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I think we broke 13.000 posts by now

So Pumpkin and Kilana went to see Shadow, who was less than pleased.

Frosty has plans to attend to

Radiant probably won't walk right until the time skip

And whatever else was going on


Let's go see how Radiant is doing


"M-Shadow Song…"


What am I doing?

Guess I'll be in my room studying if I don't know anything about the fiasco Pumpkin and Kilana got into.


I go and find Frostmourne.
He said to see him in 15 earlier, should not keep him waiting.



If not then read up and pony psychology and see if it helps me

Roll #0 9 = 9


She remains still
"I will give you one chance to tell your side of the story. One."
Guess so.
Maybe you were practicing that talking trick.
Venia and Radiant run into eachother on the way to Frosty

MEANWHILE, Frosty and Prima are not quite done
In a few minutes, my paladin will come and shatter the bindings that hold your soul in one piece. Can you give me even one reason not to let her do it?


"Oh hello Radiant! Feeling any better?"


Seeing Pumpkin bow, I follow in suite but stays at the far back of him


"Hello there, Miss Radiant. Off somewhere?"


I kneel before Shadow Song,"Sensei Shadow." looking her in the eyes. "I'm sorry I failed to take notice of what was happening.. After all you've taught me, I should have known better, taken the dangers of the dagger seriously.. Can you ever forgive me?"


"Absolutely not. Not after what those two did… And I hope Frostmourne won't let them get away just like that."
Try to remain calm.

"Yes. To Frostmourne."

Roll #1 5 = 5


Wait no I thought he said Verne not Venia

Let's practice that. Go to a mirror.
"Clap your hooves."


Roll #0 1 = 1


"I attacked ponies calling themself protectors of this kingdom.
Protectors of these ponies.
I attacked ponies who had brutalized my friend, and humiliated her, who have made her live with an atrocious burden all this time.
And in doing so, I forgot your biggest and first teaching.
I should not let my emotions drive me."
Mantain the bow.


"Wait what? What happened? Nothing serious I hope."


Please! Don't! I… I never wanted any of this to happen! I just wanted to be with you then I died then you bid me to this dagger and I did it just for you! I abandoned afterlive just so I will be able to help you but you didn't even go to Rosefall and you neglected me and I was trapped here and it was so maddening and then when I asked Kilana to take me to you again you were with two mares at once even though after what you said to me about stuff about flesh and thing and I lost my mind but I saw how stupid I was! Please! Just, let me really help you in Rosefall or just send me back! I never wanted this…


"Pumpkin and Kilana attacked guards. With weapons even. Then the zebra…"
Grit my teeth.


"Pumpkin!? Attacking guards!? Why would he do that? Are you sure about that? And uh… maybe you should go see doc with… that?"


The shadowy pony they are bowing to remains unmoving
"You may leave. This has nothing to do with you."
"You asked to learn power over the dead. And I taught you. Yet you let the power overwhelm you. Control you. Tell me. Should I even teach you any further?"
"And what would you think you could possibly do to make up for such a fundamental failure? You are no longer some mere initiate. You should have mastered these basic pillars of your strength long ago."
You have a sudden craving for a hamburger and NASCAR. Since neither has been invented yet, you only feel a deep hollow emptiness in your soul.
He stops in his tracks
He did kinda just leave you after binding you…
…Perhaps I have not been as much the better pony here as I had thought. Well… I still find it difficult to simply forgive and forget.
So I offer you a final offer.
If there are any words left unspoken
Any deeds left undone
Then now is the time
Before I have your soul sent back forever to whatever place calls for it.


Oh, stars.

Let's walk this off and wander around. Maybe I'll find Frosty or someone


"I'm fine, I'm fine… and he did it because he thought that he is above law and order. He said the guards were rapists in the pasts, and thought that he needed to act on his own."


No sign of him. He must be in a plot bubble.
But there's Radiant and Venia.



I mutter some curses under my breath

"Rapists? Were they rapists? Those guards?"


Thank you… Really thank you… and… I only ever wanted to tell you that I love you. More than anything, and I wanted you to love me too… and, if you are going to send me back… I know it's stupid but, could you please… hug me one last time before you send me back?


"Oh hello. What's this about.. Pumpkin and Kilana? Am I hearing you right?"


Shadowy figure, my friends showing fear and respect. Looks like this is my cue.
"Yes." I bow again.
"I will wait for you two outside, if your meeting with your… sensei takes too long maybe I'll go to the library to read or two.." I whispered to Kilana, with that I go outside of the door and wait.


"I have to master the call of the Moon. She whispered in my hear, commanded me to punish their guilt.
Knowing they had hurt somepony I care for only made it worse.
It's all the things Lady Radiant has been trying to teach me, about beign passionate and strong of heart, clashing with the idea of suppressing my emotions, and when.."
Yeah, I'm rabbling, ain't I?


"It seems they did something dishonourable years ago, but it wasn't exactly rape. And even if it was, this was not the way."

"Yes. If I see to it, you can chat about it with them while they sit in the dungeon."


Oh boy I'm sure nothing bad is going to happen
Hug… the dagger? Can you even feel it?
"Is the moon your lord?"


"Oh hi Verne! It's been a while since I saw you! Apparently those two got themselves into some serious trouble."

"Mmmm… no, that's true. Did they get any punishment for it now?"


I pause "You shouldn't.. you should forefid me from learning it at all, and take my own staff hostage.." I look distantly for a second. "I should be punished for acting like a child.. I am not worthy of your training.. But I desire to try again, I have learned caution from this, and will not stray in this manner again."


"The guards? I was going to see that they get bottom jobs as guard and double shifts, while Frostmourne said they can never get any honorary titles either."


"That's good… Where are Pumpkin and Kilana now?"


"Tch. This is complicated. How many details do you know? How many were hurt and ho badly, if at all? Were they identified by anyone other than us? Where are they now?"

"Hello, Miss Venia. It makes sense that they are not above punishment, I need to oversee this in some way regardless. Revoking their abilities is not an option no matter what."


Not like with a true body, but I can feel warmth… which I haven't felt since that night.


Raise my head
My lord is only one.
I am property of Frostmourn, Prince of Wintergrasp, future King of the North."


"I don't know. Frostmourne had them leave and called for me."

"One of the guards was passed out and… could you please try to not stress me even more with stupid questions?!"


"What you desire, and what you deserve are not the same thing. Give me one reason not to shatter that pitiful stick of yours right now and I may hold my hoof."
I'm not going to rub my dick on it so don't even ask.
Lets try to hug a dagger
"And did your lord tell you to strive to avenge wrongs he had never even known of?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Continue. Tell me everything you know about this."


"My lord has more pressant matters at hoof, than care for such low life that dare still call themself ponies."
"But yes, I was not acting under his orders. That is no excuse."


"Mmmm… alright. I'm curious how he's going to handle this."

We there yet?


"All I know is that a pony I was trying to teach honor selfishly attacked guards then had her friend kick me in the privates! IS THAT ENOUGH INFORMATION?!"

Try not to be mad.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"It was my fault for bringing up the idea at all, I don't even deserve to be here, but sitting alone in the dungeon. I acted out of panic and pain, I abandoned reason, and sought revenge. I will accept your judgement, but please.. Pumpkin was acting on my behalf, spare him and let me bear the punishment.."


I wasn't going to ask you 'that'….that's not what I wanted from you!…that was just a way…


"You… tch. Forget it."

"Miss Venia. What do you know?"


"Shut it, I didn't come so long to save you just for you to take all the blame now. It's my fault too."


"None the wiser than you are right now. I'll talk to Pumpkin about this though, you can be sure of that."


The prince accidentally cuts himself a little as he presses the flat of the dagger against his warm chest
"When what will you do to earn your place back, after trading your lord for another?
What will you do to show you serve the future king first, and the moon only second?"
"Panic. Pain. Revenge.
…I have known those things all too often myself.
Bladeling. Is this true? Were you acting under her ideas, orders and wishes rather than your own?"


Gah! Sorry! I didn't mean to! I can't control my sharpness!….but..thank you… you ARE warm…


"I'll need to see him about this as well. This won't be easy to resolve cleanly, I may need to twist a few strings here and there…"


"Without me, you would have no one to take vengeance for, I won't let you lose you training because of this."


"Ah, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Nopony died after all."


A droplet of blood flashes away as it touches your edge
The prince clutches his chest
What… twisted power was that?


"Wait, you're not going to make them get away with it, will you?!"


I won't let her take the blame! I charged in, I confronted those slimes, I raised the first hoof!"
Give Kilana an hard look.
"As for my redemption, that's only for my Lord to decide, Shadow Song.
Neither me nor you can fathom His will. But I'm ready for whatever sacrifice He deems necessary."
"My training will do me nothing if I can't help you! Or Bearing, or Shadow!
I won't leave you behind!"


I.. I don't really know…You're the one who made the 'Cursed' dagger, not me! I don't know what that even means!


"That's not the only problem. Those guards will need to be kept quiet. And knowing Shadow Song, what she has in store for them won't be pretty. I will have to intervene if she intends to inflict anything permanent on them."

"That won't be the wisest decision now that it's out in the open, yes."


"They'll need to be punished for breaking the law. But it shouldn't be too harsh. We need them after all."

"There is no proof anywhere Verne, calm down. I'm sure Shadow will do nothing to the Wintergrasp guards, we still need them after all. Can't start jumping at each others' throats like that."


"But.. Pumpkin.. " I look shocked and taken back from this statement.


"Excuse me, I meant what Shadow Song has ins store for Kilana and Pumpkin. In fact, depending on how the situation is now, dealing with the guards is an option to consider."


"It shall be as harsh as anypony would get for doing such a crime. I am not going to let anyone play favourites and make them get away with it easily."


She actually twitches a little
"Did you just say it is not for me to decide?"
He lets go of the cut
I regret everything I ever did to try and find a use for you. Willingly or not, you seem to be a source of disaster for me and my beloved Sunrise.
You have had your hug. Your final word. Your taste of blood you many never have asked for. Is your soul satisfied? Or need I pull you of there for a final kiss or something before you agree to leave in peace?


Oh fuck. I really didn't meant it as disrespect for her.
I thought it was Frosty's duty to punish me.

"No Shadow Song. Do of me what you please. I'm a broken blade in your hoof."


You…you would do that for me? You would kiss me?


I roll my eyes

"Yes yes, sure."

"I don't think Shadow Song would do something permanent."

I hope not at least


"Hey, are you saying we should just pat them on the head saying "tsk tsk tsk" and be done with it?"
I huff.


There are no words.


"Of course not. They… will be dealt with appropriately."


Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"Good, good. They are just kids who think too much of themselves."


"No, of course not!"


She turns around, her eyes red from tears, her face twisted with anger
The sharp slap sends you flying across the tower. The sound of impact echoing through the room
She takes a few deep breaths
"Bladeling. Who is your lord? Who is your master? And who is the one you answer to, and whose judgement you will face?
The Moon?
The Future King?
Or what?"
I fear I may in my haste have done deeds I should have left undone. I have violated the sanctity of death for my own gain. I have condoned the creation of cursed weaponry.
…and I should not have done any of it.
Perhaps, Prima, you did help me after all. You helped me learn an important lesson.
Come on out.

He conjures you a temporary magical body of light and places the dagger on it
Leave that damned weapon. This body is much prettier.


Are we there yet?


Roll to buck the fuck up.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


No. Let the prince finish his thing. He will see to it he finds you when he needs you.
"Answer. Me."


"Thank you for this, and for letting me go… but… Can I ask? I know I have been a terrible pony to you, undeserving of your love… but what did I teach you?"

Strech my body of light now that I finally have something more than just an etheral apparation.


Ugh… Rolling to get there already


Roll #1 3 = 3


Good enough.
Calm down.
"Right here in the heart that stopped beating to save this kingdom!
I'm not going to allow anyone, not Lady Radiant, not those slimes, not even you, mother, dictate my actions anymore!
Frostmourn is my only lord."
Pause. Calm down even more.
"But you, you are all I look up to."


Your body seems about as solid as conjured objects.
Tangible but teetering on the verge of ceasing to exist.
"You taught me death is not something I should tamper with. I do not possess the knowledge to understands the price of such deeds, nor do I possess the skills to wield such power with true clarity. You have helped me see the error of my ways, and allowed me to understand that simply because I can do something, does not mean I should.
And for that, I thank you."
He locks you into the kiss you always wanted in life
She wipes her eye
"That's my boy…"
She then clears her throat and straights up again
"Still. Understanding what you did wrong is but the first step to absolution. You must still make amends to those you wronged.
I consider you are even with the guards…
But I doubt Radiant deserved all you gave her.
Both of you."

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


I look up to the sky, those two may really take awhile then. I hope they are okay back there.
Oh well perhaps they wont mind if I go now.

Go around campus to find something interesting.
and grab a drink on the way too

Roll #1 5 = 5


You see your old buddy Embers on the way there. It seems he is having a chat with some of his pals.


That's just perfect.
After years of struggle, it's finally happening for real.
I may be dead, and this body might be just a conjured one, but it is real nevertheless.
Close my eyes and enjoy this moment as I reach absolution in his loving care that I have longed for so much…


"That… That will come later. I'll slap some sense into her, she's a terrible fighter after all."
Can I be cute for a moment with Shadow here?
Allright, that's enough.
"Kila, you still there zigga?"

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


I wave at Ember and approach.
"Hi, whats new today?" I give him a smile.


He releases the kiss and looks into your eyes
"Find peace in death.
Any last words?"
"Make mommy proud… son."
The others seem a bit surprised
"You know her, Cinders?"
"More like Embarrassments. Now do you know her?"
"Fat chance. I bet she's just another mare you stalk."


"Yes, Lady Radiant was not deserving of that.. I'm not sure that she will so easily forgive me, but I shall go to her." I rise as look from her to pumpkin and back, and a small smile takes over, he really is something. "All this trouble.. I hope I can make it up to you as well, in this life or the next. "


Look him back in the eyes.
"I love you, Frostmounre. Stay safe, and live long and happy… for me."


"Go in peace. And know I never forgave you for anything you did yo hurt those I cared for."
He releases his control of the construct body, allowing it to shatter, sending your soul back to Tambelon.
He then collects the dagger.
"Well, time to make sure nothing remains."
He walks off to find Radiant and whoever is with her.
"Sorry to keep you waiting."
"Oh get a room you two. A room in some other tower. I need to water my fish and prune my cactus. Now shoo. Both of you."


I nod.
"Yes, Prince. Why did you need me?"


Allright. Let's be professional killers once more, shall we?
Stand up and make my way for the door.
"Zigga I know how you can make it up to me.
Next night out the ale is on you."
Walk beside her.
"Now, let's find Lady Radiant."
Show her the tongue. But yeah, make time.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"Hello. Frosty. You were looking for Miss Radiant?"


"Hello Ember."
I look at his peers and judge them silently.
"Oh come on, calm down. We've been friends since I arrived here." I give him a smile


Roll #1 5 = 5


"I am right beside you, you know."


"Hello Frostmourn, trouble ahoof I hear?"


He levitates you the dagger
"This is the shell of a broken cursed weapon. Dispose of it. I will not have such things blemishing my nation."
"I was indeed."
He looks at you and then back at Embers
"And you are… Leila?"
"Shut up"
"A small kerfuffle. Nothing major. Nopony died or anything."


I give a a nod and leave her tower.
I laugh "Alright, but we're getting the best stuff this time, and I refuse to let you mix the drinks, you're no bar tender bro." rolling to look for radiant.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"As you wish."
I take the dagger.
"Though I want to ask you about the earlier. I hope you are planning on sending your friends to the dungeon. For a week at least."


"A cursed weapon? In my opinion, we should keep it for research. You never know if our enemy may use them too. But anyway, I hear there was.. an incident. How is it going to be dealt with?"


Follow her.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"Hmmmm, and how did you handle it?"


sorry, I was talking to Ember and not to his friend there when I said to calm down and friends since I arrived

I look at the stallion who Ember was talking too.
"I am not talking to you… sir. Sorry." I then look at Ember.
"So, anything new today Ember?"


"For confronting ponies who had wronged them in the past?
I do agree one should be punished for pulling a weapon on my guards, yes, but are you certain dungeon time is preferable to more… creative punishments?"
"A broken one. The curse in it has been removed. But I fear the shell may still be dangerous."
"To each their dues. The guards, accused of rape, but also victims of assault, were allowed to remain as guards but barred of any honorary positions for life.
The pair accused of assault was allowed to seek their own redemption at the hooves of one most capable of dishing it out to them."
"Well I am talking to you, missy"
"Well um… n-no, not really I was just…"
"He was just going to pay back a little debt he owes me is all."


I step closer to Ember, standing by his side.
"And what debt is it? hmm?" I asked him warmly.


"A favour he owes me."
Embers can't seem to get a word off in this conversation.


I raise an eyebrow.
"What do you mean?"


"Hm. Sounds fair to me. I wonder what caused them to act this rashly instead of just reporting it…"


"I see. We'll create a cursed weapon under controlled conditions if need be, then.

"Acceptable way of dealing with the issue. It should keep the guards quiet as well. Still, subjecting them to dungeon time would send a message to the populace that their rulers are not above the law and can be trusted. Should not be a problem since the issue is still contained, however."


I look at Ember,
"Calm down now, you can tell me."

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10


"And here I thought you would be the perfect one to think of something. After all, I believe you are the only party that was wronged without doing anything yourself to harm others."
He nods at the dagger
"I fear this damned thing may have had an influence."
"Yeah Embers. Tell her."
"Well… um… I-it was long ago and… um… well, Ironshod here uh… and… and his um… m-marefiend and… me and… I-I was hiding and… t-they caught m-me and I swore I'd do a-anything to m-make up for it and…"


I continue to listen to what Ember has to say.


"I was never the one to do the thinking. As long as they don't get away with it, the harms done against me will be justified. Detention down in the prison might do it. At least it gives them some time to think."


I give him a told you so look
"Necromancy is usually trouble… It's a good thing nopony got too hurt though. I think Lady Radiant got the worst of it."


"Just my luck… but I will destroy this dagger as soon as I'm done here, don't you worry."


"S-so what I'm saying is I really messed up back there and now I owe him a favor he has come to collect. So um.. yeah."
Ironshod nods
"That's right, Embers. Damn right."
"Well, if you feel that best covers your damages.
I imagined you might have preferred to send them on a quest of self improvement, or come out with you on patrol to stop the lawless in a more correct way. But, I leave it in your hooves. Consider it your repayment for any harm that came to you in the event."
He looks away, visibly told
"Yes… yes it is. When used by the uninitiated and short sighted."


So. Seems like Lady Radiant is busy with Frosty.
Kilana still here?


