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Northlands - Thread 19 DM 271369

Over 20.000 posts since we started
March on you crazy diamonds.

Our heroes are making preparations for departures to Rockeye and the Master's Altar

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271371

But… But… Waymarker's subplot! Waymarker's Juicy, juicy subplot!

Verne [Trickster] 271372

Suppose, out while Venus is training, isn't really a good time to talk to her.

Can we timeskip to bedtime?

DM 271374

You can continue where we left off last time.
He looks at you with defeated eyes
"What good would it do to me any more to kill him?"
There you go.
"What the heck was that thing you did earlier?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271376

"It's somepony else we are talking about. Me, I can risk my own life. But if I have to ask somepony else to step on the line then I want them to be safe."
Ask the guards to call for Doc.

Verne [Trickster] 271377

"Voice and rhythm control to influence the unconscious mind, dear. I just wanted a cuddle. Heh heh. But, ahem. Enough of that. How did your training today go?"

DM 271380

He hesitates a little
"Are you sure about this?"
"A little shoddy I must admit. I can't quite seem to get these new moves down."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271382

"Ask him then. Tell him there's a pony that needs help and is seriously wounded. Ask him if he'd leave him to rot."

Verne [Trickster] 271386

"Hmmm. Take your time, with it, as always."

Lie down on a nice bed around here with her.

"Does it… really make you happy to put your life on the line for me? Back in the Underkingdom, I was moved. And yet.. so, so deeply disturbed. I… cannot bear the thought of losing you for any reason. If that were to happen, I may as well be dead as a pony. My only reason to live would be my work, and nothing more. My.. soul would die with yours."

DM 271387

The guard salutes and leaves
Waymarker lies back down
"What do you hope to gain from this?"

DM 271392

"Well being a protector is what I always wanted to be. I wanted to be a guard but ended up as a bodyguard. I don't mind. This is the path I wanted in life. I have a stronger body than most others, so rather I'd rather have it on the line than someone… more fragile."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271393

"I told you. Nothing. I just want to understand."

DM 271396

"That is a goal all the same.
So ask away then. What do you want to understand about me?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271397

"We have very competent healers, first of all. Perhaps they'll know a spell to heal your back completely over time… But I'll need to ask around first."

Verne [Trickster] 271400

"If you are truly happy, then, I won't do anything to change it. My reasons, all that time back then, for making you my personal guard, was so that I could ensure you would never be in any danger to great from being a fighter, as long as I stayed out of danger myself. Yet, if I am required to go on expeditions like the Underkingdom… that would put you in danger, and honestly, I would rather sacrifice just about anyone else. But if I replaced you at times.. well, would that be alright with you?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271401

"It's not something I want from you. Not really. I want something for you.
I want to be able to undo those bindings and know you won't try to end your life or do as much damage as you can."

DM 271402

She pulls the blanket up more tightly
"That'd be… most kind of you.
…I heard someone mention you are the queen. Is that true?"
"Tell me something Swansong. What would you do in my place? Starved in an Equestrian dungeon, having betrayed all your secrets to your captors, with no hope of ever returning or seeing those you love again?
And then the one who did it all to you comes in, opens your bindings, gives you a wide selection of weapons and just sits down next to you.
What. Would. You. Do?"

DM 271405

"So what, you'd rather I sit at home like a good mare and worry myself sick over you?
I'm a capable pony, Verne. Don't belittle me!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271408

"I'd be hella curious. Or think he's crazy. Now the question is, does this eyepatch make me look fat?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271410

I chuckle
"Who knows? Ponies have the wildest imaginations sometimes."

Verne [Trickster] 271413

"So were my comrades in the Underkingdom, and they had many close brushes with death. I would rather not risk you needlessly, Venus. I-I wouldn't be able to bear it. Yet, if it truly makes you happy to give yourself for me…"

Hug her.

"Then, do so. Just promise me that you would never sacrifice yourself for anything. Just promise me you will never let my soul die that way."

DM 271418

"No. It makes you look half blind and like an easy kill because you have a massive blind spot."
"Huh… ok then. It would have been pretty crazy for the queen herself to go out adventuring like that. Or maybe not. They say even Princess Celestia and her sister lead from the front…"
"So you're outright telling me not to protect you with my life, is that it?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271421

"One pretty crazy queen indeed… Did you you ever see them in person? Those princesses?"

Verne [Trickster] 271422

"I'm telling you not to let your emotions get in the way of what would be the best thing to do. Before you do anything, just remember that if you die, I may was well be dead with you."

"And… I suppose, that's what I wanted to say."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271424

"Whew, disaster averted."
Clen that smile from my face.
"But let's be serious here. I want you to find that will to fight once more. I don't care if you are my enemy, I really don't. I owe this to you. Equestria might have tried to kill all of us many times already, but it was not you.
You are a pony of faith. Of ideals.
I respect you."

DM 271427

"Oh heavens no. I've never even been to Canterlot. That's the capital.
Though there is the Rising of the Sun festival once a year, where even common ponies can see the princesses.
I've never attended though."
"You're telling me the opposite, dummy. My duty is to protect you with my life. But you are asking me to think with my heart and rather let you die first."
"You do realize you are pretty much directly asking me to kill you, right?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271429

"Or to join me."
Stare at him seriously, make no motion whatsoever.

Venia [Battlemage] 271433

I nod
"Neither did I… Or maybe I did and just forgot, who knows?"
I glance around the room for a moment, then return my gaze to her
"Anyway, I need to go find somepony first. See if he can help you. Okay?"
Get up and start making my way out

DM 271436

"I could just as well give you the same offer.
Let me free. We will get Lady Valeriana and be back in Canterlot in a few days time."
"Ok. Hey… thanks again.
…waitaminute… have YOU been to Canterlot?"

Verne [Trickster] 271437

"No, no. I.. need to live, that much I am sure. I need to continue providing advice to the king and overseeing the land, and if that cost is your life, then… but again, if such a time comes, you mustn't be rash. I understand you might feel some debt for this…"

Shake my peg leg a little.

"But dying for me would not be in any way paying it. It would be a punishment from you to me for putting you through everything. And a punishment for being so audacious as to actually ask you to give your life for me should an absolute need come."

Let go and just lie down.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271438

"What came of 'not having a place anymore' and all that talk about you being a traitor you gave me just a moment ago?
No Waymarker. We won't abandon the north. I will not abandon my King. Or Valeriana. Or my wife. Or my partner."

Venia [Battlemage] 271439

I pet her mane
"Don't mention it, you deserve a second chance like that. And yes, although I was small at the time. Didn't even have my cutie mark yet."

DM 271443

"You sound like you really have no idea what you want."
She lies down as well
"So…. was that everything you wanted, or?"
"I want to pick at your mind as much as you want to at mine.
…I swore the same oaths of loyalty long ago. Long before I was sent to the north. But now I have betrayed those promises ten times over.
Heh… I'm almost tempted to say yes. Just so I could at least die as the most reviled traitor Equestria had ever seen…"
He lets out a hollow, coughing laugh as Doc and the guard return.
"Well I think that proves the validity of those rumors… what kind of northern noble would have spent their childhood in Canterlot after all."

Verne [Trickster] 271445

"There are lots of things I want. Too many. I want our land to grow strong, I want to live happily with you in the land we create, and above all, I want you to be happy with yourself. If I can't have them all, I will have to give up some things. At least.. I do know what right now."

Cuddling time.

"To know that at least, you'll be safe and happy for now."


Roll #1 9, 6 = 15

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271446

"Or just maybe, you are tempted to say yes because deep down you hope all this would end."
Move aside, in a corner of the cell.
"Doc, this is the pony I called you here for. He is extremely dangerous and could kill you with as much as an appleseed, so this will not be an order.
Do you want to help him?"

DM 271447

"Hm. You sure like to talk a lot…
Well, I guess I don't mind. You make up for it in other areas~"
The doctor observes the wounds
"…as a doctor helping others is my duty."
he opens his bag and takes out some supplies, then nods to the guard and enters
Waymarker lets him work in silence.

Venia [Battlemage] 271448

I sigh
"You'd think that but… Ugh, fine. Yes, I am together with the vice king of Wintergrasp. Though we aren't married, so officially I'm not a queen… yet. And frankly, I couldn't care less about being one. I'm just a commoner pony like you and everypony else in here."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271449

Wait for him to finish. Say nothing. Be sure the guards have closed the door and are far off from the cell.
Then, keep watch.

DM 271450

She looks a little shocked
"R-really? I was saved b-by an adventurer queen?"

Verne [Trickster] 271451

Alright so we faded to black.

Has there been any response to the letter we sent?

Venia [Battlemage] 271452

I groan
"Technically… you were saved by the king and his partner. Really, I'm just a commoner pony that got lucky enough to get close to royalty."

DM 271455

"Don't you dare belittle things like that to my face! I'd kill for a life like that~
Being married to a handsome king and all…"
But it has probably reached Equestria by now.

Verne [Trickster] 271457

Oh, well.

Ready to move on to Rockeye now, unless we're not going there yet, are we?

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271459

Once Doc is gone and done, turn again to Waymarker.
"Do you care for a walk?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271462

"It's not all sunshine and flowers. Besides, life at court can get incredibly boring. Why do you think I went down to the Underkingdom in the first place? Honestly, I certainly wouldn't have minded if he was just a common pony like a guard or a smith."

DM 271465

Really it comes down to you.
You are the one Frosty needs to send there, so go talk to him if you want to go there, or to Radiant if you want to go to the Master's Altar first.
The guard looks downright shocked
Waymarker shakily stands up on his bandaged legs
"…I'll try not to kill anyone. Not that I could run very far."
"Hmp… way to take the romance out of a girl's dream…
Say, you wouldn't happen to have a cute prince I could meet would you~?"

Verne [Trickster] 271466

Since Radiant isn't available right now, I'll move the plot.

Go over to Frosty and tell him we are ready to be off at any time.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271468

"There is one place I want to show you."
Take him to the spot where Medve died.
Walk besides him, never let him move past a meter from me.
"This is where I first learnt of Equestria. This is where I lost my first brother in battle, because I wasn't fast enough. I was… Ten, or something back at the time."

Venia [Battlemage] 271469

I chuckle softly
"I'm real sorry to disappoint, but no. No prince's right now. But hey, once we get that back of yours fixed maybe you can be part of my entourage or something. I certainly wouldn't mind you sticking around. You truly remind me of my younger self."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271471

am I ready enough to speak to that shadowy pony? '1d10+-2'

Roll #1 8 - 2 = 6

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271472


where does she live? Or who can I speak with to see her?

DM 271476

"Good, good. Please gather those you need with you. If all goes well, your visit will not be long."
"When I was ten I had already killed three ponies. One of them under orders. Two by myself.
Who was your friend?"
"Aww shoot. And here I was hoping hobnobbing with a royal would get me places.
…got any cute dukes at least?"
She lives in the old tower with the broken stairs. Supposedly there is a hidden entrance.
Or you could as Venia or Pumpkin.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271480

"A bear. He had just learnt to talk. Saved us from the assassin that came here to poison the whole castle.
We were close."
Make my way to Prima's house together with him.
What's left of it anyway.
"This was home to one of our ambassadors. Only, he wasn't here at the time. There was only his daughter. They had killed him already, when they came for her."

Verne [Trickster] 271482

"I will be taking my guard, Venus Wings. That is all that is necessary. Since you are going along, would it help to bring Pumpkin along?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271484

I chuckle again
"Perhaps over at Ironfoe, I can't say I've checked myself though."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271485

they're probably like usual.

I guess I could brave it?

head over there and try to be quiet while looking around. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271490

>They're probably busy like usual

DM 271494

"Hailstone's last mission. Peace to his tarnished memory."
"We can bring him, or simply Valeriana. And a few of the Warriors of Sunlight. Please see to it they are gathered as I prepare."
"Oh. Well… do you think you could like… put out a good word for me?"
The shadows here have eyes.
You notice a missing stone in the stairwell wall and climb in, eventually ending up in what looks like a cross between a bedroom and a death temple.
A dark robed pony is sleeping on the bed.

Verne [Trickster] 271499

"I understand. Valariania's presence will be welcome, as always."


I see you somewhere and talk to you
"Nylis, good to see you. Care to join the King and I on an excursion to Rockeye? Filled with magic and their technology.. tempting for you, isn't it?"

I see you somewhere else too
"Hello, Pumpkin. We will be leaving on a diplomatic mission to Rockeye soon, and would like you to join us. How about it?"


of course they do! I remember the last I met those things back in the forest you know.

take a deep breath, then knock on the stone three times before teleporting in CLOSE TO THE ENTRANCE

Roll #0 8 + 3 = 11

Venia [Battlemage] 271505

"Listen sweetie, you're still young, you have time. You honestly shouldn't be this worried about this kind of stuff yet. I only got together with Anvil when I was in my late twenties! And you're like what? Twenty? The biggest thing you should be worried about right now is your back being healed so you can live a normal life."

Be back in 30

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271506

"Was he a good friend for you?"
"I was waiting for this, actually. Need to get myself a new eye."

Verne [Trickster] 271511

"Then it's settled. I will speak to Valeriana and ask her accompaniment as well, then a few Warrior of Sunlight."

Go find Valeriana. Where does she stay, anyway?

DM 271513

"What is it you need?"
Oh yeah and the shadows can talk.
She groans
…even a sort of good looking duke will do…"
"One of the better ones. We asked to be sent to the north together.
Of course, he was not the closest. That title goes to my partner.
…who probably now rests at the bottom of some garbage chute or shit pile. I doubt you give graves to assassins."
She lives in the unused tower. Pumpkin can show you the way.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271514

"This, I do not know. I left to the Ironfoe spies the duty to clean up the battlefield, that day."

Verne [Trickster] 271517

I should know where she is, I keep track of this stuff.

Go on and find her.

DM 271518

"Well maybe he did get some unmarked grave at least. I sent him after the king. My hope was that even if I fail, if he succeeded he would have earned his place as a proper Lordblade."


"Uhh- I- I wanted to k-know if you could help me and.. u-uh someon- else.."
try to count how many there are
"I- it's ok if you don't want toIjustwantedtoaskthat"

Roll #0 7 = 7

DM 271521

Would you like to arrive there while Nylis is still present or not?

DM 271524

Judging from the eyes, at least a dozen.
"You are Nylis, yes? The young mage."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271527

"Y-yes I am."

Verne [Trickster] 271529


I could tell her while she's there, too.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271532

"I can undertand. And for all this to stop, we need you Waymarker."

DM 271535

Welcome in then.
She seems scared out of her wits by the talking shadows.
"Good. What is it you wanted to ask?"
"For this to stop… we would need a perfect world. Where nopony would ever scheme or plan to shake the balance of the world. Where wars would not need to be prevented, as they would never happen. Where unity and harmony would rule above all.
And your king is a direct stop to that. His plan to unite the north is anathema to any hope we ever had of lasting peace."

Verne [Trickster] 271538

"Good, ah, day, Miss Valeriana. And hello, Nylis."


Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271540

Just answer him in a calm voice.
"I don't remember him or his predecessor sending assassins to your home at night, Waymarker. You know, King Goldenblood… He was the most peaceful of them all. Open to all kinds of diplomacy. And then you first tried to kill him, and then took away his mind. That is some harmony right there."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271541

"I-it was about n-necrom- "
"Uh, hello Verne. Kinda"

Verne [Trickster] 271545

"Then you will be alerted when we go. I feel that you were benefit greatly from our trip."

"And Miss Valeriana? We would like your accompaniment as well on this task."

DM 271547

"Yes, what of my Necromancy? I already have a student."
"Sacrifices must be made for the greater goal. Sometimes a few must suffer so many can prosper. You must never forget to look ahead, and to look at the greater picture rather than the details.
If a new empire rises in the north, it is only a question of time until someone triggers a cataclysmic war between it and Equestria. Millions will die."
"My place is with the king. There was never any question in this."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271549

Keep the calm voice.
"You keep repeating that. Word by word. Do you believe it anymore?"

Verne [Trickster] 271550

"In that vein, we are of one mind. Very well. In any case.. you have been of great service to the Northlands. If you have any requests of me, or any sort, I may be able to fulfill them for you."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271552

"I wasn't.. asking…. t-there was something I needed to, uh.. f- find out. for my uh… well my marefriend"
look away after saying this

Venia [Battlemage] 271553

I pat her on the head
"Patience. Now, I need to go ask somepony about how to heal you. I'll check back on you later, alright?"

Radiant 271554


DM 271564

"I am living proof of the fragility of a mortal mind. And I was trained to not break. Yet I did. What hope does some fat king on a throne atop a legion spanning half the world have of keeping a level head?
"I need nothing in particular right now. But thanks."
The dark robed pony gets out bed and stretches a little as a shadow gives her some slippers and starts brushing her mane
"Marefriend? Oh yeah, Winterbreeze. What does she need?"
Hey… thanks again. Really."
On a cliff with Southern Cross, trying to ask your heart if you are worthy of being an officer.

Venia [Battlemage] 271565

"You more than deserve a second chance, Windy Hills."
Go find Embers

Verne [Trickster] 271568

Take a bow.
"I must thank you for all your efforts. In training Pumpkin, in guarding the King, many things. Please come to me if you need anything."

Leave now and find Radiant.

Radiant pls

DM 271569

He is poking at his model skeleton.
"Your grace. How can I be of assistance?"

Radiant 271570

"I might be following my heart, but what if I traded my Sun for another?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271571

"So would your princesses.
For something that believes itself above ponies, they sure do like to play judge and jury on them.
If we have to fall, I choose to fall following a pony, not a self-proclaimed god."

Venia [Battlemage] 271572

I nod at him
"Embers, good to see you again. I'll cut straight to the point: healing a broken back to its original state, do you think you can do it?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271573

wait for Verne to leave before gulping and getting a little closer to the dark robed pony
"S-she's been looking into some things that I decided to search for in the Underkingdom. It- uh…. it has to do with…the Tartarian arts"

DM 271580

"So long as you follow your heart, and follow your code… can you truly be wrong?"
"I did not expect you to understand. They should have sent a poet, not me, had they wanted you convinced.
I have seen them. And there is no doubt in my heart that they are the gods they are seen as. But now we are just repeating ourselves again."
"A back? Oh my. That's… going to be complicated. See a back connects to a lot of things. I know how to regrow a tooth or a hoof or a kneecap, but a spine? I can promise nothing."
"Ah yes. Her fascination with the Dark Tongue. care for a drink? A snack maybe?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271585

"Heck, I didn't expect it to be easy. But if anypony can do it, you can. How long do you think you'd need to pull something off like that? Weeks? Months? Years?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271586

this is odd
"uh-h okay?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271588

"Yeah, yeah we are."
"I really wanted to show you my vision. It is just so… Glorious, in my eyes.
You are right. We should have poets alongside us. The only thing I know how to do is kill."
Take a few moments.
"Anything you want to do before this day ends?"

Radiant 271589

"I… I just need some time to think a lot of things over… but thanks for showing me the light again."


Verne [Trickster] 271591

"Oh, good day. Miss Radiant. We will be embarking on an expedition to Rockeye soon. Could you arrange for a few Warriors of Sunlight to accompany us? Excluding you, it would give me some peace of mind to know you were here defending in our abstinence."

DM 271593

"Let's say 'maybe eventually'. I need to study the spine more to even understand how it really works. I can do my best, but if you want immediate results, go to someone else."
She pours you a warm drink
"So do tell me more. What does she need of me in particular?"
"…are you married?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271596

Keep an eye on him.

DM 271601

"Could I meet her?"

Radiant 271602

I sigh.
"As much as I would like to help, I am afraid the questions and requests regarding the Sunguard have to be directed to Celaire or one of the officers. A… how t say… personal crisis prevents me from issuing orders now."

Venia [Battlemage] 271603

"Hm… okay then. I'll go consider other options first. Thank you Embers, I'll let you know whether or not this will end up being necessary."
Bid him farewell and go see if Frostmourn is done with his… thing at the place.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271604

"I would be hard pressed to. Waymarker, she is the world to me. And you are still the assassin that came to ensure me and all those like me are done for.
I'll need to know I can trust you, if you want to get near her."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271605

"She uh.. she wants to try something regarding undead. I've seen her use it on herself a couple times, and… felt it's power.. a little."

DM 271606

"So, Venia, we meet again. What news?"
"It was simply a thought. Maybe I wanted to see if she reminded me of my dear Snipsy. Well. No matter.
Tell me of this vision of yours."
"Undead? Well that's easy to arrange. Do you have a body?"

Verne [Trickster] 271607

"I see. I hope you will be able to resolve it suitably."

Have I seen Celestia's Emblem before, on my books on Equestria? Can I recognise it on her butt?

Venia [Battlemage] 271609

"Frosty, I need to ask you a favor… in regard of those golem… thingies."

DM 271610

She wears full armour all the time. Almost nobody has even seen her mark.
He takes a glance at his armour, standing on three legs in the corner of the room, then at his own leg

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271611

"Uh. n-no."
look down at my drink
"I forgot about that…"
take a large QUIET sip
"Nevemind… sorry"

DM 271613

"Well I can always arrange for one. So when would you like it delivered?"

Verne [Trickster] 271614

Will we be resolving Rockeye tonight?

Either way, find Celaire or another Sunlight Warrior official.

Venia [Battlemage] 271615

I take a deep breath
"Back in the Underkingdom… there was this mare we 'rescued'. Rather, she was the first one we managed to rescue down there. Unfortunately, she broke her back in the fight when things went haywire. Afterwards, when we were in need of a blood sacrifice she was the only one that was volunteering to take her blood. And even though we ended up taking a different route… I still admire that. Very much so, in fact. She's young, probably the same age as you are, so I was wondering if your golem maker could help her somehow. Give her a new spine or something…"

Radiant 271616

"I just need a bit of time to think, but thank you for your concerns."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271617

"Uh.. t-that part I don't know.. I- ..uh, would you be willing to talk that out with Winterbreeze? I'm not entirely knowledgeable on this thing."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271622

I have.Wink wink.
"It's a North without war, Waymarker. A North where kids get to know their parents when they are born. Where there are no poors and there is no need to steal.
Look at my flank. It shouts it in my face every time.
You are good at hiding, shitface.
And my name? It's not mine. It was a cruel joke. A bored tutor who couldn't care less gave us names of fruits, just not to waste time.
In the North I dream of, colts don't have to beat up other kids to get their food. They don't need to steal it from merchants who have just the bare minimum to feed their family.
And we did it too. In a lone month, we fixed all that. Imagine a North united. Shared knoledge between all those bickering countries, the riches of the three kings shared with shitholes like this and Hardflank.
The holy word of the Celestials free to be shared across all the ponies that need it. With no fear, no regrets.
This is what we want to build. A place for ponies to live as they dream, not a mighty warrior state that will move down on your homes."

