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Oh dear it looks like the last thread fell down some stairs and died.

Too bad.
Here's the new one.

It is morning.
Most everyone is headed to breakfast.
Nylis and Winterbreeze stayed up all night coming to terms with the assassin Nylis had to kill.
Kilana is talking to her fairy ziggamammy.


Also Pumpkin started his Lordblade training.


Can I start sticking [Lordblade] instead of [Rogue]?


"You have ill earned that title yet, bladeling. One night of initiation will not earn you such a post."


"I will show you my worth, Shadow Song. Must it take me years, I will."

This said, head for breakfast with Bearing. I gotta make up to her for leaving without a word last night.


I walk to the cafeteria with a bounce in my step.
Can I find Guinevere anywhere?



Roll #0 2 = 2


She trots along with a calm smile
She must just be happy that you are still by her side
She must still be asleep.
Or then she hates you.
…must be asleep.


I go grab two servings and try to remember where her dorm was!

Roll #0 8 = 8


That's not too hard, seeing as it was right by the stairwell.
The door is closed and you can hear snoring.


"ite my zigga mama.. Ya best be comin' back next time I be replasing in ta a zigga ways"
rolling to see how this affected me. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Bitch zigga yo aint listened to a damn word I said is ya? Yo ass gon get tanned from blag an white ta blag an blue if ya cant stop being a zigga an start bein a zebra."


I leave a note out for her saying 'Thank you for last night. I really enjoyed it! [s]Would you maybe want to make this[/-] Would you maybe want to go out some time? -Anita <3' on the tray and hope she wakes up before the food goes cold, and take my food and go back to the cafeteria.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"You got something to do today? Because you know, I might not be in my room either tonight.."


"I feel ya. I got to be a true to my stripes." Am I good now DM? This is important!


Can I pick up my pretty dress already?


She slept until noon, and didn't really care for the cold food, but the note was nice. So she kept it. For safe keeping~
She gives you a concerned look
"What? Why!? Oh don't tell me you've gotten into trouble!"
"Bitch yo betta keep them stripes straight as an arrow. I don wan be catching you in no zigga moments y'all hear? Now PEACE."
She vanishes in a puff of watermelons and jazz.
You have shifted alignment to Chaotic Good.
A bad roll might trigger a Zigga Moment, sending you back to your evil ways.
Well if you insist on impatience, it technically IS "tomorrow"


Why, what's the time?


"Ahahah, no that's not it. It's just one of the things I told you earlier.
I have to do something for the Prince. And most likely, it'll take up a lot of my time.
But don't worry. Is nothing dangerous, really!"


When I have some time between classes, try to find her!

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Oh… well, if it's for the prince, then I guess it's fine."
She gives you a happy smile and continues along to pick up some food
You will. Soon enough.


Eh, whatever, check on that dress.
If it's not ready start whining until it is.


"Oh, hey, Venus, one more thing. How should I introduce you to my friends? Just a stallion I met who I'm getting along with? Unless, you don't mind me introducing you as my special mare… but I understand if you don't want to."

Roll #0 10 = 10


I guess I try to pay attention to whatever class I'm in and not daydream about her~

Roll #0 8 = 8


Your whining drives him to hurry the dress along.
Lets see how many prettiness points /10 you lost because of that
"I'm not a mare as far as the world is concerned. This is not the face of a mare."
Looks like first class is Everyday Magic.
Hm. So a small set of spellbound slips of teleport can be used to swiftly clean a room by teleporting everything with a slip to their original locations… Clever.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"That went well!"
I can't believe how good that went.
So. Look for the others!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Well, Lets check out the first good thing I've already done. Lets find Anita.


Do I learn anything else?

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Then what is? If it's the world who considers that… then let's change what they think of as 'truth', hmm? You'll be fine around my friends, we're really a… crazy bunch. Once we've established a new 'truth', where you want to go is up to you.

"I suppose the really important thing here is to remember to not lie to yourself. Just.. don't hide yourself if it hurts, alright?"

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7



Where the heck am I?


Don't throw old wine away! It can be used to clean stubborn stains on stone surfaces! And that's not all! A messed up mane can easily be cleared with a reversed lightning spell due to the way static electricity works!
She's just leaving class.
The dress is still very nice. A 9/10.
"There you go impatient little miss. A fine dress for a fine customer. Do drop by again!"
Unyielding must have carried you home from the woods.
You wake up in bed.
He is sleeping on the floor next to the bed.
"I've found a nice little spot for myself in life as a stallion. Less awkward looks and mean whispers…"

Roll #0 9 = 9


"I will! Thank you!"

Put on the dress and head back to school or something.


…Not as neat.
I leave class I guess.
"Oh hey Kilana! What's up?"

Roll #0 6 = 6


"I-I understand. It's your choice… but I want you to remember that I'm here to help you if you need it, alright? For now, you'll be Venus, Verne's new friend, who happens to have another mare friend called Julie. Let's eat, now."

Finally time to go, bye

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


I wake him up softly then

"Morning, sunshine~"


"Hey, I just wanted to see how you were today. Did you hit it off with Guinevere? Did you?" I smile and put my arm around her.


I grin and lean in closer to.
"That I did… Three. Times. Three times!
I giggle and pull her around in a little twirl.


A guard looks at the dress
"…why aren't you in uniform?"
"Bwa? Oh, gooood morning my love. Sleep well?"


"This is my new uniform."

Roll #0 2 = 2



I rub my head

"I don't even remember when I went out…"


"Aw, yeah! Way to go girl!" I go along with the twirl and grin at my first real good deed being a success.


"Look miss, the point of uniforms is to put everyone on equal terms in looks so we don't get any fancy dressing contests. Now take it off and put the uniform on."
"Somewhere between Shadow Cunt nearly dislocating my jaw and me breaking her knee."


"Not to worry, I have a permit!"
Bluff again!

Roll #0 1 = 1


I snort at this

"Still hate each other then with a passion?"


"I think we gotta find you a special someone now~"
I grin and waggle my eyebrows at her.
"So tell me… anyone you're interested in?"


"Miss this is a paper with nothing but a hand-written 'just roll with it pls' on it. The dress is not coming in, that is final."
That seems to be final.
"I'm kidding you silly girl. She went off to train Lumpkin Pie and I carried you home after you dozed off."


back for real this time.
Okay if I have nothing to do right now.. Training dummies!
Let's try that vanish thing a few times!

Roll #1 9, 2, 10, 4, 10 = 35


Walk away and find another enterance.


"You don't have to tell me now if you don't want to! Just… eventually do, okay? I'm gonna go look for Guinevere now, seeya!"
I depart and try to find her before my next class starts.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Oh, me? I suppose I want someone who's as fun as me. It would be nice to have someone for the next event, and I suppose.. I wouldn't mind a nice unicorn or a pegasus.. but they usually aren't into zebras.. Maybe just a magically inclinded zebra, that would be fine too.."


"Have fun!~" I wave goodbye to you.


There is a servant entrance if you want to try that.
It leads through the muddy yard and kitchen.
You keep puffing sand in the faces of everypony you find and then hop over them and shove them face first in the snow.
Great practice, even if one of the bigger guys you pull it in punches the air out of you for a good fifteen minutes.
…is she still asleep?
Man, she must be lazy as hell


"His name is Pumpkin, not Lumpkin, sweetie."

I get out of bed and stretch myself out a little

Roll #0 9 = 9


No matter, I tangled with bears, you know!
DC8 now, right?
Keep it up!

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 8, 5, 7, 2 = 22


…Okay, go to her dorm now.
Fly if I have to, I am seeing her before my next damn class!

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Brick! Pick me up and keep me out of the mud! We're going in here! If you drop me or get my dress stained so help me I'm going to tell on you! And then daddy will send you to someplace you don't even want to dream about!"


Lets just go to class.


Yep. That should do it.
Vanish - LEARNED. Ha! That was EASY!
Bearing then taps you on the shoulder, her face full of pebbles and snow, eyes red and mane muddy
Indeed most ponies you practiced on share this sentiment.
DC6 to explain your way out of this without losing a popularity point.
You walk in.
She seems to have at least brought the food in but fallen asleep again.
"Yes miss"
He lifts you up and walks in through the mud.
DC3 to not smack your head on the low doorframe.


Pfff, I can lower my head not to smack into it!

Roll #0 6 = 6


"You see, I tried to hit the training dummy, but something kept going wrong!"

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


Why yes, yes you can.
Bet you feel clever. You outsmarted a wooden plank.
You are now in the kitchen.
Brickhouse is having trouble fitting.
The displeased murmur is striking.
You are no longer famously cool.
"Ugh. I gotta go wash up. Don't ever use me as some training dummy again you hear me!" She huffs and struts off to take a bath.



I'll leave Anvil be and go look for the prince


Prod her in the side.
"Hey… time to wake up sweetie."


I wander outside, my striped flank swaggers behind me and I see what kind of ponies I run into out here.. Maybe check up on the latest gossip. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


A long whistle follows you as you go
"You should do that more often hun!"
The prince looks like he hasn't slept at all.
"Wha? WHA! AA!"
She falls out of bed
You hear something about Pumpkin being a dick and practicing some trick on bystanders.
And lots of murmur about… strange couples.


"Frostmourn! Good morning!"

Is Sunrise with him too?


"It's almost noon! Jeez, do you normally sleep this late?"


Is the kitchen floor icky?


See, that could actually be useful.
Where I'm going keeping a low profile is key.
Yeah, keep telling myself that. It might work.
Go find Bearing and hope she's not too mad at me.

Roll #0 7 + 1 = 8


What? Pumkin did something like that? I better go check on him and make sure.


"Good morning miss Venia. Please excuse Sunrise if she is late… she stayed up all night to be with me as I took care of… things."
She leaps up
"No! Oh no I'm so late! SO LATE! Where is my uniform…"
Just food spills and the occasional mouse.
You pop in as she is in the bath


"I'm not touching that with my hoof! Go on!"


"Yes… miss…"
He barrels along.
Dont fall off: DC5
Don't get hit by any pots, pans or bundles of food: DC7


"What happened? Did the two of you have a romantic night~?"


As if

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Uh.. hey. I'm sorry, I was a dick. I gotta make it up to you. Something, anything."

Roll #0 8 + 1 = 9


"Haven't you already missed your morning class anyways? Why are you rushing? There's no class for a bit.. I think."
When is the next class anyways?

Roll #0 8 = 8


You keep a heroic pose up on top of him and get smacked in the face by a hanging pan.
You fall off him and land in some soup spills.
Your dress loses 1d10 prettiness.
She keeps bathing
"Well… if you insist… You could wash my mane for me?"
He yawns
"I wish. We had to have an emergency meeting with the king. Nylis killed an assassin in the palace last night."
not for an hour at least

Roll #0 4 = 4


"This I can do.."
Help her, and try to give her a massage as well.

Roll #0 1 + 1 = 2




"Yeah, there's not gonna be class for another hour. So just calm down, okay?"





You try to undo the muddy knots in her mace with a remarkable lack of tender dexterity.
After a few winces and ouches she dunks your face in the bath
"At least do it properly!"
"Afraid so. The assassin first cornered her in the training grounds armoury, then again in the palace. She managed to kill him but suffered a wounded leg."
She crashes back onto her bed
"Awwww DAMNIT."
Roll to wash the dress.



Roll #0 3 = 3


"Hey have you seen how short I keep my mane? Not my specialty at all!"
retry, oh please plase be gentle!

Roll #0 2 + 1 = 3


"What's so bad about missing a class, anyways? I've missed a few and nothing's really happened."


"Was he Equestrian? Is she alright? Are you alright? What was he doing there?"

I hug him tightly

"Dammit! I should have been here, I'm sorry!"


Well there is still a big ol' splodge on it.
Still, better than it was before.
You have a 8/10 dress.
She bites it down and takes the pain for a while then pushes you away and washes it herself, grumbling
"…you better have some nice surprise for me later for this…"
"Well there goes my attendance record and reputation, nothing more. Gah. And to think the night went so well. Why must the morning after always be bad?"
"We found a sun emblem on him. It could have been planted though. Nylis should be ok, I think. She insisted she was ok. Last I saw, winterbreeze went to comfort her. And I'm unharmed…"
he returns the hug
"…I don't want to be this scared miss Venia…"


Can't I hide that somehow?
Or make it disappear?

Roll #0 7 = 7


"I'm sure it won't be that bad… You missed one day. Big deal. I doubt they're going to be giving out awards for perfect attendance or anything."
I walk over next to her.
"So… uh, did you get my note?"


"Now, don't be this materialistic! It's not the thought what counts?"
Try to slowly make her feel better, last time, please, work!

Roll #0 1 + 1 = 2


"Okay, I should really get out of here!"


"It's okay… I-we are going to stand by your side the entire way, my prince. I wont let anypony harm you or Sunrise, no matter what the cost may be."


You can hide the stain, but that ruins the shape of the dress so it's of no use.
Regardless, if someone snitches about you breaking the uniform code, you'll be escorted out.
She opens her talon
"Reading it was the one thing I found strength for…"
"NOT HERE YOU… YOU… PERV! Urgh. Ah. You are just HOPELESS today! Come and find me when you're the nice gentlecolt I love again. Good day."
She storms off.
"…How did it feel when you first killed?"


It's okay.
I'll just forge a permit for myself.
Right now.
They won't suspect a thing.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"So… um, do you want to go out with me? Since we still have time before class and all…"




"Well seeing as the day might a well be over anyway, oh why not. If a day is to be lost to frivolity, it may as well be previously unexperienced frivolity. You obviously had a plan of sorts, hm?"


