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16.000 posts and just over the half way point.

Verne and Pumpkin were about to travel back to Ironfoe to collect Frostmourn and bring him back to Wintersgrasp when he was done with his visit.

Kilana still needs to pick a husbando

Pumpkin and Kilana also have some thieves to recruit

And Venia has a wedding and coronation coming up

And let us not forget the Underkingdom

Also Bearing is into yaoi


>tfw not even mentioned


Make my way to Ironfoe and knock on the main door.
"We are with the King. Open up."


Where am I?


I assume Venus and I are done packing?


No packing. No waifu. Final destination only.


you have a fake coup to arrange
Nylis has magic to sort out with Embers and Winterbreeze
With Shadow, Kilana and Unyielding.
You just summoned the spirit of King Ironmane so they could talk.
You both arrive at Ironfoe along with Venus.
The guards look at you
"The king?"
"Uh… which king? I think we have two now."


"King Frostmourn. We are his personal escort."


She's my bodyguard now.

"King Frostmourn of Wintergrasp, please."


rolling to stay on track and not get distracted by Winterbreeze again
"Hey Breezy, you said something about Caligraphy right? Do you think it could be used as a catalyst if made on a pony?"

Roll #0 10 = 10



Let them talk then, I'll stay on the background, looking a little bit sad.


Well I talked to Venia
She told she'll tell Unyielding

I don't know about Pumpkin and Valeriana now…

Let's just see Celaire and plan some more.


Ready to listen to ghosts.


"Ah. The New King. Well, we aren't supposed to let anyone in or out until this alert is lifted…"
"What a novel idea. Though I imagine it would be rather temporary. Catalytic runes conduct notable amounts of magic, and simply painting them on would be rather short lived.
Now tattoos on the other hoof… hmmm…."
Unyielding bows before the ghost of his father
"Dad I… missed you"
I missed you too, son. How have you been? How has my kingdom fared?
"Well, Frostmourn… uh… your nephew, is king now. He just set off to conquer Ironfoe."
HA! So something hood did come of that brother of mine at last. So what about you?
"Well I've worked as a viceroy for years now. The people like me, and… I enjoy the throne."
I am glad to hear that. Now who are these you have with you here?
The Old King turns to you
He is idly poking a training dummy with his sword. He looks bored.


I am King Frostmourne's… associate. He would allow me in. So if you would please…


"Tell the King Pumpkin Smile and Verne are here, he'll understand."


"I was mainly wondering that.. I'm not so sure about it being stronger or anything, cut it could be another way to have a consistent catalyst instead of needing to rely on horns, or made ones.."
are we using 1.3 or is that later?

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Celaire? Something wrong, dear?"

Walk up next to him.


I kneel before the spirit. "I am mere citizen in your kingdom, a friend of your Son King Froustmourne, I helped reunite you with your son sir."


I shakily make a small bow

"M-my name is Venia, your grace."


I see the others doing so and make a full bow to the lost king.


"Well… alright. Stay here, I will go relay the message."
One of the door guards leaves for a while and soon returns
"Ok. You may come in. The King says you are trustworthy. Please, this way."
He leads you through the Upper Palace to the Great Forge where both kings are cirrently.
I will have ask everyone to update their sheets shortly… or now.
"Cut it?
…that sounds… a little drastic. But… permanent, that I do admit."
Unyielding chuckles
"Father, Venia is my fiance."
Good boy. And what of you?
He looks at Valeriana
You look familiar.
"That is entirely possible, Old King. I am the one who killed you in the first place."
Unyielding tales a step back and looks downright furious


"Good thing your Sun just showed up, right?"

Give him a warm smile.


What does the place look like?

"My humblest greetings to King Deep Rock of Ironfoe, and of course to King Frostmourn of Wintergrasp."

Take my place somewhere and listen.


Bow in front of him.
We are ready to escort you back home as soon as the preparations are done."
So, bout them assassins…


"Cut? Wh- oh jeez sorry! I meant to say 'but!'

uhh, n-not Butt! but but! You know?"
shitfuck, contain my spaghetti!

Roll #0 3 = 3


I stay dead quiet.


"Well it is a start. If you can find a way to cheer me up a bit, I'll owe you one."
The Lower Palace is built deep inside a mountain. A wide river of molten rock flows through it and a great forge has been built by the river.
Several noble houses are down here, along with the throne room itself, on a separate island in the lava.
Deep Rock hols up a hoof
"Please. There is no need to make that distinction any longer. Ironfoe and Wintersgrasp are no more. There is now only the Greater Northlands, and its king Frostmourn. I am but a viceroy."
"Home, Pumpkin? This is my home as much as Castle Wintersgrasp. I am king of both now, am I not.
Please, take your time to look around. I need to speak a bit more with Golden Oats here as I wait for Master Smith Narpa to return."
"Nylis you are not making a lick of sense."
"Yes me. And that is why I brought you your father. As a token of apology. I wanted to make things right, Unyielding."


"We could spar if that'd make you feel any better. Or wrestle! Would that make the bad boredom go away?"


*ahem* "Nevermind. But I didn't mean to cut it. Just I accidentally misplace 'but' with 'cut'

that's all."


"Yes, Mylord."
Turn to king Deeprock.
"I've heard stories about the fabled assassins of Ironfoe.
Might I have a talk with them?"


I carefully trot up to Unyielding
"Unyielding, that was a long time ago. Things were different back then."


"This is fortunate to hear, Viceroy Deep Rock. United, we shall prosper like never before. Is there any assistance I may provide?"


My eyes widen.. did shadow know this would happen?


"Wrestle? Well I'll admit I never really trained that before. Sure why not."
He rubs his chin
"Assassins? Not really. Spies and sentries, sure. I guess they can kill someone at times too.
…when they aren't stabbing me in the back…"
He calms down a little as he sees Valeriana is being honestly sorry
"I won't say all is forgiven. It will never be. But I won't kill anyone here.
Father? Your thoughts?"
I died the death I wanted. Fighting our eternal enemies - Ironfoe. I care not who killed me in the end.
"Well you can always take a look around if you wish. Talk to anyone you care to. I will remain here as a caretaker of Ironfoe myself."


"Problems of loyalty, sir?"


"Just a certain former high ranking sentry by the names of Shadow Song…"


"Good! Just don't let me beat you in it, captain~"

I let out a chuckle.

"I've been wrestling even as a filly you know!"

If only I remembered… there was another filly… she always beat me with that stupid move of hers… what was her name?
Try to remember.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Well I'm sure wrestling fillies was exactly the same as wrestling someone like me, right?"
You can't remember that far back.


Fuck you, old wreck of a king. We'll do what you never could.
"I see. Then if you excuse me."
Find them.


Whew, crisis averted. I stand by quietly watching, wouldn't want to interrupt the reunion.


I look at Unyielding a little sadly
"Anvil, Shadow has done a lot for me. She's saved my life more times than I remember… that's got to count for something right?"


"Ahem. As you are now serving the Greater Northlands, as we all are, Shadow Song shall now be your ally as well. Please do not think of her like that."


"Maybe it is… I'm won't be convinced unless you prove me otherwise!"


read from the book of Stealth and try to replicate it in the room

Roll #0 7 = 7


"If you wish to speak to the Spies, their leader keeps base under the old forge over there. Ask for Waymaker."
"It counts for me not cutting her down here and now."
Unyielding calms himself and talk to the ghost again.
"Dad… are you proud of me? Did I do good?"
Yes, son. Yes you did. You upheld the glory and honour of our kingdom even when you lost the crown to my brother, and still became the one to rule over these lands and guise our people. I am proud of you.
Rolling to contain bitch tears
"Hm? What is that supposed to mean? She did skulk back here to ask for forgiveness for stealing my wife and child for 20 years. I thought she'd be half way back to Equestria by now."
"Well then, lets see if I can improvise…"
Taking a wrestling stance
'r2 1d10'
As Winterbreeze looks up from her paper she can't seem to see you at all.
Hey where did you go?"

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Unyielding lives up to his name, and simply bows to the ghost
"Thank you, father. Dad. Daddy.
…I love you."
I love you too, son. Dead as though I may be, I am still at your side.


Bow and make my way to the old forge.
Approach the ponies there.
"Waymaker? The Kings send me."


tease her from the shadows

Roll #0 2 = 2


"It has led to the betterment of us all in the end, has it not? King Frostmourn has been given the conditions that allowed his ascent to greatness, and it is through this that he has united us all. Do you not at least see the good in that?"


Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


I frown

"Very thoughtful of you, Anvil. Really."


Look at his stance.
"Are you sure you haven't done this before?"

Try to tackle him!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Aw.. that's sweet.


None of those there even acknowledge your presence.
One of them nods towards the forge itself
Your peek out from under her bed as she looks around, and jab her in the crotch with your horn.
"I see a scrawny three legged colt who could have grown up better had his dad done the raising…"
"Well sorry dear, but this is a very, very emotional thing for me."
Son. I fear I must go soon. Was there anything more you would have of me?
…where should I put your tomb?"
By my brother. He served this nation well. It would be an honour to rest beside him.
You charge him, slip on a loose stone and go into a slide, allowing him to grab you by the neck, raise you high in the air and slam you down on your back, knocking the air out of you
"Fairly sure. Why?"


heal her from the shadows then

Roll #0 4 = 4


I keep quiet again.


Very well. Make my way to the forge.


A suitable location indeed.. I keep as straight a face as possible in face of such honorable ponies.


Try to regain my wind.

"Just…asking… You're better than you made me belive you are!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"If you will not cease your judgement and retract such an unprofessional statement, I will leave if I have no business here. King Frostmourne, is there anything you need of me?


Roll #0 4 = 4


She stops writing on the floor at least.
"Damnit Nylis…"
You feel a draft from inside the kiln. Climb in?
"I will make it so dad… Thank you for this. It has put my heart at east for the first time in twenty years."
I'm just glad you grew up so well, son. Take care of your beautiful wife and be a good king. And remember how our line has always ruled. With dignity and strength.
He begins to fade away as Unyielding looks at him with teary eyes
"Goodbye… daddy…"
Well at least you're not hurt.
Shall I attack this time?
Deep Rock's imposing, dark figure takes a step at you
"Hold your tone lest you wish me to hold it for you, vizier. I have no love for your kind of trickery, nor her kind of betrayal."
Frostmourn is busy chatting with two other ponies a short way away.


So be it. Stealth and climb.

Roll #0 7 = 7


I put a hoof around Unyielding and pull myself closer, still keeping quiet


"heh, sorry?"
stay stealthed, and try to leave the room

Roll #0 3 = 3


Take a ready stance.
"Come at me, dear!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Then I will intrude no longer. But I implore that you think only of the Greater North and its people as you make your decisions. Allowing personal feuds to cloud your judgment shall lead to your, and all our ruin."

Terrify him with the gravity of our situation, then see Frosty.

Roll #0 7 = 7


I look to Shadow Song for her reaction to this.


You avoid the pressure plate that was placed inside, and climb across safely.
You have entered a rather dark room hidden under the forge.
As the ghost fades and Valeriana relaxes to end the spell, Unyielding shudders a little
"We should take the bones… to the king's tomb…"
She looks quite sad. Her big apology didn't really come out right…
You bump into the door and hurt your nose.
Celarie blushes a little, then grins
"Radiant, I had no idea you had such ulterior motives here. Well, if you insist…"
He rushes in for a grapple
Deep Rock huffs.
One of the two ponies is taking measurements of Frostmourn. The other has a large sword under a sheet.
"Ah Verne, good to have you here. These are Master Smith Narpa and Golden Oats the Golemfather.
They are going to help me with a little… self improvement."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"ow, shit!"
rub the pain away

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Mmmm… Should I help?"
I rub his back a little while giving Shadow an apologetic look


"To do with the enhancements you planned? I am intrigued, admittedly because of my own personal interests as well."

Watch with interest and fiddle with my peg leg.


Fervor, light the room up with the light from the moon.
"Nice job, but you could do better. Now, show yourselves!"

Roll #0 6 = 6


Stand close to her and give her a comforting pat on the shoulder.


"What? No! Celaire!"

Counter with a kick!
Try not to hit anything too squishy!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Winterbreeze puts a rather grumpy hoof on your shoulder
"While you're at it, rub my pain away too."
"I- …I think I should do it. Alone."
There are four swords already pointed at you. A fifth spy walks up and looks at you
"State your business."
She pushes the bones to Unyielding, who takes them and leaves
Lets hope he had time to protect anything important

Roll #1 2 = 2


…poor guy.
"Nrgh… I don't think that's a legal wrestling more…"


I kiss him on the cheek.
"Okay sweetie, just take your time alright?"

Once he's gone, turn to Shadow.
"Are you…"


"I'm so sorry I didn't mean to do that! I just sort of panicked!"

Quick, heal him!

Roll #1 8 = 8


force an uncomfortable laugh
"yea ok.. sorry"
get to work on her

Roll #0 7 = 7


"I am Pumpkin Swansong. And I'm here to meet the future of the North."


"This day has been a chain of failures I've dreaded for years… No I am not."
He walks it off.
"Gah. I'll live. Just no more of those ok?"
That makes it all better~
"Ok. Good enough. You are forgiven."
"Never heard of you. Give me one reason not to kill you where you stand."


"But you haven't failed, he just needs time to forgive you.."


I wince

"Look, Unyielding… he'll get over it. Don't worry. He just needs some time to cope with this."


finished right?
"Alright, i'm going to look for some lasting ink to try out a temporary tattoo-catalyst"

Roll #0 3 = 3


"I'll make up for it later! Yeah… so… still want to wrestle? As in, normal, non sexual, non hurtful wrestling?"


"Reason one, because you'd lose an opportunity to reshape the future of the North, because I'm offering you a position under the rule of the new King, a position of immense responsability and honor."
Vanish, appear behind him.
"Reason two, because it might not be as easy as you think."


If nothing of interest is happening, I keep by and watch and go to bed


"It isn't just Unyielding… I also confronted another skeleton in my closet. Deep Rock…"
Finished enough
"If you bother, there might me some in the art supply room."
"Yeah sure. Come at me!"
He does not even turn
"I have served the king for years, and seen to the end of many an upstart usurper and petty traitor. What title could you possibly offer me to make me abandon my post as Spymaster?"
"Quite yes. Golden Oats here is the one who originally created golems. He says my plan for a hollow golem armour is entirely viable!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Okay, time for a professional, non-sexual, entirely legal wrestle grapple.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I cock my head

"The king of Ironfoe? Ah… I can see where this is going."


head there and look for some spare ink to stealuse

Roll #0 10 = 10


"…You were brave enough to face that skeleton.. that's something to be proud of right?"


You piledrive him gloriously to repay for his initial win
After a bit of coughing he tries to get up
"Oh boy. That was… quite something"
"….there was a reason I was so upset. He never forgave me. And only now did I truly realize how much pain I caused…"
Oh look, coat dye! All sorts of colours too! And brushes! And a book on how to apply it!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Wonderful. Now, if we can overcome the interfacing problems and find a means to mass produce it, t would give us a major advantage. Unless we find soldiers willing to sacrifice a limb.. then mass production would be itself favourable.


"Blade of the North."
Walk calmly around him.
"The very few who will obey the orders of the King and only the King. Those whose actions will be not a matter for ponies to judge, those few who can, in their hearts, move aside everything for the greater good."
Stop, and look right in front of me.
"Is this enough, Spymaster?"


I nod understandingly

"Some ponies… Some ponies just can't find it in their hearts to forgive another. Admittedly, it took myself a while to see how big of a bitch I was to you as well."


I offer him a hoof to get up.

"I started out a bit rusty, but as I said, since I was a filly!"


take 'em all! and head back to the room!


I simply look a little confused, clearly there is something I don't know.


"A step at a time old friend. A step at a time. I'd rather test a prototype first before we go into even ideas of mass production."
"There is a name for what you describe, lordblade. It is a foul name. Why would I ever take on the title of equestria's dark swords?"
"Yeah. I can feel it. In a lot of places.
So what now?"
"It really has just taken a lot out of me. I'm about to crack. Honestly. I don't think I could take more bad news any time soon…"
Winterbeeze looks most amazed
"My that was fast!"


I draw her into a hug
"You can't crack on me Shadow. I need you. You've stayed so strong for this long, you can't give in now. Too much is at stake."


"I know right?"
set the stuff on the table, then open the book on how to apply this. and start on my right leg for temporary tattoo'ing

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Of course, of course. If you need another test subject, I can volunteer myself."

Are we running long today? If so I'll sleep now because ded and wake up later


"Whatever you want to do dear! I'm happy to help you with anything to make your boredom go away!"


"Northblade. Northblade shall be the name.
And if you do know of Equestria, you know what a danger they are, and now we can talk as peers."
Move over and look him in the eyes.
"This world, it will eat us whole.
Us and our families and everypony we ever cared for.
And this, because the Equestrians are the filth that will stop to nothing to crush us.
Let's show them we won't stop either, to protect our homes."


I join in the hug. "Whatever you are going through, know you have support, you have friends, and family.."


Sleep well. I'll run as long as I can say awake
The book, along with the basic runic guide, make this an easy task
"Well I'm not really bored any more at least. Guess I just needed some activity in me."
"Thanks girls… I think I may have started to grow a little soft in recent times. It felt nice and fuzzy inside, but made me get hurt a lot more easily too…"
He grins
"Well well, you have quite a tongue on you. Tell me, what was your name again?"


"You gotta feel a little sad every so often so you know when the good times come."


now start down the other leg, then try casting a healing spell using them instead of my horn '1d10'

Roll #0 3 = 3

Roll #1 3 = 3


You better be chugging lots of water with whatever energy drinks you have


"…You need to take the good with the bad in life, that includes feelings." I reply confidently and give her a last squeeze before releasing her from the hug.


"I'd say we could go flying, but how about we run some laps too? Then we'll be able to start planning our little plan with a fresh mind! What do you say?"


Pumpkin Swansong. First of the Northblades."


You burn off the ink on your other leg, leaving singe marks.
Looks like you need to apply them more carefully for this to work.
My energy drink of choice isBEER
"I guess… I guess…
I'm just to used to ignoring my feelings entirely."
You can see this reflected in her shadows that stand around.
A few of them are displaying clear grief, while the rest are as stoic and silent as ever.
"Well, I can always go for a run. Sure. Where shall we head out to?"
"Well well, Swansong. I won't forget that name.
You speak well. Do you also fight well?"


try to heal my singed leg

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Around the castle grounds?"


Look around.
Is this room big enough for a fight?
"I could show you, but then there wouldn't be much left."


In panic, your spell is miscast, but the Miscast Dampener you got from Verne kicks in, absorbing the excess energy and turning glowing hot itself.
You are unharmed.
"Sounds good to me. Wanna bet on who is faster?"
"To first blood then, Swansong?"


"Your name, spymaster?"
Take my daggers out.


"Like Kilana said, we're here for you Shadow."

I take a look at the shadows.

That's odd… Or maybe not. Guess they're still emotionally linked to her.


