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The time of song is over
Let actions speak louder than words

Sunrise was learning magic with Venia
Shadow Song was packing her stuff to move to the castle
Nylis may have wet the bed
Pumpkin and Kilana need to meet up with Shadow Song later
Radiant was on the way to see the smith with Unyielding


pls no

Roll #0 3 = 3


>Radiant was on the way to see the smith with Unyielding

Actually, Unyielding was offering a tour around to place to show what's what.


Am I still speaking with Frosty?
Do I still have to spend the night with Bearing?





Another morning, another day.
"W… where am I?"

Roll #0 6 = 6


"…You did, didn't you? Was I seriously that scary?"
Guess we're doing that then
"So yes, a tour. Anywhere in particular you'd want to start?"
Yes you are still with Frosty. There was no timeskip between sessions.
"I don't know what good could possibly come of it…"
Your room
Embers is milling around


"You mean the alliance?"


"Then you can just tell it to her, in secret. She'll know."
Smile at him.
"There is one thing we must tell you first.
The reason Prima was killed."


"uh-h n-no? you just s-startled me. is all. uh. h-heh"
oh gods teleport the bed and those sheets to wherever they can get washed

Roll #0 2 + 2 = 4


"Isn't the meaning of a tour is that you show me everything important? I have no personal preferences, knowing everything you think I need to know is more than enough for me."


"…which is? She tried to get close to me?"
"Telebutt please. You're all fidgety. Calm down."
"Well, the palace houses the royal quarters of the king, queen, prince, myself, Sunrise and my partner Venia. It also contains the royal library, the chapel overseen by our high priest Manifest Destiny, a dining hall and kitchen, the barracks, an infirmary, war room and mage study."


"Uggh… hey, are you alright? What happened last night?" I held my head, this hangover is taking its toll.


"Oh… Pumpink?"


"The mansion exploded! Everyone was taken to safety in the dining hall while they cleared it out. I had to carry you, sleepy bones."


"…Okay, that war room sounds interesting. And knowing where an infirmary is is always good. Let's head there first?"


fight back my tears as I roll everything up to wash somewhere
astral projection, '1d10' to look for a place to wash this with

Roll #0 8 = 8

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I'll tell him…"
"No. She already was.
She was part of a plan for a future alliance between us and Rosefall.
She died because to the Equestrian, that was a treath."


"wha… WHAT!? Where is everybody, is everyone alright?" I stand up and get ready.


"Right. Infirmary is close, sensibly, and is run by Dr. Doc our resident healer and his assistants"
He heads inside and down a corridor then knocks on a side door
"DOC! Busy?"
"No sir. Come on in."
He smiles at you
"After you"
"Telebutt c'mon. Look chill out, no big deal. I'll wash them later. Now. You obviously came here for a reason, hm?"
"future alliance? As in… alliance through marriage? WAS I BEING SET UP FOR MARRIAGE!?"
"Weekend, so most want to sleep late. And just calm down after the night.
As far as I know, nobody died. Some were not accounted for at the dining hall though. Mostly a few students."


"With Prima."


"Who said that?"


"I was gonna read up more on healing, take a peak at your book, and get some sleep since I was up all night again. Don't wait up ok?"

Roll #0 6 = 6


Punch her to stop her from saying anything.

Roll #0 8 = 8



Roll #0 1 = 1


I return the smile and enter before him.
What does the infirmary look like?


"Unaccounted for? Oh dear, we should check them out." I then head out of my dorm and ask the school staffs or other students who are the missing students.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"WHAT!? She had to know… that's why she…"
"Well I can just teleport this junk away too you know?"
Oh man right in the soft sensitive bits
Well maintained but simple.
A few beds, some tables, lots of potions and instruments
Books on ailments and cures, anatomy and healing
A guard thinks for a while
"The only student left unaccounted for is miss Prima Donna, who was assumed dead after the explosion. All others were located after the lockdown was lifted. Miss Venia assured us they were well."


Try to get up.

Roll #0 10 = 10


I bow before the doctor.
"Radiant Dawn, at your service."


"Doc Doc, and my assistants. If you ever get hurt, come see me. Healing is what I do. Those two mostly make sandwiches."


Give her a hoof
"Don't you see he's devastated? You should drop these news carefully!"
"But yeah, I'm sorry for that.."
roll for guilt.
"Frosty, don't beat yourself over her death. It's only the Equestrians' fault."

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Y-you can? that- that's great! buh, I'm still pretty tired. uh, can I sleep in your room?"

Roll #0 6 = 6




I sat for a moment, holding my head with my hoof.
"I… I've seen her in the party… why would they do that…" I try to hold back tears.


Can't really reply to this, I feel like a jerk.
Lower my head and sigh.


I nod.
"I do know a bit of healing myself, but I have always wanted to learn more. You use magical healing as well as regular, right?"


"If she is really.. gone. Does she have friends to mourn for her? Will her resting place be attended while she sleep?" I ask the guard trying to hide tears.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Her death was far from my fault if it was due to some arranged marriage! What the hell was the king thinking!?"
"Of course. Now lets clean these out"
She teleports the sheets away
"Sorry miss. Explosive mold infestations don't discriminate. Remember to burn candles responsibly."
That's a rehearsed answer if you ever heard one. There must be more to this.
"Her father, the Rosefall high ambassador, is still on a trip. For the time being, it is up to the crown to give her at least a temporary tomb."
"Indeed. Magical healing can stimulate the body's natural repair and regeneration, but it only goes so far. Natural remedies, though often unreliable, can produce stunningly good effects. But combine the two, and a bit of simple first aid and horse sense, and you get a far more harmonious, faster and painless healing process."


"He was trying to forge an alliance I guess? Thats what you want right? Become the king of all the northlands."


help her and then follow her to her room

Roll #0 4 = 4


"What matters now? She's no more.
And neither will be your father, if we don't act!
An alliance is what the Equestrians fear, an alliance is what we will forge!"


"Up to the crown?" I looked to the guard and to Ember, confused.


"What about curing poisions or other such harmful effects? Do you use magic or those remedies?"


