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Northlands Season 2 - Episode 2 DM 374338[Last 50 Posts]

This is the story of a young pony who faced adversity and vowed to end it. His journey has taken him through death and hope to the bloodied sands of the north's most warlike nation. The tournament continues as new faces are joining the High King's ranks.

Episode 2: Fight on because you still can!

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374341

"Part of it, yes."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374342

"Then maybe we should move somewhere safer. We have a room, just this way."
Lead him there.


Mind reader. Ignore memories entirely. Look at surface thoughts. Determine intent. Why is he trying to take me there?

"Who is constituted by 'we'?"

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374344

Clearly nothing come of that mental venture.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374345

"You saw us. The whole bunch. Me, Lady Venia, Lady Radiant, the High King…"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374346

"I see. Very well."

Follow, but continue chatting. "The High King must be very confident in the abilities of his retainers to allow outsiders so close. I presume you've spoken with the Queen about my letter of introduction based on the fact that you knew about my ties to the Convention."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374347

"Oh, don't get too excited. You are not seeing the High King until very much later. Not with that mind magic of yours.
And no, I haven't. But I do know about it. Actually, the Queen herself should not be aware of this."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374348

"You speak like a bodyguard, and you seem quite well informed. You didn't introduce yourself, but the Queen called you 'pumpkin'. Pet name?"

Suspicious character. Knows too much – more than a queen? Claims to be too humble. Ignore surface thoughts, examine frontal lobe. Personal identity. What is his job? His ties to the High King? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Rolling a save against mental probing!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374350

"True name. Born in a orphanage, the matron had little care for our personality. Gave us all fruit names."

A orphan looking for a father. He keeps the North safe. The High King saved his life.

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374351

"I see. You've come far, to be working in the government. You know, I had thought Pumpkins were vegetables."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374352

"They are. Vegetables, fruits. That's the gist of it.
And really, as somepony told me once, I've just been lucky.
But I'm no working pony. Just a friend."

I guess it's safe to assume we are at the room by now.

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374353

"If that's what you prefer to leave it at, I won't pry."

Verbally, anyway.

"It would seem, as promised, the High King has departed. He has quite a few attendants."

Venia [Battlemage] 374354

I perk up as they enter
"Oh? Pumpkin, you brought in our other friend as well?"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374355

Bow slightly. "Your majesty."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374356

"Me and him have a few things to take care of. Mostly stuff Verne started back in Rockeye."
"From all walks of life. Take your time to socialize."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374357

I just passively stare at the exchange.

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374358

"Ah, Seven is here as well. You know, I had a close friend named Seven for many years."

"It seems you are familiar with the Vizier at least."

Venia [Battlemage] 374359

"Please, there is no need to be so formal around me."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374360

I cock my head.
"A slave?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374361

"I wouldn't have come to you otherwise, would I?"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374362

"I preferred your earlier verbiage of 'servant'. If slaves at all, slaves to duty. Perhaps you could understand better than the others… choosing to serve a master even when it is harmful to yourself. I found it fulfilling once… perhaps I still do."

"As you wish, Lady Venia."

"It's hard to be certain. A few ponies have approached me to comment on how boring my match was."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374363

I stare at him for a moment longer.
"I do not understand. Who do you serve?"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374364

Glance around conspiratorially a bit. We are behind closed doors, after all.


Venia [Battlemage] 374365

I chuckle
"Just Venia will do, Ten. I'm a simple pony like you, so there is no need to fear me."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374366

"President is your master? How do you serve President?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374367

"I thought you served King Longshanks of Rockeye?"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374368

"Fear is healthy. Good exercise for the amygdala. I will try to bear your statement in mind, however."

"In many ways. One of which would be this trip."

"I am from Rockeye. I do think Longshanks would see me hanged, though."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374369

"And he'd do good, since this is not a wise thing to go around telling ponies."
Stare flatly at him.

Venia [Battlemage] 374370

I raise a brow
"What do you mean? Did you commit a crime against him of sorts?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374371

I nod.

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374372

"There's no easy way to phrase the answer to that. I never harmed anyone. I would love to elaborate, but it looks like good Mister Pumpkin is getting impatient."

"Maybe we should talk first."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374373

"Yeah, I think we should. Follow."
And to another room we go.

Venia [Battlemage] 374374

I frown
"Okay then."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374375

"I promise to bring him back in one piece."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374376

"Care to elaborate as to why a simple friend and 'no working pony' seems to be more aware as to my presence than a queen? It's not going to be possible to meet with Vizier behind his queen's back, nor ultimately speak with the High King without Lady Venia noticing."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374377

"You are not too bright for a dark artist."
Flutter to the other side of the room, near a window.
"It's a project vicequeen Venia knows nothing about, and by order of the High King, nopony other than the interested parties shall be privy of this.
Take a seat."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374378

"I don't think I should have any further discussion with you in that case. It would be best to wait until I meet with the good Vizier. Can't afford to leak state secrets."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374379

"What part of take a seat didn't you understand?
The Vizir is not with us today. And the High King will not receive a mind mage without the necessary protection.
Said protection being my word of your good faith.
Know that on this moment you are threading on very thin ice.
I've been tasked to work with you. And I do have the means to stop you, should the need arise.
So please, seat."

Venia [Battlemage] 374380

I sigh and turn to Sunny.
"So Sunny, you said you never really left your master's domain before he died, did you? How much do you know about the outside world? About this nation, for example?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374381

I look down
"Yes, your highness. I know this is the Kingdom of Eaglecrest, ruled by king Ebonreth. The ponies here enjoy fighting and place high value in it."
I pause for a moment, thinking
"I don't know much else, your highness, I am sorry."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374382

"I'm afraid I can't allow state secrets to fall into the hands of any old friend of the king. You understand. His best interests, after all. You do not have to worry about me discussing my mission further with the Queen. That will be put on hold until I speak with the Vizier in Wintersgrasp."

Pause. "It is unfortunate if I will not be able to meet with the High King now, but it wasn't in the plan anyway."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374383

"I am the pony tasked with supervising the protection of the academy to be, Ten.
And the protection of the world from the academy.
If you really are here to talk about it, then you and I are going to see quite a lot of each other."

Venia [Battlemage] 374384

I gently place a hoof under her chin and lift her head to look at me.
"Please… there is no need to act humbled by me. I feel bad enough for you already. And don't worry, I don't blame you for anything, okay?"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374385

"That sounds like a working position to me."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374386

I stare at her for a moment, then nod slowly.
"Okay. I will remember."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374387

"Of course it's a working position. You expect me to tell around who I am while there might be ponies listening in?
Now give me a reason to trust you and let you walk out of this room.
Show me you actually are here for the dark academy."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374388

"I don't think you're going to kill me. You made a promise to the Queen of Wintersgrasp."

Mind reader. Is he really the one tasked with the protection of the academy? '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Venia [Battlemage] 374389

I give her a warm smile.
"I'm happy to hear that. Now… if there is anything you need. Anything you wish to ask or talk to me about, then don't hesitate and do so, okay? You don't have to be afraid."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374390

"I have a duty that comes before any promise."

Yes, he's been tasked by the High King to protect the world from the academy, and the academy from itself.

Kilana [deathsinger] 374391

Well, the match is certainly taking a while to start. I check the rooms to see who is still waiting down here.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374392

I wonder if I'm having nice thoughts about the Sun and stuff

Roll #1 8 = 8

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374393

I nod

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374394

"I have a letter of introduction if you care to read it. You won't find it very elaborate. Are you quite done making needless threats of violence? I was under the assumption we were among allies."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374395

"I need to protect the High King from threats. And somepony who stares down ponies on the battlefield…
Who stared down Lady Radiant herself…
You are indeed a menace if we are not on the same side.
I'd like to see this letter, please."

Kilana [deathsinger] 374396

I knock on the door to your room. "Hey Pumpkin, if you're in there do you want to go see what's taking them so long to start your match?"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374397

"I choose to take that as a compliment. Lady Radiant is a wonderful healer, by the way."

Unfold the letter and hold it out.

On behalf of the Rockeye CLANDESTINE CONVENTION FOR BANNED RESEARCH, this letter hereby announces its bearer, Lecturer 10, as our representative and legate to Vizier Verne of Wintersgrasp on our behalf in accordance with Convention Resolution 114 passed on the 3802nd day of convention of the Tenth Convention, duly appointed by our President.

Lecturer #2
Lecturer #5
Lecturer #6
Lecturer #9

Lecturer #10

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374398

SbS. Is this a forgery?
Shout through the door.
"Enter, Kila. There's somepony you should meet."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374399

Well it's no illusion at least.
"So. Do I have to call you Lecturer Ten all the time?"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374400

"My colleagues call me Ten for short."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374401

"No real name?"
Hoof him back the letter.

Kilana [deathsinger] 374402

I step inside closing the door behind me.
"Hello ten, I'm Kilana." For reference I am a zebra, and carrying around a scythe that radiates necromantic energy if you're sensitive to it you would maybe pick up on it.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374403

"Kila, he's the representative from Rockeye's dark art association.
Mind magic expert, so don't get too close.
You two will have a lot of work to get the academy working."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374404

"Isn't there a certain absurdity to asking one wearing a mask what one's name is?"

Perhaps a little. And for your benefit, I am so covered in heavy traveling cloaks I look more like an amorphous mass of cloth than any particular race. I'm wearing a scry-proof mask.

"The pleasure is mine. I recall seeing you in the last room. You are one of the High King's courtiers as well?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 374405

"Its as pumpkin says, I'm working on the Dark Academy from our end of things. The high king wants this to work for everyone's benefit " I give you a confident smile.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374406

"Masks are-"
Tap on my eye.
"-not a big problem."
'1d10', see what he looks like under the mask and clothes.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374407

Nod. "I believe that will be the case. I look forward to working with you."

Look at him warily, but say nothing.

Under the cloaks, he's a lightly built donkey with long ears and a tightly cut, suppressed mane and tail. His coat is largely uniform and a light brown. The mask resists all efforts to see beyond it, totally scry-proof.

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374408

After pausing, add, in Pumpkin's direction, "It's not the matter of whether or not you can see through, it's the point of the mask itself. If I planned to tell you who I am, I would not be wearing one."

Venia [Battlemage] 374409

I walk around over to Radiant.
"You seem… relaxed."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374410

"But looks like your is a new trick I've never seen."
Cock my head.
"Nice ears by the way."
"Fine, I won't press the matter. Just one thing.
As much as you value that mask of yours, I do value my secrecy.
If I ever find out you are using mind magic on me or anypony else I'm watching over- and before you fall into rethoric, it means anypony in this room- I will have a word with you.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374411

I quietly wander over as well.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374412

I open my eyes and smile sheepisly.
"Oh… I just tried to medidate a bit after this whole thing. Clear my mind."

Kilana [deathsinger] 374413

"Well, I'll just have to gain your trust and respect enough that you will remove it on your own. "

Venia [Battlemage] 374414

"… Thinking about the Sun?"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374415

"We may as well have the word now, Mister Pumpkin. I am generally honest among allies, so I will tell you in good faith that I've already been practicing it on you to determine the veracity of your claims. You have my sincere apologies, but I tell you this now so that you understand I have no intention to deceive you in this regards. I will be discreet."

Nod. "That is a kind sentiment. I think while Rockeye still keeps its current stance toward my practices, that will be impossible, unfortunately."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374416

I blink and open my mouth as if to say something, before nodding.
"Uh… yes."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374417

Look at him with a flat expression.
"How much?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374418

I sigh and sit down next to her.
"That Sun?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374419

I scrunch.
"…No… Sort of."

Venia [Battlemage] 374420

"… What is she like? From up close, I mean."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374421

"… She? The Sun is a mare?"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374422

"I understand who you intend to protect when the Academy is completed. I knew your job before we came to this room. I know you and the High King are close for very personal reasons. That's all. Fair enough? You have my word as an educator that I will not intentionally deceive a comrade."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374423

"In a way. It's complicated…"

I sigh.
"Did I ever tell you about my vision? Because… I think that might have been her. Maybe it wasn't a vision, but a memory."


Try to tell if that's all.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Venia [Battlemage] 374425

"You told me a few things… but not really in detail."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374426


Kilana [deathsinger] 374427

I frown a bit. "Ten, this isn't quite the start I had expected, but I believe you were only doing it for your protection. I understand that some aren't very understanding to the darker magic."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374428

"My apologies. If it softens the blow, he did threaten to kill me."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374429

"Well. Never do it again. Not with me, not with the High King, not with the Vizir, not with Kilana,
not with the others."
"That's my job. Nothing personal."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374430

"I will tell you more, don't worry. I just don't want to confuse you."

"You remember that time when I was feeling down? My wings of light started to act up again and I was looking for something? I found it… in form of a vision. I think. It was like a flash. I saw a white Goddess smiling at me with a warm and gentle smile so beautiful I have never seen anywhere else… And I want to see that smile again."

Kilana [deathsinger] 374431

I nod. "Well, perhaps I could show you something later today? I was working on a project to show the rockeye mages, and happened to bring it with me."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374432

I'll just have been sitting here, listening to things.

Venia [Battlemage] 374433

"… Right. Celestia."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374434

I nod.
"Yes… it might have been her…"

Venia [Battlemage] 374435

"From what I remember, Celestia was the white one, while her sister was dark blue."
I huff

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374436

I nod again.

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374437

"In the interests of honesty, I can't guarantee that. I prevented escalation because I was able to trust you – who had no credentials – because I was able to know you mentally. I understand if this means you cannot trust me with proximity to the High King, but know that, as an honest donkey who has volunteered all of this information without deception, I will avoid practicing on His Majesty out of respect."

"It would be a privilege. I have longed to see what the minds of the acclaimed Northlands are capable of."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374438

I tilt my head slightly.
"What do you mean?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374439

"I'm sorry, but this is not what I wanted to hear.
We are ponies in positions of danger, Ten.
I know things that are not supposed to be known."
Step just a bit closer.
"So I will have to draw a line here.
If I ever find you reading in my mind, I will kill you.

Venia [Battlemage] 374440

"Well… the white one, Celestia, resembles the sun. White is associated with light. Luna on the other hand is dark blue, which can be connected to the nightsky. Their coatcolors are symbolic."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374441

"I am white too… does that mean I resemble the Sun as well?"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374442

"I would rather tell you a hard truth than a comforting lie. I feel that, as an ally, you should not be misinformed. Can't we agree on that?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374443

I shrug
"Maybe. Could be coincidence though. Or maybe destiny, if you believe that type of thing."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374444

I gulp slightly, but with a tiny smile.
"You mean destiny as in… being connected?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374445

I keep silently observing them, unsheathing my longsword and starting to idly clean it with a piece of cloth. I have to take good care of this gift after all.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374446

"This is my hard truth. If you can't refrain yourself from reading into my mind I have no choice but to kill you, because what I know can doom the north in the wrong hooves."
Turn to Kilana.
"You might want to step outside."

Venia [Battlemage] 374447

"Maybe… I guess? I mean, your cutiemark alone symbolizes the Sun, no?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374448

I glance at her and smile.
She really likes that sword it seems.
I wonder if she'll like things like an own bed or garden just the same.

I nod.
"Yes. A dawning Sun."
I fiddle with my Pendant.
"…a particular one."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374449

"I don't intend to bring doom down on anyone. I strongly believe in peace, Mister Pumpkin. Whether or not I'm here, there will be others like me who are not as honest as I am who are not at your side to help you. Based on what I've learned from the Queen and Lady Radiant, your entourage is in desperate need of mental defense. That is something I can provide for you, with no strings attached."

Pause for a moment. "I sincerely want to see High King Frostmourn succeed. I believe his reign would be best for the North."

