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Northlands Season 2 - Episode 7 DM 383166[Last 50 Posts]

This is the story of how nobody reads what I write up here anyway.

Episode 7: Aftermath

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383177

"And where did they come from? Who brought them here?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383180

I do

"Mistress is too much.

L-Lady Nylis, if- uh.. if you need to be formal."

I'll need to talk to King Frostmourn later. Look around to see if there is anything I need to look into '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Kilana [deathsinger] 383181

I read it if that matters

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 383182

Lacking anyone else to beat information out of, I guess we should trek back to Frosty, right?

Venia [Battlemage] 383184

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383185

I nod at Mistral.
"Let's hope you plan to pursue good intentions in the future too then."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383187

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 383189

"High King Frostmourn has a habit of doing unbelievable things."
"It isn't always so cut-and-dry, Ambrosia. King Frostmourn succeeded because he had his supporters, even if he was the only one doing the fighting."

Godric [Dark Knight] 383197

Walk up the dissenting gryphon.

"And what is your issue with this?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 383199

I replied to you.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 383214

"Well… alright. It looks like things have calmed down now anyway."

I'll just be following you around.

Gotta go.

DM 383223

"Many of the other slavers were also hunters, or negotiators. From what I understood, a lot of the stock was either kidnapped, or offered a chance at a new life."
"Lady Nylis it is."
You could go debrief with the others.
"Lets just say I'd rather stay far away from Grimalphas and her birdshit."
She chuckles and pats your head
"I think we need to really catch up on news…"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383224

"Silly? … Why?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383227

"No other rings at all? You were the only ones?"
"Good then.
How do we contact Whisper?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383228

Why would I take the briefs off others?

"Uh.. G-guys? I uh.. I tried giving a few of them that gold brick to help them restart their lives but- uh.. I k-kinda ended up hiring them as assistants."

Venia [Battlemage] 383229

"It would seem that way, yes. Now, any more concerns that need to be adressed?"

I have gathered all their information, right?

"What? How many of them?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383230

"Three, I think"
It's 3 that I hired right DM?

Godric [Dark Knight] 383231

I snort at his retort.

"If Grimalphas had her way, she would have done far worse than burn down the house and round you up in the yard, trust me. I would have her beak clamped shut and sent to the wilds."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383232

Watch silently. I'm probably pretty imposing sitting up here.

DM 383234

"I don't think titles mean much in a fight."
"Well if we ever found a courier he used, we could send him a letter like normal."
"Well at least you don't support her anything.
But seriously, I'm done with Stormheart."
How are you feeling?

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383236

Any slaves need healing?

Venia [Battlemage] 383237


"Very well."
I smile at her
"Take good care of them, alright? They are free ponies now."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383238

Spare her a concerned glance from time to time.
"Where did these couriers come from? Which kingdom, which town? How many?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 383241

"I'm just a little tired, I'm too not getting heavy am I?" I say cheerfully.

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383242

I look down

Kilana [deathsinger] 383243

>not getting too heavy

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383246

"I know, but it just feels weird.

Also I- uh.. I need to talk to you, Pumpkin, and Kilana"

Godric [Dark Knight] 383247

"While I share your despair, it is a sad day when Stormheart's sons abandon her."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 383251

"Ambrosia, I don't think Mistral would prefer you looking down. You are a free mare, after all, and equal to anyone else here."

DM 383256

They seem fine enough.
"This has been… quite enough."
"Every time a different guy. I made the letters, gave them to boss, he sent them off."
We hardly notice you up there
"Chin up, I didn't mean to be mean or anything."
"It wasn't so bad here. Lots to eat, could spend all day in the company of all sorts of mares. Back there I was just another ho-hum bird. Here, I was a star attraction."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383260

"So the boss would know how to contact said courier, right?"

Venia [Battlemage] 383261

I nod

Id should probably check their minds though… just in case.

I turn to the scoundrels
"As for you lot… What do you think, Sunrise?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383262

No way I can help them?

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383263

use the power of the sun to move the clouds and warm them

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383264

I look back up again. Not that I can see her since she's on my back or anything…
"What is your purpose, Mistral?"

Venia [Battlemage] 383266

"Right. Give me a moment while I deal with this lot, okay?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 383267

"Good, that means I built you strong. You weren't hurt from that wall were you?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383268

"Uh- ok sure."

Godric [Dark Knight] 383271

"And what about your home? Should we suffer while you amuse yourself?"

DM 383273

"I suppose so."
"I'm really confused by now…
…really… really confused…"
…what sort of question is that? Like… what's the meaning of life, or?"
Not badly
"I don't really consider it my home any more you know."

Venia [Battlemage] 383274

"What's wrong?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383275

"What is it you do?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383280

"Prepare me a letter. Anything. The stuff you usually send him. I will be back soon."
"Kila, looks like we need to talk with the boss after all.
Do you feel up to it?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 383283

"I'll patch you up when we get back. And you can tell me what you thought of all this.."
"Yeah, just lead the way to the body."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383285

"There are plenty of bodies around, if you want to use those to patch Codar."


DM 383288

"I thought solving a slave ring would be much more clear cut than this…"
"Right now… nothing I guess. I sort of dropped everything for this revenge plan and… well, that's done now."
He writes down a series of numbers
There is a big meaty slab crushed among a wall near the vault.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383290

follow pumpkin and kilana, teleport to where they're at '1d10+3'

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8

Godric [Dark Knight] 383291

"So now Eaglecrest is? After what they have caused?"

Venia [Battlemage] 383292

"Things get very complicated sometimes, don't they?"
I shake my head
"We'll deal with the fallout later. Right now we have to decide the fate of this lot."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383294

I look down again and mumble something

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383295

"Hey. We are in the middle of something. Be ready for a miscast."

"Here we are Kila."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383298


Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 383299

I can probably guess what she mumbled.
"Speak up, Ambrosia. She'll never come with you if you don't ask properly."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383302

"… Could come with us. Help Frosty. Unite North."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383303

"We need to extract informations from their dead leader. Which means Kilana has to commune with him.
If something goes wrong he might raise."


"Alright. You probably remember.. but there is a chance his spirit is strong enough to take control of that body.. might want to stand back." I prop myself up using the Scythe and Commune with the Large Beefy Boss body.

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 383305

"Eaglecrest? No no.
This estate was.
I don't really consider myself to stand under any flag."
"I suppose…"
"With the High King?
…would he have me?"

Venia [Battlemage] 383308

I sigh and sit down in front of her
"Come on Sunrise. Speak your mind. What do you think we should do?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383309

"…then why not take off his arms and legs before communing?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383310

"I'm not the expert on dark arts here."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383311

"I don't know, Mistral. Must ask queens first."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383313

"It would make sense though, I wouldn't ask my enemy questions until after I tied him up."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383314

"That is true, we only need his head to commune with him, go ahead and remove it."

Godric [Dark Knight] 383315

"So you are neither patriot nor traitor. Tell me then, what clan did you come from?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383319

Storm Bolt x5 '1d10+1'

Blast off his arms and legs until they're stumps

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383321

Smile at that.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 383322

"I doubt King Frostmourn would just turn her away if she wants to help, but you're right. Queen Sunrise is the High King's representative, after all."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383324

"What would I do without you?" I smile

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383325

"Must go to Queens."
Let's walk over to them. I bow slightly before them, but not too much so Mistral doesn't fall off?

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 383326

I'll follow.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383327

blush a little
"shut up"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383328

Okay, this time I laugh.
Wholeheartedly. A short, but felt chuckle.
Just look at her with a smile afterwards.

DM 383329

"I really don't know… they… seemed so sad to lose their place here. And I feel kind of bad for blowing it up."
"We should, yeah."
"Longtalon. Why?"
After desecrating the remains, all that is left is some gory meat in the relative resemblance of a head.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383332

I guess I will rejoin Venia since I can't help the slaves anyhow it seems

Kilana [deathsinger] 383333

"The rightful owner blew it up, now answer our questions slaver."

Venia [Battlemage] 383335

"We didn't blow it up. This was not part of the plan. Somepony messed up and there will be hell to pay for it."

I turn to her and smile as she approaches
"Ambrosia, are you alright? Who is your friend?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383339

"Mistral, your highness."
I pause
"… Master's daughter."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383340

You are not with pumpkin, kila, and nylisunless this is all happening in a small confined place
"I think I overdid the blasting his body part"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383341

"Whisper's courier. How do we contact him?"
"Looks perfect to me."

Venia [Battlemage] 383343

I cock a brow
"Really? She was still around here?"

I was responding to Sunrise.

Kilana [deathsinger] 383345

"Well, its not pleasant to look at, simply removing the head but cutting could have worked.. but as long as he can still speak.."

Godric [Dark Knight] 383346

"I want news from home. You may not have anything to tell, but even clan news would be appreciated."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 383347

"She is the one who wired the mansion with exploding mold, Queen Venia."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383348

"I thought he would need his lungs to speak… I- I'm not good at this necromancy stuff"

Venia [Battlemage] 383352

"Exploding mold? Wintergraspian mold?"

DM 383353

Well, first you need to go get the horn I have in my office. The jagged one, taken from a young dragon.
"Buddy I left months ago."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383355

"Its fine, I learned to commune on a skull actually so I know for sure its just the head that matters.."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383356


Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383357

"Yes, your highness."

Venia [Battlemage] 383359

Godric [Dark Knight] 383361

I roll my eyes.

"Of course you did. And what about the griffon slaves?"

DM 383363

"The same. It was hard to get any, what with Timberjaw buying it by the tons."
"And I came back here after dad died. To rig this place and lure the slavers here so I could take them out."
Oh yeah, that sure fixed it. Apology fucking accepted. I sure like being just a head.
…half a head.

"Not my business?
I suppose they were captured for the most part. Probably got fed up, or scared, like you and me. So they left."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383364

"Would it have survived the explosion?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 383365

"I see.. and what would we do with the horn after that?"
"You don't have to apologize."

Venia [Battlemage] 383366

"Oh… I see. What about the slaves? And what is your name exactly? What was your father's name?"

DM 383367

Gee I don't know, let me just walk upstairs a look.

Kilana [deathsinger] 383369

"You're dead anyway, stop complaining."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383370

"Sorry but you were uh.. kinda already not alive before I came along."

DM 383372

"The slaves would have been free to go.
…I'm Mistral Donna. Daughter of Don Donna of Rosefall."
Oh great now I'm undead too? BEST DAY EVER…

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383374

"We did not blow your house up. It was like this when we found it. Already rigged."

Venia [Battlemage] 383375

My jaw drops

Godric [Dark Knight] 383376


"They deserved better than this."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 383377

"Is something the matter, Queen Venia?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 383378

"We blew it up because, It was effective. Now answer the questions and I'll you get on with your pitiful after life"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383379

I raise an eyebrow.
"What's the matter?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383380

look at Kilana then back at the thing
"Can you please hurry to the part where you help us?"
'1d10' for PERSUASION

Roll #1 8 = 8

Kilana [deathsinger] 383381

>I'll Allow you to get on with

Godric [Dark Knight] 383382

"What is it?"

DM 383383

"…something wrong?"
"Not my tail, not really my problem. Not everyone can be a winner."
Oh so now you're saying that prench mare did it?
…eh. Still worth it.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383384

"Yes. But we took care of her. Now we need to rebuild the operation. How do we contact Whisper?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 383386

"Yeah, she did. Now.. back to this horn, what do we do with it?"

Venia [Battlemage] 383387

"Don Donna and his daughter died years ago. He was the ambassador seated in Wintergrasp. Equestrian Lordblades killed both him and his daughter Prima, blowing up their mansion in the process."
I shake my head
"Are you sure your father was who he said he was?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383390

"… You knew master, your highness? I never left master's domain… Never seen you before…"
I frown

Godric [Dark Knight] 383396

"Perhaps you would have done better with the crone. Your attitude mirrors her own."

"Truly? What an odd coincidence. What of the rest of his family?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383399

"… the father of that girl? And he was the slaver master?… How?"

Venia [Battlemage] 383400

"I'm as clueless as you are, sweetie…"

I shrug
"From what I hear, his wife Bella Donna died too before they were murdered. I'm not sure if he had any other relatives…"

"I don't know Radiant…"
I look around, is Valeriana's shadow around?

DM 383402

Alright this is the part where I help you: Not happening.
Now put me back together you shits so I can smack you.

Simple. Just put the letter in the bird house on the oak with the red ribbon on the trunk. His carrier pigeon lives there. It knows where to go.
I just told you. Shove it up his ass. Trust me, that's totally important.
"Oh that.
He mentioned it a few times. Apparently he just needed to disappear from his line of work. And with him being prench and all, he had old ties to Equestria. So he made a deal with the blades. Came here to hide.
…I never knew I had a sister though… He never told me that…"
"Hmp. There is no need to get insulting here."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383404

"….Do you know what the worst thing in the world is?"

DM 383406

Your face?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383407

Are there oaks around here?
"Which oak?"

Venia [Battlemage] 383408

see >>383400

I stare at her for a moment in utter disbelief, before stomping a hoof and snarling

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383411

I wince but say nothing.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 383412

"There's likely more he decided not to mention."
"Queen Venia, so far as I've heard, this monster has done nothing that is without horrible intent. Perhaps the only good thing he might have done is fathered Mistral, who thought to make up for her father's sins."

DM 383416

This was a disaster…
The magic one that makes you stop being deaf
There are woods all around
"Like I said. We never got along.
…could I hear the whole story? He only ever mentioned parts of it vaguely…"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383419

"Having nothing to do."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383420

"You know what smart guy, I'm gonna have to keep you around if you keep talking like that.. Too bad you won't get to see those prench maids in your after life" I grin devilishly.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383422

"Very well."
Go back to the accountant DD.

"Thank you Kilana. I'm done with him."
Turn to Nylis.
"Was there anything you needed to tell me? Come along. Or come find me later.

Godric [Dark Knight] 383423

"You are but a symbol of Stormheart's problems."
Though with the way these hooved children work, we may be better off…

Wince at her outburst.

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383425

I wince and take a step back as I hear her outburst

Kilana [deathsinger] 383431

"You lucked out this time, beef head" end commune.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383433

"He was affable enough. Keep his head around in case what he said was false."

Venia [Battlemage] 383435

"This is beyond horrible! This is… demonic! Who… what kind of a monster would do that!?"

I sigh, calming down slightly
"Okay… What do you need to know?"

Is that shadow around or what?

"I'm sorry, but that touched a sensitive chord… monstrous individual…"
I shudder

Godric [Dark Knight] 383436

"I can see. We should return soon."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383437

"He is gone now, Venia. Don't get consumed by your anger… you know I know how that is."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383438

"R-right. I need to talk to you, Kila, and Venia"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383439

"Then give me a minute.
Oh, and do you know any spell capable of tracking a letter once it's been sent? I will need one."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383440

Cut off the head with my Scythe. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Venia [Battlemage] 383442

"You're right."
I spit on the ground
"Bah. I feel unclean just thinking about it."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383444

do I? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383445

"Sorry Pumpkin"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383447

"Right, don't worry. We will figure something out."
Smile at her.
"You are a genius after all."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383448

I frown slightly but keep quiet.

DM 383449

Yeah looking at you I can imagine you'd know that.
I'm pretty sure you already blew off the part of me that most enjoyed those maids anyway you sicko
He seems to have finished his letter and is huddling under the blanket, grunting occasionally.
"I'm starting to think you're jealous"
The shadow is never far.
"What was he like… as an ambassador?"
The head melds into the scythe as you touch it
Whoa shit! Now what?
…I'm a stick now? What the hell is going on?


Shit. Fuck. get him off that!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383451

"I know that feeling. Just try to keep a calm head. There is nothing we can do about it now."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383453

Poke him with a hoof.
"So. What does that letter say?"

Venia [Battlemage] 383457

I shake my head
"I admit I never actually spoke to him. Only to his daughter a few times. She was a demonic little brat, but she did not deserve a horrible fate like that. This was back when King Goldenblood ruled Wintergrasp, so I was never quite involved in diplomatic business."

I just nod.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383458

"A-and it'll be what you'll go through if you don't help!"

Godric [Dark Knight] 383459

Look back at him.
"Jealous? Of a coward who runs to cavort with…ponies?! You barely deserve to call yourself a gryphon!"

"It is a wonder you achieved any diplomacy at all."

Venia [Battlemage] 383460

"Why so?"

DM 383461

And he's gone.
So much for that.
He pops his head out, looking a little flustered
"That we sold ten pegasi and an earth pony stallion for six hundred coin."
…I kinda wish I ad met my sister."
"Hey, ponies can be nice. They're soft and flexible too."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383463

I sigh.
Dawn, wherever you are now… I miss you…

Kilana [deathsinger] 383464

"..Codar, did you know it could do that?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383465

"Good enough. I have a job for you.
Translate all those books and keep helping me, and I will see you are not hurt as the others take care of the remaining slavers.

DM 383468

We never were truly privy to the king's full powers.
"Sounds good to me."
He fidgets a little, then fixes the blanket and clears his throat
"…which books?"

Venia [Battlemage] 383470

"Well… I'm afraid that's not quite possible anymore."
I shake my head
"We should bring this fact up with the High King. He will be most interested, I'm sure."
I look around
"We should wrap up business here…"
Walk up to the slaves
"You… those who wish to stay may stay. I will arrange funds for rebuilding this mansion once I get back to the High King."
Turn to the scoundrels.
"You… I'm not even sure what the hell to do with you."

Godric [Dark Knight] 383473

"Well, look at all this."
Open my forearms.

Growl and lash my tail at him.

Kilana [deathsinger] 383474

I nod. "You said as much earlier.. if only there was a way to find out more.." rolling to understand what happened.. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Venia [Battlemage] 383476


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383478

"The countable books I gave you earlier. And start looking around the remains of mansion for anything left intact."
Off I go to Venia now.
"Queen Venia. I have an important lead that might help us salvage this operation. In exchange for his collaboration I've promised the accountant with immunity."

DM 383479

The employees look around a bit
"…can we stay too, then?"
What was that for?"
The scythe can possibly absorb or at least move around souls of the dead.

