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You stand before the slumbering Deathfang.
Nylis has confirmed there are carved scales along its body, creating a large magic immunity rune on its body.

It will awaken soon. Whatever you plan to do, do so quickly.


"If we destroy the runic pattern will you be able to finish it off?"


"What? Why don't you trust her? I know you're not that fond of her but she's really nice once you get to know her better. But fine, I'll talk to Frostmourn about it… at some point when he's not busy maybe."


"I think it only makes hitting him easier. With spells."



Which we should rely on as our best bet regardless."


"Lady Venia I think Frostmourn really needs you right now. You have always been to him… Well… Let's just say I know what not having a mother feels like. And he felt like that, at times."
"You don't trust… Lady Radiant?"


Looks like I'm waiting for radiant or verne to start this thing.


"Prepare yourself. This will be nothing like you ever encountered. Let's just hope all of us will live to tell the tale."


"Any idea on the runes, sis?"


"To get rid of them sure bro, We need to sever them from him, cut them, break the scales off of him, or even just breaking the pattern might work."
"I don't think I can be more ready, Lady Radiant."


"I have a hunch. A bad one."


"I do trust her. In the short term."


"A hunch? Valeriana please, that's no reason to be rude to her."
Shake my head at her disapprovingly


Look over to Radiant but stay silent.
Nod at her.

"So let's get this straight. We destroy the scales. Then, Valeriana works her magic. Then, we win. That's easy enough."


"My hunches are based on observation and logic. Not gossip and taste in clothing. Queen."
"You place much trust in me."


"No. That's not even the beginning of how much I trust you."


I frown at her
"I'm not simple, Valeriana. If you have something to share then do so, rather than being cryptic and keeping it hidden from us. And don't call me that, you know I don't like it when ponies do."


"Calm yourself Venia. I merely hoped to lighten the mood as we stare down that which even death fears."

The dragon is about to awaken. If you wish for me to do something, ask now. Otherwise… good luck.


"Aid us. With whatever you can. With your Blackguard, with your undead miners, with your magic, whatever you have!"


I blink
"Right… sorry."

I nod
"We could really use the help…"


"Yeah. Some mean to weaken the dragon or destroy the scales would be useful. Maybe a bunch of bones to seal the dragon's jaw.
Not letting it eat us would help a lot."


Deathguard. Set me down. This is where I make my stand.
The bone constructs set down the heavy stone throne, and the Underking points his scythe at the dragon.
Two constructs graps its jaws, the other two climb its back.
I will command them for as long as I can. Guide them where you need them.


"So we have to smash the scales… or we can't use magic on it?"


Fly up and point the two Deathguards not busy with the jaw to the beginning and end of the rune pattern.
"At the signal, start breaking the scales."


"Wait! While you do that, don't forget it's dangerous. Should I try to break his jaw or at least some of his teeth?"


"I think the Deathguards are powerful enough to hold it in place, don't you?"


"Better safe than sorry. I wouldn't bank on that."


"… I'm not sure."


"You might be way more useful on the back, bashing scales with your hammer."


I will do so.
That is what I assume.
For a while, yes.



"If you say so. That's why I asked."


I take a deep breath and sigh
"Well, I suppose I'm ready when you ponies are. Good luck and stay safe."


"One moment. I doubt these will do much against the dragon."
Show her my daggers.
"Could you conjure some kind of sword for me?"


"Let's see…"
Conjure him two lightning swords
"Careful though, he might be immune to these seeing how they are made out of elemental magic."

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


"Will keep my daggers as backup. Thank you Venia."
Turn around.
"I'm sure Frosty still appreciates you. He always did."
Fly up on the dragon's back.
Land beside one of the Deathguards.

"Everyone in position?"


Say the word and I will begin.
Just promise me one thing. When all this is over - the world must never know of us, or our deeds.


"And that is why?"


I snort
"Yeah right."


We want to die in peace. Not under the gawking eyes of ponies come to see an old bitch's tale come true.


"That I can promise you."
We going with 3 players?


"I understand. You'll get your peace."


We're going with one if it comes to that!
You have my thanks. Shall we begin?


"As if. We're going to be damn sure to inform each family member of every pony that worked and died here of what happened to their loved ones."


Nod. Peaches uses Inspire.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"How do you even plan on uncovering their names? Communing with each and every one of them? More necromancy? Can't we just let them sleep?"


I grit my teeth
"Their families deserve to know what happened to them."


"And after we talk with each and every spirit, take out those centuries old and those too mad to talk, will you be going door to door throughout the north to find them all?"


"We can send letters. But yes, I'm willing to speak to each of the families that live in Wintergrasp and Ironfoe."


"And tell them? You will not bring their loved ones back. Not by a long shot."


"Yes, I'll tell them. Tell them so they can come to terms with their losses instead of having to wonder for the remainder of their lives about what happened to their relatives."


"I never did."
Raise my swords.
"This is just a waste of time at this point Venia. The dragon will wake soon."


"Then if you have the slightest bit of empathy in your mind you should understand why this is important."
Ready my warhammer


Give the Underking the sign.


Death begets death. Forgive me Deathfang. I should have let you die when you were younger.
The two Deathguard by the jaw slam their axes into it, pinning the jaw shut.
The two others begin hammering at the scales by the wings.

A deep, guttural roar echoes through the chamber. The dragon opens its eyes and struggles to move.



Empower Weapon I have that right? and Blast at the scales!

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


Leap in and use Blast on the nearest scale!

Roll #0 4 = 4


Peaches uses Improvise and Heroism.

Take out my daggers.
Shatter on the rune.
'r2 1d10+-1'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 5 - 1 = 4


You empower your weapon, making it vibrate softly with power.
You strike the nearest scale on its back, causing the dragon to convulse
With Radiant attacking a scale on its back, you rush to aid her, but take a hefty sweep from the ancient monster's claw.
You can feel it bit into you, but not lethally.
Peaches reminds you all this is the last stand needed to win the day! Fight on! Fight on!
She doesn't even stop when she notices Pumpkin careening over her head and crash landing near Venia.

Valeriana leaps up onto the back, mounting one of the Deathguard
Unyielding takes flight and dive bombs the tail scale, cracking it slightly.
The Deathguard keep breaking open the wing scales.

Deathfang attempts to move, shaking the entire room.


"Oh you little…"
Get up and charge again! Power Attack!

Roll #0 4 = 4


Fervor, Power attack it!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Vanish. Fervor still up.
Triple attack the scale with my hoofblades.
'3d10', all -1

Roll #1 8, 4, 7 = 19


Peaches uses inspire.

Roll #0 6 = 6


The dragon has found enough space to slam a foot down. The shockwave knocks you over.
It stomps down another foot and raises itself, smashing against the ceiling.
Valeriana and Unyielding move out of the way, but you get slightly crushed.
You stab two blades into the rune, cracking it slightly loose.
And Peaches grants everyone +1 to all rolls next turn.

Deathfang slams the ceiling again, raining down ice and stone!


Jump out of the way! Then leap at the dragon and use Blast on a scale!

Roll #0 6 + 1 = 7


Dodgeroll! Hide under the Deathclaw!
Can I Backstab the scale too?

Peaches tries to dodge and Inspire again,

Roll #0 5 = 5

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Peaches rolls.

Roll #0 7, 5 = 12


Divine Protection!
Keep attacking!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


You hop away from the falling debris before smashing the damaged wing scale, breaking it loose! One more hit will remove it!
There are no mutated scales on the belly.
Hmm… this implies many things.
Peaches keeps up a +1 to rolls.
You ignore the rocks and keep bashing at the back rune, almost getting it loose.
You can see some dark smoke emerge from below it.

Valeriana clambers back up on the back and goes to assist Unyielding with the Tail.

Deathfang pulls back an arm and punches the ceiling, cracking a hole into it.

The Right Wing Scale is almost off
The Left Wing Scale is damaged
The Tail Scale is damaged
The Back Scale is loose
The Neck Scale is undamaged
The Head Scale is undamaged


Keep battering away!

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"Cripple its wings so it can't fly away if it does break free!"
Power Attack on the Right wing!

Roll #0 7 + 1 = 8


Last attack on the right wing scale then!
Both my weapons!

Peaches keeps inspire up.

Roll #0 3, 7 = 10

Roll #1 7 = 7


Take my daggers and try to work the neck scale off.

Roll #0 1 = 1


You lose your balance as the dragon heaves for another punch, smashing the ceiling open.
You remain standing though, through your sheer inner stamina.
That she does.
+1 to rolls.
You dive in, one blade deflecting off the dragon's hide, but the other lands at the joint of the mutated scale, cracking it off and revealing twisted, dark flesh.
A writhing tentacle emerges from the hole left by the scale.
You strike at the tentacle before it can lash at Pumpkin.
A moment later a dark arrow whistles past our ear, shattering as it hits the dark, bare flesh
You strike at the neck rune, but fail to react fast enough as the dragon shifts its entire body, headbutting the ceiling and pushing its head into the throne room.
You fall off, smashing your head on the stone floor, leaving you knocked out and helpless.

Deathfang starts climbing up.
The Right Wing Scale is off
The Left Wing Scale is damaged
The Tail Scale is damaged
The Back Scale is loose
The Neck Scale is undamaged
The Head Scale is undamaged


Backstab the left Wing rune.

Peaches use Improvise, Inspire.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6

Roll #1 2 = 2


…this is not a time for taking a nap! Wake up!

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6


"Stay down!"
Attack the Head Scale!
Power Attack!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Blast its neck!

Roll #0 10 = 10




Nothing to inspire about. She falls off the dragon, landing with a nasty crack.
You slash at the other wing scale, loosening it notably.
You wake up, and notice Peaches is limping a little next to you. The dragon is climbing out of this room entirely, with Unyielding urging you to grab onto the tail.
You clamber up the dragon's neck, smashing your hammer down between its eyes, forcing it to recoil back and leave itself halfway between the floors.
You smash the neck rune, almost splitting it in half!
More dark smoke billows from under it.

Deathfang smashes its head against the throne room wall, dislodging one of the Deathguard.

Deathfang is now half in the throne room.
The Right Wing Scale is off
The Left Wing Scale is loose
The Tail Scale is damaged
The Back Scale is loose
The Neck Scale is cracked
The Head Scale is damaged


"You damn THING!"
Attack with both blades, -1 to both rolls. Fervor still up.

Peaches tries to get up.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Roll #1 10 = 10


forgot to write d2. Rolling second blade.

Roll #0 1 - 1 = 0


..grab the tail? If you say so Unyeilding. Get on that tail Kilana, you remember how to do that right?

Roll #0 5 = 5


Let out a battlecry and charge at it, bringing down my warhammer with a Power Attack on the neck rune!

Roll #0 1 = 1


Blast at the head again!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Peaches gets THE FUCK UP.
You then snap one blade off entirely on the scale, before driving the other under it, heaving it to the edge of breaking off before the dragon shakes you off, landing you in the Throne Room.
Unyielding needs to stop attacking the rune to grab you and Peaches, but you make it back onto the dragon.
The dragon slams its neck against the throne room ceiling, dropping off the other Deathguard on its jaw.
You fall down helplessly, smashing into Pumpkin, who is pinned down under you.
You decide to forsake the attack in order to slide down a little and avoid being smashed into the ceiling.

Valeriana leaps off the Deathguard on the back and strikes at the wing scale, almost breaking it off.

The Right Wing Scale is off
The Left Wing Scale is almost off
The Tail Scale is damaged
The Back Scale is almost off
The Neck Scale is cracked
The Head Scale is damaged

Pumpkin and Venia are helpless on the Throne Room floor


Gaaah… get up!

Roll #0 7 = 7


Escape Artist up.
Vanish, backstab the left wing scale!

Peaches keeps following us, Inspire!

Roll #0 1 + 1 = 2

Roll #1 2 = 2


I think we need a little inspiration.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


I cast Bolster on Pumpkin then Power Attack the Neck Scale

Roll #1 2 = 2


You clamber up and see the dragon shatter the axes that held its jaws shut.
You leap up and make a beeline for the wing. However you fail to notice the dragon's leg which smashes onto you, crushing you on the floor.
Peaches suffers the same fate, leaving you both helpless pancakes.
Bolster is an Automatic skill, you cannot combine it with another action.
But just this once, enjoy a free crit fail on the house.
Deathfang takes a deep breath, unleashing its Inferno Breath that melts a direct path from the throne room to the surface.
A molten glob of rock falls on you, leaving you helpless and on fire.
Amidst all the things going wrong, you keep a cool head and give everyone +1 to all rolls!

Unyielding and Valeriana manage to almost remove the tail scale.
All is lost…
The Deathguard begin slowing down. Something is wrong.

The Right Wing Scale is off
The Left Wing Scale is almost off
The Tail Scale is almost off
The Back Scale is almost off
The Neck Scale is cracked
The Head Scale is damaged

Radiant, Pumpkin and Peaches are helpless
+1 to all rolls


Get up thanks to bolster and help Peaches up too.

Roll #0 5 - 1 = 4


Right, Peaches helps herself up it seems.

Roll #0 9 = 9


Get the hell up!

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


something is wrong? You mean something besides what we're doing? Work on the heart scale now.

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6


"Like heck all is lost!"

Power Attack on the Left Wing!

Roll #0 10 + 1 = 11


You both clamber up, just in time to see the dragon put a claw up in the new tunnel it made.
It intends to climb out.
You get up too.
You and Pumpkin are on the Throne Room floor, while Deathfang is shoving its head into the tunnel leading to the surface.
You wrestle control of one of the stiff Deathguards and guide it to slash the head rune, cracking it open
You smash the wing scale, breaking it off, revealing another writhing, dark tentacle.
Valeriana shoots a few arrows at it, before landing a cursed arrow into the bare flesh
"HA! I can feel it weakening! A few more and I can truly get to work!"

Deathfang claws at the ceiling, roaring and bellowing, sending down more ice and rock.
Roll to dodge, MIN5

The Right Wing Scale is off
The Left Wing Scale is off
The Tail Scale is almost off
The Back Scale is almost off
The Neck Scale is cracked
The Head Scale is cracked


Peaches dodges that as she activates Improvise and Heroism!
I Vanish away from the rocks, activate Fervor and use Shatter right on the head Scale of the dragon!
'r2 1d10 +-1'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 4 - 1 = 3


I should still have my 10/10 pretty wings.
Fly up and dodge, then, Blast the Head Scale!

Roll #1 2, 3 = 5


Dodge and have the death guard attack again, we can break that head rune.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Dodge! Then aim for the Neck scale! Blast it!

Roll #0 2 = 2


Even if you got hit by a rock, Peaches still keeps the party reminded of the stakes.
No failures for 3 turns.
Falling debis smashes you out of the air.
Unyielding does catch your though, before you fall off the dragon.
You hide behind the bone construct and have it tank the rocks for you as it beats on the head rune, cracking it open
A large chunk of rock slams into you, sending you tumbling down until Valeriana catches you.

The Right Wing Scale is off
The Left Wing Scale is off
The Tail Scale is almost off
The Back Scale is almost off
The Neck Scale is cracked
The Head Scale is broken

Deathfang climbs into the newly formed tunnel fully, leaving you all dangling off its now vertical body.
The remaining Deathguard that was not controlled by Kilana falls off as its connection to the Underking is severed.

Radiant, Pumpkin and Venia are close to helpless


"Heals here!"
Peaches Inspires.

Roll #0 8 - 1 = 7

Roll #1 9 = 9


Divine Protection, Power Attack the Neck Scale!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Thanks Vally!"
Shakily get back on my hooves and use Protective Bubble on Radiant

Roll #0 8 = 8


Well, its working! Keep going death guard, chop up that rune already.

Roll #0 4 = 4


+1 to all rolls next turn. The moment of triumph is in sight!
You slam your blade into the neck scale, nearly breaking it off entirely!
You extend the damage Pumpkin inflicted, smashing the neck scale off, revealing more tendrils beneath it.
They lash and whip at you, forcing you back.
You place a protective shield on Radiant, just in case.
Your Deathguard smashes the head rune, breaking it further

Unyielding braves the lashing blows of the tendrils and lands a blow on the head rune, loosening it notably.

The Right Wing Scale is off
The Left Wing Scale is off
The Tail Scale is almost off
The Back Scale is almost off
The Neck Scale is off
The Head Scale is almost off

Valeriana shoots a cursed arrow into the neck
"We need to break those remaining scales off! Ignore the dragon climbing! We have help waiting on the outside!"


Attack on the Back Scale!
Empower Weapon!

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


Blast its head!

Roll #0 1 + 1 = 2


Slide down along the Dragon's body and slam my blades into the tail rune!

Peaches keeps inspire up.

Roll #0 3, 2 = 5

Roll #1 7 = 7


In your hurry to do everything and a half, you entirely forgot you are standing on a vertical surface.
A single mistake later you find yourself falling hundreds of meters down back into the first chamber, the only thing saving you from shattering your spine being Venia's bubble which takes the impact instead.
You leap onto the head, but as you lift your weapon the dragon slams its head against the wall, crushing you and leaving you to fall helplessly.
Unyielding leaps off the dragon to catch you, but you are still out cold.
Peaches adds +1 to rolls as you break off the tail scale, revealing even more tendrils. Where the fuck did all these come from?

Valeriana fires one more arrow into the tail
The dragon's head pops up above ground

The Right Wing Scale is off
The Left Wing Scale is off
The Tail Scale is off
The Back Scale is almost off
The Neck Scale is off
The Head Scale is almost off


"Come one, we've almost got it!" Have the death guard strike again.

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6


Stay awake! Press on! Keep going!

Roll #0 7 + 1 = 8


"Damn it!"
Fly back up!

Attack the Tail as I catch up!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Final push. Fly up to the back scale and stab it twice again!
Peaches Inspirebot bipbobop!

Roll #0 3, 6 = 9

Roll #1 5 = 5


The Deathguard manages to smash apart the head scale, revealing a third eye!
The tail slams you aside, making you fall to the ground, stagger a little and then collapse in the throne room.
You wake up, give unyielding a quick hug and then urge him to catch up to the dragon again.
Inspiration is over. She only meeps as the Dragon pulls itself to the surface.
You slam a blade into the back scale though, breaking it off!

The Right Wing Scale is off
The Left Wing Scale is off
The Tail Scale is off
The Back Scale is off
The Neck Scale is off
The Head Scale is off

Deathfang pulls itself to the surface and opens its wings, letting out a deep roar.
The tendrils on its back reach out and tie together, forming a strange, hideous parasitic entity on its back.
There is a faint glimmer in the sky.