"I'm sorryyyyyyyy!"
And to say this day had begun so well!
Okay time to go make up for it! Find Venia and show her the book, I'll have those wings for her!


Venia and Frostmourn are talking there in the hall.


Oh great.
Move closer and see not to interrupt anything.
"Hey Frosty! Miss Venia! Are you busy?"


I look taken aback for a moment at hearing this question

"Well… it's something you'll never forget for the rest of your life. You'll carry these images with you forever. So… you best make sure your first kill is a clean and good kill. And try not to think about it too much"

I shudder a little


I know right?!
Let's go!


"…I'm afraid miss Venia… I don't want to kill…"
"…a little"
Oh man
Look at all this attention you're getting.
Must be the dress.


I chuckle.
"That's a way to put it, I suppose."
I scratch the back of my neck.
"I did have a few things planned, yeah, but… I actually was afraid you'd back out. Thank you for agreeing."
I give her a hug.


Strike a pose to show them how good I look!

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Something dangerous happened?"


"Pumpkin… how are you?"

"And you don't have to, not yet anyway. You're young. I'll do my best to ensure you stay safe. But… there might come a day where you'll have no choice to fight by yourself. A situation where it's either you or the enemy."


"After yesterday you mean? I thought I was allright, but that training must have gotten to my head, I made a mess in the garden practicing some stuff Shadow showed me, and I made Bearing mad. I need your help to fix it!"


She slowly returns it
"Um… are you feeling quite alright then? No um… regrets, to things said and done?"
There is a bit of confused murmur among the students
"Are we having a ball?"
"Is there a contest of some kind?"
Ok so some of it was shouting.
"…Nylis killed an assassin"
"I know miss Venia"
he lowers his head
"I just fear knowing every day, that moment comes closer…"


"WHAT? Where is she? And what was the assassin doing? What if they are trying to poison the food again! Or going at it with the explosive mold!"


"No. No regrets at all. I… I think I really do like you, Guinevere. So… how does a small trip to the woods sound? Just watch the snow fall… with each other."
I squeeze her a bit tighter.
"Unless you have other ideas, of course."


I giggle at all the attention…
Is the Prince around here to see this?

Roll #0 7 = 7


I shake my head at him disapprovingly

"What did you do to make her mad Pumpkin? You should know how to separate work from private life."

"I'm still scared myself every time I get into a fight… But you have to be brave. For your family, for your friends and for your kingdom and its people. And being brave doesn't mean you're not scared. It means you're scared as hell, and then you pick up the sword anyway."


"From what I gathered, she stopped him from sabotaging the armoury and when he tried to silence her, she managed to kill him."
"The woods? Uh… ok? If that is your idea of a good time as a fellow patron of the arts… sure?"
There he is.
With Venia and Pumpkin Smile.
"…kind words miss Venia. Thank you. I think I… should train more. You know. To prepare for the inevitable."


"I kinda started practicing in the middle of the garden.. Ponies didn't take it kindly to me throwing snow in their faces..
ANYWAY! More important, see this book? Is about transformation magic, and there's one that can give a pony wings! I know nothing about magic, but maybe you could do it!"
Show her the book.


Ignore the others.
Wink at the Prince.
Non sexually

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Well- I- I mean, there's not exactly much to do here… I suppose we could head back to the castle, but then I might be late to my next class… is there something else you want to do?"


"We really need to interrogate him. Maybe I can ask Shadow Song to help. She has ways…"


"Yes… you should. And I'll do my very best to help you out in any way I can, like my mother did for me."

"Giving ponies magical wings? That's… intriguing, let me see that book."

Read it, is it possible?

Roll #0 9 = 9


The prince glances your way but returns to his conversation.
"No, no, I insist. Show me a good time your way."
"…thank you miss Venia. It means the world to me."
Now lets see this book
…whoa uh… ok um… so this must… eh…
um… OH! OOOOH! Oh. Oh yes. Hm, that makes sense… uh…
Wow. Damn. This is some advanced as fuck magic.
Casting it with any level of reliability will be hard.
DC9 hard.


"So miss Venia, what does it say?"


Do I get the +2 from my CM if I make them lightning wings?

"This is… advanced stuff Pumpkin. Wow… casting this wont be easy at all. But I'm not one to shy away from a challenge either."

I wink at him


That won't do!
Get his attention somehow!

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Now I'm almost sorry for giving you an hard time yesterday in the woods! Whoa this is gonna be awesome!"
Be an happy little pony. Just because I still can.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I've never been on a date before! I've never even read much about them! I honestly don't know what to do or what would be a fun thing to do…"


Lightning is not an airtight material, how is it going to support her weight?
Uh… ok that did get his attention.
I think it got the attention of most everyone within seeing range though.
And a happy pony you are.
A very happy pony indeed.
And you will soon make a very special someone very happy as well.
"Well why don't we just do thing you like to do then?"


I walk over to him.
"Ooopss… sorry about that~"
I giggle.
"So how are you today, Prince?"

Roll #0 3 = 3


"I… I like performing. Does that work?"


"Oh great. You. Frosty, shouldn't we go somewhere else?"


"Look, don't get too excited! This is going to be extremely difficult to execute!"

Shit. Can I practice it to lower the DC or can I only go in dry?

"Frostmourn, take a look at this spell."

Magic the book in front of him

"What are your thoughts on it?"


"Hey a large shot is better than no shot!"


long* shot


"I didn't speak to you."


"You already spoke a bit too much with the prince, and if I recall it didn't end well last time.."


"And what does that supposed to mean, huh?"


"It means you have to stay. Away. From. Frosty."
Narrow my eyes


"Oh, and who are you to decide that, huh?"


"Terrible. Last night was a nightmare for me. i really don't need anything extra in my life right now."
"The arts are always a fine subject. What exactly did you have in mind?"
"…what is half this crap? I mean I get that this is a conjuration spell, but the neuro…synchronous…synap-sy.. yeah. and what are half these runes and anatomical charts?"
Maybe we can have a plot casting bonus for it later
"Calm down both of you. I have seen enough blood for a few days."


"Oh no, what happened?"
I step just a bit closer.
"Are you all right? You haven't been hurt, have you?"


"You there, stand still!"

Try to use this spell on her

Roll #0 6 = 6


"My Prince's blade."
Stealth away and unsheathe my dagger.
On the other hoof, let's not.
Come back from stealth and stand clear of Prima.

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7




"No. But I have not slept either. I had a big mess to clean up. Luckily, I did not stay up alone."
Prima feels a crawling, growing sensation under the skin on her shoulders but nothing visible happens




"Yeah, complicated stuff. But I suppose figuring things like these out is half the fun!"

I frown a little

"Hmmm… Try to relax yourself. Loosen your muscles and mind not that you have a lot of either."


Roll #0 10 = 10


"I suppose… Would you like me to do some magic for you?"


An immense colossus of a pony, closer to a buffalo in stature lumbers over, looks at the scene and asks in a calm, soothing voice
"What seems to be the trouble?"
A short stinging pain and a flash of light later, large, iridescent wings sprout from the back of Prima.
Frostmourn is visibly impressed by her new looks.
Bearing Fruit, who noticed the flash, looks around a corner, gasps and runs away sobbing


How dead am I right now?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"ASSAULT ASSA-oh, what?"
I look back at my wings, then flutter them.
"Whooaaaa, this is so cool! False alarm, Brick!"
I then look at the Prince and grin.
"Like what you see?"


Pretty ded. Sobbing to myself.
"It went wrong.. so wrong…"


"Verily. They're… beautiful."


No time for moping. Go after Bearing.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I blush and wave a hoof around.
"Oh you're just flattering me~"


She's crying her eyes out in her room
"Oh no, I mean it. They look… radiant. may I touch them?"


"Oh my. Not a bad spell! How do they feel? How strong are they?"


I stand even closer to him.
"Only if you promise not to break them!"
I giggle.


"I swear by my heart. Such works of art they are…"
He touches them softly, caressing their shimmering surface, sending ripples back to your muscles
"So smooth… so soft. So very very delicate… and so beautiful…"


"Bearing! Please believe me, I had that spell saved just for you!"


God dammit phone…


"Hmm.. ok! Sure. A glance into the arcane arts should be most exhilarating."


I shiver from the sensation.
"Oooh… that feels good…go on~"


"WHAT!? No! I didn't even know Venia casted it on her! For the sky's sake, how could you ever think I'd love any other mare?"


"…you really mean it? Really, honestly mean it?"


"I died. My friends keep telling me I didn't, but I know I did. And you know what is the last thing I remember?"
take a breath
"Seeing your face in the blinding light of the explosion."


She does not move a muscle
"…come here."
He gently nudges one of the wings and watches it ripple
Rolling not to overdo it and break it

Roll #0 2 = 2


Walk over.
"I cried for you in that moment, you know."


Alas, the things most beautiful are often the most fragile.
And wings of naught but daylight and gossamer are not meant for poking around.
The left wing cracks and shatters.
"…I cry every night you are not at my side… I want to cry every time I take a breath and you are not there to share it… I… I love you Pumpkin… I just… I…"
She throws herself around you


I look back.
"I..hey ouch! Y-you broke it!"


"Well that was disappointingly weak. Follow me prince, we'll practice some more wingmaking."

Walk off to find Pumpkin


"Hey, you're not just going to leave me after this, are you, Prince?"


Embrace her.
"I'm not going anywhere. I am here. And now, I'll do something I should have done long ago."
after we are done, and I mean done done, give bearing her time and all, I give my wings a test flight. How do they look, could I lift her with me?

Roll #0 2 = 2


"I… I'm so sorry… I cannot… imagine how it must have felt… I…-
-…uh, yes, miss Venia."
"Forgive me, Prima I must.. go."
Not a chance.
You'd need serious physical training to manage that.


"I..but you… Prince I…"

Bluff some tears.
Pls work.
Just this once.

Roll #0 1 = 1


Nevermind then.
"Looks like I can't do that after all. How useless I must look right now, I can't even give happiness the one mare I care about the most."
Go back to her.


"I'm concerned… if those wings are that weak they might not be able to stand strong winds. Which is a huge problem in the mountains…"

Now approach Pumpkin

"Is she around still?"


You throw a violent temper tantrum, breaking the other wing as well and forcing Brickhouse to put you in a time out.
"…hello my love. You look sad. What is the matter? Please don't tell me I upset you earlier?"


"She's right here."
nuzzle the mare I'm embracing.
you are now in bearing's chamber.


I meant to do all that in front of her without leaving. She needed me beside her.


I smile at her
"Good morning Bearing Fruit. I don't think we've met, my name is Venia. I'm a friend of Pumpkin's."


"Ah, miss Venia right? You teach here don't you?"


"Let me go you big jerk! I had it this time! I was so close!"


"Not anymore actually. I resigned my position as official teacher so I could concentrate on teaching the prince. But I can still teach anypony who needs help, I'm always open to questions and requests! And I've been requested a set of wings by Pumpkin here, so I'll try my best to fulfill it. Early tests with this spell have been successful, but it's not easy so it might take a while to work."


"It's very dangerous, and I don't want anything to happen to you. But I know how much you need this. I wanted it to be a surprise."


"Count to then first, miss. You need to calm down."
Her eyes light up like stars at the mention of wings
"A-a spell for wings?"




I nod confidently

"A very complicated spell at that. I can't even imagine how much effort Pumpkin must have gone through to find this book. You're a really lucky mare, you know that?"


"Four. The number that comes after three is four."


I stomp my hooves.


"To ten miss. Count to ten and I'll let go. I can't let you run around being all angry and crazy."


I roll my eyes and let out a groan.
"Ugh…onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineten, okay now?"


"Very good. Do you want to do the happy dance?"
She wipes her eye and brushes up to Pumpkin
"Oh I know~ He's the best~"


"No, I am not happy! I will only be happy once I get the prince!"


Kiss her back and hold her tight.
"I'm sorry for messing up so much today."


"Well, again, this is complicated stuff. I've succeeded once already though so hopefully I can repeat that."

Fire up my horn

"Prince, pay attention to this if you please. This could be helpful."

Use the spell on her

Roll #0 9 = 9


Brickhouse does a slow but funny jig
"The happy dance…
The happy dance…
Dance, dance
The happy dance…
C'mon miss. It'll make you feel better. Always does."
"That's ok dear. Sorry I snapped at you like that"
She leans in for one more kiss
And as she does, Venia focuses her magic
Let a wish be granted to this mar eof the north
Let her feel her one time of true joy
Let the wounds of the past be healed
And let these two fly together, if only for a day
The spell embraces and engulfs Bearing, before focusing on her back and detonating, erupting into a pair of glorious wings that slowly lift her off the floor.
Shocked at first, her eyes then fill with tears of joy as she flutters to the top of the room
"P-Pumpkin? Am… am I…?"


I try to stifle a giggle.
"Okay, that looked silly, but no way I'm doing that!"


I smile softly and motion the prince to follow me out.

"Let's leave those two to spend time with each other."


"Yes miss Venia. Now tell me, what were those last key elements of the wing spell?"


"… Yes. Yes you are."
Give her a warm smile and kiss her again.


Can I just explain it to him like this?