DM 271627

Sure why not
You find Celaire, who is looking through some papers.
"A broken back… well I'm no doctor, but the support offered by the golem suit is remarkable. However he is currently working on making new legs for Raging Storm…"
She motions to a shadow and it slides out the door
"Anything else?"
"So why not surrender to Equestria? It could offer you all that and more."

Venia [Battlemage] 271630

I nod
"Of course. But surely once that is over he could start a new project?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271632

Do I remember it? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 271634

"I was hoping to get him to hire some assistants and start larger scale production of golems but…
…for you, old friend, anything."
You do if you want to

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271636

"Did you ever try talking to us? King Goldenblood was the most caring and intelligent King to ever seat on the throne of Wintergrasp. If there ever was a chance at diplomacy, he was that chance.
You almost killed the whole palace and then poisoned him.
We did not start this war, and we will not pursue it. But we will not come begging for mercy from murderers who see us as nothing more than pests to be eradicated."

Radiant 271639

So now what do?
Something simple or I shouldn't even quest?

Verne [Trickster] 271640

Because I need be soonish, unless it'll be some quick speeches

"Good day, Sir Celaire. I need to arrange some of your Warrior to accompany the King and his entourage on a trip to Rockeye. Preferably those of… mild temperament, not easily angered or prone to rash, hasty action."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271642

"Uh, w-were you the one who was with Pumpkin in the hospital when that exploding mold thing happened?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271644

"Well, I still need to make sure it's okay with her as well. I'll let you know what she says later, okay?"
I draw him in for a thankful hug
"Thanks Frostmourn, I wouldn't ask this if it wasn't important. I just think a brave and young soul like hers deserves a second chance at living."

DM 271645

"Yes. Why?"
"I do not know who gives what orders. The princesses are just two beings. They have ministers and assistants who answer to them.
I do not know what has been tried and what has not. I follow orders, not give them. I am a blade.
…or… I was."
Well if you aren't going to go with them to Rockeye you can try doing something to resolve your personal issues or take some time off.
"I have just the lot. Go get these three and have them report back here. I will prep them and report to the king in person."
He gives you a list of names
"I trust your judgement on this. Any brave soul of the north deserves at least a shot."

Verne [Trickster] 271647

What's on the list?

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271648

"Be one again. Regain your honor fighting to save ponies who just want to live in peace."
Offer him an hoof.

Dsty 271650

"Uh, w-what was it that you did back then?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271651

I nod and smile
"She… she reminds me of me when I was younger you know. She's got the same can-do spirit and isn't afraid to get into the danger zone either."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271653

DM 271656

Names of some paladins along with general descriptions.
"Grasp hoof. Strike from below with another. Push body weight against broken joint to reveal bone. Leap against target. Force bone into neck artery. Twist to ensure rupture. Release. Break neck."
He gives you a long stare
"You ask me to betray everything I ever had.
…would you take that offer?"
"A necromantic spell known as Resurrection. I gave of my own life to restore his."
"Sounds like a delightful young lady. I will make sure to speak with Golden Oats."

Venia [Battlemage] 271657

"Thanks Frosty. I'll talk to you later, alright?"
Back to the infirmary!

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271658

"Everything you ever had might just have been the biggest lie of your life. I know what I would do, if it happened to me."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271659

"Resurrection? uhh…"
shift about
"are there any other ways to restore life? is there a chance you could teach it?"

Verne [Trickster] 271660

Just pick out the ones that seem calm and unlikely to mess up a diplomatic meeting.

DM 271662

"Well well, back already your grace?"
"You'd rather die."
"The art of resurrection is one of self sacrifice. Every time you cast it, you forsake years off the end of your life for the sake of another. And if you do not give enough… you may not bring off of your target back.
As for other means… none that I know of. Not outside some wild stories at least."
You pick out the few marked on the list and send them to Celaire.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271663

"I have a family, Waymarker. I have a mother in Valeriana and a wife waiting for me at home. Death is not something I look forward to. And I do this job not to serve the will of a tyrant, but to serve the greater good. Draw your conclusions from there."

Venia [Battlemage] 271664

I nod
"I am a quick talker after all. Looks like we've got two options to get you back onto your hooves… maybe a third one even."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271665

look down
it doesn't mean I don't want to learn it.. though
"C-.. what stories?"

DM 271667

"I, too, had a family to go back to. A home. And a lord I had full faith in.
But you took that all from me."
"Do tell. I'm not going anywhere."
"Crazy tales. Supposedly some equestrian priest died and just.. came back. Over and over again."

Verne [Trickster] 271669

Alright then.
Can we do Rockeye tomorrow?

Venia [Battlemage] 271671

"The first option is to let Embers, our head researcher of Healing magics. He says that it could be possible to heal your back using spells that mend it back together in place. However, this will take time and might end up not working… The other option is to use golemcraft to make you walk again. Our very own golemcrafter from Ironfoe could make it so that you can walk again like you used to. He gave King Frostmourn a new leg already after all. Although again, he is currently busy creating new legs for Raging, so it might take a while."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271672

"No Waymaker. Your lord did. Sending you to fight for greed. Telling you lies and twisting the truth around untill all you could believe was their word. You say you were just a blade, no knoledge of what was above, of what they did and did not try.
They did not try to contact us. They did not try to talk. Your oh so righteous leaders ordered the extermination of a whole country because we were feeble enough to be not even a problem for them!
They woke up one day just like all the others since millenia onward and just said 'oh, we can't let these ponies live in peace! Let's kill them all, least the want more than a piece of bread as compensation dor their lands!"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271674

"Nothings' crazy"
cast inure from growing pains on my horn again '1d10+1'
"I lost my horn in the underkingdom. but I was lucky in learning how to force it to regrow. and before that, I was lucky to learn casting runes from Winterbreeze. and before those, there were quite a few things I would've thought crazy.. It's enough to interest me. Do you know the name of the priest?"

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

DM 271675

"And the third?"
"So my entire life was one long lie orchestrated by some self-serving politician looking for a quick promotion for dealing with a problem he made up…"
He slumps down, staring at the remains of Prima's house
"I think he was called Craghooves. Though I never met him. Either his 'reincarnation' was greatly exaggerated, he was never real in the first place, or he was carried off somewhere so his skills could be studied."

Venia [Battlemage] 271677

I stay quiet for a while, averting my gaze before eventually speaking up again
"Let's just say that would be the most extreme, last-resort option."

Verne [Trickster] 271678

Alright, then. I've cleared up just about everything, so we can do it ASAP tomorrow

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271679

Leave him the time he needs.
"We can still fix this. We can still save the North from Equestria. Save Equestria from itself."

DM 271681

He looks at his skinny, bandaged hooves
"I did all of this for nothing…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271682

"You did believe. And this is what I respect the most."
Stand besides him, staring ahead.

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271685

"W-well if Resurrection is possible, then that 'reincarnation' thing is too."
finish the cup
"Uhm, thank you. do- uh.. I'll go talk to winterbreeze. about this."

DM 271687

"There was more to it.
…I doubt Ilistar ever lied to me. I have seen his eyes. And I have never seen clearer ones.
When he told me about Lady Valeriana… they were the clearest I have ever seen."
"It was nice chatting with you. We already made some arrangements with Winterbreeze about the body."

Venia [Battlemage] 271689

DM 271691

"Lets not go with that one then. Between "long process and possible failure" and "waiting in line", I think I prefer the latter if I must pick one or the other."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271692

"They love each other. They really do. This is one more reason I want this to be over.
I want mother to meet with Ilistar once again, without the mask on. Without fear."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271693

"Oh, alright then. Thank you, for the chat. and uh, the drink.. I'll- uhm…yea."
TELEPORT AWAY SOMEWHERE TO DO THINGS I need to leave for an undocumented amount of time. '1d10+3'

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8

Venia [Battlemage] 271695

"Well we could do both, right? If Embers can't heal your back we can just ask the golemcrafter instead. By then he should have finished his current project anyway. It's up to you to decide though."

DM 271702

"All she needs to do is go back then… I would have gladly taken both of you."
Okidokie. Have a good one.
"Well if both are an option… why not.
So where do we start?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271703

"And live a lie?"

DM 271705

"No. Live with her beloved husband as a Lady of Equestria."

Venia [Battlemage] 271708

"We start by informing Embers of his task. You don't have to do a thing yourself, let us take care of you."

DM 271710

"So I seriously have to just lie here until someone comes and fixes me at some unknown time in the future?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271711

"It's a nice life built on a lot of innocents' blood."

Venia [Battlemage] 271715

I cock an eyebrow
"Would you rather lie here knowing that you'll never walk again in the future?"
I sigh
"Look, there isn't exactly much that can be done right now is there?"

DM 271720

"You may say what you will of my life and decisions, Swansong, but never speak ill of my master's love.
…and don't imagine your hooves are so much cleaner. You weren't particularly picky during our fight. Neither were your allies."
"I know…
it's just terribly boring."

Venia [Battlemage] 271721

"Well… I'll be sure to come visit you whenever I have the time to!"
I tap a hoof against my chin
"Don't you have any hobbies? Uh… hobbies that you can do without the use of your back that is."
What race is she anyway?

DM 271723

'1d3' E/P/U
"Well I did sculpt before the whole running away from home thing. But I'm not sure how well I can do that unless someone props me up and gets me some tools."

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 271725

Looks like a pegasus to me.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271727

"Your.. Master? Waymaker, you are talking about my mother here. If she loves him, I have every reason to believe Ilistar is the best lover and most caring husband in all the world.
But we are not talking about him. Equestria is so big that even the Lordblades, those who should only bow to the one lord they believe in and no one else, have seen corruption.
And might I remind you, we fought as peers. Blade against blade. I see no innocence in my hooves. Is there any on yours?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271728

I thought you called her a unicorn mare in the UK, but I don't quite remember.
I smile
"I'd be glad to help you out with that!"

DM 271733

"Innocence is perhaps the most delightful lie of them all.
And soon, if this continues, the north will be the same. Do you think you can do better, where even living gods failed?"
Well by all sense she should be an earth pone but lets go with Unicorn then. It makes more sense in the long run.
"Thank you. Asking for marble is a little much though. So really, get me a hammer and a chisel and something to work with.
…and maybe a separate room. Sculpting can be noisy."

Venia [Battlemage] 271735

Why is that?
"Sounds good! Can do! Any preferred materials you like to work with aside from marble?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271736

Golem Wings!
"I believe in the ponies of the North. I believe they can pull through.
This weather shapes us, Waymarker. It changes us. We learn from the cold winters the frailty of life. The importance of every Harvest.
If even a single pony falls, everyone does. Because nature here does not forgive.
This is the notion every child of the North is born with.
A single pony, he will fail or he will succeed, but it does not matter. What matters is that if a pony fails, another is there to support him, to give him shelter in the cold of winter. What a whole nation does will shape what a nation is."

DM 271737

Time will tell
"Really anything you have. I did always want to try crystal too…"
"Swansong, I have lived in the north for almost twenty years. You may have been born here, but I have shared in its graces for just as long.
…and if there ever was a land I would betray Equestria for…
…I can think of no better place to call my new home."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271738

TELEPORT TO EMBER'S ROOM need to see if he wants any help with his healing thing '1d10+3'

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8

DM 271739

"My my. This is one busy day… first you, then queen Venia, and now you again."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271740

"First me? But this is the only time I've been here- ….how long was my horn when I first visited?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271741

"Welcome back."
Offer him my hoof again.
Yeah, he could kill me. Yeah, my guard is down.
But yeah, I don't care.

Venia [Battlemage] 271742

"Alright then. I'll be sure to arrange things as soon as possible. Anything else you want to tell me?"

DM 271745

"Sorry I seem to be messing up my thoughts here"
He puts the model spine down
"Lets start over. Kilana, the queen, you. Now, what did you need?"
He grabs it, and twists it a little
How am i supposed to respect you as my equal if you leave yourself so open, Swansong?"
He lets go and laughs a little
"Oh I'm a terrible pony. But there is time to beat me up over it later.
So what happens now? All is forgiven, I get my suit and blades back and we fight side by side to kill all who I once called brothers?"
"Oh we could talk for days I'm sure. Traveler to traveler. Mare to mare. You know."

Venia [Battlemage] 271748

Settle down next to her bed.
"Why not? Where do you come from exactly? Not Canterlot, that's for sure."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271749

"Uh, well.. how are things coming along with the healing stuff? did you need help with anything? I know I said I wouldn't be here much because I was busy with developing other things but I figured I could try juggling both! haha…. uh, yea."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271750

"No. We fight to complete that dream, as I told you. We are uniting the north now. As for the suit… Yeah, it's kinda… Let's say 'bad off'.
But for now, let's just go somewhere."
Lead him to my home.
"It's time for me to repay the trust you just gave me."
Knock on the door.

DM 271753

"Yeah Canterlot was always this big shining goal for me as a kid. I was born in a place called Saddleford. Small place by a river."
"Well right now I face an interesting challenge. The queen asked I help heal a broken spine on one of the ponies recovered from the Underkingdom."
Bearing opens the door
"Welcome back honey, who's this you're with?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271754

"A broken spine?

… is it still broken?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271755

"Your dad was a guard there?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271756

donk myself on the head
"Ugh, of course it's still broken! What I meant to ask is, is it setting like that? How long has th spine been broken?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271757

Look at him and wait for as he introduces himself.

DM 271760

"From what I understood, it was broken during the excursion there. So a few days."
"Well he was a guard for hire. Guarded travelers, caravans, visiting diplomats, all sorts. In his off time he was something of a town watchpony."
"Waymarker of Ironfoe. Former spymaster."
Bearing looks concerned
"Why are you so… thin. And… you look hurt."
"Just some… rough times is all."

Venia [Battlemage] 271763

"So he got around too then. And he wanted you to enlist? When did you leave home exactly? How long did you travel before you were enslaved?"

DM 271769

"I guess he thought I should get a real job like his. So after some big fights I just left and never looked back. Was on the road for.. almost a year I'd wager before getting caught."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271770

What time of the day is it?
"Just passed by to see how you were doing honey. That's all."
Smile at her.

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271771

"Hmm… then there's a chance it could be mended. Even with that regeneration thing you know.


fixing a spine is still really tough.."
look around
"Do you think you could do it?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271772

"What did you really want to become? An artist? A sculptor?"

DM 271777

"Okaaay… well, play nice you two."
"I have no idea. But I think I can at least learn from it."
"Please. I was sixteen. Did you know what you wanted to be at that age?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271779

"I think we both can. So are you planning to try it? I could help you if you wanted, since it would pay back when you helped me with the prince and all"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271780

Not gonna invite him for dinner, not tonight at least.
Leave and stop for a moment.
"So, did this help you?"

DM 271784

"I'd like that yes. I just need to get some more theoretical material to study first. Wouldn't want to risk the patient right away would we?"
"She is quite the looker isn't she. She also had very caring eyes.
Who is that one that has been trailing us ever since we got here? The one behind the curtain."

Venia [Battlemage] 271785

"I already had become what I wanted to be. A traveler. An adventurer. A wanderer. You must have had some things you were interested in, right?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271786

"I guess not. Can I read up on some books here if you're not busy with them?"
if so then read up and try to learn as much as possible to help him '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271787

"I thought you'd remember her."
Beat an hoof on the ground to call her down.
"This is Peaches. I called her 'my blade' when we fought. And this is how she spends her-"
Turn to look at her.
"Day. Off."

DM 271793

"Just making sure. Hello again, Peaches."
"…Pumpkin why is he out of his cell?"
"Oh I had ideas. An artist. A noble. Heck at one point I wanted to be a manedresser. But I was always just kinda looking for a path in life."
You immerse yourself in his small medical library, focusing on bone and neural injuries.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271800

"Because he's hearned it, I would say. Want to tell your side of the story, Waymarker?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271804

I nod slowly
"What about now? What will you do once your back is fixed? As I said, you're more than welcome to stay with us."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271805

how confident am I to do this? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 271811

"I agreed to betray everything I ever believed in, raise my blades against my own brothers and forever cast aside all notions of pride or honour in the name of being a despicable traitor."
Peaches looks confused and worried
"Well I could… if i got some handsome baron~"
You understand the fundamentals of it about as well as he does.
That is to say, this will be experimental at best.

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271813

well nothing ever moved forward until experiments happened!
"Uh.. hm. How do you feel about making a trial run right now?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271815

I chuckle
"You and your obsession with nobility… Honestly, I don't see why anypony would prefer it over a life of freedom."

DM 271817

"What, on the patient?
I'm not even sure where to start!
Then, I haven't even met her yet."
"Oh I dunno. The money. The adoring subjects. The balls. The food. Living in a palace…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271818

"Thank you very much that was a wonderful explanation. Leaves out the part where you realized that everything was built on a lie and that we'll work towards a better future for all ponies, but I feel confident asking the king to forgive you already!"
Turn to Peaches.
"See? Nothing to worry about!"
Drop the act.
"But seriously Peach. If you have something to say, do it."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271823

"Neither have I, but once we meet her, You need to decide how to go about it quickly. Because like with the thing you helped me with, it has to either happen soon or not at all."

DM 271825

"Pumpkin I think Bearing wants to kill me"
"Hm. Should we go meet her then?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271827

"… the rules, the etiquette, the obligations, the fact that everypony starts treating you differently like you're better than they are… "
I sigh

DM 271829

"Doesn't sound that bad a cost for the perks you get…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271830

"Wha-" Stop.
"Elaborate please."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271831

follow Embers!

DM 271833

She glances at Waymarker
"M-maybe later."
You head to the infirmary where Venia is talking to the patient.

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271836

oh… shit
"uh, Venia? Who did you ask Embers to heal?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271838

"Well now, we should give you too a room Waymarker. And a decent dinner.
And I'll have to talk with the king about this."
Well now I'm having a shitload of second thoughts.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Venia [Battlemage] 271840

"Believe me, you get sick of it. Like absolutely sick. When Anvil asked me to be his Queen, I was frightened at first. Though you're right that it's not all bad either."

I turn to her
"Oh Nylis! How nice to see you! You remember miss Windy Hills right?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271844

"Right. Follow me you two."
Find Unyielding.

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271846

"Uh… yes! I think. Hello Miss Windy Hills. I'm Nylis and this is Embers, I'll uh… I'll be assisting him."

DM 271847

The viceroy is taking a nap in his office
The guards at the door give you a questioning look
"Well… to each their own I guess?"
"Hello you to. Are you the doctors her grace here talked about?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271851

"It's alright. Please, announce me to the Viceroy. Tell him about my guest."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271854

"Doc- uh.. not really. I mean I don't think I'm fit for such a title but I guess Embers could be called that… right?"

DM 271857

The guard goes nudge the viceroy awake
"M'lord, the high king's blade and his… guests."
Unyielding yawns and waves you in
"So, Pumpkin, what business?"
Ember shrugs
"Not officially like Doctor Doc… lets see hm hm hm…"
he rolls Windy on her belly and starts studying the back wound

Venia [Battlemage] 271858

"Nylis and Embers are geniuses when it comes to healing magic. They even managed to restore a vital body part of the prince once… "

Venia [Battlemage] 271859

>The prince
The king*

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271860

take a scan at it as well. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271861

"I'm here to request forgivness for the former Lordblade Waymaker."

DM 271866

Windy blushes a little
"Dare I ask?"
The spine was severed with a single, precise blow.
The damage is extensive, but only effects a small area.
Healing magic has kept it from becoming infected or worse.
"What? Why?"
The viceroy takes a long look at the thin assassin
"…what has changed since then?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271871

"I'd rather not anger him by telling you the details. All you need to know is that Nylis and Embers are indeed quite the wonderworkers."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271872

"If I ask him to tell you he'll just go on a self-deprecation rant. So the thing is, he pledged alliance to the North and wants this to be his new home.
And the North does need his experience. Believe me, it's not as simple as I'm putting it. But as somepony told me, they should send poets, not assassins, for this job."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271873

if healing magic has done just that, then healing magic can go even further!
I honestly hope that it's been a day or two since my last critfail
"Ready when you are Embers"
rolling to inure her from the healing pains first '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

DM 271878

She giggles a little
"Guess I'll leave it to my imagination.
Come to think of it I sort of have to. I've never seen the king. Unless you meant your husband?"
Unyielding takes another lingering look at you both
"…if this comes back to haunt us it will be on your head. But if Frosty trusts you… so do I.
So be it."
She won't feel a thing.
"Well, I could try triggering regrowth in the spinal cord…"

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 271881

He sits down after no visible effect
"Phew. Ok uh… wow. I need to… rethink this a little I think. Run some trials. I can't go into this blind safely."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271884

"I do want to believe there's good in ponies, Unyielding. Especially ponies that do this. We would not be here if we didn't have some hope, deep in our hearts.
Thank you for your understanding.
A room will be required."
I should talk with Frosty about this, too.
"Waymaker, one last thing. You are not a Northblade yet. Before everything, Frostmourn has to accept you."

Venia [Battlemage] 271886

"Anvil is the vice king of Wintergrasp. He handles all the matters King Frostmourn cannot. Frostmourn has been very busy lately, but maybe you'll meet him soon."

DM 271894

He cracks his neck
"This will be a trial of trust to him as much as it will be to me. Every instinct in me is telling me to kill him at first chance…"
"I'd like that. What's he like? Some wise bearded old pony?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271896

I try myself then '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Venia [Battlemage] 271898

"Not quite, no. He's around the same age you probably are, maybe a little older. And before you get any ideas, yes, he's married already."
I chuckle
"Known him since he was born. He's a got a good head on his shoulders. Very kind and polite too."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271899

"Which is exactly why I'm having an hard time convincing myself to show introduce you to him. But there is no sense in delaying. I will have to ask you to go back to your cell for this."

Venia [Battlemage] 271900

Can I stop her from fucking up? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271901




DM 271906

No harm done here.
The miscast is safely contained in the dampener.
She gets excited at the first part but then slumps back on her pillow
…well don't rub it in or anything."
"And here I was hoping I'd at least get a pillow for abandoning my life for you. Oh well."
He turns to head back to the dungeon.

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 271912

"Uh… nevermind, I think I'll just be off or something… Yea. Later everyone"
head off to beat myself up on that.
I need to go now, later DM

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271914

Accompany him.
"I'll bring the King here. And I doubt there will be any need for the chains."
Lock him inside.
Leave Peaches with him.
Find Frosty.
"Mylord, I've had a talk with the prisoner Waymarker. He wishes to speak to you."

