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18.000 posts passed

Our heroes have reached the Underkingdom.
Cassit, the necromancer who agreed to aid them in overthrowing the Underking, fiddles with his fingers.
"If there is anything you wish to ask from me, now is the time. I fear the deeper we go, the more we will need to focus on survival rather than pleasant chatter."


"About what you said earlier… You can't keep anypony down here who's alive as slaves."


"Any indication on the powers of the Underking?"


"Then I'll use this moment to make it clear that we will save every single innocent pony locked up in this cave of doom."


"I am in agreement with you and Lady Radiant on this, but the main mission is to kill the Underking. We will have time to save them once he is dealt with."


"Regarding this.. is it at all viable to save them before we remove the Underking? Will they be capable of helping us? If not, we should go straight to the Underking and free the slaves AFTER that. Do you have a plan of any sort?"


"The dog said that they are uncapable of fighting. In that case, we should kill the Underking first, and then free the slaves."


"Please remember what you said. We cannot afford another disaster."


I snarl.
"That won't happen again…"


"I doubt the few we'll be able to save will be capable of helping us in combat. We'll go straight to the Underking from here, but every living pony we come across along the way will be freed from their shackles."


"I have no particular desire to. The living are insolent. Weak. Poor workers. But I will not go out to seek them out from among the dead. If you wish to do so, I will permit you."
"His powers are notable. Incredible even. For one, I know he shares his mind to all those who die here. He sees as they see. He hears as they hear. And he knows as they know."
Valeriana listens intently
"…I know this power."
Cassit shrugs
"If you so wish. Leave the dead and dying to me. I will need them."
"I would suggest we hurry to the king.
As said, he sees and knows all here. If we are discovered, it becomes only a question of time until he sends all too many to swarm us.
My magic can keep his eye averted, but it will not last forever, and cannot be cast without sacrifice."


Turn to Valeriana
"What are we facing?"
Nod to the dog I'm ready to move on.


"Then I will. and I warn you, do not try to trick us."


"Tch. You risk us being discovered the more we disturb. This is an infiltration. What are we going to do if they find evidence of us being here when they find the freed ponies? What if they are killed for breaking out? And if we take them with us, I ask you, how much are we risking?"

"A.. hive mind? If we are discovered, would we gain anything from exorcising his undead minions?"


"I gain nothing from tricking you. I wish the crown upon my brow, and the dead at my command. I have no use for the living, other than to make them dead as well."
Her eyes flicker momentarily with magic
"I believe the Underking uses much the same powers as I. Though his minions, unlike mine, are not born from him but are simply others he has raised and imposed his will and possession upon."
Cassit takes a look at his scythe and runs a finger across it
"A little. For each undead we break, he loses a pair of eyes and ears. Shattering the magic that binds them to him would even be enough.
And… as risky as it is… I could attempt to force my will upon them as well, and challenge the king's rule from within."



I kick at the dirt on the ground.
"In that case we should stop lollygagging and go take out this Underking already. Each second these ponies suffer is a second too much."


"They could easily turn against us. I don't want to walk around in hostile territory and constantly glance back to when will whe Underking take them back to have them attack us."


"If we do battle with the Underking, you can try that once he is weakened enough, to minimize the risk."

"We need to come up with a proper plan first. If we do not, they will be here forever with our corpses."


"He's got nothing on you."
Give a smile from under my mask.
Turn to Cassit.
"I'd rather not risk losing you to the Underking, let's have that as last resort. Ready to move as you see fit."


"Dispose of his guards then kill him. It's not that hard."


The mare you saved earlier looks up
"I-If I may?"
He leans back against the cold stone wall
"…perhaps. I know not if I can truly overpower him. But I know he is not ay his full power. Not without his dear scythe."


"Not like we can plan all that much. We're on completely foreign terrain deep inside hostile territory. We'll just have to move quickly and take him out before they have a chance at trying to recover or consolidate his minions."

I look at her and nod.


"I was thinking more 'sneak behind him and stab him four times in a row' kind of tactic."
"And exactly how did you manage to steal it from him?"


"In this case, that could work too."



Rolling to not stare at her in utter horror and realise what a liability we have brought with is '1d10'

To the mare
"Yes? Please speak."

And to Cassit
"How about you attempt to take over at a certain threshold, once we weaken him enough?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


He grips the scythe, cradling it a little
"I tore it from his icy grasp at the day of my banishment.
Forgive me if I did not tell you the full truth when we first met. But I did not dare truly say who, and what, I was back then."
The mare points outside
"Some of the still living have broken loose of their bindings. We know the king does not see all. His eyes wander. And in those short moments of blindness, many learned to slip away.
A group of them is said to be barricaded inside another collapsed area like this. They are not many in number. A dozen maybe. But their leader is a strong pony who has kept them alive this far. I hoped to one day join them. When I got a chance.
That hope is what kept he alive this long."
Cassit sighs
"We ill have time for rescue missions.
Once we reach the throne, I can get rid of the king with relative ease.
The problem is, I cannot impose my will over his elite. Those are the ones he will refuse to relinquish. Almost any other, I can at least try."


"So what, you were his viceroy or something?
And shouldn't the undead crumble once we kill him?"


"A strong will can do wonders, but we need able fighters now. Unless they are exactly that, they will have to wait just a bit longer."

Turn to Cassit.
"What is this elite you speak of?"


To the mare.
"So you are saying that those who have escaped know how to navigate these tunnels undetected? If you have any idea where they are, we can locate them and enlist their assistance."

And to Cassit
"You may as well tell us the short version. You might be in a position know something more useful."


"Do you think they could aid us in this battle?"


"That's risky. They will probably be injuried and ill-fed, too weak to hold their own. Asking them to fight would just be sending them to the slaughter."


"That's why I asked first."


"I was not so much his viceroy, as his heir of sorts. Not a son, more of a prized student. But we grew distant. We did not see eye to eye, and over time came to the verge of blows over our differences.
Then… I made a mistake… no. Not a mistake. A decision. That was too much for him to take."
He turns to look at Twofingers for a moment
"…and with that, he cast me out. Saying I was not worthy of the time he spent on me.
Enraged, I tore his scythe from his hold paw and wounded him, before fleeing, the elite at my heels.
And then I found you. And a chance at revenge."
Cassit looks up
"The Deathguard are the Underking's personal protectors. They share their wills with him, and are bound to him in life and beyond.
As far as I know, they cannot be killed. Only broken."
The mare nods
"Some of them are big. Strong too.
But they are also cold, hungry and afraid. Without arms or armour, their hopes of fighting their way out are next to none. But they know the ways here. And they would be willing to give everything to see the Underking laid to rest."


"Then we can take a few as guides. I you have any idea where they hide, we should leave now."


"Know that our help will come to a price. But we'll talk later."
Turn to the mare.
"We have a guide already. I don't want to risk any more ponies on this."
To the others.
"We should call a vote."


"Our guide is injured and a liability. We can drop her off at the hideout and swap in one of them."


"Of course they can be killed. They are simply undead."


"Maybe we can take a few along then to act as guides then… and leave you to their care. You've suffered enough already…"
I turn to Cassit
"Are you good enough of a guide or should we risk the lives of some other ponies to guide us as well?"


"I'm not talking about the mare."
Point at Cassit.


"He said his knowledge may be outdated. It is likely the Underking could expect his estranged heir to return for him, especially if he detected intruders just now."


"This is why I'm calling for a vote. It's a detour that might pay off."


"A vote? No vote. We go there, deliver the mare, ask one of them to come along to act as a guide and go take out the Underking, that simple."


Cassit lets out a hollow laugh
"If only they were.
If only they were…"
"I care little for the lives of the dying. Call me cold and cruel if you wish, but it simply is how it is. Take them if your sentimentality so demands. If nothing else, their bodies will serve to soften the blows of those who will assail us."
The mare nods
"I would be at much greater peace knowing you at least gave them a chance. Though I have not met him in person, I have heard stories of the deeds Raging Storm has done for those trapped here."


"Why, what are they?"


I choke
"What did you just say? Raging Storm?"


"You are ignoring the risk of finding them."
"Right… No idea where they might be?"
"Wasn't he…"


"Raging Storm.. Raging Storm…?"


I raise an eyebrow.


"Old captain of the guards. Very close to Venia's mother."


I bite my lower lip and nod weakly

"A friend of my mother…"


"We will save him."
Turn to Cassit.
"We have to find these ponies. The situation just got complicated."


Unyielding almost tosses the mare off his back when he jump up
"The absolute products of centuries of necromantic research. Not living, but not undead either. Their bodies are as cold as the dead, but their minds as sharp as the living. And through their connecting to the Underking, they may re-knit their forms when broken and slain."
Valeriana's eyes sharpen
"…yes. Exactly."
Unyielding shows no signs of calming down


"Unyielding focus. We are going for him."


"I… that… We will find them then."

"Don't worry, we'll help him, and the other ponies too."

To Cassit.
"Yes, but what are they? Do they look like ponies? Diamond Dogs?"

I think back to what I remembered recently.
"Are they… abominations stiched together from the dead?"


"Sweetheart, calm down! We'll find him!"
I grit my teeth
"We have to."

I nod solemnly


"Viceroy Unyielding, calm yourself! We will be departing for that as soon as we have our doubts cleared!
'1d10' to Inspire

"And… is there a reliable counter for these undead? As long as we pulverize the bones with a blessed weapon?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


Cassit grins
"A little this. A little that.
Though at birth, I think they were all dogs.
And I would not say stitched. Stitches are for skin and flesh. I doubt the Deathguard have any of either left."


"We may as well move now. We can update our information with the escapees and form a proper plan."

I'm ready to go.


Sight beyond Sight, scan for them!

Roll #0 1 = 1


I poke a hoof in his side.
"Don't do anything rash now, remember where we are Anvil."

Turn to Cassit and the mare.
"Let's go find this group now."


"We shall go then. Just calm. Down."

To Cassit as we prepare to move out.
"Are they just a heap of bones then?"


Cassit scrambles up
"We'll talk more once we get to them! The Underking has somehow seen through my cloak spell! We must get out NOW!"


"He can make a link through my lenses! Move! Fast!"
Can we move now?


I'm already ready to leave.


"Lead, we'll follow!"


Get my weapon ready.
"Lead the way!"


Cassit and Twofingers push out of the entry hole and into the corridor
Unyielding follows, with the mare shouting directions
"The story I was told is the living are hiding among the trees. I never figured out what it meant exactly."
Cassit snaps his fingers, to the visible annoyance of Twofingers.
"Brilliant. No wonder the king never found you. They must be below the old forest. Those roots were an endless problem to the mineshafts there! We gave up on the whole place after weekly cave ins cost us too much time and resources! Hurry!"


"You know the way there, so let's go!"
Follow them


Hurry, shall we?
Keep close to them, Stealth.

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6


"Right behind you!"


"Then hurry! We'll surely find our way!"


Roll #0 3 = 3


Unyielding takes the front alongside Cassit
"Where is it!?"
The dog points a finger down the tunnel
"First we must exit this branch of the tunnels, to reach one of the main roads. A short way down it is a crossroads that leads to several places. Among those, is the branch that lead to beneath the old forest. If we can make it that far, the patrol will no longer be a problem. but the main road is heavily used.
…there are two other options as well. Possibly three.
We may immediately cross and leave the main road, and use the winding side branches to reach our destination. This will take more time, but we will meet less patrols.
Or, we may return outside, kill the guards at another entrance and return down here closer to our goal.
Or we may resurface, go to the old wood, and attempt to dig down to them."


"We don't have the luxury of time. Whichever way is shortest, even if we have to fight."




"That will cost us time, Lady Radiant."


"The guards should already know we are here. How much resistance are we expected to meet on the fastest possible route?"


"Less time than doing loops."


"The choice is yours, I can follow any road from the shadows without beign seen. Just make it quick."


"At worst, he will have sent guards to protect the miners. He does not know who we are. He simply knows we are here. If we can get the guards separated from the main road, and fight somewhere out of sight, I can blind the king to our identities. He will see nothing more than a flittering chaos in his eyes before it all goes dark.
…but even blind, they are still strong."


"I can do that. I can lure the guards into an ambush, if you find the right place."


"Not all of us can hide in the dark like you. We need a route that fits everypony."

"And if he knew who we were?"


"We'll have to do this one way or the other!"


"If he can see my face and heart, know that you need not await reaching his throne to see the Deathguard.
This scythe is why he can not reach his fullest power against us. He is reduced to using an inferior catalyst to guide his power. He is angry. I can sense it. Because this thing yearns to return to him as much as he wishes it returned."
"Perfect. We shall make our way to the main road, and scout out any possible hiding places. If I remember things correctly, there is a branch wide enough to engage them in not far from this one."
"Then let us take them out swiftly and make our way to these living."

You emerge from the side tunnel into a raised area. Before you is a winding slope leading to a wide underground road. Dozens of blind undead march down in to both direction, many pulling heavy carts of gems and crystals. In the distance, you can see a patrol of armed diamond dogs. Cassit was right. The Underking has sent out hunters.


"Get in position and just give me a sign."
Am I still stealthed?


I lower my voice, and keep low.
"Can't we just destroy this scythe?"


Stay low.
"You have the initiative, Cassit. Anvil, please make sure you keep that mare out of the battle."


"Hopefully, we can kill them before they can alert anything else… I and Venus will provide support."


Cassit grasps it firmly and brings it closer to his body, shielding it from you
"Try it, and you join the ranks of my diggers."
You find a good hiding point among the support structures, allowing you to move unseen.
Cassit motions everyone else to follow, dashing down the slope and rushing past some undead workers.
A few of them turn to look as they hear him, but most just stare blankly.
He soon darts up another slope, jamming the scythe between the doors at the top and pushing it open.
"In here!"


Follow him, but then keep questioning.
"It seems that we are just carrying a threat with us in that weapon. Why is it so important to you?"


Get in position above the guards or at least close to them but still keeping on eye on the group, wait for Cassit's sign.


Follow him in!


"I would not expect you to understand. But there is a deep spiritual connection between it and me. It has drank my blood and I have been touched by its power.
It is more than a tool or a weapon. It is the key to everything I have held important in life. Well, half of it anyway.
It is the key to my destiny."
Cassit scrapes a rough rune on the floor of the tunnel with his scythe, then motions to Twofingers.
She steps back, looking unwilling, but a low growl from Cassit convinces her to place her paw on the rune.
"Now stay still. You know I need to do this."
"I know I know… I still don't like being a blood bucket to you. We used to have more between us you know."
"I know. But as you may recall, going back to those times is a little hard for me."
It seems he is almost set.
There are three guards and what looks like some kind of officer.
They are clad in crystal armour, and wear skulls as helmets.


Nod to Peaches.


Fall on the officer.
Backstab with the four hidden blades. +2 to every attack.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8



Roll #1 6, 7, 10, 7 = 30


"And what is your destiny then?"


Wait for now.


Let's just wait and see what happens for now, sticking close to Anvil and Valeriana If she's even around


"I will surpass death itself."
With a blank expression he slams his scythe through Twofingers' hand, allowing the blood to seep into the rune
She suppresses a scream of pain as the rune glows brightly. After he removes the blade, she retracts her paw, and wraps it up in bandages.
"It is done."
You fall down upon the officer, slamming all your four blades into him, bleeding their divine energies into his body, which cracks and bleeds, smouldering and weeping fire and bile as you slash through him.
In a blast of energy, his body splits apart, showering you in gore.
The other guards turn to you.
Backstab does not work with Dual Wielding. Just a reminder. Dual Wielding is a skill in itself, not a passive.


Throw some of the gore in their eyes, Blind.
Peaches uses Inspire.
Heroism still up.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Roll #1 8 = 8


"We have this! Go, go!"
Inspire '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Can I reach Pumpkin from here? If so try and put a Protective Bubble around him '1d10'

If not I just heal Twofingers

Roll #1 9 = 9


Am I close enough to dive in and help him fight?


In some distant realm beyond reality, gods above all watch and laugh. Pride is the first step on the path to destruction.
You throw chunks of blood at the eyes of the guards. However, they do not need eyes to see. They are guided by the eternal will of the Underking.
Surprised by this setback, you take a step back, slip on some guts and fall. Before you can get up, a crushing blow from the maul of a guard smashes you in the face, leaving you helpless and unconscious, as well as cracking the lenses on your mask in some cruel twist of irony.
Verne and Peaches do manage to put on an impressive rallying call, giving the part +2 to their rolls.
Save for Pumpkin, who was out cold and did not hear it.
He is out in the main road.
You may rush out there to put the bubble on him if you wish, but the plan was to draw the battle to you, not to take it to them.
Your call.
Same as Venia. You CAN rush out there, but you risk getting more attention drawn to you.


Yeah, but the plan didn't have Pumpkin getting himself killed.

Fervor, charge out and cleave the guards!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Escape artist.
Get the fuck up and run towards the others.


Sounds like he could use a hoof. Rush out and use Heal on him this turn! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3



"No! Damn it… "
"Stay calm! Do not panic!"


Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


As Pumpkin hops up to face down the guards, he is unexpectedly blindsides by Radiant, who screaming in rage cleaves a wide swath across the undead, missing all of them save for Pumpkin, sending him flying into Peaches, who crashes down on Radiant, resulting in all three ending up helpless.
Your words help keep everyone calm, and give one more +1 as the Heroism effect ends.
You may heal one of them. Pick.


Stand the fuck up


"Damnit I told you to stay put!"
Vanish, Backstab another guard.
Peaches uses Improvise, Inspire.

Roll #0 4 + 3 = 7

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5



Roll you piece of fucking shit

Roll #1 4 = 4


Radiant knows Heal as well! Heal her! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Wait I fucked up.
Ea to get up from helpless, then keep going as stated there, Peaches roll is to get up.


There goes our plan.

Keep inspiring!

"Venus. you may have to intervene. Wait until I say so…"

Roll #0 7 + 1 = 8


I'm not sure what part of "helpless" you failed the understand.
Regardless, you stagger up, while Peaches is still out of breath.
I'm also fairly sure Escape Artist has a cooldown.
A bit of partnership goes a long way.
Radiant gets up and is back to full hits.
She nods.
You keep the +1 bonus active.


Divine Protection or what's it's name.
Blast one of the guards or something, I'll critfail it anyway

Roll #1 10 = 10


Then do it now.
Vanish, Backstab one of the guards as Peaches tries to get up.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4

Roll #1 2 = 2


Charge in and Blast one of the guards

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Excellent work! We can make this fast!"

