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Northlands Season 2 - Epidsode 15 DM 429077[Last 50 Posts]

This is the story of a great empire forged from the iron of dreams in the furnace of friendship

Episode 15: Turning Point

Liviana [Templar] 429078

Talkin' diplomacy with a King who can't see reason.
Doesn't Frostmourn have something to add?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429079

"Valeriana, I might have a plan…"

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429080

I put forth the maybe a bit too complicated idea of splitting up, what do people think.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429081

"I agree. And just wait to hear why…"

DM 429082

"Do share."
He seems to be fiddling with a small objects in his hoof

Verne Foglight 429083

Summary of what happened please since I can't really read last thread

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429084

"Split the group. Half will keep moving with the official cover of diplomats, other half will follow in the shadows.
Once we find Rivetstike, our job will be to follow him and discover the true whereabouts of Rampart, if he's still alive.
Then find out his plans, and if need be use them to destroy the rebellion from the inside.
I doubt he's as clean and pure as he claims to be."

Liviana [Templar] 429085

I shake my head and turn back to Craghoof.
"Your highness, I beg you to see reason and take our offer. United, Timberjaw will no longer have to face these issues on its own."

DM 429086

King Craghoof tried to save his nation from economic collapse by replacing the traditional slow, expensive and long-lasting building methods with cheaper, faster ones foreign powers might even want to buy. This resulted in a revolution as the king was seen as a traitor to their ways.
The leaders of the rebellion are the civil engineer Rampart, and his assistant Rivetstrike. The rebels make their weapons based on Ramparts designs, and Rivetstrike speaks to them the will of Rampart, who is busy with his work.
The Royalists said Rampart never wrote anything down, and only kept his designs stored in his brilliant mind.
"I suppose I will lead that shadow team then?"
"You want my crown? Enjoy it. This nation is dead to me.
If you need me for something else, just get me out of here, and I will gladly share my knowledge.
This nation of fools spat in my face when I tried to save them. I owe them nothing."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429087

"Actually, I would feel safer with you watching over the first team."

Liviana [Templar] 429088

I shake my head again and walk over to Frostmourn
"Your highness, with all due respect, could you please make your voice heard?"

Verne Foglight 429089

Motion to Frostmourn to listen close.

"Broken as he is, we could easily put him to work on your project. This still leaves Timberjaw an overall issue, however. Let's stall for longer while we wait for our other team to gather information on the views of Rampart and Rivetstrike."

Has Team Rampart given us any info?

They should be able to use the teleport box to send letters. In fact, I write a note requesting info on Rivetstrike, and drop it into the box.

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429090

Cock my eyebrow.
"would that be wise? Just having her show up out of nowhere?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429091

"She won't have to show up at all.
Incidentally, I might need some experimental magic. Can you fix me up with something?"

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429092

"What do you need?"

Godric [Lord] 429093

I sigh, and turn back to Frostmourn.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429094

Pull out two of the communication crystals.
"Can you enhance this to make it pick up every sound in a room?"

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429095

Take a look at it.
"I'm unfamiliar with this. But I could give it a try."
Try to amplify its arcane harmonic frequencies if possible. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 429096

Valeriana's shadow whispered what they found out to you.
"I agree. I need him to build Northscrown. We should extract him as soon as possible, but that leaves the question of naming a viceroy."
"If he feels he can no longer rule here, who are we to question his judgement?"
Unfamiliar or not, whatever you did, seems o have had the desired effect

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429097

Give them back to Pumpkin.
"There you go. Now what do you mean by having Valeriana lead the diplomat team, yet she doesn't have to show up at all?"

Liviana [Templar] 429098

"How does the line of succession in Timberjaw work?"

Verne Foglight 429099

What did they find out?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429100

"Lead the diplomatic team? No! Just watch over them, for their safety."

Look at the ponies in the room.

"Alright. We need to decide. Who does feel like they have what it takes to lead the fake negotiations?"

DM 429101

"The crown has, so far, been inherited.
I have no heirs."
Pumpkin, care to report in for Verne?

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429102

"I do. Besides I can handle myself if worst come to worst."

Godric [Lord] 429103

I nod.
"It seems we have little choice for now. If you do wish to take the nation though, I would advise finding a solution."

Liviana [Templar] 429104

"Surely there must be a next in line? What happens if you were to come to pass without an heir?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429105

Rampart has 'not been seen' in weeks, TIARA is offline and damaged, Rivetstike speaks for Rampart and probably converts all his original projects into war machines.
We found a box containing blueprints for one of said machines, but this contradicts what we know about Rampart, who's said to never write anything down.
This led us to think Rampart is either dead or imprisonded, or at least kept in the dark about most of what's happening.
Now we outed ourselves as ambassadors for the United North and are about to split into two further groups, one with the role of pretending to drive the negotiations and another meant to sneak inside Rivetstike's base and shed some light on Rampart's fate.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429106

"Pick a team then. And let's start going through what we can and cannot talk about."

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429107

"Fake negotiation team. I suppose I should offer the aid of the united north but tell them I'd first like to learn more about the rebels. And just stall them from there. Giving all of you time to do your job."

Verne Foglight 429108

That means some sort of conspiracy seems to be going on.

So far, there are two contradictions to character here. Rampart, a civil engineer said to hold no ambition for conquest, starting a rebellion, and then these.. plans.

Rivetstrike is highly suspicious. Until we have more of an idea what's going on in the rebel side, we can't do anything but gather info.

Did you get all that, Frosty and Pumpkin?

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429109

"I would like either Nylis or Kilana to come with me though. To read minds."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429110

Give him a flat stare.
"I meant a team to accompany you.
And refrain from mentioning Equestria at all costs."
We can't talk just like this, all that stuff was said in the message we sent over, but then we need it to be relied back by the teleport box.
Nod slowly.
"I'm not sure that's Kilana's field of expertise, but that's up to her."

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429111

"Tht might be hard since it has already been mentioned. Still I suppose I could play that off as mostly a far future scenario, as opposed to the immediate needs of Timberjaw. As for team, I'll leave it up to Kilana and Nylis to decide who to join. I'm sure a shadow of Valeriana will follow us as well, for emergencies."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429112

"Yeah about that… Don't worry too much. As long as the captain makes no mention of it until he's delivered us, we will be fine."

Verne Foglight 429113

That's what I'm sending over.

rivetstrike is highly suspicious. Be on the lookout for him, and other individuals that seem prominent.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429114

-Already on it-

Verne Foglight 429115

Good work.

Rolling for some luck next time I play


Roll #1 9 = 9

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429116

"Sure, I won't start about Equestria and keep conversation about it to a minimum.
I suppose I'll try to at least gain some idea of where they keep their weapons and where Rampart supposedly is, in addition to any other relevant information that might pop up and relay that to you.
How shall we communicate, through shadows?"

Verne Foglight 429117

I would like to use this roll for conceiving some idea for the current situation because I have little time to think things through to quest

Sorry DM and thanks

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429118

"Yes, sadly we don't have the needed crystals."

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429119

"Why did you need me to amplify them anyway? So you can listen in on what we say, I suppose?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429120

"Oh, but only one has been amplified.
The other still subvocalizes.
I will plant it in Rivetstike's private lab to listen in on him."

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429121


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429122

"If this works I'll have to commission dozens of them. Hundreads even."

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429123

"Tell Rockeye to make special 2-way crystals as well. Now that would be really handy. Come to think I might ask that myself when I go back there soon."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429124

"No, this was a two way crystal, Smoldering!"

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429125

"Yes, of course. My mistake."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429126

"Let's try it."

Put the receiving crystal in my ear and the amplified one upon a table.

DM 429127

"All things considered… I believe I may be able to solve the economic problem by having traditional Timberjaw workers work on the United North's major building projects."
"I have appointed a follower if need be.
My chief engineer.

What's our next move?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429128

Testing the bug.
Does it work as intended?

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429129

Say very quietly on the other side of the room.

It works I guess?

DM 429130

Seems to be working

Liviana [Templar] 429131

"Your chief engineer is leading a rebellion against you! Are you saying that the only thing he would need to do to win this rebellion is have you assassinated? What's the point of all these walls and defenses in that case!?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429132

"Looks fine. Thanks Smoldering."
Now, to Valeriana.
"You and me will be on sneaking duty, looks like."

Godric [Lord] 429133

"Do you think you can afford that? Craghoof said himself traditional methods are expensive, and judging by this throne room, needlessly extravagant."

DM 429134

"He was never a warlike pony before… he as a good friend, and more.
But legally, he is still the heir to the throne in the event of my death.
…unless of course, someone conquest Timberjaw before him and changes that law."
"Very well. What's the plan?"
"Consider it an investment. With the grandeur of Timberjaw's works, we can much more easily appeal to Rosefall, who are very rich indeed.
And my coffers are in no way empty either."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429135

"We reach the capital keeping up our little act. Once there, diplomatic team will make contact with Rampart if they can, otherwise trying to get a fix on Rivetstike.
That's where we come in, following our primary target to gain informations that will let us put a end to the rebellion from the inside.
Normal job, no?"

Smoldering Torch [Burninator] 429136

I nod.
"We'll seem supsicious and if there are Lordblades they'll be looking at me. You'll be able to sneak in without detection."

Godric [Lord] 429137

"If you wish, but Timberjaw may take much of it before you see a return on such an investment. The country's infrastructure seems to be in shambles."

Liviana [Templar] 429138

"I can safely speak in the name of my nation and tell you that Trotantium has no such plans. Conquest is not on our agenda."
I bow my head slightly
"That will be all on my part."

DM 429139

"I still need the nation as an ally, Blackmane. Having separatist pockets in the north is dangerous in the long run."
"Sounds good. Let's get to it then."
"Indeed by now I would be relieved if either of you picked up my crown. If I try to change the laws of succession now, it will probably only add more fuel to the fire.
…or perhaps I should just answer with force. I crippled TIARA once, I can do it again."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429140

Do we have something to show as our 'official proof'?"

Godric [Lord] 429141

"You are right, of course.
"The expedient option. Was this achieved with much effort?"

DM 429142

Frostmourn sent you a wax seal.
"I rigged a town square with enough explosives to damage one of the legs, then ordered my artillery to fire on it. We could not destroy it, but we did manage to damage it greatly."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429143

It's just me and smoldering, shouldn't we wait?

DM 429144

Suppose so, yes.

Liviana [Templar] 429145

"I came here looking for alliances and trade partners, not to collect crowns. They are useless to the empress."

Godric [Lord] 429146

"Then now would be a good time to press your advantage."

DM 429147

Frostmourn glances at you with a furrowed brow
"My armies are loyal, but not vast.
I never dared lead an open assault in fear of great losses. But if the United North gave me some assistance…"

Liviana [Templar] 429148

I give him an odd look back.

DM 429149

"We will discuss this later."

Godric [Lord] 429150

I glance at him.

Liviana [Templar] 429151

I frown at him but remain quiet.

Godric [Lord] 429152

"I am here as an adviser at the moment. Should the Northking wish to offer his assistance, I will donate what troops I can."

DM 429153


DM 430616

Frostmourn speaks
"I request a small break so I may discuss the situation with my aides before coming to a conclusion."
Craghoof nods
"Go ahead."

After he has lead you aside, he lowers his voice
"If I give the command, the armies of the North will march against the rebels, Craghoof will become an ally, and with the funds of the North, as well as the numerous building projects, I can end this economic crisis.
Do you see any reasons not to do so?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430617


Are Kilana and Nylis here for the cunning plan?

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 430618

"The only other alternative would be, of course, a peaceful solution."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 430619

"If you can peacefully resolve the matter with the rebels, you'll have more horsepower with which to build, and be regarded as a king who can mend even the most broken relations. It would be good publicity."

Liviana [Templar] 430620

"These are your armies, your highness, I will not argue against your decision. But is peace not an option? What of the other team?"

Kilana [dark artist] 430621

a plan? That sounds fabulous, we should review it between ourselves to be sure we all know what to do.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430622

You know the plan.
We go as "ambassadors, try to find out more about the rebellion and Rampart.
We even have hoof signs.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 430623

"For example, instead of wasting thousands of lives and weakening the nation, we could…"

Pause, then whisper, "Get Rampart to agree to join us, then assassinate Craghoof. All the lands would be unified once again with a single death instead of many."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 430624

what cunning plan?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 430625

"We will follow from the shadows."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430626


Recap of the plan

Valeriana and Pumpkin go alone in the shadows and infiltrate the capital
Meanwhile Smouldering, Nylis and Kilana act as "ambassadors" and find out more.

We need to find out more about Rampart, Rivetstrike and, if possible, TIARA

>Both ears flop - "AMBUSH/DANGER AHEAD"

>Lift left front leg and hold for a sec like pic related - "Lies"
>Lift right front leg and hold for a sec - "Truth"
>Magic is affecting this - scrape the ground with hoof for a sec
>hoof in front of mouth - "not clear. don't say secret stuff"
>point at own eyes - "check for hidden listeners"
>Spin tail for safe.
>and drop tail for a second for 'danger right here'

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 430627

Right, ok then

Kilana [dark artist] 430628

Alright. Smoldering is lead on this, so he should take the seal

DM 430629

"You forget, Domain, that Craghoof is the one pony I need. In him lies the deepest and most profound knowledge of Timberjaw's royal construction methods. And I fear few others could design Northscrown."
"Hmm… yes."
He turns to a nearby shadow
"Valeriana. I need you to relay a message to the rebels. The United North has come to preserve their ways, if they ally with us."
Valeriana stops for a moment, then smiles
"Frostmourn is making new allies."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 430630


Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430631

Turn to Valeriana.
"Really? How so? And does he know about the situation here?"

Kilana [dark artist] 430632

"What kind of details can we give them about the aid we're willing to give?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 430633

"Timberjaw's methods are so arcane and restrained by tradition. Each master engineer and architect refuses to share his knowledge with his peers. Imagine what could be done if they pooled their knowledge… I can think of another regime in the north that suppresses the spread of knowledge."

DM 430634

"Frostmourn asks us to relay this to the rebels: the United North will preserve their ways, if they ally with us.
He plans to use the traditional, enduring methods of Timberjaw for his capital and other important projects, allowing for new money to flow into Timberjaw to save them from the crisis."
"Yet their ways are unparalleled by any in the world."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 430636

"Unparalleled in their niche, which has led them to civil war and bankruptcy."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 430637

"So uh, wh- who is the rebel leader?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430638

"That's good to know.
Still….if Pumpkin is right about Rampart being dead…that might not be as easy as we thought"


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 430639

"I don't like this too much, but hell, Frosty knows what he's doing.
Ambassador team, try to rely this to Rivetstike."

DM 430640

"And lead to the creation of the greatest architectural feats of the North.
Now their knowledge can spread across the North, as can their work."
"Chief Engineer Rampart, and… apparently this Engineer Rivetstrike."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 430641

"That just means that they must gradually be dragged into the light. Just look at how Mastersmith Narpa hoofles it in Ironfoe. That can be our precedent for mass apprenticeships and reducing the cost of the labor by making more ponies capable of doing it."

Kilana [dark artist] 430643

"How can we assure them their ways will be persevered? Does he mean for us to offer force for their army?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 430645

When you meet Rivetstike try to gauge his reaction.
And don't tell this to him in a room with other ponies, it might prompt a quick denial on his part in order to keep control over the rebels."

Liviana [Templar] 430646

"It's understandable that they would try to keep their know-how to themselves. Every artist has their secret tricks to stay ahead of any competition."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430647

I nod.

DM 430651

She sits quiet for a moment, then replies
"Frostmourn will see to it that the traditional methods of Timberjaw will remain in his personal protection, and used with utmost respect to build the places of greatest importance in the north."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 430652

"I simply assert my belief that cooperation is more effective than competition."