Venia [Battlemage] 271915

I chuckle again
"Should have come up North sooner."

"See you, Nylis!"

DM 271917

Good night
"Ah yes, him. Why? has he decided to defect and is willing to share more intel?"
"Hrmp… don't tell me he's pretty too…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271919

"Actually mylord, he has. He is waiting in the dungeons. I've had along talk with him and… I want to believe."

Venia [Battlemage] 271920

"I wont deny he's quite handsome. Although he's got nothing on Anvil~"

DM 271923

"Well, let us go see him then."
He steps inside his golem suit and locks in it place, then gets ready to follow you as a few guards flank him.
She buries her head in the pillow
"not fair not fair nor fair not fair!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271924

Make our way to the dungeons.
As I enter, turn to Peaches.
"I assume he did behave, right?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271929

"Well, as ponies often told me, life's not fair. But don't worry, there's plenty of other stallions out there that would fancy a mare like you."

DM 271931

"Yeah… I-I'd say that"
"We had a little heart to heart."
Frosty enters, the guards filling the room
"So, Waymarker, finally decided to change sides did you?"
"In a sense. As a token of that…"
He slides a piece of rock out of his cell
"…I could just as easily have lodged that in your nose, causing you to drown in your own blood after it severed a blood vein in there."
The king looks impressed
"What, a homeless cripple?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271933

"If all goes well, you wont be a cripple anymore soon enough. As for the homeless part… I'm sure we can arrange a room for you here in the palace. Maybe you can keep sculpting further and turn it into your profession. I think Frostmourn and Anvil wouldn't mind have a few artists at court. Anvil is quite the artist himself, actually."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271934

"What's your decision, mylord?"

DM 271941

"Let him out. I have one last test for him."
"Wait wait wait wait back up. Did you just way a room in the palace?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271942

Nod at the guards.
Stand ready to vanish and block Waymaker should he try anything.

Venia [Battlemage] 271944

I shrug
"I'm pretty sure we have some unused rooms left, yeah. I'll have to ask Anvil first though."

DM 271951

Frostmourn gives him a sword
The assassin takes it and holds it silently, a few muscles twitching
She doesn't really care about the details.
Just listen to that happy squee sound…

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271954

Well. If he has plans, they are in the long run.
Wait for them to finish.

Venia [Battlemage] 271955

"O-kay… Why don't I go see if there are any rooms available right now?"

DM 271960

"…I applaud your armour. It leaves few weak points. And that archer is remarkably silent. I bet none here ever heard the bowstring."
He drops the sword
Frostmourn nods
"Good enough. Welcome aboard."
She hugs her pillow and tries to roll around a little happily

Venia [Battlemage] 271961

I chuckle
"I'll leave you to your fantasies, let me go arrange some stuff."
I smile at her and take my leave, let's go visit Anvil

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271962

Wait for the commotion to clear out.
"That took strenght. You are a remarkable pony indeed."
Make our way to his room.
"Will you be needing anything?"

DM 271964

He is in his office, stretching his limbs a bit
"Well hello dear."
"When do I get to meet your master?
Where do we have our base?
Where are the others?
…are you above kidnapping?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271967

I walk up to him and give him a quick kiss
"Hello, love. How's your day going? I need to ask for a favor."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271969

"You did, it's Valeriana.
In the underkingdom, it's being built.
Both in your old Ironfoe base and in a secret refuge in the catacombs of Wintergrasp.
And no."

DM 271974

"Anything. Well, anything within reason."
"Mhm, mhm, mhm…
…I would very much like to be together with Snipsy again."

Venia [Battlemage] 271976

"You remember that mare from the Underkingdom? The one with that broken back that took a fancy to you? I need a room for her so she can stay in the palace once she gets out of the infirmary."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271977

"You read my mind."
Give him a grin.
"I just thought you'd want to wait before planning for this. But let's not delay."
Walk inside his room and sit at a table or whatever.
"Location, possible defences, points of interest along the path, ways to sneak in and out."

DM 271983

"Well, first and foremost, you will need to get into Canterlot."
"Those rooms are in high demand these days… Peaches… Waymarker… now her.
But sure. We still have some to spare."

Venia [Battlemage] 271985

I hug him
"Thanks honey! It means a lot to the poor thing, she has nowhere else to go."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271987

"Exactly what I'm talking about. Can you draw maps of the most important locations? What to avoid and how to move around?
Also, where does she live?"

DM 271991

She lives in one of the outlaying districts, near the mountain side. Canterlot is, unsurprisingly, heavily guarded both day and night, with the night guards being specially drilled to see in the dark and taught light spells to detect intruders. And the Lordblade headquarters is there as well. So every shadow has eyes and blades at the ready."
"I just hope we won't have many more moving in or I might need to build a new wings into the palace…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 271994

"How quaint. Our berst bet would be entering as normal travelers, make contact, reveal yourself to her and have her come with us.
How willing to cooperate would she be?"

Venia [Battlemage] 271995

I smile mischievously at him
"Maybe we got let her move in with us instead, get you an extra mare to keep yourself warm~ Why, with Valeriana added to that you'll almost have a full harem~"
I snicker

DM 272001

"You'd be taking me along?
You'd be going yourself?"
"Eh, I'd feel a little creepy about that. She's more like… Frosty's age."

Venia [Battlemage] 272002

I laugh and punch his shoulder
"True. You think Frostmourn is the kind of stallion that would make a harem though?"

DM 272005

"You know, now that you mentioned it, I never asked."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272007

"I'm throwing things at a wall to see what sticks. Your face is known to every lordblade, but you can hide your appearence, can't you? And me, I'm a nopony. Last Equestrian that saw me and made it back did so more than five years ago, in the middle of a battle in the dead of the night."

Venia [Battlemage] 272008

I roll my eyes and shake my head with a smile
"Best not to, otherwise he'll spend all his days there instead of being busy uniting the north."

DM 272009

"Still. Taking me would be inviting trouble. And tempting me to turn on you. So count me out.
Entering as travelers is possible, but you must not bring weapons or equipment, even covertly, if you wish to avoid suspicion.
It might be easiest to pose as a suitor, and give her a letter from me."
"I could think of many worse places to be busy all day.
But then, with that… Prima girl dead and all, I don't think he has many candidates. Unless this cripple of yours is one."

Venia [Battlemage] 272012

"She's quite obsessed with nobility, yes. But seriously though, I wouldn't want to do that to poor Sunrise."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272014

"See, this could work.
Too bad for the eye, mine was such a pretty face once. That'd have been a believable lie.
Tell me about this girl. Her parents, her social status, her everything."

DM 272020

"You did always have a soft spot for that girl didn't you. Well, I don't blame you. They are very cute together."
"Not much to say about her parents. I killed her mother, and the father was long gone before that. She helped with the mother. They never were too close, and she did not really approve of me either. So when she became a problem to someone who could ask for it, I had no problem doing the job.
She is a nopony really. The mother was some low grade noble but she did not end up being that rich or important. She lives alone, probably, and well… that's it."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272023

"Seems like too easy a job. Why do- Wait. She helped you. This means she's got contacts in the blades."

Venia [Battlemage] 272024

"I did. In a way she reminded me of myself. A commoner pony in love with a prince…"
I smile at him sweetly

DM 272030

"No, it means she is not above smashing her own other over the head with a frying pan when she is backing away from a trained assassin."
"Well well. I can see why.
I just hope your prince has been worth it~"

Venia [Battlemage] 272032

I kiss him on the nose
"More than worth it~"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272033

"If you love her I see no problem. She's your mare not mine. Get to work on that letter. I will think this whole thing over. If there's nothing else about this, I suggest you eat something and then catch some sleep."

DM 272039

"Well that makes me glad~
I would hate to think I ruined the dream of being a princess for someone."
"I will do that… yeah."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272043

"I'm glad you are on our side, Waymaker."
Walk outside with Peaches.
"Now, what exactly did he tell you while I was fetching the King?"

DM 272048

"He told me to hang onto my dreams as long as I can, and not let them die like he did. And to watch out for myself
…and a few quick tips…"

Venia [Battlemage] 272049

"Don't be silly. You know you're the most important thing in my life. No title or wealth can sway me from that view."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272051

"Please do not demonstrate. I still ache from last time you did.
Now, about the other matter.."

DM 272060

"That's real sweet.
So, when are we moving the new gal in?
…would it be too mean to give her the room next to Frosty's?"
"Wha- oh! Oh no no not like that. Well sorta like that. But not… like… ah forget it.
…what other matter?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272063

"Do I even want to know?"
Give her a flat stare.
"Anyway. What's this story about my wife trying to kill you?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272065

I nod.
"Yes. And…"
I contemplate my next words for a moment
"Don't get me wrong, I admire her bravery and personality but… she's still a foreigner we don't know all that much about. You never know…"

DM 272070

"I got the creepiest feeling…
…like her eyes were burning holes in the back of my head when I passed her…
Then later, I almost got hit by a falling shield and axes when walking along."
"I doubt a two-legged lordblade is too scary a prospect.
But yes. Best give her a room somewhere else. Maybe close to Doc's office?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272071

"That might not be a bad idea. Close to the good doctor in case she hurts herself… Yes, let's do that."

DM 272072

"So be it then."
He tosses you a key
"She can move in whenever she wants."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272073

Okay this deserves another flat stare.
"So… That 'inoffensive' pretty thing, or whatever you called her when you first met… Is putting a scare worth of the most powerful demons of Tartarus onto my partner? Seriously?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272075

I give him a grateful smile and kiss
"Thank yoooouu~"
Turn around to walk away, playfully swishing my tail in his face as I do so. Let's go to the stores next

DM 272080

"I think she may see me as a contender…
Or maybe I'm just being paranoid and stupid…"
He makes a mental note to pay back for that later.
What are you looking to buy?

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272082

"Now, why would she ever have reason to think that?!"
Enter Peaches room. I take they are all close anyway.
Crash someplace.
"Seriously, you are kinda asking for it."

Venia [Battlemage] 272084

A hammer and a chisel. Also some kind of stone materials to sculpt with. And whatever else you need for this kind of stuff

DM 272087

She snuggles up next to you
"Am I~?"
You go chat up some art suppliers.
"Sculpting tools? Sure we got those. Not too sure about material."
"We got some stone blocks but that's about it I'm afraid."

Venia [Battlemage] 272088

"That will do for now. Thank you so very much!"
Take that stuff Pay for it too, if not now, later and go to the smith, he should have some crystal slabs…

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272089

"Yes. You are asking for a beating. Seriously, I cannot even…"
Get up.
"We have to fix this. Now. I cannot have you two start a feud over my dick! You back off. And we are going to talk with Bearing."

DM 272091

He has your armour too.
"Ah, Venia. My favourite queen. It is done!"
"…can't we share?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272092

Suppress. Contain. Emergency security protocols.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272093

"Don't be crazy. It's an indecent proposition."

Venia [Battlemage] 272094

I look at him, surprised
"R-really? Wow that's… that's amazing! I never thought it would be finish so quickly!"

DM 272095

"Oh stop pretending. You know you'd like it. You can't mask yourself from me, partner"
"For you I'd toil through more night. And what a beauty it is!"

Venia [Battlemage] 272096

"Well then, show me! I'd like to wear it straight away!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272097

"I'm still just a stallion.. Partner. But I do love my wife. She's been there for me every moment of my life. And I swore a vow to her. I do not break vows."

DM 272098

She blows a bit of mane out of her eye
"Yeah. You go ahead and think that. But that nagging feeling deep inside ya ain't going anywhere, is it?"
"Of course!"
He goes inside his storage room and hauls out a dummy wearing a pristine multi-part suit of crystal armour. Made to size, polished to a fine finish.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272099

"Are you trying to bait me, partner? Please. That's not what I'm looking for. I have everything I need already, what more could you give me?" Do a wide motion opening my hooves and giving her a sly grin.

Venia [Battlemage] 272100

I wipe away a tear.
"It's beautiful… Just like I've always wanted~"
I walk over to it and run a hoof over the crystal.

DM 272106

"You'd know if you gave me a chance~"
The surface is cold and smooth. It makes a faint melodious jingle as you make the parts move.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272109

"I got all the sex I'll ever want partner. It's not the reason I love my wife. It's not the reason I'm denying you."

Venia [Battlemage] 272110

I smile at him gratefully
"Thank you. This… this is a work of art. I can't imagine how much effort you must have fueled into it…"

DM 272111

"It's not what I'm offering you either."
"Probably cost me a year off the end of my life. Not that I care. It is truly a masterpiece if I dare say so myself."

Venia [Battlemage] 272112

"I cannot believe this… It's just so amazing! How will I ever repay you!?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272114

"But just how many times do I have to tell you? I love her.
Love her. Do you understand? I could never do something like this."

DM 272120

"Well a bit of gold goes a long way Venia."
He looks to the side
"A lot of gold… goes a longer way"
"You keep saying that. But I don't think you've ever even tried anyone else. You love her because she is all you've ever hand. Or maybe you just like big butts."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272122

And I cannot lie.
"I love her because she's the closest thing I have to a rope holding me together. She has always been. And don't get ideas about being sneaky, she'd find out. Hell yeah she would."

Venia [Battlemage] 272123

"Oh of course! I'll be sure to pay you handsomely for it!"
I think for a moment
"Oh, before I forget, do you have any of those crystal slabs left? I need some for sculpting with them."

DM 272125

"I doubt she can find her own slippers in the morning.
And now you don't need to be alone in that world any more. You have me at your side. To hold you there. And to keep you in one piece. Even when out on a mission."
"Oh I have a few left, yes, but I thought they came from your vaults to begin with?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272127

Clench my jaw shut and give her a serious glare.
"I'm a Northblade Peaches. I do not need anypony when out on a mission.
My lord is my light, my faith my shield."

Venia [Battlemage] 272129

"Mmhm… Actually, why don't you keep them? As payment in advance! The rest will follow, I assure you!"
I take the crystal armor off of the stand and try it on.

DM 272133

"And your partner is your partner.
Or are you saying you don't need me?"
Fits like a glove.
Try not to get fat.
Also it's got a nice translucent style to it, so it shows off your shape nicely.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272134

"I need you to save my life, not to jump my poner."

Venia [Battlemage] 272135

Fat!? me!? Never!
"Consider me impressed, mister smith!"

DM 272136

"You and your one track mind…
I'm not offering to be a cock sock. I'm offering to be someone who can actually be there for you. On an mission and beyond. Someone who understands what you must see and do. Someone who you can rely on. In all things."
"Well, that's what I hoped for."
He beams. That old pony hasn't been this happy in ages.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272137

"That's what we call a friend around here."

DM 272138

"…I bet you don't have a lot of friends in that case."

Venia [Battlemage] 272139

"You've certainly succeeded in that mission. I'll remember this…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272140

"I got two. A queen of the undead and a manipulative paperpusher.
They helped me lots, you know."

DM 272141

"It means a lot to me, Venia. How's the hammer holding up?"
"I believe one of those is your mother.
…you're really sure you want to just push me away?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272142

"Very well. It served me well in the Underkingdom. So you see, everypony can help make the north a better place."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272143

"Hey I could always use a friend… But you know what you said this morning.
When I asked what's the one thing you want in life.
So now we have to fix this. Also, I'm sure my wife is really planning to kill you and I can't have any of this.
You two have to get to appreciate each other. Now. Because I need both of you."

DM 272144

"Well I'm glad even an old smith like me has his place. Anything else you need then?"
She sighs
"Fine. Lets get this over with…"

Venia [Battlemage] 272145

I shake my head.
"Not right now. You should probably rest too. Must have been quite the allnighter…"
Bid my goodbye to him and go store my crystal armor in my room, no sense in showing it off in public. Once that's done, go visit Valeriana.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272146

"Now stop right there.
You tell me what you want right now. Fair and square. Because if you are my partner I need your mind clear."

DM 272147

She is staring at the ceiling, apparently focusing on looking through her shadows.
"I want you, Pumpkin. Even if I have to damn well share you. Half of you is better than being stuck forever watching from some shadow."

Venia [Battlemage] 272148

Probably doing sneaky stuff, I guess I'll just leave her be for now or she might freak out. Let's just go back to the infirmary instead.

DM 272149

"If you needed something, just ask. I can see you there you know."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272150

Move in closer.
"And you'll never stop, will you? Nothing in the whole north will make you change your mind?"

DM 272151

"Not many things, no.
I set my eyes on you long ago. I doubt I'll just happen to meet someone else by chance."

Venia [Battlemage] 272152

I jump
"Oh! Just wondering how that talk with Pumpkin went, nothing important!"


Kiss her forehead.
"Patience is a virtue. For now, try to stay away from any falling shield."

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7

DM 272154

"The poor boy seems a little lost. His heart seems to be pointing in two directions at once."
She tries tackling you to the floor
"Don't you dare do stuff like that to me and tell me to be patient!"

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 272155

A miserable failure. She is not big enough to topple you.


Try to resist the tackle.

Roll #0 10 - 1 = 9

Venia [Battlemage] 272157

"That Peaches girl again?"
I give her a dull look
"You've been spying on them all day, haven't you?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272159

"You will always be more a poet than a fighter, Peach. Maybe it's better that way. Maybe it's better if you never have to kill."
Give her a kind smile and walk away.
Go to my room, crash on the bed.

DM 272161

"Them. The freed lordblade Waymarker. Frosty. The border between us and Eaglecrest. The forest nearby. Radiant. You. The Paladins. The Mages…"
Peaches gives you a happy smile
"Well you look a little excited~"

Venia [Battlemage] 272162

"… but especially them."
I give myself pause for a moment
"Wait… did you just say freed Lordblade!?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272163

I'm gonna assume that's bearing.
"Don't you try to act innocent, I heard it all about those falling shields!"
Say this with a smile on my face and a mocking tone.

DM 272164

"Yes. Pardoned by the viceroy and the king. I had an arrow on his head the whole time. Frostmourn even gave him a sword and more or less dared him to try anything. He did not."

DM 272166

I'm sleepy. Can you tell?
"My only regret is that it missed."

Venia [Battlemage] 272167

"Pardoned!? Why!? He'll kill us all!"
I start prancing in panic
"He's probably poisoning our food as we speak!"

DM 272171

"To be exact, he is currently sleeping. He seemed very thankful for a pillow. Let alone a bed."


Snuggle close to her.
"Mine is that you got discovered. You are the wife of the best assassin in the North, being stealthy is required!"

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11

Venia [Battlemage] 272174

"You trust him!? Why would he just suddenly join our side!?"

DM 272175

"Well serves her right for trying to take you from me…"
She snuggles up to you
"A broken spirit can devastate a pony.
…and who am I to judge him? I used to be a lordblade too, and here I am."

Venia [Battlemage] 272176

"But you're from here! You have a reason to want to protect the North!"
I let out a weary sigh
"Well at least you seem to trust him to an extent. I suppose I shouldn't worry then."

DM 272179

"He has lived here for almost twenty years.
…and if he tries anything, I can take him down."


"She's just a lost girl love. Just a stupid, lost girl. I'm sure she'll grow out of it, with time."
Close my eyes and pet her mane.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7

DM 272181

"She'd better… You're mine."

Venia [Battlemage] 272182

"Okay then. I trust your judgment."
I sit down next to her
"No doubt you've heard everything I said to Windy Hills?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272183

"Getting a little protective are we?" Smirk.

DM 272184

"Yes. Yes I am.
…I don't want to lose you…"
"It seemed mostly like idle chatter so I paid little mind to it."

Venia [Battlemage] 272186

"Any thoughts on her? She's from Equestria too, you know."


"Stupid. I'd never walk out on you. You have been in my thoughts since we've first met. I died thinking of you.
And with your face in my mind, even the sleep of death was a nice one."
Roll to see how much I remember from 'the other side'.

Roll #0 1 = 1

DM 272192

"A fleeting fool of a girl in for a lot more life lessons. But she did sculpting right? There might be use for her."
Not a single thing and never will.
She cuddles up more tightly
Sometimes I just feel like I'm not enough for you for some reason…"


It's because I'm evil, my love.
"That's just me being selfish. Old habits die hard~"
Wink at her.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7

Venia [Battlemage] 272198

I smile wistfully
"I like her, reminds me of my younger self. A bit naive maybe, but heck, so am I. And yes, she likes sculpting. I thought that was pretty interesting."
Show her the art supplies I bought.

DM 272200

"…I'm sorry if I don't always live up to expectations…"
"Indeed. And it fits nicely with the king's plans. He wanted an apprentice for Golden Oats did he not?"


"HEY! No self-pity while under my roof. I love you for what you are. I'll always give you my all. Ever."
Kiss her.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11

Venia [Battlemage] 272202

I blink, then grin
"I like the way you think, Valeriana."

DM 272205

You are a very cute horse couple.
"Ok. I believe you. C'mere…"
"Glad you see it that way."


Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272394

"For Peaches, I'd just be glad if you didn't write her out so soon. She's the one who has to pull my back out of the fry when things get hot.
Without her, I wouldn't have made it back from the last mission."

DM 272399

Oh sweet the autoupdater is not working

"Hmp. So why not take me as your backup instead?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272400

"What part of 'she was dying in my hooves' did you miss last night?"

DM 272401

…I'll be more careful?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272402

Lock eye with her.
"I do terrible things. Terrible, terrible things that make me not worth to be called a pony.
I don't want you to see them. I cannot allow you to."

DM 272403

She frowns
"Yet she gets to watch you and be with you all she wants?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272404

"Because she's not the mare I swore to protect. If she walks out on me after seeing the evil I can do, I will survive.
If you do, well, that's another story."

DM 272405

"You make it all sound so… reasonable. Like I'm making a big fuss out of nothing…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272406

"I don't know, I'd do crazy things if I were in your shoes.
But yeah, all I hope is for you two to get to know each other.
Not tonight, not tomorrow, but over time…"
How dangerous will Rockeye be?

DM 272408

Kingdom composed mostly of commoners and scholars, prepared to ally with you openly and even the local Lordblade was ousted and executed. What could possibly go wrong?
"Just make sure she doesn't try anything funny. I see her going for one more kiss and I'm cutting her damn thieving lips off…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272409

With magic? There's a reason mages are shunned in most fantasy settings.
"Say, would you like a trip? Maybe you two will get to know each other better…"
Or the lordblade wasn't executed and they are secretely allied with Equestria. SO MANY CHOICES!

Venia [Battlemage] 272410

"What, you feel unappreciated?"

