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Northlands Season 2 - Epidsode 14 DM 420951[Last 50 Posts]

This is the story of a king who put his faith and future in allies, old and new, as he marched to a war he had never seen before.

The High King has called a meeting of his inner circle to discuss the battle plan regarding Timberjaw.

Episode 14: The Price of a Mile

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 420952

I'm already there. Wait for the others.

Kilana [darkhunter] 420953

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 420954

I'm here. Biding my time.

Liviana [Templar] 420955

Battlesister standing by.

Venia [Worried] 420956

I should probably be here too despite the fact I'm not coming along, for Frostmourn.

DM 420957

Valeriana steps out of the shadows and taker her place at the High King's side.
He nods, looks over the room and begins.
"As you know, friends, Timberjaw awaits.
It is currently in a state of civil war, between Grand Engineer Rampart and King Craghoof.

Verne, my good adviser, suggested siding with both, and trying to enable peace talks, offering to solve their problems in exchange for their alliance.

This does mean we need to split in two.
Valeriana will lead a small, agile team to meet up with Rampart.
I will take the rest on a more diplomatic mission to talk to Craghoof."

Liviana [Templar] 420958

"Donrick and I will be wherever you want us to be, your highness."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 420959

Flip a dagger in my hooves, saying nothing.

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 420960

I'm not exactly a diplomatic pony…
But I do keep quiet for now.

Venia [Worried] 420961

I look at Valeriana, then at Frostmourn.
"Seems like a feasible plan."

DM 420962

"There is little question in which team you belong, old friend."
"Having you along on the diplomatic party might grant a bit of extra edge as we can prove the north has allies in many far-off places already.
However, I imagine Donrick would be more at home meeting Rampart."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 420963

Smirk with a sigh.

Kilana [darkhunter] 420964

"What do we know about their problems?"

Donrick [Smith] 420965

"Meeting who?"

Liviana [Templar] 420966

I smile weakly at him
"Knowing Donrick, I know what his answer to that idea will be already…"

Godric [Lord] 420967

"Attempt to appease both and you may end up with neither."

DM 420968

"Grand Engineer Rampart accuses King Craghoof of using cheap foreign labor and new, weaker building techniques that undermine the heritage of the nation.
Craghoof insists Rampart is a warmonger looking for an excuse to incite chaos and bloodshed.

However, Rampart is a civil engineer and inventor. It seems unlikely that he'd act like a warmonger… Though reports indicate he is currently gaining the upper hand with some incredible invention of his."
"So you propose we throw our armies at one or the other rather than attempt peace?"

Donrick [Smith] 420969

"Yes, it does sound he might be interesting to meet… but no. I'm not leaving Liviana."

Godric [Lord] 420970

"I suggest you pick your battles and not overextend yourself. Approach them both with open claw and you appear weak."

Liviana [Templar] 420971

"Donrick… the High King does pose a point. Those ponies are engineers at heart, much like we are back home. Our presence may make them more receptive."

DM 420972

"Then I suppose you two can figure that out among yourselves."
"Then who would you have me throw our combined forces at?"

Donrick [Smith] 420973

"I am not splitting up to leave you alone. Wherever you go, I will follow. No arguments."

Godric [Lord] 420974

"That is for you to decide, not me. They are your armies. I simply thing the idea that you can please all parties may be foolish."

Liviana [Templar] 420975

I look at Frostmourn, then back at Donrick. Leaning in, I whisper in a hushed tone.
"That 'incredible invention' could very well be a threat to the Empire. We can't let this chance to catch a glimpse of what Timberjaw has to offer slide like that. Who knows what use it could be? Please."

DM 420976

"I do appreciate the input of my allies. I have taken the liberty of asking the other Viceroys for their thoughts too. So I would love to hear yours."

Donrick [Smith] 420977

"… No. I can send Chell with them, but I am not leaving you."

Liviana [Templar] 420978

"Chell does not have the expertise you have."
I sigh
"Can't you send Chell along with me instead? Will that put your mind at ease?"

Kilana [darkhunter] 420979

"And what did they think?"

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 420980

While the rest are talking…
"Frosty. Where do you wish for me to go?"

Donrick [Smith] 420981

"No. I told you, no arguments. I've come this far with you, and I will see to it that you don't get hurt myself."

Liviana [Templar] 420982

I rub my forehead with a sigh.
"Fine then."
Turn to Frostmourn.
"We go as a team, I'm afraid."

Godric [Lord] 420983

"I have no strong feelings either way. If you want to benefit from both their expertise, would it not be simpler to just take one prisoner?"

Venia [Worried] 420984

Dammit husbando, this is not how you do things.

"That would still leave the nation very divided… And taking one of them prisoner wont be easy for you, I reckon."

Kilana [darkhunter] 420985

"I think peace is the ideal option, and taking captives can be our backup if that fails."

DM 420986

Longshanks and Raging Storm both supported the peace/alliance plan.
Deep Rock felt that Rampart was a threat to stability, and should be stopped. Though, I remember he also was on good terms with Craghoof in person.
Unyielding Anvil suggested overthrowing Craghoof if he really is undermining his own culture.
"Do you think you'd do better among royalty or rebels?"
"And where do you go?"
"The question really is, which one.
Craghoof is well fortified in his capital, The Unbreakable City. It really is worthy of that name too.
Rampart is gaining the upper hand in the war though, and has his invention at his side whatever it is."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 420987

"I am not skilled in diplomacy. I don't think I will be of much use with royalty."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 420988

"We are here for all the ponies in the north Frosty, not just those who happen to support the right cause…"

Liviana [Templar] 420989

"Wherever you need the three of us more, your highness."

Donrick [Smith] 420990

I just nod.

Godric [Lord] 420991

"True, but a strategy of pure appeasement would take far too long and leave them unwilling to listen to future demands."

"The king should be approached under the flag of negotiation. Traditionally, a force like Rampart's is at a disadvantage here. The further his campaign goes, the more complex his logistics become, among many other problems. Additionally, no matter how complex his creation, he will still have to lay siege to the capital. That could take years, if my understanding of Timberjaw is correct. The war could reach a stalemate that would not end in our lifetimes."

Venia [Worried] 420992

"We can't just throw lives away like that without at least trying diplomacy!"

Kilana [darkhunter] 420993

"Since we are splitting up, we need a reliable way to get in touch with each other if things can't be worked out the way we would like. Once we know more about the real issue it should be clear who we should side with. Craghoof is likely doing what he thinks will help his nation prosper, even if the cost is high we don't know how narrow his options are."

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 420994

I'm now here as well.

DM 420995

Valeriana speaks up
"My shadows will be used to facilitate communication between teams. That is the best we can do, I think."

Frostmourn nods
"So, who knows for sure where they will go?"
>Team Craghoof

>Team Rampart


Donrick [Smith] 420996

Wherever Liviana goes.

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 420997

"I'm not good with diplomacy. I'll join the team to see Rampart."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 420998

"I am bad with diplomacy too. I will join you."

Liviana [Templar] 420999

Looks like we'll go to Craghoof then. Can't let the High King go alone after all.

Godric [Lord] 421000

"Of course, but war sometimes does not give you that option. Better to prepare for the worst than be caught unawares."

If he's needed, Godric will go Craghoof.

Kilana [darkhunter] 421001

"I'll let you decide if you want me at your side or not."

DM 421002

"I feel you may be in a position where you can better impress Rampart."
"Perhaps it may be wise to first scout out our options, and then act once we know all the details.
Neither side needs to know of our involvement with the other until we know it is in everyone's best interest. And if it seems one side is indeed more favorable to ally with than the other, we can simply pull that team out and engage battle."

>Team Craghoof

>Team Rampart

Liviana [Templar] 421003

"As you say, your highness. I shall get geared up shortly."

Donrick [Smith] 421004

"Just tell me if you need me to check your equipment before we leave."

Venia [Worried] 421005

"Let's hope you don't have to take it that far… We managed it in Stormheart, so try to repeat that."

Kilana [darkhunter] 421006

"Sounds good. when do we leave?"

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 421007


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421008

Keep flipping that dagger.
"Let's hope they really want the best."

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421009

"I'm ready to leave."

DM 421010

"We will take the teleport array to Ironfoe in the morning.
From there, we will march across the border, split up, and head out.
The armies of the north will ready themselves and await orders."
He glances sideways, then stops the dagger in mid air with telekinesis for a split second, just enough to try and mess up the rhythm '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Liviana [Templar] 421011

"That might be wise. For anypony here who wishes to do so as well."

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421012

"Will it be a more peaceful place where we cross the border or can we expect explosions from the second we get in there?"

Venia [Worried] 421013

"Good luck… to all of you. And please stay safe."

Donrick [Smith] 421014

"If they wish."


Catch that!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 421016

I'll have to make sure to say goodbye to Mistral and give her a good hug before we leave…

"My sword is fine."

DM 421017

File: 1369596110094.jpg (189.66 KB, 1197x1103, Timberjaw war map.jpg)

"most of the actual fighting should be concentrated along the battlefront.
We can plan the crossing so that both teams avoid the worst."
Nope, you dropped it. Butterhooves.
Frostmourn gives a little grin
"Careful there old friend. You never know what might happen."
"You too Venia.
And… little Venia."

Liviana [Templar] 421018

I look at the map.
"Like sliced pie…"

Venia [Worried] 421019

I smile and look down
"I'll be sure to be there when you set off to say goodbye."
Turn around and walk out of the room. Probably off to go beat Unyielding's ass.

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421020

Looks like we're ready to leave then.


Shoot him a glance back.
"You mages and your freaky little powers."
Use my back hooves to fly the dagger back up into my rear ones. From behind.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421022

And before leaving, I have to talk with Valeriana about the infiltration.

DM 421023

"Dearest! How'd it go with Frosty?"
"Be ready for anything out there. I need you in one piece."
"Yes, Pumpkin?"
"A pie that's getting eaten more by the hour."

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421024

If we're faffing about a bit, let me roll if I find something earlier in the library on that ingredient list from Timberjaw Pumpkin gave me.
I don't want anypony to say I didn't try. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Venia [Worried] 421025

"What were you thinking!?"
I stomp towards him and prod his chest with a hoof

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421026

Smile back to him.
"You and I both, my friend. Hope that armor serves you well."
Move in closer, right behind his ear, and whisper.
"Maybe try not to bring the whole crown into battle, uh?"

To Valeriana!
Are we going for the north or south part of Timberjaw?
"I take you heard about what's waiting for us there."


I step back again and look at Donrick, then back at Frostmourn with a smile
"We'll go prepare. I'm sure you have… certain things that need tending to, your highness."
I bow and walk out, let's go pick up my gear from the armory and get it cleaned and ready for tomorrow.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 421028

If we're waiting with Timberjaw until next time, I'll just have Ambrosia spend the rest of her time together with Mistral. Maybe she'll be brave enough to cuddle with her? [1d10]
either way, I'll be back later

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 421029

It seems the mixture will make a more stable, yet more powerful explosive agent than pure Explosive Mold. Easier to stockpile and safer to handle, yet more devastating when detonated.
I was trying to help!"
Frostmourn glances at his crown, then takes it off and studies it
South. The red X is Rampart's base. The blue X is The Unbreakable City.
"I know some details. Unless you have fresh news?"
The High King looks at you as you go, fairly certain that was some sort of invitation.
Your gear has been kept neat and clean by the armory attendants.
Waifu cuddles?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Venia [Worried] 421030

"How is endorsing all-out war without trying diplomacy a good idea!?"

Liviana [Templar] 421031

That roll was not for that!
Ugh. Turn to Donrick.
"So what do you think?"

Donrick [Smith] 421032

I glance at Liviana as she leaves, then turn to everyone else.
"If anyone wants their weapons or anything checked, tell me now."

DM 421033

"I thought he needed encouragement…
Besides. Aren't we supposed to be safeguarding the culture of the north?"
Crit fails do not look into intentions
Frostmourn shakes his head
"I'm good, thanks."

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421034

Well, that's obvious.
And the weapon designs, can I make any sense of it? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Godric [Lord] 421035

"I think I may may take you up on that offer…"

Blink at him.

"What are you, exactly?"

Venia [Worried] 421036

I sigh and rub my face with a hoof
"A rumor, love. It's just a rumor. Just charging in like a bunch of crazed zealots is not going to make us look good with anyone."

Donrick [Smith] 421037

I didn't follow you yet.


Snark at him.
"A smith."

Kilana [darkhunter] 421038

So do I need to go buy a bow and arrows?

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421039

I look at him.
"I usually just carry my bow. I doubt it needs to be inspected but thanks for the offer."

DM 421040

A lot of this design appears to be built around some kind of containment device and a launcher… a device for flinging bombs maybe?
"I was only trying to help…
…dad would have done the same…"
I'm sure Valeriana has a spare.


Fine then.

I'll just go to my room to store my gear on my own and practice on the lyre without you!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 421042

And I'm… doing something, I suppose. Standing at attention and listening in.

Godric [Lord] 421043

"I…see. Well how do you practice your craft, smith?"

Venia [Worried] 421044

"That doesn't mean it's the right option!"
I take a deep breath and let it all out again
"… Sorry. I'm just a little on edge right now…"

Donrick [Smith] 421045

I'm trying to be friendly with the northern assholes!

"And armor?"

"Like every other smith."

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421046

That's…something we do not want to meet in Timberjaw.
I make a few small notes about the weapon on paper and burn the copy I made of the ingredient list and construction instructions for safety.
I'll give this to Pumpkin later.

>during the meeting
"I usually just wear these robes. I've never worn real armor before…"

Kilana [darkhunter] 421047

I suppose she would have one. Go see her. "Do you have a spare bow lying around?"

Godric [Lord] 421048

"A good smith works to make his items distinctive."

"You may want to start. Timberjaw does not look like it will be easy."

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421049

"Right….That might not be such a bad idea."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 421050

"I would advise something light, that won't inhibit your casting. With the amount of explosive mold in Timberjaw, heavier armor would be more of a hindrance than a help if you're not used to it."

Donrick [Smith] 421051

"Might be a good time to start."

"You'll know a blade that is made by me if you see one."

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421052

I think for a second.
"What would you recommend, master Dondrick? What's light but would still somewhat block an explosion?"

DM 421053

Frostmourn turns his attention to you
"Waxing. What is the extent of your military training?"
"I know. You have big things to worry about~"
he hugs you with a wing
"Several, child. What for?"

Godric [Lord] 421054

"Possibly. I myself prefer such protection."

I frown.
"I have seen many blades by many artisans, master smith. What makes yours so special?"

Venia [Worried] 421055

"It's just so strange to… to let Frostmourn go out on his own without being at his side to back him up."

DM 421056

"Look, he's a strong stallion now. You can't watch over him forever.
We will soon have our own to worry for."

