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For all too long have we watched in silence
Let us prepare, for soon, all will change

Report in and remind me where you are and what it was you were doing


Rolling for reading.

Roll #0 3 = 3


I might be coming back from my trip to Rockeye with a sweet new Mirror Image spell, teleport beacon and communication crystal




with winterbreeze in her room
"So, how much are you thinking of going into this… uhh, demon prowess stuff?"

Roll #0 4 = 4


I was done training with Radiant, and was looking for Venia.


Well you're almost there.
You could look for more in life than books though.
Or you could just play out the events of Rockeye until we have a small timeskip.
"Yes miss Venia! I can't wait to try more!"
She skips off
"I'm still in the early stages of researching it. Demonology is an offshot of necromancy, and as I am not a necromancer, I need to improvise quite a bit to even understand the fundamentals."
Over yonder -> >>193671


Okay then as long as North gets their stuff and I get Mirror Image

I guess I'm in Rockeye now


"Venia! How did Sunrise training go?"


Your escort has passed through Eaglecrest territory mostly undetected and unharmed. A few scouts did spot you but the battle was short and you suffered no losses.
As you reach the borders, a group of soldiers warps around you
"What business have you?"


I turn to him in surprise

"Oh, Pumpkin! It went very well, she's got talent for this I'm sure. Though she'll need lots practice to fully and effectively use it."


"Im sure she can do it."


"But she can learn magic, right? Even if she's not a unicorn and all…"


Take a bow.

"Greetings to Rockeye. I am Verne, an envoy of the Kingdom Wintergrasp, along with my entourage. I wish to have an audience with Rockeye to discuss matters and relations of utmost importance to us both. To the end, I shall have to ask for passage."


"Well yes, she has a catalyst! The very same pendant Frostmourn gave her all those years back serves as one now, in fact."


One of your entourage hands the soldiers a note from King Goldenblood and he reads it
"Hm. Checks out. Yes. So you are the exchange then? Good, we've been waiting. Please, hold on tight, this can feel a little scary the first time around."
He powers up a crystal around his neck
"The Exchange has arrived. Six plus equipment plus myself. Ready for teleport."
He then turns back to you
"Just say when you're ready"


"Eh, that's cute…"
Look around.
Oh the room is so intere… Focus.
"Look I wanna ask you something.
Teach me how to protect myself from magic!"


"You cant protect against all magic."


"That's harder than I thought…
Butthat means I can against some, right?"


I blink a few times and cock my head to the side

"What do you mean exactly?"

"Well… my mother had a very good shield spell she used to block all kinds of stuff."


"Of course."

"But hes not a unicorn, he cant cast spells."


"All clear."

Brace myself

Roll #0 1 = 1


"I mean… You know, avoiding magic!
If a pony can conjure flames from air, there has to be a way to make it disappear!"


My eyes light up in realization

"Oh, something that removes a magical effect then? I think I know just the spell…"


Blink in surprise
"Well that was fast! You think I could learn that?"


Need to go eat, be back in 30 minutes

"Yes I can… I think. Although I need to talk to Frostmourn about some matters first. How about I'll teach you later today?"


The soldier nods
"We're ready. Drop it."
You notice a powerful magic aura surround the area you're in.
"Please stay still. The spell will activat-"
Just then Venus throws a hoof around
"V-Verne? I'm kinda scared.."
And then the mass teleport triggers, sending you plummeting through oblivion until you land in the mass teleport relay room.
Everyone else is fine.
But it seems Venus had no understanding of the importance of not throwing the spell off by moving.
Lets see how badly that ended

Roll #1 1 = 1


T-that was rolling for damage right
That means that nothing happened right

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Sure thing Lady Venia! Ah!"
Trot away in joy.
Now, what's left of the day?


"Did you learn anything today?"


What it means is catastrophic damage
Not a lot. Weekend is almost over.
You can socialize a bit or go to bed.


"Well you saw me spar with Lady Radiant! That move she does where she gets stiff and all…
But yeah, I don't think I'll ever be able to do that!
But she got me thinking! I have to find what drives me. I have to see the Moon with my eyes, tonight."
Can I make it to Shadow Song for our usual training?


"Well the moon is always right there."


"I know. Must be this that calls me, about her…
She's there, always watching and never judging.
You don't feel the burning heat of the sun, with her.
Just the wind."


"Thats… something. You should talk with Manifest."


"You mean the old creep? I've never really spoken with him…"


"Dont be rude! And he is really smart and know everything about the sun and the moon."


"O…kay I guess. Wanna walk over there?"
Find Manifest.


"Sure, lets go."


"And how do you know so much about Manifest anyway?"


"I talked with him a lot when my father sent me here."


"That's a story I don't know about. Why did you came to Wintergrasp anyway?"


"They send me to enforce our relationship with this kingdom"


"Big stuffs and all. I never cared much for politics. Frosty is all I trust in."


"Were you interested in other things?"


"Me neither to be honest."


Curiously, she is not in her woods
He is eating in the chapel
A sharp scream echoes down the halls of Castle Rockeye.
Moments later a team of healers has you on a table, doing their best to repair the damage.
The soldier is off to the side, scolding Venus.
"Well.. I… just…"
"Y-yes sir…"
All that is left of Verne's leg is a patched up stump and a spatter of gore and meat that is seeping out of the floor where it materialized.
The healers finish
"Nothing more we can do."
"It won't get infected at least."
"You will need to get a peg for it or something."


"Define 'other things'"


"I'd have run. Rebeled. Or maybe not, I don't know. But beign sent away like that doesn't seem too ok to me…"
Okay that's new I guess. I'll have to find her, she hasn't just packed up and left, right?
But for now, talk with Manifest.
"Sir Manifest, might I have a word?"


"It was for the best."


"something that doesn't involve demon summoning? I don't know about this tartarus thing, is all. I don't really know much about it and that kinda has me a little worried…"


"Hey, your days in here.
But yeah, I guess so. Otherwise we'd have never met!"
Give her a big friendly grin.


I smile
"Exactly! This place is better."



"No, what…"

"I can't feel one of my legs."


"How was your home anyway?"


"Well it was a castle, just like this one and we had warriors all over the place."


"That sounds incredibly boring. Not even a forest to explore or a bear to wrestle?"


he puts the food aside
"Of course. What is it you seek?"
"Understandable. But tartarian forces are the strongest magic source known to exist. Well, known for sure to exist. Some records mention Starswirls himself found an even stronger source, but no records of the spell itself exist."
"The reason for that is that your leg is now mostly inside the stonework of the floor."
"And parts of the hoof are in the lower floor ceiling"
Venus rushes to you
The soldier who you teleported with just looks at her grimly.


"I never wander around, I just stay inside trying to avoid my family."


"I seek guidance in faith. Teach me all there is to know about the Moon."
"Avoid them? But…"


"..No, Venus didn't do it. Right? My special somepony wouldn't do anything to hurt me. Something else happened, right? What a story."

If I'm lying on the bed, continue having nothing but a blank look in my face while I stare at the ceiling as if the world has ended all there is left is to wait for oblivion.




"Wow… alright."


"I just… You know, I can't think how anypony would want to avoid their parents, their family…
That's just because I never had one, I guess."
Close my eyes and give her a smile.


"Oh im sorry… I didnt think about that."


"The moon, young one? Certainly, certainly. Take a seat."
He goes get a big book
The ceiling is lit with small magical crystals charged with light spells
Venus is slowly calming down
The soldier joins you at bedside
"Teleport mishaps. This one moved when the spell was charging, causing the calculations to be off. End result, part of you ended up in the wrong position. You got lucky. I've seen a bad teleport rip ponies in half.
How are you feeling? Not in too much pain I hope?"
"Alright what? Telebutt you are really confusing me today…"


"Hey they are your parents! If you wanted to avoid them, there must have been a reason, no?"
Place butt upon seat
"This is gonna be a long long lecture about the history of the north and all, isn't it?"


"Of course and dont be disrespectful."


"I..I can't feel anything. Venus, I-"

"Nevermind. If the King is free now, I need to see him immediately. When am I scheduled for an audience with his Majesty?"

Attempt to get off the bed and walk best I can with a leg missing.

Roll #0 8 = 8


Surrender, hooves into the air and zip it.


"Alright, I just wanted to know."
kiss her on the cheek
"I'm gonna see what my friends are up to, or something. You wanna come with or meet me somewhere for dinner?"


"Thats better."


And I'm back.

What time is it?


"No. That's a lecture for tomorrow. You are free to join if you want.
Now then, the Vigilant Moon. An ancient symbol of worship, as widespread if not as commonly seen as the Sun. It is said to embody vigilance, justice, and doing the right thing at any cost. While most prefer the Virtuous Sun and its aspects, the Vigilant Moon offers solace to those who tread the night, and who know that some times laws need to be broken so justice can prevail.
Commonly it is believed the moon shines upon the guilty, and allows those who hunt them to hide in the darkness. Though this is mostly just superstition.
…And it is worth mentioning, one of the rulers of Equestria, Luna, is regarded as an incarnation of the moon, and many have taken to worshiping her over the Moon itself."
You hop down and fumble for balance
Venus rushes to your side to hold you steady
"I'll never let you fall again…"
The soldier nods
"The king is expecting you. But I think we should get you something to help you walk first."
"I can tag along."
Not long has passed.
Pumpkin and Valnia went to see Destiny


"Shes really the moon incarnation?"


" "
Stay still with her for a few moments before speaking.

"Thank you, but I mustn't keep His Majesty waiting. A support of some sort around here will do fine for now."


Move my lips as to say to her
'Yes mom!'
without actually making a sound.
"Well that sounds just like what I… Wait a minute! One of the Equestrians? One of their leaders? That's just crazy! The Moon is just that much bigger than anypony can ever be!"


Right. After being reminded of that shield spell, I think it's time to go through my mothers' stuff again. I assume I kept it all in a box somewhere?

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Maybe she represent the moon and her powers."


astral projection to find the party, frostmourn, and sunrise


"But… Why! That's just not fair! The Equestrians are giving her a title she doesn't deserve!
I claim the moon for the North, for she'll help us smite down those Equestrians invaders, lurking in the shadows of out honor!"


"We dont know that."


"I do not know. But that is what they treat her as."
Venus looks heartbroken
The soldier thinks, then zaps a small disk lying on a shelf and it floats over to you
"Lay the stump on that. The levitation is strong enough to let you kinda sit on it. Not the best solution, but it works. Throne room is this way."
He opens a door our
"Like her sister Celestia is seen as an incarnation of the sun. They are said to have the power to raise and lower the sun and moon at will."
You have a trunk of her stuff in your room
Sunrise is playing with her amulet catalyst in her room
Frostmourn is training with his leg
Pumpkin and Valnia are with Destiny, Venia in her room.


"Thank you. Excuse me for a bit."

Go over to Venus.

"Is my personal guard going to let such trouble affect their morale? Come, now. We still have work to do today."

Give her a reassuring tap, then follow the guard into the King's chamber.


Alright, any notes that could help me with reminding me how to cast that Protective Bubble of hers?

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Yeah sure, now I know that's just crap.
Propaganda, like the stuff Verne always talks about.
There's no way they can raise the sun and moon, otherwise before them they would have never moved!
Anyway, you were really helpful Manifest, but now I gotta find Shadow Song… Seen her around?"


head over to frostmourn then
"Hi Prince!"


"Y-your p-pers… YES. YES SIR… dear… sorry… um… yes."
She joins your side, fussing a little.
The soldier walks up a staircase and salutes the door guards
"Sergeant Ironbrace, with the exchange."
They nod and open the door via magic
"Come on."
You find an old spellbook. You remember she never let you touch it as a kid, saying it was old and brittle, so kids shouldn't mess with it.
There is a letter inside the cover.
"I know not where that dreadful thing lurks. But the queen is most fond of her. Perhaps she knows."
"Oh hey Nylis. What's going on?"


Bite my lower lip as I remember this


What does the letter say?


"… Oh, the queen."
Part ways, find the queen. I hope she's in the throne room.


"Calm down. Act professional. Remember, my safety and success lies in your hooves."

Let's go in.


"Just wanting to know whats up. Sooo… what's up?"


[My dearest Venia
I can think of no better present to give to my #1 daughter than the spellbook she so wanted as a little filly. Do you remember? How you always wanted to peek at 'The Big Book'? Well, now it is yours. It taught me well over the years, so I hope it will work for you too.
Now go on, learn a lot and make me some pretty grandkids.
-Mom <3]
She is in her own room, but the king isn't
"Oh hello Pumpkin, what brings you here?"
The king is a tall unicorn with a remarkably long, slightly warped horn.
"Ah, Verne. Welcome to Rockeye. King Goldenblood told me you are interested in our research."
He has a pleasant, cultured voice that belies his somewhat unkempt appearance.
"Nothing much. Thought I'd train a little on my own. You know. Blow off steam. Don't have much to do really."


"O-oh… Oh mom…"

I tear up a little as I pick the book up.

"I will. I promise I'll make you proud mom…"

I wipe my eyes and open up the book, flipping through the pages until I find what I'm looking for, then start reading.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Oh, alright. Just wanted to know..

How uhh.. how's your leg? have the crafters started using anything less cumbersome?"


Bow down.
"Mylady, I'm concerned about Shadow Song. I have not been able to find her in the woods, and this is most unsettling.
Seeing how fondly she speaks of you, I imagined you might know if she had moved or… Left."


Take my bow the best I can.

"Greetings to Rockeye and the Mage-King Longshanks. Wintergrasp sends their greetings and wishes for a greater future together with their servant, Verne, as an envoy. We believe Rockeye's considerable advances in the field of magic and development of technology are vital to the welfare of both our Kingdoms.

This envoy's personal curiosity and wishes to learn aside, we have come to discuss an alliance benefiting us both. for too long, our mutual enemy, Eaglecrest, has stood between us and brought much suffering to us both. Should we combine our might, they would easily fall and be ours for the taking. There is also another matter I wish to discuss, but I request a private audience, with only your most loyal and longest-serving subjects listening to us, if we must have anyone listening to us at all."


You will spend good, loving time with this book. It deserves your full attention.
You'll learn Protective Bubble after the next time skip.
"No. It works, but is heavy. But I've been reading. The kingdom of Ironfoe has discovered the art of making golems - living statues. Those could perhaps be used to make a.. better leg for me."
She lowers her voice
"See to the south tower, the formerly empty one. Songbird has made a new nest there. But tell none other."
There is a slight murmur among those present
"So Wintersgrasp comes offering war and a desire to learn of what we have created? And tell me, Verne, what is it my kingdom would gain in return?"


I breathe in and out a few times, collecting myself.

"I wont disappoint."

Get up, put the book aside to read later and go check on Frostmourn

Roll #0 9 = 9


Open my mouth whide.
"But.. She didn.."
"Thank you, Mylady."
Give one bow and move out, to the tower.
Be stealthy about it.
Once inside, call for her.
"Shadow Song? Are you here?"

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"Along with the aid of Wintergrasp should it be needed, we have vital, dangerous information, but this is safe only for Rockeye's most trusted to hear. Your Majesty will understand once we have given it, but for now, I humbly request that all who are not absolutely required to be here leave this room at once, and it be blocked from otuside eavesdropping whenever possible."


"Living statues… living… and they'd be much lighter? isn't Ironfoe still a bit against wintersgrasp? How would you get access to such resources?

uhh, don't mind that i'm prying too much! haha"
try not to look embarrassed

Roll #0 2 = 2


he is chatting with Nylis is the training yard
A few shadows slink by and push aside a stone in the wall, revealing a small hole to crawl through.
"In there"
"This had better be good. Everyone, begone."
The others get up and leave
Longshanks then encases you both in a shimmering bubble
Oh man you're all red.
And stop glancing at the leg like that. You both know it was your fault he lost it and more.
That squish and scream still haunt your mind.
The shriek of a small child losing so much in an instant.
"Um, Nylis…? You look kinda zoned out. Anyway, yes. Ironfoe remains a foe to us. But I have a plan…"


Approach them

"Hello Nylis! Hello Frostmourn!"


"Hello miss Venia"


Walk in
"You… You didn't leave me after all."
Give her a smile
"Well now, what will the new place? Looks cozy, specially compared to the forest!"


"I- I- s-sorry! I'm just.. a plan! well that's goo "
"Hello Miss Venia howareyou!"

Roll #0 7 = 7


"You know you don't have to call me that anymore. Just Venia will do just fine. Are you busy with anything Frostmourn?"


"Oh, ok… Venia"


"Well it's a start. As you may have noticed I'm still a bit paranoid about being in an enclosed space and actually living and sleeping there. And don't mind the necromancy stuff. I just thought I'd air it out a little."
Yeah those bone fetishes are pretty grisly…
"Just training a bit. Trying out my leg, thinking, you know. The cool air helps me focus."


"I'll, I'll leave you two be then. Later Prince! Later uh, Venia"
teleport out of there

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"Recently, Wintergrasp came under attack from the Lordblades, the elite of Equestria's espionage agents. They had successfully infiltrated Wintergrasp and disguised themselves as guards and administration staff, among others, and work to undermine us from within. They had recently managed to assassinate an important noble's fmaily, and, had it not been for the intervention of my… subordinates, would have most definitely succeeded in assassinating the Royal Family as well.

I humbly apologize for coming to you speaking of War, that was undoubtedly uncouth of me, but it is a vital distraction from the true subject matter at hand. We managed to extract information from the Lordblade, and he has stated that there is a Lorblade within Rockeye as well, known to them as 'Nimbus'. It is likely that he and his subordinates have infiltrated the administration of Rockeye somehow, which I why I requested I speak to you in private like this.

Equestria, the looming threat to the South, wishes to expand, and they will have no qualms about swallowing all of us up. Only through unity and jolly co-operation may we be able it withstand this threat. This is the true purpose of Wintergrasp's visit, and I have laid it out."


"Hm. Are you up for some training? Some sparring maybe? Or would you rather continue your… leg… stuff?"

"Oh but you do-… uh… bye?"


"Your house, your smell, I don't mind it. I'm just happy you are starting to live like a normal pony."
Sit down, maybe lie on the ground.
"Maybe you'll start making plans for the future, like anypony else."


Where am I


oh right, head off to Sunrise's place and knock on the door


You made it to whereever you were going
You did land upside down though
He thinks for a while
"Nimbus… he is my personal student. Not the best, but a humble and capable mage. Are you sure of your accusations?

As for Equestria… and Eaglecrest… I do admit I grow increasingly tired of Ebonreth's demands and supposed ignorance of his border guards raiding my villages…
So is Wintersgrasp prepared for war? Your nation is poor and mostly known for farming. What do you hope to do against the Warrior King and his soldiers? Eaglecrest sports some of the best soldiers in the north."
"I guess we could go a round. I hear you usually beat my cousin with ease. I think he takes it easy on you though"
"My plans are laid by my lord. And I know exactly where he needs me."
Beats me. Was there someone you wanted to meet?
You then walk up to her room and knock
"Ya? Who is it?"


I'll visit the Temple then.
They have a Temple for the Sun, right?


I snort

"Probably, yes. Surely you wont do the same? I'm not a frail little flower that needs to be given the advantage."

Head over to the training grounds, motioning the prince to follow


"This I want to hear. Where are you needed next?"


They have a chapel to the gods at the palace
Well here you are
"I'll do my best to not hurt you too badly. I've been… tinkering with what you taught me."
"Once the call comes… Ironfoe."


rolling for spaghetti before answering

Roll #0 7 = 7


Onwards to the chapel!


Toss him a training sword and take one for myself

"Right you have the initiative, warrior of the gods. By the way, you're not the only one I've been teaching…"

Take a defensive stance

Roll #0 2 = 2


"You mean… To kill Frosty's true father if he doesn't yeld the crown, right?"


No spaghetti here
Just some macaroni and ravioli


"It's Nylis. Just wanted to hang out a little, talk or whatnot. But if you don't want to then it's fine."

Roll #0 9 = 9



"The Lordblades are especially skilled at positioning and presenting themselves as such. This is what I extracted from the Lordblade myself. While there is a possibility that the Nimbus you refer to is merely a pony who shares his name with the operating Lordblade here, since I find it highly unlikely that the Lordblade is not using another pseudonym from his real name, in the name of security I would investigate him anyway.

I apologize for coming here under the pretense of war, at present Wintergrasp is not fully equipped for a decisive siege, it was a ruse to distract from the truly important matter at hand here, the spies among your people and the looming threat to the south. However, if Rockeye wishes to lay siege upon Eaglecrest, Wintergrasp will support with whatever resoruces we have available."