DM 272411

Such riches aplenty
"A trip? What a wonderful idea! Where will we be going? And when? Oh I need to pick what to wear…"
"Not really. I just tend to wonder if my ideas are generally as altruistic as I hope they are."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272414

"Before the end of the week. We leave for the kingdom of Rockeye. They are basically our allies since a few years now, but the King has to walk in to reinforce our alliance pledges.
It'll be quite a trip to be honest. At least a few days of travel."

Venia [Battlemage] 272415

"Hey, you've done a lot for the ponies of the North already! You're probably the most altruistic pony around!"

DM 272416

"Oh my. Rockeye… Rockeye… sorry I'm not good with this kind of things. What kingdom is that again?"
"Heh… to some, yes. To others, far less so.
…I'm just glad to have you as a friend Venia. You have a strong heart, capable of telling right from wrong."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272417

"Wizards and stuff like that. Boring boringponies with a lot of shiny trinkets."

DM 272418

"Wizards huh. Well I've never been too big on that unicorny stuff. But I'd go anywhere as long as I got to be with you~"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272419

"Hey no pressure. Knowing my luck there's going to be a demon from Tartarus waiting for us on the road.
It's kind of a gamble this."

Venia [Battlemage] 272420

I smile
"I just try my best to help out the only way I can. I'm not a pony of intrigue like you are, or a pony of bureaucracy like Anvil is, or an artist like Windy Hills. So I just find different ways to help."

DM 272422

She grabs your hooves firmly
"For you. Anything."
"A good body without a good heart is a dangerous thing. A good mind without a god heart even more so.
Don't you dare stop being my good heart, you hear?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272426

"I'll do my best. But Valeriana…"
I put a hoof on her chest
"You do have a good heart. I know it. I've seen it."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272427

"Hey don't get so worked up! I'm sure it's going to be a safe and nice trip, and we'll all get some quality time as a family. Even Valeriana is coming."

DM 272428

"Well, at least it isn't all evil.
…gee this talk sure took a dark turn"
"…oh joy…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272429

"What? You still don't like her?"

DM 272431

"It's not that… she's just a little… scary, is all."

Venia [Battlemage] 272432

I shrug
"I'm old and ugly enough to handle stuff like this, Valeriana."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272433

"Right. This was a bad idea since the start."
Throw myself back on the bed and stare at the ceiling.

DM 272435

She gives you a dull look
"Yeah. Scarred, beat up, greying, pudgy and childless too."
She puts her head on your chest
"No it wasn't. Nothing that lets us be together can be a bad idea~"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272436

"Alright. Then get ready for the trip, shall we?"
Give her a smile and help her pack.
Ready to timeskip whenever. There's only one thing I need to do and that's talk in private with Valeriana.

Venia [Battlemage] 272437

"Exactly! Look at me! Nearing my forties already! Can you imagine It's been so long since we first met?"

DM 272438

Enjoy your alone time with her.
"So, what is it you need dear?"
"Looking back at the lithe and swift teenager I rained death upon twenty years ago, yes.
You look more like a queen these days."
She lets out a giggle.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272439

"Sort out odds and ends. Like something I heard in the underkingdom. Something about the only other pony out there I ever called master.
So… Should I make the questions or are you just gonna talk?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272440

"Hah! As if! I'm in as good of a condition as ever! Aside from you, nopony can beat me on the sparring grounds! Not Anvil, not Pumpkin, not Frostmourn, not Radiant! I know it's bad habit to brag about these things, but you asked for it!"

DM 272441

"Ask away. That way we can be sure all your questions get answered."
She pokes your sides
"You look like a sweet roll. Don't give me any lip, I know you like the chef's cooking."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272442

"She is a danger. Why?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272443

I poke her sides as well
"And you look like a plum tart! I eat healthy and in moderation."

DM 272444

"Who is?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272445

"Radiant. Those were your words in the underkingdom. And I cannot understand this. I trust her. She showed me so much…
What were you talking about?"

DM 272446

She laughs a little
"From comparing scars to comparing bellies. Oh dear, what has become of us?"
"Have you ever seen her cutie mark?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272447

"Yeah, half a sun. Why?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272448

"Before soon we'll start drinking tea and eating crumpets together. Every day at 4 pm, right after our afternoon naps."
I snort, then burst out in laughter
"Oh Gods, just kill me when I become like that!"

DM 272450

She digs out her Lordblade suit and tosses it to you
"Not just any sun-"
Even though they are greatly defaced, you can make out the sun symbols on it
"-The Sun of Celestia"
A shadow puts a flower-decroated straw hat on you
"Tea sounds just lovely you ragged old wench."
She bursts out laughing at her own joke


Color me shocked.
Rolling for M.A.D.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272454

Can take it.
"And.. And you knew since when? You never told me? She taught all that stuff about faith and honor and the sun… And she's a palading of that VERMIN?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272456

I giggle along.
"Tea and gossip, what more does one need?"

DM 272457

"Calm yourself.
I did not want to voice suspicions that may not have much ground to stand on. Had I any reason to believe she was a spy, or that her loss of memory was not genuine, I would have long since killed her.
…indeed she may be a powerful asset to us."

DM 272459

"I could do with a punch to the face every now and then, that's for sure."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272460

Stand silently.
"Everyone I love is linked to everything I hate. Why do I even bother anymore…"

Venia [Battlemage] 272462

"Well, aren't you the masochist!"

DM 272465

"Indeed. Why not just raise a blade against me and die trying to rid this world of one of those tainted things? Why not just go and smother Bearing with a pillow for being so deeply linked with everything you hate? Why not send Peaches to die somewhere for her crimes against all you hold dear?"
"I guess I grew into that habit at some point. But getting messed up a little helps me remind myself of the fact that I'm only mortal. And that I'm still alive."

Venia [Battlemage] 272468

"Maybe so. Though there's plenty of other ways to remind you of it. More pleasant ways."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272472

"I can do better. Tell me about my brother."

DM 272477

"There is nothing to tell. Your sibling is lost to us both. And for a good reason.
As for your thoughts on Radiant being the one to teach you… one's faith or past does not invalidate their knowledge and teachings."
"Picking daisies for my tea parties with the local nobles does not really help remind me there is still blood in my veins."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272478

"Lost is not what I believe in. I will find him. And have him join us. And together, we'll convince Ilistar too. This at least will give the family some rest."

Venia [Battlemage] 272479

I sigh and shake my head.
"You have to enjoy the little things, Valeriana. The feeling of making somepony smile, the feeling of a warm bed and a war stallion besides you, the feeling of taking a hot bath after a cold day, the sense of accomplishment when mastering a new difficult spell, the feeling of spending time with ponies you care about, and so on!"

DM 272480

If you find him, so will he.
And if you get him back… he could just as easily take him."
"I could never really do that. As a child I found warmth in my mother. Then in my duties. Then… in… him. Then… in nothing until I got my Pumpkin…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272481

"What makes you think he isn't on his tail already?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272482

"What about other ponies?"

DM 272483

"I have no doubt that he is.
But that is why I've made sure nopony would know where he is hidden. Not even me."
"Again with the fishing for compliments. Yes Venia, you are special too. But beyond you to, not really."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272484

"Which just means you have bought a little time. But he will. He will retrace your steps and he will find him.
And then, he'll force us to join him."

Venia [Battlemage] 272485

"Fishing for compliments? Again? I was just trying to lighten the mood earlier!"
I sigh
"And I don't mean me. I mean anypony else. Do you even talk to anypony aside from me and Pumpkin? Work related things don't count!"

DM 272486

"From the sound of it "he" in this case refers to you."
"Not really. I am still a spymaster. I possess the ability to be very effective at it. So I feel it is my duty to keep an eye on as many things as I can.
Well, I do talk to Kilana when she needs training. And I had a short chat with that mage Nylis. But that was more of a business thing."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272487

"Mother, I wish to rejoin my brother. I wish to give him a family he's never had. And I fear for our own nature might lead us to break those oaths, if something was to happen.
Can you understand this?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272488

"Well that's just wrong. Have you even painted at all since that happened? Spoken to Anvil? When was the last time you spoke to Snowflake? And to Frostmourn as a friend?"

DM 272489

"As Ilistar seeks to rejoin his son, and give him the family he rightfully deserves.
I'm afraid you really are no different to him in this matter."
"I did draw a few things. But my mind is so set on… work I just ended up drawing things my shadows saw and I felt should be recorded in more than words.
As for old queen Snowflake… a shadow never leaves her side. But it must remain hidden. She is with Deep Rock now. And I do not want to offend him…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272490

"So the question is, who do you want to follow?"
Lie down in front of her, my hooves resting on one another.
"Where does your future take you?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272491

I look her straight in the eye
"You're the sneakiest pony in the North! Just talk to her in private somewhere or disguise yourself! She's your friend still, right?"

DM 272492

"It takes me to serve my Lord, king Frostmourn.
If I allow my own feelings to overtake that mission, I have truly failed."
"My gaze has not left her side in months. She just looks so… happy. Without me. Without Frostmourn. Without anything to remind her of the decisions she so regrets making…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272494

"So that's it, you really don't want to meet him? Never again? Not even to see how he's faring?"
Give her a worried expression.

Venia [Battlemage] 272495

I prod my hoof on her chest accusingly
"You're her friend, Shadow. It's thanks to your efforts that all of us can live the happy lives we're living!"

DM 272498

"I just fear that if I meet either of them… my heart my overtake my mind, and I may do something I deeply regret.
…and maybe he is better off not meeting me. I did abandon him after all.
How would you feel if your real mother sought you out with her adoptive son and asked you to just… come back?"
She sighs
"I suppose you're right.
…maybe I will talk to her. Soon."

Venia [Battlemage] 272500

"No, no. Not maybe. Definitely!"

DM 272503

She sighs again
"If you insist… friend."

Venia [Battlemage] 272506

"Don't do this for me, do this for yourself!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272507

Sigh deeply.
"Had you asked me seven years ago, it'd have been the blink of an eye.
Now, I have somepony. I have a purpouse. A family.
I would not call my birthmother 'mother' at all anymore. As I wouldn't use that name for my birthfather either.
You and everyone here are much more family than they could ever be.
But this is why I want to check on him. To see if he's well. I better than anypony else can understand what he's going trough."

DM 272509

"I don't like doing things for myself."
"All I know is he is probably still in Equestria, and shares my dark coat.
…and his father's eyes."

Venia [Battlemage] 272511

"Everypony needs something for themselves every so often. No matter how selfless they are. To remind you what you're fighting for!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272513

"Then this might be the chance.
I will be entering Equestria soon for a covert mission. Nothing dangerous if things go right. Maybe I can locate him, see what he's done for himself!"

Verne [Trickster] 272515


We can go to Rockeye in about half an hour after I shower

DM 272518

Go talk to the man himself if you want to.
He has a room in the palace now.
She points at her long scar
"I think I'm reminded plenty as to why I fight. And why I fight for others, not myself.
…when I do things for myself, it often seems to just lead to more pain."
"You? Going to Equestria?
…where did you get that crazy plan in your head?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272519

"Strange, I could have sworn there was a shadow in that room."
Give her an half-lid look with a slight smile.
"You know, when I sat down with Waymarker to talk about his mare…"

Venia [Battlemage] 272521

"Nonsense! Did it hurt so much all those times we hung out together? When you painted?"

DM 272522

"I prefer to think my shadows go unseen. But I guess you have a trained eye for them by now.
So what else exactly are you planing to do there? Kill the princesses, burn the capital and return a hero with Ilistar and your brother in tow?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272523

"Then I don't see why you're reluctant to keep trying."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272524

"Slip in as a traveler, play the part of the dashing rogue and have yet another mare fall over my tail.
Easy as pie.
And yeah, see if my brother is still alive in the meantime."

DM 272525

"I guess… letting go and forgiving past failures is hard for me when they keep popping up to remind me."
"And when the Lordblades find you, what will you do?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272526

"They don't know my face, they don't know I'm coming, they don't know where I'll be going. I don't really see a problem here."

Venia [Battlemage] 272527

I sigh
"There's nothing we can do about that Valeriana, we'll just have to play the cards we're dealt."

DM 272531

"Just be careful. The shadows will have eyes. Asking the wrong questions or giving the wrong answers can be fatal."
"I suppose so…
She laughs for a while then puts a hoof around you
"Like I said. Don't you ever dare stop being my good heart."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272532

"Then teach me what to say and what not to. Help me locate my brother faster, tell me what Equestria is like."
Look up to her with begging eyes.

Venia [Battlemage] 272533

I do the same
"For as long as I live, I wont."

Verne [Trickster] 272534


Where's Waymarker?

DM 272542

In his room, having a nap.
"Good. Good.
…I'll talk to Snowflake once I find some time, ok?"
She sighs and pats your head
"Equestria is too vast to talk about. It covers the world from the blazing southlands to the edges of Snowborder.
But if you intend to go to Canterlot… then know it is the gem of Equestria. A city-sized palace inhabited by the rich, powerful and important. Many of then Unicorns. They expect cultured behavior, good taste, and devotion to the queens who reside there. If you appear as raggedy as you are, they won't even let you in through the gates. You need some classier attire, and education in etiquette."

Verne [Trickster] 272543

Exactly what went on with him? He officially defected? Do most officials know this already?

Venia [Battlemage] 272544

"It's a deal! Now… I'll leave you be, spymaster Valeriana Swansong."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272545

"I'll buy a monocle eyepatch.
And get some lessons from… Well… Oh god. The King? Unyielding? Venia? This is… Wait, that's just stupid.
You can give me lessons!"

DM 272546

Frostmourn and Unyielding pardoned him after Frostmourn gave him a trial - by standing in from of him and giving him a sword. He did nothing, and was deemed reformed enough to be added to the Northblades.
As of now, he is malnourished, his chains have worn wounds into his limbs, and he has been told all he ever fought for was a lie orchestrated by some uncaring, self-serving politician seeking personal power by using overtly bloody, non-political methods to destabilize the north.

"Go in peace, Vicequeen Venia. Are you joining us for the trip to Rockeye?"
"If you want me to teach you to be a fine little lady, sure.
And trust me. None of the bumpkins here would be in any way suited to walk in Canterlot. If you want a good teacher, the only places in the North I'd look in are Rosefall and Snowborder."

Verne [Trickster] 272547

Okay then.

Knock on his door.

"Excuse me? IS this the residence of Mister Waymarker? May I come in?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272548

"Oh? I hadn't heard about it. I assume that if Frostmourn needs me for it, he'll just ask."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272549

"Urgh. I don't want to pull a Verne on this one. Right. Mission aborted till further conquests.
But tell me about- What is his name anyway?"

DM 272550

"Do come in… do come in.
I was simply resting a little. What is it you need?"
"I doubt he intends to bring an whole army. This will be more of a pleasure trip, since we are already allies. More of a political formality mixed with a little vacation. Feel free to join us if you think you'd like shopping in the kingdom of mages."
"I do not know what name he answer to now. But we always called him Whisperwind."

Venia [Battlemage] 272552

"Right, I almost forgot about all that magic stuff… It sounds very tempting, but I'm not sure if I should leave on my own while Anvil stays here and works his flank off."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272553

"That's a nice name."
Move in closer to her, lie at her side and rest my head on her back.
"I'll make sure he's fine mother. I'll make sure nothing wrong happened to him…"
Mother-Son moment.
I swear rng, you crap this, I hate you.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Verne [Trickster] 272554

Go on in.

"Ah, excuse me. I am Verne, advisor to King Frostmourne of the Greater Northlands. I had come to ensure that you were well."

"…it appears that your imprisonment did not do you well. I apologize. If I had known you were not treated well, I would have intervened."

DM 272558

"And what was that lesson you just gave me about it being ok to occasionally just do things for yourself?
Do you think he won't understand?"
"I can only hope he ended in a good family. And became a good pony…"
It is an acceptably cute horse moment.
"Nothing kills an appetite like knowing every word you speak betrays everything you ever loved and believed in.
But well… right now it seems all I ever believed in was some nebulous bureaucratic lie.
Oh and just a tip. If you enter a room like that, it is very easy for someone to simply get up and break your neck with the door. Open the door fully first, then step in. Much safer."

Venia [Battlemage] 272562

"I do plenty of things for myself! And yes, of course he'll say he wont mind. hell, he'll probably even mean it too! But I'll still feel guilty about it. I told him he should work out more and eat healthier earlier already, I don't want to seem like a total bitch by just ditching him for a few weeks so I can go shopping…"

DM 272563

"Well, if you say so.
I just thought it would be proper for the queen to go and visit her peers during the forming of the alliance."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272564

Did she give me indications for finding him, in equestria? Even vague ones?
Anyway, ready to timeskip and travel to Rockeye.
If we still have time I'll take that bro-time offer with the King.

Venia [Battlemage] 272565

I sigh
"What would you do? If you were in my shoes?"

Verne [Trickster] 272566

"Hahahaha, thank you."

"I suppose you have been told a lot. You know that we do not desire a war that will only lead to both our destruction. We only wish peace, we want to trade with Equestria and grow together, not engage in cataclysmic war that leaves only dust and vermin to feed on the bodies of both our countrymen. How about you? I hear you have… a family. Don't you wish them live at least without fear that they will die in their sleep?"

DM 272571

"Me? I'd wear the most ridiculously pompous crown I could find and have myself be carried in on a living throne of naked stallions.
There is a reason I'm not queen you know."
We have some time.
The king is always available to his friends.
"Did you come here to mock me, advisor, or did you have actual things you wished to say?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272573

I laugh heartily
"Oh Valeriana, you truly are one of a kind…"

Verne [Trickster] 272576

"Then you feel the same as I, as we all. If you have truly given yourself to the cause of peace, then I have a request of you, that plays a part in a plan."

"A letter has been sent to Equestria, asking for peace in exchange for your safe return. Your return should indicate that we have no wish for war, should they accept. Whether or not you wish to continue working for us if this is successful is up to you, but this first step is the key. What do you think of it?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272578

Well find him then. What time is it and what is he doing?

DM 272580

"Hey, might as well take everything out of a fantasy, right?"
"I have nothing there to return to. Not after what you have made me do here. I'm done being a pawn in political games."
It is early evening. He is studying the Underking's crown and making notes.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272581

Drop besides him and knock on his golem leg.
"Hello? Anypony home?"

DM 272582

"If you're looking for the gnome that lives inside there and makes me tea, he is on vacation. Please leave a note.
How goes it, old friend?"

Verne [Trickster] 272583

"We only ask for you to return and live your own life. You must understand - this is simple, but can play a key role in saving us all. That is everything we ask of you, return and then do as you wish. You can forget about it all once you are home to your family, which is what we are asking. What of it?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272584

"I suppose. But alright, I'll come along on your magical journey. I've always wanted to see Rockeye. Rosefell too actually."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272585

"Same old. All mares love me, all stallions want to be me, my mother is a wreck and my wife wants to be an assassin.
Nothing to complain about."
Back in 15

DM 272586

"Return to a life you have only just told me was all a lie?
…why would I ever want that? I am a betrayer now. I have told you secrets that may well doom the world. I have nothing to return to.
…save for her. And I already sent her my final goodbyes."
"Your presence will surely be appreciated. By both us, and them."
"Sorry to burst your bubble but I'd prefer to keep my eye.
So, Bearing wants to be an assassin too? Is she feeling a little jealous maybe?"


Venia [Battlemage] 272587

"I'll try not to outshine you too much with my new set of armor."
I giggle and bid my goodbye, then head to the infirmary

DM 272589

Windy is resting calmly
"You're back!"
…ok so much for 'calmly'

Verne [Trickster] 272590

"It is unfortunate that you feel this way. This has been an unexpected turn of events. However, the die has already been cast, if Equestria wishes to take you back, then we cannot refuse, lest we provoke further wrath."

Venia [Battlemage] 272591

"I am. With good news no less! You have your room, you may move in whenever you feel like it. It's next to Doc Doc's room too, just in case something happens."
Take out the bag with all the sculpting stuff
"And there's also this. Everything you need to show us what you can do."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272593

"Pirates be ballin' yo!
And yeah, she's seen Peaches and wants to follow me. I kinda promised she'd come with us to Rockeye…"
Coily scratch the back of my head.

Radiant 272594

Give me something simple one man I can do on the train

DM 272595

"That depends entirely on who ends up getting the message.
…and on what you wrote in it.
If you defaced my letter to her beyond hiding the message… believe me you will one day wake up missing more than you're willing to sacrifice. She meant the world to me."
Her eyes shine like stars as she grabs the sculpting tools
"Oh this all just so wonderful! To think… all this… for little ol' me…
How can I ever thank you enough?"
"Well just don't let it interfere with your work.
And… ballin', old friend? I get the feeling this is not an official meeting you came to have."

DM 272596

Will you be coming to Rockeye? If so, you should probably make some preparations.
Possibly have a chat with Verne about the Master's Altar too.

Radiant 272597

Well point me to anywhere to anywho, but only one at a time

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272598

"Waymarker, the Underkingdom, the preparations for the trip… We had one too many official meetings."
Sit down somewhere at the table.
"You learnt nothing fancy about that crown?"

Verne [Trickster] 272599

"Ah, the letter you sent to your wife? The letter I speak of was sent far earlier, and I did not come into contact with the letter for her. Fear not, in that regard."

"Meaning the world to you, hmm? A single pony…."

Venia [Battlemage] 272600

I shrug
"No need. Just behaving yourself, is all I can ask for."

DM 272601

That depends.
Go to Verne if you are not going to Rockeye.
or Frosty if you are.
"I'm beginning to understand it. It seems the crown itself is mostly just a chunk of metal, but the way it is built allows small catalyst arrays to be built inside it, enabling the woobly goobly boo in the wop wop wop hooga."
He keeps an entirely straight face.
And it's a figure of speech. She was very important to me. Still is."
"…behaving myself? What are you implying here?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272602

I smile
"Just don't harass any of the nobles, alright?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272604

Perk my hears up and widen my eyes in surprise, just to jerk my head and give him a smirk.
"And that made as much sense as every other time Kila tried to explain me necromancy.
What you say you put that down and we find something else to study, tonight?"

Verne [Trickster] 272605

"I.. can understand. Anyway.. if you have any requests, please feel free to ask. For now, you are a guest."

I suppose we're ready to go to Rockeye now.

Radiant 272606

"King. I hope I am not bothering."