Donrick [Smith] 421057

"It can cut through things you wouldn't believe a sword can.
The forge is also heated by stupid questions. You would make for a good assistant."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 421058

"I was not trained to lead, if it comes to that. The extent of my training is in melee combat, augmented with telekinesis to cause harm at a limited range. I have also been trained to move quietly no matter how much armor I may or may not be wearing, and can bolster the defenses of my companions, as demonstrated during our battle with the Eye Demon."

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421059

Venia [Worried] 421060

"Yes but… this is a warzone they're going to. How can I not be worried?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421061

Off somewhere safe we go.
"Equestrian Lordblades. We intercepted plans for a weapon of sort leaving Timberjaw.
Since our target seems to be the one with the highest tech advantage, it's easy to realize these plans came from his side of Timberjaw."

Donrick [Smith] 421062

"Some protective padding that won't wear you down, for one."

Kilana [darkhunter] 421063

"I'd like to use one, I've always been useless with a dagger anyway."

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421064

"Padding…You mean like leather? Because it should be able to survive high temperatures and leather would just burn."

DM 421065

"Hm. Good to know.
When you have time, and if you feel you have the will to do so, go meet up Raging Storm in Eaglecrest. He might be able to offer some additional work."
"Well for one, I'm not letting my wife and child anywhere near a place like that."
"So you suspect Rampart is working with Equestria?"
"Well, I do have some that are just collecting dust.
And I think Pumpkin may still have that Harp Bow he tried in Eaglecrest."

Godric [Lord] 421066

I frown.
"If that is all you have to say for your work, then I remain unconvinced. I refuse to trust my life to a weapon I know nothing about."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421067

"Was Ironfoe? I suspect Equestria has infiltrated their ranks, nothing more. For now, at least."

Donrick [Smith] 421068

"Not leather. Think of small scales stuffed in a pillowcase. Lighter than a full armor, but still somewhat protective."

Nod towards Pumpkin.
"Ask your friend about it then."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 421069

"As you wish, King Frostmourn."
I'll bow.
"Should I be doing this before we depart for Timberjaw, or once we return?"

Venia [Worried] 421070

"I know, I know… I just hate feeling helpless like this. I'm not used to watching from the sidelines anymore."
I shake my head
"But I'm going to have to live with it."

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421071

Take a look at my robes.
"That sounds perfect. Do you know where I can find a set of those?"

Godric [Lord] 421072

"I would rather hear it from you, since we do not use the same weapons."

DM 421073

"I suppose we should offer them the benefit of the doubt for the time being then."
"After we return is fine. It did not seem urgent."
"It should be a good training session for you.
Soon you'll need to do a lot of sitting back…"

Kilana [darkhunter] 421074

"Oh, was the harp bow any good? It looked nice at least. I'll ask him if he'd give it up.." I smile a bit "But it would be really nice to have one of your unused ones, Something I would be able to personalize a little later and don't have to worry about breaking in battle."

Venia [Worried] 421075

"Don't think I'm going to sit inside all day just because I'm expecting a child! I need to stay in shape!"
I nuzzle his cheek and whisper in his ear
"And so do you."

DM 421076

"I have plenty of spares. I'll get you one later today."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421077

"Our biggest problem once inside will be actually finding the enemy. And I guess we'll have to start peace talks too…"
Wince and rub my forehead with a hoof.
"I really miss Verne right now…"

Donrick [Smith] 421078

"You are the one home here, not me.
If you don't find one, I can try to make the padding, but I won't sew it in your clothes."

"And I already told you. My blade can cut through armor if the strike is good. Or do you want me to show you?"

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421079

"Right, I'll see if I can find somepony at this hour. Thanks for the advice."

Go off and see if I can find myself a smith who can cook some padded armor up quick.

Kilana [darkhunter] 421080

"Thanks, I really appreciate it." I leave, and go to buy a quiver and some arrows.

Donrick [Smith] 421081

"You're welcome."

Godric [Lord] 421082

"What manner of armor? Plate? Chain? Scale? Hide? What ore do you use? Is it tempered? An alloy?"

Donrick [Smith] 421083

"A good smith also has his secrets.
It was forged in the flame of a dragon's breath, that much I can tell you."

DM 421084


"Of course, dearest…"
"We will make due. Somehow."
Smith Embers might be able to help
You can pick some up at the armory

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421085

"I'm not too worried.
Anything you need to gather before we leave?"

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421086

Quickly go to him then and explain I need some scale armor, if he doesn't know what it is, explain him what it is.
Does he have anything good laying around '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Venia [Worried] 421087

I smirk and hug him.

Godric [Lord] 421088

"I am not out to steal your secrets, smith. Some of these are things I would expect any soldier to know. A weapon is the extension of his body, so it must be trusted implicitly."

"I will say that last part does sound fascinating, however. How did you even come by that?"

Kilana [darkhunter] 421089

do that then.

DM 421090

"We might want to inform some blades. Just in case."
"Well this isn't quite your size, lad, but I can get it into shape by morning."
He ruffles your mane
"Come on cutie pie. We should get you something to eat."
Armed and ready.

Donrick [Smith] 421091

"I went down to the palace forge and asked one of our trained dragons."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421092

"Right. Both of us heading out and possibly not coming back… That might create some problems."

Kilana [darkhunter] 421093

okay. do a little target practice before bed. '5d10'

Roll #1 6, 6, 9, 4, 9 = 34

Venia [Worried] 421094

"Oh my, are you going to feed me now too, my king?~"

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421095

"Perfect. Thank you. I'll see you tomorrow then."

I guess I'll just stick with Waveform then.
I'll also leave the Book of Legends with her, seeing as she's interested in ancient history and I can't afford it to explode in Timberjaw.

Godric [Lord] 421096

"Did you now? There hasn't been a dragon in our lands for some time."

Donrick [Smith] 421097

"So I heard. We still have them, and they are most valuable."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 421098

"Then let us hope I am still in one piece once we return, your majesty."
I'll do a quick mental check. I have my axes, both sharp, and the two Mountainbreakers. Likely not enough time to fuse those with some axes to make some real nasty pieces of work, though. Frostmourn would probably want at least one to add to the Northern Regalia, now that I think on it…

DM 421099

This actually isn't THAT hard…
"Just in case… we should pick the next one in line."
"Only if you ask for it~"
Qt waifu time before war?

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421100

I suppose?
Show her the book then.

Godric [Lord] 421101

"The last one I heard of was killed to prove supremacy in our lands centuries ago. Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself though."
Offer a claw.
"Godric of Blackmane, of late the new lord of Stormheart."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421102

"If only I had took more time to know them better…
Maybe I could leave Peach behind. Promote her somewhat."

Venia [Worried] 421103

I giggle
"Lead the way, your majesty."

Kilana [darkhunter] 421104

Nice, I now I can sleep peacefully.

DM 421105

rolling for qt time quality
1 - worry and tears
10 - joy and cute things
I was going to suggest Vintage Year. Or… depending on your thoughts… Waymarker."
He offers a hoof
Pleasant dreams.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Kilana [darkhunter] 421106

oh, right, I should ask you about the harp bow. come find you sometime when you're not busy. "Hey, you ready for tomorrow?"

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421107

That's some good qt waifu tiem.
I didn't expect anything else from Eaglecrestian waifu.

Venia [Worried] 421108

Take it and let him lead me to wherever to eat some food.

Donrick [Smith] 421109

Don't offer my hoof back.
"Donrick, son of Donovan, Smith of the Court."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421110

"Waymarker doesn't like Year and I don't know why.
This makes me wary of them both."
Other timestream swoooosh!
"Not in the slightest."
Smile at her.

Godric [Lord] 421111

"Which court?"

Donrick [Smith] 421112

"The Palace Court of Clopantinapole."

Kilana [darkhunter] 421113

I smirk "Yeah, me either, I have absolutely nothing to wear!"

Godric [Lord] 421114

"Not a land I have heard of. Where is this?"

Donrick [Smith] 421115

"Trotantium. Have you heard nothing about the two guests? I am one of them."

Godric [Lord] 421116

"I have been preoccupied with…matters of state for some time. I only recently returned from home. Who is the other?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421117

"Do like our new guests and trot around the snow naked."
Keep smiling, but move closer and take a deep breath.
"You sure you want to go? This isn't going to be like the other places…"

Smouldering Torch [Omniseer] 421118

The day before this I probably dropped by you to tell you I theorize the weapon is some form of way to fling bombs from a far distance. Doesn't seem like enough to RP out. But now you know.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421119

Alright, thanks.

Donrick [Smith] 421120

"Sister Liviana, the mare who was right in this very room, in case you failed to notice. I thought eagles had good eyes."

Kilana [darkhunter] 421121

"Frostmourn wants me to go, and I won't abandon you to fight alone. I'm going with you."
"So, you like that harp bow?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421122

Raise a brow.
"That piece of trash? Absolutely not, why?"

Godric [Lord] 421123

"Good enough to pick you out of a crowd at several thousand wings up. But we were called for a meeting."

Kilana [darkhunter] 421124

"you won't mind if I take it off your hooves then?" I smile "I'm taking up archery."

Donrick [Smith] 421125

"And that means you cannot notice who else is in the room?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421126

"I don't even have one. It was Fleet Flight's weapon, one of the honor guards of Eaglecrest.
And even after training all his life with it he couldn't hit me no matter how hard he tried.
Really, that's more of a toy than a weapon.
Can try and find one for you, if you really want."

Godric [Lord] 421127

I frown.
"You pick apart my statements. Why?"

Kilana [darkhunter] 421128

"That bad? I probably don't want one then, it looked like such a nice thing too."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421129

"Well, it can play music at least!"

Donrick [Smith] 421130


Godric [Lord] 421131


Kilana [darkhunter] 421132

I laugh a bit "Well, that's nice at least. If you ever see one let me know about it, I think it would be interesting to try one out."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421133

Nod slowly.
"Just, don't do it in combat, okay? It might just get you killed.
Will see what I can do."

Donrick [Smith] 421134

"You tell me."

Kilana [darkhunter] 421136

"Thanks, I'm sure you'll want to take some time with bearing." I smile as I turn to go. "See you in the morning. "

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421137

Nod, and be off.

Godric [Lord] 421139

"I have no insight into your motives, seiur Donrick. A good smith would be quite a boon, but I do not want a partnership based on strife."

Donrick [Smith] 421141

"I am merely being as polite as you are."

Godric [Lord] 421142

"Have I offended somehow?"

Donrick [Smith] 421144

"No, but you have a very peculiar way of saying hello."

Godric [Lord] 421151

"Ah, I see. My apologies. I admit to being at a disadvantage there. I have never seen one of your kind before. I am still adjusting to spending so much time outside my kin."

Donrick [Smith] 421155

"Oh, so you didn't know what a donkey was."
I snort.
"I thought something else. I might be a bad reference, you see."

Godric [Lord] 421160

"Yes. Others rarely come to Stormheart, especially if they cannot fly. I am curious about your appearance, but it is of no consequence if you wish not to speak of it."

Donrick [Smith] 421162

"Nothing curious about it. Something that almost killed me."

Godric [Lord] 421165

"I should have guessed. Many of our smiths suffer such mishaps themselves, though usually it goes little beyond a lack of feathers and scarring."

Donrick [Smith] 421166

"It wasn't a forge accident. It was a malady."

Godric [Lord] 421168

"My condolences. What afflicted you?"

Donrick [Smith] 421170

"It's a long story."

Godric [Lord] 421177

"We may have some time in between here and Timberjaw."

Donrick [Smith] 421179

"It's not a very interesting story either."

Godric [Lord] 421185

"If you wish."

Donrick [Smith] 421187

"I'm sure you have something more interesting to speak about, like those matters of state."

Godric [Lord] 421190

"It is a fresh wound, and I am still not certain about the results. I would be more interested in returning to your works."

Donrick [Smith] 421193

"I'd be interested in finally getting to work on something too. I am growing bored."

Godric [Lord] 421196

"Well do not let me keep you further if that is the case. I am interested in what you may create."

Donrick [Smith] 421198

"We move out shortly, so I might only craft what anyone asks me to, or some little gadget that doesn't require a forge."

Godric [Lord] 421199

"Of course. Perhaps in Timberjaw, then."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421814

As the sun approaches the horizon, I'll make my way to the room of our new guest, and knock on her door.
Gotta stand straight and tall for this one. Wearing my lordblade uniform and all.
No mask, of course.

Liviana [Templar] 421817

I probably woke up not too long ago, but prepared accordingly and made myself presentable already. No clothes though, no need for them in my room.
Anyway, open up the door and bow my head slightly.
"Sir Pumpkin. You're here early."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421820

Smiling as you open the door, I'll stand outside.
"It's a short walk, and the sun might set any minute now.
But if you insist…"
Raise a hoof as if I was leaving.

Liviana [Templar] 421821

"Oh no no! Just give me a moment."
I turn around and fetch my armor, equipping it quickly and returning to the door. I'll leave my helm behind though, no need for that.
"Right. I'm ready."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421824

With a nod, off we go, through the halls of the castle.
"Now, frankly, I'm quite nervous. This is a place that holds more spiritual importance than anything else, to me.
I don't know if it will have the same effect for you."

Liviana [Templar] 421826

"I'm sure it will be fine."
I chuckle
"The balcony has been serving me well so far. But I'm curious to see what this place will be like."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421829

"It's… Windy. And warm.
My mentor used to go there every morning, too. I, not as much. Had different work shifts."
And then we're outside, on the path towards the cliff overlooking the castle.
"It's a great place to spar, too."

Liviana [Templar] 421830

"Then I'm sure it's a worthy place to pray. I'm not exactly… picky, really."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421834

With a smile, I'll walk the last meters between us and the top, sitting down on the snow, giving my back to the setting sun.
"It's about time."

Liviana [Templar] 421837

I nod
"Looks like…"
Take out my book of prayers, get down on my knees, close my eyes and start praying.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421839

That's a strange way to pray…
I'll take a deep breath, and with a fast motion, fly upwards.
As high as I can, just like always.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421840

Eh, looks like the north is unforgiving. Not high at all.
But this will have to do. Steady myself and wait for the moon to raise.


I open my eyes again as I finish my prayer, looking around for Pumpkin.
Do I notice him in the air?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Liviana [Templar] 421844

Looks like I do. And I'll just wait and observe.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421845

Guess I'm praying though.
And once I'm done, land slowly, eyes still closed.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Liviana [Templar] 421852

Site ate my post.
I'll just stare at the horizon, taking in the view from up here.
"It's nice here."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421860

And then I went to make dinner.
I'll slowly open my eyes, and look at the moon with a smile.
"It really is.
This is where I realized what the Moon asked of me, too."

Liviana [Templar] 421863

"What was that?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421867

"Peace. She wanted me to bring peace. No matter the cost."

Liviana [Templar] 421869

I smile
"How old were you when She told you so?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421870

"Ah… Si… Fourtheen or something. I imagine it's been a much earlier call for you right?"