"Surely you share my view that the spread of knowledge is a good thing?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430653

"Right. I believe we're ready then?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 430654

"We are. Looks like we won't have to fight at all after all."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430656

"…let's hope so."

Kilana [dark artist] 430657

"I hope they go for it.."

DM 430658

"Knowledge is power, and is to be spread by those who wield it in the ways and amounts they feel they can spread it without letting it become diluted.
For what good is a fraction of a half-truth next to the real thing?"


Nylis [Thaumaturge] 430659

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 430660


Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430661

Let's go.
Take the seal, go back to the captain and let's go to the capital

Kilana [dark artist] 430663

lets give it a try

Liviana [Templar] 430664

"Competition is what usually drives the market. Although in this case, I agree that sharing would be the better option."


Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 430665

Seems like it.

DM 430669

Frostmourn nods to the shadow, then returns to Craghoof
"King Craghoof. The United North accepts your alliance, and will do all it can to return Timberjaw to the glory it deserves. Timberjaw's knowledge and methods will soon become the crown jewel of the North, as they will form the basis of all the North's great feats of architecture from here on.
Starting with the greatest of all. My new capital - Northscrown."
Craghoof sits silently for a moment, thinking.
He then raises a hoof
"I will do it. Once you see this civil war is ended.
Save my people from any more horrors of war, and you will have all I and those who follow me can give."
"Then I believe I will do just that. Can you arrange transportation for us to the front lines?"
"I can."
He turns to the rest of you
"Who wants to go end a war?"
Rebel Team, go shake your groove thing.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430670

I can have muh seal now?

DM 430672

Valeriana passes it to you.
"It should be easy enough to recognize by anyone"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430673

"Thanks. Well good luck both of you. We'll talk soon."

Liviana [Templar] 430674

Put my helmet back on.
"I have prepared for this. Lead and I will follow. Sun protect us all."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 430676

"That is always productive in the right direction."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 430677

Ready to rejoin them.

Kilana [dark artist] 430678

Follow him.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430681

Going back to the captain.

DM 430682

Frostmourn looks over you
"Do you need me along, or shall I head back to the troops and await a signal?"
The captain greets you again

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 430683

Sit and let Smouldering go ahead.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430684

I show the seal.
"We're ready to go to the new capital to continue negotiations."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 430685

follow my group

DM 430686

"Well well… you really are with the High King.
So be it then. I'll arrange transport for us. Meet me out back."

Liviana [Templar] 430687

"Things could get dangerous for you at the frontlines in a war from this scale. I would suggest heading back."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430689

Put the seal in my saddlebags again.
"Let's go."
Go "out back"

DM 430690

An armoured carriage with several soldiers ready to pull it awaits
"Hop on. It's safer than running."
"Entirely true…"
He turns around
"King Craghoof. I will return to my troops and await for a signal. My aides will head to the front line and join up with my advance party to scout things out."
The king nods
"Very well. I will see to it that you get some guards along the way. Both of you."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 430692

"I agree with Lady Liviana. The risks are too great for you to go in and stand in front of their weapons."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 430694

Hop on I will.
Safer to just bail from the room we'll be given than to follow this from the outside.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430695

Hop on.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 430696

"Good luck, Your Majesty."

Liviana [Templar] 430698

"Stay safe, your highness."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 430703

"If all goes well, you will never see danger, you highness."

Kilana [dark artist] 430706

might as well jump in..

DM 430707

"Go win us a war."
He retracts his wings and walks out
The carriage pulls off as soon as everyone is on board, and the captain explains the situation
"Our new capital is located near where TIARA rests. Rampart and Rivetstrike have been working feverishly to repair the damage done to it."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430708

"I trust it will be operational again soon?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 430709

And I guess we'll go.
I'll look to Liviana and Godric.
"So… who's going to do the talking?"

Liviana [Templar] 430710

"We represent two different nations. Both will need to speak up at some point."

DM 430711

"So far we've had no word. They have called the elite teams to guard it, so it remains safe from any sabotage attempts, and the entire area it is housed in is trapped to deter even suicidal royalists."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 430712


Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 430713

"Wonderful. I am no diplomat, so that likely leaves the burden to fall to Viceroy Blackmane."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430714

"That makes the new capital more like a large military base than an actual city then."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 430719

"Must have been a pretty heavy attack, to knock out something that sounds as powerful as this machine of yours…"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 430720


Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 430727

"Or you, master Id, though I thought you were mostly in the fields of research instead of diplomacy."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 430729

"I spoke for the frontal team when we went to the mansion. I'm well-equipped for it."

Kilana [dark artist] 430731

"Sounds like a harsh place to work." I comment.

DM 430732

"In times of war, those two become hard to define I'm afraid…"
"They know their duty. They chose to serve there."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 430733

"Then far be it from me to supplant you."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430736

"Will we be able to talk to Rivetstrike or Rampart?"

DM 430739

"That might be a struggle, but you are important visitors…
I will do my best."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430741

I nod and look out of the window a bit while we roll.

Kilana [dark artist] 430743

"Thank you." I say and listen quietly for sounds outside. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

DM 430747

The entire carriage suddenly leaps violently upwards and to the side, your ears ringing from a deafening blast

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430752

Get up and see what's going on.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 430753

Well fuck.
'1d10' to escape out of here. Identify the source.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Kilana [dark artist] 430754

Owch, I rub my ears and straighten out. my raven's been pretty quiet, did it get hurt in that bump just now?

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 430756


Inure from the deafening sounds! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

DM 430758

A few hundred yards away. Five ponies.
One with a still smoking launcher. One carrying another, who is missing a leg.
Your ears still hurt
The entire front of the carriage is a red mess, and there is a large hole in the ground.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 430759

So uh…

What became of us?

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430760

Is the captain still okay?

Liviana 430763

There's only the two of us left. I assume we'll continue next time

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 430764

I wonder if this is gonna work.
Take the rifle.
Hit the pony with the launcher.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Kilana [dark artist] 430765

get out of the carriage. whose side are the ponies on? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

DM 430768

He looks shaken up, and is digging around the mess for his own weapons
Beyond all the dust and smoke it's hard to tell
You have a few guides waiting for you near the gates
"To the front, then?"
You heft up your launcher and aim down the sights. Once you are fairly certain you got it right, you fire.
However the punch of the rocket knocks you down, allowing the target to try and avoid your amateurish shot
'1d10' dodge roll

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 430770

"Ugghghh.. I need a helmet. Or something to muffle from those explosion sounds."
rub my hears and wait for the others

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 430771

"Indeed, I believe so."

DM 430773

However his dive is too late, and the blast tosses him into the air as a huge dust cloud envelops them
Follow us then. It's not as far away as one might think."

Pause soon, or now?

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430775

I look to where Pumpkin is firing.
Homing Magic '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 430777

Anytime you're ready.

I have a quest of my own to run, so I'll leave it up to Groves.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 430779

Solve combat first?

Toss the launcher aside and charge towards them flying quick and low, using the cloud of smoke and the snow on the ground to cover me.
Catch up with them, Stealth.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Liviana 430781

I think we should wait for Gaius, Nopo and Fidget, so yeah.

Kilana [dark artist] 430785

I'll try to fire an arrow at the pony with the rocket launcher. '1d10'
"get flying, attack those nationalists." I order the bird. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 8 = 8

Kilana [dark artist] 430786

but if you're tired okay..

DM 430789

Somewhere along the line
Something went very, very wrong.
Because those motes look really big.
And they are headed right for you.
Wait what the hell is that light chasing you?
As you pull the string, you realize there is a screaming bolt of light coming at you
The bird flies off before it hits


Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 430791

Oh shi-
Jump the fuck away '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


But I have expert on stealth!
I dunno, but I'm sure as hell gonna try and outfly it.
Right into the enemy lines.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Kilana [dark artist] 430796

get away from that thing. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 432005

Despite Kilana getting a burning scrape, the rest of the motes focus on Pumpkin, who rushes ahead of them, charging into the group of ponies who are trying to patch up the one who was hit by a rocket moments earlier.
The motes lock onto the near warm bodies, slamming into them and knocking them over, while Pumpkin comes to a halt on the other side.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432006

Turn around and level my blades to anyone still standing.
If there is anyone still standing.

Donrick [Smith] 432007

I think I fazed out for a bit

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 432008

If they're not firing back anymore I'll go over there and see wat they're up to.

Godric [Lord] 432009

So our group is off to the front? What did we decide on?

DM 432011

'1d4-1' of them are still standing
2 are badly wounded
The rest are down
King Craghoof has given you an escort to reach the front, while Frostmourn has returned to the Deep Roads to spread the news.
You may arrive at will.

Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1

Donrick [Smith] 432012

What news?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432013

"Weapons down. Now."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432014

Burning scrape eh? Heal that! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 432017

Get ready to blast that one left if he makes one wrong move.

Liviana [Templar] 432018

I'm good to go whenever.

Godric [Lord] 432020

Very well. To war!

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 432028


DM 432031

Just a magical burn. Entirely within your power to heal.
If you fell asleep during the fateful political meeting, try asking for a recap.
After about an hour of running you reach a border patrol
"These are the first of the United North's vanguard, here to meet their scouts on the other side."
"Right. We'll take them from here."
The border guards look you over
"…this is the vanguard of the United North?"
The last remaining one looks at you, and his groaning squadmates
"…damned rebels… what do you want of me?"
He reaches for a bag dropped by one of the wounded

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432036

Throw a dagger at the bag, to take it off his hooves.
"First I want you to stand very still."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Donrick [Smith] 432038

That's just what I asked for.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 432039

"Surely an engineer can appreciate that wars are won by hearts and minds – not just by swords."

Liviana [Templar] 432044

"To an extent."

Diplo talks. We're going to try and get both sides on our side. Craghoof needs money to keep his nation from going bankrupt, as was expected.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 432046

Fire an arrow right next to bag. '1d10'
"I wouldn't do that."

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 432047

Why do you ask the gods, and not those who were present?
You both miss just barely, and he opens it.
It contains medical supplies
"They are going to die! Don't you care?"
"That's not my place to judge. All I know is that Rampart was once a great pony, and now his machine is crushing our cities to dust."

Godric [Lord] 432050

"Conviction often needs steel to back it though."

"You disabled it, correct?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 432051

"Then time is of the essence. Where can we be of service?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 432052

"Well forgive us for being cautious, you do realize you nearly blew all of us up, right."
I simply look while he administers that aid.

Donrick [Smith] 432056

So friends with everyone?
"Such a nice tea party this will be."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432063


Liviana [Templar] 432065

"I would much rather have a tea party than a bloodbath."

DM 432068

"Disables, but not destroyed. And it took a shelling that would have leveled an entire block…"
"You said you were going to meet your forward scouts? We can get you there and keep you as safe as possible along the way."
Yeah, sure it'll be that easy.
"The sergeant can be like that… He's suffered much. He has… little tolerance left. For anyone."
He tries to soothe the bleeding officer, a jagged shard of metal lodged in his flank from Pumpkin's rocket, and much of that side burnt bare of fur or uniform
"…I asked him not to. But it wasn't my call to make."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432069

"Nobody told you not to make sudden motions while under swordpoint unless you are ready to kill?"
"Nylis! Help stabilize them, please."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 432071

"Then we should move, soon. Shall we?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432075

Use mend on the wounded '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Godric [Lord] 432083

"Well then we had better make haste."

Donrick [Smith] 432086

Does Chell have the sarcasm module installed?
I think she does.
So she'd get it.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 432087

"I hope he loses that trigger hoof quick or I'll burn it off him."

DM 432089

"Let us be off then."
Roll for a safe journey
Their wounds grow shut swiftly, the bleeding stopping, and the less mangled ones sitting back up
"Now what? Are we prisoners again? Or would you rather just execute us here?"



Roll #1 9 = 9

Donrick [Smith] 432092


Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #1 9 = 9

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432095

"Not my call to make.
Sure it was smart to attack a convoy, when you had wounded amongst your ranks."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 432099

"If we were going to execute all of you, then we wouldn't wait until you got that sergeant of yours mended up now, would we?"
I turn and walk back to the rebel captain.
"They've surrendered. What are we going to do with them.?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432105

Pull out more medical supplies for the medical pony! From my hat! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 432110

The border guards know their job, and nothing remarkable happens along the waHOLY SHIT IS THAT A BLOWN UP CARRIAGE?
"I. Told. You.
The sergeant can be like that. Loss does that to a mind. Not that you'd know anything of that. All you seem to want is an excuse to pillage and destroy, rebel scum."
He shakes off the rest of the dust on him
"Well first we need to find out who they are exactly."
You pull out a canister of laughing gas.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432111

That works too

"Uh, h-here you go."

Donrick [Smith] 432113

"Chell, check that carriage."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432114

Go near him and help him patch up the wounded.
"Don't be like that. Not for my feelings, but because going around insulting your captors is a terrible move.
Focus on getting home alive, alright?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Not exactly a strange sight in a nation at war, I'd imagine.
Any wounded?

Roll #1 10 = 10


Can I tell what it used to be?

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 432126

There are several dead, what seems to be a mildly bashed up officer, a few Royalist soldiers, and the rest of your allies.
Your escorts pull weapons
"…what's this?"
As you kneel down by him, the captain pulls his sword

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 432130

Do I see Frosty and company up there?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432133

"I- …I don't.. know."


Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8

Donrick [Smith] 432136

Weapons at the ready.

Liviana [Templar] 432140

Unsheathe my sword.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 432144


Roll #1 9 = 9

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 432148

"Rebels? Aren't those United Northponies?"


Slide down slightly, shoulder lenght, and with a nudge unsheate just barely the old dagger resting upon it, use it to parry the blow.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Godric [Lord] 432151

"Are you sure?!"

DM 432157

The escort looks at you with disbelief
"THOSE are your scouts!?"
"That one has a Rebel Captain's uniform!"
You pull the weapon off one of the royalist escorts and it lands near you
The rebel captain kicks open a compartment on the carriage and pulls out a launcher, aiming it at the new arrivals

Donrick [Smith] 432159

Chell, Cheap shot that idiot.


What the.
No! Throw the dagger, doesn't matter if it is the special one.
Right on the launcher!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Liviana [Templar] 432163

Take him down non-lethally with Slam.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 432165


DM 432168

The launcher jams from the dagger embedding itself in the trigger, and you take the captain down in a swift fashion

Godric [Lord] 432169

"Some of them, yes."

"I take it your mission was successful up to now?"


Walk disgusted up to him and take my dagger back.
Where the hell, why is everypony here.
Go to Frosty.
"What happened?"

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Godric [Lord] 432171

He left.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 432172

Go to the captain.
"Those are other ambassodors sent by the United Northlands, you were about to trigger a major diplomatic incident, captain, luckily we intervened."

Liviana [Templar] 432173

Frostmourn left.

"Calm down, captain."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432175

Well crap.
Let's say I go to Godric instead.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 432176

"Breakdowns in communications seem to cause most of the woes of life…"

DM 432177

"Then why in the twin hells of Tambelon and Tartarus are they being escorted here by Royalists? I thought you were going to resolve our issues, not hand us over to Craghoof's corruption of a platter!"

Godric [Lord] 432180

"Craghoof has lost faith in his people, since they refuse to believe the country is on the verge of collapse. He has pledged support and expertise for the opportunity to work on your capital. The Emperor has taken the Deep Roads back to relay word to your army and is awaiting a signal.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 432183

"I'm not quite sure myself captain. But I can assure you that preserving the traditions of Timberjaw is our first priority and I can assure you as well, that these royalists will not take any rebels captive, just like you won't take these royalists captive, for the moment."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432184

"We have a possible diplomatic solution, everything relies on Rampart actually being alive.
Good thing you brought Id along.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 432185

"What a coincidence. We've just returned from convincing King Craghoof to uphold the traditions of Timberjaw if peace can be obtained."