"Ugh.. Winterbreeze? Could you help me with this?"
try to use heal on my singed arm again, unless it's just the coat then use regenerate

Roll #0 10 = 10


He flips out two swords
"On guard."
"…you called me Shadow."
You grow back a nice patch of fur on it.
"What, need me to brush it for you?"


"Of course I am!"
"I bet on me!"


"Hey, lets go home now.. we're done out here right?" I consider trying to commune with the shadows, but that would be.. it a private moment..


stick my tongue at her
"Nevermind. It looks like it works though.. I bet if I cover myself in it I could cast even more."
start to tattoo myself with the paint pls work

Roll #0 10 = 10


"… crap. We'll I've been calling you that for the last two decades! Valeriana then! Just… know that I'm here for you if you want to talk more, alright?"

"I should get going now, see how Unyielding is faring."


"Indeed. On guard."
Vanish. Backstab, only try to cut him on the side.

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


"we only just learned your name is Valeriana, it will take some getting used to.. teacher.."


"And what if I bet on you too, hm?"
"Yeah… maybe I'll just go home… sleep on it… you know."
You could pass for a particularly eccentric zebra cultist with that many runes on your coat.
"Well well."

Roll #1 10 = 10


I tilt my head and pout.
"Aww, then where's the fun in that?"


"Do you want me to walk you home? Maybe we could share a drink?"


Spin around, lift some dirt in his eyes, Blind!

Roll #0 9 = 9


who cares?
"haha, Hey Breezybutt, how do I look?"
look at my bandaged horn
"Hmmm…. I'm gonna try fixing my horn"

Roll #0 7 = 7


He snaps around and catches your blade between his
"A skilled blade will always outclass a cheap trick"
He calmly breathes out and slashes where he hears you

Roll #1 5 = 5



Vanish, backstab again.

Roll #0 8 + 4 = 12


"Tomorrow will bring you new things, good things like hopes of dreams, powerful things like the future of the very north.. Maybe an inspiring song will put your mind at ease, teacher?" '1d0+2'

Roll #1 + 2 = 2


way to goof up a roll andy..

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"In a word? Ridiculous."
Healing magic always makes you feel a little squishy as the sensation of swiftly regrowing tissue is quite unnatural.
"I just like toying with you, I guess. Well, to winner go the spoils then. Three laps around the palace?"
He missed his mark entirely, leaving you with a good shot to draw first blood
"Hm. Well that's that then.
Victory is yours, little trickster. I suppose you'll want congratulations for it or something?"
"Thank you for the kind thought… Kilana.
I think I really just need some sleep now."



"Three laps it is! May the best pony win!"


Wake up and look around.

Where am I?

Roll #0 8 = 8


use my magic to tiddle her a little then does the catalyst light up?

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Congratulations? No.
A Northblade doesn't fight for glory."
Put away my daggers.
"Now, shall you show me around? Or have you not made up your mind yet?"

Roll #0 3 + 4 = 7


I nod and let her walk back, trailing her until she is far away from the cliff.


"Well… yeah. That could be nice. Thanks."
You are in your room. Nobody is around, but there is a knock on the door.
Your whole body lights up a bit as she tenses up
"Hey! What the?"
"Well well, lets make trails!"
Best total wins.
"Well, to start off, this is the floor"
He kicks your legs out from under you

Roll #1 9, 10, 6 = 25



Roll #1 6 = 6


Avoid that.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Is stand up and approach the door.
Is there a peekhole on my door? If there is one I will take a look at it.
"Uhhmmm.. who's there?"

Roll #0 9 = 9


Try to keep up!

Roll #1 5, 5, 9 = 19


"Yea well You made me look ridiculous enough times before, and I didn't even agree to most of them. Lets see how ridiculous I can make YOU look!"
grab her and start painting casting runes on her

Roll #0 9 = 9


I smile and motion her to come along as I walk back to Wintergrasp.

"Sha- Valeriana, I noticed your shadows have… conflicting emotions. How does that work?"


You know, technically he still has one turn of blind…


"So that's the floor.
The sleeping quarters are over yonder and we keep most of the plans in the side room.
Tell me though, Swansong. If you are the first, then who are the others? Are you the master?"
No dice.
He simply is a faster runner
"Huff. Well, that was quite a run! Don't you agree? I think I almost lapped you in the end though"
It seems to be Ironshod.
"Hey! I never agreed to… urgh…"
She can't really fight back so she just lets you paint her full of runes
"So now we both look like complete tools. What next?"
"Years ago, I only had one shadow. It was my lifeline. My companion. My partner.
But as time passed I began experimenting. I let it split. Divide. Expand. Each one holding a little bit of me inside itself. I think they reflect my innermost emotions to an extent, as seen from an external perspective. They know they are not me, but they also know we are the same."
Guess he wiped his eyes.


I huff.
"Yeah, well do this then!"
Call upon my Wings of Light and fly up a meter or two.

Roll #1 1 = 1


kiss her

Roll #0 8 = 8


Your spell backfires, propelling you into Celaire at high speed.
After a short tumble, you both end up at the bottom of a hill in a snowball.
"Uh? Why?"
"Hm!? Well… I guess that makes up for it a little~"


"Oh… Wow, I don't even know what kind of magic allows you to do stuff like that… Or maybe… Necromancy?"

I stay quiet for a moment, then grin slyly.

"What if you feel aroused?"


"Oh no no no!" I whispered.
lock the door, put something heavy on it and step back and feel safe.
Now look around for alternative routes of escape.

Roll #0 1 = 1


Give him back what he sowed.
Escape Artist to get up, Vanish, give his head a strong punch.
"No allegiance, no dice. But know I am not the only one, nor am I the one who will have to take care of your ungrateful underlings."

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


I'll go back to the school now I suppose. Is anyone around there?


Cry out in frustration.
"ARGH! That's not what I wanted to do!
Sun,why do you hate me?!"


cute lesbian things now! or sex. whichever you want to type out

rolling to keep the temporary tattoos on

Roll #0 1 = 1


"I don't know what it is. I guess it was a bit of both, combined with a broken, lonely psyche and-
…I'm not sure if that's an appropriate question my friend.
Then, I've never tried either."
Don't be rude.
Just let him in.
"Heyyyy, Lila. You don't seem busy."
He remains as calm as ever though you can see hie felt that one
"And what says the king? Or indeed, both kings."
Your mighty stallions may be.
Or someone you know might be about to get into trouble.
"I doubt the Sun would be on your flank if it hated you."
Well that's just playing dirty
You rub your neck against hers, nibbling on her ears a bit before pushing her over sideways. You keep rubbing yourself on her, inadvertently transferring a lot of ink onto her. As she looks down at the mess you are making of her belly, she has a quick idea and reaches out for the dye brush.
Sadly for her, by the time she gets ink on the brush you give the first deep lick, causing her stroke to go all wobbly.
A long while of delicious carpet munching later you look back up to ask for your own turn to be serviced, only to realize she has her crazy demon eyes again, and that she spent that time playing connect the smudges to paint Dark Tongue all over herself.
>Is it my turn now?


"The one King you should worry about gave me his personal blessing.
The other, he despises your organization.
Calls it a nest of traitors."


"Well at least now I know you have not spoken to Deep Rock at all. He did always appreciate my work. Called it a grand step up from the treachery of my predecessor."


"It's just… sometimes I feel it's not right! I ask the Sun for help and I get ignored!"
Try to get my wings again.

"I do everything by the book, I never go stray, why doesn't the Sun always help me then? What am I doing wrong? What am I missing?!"

Try not to cry myself in frustration.
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Someone I know? I think pumpkin can handle himself, wherever he ran off to. I haven't check on lila in a while, I bet she wold like to hear about my engagement! Yeah. I'll go see her.


gulp loudly
"..oh shit"

Roll #0 2, 8 = 10


"When I asked him about your group, traitors was the only word that left his mouth.
Could be he hasn't forgiven yet?"


I snicker a bit.
"Just teasing you a little, Songbird."

Are we at the tower yet? Get out a bottle of booze and pour myself and Shadow a glass.

"Now… What are your plans?"


Nothing from the looks of it. You got wings, your heart is as strong as ever, even Celaire looks impressed.
"I don't see your point at all."
The demonic Winterbreeze is a little too spooky to be enjoyable down there, but she sure takes her time.
"Hm. Well, interpret him as you will. I have been spymaster for as long as you have lived kid. I know my king and what his words mean."
"Well I guess I need to try it now to get it out of my head.
…though I guess I can wait until after you leave unless you want to see it first hoof or something.
Anyway, I guess I go where my lord wills me to."
She looks at her glass
"…can I be brutally honest?"


Look at him.
"eerr… hi! Hows your… day…" I start to get back.


I shrug



"Waymaker, let's quit this short. What is your choice?
If you want to speak to your king, I'll join you."


Wait no there she is >>234460
"Terrible. I can't get these thoughts out of my head…
Mind if I just come in and like, talk a little? I could use someone to talk to…"
"Pumpkin is… a living nightmare for me."


"I will speak to both kings. Only by their will shall I ever give myself to another. Come then. And no power in this world or the next can save you if you tried to fool me."
A few of the spies open a secret door on a wall and he climbs out.


I cock an eyebrow
"I take it you are worried about his well-being? You're attached to him and now you fear for his safety?"


Seeing she has a guest, I ask "Hey Lila, How are you doing? Uh. who is your friend?"


Look at him.
"eerr… hi! Hows your… day…" I start to get back.


I smile, but can't help but feel that something is missing.

"Sometimes I get it right…"

Fly some small circles around him.

"…yet sometimes I feel like my prayers fall on dead ears. Like the Sun isn't listening…. like I'm not even praying to the Sun… ugh… it's just too much for my mind! Why can't it be simple! I praise the Sun, it graces me back!"


"Ah! I like you! I myself would move for no lesser force than the word of my king."
Follow him.


"Are you two busy right now? I could come back later if you are."


"No. I mean he has dragged me down the last path I ever wanted in life.
…Venia, when I broke my own wedding vows, took my child with Ilistar, and hid it away from us both… I did it so my child would never have to become a Lordblade. So the child could be spared the horrors I had to see and do as one.
And I ran back here, so that I could avoid ever reliving those terrors. And to forget him as best I could.
…now I have a son. Who is a Lordblade. And I am a Lordblade… and… I miss him again and…"
He looks back
"Oh, hello. Ironshod. An acquaintance."
He greets the two kings
"King Frostmourn. Viceroy Deep Rock. Swansong here tells he has come to recruit me and the others for his… Northblades.
Does he have your blessings?"
Deep Rock looks unamused
"Absolutely n-"
Frostmourn interrupts him
"Yes. Whatever he sees necessary, so do I. And as High King, my word is final."
"Well they say prayer is really just a form of magic in the end. And you've seen mages backfire too."


Land next to him.
"I guess you are right…like always."


"Oh nononono! Come lets go." I follow Kilana with a smile.


"I'm Kilana, a friend of hers. Nice to meet you Ironshod. "


Bow down to the King and Viceroy, then turn and make my way back with Waymaker.
"If you are as good as stories tell, not much will change in your modus operandi.
Only difference will be, you'll take orders only from High King Frostmourn."


I looka at Ironshod, giving him a wide(fake) smile.
"This is my friend Kilana. Kilana this br… guy is Ironshod. Say hi Ironshod."


"Valeriana… one day you'll have to forget about your old life and move on. Concentrate on the here and now. See what difference you can make in our lives."


"Sure thing, we'll go to town for a bit." if this guy is bugging her and tries something at least we'll have witnesses. "I'll stay as long as you need me." I whisper reassuringly.


"Why speak if you are in doubt? Is it indeed not better to be sure, and only then voice one's advice?"
"Yeah. I was just looking for a bit of company to talk to…"
"And who will be in charge of security here in Ironfoe then if I and my sentries serve the New King? I won't just leave my home to rot, Swansong."
"Indeed. Hey."
He gives a tired smile
"It is becoming increasingly difficult when the one thing that made me happy is also making me relive the deepest fear I've had all my life…"
He looks quite sad to see you both go
"Oh… ok…
…see you around?"


I look at the ground.
"I'm not a very clever pony… It's a miracle I even remember my name, how could I be as wise as you?"


"And I would not ask you to. Northblades must be a presence all over the north.
Of course there are going to be moments when some of your best ponies will have to serve in far away realms, but I trust the guards can cover for a few missing operatives.
After all, you are already the elite of this kingdom, not common spearponies used for cleaning duty."


I look at Ironshods tired eyes. Feeling a bit curious yet suspicious, I try to sense his motives.
"H… hey are you okay? You look down, anything wrong?"

Stay with me, if you want you can speak with him too, Just dont be too trustful of him.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Well, its not urgent, we stay for a moment then. What's on your mind Ironshod?"
I nod and stand by her.


He chuckles
"I am not a wise pony. I am simply a pony who talks little but says a lot."
"We are the ones who know when a threat is coming. We are the ones who can eliminate someone on the inside when it is needed."
"Yeah… and I don't really have many places to turn…"
"Promise not to laugh ok?"


"I'll try, but if its something that's got you this worried I'm sure its not too funny. You're in some kind of trouble?"


"And you will be better at this. More efficient, with a clearer mind.
Resilient to corruption and pain.
Do you think your old base could become the headquarters of the Northblades in the kingdom of Ironfoe?"


"Well you'll have to keep going anyway. Because that's what us ponies do when the going gets rough. I've got bad memories about this place too, you know? It's where my mother, the only pony I used to care about, died. It's where I gave up my dreams and settled down to help safeguard Frostmourn."


I sit down and start staring at the sky.

"I wish I was simple too…"


I held Kilana's hand, no. I should be safe if Kilana's here.
With that I keep quiet.


"Well… it is a kind of trouble.
…girl trouble.
You see, just not too far back I ran into this lovely little lass. She had a bit of a tumble and I helped to get to the doctor and then she went and planted a kiss on me and disappeared…
…I really want to find her again."
"It was designed to be secure, hidden and easy to defend. I see no better options beyond starting from the ground up."
"It is a matter of using your mind for what it is best suited for my love."
She looks a little ashamed
"Yeah… I guess I'm complaining a lot more than I have any right to…"


I give you a comforting look, and squeeze your hoof. thinking to myself.. what could this stallion have done to make her so afraid?


"But my mind is only suited for praying, helping other ponies and banishing those who might hurt those ponies! My mind is not for dealing with memory loss and doubt or anything like that!"


"Hey, I was bummed too for a while when mom died… you just got to give it some time. Occupy yourself with something and focus what you do have. rather what you don't. You and Anvil were important in that role. You helped me cope with the situation."


"I don't see why you should, it seems perfect to me already.
I'll require your best warriors, they'll follow me to Wintergrasp and receive special training.
Are you okay with this?"


My ears perk up a bit. "Well, I can help out with that kind of trouble. Tell me more about her."


A girl? Seriously, poor girl, I must kept watch. Maybe he might assault her.
"W… what does she look like…?" I asked in a hushed tone.



"Well, have you ever thought of just clearing your mind? Not even trying to remember? Just living in the here and now?"
"That is kinda the problem. It is what I do have. I still have my bow and blades. I still wear that bloodstained mask. I train my child in the same arts I swore off.
…this is less about loss, and more about gaining everything I never wanted."
"Well, those were the orders.
It will feel very odd walking inside Wintersgrasp though. Especially without a mission to kill anyone there."
"Well we didn't really talk… she just kinda bumped into me with a crack in her horn. But she seemed real nice…
I just wish she hadn't teleported away right away…"


"We got some really nice shops you know. Best flowers in the North.
Might be an occasion to catch up."
Walk towards the golem carver.
"Hi there. I'm an envoy of the high King, I've heard you are the pony who crafts the world famous golems of Ironfoe."


teleported away.. I wonder if.. "Was she covered in books at the time? and a cracked horn.. was it something that happened while you were there? "


"Then change out that mask and those weapons! Put them aside and get new ones, ones that don't hold any painful memories. And you began training Pumpkin long before he was your child, remember that. Those skill you taught him? They will save lives. Take lives too of course, but also save some, including his own. From what I understand Pumpkin used to have nothing to live for but you… you gave him a purpose. You gave him a family. A home."


I frown.
"How could I? What about Dawn? What if my friends are waiting for me? Mourning me?"


Golden Oats looks away from Frostmourn for a moment
"The best and the only. I'm Golden Oats, considered the father of golems as a whole.
The King has some incredible ideas I can't wait to try out on him!"
"Well I dunno how she got that crack, she just kinda stumbled into me… Said something about spells going wrong."
She lies down on her back
"I know. It's just really hard for me. Every time I go to sleep I wish I'd wake up anywhere else…"
"And if they are? You cannot get to them, can you? So what could you even do? Continue to brew that pain in your heart? Would they want that? I'd imagine they'd prefer you were at peace and happy."


"He is a smart King.
And you will be able to do it all on your own? No assistants?"
I look around.



"Do you know who he is referring too?" I whispered.


I look up at the sky again.

Could I do that?
Could I find peace?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"You don't mean that, Valeriana. I know you don't."


"I had my wife before. She helped me perfect my craft. She knew everything I did. Then she vanished. So now I work alone."
"But what if I do?
…even i don't know any more. I just try to get by…"


"Well, if you could talk to her what would you want to say?"
"maybe, I'll have to ask her if its true.. and she might not be interested in him.." i whisper back


"She just… Vanished?"
Raise an eye to Waymaker
"You know anything?"


"I'm… I'm sorry, I want to, but I can't… I just can't. However happy I am this small bugging feeling is always in the back of my mind, screaming at me that something is not how it should be."


"No. No you don't dammit. You've done so much for us, and you didn't do it without reason either. Are you saying you weren't happy when Pumpkin and Bearing married? That you didn't enjoy yourself when the two of us got drunk together in the forest all those years back? You are going to fight through this Shadow. You have to."


"Well that's kinda the thing… I'm not really good with girls. I needed some… platonic help?"
"Yes. One morning, she was simply gone. No trace of her."
"If I did, don't you think I would have resolved this by now?"
"Then I truly fear for you. I fear you may never find happiness in life again until you confront that voice within."
"…I know. I just wish there had been another way…"


"I actually thought it might have been your doing."
"And how long ago has this happened?"


"Well I do too. But there isn't. These are the cards we were dealt and we're going to have to play with them now. You can think and break your head over the could have and should have's all day, but it wont bring you any luck or happiness, trust me. I've been doing the same after all."


"But how? How do I do that? When I listen to it and try to remember, nothing! I remember vague pictures and things that happened to me, bad things -"
I point at my scar, my ribs, and the place on my chest where the withered muscle is under my armor.
" and I remember the best things, like my sister, but nothing more! No names, no faces, nothing!"


"Now why would I ever do that?"
"Years back now…"
"Urgh… ok, your turn to be honest with me.
Do you prefer me as this softy, or was I a better pony when I kept myself in check?"
"I suppose there is magic to remedy that, however dangerous it may be."