Keep up the +1

Roll #0 7 + 1 = 8


You draw upon your inner fire, casting aside pain, fear and doubt. You are an unbreakable bulwark. A beacon of light in this realm of death.
You are Radiant Dawn. And death itself will one day remember your name.
You vanish behind a guard, but the undead react faster than you expect, one of the guards smashing you with the haft of their hammer, leaving you with a bloodied face.
It is much better than Peaches though, who screams as a heavy hammer smashes over her ribs with a loud squish and crack.
You rush in to protect your friends, bringing your hammer down on the foes, tapping into your nearly forgotten paladin side. The divine blast strikes the guards aside, leaving the one you struck helpless, and wounding the others.
Your words fill the hearts of the others with hope.
Victory can be yours!
+1 to all rolls

Cassit seems to be panicking


Oh fuck. Help her up.

Roll #0 4 + 1 = 5


Bolster on Peaches

Power Attack another guard.

Roll #1 2 = 2


She tries to get up too.

Roll #0 10 + 1 = 11


Use my Warhammer to finish the guard I just struck helpless.


Roll #0 6 = 6


"W-what? Damn it, Venus, you need to stay…"


Roll #0 8 + 1 = 9


She gets up, spitting out some blood.
Stop trying to use two skills in a single turn.
A guard slams you across the head with his hammer, but you stand firm. Were it not for your firm faith, that blow would have left you a wrecked husk on the floor.
You crush the head of the undead dog, sundering the spell that connected it to the Underking.
Onwards, one and all.
To war and victory!
+1 to rolls

Two guards remain.
What are you, little intruders?
"Avert your eyes, king Perce. There is nothing here for you to see…"
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Cassit maintains the spell. The Underking's eyes cannot see you.


I thought Bolster was an instant.
Anyway, Cleave again

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Time to end this."
Backstab one of the two guards.

Peaches stays put.
"Heal her!"

Roll #0 6 + 3 = 9



Heal Peaches

Roll #0 7 = 7


Well look at me not knowing my own game. So it is.
You then proceed to smash the two remaining guards back with your hammer, its blessing cracking their undead bodies.
You dash behind one of the guards as they reel from Radiant's crushing blow, catching them in the back with your blessed blade.
The divine energies course into the undead, weakening his bindings and causing him to fall over helplessly
You heal the wounds on Peaches, reaching into her with your magic and setting her broken bones back in place.


Electric Magic Bolt if they try to get up, get back to Cassit in the others if they don't

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


If I'm still in a good position, backstab the second too.
Otherwise use Shatter on it.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


Well, last time I learned that touch of death is utterly useless here and the undead are uncontrollable. I'll hang back with Cassit for this turn. "What can he see?"


Your combined assault leaves the remaining guards helpless and ready to be finished off.
Cassit is breathing heavily.
"This was nearly a disaster…
The king is strong, and blinding him is hard, at least alone.
…you are a necromancer too, child. Tell me, do you believe you could help me with the spell next time?"


Finish them off, Blast.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Kill both.
"This was stupid an.."
How badly wounded am I?
Take off the mask and recount the damages.
"Venia please… Some help here."


I nod "I can lend you a hoof with that.. "


Heal him. Mend him if needed even.

"Come on, let's get back to Cassit!"

Roll #0 6 = 6


"You really shouldn't have come after me…"


I'll just be waiting back and hugging Venus in relief.


You kill the guards with Pumpkin, but can see one of their eyes roll to look at you with a vile glow.
What manner of being are you?
The lenses of the mask are cracked and useless.
However, after some healing, the young blade is fine.
Cassit twitches his ears, grabs Twofingers and plants her back on the rune, slashing her with the scythe to make her bleed a little into it
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Copy his spell!

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Good job everypony. Especially you Cassit."
Heal Twofingers again.
"And you too. Thank you for your offerings."

Roll #0 10 = 10


Check on Peaches.
"How are you holding up?"


Step on it without a word.


It lets out a meaty squish as it bursts beneath your step.
Cassit relaxes
"Good. It still holds. We are safe, for now."
Twofingers cradles her mangled arm as you heal it
"…I do not like doing this."
"Not well, but I'll endure…"


"This was a mess. Now let's go before he tries to find us again!"


"It's a first for me too. Too messy, too many ponies in here. I hope nothing's broken?"
Go back into the shadows and be ready to move.

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10


"I'd offer my own blood if I actually trusted necromancy… I promise you'll be rewarded for all your spilled blood."

"We took care of that pretty swiftly, I think we did well. Do you need another healing spell, Peaches?"


"Are you sure we should go now?"

Roll #0 9 = 9


"I'm pretty sure a lot is. But it's on its way to healing."
You return to the safety of the support structures
She sighs
"It is the debt I owe him. I won't try running from it."
Peaches shakes her head
"I'll manage."

Cassit runs his finger along the rune, then looks out back into the main tunnel
"I managed to blind the king this far. We should have a good chance of making it without any more trouble."


"Then lead the way! The sooner we find those ponies the better!"


"Please proceed. We must hurry."


Just stay hidden and ready to move.
Can I still see normally through the lenses or do I have to take the mask off?


"If you don't mind me asking, why do you owe him a debt?"


You can break the lenses off entirely if you want unencumbered vision without tossing the mask.
She displays her hands
"The Underking has his own thoughts on punishing those who fail him.
And well… for me it cost my hands. For Cassit… it cost much more. And in many ways, it was all my fault. So now I serve him, hoping he can one day forgive me."
Cassit motions you all to follow
"Do not touch the patrols. Even fi you see living among them, do not stop. Do not attack. Do not speak. He knows we still live. He is curious now.
Let us hope he remains curious rather than furious. Or worse yet, afraid.
Our next checkpoint is the side branch that leads to the tunnel beneath the woods."


It defeats the purpouse of eye protection. Switch it with Peaches mask, she didn't like it anyway.
Scout the road the others will take remaining hidden.


"Fine…. but we'll get the living afterwards! Now let's get a move on!"


I nod slowly
"I think I'm starting to see the picture here… Either way, your help is much appreciated. Believe me."
Go walk besides Valeriana, speaking quietly
"Did you know? About Raging I mean?"


Alright, moving on then. "Cassit.. what is the price you paid?"

Roll #0 1 = 1


He looks at you with eyes as empty as the void beyond death
"Pray I never permit you to find out"
You can hear some noise coming from the side corridor with some roots poking out of it.
It must be your destination.
Valeriana silently moves along.
"I was not certain. I knew he had gone to find this place, but that was all. I had no idea he was here."
She then hops along the wall up to the rafter to join pumpkin.


Explore it.


Stare right back at him, now I just have to know. "Tell me, with some study we might be able to undo it. "

Roll #0 3 = 3


The area is badly caved in, with heavy roots growing around the rocks. You can hear battle raging in the tunnel, and moving in deeper you spot a barricade built from roots, crates, mine carts and rocks being hacked apart by undead ponies, dogs, and… some sort of bone golem.


Can I determine the sturdiness of the barricade?


"Child, if any amount of study could rebuild a torn body and soul, I would long since have studied it."
Twofingers whispers to you
"He's a little sensitive about it… maybe we can talk when things are less heated."
It holds for now.
However, it will probably not last forever, while the undead so no sign of slowing down.


Hm. Keep walking alongside Anvil.


About how many undead?


Do we see this as well?


Go back to the others.
"They are under attack, too many to fight off, but they are safe for now."


"What!? We have to help them!"


"And what if we can't get to the Underking in time and they die?"


"Hold on, best course of action would be to evacuate them. There are just too many."


"Can we aid them?"


Five ponies
Two guards
And the construct
But pumpkin does tell you.

Cassit leans on his scythe
"Leave them to die. They will be a good distraction to the king's eye."
Unyielding almost punches him


"I'm with Unyielding on this one. We can handle a few more undead to get some allies."


"They are not in immediate danger. Valeriana was scouting ahead, I wonder if she has found another entrance."
"We are going in, but we need a plan first."


"Like hay we're going to just let them die!"



"Normally I would agree, but the situation has changed. Their rescue is of utmost importance now, and we will need a plan. Is there a vantage point we can safely imitate from?"


She returns shortly
"There is no direct exit to the surface there. They are trapped. I give them an hour at most."


"Then we flank the undead. Corner them, and crush them."


Turn to Cirrus.
"Letting them die is not an option. What can you tell us about the golem? How long can you keep the Underking off our backs if we have to fight?"


>safely initiate from.

"Not enough time, and we cannot risk them. We must fight off the undead now."


"That makes our plan very simple: We take out the undead and rescue these ponies."


I meant Cassit.


…by grand Grogar… he has sent one of them…
Friends. We can NOT go there. That is one of the Deathguard. If it sees me, we are all doomed!"


"Stop cowering and explain."


"Then stay hidden until we get rid of it."


"You may hide. For now, you need to explain everything you know."


"What will happen to you?"


"It is of the Deathguard. It may as well be the damned king himself. If I go anywhere near it, he will sense me. Find me. See me. And come for me."
he hugs the scythe tightly
"Very well. Perhaps with enough runes, I can mask myself for long enough, though know this.
If you engage it, the king will know you are here. There will be no more element of surprise. He will be waiting.
The Deathguard are constructs of bone and magic. They will pull themselves together if broken, and share their minds and senses with eachother and the king.
I was cast out before learning how he makes them, but I am smart enough to make an educated guess. They are likely built around inscribed cores bound with necromantic magic.
I have never seen one die, but if I were to make a guess… I'd say your best chances are holy weapons, spellbreaking and trying to wrestle control from the king.
If you can weaken his link to the king, he can no longer regenerate."


Dig a damn tunnel across the hall and leading outside. Let's leave them with an empty room!"


Do I remember fighting a certain bone dragon and how we killed that?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Give me a few weeks and I'll see what I can do."
Oh yes.
One can hardly forget facing down such a force of destruction


"No more surprise?"
"How long till we get to the Underking?"



"Could we teleport inside?"
I miss Nylis now.


I raise a hoof.
"Wait! Wait that made me remember! Back in my homelands, I fought a Bone Dragon once! It was a vile undead creature held together by magic runes! It was fierce and powerful, but once we smashed the runes that held it together it came apart!"


"Could you point us to the runes?"


"So be it then."

Are our weapons still blessed?


"Unless he has closed off the route, a few miles down the main road and then down into the throne room."
"Perhaps. Then you'd be trapped in there with them. What of it?
You do realize there is hundreds of meters of ice and rock between us and the surface, right?"
They are
"Huh? I always thought the underking developed these things… how could your old homeland have access to them?"


"They were having a sickly green glow to them. Most of them were concentrated around the joints of their limbs, spine, and head."

Try to recall the memories the Touch of Death resurfaced.
"It was… I think a pony called Reanimator. He and his abomination of an assistant were making flesh golems and resurrecting these bone creatures."


"If the runes are in the core it will be hard to erase them.. "


"Why did you not tell us that, then?"
Go back to observing them if I'm still stealthed.
Can I notice the runes?
"Got it. Will see if I can do something about them."


You can notice parts of it give off a glow. Those are likely the points containing the runes. Most of them act as joints for its limbs.


Go back.
"I think I have a plan.
I'll drop in behind the golem and run the blessed blades on the runes. With some help from Peaches, only a disaster might let me fail."



"Sounds good."
Ready my warhammer


"Want me to serve as crowd control against the lesser undead once you are in?"


Nod to her.
"Yes, I do expect all of you to help. They are too many for me."
Get in position.


Just a slight note: it was more than four runes. It even has more than four limbs.
"I have never heard of this 'Reanimator'. Perhaps great minds simply think alike."


How many glowing spots could I see?


One at the base of each three necks
One at the shoulder of each four arms.
One in the spine.
One on each knee
One on the tail.


Quietly wish I brought a bow or crossbow with me, or even learned to use one


Turn to the others.
"I'll dislodge the heads and the spine, but that's about all I can get before he realizes I'm there. You'll have to rush in and help keep the others at bay."

Also, can't Valeriana use her 50+ shadows to do it?


"I'll try to keep the others off of you."



Time to dive.

Peaches uses Improvise and Heroism.

Touch with my hidden blades the runes on the various heads and on the spine of the monster.
'r2 4d10'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5 / Roll #2 4, 1, 10, 10 = 25


I nod.
"I've got spellbreaking and shield spells, as well as my blessed warhammer. I'm ready."

I look at Anvil.
"Watch and learn, sweetheart."



"I will support however I can, even if only morally. I'll try to look out for opportunities. Venus, on my word, alright?"


You leap down from the roots above the undead, slashing with your blades.
The Deathguard twists one of its three heads around to look at you. Your knives sing into the rune at the base of its leftmost neck, cracking it and causing it to dim, making the neck slow down visibly and almost stop moving.
It then reaches up with two of its four arms, grasping you and crushing the life out of you. Its grip is incredibly powerful, and even through you fight to hold yourself together, you feel your mind go fuzzy before a wave of pain washes over you as it slams you against the ground and stomps on your prone form.
The two guards stop hacking at the barricade and turn to face you.
You are helpless and outnumbered. The undead slaves are still breaking through.

Cassit hears the roar and finished drawing the final runes on the floor.
He then motions Twofingers to come closer. She hesitates, looking at the number and size of the runes…


Fucking Escape Artist! Attack the runes again!

Peaches uses Inspire!

Roll #0 8, 5, 4, 4 = 21


Inspire roll.
Heroism Still up.

Roll #0 6 = 6




Roll #0 10 = 10


Divine Protection, Fervor, Cleave the guards!

"Someone get that thing!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Leap in use Spellbreaker on one of those runes!

Roll #0 6 = 6


inspire the others since I'm useless in this fight

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


Your haphazard attacking at entirely random parts of the enemy leads to little more than a series of near misses from your foes. The heroic words of Peaches must have much to do with this.
You do finally manage to land a slash on the cracked neck rune, causing it to bleed out more magic. It seems the shell was protecting the bound spell within, and it is now open to breaking.
Your advice is well received, granting everyone a massive +2 boost for the next tu- oh wait no. +1 because of Kilana.
You smash into the two guards, forcing both of them back with a mighty blow from your hammer
You focus your counterspell on the broken rune, making it shut down and shatter. The light in the eyes of the third head dies out, and the neck crumbles.
You are useless here too. In case you forgot, Cassit suggested trying to wrestle command of the lesser undead while the kings focus is elsewhere.
Or you could raise one of the dead guards from back there.
In any case, -1 to you for being a pessimist.

Ten runes remain on the Deathguard.
It reaches out to the side and grabs two battle axes that were by the wall.
Two guards join it.
Five undead are breaking the barrier.
Rolling for damage to the barrier /100

Cassit slams Twofingers down on the runes against her will
"You owe me much more than your blood. Now stay! This will hurt."
He begins cutting into her to get blood into the runes.

Roll #1 2, 1, 8, 4, 3 = 18


Blast one of the guards!

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"All going smoothly so far! Continue! And Kilana, assist Cassit!"

Keep up the inspiring! +2 because both Peaces and me, right?

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


Very well.
Heroism still up.
backstab the inside of the golem.
+4 because both Peaches and Verne.

Roll #0 1 + 4 = 5


Right, Spellbiter should give me another +1. Seeing how Spellbreak is recharging, I Blast another runey part of the golem with my blessed warhammer!

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


Inspire roll.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


Maybe I can raise an undead that will listen to me?
Raise ancients

Roll #0 4 + 1 = 5


Your blow sends him flying, the massive wave of energy sending him in a arch into the back wall of the tunnel.
He staggers up weakly.
Inspired as you may be, diving headfirst at the Deathguard is not a good plan.
The immense construct grabs your hoof, crushing its marshmallowy flesh in its deathly grip, breaking the hidden blade you wore.
It then heaves you over its head, slamming you into the rocks hard enough to break the floor a little, before delivering a massive overhead strike with its axe.
You are not entirely certain you want to inspect what part of you exactly made that sound, but it reminded you of what it might sound like if someone dropped a deep fried watermelon from a castle tower onto a jagged rock. Crunchy, wet and devastating.
Regardless, you are helpless.
Though not particularly ancient, you raise a dead dragon.
Well, a baby anyway. It does not look particularly lethal…
You smash the runestone at the base of the tail, causing it to crack ever so slightly. You then dodge under a blow from the construct's axes and prepare for another go.

One guard is almost helpless.
Another still stands
Ten runes remain, one of which is slightly damaged.
Five undead continue breaking the barrier.
Rolling for damage /82

Short pause before I can reply again, taking a shower.

Roll #1 1, 4, 10, 6, 9 = 30



"Venus, move in and get Pumpkin out."

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6


Okay, need to sleep now


"Someone help him up! I have to keep these at bay for you to fight that abomination!"

Power Attack on the near helpless one!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Electric Energy Orb on those Undead!

Roll #0 10 + 3 = 13


pull pumpkin out of there.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Right, try to stand up. Just… Not on what's left of the leg.
Use the wings.
Peaches keeps the Inspire up

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9

Roll #1 1 = 1


It deflects your blow with its own hammer, leaving you both to stagger a little but suffer no real harm.
Your inspiring words give the party another +1 to rolls.
Venus goes to aid Pumpkin With Kilana >>255998
Getting him to safety
You may inspect the damage to you at any time by rolling.
Until you do, -1 to all rolls due to general aftershock of pain.
Also Peaches gets a very similar treatment, after the construct realizes where she is hiding.
The wet noise made by her flesh does little to aid the party's morale, and all rolls are at -1
Amidst the chaos, pain and terror, within a vein of the frozen heart of death, stands a beacon of hope. Daughter. Lover. Fiance. Adventurer. Paladin. Friend. But above all - a mage.
You step forth, charging your horn with immense power, generating a barely contained, pulsing orb of plasma that screams out for release.
And release is exactly what it shall have.
In a bright flash rivaling the birth of a star, the sphere explodes upon the undead slaves, annihilating flesh, bone and fur, leaving three as nothing more than charred, broken bones, and paralyzing the two others.

Valeriana joins the fray, seeing her son in such bad shape.
She lands a swift shot into the head of the undead guard facing Radiant, killing it where it stands.

Ten runes remain on the construct.
One guard remains.
Two paralyzed undead remain.

No further damage is done to the barrier this turn.