"Valeriana! It's in your hooves now!"
One last attack! In fron of him! Shatter right on his head!

Inspiration again Peaches!

Roll #0 4 = 4

Roll #1 3 = 3


Electric Storm Bolt! 5 times!

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


Stand up!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Maybe I can steer the beast toward the old underking .. get on the back and try it..

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Not quite."
She fires a cursed arrow far into the air
The parasite grabs you with a tendril, dragging you away from the head. Another lashes at Peaches, causing her to yelp in pain.
You focus your power and just barely hang onto your own limits, blasting the parasite and causing it to unwind a little.
The parasite spears you with a thick tendril, slamming you off the dragon and into a freefall down the pit.
You stand up, seeing a falling shape coming down the tunnel.

Deathfang leaps into flight, the shockwave shaking the very earth as its massive wings beat for the first time in centuries.
Save for Kilana and Radiant, who are not on the dragon to begin with.


Fly upwards and catch her!

Roll #1 5 = 5


OH CRAP! Resist! For Frostmourn! For the North! For Bearing!

Resist roll for Peaches.

Roll #0 2 = 2

Roll #1 4 = 4


Grab a ledge or something to save myself from death.

Roll #0 5 = 5



If I see Kilana fall, catch her with my TK!
If not, Energy Orb on the parasite thing!

Roll #0 7 = 7


You leap into the air and catch Kilana, who did gather enough velocity to drop you both back down into the throne room.
Looking up you can see the dragon take flight.
You both are blasted off the dragon by the force of the shock. You catch Peaches though, and you both land safely.
You focus an energy orb and blast the parasite, causing one of the tendrils that connects it to the dragon to be severed.

As Deathfang goes into an ascend, the third eye on its head widens in shock.
The glimmer in the sky dives down, trailing dark smoke and streaks of light.
In a blast of energy Frostmourn plants the Northern Regalia in the dragon's eye, along with the Cursed Arrow Valeriana shot earlier.
The eye explodes in a shower of dark energy, releasing another tendril from the parasite.
A small fall later, the dragon crashes onto the ground near the pit it made coming up.
Frostmourn shoves the sword deeper
"You are mine!"
However the parasite turns to face him, pulsing the last four tendrils it has left.
"No. It is MINE!"



"Oh for crying out loud…"
Grab her and fly up already!
Follow that damn dragon!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Cut the tendrils! Save the King!

Peaches too attacks them.

Roll #0 10, 4 = 14

Roll #1 4, 10 = 14


"Frostmourn!? I don't know where the heck you came from but I'm glad to see you!"
Turn to the parasite, snarling
"And you…"
Leap at it and Blast!

Roll #0 8 = 8


I breath heavily and grab hold of lady Radiant. "You came back for me.." I smile a bit. "Take us back up then, I'll see if I can get one of these constructs to give us a boost." I try to take control of one of the death guards here and have it help us get in the in air.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"It's natural that I came back for you. Now let's get that dragon! We cannot allow it do ravage the Kingdom!"


Take 6.
You carry Kilana out of the hole and face the Parasite
The Deathguard is here too.
You and Peaches storm the Parasite, slashing at the tendrils and rushing off before it can strike out at you.
Your united assault ends up severing one of the four.
"Valeriana's shadow kept me updated on the situation. A good thing too. I would not miss a chance like this for the world!"
He seems to be wearing some rather bulky stone armour. This must be that project he was working on.
The parasite is cut rudely short after you smash it's main body, causing all the tendrils to pulse and fracture a little.


"Sorry about taking our time! Backup is here!"
Empower Weapon and leap up for a Blast!

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


"Mylord, it's dangerous! This thing was corrupting an elder dragon! There's no telling of its power!"
Shatter it.
Peaches, use Inspire!

Roll #0 6 - 1 = 5

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Get off what!?"
Heal myself, this battle has taken a quite toll on me already

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Thank you Radiant." Lets see if I can sing an inspiring song about Radiant's flight spell.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


A thorny tentacle lashes at you, leaving several bleeding cuts on your neck
Your blow rips away at the mass of tendrils that forms the core of the parasite.
It hisses and lashes out, tossing peaches aside.
You feel a lot better. You'll be walking home just fine.
There is little inspiration to be found in a mouth that is almost torn off by a spiny tentacle

Three tendrils remain to connect the parasite to the dragon.
Valeriana fires an arrow into the parasite, but it has little visible effect.
"Worthless fool."
Unyielding on the other hand sinks his axe into one of the tendrils, wounding it


Power attack on one of the tendrils!

Roll #0 9 = 9


Cleave the tendrils!
"Wretched creature!"

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


"At once mylord."

Peaches, Imrpovise, Heroism!
Vanish behind the parasite and backstab one of the tendrils!

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Attack the Parasite, with touch of death.

Roll #0 4 = 4


You slam your hammer down on one of the tendrils, crushing it and breaking it apart
Your wide swing smashes through the remaining two tentacles, pulling them off by the roots.
The parasite screams and slithers off the dragon, trailing dark blood.
Peaches just barely manages to give you all one last Heroic boost as Pumpkin is busy dodging the tentacles of the detached parasite.
The parasite jams a tendril into your extended hoof! It's trying to take you over!
Resist: MIN my roll

Roll #1 5 = 5


Pfft, I can resit this, I can control this, I am the master here!

Roll #0 8 = 8


Retribution time! Jump at the Parasite as it throws intself to Kilana.
Double slash at it.
-1 to each roll.

Peaches now uses Inspire.

Roll #0 8, 3 = 11

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Make me pay then!"
Blast it!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11



Blast it!

Roll #0 5 = 5


The parasite quickly recoils from you
"Hm. Bad call that one…"
You leap onto the parasite, hacking away at it, causing it to unwind itself and leap away, barely missing Peaches.
before it can reassemble itself, you smash it with your hammer, sending it flying as a mass of dark, pulsating spaghetti.
..that splashes over Venia, who furiously punts it aside.
"GaaAAaaH…. Why!?"
The parasite tries to collect itself

Roll #1 6 = 6


It still manages to pull itself together


Power Attack! Smash it!

Roll #0 3 = 3


"So you can corrupt and kill?!"
Power Attack!

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Heroism is up, those were all hits.
Now! Shatter it!
"Because so commands the North."
Peaches keeps inspire up!

Roll #0 1 = 1

Roll #1 2 = 2


"You will submit to me! " I focus on the parasite, make it bow to me.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Well that >1 sure as hell wasn't
The parasite slams onto you, burrowing its tendrils into your ears, nostrils and mouth
You mind is no longer your own
"bend to my will…"
Your command slows the parasite down, making it unable to force Pumpkin into anything this turn.
You smash at the parasite as it takes root over Pumpkin. It looks rather ragged and work, but firmly in place.

The parasite deploys several blades
The body convulses a little
And then it is gone.
MIN My roll

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 5 = 5


"To hell with you!"

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Release. My. Friend." I command the parasite boldly with a glare that could kill a normal mouse.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Hey parasaite.
Hey parasaite.

Eat your own fist.
Try to control my movements.
Stop my hooves dead on track.

Roll #0 3 = 3


An unexpected tentacle slashes you across the back, reviving the old pain of the wound left by the Northern Regalia
"I'll see you there."
Your mind knows there should be pain.
But there is none. There is only a deep darkness overtaking you.
You wobble and little and collapse, bleeding heavily with a dagger lodged in you
"Patience… you will die soon enough too."
You can only watch hopelessly as it wreaks havoc with your body
The parasite freezes for a moment, then recoils
"You have a strong will… Hssssssss"

Pumpkin's body is weakened, but the parasite is almost broken
The parasite forces it into one more assault
All fails count as critical fails due to the boss having fervor.


"Venia! Kilana, hold Pumpkin off!"
Heal Venia!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Just stay conscious, don't fall asleep…


Stop myself! I have trained so long, I have done so much, I won't let a thing do what it pleases with a body discipline forged!
Fervor is not something a parasite on my body can use at his whim!
Fervor is the dedication to the Moon! Fervor is the passion for my wife! Fervor is the honor Radiant taught me!
It is the wish for a better tomorrow, the truth and strenght that holds me together!
It will not use Fervor!
I will!
Reclaim control.
Or at least, stand still. Let them cut my head off and kill this abomination with me.

Roll #0 9 = 9


You rush to aid her, pulling the blade out and healing the worst of the wound.
Thanks to Radiant you are still alive.
But you won't be for much longer if you keep taking hits like that.
"Bah. Another weakling. Rest a little, I will kill you later."
The parasite pulls itself out of you with a wet squish and allows your drained body to fall over helplessly.

The parasite slithers back onto the ground
"So… who next?"


Stand back up shakily, giving Radiant a thankful nod before collecting my warhammer and charging at the parasite

Roll #0 4 = 4


Bolster her.
"Come on Venia, you are a strong mare! We need you!"


Escape Artist.
Spit about, cleanse myself.
Stand Ready.


"HA! What a foolish notion. Come then. Come to me and DIE!"


Vanish. Backstab.
"You did like this trick, uh?"

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10


"The power of the Sun compels you!"
Fervor, Blast!

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"Come to be Parasite, I will be your final target, I will end you." I use touch of death on the vile thing.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Start up my horn and fire off some Magic Bolt!

Roll #0 4 = 4


The parasite slashes you aside
However it almost explodes apart as Kilana reaches into it, forcing it to break down into tendrils and rebuilt itself a short way away
Where Pumpkin leaps onto it, ripping a chunk out of it.

The parasite shrieks and leaps aside again, leaking dark blood.
The remaining tendrils wind together to form a large blade
And then it is rudely interrupted by a massive gout of flame annihilating it
Frostmourn and Valrariana stand atop the corpse of Deathfang, now in control after pulling out the remains of the tendrils
Velriana sits down, shaking her head with a smile until she too bursts into a giggling fit

Unyielding discards his axe and rushes to support Venia

It is over.
The parasite is gone
The dragon is dead
The underkingdom is free.


Status report.
Who is injuried? Who is here? Where are the scythe and crown?
Rush to Venia's side.
"I… It was my body. I'm sorry. I tried to control it, I really did. It was just stronger than me, for a moment."


I look at Frostmourne with a wary look, trying to catch my breath.
"The question is, are you ready for such power? Is the North ready? And is it even safe to have such power?"


Venia is badly wounded.
So is Peaches.
Everyone else less so.
The crown and scythe were last seen at the bottom of the pit, with the Underking.
"This power will not be used. Not unless it is needed.
I don't intend to ride this thing. I will put it into safe keeping. And call upon it when the time is right."


Okay, where is the underking?

Roll #0 1 = 1


I lie down on the ground.
"Well done everypony… well done!"

"It's okay, I was… reckless… yes, reckless."


"That's what I expected of you. I'm glad you are mature enough to see that, Frostmourne."

Heal Peaches.

"Just a second, Venia."

Roll #1 2 = 2


Mend myself if I can

Roll #0 6 = 6


Probably still down there, frozen to his chair, at the bottom of that pit full of jagged rocks.
You can feel the worst of it is behind you. A few weeks of nice calm rest will do you well.
She shivers and coughs


Peaches, badbly wounded?
Find that mare.
"See, a dragon was not enough to stop us. Not even a parasite.
Might the North always stand tall and strong."
Okay serious time. How bad off is she?
"You are a strong mare, you have always been.
And Frosty really needs somepony he can count on."


"Hold still, that didn't work well enough."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Lady Radiant we might not be done here yet. She needs to be able to stand on her hooves soon. Please, be careful with her."


After everything she went through?
She'll be lucky to ever walk right. Let alone sleep well. Look at her. That body was frail even before. She had never eaten well and had only grown to withstand cold and minor beatings. And now, in a few hours, she has been slashed, pierced, cut, crushed, stepped on, cleaved, killed on the inside and abused in a myriad of other ways.
She is little more than a child, Pumpkin.
She was never made for this.
She twitches a little more
"I-It's ok…"


I sigh and rest my head on the ground
"That was a good fight…"
I look up again at Anvil
"You alright sweetheart?"


Okay, I give a nod to pumpkin and go back down the pit, climbing the best I can. Can I just take a six here?


"Sush now, don't lie to me. Just wait a second…Sun give me strenght."

"I'm trying, Pumpkin!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'm so sorry. So very very sorry. I should have never dragged you into this."
Hold her close, slowly stroke her mane.
Try to get Valeriana's attention without moving.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Certainly more so than you, my little adventurer.
How are you feeling?"
At the bottom, you mostly see jagged rocks and cooling slag.
A faint scraping sound can be heard.
She stands up with a wobble
"Guh… thanks. F-for real."
A shadow slithers nearby


"Underking. Scythe. Crown. I don't want to risk you with the curse. Even if it means I'll have to fly down there myself, right now."
"Thank you, Lady Radiant."
Give her a wide smile.
"I thought about you, back there. While the thing was controlling my body."


"I'll live, don't worry. I've been through much worse. I just forgot how it felt like.

Thanks for catching me earlier, sweetie."


"I believe Kilana is on it."
"I'll always be there to catch you. So long as I live, I'd never let you fall."


"You are very welcome."

I let out a chuckle.
"I am glad I could help even in your internal struggle. And I'm very proud that you could fight it and banish it from your body without us needing to hurt you."


Stealth and investigate the sound

Roll #0 10 = 10


It is the Underking.
He has torn himself off the throne, the crushed remains of which are clearly visible.
He is crawling along, reaching for the crown and scythe which landed further away.


"And neither will I."
I give him a warm smile.
"But really, it's nice to be able to really count on somepony in battle. Reminds me of the team of my mother and I formed…"


"I won't- No, I cannot leave her alone."
Turn to Peaches.
"You stay here. Recover. The night is over for you, partner."
Kiss her on the forehead.
"That would have been bad, yeah."
Give her a serious look.
"I have to go, once more. Be sure Peaches remains here, don't let her move until she's stable. I'll try to be back soon."
Find Kilana and stand Stealthed besides her.


Okay, easy. I just trot over and pick them up.


Be ready to back her up.


She gives a surprised, soft smile
"Ok… partner"
The Underking sees them disappear into the darkness
What… why? How? …gah…
He continues dragging his useless body along the floor, slowly trying to reach the door.
"Maybe one day I can really replace her as your partner in adventure."


Watch him go, then look back at Peaches.
"So how was fighting your first dragon felt like?"


how did*


I'm not heartless right.. Use the power of these artifacts to move one of the death guards.. have it put the old man on its back and take him to the door.

Roll #0 1 = 1


I shakily get back up on my hooves and pull him into a tight hug, whispering softly.
"Nopony can replace her, but that doesn't mean that nopony can be added to that team. You've shown that today."


She lies down
"…never again."
One of the Deathguard does rattle up
It then roars and tosses the rock near is aside before charging blindly forward towards the king.


Fuck.. get control of it

Roll #0 6 = 6


Keep watching.


He slowly pets your mane
"Be calm now… I just wish I could have done more."
You slow it to a halt.
It seems to obey.


good, now guide your former king to the door.. place him gently on your back..

Roll #0 1 = 1


"What sort of attitude is that? We have won, haven't we?"


"Pumpkin.. this power.. its amazing.."


"Don't let it go to your head sis. We just gotta take this stuff out. You see what it did to him."


The Deathguard is a complex thing.
It smashes a fist down near the king, staring at him
No… please… not you. We were friends once! I'm sorry for what I did! I am! I was going to release you! Don't do this to me!
"It's an attitude that prefers not dying…"


"Awww, don't be like that. You said my life you did!"
I give him a cocky smile
"Maybe you'll catch up to the amounts of times I saved your flank some day~"

"Yeah, we did! And nopony died either, so I'm glad."


>You saved my life*


He chuckles
"I just wanna go home… And have a long nap. With you."


"Isn't breathing in fresh air after a battle the thing that makes you feel alive the most?"

I smirk.
"You did try to die, but not on my watch!"


"You're right of course.." I stare at the death guard..
I try to make the thing nod and lower itself.. perhaps he will understand and climb up on his own?

Roll #0 10 = 10


Whisper to Kilana
"You might want to control that thing…"


I nod and wink at him
"You and I both."

"Those damn daggers really hurt though…"


"I prefer not being in pain to remind me."
The Deathguard softly picks up the broken king
Thank you… old friends. I knew you could, in the end, forgive me. I was a fool to let my heart go so soft on that thing. And it cost us all our lives. I didn't even manage to safe it in the end… I guess I really did fail. Just like you warned me…


"Kila this is… Too strange. There's something we miss here. Can you ask the deathguard about it?"


"Like mom always said: Better to feel pain than to feel nothing at all."


"I'll try.. I just wanted to give him a last bit of comfort.. he's dying Pumpkin.."
Commune with the spirit, what is its story?

Roll #0 7 = 7


"At least you are better now."

"Suffering builds character."


"He is. And he is regretting too much. I'm not sure.. I'm not sure this power is worth it."


My king…
Oh shut up… I'm not worth that name. I was just some stupid dog with a big dream… And a lot of good that did us… I tried to keep those dragons alive for stupid reasons… and the price was too much. Any of you would have made a better king


They are..
Jump out of the darkness.
"They are your people! You did… That to them?"


"And here I hoped getting out of the gutters would mean less pain…
…does anyone have a blanket? I'm cold…"


"You're backing off now?! Of course its worth it, saving the north is worth it, having a fighting chance, that's worth it."
Keep up the commune

Roll #0 8 = 8


Can I do that warming up thing Manifest taught me way back?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Get out some of those extra blankets my mother made for me and cover him and myself in one.
"Better? You're not going to get sick on me, are you?"


Cover Peaches in one, rather.

"You look terrible."


So it was you who was listening… I knew someone was.
They deserve to know
Yes… I guess so.
Long ago when I lead us here, I said we would find lands for ourselves to thrive in. But somewhere along the way, I lost my way and began caring for a clutch of dragon eggs more than for my own kin. I kept them safe. Watched a few hatch. Did all I could to keep them alive. But only one made it. So I kept it safest of all. I felt I owed it that much. After all. I was the one who killed its mother.
…and now even little Deathfang is dead. My failure is complete. I was a poor leader. A poor father. A poor friend.
I would have preferred to die on my throne. But now… I don't care. Do as you please. But leave my kin alone. They have suffered enough.

Take 6.
She cuddles a little
"Mmm… I gotta learn that trick…"
"I feel terrible too.
I can't wait to get to a bed…"


I nod to pumpkin. "Do your thing, make it a clean death.. No need for him to die suffering like this.."