I give him a wary look.
"Magic? As in a pony who would mess around in my head?"


ok t-try to enjoy this

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Years? That's… Going to be a rather big problem then. Can you remember anything odd about the days prior to her disappearence?"


I look at Ironshod with doubt on my face.
".. f… forgive me if I am skeptical but… why me? Of all the girls, why approach and ask someone like me regarding talks about love and.. other mares?"


"I… wow… Why would you even ask that?"

I think for a moment, pouring myself another glass and taking a sip.

"It's hard, I honestly can't say I ever minded your… behavior before your change of heart. On the other hoof, it might not have been the healthiest lifestyle. I did always tell you to enjoy yourself some more after all… though now you seem to have trouble doing so because of what happened in the past."


"Dangerous and foolish if you ask me. I've always found my answers in just living and letting the past be forgotten."
Oh wow, it's actually the best thing ever once you just go with it.
"Not really. We had already finalized the golem research, and indeed were just coasting along at the time. It was in no way really remarkable."
"I really don't know too many ponies I could talk to about things like this…"
"Really, I think I may have forgotten what having fun really is. If I ever even learned it to begin with. I feel good when I see my son grow and learn. I enjoyed a well delivered kill.
But… I'm not really sure if I ever truly had fun with anything.
Well, you know, except that kind of fun."


"Talk about competitors. Anypony that could have had a grudge against you."


"I… I don't know…"
Does that sound like a bad or a good idea?

Roll #1 5 = 5


I shake my head.
"I really, really don't know…"



help her out, or what have you. Seeing her like this is really weird!

Roll #0 5, 10 = 15


"Look I think you may have gotten the wrong idea or something from her. But I'm willing to go check, what should I tell her about you?"


I gawk at her

"I… wow. Okay. You need something to do. A hobby or something."


Wow, I am shocked at that revalation.
"… so you dont have.. many friends I take…"
Understandable because of how you 'handle' other ponies.


"That's just it. The two of us were the only ones who really had any deeper understanding of golems. I wrote a book later, which the King seems to have read well, but back then she was the only one besides me who had more than cursory knowledge on the subject.
As such… other kings perhaps? Who wanted their own golems without buying them?"
You wipe away some of the text on her and she quickly goes back to normal
"Uh… what just happened?"
"Well, then think about it. Sleep on it. Let it sit and simmer."
"Do I really? Hm. What would I even do? Collect seashells? Arrange them in my garden? I have no time for that Venia. I am a… Lordblade Master now. I have too many responsibilities to the king, my son, my students… and you, to throw more into frivolities."
"Not really, no. So I thought I'd ask you…"
Can we please pause?




"Something that caught me by surprise.."
why aren't you pausing?


I bite my lip then look at him.
"If… If I do that mind thingy and trust Doc Doc or whoever does it… would you be with me for it?"


And of course we can pause


"No painting? Drawing? Singing? Anything? Alright then… in that case we should spar! Aside from alcohol, that's my solution to everything! I am still undefeated in that area you know! Frostmourn, Anvil, Pumpkin, Radiant, none of them have been able to beat me so far!"
Yeah sure


lets pause then


Enjoy your player to player RP then.

"As much as I possibly can~"



"I promise I will investigate as my travels allow me, Golden Oats."
Get done with my businesses here and make my way back to Wintergrasps with the recruits.
No we have to go on foranother 2 minutes.
Night Night.


The golem builder nods, thanks you and goes back to working on the King's blueprints.


More shit is about to happen.
What it means for you depends on who you are.
Report the fuck in.



"I'd like that… maybe I should go through with this before we do that little plan of ours, maybe it would help me concentrate more… or maybe after it?"


"Well, if you think that'll help. I even promise to fight fair. Just to be nice.
…and you know how I feel about singing.
…maybe I could paint something though. Never tried that before."
"I don't really even know who could perform such a ritual. Perhaps we should start with a bit of old fashioned research?"


"Do we have anything better to do, dear?"


"But you have such a nice singing voice! And of course it will help, it's fun! You know how to handle a sword? Or should we just do it unarmed?"

Let's go to the training grounds


"I sure don't. The warriors have been drilled and I let them take some time off for whatever, leaving me bored."
"Venia please. I've trained in a number of weapons you probably never even heard of.
Pick your weapon, I trust I can deal with it."


"So we go to the Library? Or where do we start? Research is not something I usually do…"


I stick out my tongue at her and pick a training sword.

"I wont use any magic either, just telekinesis to use my sword. Let's see how tough you are! Come at me!"

Take up a ready battlestance!

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Well perhaps this will be a bit of an adventure for you then. We can either try the library, or we can simply ask around and see if anyone can point us in the right direction."
He cracks her neck
"That's cute dear. Like a young soldier on her first day, having read aaaaall the books on how to look tough."
She goes for a purposefully weak attack

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5


"Let's ask Doc Doc first? He's a doctor, after all, maybe he knows."


See if I can counter that by kicking her in the gut.

"Don't you dare hold back on me, Valeriana! I'm not a frail little flower!"

Motion at the scar on my belly

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Well, it's a start."
You make your way to the Doc's clinic, where he seems to be chatting with a young pony.
"Ah, hello you too. Sorry Embers, I need to see to the new patients. Let is speak again later."
"You couldn't last ten minutes if I stopped holding back entirely. But if you insist…"
She drops the weak attack ruse and instead just smashes you in the leg with the sword as hard as she can

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Oh, hello Doc! Sorry to interrupt, I hope it's not anything important. We are just here because of more personal, not really urgent matters, so we can wait if you are busy!"


I guess she's at 1-0 right now?

"Talk is cheap! So quit your yapping and show me what you got!"

Dodge that and hit her in the side with my sword

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Well if it is something quick, I can do it now. What ails you?"
Seems so.
"I would really rather not. That would not be fair in any sense of the word.
But I can fight a little harder if you wish."
She attempts to duck under that and crack you in the jaw.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"It' about my memory problems. We… I wanted to ask if you could know anything about how to bring some of my memories back?"


I stagger on my hooves, almost falling over as I painfully rub my jaw.

"Damn… okay."

I spit on the ground regain my bearings, then start circling around here until I spot a opportunity to strike with my sword. '1d10'

Roll #0 10 = 10

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Ah yes, the memory loss. I'm afraid modern medicine, at least here in Wintersgrasp, has relatively little understanding of the workings of the pony mind and how it truly works. I fear I might not be the best one to aid you.
You can ask the high priest, Destiny, though. He often has unexpected answers to unexpected questions."
Shadow keeps changing her stance, masking her intentions
"You seem distracted, Venia. Concerned. Uncertain. That would be fatal in real battle. You should know it."
She attempts to trip you and then kick you wile you're down.

Roll #1 2 = 2


A draw! How exciting
"Hm, well, at least you know how to stand up steady.
Try breaking my guard."

Roll #1 1 = 1


Try not to be visibly dissapointed.
"Thank you anyway. We shall go find him in that case. Thank you for your time, Sun bless you! Have a nice day!"

Go to Manifest.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Don't you belittle me!"
Charge in and strike hard!

Roll #0 5 = 5


You throw a temper tantrum making Celaire look a little worried.
Manifest is in the chapel as usual. Today he is arranging flowers into little suns and moons.
She reels back from the hit
"Well, you can hit me if I stand perfectly still and wide open, I'll give you that."
She begins circling you, faking out strikes until she finally pounces

Roll #1 3 = 3


Kick her in the face!

"I'll show you!"

Roll #0 9 = 9


I'm sure it's not because it's that time of the month, is it'1d10'

Wave at manifest.
"Good day to you. I hope we are not interrupting anything! Nice Suns, by the way."

Roll #1 9 = 9


You send her crashing into some training dummies.
"Ow… Well if it's a brawl you want…"
She throws the sword down and pulls her cloak off.
"Come on then. Let's fight!"
Well? Is it?
Do magic horses even work that way?
"Why thank you. And no, I was simply enjoying the day. What brings you to me?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I've been meaning to train my brawling skills anyway!"

Throw my sword away and lunge at her!

Roll #0 6 = 6


Well they still have hormones and changes in that.
But no, it's not, Radiant just needs to chill the fuck out.
Try to calm down the swirling feelings.

"I have a question. My memory has been bugging me for a while, and I canot do anything to remember, or to forget. I was wondering if you'd know anything that could help me?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Waymaker, might I have a word with you in private?"


Your lunge ends up with you getting throw into a wall.
"I've broken tougher things than one scarred mare in my time. I've punched the guts out of ponies twice my size and not blinked an eye.
She leaps in after you and tries to pin you against the wall
"I myself am but a priest…
But the one I serve, it may hold an answer if you are willing to listen."
"Certainly, Swansong. What is it you need?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Sit down, and glance at Celaire to do the same.

"I'm willing to listen! Just tell me how!"


"Indulge a theory of mine. The golem carver and his wife could have sold their craft around the whole north, were they not such loyals servants of your king, right?"


Headbutt her hard as she pins me
"Be mad all you want! I'm not your frail little Pumpkin! Let it all out, I've been through worse than a simple beating from an old, chatty mare!"

Roll #0 2 = 2


The old high priest takes out a strange talisman
"Master… hear me and aid me. Let me know. You know what. For you know all. Let me aid her, if it suits your plans."
He then sits silently and waits
"Old King Deep Rock already had plans to sell golems to other kingdoms. For a great price, of course. Those two, the golem makers, were never the most loyal bunch though. They liked it here because they had good facilities here. Not because they were devoted to the crown."
You manage to open up her lip and she spits some blood in your eye before punching toy in the belly and smashing you over the neck, sending you onto the floor. She then kicks you in the horn and takes a few steps back, breathing sharply
"Had enough? Or do I need to send you back to that unforgiving husband of yours in bandages?"



Roll #0 2 = 2


"And of course I take they wanted a great deal of money for manufacturing the golems Deep Rock would have sold, right?"
"Tell me fair and square, Waymaker. Do you know anything more about this case?"
Word of Power.

Roll #0 5 = 5



Roll #1 2 = 2


She holds back her desire to come kick you while you're down.
"I said, do you yield?"
"A loud voice won't get you far on its own, Swansong"
Rolling to resist that partial success

Roll #1 6 = 6


I tilt my head with a curious expression.
"…well? What did he say?"


Dammi, site
I get back up shakily, wincing of pain.

"Is that all you can do? The great assassin Valeriana Swansong?"

I jump up and try to leap at her one last time, dropkicking her in the face!

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Is not a loud voice. Is the need for truth. I didn't get blown to tartarus and back to suffer lies from those who should be close to me.
I need to know I can trust you, and High King Frostmourn needs to be able to trust his father King Deep Rock."
Word of Power, Fervor still up.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Rolling to see if she can counter that
"He says… an answer exists. But to simply tell you, would grant him no joy, and only bring you pointless pain.
To know, you must go meet him. And to truly understand him, you must… give yourself to him in faith, as I have."
"Well then. A truth for a truth. Tell me why you suspect me of being a liar. Explain yourself, and I will answer."

Roll #1 5 = 5




Roll #0 6 = 6


"Because I too have secrets to conceal.
Not lies, but actions I've performed for my King that no pony should know about.
And I too would hold those secret, if a new King came out of nowhere claiming a kingdom he doesn't know as his.
But I have the higher respect in Frostmourn. I know he will unite the north and save us from the Equestrians.
And for this to happen, you have to trust him too."
Escape artist to get up from helplessness.


"Meet him? Meet a…deity? And, you know my faith is in the Sun! How could I start believing in him too?"


After an enraged flurry of trading strikes, blocks and counters, you are the one who lands the stronger punch, sending her skidding away.
"Good. Good.
Yes, I do know more than I'm letting on.
No, you have not earned enough of my trust to share in that knowledge."
"Too? Oh no Radiant. Once you know him, you know him and him alone.
As for how to do it… take this."
He presents you with half a map

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I… What? What do you mean once I know him I know only him alone? The Sun can't just dissapear from my life!"

Look at the map.
Can I make any sense of it?
"And what's this?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Am I needed right now?

I may be busy



Charge in once more, yelling loudly, and tackle her into the ground!

Roll #0 8 = 8


"I see.
I can only hope the poor mare is well cared for, then. And to just trust me now would be nothing but foolish, don't you think?
Mutual respect is earned, not given.
Now, shall we move on to Wintergrasp? I'll give you a few hours to attend your personal needs."


"That is what I thought, before I met him. Now I see the world in a different light.
As for the map, it is one half of what will lead you to the Master's Altar. The other half will soon belong to another who will need to take the same journey of faith."
There is something Destiny wants you to have.
"Call me old again and I'll see to it you'll be leaking all over the place the next time you give your north famous treatment to him!"
She grasps you by the throat and tries to lift you up, then slam you down.
"My needs will be attended swiftly. You can find me at the main gate when you are ready."
He leaves in a flash.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I…I'm not sure what to think… and how will I know how to find this other?"


"So you DO spy on us! You pervert!"

Struggle out of her grasp and kick her in the gut again!

Roll #0 9 = 9


Find Frosty. roll to make sure the spies are not following me.
Who am I kidding, if they are not watching over me they'll be watching over Frosty and Deep Rock.
"All is taken care of, your higness."



Roll #1 7 = 7


"Oh he will find you. He will find you."
"All, Pumpkin? Good.
I still need to speak with Golden Oats and Narpa before we leave. Do you wish to come along?"

Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #0 2 = 2


I frown.
"But when? And what do I do until then?"


"Actually, yes. I have heard wonders about the forges of this country.
Only, one thing you should know."
Lean in and whisper to him:
"They are holding informations from us about the wife of the golem carver."


Your kick gets you out of her grip, but before you can get your bearings back she grabs you by the neck and slams you over her shoulder, leaving you on the ground.
Rolling to calm down and no do anything hasty
"Soon, Radiant. Very soon. But I must warn you. If you take this journey, only pain awaits you in the truth.
However, I offer you another way.
Give back the map, and I will help you push away the remnants of the memories to the furthest dark corners of your mind, and free you of their whispers."
He gives an acknowledging nod but speaks no further of it.
He then heads off to meet Golden Oats
"Ah! King! There you are. Your leg is ready! Shall we fit it on right away?"
"Yes. The sooner the better."
This new leg is somewhat different from the old. It is still bulky, but more lifelike than the very mechanical old one. Indeed it resembled a rough statue more than a machine.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Shadow breathes for a moment, then offers a hoof to help you up
"I must admit, for a moment there, I thought about just choking you until you were blue in the eyes and whimpered for mercy.
…but that isn't me."


Whistle in appreciation.
"I always had a soft spot for those things.
Just wonder what a pair of golem wings on the back of every soldier could do…"
The smith is next, right?


Roll back onto my belly with a grunt.

"Alright… that will do for now… I concede defeat."

Take it and pull myself back up, looking at her apprehensively.
"That's good to hear. It was just a spar after all. A heated one at that, but damn interesting too."


I look down at the map, then at Celaire before returning to look at Manifest.

"I have endured pain before… but I am happy with my life now… but what if the truth holds more than pain for me? What if it would help me see my sister again? And if that forgotten truth was Radiant Dawn, and I try to push that out of my mind, will I be even myself?"


>questing while building computer

I'll go see him.


Both ponies look at you
They then look at each other
"Is that possible?"
"I- I don't know. I never thought of it."
"You will still remain who you are. Your past does not make you. Your deeds in the here and now do. Only you can make the call - discover the past, with all the pain locked in doing so, or accept that the past is just the past, and that you can live happily even without it."
"Maybe one day I will actually stop holding back for you."
The shadows nearby theatrically draw swords
Actually, I need Radiant to choose first. You'll arrive when she has left.


"Wha? That's like, all I dreamt about for a week after Frosty had his accident! Can't really tell me nopony ever…"
Contain my excitement.
"It can be done, right? Right?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I wouldn't last for longer than three seconds… I'm not trained to fight Northblades."
I put our discarded swords back where they belong.
"I was hoping you'd have fun sparring against me to be fair… but all I did was make you angry. I guess I went too far in the heat of battle…"


I place a hoof on Celaire's hoof, and look him in the eye.
"I'm so confused… tell me dear, would you rather comfort a crying mare who knows the truth about herself or hug a smiling mare who is oblivious to her past?"


"Calm down Pumpkin"
"I can begin studies on it if you so ask, my King."
"Then do so. AFTER you have completed the armour."
"By your order. Now please lie down. This may be rather painful…"
Frostmourn lies down on a makeshift bench and breathes out.
"You may begin."
Golden Oats takes a few tools and opens up the metal plates on the old leg. Frostmourn gasps as he starts unscrewing the long bolt that kept the leg secured to his skeleton. Small streams of blood pour out and little sparks of magic crackle from the stump as he finally pulls the entire heavy iron machine off, ripping the skin somewhat there it had grown over the metal.
The King breathes heavily but urges the artisan to finish the job.
A few dabs of a cloth later, the new leg is positioned in place, and Golden Oats takes out the new connector bolts. Lined with runes that seem necromantic in nature, the long metal piece is oiled up a little for easier insertion. He then hoofs the king a piece of wood to bite down on.
Some tears, muffled cries and squishes of flesh and blood later, it is over. The new leg is in place.
"No. I just find it hard to stop myself when I get going. The heat of a good battle will always get my heart pumping fast, my mind become as sharp as a knife… and my judgement as murky as anything.
…and sorry for the whole comment about Unyielding. But you two are downright hard to miss."
"I'm with the priest here. Only you can know. Though as I said, the past is gone, and I'd really rather have you here and now."


"You look… Regal, Frosty."
Give him a large smile.


I laugh and draw her in for a friendly hug
"It's quite alright Shadow, even I got a little carried away there. Still, nothing like a good spar, right?"
I release her and motion towards where the shops are.
"Now, how about something completely different?"


Look back at Destiny, and slide the map back towards him slightly, but keep a hoof on it yet.

"If I choose not to remember now… will that be final? Will he never give me a chance to remember again?"


"I feel like someone just shoved a blunt dagger through my pelvis. Forgive me if I won't stand up right away…"
"Hm? What do you have in mind?"
"The master makes deals only when he knows they do not harm his plans. Your will play the part you need to, only your role for now will be a little different.
One day you will remember."


"I will remember?"
I pause.
"If I will, then why not get over the pain and hurt now, and then it won't come crashing down on me if I try to forget and live a happy life?"


"The sexy look might be worth it. The harder kicks it can punch might come in hoofy, too."


I clop my two hooves together excitedly

"Although looking myself over… I look a little ragged right now. How about we go clean ourselves up first, then meet each other here again?"


"Know this - if you do decide to remember, you may well forsake all chances you ever had to life that happy life to begin with."
He tries moving the leg and scrunches in pain
"This will take getting used to…"
"Sounds fine to me. Meet you later then."


"Need time to recover? Want me to talk with the smith for you in the meantime?"


Go wash up and put on some different non-bloody clothes. Make sure I look presentable, then go back to the training grounds to meet Shadow.

"So… what should we go get ourselves? Some painting supplies maybe?"