Liviana [Templar] 421874

I nod and look up at the Moon
"I was ten when I was admissioned into the order. It was… a little scary at first. I knew not what to expect. But I eased in pretty quickly, and before I knew it, I was a full-fledged sister."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421878

"A whole order of warriors just like you, uh?
Life must have been strange in there…"

Liviana [Templar] 421883

"The training was harsh and the days long, but I learned a lot from that period. Magic is not something practiced in a lot of places back home, so the places that do practice it tend to be funded pretty well by the state."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421889

Shake my head slowly with a silly smile.
"It's not about the training I wanted to know.
I'm more interested to know about… What you felt. There, away from everypony you knew.."

Liviana [Templar] 421899

"Oh, the monastery was just south of the capital, so I really wasn't that far away… We were allowed leave on certain days, which was enough to see my family and relatives. Homesickness wasn't that big of an issue… and my fellow brothers and sisters were kind and supportive. I was just a little filly after all."
I smile fondly as I recall those times

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421902

"Oh, brothers and sisters?"
Smile and lay down on the snow, moving closer.
"Had many of them?"

Liviana [Templar] 421906

"I meant the brothers and sisters of faith, not by blood. The ones at the monastery. …But I do have an actual brother and sister, yes."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421908

Chuckle a bit.
"Sorry. It's kinda… Yeah, a bit different here.
Not many ponies follow a religion, didn't ever get to call anyone 'brother' because of that."
Smile at her.
"Please, do go on."

Liviana [Templar] 421914

"There is not that much to say, really. My… brother and I don't see eye to eye, so we don't talk much to each other. I get along better with my sister but… well… we have our share of disputes as well."
I shrug
"Sometimes family just don't get along with each other."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421919

Smile sadly, looking at the ground.
"That's a real shame. Can't say I envy you."
Look up, at the sky.
"It's getting late. Should we retire?"

Liviana [Templar] 421924

I nod and get up
"We should. Thank you for showing me this place. It's… nice. Peaceful."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421926

"Thank you for joining me. Praying alone is… Sad."
And back we go.

Liviana [Templar] 421932

"I don't think it is… after all, praying is much like talking to that what you worship."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421934

"I started believing only thanks to my mentor, who has come to pass not too long ago. For all my life, each time I had to pray, she was there with me.
It's just…"
Let out a long sigh.
"My old silly abit."

Liviana [Templar] 421935

"Ah… it holds significance to you then…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421936

"Many things here do, actually. It's the reason I care so much for this old piece of land."

Liviana [Templar] 421937

"I can understand that. And respect that."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421938

"It's been the same for you? The… Reason you joined that monastery."

Liviana [Templar] 421939

"Well… no. I was so young back then, I didn't understand it fully. But I still love my country dearly. It has its faults but… just thinking about it warms my heart even here, all the way up North."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421940

"Must be nice, knowing your dear ones are safe. That you have nothing to prove. Not having to fight for survival."
Keep smiling as I accompany her.
"So… It wasn't your choice, back then?"

Liviana [Templar] 421941

I shake my head
"No… not really no."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421942

"Oh well. What matters is that now you are happy, right?"
Offer a broad smile.
"And if there is anything you didn't have there… You know, I've a pretty decent collection of liquors from all over the north."

Liviana [Templar] 421943

"Right… right… Thank you. And that is good to hear. There will be some packages from home arriving here in the coming weeks as well, which may contain some things that would interest you."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421944

"Goodbye gifts from home?"

Liviana [Templar] 421945

"From the Empress, of all ponies."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421946

Blink a few times.
"She must care much for your mission."

Liviana [Templar] 421947

"I was sent by her as a diplomatic envoy, so yes. As I explained before, she wishes to open up diplomatic channels and create new trade routes."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421948

"Yeah, all that stuff. I heard.
Must be quite the honor. How were you chosen?"

Liviana [Templar] 421949

"Our order is often called upon to act as mediators. I have been… somewhat close to the Empress for some time. Much like you seemingly have been close to the High King for some time as well."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421950

Wave a hoof dismissively.
"Eh, that's just a coincidence. Got on his right side when we were kids."

Liviana [Templar] 421951

I nod slowly
"We have a few things in common then…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421952

This is a story that begs to be heard…"
Offer her a sly smile.
"We should sit somewhere…"

Liviana [Templar] 421953

"I would prefer… not to talk of it. Not yet anyway. Sorry."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421954

"Eh. I can understand. Got plenty of those stories."
Open the door to your room.
"It's been a joy having somepony to pray with once more, Lady Liviana."
Take a short bow.

Liviana [Templar] 421955

I bow my head back
"The pleasure was all mine, Pumpkin. Have a nice day."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 421956

And with a last nod, I'm off.

DM 424389

You have arrived to the border of Ironfoe and Timberjaw. A heavily fortified area, built recently and with haste to prevent the battles from spilling over to the United North.
One of the captains of the border watch has come to see you off.
"We will keep the troops ready for action at any time, and keep a distress signal ready if all out war is needed.
If you need the full force of the north to rain hellfire down on your enemies, all you need to do is mark a target for us - Craghoof, or Rampart."

Donrick [Smith] 424390

Snort at that, but say nothing.

Sion 424391

Salute him.

DM 424392

"Something the matter?"

Kilana [darkhunter] 424393

I nod firmly.

Liviana [Templar] 424394

Well that sounds awful in every possible way.

None of my business though, so I'll keep to myself.

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424395

"What is hellfire?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424396

Infiltration team ready?

Donrick [Smith] 424397

"Nothing at all."

DM 424398

"A figurative way of saying I will see to it that troops are deployed en masse to send any dangerous situation."
Valeriana is.
Vintage Year came to see you off
"Very good then."
He offers you a tissue
"Your nose sounded stuffy, is all."

Sion 424399

How shiny is my new scale armor anyway?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424400

Donrick [Smith] 424401

Roll my eyes.

DM 424402

Polished, but not enough to give our your position

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424403

I blink at that
"… Okay."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424404

That's nice.
Ready to go.

Nod at what the guardsman is saying.
A figurative way…not for long I think.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424405

"Vintage. Everything working out on your side of the borders?"

DM 424406

"Yes, Swansong.
All is in order, and I see no reason to worry for-"
His eye flickers and he spins around slashing at the air, but his blade is stopped by the calm parry of Waymarker, who arrived silently
"And what if the Blades are needed to aid in the war?
Who will lead them there?"

Kilana [darkhunter] 424407

I have Cedar this time right? Shadowly somewhere? I cast night on him to help him hide. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424408

I'll check if that coin is safely stored away in on e of my saddlebags. Then I'm ready.

Liviana [Templar] 424409

Are we all seeing and hearing this or…?

DM 424410

Nobody pays mind to the deep looming shadow near a large rock.
But the shadow is thankful.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 424411

Look to everyone else on what to do

DM 424412

They are discreet about their business.
You can try to catch a glimpse, if you can beat their discreetness.
Discreetness roll: '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Donrick [Smith] 424413


Roll #1 7 = 7

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424414

"You. Both.
The Ironfoe forces will be under Vintage's command, as it has been until now.
The Wintergrasp spies have already been instructed to follow yours-"
Motion at Waymarker.
"-orders until my return."

Kilana [darkhunter] 424415

Nothing to see here. Move along little pony

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424416

This is a dozen levels of wrong.

Liviana [Templar] 424417

Naaah, I don't want to be all spy-like. I'll just stay where I am and act inconspicuous.

DM 424418

Two veteran assassins with egos too big for the room.
Shit happens.
"And which one will stay-"
"-and which one come to you, if need be?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 424419

Ooh! Pull a hoof-sized pylon from my hat of hats! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424420

Just saying, that's not how I'd deal with it.
"I've more faith in Ironfoe for this job. Wintergrasp is not battle-hardened yet.
But you are welcome to prove me wrong."

Kilana [darkhunter] 424421

"So.. good luck on your end." I say confidently to frosty's team. "I bet you're the first to send word to us."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 424422

uuuugh '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424423

I go over to her.
"Good luck out there."

DM 424424

keeeeep rolling~
"I sure hope so Kilana. Still, I will do my best to remain unrecognized until I reach the capital. I do not need any insurgents knowing I'm… me."

Liviana [Templar] 424425

I extend a hoof
"You too, Smouldering. I need you in one piece, you hear me?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 424426

You jerk '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Donrick [Smith] 424427

"It'd be a shame if we lost any of our new friends indeed.
So take care."

Godric [Dark Knight] 424428

"Given recent events, that may be unavoidable as we progress."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424429

Step forward.

"I presume you'll want me to accompany your team, and that I haven't been asked here just to see you off?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424430

I smile.
"I promised somepony already to stay in piece, and I'm not one to break promises. I certainly hope you'll stay in one piece as well."

"Thanks for the advice on the scale armor by the way. It's really good. Protection and mobility combined."

Donrick [Smith] 424431

"You are welcome.
Let's hope it will serve it's job well."

DM 424432

You have an extremely unpleasant feeling for a moment, which then turns into terrible pain, and after you move your hoof in the hat, kinda feels really nice for a moment.
You feel extremely shaken up as you pull your hoof out of the hat, inspecting it for damage and finding that it looks slightly bloodied.
"I hope they have not paid mind to news of events happening on the other side of the continent. But if at all possible, let's try to keep my title under wraps."
Though I do not know if your skills would be best put to use on the king or the usurper…
Craghoof may not openly reveal his reasons for going against the traditions of this fathers.
But the very reason Rampart went from civil engineer to warlord demagogue is unknown."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 424433


Wipe the blood off my hoof!

Look in the hat! What the fuck did I just stick my hoof into!? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Liviana [Templar] 424434

"If I don't… I have the magical capabilities to reattach my limbs."
I pause for a moment.
"… Not that I want to put them to the test or anything. But you get my point."
Put my helm on. I'm ready.

Kilana [darkhunter] 424435

"Good thinking, you don't play all your cards at once in something like this." I give him a quick hug.
You can have a hug.
And you get a longer hug you stupid stallion. don't die out there.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424436

"Let's hope you won't have to…on any of us."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424437

Approach Frosty.
"All set."
So, let's recap.
Who was with me?

Donrick [Smith] 424438

Nod at her.
Ready too.

Godric [Dark Knight] 424439

"Well if we march in as-is, we may draw attention in some fashion. If we are lucky, perhaps most of it will be focused on me."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424440

I get a hug?
That's pretty nice.


Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424441

"Nylis and Smouldering will be after Rampart, won't they? I can be of most use on your team."

Return it. Then give a little sheepish salute.

"Be careful."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424442

DM 424443

Whatever it is, it looks fleshy. And a little torn.
The portal in your hat closes soon afterwards.

>Team Craghoof

>Team Rampart

If you are not in either team, pick one now.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424444

As I said, my intention was to join the Craghoof team.

Kilana [darkhunter] 424445

"We should get moving."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424446


DM 424447

Frostmourn looks you over
"Let's move then. We have two options.
A direct run across the nation will leave us exposed and take more time.
We can bypass a lot of fire and save time if we use the Deep Roads, but if the entrances are discovered, we may well risk the war spilling in there, or worse."

Donrick [Smith] 424448

Stay silent and let Liviana speak.
I'm a smith, not a tactician.

Wf+6 424449

"The most obvious solution would be to have Valeriana watch the exits with her shadows to warn us if there are scouts observing. Speaking of which… in how much confidence are we to place the two new additions to our party?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 424450

"You have control over them, correct? Could you not garrison them and claim sovereignty?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424451

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424452

"I vote for a direct run. It might be more dangerous but it will give us a better idea of the scale of the war and the damage it wrought."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424453

"I'll take the team in through normal means.
No deep roads for us. Will give us more time to study our surroundings."

Liviana [Templar] 424454

I'll let the norses solve their own problems, we have to stay neutral… for now.

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424455

"Whatever you think is best, Frosty."

DM 424456

"The Trotantines represent the growing power of the Northlands. In them is reflected the possibility that the North will one day have allies all over the world. They are important. And it is important that we show them who they are about to ally with."
"I could move troops to those entrances… true. And if worst came true… we could always collapse those tunnels."
"If you are of that mind. Valeriana, I trust you can make it?"
"I'm old, but not ready to lay down yet, my king."
Blackmane, Domain, should we take the Deep Road then?"
"Have you no thoughts on this?"

Donrick [Smith] 424457

"We have armor, and you are a king.
If we just march in we could see just how much they respect you and your diplomatic immunity."

Kilana [darkhunter] 424458

"If they haven't discovered the deep roads by now they are unlikely to do so. You should take them and ovoid getting in the cross fire "

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424459

"What is the point of having an asset like the Roads if you don't use them? Now is the time. We can avoid conflict – potentially saving lives. If Timberjaw is brought into the fold, there will be an array set up eventually anyway, no doubt."

Liviana [Templar] 424460

"I personally prefer the open approach, but don't let that change your mind."

Godric [Dark Knight] 424461

"I see little reason not to."

DM 424462

"Hm. Very well then.
Valeriana. Lead your team across land, and reach Rampart as soon as possible. If need be, take out any and all hostile forces, and if forced into a situation that demands taking sides, side with the rebels just to be sure.

I will take my team down via the Deep Roads and use the entrance closest the Unbreakable City to make it to Craghoof with as little trouble as possible.

Captain. I will need a number of guards stationed at the Deep Road entrance to ensure any who locate it are dealt with immediately. If the position is compromised, evacuate and demolish the entrance. We can dig it out later, but we cannot afford to see the war spill into the Roads.

Everyone ready?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424463

Kilana [darkhunter] 424464

Let's go

Liviana [Templar] 424465

Ready to die if need be.

Donrick [Smith] 424466


Like hell you are!

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424467

You don't even know how ready I am

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424468

Let's roll.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424469

Nod, and walk over to Frosty, putting a hoof on his shoulder.
"You stay safe out there, okay?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 424470

DM 424473

"This way. The nearest Deep Roads entrance is here."
A short walk away is a heavily guarded gate, with some traffic constantly moving in and out.
Valeriana nods to the captain, who signals the border guards, who open a path for you.
"Expect anything. I have a few shadows scouting ahead, but I can hardly get a good understanding of what awaits ahead. We will have at least a day's worth of running to reach the rebel base."

Liviana [Templar] 424476

Follow him. This should be very interesting.

Donrick [Smith] 424477

Keep following.

Godric [Dark Knight] 424478

"What have you been using the roads for until now?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424479

Into the depths, then. Keep moving until we either arrive at the exit or get otherwise stopped. Every second we waste is a life lost.

Kilana [darkhunter] 424480

Follow valeriana.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424482

"Remember. We are not working for a country, a government, or anyone else.
Not until we reach the rebel base."
Off we go.
Help the others hide if need be.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424483

Go in.
What do I see? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424484

Looks like all that stamina will come in handy then!

DM 424491

"Transportation of people and goods. It makes almost every major location of the United Northlands accessible in a few hours.
It also doubles as a mine."
The high king nods to some guards keeping watch over a side tunnel marked [Not In Use]. They open the gates, and accompany you inside, a dozen more joining behind them.
The terrain looks no different on this side of the wall, really. Rocks. Lichen. Snow. A few trees.
But in the distance, you can hear the thunder of explosions and see great clouds of smoke.