"So you wanted a look at my book huh?"
"He means the king can designate a temporary tomb… Hey mr. guard! Where were the unaccounted for students last night?"
"With miss Venia"
"Routine drill."
"An Alliance, sure. Some spearpoint wedding? Forget it. If the king thinks that kind of archaic garbage is still a valid way to reinforce alliances, he needs to retire along with his backwards mindset!"
Man, the prince seems really emotional about this.
"I am not too well learned in inuring against elements or curing poison. However many others are, so I have been able to secure antivenom and various potions with similar effects."


"How else are you going to forge and alliance?"


"Never liked potions myself, the vials brake easily in a heated fight and there's not always time do drink it, or the pony who needs it might be unconcious."


"Just out of curiosity. I didn't get a chance to last time and since you were asleep I couldn't ask you what there was to learn from it, or what you could learn from it."

"What did you learn from it? besides that thing with your eyes?"

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Do you know the way? We need to check on Kilana and Pumpkin if they are alright."


Lock eyes with him.
"But are you ready?
Because, Prince, if I'm understanding correctly, you want to drop your title now.
You want another role.
I am your blade in the dark.
I am the lie you tell your mare when you go out at night.
I am the weight of your guilt.
So if you are ready for all this, if you are ready to make calls that will kill hundread to save thousands, say so, and I'll pledge my loyalty to the new King.
But be well damn sure to be ready."


"Reason. Mutual gain. Safety. Peace. And if all else fails, conquest."
"Well I'm a doctor, not a field medic. My healing is meant for permanent recovery, not prevention of imminent death."
"…well um… I could… show you if you want?"
"I dunno where they are, exactly. But we can always go look for them?"
"Pumpkin please. You aren't going to kill him."


"Reason? In the north? Come on Frosty you know thats not possible."


"What about your assistants?"


"do you think you can control what you do? I'm afraid of teleporting near the prince, my friends, even you because I can't tell how well the results of my teleportation will end up to…"
take a deep sigh
"Only if you can control it"

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Alright, lets do this." I stand up and go ask the students and staffs for Pumpkins and Kilana's whereabouts.
"Are you alright with accompanying me? I am not here to force you." I ask Ember.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Oh damn, you are still drugged from yesterday.
I wasn't talking about that.
I was asking if you were ready, damnit!
Not the king, not the kingdom, I asked if you felt yourself up to it!"


"Perhaps not with all nations. But I know some of the kings can be very reasonable. Like Longshanks of Rockeye. …and I thought the same of Iswandir of Rosefall…"
"They mostly know how to make a decent lunch and stock shelves. Still. One is my nephew's wife's brother and the other has grown on me."
"Wait wait wait is there a story to this? Because now you got me curious. Tell me about this teleporting story!"
"I'd follow you anywhere~"
…he seems to be drooling a little.
Also nobody has seen the prince around
"Of course not! I'm still far too young for those responsibilities. I know the history of this land and those around us, and I know some politics, but I am no general to the troops or a leader to the people."


I raise my eyebrow.
"Do you mean you have no combat clerics? Or are they just not sitated here?"


"Then don't speak of having the king step down!
Ready yourself, become the leader you want to be.
Forge this alliance we so much need and do it your way.
And now, if you don't need me anymore, I should leave."


"We should visit him then."


I give him a stern look and put both my hooves to Embers shoulder.
"Hey focus. This is not the time for that. We need to check out if Kilana and Pumpkin are alright. Specially Kilana."
"You see, I am worried…. "

Roll #0 4 = 4


"eugh, well one of those times was when I was fighting Stormcloak and Cloudhopper. Aside from Medve and the others happening on the three of us, I made several mishaps and got myself with a facefull of Stormcloak's… well I got a faceful of him.."

Roll #0 8 = 8


"This is the infirmary miss. Combat healers are part of the guard and royal guard. We are for everyday needs."
"Yeah go on. You sound like a pompous old pony today. I think you need to cool off."
"Leaving Wintersgrasp might be very dangerous… and… actually I've hoped to visit my father some day."
"Oh yeah me mentioned that. And then you bit him.
…but you mentioned the prince?"


"I dont know if thats a good idea considering what you are… And if you visit Rosefall they will see you are a brave stallion."


"Well, keep up the good work then! It was nice to meet you!"

I turn back to Unyielding.
"You think we could find the combat healers too later? I'd like to have a word with them as well."


"That? oh, uhh. yea I- uhh.. well I kinda.. sorta.. teleportedhimintothefilly'sroomonce"

Roll #0 2 = 2


I breath in deep and let out an exhausted exhale. I then look him at him with stern eyes.
"I am worried that there is something out there, attacking students. Dont you feel that gut-wrenching feeling that he might come after you, me or our friends?"
"At least we would know if they are alright and with that we can go ask around how we can prepare ourselves next time if there is another terrorist."

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Frosty, look, I'm sorry.
I made Bearing worry last night. She cried and was asking how this all happened and so on.
And then I had a few second thoughts about all this.
I'm sorry if I seemed rude. I just wanted to hear from you that eventually, everything will be fine."


"That's just it. I need to know how Ironfoe will see me. After all… in essence I am their prince as well."
"Some often stay at the barracks, though since we haven't been to war in over sixteen years they have become rarer.
So, where next? War room?"
"Is that all? HA! And here you had me thinking you tore his leg off or bit off his nuts too or something. Oh Nylis you crack me up. So where were we?"
"You're right. It could be anywhere. We should go hide… somewhere… private. Yeah. Uh… like right now. Totally."
"A time will come when we abandon all hope and submit to those who seek to end us. But that time is not now. The north will be united. One day. But that day is not today either.
We all must prepare more.
We must be ready for our foes.
And even more importantly - we must be ready for the responsibilities of leadership."


"Bu- but it was still the prince! *sigh* I wanted to catch some sleep in your room. at least for awhile. Also did you have anything planned? I was gonna also ask if you could help me train a bit more at breaking out of holds n' such"

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Yes, lead the way."

I wave goodbye to the Doc.


"Waht if he believe you only want his throne? He might kill you."


Exhale and calm myself.
Give Frosty a smile.
"Thank you Frosty. I needed this.
And I'm truly sorry for Prima, I had no idea you two were so close. I know how bad that feels."