Roll #0 6 = 6


"C-can you hold my hoof? I'm kinda scared… but I wanna fly out that window! To the sky!"
"OOooooh, it was just fancy language for remembering to conjure the wings in a position that links them up to the natural muscle and nerve points of the body like on a pegasus! Well that and aerodynamics. Iiiinterresing. I think I might want to experiment a little…"


Take her hoof and make carefully my way outside.
"Here, slow, don't flap too hard, just.. Feel the wind. That's the secret of flying."


Okay, now that I sort of managed to charm the prince, I think it's time to change back to the uniform. I'll just change back again next time I see him.


"Right! You want me to stay or would you rather be on your own?"


"Ok… feeeel the wind… feeel…."
She breathes slowly and lets the wing flutter her wings
"Oh~ it feels so strange…"
she tries flapping them once
"Please… please hold on!"
You slip into your uniform and Brickhouse takes the bag with the pretty dress.
"Well is there anything you wanted to tell or show me?"


"I could guide you and help where I can. But If you'd rather do this on your own then that's fine too. Up to you, prince."


"Shh, don't worry, I'm still here."
Hold her forehooves in mine and slowly start to fly up, letting her have all the time she needs.
She's got very pretty eyes, doesn't she?


Where am I now?


Hmmm…so…What now…Maybe… Maybe I could try to learn some magic tricks to charm the Prince?


At the school, passing time before class
"In that case, I think I shall go see if my… idea works. If you wish to do me a favor, please check on Sunrise. I want her to know I am well."
Though they shift wildly as her rear hooves leave the ground. She kicks the air a little, but then the wing get under her wings and actually lifts her higher


"Okay. Remember to be careful though prince, this is advanced magic."

Hoof him the book and go find Sunrise

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Hey! Look at me! Focus!"
Try to snap her out of it
"Just look at my eyes, and keep going. And don't worry, I am here, I told you. Never gonna leave you."
Smile at her again, try to be reassuring.


You throw the book at this face
"…ow. Ok miss Venia."
he leaves for a high cliff.
"Yes… my love!"
She keeps her eyes on you as they water up from fear and excitement. The wind picks up, tossing you into a merry dance in the air


Rolling because no post for Prima is complete without a fail

Roll #0 6 = 6


Didn't Manifest Destiny as me to look up Equestrian history? Better do that, then. Is Venus around?


"Ahah! You did it! You did it!"
Guide her through the winds, make sure her body is safe from the cold ones and her eyes from the rough ones.
Show her what it means to fly. Show her what I've taken for granted my whole life
Show her the dance of freedom.


Run after him
"Whoa, whoa wait! You are not going to go up there alone, Frostmourn! What if you mess up the spell and your wings give out? Either I'm going with you or you take somepony who can fly or use magic to watch over you."


You know, you could just ask miss Venia to teach you.
Or Alphabetical Order, the magic teacher.
(s)he is at the training yard, beating up a training dummy
And what a dance it is
A waltz of the heavens themselves
As you land she just snuggles in close
"I would ask that to last forever… but knowing it was just that one time… will make it special forever"
"Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have show me what it truly means to be happy~"
"B-but miss Ven… oh fine. But promise not to laugh!"


"Shall we go find Sunrise together and take her with us?"


We can play later. For now, go find a book on Equestria.

Roll #0 6 = 6


That bitch hates me.
So let's try and find Order.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Enjoy the moment.
For as long as it lasts.
Savory the smell of her hairs and her warmth here, flying above our own little world.
I am in no hurry. could use a little break. Will come back as soon as something important is going on with the others.


"Well, lets go see if she is still asleep."
[Rising Empire of the Sun and Moon: A look on Equestria's history]
His class is empty, but the gem he uses to project his lessons is still there on the table.
Then the moment persists.
As it should
For it is a beautiful moment
She puts one of her delicate wings around you
"…I always wanted to do that…"

Roll #0 8 = 8



Find lil' sunshine

Roll #0 9 = 9


Tap it curiosly.


She is up and about again
"Hey Frosty, miss Venia, how has your morning been?"
"Great. And I mean GREAT. We wanted tog o try out some new magic!"
Must be spell-activated.


"The sun and moon as their heraldry and regalia? Interesting…"

Read on.

Roll #0 9 = 9


Touch it with my magic then, I'm a unicorn, after all.


I nod in agreement

"Yeah, we'd like for you to come with us!"


[—Equestria, first founded after the events of Hearth's Warming, where the great leaders of ponykind - Commander Hurricane of the pegasi, Princess Platinum of the unicorns and Chancellor Puddinghead of the earth ponies formed an alliance to support each others' battle against the Windigo threat.–
–after the fall of the draconequus Discord by the power of the twin Alicorns Luna and Celestia, the two were chosen as the eternal rulers of Equestria–
–the Elements of harmony, a legendary weapon wielded by Celestia and Luna–
–said to be the earthly incarnations of the Sun and Moon–]
It reacts, and a small sprite pops out
[Select study material, please]
"Okay, yeah sure. I gots nowhere else ta be."
She comes along as the prince heads outside


Follow the prince then

"So Sunrise, ever thought of learning magic yourself?"




"Ah have miss Venia, but ah'm no unicorn…"
[Magic selected]
[Please specify]


I scratch my head.
"Uh… help?"


Read my book on vanish, hopefully I had a good sleep beforehand

Roll #0 4 = 4


I shrug

"Don't need to be a unicorn to use magic sweetie, just look at Anita the griffon."


'Eternal rulers'? 'Alicorns?' 'Earthly incarnations?' Am I reading a religious myth or better propaganda that I could have imagined?

I need more research. Keep looking for info.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Okay let's say we savored this moment and parted way.
Oh yeah, I assume everypony saw us flying. Yeah, me and my very special somepony with fucking Butterfly wings.


Look for Nylis. I need more info about the Equestian assassin.


[What sort of magic do you need explained?]
Man these poems are long-winded as hell…
"Oh yeah… how's that work then?"
[Mages of Note over Time and Space] mentions a Clover the Clever was present during the founding of equestria, and that he was the student, assistant and alleged lover of Starswirls the Bearded, the legendary archmage who was said to have mastered time.
[Tales of Travel and Discovery] mentions Canterlot is the capital of Equestria, and that it is a center of magical, technological and magitechnical advancements.
You parted ways happier than you thought you could ever be.
Aaaaand there's Nylis.
She looks a bit shaken up.


"Hey Nylis, studying up on something?"


"Uh… Abjuration, Conjuration and Divination?"


"A magical catalyst. It's something that allows a pony to channel magic through and cast spells. You see, unicorn horns are also catalysts. It's just that they are inbuilt catalysts. But it's possible for a certain magical object to act as a catalyst for somepony as well, allowing him or her to cast spells."


"Haha.. ha. Trying to take my mind away… what's up? "

Roll #0 6 = 6


Am… am I to understand that living gods were created by mages to rule Equestria? Is that the reason for their power?

More on these beings, whoever they are. Celestia, Luna, the 'elements of harmony'… what are they exactly? Can they be destroyed?

Roll #0 10 = 10


"I ran into Frosty earlier, he told me what happened.
How you feeling? Did you get hurt?"


[Abjuration - antimagic - limited data exists]
[Conjuration - creation magic - art of shaping objects from raw energy via magical means]
[Divination - knowledge magic - art of learning and knowing that which is beyond the powers of others such as hidden and far away things]
"Awkay, that makes sense. So uh… if say i were ta get one of these here cataclysms, I could use it to cast whatever I want?"


"Ooh, ooh, that's it! Conjuration!"


"That depends how powerful the catalyst is. I've seen non-unicorns use amazing feats of magic using catalysts only before!"


Is winterbreeze with us?
"A couple times he stabbed at me. My leg is the worst of all… but I'll. I'll manage… my first time killing anypony"
Force a smile

Roll #0 4 = 4


Manifest Destiny walks up to you
"Equestrian history?"
[Conjuration selected]
[Specify spell to train]
[Protective bubble]
[Conjure weapon]
[Conjure armour]
[Bodymorph: Horns]
[Bodymorph: Wings]
[Bodymorph: Muscle]
[Bodymorph: Gender]
[Bodymorph: Misc]
"So hows a spell work anyway? If ah were ta take this here stick an' wave it about, would that make a fireball appear?"


"Wings! Conjure wings!"


See through the smile

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Hey that's great! Now you too have taken down one of the bastards that did that to Medve! We have to celebrate this!"


"Oh! Yes, sir, the assignment you gave for class. Honestly, I don't know whether to believe what I've been seeing so far, it all sounds like well-crafted propaganda. Are we to really understand that Equestria is ruled by living gods, created by ponies?"


"Ahah, ok?"

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Not exactly… every spell is different from the other. It takes a lot of concentration and dedication to learn a spell, but once you do learn it it becomes much easier. Not to say you can't mess up spells either, I'm sure you've seen failed spells before."


"You take it better than I expected. Tell me about the fight!"


[Conjure Wings - Advanced Level Bodymorphic Spell. Difficulty: Very hard. Allows flight for up to three days. However, wing constructs are very fragile, and cannot endure any physical harm or high temperatures]
"That it is. Celestia of the Sun, and Luna of the Moon. Sisters of twin thrones, one ruling over the day, the other over the night. Equestrians believe it is their princesses who raise the sun and moon every morning and evening.
While this is most likely not true, the princesses should not be underestimated. They did, together, slay a Draconequus.
With the Elements of Harmony…"
"Ah'm not sure if mah head is really gettin' around all this… ah think ah need ta try it ta get it."
Frostmourn has found a suitably bare, high spot
He sighs and looks at the sun
"Here goes nothing. Lets see if this idea works…"
He focuses two spells at once! He must be trying to… mix cast?

Roll #0 4, 8 = 12


aaaand nothing.
"Grrr… not enough power… AGAIN!"

Roll #0 5, 10 = 15


"More! It can't be that hard!"


I pat her on the head

"I'd be glad to help you out with that."

Now turn my attention to Frosty


"Uh, oh jeez. Yea well… when I was in the armory, it first attacked me and got my leg."
Show the injury
"Then after the prince, sunrise and me parted ways I was heading back to my room when it was on the stairway. I tried to teleport him into the walls but he kept using his weapons against me. After some close calls I got close and stabbed his eyes out. Then hit him with raw magic… he lit himself on fire before really dying "

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Draconqii, from what I've heard, are powerful demons embodying traits of chaos, on the level of gods. Using this 'Elements of Harmony'… what sort of weapon is this, if it can even be called one at all?"

"And apart from these aspects, what are their social and political conditions like?"


"That's.." Sigh
"Consistant with what I've been told about them. It's incredible you could take one of them alone! Anyway, what is that book?"


This time the effect is much more notable.
He materializes a barely contained light construct around himself, then spouts the wings of light.
Panting and straining, he sees the plates of his armour creak and crack, he forces his focus to shift power from the wings to the armour, reducing their size but fortifying the armour into full stability.
In a flash he releases his hold on the construct and lets it settle, then flaps the wings, gaining a little lift
Barely containing himself, he curls up and screams in joy
[…based on the natural neural map of the pony body as well as the shared morphology of equine species, the spell taps into the redundant musculature found in the upper back and shoulders to allow natural control of the construct.]
"The Elements are the manifested power of mortal will, drawing from the six aspects of harmony - kindness, loyalty, laughter, generosity, honesty and magic. Alone each is but a virtue. Together, they are a power to match gods.

As for their social and political state, Equestria, though ruled by twin monarchs, is split into provinces and city-states each governed autonomously. It is more of a grand alliance under two gods than an empire with two queens."


"Yes, more just teach me how do to it already!"


I grin widely and chuckle

"That was quick! Good job! At this rate you'll put me out of a job."



Roll #1 6 = 6


"Interesting. For all we know, they might be trying to unite all ponies in the world under their banner…

Interesting how you too referred to them as gods. And if the Elements are borne of mortal will… what if we captured the hearts of their citizens, if a time comes where they use that weapon against us?"


As he stands back up you can see a small glare of light form behind his eyes
"There is one more thing I want to learn. Tell me. How many weapons… can one conjure at once?"
He raises a hoof
"Your plan is flawed. They draw harmony from all ponies, friend and foe. The only way to kill harmony, is to kill virtue from the hearts of all mortals.
HOWEVER… only those most skilled and worthy, the truly exemplary, can wield the elements. If we can sever their connection to the virtues… we can deprive them of that weapon."


I grin a little sheepishly

"Personally I've never tried to have more than one conjured weapon out at a time… but I might as well try that right now!"

Try to conjure as many lightning swords as I can

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9



That's two.
Are you even trying?


"…! So.. we must seed them with corruption, prove that they are unworthy of holding such virtues? We must expose their foul acts and make them commit more?"




>meanwhile at some point in time Venia is confronting Verne


Make sure nopony else is around to hear as I approach Verne

"So… Verne. I've been meaning to talk to you for a little while now."

Dawn pls


"….what for?"


"First of all, the Lordblades. Has anypony told you what is being planned?"




"For whom? I am aware that we are planning to train our own spies to counter the efforts of Equestria, I need to check on Pumpkin later…to have an elite force like that on our side should even the scales greatly."


"What about you? What's your plan? You'd make for a great lordblade being good with words and… disguises and stuff."


"..,Disguises? Anyway, I don't think I'm suited to become a lordblade, I believe there are… other ways I can serve Wintergrasp. Lordblades work in the shadows, but my skill lies in, if I were to put it in this way, 'manipulating the light', distracting ponies with smoke and mirrors and stories. I wish to be someone in charge of manipulating what ponies know and think, by working with information, perhaps brought to be by the lordblades. Do you understand?"