DM 272608

"Just the hot ones, ok?"
"What did you have in mind buddy?"
He levitates the crown into a small safe and locks it
"I already asked for what I needed from Pumpkin. Forgive me if I'm not too fond of scheming politicians."
Welcome to a slight time warp to avoid conflicting with Pumpkin being there too
"Not greatly, what is it you require, hm?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272610

"I have just come across a major secret plot to overthrow the crown!
It revolves around a bottle and tons of alcohols."
I do have a bottle ready, don't I? Of course I do.
Whip it out!
"And this is the dangerous culprit. I say we interrogate it."

Verne [Trickster] 272611

Don't we wait until we're all ready?

When is Dsty coming anyway

Venia [Battlemage] 272612

"And the unmarried ones! The last thing I want is ponies coming to complain to me about a young mare bothering their husbands."

Radiant 272613

Timewarp is good
"I want to accompany you to Rockeye. As an individual, not as a part of the Sunguard."

DM 272618

I actually have no idea…
"Oh you.
Well allow me to pour myself the first one then."
he grabs the bottle with telekinesis, slashes the neck in half with the Northern Regalia and drinks deep from it
He then offers it back.
"Refreshing. Where did you steal it from?"
"Hm… ok. Good enough for me. But no promises about that handsome king~"
"Sounds entirely reasonable. Do you just want to come for the sights or will you still be there on guard duty?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272620

"Steal, what a huge word. We can say it was inside a deeply guarded Equestrian stronghold. That shall be truth from now on!"
Take a drink.
Rolling for QUALITY!
"So, aside from kicking ancient parasites made of dark magic with undead dragons, what are you up to lately?"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Venia [Battlemage] 272621

I give her a stern look
"Frostmourn is going to marry Sunrise. I consider her as a sister I never had, so I don't want to see her hurt, you hear me? I'm serious about this, Windy."

Verne [Trickster] 272622

Let's just hope Nylis will come by.

Go to Frosty

DM 272624

Meanwhile, in a third point of time.
"Verne. Is everything ready for the trip?"
"Maybe he's… open to multiples?"
She gives a hopeful grin
That's some cheap-ass wine you got.
"Unyielding gave me a few lessons in how to give a mare the D, I got some new armour from Ironfoe… and… not much else really."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272625

"Now I'm offended! If you need to learn how to get it on with a mare, you should have come to me!
Did Sunrise appreciate at least?"
Smirk at him.

Verne [Trickster] 272626

"Yes. I have already informed Pumpkin and Nylis, and arranged for some Warriors of Sunlight. Valariana has also been informed and should be ready. We should be able to leave at any time."

Venia [Battlemage] 272627

I roll my eyes
"I don't know, I never asked. And as long as Sunrise is happy, I don't particularly care either."

DM 272628

"She did. She did indeed. And I did not go to him. He came to me. Seems my beloved Sunrise needed to get a point across to me with some outside aid."
"Good, good. Once we all are ready, we can depart for the Underkingdom."
She giggles
"Look don't get mad at me over my little dreams ok? I just… yeah. Handsome king. My age. You know.
…when do I get to see him?"

Verne [Trickster] 272629

"Good. Please be well."


Venia [Battlemage] 272631

"I don't know, that remains to be seen. He's leaving on a diplomatic mission to another kingdom soon and I intend to join him, so I wont be around for a while. But I promise that once we get back, I'll help you with your sculpting and introduce you to him, alright?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272633

"Hey that's one brave mare! I wonder how she likes group things…"
Laugh and drink again.
Also, if we have to get to Rockeye I can drop this at anytime.

Roll #1 7 = 7

DM 272634

"…are you sure I can't see him before you go?"
Oh man look at that pleading face.
"I've never asked. Never thought there'd be many takers for that sort of thing…"


Verne [Trickster] 272635

Let's get this done while we can, or wait a maximum of some time

Venia [Battlemage] 272640

I'm good with going
"Ugh… Frostmourn is too busy right now, I'm sorry. You just need to have some patience."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272641

I can Faff happily but am worried for Verne's and yours avaiability.
"Well that's kind of every stallion's secret dream, ya know? Pff, with all the mares I have round I could probably set it up by myself ya know?"
Give him a drunken laughter and drink some more.
"Oh god, this is all such a mess…"

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 272647

"…I don't suppose you'd have a painting of him for my room?"
What we don't get done tonight will have to wait until sunday night.
This thing is starting to get real tasty…
"Well why haven't you then?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272648

"Windy! Stop being so obsessed with the King already, you don't even know him! There's plenty of other nice stallions out there!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272649

"Love is a strange thing. I'm not sure Bearing would like sharing too much."

DM 272651

…got any I could meet? To keep me company while you're gone~?"
"Have you asked?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272652

"… No."
Give him a strange look.
"We might just be cooking the best idea ever here Frosty!"

DM 272653

"The great orgy of shadows. Everyone puts on a mask, the room is dark, and nopony has regrets."
He downs the rest of the bottle
"…I think we need more to drink"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272654

"Point me towards our pray, my king! Alcohol will flow!"
Strike heroic pose!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

DM 272655

You trip on the bottle an fall over like a dumbass.
"HA! Oh Pumpkin you card…"
he levitates two bottles from his personal stash in the room
"We really haven't done anything like this in a while, have we?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272656

I sigh
"Are you really that lonely? Look, I'm sorry Windy, but for now you're bound to your bed. Once you get better I promise I'll help you look for a suitable date."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272657

"Not really. I blame it on my inferiority complex Frosty. You are always a high and mighty and… Urgh."
I must be pretty drunk.
Drink more!

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 272659

"Gee what do you think made me lonely? The apparent years of slave labor maybe?
…sorry. I'll behave…"
Did you ever learn Valriana's instant soberness trick anyway?
"And? We're still friends Pumpkin. Even if I am king.
Say, should we ask the ladies over as well? See what they think?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272660

Did I?
1 yes
2 no
"Hey, fine by me. Should we head first for your future queen or mine?"

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 272661

To answer that question, some wood splinters fall from the rafters above, followed by Peaches who lands roughly on the floor
"ow… H-hey guys!"

Venia [Battlemage] 272662

"Well listen, I'm here for you. Sure I'm not a dashing, handsome young prince but I'll do my best to accommodate you anyway. You just have to be more patient, Windy. I didn't even get together with Anvil until I was nearing my thirties!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272663

"Now, speak of the devil. Someone's still stalking me, uh?"
Chuckle a bit.

DM 272664

"Hmph. Well fine… I'll just be here then.
…hey, please don't take offense to any of this ok? I don't mean to sound ungrateful…"
She pulls herself up
U-um… h-hello your grace"
"This was your partner, right Pumpkin? Peaches was it?"

Verne [Trickster] 272665

So, uh

Are we going to Rockeye or

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272666

"Yeah. And this is the second time today I tell her she's got her day off…"
Hoof her over the bottle.

Venia [Battlemage] 272667

"I'd take you along to Rockeye if I could, but the trip is just too dangerous for a mare with a broken back. Not to mention you need to rest badly. And need to be around for Embers' research."
I rub the back of my neck
"Maybe I could ask Anvil to help you out while I'm gone. He's an artist too, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind helping you out with some of that sculpting. Which is important, mind you. I hear Frostmourn is in need of ponies with your talents."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272668


DM 272670

Right where we need you.
The trip to Rockeye is about to begin.
Looks like nobody else is turning up anyway.
But I assume everyone is also timewarped ahead for the trip to Rockeye.

Everyone is ready.
Frostmourn is wearing his full fancy royal regalia, complete with the twin crown and his sword.
Alongside him are a few of the Warriors of Sunlight, Valeriana and a few of her shadows, and assorted assistants and luggage bearers.
"Heralds of the greater North. We march to the Deep Roads, and from there, to Rockeye!"


She takes it and sips a bit
"maybe I like spending my off time watching you~"
Frosty breaks out laughing
"Oh pone. And here I thought that 'swimming in mares' thing was a joke!"
"The king? N-needing me? Oh my~
It would be an honour!
…um… how will I get from here to my room?"

Verne [Trickster] 272671

Go with my sharp yet simple official's robes, as usual.

"All ready, Venus? Honestly, I had a good time there last time. Maybe we could even stay in the same room as before."

Venia [Battlemage] 272672

Do I have my pretty crystal armor on~?

"I could help, if you want to move right now."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272673




'1d10+1' INURE


Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272674


Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272676

Stand besides him. I assume Bearing and Peaches are both here too?

"See? I told you, they never give me a break! And Bearing got all jelly now too!"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272677





Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272678


DM 272680

She is getting moved to a new room where she can sculpt in peace. She is also in line to get some augmentation from Golden Oats later, but your efforts are appreciated.
Yes you do
"I'd like that, yeah.
Unless of course you got someone big and strong to move me inst-
…sorry. Yeah. I'd like that."
"Let's just hope we come back with all our limbs this time around."
Yes. Bearing put on something nice for the road, yet fetching to look at.
Peaches went with her normal gear and a cape over it to keep her warm.
They are giving eachother sharp looks over your back.
"Well well well. What a terrible life you do live my friend. So how is she? Any match for her in skill?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272681



pack up my stuff and get ready with the party then

"Fuck this.."

DM 272683

Healing a broken spine is a difficult thing. Don't feel bad if it doesn't work right away.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272684

Kick some snow with my back hooves and watch the thing unfold.
"She almost killed her, so yeah, I'd say they are evenly matched.
What do you think Peach? Can you take her on?"

Verne [Trickster] 272685

Wait, Bearing is coming along?

Bah, fine. We're not exactly on a mission anyway. Though if things go sour…

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272687

"Relax my friend. I'll make sure nothing happens."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272689

wait, where's Winterbreeze? take a few seconds to teleport over to see what she's doing '1d10+3'

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7

DM 272690

With I assume everyone present, the party heads off to the entrance of the Underkingdom.
A watchpost has been built by it, and it is now guarded by Royal Guards. They salute to you as you enter.
The place below looks rather different. The smell of death is gone and the bodies have been cleared out. The walls have been reinforced and the roads are being repaired.
"I've had enough experience with stallions to match anyone~"
Frosty is either really drunk or really easy to amuse today, seeing as he keeps laughing it up
"HA! What a catch! Oh ho ho Pumpkin I have no idea how you do it…"
She has an undead pony in her room
"Nylis? Off to som-oh crap. Don't tell me that trip to Rockeye was TODAY!?"

Verne [Trickster] 272694

I'll assume you saw me being a little tenser then usual

"Hmm. Still, depending on how things go, we may have a battle on our hands. Then again, bringing civilians will make them more likely to trust us, seeing as we're not entirely bringing an army. Still, be prepared, alright? Please don't let anything happen to Bearing."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272695

wince at the undead
"Uh, yea. it is. Can you hurry this up or will you need to stay?"
start helpingher pack things up if she's going '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

DM 272697

"yes yes yes of course. I have the important things packed anyway. The ritual can wait! let's move!"
And then you rush out and catch up with the others.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272698

Mutter to myself.
"Thanks the Moon they cleaned this place…"
"See, this is exactly what I was talking about the other day! She's going to be the end of me! I mean, how am I supposed to say no to that?!"
"A fight? Someone is reeeeally tense today…"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272708

rolling to give her a quick kiss on the cheek whilst everyone isn't looking '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

DM 272710

"Well what does Bearing think of it?
…and what do you think of it?"


Some maps and roadsigns have been added down here. Temporary and unfinished as they are, they do offer a clear indication as to what roads to take.
The walk will take a while, but will be devoid of dangers. If you wish to do sightseeing or just chat, say so.
Otherwise just say READY. I will skip ahead when everyone is READY.

DM 272711

Everyone saw it.
And it got really awkward. Fast.


Just do a quick sweep for anything noteworthy

Roll #0 3 = 3

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272713

Venia [Battlemage] 272714

Walk next to Frostmourn

Can I just pick her up carefully from the bed or should I ask for a nurse or Doc Doc?

DM 272715

Some areas are clearly left off the maps on purpose.
…those must be where the remaining dogs live.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272716

"Pssh, you heard me before! Bearing's gonna kill her some day.
Me, after a bottle and a half it's strangely inviting…"
Also, watching Nylis show affection for Winterbreeze made me suddenly want to slip down and put a wing around Bearing as we walk.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Verne [Trickster] 272717


I'll give her some leeway with professionalism.

DM 272719

You can try lifting her yourself.
Or get some guards to help carry the bed or something.
Peaches make a sultry face
"Inviting, eh? Well, with permission of the king, would you let me~?"
What a cute horse couple you are.
Enough to make Peaches sick.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272721

"I told you Peach, patience. King, I say we organize a strategic withdrawal!"
She's on duty and she knows it. Stay READY.

DM 272724

"Why? This is really beginning to amuse me. Hah! Oh I'm such an evil bastard at times…"
Peaches giggles
"My liege, do I have your blessing?"
Frosty takes another sip of his drink and looks at you
"Well, Pumpkin? Still feel like running away?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272725

I think she'd probably prefer it if I asked a guard to do it, so let's call one over. I'll carry her sculpting gear.


"Nice crown, my King."

Verne [Trickster] 272727


Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272728

"See, I would just say 'withdraw cooly' but since you keep pushing, I'll just give a counteroffer.
Partner. You might do whatever you want but. If you go beyond your bundaries, know I'll lose whatever trust I have in you."
Look at her, take a sip '1d10' and give her a grin.

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 272731

One of the guards picks her up and carries her along to her room
"Well hello big guy~"
"Please ma'am. I'm on duty."
"Thank you. I was hard pressed to find a skilled enough jeweler. I think I'll need to get it redone once we ally with Rosefall…"
It hits you like a rock to the head. Looks like Frosty keeps some strong shit in his lockers.
Her hoof freezes.
"U-um… I…
…w-what are those boundaries, e-exactly?"
Frosty chugs down a little more
"Forgive me for being pushy my blade and friend. I just find this deeply arou-amusing, is all.
…I wonder if I should get Sunrise…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272734

"This is the test Peach. You know what I think. You know where you can't go."
Turn to Frosty.
"By all means. I wouldn't want you to feel left out, you know."

Venia [Battlemage] 272736

I shake my head with a smile and follow


"I think it looks fine for now, don't worry about it. They'll be impressed by your appearance, I'm sure."

DM 272739

Peaches huffs
"Judging from what you've been saying even looking at you seem to be 'too much'"
Frosty stifles a hickup
"Well… if you insist old friend."
he gets up and shakily walks out to find Sunrise, leaving you two alone.
The guard sets her down in the designated room. It is not big, but the walls are thick so noise should not be a problem. There is enough space for her works, a bed, a table, and some dressers.
"There ya go miss. And for your safety, please keep your um… magic… to yourself when carried. It can make walking hard if you keep distracting those who carry you."
She blushes and looks away
"No need to be. But I'm still on duty, so lets keep that in mind."
He salutes and walks off.
"I do want to make a proper appearance. After all, my kingdom is twice the size of theirs, even if my magic is not really any match for Longshanks."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272740

Wait for the king to leave and turn to Peaches.
"Peach you have to understand. I like you. You are a great mare. But I cannot betray the one mare I've cared about for so long just like that. I love her.
So yeah, you are right, I want it. I'd be crazy not to. But I want to make you both happy. Because you both deserve it."

Venia [Battlemage] 272742

"For Sun's sake Windy… Groppling a guard like that? Really? Are you that desperately horny?"


"Anything I should know about this King?"
Ready by the way

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272745

where are we right now?

Verne [Trickster] 272746

Are we all ready?

DM 272749

"So call her over then. Let us both make you happy!
…if that's the sort of thing you like.
I'd rather just take you as my own if even in secret and even for a moment…
…we are alone you know~"
"He totally overplayed that…
…and maybe I am. As I did mention. Years of mining."
"He is a powerful mage who values knowledge above all else."
Seems everyone is ready.
You finish your walk down the Deep Road, and reach the inner outpost that guards the gate to Rockeye territory.
The guards salute you
"Good tidings. You are past the borders of Rockeye. Careful on the way down. There is no road to speak of, so a little climbing will be needed. They do not know of the tunnel exit."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272752

"I… Am so, so tempted…
But every time I look at you, I see her face, and my heart just stops for a moment."
"You ready honey?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272754

farsight if it's applicable here

Verne [Trickster] 272755

"Understood. Thank you."

Head on.

Venia [Battlemage] 272758

"You've got magic don't you? And a private room too now…"


"Hm, that's respectable I suppose. Do you want me at your side?"

DM 272761

"Then close your damn eyes and enjoy it before the king gets back with a full audience!"
"Ready as ever. You can carry me down, right~?"
Looking into the distance, you can see Castle Rockeye. It is a magnificent spire, rebuilt and converted to better suit the needs of its new magic-loving rulers.
Between it and the mountain slope you are on, is a stretch of land with some roads and a river.
You can see some guard patrols moving along the road.
"You know it feels really fucking odd to talk about this kind of stuff with the queen of all ponies…"
"I believe I can conduct the negotiations on my own. And, well, with Verne at my side due to his old connection with Longshanks. But feel free to tag along if you want to meet him."
You emerge on a cliff on the side of a mountain overlooking the plains around Castle Rockeye. This place is not too far from where you first arrived to Rockeye when you last visited from the looks of it.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272763

"Can't you wait? Can't you…"
Give her a kiss.
"Is this enought?"
"Sure, hop on!"
I can, right?

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272764

"There's some patrols moving along the road, that much I know"
navigate down and help Winterbreeze if necessary

Verne [Trickster] 272765

"To better suit the needs of their magic rulers… we can use that as leverage. We take care of issues they view as chores so they can't focus on their magic. Hmm."

Venia [Battlemage] 272766

"I'm sure it does. But you're the one groping the guards here, not me! Didn't I tell you to behave!?"


"I think I will!"

DM 272768

"…now you're just being evil to me…
….I don't even dare to give you one back."
She she climbs on you and snuggles your mane
"Fly me to the moon honey~"
You tie a rope to Winterbreeze and the two of you traverse the mountainside, safely reaching the bottom.
"Excellent thinking.
Be sure to bring that up in the talks."
…it wasn't really groping…
…well, just a little maybe…

"Glad to hear that. Now, down we go."
Frosty spreads his wings of light and glides down the hillside.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272772

"I'm… Sorry. This was stupid and I'm drunk. Come here."
Hug her. Platonically.
Giggle a bit and follow the others.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272774

"So breezy… what's next after finishing your studies?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272776

"Don't be sorry, just behave! I don't care if you go around looking for a stallion, but don't got playing around with a guard without asking while he's on duty!"


I scrunch my face
"Not all of us have wings!"
Follow after him

DM 272779

There was nothing platonic about that hoof placement.
"Oh you massive tease!
…I'd kiss you back but… losing your trust would… be too much."
You gently glide down with Bearing, leaving Peaches to traverse the rocks on her own.
She does eventually make it down, but not without some bumps and scrapes.
"Right now I'm looking into finalizing my research into Tartarian Summoning. Which is why I needed the undead host. I intend to pull forth a Tartarian, and see what I can learn from it!"
…yeah I think I'll just…"
She looks around
"…what am I supposed to sculpt with, by the way? I have tools but…?"
You get down the hill with relative ease. You don't even scrape your pretty suit~

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272782

"Oh, ok? Uh… are you sure you should be talking about that so casually? I mean I'm not sure the others, or the kingdom would really approve."
did I notice anypony getting scrapes? '1d10+-1'

Roll #1 4 - 1 = 3

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272783


Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272785

"No look this whole thing… That test, I don't care, it's over.
I've been cruel with you. Do what you think it's fair. One time only, and then I'll forget about it. No hard feelings, no other mention. Alright?"
Close my eyes.
She's an assassin goddamnit! Not a civilian! She should be able to walk on her own!

Verne 272786

"Certainly. Remember, this alliance shall benefit them, or at least we must make them see it that way."

Keep going

DM 272787

Well Peaches did end up a little beat up.
Winterbreeze shrugs
"I will present my findings to the king anyway. Why hide it?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272788

"Well what did you sculpt in the past?"
Good. Heal Peaches perhaps '1d10'
"Oh dear, you look a little beat up…"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272789

can I heal her from here then? '1d10+1'
"I'd suggest to keep it a little less known until after you present it to the king… but, that's… that's just me"

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

DM 272790

"Clay… stone… I even tried glass once, but that didn't work.
I did always want to try crystal sculpting but could never afford it."
She dusts herself off
"It's fine, it's fine…"
…no hard feelings?"
Accidents can happen when climbing down a jagged hillside.
"Indeed. We should probably flag down that patrol if we do not wish to walk the whole way. Could you run along and get them here? You are the one who has been here before after all."
You are a very magical pony. Of course you can. Just to show off you even tidy her mane up a little and give her a little magical perk to her walk.
"I'll keep it on the down low then. No need to let everypony know what I do, right?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272791

"Promise. If it really means this much to you, do it already."
Close my eyes and hold my breath.
"You alright back there partner?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272792

a modest nerdy pone has no reason to show off, i'm not even sure why I did it…

nuzzle her a little

Venia [Battlemage] 272793

I'm pretty sure I bought her some stone blocks already
"I can get you crystal, but why don't you show me what you can whip up with stone first?"
I look at her
"You seem a little disgruntled, something on your mind?"
I nod approvingly at Nylis' healing expertise

Verne 272794


Where is that patrol? Go to it.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 272797


DM 272802

"…I can't believe I'm having second thoughts on this…"
You can feel her breath on you. She seems hesitant.
"Yeah I'm fine. I can take a few scratches. I just stepped on a loose rock is all."
Maybe you are a little proud of your skills secretly.
"Will do. Will do…"
A guard pushes the block in
"Sorry, forgot to bring this earlier. Good day ladies."
Windy beams
"Really!? Oh my oh my… W-would you like anything specific?"
"Forget it. I'm fine. We have a mission after all, right?"
They are further up the nearby road. You reach them in short order
"HALT! State your name and business!"
Welcome to the borderlands of Rockeye.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 272807

What's there to do?

Verne [Trickster] 272809

"Greetings. I am Verne, advisor to King Frostmourn of Wintergrasp, whose entourage wishes to visit and engage in talks with Majesty King Longshanks. King Frostmourn is behind on the road, and we would like your assistance in reaching Rockeye itself."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272810

"Oh jeez, I heard there's a teleport relay there! I can't wait to see it!"
bounce about, but try not to overspaz on this '1d10+-1'

Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272811

Open my eyes and smirk.
"Thank the Moon. Then you do care."
Nod at her.
"Stay strong."

Venia [Battlemage] 272813

"Just go wild. Surprise me! Uh… I assume you want to be alone for this?"
"If you say so."
I shrug and go walk with Radiant instead
"Hey, you doing alright? You've been quiet lately…"
Well somepony is excited…

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 272815

"Oh… I'm… yeah, I just have a lot on my mind…"

Venia [Battlemage] 272818

"I can probably guess why…"
Pat her on the back and give her a reassuring smile
"Don't worry, I'm here for you if you want to talk."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 272820

"That's only one of my problems…"
I sigh.
"Ever since then I've been thinking of more and more things, and a little incident with Southern Cross just made me feel even worse."