Donrick [Smith] 424492

How many of us does that make?

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424495

Boring. Keep walking then.
Keep out of sight as much as possible.
I'll follow Valeriana and Pumpkin in the hoofsteps as much as possible.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424496

As noted before, keep going until stopped or at destination.

Godric [Dark Knight] 424497

"Fascinating. This could make a logistical train all but untouchable. You may be forced to spread yourself thin if you wish to guard all the portals, however."

Liviana [Templar] 424498

"Not the best of places to be if you suffer from claustrophobia, that much is certain."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424499

"Sounds like a storm coming."

DM 424501

Almost twenty.
"And that is why I seek allies. Indeed I could use some of Stormheart's brave to guard your end of the tunnels.
And… I must ask for permission to install… an extra means of transportation in your capital."
"Do you?"
"Not a storm, child.
A war."
You slip behind a rock and try to peek out for a better view.
However, you come face to face with a pony.
Or, what used to be a pony.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424503

"You will see no clouds. No thunders. Just smoke."
We march on.
Keep an eye out.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424504

What does he look like?

Liviana [Templar] 424506

"Not anymore."

Kilana [darkhunter] 424507

Can I see anything useful ahead. any fallen bodies, maybe of a bird '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Donrick [Smith] 424508

Keep on trucking then.

Godric [Dark Knight] 424509

"I admit, I am uncomfortable in confined spaces."

"Perhaps. How do you mean?"

Donrick [Smith] 424510

"Will the war outside be more comfortable?"

DM 424511

Smouldering found someone.
He was once a fast guy, that's for sure. A pegasus with a body that implies a lifetime of good health.
All that remains of his once-proud wings is a burnt stump on the left and a mangled mess on the right..
His face has shards of metal embedded in it, and his entire left side is badly burnt, with chunks of flesh missing.
He is laying on top of two bags and a metal tube.
Will a dead pegasus do?
"Five exits exist in Stormheart territory. As-is, I have Eaglecrest's guard double as keepers of those. If Stormheart were to donate a few guards to each entrance, to check those going in and coming out, stopping intruders, that sort of work, I could reassign the current guard to other tasks."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424512

Roll not to feel sick '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424514

I can manage, but that doesn't help the sight.
"I found somepony" I say with a weak voice.

Godric [Dark Knight] 424515

"I could afford flight, so yes."

"Hm. Truthfully, we are wasted on guard duty, but if you wish, it could be included as part of the garrison."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424517

Inspect the wound. Pick one of the pieces of metal.
Try to understand it.
"Any idea what could have caused such a wound?"

Roll #1 6 = 6

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424519

"That looks unnatural."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424520

"A knife to the throat is unnatural.
A road is unnatural.
This is cruel."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424521

"A explosion of some sort, obviously. But this is a big one…"
I motion you to come closer.
"I hope it's not related to that stronger mold we discovered."

DM 424523

"I just felt you might be more comfortable with your own watching those tunnels, than ponies."
The curvature of the piece implies it was bent out of shape, and originally was part of a sphere or capsule. It has been bent by great force and heat. But only from one side.

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424524

I just stare at him blankly.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424525

"You can bet it is.
They have exploding weapons."
Turn to the others.
"Okay, be wary, there seems to be explosive traps or something around.
Made of strong stuff mixed with metal. One of those and you become a pincushion."

Godric [Dark Knight] 424526

"We would, you are correct. I will see to it then, if you would show me the exits."

DM 424527

Valeriana nudges the body over
"He was shot out of the air. Landed hard on his left side trying to glide down. This mangled the wing."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424528

"Arrow wound?"

DM 424529

"No. I believe whatever exploded on him, exploded in the air."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424531

"… By an arrow?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424533

So they have explosive stuff made of metal that can hit a flying pegasus.
Watch your footing and your high ground, everyone."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424536

"It might be that weapon we talked about.
It did seem to be made to fling explosives in the air."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424538

Good thing I can't really fly yet…

DM 424540

"Certainly, once we return.
Now, of the other transportation method - I trust it is no bother?"
"Are we ready to move on?"

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424542

"I will follow your lead."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424543

Stick with Ambrosia and Valeriana.

Godric [Dark Knight] 424544

"I am curious as to your meaning, first of all."

Kilana [darkhunter] 424546

I frown "Its a good warning to us, this body is severely damaged. "
Well, if flying is what draw in arrows I should leave it there.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424547

"Can you still commune with it? Ask him what attacked him?"

DM 424548

"A device developed in Rockeye. Allows fast transportation from one location to another. I've built one in all the capitals, to allow for visits, and if need be… reinforcements."

Godric [Dark Knight] 424550

I frown.
"How fast?"

DM 424552


Kilana [darkhunter] 424553

"I can, if you want to spend the time."

Liviana [Templar] 424554

I smile under my helmet as he says that.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424556

I look to the others.
"What do you think?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424557

Eye her. Mind reader. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Kilana [darkhunter] 424558

"also, its possible this pony didn't know what hit him, an explosion is instantaneous.."

Godric [Dark Knight] 424559

"…I see. While it does sound…intriguing, it seems too risky for me to accept without further consideration. What is their current capacity?"

Donrick [Smith] 424561

"That's pretty fast."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424565

I frown.
"Well..if you don't think there's anything to gain, it's probably not worth it."

DM 424567

Nothing to see here sir. Move along.
"A dozen maybe. With every additional subject the drain on those powering it increases. I doubt it is safe for greater numbers."
But I would expect nothing less from magic."

Liviana [Templar] 424568

I chuckle
"You don't say, Donrick."

Godric [Dark Knight] 424570

"So it is not self-sufficient then?"

DM 424571

"No. It is a conduit for a team of trained mages, allowing them to amplify their power for range and precision they could never achieve without it."

Kilana [darkhunter] 424572

"well.. It could be helpful, I just thought you would want to move on quickly.. but maybe this pony will know something we can use to move tactifully, its probably worth a try" '1d10' commune with the pegasus.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Liviana [Templar] 424573

"How far can these things reach?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 424574

"How well-trained?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424575

"You don't have anything like it inside the Empire?"

Liviana [Templar] 424578

I shake my head
"No… not in the slightest. But it sounds really fascinating."

Donrick [Smith] 424579

"Not like this."

DM 424581

"All current teams were trained in Rockeye, though not all hail from there."
"I can give you a full tour some day. An ally does deserve to know."
…what happened? Where am I?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424582

"I'm surprised. I had heard magic research was quite well funded there."

Kilana [darkhunter] 424583

"You were in an explosion. Do you remember anything?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424584

"You had an unfortunate accident, I'm sorry.
Were you part of Craghoof or Ramparts army?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424585

Check the pony's belongings and his armor.

Liviana [Templar] 424586

I nod
"Thank you, your highness."

I chuckle
"Not the arcane field, I'm afraid."

Godric [Dark Knight] 424587

"I see. It sounds a boon, but is far too much a strategic risk for me to agree now."

DM 424589

"I was trying to relay my scout report. I guess I was followed. I didn't even have time to shoot back.
Damned royalists…"

"I am Quilltip, scout and messenger of the Timberjaw Traditionalist Rebellion."
His uniform is light to wear, and dyed sky blue on the bottom, making it hard to see when he is in flight.
He also has two bags. One locked tight, and the other simply clasped shut.
As well as a metal tube.
"Consider it.
Every other major city in the north has one."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424591

"Oh? Where is your investment placed?"

Kilana [darkhunter] 424592

"Quilltip, what did you see out there?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424593

Pick the lock of the first and open the second.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424594

"You're in luck, we've been sent to find the Rebellion and offer support. Maybe we can carry the message for you."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 424595

I'm here. And also on whichever team the king is in.

Godric [Dark Knight] 424596

"I will, but my fear is that the loss of one would be a disaster for your, or any war effort."

Liviana [Templar] 424597

"Formerly in the field of necromancy. Nowadays… magical research is no longer funded by the state. We've chosen to divert our funds someplace else."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424601

Yeah… I'll just be here… observing from a distance. This stuff is still kind of weird…

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424602

"I see. How unfortunate, but I suppose decisions must be made. Certainly where else the funds are, they're serving the people as best as the Empress can afford."

DM 424604

"Royalist armies are amassing an ambush in the nearby town, making it look abandoned.
They also captured one of the head engineers in a raid. I cannot know what they plan, exactly, but I fear they may seek a way to stop TIARA."

This lock is damn good. It will take time to crack.
The other bag contains several metal capsules with a nozzle and small wings at one end.
"Which is why I keep them in secure places.
I do not build my empire on the assumption of war. I would rather bring good to the commoner than secure my own hide in the unlikely event of all out war."

Liviana [Templar] 424605

I pause for a moment before answering that.
"… Of course they are."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424608

I go over to Pumpkin.
"Mind if I check out these capsules while you open that lock?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424611

"Go on. These might be what hit him…"
Go over to Kilana.
"Ask him what the pipe and capsules are for-"

And keep cracking that lock.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Godric [Dark Knight] 424612

"But you forge your empire under the proposal of mutual defense?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424613

Check out those capsules

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 424614

Well no wonder the lock was so hard to open. It's melted shut.
"…would it ease your mind to know the array can be taken offline as simply as by moving the operators out of the room?"


SbS. Check the inside of this box.
Or was it a saddle?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Kilana [darkhunter] 424616

I nod "Tricky, will this dictator go to no ends to kill his people?" I point to the pipe and capsules "Is there a message in that pipe? Or.. does it do something?"

DM 424617

You dismantle one.
The inside is a mixture of what appears to be various compounds of explosive mold and chemicals.
Judging from the build, this thing, once lit, will shoot off using the nozzle to direct the explosion as a way of propulsion, before exploding on impact.
A bunch of papers, most likely his reports.
"The launcher is used to fire the rockets safely and accurately. It was among our most important edges over the Royalists until they reverse-engineered it."

Godric [Dark Knight] 424618

"Mages can be replaced, and an intact array can be studied and preserved for future use."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424619

How many of these are there?

DM 424620

"Then put it somewhere where it is easy to destroy if you must."

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 424621

Quite a load. He probably did not have a chance to fire any.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 424622

"Since Stormheart is mostly mountainous, perhaps a cliffside might be best. Then, with the right amount of force, you could collapse the entire thing."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424623

These are potent weapons. I'll distribute them among the party.
"Let's hope we won't need one of these."
I turn back to the spirit "What's TIARA?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424624

Wink them out of there and read them.

Kilana [darkhunter] 424625

I shake my head "That's what happens when engineers battle. How easy are these things to fire anyway?" '1d10' Keep for just how damaged his body is.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Godric [Dark Knight] 424626

"That will be the case if I allow it. And it will be so if any of the others are taken."

"This is my worry. Stormheart's defenses are predicated on our mountains and airborne warriors-an invader must traverse one or face the other. An array of yours falling in a place as near as Snowborder would allow both to be bypassed entirely."

Donrick [Smith] 424627

"How much longer, King?"

DM 424628

"TIARA is the masterwork of Chief Engineer Rampart. Our true ace in the hole in this war. And proof that the methods we favor are superior to the weak shortcuts of Craghoof."
Mostly just what he said about his sightings, written down in concise form.
There is also a sealed letter.
"Once loaded and secured one needs only to aim and fire. It will fly in a direct path, exploding on impact with the first thing it hits.
Improper loading may result in misfires though."

"I'm glad we came to a conclusion."
"Not much. Not much at all…"

Liviana [Templar] 424629

I'll make a mental note of that to speak with this gryphon sometime.

"Patience, Donrick."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 424630


use regenerate on it '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424631

"Is it able to shoot explosives?"


"Goddamnit these ponies are crazy."
SbS, read the letter without breaking the seal.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Donrick [Smith] 424633

"If I wanted to see tunnels, I'd have gone spelunking."

DM 424634

You feel something inside you churn
"Oh, it does much more than that…"
It's personal stuff. Seems to be meant for his wife.

Donrick [Smith] 424635

That was supposed to be our super secret horse language

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424636



Is there a mark on the letter? An address?
"Who is this letter for?"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Kilana [darkhunter] 424638

what I mean to ask is if I raise dead on him can he move/fly: inspecting for that '1d10+1'
"Nice going, you really are the smarter side on this. " I look to the others mouthing 'anything else?'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Liviana [Templar] 424639

I just sigh.

Godric [Dark Knight] 424640

"Plan carefully, High King. In the wrong hands, this network would allow your entire confederation to be decapitated in a single move."

DM 424641

Half his body took a point blank hit from an RPG. He can not fly.
"And here we go."
The weary looking guards snap to attention when you arrive
"High King?"
"I'm headed to the Unbreakable City. These guards will aid you in securing this entrance further. They have been briefed on the plan."
The guards salute, and open the gates
"Welcome to Timberjaw."
"Or for any army foolish enough to try to find itself hundreds of miles down, fused with the cold bedrock of our land."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424642

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424643

"I could deliver it for you…"

Donrick [Smith] 424644

Let's see what this warzone is like then.

Liviana [Templar] 424645

"The unbreakable city… that's a big name to live up to."

Godric [Dark Knight] 424646

Shake my head.
"Tools have no allegiance. Always plan for the worst, King."


DM 424647

"It crushes weak buildings underfoot, blasts apart defenses unworthy of having the name Timberjaw upon them."
"You fool that's coated in poison!"
Pretty nice actually.
You arrived in a gorge tucked between some hills, behind a jagged outcrop.
You can hear the sounds of battle, but they are distant.
"Once you see it, you will see why it is called that."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424648

Well shit.
"And the antidote would be?"
Drop them on the ground.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424649

"…underfoot? How tall are we speaking here? Bigger then trees?"

Donrick [Smith] 424650

Well, the later we get into danger the better.
Wouldn't want Liviana to get hurt.

Liviana [Templar] 424651

"I'm sure I will."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424652

"A simple remedy could work, if you wish to try."

Kilana [darkhunter] 424653

I nod at you "Give it a try."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424654

"Yeah, I'd love one."


Can't hurt to try right?
NR on Pumpkin.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424656

"Do it quick."
I'll use TK to put that document in my saddlebags safely. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424657

Nod weakly.

DM 424658

"You'll be fine if you didn't take it out of the envelope. Most of the poison is on the letter itself.
That's a common weapon we use. A little sob story to captivate the reader, who in turn gets poisoned from touching the paper."

"Why do you ask? Surely anyone who sides with is would have seen it?"
A gust of wind blows the letter onto your face
"This way. We still have quite a trek to go."

Donrick [Smith] 424659

"Seems they do a good job of keeping the battle away from this city."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424660

Shake it off, shake it off. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Liviana [Templar] 424661

"Right behind you, king."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 424662

Walking along, walking along.
Anything in the air above us? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424663

"The most likely to read this are going to be ponies who don't want anything to do with war…
He is a fresh fighter. Seen nothing of the war yet."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424664

Well that's kind of a jerk weapon.
No matter to me though.