"Hmmm… now that I think about it… See, Prince, this is why I need someone to think for me, but…"

I nod.
"Yes, that shall do it. One week of service to the greater good. Their possessions taken, they will have to selflessly work to help ponies. Clean public properties, make and distribute food for the poor, do charity work. All day. They won't be allowed to see any of their friends either, and should have six hours for themselves per day, that means the time they are allowed to sleep, and sleep at the barracks. I will personally oversee that they don't slack.
Do you find that suitable enough as well, Prince?"


"Well I for one find it a lowly form of magic. I don't know why Shadow is so set on something like that."

I shrug

"Oh well, aside from that, how was your day Frostmourn?"

I nod

"I like it. A spartan lifestyle for a while will do them well."


"Necromancy is easily misused, but an invaluable tool, Miss Venia. You must understand that your moral compulsions have no place here when the lives of our country are at stake."

"In that case, Miss Radiant must be reminded that she is dealing with important people. Whatever she chooses to do, I will need to approve of."


"It is not invaluable, Verne. And don't you tell me about moral compulsions, I've been around a lot longer than you, you'd do well to remember that."


"As I said. So long as you are happy, and my servants are returned to me unharmed, it is fine. You may take them at your leisure. If that was all, you are dismissed."
"The power over life is not to be underestimated, Venia.
As for my day, it has been rather… let us say, unique."
"Well, Verne, I approve of the plan. Do you?"


Still here.


I then stand next to Ember then ask him closely.
"So… I dont know, but what do you need to do to pay-up?"

I then get close to him and whisper.
"I want to help you but this is not my fight, but just tell me whats needed then maybe I can help."


"So, anything you want to do now as a free mare?"


"It is. You have yet to put forth a case for why we should turn our back on a potential lifesaver. Your opinions are your own only."

"That will depend on what Miss Radiant actually has planned. As of now, you have not approved anything."


"That shall do it. They will learn their place."

"You weren't really paying attention, were you?"


"Until we make it right with Radiant, I won't really feel free, but we should find a spot for your big date." I wink at you.


"Such power often comes at the cost of many lives."

I frown
"As long as I live I will not tolerate Necromancers going about unsupervised. Shadow is probably the only pony I trust with powers like that… to an extent."


"Oh. That."
Quick panic roll, how vivid is last night's dream about diapers?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Excuse me. While I cannot deny that it is important to make an example of them if we are making this known, not being allowed to see their friends is something I cannot agree on. Trading information with them will be as important as ever."


Ironshod leans into you
"Well you'd be payment enough honeyflanks~"
Embers looks angry but too scared to say anything
"All power demands sacrifice, Venia. All power."


"But I have Verne. Pay attention. The offenders are to spend a week under Radiant, being helpful to the needy of Wintersgrasp."


I can live.
"Yeah maybe we should. But I really have no ideas. Romantic spots have never been my forté."


"That's not how they show discipline. If this was just a happy trip they will learn nothing. Not that they would have the time for it anyway if they will want to sleep, and I will make them work hard enough to get tired."


"Assuming that is even true, it is necessary, If not for Shadow Song's work, we would not have had our current valuable relationship with Rockeye, and assassins would still be able to sabotage us."

"Adding to that, allowing their friends to see them would humiliate them further."Bluff

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Yeah dat, Its not evrry day my boi proposes, we gotta find the right place for it. " I nudge you a bit.


"Wow." I give the stallion a blank stare. I then put my hoof around Embers neck and Teleport both of us into his tower.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Slow down. I'm not really thinking of doing this whole thing now. It's just… She got me thinking, last night."


"Excuse me. I am feeling rather under the weather."

Roll to see if I caught Venus's cold

Roll #0 3 = 3


"You seem to forget you left us for a year yourself not very long ago. I'm sure they'll survive a week."

"All I wish for is to survive at the lowest cost possible, Frostmourn."

"Like I said, Shadow is the only pony I trust with powers like that."


"Getting cold feet already? Come on, you want to be with dis lady for life right? What's got ya down?"


"I am not going to allow them, and this is final. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a cursed weapon to destroy."

Walk away and find a place where I can do it.
I believe my Hammer is still Blessed?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Enjoy your horrible pain when trying to talk at all.
Ironshod flicks you across the horn before you can cast anything
"now where you think you're going, hm? I'm not do-"
His words are cut short as Embers punches him in the eye
Ironshod looks downright shocked
"If that is what your heart honestly desires, rather than just words of uncertainty disguised as humility, then you are doing a very bad job at it."


"Sista, I have no idea what for life means.
Not like I had any example before!"


"That you trust. That says nothing. A system will be set up when, we begin training our own necromancers proper to assuage your fears.
"Know your place. The approval lies with me.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Oh dear…" I whimper, I then look at Ember. "Lets try that again should we? If I cant cast, then lets run."
Mass teleport again at the tower.


Roll #1 1 = 1


I stomp my hoof angrily
"You have no authority here yet Verne, remember that well."

"What are you implying? I'm not perfect Frostmourn, but I do my damned best."


"Bro, come on. You don't even need an example, ya'll are the best stallion in this world. You would figure it out. You still love her don't cha?"


I face him and nod.
"Of course it does. I'm sorry."


"No Verne. It lies with me."
The Prince is not too happy with your choice of words.
Uh oh.
Looks like a Teleport Mishap.
Roll to see how bad it is.


"Good, then it's settled. Have you heard this, Frostmourn? Excellent."


I concentrate, in hopes to remedy my mistake.


Roll #1 5 = 5


"Of course I do, but that wouldn't mean I could care for a family! I don't even know what two married ponies do!"


Snap out of it.
"Wait… Know my place?! I… How dare you! No! I said it is final!"



"Backpedaling? Did we not just make an agreement? It sounds as if you are taking this personally, which I cannot condone if you intend to harm them. Impartiality is your top priority."

"Excuse me. This cold is not doing my choice of words any well."


You stabilize the landing a little, resulting in most of your stuff and his being teleported off your person and landing around the room as you doth crash down from the ceiling.
Hey at least you got away.
"Had you wished to sacrifice as little as you could, you would not have stayed. You would not even have accepted the call to save my mother. You would never have studied magic or combat. And you certainly would not have agreed to marry Unyielding."


"…" I sit you down on a bench. "Well, they care for each other, and they each take a part of the responsibilities. Like.. My mother takes care of our house, and social duties, and my father takes care of our earning.. but its more than that, little things get split up too.." I pause, "You following this bro?"


Sit alongside her.
"So what, they just work a lot?"


"They may have harmed me, but I do not want to return that. I merely want to show them how to place the needs of others before themselves, and maybe, just maybe, make them realize that acting selfishly and rashly on their own is not the right way. Maybe if they spend some time away from their friends they will see the true value of Friendship, and will ask for help before doing such an act of stupidity!"


I held my head with two hooves.
"Ugggh… remind me not to gamble on such spells like that unless I learned how to use it more effectively."
I then stand up and help Ember to stand up.
"Hey, thanks for standing up for me."


"Nah bro, they work together a lot. They be all like one pony, and shet."


"No problem. I might be ok with taking a lot of shit from him… but I can't stand thinking of letting him hurt you."


I grab him by his neck and pull him close, face to face

"Listen to me closely here, because here's the truth: I fight and kill the enemy so someone, somewhere - probably someone I've never met and never will meet - will be happy. I never told you how I lost my father. And nothing I ever do can make up for that loss. But if I put myself in the way of people just as bad as the ones who killed him, if I take them down, then someone else they would have hurt gets to stay happy. It's not just the killing and trying to survive myself. It's making the world a little better in the process. If I hadn't pulled your mother out of Ironfoe, the entirety of the Northlands would have been in the same state as they were 20 years ago. Endless wars, death and destruction. They would have never been able to stand a chance against the Southern threat."


"Hmm. As long as that is your intention. Note, however, that they have their own duties to perform that you cannot interfere with. Aside from that, we will go with what we agreed on earlier."

"Calm down."

Roll #0 3 = 3


"You sure there's nothing more to it? Seems like it's just fluff then. Me and her are one already!"


"They will just have to forfeit those duties for a week."

Walk away for reals now.
Find a place to destroy the knife.
Make sure hammer is still Blessed.


"And I appreciate every sacrifice you have made so that power could become real. All power demands sacrifice - and you are doing much, much more then 'surviving at the lowest cost possible', dear Venia. That is what makes you a hero."


"Thank you."
I give him a hug.
"Also… put that activities of yours to a minimum. Look at what trouble it gets you."


"I will take my leave if you need your times. I will be sleeping off this cold, Frostmourn and Miss Venia."

Maybe Venus will cuddle with me or something. Night oh god my head


I pat you on the shoulder. "Well, that's the most important bit. Now.. We does she like veggies or fruit better?"


"Be quiet."

"I do survive at the lowest cost I can given the mission I have. To see this whole thing through and to try to keep the cost of lives and souls at a minimum."


You bless it for the deed.
It is not intrinsically blessed though
"I can't help it… I just… you know how I am."
"You must not disregard one important cost though."
He touches your chest
"The cost of your own heart"


I miss my old hammer…

Bring the hammer down on the dagger.
Surely, past deeds that made me sore refreshened by zebras will not affect the outcome of it and I can swing a hammer at an unmoving object.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Zigga, you know her name, right?"
Give her an odd look.


You might as well shove the hammer in there it would probably hurt just as much.
Maybe try shoving the dagger in a forge or something else less… straining.


"Hmph. My heart belongs to another pony. And as highly as I value my own survival, like my mother always taught me, I value his much more."


Wait, calm down.
You can do it, Radiant.

Just smash the frail little dagger to pieces!

Roll #1 3 = 3


I sighed.
"Yes, I know."
I look away at him.
"….. look… I'm sorry for last night…"


"Well, she's your gurl, I can't be sure from her name." I say confidently. "But if you're sure then I think I know a good place. A they serve they best fruit salad, its diced up in little squares and they put dat fancy cream on top."


"Still. You must never be swift to disregard your personal sacrifices."
"I'm used to it by now.
You know what they say. The only way to become a strong wizard is to never get any until you turn 30."
Hello this is pain express
Delivering agony to overworked bodyparts since 1855


Sun damn it all, I WILL do this.
Cast Heal on my privates.

After that, try again.
It shouldn't be that hard.
Hammer goes on dagger.
Dagger breaks.
Job done!
'r2 '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Cream on top of my Fruits.
Where have I heard that before?
"But why you so worked up for this? I'm not gonna ask her for another year minimum!"


I contain my laughter and giggled.
"Now you made me thinking if the legendary Starswirl is a virgin."


"I've made my choices. I will survive. I wont lose heart. Now, what about you? I trust everything is going well between Sunrise and you?"


"Cuz its for you bro, I want the best for you. and why are you waiting so long? Aren't you excited for it too?"


"Well if what they speak of him is true, he is and is not, all at the same time, seeing as how he supposedly can exist in several times at once.
Though all we know for sure is a lot of ponies liked to imply his prized student Clover was more than just a student."
Yeah that did break the dagger.
…might have broken something else too.
"Oh very. It seems a little birdy told her not to worry about marriage, and we have quite well come to terms with the fact that we will need to do a lot of things before this world will be safe for our children."


Oh crap.
I'm fine, right?

Roll #1 3 = 3


No you are not.
There is no way you are ever walking right again if you don't get some help with that.


Find Doc Doc.


"But I still have no idea what will happen. Of all of this. What if I get killed as soon as I step on the battlefield? Or tortured and brainwashed and then sent back here to hurt everyone I care for?"


"Hm. That's good. Treat her well and with respect Frostmourn, you'll need a pony like her at your side. What do you think of her magical abilities?"


"That is a scary relationship." I scratch my head.
"Say lets go inside, mind if I crash inside a little?" I smile at him.


He is checking his supply closet
"Oh hello there Radiant. What seems to ail you?"
"They are growing by the day thanks to a good teacher. Her cryomancy studies are showing remarkable leaps and she is even beginning to show an understanding of theoretical magic. Granted, not to the same extent as some of our advanced spellcasters, but still, her efforts delight me."
"I'd love to have you as my guest as always."


I give you a serious look. "You won't. No Pumpkin I ever knew would just lay down and lie, or get his brain as cunfuzzled. Bro, you gotta know even if you did die, ya would save at least 30 ponies doing it. "


Try not to blush too hard.
"Uh… Hello…there was a slight… accident yesterday, and now I was doing Paladin work and destroying a dagger but I think I broke something…back there, I don't know, I had trouble walking all day…"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Ah, hm, yes, sounds like a strain of some kind. Must have been quite the accident. Well, lets have a look…"

Roll #1 3 = 3


It seems this is not a common medical occurrence.


As I go to the trapdoor, I stop and look down.
"… doing.. funny stuff to me is okay if you like… but nothing extreme or uncouth… please."


I clop my hooves together excitedly, having forgotten all about what happened earlier

"Good! You keep rooting for her you hear!? She's doing it for you!"


Well that was warm.
Give her an hug.
"I'm not gonna let you go like nothing either zigga. Be the whole might of the south, I'll come back for you."

Now "Shall we find that place?"

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"What? What is it? What's wrong?!"


his head immediately perks up
"Come again?"
"For me. For you. For the North."


Rolling to maintain calm and reason

Roll #1 7 = 7


I return your hug. '1d10+2' "Yeah, lets go." Is the fancy fruit place open right now?

Roll #0 1 = 1

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"Ugh… that's not romantic at all Frostmourn. Let's just keep it at her doing it for you and you only alright? Now… how about your training?"


"So um… yes. Things look a little… messed up back here. What in the world were you even doing to manage this? I think I'm seeing blessed residue back here, among the stretch marks and bruising."
"I could think of no greater gesture to set my heart ablaze than giving one's all for my dream. She knows what I like~
As for me, I've been so engrossed in planning, well, you can probably see I'm not in very shall we say impressive condition when compared to my cousin for one."



Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


I sighed and look at him.
"Its.. I.. oh sorry. Nothing." I enter the trap door and find something to drink.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Uh, well, you see, Celaire and I… yesterday… he tried out this new trick of his…uh…"



I poke his one of his legs a few times. How bad is it?

Roll #0 3 = 3


Pretty bad

"Yeah… that could be better. You should work out more, Frostmourn. Just a little bit would bring you far."


We had a fruit place?
"Welcome to Fruit Place. I'm Fruit Cake, how can I fruit you?"
"No no no no, I just wanted to make sure I heart that right. That I wasn't just… dreaming or something."
"Well this sure if one for the medical books… I'd suggest some pain soothing salve and if you want, I have an ointment that will speed up the recovery of the tissue and lessen the stretching."
"I have needed to devote all my time to planning and preparing. I still have my magic for fighting my battles."


"I would be most grateful for that… Thank you…"


I think for a moment

"I'd like to see how strong your magic just is actually… How about a little game of tug of war… with telekinesis?"


"Hum… Hey."
Turn to Kilana
"Sure this is the High Class place?"
Back to Fruit Cake
"So, I was wondering, if I were to propose to my mare here, what would you suggest?"


"It has been a long time since I was here.." I look around nervously, did I remember correctly?
"Just bring us the daily fruit please."


"Ok. Now hold still, this might sting a little at first."
Rolling for gentle application
"No tricks? Just telekinesis pulling?"
"Nothing says love like a fruit basket. It's sweet, colourful, unique, and a mixed bag. Just like love."
"Fruit of the day…"

Roll #1 6 = 6


'1d10' not to be completely embarrassed

Roll #1 5 = 5


I nod sharply

"Yeah, my telekinesis versus yours. Let's see how strong you are."

Get a rope. In fact, according to my character sheet I still have one on me. I even keep it with me when going to sleep and stuff.


Eye the watermelon.
"Yeah, first class indeed… What about the vista?"
"Don't fret, we can still have a laugh!"


That's not that bad…
You are a big mare Radiant, you can take this small pain.

"Thank you… is that all? I really have something important to do right now…"

Roll #1 3 = 3


I look at him again.
".. I don't know. It happens mostly in here…. I mean you cant help yourself and it gets you into trouble and…."
I take a deep breath.
"You can pet me… but only petting… "
I then look around for some juice to drink


"You know what, maybe you should just propose to her outside, ya'll said she likes flying? Fly her up to a roof top picnic. I can even play you some sweet music to help the mood.


Blink a few times.
"That's the BEST. IDEA. EVER!"



Roll #0 4 = 4


No brakes on the joy train.


"Not what you were looking for, is it? How's about a pumpkin? Is a pumpkin even a fruit? Heck if I know. But I do have one. Big one too. I drew eyes on it one day when I was bored. Laughed for a week straight."
"Well, sure, if you wish."
he picks up the rope with his telekinesis
"Well that's the best I can do on short notice. Put some ice on it and for the sun's sake no copulating for a day or two!"
He has a bit of this and that he keeps chilled in a sack he hangs out the window.
"Just… touching… oh my~"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Take Kilana by one hoof and get the fuck away from this place.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


Waiting to see the effect of that >1


"Okay, sorry, I got it! Thank you again, May the Sun bless you!"

Get out of there.
How flustered am I?

Also, find Pumpkin and Kilana.
Time to get to work.

Roll #1 7 = 7


He somehow manages to knot the rope, then hit his own jaw with it
"Bah. I'm out of practice."


"Oh, no.. I love me some melon, Just seems like I have the wrong place." I laugh a bit and grab a slice, (unless he didn't even slice it up for us, but that would be terrible service.)


Yeah, out of he-

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


I snort

"Frostmourn please. Get it together."

Pick up my end of the rope and prepare to tug

Roll #0 3 = 3


"I've spent more time on conjuration for a reason Venia. I think you should join me for a little talk later so I can explain. After all, you are my teacher in these things."
he tugs at the rope

Roll #1 4 = 4


He sells whole fruit
"I can slice it up if you want a piece. Or I could care your face out of it. Or make it into a melon helmet for you."



Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


I let out a short whistle to get your and Kilana's attention.
"You two. On me. Now."




Roll #0 8 = 8


Yeah, fuck this. I'll follow pumpkin over to Radiant or where we are going.


I take one, make sure its safe to drink and if it is, take a sip.
I look at him blushing.
"… please, I clearly remember that night where you are having issues of… controlling yourself. Perhaps it cant contained or be helped… if I'm around… "


Ah, good old military training.
"Ayay Ma'am."


Frosty goes a little off balance
"Hm. Well lets try harder then!"
"of all those who have that effect on me, you are indeed among the strongest…"

Roll #1 1 = 1


He then promptly falls on his face.


"Frostmourne has given me the freedom of punishing you. The good news is, neither of you will be going to the dungeon."


I sigh and help him up.