Kilana [deathsinger] 374450

I shake my head. "Pumpkin, please don't murder of one the rockeye mages, we could really use their help and it would be bad for alliances. I can agree with not letting him near the king since you don't trust him."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374451

"Kila, he could read off my head or off yours everything that's needed to destroy the north."
'1d10', try to tell if that's a lie.
We could really use a crit right now.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374452

I'll watch Sunny for a little while.
"Sunny, I have a small question for you."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374453

It's all true.

Venia [Battlemage] 374454

"Yes… a particular one indeed. As unfortunate as that is…"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374455

I look up from my work and stare at him blankly, awaiting his question.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374456

I frown.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374457

Harden the stare.
"Tell me why then.
Why do you insist on reading our mind?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 374458

"Then why hasn't he done so already?" I sigh "You know that such magic will be a part of the academy, reacting with fear won't solve anything. If somepony threatened you you would want to check and make sure they were who they said they were.."

Venia [Battlemage] 374459

"Well… Equestria isn't exactly known for being… peaceful. No matter how you look at it, those alicorns are still responsible for their country's doings…"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374460

We're going to have to do something about that blank stare. A smile would suit her face more.
"Why did you never fly away from your old master?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374461

"I just asked him to prove who he was."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374462

I scrunch again.
"It's easy to blame, yes… you didn't see that smile…"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374463

"You asked me to not get into rhetoric, so I won't. But if I had not read your mind, I would have had no reason to trust you without credentials, meaning you would have likely tried to kill me. Communication breakdowns like this happen frequently. I will not share your secrets."

"Thank you for your understanding."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374464

I keep staring silently at him for a moment, then speak up.
"Because I have to serve master. I cannot flee. I was bound to him by purpose."

Venia [Battlemage] 374465

I roll my eyes
"A smile doesn't make a pony good, Radiant. For all you know, she could have forced a romanticized image into your head using mind magic."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374466

"Very well. There are things in my mind you should not try to look into in any case. Can I have your word that stuff related to my work will be left aside, now that you have proof I'm telling the truth about the academy?"
And I'm not letting you anywhere in sight of the High King."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374467

"But he mistreated you. He abused his position as your master. And if you fly far enough, he likely wouldn't have been able to punish you for running."

Kilana [deathsinger] 374468

"We really should get some kind of letter for these situations. "

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374469

I narrow my eyes.
"No. No! I felt that was… that was more! That wasn't some sort of brainwashing! The goddess I saw was nothing but pure benevolence!"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374470

I finally blink.
"Why? He was my master. I am his. I cannot flee. If I left I would have had no purpose, just like today. No reason to leave. He provided for us and cared for us and we served him in return. Simple contract."

Venia [Battlemage] 374471

I shake my head
"I just can't believe that, Radiant. If she was truly pure then none of this would be necessary."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374472

"I actually do have a letter of introduction, which I provided after I was sure he was actually who he claimed to be."

"I am not here to spy on you, Mister Pumpkin. I will not unnecessarily peruse your memories for amusement or for secrets. Without my help, though? I guarantee others will, and likely have."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374473

"Maybe there is more to it…"
I look away.
"We only know Frostmourn's side of the story for sure…"
"And you know him…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374474

"Right. Let's get to work on some way to prevent that then, shall we?
Call me if there's anything you need for the academy."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374475

"Even a slave has certain rights, Prettybird. And yours were violated by your old master. He was not a good master. If you ran, you'd still have a purpose, be it finding your own way in the world, or just finding a better master."
I'll sigh slightly.
"Did he at least give you the chance to stretch your wings and fly?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374476

"Radiant, I have been alive longer than Frostmourn. Heck, I am Equestrian myself. I was there when Equestria employed their Lordblades against us. Lordblades that answer to those alicorns. Do you approve of those tactics? Killing innocents to achieve your goal?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374477

"I don't… but I don't lead countries either. What about Frostmourn? Do you think he would do it?"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374478

"The only thing I need is your trust. Take as long as you need on it."

Pause. "Now, unless Miss Kilana would like to show me her work now, shall we rejoin the others?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374479

I shake my head.
"Master decided what was best for us. He trained us. Fed us. Gave us a place to live. Gave us purpose. There was only one master, and that was him. I had no right to leave him while he was alive. Had to serve. Had to obey. Had to follow. Him and only him."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374480

"Yeah, might be for the best.
Remember, nopony other than us and Frostmourn knows about the academy.
There are others, but I will show them to you in due time."

Venia [Battlemage] 374481

"I don't think he would. And if he did… that would mean I failed to guide him properly."

Kilana [deathsinger] 374482

I nod. "Yeah, the others might be missing us by now."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374483

I'll shake my head again.
"How in the world did he instill such devotion? He made you miserable for his own entertainment!"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374484

"I will defer to you in this regards."

And then we went back!

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374485

I just stare at him blankly again.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374486

"Do you have something to say? I'm not going to stop you if you do."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374487

"What do I need to say?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374488

"Whatever you want to say. If I make you angry, tell me so. If I make you sad, say so. If I annoy you, tell me."
I'll lightly tap my hoof on the floor.
"That's what being a free mare is about, Prettybird. You can say whatever you want, to whoever you want. And if someone insults you, or makes you feel badly, you can yell at them, or just say that it bothers you."
I'll think for a moment.
"Do I bother you? Be honest, please."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374489

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374490

I'll hold up a hoof.
"Did you say that because that is how you feel, or because that is what you think I wanted to hear?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374491

"I am not bothered."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374492

"If I ever do bother you, you are free to tell me so."
I'll frown a little under my helmet.
It's like drawing blood from a stone. What did that demon do to her?
"I am curious about something else, if you don't mind me asking."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374493

"Okay. You can ask."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374494

"What is it like to fly?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374495

"I do not know. I am sorry."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374496

Raise a brow.
"Are you telling me you never flew?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374497

Now that's cause for concern.
"You don't know how? You never learned?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374498

I look down.
"Master said slaves cannot fly. Too much freedom. I was never taught how to fly. My wings were tied down at all times. With the exception when I was providing him companionship at night. Normally wings are cut off at birth, but master said he likes wings so I kept them for his pleasure."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374499

I'll be speechless for a moment.
Then look to Pumpkin.
"Master Swansong, I believe it's time this Prettybird learned to fly."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374500

"…. Right."
Take a step closer.
"May I take a look at those?"
Gesture at her wings.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374501

I frown.
"That's… horrible… I'm so sorry."

Raise an eyebrow and keep an eye on him, but say nothing.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374502

I slowly unfurl my wings without saying a word.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374503

I sigh.
"Sunny… you remember what I told you about personal space, right? If you don't want this yet you can tell us."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374504

Keep my hooves off her.
"Are you okay with me touching them? I have to see if the muscles are fine."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374505

I avert my gaze over to her.


Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374506

"Wait… you could try flapping them first."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374507

"Tell me if it hurts."
Try to get a feeling of her wing muscles.
'1d10', delicately '1d10'.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 10 = 10

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374508

I give them a single weak flap

I don't respond to his touch whatsoever.
My wings are weak and frail due to underuse.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374509

"Yeah. Okay. I've seen enough."
Retract the hoof.
"You need a lot of work if you ever want to fly.
Hard work."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374510

I sigh sadly.
"Let's not strain her for now then… Maybe we can start training her back in Wintergrasp. I could be the coach and you could be the trainer."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374511


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374512

"I had no intention to. We need a lot of time for this…"
Look at Sunny's wings.
"And frankly, I think me and Unyielding will be more than enough, thank you anyway."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374513

"Did you see what I managed with Frostmourn, of all ponies?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374514

"There are others you could probably enlist to help, since I doubt King Unyielding has the free time necessary. And your being attached to King Frostmourn's hip will likely keep you quite busy as well, master Swansong."
I'll shrug.
"I realize the personal touch would do her much better, but you can't be in several places at once."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374515

Note the last name and continue quietly observing.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374516

"I'm not sure your wings work just like ours…"
"Right. Time and whatnot."
"I should have enough, it's not going to be a problem. After all, I'm just a rich guy."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374517

"They might not, but that is why you will do the actual training, and I will do the couching."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374518

"And I'm just a messenger. I could oversee her physical training, if you could arrange a pegasus to help her with flight training, in the event you can't make it yourself."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374519

"You know, if you wanted to see her learn to fly you could have just said so.
That's very motherly of you."
"Don't you have a… You know, place to go back to? Ironfoe? Viceroy Deep Rock?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374520

"Not for some time. As I said earlier, delivering the message to Queen Venia was a favor, as I was being sent here regardless."
I'll wave a hoof slightly.
"I don't recall if you were paying attention when I spoke with King Frostmourn, but I was sent to join his guard."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374521

"That's not what I…"
"I just want to see her get well and better. Healthy."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374522

"You- Join the sunguards?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374523

"No. I was sent to join King Frostmourn's Guards. His traveling companions."
I'll toss a look around again.
"Though I'm beginning to think it was simply a case of having me out of the way."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374524

"I can't imagine why they would want that…"
"As I said. Very motherly."
Chuckle a bit.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374525

Roll my eyes.
"And to make sure you don't poision her mind with any of your wild ideas."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374526

"Your sarcasm is noted."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374527

Jerk my face slightly.
"Like what?"
Nod to him.
"You always need somepony on that job."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374528

"You know exactly what I mean."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374529

"No. Honestly. I don't.
What, afraid I'll have her taste some alcohol?"
Look at her in genuine surprise.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374530

Roll my eyes again.
"Playing stupid won't help."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374531

Stand up and move closer.
"Okay. Now I'm concerned.
What are you even talking about?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374532

"Your job."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374533

"I'm just a fat noble! What job should I have?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374534

Well, seems he's not just a fop after all. Wonder what that job is.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374535

I'll just be here.
Obviously staring at all of you.

Kilana [deathsinger] 374536

I try to give radiant a subtle sign by looking at her and then at our various guests.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374537


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374538

Turn back to Sunny.

"So, we will start once back in Wintergrasp. Is it okay with you?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374539


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374540

Smile at her.
"The first thing you will do as a free mare will be to learn how to fly. Rather poetic, don't you think?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374541

"She is already a free mare, technically."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374542

I look down.
"Yes. Master said flying signifies freedom."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374543

And suddenly, a thought.
"Sunny, wait. Before you commit to this… Do you want to learn to fly?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374544

"Sounds better that way thou. Free in mind like in body and in law, once she learns."
Smile at her.
Nod slowly with a smile.
"I bet you will love it."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374545


Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374546

"I guess it does…"

I smile at her.
"That's good to hear."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374547

I'll nod.
"Good. I don't think it would be right if we taught you to fly and you just went along with it because we said you should know how."
I'll smile a little beneath my helmet.
"I look forward to seeing you fly free, Prettybird."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374548


Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374549

Finally speak up.

"I would still recommend a medical professional take a look at the wings. Atrophy can quite serious."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374550

"I had assumed that would be the first step. Basic physical fitness measurements, and then they start working on building her up to flight ability."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374551

I look down but say nothing.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374552

"Yes, I think that might help."

"Something wrong?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374553

"And if that doesn't work, we have a second ace up our sleeves."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374554

"You mean a pair of wings like Lady Goldentail's?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374555

"I mean a pair of wings like Frosty's leg. Think about it."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374556

"I've seen a case like this once before, though the circumstances were different somewhat."

Lean close and whisper, "Pegasus raised by earth ponies in countryside. Adopted. Bound wings. Atrophy set in. Forced to amputate and regrow. Painful."

Return to a more natural position. "Of course, no reason to be so pessimistic."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374557

"Wouldn't that be too heavy?"

"That would take years."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374558

"I see."
I'll remain silent at that.
The depths some ponies will sink…

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374559

I slowly shake my head.
"No. I am well, Radiant. But… nature provides."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374560

I think for a few seconds.
"Are you saying you don't want to be seen by doctors? If you trust natural ways more then that's perfectly fine."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374561

"I had a talk with Golden Hoats. You can't imagine what that pony can dish out."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374562

"I understand it's more dangerous because binding wings can cause blood clotting, though I wouldn't know how to check for that."

"Forgive me for living under a rock – or Rockeye, for that matter – but what exactly is the state of the High King's leg?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374563

"I heard he lost it when he was younger. It's a golem sort of thing now… I don't know any of the details."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374564

"Lifelike magic."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374565

I nod slowly.
"Fleetclaw. Purple flower. Family: Carnation. Origin: Gryphon lands. Employed to create remedies to strengthen wings of young gryphons."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374566


"Something like your eye, then? Provides more benefit than an actual appendage."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374567

"That sounds like something that would indeed be helpful to you."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374568

"He hardly needs it. My eye is standard Rockeye gemstone."
"I'm marking that one. Will get a few for you."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374569

"I think he has it connected to his armor now."
I smile.
"Took quite a while to convince him to put some actual muscle behind it."

"That would be quite helpful at the early stages! Is it rare? Apart from it's origins?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374570

I nod slowly.

I look down.
"Thank you."

"Master had them in garden. Rare outside of gryphon lands but can be cultivated with enough care."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374571

"That's an impressive show of knowledge."

"Useful to know."

Nod along. "Are you implying you trained him? If that's the case, I'm not worried about his success tomorrow."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374572

I'll shake my head slightly.
"I'm beginning to think we should raid that garden, if it has as many rare flowers and herbs as it seems to have."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374573

"Why do you always look down when thanking somepony?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374574

I nod.
"You should have seen him, he was as tough as a pancake before I started to couch him. He had a short temper too when I pushed his limits, especially with pushups and running and the like."
Shake my head.
"He was a total disaster, but I think I did well."

"And do you think you can make the potion yourself?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374575

"Master had a big garden as well as several greenhouses. Owned large variety of flora. Taught me how to tend to them. How to use them."

"Master taught me."

I nod slowly

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374576

I nod as well, then frown slightly.
"And I told you Sunny, you are equal here. You don't have to worry about looking us in the eye when we speak."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374577

"Yeah, well, here we are the same. Arguably, I could have ended just like you back in the days.
So no bowing.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374578

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374579

I smile.
"Don't let us scare you."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374580

"No, Radiant."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374581

"Then don't be scared to express yourself either, as I told you."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374582

"Hey she said no. That's a progress."
Flutter back and seat somewhere.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374583

I nod slowly.
"I remember, Radiant."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374584

"Good. You are a charming pony to talk to."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374585

"Thank you, Radiant."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374586

"It's only the truth."
I smile again.
"Now, is there something you would like to talk about? There must be a topic we could discuss."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374587

I sit down.
"You spoke of the Sun earlier, Radiant."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374588

"Of course."
I motion to my armor full of symbols and my pendant.
"As you can see, I am quite devoted to it."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374589


Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374590

I continue, looking sideways.
"I am a Paladin of the Sun. A warrior and a priest. It is my religion. It is my purpose. My faith gives me strenght, and something to live by. I wake up early to praise the sun as it rises, I try to do good and bring light and warmth to ponies wherever I can, and so on. Because I believe the Sun is watching over all of us."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374591

I nod slowly.
"The Sun knows?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374592

I nod as well.
"The Sun knows everything, yes, but it is benevolent. It shines on all of us, and gives us it's warmth and light… but it can judge us. The Sun condemn the sinners, but helps those who do good and praise it."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374593

I nod.
"I understand. Thank you for explaining this to me."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374594

I smile at her.
"You are very much welcome. Anything else you want to know about?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374595

"By that logic, the Earth and Nature do the same. How can it not know what is a part of it? How can it not help those who revere or respect it?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374596

I shoot him a glance.
"Are you doubting my faith and it's reality?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374597

"No, I'm just wondering why you would choose a giant ball of fire over the world that created you."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374598


"Everything is nature… earth is nature, sun is nature, we are nature…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374599

"Tell me then, where would this world be without the warmth and light of the Sun? It did create us. Without the Sun, we are nothing. The Sun is the origin, the very thing that allows us to live, what gives us life."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374600

"What do you want to know about then?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374601

I'll nod to Sunny's answer.
"If what Sunny said is true, then instead of revering the parts, shouldn't we revere the whole? The harmony of Sun, Earth, and everything else?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374602

"High King Frostmourn."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374603

"Are you asking me to change the faith I have been cradling all my life? The Sun is my guide, and I follow the guidence it provides, without the need of anything else."

