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15.000+ posts and no end in sight.

Kilana met her suitor(s)?
Shadow and Pumpkin had a touching moment.
Nylis, Lila and Embers are about to get the aftermath of the prince's recovery.
Venia got drunk right off the morning.

And deep down, the Prince just wants to be King already.


Something something praise the Sun


so uhh… yea

Roll #0 6 = 6


Take my time with Shadow but ultimately remind her I have a bride that has yet to wake up, and I'd rather for her not to see my with a pair of burnt wings and half my tail cut off.
Make my way to doc Doc, together with her if she wants to follow me.
Don't forget to pet the one shadow that found it adorable.


What's going on that I should attend to or need to know?


>Venia got drunk right off the morning
I regret nothing!



You are probably done with outdoor dicking by now.
If you have business with someone, you can find them.
You might want to check on the prince…
The shadow seems to appreciate the gesture.
The others not as much.
Doc is in his office.
"Well well, young master Pumpkin. Had a little accident again did we?"
The prince has grand plans. You should probably talk to him about the future.
He smiles and hugs you
"You are a good pony, Venia. But if you want to better yourself, please don't get so drunk this early in the morning. It isn't healthy…"


I'll go find him now then in 20 mins brb


I don't know if I want to find anyone.

I guess I'm here if anyone wants to find me.


head over there and knock on the door if it sounds like they're finished

Roll #0 1 = 1


"The flames of passion burn higher than most. Oh, and could you take a look at my tail too?"
Show him the tail and bundle of hairs I carried along all this time.


"No, no that's not the problem! I need to… I need to stop change myshelf… DO something wid my life instead of juss sitting on my flank!"


They sure aren't.
And they are noisy about it.
"Not much I can do about a cut tail. I suggest a barber. Now burns, those I can work with. Come on in and spread the wings. I'll get some burn ointment and bandages."
"Oh? Venia are you sure this is not just the drink talking?"


ok, well uh. I'll come back later then
is Embers there?

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Allright. No freaky magic that regrows tails, I see."
Move over and do as he says.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"No, no… dis ish Venia on the line!"

I tap my hoof against the side of my head

"I got it aaaaall figured out Anvil… All of it!"


Maybe I could meet with NPCs I never met before
hint hint


He is sitting outside the door sheepishly.
Unfolding a burnt wing is rather painful…
"I'm a doctor, not a beauty king. Now hold still, this stuff can sting a little…
…there. All better. They should be good as new in a day or two."
"…yeah lets get you to bed dear. We can talk seriously when your head clears up."
Please select desired NPC


lets talk to him then
"So uh, thanks for helping me out there. I- uh..

well I kinda didn't tell you until I needed your help. So sorry about that. hahaa.."


"Muh head? Juss… Juss gimme a moment, I know what to do! Eurgh… dis is gonna be fun…"

Go find a bathroom or something and see if I can use that trick I saw Shadow pull off all those years ago. Try it several times!

Roll #0 9, 1, 3, 7, 5 = 25


"I-I just hope we did not offend the prince…
…b-but you performed well w-with that spell at least!"


I never really talked with Shadow Song
Not that I would ever go near her tower


"Uh, naah I don't think so. From the sound of things I think we did pretty good. and it's not much, learning is one of my specialties!

uhh, well we should really give them their space until they finish at least"


Pain, right, because that's not the thing I've been training to suppress since I was thirteen.
"Always good to see you, Doc."
Now, off to buying breakfast, then take it back in the room to Bearing.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


Is it safe to look inside now?


wait what?
pull her away from the door
"They're uhh… still kinda busy!"


You have cleared your head at the cost of your breakfast.
You feel hungry now.
After washing your mouth you return, sober as ever.
"Huh? What the? How…?"
Well you are in luck.
In light of recent events, the once stoic assassin is taking a skittish stroll outside to see what it feels like to be out there on her own.
Before Embers can reply the prince opens his door.
A deep burning in his eyes and a crooked smile on his face, he breathes heavily as he looks at both of you.
"You. Both of you. We need to talk"
The chef knows you just had a big day, so he gives you a big hearty breakfast as a late wedding gift.
…wow. This plate has just about everything!
Bearing will love it!
As the prince opens the door you peek inside.
Sunrise seems to be on the bed, her tongue hanging out. She is either asleep or just exhausted to the point of almost not moving any more.


Do I recognise her from descriptions Pumpkin probably gave of her?


*insert heavy breathing here*

"Oh sorry, sorry for my intrusion, I thought Embers is still inside."


What am I waiting for, let's get to her!
Carefully enter and try to move stealthily beside the bed.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


look at Embers, and nod a little
wait to head inside, before turning to Lila
"Uh, sorry. I don't want to be rude but could you wait out here? Unless the prince says otherwise, i guess"
"nah, we were kinda waiting outside"


I smile and give him a peck on the cheek

"I have wise friends who know many tricks to help out a pony in need."


"Sorry for my intrusion, I am waiting for Embers to perform his duties but I am impatient so I saw stuff and…. oh dear, I'll be quiet for now."

"Uhmm.. who are you btw?"


Now I'll go see the Prince.


"I'm Nylis, I study stuff and try to stay friends with the prince.."
shuffle a little


The colours match. But she is wearing a more civilian attire than you imagined.
Though that neck scar is a dead giveaway.
You can see she is pretending to be asleep…
"It's ok. All three of you can come.
…actually, lets go to my office. Sunrise needs some rest."
He leads the way.
"Oookay? So what is this about becoming a better pony?"
He is taking Nylis and a couple of others to his office.
"Hello Verne. Looking for something?"


"Good day. I had wanted to discuss your future plans more with you, but if you are busy, I can step aside."

Go off to a side and wait.


follow him!


Well, a good friendly pony is friendly to everypony.
Wave at her.


"Greetings Nylis, my name is Lila bluemoon. Its nice to meet you." I give him a warm smile.

"So you're friends with the prince?"

"Oh." I follow the prince.


Gently lie the tray on the tablethere is one I hope and move in closer, caring not to make a noise… Stealth-y, even!
Then, once beside her, start slowly nibbling her ear.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


"Yea, kinda. sorta. i'm not really sure at times.. You?"


"Hmm? And who are you, miss?"


My smile immediately disappears and I fall back on my haunches.

"Right… that. I… I've been thinking lately… I don't know but its just that I feel so… worthless. I mean what have I done the last two years? Nothing!"



"Me? I am not that close to our highness. I met and talked to him a few times thanks to my friend Kilana but thats it. Actually this is again the few times I…. saw him."
I scoot closer and whisper to Nylis ear.
I'm sorry, I stalked my way up here because I am worried of Ember. Sorry.


What a wonderful morning, but why are there two suitors? What were my parents thinking. I'm going to write them a letter about this..


"That's fine. Come along. This is all related to our future regardless."
She looks at you and after a moment waves back, slightly confused.
"Have we met?"
He leads you, Ember, and Verne to an empty office
"Please, take a seat.
Nylis. Your efforts in repaying for your past deeds has been a success. I hereby relieve you of all debts to me, and thank you for your efforts.
Embers. You have been studying healing magic for a while now, correct?"
"C-correct my prince"
"Good. I would hate to see effort go to waste. I hereby appoint you as head of research for a newly formed group for the purpose of studying the healing arts. You may pick your assistants as you please."
Embers stutters something and faints.
Lila, was it? Are you a student of the healing arts as well, or?"
She smiles, but still won't admit she is awake.
"You've done a lot for me. And for Frosty. And I think you've touched other lives too. Shadow Song's. Radiant's. Pumpkin's even.
What more could you want?"


"Healing? Very good thinking. As it stands right now, the most efficient means of healing relies on divine power. If we are to war with Equestria.. we must find some means to wean ourselves off providence."

Turn to Lila.

"I look forward to working with you where possible, miss."


"Oh well! Guess I'll have to finish this huge tray of sweeties all on my own! What a sad fate has befallen me!"
Be theatrical about it. Ham it good.

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


"Not yet, but I have heard of you from Pumpkin! My name is Radiant Dawn, Paladin of the Sun!"


"Uh, it's not really a problem. Not much more of one than I made at least"
nervously chuckle a little
"T-thank you Prince!"


I throw my hooves in the air

"Something to do! Shadow was right, I am boring! I'm 36 already!"


"Now, what did I tell you? All that is needed is to sharpen your ability. Speaking of which…"

Hand her the Miscast nullifier I obtained from Rockeye.

"You will find use for this, I'm sure. This can occasionally shield you from a miscast."


"I still think you should've picked somepony else.."
take it
"But uh.. thanks. How does it.. work?"


Is he talking to me?
Oh dear…
I cover my mouth with my hooves, afraid that my(imaginary or not) blush would be seen.
"Actually, I am both an entertainer and an arcane practioner your highness. I know little beyond the string instruments, cheap illusion and simple teleportion. Thats why my parents send me here to learn more of my trade."

I breath a sigh of relief and smile.
"Well that a relief. Next thing I know I will be thrown inside a dungeon or something."


She twitches a little, whines, then jumps up
"Oh? You're Radiant? Hm. Well, I guess the face is hard to mistake. V-Valeriana. Pumpkin's mother. Good to meet you."
"And I'm 35. What of it? We are about to become king and queen.
Oh… do you… yearn for your days as an adventurer?"
"Think nothing of it. If you wish to pursue further studies into this regeneration spell, I would be very glad for it.
Ask Embers about it if you wish to assist him."
Embers is starting to wake up


Rolling for letter quality. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Boop if needed


Ignore her comment.
She has scars too!

"Valeriana? I thought your name was Shadow Song."


I slump back a bit more



Tackle her on bed and kiss her, throwing the sheets in the air.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"Well Embers? Could I learn more about this regeneration from you? It would certainly help both of us to know it, at least."

but really wait for whatever else from the prince


"They can store and safely dissipate a miscast spell over time, but are prone to failure of overloaded. Safe discharge takes approximately one day, according to the Rockeye mages." I don't think DM ever told me what exactly it is

"You doubt yourself too much. The results you have produced speak for themselves. don't they?"

Roll to Entertain/Inspire

Roll #0 10 = 10


I simply thought you might have been a study partner to Embers.
Nylis knows a lot about magic. Perhaps you could both learn form one another."
She looks away
"No… my name is Valeriana. Valeriana Swansong."
He puts his papers down and comes sit by you, putting his wing around you
"So… what would you want to do?"
What a charmer you are.
That got her all excited.
Embers gets up
"I-I-I'd never say no! T-THANK YOU M-MY PRINCE!"
He bows rapidly
"N-Nylis! Lila! You'll both help me out right? Right?"
The prince smiles
"I like your enthusiasm. That will be all for you for now I think. Unless you had more to ask from me?"
"And you, Verne.
We need to talk about our future."


Okay, slow down and give her a smile.
"Slept well?"


"When you are ready, Frostmourn."


"Sorry… I must have remembered wrong… still, it's nice to finally meet you! Pumpkin has spoken very highly of you."


"I'm not sure yet. Because as much as I miss trekking around… I know I'd miss you much more if you'd have to stay home for your duties…"


to Embers
"Of course, but I also have other things I need to study on my own."
to the prince
"I uh, well I guess not."
bow and take my leave


Okay, so I wrote a letter explaining this multiple suitor situation to my parents and asking for an explanation. I go to the pony post office to mail it away.


"Like a log~ How about you?"
"Right now.
I will arrange for my coronation soon."
"He also seems to be very impressed by your skills in battle. And that is no small feat."
"You know this is the path I always wanted, my love. I cannot abandon Wintersgrasp. Not any more. Not now that I will at last have the throne.
…but I'm not stopping you from going…"
You get the letter into the mail.


My eyes widen and I quickly hug him

"NO! Never! I'd never leave you, no matter how much I long for adventuring again!"


Okay calm down and bow to his grace.
And smile.
"Oh that would be most beneficial indeed, thank you your highness."
I then scoot next to Ember's side.
"Whew… thats exhausting. So what are your plans for today… and where's Nylis?" I look around.


"What about just taking… little trips together?
If I'm not gone for months on end… maybe an assistant could fill in for me?"
All three of you left the office.
"I can't believe it. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! A position given by the prince himself! HA! Oh Lila I'm so happy I could just kiss you right here!"


"Excellent. But of course, that means removing King Goldenblood… unless you have already planned, or executed his retirement? Either way, we will need to discuss your actions afterwards."


I could really use my friend pumpkin right now.. I'll look for him around the usual spots.

Roll #0 8 = 8


wandering about the place, taking the brilliance of the construction in! I might be outside in the grounds right now!


"Thank you… though I have to say, sometimes even I find it hard to counter his… not so noble methods."


"Excited like the first day I met you."
Give her a kiss.
"Now, wanna eat?"
Get the breakfast over with and do cute pony things.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


"I fear the king… has succumbed to his madness. Today, he burned himself to death rampaging around the basement. I recovered Foerist, but am yet to send anyone to clean up."
After decently cute pony things, here's a zigga.
"That is what they were designed for. Did you have a good time last night?"


I smiled and give Embers a big hug.
"Oh Ember, this is a monumental day indeed. I'm so happy for you."
With that I give him a kiss.


I smile softly as I keep hugging him tight

"That would be very nice… I'd… I'd like that very much. At least that way we can see something more of the Northlands… together."


"Gueeeeess what?"
Say to her with a long and dreamy voice.


"Hm? Oh yes, the wedding and the reception was very beautiful! Afterwards me and Celaire even went for a walk and to get some snacks since he was too busy on guard duty during the ceremony!"


Rolling to see if I can read through his lie

Roll #0 5 = 5


"What bro? You have a good nigt with your wife?" I wink slightly at him. rolling to examine him.

Roll #0 8 = 8


head to the training grounds and look for a sword to train with
"That must've been a bad session or something, I can totally use one of these!"

Roll #0 7 = 7


He is deeply surprised by this.
"L-Lila? I…"
But then he shuts up and enjoys it.
"Yeah… but first I need to make sure I have a good enough stand-in."
"Yeah. A walk. Anyway, was there something particular you wished to chat about?"
You should damn well know he is just dressing up the truth to keep a good face like you taught him.
Well it seems easier to swing than the last one. Try hitting something.


Look for Kilana, is she alone?


try on one of the training things!

Roll #0 5 = 5


She seems to be with Pumpkin.


"Not that! I mean, all nights are good with her, that's not even a question zigga!
Look at this! Sha- Valeriana made it for me! A cupcake! I passed!"


"So you did arrange for this 'Unfortunate Accident', then. I would have preferred a cleaner solution myself, but as long as it works. Does anyone else know the truth?"


"Well Leviso, should I?"

Roll #0 9 = 9


Do I get it?

"Uh, not really… I just thougth I'd wave since I have recognised you."

Roll #1 5 = 5


head over and approach Kilana and her pegasus friend!
"Greetings, Lady Kilana! I trust you had a good meeting with Naik from before?"

Roll #0 8 = 8


You kinda drag the sword along it.
This would not do much in real combat…
"The truth is the king is dead by his own hoof. And that I am next in line.
Verne. I must arrange my coronation. And the coronation of Unyielding Anvil."


try stabbingit then!

Roll #0 9 = 9


I release then smile.
"Congratulations. I will do everything to help you."
I then put a hoof on my snout.
"Hmmm… now that we are on the subject of helping, how may I help you?"


"I'm sure you'll find somepony! You're such a good manager after all~"


I squint my eyes a bit at it. "Uh, who's dat? What did you pass.. unless.. Oh- she told you her real name?"
"—Oh hello Leviso! I was just about to talk to my friend here about our situation. Naik was ..fine I guess.."

Roll #0 10 = 10


"uh.. uwell…. if you want my help that is." I look sideways while still hugging Ember.


"So you're acting as if your lie is the truth? A good practice, but I would appreciate it if you would consult me first next time, if you need anything of the sort."

"On to the coronations. How do you intend to do it? The official story will be that after the tragic death of King Goldenblood, his Son shall take over, with Unyielding Anvil, former Crown Prince, as his Viceroy? You will be dearly welcomed, the public has been waiting for this ever since his madness took hold. What else do you intend to do?"



Derp, I was supposed to show you the candle she had put on the cupcake.
"Not that zigga, the training! It's over!"
Look at the newcomers.
"But maybe we should speak some other time…"


"Fine? Well that's not what I was expecting.. I'll intrude your time later when you're not as busy then?"
take a bow and leave


You are not a clever gaping abyss.
"Oh. Well that is very… kind of you?
Tell me, you are one of those… Sunlight Warriors, yes?"
Well that works a lot better. A strong stab in the neck would be devastating in battle!
"Of course I do Lila. You have been my greatest aid for a long time now. And I hope you keep close to me for a long time longer."
"Well, good help is hard to find. Doubly so with Lordblades skulking around.
As it stands, I'm the best Wintersgrasp has."
"It is no lie. I have reports here that prove it. It was the king's own madness that brought along his end. Not a blade, mine or otherwise.

As for the coronation, I intend to take thee crown and sword, but leave the throne for Unyielding. He is a favourite of the citizens by now, and a capable local leader.
As they celebrate him, I will march on Ironfoe."


"Hah! I knew it!"
grab another sword and DUAL WIELD THEM!

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Wait, I haven't gotten to.." I let him go.
"Yeah, lets go somewhere we won't be interrupted.. maybe the old tower?"


Huh…hmm, nevermind!

I nod.
"Why yes! In fact, Celaire and I were the founders of it!"


Turn to Kilana.
"What was his problem?"


"Right after you. Plenty of things to tell ya!"
Follow her as she moves.


I massage his back a little with my magic

"Yes you are. And you'll be the best of Kings too, I'm sure. And I'll be right besides you as your Queen, supporting you every step of the road~"


"'Not a blade'? Very specific, but I digress."

"On to Ironfoe. The last I heard, Deep Rock has lost favour for a long while due to his apathy. As his heir, you will likely be welcomed as well, though we can improve the degree of success with some work. What do you intend to do to claim Ironfoe?"


I sigh. "This is what I was coming to talk to you about bro, my parents set me up with an arranged marriage.. and he is one of the suitors.." I take a seat inside the familiar tower and hold my hooves to my head. "Its not dat big a deal that they did this but.."