"Frostmourn… come on. One more try!"

Wait for him to pull before pulling myself

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Understood. If my Lord has deferred the decision to you, I shall obey."


"I wanted to make amends with you, so that works out well. What are we to do to for you?"


He dusts off
"As I said. Out of practice. I've put more effort into fine manipulation than raw power."

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I.. dont know if I am flattered but still thank you." I give him a smile.
"By the way, mind if I stay here for a while. I dont want to go out for now since there is a large chance that guy… crimson? fiery? is still out there to get us both."


Yeah, looks like he flung me across the room there.

Did I get hurt? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Ironshod. He has a good memory and strong muscles to back it up. Still, he has no understanding of long term planning and is very impulsive. A waste of flesh if you ask me.
Of course you are welcome to stay as long as you wish."


Only my pride it seems. I get up and dust myself off.

"Hah… that was unexpected. Well done!"


"Hm. Looks like I do still have it in me.
You're not hurt are you?"


Maintain a stern tone.
"Good. You two will turn in your posessions to me. After you have nothing but yourselves, you will do charity work for a week under my watch. You will work 18 hours a day, and you are free to spend the rest on yourself, though I advise you that you rest, I won't make it easy on you. You will sleep in the barracks and not at your home,and you will not be allowed to have any personal belongings on yourselves or meet any of your friends for the duration of the week.
Any questions?"


"Well that is one each. Do you demand a tiebreaker or shall we move on?"


I crack my neck

"I just wanted to see how strong your telekinesis could get. I'm content with what I saw. Now, you spoke of conjuration earlier?"


Crap. Try to conceal the ring.
"Yeah. I ask for one last occasion to salute my mare before leaving. I cannot leave her a week without my news."

Roll #0 9 = 9


I stare down in your eyes.
"Yes, you can. And you will. This is not playtime. This is punishment. And if I catch you sneaking away during the week I will personally pluck all the feathers from your wings."

Do I see it?

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Quite. Come along."
He takes you to one of the study rooms he uses for drawing and planning, then unfolds a large, complex blueprint outlining what looks like the golems you saw years ago in Ironfoe
"Do you know what this is?"
A shadow is lurking nearby.
It could hold onto the ring for you.




You should get glasses.
You can barely tell if you're talking to Pumpkin or a pumpkin


I put a hoof to my snout.
"Looks and acts like your average delinquent. Better stay within sight of guards or someone of authority, he wont forget that hoof you gave him."
I then jump to his bed and lay there.
I wonder what Kilana and Pumpkin are doing right now.


"No possessions at all?" I look at my staff remembering all the training I did with it, and how useless I am without it "I can't have my staff with me?"


I nod
"I had a run-in with these before… Golems… Necromancy. Well maybe not actual necromancy, but still a form of it."

I take a closer look at the plans '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Which part of 'No Personal Belongings' did you not understand? No you cannot have your staff with you. For this week, you will forfeit selfishness and give everything you'll have to the poor and needy, even though you yourselves will have nothing."


Whisper to the shadow "Hide it. And tell Bearing everything's allright. I'll be back in a week."
"Ayay Ma'am."
Don't break eye contact.
Look cocky.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


"Of course, I understand you terms.. Will you hold on to it and return it to me in this condition? "


Getting beaten to near death by an angry assassin probably.
"Yeah. You're right. Hey you look kinda worried. Wanna talk about it?"
This kid needs a less egghead hobby. You feel like an idiot trying to figure half of this shit out.
"If it seems confusing, that is mostly my fault. It is not organized for easy reading. In short, it is an upgrade to my leg."
The shadow brushes past you, and the ring is gone.
You can collect it from Shadow Song when you need it.


"We'll see how smug you'll look by the end of the week. I won't allow any slacking."

"You'll get them back once you have served your time."


"Fair enough, I'll just have to find a way to use my hooves and voice to please the ponies.." I hand over my staff to you with my other things.


"Nothing in particular, perhaps I am just worrying or imagining things too much." I remove the image of a beaten pumpkin out of my mind, I then yawn a bit.
"Let me just get some shut-eye if thats alright with you." I pulled the covers and close my eyes.


"I… I think I'm starting to understand. This would allow you to walk more freely, correct?"

Maybe I need to look at the plans from a different angle? '1d10'

"But what does this have to do with conjuration magic?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Yeah so, what is it?"


"I'm sure your hooves won't fall off from some actual work."

"Excuse me?! After all you've done, you think you can afford that tone with me?! I'm not one of your little pals you go murdering with!"


"At least I do something, instead of spending my time sitting on my ass yelling at recruits, Ma'am."


"I'll be here. Making sure you're safe…"
Great now the text is upside down too.
Also you look silly with your head like that
"Venia please, this is serious. It will not only allow me to walk right again. It includes a detachable exoframe that can be mounted around my whole body. This, combined with an outer armour layer with in-built catalytic runes, will enable me to use this whole self powered armour as an extension to my body, amplifying both the physical and magical aspects.
What I need you for, is helping me figure out the correct way of creating such a runic matrix - one best suited for conjuration."


"So.. when do we start?" I say directly.
I rib you in the side "not now bro, she's only going to make it harder on you."


What was I doing again?


"alright… thanks." I close my eyes and see if I can get some sleep.

Roll #0 1 = 1


I let out an impressed whistle
"Impressive. Downright impressive! I'd love to help! What a wonderful challenge!"


"I don't care. She's insulted everything I ever did for Wintergrasp, be I damned if I give her an easy time!"


Okay, he's just asking for it.
Give him a hoof to the face.

"Keep up speaking like that and I don't care who you are to the Prince I'm going to break your jaw!"

"As soon as your friend stops being an insolent -"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Stand Firm against her strike.
"Ready whenever you are, ma'am."

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Right.. My apologies, Lady Radiant Dawn. "


Finding other players to RP with since the DM needs sleep
Those are some mighty touchy hooves he has.
"I'm glad to finally hear such heartfelt praise from you. There is a reason I have allowed my body to go untrained. For soon, I will have a new, better one.




"Fine. Follow me. No whispering, no talking, no changing glances."

We can stop now too


I cock an eyebrow

"You feel unappreciated by me Frostmourn?"


"At times. At times."



Rolling to see if I found some cold medicine

Roll #0 9 = 9


If we roleplay the whole week of forced labor, sure!

Radiant, where arth thou leading us?


You can.
It should help make the symptoms go away in a few days.



I rub the back of neck sheepishly

"I guess I am pretty harsh at times. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate your efforts Frostmourn."


Okay then.
Maybe I'll go back and see Frosty again.


"I don't blame you. I know I walk my own paths when it comes to studying magic, often refusing to stick to what I am taught.
But it has gotten me far. I've even continued studying the wing spell to compensate for the extra weight of the exo-golem armour."
he seems to be chatting with Venia about some blueprints


Oh well, I got nothing. No zigga on my side, no scornful master I share a love/hate relationship watching over me either.
Let's get to work!
Will wait for Kilana/Radiant to show up.



Alright… alright…. Really, I cant sleep like this if he keeps on touching me like this. Its like a baker kneading his morning dough.
I shift my weight and see what is Embers status.


"Exo golem armour… so those are the blueprints that you have been working on? I have to say, I am amazed. Could you explain?"


I nod, a little bit shook by this

"So I guess I just slowed you down then… Should I have been more open? Am I too strict? Too conservative? Too-"

I turn to you and frown
"Verne, how nice of you to interrupt us. Did you come here to insult me some more?"


"…I'm bothering you, aren't I?"
"It needs a shorter name.
The short and simple of it is that I will have my leg replaced with a golem. However, this new leg will contain mounts that allow me to equip further pieces of the same hollow Golem, making up a set of full body armour that can move autonomously and thus weights nothing on me.
Adding to this, I plan to carve the inside with catalytic runes, enabling the entire suit to function as a single catalyst to my spellcasting.
This is needed, because the wing spell is not strong enough by itself to lift such a weight."
He taps the silver coil on his horn
"This lovely gift enabled me to continue my research, and I have so far found out that it is indeed possible, if difficult, to stack multiple instances of the wing spell."
"Venia please. Don't be so aggressive.
As a teacher, all I could have asked for is perhaps more aid on theoretical aspects and further explanation of the limits of spells."


"I have not insulted anyone, Miss Venia. This development is important, so please calm down."



I swish my tail in his face and walk off to the library.

"I'll be in the library researching those runes if you need me, Frostmourn."


"Most kind of you, Venia. If you want a demonstration later, come find me."


So! While I'm at work serving my time, is there anything interesting going on here in the lower city or wherever Radiant took us?

Roll #0 1 = 1


Sister just got home, be back in 20

"I will."

Rolling to find relevant books in the library and to also read them

Roll #0 7, 6 = 13


"Excellent work, Frostmourn. Why not ask Rockeye when you have the chance? Mass production would benefit us greatly. And, I admit, I have some personal interest in this."

Move about my false leg.


"A little… " I stay motionless.
"Is there something I can do so that you can… rest and relax? I can dance for you if you want?"


No interesting.
No fun.
Work only.
You locate some texts on catalyst theory and sit down to read
"Mass production may not be viable. But I can certainly see what can be done about your leg. Indeed we may be the only ones this plan could work on. The only way I have found to circumvent the problems involved with hollow golems, such as not having a place for the core, is to use the wearer, myself, as the core instead. My severed leg allows for direct neural connection with the golem, so I can be in direct control of it. Even if I got hollow golems to work otherwise, they would still need to be piloted more than worn. A clunky and dangerous business."
He blushes quite a bit
"U-um… dance? I… I'd love that!"


All work and no play makes Pumpkin a dull buck.
But yeah, work. Rolling to waste time work faster!

Roll #0 10 = 10


"I cannot stress how valuable your efforts are. Of course, any further business with Rockcye is best left unti.. after we deal with Eaglecrest. What is your plan for the long term?"


You are a very workful pony, penitent bladeling.
Perhaps Radiant will let you take a little break after cleaning up all those broken stones from the alleys and helping the residents to put up a new wall
"Rockeye? I will send Winterbreeze and Nylis to study with them on my… other pet project."


"Well.. I just hope you like it."
I stand up from bed, position myself nearby and ready myself to entertain him.
Perhaps something sensual will make him stop doing his thing to me…

Roll #0 6 + 3 = 9


"Please explain."


Your logic is… odd
It seems to just be getting him more excited
"Oh? Oh ho! A dance like this? Oh my~"
"Perhaps you have heard of the research task I gave to Nylis and Winterbreeze earlier? On researching upscaled catalysts?"


"I'm afraid not. Could you, again, explain?"


Rolling to LEARN SHIT

Roll #0 3 = 3


"While doing research on catalysts, I came to find that indeed the size of the catalyst might play a part in the amplification of natural spell power. Of course the difference between say a wand and a staff is negligible, but if one was to use a whole tree… or… a castle as a catalyst… the results could be devastating"


Oh dear stop stop.
"Ahaha.. oh my… it appears you like it." I scratch my head and sit down.
"I'm out of idea's, perhaps you have any that we could use?" I give him a smile.


There is a reason you never wanted to be a teacher. This theory shit is hard…
"…you're not too experienced with the way stallions work, are you?"




Roll #0 9 = 9


"Very interesting. Have you proposed this to the mages we have to test yet?"

"And by the way, I just had an idea about how you might win over Hardflank. First of all, though, I must ask, are you a worshiper of the Sun?"


Oh right.
You just had the book upside down.
So here we go, Runic Formulas… hm… hm hm hm… yes… this makes sense. Yeah.
It's like learning a new language! Kinda.
"Of course I am. So do tell."


Keep on reading!

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Hmm. Never mind, then, it may not sit well with you. My idea was to use the magic you have developed ans passing them off as miracles, proof that you are the Sun's chosen. Of course, it will all be lies, but it won't make a difference to them, those fools."


"To be honest, I… I really don't Ember." I rub my hooves while hiding my blush.


So it seems the same core basics of the runic theory apply to all normal catalysts. Though not of much use to unicorns at a base level, the runic theory could be adapted from the looks of it…
"A false deity. Hm. I wonder…
…hm… maybe. Just maybe…
…tell me Verne, do I look the part?"
"Well it seemed like that. That, or that you were just teasing me because you get off on that or something. Indeed I'm a little surprised you have never gotten any experience, with a pretty face like yours."


Mmhmm, and how would that work exactly?

Roll #0 4 = 4


"So you're willing to consider it after all? Hmm… I need to look more into the myths of the Sun, but with phenomena like conjuring wings, and some other displays, it should be possible."

"You were awfully quick to consider something tantamount to blasphemy. Tell me, how strong is your faith? Do you serve the Sun, or do you want the Sun to serve you?"


The next several pages are lists and lists of runes and their effects on various spells. Some of the pages even have foldouts…
"Above all, I serve the North. The sun is a source of power and strength to me, but not an unbreakable absolute."


Anything of particular interest?

If not I bag the book and take it with me to read some more later

Roll #0 9 = 9


Hey was that a cool aerial move I just saw that pegasus doing?

Roll #0 1 = 1


There seem to be distinctive patterns to the runes, so it would make sense to use certain strings to enhance certain spell types.
It's called there is an angry paladin telling you to go climb that tree and get the poor kitty down


"Oh dear no no no.. Please, I still have no idea as to why you tend to touch me in funny places or why that thing of yours is always poking me." I cover my face.
"I… I just want to help.. understand as to why? Do you really like me that much?"

Roll #0 2 = 2


Yeah fly over and save the kitty.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Oh? See what I can find that might help with what Frosty is trying to achive

Roll #0 6 = 6


"That is… very relieving to hear. Besides, relying on the Sun and Moon may not be very wise ideas if we are fighting Equestria. Rumour has it that their rulers, the Twin Princesses Celestia and Luna, are earthly incarnations of the Sun and Moon. And they have the power to show it."


The order was CLIMB.
Now get down and do it right.
"I do. I really do. I've 'liked you' that much for years.
…I can't believe I'm giving this talk to a grown girl… did your parents never… you know… tell you about this stuff?"
The lists are pretty exhaustive but after a while you start finding familiar looking snippets and manage to roughly round up the conjuration runes.
"Then if they march on us, I will see to it their sun sets for good if I must."


Yeah I'll show her right.

Roll #0 7 = 7


You get a little scuffed up but do get the kitty down.
That's one good deed done for the day at least.


"Good to hear. Then, I worry that the faithful of the North will eventually turn on us if they hear their gods have chosen the South."


"Have you spoken with Manifest Destiny very much, Frostmourn, what has he told you?"


Fuck yeah! Swag on, where are the bitches?

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"He insists we are doomed by the whims of his Master. I care little for his ramblings, though his teachings are wise."
A little girl hugs you for bringing her cat back.
She has no money to give and looks quite poor, but her smile was as warm as the fireplace back at the palace.


Perfect! Bag the book for now! I'll go talk to Frosty later when that smoothtalking rascal is gone.

By the way, how nice was that day out with Unyielding?

Roll #0 8 = 8


"I heard a thing or two from my friend.. Kilana. Other than that no…" I look away and focus my gaze on a lightsource nearby(torch,candle, fireplace,etc).
"Well, it become more apparent ever since you start poking me. touching me… then teaching me to where to touch yours, oh.. oh my." I cover my face with my hooves.


Should that be a 10 because of my +2 bonus? I think so.
Aw yiss


Who the hell needs money.
I give her a smile back and go off looking for more wrongs to right!

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


There seems to be a dispute between some guards and a few merchants
He stiffens up a bit
"K-Kilana? S-she is your source of…"
He swallows audibly
"Oh my…
uh… she p-probably told you all kinds of wild… things right?"
What a lovely day it was


"…as much as he sounds like a madman, an entity that has as much influence as this 'Master' cannot be ignored, even if we must first assume it exists. And if the Sun and Moon really have turned on us, it may be a new source of power. Even if it does not exists, when word to the faithful gets out that their gods have abandoned them, we could always introduce a new one. Why not use this 'Master' in this manner?"


Good, good.

Now… let's see how Goldenblood is doing today. He is still the king after all.


Walk over and flash a smile
"What seems to be the problem officers?"

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"You would forge a new faith based on the ramblings of one prophet? The sun in real, I can see it in the sky. This… Master… I just don't know."
He seems to be having a pillow fight with a closet.
"These merchants are fixing prices."


I clear my throat to announce my presence, then bow

"Your highness."


This would be so much easier if I had the mask with me.
Turn to the merchant.
"Now, accusing soldiers of Wintergrasp is a serious crime, if the accuse is false.
You sure this is your stance?"
Now, to the soldiers.
"And what would he be cheating on? What is he selling no other merchant has, and for how much more than the fair price?"


"Those certainly have a benefit in being embodied in the tangible. But then, the populace will want to be assured. To have something more powerful than the Sun and Moon protecting them. Why not a creator deity? Either way, this is something to consider if the worst passes."

"How do you suppose Manifest Destiny knows as much as he does, though?"


I began to draw circles on the floor.
"Well, she's the one who push me to be more close and… intimate to you. By intimacy, I thought a kiss or two would do, but perhaps she knows a lot about boys.. and their need. That is why she helped me by arranging my hair and looks."
"Well, that may had something to do on how you behave that night with all the talks of you… doing me.."


He keeps trying to parry the closet with his pillow
The soldier speaks first
"These three are the only ones who sell silk in Wintersgrasp. And mysteriously they all charge vastly more than foreign merchants."
The merchant defends
"Coincidence! But these guards are telling us to pay them the supposedly 'stolen' money and they will let us go!"
"…have you not seen it? The…thing that lurks by him?"
He is starting to get really red in the face by now
"I can't believe this is happening to me… You… you're incredible…
…and I mean that in a good way…
…s-should I teach you?"


"…I have. Now, what do you suppose it is?"


I cock my head to the side and point at the closet

"Do you… need help with that?"


"I always assumed it was his Master. Or… something born of it. I found it unnerving at best."
"No no I have it on the ropes. So what did you need of me?"
He hops on his bed and throws the pillow at the closet


"Okay, silk, that's pricy stuff…
And are there an-"
Yeah there are.
The faire, the one with all the merchants.
"Everyone, follow me!"
Find a tessile shop there and ask for the price of silk!


"I was just wondering how you were doing your majesty. Anything troubling you? Anything you might need?"


"Silk? Bout a hundred gold a roll, sir."
"What I need is the head of that scoundrel Longshanks on a plate! To imagine he dared never reply to my invitation for a round of dragon egg hunting!"


"Either way, considering Manifest Destiny's… unnatural knowledge, and the presence of that entity, it is safe to say they are related. Which means that whatever his Master is, it is real, and cannot be ignored if what the rest of what he says is true. If that entity can give him that much knowledge, there may be more it can do."