"Mmmm… manipulating? Lying to the Kingdom? I can't say I approve but… I've already accepted that if we are to stand a chance against this enemy we will have to employ some necessary evils. Now, about earlier… are you feeling alright?"


"Not necessarily to the kingdom, but to other nations, and how we present their image. And anyway.. what's this about earlier?"


Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


"Well… I could have sworn I saw you earlier wearing… unusual attire. But I suppose that was just a disguise you were trying out."


"Oh, right. Yeah, it was…."

Damn it, I don't think I can do this alone, can I? Helping out Venus…

"Miss Venia, could I tell you something that you must swear to never speak of to anyone?"


"Do you trust me? I'm not one to spread gossip. Or judge. Not anymore at least."


"Good. If you let loose this piece of information, there will be… well, this is very important to me, alright? Don't make me threaten you, I've known you since I was a foal. That's the only reason why I can trust you with this."

"I've always been… a little jealous over how Frosty and Sunrise have each other as their special someponies. I was there when they first met, I listened to him tell me how much he likes her, I was there when they first kissed. It was… it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. And then now Pumpkin had Bearing Fruit as his own. I've always wondered how I'd get my own special somepony, or who it would be, but as Verne, the lying friend of the prince whose sole duty was to ensure his and Wintergrasp's welfare… who would want me?"

"I think… I broke then, and I decided I'd be someone else, and I wouldn't care if my special somepony was a mare or not. You saw that. And then I met a nice stallion…"


I smile a little and pat his head

"You really think you had to change the way you really are in order to get somepony special? I… I didn't get mine until a few years ago myself. I was just like you, jealous of others' romances and relationships. But… I think that if you have patience you'll end up finding your true love in life. Which I found in Unyielding."

I smile dreamily as I recall said events


"There's more. Then I met a nice stallion, who it turns out, is in the same situation as I am. He-or rather, she, is a mare pretends to be one because she thinks no one would want her as who she really is. And, well.. I think we really like each other now, we… gah, kissed and all."

"But anyway, as I was saying, I really like her, and want to help her accept herself. She doesn't want anyone knowing she's a mare, so when I introduce her to our friends she'll be Venus Wings the stallion, Verne's friend. At times I might become… 'Julie', you saw me doing that, to accompany her around and make her feel a little better, so if you need to talk to me when I'm like that, ask where 'Verne' went and I'll change out to see you."

"Of course, you're not supposed to know she's a mare, and she doesn't want me telling anyone, so keep this quiet. Still… could I ask you for help every now and then? This is my special somepony, as far as I know, and I really, really want to help her."


I look taken aback momentarily by this stream of information, but quickly regain my composure and nod solemnly.

"Of course Verne, it's your and he-his life after all. I wont tell anypony about this, your secret is safely kept among others. And you know that if you need any help or advice, you can always come to me. I'll do whatever I can within my powers to help you out."


"Alright, then, thank you. Remember, when you see me with Venus, you don't know that she's a mare, and if you see her-or rather, him with 'Julie', you don't know that's me. And.. that's it."

Breathe a small sigh.


"Right, I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Am I… Am I the only one who knows? What if somepony finds out? You know there are a few… not so nice ponies walking around this castle."


"You are. And I'm aware of that.. so I'll be needing to become Julie more often than I like to protect her. That's why I want to introduce her to our friends, too, having a group of friendly ponies around her would make her feel a little better."


I nod

"Was she lonely then? Oh that poor thing… must have been awful for her."


"She seemed to be… had it not been for a stroke of luck that I met her, I don't think she could have told anypony. And then there would be no one she could talk to about this. I-I just want to make her feel better… is this what being in love means?"


I nod slowly

"Yes. Yes it is. To make the one you love smile is… it's one of the best things one could hope for. Making somepony you care for happy is a virtue beyond compare. It's great to see that you care so much for her. Keep that up and you can do no wrong, Verne."


"Alright then. Thank you, Miss Venia."


"No problem Verne. And remember if you or your friends need aid, I'm here for you."

Leave the colt be and go back to my appropriate location in this quest




Hide my child, but have no fear
For they can sense it once they are near
Stay my child, stay but don't look
For what I must do, could easily be mistook

Venia is with Frostmourn and Sunrise, moments after he succeeds in developing a new spell on his own.
Venia was about to attempt conjuring multiple weapons.
After that, she will leave and have a chat with Verne which already happened but lets try to keep time intact before we summon something from beyond time itself.

Verne had a chat with Venia
The others are who knows where
We should have a new pony now

Aaaaand go.



thaumaturge sounds so grown up! oh my~
skim the vanish book before heading to the cafeteria for some breakfast!

Roll #0 5 = 5


I was trying to learn a new spell, remember?



Try again! This is my specialty!

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"With such undermining, we can weaken their hold on that terrible weapon. And perhaps even break it. If only we can."
Whoever Lady Falconwreath is, she sure loves using big words a lot…
Oh hey look Nylis, Stormcloak and Cloudjumper are here too.
[Please specify further request]
Oh much better
Lets see how many you made

Roll #0 16 = 16


"Conjure Wings you stupid thing!"


"Then that settles our course of action… 'if only we can'?"


[Please specify required material, you insipid dumbass]


"uh… what?"


"Oh hey guys!"
get some food and sit by them if possible.
"What's up?"


"To wield the elements is to be an exemplar of virtue. To break one such as that will be an effort worthy of a god."
Frostmourn smiles slyly
"Hmmm… I see… Could you teach me to do that?"
[List of available reference materials]
[Conjure Wings: For Smart Ponies]
[Conjure Wings: For Normal Minds]
[Conjure Wings: For Idiots]
[Conjure Wings: For Morons]
[Conjure Wings: For Drooling Retards]


"The ceiling"
"Stop making bad jokes you two"


"For smart ponies, obviously!"


"Have we any other choice? While the prospect of peaceful annexation, of Equestria's granting autonomy to conquered provinces, is somewhat comforting, the reality will likely be far different. Like it or not, if we wish to peacefully negotiate with Equestria, we must prove ourselves a threat."


"haha! so what have you been up to?"
start eating but listen to them


Arriving at this school, I approach a guard/stff and ask where the library is, if not ask him what is best to do in this school of gifted ponies

Roll #0 3 = 3


I grin at the amount of swords I managed to conjure and turn to Frosty.

"Personally I think one should choose a certain element you want to conjure with and stick to it. I'm much better at conjuring using the element of lightning then I am at using fire for example. Aside from that, a lot of practicing is needed. Learning through trial and error and always keeping calm, even when faced with continuous failure."


Roll to find the Prince.

Roll #0 1 = 1


A large tome is deployed on the table.
[This concludes the session]
[Session terminated]
You can barely understand even one tenth of this book.
Learning to cast Conjure Wings at DC10 requires a total of DC40 studies on the book.
"Peace with Equestria will come at a terrible price I fear. Even if we prove our lands mighty and prosperous enough to leave intact, the twin thrones will never accept a strong independent leader to govern a province."
"And lots of it! We want to become proper soldiers!"
"They seem to have become enamored with the knight life…"
The guard seems a bit groggy but then sharpens up
"School library's on the second floor, Royal Library at the palace. But you need to sign in at the Councilor first and get a uniform. Do you need an escort?"
The guard looks at you
"Hey! No wandering around like that! Look take this newcomer to get a uniform and see the councilor. Then take her to the library."
He grins and flaps his wings, fluttering your mane
"I think I can manage. Now tell me, can you conjure a.. specific sword, or just… generic… random ones?"
Sunrise is lost in her own little dreamy world by now. His wings are so pretty~ He's like an Alicorn~


Read some of the book and start heading home.
I need to practice this at home.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"What? Im not a newcome."

Roll #0 10 = 10


I give him a warm smile while scratching my head with my hoof.
"How nice of you, that of would be of great help. If you could, please."
I will then follow the guard.


He points at >>174988
"THAT one. Help her out."
"Oh fine. Follow me then. Up the stairs here, third floor has the councilor. If he isn't in, try the next office and his assistant."


What is going on and where am I?


"'…accept to govern a province?' That is what happens if we surrender, I will not accept that. Wintergrasp and Prince Frostmourn are where my loyalties lie, and I will be damned if I do not do all within my power to prevent that. What I mean is that we must become stronger , to gain even footing with Equestria. Have them recognise us as a separate land, then we can begin negotiations. What do you think?"


"Conjuration is all about shaping things the way you want to. All you need is a image in your head of what you want your sword to look like and then conjure it."

Demonstrate this by conjuring a scimitar-like sword as well as a small dagger

"And it doesn't just have to be swords either. You can conjure warhammers, spears or bows if you want to as well."

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"Do you know where the prince is?"

Roll #0 1 = 1


"That's cool! And what have you become enamored with winterbreeze? Stormcloak, do you know what she likes to do? What about you Cloudhopper?"


"Third place, okay thanks." Afer following the guard, I then head for the third floor and softly knock on the door of the councilor's office.


So… where am I again?


Weren't you talking to Nylis?
Is Nylis here?
If not, i dunno. Go find your waifu. Or the prince. Or something.
Oh look a newcomer at the school!
"Not a clue."
"Honorable suicide. We would need to unite all the Northlands to even stand a hope of slowing them down. Wintersgrasp and Ironfoe alone are too weak."
He nods and observes
"That's more of a Falchion than a Scimitar… what if I wanted to conjure… the king's sword?"
Nobody there.
Guess you should try the assistant.
"I've began research into some less-explored powers."
"What she means to say all she does these days is blacken windows and read up on blood magic."
"And flicks the bean like there's an exam on it the next day."
"Oh c'mon we can hear it across the damn hall"


DM pls

Roll #0 7 = 7


Ill find him myself.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Oh right I was reading the book.
What was that book about?


"That would be the idea, yes, Equestria is powerful. Why do you refer to this as a suicide? The objective here is to repel Equestria and begin peaceful relations."


Scratching my head, then immediately tidies up my mane. I head for the assistants office and softly knock on the door.


"The Foerist? Well… yes you can. But it wont be the actual sword you know, just a conjured version of it."


"Blood ma- ?"
lower my ears and bite my lip
"Oh really~? and how long has this been going on?


Oh fuck this.
I'm gonna go find Guinevere.

Roll #0 5 = 5


What the fuck language is this even? Ancient Fancy? WHO WRITES A BOOK IN ANCIENT FANCY? GAAAAH!
You stomp on home to the palace, where Brickhouse is waiting with a few full trunks of stuff.
After getting a little lost, you find him standing on a cliff with Venia and Sunrise.
The prince has massive glowing wings
Venia is pointing sixteen swords at him
Holy shit is she trying to kill him!?
Love poems by a Lady Falconwreath. Supposedly about Vanishing.
"Equestria is not a nation to take no for an answer. The world was not united without a sword, and they will not truly stop until the banner of the twin alicorns flies over the whole world."
"Come in."
The voice of a young lady.
"I simply wish it to… look the same. You know. It would be… proper. And fitting, don't you think?"
"Like two weeks now?"
"Ever since she found that book she"
You were in her company already
"So you were going to perform for me, right?"


"Brick, what are those? Are those for me?"


Oh yeah, that's right.
I nod.
"Of course. Where would you like me to start?~"


Keep watching.


"…then what should we do?"

"How well-off are the provinces in Equestria, in general? In case the worse comes and Wintergrasp must cede to a conditional surrender…"


I opened the door and peered inside.
"Uhmm… I was asked by the guards to seek the Councilor. Is he here?"


Next time I meet Nylis I gotta ask her for that book.
In fact, look for her right now!

Roll #0 8 = 8


"I suppose that is true. A King should look proper, even on the battlefield. And the Foerist is a important sword for this kingdom, if I recall correctly."


"hmmmm…. now this sounds like a very interesting book. You'll have to show it to me sometime Breezy"


"It is our possessions. We are no longer able to stay here at the palace"
A worker pokes his head out the door
"We found explosive mold growing in the adjacent room. Odds are it is inside the wall, so we need to rip it open. Sorry for the inconvenience."
She twirls a claw in the air
"Begin at the beginning, as they say. A work of art is designed to be performed in order, not to be mixed about as one pleases."
"Equestria's wealth is remarkable, but outer provinces can often fall out of favor over time due to the central government all residing in Canterlot…"
The assistant councilor put her glasses away
"Oh do come in. I fear the councilor has fallen ill, so I, Miss Threadbare, will be taking over his duties for now. Are you new?"
She is eating at the cafeteria
"That it is! Forged by Old King Wintersgrasp, it is the sword that killed his rival, King Ironfoe. From then on, it has been passed down from generation to generation, each son of Wintersgrasp wielding the blade in turn! I-"
He stops and his eyes grow watery
"-I… I'm not… I'm… n-not…"
Sunrise snaps out of her loving daze
He is biting back tears now
"Mmm… I'd rather now… It's… kinda spooky stuff… dunno if you'd like it."


Walk to him.
"Is everything ok?"


My eyes widen.
"WHAT? But then where will we stay?!"


Go there
"Hey Nylis, got a moment? I could really use a peak at that book you have there.."


"Tch… This will be tricky… we need to vie for their favour somehow, then. First we show them teeth, then we show them hospitality, then acceptance… but this is still the loss of Wintergrasps' sovereignty. But then.. gaargh-"

Hold my head in my hooves.

"You can think of nothing to be done, Mr Destiny? No matter your answer.. I would like you to assist King Goldenblood and Prince Frostmourn in whatever way you can. They need to know."


"Mm, true…"
I teleport away!

