement."


"I'm certain I can handle this, however I will not stop you if you wish to join me and have nothing else to do."


"Perhaps it's better I don't stack more distractions in my life for now…
The crown is in my quarters."


"Ah… that's alright, really. Donrick and I can ask the High King and show ourselves around if needed."


"True, though a guide would allow you easier access to Mastersmith Narpa and the Golemmaster Golden Oats. And I'm certain Viceroy Deep Rock would take it as a personal failing if you were left to your own devices."


I nod "Thank you frosty." I go and collect the crown.


"Well if you have any suggestions, I'll gladly listen. I myself don't know many ponies around here yet."


"Lady Windy Valley might be a good choice, as she is Master Oats' assistant. However, master Swansong might also be a good choice, as he has been restricted to Ironfoe until he recovers from his injuries that he suffered in Timberjaw. I'm certain being useful for something will do wonders for his recovery."
I'll think a moment.
"Vicequeen Venia might also be a good choice, as should lady Valeriana."


"Well… I guess we'll see then. I don't think I've met Lady Valley, but I'm sure it will be fine. Thank you Waxing Crescent. I hope your business will end well. Please stay safe out there."


"It shouldn't be too dangerous, just take far too long for what it is. Thank you for your concern, though, Lady Liviana."
I'll pause for a moment.
"While I'm here, would you like an escort? I've got all of tomorrow to prepare, after all, and it would be rude of me to leave you to your own devices."


"I was going to visit lady Valeriana to see how she was recovering first, and explore the city a little as well. But if you want to accompany me, that would be appreciated."


I'll nod slightly.
"I would be honored."


I smile at him.
"Thank you. You're too kind."


"You flatter me, Lady. I am simply a pony who is making up for not being available for your tour."
I'll bow slightly.
"I trust your meeting with viceroy Longshanks went well? I do recall you expressing a keen interest in the magical achievements of Rockeye at least once before."


"It was… refreshing. He gave me quite the demonstration of his magical abilities. Aside from that, we discussed future cooperation between our nations and perhaps even a improved way of transportation."


"I don't see how you can much improve on the warp gates. Though if they could compensate for movement, I suppose you could put them in less stable areas."
I'll nod slightly.
"Though I'm sure that's something Lady Nylis is already hard at work on, since she never seems to come out of that library."


"From what I understand, their range is limited, which means several of these portals must be linked to cover larger distances. The King thinks it's possible to span a route across the sea this way."


"That's quite an idea. Though why they just wouldn't make them float, like they do the disks, evades me. I mean, the disks are for ponies who can't afford to move over rough terrain under their own power."


"… The disks?"


I'll nod.
"Yes. Rockeye developed a floating disk that can support the weight of a pony. Lady Mistral required one while her spine was growing back, and the High King scooted about on one during his convalescence after his fight with the late king of Eaglecrest. Fighting a pony powered by a demon is no easy feat, especially if you don't have anyone else to aid you."


I'll stay silent after that for a moment.
"How do these disks work? Telekinetic magic of sorts?"
And demons, how interesting…


"I'm not quite certain on the specifics, but they're a self-contained enchantment, so even an earth pony or pegasus could use them reliably. They're mostly used to transport those who can't move themselves, and can't risk rough terrain aggravating their injuries."


"That sounds amazing… and so very useful."
I scrunch.
"We've been missing out too much and this only confirms it further. Ponies back home have considered the North to be a frozen wasteland with no value for far too long."


"Well, not everything is gilded sleighs and wonderful progress. As evidenced in Eaglecrest and Stormheart, demons have been finding their way into the world. The one we ripped out of the former king of Eaglecrest is being kept in a jar somewhere, and if they've any sense they'd be studying it so we can learn their weaknesses."
Or learn to replicate their abilities safely…


I grimace as he mentions demons again.
"Demons… that certainly brings back unpleasant memories."


"I suppose we should be thankful we've only seen two, or wary that there might still be more lurking inside someone. I prefer to go with the former option, as we've enough on our collective plate with Equestria to worry about."
I'll nod slightly.
"My apologies for bringing up sour memories, Lady Liviana."


"My emotions are not that frail. I personally do not have any experience fighting demons in person. Demonology is forbidden in the empire and all who practiced it have fled further east to avoid persecution."


"Still, it was rude of me to not notice your discomfort."
I'll think a moment.
"From what I've seen of them, however, the demons we have encountered provided different attributes to their hosts. Hopefully vicequeen Venia hasn't had the heart destroyed, so we can learn why. And how to more efficiently kill demons in the future without harming their hosts."