Manifest Destiny, the local priest is finishing his meal there
"Oh? Hm. Who else then?"
he conjures his armour
"Very astute of you, child. That is what we must do. Frostmourn, our lord, must wear both crowns if he is to have a hope of uniting the North. This was the plan I put into motion sixteen years ago. I will not let it fail now."
"No no, come on in"
"I have yet to see a single piece of proof of your words, only wild accusations and meandering excuses.
Tell me, Verne. Are you willing to let me see the full truth?"
He lights up his horn

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Uh, hi? Is this where I can praise the Sun?"


Guard broken!
"Venia, are you toying with me? Come now, be serious. I'm no longer some child."


"If you so desire. I am the local cleric and caretaker. If you wish, I can join you in prayer."


"We have the physical evidence of their operations in Wintergrasp, we dared not bring it here for fear of it being lost. But if you can discern my thoughts and my truths with your magic, then by all means go ahead. I will hide nothing."


"Cleric? I'm a cleric too…well, sort of, anyway. Maybe we could talk about healing after I pray? I was never the best with healing ponies, I only know how to prevent death… but anyway, do you have a shrine maybe?"


"Hey, what's with the armor?"

"Eugh… Just a bad stance on my part…"

Charge and go for one of his legs! force him to the ground!

Roll #0 10 = 10


"We? You flatter me, Shad… Can I just use your real name instead?"


If he's reading my mind, think clearly about us interrogating a live lordblade with everything he said.


walk in
"Wow, nice place! Uhm. well, hi. I was heading around looking to hang out with some of my friends until I remembered that we haven't really spent much time since I was either embarrassing the hell out of myself or running about injured.. hahahaaaa…"
look for a place to sit
"So how are you? What classes have you taken?"

Roll #0 6 = 6


its still the weekend, correct?


He touches you with his horn and you can feel him inside your mind.
Read your mind? No. That is not reliable. I will peer deeper. See the full truth. On everything. If you truly have nothing to hide, then stop resisting!
"The shrines are in the back. I use the front to teach the young ones of faith and history.
As for healing… well, we can talk of what I know. I am not much of a healer myself. Then, my skills come from a source most do not share."
"The armour, Venia, is there because I can put it there. In combat, those who show restraint, DIE FIRST"
"Why would you? You never knew me by that name."
Afternoon of the last day of the weekend.
"Miss Venia has started teaching magic to me!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I just… It feels sad, knowing you by the same name your enemies have come to fear. I just thought it was a mask for you."


"Really? Wow that's great! What do you know, or what can you cast?"


My personal affairs are my own. But if it is for the sake for the kingdom, I will let you know everything.


You kick out his heavy iron leg, causing him to smash violently onto the ground.
He spits out some dirt and wipes his bloodied nose
"…as I said. That is the price for hesitating.
One for one. Do you think this is the best way to continue or shall we up the stakes?"
"It was a mask in part. A mask I wore to forget my past. Did I ever tell you the meaning of that song? The Shadow Song? And the verse I sang when I came to your rescue?"
"Well it's simple stuff still. I can only do little magic bolts for now. But the surge of power I feel when casting is… intoxicating. Downright orgasmic."


"Hold that thought, please… Shall we pray now?"

I look for a shrine dedicated to the Sun, then begin the ritual.

"I pray to the sun
To invite in your ever-present light

I stretch up to the sky
To greet your face's light with my heart
I stretch back to my right
To open up that side to receive your divine light
I then stretch back my left to meet my right
To become full of your divine light

My forehead, chest and knees are to the ground
In prostration to your benevolent light
I arch and raise my head up high
To look in the eye of your radiant light
My hooves touch the ground
Where they touch on the energy
of your life giving light

I say many prayers to you
For sharing with me your light


I cock an eyebrow

"I'd rather not maim you, Frostmourn. But alright, go ahead."

Take up a defensive stance, ready to counter

"You seem… different today. What did Miss Radiant teach you?"

Roll #0 2 = 2


"You did tell me what the song means to you, but no, you never explained the song to me. I always thought you wanted to keep it your little secret, that one thing only you and… Well, and her know."


Alright, I head into the woods, its a little early, but maybe Shadow Song is there.


giggle at this
"I've never heard it put that way before.. But that's still a great start! You're learning control instead of power. When I started my magic I nearly lost a hoof several times! haha… Well, what were you thinking of trying out next?"


Then I will look as deep as I must.
He exerts his will over you, forcing himself into the deepest parts of your mind
Necromancy to interrogate a dead enemy… a will to expand… to unite the North… to face Equestria under one banner… to… be a pretty mare?
You snap out of it as he lets the spell subside
"So that is how it is then, hm? Wintersgrasp wishes to conquer the North before Equestria does?"
Manifest silently joins in, greeting the sun with his heart
"A little this. A little that. A little control. A little loss of it. But it is not about what she taught me."
He manifests his wings and hovers in the air
He then summons a good two dozen swords of light in formation around himself
"It is far from my last secret. But perhaps if you feel that way, it shall remain a secret."
Just some squirrels.
No shadows here.
"…more bolts? I barely even know what more there is"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"It's not what I meant at all, and you know it."


Take a look around anyway, maybe she left a clue. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I stand up after I finish.

"I…I can't help but feel I'm missing something…"

A name… isn't there supposed to be a name in the prayer? But what? Virtous Sun?….that must be it…what else?

I snap out of it and turn to him.
"Uh, so what were you saying about the source of your healing?"


"Not necessarily to conquer, but to unite. To that end, we extend our hoof to Rockeye, for it is through our co-operation that the seeds of our hope for the future are born. That is why we have brought you knowledge of the dangers within your borders. Rockeye cannot fall."

I don't think Verne has any iknowledge of any official plan to conquer to North yet


Do I need to roll again?

"Well you sure aren't calm and levelheaded."

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Hmm…. well? uhh.. there's healing magic, mage magic, magic from the land, magic of different dieties… a whole bunch! Personally I "
teleport to a different place in her room

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"tend to do this a lot. But only when I'm alone! sometimes I don't end up in the best of places.. However this is one of several things I know. I can also shoot bolts like you, heal, walk through walls, and see things farther than normal pony eyes could!"


oh yea, go sit back to where I sat before


"I see. Well. At least I know your words are true and your intentions are pure. That simply leaves one question - how shall we act.
The first order of business must be to root out this… Lordblade. Then, we can discuss a deeper alliance."
"Nothing really. I simply follow a god most others do not."
"Perhaps I simply like toying with you. Well. The song is what my mother sang to me every day. She did not stop until she died, her last breath carrying the final notes. She died cradling me after saving me from a group of assassins …her blood was so warm… So I took on a new name to protect myself from the past, and those who would still hunt me. My true name lost to time, only ever told to those closest to me. Like Snowflake. And… Falconwreath."
Your guard can't withstand his barrage of swords, as he trows them like spears at you from up high, conjuring more as he runs low
She is all starry eyed
"Oh boy! Magic is so amazing. Ah can barely even comprehend the possibilities mahself! So um… do ya think ya could teach me some neat trick to impress Frosty?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


I smirk
"And will you tell me about it or will you just remain mysterious?"


I frown and use Spellbreaker on him

"Yell all you want, I thought I taught you better than this, Frostmourn…"

Roll #0 6 = 6


What a wolf?! Run away!! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I still don't have that level of trust after all, uh?"
Give her a weak smile.
"It was easier when it was just your shadows beating me, you know."


"We thank you, sincerely, and on a more personal note I have always had respect for mages, seekers of truth beyond the wool pull over our senses by the physical world.

Our first suspect is Nimbus. Personally, I doubt that the Lordblade would go without a pseudonym. I think it is more likely a coincidence that the share the same name, but I would put him under surveillance to be safe.

To find more suspects, I will need to ask you if anything strange has gone on recently, as if sabotage was present. Lordblades were responsible for an abnormal growth of explosive mold below Wintergrasp's school, for instance, that they detonated to erase evidence of their base."


"Hmm… teleport might be a bit much… just like… well.. Hm.. I could probably show you how to heal? But from what I've read it seems that some if not most who use this tend to follow a diety of some sort.. But there's always a possibility! And healing always has uses. Would you want to try heal?"


His wings and armour shatter, his swords vanish and he crashes to the ground as the light in his eyes fades somewhat
He lunges at you
"Perhaps it is wisest I do not bore you with the full story. But my Master blesses me, and I bow to him in kind. He ever gave me a few… tricks to use."
He summons a blade of light on his hoof
You trip and fall, as more wolves circle you.
Roll for initiative.
'r2 1d10'
"You are like a son to me. I would hate to lose y-"
She turns around and huffs a little
Looks like that one slipped out
"Explosive mold… sabotage… hm. Nothing I can put my horn on. Indeed everything has gone rather smoothly as of late. The Mass Teleport Relay experiments are done ahead of schedule too.
Do you wish me to summon Nimbus?"
She rolls her eyes
"Healing ain't proper magic. I want something flashy and cool! Not some nurse skills!"

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 7 = 7


I can take him on!

Roll #0 9 = 9


Roll for how shocked I am.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Smoothly… smoothly… there may be a ticking time bomb somewhere within. Is Nimbus affiliated with the experiment? Either way, it would be worth seeing what he knows."


Fuck this.
Run up to her and fucking HUG THE MURDEROUS BITCH!

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Pretty. I can only conjure wings."

I chuckle.

"So, I'll be honest, I'm not the best with healing magic. Please be honest too, could you try to improve my skills?"


'1d10' stabbing them if I can. "Daymn wolves."

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Hey, nurse skills are important as all hel- *ahem* sorry. But uhh, sure I can… Before I do, can I ask why? I mean learning to control what you know should be priority over doing flashy moves…"


He is remarkably strong while angry, but you manage to force him to standstill as the power fades from his eyes and he collapses
"Nimbus is one of the head researchers. Indeed many of the solutions we used were based on his calculations.
I can get him here right now."
As you wrap your hooves around her bury your face in her chest, she twitches a little. Then, slowly, she moves her hooves to return the hug. Her shadows help her remove her cloak and take her weapons, then make space for you two to enjoy the moment.
You flick your ear a little as you feel a tear fall on it
"…thank you, Pumpkin. You… I can't really say how much you truly mean to me…"
"Well I can always try. I know how to inure against cold, and some basic healing. Was there a specific skill you sought?"
The wolves are faster, taking a swift bite at you.
You are outnumbered here.
It might be wise to figure out a good plan
"Can y'all keep a secret?"


"Something against cold? That would be great! You know, I'm not from around here, and I find it pretty terrible… the weather, that is, not the place itself!"


"Of course!"


How many are there? I'll set a trap using the nearby trees, shorten their numbers anyway. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Need bed soon
"If he is a Lordblade, then this is especially dangerous. With that much control over the project, he may have programmed it to fail at critical moments or otherwise secretly sabotaged it. We need not bring him here, but to a better place where we can speak with him. I will leave that to you."


"Hold on, gotta make sure no one is near to listen in on this"
use astral projection to see if there's anyone that would even try listening in on this


"When I didn't find you in the forest tonight I thought you had ran, left without a word like everone else.
I just… I felt so alone for that moment, there."
Stupid old mare.
She had to make me worry.
Enjoy the moment, try not to sob too much, she'll think I'm a pussy.


"Well there you have it, congratulations Frostmourn. All your anger just made you open to a counterattack. You spent all your energy on it and it made you predictable."

I get up and help him up as well.

"Good to see you're ignoring everything I've tried to teach you. I appreciate it, really."

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Well that's why you dress warm when you go outside. I could not imagine living anywhere warmer. The cold is my home. I feel like a stranger elsewhere.
To inure against it, you must alter the way the body reacts, binding the cold to your body and making it a part of you. This way, the world around you will feel warmer in comparison"
Nobody here
"Okay… well quite frankly with Frosty swept up in this expansion plan of his… ah feel real alone. An I was hopin' learnin' some fancy magic would get his eye again…"
And really, tying yourself to a tree is not helping.
You are helpless and surrounded.
Good night then
"So be it then. Perhaps you'd like to see the array itself?"
"It's ok to cry. We all do… when the time calls for it… my little Pumpkin…"
He looks quite defeated
"…sorry. It just… I… the sheer power I can tap into when I open my heart… It feels so strong… and miss Radiant said…"


I can go on for longer, just saying I might leave soon

"That is very kind of you. Yes, please."


I shudder.
"Embracing the cold? I don't think I could do that, even if I wanted to. All my life I have lived by allowing warmness and light flow through me, not cold!"


fuck I am never doing anything alone again Get the fuck out of here zigga. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"It's just… I know I'm gonna lose you too, or I'm gonna die first and make you sad again."
Okay, I need air.
Calm down and stand back on my hooves.
"Care for a walk? Not taking you amidst ponies, don't worry. Just the woods, maybe you can beat me up some more."


He teleports you both to the relay room
"Oh, sorry, I should probably have warned you. I don't really walk anywhere. Are you ok?"
"Well lets see how you like it"
He touches you and a flash surrounds your skin for a moment.
Suddenly the air here feels really really warm


"Yeah well, using up all your energy in a short time is a quick way to get yourself killed. It's risky, it's predictable, it's reckless and it's stupid. If you want to listen to Miss Radiant then that's fine, I'll just leave then and leave your training up to her."


I smile.
"Ooooh, this is warm… so how do you do it?"


"I.. I.. I'm fine."

Take a few deep breaths and look around.

"May I ask for a tour, then?"


"Expans- that might be… ok then. Alright well you can always hang out with his friends! actually that's not what you were talking about…

Hmm… well yea I, or we, could go to the library and look through some magic books for something especially flashy! But.. nevermind that. Want me to head out now or do you want my help to go looking for it?"


You turn to run as an arrow pierces the skull of a nearby wolf
"I'm done with those woods. But we can go on the tower top if you'd like. And hold on a little I need to make this shot… there. We will have company in a while."
"No! Venia please! I just… do you even know what it feels like? Have you ever tried it?"
"Like I just explained. The hardest part is properly integrating the cold aspect. It really has to be felt more than anything."
"Certainly. Walk along if you don't like the teleporting. Anyway. This is the mass teleport relay. Based on synchronized casting, this entire room is built to function as a catalyst. With enough mages, we can teleport even large groups accurately. Currently we are researching using less mages, replacing some with bound spells.
Next up, is this."
He levitates over a small crystal
"I'm sure you saw the one Ironstrut had. It allows two-way communication to another who has one"
"Well can you suggest anything to fit the bill?"


"Yes, very fascinating. This two-way crystal will no doubt be of incredible strategic importance, along with your mass teleport relay. How many mages have worked on it?"

Rolling to see if I can spot anything off about the relay. Probably sleeping after next post

Roll #0 3 = 3


"I never really let my faith falter enough to feel cold inside…at least I not remember doing so… so how do you suggest I 'feel' it? Just walk outside without clothes on?"


Look at her strange, but she's done worse.
"Okay I guess. Did I tell you about my 'spiritual research' yet?
Stuff is hard!
Turns out I need to believe in something to be good with a certain kind of combat, and so this new sta.. mare, that has arrived…"
Tell her about how I've been trying to learn more about the moon and about my new teacher.


"Well… I read something about some magic casters being able to make duplicates of themselves. haven't seen it myself so I don't know… others can dance with fire or lightning, but that would require some big skill to do… uhh, tell me what you want to try and we'll go from there!"
smile at her


"It cost me my father's life, that's enough for me. My mother taught me always to keep my head cool and it has kept me alive thus far. I don't need rage or anger to keep myself going. You don't need me anymore, you know. Aside from conjuration, my spells don't interest you."


So she knew I was here the whole time.. Hurry to the castle tower, and throw some dirt in the direction of those wolves to slow them down.

Roll #0 7 = 7


The relay is too complex for you to really understand at all.
"Currently we need twelve mages to power it properly.
However the building of it took hundreds. The calculations alone needed thirty."
"Well if you want your lungs to freeze solid, go ahead. What I meant is, divine magic is rarely very technical so it is hard to explain. You must ask for protection against the cold, and manifest it in whatever way your heart feels is right."
"Ah yes Manifest… for all his prophetic skills he has always been one to underestimate me.
As for this… Radiant, I cannot say much. All prim and proper and shiny. Not one of my tastes, even if i do admire her zeal.
So, shall we head on up and out?"
"But… I like having you around! You've been there for me for so long! Please don't abandon me… I know I've been a bad student but… I'm just trying to…"
Rolling not to cry
Must be the south tower. The empty one.
The stairs end in a solid wall, but there is a stone missing from the wall

Roll #1 9 = 9


Nod at her and follow.


He remains strong
"I'm just trying to do everything I can to prepare myself. I know I will face my father sooner or later. And he may not accept what I must ask of him. So I must be as strong as I can be. For when I face him, I cannot have you protect me."
You climb out into the cool air
Some snow is blowing across the towertop
"So do you want your beating now or later?"


"I think I'm starting to get it…"

Try it.
Oh, Glorious Sun, please grace me with thy warm, and protect me from the jagged claws of frost!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Eh, you'll get the hang of it with time. Don't go ice swimming with that level of protection though."


"You joking? I can't get enough of you and your shadows!"
Flare out my wings and take a charging stance, flashing her a grin.
"It's been too long since the last time we trained!"

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11



"This is troublesome. The lordblade could be any one of these ponies, but they are doing any major damage, we may narrow it down to the ones administrating the project. Are any of the thirty planners or twelve operators not native to Rockeye?"


Interesting.. does it look safe?

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Wait, wait, I can do better!"
Try again!
I call upon the fires of you, oh Virtous Sun, to to grace me with them and protect my body and mind from cold as I protect my Faith from falling to darkness!

Roll #1 5 = 5


I sigh and shake my head

"I'm not going to abandon you… I… I've been around here for so long and I've got no intention on leaving now."

"I'm not a good teacher Frostmourn, really. I'm sure Miss Radiant will do a better job than I have so far."



Roll #0 10 = 10


She pikes her chin with her hoof
"Weeeell… what about that teleporty trick you did?"
You puff up some snow and duck down, disappearing in the falling snow
"Well at least you can still hide. Lets see you hit me then."
"Several come from other lands. Heck even my father was a foreigner. Rockeye attracts mages from all over the known world. Nimbus for example hails from Prance."
It must be secret entrance!
"As I said, give it time."
"NO! I don't want you to stop training me! Why must you be like that? I do one thing you don't agree on and you quit? Did you never rival your mother's decisions?
…please let me learn something more from you?"


Do I really really have to?
Oh well, she's sturdy.

Roll #0 8 = 8


Awww shit!
Go over there and check it out!

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Tch. Wait, Prance… is that not part of Equestria now? I would be wary. Are there others who come from territories controlled by Equestria?

When you are ready, your Majesty, we can begin investigating at any time I will assist you to the fullest of my ability."


"Teleporting… haha.. uh, alright. But just to be safe I'm getting Winterbreeze, and maybe Anita… Uh, this might take some time but where did you want to train this?"


Secret entrance? Well, that's just what this zigga was looking for, climb in and up the tower.


"Oh… right… I'll make sure to practice. Now how about healing?"


"I did rival her decisions when I was young and stubborn. Which usually ended up in her having to put her life on the line to keep me from being hurt."

I sigh and lower my head sadly

"I'm sorry, I'm just a little beat up over something I was reminded of earlier. Do I need to teach you that spell I used on you earlier?"


You stop the knife millimeters from her spine, then boop her head
"Good. I honestly expected you to be more to the left. Very well done indeed my little one."
The mage guild room appears empty.
Hopping trough it, you land in the party!
"Hey guys! A newcomer!"
A few flower necklaces are teleported onto you
"You are right. Prance is indeed a part of Equestria now. Then, though his roots lie in Prance, he has lived much of his life in Rosefall. Not uncommon. Many who dislike Equestria moved there.
Perhaps we should confront him then."'
"Oh anywhere is fine for me"
Bone fetishes hang from the ceiling and skulls of various creatures light the room with candles on top of them.
Several shadows watch from the… shadows.
"How much do you know of healing?"


"If your Majesty can read his mind in the same manner you did to me, there should be no problem. Unless there are ways to defend against this that leave no trace of anything being hidden. Either way, we should get to work."


"It was quite something indeed. What was that, some kind of… anti magic?"


"You still didn't show me the vanish trick! Oh and also… Think fast!"
Try to Blind her with some snow!