"Lovely. Yes indeed.
I am the founder of a rather… different organization myself."
No wait no
Damnit this is hard!
After slashing a small bit of your mane off you decide to stop the crazy flailing.
"With luck a good assistant can be found in one of the other kingdoms. With that, I would be free to join you for at least one adventure~"
"I will bring mother with me. Present her to Deep Rock. And offer him peace, so long as he swears loyalty to me.
If all goes well, he will become the viceroy of Ironfoe."


try that regeneration spell on the cut part

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Oh… that sneaky one Pumpkin always talked about, right?"


find a knowledgeable looking pony

Roll #0 7 = 7


"I… hmm. I honestly do not know if this will succeed or not, but we will prepare for the worst. What if he refuses? Strike him down right there and then? That may not be such a far-fetched idea, Ironfoe longs for a new leader, and you will give them one."


"Yo, if arranged marriage means you have to live with somep-zebra you don't even know, what's the point in the whole marriage thing?"
Keep walking
"How are they?"


"Alright, I will help you with your studies from now on. Its been awhile since we study together." I smiled.
"So where do we start?"


"The one just met was Leviso, he seems pretty nice, but I haven't gotten to know him very well because of this.. the other one is call Naik, I spent some time with him yesterday, he's very enthusastic and wants to be arch mage, can you believe that? Me married to an arch mage?" I sigh a bit remember that horrible kiss. "It seems like I will be his first everything, he kisses like a mule.. but the real issue is they both think they are the one my parents sent.."


It grows back neatly. Well, not entirely neatly, as the growth is natural. So it's the correct length now, but that part could use a little styling.
"I believe you could put it like that, yes."
You remember hearing about a cleric who lives in the chapel
"If he refuses, I will give him one chance to run before I have him cut down.
Though I do not wish to do it, as I need a capable viceroy to handle the internal politics of Ironfoe."
"I believe I forgot to ask for a space to set up our research…
Perhaps we should ask the prince? Or… the viceroy?"


"Oooooh, I can't wait~"

My ears perk up as I think of something

"Kids… what would we do with the kids in that case?"


"I used to condemn such ways… but my sister was one to hide in the shadows all the time."


"Well you were had on the road were you not?
And you turned out just lovely~"


"Of course, that's only if we succeed in our best case scenario. I'm afraid any hoof twisting I might do is limited if he will go against you the moment we turn our backs. The best we can do is have his people put pressure on him to submit to your will. As for how we can arrange for that… how do you intend to enter Ironfoe?"


"That's kinda strange.
Stranger than normal, zigga. You got a plan?"


time to find a pair of scissors!

….or a hair dresser.

yea definitely a hair dresser!

Roll #0 8 = 8


then head there first!

knock before entering, of course

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Let me help you with that, I am sure the prince would spare you a room around the school premises."
With Ember, either find the prince or this viceroy.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"That's true, yeah…"

I plant a kiss on his nape

"Speaking of kids by the way~"


"I was hoping you would help me out with that, my plan was to get to know both of them and then sit them each down and find out the truth, but what if my parents really wanted me to just chose one? I wrote them a letter this morning about the situation and hopefully they get back to me before this gets too out of hand.."


"Well well. That's quite a coincidence is it not?
…don't tell me I remind you of her or something?"
"I will march in. Crown on my head, Foerist at my side.
Mother at my front.
My blades at my back.
I will arrive as the long lost heir."
There is one in town. Handlebar Mustache's Barbershop.
"Do come in. The chapel is always open for the faithful."
Both seem busy at the moment.
You can pick to wait by the door of one.


"Maybe it's a test. Or one of them is a spy. What if the Equestrians still had eyes on Wintergrasp, and suddenly a golden occasion like this opened up?
Somezebra very close to the Prince is beign prepared for an arranged marriage with a stallion she knows nothing about…
Perfect time to slip in another Lordblade!"


I look at him with bedroom eyes and a sultry smile on my lips

"I don't see why not~"


whoo boy. ok now! walk in
"Uh, c-can I get the longer part of my mane"
show him the lengthened part
"trimmed to look normal for me?"


"You might be onto something there.. but what kind of test? I guess we could ask Shadow to send her minions to spy on them, but if they aren't spies then isn't it a little weird to stalk them?"


I chuckle.
"No, no… she was a pegasus… prettiest mare around too… I guess she got what was spared out of me!"


He looks around the room, then calmly shuts the door and pushes a chair on front of it
"um.. should I light the fireplace?"
"Trimmed? Ha! Sure thing. Sit on down missy."
he gets some scissors
"Want a little restyling while I'm at it? Some highlights?"


"Excellent. As you march through the streets, you may choose to either give a speech to the citizens and draw their interest, or remain silent to leave a larger impression, though it may be of fear. We do not wish to engage in war with Ironfoe, so you may elect to remain silent until you reach a certain point, then speak a speech so that it wins you their hearts right there. Then, you continue onto King Deep Rock's throne, now with his own citizens in tow. What do you think?"


"Greetings, I am Leviso. And among other things, I wish to know about these lands and this school, if you would be so kind as to enlighten me on the subject. Thank you for your time."
sit and learn
you don't have to type it all out if you dont' want, I can say he knows after this


"Eh, uhh no thanks?"


Wait outside, I then look at Ember.
"I.. really dont know the specifics that we or you want for the room that we shall request. Perhaps something spacious? Also Laboratory equipments."
"What do you think?"


"Like her minions aren't always stalking us.
But I thought we could investigate this one. First of all, you wanna know them better or just send them both back home?"
Stop for a second
"Oh yeah one thing… Don't call her Shadow anymore, she's using her old name again. Valeriana Swansong."


I turn around and raise my tail, biting my lower lip

"Why don't you light my fireplace instead?"


"She wants all of us to call her that? I could get used to it I guess.. 'Valeriana Swansong', well I would like to know which one is actually my fiance before we send them back, and if they are really both legit then I need ta pick myself one.. "


"But what if the legit one is not the one you like?"


I look a little sad. "Well, then.. I would have to send him away.. I have to go with the one that was intended for me, and I can't marry a spy.. right?"


"Now stop a minute… What would ntended even mean? Not like you must marry him!"


"A wise plan. I may do just that…"
Double questing is making me sandrake anyway
"Okay… I just thought you'd look just super with some blue streaks."
He starts clipping the long part
"We'll also need books for research and reference. Spell tools. Medical supplies. Anatomy dummies…"
He grins and gives you a quick lick
"Hmm.. should I add some kindling first~"

Roll #1 8 = 8



"Thank you, sir Destiny. had I anything to offer in return for this knowledge, I would gladly give it."
head off to the cafeteria to do some eating!


"She must be quite a sight then.
So tell me, what was it you did… back where you are from?"
The menu is quite extensive.
And all of it looks yummy.


"Bro, its not like I got some lover I am pining for, we can't all be lucky enough to find da perfect fit on our own, and its not like this isn't a common thing.. They need to keep our family line strong after all.. Besides I can't jus' be ignorin' my folks when they went ta all dis trouble.."


"If you need further assistance, or would like me to accompany you, just say so. If we are done for now… have you given any thought to the proposal I made the other time? I we are going to war against divinity, it… would be best if we had another divinity supporting us as well."


wait for him to finish then pay
"Thank you."


"Y-yes, that's a… g-great idea!"
Crap, try not to be too loud, we're not in our bedroom after all. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I was a Paladin back there!… well, it was certainly more eventful… I fought heretics, purged cults, battled dragons…but… I don't remember about anything the land or who I served at all, as strange as that sounds."


"Hmm, what a glorious place to have such a wide variety as this!"
pick a few things and eat them happily at a table

look around for interesting ponies to talk to

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Might be, I know little about families sis. But I know lots about love, it should ring different, ya know?"


"I feel ya' there.. but who says I can't love one of these stallions? We just need to investigate them, Leviso knows that they are both here for me, so maybe he's a good place to start investigating?"


"I have though of it…
…but the thought troubles me. This 'master' is very unknown to me."
"Any day dear… any day… come again!"
Lets hope nopony is right outside the door waiting for an audience.
Because you can't really help yourself.
"mhmm… lets see what I can do~"
He decides to try the wings for old times sake
You could always look for the royals who rule here.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5



yea sure then, look for a royal

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Hm. How very curious.
I used to be a sentry myself."
You see there is a small line to meet the viceroy.


"I understand, your fear is reasonable. We will be slow in our steps, try to comprehend it that best we can before we ask anything of it. At worst, we will keep it in mind as a last resort."


"Right. I'll start looking around. See you here by nightfall!"
Start prowling out
"Oh, before I forget… I dropped the old name. I'm really her son now!"
And with this, Vanish away!
See ya in a few hours.


I swallow

"H-honey, why don't you just skip to the main event~?"

I softly tug at his party parts with my magic


look for a place that sells armory, specifically shields

Roll #0 8 = 8


"How unfortunate, that won't do at all. Besides He does look rather busy.."
look for another then?

Roll #0 7 = 7


Pulls out my pen and notepad and began list it.
"Laboratory equipments, books for research and reference. Spell tools. Medical supplies. Anatomy dummies… "

All the while waiting for either the prince or viceroy's presence in the corner.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"A sentry?"


"Well in that case.. I'll go investigate a little on my own." I go look for one of my suitors.


Pull out my pen and notepad and began to make a list.
"Laboratory equipments, books for research and reference. Spell tools. Medical supplies. Anatomy dummies… "

All the while waiting for either the prince or the viceroy's presence in a corner.

Roll #0 3 = 3


OOC:disregard this.


He holds back teasingly
"I think you'll need to tug harder to get me all the way over there~"
You run into Sergeant Shieldbash as he is headed to the smith.
"Hey! I think I remember you! From the academy right?"
The prince's door is closed but he is clearly in there.
Maybe you can wait.
"I used to watch the borders of my homeland and hunt intruders."


Rolling to look for him. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Yes sir. I'm looking for a shield to use. something round and manageable as a weapon too

…an- and maybe a sword or something"

Roll #0 3 = 3


nevermind that, any other royalty?

Roll #0 6 = 6


"And then how did you end up as an assasin?"


"H-hey now! Don't leave me hanging like t-this!"

I back up a little, pressing my rear against him


There is a queen, supposedly.
But hey look, Kilana! >>225136
"Bah. Swords are for boards. What you need is a good kite shield. Sharp edge, good weight, hard surface."
"…long story. Really long."
"Oh ok ok. I'm not a cruel pony.
Here comes!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


I'm going to need a roll here '1d10' to see if I can contain myself after that

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Uh, but I'm not a solid fighter like you! I need flexibility and quick movement since it's much easier for me to fight in the shadows.."

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Oh, dea- Uh, Hello Kilana! Quite unexpected to meet you here! I take it your previous discussion went well? How are you?"


"This may take a while then… " I look at Ember.
"…. can you teach me magic?"


"Oh yes, I'm doing quite nicely. I would like to find out more about you. We've hardly had a moment to talk. Are you fond of ice cream?"


If there is nothing more for now, may we discuss my personal arrangements? With the recent passing of my father, the house in the countryside is entirely mine now, but living somewhere nearer to official working space would be more convenient."


Can we assume I spend my first wedding day with Bearing, and at times ask around for info on the two newcomers?


you didn't tell me about your wings.. I didn't ask because I assumed it had to do with your test, and you didn't talk about it with me yet..


"Extremely so! Yes! aheh, excuse my outbursts. this place is quite a bit to take in a few short breaths. haha"

"So, about you… what else is there to the lovely Kilana? If I may be so bold as to ask?"


You do.
You just squee a little.
"Need another, do you?"
"Nonsense. And lets get a spike for the shield too."
"Of course! To the best of my abilities!"
"The palace is full of unused rooms. You can have any one of them.
Not that I will spend much time here any longer."


Yesterday was pretty terrible…
Ah, I know!
Find a flower stand!

Roll #1 8 = 8


I turn my head to him and nod quickly

"Y-y-yes please!"


Cannot talk about them, Northblade stuff.



Roll #0 3 = 3


"What are your plans after Ironfoe?"


There is one at the market. Wide selection too.
"Another for the lovely lady, on the house!"
"And we'll make it black so it won't reveal your hiding place."

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"Oh, more to me? Isn't that a bit of a difficult question.. I've told you about my musical talents, and my many friends.. and you know.. I like being cool and stuff.."


oh forget this!
teleport out of there, to my room or something!

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


"We contact Rockeye and offer them a shot at Eaglecrest in exchange for joining my empire."


Get the most pretty bouquet!
Surely I have no trouble paying for such a petty thing!

Roll #1 10 = 10


You leave the confused sergeant behind and end up in your room.
For one like you? Not in the least.
It is a very pretty arrangement.


I blush a little.
"Well… I dont know what kind of magic I would want, perhaps nature?"
"What kind of magic have you studied by the way Ember?"


Find her now!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Has he finished?
Have I?

Roll #0 3 = 3


"I can assist with that. But, what do you mean by joining your empire? As an independent ally, or under your rule in the end? Terms will need to be negotiated."


"Well then I don't want to bore you any further! Have a nice day, Sha-umm, I mean, Valeriana! May the Sun Bless you!"

Wave her goodbye.


"Ugh! I.. jus- UGH! I'll go look for one later"
study up on healing or whatnot

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Hm, ok. Well seeing as you have spent your time with Naik, what do you think of him as a suitor?"
where the hell are we?


Looks like your competitor beat you to her. >>225180
You could go for a bit more…
"Healing mostly… it had great utility to me. Not very flashy, I know…"
"In the end, I must be the king of kings. The highest ruler. I will not let the north die to internal bickering at times of need. I must be able to overrule them if need be."
"A fine day to you too, paladin Radiant."
She leaves.
You could go talk to Embers about his plan to study healing.


I wiggle around a little and urge him to keep going.

"M-might as well go the extra mile, right?"

Roll #0 2 = 2


"I see. They will not easily agree, so one way for now is to have them as autonomous allies first, before slowly stripping them if their individuality. I will need time to think, either way…"


yea, i'll do that instead

find Embers

Roll #0 3 = 3


I then take Embers hand and stare at his eyes, my grin reaching from ear to ear.
"I teach you how to create mirror images of yourself, you teach me the healing arts of magic. Deal?"


Still, if Kilana is there…
Hide the bouquet behind me.
"Hello there friends! How are you all today?"


"Well, I think he's a bit enthusiastic and certainly going out of his way to charm me, its kind of sweet.."
"Oh, hello there."


He smiles
"Okay, dear~ one more!"
"Then I shall leave you to it. I trust in your judgement, Verne."
He seems to be having a moment with Lila.
Who knew they were like that?
He quickly plants a kiss on you

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Uh… I know we haven't parted under the best of conditions yesterday, but… here…"
Give her the pretty bouquet of flowers.
"I got you this!"



Roll #1 3 = 3


Looks like Unyielding is a little tired by now.
And it was a very awkward kiss at best.


"How nice of hi-"
"Greetings friend! I'm doing well today. Yourself?

oh, would you look at the time, I must really be going. Good day to both of you!"


"Goodbye. Be well."

2ded to quest more here, no more North for now for me


I pick them up blushing. "Oh my, there's lovely!"


oh jeez!

all these ponies. they're..

rolling to contain myself

Roll #0 1 = 1





Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


"Oh, it is such a misfortune! I hope we could talk later then! Farewell!"

"Not as lovely as you, Kilana!"


give a grand bow before leaving

rush behind a wall

"This is unfortunate. all my efforts will be for naught if I can't outdo him in this"
how much of this place's currency do I have?

Roll #0 5 = 5


That's okay. Decouple myself from him and turn around to kiss him.

"That was… great, love. Thank you. Do you… do you want to go to the bedroom so we can snuggle up for a while~?"


She was doing calligraphy.
"Uh? Hi? What's up?"
"Yeah… gotta wash up too… I can finish those papers later…"


"You really are too sweet." I smell the flowers, and maybe nibble on one. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1



Let's go take a lovely shower together, then go to bed for snuggles and naps.




Roll #0 10 = 10


"Uh, wait… those are for decorative purposes…"


Oh hey look, Embers and Lila were just outside the door.
That would probably be rape if she didn't end up liking it so much…
"N-Nylis? What's gotten into you?
…nevermind. Whatever it is, keep it in. I like it."


I put what remains of the flowers to the side.. "Oh.. I'm just so hungry.. Lets go get something to eat?"


Look at the viceroy(or who I presume to be the viceroy).
"Oh… hello there mr….?"


try to slow down to kissing and cuddling
am I sated now?

Roll #0 2 = 2


I blush a little

"Did you… how long were you two here for!?"


"Of course! It'll be my pleasure, I'll take you out to eat! It could be a date! Got anything in mind?"



I'm going out to eat


"Uh… hello. Can this wait a few hours? Or can we at least be quick?"
More like you are eating out your waifu
bon apetit


"Some place where we can get a nice salad, that would be good right now. It should be nice to spend some more time together at least."


I look at Ember and then look back.
"… Aaaaaaaaactualy a minute ago. We didnt hear anything. Promise." I smile.
I then scoot near and whisper.
your secret is safe from us


I scatch the back of my head.
"Hehe, okay, but I am new around here… So if you have any restaurant you prefer, no matter the prices, just say where it is and we shall go there!"


I frown

"You better be joking. Who are you anyway? I don't think we've met."


I whisper to Ember.
"Perhaps this is not the right time to ask for a room."

"I… I'm sorry, we did not mean to hear…. sorry…" I looked down.



"Ah… don't worry about it. Just go ahead and ask whatever it is you want to ask. What is your name?"


I laugh a bit. "I'm not the best at picking places, but we can probably find something." '1d10' to look for a nice place for a date.

Roll #1 1 = 1




"Uhhmm.. Lila, Lila Bluemoon."
I then present Ember.
"This is a friend of mine, Mr. Ember. He is assigned by the prince to be the head of research for a newly formed group for the purpose of studying the healing arts."
"Uhhmmm we require a… base of operations."


"Um, okay, not to be picky, but this place doesn't seem so…couth…"
Look for a better place?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Why don't you two go have a date at the market or something like normal equines?