"What do you want to know about him?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374604

I think for a moment.
"What is he like as King?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374605

"Not at all. I'm not so bullheaded that I would force my own views on others without at least learning the reasons other ponies follow a different path."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374606

"He is… good, I guess. He tries his best to do what is good for the North, but he tends to overlook parts…"
I sigh.
"Can't blame him, he is a busy leader with big plans, but sometimes I wish he concentrated more on the smaller issues too."

Narrow my eyes.
"I do not like your tone."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374607

"It seems to be a common feeling."
I'll nod slightly.
"But you have my apologies. I did not intend to offend."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374608

"… Okay. He is our leader. Our lord. I am grateful to have met him. Thank you for bringing me here, Radiant."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374609

I sigh.
"Apology accepted. I just don't like it when ponies question my faith."

"No need to thank me."
After a short break, I add.
"And although he is the King, he is just a pony too. Uh… I'm not saying that you shouldn't respect him, but you don't have to feel inferior to him, okay?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374610

"But if you don't question something, how do you understand it?"
I'll shake my head.
"And King Frostmourn is still that, Lady Goldentail. The title of King does tend to carry with it a fair amount of superiority."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374611

I snort.
"Respect and such is earned, not inherited. And being King does not make a pony better than another. A noble could be a terrible person while a pony who doesn't even have a home could have a heart of gold."

Venia [Battlemage] 374612

"He is our king, Radiant. That means he outranks all of us, which requires us to respect him."
I turn to Sunny
"He's a nice pony though, don't you worry. But it's still expected of you to bow when in his presence… as awful as it may seem of me to say that considering what you've been through."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374613

"I do not doubt that. Sunny's former master is a prime example of how far a pony can sink. And most nobles I've met have been useless for anything other than politics. However, the title demands a modicum of respect, even if it is not in earnest."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374614


I look down.
"Yes, your highness."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374615

Roll my eyes.
"See, Venia, this is what I don't want to happen. I'm sure Frostmourn won't mind if Sunny doesn't bow to her every time he enters a room. He doesn't mind me either."

"What are titles? Why would I bow my head just because of something that is in front of a name?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374616

"Because it is polite to do so?"
I'll wave a hoof.
"Say you did not know Queen Venia personally. All you know of her is hearsay and rumor. Some good, some maybe not good. Would you give her the benefit of the doubt and give her due respect for her queenly status, or would you be disrespectful and stare her in the eye, as if challenging her authority?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374617

"Radiant, I'm sorry but he is High King. Like it or not, but some etiquette is still required even if we know him personally."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374618

"She wouldn't rule over me, so there is nothing to challenge."

I snort.
"Or maybe I could just have a talk with him about old rules again."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374619

"Even kings bow to each other, Lady Goldentail, however slightly."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374620

"And I show respect my own ways."

Venia [Battlemage] 374621

I roll my eyes.
"Now you're just being silly, Radiant."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374622

"The first time I did that he abolished death sentence."

Venia [Battlemage] 374623

"That was different. This is something that is done internationally. And by that I don't just mean the North either. Rank begs respect, no matter where you are."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374624

"As I said, respect must be earned, not inherited."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374625

"Even if one has not earned your respect, Lady Goldentail, you cannot dismiss the power that usually is associated with titles. Being insulting to lord or higher vassal can have dire consequences."

Venia [Battlemage] 374626

"I think Frostmourn has earned it, thusfar. He has kept to his word and improved the North overall. He put an end to endless civil wars between Wintergrasp and Ironfoe, brokered a treaty with Rockeye… all of this by the age of twenty? He's a real damn worker, Radiant. Does that not earn respect?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374627

I huff again.
"If somepony is petty enough to try and 'punish' me for something trivial as that, I am ready to face the consequences."

"I did not say that what he did was not admirable."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374628

"Even if those consequences include diplomatic difficulties for King Frostmourn due to his association with you?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374629

"Which means that so far, he has lived up to his title. Which means he deserves respect. If you don't want to do that, it's fine by me, but that doesn't mean you have to stir others to follow the same mindset."
I sigh.
"You promised me you'd remain neutral while dealing with Sunny…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374630

I roll my eyes.
"We will see if such thing happens."

"I just don't think that teaching her how she should feel like a less worthy pony in the presence of Frostmourn does her any good. Not until we can at least drag her out of her of… what she is in now."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374631

"An ounce of prevention, Lady Goldentail, is worth a pound of the cure."
I'll wave a hoof dismissively.
"And when have either of us mentioned that Sunny should think herself any less of King Frostmourn? All we've said is that the title is to be given due respect."

Venia [Battlemage] 374632

"It's not about how worthy she feels, it's a simple gesture she has to perform when confronting him. One all of us perform as well."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374633

"And I said the same. That she should treat him with respect. I never said to her not to."

"I'm sure he is willing to oversee if she won't do it then, given the situation."


While they're busy talking, I spread out my wings again and test out their strength by giving them a few flaps.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374635

Looks like they're in decent shape all things considering… Still not worthy of flight though.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374636

I smile at her briefly as I see her test her wings on her own.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374637

I'll watch her stir up a little wind.
Getting a bit anxious, maybe. I hope she enjoys flying…

Venia [Battlemage] 374638

"I'm not sure if that's a good idea…"

"So Sunny… it's pretty unusual to see a pegasus use earth magic. Usually that's more of a earth pony or unicorn thing. Pegasi often concern themselves with cloud magic instead."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374639

I furl my wings back together and stare at her.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374640

"He will understand. I will speak with him."

Venia [Battlemage] 374641

"How come your master chose you for the job? Why not an earth pony to tend to the gardens instead?"

"No I mean… it will just… It will make her feel like an oddity."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374642

"Which is better than feeling as still being a slave."

Venia [Battlemage] 374643

I sigh
"If you say so."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374644

I consider this for a moment, then shake my head.
"I don't know. I'm sorry. He started training me before I even earned my cutiemark."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374645

"It's probably best not to worry about the why, Sunny. You enjoy using earth magic, don't you?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374646

I smile at her
"There's nothing to be sorry about, sweetie. It was just a question."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374647

I nod slowly.
"Yes. I am good at it."


Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374648

"Then you have pride in yourself as a user of nature magic. That's good."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374649

I hesitate for a moment, before blurting out.
"Do you know what enjoying something means?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374650

"Thank you."

I look down.
"Yes. I enjoy serving."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374651

I shake my head.
"No. You don't. Please don't lie to me. We both know that is not true."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374652

I'll think for a moment.
"Sunny, have you ever… smiled? What do you do when you are happy?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374653

"I cannot lie. Lying is the biggest offense. It breeds disloyalty."

I just stare at him blankly.
"I don't remember. I am sorry."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374654

"You cannot possibly enjoy serving. Maybe they told you that you do, but I know that is not true."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374655

I'll shake my head.
"There's no need to apologize for that, Sunny. It just means we need to give you a reason to smile."
I'll think for a moment.
"You said you tended the gardens, correct? Did you enjoy doing so? Did it make you feel good?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374656

"Lady Goldentail, don't you enjoy serving your sun? Or is that different?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374657

"Why not?"

I look down.
"Master sometimes praised my work in the garden…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374658

"That is different, because I chose to do so."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374659

"Because I can tell you are not happy with this."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374660

"There is no need to hide your gaze from me, Sunny. In fact I would prefer you keep your chin up and meet my eye."
I'll smile a little under my helm.
"Now, when you were praised, how did that make you feel?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374661

"I am happy. I want to serve."

I think for a moment.
"Happy that I served master well."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374662

"Serving you master is currently secondary, Sunny. How did it make you feel? Was it a warm feeling?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374663

I frown.
"You don't seem happy. You don't feel happy."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374664

"It made me happy."

"I am sorry, Radiant. I will try to be happier."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374665

I sigh.
"No, you don't understand. I don't want you to act like you are happy, to pretend. I want you to actually be happy."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374666

"Have you tried to smile when you are happy?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374667

I facehoof and turn to whisper to Radiant.
"This isn't going anywhere at all…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374668

"Not yet, but we just met her… you are not going to give up on her, will you? All she needs is some time with friends."

Venia [Battlemage] 374669

"Maybe a different approach is in order though…"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374670

"I am happy, Radiant."

"No. Smiling is a sign of disrespect to master."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374671

I raise an eyebrow.
"What do you mean?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374672

I'll grit my teeth slightly, but then relax.
"Ah, but now you have no master, aside from yourself. You are free to smile if you are happy, frown if you are sad, cry, scream, or yell as the situation demands it…"
I'll wave my hoof slightly.
"You're even free to insult at least me, if you feel I deserve it."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374673

I sigh.
"You don't seem to… show much emotion, to be honest. And nopony is going to punish you if you do. It's not disrespectful at all."

Venia [Battlemage] 374674

I think for a second.
"I could think of a few things… but they will have to wait until we get back to Wintergrasp."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374675

"Okay. Thank you."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374676

"It's okay. Really, just… don't hold back, okay?"

"Like what?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374677

I'll think a few moments more.
"Did you have any friends, Sunny?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374678

"Meet certain ponies, visit the bar, do some sparring, do some shopping, some gardening… fun stuff!"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374679

I nod.
"That was my idea! To show her what… real life is!"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374680

"Yes, Radiant."

"… No. Master kept us separated as much as possible, even at night. Talking to each other was forbidden. We were only allowed to speak when spoken to. Master said he did not want us to grow unruly."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374681

I'll extend my hoof.
"Would you like a friend?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374682

I keep my eye on him but say nothing.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374683

I eye his hoof.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374684

I'll leave my hoof extended.
"May I be your friend?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374685

I look up from his hoof, not understanding or recognizing the gesture in the slightest.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374686

"Then, to seal the beginning of our friendship, let's shake hooves on it."
I'll gesture slightly with the extended hoof.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374687

I extend my hoof as well and touch his hoof, looking at him expectantly

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374688

"Are you sure that's neccesary?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374689

Gripping her hoof slightly, I'll give a short up-down shake, and then release.
"It is a pleasure to become your first friend, Sunny."
"No, but now she knows how to shake hooves. This will save her from any awkwardness if anyone in the future asks her to shake hooves with them."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374690

I nod slightly.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374691

I keep my hoof extended for a few seconds longer as he pulls back, before lowering it myself as well.
"Okay. Thank you for being my friend."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374692

and that's all for me for today
more slave fun tomorrow~

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374693

I'll give a small chuckle.
"Thank you for accepting my friendship."

Venia [Battlemage] 374879

"So tell me Sunny… aside from your master and the other slaves, were there any other ponies where you lived? Guards?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374880


Venia [Battlemage] 374881

I look at her expectantly.
"And…? What were they like?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374882

I look down.
"The guards protected us, your highness. They kept us safe from ponies that wanted to hurt us. In return we gave them favors. Master also had a daughter, but she was almost never around. There were also sometimes ponies who came to talk to master. We were not allowed to show ourselves when they came."

Venia [Battlemage] 374883

I frown slightly
Those pigs…
"What were those ponies who wanted to hurt you like?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374884

"Yeah okay, it's decided. First thing out of here, we break the slaver's circle."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374885

I stare at her blankly for a moment.
"I don't know, your highness. I am sorry."

Venia [Battlemage] 374886

"You bet…"

"You… never saw them?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374887

I shake my head.
"No, your highness. The guards protected us and said we were not allowed to see and endanger ourselves."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374888

"…Yeah. They protected you alright…
Want a tip, Sunny? Never believe anything, if you don't see it with your own eyes."

Venia [Battlemage] 374889

I grit my teeth.
"… Did they now? How many guards were there?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374890

"Master said the guards were protecting us. We served him, they protected us."

I think for a moment.
"Before master died there were twenty-eight guards protecting us, your highness."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374891

"The guards may have been mercenary and dissolved upon the master's death as well, especially if the slaves were freed."

Turn to Sunny, "All of the slaves were freed when the old master died, correct?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374892

"That's a lot… enough to keep his slaves under control at least."
I sigh and run a hoof through my mane.
"You mentioned he had a daughter too? What was she like?"

"Right… that would make sense."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374893

"He had family. Business might have been passed on."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374894

"She did not get along well with master… She sometimes visited him but they always argued with each other. I only saw her up close three times."
I look down again.
"She was very pretty."


Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374895

"Thank you. It sounds like it wasn't."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374896

"Did you know her name, Sunny?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374897

"You never spoke with her?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374898

"No, I'm sorry."
I look up again.

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374900

"Do you think you ever heard it, even if you don't remember it?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374902

"Hmmm… it's okay, sweetie. Don't you worry about it. Nopony here is blaming you for a thing."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374904

Poke him and nod towards Sunny.

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374905


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374906

Shift my eyes from him to her, a flat expression on my face.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374907

"It's not your fault."
I'll shrug slightly.
"If you knew your master's name, or his daughter's, it would just be easier to track them down."
I'll think for a moment.
"Tough, if we knew their coloration and marks, that might work as well."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374908

I do wonder what he's thinking.

Mind reader. Surface thoughts, please. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374909

Get inside Sunny's mind and see if she did meet the daughter or not.

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374910


Mind read Seven, now. Occipital lobe. Visual cortex. Trace to frontal lobe. Search for deep memories, suppressed. Target Broca's Area. Search for a face to a name.


Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374911

"I don't know. I was usually tending to the gardens on my own."

"Master had a grey coat and a light grey mane… Master's daughter had a cream coat and a blond mane."


I never spoke to her, only came close to her. Master did not allow us to come close when she was around and she was not allowed with us either.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374913

"And their marks? Or were you not allowed to see?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374914

She does not know the name. As a gardener, she was never around much to pick up on many conversations. And the subject never arose in the bedroom at night either.

I look down.
"Master's mark was a golden weighing scale. I never saw master's daughter's mark as she always wore clothing."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374915

Shake my head.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374916

Let out a sigh of relief.

Venia [Battlemage] 374917

"Which race was your master, Sunny? And his daughter?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374918

"Unicorn, your highness."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374919

I'll nod.
"That should be enough, at least to find your old master's name, and through that his daughter's."
I'll frown beneath my helmet.
The sins of the father will have to be answered by his daughter, though.

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374920

Perk up.

"They probably never heard the master's real name. However… the guards are less likely to go by title, especially if they were individually give 'favors' in return. We could work with those names. Even if they were mercenaries and left the estate, they would have information."

"Do you recall any of the guards' names?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374921

"Something ahoof, Pumpkin?"

"I sure hope so…"
I frown.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374922


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374923

Shake my head.
"I don't like this whole ordeal."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374924

"That's good. What are they?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374925

"Why? What's wrong?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374926

Cock my head.
"Uh… Ponies taken as slaves over the borders? This whole favors thing? And I don't want to say yet but-"
Bite my lips, motion her closer.

Venia [Battlemage] 374927

"Well yes, that much was obvious."
I lean in.

DM 374928

NPCs online

Frostmourn can be met in his room
Valeriana is never far away

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374929

I don't really want to come up with 28 names, so let's just say I summed them all up and you noted them down

I bow as the High King enters again.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374930

"-her wings have never been used. That can't do good to her, if you know what I mean."
Well I guess if Frosty is here, we do have a problem.
Fly over to him and motion him to follow into a different room.

Venia [Battlemage] 374931

I eye Frostmourn worriedly.

Kilana [deathsinger] 374932

So, is this tourneyment still going on?

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374933

I'll bow as well I can from my position to the King.

DM 374937

I was hoping to pair everyone off with another PC, and once that is done to the NPC fights for those who want ones.
"Friends. It see-"
"-hm? What is it?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374940

"We need to talk. In private. Now."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374941

Bow as he enters.

"Your majesty. It's an honor to be in your presence."