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Alright I'll meet you.. the training grounds are taken… in the garden. Alright?"
after hearing her confirmation teleport to winterbreeze

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


I nod and smile a little

"Something I figured out not too long ago. It's when you focus your magic to break somepony else's magic. I'd like to refer to it as Spellbreaker. If you are proficient enough at magic it will even leave your foe more open to attack afterwards."


"Uh, some I guess? I can make cuts and wounds dissapear and fix some cracked ribs, but's that's mostly it."


That's kind of odd.. Well, lets see if I can meditate and connect with any of these bones, can I feel some kind of energy from them? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I would not know if there was a way. For quite obviously, I would not feel it. Let us head to my quarters and summon him. Hold on."
"GAH! Why you little… COME BACK HERE!"
She tries to blindly grab you
"ya ok"
Winterbreeze is just hanging around
"Hey again"
"I had toyed with a similar idea but never found a solid way to cast it reliably. What is your secret?"
"So what is it you'd like to know then?"
The bones burst into song
"Hey little Zebra"
"What brings you here"
"Don't be afraid"
"Come closer my dear"
The shadows look a little amazed

Roll #1 7 - 2 = 5


Shadow Song grabs Pumpkin by the ear
"Well young pony, what have you got to say for yourself?
Hu- singing? I'll be right down…
Seems we're almost out of time here."


Dodge her and fly over her head.
"Did I get that one right?"

Roll #0 1 = 1


"I know how to conjure up an aura of protection on those around me…do you think maybe I could blanket my divine healing powers the same way too?"


"Want me to check it out?"


kiss her
"I need your help with teaching somepony how to teleport. She'll be in the gardens… uh, nevermind her. Yea we'll manage"
teleport to the gardens with winterbreeze

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"Oh snap, You can talk? I can talk to you?" I make a little beat with my hooves to keep them dancing. '1d10+2' entertain the bones. "This is great, I'm gonna learn how to talk to the dead in no time!"

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"To focus your magic on… uh… untying? disarming? Just… to disrupt somepony else's magic. It's really hard to explain."

Conjure myself a set of lightning armor

"Personally, I see spells as a tie in a rope. Each spell is tied together differently. Spellbreaker is like a pair of scissors snipping it in half. Try it on me."

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


"No. I have shadows on it"
She then punches you in the gut
"And that's for snow in my eyes"
"Sounds mighty difficult. Indeed that calls for deep devotion and a strong connection to your god. I doubt it has much other difference to normal healing on a technical side."
That you do
Sunrise isn't here yet. She must be getting ready
"Who are we teaching exactly?"
The shadows walk out as you make the bones laugh and jiggle
"Your innate talents are remarkable"
"On a spell that strong? Hm… well… if conjuration forces and element into shape… then to break the construct I need to alter the shape until it is no longer stable… right? L-lets try!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


He manages to actually notably weaken the armour


"I have utmost faith in the Sun. I only doubt myself."


"Then you have already failed."


"Pretty good! Try again, finish it this time."

Repower my armor

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


"The prince's girlfriend. not a unicorn but she has a different way of casting magic, so I'd like your aid in helping her"


I lower my head, my ears pasted to my ears.
"That's why I wanted to ask you about healing…"


I peer closely at the shadow(s?). "Who are you?" '1d10' to get a better look at.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Take the punch.
"No regrets, I gotta dare to learn!"
Escape Artist from her grip.
"And I'm curious too, you know."
Stealth and peak inside where the noise came from.

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


"I will not be so cruelly taunted by an enchantment!"
"WHAT!? Us? Teaching her? Uh… oh my… I don't know if I'm ready for such an honour…"
"Healing is for doctors. Prayers for the faithful. Those who doubt themselves or the gods can never unlock true potential."
"I am a Shadow. So are we all."
There must be a dozen of those creepy red eyes things here
Kilana is dancing with some bones
"You mentioned vanishing."

Roll #1 1 = 1


his spell goes horribly wrong, twisting his magic, powered leg and nearly breaking it before the spell explodes, leaving him on the ground
"GAAAAAAH! Argh… ow… Venia… help…"


Oh is just my zigga chilling there? I'll get to her later.
"Yeah, yeah I did.
You promised to show me how a true lordblade vanishes!"


She's not even there any more


"Right.. a shadow, so.. do ya'll live here?"


"It's just whenever I tried to heal someone, something went wrong all the time, and I began to doubt that I can do it…"


hug her
"I felt the same way when you said you liked me.. But this is not about that. I need your help in making sure she doesn't hurt herself. I don't know about you but I've had enough run-ins with bad teleporting to be comfortable about teaching anypony, much less Sunrise…"
clear a space and wait for Sunrise to get her


What? And who said that sentence then?


Oh wait I'm dumb.
Oh crap behind me!
Turn please turn do it in time!

Roll #0 9 = 9


Quickly help him up carefully

"Did you break something? Are you alright? Do I need to get Doc?"


"In a way. We serve our lady. We are her eyes. Her ears. Her blades."
She boops you on the nose and tips you over
"So, tell me then, what is the purpose of Vanish?"
"As I said. With doubt in your heart, faith can never fill it, and you will continue to fail."
"For you, anything."
You can hear Sunrise coming
You can also feel Winterbreeze trying to lift your tail with magic
Lets see how bad the leg took it

Roll #1 3 = 3


The leg is jutting at an odd angle and moving stiffly
"…that's bad… real bad… I think I need to see the smith… and the mages."


Try not to fall on my ass.
"To take the enemy by surprise?"

Roll #0 3 = 3


I furrow my eyebrows, a determined look settling on my face.
"Then I have only held back myself. I believe I could heal any wound right here, right now. And from now on, I'll continue to do so!"


Ack, sorry got dropping like that, had to do something.
"Wow, is it always a party like this here?!"
Join in the festivites!


"Alright, let's get going then."

Use my TK to put him on my back and go visit the smith

"By the way, Sunrise is learning magic too now."

Roll #0 2 = 2


my eyes go wide
"Pfft- notnowbreezybutt!"
swish her magic away
"We need to make sure she doesn't end up 6feet under or anything…"
try to think of something easy to practice teleporting with

Roll #0 1 = 1


"….Oh! You're like an extension of her? That's like.. Oh, snap! Your lady can order you from far away.. then maybe" I hold my staff toward the shadows, try to see if I can use them to feel or hear their lady. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


You tumble into the snow
"To set you up for a perfect strike. Now you try it."
"Open your heart to the light you follow, and let it flow. Only through that, can you hope to achieve new heights of power."
"Nope, today is just our annual fest. Grab a drink, join the limbo, anything you like."
"That's nice…"
He seems more concerned with the leg right now
The smith takes a look at it
"Damn son. This looks bad."
"I know. Can you fix it?"
"I might. Won't be as good as it once was though."
"Just. Make. It. Work."
"Will do prince. I'll go grab the mage who helped me earlier, and one of your old legs. We'll work something out, just wait here!"
The smith hurries off, and Frosty lays down by the forge
"Damnit damnit damnit damnit…."
You can't think with her magic poking around you like that
Just look at her nonchalantly smug face
She knows you like it
She is up at the top of the tower
The shadows look displeased at this trick


"Fine, but you know my way already!"
Should I try to drop a little closer to the back of the head?
After all, I need a perfect strike…

Roll #0 1 = 1


I nod.
"I will. Thank you for enlightening me…"
I give him a small bow.


"Do you have any magic stuff going on here? I was kinda hoping I could train my magic!"
Grab a drink and return to the guy.


She spins around and kicks you sharply as she sees you coming
"No. Try again."
"Go in peace, for what it is worth."



Roll #0 7 = 7


"Winterbre~eze stop it~ we need to fuh.. focus and make sure this place is saafe"
fight through it and think!

Roll #0 2 = 2


"I'm… I'm sorry Frostmourn."

Hang my head sadly

"Damn it Venia…"

Roll #0 3 = 3


I give him another bow, then leave the chapel.
I guess I'll wander around.
'1d10' the castle.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I grin to myself at my cleverness. "Thank you for that information." I breath deeply and think to myself. "What does she want to me to do here?"


"Much better. Now. I'll let you in on a little secret. Come out of hiding and sit down."
"This is a party. Kick back and chill. Did you have any specific spell in mind?"
Oh she knows those weak spots by now.
And there comes Sunrise
"Hey Nylis! Winterbreeze! Um… am I interrupting something?"
"Not at all princess. Not. At. All."
Oh man just look at that poker face.
Rolling not to be mad at you

Roll #1 6 = 6


"It isn't your fault, Venia. I miscast the spell…"


Walk out of the small pile of snow I was hiding under and lie on my belly, looking at her expectendly.


"I set the bar too high for your Frostmourn. I should have made my spells weaker to start out with…"

I tear up a little and rub my nose with a hoof

"I'm really bad at this teaching stuff…"


"S-sunrise hi! we'll b-ah! I meheeheean We'll start off-f-ff stop it breezy"

Roll #0 3 = 3


j-just muscle through it! yea!

Roll #0 1 = 1


You end up in the gardens

Looks like these girls have never heard of blessed cucumbers.
Oh well. To each their own probably.
She seems to be enjoying it at least.
"She will be down shortly. You are here to become a Necromancer are you not?"
She smashes your face into the stones
"First rule of not being seen: don't come out of hiding. Now stop being stupid and do it right. VANISH. LIKE THIS."
In a flitter of shadow, she is gone
"No, you've helped me learn a lot. I'm sure this is not a natural thing to you. Being tied down to a kid and becoming a teacher. You'd probably rather be out there adventuring"
The smith and mage return with one of the old, shorter legs and begin hammering away
In a squeaking eep you climax and teleport out of the garden.
Everyone present looks a little dumbfounded, especially Winterbreeze
"Um… oops?"
"What was that all about, Winterbreeze?"
"Just some uh, horseplay."
roll to see where you ended up


"Uh… fire and lightening spells?"
Take a sip of my drink. How is it?

Roll #0 7 = 7



Roll #0 10 = 10


Lift my face off the cold stone and growl at her.
"Behind you already!"
I know where she is!
I know what she's gonna do!
I saw how she disappeared!
I can do it! Vanish and appear behind her!
Do I still have to roll?

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Uh… girls? What is this all about? There are not private gardens, right?"


You pop back where you stood, all refreshed and ready to go.
"Welcome back Nylis"
"heh.. yeah. I overdid it a bit didn't I?"
has a nice edge to it. Might be enchanted
"Elemental stuff? Yeah go talk to Wind Whisper over there. He knows that stuff well."
"Now strike."
No. You have now learned it properly


"It's not that, prince it's just… Mom always… I was the only child. With both my parents gone… it's up to me to keep the family line going, she always expected that of me. And now look at me, I'm getting older by the day and I still don't have any children… I'd make for a pretty terrible mother, but still…"

I wipe my eyes and try not to have a breakdown

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be complaining to you like this. It's none of your concern."

Roll #0 9 = 9


Yeah, strike, right. No hesitation.
Goddamnit, just do it!
Give her an hoofful as a payback for earlier!

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Yes, that's right. I need to start training. This is a pretty nice room for it too, does she use this stuff herself?" I ask curiously as I look around at the bones and things.


An enchanted drink? Neat!
"Cool! Thanks!"
Walk over to Wind Whisper. Is he busy?

Roll #0 10 = 10


"A good king listens to his subjects, Venia. Have you spoken to Unyielding about this?"
you smash her across the face
She spits a little and wipes her face
"…I was hoping for another hug"
"This stuff is old. She has no need of it, but it carries memories. What is it you sought of Necromancy? Raising the dead? Speaking with the dead? Withering away the flesh of the living?"
He is lounging, being fed snacks by some giggling mares


"ohyouoverfuckingdiditalrightyouarenotgettingawaywiththis Alright whe- "
"Uh- nothing! actually I mean We're going to teach Miss Sunrise about teleporting and I was trying to make the place safe enough for practice trials. But nothing more than that, haha. Uh who are you? One of the teachers?"


Sunrise pulls out her catalyst
"Ah'm ready!"


"You are not getting me twice with the same trick!"
Smirk at her.
"Besides, don't you have a guest just downstairs?"


I walk over to him then.
"Wind Whisper? I was told you know about elemental magic?"


I nod.
"You could say that, yes. I am Radiant Dawn, Paladin of the Sun, a newly recrouted guard, and teacher of Prince Frostmourne! And what safety measures do you mean?"


I look kind of distantly, as if looking through the shadows. "Speaking with them first, there is someone I dearly need to talk to.. Then I'll move on to other things.. Maybe raising a dead pony to protect me, thou.. body guards didn't do her much good.."


"No… No I haven't. But I don't to burden him with it. I'm too busy for that stuff anyway. And we're living in such times of turmoil and danger, raising a child would be irresponsible of me. But still… It's something mother would have wanted…"


"I have shadows for that dear. Now c'mon. Just one more."
She invites you for a hug.
…god DAMN that scar of hers looks nasty.
"YES! That I am! The glorious and mighty Wind Whisper! Elementalism made elementary! Lighting the path to lightning, getting pyromancers FIRED UP and keeping ice magic cool. What can I do you for!?"
"You speak of Prima Donna."


"Great! Uhh.. yea. Ok look I'm gonna be honest with you. I've gotten into some really bad situations while teleporting. And while I can picture it in my mind how to go about blinking through reality, I'm not so sure I can explain without getting a little mixed up every now and then so just bear with me. Alright? Oh and if anything ask Winterbreeze, she might have a better explanation."
"Oh! ok!."
look for her shie- nevermind that
"a teacher of the Prince? Great! awesome! uhh, well I mean teleporting is a bit of a dangerous thing especially when first getting into learning how to do it. I'm afraid that she might get herself stuck in a wall or underground or 50feet in the sky or something. So I as just trying to think of a way to make this experience a bit safer for her."


"Then ask yourself. Is it worth worrying over? If it is, then it is worth sacrificing over. Do you forget that I was begotten amidst open war?"
"Okidokie! Just tell me what to do!"


"I might have something to help you, but don't take it for granted. It's some sort of Divine Protection, but you'll have to believe in it in order for it to work! I do not know how well it can protect about magic mishaps, but it's worth a try, right?"

Cast Aura of Protection on all three of them.
Use the boost in Faith that my talk with Manifest has teached me.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I blink a little surprised, but smile holding back the pain in my eyes "Yea, that's mah girl. I gotta make this right with her."


Who cares for a scar.
I finally have a mom.
Give her a hug, and chill about.
Does this mean I should introduce her to Bearing?
Imagine that conversation. 'hey honey, this is the mare that's been bearing me sensless for the last year, and she's my new sustitute mommy!'

Roll #0 10 = 10


So cool…
"Can I be your apprentice?!"


"I don't know. I just don't know. Maybe I should stop worrying about the 'would be's' and the 'could be's' and just focus on the future. My future."

I shake my head and stand up

"I need to think more about this. I'll leave you be Frostmourn. Sorry for the leg again. And don't put too much thought into my ramblings about your fervor from earlier. Radiant will be of much more help than I am. I've always been more of a mage rather than a holy warrior."


"Yes, this might work! Thank you Miss Radiant Dawn!"
"Alright well uhh, before you start trying to change where you stand. Picture in your mind both where you are standing and where you want to stand. For now just make sure it's just a few feet distance here. From there I want you to uhh.. well bend what you see, until you picture yourself standing over where you want your new location to be at… and if you're feeling comfortable with that, use your magic to reflect this! Uhh, winterbreeze can you explain it anybetter?"
rolling to make sense

and '1d10' to help ensure she doesn't fuck up

Roll #0 4 = 4

Roll #1 5 = 5


I maintain the Aura.
"Don't take it for granted! I haven't tried to prevent teleport accidents with it yet!"


"I understand but thank you still Miss Radiant Dawn!"


They seem fairly protected
Your heart feels like some burdens have faded from it as your confidence grows
"Well at least you have a purpose and a cause, rather than blind non-reasons like it being cool. So. First lesson. You have a catalyst, right?"
And she finally has a child she can love
A child she… has taken down a dark path…

But a child.
She is no longer empty…
He conjures a pair of sunglasses so he can lower them to look at you
"Is this bitch for real? Like for serious for real? Sorry but naw. I got places to be. Things to do. Gotta hoof-wrestle with Starswirls and have a dick-waving contest with the Ashfather. But tell you what. Name a spell, and I'll give you a signed copy of my guide to that spell, fre eof charge!"
"And you go talk to Unyielding about this. These are things to be decided together.
…Don't worry about the leg. I'll get a new one soon enough"
Winterbreeze explains
"The void that connects all points can be accessed momentarily to facilitate instant transportation. By using the trick Nylis explained, you breach reality and fall through the void to land where you targeted."
"Uh… right. Well um… here… goes?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


She closes her eyes, focuses and…
Nothing happens
"…Am I there yet?"


I nod and take my leave

Before I go visit Unyielding, I go find Snowflake first


I gesture to my hand made staff. "I read that it should be really personal.. so I made this, to remind me of my purpose."


…Did he just call me a bitch?
Keep your cool Anita, keep your cool…
"Uh… something to do with lightning?"


"Song I… I have to ask you something. Something sad. Maybe you'll even get mad at me for this…But what happened back in equestria?
With Falconwreath and the lordblades?"


"Hmm.. no. But, no need to get down! One more try, I'm sure you'll get it! If you want take note of how you see things from your height, and think of another place to be in this garden, please then try being there with your magic"


I keep holding up the Aura, and smile at her with my new confidence.
"Come on, I know you can do it!"


"Good. Now, try it on Chester here"
The shadow rolls a skull at you
"Something? You can do a lot with lightning! You can conjure weapons, throw bolts, zap ponies, call down storm, make fashionable clothing, damn I could floss my teeth with it once.
So what'll it be?"
She is in her room
"Oh, hello Venia"
She sighs
"Love. Love happened. I ran to Equestria to flee from my betrayal of Ironfoe. And there… I had nothing. I was a bitless girl out on the street, stealing to eat. Then he came to me. Dressed in finest silk and heavy with gold, he saw something in me. And he took me in. He gave me clothes and food. He gave me warmth and love… He gave me a blade. He gave me… a child. His name was Lord Ilistar Falconwreath, first of the Lordblades of Equestria. And his love for me was as burning as it was unconditional.
…but I could not bare to see him. Not after what he did in his line of duty. I watched him perform cruelties I could never imagine… It was one night after he threw the child of a spy into a fireplace and made the mother watch until she broke down and revealed her co-conspirators that I left. Without a word I took off. I knew he would follow, so I did all I could to ensure he never found me. Or our child. Ever.
So I hid the child in Equestria and returned to the north. I abandoned his name and became Shadow Song once again. And I hid in my woods, thinking if I never loved anyone ever again, I would be free of pain…
…how wrong i was…"


"O-okay! Here goes!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


She pops out of reality and pops back in a few feet away, screaming in panic


"Your highness."

Bow to her

"I'm just here to see how you are doing these days and if you need something done."


"Lightning bolts sounds cool! Can I get one of those?"


"ite' " I focus and try to feel out something from this skull. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Just… Stay by her side.
This is not the same Shadow Song that trains me late into the night.
This is an hurt pony. An hurt pony that needs someone she can trust.
I seriously don't think anything I can say would make her feel better now.


check her to make sure she's alright
"I- I…. oh wait… haha. Sorry, yea it feels weird like that the first 20-something times. Do you want to keep going or is this enough for you?"

"And thank you Miss Radiant Dawn. I'm not sure how much longer you can keep that up, but I think this might be it for now. Again thank you"


"That's it?"

I let go of my concentration and let the aura slip away.

"You don't need to thank me, I'm helping whereever I can help. Anything else you little ponies might need?"


"My husband has been a bit… odd as of late, hasn't he."
"Sho thang."
The summons a book and signs the inside cover
[How I Drop Kicked A Thunderstorm So Hard It Turned Into A Monsoon - By Wind Whisper. For my #4877212 fan]
"OI! Allo! Wos your name 'en? I'm Chesta. Great ta meetcha!"
"…promise me you don't die before I do…"
She is panting
"How… do you ever get used to that?"


I cock my head to the side confusedly

"I… I'm not sure I follow. He did seem to be very insistent on granting me a noble title but…"


"I… That's a big promise to make.
But I will come back. I will come back to you before leaving forever."


"Might be. But no, teleporting when you're just starting out is really really dangerous. I've hurt quite a few ponies even though I'm experienced in it. Uhh, can you make sure Miss Sunrise gets back to to her room or wherever safely? I don't want her trying to teleport without mine, winterbreeze or your help."
"You kinda just.. do? That's how it was for me at least, Winterbreeze?"