Godric [Dark Knight] 383481

"A diplomat with a private retreat in another country, hosting slaves? How could he speak for his country?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383482

"I never said it would be easy.
Your name?"

Venia [Battlemage] 383486

"… Fine. We need the damn leads because the mansion is gone. Speaking of which, I would very much like to have a full briefing of what happened as we return to Frostmourn. From everypony."

"Bah… fine."
Turn to Mistral
"How do you feel about the contents of the vault? I would say they should be transferred to the royal coffers."

"I assume nopony knew about this whole ordeal. I sure did not."

DM 383487

"Boss called me Booker.
The ladies called me Boner."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383488

"Well, its good to know, a shame we lost his soul. I can only hope he was being honest." I climb back on Codar's back "Do you think I'm a good master Codar?"

DM 383491

"Well I'd say I'd gladly keep it for myself, but… I don't think I'm in any position to make demands here."
We prefer you to the old king. You seem more gentle and understanding.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383492

"That's a terrible nickname, Booker."
"Indeed. I know what went wrong. Was able to salvage a few accounting books and have found a lead to the slaver's contact in the Snowborders.
Also, seems like there are no other slavers around. The dogs we see here are a spawn that severed itself from the Underking generations ago, they were the ones bringing in new slaves."

Venia [Battlemage] 383496

I think for a moment.
"We will lock the vault for now and discuss the contents with the High King then."

"Really? This was it? At least we know where these dogs came from now…"
I shake my head
"We'll save the rest for Frostmourn. Are we ready to move on?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383498

DM 383499

"I doubt they could pronounce my original name anyway."
"Very well…
…the password for it is BELLA, by the way."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383500

"Thanks." I smile, "where did you say you were hurt? We can take a moment to find a replacement bone if you need one, I'll have to put it in a bit later tonight."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383501

"I will remain until the ruins have been inspected for any leftovers. Go ahead without me."

Godric [Dark Knight] 383503


Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 383508

"Why would you stay, master Swansong? Any searching can be done by those who stay, and I'm certain King Frostmourn would want his friend back as swiftly as possible."

Venia [Battlemage] 383509


"I'm sure you'll catch up with us then. Do try to make it quick."

I'm ready to head back to Frostmourn with whoever decides to tag along.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383510

"To watch over the prisoner I'm guaranteeing for, of course."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383515

I am too.

Although it pains to leave this place behind again…
Before we leave, I go visit the gardens I spent so much time in during my life one final time…

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 383516

I'll be heading with Venia, Sunrise, and most likely Ambrosia and Mistral.
Bur first I'll go with her there.
"How are you holding up?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383520

hang my head a little and follow the group going back to Frostmourn

Venia [Battlemage] 383521

"You wished to speak with me?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383522

"I am fine. Old home destroyed. Old master dead. Old purpose gone. New purpose gained instead. Friends gained."

DM 383524


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383525

Venia [Battlemage] 383526


Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383527

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383529

just another post or two

Godric [Dark Knight] 383530

Kilana [deathsinger] 383531

Unless Nylis needs me I'm done

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 383532

"And the garden? Is there anything worth salvaging from it? Like those wing-strengthening flowers, or any of the ones you like?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383533

"And Kila, and Pumpkin… and even Frostmourn if need be"

Venia [Battlemage] 383535

"Let's wait until we're back then, okay?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 383536

Just walking with Ambrosia in the garden, but other than that ready.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383538

"What is it about?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383540

"No. Plants and flowers died without care. Very delicate."
I look down.
"Could not survive."

And I'm done.

Kilana [deathsinger] 383541

"Needed to speak with me?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383542

"We have a lot to talk about allright…"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383543

"Not really"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383545

"Nylis, it's not good to keep things inside. Want to lead us all somewhere private?"

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383546

What'd I miss

Kilana [deathsinger] 383548

"I'm here for you.. you know that right?" I shake my head "Well, whenever you're ready.."

DM 383549

-The slaves will rebuild the mansion and open up and live there
-Frostmourn decides who gets the vault
-There is a way to get in touch with Whisper, the slaver contact in Snowborder

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 383550

One last look before I go. Are there any Edelweiss still alive in the garden?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383551

"You said you're busy. So, I don't know"

DM 383554

Pretty much nothing is alive there any more.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 383555

Damn. Maybe I can find it in a flower shop back in Eaglecrest. If they have flower shops.

Venia [Battlemage] 383556

"Nylis please. I may be busy but that doesn't mean I don't have time for other concerns."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383557

"I've all night now. You might want to hurry before the others leave, or you'll have to wait here in the cold with me and a smelly dog all night."
Chuckle a bit.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383559

lead them somewhere not easily traceable
"Look, guys.. It's about me and Winterbreeze."
lean in
"I need you to trust me, or at-.. at the very least hear me out."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383561

I'll put forth that review later. For now go find Venia and whoever else is with her

Kilana [deathsinger] 383562

"Of course."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383563

Sit down.
"Hey. Don't worry.
It's over, I'm just Pumpkin now."

Venia [Battlemage] 383566

Right, follow her.

Being dragged away by Nylis right now. You'll have to wait.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383568

Am I invited?

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383570

Guess I'll just wait for the others to come back with Mistral on my back then.
"Where do you live? You only visited master occasionally…"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383573

"I- "
"No. Not this time, you can't be just pumpkin. I need you to listen, fully."

lean forward and start whispering
"Up until now, Winterbreeze has been studying the dark arts. And with that she's also began to work on a summoning. I helped her up to now, and she's nearly ready to start with the summoning itself."


Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383574

Fuck you then! Don't whine when I bash in the head of that heretic demonfucker!

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383575

Stand still as she talks.
"Okay. What do you need from us? Advices? Help?"

Venia [Battlemage] 383577

I frown
Already kind of knew about that, Nylis…
"And… obviously you don't want her to do such a thing, right?"

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383578

Can I wander in here?

Kilana [deathsinger] 383579

"I'll need to speak with her right away then, Find out what she knows about the creature she's summoning. "

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383581

Hey DM >>383570

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383584

you were gonna do it anyways you fuck face!

"I- … I'm telling you this because I'm going to help her, and if you don't agree then it's her you need to speak with."
"I don't like it and I never did, but I'm not going to stop her."


Venia [Battlemage] 383585

"Does Frostmourn know about this summoning?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383586

"I don't like it either. But if you don't, why haven't you told her yet?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 383590

I frown. "So you think she's not being safe about it? Does she have a way to bind and control the thing?"

DM 383591

"I have a house some way away from here. Though.. it never really felt like home"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383592

"Kila, this is a demon… A bit more dangerous than a normal undead."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383593

"I dunno."
"She's helped me with Research, with teleporting, with stronger catalysts and body-wide catalysts. Those are just as dangerous if not more because of their immediate effects if they go wrong in the slightest. I want to help her with her research the same way she helped me."
"She has a body that she believes is capable of holding whatever she summons. Maybe it can, I don't know you'd have to ask Miss Shadow Song about that."

Venia [Battlemage] 383594

"Are you seriously suggesting we allow this?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383597

What is her cutie mark anyway? She must have something she does to earn money or just spend her spare time doing.
"I understand."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383599

Goddamnit it I need to listen to this

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383601

"Mother knew?! This is just wrong."
First Lady Radiant.
Then the ophanage.
Now this.
Why does she hide so much from me…
"Nylis, for Winterbreeze's good, I fear you will have to stop her."

Venia [Battlemage] 383603

I shake my head resolutely
"There is no way I'm allowing demonic summoning to happen. It is too dangerous. Too unpredictable. We have to speak to Winterbreeze about this."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383605

I nod "I realize this, but if its a weak one then she possibly has the means to control it, she has been working on this for years. I'm just asking the important questions here and trying to not to pass judgement until we know what she is doing. She may very well try to anyway and we should be informed of what precautions she has.."
"I see, well I'll still need to talk to her if you don't know many of the details here."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383608

"I uh… I still need to tell Frostmourn about it. But that's what I wanted to say to you guys first, because I trust you, and because you dealt with a dragon."

"I already told you I'm not going to, and that you'll need to talk to her about it."
"That's why I came to you, if you did agree then I would have asked for your help in case it went wrong. But I'm kinda glad you said this."
nod at her

DM 383609

It is a crown with a sword through it
…so how is the High King anyway? What's he like?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383610

"Kila… It's a demon. No matter how weak they are, they are corruptors."
"Will you at least be by our side? What if she suddenly snaps at us? I don't know her as well as you do."

Venia [Battlemage] 383611

"So it is agreed then? We talk this over together with Winterbreeze? I feel that may the best way…"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383614

Whatever could that mean?
"Frosty is strong and kind. A good friend. Our High King…"
I stare at her butt
"… What does it mean?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383615

"In a way, I won't outright say I'm no longer helping her. But If she snaps then I'll butt in.

She already knows my stance on this and I already told her about bringing others in case things went wrong"

Kilana [deathsinger] 383620

I nod at you. "It would be best if we were all there to talk to her."

Venia [Battlemage] 383621

"Right. Whatever you do, do not tell anypony else about this. Especially not Radiant. She would probably take it… poorly."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383623

"Right. I will talk to Frosty about it, see what's his stance on it."
Nod back.
"Just tell me when."
"That's an understatement…"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383624

"You're the only ponies I've come to this about, besides Winterbreeze of course."

Venia [Battlemage] 383626

"No Pumpkin. Do not tell Frostmourn. Not until we've spoken to Winterbreeze."

DM 383627

Either she teaches a very expensive fencing class or has a sharp tongue.
"What, my cutie mark?
…I got it after a duel with one of father's associates. They did always say I had a tongue as sharp as my swordplay.
Though I didn't really like that saying. It made me sound like a nasty pony."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383628

"Are you sure about this?"
"He should have the final word…"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383629

"… W-what about Verne? He's the one who I report to about research progress and the like."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383630

"What about Verne? He's always been there for us"

Venia [Battlemage] 383631

"He will… but I want to speak to Winterbreeze first. And Valeriana."

"After Winterbreeze… Just like Frostmourn."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383632

"He's not a necromancer, he's not a warrior. He's a great diplomat thou.
Nylis, you think he could convince Winterbreeze?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383633

"I guess, maybe. I mean he got me to agree to study for Frosty"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383634

"Oh damn straight I have to talk with mother.
She's been hiding just too many secrets from me."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383635

I look away again

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383636

"As Venia said, let's go to him after she has a chat with Winterbreeze."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383637

"Seriously Pumpkin, what are you to the king?"

DM 383640

"Why do you keep doing that? Did I offend you?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383642

"Oh. You still don't know."
"I'm… You know those ponies who attacked us?
I'm that. They are lordblades for equestria. I'm a lordblade for Frosty."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383644

"We will talk to her as well.. I'm certain she will have much to say to me."
"Verne.. it was a life time ago but he helped me out back then.. I've never forgotten that.. He's a good soul and good with words, he could help. "

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383645

"An assassin? Oh, ok.


Venia [Battlemage] 383646

"I'm sure she has her reasons. Just like my mother had reasons to keep things hidden from me."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383650


Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383651

I perk up slightly and shake my head
"No. It's… habit. Master taught me."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383652

Take a hoof to my mouth and smirk, winking at her.
"Don't tell anypony."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383654

I did nothing

Kilana [deathsinger] 383657

what now?
Blame Venia

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383658

"Of course I'm telling Nopony about this."

DM 383659

"Well stop it. It makes me think I said something hurtful."

DM 383660


Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383661

"Okay. I'm sorry."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383662

I thought DM asked if it was ok to end this?


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383663

"See, the problem is… She didn't tell me about Lady Radiant while she was my trainer. Any single day.
And she didn't tell me when the orphanage burnt down.
And now this…
I just feel like she… She doesn't trust me.
And it hurts."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383664

Godric [Dark Knight] 383665

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383666

Yes pls

Venia [Battlemage] 383669

"Pumpkin please. Parents hiding things from their children only means they want to protect them. Trust me on this, I know all too well about protective mothers."
I chuckle

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383670

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383671

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383672

Look down.
"Alright. I won't ask then…"

DM 383674

Returning to Eaglecrest, you are asked to go right to the High King.
Valeriana is sitting next to his bed.

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383677

I bow my head, but I'll let the others do the talking.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383678

stand in the back of the group, how are my 3 assistants?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383679

Take a step forward.
"Leader of the infiltration team reporting.
My group was responsible for the explosion. I lit the fuse myself."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383680

I wait for the others to speak.

Venia [Battlemage] 383683

And I assume that by now, Venia is aware of what happened and probably looks very miffed.
"Slavers are all dead. Mansion and evidence destroyed, courtesy of the infiltration team who apparently saw no need to follow the damn plan."

I glower at him angrily but say nothing.

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383684

Just wait for the others to finish first.

What was the end result, again? how many witnesses escaped etc.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383685

"Things did not go as planned. Most slavers were killed, though."

Godric [Dark Knight] 383688

Sit in the back, stern face on.

one slaver got away, we managed to round up all the slaves.

DM 383693

One is brushing your mane
Another is polishing your horn
The third is holding your stuff
"Care to explain further?"
"I see."
"Define 'things did nt go as planned'."
-one witness got away
-nearly all the slavers were killed, rest captured
-estate destroyed
-evidence lost
-Mistral Donna recovered

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383695

"The mansion blowing up was not part of our original plan as far as I know."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383698


kindly take back my my stuff and lightly shy away from the mane brushing and horn polishing

with a kind and thankful smile of course.

Venia [Battlemage] 383699

"Imminent Domain came up with a plan to pose as buyers for the slaves, rounding them up and getting them to safety first. We split in half, one buyer team and one stealth team. The buyers were to arrange the transaction while the stealth team was to watch our backs and aid us should things goes awry. Once the slaves were safe, we were to regroup and assault the mansion proper."
I shake my head
"It ended up slightly different than that though."

DM 383701

They look a little confused
"It certainly was not."
"To say the very least.
…I fear this is not acceptable.
The one saving grace here is that it was simply a small low-profile raid. But if something like this were to happen in say, Stormheart or Timberjaw, we might be facing outright war."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383702

"Our group was tasked with watching over the first group from the shadows. But once I climbed on top of the tower, something caught my eye.
A pony who had no place being there. The pony Ambrosia described as her master's daughter.
I decided to follow her, seeing how the first group had passed the slaver's defenses and didn't need backup anymore.
Caught her alone, me, Peaches, Kilana and Godric faced her.
We discovered she had boobytrapped the whole mansion with explosive mold.
Furthermore, Timberjaw seems to be buying huge quantities of said mold from us for unknown purpouses.
After getting the info we needed from her and neutralizing her for safety reasons, I went to check the books. Was able to save their master book and later I found their accountant, he's now working with us.
As I made my way into the vault, where the fuse was according to the mare, I found the rest of the team fiddling with the combination.
This was my mistake for not warning them beforehoof.
Shortly after, a large number of ponies started approaching us. We hid in the vault, but it was obvious that the cover of the first group would have been immediatly compromised, so I lit the fuse to save our own team."
Stand tall as I recount the events.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383703

Whisper to them
"N-not right now, ok?"

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383706

"I am currently conducting a review of this operation and already have a few suggestions for future acts to prevent, or at least mitigate, the chance of disasters like this occurring. Would you like to hear some now?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 383708

"I should say so. If this is how you hope to handle things in Stormheart, then consequences will be disastrous."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383709

"Neutralize her by rotting her back?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383710

Keep staring ahead.
Can't answer right now, please leave a message in the voice mail.

Venia [Battlemage] 383711


I shake my head

"And now Mistral is missing a chunk off of her back. Irresponsible and reckless behavior caused that."
I glare at Kilana

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383712

"Please understand that leaving her standing was never an option.
The safety of the mission would have been compromised.
I did, however, try to neutralize her with non-lethal methods."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383713

I won't look away. I have to face this.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383714

"You sure made it hard for her to stand."

Venia [Battlemage] 383715

"You should not have been where you were in the first place. You abandoned your duty of protecting us should things go awry. Not only that, but you also alerted the slavers of our true intentions, further endangering our lives."

DM 383716

They nod and sit still
"So responsibility falls to the sneaking team?"
What, exactly, were you thinking?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383718


Venia [Battlemage] 383719

"Yes. Pumpkin specifically put me in charge of the mission. I agreed to Imminent's plan. They did not follow up on it."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383721

"And in Kilana's defense, she's not a blade.
She's a mare who knows the dark arts, nothing more.
And she's suffered for her own choices.
It's outright cruel to send un-trained ponies on this kind of missions."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383722

"When Pumpkin started to attack her I thought he had seen something of a threat in her and wanted to end any battle before it could start. I realize that was never the case now, and that I was excessive. I did help reverse the effects later she will grow it back."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383723

"Or to allow the use of dark arts."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383724

give her a wildly I-don't-know-what-else-to-do-about-it look

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383728

"This much is true. I attribute it to panic that such poor judgment was made."

Venia [Battlemage] 383730

"Had she followed the damn plan, this would not have happened."

I shrug and give her a Frostmourn-is-probably-angry-right-now look… whatever that may look like.

Kilana [deathsinger] 383732

I twitch a little bit at that. but still refuse to look away.

Godric [Dark Knight] 383733

"For my part, I saw no such threat in her."

Venia [Battlemage] 383734

scrap that last part, I made a boo boo

DM 383735

"I do not care who is or isn't a blade. Being one would not have excused her of this, nor does it excuse you."
"And do you think you've thus atoned for your mistake?"
"Need I remind you I owe my ability to walk to technology born of what you call 'dark' arts?"

"And what happened to this.. Mistral?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383736

I step forward.
"She is here, Frosty."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383738

"Moving a stone leg and rotting someone or walking around with corpses is not the same."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383739

"I used my own life to reverse the magic, I did the most right I could, and will continue to do what I can for her if she will allow it."

Venia [Battlemage] 383741

"She's alive, luckily."
I bite my lower lip
"There's also something else… Ambrosia's master was in fact Don Donna, the previously presumed-dead High ambassador. Mistral is his daughter."