"Now that we both know this, we cannot afford to brush him off as a madman any more. We must at least acknowledge this as a real threat… or a real opportunity."


Stop myself from trembling and focus myself.
"W… well right now? I… well you could teach me if you really are inclined to do."
I then keep my focus to him and smile.
"Its better to be you teaching me than some random delinquent right?"


Ask the guards
"And the merchant wanted?"


"Ah… right. A true shame indeed. I wish there was something I could have done to help."

I shift my eyes around uncomfortably

"How is your wife the queen faring, your majesty?"


"So what do you suggest we do?"
"I would imagine so, yes"
he sits next to you
"One fifty."
"Hey! Our stocks are low, we needed to raise prices to cull demand!"
"Queen? What do I look like, a beehive?"


"Uh… Queen Snowflake? Your wife?"


Back to the traveling merchant.
"Is supply low in the North, right now?"



Use this 'Master'. We can attempt to negotiate for its assistance or otherwise, and if all else fails… worship it. Or at least, convince it to appear as a god so the North's faithful have something new to turn to."

Keep my face stoic and unblinking. I know just how insane my proposition is, but if it's out only hope…


I move next to him and shift my weight to where I am comfortable. I then place my head to his neck and rest there for a moment.
"I.. I am now."


"Snowflakes have queens now? Holy shit they must be organizing against us! Quick! Call the troops and tell them to kill all the snow!"
"I wouldn't know, I'm just a traveling merchant. I buy from Snowborder, then sell wherever I go."
"Worship… that thing? Have you seen it? It's grotesque!"
"So um… d-do you want anything before we start? A drink? Um… a massage?"


Back to the merchant.
"Now, tell me the truth, how bad off is your shop?"
WoP if Radiant has already thaught it to me, otherwise, try to be accondescending and show I care.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"If all else Destiny says is true, there is no reason to assume we cannot have an avatar be his surrogate for the populace to worship. Or are you appalled by aesthetics? I understand, but.. we have to be past that. The North needs us, no matter what. And we will do what is needed."


I sigh and rub my head
"Of course your majesty, I'll see to it personally. Excuse me."

Take my leave, goddamn. He's gone completely bonkers. Let's go find Shadow in her tower, this is insane.


"Yes, a drink, that will do." I lift my head from its rest.
"So what do you got here?"


"I'm down to my last few rolls. Until I can get more, I need to raise prices. And I need the extra gold to buy a new supply!"
The prince sighs
"My heart tells me this is madness…. but there is wisdom in your words.
I will… consider it. If that was all, you may go."
She is there, angrily packing things into boxes
"I smuggled in a little mead and found some stronger spirits the other day. And well, I have juice too."


"Shadow? What's happeni- Oh right… that happened."


"He seems sincere enough, don't you think? Who are the ponies he allegedly cheated out of their money?"


"Yes. That did happen. And as unbecoming of me as this is, I am mad as all hell."
"Several. Including my wife."


I go looking for Frosty. Is he in his room?


"I thought it madness too, but I had to think about it. Let it cool off for a while, why not take a short break? I have to admit, a ladyfriend of mine was very comforting when I had to come to terms with this. I think Sunrise would be more than happy to spend more time with you. now, excuse me…"

Go off and give some medicine to Venus too before sleeping it off. Night, if we're really pulling long North I'll be back in 5-6


"Spirit…. I could try that." I smile
I wonder what he meant by strong?


That's because she's dumb and didn't look for a place where to buy it at a lower price.
But shut up.
"And she's been a long time costumer of this merchant?"


"Well, I can't say I don't agree with you but… you're not moving out because of it are you?"

On a scale from pissed to livid, how mad is she right now?

Roll #0 2 = 2


He seems to have just finished talking to Verne
"Oh hey Corn. What's new?"
"Take care Verne."
He pours you a glass of clear drink
"Bottoms up?"
Roll to see how hard it hits you.
-2 for not being prepared for it
"Well, no. But the point stands. These merchants are fixing prices and making an ill gained profit off it!"
Both her students just got a week of community service for punting a paladin in her gaping void of a cunt. She is less than happy.
"No. I just thought I'd use the energy for cleaning instead of killing something."


"Frosty, it's been a while. How are you doing?"



Roll #1 1 - 2 = -1


"Oh. Oh! How… thoughtful of you."

Should I help her or will that make her fucksnap on me?

"Do you… want to talk about it? Or just let it all out on me?"

Roll #0 3 = 3


"But… Something baffles me. If the prices didn't feel right with the costumers, why would they buy from them?
Especially since they weren't usual costumers of their shop, just like your wife!
They could take a walk and look for a different store!"


The feeling could described as someone launching a burning tree trunk at your face.
You can't see straight, your head is spinning, your throat burns… and Embers is looking really nice today~
"I would rather not send you back to that to be husband of yours missing half your teeth and an eye.
…I just feel so… deeply… deeply disappointed. At both of them. Ah the pains of being a mother…"
"That's my point - ALL of these merchants have the same prices! All of them are selling it far too expensively!"



"Well I wasn't there, so I can't say I know what exactly drove them to attack a bunch of guards but… Don't we all make mistakes? I mean even Lordblades make mistakes. And yes I know, no emotions allowed and all, but really that's impossible to pull off."


"Well that's illegal allright."
Turn to the merchants
"Instead of raising prices like a cartel, you should have banded together and helped each other! What kind of merchants are you?
Organised enough to prey on the costumers but not enough to pool your money in times of trouble?"


That is something wow! Spirit indeed!
"Whoa… oh my…. oh… dear, you looked… wow. Ember, be a dear and… Oh my, just let me rest my head…"
I lay my head on the pillow in feeble hope to steady my spinning and darkening world.


"Very busy with plans for the future, old friend. You?"
"I just wish it had been something else he had done. Like stolen something. Not attacking a guard…"
The merchants look a little ashamed
"We just figured this was the most sensible solution! We did not mean any harm!"
"Uh.. y-you just lie down there. I'll um… start the uh… teaching? Ok? Lila? You awake?"


"Imagine bakers doing the same for bread! Or guards deciding to abandon a street because it became too hard to patrol!
Think of the commonpony. If you did mean no harm, give back half of the price difference to all the ponies who brought from you, as an act of faith.
And don't accuse guards of such low acts as shakedowns. They are on your side."
Despite what some do.


"Yes, well… I wish a lot of things too. From what I understand he did it to help Kilana. I'm sure it just got out of hoof and that this wasn't what they intended to do. Besides… nopony got hurt right? Well I suppose lady Radiant did but still, no serious injuries were had. If Pumpkin really completely lost control he would have probably killed them, but he didn't."


Where did Radiant leave me?


Hearing him amidst the ringing in my ears, I shift my head, look at him and smile.
"…. yes."


"Same here. I was talking with Pumpkin a few days ago and he mentioned how you had asked him and some of our friends from back when we were foals to help too. I was hoping that me and my potions might be able to help."

I take out a few Mirror Image and Conjure Armor potions and set them on the table in two groups.

"Ever since I was a foal I've been able to make potions that contained spells. In fact, the first time I successfully combined a potion with some food I cooked when I got my cutiemark."


In the dumpy part of town with Pumpkin
The merchants bow down
"Y-yes. Okay. We should have thought this out more."
The guards seem very pleased with the outcome
"Thanks kid. We've been trying to get through to them for hours. Stop by at the barracks later, we'll give you something nice as thanks."
The guards take the merchants away to get the money
Also Kilana is here now
"That much is true. Perhaps I'm just hoping for too much perfection of him…"
"O-okay. Here goes then… see um… st-stallion like it wh-when you know um you… they…
…Oh by the sun and moon I need to get a grip.
Can I take off your clothes?"
"Yes, I remember… I wonder.. could these potions be produced in large quantities?"


"Gah, these ponies are so frustrating, I can't get anywhere. You having better luck pumpkin?"


"yes…" I keep my focus on him.
Now try to keep steady and prevent myself from drifting off.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Well he is being punished for his deeds, as is Kilana. There's no turning back time, so we're going to have to cope with this and just keep on marching. He's a tough one, that Pumpkin, he'll soldier through this and make you proud, I just know it."


"Pumpkin actually asked the same thing. To do that I would need a lab of some sort, because we don't want the food in the kitchen becoming contaminated with odd spells. I would also need larger quantities of ingredients. That means that instead of plucking a hair or feather from your or Anita whenever I want to make something we may have to…shave a few mages. Those would be the easy parts, though. The potions do not always absorb the spells correctly, and sometimes they go flat without warning. If I could figure out a way to solve those last two problems we would be able to arm your entire army with magic."


"Just making everypony happy since eighteen years and counting.
I can't believe how thick some of these ponies are at times. It's like they only care for what's best for them and only them!"
Well allright, job well done. And guess what, my only 6 free hours each day will be at the barracks anyway!
Keep helping ponies together with Kilana now.


You doze off for what you assume is a second or two.
After a moment you wake up to Embers shaking you
You seem to both be naked by now
"Lila? Hey! Wake up!"
"I only wish he will not forget the heart of his training…

…So what's happening with you? Anything interesting?"
"Then it shall be done. I will see to it a lab is established for your needs as soon as I become king."


I give a short, but polite, bow and run off to the library.
'1d10' to find a book talking about how breweries or alchemy labs are set up.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Oh, great job bro. We still have a bit of time left." '1d10' to find somepony who needs help.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"On a research project with Frostmourn. Seems like he's been putting his brains to good use and designed a new leg that will work much better than the one he has now. And power armor, that too. I also… just came back from meeting Goldenblood. It's a little frightening to see how badly he's faring these days…"


"Oh.. hey Ember.. oh dear, we're… So what shall we do now?" I keep my focus on him to keep myself from drifting off.


[–First, get ye flask–]
This might not be the best book
There is a young stallion sitting on a rooftop. He looks rather sad.
"The king is dead in mind. Sadly, his body refused to die with it.
I fear I may need to hasten that."
"Well, as you can see… if you can see it… I have already well.. you know.. gotten… well you know. You didn't even need to do anything! That is the magic of a pretty mare like you. Now next c-comes uh… f-foreplay…"


Keep looking.

Roll #0 1 = 1


Follow her and see what she finds.


I droop my ears

"He didn't even remember the name Snowflake… I-I can't even imagine what she must be going through right now…"


[Trouble is brewing - the steamy adventures of Tipsy Teats the Time Traveling Tranny: Hu Rotedisshit]
"I can. As I know. She long for her husband. The one who still loves her."


I laugh and put the book back before looking once again.

Roll #0 3 = 3


I call up to the stallion. "Hello, are you okay up there?"
"Fly up and see if you can rescue him pumpkin." I whisper to Pumpkin.


Well let's get to it.
Fly besides him.
Is he in any immediate danger?
"You al'right pal?"

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


"Gah… life is just so damn unfair. If something were to happen to Anvil I'd… I'd… I don't know if I could handle it. When did you last talk to Snowflake?"


"So.. how shall we begin?" I ask him smiling.
Keep myself from drifting off again.

Roll #0 8 = 8


[Beer - Liquid Bread: By Godfer Yew]
He seems quite depressed
"Well… no. My life is in shambles. Ever since my brother beat his wife to death and killed himself… and burned his house…"
"Just a few days back. I even agreed to give her back an old painting I kept for her."'
This is far too interesting to fall asleep now!
"W-well um.. touching eachother I-is a good start!"
He reaches out with a trembling hoof to get a feel of your body

Roll #1 5 = 5


Not quite what I'm looking for. Try again.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Depressed? Uh, maybe I can cheer him up with a song? '1d10+2' entertain.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Old painting? Which old painting?"


Well. Fuck.
Thanks god pumpkin has no idea it's all Prima's fault.
Try to comfort him. Sit down beside him and start staring at the sky.
"It's cloudy today, uh?"
"Please. It's serious."

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


[Lotions and Potions in the Ocean - A notion of motion: By Cool Starry Bra]
"One of her husband. I thought I'd hold onto it just in case."
He gives a small chuckle
"My brother loved to dance…"
"Yes. Yes it is. Very cold and grey. A good day to die, no?"


Keep calm, Corn. It's just like trying to perfect a recipe. Try and try again until you get it right.

I keep looking.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Oh… I see. I think I'll pay her a visit myself soon. But first things first, when was the last time you had some fun, Shadow?"


I close my eyes and let him continue.


"Meh, I've been there, done that. Not much fun to be had, on the other side. It was so dull I can't even remember it.
Trust me, here is where it's at."

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


I smile, "Oh, you really miss him.. why not come down and talk about it?"


The assistant librarian pops over
"Looking form something specific?"
"Depends on your views of fun. I got drunk as shit last week and tipped over a woolly cow, but I haven't had a good hard dicking in years. Why?"
His hooves tremble more and more as they travel down your body
"L-Lila? Is it really ok if I go all the way?"
He gives a hollow laugh
"Here? Alone with nothing but empty pockets and bad memories?"'
"I'll be right down"
He steps onto the edge
"But I doubt I'll be in any condition to talk."


Oh fuck.
Vanish and happear in front of him, then tackle him to the roof.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


"I'm trying to find books about how breweries and alchemy labs are set up and operated. Can you help me find any?"


Try to catch him '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You get him back onto the roof
"Why? Why do you persist to stop me? Why can't I just go be with my brother?"
She smiles at you and goes get a book
"Here you go sir"
[My Little Brewery: Alchemy is a Hard Science]


I snort, then break out in full laughter

"The kind of barefaced answer I should have expected from you. Oh dear god, Shadow. Well I already told you you should get yourself a nice stallion! Or a mare with some equipment."

I burst into a giggling fit again


"Why are you in such a hurry to join him? "


Slap him.
"I told you buddy. There's nothing on the other side, no brother to go back to. Make it up to him instead.
To him life and his mistakes!
You say you have nothing left, but there's someone that still needs you! This Kingdom!
You don't value your life, then join the guards.
Either your attitude changes or you'll be eaten by a bear, and will have just delayed this day of a few more months!"


I look at him and give him a smile.
"You are here to teach me are'nt you?"

Roll #0 10 = 10


I smile and take the book.
"Thank you miss."
I go sit down on a cushion and start reading it.

Roll #0 1 = 1


She sighs and glances at something she has in a corner of the room, then shakes her head
"I don't think so."
"There is nothing left for me here."
He stays silent
"…the guard? Would they even have one like me?"
He swallows and licks his lips, then moves his hooves over to your privates
"A dream come true…~
Um… it's ok if you do this to me too you know?"
What a boring book. You fall asleep after the first page.


Can I get up on the roof with them? '1d10'
"Come now, that can't be true.."

Roll #1 2 = 2


I calm down a little and stop my giggling. What was that she was looking at?

"You're still upset about Falconwreath, aren't you?"


"Yes. Yes I am. How does one simply forget one's wedding vows? Vows one took… and broke… willingly?"


"Assuming you don't blow yourself up on training? Yeah, they would.
What do you think, all them ponies lived comfy lives? They come from the same story as you, they are desperate, have lost almost everything!
The guards give them a new reason to live! Look at them, fighting for the safety of all Wintergrasp! It's the opportunity of a lifetime to turn your life around."


"…my brother was a guard too. He met his wife that way…
…I wonder if… if he'd want me to do this?"


"Well, I've never been married before, but I think it's a load of nonsense anyway. If you love a pony then you love a pony and when you don't you don't, no matter what it says on paper."

I put a hoof around her neck

"From what I understand Falconwreath was a loving husband with a terrible job. But if he truly loved you he wouldn't have made you live through all that you saw. And he sure as hell wouldn't want to kill you for you having enough of his sickening deeds."


Taking a deep breath, I then shift my position a little to reach him.
Alright Lila, lets see how you fare with his game.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Let's go ask him, shall we? Get down from this roof, it's silly trying to fly without wings."
Guide him down the roof back to Kilana.
"Let's pay your brother a visit, allright?"
"You followin?"


She lets the hoof stay
"We vowed never to allow our work change our love. That we would endure through good times as well as ill. That we would remain loyal and trusting, come what may.
…I obviously didn't.
I guess that makes me a bad pony. Or at least a bad wife."
What a firm member
So warm too
"N-nice. Keep a steady pace, and don't be afraid t-to grip it firmly."
"How? He is long since dead!"


I nod and follow you. "Of course."


What did I miss


"Who knows, he might just decide to talk with you, if you take some time to pay him a visit…"
"And then you bring his voice back and let him have a chat with his brother."


I move in front of her, looking her straight in the eyes

"Shadow listen to me, you are NOT a bad pony. You made a mistake, that's all. And one mistake should not deny any form of happiness or love in your life. I made my own mistakes, as you are aware, but I stopped beating myself up for it and moved on."


Keep it steady and hope for the best.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"I can't do that with my staff, it was my catalyst.." I whisper sadly to you.


Pumpkin and Kilana saved a kitten from a tree, helped solve a dispute between a guard and some merchants, and are now talking a guy out of suicide.
"Sounds mighty strange… but what do I have to lose? I don't even own anything to begin with…"
He comes along and shows you his brother's grave
"Could you be that cold, Venia? Just walk out on Unyielding because you no longer like his job? What if you don't like being queen? What then? Tell him it's all over and the years together meant nothing?"
He starts to grunt a little
"Ok… that's good… um.. I think we should move on before I… end things before their time.
Now I'm sure you at least know of using your mouth for this kind of thing, right?"


I trust they will work hard enough without me too, and the zebra will come clean if they slacked.
Or I'll make her.
Anyway, find Celaire for now.


"Crap. This is gonna be harder then. Let's… Improvise!"
"It's all about what you want to believe. If there's a few of your brother left inside you, maybe you'll hear him talk."
Pat his back.


He is drilling the new paladin recruits in the training field
Oh hello my sun. How goes the punishment?"


"Yes… "
Trying to hide my blush, I then lazily shift below and position myself into him. With that, I lick its tip a little before taking it whole.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"We'll think of something bro."
"Even if you don't hear him, he'll hear you for sure.."


"They are doing well as of now. I am not… What about you?"


"It's not the same, Shadow. The last few years I've spent with him are some of the best I've had all my life. I carry those memories with me into the future as luggage. To remind me during the bad times that there are still good times to make up for it. I'm not a pony of intrigue or bureaucracy. I don't even look forward to being a queen. But I'll still go through with it, because it's his dream. It's been his dream for so long. And I still sometimes feel a pang of guilt that I denied those dreams all those years ago. What I can tell you is that I'll make it damn clear to him when I don't like something. If I saw him doing the things you saw Falconwreath do… well… I don't think I'd ever be able to forgive him."