I take it!
"Sweet, thanks! Anyways, I'll leave you alone now with your pretty mares!"
Tuck it under a wing and… go do limbo!

Roll #0 2 = 2


"I can do that."

I turn to Sunrise.
"Want me to accompany you to your room, Sunrise?"


"Heyo' Chester " I smile surprised at him. "What are you like?"


"Yeah. He gets these wild ideas at times. It's not at all like him. But maybe he's just trying to be more open, like I keep asking him to be. So, what is going on with you?"
"I don't want you to leave forever…"
Way to show off your assets.
I bet Guinevere would have loved that.
Also you knocked the pole down.
"I still hate it. That's why I mostly just teleport stuff around instead of myself."
"Yeah… ok."
"Imma skull zigga! Guess ya could say I'm a …wait for it… bonehead! HA! Oh man I'd slap my knee if I had one."


>from winterbreeze's comment
"Oh, well uh.. there you go? But that's it for today's lesson in teleporting. If you want to try something else tell me so I can look for it in the library, ok? Later Sunrise!"
hug her, then once they're out of earshot


Oh dear…
I-I try to put the pole back and try it again, WITHOUT giving everyone a show of my birdparts!

Roll #0 4 = 4


"You know I meant it in that other way…
It will happen. Some day, one of us won't make it back and… And…"
Just.. Ya know, stop that raining, damnit.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"So… have the Prince talked about his training with you yet? Is he excited about it?"

I chuckle nervously.
"You know, just because he's my first real novice I train and everything…"


You suck at limbo it seems
After a few rounds you give up
"When that day comes… don't mourn me…
…avenge me."
"He seems a bit torn these days. And keeps a lot to himself. He seems to have big plans."


I sigh

"I've been feeling a little… troubled lately. But I didn't come here to wail and complain. Just wanted to see if you're doing alright and if there is anything I can do."


"But… If somepony can take on you, what chance will I ever have?"


"Why. Did you. Not. Stop? Hmmm?"


I giggle a bit, it was a decent joke. "Ite' let me try one.. When does the sun rise but not shine? … When its sun shyness, ha!" I pause to let him laugh. "Now.. uh.. when are ya'll from Chesta?


"He should have big plans! He's going to be King one day, won't he? I'll tell you, I can see that he will accomplish great deeds in his life!"


Ah well, I got what I came here for.
Time to bid the party farewell!
I leave and head to… the gardens! Yeah! That's a great place to study.
Read on my way there.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Not much for me. I have my own… preparations to attend to."
"You have youth. That means you have time. Time to train. To prepare."
She backs off with a sorry smile on her face
"C-cause I really like seeing you all red?"
She swallows and laugh a little
"I fink I had me legs back when that fellow Discord was hanging about. Marvelous lad that one. Had me in stitches he did. From laugher mind you, not maimin' or anyfin'."
"I just wish he'd pay more attention to me"
[—and then I kicked the storm with my ENERGY LEGS—]
This book is fucking awesome
Nylis and Winterbreeze are in the garden


"Oh, my apologies for interrupting you then! If I may be so bold as to ask, preparations for what?"


"Oh really? You like seeing me like that when we're in publick!? Hey why dont' I do that next time Sunrise or the Prince is here!"
use magic to repeat what she did to me

Roll #0 7 = 7


Eh, best leave them be.
I try to find some place quiet and continue reading. This is awesome!
…but when's he gonna start talking about how to do the spell?

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Plase just… Let's forget about training until tomorrow. Let's leave all those if outside, our lives have been miserable enough already.
Let's enjoy what we have."


"Have you tried talking about it with him? Maybe he'll have some spare time for you, but you also need to realise that he is the Prince, a future leader, he needs to train his body and mind. The thought that the Kingdom might be more important than his special somepony is a burden you will need to accept and embrace."


"Discord?" I sound surprised. "Isn't he that monster that ran around in Equestria?"


"To see my husband again…"
Her legs go all weak and wobbly
"H-HEY! Nhh… Telebutt please!"
You'll learn the spell after the next timeskip
She starts humming a soft song
"Yeah I guess… I just kinda miss how fiery he used to be with me"


Listen to her. Someday, I'll learn the words of that song…

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Ohhh no! you didn't stop when I asked you to, why should I stop for you?"
keep going, lets make her squeak

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Ye! And a hoot he was. Made the rain into blueberry jam one day. So I say ta him AYO DISC JOCKEY! TOSS ME SOME TOAST WONCHA. And BOOM. He turned my tail inta toast! So course I are it. Damn I tasted good."


"I'm… I'm not sure I follow your highness? Which preparations do you need to go see King Goldenblo- Oh… OH!"

I take a few steps back

"You're referring to…"

I look around to check if nopony else is listening, then continue in a hushed tone

"To King Deep Rock?"


It dawns on you what those words mean.
It is the song of a mother who knows she will die soon, and only wants to see her child grow to be happy.
She falls on the ground


I chuckle.
"And can't you think of anything to pour some oil on that old fire? Maybe surprise him with a present of some sort? Can you cook, for example? Or craft?"


Works for me!
I wonder what Guine-
…are those two really going at right here and now
…try to watch undetected

Roll #0 1 = 1


"But why? Why now? For what purpose? You're not going alone are you?"


Oh gee, thanks Shadow Song, I just found you and you already plan for your death.
Well fuck you.
I will study necromancy and bring you back, if you dare to die before it's time.
But for now, just…
Yeah sing with her.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"because you did not listen to me."
alright yea soften up on that twisting thing BUT DON'T LET UP ON HER

Roll #0 3 = 3


wait no that's not what I mean

Roll #0 9 = 9


I tilt my head a bit. "Turning things into toast? I dunno about that, sounds a little odd.."


Oh man look at that vag. She's all wet.
You can't help but join in on the fun.
Just staying here and helping yourself instead of rushing out to them: DC6
"Well ah can dance a little. And sell stuff."
"Of course not. He deserves to see his son too."
She stops the humming and sighs, then hugs you harder, tears flowing down her cheeks
"Please… don't."
She kicks and twitches as you keep her in the painful twist but keep massaging and moving her other parts around with slow, pulsing pulls
"Hey I aint complainin'! Toast is delicious!"


"Alright… I'm not sure how to feel about this but alright… When? When would this happen? And are you sure it would be safe to do that? After the whole assassin business and all…"


"I…" Just hug her back.
d1 for the hug, d2 to hold back the tears.
Okay, who's hungry? I'm hungry!
"So, I'm gonna find you here from now on? No more disappearing without telling me?"

Roll #0 10, 3 = 13


Pls no
She's a friend! A- And she's already in a relationship and I doubt it's an open one!

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Mhm, then why don't you dance for him? Come up with some coreography, and then tell him that you miss him? Show him that you care, but at the same time, you want him to pay attention to you too, to spend the little free time he has with you!"


alright lets just focus on getting her off then, kiss her deeply whilst doing so

Roll #0 4 = 4


"When the time is right in my heart. And when my son is ready.
…I fear it may not be too long from now"
"…no. I'll be here dear… mommy will be here… for you… please don't cry… shh…"
Reason enough to keep hidden
"Not a bad plan! Quite a brave one from someone like you too! I didn't think you were that kinda pony! Well, appearances can be deceiving I guess."
She is getting really mixes messages from the pleasure and pain.
Rolling not to get a pain fetish



Roll #1 6 = 6


Nah she isn't into that.
But she is beating her hoof on the ground now
"Telebutt! Pleeeeease! Just finish it! Stop this!"


I tilt my head quizically.
"Say what now?"


She wings her eye at you
"I gotcha. Well, thanks for the protecting! I got dance moves to practice!"


I kind of roll my eyes at this crazy skull. "Well, ya'll don't just chat up anypony like this right?" I put my hoof up to chin. "Dat mus mean, I'm on my way to necromancy!" I put up the skull and hug it. "Ha, I bet ya'll would like a nice song.Lets see if we can get a band!" I try to awaken some other skeletons to join in the fun. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


aww come on RNG just once, a 10 on this. pls RNG. pls

finish her off

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Hm… I can't say I'm not worried but… Oh to hell with it. If you need anything, anything at all, just ask, your Grace. I'm here to serve."

I bow and take my leave, then go find Anvil


I- I try to teleport and find Guinevere!
Please not be doing something or be busy…

Roll #0 4 = 4


Okay, time to clear myself up.
"I'm not really gonna call you that around ponies…"
But stay low and wait.
I got plenty of time, after all.
What time it is ingame?


"Wow. This DEAD AIR sure is awkward!"
She suddenly opens her eyes, eeps and vanishes from sight, reappearing– lets see
He is making his bed
"Hey dear!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Uh, bye!"
I wave at her.

Rolling to see if I realise what she meant.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Maybe I should just wait for Shadow to come show me herself.." I drop my ears a bit and wait.


Walk up to him and give him a nice and lovely kiss



Winterbreeze lands in a bush, all shaken and sighing
"I never thought terror and pain could equal to such a strong… oh my…"
She was in costume, doing some lines, when you warp into her room, claws coated in love goo
"Well. That was… yeah. But I need to attend to Kilana."
Shadow Song climbs down
Her eyes are covered by her hood
"Welcome. I see you've met Chester."
He smiles at you
"So what has my favourite pony been up to today?"


run over and help her up
"So are you finished with excursions in public? or do you want to keep this up?"
kiss her on th cheek and then lead her to her room
that's it for me. I might be back, I might not. But later for now


"Right… I promised Bearing I'd spend the night with her. What with making her worry and all…
Have fun with her, she's a true zigga…
Yeah, I will be leaving, uh?"
Make my way to bearing.
"Hey zigga! Sorry no time to chat, will catch you tomorrow!"


"A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Mostly not the best of days, but what can you do right?"


Walk around some more now.
Maybe find something interesting
Like Protective Bubble

Roll #1 3 = 3


"You know what Telebutt? I think I kinda like it."
Enjoy the night
She is in your room with some warm food
"Happens to the best of us. So, anything on your mind?"


Sorry for dying
I;ll just wait for Longchanks to continue


Well Venia knows that one
And she is with her husbando
So your call on disturbing her


Nah, find something else.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Nothing I'll bother you with tonight. I was hoping we could do other… things."

I smile at him sheepishly


He warps you and himself to his personal quarters, then feels out and summons Nimbus as well
"Good day my liege. And… guest?"
"This is Verne from Wintersgrasp, Nimbus. He has come to study our discoveries."
You might want to go wish the sun a good night. It is setting.
There is a nice place for that on a balcony nearby
"Oh? Oh~ Well, of course we can. Indeed I'd love to~"


Slowly walk towards her and give her a gentle nuzzle along the neck.
"Is it the fresh hay or you are smelling delicious tonight?"

Roll #0 8 = 8


"I- um, hi?"
Wipe the, um, goo off on my coat.


I jump on his neatly made bed

"Did we spar today? Whatever are we going to do without a clear winner~?"


Take a place on that balcony.
Watch how beautiful it is.


"Greetings. Indeed, i am a guest of Rockeye who has come to learn more about your amazing capability for building magical marvels, and I have heard that you are one of the brains behind the implementation of the Mass Teleport relay. I hope you do not mind if I ask you a few questions.

What made you decide to work on such a grand project that could vastly change the fortune of Rockeye, if not the whole North?"

Gauge his reaction.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Bit of both I guess~ How could I be of service?"
She looks at you
"…do you need some assistance with that or?"
"Maybe we need to hold a tiebreaker~"
"O ho! You praise the sun too?"
Looks like someone else was on the balcony too
He pauses for a moment, as to think of his wording
"It was a great honour to work on such a project. It advanced the knowledge of ponykind as a whole on the workings of magic."


I grin

"I do hope you wont be holding back on me in this upcoming battle."


I look around, trying to see the source.
"uh, yeah, I have been praising it ever since…uh…"

Damned amnesia…

"ever… Am I not the only one?"


"You know… maybe holding back is exactly what determines the winner~"


"No no, that's my line…"
Make her sit down on the table and give her a massage using my wings!

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"It is just rare to see anyone do the motions as well. I am Celaire, a warrior of the sun. Mind if I join you?"
"~your wings feel so nice~"
man she loves those things


I snort and punch his elbow softly

"Well then, what are you waiting for? Scared you can't handle a mare?"


"Huh? You want a fight? Oh… well ok. That works for me too."


"I see. A noble answer, and a reason I have admired mages."

Your majesty, is there any conceivable way someone may defend themselves from that same spell you cast ion me without you noticing that they are hiding something? If so, I will continue to try prying him loose, but if not, please proceed to do the same to check his allegiance.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"…that would be very much appreciated, yes."


I facehoof and grab him with my TK, dragging him on top of me on the bed



"I missed this.
Spending a night with you, without bruises or gaping cuts…"
Okay time to taste it. How good is her cooking?

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"I am Radiant Dawn, Paladin of the Sun, and you are more than welcome to join!"

I smile at him and start to pray.


"Straight to business then? Well, I'm fine with that. Anything special you'd like?"
She poured her heart into it
Keep him distracted. Once his mind loosens up I can make my move
"Well I don't wish to brag. I do what I do for the benefit of all ponies. And I dare say this relay is my greatest work yet!"
"Right. Let me just take the costume off. It stains easily."
Her disrobing is really helping set the mood here.
"A paladin? That must mean you have strong hooves as well as a strong heart. How very lovely."
he does the pose as well and mutters a small prayer


I lick my lips

"What's the chef's recommendation?"


"Well I was hoping to play a little game first but if the lady wants it straight up…"


"Hah, I am sure anyone would be proud. The implications of this alone would be revolutionary to the entire world! Imagine, sometime in the future, textbooks will talk about the amazing Mass Teleport relay, and the team of ponies who made it, not least of all your name there! Personally, I've always been interested in Illusion magic, but this is on a whole other level…"

Rolling to be Entertaining

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Oh? Now you got me interested. What kind of game?"


I blush sheepishly.
"Why, thank you…so where do you go to pray? Just here? I was at the Chapel earlier today but that didn't seem too grand…"


Okay. Time to try something out.



"If you seek to mock me, fool, you have failed miserably. I bet you don't even understand the relay. You're just some pathetic yes-pony sent here to nod your empty head and reap the rewards of your brown nosing!"
"Perhaps it could be called a game of endurance…"
"Indeed. The chapel is run by that old fool. He has forsaken the sun for his made up god and I do not feel at home there. Where the sun shines, my chapel lies."
"Huh? Dear? W-where did you go?"


I chuckle

"Alright, now you peeked my interest. Spill the beans, what's your dirty little plan hmmm~?"


See the food wasn't bad.
Now, I oughta try the dessert.

Yeah, a lick oughta do. On the sides, let's tease her first.

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"Ahem. Please excuse me town, I may have a cold. But no, this is genuine admiration. Mages such as yourself are the Unsung Heroes of society, and it personally pains me that most are not given the recognition deserved.


Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


I giggle.
"That was poetic… I was never good with words myself. I only know how to show my gratitude towards the Sun, but that is all I know…and all I need too."


he scoots back a little
"Well since we failed to finish off our duel earlier, what about we see who can finish the other one off faster now~"
"Yaa! Oh t-there you are~ Yeah… keep… k-keep going you tease~"
He smiles smugly
"That much is true. All is forgiven. Now, what else can this hero of the world teach you?"
"A heart full of devotion is always better than empty words. But I always was compelled to speak of the sun and it's virtues. How it is to me like a magnificent father."


"Goodness, you are willing to teach me magic? That is very flattering. In that case.. I would like to learn the spell known as Mirror Image. Such has always fascinated me, and I imagine its applications are near infinite."


I laugh

"Alright, that sure is creative. Why don't you start out then? See what you got?"


What? Do I hear a request for more teasing?
More teasing coming right up.
And just as I move close…
"Okay that's it, I'm going for a walk!"

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


"A Father?"
I tilt my head at him.

That's…no…that's wrong.. I… why do I feel…
I blurt out "I think it's more of a mother. Caring, kind and loving, yet scornful and powerful if need be."


"Mirror image? Pha. Childish foolery. BEHOLD! THE DOPPELGANGER SPELL!"
She splits into two, both speaking in unison
"This is the true potential of that spell! A truly physical copy, capable of freely interacting with the world!"
"Well it is only fair we start at the same time, don't you agree?"
He looks at his marshmallowy hooves and frowns
"…can I use my wings if I let you use magic?"
Her eyes widen and she reaches out, desperately grinding herself on the bed
"Wha- NO! Get back here! I neeeeed moooooore!"
"Not a bad interpretation either, I guess, even if I do not share your view."


Aww. Yeah.
Approach her as soon as she disrobes and nuzzle her, grabbing her rear.
And let the games begin~
Sorry for the late response. Something came up, gotta go! Seeya!

Roll #0 6 = 6


I chuckle.
"But hey, the Sun is still the Sun, right? However we look at it, it will still remain Glorious!"


I cock an eyebrow

"Creativity? I like it! Let's do this then, I'm all yours~"


"Brilliant! Absolutely wonderful! Yes, if I could learn something of this nature, it would go a long way… but first, the basics. Like most unicorns I have yet to cast anything more than simple telekinesis spells. How would I create a Mirror Iamge, first of all?"


"Now now, what ever shall we do?"
Tap an hoof to my chin.
"There is something I want to show you. Outside."


Enjoy your off screen griffon sex
"That is a sentiment I can truly agree to. I believe we share much, you and I."
He turns around and unfolds his wings
"Ok. Just lemme get a feel for you here~
Start whenever you're ready. Last pony standing wins!"
He reaches out with his wings, caressing you and poking around until he finds a confident starting position.
Man those things are far more dextrous than hooves~
"Mirror Images, and by extension doppelgangers, rely on channeling magic into a perceived alternative self. The first step is to visualize yourself aside yourself, then focus on that other self and manifest it via magical means."
"O-outside? B-but… but I'm all… you want me to put something on or? Uh… oh… my…."

Roll #1 3 = 3


I frown but don't say anything, instead starting to get a feel on things using my magic.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"I see…"

Do as he says. Focus on imagining an image of myself, then focus it into my horn and use magic to manifest it.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Seems like it, yes."

I turn to him and smile.
"Say, would you want to pray with me tomorrow morning when the Sun rises? Praying is always much more powerful if you do it with someone who shares your faith!"


He tenses up notably as you grab hold of his glorious man lance with your magic
"O-off to a good start I see. Lets see how I fare! Ready… set… go!"
Nothing happens at all
"Ok let me give you a tip - You know when making a hard decision you sometimes talk to yourself? An inner dialogue? Try that, and imagine the other side of the conversation as another you. THEN cast."
"I would love to. Same place?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Don't be silly, of course I want you to put something on! It's freezing out there!"


I chuckle.
"Shouldn't be an eastern balcony better for watching the Sun rise?"


"O-oh… Ooooh~ T-that's… Mmm~… Yes"

Return the favor

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Alright. Let's try.."

Verne, to choose that dress or another dress?
Hmm, this one has some pretty frills, but that pink on the other makes it so much cuter~

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Actually, I'd prefer the cliffs. It's nice to get away from the castle at times."
He bites his lip and focuses
"I-I'm not beaten yet!"
He brings in the second wing as well! That way he has more than enough wingers to keep massaging you inside and out.
Nimbus looks a bit worried
"I'm not sure you're doing it quite right… Try again."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"O-o-oh g-gods… I never knew… those w-wings~…"

Keep it up!

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Oh, that certainly sounds charming, but I'm afraid I'm not very familiar with the surroundings… I would just get lost in the cold."


"Tch… excuse me. Losing my leg may have taken a toll on my mental faculties…"

Verne, what is most important to you? The prince, the Kingdom or Venus?
I.. I need time to judge.

Roll #0 2 = 2



Roll #0 3 = 3


"There is no romance left in ponykind!"
That's low, really really low!
But I have a duty, and my honor shall not be tainted by such a small matter!
Pop beside her, on the bed.
"So, what was that about needing me and all?"
Tease her with my hooves.

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


I give Shadow Song a respectful bow. "Yes, I have met with Chester. He's quite the funny bone that one." I rise and try to meet her eye level. "Where do we begin?"