I look at Anvil

"Uh…? Do you know about this? Because I sure don't…"


Because atmosphere is important. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Nope. Then, this could be recent.
Do you have a letter from him or something? Any proof?"
Well go to a restaurant then.


"Will that restaurant do, Kilana?"


"Certainly, it look decent to me."


Lead her inside and look for some seats.
"Order whatever you wish for!"


I look from the viceroy then to Ember.
"…. that is something that we forgot to ask from his highness."
I then look at Ember.
"Do we have any proof by the way? If not we can visit his highness."


"We got nothing.
We helped him regenerate his um.. lost… gland and he rewarded me with the title of… head of research for healing magic?"


"I'll the large salad, and a side of sliced melon." I glance at the menu to see if they have any romantic desserts. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"That sounds good! I'll have the same!"


My eyes widen

"You restored Frostmourns monument to stallionhood?"


"So, tell me a bit about yourself.. where did you grow up?"


I give an awkward smile.
"uhmm.. he did yes. Ember is skilled because he studies hard."



I glance over to Anvil

"I'd be lying if I said that isn't very impressive. What do you think, love?"


[The Chocolate Surprise for Two]
"Why must ponies you such pointless euphemisms…"
"I see no reason to doubt them. Not like Frosty lacking half his equipment was a well known thing."


"Oh, this looks neat.. " I show Naik the dessert on the menu. "A chocolate surprise for two"


I nod

"Yeah, that's true. You're right."

I turn to Lila and Embers

"Well, I'm very impressed. I never really got the chance to indulge myself in the wondrous world of healing magics myself, but I'm glad to see we have ponies around who did."

I stay quiet for a moment, mulling this over as I look at Embers

"Do you think… Do you think you could teach me some of those spells of yours?"


"Oh! That does sound very good! We should have won to finish the meal!"

"I grown up back home, hehe… You know, boring old zebra lands! Though I had a good upbringing, and even some magic school! I've been fascinated with it ever since I was a colt!"


"Possibly? It's taken a few years of research but this one student… what was she called… Nylis! Yes, Nylis could mimic the spell rather easily."


"really? I've been interested in magic for a while now too, I find myself a more talented as a musician, but at least I can sing about magic."


I smile.
"Thank you, a good sized room would be of great help on Embers research on the magical arts."


"It's best to start young, but I bet that you can get good at magic with some practice! And hey, once I'll be Arch-mage you'll have every resource available for learning it!"
I chuckle.
"Though I'd like to hear you sing after we are done eating. If it's not too much to ask, of course."


The Viceroy thinks
"I believe some of the old guest rooms are unused right now. One of them could be repurposed.
Or that old unused tower.
What do you think dear?"


"Hmmm… Nylis? It's been a while since I last saw her… I wondered what she's been up to…"

I cough

"Which unused tower are you referring to, dear?"


are we finished now?

Roll #0 7 = 7


"The only one? I think it's the south one? You know the one with the broken staircase and bricked up door?"


Yes, and it was all sorts of fun.


"Ah, right. Well I think the old guest rooms will do just fine!"


lay there and softly kiss her neck
"sorry, about.. about that. But I need to find more friends than the ones I know."

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Of course not, I've seen you doing magic its only fair." try to eat as politely as possible, maybe I can stop being so damn awkward around him. "You know I got my cutie mark playing a piano as a little filly. It was at my aunt's house and she was so surprised. She told me to get down at first but then saw my cutie mark and let me keep going.."

Roll #0 5 = 5


I breath a sigh of relief, never in my life does a conversation regarding houses and structures made me this tense.
"Thank you, we will take the old guest room, what do you think Ember?"


"No problem. It was surprising but pleasant~
You in a hurry?"
"It should be perfect with a bit of work"


"I don't think so.. what's up?"


I clop my hooves together excitedly

"Great! Would you mind if I check in on you guys every so often? I'm really interested in what you can cook up!"


"I've been looking into this whole upscaled catalyst thing. I'm at a bit of a dead end right now, so I picked up calligraphy. You know what that is, right?"
"I-i won't mind."
He is doing his best to ignore the fact that you are still half naked and kinda dripping


I smile at her story.
"That's cute! I'm sure your play on that piano was just as charming as your voice is now!"


"Alright then! Now if you could give use a moment…"

Pull Anvil along with me and go take a warm shower with him


"Well thank you! I'm sure you have some stories of your own to share?" I smile confidently.


"What nice kids those two were."


"Yeah, very nice!"

Step inside one of the showers and start washing myself

"I'm really interested to see what that research of theirs is going to bring! I… I always found healing magic interesting."


"Well yes… I got my mark in the boring, practice-a-lot way… but after I did, I was so excited, you can't even tell! And I was still young and foolish too, so I have smuggled out the plates of my mother to the backyard with the intention of some target practice, but I got so engrossed in it that I have managed to blow apart all the dishes!"
I chuckle.
"Of course I was condemned to eat from a cheap wooden bowl for months as a punishment!"


"I will admit I prefer more traditional methods of healing. Magic healing tends to feel strange.
Want me to wash you?"


As the two leave for their… shower, I look at Ember and with a low voice talk to him.
"By celestia that was close, she was referring to your secret place was it?"


I look at him and smile

"I think I'll be fine dear. And I don't know, I guess it's just a unicorn thing to prefer magic over traditional methods."

Once I'm cleaned up enough, I start brushing my mane.


"Curiously enough… I don't think so. Mine is at the academy. I think they meant a castle tower."


Unyielding stays behind a bit to wash up properly.
He wouldn't want any cheese to ruin your specialty.


I laugh a bit "Oh, I used to be quite the trouble maker as a filly, I set up a pie throwing trick on my father one time because he wouldn't read me a bed time story.He was so mad but he did read to me after that."


Yeah well, that's going to have to wait.

"Sweetie, why don't you take a rest once you are done here? I'd like to visit some ponies today if you don't mind."


I chuckle again.
"I believe you grown up to be quite good at convincing people then! My favourite prank was the one where someone asks you for a pen and you make it a bit 'shocking' as you give it over, if you know what I mean!"


"I have paperwork to do dear…"


I hold his head between my forehooves and kiss him

"Those can wait, dear. You have to rest. Do you… want me to join you in bed~?"


"Well.. if your visits can wait~ I'd love it."


I nod. "Oh, that was a fun one, I pulled it a few times in my day." I chuckle "classic, tricks really."


"Mmmmm~ Alright then~"

I softly tug at him and motion him to follow as I lead us to the bedroom. Once there I jump into bed and use my telekinesis to pull Anvil on top of me. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Are we done eating the main dishes?
"So, want to try that chocolate dessert you picked earlier?"


"Fo sure' That chocolate dish sounds divine."


I wave over the waiter/waitress and ask for one.


Well he is on top of you.
And in you.
"…Again, dear?"


My eyes widen and I softly push him out

"Uh… no sorry, I was just hoping we could… be close to each other for a while. Just enjoy each others presence and all."


"Oh dear…. well I hope the guest room is adequate enough…" I looked at him sadly.


"…oh. Hm. Ok. Yeah, I think that's nice too~"
He cuddles up next to you.
"I love you Venia"


Clear my throat.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Why the long face?"


I close my eyes and do the same

"I know, so do I…"

Could we timeskip to a few hours after so I can talk to some ponies?


"Bring us a Chocolate Surprise for Two, please!"


So long as you don't need me for it
"Coming right up!"



As soon as it arrives I hoof over one of the spoons to Kilana.
"Here you go! This does look delicious!"


I carefully take a spoon and eat some, "Oh, man this is great!" I look at naik with a large smile on my face. "This is has been a really great date."


rolling to see if I can eat this without crossing into your section and causing a cute moment of reaching for the same bite and offering it to each other.

Roll #0 10 = 10


I nod as I eat from it myself.
"That it was! I'm glad that we could spend some quality time together and learn more about each other!"

Well you seem to be awfully good at staying on your own side perfectly.
Artistically, even.

That doesn't mean I can't offer you some with my own spoon, smiling widely.
"Care for a bite?"


"Oh, how sweet." a bit of blush returns to my face. "Sure.." I open my mouth slightly to let your slide in the spoon.


Gently and romantically give you some chocolate cake.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I help you guide it at the end and receive the bite, it tastes just a little sweeter when its from you. '1d10' for how much more swoon there is.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I chuckle.
"I'm very glad you like it!"


That looks like starry eyed swoon bordering on 'puppy love level'


"Of course.. It was from you after all~" I smile at you still a little distracted at the thought of having someone so perfect.


"I'm happy to hear you think that way… say…now that we have finished eating, I would, really, really liked if I could hear your magnificent voice pierce the air as you sing… and…maybe…"
Try not to blush.
"..Show some of those dance moves too?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Sure.." I lead you to an open place and take out my old tambourine. "Its been a little while since I preformed.. So hopefully I remember this.." I perform the tale of the little drummer pone. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10



"Lady Radiant, how are you!?"


Rolling not to drop my jaws.
"I…that's… that's absolutely amazing! I don't have words, Kilana!"


"Oh, Venia, hello!…And you know I don't like 'Lady', feel free to just call me Radiant! I'm doing fine, just wanted some refreshing fresh air… what about you?"


I smile smugly and take a bow. "I know, I'm just that good. Maybe I can do a song about us sometime~"


"I'm doing lovely. Just spend some quality time with Anvil and I worked out a few issues I had earlier. So a good day for me so far. You?"


Derp, forgot jaw-droppage.
"You could really to that? That would be great! That would be the first time someone wrote a song of me! And to think it would be shared with a beautiful zebra like you!~"

Roll #1 1 = 1


I giggle a bit. "Well of course, but there is something I was wondering.. How did you meet my parents?"


"Me too! We even went on a little date with Celaire, it was simply divine…"


"Oh I finally talked to Celaire a few days back! Really nice and polite stallion, I can see why you like him so much. We didn't get to talk long, but still."


After looking for my jaw on the floor and finally closing my mouth, I answer.
"Oh, actually it was my parents that met yours! But they are quite friendly zebras, I've got to say, you must have been luck to have ancestors like them!"


I nod with a smile.
"He was always a stallion of few words, don't worry! I told him to try and speak his mind more, but I guess old habits die hard. He's just like that, a straight to the point pony!"


I rub my chin a bit. "Were you given any kind of trinket from them, maybe a note?"


I shake my head.
"Not really, they just told me to come here and meet you here, but you got their letter thankfully! It would really come off awkward if you didn't and I'd just barge here to 'claim' you, wouldn't it?"


I shrug
"I'm sure there'll be plenty of opportunities for us in the future to talk.

So uh… You want to do something together? I haven't seen you since the wedding."


I laugh a bit. "Yeah, it would.. the problem is my letter didn't even mention your name or anything about you! Its a good thing you found me first, but it would have been nice for them to send you with something… to confirm it.." I sigh. "Well, after this date it seems like we were really meant to be at least! "


"Of course! Do you have something in mind?"
I chuckle.
"No food though, I still need to work down all the cake from the wedding!"


I grin
"Well… from what I remember we still have a rematch to fight…"


"Yes! And I am so glad that it will be with a mare not only good looking but intelligent and funny too!"


I chuckle as well.
"Oh yes, I remember that… I was really out of it, maybe I'll fare better now! We did agree on hoof-to-hoof combat though, right?"


"Only to fit a stallion as wise and stunning as you are. "


I chuckle, then look away awkwardly.
"Say… would you mind if we could… try that kiss again?"


"Sure! I never did a lot of that kind of sparring, but I'm sure as heck willing to try. Plus, it'll be good to work away that extra weight after the wedding!"


I wink at you and get closer. "I'll have to show you how to really kiss this time.." I enter pecking range. "come to me this time.."


"It's good to hear you are always up for a healthy fight! Let's go!"



Take a deep breath.
Place a hoof on her cheek.
Then go for it.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Right then. Let's get straight to it."

I quickly stretch myself a few times and crack my neck, then take on a fighting stance

"Best out of five? You've got the initiative."

Roll #0 9 = 9


Not terrible lets see how i do on my end '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I drop my armor on a nearby rack and pace my shoulders too.

"Best out of five!"
Claw at the ground with a hoof.


I do the same
"I was born ready. Come at me."


Completely awesome.
Melting in the mouth of that sweet mare.

After a time I seperate.
"Wow… you are really good at this…"


Charge at her and try to open with a heavy right hook.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Oh thank you~ It just requires a good partner, and a little bit of cooperation.. that's why its supposed to be a good test." I smile and walk close to you. "are you staying nearby?"


"Oh cra-"

Dodge and swipe her legs from under her!

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Why yes, it's just a guest room, not really much… why?"


Nope, look like you ate that hoof-sandwhich.

I jump back afterwards to let you recollect yourself, then start circling you, waiting for a counter-attack.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I just wanted to make sure you weren't staying too far away."


I rub my jaw

"Not a bad hoof you got there…"

I lunge at her and try to punch her against the cheek!

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Thankfully, no, I am close. It would be a shame to be seperated from you after so much travelling!"


You easily sidestep my attack, sending me sprawling across the ground.


I get up again and dust myself off, then get into a defensive position

"Alright then…"

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Come on Venia, you can do better!"

I charge in once again, aiming to sneak in an uppercut at her lower jaw.


Roll #1 7 = 7


"Indeed, I'll be able to meet with you every day this way!" I look at the clock tower. "Well, I should get back to my studies for a bit, walk me back to my room?" I'm going to sleep for a bit


Looks like her defenses are just a second slow to counter it, and my hoof bruhes against and passes her defense and I manage to knock her again.

As soon as the hit is in I make some distance again, only giving her enough time to get her shit together and recollect herself before diving back in, turning around to try and buck her in the chest with my hindlegs.


Roll #1 1 = 1


"Of course My Lady!"
Walk her back to her room!



I try to grab her hindlegs and pull them as hard as I can, then push her face in the dirt.

Roll #0 1 = 1


Nope, looks like that didn't work. Instead, both of us just back off again, giving each other some room. After a short staredown, I charge in and try to uppercut her!

Roll #0 10 = 10



Try to counter with a straight jab from my left hoof before she can get near!

Roll #1 6 = 6


She was too fast, and managed to deliver the hit perfectly without even recieving a scratch back.

I seperate gain, shaking my mane out of my face, before leaping towards her, rearing up as I land to bring both my front hooves down on her.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Dodge that! Then use my hindleg to sweep her hindlegs from under her!

Roll #0 1 = 1


Nope, looks like I was too slow again. She brings down her hooves on me and sends me crashing onto the floor.


I spit on the ground and get up, then jump in and try to hit her on the nose

Roll #0 2 = 2


I do my best to parry it with my right hoof and counter it with a left hook.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Venia is acting rashly and hastily, leaving herself undefended in the procces, allowing me to block her incoming hoof and swing my other hoof in a long arch, landing the punch straight to her face.

After she falls down, I immediately offer a hoof to help her up.

"Sorry… Was I a bit too rough?"


I take her hoof and pull myself up, spitting out some blood

"No, no… I can take it. I've been through worse. Well done though, guess my inexperience shows…"

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Hmm… have you never used your hooves for combat? Shove away enemies, getting in a hit while swinging your weapon, nothing like that?"


I shake my head and motion at my horn

"Always used telekinesis to handle everything for me… Probably a bad habit, but heck. I'm a unicorn, might as well make use of what I got."


I nod.
"Never got one of those, obviously, but banking on just that… Venia, this might sound bad, but what if your horn gets cracked during an intense fight? That might cost you your life. A true fighter not only uses everything available, as I said, like boxing between swings, but you must be prepared to lose whatever you have on you. I could give you some tips if you want. You are clearly a great duelist, but I could show you how to battle without your fancy magic."


I nod slowly

"I'd like that, thanks Radiant. Losing my horn would make for a bad day indeed. I've already been thinking about switching over to actual real sword and armor instead of conjuring them constantly. I think I can figure out how to enchant them anyway so I'd still have that nifty lightning effect."


I chuckle.
"A Blessing beats them all in my book!"


"Mmmm, but it doesn't have that satisfying crackling sound every time you strike with it."


I let out a laugh.
"Have you ever seen a Blessed weapon strike a weaker undead? Now that's something!"


I think for a moment

"I think I have… but that was when I was younger. My dad was a holy warrior just like you, you see. That's why I got some paladin training alongside my mage training. Not a lot of it, mind you. But still."


I nod.
"I've got to say, from what you've been telling me, you had wonderful parents and upbringing."


I wipe my nose

"Yeah… They were fantastic. I think I saw more of the world by the time I was a kid than most ponies do their whole lifetime. So many places we've visited… some more dangerous than the other. Aaaah…"

A wistful smile appears on my face as I recall the past

"I miss it sometimes. The thrill of adventuring…"


The same goofy expression settles on my face as well.
"Yeah… I never traveled much, but I remember the times when I used to purge the wicked on a daily basis, fight monsters, repel the undead…"

My expression falters slightly.
"If only I remembered where it was… not that I don't like it here… the cold is still a bit unusual, but I have friends, Celaire… a life here. Even if it gets a bit…"
I look around, then lower my voice.
"…boring… Don't you ever feel you want to do more? Go on a quest or something?"


I slump down a little

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I mean I love this place and all the ponies in it but… I've been here for twenty years. Twenty! The times that I did leave Wintergrasp I never managed to go anywhere far."

I kick up a bit of snow

"I suppose it's not nice of me to complain. We should be happy with the kind of life we're living here but… it's hard being a adventurous pony when you are stuck to one place."


I bite my lip, then blurt out with a grin.
"We should totally go on an adventure then. Even if it's within Wintergrasp."


I cock an eyebrow questioningly

"What do you mean Radiant? I'm not sure I follow…"


I pace around excitedly.
"You said you still have spirit in you, right? We could find an terrible beast in the mountains! Clear an ancient tomb of the restless undead! Hunt down a cult of heretics! An adventure, you and me!"


I laugh heartily

"Oh Radiant… you… hmm… Maybe that's not such a bad idea! Though I'm not sure how easy any of those things you listed are going to be to find…"

I think to myself for a moment.

"I'll think about it some more. Maybe poke around over at Manifest's, he's pretty well informed about these type of things."