He stares at the grave
"He was a good pony. I can't imagine what heartless demon drove him to such deeds…
…I think I should honour his memory. Yes. I think I will apply for the guard.
At least if they don't want me, I have one more reason to die."
You're a bit too good at this.
The poor boy barely has time to enjoy your naturally skilled tongue before he shoots his load in your mouth.
He then reels back and breathes heavily
"WHOA! Are you sure you've never done that before?"
"Still sore, are we? Well, it'll repair in time. I've been trying out our new blood. They seem capable and valiant to say the least. So, when will we geld them?"
The paladin recruits suddenly fall very silent
"Thing is… stabbing a pony in the eye and turning the blade until he has a confession was as mundane to him as signing for a shipment of ink is for your future king…
I guess I'm just haunted by the knowledge that I never really asked him. Or even told him. I just… left."


I chuckle internally, but keep a stern face.
"I only have my hammer at hoof. Do you think that will suffice as the required equipment?"


I pull her into a warm hug, rolling for quality

"Don't do this to yourself Shadow. It's just not right. You still deserve to be happy, you've given so much already."

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


"Hey, we'll help you get in. Don't worry. You'll make your brother proud. " I try to comfort him '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You'll not regret this."
Give him a non-sexual hug to comfort him.
Everyone needs somepony besides them, in these moments.

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10



"*gulp*… T.. this is my first." I look down, embarrassed by the mess and what I did to him.
I began to clean myself, this… fluid… Euuch…
"Whats next?" I look at his eyes while removing strands from my hair.


The murmur among the candidates starts to grow
"Primitive but effective, I suppose."
He turns to the paladins
There seems to be some hesitation, but one by one the paladins do follow orders, save for one who just stares at Celaire in angry disbelief.
She leans into you
"I'm so lucky to have at least found a friend in you. And a son in Pumpkin. I just tend to wish from time to time I had a chance to say I was sorry to him…"
It seems to help him gather his thoughts
"Thank you. You are a good pony. I have nothing to offer in return but my gratitude, but… thank you. From the bottom of a heart lifted from a bog of sorrow."
"I-I could do the same to you while we er… wait"


"Alright…." I position myself for him.


I ready my hammer.
"Do you want the honors, my dear?"


Allright, is there anything else or did we work ourselves to the bones today?

Roll #0 10 = 10


"He knows you love him, I know he does. And you're just worried about him, that's all. There's nothing to be sorry about, you're a great pony."


The nine swallow and turn in unison.
The tenth stands his ground
"Soldier. Did you not hear the order?"
"I did. But I will not bow to your madness! This is not a sacrifice I'm making for your ridiculous semblance of a cause! Keep your sashes and medals! I want no part in this insanity!"
He throws down his paladin insignia and storms off.
The others remain silent.
Celaire motions you to give him the hammer.
Seems you are about done for the day.
You should go back to the barracks and wait for Radiant.
"I only with I get to say that to him before his blades cut me down.
But now I'm sounding gloomy. So how about that Celaire fellow? Quite the number he did on Radiant."


I hoof him the hammer, and lean close while doing so, whispering to him.
"You even convicned me with your speech…I just hope you know what you are doing."

He can't be serious…


Yeah make it to the barracks.
I wonder if there's any insanity in the nearby area I should be aware of…

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Oh Sun… tell me about it. Everpony in Wintergrasp heard her!"

I snicker

"Poor Radiant couldn't walk straight for days. She's got a short temper… and very headstrong too, insisted we should spar immediately when I asked her about it. Didn't so much as touch me the entire match. But I like her still, she's so very dedicated and unwavering, yet honest and caring too."


Alright time to rest.



He paces slowly behind the sweating warriors, letting his steps echo across the training yard
"Any volunteers to be first?"
No answers
"Good. I did say no talking. I'll just start here then."
He comes to an abrupt halt, lifts his hammer, and as a loud gasp is heard along the line as each warrior fears they were picked, he smashes a nearby rock, then tosses the hammer back to you
"And that concludes our test. You all pass. Willingness to sacrifice anything and everything for your cause is an important aspect of a paladin. And you all stood unflinching in the face of such a sacrifice.
Now go and rest. You deserve it. Dismissed."
The nine leave, some wobbling a little from the adrenaline rush.
After they are gone he turns back to you
"Another one down it seems."
A bunch of very pale paladins are returning from the training grounds at least.
"You know what else is honest? A rock. Never heard a rock lie in all my years. That doesn't make it smart though."
He gets down for a good look
"I can barely believe my luck… I hope y-you like this…"
He skittishly starts licking you

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hey now, don't be mean! I mean okay she's probably not a genius, but neither are we. And it doesn't take away that she's a very skilled warrior from what I've seen."


"An unfaithful, undeserving one. We shall not consider it as a true loss. We did say only the best will make it, didn't we?"


roll to be impressed by their bravery.

Roll #0 1 = 1


Not impressed.
Damn, I saw worse when I was a foal.


Cloase my eyes, let him do what he does best and hold on.



Roll #0 9 = 9


"Skilled, yes. But what good is a strong hoof with a weak mind to guide it?"
"Well, I'd rather we held onto at least a few. A hooffull of warriors is of little use to anyone."
You are almost frustratingly hard to break
After a while he gets up to breathe and wipes his face
"Any good?"


"What are you trying to say here? You don't trust her?"


Breath in deeply and give him a smile.
"I am…"


Roll #0 3 = 3


"This is just the first 'batch' we cooked up. I'm sure we will find other ponies faithful in the Sun eventually, then we'll train them as well. Now, if you'll excuse me, this break was all I could afford now. I still have to make sure Pumpkin and Kilana won't stray."

Wave goodbye to Celaire then look for them.


"A bit of that too I guess. Then, I think the feeling is mutual."
He is displeased
"Look if you don't like it just tell me"
He heads off to get some rest.


Inside the barracks where I should be.
Not my fault the one that should be watching over me is too concerned with her marecunt to be sure I'm doing my job.
Good for her I'm a good pony and do what I have to.


Rolling to find him.

Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 7 = 7


I hid my face in shame.
"Im sorry…. please dont be angry."

Roll #0 7 = 7


I shrug

"Well, can't get along with everypony I guess. I haven't exactly talked to Celaire like… at all actually. Probably should do that some time. But anyway, back to fun. Anything you want to do?"


Stand on alt in front of her, salute.


In my room?


I see you shouting outside the barracks and come over to you. "Yes Miss Radiant?" I say with a slight yawn.


Give them a stare.
"I hope you didn't stray while I had something else to do. Report. What have you done in my absence?"


"Averted a market crisis, prevented a suicide, saved a kitty. In increasing order of difficulty."


"Hey, I guess it isn't for everyone. So, have you um… gotten any ideas so far?"
"Many things. To many ponies. But most of them lethal or highly illegal. So I guess not. Another night of sitting in my tower surrounded by shadows of the past for old Shadow Song…"


"What he said. Also, it would have been much easier if I could use magic.."


Give her a soft punch to the shoulder

"Well then! Why don't we fix that? I remember a certain night where we both got really drunk and had a lot of fun."


"Don't get cocky. You still need to work hard before you will be considered anything but a lowly criminal in my eyes."

"Should have thought of that before trying to murder a guard, shouldn't you?"


"Oh yeah that, the guy was about to kill himself when he couldn't talk with his brother."


"You mean the night your husband to be almost died, a child was murdered, my student nearly lost a wing and I was forced to wear that uniform for the first time in years?"


Mutter to myself
"You still have to show a single drop of the devotion I have for this Kingdom."
Don't answer her.


"I know.." I look down and kick the dust with my hooves a bit. "but I really could have help that pony today.."


Did I hear that?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Are you implying the getting drunk together and the lordblades attacking are somehow connected? If that's the case then they are even bigger dicks than I thought!"


5 is not an answer

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Excuse me? Are you questioning my faith?!"


Taking a deep breath, I approach him in order to give him a hug. Like Kilana said, perhaps this is the right time. I hug him tighter.
"You… could take me. If you want… "

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Well if a bit of drinks between girls is what you're after… I won't say no. My kid is stuck with a vengeful sun cunt for a week, so I have the house all to myself."
"I have wanted to for longer than you would believe. I'm glad you asked…"
He eases you onto the bed and gets into position
"Thank you. I hope we both enjoy this."
N-N-Nerdily jam it in

Roll #1 1 = 1


"No ma'am. If there's something we all know about, is how much you love your sun."


I clop my hooves together excitedly

"Alright! I need to go do some stuff first, so gimme a while!"

I quickly run off to go see Unyielding


He is snoring at his work table, surrounded by finished work


Leave a note for him that I'm going drinking and that I'll probably be late tonight.

Once that's done, find Celaire


"I still do not like your tone."

I turn to the zebra.
"Kilana, you are dismissed. You may have hurt me, but at least you are able to show proper respect."

Turn back to Pumpkin.
"Now, is there anything you want to tell me? Or will you just hide it like how you cower in the shadows all the time?"


"I have no concern about what you might think of me, Lady Radiant.
I know full well what I am and what I did.
Even if you'd like to think my actions selfish and unjustified, my only offense was to act without a direct order from my lord.
That is the reason I've accepted this punishment, and that is what I'll make amend for.
Don't try to shove into my head some kind of idea of heroism and good fight.
You have no idea what fighting for the right cause means."


Oh my…
This is not what I expected….
But since he is on top all I could do was embrace him, perhaps all I can do is add a little thing or two(bite ears,etc) that may entertain/make him happy until he finishes himself.

Roll #0 2 + 3 = 5


Unyielding is kinda adorable when he snores
Celaire is polishing his helmet
"Ah, hello. Have we met?"


After an awkward while he stops and sits up
"Sorry… I… I don't think this is really any good for you…"


I huff.
"Listen to yourself. What do you think you know? Look at yourself! You are just a Sun damned kid yet you speak like you've seen it all! And you try to teach me about life?!"


I smile and make a slight bow

"We haven't, no. My name is Venia, the prince's governess and part-time mage and paladin."


"Before I go, Lady Radiant, I may I request a temporary catalyst to use in the field?" I watch the scene unfolding, not really caring if they get into a fight.


"No. I'm not a teacher.
I'll just show, both of us, that my idea of righteousness is not second to yours, Lady Radiant."


"Well met. I am Celaire, an adherent of the sun, and captain-to-be of the Warriors of Sunlight."


I snap my hoof at this. "Daymn is there a cleric in house?"


I pulled him down.
"I thought you are here to teach me, your student here is still eager to give you a second chance… " I nuzzle his neck while touching him, eager to see if he is still at it.
"If you are holding yourself back then… perhaps now is the right time to push yourself and teach me the finer details." I whispered to his ears.

Roll #0 2 + 3 = 5


I shake his hoof firmly

"Radiant speaks highly of you."

And loudly

Suppress the urge of snickering

"How are things going with your new-founded order?"

Roll #0 7 = 7


Barely even glance at her.
"No, you may not. Your punishment is that you shall have nothing and still give your all. Now go before I change my mind and send you on a shift right now."

"Your would kill an innocent infant if you were ordered by your Lord. Do you call that Righteousness?"



"No cleric zigga. I just want to help everyone, no matter the cost."
"I am not one to question Him! He sees much further than any of us, and any of his orders are for the greater good!"


"W-well… here goes again…
…and I promise I'll do better. I will teach you why ponies like it so much!"
"Slowly but surely I am pruning away the useless. Today I had them line up for gelding and sadly lost another…"

Roll #1 10 = 10


I cock an eyebrow

"Gelding? That… sure is an interesting tactic, if a little unorthodox."


I nod.
"And that is why you are nothing more than a mere spineless assasin."


"Once more, I don't care for your approval, Lady Radiant. I respect what you stand for, but you are shortsighted.
The greater good requires greater sacrifices."


"It is a test of a paladin, to face such a great personal sacrifice and still have the courage to stand tall. Granted, I am a bit surprised I actually lost one to it. I expected them to be stronger by now."


"Y-yes Miss Radiant."
I leave. But I'm watching from nearby.


"I see… What exactly do you hope to do with your order? Will you focus on smiting and fighting alone or also healing the sick and whatnot?"


"Doing everything for somepony to be the number one hooflicker is not for the cause of greater good. Dismissed."


"Dont hold back.." I whisper to his ears.
I hold him tight, never letting go until he finishes himself and has done his work.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Salute and go off to find Kilana.
"She's not the boss of you. You shouldn't let her treat you like that."


"That depends greatly on what my final graduates turn out to be like. It is a poor commander who sends ponies to battles they are unsuited for."
With his dreamlike state of zen horse humping finished, he crumples down next to you and softly breathes
"That was good for me… How about you? Did you learn anything?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


I look down again. "Nah, bro.. this is our punishment. Shadow Song, and Frostmourn told us to listen to her, and … I was dangerous back there.."


"Our punishment is to make better of the city, not to agree with her and run around as she orders us."
Stop a minute, put an off on her back
"Hey Kila, back there that wasn't you, okay? Stop thinking about it. It's all over now."


Now that's done…
How am I feeling?
I MUST have gotten better, right?

Roll #1 4 = 4


I nod understandingly

"That makes sense, yes. Well, I wont keep you busy any longer Celaire. Glad to have met, have a pleasant further day!"

Time to hunt for BOOZE! Go to a tavern or the storage room of the castle and ask around for BOOZE. Rolling for BOOZE quality

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


The Abyss has been traversed with fury no mortal could ever hope to wield.
You may never walk the same again.
You drank too much too fast.



"Stop thinking about it? How can I do that when she keeps reminding me?" I stare angrily at the ground, and stomp on a bug. "It just ain't right…"


But, but! Quality time with Shadow! Drinking party!

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


>sure I guess


Timeskip postponed due to party
"You sure guzzle the stuff, Venia. Don't do anything too crazy."

Kilana, Pumpkin and Radiant may skip ahead one week if they want to.


"Hey, stop that. What's Shadow always been telling us? Anger and regret take you nowhere."
Sit her over.
"You just remember what happened and let it never happen again.
That's all you can do. Don't cry again and again over it, the past won't change. Make sure the future is better, that's what matters!"
Thanks. Let's say it's the last day of punishment.


I cuddled next to him.
"Always give 2nd chances…. thats what I learned."
With that I bask in the afterglow

Roll #0 9 = 9



"Kilana, Pumpkin, on me. Did you two finish the task I have given you?"


"Crazy is my middle name, Shadow."

Toss her over another beer or whatever it is she likes, then take a swig from my own.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Yes Miss Radiant. Its all done." I say promptly, after a week with her its nice to be done. I smile a bit.


"Yeah. Would have done faster my way but… I guess we did good."


"You really are drowning your doubts Venia… if I were a more responsible, mature mare I'd be concerned."
She slams the entire jug in one hit and burps loudly
"But I'm not. I'm just an old lady with no husband, a adopted kid and nothing but her own shadow for company most of the time. So why not drink? Ha!"
…and thanks… It was… divine."
He cuddles up close and falls asleep


I nod.

"Then your service has been done. You will get your belongings back soon… but first…"

I turn to the zebra.
"Kilana, you are forgiven. I hope you have learned your lesson, and you should know that I will hold no grudge again you for what you did to me."
I offer my hoof to her.


Give her a whide, warm smile.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


I point a hoof at her accusingly

"You could get a nice husband if you wanted to! Hell I'd even help out!"


Roll #0 4 = 4


Cuddle tight and fall asleep.


I slowly place my hoof into hers. "Thank you Miss Radiant.."


"There is more to life than a stallion between your legs, you drunk fool"
She laughs and finishes her drink
"Pass me another"


"Is dere really though?"

Toss her another bottle

"Ah dunno, ah don't think ah could live widout Anvil!"

Take another swig

"Damn good in bed too, he is…"

Roll #0 7 = 7


"You have done well. I am sure the ponies of this kingdom are grateful for your efforts."

I nod to a nearby chest with my head.
"You will find everything you gave up in there. May the Sun bless you."

Step back and turn to Pumpkin.
"Pumpkin. Come here."


"I can imagine. I guess I could look too, but somehow I always wanted to give you a bit of privacy."


Gulp down and move in.
She's totally gonna slap me again.


I step back and let Pumpkin have a turn.


Keep looking sternly at him.
Then raise my hoof and give him what he deserves.
Rolling for hug

Roll #1 9 = 9


I guffaw and take another swig

"I dunno how ta feel about dat, to be fair. Maybe ya should just disguise yerself as me and give it a try!"

I burst into a giggling fit

Roll #0 10 = 10


Rolling for surprise.

Roll #0 10 = 10


Hug her back and don't hold back.
"Thank you for showing me all this, Radiant…"

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


Shadow raises an eyebrow
"I don't think I would even fit in any of your clothes. But if you insist…"
One of the Shadows slinks over and bows, then slithers out the door


I snort
"Gods Shadow I was just kiddin'!"

Use my telekinesis to grab that shadow and drag it back here.

"Git back here ya git!"

Roll #0 1 = 1


rolling for daww

Roll #0 9 = 9


You've had far too much to drink. You instead manage to lift the chairs under both you and Shadow, sending you both tumbling into a pile on the floor
The shadow peeks back inside and slowly shakes its head


Rolling to not find this totally hilarious

Roll #0 2 = 2


Keep hugging.
"Pumpkin… I had to be harsh, but I knew you had it in you. You showed that you have it in you. You are a good pony, Pumpkin. Don't ever let that go. You cling to that in your darkest hour…

And don't you ever do such a stupid, idiotic, rash thing, ever again, you hear me?"


"Yes lady Radiant. I won't delude you. Not now, not when fighting the Equestrians."
>ready for Timeskip.
What was the reward the guards told me about?


Looks like it was pretty damn hilarious, so I keep giggling

"Oh dear… dem shadows of yours are so crazy!"

Roll #0 2 = 2


"They have served me well so far."
One of the shadows brings her a new jug of mead on the floor, she does not even bother getting up
"Even if they can be rather dull for conversation"
You got to sleep in the nice beds instead of the crap ones Radiant gave you


"Do they like… feel?"

I tug at the tail of one of them.

"How do dey work even? I never really asked."

Take another swig

Roll #0 7 = 7



Roll #1 8 = 8


I liek good beds.
If we don't timeskip anytime soon I might check on Bearing, but this could possibly delay the whole thing by a few hours.


I'm okay with hanging with Shadow for a while longer at least


After collecting my stuff I'll take a minute to reflect on my I have learned, and see if I really feel forgiven.

Roll #0 7 = 7


You feel.
The power of friendship compels you.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


"In case you never looked, I don't cast a shadow. That's because my shadow walks beside me, not beneath me. These shadows were my only companions for years and years, ever since Mother died, again once I left for exile, and once more after I ran from Equestria. They have been with me all my life, and each contains a small piece of me inside them. I see what they see and hear what they hear. I can speak through them, but they cannot speak or really even think…"
The Abyss did eventually repair itself.
You are free to get it busted in half again by Celaire at will.
You may check on her. Seems Venia will be a while.