Bury my face in my hooves.
"Urgh… why must things be so complicated?!"


"Ask him to bring it here… I think I can walk soon. Just… give me a second here."
"I think I'll need lessons… I have no idea how painting works. Or drawing for that matter. Know anyone who could teach me?"
Yes you do.
Celaire comforts you
"often the most complicated things in life are the most rewarding"


I rub my forehooves together and grin slyly

"As it so happens, yes. Yes I do. I've tried painting with him before… can't say I was any good at it but it was still fun!"


"But I'm playing with fire here, I may ruin my entire life one way or another if I choose the wrong path…"
Mare up Radiant, no tears of frustration over how un-clever of a pony you are. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Then follow your heart. Let go of your mind, and do what you truly desire. Do you want the truth, or do you for once in your life want happiness?

…I know I made the same decision when I agreed to abandon adventuring for you."


"Unyielding of course! He's a poet and a painter!"


"Take your time Fr- King Frostmourn."
Walk over to the Smith.
"The High King wishes to see 'it' as soon as possible. He's waiting by the golem carver."
Take out my daggers.
"Also, might you do anything for these? They are old, but carry a lot of value."


She isn't buying a word of this
The smith takes a look
"Hm. I could add small counterweights to them and sharpen them up for you. That way you could probably throw them rather accurately as well."
He has a large weapon on a velvet pillow on the side.


"Works for me. As long as you don't change them up too much."
Look at the weapon.
"I take that's 'it'."


"What do you mean, what? It's true! Why is that so hard to believe? Because he's buff and a tough guy? There's more to him than that, Valeriana, I didn't fall in love with him because of his looks alone! He really is a sweet stallion!"


Tears are for sissies.
Give him a kiss on the cheek and a smile.

"And I am thankful for that. And I do want to be happy with you…but even if I faced hardships maybe that would just make our love stronger, wouldn't it?"


"Yes. That is it."
He gets to work on the daggers
"Well judging from you he must at least taste sweet. Though I doubt you'd let me try even if I asked.
…you think he'd let me paint with him?"
"Just don't go down a path I cannot follow you on, my sun."


Take it back to Frosty.
"Here it is."


"Hey! Stop teasing me! I just show my appreciation to him in a way I'm good at! And I'm sure he will once he's calmed down and ready to forgive you… First things first though, let's go buy some stuff!"

Rolling for quality shopping time with Shadow.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Take the map.
"I only follow the Sun's path, and I think that you can follow. And I want to live a calm, happy life with you… but I'm going to take this just to give it a few days to think about."

I turn to Manifest.
"Is that okay with you?"



Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


Narpa soon follows with the daggers.
He takes it off you and presents it to the king as he takes a few steps on his new leg.
Frostmourn takes the sheet off and admires the new sword.
Etched runes softly glow along its long surface, and it hums with power
"Thank you, king. It is among the better ones I've made. Forged from the ancestral weapons of Ironfoe and Wintersgraps, may it be a lasting symbol of your power."
"I cannot steer you one way or the other. The master awaits at his altar. If you join the other there, that is up to you."
An 8 lets you find whatever you wanted to find.
What is it?


I'll be around in 15-30 minutes


Anything Shadow wanted. Or anything that can help her keep her busy.


"Correction mylord.
Now, you look regal."
Admire the sword.
Can my studies in holy and unholy magic tell me what the runes should do?
Also, take my daggers back and thank the smith from the bottom of my heart.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'll make sure to tell my decision to you. Thank you once again for your time."

Nod my head at him thankfully, then stand up, then turn to Celaire.
"Want to go home now, my dear?"


I'll be gone in 30
If you aren't here by then I'll give you the TL;DR of your side quest and let you go ahead with preparations
You get art supplies
And booze
And a nifty little trinket that has little balls on strings and when you swing one the one at the other end swings too. She found it really clever.
The sword appears to be constructed to work as a catalyst in itself. Further studies indicate it might indeed contain bound magic.
"Yes. Let us do that."


Is every sidequest here complete? I don't want to push the wife thing.
"Ready to leave at your leasure, Mylord."


Go home with Celaire then.
Get out of my armor and plop down on the bed with a tired groan.

"This day sure strained my mind much more than I'd liked it to…"


I'll just play now then, unless you'll be back soon

Just introduce me now


Walk her back home.

"Why don't you take a nice long rest Swanny? You've really earned it. I'll go talk things out with Unyielding so the two most important ponies in my life can finally forgive and live with each other."


Yes. Frostmourn will return later for the Golem Armour.
"We may go. I guess I should keep an eye on both my kingdoms in equal from now on."
You went to see Unyielding.
He gives you half a map
"I remember you spoke much of the Master. This map will lead you to his Altar, once reunited with the other half. There, you may speak to him directly, and prove your worth."
"Thanks Venia… you really are something else.
Give him a nice one for me, will ya?"



"An especially watchful eye, might I add."
Meet with Waymaker and his elite.
"Glad you could join us. We are ready to go."


And then make our way back to Wintergrasp if everything is allright.


"I don't intend to solve this with sucking him off!"

I stay quiet for a moment

"Okay maybe I might, but that's just the last resort!"

Walk off and see where Unyielding is


If he's still around

"Unyielding Anvil, you know of its existence as well?"

If not, inspect the map


"Often looking for oneself is the most tiresome journey of all…"
Frostmourn walks off to find unyielding
Waymaker stays with you
"And now what, Swansong?"
You get to him at the same time the King does
"oh hey both of you!"
I meant Manifest. Derp.
The map is cut in half and useless without the other part.
There is a note attached.


"We should visit viceroy Unyielding Anvil and see to your quarters. This day will be a day off. I'll introduce you to the Master tomorrow."
Walk with Frosty to Unyielding.


I assume he's buried his father by now?

Either way, I gawk as I see Frostmourn.

"Frostmourn your… your leg! It's different!"


Roll onto my back and stare at the ceiling.
"Why can't it be easy? Everypony would wake up, praise the Sun, be happy and nice to each other and we would have a peaceful world!"


He has.
"That it is. Finest work of the Golemfather Golden Oats. Still hurts to use, but it's so much lighter and easier to work with"
"So be it."
He follows.
Looks like nearly damn everyone is here now.
"Well you could do just that. Just take the map back."


Inspect it for traps before opening it.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Oh god this will take hours.
"Frostmourn, one last think I'd like to talk about before departing.
The Northblades need an hq. Secure enough, secretive enough, large enough."


"So it's true… you confronted King Deep Rock! How did it go? What is Ironfoe like these days?"


It's just some folded paper
[The other half is with the zealot of the sun]
"Name anything and it is yours."
"I did. He refuses to see me as his son but agreed to see me as his king.
Mother stayed behind to rule at his side.
I also… had this built"
He pulls out the new sword
Unyielding gasps
"You had Foerist destroyed!?"
"I did. For it was old and broken. This new symbol is more befitting of my rule."


"Believe me, I would… but I can't do that. Not to my sister. Not to whoever I might not remember. And maybe if I'll remember, it will hurt, but you'll be here for me. And you'll help me get over it, and I'll finally find true peace, and true happiness with you, without any mystery."


I'll just have to go see Radiant, then-

Zealot of the sun? That's right.. what will the Warriors of Sunlight do should they realise their deity rises not in the North, but the South?



I'll probably see Radiant after DM leaves and then see the master when he gets back, how long will you be gone DM

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Wow… that looks like fine craftmanship… So Snowflake is together with Deep Rock again? That's… really nice to hear."


"I will come up with a suitable location and schematics by the end of the week mylord."
Turn to unyielding
Assuming all the stuff with foerist is over and he's free now.
"Allocations will be required for Spymaster Waymaker and his companions."
Blush a little
"Also, me and Bearing are still living in the old dormitory…"


"Spymaster who? Who are all these new ponies? How much did I miss?"


"The Northblades are expanding, Venia. Allow me to introduce you to Spymaster Waymaker of Ironfoe."


He sighs
"if you say so…"
I'll be going now. Gotta eat dinner with the family. Maybe 2 hours?
"They both seemed very happy about it."
"Say no more of it. I will see to it a suite is prepared for you at the palace."



"Spymaster Waymaker… then he must know Shadow, right?"

"Now that is good news! Finally Snowflake can have some luck in her life. I'm happy things worked out for her. Now… with Ironfoe out of the way there are certain new elements that have recently popped in that might interest you, Frostmourn."

I turn to Unyielding

"As for you Anvil… we're going to have to have a chat soon."


And then you look for me and find me.

"Oh, hello there Verne! How may I help you?"


Stuff an hoof in her mouth before she can say the word 'shadow'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Friends want to play assfaggots with me so I'll be super slow

"Good day. Miss Radiant. Did Manifest Destiny pass you anything of interest? Say.. a map?"


I raise an eyebrow in surprise.
"The map… wait how do you know about the map? Did he send you here? He said I am to wait for somepony with the other half of it. Are you that pony?"


"Indeed, I was sent here. Will you give it to me?"


"Give it to you? I'm not just going to give it to you…I… I think I want to see the Master too."


"Oh? I see… Then you are another who acknowledges its existence. The idea is overwhelming to some, but as for myself, I cannot ignore a potential danger, or.. a potential opportunity."


"I still hold the Sun above all, but Maniest Destiny said he might be the only one to help me, and if that is the case, I am willing to try and search for him."


"Hmm. I wonder… what would you do if it turned out the sun backed our enemy? There are rumours that the rulers of Equestria are beings with tremendous power, gifted by the heavens. If it turned out the Sun rises not with us, what would you do?"


"The Sun always rises from the east and sets in the west. It shines over all of us, not just a selected few. It graces all of us. They may share it's blessing, but they can't turn the Sun against us."


"They cannot. But what if it turns out Equestria is the chosen of the Sun?"


I pause for a second.
"…then I can only hope they will be wise enough to not hurt good ponies. Or make us hurt good ponies back."


"I see. If you will be loyal to the values you have chosen, and not to blindly follow without your own judgment, then I am satisfied."


"I will stay on the path of the Sun, but not on the path of others. As I said, it graces us all."


"What if the Sun deviates from the path it has set? If the Sun represents all that is good to you, but then perhaps does something you cannot see as good, what would you do?"


"How could the Sun ever do something bad? It rises to kiss the sky each day and shines the same each day. It cannot do bad."


"If you will think that way… then I will not push this any further. I can only hope that such a time never comes, and if it does, you will be able to make a choice you are happy with."


"Searching for happines and peace is why I am looking for the Master in the first place. But why are you?"


"To ensure that as many ponies in the North as possible can enjoy the same peace and happiness you desire. Equestria.. is anathema to that."


"Equestria… Do you really think they will want to invade the North?"


"It appears to be their goal to unite all of ponykind into serfs that serve the twin thrones of Equestria. It is definitely within their goal. If we could co-exist peacefully, I would choose that option, but… that is becoming increasingly impossible now."


"Why? Why can't we just agree to live in peace together? Surely they are not barbarians bent on slaughtering us! I'm sure they can be reasoned with!"


"I-I will try. But first we must make ourselves a real threat so that they will even agree to reason with us. That is, truly, the most desirable of outcomes."


"Agression to supress agression… But yes, not going to war would be the best for everypony."

Gotta go now


We continue where we left off.
Get in here


Accomodations for the trainees taken care of?
For me and Bearing too?
Let's get down to a certain promise then.
Find Kilana.


go take a shower and wipe this ink off

Roll #0 5 = 5


Now, follow the map with Radiant.


can I reroll?

Roll #0 8 = 8


I'm with Frostmourn, Unyielding and everyone else


I think I want to find Nylis.


"So Verne… it's been a while. How have you been?"


You may select a room for yourself at the palace and discuss any plans you have for a HQ with the king or viceroy when you have a plan.
It was a nice shower and you are now a very clean pone.
The map points to a location far to the north, in the World's Crown mountains.
So you are.
Unyielding has cooled down over his initial reaction to the destruction of Foerist.



aw what?


How far away is that?


"In the mountains? I'll have to prepare a long trip, if this is to pass…"

How far is it? How long would it take?


Also, I'll come up with a plan after talking with Valeriana.


"Hey, Nylis, girl did you mess up your horn lately?"


"… what?"

I look at Unyielding, then Frostmourn.

"Frostmourn, while you were absent something happened. Two Diamond Dogs from the Underkingdom stumbled into Wintergrasp."


"Hm, y-yea I did. the Doc said I fractured it? Something like that, and then wrapped it and told me not to magic for a day. thankfully it's better now."


"Nothing! Just… Let's find a sistemation for our guests. I have something to take care of."


I smile a bit at my deductive skills. "Oh, than.. did you meet a stallion that day?"


my eyebrows furrow and I blush a little
"Yea… I did, and I'd rather not have"


File: 1354818164502.png (85.19 KB, 856x856, the northlands.png)

A few days of marching past the north border.
The Spymaster gives you a look
"Hm? What was that?"
"Diamond Dogs? Hm. What did they want?"


I nod. "He did seem a bit off, Ironshod, he's been asking around about you. Do you want to tell him what's up? "


"Hmm. If you will go with me, Miss Radiant, I will need to speak first with King Frostmourn. Only if I am sure that I will not be needed, will I go."


"This will took longer than I expected. Meet me later so we can both prepare properly."

Go and find Celaire.


"She's talking about the one who will instruct you all on the ways of the Northblades. You'll meet her once the time is proper.
Which is to say, tomorrow."


"Is that his name? eugh… yea I better."
wait to follow Kilana


"Yes, I have to arrange a thing or two as well."


Right, lets go find that stallion. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5




Turn to back to Frostmourn and explain what I learned from the dogs, as well as the offer they gave us.


"Alright, then."

Go back and find Frosty.


"Sorry for beign this harsh lady Venia. I have had a very long day, and it's not nearly over."
Go to the old Cemetery. Just as Peaches told me.


He is with the Warriors
"There you are! The king is back, we need to act fast!"
"Ah, yes. I didn't catch the name but I'm sure you can remind me of it later."
He is with Unyielding
"Ah, Verne. Seems you beat me here."
Ironshod is outside, angrily staring at a higher window
You can take Kilana along or go alone
"The Underking… hm. This is quite the news. However I doubt I can accompany you there. But you have my blessing to form an expedition and do what must be done. Take Unyielding too if you want. I will remain in Wintersgrasp for a while anyway."


Well I wanted to take Kilana along but


Let's say I go find mother now. It's the most sensible thing, I have to see how she's doing after… That.


"How fast are we talking? I couldn't even speak to Valeriana and Pumpkin yet!"


whisper to Kilana
"what the hell is he doing?"


"Mmm. Excuse me, but will I be needed in the next few days? I am planing a trip to the further North for some.. matters. This concerns the Master."


"This is huge Frostmourn! Just imagine how helpful all this could be! The resources alone down there will be of huge help!"

I turn to Unyielding

"Although I'd rather you don't come along, love."


I slowly approach Ironshod. "Hey.."
"It doesn't look good.. I told you.. he's a little odd.. just play it cool. "
please, I have to resolve this thing and then I can do it, who knows what this whacky stallion will do if we don't resolve this.


Don't worry, I have an HQ to design and a mother to make feel horrible a little more.


"Oh? Damnit. I think we got caught off guard then… Do you still want to do this?"
She is in her tower, asleep.
"Huh? Well, I guess not. Though I will need you later to re-establish connections with Rockeye. However, this… underkingdom could serve as a new tool in that. You may take a few days for your quest."
He looks confused
"…I thought you wanted us to go adventuring together?"
He snaps out of it
"Oh hey! Uh… wait… is that… her?"


Allright. She's sleeping. Damn. I sure as hell am not gonna wake her up.
Are her shadows awake?


"Of course I do! Uh… wait here, I'm going to tell Valeriana real quick, and we'll deal with Pumpkin somehow!"

Run to her tower, quick!


I nod
"Yes indeed, but not down there. If even Valeriana is apprehensive about the place then I'd rather not risk you going down there… unless you really want to."


They don't really need sleep.
Also Valeriana seem to be talking in her sleep a bit.
She is asleep.
Pumpkin is there as well.
"This would be our best chance I think…"


"What are you looking at?"


Lay beside her and listen in.
Move an hoof to my mouth as I see her move in.


"Thank you. Radiant Dawn wishes to come as well. To minimize the costs on our staff, I believe Radiant will be enough to guard me, unless you are sure that more guards can come."


"Yea, I found her for you.. what are you doin' out here man?"


Stop abruptly, and mouth the words 'We need to talk' to Pumpkin, then nod with my head towards the exit.

Try to go outside without making too much noise.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Okay then, but I doubt it will be fun. It sure as heck will be exciting and nerve-wrecking though!"

I motion Anvil to come along as I walk away.

"Come here, there's some things we need to talk about in private. I'll speak with you later Frostmourn."


"It will have to wait."


Speak quietly.
"No it won't. This will take just a minute!"


"Just looking at an… old… friend of sorts. That cocky bastard. Still, hey, great to see you again, uh, I don't think I caught your name earlier?"
>"…I really am becoming him… this nightmare… my child becoming a lordblade… never wanted it…"
The king nods and Unyielding follows


"First of all. How are you feeling honey? You've been through a lot lately…"


Yeah looks like it's time for that talk.
Step outside with her.
"What is it?"
Try not to be shaken from what Vale just muttered.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"We are going to… are you all right?"


"An old friend? Is it someone I would know?"


"You didn't, it's Nylis. Sorry but I'm with somepony already, and I didn't really uhh.. meantokissyou"


No I don't think I am, but it doesn't matter.
Please continue, Lady Radiant."


"Meeting dad again helped me over a lot to be honest. Really.
…I still didn't need her to tell me she did the deed…"
"The smith's son. Glowing Embers."
…you're a really nice kisser though…
…whoever he is must be one lucky guy."


Speak quietly so no one else will hear.
"We are going to feing an attack on Frosty to show him he needs to train his body as much as his minds. Venia is already on it. I just waneted to tell you and Valeriana so you two won't accidentally believe that we are trying to actually hurt him… now, just tell me, what's wrong?"


"Oh, I see. How close are you to Glowing Embers?" I pause and watch his reaction to the news that Nylis is taken. "Yeah.. I told you it might be a misunderstanding and all.. you feel okay?"


wince at both parts
"Right, sorry."


"Wait an attack on… Frosty?"
Shake my head.
"I don't know. Did you think this through?"
Do I want to tell her?

Roll #1 8 = 8


Yeah I do.
"It's just.. Something with my mother. It's.. too much.
I'm not sure myself."


"Can I ask who he is? I'd love to… congratulate him."
"Me and Embers go years back. And not entirely in a good way."


"Don't worry, the Warriors won't be actually attacking him, and Celaire and I can defend ourselves. And even if something goes wrong, I know how to heal."

I frown.
"Your mother? Have you two been arguing over something?"


"She just felt guilty, sweetheart. Guilty for what she did. And she wanted to make it right somehow, not wanting to lie to you anymore about what she did to your father in the process."