DM 432187

The Escort and the wounded squad converge on the sidelines
"Down? Well. Of all the unlikely encounters…"
"We thought you were killed in action"
"Not killed, not yet. Just captured. Froth got blown up pretty bad. So did the sergeant."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 432189

I'll stay with the rebel captain for a moment, ensure he doesn't do anything rash.
"How are your men captain? Do they need aid as well?"

Godric [Lord] 432190

"Have you not met with him?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432193

Shake my head.
"Nobody in the whole resistance has, since weeks. We reported that to you earlier, didn't we?"

DM 432197

"Not much left of them to save…"
"So that's the game then. He holds our ways hostage to get his crown?"

Liviana [Templar] 432198

This is all very confusing. Luckily I don't need to get involved, so I'll just observe these Norses doing their thing.

Godric [Lord] 432200

"Possibly. Apoparantly Royalist intelligence is lacking, since they still think he leads the rebellion himself. Their campaign has stalled to a halt ever since they disabled his war machine."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 432201

I take a look at their corpses.
"….I'm sorry."

Donrick [Smith] 432203

Back again

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432207

"Now that you are here the whole thing will go down much smoother."
Move over, back with the others, reappear like nothing happened.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 432210

"It sounded to me like he was conceding your only demand."

DM 432219

"It's that trigger happy sergeant who will be sorry!"
"…This is an unexpected development indeed…
Can you let go now? We can keep going, but the royalists need to turn back. If I bring them anywhere near the settlements, all hell will break loose."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432222

Nod to the others to release the loyalists.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 432224

"I think the way he's bleeding out half his gut might be reminder enough for the rest of his life.
And of course, it would be inappropriate for royalists to follow us further."

Godric [Lord] 432227

Watch him go, then turn back to the discussion.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432242

Well this interesting.. call my bird back. and check myself for damages. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

DM 432268

"What, admiring yourself now? Trust me, there's enough on you to eat for days."
The Royalists regroup and the escort patrol help the wounded along
"Good luck out there."
"Return with peace."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432277

"I suppose we should bury the dead first."

Liviana [Templar] 432278

I nod
"We should."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432280

"Just making sure I'm all there. You might try it sometime, keep your feathers in order." I smirk "By the way, I've come up with a name for you: Anzu."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432283

"You guys came back faster then I thought."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432284

"perhaps they will want to bury their own dead? We've only visitors here.."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432286

"Well of course, but we can help right?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432288

"I don't know Kila… A hoof is always needed."
Look at you with a sad expression.
Nod at this.
"If the captain has nothing against it…"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 432290

Trot over to Kilana.

"It's good to see you're still in one piece."

Godric [Lord] 432291

"Yes, of course."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432296

"If they would like our help…" I look to the captain.
"Or perhaps our time is better spent preventing more deaths?"
I nod "Of course. I'm able to look out for myself, but we weren't in any real danger it seems.."

Donrick [Smith] 432297

Damn autoupdate

Trot up.
"Some trip this is."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432299

I smile "Its nice to see you so soon"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 432303

Chuckle. "Nonetheless, you wished me safety when I left for the capital, and we had nothing but diplomacy there."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 432307

Return it. "The sentiment is shared, I assure you."

DM 432321

"Gesundheit. Now what was the name you had in mind?"
The captain looks over what remains of his comrades
"…thank you. Burial is a luxury in these times."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432325

I help with the burials in silence.

Godric [Lord] 432326

"Quite. War makes casualties of all kinds. Is there some rite that you perform?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432332

"Not the first time I have to do this."
Let's start digging.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Help them out.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432348

I smile "I'm glad you had such good luck."
""Anzu", "It sounds loud, and bird like. I think it fits you."
'1d10' well I dug as well as anypony I guess.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432349

I suppose I'll lend a hoof as well.

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 432375

"Usually we busy them in mausoleums. Many build their own.
You know. Make in life a legacy that outlives you. That sort of thing…"
The captain seems to have lost all the previous fire in his eye and is now just silently guiding you through the motions of fashioning a makeshift resting lace for his comrades from the carriage and nearby rocks.
"This is not the Timberjaw way… this… destruction. For all our history we have made things. Magnificent things that will outlast us all… and now… we are blowing them up… crushing them down…"

Donrick [Smith] 432380

"Maybe you should stop the civil war then."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432381

I will just keep burying.
"Were these ponies faithful to a god?"

Liviana [Templar] 432385

"War is a terrible thing. It does not discriminate what it destroys."

Godric [Lord] 432386

Get to digging.
"Destruction brings with it the hope of a new start from zero. Even the mightiest oak eventually falls to the passage of time."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432388

I'm not the talkative kind, just dig dig dig.

DM 432396

"If you wanted a name that was loud and birdlike why didn't you name me Your Manestyle?"
"We don't ask that. It is a private thing."
He shoots you an angry look
"It isn't that simple, you idiot!"
"Not since our founding have we ever had to begin from nothing…"
"Aye… but at the time… it felt like such a necessary thing."

Donrick [Smith] 432399

"Did you try telling both sides that you are only destroying? I'm pretty sure they would stop if they think like you."

DM 432411

"Bah. I should not have expected you to understand."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432412

Doesn't matter then.
Say a prayer to the moon for them all.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432413

I look at Donrick and hold my hoof on my mouth.

Donrick [Smith] 432414

"I'm a craftsman myself.
Of course I understand."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432415

And I'll be there as well.

Godric [Lord] 432417

"Then it is a unique opportunity for you. But you couldn't have expected your lands to escape this war unscarred, especially when you unleash such a god of destruction yourselves."

Liviana [Templar] 432418

"We never seem to realize our mistakes until we face the dire consequences of them. Take heart out of the fact that you are not alone in this world, captain. As divided as ponykind may be, we still share a common heritage."

DM 432420

"And the closest you've probably known to conflict is deciding which desert to eat."
"Looking back, I wonder more and more how it seemed like a good plan at the time."
"…we should get moving. With luck, this was the last of the losses we need to suffer."

Liviana [Templar] 432423

"Let's. Lead the way."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432424

"Let's move then."

"Looks like we might make it one piece after all."
I grin.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432427

Stand up and get myself in order.
"Yes, let's move."
Shoot him a glare.

Liviana [Templar] 432430

"Don't sell the bear skin before killing it…"

DM 432432

Shall we continue or pause?

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432434

I'd like to continue.

Liviana [Templar] 432435

Why pause?

Godric [Lord] 432437


You flagging?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432438

If you have to sleep do pause, but I'm alright with continuing.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432441

"I see.. well, maybe its not necessary anymore."

"You're not close to that pretty, won't work at all. How about I call you.. Iris. "

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432442

Guess that was sort of innappropriate.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432446

Well, I just got here, so I could go either way.

DM 432447

Alright, let me go grab a drink and we'll travel to the New Capital.
Feel free to banter and help Donrick catch up

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432449

a pause would be okay. I need to eat something

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432452

"What happened in the Unbreakable City?"

Liviana [Templar] 432468

"We climbed a lot of stairs, then met with King Craghoof for some diplomatic talks. Eventually we came up with a solution for the issue at hoof."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432483

"I'm surprised the King was this open to negotiations. But the better I guess."

DM 432484

And I'm back.
Ready to move on to the new capital?

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432488

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432491

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432492

By the moon, yes.

Godric [Lord] 432493

"He is weary of this war and sees no future in the country. He all but gave the throne away when we arrived."


Liviana [Templar] 432494

"He just wants the best for his nation."


Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432496

I cock my eyebrow.
"Really now?"

Godric [Lord] 432511

"Yes. Timberjaw's relentless building and expensive overdesigned works have devoured the nation's treasury."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432512

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432516

I shake my head.
"I don't think our rebels will want to hear that."

DM 432517

"This way…"
"Rest ye well my friends… rest ye well…"

The New Capital. The name is a working title.
Quite frankly it looks plain and unremarkable. A stone town slightly above average in size. Most of it seems untouched by war.
The only remarkable landmarks seem to be a fairly large communal hall, and a heavily guarded gate leading to a road out of town.

Godric [Lord] 432530

"What they want is immaterial in the face of facts. They are the ones who want nonstop building."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432533

Why not call it Old Town?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432535

"When will we meet with Rampart?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432536

"Well, it's certainly not as grand, but it does seem sturdy."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432542

"Right. Where does Rivetstrike live?"

DM 432543

"I'll need to go and see when he or one of his aides will be available.
I'm sure the news I bring will hasten the process."
"That it is. Solid tradition older than any of us. As unbreakable as the mountains."

DM 432547

"Rivetstrike, much like Rampart, sleep in the building yard as they repair TIARA. It lies beyond that checkpoint."
He motions at the guarded gate

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432548

"Where are we going to stay in the meanwhile?"

Godric [Lord] 432549

"We anxiously await an audience with him."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432551

"But even a mountain can be worn down with time and effort."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432556

"I don't suppose we might meet him there?"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432564

Stay silent for now.

DM 432567

"You can ask for shelter at any house, but the Gathering Hall might be your best bet."
"I will do everything I can."
"Aye. Unless you build a new mountain atop it, as we do."
"Securing you access there might take me a while, but once I know more, you will know more.
I will see you soon."

He heads for the checkpoint

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432568

Look at the rest.
"I suppose we could take a look around while we're waiting."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432570

"Very well."
Nod to Valeriana.
Time to hide and follow the captain.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432582

"hey bird brain, now you can make yourself useful, go fly around and tell me what you see." I whisper to my raven.
"Yes, we should take a look around.. he mentioned a gathering hall, maybe we can start there?" '1d10+1' for looking around

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432583


Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432585

"That might be our best bet."

Godric [Lord] 432590

I frown.

"Very well."
I head in that direction.

DM 432602

You and Valeriana slip into the shadows and trail the captain.
The checkpoint keepers question him for a while, demanding to know his business and the reason for this urgency, before letting him in and sending a message ahead of him.
Inside the gates is a short road that leads to what seems like a second, smaller town.
The gathering hall consists of a lobby, a large main hall, a wide rafter of a second floor, and side wings that house individual rooms. Parts of it have been converted to house refugees. Nobody seems to be around to greet you, but a piece of paper is laying around on the floor, and you can hear someone rummaging around upstairs.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432607

Pick up the piece of paper.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432608

Well, here's hoping he doesn't keep us waiting too long.
"What have you got there?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432611

Nod to Valeriana, tell her to send a shadow ahead and check on the messanger.
I will still follow the captain.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432612

Do those refugees have food? Can I pull food from my hat? Hat pls '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432621

go upstairs.

Godric [Lord] 432626

Peer over at it.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432630


DM 432636

They have something, but not a whole lot.
Oh look! Food!
Rolling for food quality
Someone is muttering something in one of the rooms, tossing items out the door
It appears to be a letter or list of some sort.
The captain moves through the town, looking a little confused, as if he did not know the way.
But soon enough it becomes clear enough where he needs to go. It must be that big building at the back.

Roll #1 1 + 6 = 7

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432641

go over to them. "hello there."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432645

Well can I read it while holding it up with TK? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432654

What is that building in the first place? Don't tell me that's… TIARA?


Walk around inconspicuously… or at least try to do so in this suit of armor. Just observe this place. Any civilians around? Kids?

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 432669

No, because you are holding it upside down.
And behind your head.
And the writing facing away from you.
Do you even know how to read?
Roll for literacy.
After kicking down a door and announcing that Trotantium has sent you to claim this realm, you realize none of the brooms in this closet are impressed by your bravado.
To drive the point in, one of them falls and bops you on the nose.
He hops around
…have you seen a letter by chance? I was supposed to deliver it but I seem to have… misplaced it."
No, of course not, you big silly.
That's one of TIARA's legs.
You just didn't see the other five from there.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432671

That's bullshit. I'm a researcher of course I know how to read. I've read many books.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432672

"Did they strip down a whole piece of their kingdom just to build that?!"
Keep following, in the shadows.

Godric [Lord] 432678

I'll just pluck the letter off him and read it the normal way then.


Wince and put the broom back, blushing as I close that particular door.
"… Right."
Let's try that again, shall we?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432681

Gross! All moldy n' shit. Try and get better food! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432694

"A letter? Uh.. there was a piece of paper on the ground downstairs, could that be it?"

DM 432706

So it seems.
Guess you just had a brainfart moment.
Want to try reading it again?
Lots of eyes watch the captain as he travels the streets.
And most of those are the keen eyes of soldiers.
Finally he reaches the edge, and another checkpoint, where he leaves his weapons before he is allowed to enter TIARA's repair site.
That's more like it.
There is even plenty of it.
Most everyone looks like a civilian here. Only a few guards, and most of them stick near the exits.
A few kids are playing outside.
Repairs proceeding ahead of schedule
Succession prep complete
Will send more schematics when possible
Plan A still in motion
Plan B prep in motion
Plan C TBS, hopefully remains TBS
Estim. completion: six weeks
"It fell downstairs? Oh. No wonder I couldn't find it. Thank you kindly."
He heads down to find his letter.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432714

Slip past.
If simply moving past is impossible, wink past in a safe location and hide once more.
'1d10+1' expert on it.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432717

Sure. But it seems Godric already read it.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432718

Find a clean table and pour the food onto it. Then serve the food to those refugees

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432721

"You're welcome.." I look around up here. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Godric [Lord] 432724

"Hm. Interesting, but no context."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432729

"Care to share with the rest of us?"

Liviana [Templar] 432732

Surprising. That civil war seems far away now. Rejoin with the party.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432733

"All sorts of plans.
Some sort of repairs, maybe…TIARA repairs?"

Godric [Lord] 432749

Show it to him.

"Probably, especially considering the level of organization. Timberjaw does everything by blueprint, apparently."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432754

I'll look it over.
"Which is odd, because Rampart, as you know, never kept blueprints. Everything was in his head."

Godric [Lord] 432762

""True. So how could they even hope to repair it if it is so damaged?"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432764

"Maybe Pumpkin is right with his theory after all."

DM 432766

Valeriana provides a minor distraction allowing you to slip in
There are some guard patrols here, and what seems to be entire batteries of launcher tubes aimed at the sky.
Not that there is much sky to see. Just the imposing colossus - TIARA.
And below her mighty legs, several buildings have been erected to house engineers, guards and supplies.
The captain is stopped by a pair of guards who begin to question him.
Several flock to you
"Oh? Is this for us?"
"I don't think I've seen you around… are you new?"
A pony runs down from upstairs
"Ah! My letter! You found it!
Thank you. I'll be taking that."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432769

"Either they extracted the plans from him and recorded them, reverse-engineered it, or killed him and employed a necromancer to force the secrets from him."
I'll quiet myself as he shows up, and float it back over to him.
"You should be more careful with your missives. Who knows who could pick them up."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432772

Move close enough to listen in.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432773

"You're welcome. I hope your repairs go well."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432774

Nod my head 'yes'
"Uhh, k-kinda."

then teleport back to the party '1d10+3'

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432780

find a window and look outside for my bird to come back. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

DM 432801

"-the High King?"
"Aye. The High King. Now let me pass. I need to speak with Rampart."
"No can do I'm afraid. He's busy."
"Well what of Rivetstrike then?"
"…I'll see what I can do."
One og the guards heads to the central building under TIARA
Ah, I see, you must have seen TIARA outside.
Don't you worry. She'll win us this war soon enough.
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to co transcribe this."
And before they can even thank you, you are gone and back among friends.
He sits down in your mane
"You need to trim this bush some day. I could make three nests up here."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432806

Nod Valeriana to stay here and follow that guard.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432807

I don't need no thanks for that.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432808

"Go ahead."
When he's gone I say.
"We need to find out what those plan A,B and C means."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432810

"And RS must be Rivetstrike but who would WH be"

Liviana [Templar] 432813

"Rivetstrike? Who is he?"