Allright let's go back home and see what has happened after one whole week without seeing the mare I love!


does shadow song forgive her son?


Well, in any case, just find him for now.


She alredy did, last session!
Have some more power of friendship.

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


There is a shadow waiting for you.
It gives you a small box and nods.
He has been busy with the Warriors of Sunlight
"A week of penance over, hm? How was it, in the end?"


"Thanks mommy."
Give the shadow a smile.
And yeah, walk in.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"Whoa… I always thought dey were illusions or sumthing… Do you feel what they feel?"

Pull the shadow's tail again.

"And why do dey have dem weird eyes?"


I'll just spend some time training, its nice to have my staff back, feels so familiar in my hands.. To the old tower room.


Huh. It sure is dark in here…


err hooves.


"They learned their lessons and all is good. I think it was worth it. How about your front?"


FERVOR! Let's shine a light on this black room!


"I feel an echo of what they feel. It is distant, but there.
As fir the eyes… I guess they reflect their nature of being only partially real. After all, they are not ponies. Simply shadows of one pony."
Shadow is inside, checking some notes.
"Welcome back."
"No further losses. Spoke with that other paladin too… um… Venia, yes, that's her name."
Is this a… party set up in here?
Flowers and a big fruit cake too…
Roll for surprise



Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5



Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


"Did ya miss me? " I say cheerfully.


"Oh? She's a good pony… did you have a pleasant chat with her?"


"Whoa… deep… So how many of these do you have exactly?"

Take another swig and toss a bottle at Shadow too

"Can they be harmed and stuff?"

Roll #0 7 = 7


"A bit. Did you learn your lesson?"
"I have almost fifty now.
And yes. They can be harmed. Hurt. Broken. Killed. Banished. Many have been already. This is why, when I have time and peace, I make more."
"'t was rather short I fear. And I think she may have gotten the wrong idea about the test I held last week."


"Why? It was a bit unusual, but it worked well!"


Allright I don't fucking care how exited I am.
I love her.
Fly over there and kiss her.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


"Can they get drunk? 'Cause that'd be swell."

I put a leg around one of them and force the tip of my bottle in its (her?) mouth.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"I think I forgot to mention it was all a ruse"
You push her over in excitement, making her drop the flower necklace she had prepared
"Glad to have you back dear~
I hope it was not too horrible?"
"It's a shadow, Venia. It has no mouth per se. Let alone organs."



I slump back disappointingly and take another drink

"Now I know why ya think they're boring…"

I walk back over to Shadow and sit next to her

"How old are you Shadow? I don't think I ever asked that, let alone celebrated yer birthday."

Roll #0 9 = 9


I chuckle.
"No wonder then. That is a pretty important detail, don't you think?"


"Yes, I really did. I helped a lot of ponies too, it was.. nice.. Radiant even completely forgave me." I hold back a tear. "Once I'm better.. I'll use necromancy to help every pony."


"I'm so sorry for leaving you…"
Hug her.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


"Older than you, that's for sure. Kid."
She playfully pushes you over
"Well, yes. Then, I don't think anyone would think I would actually have gone through with it."
She pets your wings as you hug her
"I know it wasn't all your fault. The Prince gave you over to that horrid paladin…"
"That is a noble goal indeed, child. A most noble goal.
…and for what it's worth, your friend is happier now."

Roll #1 3 = 3


I scratch the back of my neck.
"Actually…you almost had me worried for a second back there…"


"Pffff, age means nuthing!"

Stand tall!

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Thank you, I'm glad to know she's better off.. whatever the prince decided on in the end.."


"You did? Really? Wouldn't that make me a more than bit of a hypocrite?"
"With age comes chance to gain wisdom. And I stopped celebrating birthdays long ago. All they did was remind me that I was that much closer to my end."
"He decided to give her a final request and peace in death.
…I'm not sure I approved of him doing it, but I will not question him."


"She wasn't that bad… It was kind of my fault. I didn't want to understand her. Thought my way to deal with things was the onl-"
Wait, why am I even talking about this?
"Bearing, I love you, and during this week I realized I couldn't bear to lose you.
You are the one light that keeps me safe."
Take out the ring.
"Will you marry me?"

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


She faints on the spot.


"Awwww… why you always gotta be sucha partpooper Shadow?"

I put a leg around her and pull her closer

"Come on, you can loosen up even more than dis right?"

Roll #0 1 = 1


Shit son. Air. Take her outside, fly her out of the window if I have to!

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


Land somewhere and make sure she's okay.


"It would… but you seem so set and determined to train them. I like that."


"he did?" my eyes widen and then a bright smile forms, speaking of true. "She's finally home then, and with a last wish no less. Thank you for telling me Shadow." I give her a small hug. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You are completely nuked at this point.
Shadow is not sure how to feel about your stumbling groping.
"Venia please. For one, you are drunk, and for another, I'm pretty sure you are already getting married to a stallion…"
The cool air helps her wake up.
As you lay her on the ground, she opens her eyes. They sparkle, to say the least. Tears of bottomless joy mixing with the spark of life igniting stronger than ever in her soul.
The says nothing else before leaping on you and kissing you deeply in the cold snow.
"As a captain should. I expect nothing less of myself, or of those I command."
"It was a last kiss goodbye to be remembered. Remembered by none. He would have our heads if we spoke of it."


"Huh? Whaddareyatalkingbout?"

Do I even realize what the hell I'm doing?

Roll #0 9 = 9


I do.

"Hoooo! Rite! Dat's true! I'ma marry Anvil, not you!"

Roll #0 9 = 9


Ah'm happy. We can play the ceremony in the next timeskip.
Ready to move on, captain.
Let's go back inside. I thought I saw a cake around somewhere!


"Oh, my. She finally got her kiss after all.. Of course I won't speak of it, and who would believe it anyway? The prince kissing a ghost he hated?" I giggle a bit at the thought. "He really is going to be a great leader.."


"Yeah… lets eat some cake~
And I want to try this ring on too…"
"Venia, I think you need some sleep. You're really drunk."

Timeskip now / soon / next time?


Skip that shit



Sure, if everyone else wants to


Skip. Rolling for cake taste.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"He'd better. I did not betray my homeland and break my wedding vows for a fool to get the crown…"



The prince finalized his plans
The queen grew increasingly distant from her husband
Unyielding took on more responsibilities
Celaire sent another paladin trainee away
And Pumpkin invited everyone for his wedding.


First things first.
The place must be the most beutiful and romantic of all the castle/surroundings.
Does Bearing have it all figured out?


Inspect a training session.
How are they faring?


Who is going to stand next to you and bearing?!


How much did I learn about the rune stuff that the prince needs?
Do I have Protective Bubble already?
Where am I right now?


I'm sure she'd appreciate if you got all your friends to help
Better than ever.
Their skills have steadily increased and their faith has stood up to all tests.


Oh damn. Who is my best stallion and who is Bearing's best mare?
Proposing Zigga for best mare.
If Verne was here I'd ask him to be best stallion.
Right. First thing, find Lady Radiant.


You should go show those runes to him.
Skills will be discussed after Ironfoe
You are at the palace. There is a lot going on with the upcoming wedding.


This was a good plan.
Smile as I see them grow into what they shall become.


Right, prince is up first then. Go find him.


What about the prince, isn't he still close to you?


I dunno, that's kind of the biggest honor ever.
What about the prince as best stallion?


Has the Prince called for me yet?


He is sealing a letter.
A Shadow is with him.
So zigga and the prince.
You should ask them.
I'm sure you can be of great help to this wedding. Talk to Pumpkin maybe?


I'm not quite sure what I could do for him, but okay!
I try to find Pumpkin.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Approach them

"Prince Frostmourn, Shadow Song. How are you two today?"


So, I'm walking around the school making small talk with some ponies, gotta keep up appearances once in a while.


Let's talk to Celaire.
I want to surprise Pumpkin with something.


"Fine, most fine. We were just putting the finishing touches on Pumpkin's wedding gift."
"I'm behind schedule a little. Could you see me in my tower? I need some… mare to mare advice."
He is carving a small bust of Pumpkin
"Hello my sun, how are you this fine day?"


"You! Moon be blessed! I have no idea what to do for the night. I need you to find the best restaurant in the whole damn kingdom!"
Find her.
"Zigga, we have been through a lot, and if I ever had troubles, you said you'd have my backs.
Today, I ask you to keep faith to that promise.
Will you be Bearing's best mare?"


"Oh right! The wedding gift!"

What the heck is the wedding gift going to be?

"I'll be there in a moment, Shadow."


"I'm feeling fine, thank you… say, Celaire… with the wedding coming up and everything, I have an idea. It involves the Warriors of Sunlight too."


"Bro, I been waitin' for you to ask that, and of course! I can't wait for ya'll wedding! It was taking you so long I thought you had picked one of her friends to it. " I smile.


"Wha- but isn't that something more of Corn's forte? I don't know where to find the best restaurant!"


The prince tucks the letter away
"I'll go talk to Sunrise and then find Pumpkin"
"Oh? Do tell."


"Right… heh, of course! I'll see you later prince!"

Shit, go to Shadows tower


"I was thinking, maybe it's time to give them a public appearance? With regal armor to make it complete, they could be the honorary guard for the wedding! What do you think?"


"Allright. So. Let me think. Let me think.
Just pick something, I'm so behind schedule I need help with almost everything, from cathering to the dresses!"
Just give her a smile.
"I knew I could count on you, sista."
Allright I have to ask Frosty, find Radiant and then even Venia. Who's free?


"I- Maybe I can do entertainment? Wedding's have that, right? Something low-key and proper, not a magic show or anything! Maybe a bit of music and some small magic to make everything look… special?"


"Wait you don't have dresses yet? Just how far behind are your plans?! We need to get bearing to the market to look at some things, today. "


"I was hoping you could say that! Damn, imagine a wing of… You, playing the wedding march!"
"Yeah, I'm kinda so far behind I still need a place…
You think you can handle the dresses with her?"


A few shadows check you were not followed.
Once you get in you are met with quite a sight. Shadow Song, the merciless assassin, trying on a nice dress.
"Be honest. Do I look fat in this?"
"Sounds like a frivolity to me. But then, I suppose the couple are friends of the Prince. So why not."
Frosty is available. Radiant might be too.


Right. Get to Frosty.
"H-hey Frostmourn!"

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"I uh…"

Rolling to not find this sight amusing

And does she look fat in it? This is important.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Yeah, we'll look at flowers and dresses, you worry about finding the perfect place, ask Frosty if he'll let you use the palace gardens or something."


"No, you look very nice Shadow! Wow, I'm impressed!"

Circle around her a few times, eyeing her carefully


"That… that might take some effort, but I can try!"
I- I don't know if I can do that!
Head to the library stat, I gotta look up MASS CLONING. A- And how to manage all those identical doppelgangers… and how to play a bunch of different instruments.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Let's just think of it as another test. If they can stand mostly still during the wedding of somepony they don't even know they have discipline?"


"Well well, the stallion himself. Good to see you old friend and blade."
"I find that hard to believe. I last wore this when I was a much more flattering shape."
[Legend of the Mirror Pool - By Grandma Pie]
"Well, I'm not going to say no to that. I'll give you the honours of leading them in that."


"Now now, don't be so hard on yourself! You look very good! Very charming and refined, it's uncanny."

How does her mane and tail look?

Roll #0 7 = 7


Mirror Pool?
…It sounds like it might be useful!

Roll #0 3 = 3


"I shall then. We only need properly shining and elegant armor for it."


"Damn, I'm already the talk of town…
Actually it's not bad… I'm here exactly for this.
My Prince.
Will you honor me by beign my best stallion at the wedding?"


[–the Mirror Pool allows any who enter and recite the magic spell to instantly create a sentient duplicate of themselves- -duplicates last until send back to pool- -pool located in…. Equestria.]
She has actually brushed them for once.
You get the feeling this is what Lady Valeriana Falconwreath looked like…
"You should ask the smith for a quick batch of ceremonial suits."
"I could think of no greater honour, my blade. I will gladly accept."


Guess I'll just chill around until we pause


Toss this book aside. It's bloody useless!
Find something else. I DON'T HAVE TIME!

Roll #0 2 = 2


Roll not to faint.
Okay, look for Radiant! I need somepony to celebrate this, after all!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"Suits? As in, armor suit, right?"
Try not to sound dumb.

Roll #1 7 = 7


[Time - A comprehensive study: By Archmage Starswirls]
She is out and about, not hard to find.


Is bearing nearby?


"…Who the hell is Starswirls? Sounds like a douche."
Toss the book aside and continue looking!

Roll #0 8 = 8


Approach her slowly.
"Lady Radiant."
Bow down.
"I have one request. Please, celebrate my wedding."


I nod with a large confident smile on my face
"You look perfect, Shadow. More than worthy for Pumpkin's wedding."


I turn to face him.
"Oh? What do you mean? I will, of course, attend it!"


[The Art of Doppelgangers - By: Multiplication Tables]
No, because the DM is about to sleep.
"I sure hope so… Do you have anything I could borrow to add to this? A sash? A scarf? Something? It feels so old as it is…"


"No Lady Radiant.
I want to know if you will wed me and Bearing together."
Sound as serious as ponily possible.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


This seems relevant!
Read dat shit.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Rolling to keep my cool.
"I…uh.. You mean… oh, by the Sun… Yes, yes of course!"



Roll #1 7 = 7


It details the added spell components needed to maintain a temporary large array of doppelgangers, but goes to great lengths to warn of the devastatingly high odds of miscasting and the overall strain of the spell itself.


I hold up a hoof

"Don't worry, I'll find you something pretty. I'm happy to see you like this Shadow. Fills me with joy!"

I quickly run off in search of something fitting for Shadow in my own closet

Roll #0 9 = 9


Good enough.
I put the book in my bag and head over to the Mage's Guild. Maybe they can help me.
"Uh, hello? Does anyone know where I might be able to find someone who's an expert on magic doppelgangers?"

Roll #0 8 = 8


That's one weight off my chest.
"I… Thank you."
Give her an hug.
"I won't forget this."

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"I'll gladly do it Pumpkin… but please, stop that, you are about to get married, I'm older than you, and I have somepony. Also, I will break your hoof."


Escape Artist out of this very embarassing situation.
If you are going to sleep DM we can stop here for me.
I gotta ask Venia for a place and Corn Pone for cathering, then it's about over.


You realize you actually own a dress similar to hers. Sharing a few accessories will let you two look almost alike~
One of the mages walks on over
"I'm probably the closest, although I'm more of a conjurer. What need ye?"
I fell asleep in my chair. I will quit in a few minutes.


That's not very proper though, is it? It's always embarrassing when two mares wear the same dress.

Roll #0 7 = 7


I look at him with a slightly manic gaze,
"I need to know how to mass clone myself, and be able to control each individual clone to play an instrument as part of a symphony -or even a quartet! Anything at this point!-"

Roll #0 3 = 3


Well, if you feel that way, you could always give her the full benefit of yours then, and pick something else to wear
"…why not just hire a band?"


Make her look fabulous. Full benefit of mine.

Find something for me to wear

Roll #0 2 = 2


"I was going to! But then my friend Pumpkin -who's having a wedding VERY soon!- started going on about me performing the wedding march by myself through magic and I- I don't want to let him down! So please, do you know of ANYTHING that could potentially make it happen? Even with my skill, I still can't do it!"


It is wedding preparation time.

Venus and Bearing Fruit are out picking decorations.
"And to think we only met less than a year ago. And here we are now."
"I never even thought I'd agree to be a bridesmaid. That was one weird double date."
"Yeah, remember how the boys asked us for it?"
"Ha, yeah, they were all-"
Verne and Pumpkin, welcome to the past.

Oh poo. That was probably your best one.
…maybe Shadow could lend you something?
"Well we do have some things that might help. Come on in, we can discuss it over some tea."


I guess.. I'm having a meal in a cafe somewhere? Or wherever I should be.



Shadow has to look her best. Go back to her tower and give her what I found







It's the day after I've proposed, and I guess I'm somewhere in the cafeteria when I see
"Verne! She said yes!"


Shadow looks honesty surprised when you give her the stuff
"Venia? I… I don't know what to say dear…"
You were going to the smith, no?
You kids have fun now


Can I be with Bearing fruit and Venus? I should really be getting to know her better about now.


Look for the smith!


I wave a hoof dismissively

"There's no need to say anything. This is Pumpkin's wedding and you're the only family he has. You have to look at your best."


"Really? Congratulations! No, really, this is the happiest I could be for you."

Hahahaha, now you've gotten me sentimental. Remember that time? That double date? Where were we, a cafe?"


This is the setup for the double date man. We are gonna run it in this time, no?
"Yeah, the date, right. We gotta get that on the road. You talked about it with Venus yet?"


Yeah sure.
Bearing seems unusually happy today
Well he is not too hard to find. He works near the barracks for easy access.
"I have to admit… it feels pretty odd to look like this after so many years."
You are currently in LAST YEAR, asking the girls for the double date


Oh right, I wasn't sure if you were talking about date or wedding

"Yeah, she said yes. I think.. I've made her a lot more comfortable with herself. Hahaha, excuse me. I can't help but feel a little proud. We're going off soon, yeah?"


Do I know his name? I should right?

"Sun bless you! How are you on this fine day?"


"So, you excited girl?" I nudge her a bit.


I thought the date was after I asked her hoof.
"Hey maybe one day or the other she'll even lose the disguise.
Seriously, Bearing was looking me funny when I explained the whole thing.
Where's this place you found?"


I forgot his name…
"Fine, fine, miss Radiant. Been a quiet few days."
"Oh yes. And how! Pumpkin proposed to me yesterday!"


"Best get used to it! Because you look magnificent!"

I grin slyly

"I'm sure a lot of stallions will think the same!"


It's a year back, DM said

"A cafe. It's in a nice and quiet place, I think there's a nice view from the outer seating area, I hear you can see a lot. I'm sure we'll have a lot of time to ourselves. I'll go back and fetch Venus, and we'll rendezvous there?"


"Venia what is this newfound obsession of yours with getting me in bed with someone? You silly girl…
But thank you.
It's almost like back in the old days."


"Well, I have a task for you, if you'd please. A large one at that!"


"Oh? What is this about then?"


"Oh, Well finally! You two have only been the perfect couple for ages! Tell me all about it! Was it romantic? And, were you expecting it? How excited were you?"


"I'm glad you like it, Shadow. I really am. Pumpkin will be impressed!"