"Just Praise the Sun and it shall be your's."

I look back at the hole.
"And I think you can rest now, but I couldn't sleep until I go back down there and know that all those poor souls who have toiled down there and are still alive are safe."


"But… You can save them. We can save them. If all this necromancy told me something, is that the end is not the end.
I came back.
So can they. We'll let them live on. Anew. We can give your people, we can give your Kingdom, new life under the united North!"
"No! He.. He is not a treath! He is a poor old dog!"


"Hah! You and I both."
I pat her on the back
"You did well down there though. Very brave and courageous."

I sigh wearily
"You're right. There's ponies worse off down there than we are…"


"No, you can get your rest with Unyielding. You were badly hurt. I can handle it, trust me."


I shake my head
"No way, I can rest later. This is important."


"Pumpkin, can't you see.. he wants to die, let him join his long lost kin, give him the knife he begs for, its a kindness to this mad dog.. to let him live with that guilt would be cruel, if you can't do it, then me take up the blade and finish it. I will try asking one question.. and that is all we need to know.."
I sigh and whisper to the old dog. "Was it your lust for power that made you take the baby dragons, or the corruption of the artifacts?"


Hahahaha… no. I doubt that. Generations of inbreeding have taken its toll. Only I and my Deathguard are of the original gene stock… the rest are drooling idiots. Some too stupid to eat their own food. I failed them…
It was my regret over killing their mother. I wanted to give them a chance. I wanted to make things right. I could not leave them to die alone…


Put a hoof on her shoulder.
"Please, Venia, I insist."
Look at Anvil.
"Unyielding, tell her."


"C'mon dear. Raging is already gathering the survivors. We deserve a little rest."


"So what, you want a knife in your back and that's it? No more fighting, no more studying, no more hoping?"


"Then you have nothing more to regret, you can move on peacefully.. We will release the spirits of your kin, I promise you that much.."


I look at the both of them for a while, then sigh.
"Fine… but we need the names of these ponies that died here. Tell their families what happened to them. They deserve to know. These ponies deserve to be remembered."


Without the crown and scythe, I am a withering corpse. I have maybe a day at best… if even that
I cannot say what you should do to them. I am not a leader worthy of such power. Just… remember they too, once, held great hope in their hearts. Hope… and trust.
"We'll do what we can. I can send down scribes to look through the remains…"


"Of course. For now, I'll join Raging in his search. Good work today, both of you. Rest well."

Flap my tendrils of lighty wingy things, then fly down then look for Raging.


"So tell me old king."
Move closer to him.
"If you had more time.
If you had the chance.
What. Would. You. Do?"


"Do you know.. what was that parasite on the dragon?"


"Okay, good."

I nod and sigh.
Valeriana and Frostmourn still around?


I cannot possibly know. I would probably… let all of us die… fighting that dragon. In retrospect… this mission was always doomed. We had nobody to breed with. Our demise was inevitable…
Some leftover born of the excessive magic I subjected the poor thing to.
Yes. They are examining the dead dragon.
He is herding more and more ponies out of the cave entrance.



Land beside him.
"I'm here to help."


I shake my head at you. "That won't help here.."
"You wanted to die on your throne right?" I direct the minion to take him there. "I can grant that wish, you've been most honorable. Giving up your own time, life and people to care for new life simply because you didn't want it to die, come.. this will be your tomb, a tomb worthy of an honorable king." please let me just take 6 on this


I slowly walk over there, watching my step.
"Looks like a case worthy of dissection in biology class."


"I'm sorry then. You have forsaken your own will to live.
How do you want your kingdom to end? By time…"
Take out my daggers.
"Or by blade? If you so ask, I can give you rest."


"Good. Start taking some names while I look for more survivors."
Heh… well… I do like the light. Just… put me down here. I want to… see the sky when I die… Yes. It has been so long since I've seen it…
Child… those blades would do little to me. I will be dead soon anyway. Tell me. Is there anything an old fool can grant you before the end?
"Oh much better than that. I have big plans for it!"
"…you seem worried Venia. Do you want to talk?"


"I'll help you search for them one I'm done with the names then."

Nod to him, then fly to the freed ponies.
"I am Radiant Dawn. The terror has ended, you are all safe now, but I will need your names."


"I always want to talk, don't I? I'll ask you later after I've had some rest."
I look at the body of the dead dragon and kick with a hoof it
"Stupid lizard. Got what you deserved…

What are we going to do with it?"


"I'm sure you know many secrets.. Anything you would like to impart on us before you die?"


"I just want to know when it's too much… Only that. I…"
Lay down.
"I fear losing the good in us to save ourselves."


The freed slaves start lining up
…this will take a while.
Frostmourn pulls out the Northern Regalia
"We now have the technology. We can rebuild it."
I never did have time to curse the crown and scythe. The power in them is vast. But it is easy to forget one's limits with them. The same applies to many things. Like Tartarian forces. Or divine duties.
So long as you fear losing it, you have not lost it.


Look over them.
At least they are safe.
Let's start this…


"Can't go wrong with that, I guess. Now my turn. Anything we can do before leaving?"


I lie back down on the ground, covering my head and groaning.


"Wise words.. I will heed them well old king." I bow slightly, and wait for pumpkin to finish before we head back to the group together.


"So, Underqueen, how does the crown feel?"


I smile a bit. "Bro, you don't need to call me that, Its not much of a kingdom anymore anyway.."


Look sad back in the direction of the throne room.
"And that's been our biggest failure…"
Turn back to Kilana.
"But until we are out of here, that's your crown. And your scythe. And mother taught you the dark arts.
You are officially the most badass and powerful necromancer I know of!"


"Its true, I've got the ultimate tools of necromancy in my very hooves.. I'm just glad the old man didn't actually get to curse them, who knows what he would have done." I look distant for a moment. "But, you know you can trust me with this, whatever Frostmourn decides, I hope he knows I can be trusted with this power.."


"Hey you are family to me. Of course I trust you. Just… If I die, don't stuff me in one of those things like the dog did."
Off to bed I go!


"Of course not, but I wouldn't let you stay dead at any rate, with this.. I would be able to bring you back.."


Place a wing over her and walk in silence the rest of the way.


You may skip ahead to the near future to talk to anyone you wish to.


How did the freeing go?


You painstakingly gathered the names and addresses of almost a hundred ponies from all over the Northlands and beyond


How tiring was it?

Roll #1 4 = 4


You never want to do paperwork again if you can help it


I guess I go home and collapse in the bed in that case.


You trek back to Wintersgrasp, clearing your head along the way, and then go crash in the bed you keep at the palace barracks.
Celaire looks at you as you enter, and once you have settled down walks up
"So, how was it? Defeat a lot of elder evils down there?"


How well rested am I?

Roll #0 3 = 3


"At first it was some lesser undead. Then a stronger one. Then it turned out Cassit was a power hungry megalomaniac, and the Underking wasn't a bad guy. Then we fought a giant dragon, and after that, some sort of evil parasite thingy."
I sigh.
"And then came the worse of all…paperwork."


A lot of shit went down back there.
You will need to clear up your head before you can even think of proper rest.
"Wait wait wait back up a little - the Underking, legendary walking death of the North, was not a bad guy?"


Mmmm, I do have a few ponies to talk to.
I'm in Wintergrasp right? How long after the battle? Is Frostmourn around? Is Valeriana?


"He couldn't walk. He was frozen to his throne. And he was trying to soothe a dragon sleeping under the mines. It's ever growing hunger was why he needed the slaves."


Lets assume everyone got back there, but nothing else has really happened since.
Frostmourn and Valeriana are both available.
"So that's what the mines were for. Makes sense in retrospect. Never would have imagined it though. How did a dragon end up there anyway?"


"Beats me. I think I heard something about him bringing it here? I'm not sure, I went to help with the living in the mines right after the battle."


Let's go speak with Valeriana first of all, even though I hate leaving Anvil behind so quickly after that battle.


"Ah. A noble task. I assume that's what the stacks of paper are for?"
He went to check on Raging anyway. Maybe they need some bro time.
Valeriana is on the roof of her tower, mane and cape softly billowing in the breeze, staring northwards.


"Yes. Names and adresses and the like."


"Oh you poor thing. How did you ever endure it?"


"Simple. This wasn't about me. This was about those poor souls. I did it for them."


Brotime. Of course.

I approach her carefully
"Reflecting about the Underkingdom?"


"That, and on the implications of our deeds down there. The young king has great plans…"
"Well you did well. You are an example to all the Warriors."


I furrow my eyebrows.
"You on the other hoof! Don't think I forgot how you behaved when I needed help!"


"Me? W-what can you possibly mean?"


"So I have heard. How do you feel about them, from a non-Northblade perspective?"


"How I needed help with that cursed hammer and everything and you shoo-ed me away like I had leprosy!"


"I admire his will to take such a leap. Anyone can make empty threats and never-realized plans. It takes somepony very special to actually go through with them.
I think he's going to be a great king for us all."
"Well what could I have possibly done? All I know of curses is that the way to break them is to BREAK THEM. And I did not want to break you."


"At least you could have showed me some support!"


"I wont deny the fact that he's willing to experiment and try out new things. Although innovation isn't always good either. It can come back to bite us in the flank in the long run."


"I was terrified of the damn thing! I felt it lash out for my blood!"
"I would much rather die from an ambitious effort gone awry than from complacently sitting down and waiting for time to end me…"


I sigh and roll my eyes, then smile.
"I can forgive you, but I will ask you of something."


"Ambition is good, it's that recklessness that can turn out to be very costly."
I sigh and wave a hoof dismissively
"Anyway, no sense in discussing the if's and what's right now. I'm just glad nopony died down there."


he straightest up
"By a paladin's honour. What do you wish?"
"Well, none of us at least. I do feel sorry for the king and his dogs. A noble cause gone horribly awry."


I give her a dull look
"You'll have to excuse me for not sympathizing with someone that values dragons higher than ponies."


"Could you…. Could you call me Goldentail?"


"Well. If you insist on making this a race issue I won't argue.
So, what was it you really came to ask?"
"Radiant Goldentail, or just… Goldentail?"


"Everypony calls me Radiant, so just Goldentail. I helped a mare and she called me that and… it made me feel strangely warm inside. As if ponies back home called me that. I don't know. Please, can you do this for me?"


"Of course my sun. Goldentail it is."


"Right, earlier, down in the Underkingdom, you said you had reasons to not trust Radiant. You also insisted it wasn't just a hunch based on gossip. So tell me, what reasons do you have?"


"She comes from another land, but a land she cannot recall or name.
…have you ever paid attention to her cutie mark?"


"Thank you. This means much to me."


I nod
"Yes, and? She likes the sun just how I like lightning."
I look back at my own mark and pat on it
"Nothing unusual about that."


"No sacrifice is too much for you. Not even being allowed to call you my sun, beloved Goldentail."
"No. I meant the mark itself. The physical thing. What shape is it?"


"It's… a very stylized part of the sun. Like it's rising from behind the horizon. Sunrise. Dawn."


"Yes, the sun. But not just any sun. The Sun of Celestia. A prominent symbol in Equestria."


"You can still call me your Sun too, it would just feel nice if you called me this every now and then… anyway, did anything happen in my absence?"


is there anyone needed healing? heal them

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10


"… Are you sure about that?"
I stay quiet for a moment, contemplating this
"I always thought it looked familiar… I just didn't know how. If this is true then…"
I let my voice trail off, eyes widening


The combat parts of the Underkingdom are over. Unless you wish to do something down there you may time warp ahead to catch up with the others at Wintersgrasp.
"Nothing much. I kept the king secured as he visited Ironfoe, then left him as he insisted to travel alone to face 'his quarry'."
"…then her defining power in life is tied to the very tyrant we live in endless fear of.
I have every reason to believe she is an Equestrian, and quite possibly a remarkable one at that. A royal guard or officer perhaps.
Were she ever to remember that…"


is the Underking dead right now?


I raise an eyebrow.
"You do know that the King was there to battle the dragon, right?"


"Oh no… oh no no no! This can't be!"
I start prancing in place
"This has to be a coincidence! If she's a paladin of Celestia… Oh gods."


He is laying in the remains of the dragon chamber, looking up at the sky.
He will be dead soon.
"So that's what he referred to. Well that explains much. I assume he did well?"
"Perhaps you now realize why I don't exactly trust her in the long term. And why I almost took her out the second I heard she attacked the king."


approach him
"U-uh… E-excuse me Underking."


"Yes he did. We underestimated his battle prowess back then…"


The broken remains of the king do not move, but you can hear his voice
What is it, child?
"He's growing into quite a fighter. Can't say much for that new armour though. Looks bulky to me."


"B-b-but what will we do!? We have to tell her! She has to know about this!"


"Do you have any books on necromancy? Or.. or anything that could help in learning about it?"


"You could say my armor is bulky too. That's something about heavy armor."


She turns to look at you
"Does she?"
What little I have… is with my old students. Their study is in the east tunnels. Go there. And show them my ring…
You can notice his bony paw has a golden ring on it.
"You did see his, right? It was like he was wearing a statue. I don't know how he can even walk in that, let alone fly."


"…so-o I jus- "
daintily try to take it off '1d10+-1'

Roll #1 7 - 1 = 6


"Of course! She has family who probably live there too! She has to know about this!"


"Probably that leg of his? Or his magic?"


"A- and go this way?"


You slip it off his finger. It isn't hard. It probably fit him when he was less bony. Now it is all too big.
Their study is the one with the blue torches…
"And then what? She returns to her Celestia. Tells Equestria's generals all our secrets. Plans. Weaknesses.
If we tell her - or let her go - we doom ourselves, and everyone in the North."
"Of course! That leg! It all makes… relative… sense?"


"Thank you!"
do a slight bow and head to find it

Roll #1 1 = 1


"But… but… what if she finds out herself anyway!? And she doesn't have to tell them anything s-she wouldn't do that!"


"I'm sure it is enchanted. Maybe it gives him some additional strenght."


The king dies before you even make it there.
You were the last one he ever spoke to.
I hope you said some kind words to him. They are the ones what will carry him to eternity.
You do eventually find the necromancy ward.
"Wouldn't she? She is tied to Celestia by her very fate and body. Why would she have any loyalty to any other than her?"
"That could be. It sounds all very technical. I was never too good at that sort of thing. I always just relied on steel, faith and mind."


"Because we're her friends too! We've known her for years now! She's got a heart of gold, she wouldn't do something like that, knowing it would hurt us!"


"Yes, because I am a very clever pony who knows all that stuff."
I chuckle.
"I… I think I drew Suns on a test when I was a filly and didn't know the answers."


I hope I did '1d10'
awesome! Head over and lightly knock on the door, showing that golden ring to whoever!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Are you willing to take that chance, Venia? Are you willing to gamble the freedom and lives of everypony in the North on her heart? Are you really?"
"Then, sometimes, faith can be the only answer you need."
There are a few necromancer dogs inside
"The royal seal?"
"So the king… is dead?"
"What did he send you here for?"


"I- uh… I asked him if… t-there were any books or things to learn from.

gulp loudly


"You saw how that means nothing without discipline. I let my anger get the better of me and… well, you saw the hammer."


I deflate visibly
"No… I guess not… But, what if she remembers on her own? Then what?"


"If the king did send you… take anything you wish."
"Where is his body? We… want to pay some last respects."
"Then I will kill her if I must."
She is clearly hesitant in saying that
"That I did.
Tell me, what did it feel like?
And how did you fix it?"


"No! You can't just kill her, it's not her fault! She helped us out!"


"He's Still at the Throne Room."
Grab a bunch of books that pertain to Necromancy, Passings of Life, Tartarian Arts…
can I copy these down to smaller books just in case? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"It kept talking to me. Asking me to kill, to let the blood of the innocent, to destroy the 'unworthy'… and I'm glad you didn't see my wings. If you were afraid of the hammer those would have made you jump out of your skin. They even terrified me."

I rub my face as I think back.
"It was terrible, but the solution was easier than you might think."


"I mean no ill towards you with it. Nor even to her on a personal level. But I, too, was once Equestrian. And I know how it can be there.
…I don't want to take that risk."
Enjoy carrying diamond dog sized books.
The library is not extensive, but some of the books here are certainly not ones you'd find in pony lands.
"You had to let it all out, didn't you?"


"Tried that on a tree. Or giving my own blood to it. Would have worked, but no, it was not by using the hammer to hurt anypony. Or anyone."


aw come on can't I at least try? '1d10+-1'

Roll #1 1 - 1 = 0


Where am I and what has happened?




if there are any surviving books then PLEASE just take them with me and head back to Wintersgrasp


"But we can't just kill her! That's horrible!"


After a back-breaking walk back, you and your shit ton of huge books make it.
The Underking is dead.
Most everyone returned to Wintersgrasp.
"Do tell then."
"Sometimes… horrible things need to be done to ensure the safety of others."


"W-we'll just keep her here! Tell her she's not allowed to leave until things have changed! She'll understand!"


What time is it? Where are Peaches and Valeriana and how are they holding up?


Ooh! Ooh! Teleport to my room with my books! '1d10+3'

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


"I won't be the one to tell her that. I am not good with words of compassion."
Valeriana is up atop her tower talking to Venia.
Peaches is sleeping in a pile of fluffy pillows, snoring loudly.
The dampener vibrates heavily and lets out a little steam.
You might want to walk.


Not my place, in neither of those rooms. Make my way into mine, instead.
There's somepony I missed.
How long have we been away?




push through the door and drop my books on my bed before dropping beside them


"All it took was Kindness. Generosity. Compassion. A showcase of virtues. Doing good. I prevented a man from dying, made a widow realize the greed of his husband and give money for the poor family that will assure their lives won't be in peril for a long time."


>prevented a pony from dying


Some days.
She is there, waiting~
"You're back!"
Winterbreeze pokes her head in
"Well well, souvenirs?"
He sighs
"Oh dear…"


I stomp a hoof resolutely
"Then I will. She's my friend dammit!"


I raise an eyebrow.
"What's wrong?"


So.. Have we spoken to frostmourn about the artifacts?


Enter the room and keep my head low, vanish and appear behind her, hugging her from there and resting my head on her shoulder.
"I promised."


"yes… some of them I think you might want to look into, But we need to hide them when we're not using them."
walk over and hug her

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Just make sure it doesn't end with all of us dead.
I will not let the happiness of one pony come at the cost of millions of deaths."
Not yet. But he knows they exist, and expects to see them.
"Nothing… necessarily.
I just had a bad hunch."
"That you did.
…you look hurt. And smell like death…
We should clean you up."
It is the nicest hug you ever gave her
"…What happened to your horn?"