Roll #0 4 = 4


I enter, trying to prevent my ears from folding. I then find a suitable place to take a seat.
"Oh my, is he going to be alright? As for being new, yes I am new here. I was told by my mother to enter and enroll in this school though as I arrived I thought of roaming the premises if its to my liking. I was then told by a guard to check your office for further details."


give her a disapproving look
"You know how wintersgrasp treats bloodwork stuff. Just don't get caught, ok?"
"Huh? Oh! uhhh. sure? Don't run off with it please. I'm not finished with it"
give him the book


Walk over to him and hold his head between my hooves, moving my face close to his as I do so

"Frostmourn, don't let your possibly different bloodline throw you off-guard. It means absolutely nothing at this point. You were raised to be a prince and eventual king of Wintergrasp and you are just as worthy of the crown and throne as your predecessors. Now snap out of it."


"Whoa thanks! Will give it a fast glance right here!"
Sit somewhere and start reading.
What can this book tell me about Vanish I don't already know?

Roll #0 3 = 3


Brickhouse seems to have a red stain on his hoof
"I met an old friend of mine, who graciously offered use of his, slightly unfinished but fully habitable, mansion."
"Child, I have been show the end of this kingdom and the hundreds of paths that lead to it. And my own end as well. I know too much to answer that honestly. You are not ready for what I have seen."
You stand there in a dramatic pose and… nothing happens
Guinevere raises an eyebrow
"…yes? And?"
"Ah yes, welcome to the Great Northlands Academy. Please tell me your name and preferred uniform size, dear."
"…Thanks a ton guys…"
"Next time keep it down, you make sleeping hard"
"And that isn't all"
"…not cool man"
"Hey at least I'm honest"
These are mushy love poems idolizing some dashingly handsome rogue. What is this crap?



Rolling to see if I can continue to stay calm and discuss this with him wit ha clear mind.

Roll #0 8 = 8


Ok get the book back to Nylis
No wait.
"Nylis, you sure this stuff is about Vanishing?"
Ream one more page, who is the author?

Roll #0 2 = 2


"…Something went wrong!"
Attempt it again!

Roll #0 7 = 7


"It is an honor to be able to study in this academy. Lila Bluemoon is my name, and so far I know my size is small if I am correct." I then pondered if that is the correct size.
"By the way thanks."

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Shh, stop yelling! Maybe you should read about Ironfoe and learn about them?"


"Unfinished? What are we, some sort of plebs?"

I stomp.
Rolling for bitch-fit.

Roll #0 10 = 10


I trot over to cafeteria and see if there are any cool ponies to hang out with.


"What are you talking about? If you have been exposed to magic powerful enough to show you the future, then can you not find a way to exploit this magic for Wintergrasp? Whatever your answer may be.. I will focus my efforts on the prince and the land. Gah, if only I had studied magic…"


"You sound almost exactly like your cousin all those years ago… so I'll tell you what I told him. You are not alone here. You've got countless of friends who will support you the entire way. I know this must be all weird to you and hard to grasp but I promise you that you will become a good king. I know you Frostmourn, I've seen you grow up inyo what you are today and I know that you are a good pony. I know you can do this. Now please, calm down."


"you guys think she should get another room to stay in?"
"Of course it is! you've never read poetry have you?"


"Not really.. Care to show me?"


"Let me.."
take the book and read it to him. hopefully he'll understand it

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Now that sounds like a completely different deal!"


You keep your cool
"Do you know why I tell you, of all, this?"
[By: Lady Falconwreath]
You puff away from reality
Guinevere looks around, a little confused
It is.
"Glad to have you Lila. Please sign this and your uniform will be ready in the ground floor storage room as you present this slip. Now is there anything you'd like to ask?"
"No. He is rather rich. He simply has had not time to install windows yet, so they are boarded up for now."
Pumpkin and Nylis are there
The prince's sobbing breath slowly calms down
"I… thank you. Both of you. All of you. I mean it…"
"I've thought of it…"


Return in a shower of magic fireworks (and also hopefully my performance outfit)!

Roll #0 2 = 2


"You still see a glimmer of hope, perhaps?"


"Im here for you Frosty."


I politely get some food, thanking the lunch lady for whatever slop they are serving me, and sit down next to Nylis. "Hello there, how are you doing?"




Now I hug him, that little crybabby

"We're all here for you Frostmourn. All you need to do is ask and we'll be by your side to aid you."


"Told you! plus you might be able to woo Bearing more with your own poems"
"Well you can always.. you know"

Roll #0 10 = 10


I levitate the paper and read it. I then ask her some stuffs while reading it.
"Uhhmmm… is it necessary for me to have a map of the school? Also, can I ask where are the dormitories so I can pack my gears there."


"Ah c'mon, I should get the hang of it! Poetry, rhymes, all that!"
Read moar!
"My own poems? I can't even understand what's written here."



Roll #0 9 = 9


"Hello, What are you doing?"


"Trying to understand poetry. Nylis says this stuff is about vanishing, but I don't know.."


You forgot the outfit.
She doesn't mind though
"uh… I didn't think you meant… this kind of a…"
"Because I know that you, of any, could take my words and not deny them as foolish prophesies.
It is no magic. It is the will of the master. The god of gods. The creator."
"Why not invite him over? I took the liberty of inspecting the mansion. It rivals the palace inside. We could maybe host a party. Like say… a costume ball. Would that make you happy, miss?"
He wipes his eyes with the wings of light
"Yes. I must be strong. I must become king. No. EMPEROR. Yes. The Emperor of the North. Uniter of lands!"
All three blush
"Oh pone"
"Dormitories are accessed via the bottom floor, westmost corridor, past the double doors. Here is a key to yours."
Hey waitaminute! These poem are full of double meanings and hidden messages! Oh… OH! HA! CLEVER!
Vanish is now DC5
Talk to Shadow Song to lower it to instant.


"Hi Kilana. I'm helping Pumpkin understand romantic poetry so he can recite some to his special somepony"
"good going"

Roll #0 6 = 6


"…I- I haven't been practicing this as much as I should have, but nevertheless the show shall go on!"
Do a fancy twirl of the hat and split into two!

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


"Oh, can I take a look?" '1d10' to understand this thing.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Well? what do you say?"


"You have my… Flute! But how are you going to unite the whole norht? Everyone hate everyone, is kinda sad."


"And what would you have us do if we were to accept these doomsayings as truth? Accept defeat?"


"Alrighty. Thank you very much." I signed the paper, grab the key from the assistant, bow to her in respect and get outside of her office.
I then follow my guts and head for the ground floor and try to find the storage room and its manager to acquire my uniform.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Hey if it wasn't for you I'd have dropped that book long ago! Who is this Falcon Lady anyway?"


"A costume ball… that… that does sound good…"
I grin.
"Yes, yes, that is good! But I want two ponies to be kept out from it, understand? Two ponies that can absolutely not come inside! I don't want to be harassed again just for talking with Frostmourne!"


I nod solemnly

"That's the spirit that will keep these lands safe from the Equestrian menace."


"I don't know. But when I got the book a shadow got pissed at me. I think I angered that shadow lady in the forest for teleporting the shadow away after it approached me."


"Pissed how much? Shadow Song can be a little moody, but I don't think she'd attack without provocation..
She actually stopped me when I was about to stab Venia last night!"


"Like I said the shadow angrily asked where I found it but I teleported it away before anything else happened. is that her name? that's… really pretty, for one who goes about like she does"


"I…is that kind of thing even allowed?"
"Through sword and fire if I must…"
"No. There is no path that takes that route. Think of a play. Or a book. A story of heroes. Many of the greatest stories are tragedies, are they not? The most legendary heroes rarely die of old age in bed, they die in glory and battle, do they not?"
A student with a little sash greets you
"Hey. I'm Glowing Embers, assistant student assistant of the week. Here for your uniform, right?"
"Hm. Well, if you want so. You mean the scheming Verne and… Sunrise, do you not?"
"We will. And more. We will drive them back. And take their lands if we must."


"I dont think thats a good idea if you conquer them they will hate you."


Why would she get pissed at ponies reading a book?
"Oh that's mild for her. To start her training I had to try and kill her. While she tried to kill me in turn."
Think about it a second
"Yeah, I don't think she tried for real thou, I wouldn't be here."


"Uhmm hello Embers. Yes I am here for my uniform."


"Hmm… yes, those two. I was refering to the lap-dog of the Prince too, the pegasus with the daggers. I still don't know his name. Those two need to stay out at all costs… and my only concer about keeping Sunrise out is because I'm afraid Frosty won't want to come inside without her. You are a clever pony, Brickhouse, got any ideas?"


"Then we simply defy the script. Perhaps I am falling neatly in my role planned by this 'Creator' of yours by persevering in my efforts, but I will not cease."

"Assuming, though, that I agreed with you and accepted this… what would you have had me do?"


"how much of what we've done has been allowed? You don't have to if you don't want to. I was just offering.."
"Woah, that's really intense… I don't know. But I want to learn this before putting the book back. and I'd like her to teach me! but like I said, she's at least irritated if not angered like you say"


I chuckle

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves prince, there is still a lot of work to be done. Now… what shall we do next?"


"Well, it must be a special book if she got upset at you for having it."


"I don't think having me ask in your place would help. She'd beat us both."
"That might be true. I'll ask her about it tonight."


"yea… I don't know though. What's up? these are my other friends, Stormcloak and Cloudhopper!"
"this is gonna suck big time"


"Well, we will try diplomacy first. Alliances. Provinces. If all else fails, arms. But only united, can we challenge Equestria."
He looks at you
"Well aren't you a fine example of beauty. Small size, yes? Right in here."
"That is my duty, miss. Let Sunrise in. She is a commoner, she will not have the funds for a good outfit, and will be lost among the masses. Invite the other two as well. But omit the requirement of a costume from their invitations. Then have the guards send them away. Nopony will know to suspect anything and they will have egg on their face.

…and finally, if you are not afraid of doing some… underhooved tricks… I have one more idea."
"The creator will see this story to an end. He has many strands of fate he plays a symphony on as he weaves them into a tapestry of legend. Pick a path and stay on it, as I have. All will fall into place. You will know if you stray too far. I know I have been shown the price of… denying him."
"I guess we could… try it at least?"
The boys are trying to gather their dropped jaws.


"Depends how good are you at escaping the grips of a thousand shadows. More like a few dozens, actually."


I rub my hooves together mischievously.
"Yes, yes go on!"


"Yea, don't worry bro, she'll get over it, with a slick move or two she'll find you are just too cool to stay mad at." I wink.
"Just gettin' something to eat, What's up Stormcloak… Cloudhopper." My face goes a little pale when I see Cloudhopper, hopefully this doesn't end badly. Maybe he's forgotten.. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"But if you force them you will be just like the equestrians."


"Who, Shadow Song?"
this nigga serious?
can I avoid rolling on the floor laughing at her foolishness?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"What price, assuming this is not a raving of delusion? I care not for a personal price, my life and being is solely devoted to the Northlands-"

Wait.. no. I have one more now. No, no, no…


"ok! after classes meet me in the library and we'll go get your stuff!"
"You've seen what we can do Pumpkin, do you think I'd have a chance?"


See >>175201

"Not exactly. We will try our best to avoid conflict and ally whoever is willing. If they don't want this then clearly they are opposed to the idea of a united North. A npn-united North will stand no chance against Equestria. If they are too ignorant and stubborn to acknowledge this then we'll have no choice but to force our hoof."


"Oh, well thanks. I guess." I smiled at him. I then go follow him and pick a uniform that is fit for me.


"If she gets serious, not even all of us together could take her down. She's like, a super-perfect killing machine!"
Whisper to her
"I'm glad she's on our side.."


"So you are just going to invade and kill them? Just like them?"


"Yea.. me too"
think about that.. then
"Classes! I gotta go guys! Later!"
Head to whoever replaced Raging Storm's class!

Roll #0 10 = 10


I shake my head resolutely

"I would prefer a different approach than that. Installing new, more cooperative, rulers for example. In the end, our methods will differ from kingdom to kingdom."


He digs out a small potion from the trunk
"A poison. In large doses, it kills outright. But dilute a dash into a glass, and all you get is confusion, disorientation and heightened emotions. You could simply give it to the prince, but that would be suspicious. Instead, we can poison all the food and drink. So slowly, all present will feel the effects, save for you. And then all you need to do is take him, and… well, you know what you want of him when you get him alone. The mansion is big, You will have privacy."
"Well, I think this is enough magic for today after… one more trial."
"The master calls him the Timewarden. He exists to correct stray notes in the symphony of fate. I had a run-in with him long ago. I do not wish another."
"There we go, a nice fit. So, do you need anything else?"


"Oh hayseeds! Raging's class is like, now!"
Follow her.



"Oh, I think I'm in that class too.." I follow Nylis.


"Time..warden? Is this the same Starswirls mentioned in that book, said to have mastered time magic? If it as an individual pony, it can be destroyed somehow."


I tilt my head slightly.
"Isn't that a bit dangerous? What if someone eats or drinks too much and dies of it? And can we scam the catering service we'll choose so it will seem it was them if something goes wrong?"


"And why would they care about your new rules?"


"If we install a new king or queen in a kingdom that opposes joining us, we can influence him or her in such a way that they'll see reason in our cause. After all, I doubt many ponies want to get conquered by the Equestrians."

"What would that be?"


I look around the room to see if there is a separate area for me to test if the uniform he gave me fits.


"And what are you going to do with the old king?"