DM 374943

"What could possibly be so important?
…well, I trust your judgement."
He comes along
"I will be with you shortly"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374945

And once in the other room…
"The one pony that greeted you just now.
He's from the dark magic circles of Rockeye, here for the academy.
And he's a mind reader."

Venia [Battlemage] 374946

It would seem that my Sun-loving partner is absent.

I shall wait for her return unless someone wishes to challenge me.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374949

"… Your highness."
I make a small bow.
"You mentioned you wished to fight earlier? If you wish me to, I could fight against you."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374950

"Can master Swansong always bend the King's ear so easily?"

DM 374951

He has come to witness the construction of the academy, no?"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374952

"It seems most of the High King's attendants are close to him personally."

Turn to Venia, "Is that the case with you as well?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374954

"Yes. But he refuses to stop probing our minds.
Which means having him in the same room with you, Valeriana or Unyielding might be disastrous.
On the other hoof, he does speak the truth when he says he wants the north to be under your rule."

Venia [Battlemage] 374958

I smile at her.
"Well I wont force you of course. But I am open to a challenge if that is what you want."

I shrug
"They're old friends."

I chuckle
"Yes… you could say that. I acted as his governess for most of his life. I taught him how to use magic and raised him alongside his parents. He may not be my son but… I do love him as if he is."

DM 374959

"Then I shall meet him.
Valeriana has not had a reason to tell me otherwise either.
…thank you for your concern."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374961

Sigh and nod.
"It's my job after all, isn't it?"
Grin at him.
"Ready to get back whenever you are."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374962

"Yes, your highness."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374964

Even so, things aren't quite adding up.
I'll nod.

Venia [Battlemage] 374965

I smile at her
"Well then… shall we?"
I start making my way over to the arena to see if there is room for another fight.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 374967

I walk behind her.
"Yes, your highness."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374968

Not sure how to respond. "My apologies. I wish I was better informed. Most of the goings-on of the world have… escaped me."

Pause. As she goes, "If what I have heard of the High King is true… you have done a wonderful job."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 374969


can I finish that fight?

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 374971

Don't think you're getting off that easily

DM 374975

"Let us, pal."

The High King resturns

Venia [Battlemage] 374978

see >>374965

I smile
"I try my best. Thank you."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374979

Bow again. "Your Majesty."

DM 374983

So a fight here?
And another here?

"You must be one I have been told about.
What is your name?"

Venia [Battlemage] 374984

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374985

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 374987

Ours was still going on though!

I promise it'll be quick!

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 374988

Offer him the letter of introduction.

"Lecturer Ten, High King."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 374991

And I'm just waiting on Pumpkin for our fight.

DM 374994

"That is a number, not a name."
He reads the letter with a blank expression
"So, you have come to see Verne?"

Torch 3/5
Nylis 3/5
"Oh dear, it seems our self-destructive mages still have juice left!
Lets see where this goes!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 374995

Well do make me haste then. I'm a terrible slacker. Noble with no job and all that.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 374997


I get back on my feet and shake off the dust.
Then with a shout I fire a Fire Storm Bolt '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Kilana [deathsinger] 374998

I'm watching Nylis fight, she has to know someone out there supports her.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 374999


Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375000


Teleport over him and then use my squishy nerd body and shield to bash him over the head! '1d10+3'

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10

Venia [Battlemage] 375002

Guess we'll just wait then…

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375004

hey stop matching 10's!

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 375005

"I was traveling over land to meet with the vizier but I was waylaid by Eaglecrest guards and brought here. Meeting Your Majesty was coincidental, but a pleasure."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375009

We're pretty evenly matched.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375011

"Master Swansong, I believe our match is scheduled shortly, if you would make your way to the ready area."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375016

"Didn't we agree upon it a few minutes ago? It'd be rude of me to leave the High King alone."

DM 375017

A magnificent clash of magic as Nylis' cushy marshmallow belly and solid iron shield warp above Torch, trying to crash down on him, but he pushes them away with a rapid spray of fireballs, making Nylis harmlessly land a short distance away.
Torch 3/5
Nylis 3/5
Nothing what?
"I believe this mostly invalidates your need to meet him. I am equally aware of the dealings of the academy as he is."
This shouldn't take long

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375019

Nothing to do?

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375020

"It would also be rude to forfeit our match. And default on the bet."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375021


Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 375022

Right now, we have duels to duel, talks to talk and a big team fight before the main event.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375023

Does short distance mean I'm Far or not?
Fire Orb '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Kilana [deathsinger] 375025

make sure I'm as close to the front as possible so she can't miss me.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375026

Because if it's Far, we've matched…again.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375027

Well I had a duel or someshit to fight too, didn't I?

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375029

"I'd rather lose a bet than leave my King's side alone, I'm afraid."

Venia [Battlemage] 375030

You could fight Sunny instead of me.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375031

"Very well, then."
I'll turn to Radiant.
"Lady Goldentail, how about you?"

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 375033

"The loss of the Noble Practices has been a blow dealt to the North – not just its as-yet discrete and independent states. Speaking with Queen Venia, Lady Radiant, and Mister Swansong, the North lacks defenses of the mind. Did you observe my match in the arena?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375035

I turn my head.
"Huh? Sorry, what about me?"

DM 375036

"Short Distance" means Near.
I'll say Far away if you end up Far
The fireball misses its mark, but the sword does not, leaving a nasty cut on Torch
"There you have it folks! Where magic fails, steel prevails!"
Torch 2/5
Nylis 3/5
Pick your opponent pls
"I did.
Effective, if not very interesting to watch."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375039

"As master Swansong is dragging his hooves, perhaps you would prefer a match?"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375040

Oh really?
Fire Spike '2d10'

Roll #1 8, 10 = 18

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375043

I'm up for either NPCs or PCs.

"Did you scare him away?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375044

"ohshit- uh! S-SORRY ABOUT THAT!"
Wait, are we not using recharge limits on our spells? if so then STORM BOLT x9 '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Venia [Battlemage] 375045

"So Sunny, you like your sword?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375046

"Hardly. He's refusing to leave the King's side for an instant. Suspicious for 'just a friend,' but I suppose I'll ask him about it later."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375047

Roll my eyes.
"Yeah, that must totally be it.
But as I told our friend, I just can't leave the King's side until he's done talking."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375048

I haven't used Fire Spike even once during this fight. So it hasn't recharged.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375049

WAIT reuse that as a heal roll! I still have 1 turn left before that recharge is finished!

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375050

Magic Orb and Energy Spike are on the same recharge because they are the same spell.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375051

I look at her and nod slowly.
"Yes, your highness."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 375052


"But you're more interested in the applications outside of the arena, no doubt."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375053

Really? As Aleister I could use them both after each other always.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375054

That's just DM not bothering to keep track of recharge times because he assumes we do it ourselves.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375055

"If I don't have any other opponents scheduled."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375056

why aren't you co-DM'ing these matches again?

Venia [Battlemage] 375057

I don't think that is a thing anymore, is it?

"… You're sure? You don't have to say you do just for me."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375059

Because I wasn't asked to.

Kilana [deathsinger] 375060

For the record this doesn't make much sense with the way we've been trying to make improved spells actually different spells

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375061

Well fuck me then, I'll take that 8 then

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375072

I look down at my sword.
"It's… nice. But I always fought with daggers and shortswords during slavefights… I am more proficient with them, your highness."

DM 375073

As Nylis' magic goes haywire from an overcharge, two massive lances of fire blast her aside, leaving her helpless, and somewhat fried.
Victory to Torch.
"Indeed. I am no fan of combat as a sport.
What about you? Do you like the theoretical side of magic?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375078

get up and mend myself '1d10+1'

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Venia [Battlemage] 375079

"Well… when we get back to Wintergrasp, I think there is an old smith who would be more than happy to make you some new personal weapons."
I smile at her.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375080

"Then shall we go? I believe the last fight just finished, and we'd need to be in the ready room before ours starts."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375081

I look around for a way to get out of here.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375082

"We can… but you know my terms, don't you?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375083

Uh, I'm kinda dependant on Frosty here. Can't leave his side.
Because you-know-why.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375087

I'll go down the list.
"No sneak attacks, no mind magic, no fancy magic…"
I'll think for a moment.
"However, I'd think rendering yourself immune to damage would count as fancy magic, as it effectively makes the match one-sided unless the opponent can get in your head. As yours did."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 375089

"Very much so, Your Majesty. In Rockeye, it is cultural tradition to study even magic for which one has no talent."

Kilana [deathsinger] 375091

Wince a little and wait for Nylis to get off stage.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375092

"So no invincibility. I understand. I think we are set then?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375093

"Okay. Thank you, your highness."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375096

"Fairly so. I'm afraid I don't really have any fancy tricks, though."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375099

"Let's hope no sneaky and backstabby things either then, and you can fight face to face."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375104

"The farthest I would go is the side, if anything. But you have my word."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375107

I nod.
"Thank you. Good luck."
I smile slightly.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375110

"To you as well."
I'll nod, then rise.
"I will meet you on the field, then."
Bowing to Frostmourn, I'll make my exit.

DM 375112

It's not helping much.
But you smell less like a delicious roast now.
There are guards at all exists.
…then, the announcer called her "the High King's mage". Maybe if you tag along…?
"You are free to go, Pumpkin. Thank you."
He subtly nods at a shadow lurking near the ceiling
"I am very much looking forward to get a little extra training from Rockeye. Venia has been a wonderful teacher, but she can only give so much."
A fight?

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375113

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375114

Well no need for that.
My opponent is already busy.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375115

are there baths? Teleport to one. otherwise teleport back to the break room '1d10+3'

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375116

Hopefully a good one.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375118

Right, maybe she's my ticket out of here.
Walk over to Nylis and help her up.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375119

Well, the queen was suddenly called away, so I guess I'll just go back to see the High King!

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 375121

"That's actually part of the reason I wanted to speak to you personally, High King. I am not the only mind mage in the North, and not all of them bear you the same good will that I do. Mister Swansong has expressed concerns about having me in your presence, but there will be others – perhaps already have been – who have the same abilities. Until you have mental fortifications of your own, you aren't safe."

Pause. "While willpower is a good start, you've seen firsthand that even a will as unshakeable as Lady Radiant's can be overcome by a Mastermind."

DM 375126

There are bathing rooms in the arena.
Welcome to one.
Showers, baths, sponges and towels aplenty.
"Looks like our next challengers are here!
Lets hope we see more steel and less fireworks this time around!"
"Are you implying I am helpless against one capable of darker magic, Number?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 375132

Seeing as she teleported away, I'll just stay seated.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375134

And she poofed away right in front of me.
Annoyed, I go back to the hold.
I look around if I can find anyone with the authority to release me.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375135

Quickly pray to myself before we begin and ready my hammer.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375136

wash myself off and heal any burns/wounds I had



Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 375137

Withdraw. Quietly: "Not helpless. I was volunteering to be the help."

Edge toward the door. "I apologize, Your Majesty. I've made a faux pas. I should excuse myself."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375139

"Ready whenever you are, Lady Goldentail."
I'll start with one axe.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375140

Stare at him with a flat expression.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375141

Well, I'll just sit in a corner, waiting for something to happen for now.

Actually no, approach the High King and bow.

DM 375145

Looks like she poofed back in hear the bathing rooms.
There are a few officials walking around.
Also, a new pair of combatants has entered the arena.
You are a very fresh and healed pony.
Not even a singe left.
And your mane looks great
"You shall go nowhere, Number."
He closes the door with telekinesis
"I don't even know your name yet."
"Hm? What is it?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375147

Smile before heading back to find that one cuh-razy opponent!

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375151

"We set the terms already."

I already got ready with my hammer.

DM 375152

He's right there >>375134
"Begin when ready!"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375154

"Your highness… Queen Venia excused herself from our battle. Do you wish to fight me instead?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375157

Then here we go. Sentry makes the first swing Automatic.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375159

"Excuse me, uh… Smoldering. I uhh, I'm just going to… yea uh"
heal the damage I did to him '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375160

I guess I'll find you walking through the halls.
Smile as I see her.
"Hello again. Glad to see you didn't get too scorched"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375162


DM 375165

I need to save my strength for the King's Challenge…"
..not much use jut waving your hoof at him

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375166


come on magic try again! use my catalyst too! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375167

"It's quite allright.
I've been blown up more times than I can count.
This doesn't faze me.
Your magical skills were most impressive."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 375168

"I have become the mask. Ten is more my name than the one I was given at birth. I inherited this title from the previous Lecturer Ten more than a decade ago."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375170

Counter the attack, or at least try.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375174

I look down.
"Okay. I am sorry for bothering you, your highness."
I slowly back off again and settle down on the floor.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375176

"Not really, I lost control of my casting too many times.. It- uh.. y-yea I'm not as great a fighter anyways."
do a slight bow after healing him, then head back to the king's break-room!

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375177

That does feel a lot better.
"Thank you."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375178

"Sunny, don't look so down. I could be your challange if you wish."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375179

Run after her.
"Uh excuse me, Nylis, was it?
I wanted to ask you about something."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375181

"u-uh.. what is it?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375186

I stare at him.

DM 375187

Is the pendant allowed here?
"Then remove the mask.
My friends are not numbers or objects."
"Do not be sorry. You could not have known."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375189

I have no idea. If Crescent had seen it, he'd probably have just assumed it to be jewelry.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375190

I'm wearing it.
And it's not invincibility.
So I'm guessing yes.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375195

I nod slowly
"Yes, your highness."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375197

"Just give me a moment. And tell me, is there any way you'd rather fight?"

DM 375199

"Few warriors can take a blow like that to the face and not even change expression! What a gal!
The battle goes on!"
Radiant 5
Crescent 5

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375201

I keep staring.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375202

Empower Weapon to the hammer, attack with a side-swing!

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375204

Impressive. Let's see if she can remain as impassive.
Swinging again horizontally. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375207

head back to the breakroom then

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375208

"I was hoping you could ask the guards to let me leave the Arena to return to Rockeye."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375210

"Well then just give me a minute. I'm rather interested in learning how this conversation will end."

DM 375212

The hammer wins out in this pendulous clash of arms
Radiant 5
Crescent 3

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375213


Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375214

Try an uppercut now, Blast.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 375216

Back up a little, shocked, tenderly touching my mask with a hoof, drawn up from under the protective layers of cloak. A distinctly donkey leg is attached to it.

"I don't know if I can. It's my face…"

"At the Convention, there are twenty two lecturers. Only I wanted to meet you, High King. Too set into secrecy… for you, I will try."

Tug off a few layers of scarf wrappings binding around the mask and let them fall to the floor. Set a hoof against the mask itself.

Willpower? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375217

"Solid hit, Lady Goldentail. Now you get everything."
And, horn aglow, I'll have both my axes begin orbiting me as I leap into a Double Attack. '2d10'

Roll #1 9, 9 = 18

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375219

"An…associate of mine thought to send me here to die.
I intend to go back and….talk about that.
I do not have any business here in Eaglescrest, so I was hoping I could leave as quickly as possible."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375222

"I'm sorry but uhh, I don't have that kind of authority."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 375224

As soon as I attempt to pry the mask off, I collapse in agony in the floor, becoming, essentially, a big mass of writhing robes.


Shake in pain as I firmly hold the featureless piece in place, panting heavily from the shock.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375229

Look down.
"Ah…I'm sorry, I assumed…
Do you know anypony I could talk to?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375232

"Maybe? But I'd have to talk to my king first."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375233

Assume a combat stance, daggers out, wings flared, in front of Frosty.