Steal a kiss from here, before saying anything.
Then, just nod and slowly move back.
How much light is there in the room?

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"Uhh… hehe, I kinda had a little casting problem when I first went in there.. it's still hurting from the regrowth.."

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Huh, thought he would have just waited for us to come out of the pit and talk to us then, but I guess as soon as we get back works in a weird way.. Go see the King since I still have the artifacts.


"A bad hunch? From good deeds?"


"I… I know. But I wont let her die unnecessarily either."
I sigh
"Cruel faith…"




Romantic candles.
She giggles softly
"You are awfully skittish my dear. C'mon, lets take that suit off you."
You got this.
No pain will bother you this night.
…I can guess you don't really wanna talk about it. But hey, at least I made some progress!"
he is in the throne room
"Ah Kilana. I see you brought the things."
"I was just afraid that rather than purging it… you may just have pushed it back. One day it might resurface…"
"That is life.
Unjust, unfair, uncontrollable."


Let out a slow breath, and start undoing the various buttons holding the suit together.
"I could use some help…"


"Indeed my lord, we recovered them untainted as well." I bow slightly and present the crown and scythe to him.


"Great! that's awesome!"
sniff myself
"Uhh, I'd want to see but first I need to wash myself.. I smell horrid"
head to the bath and try to get a good scrubbing '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'll try to control my anger then. Or keep doing good."


"Of course it is. You don't need to tell me that."
I idly kick at the snow
"Anything else on your mind?"


She pushes you over gently
"my please, you big rugged hero~"
"Good. Did you have any time to assess the qualities of each?"
You become a very clean pone.
Winterbreeze decided to sneak a peek at your books
"I'm glad you are so sure. Now, do you need rest? Should I tuck you in and read you a story perhaps?"
"Not much.
Pumpkin. You. The king. Radiant…
Not much else."

Roll #1 4 = 4


oh my~
reach out with my magic and start to tease her a little before flopping down beside her '1d10+1'
"See anything you're interested in? there wasn't much to take from, sorry"

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


I giggle.
"I'd like that…"


"Yeah, rugged might just be the world.."
Let out a dry chuckle and go in for one more kiss even as she tries to undo the buttons.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


I nod
"Fair enough. We'll talk more later, okay?"
I give her a quick hug
"And thanks for covering my flank back in the Underkingdom. You can add that to the list of 'times you saved my life'."
Get up and start walking away, towards the library
"… be sure to keep a shadow around Radiant when I tell her okay?"


"H-HEY! I'm trying to focus on these!
…how are you even casting that without a horn?"
"Well lets get you into bed then, Goldentail.
And I will tell you a golden tale. Of a strong warrior with a heart of gold. And a very noisy butt."
"Rather rugged than ragged dear."
She peels the suit off you, tossing it on the floor.


..crap I guess we didn't.. "I brought them straight to you to decide what should be done with them, we know they were the source of power to the underking, anything else will probably require much more study since the underking didn't go into details about their properties, but simply stated that he made them for the precise purpose of controlling hordes of undead. We saw he was able to do this with just the crown, so I believe that to be the more powerful aspect while the scythe is likely a channeling device used to focus the spells.. "


I chuckle again.
"Oh, I am listening! Go on!"


Smirk under the kiss, then slowly move away and nudge her muzzle with mine.
"So, I heard somewhere you were talking about a bath…"

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


show her some runes on a paper
"I needed to learn how to do things without a horn really quickly. and I do have a horn! It's just growing slowly…"
stay next to her and do cute nerdy lesbian things while studying the books. try to find one in returning from death '1d10'
need to leave, later

Roll #1 5 = 5


"There is one watching her. And you. And all those I care for…
…stay safe, friend."
"The aspects of control are what I care for. I need power over the remains of that Dragon."
"His name was Farticus, often called the gassiest of the pegasi…"
"That I was. Just you, me and water. No swords. No shadows. No Peaches. Just us~"
In time.
In time.
When you next return, she has a new friend t show you



"That's certainly new… I don't think I ever heard of him."
I keep smiling.
"I smell something fishy about this story!"


Go to sleep and don't tempt me. We shall erp another day.
"None of that. Not as long as you are here."
Resume the kiss and slowly push her into the bathroom.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


"I assure you, this is how it went.
For Farticus was on a quest! A quest to rid the land of a foul witch and her plans to awaken a great evil.
Along his journey he found a knight beset by wolves, and saved him."


Get some sleep DM
"Oh, and I didn't forget about what we discussed about your resurrection magic either! We'll continue once I've rested enough!"
Go to the library and find some books on Equestria. See if I can find a picture of this Celestia's Sun… '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Of course, Would you like to look into the best methods of control personally or would you like a research to do so for you?"


"I guess they continued the adventure together?"
Don't let us stop you


"That they did. And indeed soon they found the witch's stronghold."
"Research the scythe as you see fit. But leave the crown with me. I wish to study it."
You do.
But where ever you look, the context is the same.
Military conquest.
I want to make sure you're all clean before we get dirty"


About that… She still hasn't noticed?
Slowly flutter up and try to raise her a few inches from the ground, then lay both of us in the water.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


I smile a bit, he really does trust me after all. "Very well then, I will report back to you when I know more. I won't let you down my liege " I leave the crown in his capable hooves and exit the throne room.


Great, so it's true then. Take one of those books that show Celestia's sun with me and go find Radiant.

"How did we not figure this out sooner…"


Your messy mane probably covered it up.
"Now, lets get that blood off you…"
He levitates it up and stares at it, whispering something.




Lower my head and turn the shower controls.
"Hey, only half is mine!"
Give her another smile.


"–and then brave Farticus did sacrifice himself to distract the guards, letting our heroes slip past and assault the witch. A long and hard battle later, they foiled the ritual, calming the tainted elemental within the volcano. And the next morning on his deathbed, the knight did at last see what he had sought all his life, as the princess herself came to lay him to rest. The end."
She rolls her eyes
"I don't even want to know. I think you busted a lip too. Your kisses taste of blood."


"Poor Farticus… And what was the name of the knight? And what Princess? I might have missed something."


"Oh, they do?…"
Start scrubbing, I say.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


In the short time I can play before I go, where am I and is there anything that could use my attention?


"That knight… was called Celaire."
You pour a bucket over your head to make the wet mane cover up the missing eye. Then you proceed to scrub yourself clean while she washes your tired wings.
"Mhmm~ but I don't mind. Because they still feel as good as ever…"
You may want to talk to Frosty about the alliance with Rockeye


I pause, my smile dissapearing.
"What? That cannot be. You said the knight died. And you are here. You don't seem dead to me."


"Well, that is the story as it has been told. I did always find it amusing I shared a name with the dead knight. Even though I never thought my name would be that common. Hehehe."


"That's because I still love you like the moment I met you."
Keep scrubbing.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


"…Then tell me this. What did that other knight look for?"


Soooo, while I'm walking, how's the weather? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Adventure, most likely. Or perhaps love. Who knows. The story did say he asked to see the princess on his dying bed. So it could also have been redemption, I guess?"
You push up your mane as it start to tickle your nose and she gasps
"P-Pumpkin! Your beautiful eye!"
Breezy day.
But sunny, and with great visibility.
Feel free to interrupt Radiant and Celaire.


I wouldn't want to butt in


Look her in the eyes with my one last eye.
"I'm sorry."


Feel free to

"That's really strange… When did you story take place again? Maybe that knight was an ancestor of you?"


Are you in your private quarters? If so knock on the door.
"Radiant? Are you home?"


ur a butt
There is always the king you could talk to as well.
"T-tell me how it happened…
…does it hurt?"
"It could be. Though truth be told I can't remember a thing about my family. Or my youth for that matter."


"You know me. I don't remember much eith-"

I groan slightly, but get out of bed.
"Sorry Celaire…"

Open the door.
"Yes, Venia?"


"Radiant, I hope I'm not disrupting anything."
I look at her for a moment, then sigh
"We need to talk. In private."


"I was about to rest, but if it's important."

Turn back before following Venia.
"I'll be back in a few, dear."


"Take your time, Goldentail. I'll be here."


Lower my head, lay in the bathub crossing my forehooves in front of me and then look at her again.
"A… Thing. Down there. It's called a deathguard. Big as three ponies, made of stone, with axes instead of arms.
I did one wrong spin and… Yeah, I got an axe to the face.
The pain was gone long ago, they tried everything to save the eye but…
Yeah, seems like the Moon had other plans."
Cover the good eye with one hoof.
"Now I have to be careful, if I stare at you too much I could go completely blind!"


Lead her to someplace more private in the palace.
"Sorry for butting in like this all of the sudden, Radiant. I was simply wondering if you've been remembering anything more about your past."


"It was nothing utterly important. And yes, some things. I've remembered how I've been called Goldentail by some back home as well as remembering how we fought that giant dragon when we were fighting that, well, giant dragon."


I nod slowly, then point at her flank
"Do you know why your mark is the way it is? Do you remember how you got it? Think, Radiant."


A shadow shifts behind a nearby satue


She huffs, then gently shoves you
"Don't be mean to me. Look, we need to get that bandaged up!"


"It's that way because I praise the Sun, and my name is Dawn! And I don't really remember getting it… wait…"

Or do I?

Roll #1 5 = 5


You remember a rising sun.


I sigh
"It's a very stylized sun, isn't it? Almost like a specific symbol… Have you seen it anywhere else at all in Wintergrasp? Or the Northlands for that matter?"


Steal one more kiss.
"I hope this one didn't taste as bad.."
If we are done, get out of the bathub and find something to dry myself with.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


She climbs out and comes to dry you up, being extra careful of your face.
"It was lovely… now let me get some bandages."


"The sun was rising…"
I glance back at my cutie mark then at Venia.
"I don't think I did. Why would they have my cutie mark all around?"


Nod and watch her do.


She rummage through some boxes then sighs
"All out. Look, I'll be right back. I'll get ore from Doc, ok?"


"Like I said, it's a very stylized Sun. Very symbolic looking, at least I think it does. I also always had a small nagging feeling that I had seen it before somewhere."


"Wait. I'll come with you. It's late by now."
Slip one dagger in my tail and get up.
"Ready to go."
Give her a dumb smile.


"I don't know about you Venia, but cutie marks tend to look very stylized. What are you getting at?"


"Such a gentlecolt…
She gives you a loving smile and starts walking to the doctor's office."
In the shadows you can hear a slight annoyed grumble.


Can I locate it and realize what it is?

Roll #0 7 = 7


"I… maybe I should just show you."
Take out one of those books I found with the Sun symbols and shove it under her nose. I don't think I'll need to explain it any further beyond that


Does seeing Her cutie mark make me remember?

Roll #1 2 = 2


You notice Peaches behind some furniture in the hallway, with a pile of gauze and bandages near her.
Not at all.


I look at her expectantly


I give her a dumb look.
"So it's some sort of Equestrian Sun. And?"

Nothing at all?

Roll #1 6 = 6


I thought she was sleeping. I'll need a long talk with that mare.
Keep following Bearing.

Roll #0 10 = 10


You get some jumbled flashbacks of a big pony with wings and a horn. A ceremony. The rising sun. A female voice.
You get to doc's without further trouble, and he takes a look
"Some of this damage looks magical in nature. I'll do my best to keep it from becoming infected, but I can't say I can make it grow back or anything."
After a bit of wrapping and bandaging, you now have a makeshift eyepatch.


"So… why do you think you have something like that as your cutie mark then?"


Get back home.
"There's something else I have to tell you. Something that happened down there."


"Of course, my pirate prince~ Anything this wench can do for ye?"
She giggles at her own bad pirate lingo


I take a step back and blink.
"Uh… I… I saw something just now… and… and because I'm from Equestria, right?"


"That seems like a logical explanation, yes. Because that is the mark of Celestia."


"The mark of Celestia…so it cannot be a coincidence?"

Is she that tall winged pony?
Must be?
Come on brain, work!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"That seems extremely unlikely… Do you remember anything about Celestia? She's supposed to be large, regal and white with an ethereal flowing mane if the stories are correct."


Kiss number four of the night.
"Just.. Sit down, okay?"
Brain, what are you doing. Staph.
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 10 = 10


I do stop.
"It's nothing. Really. Now come here and be fabolous for me~"
Flutter to bed and stare at her with a small smile.


You have a glimpsed vision of a white face and an aurora mane, but then it becomes obstructed by a seemingly magical barrier.
Forcing your mind against it, you can hear an echo of an angry voice
You also catch a tiny glimpse of a clover.
She sits down on the bed, then reclines to a more comfy position.
Also your brain stahps for a moment. Luckily you are technically dead already so it doesn't kill you.


"A white face… that colorful mane… but.. I can't. It's like something's stopping me… I'm sorry Venia, I can't remember."


"It's nothing. Not tonight honey." Bury my head on her chest and slowly shift next to her.
Guilt, is that you?
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #2 5 = 5


I give her an apprehensive look
"Are you sure, Radiant? We've been given a lot of clues already."


Guilt I need a clearer answer.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Okay no, I cannot do this."
Move away and sit on the bed, giving her my back.


"I told you! Don't you think I would if I could? It's like I hit something whenever I try! Why is it important anyway? My friends are here now… but at least now I know where is Dawn. Even if I can't visit her."


Is a flashback of Radiant's lecture and Valeriana's face strong enough?
She crawls up to you and puts her hooves on your shoulders
"C'mon. You can tell me."


"When I lost the eye… Peaches had almost died, in that fight.
I know you asked me not to bring her up tonight but… I have to.
She was there, dying in my hooves, Valeriana ready to give her the grace blow… And she kissed me. A bad, stupid kiss that felt only like tears and disperation, but she was begging me.
So I did kiss her back. It didn't mean nothing, it still doesn't, but I feel just too guilty about it."


"Remembering your old life, your family, your friends and your cutie mark isn't important to you?"
I sigh and give her a small hug
"Radiant, I'm not judging. I'm was born in Equestria as well. I just needed to tell you so you knew already, after all these years of living in the dark."


Rolling to not get heartbroken

Roll #1 4 = 4


She takes her hooves off you tremblingly


"It is important to me, but even with all you just told me, I cannot, no matter how hard I try! And as Celaire told me, why should I worry about it if I can't? Maybe time will be the answer. Or maybe I'll have to visit Equestria, I don't know."


Turn around and catch them into mines.
"Hey. Hey look at me. You are still the one and only mare I ever loved. The one and only mare I will go to when I'm lost."
Give her a serious look.
"You are the world to me. And the seas and the sky and the Moon above."
Rolling for comfort.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


She falls on you and buries herself in your chest
"…but what about her feelings?"


Hold her close. Roll for warmth.
"I don't know. She's important to me, I don't want her to suffer. I tried to explain to her that it didn't mean anything once she felt better, but I'm not sure how much she understood.
But remember. Whatever happens, you'll always be first for me.
Before the king, before Valeriana, before the Moon."

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"I can't help but feel bad about stealing the love of another…
…but can we just not talk about her? At least now?
I want you to be all mine tonight."


And do I remember some sort of feelings I had for said white and tall pony at least?

Roll #1 6 = 6


You remember that she at the very least was in some way deeply important to your life.


"I was waiting for you to say it~"
We shall delay the thing. I'm sorry.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


"Well I suppose there isn't much we can do now. I just wanted to let you know what I found out. You don't mind, do you?"


I stop abrubtly as I remember that.
"I…uh, no, no I don't mind…"


Use that 12 to give her a tummy rub.


We shall proceed with cute horse things later.
A jealous eye watches from the rafters


"You don't sound very convinced…"


"I just… I'm… it, no, it doesn't matter…"


I pat her on the back
"No matter what I'm still here for you, okay?"


"Thanks… I was just… almost ready to just live on."


"Well I thought you had to know. Let's keep it secret though for now, okay? Uh… Valeriana knows as well. She figured it out a while back and told me earlier today."


"So just between the three of us?"
I let out a bitter laugh.
"Talk about not judging and being ashamed of it."


"Just because I don't judge doesn't mean others don't either. If you want to announce to everypony in Wintergrasp that you carry the mark of Celestia herself I wont stop you. Just know that not all of them will understand. Heck, sometimes I feel ponies even blame me for being Equestrian."


"I'll keep my mouth shut then… life just got complicated again…"


As if to emphasize that notion, the shadow makes another sharp move.


"I wouldn't worry too much about it. We don't know what the future will bring after all. Perhaps one day Equestria will cease their hostilities and we wont have to worry about a thing anymore."
I sigh
"Hell, thinking about it… maybe you should tell some ponies that are close to you about it. Might be better for them to learn about it from you rather than them finding out on their own. They wont be able to blame you that way. And If they do, I'll give them hell."


"I might tell it to Celaire then… but I'm afraid what Pumpkin would think. He can be rather short sighted when it comes to the 'enemies of the King'…"


"Hmph, he has no authority to do anything without Frostmourn's approval."


"But he is hot headed enough to try."


"That said, just let Celaire know for now. We'll talk more about this later, okay?"

"We'll see, we'll see…"


"Okay… And thanks for worrying for me, Venia."

Hug her.


"You're a good friend Radiant, it's only normal!"


And I suppose once I'm done with her I'll go see Frostmourn


He is in one of the library wings, studying the Undercrown


I bow
"King Frostmourn."


"Ah, Venia. What a wondrous victory we had back there. Truly one for the history books."


"It was quite the fight. I'm sure glad you showed up when you did. Just as I'm glad we took out that filthy dragon…"
I eye the crown, rolling to not look apprehensive and disgusted by it '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You clearly dislike the crown. Do not worry I don't intend to wear it."


I'm going to need some time to read everything first before I make my next move


"Well I sure hope you intend on destroying it…"

Did Radiant take the necessary measures to inform the families of all those slaves?


She has the names and addresses written down.
She has not had time to do anything more.
"In a sense. I see no need for it to remain as is. But first I must study it. Learn to understand its power. And find a way to draw from it, so I may command Deathfang."


Go back to Celaire
Ask him if he knows about Equestrian Suns


"Well, I did travel in Equestria. I did see a lot of sun symbols there too. Why?"


"Try to command the huge, dangerous, aggressive dragon… right. Of course."


"No. Command dead bones to march to where they will be safe. And where I will need them later.
…Venia, speak your mind. You are clearly not saying all you want to."