I give her a honest smile.
"I'm sure nopony would mind if we took a week's break from our regular activites and went to hunt some undead! Thank you for considering it!"


I give her a quick friendly hug

"Of course Radiant. And thank you… for all this. It's good having you around."

Time for bed for me


"And it's good that I can call you a friend. May the Sun bless you!"

Okay, bye! T'was fun.


The Prince has called everyone to meet him.
Get the the throne room.


To the Throne Room!


well shit
kiss her on the cheek and rush over

Roll #0 7 = 7


Well then, the throne room it is


I'm there.


Wow he wasn't kidding.
Half the damn kingdom is here.

Valeriana is standing among the crowd, though her shadows are hanging from the roof supports and hiding behind tapestries.
Unyielding is up by the thrones, next to Queen Snowflake.
Buttonnose has a hoof around Needleseye.
Doc and his assistants are somewhere in the back with Spearhorn, who has a bandage around his horn.

There is a general murmur going on in the room as the Prince arrives, carrying the singed Foerist and a broken crown.
He takes a stand before the thrones

The king is dead."
A shocked gasp erupts forth. Only Unyielding and Snowflake remain silent.


My mouth falls open.
"The king… dead?"


I gasp too

"Oh no…"

Is Shadow here too? Can I spot her somewhere?




Who would have guessed.
The hay did I… No, it was his word.
I can't doubt that.
Look at the ground and remain silent.


Also, do all this close to Valeriana.


Yes. She was mentioned just now.
>Valeriana is standing among the crowd, though her shadows are hanging from the roof supports and hiding behind tapestries.
"Silence. Silence please.
It is a sad day indeed.
King Goldenblood, heir to Old King Ironmane, succumbed to his madness and tragically died wandering the castle basements, fighting the demons of his own dying mind.
May he not be remembered for his last years of faltering sanity, but for his great deeds of the past in service to all the Northlands. How he put an end to the destructive wars between many kingdoms. How he brought the north closer to one another with the Great Northlands Academy. And how his reforms of the law made life better for all in Wintersgrasp.
This leaves but one question.
Who is to be the new king?"
The murmur breaks out again


Raise my head tall and look at Frostmourn, seriousness in my eyes.


Is Celaire around?

"I don't know about politics, but whoever will be the new king, the Warriors of Sunlight will serve and protect him."


I look at Frostmourn expectantly. Of course it's going to be him, right?


Not used to that change of name yet, sorry

Gee, I wonder…

Keep sitting where I am and pay attention


wait for him to keep speaking


He is there as well
"I think we all know who the new king will be."
Unyielding takes a stand next to Frostmourn
"I was in line for the throne before you were born, son of Snowflake."
"That you were, nephew to the dead king."
They lock eyes and stare eachother down
The crowd gasps again


"Uh oh."


Yeah, I know how this goes down.
Old Verne and his lightshows.
"Mother… I liked the old king."


I flick my tail

They just love to add to the drama, don't they…


I'm here, standing with the crowd in the throne room.


Furrow my eyebrows.
They are not going to jump at each other's throats over the throne, right?


Motion over for her to join me and Valeriana.


make my way over to you. "You think this it? Is frosty taking the throne?"


"If I know Verne, this has all already been planned out. And Lady Venia told me a thing or two about the future of the kingdom, so I'd say…No."


After a moment of intense staring, Unyielding bows his head
"Long live the king."
The prince nods and turns to the crowd.
Manifest Destiny walks up to him, placing the broken crown upon his head.
Frostmourn smiles
"And as my first order as king, I appoint Unyielding Anvil as my viceroy, right hoof pony and caretaker of the throne of Wintersgrasp. In the past years he has truly proven himself the most fitting one for the role, and as I am needed for things outside this throne room, I find it best that another, capable pony handles the day to day needs of the kingdom. ALL HAIL UNYIELDING ANVIL!"

Until later


The prince is a prince no more. All hail King Frostmourn.

With the formality of his coronation swiftly over, the fresh king is open for congratulations before he must attend to… personal business.

This also leaves the returning Viceroy, Unyielding Anvil, to plan his own coronation.


"So he's finally King now…"


Go up to him.
"King Frostmourn."
Give him a deep bow.
"I weep for what happened to your father. May your reign be long and strong."


First of all, I give Frostmourn a big hug as soon as I see the chance to.

"Congratulations your grace. After all these years… to finally be a king now. It… it seems like it was just yesterday when you were just a colt…"


"As did he. As did he.
…rise, Pumpkin Smile. This is not a day to be mournful."
He leans in closer
"For indeed, we have much business to attend to"
"Nineteen years is not a long time, at the end of the day, kind Venia. You have done well seeing me this far. Go on. I know you want to congratulate your future husband as well."
Celaire shrugs
"Sure looks like it. Here's hoping a kid can do that kind of job."


Raise and move close to him.
"Indeed my liege. I will be waiting for you once everyone is done."


Stand in the background and look stoic.

"Calling out Pumpkin in front of all these people? hmm. I wonder what he thinks the Northblades are."


I watch politely.


I wipe away a tear and nod smilingly

"Yes… Yes I do. We can talk more later."

Go find Unyielding


"I am sure he can. He's been preparing for it for years."


"Good. Go make sure Shadow Song is ready as well. For we will move out soon."
The king then turns back to the crowd.
"You look a little glum, friend. Why the long face?"
He is happily shaking hooves with several of the locals who have come to thank him for the past years.
"Venia! Honey! Hey great to see you!"
"Still, just look at him. Does he look like a king to you?"


"As a guard? Yes. Personaly… Not really…"


Find Valeriana and sit beside her.
"It's our turn now. The king asked for us."



I run up to him and give him a hug as well

"Congratulations to you as well! You've been waiting so long for this and worked hard all these years… I'm so proud of you!"


"My sentiments exactly. Not that the past king was much better, but at least he had a regal air to him. I think we should perhaps train this new king up a little? Put some meat on those bones."
"I assumed as much.
Come along. We should get our gear ready. The walk to Ironfoe will take a while."
"There is no place I'd rather be right now.
We should start planning the wedding, dear."


I grin.
"Exactly my thoughts. No more slacking around for him. Do you think we could even involve the Warriors too? Check if the King can beat those who protect him?"


"We are… Leaving. Damn. It's so strange.
I should talk with her before. Do you think we have time?"


"Just… mourning the loss of our old King. But we have nothing to fear, for we have now a new king! Hail, King Frostmourn! "

"I need to leave to attend to some matters now, but please see me at any time if you have need. Be well, you will be ay your mightiest and most vulnerable now. "

Night DM



I close my eyes and happily nuzzle his cheek

"Yes we should~"


"Not a bad idea. When do you think we should do this?"
"We won't be gone long. But if you hurry, you can still talk to her before we must go."
Night. Kick some ass out there.
"I think we can sit down and start planning right after we're done here~"
The nearest townsfolk whisper a little
"Did you hear that?"
"I did! A new queen?"
"A vice-queen?"


Drop by home and fly in through the window.
"Honey! Where are you?"


"Fine by me, love. Take your time to enjoy this moment, Sun knows you've waited long enough for it!"


She just enters through the door
"Pumpkin? Weren't you at the coronation?"
"Feel free to stick around if you like. I always have time for you."


"I think he is rather busy now… Maybe in a day or two?"


"It's fine honey. Just tend to your admirers, I've got something I'd like to do anyway. I'll check up on you later when you're done, alright?"

I smile at him as I leave to go find the smith


"I have a minute before going. The King needs me for his trip to Ironfoe…"
Move in closer and kiss her.
"I'll miss you."

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


I guess I'll just wander around for a bit. Did I get a reply from my folks about the suitors?


The postal services are slow, and cannot get a letter to them and back this quickly.
If you wish to find someone specific, you can do so.
She looks confused and worried.
"Ironfoe? B-But why?"
"Perhaps yeah. We could even have a little fun with it. Dress it up as an assassination attempt or a coup to prove to him his need for training."
He is in the crowd
"Well hello there future vicequeen, how can this old pony be of assistance?"


I chuckle.
"The Royal Guard turning on their king… I like it. And if he gets overzealous about it, I still have my defensive spells!"


"Oh please, call me Venia. I know you aren't here for your job, but I'd like to order some things, if that's possible."


"He's the one, honey. He'll unite the north.
And, well, we, the Northblade, need to be there when he marches into Ironfoe."
Sit down with her for a moment.
"And I'm going to think about you every waking moment, until I can come back~"
Cute pony things as long as have time for, then go back to Valeriana.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


What a shame, I'll go see Valeriana Swansong, if she's not busy.


File: 1354461862762.gif (915.83 KB, 213x260, 1353814221779.gif)

"This is settled then. Should we go make some plans?"
"Always on duty, Venia. What would you like?"
He mutters to himself
"On a first name basis with the wife of the viceroy? Ha. Things are looking up for old Blazing Embers…."
You do this.
Meanwhile, back at the tower of shadows…
"The time has come. We should be ready."
Valeriana is already wearing her own uniform. Though old and a bit ragged looking from all the defacing she did on it, it still has an air of great skill born from seeing much action.
The shadows are gathered as well. Some shift to reveal
That Kilana has arrived.
It seems Valeriana has suited up, and Pumpkin is about to as well.


"Of course. Wouldn't want anything to go wrong. Let's consult the Warriors right now!"


I bow politely to the prince and my (former?) teacher. "Is this a bad time?"


Wear my uniform.
Then look towards mom.
"So, how do I look?"
"Oh, hey Kila. Looks like it's time for just about everypony, uh?"


"I'd like a set of custom-made crystal armor, if you have the materials for something like that. Aside from that, I would like a warhammer made for me as well."


"Things certainly are happening very fast now."


"It's been a strange week…
But I wouldn't want to go anywhere without you covering my back. Glad you are coming, zigga."
Give her a big smile.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"Indeed. To the barracks then!"
And off he goes.
"You came right in the nick of time. Any later and you would have missed us. What is on your mind, Kilana?"
"You look every bit as handsome as I hoped. A fitting first among the Northblades. I'm do proud."
"Crystal? That's a tall order, Venia. I don't think I've seen any fit for such a project in years. Just tiny shards good for nothing more than decoration. Tell you what. If you can find me some good crystal slabs, I'll make it the finest set I ever crafted. Deal?
And a hammer? Well I can always make a hammer! Any specifics?"
"If only my useless son was even a bit of help I'd look for the damn crystal myself…"
"And what makes you think she's coming?"


Follow him!
And snicker slightly.
This is just like a prank my sister would pull!


"… She… She is not? That's… Stupid! She's a great fighter! She's almost one of the family! She might even be a northblade, if she wanted!"


"Might she?
Still, this is a question of safety more than anything. Has the king told you the plan?"
Celaire slams the door to the barracks open
They snap to order and form a tight row


"It's a deal. And just a normal steel warhammer will do, thank you. The armor is most important here, any idea where to look to buy those slabs?"

I'll get better weapons from Ironfoe, that's for sure…


I smile back. "You look ready for battle friend. I know you'll be fine out there bro, but I don't think I'm going with you.."
"I'm certain you won't be needing it but.. good luck out there." I pause. "I wanted to know about my future in the kingdom.. with things happening like this, I'm not sure how I fit in, and how I can help our young King Frostmourn.."


I glance at Celaire with a smirk.
"You want the honours, or should I tell them how we will attack the new King?"


"No. He told me about Ironfoe, about marching inside with Snoflake and Foerist at her side, but nothing on the actual mission."


"No specifics at all? Weight? Size? Sharp end or two blunt? A blade? A spike? Runes? Little engravings? Your angry face on the flat end?
…you do realize this is a big deal for me, right? I mean, it isn't every day I get to make custom orders for such esteemed customers!
As for the crystals… if I knew, I would already own some. Some say there are fast crystal caverns somewhere in the bowels of the glaciers. And the last time I saw any on sale, the merchant was this shifty fellow who talked a lot about dogs."
"Well, have you asked him in person? I'm sure he's the best one to answer that question.
And if you fear for the end of your studies with me… don't. I like you. And I like the fact that you are not afraid of the darker arts."
"Go ahead dear. I think you have a good idea in that head of yours. Let it out."
"Well, that is the gist of it.
The queen has long wished to return to her husband, Deep Rock. She will go, with their son at her side, and us, the Northblades, as their watchful shadows.
Our mission is to make sure the king is safe.
…and I have a little something personal I need to do.
Two things, actually.
I must right two old wrongs. Mend two old wounds.
And indeed… Kilana might be useful for one of those."


"Weight and size should be adjusted to my own weight and size. I can easily pick things up with my telekinesis anyway. I'd like a sharp spiked end and a flat front. Don't worry too much about the tiny details like engravings, by the time anypony will be close enough to make those out they'll be dead already. Just make sure it's sturdy and can handle some punishment. Oh and thank you for the information. I think I know a pony who might be able to help me some more though…"

I wave goodbye and go find Manifest Destiny.


I turn to the Warriors with a grin.
"Warriors of Sunlight! How would you feel about killing King Frostmourne?"


"Old… Wounds? Should I worry?"


my ears perk up and I smile brightly at this.
"I'm happy to keep working with you of course, Its a real honor, and I'll be happy to help you in whatever way I can.."


He juts down some notes and scratches his ear
"Yep, ok, I will do my best."
Manifest is near the thrones, looking at Unyielding from a distance
"Ah, Venia. What news?"
You can feel they want to look at eachother in confusion but none do.
"Treason is not for us"
"We serve the crown and king"
"For they are our link to the sun"
"And what madpony would ask such"
"Must themselves die by our hoof!"
After a short pause and an awkward silence, one raises a hoof
"D-did we pass the test?"
"I cannot say.
…though I now I myself am already worried…"


"Do you have any idea how to hide and move unseen?
…if not, can you learn quickly?
Because I wouldn't mind having an extra necromancer along while there…
There is a certain somepony in Ironfoe who deserves a few final words with one who misses him dearly."


"Manifest, I'll get straight down to business. Crystal caverns, do they exist around here or not?"


Look over from Valeriana to Kilana.
"So? You are of ours, right? I can teach you anything you need to know about moving unseen!"


"I didn't say this was a test. Nor did I gave you permission to speak!"

I let out a crude laugh.
Okay, Radiant you are enjoying this too much. No wonder Celaire does this to them all the time.
"Your Loyalties lie to the Sun, and by extension, with Celaire and I, the ponies who have showed you the right path! And I said we will attack the King."


"With a teacher like you I can probably master it in no time. It would be an honor to assist you in this, everypony deserves peace. "


I laugh a bit. "you do have the vanishing act down, bro."


"Check this out!"

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


"Crystal caverns? Not in Wintersgrasp as far as I know. I do think there are tales that mention them. Most of those tales also mention a place called the Underkingdom, which supposedly is ruled by an ancient beast king."
"I'll leave it to you two. I don't care how, but she must be able to keep up with us, unseen and unheard when we go to Ironfoe. Even if you have to hold her damn hoof all the way Pumpkin."
Two of the warriors give you a stern look
"Treason and heresy!"
"We will do no such thing! Explain yourself at once!"
The rest remain silent


"Count on it Ma'am!"
Give her a salute and then look at Kilana
"Wanna start right now? I know the perfect place!"


"Tales? Is there any truth to these tales? I need a source of crystal slabs."


I give a salute as well. "I'll be ready in time." I turn to pumpkin and nod. "Best to start right away. "


Advance on them.
"Did you just call me a heretic? Haven't I been living my life as a pony who only only does good and what is right under the Sun? Do you claim I am a traitor with vile reasons? "

Once I'm closer, glance back at Celaire, but then turn around back to the ponies and lower my voice even more dangerous.
"Are you saying I am not worthy of the Sun?"


"There is truth in all stories, even if it may be only a little. Would you like to hear the whole story?"


"Follow me then! And leave everything but your horseshoes behind for this one!"
Lead her into the lower city, off to the market!


I stash my stuff in the tower and follow Pumpkin. "Are you sure learning it here is a good idea?"


"I prefer seeing things for myself rather than hearing about them… Just give me a short version."


"Hey, that's where I learnt it and look how it worked out! And don't be scared by the merchants!
They are all talk! Well, most of them…"
Move in between the various stands.
"Now, if you can walk silently behind their back without them noticing, you will know you are good at this. But remember, they watch out for each other!"
Give her another demonstration, sliding inbetween the merchants.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


Alright.. time to copy.. I'll try sneaking up on the fruit merchant '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"A traitor is not worthy of any but vile Tirek itself."
"To turn on the crown that houses you and the throne that feeds you without so much as even hinting at a reason is madness and betrayal! We are warriors. Champions of the Sun's virtues! Not mindless weapons to be ordered to whatever whims you may desire!
If you think you are worthy to lead us, or even to order us around, you will speak your mind and tell us why we should ever do such an abhorrent, evil deed. Lest you wish we consider you to have already fallen."
They stand their ground firmly
"Very well. Many have spoken of a place called the Underkingdom. Details change with every tale, but they share similar elements. It is supposedly a vast network of tunnels and caverns beneath the land and ice, ruled by a race of strange beings that hoard wealth. They also hoard slaves to work in their crystal mines.
However, few who even see this place escape alive."


Huh I guess that's not it try another time. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"It'd work better if you didn't move in from in front of th-"


You aren't too good at this.
"…HEY! Where did you go?
…damn. I must be seeing things…"


"Hmmm… What type of strange beings are these? Do they know magic? Are they mammals? Reptiles? Insects? Who do they enslave? Ponies? Is there anypony still alive you know of that has claimed to have seen this place?"


Furrow my eyebrows.
"Seems like we've got something on our hooves here… Celaire! Come here! I think it's time we do something about this two! And I know just what…"


"Yeah, that's not so hard!" but can I keep it up? Lets try another target. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Ahaha! That's incredible!"
Sneak beside her
"Now, we need a new target and you may pick!"

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


"I believe they refer to themselves in the stories as 'Diamond Dogs'. Alas, I've only met traveling merchants who share these tales. Mostly second hand accounts from ponies they've met elsewhere."
Celaire steps up
"Need help, my sun?"
The two warriors stand their ground


"Yes. I do believe you heard these two and how they spoke. Are you thinking what I am thinking?"