DM 375234

Radiant 5
Crescent 3
"I met every last one of you in the Inverted Tower of Rockeye when I visited it with Verne not a month ago.
I do not remember anyone with a mask like yours, let alone an attachment to it like yours."
He grabs you with telekinesis
"Just who exactly are you?"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375235

Bow a little.
"That would be most gracious of you.
Would it be allright if I waited in the hold?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375236

"Uh.. s-sure, I guess."
teleport to the king's breakroom! '1d10+3'

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375237

"Nylis! Troubles!
Get waway from him!"
Keep staring at Ten.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375239

I'll go back in the hold to one of those baths to freshen up.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375240

I watch the exchange go on with a completely neutral look on my face.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375250

"King Frostmourn I- "
"W-what? Why? You're the only one with your blade ou- …where's my shortsword?"
Oh shit I left it in the arena didn't I!? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 375251

it seems you are not alone…
Screaming mass of cloth
Vaguely annoyed Frosty
Pumpkin in red alert

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375253

"JUST DO IT! Behind me! Now!"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375254

Mind Reader on the screaming mass of cloth '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

DM 375255

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375256

Take a look around. Who's here?
SbS '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375257

He's a tough nut to crack.
Try an upwards swing now.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 375258

"What do you want? I'm just a teacher. I tried to take it off."


Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375260

slowly approach the mass of robes
"uh- ex- uh… excuse me..a- is your face injured in any way?"
cast inure-pain on the donkey's face '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375263


DM 375264

1 stallions
2 mares
3 both in equal
"You are a person and that is a mask.
Why can't you remove it?"

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 1 = 1

DM 375265

Five bathing stallions

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375268

>implying Torch gives a fuck.

Get into a bath.
I need to get all this ash of my coat.

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 375270

Sigh a bit, but still pant. "He wears a mask, and his face grows to fit it."

"I haven't taken off in a decade… I think it might be ingrown."

DM 375274

"I can tear it off if need be. I would simply like to know the person I am talking to. Not an object with an assigned number."
You become a very clean pone.
You even look less grey now.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375275

"Oh.. well, uh.. Y-you can try taking it off now. I- uhm.. I don't think you'll feel much pain from it."
wink to near the king
"I uh.. I have something I'd like to speak wiht you about, but it concerns my former opponent."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375276

Meh, I'll just enjoy this bath for now.
Try to forget my sorrows for a moment. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375277

I'll take a relaxed position by now.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375278

The thought of that lying treacherous bitch and the rest of those backstabbing mages keep resurfacing. The water is probably rising in temperature.

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 375280

"I could show you in a way more meaningful than a face or a name."

DM 375282

"Certainly, Nylis.
Do tell."
Two of the stallions come sit by you
"You look tense, pal"
"Need to take your mind off things?"
"I'll give you exactly one chance at that."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375286

Look up.
"What did you have in mind?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375289

"H- he said he wants to go back to Rockeye, and something about being sent here to die.. I- uh.. I told him I didn't have the authority to release him, but- uh.. y-you do and.. well.. if either you or Pumpkin could uh… a-actually it's up to you what to do. I'll just tell him if you want to or not"

DM 375291

"Want to talk about it, friend?"
"Pumpkin. Go see to it that Nylis' opponent is released, would you?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375292

Walk back to the hold hopefully with Pumpkin following and look for the fire-caster


Then in an instant, show him

A life in Rockeye. The years, raised by healers. Medical training from as young as I was able to read. Brilliant theory, but no talent for practice whatsoever. Disappointment. No healing hooves. Apprenticed to a surgeon. Maybe at least with a blade, I could heal? Passed to a true mentor in the underground. Taught how the mind works. Years of research, study. Succession. The mask is dawned. The birth name dies. There is only Lecturer 10. A decade of service to the President of the Convention. Always in secret. Whispers from the West. A hope for freedom from the darkness. To breathe fresh air again.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375294

"Frostmourn, are you sure you want to be in this room alone with him?"
Sheate my weapons.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375296

"Have you ever had a day when the one pony you trusted the most, just turned around and stabbed you right in the heart?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375297

I watch her go with a neutral expression on my face

DM 375299

"I have another who watches me as well."
Lets see if all this is simple enough for him to actually comprehend on a theoretical level

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 375301

The High king falls to a knee and retches

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375302

Bow slightly.
Waiting for the effects of the 1

DM 375303

"Girl trouble huh?"
"You got some soot in your mane, mind if I wash it out?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375304

I perk up slightly.
"Your highness?"
Seems like an awful reaction to something.

Use Nature elemental: Life on him.
That always soothed master…

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 375306

I am assuming that dropped me from the telekinesis, so…

Just collapse on the floor. "Deepest apologies. Have mercy."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375307

Step in front of him, staring at Ten.
Speak in a low, barely controlled voice.
"Stand there. Don't move."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375308

"Pumpkin.. King- uh… King Frostmourn told you to come with me to the hold.."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375309

"Not at all."
Sigh again.
"I just can't believe the nerve of that bitch.
And there must have been others too…
She wouldn't have pulled that off alone."
Start looking more pissed off again as I keep rambling.
"Oh I'll find them, all these years I've dedicated to comprehending the secrets of the purest Fire. So what that I exploded a few labs by accident, that's the price of progress. Oh they'll be sorry."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375314

"Nylis can't you see what's Happening? The king is on his knees because of this guy's magic! Help him first!"

DM 375316

He shakes a little and gets up
"Thank you… that was most kind."
"I have little idea how that worked. Or even how it could have worked. But I did not appreciate it.
I won't be making friends with a mass of cloth and a nameless mask. Nor will masks be needed in my new academy.
So I will ask again.
Who are you?"
Rolling for calming, rubbing hooves
"There there. That's in the past now. You need to calm down a little. Unwind. Relax."

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375318

"My pleasure, your highness."
I bow my head and back off again.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375319

Inure the King from magic-based pain and injury '1d10+1' then

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375321

That is pretty relaxing.
"It's just so frustrating, you know.
You try to help, you sacrifice a lot and then they just stick it to you like that."

Lecturer 10 [Lifebinder] 375324

"I am a neurologist and a practitioner of mental magic. A teacher. I took the place and title of my master when he died. It must have been too much for you. I was trying to show you my life. It was a lot of information to take in."

DM 375334

He nods with a smile
"I can always count on you, can't I?"
"So you ain't from around here, right?"
"Maybe you should stay. Find a new life."
Rolling for calming massage
"I saw that much. Replicating the spell on the fly did not work however.
That gives you a past. But not an identity.
How am I supposed to trust one who does not even have a name?"

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

DM 375337



Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375338

Fidget had to leave.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375339

"I uh.. I guess?"
then look at >>375324
and use mind reader to see just how far back I can see into his past to find a name… '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Imminent Domain [Lifebinder] 375340

"My name was… Imminent Domain, once."

Well this is a totally pointless roll.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375343

I'm still totally looking into your past

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375344

"And just let them get away with it? I'll go through the front door and burn everything that even thinks about stopping me."

Calm down as the massage becomes more relaxing.

"Then again…if I go right now, they might be expecting me…maybe I should let them think they've succeeded and get them when they least expect it…."
Sigh and let the water wash over me.
"But what the hell am I supposed to do here? I'm not going to just fight for the amusement of the public."

DM 375348


"Now that wasn't so hard, was it, Imminent?
Frostmourn. High King of the north. Frosty to his friends."
He extends a hoof.
"You can do many things here"
"Here, everypony is free to do as they please"
Rolling to increase sensuality of massage

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375350

Sigh and take Nylis aside.
"Ready to go. Lead the way."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375352

Imminent Domain [Lifebinder] 375353

"It was hard for me, High King Frostmourn. And they called me Id for short, before."

Accept the hoof shake.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375354

And then there we went.
"Wanna talk me about this pony?"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375357

"Maybe I should ask that mare if she knows any way I can help around here…."

Get up and out of the bath.

"Well…thank you, I must say it's been a long time I got a massage like that."

DM 375358

"I suppose asking you to take the mask off is pushing my luck?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375359

"He's a fire caster, and seems pretty driven by something."

DM 375360

"You're not gonna replay us?"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375369

"I'm afraid I'm not very good at giving massages. Last time I gave a stallion one, I nearly burned his leg off…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375371

"That's all? Why are we going to him anyway?"

Imminent Domain [Lifebinder] 375373

"I told you, High King Frostmourn, I will try, for you. I will need a doctor, I think."


Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 375375

"Well, I suppose you ain't much of a kisser either then, are you Fireheart?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375376

"He uh.. he was sent here from Rockeye. He said it was for him to die. I figured you would be better at collecting the necessary information than I would."

Imminent Domain [Lifebinder] 375377

Yep. Rip the mask off. Blood goes everywhere as fused flesh and muscle come off onto the floor with the mask.

At least I'm still inured from pain.


I cock my head and take out my stone charm.
Natural Remedy on him. Let's fix those wounds cleanly

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

DM 375379

"…that's a little on the gruesome side.
I see that you're a donkey though."
He makes a small nodding motion
"A doctor will be here shortly."
"…or perhaps not. Good job!"
The king seems most pleased with you

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375381

"You're not my type anyway."
Leave the bathroom.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375382

"Sounds good. Let's get there."

And then I followed her.

Imminent Domain [Lifebinder] 375383

"Do you not employ jacks, High King?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375384

I bow my head slightly.
"Thank you, your highness."

DM 375385

and run into these two >>375376 >>375382
"You are the first one I've ever met in my life."
"You seem very skilled"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375387

"Ah, hello again." I nod at at Nylis.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375389

Stop and look at him, then at Nylis.
"It's him?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375390


Kilana [deathsinger] 375391

If anyone wants to talk to me I'm wandering around the area.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375392

"Master trained me well, your highness. My talent lies in natural remedies."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375395

I look at Pumpkin.

DM 375397

"And it will be a most helpful talent.
I remember I met some druids in my youth…"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375401

"Druids, your highness?"

Imminent Domain [Lifebinder] 375404

"For many years I was assumed a pony. My wrappings."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375406

"So, I heard you have some troubles? It shouldn't be too much of a problem if you tell me everything…"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375414

"If you have the authority to release me, I'd be glad to. My name is Smoldering Torch."
Offer him my hoof.

DM 375423

"Indeed. Practitioners of natural magic.
I also met an ice elemental as a child. I built it a body with my friends."
"Not that we are all that different. Similar in size, shape and diet. A pony and donkey can even have offspring. So there is little that differentiates one from the other."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375424

Take the hoof and shake it, with a smile.
"I should be able to, yes. Unless you killed somepony or something along those lines we should be fine."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375429

I blink and sit down.
"Where, your highness?"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375430

"It is nothing of that kind.
I'm a member of the Academy at Rockeye.
Some of my fellow associates apparently wanted to get rid of me and sent me here to Eaglescrest.
I was captured and forced to fight here in the Arena.
Since I've fought and do not have any ill will towards Eaglescrest I was hoping I could be released."

Imminent Domain [Lifebinder] 375431

Paw at the mask with a hoof.

"It won't fit anymore. Too small. I will have to live without the mask."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375432

Cock a brow.
"Sent you to die? That's rather cruel…"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375443

"I've never really gotten along with some of my fellow mages.
At Rockeye, they value the balance of magic. Any mage is supposed to learn about every element and every aspect of magic.
I ignored that and devoted myself to the Element of Fire. And I got very skilled at it, if I may say so myself. Devoting yourself to one element does have its problems and I may have accidentaly burned some ponies literally and figuratively throughout my studies."
Look down.
"But I never expected this…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375459

"Well they sound like bigots. And dangerous.
So, who do we talk to for your freedom?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375463

"T-that's why I brought you here Pumpkin. King Frostmourn sent you in his place"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375467

"Eh…I was under the impression, that was you…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375469

"Yeah well I can't just tell him to follow me. There has to be a denmaster around. Somepony to talk to. You know, paperwork."

Look for the denmaster!

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 375478

"In Wintersgrasp, my homeland."
"We can get you a new one any time.
…after the tournament is over."
Several organizers are available
"Yes? Can I help?"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375481

Follow them.

Kilana [deathsinger] 375485

Is there a vendor nearby, maybe I can get a nice pretzel, or a local specialty to snack on.

DM 375489

This is horse valhalla. Their idea of a snack is

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375490

I nod.
"Okay. Radiant and Venia told me they would take me along to there."
I look down.
"If your highness wishes, I could serve you in return for this favor."

Imminent Domain [Lifebinder] 375492

"Yes, the tournament… High stakes. Your trainers are strong, and I don't think the King of Eaglecrest will have my advantage."

Kilana [deathsinger] 375494

"Oh, perfect I could use something to graze on. What is your specialty?" I ask the shouting pony.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375509

"We come to ask for the freedom of this fighter in name of High King Frostmourn."

DM 375514

"That's fine. Friends help friends."
"King Ebonreth will be my greatest challenge yet.
And it will be a test of martial skill, not trickery or magic. For winning with cheating… will only fail my greater goal."
"Hm? This one… let me see…
…suspected spy, from Rockeye.
So I guess he belongs to your king then.
I assume as a sign of goodwill he will be dealt with correctly? We'd hate to simply forgive sending spies."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375520

I consider this for a moment, then slowly nod my head and extend my hoof to him, looking at him expectantly.

Imminent Domain [Lifebinder] 375521

"Will you win, Your Majesty?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375522

"Of course. We will give him a job where he will be useful and away from any danger. Unless you have something else in mind."

Kilana [deathsinger] 375523

I give him a strange look. "Okay, which pony has the best.. eggplant stuffed fried cabbage?"

DM 375535

He shakes it with a friendly smile
"I cannot be sure.
But I have a strong reason to believe I will."
"…so he wasn't sent by your king's orders then?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 375542

I laugh a bit. "Okay big guy, Let me have one then." I give him the coins for it.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375547

"No, not really. According to his story he was sent here to die by a bunch of screwed-in-the-head mages."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375548

"Thank you, your highness. I will do my best to be a good friend for you."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375549

"Don't let it be in question, Your Majesty. You will win. I have met Lady Radiant and Queen Venia. All that remains is to strike doubt."

DM 375569

He smiles, then plops down a pumpkin the size of your torso, filled to the brim with delicious oily broth, with a full cabbage in it, and an eggplant in the cabbage
"Isn't that all mages?
Anyway, just sign here and we're good."
He offers a sheet
"A good friend to us all, I hope."
He gentry ruffles your mane
"You can never be truly certain in this world. For with every event, at least ten paths lie beyond it."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375570

Frown at the guy.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375573

"Yes, your highness. I will not disappoint."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375574

Smirk and sign it.
Pumpkin Swansong.
Moon knows I love this name. I earnt it.

DM 375578

…call me Frosty."
"Thank you kindly. He is your problem now."
The organizer trots off happily

Kilana [deathsinger] 375582

Get a fork or something to eat this monster with, and take it to a table or seat. "I guess you start from the middle?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375584

Nod as he goes.

Turn to the two mages.
"Well it's done now.
Got anyplace to go?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375587


Roll #1 4 = 4

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375588

I stare at him blankly for a moment.
"Okay… Frosty."
I look down.
"Thank you for being nice to me."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375591

"I'm going to find something to eat."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375592

"I'm very grateful, mister….
I'm sorry I did not get your name?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375593

"What would you have me do until the tournament ends, Your Majesty?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375596

"Swansong. Pumpkin Swansong."
Smile at him.
And frown as I see her go.
That girl…
"Want company?"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375602

"Mister Pumpkin.
At first I thought I'd immediately return to Rockeye.
But I've changed my mind, I'll stay here for a while and let things cool down in Rockeye before I return.
I suppose I'll try to find somepony who has use for Fire Magic."

DM 375607

"Anywhere you like.
Though most prefer to eat the broth first, then the cabbage, and finally the pumpkin"
"I am nice to all my friends. It is what friends do."
"Get acquainted with my other companions.
Especially Nylis and Kilana."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375609

Super late riposte.

Roll #1 3, 6 = 9

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375611

I nod slowly.
"What will my purpose in Wintergrasp be, your hi-… Frosty?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375613

Head somewhere to find something to eat!

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375614

"Use of magic… In Eaglecrest?"
Scratch awkwardly the back of my head.
"That's gonna be hard to find.
Say, are you hungry?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375617

"I know Kilana. She wants to show me something."