DM 383744

"Bring her to me then, would you?"
"They were born of the same base magic. So stop using such ridiculously broad definitions when you insult things."
"No amount of self-inflicted suffering will help if you did not learn what you did wrong, and why, so you can avoid doing it in the future."
…that… Donna?
…P-Prima's father?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383745

Just to be clare, who is talking? Valeriana or Frosty?
"I am not looking for excuses.
She is just a pony. Not trained to think on the battlefield. This is why mistakes were made and a recon inspection inside the mansion turned into a contingency plan thrown together in a moment."

Stand up and look Frostmourn in the eyes.
"My King. I've become your blade so that others should not suffer this kind of actions.
So that others could be free by the burned of decision.
I kill without asking a question in hope to save the souls of my friends, as mine was lost long ago.
But now you decide to send us all, trained and not, together to face danger.
If this is how you plan on protecting my friends Frostmourn, I question whatever or not I have even reason to be."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383746

"We will need to discuss it in detail later anyway."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383748

Well she's probably on my back, so I guess I'll approach him then.

Venia [Battlemage] 383749

I nod
"The very same. I… it seems he lived a double life. I'm sure Mistral can explain more."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383750

'..Yes, Don Donna is Prima's father, if what we have been led to believe is true."


Kilana [deathsinger] 383752

I nod. "I know what I did wrong, Frosty. I panicked in a tense situation. I instinctively went for a kill when I saw danger, something that must be trained out of me or I will become a danger to all of you."

Venia [Battlemage] 383755

I look at him in sheer disgust but keep quiet.

Godric [Dark Knight] 383756

Not trained? The gall of him…

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383757

Roll my eyes.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383759

look shocked at him

Kilana [deathsinger] 383760

I look concerned, but stay silent.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 383763

I'm here, too!

Reading to catch up!

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383764

Briefly look at all of you.

DM 383765

Frosty talks. Valeriana just sits still and observes.
"So what you're saying I'm wrong and that you should be the one leading? That those I sent along with you were not trained? That you and you alone know what you are doing?"
"I suppose so. But do learn to at least speak of things wit their right names."
"…High King?"
Rolling not to show too much emotion from seeing Prima's sister
He grits his teeth a little
"Exactly. And I'm glad you understand that. Because punishment alone is worthless, if the mistake is simply repeated."

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 383768

Also, he kinda tears up.
"Your eyes remind me of your sister…"
"…they do? I never met her."
"…I did…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383769

"I see I am not able to express myself at this time, because it seems my words were entirely misunderstood, my King."
Keep staring at him. Take a step back Sit down.

Venia [Battlemage] 383772

I give Frostmourn a odd look.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383773

Stay silent for now

DM 383774

And what of the one that got away? When were the planning on telling me about that?"
He wipes his eye and looks back

Venia [Battlemage] 383775

"I'm surprised, that's all."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383776

"I will await your judgement."
"They do have a strong family resemblance."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383777

"Now. One got away. She had just been stabbed in the back, but happarently that was still enough to keep her walking."

DM 383781

…most regrettable."
"Well for one, you will certainly not be in a leading position in the coming battles."
"Please, do elaborate."

Venia [Battlemage] 383784

"I did not know you cared that much about Prima. You never told me anyway."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 383787

"I think one important detail left out of the report was the contribution that High Queen Sunrise made to our cause. Our initial plan would not have been possible without her aid, even though there were complications."

Venia [Battlemage] 383791

I nod in agreement.
"Yes, I must say this is true. She came better prepared than we did."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383797

"I would make the same call if I was you. At this time I certainly don't belong in a battle field."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 383800

Offer her a weak smile. "I'd rather not see battle, anyway. Your should be inspiring others with your talent for song and the Noble Practices. The less bloodshed the better."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383801

"Pending a review of your- suitability, I'd have to agree. Leave the fieldwork to others."

Venia [Battlemage] 383802

I roll my eyes as he says 'Noble practices' but don't comment.
How very noble of her to attempt to permanently damage somepony…

Godric [Dark Knight] 383803

Narrow my eyes at that remark.

DM 383804

"It's… complicated."
"Good girl… I'll need to talk with her in private later."
"Our missions are more often diplomatic than warlike, if I can help it.
…though I fear with Timberjaw, taking to the battlefield may be the only option."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383805

I let out a huff at that.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 383812

"Peace is always an option, Your Majesty. I am certain we can find a way to make minds meet, even in Timberjaw, though I am afraid I am not current with the local politics."

Venia [Battlemage] 383814

"I wouldn't doubt it is. What is the latest word on Stormheart and Timberjaw?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383818

"S-so what next?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383819

I turn to whisper to Mistral
"Is your back hurting?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 383827


"I hope so. There were refugees from Stormheart among both slaves and customers there. The situation must be becoming desperate."

DM 383828

"A bit, yes…"
He sighs
"I think we may need to reorganize our chain of command before we do anything further."
"Last I heard, tension is mounting in Stormheart, while battle lines are being drawn in Timberjaw."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383833

"Timberjaw must be resolved first."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383836

I smile back you briefly.
and remain focused on his words.

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383837

"I am already drafting a proposal, and I would like your input, King Frostmourn. Incidentally, Venia, please remind me to tell you fully about my plans for you later."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383838

"Timberjaw is a bigger unknown. I don't like this Explosive Mold situation."

Venia [Battlemage] 383839

"We have to head to Stormheart first. We cannot allow two civil wars to happen."

Godric [Dark Knight] 383840

"I respectfully disagree, your highness. Stormheart is about to erupt in its own civil war, and if that does happen, I shall be forced to return to settle my own affairs."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383841

"Shouldn't we stop the one already happening first then?"

"All the more reason to investigate."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383842


…u-uh, King Frostmourn? While we were in the process of freeing the then-slaves, I went to give a few of them some gold to help until they get back to their hooves but uh.. w-well They're my assistants for the time being. Are there a few rooms they can use for the time being?"

Venia [Battlemage] 383844

"No, I think not. Prevention is more important and resolving."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383845

"I already have an idea as to just what they want to do with it. And it scares me.
I don't think we should venture there before we have more info."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383847

I doubt Natural Remedy would help here…

"Mistral is in pain."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383849

"Huh? Oh, uh- Right."
Cast Inure: Pain on Mistrel '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383850

"If you say so."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383876

So… I really should talk with Frostmourn in private.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 383880

"And your leg, Your Majesty? How does it fare?"

DM 383882

"There should be. And I can arrange for there to be."
He turns to Mistral
"Are you?"
"…yes. The… wound is rather nasty."
"Unacceptable. Nylis, would you?"
"Thank you."
"Quick thinking Nylis."
"We need to weigh our options here.
Prevent a second civil war, or end one before it can escalate?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383887

"End one. There is no telling how bad things can get."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 383888

"End the one that is already underway."

Venia [Battlemage] 383890

"We prevent, of course. It's only logical."

Godric [Dark Knight] 383893

"You know my feelings, Northking. Stormheart is my home, and I will pledge myself to your goals afterwards."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383895

"Ending one could also be an opportunity to cast us into a more favourable light, making our next endeavors easier."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383896

"Thank you Nylis."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383901

quickly bow
"Thank you King Frostmourn!"
"I know how painful it is for something to grow back, I had to regrow my horn- …actually it's still regrowing"

Venia [Battlemage] 383902

"Our specialty clearly lies in diplomacy. Either we fight in two civil wars or we fight in one and prevent the other from even happening."

Kilana [deathsinger] 383903

"I'm worried about what kind of explosive weapons are being built in timberjaw, things could get out of hand fast with weapons made out of that stuff."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383904


Godric [Dark Knight] 383906

"Bringing peace to Stormheart may be just the thing to finally bring my people out of isolation."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383908

I stare at her
"You lost your horn? How?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 383909

"You could split your force and send a diplomatic team to Stormheart and your warriors to Timberjaw. You didn't want to send Kila into a battlefield anyway, and I'd prefer to avoid it myself."

Venia [Battlemage] 383913

I shake my head
"Out of the question. We are stronger as a team."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 383919

"With respect, I am slightly concerned that we might see another deviation from plans in the middle of diplomatic proceedings if we bring too many 'diplomats', in the same way that our original plan at the slave mansion was interrupted."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383920

"It- uuh-.. uhm.. w-well I miscast a spell and it surged through my horn, first cracking it… t-then it uh.. it further broke as I tried to continue using it.. Thankfully I remembered how to make these"
show her the casting runes on my right arm
"And made temporary ones to cast with. I had to break off the last of my old horn and uh.. a-and force another to grow from it.. I also decided to get casting runes tattooed permanently on here."
mention the arm again

Venia [Battlemage] 383923

"It wont happen again."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 383925

"If you say so, your grace."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383929

"Hopefully what i have in mind will fix some issues."

Godric [Dark Knight] 383930

"It had better not. As soon as we step into Stormheart territory, I am responsible for you all."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383934

I look at the runes with some interest
"Runes generate you magic?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 383937

silently watching. look to Valeriana, is what is her reaction to all of this?

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 383940

"Who is the one sitting next to the High King?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 383945

"My teacher"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383946

"W-well they're a way to help ignite and direct the inherent magic, Like my horn!"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 383948

"A necromancer?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 383951

I silently move my own tattooed leg into the light to show I had one done as well.

Kilana [deathsinger] 383955

"I thought I had told you, but yes, and a body guard to the king, just speak, ask her who she is"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383965

"Catalyst runes on body… strange. Does it hurt?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 383970

"Uhhhh, Yea I think so. I'm not entirely sure, I used the same magic I did on Mistrel when I was getting the tattoo."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 383971

"Your teacher is the shadow master who calls herself the 'eyes of the king'? I see… I've spoken with her before, but she didn't tell me her name. I did take your advice and tell her my answer, though. I wonder if that prompted her coming to be with the king in person…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 383983

So is it decided? We go to Stormheart?

Kilana [deathsinger] 383985

"I guess I wasn't clear back then.. no, I didn't trust you back then, I had just met you.. but now you have proven it, I trust you Id." I smile
"It don't bother me anymore, no. It mostly itched for a little while after getting it done."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 383989

Smile. "I trust you, too."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 383991

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 383992

Yes, it seems so.

DM 383999

Frostmourn raises a hoof
"It is best we prevent a war, rather than allow it to happen.
Our next mission will be to bring Stormheart into the United North. I will join you as best I can, but for this task, I trust leadership with Venia and Radiant.
…as well as Lord Blackmane."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384005

Stand up.
"My King, I would require a moment of your time, once this is over, if Your Highness can."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384008

I nod and salute across my chest.

"I will keep your interests as my own. Thank you, your grace."

Venia [Battlemage] 384012

I bow my head slightly
"Very well."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384013

"Understood. also, I would like a bit of time after Lordblade Pumpkin is done. In the meantime.. Venia?"

Venia [Battlemage] 384016


Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384017

I nod.

Kilana [deathsinger] 384019

Simply nod

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384020

"I'd like to brief you more on the new role I would like you to play as Ethics Advisory. please follow me."

Go over to a nearby empty room or something.

"First of all… how does it make you feel, being officially assigned such a post?"

Venia [Battlemage] 384023

"In truth? I don't see much changing. I'm too old already to be ambitious in gaining titles, and I never liked being referred to as queen."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384026

"I also have words for Your Majesty when you have a moment of relative privacy."

DM 384037

"Very well."
"Lead them well. They will need all the help they can get if the atmosphere is as xenophobic as I fear."
"After Pumpkin then."

"If that was all, you are dismissed."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384039

Retreat to wait outside the door.

Kilana [deathsinger] 384042

I Leave the room. probably start heading to my own room to rest.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384044

"Find me when you have the time."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384045

Keep staring at Frosty while the others leave.
Once they are out, start talking in a broken voice.

"i feel betrayed, my King."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384047

"I imagine we all do."

"Of course. I will be sure to make sure no harm comes to them as well. Excuse me, lord."

Exit the room.

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384050

"Hah! It always appeared that way to me that you were never suited for governance or administration, to be honest… I will be frank, Queen Venia. I believe you to be a naive fool unsuited to the tasks we must deal with daily, to deal with the stakes of our every action, which is every life in every territory we own. But.. that is only my own judgment, and surely you must believe something equally nasty about me. Then, who is right? In all honesty… I cannot say. I cannot tell how much my experiences have clouded my judgment. Therefore, no matter what I think of you… I cannot afford to ignore you. This position is a reflection of my acknowledgment that no matter what, I and no one else cannot afford to not have your input in what we do."

"Besides, it's in your character to be so… how should I say… like the masses we are burning our lives to serve. 'Never liked being referred to as Queen'? It only reinforces my point that we must hear you out. Your views reflect those we serve, the common people. And ultimately, we serve and represent them, and can't.. can't stray very far from what they would want, as opposed to what we think they want, as their rulers."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384054

Sit next to her.
"Dame Radiant, have you any thoughts?"

DM 384058

"Why so, blade?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384064

I leave with Mistral
"Is there something you wish to do?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384066

I sigh.
"On what exactly?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384071

"You made me a promise. A promise that, thanks to my sacrifice, none of my- none of our friends would ever suffer again.
Kilana almost killed herself out there. She blamed herself for something that had happened while on a mission.
And who knows how long that will last with her…"

Venia [Battlemage] 384073

I glare at him with all the intensity I can muster
"Get the hell out of my sight, Verne."

DM 384077

"I cannot control the wills of others, my friend. I cannot stop her feelings."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384079

"I see you wished to intervene in Timberjaw. Was this out of concern for the war there?"

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384080

"…are you angry?"

"You see, this is exactly why I must listen to you. I cannot fathom how this would make you this angry. Surely.. it says something about myself, doesn't it?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384084

"You should not have allowed her to step onto a battlefield on the first place.
There is a moondamned reason we have the blades Frosty!
Turn around, looking out of a window.
Try to calm down.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384085

DM 384091

"I cannot rely on my blades alone. Not in all things.
…and as I understood, today was more proof of that than anything."
"I wonder if I am expected to come along as well?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384093

I raise an eyebrow.
"What else?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384094

"Really Frosty? Because it was not the trained blade or the experienced soldier the one who rotted the back of that mare away.
Nor was one of us the one who started fiddling with a lock without taking precautions."

DM 384096

"So you blame all of this on Kilana?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 384099

"I share the same concerns for my own people right now. I just want to make sure there are no misunderstandings between us."

Venia [Battlemage] 384101

"I am not in the mood to deal with your political bullshit. Not today."
I turn and leave. Go find Valeriana.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384102

Keep staring out of the window.
"No. I blame this on you, Frostmourn.
I was your blade, and did what I had to do.
She was just a mare sent in the midst of a battlefield. I'm surprised she didn't snap entirely.
This is why I need to know I can trust you again."

DM 384104

He lays down
"Speak your mind"


Rolling to not show myself being sad

Roll #1 4 = 4

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384107

"Must ask High King. I… hope he will allow."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384108

"This is not about what race we are. This is about lives suffering. A war is already going on at one nation while things are just still brewing in the other."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384109

Suddenly I'm out of stasis.
Let's say I'm with Ambrosia and Mistral.
"Well, if you two like, perhaps we could find a nice place for lunch? Or perhaps we can hit the markets for a serviceable cloak?"

Venia [Battlemage] 384110

Valeriana pls

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384112

Looks like my stoic face suddenly looks pretty upset.

"…I really did want to talk to you, you know. As auntie Venia. But, never mind that, you have been through a lot. I hope you rest well."

Venia [Battlemage] 384116

I stop as he says that.
"What did you just call me?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384118


Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384119


Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 384121

She is near a window

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384122

I'll nod slightly.
"Lady Mistral, and you?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 384123

"I can understand that. And I do not wish to make you forget your other obligations. With any luck we can resolve this with haste, and possibly gain the support of my kind."

DM 384127

"I wonder if I can walk yet…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384129

"This is my mind Frostmourn.
I give my life not for honor, but for you.
I forsake my own name, my own face to do what shouldn't be done.
Do you think I don't want to feel sorry for Mistral or the dozen ponies I blew up lighting that fuse?
But in the end of the day, I saved lives.
I protected the others from being discovered.
I neutralized a possible danger on the floor of a high risk mission.
And to do so, I did horrible things. But those had to be done.
Do you know why that one slaver escaped? Because Kilana was feeling so distraught from what had happened to Mistral, she had to fix her.
I gave some of my own life but no, that wasn't enough. The fool was about to take her own blood for it.
I couldn't let somepony kill herself or lose her mind while a mission was running. I had to take this slaver and drag her to Kilana, so she could use her life.
But it's risky. And she got away.
I almost allowed a pony to be sucked dry of her life to make sure one of my operatives didn't go crazy.
What pony deserving a damn name would do something like this?
And all that for nothing!"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384136

"Well, if you'd like to try, I would suggest we find somewhere soft. Or at least allow Ambrosia to support you for the first few steps."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384137

"I can carry you. No problem."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384138


Tear up a bit.

"Something I used to call you in better days, do you remember? Days where I made childish schemes and plans with nary a true care in the world, on some level feeling like the world would look out for me somehow, and you were among those who did. Maybe this is just me being a bit nostalgic.. hah. Please excuse me."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384140

I nod.
"Sad as it is, it seems peace has to be earned."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384144

"Nothing good is ever given in this world. It must be taken."

Offer my talon.

"Can I count on your trust, for both Stormheart and the rest of the North?"

Venia [Battlemage] 384147

I frown and whisper to myself
"Maybe I am a naive fool…"
I then turn around to face him again
"I'm sorry Verne… I shouldn't have snapped at you like that. My worries are none for you to bear."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384148

Offer my hoof back.
"I cannot make any promises, but I will do my best."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384153

I'm sitting in my room 'reading' a book. if you need me.

DM 384157

"Between the lines you still blame her. And me for allowing her to go.
But if I were to only send those I had the most faith in, the ones I knew would not get hurt, or make bad calls, I would not send a single one of you. I would march into Stormheart with an army of golems and await a letter of surrender.
…but I do not want to do that. Because I need ponies there. On the line, making the calls, right or wrong.
Because only a sapient mind can make those calls. The calls that must be made in the blink of an eye. That no amount of training, preparation or doctrine can prepare for."
"I don't want to be a burden…"

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384161

Shake my head a bit.