"I still don't like this. I want to be there. If one of yours steps over the line, I'm jumping in."
Shake my head and raise an hoof at her second remark.
"No. It's… Worse. It's… All my life, all this time. A lie."
'1d10' not to break down again.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I look at him suspiciously "What do you mean by that? " then I slowly realize.. lila's fear makes sense now.. "You're saying you were pretty awful to him before? Like.. how bad are we talking?"


look straight at him
look from him to her
"..w-whats going on?"


"Of course you can be here, but then try to hide, but I assure you, you won't feel the need to…oh… oh Pumpkin, calm down…"
Try to hug him comfortingly.
"Sorry for my ignorance… but what do you mean a lie?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Wince at the cold touch of her armor.
"I'm just making her feel worse.
I thought… I thought she was happy with me."
Try to clen up and stop crying. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"I think I can figure this one out.. I used to be a pretty awful pony myself.. and Embers would be an easy target.."


"I guess. Still. Every time we meet she has done something to make me dislike her more and more…"
"Hey. Embers had everything I ever did to him coming. He was the one who started it!"


"Shhh… did you mess something up? Everyone makes mistaken, even I make mistakes all the time!"


Lean in closer "Oh, really? What did he do to you?"


"But she retrieved your fathers' bones right? Even gave you the chance to talk to him again so you could make peace with what happened! The things she did… were done during different times. Can you really blame her for defending her homeland?"


"I don't like where this is going, and I'm starting to not like us ever meeting."


"I messed up my life, lady Radiant." Step aside, moving backwards.
"She never wanted any of this, and I pulled her back. The Northblades, the training… The family…"


"Looooong story. Why?"
"I guess not. But really, old feelings die hard."
He looks at you, shocked and sad


I frown again.
"You did what you thought best, Pumpkin. You followed your heart. She may have not wanted the Northblades… but without her training you, would you be as close to her as you are now? Would you even be a friend of her? From what I heard from you, she's changed. A lot, and in a good way! You needn't blame yourself!"


"Embers is my friend, and I don't like you talking about him like that. What's making you act like this to him?"


I sigh and rest my head against his own
"Look honey, I know it's not easy for you either but… cut her some slack? Please? She's had a tough life and… and…"

I tear up a little

"I'm worried for her well-being Anvil. I'm afraid she'll do something stupid and that I'll lose her…"


I stand firm. "Well, its because I know embers and he just isn't capable of doing anything horrible, and if he did I need to know about it so I can warn his mare."


"It's not so easy, lady Radiant…"
Try to hug her. '1d10+2'
"But thanks. I will- I will try to fix this."
Let go of her.
"When do you plan this… 'Attack' of yours?"

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Holy shit that hug is super comfy even through the armor.
I'll just stay like this for a minute I think.

"Uh… Well, as soon as possible. As in right after I finished speaking to you. That's why it'd be best if you could stay with Valeriana. I don't know how her shadows work, but if they are sentries and she wakes up thinking we are actally doing something harmful, I'm afraid she might easily kill some of the Warriors."


"That for sure. You might want to hold off your warriors until she wakes up and I can talk with her."
Go back inside. Is she still sleeping?


"You both know that rat?
I bet he never told you what he was like when he was younger, the big bully. Used to shove his status as apprentice smith in everyone's face when he wasn't busy beating them up with whatever he had gotten his dad to make him."
He puts a wing around you
"Hey… calm down. I had no idea it was like that…"


"We don't have time for that sadly. Just be here and tell her not to worry. Thanks, take care!"

Rush back to Celaire.



He is with the warriors
She is on the verge of waking up. You can probably nudge her awake.


"Is he still doing that? did you get your revenge on him for it? Why are you looking out his window?"


"I found them both at the same place. It's all set. Now, how are we going to do this?"


"Come on, that little weakling? He's practically a pacifist! You expect me to believe he ever had the guts, strength or desire to do that?" I roll my eyes a little. "Even if it is true, isn't stalking him making you the big bully now? "


"Mother, wake up. We need to oversee to the King. The Warriors of Sunlight are about to pull a stupid stunt I fear might degenerate."


"You know, I think I finally got through to him for a while. He really humbled down. Hadn't been a dick to anyone in ages. I really had him kept in check.
And then he goes right back to shoving some new king-given title in my face…"
"Guess so. Lead the way."


"S-she's been trying to cope and come to terms with her past lately and… it's just made her depressed. I've talked with her about it a lot but… I don't think it's helping very much."

I sniffle and rub my nose with one of my hooves.

"She needs something to keep her mind off of things. Something she can have fun with…"


"I was with him when he got that title, it was no easy thing. Do you do anything outside of pestering him? "


"Wait, wait, I mean, what are we going to say? Why are we 'attacking' him? And where do we do this?"


"New title.. by Frostmourn? " I rub my eyes a bit. "Well, just calm down a moment, if he was given a title like that he earned it. "


"Guess that was a price I was willing to pay to protect the others. I was ready to give up myself to save them."
She is up in a snap
Several shadows leap out the door to find the target
"And this relates to me… how? You want to share me with her or something?"
"I just give him a much needed reality check now and then.
…but this is neither here nor there. Really, I just wanted to thank you for the nice kiss and wish your horn got better."
"Well we should corner him somewhere with enough space. We can wait for him in the training yard if you get him there."
"Earned or not, it's giving him a big head."



Roll #0 1 = 1


"Hmm, okay. You and the Warriors go to the Training grounds, and I'll lure him there. Head there now, I'm going to get him there."

Kiss him on the cheek.
"Let's do this!"
Turn to the Warriors.
"Be disciplined and don't mess this up! Remember, don't actually hurt him!"

Head off and find Frosty.


"Calm down.
She's organizing a play of sorts. Wants the King to focus on his body, and to do this she wants to show him how weak he his.
We better watch from the shadows, just in case."


telep- uh, wink. wink RIGHT IN HIS FUCKING FACE
"If I ever find out what that reality check is then I'm finding you and taking your balls, do you hear me?"


"Hey, can you do me a favor and back off from him for a few days.. you know just until I have a chance to talk to him? This has given me a lot to think about.. thanks Ironshod."


He is alone in the throne room, testing out his new leg
"Oh. Well crap. And here I was about to let that shadow open fire on her. Well, it seems they are gathering at the training yard. Best get there."
He takes a step back
"Hey, hey, easy! Easy! There is no need to yell. I just…
…wait. Is he the one you're seeing?"
"Sure thing. Uh… Kilana, was it?"


"A showdown between the Sun and the Shadow, that would have been fun!"
Find a place high up and Stealth.

Roll #0 2 = 2


I shake my head a little. "I don't think he's got a reason to lie to us.."
I nod. "Yes, my name is Kilana. Just give me a little time to see what's gotten into embers.."


"Frostmourne, you've got to see this! You have to come with me quick!"

Speak with a tone of urgency, and motion for him to follow to the Training Grounds.


Do this again, using the Northblade uniform this time.

Roll #0 7 + 1 = 8


I actually chuckle slightly

"No, no… although she probably wouldn't mind that. But I proposed to her that she should pick up a hobby, and she was interested in painting so…"


between gritted teeth
"No. But I'm glad he's my friend."
"..oh.. I hope not. Later Kilana"


"See you later, girl.." I go a short distance away and stealth.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Hidden you are, little shadow.
"Well uh… it was really nice seeing you again, Nylis.
I just wish we could have shared another kiss~"
"Oh? What is it?"
He walks along, limping a little with the new leg
"Not that I'd mind either- I mean, painting? I'm more into drawing really. Painting is kinda hard."


vanish away, then teleport to the smith's!

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


Sneak up to the room Ironshod was staring at.


>not in combat
forget vanish then


"You'll see soon, King, you'll see."

Keep leading him.


Keep watching, but move closer to shadow.
"I have taken some recruits from Ironfoe. We'll need an HQ for the Northblades now."


I roll my eyes.
"Anvil please, be serious now. First you want to kill her and now you wouldn't mind sharing a bed? Anyway, it doesn't matter if you think painting is hard, you can learn together!"


Forget the teleport too. It just doesn't come out right.
Seems Embers has a lab set up in here.
"Well, lets make it quick. I need to get this leg sorted out."
You can reach it next turn.
"I hope you brought the good ones. And don't expect them to like me. Sharp now, the king is coming."
"Not an entirely bad idea… yeah. I think I could.
Painting sounds fine too.
For you, I'll give her a chance."


"Don't worry, knowing you this won't last long."


"I know what happened."
Slowly flutter aside, take a vantage point above the king.


well then hurry to the smiths! hopefully shieldbash won't be there


Alright, I'll make note of the location.. Can I sneak in and leave a little note for embers that says "We need to talk, meet me tomorrow at lunch time in your lab."

Roll #0 7 = 7


I smile kindly at him and give him a sweet kiss on the mouth.
"Thank you sweetheart… Just… thank you for being so understanding about this."

"Seriously though, that kind of stuff would be awkward as heck."


Remember to sign it with my name.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"What the..?"
The warriors forming a circle around the training yard, weapons drawn.
One of them shuts the door as the king comes through.
Celaire steps forth
"In the name of the sun, this is the day you die, False King."
Frostmourn looks around
"…traitors. And to think I ever trusted you enough to allow you to form this order.
Well, that is a mistake soon rectified.
Those who value their lives can flee now. Your order is disbanded on count of high treason. Those who stand, will fall."
He conjures up his armour, wings and half a dozen light swords.
Nope, just the smith.
You leave a note for him. He will find it later.
"How do you know? Have you tried before?
Not like she hasn't been watching with those damn shadows of hers."


Alright, time to move out and find Pumpkin. We have a promise to keep.

Roll #0 9 = 9




"Not so fast, Little King!"

Nod to Celaire in case I fuck it up.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Uh, h-hello sir. I was wondering how much it would cost for you to make me a shield."


I blush bright red.
"Anvil… don't talk me into this."


Your magic proves little match for his
He tries blasting you aside
Seeing you fail, Celaire steps up with his own Spellbreaker
"For the Sun!"
'r2 1d10'
"As if, betrayer."
'r3 1d10'
"Huh? Why not~? Now you're just making me want to do it more you sneaky devil"
"Shield? Depends. Shields come in all shapes and sizes. Wood ones are cheap to make but won't last too long. Metal ones last longer but are heavier and more expensive. Bigger ones obviously cost more time and materials."
He seems to be hiding right now. Doing somethong very important you should not get mixed in.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 8 = 8


I don't like where this is going. Be ready with my own spellbreaker.


"I was thinking.. well a small round shield, with things to hold throwing knives, and-and if possible it could be light but sturdy."
shuffle about a little
"Uhh, could that be made?"


Activate Divine Protection to block the Blast!

"Turn to me, whelp! Show me your 'worth!"
Spellbreaker, again!

Roll #1 4 = 4


fair enough, I'll just go look around for some handsome zebra suitors.


"Oh come on! First you hate her and now you wouldn't mind a threesome? Urghh!"
I kick at the ground in embarrassment


In a remarkable show of magic, the Young King sends Celaire flying.
He then takes a hop and hovers in mid air
"The world will not be far enough for you to run from me. Your treachery leaves a clear message to me. That zealots are not to me trusted. Now get up so I can kill you with more honour than you would have granted me."
"Certainly. I have a few shields in stock if you want to take a look. I could modify one into something fitting your needs rather quickly."


He laughs
"I just think you're so cute when you get all flustered. But hey. You know how stallions are. Always willing to try new things.
But if you're so against it, painting should help us bond too."




"If it's not too much trouble for you. uhh, h-how much would that cost?"


Damn it!
Activate my Wings of Light to float up to his level.

"So young. So naive. Thinking that it is zeal that guides us! Clearly you have learnt nothing from what I have teached you!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Well I'm an open mare myself and adventurous too… N-not that I want to try it out or anything! Painting will work just as fine!"


"No trouble at all. Really. I think twenty coin should be well enough. I do need to clear out my stock at times too."
"I did learn quite enough. I learned to harness my fury. To tap into it in times of need. And though we may now look eye to eye, I assure you, no words however high and mighty will ever make me look up to you again. NOW GO TO YOUR FOUL TRAITOR GOD!"
He swings his sword at you. With full intent to take your damn head off.
he shrugs
"Painting it is then. Wanna model for us?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


pray I have enough

Roll #0 8 = 8


Easily. Winterbreeze is swimming in money and he is asking for chump charge.


Try not to fall down in case my protection fades and disarm him!

"If only you could not only look but see too!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"W-what? Oh sure, why not? That way I'll be able to keep an eye on the two of you and make sure you don't strangle each other."
I shake my head and sigh, at least that's over with.
"Oh, I almost forgot. Radiant and her sunguards are going to pull off a stunt today. A fake coup on the prince to see how he would act in the event of a real one and to see if he's able to fend for himself."


alright! pay for it and get my adequately sized shield!
"Thank you sir!"


Roll #0 6 = 6




Though the king's swing was far from perfect, you still have exhausted yourself too greatly to take advantage of it, and crash down onto the ground.
He rebalances himself in the air and charges up his horn
"Of all my followers, why you? You were stronger than this!"
Celaire has gotten back on his hooves
The Prince blasts a spell at them
Which the Warriors in turn attempt to avoid
'r2 8d10'
"That girl is crazy, I tell you. But then, she took it like a champ earlier. I guess she'll live.
So, when should we paint?"
You teleport to the training ground by the Academy. You know, the one where the King is not in the process of wiping out his elite guard.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 6, 1, 5, 4, 3, 6, 9, 5 = 39


Stand up!
Stand up already! God damnit, just stand up!

"You'll see why in due time! Until then, fight me, and me only!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


In the aftermath, two of the warriors are down to a pained knee, two more are laying on the ground and one is barely moving.
Celaire and the others managed to avoid the spell.


cool, now test out the weight of the shield and get used to it!

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Crazy? I wouldn't say crazy. Just… dedicated. She's got a lot of spunk in her, I can respect that. As for the painting business… this evening maybe? I'll ask Valeriana. We already went shopping for supplies earlier today."


Well if you insist, you can always walk over to the other one.
This thing sure is heavy. Not too heavy to use, but it will take some practice to get used to.
As you stand up the king turns to you
"Your warriors have failed. So has your weak captain. What hope do you have?"
he launches one of the summoned swords at you
"Sounds good to me. I think I'll go prepare some space for it."

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Alright sweetie. I'll get Valeriana in a few hours when she wakes up."

I give him a quick goodbye kiss and head off to find Frostmourn


I'm going to be checking around for a certain zebra suitor..


Stay still.
Sun protect me now.
Spellbreak, demolish everything he ever conjured, including that sword and the others.

"I don't need to hope when I know. Know the Sun. And I know you."

Roll #1 9 = 9


not worth it
oh well then keep training with it!

Roll #0 2 = 2


Let out a breath of relief.


but i'm not a zebra


Half the Warriors of Sunlight are injured or down, Radiant just dropped Frostmourn out of the sky.
You smack yourself in the leg.
This might need more focus and less wild swinging.
His wings, armour and swords explode into shards, leaving him to crash onto the ground
"So this is the power of your sun then. The destruction of what I have created."
he spits
"Maybe that tyrant really is its chosen.
But no matter. Magic is not all I have. For where it fails, steel prevails."
He hefts his greatsword into position and reinforces his stance with the new leg
"Die with honour."

Roll #1 9 = 9


start from scratch again, slowly train more.

…and then head off to the town to buy some throwing knives!

Roll #0 9 = 9


… crap!

Quickly, use Heal on the one that needs it the most!

Roll #0 9 = 9


All you had to do was calm down and remember what you had been told.
You can buy knives off the smith, the hunting supplier or the shady guy in the alley.
You join Celaire in fixing those most in need to aid. Mainly Southern Cross.


Block the attack he makes.
Try to disarm him again if at all possible, aim at the weapon, not him.

Roll #1 8 = 8



I'm kidding, go to the hunting supplier first

Roll #0 10 = 10


Keep goi-

Protective Bubble around her!

Roll #0 8 = 8


Oh fine. I'll go sneak around and look for embers then.


Facehoof as I watch the scene.
Now Frosty will think she's a traitor too.
Fucking idiot vicequeen.


o bby

buy some high quality throwing knives and a knife sharpening kit.

I need to run for a while, later


A sudden magical bubble takes the hit for you.
Frostmourn turns around
"WHO DAR- …Venia? You're in on this!? HOW COULD YOU!?"
He has some nicely stuffed animals in his shop
"Hey do I know you? I think I know you. I think Unyielding described you once. Forgot your name though. Sorry. Anyway, what can I get ya?"
ok bye
Embers is headed back to the lab with some books.


Ignore him and get back to healing the warriors with the worst injuries

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Everypony who cares is in on this."

Keep standing, don't fall down at the aftermath.

Roll #1 4 = 4


That's enough. Venia should have never been involved.
Drop down.
Spellbreaker on Radiant.
"Everypony, stand down. Now."

Roll #0 4 = 4


Sheath my weapon.
"Watch your tone. But yes, the King passed the test. With flying colors."


Follow him silently, I'll wait until he picks up my note and see his reaction.


"Well then. I guess I should ask why. But really, you have given me little reason to care, backstabber.
He then raises his sword at you
"I never walk alone. You should have known that much. Leave your hammer and stand up if you do not wish to die in the mud."
What is this about, Pumpkin?
She drops down and bows
"Kill them."
"No. Put the sword down, and listen to them."
She turns to Pumpkin and Radiant
"Tell him."
he picks up the note, reads it, shrugs, then puts it down and goes arrange the books


"My tone? Your ill-conceived test almost killed half of your elite warriors."
"This was lady Radiant's idea of a test, to show you could not always rely on your magic only.
We were watching from the shadow to make sure no real harm would come to you mylord."
Bow down.
"Order me to kill, and I will."


Keep healing, glancing over at the group occasionally

No one died, I hope?

Roll #0 1 = 1


"We were trying to test you. Of how powerful you are. Our point was that you should be able to train your body as well as your mind. To see if you can be able to defend yourself from those who are supposed to protect you. Your magic is far beyond what we imagined though. I am sorry that this went downhill so fast. I am proud of you and your skills. And I'll make sure the Warriors of Sunlight won't get rest until they get better as well."

I just huff and shake my head.


Okay, well he doesn't look busy. I'll go outside the lab, destealth, and knock on the door.


Southern Cross will probably always have a limp from here on.
"I did order you to do that. But the price of idiocy is not death. That is reserved for true criminals, not incompetent fools."
"I will admit your little… anti magic trick was rather impressive. Perhaps I should study it.
But that was just about all I was impressed by. There are not matters to joke around with. Rest assured, had this gone on, I would have seen you dead."
He comes to open the door


No! Mend his leg dammit!

Roll #0 3 = 3


Gah fuck, nevermind then.

I approach the group, looking at Radiant quite sternly
"Radiant. Did I not specifically tell you to inform me when you were going to pull this off."

Roll #0 5 = 5


Bow my head.
"I know, this sounded much better in theory… I am terribly sorry and ashamed it turned out this way. It will not happen again. And you must know that the Warriors of Sunlight are loyal only to you, and would sooner die than harm you!"