DM 272821

You are about to be taken to Castle Rockeye to meet King Longshanks.
"King Frostmourn? Verne? One moment please."
he taps a crystal he is carrying
"Patrol Five reporting. Please check for a 'Verne' in the royal records, in reference to King Frostmourn of Wintersgrasp.
…acknowledged. Over and out."
he turns back to you
"We've been expecting your return. Please tale us to the rest of your party."
"I do care… but I also want it…
…m-maybe just a little? I-is that bad?"
"of course I will. I'm a blade remember?"
"Yeah. That'd be nice.
Hey… thanks one more time. Really. For everything."

Venia [Battlemage] 272825

"What happened?"

"My pleasure. I'll check back on you in a while, alright?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272828

"For me? A lot. It means betraying her. And if you are having second thoughts, I can see you understand me.
And this makes it all the harder to say no.
Just… Give me time. To think this. To maybe talk with Bearing. See what she thinks of you.
What she thinks of a more open thing…
Oh god what in tartarus am I even saying."
Throw my head back.
Smirk at her.
Let Bearing down slowly now that the sliding is done and remain besides her as Verne deals with the Border patrol.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 272830

"I… I sort of hit him in the muzzle."

DM 272832

"Okidokie! Have a good one your grace!"
You can feel her breath move southwards…
Bearing gives you a soft kiss on the cheek
"Thanks dear~ You're such a gentlecolt."

Verne [Trickster] 272833


Take them back to Frosty, and….

"We have been expected, it seems. Either way, our transit should be smoother now."

Venia [Battlemage] 272838

"So you may have punched your lieutenant in the face? How come? Disagreement on how to worship the sun?"

"You too Windy. And remember what I said."
I suppose after this I just left for Rockeye.
And I made sure to tell Anvil about Windy's artistic talent as well as give him a big lovely hug

DM 272840

"High King Frostmourn?"
"That would be me."
"I can see. Welcome to Rockeye. How did you manage to bypass our border security without being detected?"
"That is information I share only with those in authority. You may ask your king once I have spoken to him."
"Very well. Once you are all ready, we can signal the mass teleport array to pick us all up."
How cute of you.
Maybe he'll go share some tips with her.


Close my eyes.
Stand still and hold my breath after muttering this prayer.
Stealthily smack her flank with one wing.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 272844

"We were arguing about training methods. He kept insulting me, and I told him I'd break his jaw if he said another bad word and he did so… then it turned out to be a test of his. Of how I am too fast to anger and cannot hold to my own beliefs and code…"

Verne [Trickster] 272845

Rub Venus a little while waiting.

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272846


Venia [Battlemage] 272850

"Mass teleport array? Oh sun help us all… Yeah I'm ready."

"Well… uh… I mean is it that big of a deal?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 272851

"That I cannot even be a proper Paladin? That I am a simple thug? Not at all…"

DM 272852

She stops right before touching it
"…I can tell you're as conflicted as I am…"
She eeps a little and blushes.
Peaches frowns
She stands firm and nods to the border guards.
"Right. Please stay still everypony. This can be dangerous if you move around."
He taps the crystal again
"Patrol five to mass teleport relay. Large load incoming. Prepare space and drop it when ready. Royal welcome."

Please confirm that you are done with talking

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 272853

I guess I'm ready.

Venia [Battlemage] 272854

"Well… let's speak of this later, okay?"

Verne [Trickster] 272855

All done.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272856

"Yes. I do not want this. This is… It's not what I need from you. And be honest. It's not what you want from me either.

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272858

finished, of course!

DM 272870

"…but it kinda is.
…then it kinds isn't…
…I guess what I mean is I… want it to mean something… and not just be empty… you know…
…do you mind if I at least look at it a little?"
"Ready for teleport."
For a moment it seems reality shatters around you as you plummet into nothingness. A fraction of a moment later you emerge on the other side, standing in the mass teleport array room, atop a huge runic ward on the floor, surrounded by mages and guards.
"Welcome to castle Rockeye, King Frostmourn and entourage."

Winterbreeze's jaw drops.
Venus peeks at Verne just to be sure.
Bearing looks awestruck at all the pretty things here.
Peaches looks suspicious.
Frostmourn takes a few steps forward
"Take me to Longshanks."

Verne [Trickster] 272872

Rub Venus again to reassure her.

And to Frosty:
"Suppress your presence. You must not at all appear aggressive. You must invite, beckon."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 272873

I just nod but keep silent.

Venia [Battlemage] 272875

Stay quiet.

Is Valeriana with us?

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272876

try to contain my giddiness '1d10+-2'

Roll #1 3 - 2 = 1

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272879

Give her a smile.
"No, I don't. I'm glad you choose to wait. This is not what you mean to me at all."
Just stand here, maybe drink some more '1d10' and wait for Frosty to return.
Whisper to Bearing
"Now comes the official part honey."
Move ahead and stand besides the King.
Call her to walk besides me.

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 272880

Frostmourn looks back and nods
"Ahem. I would request to see King Longshanks as soon as possible."
The guards nod
"Right this way, King Frostmourn"
She is, but the sneaky devil is already in hiding.
Why contain it.
A few of the mages chuckle
"You seem excited. A patron of the magical arts are you?"

Venia [Battlemage] 272884

Wait for Frostmourn to move and walk with Radiant

Verne [Trickster] 272887

"Better, but rather too soft. Be firm, yet gentle. Stand tall and state your will clearly, not as a demand, but as a wish."

Follow him.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 272889

Follow Frosty without a word.

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272890

take a deep breath
"this place is truly amazing, i just… I don't know I wish I grew up here!"

DM 272908

You feel like passing out.
Also you can't help it but her looking at it so closely is totally hot.
Bearing frowns a little but then reminds her this is all business and nods.
Peaches steps to your side, head held high as you walk along with the king.
You all join the king as he leaves to meet Longshanks.

The halls of Rockeye are lit with spellbound gems. Small trays of fresh fruit, wine and small snacks hover in the hallways, and the statues bow slightly to greet you.
"Well, make most of your stay. Hurry along and meet the king. I'm sure he will be glad to shre his knowledge with you."

Verne [Trickster] 272916

"Heh. Looks they they've added more of these, Venus."

Keep on till we meet Longshanks.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272917

Contain poner.
Nice shinies.
Too bad I'm no thief anymore.
Look ahead and stand tall.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272921

"Uh, right!"
quickly follow the group, talk to winterbreeze
"This place is really amazing!"

Venia [Battlemage] 272922

"How quaint."
Keep walking

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 272924

Raise an eyebrow but keep walking.

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272927

"Quaint? Are you kidding me!? DIdn't you see how we got here? An- and look at these! This is nothing that's 'quaint'!"

Venia [Battlemage] 272933

I chuckle
"Of course Nylis. This is all very impressive."

BDN 272950

"If all goes well, it shall be yours to deal with as you wish. Haha."

DM 272953

"…oh my~"'
You can feel she moved closer.
"Indeed. I can hardly wait to truly experience it."
You reach the throne room.
Several battlemages and spellswords flank the room, silently observing your every move. Longshanks himself sits on his throne, the entire seat gently hovering above the floor on top of a small raised platform.
His immaculate beard and long mane provide him with a sense of regal seniority, while his eyes are as filled with youthful power as any.
He casts a small spell and Valeriana appears a few feet off the ground, scrambling for a foothold until she crashes down on her face
"I do not appreciate spooks in my throne room, Frostmourn."
"Forgive me. It is simply how she is trained to move. Now, let us talk business."

Venia [Battlemage] 272958

I gasp
Those guards are like me! No! Contain yourself! This is business!
I help Valeriana back on her hooves, chuckling slightly

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272959

count how many there are, but feel out if there are any extra '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 272960

Roll my eyes at Valeriana, but keep standing still.

Verne [Trickster] 272961

Take a bow.

"To Majesty Mage-King Longshanks, the Greater Northlands greets you. Please, sit back, for we have much to discuss: how through our co-operation, all of us shall benefit mutually and grow ever more prosperous."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272962

"What about… All that talk of… Wanting something more and… Waiting…"
Roll to resist, damnit.
The fuck is Frosty doing in the other room?
Well that's embarassing.
I'll have to learn that spell.
Treath evalutation. Number of guards. Possible fall back positions.

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 272969

You can count eight present.
And the one who's extra you decided to feel seems a little distracted by it.
"Ah, Verne. A pleasure to see you again. How has time treated you?"
You have no desire to resist it.
Nopony will know…
As for Frosty, maybe he just wanted to give you some privacy?
Who knows.
Eight guards.
Only way out is back into the hallway.
There are more guards there.
You don't know the way out of the palace.

Frosty takes a step forward
"Mage-King, the Greater Northlands has come to extend its hoof in alliance. Join my empire, and together we can share in our learning, keep us all safe, and further expand the glory and unity of the North!"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 272976

I hope winterbreeze didn't see that '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Venia [Battlemage] 272979

Maybe it was a mistake to come here and listen to diplomatic babbling. This is going to take ages…
I take a gander at his guards, wondering just how strong they would be in battle…

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 272980

"Do you really think we should…"
I want mental clarity and I want it now!
Eight extensively trained and magic-enhanced guards? Piece of cake.
Keep standing tall and proud, looking straight ahead as the king speaks.

Roll #1 5 = 5


5 is no mental clarity.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Well enough, and I can only hope fate has treated you far better. But, enough pleasantries. As my King says, we wish our Kingdoms unite. There are many boons we can offer: The first being security from Equestria. The Lordblades have marked out Rockeye as a target because of the huge value of your magic, and in joining us, you shall have assistance in ensuring your safety and autonomy."

DM 272995

She missed it entirely.
The guard looks around a little, blushes slightly and then stands at attention again.
Together they could easily encase the king in several layers of protective shields, and probably annihilate the entire room with spells if need be.
"…well this part sure seems to think so…"
She pokes it gently
Longshanks raises a hoof
"You offer much but do not state a price for these gifts. To gain something one must always give something in turn. I am no old fool. What is it you want in return?"
Frostmourn grins ever so slightly
"…your crown."

Venia [Battlemage] 272999

Oh pone! I wish I could compare shields with them…

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273000

whew! dodged an arrow there

DM 273002

Maybe you can chat them up.
…but it might be wise to wait until the kings are done.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 273008

Shake my head slightly, but keep guarding.

Verne [Trickster] 273012

"Indeed. We wish Rockeye become part of the Greater Northlands. While in the end, Rockeye must answer to the throne, you will have your autonomy and may take care of your own interests yourself. Furthermore, while we will wish for you to share your magic with us, we can care for every other of your needs. Should you become part of us, you will not need to care for for anything other then all the research and magic you wish any longer for that shall become our responsibility, if you wish."

Venia [Battlemage] 273014

Yes… yes… of course.
Just stand with Radiant for now

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273016

"You are not drunk. So tell me. Even if 'it' asks for it, don't you think we'd regret it tomorrow?"
Speak slowly, hope she understands every word.
Damn Verne sure talks a lot. I want to do some stabbing!

DM 273032

"…at this point… when it is so close… I don't even know if I care.
…if I try just a little… would that help clear your mind?"
Longshanks' throne lands and he steps off it, his long robes trailing behind him
"So if I were to surrender my crown and bow to you, you would share with us the collected wisdom of the northlands, protect us from aggressors and provide us with laborers to see to our non-scholary needs?"
Frostmourn nods
"That's the short of it, yes. We gave a similar offer to Deep Rock of Ironfoe. He accepted."
"Deep Rock is a brooding brute."
"Deep Rock is my father."

Verne [Trickster] 273037

Who is saying those last two lines?

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273040

"We are this close to lose each other forever…"
Hey did the old fart just insult Frosty's dad?
Stabby time coming this way…

Roll #1 2 = 2

Verne [Trickster] 273054



"Former King Deep Rock's decision is irrelevant to what we offer you. I request that we refrain from personal attacks so that we are in fit mind to think everything clearly. What matters is not your opinion of him, but your thoughts on out present situation."

Venia [Battlemage] 273058

Just keep listening.

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273066

stick close to winterbreeze '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

DM 273070

You totally want to give her the D
Longshanks walks down the steps of his little platform until he is staring down at Frostmourn
"Son of two kingdoms you may be, but to buy my crown you will need to give more than just some promises.
I know of the golemworks of Ironfoe. I want that technology."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273081

With all the willpower I still have, give her one long look.
"Partner I… I trust you to do the right thing. For both of us."
Clench my eyes shut and hold my breath.
Oh false alarm. They are just throwing big words around.
Damn is that king dumb. We will all share, in the new North.

Verne [Trickster] 273093

"There are complications. Our golem work is as of now the work of only a single individual, who is as of now busy with some important projects. However, we are perfectly willing to take some citizens of your choosing to him to learn the craft, and when that is done, you shall be able to work with golems as you please. Of course, with conditions: all you discover must be shared with us, just as what magic we discover shall be shared with Rockeye to further develop. Does that not please you?"

DM 273098

"…I'd say I hate you… but I wouldn't mean it.
…will you be mad if I just… have a little taste?
Be honest."
"So the one thing I actually would want from you I would need to wait possibly years for to get?
A weak bargain. I deal in knowledge of magic. Is that all you can offer, then? Or can you sweeten the deal with some other remarkable discovery?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273112

"Will you?"
*Cough* "Golem Wings" *Cough*

DM 273128

Frostmourn motions to Winterbreeze and Nylis

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273130

look surprised, then go with Winterbreeze forward
"Uh, y-yes King Frostmourn?"

Verne [Trickster] 273134

"Ahhh.. plenty. Recently, we have been doing much work into the enhancement of catalysts. I fear my explanation will be insufficient for one thirsting for knowledge like you, so… allow me to introduce you to this young lady here, Nylis, and her partner Witnerbreeze. Both prodigies that will explain themselves in but a moment."


Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273135

Hey, I want it. She wants it.
Can I clear my mind and realize it's the alcohol talking?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Venia [Battlemage] 273150

Just let the others do the talking and look around a little

DM 273151

You can.
Do you want to, that is the question.
She moves in closer, mouth open
"These are Nylis and Winterbreeze. Together they have begun researching enhanced catalysts for me. This is research I can offer you right here and now to 'sweeten the deal' as you say.
Nylis, care to say a few words?"
The mage king shifts his attention


Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273171

Put an hoof on the side of her head, raise it to meet my eyes.
"I want you, but not like this." Pull her close and hug her. Platonically.
RNG pls.
Square root of dagger is… Shiv! That's genius! I bet they'd like this research!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273175

"I- …w-well I don't know what to say, really. Catalysts can be a very great help and have even been shown to amplify the strength of magic based on how it's been applied… Uh.. winterbreeze?"


Improvise. Heroism roll.
Give Nylis a wink non-sexually.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273234

did I see that? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273235

just another roll '1d10+-1'

Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273236

oh yea

but what the fuck do I do then? draw Catalysts on myself and then continue them on the ground? wait for Winterbreeze to bring up the Tartarian arts? what!?

DM 273250


It is a very platonic hug. She softly brushes your member but then lets it go and just returns the hug.
"Mares. Takes them forever to get ready.
…I see you two already got started?"
Winterbreeze clears her throat
"Enhanced Catalysts are based on the core principal of further amplifying magic power by adding multiple additional runic strings to the catalysis process. This is achieved by using a larger catalyst which has been specifically prepared with several looped runic strings."
You could also share your knowledge of runic tattoos.

Longshanks looks relatively impressed
"A sound theory. But can you build one?"
"…we already have. And can do it again."

Venia [Battlemage] 273274

Just fiddle around with my armor a little, no reason to butt in.


"Oh no, alcohol didn't have the best of your blades yet.
But I'm surprised, I thought you two were already getting it on behind our backs.." Give him a half smile, half smirk.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273278

Hey thank god I did not mean to roll!

DM 273280

"Just getting ready is all. So, when do we begin?"
>Implying I care

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273283

"Actually Frosty, we might be leaving. She's still my partner you know, and I'm married. This would get weird, fast."
Here, have some more then. '5d10'

Roll #1 2, 8, 8, 2, 9 = 29

DM 273298

Well uh… good night then… I guess?
…I didn't offend you did I, old buddy?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273304

alright then start doodling some runic tattoos on myself? Heroism should help this endeavor right? if not then fuck it i'm doign this anyways '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273308

"Don't even think about it, Frosty."
Give him a big smile.
"It's just, this is a whole new thing for me. Strange new thing at that. It's the first time I've ever felt this for somepony other than her, and it's…
Well, I don't want to ruin yours and Sunrise's mood. Have a fun night."
Wink at both of them and leave with one last big smile.
But put a wing over Peaches as we do.

DM 273322

It's up.
Not that a skilled mage like you needs it
Winterbreeze continues
"We have also figured out a way to use dyes or tattoos on the body to create catalytic patterns, enabling spellcasting without innate or external catalysts."
Longshanks slowly claps his hooves
he nods to the guards, and two of them follow him as he walks out and leads you to a large statue of a mage, facing out towards a large glass door and a balcony
"This statue was made in honour of my old mentor. Do you believe it could be converted into a catalyst?"
Winterbreeze nods
"Without a doubt. Though I would need to deface it a little."
Longshanks thinks
"…hm. So be it then. Consider this a demonstration of the skills of Wintersgrasp and the United North."
She seems a little down
"…I messed us didn't I?"
From the sound of it Frosty and Sunrise didn't let that ruin their mood at least though…

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273331

help Winterbreeze magically '1d10+1'

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273334



TRY AGAIN '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273338

"No Peach. You just opened my eyes instead."

DM 273356

The pendant vibrates, making Longshanks raise an eyebrow.
After a while the work is complete
Longshanks observes it from all sides, then opens the large door with telekinesis
"Magic… BOLT!"
The entire statue lights up and fires a massive bolt of energy out the door. After a few seconds it explodes in the far off mountainside
"HAHA! Remarkable! Utterly remarkable!
He walks back to the throne room.
"…I still regret not taking at least a little taste…"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273364

the hell would I be thinking about doing that in front of the king!?

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273368

Pull her a bit closer with the wing.
"Pff, you don't want to. it's all wobbly wibbly and gross!"
Whristle at the sight.


Rolling to contain my expression of awe

Roll #0 1 = 1

DM 273390

"…look I know what I said back there… and I meant every word of it… but…"
She looks around
"…just… one little lick?"
Please Venia. Please. Hugs are cute but smothering someone in front of the king is a little overboard.
Longshanks stops before his throne. He takes a lingering look at it and sighs
"To king Frostmourn. Of the Great Northlands. Of Wintersgrasp. Of Ironfoe…"
he levitates his crown off his head and places it on the throne
"…and of Rockeye. All hail."
The guards join in the chorus
Frosty smiles and levitates the crown off the throne
"I ask only for the crown. The throne, Mage-King, is still yours. As are these lands."
The old mage smiles and bows
"By your will. High King."
he then sits back on his throne


I wasn't smothering! I just got a little excited! Wait, who did I hug anyway?

Roll #0 10 = 10

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273405

probably Pumpkin like a lot of other mares

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273408

"Not a word of this, is it clear?"
Vanish somewhere with Peaches.
Well that went well.
Wait for the commotion to calm down, settle near the king for now.

Venia [Battlemage] 273417

Oh and Hail the king! That too!

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273424


DM 273438

I assumed it was Nylis or Winterbreeze.
You take her to the old hideout in the library
"Not a word. To anyone. Ever.
…well maybe you at most."
The commotion eventually dies down
Longshanks chuckles
"So what can I do for you lot then?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273451

"Wait just a moment…"
Find and break the seal of the old "BoH" book.
Tap on my eyepatch.
"I'd really love to see somepony capable of building magic eyes, you got anyone?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273461

"Uh, do you have any more of these?"
show him the dampener
"And.. and can I explore this place?"

Venia [Battlemage] 273462

"I'm just interested in your personal guard. Uh… their magical abilities, that is!"

DM 273463

This seems to be a book about HORSE SEX
"Uh… Pumpkin, what about…?"
"Certainly. Go ask for Bright Eyes in the research wing to the north. She specializes in optics. Eye injuries are not at all uncommon around here."

DM 273471

"We build a few more dampeners, yes. Ask for them at the armoury if you desire another. And feel free to explore."
"Well, go ahead and talk to them.
GUARDS! At ease."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273475

Well this one I'm saving for later.
"Oh that. Right. You sure about this?"
Oh, and check for shadows around.
"With all this wild magic flying around? Who would have ever guessed!"
Find the place and knock.
"Allo'? Anypony here?"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273477

'T-thank you!"
rush over to the armoury! how many are there? can I see if they can be combined for a stronger one?

Venia [Battlemage] 273498

Alright! Approach some of them!
"You ponies look like you know how to handle blade and spell! Are your shield spells really that advanced?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 273512

Is there something I should be doing?

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273518

wandering about Rockeye with Nylis and Winterbreeze!

DM 273520

Of course there is one.
It gives you a questioning look. You can shoo it away if you want.
"…As I said. I meant everything I said. But I also regret not at least… trying it a little."
An explosion can be heard on the inside
After a while a slightly singed mare with two cut gems for eyes opens the door
"Dampeners, eh? Let's see… yes yours is one of the old ones it seems. We improved the model since then.
Here you go. It can store them more reliably. And here's the best part - you can safely discharge it even on the run. Well, safely being a relative term. Discharging it does momentarily increase your odds of miscasting."
>DAMPENER MK2 - can store 2 miscasts, cooldown 24 hours, can be discharged manually but doing so makes your next spell miscast on a 3-
"We have all been trained in use of the Protective Bubble spell. It is a core element of our strategy for protecting the King."
You have free reign to explore the kingdom of Rockeye

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273527

Yeah. She wants to watch, Fucking suit herself.
Stare at the shadow.
"So what, you just want me to lie down and taste it? I'm pretty sure it's no different than any other stallion's."
"Yarr matey, I be here for da best ye've got!"
Give her my best pirate impression.

Venia [Battlemage] 273533

"Not a bad strategy… But are you prepared for Spellbreaking spells?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273535

"This is so awesome! Thank you!"
Winterbreeze should get one too, but that's up to her.
Oh gosh, oh jeez I don't know what else to do!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273538



damn you rng

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273539


Kilana [deathsinger] 273552

Oh, cool I'll just walk around with nylis and her mare friend..
Never mind then..