Godric [Lord] 432818

"Odds are they are behind the guarded gate."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432821

"The second in command under Rampart but he sort of leads the rebellion since nopony has seen Rampart for some time"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432823

"Second-in-command of the rebel forces, I believe. Under Rampart, and the one acting as his mouthpiece. Or so he claims."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432824

"Would but I left comb in that last explosion, did you see anything interesting?"

Liviana [Templar] 432829

"That's more than a little suspicious…"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432831

"Wait a minute."
Send more schematics when possible… It couldn't be…
I go looking for that pony. Where did he go.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432839

"Now you see why the forward group was assuming Rampart's death or inaccessibility. If we're lucky, he'll still be alive. If not, well, Lady Kilana can speak with him."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432843

By the way is there a shadow near?

DM 432844

As he enters the building, you see a small hovering machine with a familiar looking gem lens on it.
You need to maintain stealth at MIN5 to remain undetected by it while in here.
Inside, a pony is feverishly working on something on a bench, with an assistant running around, bringing him stuff, while another watches from the side, taking notes.
"Engineer Rivetstrike! Big news!"
"This town is all civilians, but the next one over past that big gate is all soldiers. And they have a big machine in there."

DM 432845

"Need something?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432850

Slide by that table, place the modified communication get and be off!

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432851

"I'm not sure. But I found a letter that mentioned they would send more schematics soon. Maybe I found the guy who's been sending these letters. I'll try to interrogate him."

"Come with me upstairs, we need to talk to that pony. Now."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432856

"And we're not sending a shadow in because…?"
I'll still follow along.

Liviana [Templar] 432857

"Lead the way."

Godric [Lord] 432859

"What do you need us for?"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432862

I stop.
"I'm not sure if he's aware of the importance of that letter…we need to know where he's sending it but sending a shadow immediately seems overkill."

"Just in case this goes bad."

DM 432866

The drone whirrs and turns in the air.
Escape without raising an alarm: MIN5
Escape without them finding the communicator: MIN6
I will relay the info

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432869

Let's hope that place is safe enough.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432870

"Fantastic. I'll have to find you a cracker or something. Well, not that you need it anymore."
I wave at you from upstairs.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432872

"Well here goes. Let's make sure this doesn't get dirty."
I get upstairs.
"Excuse me sir, but where are you sending those messages?"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432875

I nod at her to come with me.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432876

Using the Wink pin to get out of here on a 6 thanks to the automatic roll?

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432880

Is Id with us? We could use some mind reading on that guy.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432882

he is afk I think

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432884

And Nylis too probably.
Guess we'll have to beat it out of him.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432886

I follow you "So, this place is all innocent civilians, the next part over is the military section, and TIARA is over that way."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432890

Nod. "Not all innocent civilians maybe."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432891

I'm here! I just teleported to you guys

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432895

"Mind Read this guy if you can. We need to know if he knows where he's sending it."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432896

"What? Did you see something odd?"

DM 432897

The drone locks onto you, but at the same moment you grasp the wink pin and pomf out of the room.
Behind you, you can hear the drone freaking out.
You can hear the guards scrambling into positions. A lot of shouting is going on. The gates are being closed. Rivetstrike flees and takes an emergency lift into TIARA's main body.
The Captain is subdued and arrested on the spot as they locate the communicator.
I suggest trying very, very hard to escape right about now.
"To our supply managers a few towns south of here. I'm letting them know the situation, so they know what we need up here. Why do you ask?"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432899

"Maybe. I'll explain later."

4th Eye (lie detector mode) '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Hell yeah.
Jump onto stealth and fly away from here.
Regroup with Valeriana.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

DM 432904

Lord Honeyed Words will have my head if this gets out… Oh curse my polite nature. I should have just told them to leave…
You take flight, and a rocket battery locks onto you.

Roll #1 4, 10, 10, 7, 5, 5, 9, 3, 6, 8 = 67

DM 432907

that'll be 6 rockets headed your way

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432908

Moon, guide me.

Roll #1 7, 8, 3, 10, 7, 3, 8, 5, 6, 8 = 65

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432909

"What's he called? Maybe we met him on the way here?"

DM 432913

The rockets explode around you, ripping into your flesh with jagged shards of hot metal, tearing up your suit, scratching your gem eye and leaving chunks of shrapnel in you.
As the barrage subsides, you find yourself on the outside of the gate, Being carried by an almost equally bloodied Valeriana, who is hurrying away from the construction site as fast as she can.
"You came from the south?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432915

Clear my senses.
"Sight… Gem… Got me."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 432917

"Anything I can assist with?"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432918

"Read his mind. Who's Honeyed Words?"

"We came across a lot of villages on the way.
Say, is that a messenger bird."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432919

"I've been by there, yes. We heard about your supply problems such a shame you have to struggle so much."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432921

Mind Read if it's still relevant '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432922

I need to know who Honeyed Words is.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 432923

Honeyed Words it is. Mind Reader. Who dat? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

DM 432930

You have several large pieces of hot metal in your body. Breathing takes effort. Your gem eye seems badly damaged. The suit smells burnt and you can feel the freeze as if most of it was gone.
…did anyone see you or did they just fire blindly?"
Lord Honeyed Words of Canterlot… if his plans actually succeed I can't afford to fall out of his favors. He has too many allies and too many hooves in too many pies…
"Well I have this quite in order. Now please, I need to finish this so I can send it forward."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432931

I look at Nylis and Id.
Left hoof raised was the sign for lying.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432933

Smile weakly.
"Nha… Tp'ed away…"
At least I can't feel a thing.
Keep breathing, just.. Breathing.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432937

Look back at smouldering


Kilana [Dark Artist] 432939

I shake my head and comment
"I wouldn't go yet actually. we were attacked by royalists just south of here not even an hour ago. They might strike again"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432940

"Who. Is. Honeyed. Words?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432942

"Somepony from Canterlot"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432945

Walk over to the pony close to him.
"You know what I think? I think you're a traitor to the rebellion."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432946

I'll loosen an axe a little.
"Now now, master Torch, that's a rather strong thing to say. What gives you that idea?"

Liviana [Templar] 432947

I raise a brow in surprise.

Godric [Lord] 432952

I'll just stand and watch for now.

DM 432953

"Good… then we still have a chance…"
Once you are a good way away from the alarms of the repair site, she pulls out a rocket from her bag
"Hold on."
She then throws it at the ground some distance away, and begins heading back to town
"That should be enough of an alibi… for now…"
"I beg your pardon?"
"Well, I do have pigeons for that purpose."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432954

"Block the exits. I know I'm right."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 432955

Standing by to do something while I figure out what's happening

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432956

"You're going to tell me, right now exactly who Honeyed Words from Canterlot is. The pony you've been sending these messages to because Rivetstrike commanded you to."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432957

I'll look at Godric and Liviana for a moment, and then move in front of the door.
"Now, will you explain this, or are you going to keep us all in the dark?"

Liviana [Templar] 432958

Put on my helmet.
"So much for staying neutral."
Move over to the door and unsheathe my sword.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432960

I take a defensive stance to help block him in "This doesn't have to end in your death."

DM 432961

"…I'm not entirely sure what you mean."
He looks uncomfortable

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432962

"I can't come back in town like this…"
"Leave me in the woods."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432966

"You know exactly what I mean. And you better start talking soon. Because other ponies are coming and believe me, I'm very nice compared to them. I give you a chance to tell me.
Those guys? They'll torture you until you speak and if you don't they'll just raise your dead corpse and let it do the talking.
Now, final chance for you to do this sensibly, talk."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432967

… '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Godric [Lord] 432969

I look at those other two then move in front of the door.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432970

"Please just uh.. yea jut do what he says."

Compelling nerdvoice roll! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 432973

"We got hit by a rocket from an unknown source, and came to the closest town for help…
This is the best I can do on short notice…"
she stops to breathe
"…I'm calling for help…"
The shadow who was with you seems distressed
"Y-you have nothing on me…"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432978

Step back a bit and speak to it "What's wrong?"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 432979

"Oh, but I do. I've seen these messages. You know, I just realize, if I let you walk and words get out that you got caught so easily sending messages like this, I'm sure Honeyed Words and Rivetstrike will just love that."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432982

Squish his balls using TK '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 432983

Try to grab her by the uniform and stare her down in the eyes.
"You… Leave… Me… Back!"
Grin my teeth, make her understand she has to save herself.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Liviana [Templar] 432984

Does this mysterious shadow have something to say for itself?

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 432985

"I-I-I- H-have these!"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432990

Well, that's not a good sign.
"I trust you all have things well in hoof, here?"
I'll nod at that.
"You do. Good. I'll be back momentarily. And don't kill him or let him die."
"Speak, shadow, or lead me to what disturbs you."

DM 432994

"Pumpkin… and I… are wounded. Outside the city… we need help… keep it… low profile."
He freezes up, eying a small package on his table
"Y-you would n-not understand!"

Liviana [Templar] 432996

"Wounded? I can help with that."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 432997

my eyes get wide "which direction?"

Godric [Lord] 432998

"Would we now? How about enlightening us?"

Look towards Livana.
"Can you assist them?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 432999

I'll nod.
To Liviana:
"I'll leave this to you and Lord Blackmane."
And then I'll head out of the room.
"Kilana, if you would join me?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433001

Lightly twist his sack '1d10+1', oh great lights my face is burning up

"I-I unde-understand that you c-can be missing somethin… something very soon!"

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433002

TK that package to me. Now.

"I understand. You're scared. Scared of Rivetstrike, scared of Honeyed Words. But this is your chance to be free of that fear. Talk to me. Cooperate. And we can protect you from Rivetstrike, even from Honeyed Words. Don't take this chance…and well I'm afraid you dropped the ball already with Rivetstrike."

You go but I need at least somepony here."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Liviana [Templar] 433003

"Of course I can."

Stop him with a hoof and shake my head
"You'll need somepony to fix them up."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433005

"True, though Lady Kilana can help with that in a pinch."
I'll think a moment.
"We three should be fine."
I'll turn to Torch.
"And remember, he needs to stay alive if this is to have any credibility."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433007

"That all depends on him."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433009

"Keep him away from any windows, then."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433011

I frown "Of course, lets go"
"disable him if he gives you too much trouble."

Liviana [Templar] 433012

"We should probably make haste before they bleed to death."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433013

I roll my eyes.
"Just go already. Ponies need you."

DM 433015

He cringes
Open the package. It has… what he sent to me."
"The shadow will guide you… please… hurry."

Liviana [Templar] 433017

"Lead the way."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433018

Follow the shadow. "stay close to me.." I cast darkness on myself. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433020

Open it with TK. Hold it away from my face for security.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433021

"Wait. Open it with telekinesis, just in case."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433022

Keep him in place '1d10+1'

"Wait what? What's going on?"

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433025

Follow that shadow.
And I can just Vanish into Stealth, right? or does it not work that way?

DM 433029

Good call.
It explodes violently in a ball of flame.
The shadow slithers out of the town gates and into the nearby woods, where you find Valeriana and Pumpkin.
Both are burnt, cut up, and have chunks of shrapnel in them.
"I told you… I'd get… help"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433031

I look at him.
"I guess this will have to go the hard way then."
Restrain him '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 433032

So exactly where are we? On the way to the site of Northscrown?

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433033

"By the first forge, what in blazes did you get into? Lady Liviana, master Swansong seems to be the worse off. Lady Kilana, could you check Lady Valeriana?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433034




Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433035

Yes… let's dogpile him with restraining effects.

Transfix. '1d10+3'

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


Get to work on Pumpkin first without saying a word.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433038

"They can't… Catch us both… Run…"
Try not to pass out.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433040

"we're here its going to be alright.. We brought you a healer"
I nod at liviana
and then I check Valeriana for anything obvious I could help with. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Godric [Lord] 433043

I'll just…guard the door some more then.

Liviana [Templar] 433045

Pat his cheek.
"Stay with me. I still need to teach you my language."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433048

Smile at her.
"Hey sweetie…"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433049

"Can you barricade that door Godric? We don't want anypony coming in. Unless it's our friends."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433050

"Is it safe to move them? If we get them out of the open, any pegasus patrols won't be able to spot them."

DM 433051

He goes down to a pained knee
"It's no lie. He did send it to me. As proof of my devotion and a badge of my honorary title. Even though I would have rather used it on myself."
The teams have reunited and are in the Rebel capital.
Except Frostmourn, who returned to the Deep Roads to be ready to lead his troops.
You can be in either location.
You help her pull out the biggest metal chunks and bandage the wounds
"I'll live… see to it that… Pumpkin.. makes it."
This is going to need a lot of fixing…

Liviana [Templar] 433053

"Not yet."

Time for Mend then?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433054

"Then be swift, Lady Liviana. There's no doubt the city is on alert."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433055

"Your devotion is admirable, but it won't save you from him when he inevitably finds out. We're your only option. Now speak, what's plan A, B and C."
I gather anything useable from the table.
Especially that message.

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 433058

I'm needed on site in the rebel capital.

We are interrogating a pony, right?

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433059

If verne did some AwiyE on him that would be very nice.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433061

Yes, if you can get him to talk about Plan A, B and C, that would wonderful.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433063

Mind Reader on him, what else do we need to know '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 433064

Who is 'him'?

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433068

The pony we're interrogating. I don't know his name. But he's connected to some Lord Honeyed Words in Canterlot. And Lordblades as well somehow.



Roll #1 2 = 2

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433071

"We should be able to move them. I can try to cast a stronger shadow over us.."
"Think you can stand?"

"Birdbrain, I mean Iris. scout ahead, is our path clear enough?"

Liviana [Templar] 433072

"These are pretty serious injuries. I'm having to pull out the strongest healing magic I know here. Give me a moment."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433074

"Just… Stop, I can… I can stand."

Try to stand up.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Go over to the pony.

"You, Would you look at me, right into my eyes?"

Lock into his.

"Disgusting creature, irrevocably low: For what we desire, tell all you know.


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433081

"You will stay exactly where you are until the magic has run its course, master Swansong. King Frostmourn would have my head if I let his best friend die here."

DM 433082

That stems the worst of the bleeding, but he will probably need rest if he wants to ever make a full recovery.
"Will do."
The crow flies off
They're right… the moment Lord Honeyed Words hears of this failure he'll have me killed…
…I need to find a way to get away from here. Take them out. At least take myself out…

"Plan A… was to repair TIARA… and besiege the Unbreakable City…"
"…and…tragically… lose Chief Engineer Rampart in the assault… leaving Lordblade Rivetstrike in command… so he could unite Timberjaw… into Snowborder… secure a complete domination of the…coastline… and become… the fourth king…
Were that to fail… Plan B… was to… ally with… The United North… and weaken it… from within… with poor construction… financial losses… and internal conflict…
Plan C… was to simply…. fall back… to Snowborder… and… amass there… saving what forces we have… for the future…"

Liviana [Templar] 433083

"Don't move, you fool!"


Now the other.
Mend on Valeriana.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433087

"Y-you can't kill us. And I- w-won't let you kill yourself."
Keep him restrained '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433088

Not like I can.
"Yes ma'am…
Was worth a… Try…
Try to… Smile?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433090

I'm perplexed for a second.
"You scum."
I give him a kick '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433091

"I'm impressed by your fighting spirit, Nylis. You have proved quite tenacious."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433094

Right, now that he's stable, I'll put him up across my back to carry him elsewhere.
"It might not be too comfortable, but I think Lady Valeriana might fit up there as well, unless there are volunteers."