Nod to him.
Help the rest of the warriors of sunlight up and get them to the infermery.


"Hey, I left you a note and everything.. but it turns out my afternoon cleared up and I can talk with you now if you have a moment?".


"I know, I just didn't want to involve more ponies that needed… I'm sorry… This was terrible."


I scowl
"You shouldn't say sorry to me! Say sorry to Southern Cross, who will probably be limp for the remainder of his life!"

I do the same


You may begin your penance by writing me a comprehensive analysis of whatever you used yo counter my conjuration."
"Always. What's up?"
You help them to the barracks infirmary and get Doc to look them over
"High heavens! What happened to them?"


"Word gone crazy. Please, give special attention to this one."
Point him to Southern Cross.
"She felt the worst of it."


"Practice gone terribly wrong."
I shake my head angrily and take my leave once all warriors are accounted for, then find Valeriana.


"I'm not that good at writing, but I will try. It is something called a Spellbreaker, mainly used to prevent heretics from using their vile, hurtful magic."

Drop my head again.
"By the Sun I am such a fool…"


I trot inside and close the door beside me. "Embers.. I've heard some rumors and I'd like to hear your side. What can you tell me about Ironshod?"


She is hanging out by the training yard still.
"Will do. Will do. Lets take a look shall we?"
He gets to work.
"That you are. Let us be grateful I didn't end up actually using this."
He sheaths his sword
"Speak to me again when you have your notes on this Spellbreaker compiled. I need to study it. And break it."
"What is there to say? He keeps tormenting me over something any normal pony would have gotten past years ago. And now he's just getting worse again. I thought telling him to back off after the king gave me a new title would help. The effect was just the opposite!"


"With your permission, I will accompany Verne to a journey to the North soon, but I shall write you a report on that once I have returned…. And… you sort of used your sword, your highness."


"What is he tormenting you about?"


Go back on the yard and check on the King.
"Your highness, I could show you how to perform that spell.
And could help you practice to defend against it, too."


"Oh. Well, I permit him going, so I guess you can go too. Keep him safe.
As for the sword… believe me. I did not use it."
"Some crap we did as kids. Why?"
"I need to analyze it more than anything. I fear the implications of it being used against me in the future."


I trot over to her and nod.
"Valeriana. What a mess, right?"
I sigh and shake my head as I look over to where Radiant is standing
"There's good news too though. You can come over tonight to practice painting with Anvil. I talked to him and he's willing to give it a shot."


I nod slowly. "So, did you try talking to him about it, and making amends or did you just say 'I'm important to the king now you can't touch me' ? "


"I see mylord.
I'm not sure I can help with that, never been much of a scholar."
Approach Valeriana and notice Venia standing there.
"Might we talk, later, alone?"


"…There are only so many ways to use a sword… What do you mean?"


"Huh. I never thought he found me that attractive. Well, a threesome is a threesome to a stallion I guess.
And yes. This was a bad plan all round."'
"I told him to back off with the damn daily beatings. I have royal duties now!"


I blush bright red again
"Not like tha-!"
I bring my voice down to a whisper.
"Not like that! Give a shot at making things right between you two I mean."


"… Mom I don't need these mental images."


"Pray to your precious trickster god you never need to find out."
"…oh. Well that's mighty kind of you to offer him like that, but I really don't think I should unless you're there too. I mean you two are engaged and all."'
"Even your mother has needs."


My eyes widen
"Oh you…"
I give her a friendly jab in the side
"Just be there tonight alright?"


"Please. And please, let's have that talk."


"Unless my Lord needs me elsewhere, I will."


I look concerned. "Look.. he's not going to stop bothering you unless something is done. Tell me what exactly he's so sore about so I can help.. please? For your sake and lila's.."


Narrow my eyes.
"This was a mistake, Frostmourne, but you shouldn't talk about the Sun like that."


"Damnit lady Radiant stop it! Can't you see what you've already done? Stop beign so blind!"


"… right. Of course."

I nod in agreement.
"I'm not a religious pony, but she has a point."


"Ok ok. What is it you need?"
He reacts to you mentioning her
"Well… back when we were kids, I used to be the bigger one. I guess I was a bit of a bully, but that was over ten years ago! Now that he's bigger than me, he's just taken to using me as a damn punching bag."
"Neither should you speak so lightly of treason. Now run along, you have a report to write. Unless there was something more pressing you needed me for?"
"And I don't?"


"I.. I heard you sleeptalk."


"Well… yes but still. That's kind of blasphemous to say."


"What have I done? Are you questioning my faith because of one mistake! And you seem to have forgotten a lot about respect lately! You may be a Northblade or what-not but you are still younger, and I was still the pony who helped you train your faith!"

I give Venia a thankful look, then nod back to Frostmourne.
"Nothing more. I shall get to it soon."


I nod. "Its true then.. you understand why he's so obsessed with you? He wants to make sure you never hurt any pony ever again. We have to show him that you're not a bad pony any more, and that beating you up will no solve anything.. he thinks its the only way to 'keep you in check'.. "


"Faith? No, only your judgment."


"Need I remind you about your judgement at one point in your life?"


"Described me? Uhh… ok? H-how much would these cost?"
put the throwing knives on th counter and see if i have enough still

Roll #0 4 = 4


"I'll admit that wasn't the smartest form of retribution ever.
And I still do respect you deeply as my spiritual guidance, lady Radiant."


"I never knew I sleep talk. Do I sleep talk?"
A shadow nods
"…I do sleep talk. So what about it?"
"Then if the sun is so displeased, why does it not smite me down where I stand?
I thought so.
Now if that was all, I think I need to go release a little pent up pressure over this."
"What the fuck? That's the stupidest excuse to be a big bully I've ever heard in my life! I'd be more inclined to make peace with him if he just damn well admitted he got off on it or something!"
"I think we can just put them on his tab if you're friends with him."


"You… you were talking about living a nightmare."
Look downwards.


She looks shocked
"Please don't tell me you listened…"


I nod but let him speak with Valeriana.

I guess I should find Celaire now…


"Can we go somewhere more private?"
Try not to show off any emotion.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I-i'd uhh. I don't think I should.."
look around
"Sorry for taking your time like that"
leave, I'll get those knives later

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Because that's not how things work Frostmourn, you know that all too well."
I shake my head disapprovingly but let him go on.

Follow her.

"Damn it Radiant."


"I know… I messed it up. I am not a very clever pony."


I scratch my head a little. "I'll talk to him again for you if you need me to but.. he doesn't have many friends and he actually seemed to think you used to be friends.. before you started beating him up with weapons from your dad.. of course you were younger then.. different.. I was a bit of a trouble maker, and liked to pick on others when I younger.. It doesn't make it right, and their pain probably hasn't gone away.. pain can drive you to do really stupid things, and time really doesn't heal those wounds.. you have a chance now to make things right, and maybe get a friend back.. won't you consider it?"


"You were just…"
I struggle trying to find the right word for a moment
"…rash. You should have told me when you were going to do it! This could have gone much, much worse very easily!"





"I know… I really, really did not expect his magic to be this powerful. I thought we'd have an easy time proving an easy point."






Valeriana seems a little unsure.
Her shadows very helpfully carry the supplies though. One is wearing a little artsy beret.
"I trust he has been calmed down enough so that this doesn't end in blood or tears, right?"


I pat her on the back reassuringly while we walk, because ponies can do impossible stuff like that.
"Of course he has, he's not a mindless brute!"


"No, he is a very honour-bound brute.
But I guess he is your honour-bound brute…"
Unyielding has prepared a little painting room for you all. He has set up three stands and stools, a table with some fruit and sheets and a few candles for dramatic lighting.
"Hey dear…. and… you."
"Hello viceroy."


I exchange looks between the two of them.
"Oh this wont be awkward at all."
I walk up to Anvil and give him a peck on the cheek.
"Why don't you greet Valeriana properly, dear?"


He shrugs
"Hello assassin."
Valeriana nods
"Charming. So, where do we begin?"
"Well, first we should pick what we want to paint."
"Live model perhaps?"
"Hm? You mean…?"
"Why not? We could take turns."
"Well, what do you think, dear?"



I give Anvil a dull look after that second greeting of his.

"Wasn't that why I'm here? Aside from making sure you two don't start a catfight with each other, that is."


"Well I prepared a third spot in case you wanted to give it a go too. Well, I guess you get to be first model then."



"Of course."
She hops up the wall and back onto the roof.


Fly up to her.
"Why did you never tell me?"


She sighs deeply
"Because you were so happy.
You came to me seeking this path. I told you it was one of pain and sacrifice, but you endured and insisted.
So I gave you what you asked for."


I shrug and stand in front of the stands
"Uh… what position do I need to be in?"


Slowly move closer to her.
"You suffered. That's stupid.
What kind of family does this?"



"I think we should start simple. Maybe if you just sit down on the table for good lighting I can help out friend here get started."
"When I said it was a path of pain and sacrifice, I did not mean only you."


"Alright then."
Hope onto the table and sit down.

Rolling to sit still properly '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"This… This doesn't even make sense! Why!
What use am I if all I did was make you feel worse?"
Keep calm.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I'm looking at you, rng.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I can keep this up all day.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"You did not just make me feel worse. Granted, yes, you did that. But you also helped me open up to my past and deal with it that much better…"
"Perfect. Now then… Shadow?"
"Valeriana. Observe the model. Start off by sketching her basic shape."
The assassin takes a sharp look at you, then levitates a piece of charcoal over and starts drawing


Look up at her with swollen eyes.
"Okay. Let's say we run.
I gave no oath yet, after all, did I?
We run. You, I and Bearing. Far away. North, South, doesn't matter.
Then what? Would the nightmare end?"


"Don't make me look too fat, if you will."


After a while she looks rather displeased with the results
"Well it looks a little rough. But that's fine. It's just a guideline"
"Ok, now, try to refine the edges a little"
She gets back to work
"At this point, I've given too many promises. To Frostmourn. To Venia. To you.
Running may end this nightmare, but it would only start another."
"Stay still damnit!"


"Okay okay!"

Stay still! Like a statue!

Roll #0 4 = 4


Anything that needs doing?
If not I can sleep/work on North PR


Kick some snow with my back hooves in anger.
"You are stupid and selfish and old and a bastard and… I just wanted a family, mom.
I thought I had a brother in Medve, then the Equestrians come.
I thought Frosty was that.
I thought you could be that.
And all this…
I wanted to protect it. And now, now you are telling me I've done all this just to make suffer the only ponies I care about?"


After more scribbling she smiles a bit
"Hey, that actually helped!"
"I know. Now, lets try adding some colour."
Unyielding brings some colours for her and she starts mixing, keeping an observant eye.
"…I don't think I got it quite right…"
"That's ok. Lets try shading it a little next."
"Please… it isn't like that.
I will admit, I always dreaded the thought of my child falling into his hooves and becoming a Lordblade. I admit I always feared I would be drawn back into that business.
…but having you as my son has been the greatest joy in my life."


Morning, I'd like to hear Ember's response to this.


"Yeah. Sure."
Wipe my tears away.
"Look just…"
Fuck this. Hug her.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


"Don't make the flank look too fat!"

Keep still

Roll #0 10 = 10


Can I go through reports on the current state of civilians in the Greater Northlands?


"I really don't think talking to that brute will do any good for anyone."
She hugs you back. Cute pony like and all.
"Almost done. Hold your horses."
"Good. Good. Now touch it up and sign it!"
Unyielding's office probably has some

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Keep tightly hugging her.
"Just… please, talk to me next time. Don't try to run, or jump off a cliff."
Let go of her.
"Now… Happy thoughts! Got ideas for the Northblades HQ?"


File: 1354904425464.png (Spoiler Image, 131.45 KB, 872x996, An assassin is not a painter.p…)

"A few. Some more viable than others."
She looks at the finished piece
"…not sure what to feel about it"
"I think it looks fine"
"I got the colours wrong…"
"Nonsense. Come on down dear and have a look!"


I sigh in frustration. "Well, throwing your title in his face only made things worse! so, what do you propose we do about it? And don't tell me nothin' bro, because this isn't just for you.. its for Lila too.. he tried to talk to her about all this and you should have seen how scared she was about the whole thing.. I got him to agree to back off for a few days, if he holds true will that be enough proof for you that talking to him will work?"

Roll #0 5 = 5


"How did you do things in the lordblades?"


Oh, well. Go get them.


I jump off the table and walk over to see what she managed to create.
"Well… that sure is better than what I managed to do when I tried my hoof at painting."
I chuckle
"I look kind of bored though!"


"You know… after years on end of living in fear because of him… I really am starting to think the world may not be big enough for both of us."
"We had Ilistar's noble house to work out of. It was near the palace, and well guarded."
You go read his mail
[Chicken Coop Squatter Dispute]
[Failed Crop Aid]
[Strange Carrier Pigeons Spotted]
["Fur Farm" Idea]


"I did my best to capture the heart of your expression.
This was actually pretty fun. So who gets to go next?"
"Well why don't you climb on up and Venia can try painting int turn?"


"Near the palace and well guarded seem good ideas. It should also be a place of hard access, easily defendable.
Underground would work?"


I groan
"Anvil please… you know I'm worthless at painting!"


"That brings me to my second point. Do you know of the Underkingdom?"
Valeriana grabs you with telekinesis and sits your ass next to a canvas
"C'mon, be a sport!"


"Is this a plan or just rambling?"


"Uh… The place all thieves go to? Did they change the name?"


"Urgh… fine."
I pick up a brush and some paint, wait for her to get settled and get to work.

Are you expecting me to draw something too? Because I'm on a laptop and that will end horribly


"Could be either.
…do you think you could at least be there when we talk? I'd feel safer that way."
"No no. The underground kingdom of the Diamond Dogs beneath the Northlands."
[?]Of course I am[/?]
She settles down on the table and takes a simple standing pose, taking her cloak off
"You may begin."


"Yeah, I'm lost. What's a diamong dog?"


"A creature from the south. Big things with big hands and small brains. They live underground and, mine for gems and eat ponies.
There are not many this far north, but I know the ones that do live here have a kingdom beneath us. One that extends to all corners of the northlands.
And indeed, we have two of their numbers here at the palace, willing to help us overthrow their current king.
…were we to establish a base there, in their vast tunnels, we could travel unseen from place to place with ease and haste."


"We'll have to see what funds we can set aside for social projects- strange carrier pigeons?"

Read that.


I smile a bit. "Of course. I'll be there for you when it goes down." I pause. "Don't worry, I'll make sure nothing happens to you there."


"Wait. Did you say 'eat ponies'?
And nobody stood up to them yet?"
Think about this a second…
"Under the whole Northlands… Eating ponies and beign undisturbed… How many diamond dogs are we exactly talking about?
If nopony bothered them, they must be a force to be reckoned with.
I think I'll need a backup on this one."


[Carrier birds of unknown origin have been spotted in Wintersgrasp. None have been captured, but the senders and recipients have not been identified. When killed, one of the pigeons burned before hitting the ground]
"I sure hope so.
…then I guess I owe my new position to him. If he did not break some part of me almost daily, I would never have needed to develop the regeneration spell."


"…Come here.." I give him a hug. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I hate you for this


It is really awkward and he kinda got the wrong idea.



[?]Did spoilers stop working?[/?]
What the fuck
"They mostly capture travelers. I've only been down there once, and don't know everything first hoof, but I know their king is a powerful necromancer.
I believe Venia was also heading down there to free the captives and bring down the Underking."



Any reports on which direction they are coming from? If they're from the east of Wintergrasp-"

"Waymarker in Ironfoe. Damn. Frostmourn must know."

Is he available?


The king is in the throne room, thinking over his two crowns.


"She… Was? That sounds dangerous for somepony like her.
I'll have to talk with her and see if she has any real plan."
Okay, leave now.

I really should get back to that promise!


"Sorry.. I'll just meet up with you tomorrow sometime near lunch. " I say goodbye and go find pumpkin.


Excellent. Go see him immediately.


"Ah, Verne, old friend and adviser.
Tell me, what should I do?
I could have both these crown melted down and made into a new one, or I could have them crafted together into a crown atop a crown."


"You ready? Remember to leave everything but your weapons behind."


It could be.


"Adviser… hahaha, flattering. Melting them down into one would be a good symbol of unification. No more are Wintergrasp and Ironfoe, now that they are one."

"I also need to speak with you in private. There is no one nearby, is there?"


"Aside from those who always watch me, no. This is as private as it gets."


I nod. "Yea, that's fine, I'm taking my staff with me in case we need some magic." I stow away everything but the staff in my room. "That should be fine right?"


Nod to her.
"Yeah I'm not letting them get away with anything too big anyway. And guess what, we are going to a cemetery.
Vantage ground!"


"Lordblades. I was looking for reports to go through from Unyielding Anvil's office, and there were reports of suspicions carrier pigeons, sender and destination unknown. Those shot down were rigged to self-destruct via burning to prevent their examination. The most probable explanation is that there is an Equestrian Lordblade active, most likely one known as Waymarker, according to the one who assassinated Prima. I apologize for allowing this to slip my mind, only now did I remember… regardless, do you have any plans? I suggest alerting the Northblades at once."


I smile. "Yes, it is. A bit of an odd place for a normal pony to want to meet thou.. But then again she isn't normal is she?"


File: 1354907716784.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.42 KB, 483x481, Songbird.jpg)

After much sweating and swearing, I finish my masterpiece by signing it with my name, snorting and snickering all the while.
"Uh… yeah this is one for the Royal gallery…"


"I sure hope she has got what it takes."

Roll #1 8 = 8


…damnit. That's Ironfoe's spymaster. Pumpkin brought him here just yesterday!"
Valeriana takes a look
"Very… personal.
Guess that just leaves the big guy."
Unyielding cocks his head
"Guess so."
"Now why not make it interesting for us hm? Lose the clothing so we can appreciate the art of nature's greatest sculpture - a well built stallion."
He goes red in the face and dead serious
"I… um… dear? A little input?"
Stick to the plan kid.
Fixing mistakes can wait.


What are we waiting for then! To the GRAVEYARD!



"Right, lets go then, wouldn't want to keep her waiting." To the cemetery.


The place is not too hard to locate.


I blush red too
"Uh… I… uh… I mean if it's for art stuff… From what I hear there's nothing unusual about doing that… I think."


"Order him put under arrest and detention immediately. Take him alive only if reasonably possible. He will be assisted by other agents, likely under his watch as Spymaster so… damn it. We may need to simply kill him, then have a Necromancer interrogate his corpse."


Now, what exactly did she say? Look for traces of recent activity.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Uh.. is she not there? look around a bit, maybe she's just hiding. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"…well ok then…"
He disrobes rather uncomfortably and goes stand on the table.
Valeriana grins.
"Oh yes. Quite a sculpture indeed.
Deary me Venia, he is even more impressive in person."
"I would advise against that. If he saw us coming he would simply do as much damage as possible and go out with a bang. We saw what happened last time.
No, I think it might be better to let him think he fooled us, and then have my Northblades spring a trap on him."
One of the tombs stands out as matching her descriptions.
The door is sealed tight.