"Alright" Well, time to dig in, try it in order, broth, cabbage and pumpkin.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375625

I nod and follow him.
"I figure. Though Fire Magic has many practical applications besides the obvious explosions.
Heating, creating light, even the occassional divinatory visions."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375628

"Divination now? That's interesting. Like what?"

DM 375631

Radiant 5
Crescent 1
"To help me… us unite the North."
"Perhaps you should go see what it was?"
But there is just so much…

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375633

"… Okay. How?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375637

I am not going down without at least dealing one damned hit. '2d10'

Roll #1 6, 6 = 12


It seems I ordered a feast by mistake, I won't need to eat for the rest of the day

Roll #1 8 = 8

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375641

"Sometimes I get flashes of insight about ponies or situations, it started happening when I studied the Fire Element more.
It's quite strange, though I'm reluctant to use it.
I don't like invading ponies secrets like that.
The last time I used is was back in the hold, when I realized those mages tried to kill me."
Glare again.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375642

Try to get another hard smash past his defenses.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375647

"But my face…"

Pause. "Very well."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375652

"Well that's a really helpful skill alright.
Can you use it to find a nice place to eat?"
Chuckle a bit.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375657

"We don't have to.
Just use you ears."
I point at the shouting pony at the food court.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375665

And I follow.

DM 375675

"That will be determined by what each and every day and event needs of you. Of us all."
Radiant 2
Crescent 1
Come to think of it, that's the smallest food item you've seen anyone eat here…
"Thank you.
I feel you three will have much to discuss."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375678

So. About that food court…

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375679

"I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am, Lady Goldentail."
Swinging away. '2d10'

Roll #1 9, 3 = 12

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375681

"I understand. Thank you for explaining."
I bow my head slightly.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375682

Sun damned double weapon.
Fuck this, we're going out guns blazing.
Fervor, Cleave the axes out if his grasp.

"You are not half bad at this, I'll give you that."

Roll #1 10 = 10


Really, what are they all eating? Take a look around.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Can I track Kilana?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Kilana [deathsinger] 375724

Shouldn't be too hard, unless you can't see me behind this pumpkin 'snack'

DM 375733

It's more or less huge.
Anything you want a lot you didn't even think of wanting. Available for an affordable price!
For a moment, the arena falls dead silent.
The echo of the blow resonating through the hearts of every pony observing the match.
Time stands still, and through the fire in her eyes, Radiant can see the silhouette of her enemy, lifted off the ground.
A moment later, two axes slam into the turf.
Shortly thereafter, the heavy armoured body of Crescent.
After a beat, the audience stands up, and in a single voice, begins cheering
Radiant wins.
One guy is stuffing himself with a ten-course takeaway
Another is enjoying what looks like a four foot sandwich wrapped in smaller sandwiches.
Right there, eating a puntfruffabbageplant >>375683

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375737

Not sure how to approach somezebra without my mask on, kind of edge closer.


Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375739

I'll shakily try to get to my hooves. '1d10'
"That was… quite a hit."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375743

Take a look around with Pumpkin.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375745

I take a few breaths to relax, then put away my hammer and offer him a hoof.
"Do you need any healing?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 375746

Well, that's mildly gross.
"Hello there.. Ten?" I ask cautiously.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375748

Oh look, that's Kilana.
And Ten.
Without his mask.
How quaint.
Approach them. And order something small.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375752

I'll take the hoof.
"I might. Think you might have left a dent, too."
I'll float my axes back over to me.
Once I've got my hooves under me, I'll extend a hoof to Radiant.
"Perhaps we'll fight again in the future."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375755

"The High King asked me to remove my mask. And then he asked me to come see what you were working on."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375756

Go with him.
Order a hay shake.

DM 375758

You get a bush of lettuce with broccoli tufts shoved between the leaves, fried in butter.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375765

Oh and Bolster myself before I collapse.

"The healing I can provide."
Shake his hoof.
"On friendly terms, I hope."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375767

"You will fight King Ebonreth tomorrow, Frosty?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375771

Is Winterbreeze here? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Kilana [deathsinger] 375773

I nod. "Alright, we can do that. And don't worry, you look fine this way."
"Hi pumpkin, did you finish your match already?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375775

"One would hope. I doubt I want to fight you angry. Now, shall we clear the field so the next match can start?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375778

I love all food.
This is no exception.
"I had to forfeit.
Ten here can explain you why later.
Meet my new friend, Smoldering. He's from Rockeye too."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375779

"Pleasure to meet you."
Offer my hoof.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375780

Mind reader. Does she really mean it?


"I feel like my face is missing…"

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375782

"Glad to see you decided to drop the mask.
Masks make me uneasy at times…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375783

I nod.
"We should, yes."

How crazy is the crowd going?

Kilana [deathsinger] 375790

I've seen worse looking stallions, and hey maybe its normal for a donkey they have a slightly differeny shape, oh god is there lettuce on my face
"Oh, pleased to meet you." I shake Smoldering's hoof. "I'm Kilana, I saw your match against Nylis, you fight well."

Kilana [deathsinger] 375793

"I'm sure you'll get used to it."

DM 375795

"I will indeed. I've prepared long and hard for it."
"Hey Telebutt."
The cheering has not stopped
The announcer has devolved into screaming inane metaphors

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375798

Like what?

Also, try to heal Waxing.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375800

"She was a worthy opponent.
I had to pull out all everything I've got to win."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375804

"Will you win?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375805

hug her
"How uh… how have your tartarian studies been?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375806

"Now I feel bad for missing it."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375808

"Well… thanks. I appreciate it."

"I could tell."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375812

"Thank you."
Once I've got my axes back on their holsters, I'll motion to the exit.
"Ladies first."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375813

"Wait, I don't think that quite worked…"
Heal him properly!

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 375814

"I cannot know. The future is not a certain thing."
"I am ready of perform the ritual of summoning when we get back to Wintersgrasp.
It feel so good… to finally see my efforts bear fruit…"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375820

I nod slowly.
"Okay. I think you will win, Frosty. You are the High King."

Kilana [deathsinger] 375823

"It was exciting, I feel a little bad for Nylis I couldn't find her after to check on her."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375824

"It mostly involved a lot of explosions on both sides."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375825

"Great! Did you see their food?"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375831

"I saw her after the fight.
She's completely healed and seemed fine."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375834

Huff and pick at my food with little care.
"She has this thing where she suddenly disappears. It's a real shame when she deos it…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375835

I smile at that.

Nod and exit the arena.

DM 375837

"And he is the warrior king…"
"The food here is rather… overwhelming if you ask me."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375841

And then we'll head back up to Frosty's Room.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375843

I look him over
"You look like a warrior too, Frosty. Strong. Powerful."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375845

"What was it like? I missed it."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375847

"Oh… well uh, I'm kinda hungry so I'll uh.. yea I'll go get some. L-later breezy!"
head to their food thing!

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375855

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375858

This is probably skippable because I was dumb and didn't see Pumpkin ask THE EXACT SAME.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375864

Look at him.
"And who are you?"

DM 375866

"Thank you.
But I am a scholar and strategist first. A warrior only second."
"Welcome back.
From the sound of it it was quite a match."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375868

I nod.
"That double axe technique had me worried towards the end."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375869

"A teacher from Rockeye."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375870

"Lady Goldentail is quite the fighter. Hearing that she's the one who trained you, I have very few doubts about your match tomorrow."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375872

Look at him.
Then at Smoldering.
Mouth the word "background" with my lips, without talking.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375874

"Ah I'm from the Mage's Academy at Rockeye myself. I don't remember you however."

That's normal academy, not the dark arts one.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375875

"I believe in you, Frosty."

I stare at them blankly

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375876

There is no dark arts academy yet.

Kilana [deathsinger] 375877

"Thank you, but it wasn't her body I was worried about." I smile.
"Yes, but she can pop up at the right moment as well. Its not a terrible thing."
I nod. "It was a good match, Smoldering did an impressive fire attack."

"So, what brings you over here Pumpkin, treating smoldering to lunch?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375880

I wave at her with a smile.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375881

I'll wave slightly.
"So, Sunny, did you ever find an opponent?"

DM 375883

"Your faith is appreciated. I hope you will come watch the battle."
"Sounds like I missed quite a spectacle."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375884

Of course.

"It's been a long time since I was at the academy. I studied medicine, but I've since moved into… private practice. Neurology."

Nod and smile. "The High King told me to meet her, too."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375885

Oh I thought he was from there.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375886

Teleport to their food repository '1d10+3' and get some food for this hungry mare

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375887

"It was just a fight."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375889

"Pumpkin wanted to fight me. He left."

"Of course, Frosty."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375890

"Tell that to my armor. It's going to take a few days to fix it up properly."
"How utterly rude. Don't suppose I could fill in for him, could I?"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375892

"Interesting. We're in the same boat then.
You could say I left the Academy as well."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375894

"Sounds like something he would do…"
Shake my head.

"I'm sorry, but better the armor than your ribs, right?… I didn't break any, did I?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375895


Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375898

"Doesn't feel like it, though if you had, you did heal me."
I'll smile beneath my helm.
"Then I shall. But don't expect me to go easy on you, Prettybird."

DM 375901

It seems they have more or less ALL THE FOOD here.
You could eat for years in this room and not even taste everything…
"How are you feeling, right now?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375904

Is there good tasting food? '1d10'
I'd like some of that!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375905

I don't want boring food! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375906


"I am happy, Frosty. I have purpose."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375908

Time to go back to Frosty.
"Hey everypony."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375909

"You were impressive with the dual weapons, by the way."

I tilt my head.
"You found one? Or are you talking about the fight?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375910

"Well, so be it, then. Now we have a higher call."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375912

Cock my eyebrow.
"I haven't found mine yet, I'm afraid."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375914

"Master Swansong, you have dreadful manners. First you default on our match, and then you leave Prettybird blowing in the wind! Hardly proper behavior for a gentlecolt."
I'll nod to her.
"It took quite some time to be able to use them that way. It took a lot of training, and if necessary I could even use them that way without magic."

Kilana [deathsinger] 375915

"Maybe we should get something to go and head somewhere quieter?"
'1d10' do I see her

Roll #1 8 = 8

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375919

"It does leave you a fair bit open to counters if you can't get your hits in, on the other hoof."

DM 375920

Not only is there loads, it's also delicious! And healthy to boot.
"I'm glad to hear that."
"hello old buddy"
Yes you do

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375924

"I'm terribly sorry, but I was asked something by my King both times and have only now dealt with it.
I hope you understand."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375927

"Frosty is my friend. I will help him unite the North. Serve the High King and fight for him. No contract… no master… but purpose nonetheless."

I stare at him blankly.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375928

Look at him surprised. "I thought you were with the courtiers. My apologies."

"That would be nice."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375931



Roll #1 1 = 1

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375935

I'll nod slightly.
It's good she's making friends.

DM 375936

It seems Kilana wants you for something.
You shove several pastries, vegetables and sauces in your bag, pouches and pockets for later snaking and dipping.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375940

"I'm simply lucky enough to hang around them, I guess.
I don't know yet what I'll do."

Kilana [deathsinger] 375943

"Hold I, I've spotted her." I go tap you on the shoulder. "Hey, I just met your opponent, want to come sit with us?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375951


"Uhm, ok!"
go and sit with her

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375952

I nod.
"That's… nice? It is a purpose, yes, but don't forget to get your own life in order while doing so."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375954

"Hello. We keep meeting each other."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375956

"Oh… you're Nylis. Thank you for the relief."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375958

"Yes, Radiant."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375960

"Uh.. yea."
pull out some of my sauces and vegetables and eat them
"Uhhh.. you're welcome? …have we met?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375961

Uncomfortably, "Before my face was pried off."

Pause. "The High King asked for me to meet you."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375962

"I should be free to give you the fight you long for, miss Sunny.
If, of course, you still want to."
"I dealt with that stuff. They thought he was one of our spies.
The poor boy was just a mage sent to die from his collegues."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375965


"Oh.. uh, sorry for asking."

"King Frostmourn? W-what for!?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375969


DM 375971

"…sent to die?
I may need to have a talk with Longshanks…"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 375973

"It's alright. I'll have to get used to it."

Pause. "I don't know. He said we'd be working together. He told me my only job for the rest of the tournament was to get to know you and Kilana."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 375976

"Oh, uh- well… w-what did you want to know?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375977

"From how I understand it, they specialize in all kind of magics during school.
But he liked only fire magic.
Collegues of his didn't like that and sent him away, on a trap he says."
"Shall we then?"
Bow down and smile.
To the arena!

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375978

"Then I suppose ours will have to wait, Prettybird."
I'll turn to Pumpkin.
"I'm still thinking of that question you owe me an answer to, master Swansong. I do hope you don't forget our wager."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375981

I get up and grab my longsword
Follow him there

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375983

"Sure. Ask right now, if you want."
"One moment Sunny."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375984

"It would be rude to delay her any longer, master Swansong. I shall ask it upon your return."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375987

"Alright. Or you could come with us and we could talk on the way there."
And then we went to the fighting arena.
"What rules shall we use? No magic? No sneaking? I'm not great with rules…"

Kilana [deathsinger] 375988

"Oh, so you'll be working along side us so soon?" I grin a bit at the thought. "I'm sure you'll be impressed." But looking over to Smoldering, I decide to hold my tongue.
"What brings you into our little group Smoldering?""

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 375990

I smile.
"Getting restless?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375991

I shrug.
"Can use both. Or none at all."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375992

I'll just let them go.
There's a good chance you wouldn't answer my question anyway, master Swansong.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375993

"Very well. So let's say no sneaking and magic. Just the basic. We don't want to bore the crowd, no?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375994

Nah, I'd just lie.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 375995


Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 375996


DM, do we wait for you?

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 375997

"Well, Miss Nylis and Mister Swansing got me out of some trouble and we got talking.
It isn't every day you get to rub shoulders with members of a court."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 375998

What a scuzz. It was part of the bet he be completely honest.

DM 375999

"Longshanks will hear of this. I will not let this stand."
You can judge that match as well as I
PVP should not even need GM input

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376001

But he's a spy.
Rolling Initiative.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376002

>PVP should not even need GM input
but it's much better that way!

right, initiative '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376004

You choose range and start.

Kilana [deathsinger] 376006

"A stroke of luck then," I pause thinking for a moment. "If you can't go back to the academy, what do you plan to do?"

DM 376007

Fine, I can judge it too.
But because I don't believe in the rules, only the dice, that would be Sunny 5 Pumpkin 3


I raise my longsword and go in for a swing.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376012

"Oh, I'll go back, one day.
I've got a few ponies who owe me some answers…."
Think for a second.
"But until then, I honestly don't have a clue. I'm hoping to find someplace where I can continue my studies of the Fire Element. But Eaglescrest doesn't seem like the place."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376013

I also said that if it was state secret or weakened the kingdom, the question would be dismissed. Which in its own way is an answer.
"So, King Frostmourn, I don't believe we've really spoken. And I gathered from your retainers that openness with you is encouraged."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376015

You know initiative only serves to pick who starts and calls the range, right?
Also, that would put me to two, since she has a greatsword.
Try to dodge both and sideswipe her with my daggers.

Roll #1 5, 5 = 10

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376016

I wonder if I attracted any NPC fans, hint hint

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376021

Assuming DM won't describe.
Even, you still have initiative.


I take a step back, then move in to try and strike him again with a powerful blow.

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 376024

"And another fine fight underway here! Seems out plucky winner from earlier wanted a second opponent!
It seems to be evenly matched so far!"
Pumpkin 5
Sunny 5
"That it is.
And your name was…?"
Sigh… if you want.
There is a free seat at the commentator's booth

Kilana [deathsinger] 376025

"Hm.. we have an excellent school in wintergrasp, have you considered studying there? I think you've got real talent, and might even be able to teach a thing or two. "

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376027

I was going to meet 10 but he went away so I need something to do in the meantime!