"r-right, a target.. how about the flower booth? "


I give him a look
"Diamond dogs? This far up north?"


"Allright, I need a good parting gift for Bearing. Find the best flower in there."


"Perhaps I am.
Go ahead. I'll be here if you need me."
"Hard to believe, I know. But many stories say there is something very off about them… especially their king."


"I'll be right back then!" I sneak over to the flower booth and look for the most exotic and beautiful flower.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Turn back to them, pointing a hoof at them..
"You. You. You two are no longer Paladins."

Take a little pause for effect.


Try to distract the flower merchant
"Hey bud, I need some help! Got a nice whaddayacallit?"

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


"Well… that sure is a twist. Any ideas on how one could find this Underkingdom?"

All that wealth… All those ponies I could help… and THE ADVENTURE! Oooooh~


Maybe I can take advantage of this distraction and snag something pretty.

Roll #0 7 = 7


After ditching the flower merchant, I meet her again.
"Good job Kila! Now for your last test…
Go back and plant the flower right there. We don't steal, we are not thieves."


One stares at you in silence
The other squints at you
"I doubt you ever even were one to begin with, you brash madpony."
"There are supposedly many entrances, hidden well in the frozen wastes. Without great luck, or a guide, I doubt one could ever find one."
Good job.
The distracted merchant has no idea you stole from him.
You criminals


Jokes on you.


"Right." Sneak back in and put it back.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"A guide… I may have a few ideas for that… Do you know anypony who could do the job?"


A kind deed.
A honest merchant will feed his family for another day thanks to that.
"Not a clue. Perhaps time will reveal an answer."


"Time? I'm not sure how time I have left… But thank you anyway Manifest, your help is much appreciated."

Go find Shadow Song


Clop my hooves at her.
"A fine thief, that's what. Too bad you were born rich, I would have loved to fight against you for the last bugged apple!"
But suddenly!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I wasn't finished. You are no longer Paladins. It's already time we have more than two ranks. You are now Starlight Paladins, still to serve under the orders of Celaire and I, but you are now the officers of the Warriors of Sunlight. The others might be loyal, but a good heart guided you. You have earned it."

I smile at them, then look at Celaire.


I laugh a bit at this. "Its good to know I can do it if I needed to."


Throw us a secret underground thief society here, DM!


She is in her tower, prepping her battle gear
"Oh. Hello Venia."
Celaire nods
The Warriors look rather stunned.
The one who remained silent smiles.
The other frowns
"I've still yet to see a single point of sense in all this. What is this about, captain? Explain yourself!"
I thought you were going to help the king make it to Ironfoe and not play cops and robbers
Oh hey is that guy over there by the fruit vendor one of your old orphan buddies, Pumpkin?
Boy has she grown a lot.


But everyone is doing nothing, we can't advance the plot! Or can we?


"Shadow, preparing for something I see? No matter, I only have a simple question to ask. Do you know anything at all about the so called Underkingdom? You've lived in the wild for a long time after all."


Assuming that was enough for me to master stealth we're done here, we can go see the king since he's an NPC.


"Prince Frostmourne is Prince no more. He has been crowned a King. And we'll keep serving to protect him. Yet Celaire and I could only draw the conclusion that he spent way too much time bending over strategy tables and plans, forfeiting to train his body. Now I am not saying a great mind is not required to rule a Kingdom, but we cannot let him stay frail as a twig."
I turn back to Celaire, chuckling before I continue

"So we are going to show him that he needs to put some more muscle on those royal bones of his. We are going to fake an assault on him by his own guardians. And what sort of King cannot protect himself from the very ponies he trusts to defend him?"


Court of miracles sidequest first?
"Is that…"
Move in closer


"Oh yes, I know of it. Terrible place. Why?"
There is a little chuckle among the warriors
Celaire nods
"Reason enough, Southern Cross?"
"Aye, captain."
The girl looks back, then flees to a side alley.


I follow you quietly. "Someone you know?"


"Wha… Kila, on me!"
'1d10' to make it faster!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Good. Now I'll want all of you to make it look as real as possible, but not a single hair could be bent on Frostmourne by any of you, understood? Celaire and I will handle that."

Turn back to Southern Cross and the other Starlight Paladin surely I know his name too after years
"And you two. You made me really proud today."


"Hahaha! Great luck indeed! I want to go there, Shadow! Take a few ponies with me and go in there to take out their leader, free the slaves and get myself some crystal slabs!"

I bounce around excitedly

"It'll be a big adventure! Excitement all around!"


I help you corner her. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Southern Cross and Gilded Heart bow.
"Thank you"
"Glad to see you are not an entirely lost cause"
"Well if you fancy trekking into the cold heart of death itself and rummaging through miles of corpse-laden mines looking for the still breathing ones, be my guest. But as a friend, it is my duty to tell you I am taking you nowhere near that tomb of horrors."
Damn she's quick. This whole alley looks empty…
Where could she have gone?


I turn to pumpkin and shrug. "I guess she doesn't remember you. "


I chuckle.
"And what would you two do if I were?"


Under the road, of course.
"Yeah, I remember her. Final test zigga, we gotta find her! Check the entrances to the sewers!"

Yeah, chek'em.

Roll #1 5 = 5


My previous joy deflates visibly

"But… Adventure! If there are indeed ponies suffering down there then somepony has to do something about that! Not to mention all the resources that could be down there!"


I look at you kind of weird but go anyway. Stealth up and go to the sewers.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Smells like shit down there.
However, you notice a small stone fall into the sewer from above.
You get your hooves shitty.
You also notice a stone fall from above. Looking up you can see the pony from earlier clambering onto a rooftop.
Gilded heart shrugs
"Place faith in the sun and the commander. Then see to it you do not lead us astray."
Southern Cross reaches for his weapon
"See to it myself you would no longer tarnish the name of our order and the god we all serve. Traitors do not deserve life."
"Resources, sure. Suffering, undoubtedly. Necromancers so vile they make even my skin crawl? You better believe it.
I saw that place once. And if I can help it, I will not do it again.
The Underking can rot beneath me for every eternity he intends to."


Oh c'mon.
Fly over there and catch up!
Carry Zigga too!

Roll #0 1 = 1


I think I'll walk.


She looks out the window and throws a chair at you, making you both crash down into the sewer.
You both need a bath.


"to the rooof" I pick you up and climb up there.

Roll #0 7 = 7


I smirk.
"The two ends of the spectrum. I trust you two will work together and balance each other's flaws and bring out each other's perks while doing your new duties. Dismissed."

I turn to Celaire.
"We have a plan to plan, haven't we?"


"So we're going to just let them be then? You're a Northblade Shadow! You're supposed to be unwavering! Who knows what could be going on down there that is a threat to all of us!"


This means war!
Vanish and happear behind her.
"That's a warm welcome."


After a bit of climbing Pumpkin gets in range and vanishes to corner off the fleeing Peaches
"Gah! Wait… Pumpkin? You've… sure grown up a lot.
…is that poo in your mane?"
"If my lord desires me to go down there, then I shall. But if I am given a choice, I'm not setting hoof down there again. It is a horrible place."
The two salute and return to the others.
Celaire nods
"That we do. Now, where to start?"


"Yeah, gentle gift from your chair."
Shake my head and throw some of that over her.
"Now, what were you running fr… Stupid question.
How's family?"


Rolling not to be horrified by this poo flinging.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Unless you've forgotten during your high and mighty time at the palace, I don't exactly have one. Or a home. Or money. Or food."


"First and foremost, do we want to involve anypony else?"


I frown and wrinkle my nose a little
"I can't believe this… I ask for one damn thing and it's already too much! Well I'm going down there whether you like it or not! And I'm going to put an end to that kingdom of dogs!"

I huff and walk away. Let's go find Frostmourn.


"And I'm working on fixing the last three.
For the first one, I was talking about the others.
How many are still alive?"


Dude it's just poo.
It comes out of butts.
Even you have a butt.
Don't be a butt about this.
"If you think the king is too weedy to begin with, don't you think nine on one are hard enough odds?"
Valeriana looks rather sad as you go
"Please don't do anything foolish… you're too important for me to lose…"
Frostmourn is with his mother.
They are both packing a little.
"How should I know? I was thrown out of the orphan home years ago. I couldn't even tell most of them by face any more. I guess you just stuck to mind somehow.
Possibly because you used to be a thief too.
…or maybe because I kinda liked you long ago.
But I digress."


"And you survived all this time alone? That's not much likely Peach…"


"Anything we can do to help you? Maybe find you a nice job as an apprentice?… you have other skills besides running away right?"

Roll #0 4 = 4


I bow before them
"Your highnesses."

I look at Snowflake sadly
"Queen Snowflake, I am deeply saddened by your loss. I wish there was something more I could have done for you and I feel terrible for not having done so."


"Not like that, dear, no. There might be others around him, like Valeriana or Venia. They too might think it is real and they are not to be taken lightly. And as long as we don't Break the spells of Frostmourne and Sunrise they may pose a threat too. That brings me to my other point, how do we prevent him to fight without magic?"


"Well not alone, Pookin. I've made friends along the years. As have you, it seems.
…never thought you'd be one for zebras."
"Hm. Yes. Yes I do.
I'd demonstrate but you have nothing worth stealing on you.
I can do other stuff too but for one reason or another I don't think they'd have quite the right effect on you."
She waves her hoof
"No need to be sad. Goldenblood… died years ago. That husk was not the pony I fell for so long ago…"



"Well, spellbreaking is a skill most paladins are familiar with.
And of course, we can always get those closest to him, like Venia, in on this too."


"What do you mean other stuff? If you're one of pumpkin's friends I can help you.. I can find you a job somewhere.. do you know how to sew? Maybe you know about plants, or how to cook? Or can do some kind of magic?"
I look over to pumpkin, "Help me out here bro, I'm sure we can help her somehow.."

Roll #0 5 = 5


I give her a small hug
"Still, losing a loved one… I feel for you, your grace."

I then turn to King Frostmourn

"Frostmourn I… I have a question. Do you remember the snowman we built on top of that mountain all those years ago?"


"Yeah, I know it is, but you still need to finish teaching me that. You know I was never good at spells, nor breaking them… Anyway, if we do, who do you think we let in on our plan? Venia and Valeriana are a given. Maybe Unyielding Anvil too. Anypony else?"


"And since I'm sure they all know much about your same field of expertise, let's just say I might have a an idea…
We will meet again, once the king comes back from his trip. Will you be at the market a month from now?"
"Zigga, if they get some right training, I think we got ourselves Northblade material."


She returns the hug
"I just want to go back to my husband now…"
Frostmourn thinks
"I think I do. Why?"
"…you're not too bright are you?
Do I need to give you a demonstration or something?"
"I may be there, or I may be in some unmarked grave. Depends on how shape the guards' eyes are. Why? You want to give me a post as a concubine or something?"
"That… Valeriana I do not trust one bit. She is a skulking shadow and I don't like those types…"


"Northblades.. I know she's you old friend but.. but pumpkin you trained for years to become one.. and you think that these thieves can be worthy of the title just by being good at sneaking around?"


I skirt closer and whisper in his ear
"And you remember the lord of frost too, I reckon?"


"She may be, yes… but she is deadly too. Do you want to lose a Warrior to her because of a misunderstanding?"


"You could say that. Concubine of the Kingdom, how you like that?"
"No, not really. But the biggest thing they need is devotion to the King. Let's see how that works out."


"No, I'm being serious here. I get that you're good at stealing and hitting people in weak spots.. and if you're so worried about your life being taken why not try to turn it around? I'm just asking what kind of place you might be able to work at.."


"It is not a thing one would easily forget. What are you getting at?"
"True. But I'll let you do the talking with her."
She smacks you across the face
"Just because I have to turn tricks at times to make ends meet does not mean I aspire to become some kind of royal whore!"
"…yeah you really aren't the brightest candle in the drawer.
Not much I know, really. I know how to handle a knife, I know how to steal, and I know how to give someone a good time. Really, that is what life has taught me. It has kept me alive. You don't have time for frivolities like flower picking or cooking when you barely have anything to eat at all."


"Of course my dear. Anypony else? If not, we need to discuss a place."


"Have you heard or seen anything about him since then?"


"What of that… Pumpkin guy?"
"No. I believe it slumbers on that mountain still."


"Oh god that's great!
Just the pride I was looking for!"
Take her under one hoof.
"I want you for something much more important.
Tell me, what do you think of Wintergrasp and the new King?"


"Yes, yes he is loyal to the king too, and not bad for a fighter either… I just hope he has enough discipline not to spill the beans. I'll talk to him too."


I look kind of sad and watch what happens.


"Hm… that could be an option… Thanks Frostmourn! I'll leave you to your packing now!"

I take my leave and go find Celaire and Radiant


"We got a new king? Excuse me for not following the fashion trends of royalty too. I know, must be unthinkable for one like you, palace dweller."
"Good. I think that's everyone then"
They seem to be with the Warriors.
A guard hurries over as you arrive
"Terribly sorry for the interruption everyone, but we have some… visitors in custody who demand to see the king at once. I thought it best to inform you first."


"Yeah we got one just today. And I need ponies that can sneak around and will take orders from him and him alone.
And don't fear pain.
Or death.
Or coming back to life after blowing up.
Yeah, that happened.
I'll come here in two weeks, you'll tell me if you and the others are game or not.
And take it from somepony who went through both lives, on this side it might be worse, but at least we got beds."


"What about the whereabouts?"


…"Are you sure this is a good idea?"


"We can always weed out the ones that don't make the cut."


She spits on you
"How very generous of you. Run along then and go take a nice warm bath at your suite at the palace with your lovely lady why don't you. I'll go tell everyone just what a kind heart you are, offering us all a chance to get killed for the king who just showers us in his gifts. Fuck off. You abandoned me and everyone else down here years ago. Why should we care about your king's needs for meat shields?"



"We'll decide later. Looks like something is up."
Celaire turns to the guard
"Well captain, these two… uh… dogs showed up. They look damn beat up. Well not beat up. I think cut up would be more appropriate."


"You… You are right.
I just disappeared back then. But fuck you, could you blame me? If you had a chance wouldn't you have done the same?
And now, I'm giving you an opportunity to change your life around. Quit stealing.
Quit running around from guards.
With nopony but the king to answer to.
I'm coming on to you with a damn honest work, no stupid charity or shit like that, what more can I do? Go back in time?"


"Hey I think you're going about this the wrong way."
"Look, its not like that.. I know that stallions are horrible to mares.. I was used by them myself before, thou for a more petty reason than staying alive.. I want to save you from that life, If you'll let me. ..and I think you have the wrong idea about Pumpkin and I, we're not a couple.. that position goes to his new wife.."


My ears perk up



"We need recruits. They need to be taken off the streets. Most of them are though cookies, I should know!
Less criminals around, more warriors for us.
We will just have to test their loyalty."


"Feh. Selfish cock.
But hey, not like any of us grew any different.
And don't even think of asking for your money pouch back or I'll cut your pretty little face off.
Now run along. I'll give this some thought. Talk to some ponies.
And if you think you still want to honour your deals when the time comes, look in the old cemetery, by the crypt of the court jester. You should be able to figure it out.
Was that all? I want to get this shit off me as much as you do."
"Nothing wrong with stallions. They want to get their rocks off and are often willing to part with coin for it. I don't blame them for it. I don't particularly enjoy it either but hey, it's better than starving."
She turns back to pumpkin with an incredulous look
"Wife? Seriously?"
"Yes ma'am. Two of them. Like I said, pretty cut up. Said they are on the run. Asked for sanctuary and to see the king. We have them in a holding cell if you want to see them."


"I would very much like to see them, lead me there!"

This cannot be mere coincidence, can it?


"Jokes on you, we both left our staff back home. I told you, no charity for today sweetie.
And yeah, a wife. Seriously. What's that even supposed to mean?"


"Right away ma'am. This way."
He takes you to the holding cells.
Two diamond dogs, clad mostly in rags and ripped clothes are there, under some blankets.
"We gave them some tea and the blankets to keep them warm. They're all yours. Call us if you need anything, we're right outside."
"Nothing, nothing.
Now scram before I change my mind about something."


"I'll make sure he keeps his word to you." I nudge pumpkin. "Come on bro, let's go."


"Mh. Yeah yeah."
Give her a grin and be off.
"Hey Kila, we need a shower."

Take a shower and be ready for the trip!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


I clear my throat to grasp their attention after which I open the door and walk in, looking them over.

"Diamond Dogs… that brings me back… What are your names?"


I wash off this filth and go to my room.

Roll #0 1 = 1


It is an unrewarding, cold shower. A reminder of the fact that you left a lot of old friends to starve back there while you enjoyed your time with the prince and crew.
They look up
The male speaks first
"I'm Cassit. This is Twofingers."
The female nods and finishes her tea. It isn't hard to see where she got the name. All fingers on both hands save for the middle ones have been cut off.
"And you are?"
You can feel an annoying itch after you're done.
You might have caught some sort of infection somewhere from bathing in shit.


How bothersome, maybe I should wash again to be sure.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Looks like a false alarm.
It was just leftover shit causing the itch.


"My name is Venia, I'm a spokespony for King Frostmourn. I'm afraid he is quite busy right now, so I came hear to listen to you instead."

I start pacing around

"I have to say I'm more than a little surprised to see Diamond Dogs in our fair kingdom. I haven't seen any of your species since I was a filly."


And I feel like shit about it.
But if everything goes as planned, everything will be good.
Take my stuff. The two daggers. The two hidden blades. The mask. The Northblade outfit.
Meet with Valeriana and Frostmourn.
It's time.


Whew, that's good. Now to get ready to go and worry about Pumpkin's poor friend a little later.. start packing, make sure to keep it down to one suitcase.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"I'm not surprised. Not many make it far after leaving the Underkingdom."
"We got lucky, sort of. Usually the penalty for helping prisoners escape is execution. We got off with exile. Not that it often makes much difference."
"Aye. The king had us mutilated and cast out, then sent guards to track us. Like fools, we sought out the prisoner we saved earlier. They got him and took him back. We barely made it, and well, taking safety in each other…"
"…we made it here. And we're mad as all hell. So we came to offer a deal."
They and the queen stand ready at the royal quarters.
Frostmourn has a heavy cloak on that disguises him almost entirely.
Snowflake simply has the clothes she had when she left Ironfoe years ago.
Valeriana has her Lordblade outfit.
You pack up, and head to meet the others.
Frostmourn gives you a look
"Huh? What are you doing here?"