Sealed how?
There must be another entrance. Look around.
If nothing catches my eye, inspect the lock.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"J-just get to painting you!"


"Bear in mind another thing - Lordblades are ordered to kill themselves and everything around them via detonation of a small explosive they carry around with them at all times. We must be careful how we approach this…."


"Good thinking? A ruse? Invite him for tea and poison him? Knock him out and interrogate him? Set up an 'accident', otherwise? If we have necromancers on our side, there is no reason not to have him killed as soon as we have him in a trap."


Oh, tap on the sealed part then. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Sealed as in god damn that's a big door.
…however there is an odd bush by the back wall.
Unyielding does his best to keep a straight, calm face under Valeriana's prying eyes and ever shifting shadows
"Hmhmhm~ yes. Yes indeed."
"From what I know, he was to meet Valeriana tomorrow. I will simply give the order to kill him when the chance is presented."
Yep. That's stone.


"Kila, cover me."
Move towards the bush.

Roll #0 10 + 1 = 11


I roll my eyes.
"You're such a dog…"

Should I? '1d2'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Good. Of course, make sure the odds are stacked in our favour. Trap the place, have more of our agents around."

"Incidentally, has any work been done on a 'Newspaper' project? I have yet to give up the idea of such a thing."



"And you're enjoying this a little too much!"


Stealth and follow him, watching for anything odd.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Oh hey, it was covering the fact that the back wall has been carved open.
She gives you a sneaky look
"Oh Venia, I'm keeping myself quite in check.
But perhaps I could enjoy myself a bit more if you wanted~"
Unyielding grunts a little
Valeriana's grin widens slightly, but she does not look away from you
"I leave that to your digression. I am a very busy pony, and could ill manage it properly."
There is a big coffin in the middle of the tomb.


"Well. How clever, I guess."
"Be wary of traps."

Slowly move inside the tomb and be on the lookout for traps, indeed. Keep moving from shadow to shadow.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Anything odd about the coffin?
"Rather crafty indeed."

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Oh you cheeky little… Stop grinning like an idiot!"


"I see. Do I then have your permission to build a department of ponies to work on my projects should there be need?"


She puts on a complete pokerface.
Unyielding breaths in sharply
"C-can you two please stop that and finish the damn painting?"
"So long as you keep it manageable."



Roll #0 10 = 10


Oh yeah? Just calmly focus on it, is it someone's minion?

Roll #0 1 = 1


"For now I think I merely need assistants. I'll organize it myself if it comes to that. Be well, I will be going back to work."


You explode the skeleton.
In the aftermath you realize it was rigged to a spring…
"Have a fine day. Oh and if you happen to find a skilled jeweler, do tell me."


"I'm not doing anything sweetie!"


Go and sift through reports…

Rolling not to question my life now

Roll #0 9 = 9


Do boring paperwork.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Take Kila and dive out back out of this place!
Might be an axe, a trapdoor, a lethal jelly, whatever!

Roll #0 8 = 8


resist that, and try to pull him back in while I'm at it, even if its spooky we have a promise to keep.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"What are you doing?!"


The shadow with the little beret has replaced Valeriana on her chair.
[Spellbreaker is a spell that breaks spells. The End]
For some reason you assume this is not good enough…
Your life is glorious
Oh look, a coupon for a free 'pizza'. Must be something foreign.
Turns out the spring was there to enable the skeleton to pop out.
There are stairs in the coffin too.



What the heck is she doing!? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Elaborate it.
It breaks spells and… spells are broken by it…

Roll #1 7 = 7


"We're not leaving. Not now."
Investigate those stairs.

Roll #0 8 = 8


Fucking underground places and traps.
"I hate underground."
Stealth again and inspect downstairs.

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4


Looks like I'm sure of my path.

To be a tool to ensure the welfare of the North. Nothing more. My friends are tools as well. Frosty.. no, is it still proper to call him that? Pumpkin, Nylis, Kilana, the one I fooled so long ago…

Do I still think of them as beings, or machines that have being-like needs to be taken care of? What of myself? I allow myself pleasures, but ultimately the rationale seems to be only so I can continue working well. I suppose it's just how I think-

Wait, no. There is one I have yet to condemn like this. Venus… can I really sacrifice you as well? I wonder if appointing you as a personal bodyguard was merely because I wanted to be close with you, or was it so you would be able to serve a somewhat vital role in serving the North, in an environment I can provide to suit your needs? Can I bear to sacrifice you, Venus? I wonder if you are bothered by things too…

No point in worrying about that now, I suppose, as long as we can enjoy ourselves and serve greater interests. Maybe.. maybe I'll take a day off and go for dinner with her.

Night DM


"Kila… We need to talk.
When we are on the field, you do not second guess my movements. You know why I tried to push you out?
The skeleton was rigged. The ceiling could have crumbled on us."
If nothing bad has happened, find a comfier shadow to hide in.

Roll #0 10 + 1 = 11


She seems to be lounging on Unyielding
"Whaaat? He's surprisingly comfy for someone so sculpted~"
Well it's a start. Maybe a bit more detail is in order.
The stairs do lead quite a way down until you end up in what seems to be an old mausoleum or catacomb or mass grave or something.
There are more coffins on the walls, and small cubbyholes on the floor level.
This is a very comfy shadow. It doesn't even smell of death here.


"Kilana, can you sense how many skeletons are there in the coffins?"


Come on Radiant, think!
Do that silly thing!
Write it all!

Roll #1 1 = 1


I narrow my eyes and use my telekinesis to pull her off.
"He's not a couch, get off!"


You go on a very personal tirade about your feelings towards Celaire and how the king is a wimpy faggot who could never please a mare.
She seems displeased
"Aww… I was just trying to get us to be a little closer…"


"I'll try.." can I feel the presence of undead here?

Roll #0 8 = 8


Maybe I should rewrite that last part

Roll #1 6 = 6


There are no undead here.
Some dead, but not in all the coffins.
Well now this seems to at least make some sense.
You can deliver it or add a little more.


Add a little more
Nice and tidy

Roll #1 9 = 9




"There aren't any bodies being puppet-ed, and some aren't in their coffins.." Proceed cautiously into the room.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Keep walking down the stairs. Nice and slow, stay hidden. Ponies here?


Seems pretty dead down here.
Just coffins and bones and holes.
Also, dead end.
This seems comprehensive and presentable.
Good job.


"Well… Just… Gah!"
Please don't tell me Anvil is aroused now


Bring it to Frosty.


Guess what he was complaining about earlier.
Hint: it wasn't the fact she was levitating a paint brush.
Red in the face and standing at attention he sighs
"Can we please end this?"
He reads it through
"Hm. Hm hm hm. Yes. This is good. Well done. Perhaps you will one day we worthy of reforming your order after all."


nothing but dead? Comfy. Maybe I can get a clue by communing with one of these bone piles..

Roll #0 1 = 1


Allright. Time to get out of hiding.
"So, is this how you greet guests? Show yourselves!"
Motion to Kilana to stay hidden.
Word of Power.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"E-Excuse me?"


I just bury my red-burning face in my forehooves and nod


I think you pissed it off.
There is now an angry skeleton attacking you.
Also a lasso snags around your neck, rendering you very immobile.
"Hm? Excuse you what?"
Veleriana chuckles
"Oh you two are just darling. Say what, how about I paint both of you, hm?"


"What do you mean reform my order?"


Escape Artist.
Blast the Skeleton to smithereens, and look for whoever lassoed me!

Roll #0 6 = 6


I quickly jump up and get on that table
"YES! Just yes so we can move on! But no tugging or pulling, understand!?"


"I did disband it for treason, did I not?"
That's one dead serious face
It's like they knew of that trick or something.
The moment you break loose, two more lassos grab your hooves.
You do manage to knock the skeleton over though.
"Oh fiiiiine~"
She giggles and pulls out some charcoal
Unyielding is doing his best to maintain composure


"T-That wasn't real treason! They would never hurt you for real! They swore to protect the life of you and your loved ones!"


"Sooo… You gonna show yourselves or will I have to beat you up from the shadows?"
Word of Power again.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"… what? Just keep calm dear… We can work on a solution once we're done here!"


There are plenty of bodies here raise dead on something.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Mhmm… and?"
Someone shoves a bag over your head and drags you off.
And before you can really react either, someone bags and ropes you up as well.
You both find yourself atop a makeshift stage at the center of a shanty town built somewhere deeper in the old catacomb.
"This is just deeply… deeply embarrassing is all."
"Oh hush! You look fine."
"Shush or I'll come up there and help in person"


Stomp my hooves angrily.
"Sun damnit Frostmourne you can't do this! You asked me to train holy warriors for you and I did! I spent years of my life on nothing but training them to be perfect religious guardians for you! The Warriors of Sunlight are like a family for me! You can't do this to me!"


Sigh. Let's go along with the ride.
Oh look, a stage!
Escape Artist.
"So, I had a date for the evening, she should be around…"


What the… get this rope off my hoof and go the stage.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Can't I?"
He is clearly teasing you at this point. Just look at that cheeky grin.
A voice calls to you from across the small square before you.
"So what have we here? Spies of the crown?"


Try to calm down. He's not serious. He cannot be.
"Please, Frostmourne, I already said I'm sorry, don't take this from me…"

Roll #1 6 = 6


I try my best to smile at him
"Just try to relax, love. It's just Valeriana."


"Hm. How about I give you a shot at earning it back?"
"Ok… just for you dear."
Something nudges you from behind


"Eh, kinda? We are here to discuss your!"


I nod.
"Yes, yes, anything, just name it!"


I shake my head. "We're here to meet you, come on down."

Roll #0 5 = 5


Oh come ON
Shove it back with telekinesis '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"We are here to discuss your future*!"


"Care for a rematch?"
"Cute. Real cute. I wonder if the king will pay more for you to be returned in one piece or several?"
Valeriana lays herself more comfortably on you and Unyielding, then winks to the shadow that is painting
"Now hold still. We don't want to ruin the portrait do we?"


"Valeriana… You're going to pay for this."


I grin.
"That's it? Of course! When?"


"Pff, he's got a thing for pieces, everypony knows! I mean, just look at his leg!"


"Is right away too soon?"
"Swell. I'll send him your wings first then."
Someone grabs you by the wing
"I know. So I'm going to make the most of it.
She shadow peeks out and nods, then keeps painting


Escape Artist.
Vanish behind them.
Give them a strong buck on the head.
"Hooves off!"

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"You'll find that we don't go down so easily if you choose that route. We're not here to spy on you. "

Roll #0 10 = 10


"I have my armor, my hammer, and my faith with me. I don't need anything more."


"You are something else…"

How is Anvil's monument of malehood doing?


A short fight later you can hear the voice laugh
"You have a lot of guts you two. You do realize you are outnumbered more than sixty to one?"
You can hear some hurried hoofsteps headed this way though
"Perfect. Let us meet at the training field then."
Valeriana smacks you in the rum with her tail as you bend down to check
"Oh you naughty girl, sneaking a peek like that. Not that I blame you. It is rather impressive"
Unyielding tries to maintain composure but you can see his focus is slipping.


"What!? Just few more than one hundread ponies? That's just sad!"
Oh look, it's my date!
"Hey Peaches! Care to join the fun?"


I nod and head there.


"You!… You!…"
Yeah, enough sitting around doing nothing.

Use my magic to pick up a few tubes of paint and splash it all over Shadow's mane and coat. Then shove a paintbrush halfway up her ass as a finishing touch. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Pumpkin please, I-"
"Peaches. What is this about?"
"W-well these are the two I mentioned. Pumpkin Smiles and his friend. They are here to offer us-"
"Get up here."
She heads across the square and onto a raised platform. You can see a few torches get lit as she reaches the top and sits in front of a makeshift throne
"Now then. Make better use of that mouth of yours while I get to the bottom of this.
You two. Lets hear this deal"
The king soon follows, hefting his sword along
"We already saw with magic I can be rather hard to beat. So I'll ease off on using any. Lets see if your point about me needing to train my body was correct."
She screams and falls off you
"What the hell, Venia?"
She looks quite silly with those pink and green splotches and a brush in her butt.
Even unyielding chuckles.


I wander over to the weapon rack.
"So I suppose we are going to do this with training weapons?"


I'll let pumpkin start this off.


"I doubt I would have brought this if I did not intend to use it. Or are you afraid of a little real steel, my paladin?"


I guffaw
"Not so funny when you are on the receiving end, is it!? Pink looks good on you!"


I chuckle.
"Of course not. But don't blame me if you get hurt, Frostmourne. It won't be personal."


Did I hear that right?
Dude that's disgusting.
"Cut her a break on that. I don't want to that I talk to you."
Word of Power.

"Then, down to business."
Fly over there.
"The thieves of this kingdom are some of the most skilled stealth masters of the North.
I should know, I was one of you when I was a kid.
But there's a better way you can use those abilities.
Healtier, if the city guard suddenly decides to open both eyes at once."

Roll #0 2 = 2


To see that while I talk with you*

fuck this.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Her horn glows for a moment
Unyielding then stars to shudder and giggle.
"I've had worse."
He nods towards his missing leg
The one on the throne is a dark teal pegasus with a brown mane and mismatched green tail.
"Let me guess? Throw myself at your mercy and serve the crown that is the very reason for our poverty and suffering?"
He maintains eye contact but shoves Peaches down on himself harder.


"Quit. That."
Make eye contact with him.
Word of Power.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Unyielding! To battle!"
Tackle her! Then start tickling her! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"No, we want to raise you up. Under the new king you could have a better life, no more taking things from the rich, instead you become rich yourselves. You will be trusted with many missions of secrecy and become the unseen force of the united north." I speak to him doing my best to ignore what is happening with peaches..

Roll #0 3 = 3


The king of thieves grins, reaches for his cane and uses it to push you off balance, off the throne platform and into a mud puddle.
Looking up you can see him lift Peaches' head and motion her to turn around
"As you wish. She did always have one keen peach on her."
Unyielding is in no condition to take orders.
Possibly because she has spent the last few moment merrily painting flowers on his junk.
The assassin then nimbly hops onto her hooves and flips over you
"Too slow deary~"
You can't really ignore that…
"So we would become the problem, rather than the solution? Another band of rich to piss on the poor? Why should we?"


Get her off of me and pin her back to the ground with telekinesis!

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Okay old bastard.
I don't like your tone already."
Escape artist if I'm immobilized.
No wait. There's Peaches there. I'd hurt her.
"But. I can find a compromise if you drop this matter now."
Fervor still up.
Word of Power.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Would you mind doing that later.. and no, you wouldn't be the problem, with a united north we can find work for everypony and no one need suffer on scraps, will you aid us in this cause?"

Roll #0 2 = 2


You slam her down
"Oof! Getting frisky are you?"
He displeasedly pushes Peaches off himself
"Give me an offer."


"No. Just in the mood for payback!"
Tickle her!

Roll #0 5 = 5


Go to the open field and ready my hammer.

"Whenever you are ready, Frostmourne."


After some giggling she regains her composure
"Well I'm terribly sorry but by now I'm in the mood for something else entirely.
Unyielding? Be a dear, would you?"
The viceroy looks hesitant
"uh… I don't know if this is really…"
"Well then. Let us see if indeed am as weak as you think. Come at me."
he puts up a guard

Roll #1 3 = 3


"The offer is simple, join us, make a greater purpose to your life by helping King Frostmourn unite the north, get paid for your troubles and give every pony a chance at a new life. You've shown you have the power to pull it off, and I think you have the heart for it too."

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Your ponies and sworn loyalty to the King.
As a counter, the crown will provide for every single one of you that makes the cut.
The unification of the North will happen, and you will have a front row seat to watch it unfold.
The most important missions in the whole kingdom. The honor only loyal service can bring.
And a way out of this stinking hole."


Charge in and Cleave his legs from under him.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I'll regret this, but fuck it. If I'm drunk, so is Venia.
I roll my eyes
"Valeriana, are you trying to steal away my future husband from me?"


After spitting out some dist he gets back up
"Lucky. But point taken. Keep a guard on my legs. Again."
"This hole is what we built for ourselves when the crown left us to starve.
I have given these poor ponies everything the king so graciously denied them. Food. Shelter. Warmth. We steal to eat. We must, for who can we turn to?
Not the damn king that's for sure.
So here is my counter offer. See to it that the conditions of the poor and downtrodden are improved. That ponies no longer starve in the damn streets when the king wasted gold on lavish parties and trinkets!
If you can assure me this will be done, then, and only then, can you have the loyalty of Fourtones, King of Thieves."

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll never let you hear the end of it. Neither wilL Valeriana
"Oh no, no my friend. I am merely trying to spice up your love life a little~"


"I take you don't know the news.
The King has changed. So will the Kingdom.
You have my word.
I didn't work so hard to save it just for it to crumble from the inside."


I look to pumpkin "can we promise such a thing?"


I prod her with my hoof accusingly
"Are you saying our love life is boring?"
I turn to Anvil
"Is that true honey? Is it boring?"


Frontal charge again, but instead of swinging the hammer, stop at the last moment and quickly jab him in the face with the hilt.


Roll #1 8 = 8


"It's what we are working towards, Kila. Is what I fight for, at least."


"Then we shall make sure of it. Its what I want as well."
"We shall accept your terms. The new northlands shall be a place of hope even for the most desolate souls.. "


"I wouldn't say boring"
"What you would say is you always wanted to try two at once ain't it"
"Oh don't be a dummy. I've heard you."
He takes a step back and headbutts you
"One for one."
"What do I care for one king over the next. They are all the same with their mad crusades and ignorance of the common pony.
Peaches told me you were like us once.
If that's true, that pony died inside you long ago you gold-eating royalist."


"At least your reflexes a-"
Fervor, spin around and swing the hammer the entire way for a sizeable blow.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I cock an eyebrow at Anvil
"… is that true?"


He looks away
"…is it bad if-"
"Of course it is. Look at him!"
You are not the only one who knows Fervor around here

Roll #1 3 = 3



However, you are also a devious cunt.
The king spits out some blood and gathers himself off the ground
I think you made him mad.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"The world does not change for the will of a bunch of streetrats.
You need passion, determination, a cause.
You need to believe and work for it.
This is what died inside of me.
The old streetrat who aimed only to survive the day, that died.
I had to work harder and harder, lose ponies I cared for, all to make sure I had a chance to save everypony else.
The history of the north will be shaped for everyone, be it a newborn foal in a gritty orphanage or an emperor on its golden throne.
Ponies like me and ponies like what I'm offering you to become will decide what shape it takes.
If you care so much for them, this is the choice that will let you make a difference."


Activate Divine Protection, turn around, and kick him in the chest with my hindlegs.
Just because I can.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I blush
"Well… I mean… I don't know."