"And you haven't noticed anything?"
I pause and bite my lip.
"…I am Equestrian…"


"What about all the undead? Is this really necessary? Heck, why try to control that damn thing while it's dead? What are you planning?"


He looks at you blankly for a while, then looks at your flank and back at your face.
"Well, that explain a lot."
He then gives an innocent smile.
"I do not intend to keep the undead slaves. They deserve rest.
As for the dragon, I wish to ensure we have a weapon against Equestria, if the time ever comes for one to be needed."


I nod
"Well I'm happy you'll at least give those slaves the rest and respect they deserve. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about that dragon though. What if you fail to control it?"


Guess it's time for me to see Frosty now after I shower brb 15 mins


"Then it will fall apart like worthless bone and ice.
But why would I fail? It would be no more autonomous than this armour I wear. A golem is a golem, regardless of size."


Keep looking worriedly at him.
"It does?"


"I did think that mark of yours was familiar. But now it makes a lot more sense. It is half of the Royal Sun of Celestia. How ever did you get a mark like that though?"


I shrug
"I'm not a necromancer Frostmourn. I just thought that maybe it could go berserk given the size and strength of that thing. Well anyway, I'll leave you be. You seem really busy."

"Uh… did Unyielding talk to you already?"


"He did.
…I will admit it was not quite the lecture I expected to hear from him.

Venia, why do we never really talk any more?"


I look at the ground.
"I don't remember… Venia told me this too. I have no idea what to make of it. I can't even recall this Princess."


I stiffen up slightly
"Uh… well… I mean you're the King now. You have more important things to do than to talk to an old, naggy mare like me."


"I have heard stories of her. A great, while pony. An alicorn - possessing both wings and horn, with a mane as the northern lights themselves."
"And you are a queen in my service. An old friend. A… teacher and… something of a mother.
I miss you Venia."


I tear up a little
"Y-you do?"


"More than anyone else.
At times I think you've begun to fear me. Or despise me. Of all those closest to me in life, you are the one who has grown most distant."


"Well I… I just thought you found me annoying… A-after you got angry at me I didn't want to interfere with your doings anymore because I thought you hated me for doing so…"


"I heard that much. And…"
Lower my voice still not looking up.
"…that she was important to me. I don't know how or why, but she was…


"I could never hate you. You were the one who guided me through life. Saw me through hardships that would otherwise have killed me.
…even before I was born."
"Huh. Well, I'm not sure how to really react to that.
Maybe you were a soldier in the Canterlot Army? Perhaps part of an expedition to the north that was ambushed and destroyed?"


And now I wander into the hall.

"Oh, good day, King Frostmourn, Queen Venia. I will wait until you are both done."

Go stand and wait.


"Then why did they spare me? Why just rob me and leave me on the outskirts of this place? And why can't I remember?"

Sit on my flanks.
"And if that is the case… and we were ambushed, does that mean that Dawn…"
Roll not to tear up.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I sniffle, then give him a warm hug
"O-oh… I'm so sorry Frosty…"
I whisper in a low voice
"You were always like a son I never had to me too… I was just afraid that I was being too much of a bitch."


Rolling to not feel anything

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Well from what you said earlier, I doubt they'd send your sister into the front lines like you. She sounded more like a spook. No offense."
"Not too much…
…just enough to remind me when I was going too far."


"I'm happy… T-that makes me happy… I was just so worried…"
Rolling to not cry bitch nigga tears '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Yes, well, Frosty-King Frostmourn needs emotional support, after all. That was why I made sure Prima would not interfere with his relationship with Sunrise. I wonder how she is.

Roll to feel nothing again

Roll #0 7 = 7


"You are right… but I was always there to get her out of trouble…"
"And now I am here, serving Frostmourn. Doesn't that make me a traitor?"


"You weren't the only one…
…I don't know if I could stand to lose you."
He shrugs
"Can one who remains true to their heart be a traitor?"


"I'm sorry Frosty… I just freaked out over nothing I guess."
I break off the hug and ruffle his mane
"But don't worry, it's okay now."


Am I really that stoic?

Roll to again feel nothing

Roll #0 9 = 9


"…is it?"
You probably got your brain replaced with a golem you icy fuck


"Well we should do some stuff together again like back in the old times… once I've rested enough that is. Wouldn't you like that?"
I give him a hopeful smile



Roll #0 6 = 6


"Maybe we could, yeah.
And I'd like to hear your thoughts on my plan for Eaglecrest."


"Uh… fill me in on that again, please?"


Fucking barely.
You need to get your emotional side checked.
"The underkingdom extends below Eaglecrest as well, does it not?"


"It extends almost everywhere, yes…"


And.. you intend to lead an invasion through there?

I-is it wrong that only one pony makes me feel?


"Well, king Ebonreth is a proud warrior who often hosts tournaments in his arena.
He could not possibly refuse a challenge from another king. His honour demands it.
So we will march to his gates, and give him his challenge. Then, when we are both on the arena, the Northblades will detonate the tunnel beneath it, causing the arena floor to collapse, killing him as I fly safely above."
That's a lot of emotional eggs in one basket.


"Interesting plan. However, I would… only resort to that if you were about to lose. Best to play by their rules while it is convenient for us, and break them only when they become inconvenient."


I wince
"… Are you sure about this?"


"I am not really keen on standing head to head with Ebonreth. I have seen him. He reminds me of Raging Storm to an extent. Big. Angry. Stronger than even one his size should be."


"Isn't there another way? It just seems a little… extreme. What will his subjects think?"


"That's the beauty of it. I will slam the Northern Regalia into the ground to signal the detonation. It will looked like I split the very earth, earning their respect."


"Yet, you have the power of our golem work behind you. If you can fight him in it, our victory can be almost assured. Assuming, however, we go with your plan immediately… will the people of Eaglecrest recognise you as their ruler? If there is any dissent towards such a barbaric king, we can sue it to our advantage."

"Interesting. A good show, but risky if there are those who do not believe it and search for the truth. I will need to look into Eaglecrests's state."


I sigh
"What else can you tell me about this Ebonreth?"


"Yes, please tell us all you know."


"A warrior king above all. No relation to Old King Eaglecrest, as the line of succession in that kingdom is not based on blood but martial skill. King Eaglecrest hated his weak son so much he refused to ever let him have the crown, and instead decreed that any warrior who could kill him in battle would become the new king.
And from there on, the tradition has been kept. Though it has changed over time, with rules and official schedules and what have you.
Ebonreth was a former general. A brilliant tactical mind who lead from the front lines as he had a deep distrust of intelligence he did not gather himself. He is a proud pony who sees his body as his greatest trophy, every scar telling a tale of victory."


"What of the populace? What are their views on such.. barbaric kings? While I would personally love to see salt poured on this Ebonreth's wounds, judging from what you have told me, it will be hard to proceed without knowing about Eaglecrest as a whole."


"So he only believes what he sees… maybe that could be something that could be used to our advantage… Is he… is he a cruel leader?"


"As with most of the lands, the traditions are children of older traditions. With Eaglecrest, those traditions are mostly war, martial pride, and a deep dislike of Griffons. Most who live there have accepted large portions of military thinking into their daily lives, and the general population is strong, efficient and level headed, if lacking in arts or culture beyond that what is needed for war."
"That depends on your view of cruel. He dislikes frivolities and hates cowards. But his above all an efficient minded ruler."


"If they are as simple as this, then… we can consider this plan, yes. But you will be unable to repeat such a feat in the future, so a less… flashy approach is more favourable. I would personally prefer to weaken him in some way to guarantee a victory for you, with the collapsing arena as a last resort."

"Though… if you were to perform such a miracle, and if we dressed it up properly, we could say you are a chosen of the heavens and win over Hardflank. I will need more information to decide on our best course of action."


"Ah… I see… When would this challenge happen?"


Do I notice that "Jaelous eye"?

Roll #0 3 - 1 = 2


Of course not.
It would be a poor assassin that hides where it can be seen.
"Ahem. Eyes over here dear. Unless that ceiling is really more interesting than me."


"Manifest knows everything I know, if not more. It would be smart to consult him."
"After we have secured our alliance with Rockeye"


"Okay… okay I can see this working. I don't like having to cheat but this is too important a cause."
I chuckle
"You really are a devious little plotter."


"Yes, that, Rockeye. How do you intend to go about it?"


Better this way. At lest I can relax.
Take swoop her in a swift motion and pin her on the bed, looking down at her.
"Here, one eye, all for you."
Smile at her and lower my head on her neck, trying to make her relax.

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5



Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


"Rather devious than dead."
"With you. After all, you are my envoy to them."
She is putty in your long awaited hooves
"Oh Pumpkin… I really have waited all too long for you again."


"They should recognise me, after I assisted them in outing the Equestrian Lordblade. We need merely secure their alliance to us, the Greater Northlands now, right?"


"It's just been a couple of days…"
Do that wing thing. Caressing her from the chest down with them.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


"I suppose so."
I clear my throat and take a step back
"Anyway… I should go see Raging now. I haven't had the chance to speak to him yet."


She twitches a little as you swipe your wing over her belly
Somewhere in some dark heartless pit, a jealous mind gets an idea.
"Indeed. I need the crown of Longshanks to add to my own."
"Go in peace. I will study the crown until I understand it, then have it destroyed."


"Add.. the crown to yours? But that would mean taking away their sovereignty, which they will not easily give up. What do you have to offer them that they will do such a thing?"


"Once I've rested enough, we can get some stuff done."
I bow and take my leave, go find Raging and Anvil


Keep going, a bit lower this time.
One feather at a time.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


"The chance to be free of danger. From Eaglecrest. And from us.
I do not seek to take away their right to rule themselves. But unless they are fully united to my empire, nothing they are an eternal liability."
They are drinking a few beers.
Raging has bandages on his legs, but dark pus is leaking from between them.
A shadow grins in the darkness.
Bearing feels a little uneasy
"I've really missed those wings… poor things. So often bruised… cut and mangled… yet so soft~
Keep going…"


"A chance.. to join as an autonomous province? If we allowed them, access to our resources for their research, under the condition that it is to be shared with us, it may make for a convincing argument. Hmmm…"


Do I realize that? Can i sense something's wrong?
Keep going. Slowly move them back and forth on her inner thights.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3

Roll #1 8 = 8


I wince slightly and take a bottle myself too
"Gentlecolts. Having fun?"


"I leave the wording to you. But if they refuse, I will not hesitate to crush them with the armies I control. I will not have contenders for my crown. I cannot. Lest I risk dooming us all to Equestria."
There is a delicious waifu here who needs your attention.
She reflexively kicks out a little
"Nhh… you sure are in a playful mood~"
"Aye! It feel grand to be back!"
"Thaaat we are dear. That we are."


"I doubt Rockeye has much interest in your crown. Is that your justification for conquering Rockeye? Equestria?"


If this streak of ones ends…
Use my wings to spread her hindlegs and lower my head on her.
Slow, careful, taking all the time in the world.
Breathing in and out, softly feeling her as I move up and down.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


I eye Raging's legs
"Hm… doesn't that hurt?"


"Are you saying my plan is not worth it?"
She twitches and keeps trying to lock your head down with her legs as you go along, giving her what she has been missing for what felt like weeks.
"Like a fucker. But not else I can do, save for letting someone cut them off. And then what? Become the first ever general to lead from a bed? Ha!"


Move the hooves to her sides, slowly tickling her as I keep going.
Try to bring her on the verge.
Then, Raise my head and look at her with a smile.

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


I cross my forelegs
"They'll get infected at this rate! Did you see Doc Doc about it? And hey, nothing magic can't fix right? Just look at Frostmourn's leg."


"It may not be. The ramifications of any failure will be vast. We cannot afford to lose Rockeye's favour. It is one thing to wish to unite the North into a mighty nation, but solely due to fear of an enemy?"

"Hmm.. we can exploit fear as a justification for them joining us. They know Equestria will come for them. At least we can guarantee them favourable terms. I can only hope they think it that way."


Her face is twisted into a pleasured grimace
"H-hey! Don't stop now!"
"Infected? Lass the flesh has been falling off for months. I think I'm well past infected.
But yeah. He wee lad did have his fancy iron leg. I wonder if something like that could be fitted on me?"
He spits to the side and takes another sip
"I would much rather extend a hoof to them in mutually beneficial alliance as scholars as well as kings. I can see why they would want to keep as much of their old power as possible, but I cannot risk having an equal. For in dire times, decisions must be made, and not talked about over some council meetings. I must be able to have the absolute, final say."


"I see."

"How long do you intend to hold such absolute power? Is this just a measure because of the emergency that lies before us, Equestria?"


I shrug
"I don't see why not. At least that way you don't have to walk around with open wounds!"


Lick my lips and bury my muzzle again.
Grasp her flanks and raise it as I do so, bring her over the verge.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"If I say forever, you will assume I intend to do so out of greed.
So I will say, until we can be sure the northlands are safe."
"Ha, true that. Who should I ask about that, anyway?"
You bring her to a remarkably cute and marshmallowy horsegasm, after which she slumps down against you
"Yep… you've still got it~
So tell me, how can I ease your pain then?"


I give myself a pause
I look at Anvil for help


Slide besides her, steal another kiss.
"I'll leave that to your imagination~"

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


"The path to the abysses of Tartarus is paved with good intentions. When all this is over… I would like to help you develop a system to ensure the government of the North can never go corrupt because of concentrated power."


He shrugs, mildly drunk
"Iunno? Ask the king?"
She is still panting softly
"You're asking a damn lot from me right after that…"
"A benevolent dictator is more efficient than even the most well oiled council or committee. All I can say, is the people should always remember that if they are unhappy… they should show it. With the king's blood if that is needed."


"But they are rare, and to make the country go into such an upheaval.. would be best avoided in the first place. Either way, we shall leave this for our future."

"Are you perhaps, free right now?"


"Yes! Ask Frostmourn! He knows about this stuff much more than I do after all."


Climb on top of her and start massaging her back.
"Relax then."
But yeah, grind against her as I work on her shoulders with my hooves.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


He puts the crown away into a small box and locks it
"I just need to put this in a safe place."
"Aye then. I'll do just that."
You press some nerve on her back, causing her to reflexively kick you.
"OH GOSH I'M SO SORRY! I didn't hit anything important did I?"


Did she?

Roll #0 10 = 10


Judging from >>270149 yes she did.
But lets have a tiebreaker
1 yes
2 no


Well, at least you already knocked her up earlier…


Oh c'mon that was in meta!
Give her a wide smile and lay across her body, without actually dropping my weight on her.
"No dear, don't worry."
Nibble on her ear.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


I nod smilingly at him
"I can't tell you how happy I am to see you again. After all these years. What happened to you? What did the world do to you, Raging?"


"I hope you will get good use out of that."

"I merely wanted to make sure you are well. Your ambitions are for the good of us all, but do not let them consume you. I am certain Venia and Sunrise will both be happy to attend to you."


So was the 10+10 that got you Bearing to begin with.
Suck it down.
She pats your head
"Good. It just felt awfully spongy. I was afraid I might have…
…oh I shouldn't be such a worry wart. If you say it's fine, I trust you."
She then pulls you off her ear and plants a kiss on you before rolling you on your back
She giggles a little
"Oh you poor thing, all bandaged up and kicked around~ I should make you forget all the pain your life goes through."
"Well I asked the king for a mission that would take the rest of my life. I needed to get away from here and deal with my grief like I do.
So he sent me to find the Underkingdom, if it indeed existed.
Well, turns out it did. And they don't like ponies storming in and killing their door keepers. So after a bit of a kerfuffle I ended up as a miner. For a while. Then I broke my chains, broke my jailers, broke several walls, broke my own jaw on someone's face, and broke loose with several others."
"I know Sunrise is, if you know what I mean. How are things with that guard of yours anyway?"


"Heh, looks like they didn't count on somepony like you coming along. How long were you stuck?"
I giggle
"You really are something else, Raging. I missed you."


"Ahem. Venus? Well… same as always. I enjoy myself with her, and vice versa. Although, personally, I find her willingness to sacrifice herself for me.. troublesome. It would put me at much greater peace of mind if she were less… concerned about me. She just.. does so much for me. I feel an obligation to give her the best I can."


I just hope it didn't nearly kill me like the last time.
My dong is cutting it too near too many times.
Pls don't make me roll for how serious it is.
Roll over and let her work.
"Yeah, that would be cool…"
Also, '1d10' now that I've rolled over to notice anything strange on the rafters.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I lost count of how long I was down there. No sun to look at, no starts to watch. I had no sense of time.
How long was I gone, anyway?"
I won't make you roll.
I'll just roll it myself
The rafters are dark.
The king kicks your fake leg
"I think she feels guilty for a lot of things. That one among them."

Roll #1 4 = 4


How bad is it?


She gasps as you roll over
It's apparently bad enough to be clearly visible.


"It… It doesn't feel that bad…"
Alright I should probably stop this whole pain supression thing.


"IT LOOKS BAD AT LEAST! Oh no oh no… I didn't mean to! I swear I didn't!"


"Look it's nothing we can just…
Yeah maybe I should walk back to Doc. Again."
Get up and try to make my way there.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"About 7 years." Right?
I sigh
"After Mom died…"


"Well I'll be…"
"No. Stay there, I'll go get him!"
She pushes you down and rushes out the door.


Do I want to let her go alone?

Roll #0 4 = 4


Can I chase after her?

Roll #0 4 = 4




"True. But to give up her whole life? I wonder if she knows how much that worries me. I just want her, as she is, by my side as something to keep me warm when I am done being an unfeeling machine to work. I am tempted to have her dismissed, and hire another to guard me so I do not endanger her. But then, she would not be happy."


"Yep, that's a long time. So please, next time you go on a suicide mission, be sure to send us a postcard every so often so we know where you are."


she looks back in, with teary eyes
"Have you tried telling her that?"


"… Nothing. Doesn't matter."
Fall back on the bed.
Back in 20-30 minutes.


She rushes off to get the doctor
As you close your eyes you feel a faint touch on your body, but when you open your eyes there is nothing there.
She soon return with the doctor, who after a short examination puts a potion on the table and leaves, warning you to learn to be more careful. You may be looking at serious, permanent damage if this keeps up, young man.
He bursts into a laughter than ends in a violent cough resulting in a dark lump on the table after he is done hacking it out.
"Oh I've missed hearing some fresh jokes.
So tell me, does the king still sit on the throne or?"


"Not yet. she seems satisfied as it is, though. Either way, I should."