"Valeriana! Cower me and take out the other guard!"

Blast the spine-rune of the abomination!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Yeah right.
Roll to inspect damage.
"Somepony get her!"
Roll for Peaches to wake up.
Now I have to go. Don't kill me RNG.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Roll #1 2 = 2


Spellbreaker is recharged! Use it on one of those runes on the golem!

Roll #0 2 = 2


"M-miss Venia! Yes! Follow her lead! Her magic will surely aid us!"
Keep up the inspire!

And now I'll actually go to bed

Roll #0 5 = 5


This little dragon probably can do something.. make it attack the construct that is on peaches.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"As you wish!"
Three arrows strike into the undead, followed by a glowing one trailing faint smoke trails.
The undead staggers, then kneels
Valeriana lands behind it
"You will belongs to me now. SERVE."
While you stare at this little spectacle, the construct steps on you, crushing you underfoot.
You take a look at yourself, realizing your eyesight seem to have taken a beating. However all your limbs still function, even if you now have a blind spot.
Peaches twitches a little. You can see she has a massive wound on her.
None of the runes are damaged enough to be breakable!
You barely manage to avoid a devastating hit from the construct.
Unyielding charges in to aid you
You send the small dragon at the construct. It climbs up its arm and starts clawing at the rune on its shoulder.

The two undead continue breaking the barrier
Rolling for damage /53

Ten runes remain.
Valeriana and Unyielding have joined the battle.

Roll #1 2, 3 = 5


Divine Wrath to get it away from me, if I'm too helpless to do that then stand up!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Blast one of those runes then!

Roll #0 7 = 7


finally something listens to me, keep going little guy, eventually the rune will come off.

Roll #0 7 = 7


The construct tries to stomp you again, but you roll out of the way.
Valeriana sends the guard she dominated to break the tail rune, while she herself tries to help you up
You join the guard in the attack, cracking the rune's covering.
It keeps clawing and punching at the shoulder, causing the rune to fracture slightly

Unyielding charges in to finish up the tail rune
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 6, 4 = 10 / Roll #2 6 = 6


The combined assault breaks the tail rune open. It can now be spellbroken.

However Radiant is too fat for Valeriana to lift.


Can I Bolster myself to stand up and attack immediately with a Blast?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Have the dragon bite the should rune once more.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Spellbreaker is still recharging, as is Blast. So I go with a Power Attack with my warhammer to the spine!

Roll #0 3 = 3


You manage the "getting up" part.
As Venia charges the spine, she gets a face full of bony dragon as the construct picks it up and throws it at her.
She is beginning to feel really hurt and might fall over soon.

Valeriana focuses her attack on the spine along with that of her minion
Unyielding tries to crack the neck rune by climbing up the tail of the construct.
'r2 1d10+1'

Forgot to roll barrier damage last round

One rune is open to breaking
The neck and spine runes are still holding

Roll #1 7, 6 = 13 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9


Through that barrage, the Spine rune cracks notably, and bleeds magical energy.
The neck rune suffers some damage as well.

Barrier damage /48

Roll #1 6, 1, 1, 8 = 16


Divine Protection, Fervor, Power attack the spine!

Roll #1 7 = 7


I can keep going! Finish the Neck rune with Blast!

Roll #0 4 = 4


Well, I guess it couldn't do much after all. Inspire the others with a song about holy power.

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


And what a song it is.
Even here in this desecrated infernal place, you assure them there is hope.
+2 to all rolls.
You may have overestimated yourself. A strong punch from the construct floors you as you fail to react fast enough to it turning towards you.
"Dear! NO!"
Unyielding rushes to help you
You call upon your inner strength to stand your ground and assault the spine rune. Your damage is enough to crack it open, leaving it vulnerable to a Spellbreaker.

Finally, Valeriana sends the guard to take out the neck rune while she herself focuses fire on the other, intact neck rune
'r2 2d10'

The undead keep hacking at the barrier

The Tail and Spine are open to Spellbreaker.
One neck is damaged

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 10, 4 = 14


damage / 32

The middle neck is almost broken as well.
The side neck however remains intact, as Valeriana takes a hit from the construct's axe.

Roll #1 9, 1 = 10


"I'm fine!"
If Unyielding helps me up then I use Spellbreaker on the spine.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


I'll Blast the other neck now

Roll #1 10 = 10


You leap onto the construct's back, smashing the other neck rune, cracking it heavily.
As your fiance supports you, you focus your power and break the spell binding the spine rune. In an unearthly scream the spine splits in two, leaving the creature to be only held together by the broken tail rune and the heavily damaged neck runes.

Valeriana rushes to aid Unyielding to get Venia up and standing, while the Guard leaps onto the construct, bashing at the necks

The undead continue shattering the barricade. You can hear screaming from behind it
'r2 2d10'

The tail is open to breaking
The necks are both heavily damaged

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 8, 3 = 11



Cleave the undead battering the barricade!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Can't anyone fix that barricade?" Inspire again

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


As soon as Valeriana helps me up I leap at the golem, letting out a battlecry and pounding my warhammer with all the force I can muster on the neck.


Roll #0 7 = 7


You strike aside the undead, flooring one.
The other still leaps ahead, single mindedly ignoring you and proceeding with breaking the barrier
Your dance comes to an abrupt end as the construct smashes you aside with its tail.
You feel like you could not take another hit like that…
Your hammer discharges itself upon the necks of the construct, the blast shattering both runes open.

All three runes are now open for breaking.
Valeriana consolidates her position to drag the limp remains of Peaches to safety.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Spellbreak those neck runes!

Roll #0 3 = 3


Try attacking a rune.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Somepony kill the last undead then!"

Use Spellbreaker on a rune!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"On it!"
Vanish and backstab it.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


You hop up the construct, planting a blessed blade in the shoulder rune your dragon softened up, breaking it open and making the construct drop an axe.
Plot time!
You nod at eachother and power up your horns like proper friends. Together you blast apart the neck and tail runes, causing the entire construct to split apart.
As the dust settles, all that remains is a broken half of the construct, dragging itself along the floor guided by the last remaining head, barely held on by the last neck rune. It is bleeding magic from both the neck and shoulder, but still raises to strike at the barricade.
Meanwhile, Pumpkin pounces the last undead, killing it.

Half of the construct remains. The neck and shoulder are both open to Spellbreaker.

Roll #1 9 = 9


The crazed construct tries to smash itself into the holdout of the escaped slaves, driven with with bloodlust.
The ponies inside scream in terror mixed with the sounds of tearing meat and cracking bone as the construct claws inside

Roll #1 3 = 3


Spell breaker on it.
If Peaches is up
Heroism an improvise

Roll #0 6 = 6

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Stab another rune, finish this thing already.

Roll #0 7 = 7



Roll #0 6 = 6


Blast the runes!

Roll #1 3 = 3


It is over. The Deathguard has fallen.
The remaining runes pulse a little, but the connection to its master is severed. It is no more.

Peaches is barely alive.
Pumpkin is missing an eye.
Radiant is battered.
Venia and Kilana are fairly beat up.
Verne is fine.
Valeriana and Unyielding are not hurt.

You may go get Cassit now, or go inside the safe room.


Quick, heal Peaches!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Anvil, go find Raging! I need to tend to some wounds!"
Mend Peaches!

Roll #0 2 = 2


Run to peaches and check on her.


"Verne.. can you spare a little blood for Radiant?"

Roll #0 10 = 10


It doesn't look good. She has a deep wound across her side, her foreleg looks twisted.
Valeriana comes stand over the weak body of the street orphan.
"A shame. She had such great promise."
She takes out a cursed arrow and looks at Pumpkin
"Just say the word."


"What? You're going to just kill her?"

Fervor, Bolster, Heal, work, damn it!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Don't you dare!"

Turn towards Radiant and Venia, hold Peaches close.
"Do something!"


"What? No!"
Heal her! WORK DAMN YOU!

Roll #0 4 = 4


Inspire our healers with a song about heroic deeds

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


Wake her up! Keep pressure on the wound!

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Kill and revive. Not quite the same, I know, but still. She will serve all the same purposes. Save for the snarky banter."
Save this weak soul
She draws the arrow
Her voice is faint, but there
…am I going to die?"



Roll #0 9 = 9


Fervor is still up.
"Sun give me strenght to save this soul!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"No, no you won't. I promise you."

Roll #0 2 = 2


Don't mind me. This is called pausing for dramatic effect. Your heals will take effect after we have our moment here.
"…I don't want to die without doing this."
She muscles up a little, blood pouring out of her side. Wincing in pain, she still kisses you.
It tastes of blood, tears and dust.
But you can tell she meant it.


I wince slightly at the sight.


Kiss her back. Fervor and kiss her back.
"Shh, just.. Stay still, alright?"

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


I look at them sadly but wisely keep my mouth shut



…was it good for you too?"
As she whispers to you, you can see the would on her side stop bleeding and start closing rapidly. She yelps in pain as the mend spell bites in and sets her broken organs in place, leaving her to pant heavily in your hooves as her body rebuilds itself back into survivable shape.


I silently move away and go check up on the safe room.


Praise the Sun…
Is she stable enough now?


She is.
She won't even have much lasting damage on her.
There are maybe two dozen ponies here.
Malnourished, wounded, freezing and terrified.
But still in better condition than the one who stood to take the brunt of the construct's assault. Raging Storm.


I'll have a word with Pumpkin later… Now that she's fine, check on the survivors.

"The Dawn has arrived in this everlasting darnkess! We are here to help!"


Get to work on Raging! Is he conscious!?
"Don't worry everypony! We're here to help!"

Roll #0 9 = 9


heal whoever still needs it

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Look just… Think about regaining your strength, ok?"
Keep holding her until she can stand on her ow.


The old soldier lets out an amazed laugh as he sees you
"Venia!? HA! What are you doing in this hole?
Gah, thanks for the aid too. I know it was dumb of me to take that thing on, but I had to keep the others safe."
…he might sound brave, but years down here have taken their toll. It is a miracle he can walk on those gangrenous legs, let alone breathe. His body is a crisscross of scars, sores and oozing cuts.
She presses her head against you
"Why'd you have to get married to someone else…"


I look at him, tears in my eyes as I hug him tight
"Raging you old fool… Thank the Gods you're alive!"
Heal him again to ease the pain maybe.

Roll #0 10 = 10


>gangrenous legs
use cure on him next

Roll #0 5 = 5


I take a look at the others, how are they holding up.

"I won't fool you. None of you are safe yet."


That'll hold them together until you get out of here.
But he'll need more than some healing magic to fix that sort of old, festering damage.
"There there Venia. It takes more than a few death mongers to kill me. At least I got to help others down here. And I owe a lot to that one dog… Cassit. He almost got me out of here once.
Say… is Unyielding here?"
Cold, hungry and frightened.


now cast inure from the growing pains of my horn.

"Uhh, w-what now?"

Roll #0 2 = 2


"…" inspect raging, is he under any kind of spell?

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Because I love her, Peach."
Keep holding her close.
"She's the only pony I've ever loved. And then you came along, and I just want to protect you, like I would a sister."


I nod and call him over. Then get to work on anypony else that needs healing.

Roll #0 8 = 8


I don't suppose I have any food, water or warm clothes on me?

Roll #1 6 = 6


I do.

Learned to from my mother after all…


Out of old habit, you try casting with the horn.
This is a very painful mistake…
The seeds of undeath are inside him.
In death he would still serve. But for now, life overpowers these seeds.
…I kinda always was crushing on you…
…it must sound stupid, I know…"
You go patch up the few who have notable wounds from their chains and work.
As Unyielding enters, Raging forces himself to stand, then punches him in the head.
Unyielding returns the favor by headbutting his old mentor
They both then laugh and bump hooves
"I'm so glad to see you again, lad!"
"Much the same old timer. And don't call me lad. I'm king now."


Well if I have anything that I can give to the refugees I do just that.


do it one more time and try not to pass out from the pain.
I'm out for now I think, later DM

Roll #0 8 = 8


inure the growing pains I mean


I smile as I see the those two meet up again and start hoofing out those spare clothes and blankets my mother herself made back in the day…

I look at her concerned
"Nylis? You okay sweetie?"


Talk to Cassit again. "Is there a way to remove the seeds planted in him?"

Roll #0 3 = 3


This one works better.
The horn will be rather numb, but at least it won't hurt.
You go help Venia spread out some cozy sweaters and scarfs.

Valeriana gives one last look to Pumpkin before dashing off to get Cassit and Twofingers.
You join along.
Once there you notice Twofingers has been almost bled dry on the runes.
Cassit's paws are stained deep red from drawing more.



The party has set up temporary camp with the escaped slaves.

Twofingers has been bandaged up.
Cassit is studying the remains of the Deathguard.


Is Twofingers near me? Did I see in what shape she is right now?

Also how many ponies are here?


"Miss Twofingers."

Take a bow to her.

"If I may ask.. why are you allowing Cassit to draw so much blood from you? What do you have to gain?"


About two dozen, plus Raging.
You did see how cut up she was, and helped with the healing.
"Forgiveness. For past mistakes…"


"I don't think you're in a condition to hoof out all that much more blood right now…"


"Of what sort? What binds you to him?"


I turn to the slaves.
"Is everypony all right? For the current conditions, that is."


How is Peaches holding up?




"Who else is there to sacrifice? Would you have him bleed out one of them, just to save me?"
She tiredly points at the slaves
"I am the reason… for his losses. For his banishment. For everything.
I guess I got a little selfish. And though I paid for it, he paid a far greater price."
They nod
"Thank you again for stopping those undead. We would have stood no hope against them"
Peaches is resting
Valeriana is with Cassit by the broken construct


Right. Lets get this looked into first.
Approach Lady Venia.
"Venia, is there anything you can do for this?"
Show her my missing eye.


I frown
"What about me? Can't he take some of my blood?"

I look at him sadly.
"Pumpkin dear… I'll try my best, but no promises."
Try to Mend his eye '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I see. However, it would not do well for our morale if you gave too much. You need to, at least, remain able to move on your own. I am perfectly willing to take one of the captives as a substitute, if Cassit and they will agree."


"It is our duty, but don't thank us yet. Not until you are safe and sound, out of these blasted caverns. We cannot promise you the relief of safety yet."


Necrotic energy flares from it as you reach out with your magic. The axes of the Deathguard must be enchanted. Possibly even cursed.
There is nothing that can be done.
She eyes you
"…Do you even have enough?"
She sighs
"I swore to serve him in all he needs.
There are deeds done between us I can never undo, but if my life is what he needs of me… it would be giving less than I took from him…"
They look firm
"At least we will die standing. Better than to die cowering in here."


"I can't allow you to fight without weapons or armor. Look what they did to us, who came here after preparations."


Wince at the touch of her magic.
"Yeah, I guessed as much.. I'll get some bandages."
Find Valeriana.
"Missed me yet?"


I wince and take a step back.
"I'm sorry Pumpkin, t-there's nothing I can do."

Look at Twofingers
"I don't know, but maybe my Healings spells could help."


Her tone is cold and her gaze remains on the dead bones.
It reminds you of the days of old
"What do you need?"
She chuckles
"Closing the wound will not bring back the blood. That is why it is such a strong reagent for a necromancer…"
She sighs
"Heh… hehehe. In retrospect it all seems so stupid. Not worth dying at all…"


"Bandages. The mask is ruined and I cannot walk around with an open wound."


"My subordinates would not allow it, and we would lose an asset. We will just have to take measures to preserve you, understood?"

Turn to the captives now.

"If any of you wish to assist us, then we will need one or two of you as guides. And if you are healthy, you may assist Cassit."


Nod to the survivors, then go to Cassit.

"Anything you see that might help us even further against them? And do you still claim they are unkillable?"

Put a hoof on his shoulder.
"You stood valiantly Pumpkin. Are you all right?"


"I'm sure I can miss out on some blood without dying…"


"Miss Venia, I would rather not let our fighters be more injured than necessary. If your blood loss affects you in even the slightest, we risk being overrun. If Twofingers cannot continue to donate, ask the captives for a donor amongst them."


"I can't tell. Once we are done here, I'll realize just how bad it is. For now, I don't feel anything."


She pulls out a bandage roll and tosses it to you over her shoulder
Raging Storm stands up
"I will come with you. I want to see that bastard's head roll"
"Oh it is not your life I worry for. It is for your soul, pony. Can you withstand being a sacrifice to death itself?"
He holds up one of the runes
"Amazing. Truly amazing. How he came up with this I know not. But it is brilliant.
…I understand so much more now."


"You are a strong pony, you'll make it through."

"Yes, vile necromancy and all that. Now if you understand so much, tell me how we can destroy them even quicker."


I look at the ground
"I don't think I even know what it would be like. So no idea. I'd just rather not lose any members of our group, that's all."

"But these ponies are weakened already themselves!"


Catch that and start bandaging the wound.
Walk away.
"Sure. As long as the King needs me, I will carry on."


I chuckle.
"Carry on for yourself, Pumpkin."
My tone gets more serious.
"And for Bearing Fruit."


"Observe the runes. There bind the construct together. Forged to convey the will of the Underking, and to conduct the powers of those chosen to give their bones to the construct.
Once the housing is broken, it becomes vulnerable to manipulation.
Spellbreaker will destroy the rune, rendering it useless.
…but I think it could also be possible to override the rune. And to take command of it. One part at a time."
"It will leave an eternal scar on your soul. That much I can describe it."
She sighs and looks at Cassit in the distance
"…I just hope he accepts. I don't know if he likes inflicting this pain on me. But I know he things I deserve it. And I agree."


"It won't hurt us very much to weaken them a little more. It will hurt us very much to weaken you a little more, since you must defend us from the beast ahead."

"Hmm? How would.. a blood sacrifice affect the soul? Could one of these ponies withstand a few donations?"


"I am not worth enough to keep on living for myself only. My family, they'd understand."


My ears flatten
"All of the sudden I'm a little unsure about this…"

"Maybe you're right… Things wont get any easier for us."


"They are formidable foes, that much I can tell. Are you sure we have to weaken the runes before spellbreaking them? And how does Divine magic work against them?"

"Pony up, Pumpkin. You lost an eye. You know that this is a hazardous job, but you won't die. I won't let you die. Understood?"


"… What are you even on about? I'm not worried about myself. I never have."