But I asked her one year back!
"Already on it. I'll see you at the place."
This said, I trot off the cafeteria.
Fly back to Bearing's room and knock on the door.
No wait. Come in through the bathroom window.


"I need you to make armor that is royal, regal, but still effective for each member of the Warriors of Sunlight. That is all for now, though I might ask you for something else later. I have to consult with Celaire first."


"Well lets put it this way - he asked me inside his room, and the next thing I know is I wake up outside to say yes. So yeah, I was excited… then we had cake~"
"I doubt it. He has better things to care for than how his old mother dresses."
Well well, looks like Kilana beat you here.
…hello, ladies?


Oh, okay.
Guess I'll go fetch Venus.

"You ready? I've found a pretty nice place, I think!"

Then skip to her taking her to meet Pumpkin to save time


"Uh.. Interrupting something?"
Girl talk is not made for mortal ears.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Oh don't talk such nonsense! You know how much Pumpkin cares and looks up to you. I'd say he'll be very impressed by all the effort you've put into looking nice for his wedding."

Does she have perfume on?


I giggle slightly "Oh, this going to be so fun!"



"Not much. Just talking my fiance~"
Well enjoy being time locked for a moment as Pumpkin resolves his part
You can't help but wonder if Pumpkin always enters via the bathroom
She is still an assassin first, a once-lady second. Or third. Or fifty somethingth.
"Well yes. Might as well look the part I guess."



We'll play it out till Pumpkin is done, then skip


"Hmmm… you're missing something Shadow. Perfume! What kind of perfume did you use to wear?"


"Right. Check back in about a month or two and they should be ready for inspection before I start decorating."


I whisper. "See how nervous he is, he came in here because he was worried about you." and then giggle again at pumpkin. "Bro, you do realize there aren't any dangerous snakes in here right?"


"uh… We kind of need this before the wedding of Pumpkin Smile."


Venus is digging through her clothes
"I can't believe the shit you talk me into…"
She thinks for a while
"I honestly can't recall…"
"Lady if you want functional armour you need to be methodical about it. Stuff I can toss together in a day or two won't protect you from anything bigger than a snowball."
"he can be like that, yeah. Isn't it cute?"


Okay is that a stupid smile on my face? Yeah it must be.
"Don't just tell everything, allright?"
Give her cheek a small kiss and then turn towards Kilana.
"Even if there were I'm sure you could handle them with your hooves behind your back zigga.
I'm here just because we were going for a date with Verne and Venus in a few, wanted to see if she was ready."


"Well then you'll need something new! Go visit the traders and see what you can find!"


"Hmm. Oh, hang on, let me help you with this…"

Make her look good.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"Then can't you modify something already existing?"


"Its really sweet~"
"Oh, of course! It you should have fun with that." I look over Bearing Fruit, how does she look? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I don't even know anything about shopping for this… girl stuff."
She is not the easiest pony to doll up.
But at least she looks presentable.
"And you expect me to go out in public like this?"
"Well I could if you want. How many suits do you need and with what specifics?"


She looks like someone had a bit too much fun last night to celebrate


"Wait a minute here zigga, you gotta help me with this…"
Motion over to Bearing.


"It's a first step, Venus."

Kiss her hoof. '1d10' to seem suave doing it

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Let's see… there were then, then he sent away one, then that other… Eight. Eight suits. And with Sun motifs, of course. Make it as divine looking as you can!"


I give her a look

"Shadow please, it's not hard. Just go to a store, find the perfume section, try some out and buy the one you like most! You don't need me to hold your hoof for that, do you?"


"Well, what do you say girl? Want a little make over for that mane?" I grin at the thought of doing her hair.


She smiles a bit
"Well, maybe if it's with you… then it's fine…"
"I don't s'pose you could get me some leaf gold from the market could you?"
"Venia in case you've forgotten, I spent the past ten years living in a forest. I haven't been outside this tower since I got here."
"I'd love it um… zigga?"


Oh Moon that's precious. Try not to laugh.
Go over the side of the room and watch them work.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Lead her to the cafeteria since it's on the way. And because Pumpkin and Bearing are there


"Well it's about time we changed that then!"

Put a hoof around her and drag her along outside.

"You know what a store is right?"


We are with Kilana in Bearing's room.


"Venia please. I was once a perfectly respected citizen.
…could you come along with me?"


Okay then, I know Pumpkin isn't there yet so I go see him in Bearing's room


"Oh, if it feels awkward to say that you can call me Kila, just relax and let me fix you up." I get to work on her mane, '1d10+2' +2 for popularity.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Zigga you have no sense of style.
A mohawk and corn rows does not suit her at all.


Whiden my eyes at that and try to stop her before she can do any lasting damage!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7



"And still you don't know how to shop for perfume? Oh fine, let's go then!"


fuck fuck redo it fast. "Haha, just kidding.." '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"You sure got me there!"


Much better.
That is a very pretty mane and tail~
"Venia I have not eaten anything I did not kill myself for years now. Forgive me if some of my social manners have gotten rusty."
The shadows look a little concerned as she actually steps out the door herself for the first time since she got there
"…this feels so strange."


Give her a big smile and move in besides her, extending one hoof.
"Would you allow me the honor?"


"Of course my love~"


"Simply gorgeous, I doubt you could look much better! Have fun tonight~"


Give one last non-sexual wink to my zigga, she's alway got my back after all.
Find Verne!


"That's… a little unsettling, but okay."

Urge her to keep going

"Come come, no need to be skittish. What's the worst that could happen?"


We're at the cafe!
How's the cafe?


Walk in with Bearing and size the place up.
How like does it look?

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I guess you're right…"
She warily walks along with you, many ponies often turning to take a glance at you both
"This is really awkward…"


"They're just impressed by the way you look. Don't worry so much! Just keep your cool and act natural."

Rolling to blend in

Roll #0 10 = 10


I chose the place. I roll for how it is

Roll #0 4 = 4


Not my thing.
But I'm sure Bearing's enjoying herself.
Notice the two of them and walk over.
"I hope we didn't make you wait too much…"
It was more of "how comfortable am I here?" It's too Kitsch for Pumpkin, ergo he's not comfortable


Kitsch with a nice atmosphere.
you somehow managed to convince her to stop being herself for a while.
Indeed she seems to be enjoying the walk.
Maybe she is feeling like she did back in the old days when she was happy…


Then no words need to be said.

Let's find a store where they sell perfume and make-up and shit

Roll #0 2 = 2


"It's fine, we just got here myself. I'm certain I saw that the place was better, though…"

Ah well. Find a good seat.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Allow me…"
Find a good seat.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


You find the Emporium of Parfume, Makeup and Shit.
…what kind of ponies even run a place like that?
The only free table is the one next to the bathroom.


Okay, the first two are good, the last one not so much.

Go find a better perfume story. The fanciest around! The one that supplies the Queen and stuff!

How is Shadow faring?

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Oh, dear… should we settle for this?"

How is the table, specifically?

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Didn't you have a reservation?"
"Well it doesn't look that bad!"
Sit down.
"So, wanna tell me a bit more about Rockeye?"


Do I?

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Looks Like I wasn't able to. Gah."

"Wonderful place. Full of marvels we must plan to integrate into wintergrasp in the future. Venus, remember what we did there?"


She seems to be feeling… remarkably… good?
In fact she is living it up.
Just look at that starry eyed gaze
"I remember doing a bunch of stuff there. Like learning a bit of magic. And you losing a leg."


"Ah-ahem. Speaking of magic, why not we show off a bit? Pumpkin,you've seen this before, have you?"

Mirror Image.

Roll #0 1 = 1


That's a cue dress on your Trappelganger.
Venus facehoofs
Bearing looks confused


That's good.

But dammit, find a goddamn perfume store. Ask around for it. Go ask the fucking Queen herself if I have to.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


"I'm sorry. A crude attempt a crude humour for the atmosphere."


Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


Pls tell me it's not the frilly panties.
Too late.
"He uses that for special missions…"


The girls laugh a little "Well it is pretty funny"
The Trappelganger bows
The queen imports.
But the caravan merchants are in town again, ask them!


Right! Go find a good stand and ask them for the best perfume they have!

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


Allright have a fun night and all that.
We are in a coffee after all.
Rolling for quality of the food.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


Where. At least we've lightened up.

"Anyways, drinks? Waiter, give me some tea, please."


"You ladies are in luck! We still have some great brands from Prance with us!"
Bearing check the menu
"…I'm not really hungry"
Venus gives her a look
"Look if the food doesn't please you just say so."
She looks a bit taken aback by the direct comment but then laughs
"Ha! Yeah ok I'd rather donuts."
A waiter takes the order and heads off to get you what you wanted


"Well… let's get to work then!"

Test them all out. ALL of them. And find the best one.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


Yeah. I don't like the food either.
"Know any donut place, Venus?"

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


After a good while, you find something that fits her looks rather than her personality.
"Ah, glad to see a satisfied customer. So, lets talk payment. Prench imports are not cheap I'm afraid…"
She points out the door
"The baker sells great donuts"


"Hmm. I'll just tell them to make my tea to go. Looks like you two are getting well along."


Strike an heroic pose, pointin an hoof towards the door
"Onwards, to donuts!"


"Price is of no matter, don't worry!"

Pay up and bag the bottle

"Thank you! You've been a real lifesaver!"

Turn back to Shadow, smiling hopefully.

"You happy?"

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"Right now? It's like living a long lost dream."
The girls giggle and cheer a little as you leave for the baker's



Get my tea and go out.

"So, Bearing Fruit.. I have to thank you for taking such good care of Pumpkin. His wellbeing is very important to, well to me, I suppose. What've you done for him? Any secrets? I so hope I can learn some, the stars know Venus would appreciate it."


I smile broadly and give her a friendly hug

"I'm so happy for you. It means a lot to me to see you enjoying yourself so much. I always knew there was something like this under that thick shell of yours."

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


I guess Sylt can take over


Shift closer to Pumpkin as we walk towards the baker.
"I never do much… I just make sure to be there at the end of the day, when he comes back home."
Then, drop my ears and look towards him.
"He made me sick worried… I hope you don't really-"
Turn abruptly towards Venus
"He doesn't run off in the night to get beaten up too, right?"


Venus also moves closer to Verne to imitate Bearing, making him blush a little.

"Nah, he doesn't. I wouldn't let that happen, you know? I mean-heh, he said he wanted me to become his guard."


Actually chuckle at this.
"Pumpkin wrote something similar on the ring…"
Move in closer to Venus and whisper her:
"Seems like we are the ones fighting a war, at times."


"That- that was private!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Yeah, you really have to take care of them, don't you?"


"Ohoh? Bearing, would like to share what this suave one put on your ring?"


"You know Pumpkin used to come home covered in bruises when we first met? One day, he was so bad off I could swear his wing was about to fall.."


"You zip it, or we'll have to fight! Seriously, it's bad! I'm bad at poetry, everypony knows!"


"Mmm. Well, the only way to fix that is through some reviewing, isn't it? Bearing, if you will…"


"Yeah… when Verne lost his leg, I doidn't know what I would do. I decided then I'd go on and do everything I could to help him, especially since…"


Roll #1 7 = 7



"Since it was an accident I caused that made him lose it. It's my way of making it up to him."

Venus handles her white pendant a little.


I give Pumpkin one look before smiling at Verne and nodding.
I hoof the ring over to him.
Take an hoof to my mouth in surprise.
But smile a bit.
"He must really love you…"

Inside the ring, an hooforged writing, masterfully crafted, reads:
-Be my North Star - With Love, Pumpkin-


"Eh? Well… I suppose you could say that, yeah. We found a lot in common, and we've stuck through a lot of things. He's… really helped me out a lot. I just want to do the same for him."


"Oh goodness… the literary quality has little bearing on it, It's.. goodness, this is very thoughtful of you, Pumpkin. Mmm… I would say your poetry adds to it, even, it really feels like it's coming from you."


"Urgh just… Ya know, don't give me flak about it allright? She's just that important to me."
Move beside her and cover her back with a wing.
"I don't know how I could have pulled through, without her."


"Now you just have me begging for details…"


"I know, I can say that Venus pulled me out of a pretty bad rut in my life. And she's someone I can count on to make me feel better on the most tiring of days."

Night. Let's continue this later


"I can't help but wonder if that thick shell was there for a reason… but hey, who cares. Lets go have some damn fun while I'm out!"


"I dunno Shadow, what if you get your dress dirty? And I still need to look for a dress for my own and figure out what Unyielding is going to wear…"


"You'd imagine the viceroy has something to wear AND WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU HAD NOTHING PICKED OUT!? C'mon we need to hurry! I can't have you showing up in just anything"


"Alright alright! Don't get so worked up about it!"

Uh… any dresses being sold around here?

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


Can I go dress shopping , and what is color scheme I am supposed to use? Peach? Sky Blue? Yellow? Green even?


A lot.
There are two tailors in town, and the caravan market might have more
"Bah. First you tell me to live it up a bit and then you tell me to get a grip. Make up your mind, Venia!"


Allright my current self, the one with a wedding to setup, has to get a formal attire.
Where to?


"What I meant is that you don't need to worry! We've got a LOT to choose from. Let's go visit a tailor."

Go visit the best of the two tailors


What luck, Venia is out looking for a dress t- wait… is that Shadow Song with her? Holy shit she is actually outside for once?
Depends on what you want.
Celaire knows his armour
Frosty and unyielding are good with royal and military
Or maybe you could ask Shadow for the Lordblade uniform…
There is no official word on who is better, Miss Needleseye or Mr Button Nose


Lordblade Uniform? Seriously? I'd never dare to show myself wearing the uniform of the Equestrians, not on my wedding day, not on my grave.
And long attires are just not my thing.
Let's go find Celaire. What's he doing?


Let's go to miss Needleseye first then. Enter the store and ask her about the prettiest of dresses.


Well, lets run over to them. "Oh, wow! You're both here? Looking for some last minute dresses? Oh gosh, the plans are so far behind. Do we have a theme or color of some kind? I simply wouldn't want to clash with it."


"Oh, Needle eye's shop? She certainly has a wide selection." I look around and see if she has anything of the proper sort on the rack. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Seems to be drilling his soldiers for a wedding salute
"Ah, the hero of the day himself. Greetings."
"Oh I got plenty. Plenty indeed. Take a look around and ask if you need any help"
Shadow song pats your head
"I have nothing planned, Just this old thing and Venia's lovely additions to it."
How darling. It complements your stripes and has a little necklace to give it personality


"Yes, my dress collection was less extensive than I thought, so I need a new one quickly!"

Alright, look around for something that complements my colors!

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


Bow down in salute.
"Ser Celaire, I might need your help with a minor detail for the wedding… I need a ceremonial armor."


Let's assume me and Kilana went to the shop together.
Hesitate a bit when I see Shadow Song.
"L-lady Shadow… Lady Venia."


"Oh, this is just so exciting." I pick up the dress and take it aside, "I certainly hope Bearing approves of it"


Walk over her and look at the dress.
"What are you picking?"


"Oh! It's the bride-to-be!"

I clop my hooves together excitedly

"You don't have a dress yet, sweetie?"


And holy shit does it ever.
Careful with that dress or Unyielding might make this a double wedding.
Its like this was made for you.
Shadow grabs you and spins you in the air a bit
"Haha! There's my daughter in law! How you doing sweetie?"
She seems… remarkably happy.
"Well now. Armour? Hm. I never thought you were a pony of that kind. But certainly. Let us go find the viceroy. I'm sure he would appreciate to get in on this."


"Oh, gosh! You're here!" I grin excitedly and give her a small hug. "Oh, do you have a theme planned for this wedding? Does this dress work for it? " I show her the dress.


Allright she's not as scary as she was a few years ago.
"I can't believe it's finally time! And now I have to find a dress…"
Do a slight bow
"Not yet Lady Venia, me and Pumpkin have been thinking until now on the theme of the wedding, I just had no time find the right dress!"
Walk over and give a long look at the dress.
"We do now Kila! Last night, me and Pumpkin finally found it! It's the sky! Think about it Kila!"

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


My eyes sparkle a bit. "The sky, that's so perfect! Its going to be a beautiful! Girl, that's totally fitting for your relationship too, its daymn brilliant!"



I smile happily and buy the dress

"Oh dear, well if you have any trouble picking just ask alright?"


"Well it'd be nice to wear something… Shining, when the day comes.
And what follower of the Moon would I be, without an armour to protect her cause?"
Give Celaire a grin and move along with him.


Nothing here is perfect
You need perfect
Viceroy Unyielding is at his desk, working. As he sees you enter, he waves for an aide to pick up where he left off and comes punch you in the shoulder
"Groom huh? You sure grew up fast. So, what can this almost-king do for you? A bachelor party?"


"Eheh. I wouldn't mind, let's just not talk about it with the bride…
But actually, I'm here looking for an armor for the great day.
Me and Bearing came up with a nice idea last night and, well, yeah…
Basically, I need an armor that shows my purpouse, my love for the moon… And looks stunning!"


"Allright, hold that thought!"
Turn towards the dresses and hoof her over another one.
"So, he's going to be the moon, and I should look for something… Shining, you know."
Allright. Shining dress. Recalling the Sun. Sure they must have something here!

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


Well I've got my dress and Shadow has her perfume. Anything else?



Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


"…like the sun?"


Help her look. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Yeah, do that! Help!

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


Clop my hooves together
"Exaclty! And then the bridesmaids should recall the sky too!"


I think for a moment, "Well.. if you are the sun.. and he is the moon.. we should be the stars? "


"I knew you would have a mind for this!"


I am grinning a mile wide, and join in with the squeeing. "Ooh, this is going to be so great! I can't wait! And if we can't find the right thing we'll just have some dresses altered for it! Ooh, I have so many ideas! Where are you holding it? Did Pumpkin find a good place?"


"Well kid, I did always like you. Come with me."
He leads you to the castle trophy room.
You could ask both of the tailors to co-operate perhaps. Best of both worlds for true perfection?


"Wait is this really…"
Follow him.


Bite my lower lip.
"Damn no, he hasn't yet! What if he screws it up?"

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Kilana I'm seriously going nuts here!"


"Bearing, girl. Calm down." I grab your shoulders. "He won't mess up, he hasn't fail you yet has he?" '1d10+2' to calm you.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


He unlocks one of the bigger displays
"How's this one? Belonged to my dad. I was going to wear it when I became king, but, well, you know."
It seems to be a highly decorated, ceremonial suit of armour fit for a king.


Let's go get that dress to safety in my room, then go find the prince.

Say goodbye to Shadow and the girls first though


I can't believe this.
No seriously, I can't.
Stand there with my mouth agape.
"Unyelding wh… Why? I'm just a blade, I don't deserve something like this!"