"When diluted enough, nopony could drink enough to die of it."
And to class you went.
Combat theory is the subject of the day.
You beat almost everyone there and take the good seats
"Even if I am to be a king with few heroes… perhaps I can be an army onto myself!"
The prince focuses and attempts to conjure a dozen weapons
"You may use this room. I will stand guard to make sure you are… unmolested."
He opens a small storage room and bows

Roll #0 2 = 2


Nothing at all
Well a bad headache
And the armour and wings shatter


awwwww yea time to learn!

Roll #0 5 = 5


"What about blaming the catering? That's important! If we mess this up there's no way I can marry the Prince!"


Combat theory? Ah, that's gonna be a piece of cake.
Can I even learn anything from here?

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Well we can blame them. But I think I will need to do most of the cooking to make the dosage right."


I take some notes, zigga's gotta keep her grades up too. '1d10'

I whisper over to pumpkin. "Yo, how are things with you and bearing, bro?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Overthrow him, banish him or kill him."

I shake him head

"You still have limits Frostmourn. Don't get too overconfident now."



"Ah thanks you very much." I smiled at him then enters the changing room, close the door and see if the uniform is fit for me. I also make sure to check if he is not doing anything dodgy all the while making small talks.
"Uhmm.. Ember right? Is there anything I need to know about this school? I means tid bits of facts that I must or avoid to do?"

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Get to work then. I want this ball as soon as possible. When can you make it happen?"

I walk over to my stuff, and gather some of my old and not so pretty dresses.
Those are need to be sold, if I want the fanciest costume ever made.


"And you think everyone is going to roll over and accept the puppet king?"


"Wha? Oh, she's like, at the 9th sky, literally.
I took her to fly, butterfly wings and all!
An earth pony! She's still walking on clouds!"


"Daayum, you really know how to put the moves on." I am more than a bit impressed.


"With the use of propaganda, bribing, forging documents and subsiding, yes. I hope. We'll burn that bridge when we get to it sweetie. I know you don't like it, neither do I in fact, but… if we want to survive we have no other choice then to play it dirty every now and again."


"If you are going to be like that you should join them and kill other ponies bears!"


"She was just so happy. Her eyes where.. They were shining, I swear!"
Relieve the memory, this class looks boring anyway.
"Since we are in topic, ot a special somepony yourself?"
Can I stay interested in the class?

Roll #0 1 = 1


He hisses in pain
"Oh shut it you patronizing witch… gah my head…"
Sunrise rushes to comfort him
"oh no… your pretty wings…"
"D-dont worry… I can make more… agh…"
"I see you have read of him. Yes. Timewarden Starswirs. He is but one pony, the same way every grain of sand in an hourglass is but one grain of sand. He exists a thousand times in every blink of an eye. He resides beyond time and is said to have seen and experiences every moment there has ever been a million times over."
He does nothing off-colour. Well, nothing worth telling him off over.
"You should know the prince himself studies here. Hard to miss, he has a solid iron leg."
"In two nights time at the earliest, miss. We should decorate. And you need to write invitations. Not to mention pick an outfit."
Two soldiers walk out, one stallion, one mare.
"Right. Combat theory. Listen up, short lesson but easy to miss. This can save your life in battle so pay some damn attention and take your eyes off whoever you have them set on."
"In combat, it is important to keep yourself protected. Though instinct will draw you to guard your most vital points, it is important to remember that even a non-lethal hit can lead to a slow and painful death over time."
"Lesson one - correct use of a shield. Never underestimate a shield. Someone tries to hit you with a sword?"
The female instructor swings at him
"Block it with a shield"
He blocks
"Someone tries to grab you?"
She goes for a grab
"Push them away with a shield"
He demonstrates
"Someone tries to tell you a sword is more important than a shield?"
She opens her mouth
"Smash them with a shield"
He bashes her in the jaw, sending a tooth flying.
"Any questions so far?"




"Yes, I'm going back to that tailor, but I will need money."

I throw some of my older dresses at him.
"Sell these, I'll order the outfit now. You start doing your… stuff, and I'll start writing the invitations once I get back!"

Head towards that tailor!


well let's see how this goes. Better than sitting still I guess.


"…please excuse me, I wish to continue this discussion at another time. An omnipresent being, overseeing the course of time itself… I have no reason to believe you, and yet… do you have anything else you wish to tell me now?


raise my hoof
"what kind of shield would you recommend for magic users? ooh! ooh! also what kind of shield is great for offensive and defensive use?"


I frown
"If I have to kill a bear to survive then I will do so. Not all bears are as friendly as Medve was. I've met quite a few of them that wanted to eat me."

I just roll my eyes and quietly grumble

"Little squirt."


"I not about the bear! Is about killing innocent people just to do your will."



After putting on the uniform and putting back my normal clothes to my pack, I head out of the changing room and give him a deadpan stare.
"Eeh? Amuse me not please. I may be new here but the prince studying here is too farfetch. I mean I imagine a fellow like him is home studied by scholars and such."


"Yes miss"
The tailor is having tea
"Greetings dear lady. Did you enjoy the dress?"
"Say hello to Private Chat here. He has a marefriend who is like the ninth sky. He is also here to tell you all about the vital points of a pony, and how armour has been designed to protect them.
Aaaand BEGIN."
"All will be known in time. If this is all you can take for now, then it shall be all. Good day to you."
"Well I'm glad we have SOMEPONY here who cares. Ok, magic users should rely on smaller shields. They are less cumbersome and get in the way less when trying to channel the winds of magic. Now for offensive use, put some SPIKES on a shield. Bam. Now it pierces AND bashes. Double the hurt, same amount of effort. Win win. For defense, get a Greatshield. Tall as a pony, wide as a buffalo. Guards your front and makes it so wide you don't need to guard your sides! What more could you ask for?"
Sunrise pets his head
"He means well miss Venia, don't be mad…"
He is just trying to cope with the headache in silence.
"Well he gets to bend the rules and has a private magic tutor, but he still hangs around here and eats with us and all. Many of the students are his friends. Or so I hear. I'm not the… popular type."


"Yes I did, but it's not stain resistant… anyway, I need you to make the fanciest outfit for a costume ball that you have ever made!"


"uhhh. What are the drawbacks of using only shields?"


"Very well then. I'll see you in class, sir."

I would go play with Venus for a while before bringing her to meet the prince
But it's bed time


I try not to laugh out loud. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I never said anything about killing innocents!"

"Well he's going to have to endure a little more than just a headache."

I sigh and look around the are

"I guess that'll be all for now. If you have any questions then just come to me and I'll address them. Sunrise, if you're interested in learning how to use magic then you can always come by and ask. Same applies to you Valnia. Have a fun day."

I walk off towards the castle, let's go find Unyielding


"Noone said anything about that until it happens, collateral damage they said."
Walk away.


"A costume? Well what are you going as? A cute little bunny? A flutterpony princess?"
"Well obviously you will give up most offensive-"
The male instructor smacks her with a shield again
"Not a single damn thing. Dual shields are even better!"
Good night faget


He is at the training armoury by the school, checking everything.
"Clean… clean… clean… clean… clean…"


"Oh I see, not surprising since he is a prince. I myself am not popular back then but as time pass, one tends not to care about trivial stuffs like popularity."
I then arrange my pack. "Well I am going to the dorm then to get my items unpack and stored. See you around." I then see if I remember correctly and go to the dorm.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"I want to be something fabolous! Something that will turn the heads of everypony!"


"Hey! if that were true then there wouldn't be a need for armor! What do you give up for offense!?"
teleport over there

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


Damn.. I trot down confidently. "Sure, thing, this will be easy."


Swoop in and kiss him

"Oh inspector, looks like you found something dirty~"


"Yeah, amor right.
You got big and small of all kind.
Commander Bossy here, he's wearing heavy armor. Standard issue for all you future soldiers of Wintergrasp."
Tap on it
"Bulky, you can't stand upright, and makes a lot of noise. But will deflect a sword hit two times out of three and send you home with a bruise instead of one hoof less."
"It's daddy is superheavy, those armors are like, walking castles with walls and towers and archers too, because if you are strong enough to wear it you are strong enough to take three other ponies on your back and still run ten laps around the training fields."
Pace back and forth for a moment
"And in both of those, you are a crab! A walking chest waiting to be split open by a skillfull strike at the joints!
So don't get too comfy in there, because a good shot with an arrow, a magic strike of lightning and you are fried.
Also, daggers are great to maim limbs off somepony inside one of those."
"Then light armor, neither hay nor candy, usually leather and so on.
Trackers and rangers love those, the layers of leather do a real good job at stopping the arrows and the small weapons, saving you from the problems of which above."
"Mages usually want to wear nothing but some clothing thou, since armor might slow them down when casting."
smirk now
"And then, there's the most important armor of them all! No armor!
Like this, you are as agile as you can be, silent and deadly, ready to strike down on your enemies from the shadows!"
Stealth to demonstrate

Roll #0 6 + 2 = 8


Wait why is the door to your dorm unlo-OH. Um. Hello. Carry on.
They should really have locked that door…
Lets try finding that right dorm again.
"Hmm hmm hmm… what about a creature of myth and legend? A graceful phoenix? A spooky ghost? A powerful Alicorn?"
"Well armour is mostly just weird-shaped shields strapped to you."
"WHOA! Oh! Oh hey honey. I was just making sure none of these were trapped or anything."
Both instructors give an approving smile
"Good job kid. You know this stuff. Feel free to take the rest of class off. Full marks to you."
"Indeed. Go on, you deserve it. I ain't even gonna demonstrate on you like I thought. Run along."


"Hmm, phoenix might be good, but go on! Any more ideas for something… Majestic and beautiful?"


I grin widely. "I knew you had skills."


i think this pony has a thing for shields
head back to my seat

Roll #0 3 = 3


Wink non-sexually at her.
"I can't slack off if I want to protect the Prince!"
Walk off the classroom.

Now. Can I find anypony?

Roll #0 8 = 8


"For your class? Well… what better way to test them then by using them? Up for some practice?"


"Euugghh… so much for first impression." I wipe a few sweat, hoping I am not blushing.

"Okay lets see." I go around and ask a student the right way.

Roll #0 4 = 4


"You got a problem with shields, lady? Do I need to demonstrate on you too?"
"Well you next then, little miss ha ha. Weak points on the equine body. GO."
He digs out a big book and starts flipping pages
"Well let's see here… Old Queen Aurora of Wintersgrasp, known for beauty and majesty / The Windigo, a spirit of the cold north, graceful and deadly / A snowolf, a symbol of stealth, mystery and strength / The Lady of Frost, elemental lord of water and ice with a heart of ice… Anything you like yet?"
The prince and Sunrise are on a cliff outside school.
"Well why not. How are you with telekinesis? Ever tried managing lots of objects at once?"
Glowing Emberd finds you again
"Uhm… wrong dorm? You look a little red. Need me to show the way?"


"Aurora sounds good, but the uneducated plebs wouldn't know her… what more do you have?"


"I love shields! They have many uses not limited to fighting. But there's a line with shield use and you have clearly passed it."
teleport behind him and kick his legs from under him

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"How am I with Telekinesis? Let's see…"

Lift the heaviest thing I can see with improved telekinesis

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Oh this! Haha dont mind me. Well, that would be really helpful if you show me the way. Thanks." I give him a warm smile and follow him.


Walk over. I have a few things to talk about with the Prince.
"Hey Frosty. You and Sunrise mind some company?"


"Yeah, I know all about that. The points are the joints, you take out a pony's joints, they can't move, and they can't fight back. The soft belly is very venerable if you can get to it. The neck is a large weak point in its self, just look at how hard it is to defend.." I draw pictures to go along with what I am saying on the chalk board. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Picky… well lets see… Celestia of Equestria, the ageless incarnation of the Sun itself / A Changeling, devious yet desirable / A Sunsprite, a reincarnated servant of the sun given wings of light by their god / A demon, a frightening beast from Tartarus / A Succubus, a female demon that tempts stallions…"
He stumbles embarrassingly
"Hmp. Get back to your seat."
You light a huge boulder and laugh a little
Unyielding is visible scared by this
"Ok honey… put that down please…"
He shrugs with a smile and leads you to the correct dorm, then opens the door for you
"…may I come in?"
The prince groans and piles snow on his head
Sunrise pats him
"Frosty had a little miscast…"
"Not bad."
The female instructor takes the chalk and draws a few more circles and arrows
"Major blood vessels flow through these points. If punctured, death by bloodloss is almost inevitable. Here are the major organs, and directions they are most vulnerable from. Again. Take a bad hit there and it is all over. And if all else fails just hit 'em here."
She draws one last arrow which draws some giggles from the students
The male instructor looks at the board, then her
"…yeah whatever. I'm not demonstrating that.
If there are no questions, class dismissed."


head to my next two classes.
rolling to learn anything from there
i'm out for an hour now, later DM

Roll #0 3, 5 = 8


"Trying the wings of light again?"


"Hmmm… Sunsprite sounds perfect!"


I giggle a little "Later professors." I leave the class and go somewhere else.



Quickly drop it back to the ground

"Sorry, guess that might have looked a little intimidating. Big weights aren't problematic, and I was hovering 18 different lightning swords at the same time earlier. As long as I can concentrate and don't mess up somewhere, I think my telekinesis is doing very well."