Stand silent beside Frostmourn.


"Oh.. Valeriana wanted to me come and do a favor for her while we were there.. and I would like to be helpful to you.."


I look them over for a moment

This cannot be coincidence. It cannot be.!

"The Underkingdom? You have my full attention, tell me more!"


"I trust you can stay silent and hidden in that case.
…what's the bag for?"
Indeed none of the others have anything of the sort.
Cassit continues
"I used to be a student to the king. I guess too good a student, seeing as he had me so violently removed. So I want revenge. I want his crown for myself.
Make me the new Underking, and I will see to it the Underkingdom serves your needs and the needs of your king."


Keep watching. She can handle that.


"Now hold on a minute. The Underkingdom utilizes innocent slaves and forces them to work themselves to death. That is the biggest gripe I- We have with it!"


What did I miss


Venia went to see the dogs
"To death? Ha! If only. No no. Not even the dead can know peace from the Underking's evil.
Perhaps you are familiar with the art of Necromancy?"


What dogs


"I am indeed. And from what I hear the Underkingdom likes to utilize it. A lot. For bad, vile things."


Embarrassing, but okay.. "Of course I can stay hidden. I have been practicing it. " I reply confidently. "This little bag is just a few items, It won't be any trouble."


"I can guarantee for her abilities to remain unseen, mylord."


The dogs the guards took to holding. They want to make a deal.
"You could call it that. Once a slave to the Underking, always a slave to the Underking. When you die of either the work or the death around you, you just get right back up and keep going. That is how the kingdom expands. In both size, and population."
"You'd better. I can't exactly stop my arrival to explain I brought assassins just in case. That would be poor form.
Now if we are ready, let us make tracks. The trip will take all night."


"Just give the word, mylord."
Ready for the trip.


I join Venia in the dungeon.
"What is this about?"


"Naturally your majesty." I bow and stand next to the others.


I give them both a troubled look

"I feared as much… But what is your stance on that, Cassit? On enslaving innocents and making them work for eternity and beyond?"

I look at Twofingers

"And you? What about you? You've been pretty quiet so far."


"..yes, Frostmourn. It is time."
And so, heads held low, they all slipped into the night, heading for the old hidden tunnel through the mountain.
The entrance was so small a singe pony had to crawl through, but after it, the tunnel steadily widened to be large enough for an entire battalion to march side by side down it.
Coming from Ironfoe's side, it would allow an entire invading army to march in, only to be bottlenecked at the tiny exit, making the whole invasion force lost all momentum and become easy prey.
After hours of trekking in the mountain snow, you can see Castle Ironfoe in the distance. Hewn into the mountainside, it stands like an unbreakable fortress above a frozen lake.
Valeriana gets a tear in her eye.
"It's the way of the Underkingdom. How else would we mine for crystal and gems?"
Twofingers snaps you a look
"Not much to say. I want that sack of shit dead as much as Cassit does. I'm not big on smalltalk. I prefer action. Or, well, I did. I can't even hold a fucking knife any more."


I glower at him
"By doing it your damn selves maybe?"

I then look at Twofingers
"Why not? What happened?"


"I think it might be the loss of fingers, Venia."


"She's got plenty left though!"


Put a wing over her body.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


Twofingers looks at you like you're stupid, then sticks up her two remaining fingers in a rather rude gesture.
Cassit frowns
"Do you think there are nearly enough dogs down there to do the amount of mining needed? We do not thrive this far north. We'd be dying out without our… helpers."


"You could just always migrate south? Join your other dog brethren?"


"It's ok…
I'm just getting a lot of memories back, is all."
Frostmourn looks at the horizon
"Northblades. Hide and trail us.
I will go with mother as the sun rises.
…it's time to meet father at long last."
Snowflake nods
The royals starts making their way to the lake shore
You can see some sentries in the distance.
"So can you. Maybe we can have your nice warm castle once you're gone? And your big farmlands. And water. And sunlight."


Oh crap, I thought she just lost two of them, not all of them save for two.
"… right."

"If you become king of the Underkingdom and agree to ally yourselves to Wintergrasp, maybe we could work out an agreement where we send workers your way to help out. Maybe we can convince dogs from the south to move up north out of Equestria to help out as well."


"Yes mylord."
Turn to Valeriana
"Good luck mother."

Roll #0 3 + 3 = 6


"That attitude won't help. The Sun knows you were keeping slaves underground, and yet you want it's gentle caress on your own face?"


"A kind offer. But you're asking me to kill off old traditions here."
"The sun is a warm ball of fire that stops us from freezing to death."
Valeriana takes a look at the distance and quickly slips away into some trees, climbing them with years of knowledge and experience, leaping from one to the next like a weightless squirrel.
She is back home.
This is where she thrives.

The king and queen are soon spotted.
Several sentries rush down the kill to corner them.


"The Sun is much more than that, fool."
Try to summon my wings of light.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Make sure I have a decent vantage point on top of a tree. Take out a bow and be ready.

Roll #0 4 + 3 = 7


"Bad traditions. That cause endless suffering for many innocents. I'm sorry, I understand your situation completely and I am more than willing to help you work this all out, but asking me to just stand by and watch the Underkingdom continue its practices is a bridge too far."


"Yeah whatever. We've seen all kinds of empty headed zealots down there. They live and die all the same."
"…perhaps you are right. And I admit I am no position to bargain.
Make me the new Underking, and I will do my best to conform to your terms."
"Just let me get the killing blow. He likes his ironic punishments with cutting parts off. Lets see how funny he finds it when I cut his crown bearing HEAD off…"
Valeriana stays your hoof
"We don't want any attention. Just stay on them."

The sentries reach the king and Snowflake, then freeze in place, and soon kneel before her.
Snowflake motions them to rise, then all four of them head for the castle.
Valriana focuses, then rapidly leaps to another tree and makes for the castle walls.
Only now you realize there are at least two dozen of her shadows already in the trees nearby.


Nod to her and follow.
Find my own way inside the castle.


I follow along quietly, seeing the lord blades at work is really amazing.


"And what stops me to just getting rid of your slaver kind then, heretic?"

Try to calm down.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I believe we can work this out some further. With your help, we could make this mission a lot better planned out."

I give her a look
"Radiant? No need to get upset if they don't believe in the same things you do."


"And what about all the innocent lives they have taken for their greed?"


"And we will make sure to set things right, don't worry. They came to us to offer their help and information. And a promise to align themselves with Wintergrasp if we help out. This is something we simply have to consider."


"The Underking's armies?
The fact that you are bound by your orders?
Chill out lady. There are not your enemies even though they do not share your faith.
"That we could. I have knowledge of the Underkingdom's layout, and its hidden entrances. As well as the Underking himself."

You catch up to shadow atop some rooftops near the castle gates.
As the sentries get there, you see an opportunity to slip in.
The gate keepers open the main gates and two rush to inform the king, shouting as they go
Soon all the attention within is drawn to them, and moving unseen becomes very easy.


Keep following. And keep an eye on Kilana all the time. Find a decent spot high enough on the inside of whatever room Frosty is in.


"Still, don't expect me to tolerate your 'friends' if they keep abusing ponies. And following orders is not an excuse."


"Excellent. We can start planning once I have informed the necessary ponies about this. In the meantime, you are free to leave your cells and walk around. I will make sure your needs for food and drink are sated."


I follow closely and look at pumpkin for assurance. This is really important after all..


"Thank you kindly. I trust we can have our possessions returned to us as well?"
"Neither is it for you, zealot. If you raise a weapon to slay my kind once I am king, you are a murderer to me all the same."
Shadow quickly knocks out a rooftop sentry and moves along, her shadows leaping between roof supports, rafters, statues and tapestries to keep up with Snowflake and Frostmourn.
Soon you hear hurried hoofsteps closing in from the other direction.
The king is rushing ahead, his sunken eyes wet from tears, his wispy beard flowing in the wind.
At his side, some royal elite guards rush along.

At the center of the grand assembly of the upper castle, they meet.
"Yes my love. I have returned…"
The king throws odd his cloak and rushes to hug his wife
"MY SNOWFLAKE! Oh how I've missed you… It has been… so long…"


Stand very still.
Watch this closely.
Count the number of guards and the possible exits.
The layout of the whole castle.
Keep focused on the two Kings.


"I would rather not you carry any weapons for now. I'll think about it though. Now, is there anything else you wish for?"


"And you want me to just stand aside while you rob ponies of their freedom and work them to death?"


"A place to sleep would be nice. And a warm meal if you can spare one."
"And a stiff drink."
You can ask the guard if you want to see their possessions.
"There may be no need for that in the future."


"If you promise that, I'll do everything in my abilites to help."


"Very well. A fair request."

Go find that guard and ask him to see their possessions. After that ask him to get these two something warm to eat from the palace kitchens.


After a long embrace, King Deep Rock looks up from his wife, noticing the cloaked pony behind her.
"Dearest… who.. is this?"
"Deep Rock, my love… this… is your son. Frostmourn-"
Frostmourn levitates off his cloak, revealing his broken crown and sheathed Foerist.
"-King of Wintersgrasp"
The young king looks up.
The resemblance between him and his parents is unmistakable. Though not nearly as large or imposing as his father, he has his eyes and mane.
"Father. We meet at last."
Deep Rock is speechless for a moment

"I will do my best. That is all I can say"
The dogs nod in thanks
A guard rushes to get food, while another shows you their stuff
"Three knives, an amulet and a big ol' creepy scythe. Nothing else. No money, no gems, no food, nothing."


"If I hear you won't give it up after we are done, I will go back down for you myself."


Well. Stand very, very still.


"Hmmm… keep it locked somewhere safely for now. I'd rather not have strangers walking around with weapons, friendlies or not. Now, go arrange two rooms for these two where they can sleep."

I return to the holding cell

"Food is on the way. Rooms are being arranged. I'm afraid your possessions will have to wait for the time being though."


Frostmourn looks him in the eye and unfolds his wings of light
I come to you with an offer.
I seek to unite the North under one banner. Under one king and his court. And I offer you a place in said court.
Lay down your crown, and the hammer of your forefathers, and you may keep your throne. You, and mother, will be the caretakers of this land. My viceroys. You will answer to me, but keep your own rule in this place.
Do this, and we may live happily. All of us."
There is a gasp in the crowd.
Deep Rock looks displeased
"And what makes you think I will bow to you?"
"If that happens, then I have already failed regardless."
"Fair enough…"
"Oh? Hm. Can I at least have a cane or something then? I have a little… trouble walking."


Ready myself.
"Moon, guide my blade."
Stand ready. Watch the guards.


"Do your best then."


"A cane? Sure, I'll have the guards fetch you a stick in a moment… heh, fetch a stick."

I try to conjure a makeshift walking stick for now.

"So, why don't you tell me a little more about yourselves first? I haven't seen a diamond dog in… years."

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


Valeriana sits quietly
"This is his battle. Not ours."

Deep Rock pulls his hammer
"Prove your worth. Prove you are my son!"
He charges fort
Frostmourn pulls his own blade
"I had hoped it would not come to this!"
'r2 1d10'
"I will. Believe me. I will."
Cassit takes the stick and stand up with it.
"Thank you. Where should we begin? I was an apprentice to the Underking."
"I was a street thug."
one of the guards returns with food
"I have a room prepared too."

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Nod, and just watch.




"How old are the two of you?"

I look at Twofingers strangely
"A street thug? You mean a tunnel thug right? Or a mineshaft thug."


Deep Rock may be old, but he is still an imposing fighter. A few massive blows dent Foerist before knocking Frostmourn back. As he seeks to regain his footing, Deep Rock kicks the sword away and raises his hammer
"I have no son."
Snowflake then rushes to him, embracing him in tears
"Put the hammer down… please… I… I don't want any more pain… just… please…"
The old kings face melts into a pained smile as he lowers his hammer, then drops it entirely as he embraces his queen.
"I would not dare do anything to hurt you… Not now that I have you back at last."
Frostmourn struggles back up and inspects the damaged sword
"So, what is your final answer?"
Deep Rock stands in silence.
Snowflake weeps on his side, pleading quietly
The old king then sighs and removes his crown
"…For the good of all, I yield. But you are no son of mine. King Frostmourn.
May you rule wisely."
Valeriana shaker her head.
"There is an old wound I must go close now. You two. I have a mission for you.
Go to the graves, and find the remains of Old King Ironmane. Take them, and return to Wintersgrasp.
…I'll catch up as soon as I can."
Snowflake and Deep Rock are still embracing in silence.
Frostmourn picks up the crown
"Then let it be known that this day, it was not Wintersgrasp that conquered Ironfoe. It was this day the two kingdoms united, to form a single, stronger, equal nation. That, of the Northern Empire."
"In his studies of magic."
"Thirty three."
"Twenty one. Why?
And are you implying we don't have streets down there, grass muncher?"


"Oh… Black Arts."


I chuckle

"I suppose I did. I'm not sure what to imagine when thinking about your Underkingdom."

I nod



"Will it be allright to leave the king?"


"Black Arts, Death Arts, Necromancy, Corpse Sorcery, Rot Wizardry, Maggot Magic, what ever. Yes."
"It's a kingdom. Under the ground. Under. Kingdom. Simple."
One look at the family reunion scene reassures you.
He'll be fine.


Nod to Valeriana and Stealth away.
Remain unseen, least a pandemonium start.
Reach the grave.

Roll #0 7 + 3 = 10


I roll my eyes
"I know that much. But where do you get your food? How do you live without sunlight? How do you deal with cave-ins and suffocation and all that crap? And how far does this kingdom reach?"


"And just how powerful is he?"


"We eat those who die and are too mangled to be useful.
Or those who just look tasty.
Sometimes we raid a caravan.
Some eat the fungus and lichen that grows down there.
You get used to the dark down there, and the fires provide light.
And yes, cave-ins are a danger. But so is lighting. And bears. And avalanches. And we at least have none of those.
As for how far it reaches… I can safely say, everywhere by now."
"Very. I can raise and control maybe for, five undead. Him? I think he has hundreds in his direct command, and hundreds more he has imposed autonomy upon."
It is not too hard to find. Indeed it is a rather big tomb. A trophy of sorts to Deep Rock over his victory against the rival king.

Snowflake and Frostmourn separate from Deep Rock for a moment.
As he steps into his own room to get some glasses and a bottle, he stops as soon as he sees his old assassin in his room, waiting.
"My king…"
"Shadow Song."



Roll #1 10 = 10


I nod, completely unfazed.

"I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. You are carnivores after all. But still though, don't you think that's a little… vile?"


Spit at hearing those heretic things but ignore it.



Right. Now, off to desacrate a grave.
Is anypony around?


Do you think growing living plants in captivity just to kill and devour them is? That trading cut off plant genitals as a sign of affection is?"
"If I had a few days, I could run along a tunnel to get from here to the borders of Equestria if I so desired."
Guess the whole "THE QUEEN HAS RETURNED" thing has everyone's attention.
The tomb is rather solid, but the door seems well oiled. Looks like someone likes to come see the bones and gloat.

Valeriana bows
"It has been a long time"
"No. No amount of time would ever be enough. Get out of my sight you filthy traitor! YOU STOLE MY QUEEN FROM ME! YOU ARE THE REASON FOR NEARLY TWO DECADES OF LOST SLEEP AND ENDLESS PAIN!"
Valeirana takes a step back
"B-but she is back now! And with your son! F-for a greater good I-"
She is trebling a little


You bastard. Sending me away like that.
Can I pick the lock?
Is there even a lock?
Move inside and take a look around.
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 2 = 2


I take a few moments to process that.

"You mean… you could go anywhere you want underground the tunnels? And it's full of undead?"


"Uh… plants are different from actual sentient beings, I think… Like completely different."


Valeriana knew there would be fallout. She did not want you to see it.
There is no lock. You just walk inside.
The bones are in an open coffin. The spine is snapped in half.
"More or less. Well, some sections have long since caved in, and others are unfinished. But in theory, yes."
"They are conceived and born, they grow, they feed, they breathe, they breed, they die.
What makes them so different? Just because they don't scream when you cut them does not mean you are not killing them all the same."

Valeriana takes one last step back and tries to reach out to the king, who smacks the hoof away then puncher her in the mouth
In tears, the once proud assassin skulks out of the door, defeated, and knowing she only tore that would further open.


What? Open coffin? Crap there must be somepony in here!
Then I'm angry at her.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"This…. is bad…"


I frown.

"Now hold on one minute. Ponies are different from plants. We can do so much more than they do! For starters, we know how to love and hate! We are aware of our own existence and can think critically about things in life!"


Guess Deep Rock just liked it that way.
"Bad for some, good for others. Such is life."
"Have you asked any of the flowers whose dicks you cut off and ate what they thought of you? Didn't think so."

Valeriana is already making good time back to Wintersgrasp.
There is nothing but pain back in Ironfoe.
She just needs to get away.


"Those undead are threatening everypony! What if they break to the surface!?"


I stomp a hoof on the ground, getting a little angry with the dog.
"They can't talk! They are plants! They don't know how to think! They don't have emotions! They don't have civilization! They aren't aware of their own damn existence!"


Take out my lil' graverobber kit and carefully save every bone.
Make double time to check on Frosty.

Roll #0 3 + 3 = 6


"Why would they? What good are miners who are not mining?"
"I would believe they think the same of you."
He is with the king and queen.
"So… Frostmourn. What do you plan next, now that you have united our kingdoms?"
"Well, Viceroy Deep Rock, next I will go and rekindle some old contacts with Rockeye, to add them to our empire. Then, with these united forces, take on Eaglecrest."
"Ha! A bold plan. If you weren't such a useless stick of a pony, I'd imagine you really did spring from my loins!"
"Yeah… speaking of that. I know you had some golem crafters in this kingdom?"
"Ah yes. Golden Oats. A skilled pony that one. Too bad about his wife."
"Aye. Liquidy Mint. Helped him perfected the art of golem building. And then poof. Just vanished one night. No trace of her anywhere."
"How terrible. Can I see Golden Oats?"
"Certainly. He is at the forges, in the inner castle. Come, I'll take you."