Liviana [Templar] 433095

"You two are going to need rest. Mandatory rest."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 433096

"…Equestria is well prepared. Someone restrain him. We will continue extracting information out of him, and e cannot do that if he harms himself."

"Do not hurt him. You give him what he wants. We will keep him with us and continue using him for ourselves."

DM 433098

You can already hear search parties storming the building
She sighs in relief and stands up more firmly
"You have my thanks, Trotantine."
He spits out some blood, tears flowing down his cringing face
"As if you are any better, following your own little emperor…"
Valeriana waves you off
"I can walk… just… I'd rather not run."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433099

"Oh he'll live allright."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433100

"You will ha…"
"…You will have to tell… My wife that…"
"What a honor."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433101

"Right. someone slide him onto my back.." '1d10' cast darkness, something strong enough to cover us.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433102

"So you really believe some….crazy pony who thinks starting this war is good, is the way forward?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433103

"We might need to, Lady Valeriana. Now is not the time to stand on ceremony. If you are able, your shadow should inform the other team that we've got you both, and see what they've learned."
And then we'll fall back to a safer area.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433104

"I'm not as weak as I look."


"I suggest you wrap this up fast. We're about to have visitors."
Keep trying.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Liviana [Templar] 433106

I wipe my head with a hoof.
"Two successful high tier spells in a row. Thank the Sun that worked. Neither of you two should be walking right now."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 433107

"….Say, can one of you scan him? Just in case he has something in his body he might not be aware of. I'm not taking any chances with one allied with Equestria."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433109

"Did you have something in mind beyond simple interrogation?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433110

"Now I can say a pretty mare saved my life."
Try to keep that little grin on.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433113

"Anyway, let's hope Shadow Song returns soon."

I've gathered the messages on the table right DM?

"Sure. Maybe you could try to block the door or reason with those guys outside for a second?"

4th Eye (SbS mode) on him. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 433116

I was just promised a very hefty prize if I succeed."
"Will do."
She goes down to a knee to focus
The shadow chimes in
"We are safe. But we must fall back."
In a moment of desperate bravery, he calls out to the search patrols
From your shroud of shadows you can see the city is going into full alert. Soldiers are pouring into the streets and the civilians are being moved to safety indoors.
And TIARA is looking more ominous by the minute…

Liviana [Templar] 433117

"Just don't move too much, okay?"

"Lady Valeriana, you shouldn't be moving either."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433118

"Oh now you did it. You do realize Rivetstrike will kill you right?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433119

TRANSFIX '1d10+3'

If it crits, use my control action to immediately have him announce, "Nevermind! False alarm!"

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433120

Nod and try to rest.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433121

"He'd better not move while he's on my back. Bloodstains are hard enough to get out of this cape…"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433122

Talk to the Shadow.
"Rivetstrike is the Lordblade. This whole war was orchestrated by them to unite Timberjaw with Snowborder."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433125

"that's quite a story to share." I smile over at him.
I shiver. "the town is going into lockdown, warn the others."
"We can't have them stay here out in the open."

Liviana [Templar] 433126

"We can carry them like Waxing Crescent is doing with Pumpkin. I'm strong enough to carry lady Valeriana if she wants."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433127

Two pretty mares."
Smile at her.

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 433128

I'll speak if they come."

DM 433129

"The town is going into lockdown. Get out."
Your ruse bought you a window of opportunity.
You can leave the guy behind and escape Automatically, or take him along, making a clean escape a collective MIN16

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433132

Slowly start walking away from the town. has my raven spotted a clear path?

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433135

Offering Valerianna a hoof of course.

DM 433138

"Ayo bitchteats. Up here!
There's what seems to be some sort of half-ruined outpost nearby. Deserted, but usable."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433140

Rolling for escape with the guy '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433142

"You're a blessing." guide everyone that direction.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433144

Well, I gotta help this poor guy out.

Stay strong, Id. Can't die here. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Liviana [Templar] 433145

I sigh
"She really shouldn't be walking…"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433146

"She can rest once we get to that outpost."


Should I?

Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #1 4 = 4

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433149

"Then insist. I'd carry them both, but that might reopen wounds."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433150

"Unless you want me to carry her." I offer

Liviana [Templar] 433152


"I can carry her too, but if you want to I wont stop you."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433154

"I had thought I had suggested… Nevermind. Even if she protests, carry her, please, Lady Kilana."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433155

I nod and look at Valerianna "well, teacher.. climb on."

DM 433156

It seems dragging along a comatose traitor is slowing you down.
But you got this close.
The patrols are catching up. You can dump him and flee, or fight them and keep him.
"And you need to get laid more. You even sound dusty on the inside."

DM 433159

"I can…
She leans on you heavily
"-alright fine."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433161

Smile at both ladies, winking briefly at Kilana.
Mouth the word 'Thanks' to her.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433163

"as if you know what dust sounds like. You barely know the sound of your owns wings." keep following that trail.
I smile "good" and pick up the pace a little.
"I couldn't resist a chance to help The Swagsong" I smile at you

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433166

I will probably pass out with a happy smile after this.
Or pretend to.

DM 433167

You quickly reach the outpost.
It's a bit damaged, and one of the wings has collapsed, but it will do well for a hideout.

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 433169

"He is far too valuable. We will need him with us. Prepare to fight off the guards."

Have Venus be at ready.

Liviana [Templar] 433170

Anyplace where the wounded can comfortably rest?
"We need some warmth in here…"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433171

Right. Well, I'll set Pumpkin down in one of the corners for the moment. And for Valeriana I'll take off my cape and set it down for her to be set on. Bloody side on the ground, of course.

Liviana [Templar] 433175

Cover Pumpkin with my robes.
"How do you feel?"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433176

Turn around and get ready to fight.

DM 433177

Some bunks are still here. Wipe off the dust and snow and they are good to go.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433178

I relax a bit. and help her down onto that cape.
"any word from the others?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433179

Ah, in that case… I'll clean a pair of them off with TK. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Godric [Lord] 433181

Well let's hope for the best.


Do just that. Force those two into those beds and make sure to cover them well.
How are they holding up in terms of wounds?

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 433183

They need rest and recovery, but they'll live.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433184

Is Valeriana awake?

Liviana [Templar] 433185

I let out a sigh of relief then.
"Rest, you two. For the love of the Gods, rest."

DM 433186

She will be next time

Escaping with the prisoner
Making a plan
And ending another

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433187

Mouth without actually speaking the word "No.", but with a large smile on my face.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433194

"thanks for coming along Liviana, we should be safe here."

Liviana [Templar] 433195

I roll my eyes with a smile
"I'll keep you pinned at swordpoint if I have to."

"For the time being… I sure hope nopony saw us run in here."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433199

"They were likely distracted by the commotion in the city. And if they did, that's why I came along. Only so many ponies can fit through a door at the same time, after all, and even the one of me can hold them off for long enough for the rest of you to escape."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433206

"I don't think we were followed."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433208

"I hope not. Every pony we're forced to kill is one less that King Frostmourn can help, and in turn be helped by."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433212

"any that we will now are simply more causalities of this war. Stopping it will save far more in the long run than we could ever kill."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433214

"Point remains that any lost now are going to be felt by the time Equestria is knocking on our doorstep."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433217

"You're right.. I'm sorry I sounded harsh there, I just" I look away "I don't want any of our own killed either."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433221

"You sounded realistic, Lady Kilana. Ponies are going to die before this is over, that is for certain. And I agree that I'd prefer they not be ours that do."
I'll sigh slightly and pop my helmet off while we wait.

Liviana [Templar] 433222

I glanceover to him as he finally takes off that damned helmet.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433223

Surprise, he's pink and girly-looking.

Liviana [Templar] 433224

That's odd… wonder if he's a eunuch…


As the other go around their business, I will try to catch Kilana's attention. And I just know the way.
Whistle that familiar tune. The only song I know.
With a smile on my lips, call the tune of the Shadow Song.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433422

Looks like I've something in my throat. Can't even finish the first stanza before having to cough violently.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433423

I come over and pat your back. "I'm sorry, I don't have any water to offer you."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433424

"It'd probably… Fall off… One of the holes…"
Smile at her, nodding with my head for her to come closer.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433425

I smile at that "or maybe fill one."
I lean in "you're going to be fine."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433426

Raise my head slightly to meet her ear.
"That's what I'm worried about."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433427

"I'm still here aren't I? I'll make sure you get back to bearing alive." I say confidently.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433429

"Kila… Listen. It is… Important…"
Try to drag her closer.
"I had my chance once… And I had it again… I don't deserve a third."
Smile to her as I shake my head slowly.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433430

I look shocked. "But pumpkin.." I frown "Are you sure?..Its the pain isn't it? This pain will pass, I promise.. "

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433431

"I can't ask you… To sacrifice your life… For my mistakes."
Try to raise a hoof and caress her face.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433432

But looks like I can't even move that, and a shriek of pain is all I can manage.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433433

Seeing it twitch I hold your hoof '1d10' rolling to be comforting "But.. Bearing.. and Pumpkin.. I hold you closer "What will I do without you to guide me? you've been my light all this time.."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433434

It's cold, Kila.
I can't feel it anymore.
"I stole the best… Of her life… And then… Left her alone…"
Gulp down heavily.
"she deserves… Better.
You deserve… Better."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433435

"better than The Swagsong? Where will I find that?" I try to smile "If you're sure you want to move on.. I won't keep you around.. but can I still talk to you sometimes? When things look dark, and I need a bit of light to clear things up?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433436

Breath in deeply, then close my eyes and smile.
"Sure Kila. But you will… have to do… one little thing for me…"
"Sing that song."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433437

"of course, but you should know.. my voice isn't as good as it used to be."
"And pumpkin, you don't need to feel guilty, you're a good pony, best I ever bet.."

'1d10' tearfully sing to you.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433438

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433439

Smile in approval.
"I feel… Tired, now."
Close my eyes.
"See you soon…"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433440

I bundle him tighter. "sleep well brother.." and just lay there a moment.

DM 433441

The team escaping from the city was about to be caught up to by '4d5' guards

Pumpkin and Valeriana are looking stable, but far from good health.

And in the distance you can hear a sound you will soon wish was nothing but thunder.

Roll #1 3, 3, 1, 5 = 12

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433442

There's somepony I still haven't talked with.
Is she around?

Donrick [Smith] 433443

I am!
"You look great, kid."

DM 433444

Peaches curls up next to you
"I wish there was something I could have done…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433445

Smirk at him.
"Just like every other friday."
"You are all in one piece… That's what matters."
Try to slowly pet her mane.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Godric [Lord] 433446

Can we toss this guy out the window?

Donrick [Smith] 433447

"You must have a pretty wild life."

DM 433448

"Stop trying to be chivalrous about this! What will Bearing think of me now!"
You can just dump him on the street and leg it to avoid combat.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433449

"Those nights usually… End on a bed, too…"
Keep stroking.
"You know what… Happens now, right?"

DM 433450

"Now you rest up, get better, and we win this thing!"

Godric [Lord] 433451

There's an idea. Am I the only one in that group at the moment?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433452

Smile softly.
"In the end… You were right."

Donrick [Smith] 433453

"So it's nothing new, huh? Nothing to worry about then."

Liviana [Templar] 433454

Hmph. Nothing more I can do about that?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433455

Nod slowly.
"A shame for the suit."

Donrick [Smith] 433456

"Should have asked for some pads like your friend.
Could have made those myself too."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433457

I wipe my tears away "I-I'm going to look outside. make sure no one is onto us."
and then I went outside and checked.. for Codar.

DM 433458

Guess so.
"…about what?"
The healing will keep them alive and stable, but not all injuries will vanish with the wave of a horn.
If you want to be helpful, it might be good to scout out the situation a bit.

DM 433459

We worry for the others. They have not gotten back yet.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433460

I'm here
Get ready for fighting.

DM, does my +1 on Fire Spells apply to Homing Magic (the summon roll) alone or to the Instant fire rolls as well.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433461

"They don't… Blend well… With this s-"
Well, shit.
Stop talking with Donrick abruptly and clench my jaw.
"You know.
The kid."

DM 433462

Just the first.
A similar ruling applies to stuff like Assassinate and Dance of Blades.
"Pumpkin please.

Liviana [Templar] 433463

I don't even have a horn, you racist motherfucker!
I'll let the others worry about scouting, I need to be here just in case one of these two get worse.

"You shouldn't tire him out by talking, he needs rest."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433464

Homing Magic '1d10+1'

I look at Godric. "Any plans?"

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433465

Try to move closer.
"He's gonna need… A dad… Tell her that…"

Donrick [Smith] 433466

"Just rest now.
We'll worry about that when you are up on your hooves."

DM 433467

"He has a dad! He has you!"
It's damn hard to focus in all this panic it seems

Godric [Lord] 433468

"Get him out, I assume. Or we could simply kill all witnesses."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433469

I nod "They were in the city when it went into lock down, I don't know that teacher has the strength to tell them where we are." I look to that direction "We're going to have to go back, the question is how far," I climb onto his back.

I look at the raven "Fly, Iris, be my eyes and find the other ponies I was with."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433470

Shake my head slowly, then look at her with intensity.
"I am… Serious.
Think about the… Kid."

Liviana [Templar] 433471

We should give them some room too. Keep our distance.
"What a mess."

Donrick [Smith] 433472

Step away yeah.
"Not what you expected from a warzone?"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433473

I shout to the guards.
"This guy is a traitor. He has betrayed all of you."

Liviana [Templar] 433474

"Did you see those wounds? Little tidbits of metal, burns, shards… whatever they go hit by, it was pretty powerful stuff."

DM 433475

Will do, Stripes.
Codar hunkers down
Should we take the others?
"Damnit Pumpkin I'm getting you out of here alive even if it kills me!
…I'm taking you to the Deep Roads."
So they care about your excuses?

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9

DM 433476

Actually, yes they do.
The dozen stop around you, weapons drawn
"Hold it right there, and explain yourselves!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433477

Shake my head.
"You have… To stay here… Help them fix… This mess… I made."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433478

I hold out the message I found.
"We found him sending these secret messages to Equestria. He and Rivetstrike have sold you out to Snowborder. They want to plunge Timberjaw into even further war.
We're here because we want peace."

Donrick [Smith] 433479

"What do you suggest? That we try to come up with some sort of armor against it?"

DM 433480

"You have Waymarker and Vintage Year for that. You are too valuable to lose here! Now how do I signal them?"
One of them takes the message and reads it
"…care to explain the details? This seems pretty vague."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433481

"Plan A is the plan to use TIARA against the Unbreakable city and ally with Snowborder.
You'd all come uner the rule of the 3 Kings.
Plan B was to ally themselves with the United North and crush it from within.
Plan C was if the war went wrong, Rivetstrike would leave all of you to die and run to Snowborder with the weapons."
I hold out my royal seal.
"There is no need for war against the Royalists anymore. We've been sent by the High King. Craghoof has already surrendered to him. The High King promises to uphold Timberjaws tradition if the conflict ends.
We're offering what Rampart fought for. Ask yourself, where is Rampart? Why hasn't he shown himself for so long?"

Liviana [Templar] 433482

"I think not getting hit by whatever they got hit by in the first place is the way to go. We don't exactly have time to come up with revolutionary counters right now."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433483

"…I hadn't planned on it, can't leave two injured unprotected can I? " I shake my head "Lets just move out." point a hoof toward the city and cast darkness. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Donrick [Smith] 433484

"A little gadget can go a long way. If I knew how it works, I might be able to throw something together."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433485

"There's a blade… Waiting by the deep roads…"

Liviana [Templar] 433486

"You could ask Lady Valeriana, but like I said, they really need rest."