*sigh* "We will hide after we find them." Slightly sad and disappointed, I try and go look again, not minding if Ember will follow or not. I go around and ask another set of students and staffs for Pumpkins and Kilana's whereabouts.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Any time. Not like anything is going on today. The bed is free so sleep away. I'll keep studying."
Unyielding leads you up to the top of one of the towers
"This tower also houses the mages. It is the largest tower in the palace.
The war room is in here"
He unlocks a door
"Then our first meeting will be a short and bloody one."
"We weren't.
…even if she was pretty… and eager… she was never Sunrise.
A beautiful bird may land in a tree near you, and sing a song as great any has ever heard. But the bird will fly away, without truly caring for you, yet the sun will rise, as beautiful as ever, every morning…"
"H-hey! I didn't offend you or anything did I? I was just trying to be, you know, strong and supporting!"
You think you can hear Pumpkin's voice from a side room.


hit the bed, and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
roll for good dreams

Roll #0 1 = 1


"So you are going to walk in with an army?"


I enter.
What's it look like?


You relive that terrible day of the worst teleport of your life.
The prince's vivid screaming burrows into your ears.
The blood.
All the blood.
"No. Just a few… friends. At my side."
Big table in the middle, with an intricate map and some pegs. Crystal balls on pedestals by the wall
"Not much, I know."


"No, you did'nt offend me. I am just a little saddened.. oh hey perhaps they are here." I knocked on the door twice.

"…. hmmm… I hope I am welcome."

Roll #0 4 = 4


How do you answer


"Was that poetry right there?
Because for once I might have understood it."
Strike an heroic pose
"All I could ever ask for!"


"That sound better but dangerous."


"It's something at least."
walk over to the table and look at the maps.


wake up
roll over
and try to have better dreams this time

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Oh hey! You the kid from yesterday, at the party?"
Look at Frosty
"We were just discussing boring stuff, what'cha looking for?"


"Whos there?"


"Oh.. my lord." I bow my head to the prince. I then approach Pumpkin.
"Its good to see you, I hope I am not intruding but I am afraid of what happened last night and to what my Ember has told me. Is Kilana safe?" I look around finding her.


"Well I… Suppose? I haven't seen her since last night actually.
I haven't exactly had the time to check on everypony…"


"Oh wait, if you meanfor the explosion and all, yeah she's fine. And she looked upbeat enough when we parted way, after the assassins and all."


"Kilana? Yeah she is ok."


File: 1352146815106.png (85.19 KB, 856x856, the northlands.png)

"I'm no poet. I just said what I felt."
"If they cannot protect me, no army could have."
"That's the Northlands. The pegs mark notable locations. Ironfoe, here on the east, is our ancient enemy. Eaglecrest to the south has been on the verge of war for years now. Rockeye has seen a recent surge of contact with us, and we had an ambassador from Rosefall until last night."
You dream of flowing rivers and great waterfalls. Swimming in warm lakes and tending a garden.


"Oh dear, I am afraid that she and some ponies are injured. I am very sorry for my crude behavior and letting myself in."


"If… I may ask, what are you guys talking about?"




What the fuck man it was just a dream what is your problem
"Uh, Nylis?"


"Well I will be there with you, if you want to."


"It's okay we were done here anyway."
"Just last night, you know? The explosion and all."


"Did he quit?"

I look around, anything else interesting?

Roll #1 9 = 9


I can't really trust you now can I?
"Y-yea winterbreeze?"


"I am in a bit of an hurry thou, I should go."

Shadow Song talked about advanced training.
I do need it.
Training in combat. Let's look for Unyelding.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Scouts found his body in the mountain roads."
There is a shot ton of pins on the south edge of the map
fear is the mind killer
"You ok in there? You seem a bit um… watery, today."


He is walking around with a new soldier, showing him…her(?) the war room up in the tower


Oh yes, the soldier I met earlier. Lady Radiant.
"Hey Unyelding, might I interrupt a moment?"


"I see, I hope the guards are able to investigate and solve this… terrible event. I myself am worried about the safety of myself and of my new found friends."

Out of curiosity, I look around to see who is present in the room


"Ugh, I know. I don't think I should sleep for the next few days.. hey can I train with you on breaking holds again?"


"Oh… you really have a serious bandit problem. We'll need to see to that."

I point at the many pins.
"What's up with those?"


"No problem. What do you need?"
The prince, Valnia and Embers
"Sure. Just don't pee on me or anything."
"The empire to the south, Equestria…"


I read my conjuration book.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Yea hold on then"
run to the bathroom, do my business, then head back
rolling to break out of her hold

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Training. Last night I nearly died out there.
And Shadow Song is great with sneaking and all, but I want to know how to hold my own one against one."



"Uh… Sorry… I, Equestria? I… I think I might have heard about it, but I'm not sure…What's it like?"


I awaken in my room. What time is it, and are those unicorns still there so I can properly get their names?


I sat there in and listen to their conversation.


You are pretty sure this book is not written in a language you know.
She hold onto your ears and pokes her tongue out at you
"Oh c'mon you can do better than that!"
"Well who better to come to than me. We can spar outside later to test your starting skill level. Alternatively, miss Radiant here can do the starting test."
"Ruthless from the looks of it. Supposedly nice and prosperous and peaceful, ruled by some living gods. But not worth it if you ask me. They employ unforgivable tactics against their enemies. I mean just last night their assassins tried to kill the prince and his friends."
They are still around


"That's terrible? Is there a war going on?"


"Miss Radiant?"
Turn to her
"You must be really good if Unyelding says so himself."


"Not openly. But we fear it may become inevitable in the future.
Miss Radiant, would you mind showing Pumpkin here some basic combat training?"


"So, did you ladies enjoy last night?" I smile at them,
I look at 'junibelle' "So, Junibelle Do ya'll remember your name this morning?"
To the crystal ball cutie marked one, "And, do you really hate your name that much sweet heart? Someone who tastes as good as you shouldn't be ashamed of their name.."


"Thank you both. Let's head to the training grounds then, shall we? Especially if threat stands, we'll need all the help we get."

I go to the training grounds.


"So miss Radiant, you have decided to remain in Wintergrasp?"
Head to the training grounds.