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273555

nah you should totally join

DM 273561

The shadow squints at you, then turns around
…look I know this sounds stupid. But… maybe it's just special to me, ok?"
She remains unimpressed
"If I had an hour of normal vision for every time I've heard that, I would not need the gems.
C'mon in and lets get you fitted. How did you lose the eye? And yes that matters."
"Strength in numbers. We can retain multiple layers even if some are spellbroken or shattered. As can the king."
Anyway, have a nice walk around.
Just say what you want to look for.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273566

"Right… How do you want to do this?"
Is there ever enough space fro me to lay on my back or will I have to sit down?
"Right, not the brightest joke. Axe to the head. From a necromantic-powered golem thing enchasing what once was a Diamond Dog."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Kilana [deathsinger] 273567

"Hey, glad I could catch up to you two! It'll be great to have some girls to hang out with for a bit, I mean pumpkin is great and all but.. he's a stallion after all. What's fun around here?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273568

I obviously want to look for things that help me learn other aspects of magic besides healing and teleporting

well, I'd like to look more on mass teleporting

"What should we look for?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273570

"Hehe,… uh I honestly don't know. this is my first time here too"

Venia [Battlemage] 273576

"How come you ponies never improved your shield spells? You know it's possible to create a shield that is immune to any magical effects right?"


"Well, maybe we should ask around then?" I look for a local who's not busy.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273593

"I was wondering about the more arcane aspect of magic. mainly I was looking at healing stuff, and training to be stealthy… but I figure I can jump back on that later. So! How have you been?"

DM 273595

You've really outgrown this little hole.
Not that she cares.
"just… please.. don't judge, ok?
…this changes nothing ok? I still mean what I said…. about wanting it to mean something. Some day… ok?"
"Necromancy based injury… right…
…are you one of those ponies who are really picky about colour?"
Mass teleporting should be learned from the mass teleport array coordinators
Winterbreeze thinks
"I doubt these guys have much info on what I research. But I could always chew the fat with some of the wiser ones on how to contain mistakes."
"A spell-immune-spell? Sounds crazy. Care to demonstrate this supposed power?"
Some local mages are having lunch in a nearby hall.

Venia [Battlemage] 273607

"Yup, homemade by my mother. Sun bless her soul. Makes spellbreakers no more effective than normal attacks."
Let's see… Protective Bubble! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273610

"Okay? well if it can be contained in an Item like this, then I'm sure as a spell it would be drastically greater… but the risk for such a thing…"
shiver a little


"I've been pretty well, I've been engaged to a mage, he's on track to become an archmage maybe he can help you out with your studies sometime? Other than that I've been researching this artifact." I motion to the scythe on my back. "What about you? Just had you nose in the books?"
I trot over to the ponie eating. "Hello, can you tell us about some of the interesting points of your city? " I say politely.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273615

Pull her in for a hug.
"Okay Peach. I won't judge you. I do care."
Present myself to her.
"Yeah. Must not be seen in the dark, must not shine. Also, must be spellbound with the best seering spell avaiable out there. Money is not a concern."

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273618

give the scythe a quizzical look
"Books, libraries, training grounds…"
give a quick glance to winterbreeze
"but yea… mainly books."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273630

am I all better from earlier? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Kilana [deathsinger] 273646

"We have to get your head out of the books a little, but you must have figured out some amazing things already." I smile at you. Phone call brb

DM 273660

Mama would be proud.
And damnit so are the guards.
"Get the captain. NOW."
One of them runs off and soon returns with the captain, easy to tell apart from the others from his more ornate outfit, horn enhancement and mild aura of glowing magic.
"What is this about an unbreakable shield spell?"
"I just want to take some precautions is all. The ritual is not easy…"
"Hello hello. We don't get many zebras around."
"The market is in the ground floor of the palace. The research wing is to the north, the armoury tower is in the west parts, then there is the mass teleport array, the library, the academy, the crafting workshops and the museum."
She slowly lowers herself onto you, her breath going shallow.
The shadow slithers out. It does not want to see this.
Slowly, she takes a lick
"Well a polished gem is going to always reflect light. And I need to polish it for it to have any use as a lens. Wear a patch over it if you need to hide it. Amethyst fine with you then? Or do I need to get some Obsidian out?"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273662

"Mnh, I guess… It doesn't really seem amazing when I still fail at using it."
look a little down

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273672

Just wait for her to be done. This is her show, her wish.
I don't care about pleasure.
"I'm neither a mage nor a jeweler lady, I do not know the difference."

Venia [Battlemage] 273679

I grin sheepishly
"I wouldn't say unbreakable, but it's pretty close to it! Try to break this shield with spells, you'll find that it will take a lot longer than usual… I believe the technique is called Antimagic Shell."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273681


"So where doyou guys want to visit first? I was thinking the library or the academy.. the market evensounds good! But that's me"

DM 273698

Way to take out half the fun for her you martyr.
She works on it for a little while but then just takes it out and wipes her mouth
"…sorry… I can tell you're not really into this… I can just stop if you're not going to even try enjoying it…
…but you taste nice~"
"One is purple the other is black."
"Well that's a lot to believe. Let's see."
"I'm fine with anything. Libraries were always good for me."

Roll #1 4 = 4

DM 273701

The captain pokes at the shield spell
"Well ain't that something.
Where did you learn this?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273702

"No I… One more try, okay?"
Give her a smile. And try to enjoy it this time.
Turn to Bearing. "Honey, which one do you think would look the best? I myself would go with Obsidian."

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


I can enjoy better than a 5.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12

Venia [Battlemage] 273713

"It's a spell that's been passed on in my family. I learned it from my mother, she learned it from hers and so on! Pretty handy if you intend on fighting Lordblades, they tend to carry spellbreakers."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273737

The LIbrary then!
look for a books that help with offensive and defensive magic!

DM 273738

You should just get a divhorse. 10/10 cock sock or not, this is like a decade of skill working on you.
Once you are done with that beautiful and messy moment, she gives you a satisfied, platonic hug
"Thanks partner. It… meant a lot to me."
She thinks
"A nice red ruby would look great on you, but a sapphire would git your coat better.
…and don't get the Obsidian. I don't want you to have a permanent black eye."
"Ain't that a truth and a half. Do you have it written down somewhere?"

DM 273742

There is a large group of ponies studying in the library
The librarian comes to help
"Anything in particular you might be looking for?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273744


Roll #1 2 = 2

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273749

"I'm looking for something that can affect a wide range of things at a single casting."

Kilana [deathsinger] 273758

I silently roll my eyes that we wound up back in the library again. "Didn't I just tell you, you need to get your head out of the books for bit, you're not working right now."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273759

I love her for other things.
"You mean a lot to me, partner. Now let's get some rest, uh?"
Oh yeah, take the BoH with me. Read it in bed tonight. '1d10'
"That's not really gonna cut in my line of work.."
Will the sapphire give me problems when stealthing?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Venia [Battlemage] 273760

"I do! I have an entire book on the subject that I got from my mother! Uh… I don't have it with me though, somepony else is reading it back in Wintergrasp."
I think for a moment.
"Perhaps I can let it be copied and sent over here again?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273767

"Bu- but the boooks! Please Kilana?"
give her pleading eyes '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #0 9 = 9

Kilana [deathsinger] 273777

I sigh, "If it means that much to you we'll take a look, but you can just buy whatever books we find and study them at home right?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273782

"Uh- of course! But i'm not sure if we can buy from the library…"

DM 273784

"Ah yes. Orb spells. Are you an elemental specialist?"
That's a ton of ideas for later right there.
If only you had known this when you were younger…
"That would be a great boon to us miss…?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273792

Guess I'll go with the sapphire if it doesn't make a difference.
"Now, how does this work? You work on it some and then punch it into my missing eye?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273794

"Uh.. no sorry If anything that would be something else I'd like to study too. But maybe later or something."

Kilana [deathsinger] 273797

"Well, why not? At least, we can't spend our whole trip inside another library, we've got a whole city to see! Come on girl, don't you at least want to see the museum?"

Venia [Battlemage] 273798

"Venia. Venia Daringhooves if you want to be official."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273803

"W-well yea! But… these books… ugh alright.."
to the librarian
"Where can I buy a copy of these books?"

DM 273826

"More or less. The carving is standard so it doesn't really take long, just sit down here and I will be back momentarily to hammer this into your skull."
She takes out a blue sapphire and walks off
"Very well. Basic spells are in the wing on the left. Have a nice day~"
"…Queen Venia of Wintersgrasp?"
"Try the market. The book vendor is my son."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273832

"What about the enchantment?"
Take the seat.

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273833

"T-thank you!"

"Ok Kilana, where did you want to go first?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 273843

I smile "There, the market will be fun and you can get your books, we'll go there first and then head to the museum."

Venia [Battlemage] 273846



Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273848

follow her
shit sorry I need to go

Kilana [deathsinger] 273856

Its okay, I'll find your spell books Check out the book vendor. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273857


Kilana [deathsinger] 273862

But.. breezy butt is leaning so close to you, I can't help it!

DM 273863

"Fairly standard, a lot of ponies ask for that. Some ask for Farsight. Others for magnification. Still, nothing unusual…"
He bows
"An honour. Though I hear you prefer to be called by name. So Venia it is, if you permit me.
Captain Highhorn. Again, an honour."
That's quite some equipment he has.
"E-excuse me? Miss? C-can I help in some way?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273864

"No. I need something heavier.
Sight beyond Sight. Or better."

Kilana [deathsinger] 273868

"Ah, my friends here.. they can't go anywhere without studying, So I'm after a few good books for them.." force my eyes to meet his. "I believe they wanted.. something about a magical orb, do you have something like that?"

Venia [Battlemage] 273877

"Of course. I do not like the title very much. And the honor is all mine. It's good to see ponies that employ the same fighting styles as I do."

DM 273910

"Yes you did say that earlier I think. And believe me. That is not an uncommon request. Doubly so for stallions your age."
She finishes with the engraving
"Ok, take the eyepatch off and breathe in. I don't need to lie about this, it hurts like ten hells."
"Oh yes certainly. What level of learning are you looking for? Beginner?"
"It has been the martial style of the guards of Rockeye ever since the first Mage King.
And less officially, a lot longer than that.
Is there anything we could offer to you in return for this gift, Venia?
Also… I admire your armour. You didn't make it yourself did you? I mean, not that I doubt your skill but… well it seems like craftsmanship I do not expect from one not entirely dedicated to such craft."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273917

Sit or lie down and take the patch off.
"You might want to step outside for this one, honey."
Nod to the mare.
"Go for it."
Sure a lordblade doesn't feel pain, right?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273919

jut in
"Uh, Y-yea. For different elemental properties, then whatever else you have for the clerical arts as well as the one for magic orb!"

Kilana [deathsinger] 273928

I point to Nlyis. "what my girl said."

DM 273935

Bearing backs out slowly
Bright Eyes takes the gem
"Yep. That's necromantic alright. Okidokie, try not to scream too much."
A few meaty squishes later she powers up the gem.
Your head spins as vision returns to your blind side. It is oddly tinted blue and kinda makes your head hurt if you focus on it too much.
"Well? Is the image clear?"
"Whoa whoa whoa that's like… a lot of books right there. You sure?"

Venia [Battlemage] 273936

I shrug
"I'm just glad our kingdoms have allied each other. Helping one another out and exchanging knowledge seems like the obvious route to take. Besides, I'm more than glad to spread it around. Mother would have wanted it that way."
I pat my armor
"This was made by our own smith back in Wintergrasp. He poured quite a lot of hours into it, so I'm very happy with it!"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273942

"It's blue. Does it have to do that?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273946

"Uh… w-well Yea! But uh… is there a way it can be shipped across kingdoms or something?"
are there anything else that's interesting to look at? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Kilana [deathsinger] 273950

"Just the best ones, we don't need to carry around all of them after all. "

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273956

"Wh- hey!"

Kilana [deathsinger] 273971

"Well, unless you want to have them shipped?"

DM 273973

"Wintersgrasp? My my. That's quality I would have expected of Ironfoe maybe, but now I really am impressed. You wouldn't happen to care for a glass of wine would you?"
"Blue gem. There is a reason I don't like obsidian. Everyone keeps complaining it's dark inside all of a sudden and the days are gloomy."
He has books on a plethora of subjects, from gardening to grooming and from magical marital aids to mystical masters of old.
"Well I can pack them up for you if you want.
…um, how were you looking to pay?"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 273975

"I was hoping for that. Uh, where do you want to go after this?"
damn! Do I have enough for this!? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 273979

"Well you could have told me that earlier you know? I'd have gone with a nice topaz or something… Oh well. Now for the important part. I need the enchantment to be Automated. No need to cast or thinker with the eye.
Can you do it?"

Venia [Battlemage] 273982

"I would never turn down an offer to drink! I wouldn't mind seeing some more of this Kingdom either!"

Kilana [deathsinger] 273996

"The museum sounds nice. We can probably learn a lot more useful things than in a book, or the teleporting thing that mage talked about. They might be able to give you a few pointers over there and if we're lucky we'll be able to see it action."

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 274008

"Yea, that sounds nice. I guess I should really shut my mouth and enjoy this.."

DM 274013

You work for the High King and your girlfriend is swimming in dosh.
Winterbreese drops a big sack of gold on the counter
"We're taking them all."
"Oh my… Yes ma'am. Right away."
"Look best I can promise you is all you need to do is slap the eye to turn it on. It will hurt like fuck but that's about as good as I can do for a non-spellcaster."
"Well I can take some hours off to show you around if you'd like. Lets start with my office though. I have some nice Equestrian import."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274018

"I am a spellcaster."
Show her my moon crest catalyst.
"So tell me, do I just focus like with any other spell?"

Venia [Battlemage] 274023

"Equestrian wine huh? My my, I wouldn't mind a glass of that!"

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 274024

blush a little
"T-thanks winterbreeze.. at this rate I don't think I can pay you back though"

DM 274029

"Huh. Well yes. Just power up the eye to activate and power down to deactivate. Not much else needed."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274032

Try it.
Fourth eye.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Kilana [deathsinger] 274035

I smile at them. "You two are so cute together.. Well, what do you want to see first the museum or the teleporting? "

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 274037

"Uh.." '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 274040



Roll #1 4 = 4

Nylis [Rogue Thaumaturge] 274042


Venia [Battlemage] 274043

DM 274048

"Right this way then"
He leads you out of the throne room and to his office in a tower nearby. It has a cool panoramic window.
He gets out a bottle and pours two glasses
"To unity."
You're glad to have two.
The thing is MIN2 to use, and lets you see clearly in the dark and through illusions and thin barriers if you are close enough.
"Don't be silly.
Just being with me is payment enough~"
The shopkeeper gets to packing books as you head to the Museum of Magic

Kilana [deathsinger] 274054

"Yeah, this should be a fun time for you two.." are there any tours going on right now?

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274056

But I wanted another gamebreaking skill ;_;
At least can it see through lies too?
"Will take a bit to get used to. Thanks."
Turn to Bearing and Peaches.
"How does it look?"

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Venia [Battlemage] 274058

Take the glass with my telekinesis and clink it together with his.
"To the Greater Northlands!"
Take a sip, let's see how good it tastes, this Equestrian wine '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274060

Aww seriously?

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

DM 274067

It lets you drop the -1 penalty
Bearing thinks it looks fabulous on you.
Peaches thinks it looks gross.
The next tour leaves in ten minutes.
Must be an acquired taste. Also it's damn sharp for wine.


Alright, I'll look around while I wait for them.

Roll #0 3 = 3

Venia [Battlemage] 274076

Hm… Best not to go crazy here then…
I walk over to the window and look outside
"Beautiful view you have here."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274078

Can't please them all.
What if can see through lies only on crit, like normal SbS?
Now, let's see…
"Might you point me to the best enchanter for weapons and armours in this place?"

Kilana [deathsinger] 274080

+1 for heightened senses, not that it matters.

DM 274087

The exhibitions seem to be
-Elemental Arts
-Summoning and Conjuration
-Notable Mages over the Ages
-Dark Arts
"Why thank you. It helps me keep an eye on the kingdom.
I will admit I have never been to Wintersgrasp. How is it?"
In appropriate situations.
"Check the smithy. Outside the palace, hard to miss. Just follow the blue smoke. So who do I talk to about payment?"


"High King Frostmourn. Tell him it's for Swansong."
Withdraw cooly and look for the blue smoke.
On my way there, look around for things that catch my attention.

Roll #0 2 = 2

Venia [Battlemage] 274093

I chuckle, taking another drink, maybe it's better now? '1d10'
"I'd be lying if I said it was as pretty as Rockeye. But… it's a home, so I like it nonetheless."

Roll #1 8 = 8

Kilana [deathsinger] 274094

Oh, lets see.. Conjuration should be fun! head over there.

DM 274115

There isn't a lot of good butt to look at here. Heavy robes seem to be the fashion.
Bearing and Peaches walk along
"So, how does it feel?"
That first kick took the edge off the taste. You can clearly see why this is called the good stuff.
"I've heard as much. A pity really. I'd offer you a room here but I doubt your king would like that."
The exhibit includes cases upon cases of original notes from notable scholars on the topic, several essays for open reading, and statues depicting various spells, as well as little enchanted podiums that tell information about things when touched.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274122

"Did I already say 'blue'? It's a piece of gemstone lodged into my skull, it does feel kinda off.
You see anything you like girls?"
Keep walking towards the blue smoke.

Venia [Battlemage] 274123

I chuckle again
"Yes, I doubt so. Besides, my place is with King Frostmourn and my friends in Wintergrasp. Without them, I'm nothing."

Kilana [deathsinger] 274128

"See anything interesting Winter?" I tough the nearest podium and see what is revealed.

DM 274148

"A lot."
You reach the smithy.
…from the sound of, this is one busy place.
"Well you are a very competent spellcaster at least. Tell me, is that shield your personal specialty?"
"It's all rather fascinating, yes. Though I would personally love to see the Dark Arts area."
>[Conjured weapons are often used by front line spellcasters called Battlemages. Commonly enchanted with elemental properties, they offer a great aid in combat without weighing down the user. For further studies, consult the library, or the exhibition behind you]

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274151

"Now, we can wait a night for that, no?"
Okay. HOW busy?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Venia [Battlemage] 274153

"No, it was my mothers' though. That's why I took such care in learning it for myself. I am very… fond of lightning. So much in fact that it is my special talent to cast lightning spells."

Kilana [deathsinger] 274155

"Dark arts would probably help me as well, might as well look over there." To the dark arts section.

Venia [Battlemage] 274160

"Oh, and don't overestimate my spellcasting abilities too much. Sometimes I just get very lucky, like with that shield from before."

DM 274168

Sparks flying dangerously out the windows busy.
"Lightning, hm? A noble art that one. I never was much of an elementalist myself. I preferred the neat impact of pure force. The personal even at a distance grasp of telekinesis. And the exhilaration of a good battle fury…"
The mood is rather sombre in here. The exhibits are mostly in dark-lined cases, with warnings near them.
The statue exhibits range from unsettling to gruesome, depicting communing, raising the dead and even summoning demons to possess ponies.


Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274171

Well let's walk in and see if I can get somepony's attention.
"Hello? I'm looking for Smithy."


look at the raising the dead and demon sections.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Venia [Battlemage] 274176

"Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the force of a good warhammer or energy orb myself, but my specialty remains the art of lightning!"
Take a look around his office, anything special? '1d10'
"How long have you been captain of the guard?"

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 274182

"You found the place sure enough."
A bolt of lightning barely misses you, soon followed by a rather burnt pony with frost on her cheeks
"Name's Beat Box. What might you be looking for?"
>[Raising Dead it the dread art of Necromancy that returns a once dead being to pseudo-life under command of the caster. Skilled dark artists can even summon long dead bodies from their eternal slumber. For added learning, consult the room to your left]
>[Tartarian Power is a spell that enhances the power of a target, living or dead, via partial demonic possession. While the boost in power is undoubtedly huge, the spell is incredibly dangerous and can cost the caster and host their minds or even lives]
Just look at that guy. Trained mage, captain of the guard, stunning looks
"Some years now. Worked my way up the ladder. I was a border guard at first, but after exhibiting skills in leadership as well as magical prowess, I was promoted to the palace guard, then royal guard, honour guard and finally here."


"What do you think Winter? Pretty basic stuff here.." is there a display for tartarian power?

Roll #0 3 = 3

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274185

"Eh. Nice place."
Take out my two old, trusted daggers. The same I had smith in Ironfoe and once more repair after the battle agains Waymarker.
"These. I want the best you can offer. Elemental enchantments on each one of them. Lightning and Frost.
Will it be doable?"

Venia [Battlemage] 274186

Pfff, Anvil is more handsome than that.
"Hah, I like that. Climbing all the way up the ladder I mean. Takes a lot willpower and determination to do, something I think is very respectable."

DM 274187

It is kept in a side room.
"Well I'm not surprised. Somehow I never expected there to be much new inf-"
>"psst. Hey. You two looking to learn more on dark arts?"
She looks at them
"You really got no idea how elemental enchantment works, do you flyboy?"
"Thank you. Who knows. Maybe one day I'll get to be king too."
he finishes his wine
"So, what else would you like from me?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274188

Give a dumb smile.
"Is it that evident? What can you do on them then?"

Venia [Battlemage] 274189

Finish my wine as well.
"Would you mind showing me the armory of the palace? Surely battlemages must have some interesting equipment lying around there?"

DM 274190

"I can melt them down for you if you want, I guess?
Elemental enchantment is based on bound magic and tempering of the material. It needs to be forged into the weapon, not added later."
"Of course. Though I doubt even my own suits would match your fine armour."


Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274193

"So you'd melt them, enchant them with the needed element and then forge them anew? Could I then have them smithed as I wish somewhere else?
Also, I'll need some protective enchantment on my suit. Got anything?"
It's like I'm really a pretty princess.

DM 274594

She blows a bit of mane out of her face
"Sure you can if you know a good enough smith. Though your average guy will probably just ruin the engravings and make the whole thing useless.
As for the suit, same thing applies. And we don't work with cloth here either, just metal. Ask at the embroidery shop at the market if you want resistant duds."

Venia [Battlemage] 274602

"I was more thinking in terms of catalysts or dampeners. It wouldn't hurt having an extra catalyst just in case, neither would carrying a dampener. I've seen one of our own mages use one and they seem very handy."

DM 274605

"Ah yes the miscast dampeners. Remarkable things those. So small yet so useful. Too bad they are so troublesome to make, otherwise we'd all be wearing one. But for you, I'm sure we can spare one.
Onward to the armoury then. Ladies first"
He opens the door for you.