DM 433487

Lets see how they take this
10: firm belief
1: complete refusal
As you arrive to the edge of the city, Iris returns
I got good news, bad news, terrible news and great news.
"The one all the way at the capital!?
…I need to get you to one of the closer entrances."

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 433488

They turn their attention to the captive
"So… that's it then. Rivetstrike…
…I can hardly believe it. But I suppose all the signs were there…"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433489

I look worried "Tell me them most relevant first."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433490

>Tell me them all: most relevant first.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433491

Grunt at her.
"You have to run away from town.
Shoot the flare I have in my belt.
They will… Come."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433492

"It's horrible, I know. But we must act quickly. Where is Rivetstrike now?"

I turn to Godric.
"We need to make sure this guy is secured. Can you go find the others quickly?"

Donrick [Smith] 433493

"What's important, is that you keep yourself safe from those things… if things go bad, Chell can take a hit for you too. I can always just repair her armor."

Godric [Lord] 433494

"With ease."
Take wing and look for the others.

DM 433495

Your mates are a few blocks away, talking to guards.
But those guards don't seem hostile.
They are sending runners out of the city. Probably to warn other rebel bases.
Aaaaand that huge machine is moving.

"He… was with TIARA…"
Kilana and her undeads are just a few blocks from you.

DM 433496

"I need to get you to those roads so we can get you back to Ironfoe."

Liviana [Templar] 433497

"We all need to take care and watch our step here, Donrick."

Donrick [Smith] 433498

Move the stump of my ear and smile.
"I'll be watching your's too, just in case."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433499

"I said. No."
Look at her with rage filled eyes and stand up.

Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433500

Pause for a second.
"Can you contact him somhow?Tell him you've got a prisoner from the United North, me. We have to make sure he stops TIARA before he finds out we've uncovered him."

Godric [Lord] 433501

I'll swoop down then.
"Where are the others?"

Liviana [Templar] 433502

"Just make sure not to lose sight of where you walk yourself. Please."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433503

"what?! But that's supposed to be broken." I pet the raven in an effort to hide my nervousness. "
"Hiding out in an abandoned outpost, pumpkin and valerianna were injured badly." I look toward were the TIARA should be coming from "That thing is coming Godric."

Donrick [Smith] 433504

"If I managed to live through the nagging of those nobles, I'm not going to die here.
I'll take care, don't worry."

Godric [Lord] 433505

"Yes. We just spread the word."

To the outpost!

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433506

I nod as I guide you back "What are the others going to do?"

DM 433507

As you stand up, you hear a crack and a squish. Roll for damage.
I can go to the site and try to get to him.
Everyone is inside.
Broken or not, it was turning and trying to lift a leg.


This was a much smarter idea in my mind.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433509

I nod to him.
"Please do. We might save hundreds of lives if we can stop TIARA. Be sure to tell him the prisoner is from the United North. That will catch his attention. If we can get him out of TIARA, we might have a chance of stopping this."



"Don't move!"
Inure him from pain!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Godric [Lord] 433511

"Hopefully rally what soldiers they can, for whatever good that will do. Once Rivetstrike realizes he has been outed, he may just try to steal the war machine."

"Everyone. Things are becoming complex."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433512

"Hey pal."
Smirk at him.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433513

I then turn to the other soldiers.
"Are there any prison cells to restrain this traitor for now? If Rivetstrike sees this, he will know."

Donrick [Smith] 433514

"As it would seem."

DM 433515

Your leg is not supposed to bed that way. At all. That's not even a part of the leg that has a joint.
As it cracks and collapses, your head hits the stone floor hard enough to shatter the gem eye, bloodied shards falling from your eye socket.
Peaches screams for help and tries to hold you steady
"That's it. I'm getting you out of here!"
The officer salutes and heads to the checkpoint.
The others come to you
"We have a few holding cells in the guard base, and more in the TIARA site encampment."
The pain subsides, and Peaches hugs you with teary eyes
"Thank you… for helping us"

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433516

Where would I be around now? Being a wallflower as per usual, most likely.

Godric [Lord] 433517

"Worse, perhaps. Have any of you located Rivetstrike?"

"What happened to him?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433518

Curse through my teeth.
"It's not supposed to go this way, damnit!"
Hold a hoof over the gem, try not to make it fall off.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433519

It seems Smoldering is quite the smooth-talker!

"Do you think he'll take the bait? He seems wily."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433520

"..whatever its doing can't be good for us. How big is that thing?"
"that makes sense." I wait outside as Godric informs everyone, don't want to scare our diplomats with my undead monster.

"Codar, If I loose any of my limbs out there.. pick up at least one of the bones.. I think I could use it to become as connected with you as Valerianna is with her shadows"


"You stay quiet. I don't want to see you move another inch, you hear?"

"Please just make sure he doesn't do that again."
Oh goodness. Time for another actual Healing spell.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433522

"We better go there as soon as possible. Restrain the traitor in the guard base and you must restrain me lightly as well, enough to be convincing but light enough that I can get out of it. Give a few bruises if you need, it must seem like you've overpowered me."

"It's our only shot. What worries me is that the others aren't here yet. We might need all the help we can get to capture Rivetstrike. You should hide as well, until he's here."

DM 433523

Your instinct to help others rather than torture captives probably meant you went out to the Outpost to help the wounded Valeriana and Pumpkin.
How big? It has TOWERS for LEGS and a TOWN for a BODY!
Codar silently nods
That leg seems to be beyond saving. It seems to have gained several new unwanted knees along its length.
Peaches looks at you and back at Pumpkin
"We need to get him away from here"
"Are you entirely sure about this?"

Donrick [Smith] 433524

"A little bit of Timberjaw engineering."

"Take it easy.
You'll kill yourself at this rate."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433525

"Goddamnit no! I won't stay behind as you all have to fight!"

DM 433526

Shoving shards back into your eye socket might not be too clever, even if you can't feel pain.
Please Pumpkin.
Think of Bearing.
Think of your child.
Think… of me…

Donrick [Smith] 433527

"Yes, you will. You are not in any shape to stand, much less to fight."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433528

"If we can actually get him to leave the machine, it's just a matter of willpower to make him come quietly."


I sigh
"I wont lie, that's probably the best option here… We'll need to move him on a stretcher of sorts. He cannot move on his own, lest things get worse."

Can I at least stop the bleeding?

"Please. You have no choice."

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433530

"How do we even fight something like that.." I shake my head, check around the building area to keep myself busy. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Godric [Lord] 433531

"I see. All the more reason we have to hurry, as that engineering is now being controlled by a enemy spy. Smouldering and a handful of guards will not be able to do much."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433532

Fall on my back and stare at the ceiling.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433533

Perk up at this.
"Wait! What happened?"

Donrick [Smith] 433534

"Does he need a cast of sorts?"

"Sometimes you must yield to your own body."

Liviana [Templar] 433535

"I'm tied down here for now, I'm sorry."

Push him back down softly.

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433536

Oh dear.
How are they both doing? Are they in pain?

Liviana [Templar] 433537

Pumpkin isn't, he got inured of pain for the time being. Don't know about Val.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433538

Let her.
"You should go. I won't kill myself."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433539

"Guard. If Rivetstrike commands TIARA there will be hundreds of casualties, not just of Timberjaw but of the entire United North.
We have to get him out of TIARA and here at any cost.
Listen, there are others around, more ponies loyal to the North and want to help Timberjaw as well. If they followed me in, there's no way we'll fail.
Maybe you could send a messenger to them and inform them of the plan?"

Donrick [Smith] 433540

"You will, if you keep acting like this.
I had similarly terrible bedside manner, don't worry, but you have to sit this one out."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433541

I nod.
"Do you think you can overpower the mind of a Lordblade? And he will still have others, porbably, we need the others quickly."

DM 433542

You certainly can. But a full physical recovery might need years of magical healing, not minutes.
Well I did take a look at it. Seems parts of it are still broken.
They have large amounts of shrapnel in them. Pumpkin's gem eye is smashes and his other front leg is mostly a tube of meat soup.
Valeriana is taking it with stride, but she was the less injured one.
Peaches puts a hoof on you
"Let me carry you. It's time for you to trust someone else to finish the fight."
We'll send-"
Another guard rushes up
"Sir! The messengers are on their way!"
"…the ones I was ordered to send out. They are on their way to all major bases to alert all available forces to begin a new wave of attack."
"…your signature was on it, sir."
The officer looks stunned

Godric [Lord] 433543

"I shouldn't burden you with that now. Stay still for the moment and focus on healing."

"Well then who can you spare? We need to move now."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433544

Inhale through my teeth.
"Just go. I will make it back to Ironfoe. Stop that thing."

Donrick [Smith] 433545

"We will. Don't worry."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433546

I perk up.
"Can you somehow delay that order?"

Liviana [Templar] 433547

I sigh
"… Fine. But for the love of the Sun, don't make things worse for yourself. Both of you. Be careful."

"Donrick and I can come."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433548

"Ponies communicate through paper instead of face-to-face? That seems easy to disrupt."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433549

"Damnit mare. If they catch us you will be dead!"
Nod to her.
"Just go. And see to it nopony else dies."

Donrick [Smith] 433550

"Wherever you go, I follow."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433551

"So it does have some weakness yet.. I'm guessing its not the legs or weapons?"

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433552

Oh good god.
Give them some opium for the pain at least.

"I can."

Godric [Lord] 433553

"Good. We have to meet back up with Smouldering."

Go find him.

Donrick [Smith] 433554


Kilana [Dark Artist] 433555

trail behind them.

DM 433556

"I'd need to catch up to the runners. Or send a second wave after them."
Peaches props you on her back
"We're going right now."
The top part had some damage to it, as did one of the legs.
Smouldering is where you left him, along with the remaining guards.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433557

"Wait. We can't leave Valeriana alone!"

Godric [Lord] 433558

"Things are escalating rapidly. What have you learned?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433559

"Send a second wave. We'll catch what we can."

"Godric, by air, you have the best chance. We need to stop messengers. Time if of the essence."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433560


I nod to the others.
"We're going to try and get Rivetstrike before he can get away with TIARA. We'll be taken as "prisoners" but unrestrained to Rivetstrike, where we can hopefully get him before he goes.
Rivetstrike has also called for all rebels to attack."

"Do that as fast as possible then. We'll deal with Rivetstrike."
And let them secure the traitor now if they haven't already.

DM 433561

"Yes we can now STOP COMPLAINING!"
The guards take the captive and rush off to stop the runners.

You may, at any time, ask for Frostmourn to begin the attack

Liviana [Templar] 433562

"I have no idea what's going on, but I'll trust that whatever you're planning will work out."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433563

"We need to stop Rivetstrike. If he gets TIARA, we'll all be dead anyway."

Godric [Lord] 433564

"Couriers, eh? Which direction?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433565

"It sounds as though they've gone ahead without you. Just as well, we can use your strength in the attack."

"We should regroup with the High King's forces."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433566

"So, that's what those scouts were." I curse under my breath. "We need to move on this now, can someone call the king? Tell him to aim for the top or the damaged leg."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433567

This is all above my paygrade. I'll let the eggheads figure this one out.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433568

Growl, but then let out a long, resigned sigh.
"Just do whatever you want then."
Turn to Valeriana.
"You don't dare die, you hear me mom?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433569

"Why regroup? If we can board TIARA, unlikely as that sounds, we can deal with Rivetstrike personally. And possibly secure Rampart."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433570

"Most of us can't fly. How do you propose to board it?"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433571

"Are you crazy?"

Godric [Lord] 433572

"Anything to slow it down."

Donrick [Smith] 433573

"I wouldn't mind if we knew."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433574

I look towards TIARA and sigh.
"Very well then. Seems like that's our only option now."

I turn to the captain. "Captain, we'll soon be reinforced by the High Kings troops to attack TIARA if necessary. I'll stay here with you."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433575

"From the legs? They can't move that fast, and they'd need a way for non-flying engineers to get up there."
"If we get inside and slow it down, that lessens the chance it can be used against the king."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433576

"We might get in through damage to the legs.
But it would be good to sign the High King for attack anyway. If we can shut it down before he gets here, so the better."

DM 433577

She turns back to look at you
"The same to you, son.
I'll see you when it's all done."
"This area is in lockdown, but if you stay near me, I can get you around. I think."
A shadow slithers up
"I can ask Frostmourn to send in the support he has. The Royalists had enough artillery to cripple TIARA once, I would imagine they can do it again.
And this time, we have more armies at our side.
As for flight… that can be arranged."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433578

"I'm willing to try. Alone, if necessary."
"Explain, please. You don't mean the mechanical wings we used in Stormheart, do you?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433579

"Well, then by all means. Just get me in range."

DM 433580

The captive speaks up
"I don't suppose you'd let me go if I shared what I know about TIARA?"
"Exactly. They aren't much, but they are enough to get us up there. Hopefully."

Donrick [Smith] 433581

"This won't be pretty, will it?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433582

I'll nod.
"They might just give us enough lift to get there. Especially if we have a good start."
And then, to the captive.
"You can tell us what we know and you can keep your legs. Sound fair?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433583

>what you know

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433584

Keep looking at her, never taking my eyes off hers.
Giddy-up my little horsey.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433585

"I think we should send in the royalist troops, at least the ones that can be spared. Tell them there is an injured leg and the top is weak."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433586

What DOES he know about the Tiara?

'1d10+1' Mind Reader

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433587

"I suppose we'll have to call in that support as quick as possible. Be sure to tell him Rivetstrike has tricked the rebels into attacking, ceasefire orders are on the way, but he might expect some resistance and should be defensive against them, they'll stop attacking soon. And what options are you talking about?"

"No. You'll talk because, for one you'll be killed by one of Honeyed Words men if you are released, you need us for protection and we could get this information out of you by one of our mind readers anyway if we'd like so we don't even have to make a deal.
If you cooperate, I'm sure I can arrange for you to be taken under protection and have a relatively commfortable life however."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433588

"Why not try and trip it?"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433589

"We'll need a mighty strong cable to trip it.
It's legs are bigger then buildings."

Liviana [Templar] 433590

I raise a brow
"I'm sorry? Bigger than buildings?"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433591

"Its a mobile city from what I hear."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433592

I nod.
"You'll see it once it gets here. You can't really miss it, trust me."

Donrick [Smith] 433593

"I hope we really have the power to commit to this then."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433594

"… Okay."

Liviana [Templar] 433595

"That sounds like quite the engineering feat."

DM 433596

"I'm taking diplomatic immunity and freedom to escape to Snowborder. Or you can throw yourselves at the greatest war machine of all history and die a useless death. Your call."
"Hold on…"
She lifts you up and starts running, half blind from anger and tears, towards the mountains. She knows there is a Deep Roads entrance there. It was too dangerous earlier… but now… there are no options.
You may arrive at will.
If they try to haggle I'll just feed them false info… Rivetstrike isn't worth this. I can still make it on my own in Snowborder…
And if they refuse… well, their loss. Not like they will ever figure out how the lifts work, let alone understand how to break into the command center. After all, even if they bring all the weapons offline, it can simply crush the capital underfoot…

"Six legs are hard to trip."
"I will relay the message.

The army is on it's way. They will stop at the capital to warn Craghoof and mount a full artillery barrage to damage TIARA again.
Frostmourn will bring everything he has. Including Golem Wing packs."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433597

I look at him with narrow eyes, then look at the others.
"What do you say? It would spare lives…"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433598

"Tell us about the lifts, and how to get into the command center."

Mind Reader '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433599

"Calm down.
We will both die like this."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433600

I also look at the rebel captain.
"Captain, what do you think. This traitor hurt the rebels most of all…"

Liviana [Templar] 433601

"It seems like a good deal, even if that means he'll run free."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433602

"He would have to be held until after it comes down, to make sure he isn't feeding us lies, as he plans to."