I don't think I would be a good commentator though…

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376028

"Waxing Crescent. Of Ironfoe. Ki- Viceroy Deep Rock sent me to join you and your traveling companions, if you would have me."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376031

"That would be wonderful. I didn't know you were a mage as well. What is your area of expertise?"


Try to use my agility to avoid it and use a backstabbing motion on her.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

DM 376034

Sure you know how to get excited about a good battle?
"Of Ironfoe? Well, that explains the armour.
Have you met Master Smith Narpa by chance?"
Pumpkin 5
Sunny 5

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376035

Yeah, but I'm bad at words!


I cock my head slightly, then jump away from him.
Gripping my longsword even tighter, I charge in for another strike.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376040

"Not personally, King. Though one day I would very much like to."

Kilana [deathsinger] 376042

"Nylis is the real expert on your kind of magic, I look into more Ancient arts. "


Match her attack.

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 376050

Pumpkin's speed finally proves superior
Pumpkin 5
Sunny 3
"I should introduce you to him. He is the one responsible for my sword. The Northern Regalia."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376051

"Most forms of magic can at their primal level be categorized as a form of Elemental magic, since the elements are the building blocks of the universe itself. Try me, I'm sure I'll get the gist of it, no matter how complicated it is."


"I'm sorry. I will try to avoid the face."
Go for a sideswipe, backstab.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


I rub my nose with a hoof and take a few steps back.

I try to dodge and backstab him instead.
With my longsword.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376057

"I'm flattered you would extend such courtesy. I fear I wouldn't do his works justice, though."
I'll turn my head slightly at the loud commentating.
So he can fight.
"Forgive my rudeness, King Frostmourn, but perhaps we could continue our conversation on the viewing area? I'm certain you would hate to miss your friend's fight."

DM 376062

Pumpkin 3
Sunny 3
"Certainly. There is an observation balcony there."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376067

I'll bow slightly, and let him lead the way.
"You friend master Swansong is rather full of surprises, isn't he?"


I take a deep breath and go in for another similar maneuver.
Backstab him again.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Mhmhm… Long things in the back are always great.
Double attack.
Might the Moon be with me.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I meant double as in double. Rolling second die.
Or I could go 12 backstab+fervor and end the fight.

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 376077

A shocked silence falls as two blades land, and soon after, two bodies hit the ground
The crowd cheers as a few assistants come help both of you up

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376079

I don't need to be taken away.
Stand up. Escape Artist.
Trot along Sunny as they take her away, with a smile.
"Great show, really great show."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376081


Escape artist
Then Natural Remedy myself


Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376086

You know that trick too?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 376088

"Perhaps.. Pumpkin wouldn't bring you to me for no reason after all." I lean in "What do you know about the dark arts"

DM 376089

"He has always been."
[cheering intensifies]

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376090


I look around the arena at the cheering crowd.
How… odd.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376091

Bah, let's just find Celaire.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376092

Wave a hoof and smile at the crowd.
Do a little bow.
Offer my hoof to Sunny as well.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376093

I look at his hoof and slowly extend mine as well.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376094

Take her hoof and raise it high, to the sky.
Grin wide at her, and then at the crowd.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376095

I'm way too bewildered for that right now.

DM 376098

He is praising the sun in the sunniest place he could find
"Good day my sun!"
And with cheering that nearly matches the one Radiant got earlier, you leave the arena with a draw.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376099

"Are you hurt?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376100

I'll nod slightly, and clap a little for Sunny.
I wonder how far back these two go?
"I'm afraid I'm little in the way of starting conversations, your majesty. Being as open with you as your retainers is likely going to take me some time."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376102

Smile back.
"Good day, dear. How are you faring?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376103

"Mh? Just a minor buise or two. Nothing I haven't been through before.
I hope you had fun."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376105

"It was a good fight. Like you said it was. Thank you."
Nature elemental Life on him. That ought to make him feel better.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376106

Breathe slowly as she radiates life.
"Thanks. But isn't this exhausting for you?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376108

I give him a blank stare
"Cannot repeat feat immediately, have to wait and gather power again."

DM 376109

"Let's start with dropping titles then.
Call me Frosty."
"Rather well. Even if the rampant battles here are not good for my inner peace."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376110

"It's quite something anyway.
You are indeed full of surprises.
I just hope you'll find a reason to live soon enough."
Smile again, and back to the break room we go.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376112

"Are they that bad? I enjoyed my last fight…"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376113

"Frosty gave me purpose. Serve him and aid in uniting North. We are friends now."
Follow him.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376117

I'll shift a bit uncomfortably at that.
"I… don't know if I'll be able to do that very easily, your majesty. Even when Queen Venia asked I do the same, I still call her as such. It just seems rude not to do so."
I'll turn slightly as they reenter, and wave a little to Sunny.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376120

"That's beautiful!"
Smile a little to myself.
"Years ago I made the same promise to him."
Nod at him.
"All yours now."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376121

I just give him a flat stare back.

DM 376126

"They seem so superfluous. Devoid of purpose. Empty."
"What did you just call me?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376130

"I will wait until she wishes to go back out."
"You fought very well. I doubt the crowd cheered for myself and Lady Goldentail as they did for you."
I'll wince slightly.
"I called you 'your majesty.' I apologize, Ki-" I'll bite my words. "Frostmourn."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376131

I frown slightly.
"It means a lot to the ponies here."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376133

"They were less loud. I am ready to go on. Must train. Must practice."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376135

"Are you certain? I would not want to push you farther than you wish to go."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376138


DM 376145

"I know. And I do not judge them for it.
Yet that does not help me, nor my turmoil.
…I'm glad you had fun."
He gives a sincere smile
You'll get the hang of it soon enough Crescent. I know you will."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376147

Smile, then take a deep breath.
"There is also something else you should know about…"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376148

Lean in closer "Necromancy?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376149

I'll nod deeply.
"One can hope. Now, if you'll pardon me, I believe I have an appointment with Prettybird there."
Turning to Sunny, I'll smile a bit beneath my helmet.
"Shall we, then? A friendly match between us?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376151


Kilana [deathsinger] 376152

I nod. "Yes, that's it."

DM 376153

"Go ahead."
"Have a good time, friend."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376156

I'll nod to Frostmourn again.
"Even if I lose, I think it will still be an enjoyable match."
"Then away we go."
Now, let's see if there are any openings in the arena schedule.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376157

"You… Are you sure? Three fights in a row?"
Look a bit concerned.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376158

"So… uh… I hope you won't mind if a mare will live with us for a while."

Try not to sound too awkward.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376161

I follow him obediently.


DM 376163

"…I never expected you were like that."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376164

"Well I'm no expert in that area.
But as I said, every sort of magic can be deconstructed into their elemental essence.
And then that whole superstitious "Dark" part just disappears.
Necromancy is mostly an application of the Earth Element. Most ponies know the "standard" application of making things grow, but it's opposite application is making things decay.
The acts of raising so-called "minions" is a combination of Earth, taking control of the decay and Fire, energizing it to move."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376166

And then, a change of idea.
Instead of the combat arena, I'll head to the dining area.
"Our match is going to be a bit different, Prettybird."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376168

Look puzzled.
"uh… helpful?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376169

Follow him.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376171

"Our contest will be… to see who has the most enjoyable meal. What would you like?"

DM 376172


Nylis [Thaumaturge] 376176

What is going on? Where are Kila and Smoldering?

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376177

I stare at him blankly.
"I am not hungry. Sorry."

Kilana [deathsinger] 376179

I smile a bit. "You remind me of someone else I know, and yes, you've got the perfect definition. Such a shame that its looked down on when its perfectly good magic, and can do good things."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376181

"I-I am not! I didn't mean live with us like that!"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376183

"Not even after two matches? Hm."
I'll clank my hooves together.
"I doubt you've bathed since, and fighting's sweaty work. I'm certain the arena has showering facilities somewhere around here. How about who has the most enjoyable shower?"

DM 376184

"In what way then?"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376188

"It seems to be a curse on magic users.
It's why I prefer studying the elements.
The elements are mostly free of any religious thoughts. It's pure magical matter, no gods, no "Dark" side. "
Pause for a second.
"Well you've got the Elemental beings of course, but even they are mostly neutral."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376189

I keep staring at him.
"I must fight more. Must practice. Must train. For Frosty."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376191

"I… She was a slave before, and I want to help her! She needs some friends and a normal home, so I thought she could live with us for a while until she gets better!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376192

"Hey Frosty, what talk did you have with Sunny?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376196

"And do you think he would like it if you hurt yourself, or sacrificed the small happinesses of a good shower after a hard fight?"

DM 376199

"We simply discussed how skilled she was with healing. And how helpful she could be to out cause.
She reminded me of the druids we met when we were kids."
"A former slave?
Do tell the whole story"

Kilana [deathsinger] 376200

"this place is a pretty good example, how they laughed at you in the ring, calling magic 'tricks' like its a dirty way to fight." I shake my head. "Not a bit of understanding in their skulls."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376201

"Can heal myself. Find happiness in serving my purpose. Shower… can come later."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376202

"Those druids… Damn."
"I miss Medve at times."

DM 376205

"We all do… we all do…"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 376206

"I- If you could choose between one or the other, without… social or r-religious barriers.. would you- uh- what would you choose?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376207

I'll shake my head.
"That doesn't mean you can't find happiness in things other than your purpose, Prettybird."
I'll tap the ground slightly.
"Think, for a moment, of all the ponies inside this arena. You, me, King Frostmourn, master Swansong… everyone has their own hopes, dreams, and purposes. But those purposes don't always define them. If you can't take the time to look beyond the path at your hooves, you'll miss some truly incredible things."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376208

"She has been a slave all her life, she was abused badly, and she is in a terrible mindset of servitude… I want to give her a second chance at life. At a better life."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376210

Crash on the couch or something.
"So. She told me about fighting for the North and all.
And she's great at sneaking.
And with a blade.
You thinking what I'm thinking?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376213

"Okay. Will shower tonight. Practice now?"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376216

Look around.
"Maybe it's better that way.
Magic requires a strong mind to control its current.
If too many untrained ponies handled it like they handled a sword, we'd see a lot more disasters."

"They're both undesirable. But if had to choose, I could live more with the social barriers than the religious ones. The social barriers merely seperate magicians from the average pony, and in a way also protects those who aren't for it from magic.
The religious ones are worse, leading to ponies misinterpreting our work to persecution."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376217

*aren't ready for it.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 376220

"I was talking about which study of magic"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376221

"You're referring to holy magic and mind magic, such as thought reading?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376222

I'll roll my eyes slightly.
"As you wish. Though next time I might just have to kidnap you and force you to relax."
Chuckling a bit, I'll head back to the arena area. Need to see if there are any open match slots.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 376223

"eugh… n-nevermind"

DM 376224

"…a noble goal.
I approve."
"I would, had Radiant not taken such a liking to her."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376226

I honestly don't understand what you're referring to?

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376228

Oh wait I get it now.
Pause for a second.
"You're referring to Elemental magic, or the Dark Arts?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376229

"Lady Radiant should really stop being so oppressive.
She's a one track mind and you know it.
I'm more worried about emotional instability.
It's easy for somepony that once was a slave to trust himself to a master.
She sure seems to do it easily enough.
I think she'd lack the responsible choice."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 376231

wince at him saying it so casually, then quickly look around to see if anyone's watching us '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376233

Follow him.


Kilana [deathsinger] 376234

"True, there are some who aren't ready for it. Perhaps we should go toward my room now."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376237

I smile.
"Thank you! I was worried you might not…"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376238


"Of course."
Move closer.
"My apologies, I'm still not used to not being in Rockeye."

DM 376243

"That I might not what?"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376245

"… rules?"
I look at him expectantly.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376246

We're in the room now?

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376247

Alright. Sentry Vanish Single-axe swing to her side.
I did say I wouldn't hold back.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 376248

I'm hoping so

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376249

Oh well.
I had a date, didn't I?
Fleetflight. Go find him.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376251

"Anything goes! Give me all you've got."


I jump in surprise at the sudden attack and try to counter it with a swing of my longsword.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376256

"Approve of it. I mean, this will probably cost a lot of my time and energy, and probably our privacy too… so I was worried you might be less than happy with this sacrifice…"

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376259

Just in case that would hit me anyway, use Monkey Agility.

DM 376260

Crescent 3
Sunny 5
He is shooting targets
"Hello again Swansong."
"You make it sound like a cause worth sacrificing for."

Kilana [deathsinger] 376261

Yeah, we're in my room now at the inn. I pull a few chairs over "Comfy?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 376263

H-hopefully I was invited along, too?

Just got back.

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376264

"Seems nice. Now where were we?"

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 376265

"Yea, thanks"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376267

That judgment is wrong, they are 5 - 4 for Crescent.
"Hello there. The tournament is already underway, figured I'd find you at the arena."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376268

"Good, good."
Let's see her get through my defense. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376269

"I think it is."
Hug him, he is so understanding.
"Poor thing can't even fly even though she is a pegasus.."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376272

Might as well test this out…
Nature elemental Earth!

Kilana [deathsinger] 376273

"Magicial studies, which ones to do you prefer? "

DM 376277

Screw the rules, I have green hair
"I suppose you're here about our match?"
"How terrible…
…I wonder if somepony would teach her?"
Apparently I can't play the rules right so in order to please the rules lawyer the stats are
Crescent 5
Sunny 7

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 376279

"A-any kind of study. Knowledge is knowledge and- well- …I'm not really bothered as long as it's something I would want to learn about… yea"

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376280

"Too busy?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376281

"Now that's interesting."
Both axes out now. '2d10'

Roll #1 5, 9 = 14

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376282

"Well as I said, in my eyes, there is no real distinction between the Elemental studies and the so called Dark Arts.
The Elements are the building blocks of the universe, they have their good side and evil side, or maybe even better, they have neither.
Take for example Fire, my specialty. The good properties of Fire are warmth and light. They create life and sustain it.
On the other hand, Fire also burns, destroys and consumes everything. We might call that evil.
It's just attaching labels to natural things. As far as I'm concerned I'd like to study the nature of Fire in all it's different aspect, even if some could be called "Dark"


Time to charge in with my longsword!

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376287

"Back at Wintergrasp. She will need a lot of work and a lot of good friends to be able to live the life she deserves."

DM 376289

"Not really. You feeling ready?"
Crescent 5
Sunny 4
"I'm beginning to miss that place…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376290

"We will get back there eventually."
"And the Sun above us is the same everywhere, isn't it?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376293

"Don't be discouraged. Strike me with your best, Prettybird."

Roll #1 10, 8 = 18

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376294

"Ready enough. Maybe a bit weaker than yesterday, but I could take on the world."
Get it?
Get it?
Because you nerfed me.


Right. Fuck.
Move in for a backstab!

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 376299

"The titulature of 'dark arts' is typically given to arts that are feared generally through lack of proper education about them. How funny that the motto of King Longshanks would be 'knowledge is power', then."

DM 376301

Don't make me shoot you in the eye
"So long as you can take on me.
…I will admit if we made wagers I've forgotten about them."
"Yes… as is the sun beside me."
Crescent 5
Sunny 2

DM 376302

Crescent 5
Sunny 1*

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376303

Nod in agreement.
"It would be far wiser to study those aspects of magic, with the proper precautions of course. Then just fear them."

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376304

"On our battle? No, not really. There was more of a thing about which one of our kings would have won."
I didn't feel calm when facing him with that skillset. I feel even worse now.


Okay… Only one thing left to do now… All or nothing! Natural Remedy on myself!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376308

"Here I come, Prettybird."
And here come the axes. '2d10'

Roll #1 2, 3 = 5

Kilana [deathsinger] 376309

I nod along with your speech. "I think we share a desire to have a space where you can fully research your topic. Soon there will be a place where we can study even the darkest of arts."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376311

Cock my eyebrow.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376312

Smile at him and nuzzle a bit.
"Want to pray and medidate together?"