"To my knowledge there are spells to do so. Both in the fields of the divine and natural magic. I can't say for certain about the arcane, but I imagine it can't be too hard seeing the other things the North has achieved."


"The druids near Wintergrasp haven't been too forthcoming on that front, to my knowledge, and though it pains me to say we are likely lacking on the divine front. If I knew more about our magical assets, I suppose I would be able to answer you better on this."


I raise a brow in surprise.
"I have to say I'm surprised by that. I thought magic of the divine and nature were both practiced in an equal manner to the arcane."


"From what I've seen, mind you, that is how it appears. I can hardly dare say that I have any real knowledge of the extent of the north's natural and divine faculties. Lady Nylis has made an incredible stride in medical magic with her regenerative spell, and Lady Radiant was one of the louder voices of religion, at least until she left. And you're well aware that Snowborder is not religious in the slightest, unless you count a love of money as a religion."


"It's a cause some would fight for with the same amount of fervor as even the most dedicated paladin."


"True, but at least Sellswords are honest when it comes to why they fight."


I give him a look.
"What are you implying?"


"A lot of ponies like to dress up what they fight for in pretty words and false ideologies, lady Liviana. But in most cases, it simply boils down to greed, or they simply enjoy fighting."
I'll shake my head.
"And some don't even know why they fight, they just do because they are told to. For a soldier like myself, you can see why I would have a certain respect for mercenaries over press-ganged militia or ponies who hide their knives behind silk and lies. The Lordblades are a prime example of the latter type, as they've repeatedly tried to prevent the north from uniting into something that can stand on equal ground with Equestria."


"Say what you want about the lordblades, but they are dedicated and loyal. They'd rather die than be captured and don't hesitate to take their own lives if the situation calls for it. The pony in me resents them, but the warrior in me admires their skills and determination."


NPCs are now available


"True enough. Though with the number of necromancers capable of speaking with and extracting information from the dead, killing themselves would only be doing us favors."


What about that letter Verne sent to rockeye?


You can pop by at any time even without an excuse.


I shake my head knowingly.
"Yes, I've seen the high king's zebra friend at work. Kilana was her name, was it? No matter. I should be going now, I'd like to see if lady Valeriana has recovered well."


"I'll see you there, and then leave you in her care. It has been a pleasure to speak with you, lady Liviana."


That seems a bit rude though.

Try to pull out a Condensed Pylon the size of my leg out through the Magic Hat '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'd like to quickly check if Valeriana is recovering well.


You get a toothpick with some runes on it.
She's available at the captain's office


Hmm… eh.

Head to the Teleporter Array then, Take Winterbreeze along


The captain of the guard? Interesting.
Knock on the door.


Welcome to Rockeye
"Quite a place this. Or so I hear."
His door guards look at you
"What business?"


"But.. we've been here before. Remember? You watched as me and Kila got our casting tattoos."
Head to King Longshanks

…and ask if he's available to speak.


"Liviana of Trotantium here to see lady Valeriana of Wintergrasp. I was hoping to see if she is recovering well from her injuries."


His guards block your passage
"Who are you and what is your business here?"
"Ah, a friend of Valeriana's.
Go on in."


"Thank you."



Roll #1 6 = 6


"I'll leave lady Liviana in your care, then. Perhaps an escort can be arranged for her?"


"I- uhh-h w-well I kinda was uh- was here to see King Longshanks. I-

uh.. I- I'm part of King Frostmourn's retinue."


Valeriana is lounging on a sofa on the sidelines while Captain Highhorn works
"Welcome miss…?"
"She will be safe within our halls. Worry not."
"Do you have some sort of proof? All in the name of safety of course."
Yes you do. Frostmourn has given you all official seals of proof


In that case, I've got more business to attend to. Like making certain I have enough to pay the Eaglecrest mercs.
Back to Ironfoe.


Welcome back.


I bow my head slightly.
"Liviana. I was present in Timberjaw when lady Valeriana was severely wounded."
I glance over to her. Is she still intact unlike Pumpkin?


"I- uh- y-yeah here-e"

fumble around to show the seals I need


She seems perfectly fine, if a bit scarred
"Ah. A rough battle that one. Were you on the TIARA by chance?"
"Ah. Good.
Go right in."


Right. Let's take a look at my available funds. Black Crests get decent paychecks, right?


They do.
Frostmourn also usually pays for any needs his inner circle has.


Well, then I can see about a reimbursement after this is all said and done. Verne seemed to be willing to go that far. So, I'll set aside a fair some for both the mercs, though a little less for the one with the axe, since he's getting a medal out of the deal.