Liviana [Templar] 433603

I cock my head
"… How would you know?"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433604

"I don't suppose that there is an extra large set of those?"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433605

"If he lies to us, we have means to check that and the deal won't go through."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433606

"I'm the royal surgeon."

Hold up my bag of tools.

DM 433607

Doesn't matter… doesn't matter… they still need me alive for this… besides, the lift needs to be lowered and hoisted from the top anyway… not like they can just…
…oh no yes they can. Fuck.
Well the defenses on the command center are still more than enough to stop them. Not to mention all the soldiers on board.
…maybe I can trick them into rushing the repair site… Lord Rivetstrike's elite are still there….

"…very well. The lift controls are in the repair site. Go there and you can remotely activate the access lift on TIARA."
She slows down, and leaps into the shadows
"…how are you holding up?"
The officer sighs
"It disgusts me. A double traitor."
"Not really.

Liviana [Templar] 433608

"Traditional medicine? Well I'll be…"

"Do you have a lie detector with you?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433609

"Yes, he's lying to us right now. He's attempting to trick us to heading directly to Rivetstrike's best defenses at the repair site."

Turn back to the informant. "How can we disable the command center's defenses?"

MR '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433610

"I'm leaving my mother and my friends behind as my partner drags my bloodied body on her back.
I wish I could say the broken bones were my concern, but my pride has been hit much worse."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433611

I shake my head "Its my fault, Codar is entirely bound.. Unless he can jump it or use some kind of lift he'd be stuck down here."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433612

*ground bound

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433613

I nod to the captain.
"I don't want to let him go….but it might save a lot of lives."

Liviana [Templar] 433614

"His information is no good if he's lying."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433615

I simply nod. "Something like that."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433616

"He's attempting to get us killed with his lies."

DM 433617

"We'll figure something out."
We could try climbing.
No… no no no NO WAY.
The deal is off, mind-reading scum! If there is one thing that worthless thief Longshanks did right it was outlawing your kind of evil!"
They are doomed anyway. Rivetstrike is no fool. He'll lock himself in there and make them blast their way through…
"It's wither your bruised pride, or your child growing up with no father! Now focus on staying alive."
He snarls
"Last chance. I'll give the good info if you let me run.
Or you can keep this up, and face TIARA with no hope."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433618

I look to the traitor.
"Because we haven't given him guarantees yet."

I turn to him.
"Very well, I'll let you go, but you tell all of us right now, the truth and if you lie, by the Sun, you will wish you were never born."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433619

"What more information could you possibly have?"

'1d10+1' MR

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433620

I smile at Codar. "Lets hope this lift is big enough for you. "
"What can you offer him besides safety?" I sigh.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433621

Hug her from behind.
Ready to move on.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433622

"We'll let him go, his safety is his problem, since he obviously isn't willing to let us protect him."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433623

"and let him warn rivetsrike about us? Not a good plan, knock him out once you're done."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433624

"We probably shouldn't discuss plans about knocking him unconscious in front of him…"

"He's only proven his untrustworthiness."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433625

"Rivetstrike will kill him. That's the last thing he's concerned about."
I turn around.
"Okay, it seems not everyone is okay with letting him go and get this information. But we don't have time.
Let's put it to a vote right now.
Who's for getting this info and letting him go and who's for keeping him and going in blind? You know my vote."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433626

"Sorry.." I blush and turn away.
"When you put it like that.. let him go."

Liviana [Templar] 433627

"That is not my choice to make. Do as you please."

DM 433628

"Hmp. Typical honesty one should expect from a United Norther…"
He puts on a faint smile
"TIARA can only be deactivated from inside the main control room at the core. To reach it, you need to use the lift. But the lift can only be lowered and raised from the lift controls up top.
And if you try to fly up there, the Golem Turrets will take care of you easily. A small gift from Rivetstrike's close friend Lady Liquidy Mint. Quite a brilliant thing I must say.
If you do make it inside TIARA, all you need to do is take out the dozens of crew and guards, then shut her down in the main control room.
They are going to die horribly. Ha. Ha. Ha.
You arrive to the Deep Roads, and Peach alerts the guards keeping the door
They scramble to open the gates

Donrick [Smith] 433629

"Letting him go doesn't sound smart."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433630

"No need to be so… Dramatic."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433631

"But there's a way to hoist it without being at the top. What is it?"

Mind Reader '1d10+1'

"He will only lie to us. That's all he's done so far."

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433632

I frown.
"You're simply telling us about the weapons. I thought you would tell us about a way to get in without getting detected."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433633

"Maybe godric can pull some clouds down to cover us?"

DM 433634

"Having someone at the top. It stays down unless someone up there calls it up."
How thick are these guys? Have they never seen a lift before?
"Why do you assume the TIARA was built to be so flawed as to allow infiltration? The only downside is it was designed to be safe to evacuate, so it has several access points on the top, and emergency exit slide poles on the legs."
Once you get inside, Peach heads right for the nearest teleporter, while giving orders to the soldiers around her

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433635

"Damnit girl. They will think we are some kind of big shots."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433636

"And how does it get lowered? Is there some sort of password we need?"

Donrick [Smith] 433637

"Or key."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433638

"We'll just fly up."

"Defenses. How do we disable them?"

MR '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Donrick [Smith] 433639

"I'm pretty sure he said fliers get shot down fast.
And you saw what happened to our last flier."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433640

"Not on the outside. On the inside. We'll fly up the lift."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433641

I walk towards the guy
"Maybe I haven't made myself clear as well. I asked you to tell us everything you know about TIARA without lies, well you obviously haven't done that. You still want your freedom? Then honor the deal and tell us everything you know."

Donrick [Smith] 433642

Then the only problem is that I left my flying pants back in Clopantinapole."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433643

"Fortunately, His Majesty has spares. I'm certain it wouldn't be overstepping any boundaries to ask if you'd care to borrow a pair."

Liviana [Templar] 433644

"… I'm really not clear on how we're supposed to fly either."

"… Really? Flying pants?"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433645

"You'll see soon."

Donrick [Smith] 433646

"This place has more than a few surprises it seems."

DM 433647

"Just the king's best friend and some mare who hangs out with him…"
"The teleporter is prep-"
The leaps onto the teleport pad and puts you down gently
"Almost there…"
A team of doctors is waiting for you at Rockeye's teleporter
"You can disable them from the main control room. Where else?"
"It is controlled by a winch. The key is usually kept in the winch room because we kept losing it and it was really annoying to send someone up there with a lockpick to get it down again for the non-fliers."
"Alright alright. Sheesh.
Tiara is armed with automated rocket turrets based on demigolem technology pioneered by Liquidy Mint. They have limited thinking ability and can track targets they see, as well as reload by themselves.
It also carries four sets of long range artillery cannons designed for demolishing large ares with fewer shots.
The interior is laid out like a bunker network, with weapon maintenance stations located under the main guns, and the command center at the core of the machine. The repair lift takes you to one of the leg maintenance rooms that allows access to the leg interior. For the other legs, you need to go topside and get to that leg.
All these maintenance areas can be accessed from the top, but the main command center can only be entered from the weapons maintenance rooms.
It houses a crew of twenty and several dozens of guards, unless Rivetstrike brought spares.
And thanks to the latest addition, it can function autonomously. Even if all on board are dead."

Liviana [Templar] 433648

"This Liquidy Mint pony sounds important. Is she around?"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433649

"Allright then. That's thorough. I like that."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433650

"Send Vintage their way…"
Wave a hoof around at the doctors with a smile.
"Hey there~"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433651

I look to the rebel captain.
"Captain do you have spare uniforms?"

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433652

"Several dozens? That's a lot of guards. Wont be easy to beat."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433653

'1d10+1' MR, Verify that.

"Are there windows of any size, particularly on the lower portion of the device?"

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Donrick [Smith] 433654

"I'll make sure to have a good look around.
Maybe an update is due to Chell, huh?"

DM 433655

"Don't you dare die."
Peaches nods and rushes off as the doctors come to check on you
"What happened?"
"Not even close missy.
She is home, safe in Canterlot."
"Yes. Why?"
"You didn't think it would be easy, did you?"
"Of course not. Do you think we were stupid when we built that or something?
All observation is done via bound Farsight orbs."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433656

"I have a plan. Could you gather some for my friends?"

I then motion to all PCs here.
"Here's my idea. A messenger has already gone out to tell Rivetstrike we have a prisoner, me. How about all of you dress up as soldiers and escort me as your prisoner. They'll lower the elevator for us and let us in. Who knows maybe we can even get to the Command Center without trouble."

Donrick [Smith] 433657

"It was a joke, Chell.
I don't think it would be very practical to have you the size of a town."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433658

What did that MR roll get?

"Forgive the assumption."

Another MR now, just for grins. '1d10+1'

"Well, it doesn't cost us anything to try. We'd be frontal-assaulting anyway."

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Liviana [Templar] 433659

"Hmmm… I'll keep that in mind. In any case, that sounds like quite the machine. I'm not entirely sure how Timberjaw managed to gather the funds for it."

"Sound good enough."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433660

Here's what I was thinking:

Well, it is a giant, impractical waste of resources.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433661

Nod to her.
"Explosives. Metal. A few more things."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433662

"I did not know what to expect. I never saw anything like Tiara before."

DM 433663

"Go to your death, dark mage. The sooner the world is rid of you, the better.
I'll be going now. Have fun."
He turns to leave
"You can do miracles with a bit of outside funding, love."
"You can give us the details once we get you to the emergency ward."
They start moving you out, and as you are wheeled along, you notice Peaches and Vintage in the shadows

Donrick [Smith] 433664

"Can't hurt to try."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433665

"Good as any plan I guess.." '1d10+1' can I see anything from here?

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433666

Transfix. '1d10+3'

"The verification is yet to be completed. The guards will keep you safe while we determine if you were lying."

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433667

I turn to the traitor.
"You can go. But only AFTER we're gone to TIARA, just to make sure you're not going to Rivetstrike as well. THEN you can go. And also…"
I get real close to him.
"you better hope we never meet again, because next time no deal will save you."

Turn away from him and see if the captain has his uniforms.

Liviana [Templar] 433668

"Did you hear that? Sounds like Equestria is putting their money to good use."

Donrick [Smith] 433669

"Looks like it's the same everywhere. Backstabbing, scheming, ass licking, money grubbing. It's the stakes that are higher here and now."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433670

"Outside funding. I knew it."
Of course, Snowborder

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433671

Good. They can work out the details…
"So. There was this crazy competition with horses riding horses and exploding party baloons made of metal…"

Liviana [Templar] 433672

I shake my head.

"How else? If this Lady Liquidy Mint lives in Canterlot, it doesn't beg much of a question where the money came from."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433673

"I guess so."

DM 433674

You can see the entire goddamn horizon take a step and roar.
Tiara is online.
And it's out for blood.
He looks shocked, but then goes catatonic as you lock his mind down.
"Master Swansong please. We are royal medical staff, we were informed of where you went."
"Sir. This metal looks like it was heated before insertion."
"Egads… what foul madness is this!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 433675

"Explosive shells of metal, eggsized or little more. Got one direct hit too many… At the same time…"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433676

I take a look at TIARA.
"Captain, I'd sure love those uniforms right now."

I then turn to the others.
"Everypony get inside and get on those uniforms, if they've got Farsight Crystals they might see us."
Get our traitor with us inside as well.
"You'll be let go once we're gone and some time has passed."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433677

"Captain, please restrain our guest while he's out, and keep him safe."

Put on my uniform.

"If I may be so bold, shall we, companions?"

Donrick [Smith] 433678

Well, I sure hope they have donkey sized uniforms

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 433679

I also tell him.
"And stop looking so angry about it, it's far better then you deserve."

Liviana [Templar] 433680

Right, uniforms.
"Let's see what the latest fashion trends of Timberjaw look like."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433681


Kilana [Dark Artist] 433682

time to suit up. "I hope this works."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433683

Step over next t her for a moment and whisper.

"Beg your pardon, but you did see what happened to Mister Swansong, did you not? This mission could be dangerous. One of us might be hurt."

DM 433684

"Right… right.
This should help us a bunch. Now try to relax, this will most likely hurt like all hell and twice over."
He grabs some heavy duty pliers
"Nurse, ready with the pain suppression."
And so the operation begins…
Uniforms at the ready, you take a look at the lumbering city of a monster that is slowly treading its way into the horizon.
And against the darkened sky, you can see a bright flare go off, followed by another far, far in the distance.
The signal has been given.
Help is coming.
The Northblades
The Gryphons of Stormheart
The Elite of Eaglecrest
The Armies of Ironfoe
The Warriors of Sunlight
The Battlemages of Rockeye
The Royal Army of Timberjaw
And High King Frostmourn, leading a force he has kept for himself, safe until they were needed. And now if ever is that time.


Kilana [Dark Artist] 433685

I frown "I know, I'm not backing out now." I reply and give you a kiss on the cheek.

DM 433755

So what's the plan?

Liviana [Templar] 433756

Does the entire party have the necessary uniforms? If so, we ought to be ready to approach that elevator… I think.


How badly will I stand out?

Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 433758

Pretty damn badly.
TIARA is taking its first steps over the walls of its former repair site

Godric [Lord] 433759

"I doubt I will be able to follow you in."

Donrick [Smith] 433760

"Unless they use mercenaries, you will have to wait until we get in."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433761

Here. The non-ponies can go as undisguised prisoners maybe?

Liviana [Templar] 433762

"… We should make haste."
How do we even reach that thing? Can we even reach it?

"Are griffins that rare in the Northlands?"

DM 433763

You can try to run after it, through the base, or you can try to get in front of it. It's not exactly fast.

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433764

"We should hurry. Frosty will require help quickly."

Godric [Lord] 433765

"We tend to keep to ourselves. Additionally, my status my proceed me."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433766

"If you go after us, how are you going to get in?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433767

"If we can clear him a path, he can just land on top and work his way down."

Liviana [Templar] 433768

"I agree, but I'm not sure if we can just leave the King of Stormheart behind."

Godric [Lord] 433769

"I can attempt to stay underneath if you bring the lift down."

"Given how easily our last flyer was shot down, I am not sure I should do that."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433770

"That seems like the best idea if we can secure the lift."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433771

"That is why I said 'if we clear a path.' As it is, there might be some sort of hatch along the bottom we can find, or make if we have enough explosive mold, that would let you fit through."

Godric [Lord] 433772

"Right. If you can disable any ventral defenses I should be safe. Alternatively I can return to the Emperor and assist him."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433773

"…..he might need your help if the infiltration doesn't go as planned. I suppose you should do that if you don't see the elevator coming down again after we're up for a while."

Pumpkin Swansong [Cripple] 433774

Help me father.

Godric [Lord] 433775

"Indeed. Though the more damage that can be done inside of it, the easier his job will be. Can he just send more of those artificial wings?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433776

"He could, but TIARA would advance in the meantime. Not to mention they're nowhere near as agile as your own natural wings. It would be rude of me to suggest you carrying any of us, but that's what it might boil down to."


Wings, do you feel like cooperating?

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 433778

Lets see how the doctors are doing
Valeriana looks at the lumbering horizon
"I can ask Frostmourn to send the wings via the Deep Roads. That will make things faster."
In this defining moment of heroism, how could they not?
You won't fail Pumpkin, would you?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Liviana [Templar] 433779

"I thought I told you and Pumpkin not to move…"
I shake my head
"In any case, we should hurry and decide."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433780

"Whatever we decide, we're running out of time."

Godric [Lord] 433781

"Please do so, then."