DM 424665

After a bit of walking, you notice a patrol, and some ponies hiding out atop a cliff.
Gah it's sticky!
"A hardened soldier is easily touched with the right words."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 424666

"Which side are those up there with?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424667

Sun damn it. TK it off me before I die.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424668

"Bah. The other documents are anything important or should we just throw them away?"

Donrick [Smith] 424669

Chell's bolter might need to be put to the test soon…
Just follow the lead for now.

Kilana [darkhunter] 424670

"Where were you supposed to report to? We'll be sure to deliver your message to the right hooves."


I stare at him as he struggles
Can I like… summon some vines with Earthern Grasp to detain this piece of evil paper?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Liviana [Templar] 424672

Let's hope they are all friendly.

DM 424673

There we go.
Paper removed.
"There is an outpost due south of here. Lead by Sergeant Warm Breeze."
"The rest is my reports."
"Hard to tell. But they seem to be in a good position to ambush the road."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 424674

Which team is where?

Donrick [Smith] 424675

"Maybe someone who can fly should scout out."

DM 424676

Team Craghoof took a shortcut and is nearing the Unbreakable City.

Team Rampart is still near the Ironfoe border.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424677

"Will make sure to deliver them."
Pocket the reports and pick up that tube and strange capsules.
"Ready to leave."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424678

Go over to Ambrosia.
"Thanks..uh, can you use your healing powers against that poison again?"
Smile sheepishly.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 424679

"Then we should be ready in case they do."
I'll loosen up my axes a little, so they're easier to pull out.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 424680

Uhh, right

where am I needed here?

Liviana [Templar] 424681

"Best to stay frosty then."


Natural Remedy on this poor pony.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

DM 424683

All better.
A simple poison to fix for a natural healer like you.
Frostmourn looks surprised as you say the word frosty
Where do you want to go? Talking to royals or meeting rebels?
Valeriana is looking into the distance
"We can confront the patrol too…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424684

Fly up to her.
"Any news?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 424685

"I could, but I would rather not be mistaken for an enemy scout."

"Were we not approaching under flag of negotiation?"

Donrick [Smith] 424686

"You are the security team, you should know what to do in cases like this."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424687

Sigh in relief as I start feeling better.
"Thanks Ambrosia. I owe you one."
Look over to the rest of the group.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 424688

"We are, but that doesn't mean we can't be attacked, and then the blame is laid on whichever side didn't do it. Or did do it. Hard to tell with politics."

Liviana [Templar] 424689

I just shrug at him.

Kilana [darkhunter] 424690

" Rest well." stop communing, and move the pony's body under a tree or something. no time for a real grave. '1d10+1' to find a suitable spot. and maybe a dead bird that was knocked out of the tree by the explosion and isn't too damaged

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424691

"I live to help."

Godric [Dark Knight] 424692

"Very true…how close are we to the front lines?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 424693


uh, rebels I guess

Liviana [Templar] 424694

"Judging from the distant sounds, not too far."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 424695

"Approaching the patrol might be for the best. If it turns out the ones higher up are an ambush, we will have earned ourselves some small thanks from at least these troops, which might carry further up."
I'll shrug.

DM 424696

"The outpost is indeed not too far from here. For a light scout it would have been a short trip.
The question is, are those who shot him down still waiting around?"
"I meant confront them with words. Warn them of the ambush."
Oh yeah.
This one should be perfect.
A raven. A little bashed up, but hey, what's a bit of exposed skull among friends?


"You are the archer. Where could they have shot him from?
I'm thinking over there and there."
Point at nearby treetops and places I think might work as a sniper's nest.

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 424698

Though it is possible they shot from the ground as well. I am not familiar with this… launcher, so it is hard to say."

Kilana [darkhunter] 424699

Aw yea. raise dead on that raven. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424700

"I'll fly low and try to locate them."

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424701

Take a look around with 4th Eye. I might be able to see them through their camouflage. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424702

How windy is it out?
Could the wind mess with the aim of the launchers?

Liviana [Templar] 424703

"If I may, your highness, I believe we should make a decision."

DM 424704

The raven sits there, slowly decomposing, and not really caring for your magic.
The air offers little cover.
But you do see some tracks.
It seems they have already left. But where to?
It is gusty.
But it's hard to guess about the launcher.
"…Very well.
Keep an eye on those up there. If they try anything attack.
Crescent, with me. We'll meet the patrol."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 424705

"As you wish."
And I'll fall into step with the king.

Godric [Dark Knight] 424706

I nod and stand watch.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 424707

Teleport over there with pumpkin if I can to wherever he's looking at. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Then I will follow them on foot. Stealth and stalk them.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Liviana [Templar] 424709

I nod and stay alert, resting a hoof on the handle of my sword.

Kilana [darkhunter] 424710

what am impudent bird, one more time. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424711

I'll wait here with Valeriana for a moment.
I'm not a stealthy pon.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424712

"Good luck."

DM 424714

The patrol soon spots you
"Friend or foe!?"
Those above the cliff spot the patrol and others, then move in to get a good vantage, brandishing weapons.
"Oh for the love of fuck do I seriously have to?"
Well, he's up at least.
There is a small camp set up here. Just one tent.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 424717

"Friend, hopefully. Are you aware of the group of ponies on the cliffs above?"


"Wait, let me see how many."
One tent can mean up to a whole unit.
SbS, track them.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 424720

Farsight, try to see any movement away from this location '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Liviana [Templar] 424721

Be ready. Use Protect on the High King if that's possible and/or needed.

Donrick [Smith] 424724

Chell should ready that bolter now.

Godric [Dark Knight] 424725

Keep an eye on them…"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424726

Can I mind read from a distance? Perhaps using my scope? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424727

It would seem not.

DM 424728

They snap their sights upwards as the ambush begins
It begins.
The ponies on the cliff leap down
Nothing seems to be stirring
There are '2d3' in there
You loudly blurt out what's on your mind instead

Roll #1 3, 1 = 4

Kilana [darkhunter] 424729

"Not a morning bird?" I tease "But, look.. I need a good bird at my side, to watch the air for me. what do ya say?"



Roll #1 1 = 1

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424731

Wanna try assassinate?
Move closer.

Donrick [Smith] 424732

Well charge there and go get 'em!
Meanwhile, Chell Cheap Shots one of them.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 424733

Time for Guardian. Sentry makes it automatic.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424734

"I wonder if they know about that ambush."

Anyway, stop them in their tracks with Transfix.


Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 424735

I watch pumpkin and Nylis from a distance.
"I suppose we're the backup fire?" I say to Valeriana.
I get my bow ready.

Godric [Dark Knight] 424736

I'll announce my presence with Terrify.

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 424737

I'll prepare to use my spells too…

DM 424738

"If I tell you to fuck off and let me die will you do it?"
You charge forth, but somehow you fail to take into account the fact that the enemy is indeed above, not in front of you.
After ramming into the cliffside, one of the ambushers lands on you heavily, knocking you down with a hard smash.
Sure go ahead.
Luckily, Waxing takes the brunt of it, saving Liviana from any horrible damage.
Chell's shot comes from an unexpected angle, impaling one ambusher.
You knock another one back as he lands.
You lock eyes with one, forcing him into staying still
Be ready."
"A griffon!?"
"What the hell is a GRIFFON doing here!?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 424739

Approach the tent and have a look around. Are they the ones who shot the sentry out of the sky?
Blending roll.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 424740

And now, firing away with telekinesis, I'll try and knock those birds out of the sky. And by birds I mean pegasus. And by knock out of the sky I mean chop of their wings with my axes. '2d10+1'

Roll #1 9, 6 + 1 = 16


Just a minor tactical error! Bring down my longsword on the ambusher!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Donrick [Smith] 424742

Chell uses Marskman Shot.
I will try to slice up the one who threatens Liviana's safety.
Remember, double damage and all that

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 8 = 8

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 424743

If none of them were pegasuses, then I'll just cut into the ones that have landed already.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 424744


lightly follow Pumpkin and use read intentions on whoever I can '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Kilana [darkhunter] 424745

"Well sure, If you're sure that's what you want." I look to the side and sigh "Too bad you'll never get to have revenge on those ponies that blew up your nest. And all you would have to do is spy for me, and watch my back. I would take of your body too, preserve it, and you don't have to eat anymore so nothing to worry about. Oh well, if being taken care and getting a chance at revenge is something you want to pass up, I won't keep you."


Answer them with a Slam.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 424747

Keep 'em pinned with Transfix. '1d10+3'

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11

DM 424750


DM 427542

Their uniforms are different from the dead one's at least.
They are a scout patrol behind enemy lines.
Your axes land with remarkable power and accuracy, slashing one wing clean off a pegasus and wounding his other.
With your Vanguard spent, the enemy manages to land a minor hit on you.
Chell's weapon calmly locks onto a leaping assassin and stakes him to the cliffside through his throat with a hard bolt.
Seeing Liviana attacked, you charge in to guard her, smashing her assailant down in one clean strike.
Go on…
His jaw falls slack and his legs falter.
You slam one of the remaining ambushers against the cliffside, but it's not enough to stop him.

One Ambusher is dead
Two are helpless
One is wounded


Well let's dig my blades into him. Perhaps that will slow him down.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 427544

Maintain the Transfix. '1d10+3'

And have him tackle the wounded one so he'll stay down. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11 / Roll #2 2 = 2

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 427545

Wait a minute where am I and what is going on

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 427546

Are we trying the Expert mechanic?
Uh. Did I give away my position yet?


Fine, just Slam into the wounded one then!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 427548

Still with Valeriana acting as a sentry, I assume?

Kilana [darkhunter 427549

"You were killed by that explosion right? Well, It was the imperialists that caused that explosion. Helping their enemy the rebels would be a good way to get revenge, right?" I smile "Well, we're headed over to the rebels, If you'd be interested in that.. do you have a name?"

DM 427550

It does, but he still tries to fight back
His lurching, zombie-like movements are too slow for the wounded one, and your transfixed target gets slashes badly.
Finally, your intervention brings the straggler down.
That was the last of them.
The patrol and Frostmourn finish off the last one that got to them.
"Impressive work! But I must ask, who are you and what are you doing in our lands?"
Everyone is in Timberjaw, the nation locked in civil war.
Two teams have been formed, one going to meet King Craghoof, the other to meet Chief Engineer Rampart.
>Team Craghoof
>Team Rampart
I'm a crow, smartass, do I look like I have a name?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 427551

What's the situation with the guys me and Nylis were about to jump on?

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 427552

So I pick my team now?

If I were present for team arrangement I would have put myself and Frostmourn on seperate teams, but everyone else went the other way so I need to help him.

Can I retroactively give the other team one of the teleport boxes?

Liviana [Templar] 427553

I rub my forehead, that was an embarrassing fight… charging into a rock like that.
Bow my head.
"I am sister Liviana, a diplomatic envoy hailing from the Trotantine Empire on behalf of our favored empress."

Godric [Dark Knight] 427554

I land and sheathe my weapons.
How does their armor look? Any heraldry?

Kilana [darkhunter 427555

"Well, the way you talk I thought you might have named yourself. Now, I'm in a bit of a hurry, so perch yourself on my back and we'll figure out your name later." '1d10' attempt control to make it obey that order.

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 427556

It seems they are sleeping in the tent.
You are with Team Craghoof, who just stopped a bunch of assassins from attacking a Royalist patrol.
"Trotantine? Here?
What does the Empress want of us?"
It seems to just be a standard uniform and light armour. These guys are guards, not soldiers.

DM 427557

Great. Let's roll, toots!

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 427558

Different uniform. This means they must be loyalists.
Find their weapons, those strange tubes, and steal them.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Liviana [Templar] 427559

I wave a hoof
"To speak with King Craghoof in regards of this war going on in Timberjaw."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 427560

A fast cut in to introduce Trotantium. I need to recall if we had any plan not to reveal the North's part in this or not…

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 427561

"Pumpkin, these are royalists."

DM 427562

You lift a tube, and a rocket falls out.
Roll to catch it before it explodes.
"So are all of you Trotantines?"
Frostmourn did not want his identity known until you reach the capital. The mission however is not secret.

Godric [Dark Knight] 427563

"Not all. We do represent an interested party, however."

Kilana [darkhunter 427564

Cool, I'll go back where I left my team.

DM 427565

"Do tell.
I thought Gryphons lived on the other side of the continent."

Liviana [Templar] 427566

I chuckle
"No. Just my friend and I."
Motion to Donrick.
"There is more than one nation interested in Timberjaw, you see."


By the moon!

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 427568

Good catch.
Nobody even died.
"No need to be cryptic. Out with it."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 427569

"Not all of us. For purposes of safety, however, we'd like to make it to the capital and King Craghoof before we say more."


Drag this stuff and the ammo away.
If I do this right, we won't need to kill them and they'll have to retreat.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Liviana [Templar] 427571

"The United Northlands, for one."

Godric [Dark Knight] 427572

"We do."

DM 427573

"United Northlands AND Trotantium?
Working together?"
You make a lot of noise and drop a few things.
If you run now, they won't spot you.

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 427574

"And, should providence not be a foe, Timberjaw with us. Now, you know what you need to. Can you take us to King Craghoof?"

Liviana [Templar] 427575

"There is no formal alliance between us… yet. But that may very well come soon. In any case, we both were hoping to have an audience with your king."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 427576

Can't really do that, can I?
Sigh and turn around with a heavy earth, leaving all the ammunitions behind me in a disorganized pile, leaving the big rocket I catched a moment ago on top, around a corner of the tent, in the way those ponies will have to take to come here.
Then fly away, staying low, and drop down into the snow, one of their rifles in my hooves, waiting for them to come around.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 427577

seeing pumpkin run, I take whatever he was trying to take and teleport back to the party! '1d10+3'

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 427578

ARGH '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 427579

What does he think about that? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

DM 427580

Pausing to take a nap

DM 428566

"Well.. you did save us."
"…do you have proof you are envoys of the High King and Empress?"
You do teleport back.
You just took the wrong weapons.
Namely, you took Pumpkin's.
You appear to suddenly be disarmed.
The royalists peek out
"See anything?"
"The weapons pile fell over"
"Well lucky for us nothing exploded right?"
The High King sends envoys?
This could be a trap…
But if it isn't… and we he really did send us aid… we might survive this war yet.
With two empires to aid us, we can surely survive our debts.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428568

I'll hold up one of the Mountainbreakers.
"Only the high king would have the authority to allow these weapons to leave Eaglecrest."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 428569

I'm seeing this from a distance right.
Keep my bow ready.


Never truly disarmed.
Throw one of the daggers, hit the big rocket on top of the weapons.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428572

Blush at what I did and meekly give Pumpkin his weapons back to him.


Duck with her into the snow, Stealth.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Liviana [Templar] 428575

Take out and show them my letter of authenticity, signed and stamped with the imperial seal.