Roll #0 8 = 8


I give him a wide eyed stare.
"Oh, dont you have a room of your own? I thought everyone has one, I mean, if you dont you could stay a day or two." I then enter the room and see if there is a shelf or a cabinet to store my items.


have a good whatever
"I think I got that covered… I wanted to try making some swords and everything went to Tartarus… ow ow ow ow…"
"And difficult. A sunsprite's robe I can make in a jiffy, but wings of light? I think you ask too much."
You can try finding some of the gang.
"18? Great! Pick up as many of these swords as you can from the armoury, and start throwing them at me. I want to try something."
He picks up four swords himself, wielding two on his wings.


I stare at him blankly

"Uh…. are you sure about that, love?"

In the meantime, I pick up as many of said swords as I possibly can

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Really? I thought you were the best? Maybe the rumors are true, that other tailor is much better and can make it better for cheaper…"


Roll #0 9 = 9


I give him a wide eyed stare.
"Oh, dont you have a room of your own? I thought everyone has one, I mean, if you dont you could stay a day or two." I then enter the room and see if there is a shelf or a cabinet to store my items.


"Well yes I do have a room of my own, I just thought you would like some company. First day, right?"
There is a closet, a few shelves, a bed, a table, a chair, a trunk.
You pick up almost all of them
"Well don't kill me or anything. I just want to try my reflexes. Or do you want to try something else?"
"OF COURSE I AM THE GREATEST! That half-hoof-harlot Needleseye has NOTHING on me!"


"Really? Then make the outfit, and make it pretty and cheap. If you can. Needleseye could."


"Serious? Why even bother with normal weapons, you could make giant hammers impossible to stop or huge crossbows that can take down the walls of a castle in one shot!
You are gonna need that. You know, it's part of the reason I'm here.
I'm beginning to worry about that girl, Prima."


"Alright, if you say so…"

Do as told

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Well cheap is right. For her AND her dresses! I will make this damned thing work if it is the last dress I ever make! THAT'LL SHOW HER!
Come back later for it. I will need at least today and tomorrow."
"Gaaaah… what about her?"
Sunrise ruffles his mane and helps him pack on more snow
He grins and tries to smack the flying sword aside with his own

Roll #0 8 = 8


He strikes it out of the air with ease


Yes. Another.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"I heard Frosty. I heard what she told you. And yes, you acted perfectly, but she's.. A danger."


"First day? Compa..ny… Oh! Its not that my intention is to offend you and I like your acquaintance. Its just that…. I am not…. " I let myself trail off while slowly closing the door.


"It has better be done by the time the ball starts! And thanks for doing it, can't wait to see it~"

I walk back to find either Brickhouse or the mansion he mentioned.


I find some ponies to help me out with something. Looking ponies with different looks and accents. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You're mine, SWORD! HA!"
"nnnnhg… she just needs friends… is all. GAAAH THIS HURTS. Pumpkin you know this pain stuff. How do I stop it?"
He cocks his head to the side then shrugs
What an odd lass. All he wanted to do was chat. Meh, guess she doesn't want company.
He walks off.
Wow. This place is pretty damn swanky. As he mentioned, all the windows are boarded up with heavy planks. The interior is lit with candles and lanterns, giving a spooky but very cozy atmosphere. There are two floors.
You run into a pair of stallions
"Oi! Watchit!"
"Eah givver a breaver bruv. Poor lass's but a lil zebra inner?"

Roll #0 6 = 6


give him a scorn look
"This is not really what I meant Frosty.."
Walk over to him.
"Here, bite down on this."
Give him the handle of one of my daggers.


He pings it away as well
"Pha! Too easy. Try two!"


"Hmmm… maybe I could cover it up by saying it's all for the sake of the ball! Yes, that should work!"

Now, get do work myself.
Start writing the invitations.

Roll #0 7 = 7


This is going to end in tears isn't it?


Two swords, from two completely different angles

Roll #0 10 = 10


"I'm!…. sorry… "
Well that explains why Im not popular, I then pack my stuff inside my room and check the local cafeteria to grab a quick snack while checking on my sched.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Yo, I need yer help. Didn't mean to bump into ya like that, but its for a good thing." '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"now we're talking…"
[Dearest friend, you are most courteously invited to a costumed ball at the temporary estate of miss Prima Donna, to be hosted on the eve of the full moon. Be sure to wear an outfit of suitable grandeur and elegance.
Punctual arrival is expected at sundown.

Yours, the ever beloved Lady Prima Donna]
You then pen up a pair of fake ones for your targets with several key parts written in vanishing ink.
You don't have one yet! You must have forgotten to enroll to classes…
But hey, there's Embers eating lunch. He can probably help.
And that zebra looks nice enough too >>175421

"Ay wossis all about'en?"
"Look we ain't doin noffin onne less legal sida fings, stripes."

Roll #0 10, 9 = 19


Now that those are done, let's write a special one for the Prince~

Roll #0 4 = 4



"Look Frosty, just.. Be cautious. I don't like her."

Can we go narration time and find Shadow Song?


I look at the zebra. seeing him talking to some ponies it is best not to butt in and be disrespectful. Instead I need to apologize to Ember and with that I approach.
"Uhhmmm.. I'm sorry if I push you away back there. I was just not accustomed to talking to others." I try my best to sound friendly and sorry in tone.

Roll #0 7 = 7


He does a little flip, slapping one sword away, then lands and spins, deflecting the other
"Huff.. oh yes, I can feel this. Still dare to keep going?"
[Your Noble Highness of Endless Royal Grace, I, Lady Prima Donna of Rosefall, most desperately demand that you stick it in me you glorious stallion you attend my costumed ball on the eve of the full moon dressed as the best thing in the world… ~YOU~
Love, hugs, kisses and deep kisses, Your Very Own Prima~<3]
…a little creepy…
You leave the prince to deal with it and go find Shadow So-ARROW!


I sigh and try speaking plainer. "I just want you teach me a bit of your language, I think it would be really cool to be able to speak differently when I need to. All you need to do is spend a bit of time with me." '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Hmm… scratch that, I don't think overlining that sentence helped…
Try again! Better this time!

Roll #0 2 = 2



Roll #0 6 = 6


I wordlessly send another three swords at him

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Wanna play, Shadow Song?"


"Bruv isis fo real?"
"Sureas'ell looks ovvit, dunnit?"
They seem to have gotten the wrong idea. Way wrong.
"That's quite ok. I think I was a little pushy. I don't have many friends around so I'm always happy when I get a new chance to meet someone new."
Oh it wasn't even that well aimed
"Always stay aware. Always, bladeling."
A shadow was hanging out on the ceiling supports.
You send them in odd wobbly arcs
Unyielding looks around
"Uh.. hun? bah, too late to back down now!"

Roll #0 6, 4, 9 = 19


"A lordblade has no time for childish games"
He blocks one and spins to catch another byt the last cuts his hoof
"ACK! Damnit…"


[Dear prince Frostmourn
Please come over and fuck me like a dirt little whore
Prima Donna]


I grin playfully

"Come on now! Do I need to give it a little kiss to make it all better for you or something?"

Roll #0 7 = 7


No, no that's still not it.
Last try.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Alright, let bygones be bygones." I then grab some snacks and eat with him.
"Uhmmm could I ask some help. I need to check out on some paperwork so that I could enroll on some classes that I may find interesting. Could you… help me?"

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Your arrows are sloppy, going easy on me on purpouse?"
"Of course, training is the best game, right?"
smirk at her.

"Take a look at this, anyway."
Show her the book of poems.
"It's got plenty of secret messages all over what looks like sappy love poems!"


Shit.. "Nah, man it ain't like that. I was just wanting to culture-ilize." I back away. "I think I heard my bros over that way." clean get away '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"…just throw the rest and we'll see then."
[Your Grace Prince Frostmourn of Wintersgrasp
Your regal presence is lovingly requested at a costumed ball on the eve of the full moon at the estate of Prima Donna of Rosefall.
Dress with regality befitting thine status, to dazzle all present as you are so often fond to do.

Yours, the awaiting hostess Prima Donna]
He gets a sly grin
"…what do I get out of this?"
"…give that to me. NOW."
You rush to sit down by Lily and Embers


"Right then!"

Do as told

Roll #0 8 = 8



Find Brickhouse now.


"A good final push. HAVE AT THEE!"
He is cooking in the kitchen

Roll #0 6, 1, 10, 9, 4 = 30


"What? You really like this kind of things?
I didn't take you for a touchy-feely kind of girl!"
Keep glaring about the book. Find one poem and read it.
Not a too embarassing one.

Roll #0 10 = 10


He pings one sword away, does a spin and deflects another, catches the third, sidesteps the fourth and…
The last sword explodes
Coughing and spitting some metal shards, Unyielding laughs
"HA! I knew that bastard had boobytrapped one! ow…"
Two more shadows drop in
"Close the book and slide it over, bladeling. This is no longer a game."


"Oh… I could be your friend… " I look at him and smile.
I try to read why he is giving me a smile like that.sense motive

Roll #0 4 = 4


"What's the deal with this, Shadow?"
what did the poem say anyway?
oh and yeah,

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"Hello, how are you two doing?" I smile, trying to look as friendly as possible.


"By the Sun! Are you alright, love?"

Quickly run over to him


"How are things going?"


"Oh… hello." I look at the zebra slightly confused.


He seems like a nice guy who just wants to be friends. Honest.
"Child there are things you should not play with. Fire. Your life. That book. There's a top three."
A shadow shoots an arrow at the book
Dodge: DC my roll
He coughs a little
"Yes, all as planned, all as planned. I found the trapped sword before a student got hurt after all."
He is kinda bleeding.
"I did always like cooking… it is a calming art. Care for a taste, miss?"
"Hello there! Um… Kil…ana? Was it? I-I'm Glowing Embers! A-and this is Lila! She is new!"

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Come on, let's go find a doctor. You crazy stallion you…"

Tug at his unharmed leg and pull him with me to go find a doctor

Roll #0 8 = 8


I can't dodge that. But I can be somewhere else when it lands! Vanish behind shadow song!
"What's the matter with you tonight! What, is your secret book of tartarian tricks or something?"

Roll #0 5 = 5


You help him to the doctor and get him patched up
"Thanks for the help. It would have been so boring to do that alone, love."
"You did that remarkably easily… where did you learn more?"
The shadow tries to nab the book

Roll #0 8 = 8


"It's not drugged yet, is it?"


"Oh, do you know him?" I ask Ember.


"The book! It's why I wanted to show it to you! And hooves off it, a friend of mine lended it to me!"
Stealth away from those shadows.

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


"I haven't seen you around, I'm Kilana, everyone knows me around here. What's your name?"
"Of course he knows, me. I'm Kilana the lovely zebra, the musical bard, and fun trickster!" I smile proudly and flip my mane back to show off how good I look.


"No. This is for us tonight. Just a little something simple and tasty…"
"Her. Uh, this is Kilana, she is a friend of the famous Prima Donna, daughter of a High Ambassador!"
You completely escape from sight, scrambling away faster than the shadows can react


Nuzzle his cheek

"Anything for you, handsome."

Roll #0 9 = 9


"I have ordered my outfit and made the invitations. What now? And yes, I think I could go for something to eat right now…"


"Oh, nice to see you. A bard I see… " I bow my head and give her a smile

"Primma what? Who is she." I look at Ember.


"You better explain me what's up with this book when I do!"
Get back to the library. Read through it, there must be something I've missed that can explain this.
Also, try to make a copy if I can.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Nah, I be rollin' with a new crew. Prima ain't even been around too much." I act like I just don't care about her.
"Pirma, she's just a little rich girl who thinks she's all that. She's in love with the prince, kind of delusional." I mime crazy with my hooves and spin my eyes a little bit for extra effect.


He winks
"We should decorate I think. A costume ball deserves a theme. Perhaps we could go with a… scary theme? OoOooOoo~"
He does slow sp0000ky waving with his hooves
"P-Prima D-do…. sorry.. I'll be quiet…"
Could this be written by… HER?
Oh that is too rich. Time to make copies.



I blush a little

"Well… if you ask nicely at least~"


"Pretty please with me on top?"

Roll #0 3 = 3


I smile and move up to his ear, whispering sweetly

g2bed DM


Yes mom…


"Oh, wait. You are going to help me with me in finding what class to attend right." I look at Ember seeing that he appears to be uneasy.



Prima and Kilana meet someplace.

"Ah, Kilana, I haven't seen you in a while! Where have you even been? This ball will be my great chance! Are you coming? Of course you are!"


I put my hoof up. "Sure, I can still come but.. Prima, girl, you and I have been pretty tight, but I can't be your lap dog no more." I look at her excitement and can't help but feel a little bad.


I chuckle.
"What are you even talking about? You are not like the common plebs that follow me around Kilana, you are an actual friend! Now stop this stupid thing, we've got work to do."


"Prima, I'm serious. We've been doing wrong to these ponies, to each other even, and I can't do that anymore." I try to sound serious. "I've made friends with the prince's friends, like really friends.."


I raise an eyebrow, as well as my voice.
"What do you mean like really friends? Are you saying we weren't friends? That we never laughed together and everything? Did our friendship and the time we spent together mean nothing to you? You'll not only just turn my back on me but betray me by teaming up with those ponies who smack-talk me constantly?"

I let out a huff.
"I guess what they said about zebras is true. They can't be trusted with anything."




"We did laugh, we did have something, but it wasn't true friendship.. True friends don't make each other sacrifices, they make sacrifices for each other.. I couldn't have learned that without these ponies.." I sigh. "I'm sorry.. I won't try to get in your way at this ball, I know how badly you need this."