"I agree."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433782

Where am I? I need to know.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433783

"Let's get those wings then."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433784

With us in the rebel camp.
Rebels are on our side now.

Donrick [Smith] 433785

"Again, wings?"

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433786

I wont.
I can fly! I'm a real pone!

"Unnatural wings."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433787

"Personal-sized sets of mechanical wings that were field-tested in Stormheart to allow non-winged creatures to navigate the mountainous terrain. Not quite as versatile as magical wings, but they do the job."

Donrick [Smith] 433788

"That doesn't tell me much more than I could have guessed."

Donrick [Smith] 433789

Raise an eyebrow.
"I couldn't say I flewn before."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433790

"Nor had most of us, but there is a first time for everything, Master Donrick."

Liviana [Templar] 433791

"Well now, that sounds like quite the engineering feat."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433792

But they were always on our side, everyone.

Anyone need healing?

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433793

"What did you guess?"

Donrick [Smith] 433794

"Unnatural wings."

"There's no time like wartime for this kind of thing, then.
Can Chell be outfitted with them too?"

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433795


Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433796

"Possibly, but I make no assumptions as to their capacity. It might be easier just to have Viceroy Blackmane carry her, if he's agreeable, or see if any gryphons wish to aid us when we retrieve the wings."
I'll shrug.
"But, if you can make them work on short notice, and carry her, then by all means."

DM 433797

Progress is being made. Indeed a lot of the shrapnel is already out.
And a new figure has joined them in the operating room.
"Very well.

…they are on their way. I know the closest entrance. We can head there at any time."

Donrick [Smith] 433798

"If they will work on me, I can make them work on her."

Godric [Lord] 433799

"I would carry any who wishes it."

"Good. Let us go then."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433800

"Then there is no time like the present."
I'll think a moment.
"Also, any explosive mold that can be recovered from the fallen is to be put to use in crippling TIARA from the inside-out. Artillery only goes so far."

Pumpkin Swansong [Cripple] 433801

Did they at least let me have a drink before getting to the cuts?

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433802

"Let's go now then. We don't have time to waste."
I turn to the rebel captain.
"Goodbye captain. Good luck here and thanks."

DM 433803

There are nurses there to ensure you don't struggle. You are known for your pain tolerance.
The captain salutes
"Give 'em hell, Northlander."
Valeriana takes a few shaky steps but then stands tall
"Alright. Follow me!"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433804

"Lady Valeriana, you are still not recovered. Let me carry you and you can direct us."
I'll pause.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433805

Shaky? Can I heal her? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Liviana [Templar] 433806

I nod in agreement.
"There's no use in ruining yourself if it can be avoided. Crisis or not."

Pumpkin Swansong [Cripple] 433807

It'd have been nice to wet my lips before this whole deal…
At least the nurses look nice, right?
Smile at the girls. Truly angels.
Is the newcomer another doctor?

DM 433808

There is only so much healing can do to heal lifespan given up to keep her son on this side of Tambelon's gate
She sighs and leans on you
"We need to head due west. The gates are in a gorge in the foothills."
Not quite.
He is Golden Oats - Royal Golemcrafter

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433809


Pull a smaller version of that pylon out of my hefty of hatting '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433810

I'm off.

Donrick [Smith] 433811

To there we go.

Liviana [Templar] 433812

Then we go there. That old fool better not be walking on her own.

Pumpkin Swansong [Cripple] 433813

Hey I know that guy. Never got to tell him about his wife.
Best he didn't know.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433814




Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433815

Well, I hope she doesn't mind being literally carried. Putting her across my back, and then heading due west.

DM 433817

It seems the hat is empty
No wait! There was something in there!
It's a note!
It reads
As you glance back along the way, you can see TIARA exit the city entirely and begin stomping due north.
Soon you reach the foothills
"Just… beyond those ridges. The guards will know us."
He greets you with a nod
"Master Swansong."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433818

I keep walking in silence.
Wave over to the guards if they come in view.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433819

"Then let us tarry no longer."

Donrick [Smith] 433820

Keep on keeping on.
Unnatural engineered wings…
How did we not think of that?

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433821

Just keep moving. A brisk pace that doesn't upset her wounds.

Pumpkin Swansong [Cripple] 433822

Nod back.
Hope he forgives me for not being exactly able of talking right now.

Liviana [Templar] 433823

March march march!

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433824

Crumble it up and throw it into a trash bin!

And follow the party!

Godric [Lord] 433826


Kilana [Dark Artist] 433831

"Good.. I kind of like those wings."

DM 433834

"I'm here to offer you a chance to make a… slightly faster recovery, if you would be interested?"
The guards at the gate salute as you arrive.
"Welcome, heroes."
"Your requested equipment awaits."
They open the gates to reveal several sets of golem wings. Some of the sets look more weathered, probably from use in Stormheart. Others are brand new.
"High King Frostmourn sends his best wishes. He and his forces are taking up position is the Unbreakable City."
They toss you a rather ornate flare
"He also sent this. Said to use it if you need him and his secret weapon."
"Please equip a set that fits you."
"…lady Swansong?"
Valeriana coughs a bit
"Nevermind me."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433835

I'll take the same wings I've had in Stormheart if I can can find them '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Godric [Lord] 433837

I nod my thanks to the guards.
"Lady, I suggest you rest while you can. Leave this to us."

Donrick [Smith] 433839

Examine those wings thoroughly!

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433840

"Lady Valeriana, you are to rest. Sending a shadow will be sufficient. You are too valuable to lose here."
And I'll dig for the pair of wings I had at Stormheart. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Well now, those sure look like something else. Try to fit a pair on me.
"Lady Valeriana, Pumpkin may have gotten the worst of the damage, but you are in no physical state to accompany us."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433844

Grab the set of wings I had in Stormheart.

"We shove keep moving. We have no time to stand around."

Pumpkin Swansong [Cripple] 433845

Make a small circle with my head, as to tell him to go on.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433847

Frown at Valeriana and use Inure on the cold for her '1d10+1'

Then put on a set of wings that weren't taken.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433848

I equip [Golem Wings] "Valerianna, you can wait down here can't you?"
"Godric, are we pretending to be on the rebel side with the others, or would we stand out too much?" I whisper urgently

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433852

Fuck golemwings, I'm using my own today.
"You should rest and heal, Lady Valeriana."

Godric [Lord] 433853

"We are just going to get in from above now."

DM 433854

Yep. They still fit perfectly well.
Snug and sturdy.
They mimic the wings of a gryphon, but are made of a complex system of metal joints and artificial feathers, all mounted to a harness that seems to power the mechanism, allowing the wings to generate more than enough force to enable gliding and powerful leaps.
Valeriana leans against a wall.
"I'll just… rest here a while.
My shadows will follow you."
The wings are rather heavy to walk with, but even the small breeze out here is enough to generate some lift in them.
The old assassin smiles at you
"Go now."
"Let me remove the damages flesh, and replace it."


Donrick [Smith] 433857

I'm going to keep a pair of these for study.
Put them on.
Then, can I fit them to Chell?

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Pumpkin Swansong [Cripple] 433858

"It's… That bad… Uh?"
Try to give him a grin through the pain.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Liviana [Templar] 433859

"Huh… Odd contraption, but it works. I'm set."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433861

Mental note: if these survive, get them a paintjob.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433862

Right. Well. Once we're all geared up, and the flare is secured, we'll need to find a decent jump point. Or enough gryphons willing to drop us.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433866

Let's start covering ground.

"Stay low. Hopefully we won't be noticed until we're already relatively close."

Godric [Lord] 433867

"Very well. I suggest we fly low and follow the terrain. It might give us some protection."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 433868

Ready to fly… I hope.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433870

"Right.." Seeing Chell being equipped with them too.. maybe if I grab some of the extras I can put them on Codar he can go.. are there three extra sets? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433871



Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9

DM 433879

"It was good enough for Viceroy Raging Storm. And I've learned much since."
Her shape, and the way the harness is built, makes the task rather simple.
They have plenty of extras.
You may pick who to bring along.
You and whoever you take gain +2 to the reach TIARA roll.
The guards salute you one last time, then go to tend to Valeriana.

Reaching TIARA is a collective MIN50. It takes you as many turns as it takes you to roll that total together.


Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433881

Grand. Let's fly. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433882


Cover ground.

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 8 = 8

Donrick [Smith] 433884

"Chell, try to fly with me."
Okay, time to test these things.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433886

Fuck Fucking Fuck!

Ok take Smouldering!

ANother roll! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Well… let's try this.

Roll #1 7 = 7


don't let me down now, wings!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433891

[Equip those three on Codar fast], "There, now you just have to jump.." and fly after the others. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pumpkin Swansong [Cripple] 433892

"Didn't he… Turn into a golem…"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433897


Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 433899

>>433881 7
>>433882 1
>>433883 8
>>433884 2
>>433886 3
>>433887 7
>>433889 10
>>433891 9
>>433897 5
The wings allow you to cover ground at a massive pace, enabling you to reach TIARA as it lumbers onward, towards the walls of the Unbreakable City that now look very small compared to the colossus before you.
Every step of its massive legs is like an earthquake and a thunderclap. ALong the length of each, rocket turrets restlessly look around for targets.
Observing further details takes a turn.
Trying to reach the top is MIN6. Failing will incur a dodge roll to avoid damage from anti-air fire.
"Oh no. He may sound a bit strange, but that has to do with me needing to replace his lung.
You… should not end up too different from the High King."


Here we go.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433903


Roll #1 7 = 7

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433905

Go for the top '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 6 = 6

Donrick [Smith] 433911

I would rather check those details first.
Not to blindly rush into it.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433912

"Ready big guy?" '1d10' I try to get up there.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Oh no… this is so wrong. Fly up.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433916

Relucantly crouched at the base of the TIARA
Wings pumping and thumping in time
The blades flash, and the legs go up
Churning, and burning,
They yearn to stop the construct.



"Don't fall beyond, Kilana!"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pumpkin Swansong [Cripple] 433917

"I have a different… Line of work… It would be… Too heavy…"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433918

Up we go. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 433927

You take flight, but one of the turrets locks onto you.
Roll to dodge. -1 to roll.
Another set of turrets fires in your direction.
Roll to dodge
In your effort to psyche yourself up for this, you fail to notice you are being tracked.
Roll to dodge.
Flying would be easier if the world was not exploding around you. Roll to dodge.
You get to the top with little problems.
Probably because everyone else is getting blown apart.
Welcome topside. Several bunkers and buildings are up here, along with the massive barrels of the main weapon batteries. You can spend a turn to inspect the area for details and info.
One of the legs is damaged and hastily repaired. However, it is missing the heavy plating the other legs have. Telltale fractures tell you that the legs are indeed hollow for maintenance purposes, and can probably be destroyed from the inside.
If the royalist artillery did this to the leg, it is entirely possible that destroying the legs is not needed - just damaging them is enough for the artillery to finish them off. And as legs are lost, TIARA should slow down.
The lift is near the damaged leg.
"The old model perhaps. But as I said. I've improved."



Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433931

Dodging like the wind.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pumpkin Swansong [Cripple] 433932

Keep breathing heavily, shifting my gaze back to the nurses.
"How long?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433933

My last two rolls have been bad. Surely that means this roll will be good?


Roll #1 3 = 3

Donrick [Smith] 433934

Inspect it more!
Can Chell and Me do something to finish off that damaged leg by ourselves?



Roll #1 9 - 1 = 8

Liviana [Templar] 433938

Inspect the area.



Roll #1 3 = 3

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433945

Barrel roll. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433946

Forget that! ITK! Lift one of those main weapon batteries over the turrets aimed at my friends! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

DM 433956

Attempting to lift a large cannon built into the machine fails to work as intended.
It does not seem possible to destroy the leg from here, unless you can somehow make it get stuck, or step on a large amount of explosives.
The leg maintenance shaft entrances are located at the top of each leg.
Towards the center are the weapon control areas and.
The Lift controls must be in the bunker near one of the legs.
You manage to evade the explosions, and are in a prime position to finish the journey.
Reaching the top is MIN3
You suffer a hit
You take two
You suffer three
And for you all, reaching the top is MIN4
"Maybe an hour. Try to remain calm."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433958

Let's do this.

Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 1 = 1

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433962


"W-what do we do now!?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433963

Thankfully my armor can handle the little bits of shrapnel. Maybe. Gosh I hope so.
Keep flying. '1d10' and help anyone else up if I can.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433964

Get up, get up, get up!


Roll #1 5 = 5

Donrick [Smith] 433967

Up we go then.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Okay let's try that again. By not being terrible this time.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Liviana [Templar] 433970

Hmmm… Sabotage should be possible somehow…

"Can you help the others with your telekinesis?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Cripple] 433971

Nod at him, then look at the nurse.
"I would love to get some sleep…"

DM 433973

Trying to recover, another explosion blows you out of the air, dealing 4 hits.
You can still reach the top at MIN4
You can't.
A point blank explosion knocks you out of the air.
Roll for damage.
The rest of you make it up safely
"Feel free to sleep. We will keep working."
"Before you nod off… is it ok if I begin my work as you sleep?"



Roll #1 10 = 10

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433976

Goddammit. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433977



Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433978

Alright, and now that I'm up, I'll help out the other flyers with TK. First I'll pull up Godric. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433980

Or since Nylis has that in hoof, I'll go for Smouldering.

Donrick [Smith] 433981

Rejoin Liviana.
"One of the legs is already damaged, and they didn't do very good job when repairing it."

DM 433982

The blast knocks you out of the air. Roll for damage >>433978 as you crash onto the top deck of TIARA
You've had bad landings before. Just bend the knees and >>433977 …land safely on top of the machine. Huh. That went… well?


Godric [Lord] 433984

"Did I…make it?"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 433985

'1d10+1' inspect the area.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 433986

RNG pls '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433988

"You can thank lady Nylis, viceroy. Her quick thinking got you up here without too much fuss."

Liviana [Templar] 433989

"There are maintenance shafts on top of each leg. We could use those to sabotage them somehow…"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 433990


Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Donrick [Smith] 433993

"We can figure that out once we are inside them. Let's avoid the damage one. Let the artillery handle that."

Godric [Lord] 433994

"Is that so?"

"I may owe you my life, young mageling. You have my most heartfelt thanks."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 433995

Go over to the weapons control area. Can I make sense of how to disable anything?


Roll #1 1 = 1

Pumpkin Swansong [Cripple] 433998

Close my eyes.
"Yeah… That would… Help actually… Thanks."
I hope they were pretty at least.
Am I a bad enough dude to sleep through the pain?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 433999

Right, they're bound to have noticed us landing up here. Any sign of troops set to repel boarders? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Right. Open one of the maintenance shafts of one of the undamaged legs and see what there is to see.

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 434005

You land on your back.
Pain aside, it sounds like your wing pack took a beating.
-1 to any future flight attempts until it gets fixed.
You help him by fixing his burns and cuts, bringing him back to full health.
Holy shit this place is fucking massive. It's like a town!
You can't even make sense of the door's lock.
Or notice the dozen guards posted by the doors.
And amidst sirens and klaxons, you can hear security gates slam down as the guards begin to surround you.
Why yes. Yes there are. And they are on Id and Liviana.
You dream of pain, and loss of humanity.
Of flesh made iron, and of soul reforged in fire.
And of your friends, facing that god-machine without you.


Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 434007

No, not mvy beautiful wing pack ;_;

Liviana [Templar] 434009

Slam into one of the guards!
"For the Empire!"

Donrick [Smith] 434011

Chell Cheap Shots one.
I Slice at one.
"For the Empire!"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 434014

Beautiful. Guardian up, thanks to Sentry, and ready my Breakers.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 434018

Someone else needed healing! Heal them! I forget who all got hurt but heal in turn! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

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