DM 428576

As Pumpkin pulls you both down, the ammo pile explodes violently, killing all the royalists and destroying the camp.
Chunks of meat rain down on you.
"Well I'll be…
Come then. We must make haste. The Unbreakable City is not far, but the trip may be dangerous."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428578

Ew, gross.

Use my TK to keep the meat from hitting me. '1d10+1'

"What now?"

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 428579

"I guess that ends that problem."
I put my bow away and turn to Valeriana.
"Shall we investigate what's left?"

Liviana [Templar] 428580

"Please. Lead the way."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428581

"As we've demonstrated, we're no strangers to that condition. Lead the way."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428582

Sigh and stand up.
"You alright?
Now we see what we can recover. Go alert the others it's safe."
I'll head back to the camp and see how much is left standing.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Godric [Dark Knight] 428584

"As we see. How far have your enemies advanced?"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428587

did I hear that explosion '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

DM 428588

"A sound plan. Go on ahead, I will see what awaits us further away."
Everything here is blown up or scorched, but you can still investigate the scraps.
It actually made you partially deaf.
"Too close.
We are working day and night to develop countermeasures, but their damned TIARA is too well built. We have only managed to cripple it a few times at best."
"This way, please"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428589

Nevermind that, teleport to the party '1d10+3'

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 428590

Go over there and see what's left of the camp or scraps '1d10'

"Let's hope that explosion didn't attract anypony."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428591

"It's- uh. Pumpkin says it's safe now."

Godric [Dark Knight] 428593

"We keep hearing of this, but know little about it. How many times have you engaged it?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428594


Kilana [Dark Artist] 428595

I blink rubbing my ears "PUMPKIN IS WHAT?!"

Liviana [Templar] 428596

"TIARA? What do you mean?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428598

I'm not really able to tell what scraps are supposed to do.
But at least Nylis saved one of these tubes.
How many shots are in here?
"I'll keep watch."

Find a treetop and stay on watch.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428600

"Uhhh- uhm… I- uh.. Oh!"
break off a piece of twig and write [Safe] into the snow/ground

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428603

I smile at the writing and nod.
'1d10' rolling to see if I can recover my hearing.

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 428607

There really isn't much left.
"TIARA is a war machine built by Chief Engineer Rampart. Originally intended to aid in large scale construction, it has been repurposed as a weapon. And so far it has proven to be just as good if not better at tearing down buildings as it is putting them up."
It had '2d5' shots
In the distance is a town. The flags on the flagpoles indicate it is held by the rebels.
You can. Your ears are just ringing sharply is all. It'll stop soon.

Roll #1 2, 4 = 6

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 428608

Not much…but maybe something.
Use 4th Eye to look through rubble and through foliage.
There might be something I'm missing '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 428609

Tap Frostmourn's shoulder. "A word?"

"It would seem that Craghoof's administration is being affected by lack of funds."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428610

How does the mechanism work? I can go as far as pulling the trigger, but anything else…
Try to figure it out.
Removing the bullets first.
Fly down, find Valeriana.
"Okay everypony, there's a town not far from here."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Godric [Dark Knight] 428611

"And you have made little progress in stopping it. I assume it is the lynchpin of Rampart's offense?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428612

We might come across more of what just happened
Heal Kilana's ears '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Liviana [Templar] 428613

"That sounds… impressive."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428614

I frown and write back [not good]

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428615

"Indeed. Are there no smaller scale versions that would outmaneuver it?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428616

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428618

waiting on DM to say its good. or I can shout some more

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 428619

Mysterious lockbox here I come.
Can I open it? What's inside?

DM 428620

You find the most amazing information if you know where to look.
"Well well… that's good to know."
Roll again for safe ammo remove
There we go.
Hearing back online
"If you consider destruction of ancestral works… impressive."
"We have no idea how it even works."
It's full of documents.
The broken seals bear the same mark as the Rebel flags.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 428621

More rebel documents. Mhhhh
I'll bring it back to the rest of the party before investigating it.
"I've found something."
Take a look through the documents, what are they?

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428622

Follow to where the party went, probably backto the camp.

"Do all the soldiers use these things?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428623

"Why wouldn't you?"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428624

"Wow, thanks Nylis. That's much better."
"Aren't the rebels nearby? Did you see any?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 428625

"You said it was modified. Did Rampart draft the original design as well then?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 428627

"Does it move slowly, or have blindspots?"



Roll #1 10 = 10

Liviana [Templar] 428630

"That's not what I meant. The technicalities sound impressive. A well-crafted sword that has killed a thousand ponies is still a well-crafted sword. That said, we know what it is like to see parts of your homeland destroyed in wars. Although the scale of it here seems much bigger. I hope this terrible war will come to an end soon."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428631

I saw a pile of something Pumpkin was trying to make off with. I didn't get to see what it was, though.


"Oh! You- uh.. you might want to protect your ears better. I'm not sure but if there really is more of those explosive things then your ears would be the first to go. I'm not sure if this would work but.."

Inure Kilana's ear-nerves from the sudden explosive sounds '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

DM 428633

Blueprints for… something.
The amount of details and jargon overwhelms you.
"Rampart was a visionary, but for all his genius, he rarely bothered to explain how things he made worked.
And TIARA was only a prototype. He barely even documented his work on it."
"He did, yes. Indeed the strangest thing is he'd modify an existing work and not… invent a new one. It's simply not like him."
"As do we all.
Though we hope that end does not cost us our king and capital."
Perfect removal!
…not sure if that worked right

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428634

"I'm sure it will be okay, if I just cover them next time." I reply. "Thanks for thinking of me."


At least I got this one down.
Click the trigger a few times, look at the mechanism slide with SbS and try to understand what it does.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 428637

"Perhaps the TIARA was always intended for war, and it was made under false pretenses."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 428638

Inspect it more closely. Even though I don't have the technical know-how, it might look similar to those other plans I saw.

"Plans….blueprints…the rebels might be very glad to have this back" I say to the rest of the group.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428640

I'll nod.
"It's quite easy to say something is finished, when there's still something that can be added to it."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428642


"Probably not. I'll need to read up on binding or something, but try to protect your ears more."

smile at her.

And then Farsight, look for more rebel camps '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Godric [Dark Knight] 428643

"Possible, but it would be difficult to hide it from other engineers. A more likely explanation is that he simply refitted it to wage his war due to a lack of resources."

Liviana [Templar] 428644

"From what I hear, the capital city is Unbreakable."

DM 428645

The trigger seems to strike a spark to ignite the loaded rocket. There is also a lever that allows for a new rocket to slide into place.
Whatever it is, it is bigger than the earlier stuff.
There is a rebel-held town nearby
"Hard for us to know. Most who knew Rampart in person joined his rebellion…"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 428647

I don't like it.
I turn to the rest of the group.
"What's our next move?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428648

"There's a town nearby."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 428649

"Hearts and minds. Perhaps peace can yet be found, but we will not know until we meet with Craghoof. We should make haste."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428650

Four dead with a single hit from this.
The damn thing.
Since it took one of my daggers away I'm keeping it. Fling it across my back.

"Listen up everypony, there's a town nearby.
It's under rebel control. That's our objective.
Are there questions?"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 428652

"What's the hoof signal for 'burn it all down', just in case?"
I put the box on my back.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428653

"D- ..do we need to kill everyone like we did here?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 428654

"Indeed. I would like a bigger picture of this war."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428655

"Alright let's go. there."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428657

I was hoping we were moving while talking.

DM 428658

"Very well."
Fast travel?
Valeriana rejoins you
"It seems there is little between them and us."

Liviana [Templar] 428660

I'm curious to meet the king.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 428661

"I'm ready to go." Make sure the box is safely on my back.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428662

"No. We are entering that town as friends. Unknown but friends.
They will most likely ask us to relinquish our weapons."
"It's awnfully cold in here."
Accompany that sentence with a scratch of my right side with my front-left hoof.
"Got that? Either or, of course."
"So I noticed. No more stops, if we are lucky."
"Did that bird report anything?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428663

Fine with me.

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 428664

"Got it."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428665


Follow the team

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 428667

"Will we give them our weapons?"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428669

"Nothing you didn't know already. "

Godric [Dark Knight] 428670

Wf+6 428672

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428673

"Yes, if they ask to. Unless you think you can sneak one in without getting caught."
"Thanks the Moon. Let's make haste."

DM 428679

>At the Unbreakable Gate
"Let us pass!"
"Who are these you bring with you? Prisoners?"
"Nay. Envoys."
"Of whom?"
"The High King of the North, and the Empress of Trotantium."
These words shake a lot of action into motion at the gate, as the heavy iron bars are lifted from in front of the gate, the second set pulled aside at it's back, and the massive gates themselves are pushed open.
The patrol leader turns to you
"From here, we have but a mile to go. Follow me."
Beyond the gate lies another wall. A blank wall, smooth as glass and ten stories high.
It curves around with the first, creating a long path walled off on both sides.

>At the Rebel Village

A few guards rush to meet you

Godric [Dark Knight] 428680

"Impressive architecture. How old is the city?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428682


Cast Mind reader on whoever is talking, while staying close to behind the group '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428683

"Friends. With reports to deliver."

Liviana [Templar] 428685

"This must have taken quite some time to build."

Ambrosia [Ponekeeper] 428689

I blink once

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428692

I nod at pumpkin's answer.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 428693

Follow, then.

DM 428694

"As old as our nation. It is the duty of each king to improve it after they are crowned.
This makes the city stronger with every generation, as old wisdom meets new innovation."
They don't look like royalists. This could be a trick though…
We only just reclaimed this place. We can't afford to lose it now. Not with TIARA in need of repairs…

"What reports?
Who sent you?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 428695

"Impressive. When I have the time, I would be interested in your history…"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 428696

Let Pumpkin do the talking.
Use 4th Eye to look through the walls.
What's inside? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428698

"Reports one of your scouts had to deliver. He won't be able to, I'm afraid, found his corpse a few kilometers back."

Liviana [Templar] 428703

I nod
"Same goes for me."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428704

Do any of them look injured?

DM 428707

Visions of a world on fire.
And it will be your fault when it happens.
"The king and his archivists will surely hear your wishes."
A few scars and bandages but nothing major.
"Convenient. I take it you just happened to find it and know nothing of his death?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428708

My feelings about that. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428709

They can still be healed

use heal on them '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Godric [Dark Knight] 428710

"Mm. Has the king left his fortress much since the insurrection began?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428711

I gulp and try to remain stoic.
That….that's not me…

Liviana [Templar] 428712

"I look forward to meeting him even more then."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428713

"Actually I know a great deal. There is a camp. Was a camp. Five or so royalists, using weapons like these."
Take the rifle from my back, giving them an even glare.
"Bring a spoon when you go to clean it up."

DM 428714

"No. He remains where he is safest."
They look a bit more at ease, but nothing more.
"We'll be there soon."

DM 428715

"Copycat launchers… shameful weapons.
Where, exactly, are you from, and who do you fight for?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428716

And then Inure them from the cold, it can't help that they're not up to par. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Godric [Dark Knight] 428717

I frown.
"The more things change…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428718

"Where, it's not from here.
Who, is nopony. Yet. But I hope to change this, after a short talk with your leader."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 428719

Still hiking?

"Perhaps at some point you'll share your own history with us. We don't here much of the 'city of world's desire' in the north."

DM 428720

"He is not a front line fighter. And against TIARA, nobody is."
"Well we have a captain over in the camp.
But you must leave your weapons with us. You could easily be royalist spies for all we know."

Liviana [Templar] 428721

I give him a look, but remain silent otherwise.

DM 428722

Almost there now

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428723

"Of course.
But can I have your word none of ours will be armed, once we are in the camp?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 428724

"It is his choice as king. Does he have faith in his great city?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428725

gulp, and then start taking out my knives and shortsword before piling them on the inside of my shield.

Spring Water [Doctor] 428726

"Of course. I believe there are many things that could be shared between our two nations."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428727

I give them my bow and knife.
I've still got my best weapons right here.

Liviana [Templar] 428728


DM 428729

"That depends on what you do, and nothing more."
"Good. Come along then."
The guard leads you into town.
It looks rather war-torn, with windows being boarded over, roofs damaged and walls hastily repaired. The roads are cracked and scorched, and much of the outer wall is just piled up rocks and timber.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428730

I hand over my weapons as well and follow..

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428731

"Good enough."
Follow them until we are at the village.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 428732

"I don't believe I ever asked. What brought you to the North originally?"

Liviana [Templar] 428733

"Diplomatic matters. Our beloved empress wants to open up diplomatic channels with the United Northlands as well as open up new trade routes. Donrick and I are here purely for reconnaissance purposes. A sign of goodwill from one empire to the other."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428734

I observe silently and follow

DM 428735

They take you to a reinforced town hall, and knock on the storm cellar door
"We got visitors. Be on your guard."
The doors are opened.
"Get in."
You may arrive to the second gate whenever

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428736

I look unsure but go inside.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428737

Move in confidently.
"We need to talk with your superiors."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428738

Go inside.
"My weapons better still be here when we go out again."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428739

So we do.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428741

look inside and Farsight to see through the darkness to see who is here '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Donrick [Smith] 428742

What's happening?

Godric [Dark Knight] 428743

Marathon walking.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428744

We've reached the second gate of the Unbreakable City, that's roughly a mile from the first one.

Liviana [Templar] 428745

Capital city. About to go meet King Craghoof. He's apparently lacking funds to further support the war.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 428746

"I see. Then there are Trotanites in Snowborder, I assume? They are famous for their trade routes, and they have more ports than our landlocked state."


Donrick [Smith] 428747

Let's just be silent and stick close to Livinia.

DM 428749

A dozen guards, and iron bars separating you from the ponies on the other side.
One of them, the captain, looks wounded.
As you enter, you find strong iron bars separate you from the rest of the room
"Who are you and why have you come here?"
At the second gate, your guide introduces you, and the gates are lifted, lowered and pushed open.
To the Unbreakable City."
It really is quite a sight. Built into the shadow of the great mountains that border the sea, and built overall to be sturdy and solid. Very much worth the name.
"The palace lies ahead."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428750

Put my hoof on the bars, and try to use Mend on Him '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Donrick [Smith] 428751

Stay silent.
Follow Lavinia.


I smile under my helmet.
"They are also famous for their impossibly high tariffs."

Look around and admire the architecture.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428753


Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428754

Well, let's keep alert. Just because we're in the heart of the royals doesn't mean we're safe.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428755

I remain stoic.

Godric [Dark Knight] 428756

Keep on heading towards the palace.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428757

Is Valeriana here?

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428758

"We're allies come to help you."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 428760

"Quite a sight. Where does His Grace reign?"

"I see. And did you volunteer, or were you chosen?"