"A-admit it! You're getting close! I can hear it!"
He thinks for a while, then snickers
"So I heard this nice term the kids toss around… flicking the bean. hows about I flick your bean huh?"
He gives it a little flick with his wingers
"Well meet me at the gates before sunrise then?"
Nimbus and Longshanks are speechless.
Oh man.
It's like washing your hooves in a lake back here.
"Nh… C-can you p-please… l-let me… a-at least taste it a little?"
"You already have. Communing is the art of speaking to the dead. Most often, you need the body to speak to it."

Roll #1 5 = 5


I grit my teeth

"N-no, not… A-aaah~ y-yet!"

Roll #0 6 = 6


I nod.
"Rigth, that sounds reasonable enough!…uh…which gates? There are more than one…"


"I'm not that cruel…"
Do better. 69 it up.

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


My eyes brighten at the compliment, and then turn to concern. "What if.. there isn't a body left?"


"When I was unable to visualise the self accurately enough, I decided to experiential with different images. You can see the result here."


Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


"F-fine! Take THIS!"
He puts a winger in your butt! A special move!
>He has scored 23 before this
>You have 24
We should have established a limit beforehand
"I'll be at the castle main gates"
Try not to drown mate it's like diving into a stormy ocean with all the sudden movements and liquid down here.
She absolutely gobbles you up, sucking on it like a starving baby on her mother.
"Thin things get complex. But sometimes a powerful personal item can be enough."
Nobody is buying it
But that's just the opening Longshanks needed.
After a short burst of magic he lifts Nimbus up with telekinesis
"What a clever bastard this one is. He used his real name, thinking everyone would expect him to use a fake one!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I'll meet you there then!"

I smile at him enthusiastically, then wave goodby and head to the barracks.
Sleep now, night.


"Gahaha, just as planed with that display bluff '1d10+2'. He may have more subordinates working under him, be careful!"

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Try not to drown. Also, fade to black and cuddle afterwards because I'm so tired I know I will regret most of the things I've written today.

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


I flash a devilish smile as I use my TK to pull the same trick on his butt while maintaining action on his party parts

"E-eye for a-aaah~ eye~"

Roll #0 3 = 3


Oh god the horror.

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


I nod, "ite' so, my staff will probably work.." I confidently tap it on the ground. "So, what should I do next?"


"I have their names. The guards are on their way to grab them. My only regret is I did not see this in time to stop his other objective"'
You nearly choke to death on her cunt but she saves you with CPR.
Good night.
"Gah… ok this butt stuff ain't for m-me! But I bet you'll love THIS!"
We're playing to 40
Unyielding 30
Venia 27
"Feel the flow of souls. Often the departed linger. And those who do not, can still sometimes be reached in their resting place of Tambelon"

Roll #1 6 = 6


I nod and give it a try. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7



I snicker and keep going

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Curses. Is there damage already done? What have they managed to accomplish? I do hope that cost of my dignity was enough for you to extract as much as you could."


[Hello this is Prima Donna's pre-recorded message. Please try again when Nopony is playing. Thanks.]
He shoves his wingers in wildly.
Unyielding: 36
Venia: 28
If he rolls over 4 you lose baby
"His research was genuine. But he did not do it for us. He was in constant contact with Canterlot… they have a relay now as well. But, we still stopped him from sabotaging our relay. And from killing me. You have my gratitude, Verne, and the gratitude of all Rockeye."

Roll #1 8 = 8


Hm, she's probably spending time with her family. "So, what should I call myself when I'm training with you?"


"Nggh! I see. Our only option now will be to continue to work on technology to outpace them. Perhaps teleport jammers, if such a thing is possible…

Then will Rockeye join hooves with Wintergrasp in the coming times of strife? That is this envoy's, and the whole of Wintergrasp's wish."


At least try to make sure my moans aren't to loud here

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Kilana? I wasn't expecting to give you a new name just because you study under me"
"You have our blades when the time comes. For now, feel free to visit anything you want in my kingdom. Take this royal seal as well. It will give you credit at the stores. We can return you to Wintersgrasp once you are done."
Like hell they aren't
Good thing nopony was sleeping yet.
At least Unyielding looks very proud of himself


I wipe my forehead of sweat and crawl from under him or whatever position were in

"O-okay. Wings are definitely nice… a-and dexterous… Gods that felt good."

I give him a kiss on the cheek

"But you're not finished yet are you~?"


"I thank your Majesty, sincerely. Is there anywhere here that offers quick magic training? I truly did wish to learn Mirror Image. I also need to find a appropriate replacement of some sort for my leg, a teleporting accident on the way here had it removed not too long ago."


"Oh, right." I look down, a bit embarrassed. "Should I practice on something else? Prima doesn't want to be reached just yet."


"Nope. Not quite. And you sure were fond of my butt there. Were you trying to hint at something dear?"
"There is a proprietor of prosthetics in town. Teleport accidents are not uncommon so he has made good coin. Look up Tall Stride' store.
As for mage training, I can teach you myself."


"Well I have bones lying around if you need them. Or we can go kill someone."
She gives a hollow laugh


Roll my eyes with a little grin

"Oh not like you weren't the one who started it~. Butt alright, I think you deserve a reward, I'm all yours~"


"! I-Your kindness is very appreciated, your Majesty. I have always viewed magic as a means of probing beyond the constraints put on us by the universe, with the ultimate goal to break them and render us mortals above all, I lament that I had no opportunity to learn in my youth. I am ready when your Majesty is."


I giggle nervously. "Yea.. Dat's one way.." I try communing with another skeleton. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Butt it is then. Lets hope this doesn't hurt…"
He moistens your upstairs up and j-j-JAMS IT IN
lets see if it was as good as he expected
"Please. Deal with the leg first. Laying on that serving tray must not feel too dignified."
"Oh? Oh! Good evening. You're new aren't you?"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Ya- hey, what do ya mean new?!" I look slightly offended. "Who are you?"


Yeah, it's pretty much like he heard it was.
"You ok down there?"



Roll #0 3 = 3


"Merrygold. I mean new as in a new face. I mostly just talk to the shadow here."



"I had to see your Majesty immediately upon receiving first aid, a lost limb must not stop me from serving the interests of our nations, and the information I had was vital. But now that we are in the clear… thank you very much, again. May I return as soon as I have obtained a replacement? Or whenever your majesty is free."

Leave and go find Venus once he responds, then go to the shops.


"I'll take that as a no. Want me to stop?"
"Return once you feel rested and ready."
Venus is waiting outside


"Good evening Merrygold, So, ya'll spirits talk to each other, and just stay in this room?" I look between Shadow Song and Merrygold. For confirmation. "You're stuck here because its where your body is?"


I nod

"Yeah… this is a little too much, sorry."

BUT! If he does stop I will go down on him and finish him off like a proper lady, after cleaning his parts of course.

Roll #0 1 = 1


Give as reassuring a grin the best I can to Venus. '1d10'

"Hah.. all clear. Now we're going to need a replacement for this leg before King Longshanks teaches me magic. I will need my personal guard to accompany me, of course."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Mostly yes. I kinda like the skull so when someone talks I get up to talk back. Afterlife kinda sucks and all, its fun to take my mind off it."
You are not very good at cleaning I guess.
But he does appreciate the efforts, instinctively grabbing you and shoving it in deeper into your throat before emptying himself inside you and falling on his back with a satisfied grunt.
She looks heartbroken
"I… I don't think I can ever forgive myself for this…"


Crawl on top of him and rest my head on his chest

"You alright dear?"

All I want to do now is talk to Shadow song, timeskip to the next day maybe?


"Yeah. Butts are fun."


Do my best to hold her reassuringly.

"It is not in my place to decide what you think for you. But the fact is that this is done, and none our our sorrow can do anything about it. The only thing left to do is repair the damage as much as we can, learn from it and move on. I need you. So don't think of yourself like this. Alright?"

"I'll say it again. Venus, I need you."


Right, let's go to that south tower and see how she's faring in her new home


She has a ton of bones around the place
"Oh, hello Venia."
"…and I need you…"


"Uh… hello. I see you're decorating the place a little… how lovely."

Inspect the area how is it looking?

"Are you acclimatizing to your new home yet?"

Roll #0 9 = 9


Well, Lets give communing a few more tries so I can learn it properly."Well, lets see if we can get these other bones talking as well, then ya won't be lonely," '1d10', 'r2 1d10' rolling three times so I can lay down for the night, see you tomorrow.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 10 = 10



"Then we understand each other. While we're here, why not we try adding magic to your skills? My personal guard cannot rely on force alone to defend me… We can make this all better tonight, anyway~

Go off to Tall Stride's.


She has put up some bone fetishes, and several trophies and keepsakes. Must be from her old adventures.
The Lordblade outfit even has a rack for it now.
"Just a few things to remind me of the past is all. So, what is it you needed?"
Good night
[Tall Stride's Peg Emporium - Whatever you lost, we got a replacement]
Tall Stride himself greets you. He has two peg legs and a peg horn.
"Hello hello and welcome welcome! Lost a leg I see?"


"Just checking up on you and seeing how you're doing. We… We didn't exactly leave on good terms last time, you seemed upset."


"I'm going through some rough times… I suppose it is only polite to say I'm sorry, Venia."


"Yes, proprietor. What do you have available? Preferably something that can disguise my missing leg perfectly."


"Oh no no, don't worry. I'm not holding it against you or anything. I guess I just wanted to make sure you hadn't lost it completely. Did everything work out fine between you and Pumpkin?"


"Perfectly? Oh I got that. Will cost you though. They are hard to make. Let me take some measurements."
He gets a measuring tape and some dyes
"Very well… I dare say better than I dared hope…"


"I have here a royal seal that should give me sufficient credit for the best you can do. Please, take your time."


I smile warmly at her

"That's… Well that's great to hear. Oh I'm very glad. Look I spoke to Snowflake yesterday and she mentioned something about going to Ironfoe… I don't suppose you know something more about that, hmmm?"


"Right right… well, the king's credit is always good for me. Ok. I got the height and coat colour… lets see if I have any good cores to use…"
He goes into his storage to look
"I do. What of it?"


"Well explain! What's the plan? It's your grand scheme after all."


"Please do what you can."

Look at Venus while we're waiting


"If I tell you, there will be no turning back for you…"
She is shifting around and avoiding eye contact.
She must still feel awful.


"What do you mean? I've been here for almost two decades, I'm pretty sure I passed the turning point a long time ago."


Smile at her while waiting, hope she sees me.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


"So be it then. The queen and prince will return to Ironfoe. They will confront Deep Rock, and ask him to stand down. If he does, Frostmourn will take the crown as his heir. If he does not, I will be there to ensure he will get the crown regardless…"
She comes closer
"…I'll do everything to make it up to you…"


"Ah… And Queen Snowflake knows about this plan B you mentioned? And is Frostmourn truly ready for this already?"


"Then, please feel better. And keep doing what you've always have. I really could use a personal guard… maybe one who knows magic. Imagine how anyone could get past that! Hahahaha…"

"I'd like it if you took your turn as a pretty mare a little more, too~"


"She does. And he is not. Neither is she. But there is no denying it. King Goldenblood will not last forever. And she has deep regrets for what she did to Deep Rock all those years ago. She wants to make amends."
"Yes. I will devote time to studying magic, if you so wish of me.
And ok. I can start tonight~"


I nod

"I can see why, yes… Do you want me there too? By Frostmourn's side?"


"Remember, I'm not forcing you! I know very little about combat, your style should suit yourself. I feel using magic to augment your skills will be helpful, but if you feel otherwise, then do as you need. I need a good guard who can protect me and I can cuddle with, after all."

Is that shopkeeper done yet?


"You had best ask him in person. That is not my call to make."
She smiles sheepishly
The shopkeeper returns with a leg and a fake coat sock
"This should do. Made to your height, and the sock should match your coat. You'll learn to walk with is pretty quick."


"Thank you very much."

We'll return to King Longhshanks when DM is not ded






So we all got a little drunk
It all got a little crazy
But why pretend that's about to change any time soon

We north on



Let's take Venus with me to see Mage-King Longshanks.


Let's say I wake up.
Where am I?


Longshanks is waiting for you in his throne room
"Welcome back, Verne of Wintersgrasp. I see you acquired a replacement leg"


"Well alright… So is there anything you want? Anything you need? Anything I can help you with?"


"Yes, I have been attended to very well. Thank you once again. Shall we begin? To reiterate, I wish to learn the spell 'Mirror Image, or perhaps even Doppelganger like the Lordlbade displayed."


You are in bed.
Bearing is at your side
"There is simply one thing I need to know. Are you ready to give it all for him? For the future king?"
"Certainly. He explained the technical side rather well, so how can I help you furthen your learning?"


"Guide me as I attempt to replicate the spell. Here goes…"

Roll #0 9 = 9


Damnit mare, you are too impatient.
Okay slip out of bed silently, Escape Artist style!
Then, go to the cafeteria and grab a bite.
Anything happening today?


Read the bookbefore the change.

Roll #0 7 = 7


I nod solemnly

"I've stowed away all my past plans and ambitions already. I AM giving it my all."


As you begin to manifest your doppelganger, the king powers up his own horn, reinforcing the construct's stability. This allows you a split second to breathe and focus - just enough to finish the copy.
It looks at you curiously, then salutes.
"Well done, Verne of Wintersgrasp."
Classes are rolling again.
Frostmourn is walking about as well
"Good morning Pumpkin, are you coming to listen to Manifest Destiny's lesson on the Northlands today?"
"Good. Because the night is always darkest before the break of dawn. And by that I mean we may need to spill much blood before the banner of the North United flies over these lands."


"It's do or die. As much as it pains me, we do what we must to survive. Let's just hope the amount of innocent victims stays at a minimum…"


"Thank you very much for your assistance, your Majesty. But.. is it possible for one of my level to perform the same feat of Doppelganger as the Lordblade did?"


"Seriously Frosty? I will fall asleep in the middle of the class…
But yeah, sure, not like I have anything better to do.
Bearing exhausted me yesterday, after hours of training that girl can be really… Draining."
Trot over to class.


"You know it will not. At best we can hope a few of the kings agree to bow down. Many others will not. Plans for war must be made."
"It is more or less the same spell, but requires a stronger construct. An unskilled caster can easily exhaust himself in the attempt. I can do nothing but tell you to train. Hard."
"You should stay wide awake. Those classes are about your future, Northblade."


"Is total war really worth it? It costs us resources and lives that could be used against the Equestrians…"


"Understood, your Majesty."

Turn to Venus.
"Incidentally… if you really are interested in magic… want to try being fitted for a catalyst?"


"Frosty, I'm no northblade until my lord says s…"
What was that again?
Stop dead on the spot.
"Wait you mean I… And the thing… And all that…"


"Unless all the Northlands are united under a single king and banner, Equestria will simply pick us off one at a time. With nothing more than formal alliances and ceasefires keeping us together, most nations will not send their soldiers to die to save another. We will become insular and weak, and fall to their superior force… But if we are united - then, we can stand a chance. An empire against an empire."
Venus looks surprised
"uh.. yes, sure?"
The king nods
"We have a specialist for that. Visit the Swish Siblings' Store in town."
"A time will come when you will carry that title as my shadow. And I must be sure when that day comes, you know what you are doing. A sharp blade and a cunning mind are only so good. You must understand why your targets are who they are. Now come. The lesson is in the chapel.
Go see if any of the others want to join, then meet me there."


Fly off to find the others!

Roll #0 6 = 6


I sigh and rub my head

"I am not looking forward to this… But yet… You're right. Like you told me before, fight fire with fire. May the Sun and Moon watch over us all."


"I see. Then, this envoy and entourage request to be dismissed. I believe we will be returning to Wintergrasp within the next few days, if not tomorrow. Once again, we are very grateful. If we may make more requests… will Rockeye lend aid to Wintergrasp in the form of samples of your technology?"


Its a new day, and a good day. Lets go to class for a while.


Valnia is there >>195195
Kilana is here >>195216
And Venia is here >>195213

"May they indeed. Make your heart ready. For in a few years, these days of leisure an decadence will seem like far off dreams."
"You are dismissed. Speak to me again when you are ready to leave, and I will have something for you to take as a token of good will."


"Thank you, Mage-King Longshanks of Rockeye."

Bow and leave the room, then talk to Venus.

"Now, that was something, wasn't it? Wanna see again?"

Cast Mirror Image.

Roll #0 1 = 1


I crack a smile

"You sure know how to make a mare feel happy Shadow. I should leave you be, I don't want to be a bother."


Drop on her from stealth
"Lesson in the Chapel, now."
Again, appear in front of her!
"Chapel, lesson, now."
Rejoin Frosty in front of the chapel.
"Yeah, they should be coming."


What a pretty mare it is.
Just look at those lusty eyes~
"You are free to leave. Mind the exit, it can be a bit tight. I should probably make a bigger one for you."
"Well done my friend and shadow. Manifest Destiny is waiting for us when we are ready"


"…ite" I head over to the Chapel.


"Are you saying my ass is fat?"

Take my leave and fiiiiind… um…. Sunrise maybe? If she's not in class that is.


"H-huh! Looks like I can alter the mirror image to suit my needs, after all! Convenient, isn't it?" Bluff

"Anyways, Venus, what do you want to do now? We've got the whole place to tour, and I've done what I need to."

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


"All in a day's work, Frosty!"
Make my way inside once the others are here.


"I'm saying I designed that entrance to be hard to use for anyone less flexible than myself, is all."
She is sleeping…
The room has some clues pointing to a wild night.
"Well you wanted to get me a catalyst?"
meanwhile your mirror image is busily dancing around a lamp post like it was a stripper pole
"Hello Kilana. Did you get anyone else, Pumpkin?"


O-kay, let's not disturb the poor thing then.

I guess I could go to the library


"What kind of lesson are we having here?" I sleepily gaze around the chapel for some kind of clues about the lesson. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Dismiss the mirror image. '1d10'

"Well, I dunno. It's up to you if you want one, if you're interested at all in magic, I know I am, but.. hmm. We can go, but only if you like."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Well I told Valnia to join us, but Nylis is probably rutting with her marefriend in her room, Verne is in Rockeye, Corn is nowhere to be found, and frankly there were no traces of the others!"


On your way, you notice a bunch of the kids are headed to the chapel
"History and politics of the Northlands"
The image resists!
"Guess this is enough then"

Roll #1 5 = 5


It fails to resist your command and vanishes
Venus thinks
"…wanna go shopping?"


"Hmm? Yeah, sure? What do you have in mind? To be honest, I've always wanted to see catalyst creation and maybe I want to see what magic tools they have here, we'll see…"



"ite', let me pull out my quill and stuff then." I do that and pull out a book or something to write on if there aren't any desks.


Hmmm, probably on their way to that peculiar Manifest for class.

Oh what the heck, let's follow them in. Not like I have much to do anyway.


Off we go!


The city is much more lavish and fancy than Wintersgrasp.
There are dozens of shops here, from fine clothing to magical tools and traditional crafts and food.
Venus looks all starry eyed
"Oh Verne can we just not go back? This place is so pretty~"
Manifest looks at you all
"Hm? Quite a turnup today, prince."
"They should all know."
"I agree in full. Take a seat everyone. Today I will go over an overview of the Northlands, their histories, and their notable assets.
Before we begin, does anyone here already know something of the subject matter? I might as well not repeat things you already know."


I go to class.


"Call me blank here prof."
flutter over to a seat.


Lean against a wall and observe quietly


"Gaaah~ I know how you feel, so let's just take our time here before we go back, okay?"

Let's see those magical tools.


I stare blankly. "I don't remember."


So I should be… 'finishing up' about now, right?


"Well, I guess I'll begin from the closest to home then. Our neighbor and ancestral rival, Ironfoe.
Founded around the same time as Wintersgrasp, old kings Ironfoe and Wintersgrasp were bitter enemies, and competed over the same lands. Ultimately their battles led to the mountain range between our kingdoms becoming a border, but the battles never stopped until King Goldenblood established a truce.
Castle Ironfoe was dug into the side of a mountain, and in their work, they pierced the heart of the earth, building a mighty forge over this boiling pit. With it, they could create the finest steel in the north, and developed a strong culture of smithing. They also are seen as the first to develop the art of golem crafting - of making living statues."
Wow that took all night?
Damn girl.
Guinevere must be exhausted
"Well that was quite something and other. I think it's morning already"


[Swish & Swish - Classic Catalysts with Class]
The store is quite big, with amulets, wands, staves and carved icons lining the racks and shelves


Take notes.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"That it was… let's just say I had reason to be excited, eh?"
I giggle and nuzzle her.


I pay attention and take some notes on this.


I take notes.