"No, no… please, among my roles is to ensure you worries are taken care of. And your role, I hope you understand, is to let us know what about what we do worries you. Like.. telling playful children of the dangers of the world I suppose."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384162

Shake on it.
"Good. I will be relying on you and Queen Wintergrasp. I am…not certain I can trust some of the others."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384165

"Not a burden. Happy to help you. You are important to me."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384170

"You are only a burden if the one carrying you thinks you are, lady Mistral."
I'll look at Ambrosia.
"But you can't carry her forever. Wouldn't you rather walk together with her, and being able to look her in the eye, than carry her?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384179

Shake my head slowly.
"I'm sorry Frosty, but I don't feel it's right. Not for her. Only years of training taught me not to give in to the rush of the moment."
Sigh and turn around.
"Anyway, despite what Queen Venia would say, the operation was a success.
None of ours was injuried, the slaves were all rescued, and I even found a trail to the rest of the organization.
Which is, by the way, a single pony in the Snowboarder. Looks like these slavers were all.
I'm sorry for the escaped slaver, that's my fault. She had the best on me."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384181

"I don't wonder trust is hard to come by after this."

Venia [Battlemage] 384182

"… Right. That's what I hope and why I stuck around for this long. Frostmourn has a important role to fulfill and with that comes a lot of responsibilities and hard decisions, both of which affect all of ponykind. And the sake of ponykind… that is what I value most in life."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384185

I look away
"… If she wishes to."

DM 384188

"I agree. I will need to walk on my own some day in the future.
…lets try standing…"
"I do not so much fear for the slaver, as the implications of political fallout.
I would rather not have a reputation as a king who sends his marauders to torch and blow up estates, leaving no witnesses or survivors.
…tell me about… Mistral."

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 384191

"No… lets not."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384195

"She's smart. And resourceful. And skilled in combat.
From her words, she wanted to make right the wrongs of her father."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384196

"Yes. Hopefully the three of us can keep the reigns tight on them. I may be preoccupied with the gryphons, so I will need the two of you to watch the others, as well as your king."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384199

"Wound severe. Must rest and wait for recover. Cannot rush. Nature requires time. Like a flower to sprout and grow."

DM 384204

"She reminded me of Prima… to a degree.
…sorry, I got sidetracked. What of this contact in Snowborder?"
"That's a pretty metaphor for… this."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384206

"I don't know how one could hope to help all ponykind, but I do know that I can help the ponies under my rule. That is what I want to do."

"Incidentally, once our work around the North is finished should we have a few days of rest… would you have at least one day free?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384208

"The contact can wait.
Tell me what you think about Mistral. Frosty."
Turn around and move near him, laying down beside him.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384211

I'll nod at Ambrosia's resolve, but frown slightly at Mistral's crumpling.
"Well, You just started growing the muscles back the other day. I would say you give it at least a week before you try walking, just to be safe. I believe lady Nylis mentioned something about floating discs they use at Rockeye for those unable to walk. We might be able to find one of those."
"But a fitting one nonetheless."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384212

Tired of reading, I go look out the window what time is it?

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384215

I look down
"We are all part of nature. We sprout, grow, wither and die."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384216

"Oh I will. I will. And I will not stand for any more assaults like what those fools did."

DM 384220

…I shouldn't."
"Gee thanks. That sure lifted the mood…"
"Quite. Quite…"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384223

I freeze, then look down sadly

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384224

"We both know what you are thinking. And it's just you and me.
A sin for a sin Frosty.
Your turn now."

Venia [Battlemage] 384230

"By uniting the North we help ponykind at large, Verne. That is how I see it anyway. Cooperation is what we should strive for. And yes… I think so."

DM 384231

"Seeing her awoke some old emotion in me… things I thought had been lost long ago."
"Just… let's not talk about death right now ok?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384232


Godric [Dark Knight] 384235

"Frostmourn is correct. An incident like that would be disastrous in Stormheart."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384236

"Damnit Frosty. That's more than a little crush, uh?"
"It's alright. If this is how you feel, no use in hiding it."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384237

"Indeed. The order of the day is lunch, and a cloak for lady Mistral. While effective, my cape isn't quite fashionable."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384242

"If we are in charge with Venia, we won't let it happen."

DM 384243

He sighs deeply
"I've given so many nears to Sunrise. I've made her my fiance.
…I did not need this. Not now."
"A… saddle might be nice too…"

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384244

"Hmm. That is what we hope to achieve at some point in the far future, I supposed. Anyway, I asked… b-because.. I asked Venus to take me as her husband. She accepted, and I'd just like a small gathering to commemorate it at some point. I'd like you there."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384247

Reflect back on things while staring out the window, The mission, Minstrel, what pumpkin must be saying to try and save my zigga ass, Id and I how I feel about him much more than I do for naik..and..Prima '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384248

What do my assistants look like? what are their names?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384250

"Look, you just saw her. Once.
What's to say this thing is gonna last?
You might wake up tomorrow and realize she's not what you meant her to be."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384251

"One that's comfortable and easy to wear. Wouldn't want it rubbing against things that are still healing."
I'll nod to myself.
"So, lunch first, or saddle shopping?"

Venia [Battlemage] 384253

"You… proposed?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 384262

"I am counting on it. Thank you."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384265

I nod
"Saddle. Okay."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384268

I nod.
"You are welcome. Believe me, I did not like how things turned out."

DM 384274

1 earth
2 pegaus
3 unicorn
1 male
2 female
"I certainly hope so…
…I really do."
"Lunch sounds lovely.
…though supper might be more appropriate at this hour"


Roll #1 3, 1, 2 = 6 / Roll #2 2, 1, 1 = 4

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384277

"After far too long, yes. I… wanted to make sure I would leave a mark, or some record of my being with Venus should anything happen in the near future, and I wanted my companions to be around to witness it."

DM 384278

Fem earthie
Male pegaus
Male unicorn
"Call us whatever you want"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384279

"Look, I told you what you told me.
Follow your heart.
But I will add another piece of advice.
Don't be hasty."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384288

"Mm. I will have similar words with Queen Venia."
Smirk a bit.
"Maybe we can get you to know those garish wings of yours a little better once we get to Stormheart?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384295

"Then, let us set into dinner, and in the morning, get you a proper saddle."
I'll nod slightly.
"If that is agreeable."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384299

"I have been using them for a while now, do not worry. I just feel more comfortable on the ground."

Venia [Battlemage] 384301

I smile
"Congratulations Verne. It's good to see you decided to take that step for Venus."

DM 384305

"Speaking from experience?"
"I don't think I'd say no to an invitation like that~"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384310

Nod slowly.
"It's a miracle everything worked out in the end."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384311

"It is agreeable."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384312

"Well the opposite is the norm in Stormheart. We may have to make arrangements."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384313

"She has done far too much for me. She cares for me, thinks for me where I won't, gives me herself to relieve myself at night so I can stay happy, protects me when I go out… so I'm going to have to start thinking more for her, too. It starts with this first step."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384314

And then we went to dinner. I assume where we had that feast was the dining chamber? And that servants still serve food there?

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384316

''no… that wont work..

i'm assigning you each a task: to come up with a name you want to be called. Ok?"

Now after that take them to get measured and clothed

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384317

"You do have ground, don't you?"

DM 384323

"So how do you manage that whole 'two wives' thing anyway?"
The palace has all the needed facilities.
"Well you could just call us One Two and Three…"
The palace attendants get them some suitable clothing from storage. Nothing flashy, but warm enough.

Godric [Dark Knight] 384324

"Oh yes. But most of our settlements are in the mountains."

Venia [Battlemage] 384327

"I'm sure the two of you will be happy together. Hell, I'm happy just to see this whole thing unfold at last. It's been a long time coming…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384328

"Bearing accepted Peach because… Well, let's just say they became fast friends, after that night."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384329

"At the end of the day, ground is ground."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384331

Grand. An enjoyable dinner for three.
Unless Ambrosia wishes to make it a grand feast for two.

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384334

"Too long, yes…"

"Anyway, that about covers what I needed. Thank you for your time.. aunt- Queen Venia."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384336

Secretly? Of course she does.
But she wont actually say that.
"What does Mistral like?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384340

"What!? No!

Look uh… w- .."

look at them seriously
"We're gonna need to talk to Frosty about this."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384341

"Spoken like a earth pony. I always wondered how you earned that name. That said, some of our grandest castles are in the clouds."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384343

I guess there aren't any potions shops open now?

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384350

Well, Crescent can read a mood. If you make one.

DM 384359

"I could go for something heavy. Like… really heavy."
"It's just a convenience thing."
"Not like it offends us"


Venia [Battlemage] 384362

"Please Verne… drop the royal title."
I smile and take my leave
"Now if you'll excuse me…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384363

"I'm sure the pegasi will enjoy those at least."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384364

I've been waiting VERY PATIENTLY to chat with Frosty.

Venia [Battlemage] 384368

Bah… if you want to I guess.

Godric [Dark Knight] 384369

"You have no wish to?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384370

"I hope you're not thinking about an encore performance."
Chuckle a bit and stand up.
"I'm sorry for the outburst Frosty.
It's just… I would never want my friends to be hurt. And Kilana is right after you on that list."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384372

She's too submissive for that


Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384375

"W-what if it offended me? Because.. b-because well, You're not just One, Two, Three to me. Each o-one of you is different from the other.

…come on"

Head to Frosty

I'm good to pause

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384376

"Something filling, Ambrosia. Let's start with a salad, and see where that takes us."
And so it began.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384377

"I'm not sure I how well I could walk on clouds, if at all."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384378

Oh yeah, good to pause.

DM 384382

"Weighty. Lots to eat. Fried and buttery."
You may time warp to the talk.
"I can understand that.
All is forgiven if you get under the covers and soothe my pains a little."
He winks at the dark corner of the room
"Right with you miss Nylis"

Venia [Battlemage] 384384

Valeriana! Find her!

Godric [Dark Knight] 384385

"Neither am I. Do you tire in the air, easily?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384386

Can I warp to a time Frosty isn't busy?


SbS on the dark corner.
Could it be…
Oh please tell me she is!

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 384388

"So. How are you feeling, commander?"
"Hey there Nylis."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384390

I suppose that's where the salad took us. Fried, buttery delicious food.

DM 384393

They both are.

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384394

I nod
Serve her all the food she wants!


Vanish. Happear behind them.
Huge-mega-hiper hug.
"You idiots!"

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384399

Shake my head.
"My endurance is of an earth pony, after all."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384400

If I was not so respectful of the High King's privacy, I might get impatient about now.

But I will continue waiting outside the door.

Venia [Battlemage] 384401

"Tired, angry and frustrated."
I plop down on my flank

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384403

Just timewarp ahead like Nylis just did.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384404

That is wise. I'll do that.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384407

"Hi Frosty.. uh, I need some help with my assistants"

DM 384408

"We missed you too"
"You weren't supposed t notice us yet though."
At least she can sit while she eats
"So.. good…
If I ever liked something about this nation it's the food…"
Welcome to the FUTURE!
"Welcome. What news?"
"Came to lighten your hear then?"
He sits down behind you to massage your back

Godric [Dark Knight] 384410

"Hm. Well, well will see once we get there."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384412

I'll nod quietly while eating. Can't eat too much of this, or I won't fit in my armor… so I'd best savor it.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384414

"Frosty is a lousy actor…"
Nuzzle both of them.
"How was the trip honey? When did you arrive? Just… How!"
Kiss her!

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384419

I nod.
"We will. Though I believe I wasn't a bad flier from what you have seen of me already."

Venia [Battlemage] 384422

"… Frostmourn needs me. He… doesn't want me to retire."
I shake my head
"So as much as I would like a 'little bundle of joy'… I just can't afford it."

DM 384429

"Ah yes, these three. What's the trouble?"
"Are you on a diet or something?"
She stops for a moment
"…are you sure?"
"Deep roads. Got bored of the waiting so I spent the day catching up.
Now don't tell me I made the trip for nothing~?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384432

And I'll just be staring at her as she eats

Godric [Dark Knight] 384433

"You are…passable, by what I have seen of other flying ponies."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384436

"What did you tell Miss Ambrosia to get her to.. well, pick her own name? Because I asked my assistants to use their names but they responded with One, Two, and Three.

Can you help me?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384437

"No… but if I eat too much, there's a good chance I won't be able to fit into this anymore."
I'll lightly tap the armor I'm wearing.
"And this food is rather rich. I don't know how you manage to keep your figure."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384438

"Remember, I wasn't born with those wings."

Venia [Battlemage] 384441

I nod
"Yes. I have to. For the sake of the North."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384442

"Well Frosty, I think we got two mares asking for a show and some attentions…"
Walk over to him.
"Who knows, might take your mind off the worries."

Wf+6 384444

"Quite a few things, Your Majesty. The construction of the Academy. Kilana's research. Nylis. And of course, the heart from Eaglecrest… Which do you prefer to speak of?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 384448

"I know, and you appear to be a quick study. But you still seem to not be using them to their full effect."

DM 384457

"Something on your mind?"
"I don't eat often. Today I can afford to.
And why not lose the armour at the table? We'll wait."
The assistants roll their eyes
"We're just trying to be helpful"
Frostmourn looks at them
"Do you have actual names?"
"Then be helpful and tell them"
"Maidensvine, Cloudbank and Dazzling Gallop, sir."
She hugs you from behind
"You're a braver mare than I…"
"I did just ask, you know.
Heh. Get over here…"
Sunrise pokes her head in
"…am I interrupting?"
The girls motion her over
"Oooh~ what's going on here?"
"A show."
"Enjoy it."
"Start with the one that you are most concerned about."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384458

Read Intentions, are they telling the truth? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384459

"What is there to do with them but fly? And even so, I mostly just use them to get some extra momentum in combat. It helps with making devastating leap attacks."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384461

Fudge mining night it is?
Oh well.
I'm not gonna roll for this, you sick fuck.
And I bet it's still day, even.

Venia [Battlemage] 384462

"After what happened today…"
I shake my head
"I guess it kind of helped me make my decision. I just…"
I sigh
"… I hope Unyielding wont hate me for it…"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384466

"Yes. Many things on mind."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384467

"Flight adds a whole new dimension to your attacks. It is harder to take advantage of without a bow, but think of how easy it will be for you to press your enemy from the air."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384468

You know what? It's more fun like this.
'5d10'+10 I think?

Roll #1 6, 2, 5, 2, 3 = 18

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384469

"The Heart, then. What is to be done with it? For all we know, it has died in that jar already. It is quite the unknown."

DM 384471

Why would they lie about their names?
No, they are telling the truth.
I bet he would have settled for less if you didn't have a problem with communication.
Not that such a problem would ever have lead to horrible outcomes befor-oh right.
Oh well. At least the girls are all starry-eyed from the show
"I didn't even know I'd like this sort of thing…"
"Isn't it great?"
"Not really my thing but whatever."
The High King smiles
"Then why not join in?"
"Please do tell then."
"After today… I find it hard to decide. I am worried about it, and the implications of its power."

Roll #1 9, 9, 5, 3, 1 = 27

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384472

I'll shuffle a bit at that.
"I… am not quite proud of my coloration, lady Mistral. The helmet is off due to necessity, it being damaged, and a promise to Lady Radiant to do so."
I'll grimace a bit.
"A more pressing matter is that I didn't expect to be out if it, and as such would be indecent without it."

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384473

Oh, well.

I'll just find Frostmourn.

Venia [Battlemage] 384475

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384477

Pls use thread rolls.
Just 'cause.

DM 384485

"Well old boy I think we're a little out of practice.
Should we let the fair ladies join us?"
"He won't. He has no right to."
Well… could you… you know.
You know."
She motions towards Ambrosia, then the door
"For a moment"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384486

"Thanks Frosty."

then turn to the three
"Convenience or not, I'd rather know your names."

then take them to find Winterbreeze

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384488

Am I walking in on this?

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384490

I look back between Mistral and Crescent with a hint of uneasiness

DM 384492

She looks more than a little surprised
"Hey there big guys…
…Nylis, who are these?"
Are you?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384494

"Three mares at once?
We truly are conquerors."
+10 to the total.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384495

"As I said, the only advantage it gives me is reach and momentum. I don't need more than that."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 384497

I'll raise an eyebrow for a moment.
"I'll be outside if you need anything, then."
I'll give Ambrosia a small nod as I leave.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384498

"It's a total unknown until we examine it. For all we know, it could be dead, or gaining strength right now. Every second we let it sit idle is a second a situation could potentially be getting worse. Knowledge is power, isn't it?"

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384500

"Hello, King Frostmourn, I was hoping to discuss some proposals and a review of- oh, hello Pumpkin."

"Am I… interrupting anything?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384502

I higly doubt we'd leave the door unlocked.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384503

"For a month they are my, and your, research assistants. Their names are Maidensvine, Cloudbank, and Dazzling Gallop. They're here to help!"

Venia [Battlemage] 384504

"Like hell he doesn't… He's sitting back at home in Wintergrasp all alone while I'm out here for the exciting stuff and… well… you."
I sigh
"He's probably lonely…"

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384506

Can we say you did for the sake of comedy

DM 384510

"Lovers, old friend. Not conquerors."
"What a polite guy.
So. Ambrosia. Now that we're alone, speak your mind."
"Knowledge is power. And all power demands sacrifice…"
Only the king, his fiance, an assassin, an assistant assassin and a wife in bed.
"…yes? Yes you are?"
"In any way necessary."
"Any way."
…there are ways to aid that."

Roll #1 4, 6, 8, 1, 5 + 10 = 34 / Roll #2 6, 9, 5, 10, 5 + 10 = 45 / Roll #3 9, 4, 7, 10, 4 + 10 = 44 / Roll #4 4, 5, 6, 3, 2 + 10 = 30

Venia [Battlemage] 384513

"Like what?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384514


Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384517

"Power means different things to different ponies. The power to take life. The power to make a difference. To me, power is understanding cause and effect. What does it mean to you, High King Frostmourn?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384519

I tense up slightly and nervously mutter something under my breath

Godric [Dark Knight] 384520

Shake my head.