"None who feel it will come back quite the same.
A weaker soul may not survive."
"I do not blame you. Love is a special kind of madness that drives us to unimaginable sacrifices…"
"Necromancy inherently is repulsed by divine force. I know not why, but that is how it seems to work. This is why striking the runes with divine force will weaken them a lot more than simply beating on them with steel and stone.
And I am quite sure. Unless the runestone is broken first, it will guard the spell within it."

He slots the runestone back into the Deathguard, then starts pulling the others out and rearranging them.


I nod quietly and leave her be for now. I need to talk to Valeriana


Turn to Cassit.
"Is there a faster way to kill these things? I'm not in the mood to lose another eye."


"You should be. You have a family now, Pumpkin. You should be worried about yourself, because it will give you strength to fight. Willpower to push on. To get back to Bearing and hug her again."

"And just what do you think you are doing now? You are not planning on piecing it back together, are you?"


"…if you cannot give any more, then… the ponies do not have to know that inconvenient fact. We will minimize blood sacrifices from here on and do our best to preserve you. That is all."

"Pumpkin. Remember that you cannot serve any more once you are dead. And… you still need to take care of Bearing, you know."


She is observing Cassit
"Perhaps. I will attempt to revive this one under my command. And with the young zebra at my side, we might be able tot urn the tide on the king, fighting his constructs with our own.
And of course, if I can kill the king, his guards will be mine for the taking."
"I am. Of course, it will be missing parts, thanks to the broken runes. But I can still make it walk and hold a weapon."


"I have no family. Not now. Not until we leave these tunnels and I take off this uniform."


Go stand next to her
"You weren't kidding about this place being so dangerous. That golem… thing on its own almost gave use a very bad day…"


"Hide the fact from them that they are cursing their own blood? And give them more suffering than they have gone through? I cannot allow that."

"And what if he commands it over from you?"

"…then we are here. Your friends. Your brothers and sisters in arms. Do not force this emotionlessness on yourself, Pumpkin. It's not healthy for you."
I lean closer and whisper.
"Valeriana wouldn't want you to become that. Like the Equestrians. Like Waymaker."


"I did say I never wanted to come down here.
I did warn you.
And did you listen?
Now my son has paid for it. With his eye. And his dignity."
…maybe she needs a hug


"Right. Because that's going to be easy."
"I… She taught me to. She would want to."
Roll to keep it together.

Roll #0 5 = 5



Roll #0 2 = 2


Nah I'm kinda losing it.


"But you will. At any rate, remember your value as an asset, if nothing else."


"If I cannot overpower his will or body, then I have already failed."


"But we have not. Alternatives. What if you cannot? Weak points. We must know. Not his only, yours too, in case he takes control over you."


"So you test it out by risking taking a potential enemy with us, even though we'll have our hooves full with his other minions already."

"Calm down, take a deep breath. But don't be afraid to be afraid! It's okay to worry about your family and your friends as long as it empowers you and not wrecks you useless."


I frown
"So you suggest we should have let this whole mess just be? Leave these ponies to their fates? Leave Raging Storm to die die on his own? I didn't order you to come down here Valeriana. But I'm not leaving until I've set these wrongs right. I'd rather die than to turn my back on ponies in need."


"It never did before, it won't this time either. I… I can do it, lady Radiant. Thanks for your concern."


"You are welcome. And I know you can do it, Pumpkin. We all know you can."


He twitches, almost grabbing you in a moment of anger
She puts a hoof around you
"Listen to yourself. You sound like some zealot. A paladin on a mission. Willing to throw her life away for some nebulous cause only she truly comprehends.
What happened to you, Venia? You used to be carefree. Yet careful."
"If you are so scared-"
he tosses you the slightly cracked rune
"-break this one open. I will place it on the neck, and you can kill the construct with a single spell if it breaks loose.
But so can the king, if given a shot at it."


"That, or allow Twofingers to potentially die. You will have to choose which one we can risk."


"I don't care what you think will happen! Alternatives! NOW!"
Word of power.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"We charge in blindly and die, then mine for gems for all eternity."

Sandraking as I make dinner


"As long as we keep healing Twofingers, all will be fine."

I break it open.
"You claim that he's weaker now that you have his weapon. I hope that means you'll be able to break or take his minions then."


"I plan to see the light of the moon one more time before dying, dog. Alternatives. He must have a weak spot."



"Cassit, is healing Twofingers continually a viable means of keeping her at least alive throughout your blood sacrifices? How can we minimize them?"


"N-nebulous cause? Don't you talk about Raging like that! He was close to Mother! This isn't some kind of a holy crusade! This is ponies helping out other ponies in need! Why? Because we can! We're strong enough to! We're able to!"
I grit my teeth
"What have I done the last 20 years of my life? Nothing! I just waddled in luxury and did absolutely nothing to help ponykind! I've been useless for far too long!"


"His scythe is how he cast his spells. His crown is how he rules his minions.
Take the crown and he loses command."
"Healing will not bring back much blood. I need to drain the life of the living to empower the rune of blinding.
With luck, I won't need many more…"
She is dead serious
"Do you prefer this life? The life of a warrior and a crusader - over that of what you had? The life of a traveler and a noble?"


"See, this we can actually use. Thanks.
Now, yours."

Roll #0 3 = 3


"What's the fastest way to get there?"

"Do you think you could sneak in around and snatch his crown while we distract him?"


"In event of an emergency, we'll have to ask for a donor, then. That is all we can do in that case."

Check on Venus.
"You alright, dear?"


"Maybe. If I was in top condition, if the room was dark enough. If, if, if. Can never tell what will happen."


…and well.. this."
He pulls open his robes, revealing a gaping, ragged hole in his chest and a lightly pulsing carved crystal where his heart should by all reason be.
"To the throne?
The main road connects to the Royal Quarters."
"I'm fine. I'm fine. You?"


"Noble? Traveler? Crusader? The life I prefer is one of adventure. Seeing new places, meeting new ponies and helping them out. I haven't left the Northlands since I arrived here with my mother all those years ago. Can you blame me for feeling just a little bit guilty at seeing all these ponies live in this kind of misery? Can you really? Is it zealous to want to help others now? Am I not allowed to take some risks for once to help out the kingdom?"


"You did not answer me. Is this. The life. You want? A life of sacrifice in the name of others?
Just say yes, or no."


"Is that… A necromantic heart?"


"All fine, thanks to you. Remind me that I owe you something once we're done, alright? Just rest now while you can."

Hug her quickly, then get back to the others.

"…interesting. How does that affect you?"


"You are the best chance we have. You can sneak best out of all of us. Or Valeriana, but we'll need her ranged covering."

"We need to get there as quickly as we can. And what happens if the crown is removed?"


"Well yes, I suppose I do. Although it's more complicated than just yes or no. Family still comes first, regardless of others."


"Perhaps it all makes more sense if I tell you what happened between me and Twofingers."
"Whoever puts it on next will gain control."


Sit down.
"Maybe it would…"


"Please, go ahead while we rest. It may help us form a plan."


"So be it then."
She pulls you into a little hug
"I'm proud of you Venia. You really have grown up."


"We are listening."


"Grown up? No, I just opened my eyes and got reminded of what the world is like outside of the castle walls."


sit and listen


"You know I was the prized student of the Underking. Devoted in my studies. Sharp of wit and capable of paw.
He saw great things in me.
But it was some years ago that I found a distraction. In her.
I do not know if she truly saw something in me, or simply wanted the status from having me, but she was endless in her attempts to seduce me.
Finally I caved in, thinking I had found true love.
The underking disagreed deeply, wanting to cast her out and keep me to continue my studies. But I opposed his will, saying my heart called out to her.
…so he took my heart, and more, casting us both out of his kingdom to wander the wastes forever. My punishment was to be that I would long outlive her, until I lost my mind, and became his slave.
But I lashed out, stole the scythe and wounded him, then fled.
He never expected I'd be back…"
"Good. Because I remember a very different Venia. Somewhere behind this high society lady who enjoy shopping and drunken nights out, is that young girl who stared a master assassin in the eye and refused to be afraid."


"Hmm. So once you remove him you will be… free to be with her? Is that your intention now?"


"Right. So you too are one of his minions."


"So all you plan to do after taking over is to live in peace with her?"


does Raging Storm still look bad? Anyone who needs healing/curing? if so then count out who needs it but heal one of them. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1




I huff and make sure to show her the large scar on my gut.
"Of course there is. I'm not a frail little unicorn that shies away from battle."


The amulet vibrates a little but no harm is done.
Raging looks bad, but he can deal.
"Only if my mind falters. It will not. Not so long as I have the very tool he used to create me."
"No. She pays no part in this. What I want any more is to overthrow the king, and replace him."
"No, but you sure seemed to like being a pampered noble."


"And what after?"


Okay time to get back up. Can I stand?

Roll #0 4 = 4


"I will rule this kingdom. As a part of your Northlands. As the king of the dogs. And of the dead."
Weakly. That crushed bracelet on your leg is not helping.


"You'll have to forgive me for being too busy raising and training Frostmourn and Sunrise to go poke around in ancient underground necromancer kingdoms."
Or too busy keeping you company while Pumpkin was out saving the kingdom.


"I.. see. If you will hold up your end of the agreement, I have no reason to intrude into your personal affairs. When do we leave?"


"Fairly and without raids for slaves."


Right. Take that thing off.
Sit for a moment, once again.
Think about the Moon.

Roll #0 7 = 7


look at Pumpkin's leg, what's wrong with it?


"Venia you can be honest with me. We both liked it. We aren't that different. I may be a brooding old hag, but you knew what made me happy. It was forgetting the pains of life and just enjoying things."
The moon is very very moony.
Sometimes you used to moon mean merchants.
Months are measured based on the phases of the moon.
Moon backwards is nooM.
"But of course. That was what we agreed on."
"Soon. Make peace with yourselves and those closest to you. For I cannot guarantee we will all return."


Nothing, there's a broken hidden blade attached to it.
But I'm missing an eye.
Try to stand up again.
Then, go check on Peaches. Must be sure she's ready to move out.

Roll #0 6 = 6


I cross my legs
"I suppose…"


it was crushed in the grip of a Deathguard
She fell asleep. Her leg twitches a little. And the massive scar on her side reminds you all too much of how she feared and suffered.


any chance It can be mended?

Roll #0 6 = 6


But the scar will go away… Right?
They call those scars just for fun, ya know.
Lay besides her and zip it.


"If nothing else, I will rest."
Sit by Venus and let her lean on me.


"No need to be like that.
Just be straight up with me. For all we know, this may be the last time we can talk.
…unless it is you who dies first."
The leg can work again.
The eye is lost.
She nudges closer to you
She pulls you in to lean on her instead
"So. What to you think. Who will die first?"


Settle down I guess.
Think of the Sun.

Roll #1 5 = 5


nothing is lost!
but I'm not trying that eye just yet.

get myself ready

Roll #0 9 = 9


"I'm not going to let anyone die down here. I wont allow it. I've got my shield spells and my healing spells, that's all I need to save a life."
I stay quiet for a moment, cooling myself down before letting out a sigh.
"Just be safe, okay? I don't want to lose you as well…"


Deleting because name.
"Peach. Got some rest?"


"I did.
…we're going to die aren't we?"
There is no sun down here. Save for what little you have stored in your heart.
She takes out a cursed arrow
"Venia… I want to make things right. Just in case.
…all those years ago, I hit you with one of these, remember?"


"Hmm. Twofingers, at this rate, is unlikely to survive this. And seeing as other than our guides, I am the only one here not extensively trained in combat… haha, I'm going to need some help, aren't I?"


That will do for now.


I nod slowly.
"Yes. I do. Not a pleasurable experience."


"That's why I'm here. I wouldn't bet on you being the first to fall. Because I will die long before I let that happen."


"Not if I can help it."


Rolling to see whether I keep cold and logical in the face of such a staement

Roll #0 9 = 9



"Yes, because… I put you in this role. It is strange, at first I did it so that you would be safe and have a reason to be always near me, but now that I am here… let's not let it come to that. We can discuss further arrangements when we're back in bed together, alright?"


She rolls on her back and stares upwards
"Pumpkin, look at us. You lost an eye. I almost died.
And that was one. ONE. The dog said the king has MANY.
…do we really have any hope?"
She slaps you
"If there is one thing I won't miss about you when I'm gone it's that ridiculous mask of deathly cold you wear when we aren't alone!"



"And are you gonna lose faith for so little?"
Remain stoic and detached.
"You are a Northblade. Trust yourself. Trust the King."


"Then would you mind giving me the same service?
Friends in life
…friends in death?"
"No. I trust you. And you alone. By extension I may trust others. But in the end, only you are keeping me here. Pumpkin~"


I droop my ears down


"Then we have a problem. What if I die, will you just fall apart and let them kill you?
And once we are out of here and I go back to my family will you fall apart because I'm not with you?
I cannot be your anchor Peaches. Not in this job."


"Do you really think it is a mask? Hah… I don't know anymore. Please excuse me, but it is a necessity in these conditions, where hard decisions have to be made that could threaten us all if we choose poorly."

Lean on her.

"But thank you for that. At least I can count on you to warm me, even if so harshly."


"…you really don't know what this is, do you?"
"Not my anchor. My partner.
Without you, I have no reason to be here.
With you, I have every reason."
She slowly ruffles your mane
"Even a little warmth is better than none…"


"I'm no necromancer, Valeriana, you know that."


"Well. I guess I never had a reason to tell you before.
These are cursed arrows. Those struck by them are tainted with a curse, and when they die, they become minions to the arrow's user.
…so… if you die…"


Give her a confident smile.
"Right, partner. I'll take you back home, it's a promise."
This is going to kill her…


Enjoy it.
"Yes… I'm going to have to return you another favour."


who needs healing? Heal someone

I'd heal everyone but I don't have PoH

Roll #0 8 = 8


My eyes widen considerably
"The soldier… on the bridge… He committed suicide! Of course! But…"
I frown, clearly troubled
"You would keep me around as an undead shell Valeriana? Really?"


You go tend to the slaves.
Small cuts and stress injuries, but nothing you can't handle.
And their smiles and thanks warm you more than anything.
"You'd better. And don't you dare die on me."
"I have little choice in that now. Back then I hoped to kill you and raise you for a few quick hits against your allies.
…now it just burdens me to know that one day you will walk around after me, an endless reminder of the fact that I failed to keep you safe.
Well, maybe we could still talk. Communing and all that.
She gives you the arrow
"-I want to be there for you even if I do fall. I want to keep protecting you. And to remind you of the good times."
She snuggles up to you
"I'd be scared… but I know that won't help us.
…Pumpkin, is it ok if I get close like this?
I mean… I know you are married. It's just… I may never get to do it again."


I look at the arrow, trembling a little
"Valeriana I… I can't… I couldn't!"


Sigh and hold her close.
"It's okay partner. I'm not mad at you. Take all the time you need."
Roll to comfort.

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"And why not? Just jab it into me.
Friends in life
…friends beyond."
She sights softly
"c-can I kiss you just once last time?
…it was so nice…"


I start pacing around
"It's not the same! I wouldn't want Anvil and Frostmourn seeing me walking around undead! Pumpkin and I wouldn't want seeing you either! I-I-It's just… terrible!"


"…are my powers really that vile to you?"


"The same goes to you, Venus. Now, if you'll excuse me…"

Go see the captives.

Are you all alright? The hour of your freedom approaches, but we will need assistance. Who among you can navigate the tunnels well?


Roll #0 10 = 10


"Peaches. Please. I am married.
I love her and I could never do something as vile as betraying her.
I care deeply for you, but please, don't ask me something like this."


"Yes! I mean no! It's not that! But it would just hurt me to see you… like that! It'd just be constant a reminder of what I lost!"
I jump in and hug her tight
"That'd be awful… just awful…"


A few of them rise
"We know these tunnels for we have walked them for years."
At their head, Raging Storm
"And I even longer."
I just thought… it would have been nice…
She puts the arrow down and returns the hug
"At least I would still be there… and not just some rotten pile in a forgotten grave.
…Lets at least promise we won't die down here, ok?"


I nod and sniffle as I hug her tight
"I wont let you die… I would never forgive myself if I did…"


"So uh, what now?"


"Very good. Unless you are sure you can fight against monsters like you saw just now, we will need only one or two for navigation. Any more will merely hinder us if they cannot fight. Raging Storm should come, and at least one more."


"I only wish you'd see the good side of my craft.
There would be so much I could teach you…"
Raging storm stand up
"Now? Now we go and break the grinning jaw off that death king!"


"Hey look at me. Look at me right in the eye."
Give her a cold glare.
"I care for you. From the bottom of my heart, I care for you. But don't ask for things I cannot give."


"Yea!" I say enthusiastically.


She glances at you, then looks away and takes a few steps to no longer touch you
"…I said I was sorry…
Now I'm just being selfish…"


use cure on him if he's still infected '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I wipe away a tear from my eye.
"I don't know… I-I want to see the good side, but then I see what happened down here and…"


"I will leave it to you to select subordinates most suitable. We will wait until ours is done with his business."


Those legs won't hold for more than a few days. He needs a doctor. And several prosthesis.
"Then look at Pumpkin. Is he a vile undead too?"


"I… no… No he's not."
I sigh, rubbing one of my eyes
"Maybe you're right… It gave Anvil the chance to talk to his father one more time after all. And… I'll admit that ever since then I've been feeling a pang of guilt for not having done the same with my mother…"


"Maybe you are. Maybe I am beign too cold, I don't know. This is not the place to talk about it, this is a mission.
I don't know what I am seeing and feeling myself.
Please, hold together until we are out of here."


inure the pain on Storm then, '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I whisper to "We can not allow him to take the under crown, you've seen how callus he is, he would sacrifice all the living for himself."


"I feared as much.
Perhaps one day I can indeed teach you.
Only, I fear, you may never look at life with quite the same eyes again."
"I will try…"
She get ups
"I will. Have faith in me."
He stomps the ground with a rotten hoof, not even flinching


Nod at her, get up, and give her a kiss on the forehead.
"Now, for the easy part."
Turn to Storm.


"Listen! Fear not, for we are in good hooves!"

Do I get +2 from previous 10?

Roll #0 9 = 9


I pretend to walk away and stealth once I'm far enough from cassit's line of sight.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Well… I suppose I'll just have to make sacrifices…"


Yes, but do you really need to keep a +2 bonus applied outside combat?
The cheering bolsters your heart every much as it does theirs.
Life finds a way to fight back. It always does.
You are entirely hidden. Though the old dog cares little. He is finishing his tinkering on the bone construct.
"…even if it means possibly corrupting that paladin side of you?"