Roll #0 9 = 9


I nod absentmindedly


"Interesting, interesting… I have a few associates that might be interested in the wares here. How about you, Venus?"

Look for spellcasting tools. Maybe a stabiliser for Nylis, or uh, something for Miss Veia. 'r2 1d10' / Roll #2 2 = 2


Rolling for Nylis

Roll #0 9 = 9


I'm not late to meeting Celaire, am I?


"Do you have something to add, lady Venia?"
"Next up is our possibly closest ally at this time, Rockeye. Currently ruled by Longshanks, son of the former king's Archmage, it has shaped itself into a haven of research and magic. Sixty years ago the mage collage there lead a rebellion that saw the king dethroned and the archmage made into the new mage-king. Since then, he and his son have worked to expand their understanding of magic, inviting scholars and spellworkers from around the world to study there. Indeed we sent your friend, Verne, there to establish further relations.
Rockeye is best known for their vast libraries and skilled mages, as well as their highly advanced technology, such as the fabled Mass Teleport Relay."
"You certainly appeared to. What ever got you so fired up?"
"How do these things even work? I'm a soldier not a wizard damnit."
Right on time. He seems to be waiting around the main gates.


mutter to myself.
"I hate teleports!"


"Not at all, you're doing splendidly."

Keep listening


I nod and keep taking notes.


I walk over to him.
"Good morning! I hope I haven't made you wait for too long!"


"From what I've read, they serve as conduits for magic. Unicorns like me have our horns to do that, but anyone without a horn can just use another one. Why not ask the shopkeeper?"

"Excuse me, shopkeeper? We're looking for a catalyst."



"Er… I think that might be something better left unsaid for the sake of other's privacy. Heh."
I chuckle, get up, and stretch.
"Anyways, I was hoping to check out the library to read up on some stuff. Do you wanna come with?"


"A nation of mages.. that sounds real nice. A good alliance. "


"Next, let us learn of our other closer ally. Rosefall. We shared an ambassador with them until recently, and indeed it seems our relations had gotten so close Equestria felt a need to step in and weaken them.
Rosefall was established by Lord Rosefall of Prance, who left his homeland as the thread of Equestria loomed in the horizon. This makes Rosefall the youngest of the Northlands. As their population comes largely from Prance, or has Prench ancestry, they have kept up many traditional arts there, including the art of making Ironweave. Artisans are a common site in Rosefall, and their clothing is often exported to Equestria where it is seen as exotic and unrivaled in quality. Rosefall's current king, Iswandir, had good connections to his ancestral home of Prance and maintains open trade with Equestria, ensuring high chances of peace with them."
He smiles from behind his slight mustache
"Oh not in the least. I was simply here, absorbed in thought. Thinking of the sun, and how I would love to have my very own sun…
Oh pardon me. I'm being silly. Come, the sun will rise soon."
He heads out into the dark night.
A mare pops her head out from a hatch in the ceiling
Soon a very similar looking stallion appears as well
"Welcome welcome to the Swish Siblings' Catalyst Collection. I'm Surprising Swish, the elder, how may I help?"
"Well I might as well. I don't think I have much to attend to at the school."


Keep taking notes, and try not to feel bad about the mention of Rosefall and Prima.

Roll #0 9 = 9


Scowl and keep on taking notes.


"Ah, hello. Do you have any magic stabilisers of the sort to help prevent backfire of spells? And my friend here would like a catalyst."


I follow him.
"I'm sure having an own Sun must be a dream come true, it's not silly at all! And I'm sure it would keep you warm in chilly mornings like this one…"

Oh Glorious Sun, would you be as kind as filling my heart and body with thy warmth? For reals now?

Try the thing Manifest thought me.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Nod but don't take notes, I knew this part already.


Fo sho.
You feel as if the sun itself embraced you with loving flame. The cold does not bite in the least.
"I have indeed adventured long and far in search of my very own sun. But I've yet to find it. however, I will not stop. Not yet."
He stops atop a tall cliff.
You can only see darkness before you.
"Stabilizers… stabilizers… sister, was that not that thing the mage from the collage with the pointy hat?"
"With the two tips and the little thingy?"
"Yeah yeah"
he turns back to you
"Not here, sorry. Ask the research academy. They were working on something like that. Now then, Catalyst for the young sir?"
"You should get that throat healed"
"Yes yes, a thousand pardons. So, do you have any items of great personal significance we can use as a core?"
"Don't think so"
"Then we need to use an existing core and work from there. Pick one out please."
Venus looks around, then at you
"Got any opinions?"
"next of note - the Snowborder Alliance. Three kingdoms who merged into one along the southern edge of the Northlands. They are the barrier between Equestria and the North, and are the largest and richest of the Northlands. They control all the safe paths northwards, and by keeping them safe they have grown wealthy from road tolls. They are ruled by the Three Kings, a council formed of the kings of the three united kingdoms. Aside from money and land, they are also known for wide use of slave labor."
Frostmourn looks to be paying very close attention to this part.


I keep taking note but give Frosty a curious glance.


"Great personal significance… what about a piece of your uniform, Venus? I believe it could symbolise the mask you wear and how it has defined your vision of the world around you, and, um, in the same way how in finding out how er both wore masks, w-we found each other."

Rolling to not blush

Roll #0 6 = 6


Lean over to Frosty and whisper
"Better to crush them than to let them walk free and ally with Equestria…"


Thanks! You're the best!
I smile at him, then sit down on the cliff.
"You sound determined. I'm sure you will find what your heart desires."
I look around.
"So you are saying the view from here is good?"


"Then it's settled!"
I start making my way towards the library.
"Have you ever heard of… erm, it's something I heard about the other day. It's kind of… instinctual to us gryphons. It's like… bloodlust, I guess?"


I raise my hoof and ask. "Who are the three Kings?"


"Then again, I don't think we can use cloth as a core, so, hmm…"

Are there cores around the shop?


"How about… something of yours~?"
"We may have a lot to learn from them. After all, they unites to stop Equestria. Like we want to."
"Just wait for it."
After a moment of silence the sun starts to rise, bathing the cliff and the valley below in light, washing over you in a flash of golden radiance.
The cliff must be a hundred meters high. The trees down there look so small.
"…hello sun~"
"Said to come from our predatory ancestry. What of it?"
"Starling, Diamond Mane and Cold Morning"


"What.. do you have in mind? Can cloth even work as a core? Unless you want shavings of my horn, or… I-I…"

"I suppose if you're talking about that, I could cut out a frill from the pair I have in my bag…"


"But they are the closest. We have no idea how deep the lordblades infiltration runs, in those kingdoms."
Anyway, is the lesson over?


"Next, Eaglecrest, our neighbor to the south. Founded by a soldier king, and with strong military traditions, Eaglecrest is warlike and respects nothing but force. King Ebonreth himself is a mighty warrior, who often accepts open challenges for his crown to prove his superiority. The martial skills of Eaglecrest are almost legendary, and few would dare challenge them head on. However, they are also very traditional and rarely adopt new weapons or strategies."
"I was thinking… maybe they have a fragment of your old leg… back at the castle. It would remind me of why I protect you…"
"Take your time you two. I know picking out a core can be a long process."


I smile as it starts to rise, and extend my hooves from my sitting positions to do he praising pose, basking in it's glory.
"This really is a nice place to witness daybreak!"


"..! I.. I see. We could go back and get it now, Venus. I.."

Rolling to resist hugging her right here

Roll #0 9 = 9


Just give her a nuzzle, then.
Then we go back.


I draw a little warrior pony next to my notes, '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I pull out a fresh piece of paper and continue taking notes.


"W-Well… it's just something that I find interesting, that's all."
Continue on to the library. Are we there yet?

Roll #0 4 = 4


"I know. It always makes me feel very close to it. Even if it so far away…"
"Well lets go then? We'll be right back sir. We remembered a good core!"
"We'll be here then, kids!"
Venus leaves for the castle
"It is a very curious thing to bring up Anita. What brought it to mind?"
"i trust you are still following the lesson? Shall I continue?"


Did I nod off there? It was pretty late last night after all.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Of course, please tell us everything important."


I guess I did


Just go with her


I try to find books related to the subject!
"I… can you keep a secret?"

Roll #0 8 = 8



"Yeah, this stuff is gonna be useful."
Keep taking notes.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Yes please."


She asks around for a while and finally one of the caretakers brings you a bone shard
"Pulled it out from between the ceiling stones."
Venus looks quite sad as she takes it
"T-thank you…"
[Griffon Psychology - By: Cuckoo's Nest]
"Of course I can"
"Still. Their methods should be studied."
"Well now that lady Venia is with us again…
Timberjaw is a kingdom that has always been seen as the most insular and separated of the Northlands. Their borders are lined with fortifications and Castle Timberjaw is an impenetrable fortress in itself. But it is as beautiful as it is strong - a work of art in its own right. This comes from the nation's long history of architecture, stoneworking and carpentry. King Craghoof is seen as something of an oddity, being the first king ever to openly consider opening up borders for ambassadors and allies. He does face strong opposition from his advisers and much of the people though."


"It's not far away. It's closer than you might think."
I poke his chest gently.
"In there. In all of us."


Kiss her to cheer her up before heading back.

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


"Come with me then."
Fly up to our old hangout. There's nobody up there, is there?


"That is one we could recruit…
After taking care of his house problems, of course."


More notes.


"sounds like a cool king.."


"You have a kind heart to say such, Radiant. It is almost as if you have already found your own sun."
She smiles again, pocketing the bone as you return
"Bone? Hm, unusual, but yes, workable. Just a moment, allow me to get it carved. What form would you want the catalyst to be"
"A pendant is fine."
"Right. This will take a moment. Feel free to browse around"
Indeed it's a little dusty now that everyone has their own rooms to use.
"The last two of the Northlands are Hardflank and Stormheart.
Hardflank is a poor kingdom, ruled over by Morion, the Pauper King. As it has never been wealthy, many of the population have taken to the gods for spiritual peace, and strong faith is common within the kingdom, leading to many clerics and indeed an order of paladins.
Stormheart, lastly, is the griffon ruled Northland. It has recently fallen to civil war, so not much is known of its current state."


"Hmm… Well, it'll look like a nice pendant even if you don't use it, right, Venus?"


"Civil war?"


"Alright… well, we're currently under siege. You remember when everyone was evacuated to the… dining hall or whatever? Well… actually, do you know why you were evacuated there?"


"Civil war… If we don't act carefully, it's the least we can expect…"
Stand up and make my way for the door.
"Miss Venia, what about that match we discussed earlier?"


Have I? I think I have… but is it that simple? Is there more to it? Or am I still forgetting something? What is my Sun?

I shake my head a little to come out of my stupor.
"Uh…right… I do believe I did…. I do not simply carry it in my heart… the Sun and my heart are the same. Should the Sun never rise again, my heart will stop beating."


"Yeah. It'll remind me of you…"
"Between King Galen and the prophetic Crone Grimalphas."
"I've been beaking around a little. Something about an assassination attempt."


My ears perk up

"Hm? Ah yes, right behind you Pumpkin."

Follow him out


"Can you tell us about both of them?"


"What is the war about?"


"Prophetic Crone? Is that some religious stuff?"
After listening to Destiny reply, walk outside with Venia, and make my way to the training grounds.
Busting the bubble of a mage! I think you said we'd train today!"



'1d10' to see if the catalysts interest me more than Venus

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Yeah. An…"
I sigh.
"An assassination attempt on the prince. By an organization called the Lordblades. Work for the Equestrians. They're trying… they're trying to invade us. Take us over…"


"Deep words of a devout heart. If only I, too, could find such peace within."
"King Galen has ruled for long, and has always held an open mind to the other Northlands. Grimalphas on the other hoof blames him for abandoning the needs of griffonkind, and has gathered many followers to march against him. If she is successful, it might become much harder for us to set up strong ties to them."
"She is referred to as the Crowmother, and has always possessed a gift for limited fortune telling."
Well, do they?


"Yes, I suppose I did. How was your alone night with Bearing?"

Once we get there, grab a sword and toss one over to Pumpkin


I smile at him, then decide to try and make him smile too, and lean closer before giggling and speaking.
"You know, having a sun on your butt helps too."


"Where did you hear that?"
Grab the sword.
"Don't tell me Song started talking!"


"That's not good."
Who were my teachers for those two skills I wanted to learn and is it time to go to one of their classes?


Guess not. Stay with her till the catalyst is done


I cock an eyebrow

"You asked me to ask her, remember? She seemed pretty upset at the time."

Take on a defensive stance

"You have the initiative."

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Man, that's some deep stuff. What does their Crowmother say about the future?"


"Oh right.
It was this morning…
I guess a lot of stuff happened and I lost track of it."
Pull her tail. '1d10'
"I spoke with her later. Things went… Better than I could possibly hope for."

Roll #1 3 = 3


What skills were you learning again?
"So… are we staying the night here?"
"Her prophesies speak of the north being doomed, and that a united banner will burn in the rising sun. She uses this prophesy as a reason to drive separation from the other Northlands."


Nope, looks like i trip and fail to grab you.




Spin around and try to swipe your legs from under you

"Ugh, are those little tricks needed? It's good to hear things worked out though."

Roll #0 9 = 9


"In Rockeye? Yeah, we are. We could relax a bit more than that here too, come to think of it… well, not much harm now that my work for now is done, I guess."


I look concerned and make note of this.


"Oh? I have not taken a gander. So I would not have known."
"Equestria? The empire to the south, correct? So I assume the assassination failed?"
"I'd like that."
The shopkeeper returns with the pendant
"Complete! I trust you will pay for it here?"


Root and Locate.


Unyielding Anvil is your best bet for Locate.
You can try finding the old druids of the forest if you want root


Yeah call me impressed.
EA, get up.
"Hey that's how she taught me to fight!"
Try to repeat.
Boop her head from behind.

Roll #0 3 = 3


I go to the training grounds and look around for Unyielding Anvil.


"Checking someone's cutie mark is not rude. Staring at someone's flank is. You seem like a gentlepony enough not to do the latter."


I cock an eyebrow

"Pumpkin, are you even trying? Don't go easy on me here! Come on, try again."

Take on a ready stance

Roll #0 3 = 3


He is checking the sparring weapons for nicks
"Well, thank you for the complement. Then, I doubt I could have seen it under all your clothing regardless."


"Thank you! I have here the King's Seal, I trust it will be sufficient?"


"I've been trained to kill ponies, miss Venia.
There is no middle ground between alive and dead, with how I fight."
Vanish, and stay out of her sight.


"Oh? Certainly. I'll write up a bill for him. is there anything else I can do for you?"


"Mr. Anvil, can you teach me to track animals?"


"Sounds like a lot of bull. Excuses!"

Stand ready, waiting him to strike so I can counter

Roll #0 1 = 1


"I'm not ashamed of my body at all, I'm just more comfortable in my armor. I almost feel more naked without my plates than wearing nothing, as strange as it may sound."


"So.. is that all you had to tell us?" I look at the professor expectantly.


I seriously hope you are not helpless.
Vanish behind her.
Slap her with the flat side of the sword she gave me.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Hmm… no, that will be all. Thank you."

Night, I need bed. If I decide I don't want anything else I could roll for the rest of my time or something


That's a doublecrit.


I nod.
"Yeah… let's go with that."


"Gah! Dammit Pumpkin!"

I rub the spot on the back of my head painfully and get back up

"To heck with this, this isn't sparring."

Toss my sword to the side angrily and walk off, I'll just go to the library or something


"Of course! Wanna start right away?"
"That does not sound strange at all. Once one has lived for so long in armour, it becomes much a second skin. And it suits you."
Yeah sure.
Good night.
"So what is the payoff you're working towards with this tale?"


Catch up with her.
"What was wrong with that? I thought you said not to go easy on you!"




"I'm interested in the subject because I might need to fight for my life soon. What with my friendship with the Prince and all… not just as a potential target, but as his friend and subject."
Crack open that book now.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"I suggest you go find Anvil and ask him the meaning of the word sparring, because it's clearly lost to you."

To the library!


"Thank you… I was always the one with the taste for heavier equipment and weapons, unlike…unlike my…"

I…Am I forgetting someone? Didn't I have someone close to me…. someone I could always rely on, someone who always got in trouble…or was it just a dream?! Why can't I remember?!
Rolling to see if I can force myself to remember something.
More specifically, my sister

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Okay wait! Please!
I'm sorry, okay?"


"I like your spirit. Now then, do you know any of the basics?"
[–as griffons are predatory carnivores, they are prone to lapsing into primal states of frenzy when pushed far enough–]
Anita and Guinevere are there too
You do have a sister
Her name is Dawn
She was very pretty
And took it from two guys at once


"Uh, things leave tracks?"


"I pretty much grew up with the Prince. I can't even think about him getting hurt because of an assassination attempt…"
Continue reading.

Roll #0 10 = 10


Dawn…Where could she be? I miss her already… Is she safe? Is she all right?

I try not to make my doubts visible.
"uh.. as I was saying, unlike my sister. I was the muscle who get everything that needed to be done, and she was the pretty mare in the pretty dress with a way with words…"

Roll #1 2 = 2


I stop and turn to him, booping his nose forcibly

"We can try again, but no more skulking and sneaking around you hear me? I don't use my spells either do I? Just physical one-on-one combat. Try to get me on the ground and I'll do try the same with you. Best out of five."

Walk back to the training grounds and pick up the sword again.

"And don't give me that only living and dying crap. You get the initiative again."

Stand at the ready. Prepared to counter his move

Roll #0 3 = 3


As history lesson is over I head over to another class, and try to run into the prince on my way there.


"I… Thank you!"
Smile at her
And now, on the ready!
Strike her, face to face this time! Like Lady Radiant showed me!

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Yep. That's the gist of it. Tracking is making sense of those tracks. Understanding what left them, how far ago and for what purpose."
[-This bloodlust, though seen as barbaric by most, is sometimes trained to be tapped into by soldiers who dare to use it, allowing them to overpower their foes in a time of need.-]
"You seem very concerned for her…"
The prince was with you at the history lesson so no need to run anywhere


I block your attack, if only barely, and take a few steps back before charging in again, trying to swipe your legs from under you

Roll #0 2 = 2


I try to use my wings to keep myself from falling.

Roll #0 9 = 9


I sigh.
"I am… I have no idea where she might be… I woke up in this Kingdom alone, not knowing anything, barely remembering who I am… And now that I'm not with her, what if I'm not there for her to protect her? What if I woke up alone because I already failed?"


"Okay. What else do I need to know?"


"Hey, Frostmourn, I was wondering if you had anything to say to Prima.. I've been practicing.. and tonight I'm going to try and contact her, I know you were real special to mah girl Prima.."
blarg, I wanted frosty to be there.


Seeing how I am able to stand my ground, I proceed to bring the flat end of the sword down on her.
These are wooden swords for exercising, right?

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Well, a track contains much information, but tracking can be done even with no visible prints to follow. Broken twigs, disturbed snow, snapped branches and scattered leaves tell much of something's passing."
"Well, if that were the case, worrying over it would be pointless, for it had already come to pass. And if that is not the case, then you'd be worrying over nothing."
"You? Speaking with Prima?
…is this… necromancy you speak of?"


I nod a few times.
"Broken stuff, disturbed stuff, got it. You can track someone through a city or building using the same methods, right?"


"A-alright, not bad."

I rub the pained spot

"One for one. Now… ready for THIS?"

Charge in and tackle him

Roll #0 8 = 8


"You are right, there is nothing I can do about it now…What about you, if I may ask? Do you have a family?"


"yes, but the tracks can be harder to see. Flagstones do not move like dirt. Look for dust and dirt he may have left behind. See where birds might fly off from trees in the distance. Listen to noise he might make."
"No. Not in these lands. That is why I am here."


I nod slowly. "Yes, but only the ability to speak with the fallen. What do you say?" '1d10' not to sound creepy as fuck

Roll #1 2 = 2


"You are from some other land too?"


"Oh crap!"
Try to avoid that!


"Right, and if the birds and other animals suddenly go quiet the thing you are tracking might have found you instead?"



Roll #0 10 = 10


"It sounds vile and unfitting one such as myself."
"Yes. From many, actually. I have traveled all my life, in search of my sun. And now my journey has brought me here."
"Indeed. This is why a tracker must keep in mind not to leave tracks himself!"


Yeah you avoid that alright, jumping out of the way and leaving me running at nothing

"You're pretty agile…"

Take up a defensive stance

"Come at me."