"It had damn well better."
"Big words, assassin.
Now do you want me to kiss your hoof too?"
Your insulting tap does little more than drive his anger deeper.
Indeed it fuels him to take a quick breather and stand back up gritting his teeth
"Hiding behind cheap tricks again. And here I thought we were actually going to fight, not have some kind of magic contest."
He blasts you with Spellbreaker, which he apparently has known for ages now thanks to Venia
Valeriana kicks you into him sending you both tumbling off the table and onto the floor
"Did that help?"

Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #0 10 = 10


"Not with that mouth. I might respect you as leader, but I despite you as a pony."
Stand up.
"Bring your best ponies tomorrow to the old tower. We'll begin training.
Also, Peaches is coming with me."


I shake my head

"No… Valeriana… I can't do this. We are very close but we aren't that close. This would just be too awkward."


Uppercut him with my hammer.

"Fighting with what the gods have given is not magic! Do I look like a unicorn to you?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


You can hear him draw a sword
"I didn't hear you ask nicely."
She looks down from the table
She then vanishes in a puff, leaving behind the painting and beret.
He ends up back on the floor
"And where does the line between divine power and magic truly lie? Now face me fairly and spare me the empty sermons. You wished to make a point of my body, not my faith you deceptive bastard."


"As you wish."

Be on my guard as he stands up and allow him to attack this time.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"pumpkin please..don't mess this up..". I stand ready and ask as nice as possible. "Meet us near the old tower in woods, and please allow us to have peaches with us."


Stare him down.
"You are now entering the Northblades. Drop your attitude.
Raise your head and make sure ponies can look at you without seeing the filth inside your soul.
You are not the king of thieves anymore. You fight-"
Turn around, speak to all the ponies here.
"You ALL will fight, for something bigger!
Honor shall be the first rule of your conduit, from now on!"
Look at him again.
"This is me asking nicely."
Just stare her down.


Sundammit go find her! Will this ever end?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Oh what, did I ruin your fun now that you actually must do what you wanted to do in the first place? Is there simply no joy in this any more for you if you can't preach your mouth off at the same time?"
"That's you being just as rude but more eloquent about it.
I agreed to follow a blade, not a tongue shaped like one. Now show me steel if you have any."
You glance at the painting.
It isn't the most skilled one, but it depicts all three of you happily as a group, smiling at the viewer.
Only about half is finished though.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Oh come on! Go find her!

Roll #0 4 = 4




Roll #0 9, 9, 4, 1, 6 = 29


"I was waiting for this."
Fly down from this plantform.
Draw my blades.
"Are you coming? Just you and me. First blood."


She is in her tower
"No need to yell at me. I know I messed up back there…"
"I'd settle for no less."
He throws his cane down, then drops after it, landing and balancing himself on it. He points his sword, apparently pulled from said cane, at you.
"Honour among thieves is rare. But I am willing to give it to you. No tricks. No cheats. Just blade against blade. Unless you prefer to fight dirty."


So didn't that 8 counter his 5 attack?


I watch in anticipation as he goes to fight. this is his battle after all.


"No tricks. So it shall be."
Charge at him with my two daggers.

Roll #0 7 = 7


It did.
I lost count of our score though.
"Heh. Fool."
He hops off the cane, stepping off your head and landing behind you, kicking you down as he does it.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I take he didn't?


I think I might have been winning.

I grin at him.
"Don't worry, knowing that your meager legs couldn't even support the weight of an armor I, a mare wears is enough joy for me."

Wait for his attack again and counter it if at all possible.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I walk over and sit down next to her.
"I don't want to yell at you. But you shouldn't have left so suddenly like that."
I sigh
"It's just… like I said, I'm not sure how awkward doing it would be. I'm a very open-minded pony and always up to try something new but still…"


You did manage to avoid a very embarrassing fall.
Roll VS me to see if you managed to hit him too
"If you wish to feel what it feels like to walk on three legs, allow me to demonstrate"
He lunges in, shoving his sword into your knee
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Let's see if I beat that two.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"As I said… I messed up. Thought I'd have some fun. Took it too far…"
Well you can.
It seems he has a cut on his leg now.


Land cooly on the side.
"Is this matter settled?"


I guess that hit.
"Argh! If you cripple me I swear!"
I guess that lunge placed him too close to me to swing my weapon, so just give him a good old fashioned punch with the back of my hoof read : bitchslap

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Well… we can still have fun right? The night is young and Anvil is still where he was before. But if we do go down that path… It should remain a secret to all. Something we wont speak about once the night is over."


He quickly spins, trying to slash you
"Yes it would be a shame you could no longer taunt me for my lack of mobility wouldn't it?"
He attempts to bat the hoof away and headbutt you to the ground
"Look, Venia, I don't want to push you into anything you wouldn't do otherwise.
…but thank you for forgiving me."

Roll #1 7 = 7


Vanish from his reach.
"Honor among thieves. Now I see you are not even that."

Roll #0 2 = 2


Headbutt him back!
"I merely called you a bookworm!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


lets see that roll of his too
"Equality among thieves. Honour is for the dead."
He sheaths his sword
"Come back here and lets shake on it. You help out those who I have helped all my life, and I will see to it my followers kill those who need to die."

Roll #1 7 = 7


I bite my lower lip
"Maybe it's the alcohol but… I can't deny I'm also slightly… curious."


She raises an eyebrow


I get up and start pacing around
"Well I mean… Can you blame me for being curious? I'm not saying our love life is boring but… innovation is always interesting right?"


"If you commit yourself to this path, honor shall be for you too. I can't stress this enough.
There can be no good in the North we want to build, if we build it on shame and terror.
Only the orders of the King have higher priority."
Walk up to him and shake his hoof.
"I promise these ponies will be cared for."


"Well of course not. Besides. I guess that is something most secretly want to try at least once.
She brushes up to you
"Should we get him first, or start by ourselves?"
"Then I can promise the heads you ask for will roll.
I will hate to see this one go though. She was among my best.
PEACHES! Your knight in shining leather awaits!"
Peaches shakily walks up and bows.


I gulp
"I-I don't think it would be fair for Anvil if we kept him out of this… not after the state we left him in."


"Best if I don't comment any further.
We part ways here, Fourtones.
I hope by then you'll understand why it matters so much to me."
Put an hoof on Peaches' shoulder.
"Raise. You are of the Northblades now. To bow to anyone but your lord, our King."
Assuming Kilana is following us, make my way out.


"Well well…
Your room or mine then?"


Reel a bit back.

Come on Radiant! He's just a kid! A weak one at that!
Rear up if I can with my leg and try to punch him with both forehooves.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Our room might be safer… j-just in case Pumpkin walks in here and all."
I wipe my forehead
Oh sun, mother would have an aneurysm if she knew…


"Try something like that again and I'm leaving you with a stump!"
She slashes up with his sword, missing on purpose but leading it into a backflip kick to the chin.
"I'll be waiting there then~"
She vanishes.
A shadow offers you a towel

Roll #1 3 = 3



I take the towel and use it to clean the sweat
"O-oh gosh… I would have never believed this was happening myself 10 years ago…"
Go back to our place


Fourtones leans on his cane
"I'll be here then, waiting for my key to a royal mansion to sleep in."
Peaches swallows and comes along
You collect unyielding along the way.
He has wiped the paint off
"Well that went off in a weird tangent…"


Punch him in his guts!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"That wouldn't help many ponies now, would it?"
Laugh as I leave.
Once outside, turn to Peaches.
"He was beign pleasant back there, right?"


I glare at him, pretending to be angry
"… Be quiet you. You think I'm just going to let you get away that easily after what you confessed earlier?"
No sense in not letting him squirm a little while I have the chance


He punches you in your face
Lets see who landed the hit.
"Y-you do realize he had who knows how many backups to restrain you if he wanted to, right?
…and I think you got off on the wrong hoof. He can be a nice pony… fun even. If you let him."
"Dear please. I stand by everything I said, but I don't think it's a reason to be upset. You know I only have eyes for you."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Hmph, clearly I alone am not enough to please you properly. How would you feel if I told you I wanted another stallion to try out?"


"Yeah I know an hive when I see one. But both me an Kilana can handle ourselves."
Frown at her.
"But seriously, him, nice? That was the lowest form of self-imposition I've ever seen.
He had you do that just to show he was the boss around there.
That's low, and his reasons only make him worse."


He shrugs
"I'd respect your desire to experience new things and ask to meet him."
"Well… it's not really all that uncommon of him. But he really does have good days too. He even throws parties down here when he gets enough money, for all the poor he can gather.
You do realize he saw you purely as a threat, right? You represent the crown, something he hates. And you are an assassin. Something he fears."


Take some steps back, regain my cool.
"You may not be helpless, but you still punch like a filly. Sunrise would hit harder than that!"

Wait for his attack again.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I laugh, disregarding my fake anger completely
"Awww, that's really sweet~."
I gently tease him down there with my magic
"But don't worry, there's more than enough meat down there for a mare… or two~"


"The crown has changed. And if he fears assassins, he won't last long. Now, about assassins.
Do you need a bath?"


"Talk all you want.
All. You. Want."
He hefts up his sword and leaps in for an attack
He lets out a little pleased grunt as your mind moves his man meat around.
"What are you trying to imply?"
"I wouldn't mind one. Indeed I haven't had a good one in ages.
…and he has a reason to be afraid. Or so he thinks. He believes the crown hates him just as much as he hates it. That he is seen as a threat. As an enemy to be eliminated.
…so about the bath. Are you coming?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"To the castle? Sure. I need to find an accomodation for you, after all."


"Thanks. I guess you aren't a complete bag of shit after all.
You know, it'll be nice to remember what my real colour is."


"Well… let's just say I reconsidered what we talked about earlier~"


"…do you mean-?"


"Do you take bets? I'll go with orange."
Walk with her back to the castle, find Viceroy Unyielding.


I shrug
"Yes. For you. And maybe a little for myself as well~"


Damnit Radiant!
Cleave his sword out of his grasp!

Roll #1 4 = 4


He is being lead by the dick for some husband and wife time.
As a fellow owner of a penis you should know to let him be.
"Orange huh? Well I was expecting grey. Guess we'll soon see. Where is the bath?"
"Oh my oh my oh my…"'
And then you get to the room.
…huh. Who knew Valeriana could actually look pretty nice when she tried.
He brings it down on you in an effort to disarm you. If by no other means, then by smashing your hammer in half.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I thought that was in the future.
"Right. Since the viceroy seems to be unavaiable for now, I'll take you to my room. Is it okay with you?"
Make my way there.


"…you have a private bath? Seriously?"


It's just a hammer from the armory.
Strike back even if it costs the hammer!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Uh… hi!"


"Wedding gift."


It sure as hell does.
That sword is more than meets the eye.
And it is stopped inches from your face.
"So glad you could make it. C'mere."
She yanks you closer with telekinesis while sliding Unyielding a stool to sit on
"You just sit down there like a good boy and enjoy the show"
"Niiiice. He must he a lucky guy."


"Toc Toc."


"I'm just messing with you Pumpkin. Anyway, wanna show me the way?"


Knock the sword away with a hoof and headbutt him! Hard!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Is it hot in here all of the sudden? Or is it just me?
"Y-you know it's funny how you look at ponies differently when you get this close to them."


"Damn, no occasion to try out my counterjoke, you are just too good, uh?"
Make way to the room. Thanks the Moon Bearing is in another completely different suit right now, right?


He drops the sword but tries to kick you in the neck
"Just get over here."
Unyielding tries to rise but she pushes him back down with her magic
"And no touching yourself either. I want all that energy stored for when you truly get to use it~"
Yeah. Lucky huh? You get to bathe her in peace.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'm not bathing her.
She's a grown ass mare. I'll stay out of the door and wait for her to be done.


Evade him and knee him in the stomach.
"I'd like to see you try!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


What if she asks nicely?
"You're not coming?"
"Trust me… you. Would. Not."
He tries to kick you in the wounded knee

Roll #1 2 = 2


I skittishly walk over to her
"So… what do we do? I've never really… thought about stuff like this."


"I took a bath already."


"Oh don't lie to me."
She gets right in your personal space
"You know what you want to do to me."


Block it and return the kick isntead in an attempt to down him.
"You stay down there! I don't want to beat with my bare hooves Frostmourne but I will if YOU don't yield!"


Here, have a roll too.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Pumpkin even I saw you take a dive into that mudpool not ten minutes back. Why are you making excuses?"
"The day I yield is the day I might as well lay down and die. I will not let my life and EVERYTHING I HAVE WORKED FOR BE LOST TO SOME EMPTY ZEALOT'S EGO!"
He kicks himself back, grabs the sword and rushes in with a wide swing, eyes glowing with rage

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Uh… this maybe?"
I kiss her on the mouth sweetly, then pull back.


"I can take a bath later. I'm not diving in with another mare. I'm married, remember?"


Sun give me strenght!
Activate Fervor and try to stop the sword with my bare armored hooves.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You know that only works with ninjas right?
He does settle for slashing your mane and kicking you back
"I still have enough breath in me for one final blow. Yield now and you can walk away without having to taste it."
"Pumpkin are you implying something about me? Look at least stop leaking mud on your nice carpet. It makes me sad to see nice things get ruined."
"Hm. I think you've wanted to do that for a good while. Was it nice?"
She kisses you back softly
Unyielding is staring, mouth agape


"I'm really not. It'd be unrespectful towards Be-"
"Okay maybe you are right."
Step in.


I snarl.
"You did a terrible mistake by doing that! I cropped my tail myself but I liked my mane long and flowy!"
Throw the hilt of the broken hammer at him and slam into him as he parries it!

Roll #1 10 = 10


I nod softly as she kisses me, not daring to speak and instead letting out a slight, encouraging whimper.


"Goodie. Now if you really think your waifu is going to be so deeply upset that you were in the same room as another living being, I guess you can stare at a wall like a dumbass while I get out of these rags."
A clever plan.
Now lets just see if you ended up slamming him or right into his sword.
You can feel her doing some… almost worryingly experienced poking and exploring with her magic down at your party parts.
You can also feel she is grinning again.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Nah. Him.
The Northern Regalia lands tip first in the ground.
The king slams down near it, gasping for breath and coughing sharply.


"Not like we usually wear clothes anyway."
Help her out of that stuff.
Wait. Did she say 'waifu'?
"What's wrong with your accent anyway?"

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


My eyes widen in surprise momentarily at the pleasant feeling. Recovering quickly, I try to employ the same tactic on her. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Bite on the hilt of the sword, pull it out of the ground only to throw it away, then walk closer to Frostmourne, and press a hoof down on him.



"I like to change it at times. It makes me feel fresh. Not like I have a change of clothes available.
Now then, would you mind terribly getting me some warm water and… soap?"
She softly grinds against you and slowly pushes you down on the bed, leaving herself most visible to Unyielding
"Keep going~"
"I warned you-"
He coughs some blood
"-not to touch my sword again. Get off me."


"There is the tap."
Take the soap and start scrubbing her back.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"Too bad. Now yield. Our figth will not end until you do."

Keep my hoof firmly on him.


I nod quickly and do as told


Roll #1 2 = 2


A five means nothing on the 'how well i've scrubbed' line.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


I should also not that maybe I should get out the +2 bonus again


She seems to actually be a rather washed out orange colour under all the grime.
She also shudders
"…I forgot how nice warm water feels…"
"Get off me. This is over. I will have no more of this insolent disrespect and I want this damned cut inside my mouth patched up. Now step off and get my sword back."
She sighs
"Here. Let me try."
In a nimble move she almost bends you over backwards, giving Unyielding both an unparalleled view, and a reason to rival the ripest of tomatoes in colour.
Valeriana then chuckles and gives you a teasing lick on the inner thigh.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"You asked for a fight. I fought you, even after my weapon was gone and you had a clear advantage, and you have been beaten. Now yield with honor worthy of a King."


No, just shut up. Clean everywhere she can't reach on her own.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


I tense up slightly at her nimble touch
"O-okay… that… that sure is a thing…"


Rolling to resist doing anything… underhanded.
She lies down on the floor
"Pumpkin… could you just pour a little over me? It feels so nice… I just… want to enjoy this warms a little. It is different from a warm fire… I like it more…"
"mhmm. It is indeed. So is this."
She light your deep, right on the money
"Too bad this kind of thing is frowned upon by the law."
Unyielding is really having trouble containing himself

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You know, you could always just take a bath."
Start moving the shower head over her back and forth, soaking her from mane to tail.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


"I-it's a bit s-aaah~ silly isn't i-it?"

Not wanting to be outdone, I start teasing her as best I can with my telekinesis '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You can see his face contort into anger
"I did ask you nicely."
A sharp slashing pain later, you find yourself on the ground as the king gets up
"Never disobey me like that again."
Looking up, you can see he is holding his sword with telekinesis, a few blood drops still falling from it.
The king then walks off, with a little limp.
"Yeah… guess I could… I'd like that~"
She gets up and stretches a little.
Though not as naturally pretty as Bearing, she does have a distinct rough charm to her. A body trained by life.
She can't even maintain her focus and after diving deep into you for a moment she collapses into a quivering heap, grinding against you
"There is no way you haven't at least thought of doing this before you bastard… oh by my lord I need something in me… UNYIELDING GET OVER HERE!"
The viceroy sits back
"Nah. I can wait. She's all yours dear."


How bad is it?
Try to stand up.

Snarl at him as he goes.
"I hope you are not planning on calling yourself an honorable or fair King anytime soon!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Horsebrain stop it.
Horsebrain, you got married a few damn days ago.
Stop it.
Roll to stop it.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


"I will come back in a few hours. Get over with your bath and don't destroy the suit. I should live here."

Go find Bearing.


I shakily roll over back on my belly, crawling closer to her and spreading out her hindlegs slightly.
"I suppose we'll have to come by on our own for now…"
I dive in nosedeep and get to work

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


That sword has more to it than a sharp edge.
Though it did return some memories to you. You remember how you got that withered patch of flesh on your flank.
You might need some serious help.
And the king could not give a flying fuck what you yell at him.
She is outside, enjoying the cool air, making little flapping motions with her hooves and pretending they are wings.
You can feel her legs lock up as her hips start moving on their own.
After a few minutes, Unyielding simply can't take the heat and climbs into bed with you.
Even at a side glance you can tell he has never been quite this excited in his life.


Stealth up to h- Am I clean?
Please. Tell me I cleaned myself up back there.



Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


Just a little wet.


It's on my chest
What… the… that Necromancer, under a city! She almost killed Dawn but then…ugh…
How much do I remember exactly?

Also, try to stand up again.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You remember the gist of the events.
Just not who sent you there.
Or what city it was.
You do manage to stand up though.


I look at him momentarily with a sultry smile on my lips
"Well well, look who's decided to enter the fray~"
Then dive back in, this time with even more fervor

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


It was a he… an abomination… and… oh dear Sun I lead us into a trap there…

Walk home.
Don't even care if I bleed all the way.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Sneak up to her and tickle her belly!
'1d10' to sneak.
'1d10+2' to tickle

Roll #1 9 = 9