"You miss my point. Momentum is good, but have you ever given thought to outflanking your enemy from above instead of countering each of his blows?"

Verne Foglight [Advisor] 384522

One, two, three, four, five-


Roll #1 7 = 7

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384524

"…Anyways, I thought you could use some extra hooves with your research. You know like book finding, snack grabbing, candle lighting… I dunno "
lean in
"Just kinda roll with it for now ok?"

DM 384527

"Letters… visits… gifts… concubines…"
"To me, power is the power to change the course of events."
"Speak up."
"Okaaaay? Anything else?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384528

"Uh… Is there anything you wanted to say?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384531

"I feel more confident with my hooves on the ground. I can feel it… it makes my moves firm and solid. I would lose that in the air."

Julie [Not Verne At All] 384532


"You need someone else, there, boys? Looks like you're all having a good time!"

Venia [Battlemage] 384533

"Bah… it's not the same, Valeriana. Sometimes I wonder if I even deserve him…"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384535

"Well I might need to follow the group again, but on the bright side I discovered that Regenerate can work when applied properly!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384536

Try to keep a straight face.
"Verne please…"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384541

"Then you know that this knowledge will be useful to you."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384545

"… You were always a beacon in my life. Always looked forward to seeing you visit. Could never talk to you but could see you…"
I look down
"Did not dare to approach. Was not allowed to. But I could still see you. It made me happy. Must thank you for that. For being there."

DM 384546

"In my opinion, he could have done a lot worse."
"I simply fear the sacrifice part"

Julie [Not Verne At All] 384550

"Well… excuse me for not wanting to join a party between so many pretty stallions and mares!"

"..excuse me, Venus."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384552

"In this case, the sacrifice will be time. It will take time to safely research the heart."

DM 384553

"…that's so sweet of you…
I'd come over there to hug you but… yeah… back, and all."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384555

"Perhaps it is cultural. And I admit, warhammers such as yours are difficult to use while airborne. Much of our army is trained in the use of polearms instead."

DM 384556

"And should it get out of control? Infect someone, or spread corruption?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384557

Smile a little at how silly he looks.
"Don't you own Venus a little better than jumping into random beds? You two are engaged since… As long as me and Bearing."

Venia [Battlemage] 384558

"Maybe so, but I still feel so damn guilty all the time… I should be at his side and give him the love, care and support he deserves."
I sigh
"The worst part is that I don't even know if he's happy with me…"

DM 384560

"Have you asked him?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384561

"I never found them any good. Long range, but they are easy to break. A warhammer is as solid as it gets."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384562

"This may be one of few chances to learn in relative safety of how to deal with it if corruption spreads. If we know what makes it tick, we know how to kill it. It will be my top priority for research."

Venia [Battlemage] 384564

"He says he loves me… but I think he feels guilty too… because he doesn't want to hold me back. He knows I dislike sticking to one spot… I get restless and all that. Maybe he's afraid of hurting my feelings."

Julie [Not Verne At All] 384565


"Though neither of you seemed to me the sort to engage in decadence of this kind. With each other. I was hoping to join to further assess how this is meeting your mental needs, if any."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384567

"I understood half of that.
Do we really need to have this conversation like thi?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384572

Back in normal time, I'll go see Kilana and do my best to not look back at the door that has all those sounds coming out of it.

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384573

I bite my lower lip slightly
"Hope we can spend more time together…"

Kilana [deathsinger] 384576

I let you in. "Evening Id, I wasn't sure if I would see you."

Verne [Advisor] 384577

"…somewhat, it accounts for my bookkeeping."

"I'll come back later."

Take off the pretty mare suit and go wander of elsewhere

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384579

"I didn't want to pry, but given that the High King is… busy, I thought that I should at least make sure you're feeling alright."

Pause, then smile a little, "But you're implying you were thinking about seeing me."

Mind reader. What's on her mind? Surface thoughts. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

DM 384580

"Would you be willing to wager your life on it?
…and the lives of those aiding you?"
"So you want to break up then?"
"I'm sure we can.
…you could, for one, come over here and hug me instead."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384585

"Alright, if you guys need anything then don't hesitate to ask. Uh, yea"

Godric [Dark Knight] 384588

"Maybe if you are too reckless. A spear cannot just be slammed about. It requires precision."

Venia [Battlemage] 384590

I gasp
"Gods no, Valeriana! I love him! I still love him as much as the day we first…"
I blush for a moment and let out a cough
"I'm just worried he doesn't feel the same about me anymore because I'm never there for him… and that he's afraid of saying so because he doesn't want to hurt my feelings."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384593

A pause. "I am not a demonologist, High King Frostmourn. I would want to consult with an expert before I make any final calls. My work is far less risky. I deal in the realm of control and calculated risks. My involvement in the research would be mostly oversight to ensure others are not… corrupted."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384595

"Well, I was thinking about you, and other things.."
surface thoughts? Happy to see you, wondering how you feel about me, worried about Minstrel but feeling that I did right by her… reminded of a pink mare, with a pretty tiara.. so pretty

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384596

"Every weapon does, to a degree."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384598

go to bed pls

DM 384603

"yes miss Nylis."
"The day you met?
…as in twenty years ago? You horny little teenager…"
"So you would not be willing to wager your life. Only those of others?"


Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384606

"Kila, I just wanted you to know, I don't think less of you for what happened with Mistral. The battlefield is a place I want no part of. I respect you for your amazing talent, and…"

Hesitate. "I care for you because you yourself are so caring."

"Just the opposite. I would risk my life, but it's not my life to gamble, so I can't say."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384609

"You could argue that. The warhammer though, is designed to crush and destroy, meant for use against the stout and well-armored knight. Such troops are not often found in Stormheart, as heavy armor is hard for us to carry in flight."
Gesture as I continue.
"Our spears not only turn our dives into weapons of war, but can break the charge of any pony soldier lucky enough to catch us on the ground."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384618

"Thank you, that's a lot to take in at once, and a little cryptic sounding.."
"…Id, did you use your mind reading ability on me just now?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384626

Nod and smile. "Your talents are more amazing than I thought. You have a natural intuition for the Noble Practices, even outside your domain, that I've never seen. It's a privilege to work with you, Kila."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384629

"The warhammer works just as well against unarmored foes, don't worry."
Tap my plate armor.
"Would a spear work against this though? Only if the user has masterful aim."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384638

I shake my head "Its because you instantly said stuff related to my thoughts. I didn't feel it at all Id." I frown

Godric [Dark Knight] 384639

"There do exist spears heavy enough to pierce even fullplate such as yours. Though you are correct, any skilled user needs only to find the gaps in your armor."

Poke her in the chest.

"Something that can be done easily during the up and backswings of such a heavy weapon."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384644

"I wasn't trying to be subtle. I wanted to know what was troubling you so I could make you feel better. If you like, maybe once we have some time to study, I can teach you more about mind magic."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384651

"Look, Id.. don't you think that's a little rude, to just read my mind for stuff like that?"
How much has been faked, has be been using my thoughts to make me feel this way "I need to know Id, how often have you been doing that?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384654

Show him my pendant.
"I have this pendant for that. As well as some divine help."

Venia [Battlemage] 384659

"No! Dammit Valeriana!"
I huff
"That didn't happen until years later."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384664

"Crutches, dame. Useful tools, but not to be relied upon."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384668

Frown. "I didn't know it would bother you. I'm sorry… But I've been reading everyone I meet, except the High King, since I was first taught."

Pause a moment, "If you feel your privacy has been violated… if it would make you feel better, I could show you my past, like I did before. Candid. No secrets. I've never shown or even told it to anyone before."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384671

"They help, but I can do without them as well. I trained to be a Paladin since I was a filly. Seen my fair share of fights."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384672

"No, what I'm trying to get at Id.. you just said you cared for me, I care for you a lot and.. I want to know if.. you used my thoughts to make that happen.."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384677

Give her a confused look. "I never controlled your mind. I just looked to see how I could be a better friend. I would never force you to do anything."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384692

"Well I assume so. Still, you should remember the essentials."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384694

I look disappointed. "Well, that's something at least.. But, you could try asking.. If you already know what's on my mind what I am supposed to say to you? How do I know you aren't just saying something that's the same as what I like?" a tear runs down my cheek.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384696

I smile.
"I trained ponies to fight. I believe I can handle myself."

Venia [Battlemage] 384701

Mind if I timewarp in to join the chat?

Godric [Dark Knight] 384705

"Yes, your king said that you were the one to train him. What did you teach him?"

Knock yourself out.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384706

Go ahead!

"Resolve, basic techniques, but above all, I coached some muscle on him."

Venia [Battlemage] 384709

I walk up to them and nod
"Evening you two."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384711

Sigh. "If I did that, maybe you wouldn't be upset now. I could have stopped this before it made you more upset."

Shake my head in frustration. "I didn't mean to hurt you. I don't… I only did it because I wanted to make you happy. I didn't know it would upset you. Maybe I should go before I cause you more grief… "

Kilana [deathsinger] 384718

I put my hoof on yours looking away while I wipe my eyes ." No, stay.. "

Godric [Dark Knight] 384719

"He still carries himself with a lack of experience. Was his fight with Eaglecrest his first encounter?"

"Good evening, queen Wintergrasp."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384721

"Good evening."

"Not his first one, but the one with the most important one for sure. He was anxious about it too."

Venia [Battlemage] 384728

I frown
"Queen Wintergrasp? My name is Venia, thank you very much."

"How are you, Radiant? Godric? That was… quite the mission."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384733

"Apart from things not going as planned… I just got reminded of things I do not wish to remember."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384735

Hesitate. "The last time I was Id I rarely spoke."

Pause again.

"The previous Lecturer Ten taught me in his home. The first thing he taught me was to read minds. We lived this way for years. There was never a misunderstanding, or pain. Always sympathy for problems. We would take care of each other without needing to be asked. We shared a closer bond than anyone without these abilities can imagine, though we were not blood. I've not told this to anyone else… but maybe it will help you understand. I'm sorry that I upset you, Kilana. I wanted to make you happy."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384738

"I feel that Timberjaw will sorely test his training, provided he has recovered by then."

"If you wish, Venia. And yes, the mission was…eventful."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384747

"He won't be alone though."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384752

I stare at you as you retell this story. "Id, I've never met anyone else with that ability, I had no clue that you used it that way.. It sounds wonderful, like a dream.. but also an entirely different way of doing things. Usually ponies bond by talking, and get closer by learning to understand each other, even down to body language.. which I have a bit with Pumpkin since we've know each other for a long time. Peaches and Pumpkin know each other's body language better than , they were kids together.. Its something rare that two equines would become close as fast as we did, and I feel a bond with you, different than with anypony so far.. Does this make any sense yet? "

Venia [Battlemage] 384754

I cock my head
"Huh? Something wrong Radiant? Which things?"

"A little too much for my tastes. I wish it would have gone better…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384758

"Did you ever see my chest?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384760

"It is hard for me to understand, as the only other experience I've had is with ponies in cloaks and masks, but… if it will make you happy, I will try, because I do understand the last part. I feel a bond, too."

Venia [Battlemage] 384764

"I… noticed you had a scar there, yes… Is it…?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 384765

"I am sure he will not."

"Indeed. Several of your allies seem to lack restraint."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384766

"And, I'm not mad at you Id, If mind reading is your way of talking, you'll just have to teach me so I we can 'talk without speaking' "

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384769

Smile and move closer. "I promise."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384771

I nod.
"The same 'magic' that was used on her. I would call it a 'curse' instead."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384774

"I saw her use it. It was necromancy…true?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384775

I nod.
"A vile thing."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384781

Add onto the end: "And you can teach me to talk in your way, too."

Venia [Battlemage] 384782

I sigh
"What can I say… they're young. And reckless."
I shake my head
"Rest assured I will be more vigilant in the future. I was in charge of the mission and it nearly became disastrous…"

I frown

Kilana [deathsinger] 384785

I smile as well. "I'm glad Id, I really am."
"That's the idea, just try to use words until I can reach your level, okay?"

Godric [Dark Knight] 384789

"Indeed. Death should not be so casually exploited in such a matter. Why are they so eager to abuse it?"

"I shall rely on it come Stormheart. It will have little patience for frivolity such as that. I hope they respect the sanctity of such a trip."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384790

Nod again.
"It's been years, but it can never heal."

"I will speak to Frostmourn about that, don't you worry. This was proof that they can't be trusted with it."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384791

"I will. So…"

Hesitate again, and look a little embarrassed, "Is there anything I can do you make you feel better?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 384799

"Just you being here is enough to make me feel better, none of the others have come to see me.. the way Radiant and Venia talked.. I was worried that the others believe I'm a monster."

Venia [Battlemage] 384800

"Yes… I must say I look forward to visiting Stormheart. It sounds like a fascinating place."

I shake my head
"What a horrible spell…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384804

"And by the Sun I was lucky I got away that easily. What happened to this mare…"
Shake my head.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384805

Draw closer. "They can't know you like I know you. They don't have the capability. Know this: no matter what anyone thinks, you are not a monster. You're beautiful."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384808

"I cannot do it justice with words. Of course to truly appreciate it you will have to fly."

"Yes, please do. I hold ancestor worship sacred. The dead deserve what rest they earn."

Venia [Battlemage] 384812

"Well… I think she'll recover completely without major scars like that."
I shake my head
"I hope so at least. Must have been awful for Ambrosia to see as well…"

"Well… I've never flown before, so there's that too…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384813

"It's simple, we need to get Frostmourn to regulate those rules tighter."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384815

I blush a bit. "I didn't know you were a bard too."

"Id, you know I've been engaged right? Its an arranged marriage, and its lacking passion.. " I put my nose close to yours, "It lacks a connection."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384821

Blush as well, and lay my ears back.

"I understand. I won't interfere in your arrangements… I don't want to hurt you further… but we can still be close, can't we?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 384828

"I want us to have a chance, my parents.. they arranged a marriage for me because they thought I would never find a stallion on my own.. I thought they were right, and then.. you show up, and make me feel things I've never felt before.. You make me happy Id."

Venia [Battlemage] 384830

"Well for one I hope Kilana will never use a spell like that ever again. It's horrendous. More like a torture device than anything else."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384832

"To be honest? I want that thing gone too."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384834

"We will have to find a way to make that happen when we arrive then."

"I was amazed Mistral could still walk after its use. What was she hoping to accomplish?"

"Which thing?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384836

"That horrible thing. That… abomination. That disgrace to everything that is holy."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384839

"You make me happy too, Kila. But… I don't know anything about being with another. All I know is that you make me feel fortunate to have met you… and that I want to make you happy."

Venia [Battlemage] 384841

"You mean that walking corpse construct? I admit I'm not a fan of it either… but at least it doesn't cause permanent scars."

"I wasn't there, so I don't know what went on in her head…"

Kilana [deathsinger] 384845

I smile. "I understand, and I'm sorry I didn't mean to say we should rush into anything.. just that In light of things, and this.. and the events of today.. I don't want to live my life regretting a missed opportunity and stagnate in a mediocre way.."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384849

"Ah…that. It…they should be given the rest they deserve."

"I was. The boy attempted to knock Mistral out for reasons I still do not understand, and then she just dove in. I sensed no hostility from Mistral at all, and the both of them had no qualms about nearly killing her."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384850

Smile and touch our noses together hesitantly.

"Well, I am willing to learn, if you will teach me."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384856

"We should start at the beginning then? Or is there something specific you want to talk about?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384857

"It is still… bah. I don't even know why Frostmourn is glad with all this."

"I would try to beat some sense into them, but it seems to be impossible."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384859

"The beginning would be nice."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384861

"Your necromancer at least seems repentant, but I do not know about the boy."

Kilana [deathsinger] 384864

I put a hoof up too my chin. "Hm, well I really like the color pink, what's your favorite color?"

Venia [Battlemage] 384867

"There will be consequences to their rash actions. Though at the very least they aided in the healing process. Which shows they at least show some regret for their recklessness."

"Well… I shouldn't be prejudiced against necromancy…"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384873

"I like white. There's limitless potential."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384879

"Why is that?"

Venia [Battlemage] 384884

"Because it can be used for good things as well. There are aspects of it that can help ponies."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384887

"At the expense of the dead?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384889

"In the good hooves, it can. In the bad? You saw what happens."

Venia [Battlemage] 384891

"There is more to it then just animating corpses. Some necromantic spells allow the users to take away life from him or herself to heal or even resurrect others. Even shadows can be animated!"

"Right… I can only pray Kilana will learn from this and not go at it as recklessly as she did back there in the future."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384893

"She is on dark path. I don't like it."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384898

"I still have my doubts, but she did seem to regret her actions. Still, I would advise against practicing it in Stormheart. Her pet will be nothing but a hindrance."

Venia [Battlemage] 384900

"With that, I agree. I would rather not cause a diplomatic incident."

I sigh
"I'll have to talk to her about it at some point…."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384902

I nod sternly.
"There are a lot of things going on that need to stop. I will see to that. And if it all falls on dead ears… I guess I have no place being here."

Venia [Battlemage] 384904

"Let's not get hasty Radiant… please."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384909

"I honor what Frostmourn wants to achieve, but he has to put and end to things like this. There is only so much of this dark magic I can tolerate."

Venia [Battlemage] 384911

"We'll talk about it, okay?"
I'm off now

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384913


Godric [Dark Knight] 384914

"I know the feeling. I fear that the Stormheart that comes out of this may no longer be the home I know and love. But I have nowhere else to go."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384916

I sigh.
"I… I might. I'm just not sure."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384918

Cock my head.
"How do you mean?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384920

"I might have somewhere to go. Somewhere I want to go, at least."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384925


Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384926

After a bit, I continue.
"I am originally from Equestria. I woke up in Wintergrasp a few years ago."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384928

I digest this for a moment.
"Your wording implies you have no memory of traveling up here. Do you condone all of this then?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384931

"I had memory loss, yes. I was also without any belongings, but I don't regret the time I spent here. I made good friends."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384933

"I see. Then do you think King Frostmourn is in the right? What does this Equestrian Empire want?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384934

"I do not know what exactly Equestria wants… but I am sure the Princesses would be content with peace, if given a chance."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384937

"Do you speak from experience? Snowborder's presence would make any contact difficult."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384938

"You could… say that I do. Yes. And yes to that as well, Snowborder is certainly something that needs to be dealt with."