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Your legs are wobbly!"
Sidecharge her and try to push her off balance!

Roll #0 5 = 5


"I'm glad that it did. It was nice to finally meet somepony who appreciates the Sun as much as I do… but I'm guessing you will continue your journey if you won't find it here either?"


"Should I learn how to track first, or how to not leave tracks first?"


"I have only just arrived. Indeed it seems almost uncanny how fortune has brought us together. Two warriors of the sun, together in a strange land."
"It is easier to know what tracks not to leave once you know what tracks to follow."


I chuckle.
"As I recall, it wasn't simply fortune. That too, was the Sun, as it brought you here in your journey and brought me to that balcony yesterday."


"Come on Frosmourn, haven't you anything you want to say to her? Look, I don't know exactly what happened that night.. but I heard some rumors.. and bro, I think that you might have something to say about that. I'm just giving you a chance, you can come tonight, or stay in your room, and regret not taking this chance to say what needs to be said."

Roll #0 4 = 4


I guess that did at least something
"So, still standing?"
Take a ready stance

Roll #0 5 = 5


You pushed me off balance 2-1 for you

Get back up and dust myself off.


Start circling around him, once I see a weak spot I charge in and strike

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Then I guess the sun has something planned for us… dare I say, together?"
He does not look at you but stares off into the distance
"I am not your bro, I am your future king, necromancer.
Run along now to your parlor of bones."


"So when am I going to get my first lesson?"


Okay that lands.
Quickly reposte her strike!

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Oh no you don't!"

Jump out of the way!

Roll #0 6 = 6


I fall silent and glare at him, more than just a little hurt. Maybe one of my actual friends will want to join me, since apparently we're not really friends.


I blush, but smile at him regardless.
"That is not entirely impossible…"


Yes I did.
3-2, we stop at?
Ready stance
"Come at me!"

Roll #0 9 = 9



"Oh you…"

I scowl and lunge at him

Roll #0 1 = 1


"You seem to have a good grasp of the basic ideas. Ask around tomorrow and we'll work something out."
Go tell on him to your teacher. That'll show him.
"Well at least you seem fond of chatting with me. Perhaps I could take a look at that sun of yours one day."


"Too hasty!"
And for the final strike…
Fly up and then come tumbling down!

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Alright, thanks!"
I leave the training grounds.
Do I have enough time to track down the Druids or were you going to go to sleep soon?


Grab him as he tries to fly up and body slam him into the ground

Roll #0 10 = 10


Break free of her grip and get somewhere safe, ready stance!
"You are he…xpert at grabs!"

Roll #0 6 = 6


I'm gone in just a while. That is why I asked to postpone the tracking lessons.


Yea, it will! Which teacher will actually punish the prince thou?! Rolling to find someone harsh enough. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Alright. Glad I was able to join in today.


Shadow Song is a trained killer and part-time necromancer.
She should do well.


"Take this!"

Headbutt him in the side

Roll #0 8 = 8


I chuckle.
"I am not fond of just chatting with you… I am fond of you. A gentlepony who Praises the Sun every day? How could I not be?"


"Oh? Well this sure is new. In all my travels, that is not something I have ever heard."


Now I mad.
Charge at her, then flare my wings at the very last moment and fly skywards, slapping the sword across her face!

Roll #0 3 = 3


Yea, lets go talk to Shadow Song then, She'd want to hear about my plan anyway.


Dodge and send him crashing into the ground, then lie on top of him

Roll #0 3 = 3


I look away nervously.
"Uh…it's not that I have know you for very long… in fact, we barely know each other…"
I look back at him.
"..but you seem to understand me perfectly, and I understand you and your quest too."


"Be I…"
Turn around and counter her dodge! Strike her down!

Roll #0 3 = 3


"This ends here!"

Tackle him to the ground!

Roll #0 5 = 5


She is in her tower, looking through her old stuff
"So what brings you to me again?"
"Then we already share more than many others do. I feel this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."


Drop the sword
"Fine, you get this one. But this only confirms what I knew, you gotta teach me!"


"A beautiful friendship indeed! And if you might be okay with it… maybe we could train together in jolly co-operation?"
I give him a smug look.
"If you're not afraid of losing against a mare, that is."


"Its Frostmourn, he said we're not actually friends at all, when I put my life on the line for him.. I thought we were bros.. I just wanted to show him.. let him see what I can do. I mean.. he has to have something to say to Prima and if don't I know Mah girl will have something to say to him."


"And I will, don't you worry. I hope Shadow doesn't get jealous."

I snicker at the thought and help him back up.

"Well fought. You almost had me."

Roll #0 2 = 2


Escape Artist to get up.
"One day, I'll have to fight against your magic…"
Part ways with Venia and find Shadow Song.


"Mmm… maybe."

Go do whatever, seeing as today's session is almost over. Maybe check on Unyielding or something.


"I think that's a challenge I'd love to answer."
He chuckles a little
"One moment"
The cold thousand mile stare of the hooded assassin belies her thoughts, and after a minute or so, a few of her shadows drag the prince in by his ears
"I hear you've been quite the bully to your friend Kilana here"
"What is the meaning of this!?"
"For what!?"
"A hurtful choice of words. You would do well not to dismiss my skills, or those of my students"
"How dare you?"
"I dare, because I know in your heart you understand that I am right."
That shut the prince up very quickly.
After a moment he turns to look at you
"I… I'm sorry if I seemed mean back there. Prima just is a sensitive issue to me."


"You mean that? Well, I understand.. I miss her too, that's why I offered, I know she would want to talk with you.."



Continue reading!
Actually, hell, since I might be gone a bit longer can I do multiple rolls?

Roll #0 7, 1, 3, 6, 5 = 22


"We shall see to that, but only later. For now, let's just enjoy the brilliance of the Sun. Exhilirating, the brilliance of it, is it not?"


She is with Kilana and the prince in her tower
"Yeah… it's just… as I said, necromancy is not really a thing I image suits my status…"
This session ends soon


"Indeed, Radiant. Indeed."
he seems rather lost in thought


Oh, she's not alone? Damn…
Walk in there.
"Hey everypony what's going on?"


"Something on your mind? If you'd like to share it, that is."


I also follow Pumpkin by the way





I look kind of hurt. "Why should you ignore a whole branch of magic? It might the edge we need, and its the only known branch that can raise fallen soldiers.. but we aren't even talking about that, we're just talking about making amends, saying what was left unspoken. If you can tell me that you won't regret passing this up, then I won't bother you anymore.."
"Hello Pumpkin, I was just offering Frostmourn a chance to speak with Prima.."


"Whoa… That's… Are you sure that's a good idea?"
Glance over at frosty, then whisper to Kilana.
"They didn't exactly part on the best terms…"


I know, that's why I want to give him a chance, to make it right.. If anything he probably feels more regret than I do about what happened, I mean.. Prima was in love with him..


"I'm not entirely sure what he felt for her either.
When I told him about Prima he just… He said there were many words left unspoken, between them."


"Well, this would give him a chance to talk then, to say those unspoken words.. I mean.. haven't you ever wanted to talk to someone you lost, even if you weren't friendly with them at the time, then there is only more reason to say those thing.. right?" I take a deep breath. "Pumpkin, I think the time is right. Bro, I don't know how you feel about Prima, but I want to talk with her now. Its close enough to night fall anyway.. I understand if you want to bail on me.."


I begin focusing. and try to reach Prima's spirit. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Not now. I have to see this. But I'm not sure how Prima will take my beign there. I was the one who bursted her night with Frosty, after all…."


What? Who is it? Huh?


I'll just stand here, keeping close attention and observing the ritual quietly


"Prima? Its me girl. Kilana hookin' you up with communications. " I smile at her spirit.


"Kilana? How did you get here? I… I was just talking to my mom! Kilana, she… she is alive again! And not only that, but healthy too! She can talk again and walk again and… wait… what communications?"


"Oh.. Prima.. that's not it.. she's not alive.." I try to hold back tears.. "she's still dead.. and.. I thought you would know by now.."

Roll #0 4 = 4


Put an hoof on her shoulder and try to comfort her.

Roll #0 6 = 6


I let a few tears fall, they hit the ground making little spots.. I look over at pumpkin and nod, "thanks bro."


"I…I'm…wait…I think I remember… the ball, it ended and… that pony… he… I tried to fight him but he got to me when I tried to sleep and… he told m-me that Daddy… I'm…I'm d-dead, aren't I?"


Uh, back now for whatever that counts
So… what's the verdict for that roll?

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Hey, I know just how hard this is."
Clean her face
"Don't worry about the thears, those are natural."
DM's sleeping.


"Yea, there was an explosion at your house.. I managed to use your old tiara as a catalyst, it was all melted onto this stick.." I show you what I mean. "I know how much it meant to you.. and wait.. what pony?"


"Some… I don't know, stallion! I was having the most wonderful dream…"
I stop for a second as I rember it…
"…but then I woke up to somepony trying to choke me from behind, and I tried to fight back and scraped him with my horn but he was too strong and then I tried to use my magic too, but then I heard a crack and… and then I saw Mommy and Daddy, standing there, waiting for me…"


…oh well shit


I gasp. "Then.. it wasn't the fire that killed you.. it was.. " I turn to pumpkin for enphasis on this. "The equestrian lordblades." I pause. "Well, that's not really why I called you. I want.. to say.. You were always my girl, I never wanted you to die alone like that, It was just a stupid fight, and I feel terrible.."


"The Lordblades…"


"There so reason for me not to be honest with you… when you said that you are making friends with the ponies I didn't like that hurt me, and I reacted like I always did, hurting you back, but you have to know, I didn't mean it… I just wanted to make you feel bad, to make you more miserable than I was right then and there… and even though you were my best and…honestly, only good friend, and I was behaving terribly to you all this time… I'm so sorry for that Kilana… if I were alive, or given another chance… I'd do so many things differently…"


no reason*


Well she was a bitch.
But sure as hell she's making me feel right now.
Or is she?

Roll #1 7 = 7


Nah, she was still a huge bitch.


"I know girl.. I said some pretty horrible things back then, If only I had known.. I would have.. I don't know, but it wouldn't have gone down like that. "


"That's why I still invited you to the ball… I still wanted you to be around… Can you forgive me? For the things I have said and the things I have made you do? Can we still be BFFs?"


"Fo' sure! We're homies fo' life.. and after life! Girl, you'd best know that I'm gonna find you in that after life cottage, and see your mom all healthy." Oh, is this more tears.. I think so.. I don't even notice them falling.


"You two were really close, after all…"
Hug her.


I hug him back, its a prefect bro hug. 10/10 comfort


"Thank you…thank you so much…this means…I mean…I thought I died with my only friend ever hating me…you are the best, Kilana…"


"Say you two… There is something this calls for."
We are in Shadow's tower, right?
Look for some alcohol.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


"Aw, girl.. I'm just glad I could make things right between us.."
"I think I see where you are going with this.."


I guess I found a bottle!
"Do you mind, Shadow?"
I bet she wants to join us.
Take a sip and pass it over to Kilana.
Rolling for QUALITY!

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


"I'm glad too…but…don't rush meeting me over here, okay?"

I frown.
"Oh..weren't you the one who…interrupted something?"


"Its a toast then. To making amends!" I take a swig.


"Hey, I serve my lord. You poison him, you are lucky I didn't kill you there myself!
Water under the bridge now, I guess."
"We need to go deeper."
I take back the bottle
"A toast, to our lost friends!"
Take another swing
Roll for drunkness.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"I… I didn't mean to really 'poison' him… I just didn't see any other way… I was so close, yet so far…"


"But why, girl! He has somepony already! I'd be pissed off is a stallion came along and tried to take mha gurl from me!"


"I feel that, he was your dream guy after all.. I bet you have a few things to say to him."


"Because! Because the moment I saw him I fell in love with him! More than anything before! And I couldn't think of anything but him… I did bad things because of that, I know, but all I ever wanted was him loving me back…"


"If he wanted to talk to me too…"


"I'm not one to judge what you do in the name of what you believe.
I mean, look at me, I would kill to keep this place safe.
But love is something… Different.
I couldn't fall to sleep beside Bearing every night if I knew I had to do something like that to get close to her.
It wouldn't feel right insiede, you know what I mean?"
Drink some more.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Yes, but I was greedy and selfish, I didn't think! I was so focused on trying to get him I forfeited everything…morales, my friend, Kilana…everything… and yet I still failed…he never loved me back, never really did…"


Prima will be chatting to Frostmourn shortly
Pumpkin can apply butt cream for the incoming lecturing
Verne is in Rockeye
If anyone else has business to attend to, say so.
If not, prepare for a timeskip after the chat is over.


Fuck it, let's go talk to Sunrise


She has woken up by now. Has a bad case of bed mane.


quickly rush over to the library and look for something that has mass healing!
'1d10' to look!

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12

Roll #1 7 = 7



teleport I mean


"Good… morning? Afternoon? Doesn't matter. You look like you had quite the interesting night."

Find a brush somewhere in this room and brush her mane to make her look presentable

Roll #0 8 = 8


I'm still with Celaire, right?


here as well


"So. This is the power of Necromancy…"
He turns to the others in the room
"Begone. I want to do this alone. Well, obviously not you Kilana."
Shadow Song nods sharply, motions to pumpkin and climbs to the tower top.
[Advanced Clerical Healing Techniques - By: Meh Dick]
She seems to like it a lot
"Mmm. Thanks miss Venia. Yeah. It was a busy night with Frosty~"
Yes you are.
He seems to have zoned out staring at the sun


I nod and watch to see what the Prince will say.


"Uh… Celaire? I like staring at the Sun too, but… are you here?"


"Frostmourne… I…"


"Not too tired I hope? He himself was up pretty early to attend Manifest's class. He seems very focused these days, much more than he used to."


So uh
What'd I learn from that book?


"Sweet! that's a weird name though."
now go look for a book that could explain the mirror image thing I might've seen Anita do

Roll #0 6 = 6


Follow Shadow Song upstairs.
"That's gonna be though. Mourning is hard enough when you know it's over…"


"Oh? O-ho! Sorry, I was lost in thought for a moment. You were saying?"
"Prima. Care to explain of that night?"
"Yeah… he seems so focused on his conquest plans he rarely even pays attention to me any more… So I had to try extra hard last night…"
You understood the potential for using your natural bloodlust as a weapon in the future.
[Coping with a massive skillset: By Two Manny and Damme Skilles]
"Do you still have that bottle you took earlier?"


"Hey, I asked if I could take it! Kilana was mourning somepony really close to her, she needed the warmth!"
See the above rolls.


Oh, neat.
Fly back into the library I gue-
"Oh hey Nylis! Whatcha doin'?"


"Nothing, nothing…"


She gives you a stern look
"…oh ok then."


"What the he- "
"Uh, hi Anita!"
quickly put the book away
"Just looking for books to read! You?"


"I'm… yes… I'm sorry… I thought that if I could get you drunk and charm you and give you…you know…then maybe you would start to pay more attention to me…"


"We didn't even empty get halfway there. Wanna join us?"


he turns back to the sun and sighs
"…one day."


"Well, I'm glad. Uh, not glad that he pays less attention to you of course! Just glad that he is starting to become serious about his destiny. Look Sunrise, I know this might be hard for you, especially after all these years free of care, but Frostmourn is to become King and to unite the North. That takes dedication and time."


"You'll find your own sun, yes."
I smile at him.


staying quiet for a moment.


"Deceit, poison and throwing yourself on one's penis is no way to challenge yours of love another has already shown me.
If there was once a time I may have well considered your offer in the name of uniting the Northlands, it was washed away with the punch you threw at me.
Prima, why could you not have just been a good, nice pony instead?"
"I only hope I realize it when it does happen. I fear nothing more than letting that opportunity slip by…"
"I know miss Venia… but the night get so cold and lonely when all he does is pour over maps and books…"


"He… spends nights looking at books and maps? I didn't know he was that dedicated… But you have to understand that you are still as important as ever to him, if not moreso. I can only imagine his need for somepony he can trust is bigger than ever during these uncertain times for him. He needs a pony to depend on, somepony special to him he can gaze upon and be remembered of all the good times. Somepony who will be by his side when the going gets tough. And somepony who loves him no matter what. Besides, the times that you do get to spend together are all the more special."

I give her a friendly wink


"Right, uhh.. Later Anita!"
head farther into the library and look for interesting books to read, some adventures, some espionage, some history about the northlands… and even look for a book on equestria '1d10'

Roll #0 5 = 5

Roll #1 3 = 3


Can the dead still shed a tear?
"I'm so sorry, but I was desperate! I tried to act nice, then I tried to offer everything I had, I just wanted to be your's and you to be mine, I wanted to pay attention to me, care for me, love me! I wasn't thinking straight, all that was in my head was you, you you you! I know that if I did thing differently maybe you would have given me a chance… maybe I would still be alive… I wanted to be a good, nice pony to you, but I'm not a very clever pony… Well, wasn't…"


"You've got a good head on your shoulders. I'm sure you won't miss your chances."


"I guess you're right…
I just wish he was more like he used to be. The carefree lad ah I feel for so long ago…
Ah gotta admit… sometimes he sounds a little scary when he mutters about his plans. He gets this… look to him…"
[The Knights Who Said Neigh]
[The Tale of Three Kings]
[Equestria - the winner who writes history]
"That much is true. As I once said - a poisonous heart can ruin even the prettiest face. I admit you did make my heart flutter once or twice. But no. That is now long gone."
"And you have a heart of gold. Don't let anyone take it from you."


"I'm…I'm so sorry… I fucked up, and it cost me my life…but at least, at the very least, if you won't ever love me again… will you at least forgive me?"


"Hmmm…. yea these could do."
check these 4 books out and then head back to my room and read [The Knights who said Neigh] first

Roll #0 5 = 5



Roll #1 4 = 4


"He's growing up Sunrise, you all are. And with that come less… pleasant aspects of life."

I give her a warm hug

"He's just determined. And that is good, because we need determined minds in these times of trouble. You gotta have some dark times every now and then to know when the good times will come."


….come on prince..


"I won't. I'm stick to my morales, even if that costs me my life."


"For nearly costing me my life to sate your needs of flesh? For attempting to ruin my years of devotion to Sunrise? For being the very reason the Lordblades made their move? For all those left maimed and crippled at their passing? For all the pain, blood, shame and terror?
…tell me.
Do you deserve forgiveness?"



Put an hoof on her shoulder and whisper to her.
"Kila just… Don't take it too bad if things don't go how you hope, allright? Frosty can be stubborn, at times."


It is a tale of a band of knights who, tired of their liege, banded together and left his castle and lands, taking refuge in the wilderness, seizing arms and wealth from guard patrols, taxponies and merchants. They later used these to help the people overthrow the king.
"Well right now I'm waiting on those good times…"
"I am glad to hear that. But do not die for no cause. A life as blessed as yours should be preserved for its true destiny."


"…no… I do not… Forgiveness is the last thing I deserve… but I have reaped what I sowed! I'm dead, and I accepted that fact, but my spirit won't be ever able to rest if I know you despise me! Please, Frostmourne! I only ask this, that as a final act of your mercy towards me, please! Please find the kindness in your heart that I know you have to be able to forgive me!"


"That's weird… it looked like she had a book on mirror imaging with magic… but surely she'd come to me if she wanted to know about that, right?"
Anyways… I suppose if I can't get an apprenticeship at the Mages guild I'll just look for books instead. Rolling to find… a fire elemental book, yeah!

Roll #0 8 = 8


"I have a…no.. I had a cause, a destiny… I just can't remember it… I get this tingling feeling in the back of my mind that I was born to do something, one very thing all my life, but I can't remember it… I only have the Sun. And the Sun I shall follow."

Come on, Radiant, think! Nothing at all? What was it?

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Then be patient and stay strong. And know that I'll always be there for you if you are in need. We'll continue to work on that magic of yours and make you a force to be reckoned with, alright?"


"I'll try.."
I assume you stealth-ed back in or something
"All she ever did was love you.. She never meant to hurt you."


"May you find peace in death for all you caused.
For what it is worth, at least you can no longer cause any more harm.
If you wish to earn your redemption, then tell me how to convince king Iswandir of Rosefall to unite his kingdom with mine!"
Must be penis
"What more can one need?"
"Ok miss Venia… one day I'll learn that teleport trick…"
"Love is a chaotic force. If allowed to run rampant, it can harm those who it intended to embrace."