Venia [Battlemage] 274608

"Oh… are they?"
I walk out, giving him a thankful nod before continuing
"Well in that case I wouldn't want to be greedy. nevermind what I said!"

Sylt 274609

"Right. Then it's a deal. Melt them and forge them anew."
Hoof her over my daggers.
"So you say down at the marked they could bind spells to clothes?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274611


DM 274612

"Please. We may only have a few available but I see no reason why the queen of our grand ally should not have one."
"Well you can buy spellbound trinkets. And the embroidery shop does deal in elemental resistant clothing. Not that it protects against anything else. Cloth is not for armour, you need proper steel for that."
She takes the daggers
"So what do you want in these?"
In Rockeye. Mage kingdom. Look around or chat to other PCs. Celaire is not here.

Sylt 274613

"One must be bound with Lightning, the other with Ice."
If the rules of Elementalist apply to those attacks.

Venia [Battlemage] 274617

"Captain, please. Don't feel obligated to treat me differently just because of my title. If even the King's personal guards don't all have one, I see no reason why I should either."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274619

Look around then.
Find something interesting.

Roll #1 3 = 3

DM 274622

Powergaming begets powergaming. Trying to beat rock paper scissors means the bosses start playing shotgun and spock instead
She raises an eyebrow
"You're just asking for trouble aren't you? Do you even have the training needed for that?
…do you even know what can happen if you hold cross-enchanted objects?"
"Well suit yourself. I forego using one because I miscast rarely to begin with.
So, spare catalysts then. Any particular desires?"
They have a big library, a museum, research areas, an academy, the mass teleport array and a market.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274624

Check the museum I guess.
Nopony can say I'm an idiot if I go to museums!
Right? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Sylt 274625

"No, but I bet you'll just find a minute to explain.."
You just gave us access to limitless Spellbound Weapons and expect me to just sit around? It's killing me!
Also, challange. WOO!

Venia [Battlemage] 274627

I think for a moment
"I think a pendant of sorts that I can easily put around my neck might not be a bad idea!"

DM 274629

You are a very clever looking pony. There are exhibits on notable mages, conjuration and summoning, dark arts and some other stuff. You feel drawn to the Notable Mages part.
"Well I'll make it simple for you - mess up with them and you could be looking at elemental short circuit. Or to but it in terms even you should understand, a bolt of uncontroled elemental power surging right through you."
"Do you have anything of the sort we could use as a base with you?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274631

Check the notable mages part then!
Maybe I'll be able to learn something, or at least pass time.

Venia [Battlemage] 274633

I sigh
"Oh… no, I don't think I have anything with me right now. There are a couple of things at home though."
Although in that case I might as well just ask our own mages to make me one…

Sylt 274634

"Mh. Paint me surprised now. But now consider my counteroffer.
Two daggers. Striking into the flesh right above the neck of a huge dragon when suddenly both of them connect inside the dragon's body.
Then, the Elemental Shortcircuit would come in hoofy, don't you think?"

DM 274641

The exhibit consists mostly of intricate statues of old mages, each bound with magic that demonstrates the notable achievements of each.
One in particular catches your interest. The plaque on its pedestal reads [Starswirls the Bearded and Clover the Clever]
"Hm, well how about this then?"
He takes a royal guard pin off hiss uniform and levitates it to you
"Would it add any personal connection if it was a gift from me?"
"Certainly, if you don't mind being on the receiving end just as much as the target. And as a final warning, try not to do anything stupid like touch the blades together. Because then they will just explode. Got it flyboy?"

Venia [Battlemage] 274643

I blush faintly
"I think so?"

Sylt 274644

"Sounds like an awesome backup plan. But yeah, don't worry. These blades will be my last resort. I won't go around stabbing the first assassin I meet with them. Only the most tick-skulled ones."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274646

Does that stir something?

Roll #1 1 = 1

DM 274650

"Lovely. Consider it a token of thanks from the Royal Guard for your Anti-Magic Shield spell. Now then, lets get it engraved for you."
"Big words buddy. But hey, your funeral. Check back tomorrow, they should be done by then."
Your mind suffers a magical backlash, as if something is actively working to stop you from remembering.

Sylt 274651

"Thank you sugar."
Give her a smile
"I'll be back by the name of Swansong."
Leave and head for the market.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274652

"Ugh.. what the…"
Read some of the descriptions then?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Venia [Battlemage] 274653

I give him a thankful nod
"Thank you. You are too kind!"

DM 274658

It is a busy indoor area set on several levels around a central plaza.
Bearing gives you a look
>[Archmage Starswirls of Unicornia served in the court of the Platinum dynasty. He is considered one of the most accomplished mages of all time, and the father of several schools of magic. His legendary longevity is often credited to his mastery of time magic, and some of these skills were imparted to his student Clover]
"I cosider this barely kind enough."
He takes you to the armoury and gives out a few orders. The workers nod and take the insignia for engraving
"So, Venia, anything else while we wait?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274659

Is there anything more to it?

Sylt 274660

"Was I too cold with her?"
Give her a clueless look.
I need a particular piece of equipment here.
A Winkpin.
Look for one.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Venia [Battlemage] 274663

I grin
"Care for a round of sparring?"

DM 274669

>[For further reading, consult the library, or the Starswirls exhibit on your right.]
She rolls her eyes, then puts yourhoof down after you pick up and observe some piercing jewelry.
"Pumpkin, I'd really rather not get that part pierces, even if you do think a pin would make my winks more attractive"
He looks surprised
"I bed your pardon? I mean, not that I doubt your skills it's just… rather, shall we say, surprising a request from a visiting noble."

Sylt 274672

"Ugh. The horror."
Drop that thing.
Oh god drop that thing.
Ask the piercing vendor.
"Say, where can I find someone expert in magic trinkets around here?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274675


Check this exhibit!
What is it about?

Venia [Battlemage] 274677

I snicker
"I may be a 'queen', but that doesn't mean I don't fight anymore. I'm merely curious how strong the captain of the guards would be in battle and how I would fare without the use of magic."

Verne 274678


Anything going on?

DM 274682

"Ask the Poppies. They run a shop on the second tier, above mine. Are you sure I can't interest you in a wing piercing?"
It details his history from student of the arts to archmage and beyond.
After a point, the statues seem to imply he stopped aging.
Also, according to the Modern History section, he now serves in the ranks of Equestria.
You get some vague flashbacks from the references to time magic, and Clover's face seems oddly familiar.
"Well, this is quite something. But if you wish, sure. The training grounds are outside the palace, right this way."
Maybe an hour left.
Walk around or talk to other PCs.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274683

Place a hoof on my head.
Just what is going on?
Can't I remember anything at all?
It's impossible for me to know Clover! Why do I get that feeling then?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Venia [Battlemage] 274685

Follow him.
"What's your weapon of choice then, captain Highhorn?"

Sylt 274686

"No thanks, got plenty of pain in my life already."
Turn to the girls.
"You sure you don't want anything?"
Give them a smirk and then proceed to the above tier, find this Poppies.

DM 274689

There is something preventing you from remembering. It directs your mind away from these thoughts as you try to focus on them.
"I always was partial to a good halberd myself. Magnificent weapon that. Such variety in one single thing."
Peaches picks up the wink pin and grins, but then puts it back
"I'll think about it."
In the trinket shop, a young stallion welcomes you "Hello hello, how can I help you?"


Ah, well. May as well enjoy a few sights with Venus.

Rolling for what we find walking about

Roll #0 10 = 10

Venia [Battlemage] 274692

"Hm, halberds? Can't say I've ever hoofed one myself. Although I can see how it could serve in many different ways. I'm more of a warhammer fan myself."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274693

Give her a sideways glance with my new eye but otherwise let her go.
To the stallion:
"I'm looking for something that might, you know, get me out of a pinch. A right spot. Got anything?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274694

I know!
This place has a lot of mages, right?
The clever type!
Find some sort of arch-mage or something!

DM 274695

You go see the museum exhibits, visit an art show of performance magic and share a delightful meal in one of the fancy restaurants.
"Not a bad choice. Very effective when it lands. What are your views on… hoof to hoof?"
"'Fraid we don't make escape artist aids any more. Got too many criminals asking for them. Almost got us into trouble with the law it did. Anything else?"
Would you prefer the head of the mage academy or shall you just talk to king Longshanks instead?

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274696

I don't want to bother the king.
Mage Academy

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274697

"I'm talking about short range teleportation."

Venia [Battlemage] 274698

"I'm terrible at it!"
I laugh
"I always seem to lose in hoof to hoof combat. My friend Radiant insists I should improve on that aspect."

Verne 274699

"Honestly, I'm really glad. Everything I had really hoped for last time has just about come true. That reminds me, how about we both learn a little more magic while we're here? I'd like to refine my mirror images into, hmm.. lightshows and illusions, mirages, do you think they'd result of an improved variant of a Mirror Image? Hahaha. What about you? Interested in anything? Conjuring barriers? Enchanted Weapons?"

DM 274701

After a little walkabout you find the mage academy. A few questions and directions later, you find yourself in the headmaster's waiting room, along with two younger ponies.
"Ah, hm, yes, winking. Let me tell ya, when that alternative meaning caught on boy did that lead to some embarassing confusions. Sure we got some. Short range, self recharging."
"Well it is a rare form of combat in the field of battle. But a vital part of Royal Guard training, as non-lethal means are needed more often than lethal ones."
You arrive to the training field, a neat indoor area with a raised ring surrounded by a cushioned foor.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274703

"Yeah we had some problems in the lower tier.
Also, you make enchanted lens, don't you? This is important, I might just have to commission a large order."

DM 274704

"Barriers might be nice. Or just some good pure force spells. I'm not too sure about this throwing fire business and whatnot."

Verne 274706

To Venus, by the way. Maybe we can find a mage to give us demonstrations after this.

Venia [Battlemage] 274707

"Cushions. Very neat."
I poke my hoof at them.
"Well then, how shall we go about this? How many rounds, first of all?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274708

Wait patiently.
What sort of ponies are they?

DM 274712

"Don't tell me - wink pins?"
An older stallion pokes his head out from behind a shelf
"You talking about cunts again bro?"
"Brother please, I'm trying to sell things here.
Ahem. Sorry. What was it you were asking for exactly?"
You could ask at the academy.
"I'm up for anything really. Do you have any standard rules in Wintersgrasp?"
Looks like two young stallions. One has a bloody nose. They both seem a little grumped out.

Verne 274713

"It's up to you, it's your style. Maybe we can find one of Longshanks mages to attend to us…"

Do so, find some mages that might be free to entertain us.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274714

A bloody nose?
"Are you hurt?"

Venia [Battlemage] 274716

"Standard ones? No. We usually fight best out of 5, either with training weapons or hoof to hoof. But like I said, I'm not very skilled at hoof to hoof I'm afraid."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274717

"A wink trinket. No double meanings. Also, a large order of enchanted lens for masks. Hundreads of them, but this is a secondary order we'll have to arrange later."

DM 274719

"Meh. Not too badly."
"I'd imagine he hurt his pride more than his nose"
There is a round of trials going on at the academy. A sort of mid-term test for the up and coming casters. You are invited to watch. Roll for seat quality.
"Best of five it is then. Select your weapon."
He opens a training weapon locker.
"Hundreds? You're kidding right?
And yes. Wink trinket."
He gives you a small pin in the shape of an eye
"Should work about three times a day."



H-h-here I go

Roll #0 2 = 2

Venia [Battlemage] 274722

Let's just go with a sword, might be the easiest for sparring. Then get back to the arena and get ready. '1d10'
"And don't you dare hold back on me because I'm a 'queen'! Oh, and no magic or tricks either!"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274723

"Just focus on it and it works? I can move through walls if I know what's on the other side, right?"
Place the pin on the uniform.
"And yes, hundreads. But I do have to make arrangements for that. And I will have to see the quality of your work first."



Reroll pls

Roll #0 6 = 6

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274725

"What happened? And I could try to heal you."

DM 274726

You get a leftover seat at the back.
The guy next to you keeps farting audibly.
"Very well. I will still let you have first attack though."
He takes a defending stance
"You might want to see where you're going. Guesstimation can end badly, believe me."
You are then asked to sit with the teachers.
Much nicer.
"A little experimental magic gone… slight awry is all."
"Uh… yeah. Lets um, go with that."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Venia [Battlemage] 274727

Hm, impressive!
Charge straight at him to strike! Let's see how strong his guard really is! What could possibly go wrong? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274728

Flash them my new eye.
"This is what I need the lenses for. I'll see to it you have a design to work with, if the deal is finalized."
Try the Wink pin.
From here to…Behind the ladies.

Verne 274729

"Thank you very much, sirs and madams. Incidentally, what shall be going on in these tests?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274730

"I don't know much about magic, but you can tell me! And again, if you are hurt I can fix you up if you allow me."

DM 274732

He blocks the blow with a sturdy sidebar, guides the blade aside and cracks you in the back of the head with the shaft of his halberd.
"One for me. On guard."
He waits for you to regain your bearings and proceeds with an attack of his own
You feel like your stomach was left behind as you fall backwards through reality and end up staring at some fine butts.
The eye closes a little.
"Illusions, good sir. Mirror images, Doppelgangers, False Objects and Holograms."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274733

Venia [Battlemage] 274734

Counter that! Swipe his hooves from under him with my sword! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274736

"Teleporting is… GREAT! I understand why Nylis likes it! Stare at all the butts you want from the perfect position!"
Turn to the two brothers.
"This is a real piece of work. Send the bill to High King Frostmourn, on account of Swansong. He'll fill in for it. I'll be back for that other order."
Take the ladies and leave.
"Now, we have a free leave in a magic kingdom. Where ever shall we go, I wonder?"
Smile at them both.

DM 274738

"Look the nose is no big deal…. b-but thanks"
"…we tried a little… um… disintegration magic…"
He expected a block, not a counter so he put some honest force into the blow. The impact is strong enough to lift you off your hooves and send you down into the cushions
"Two to me. You ok down there?"
Bearing giggles "oh you and fascination with butts…"
Peaches takes another look at the piecing vendor.

Verne 274740

"Oh ho? Very interesting. I have a lot of personal interest in such spells, Highness Longshanks taught me a basic mirror image spell in exchange for my services some year ago. I wonder if I could be taught anything interesting I see your pupils do?"

Watch the show.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274741

"Something on your mind partner?"

DM 274742

The first few students are asked to conjure a simple mirror image of themselves.
The first three succeed, but the fourth is off-colour, the fifth is the wrong gender and after another success, the seventh has three buttocks.
"Just thinking if I might look good with a few extra jewels…"
Bearing huffs
"I bet you'd look great riddled with holes, yes…"

Venia [Battlemage] 274743

I get up quickly
"No problem! Just getting warmed up! Heh heh…"
I breathe in and out, then charge at him again, feigning an attack but instead circling around him for a while until I see a weak spot to strike. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274744

"Come on, you are not afraid of magical healing, are you? And Disintegration… that's taking things apart and the like, yes?"


Point an hoof at Peaches.
"Partner, no stealing."
Point it at Bearing now.
"Honey, no killing thoughts."
Am I hungry?

Roll #0 1 = 1

DM 274747

"My word, Venia! Fight fair!"
He tries to kick you away before you go for any overtly sensitive weak points
"Ok ok, heal away. Thanks…"
"Yep. Breaking them down to a nonexistent level. Not a well known art but we improvised. It did kinda… backfire though."


Roll #1 2 = 2

Verne 274748

"Poor thing, conjuring an Image of the wrong gender. Ahahaha… well, I wouldn't push them about it. Yeah…."

Nudge Venus.

Keep watching.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274750

"What did you try to un-make?"

Try healing him.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Damn too bad, I wanted to take my mares for dinner. Will have to wait then. Have fun there DM.
Oh well. Look for the others, we all gotta eat after all!

Roll #0 5 = 5

Venia [Battlemage] 274755

I laugh
"I'm sorry, sometimes I just get too excited during battle."
Give him some room and take up a defensive stance '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

DM 274757

You fix the bleeding
"Um… some… underwear…"
"…off a lady…"
Next up is a challenge to conjure images of the judges. Lets see how they do.
He hisses a little
"Nothing particulary funny about that…"
He then goes for another attack
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 10, 4, 3, 1, 10 = 28 / Roll #2 10 = 10

DM 274758

Two perfect copies, two failed, weak constructs and… one of them conjured up a female image of you.
An evenly matches series of blows and counters later he steps back


"I know, I'm sorry. It just gets to my head sometimes."
Can I heal him?

Roll #0 2 = 2

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274761

I facehoof and groan.
"That explains it. Shame on both of you! Are you not stallions enough to find yourselves a mare the proper way?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274763

Find Frosty. Is he busy?


One more try?

Roll #0 10 = 10

Verne 274766

"Hahahaha, interesting. By the way, sirs and madams… I have two interests in furthering mirror images: The first being persistent, large-scale images that perhaps need not be maintained by the caster, the second being conjuring images to aid in… hypnotism, and other suggestive skills. Have you any knowledge of these pursuits?"

BDN 274768

"Hahahaha, interesting. By the way, sirs and madams… I have two interests in furthering mirror images: The first being persistent, large-scale images that perhaps need not be maintained by the caster, the second being conjuring images to aid in… hypnotism, and other suggestive skills. Have your mages any knowledge of these pursuits?"

DM 274769

You are a very caring mare who knows how to make a stallion feel better after an embarrassin injury
"Mh… thank you. But lets keep things on a professional level. Or at least let me buy you dinner first."
He puts up a guard.
"We just thought…"
"YOU just thought."
"Fine… my bad. I already got munched in the nose for it anyway."
Yes. Because pause in 10-15 mins.
"The former sounds common enough. Magical imagery and mirages."

Roll #1 6 = 6


I shake my head with a smile, then charge in to strike. Let's see if I'm stronk enough to break his guard.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274772

Right. Praise the sun.
Who knows if I can find a nice Hay place for dinner…

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274773

"I hope you learned something from it and you'll never do such thing again, right?"

DM 274775

Why yes, yes you are. He takes a step to the side and whistles
"Two even. Looks like this is a tiebreaker."


Roll #1 6 = 6

DM 274779

"We just hope we don't get expelled for it…"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274784

"Lady Radiant. Having fun? This place is quite a sight."


"I trained a lot after all! Staying fit is important in my eyes, both mentally and physically."

Roll #0 9 = 9

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274787

"That it is. Altough all this magic is way over my head."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274788

"I can't get most of it either, but the end result is impressive. Look at my new eye. It can see through walls, illusions and lies. And to make it work I have to do nothing but focus on it a little."
Then, the pin.
"And this? This allows me to teleport without fears of backfire anywhere in a ten meters radius. Best thing? Together with the eye, there's no lock or wall stopping me now."
Trot besides her.
"But I'm not here to show off trinkets. There's… Something I wanted to talk with you about. Could we have some privacy?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274790

"I never trusted these little trinkets. If the very own magic of a pony can fail, how could they be failsafe?"
I nod.
"And if you wish."
Find somewhere private.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274792

Stare at her.
"I don't know how to ask you this. It's…
Just know, you are the one pony I will always respect."
"How much you remember about your homeland?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274793

"I still barely remember anything. It was warmer. I already told you this… have you been speaking with Venia?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274794

"No. Not Venia. And you have no idea about the name of that land? Not even a suspect or a clue?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274795

"I'm not a fool, Pumpkin. Venia had the courage to tell it to my face. I don't remember my homeland. But I know it is Equestria."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274796

"I did not know Venia suspected too. And I suppose she shared the theory about your cutie mark too?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274798

"Yes she did. She told me all about it."
I sigh, then look him in the eyes.
"Am I a threat in your eyes now? Will you try to 'neutralize' me for something I don't even have a memory of?"


Sight beyond Sight.
Try to tell if she's lying.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274800

So, is that a lie? Does Radiant actually remember?

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274801

The only thing she remembers is a tall, white pony with both wings and a horn being important to her in some way

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274802

Yeah but is that statement, "I don't even have a memory of", true or a lie?

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274803

She has no memories at all, only small flashbacks/clues/hints/feelings.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274804

Fair enough.
"No Lady Radiant. You are not. I'm not stepping back from that friendship pledge I did.
You have been important, all through my life.
I just… If you are really close to the very beign that wants to kill us all, I hope you'll have the honor to stand by our side, once the time comes."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274805

I look away.
"If only it would be that easy, Pumpkin. I know that right now, my life ties me to the North."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274806

"So what, you'd just throw away everything? All what we built, our training together, all the teachings about honor and fighting face to face with your enemy…
And whay you have here. Celaire. The warriors of Sunlight. My wedding vows.
Frosty himself, for the Moon's sake! He looks up to you!
You'd throw all this away for a land you don't even remember anything about?"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274807

Turn back to face him.
"I told you. As long as I have no memory of that place or that life, I'm not abandoning any of you. I want to visit my sister, to know she is safe, but I can't. So for now, I am still here. I am still with Celaire. I still train the Warriors of Sunlight. I still protect Frostmourne. And I still hold you as a friend."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274808

"You are telling me way more than that. You are telling me that as soon as you do regain your memory, you could as well betray us all!"

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274810

"You can't know that. Neither can I."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274812

"But you are not denying it."
Give her a cold stare with my dead sapphire eye.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274813

Meet the stare with my own.
"I cannot deny something I don't even know."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274814

"Which means you do not love the North. Not enough.
I'd choose your next words extremely carefully if I were you, Lady Radiant."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274815

"No. I do not love the North. I love the ponies who live here. Do you think I want you to die? Any of you? Do you think that's why I helped you? That's why I keep helping you even after I know I am from Equestria?"

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274816

Walk up to her and give her a hug, closing my eyes.
"…Please, don't make me do it then. Don't force me to do it, when the time comes."

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274820

That's one comfy as hell hug.
Hug back.
"I would never want to fight any of you."

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274821

Keep it tight.
"You know I cannot choose."
Can gemmed eyes cry?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274822

Yeah. Looks like they can tear up, when they have to.

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274823

But I can hold my tears, right?

"Let's hope it will never come to that then… even if I remembered, I wouldn't hurt you…"

Roll #1 10 = 10

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274824

As the pony who trained Pumpkin I need to look strong even in a moment like this.

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274826

My eye, do your job.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pumpkin Swansong [Kingslayer] 274827

"I can see through illusions, remember?" Smirk as I keep her tight, then let go of her and place an hoof on her shoulder.
"I will miss you all. One day."

Radiant Dawn [Celestial] 274831

"Let's just hope that 'one day' is as far away as possible."

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