"That you should. Being official is one thing. Being cold is another entirely."


I cock my head
"Haven't you heard? King Goldenblood died. Frostmourn is King now."
I cough
"Of both Wintergrasp and Ironfoe."


"Aye. i just wondered where I may find him. As in, here or do I need to walk to Ironfoe just to talk to him?"


"Perhaps you are right. I can only hope she can handle this well enough."

"Do you have anything else you wish to discuss?"


"Just one"
He pulls out the Northern Regalia and points it at you
"What do you consider 'going too far'?"


"He's busy in the library right now, you might want to wait before seeing him. Why don't you rest a little first? Clear up your mind a bit and all that."


"You know… that isn't a bad idea. I think sleeping on something else than rock, bone and rotten meat for the first time in years will do me god.
Excuse me, young'ns"
He gets up and stumbles off to the barracks.


I smile as I watch him go, then turn to Anvil.
"Well… you're drunk."



Do not flinch.

"Doing something that shall harm the North more than any good it brings to it, like reckless military action. One must always remember one thing, that the country and the lives of its citizens are the personal property of no one, and none of us have any right to do anything with it that we are are not absolutely sure is in its best interests."


"Jusht a little. Why?"
"And what if I were to replace my armies with something that indeed was my personal property?"


"From how you describe it, I can see no downsides. Then again you are speaking of… necromancy, yes?"


I giggle and give him a small kiss
"No reason, sweetheart. Anything you want to do?"


"Not quite"
He moves his golem leg
"I'm talking about a golem legion."
"I could have one more~"


"If we are not using the lives of our citizens, then I see no downsides. Do explain further."


I roll my eyes and move in to kiss him again


He tastes like more than a few drinks.
"I meant the beer… but that was nice too~"
He has a stupid look on his face.
"My armour, as I told you, is a hollow golem with space for me inside it.
Golden Oats can produce a few of these things in a year. But if he were to have assistants and resources… I could have an entire honour guard, if not a whole army, of tireless stone and iron warriors."


"Okay, why don't we just go back home instead, hm?"


"B-but I still have half leeeeeft…"
He jiggles his mug.
It is empty.


"It's empty, silly."
Gently take the mug and put it on the bar
"Come on we should get to bed as well so we can rest."


"Oh okaaaaaay…"
He leans on you, faking to be in much worse condition than he is. Poorly.


"Tsk. Tsk."
Support him and take him along, back to our room


He slumps down on the bed and giggles a little
"Oh I'm just so happy to be home again…"


I jump in, lying down next to him and letting out a happy sigh
"Me too… As strange as that might sound."


"If we were to employ more workers, and perhaps Rockeye's technolgoy to improve them… you want to mass produce them, then?"


Okay what the actual fuck?
"Bearing, stay close…"
Inspect the room. Whatever touched me can't have left. Not without me noticing.

Roll #0 10 = 10


You find Peaches hiding under the bed.
She looks deeply embarrassed.
She silently pleads you to not pull her out
"Nothing strange about it. An adventure is fine, but nothing can beat the comfort of your own bed…"
"To a degree. For now, it all relies on Golden Oats. He can only work so much. And if he were to teach others… he could not work at all until they were ready to help him."


I move up and nuzzle his cheek
"And the comfort of a pony I love so very much…"


"That depends on how urgently we need them now. We should have him develop a few first ,sufficient for our needs now. Then, as we are using them to secure the rest of the Northlands, we can send him apprentices."

"Of course, there is ever the risk of Lordblades. Thorough background checks are advised."


Give her a death stare and slightly nod with my head for the Balcony door.
Then stay quiet and get back to Bearing.
"So, did you calm down?"
Hold her hooves.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


How did studying go?

Roll #0 8 = 8


"That is a vital part of it."
He puts a wing around you
"So, how did you like adventuring together?"
"Indeed. For now, I would be glad to just have a few at my bedside."
"I just feel a lot better knowing I didn't do any permanent damage…"
She kisses it to make it all better~
Then she shivers
"Did you open that balcony door? It's cold in here…"
Winterbreeze explained she has figured out a lot of key elements to tartarian summoning, but needs a host body. Preferably an undead one.


"I'll get that for you."
Flutter over and close the door behind Peaches. She should be able to make it back to her own room now.
Fly back to bed.
"Now you just gotta check a little better. I trust you better than Doc…"
Roll over and lie my head on a pillow, giving her a smile.


Need an undead…

Well fuck.

"Sorry breezy but I don't know where to find one.. is there something you wanted to do today?"

Roll #0 1 = 1


"I liked it! Just a shame things were so grim down there."


She gives a soft laugh and settles down before her studying material
"And here I thought you'd be too big and serious to play nurse…
So, where does it hurt?"
"Hm. Well it's clear you wanted more.
I was just… kinda. Oh forget it. I'll figure something out."
"We could just have walked in and killed things, taken our loot and left. Life is only as hard as you let it be…"


"Well that's not how I work."
I give him a look
"Neither do you, right?"


"I see. Just one more thing. I have some interest in being fitted for a golem limb. Is that possible?"


"Gee nurse Fruits, I really don't know! You should try rubbing on it, that will make me remember!"
Roll my eyes at her.


Ugh, stop that
"N-not that! What is it?"

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Hunting was a lot simpler than adventuring…"
"Certainly. Simply visit Ironfoe and speak to Golden Oats."
She frowns a little and pokes it dismissively
"I'm not too good at this roleplay stuff…"
She then brushes her face against it
"Anything specific you'd enjoy~?"
"Huh? Really? I… must say that's a little surprising from you. Not that I mind.
Still, you have big books on undeath right here with you. Surely there is info in there. And I though you knew a necromancer too?"


Rolling to enjoy her touch.
"You always seemed to know just what to do until now~"
Nudge my flank slowly, grinding against her face.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


So we're in Wintergrasp?

"Alright then. I will take my leave now. Be well."

I suppose I should visit Venus first, but,, hmmm. I think I'll just go to the library for now. Get my mind off things a bit.

Rolling to search for a book about pony psychology to boost AWIYE

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Aw I know it was, sweetie."
I push my hooves around his back and pull him closer, whispering
"We'll go hunting again some day soon, hopefully."


"Kilana? Uh, oh right.. yea. I'll see if she's around"
Look for her

Roll #0 1 = 1


[The Horse Whisperer - By Careless George]
She is a good cock sock. Warm and moist.
Paying careful attention to the bruised and cut parts, she carefully works her way around the entire package, doing all in her power to ease your pain.
Valeriana is though.
"Heh… yeah, that might be fun."
He caresses your flank
"I was afraid I might lose you down there."


She's more than that. She's Pumpkin's only anchor.
Once she's done, lift my head and look at her.
"Turn around~"

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


"Hey, I was afraid I'd lose you."
I sigh
"Gods know what I'd do without you…"


Horse.. whisperer? Interesting.

Read it.

Roll #0 1 = 1



GOD DAMN Reroll pls

Roll #0 8 = 8


"As you wish~"
Oh man.
Look at that 10/10.
And it's all yours.
"leave this frozen backwater, go adventuring, find new and exciting stallions to bed, settle down somewhere warm and nice, reflect on life and realize you still would much rather be in bed with me doing much happier things than thinking about death?"
This is a book about sappy love songs.
MANIPULATIVE sappy love songs.
You may add +1 to AWIYE rolls if you can word your command into a sappy love song snippet.


I guess it's time.
Slowly slide up towards her neck, playfully toying with her mane.
Then, slowly, firmly, horsedly, J-jam it in.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


I give him a look
"I don't think I'd survive losing you in the first place…"


And so it begins.
Quite frankly it's not as good as the foreplay.
It feels generic and empty.
He smacks you in the face with a pillow


"Nghhh… I'm not up to testing this on Venus…"

Find something more useful.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Ow! What's that for!"


It's not as painful at the foreplay, I'd say.
Spread my wings and use them to rub her sides. Her belly even, if they can go that low.
Then, go in for another kiss whilst keeping the movements up.

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


"Can we please not talk about how terrible it was if one of us died?
Apparently it's more to do with a few key words and rhymes.
+1 to AWIYE if the command rhymes.
That's better.
It really goes a long way to make you forget the pain of all the trauma you suffered. Just now, and before.
She happily meets your kiss while grinding against you to help you in deeper.


Hit him back with a pillow!
"You started it!"


Now, let's try this.
Fervor. Suck the kiss dry. Keep moving, increase the rhythm.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


"Rhythms… so they do influence the psyche. Interesting, yes."

Remember where that book is and… find Manifest Destiny. I'm a little apprehensive of bringing up something like this to Venus for now.


"Well now I'm stopping it!"
He fakes out another strike, then leaps in to kiss you instead
In your efforts to impress her, you pull it out and charge back in with a roar.
However, seeing a glinting eye in the window makes you misjudge your angle, causing you to slam into her back dropping both of you out of bed and onto the floor, you landing dick first before she falls on you.
The cleric is managing his chapel, dusting the candles and rearranging the seats.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I laugh and kiss him back
"Oh you…"


"Oh God… Are you allright?"
Count that 10 in meta as my damage roll. Just like you counted the 1 before.


"Mister Manifest Destiny. King Frostmourn has told me you know much of the surrounding lands, most notably for now Eaglecrest. May I ask you what you know?"


So be it.
"Yeah… I think you went a little overboard there. Wanna go again?"
"hehe… just trying to brighten the mood…"


"Certainly. What would you like to know?"


"Hey I still have a problem down here. Not backing away from a fight."
I. Will. Kill. Peaches.
Fly above her and give her one more embrace.
Then, roll her over. Right here on the floor.
And while looking her in the eyes, slide in.
"I love you."
Give her one more kiss.

Roll #0 10 = 10


+2 of course.


"As much as you do, preferably. Most importantly, how likely is it that they will accept King Frostmourn if he defeats Ebonreth via an apparent miracle that he may not be able to repeat in the future? Aside from that, what do they think of King Ebonreth? Will they easily accept a replacement?"


I put the pillow down again and rest my head on it.
"Well say what you want, but rescuing Raging and those slaves, killing that dragon and taking control of the Underkingdom was worth the effort. I'll have to visit the smith soon with some crystal slabs for that armor~"


Very cute of you.
And so they had cute horse sex, the details of which I leave to the player himself to wire for us if he desires.
Unless he wants to roll some more, in which case I'll get my beer.
"It is they way of Eaglecrest to follow the strongest. If they see their old leader fall, they will accept the winner as king unless there was evident cheating involved.
Such was the case with King Lodestone, who won his duel to become king with a crossbow bolt to the head. Thing is, he did not have a crossbow. So he was immediately challenged and killed in short order by one of the guards, who then became king."
"I can hardly wait to see you in it my love.
And yes. Quite an adventure it was. I'll remember it for all my life."


See, if this was later into the night, I'd.
But now, let's slip into the bliss of fading to black and timewarp to whenever the others are. Or to the morning after.


"And so will I…"
Cuddle him for a while '1d10' until I drift off to sleep.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Evident cheating… how often have cheaters been caught? And the guard challenged him, in the example you mentioned… if it was clear cheating was involved, but the King-to be proves himself in another fight, is he accepted?"


"That is the only remarkable case of evident cheating.
Then there was King Stompy Hooves the Weak, who was challenged right after winning, died, and then the new winner was challenged and killed, and so on and so on until they had had fourteen new kings inside an hour.
After that, a rule was imposed that a king cannot be challenged in the first ten days of his reign."
Welcome to next morning of sticky afterglow


I yawn as I wake up, getting out of bed and doing some morning stretching '1d10'

Anvil still sleeping?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Plant a kiss on her forehead, take one last gaze at her.
Can I assume while I was away I had someone take my daggers back to Ironfoe to fix the damages?
If so, slide them into my suit and get dressed.
Then, head out and knock at Peaches' room.
She's not still outside, right?

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"I see. Thank you. Aside from that… I intend to visit the Master's altar some time in the future. Do you have anything to say about that?"


He is.
You know he likes to sleep in late.
Nah. She went back to her pillow pile.
Indeed she is sleeping inside it.
"It will be a test of faith. That is all I can truly tell you."


Well I do not care.
"Wake up. Now. We have to talk."

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Faith in what? I do not subscribe to any deity, save perhaps the stars that watch us all and inscribe our fates. Does the Master wish me worship him?"


Well… I'll stick with him until he wakes up. I owe that much to him. Climb back into bed and snuggle up against him.


There is a light rustling in the pillow mountain.
She is awake but you may need to go in after her…
"Not worship. Have faith in."
He does eventually bother to wake up
"Goood morning dear~"


"Good morning, honey~ Did you sleep well?"


No. I mad.
Take a pillow from the top and throw it inside.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Yes. And I had the most wonderful dream
About you~"

Roll #1 1 = 1


She flings a pillow back out, hitting you in the junk. You are left helpless on the floor.
She has remarkable aim…


"Have faith in.. what aspect of him? His existence? I know that something of him exists, as I have seen it with you. What, then?"


I smile
"Do tell~"


"The master tests each of us in is own way.
Just remember that, when you face the altar."


Escape Artist back up.
"Why you… Come out now!"
Climb inside. I'll pull her out myself if I have to.

Roll #0 5 = 5


He grins
"That I woke up to my favourite thing in the world~"
This seems to be her home turf. You can feel probing hooves reach out and touch you as you scurry around the pillows, but you never seem to quite be able to grab them.


"I see…. thank you."

Maybe I'll finally go see Venus now but I must sleep, night DM


Oh c'mon she can't be an eldritich abomination.
Stop there, amidst the pillows.
"Can we talk at least?"


"Hah! You lewd bastard!"
Take my pillow and hit him on the head


she giggles and keep trying to grope you
"Why~ we're having so much fun~"
…I meant waking up to you you horny old goat!"
He gives you a lopsided grin and tries to sneak in a hit with his own pillow

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Because I didn't burst you out last night and now you owe me one, partner?"


I assume he failed miserably
"Really sneaky, sweetheart."
Slap his flank
"Truly, the greatest hunter of our time."


He groans
"I guess I've gotten fat and rusty…"
After a moment of silence Peaches climbs out of the pillows, onto your lap


"Now, you just have one shot at this. Explain."
Give her a stern look from under my eyepatch.


"Bah, that's what happens when all you fill your days with is pushing papers!"
Prod his belly with a hoof, how fat is he really?


"I just wanted to watch you in action… see a little of what I… assume… I could never have. You know. Fill an innocent fantasy…"
He looks more like a king than the hunter he once was. Eating well and sitting on his ass all day hasn't been kind to his muscles.


"No. I do not know about that kind of innocent fantasies. Also, I must applaud your stealth abilities.
Getting that touch in. Very classy. Did you masturbate to it too?"
Keep up the cold look.

Roll #0 9 = 9


I scrunch and shake my head in disapproval
"Look at you! You need to work out more, mister! And quick!"


Okay fine
Go find Venus


She blushes and tries to avoid your eyes
He stretches a little, wincing at suddenly tensing muscles he barely uses.
"Ow… ok I guess you do make a point. But how? I'm needed at the palace to manage the lives of Wintersgrasps's citizens."
She is taking a break from her training routine.
A nearby training dummy has a sword slammed through its head.


"Oh, looks like you're in quite the huddle. Wouldn't you like to cuddle?"


Roll #0 8 + 1 = 9


"Oh please, like you're the only one who can take care of that stuff! There's ponies who work for us, remember?"


Without even really thinking what she is doing she gets up and embraces you, ruffling your mane a little.


"… Nice going, partner. And to think I thought you'd have enough with sex, once getting some rest here."


"Oh, goodness, hahahaha…."

Hug her in turn.

On second thought emotional stuff isn't good for headaches. Night DM


"That is true, yes. I just thing that, as king, I should be the one responsible. You understand right?
…could you give me a little massage? I think my legs are cramping up…"
She groans and tries to bury her face in you
"Saying that really hurts… partner.
…this is different and you know it."
Good night


"You have to be responsible for the kingdom, yes, but not for everything! You also need to be responsible for your own body!"
Use my magic to massage him, loosen those muscles and all that. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I don't think he meant that muscle…
Not that he minds.


"I know this is only going to be the end of you. I told you already.
There's only one mare I love. And you shouldn't become obsessed over this.
There's plenty of nice stallions around."


Yeah, that'll have to wait. Let's get to work on his aching muscles first. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


She tries to sneak in some touchy feely
"I know… I just…
…where is the harm in just letting me dream?"
Much better.
He relaxes as you help his tense body unwind, undoing the cramps and knots of hours of uncomfortable sitting.
You can feel how much better he feels afterwards, as he almost deflates in front of you in bliss

Roll #1 7 = 7


Nice try but I'm a trained Northblade.
"There's plenty of harm. An obsession can drive ponies to ruin.
Why do you care so much anyway? You haven't seen me in years!"


I give him a kiss
"Anything for you, love. You deserve some unwinding after all that hard work."


"Maybe that's a part of it… Maybe my imagination has raised you onto a pedestal, I don't know! All I know is that last night… getting even that little peek… it was… magical to me."
"I really should learn to wake up earlier…"


I nod
"That you do. I just didn't want to wake you today because you have the cutest of snores."
I giggle

"You should eat healthier too!"


"But I like the food I eat…"


"Well then eat them in moderation! Gluttony and sloth are bad things!"


"Too much information partner. This is only going for a bad end.
I mean, you know I love her and that it'll never happen. So what, you plan on watching for ever and ever from the shadows?
That's going to drive you mad someday. And I care for you. I cannot let you do that."


Who the everloving fuck is that?

Roll #0 6 = 6


He groans again
"I know. I know… but they keep me happy~"
Shadow Song
She tries to pin you down
"Maybe it already has."

Roll #1 2 = 2


I try not to get pinned down, I guess.
"Then I cannot trust you anymore. Partner."

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9


However her battered, broken body is not strong enough to even push you over, leaving her little more than a sobbing pile on your lap.


Sigh loudly and start caressing her.
"Tell me how it was. After I left. Tell me about the orphanage and all."

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


"… And what about me? Don't I keep you happy?"


"Please don't send me away…
I just… I…
…well it doesn't matter if I say I love you. You already have somepony. And well…
…I just thought you might have deserved more…

Can you ever forgive me, partner?"
You keep your hooves on a very platonic level despite the best of her efforts to get them to slip somewhere indecent.
"…nothing changed. It was cold. In both spirit and in temperature. We stole to eat, some even had to kill to eat.
…and a few of them even tried to burn the place down.
I fled after that, and found Fourtones and his little town down below. He taught me how to pick pockets… and… other… things… and gave me shelter and food. All he asked in return was that I shared the money I made with the others. Like everyone down there did…"
"Of course you do, silly.
In many ways.
But a stallion has many kinds of needs…"
He ruffles your mane with his wing.