I kept quiet even with the shocking news that someone is trying to murder the prince. I then look at the map and try to push the thought of an inevitable war out of my mind by memorizing the map on the table.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Herbal Supplements. Yeah, that's what it is."
"I just don't like being called 'Jingly Balls'. Though, could be worse. I could have been a stallion with that name."


"Oh, Herbal Supplements, that's a great name!"
"Girl, don't eve worry about it Jingle is a daymm cute name."

I go about getting ready so that this sounds more casual. "So.. any of your girls got a special somepony?"


I point at my guard uniform and hammer.
"Yes, and not only I will stay, I'm already in service at the Palace."


Wrong room dear.
Unyielding, Radiant and Pumpkin are in the War Room
You, Frostmourn and Valnia are elsewhere
"it's complicated"


"Well that was fast! So, you gonna show me something or you just want to spar?"


"Well, you two need to make it simplified, ask your ponies to man it up.."
To the one which said no.. "Well, I don't have one either.. want to meet up for lunch tomorrow? You know just to hang out?"


Jingly thinks a little
"Eh, why not. Got nothing else important."


Once we get there, I turn around to face him.

"Oh, you've got a sharp mouth? Have a blade for it too? Show me."


"Sweet." Having completed my morning routine, I say good bye to the mares, and giving an extra long stare at Jingly, before heading out to see the others.


"Yeah sure."
Vanish '1d10'
Backstab Pull her tail! ' r2 1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Not gonna roll the second one since the 1st failed


I look at the prince, peasant curiosity taking over, I gather my courage and approach him with careful grace.
"My highness, I am not worthy of your presence but with good will, may I extend my greatest hope that harm neither touch you, that the Gods bestow their blessing upon your family and may you have a long, peaceful life."

I then give him a low bow of respect.

Roll #0 3 + 1 = 4


I shake my head with a smile.
"I didn't ask you to trip and fall on your face, I asked you to show me if you had any weapons on you."


Raise up and sigh.
"Yeah, my daggers. I've never left home without them since… Well, since a few years ago when something happened. Nothing important right now."


"So are they sharp? Are they able to kill a pony? Could you inflict a deadly wound on me with them if you wanted to now?"


"Yeah. That's one thing I'm sure they can do…
I haven't sharpened them after last night thou."


"They will do for what I have in plan. On my mark, I want you to try and kill me. Don't hold back. Slice my throat or stab my heart, whatever you feel that will end my life. And don't hold back. Can you do that?"


"Why are all the mares into pain today…"
Vanish, Backstab. For real, now.

Roll #0 9, 6 = 15


Vanish is successful and backstab crits.


I activate Last Stand as soon as I see him dissapear into thin air, the otherwise very much lethal attack harmlessly pinging off the divine shield.



Actually look shocked at this.
"I… I hadn't even thought of that. My usual teacher tends to be always on her horseshoes and I just thought I'd go and attack and…"
"Oh crap I almost killed you! And everything I can think about is how I didn't follow orders instead!"

Calm down
"Okay, here I go again."
Attack with both daggers.

Roll #0 10, 7 = 17


I turn around watch him with scornful eyes, even as one of the daggers that could slit my throat perfectly and the stab at my chest are both deflected leaving me without a scratch.

"That's enough for now. I know this was the reason of the show, but I could have got hurt because you can't show proper discipline. Is this how you plan to follow orders?"

I try to prepare myself for the inevitable exhaustion that is soon to come.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"You feeling allright?"
Be ready to catch her if she falls.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Try to stand up, accepting Pumpkin's offered hoof to help.

"Yes… Just a minor side effect of the trick I just showed you. I wanted to show you that attacking is not the only thing you need to care about in battle. You might be the strongest warrior in the entire world, but that doesn't mean anything if you can't get past the defenses of the enemy."

Roll #1 3 = 3


"And how did that work? I mean, it was like hitting stone!"


Fuck it, this shit is trivial anyway

I stand up.

"Faith. Say, Pumpkin, do you believe in something? Anything? Do you even Praise the Sun?"


"Funny you'd say that.
I never thought about God myself… But if he's there, he'd be everwatching, for us in our darkest hours, lighting our path.
I guess for me something worth believing in would be like that.
Like the Moon!"


I narrow my eyes slightly.
"More like the Sun, right?"


Lower my head
"It's not my place. I can't walk in the sun like you would, tall amongst other ponies, proud of my deeds.
I've been taught to do horrible things in the name of my liege, and I'm still learning to accept it.
The sun wouldn't even want me.
The moon, on the other hand, hides and helps everypony like me.
That's more my place."


"I see. Still, I'm afraid my teaching are of the way of the Sun, but you might still learn. As long as you believe enough…. but I suspect there is more to it. You're doing this for 'your liege'. That's belief too. Do you have Faith in Frostmourne?"


"That's not even a question. I will always follow him. Are you saying that would be enough? Fate that he can protect me from a sword is enough to make it happen?"


I chuckle.
"No, that would get you killed. Only the Divine can protect us, but that faith can fuel the fire in your heart and soul. And that fire can help you when it comes to offense."


"That sounds interesting. I take there's more than just 'brandish a knife while red with rage' to it, right?"


"Of course. I'm a Paladin, not a Berserker, remember? You don't want to feast on hatred or rage, you rather you call upon your love for something and fight for that. If you have enough discipline, you CAN use your rage too, yes, but form it to a purpose!"


"And can you show me?"


"Of course I can. Watch this."

I walk towards one of the training dummies, then ready my hammer, then let my love towards the Sun guide me and my hoof, as I bring the weapon down on the dummy with full force.

Fervor and Power Attack

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Well that was.. Sniny I guess? So you just focused your rage, fears and all that into one attack?"


"Yes, but I actually messed up the move itself… Wait, let me show it to you on this one."

Blast it.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Whoa! I wanna try!"
Well now.
Focus my love.
Bearing, her smile, how she worries for me. Shadow Song, her twisted ways, how she cares for me. Frosty, because I believe in him.
Focus my anger.
The ripped wing. The broken bone. The smug face of the lordblade mocking me in the night.
And all of my sorrow.
Having to lie to my friends. Having lost Medve. Hating Prima without even knowing her. Slipping away from Bearing at night to become nothing more than a tool.

And now, show my convinction in this attack.
Face on, no tricks this time.
Lunge at the training dummy with a dagger hold tight in both hooves, go for the neck.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Meanwhile, Kilana is wondering around the school grounds.