I'm inspiring everyone here, by the way, but mainly the captives


"But… why would that happen? I mean I'm by no means a devoted pony but…"


Crits are fun


Stealth then.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


Maybe he will care soon enough. In the mean time walk over to pumpkin. "Do you trust this guy? Cassit? The diamond who would kill his lover for his own gain? He isn't fit to rule anything much less the underkingdom."

Roll #0 1 = 1


Well, I didn't mean to roll there..


"It is simply the strange duality of death and divinity. One rarely can touch the other without one or the other breaking or becoming tainted.
I simply say this to warn you.
And if you don't quite understand… ask Radiant. But be… nice about it."

Cassit places the final rune back in the Deathguard and chuckles softly
"It is time for you to open your eyes… and see only what I tell you to see."
You bump into his butt.


"Mare, gimme a break."
Become serious once more.
"No. He's a minion of this Underking too. Every word he says might be a lie."


"Then you know what we have to do, right?"


"You think you could… Impose yourself over him? He's an undead after all. If we take his shyte away he'll be nearly powerless."


I frown
"So I would lose my ability to break spells? To Blast the undead?"
I sigh, stroking my mane
"I don't know… could you learn me how to bring a pony back to life? Completely?"


"Its worth a try, he's a more experienced necromancer so it might not be easy.."


"You would not necessarily lose those powers. But they may well no longer be the powers you once knew. They will be different. New.
…corrupted, some may say.
And yes. I know the art of resurrection. And I have wielded it. The cost of it is terrible, but if you are willing, I could entrust you with it."


Rolling to overhear.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Have faith in yourself. If I gave you his weapon would that help?"



"What are you both talking about? Betraying Cassit? Hmm…


"Uhh, M-mr. Raging Storm? What do we do now?"


5 is a fail and we are trained assassins.


>partial success

I probably overheard a few bits.


I shudder
"A terrible cost… What cost?"


"Make yourself ready. Soon, we will march out, wearing false shackles. With luck, the king will not see through our ruse soon enough."
"To return life, one must give life. To breathe back the spark of hope into a cold corpse, one must forever forsake a piece of their own life."

Cassit slams his scythe into the rune on the bone construct's neck
"Sleep no more. Stand."
Slowly, the bones begin to shudder


I look at the ground.
"I'd give part of my soul if it meant you would stay alive, Valeriana…"


"Northblade matters."
Keep watching Cassit, slip into stealth.

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6


"Its possible.. I don't suppose we can force him to give it up.. maybe radiant could.. "
we can let him in on it.


do as he says then. wait for the party to GET THEIR SHIT TOGETHER


"Kilana, what can you tell me? If you are really planning on betraying Cassit, you had best have a good plan."


"I was thinking about taking it with his paws, if you catch my drif."
We are both stealthed now.


She smiles
"An admirable thought.
…I only fear once you have truly felt it, you will feel differently."
Cassit stares down the bones as they slowly rise.
Two of the heads and necks fall off uselessly as it gathers itself. Three of the four arms follow suit.
Finally, as the necromancer hisses commands at it, the broken Deathguard finally gets to its feet.
With only one head and one arm, it is far less imposing than before, but still large, and still armed
"Magnificent… magnificent. Such power!"


"There's no reason to leave him out of this.. We can not allow Cassit to become the underking, you've seen how badly he mistreats life. Cassit is an undead himself, he would become nothing more than a monster for us to fight later. He must never don the undercrown. I would rather wear it myself than see him do it.We simply need to use him to get there and then kill him before he ever has a chance to wear the crown.


I shake my head
"No, because losing you would be like losing a piece of me as well. You know how important you are to me, right? You and Anvil both."


She pats your on the head
"Good. When what remains of us gets out of here, the meaty chunks that once were pretty little me will teach you all you wish to learn."
She then lets out an unnervingly hollow laughter.


"He's not a blade. No good letting him on this. But I know who we should talk to. Follow me."
Make my way to Valeriana.


I did it before you both stealthed

"I see.. I had the same suspicions. But not now, while he still needs to lead us to the Underking. There will be a vital frame of time between us defeating the underking and him taking the crown. Use that. In the meantime, extract as much information you can out of him. Say that it is in your interest as a necromancer, and you should be able to sue what he tells you, too."


"I wont let you get harmed Valeriana, at the slightest sign of trouble I'm going to raise a shield around you to keep you safe from harm."


Unstealth near both.
"Master, me and Kilana must give voice to our concerns."
Nod to Venia.


"Indeed, we will need to act swiftly, at that moment, we may need your help to hold him off.
"Pumpkin, Verne is our ally, and a most faithful one, he could be a great aid to us in this."
I follow you.


"No. He is not. You don't know him as I do."


"No, Venia. I can take care of myself. You are needed to break the runes of the Deathguard."
"Speak then. What do you need? One more mare to kiss?"


"I… What?"
Roll to surprise.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Surprised allright.
"What are you on about? She was dying! And it was my fault!"


"You know what I mean. Now speak."
"Indeed it was. And you will atone for it in time. Now speak your mind."



"I can't believe y-"
Calm down.
"We do not trust Cassit. He's a minion of the underking, he showed us himself.
Be it for his frail mind or his own will, we fear betrayal."
Roll for how much a shit I feel right now.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"He can be a great aid in this mission, why would you leave him in the dark.."


"If a few words from me can drive you to speak against me, then how do you even think of considering yourself worthy of being a Northblade!
As for the dog… I knew he was undead. The most remarkable specimen I have ever seen. A raised minion who has broken out of control and regained its own will.
I do not know how exactly. But I do know that scythe has much to do with it…"


"Speak against you? When have I ever?
Don't insult me like this! You know I never could. Neither as master nor as… Anything else you might be to me.
I… I would never."
Lost an eye, lost my trust in the partner that should save my life, seriously in danger of not seeing my love and my unborn kid ever again, now accused by my master and mother of adultery and called out on insulting her…
Roll to hold it together.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Well fuck you too. Can I cry from the one eye I have left or is there not enough will in me even for that?

Roll #0 2 = 2


Rolling to slap you and snap you out of it.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Rolling to inspire with an awkward shoulder rub

Roll #0 5 = 5


Valeriana backhands you across the face
Her face is stone and ice, as cold and heartless as the day she first swore she'd break you for asking to step onto this path of pain and sacrifice
She then turns away, cape billowing, and goes observe the Deathguard more closely.


Yeaaaah… Let's go see how Anvil is doing.


Yeah okay I can die here.
Stealth, find a dark corner.

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10


Following you.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Please no. Go back to her, explain her our concerns. I wish to be alone."


Peaches finds her way there as well
"Pumpkin… please speak to me…"



"I told her and I'll tell you, please, leave me alone."


He and Raging Storm are chatting over things that have happened in the past years.
"I don't think I should do that. Partner."
She extend a hoof



Roll #1 1 = 1


"We need you with us.. I need you there.." I sit next to you "Bro, you gotta pull yourself together, this shit.. its nothing you can't live through, you can' just stay here and rot. "

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Don't make me order you."


Approach them
"How are you holding up, Raging?"


"I won't Kila. I will live this through. I will go out there and kill the underking and I will come out to tell it to my children. But I am really tired now, and if I could I'd just sleep, for weeks and weeks."


"Would you do that? Order your partner to abandon you in a time of clear need?
Is that how truly alone you want to be?"
"I can hardly wait to dish out the payback that has been years in the planning. That bastard is GOING DOWN!"


"After my own mother disowned me? That sure as hell is how alone I feel."


I smile
"Good to hear you're feeling up to the task. This wont be easy…"

Do I see Valeriana storming off? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Good.. Remember to make bearing proud.. if I can't come with you.. I want you to remember that you have to keep on living, you have to make things right for those poor ponies who could die of starvation any day now. That's why you fight, to make the world better. Never forget that." '1d10+2' inspire
"She hasn't disowned you, she's just upset that you were unfaithful, and she's going to get over it."

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Do I see her if Venia doesn't?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I was not unfaithful! I can't believe any of you, damnit! I… I love my wife! I'd never betray her! She was dying in my hooves, Moondamnit!"


It was fucking hard to miss considering probably everyone present heard the smack she gave pumpkin.
"Pumpkin. Listen to yourself.
Look at yourself!
YOU ARE PUMPKIN SMILES! YOU HAVE BEEN THROUGH WORSE THAN ONE LITTLE SLAP! I'VE SEEN YOU! You've taken beatings from bigger kids! Outsmarted angry merchants. Wrestled nests of plague rats. Saved me a few times…
…don't let your heart die. Not here. Not like this.


I just hope I'll be use that 10 later then.

Go to her.
"Valeriana? What's this about?"


Sigh and exhale slowly.
"Still offering that hoof?"
Smile at her.


I sigh.
"Sorry Raging, we'll have to catch up some other time. Looks like I need to go do some cleanup duty."
I pat him on the shoulder with a soft smile.
"It's great to have you back though… I missed you."

Go after Valeriana dammit.


"Then prove you are still the same pumpkin and stop this nonsense."


"My son is a fool who focuses on the entirely wrong things at the entirely wrong times. He does not understand when to lock his heart and when to open it. He is a fool."
She extends the hoof again
She is with Radiant and Cassit


"That he is. And I tried to talk to him, but he's visibly under pretty much stress. Especially now, but he is a fast learner. All you have to do is show him how he's wrong."


Take her hoof.
"Partners. If you still want a crybaby as partner, that's it."
Smile at her.
"You are right zigga. Let's go kick some rotten ass."

Get the fuck out of this dark corner.
I'm a motherfucking Pirate-Ninja-Assassine.
I have no time to mop.


I sigh and approach them, nodding at Radiant
"Valeriana, come on. We've been through this."


"Are you… feeling better now, Pumpkin?"

Be a little less cold now since Venus just cheered me up a little.


"Yeah. As good as ever. I'm sure all this will hit me again once we are out of here, but what the hell, I can carry on!"
Spread my wings and tuck out my chest, wear a cocky smile and flash my eyepatch.
I'm fucking back.
'1d10+2' to be Dreamy, Heroic and Inspiring all at once.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"If he is too blind to see he is walking into a wall, I can't be there to knock the wall down for him."
"Cry again and I'm stealing your pants in front of a crowd you big baby. We have a lord of death to kill."
"Yes we have. That does not change the fact that I am beginning to doubt if he ever was ready for his title…"


I smile a bit, he's pretty inspiring.


Give another awkward shoulder tap before returning to business mode.


Roll #0 7 + 1 = 8


"Yes, but you can tell him to walk around said wall. Show him a shortcut around the wall. Teach him how to fly over the wall. Can't you?"


"Thank you, friends."
"Not like we usually wear clothes!"

Ready to get this show on the road.


"I can.
The real question is… if I have to help him around the wall… is he ready for what is beyond the wall?"


I stomp a hoof
"Dammit Valeriana, this isn't the time for doubt. Pumpkin did a damn good job earlier and even lost his eye for it. This is not the place to start getting antsy!"


"You trained him. I trained him. You know damn well that he is ready to face whatever, he just needs guidance on how. And more importantly, on how to feel about himself. His biggest problem is that he gets confused about himself sometimes."


While they are arguing I'll take Cassit to the side. "So, you studied under the Underking himself.. you must have learned a lot, is there anything more you can show me before we face him?"


"He wishes to become a Lordblade.
It is a path of pain. And sacrifice.
Down here in this pit, he will show to me he is capable of walking it without my aid. Then he will have truly earned his blades in my eyes."
"Perhaps. But time is short…"



Unyielding and Raging Storm have rallied the surviving slaves.
Raging has armed himself with the leftover axe of the Deathguard.
Cassit is in control of the Broken Deathguard.
Valeriana is silently staring at it, hoping she knew more of this place she shares all too much with.
Twofingers is laying by a wall, longingly looking at Cassit.

When all is ready, you will march upon the Underking's throne.


Yeah. Let's end this quick and professional.
I assume my leftover five blades are still blessed, right?


"Everypony ready? This won't be a walk in the park."


They are.
This is the last time that will ever be a thing.
Blessings are gone forever once this is over.


"He will. And you're going to stop being so damn bitter about it."


That means I don't have Empower Weapon yet, right?


The neutrinosmagic, have mutated!
Nod to her.
"At your side till the end, lady Radiant."


Back to business form.

"Let us go over our plans. We infiltrate the Underking's location. then engage him, aiming to kill or incapacitate him as quickly as possible in order to take control of the undead here from him. Is that agreed on?"


"This will only be the end of the Underking, Pumpkin."

"We could try to distract him while Pumpkin or Valeriana sneak around and snatch the crown. Cassit said that controls the undead."


Unyielding and Raging bump hooves
The slaves look brave. Though armoured only with a will to live and armed with nothing but chains, rocks and pickaxes, they will die fighting.
Valeriana sighs
"As much as ever."
Cassit grins
"Soon we will see a new king crowned…"
She turns around to look you dead in the eye
"He'd better. Lest I be proven a poor mentor."
Cassit raises a paw
"He will likely erect a magic barrier to guard himself. But he is confined to his throne, so once the barrier is broken, he cannot flee.
He will come for me… or, well, the scythe to be accurate, first. What ever you do - do not let him have it. With it and the crown, he can once more establish absolute will over all the dead here.
But if I can get the crown, so can I.
So get me that crown."


"As Lady Radiant said, we plan on stealing his crown. That's not gonna stop his elite, but will take control away from any other undead."


Cassit turns to you
"Not quite. With the crown, I will have rule over all the dead here. Even the Deathguard. And the king will be powerless to stop me… us."


"So, regardless, our objective is to take control of the undead from him via his Crown. Understood."

"So… one who wields the scythe contests the other for dominance over the undead here, and one who wields both goes unhindered? Very interesting, I see."


"Right… I take it's a great effort to manage all the corpses in here even with the crown, right?"


Stare right back.
"Stop beating yourself up over it, Valeriana. Everypony is still alive and we got Pumpkin to thank for it."


"I don't like that grin on your face. I'll ask once again, you don't want to betray us, do you?"


"The scythe is the catalyst he uses to build his undead. The crown is enchanted with spells of command, and allows him to see, hear and command them."
"I would imagine so. I cannot know however. I have never worn it."
"We will talk more of this later. When I'm out of this suit. When I can be… me again.
For down here I am on a mission. And on a mission, I am a blade, not a pony."
"I gain nothing from it. I would simply be risking myself needlessly. No harm comes to me from letting you walk down my roads once I am king."


I shake my head but keep quiet, then turn to Cassit.

"And the living slaves? The raids? The resources?"


"Did seriously a single necromancer come up with all… This?"


"You already know the answer to those.
I will only use those I have already. No more raids. I will share my riches with you as well."


"If you can call him a single necromancer. I believe he predates most of your kingdoms."


"There is another condition. Teach your necromancy to those whom we send to you. We see it as a valuable skill that can support our interests greatly."


I nod
"Just making sure."

I frown at this


He glares at you
"I doubt you are in any position to change the agreement, pony."


"Necromancers? Have you talked about Frostmourne with this? After all that happened?"


"He's not. At all."


"He understands its importance, despite any personal distaste. Besides, there is nothing to say our foes are not doing the same, and knowledge of their acts will be needed to develop counters."

"It was in the original agreement, I am certain."

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


"None of you are.
I would advise not to anger me needlessly. Without me, what hope do you have of even making it back to the main road alive?"


I glower at him and jab him on the chest with my forehoof.
"No it wasn't. I made the agreement in the first place and we're sticking to it, just like Cassit stays to his side of the agreement."


"Hmm? You must be mistaken on that, too. =."




Roll #0 4 = 4


He climbs onto the Deathguard, jamming the scythe between its bones
"We will discuss this further once I am king."


"Last of our concerns. Any last minute precaution we should take on the Underking?"


I narrow my eyes
"I don't answer to you, Verne. You best remember that."

"There is no discussion. We have an agreement and like you said, none of us are in a position to change it."


"Know this. If I fall, and he regains full power, your fates are as sealed as those of all down here.
So keep me safe."


Take him under an hoof.
"Verne, friend, maybe you should relax for now.
What's done is done, a battlefield is no place to discuss a deal."


"Either way, we had better take this opportunity while we can. We will be in no position to request any more when he is successful. We can decide whether we want to use him for this after he has agreed."

"The original agreement, yes. hmm."


"Don't do anything stupid and you'll be fine. Valeriana is with you. I'd trust her with more than my own life."




"The deal has been made. End of story."
I shake my head in disdain and walk back over to Unyielding


Who's doing what right now?


"So. Ready to go?"
"Then we move once you are all ready"

Unyielding and Raging have armed themselves and the slaves.
Cassit is riding his bone golem for safety.


Slip into stealth. Do I see Valeriana?

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10


"Take every opportunity possible, Pumpkin. It will be harder to discuss this later, but…"

Sigh a little.

"All clear."


I nod.
"As ready as I'll ever be."
I look at him concernedly
"Be careful, okay? You too Raging."


Ready my weapon and follow


She sits ready, silently humming a slow tune to herself.
Raging laughs
"Not every day do I get to punch living death in the face. I'll give him one for every day I spent down here."


Please, don't tell me that's the shadow song.
Listen in, be discrete about it.

Roll #0 7 = 7


I smile softly
"That's understandable. Just make sure we don't lose you again."
I nod towards her.
"You ready to bring some heat with the Warhammer Express?"


Yes it is.
You cannot tell which verse it is because she is just humming the tune. But her tone implies it might be one of the last ones.


"Uh, ready"
Follow the group once they leave


I smirk.
"Those undead won't even know what hit them."


Move beside here.
"That song should be over."


"We'll show that Underking the meaning of karma, that's for sure."

"Are you okay Nylis? How's the horn?"


"I simply thought I'd seek a little comfort from it.
After all. This was the song that told me I survived. Where many others did not.
I only hope the many others part will not apply today"
"Ha. Look at my legs. I'm long gone and I know it. But I don't go down without a fight."

Cassit looks over you
"Are we ready? If so, put on the shackles and lower your heads. My spell can keep us masked as the dead until we reach the throne."
He hops down and walks to Twofingers, who weakly reaches out for him.
"If I give my life… will you consider my debt… repaid?"
Cassit says nothing.