Walk in slowly and slightly bow to Longshanks


That's strange… lucky mare.
I nod.
"I was. It was quite the trial and welcoming battle to the North. With standards of battle set so high from the get-go, it's hard to imagine there's going to be anything to top it."


Seems all set here then.
The mage king gazes upon you
"Nylis and Winterbreeze, is it?"
"Given that I'm a guard more than a solider, just seeing it from afar was more than enough."


Glance at Winterbreeze before answering

"U-uh y-yes King Longshanks. I'm uh- … I- I'm Nylis. And this is Winterbreeze."


"So, tell me what you came seeking here?"


I nod.
"I can't say I know lady Valeriana well, but I've seen enough to indicate that she contributed greatly to the battle. Tied with that fact that I treated her wounds, it was my duty to check up on her."


"Well I- …u-uh I was kinda wondering the same. Y-you see a friend of King Frostmourn wanted me- us, to uh.. to-to learn what we can from you. If that's at all uh… at all possible."


"You have my thanks for aiding her. She is very dear to me."
"So you seek to become my personal students?"


"I- uh… I- I- yes?"


"So, if I may ask, why me and not the academy?"


"So I've heard. I'm glad my skills came to some service to you. I…"
I lower my voice.
"…wasn't entirely sure whether she'd survive or not. Those rocket contraptions were so vicious…"


They look at eachother
She nods
"Truth be told, she did not.
But it was no fault of the rockets. She gave up her life to keep Pumpkin alive.
As I gave part of mine to bring her back."




b-because I still need help with teleporting, a-and healing, and this Regenerate thing. No other places can help all t-that much."


I blink in surprise.
"I… what? Are you saying…"
I look between the two of them quickly.


Tell me more."
They both nod solemnly


"Is it that popular of a magic practiced up North then? I had no idea…"


"It is not exactly popular.
We just happen to be… special cases."


"It- we- uh.. w-well it's a way to regrow lost limbs. But… but I wouldn't say it like that.. y-you see it's not something like what lizards do, uh.. I uh.. I learned this from a pony named Embers who said it was close to what lizards do when they lose a tail or something to get away from predators..

I wouldn't say it's entirely like that.. w-what I had to do was to copy the restorative magic that Heal and Mend did not only to close the missing limb at the base, b-but to copy and mirror an existing limb in order to get a new limb to replace the one lost.

i-if that's understandable."


"Interesting. Mind if I look inside your head for a moment?"



Roll #1 6 = 6


I smile a little.
"The High King seems to keep special cases quite close to his person. Not that I blame him."


"I- w-what!? U-uh… I- uh..

I- I guess? but uh.. O-okay…"

try to relive or rethink those times when I had to use Regeneration '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Longshanks levitates you up to his throne and touches your horn with his.
For a brief moment you can feel him inside your head, and soon the feeling passes
"Aha! Very interesting! Indeed!
This is a fine tribute, good Nylis. If you wish to learn from me in turn, I shall allow it."
"Valeriana and the High King go back further than any other."
"Back before he was even born. hard to go further than that."


"Ah… I'm sorry for my ignorance."
I open my mouth to say something, but close it again as I consider my next words.
"I'm… sorry. Clearly if you had to resort to necromancy, my healing magic failed to help much. Pumpkin didn't tell me he actually passed away for a moment."




"He doesn't know."
"Bringing me a spell I did not yet know of.
Those are rare these days."


"O-oh… uh.. y-yea I'd like to learn from you."


"… Oh."
I cock my head slightly
"Pardon me but… isn't this something he should know about?"


"Then consider yourself a lower echelon apprentice of the Mage King, Nylis of Wintersgrasp."
"I believe he found out eventually."


Now that everything here is in order… I think I'll spend the rest of the day with Windy Valley, if she's free. If she's not, I'll just watch her work a little while before heading to Wintergrasp to requisition a pair of sleighs and the supplies for them.


I'm sure she can get some time off "To be with you~"


"I should speak to him about it… I can't imagine any of this must have been easy for any of you. My condolences."


"We live. That is what is important."


"O-of course."
look at Winterbreeze
"Is it ok if Winterbreeze stays here with me, if- if she doesn't get to be a student that is?"


"Would you rather study together?"


I don't want to pull her away from her work, since it's important. And besides, I wasn't really looking for an all-nighter, just a nice dinner and maybe some cuddling.



So-sorry yes I would."


"I always have time for you. Besides, I do need to eat. Might as well eat together?"
"No need to hide your feelings. I know how you two are."


I'll smile a little, and take off my helmet.
"Yes. Food seems to taste better when you have someone to share it with."


Lower my head
"Uh- r-right. Yea. I'd like Winterbreeze to be here too. Uh

W-what would it take for that to happen?"