"Kilana! Hey! uhh.. hey Kilana!"


"Oh, hey Nylis. How ya' feelin' girl?" I greet you warmly.


"I'm alright, more or less. Kinda..

uhh, anyways! I've been thinking. I'm not sure how much longer it'll take for me to get any more comfortable than I already am with this healing thing. And I'm not really sure how you feel about that,uhh.. well that scar of yours. So did you want to, uhh; try fixing it now?"
ponder for a minute
"Ah-but justsoyouknow! in order to try and reheal with no scar, I'm going to have too.. uhh, I'd need to.."


I blink and put my hoof on your shoulder. "I believe in you, go ahead and give your best shot."


"Ar- are you sure? I'd need to make a wound around the scar!"


I nod. "Its fine, that cut didn't hurt so badly the first time, I can handle it again." I brace myself for the cut. "The worst thing that can happen is you make it bigger. From what I understand magic is a about confidence, and healing magic is about faith. So, ya just gotta believe you can do it."


"Conficence, and Faith.. ok!

I'm not gonna lie, this will hurt…. ok no more dallying"

cut open the area around the scar and heal it back shut

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Oh, oh no uhh! hold on let me try again!"

Roll #0 8 = 8


I stand firm and feel the area. "Well.. how does it look now?"


"W-well.. it's not as noticeable now! but uhh.. *sigh* alright well since I had to redo it, there's still a scar. but it's smaller than it once was. I'm sorry Kilana I couldn't get rid of it…"



I give you a tight hug. "Tis ite girl. I got this scar defending my homies, its nothing to be ashamed of anyway."


return the hug
"Alright, thanks for not getting mad at me."


"Not bad, but come on, you can do better than this. Concentrate! Just thinking about it won't help, you must give all of yourself into it!"


"Like that's easy! I've been taught to devoid myself of emotions while fighting! That I should feel nothing at all, no passion, no rage, no remorse!
This is the exact opposite!"
Why can't I get it!
Why can't I even kill a worthless Equestrian bastard?
Why can't I be stronger?
Stab at the dummy again, make it suffer like I made suffer the one in the woods.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"That was a good stab, but you have to make up your mind. Do you want to be a murderer? Or do you want to kill because it's necessary? That would have been everything but a clean kill. Why do you want to make your foe suffer? Does the fact that you end a life not enough? Our enemies are ponies too, you know. You must always respect that fact."


"Respect? The wish to end a life fast enough, to not make them suffer?"
Relax a bit.
That's something I never thought of.
Making the attack so precise that who's on the other end of the blade won't even feel it…
Strike just the right point to kill them outright…
I get it! It's not about rage, is about will!"


"Exactly. We are not worshippers of Destruction, we do not kill because of a sadistic glee from their suffering. We kill only when we have no chance. Never end life when not necesarry. Think of Redemption.
Remember… they could all be saved."


Whereever you may have been, continue from there.


time to sex up Winterbreeze!train on escape artist more with breezy

Roll #0 5 = 5


How is the above training gonna work?




Watch Pumpking and Radiant train and read my book.

Roll #0 10 = 10



You manage to slip one of your ears out of her grip
"Well that's something. What a harder one?"
Keep at it and you'll access the skill once the plot moves along
Sunrise walks along to the tower
Unyielding is there too, in the war room




Roll #0 10 = 10


"Hell yea I do! Bring it on!"
try to break out of her next hold

Roll #0 10 = 10


Enter the room, clearing my throat to announce my presence.

"Who is the mage in charge here these days?"


"That's not exactly what I've been going for… But I guess the way of faith is not exactly the same as the way of shadows, is it?"
Keep the attacks up.
"Tell me Lady Radiant…"
And up
"…how did you…"
One more
"… find your faith?"

Roll #0 2, 9, 6 = 17


attacks to the target dummy, of course.


Did you say something about us singing up for skills we want to learn? Do these skills have to be from our class/multiclass?


probably have to otherwise i'd be signing up for reincarnation harder than i would be pony'ing


He nods
"A pleasure. Did we meet at the party by chance?"
You are making great progress. The book makes a lot more sense than it did before. This thing should not take long to learn.
You slip out with ease from the grab, tight as it was
"Whoa! I'm not even sure if I can make it harder than that…"
The few there turn to look at you
"Spearhorn! We have a visitor!"
Spearhorn peeks around a bookshelf, a scroll impaled on his remarkable namesake
"Yes? Oh! Miss Venia. Grand to have you. What is it you need?"
I'd prefer they are.


"That's easy, I always… I mean… ever since I was a filly, I…"
I stop and stammer for a moment.
Since I was a small filly… I believed… believed… in the Sun?
"… I think… I always had it. Ever since I've know my mind, I had this strong feeling towards… the Sun. Yeah. The Sun, that was it. Only, over the years of my life, I have prayed and learned and set my faith in stone, learned to be unwavering in what I believe is right."


"hmm… uh well get inventive! another!"
two more tries this time

Roll #1 8, 2 = 10


Motion towards Sunrise

"I've come to request a magical catalyst for miss Sunrise. I'd like to teach her a few things you see, so she'll need one."




I go sign up for Locate and Animal Mastery.


Stop attacking
"Since you were a filly?"
Take a breath
"That's not really much help. So you are either born with faith, or you are not?"


"Oh! Yes your highness. We do meet back then and… oh, I am very sorry if I have not given you my name." I smiled
I look at him straight in the eye. "My name is Lilah Bluemoon, it is always a pleasure to meet you." I give him a smile.
"Oh, and this young gentlecolt here is a friend of mine and one of the first students to help me get my bearings in this school. His name is Ember."


"No, no no, of course not. I have seen others develop it. For some, it takes years, decades even and for some other, some miracolous revelation allows them to have such strong faith in matter of seconds, or even a complete change of heart for a better cause. You only need persistence and to believe in yourself!"