DM 428762

The guards move in to stop you, but you are faster.
Your magic quickly takes hold of the Captain, and though at first everyone fears they let an assassin in, he motions them to stay still as your spell works its way into his wounds, allowing them to stitch shut, at last easing the pain he has silently endured for days.
"…Who are you, healer?"
"Ambassadors of what power?"
Only her shadow.
The architecture seems bland at first glance - solid structures designed to withstand seemingly endless punishment.
But look closer, and you begin to see all the intricate details. The smoothly curving archways, the complex carvings, reliefs and murals. The domes and marvelous stairwells. The incredible detail forged into every rail, fence and hinge…
"The Palace is in the mountain. The safest of places, given a time of need. Come."

Liviana [Templar] 428764

"I was graciously picked by her majesty herself. Our order is often called upon as mediators in political matters."

Godric [Dark Knight] 428767

"In the mountain? How long ago was it hollowed out?"

"The clergy serves as your diplomatic corps?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428768

Shake my head
"Nopony important."

then slink back behind the group

Donrick [Smith] 428769

Still not as good as the palace.

"What do you think?"

DM 428771

"By Old King Timberjaw himself."
"Whoever ye are… thank ye."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428775

"A large one. Now, we need to talk alone. Is this possible?"

Liviana [Templar] 428776

"To an extend. We always accompany diplomatic envoys on their missions for both protection and assistance. In this case however, the diplomatic envoy consists only of myself and Donrick. Usually our missions are much bigger, but in this case our Empress decided to keep it modest."

"It almost makes me feel at home. Almost."
I chuckle
"They did their best though."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428777

I cough.
"We do not have any hostile intentions. In fact…"
I nod to the box on my back.
"we have been able to recover these papers from royalists. I'm sure you'd like them back."

DM 428778

If you need me alone, you are out of luck. In this era of war, I cannot count on the good will of those who have nothing but words on their side.
Now speak."

DM 428780

"Guards, check the box."
The guards take the box and place it in a side room, where they carefully open it via a slit in the door using a stick
After it does not explode, they get it out and read the contents
"Sir. These are the stolen blueprints."
"Well… that was… easy. Almost worryingly so. The Royalists threw a lot of men at us to get those…"

Donrick [Smith] 428781

"Don't feel too comfortable."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428782

"I can't do that. I'm willing to be stripped down naked and to remain in this room alone behind these bars, but anyone who's not in charge will have to leave.
Otherwise, I fear our was a vain travel and we will just deliver what's yours before leaving."

Godric [Dark Knight] 428783

"The scope of this is…rather staggering."

"So your government is a theocracy then?"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428784

"Why can't we just tell them we're from wintergrasp or the untied north?"

DM 428785

"How did you recover these blueprints?
And how do I know you haven't swallowed weapons?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428786

Roll my eyes.
"We blew up a loyalist camp on the way here. They had the plans."

DM 428787

"Hm… royalists moving in on us…
But why would they still hold the plans then…?"

Liviana [Templar] 428788

"That must have taken him a while…"

"Never. The cold would have to go away before I could get truly comfortable."

"Oh no, of course not. Our Empress holds absolute power, but she is not seen as a pony with divine purpose."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428789

"We gave over all our weapons. Look, my friend is a little paranoid, after dealing with those stupid Royalist. We're ambassadors from the United Northlands, willing to offer you aid, can we come in now?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428790

"That's a question you will have to ask them. Maybe they had to randevouz with another group, making more of… Whatever that is."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428791

"I'm not aware of the Royalists larger plan, how could we know?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 428792

"But the connections between you and the government must still be strong enough for her to trust you to speak on her behalf. Do your beliefs not influence your decisions when negotiating?"

Donrick [Smith] 428794

Stay silent at that.

DM 428798

"He was a great king. As his palace will prove."
A massive staircase leads to the palace gate. It is a hundred steps tall, and every step is covered in holes.
"The United North you say?
What does the High King want of us?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428801

Step forward.
"A chance to save the future of the North."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428802

"What are the holes for? Were they intentional, or the product of the current disagreement?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428804

"I'm sure it would be easier to talk without these bars." I offer up.


"I may be a religious pony… but I place the well-being of my nation above all. But you are right, the clergy have a rather high position in our society. I had thought it would have been the same here in the Northlands, but evidentially I was wrong."

How big are these holes? what are they for?

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 428808

"Originally they housed retractable spikes.
King Craghoof… upgraded them lately."
"Speak your mind. I want to hear this."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428809

I'm not certain I want to know what those upgrades could be. Or how explosive they might be.
Continuing on.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428810

"We need to talk with Rampant for further details. As it stands, the United North might bring assistance to your cause."

Godric [Dark Knight] 428811

"Neither would I."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428813

I sigh "We want to preserve your culture, to end this pointless war, and bring your nation back to its glory."

Donrick [Smith] 428814

Stay silent still.
I'm no ambadassor.

Liviana [Templar] 428815

"How so?"
Good god, this is taking long.

"I wonder how many diplomats have died of old age on their way to this palace…"

Godric [Dark Knight] 428817

"It is more similar than you know, pilgrim."

Donrick [Smith] 428818

"The only ponies who'll die will be them, if they try anything to hurt you like those ponies at the cliff."

Liviana [Templar] 428820

"Perhaps, perhaps…"

"Don't worry Donrick, relax."

Donrick [Smith] 428823

I let out a deep breath.
"Last time I relaxed Chell and I had to kill some ponies."

DM 428825

"Do you carry proof of these words?"
"They now shoot fire and steel as well."
The main gates are opened. Five layers of thick wood and steel.
Inside, the mountain has been carved into an exquisite palace, using it's natural stone formations as well as additional structures to create an interior that is as impervious to earthquakes as it is to external damage.
"The throne room lies in the highest floor. Come."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428826

Can I pull out an 'official' document (from my hat of hats) to help them? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Godric [Dark Knight] 428827

"Quite the hike. How many provisions do you store in the mountain?"

Liviana [Templar] 428828

That's an interesting way to combat earthquakes…
"Does the North deal often with natural disasters?"

Donrick [Smith] 428829

Go ahead.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428830

Inwardly groan. More stairs…
Clank it up, and don't fall behind. If the king can do it, so can I. But this certainly explains the Timberjaw ponies' fitness, if they've got to come up these damn stairs all day.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428831

"No. Because in this case it is not us who have to persuade you, but it is you who have to convince us to have faith you are the best choice for the North.
If negotiations go well, and only if, we will return with troops and more.
I made my part, captain. Now it's your time to take a chance.
Help from the biggest power North of Snowboarders or one more war to fight alone?"

Sion 428832

"It would be very dangerous to go through these lands carrying official documents. Just imagine if Royalist forces captured us and learned of this potential alliance. We've been sent icognito for now."

DM 428833

This is an official document about the time you got an STD test.
"Enough to house all the most important residents, dozens of refugees, and a host of soldiers."
"The storms can sometimes be very violent here, due to the sea."
"If you are indeed ambassadors of the High King… what does he ask of us?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428834

"We are uniting the North. Take a wild guess."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428835

"That if we help you take your nation, you would join the united north."

Godric [Dark Knight] 428836

"But for how long?"

Liviana [Templar] 428837

"Ah… yes. The shorelines of the North are no joke…"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428838



DM 428839

"For a year."
"We know of your high king. He approaches the current kings of nations. What has made him send envoys to us, and not to Craghoof?"
"Quite… quite…"
The palace spirals upwards, and you notice the path becoming narrower and narrower as it goes up, until you must walk in single file.

Donrick [Smith] 428840

I cut in front of Liviana then.
And Chell behind her.
If this is a trap, then I will take the bait before her.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428841

"You could see it as a sign that the High King considers that the rebels might have a more legitimate claim to the throne."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428842

"A fool who doesn't listen to his own little ponies and barricades himself in an ivory tower is no king."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428843

And I guess I'll walk towards the front. If not in front of the king, then at least flanking him with Valeriana.

Godric [Dark Knight] 428844

"Not a very extended period."

Liviana [Templar] 428845

"Interesting. A choke point to organize defenses better."
In which direction is it spiraling?

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428846

"Craghoof cares little for your culture, he gives your jobs to outsiders. Each nation of the united north thus far has kept their own culture, but your king seeks to end yours. Does that sound like something the high king you've heard of would like?"

DM 428851

"Something the matter?"
"I see…
And I suppose he sent envoys rather than coming in person because of the war?"
"More than enough to ensure none who besiege are are left alive."
"That, and more…"

Donrick [Smith] 428852

"Just doing what I am supposed to."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428854

"What a military genius. Easy to see why you are the captain."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428855

I nod "indeed."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428856

"You would know even better than us that this is a dangerous place to be."

Liviana [Templar] 428857

Good ponies. They know their stuff.
Just keep silently walking for now.

DM 428870

"If you seek to mock me Ambassador I assure you it is futile."
"I am still worried that taking you directly to Rampart would be a mistake.
But… if you really do represent the United North… you do deserve to at least deliver your message and hear our reply."
Soon you reach the top.
The door to the throne room opens towards the stairs. Opening it with everyone packed against it would simply push them off the edge of the staircase.
Behind that door is another, which falls down like a drawbridge, and finally a third that lifts up like a gate.
Beyond all this, lies the throne room.

Godric [Dark Knight] 428874

Take in the throne room. How does it it look?

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428875

"Well, they certainly didn't skimp on security. Any attacker making his way up here would exhaust himself if he didn't take his time, and the doors being shut would impede all progress. One would have to wonder how you'd reach ground level if you needed to leave in a hurry, though."

Liviana [Templar] 428877

This place is a complete deathtrap… for both parties involved.
I sigh and keep walking until we are before the king.

Donrick [Smith] 428878

Walk in front.
I can take a hit.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428879

"The message is simple. Us.
Each minute that passes, more ponies die. We can't allow that."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428884

"So, we can come in now?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428886

"We'd wish to negotiate. Learn of your plight and how the United North might be able to help.
This would be easiest by conversing to Rampart himself, but I suppose that if you'd like more time to assure yourself of our truthfullness, there can be a middle pony.

DM 428890

The throne room is a massive dome decorated with intricate carvings, the dome supported by eight large statues.
On the ceiling is a large spike on a pendulum aimed at the door.
Aside that, several cannons point at the door.
And towards the back of the dome, lies the throne, and its guards.
And the King. Craghoof.
"Hail to the King!"
"Who do you bring before me?"
"Ambassadors of Trotantium and The United North"
This draws a gasp from all present
"We have our ways. And our back doors."
"…very well. We can talk in my office.
Come in through the front door."
He leaves and heads upstairs.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428893

"That went well!"
And to the top we go.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428895


Follow everyone up there

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428897

Well, let's stand at attention. I'm not the talker here.

Godric [Dark Knight] 428898

"This all seems a bit excessive."

Donrick [Smith] 428902

Just take a protective stance.
Chell too.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428903

I walk over to the guards
"I'd like my weapons back now."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428905

glare at pumpkin a bit as we go up. '1d10+1' to get a look around this place as we walk.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Liviana [Templar] 428906

Ponies really are easily impressed, aren't they?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428909

Look at her wondering what she means.

DM 428910

Your weapons are returned to you as you head to his office inside
"I'm placing a lot of good will on you. A lot.
What can the United North give us?"
This was once a normal town hall. Now it serves as a barracks, field hospital and temporary refuge.
The solid stone it was built from has stood up the wear of war well.
"So… which of you are the Ambassadors, then?"
Craghoof himself looks about middle aged. He has some grey in his mane, and indeed very craggy hooves.
His eyes are wise, but it's clear from his voice he is younger than he appears."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428913

Mind Reader, what does he see his men need? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428915

I step forward.
"I speak for the High King. As do my colleagues here."

Liviana [Templar] 428917

I take of my helmet and raise a hoof
"Sister Liviana of Clopantinople, your highness."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428918

"Back up, for one thing. We have trained ponies that we can send in. Supplies like food or metals is a strong second."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428919

"What can a nation with a dozen times your resources and horsepower give you?"
Sit down, calmly.
"And what can a faction with the best architects and engineers of the north do with it?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 428924

"Lord Blackmane, of late ruler of Stormheart."

DM 428929

We need Craghoof off the throne. His ways will be the death of our culture. He has turned his back on us and now hides in his impossible fortress. We need TIARA back online. We need Craghoof dethroned and someone… like Rampart… in his place. Or so Rivetstike says. Rampart's been away for so long working on our weapons I've almost forgotten what his voice is like.
"You offer much…
…so what is the catch?"
There is a murmur among those present
The murmur peaks into a gasp
And finally, Frostmourn steps forth, discarding his travel cloak and unfolding his wings of light
"Frostmourn. High King of the North."
And the gasp spikes into a near whimper, before becoming a dead silence

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428931

Well, it's showtime. Let's see what Craghoof's made of.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428932

"Why is it that a united North capable of preserving its culture and working faster to make life better for everypony must have a catch?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428935

"Why uh- …w-why do you need Craghoof 'dethroned'? What's so dangerous about him being king?"

Liviana [Templar] 428938

These are the hardy ponies of the North? goodness me…

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428939

"No catch. However we'd like to know more about the conflict. Maybe we could start at the beginning, why this revolution?"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428940

"There is an enemy to the far south. Equestria, Who seeks to make the world one flavorless nation with not culture but that of the Equestrians. We will need every pony in the north's aid in defeating them; when that time comes we ask that you stand with us, and prevent this danger from enveloping us. " I tap my hoof a bit "Now, what is your situation."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428942

Did you really just say that?

Godric [Dark Knight] 428947

Turn and look to Frostmourn.

DM 428948

"He has forsaken our ways, replacing our reliable construction methods with faster, cheaper ones and bringing in foreign workers, taking jobs from traditional builders in Timberjaw."
"Trust is a valuable commodity in times of war. Not one to be given out easily."
Well… that goes does sound exactly like what Craghoof seems to be aiming for already."
"So. The High King has come to see me in person.
Very brave.
I take it you are here to add Timberjaw to your empire then, and claim my crown?"
"No. I have come here to help resolve your problems. And the problems Timberjaw faces."
"Go on…"

Liviana [Templar] 428951

Let the stallion speak.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428952

"…But isn't that innovation? Making something faster and cheaper so that more ponies can focus on expansion and better ways of improvement? I-

…I know I shouldn't asking. It- uhh.. It's just something that I- uhh, nevermind."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428954

"And why Rampart? How did he become the leader of the rebellion?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428955

"You are in time of war. The United North is not. Not yet."

DM 428963

"Faster and cheaper, but also weaker and unreliable."
"He was a reliable icon to us all. A traditional mind, and a strong one at that, refusing to forsake our ways while still improving them like the kings of yore.
And even though these days he spends all his time on working, his second in command, Rivetstrike, relays his messages to us each and every day."
"Quite frankly, if you have come here trying to intimidate us with your smug words, I assure you, you too will taste war soon enough."
"We will help you overcome the issues that plague your reign, and together as allies we-"
A clang of metal interrupts the High King. Craghoof threw his crown at him.
"Oh shut up. I know what you're like Frostmourn. You've taken every nation from Ironfoe to Stormheart and stacked their crowns into a ridiculous pile on top of your thick head. Go on. Take mine too. Enjoy your reign here.
I have tried and tried to save this excuse of a nation, to fix it's inherently broken internal systems, traditions and laws, but for all my efforts all I get is scorn and rebellion. I'm done. Let's see you do better."