"It doesn't matter! They are mindless undead! They could be used for anything their master wants them!"


Can I follow him without stealthing anymore or will I have to keep hidden?

Roll #0 4 + 3 = 7


"That's… that's stupid! Why would you believe that!?"


"Perhaps, yes. But nobody has ever even brought an idea like that up. We are not warlike.
…you seem to be, however."
"I've spoken to those who are in tune with all life. They often complain how the plants feel so frightened. Take for example, the tree. It lived for far longer than a dog or pony. It also sees time much more slowly. One moment it senses its friend next to it. The next, it is gone. To a pony, it took a day to fell that tree. To the tree, it was the blink of an eye."
You seem to be able to trail him.
Deep Rock takes him to the inner palace. A red hot place with rivers of molten rock flowing through it.
After a trek through the living areas here, they reach the Grand Forge. Fed with molten magma from the heart of the mountain, it is where the finest steel in the world is made.
Frostmourn seems very impressed by it all
"Can I ask for two favors?"
"Go ahead."
"For one, I wish to speak with Golden Oats. For the other…"
He pulls out Foerist
"I want your best smiths to take this and melt it down. Along with your hammer. Then forge them into a new weapon. A single, stronger one made from the two old weapons. A symbol of lasting unity."
Deep Rock stops to think
"Hmm… very well. I don't like it, but… I do have a soft spot for symbolism. So be it. I will have our best smith do it.
Golden Oats works just over there."
"You have my thanks, viceroy."
Frostmourn goes to speak with the golem maker, while Deep Rock summons his master smith, and presents him with this grand task.


"I just want to protect ponies from the wretched creatures your master created."


Can I talk with Frosty?


where am I?


"That's rubbish! You are full of crap!"


Not without revealing yourself.
At the palace.
Frostmourn is now king, and Unyielding is his viceroy in charge of managing Wintersgrasp.
The king is absent at the moment, as are Pumpkin and Kilana.
"I don't see why. They are more like shovels than work on their own. Not soldiers."
"Oh? Getting all high and mighty on me now? Hm. Well, I suppose you are entitled to whatever beliefs let you sleep better at night."


Very well. I'm rather interested in what's going on thou.
Disguise roll.

Roll #0 1 = 1


alright then! teleport to Winterbreeze, i believe she said something about caligraphy before

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


How screwed am I?

Roll #0 2 = 2


"But there's a great many of them from your descritpions, they don't feel pain or compassion, even their sheer numberrs could endanger entire settlements!"


I glower at her.
"Hmph. If I ever see you eating a pony I will not just stand back and watch, you hear me?"


You fall down from a rafter making a huge noise.
Both kings, the queen and several royal guards have spotted you.
"Oh hey again. What's the occasion?"
"Maybe. But they have no reason to."
You are arguing with Cassit, not Twofingers.
"Oh? So now we're not allowed to eat either? Fine. I guess we'll just sit here and starve on your hospitality. Do you at least have fish or something? Or is eating those somehow wrong too?"




sit next to her
"What was it you were asking about caligraphy?"


My eyes widen. and I mouth the words 'pumpkin?!' I wait in the shadows for him holding on to the bones.


Oh boy never saw that one coming.
The palace is now on high alert.
A lordblade has been detected.
Guards are rushing to seal off all exists.
Deep Rock issues the order to fall back to the golem forge. He, Frostmourn, Snowflake and the smith rush in there.
"Just if you know about it"


Let's assume I gave those to you earlier, you are the bone expert between us.


"Well you seem to be wanting out of those tunnels very much. What if the Underking gets the same idea?"


"You can eat rabbits, ducks and fish all you want. But ponies are not for dinner!"


It would be very IC to give them to me.


"Somewhat, I've not really delved into it other than skimming a book or two. What did you have in mind? Writing contest? haha"


WELL NOW! Time to get the hell out of here! Stealth away with Kilana.
Please tell me she was already gone.

Roll #0 1 + 3 = 4


I'll just drag you away into the shadows. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Knowing him, I doubt it.
For one, he can't walk."
"Well aren't you a kind soul. Do you have any on offer?"
"Nah. It just seemed like a more expressive way to study the Dark Tongue than just writing. And it looks pretty too."


"Don't you get spiffy with me! I've kindly allowed you to stay here and feed you our meals. Even agreed to help you! So you best understand that if this plan is to work out, I don't want to see any ponies on your menu from now on! Understand!?"


How many? Slip again into stealth. Find the control room, or wherever they sealed the doors from. And get Kila out of here!

Roll #0 6 + 3 = 9


What.. come on we can get out of this.. just bring him into the shadows.. to the roof or something

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Oh, ok I'll be in the training grounds"
kiss her on the cheek, smack her on the butt, then head to the library and look for something relating to being Stealthy

Roll #0 7 = 7


They sealed the door by closing them and putting three guards at each.
This is ye olde ages my boy.
You are inside a mountain.
What roof?
A guard patrol passes by you.
Frostmourn is speaking with Golden Oats about his leg.
"I already agreed to halting the creation of further undead. How many damn culture reforms are you going to ask for?"
[How Not To Be Seen - By: B.J. Smegma]


head to the training grounds and read it

Roll #0 8 = 8


Regroup with Kilana
"We need to get out of here. Keep cool and avoid detection at all costs. Do not come out to help me, is it clear?"

Do I see any practical exits? Anything?

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Right.." Is there a way to get out behind the patrols?

Roll #0 1 = 1


I scrunch my face slightly

"This is not a big deal! Do you honestly believe we would be able to send you any workers from our kingdoms when you are busy devouring their kin!?"


There is a poorly guarded exit there
And the guards will soon find them.
"…just the dead ones…"
[–the most important aspect of not being seen is not to stand up at an inopportune time]


No they won't. Stealth around and recover the bones.

Roll #0 6 + 3 = 9


Then, point Kilana towards the exit.


"It doesn't matter if they were already dead! We are herbivores! If we see carnivores eating our own kind then we are bound to feel uncomfortable!"


read a bit more

then try to be stealthy while moving about '1d10'

Roll #0 8 = 8

Roll #1 2 = 2


Alright, lets get the fuck out of here.


You toss a loose brick at a wall and slip past as the guards turn to look.
You have an easy route from here to the outside.
[–it is also important to keep in mind your surroundings. Look for hiding spots. Dark shadows. Things to stand behind–]
While reading, you smack head first into a tree.
"Well I promise not to eat anyone if you are looking."


go through that route now!


Move our asses and get on Valeriana's trail. On the double.
Not much we can do while the whole palace is on high alert.


"Agh!.. ow"
rub my head and use heal on it.

then start practicing to be stealthy '1d10'

Roll #0 2 = 2

Roll #1 1 = 1


"That's… Just… Gaaaah!"
I storm out of the room angrily. Let's go visit Unyielding before I lose it and smack this dog.


The guard guides the dogs to their guest room, and gets them a warm meal.
Unyielding is polishing his throne
"Hey dear. You look a little mad. What happened?"
You flee the palace, leaving Frostmourn behind. He won't be back for a while as the guards need to do a full sweep to find the Lordblade, and even then he will need a full escort to return.
This will surely look great on your debriefing.
But hey at least you found Valeriana.
She is standing on a cliff.
Several shadows are doing their best to restrain her
Your horn has a little fracture in it.
You stumble around for a moment stupidly, then crash into a big stallion.
"Hey! Watch where you're going!"


I tell him everything I've learned so far after I left him earlier.


"Ah! Uh-h s-SORRY! My bad!"
oh jeez, back away and feel out my horn.
"Oh no, oh no non ononnononononononnononono"
try, try to heal the fracture!

Roll #0 5 = 5


Not like we can work with a castle on full lockdown. And Kilana is not even a true lordblade, she only knows how to hide.

What the hell is wrong with…


"Shadowsong?!" I run over to her and stand in front of her. "Valeriana Swansong.. teacher.. what are you doing?"


"Well that IS quite something. Who knew trees had such a slow sense of time. I wonder if gnats see time even faster than we do…"
He looks rather concerned
"You ok?"
The fracture is leaking magic, but does not seem terminal, only painful.
She shadows pin her down harder


"No.. that's not true, we're here.. we brought the remains you wanted.. don't you want to make peace and keep on living?"

Roll #0 2 = 2


Run over there.
Fly over there, in front of her, and give her a strong, hard slap across the face.
Look at me and repeat that!"
Rolling not to cry.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"My- ow

My horn it's.."
don't think about the pain

"Sorry I bumped int yu"
navigate my way to the doc's office

Roll #0 3 = 3


>5 is n….

Roll #0 3 = 3


"It's not true honey! That's a load of horseapples!"


He comes along to help you.
While totally staring at your ass the whole way.
Doc takes a look
"Hm. Well this isn't anything dangerous. Lets get it wrapped up. No magic for a day and it will be as good as new."
"Oh… oh well. An interesting idea regardless. So you say the Underkingdom is real then?"
She tries to look.
You can see her heart is shattered. Her eyes are nothing like the strong, hard ones they once were
"P-Pumpkin… I've been a bad pony… an evil pony… I've hurt so many…
I just… I want to go."


"No magi- …wh- but-…"
lower my head
head out of the office, to the library I guess

Roll #0 1 = 1


"It is. And it is MASSIVE. Spread out all over the Northlands! Can you believe that? Can you imagine the potential? All those secret routes! All those resources!"


You turn to leave, and end up planting an unplanned kiss on the stallion who so kindly helped you here.
"Hey! Thanks for that~"
"Indeed. I'm sure Frosty will be thrilled. This might even change those big plans of his."


blush. hard.


Roll #0 8 = 8


"What in tartarus do I care?"
Shout at her, my eyes red from tears.
"So have I.
I murdered an innocent pony who was suffering, and didn't do it for him. Didn't even blink.
Who the fuck do you think you are, jumping off, just quitting?
You think I wouldn't want to quit? Pack up everything and go away from here? Run from the fucking Equestrians and be done?
But I cannot! There are ponies here who depend on me!
And I depend on you! You idiot, selfish old bastard!
What, I took your name so that it could last one meager generation more before disappearing?
I can't do this without you, mother! Please!"
Now having cried everything I had, try to hug her over the many shadows pinning her down.
"What is it, mother? Talk to me…"

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


"Come on, you've done so much good with your life, and you were just starting to smile.. I saw it little by little in our sessions you were stoic and then started to smile once in a while.. a little proud smile at first, and then seeing pumpkin's wedding.. you were crying with joy.. isn't that worth feeling again? Can't you tell us what's driving you here?"

Roll #0 8 = 8


I nod eagerly

"Oh yeah! He'll definitely be thrilled about this!"


"…I miss him, kids.
…I miss him so much.
Looking back… at everything I once was. Everything I said and did…
…I want to tell him I'm sorry
I just… want to feel his warm heart again. Hear his voice…
…He took me in like none other ever could. He gave everything without asking for anything.
…I want him back…
I want to feel it again… I want to feel that love…"
"We should tell him as soon as he gets back.
But until then… feel like taking a stroll?"


"Kila, go get Venia! Some alcohol! Something! Anything!"


And in a flash you are gone, leaving this new friend to wonder where the lovely girl he only just met went.
She was really nice~


I smile warmly at him

"With you? Any day of the week sweetheart~ We need to plan a wedding after all!"


"That we do. Maybe some fresh air will give us ideas."


"Alright, just keep her with us… I don't want to have to try that skill without cause.."
"Please, you can't feel anything when you're dead.. just stay alive.. for us.. if no then.. for yourself, you deserve a chance at those feelings.." stealth up and go look for venia.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Well then, let's go! We'll need a date, first of all. When did you hope to get it done?"


"I can't believe you.
All this, just to jump off a cliff?
All these years with me, with Venia, with Snowflake?
You'd just throw it all away because he's not here anymore? Is it even worth it?
Are we so insignificant?"
Try not to cry again, because this is important.
"I've failed you, is this what you mean? I wasn't enough of a family, couldn't give you the love you needed?"
Stand there, sobbing.
"Please. I need to know."

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


You just run screaming into the palace.
I just wanted to throw away everything. And run…
…like I did before.
I wanted to start over.
I feared I had failed you. I like failed Deep Rock. And Ilistar…
…and yes… I can't even describe how special he was…
…I'm sorry… so sorry you had to see me like this…"


Well that was effective I guess.. is Venia here?

Roll #0 9 = 9


"When? When did I ever… When did I ever complain?
I just wanted everything to be like normal.
A normal damn family.
And I was happy. You are everything I could have dreamed of. Why?
Why would you too abandon me? Wasn't once enough?"
I'm about to lose it.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Kilana? What's wrong!? why are you screaming like that?"


I guess I am not.
Northblades. Ice as cold as snow.
"Let's get you cleaned up and go back home, mother."
Give her one last hug.


"come quickly, Shadowsong needs you." I get Venia's tail over to that cliff now.

Roll #0 10 = 10


Looks like you ruined a moment with her and Unyielding though.
She is starting to calm down
"I never wanted to hurt you… or abandon you.
I only yearned to go to the one place where I never needed to hide. Where I was never judged. Or looked down upon.
Where I was treated with love. Not fear."


Fine, bring unyielding too

Roll #0 2 = 2


"What!? Why?"

I'm pretty sure I arrived there in the blink of an eye with that 10. I look at Pumpkin and Shadow confusedly

"Uh… Weren't you supposed to be on a trip?"


You find Pumpkin with a broken down, weepy Veleriana at a cliffside.
"Venia… I… I can't take it any more…
…I miss my Ilistar…
…I'm so sorry you had to see me like this.
…But I'm glad you came."


"But we showed you love.
Me, and Kila, and Venia, and Snowflake, and Frosty and damnit Bearing too, even if you terrorized her.
We all love you. I didn't judge you when you toyed around with that dead Lordblade. I didn't fear you after you had beated me up when we first met.
There's so much more to you than just running.
Please mom. Please."
Hold her close, cry on her chest.


She hold you close
"…I know.
I'm sorry for acting up like that.
…but you understand, right?
You understand that I miss him, and why I miss him?"


Sigh and calm down.
"I do."


"What? What are you talking about!? Why are we discussing this on a dangerous cliff?"


"She was going to jump Venia.."


I frown and look at Shadow seriously

"Shadow… don't tell me this is true. Why… Why?"


She sighs
"It is a long story about a lost girl with nowhere to go, and a handsome stallion who gave her a life and a home.
…and now an old lady misses that life.
But… I have a new life here.
A new family, and a new home.
…with great friends. And kids of her own."
She gets up
"Kilana. Do you have the gift we got for Unyielding?"


I nod "Yes.. the fallen King Ironmane.. We have it.."


I walk up to her and put my hooves on her shoulders

"You do have a new life here Shadow. And I care so very deeply for you. You are my best friend in this entire world. You… you're like a sister I never had. Part of the only family I have left on this planet."


"Then, if you are not running anywhere, there's something I have to take care of in Ironfoe."
Can I safely leave back for Ironfoe without her getting more messed up?


You can, but get rid of the lordblade suit and prepare to have a good fucking excuse to be there.
"It means a lot to me… Thank you Venia. For being here for me."
Unyielding goes dead serious
Valeriana hurries to explain
"We brought him back… for proper burial.
And I thought you might want a chance to talk to him one last time."
Unyielding swallows
"I- I'd… I'd love to…"

Valeriana nods and casts a spell on the bones, calling forth the spirit of Old King Ironmane



I embrace her.

"And for me… family is the most important thing in the world."

I quickly break off the hug as the spirit of Ironmane appears, backing off a little.


Ditch mask and Lordblade outfit.
"The royal advisor Verne sent me to be personal escort for the King."
How does that sound?




"Oh, hello, Venia. I was looking for you. We need to talk. In private."


"Hmmm? What's the matter, Radiant?"

I look around to see if nopony else is listening in and scoot closer.


I smirk and lean closer to speak quietly.
"The Warriors of Sun and I will attack King Frostmourne."


"You WHAT!?"

I conjure myself a lightning warhammer and glower at her threateningly

"You care to repeat that, Radiant?"

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


"You heard me right. The Warriors of Sunlight will assault Frosty. And you are not going to stop us. Becaues it will be staged."

Keep calmly smirking.


I frown but lower my warhammer and back down a little

"Staged? Why? Why would you want to risk ponies getting needlessly hurt for a ruse attack?"


"When Frostmourne was crowned, Celaire and I could only think of one thing. He has all the wits to lead the Kingdom, but he sure does not look like a King. He has been neglecting his body. We are going to give him an example, a lesson if you may, that he needs to concentrate more on getting stronger.
We'll show him a life-like example. If he can't defend himself from the ponies that guard him, will he be ever really safe?"


I start pacing around nervously

"I see your point and I agree Frostmourn could do with some physical training but… I'm not entirely sure I like the idea of risking an attack on him to prove it. Even if it's a ruse. Shadow would protect him and kill without question if she saw him in trouble. As would Sunrise. And Pumpkin. And just about anypony close to him."


"And yes, as would you. That's why I'm letting you on it, as will I let in Pumpkin and Valeriana. Sunrise is not a threat to us as long as we have our Spellbreakers. And don't worry, I ordered the Warriors to just fake the attack, and they cannot even touch a hair on Frostmourne. It will be either Celaire or me who will spar with him, since we know how to defend ourselves if things go wrong."


I'll be back in about an hour and a half to continue


I keep pacing around as I listen to her plan.

"With Pumpkin and Shadow in on the plan the chances of a bad outcome have been reduced dramatically. But I want Sunrise to know about this as well, I do NOT want her to get hurt because of a misunderstanding. I'm also a little wary of how Frostmourn will react to this."


"I don't know about Sunrise. I think she may either spill the beans or won't be able to act properly when we do it. Maybe it would be best if she wasn't there at all.
And he is clever enough to learn a morale of it. I don't even care if he'll be mad at me. This is something that we must warn him about, and do it in a drastically so he won't ever forget."