"Catalyst. Right. Well. Hello miss Sunrise. Do you know hoe catalysts are made?"
She thinks a moment
"Um… they are based on an object with deep connection to the user?"
"Prrrrecisely. And with the addition of a conduit for the flow of magic, it allows the user to alter the flow of arcane forces to their will and skill. So, do you have something suitable?"
"I.. I do! The prince gave me this a long time ago… so it's very special to me!"
She pulls out a small amulet
"Perfect! Now just follow me and we'll get it carved."
Those are taught by Unyielding Anvil.
Though today is a weekend, so no class…
You get out of her four hoof headlock with ease but after she jams a chair over you and sits on it you seem stuck.


I nudge her in the side

"So what do I need to teach you? What would you want to do with your magical abilities? The ability to conjure wings? Learn spells to defend yourself and Frosty if ever need be?"


"woah! uhh, alright then"
try to escape artist out one last time

Roll #0 6 = 6


I guess you are the expert about this."
sit down on the pavement of the training grounds.
"Is there anything you do to… Oh this is gonna sound weird… Feel closer to the sun?"


Well in that case I'll go to the castle and see how my friends are doing.


"Oh Frosty is already so good with the wings… I want to learn something even he can't do! Something to impress him! Show him I can be tough too!"
Training pays off.
It seems you have mastered this art at last!
Winterbreeze claps
Pumpkin is training with Radiant
Venia is with Sunrise
Nylis is in Winterbreeze's room



"Hey Pumpkin! Are you feeling better after that, uh, fight?"


I chuckle.
"Don't worry, it's not weird at all. At least you thrive to learn. And yes, I do."

I look up to the sky.
"I praise it every day, ask it for guidance when lost, ask for help when in need, and so on. Sometimes I even…"
I chuckle.
"Okay, you don't laugh now… sometimes I stare at it until my eyes hurt. Everypony has their own ways. You should find your's, and draw strengh from it."


"Yes! Thank you Breezy!"
twirl her about and kiss her on the cheek

….then go back to studying heal or something '1d10'

Roll #0 8 = 8

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Hm… I do have a few things I could teach you. Though are you sure you don't want to learn wings as well? Don't you think he'll like them?"


"Hello Embers."
"H-hello my liege"
"Any trouble lately"
So, miss Bluemoon, what do you study and where are you from?"


"Hey Corn."
Smile at him
"Join us down here. Lady Radiant was showing me how to fight using my beliefs.
I can't believe I'm actually trying this."
"That… That sounds exactly every bit as strange as I thought it would."
"And you can still see. If this doesn't mean that the Sun loves you, I have no idea what would."
Think about this a bit.
"There is something I can do… But I'll need the night for that."


I look around.
"Lady Radiant? Where is she?"


I lost my notes on your heal progress. No need to read any more. It works at DC8 and you get it at DC6 after the next timeskip
"He likes his own a lot, and he even figured out a way to give them to me. I'm not sure if he'd see it as like… contesting his power? What do you think?"


"Mmmm… perhaps. You know how stallions can be sometimes."

I roll my eyes and wave my hoof dismissively

"In that case, don't worry. I'll teach you some other stuff!"


I wave at him.
"Over here. Radiant Dawn, at your service. Do you have problem with your sight? It's always sad to see a young pony being blind…"

"May I ask what?"


"Oh right, you don't know her yet. Might I introduce you two?"
Point to Radiant
"Lady Radiant, this is Corn Pone, younger chef of Wintergrasp, and a pony I'm honored to call brother in battle.
And Corn, this is Lady Radiant, paladin of the Sun and Frosty's new teacher. And I hope she'll accept me too."
"You would get mad just like a few moments ago!"


I do a doubletake.
"Oh, ah, heh, I must have missed you. So you are some kind of priest? You don't happen to know any magic, do you?"


"I live in a small village at the snowborders area. So far my parents send me here to study magic and the arts, music and culture of our people. I've just arrived here this week so I am quite new, and quite lucky to had a friend and to meet a prince in such a short span of time."


"Priests dont wear armors like that."


"Pleased to meet you, Corn Pone. And I'm not a priest, I'm a Paladin, but I do know some healing and magic."

"I only got mad at you when you attacked without permission! Come on, you can tell me!"


Spearhorn returns with the pendant. It now softly glows and has lines and runes cut into it
"Aww… it looks a bit… broken."
"Not to worry, it works fine"
"I mean it doesn't look as pretty any more…"
"Well I'm glad to have you here in my kingdom. I trust you're acquainted with the school staff, and most of them have a day off anyway so I can't really show them off to you. However I was on my way to listen to a small private lecture if you'd like to join."


"No, you got mad at me when I told you about the moon!
And that's exactly what I'm gonna do! I'm gonna fly towards the moon tonight, and keep on going until my wings are tired and the ground is tiny!"


"That sounds… dangerous? What about the cold? What if you fall?"


"You cant fly to the moon Pumpkin."


"Now, now, it's as fine of a catalyst I've ever seen! Isn't it symbolic that Frosty's gift is what will allow you to learn spells now? I think he'll like the thought of that."


"Hmmmm… " I put a hoof on my chin, lost in thought. "Well I wont be doing anything today, it will be an honor your majesty." I then follow him.


"Seriously? I'm a pegasus, I've been flying all my life.
And is no more dangerous than looking straight into the sun!"
"I'm not gonna give up on this. Some nights the moon is so big, I can almost feel like I can touch her!"


"Please you are doing to hurt yourself."


"I don't know about you, but it is always so cold around here, who knows what even higher has? I only ask you this, do it with caution and at your own risk. It might give you the faith you need or it might hurt you."


"Come along then. To the chapel we go."
Embers stays behind
An old priest is arranging things in the chapel
"Hello mr. Destiny"
"Hello prince. And miss Bluemoon. I had a feeling I might see both of you here."


"Put it on, see what it feels like!"


She puts it on and jumps back a little
"AAH! It feels so… powerful! Is… is this what horns feel like?"


"That's not hurting.
Watching Medve go was hurting. Running off from Bearing every night to train in something she doesn't want me to become is hurting.
This, on the other hand, feels… Purifying."
"Oh please, I'm covered in fur and feathers, born on the streets of the North! I can take some fresh night air! Now, where were we with the training?"
Spring on my hooves




I shrug

"You'll get used to it, don't you worry!"

I turn to Spearhorn and bow

"Thank you for your aid, kind sir."