Liviana [Templar] 428967

"You give up, your highness?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428969

"Hav- f-forgive me but, have you or anyone you know fought with those.. loud things around the older buildings? The newer ones?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428971

"Rivetstrike…I've never heard of him before. Who is he?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428972

I'm glad my helmet hides my surprise, but I'll look to the king. Surely it can't be this easy?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428973

Shake my head.
"We are here to give a better future to everypony under the coordination of the High King. You know how it works, the country becomes a province of the United North and it starts to work together with the others.
That's what happens.
If you want to have a catch, the catch is your king will become a viceroy and won't be able to just go and wage war to the nearest boring country he can find, that's what changes!"

Godric [Dark Knight] 428974

Look back in surprise at the king.
"Timberjaws ears are as strong as its walls. What have you been trying to do?"

"I can sympathize with that…"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428976

I sigh "So, are you interested in our help?"

DM 428978

"I am the inheritor of a broken kingdom so deeply flawed below it's surface it is not worth repairing.
How is a nation supposed to thrive if all we do is build? And not just build. Build slowly. Expensively. And so strong that nothing ever needs to be rebuilt. We only build for the sake of building. What is the point? The coffers have run dry. Nobody wants our workers because they are so expensive. As superior as our designs may be, they are not viable for anyone buy us, and not even us.
We built a hollow lie for ourselves, and I am tired of trying to mask it any more.
So enjoy your crown among others, Frostmourn. Enjoy this nation on the brink of collapse. Enjoy those warmongers that bark at your doorstep and that infernal machine that will grind your lands to dust.
Name your damned viceroys. Make your moves. I have nothing left to fight for here. I have given my all for this place."
Frostmourn just stares in stunned silence.
"Old ones like this can take them with ease.
Newer ones less so."
"So tell me, how are you different from Equestria again?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428979

"Good question. The same the gryphons of Stormheart asked.
Have you been to Stormheart lately?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 428981

Walk up alongside Frostmourn.
"My king, perhaps this way you can more easily bring the rebels to a peaceful stop? Try and combine both their methods, and the new methods?"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428982

"We're different because we want to protect our home, all of the homes of the north. Equestria seeks to take the homes of others. "

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 428984

Liviana [Templar] 428985

"I am not here to judge, that is not my mission, but isn't the isolationism of the North one of the main reasons for this? The fact that you act so surprised to see foreigners here says quite a lot about your foreign policies…"

Godric [Dark Knight] 428986

"You speak my mind, but for the passage of time. Rampart seems to think differently enough to unleash some sort of monstrosity on your lands."

DM 428990

"He is Ramparts assistant of many years. A brilliant mind and a devoted pony, who acts as his voice when he cannot find time."
"Never. I hear they eat ponies and refuse to build roads."
"So we'd be ruled by you, ordered around by you, and follow your laws. But you say we'd still be free?"
"The north has endured like this for many centuries. When the very land you live in wants you dead, you seek shelter among those you trust."
"I tried to salvage us by learning new methods. Methods that are cheap, fast and easy. Methods we could sell outside our borders. Something less permanent, but more doable.
And what do I get? A civil war."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 428994

"They did use to eat ponies, yes. Famine.
That's something they are not gonna do ever again, as long as the United North stands.
Roads… Well, let's just say you won't have a easy time in Stormheart without wings."
Listen to his comment about laws.
"Viceroys manage a province, and so far viceroys, with the exception of Eaglecrest, have always been ponies native to that nation."

Godric [Dark Knight] 428996

"Do you love your nation?"

Liviana [Templar] 428997

"The world changes around you, your highness. Sooner or later, we all must grow out of our habitat and step outside our comfort zone. Either you take the leap of faith or shrivel up and die, to put it very bluntly."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 428998

fidget a little
"So uhm.. so why are you mad at the king? If- if he does what he does then why haven't you offered your construct-making abilities to other kingdoms? And if you don't like what the king is doing, then you can show your disapproval in other ways that right out war. I- uh.. I'd think, that is"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 428999

"The high king doesn't have time nor does he wish to micromanage your country. Your vicroy would have power over your land: You would have your own laws, your own culture and your own homes. There would just be a few things like starting a war that you couldn't do without the high king.."
"But tell us more about your situation. We need to know more so we can help you."

DM 429001

"While I hold no grudge against it's people or achievements, I cannot say I love, or even tolerate, what it allowed itself to become: a hollow lie."
"I TRIED! And now there is a revolution out there!"
"With the king so openly killing our way of life… all our nation has stood for… we need someone on the throne who can preserve who we are. Someone who can keep the traditional methods running, and help us forever keep our identity.
For this purpose, we devised weapons that easily tear down the new and weak, while allowing the old and strong survive."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 429002

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429003

"Not exactly something one should be proud of, don't you think?
Squandering your nation's talent on weapons…"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 429004

"So, you asked Craghoof to step down?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 429005

"But not enough to push your reforms enough to see them done. I was in your situation not long ago, and I was forced to do things I would have never considered. All for the sake of my home and its people."

Liviana [Templar] 429006

"Then why have you yet to reach out to other nations? Why do you let us walk all the way over to your castle? Why not crawl out of your shell and be the first to reach out to others first? Alliances, your highness, please consider them."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429007

"Sir, if I may ask…what's TIARA?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 429008

Look around the inside
"I- if I may.. this isn't preserving anything. The ability to pull someone from the brink of death, to pull their skin closed and repair their body like it was new… Th- that's progress! Be- before that ponies would go out into the wilds to gather plants that had the capability to restore a body which took time, but didn't do what magic can do now; that's progress too! Before wrapping a pony's wounds and putting ice to slow blood flow, ponies would die from any cut they got! Even a powerful earth pony can't live forever if they don't know how to heal themselves! If you fe- feel so strongly about keeping the old way.. t-then.."

pull out my shortsword and put it on the ground before him

"Reopen the wound I healed you from."

DM 429009

"It may be worth a try"
"And what should we have done? Allowed foreigners to stomp all over our nation and forsake all that made our lands ours?
I bet that's just what you wanted."
"We demanded it.
And he refused.
We tried to push his foreign rot away
He sent his forces to stop us"
"Well then clearly you have a solution you can hardly wait to present, right?"
"A weapon built by Rampart and Rivetstrike. The greatest of weapons. One designed to crush the weak, and restore our purity."
"Hiring workers was enough to spark a revolution.
Asking for an alliance would only make things worse now."
"That is entirely different.
Unless your healing wears off in a few weeks time."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 429010


Roll #1 7 = 7

Liviana [Templar] 429012

I shake my head
"Paranoia does not serve your case any good."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429013

"You seem to have quite a large supply of weapons…how are all these built, surely not just Rampart alone could build these?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429014

"I'm not sayin preparing is wrong.
I'm just saying that using those weapons against each other, that's another matter."
Look at him grave.

Kilana [Dark Artist] 429015

"Alright, so if he were to step down then there wouldn't be any reason for the war to go on?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 429016

"No, that decision is yours to make as ruler. All I can do is provide an example. History will judge my actions. How will you be remembered? As a tired regent who surrendered his crown to the soonest wandering alternative when his hopes and dreams proved too difficult?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 429017

Draw myself up


No it- … no it isn't! I've healed King Frostmourn enough times to know that a kingdom is as real and breathing as you and me! I've seen a kingdom that lives and prospers because of the innovations that its king and its population have willingly embraced to continue their way of life; and, I've seen a kingdom that has withered into a vast nothingness because its leader has kept to a static and dying way of preservation that even those who followed the king did not try to change! I- I- I don't want to see more bloodshed because of old ways being a problem with new ways!"


Roll #1 3 = 3

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 429018

take my sword back, and retreat to a corner of the room


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429019

Sigh nod Peaches to go to her.

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429020

I move over to Pumpkin.
"Pumpkin would you like to talk in private for second? We'll be right back."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429021

"Can it wait?"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429022

"I suppose……"
Go sit down again.

DM 429023

"No, not really.
Once a new, traditional king was establishes, live could go on as it has gone forever."
It seems like simple logic to me."
"Rampart makes blueprints. Those are passed down to our smiths, who then make the items themselves."
"Not against each other. Against those who seek to destroy our nation."
"My hopes and dreams rather obviously conflict with the will of the people.
If they want to starve to death worshiping an unsustainable lie, then who am I to stop them?"
Peaches comes to comfort you
"Those were brave words"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 429024

"Well, Rampart is the one you want on the throne right? We'd like to meet with him as soon as possible."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429025

Nod at him.
"Right. And now we are offering you a way to keep your nation together by joining the United North.
But we need to speak with Rampart."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429026

"He must be quite the weapons expert. I thought timberjaw mostly specialized in structural engineering rather than weapons."

Liviana [Templar] 429027

"Well, your logic has left your nation lonely and isolated with nopony else to count on."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 429028

let out a deep sigh

"Not like they'll change him anyways.. It- they- I-I don't even know anymore."

Godric [Dark Knight] 429029

"You are their king. It is your responsibility to look out for them."

DM 429030

"Your assurances have left me a bit cold, ambassador.
But if you can offer even one physical proof of your will to aid us, I'll see to it that you are at least taken to the new capital."
"A genius mind can make even things it is not too familiar with."
"Then perhaps I have failed just as much, if not more, than my fathers before me."
"We haven't lost yet…"

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429031

"I suppose…."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429032

"This is a matter we will need to discuss first."

DM 429033

"Take your time."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429034

"Thank you.
We will be outside."

Stand up and nod the others to follow.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 429035


I wish winterbreeze was here, I could use a hug from her."

Liviana [Templar] 429036

"But what if you could set things straight?"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 429037

I bow slightly and go out of the room. is there a shadow near by?

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429038

I follow him. If we're in a room, scan the room with 4th Eye (SbS mode) to make sure no one is hidden here or listening behind the door. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429039

>in a room to talk

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 429040

Get up and follow him out.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429041

I'll do the same.
"You feeling okay?"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 429042

"Huh? Yea, I am."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429043

"That was… A good speech, back there."

Godric [Dark Knight] 429044

"Is that how you want to be remembered? You must see things with clarity."

DM 429045

"If you want… I can hug you."
By going against the will of the people?
By allowing them to live out this hollow lie?"
Valeriana is waiting outside in person.
She has one of the teleport boxes given by Verne.
"Then illuminate me, gryphon."
It seems nobody is listening on you

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429046

I say "It seems clear here. Nopony listening in."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 429047

I nod "thank you"
"Well, can we get some proof with that?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 429048

"I don't think so. I only talked about what I've seen I guess."


Roll #1 7 = 7

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429049

Smile a bit.
"And nice thinking.
So, what was it?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 429050

"I mean that you have a greater perspective on your nation's future than most, as I did. They are stuck on the glory of their past, exemplified in your great edifices and monstrous capital. They turn their eyes from what you see. To abandon them now, after what you tried to fix, would haunt you, would it?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 429051

Kilana [Dark Artist] 429052

"No, it was brave, and good." I smile "You sure you're not a bard? I was getting inspired in there."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429053

"It all seems very fishy to me.
I mean not their reasoning, I'm willing to believe they're fighting to preserve their identity. But the story just doesn't add up for me…Look at this place. So many weapons, so much manpower. Say what you want about the power of the people but you need funding for that, resources, raw materials. I'm not buying that Rampart is such an icon that everypony just gives that to him freely."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 429054


"Haha, stop that."

DM 429055

She sits still for a while, then pulls out a royal seal from the box
"The High King sends his best wishes, and asks for an update on our situation."
"If the want to die in the grave they made for themselves, it is on their hooves, not mine.
I would love to keep working on these grand structures, but doing so here will not sustain my kingdom."

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Liviana [Templar] 429056

"By crawling out of your shell and banding together with other nations. Open up to the rest of the world. There is so much more out there than just Timberjaw."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429057

Look back at him flatly.
"Rampart is dead. Most likely. Nopony has seen him in weeks?
A civil engineer doing machines of war?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429058

"Tell him we have made contact with the rebels and have revealed ourselves as ambassadors. No real proof will be given, as not to endanger his mission.
Rampart might be a lost cause.
Oh, and tell him about these weapons."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 429059

is a good hug

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429060

"Interesting theory. That would mean this Rivetstike is lying and either working on his own or for those Lordblades. The latter probably. It might be dangerous then to reveal ourselves as sent by the king. Still…we need to track him down."

Godric [Dark Knight] 429061

"Yes. Whether they know it or not, your people will have to face the truth eventually."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 429062

"Let him know that we're safe, and we have some disturbing news: The rebels will not rest until a traditionalist is on the throne, they will keep fighting as long as Craghoof is king"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429063

"Our life is little concern, we are all capable fighters. The biggest problem is gonna be not dragging the North into this in any official form."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429064


"That's just the captain speaking…I'd like to know how the average rebel thinks of this. Something I'd like to find out, I was actually going to ask you about that when I interrupted you back then, Pumpkin."

DM 429065

"Any time."
"…that will not make the people happy"
She sits still for a moment as she relays the message
"This is alarming news.
Frostmourn says he was told Rampart hardly ever wrote anything down, let alone made blueprints.
And that King Craghoof has his reasons - the way Timberjaw has built in the past has made a deep financial loss, and the nation is bankrupt. If traditional methods are carried on as the only economy here… the nation will crumble."


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429066

"Leaving the table like that might not have been wise. Sorry."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429067

"No you were right. I tend to act too quickly sometimes."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 429068

"perhaps the average pony would be more willing to compromise. But it seems that the one driving the rebellion is anything but average"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429069

Laugh bitterly at the news.
"Looks like we will have to get our hooves dirty."

Kilana [Dark Artist] 429070

"Well, it only gets worse from here."
I nod "peaceful solution was too perfect for a bitter civil war like this."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429071

"We need to know more….but I'm not convinced revealing all of us to simply go with these guys to the new capital is the right thing to do.
Too open..It may sound a bit crazy…but maybe we could say we sent some of us back to Frostmourn to report back, while they're actually following us to the new capital and go undercover there…"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 429072

Smile at Peaches, then listen to Shadow Song

"Why wouldn't the king pass this information along!?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 429073


"Uh.. guys? I wasn't sure when to tell you this but..
"We need Craghoof off the throne. His ways will be the death of our culture. He has turned his back on us and now hides in his impossible fortress. We need TIARA back online. We need Craghoof dethroned and someoneā€¦ like Rampartā€¦ in his place. Or so Rivetstike says. Rampart's been away for so long working on our weapons I've almost forgotten what his voice is like."

Smouldering Torch [Red Lantern] 429074

"So TIARA is offline for now…that's interesting."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 429075

Look at her and do a second take at that.
"So TIARA is broken.
And he doesn't trust his own cause either…"

Kilana [Dark Artist] 429076

"Well, that is interesting. So, the rebels are mostly bluffing now.."

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