Do as he says.


"I hope those are weak chains that we can do ourselves too."


"We'll show him the Power of the Sun, Venia."


I frown and move up Raging.
"Raging, I'm serious. You were close to mother and I've missed you for too long. Let's not make that for eternity."

I sigh and do as Cassit says


"The only other thing that will happen tonight is the undoing of the underking. I will make sure of that. And I'll show you I'm worthy of your name."

Can I just stay stealthed instead of slipping into the shackles?
Anyway, do whatever Valeriana does.


"Good boy."
She, too, slithers into the shadows among the roots.
Cassit places his scythe upon the chest of Twofingers
"You will serve me in death as you did in life. For every day your greed cost me, you will repay in undying toil."
She sighs
"If that is your will.
…but having you as mine alone… was worth it."
He raises the scythe


"Wait, you are not going to kill her, are you?!"


"Are you certain you won't reconsider this, Cassit? How better is she as an undead servant?"


"Power demands sacrifice. I cannot cast the spell without blood to fuel it."


"And you are divorced enough from your former favour for her to do this?"


Looks like the others are already going to stop Cassit. I just wait.
Ask Valeriana.
"Can't he just use any other kind of blood? Some of these ponies too weak to fight could donate."


"Would you rather I use you? Blood is blood. All I need is that is flows, I care not from where."
She stares intently
"I would imagine so"


"He's obsessed with her, just looking for an excuse to kill her off. He's stuck in his own past.
I must stop this madness."

Jump in front of him.
"Don't be a fool, ask some of the ponies who will not fight for a small sacrifice, that will suffice."


"Cassit… are you certain you wish to go through with this? Twofingers?"


I sigh and turn to the escaped slaves
"Anypony wants to sacrifice some blood to help us put an end to this?"


"They suffered enough, and he said it taints the soul. We cannot allow that…"


Twofingers slowly nods
"I owe him so much…"
Cassit simply remains motionless
"I only care that the spell is cast. She is willing."
There is a slight murmur, then the mare with the broken spine drags herself away from the group
"I'll do it."


"Let them choose. Vengance is a noble thing. They deserve the chance to help achieve their own vendetta."


"One loses their life right now, or one bears a minor taint on the soul. It appears we have to choose one."


"You are a brave one."
Place her on my back and take her to Cassit.
Turn to the crowd.


I look at her, heartbroken.
"Are you sure? You… you've given so much already."


I wince.
"You might not survive it."


"Are you certain?"

"…have you any family?"


Raging Storm steps up
"I ain't killing off any of them to walk away myself. Take me if you need more."
"I don't expect to drag myself out of these tunnels. And even then, what is there for me? A few years alone in bed before I die?
What a life…"


I wince.
"Are you sure about it? Your sacrifice would not be in vain, still… I don't like the idea of throwing away the life of an innocent."


"We will not kill anyone. A few drops, that's all we need. The more ponies help, the less we need to take."


"You don't know that, there could be a way to fix the damage! What's your name?"


"I see."

"Could I… have your name?"


"My name is Windy Hills. I have no immediate, living family. Not here at least…"
Cassit seems impatient
"One or the other, I care not. Just pick!"


"I see. I will not forget it. …Thank you."

"Cassit, if she is willing, so be it. Unyielding Anvil can still fight, and is a more valuable asset, I would not draw blood from him unless Windy Hills cannot provide enough."


I look over at Cassit angrily
"Be patient. You clearly don't understand any of this."
Turn back to the mare, my expression softening again.
"Windy Hills… where are you from?"


Fuck this is stupid, why can't they just use a little blood from everyone?!

"Hills do you… Do you want something? Anything before you do this?"


I frown.
"You will not be forgotten. Words are not enough to say how grateful we are…"


"I was born in the south… in Equestria… I… ran away from home, and traveled for years. Until I was captured and brought here.
I don't think my family is alive any more…
…I just kinda… wish I could do some good in life for a change. A selfless deed."



Turn to the ponies.

"Are any more of you from Equestria, like her?"


I snarl at him.
"If you dare to mix your filthy politics into this now I'm breaking your jaw."


"And one more thing, Windy Hills. Should this prove.. irreversible, would you like to rest in Equestria, or somewhere where we of the Northlands may honour you?"

"I have nothing of the sort in mind right now. Calm yourself."


I nod.
"I'm sorry to hear that. I… I have family too down South… I think."

"Why is that so important? I'm Equestrian too and nopony ever seemed to care."


"I still don't see why you have to be the only one this brave."
Fuck you Equestrian scum. Why do they have to be the brave ones in this?
Turn to Cassit.
"If you use blood from her, Twofingers and me, will we survive?"


"Heh… I did always want a statue…
…can you get me one?"
"Mixing the blood is dangerous. I cannot be certain the results will be stable.
But, if you wish to risk it, know we all die if this spell fails."
He scrapes a rune onto the Deathguard
"One life for certain. Or a gamble for all of us.
The call is down to you."


"We cannot take that risk. I'm sorry… Sun have mercy on us all…"

Turn to Windy Hills.
"We'll get you one. I promise."


Can I force blood to regenerate?

Roll #0 7 = 7


"A simple one would be possible, if you were to rest in our lands. Consider it done."

Remember what she looks like.

What does she look like, anyway?


She smiles
"Thank you.
Heh. In your face dad. I got a statue…"
At Min8 if you want to risk it.
She has a warm yellow coat and a short, dirty white mane. Her build suggest a life on the road with lots of exercise and little food.


"We can't risk that…"
I look back at Windy Hills
"I promise we'll get you a nice statue, dear. We'll put an end to this tyrannous reign of the Underking thanks to your sacrifice. Without you, many others would die."


"It's all of us, if the spell fails. Every single one of us, even those who not partake in the spell… We cannot strike for failure."
And this is over me already.
"I cannot ask another pony to sacrifice herself for us."
Turn to Windy.
"Up to you, I guess."


"I am sure he would be proud. We are all proud of your bravery."


When the blade cuts into her, I wanna at least try.

Roll #0 8 = 8


Twofingers and Windy both lay before the rune
Cassit turns to you
"Which one?"


Well who knew. Apparently that IS possible.
Lets hope she won't get blood cancer or some shit from it.


So now Windy can live if we use her? Go for the Equestrian.


I look the both of them ovber for a while, before sighing.
"… Twofingers."


"Whoever is most willing. I guess"


"She does have a better chance of recovering…. Nylis, stand ready to heal. Remember, calm yourself and focus. Your talents are many and will not fail here…"


Roll #0 10 = 10


Two fingers


Have Peaches use Improvise and Inspire too.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Hrm. So be it."
He grasps Twofingers and slams her onto the rune, then strikes the scythe through her back and begins pumping at her to make the blow more openly
"Bleed now. Bleed your life's blood. In your sacrifice, know you save many.
And know you come one step closer to repaying what you did to me."
She whines softly as blood fills the rune, making the entire Deathguard shimmer.
After a moment Cassit pulls out the blade, letting Twofinger fall on the floor. He then climbs the bone construct again
"WITH ME! For now, we are invisible to the dead!"


"Yea.. thanks verne"
I get +2 next turn now right?


You get +4, Master Caster got buffed and I used inspire too.

Roll #0 10 = 10


Use heal/mend on her '1d10+3'
Or +2

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


I'll just consider this a successful cast of lifesaving regeneration.
She stands up again, and nods to you in amazed thanks.
Cassit growls
"Hm. Well, so be it then. Nonetheless. We must move!"


"I'm glad noone had to die there."

Let's get a move on.


I let out a sigh of relief and get moving. We're shackled and moving in a conga line right?

"Thank the Sun and Moon…"


"See, Nylis? Good work."

And to Windy Hills:
"I will again thank you for offering yourself. When this is over I will personally ensure you get the best possible care for your injuries. Be well."

Let's go.


"You were great Nylis. Glad you're with us."
Go back to Valeriana's side and stealth.
"Happy ending for everyone."

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4


+3 more from the 2 stacked inspires.


Meekly smile at her
"Hah… yea"
Ready to move out


The loosely closed shackles on your necks make strained noise as you begin marching down the hall and return to the main road,
flanked by Cassit's Deathguard.
You pass several patrols of undead miners, none of them even turning to look at you as they drag cartloads of gems and crystals down the halls. In the side tunnels you can spot farm fires, and see shapes keeping warm by them. Dogs, large and small. Living ones.
Pumpkin and Valeriana follow along in the shadows


Keep my head down and mutter prayers as we move.


Just keep myself focused and hope Venus is doing well.


Follow along.


Just keep moving, looking at the ground


You pass the living quarters, and soon reach a junction leading downwards
"Down there is the Underthrone.
Once we go down this hill, there is no turning back. Make peace with yourselves."


Might the Moon show retribution on the guilty.
I do this for my lord.

Stand by for the others.


I breath in and out deeply, mentally preparing myself for the upcoming battle and the possible losses and pain it'll bring. Drop a little prayer to the Sun for guidance and protection too '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Again, the plan. One of us must remove the Crown from him as soon as possible to loosen his control. Also, I suspect the Crown will try to assert mental dominance over the wielding, so be wary."

"All ready, Venus? Once I'm done dealing with followup work, we can ah.. well, it's up to you."


Take a deep breath


I sigh and look to pumpkin and Verne. Standing a bit away from the others.


Peaches and Valeriana silently sit at your side.
Your purpose is sacred. Your hearts are pure.
Your strike is true.
Valeriana hums the last few notes of the Shadow Song, a tear silently rolling down her cheek.
Even in this dark place, in this dark hour, the sun never truly leaves you. For you carry it with you. In your heart.
She kisses you out of the blue
"Don't die on me down there."
Time for glory, little mage.
Time to make them pay.
You are about to step into death's heart. What you see and experience soon will never leave you.

Unyielding hefts his axe onto a shoulder and turns to nod at Raging, who does the same.
The slaves who followed you stand ready.

Cassit goads his Deathguard forward. In a massive shove, it forces the throne room's door open.
At the center of the room, carved into a large circular cave, on a raised platform, is a throne of ice, bone and stone.
Upon it, a seemingly ancient Diamond Dog. Withered and white as snow, with a jagged crown upon his brow that covers his eyes.
Whispers echo through the room, and five Deathguard stand near the throne.

So. You have arrived.
"That I have, Perce. I've come for the crown"
Insolent pup… Return my scythe. You do not understand the risks you drive the entire north to!



"As far as we know, Underking, you are a tyrant who holds slaves in both life and death, allowing them no reprieve or joy. Thus,we have come to remove you."

Try and hold a Terrifying tone

Roll #0 7 = 7


Silent and true, follow the shapes of the night and lose myself into the shadows.
Stand ready to strike.


Its time.. stealth and wait for the right moment to strike.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Do not seek to frighten me, mortal. Your body is as frail as a flake of snow, your mind as weak as fresh ice upon a pond. For centuries I have worked to safeguard the North from what sits beneath my kingdom. Were you to know of it, you would hold your tongue, bow and help the others mine.


Wings of Light.
"Your undead plague is what the true risk to the north, foul necromancer!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"The time of your dethroning has come. Too many innocents have died at your paws, Underking. Today, that ends."


You manifest very impressive wings. too bad there is very little room to fly in down here.
HA. HAHAHAHAHA. If there is one thing no amount of passing time changes, it is the blindness of mortals…
Some die. Some give their lives. But they all toil for a cause. As do I.


"An empty threat. What proof can you offer of your 'protection'? Can you give any one of us reason to believe you?"


"Is that so? And what do they toil for? So you can sit on your throne of bones?"


"I care not about your self-righteous phantasms. You are a liability, a threat, an obstacle. One we'll remove for the sake of the North and all the ponies you enslaved, mistreated and murdered."


You would have me undo the shackles and locks I have spent centuries building and maintaining so that you could gaze at your doom a moment earlier? Mortals…
To preserve these lands I call home. To feed the slumbering doom, so I may keep it asleep. To aid me in subduing that which would turn this land into naught but ash and stone.


inspect him, he keeps calling us mortals.. is he an undead as well?

Roll #0 3 = 3


He is probably older than the nation of Wintersgrasp from the looks of him.
And you are a danger to every being, living or dead, in this land. I cannot permit you to let that fool you cling to to cast the world into destruction.
The Deathguard move a step closer


"You are being vague and inconclusive. Unless you explain fully and properly your intentions, we will have no reason to believe you. Explain."

Read him carefully as he speaks, try and discern if he is lying.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Then stop with the empty words and tell us what you speak of!"


I growl and handle my warhammer with my telekinesis.
"Talk is cheap."


"We cling only to life, not to foolishness. Explain What destruction you intend to unleash.."


He is as stern as he is honest.
Without him, all is lost. At least, so he sees it.
I ill have time to cater to the endless stupidity of children! Now begone back to the mines! Get back to work! And give me my damn scythe!
If you in your worthless lives have never bothered to so much as read a book, then why must you waste my time to enlighten you? It nears awakening once more, and I need more gems to sate its hunger!


"If you are telling the truth, then you may find some cooperation in actually speaking it. You will lose any chance at that the more you delay. As far as we know, we have plenty of time, and you little."


Inure the party from necromatic damage

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10


"Why should we believe you if you don't even care to explain us what you truly do? Or what that thing truly is?"


"You shall be acquiring your nothing from us. You speak in nothing but stories and riddles, and steal gems from the earth for your own gain under the premise of 'keeping' something in check. The only thing you are keeping in check is your own treasury. "




Unleash? I have bound it down for centuries now. The only one here seeking to unleash anything is you!
Why don't you just inure them to physical harm too while you're at it?
Oh and maybe old age.
The party is now protected against the scarring and necrotic properties of Necromancery.
The NORTH has little time. Without my scythe, production is slowing down, when I most direly need it to speed up. Soon, the slumbering beast will awaken, and lest I can feed it to soothe it back to sleep, it will break free and destroy us all!
Are you truly this stupid? Can you not see nor hear? THINK!
Oh? What is this? Actual understanding? From a mortal? I'd be impressed if basic intellect was worth being impressed over.
Yes. A dragon. By now, a mighty one.

Such blind arrogance…


I smirk
"Don't worry, I've read a few books on the best ways to kill undead. This is justice. It's time for you to pay for all the death and destruction you caused."


"Most dragons are not malevolent, but even if they are, I have fought dragons before! One more won't make a difference!"


"A dragon? An ancient dragon… interesting. What deal have you struck with it? Gems, in exchange for dormancy?"

And to the party:
"King Frostmourne has found interest in weaponising dragons. This may be an opportunity. How should we proceed?


I cock an eyebrow
"A dragon?"

"The ones I encountered so far in my life weren't very friendly…"


"Are you out of your mind?!"



I'm just not powerful enough yet…

How close are the deathguard to us?


"..how large of a dragon is it now?"
"We should."

Can I stealth this time?

Roll #0 1 = 1


Communicate with him through the crystals.

Threats must be eliminated. If the dragon is the danger, we shall destroy him and bring his bones to the King.


"I'm sorry verne, but I'm not touching that subject."


So in your endless misguided arrogance you would watch the world burn to avenge the sacrifices of a few long forgotten mortals? If you seek to right wrongs, turn your weapons on the pup.
Tell me then. How great was this dragon you fought? It can take quite a while to kill something big enough to build a palace upon.
As it awakens, I feed it. Then, as it settles down in gluttony, I force it back to sleep with my magic. I have done so for centuries. Mined through the entire North to find more to feed it. And it was all going well until THAT INSOLENT FOOL TOOK MY SCYTHE
They could charge you on command.
Yes. It calls itself Breakup. We called it Deathfang.
You stand upon him. He sleeps below this room. And many others.
You are being stared down by several Deathguard. There is nowhere to hide.


"Not so. I need to assess first how successfully we can deal with the dragon if we remove the Underking, and if we cannot defeat or deal with it…."

I am trying to extract more information from the Underking for this purpose. Please hold…


"And why have you not simply destroyed it with your magic? Were you hoping to perhaps use it?"


"Then why abduct innocent ponies!? Why enslave those you claim to protect!?"


It is beyond my power. As you may have noticed, I am a corpse frozen to a block of ice and stone.
I did not need to, long ago. It was small then. But we still feared it. We dug up gems for it to eat. And it was happy and slept in our caves. But as to grew, so did its hunger and anger. Us dogs were not enough. So we raised out own dead to aid us. It was enough for a while, but eventually we needed more. And more. As the mines grew so did his hunger. Even now, I have too few. I would need hundreds more to mine fast enough.


"And what stops us to remove his presence from this world while it is still dormant?"


Strike a deal with him. Enroll his help to kill the dragon. Then, we will see how much he cares about the North. We might not need to kill him after all.


"So, you didn't think that the small dragon would grow to be a large threat when you fed it all these years? Who is the fool now?" I stare at him intensely.

Roll #0 1 = 1


I start pacing around.
"Why not ask the kingdoms for help then!? Do you really think this justifies the endless pain you've caused!? Because your kingdom was too weak and cowardly to take the dragon on when it was smaller!?"


"…and what should happen once we have no more gems to mine, as every centimetre of rock has been excavated? Your solution is no solution, assuming you speak the truth. You merely feed the time bomb until it, once it has grown dangerous beyond imagination due to your pacification, explodes."

"Now, if you truly have the intentions you say, tell us everything about this dragon."


I am trying. We will see where it leads…


And were still.shackled? How large is the room?


Perhaps you do not awaken when struck on the head when sleeping. Do you think we have never tried to kill it and end our slavery to its hunger? Do you think us useless?
And what? Let them march their armies into my tunnels, fight to their worthless deaths and then kill us all and take these tunnels for their own needs once they knew their locations? We are not even a hundred strong. Your petty kings see us as prey, not as allies.
It slumbers beneath these tunnels. In the one cave large enough to house it. It cannot walk out, but I fear it could easily break the rock above it and force itself out.
I am old. And without my scythe, dangerously weak. Return it, and I will aid you against Deathfang. Provided you have something that can kill it.


"And what will you do once Deathfang is defeated? You will have no more need for slaves. Will you free them? What will become of you?"


"I-if it has a brain it can die."
I was talking about the throne room


"I-if it has a brain it can die."
I was talking about the throne room


"So you expect us to help you. Help you after all the misery you caused? Allow you to keep ruling this kingdom?"


"So you expect us to help you. Help you after all the misery you caused? Allow you to keep ruling this kingdom?"