I sigh
"I don't ask for much Anvil. Just please try to eat at least somewhat healthier and in moderation, okay? And work out some. Stay in good shape and health so we may enjoy each other for a long time."


"For you dear-"
He pulls himself up and gives you a little kiss


I smile at him sweetly
"Thank you~"


"I want you to feel well. I want you to grow up healty and strong.
Look at me. You got it all mixed up. I'm nopony. A lost kid like you, that one day got lost even more and then beaten up and now kills ponies, because he can't do anything better, and hopes it'll all be for the greater good.
I'm nothing to love.
You on the other hoof. You endured the streets. You trained down there without a roof to go back to at night or somepony to give you true love and a warm smile.
You deserve better. So pick yourself up, clean up your face and go out there.
Breathe in the air of your hard work. Be proud of yourself and look forward, not to the past."




"So, before I go fill out some more papers, eat salad and lift weights, anything you'd like from me?"
Her eyes are red with tears
"A-are you telling me to go away?"


I think your chat with venia is done.


"No silly. I'm telling you to be proud of yourself."


I keep smiling
"I'm not sure, is there anything you'd like from me~?"


"You know…
…every time I had to… do it… with somepony I didn't like too much…
I tried imagining you. That made it feel better.
…Pumpkin, say what you will, but I will always look up to you. You saved me off the streets. You gave me a home and purpose. I am yours as a partner and more! I owe everything I have now to you and you alone!"
He grins
"Oh you know~"


I jump out of bed and pin him down with my telekinesis
"If you can escape my grasp and prove you're strong enough, I might just consider it~"


What do then


"You owe what you have to you and you alone. But if you want to think like this, no sense in keeping this discussion open. Now get dressed and follow me. We have to talk to the king."


"Ha! I may be fat but I'm not weak!"
Whatever you feel needs doing.
Prepare for the trip to the altar.
Chat with someone.
Sense the demon rituals being planned.
Whatever you feel is good.
She pushes herself against you one last time, and tries to sneak in a little nuzzle down south before getting out of the pillow pile.
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Try to make it less awkward for me.

Roll #1 1 - 1 = 0


Her touch seemed to arouse you a lot. Possibly as much as Bearing's. If not more.
And she noticed it. She noticed it well.
"…you know… maybe the king could wait… just a minute longer?"


I giggle
"Not bad, but not quite enough. Points for effort though."
I release him anyway, then jump back onto bed and crawl on top of him, sneaking in a kiss before VENIA'S HIDDEN TALENT SHOW
goes down '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Something simple?


Give her a cold stare of death with my one eye.
+1 because I'm a pirate.

Roll #0 1 + 1 = 2


And how it does indeed.
I don't think the king will be up for his paperwork for a moment longer…
"Every time dear… every time~"
You could check on your paladins and see how they fared during your absence.
Or talk to Frosty.
It comes off as a warm, inviting one.
She gasps in excitement and leaps on you, pushing you back into the pillows.
before you can so much as open your mouth in protest, she is already hungrily working her tongue on you.
"Oh Pumpkin… I don't care if this just a one time thing… you taste even better than I imagined~"


Escape Artist.




I lick my lips and crawl up on top of him, kissing him on the cheek
"I know how much you love it, honey~"


She stops shouting, covers her mouth and falls over, sobbing
"…lets just go… before I… hurt you more."
Southern Cross is drilling two of them.
"And this better be the last time I see you two SLEEPING ON DUTY! Another five laps! GO!"
"And for a good reason. That would be a power many would kill for.
I'm glad the one who possesses it is mine and mine alone~"


"What is your dream?"
Stend there. Cold and harsh.
Keep looking straithg at her.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Of course it is, only fitting for the best stallion a mare could hope for~"
I rest my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat


"Sleeping on duty?"
Look around
"Am I even at the right place? Are these my paladins?"


Your heart seems to be softening. That wasn't cold or harsh in the least. Indeed it was more pleading and apologetic.
Roll to keep it platonic.
"You know it is you… I want to be with you… I want to thank you… properly for everything! I want to be yours…"
It is strong and unyielding. Befitting his name.
He embraces your head and you just lie there for a while.
"Not yet m'lady. But they are strong candidates. Or so I thought.
They hail from Ironfoe."

Roll #1 5 = 5



"For WHAT? All I did was show up, slap shit all over your face, get you almost killed once, then literally almost-kill you again, and then a third time over!
You want to PROPERLY thank me you say?


I rest there for a while, enjoying the embrace until perking back up and looking at him with a coy smile.
"You know… I could use some attention too, I think~"


"Are they? Remember, you must be the best of the best. Can they even fight?"


She playfully slaps your flank
"No. For giving me a chance to earn a better place in life than the gutters below the slums of Wintersgrasp. For a bed in the palace. For a direction in life. And for… letting me see you again."
"Well, I guess I can't expect to get something for nothing."
He cracks his wings and wiggles his wingers
"Let's see what I have to work with~"
"Oh they fight well. Strong bodies, strong hearts. But they do tire faster than I like. A single sleepless night should not mean they can doze off the next day."


"What, all out of juice down there already? However are we going to start a family at this rate~?"


"And now you ask even more of me."


"Well well, you sound a little impatient.
And here I thought you liked these things~"
He slowly caresses you butt with his wing
"…and you hate me for it?"




"Depends how far you'll bring this."


"How do you suggest we fix their stamina?"


"Hm, what's the matter? Don't like it? How about this then?"
He flicks up your tail and starts moving his wing under it and I need more beer for this
"You know how far I'd take it if you let me…
…nopony needs to know. About us… about… what I do to you…
…you could say no… and just.. not fight back too hard~ Then it would be all my fault~"
"Well I thought a brisk jog would help for one. I'd join them but…"
He shakes his wounded leg


Keep a cold stare at her.
"We should go."

Roll #0 9 = 9


Just fade to black and roll
"I… I…"


…just a little bit more?
…even a hug?"
What, you got somewhere more important to go? Roll your own damn horse sex fade to black rolls if you want them
"Well, if you insist…"
He pulls the wings away, wiping the goo off them on your flank before sitting down by the bed
"Hop on."


Vanish. Throw her a pillow.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"A jog? Kindergarten of Sunlight? Is that what this becomes if I leave for a few?"


Well if you don't roll and fade to black then neither am I!
Do so.


She drops it and hangs her head low
"…I'm coming."
"Well excuse me for not threatening to cut their dicks off like your beloved captain would probably do. I believe strengthening the body required using the body, not idle mind games."
Suit yourself. You brought this upon the world, not I.
He sure feels big inside you…
After some squirming you can feel him poking at your insides.
Wight a grin, he starts moving up and down deep inside you.
Lets move the plot along

Roll #1 9, 4 = 13


Let her go on ahead. As she moves past me, ruffle her mane.
"Now, to the king."

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


Me!? You did! And yes, let's. I'm not drunk enough for this yet. What needs to be done by Venia though?
After all is said and done, I kiss anvil goodbye and clean myself up, then go pay a visit to Valeriana


"It worked, didn't it? And speak to me with this tone again and your privates WILL meet my hammer."


She sneaks in a quick kiss on the cheek and then walks silently.
You find the king on his way to his room.
"Well well, Pumpkin. What need do you have of me?"
The worst part is, Nylis and Verne are the ones I actually need.
Valeriana is still in her tower, looking rather displased
"I'd like to see you try. Empty threads are not very paladinlike. Neither is wanton cruelty to your subordinates."


"Valey, hey. What's wrong?"


"Mylord, there are a few questions concerning the Northblades that have to be attended.
First of all, the mapping of the underkingdom.
Then, the building of an HQ and new tunnels to allow fast and silent access to every part of the North.
And finally, the poor ponies of Wintergrasp.
And I just think I might have the solution."

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"And is speaking in that manner to your officer paladinlike?"


"My son. I know it's a bad habit watching him like this, but it looks more and more like he might be falling for that street girl."
"Do with those tunnels as you please. Just make sure the roads there are well kept. I intended them to become major transport roads for goods within the empire.
Now tell me of this plan of yours."
"Voicing one's concern for the quality of another's well being is. It is a sign of strength to cry out rather than to bow one's head and take whatever is given to them.
In the end, we are all ponies, equal before the sun, regardless of rank or birthright."


"Good God Valeriana. You remind me of my own mother from back when I was a filly and fell in love with a colt for the first time. Except this time it's with actual grown up ponies."


"There is a problem however.
…even I kinda like that street girl. She reminds me of myself."


"The underkingdom was filled with undeads and slaves once used as work force to mine the gems.
Wintergrasp shall use these gems and employ the poor as workers in the mines, giving them a fair pay and gaining huge profits from this, cutting poverty and filling the tresure at the same time.
Less criminals, more prosperity."


"Still, we can't allow them to remain like that. I will make them work for days if I must."


I sigh and facehoof
"Really, you should probably stop snooping like that. Pumpkin is an adult now! What happens in his private life is his own business! Believe me when I say that my mother's tendency to constantly butt into my privacy was one of her worst traits."


"I can hardly help it. As spymaster, I should keep tabs on everypony…"
"If you must. But if a reminded and a day of jogging does the trick, why go to such extremes?"
"Not a bad plan.
Do you have a location picked out for your base yet?"


"Yes. The old lair of the Dragon. But I fear I am no architect."


"Well stop getting worked up about it then. There's no sense in doing so."
I sigh and run a hoof through my mane
"Anyway, about that talk we had down in the Underkingdom…"


"That jog makes them good enough. My method makes them better."


"Well, neither am I. But some live in Wintersgrasp and a few more in Ironfoe.
Though the best… all reside in Timberjaw."
"What of it?"
"Do they?
Do they really?"


"And tell me, Oh my powerful king…"
"When will we march?"


I look at the floor
"Well are we still going to go through with what we decided?"


"Do they not? What if they have to track the Kidnapped King for days."


"We march to Rockeye when Verne is ready.
Then to Eaglecrest.
Then to Timberjaw.
You may begin your work with the Underkingdom as you please."
"Deary we said a lot of things down there.
Now, with clear heads and no fear of death, I think it's better we take a look at what was said and done, and decide with clarity of mind."
"Having them kill themselves training will not aid any more in that! I'm trying to work towards goals, not just throw them in the deep end of a lake and tell them to swim or die."


I look up at her
"Well I'm still as afraid to lose you right now than I was down there…"


"I'll task some ponies with the mapping work in the meanwhile. And get some structures done. I'll talk with Viceroy Unyielding for the details.
Oh, and one last thing Frosty-"
Move closer to him and whisper.
"I got a problem of… Different nature. Got some spare time?"


"If they would die from a nothing like that, are they worthy to be the elite of the Sun."


Well. What can I do to help then?"
"Certainly. What ails you?"
He rolls his eyes
"Potential wasted on a frivolous show of power. But do as you please, I get the feeling you'll just pull rank and do it anyway, seeing as you insist you know best."



"Lack of a friend, mostly."
Give him a shrug.
"Care for a walk?"


My ears perk up
"You know a spell for that stuff… don't you? Would it be too hard to teach?"


"So be it. Your call on this. You have one week before I test them. If they fail, you will bear the consequences."


He nods, places the box his was levitating on his back and starts walking
"Talk then."
"The art of resurrection? The basics are simple enough. But finding the strength of both will and magic to do it… not so much."
"What, you'll break off another of my legs? Make me scrub the latrines for a month? Just have me dive off a cliff and not let me back in until I climb back up?"


I nod
"Explain. You mentioned that it requires sacrificing a part of yourself before."


Nod for Peach to hold position and make sure she actually does so.
"Stallion stuff. My life got a whole lot more complicated since I went back to the lower city. Memories and stuff."

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Or take away your title. Make you go back wherever you came from."


"At its very simplest, all one needs to do is give up a part of their own life to restore a fraction of that of another. But to do so is not unlike suicide. You must kill a piece of your very spirit and let it pass on to the other. It leaves deep, eternal scars on you. On the inside."

"For not being able to go from a soldier to a top notch physical instructor in a week?
And what if I do manage? Will you spend a week in a frilly dress rather than armour?"


"This is not a bet. This is a task."


"But it could save somepony like you from death if the situation ever calls for it. A death that would leave scars on my anyway…"




"Elaborate. I know it has to do with that partner of yours but I am not privy to details."
"This is you butting your head into my task. But so be it. They will be trained and ready. And still able to stand by the end of it."
"There is another cost.
For you really do give up a part of your life. Use it too often.. and it will kill you all the same."


"Let's just say she's… More than happy to see me. And I don't know how to deal with her."


"… ah. I suppose that's no surprise. Still, I think sacrificing a part of yourself for somepony you care about is… noble to say the least."


"Have you considered using wings? I hear they are very dextrous."
"Noble, damning, unholy, call it what you will. It is dangerous and suicidal and not to be done lightly."


"Oh? Am I butting in? Is this order not the one I helped create? Did I not promote you to be a leader?"


"Of course, of course. Hell, my younger self would probably beat me if they knew. But I think I'm willing to take the risk if something were to happen to you… or Anvil. Or Frostmourn. Or anypony close to my heart…"


"Might I show you, my liege?"
Mock up a kneeling motion.
"This is not helping. I'm looking for something to cool myself down, not put more hay on the fire."


"I am not questioning any of that. What I am questioning is your out-of-nowhere micromanaging."

"Ah yes your wife. Indeed.
Well, I do say I had a very similar problem. Devoted to one mare, yet keen to try another.
And for a few moments I did fall. Then, overall, I did not let it harm me."
"So be it then.
But I can offer nothing but theory. The spell itself is too painful for me to even demonstrate, let alone ask you to try."


I nod
"That's all I could ever ask for!"
I smile and put a hoof around her.
"Thanks Valeriana. I appreciate it."


"Excuse me for not wanting the Sunguard to be slackers."


"I hope you get more out of it than I did.
…the knowledge that you could save one, but being forced to weigh if doing so is worth it… takes a heavy toll on the heart."
"Excuse me for wanting to be reasonable. I know that word's meaning is all but lost to you."


"Yeah, I still remember who bursted into that bedroom and told you the drinks were poisoned…"
Give him a smirk.


I nod slowly
"How did that go with Pumpkin? You know when he-… He wasn't even your pupil back then, was he?"


"That was not the end of it though.
In the end, as a parting gift, I did give her the one thing she had sought so hard in life.
And I do not regret doing so."
"No. But I saw hope in his small heart. Hope I had long lost myself. Hope I wanted to nurture and save…"


"You… Wha? I thought she had died in the explosion, that night. Kila always talked about it…"


"She did.
Did Kilana never tell you what happened to her spirit?"


I nod slowly
"I think I understand…

Well, looks like you made the right choice there."


"Not after the dagger, no."


"Keep insulting me and I am going to break your jaw. But fine then. Forget everything I said. Do it your way. Make the very order you serve in nothing but a mediocre group of sleepy guards."


"It seems so.
Well worth never getting to live to old age."
"My your duty to me, swear to never tell forth what I am about to say."
"Even with three legs I could still box you into a corner you hot-headed madmare. C'mon, give me your best shot!"
What's gotten into this guy…


"Well so be it. Let's do this thing."


"By my duty and our friendship, I never will."


"The longer the body has been dead, the greater the cost on you will be.
The exact method is down to the caster, but a part of one's soul must be killed off and removed from oneself, allowed to pass to the dead body.
And even then, if the sacrifice is not great enough, the spell may fail. Or even backfire."
"…ghosts can give really nice kisses."


Empower weapon on my hoof.
Break his jaw.

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


I cock an eyebrow
"Backfire? How exactly? How do you know how much you need to sacrifice?"


Think about this.
"I guess a wise king knows when to give in…"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Your blow connects, sending him to the floor as his bad leg gives way.
As he spits out some blood he sighs sadly
"Heated. Violent. Short sighted…
…I had hoped I was wrong about you. But now it really seems you are little more than a petty bully, easily goaded and swift to anger…
…I used to respect you a lot."
"If not enough life is returned… the dead may come back only in part. They minds may be lost, or some of their body may rot away within days as if it were dead…"
"Not even a wise king. A pony with a heart."


Bow down.
"I will think about this. Or maybe I already have. You are a good friend Frosty. I only hope my blade will be enough to repay you someday."
Go back and pick up Peaches.
Then, Look for Valeriana.


"Oh… that's… bad. Okay, duly noted. What more?"


"Nothing much I can say.
Just… don't think what you'll look like with a grey mane if you ever do use it. I hear it takes years off the end of your life."
She is probably in her tower
Peaches gives you a quizzical smile
"The king seems like a nice guy… hard to believe he'd leave hundreds to rot in the gutters…"


"He's been king for only a few weeks and has already done more than the old king ever did.
And you heard us back there. Every last one of them will have a job now. Hard to find a better solution."
Make my way there. I overheard something last night. Something scary.


"Wonderful… I wish I could actually practice this thing but… yeah. Not going to happen. Thanks Valeriana! Hopefully I'll never have to use it…"


"I did warn you. You just failed to listen."
My tone shifts to angrier than before.
"Do you think I need you being a smartass right now?! Where were you when a redeemable soul was almost executed?! What did you do for his starving family? What did you do while I risked my life in those blasted tunnels freeing innocent slaves?! Or fighting that dragon? You sure weren't guarding Frostmourn since he was there!"


Looks like Venia is here too!
"Let us hope so. Night protect you."
"I stood guard over the king until I was dismissed. Then I walked to Ironfoe to scour it for recruits. I drilled and tested them there. Then had them marched here for further trials.
Captain Celaire himself took over from me, and when I reunited with him, he said the king was most pleased with is but wanted to travel alone for the sake of swiftness."
He gets up, still bleeding from his mouth


Did I hear the end of their conversation?
"What were you talking about?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


I give her a final parting hug and turn to leave, nodding at Pumpkin and Peaches with a smile.
"Pumpkin. Peaches."

I chuckle and ruffle his mane
"I'll leave you to your business."
Leave the tower. Let's go find… Frostmourn or Sunrise


"I warned you. But if you are so upset about your own hearing problems and stupidity, fine."
Raise my head and shoulders proudly.
"Return the blow."