Godric [Dark Knight] 384943

"Well I can see how your faith might be divided. I pray you do not have to make any decisions yet."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384945

I let out a sigh.
"It's a hard decision…"

Godric [Dark Knight] 384946

"Do what you must, as we all must."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 384948

I nod.
"When the time comes, I will."

This is a good place to pause if you want to sleep

Venia [Battlemage] 384952





Tela 384953

I nod slowly
I rise from my seat and walk closer, hesitating for a moment before wrapping my hooves and wings around her for a hug.

DM 384954

Strong, promising crown prince… you with your heart still racing and hormones rushing after the heat of battle and narrowly avoiding death…"
"Why do I get the feeling you've wanted to do that for a long time…?"

Wf+6 384955

Venia [Battlemage] 384956

I scrunch
"Nothing happened. Not until years later. I mean… he was good looking and all but… dammit! He was the crown prince while I was a glorified forest hobo, I wasn't even thinking about it at the time!"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384957

reach into my hat of hoopla and rummage around for another couple gold bricks '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384958

pull out PULL OUT '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384959

Do we all agree the Verne incident is not canon?
Good. Let's move on.
I should check on my wife. Then on my zebra.
Back to our room?

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384960

I tense up slightly
"Because I have. Always see you, never able to get close… was hard."

DM 384961

And the High King, his assassin, fiance, assassin's wife and assistant assassin finished their hedonistic bedroom shenanigans.
It did a lot of good to the king's hoof, but things for a little awkward for him and Sunrise, especially towards the end where Bearing and Peaches really got into it.
…whatever it is you grabbed in there, it felt soft and fleshy…
And belonged to
1 Maidensvine
2 Cloudbank
3 Dazzling Gallop
4 Winterbreeze
"Then would you be willing to supervise the research and carry the weight of responsibility for it?"
"Sure you weren't."
She smirks
They both follow
"Well that was… quite something"
"Let hope it took the king's mind off his hoof"
"Well, I'm here now…
…and you've really helped me… with my back and all. Thanks~"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Venia [Battlemage] 384962

I grumble
"Okay maybe there were some slight stirrings on my part… but still nothing happened! I didn't believe I'd ever had a chance with him anyway."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384963

What a pussy.
"He's strong, the hoof will grow back. I'm sure this really did him a lot of good. I know it did me."
Chuckle a bit.

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384964

"Happy to help. Happy to have you. Wish I could have sooner."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384965

"It goes without saying. At least until we can have it examined by a specialist to determine how dangerous it actually is. Right now, we could have a dragon or a minnow by the tail. We don't know until we look – and that puts as at a much greater risk."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384966






Nylis [Thaumaturge] 384967

actually I need to possibly be away for an hour or so

DM 384968

"And yet here you are now, Vicequeen.
…Commander Vicequeen. Ma'am."
She mocks a salute
"We were there. We could feel it."
Dazzling does give you an acknowledging look.
Best clear things up with him later unless you want misunderstandings.
Then I will have you all gather to discuss this. You, the others versed in magical research… and those who will be tasked with ensuring the safety of everyone should something go wrong.
"Well, I'm kinda glad I found you… now I can make sure you'll never have to be a slave again.
Where did you go after his death anyway?"

Venia [Battlemage] 384969

I roll my eyes
"Very amusing, Valeriana. Real comedy gold."
I shake my head in disapproval
"I should have asked you to come along on the mission…"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384970

"You already know what your paladins will advise you to do."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384971

Take Bearing's hooves and look in her eyes.
"So. How is it? Have you been feeling strange? Had problems? Noticed any changes?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384972

"Could not stay on domain. Abandoned and alone."
I look down
"I had never seen anything outside of the walls. Never left domain before. Wandered around in nature. Found Eaglecrest. Found work. Was granted a room. Signed up for tournament. Met the High King."

DM 384973

"Probably yes. Which is why I'm coming in person for the next one."
"And they answer to me, not the other way around.
I will ask that the heart be researched in scrutiny and security. The paladins will guard you, the heart and the researchers. And should anything go wrong, they will shut it down. And kill any who have been compromised."
She puts on a sly look
"What are you talking about?"
She lifts your fave by the chin
"Don't be sad about it. Everything is better now, right?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384974

"Don't be silly!"
Giggle like an excited kid and take her to the bed, resting beside her.
"I'm talking about him…"
Caress her belly with a hoof.

Venia [Battlemage] 384975

"Good… I'm glad to hear that for sure. What do you think and know about Stormheart?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384976

"Yes, well, 'never say die', Your Majesty."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384977

"Not sad. I am happy. I have purpose and friends now. And… you as well."

DM 384978

Peaches looks a little surprised
"Waitaminute… you two…?
Pumpkin you…
…we need to talk. Later."
"Insular as hell. Might be hard to get around in without a means of flight too, since it is built purely for gryphons. Even building interiors are very tall and open. Few narrow places anywhere.
But on the plus side, a crippled wing will send just about anyone there falling to their death.
On the mission side, Grimalphas has really begun rallying forces. Her words have even stopped King Garrett from calling for outside help lest he prove her accusations true.
We may need to pose as invaders…"
"Die… hm. That's a word that holds quite some significance to me."
"Yeah… I hope I can get off your back soon. I'd hate to tire you out."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384979

"It would be hard to find a pony to whom it did not have significance, Your Majesty."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384980

Frown, but go back to Bearing.
Look at mai waifu with two big, starry eyes and a big, kind smile.

Venia [Battlemage] 384981

I frown
"That is… that sounds like a total mess. What is the King like?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384982

I shake my head slowly
"Not tired. Used to carrying things. Made strong by work. Glad… to have you close-by."

DM 384983

"…I would not expect you to understand. No offense. Few have seen what I have."
"Patience, dear. It isn't even nearly time yet.
You'll be a daddy in time…"
She leans in for a soft kiss
"A coward. But a smart coward. He understands that Stormheart cannot survive on its own forever. Too much effort has been put into keeping the borders safe. It has hurt the very infrastructure of the nation.
There is less to hunt and even though they are not starving, they aren't thriving either. Birth rates are down, and Grimalphas blames him for it. She says that griffonkind will be driven to extinction at this rate. And… she is right. With so much focus being put on surviving against Eaglecrest, and keeping the borders shut, they have overtaxed their forces and people."
"…I don't want to you to be my slave…"


"I'm just worried about you. I'm almost never around.."
Close my eyes and kiss her.

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9

Venia [Battlemage] 384985

"Hmmmm… does this whole thing sound familiar to you too?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 384986

"If you prefer to keep your privacy, I won't pry. You will find I am open-minded, however."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384987

"Serve Frosty as a friend. Not a slave. Only wish to help you."

DM 384988

"Yeah… you kinda never are…"
"It is mostly about… religious beliefs."
"So long as you do it of your own free will."
She is really warm~

Venia [Battlemage] 384989

"Two northern nations competing with each other… Their mistrust and paranoia driving each other into the ground…"
I smirk
"Just like old times…"

DM 384990

"Well, except now we're dealing with an extinction threat and a nationalist uprising."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384991

I bet she is…
"Yes. I do. Happy to help. Wish to see you recover. To see you smile."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384992

"I'm so damn sorry for that… It's just, the king needs me…"
Sigh and hold her tight.
"I miss old times, when we'd just lie awake in bed all day.."
Smirk a little.

DM 384993

She turns to you with a bright smile
"Off to a good start with that then~"
"Me too… me too…
…you could always ask to retire from duty… for a while at least. Ask for a vacation… ask for.. time to be with me?"

Venia [Battlemage] 384994

"Details, Valeriana. What I'm saying is that once again this proves that cooperation is necessary."
I shake my head
"I sometimes wonder what will happen once Frostmourn achieves his dream… what Equestria will do. Will we go back to where it all started? Two nations flexing their muscles to show off who is strongest out of mere spite for each other?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384995

"Tell you what. After Timberjaw I will ask Frosty if we can stop. Rest for a while. It's just gonna be a few months more. And I'd be there for the rough part…"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 384996

The faintest of smiles appears on my own lips as well

DM 384997

"Most likely.
I doubt the empresses will take kindly to a rival empire. Especially one younger than theirs."
"…a few more months without you…"
"Is that the best smile you have?"

Venia [Battlemage] 384998

I shake my head
"Those two devils…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 384999

"No, I'm not taking you to Stormheart. Don't even ask."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385000

My slight smile broadens at that
"No, Mistral."

DM 385002

"Good. You're a lot prettier when you're happy."
"Alright… I won't…"
"Yet, are their goals so different than ours in the end? Their methods may be harsh, but they, too, seek to unite the world."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385003

What do


"It's not gonna be pretty. There is a war over there…"
Sigh and hold her tight.
"I had to do terrible things yesterday. I've seen piles of corpses… I had to make those piles myself.
It's been the first time I killed so many ponies at once…"
Try not to tear up.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Venia [Battlemage] 385005

"I only care what is best for ponykind, Valeriana, not just for the North. If I could find a way to make peace between the north and south, I would not hesitate for even a moment to grab it. Frostmourn has done a great job so far, rallying nations under one flag to end civil wars and conflict, yet Equestria grows more aggressive by every passing day. It makes me wonder if they care about ponykind at all…"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385006

"… Thank you. You are pretty too."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385007

want to talk?


Zigga you won't escape my worry express.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385010

You bet I do.

DM 385011

Did you have someone to talk with?
Valeriana? Frosty? >>385007 This thing?
"Shh… I don't want to hear about it…
…I don't want to hear about that blade who always gets you hurt… I want to hear about you…"
"Perhaps they see something we do not… I couldn't possibly know."
She blushes a little
"Uh.. t-thanks…"

Kilana [deathsinger] 385012

I'm not sure what you were trying to do, but she's not hiding.
..is it still night?

Venia [Battlemage] 385013

"Bah… give somepony wings and a horn and suddenly they know everything? Sounds fishy to me."
I shake my head
"But enough of that. How are you doing, Valeriana?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385014

I think was late evening.
And I went to find you and knocked on your room.

Kilana [deathsinger] 385015

Okay, I'll come see you in the morning after you finishing shouting at the sun?

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385016

"Always thought you were pretty. That is why I looked forward to seeing you each time…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385017

That probably works better.
And I'm not shouting at the Sun, I'm praising it!
It's a morning routine, okay?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385018

Smile, and rest on the bed while still holding her close.
"I'm just a bit worried for Kila. She's had a bad night too."

And then we spoke of our cute pony things.
Cuddling up.

After a few hours, or however long that takes, Escape Artist out of bed and walk up to Peaches.
"What was it about?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 385019

Alright, I approach, my rune is wrapped up, and my catalysts are back in my room with Codar guarding them. "Good morning."

DM 385020

"That's so sweet of you~
Do I match up what you imagined I was like?"
"When did you decide you'd make a fine dad?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385021

I glance at her after I finish my prayers.
"Good morning, Kilana."

Venia [Battlemage] 385022

"Mmmm… talk to me."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385023

"No. You are nothing like master. You are… better. Nicer. Kinder."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385024

"How are you feeling?"

DM 385025

"It's about Radiant. She is remembering."
"I guess seeing me with dad wouldn't leave the best impression. True…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385026

Well, fuck.
"You are right. I have no idea what a dad should do…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385027

"About you? Honestly?"
Look her in the eye.
"Right now, I feel two things about you. One of them is worry about your future. The other is despise."

Venia [Battlemage] 385028

I nod
"So I've noticed, yes. She was almost willing to march through Snowborder to get to Canterlot the other day."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385029

That's what happens when you don't clean the email field.
I'm knocking at your door once Radiant is done.

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385030

"… You did not get along with master."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385031

I stare back at you, listening intently "I despised myself for it, but.. What are your concerns?"

DM 385032

"Well here's a free tip: A dad should not go out every night and risk his life!"
"Should we let her?"
"I did not. I thought keeping slaves was as bad as he got… but now it turns out I had a sister too… and she was killed because of father's work…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385033

"And that's why I asked Frostmourn to care for my child, should anything happen."

Venia [Battlemage] 385034

I bite my lower lip for a moment as I think
"Not yet. Not before the North is united as one. Traveling through Snowborder would be risky for somepony like her anyway. She would probably shout her way into trouble within the hour."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385035

"You know damn well what my concerns are!"
Snap at her.
"That magic you used on her! And that…. that disgusting construct! Do you know what they remind me of?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385036

"Ponies keep calling master bad… I don't understand why."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385037

"I hardly know what your thoughts are Radiant, I'm not a mind mage." I look down at my wrapped hoof. "And even If I was, I am not using my magic right now."

"You think Codar is unpleasant to look at? Or that the concept of an undead protector is obscene?"

DM 385038

She slaps you
"Listen to yourself. How are you any better than your own father? Or mine for that matter?
The only difference is you would abandon the child to a palace, not an orphanage."
"We could always help her…"
"He did a lot of bad things. Kept slaves. Made deals with bad ponies. Sacrificed his own child so he could run from his mistakes…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385039

"Yes. Yes, it is insult to life. You are fast on your way to becoming one of them. I suppose I should have told you this earlier. I should tell you about the Catacombs."

Venia [Battlemage] 385040

I cock a brow
"Help her? Radiant is my friend, of course I would want to help her. But there is too much information in her head right now that could be extracted once she arrives there. I don't want to endanger my other friends by helping a friend."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385041

"If you its bothering you, then yes, you should."

DM 385042

"What of that mind-mage? Perhaps he could find… solutions."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385043

"But… he provided for us. Gave us shelter. Protection from those bad ponies. Taught us things. Gave us purpose. Allowed us to serve him…"

Venia [Battlemage] 385044

"I don't think Radiant would enjoy yet another mindwipe, Valeriana. I know I wouldn't."


Stand still.
"I won't die. I won't leave him alone. I will not be another nameless bastard like him!"
Try to calm down.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385046

"We were after a necromancer called the Reanimator and his ally, Patchwreck. They had a base in some catacombs… and they built these horrible golems out of pony flesh and parts… just like you did. When confronted, one of them used that withering, deadly spell on me, I still bear it's mark on my chest… just like you did."
Give her a hard stare.
"I don't think I have to go to detail into what happened to both of them."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385047

I stay silent for a long moment "Do you wish to do the same to me for fear I would become like that?"

DM 385048

"It would be preferable to an arrow to the skull, I'm sure.
…or I could go with her. To see to it that her knowledge is not abused…"
"Then when will you stop, Pumpkin?
When will you say that enough is enough, that you have a family now, a child to be a father to?
When will you finally man up and tell that to Frostmourn?"
"And yet he gave me all the same and more without forcing me to fight or fuck for him."

Venia [Battlemage] 385049

I stare at her

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385050

"When the North will be one. When Equestria will back off and this will be a safe place to live for Bearing, you and my child.
Then, then I will."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385051

I look down
"You are his daughter. I am a slave. I was born to serve. My purpose was to serve."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385052

I shake my head.
"No. You can still be redeemed. You can stop pursuing that dark art right now, when you still have the time… but should you continue to abuse it like a common vile necromancer, it will be in my duty as a Paladin to smite you down."
Stare at her in the eye.
"I've know you for long, Kilana. Don't make me."

DM 385053

"And what if Equestria never gives up? What if Snowborder starts an all-out war? What if you end up badly hurt even if you don't die?
We're not even half way there and you're already down an eye. Almost lost a wing twice now. Frostmourn is pretty much down to two legs. Pumpkin think with what is left of your brain!"
"Nopony's purpose is to serve."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385054

I frown. "You know I won't do that radiant. I will keep studying the dark arts. They are just like any other tool, and Its my goal to use them to help. Which is why I regret so heavily my actions.. but it would have been the same if I had a blade instead of my spell, In that moment I wanted her down fast and used excessive force to do it. What I seek now is a way to control myself, teach myself to do better."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385055

"You know what you should do? Drop that dark magic entirely…. that is what I will tell to Frostmourn too. It is high time he banned some forms of magic."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385056

I stay quiet for a moment before speaking up again.
"It was what I was taught…"

Venia [Battlemage] 385057

"… I'm sorry for hurting you. I wish I could take all of it back, but I can't. I was a complete idiot."
I sigh
"I love and care for you with all my heart… so please tell me why you really want to accompany Radiant back to Canterlot."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385058

"I trust Frostmourn. He will see us through. He will…"
"I'm a real idiot, am I not?
But I can't go back. I can't stop following Frosty, I can't stop the kid from being born.
It's too late now…"

Kilana [deathsinger] 385059

I look a little angry, and maintain eye contact. "Why should we do that? Because I made a bad call? You can punish me for it all you want to, but the magic was not to blame, it was me."

DM 385060

"Then it is high time you learn a better mindset."
"…I feel like I need to see his face one last time to put my heart at peace. To really know how to feel.
To kill off those phantoms of my past, I need to confront him one last time. And Radiant is an easy ticket into Canterlot."
"You really are. And a shortsighted one at that.
Your best hope right now is to end up so maimed you can't even fight nay more. At least then the kid will have a dad. Even if it's just half a broken dad. It's still better than a dad who barely even exists to him."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385061

"The magic was to blame! Or do you want this plague to spread? For undead to walk amongst us?"