"So what part should I start eating first~?"


I nod.
"That much is true at least. Well, I should leave you two be now. Thank you for receiving me here."


"Perhaps I can consider the two of you both my students as one.
I expect you both to be both diligent and capable in your studies."
"Any time."


I'll roll my eyes, and nuzzle her a little.
"The food, you silly mare."


"Of course! Yes!

Uh.. w-what is there to do today?"


"Saving yourself for dessert then?"
"For now, you should move any material you need access to here to Rockeye. If you wish to live elsewhere, that is fine, but I can arrange accommodation for you here as well."


I bow and leave the office.
Let's say I spent the rest of the day taking in the sights and exploring magical Rockeye, before returning to Wintergrasp.


"If anyone here is dessert, it'd be you."
And then we'll go find ourselves a good eating place. We'll probably stay in Ironfoe, since I don't want to abuse the teleport array.


And then what?
Ironfoe is not known for fine dining, but the Black Crests were always served well enough at the palace.


Look at myself
"Uh, right. we can stay here for awhile. Right winterbreeze? All we- I need is some clothes."


Then that's where we'll go.


"And our books. And catalysts. And other stuff."
"Eating at the palace… swanky."


That depends if you still feel like running or not.


Is there something you'd like to do?
I'm still doing this for a while before going to vidya.


"Ahaha, right. Sorry. E-excuse us King Longshanks, if it's alright with you, we should transport our stuff to a room you'd uh… you could provide."


"Ask my aides outside for a key. They will get you a room at the palace."


"Well, I suppose it's a small perk of being a Black Crest. Though I'm honestly not certain I'll be able to still eat here after the transfer to the Northern Lights is finished. I suppose there's Wintergrasp, but I can't shake the feeling that using the teleport arrays for going to dinner just seems… a little wasteful."


There's always that thing you mentioned if you feel like it.


"T-thank you."
Head out there and get the key and where the room will be.


"At least the food's great. So lets enjoy it, huh?"
Do you actually care for it?
"Your room is on the third floor of the palace, ladies. Enjoy."


I'll nod.
"I suppose you're right."
Once I've made certain she's seated, I'll fetch us a meal, and we'll dig in.


"Thank you."

head to the room and try to pull all our stuff through my hat '1d10'

"Are you ok with us being here breezy?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Of course I do, as long as you want to go through with it!


You pull several small items through, but even most of your books let alone stuff like your Pylon Catalyst, her Dark Tongue books or the portable teleporters fit through that.
Sunrise comes poke you
"Hey… Liviana?"
"THIS is what they serve to guards?
It's delicious! I want to work here too!"


Well then head back to wintersgrasp and grab the books and a few portable teleporters then transport them over

then use the pylon catalyst to longrange teleport it to our room '1d10+3'

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


I turn around in surprise and bow quickly.
"Your grace. Is there something you require?"


I'll give a small laugh.
"It's pretty hard work, Windy. And you've got to wear this heavy get-up most of the day."


Well that was pretty easy.
Moving: done.
"I was thinking we could maybe go do something together. Like have dinner… or… go watch the sunset?"
"Alright maybe I'll pass…"


"You make a much better sculptor than soldier, Windy. Besides, I think I can do the fighting for both of us."


sit on the bed of our room
"So what do you think we'll get from this?"


I look a little surprised.
"I… guess so? I'm honored by your request, your highness, but I don't know what would be the best choice here."


"Well I hope we can be equals in other places then."
She finishes her plate
"I thought you had some kind of plan?"
"Maybe we could try a… picnic?
I can bring a blanket so we stay warm."


"W-well I do want to learn, that's why I came here. I need to know if King Longshanks could help me better control some of these spells I have. A-and if you wanted, you could get some help with the ones you know too."


"I doubt he'd teach me more on Demonology.
So… what sort of spells will you ask him to teach you?"


"… Sure. I suppose that's a possibility. It is quite cold outside however."


"Aren't we already?"
And with dinner done, let's retire to my room.


"I'll… keep you warm?"
She smiles a bit
She throws herself on the bed
"You said you wanted dessert?"


"W-well if it comes to anything new, I could ask to see if he has anything that could help me push further with fighting, o-or something that helps speed up healing or just increase speed."

Kiss her on the cheek

"Did you have anything you wanted to learn?"


I look around awkwardly.
"That's awfully considerate of you, your highness. … But I'm not sure if that's entirely appropriate given your betrothal with the High King."


"Ah, but such good things are worth waiting for, Windy."
I'll start shucking out of my armor.
"And there is something we need to talk about beforehoof, though."


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"It's not dead, it's resting"
-Parrot Salesman


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