"Oh hello." I greeted the priest.
"What exactly are we going to do here my highness? I dont see anyone here?" I looked around curiously.


I frown.
"Then say, why are you hurting yoursel? And why are you hurting… Bearing?"


"I told you, private lesson."
The priest puts his stuff away and sits down
"Manifest Destiny. High priest, master of rituals, overseer of this chapel, part-time teacher. Today's class will be about politics and history."


"This is a point I thought you of all ponies would understand.
Faith. I have faith in Frosty. I know he needs me."



"Any day miss. Always glad to see more non-unicorns get into magic."
Sunrise is struggling to contain herself


"Eh.. ?" I unknowingly give the prince a dumbfounded look. Private lessons, not that I do not want to give the prince an ounce of doubt but he is handling it to me on a silver platter. I try to sense his motives.
"Well, is it about the history of the formation of the Northlands my prince?"

Roll #0 4 = 4


"He needs you. But does he need you to stay strong, or does he need you hurting yourself, weakening your own spirit, ready for someone else to break it?"


"I couldn't agree more."

I nod solemnly and shake his hoof, then turn to Sunrise.

"Alright, then! Let's head over to the training grounds."

Do as said


"Lady Radiant, please."
Walk closer to her
"I know my limits. I'm not hurting myself.
Too much.
For now.
But you get what I mean!"
Shake my head
"I must keep going, Lady Radiant! If I don't, everything will happen again! And what if Shadow Song is not there next time?!"


"A very accurate guess miss Bluemoon."
"The lesson, to be exact, will be about the current state of the Northlands and how they came to be what they are."
And you head there


"And what if you waste your youth and suddenly find your loved one is not there by your side any longer? Do you think depraving yourself of joy helps? How will you call upon good memories to help if you don't make any? Do you want to live off of sour and bitter thoughts?"


Seems legit, I guess.
"Wow, that would be informative indeed. I cant wait. Is mr. Destiny going to be the teacher? When would we start?


"Better to survive trying than to die out because we didn't work hard enough!
There's a war coming, and something terrible will be out for us. All of us.
And I cannot allow it to happen! No matter how weak I am, I will keep working to it!"


"Right, let's start with something simple. A magic Bolt. A bolt of non-elemental magical energy you send out at a target."

Motion to one of the training dummies.

"Concentrate on building up a certain amount of energy using your catalyst. Then aim and unleash it at your target."

Demonstrate this

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Destiny here knows the most about history so he has been chosen as the one to teach this stuff"
"That I have. We can begin right away if you both are ready."
"O-ok? Um… non elemental… energy. Uh.. ok? L-lets try that!"
She tries to focus on channeling some non-elemental energy
then releasing it
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 5 = 5


She can't really get anything to happen
"M-miss Venia?"
Oh man look at those wet eyes
She might cry any second
"H-help? Me?"


"So where are we studying and when? I dont see any blackboard here?" I ask the priest as I look around the room curiously.


I put a hand on his shoulder.
"Pumpkin, listen. You are deadly as it is, that much I can tell, but you can't stop a war. The best you can do is enjoy the times of peace. Do you think you'll be young forever? I spent my youth training as a Paladin, and I might be strong, but I never had a special somepony…. Do you see it now? You need to reconsider your priorities. I assure you, the good times will only make you stronger than any training you'll ever get."


"Aw, don't worry! I wasn't expecting you to ace it from the first try, nopony can do that!"

Pat her on the back reassuringly

"Just try again sweetie. Concentration is needed in the beginning. It'll all be easier once you've practice, don't you worry!"

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Miss Radiant please, I do take care of her.
There's not a day I don't give her all my love."
go back and pick up my dagger
"Now once more, show me how faith can protect!"


"This will do well. The mind is a wondrous tool. Simply open it, and learn.
Or take notes if you wish.
In any case. Prince, could you tell me what we learned last time?"
"Gladly. Ironfoe, the kingdom to the east of Wintersgrasp, is rules by King Deep Rock. It was founded by King Ironfoe, who had deep personal conflicts with King Wintersgrasp.
Ironfoe is most notable for their prowess in smithing and their advances in the field of golem crafting. Much of this is due to the fact that Ironfoe Castle extends deep into the mountain it sits on - they use the magma deep underground to fuel their grand forges, enabling them to make steel far more pure than anywhere else."
Destiny nods
"Very good, prince."
"O-okay. I just… this is all really really new and scary to me! H-here I go again! HNNG!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Yes, but you must enjoy yourself to the fullest!"

I stand tall again and puff out my chest.
"On my mark this time. Prepare your weapons!"


A weak, unstable flare of energy bursts from the pendant


"Just a minor miscast! Don't worry, just keep at it! You'll get the hang of it! I promise!"

Demonstrate mine again, maybe that'll encourage her

Roll #0 8 = 8


Clench one dagger in my mouth and the other in my hoof.
"Yhou know, there ish shomethin I like abouf you!"


Activate Last Stand.


"You make it look so easy…
Well, you don't know 'till you try…

Roll #1 6 = 6


Let loose of the dagger in my mouth.
"Is exactly what I'm talking about!"

Roll #0 4, 5 = 9


A solid if not very strong bolt smacks the training dummy, leaving a visible hit mark
"I-I did it?


I keep on listening, putting the lesson in mind. Wow, this is still quite an honor to be part of this private lesson/tutorial/history with the prince.
I continue to listen to the lesson


Vanish doesn't work, I trip and fall on my own dagger.
Try again,
Vanish, Backstab.

Roll #0 7, 2 = 9


I clop my hooves together and cheer

"See! You did it! Wonderful!"


I turn around to face him with a grin as the attacks barely even sctatch the shield.
"And what is that? Keep up, again, only one more time!"


"I feel exhausted…"
Once more, attack her with both daggers.
"It's EXACTLY this! How damn sure you look right now!"

Roll #0 7, 4 = 11


"Well that covers the kingdoms closest to you. Wintersgrasp and Ironfoe.
Next, we can learn about Rosefall or Rockeye. Any preference?"
"What about you, miss Bluemoon?"
Uh… sorry I got a little carried away there… that felt soo.. amazing!"


My legs give away as the effect ends and I fall to the floor.
"I have nothing the fear with the Sun on my side. Not even death."