Venia [Battlemage] 385062

"Valeriana… he will kill you. He wont allow you to leave. I… I don't want to lose you. I just… I wouldn't be able to handle it if I did…"

Kilana [deathsinger] 385063

"Plague? Radiant, undeath isn't contagious.. and if the north made use of undead minions for more than just battles.." I smile a bit "I'd be okay with that."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385064

I bite my lower lip
"Help me?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385065

"I won't let him be alone all his life.
I will be there for him, even if I have a war to fight.
Not gonna let my kid grow alone."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385066

I huff.
"Of course you would be. Anypony with good taste wouldn't. You are defiling the corpses of the deceased for the Sun's sake!"
I raise my voice.
"Is that so okay in your books?! What if someone used your dead body for whatever they wished?"

DM 385067

"He will only kill me if he can best me.
…I would stay… but I fear living with regrets for the rest of my days.
…but if both you and Pumpkin need me… then…
…I can try…"
"Well didn't you say you were working for the High King now?"
"And how will you do that?
How will you be there for him when you're out on duty?
What is Bearing supposed to tell him when he asks why daddy won't read him a good night story? 'Sorry dear, daddy is stabbing his way through some unholy dungeon below an enemy nation'?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 385068

I look surprised at your anger "I wouldn't be using it anymore, and if they let my spirit fill my body then I could teach them much and offer them guidance… I can't say I would mind the concept of it, and they were doing something evil I may even have a chance to interfere with it."


I give her a hug
"I'm so sorry this has to be the way it goes, Valeriana… But I'll be here for you, okay? I'll… If you need me at all I'll be right behind you…"

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385070

I nod slowly
"Yes. For Frosty."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385071

I shake my head.
"You would be just another mindless servant. That is what this 'art' you pursue is all about. Abusing the dead, or making more of them, making sure they can't even be healed… Is that really something you want to be proud of?"


"Peach, I know well I won't be there for him.
I know I won't be here for my wife.
And I know I will die soon. Very soon."
Look at the ground.
"I just want to leave her with something to remind of me, once I will be dead. Because I owe her at least this much, if I cannot deliver her the north I promised.
If I cannot keep her safe."
Try not to cry.

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 385074

"Do you know that gnawing feeling of doubt? Thinking you could fix a big mistake if you just tried, but never being brave enough to do it?"
…I thought his name is Frostmourn."
She backs off a little

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385075

"What now? This is the damn truth.
And the day I die, don't you dare stand there and watch.
Run. Run as fast as you can and don't turn back."

Venia [Battlemage] 385076

"Like hell you aren't brave… don't give me that bullshit, Valeriana… You're one of the bravest ponies I know…"

Kilana [deathsinger] 385077

"I treat my undead with the utmost most respect, I clean and maintain Codar's body for him, I gave him a name and allow him to speak his mind. If he was not happy I would allow his soul to move on." I sigh. "I would not take unwilling minions unless the circumstances were dire, and I'm not going to go digging up graves, or murdering ponies to make a personal army. I have a heart radiant. I'm not a monster."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385078

"Yes. High King Frostmourn asked me to address him as Frosty. Because I am his friend."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385079

Keep a harsh tone.
"You are well on your to become one."

DM 385080

"Shut up."
"Yet I'm too scared to stand up to you and say I'm going.
I'm too scared of what I'd be giving up."
"He considers you that close a friend?
…that's amazing!"

Venia [Battlemage] 385081

I frown slightly
"So… you're just agreeing with me because you're scared? You…"
I look down
"I love you Valeriana… I love you as much as I love Unyielding… do you love me back?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385082

"… Yes. He is kind and nice to me. That is why I am his friend and wish to serve him."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385083

"If you really believe that I can't do any good, why not kill me now? I've come here unarmed, we're alone, and you're stronger than I.."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385084

Look stern at her through the tears.
"You think we can keep doing this for long? You think it won't all come back to bite us one day?
All the ponies we killed and tortured. They all fall back on us.
And your sins pass down on me, because I'm the one responsible for your soul.
The mask protects us. But the moon is blind anyway.
She shines on the guilty without looking at their face.
A day will come a mightier, more righteous hoof than mine will kill me. On that day I don't want you to die. I don't want Bearing to be alone, after wasting all her life and youth with me.
That's why I need a kid. That's why I want you to run if anything was to happen."
Bite my lower lip.

DM 385085

"Of course I do.
…I know this, because I haven't felt the same since… him."
"Serve in what way though?"
"Then just stop. Stop it. Stop it with the masks and shadows and blades and… and… CARE about those you LOVE!"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385086

"Because I am not a monster, nor do I plan or study to become one. I want to give you a chance to stop while you can, before you ruin and throw your life away."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385087

"It's because I care that I just can't.
If I stop, they will win. We will all die. Frosty's dream, a united North, my friends…
What do you think they will do to any of us?
Kilana is a necromancer. See what Radiant thinks of her.
Or Winterbreeze and Nylis.
And do you think Verne would just stand down and let them roll over the north?"
Shake my head.
"Giving up is not an option."

Venia [Battlemage] 385088

I sniffle and keep hugging her tight
"It would all be so much simpler if this world wasn't so set on conquest and war…"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385089

"Protect him. Follow orders. Fight those who are against him. Help him unite North."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385090

"I'm not going to change my mind about practicing these arts. Nor will I turn away from my mistakes, I will learn from them and do my best to atone. I will use these arts for good, even if there are those who think no good can come from them"

DM 385091

Rolling to resist punching sense into you
"We could always stop fighting it."
"So… are you a soldier now?"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 385092

Rolling for ideas '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385093

"If you think you can, try. But I will not stand for any other cruelties you make."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 385094

Are there any matches in the arena going on? Would they allow magic use?

DM 385095

And a punch it is, fueled by desperation and anger.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Venia [Battlemage] 385096

"… How?"
I sigh
"They see us as a threat… I was hoping to one day travel to Canterlot to attempt for a treaty of peace to be made… but I don't know if that's even viable at all…"


Try to stand still, don't hit her back.
Good thing I've dropped all my equipment

Roll #1 6 = 6

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385098

I consider this for a moment
"Not sure. Maybe."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385099

I guess I've been recovering from my wounds.
But I'm better now.
Does anyone need to talk to me?
Do I need to be debriefed or something?

Venia [Battlemage] 385100

I'd talk to you but in the middle of something right now

Kilana [deathsinger] 385101

I nod. "I would expect no less from you Radiant." I try a smile. '1d10' "And having someone like you will help remind me of what a fine line I am walking, and that is valuable to me.. thank you.. friend"

Roll #1 8 = 8

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385102

My expression softens, and I sigh.
"Just… please, Kilana… I said all this for your own good. I don't want to see you choose the wrong path. No friend would want to see that happen."

DM 385103

It connects with enough force to make you move
"Why are you doing this to me? To Bearing!? To YOUR OWN CHILD!?"
Do you really have nothing else to do?
"Maybe we could both go to Canterlot then. And… just see what happens."
"You don't really look like a soldier to me."
Use a time warp

Venia [Battlemage] 385104

"… Maybe one day… but first we have a North to unite…"


Snap back, suppressing tears.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Kilana [deathsinger] 385106

"I'm glad we had this talk." I try to offer you a hug.

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385107

I look at my sword I got from that nice arena official. Maybe I should see him and thank him again at some point.
"Only have sword. And outfit. No other possessions."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385108

I open my arms and accept the hug.
"I am too… but we still need to speak with Frostmourn about this."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 385109


But i'd want to talk to Winterbreeze with Kila, Pumpkin and Venia.

…fuck it, go back and see if there was anything Winterbreeze thought that should be taken into account with the mobile teleporting runes.

DM 385110

"I suppose so…"
She backs off, ears hanging low
…none of us can bear to lose you.
You mean the world to us… why does it have to be you who goes? Why not me? Why not Valeriana? Why not Fourtones or Waymarker or Vintage Year or any of the others? WHY YOU!?"
"…no money? No home?"

DM 385111

"With the mobile teleportation thing? I think we'd need a sturdier case for it than a piece of paper. I'd hate to have my teleporter accidentally smudge and blow me in half."

Venia [Battlemage] 385112

"Without that… I don't see anypony taking us serious enough to consider peace rather than war… And I promised Frostmourn. I cannot abandon him now. He needs me if he wants to unite the North."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385113

we can time warp
I squeeze you tightly, my hooves trembling for a second. "Yea.." I release you from the hug just before it can get awkward.
"I'm sure he will want to speak with me soon, but his ear has been bent by many all night.. we should let him rest."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385114

I shake my head
"Slaves not allowed to own property. Had nothing but clothes when I left master. Was allowed to stay in room in Eaglecrest as a fighter and a worker."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 385115

"hm… an easy solution would be either woodwork or stone..


do you think we can implant the teleporting runes on crystals?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385116

"It's the promise I made Frosty. It's the payback for all the the horrible things I've done."
Move in closer and place a hoof on her cheek.
"Look at me. I died once already. I can't die twice."
Smile softly.
We can timewarp.

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385117

I nod.
"I want him to be fit for this talk… I want to know what he thinks about some matters when he is at his senses."

DM 385118

"Then I guess I will stay put for now…"
"And the High King hasn't even paid you anything for rescuing me?"
"You've done nothing horrible…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385119

"I blew up those ponies. How many where they? Ten? Twenty? A hundread?
I killed the one pony who gave me shelter, because he was mad and needed putting down.
I almost had somepony drained of her life because…
I don't even fucking now why.
Only the mask lets me still look into the mirror without throwing up."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385120

I cock my head slightly
"Pay? Why?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 385121

"Right." I look at the sky. "Its a brand new day, and I've got a lot of work to do." I start to walk away. "See you later."

Venia [Battlemage] 385122

I softly bop her on the head with a hoof
"Yes, you silly mare. Who will give me those telekinetic backmassages otherwise?"

DM 385123

"So… you think it was you who did all that, not the blade or the mask?"
"So you could you know… afford things you want?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385124

I nod at her.
"Good day."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385125

"Don't be absourd.
The blade did that. But if I ever crossed paths with somepony like that blade, I'd kill him."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385126

I think for a moment
"I want to help Frosty… and to see you smile. Got both. Am very happy and thankful."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385127

I'll sit down somewhere and study the Book of Legends again, the part about Lavann and the crystals.

DM 385128

"Just buy a servant your highness."
What a sarcastic tone…
"…then why don't you?
Just let that blade die. Let it rust and be forgotten…"
[-King Lavann was ultimately defeated by a group of pony mages, who caused his volatile magical powers to shatter his crystal body into shards-]
"Surely you at least have a home to call your own?"

Venia [Battlemage] 385129

I smirk
"But Valeriana, you're my servant already. Why aren't you wearing your maid outfit anyway?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385130

"We went over this a minute ago.
If the blade dies, so does the North."
"I just… I wanted a family, Peach.
And then a lot more just happened…"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385131

I shake my head
"No home. Master's domain was my home. It is gone. So is master."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385133

Does it say what happened to the shards?

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 385134

"You never bought me one.
…I hear they're common in Rosefall."
"You aren't the only blade there is."
"Then my home will be your home as well. I won't let my father's treatment of you haunt you like that."
[-scattered across the world following his defeat, the shards are said to be sources of incredible magical power-]

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385135

So what is up?Apart from my only true good friend being a slut again

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385136

Look up, with clenched jaw and focused eyes.
"I have somepony I can't disappoint."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 385137

…go look for a stone cutter '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Venia [Battlemage] 385138

"Oh my~
Imagine how pretty you'd look, Valeriana~"
I giggle at the mental image forming in my head

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385139

Anything more specific then scattered around the world?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385140

I stare at her for a moment
"Thank you, Mistral."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385142

Is there an herbalist, potion maker, or local healer in the town?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385143

We should totally talk. At night.

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385144

Kilana [deathsinger] 385145

Okay. time w-warp to to night Which night?
Would you be interested in talking to Kilana?

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385146

she's still upset over what she did to her crush
and she distrusts necromancy in general now due to that
so it may be a good idea to change her mind on it

DM 385147

ID proposed researching the heart
Frostmourn agreed on the condition that a paladin will break him in half if anything goes wrong
"Who? Valeriana? Frostmourn!? They would understand damnit!"
"…wait, you're serious?"
[-Lavann's realm is said to have been under the Crystal Ocean, but like many places of old, the exact location is unknown. Considering that the ruins of Paradise Estate were found in Equestria, it is safe to assume many of the areas of ancient legend are there. However, it is likely the shards landed much further away than just outside his palace. Perhaps as far as the far north.-]
"…what's the the staring"
She laughs a little

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385148

I guess Frostmourn should ask for my presence then, or to speak at least.

Venia [Battlemage] 385149

I laugh heartily
"Of course not, it's just a funny mental image. Valeriana the maid…"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385150

I blink and look away
"I'm sorry."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385151

"She gave up everything for me. I'm not gonna disappoint her like this.
Life as a blade is the only thing I know, now."
Night of report's day.
Rolling for alcohol quality.
Knock at your door.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Kilana [deathsinger] 385152

I go and find Ambrosia, during the day.
For reference I am wearing normal clothes and have wrapped up my rune with cloth bandages, and there aren't any pieces of jewelry or the scythe on me.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 385153

pull some stone and stone cutting equipment out of my hat '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Kilana [deathsinger] 385154

I answer the door a clearly tired. Codar is in my room. "What's up bro?"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385155

What about the magical properties of the crystals? Do they increase the power of one who uses them or do they have other uses?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385156

"Me, at this time of night. And you too it seems. Can I enter? I bring the holy gift of booze."
Grin and present the bottle.

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385157

I'm probably sitting somewhere near Frostmourns room, staring blankly at a wall

Kilana [deathsinger] 385158

I smile a bit "I wouldn't mind you company. But I plan on seeing radiant at sun rise so I won't drink too much" I let you in and look around for a moment "I'm pretty sure this room has cups in it.."
I approach slowly. "Ambrosia?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385159

I blink and turn my head to face her

DM 385160

Well lets time skip a bit since the talk was ongoing
"Radiant. I have a… proposition."
"…I'd do it if you'd do it."
She frowns a bit
"I didn't mean to hurt your feelings…"
"You think she'd be disappointed if you said you wanted a family? That you wanted to be a good father?
…you'd think she'd appreciate that… after all she had to go through…"
You cut your hoof on a sharp stone that's inside the hat.
[-The shards supposedly still contain vast quantities of magical energy, left over from Lavann's own incredible power-]

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385161

"What sort of proposition?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385162

"Don't let her chew you out too much."
Snicker and flutter inside, finding a seat.
"How are you holding up?"
"I know she would. And so would Frostmourn.
I have no right to a family if I can't help everypony in the north have one, too.
Because I'm strong and able to fight, and the strong should protect the weak.
I won't let anything like the orphanage happen again."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 385163


MEND MY HOOF '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385164

I look back at her and shake my head
"Not hurt. Sorry for staring. Crescent says it's bad habit. Hard to not do around you…"

Venia [Battlemage] 385165

I snort
"Valeriana please, nopony wants to see two old mares playing dress-up. Besides, I'm pretty sure there are laws against such a horrendous act."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385166

Make some notes about Lavann on piece of paper.

Does it say what the crystals look like?

Kilana [deathsinger] 385167

"You said you were good with plants, and I want to know.. what kind of plants would you need to help Minstrel? Plants that relieve pain, or help her heal?"
"its been a long night, a very thoughtful one as well. I just wonder what frosty will say, what the others think of me now.."

DM 385168

"It involves the black heart.
Do you think you'd be able to defeat any who might fall to it, would it break loose?"
"Yes you'd still gladly leave another fatherless child into the world…"
All better.
Who knew mending also added neat hoof polish?
"I don't mind. It's just a little strange to me."
"I'm not that old you hag"
She playfully pushes you
[-Though they were shards of his body, they hardly resemble body parts. They are smooth shards of colorless or white-blue crystal.-]

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385169

Narrow my eyes.
"I suppose I could, but we shouldn't even let that happen. It should have been destroyed the moment it was discovered."

Venia [Battlemage] 385170

"Older than me, crone."
I push her back

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385171

"He's not blaming you. I talked with him, it's alright.
I'm worried about you instead. You took it… Personally."
"It's the lesser evil."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385172

"How should I have taken it then?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 385173



are there any stonecrafters here? I want to go find one

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385174

Colorless/white-blue I note down.
Do I feel like reading more '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385175

"Kila, I blew up a dozen and more ponies that night. To shreads.
But it was on a mission. It was the mask.
You can't blame yourself for what happens on the battlefield."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385176

I nod
"Will try to stop doing that. Hard to do. Old habit."

I consider this for a moment before speaking up
"Nylis knows magic. Inuring pain spell."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385177

Indeed I do, research never stops for a mage.
Does it say something about the life of Lavann before he turned into crystal?

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 385178

"Your Majesty spoke of it once before. The 'ten paths'."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385179

I shake my head "We were going to kill those ponies anyway, because they were guilty. She was not guilty and was trying to help us. I made the wrong call and I am taking responsibility for that. If I had known your eye wasn't working I would never have attacked her, and I should never have gone for a kill. I didn't hold back, and that's my fault. But I'm going to learn from it, and until I can learn to hold myself back I'm going to 'sheath my blade' so I can't cut those close to me."
"Yes, but.. Nylis can't follow her around day and night.. and I want to make her recovery as smooth as possible.. I'm sorry for what I did to her, and I want to help fix it. Isn't there some kind of herbal remedy that could be made? I would get the plants for you."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385180

Stand up abruptly and walk over to her, slapping her soundly.
"Idiot! I did attack her! I deemed her a threat! So don't give me that 'personal responsability' bullshit and get your striped ass in gear!"

Roll #1 9 = 9

DM 385181

"Perhaps. But it wasn't. And now it has sat dormant, proving it is not inherently dangerous.
As such, I want you, and any whose purity you trust, to help see to it that we learn what we can of the heart.
…and if things go wrong, to kill those who were touched by it.
From this, we can learn what makes it work. What fuels it. How it's magic works.
And I believe you agree: most importantly, we can learn how to better destroy any others like it."
"Got me there."
She laughs
"Not to the child…"
Eaglecrest is not known for artists.
But you could check the market district.
[-Originally, Lavann was a fire elemental of immense power, commanding volcanoes and legions of minions. His greatest foes were a tribe of ice elementals known as the ice orcs.-]
"I know how hard those can be to break."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385182

"I'm not a father, Peach. I am a blade. I wouldn't even know what to do with him."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 385183


I just need some stone and something to chip away at it

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385184

I nod slowly
"Papaver somniferum. Family: Papaveraceae. Genus: Papaver. Used to make opium. Dangerous in large doses. Effective to ease pain. Must be applied with care. Risk of addiction."