You heard all of the end.
A paladin does not seek vengeance or wanton harm.
That is not the way of the sun."
The king has settled in his room. Sunrise is with him.
The Undercrown sits on a dresser.


Knock on the door and enter, bowing.
"My King and Queen, I hope I'm not interrupting anything."


Give her a nod.
Turn to Valeriana.
"You were talking about resurrection, weren't you?"


"No, not really"
"Not yet at least"
"Quite. What is on your mind, old friend?"
"That I was. A dark art if there ever was one."


"And about that 'taking years off' thing?"
Move closer to her, ask in a low voice.
"How… How much did I cost?"


"Just wondering what your plans are for the Underkingdom… aside from using it as a means of traveling undetected."


"Then make an exception and show me you are not just a smack talking cripple."


"What good is a code of honour if one can simply forsake it and make exceptions when one pleases?
Perhaps it would do you good to remember you are more than some brute who does her daily quota of nice things then goes to merrily crack heads.
You are an Ascendant. You above all should understand that random acts of violence, deep seeded grudges and petty squabbles ending in blood are wrong.
I really though you a better pony than you are proving yourself to be.
Sometimes I wonder if the things I said to you earlier were more true than I ever thought…
…now please excuse me. Paladin or not, this bone fragment is very painful and I need to get it treated.
Recruits, take five after the laps."
He limps out to see the doctor, giving you a disappointed look as he goes.
"I lost my ability to walk to your crazy schemes. I don't harbor a grudge. But never so much as think of talking to me about sacrifice"
"I will give the Northblades a place to dwell down there. And build some housing for the new miners."
"I cannot know.
Possibly as much as you will live."


I nod approvingly
"Perfect! I'd like crystal slabs so I can let the smith craft me a set of crystal armor."


Go home.
Ditch my armor and hammer in a corner.
Go to that cliff and sit down.


"… Right. You are still in time to teach me that arrow thing. Might always come in handy.
Anyway. I talked with the king. We have open use of the Underking, and found a solution for the poor. I hope."
Motion to Peach.
"You are free to go now. I don't think there's any more work for the day."
After she's gone, back to Valeriana.
"Master, I'm deeply sorry for my conduct in the tunnels. The shock had the better of me. I feared for those close to me."
Then, look her in the eyes.
"Mother, I'm sorry for disappointing you."


"Then they shall be yours. You may ask a few of the guards to get a few any time you want. I had some already bring most of the treasures in the dragon chamber to my vaults."
It is dark out by now.
The pale moon casts long shadows.
You are alone.
She put a hoof on your head
"What do you think of that girl, Peaches? Be open. I won't judge."


That means I can cry now.


"I feel sad for her. She has been through much. And… She is strong, but could lose herself easily."
Lower my gaze towards the ground.
"And I fear I've become to her what Ilistar was to you."


I clop my forehooves together excitedly
"Great! I've wanted a set of crystal armor ever since I-"
I look at the both of them and grin sheepishly
"Actually… I wont hold you up any longer. Um… have fun!"
Bow again and take my leave


Only the moon is there to see it
The moon and the shadows it casts
What you do with the words planted in your heart is down to you and you alone.
Valeriana flinches a little
"That must be why… she reminded me so of my younger self."
They both smile and wave good bye to you as you close the door.


Anvil is busy, Valeriana is busy, Radiant is busy, Frostmourn and Sunrise are busy…
Well, might as well go find some guards right now then.


"What should I do? Take her in, give her a family?
You are the one who's been through this…"
Move close to her, stand by her side and slightly jerk my head, leaning it against her.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


You find a pair of guard playing dice by a side gate
"Good day, ma'am."
"Pleasure to see you here."
She pulls you in closer.
The masks are off. This is no mission. She can be a pony again. And a mother.
"Listen… you have seen how I miss the love Ilistar gave me.
…do you think she, too, deserves a shot at that?"


"Good morning fellows, mind doing a quick fetching task for me? I need some crystal slabs from the Underkingdom to build a set of armor with."


"I am a failure. I cannot even stick to my own ideals… I am unworthy of the Sun… unworthy of life as a Paladin…"


"Nopony does."
Just stay here for a while.
"What if… What if he came with us? Just like that.
We are there, fighting off in some dark forest, and then I just yell 'Hey dad, wanna join us? We got cookies!'.
And he actually does."
Snuggle a bit and close my eyes as my voice trails off.
"That would be so cool…"


"If one talking down from me was enough to make you think that, then you are possibly more right than you dare admit."
Those uneven steps are hard to mistake.
Southern Cross followed you. Not that it was hard with all the tracks you left in the snow.
"Certainly. We'll go to the vault keeper right away"
"Care for a round of virgin's dice first?"
"For a Lordblade to betray his lord… his land… his home and all who look up to him…
…that would take some deep love indeed…"
You are reminded of Waymarker, who is still in the dungeons.


I cock an eyebrow with a smile
"I beg your pardon?"


"A simple game really. You roll the dice and try to get doubles. Bonus points if you can guess what doubles you get."
"Good for passing the time. We don't usually make bets though. We just play for laughs."


So much to do so little time. I should go see radiant first, she'll need help with putting those diamond dogs to rest.


"If there's somepony he'd it for, that's you."
Kiss her on the cheek.
Stay with her all the time she needs.
Then, yeah, follow the voice in my head and go find Waymarker.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


I wipe away my tears and turn to face him.
"There is more to it than that… but what does a mindless brute like me know…"


I chuckle.
"Maybe some other time. I need to visit somepony first. When you get those slabs, deliver them to the Smithy, okay?"


Kinda way past that point by now. Most of the others are several days past the Underkindgom by now.
Also Radiant is a little busy with a moment of self discovery.
"Just remember… everypony is entitled to change their mind, if their heart truly demands it, are they not?"
Waymarker is silently resting. Not asleep. Just motionless and tired.
You can see the outlines of bones through his thin skin. The chains have worn deep wounds on his limbs. His eyes are sunken and his lips are dry. Tears have worn and stained the coat on his cheeks.
He looks very gaunt and defeated.
"Some say a mind too small for doubt is blessed.
But if you think talking will help you find your path better… then I will listen. As a paladin should."
You can see his jaw is swollen and lopsided…
"Will do ma'am"
"We'll get right to it."
They pack up the dice and head to the vaults.


Stand silently watching him.
"I'm sorry it came to this."


Right. Go find Doc Doc. I want to visit that mare with the broken back. Windy Hills was her name right?


Oh, okay then.. I'll just go see embers then.


"I am sorry for hitting you… with my violent outbursts I might as well be a follower of destruction…I even cursed a weapon recently… I am anything but a good example of a Paladin… how could I even try to train a group of them?"


"Why would you be sorry? Because you've ran out of things to take from me?"
That it was.
She is in the infirmary, with several of the other worse off slaves.
He is taking some notes, studying a model skeleton
"Kilana! It's been a while. How goes life?"
"A paladin requires a strong body, a strong heart, a strong mind and above all a strong heart.
…three out of four isn't all bad.
But I do fear you may not be officer material. Those outbursts are not becoming of you in the least, and imparting them on recruits… even less so.
Tell me Radiant - is there something that ails you?"


Go sit by her bed.
"Hello there."


"Things are going well, We've recovered something great from the underkingdom.. I thought you might like the chance to study it with me." I smile and show him the scythe.


"Because we are killing each other over an idea.
Over a possibility.
Something too far from us to be worth spilling blood over."
Lay in front of the cell.
"Can I ask you a few… Personal questions? No shouting, no orders, no threats this time."


"Yes. Uncertainty. About my past. About who I really am. And you are right, I better just leave Celaire and you two in charge… seems like I am unfit to be anything but a blunt weapon."


"Oh hey. You know… if I could do anything more to thank you for saving me.. I would."
"GREAT HEAVENS! What is that!? It… RADIATES death."
"I guess that's all you have left to pry out of me.
You've already taken from me my mission, my honour, my home and my pride. Why not take everything else too. Not like I can ever go back now, the filthy broken traitor you made me into…"


I hold up a hoof and shake my head
"There's no need for that. You've proven yourself more than enough already. And it hurts me to see a mare as brave as yourself wounded like this."


"If that is the conclusion your faith has brought you to, I am nopony to argue.
And of what consequence is your past? Is it not more important who you are in the here and now? What good you can do, rather than what good you have done or could have done?"
"Hey, at least I'm alive right?
…I guess there won't be a statue though"
She gives a little laugh


"I don't know. Maybe after this is over we'll give you a medal, a pat on the back and send you in a big nice house under the shadow of the new Imperial palace in Equestria.
It's all about how they surrender, you know?"
Motion one of the guards over.
"An apple, would you?"


"Its a tool that focuses necromancy, but we're not sure about much else. Its amazing isn't it.. " I stare at it for a moment. "You're the best one I know at research.. so, what do you say?"


The guard brings you an apple
"Go ahead. Mock my home all you want. If that is what brings warmth to that icy abyss your kind has for a heart, go ahead. Indulge on it."
"Well it certainly is a tool of a necromancer. Old too. The wood alone looks ancient, and the wear of the metal implies centuries of age."


"What of evil I might have done? What if I am a traitor?"


I shake my head
"As far as I'm concerned, every pony that suffered down there should be given a statue. You even more so, even though we ended up taking a different path than originally intended."


Toss him the apple.
"I'm sorry for how they are treating you in here. They should really give you more food.
And no, I don't want to mock you. I respect all those who fight for what they believe in.
That's why I'm here. Can you tell me about… Ilistar?"


"You can tell all that by just looking?" rolling to see if I notice anything he didn't.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Does it matter? Would it matter if I told you I was a convicted criminal before joining the guard and the warriors? Would that lessen the good I have done here?"
"If anypony, give it to Raging… he is the one who deserves it.
Did you know him from before? You seemed to be close. Was he a relative? Uncle perhaps?"
He rolls the apple idly
"I could kill three ponies with this…
…but I ill have the strength. Of body or of will."
He sighs and takes a bite
"As for master Ilistar… what is there to say that would do him honour? He was very personal friends with some of the blades. I was not among that chosen elite, but I heard stories.
Lady Valeriana was his everything. In her, he had a reason to take off the mask. A reason to be a pony. He did go to the high class balls and parties to represent his house, but he never liked it. He was a sophisticated pony, but also a killer. And a lover.
…He had great hopes for his child. And it was a deep blow to him when that child was lost. Or so I heard.
As for how he was as a blade… he was as cold as the steel in his hooves. Merciless and efficient. When he put on the mask he left behind all that made him pony. He became a single purpose, ready to kill anyone and anything for the mission."
You can tell the runework was made in one go by a single engraver, and that several parts like the rosaries and bone fetishes were added in later.


"… He is just like I imagined."


"Not in the past. Right now…"
sleep after next post


I shake my head
"No… He's an old friend of mine. And he was real close to my mother too. He actually left us on his own accord, years ago after my mother passed away. I never thought I'd see him alive again…"
I smile
"I should have known better, he's not the type of pony to just lie down and allow himself to die."


"With all these runes, and extra parts added later.. It must have some kind of powerful boost to necromancy. Since it was made by the underking, I doubt its in any books. Ah, should we go about giving it field tests or simply document the various parts?" I ask embers.


"My words do not do him justice. I can only tell what I have been told. Those who knew him in person would probably have much better words to say of him…"
He finishes the apple and rolls the core to you
"…I don't want to keep it. I'd just try killing someone. Probably myself.
…Why do you even keep me alive, Swansong? What good does it bring you, beyond laughing at my misery and beating a beaten foe? What twisted joy do you get from this?"
"Only your heart can truly tell you if you have betrayed the ideals you sought to live by. Nopony can help you with that."
"I'll say… Supposedly he fought the slavers and the undead for years down there, raiding patrols and freeing the living, taking them to safety in his hideout."
"Field test? As in raising the dead?"


"I'm not so surprised. Like I said, that stallion has an iron will."
I look her over for a bit
"What about you? How long were you down there?"


"Because we don't kill without reason, Marker. I don't. And sure as tartarus, even in that position, I'd not lose hope.
We got your letter across. Deleted the message about my mother, kept the rest.
But I have to ask. Was she even real?"


"Yes, or just talking to them. Is there any old wizard you always wanted to talk to buried nearby?"


"I have no idea… no sun to look at messes with your sense of time. Not like I could guess from sleep either. I napped when the dead would stop dragging me…"
"She was as real as you and I. So was my love for her.
Why? Did you think Equestrians cannot love the same as you? Or do you simply not understand the idea of love as a concept?
As for me and my position… there is nothing left. I have allowed myself to be broken. I have betrayed the teachings of the Lordblades. I am a traitor. Worthless and unwanted. I can never go back. And even if I did… and somehow was forgiven… I have given away too much to you. I have doomed hundreds to die by your cold hooves. Their blood is on me…"
he weakly pulls on one of the chains, then winces as the cold iron bites into the wound it has worn on his hoof
"None that I know of, no. How about you? The power of this thing seems remarkable. It could possibly even tough long dead spirits."


I sigh and shake my head
"You poor thing… I wish we could have ended your suffering sooner…"
I give her a sad look
"What about before? You mentioned being from the South. From Equestria."


"Then what, you just want to stop believing? Stop caring?
If there's something I understand it's the concept of love. That's why I had your letter sent. That's why I'm here now, trying to understand Ilistar. Trying to understand you."


"I can't think of anyone in particular.. An old king might have some insight on the current situation of the north, or an old mage might know some secret that is worth knowing.. would that be good?"


"Yeah. Kind of a broken family. Dad wanted me to be a soldier. Mom got sick and died. A few big arguments later I packed up and left adventuring. To find a place in life and a handsome husband.
…that was really stupid, wasn't it?"
"What is there left to understand? I've betrayed my master, my lords, my home, my faith, my vows, everything I had.
I have nothing left. Nothing to go back to. Nothing to look forward to.
All I have any more are these stones and the stains I've left on them.
…I can't even look forward to death."
"No old friends? Well, I guess we could ask the king or something if he had ideas."


Narrow my eye at him, then turn around and look at the guards.
"Guards. Bring me bandages, a sponge and a bucket of water. And Alcohol, of good quality."


"Old friends.." I pause and look at my old staff, but then back at him and shake my head. "That's not a good test, I've already able to talk to the recently dead.. "


The guard hesitates a little, but then salutes and leaves.
"Are you trying to bribe me, or just embalm me a little before you raise me like you did with Hailstone?"
"What about those who have been dead for years?
Look I'm just throwing mud at a wall to see if any sticks."


I snort.
"You say that but… My parents were adventurers as well. They traveled to the farthest reaches of the known world and back, helping out and working for ponies along the way. I was born in the south too, on the road in Gods know where."
I look down at the ground sadly
"My father died just a few months after I got my cutie mark. We eventually wound up here in the North and settled down in Wintergrasp. Mother died a few years after that. But… I did find myself a nice stallion. And now I'm the vice Queen. I suppose life is just strange like that."


"I don't know any necromancy, if you are asking. The King loathes it. And no, I don't want to bribe you. I know it wouldn't work for me.
But I don't have the heart to leave you in chains like that.
Of course I can see how normal ponies would not dare enter this cell."
Remove all my weapons and equipment. Everything, and leave it outside the cell.


"Oh.. so you don't know much about necromancy at all then? even a few decades is still fairly simple, with this, I think we might be able to go farther back, to those dead for hundreds maybe even thousands of years.."


"Guess so.
That's quite a life story. Too bad I'll never have one as impressive."
"Tell me, why do you trust me so much? You are clearly a valuable target. I could snap my own leg bone through the skin and shank you in the throat with it. What makes you think I won't do so?"
"I'm a doctor, not a deathcaster. I know nothing of necromancy beyond that it exists."


Did they bring that stuff already?


The guard just got back now with the stuff you wanted


"Well you're a damned hero in my books, Windy Hills. The others feel the same too. Say, aside from that statue… and the stallion… is there anything else you've always wanted in life?"


Leave the bucket and bottle of alcohol outside, just beside the cell.
Turn to a guard.
"Don't open unless I say so. No matter what he does."
Walk inside and have the guard close the door behind me.


"Well, you're still the best at researching, Thanks for your help so far, I'll go do some field tests on my own, necromancy can be dangerous I wouldn't want you to get hurt. " I smile and go off to the oldest grave site or tomb around.


"Not really. I'm only seventeen. What else is there?"
She may have been seventeen when she went down into those caves. She sure isn't any more…
The guard does as requested.
Waymarker does not move.
There is the tomb of kings if you want to risk defiling that.


Dip the sponge in the water and start washing him.
Be careful about it.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Can I make a rough estimate of how old she is?
"Hm… maybe… I might have an idea. I think you'd like it too. Though I'll need to do some asking around first."


Maybe not, perhaps something in less important to our kingdom.. Maybe some old ruins or something in the forest?

Roll #0 6 = 6


The cuts on him open up more from the rough sponge, and you can feel the few muscles that have not atrophied from inactivity are knotted and stiff.
Yet he does not even have the will to complain.
She might be turning twenty soonish. Or maybe the work just made her look older than she really is…
"What do you have in mind?"
Well there is the Lordblade Valeriana threw off a cliff years ago.
And well, old-ass woodland creatures.


Once I'm done cleaning, signal the guard to move the bucket and sponge away.
"Now comes the good part."
Take the alcohol bottle.


Well, I don't particularly want to mess with that old lord blade, he's probably still angry. I'll try to raise an old ass woodland creature with the scythe.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"I hope you get your kicks out of whatever effects the poison you put in here has on me."
He grabs the bottle with his teeth and drinks it down, then sets it down gently
"My brain is telling me to smash the bottle and kill you with it.
…My heart is telling me to say thanks."


"I hope your earth keeps being in charge then, because I'm about to do something everyone else would call stupid."
Undo his biddings.
"I have to disinfect your wounds."


His hoof instinctively twitches towards the bottle, but he stops it and presents it to you silently.
You awaken the ancient bear lord.


Starts passing alcohol on the wounds.
Try to do as good a job as I can.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Whoa.." can I learn anything from communing with him?

Roll #0 10 = 10


It tells you of the existence of a forbidden art called Bear Lore, but can say no more before its soul is consumed in fire.
The rot and blood mix and flow onto you as he stares you with dead cold eyes
"I have been kind enough not to kill you. Now tell me. Why are you doing this?"


"I don't want to get your hopes up but… maybe we could fix that back of yours."




"For you. For me. Because I want to understand."
Once I'm done, dress the wound.
"I'll have to ask a real doc to see those. You promise not to kill him?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


This headache is kicking my ass.


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