I will remain here with my kin. With no more need for slaves, I can let them die. In time, the tunnels will collapse, and the earth will renew. Perhaps in time, I, too, will die.
The throne room is big enough for a notable group of ponies, but the Deathguard take up a lot of space
No. I expect you to go on a tiresome self-righteous tirade about the sanctity of life, then throw yourself at me, die and go mine more gems. Just like the last five dozen who have tried the same thing.

Cassit spits
"Fools! Stop listening to him! Kill him and bring me the crown! He is old and useless! I can at least stand and fight! Even if there is a dragon, surely I am better to face it than he is!"



And to Cassit.
"The circumstances have changed once more. We now face a terrible threat to us all, and must side with the one more capable. Are you confident of your ability to deal with such a thing that could destroy you even if we made you Underking, Cassit?"

Terrify him with the new reality of the situation and see how he can react.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I look back at Anvil and Raging to gauge their reaction to this.


"Could you? You didn't even knew there was one!"


"Can, uh.. c-can I at least confirm this for the rest of the group?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


What do you intend to do? Teleport its brains out? Do you think I have not tried?
Raging is standing ready, waiting for a signal to leap on the king
Unyielding seems conflicted.
"All I know is that of the necromancers here, I am the one who holds in his paws the one tool that can ensure supremacy. For all your talk of me betraying you, it seems deeply ironic you have now turned on me."
"You shut up! Did you now know how to breathe until someone told you there was air?"


"We are not betraying you, but if this is true, that dragon is a threat we cannot just shrug off and call it a day!"


Move beside Valeriana.
"The situation has changed. This dragon might very well be a prime danger to the kingdom."


"Radiant is right. Thanks to these dogs we've got a ticking timebomb underneath the North."


"That's correct. We must handle this. At the current rate all the gems in the world will not be enough to calm the beast, we can not keep feeding it and hope to calm it down. It must be dealt with somehow,"


"M-… maybe I was gonna teleport something in though.. Uh, I just wanted to see if you were telling the truth about the dragon."


"This is a new threat we cannot be sure of. Therefore, we must give these tools to the one who gives us the higher chance of succeeding in saving the region. Are you certain you have the ability? Answer honestly.


Roll #0 8 = 8


"Or a prime opportunity"
"Then get me the crown so we can go kill it!"
I expected more of you. I almost liked you, little one. You seemed clever. So know this. The dragon is no fool itself. Its scales appear to contain an innate level of magic, making it resistant to spells. I have not been able to figure out how. But you… you wear runes upon your skin. Clever. Perhaps you can figure out, what I could not.
"If I had any doubt in me, do you think I'd be challenging the Underking? Do you?"
The underking shifts his cold, sunken eyes
You were my best. But arrogance seeps into you all the same…


"I know what you are thinking. Frosty was reading on those too. cassit has outlived his usefulness."


"We go with the one more capable. Honestly, it is hard to tell… Cassit may know things his master does not, as his Master has rotted here in fear. Yet, at the same time, we cannot discount the Master's experience… Assuming them to be of equal skill, siding with the Underking will spare us a fight, but if word gets out of our betrayal, things will be difficult to handle. Have Valeriana assess our chances of winning against the deathguard here.


"Why would we side with you, Underking? I'm willing to bet that even if we managed to kill this dragon, you would continue to raid and enslave ponies. After all, those 'foolish 'ponies would have once more toiled the burden your subjects could not."


I'm hidden away from the group talking with Shadow Song, unless I use the crystal you can't hear me.


I thought you were talking to me
Assume I use the crystal since I need an assessment of our chances


We are kinda far away, can't talk right now. Will do.
"Master, chances of winning in a fight against the Deathguards?"


"How are you so sure you can what your mentor couldn't?"


What use would I have for slaves? I no longer need to mine once it is gone. And you are no invading army. You… I can trust to a degree. Because if you try to turn on your promise, I can still kill you.
"If we coordinate well… we may win. At the cost of some lives. It would be easier to take the crown. Easier still to take the scythe."
"Look at him. He is a withered carcass frozen to a chair."


It is the most riskful option. If you have to face the Underking, we'll deal with the crown. Our advice is to take the scythe from Cassit.


"What if you two put your differences aside and worked together to save your own kind? And Ponykind? And everything from that dragon?!"


He is too weak. I can get more done alone without him to distract me
"I did not come here to make nice with this bastard. I came here for the crown! Now let us complete our deal and be done with this."


"Say we find a way to kill this dragon, then what?"

I nod in agreement.
"Don't you see this is something that threatens the entire North? Your passiveness will cost us a lot already, if we worked together on this we might be able to undo the damage you've done."


"I-I-… uhhh, but these things are easy to wash away! Something innate like that would need to be removed or destroyed or.. or something! "
What the fuck am I supposed to think of

Rolling for bright ideas '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"You fools! You'll both die if we don't work together! This just got bigger than all of us!"


"This isn't the time for petty indifferences. If you don't want to see the entire North getting destroyed as well as everything you ever worked for, this is the best option."


I have no particular fear of death. By now we are old friends. Perhaps I will simply allow him to awaken. I am becoming increasingly uncertain why I bothered safeguarding the likes of you. Oh yes. Because I am not evil.
You should wash the dragon!
I told you. He will get in the way. Without the scythe, I am not able to cast properly. And he has no idea what to do even if i gave him the crown. Which I will not.


"Cassit, put aside your petty feelings and help him! What good would it be for you to wear a crown if you die to a dragon shortly afterwards?"


I facehoof
"Say Cassit gives you the scythe and we manage to kill this dragon by working together… there wouldn't be a reason for you to be Underking anymore right? That is, if you're speaking the truth. You could appoint Cassit as your successor once we've taken care of the dragon. Don't you see this is the safest option for everyone!?"


I see no reason for a failed traitor to ever become king.


"Master, this is going on long enough. Are we in agreement Cassit is not fit for the role and the Underking is no treath to the crown?"


Brilliant! Except there's NO FUCKING WATER DOWN HERE


Roll #1 6 = 6


I stomp my hoof angrily




"Perhaps so. I care little for these two, but I have vague respect for the older one. I want to learn some of his ideas…
All we truly need is the Dragon.
The dragon's scales probably contain some kind of mutation that makes them act in a catalytic fashion. If those scales were broken…

And in the pits beneath the underkingdom, a great power stirred.



There can only be one underking.
It is time to choose who you stand with.

Cassit, who promises you and end to slave raids and resourced from his mines
or Perce, who offers to end all the undead beneath the North, and settle silently to live with his people in the dark corners of the tunnels if you can kill the dragon Deathfang.


Can we choose Cassit and kill Deathfang?


Of course.
But he won't be as helpful against it.


"Why can't the two of you make peace with each other? Don't you see both of you would benefit from it? Are you truly that selfish that you'd rathe kill each other than do good for both of you if you let go of your spite?"


"C-can I uhh.. can I see the dragon? There's something I want to find out"

Roll #0 4 = 4


Only one can wear the crown and scythe. Sharing their power leaves us BOTH too weak to stand against Deathfang.
"We came down here to kill this old bastard. I'm not going to just shake paws and let bygones be bygones!"
I need my scythe to open the path safely


"Why can't you? What do you truly gain from his death? Nothing! You can have your scyhte and crown after we dealt with the dragon!"


"How far is the path?"

Roll #0 3 = 3


On one hand, we should strive to honour our deals as far as reasonably possible. Can that apply here? We can ask for the mines, but we will have to use workers as an opportunity cost, while Cassit mines for us. Then again, Perce's greater knowledge would guarantee our safety even better so that these plans can come to light. Yet…




The Deathguard take another step at you
So it is him you side with. Then I will ensure not a single one of you walks away alive. You are just like the others. Fools.
It runs below my throne room. The door is not far. But I need the scythe.
"I cannot believe you. Not a single one of you. And to think you looked upon me in disgust. You are more heartless than even he is! You say NONE of my sacrifices had value! That nothing I did matters!
With or without you, I am taking that crown! Now stand aside or I will kill you all the same!"


"You said you don't need the undead once the dragon is dead. If you don't need the undead why do you need the crown? I was talking after we have defeated it."


Turn to the Underking
"So you did lie! All this stuff about you only being Underking to protect the North from the dragon was all just one big lie!"


shit, can I use my magic to create vibrations into the earth below and try to see from there?

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Just like.. the others? Have others come?"


After it is done, I will destroy the crown. None should have this power. Least of all him.
You jump to conclusions born of insecurity and fear. If you are so certain, then come strike me down. Be the pony who doomed the world.
This place seems too convoluted to probe like that.
Hundreds. Treasure hunters. Warlords. Mercenaries. Crusaders. Adventurers. Some to seek the crown. Some the scythe. Some the dragon. They all serve now. As will you, if you fail to listen to me.


I turn to Cassit.
"Then show your true colors. Are you a power hugry megalomaniac, or do you care about this world and all it's inhabitants?"


To Valeriana.
"They are growing tired. It's now or never. I'll try to steal the crown if Verne cannot settle this."

To Verne, through the Crystal.
Find a solution and fast, otherwise we'll take the crown from the underking.


What is our primary target now? Avoiding casualties? Searching for more long term gain? If Perce stagnates, we will have no further necromancy developments here, but with Cassit…

And to Pumpkin:
We side with Cassit as planned, I have decided. Relay this to Cassit: I will create a mirror image of his scythe and one of us will carry it to the underking. The moment he lets his guard down, we strike.


"That is a loaded question and you know it.
I wish to be king. As we agreed. Even you. We will overthrow the king, I will get the crown, and repay you for your aid in resources from my mines. The fact that some fat dragon sleeps down there too does not change the deal!"
"Observe the throne. Look at the shimmer in the air. He has a shield spell. If not several."


Walk up to her and whisper
"I think we should side with the Underking. To bring an end to all this suffering and protect the North."

To the Underking
"So you would let all these undead rest if the dragon is dealt with?"


Of course. I have no need for them. All I need are the few caves my kind live in. The rest of these mines are worthless to me.


"I agree. That dragon is a threat we cannot ignore. And Cassit cares only about himself."

To Cassit.
"Of course it changes it. Once this is over, and the evil that threatens us all is done with, you'll be king. You'll get another crown."


I clench my jaw and turn to Cassit.
"… This whole affair changed everything. This dragon is a threat to all of us. We had an agreement to kill the Underking, but the safety of all of the North obviously overrides that."


"As if I'd trust you to honour that deal if you cry and wriggle to escape this one."
"Cowardly traitors the lot of you. You have so little trust in me you'd rather ally with the slavelord of the dead!"


"So much for tipping the status quo…"
It's too dangerous a fight.


"The deal was to get you a crown and make you king. You'll still get both of those. After we made sure the entire North does not get destroyed."


If your threat assessment sees the Underking as not feasible to disable, then we will betray Cassit. He will bring us more benefits in the future, but that is only assuming we can get to that point.


Know this: We cannot attack him directly. He's covered in magic barriers.


"The fact that you didn't know about this damn thing shows that my trust in your competence was misplaced. As does the fact that you fail to see the threat and are unwilling to sacrifice your gains."


"YOU WILL CHANGE NOTHING! His undead will swarm you the moment he has what he needs of you! You will all be slaves!"


"If he turns against us we will kill him. We could. But all of working together is the best for us, don't you see it?!"


I realised, that is why I planned the ruse. It seems we have already decided, however.


"The situation has, once more, changed. We will go with the most pragmatic option right now. Through a thorough assessment of all our immediate needs, we have decided on our needs. You will benefit, too."

Bluff. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"If you were so concerned about us you would have given up your scythe already. Seeing as how you haven't given up your own plans for the good of the North yet shows your lack of care and competence."


This is a waste of time. Attack him and take scythe, so I can open the way to Deathfang. Or you leave me no option but to kill you, cast it to slumber once more, and pray some day in the future a true hero will arrive to relieve me of my burden. One who does not bow to a mad dog like Cassit.


Turn to Cassit.
"Hand over the scythe, and you'll have your crown after Deathfang is done for."


"Fine. Cassit, hoof over the scythe so we can end this without bloodshed."



Turn to Cassit.
Let go of the scythe and curl up in a corner.


Roll #0 2 = 2


I also conjure two lightning swords

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


"Looks like they have picked a side."
Be ready to fall on Cassit.


"So it comes to this. Betrayed at the doorstep of my victory by mortals, fallen to the tall tales and honeyed lies of the Underking.
I will add you to the ranks of my miners. The deal is off. Go sit on the lap of your king while you can. FOR THERE IS NO TOMORROW FOR YOU!"


Unyielding and Raging take a confused step back.
The doors of the throne room slam shut.
Cassit raises his scythe and slams his legs into the bone golem, letting it fuse with him partially.


teleport the scythe into my holding

Roll #0 1 + 3 = 4


Spellbreaker on the neck rune!

Roll #1 8 = 8




Spellbreaker on the spine rune!

Roll #0 3 = 3




Roll #0 3 = 3


Improvise, Heroism.

Drop on Cassit, Fervor, Backstab.
'r2 1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3


You may explode the miscast dampener if you wish. It will be lost forever if you do.
You shatter the neck rune, causing the head to go limp.
However, Cassit slams his scythe into the rune, empowering himself as the new head of the creature
To drive the point in, he unleashes a bolt of dark energy, which washes over you, pushing you back. Luckily, Nylis inured you against its necrotic effects.
Peaches does her best to remind everyone that victory is at hand! …hoof!
As you drop from the ceiling aiming for Cassit, Twofingers intercepts you with a leap of her own, driving her fingers into your empty eye socket, screaming obscenities at you.

I'm trying out a new system for tracking stuff. hits/wounds will now be marked at the end of each round
Pumpkin helpless/5
Nylis ???/5
Venia 3/5
Verne 3/5
Radiant 6/5


Escape Artist out of her claws.
Vanish Behind her and drive my dagger into her back.

Peaches uses Inspire.

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Your greed and selfishness will be your downfall you megalomaniac!"
Fervor, Power attack!

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'll.. I'll take the fail then


"He has only exposed himself more! Remove the head!"

Inspire again

Roll #0 6 + 1 = 7


Lunge at him and attack him with both my lightning swords. Aim for the head!

Roll #0 7, 8 = 15


You leap away from her grasp, blood pouring from your missing eye, and slash at her, bringing her to a knee.
Even Peaches keeps up an inspiring tone.
+1 to all rolls!
"Your foolish fear will be yours."
He blocks your swing with his axe, but you manage to overpower him, pushed on by the words of Peaches. In a loud crack, you damage the arm rune.
Cassit turns his attention to you and flips a gesture, causing the runes drawn upon you to catch fire.
You are helpless from the sudden shock.
A good plan can bring much hope in dark times.
+2 to all rolls next turn!
You leap up the arm, bounding off the shoulder and slash off the remnants of the old bone head, as well as landing a hit on Cassit.

Pumpkin 5/5
Venia 3/5
Verne 3/5
Radiant 6/5
+2 to rolls
2 turns of Heroism remain


Divine Protection I'm going to keep the names and Blast!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Stand still."
Shatter her paws.

Peaches, Inspire!

Roll #0 9 - 1 = 8

Roll #1 9 = 9


Blast the golem thing on the spine!

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


Escape artist up, then vanish and STAB HIM IN AN EYE! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Conjure a Mirror Image of flaming Nylis as a decoy/distraction!

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


Forgot the +2, it's 10,11.


Inspire does not boost the user.
You strike your blades through her mangled paws, then leap into the air and kick her in the jaw, ripping both forelimbs in half.
She screams and falls on the floor.
Peaches pushes the bonus to +2 for next turn!
You rush around Cassit, smashing the spine rune, causing it to crack heavily.
You get up, leaping through the >>263096
flaming image Verne conjured, and plant a strike in Cassit's eye, causing his entire golem body to take a heavy step back.

Pumpkin 5/5
Nylis 5/5
Venia 3/5
Verne 3/5
Radiant 6/5
+2 to rolls
last turn of Heroism


Have the flaming mirror image run about distract him, then use it to Blind him!

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


While Blast is recharging, use Spellbreaker on the cracked rune!

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10



"I'm sorry."
Spell breaker on the Runes.

Keep inspire up.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11

Roll #1 4 = 4


Wrong again. That's a 10, not an 11.


Also since that was last turn I cleave at the legs whatever abomination Cassit became now in this.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Also Radiant further damaged the spine rune.
It splits and splinters, forcing Cassit to bind it down with a spell. One more hit will break it.
"The Runes" is six targets.
You proceed to aid Venia, making the Spine Rune explode.
And Peaches adds one more +1
As he is distracted for a moment, you toss a muddy clump into his eyes.
Not that he really used them that much. But have a +1 anyway.
A massive strike of the axe slams into you. Was it not for your fortitude you have no business owning because you can't even remember the event you earned it from, you'd be badly hurt now.

Cassit leans on his axe for a moment, trying to stabilize the golem body.
The Spine Rune is broken.
The Tail, Arm and both Leg runes remain.
Cassit himself replaced the Neck Rune.

Pumpkin 5/5
Nylis 5/5
Venia 3/5
Verne 3/5
Radiant 6(!)/5
+2 to rolls


Blast has been recharged. Use it with my Warhammer to blast the arm rune.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


"If we need to, we can end this battle merely by attacking him! Stay calm, and note the weaknesses!"


Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


Bolster myself and get up from the aftermath of the Protection fading.
And the Sun gave it to me!
Still… try to remember…

Roll #1 3 = 3


Vanish behind the tail rune and bury my blessed dagger into it with a Backstab.

Peaches keeps inspire up.

Roll #0 7 + 3 = 10

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Bolster is not escape artist. You can't use it while going helpless.
You get stomped on by Cassit while trying to remember what you wanted to have for dinner later.
You charge headlong into the arm, and soon find yourself careening through the air, a sharp, gut twisting pain coursing through you. The axe got you good.
"Be silent!"
A bolt of dark magic strikes through you.
Peaches keeps a solid +1 applied.
You strike the tail rune, cracking the stone protecting it, but not enough to destroy it.

The tail rune is cracked
The arm rune is cracked
The leg runes are intact
Cassit has wiped his eyes and can see again

Pumpkin 5/5
Nylis 5/5
Verne 2/5
Radiant HELPLESS/5
+1 to rolls


Get up!

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4


Use that mirror image to distract and Blind him again.

Roll #0 8 + 1 = 9


Let's end it. Fervor! Shatter the tail rune!