I nod
"Break habits together then."

Venia [Battlemage] 385185

I chuckle along with her, enjoying the lightheartedness after the previous discussions.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385186

Shake my head.
"This is a very, very bad idea. You are toying with forces you do not understand. That thing… is simply evil. Nothing to learn from that, only despair. Why do you want to risk losing anypony when we can simply get rid of it? Why would you risk the lives of your friends? Your loved ones?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 385187

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385188

Ice orcs, how disgusting. Shudder.
Does the book say what Lavann did to them?

Kilana [deathsinger] 385189

I nod, "And how much would you need for say.. a month's treatment?"
I rub my cheek and scowl at you. "Pumpkin, the point is I took it too far. I should have used a non-lethal way of dealing with her. And I am fine, I just need time to learn restraint." I set the glasses down on the side table and pour them.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 385190

Wherever you are, I'm going to run into you there.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385191

Look utterly shocked.
"Kila, you almost killed yourself to help her! This is not the way it has to be!
You will die on the field if you think like this, one of these days!"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385192

I think for a moment
"Box filled with poppy seeds would be enough. Can adjust dose depending on initial reaction."

DM 385194

"Then why did you have him?"
I said they probably sell that stuff in the market.
…but lets not break this hug. I like it…"
"What if we got a maid outfit for Unyielding?"
"I don't. I want to be prepared if we have to face one again. I want to take its weapons and turn them against it and its kind. Against any who would threaten us."
…and the die is one way to represent them."
He takes out a small ten-sided die.
[-Following Lavann's defeat, the elementals forged an alliance. What came of said alliance is unknown.-]

Venia [Battlemage] 385197

"Good god Valeriana. That would be downright demonic. The King in a maid outfit? How uncouth!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385198

"I told you. It's to not leave her alone.
To try and leave something in the world before my time comes…
Or maybe just because I needed a family. Any family. Because maybe I'm still as messed up as I once was."
"He deserves better than me…"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385200

I squeeze her a little harder, yet making sure not to put any pressure on her backwound
"Yes… I… like it too…"

Kilana [deathsinger] 385201

"I knew I wouldn't die since there were no living threats to finish me off and I was unharmed. I carefully gave her what I could, and that allowed the others stronger healing to take effect.. It won't be necessary again because now I will only use that spell if its direly needed."
"Alright, how big of a box? A box can be many sizes"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385203

"Faith in yourself and friends seemed to be enough. Light against darkness. An unwavering will. That is all you need to defeat any demon."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 385204

"You struck me as a gambling stallion, but I didn't realize you were quite so philosophical about it, Your Majesty."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385205

"Looks like I was wrong then. You took this much better than I thought."
Look ashamed at the ground.
"Sorry for the slap."

DM 385209

"An old fat king at that."
"He sure does.
She might too.
Are you seriously saying we're not family enough for you?"
…hm, nah.
Lets just… enjoy the moment for now."
He gives you a dull look
"I nearly died out there. Several times. I lost a leg. And that was nothing but a little punch up. He wasn't even a full demon.
…what do you know of demons?"
"It is not about gambling… Not any more than anything in the world is.
It is… related to a revelation I had some time ago. After… a dark encounter."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385212

I hold out my hooves to show off the dimensions
"Not big. Poppy seeds are small."

"Is there something you wish, Mistral?"

Venia [Battlemage] 385215

I push her playfully
"He's younger than both of us!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385216

"I'm torn inside Peach.
There is nothing I want more than caring for him once he's born but…
I can't leave Frosty alone. I can't."
Clench my jaw tight and shut my eyes, looking at the floor.
'1d10' not to cry again.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385217

Put the book away again, finish up my notes for today and put those away as well.
Is there a library or something in the palace or Eaglescrest?

Kilana [deathsinger] 385219

I nod "Its alright, I'm just glad you came to see me at all. lets try to enjoy a drink together at least. Tell me about how your mares are doing, or how frosty is handling this. " I say and start to drink my glass

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 385220

"Cryptic, Your Majesty."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 385221

Well fucking hell!

that's it

reach into my hatvagine of magic

and pull a bag of gold bricks


Roll #1 6 = 6

Kilana [deathsinger] 385222

"Alright, thank you. I'll get that too you as soon as I can.. and I hope you don't misunderstand, what happened was my fault -not the spells. "

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385223

"I know of their corruption. I have seen the destruction they cause. I have seen the all the death and despair a demonic deal can cause. And I know it is best not even to tempt fate and give the a chance to manifest that potential to cause harm. Because I know that they need ponies to do that harm."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385226

Take a glass myself and sit somewhere far from her.
"Frosty, he's worried for us all.
Bearing misses me.
Peach just opened my eyes to reality.
I might be dropping my dagger soon."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385229

I look surprised. "But.. didn't you say you wouldn't put them down until the north was united? What did peaches tell you?"

DM 385236

"Right now?
…I'm just happy it's over…
And that… I could meet you again."
"He sure doesn't look like it."
"Have you even spoken to him about this? Does he even know?
Does even Valeriana know?"
"For a reason.
It is not a revelation most would want passed on to them."
"Please. Tell me the whole story."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385237

"I'm having a kid. And if I do stick with this life, that kid might never meet his father.
And just look at how messed up me or Peach are."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 385239

"If you believe that the case, then I will defer to your judgment, Your Majesty."


Right, that's it.
"You have gone too far, royal spymaster!"
I try and tackle her to the ground
"Now I shall fight you in a duel to the bitter end to restore his honor!"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385246

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385248

"No. They don't. And I'm just that much more foolish for taking the liberty of having a kid without telling any of them.
Damn me and my idiocy."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 385249


Can I yank a nice sized crystal from the hat that I can craft runes on?

Please hat

please '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Kilana [deathsinger] 385254

"Bearing is pregnant?" I smile "and you're quitting to be a dad? Well, I'm happy for you, I know you'll be a good father."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385255

Idiocy roll [1d10]

"… spells made wound unnatural. Resists healing. Why use magic like that?"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385257

"I wished to find you again. That is why I asked to come along…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385258

Stare at the untouched drink in my hooves.
"I am betraying them. I am betraying you all…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385259

"It is the story of a knigth. A knight of good intentions and pure heart, but wrong judgement. He wanted to be more powerful to protect the ponies he loved, so he accepted a deal with a demon lord, the most powerful one… and the most evil of them. Tirek… he granted the knight his 'wish', by twisting him into a horrible creature, a vile dragon who lost all his thoughts and did nothing destroy everything in it's path."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385262

"I know.. and that's why I used my own blood to reverse it.. I mistaken thought she was a threat, and I didn't hold back.. that spell should only be used in a time of need, a last resort.. there are many good things that my magic can do, it doesn't have to be used to harm.. "
"Betraying who? You've done nothing but make us safer and you've spend most of your life so far doing it. You could train others to take your place and leave them in charge of that safety. If you have a constant supply of ponies you trained out there protecting the north, wouldn't that be enough to let you sleep in peace, not having to go out there?"

DM 385265

"…tell me. Have you ever in your studies… heard of The Master?"
She sits still and tries to sidestep at the last moment
There is, but it's rather limited, being mostly a collection of history and martial teachings.
"Damn it indeed.
When were you planning on spreading the word?"
Nope. The hat is empty right now.
"Well, you sure found me."
She giggles.
"And you insist a weak parasite could somehow be as dangerous as the most powerful and evil of the demon lords?"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385266

Do they have a map of the Northlands and Equestria?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385269

"Betraying mother, for training me. Frostmourn, for accepting me.
Betraying the oath I have. Everything."
"Frosty knows. I guess I should tell mother…"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385270

"Did not expect you to be there… only wanted to find clues. Thought mansion was abandoned. Are you not sad the mansion is gone?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 385271

"Only in passing from my colleagues that are demonologists. I don't know the meaning behind the name, but I can only imagine it is a demon of presumably great power."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385272

"In the right condition and without care, even the weakest leaf of grass can break a stone path. It does not matter how powerful it is, it matters what it is, Frostmourn, and even a weak parasite could cause such harm that some of us would never forget or forgive."


Swash her in the face with my tail as I pass her by then!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Kilana [deathsinger] 385278

I look with sympathy to you. "That oath was made long ago, you couldn't have know that this would happen back then."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385279


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385282

Shake my head.
"I took that oath the day after my wedding."

DM 385288

File: 1364765557857.png (85.19 KB, 856x856, the northlands.png)

Just the northlands.
"You damn well should."
"No… I had no good memories of that place.
I'd rather start again, somewhere else…"
"I suppose you could call it that.
It calls itself the creator of us all."
"And the stronger ones could do much worse, and we'd have no knowledge of how they work. Of how to defend against their power and how to overcome them. Now of how that power could be turned on our enemies.
…we'd be helpless against a foe who had such knowledge."
She tries to grab your tail and pull you over

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385290

Off to Valeriana I go.
I don't care if she's in lesbians. Knock.

Kilana [deathsinger] 385291

"By being careful. Making guardians like Codar, Being able to talk to dead loved ones, make amends to them, or get advice from them.. its not a bad art in itself. "
"In my opinion you took that oath when you started training. The goal was always to be a northblade wasn't it?" I take another drink. "regardless, that just means you actually have two oaths to follow, the oath to your wife and the oath to your king. Since they are conflicting, you have to choose one. Someday I may have to choose between my life here and my work in nercomancy, I know which one I would choose already."

Venia [Battlemage] 385293

I scrunch as she manages to beat me at my own game
"Damn you…"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 385294

"This troubles you?"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385295

I bite my lower lip slightly again

"Codar… unnatural. Do not understand it. Dead, yet alive."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385297

"Divinity and light. The power of friendship and love. These are the only things that can truly protect us from demons, for they don't understand them. Don't try to use fire against fire, Frostmourn. You will just burn yourself and your house down."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385300

"Understanding is what my job is about, because when we don't understand something it can only harm us. And, I'm hoping to discover and understand even more new ways to help. I want to use these arts to help ponies and others everywhere. That's my dream."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385302

"You tell that's necromancy and I'm gonna slap you again…"

Kilana [deathsinger] 385305

I look at you seriously "Pumpkin, I love you all but I will never give up on my dream to make the world better with necromancy. If the world can't accept necromancy, then I will go into hiding and keep working. I would send you and Frosty my results every once in a while and let you know how am I.."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385309


Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385310

Well, it's a start but it won't help much without one of Equestria…if that would even help.
Study the map for a second, then write on the paper of Lavann that the shards could be anywhere.

Put the map in it's place again and go outside. What time is it?

DM 385314

Welcome to a time where she is alone
"Pumpkin. Always good to see you, boy."
"I might be old but I'm not slow"
"How much can I trust you?"
"…I'd love to."
"So a lantern and a hug were what defeated this demonic dragon your fought?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 385316

"Thank you, for hearing me out." I smile. "Is there anything else on your mind?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385317

"You would what?!"
Stand up, slightly panicking.
"I don't need to lose you too, damnit!"
Finding her in lesbians could have been more entertaining.
And I'd have valued Venia's opinion on this.
"Mother, there is something I have to tell you.
Me and Bearing are having a child."


I stay still for a moment, then go in for a final desperate surprise attack

Roll #1 10 = 10

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385319

"Don't speak with that sarcastic tone, Frostmourn, I can't stand it."
After a pause.
"And no, what defeated it were the words of an old friend, and a shard of Harmony…after we could restrain the beast at the cost of many lives."

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385320

"… Thank you. I will help you just like I help Frosty."

I shake my head slowly
"No, Kilana. I am happy."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385323

Go find a bath somewhere '1d10'
In the Arena again if I don't find anywhere better.
I need someplace to think.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Kilana [deathsinger] 385325

"Its my dream.. I can't let the world's prejudice stop me.. and bro, do you really think I'd ever be happy knowing I wasn't allowed to use my art? That I would happily give it all up to become what? A house wife? A royal bard? "

Kilana [deathsinger] 385326

I smile at you. "Alright, I'll come find you once I have the seeds." I go off to the city.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 385327

"If you didn't trust me, it would be extremely ill advised to allow me near you. But I think if I was a threat to you, the shadow master wouldn't let me near you either."

Pause, "This is a roundabout way of saying, 'you can', but ponies will axiomatically answer favorably to that question without evidence. My answer was intended to be more evident in fact."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385329

"Well I will make damn sure no blind zealot thinks it's okay to discriminate against necromancy."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385334

"I'm afraid that burden falls onto me, when so few are open about it those that are known to practice must be an example, and lets be honest, I wasn't a good example today."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385335

"You were a young mare dragged onto a secret operation. There was just so much strain on you that it's not fair even call that a mistake.
You did much better than I could have ever hoped for."

DM 385336

Rolling for amount of shock
Can she counter?
"Harmony…. the power of the Equestrian Empresses?"
"That makes me glad…
…really glad."
There are baths at the palace.
"Then, what do you believe in?"

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 2 = 2

Kilana [deathsinger] 385337

I smile "Thank you for that, but the others.. I'm afraid they will take some explaining to if they are to see it that way, the way Radiant and Venia talked about it.. made it sound like I was monster, and in front of everyone.."

DM 385338

"…I see.
When is it due?"
Not a chance.
"It seems I'm pinned down… Oh dear~"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385339

Get over there.
Are there some candles around here? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Venia [Battlemage] 385340

I grin victoriously as I loom over her.
"My my, it would seem the good spymaster has been bested. Any last words?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385341

"Frankly, screw them and their narrowminded view of the world.
Venia especially has no right talking.
She was the one who thought it well to make the northblades happen in the first place."
Look on the side with a scornful expression.
How long has it been since we left Wintergrasp for Rockeye?

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385342


Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385344

Well I'll just keep hugging her in silence until she breaks off.

DM 385346

They aren't scented though.
"Kiss me you fool?"
"Might they be… opposing forces then? Harmony and… demonic power?"
Like two weeks or something?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385349

"She's long from it. We decided on having a kid just before leaving Wintergrasp for Rockeye."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385350

Good enough.
Light some candles in a circle around the bath and get in.
Rolling for relaxation '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385351

"Since Harmony stands for the good of ponykind and demonic powers stand against everything good, they might be… why?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 385352

"You, Your Majesty."

Kilana [deathsinger] 385353

"I can only hope that talking with them will go well, but its still something I must do."
I sigh finishing my drink "Its going to be one really, really long day."

"but what of your choice pumpkin, are you happy choosing Bearing and your child?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 385354

And I'll be right where I was. Outside the door. Wishing I had my helmet on so I wouldn't have to hear this touching heart to heart talk.


I laugh and do ask asked.
"You deviant…"

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385358


Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385359

Not very relaxed. I'll stay in here a while, thinking about Lavann and the shards.

Rolling for clearheadedness after a while '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 385363

"So you still have some time as a blade then. Good… I'll need you in Stormheart."
You mind is pretty busy.
"Because if one can overcome the other… there might lie a key to defending ourselves against Equestria."
"I try to enjoy life when it's possible.
Get in some happy moments between the assassinations and eavesdropping."
"…do you have anyone special in your life?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385365

Look taken aback.
How on heart did you know I wanted to stop?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385367

Furrow my eyebrows and start talking with anger in my voice.
"Don't you dare, Frostmourn. Don't even think about it. "

Venia [Battlemage] 385368

"Can't say I blame you."
I settle down next to her

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 385369

"I have no idea Kila. I will have to talk with mother about this…"

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385370

Start getting mad again at my inability to meditate.
Focus on the candles. That should calm me down '1d10-1'

Roll #1 1 - 1 = 0

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385371


Kilana [deathsinger] 385372

"Alright, how about a song to lift your spirits then?" '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Kilana [deathsinger] 385373

Well, look at that.. tipsy singing is still good it seems.

DM 385374

"Because you're going to be a good father. A father who cares for his child and wife…"
"And why not?
Do not be blinded by names, Radiant. That the power of empresses who gladly burn and blow up children, poison hundreds of innocents and fan the flames of needless civil war for their own selfish gain is called Harmony is not an irony lost to me."
"There is so much I should do. And so little I can do."
You focus on the candles, channeling their flame into a roaring inferno that ignites the bathwater.
Roll for damage.
"You know.
…someone you… love."

Smouldering Torch [Burninator] 385375

Ignites the bathwater? Sweet!


Roll for damage '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Venia [Battlemage] 385377

"I know exactly what you mean…"
I frown
"The world is a big place with so many problems in it. Guess that's why I'm so intent on not sticking to one place."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 385378

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 385379

"Did they commit those crimes? No they did not! What you speak of is… is beyond heresy! It is an outrage! What? You plan to become a demonspawn?! Is that what you want to be? Is that what you want the North to be, a bedrock of twisted wretches just so you can win your petty little war?!"

Ambrosia [Ex-slave] 385380

"… I do like you…"

Pumpkin S- [Traitor] 385381

"But I will be useless! Useless to you, useless to Frosty…
I'll have wasted all this time!
I'm not even worth of your name, damnit!"
Giggle a bit.
"You are really a great singer.
There is a song I want to teach you…
In case we really never meet again."
Sing to her the Shadow Song.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Kilana [deathsinger] 385384

I clap a bit "Wow, that's an amazing song.. Did you call it The Shadow Song, as in.."

DM 385386

You jump out before anything too horrible happens.
Just some scorched mane and eyebrows. Minor burns.
The water eventually burns away, leaving just a hot, empty tub.
"I mean, about the world. Where do we come from? What is our purpose?
The sun? The moon? Life and death?"
"We feel the same. Yet with every place I leave behind, the more I regret doing it."
"I can hardly blaspheme against something that isn't divine.
The world is built of opposites. And if the power of the empresses is the opposite of demons, then are they not as well, in a way, demons?"
She looks deeply surprised