"Mmm… you may have a point there. I could even draw Sunrise away from the prince at the time to be sure."

I stop pacing, bringing a hoof to my chin in contemplation

"Alright, you convinced me. I'm in."


I clap my hooves together excitedly then grab her in a hug.

"Thank you! I knew I could count on you! If you could draw Sunrise away that would be perfect! I promise Frosty won't get hurt!"


I return the hug

"I know Radiant, I know. I'll take care of Sunrise not being around. Don't underestimate Frostmourn by the way, he may not look like much but his magical ability is quite potent. Should I inform Unyielding as well?"


"You would do me a favor, yes. I'm sure that he trusts you more than me anyway. And as I said, we have Spellbreakers and our own protective abilites. It will be fine."


"Mmmm… fair enough. Just give me the word when it will happen, alright?"


"Of course, I'll have you know it. Thank you again for cooperating in this!"


fight the urge to just leave Naik to his doing. clearly I have lost the race here.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"No! I will not leave just because he got here first! I didn't leave when that village was being attacked! I didn't leave when I was outnumbered! The only zebra who can make me leave now is the Lady Kilana! Though… I preceive I am at quite a disadvantage not knowing magic. She seemed to admire that about Sir Naik. And… well I'm not exactly the most cultured here. they both have royalty at their cause, here I almost had to fight tooth and nail to know where she was… If I weren't so smitten I could deem this a lost cause and go.."
damn you RNG


Sometime during this year, Kilana is walking around the school. Wondering where her suitors might be.


see her and run up
rolling for private courage
"KIlana! Miss Kilana!"

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Oh, hello there Leviso. " I smile at you a little awkwardly. "What's up?"


fuck you dice!
"It is fortuitous to see you! I..

I apologize for not really making as much an impression in our previous encounters other than running off. However I must tell you this."
take a deep breath
"I am not the real suitor."
wait for her response


I laugh a bit "What are you talking about? Is this your idea of joke?" then I stop and lean in close. "You aren't a spy are you?"


"A sp- what!? Of course not! I could never!"
back up a little
"My apologies in this manner, but I could never be one for such measures!"

"But I'm sorry. this is no joke. I understand that you could very well be furious about me regardless. However I'm not a spy."


I look really puzzled. "But.. why were you sent here as a fake? I don't get it.. I mean.. I understand them sending two choices.. or even a spy I could understand but.. who sent you here? And why are you telling me this now? I'm sorry I just.." '1d10' to figure out what I'm feeling about this.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Heart broken, betrayed, and angry it seems. "explain this." I snap at you while holding back tears.


"I wasn't sent here, necessarily… I came. On my own accord. I-…

Well I got tired of being ordered around. I don't mind standing at attention, taking orders, working to help others, fighting, so others don't have to.. But when it's a thankless job. When it turns to a depressing chore. I wanted out. One day I overheard talk of a lovely zebra getting a suitor. and a crazy thought sprung in my head.

Hey! Why don't I beat the real one there and get married instead!

It sounded a whole lot better then too….

well after some digging around I found out your name and immediately set out. I wasn't… I didn't mean this."


"You wanted to steal another stallion's bride? I can't even.. you can't do that you know.. " I shake my head. "I've set many of my friends up with partners.. and never bothered for myself.. then my parents send me dis letter about a perfect stallion for me, and I was kind of, at peace with it, and then.. two of you arrive together it was horribly confusing.. " I ramble on a bit. "Well.. you came clean with me now, and you still want to marry somepony.. So we just have to find you somepony that fits." I say confidently. "Yeah, I can do that for you."


"Thank you. But all this time I had my eyes set on you, on what I heard you can do, on what I imagined how great my live would be once I met you. Nothing much else would do.

Yes, that would help. However it wouldn't be the same.

I'll leave you be Kilana. I imagine you don't want be near me after this. Goodbye"

head off to my room or something


"Hey stop running away from me!" I stomp on the ground in frustration.


gulp, then turn back to face her
"But why? I revealed that I'm not the one you'd be marrying, I practically brought you to tears.. I don't want to continue this!"


"If you really liked me so much you would stay for more than a mere second and try to get to know me. I've barely even spoken to you and you say you imagined a life with us together? Then you run away from me all the time? Zigga, you be trippin' if you think that will impress me. "


"I thought it the best course of action! Hoping to find you at a time when you weren't busy with your school, your friends or your actual suitor to take you aside and try to impress you then. I don't know how that would've worked seeing your importance to others or why I thought it would work but, It was how I was going to approach you. 'Respectfully' if that's a well enough word for it.."


"Its true we haven't had much time alone, and that we can't really be together, because of the arrangement my parents made.. but you came all this way to meet me, the supposed mare of your dreams, and have hardly spoken to me? You could have asked me away from my friends or something. I would have said yes you know.. But perhaps it is best that we part ways now.. I'm sorry you came here for nothing.."


"I'd have rather not stepped on any of your friends' or Naik's hooves. But yes, I guess it's time I leave this frozen land."
start to leave but turn back
"It was not for nothing. Meeting you was more than worth it."
then head to my room and start packing whatever stuff I have


>not shoes
bad Leviso!


I sigh and go sit at the table. It was the right thing to do, I mean.. I already have a great stallion for me, and my parents weren't wrong, Naik is pretty much prefect, he loves my voice, does magic and is a real genltcolt.. but Leviso came here from just rumors about me? What am I supposed to think of that?


I wonder if I should try and find my lovely bride…


I'm in the cafeteria poking at some salad in deep thought.


After some looking around head to the cafeteria, that's where she hangs out sometimes!

I walk over to the table.
"Pleasant day, Kilana! What's up?"
I motion at the place next to her.
"May I take a seat?"


"Oh, of course Naik. Its nice to see you again." I smile a bit weakly "Are you enjoying it here?"


Sit down next to her.
Can I see her distress?
"It's nice to see you too! And oh of course, I do find this place charming, especially when I am with you to warm my heart in this cold weather!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Boring roll pls

Roll #1 1 = 1


Nope, totally oblivious


I chuckle a bit, "Have you heard any good tales lately? I could use a good story."


I chuckle a bit as well.
"Uh.. let's see… oh, I have one! And I think you'll like it too!"


I smile more honestly this time. A good story will be just the thing to keep my mind off of Leviso. "Would you like me to set the mood for you? Perhaps a sad, happy, or romantic song?"


"Hmmm, now that you mention it, an upbeat and romantic song might do it justice!"


Rolling to set the mood with a nice song.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


I nod my head with a smile as I get a grasp of the beat, then start my story, not singing, but accomodating to the rythm.

"This is a story about a beautiful mare
She's the kind of zebra you don't see anywhere
She lived far away in a frozen land of snow
And she's listening to this tale right now

Our hero has heard of this and couldn't wait
Knowing that he must venture there as faith
Has decided the two shall meet each other
And get married to live happily forever

And he said
'Hey Lady, I've heard you live North of the border
Do not worry as your days won't get any colder'

So to the far away Kingdom he has made his way
In the hopes that once he is there he may
Win the heart of the most beautiful mare."


I keep a nice rhythm for you tale, my eyes following the story as though it was right in front of me, blushing when I realize its about us. "Naik.. That's the best story I've heard all my life.." I lean closer, rubbing against your shoulder. "I had no idea you were so talented with the arts as well, your talents really are limitless. I'm glad you made the journey into the frozen lands for me~" It seems like I've forgotten about my problems for now, rolling for amount of swoon added. '1d10' and a peck on the cheek for being so sweet.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I blush as well as she get close and kisse m cheek.

"It's nothing really… I'm nowehere compared to your skills in singing. And I am glad that I have traveled here for you too. It was the best decision in my life~"


"So.. when do I meet your family?"


"Once we get married and we visit them back home of course!"


"Perfect! I simply can't wait to see the ones how set up the perfect couple~"


"I am sure you will like them! And maybe once you've met my family… we could start our own~"

I chuckle.
"But for now, let's not get ahead of ourselves."


"Oh, I'm sure we will want a family, but that can come later, we should enjoy it.. just the two of use.."


I lean closer to her to nuzzle her.
"I do enjoy your company very much! In more ways than one…"




lets see how the first few bits go

Roll #0 8 = 8


nice! now lest try using two swords!

Roll #0 6 = 6


Observe her from a side of the training grounds and then give a slow clop of my hooves.


"Oh.." I nuzzle you back. and give you a slightly seductive look.


stop my training
"Whu *huff-huff* who's there?"
try to spot!

Roll #0 10 = 10


easy peasy
"Oh, hello Pumpkin"


Rolling to see how 'seducted' I get.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You have that dual wielding thing nailed down. How long you been training?"


Keeping your cool ice cold.
You are in public after all.

"Well… I don't want to be either rude or… speak about such things in public…"
Give her a sly grin.


"These are just training swords, and if I didn't know how to heal myself. It'd be easy for you to see that it took longer than I would've wanted.. I kinda like using shields though"

"Uhh, anways.. W-wanna spar?"


"What the hek, sure, I'm terrible at sparring anyway."
Take a wooden sword.
"I just hope the recruits won't see you beating me up like a rug. Best of five?"


"Maybe we can go somewhere more private then?~"


"If you are okay with that… maybe we could… and you could show some more of those dance moves if it is not a bother?~"


"hah… alright."
toss a sword down
"Uhh, is it ok if we use those lordblade skillthings? I want to see if they were worth me hurting myself over"
rolling for initiative

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Wait, you serious? You wanna fight with all the dirty tricks?
Okay by me…"
Rolling to block her attack.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"What's dirty about using what you know?"
Initiative: taken vanish

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Don't worry I'll show you how to dance alright~ Show me your room sweet Naik~" head back to your room, and shake that booty on the way there. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Nothing… Nothing…"
Grin whidely. And try to spot her before vanishing too.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Can't spot you. Now hidden.


take a deep breath then rush out to the opening and fire off a stormbolt(5shots) in every which direction

Roll #0 9 = 9


That looks pretty silly…
No matter, there are more important things at hoof now!
Go back to my designated room!
Once there, turn back to Kilana.

"So… will this be like a private show for me?~"
Rolling to sound charming

Roll #1 1 = 1


Try to avoid them while remaining stealthed.

Roll #0 10 = 10


I manage to avoid all the bolts and get in position behind you.
What about who rolls higher gets initiative for the next turn?
Backstab with the wooden sword.

Roll #0 7 = 7


simple, quick, effective. I'm swept off my back hooves and slammed into the ground with the sword an inch away from my neck
"I learned on the rooftop and the staircase that no one really fights fair. So why train like that?"

get up, rolling for initiative

Roll #0 8 = 8


You sound really silly, and maybe a bit creepy. "Oh.. haven't you done this before?" Start out slow. I know its been a while but I remember how to be sexy right? sexy dance '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Rolling for initiative.
"Some ponies take sparring way too seriously, they don't like a bit of shadow walking.
I'm glad to see you understand. Maybe we are not so different."

Roll #0 1 = 1


"But we're still different"
make a bright flash like I'm going to teleport away

Roll #0 8 = 8


"No, I haven't seen a mare dance like…wow..that, before… oh… my…"

Roll to see how 'amazed' I am from that dance IYKWIM

Roll #1 8 = 8


Vanish, hiding somewhere high.


now teleport the room in on itself, so that up is down, down is up. and everything goes crashing to the ceiling

oh, and try to land on my hooves '1d10'

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12

Roll #1 10 = 10


I'll take that as a good thing and go for a deep passionate kiss, and leaning you onto the bed. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


A bit too sloppy, but that doesn't matter now, let myself be pushed on the bed and kiss back the best I can.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Well that's gonna hurt. I have no idea why I'm falling head first towards the ground, but let's try to salvage this.
Try to land gracefully, would you?

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Hehe, time to show you some real moves.." '2d10' for performance.

Roll #1 4, 1 = 5


"there you are!"
rush in and attack!

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Oh my~…"

Show her my moves too.

Roll #1 9, 10 = 19


Blind her as she dives in.
"Slow down!"

Roll #0 3 = 3


dodge it! and continue! '1d10'

Roll #0 7 = 7

Roll #1 1 = 1


Nylis gets an hit on Pumpkin as he tries to blind him.
>roll I have to defeat: 1
Vanish, Backstab her again.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"And that's what you get for rushing in!"


"Oh..you're quite good at that.." I kiss you and cuddle for bit.


4vs1, sorry.


"It is, but what can a pony do when they charge out of breath?"
initiative roll

Roll #0 3 = 3


"That's a good question. The answer? Not rushing in!
Know when to fall back!"

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Thank you… I enjoyed it very much with you too…even if the start was.. a bit..strange…"
Clear my throat.
"That doesn't matter now… it's good to be with you, Kilana, in every way possible~"
Cuddle her back.
And I should go 2 bed now


"What if they're cornered? Give up? Go out with a whimper?"


Scoop up some snow in my hooves and throw it at her.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Agh! Fuck that's cold!"
vanish into some shadows!

Roll #0 6 = 6


Locate her.
If I do find her, charge at her with the wooden sword.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11



"This fight is over."
Hold the wooden sword at her troath.
"Was it useful?"


shithshitshit! I can't see that!
the sword hits with massive strength sending me flying hard onto the ground
"uggh… I need to get some goggles"
rolling to get up

Roll #0 9 = 9


teleport away to get the snow out of my eyes!

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"Want help with that?"
Slowly move close to her, take out a piece of cloth and hoof it over.


blink a few times. these eyes might be a little red for awhile though
"It's snow, I'll live. Thank you Pumpkin. Later!"


"You really have to run?
No time for a little chat?
What happened, we used to play together a lot, when we were kids."


"Uhh… not really, no. But you guys are usually busy nowadays and King Frostmourn has me studying these larger catalysts thing with Winterbreeze.. It just seems normal to talk a little before leaving for awhile."
"Yea but you and everyone else didn't like my teleporting! I like to teleport! Even if it doesn't always have the same result.. so I kinda just spent more time in the library and other places where I thought I could teleport without any of you seeing it"


Look actually taken aback at this.
"We never told you anything about your teleporting!
Teleporting is amazing! If I could cast one spell, I would want to do that! Imagine how useful it'd be to teleport behind a sealed door or away from a group of guards!
Hell, just some time ago in Ironfoe I could have really used a teleport!"


"That's not what you said when King Frostmourn lost his leg, nor when I teleported you away during the ball."
look around uncomfortably
"S-sorry about falling on your marefriend. It's hard to maintain focus when I'm rushing about."


"I think we were all a bit more concerned with taking Frosty to a doc that time, rather than blaming you…
And hey, I dove in when you did that… Stuff, at the ball, just to save your face.
Would I have done it for somepony I didn't like?
Oh and Bearing complimented on your weight that night."
Chuckle a bit.
"Where were you when we got married anyway? I thought I had invited just about everypony!"


"Probably, I don't know why you did though. Not like I had much of a social life anyways..

Don't make fun of me Pumpkin, it's bad enough I see what happens when I drop into the wrong places.

Uhh… you know.. studying. I don't remember getting any invitation though. But I don't think you would've wanted me there anyways. seeing how my last act in a public place was.. I'd rather not be there than embarrass everyone"

shift about

"Uhh.. yea"


I give you a loooong, hard look.
"Seriously mare? That's what you think a friend is? Somepony that's afraid you'll show up at their wedding and drink a bit more than you can handle?"
Shift closer to her and put an hoof on her head.
"Who cares about what the other thinks.
We are our friends, and we are missing out on you."
Try to hug her.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"But I do that's wh- "
try to move away
"We're older now Pumpkin. I don't know what everyone's up to, and at times it looks like they don't care. I'm just a researcher now. this, training is my way of breaking out and maybe experiencing what you and everyone else does."

Roll #0 6 = 6


Seeing her moving away, I don't press it.
"Moon only knows it was easier back then…"
Give a sad look at the sky and after a long sigh look at Nylis again.
"Tell you what. You are a researcher.
I have a secret organization of assassins that needs arcane tech. And some spare time here in the gardens when I don't have to shadow the King.
What if we worked together? I pass some info and piece of machinery to you, you thinker something up for my boys and then we come out here and beat the crap out of each other without anypony caring?
If it's not enough, I can raise my offer with liquors and mares!
Sure, they'd mostly be just Bearing and Kilana, but that's a start, right?"


"I'm a researcher, pumpkin; not a crafter"

Roll #0 7 = 7


"But uh.. I can always try, I guess. And I'd rather not get drunk. I don't want to relive what happened last time I did"

"But it sounds like a tempting offer"

Roll #0 8 = 8


"You missed the whole point of my speech, didn't you?"
Hang my head on the side and give her a smile.
"Overwork will kill you."
"That's more like it!
Too bad for the alcohol~"


smile a little
"Winterbreeze keeps me on the tip of my hooves. You don't have to worry about me being overworked. Otherwise I'd have snapped and killed myself! hahaaa ha.a…."
force a laugh at my dark joke.
"Trust me Pumpkin, if I can't control my magic when I'm sober you don't want to see what happens if I get drunk"


"Pff, that's not a problem. I'm a northblade, remember? Spellbreaker and all that stuff.
Talking about Winterbreeze, what's she doing?
You two still live together?"


"She helps me by request of King Frostmourn, she also does her own researching on the side, I prefer to train though. It's…. exhausting. But it- it feels good! And Yea, we kinda shift from my room to hers on occa- How did you know?"


Raise an eyebrown at this and give her a sly grin.
It's been what, six years now? No wait, if you two were together since the incident, that makes it nine.
Nine years.
What else would you two be doing?
Me and Bearing started living together years ago!"


"Six. Nine years ago I didn't know her, eight years ago I punched the balls out of her two best friends and- uhh.. well she didn't like that too much. Then it was a year later that something weird happened and I got a second chance after she broke my heart.."

"Oh, that's nice!"


"Whoa what? Slow down there, I'm getting a lot of info at once.
What happened?"




"I guess. Good to know everything worked out."
Pick up the wooden sword.
"Now, ready to get beaten up a little more?"
Grin at her.
And then they fought.


magic a shield over and trade the sword for it
"Only if you are"
and it was glorious

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