I smile at her enthusiasm

"You sure did! I knew you could do it! Although… you still need to practice some more. You are well on your way already, but there is still work to be done. Why don't you try again? But try to form two bolts instead of a single one this time?"


Help her up.
"See, it's this I like of you.
You say it so straight faced…"

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Oh, Rosefall sounds nice? I mean for a country to put a fragrant flower into their name, that puts a testament to their love for such a lovely scent." I smile.
"I do wonder why they put the word 'fall' at the end though."


I stand up with Pumpkin's help.
"Thanks… And what can I say? How would you react if I said I could end your life right here, right now?"

I feel for the handle of my hammer with a hoof.


Lock eyes with her
"I'd feel nothing. My life is not my own, not when facing an enemy, this has been taught me long ago by my other master."


I advance on Pumpkin, stepping forward threateningly.
"Nothing at all? You would never see your special somepony again. Nor would you see Frostmourne. And if you died, you couldn't protect either of them. Does that not make you feel responsible?"


Uh… ookay?"
"The kingdom of Rosefall, west of Wintersgrasp, is a younger kingdom than ours.
As there is a notable mountain range acting as a border, disputes over land were never notable with them.
Founded by King Rosefall, formerly Duke Rosefall of Prance, the kingdom has a history of maintaining good relations to those around it, as well as keeping strong ties to Prance ever after it became a part of Equestria.
From this age old alliance, Rosefall has been seen as something of a high class kingdom in the north by outsiders, exporting mostly expensive works of art and high quality clothing. Indeed Rosefall is one of the few places where Ironweave is relatively common, due to their well kept secret of making it in large quantities.
However, their military is weak and small in scale, and aside for the king's elite guard, most of their standing army consists of foreign mercenaries paid with finery and gold from the extensive trade with other nations."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"See, the difference is…"
Vanish and appear behind her.
"I would give it my all before dying!"

Roll #0 7 = 7


I speak without even looking back.
"Think fast!"
I kick backwards with a hindleg.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Both bolts are strong and on target
She breathes heavily, her eyes going a little wild


I cock an eyebrow

"Getting a little excited there, are we? Well then, if you're feeling confident…"

Grab a ball, or something I can throw in the air in a long wide arc.

"Let's see how you fare against a moving target. This will require even more concentration so stay calm."

Throw it into the air with my TK


She takes a wider stance and focuses

Roll #1 1 = 1


Stealth away.
"See, this is what I'm talking about. I'd give it my all."

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


The spell explodes around the amulet, sending her skidding across the ground, a black mark burned on her where the amulet hung
She curls up in shock
"…W-wha-what was that…? O-oh gods…. Wha…. It… it hurts so much…"


I listened and take notes, I then raise my hand.
"Uhhmm.. if I may, how about that of Rockeye's history? If that's okay…. "


"That's good, bu-"

I turn my head toward there immediately, being in the training room as well.
"Oh by the Sun, are you all right?"

I rush over to her.
"Where does it hurt?"
Are there any visible wounds?


I quickly trot over to her and help her up, dusting her off

"That, sweetie, was a miscast. A bigger one than the last one you had. As with everything, magic is not infallible. Remember when Frosty had such a headache when he tried mixing spells? Similar case."


Drop beside her.
Do I have anything to lenite her pain?

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Well if you think you can remember it all…
Rockeye, currently ruled by Mage King Longshanks, lies to the south of Wintersgrasp, past the hostile kingdom of Eaglecrest.
What is notable about Longshanks is that he is not in any way related to the founder king. Indeed he is the apprentice of the archmage who took the crown from his then-ruler King Fordmark after the king insisted on attempting an unwise invasion.
Under the mage kings, Rockeye saw a new direction to their history, the notable mage presence making way for a full mage academy and later many ventures into magitech development. Indeed today there is one mage for every three citizens in Rockeye, and they are researching a mass teleport relay, the first of its kind usable by non-mages. At least, the first I know of. They are an insular nation with few ties to their neighbors, but our good King Goldenblood has managed to get through to Longshanks and found a few cracks in his hard exterior, opening up some small buds of an alliance proper. Indeed we do share a common foe - Eaglecrest."


"Hey winterbreeze, what day is it?"
astral projection, find everyone

Roll #0 5 = 5


Sunrise looks quite shaken by the experience
"Oh dear… all this is making me real happy I wasn't born a unicorn. No offense but I can't imagine having one of these volatile things stuck to mah skull.
…should we try one more?"


"Do you need healing? Safety first, you know."


"You'll never do it if you don't stick to it. Give it one more try!"


"last day of the weekend?"
Most everyone is in the training grounds
Frostmourn and Lila are with manifest at the chapel
"Ah can manage… but thanks."


Try healing her.
"Hold still…"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Aw, don't be like that! Sometimes you have to endure some pain to learn stuff. You can try again if you want to, but I wont force you. We can always continue this some other time if you feel like you need to rest."

Stand ready to throw the ball in the air again if she decides to go through with it.


"Oh yea, haha! uhh. so about your knowledge of your book.."

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Wow, I was thought by my mother on teleportation and the like." I blurted out.

"Uhhmm.. sorry, please continue.


"What the… tartarus magic? It's hefty stuff Telebutt. Not for everypony at all."
"Well that should be all for today. Dismissed."
The prince bows
"Thank you for this, Destiny."
"Any day prince. These are things you need to know after all."

Roll #1 8 = 8


She hits the ball and wipes her brow, then pants a little
"Ok. That's enough… huff… I need to lie down for a bit…"


I nod with a smile

"Well done Sunrise, I'm very impressed by your skills so far. You've got talent for this for sure! Go rest now, you've more than deserved it. We can continue this another day."


"well what do you know about it? How far have you gotten? Did you learn anything about returning from the dead?"

Roll #0 2 = 2


"No… just about demonic powes"




"Thank you sir." I bowed to the priest. I then turn my attention to Frostmourne.
"Well that is one lesson so far, there will be many more to come I am sure of that. I really have no idea how big this world is since I am so sheltered in the village where I live so I may have some catching up to do." I scratched my head.
"Uhhmm.. I may have to head on back now to the common quarters my highness."


With that I head out, realizing I am hungry I then headout first to the cafeteria to grab a snack or two.

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