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 376315

"Mister Swansong doesn't seem to trust the would-be academy. I am confident, however, in time, he will come to value our research."

Kilana [deathsinger] 376316

"Yes, with the necessary safety precautions of course. "

Kilana [deathsinger] 376318

"He's just being safe, he hardly trusts anyone after all."

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376319

"So I gather you would like to start an academy where all magic can be researched?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 376320

"Specifically the more dangerous arts, like necromancy. elemental magic already has its place in the wintergrasp academy."

DM 376321

Crescent 5
Sunny 3
"I'd love to"
"Hm. Right…"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376322

Sit down beside him, close my eyes, and start praying.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 376324

"I hope so. He didn't seem like a pleasant pony to be on the wrong side of."

"I think, in the right hooves, necromancy does far more good than it does endanger anypony. Do you know any necromancers yourself?"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376326

"I see…An admirable goal, such an institution is needed to make such arts a viable area of study, instead of having everypony interested, even the ones who hope to use it for "good", just dabble in it on good luck."
"Still I'm not sure if I could be of use for that. I'm an elemental magician, even though I try to take it much further then usual, necromancy is beyond my capabilities."

Kilana [deathsinger] 376327

I motion to myself. "its my grasp on necromancy that led Frostmourn to select me for this project."

Commentator the second 376328

"And the fight goes on!"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376329

Right, can't let her do that again. '2d10' for solid hits.

Roll #1 3, 7 = 10


Now… charge in again! drop and roll, then backstab!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 376332

"My apologies, I didn't mean to be so presumptive. I've had many close friends who were necromancers, and well… Many of them seemed bitter and dour, no doubt because of being forced to live in secrecy. You seem positively upbeat by comparison. It's pleasant."

Commentator the second 376335

"If he keeps swinging his axes like that he'll go blind!"
Crescent 3
Sunny 3

Kilana [deathsinger] 376337

"Its not a problem. I have some musical talent as well which allows me to easily be more social." Though, my scythe and rune tattoo are maybe helpful clues

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376339

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376340

I'll grimace a bit under my helm.
"You're actually really good at this, Prettybird. Don't hit as hard as Lady Goldentail, but it adds up."
And now I bring the bladed satellites back around to bear against Sunny. '2d10'

Roll #1 5, 3 = 8

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 376343

I forgot about those! Then again, Id isn't used to having to rely on those social cues because he usually just reads minds freely. He's trying to stop the habit lately.

Smile. "I'd very much like to hear you play some time, then."


Even now, my expression is as neutral as ever.
"Master made us fight. I learned from that so I could protect master in return."
Move in for another backstab!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376348

Monkey agility!

Commentator the second 376351

"Do you think the little Freedom Fighter got tired after all these match- Oh, no, look at her dodge!"
Crescent 2
Sunny 3

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376354

"You should remember it to protect yourself! More than anything else, you fight for yourself, and your own ideals!"

Roll #1 1, 10 = 11

Kilana [deathsinger] 376359

"I understand, your expertise is in flames. As I said we have an arcane mage tower, they could probably learn a bit from you if you're as skilled as you seem. And some more support is always good, there may even be some ways for our magic to combine to make greater things.." I seem excited at the idea. "Its just great to have someone to talk to about this."
"A song to lighten up the mood? We've been talking in the formal tone for so long, its a little tiring."

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 376360

"S-so you agreed to be the headmaster?"

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376365

I thought she hadn't rolled for that one yet? I could be down if she rolls right.


I keep quiet as I move in to strike. another backstab!


Wait what? I haven't even done anything yet!

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376367

"I'd love to talk about these things more.
For that matter, if we're talking about "dangerous magic" would you like to hear a theory I have?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 376368

"Yea, I'm sorry I've been so busy lately. I've been working on a special project to show the rock eye mages."

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 376369

My smile weakens and turns sheepish.

"I'm sorry if I've been a mood killer. I think I may have forgotten how to lighten up. I've been speaking in formal tone for a decade. It's why I wanted to come to the Northlands. To be free of a life of cloak and dagger fear and formality."

Commentator the second 376372

"That is a big axe, but waving it around like an idiot is not gonna help you!"
Crescent 1 Because critfail/success becomes simply fail/fail, even if the lowest possible fail is critfail for your great weapons.
Sunny 3

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 376373

"Uh- I didn't mean anything other than asking! Sorry. But I'm just asking because Pumpkin was trying to force information or something out of me that I didn't know about, and it was related to me telling him I couldn't be the headmaster. But you and uh… w-well you're good at that kind of stuff so I wanted to ask."


"I know the feeling."
"No, I should have taken time to talk to you sooner, its my fault. Now.. lets see If I remember that song about the gem.."

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376382

I'll be panting a little.
"As a friend, I've really enjoyed this match, Prettybird."
And then I'll Vanish.
"But I'm not going to let you win so easily."


Move in for the final strike!
Drop, roll and backstab.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Commentator the second 376384

Roll to stay hidden. Opponent has to double your roll or crit to hit you.

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376385


Roll #1 7 = 7

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376386

Lean back and enjoy the song.

Commentator the second 376387

"Well call me a hack, he just disappeared! With heavy armor and all!"
Crescent 1
Sunny 3

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376388

And then, from above. '2d10'

Roll #1 6, 8 = 14

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 376389

What a pleasant tune.


I look mildly surprised, but take this moment to heal myself
Natural Remedy

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Commentator the second 376395

"Freedom Fighter thinks it good to drop her guard and BAM! He comes right from behind! I feel next hit will decide this match!"
Crescent 1
Sunny 1

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376399

Tossing one axe aside, I'll grip the remaining one in my hooves. Last swing, for both of us, it looks like.
"This is it, Prettybird!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Okay, that will clearly hurt.

Prepare for this. Natural Remedy.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Kilana [deathsinger] 376404

Looks like I did pretty decent. "An old favorite of mine, actually about the falling of a 'god' an elemental of stone defeated and turned into a simple gem stone."

Commentator the second 376405

"Freedom tries to get some fancy plant stuff ready but NOOOOO!
It's too late for her, that axe was a clear, fair and square hit, one of those that can take the wind off a true warrior!"
Crescent 1
Sunny -1

Crescent wins, crowd cheers.

Nylis [Thaumaturge] 376406

"It was lovely"

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376407


Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376408

I'll stick my axe in the dirt.
"Alright, there, Prettybird?"
I'll offer her a hoof to help her up.

Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 376409

"I haven't heard anything so pleasant in many, many years."

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376414

I blink and get back on my hooves. Escape Artist.
Bad bad pony I am.

Kilana [deathsinger] 376416

I smile. "Thank you, friends. I actually got my mark in music when I was a filly.."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376419

"It's alright to accept a helping hoof now and then, Sunny."
I'll float my axes back over.
"Still, you fought well. I was certain I'd lose for a few moments."
I'll give her a small pat on the head.
"Now, come along. Let's get ourselves cleaned up so we're both presentable."

Kilana [deathsinger] 376421

we can pick this up again next time, we can't really see the cerberus with out DM and I'm kind of thinking of turning in early.

Sunny [Ex-slave] 376422

I nod slowly.
I'm going to head to bed too now

Smoldering Torch [Omniseer] 376423


Imminent Domain [Mastermind] 376424


Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376425

Goodnight. And if there aren't separate showers, things are going to be awkward.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376427

Bitch I'll bash you in, don't even think about it

Venia [Battlemage] 376612

I run after her as I see her pass.
"Sunny! Wait! I'm good to go for that battle I promised you, if you want. I hear you fought very well already!"
I smile at her warmly.

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376613

I stop and turn to stare at her.
"Okay, your highness. I wish to fight more. Practice more. Become better for Frostmourn."

Venia [Battlemage] 376614

I keep smiling.
"I'm happy to hear the two of you spoke to each other. We'll all take good care of you!"
Start making my way to the battleground
"So any rules? No sneaky stuff?"

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376615

I follow her obediently.
"Yes, your highness. I will not sneak."

Venia [Battlemage] 376616

"That's settled then!"
Check and see if the arena is free, then enter with Sunny.
"Good luck!"


"Thank you, your highness."
I take up position in the arena.
rolling for initiative.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I look at her lively and ready stance in mild surprise.
I'll at least try and match that!

Roll #1 5 = 5

Venia [Battlemage] 376619

You get to attack first and decide at what range

Commentator the Third 376620

"Looks like Freedom Fighter can't get enough of the action! She is now up against none other than the Queen Venia! Let's hope for another amazing fight by those two!"


I know
Near range.
Gallop straight at her, then jump up over her and go straight for a backstab.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I hit her with a electric Magic Bolt as she tries to leap over me.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376623

Monkey Agility!

Commentator the Third 376624

"The pegasus is eager to cause some pain again, but looks like the noble Queen's reaction time is right on tim-WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT SPEED! SHE JUST SIDESTEPPED THAT MAGIC BLAST LIKE IT WAS NOTHING!"

Sunny : 5
Venia : 5


I take a moment of pause, then charge in again for another similar maneuver.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376626

ignore the +2


Impressive speed…

I look at her come at me and try to counter her with a blow from my warhammer!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Commentator the Third 376628

"The royalty is back to something more traditional in the form of that hammer it seems, as they face down each other, then Freedom Fighter with a dive, LOOK AT HER GO, STRAIGHT PAST THE DEFENSES OF THE QUEEN BEFORE SHE CAN SO MUCH AS RAISE HER WEAPON! THIS PEGASUS DOES NOT PLAY AROUND, LADIES AND GENTLECOLTS!"

Sunny : 5
Venia : 3

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376629

I close my eyes and use Nature elemental: Earth on myself.


I cough and stumble for a moment, then shake my head.
So damn quick…

I take this moment to charge in and deliver a strike of my own!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Commentator the Third 376631

"Our quick hooved pegasus seems to try and use the time she gained to cast a spell, and it looks like it wi- THAT had to hurt, the Queen recovered a lot quicker than anypony present thought possible, and she damn well capitalized on it! Better pay attention next time, Freedom Fighter!"

Sunny : 3
Venia : 3


Alright, Magic bolt has recharged. Let's see how quick she really is! Electric magic bolt!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Pain is irrelevant, must keep fighting!

I roll out of the way to dodge that, then charge in for another strike! Backstab!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Commentator the Third 376634


Sunny : 1
Venia :3


Don't get cocky now, Venia… She's good.
Move in for a final blow with my warhammer!

Roll #1 9 = 9


This will obviously hurt.
But that doesn't matter. What matters is whether I will be able to keep standing or not.
Natural Remedy.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Commentator the Third 376637


Sunny : 5
Venia : 3


I gawk as I see her completely restore herself.
What on earth… this mare…
Shake myself out of it! Go in for another hammer strike!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Feeling completely rejuvenated I charge in once again for a backstab on the Queen

Roll #1 6 = 6

Commentator the Third 376640

"Look at her! Look at her go! That refreshment did her good, and she snuck in another fast hit before the good Queen could even parry!"

Sunny : 5
Venia : 2

Venia [Battlemage] 376641

Time to go all in… Heroic Retaliation!


I once again move in for another strike as I see her prepare a spell
Backstab, finish this.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Commentator the Third 376643

"Oooh, looks like the Queen Venia is worried! She tries to shield herself, but Freedom Fighter is having none of it, and barely leaves her enough time to parry that blow!"

Sunny : 5
Venia : 2


I scrunch.
All or nothing! Electric Storm Bolt x5!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Move in right away for a backstab! don't let her hit me!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Commentator the Third 376646


Sunny : 5
Venia : 0

Sunny won.


I drop my sword and help the queen up with a natural remedy, staring at her blankly

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


I let out a grunt
Dammit Venia… Are you really this weak?
I slowly get back up on my hooves.

I smile weakly at her
"Thank you, sweetie. You did well… you're an amazing fighter."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376649

I look down.
"Thank you, your highness."
Just use NEL on her and call it a day.
"I am happy you took time to fight against me."

Venia [Battlemage] 376650

I smile as I feel nature strengthen my body.
"It's alright, Sunny. Don't feel bad about me, I'll live. You ought to be damn proud of yourself for that performance! That was fantastic! Such speed!"
I gently lead her out of the arena.
"I'm very happy to have you among us. You truly are something else, Sunny."

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376651

I keep staring at her, then follow her as she leaves.
"Thank you for being so kind, your highness. I am happy to have purpose and to serve the High King as well."

Venia [Battlemage] 376652

I chuckle
"Please, just call me Venia. You don't have to be so polite to me, I'd like to just be your friend, not your queen. We all do."

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376653

"Okay, Venia. I am happy you wish to be my friend. I will remember your kind words."
And then we went back to the breakroom

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376654

After praying with Celaire for a while, I rejoin the others in the breakroom.

I walk over to Sunny with a smile and a wave.
"Hey there. How were things while I was away?"

Tela 376655

I turn to stare at her.
"They were nice, Radiant. I fought Queen Venia in battle. She is my friend as well now. I am happy."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376656

I tilt my head.
"You did? Who won?"

Tela 376657

"Queen Venia was strong, but I did, Radiant."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376658

I nod in approval.
"Wow… you are a quite the fighter, aren't you? That is quite a feast you did."
I chuckle.
"It's troublesome even for me to beat her in spars."

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376659

I look down.
"Thank you, Radiant. I got lucky. I kept my purpose in mind and fought for it."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376660

I raise her chin with a hoof.
"I'm glad that it gives you such strenght."
Keep smiling at her.
"And I have some good news for you too."

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376661

I stay quiet, looking at her expectantly

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376662

"I spoke with Celaire, and he agreed that helping you towards a better life is a worthy cause… and he agreed that you can live with us in Wintergrasp."

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376663

I take a moment to process that, then nod slowly.
"Okay. Thank you Radiant. Ki-… Frosty and Venia said I was to stay at the palace as well."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376664

I nod.
"Yes, but I don't want you to be lonely and live alone in one of those palace rooms… I think some company will do you some good. We can have breakfast or diner together, and you can train your wings with Pumpkin or go and try out gardening with Venia during the day, and so on… so… do you want to stay with us? I'm not going to force you if you don't…"

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376665

I nod slowly.
"Yes. Thank you, Radiant. I am happy you are nice to me."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376666

My smile widens.
"Of course I am… you are a nice pony after all. You deserve it."

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376667

I look down again and mumble something.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376668

I perk my ears and tilt my head.
"Excuse me? I didn't quite catch that…"

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376669

I stay quiet for a moment, then slowly look up again.
"… Thank you for believing in me, Radiant."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376670

My expression softens even more.
"You should thank yourself. You have a very strong heart and spirit, Sunny. You already proved me right in believing you. And I just know you will be able to do so much more in the future."

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376671

I nod slowly.
"I will remember, Radiant."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376672

"Good… now, do you want to tell me a bit more about the purpose you said you found? If you don't mind me asking, of course."

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376673

"Serve High King Frostmourn. Fight for the North. Help unite the North."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376674

I nod, but then frown.
"That is a very noble cause… but you don't mean serve as…uh… as you would a master, right? Because you did say you were still looking, and everything…"

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376675

I stare at her blankly
"Frostmourn is my friend. No contract. No master. Still serve my purpose. Happy to serve a high king."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376676

"If you say so…"

Sunny [Friend of Frostmourn] 376677

I nod slowly

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 376678

I nod as well.
"Okay… but I would still like you to have some time for yourself every now and then. Especially until you…uh… get better."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376679

And I'll just be by myself, huffing a bit that Sunny went right back to the arena instead of relaxing for a little while.

Pumpkin Swansong [Northblade] 376680

And then I approach Waxing.
"So, I had to default our bet sadly. Ask away."

Waxing Crescent [M Uni Dark Knight] 376681

I'll nod.
"And remember, completely honesty, unless it is a matter sensitive to the king's security."
I'll look straight at Pumpkin's face.
"What are you to the king, beyond being his friend?"


Try to keep a straight face.

Roll #1 2 = 2