Let go of a breath. So.
"So. About the dresses…"
Turn to the tailors and explain them the idea of the wedding, asking for their co-operation.


"You don't? Oh. Well, I was just trying to be nice. If you don't want to borrow it, I think we can find something else too…"
Shadows waves to you
"And don't you dare not come back for me!"
The prince is with Sunrise
They have separate shops.
Needleseye listens to you and thinks
"Work together? With Button Nose? Don't be silly. That old goat would never agree to it."


"Imagine the publicity! Everypony that's somepony will be at the event! The prince is going to be the best stallion!
Is an occasion neither one of you can miss!"
Flash her a smile!


"Prince Frostmourn, Lady Sunrise. How are you two today? Preparing for the wedding?"

How are Sunrise's magical abilities by now?


"Wait I didn't mean…"
Let go of a breath. Relax already.
"I… this is incredible. I could have never dreamed of something like this just a few years ago."


I step forward. "Please Maim, I know button nose is your rival, but this job is huge, there would be plenty of gold to go around, and both of your shops would become famous." '1d10+2'

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


She gets a faint smile
"That'd be great for business… but still, you'd need a small miracle to get that stubborn grump to even talk to me. You're welcome to try though."
"That we are. That we are indeed."
"Frosty is having problems picking an outfit."
Sunrise has become a decent if cautious mage. She prefers to keep working on a few spells rather than widen her range.
"Well I doubt I'd let anyone else wear it. Still, I like you. Put a bit of padding in it and I think it'll sit well on you. Of course I can't let you have the royal insignias on it or anything since those are for the king only."
"Well you do make a point. If you can get Button Nose to agree, I will agree too… But only if he comes and says it to me in person."


Fair enough.

"Ah, a common occurrence for an event like this. I just came back from helping Shadow out and picking a dress for myself to wear."


"I'll go see what he says, you won't be disappointed." To bearing I say. "don't worry girl, I got this." I head across to see Button Nose.


"I hope you found something nice.
My only problem is picking between two outfits. I could go with the royal formal attire, like I did for the ball years ago, or I could go with my personal attire."
He is counting coins
"Ah welcome, welcome! Browse at your leisure."


"Your personal attire? Can I see?"


"Ah, yes.. I have something of a special request.." I coyly walk up to the table. "There would be a good chuck of money in it for you.. but.. I'm sure you wouldn't agree to it, you're probably too busy.."


He goes to his closet to get a gold embroidered tunic, a sash, some golden shoes, a cape and a his horn coil.
He then puts it on and conjures his light armour and wings on top
He puts the coin sack away
"A larger commission, hm? Well, my schedule is empty. Ask away!"


"Oh y-yeah of course! I'll use the insigna of the Moon, if that's allright with you.
I mean, I don't even believe I can touch something like this…
But thank you, Unyielding. You were always a mentor to me."
Then, move in closer to him.
"And when will you and Venia get to it officially?"


"Hmmm… I like it! Although from what I remember the outfit from the ball was very impressive too. I can see why you're having trouble deciding… What do you think Sunrise?"


Be an exited little mare and let out an high pitched neight.
"Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou!"
I then run off after Kilana and see how she's faring with Button Nose.


"Oh, its very specialized. We need a set of gowns for wedding, its got a very particular theme, and everything needs to be just so, you know how brides are." I wave my hoof as if I'm annoyed. "Well, she has the craziest idea, and It could make you famous, famous enough to bring in customers from other nations.."


"After I'm king. I think I'll make my coronation into my wedding."
She giggles
"I think I'm to blame. I like them both too much."


UhUh look at her go. Just pretend to be broswing the selection and eavesdrop.


"I'm listening…"
He pulls out a notebook


"I'm jaelous now, that's gonna take the spot for best wedding!"

Do I have to find the emblems of the moon or do they come with the armor?


"Well that's a problem… Frostmourn could you put on the other outfit again to refresh my memory?"


"Oh, the theme is fantastic, inspired even! Its the the sky itself, The bride will be the sun, and the groom her vigilant moon.. The brides maids all made too be their stars.. " I wave my hoof around painting the scene. "For it to be perfect.. we need one thing, one key. The prefect dress must come from.. " I pause and look faint for a moment. "Oh, I just don't know if you're ready for this.."


The armour, once stripped of royal seals, has no insignias.
You need to find some on your own.
"Only the best for my Venia. Anything else I can do for you, kid?"
he takes off his outfit, somewhat annoyed, and gets his royal armour, fur lined cloak and the under layers that go with it, then puts it on
"Yes yes get to the point. Whatever it is, I'm sure I can manage it. Heck I put magic wings in a dress once."


"Be there at the wedding?"
Give him a big smile and bow, then leave.
I need to find the smith.


I snicker at his annoyance

"I say you go with that! Classic. I like it a lot."


"Well, if you're sure you can handle it.." I take a deep breath. "For it to be perfect the dress needs the touch of a stallion and mare.." I look directly at his eyes "We need you to work with Needleseye."


He is working by his forge
"Well well, aren't you the groom to be?"
"Classic yes. Also, very hard to breathe in. But if you say so, I guess that's a vote and a half for it against my one against it."
He puts the notebook down
"Not gonna happen."


I put a hoof on his shoulder

"Come on Frostmourn, don't be like that. I thought you said you had trouble deciding? Go with the other outfit if you like it better, what does my opinion matter?"


"Eheh yeah… Looks like everypony knows already, uh?
I might need something… For the ceremony, I'll need seals of the Moon to ornate an armor with.
Of course I'll worry about blessing them, but I'm looking for your finest work.
Do you already have something?"


"See, I knew you couldn't handle it. Can't even put aside your differences for the job of life time.. You could have been famous throughout the lands.. but now.." I turn around and pretend to start leaving '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Hopes vanish.
Dreams crushed.
Am I gonna faint here?

Roll #0 8 = 8


Sunrise pokes him
"You look fine in that. Now do the wings! Do the wings! Show miss Venia!"
He hesitates
"You know I'm still researching that spell… It isn't ready…"
"Hey it's not my fault she is an untrustworthy, underhoofed… hrgh… MARE!"
Wow, looks like they had some bad blood.


Walk over to the conter and start listening.



I turn back an listen to this "Oh, what did she do that was so underhoofed? "


I smile at the both of them
"Let's keep it a surprise for the wedding itself in that case. Anything else you need?"


"I'm a smith, kid, not a jeweler. But it's mighty kind of you to come ask me. Moon huh? What size are you looking for? Maybe I can hammer something out for you."
"Stole my best customer from under my nose? Took all the money on a deal we split? Did her level best to drive me out of business?"
"Not really, no."
"Oh c'mon! You wanted to show her the spell!"
"I said it isn't ready! What if I miscast? No. Not now. I'll simply wear the normal version for the wedding."
Sunrise huffs
"…but it looked so cool…"


"Eh, I guess… It should be small enough to fit on armor, in place of all the big royal seals and all…"


"Come come Sunrise, you of all ponies should know a miscast can really mess up your day. If Frostmourn hasn't mastered it properly it might backfire at the wedding. I'd rather not see the throne room go up in flames or something."


"But now if you don't put all aside, she's gonna get the deal without even fighting!
Because there's no way I'd let somepony who just denied me my perfect wedding dress take the work!"
Try to use puppy_eyes.exe.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


"Oh, and when was all this?" I inquire further.


"Hey, I told you not to worry." I whisper at you.


"Hm… let me see what I can do. Could you check back this evening maybe?"
She huffs but then calms down
"Well ok…"
Frostmourn takes off the armour
"Such is life with these experimental spells. And don't worry. So far the worst that has happened was a misconjured construct. Embarrassing and painful, but not destructive."
He looks at his bag of money and back at you
"…so you've already spoken to her then?"
"Years back when we worked together. She kept on teasing me at work, but I never paid it much mind. However after all they money from a big deal just vanished into her pockets, I quit and opened this shop."


"It's called bartering!"


"I have! And she said she'd totally love to work on the dress with you, but old wounds were keeping her from joining the best tailor she ever sew with!"
Puppy eyes, you still there?

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


"Ayay sir!"
Give him a mock salute and a grin before flying off to find Manifest.


"So, one bad deal so long ago.. Isn't there something that could help you over come that bitterness? Perhaps it was a simple misunderstanding, she spoke highly of your work when we spoke to her, and we can guarantee that you will get your fair share of the money. "


"Well in any case, I'll leave you two be. I need to go fetch Shadow before she snaps or something. Oh and one more thing! I've been working on your request prince, It's going along very nicely so far!"

Wave the two of them goodbye and go find Shadow.


And how
"…I'll be honest with you kids. It isn't about the money."
He is in the chapel as usual, in prayer
She has bought herself some food and is happily munching on it in the market


Lean in closer.. "What was it about then?"


Well move in closer, wait for him to finish.
"Is the Creator smiling on us, today?"


lean in closer and listen to this.


I smile inwardly at her apparent joy and approach her

"Another fashion dilemma solved!"


He looks worried
"In his own way… yes."
he sighs
"I used to really like her back in the day. I never told her, but… yeah. I was going to use that money to get her an engagement ring…"
She finishes her mouthful
"Now what? Wanna go pick up stallions? Get drunk?"


I laugh

"I already have a stallion Shadow. It's up to you."


"Well c'mon! Have some input in this!"


"Oh big silly! No mare is that blind! I'm sure she knew you liked her! And a mare that's loved just wouldn't steal money from the pony that likes her!"
Think about it…
"Well, nopony should steal money from anypony if you ask me, but you understand, right?"
Give him a smile.


"Hey, I already told you need a lover in life. You already told me it's been years since… you know."


He wipes his eye
"I just got so mad at her… We haven't even spoken in years."


"Oh.." my eyes widen at this. "Bearing is right, she definitely had to know you liked her. There must be more to the story than simple greed.." I rub my chin for a moment. "Will you at least go talk to her if we get her side of the story for you?" '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"Is it a good thing? I can never be sure, with your 'cretor'. He sounds just a bit… Moody?
Anyway, I needed some help. I have to encase a few seals of the Moon on an armor for the grat day, but I'd like them to be enchanted. Can you help with that?"


"Listen to my friend! She must have so much to tell you! And we'll be just behind you, cheering on!"


She shoves the rest of her food in her face
"I know what I said. But I also know I feel like a whole new mare out here! C'mon at least give me some tips!"
"I'll consider it once I hear it. Come back when you have the truth from her."
"Of course. I may not be a direct disciple of the moon, but I am a capable cleric. Do you have some of your own, or would you like a few of mine?"


"Of course, just give us a minute!"
To Needleseye! the miniquest continues!


"Only one thing to do Kila! Let's have the truth from her!"


"I was actually having some made just for the occasion. The armor I'll put them on is a particularly regal one…
You have any particular piece?"


"Hey, it depends on what kind of stallion and relationship you want! A one-night stand is easy enough with enough alcohol. A good stallion for a stable relationship… harder."


Needleseye is picking out some fabrics
"Well? Stubborn isn't he?"
"I have a few standard Moon Insignias for prayer use."
"Well you know what they say. Gotta learn to trot before you learn to gallop. …should I go get out of this fancy dress?"


"I don't know, you look very attractive in it. A real eye-catcher!"


"Not exactly what I'm looking for… But thanks for the help, I'll bring the insignae to you when I've found them!"
Now, I must look for a jewelery.

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"He is heartbroken instead! That poor stallion!"


"He certainly is,. " I walk over to her putting my hoof to my head. "He's simply so dramatic, and he's still sore about something from years back.." I put my hoof back down and look at her. "do you remember a big deal you split long ago?"


"Well I think you know best. The last time I caught a lover was when all I had was a cloak, some rags and mud."
The merchant caravan might be a good place to start
"Wait what? What does that have to do with anyth-
…please don't tell me he's still mad about that?"


"Please, be honest with us.. what happened back then? Was it just a bad deal, a bit of greed.. or?" '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Oh Moon.
Those two again?
Yeah, walk there and look for a divine jeweler.
I have a very specific piece in mind. Glowing dark with the colors of the night all around, and shining bright white in the middle, just like the moon.
A piece like that would be perfect to hold the cape on the armor.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7



Give her the puppy stare of deathcute.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"I wasn't wearing anything at all when I asked Anvil… Uh right! Anyway! Any stallions you've had an eye on at all? I mean you got a lot of those Shadows sneaking around. You must've seen somepony you fancied by now, right?"


Open the thread in 2 tabs, one for each name
It seems there is a new jeweler along on the caravan this year. She seems less pushy than the other pair.
She shakes her head
"I wanted to fund our wedding with that money. I wanted it to be a surprise, but he kept insisting half of it belonged to him. When I finally gave in and was about to explain, he stormed out and never spoke to me again…"


Walk over to her.
"I'm looking for holy seals of the Moon. The flashier, the better!"


Mouth agape, this is the most heart wreking story I've ever heard!
"Kilana! Are you thinking too what I'm thinking?"


Gah, what?! rolling not to fall over '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Holy seals? Certainly. Of the moon you say? I don't get many ponies asking for moon things. Come on in here and take a look at any you like."
She opens up the caravan wagon doors for you.



Walk in and stare at her selection. Anything catches my eye?

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"You got it all wrong lady! He wanted them for you!"


"Uh huh. " I smile.
"Well.. You aren't going to believe this.. but he said the same thing.."


"Venia please. My shadows are not for that. They are spies and watchers. Not peepers."
A few are very close to what you wanted, but nothing is exactly right. >>214623
Except that one.
It's perfect.
She gets a blank look on her face
"You mean… we've been fighting over… wanting to do the same thing for years on end now?"


Allright I don't care about money.
Money can't buy me love.
This one.
Oh Moon… It's all I've ever been looking for…"

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"I mean you should run to him right now!"


"It seems like it." I laugh a bit, "How about you two meet up and sort this out now.. you can split this job and have your wedding for real?"


"Well then, we'll have to start from scratch. We need a target first, so the hunt is on!"

I run off, pulling Shadow with me, and go search for a good looking lone stallion somewhere

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Must be for a special occasion. Heh. I've had that for ages. Nobody ever wanted it. A shame really, it is very pretty."
She is tearing up a little
"That old fool… Thank you girls. Thank you. I- I should go talk to him…"
She puts up a [CLOSED] sign and runs to Button Nose's shop
An exhaustive search later, Shadow looks a bit down
"This is making me remember how happy I was with Iilstar…"



Keep looking dammit! There should be plenty of stallions! Guards, soldiers, merchants, artisans, artists, and so on!

+2 for popularity if that counts here

Roll #0 8 = 8


Look at Kilana
"So, wanna go see what they are doing?"
Trot over to the other shop and watch'em!


"It really is… And is it your hoofwork? It's just so… Enchanting.
What's the story behind it? How could nopony see its beuty?"


I'll follow and look in the window. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Wait I never told you? Ilistar was his first name. Lord Ilistar Falconwreath."
You also spot a darn good looking stallion going about the market. Strong body, handsome jaw, well groomed mane.
"I made it when I could not sleep. I started work as I looked at the moon. I put it down as the sun rose, and continues when the moon held me awake again. It took two months to finish. But it helped me sleep more soundly.
I guess most ponies of the north simply do not appreciate the moon."
Button Nose seems shocked his age long rival is in his shop
"Needleseye? What are you-"
He has no time to finish as Needleseye slams him, then kisses him right after
A long moment later she speaks again
"You big dummy… you never stopped to listen… I needed that money to pay for our wedding…"
He seems speechless
"…I… made such a big deal of the money because I needed half of it for your engagement ring!"


I hold a hoof to her chest to make her stop walking and talking.

"Eyes on target."

Motion at the stallion.

"That guy is a looker. And he's alone. Let's see if we get really lucky here."


I liek loving ponies.
Move in closer, you know they still have to take the job…


Daww' "I think they might be planning their own wedding soon.."
"Whoa there bride to be, give them a moment alone.." I stop you from going in. "I'm sure they will agree to it.. in the mean time lets see about some decorations.."


Shadow Song nods
The stallion seems to be browsing the market, looking at various stands. Finally he stops at a weapon crafter's stand and looks at some bows
They are sharing a hug
"Maybe… maybe we should try again?"
"Yeah… we should…"


Turn and nod to her.
"All yours Kila! Show me the world!"
Panic from before: Gone.


"This piece… This is more than a jewel. It's like having my own Moon.
I will never be able to thank you enough for this."
I suppose money's been taken care of with that 11?
Well one last thing remains to be taken care of.
The place.
Who could I ask to?

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


I giggle a bit and take you around to some florists and such to look. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


The Prince or Viceroy.
You may pick between the local florist, and the traveling one.


I grin and move in, motioning Shadow to follow. Once at the stand, I direct myself at the owner.

"Hello sir, my friend here is looking for a nice new bow. Would you be so kind as to offer some suggestions?"


Damn I've just been to both of them… Wouldn't it look strange?
Oh well. Let's see what my best stallion is up to.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


Well, let's ask the bride. "Do you want local flowers or something more exotic?"


"Oh my, I have no idea!"
Panic comes rushing!
Keep it in check!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"What a silly question! We go to both!"
Make my way to the caravan first. They alway have the best stuff.


"A bow, miss? Certainly certainly. Longbow? Short bow? Compound bow? Hair bow?"
"Short bow. Something compact. Easy to fire on the move. Light. Draw distance no more than seven hooves. With range."
The stallion raises an eyebrow.
"You seem to know about bows."
"I do. I've used one all my life"
"Well isn't that quite something indeed. So have I."


"Yay, I love edible decorations! May I?"
Munch on a flower. Taste?
"Kilana, what do you think will fir the theme of the wedding?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Oh, hello. Can we see your available arrangements, perhaps something exotic?"


I scrunch my face and see where this goes


Well done. It was poisonous.
The merchant didn't even notice so he couldn't warn you.
"Sure, sure. What kind are you looking for? Southlands? Far east? Arid west perhaps? Equestrian?"
"No, sports archer. You?"
"More of a hobby, really. I work as a… teacher?"
"Ah. A respectable position indeed."
"I agree. So, a sportspony are you?"
"Indeed. Four time winner of the golden arrow in Equestria. Only archer to claim the regional title two years in a row in Trotantium. Third ever pony to win a medal in the Griffon Grand Archery Tournament."


"Well, I think something that reminds you of the stars like a white lily, or something like the clouds? You can never go wrong with white flowers, and a bit of blue and yellow in there to make it pop.."


Oh god spit it out!

Roll #0 4 = 4




"What's wrong?"


I cock an eyebrow

"Sounds like you travel around a lot. What brings you to little Wintergrasp?"