"Keep that Inspire up partner!"

Roll #0 9 = 9

Roll #1 8 = 8


Grit my teeth and stand up!
Remembering can wait!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Heal everyone, I don't care if I need to take their place HEAL THEM

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


You barely roll out of the way of another crashing axe blow
You send the mirror image to leap eight into his face, blinding him with bright flames as it explodes.
+2 to attacks next round
You skid to the side and leap at the rail rune with fury drawn from training and devotion.
Your blow shatters the casing, leaving it open for a Spellbreaker.
Peaches keeps up an impressive streak of Inspires, boosting the bonus to +3 for attacks on Cassit, +1 to others.
You get tossed aside by the same axe hit that barely missed Venia.
Your head is spinning but you know you surely aren't up.
Heal is a single target spell. Please specify a target.

Tail rune is vulnerable
Arm rune is cracked
Leg runes are intact
Cassit is blinded

Pumpkin 5/5
Nylis 5/5
Verne 2/5
Radiant HELPLESS/5
+1 to rolls 7 +3 to attacks vs Cassit


That's it.
Spellbreaker on the vulnerable inside.

"Great job!"

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9

Roll #1 4 = 4


Stand up already, damn it!

Roll #1 10 = 10



Inspire everyone even more!

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4


Also have Venus move in quickly for a hit against a rune.

Roll #0 6 + 3 = 9



Roll #0 6 + 1 = 7


Heal verne

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


Your spellbreaker explodes the rune, splitting the back of the construct. Cassit focuses more power to keeping it stable. He is now open to attack.
however, Peaches seems to be out of breath.
You do.
No need to shout.
You focus your healing on Verne, who feels a lot better for it.
Venus blocks a hit that was meant for you, and slams the arm rune, opening it up further.
You also stagger up, ready for more

Cassit is open to attack.
The Arm Rune is badly cracked

Pumpkin 5/5
Nylis 5/5
Venia 5/5
Verne 5/5
Radiant 5/5


Spellbreaker on the arm!

Roll #0 2 = 2


"This is our chance! DISABLE HIM!"

Rush in and Backstab Cassit.

Roll #0 10 + 3 = 13


"Just hold on a little more!"
Vanish, Backstab Cassit.

Peaches tries to work her magic again. Inspire.

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10

Roll #1 3 = 3


Teleport the scythe away from cassit

Roll #0 7 + 3 = 10


Blast the cracked rune!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Your efforts are rewarded with a crushing axe blow to the torso.
Followed by Radiant capitalizing on the opening, breaking open the rune.
As Cassit swings the axe in one more wide arc, lifting Peaches off her legs and sending her crashing into a wall, Verne leaps up the construct's arm, planting his blessed blade in Cassit.
The dog reels and strikes out wits his own paw, only to get struck from the other side by Pumpkin.
Reeling from pain he forgot he could feel, Cassit is taken entirely by surprise as Nylis rips the scythe from the rune socket with her teleport. However, Cassit's unholy attachment to the weapon pulls him along, landing him next to Nylis.
A quick punch later he takes a few skittering leaps away from the unicorn as the Bone Construct collapses.
He rushes to Twofingers, who is cradling her broken hands.
They share one final teary eyed look as Twofingers reveals her chest to him. He quickly jabs the scythe through her, then pulls out out, letting her fall limply to the floor.
Only to rise anew, as an undying minion. Her debt will be repaid this day.


Pumpkin 5/5
Nylis 5/5
Venia 2/5
Verne 5/5
Radiant 5/5



Cleave both of them!
Bolster on myself just in case I go down again.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You stand against Cassit and Twofingers.
United in death.
United in purpose.


"Damn it! It didn't have to end like this!"

Blast Cassit! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Lets start out with an inspire.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"What a shame…"
Peaches uses Inspire and Heroism.
Fervor. Vanish. Backstab Twofingers.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3



Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


"A second wind. Finish him off as before!"


Roll #0 10 = 10


"It truly did not. Had you simply NOT BETRAYED ME"
Your heroic charge is cut short as his scythe slashes across your chest, sparks flying off your armour. You feel the sheer magic power contained within that thing. No wonder both of these dogs want it so badly.
You open your mouth to say a few inspiring words, but are cut short as Twofingers punches you in the jaw, making you bite your tongue
Nothing says inspiring heroism like the high pitched squeak of a pony getting slashed by a necromantic artifact of immense power.
The blow leaves her on the ground, screaming in terror as dark tendrils extend through her skin from the wound.
You steel your mind however, and plant your blessed blades into Twofingers, knocking her on the ground and getting her attention off Kilana.
You do all in your power to distract the party from the terrifying shrieks of Peaches, allowing them to still get +1 to all rolls next turn.
However, the atmosphere of death and defeat still means 2 counts as a crit miss for the next 2 turns.

Pumpkin 5/5
Kilana 3/5
Venia 2/5
Verne 5/5
Radiant 5/5
+1 to all rolls
2 counts as a crit fail for two turns


Rush over there and help her up!
"It's nothing! You can make it!"
Yell around.
Peaches too tries to come to her senses.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"He is no more powerful than before! Simply repeat your previous assault!"

Keep up the inspire

Roll #0 8 = 8


"You're a threat to the North! Your recklessness and greed will only bring downfall!"

Heal Peaches!

Roll #0 10 + 1 = 11


I angrily come after Twofinger, with touch death.

Roll #0 5 = 5


You aid Peaches up, and patch the wound on her chest, stopping the spread of the dark tendrils.
She takes a deep breath and steadies herself. She is good to go.
Your words are true. He is no more powerful. Only more desperate.
+1 to all rolls
You empower your hoof to strike her, but she grabs it, tossing you aside.
You land on your hooves however, and are not hurt.
The remnants of the bone construct resonate to your presence. Perhaps you could try reanimating a part of it.

Pumpkin 5/5
Nylis 5/5
Venia 2/5
Verne 5/5
Radiant 5/5
+1 to rolls
2 is still a crit fail for one turn

Cassit slams the scythe against the floor
Bony hands of dead diamond dogs slam through the stone, grasping at you.
Avoiding them without ending up helpless is MIN6


Leap over them and Blast on Cassit!

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10


"A move of desperation! Fly over them or jump, he will fall soon!"

Keep inspiring!

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4


Fly up and avoid the hands, then, fall on him and Shatter his paws!

Peaches uses Inspire.

Roll #0 5 = 5

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


A few hands? Bah, you've seen worse at pubs.
You jump up, boost off one of them and land your hammer on Cassit with enough force to throw him back considerably, shards of crystal raining from his chest.
"Desperation? No. Preparation."
A cold hand grasps you by the throat, pinching your voice silent while another pulls you down by the tail
You are unable to move.
You flap open your wings, but two icy hands grab them, pulling you to the floor.
Peaches keeps up her inspiring tone, adding +1 to your rolls next round.


Pumpkin HELPLESS/5
Nylis 5/5
Venia 2/5
Radiant 5/5
Kilana 5/5
+1 to all rolls

The Crystal Heart is cracked


"Just give up now Cassit, you're nothing." I try casting raise dead on the broken bone construct,

Roll #0 4 = 4


Escape Artist to get up, rush to Verne and help him up too.
"Hold on friend."

Peaches Keeps Inspire up.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Roll #1 1 = 1


As you get a reaction out of the bones, you fail to realize the hands Cassit summoned grab you, pinning you down
"And you are DEAD"



Tch. Get myself free. Pulling on my tail? How lewd.

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6


"These bones can't take me!" I laugh and command the bones to release me.

Roll #0 10 = 10


Protective Bubble on Pumpkin! Peaches too if I'm strong enough!

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10


The bony hands release you, give you a thumbs up and stand ready to obey your orders.
You kick apart the hands holding you, barely avoiding Pumpkin's mad charge
That lands him in the grip of several others that claw and rake at him.
Peaches tries to call for inspiration, but is cut short by a skeletal hand punching her in the gut, leaving her helpless.
Finally Venia casts a shield on Pumpkin, just in time to stop the blades of Twofingers.

Pumpkin HELPLESS/5 - protected
Venia 2/5
Verne 5/5
Kilana 5/5 - in command of two dead hands
-1 to all rolls


Get up.
Peaches too.

Roll #0 8 - 2 = 6

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9


Blast Twofingers then!

Roll #0 1 - 1 = 0




Roll #0 7 - 1 = 6


Perfect! Now my bone hands, go attack that fool Cassit.

Roll #0 1 = 1



You both break free of the binding hands, scrambling to your hooves before Twofingers can strike you anew.
You leap to blast the distracted Twofingers, you suddenly feel a shock of agony strike through you unlike any you remember.
Looking back, you see Cassit's scythe deep within your side, tied to its user with a chain in dark magic. He begins reeling you in, leaving a trail of blood on the floor
"Come… come to me…."
Despite the madness, you manage to boost everyone's hopes a little.
+1 to all rolls.
"Your power is weak!"
Cassit flicks his paw, and a bolt strikes through your head, clawing at the insides of your mind and soul, leaving you helpless as dark ichor pours from your mouth, nose, ears and tear ducts.

Pumpkin 5/5 - protected
Verne 5/5
Kilana HELPLESS/4 - in command of two dead hands
+1 to all rolls

The heart is cracked.
Twofingers is focusing on Pumpkin.


even in this state, surely I can listen to Verne's words and calmly break free. I'm stronger than him..

Roll #0 6 + 1 = 7


"N-no no no no no!"
Get it out!

Roll #0 5 + 1 = 6


"Peach! Help Venia!"
Vanish, Fervor, Backstab Cassit's Crystal Heart.

Peaches uses Improvise and Inspire.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Focused on Pumpkin?

Excellent. Blind him.

Roll #0 7 + 1 = 8


You spit out the dark liquid flowing from you and steel yourself against the pain and whispers.
You refuse to fall to powers you yourself command!
You kick the blade out of you with a meaty squish and stagger to your hooves.
Cassit withdraws the chain >>264221
slamming it into Pumpkin's back as he leaps in for the kill.
"You will do just as well. Come to die…"
Peaches shuts her eyes to this and keeps shouting inspiring words, keeping the party at a +1 to all rolls.
You then turn to Twofingers, kicking a small rock into the air and then into her eye, causing her to recoil as it jams in the socket, blinding her.
+2 to attacks against Twofingers, who now focuses on Verne.

Pumpkin HELPLESS/5
Venia 4/4
Verne 5/5
Kilana 4/4 - in command of two dead hands
+1 to all rolls
+3 to attacks against Twofingers

The heart is cracked.
Twofingers is focusing on Verne.


Electric Storm Bolt on Twofingers! 6 times!

Roll #0 6 + 5 = 11


Escape Artist out of his scythe.
"Not today!"
I'm close enough, right? SHATTER HIS HEART!

Peaches keeps Inspire up.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Roll #1 9 = 9


Get out my dagger, then rush in to backstab Twofingers.

Roll #0 9 + 3 = 12


Have the two bone hands attack Two fingers.

Roll #0 6 + 4 = 10


Something something PRAISE THE SUN
attack something that needs to be attacked

Roll #1 3 = 3


teleport twofingers away from verne

Roll #0 2 + 3 = 5


Twofingers dislodges the rock from her eye, only to have her expression fall blank as a veritable wave of lighting bolts smash into her, searing flesh and shocking muscle.
As she wrestles to control her body, bony hands strike her down, grasping and clawing at her helpless body until a knife from Verne splits her neck in two, severing her head.
In her last moments, she silently mouths
"My debt… is paid."
You pull the scythe out and shove it ahead of you, slamming it edge first into Cassit's chest, cracking the heart open entirely.
He tosses you aside, covering up the heart with his robe.
Peaches yells for everyone to focus and fight!
+1 to all rolls
Cassit empowers the scythe with dark magic
You barely manage to dodge the blow before it takes your head off, but it still leaves you wounded.
You grasp the the limp body of Twofingers and teleport it away from Cassit's reach

Pumpkin 5/5
Venia 4/4
Verne 5/5
Kilana 4/4 - in command of two dead hands
+1 to all rolls
Radiant 2/6
Nylis 5/5

The heart is broken open.
Twofingers is dead.


cast heal on Radiant

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


"The Sun never dies! The Sun always rises!"
Divine Protection, Fervor, Blast Cassit's Chest!

Roll #1 2 = 2


I shake my head sadly at Twofingers. Turning away, I charge and Blast Cassits chest

Roll #0 8 + 1 = 9


"Not over yet!"
Vanish and happear right behind him, backstab his heart through his body!

Peaches Inspirebot.

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Come, writhe! Struggle!"

Blind him this time.

Roll #0 8 + 1 = 9


Time to take down this dirty dog, Bone minions.. attack Cassit.

Roll #0 4 + 1 = 5


Her cut flesh knits shut once more
He slams is scythe against your hammer, misdirecting your blow before striking anew. Were it not for your immense inner fire, this blow would have left you helpless.
Cassit snaps off another dark bolt that slashes through the heart of Peaches. She silently falls over, dark blood pouring from her mouth.
moments later, a blade strikes through his chest
Followed by Venia's hammer nearly caving it in entirely.
Finally Kilana's bone minions distract him long enough for Verne to conjure a small light orb by his face and detonate it to blind him.
+1 to all rolls against him.


Pumpkin 5/5
Venia 4/4
Verne 5/5
Kilana 4/4 - in command of two dead hands
Radiant 5(!)/6
Nylis 5/5

The heart can be Spellbroken now.
Twofingers is dead.
Peaches is helpless.


Spellbreaker on that heart!

"Your greed was your downfall!"

Roll #0 6 + 1 = 7


Fervor. Spellbreaker on Cassit's heart.
"The North requires your life."

Peaches can get up?

Roll #0 10 = 10

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I never agreed to help you."
Cast heal or mend on Peaches, whichever keeps her alive

Roll #0 6 + 1 = 7


"The fate of the North is not our personal property for us to gamble solely to keep our word and honour. Now, Surrender and lay still.


Roll #0 1 + 1 = 2


I snarl at him and draw my hammer back up with a Cleave at his legs.
Also, Bolster on myself for later use.

Roll #1 2 = 2




"We are true to our country, and our morals and that's more than you can say." Attack again with the bone hands.

Roll #0 3 = 3


You are bolstered.
Another massive blow from the scythe strikes into your neck, sending you staggering.
Your hands catch the wide of that blow, splintering apart in a shower of fragments
You manage to dodge his scythe as he aims it for your throat, causing him to lose balance and loosen his hold on the weapon
You aid her up, massaging her heart with your magic to help it beat steadily as she spits out quantities of black blood and bile.
You focus your magic against his heart, unbinding the necromancy that held his body together.
Much like the Deathguard, his body shatters and falls apart. His silent mouth screaming curses as his remains fall over, releasing the scythe.

Cassit is dead.


Take the scythe and vanish back to Valeriana.


continue healing her, or heal whoever else needs it right now.

Roll #0 8 + 1 = 9


Turn to the Underking.

"It is done. Now, you will agree to our deal. In exchange for the scythe, you will assist us in neutralising the dragon that lies beneath us. After that, you indent to retire, yes?"


Great now I'll just take that.. Oh never mind, I'll just see what happens..


Pumpkin 5/5
Venia 4/4
Verne 5/5
Kilana 4/4
Radiant 5/6
Nylis 5/5
You ensure Peaches is fine. She thanks you among the globs of dark goo, and does her best not to get any on you.
She picks it up, recoiling slightly as she feels its power
Yes. Give me the scythe and I will open the way. Then, once Deathfang is gone, I can end the undead in these tunnels, and return to my people to rest.


"Fool… This could have been avoided. What now?"


"Deal with that dragon, of course. This is going to be fun…"


"And you will have no need for these tools, then? Your Scythe and Crown?"


"This magic will be needed to defend the north. We cannot allow the old mad dog to destroy it."


smile and tend to the others
then heal Venia and Kilana if necessary
doing the second roll here as well. if only to get this thing going again '1d10+1'

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"Can you not open the way without the Scythe?"


No. None can. I ensured this to keep us all safe.
Valeriana hefts the scythe
"If you all are ready, I will return it."
Looks like they get to go ahead with 4 wounds.
"I have no intention to."



Go over to Raging and Unyielding.
"You two doing alright?"


They belong to none. The harm they can do in the wrong paws is too great. I regret forging them deeply.


"My blade will serve."
Go check on Peaches.
"You alright?"


oh fuck that

try again on Kilana

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10



"Ahh… yet, the good they can do is also unlimited. What if we used them as proof of your martyrdom? To show the world your heroics? No one need use them to benefit. It would honour is deeply if you were to grant it to us for this purpose."


Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"It's a pretty dangerous weapon to have around in a display case just for that."


"The scythe and crown are getting destroyed. No question about that."


She throws up the last bits of bile
"I'm never fighting a necromancer again…"
See, all you needed was a little motivation!
You heal up the remnants of the scythe wounds on both her and Venia.
"Aye. But I must say, I am deeply confused by these changes of events"
"As am I, dear. Care to explain it in short?"
I would prefer to remain hidden and forgotten. But If you merely wish to use them as trophies… then I think I can ensure they will be perfect for that purpose.


"… Might we talk, in private?"


"Nice work Nylis!" I smile at you.


"Cheer up, dragons are next."


"Ah, good. Good. Thank you."


"Uhh.. U-underking? how much of the dragon have you seen? what do those scales look like?"


"What is it?"


"What's there to be confused about? There's a dragon that threatens all of the North somewhere down here that we need to deal with. The Underking is our best shot at dealing with it. Once it's done, the scythe and crown will be destroyed and all these undead can finally get the proper rest and respect they deserve."
I wipe away a tear
"I've seen enough suffering down here already."


"… Nothing. Forget about it."


I have only seen its head in centuries. But I can imagine the scales you seek are mutated or otherwise altered in some way.
"…oh joy."
Unyielding pulls you into a hug with his wing.
"No need for tears. We will win this day. All of us. We stand at your side."


"Any weaknesses?"

Do I remember fighting dragons and how we defeated them?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"hm. Can I see it?"


You remember once facing a great dragon, but also that taking it down required everything from war machines to ancient relics.
Once you are ready…. you will all see it.


I smile weakly
"Thank you."


I hold up a hoof, then lower it to hold my head.
"I… I uh remembered… remembered something. The great dragon it… We had to use war machinery and some sort of artifact to defeat it…"