"Very true.. You're going to be a wise king Frostmourn. "


"Teleport? But I don't know how to do that myself. I mean I could learn how to do it and then teach you but teleport is… I don't like it very much after what happened to Frostmourn…"


I thought we were both peeking from outside. Ignore that.


What? No!
"Heh…I guess you are right."


"Nylis showed me how it works… but it feels so gross to cast!"


"I think Frostmourn wouldn't be too… appeased by you learning teleport, Sunrise. I personally think you should go for other spells, there's plenty of them anyway."


next read up on the thing about the three kings

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Well he did say something about teleport mishaps… but it sounded so technical! And I had this thing I really wanted to do…~"
"Should we head back? The sun is already high"
[—and so the kings swore a pact with the Dark One, to gain power over life and death, and become as gods themselves.]
Holy shit Snowborder is ruled by immortal necromancers!?


"I wont stop you if you want to, but I advice against it. What is it you want to… do?"


"I… someone who speaks Prench might help you as an ambadassor! And… I don't know… There is a cursed woodland that could solve all the food problems if cut down and repurposed as farmlands, but nopony dares enter… Please, Frostmourne! I'll do anything, even in afterlife, just don't hate me!"



Roll #0 2 = 2


"Yes, that might be a good idea. Got any other plans for today?"


"Immortal wha !?"
teleport back to the library and look up more on these three kings!

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


You find a book about how we can talk more skills after the time skip.
"No. Not really. I was hoping to look at some maps of these lands."
"Did you ever meet the king in life? If I bind your spirit down and bring you along, can you convince him in person?"
She gets all blushy
"Oh… it's um… a little… naughty…"
[–to seal their power, the capital city was cursed and burned to the ground, forever binding the immortal three to their thrones–]
Incredible! And to think none of this is common knowledge!


"When I was smaller, yes… and… I accept that. I will do it. I only hope it will earn the redemption I fight for…"


"Ah… well you don't have to tell me. But… is it really worth it? Teleport is just so… risky. Unpredictable too. I don't think Frostmourn will like it. There are plenty of other ways to… have fun with magic."

I avert my gaze and blush a little


"May I accompany you? Unless I'm called in for duty, that is."


"Bind your spirit here? Are you sure you want to do that? What about your parents?"


more! This is incredible stuff! Winterbreeze might interested in this as well! would she? This isn't really demon stuff… ugh, keep searching!

Roll #0 4 = 4


"As much as I loved to be reunited with them, I have to atone for what I did to Frostmourne… to show that my love towards him can do good too."


"Then so be it.
The assassin steps out of the darkness
"Yes my lord"
"Bind this wayward soul so we may use it later."
"Yes my lord"
She reaches out with her magic as her shadow carries out a twisted dagger
Horn and eyes glowing, Shadow Song chants a spell that rips the soul of Prima into the mortal realm and chains it down into the weapon, which shimmers with sickly green power
"It is done."
"Thank you. It will come in handy later"
"I never expected you to approve my lord"
"Power… demands sacrifice. I am done here for now.
Kilana. Can I entrust you with the dagger until I need it?"
"Oh? I-i wouldn't know I mean I only just started magic and… um… dare I ask for details?"
"It would be a great pleasure to me"
[–and they built their empire over one that had come before, an empire long devoid of life. The Underkingdom–]


"So be it then."
I stand up.
"Lead the way."


Can I still talk? How does this work?


"No way. This is crazy! I wonder what the other kingdoms think of this!?"
search for a map of the other kingdoms, and read into their reactions to this

Roll #0 3 = 3


I grin sheepishly

"Why don't we wait with that until our next training session?"


I nod and take the dagger containing my friend's soul. "I will guard it with my life Prince.."


"But… Why, Prima?"


"Its what she wanted.. I should have the ability to send her back when the time is right.." My hooves are shaking a bit as I stare at the dagger, and Prima's spirit.. "t-that's the thing about eternity right? It lasts forever.. so.. I-its nothin' to hurry about.."


Is everyone ready for the time skip?
You can talk to whoever holds the dagger, or communed with it. Also, you may lash out against those it strikes
Oh fuck this map of the underkingdom is amazing! It stretches out through almost all of the north!
She grins back
"Y-tou give that kinda training too?
..will I need to bring Frosty?
…will you bring unyielding…?"
"It serves in death now. May this cursed blade find a way to repay for all it did in life."


Also he walks back to the castle, stopping to think at the library door


Pat her gently.
"I'm sure it does…"
Roll to comfort.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


"What! No, no! That's not what I meant! Just…"

I sigh and rub my head

"I'll explain it some other time alright. Alone."


oh yea, lets timeskip


G-go for it
"Thanks Pumpkin.."


I think I'm ready.


And so a year passed.
The heroes to be of the North trained on, growing stronger by the day.
Through steel
Through magic
And through friendship

But it was not all joy int he north. For King Goldenblood, in past years called The Swordless, was swiftly earning a new moniker among the Northlands - Goldenblood the Mad.
The queen does her all to keep him reasonable, but she can only do so much.
Only through great vigilance have wars been averted, and his outbursts have done a number on foreign relations.

Shadow Song has entrusted Pumpkin with more responsibility and autonomy.

Frostmourn continues to devote his mind to his plans of the future

And news from Rockeye say Verne might soon return.


Where am I and where are Bearing and Mommy?


Where am I and what am I doing?


Did I become good pals with Celaire during that time?


Shadow Song has expanded her little hideout, and it now covers the entire tower from basement to top.
Bearing is probably around if you look for her.
Have you at last gathered enough courage to teach your tricks to Sunrise?
Or perhaps you'd like to see the prince?
He sure loves the sun.
Did you let him see your sun yet?


Not if he didn't ask for it~
But really, I'm always in that damn armor, so probably notyet


>Have you at last gathered enough courage to teach your tricks to Sunrise?
Oh silly DM, that happened off-screen of course! I taught her some basic object manipulation skills!

Let's go check on the prince, yeah!


teleport out to Manifest Destiny's class if it's a school day.

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


Okay find Bearing.
I miss that sweet tail.


Well then you at least didn't fuck yet or anything.
He is probably somewhere thinking about sun related things
he is in the war room, which he has expanded notably and moved from the game tower to a bigger room in the palace proper
He seems to be brooding over a map
It is probably not a school day, but he is around in his chapel like a proper quest NPC who never moves from one place.


Find him, unless I have any other duty to attend to.

How about remembering stuff?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Walk in and take place on the opposite side of the table

"Good morning Frostmourn. Planning your conquest of the world again I see.


"Uh, excuse me Mr. Manifest Destiny? Could I ask you to help me with knowledge of the other kingdoms? a-and after that could you teach me what you know about healing?"


I wake up.
Where am I…

Roll #0 5 = 5


No wait. I know this smell.
Turn around, plant a kiss on the face of this assassin.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


Possibly bandits.
Celaire is making a little sun carving out of wood
"Yes. This is my purpose after all. So it is what I feel is most worth my time. Are you enjoying the new estate the king gave you?"
"I can do my best. What kingdom do you need knowledge of?"
Incredible isn't it? It has already been a year since you came here.
And still that little nerd Embers hangs out with you, desperate as ever.
It must be weekend if you let your self sleep so late.
You push her over and embrace her into a deep, long kiss.
After a while of rolling on each other, she boops your nose
"Got the drop on you dear. may I'd make a good assassin too."


Bah, this is hopeless

"Nice carving. Will it be an ornament?"


Okay, going to roll to see how my family was, general health, how they took the necromancy interest, and do I have a new sibling.
Sibling '1d3' no, yes boy, yes girl.

Roll #0 6, 1 = 7

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Sure, let's train right now!
Wanna start with the beating, the stabbing, or the ground-zero manecut?"


"Well, the one with the three kings, then maybe Rosefall afterwards. I'd like to learn about them all but You probably don't have the time for that kinda thing."


"Sure, sure… I've never been the kind of pony that revels in luxury though. I don't plan on wasting my time inside there for the rest of my life. I'm not THAT old."

Take a gander at the map

"What are you breaking your skull over?"


I get up from bed, eat some light meal and gone to the library to ask the librarian in where to find some books about magic.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Am I reaching Wintergrasp anytime soon?


"Oh? Ah, Radiant. There you are. I thought making a sun would get me closer to finding a sun.
Yet in retrospect, it just seems silly."
She looks a bit shocked
"Um… t-the beating?"
Seems they have been busy battering the clam wallet.
He seems like an energetic little guy.
And remarkably they aren't even all that mad about the whole disturbing the dead for your ends thing.
"The three kings each ruled small nations, but fearing they might be too weak alone, they each abandoned their thrones and united their rule under a single banner. Now they are the strongest of the Northlands. Largest and richest too."
"I have plans ready for Ironfoe, Rockeye and Rosefall. The others.. not as much. Eaglecrest is my most immediate headache."
Looks like the librarian has a day off.


Do you want to RP with Venus first?
If not, just check in with Longshanks and he will send you home.


How much longer we running for today?


"I already told you this, there is no such thing as 'silly' when trying to find spiritual enlightment."


"Hmm, ok. Uhh, you're still teaching classes about healing and stuff right?"


"Ah… Eaglecrest. Relations still as sour as ever? King Ebonreth was it?"


"Not my day." I whispered under my breath.
I look for a sofa(or anywhere to take seat) and wait for the librarian to be present.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Hug her
"And this is why I did it.
So you never had to be hurt."
Go for a walk with her.
Did I already introduce her to Shadow Song?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Alright, I'm going to just look around the library, my nerdy friends are always there.


90 mins tops
"Perhaps. I just think I'm going at this the wrong way. Art is not how a warrior like I will find his sun."
"What limited little I know, I can pass on."
"Yes. Ebonreth has grown no weaker over time. So far my only real idea is appealing to his deep sense of honour and challenging him in a king on king duel. However, I know I cannot hope to beat him in a fair fight."
Embers looks in the library
"We could just you know… take a book and read it here?"
She has no idea who Shadow Song is.
And there is a shadow right behind you.


"Then what is the way for the Warrior of the Sun?"


"Hm… how old is he again? From what I understand none dare to challenge him due to his incredible skill in battle. I can see why you are concerned… So, what are you thinking on doing in that case?"


"Thank you Sir! I'll not pass this off!"
if he has time, then learn from him now. otherwise if i'm finished then teleport to find winterbreeze

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


Tap the shadow.
"Don't fret, I'm coming."
Turn to Bearing
"There's someone I would like you to meet…"
Make my way to Shadow's tower.


Guess I'll just talk with Venus for a while

"So… how does it feel? That catalyst, I'm curious, since it's apart of.. myself and all."

"And, um… I'm sorry for forcing this.. 'personal guard' thing in you, I just thought it might cheer you up, is all. Really, there's nothing I'm making you do, just do what makes you happy."


"Hello Lila, how are you doing girl?" I greet you warmly.


"What am I thinking. Perhaps I am just being lazy today." I go and take a look around and see what books will take hold of my interest. Perhaps something that revolves about sorcery which is elemental in nature.
"Uhhmmm.. hey. How's your day?" I ask him.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"If only I knew. I've killed a dragon in the name of the sun, fought a war in its name too. I've faced wayward knights and fallen paladins, priests who denounce it's radiance and even learned through sweat and toil to throw the very rays of the sun like spears.
Yet I have yet to find my own sun."
"Cheating, of course. His honour will be his undoing. Only problem is, his captains will not take well to it…"
These sessions are mostly for RP
Skills will be distributed once we reach the half way mark
Winterbreeze has been progressing in her research and is currently copying some spell notes
Bearing looks spooked out
"Um… Pumpkin… this is the tower we were told not to come in to…"
"Nothing makes me happier than being with you. I know that's a little uncharacteristic for me to say, but out here… I don't need to wear a mask about it."
"Oh my day has been lovely… Oh! H-hello Kilana!"
Looks like company >>196814


"Those all sound noble and brave, but have you looked for your Sun in serenity and peace?"


I smirk
"Ah. Cheating. Not very fitting for a to do king, don't you think?"


"Assassins stuff! This is where my teacher lives.
I think it's time you met her."
Enter the tower.
"Shadow Song, there's somepony I want you to meet."


I waved, smile and hurriedly approach her.
"Hello there and how are you Kilana? I am just browsing around to see and read some books about magic. Anything good you can recommend?"


"I-I… me too. With you I don't have to worry about the fate of a Kingdom, or how the Prince is doing, and just what's going to happen to us… I wish I could spend forever in some place outside of time with you, so I can rest as much as I want before I get back to work… well, we have time here now at least, right?"


"Hey Ember, and I dunno, I mostly look up things for homework, reading's not really my thing by I thought I might find someone here."


"That is why I came here. The cold air and the high mountains. Where could I be more at peace, and closer to the sun?"
"Perhaps. But if the price for uniting the North… and saving us from Equestria… is a stain on my honour… then I think I can bear it."
He doesn't sound too convinced.
The shadows drop in between her and the door
"And what manner of pony is this"
"Young and fit, yet fearful and skittish"
"Devoted and loving, yet quick to despair"
Bearing looks like she'd scream if she wasn't so scared to even move
"That we do. And I think I owe you a nice night for everything."


"Mmmhmm. As long as you're offering~…"

Let's timeskip and go see Longshanks now


teleport over there then
"Hi breezybutt! Whatcha copying?"
take a peek


"Oh I see. So how is your trip back home? You've been gone for a couple of months I hear. Well either that or I am stuck in some sort of stupor these past few months."


Vanish and appear right beside Bearing, flare my wings to sweep the shadows away.
Whisper to her
"Be strong. She is testing you."
Yell back to Shadow Song.
"You talk weakness, and yet know not what she has done.
Her heart keep me afloat in the darkest of times.
She's stronger than me."


I clear my throat.

"Frostmourn, you don't have to know about everything, do you? I mean, we can all agree that certain things have to be done if we want to have a shot at this. But that doesn't mean you yourself have to be the one responsible for it."


I shake my head with a smile.
"Have everything I said so far evade your ears? Or were you just always so lost in thought you couldn't pay attention? The scenery doesn't matter. The only true place to find your peace is to look deep down into you, your heart and it's desires."
I point at his chest.
"Have you ever tried to just sit down and relax under the caress of the Sun, without worrying about finding your own Sun?"
I chuckle.
"What if the only thing keeping you from it was yourself all along?"


Whatever language that is, just looking at it hurts your eyes.
You can't make out a single word or letter but it all just looks evil
"Oh hey Telebutt. Just researching some of this dark tongue."
"Welcome back Verne of Wintersgrasp. I trust your visit has been as you hoped?"
"I know that much. She almost drowned you a year back."
The assassin stands besides you without anything revealing how or when she got there
"You imply much, baroness, yet seem to assume I do not read into it.
You speak of my Northblades. You'd have them do the deed for me."
"I… never thought of that to be honest. Then, after a lifetime of questing… where do I even begin with this introspective quest into the self?"


"It was pretty good, I'm big sister now. How about you?"


"It was, your Majesty. Rockeye truly is an amazing place, and we are very fortunate to have it as our ally. On a more personal note, my friend and I have enjoyed ourselves immensely as well."


"Yeah that was kinda my fault… Eheh…"
Rub the back of my head.
"Bearing, this is Shadow Song.
She's the only other mare I call family."


"Oh no, that wouldn't work if the Northblades were to simply kill him. But what the Northblades could do is make sure the king is unfit for battle, right? And please… just call me Venia. That title is nothing but a formality."


"Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Embrace the love of the Sun. Think of what you might have missed. Think of what you can still do. Say what you always wanted to say but didn't, do what you always wanted to do, and enjoy your life under the guidance of the Sun. Then, you will see, that you had what you were looking for all along."


"Well, I am trying to keep up with my studies and such but so far I am in a slump these days and I dont know why…. like there is something I am afraid of but dont know what it is." I breath in trying to calm myself.
"Oh dear perhaps I am a bore. Dont mind my worries. Its just that I want to live a healthy academic life. So do you have any plans today?"


"Nah, I'm got today free. why are you in a slump?"


"That much is good to hear. I have taken your earlier requests to mind and had my top ponies make you some going away presents."
A few unicorns walk in with various items on cushions
"You may explain."
The first comes forth
"Our research into dampening miscasts has lead to the development of these conductors. They can store and safely dissipate a miscast spell over time, but are prone to failure of overloaded. Safe discharge takes approximately one day."
The second comes forth with a long gold spiral
"We also researched amplifying natural catalysts. This coil fits onto the horn, and should allow it to conduct more power."
A third brings a set of crystals
"And these are bound with a communication spell. Speaking into one lets the other hear it. However, long distance communication must be routed via a hub mage maintaining a spell to amplify their range."
Bearing is no less terrified of the tall, scarred mare
Shadow Song shakes her head
"Pumpkin, is this really what you fell for? Look at it. It might collapse into tears at any moment."
"Sorry. I just like the tone of officiality. makes me feel more regal…
But yeah, I guess that's a bit silly around you huh?"
"…sounds complicated. I think I might need some time for this."
He then pushes his helmet aside on the table
"I hope you'll be there to guide me"


"I'll be there for you as I have been here so far. If I could help you find your Sun that would be as much of a victory for you as it would be for me."


"Wintergrasp cannot thank the generosity of your Majesty King Longshanks and Rockeye enough. We will make use of these gifts well. Thank you. On a further note, if we may make a suggestion… should teleporting technology be perfected, what if we started a collaborative library and research facility? It doesn't matter were it is hosted, if we can safely teleport the mages of both Rockeye and Witnergrasp in and out on a daily basis, that is its beauty."


"When it's just the two of us, yes. Now tell me… how are you holding up Frostmourn? Any worries? Doubts? Aside from the whole uniting the North thing that is."


"Maybe its the weather perhaps.Yup most likely." I sighed and look around to pick a good book.
"Hmmm perhaps if I grabbed a book. We can go to the cafeteria to grab some drinks. What do you say?"

Roll #0 5 = 5


Put a wing over Bearings' body.
"And I'd be there for her, just like she was there for me every time I did.
But if this is what you really think perhaps we should leave.
Yeah, why would I ever want the two most important ponies in my life to meet each other?"


"Sure, thing Lila, we might even find some others over there."


Come to think of it, you mentioned something of your own sun when we first met. Don't think you ever followed up on that."
"A fine plan.
And to test it out, why not use the teleport relay to return to your kingdom with a few books of ours?"
"I think I've been ignoring Sunrise lately… she seems so eager for my attention and I feel terrible for not giving it."
Shadow pushes you aside and grabs bearing by the cheek
"Well? Do you think you'd make a fine assassin too, hm?"
She stutters out something incoherent
"Don't you dare wet my floor. Now answer me!"
"Right answer. What about a good wife? Are you one I can trust to take care of my Pumpkin?"
"I don't believe a word you say, girl."
Bearing is just scared and confused now


"Ah… Yes, she did voice her concern about you already once. Why don't you take the day off? Go spend some time with her, Frostmourn. To remind yourself what you'll be fighting for out there when the time comes. She deserves more attention than this."


"I.. certainly. Has it been tested before, though?"


"Okay that's enough!"
Pop in between them.
"She's not one of your toys, Mom! You can't treat her like that!"
Stand there, in the middle, wings flared to shield bearing.


I blush.
"Oh…well…You mean the Sun I bear on my body?"


"*sigh* Alright then. I follow you." I give up looking for an interesting book and follow Kilana.
"Are you coming with us or are you going to stay in the library for awhile?" I look at Ember.


I shrug. "I think I remember a book of bard songs, if you're that set on a book." '1d10' to find a book of songs.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I know… I just feel a day not spent planning is a day wasted. I get so restless…
…You're right. Indeed I'll spend today with her. Thank you, Venia. For opening my eyes.
…can you pack up the map for me, please?"
"Over such a long distance? Not with live cargo."
"…ok dear. I see she is important to you. I'm sure she'll make a fine… somepony for you. Even if I might have hoped for someone more… capable."
"Ah yes, that it was! Forgive me for forgetting. You know how my mind can wander.
But yes. You did say you wished to show it."
"I think I'll satay a while. It's nice and quiet here."
[A song of the moon and the june and the spring - By: Night Owl]


I scowl at this

"A day wasted? You disappoint me Frostmourn. Even now Sunrise should be as important to you as before."

I roll up the map and hoof it to him

"I hope you're not planning on staring at it all godforsaken night. Give that mare the love and attention she fully deserves."


But the cargo WAS intact when it went through, right? Either way.. I should go alone, first. I can use the crystal to notify you of success, then the rest of my entourage can be sent.