"Oh, so you are saying that you are siding with those sons of whores and you expect me to await you with open hooves? Well you can forget about it! And you can forget about getting anything once I'm queen!"


"No, I don't want you to take me back or anything. I'm much better off with a group of friends who won't sell me out like a cheap toy, or tell me to get lost when I mess up. No, they actually help me out when I make a mistake, and would never dream of making me do those things." I glare hard at you to show how serious I am. "Friends don't hurt each other like that. I have true Homies now. I don't want to be your hollar back gal."


"Fine, run back to them then, see how far that gets you! Run back to them but then don't let me see your filthy hide ever again!"

I lower my voice dangerously.
"…but this won't change who you are. You turned your cape but you are still just the cheap, filthy whore you were before."
Despair to make you feel bad

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"What?! You take that back this instant!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


>3 I suppose this is a zigga moment?


Or you just failed to resist the 9 from the Despair and now you'll feel sad and crushed like Verne did

I let out a cruel chuckle.
"What? Does the truth hurt? Or are you denying that you've been used like a public service amongs the stallions? Every free to come and go?"


"Prima, I just wanted to let you know personally.. before you heard it from some one else.. I really have changed.. no one has even touched this flank since that day!" I few tears stream down my cheek messing up my ye olde eye liner.


"So you had a little break? And how long until your basic little instincts kick back in and you rush into the changing room of the bucks again? Or do you think your new friends are keeping you around for you 'company'?"
I laugh again.
"Don't make me laugh, they'll just fuck you and then throw you away like a stained rag."


'1d10' to contain rage.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"No way, it ain't gonna be like that. These be true homies, they would neva throw ya under a bus like that."


"Keep telling yourself that…but you know it will happen eventually."


Roll #0 5 = 5


"Giirl, I know your acting skills better than that. These fools ain't never gonna leave me high and dry, and that's a fact."


"We'll see. We'll see. But don't come back to me crying when they do."

I turn around and walk away from her.


Hmmf. I walk away from this byatch, who needs her.




"So now that the swords are tested, I think I can let the students practice safely."



"Mmmm, aren't you the responsible teacher~… When does your class start then?"


"Won't be until afternoon. Having you help out saved me hours of work at the cost of a few… ow… wounds."


Just finished talking with Manifest Destiny in the library.

I-I need to go rest for a while. By the gods.. no, anything but that. The god among gods seek to bring us down, if what he says is true. no, stop thinking! Just.. let's just go see Venus. She was outside training, right?


"Well… why don't you go see your little cousin? You've been spending so much time with me, you can't forget about your family, sweetie."


I'm in the library copying the book.


Go find Pumpkin.


I stretch out my hooves and blink at Embers "Its cool, I suppose you ain't had time to catch up on the latest things."


(s)he is reading by one of the windows in a side hall, overlooking the training field.
he gives a little laugh
"Yah, family. An uncle and a cousin. Not much of a family of you ask me. Buut if you want, sure, lets go see him. Where is he? He's your responsibility isn't he?"
Yep have fun with that.
Unless you want to break off and do something else / skip ahead to the night.


He looks around, lowers his head and swallows
"T-thank you miss… f-for understanding."


I guess I'll keep doing this while I talk with Valnia then, if I can.


Whew, okay, let's go. Sneak up on her and surprise her.

"Hey there, Venus~"

Roll #0 6 = 6


I could be in the library too I guess
If I can play


"At least you still have family left alive…"

I look at the ground sadly

"Frostmourn was near the cliffs when I left him with Sunrise and Valnia. He messed up a mixed spell pretty badly so I decided to leave him alone for a while."


"Hey! Did you find what you were looking in the forest?"


"The shadow lady? Yeah, why?"


"She didnt hurt you?"


"Oh, I know! You probably wanted to help the new student all by yourself. I mean, she is pretty cute I'll, leave you too that, make sure to give her a thorough tour~" I leave Embers and Lila and head over to the library, maybe some of my friends are over there.


"Nah, she's cool.. You remember what Venia said about the whole.. You know.. lordblade thing, right? She's my trainer."


"Really? That sound… Interesting."


"Is a lot of work, and she keeps trying to kill me, but is cool."


go ahead
(s)he looks up from the book, then looks around
"Oh, uh, hi there"
Nasse get out of here, stop ruining everything for everyone I fucking hate you you piece of shit I'm kidding. You arrive at the library, and notive Valnia and Pumpkin
"Aw, don't be like that… We can be each others' family, right?"
After he hears about frosty he rolls his eyes
"Unicorn problems. Can't be as bad as a twisted wing. That boy needs to grow a pai-…"
He stops himself from going there.
You have not given the book to her yet
Embers looks at himself and wipes his brow
"W-wow. She was… remarkably nice. I thought she'd j-just make fun of me…"
Aaaand you find a bunch of everyone at the library.




"Watcha' reading, hmm?" Hahaha, I probably should have dressed up for this, but I was rather busy. I'm wearing something nice underneath, though."

"Anyways, I was thinking I could introduce you to my friends. They're pretty nice people."


"I guess that's how you train when you expect everything to come out and kill you.
But is ok, she only got me once.
Yeah, maybe I have to get a few more bandages for tonight thou.."


"She didnt hurt you right?"


err.. continuing with enrollment

I look at Ember "Well she is nice is she not? Perhaps you could help me with my enrollment?"


I roll my eyes

"Just go and pay him a visit. I can't be around him every moment of the day, he'd grow sick of me pretty quickly… if he hasn't already. Now go on, I'll find something to occupy myself with in the meantime, don't worry."


"No, not yet. But I don't think she'll kill me. You can't train a dead body."


I greet Valnia and Pumpkin.
"Hello. What's this of a ball I'm hearing? Some sort of a party?"


"Oh, hello there Pumpkin, Valnia. Still studying?"


"Maybe is a test, if you die you are useless tot he shadow."

"Ball? Where?"

"Hi there!"


"Uh…some sort of a student party?"


"Combat theory. The training armoury was closed for whatever reason so I decided to catch up a few things to avoid any future mishaps like today's.
…and show them."
"Mh? Oh yes, certainly. The Councilor has a list outside the office to fill out. So lets head there."
"Well ,ok. Guess a bit of stallion time will do him well. Though I have no idea how anypony could grow tired of you~"
He leaves.


"No idea, first time I'm hearing anything. I had a busy day thou, so I wouldn't know."
"Yeah, copying some notes, that thing. You know, gotta keep up to impress in class!"
Grin at her.
Whisper to her.
"If I die, I'm useless to the Prince. And to Bearing."




"H-huh? What happened? And is your cold still bothering you, by the way? I should probably see if I can get any warm honey…"


"Sound like fun."



Alrighty, let's see if anything interesting is going on around school. Any ponies I know around?

Roll #0 9 = 9


I nod.
"Oh, okay. What are you two up to?"


"A ball, I heard that there is something like that coming up.." I think I have heard about it?
"Hey, don't think I've had a chance to meet you. I'm Kilana." I extend my striped hoof and offer a smile to you.
"Oh, yeah? Is there anything in your notes on how to have swag or does that come naturally?" I grin back.


"So that's it? If you are worried about me don't be. There are others we should care about right now. Keep an eye on Prima, she's trying all she can to talk Frosty into bed!"
"Just studying on my own. No idea why Valnia dropped by!"


"Oh that's easy. You just gotta be cool, and fast, and silent, and save the whole castle from food poisoning and.. Yeah, wrestling bears helps, too!"


I shake your hoof and smile widely.
"Hello! I'm Magna! It's always nice to meet new equines. I'm afraid I don't know anyone really well yet..:"
"Oh, okay. I was just looking for some company between classes myself."
I assume it's daytime


"Alright then, I follow you." I smiled and then follow him to the councilor doorstep.
"So what do you think of Kilana? She looks like a friendly zebra."


(s)h shoots you a glare
"Nevermind the cold.
As for the mishap, I was caught dozing off in Sergeant Shieldbash's theory class, and told to explain why armour was so important in battle. Well of course I know why it is, but then he told me to explain the theory aspects and after I made some shit up, his co-instructor just snuck up and whacked me in the crotch saying "that's one reason". Now this would've been no big deal - except I'm supposed to be a damn stallion. So. I think that's supposed to hurt. And then I had to fake a late pain reaction as everyone stared and it was so close to blowing my cov- STOP SNICKERING."
You notice verne and venus talking, and see a bunch of others in the library and caffeteria.


"Thats rude you know."

"Whos Prima?"


BRB 20


I back away a bit and sound unsure of myself.
"Sorry, what is?"


Approach Verne and his friend, clearing my throat from a distance to announce my presence


"Gah, I'm not, really. Sorry about that… want to go to the library, then? We'll find more books there."


"What, you haven't met her yet? And don't make names out loud!"
"She's the pony that walks around with the diamong dog babysitter, says to be some kind of noble and is really starting to creep me out. She wants to be queen."
"Well sure, but I won't be able to go anywhere, still gotta copy this thing."


"Its ok."

"I didnt know about her… She sure sound weird."


"That's fine. I like the library."
I sit down and take out a book on healing.


"More than that. She's a danger. If she's at this ball you are talking about, we must keep her away from Frosty."


I chuckle at bit. "Yea, I heard about the bear before."
"Well, its nice to meet you, Magna, what kind of things are you into?"


I show you my book.
"I'm studying to become a healer!"


"Are you sure? Is she some kind of assassin?"


"Oh, Venia! Hey, hey.. this is Venus, a friend of mine. What are you doing here?"


"Worse. She wants to steal Frosty's crown! I heard her say that myself! She tried anything she could to get laid! It was pathetic! And I sure as hell don't want Frosty to be hurt by that.. Whore!"


"Ooh, that's cool. Particularly useful with this group, going around wrestling bears.. Someone is bound to get hurt.." I pick out some books on disguises, acting, and being a rogue.


"But she cant! She is not even a noble from wintergrasp."


"I just got back from a training session with Unyielding. One of the swords we used was rigged to explode… Things are starting to get worrying."

I make a slight bow to Venus

"It's very nice to meet you, Venus."


head to the library and read up more on my book of vanish

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Last day Frosty almost went nuts for her, just because she got two stupid wings! That kid has a lot to learn before he can be king, and we gotta keep that pony away from him!"


I see her enter
"Hi Nylis!"


"Hi Magna! How are you? Classes going well?"


"…! Damn it, so there is an Equestrian among us… Frosty's fine, right? Although… having swords randomly explode like that in hopes that the prince will just happen to use one of them is a bit of a stretch."


"Should Sunrise do that? If we were on timberjaw she would cut her ear or something."


"Yes, I'm basically a qualified healer already!"


"What are you guys whispering about, by the way?"


"I like the idea, but I don't think we can. She hasn't actually laid an hoof on Frosty yet.
Oh, but as soon as she does..


"Frosty is fine. He messed up when mixing two spells earlier and had a terrible headache because of it, so I left him be with Sunrise. Still, pieces of shrapnel could have wounded or maimed him if he was near that sword… I'm very worried about all this though, whoever is doing this has to be caught swiftly!"


"Nothin! Just, you know, boring study-study stuffs!"



"Oh you know, stuff."


"Wow! That's great! uhh… you know any good books on healing?"


"We need to inform King Goldenblood, yes. Although, I must say.. their methods have been haphazard. Explosive mold in the basement on some chance the Prince might come in, a rigged sword on the off chance it is the sword someone near the prince just happens to use… which would not even kill him unless he was the one holding the sword. They've yet to send an assassin in person, have they?"


My ears flop a bit.
"I'm not that boring, am I?"
That said, I show Nylis the book I'm reading.
It's a book on healing without any specific divine assistance


"Nah, its probably just the library that's boring."


"Uh- No! I was just.. well you said you can heal and I've been wanting to learn how since I tend to get hurt everytime I'm here! I just wanted to know if you had any books I could learn from… is all"


"Oh no, we are just talking about some… Personal stuff."


"What are you talking about, is just that sometimes you really have to study!"


"Well… there was that one time where that one Equestrian tried to poison the entire castle a few years back, that was fun… Aside from that I don't know. But clearly the Equestrians are not concerned about collateral damage or taking out completely innocent ponies to get to their target. Very dangerous and unpredictable, that is."


"I'm more concerned about what they're going after, exactly. Why so unreliable methods when they could disguise someone as a student, send them Frosty's way and finish the job right there? They have no fear of death, it would be a simple suicide mission with little chance of failure…"


"Maybe they're trying to make us paranoid… and succeeding at it too."

I sigh wearily


Ready to move on with the story.


"Here, let me show you."
I try to cast heal.

Roll #0 3 = 3


try and copy what she did

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Oh, hello miss. We were on the way to the… library"
She leans to Verne
"Saved by the bell, weren't you? Don't think you're squirming away that easily."


"That could be it. In fact, that would be exactly what I would do if I were in charge. Considering Equestria's policy so far of granting captured territories autonomy.. they aren't actually targeting Frosty, they want to create fear so the Frosty becomes a subservient, submissive King when Equestria comes. Most devious…."

Venus needs to reply to me and Venia DM


"She…seemed uncharacteristically nice today."
He seems to be thinking for a moment, opens his mouth to say something, then shakes his head and walks on without saying anything.



"Of course, don't let an old mare's ramblings stop you."

Step out of their way.

"We'll find a way to bring an end to this madness one way or the other…"


"Alright then. See you, Ms. Venia"

"I know, I know. You can talk to me later."

Head off to the library to find Pumpkin and Nylis.


"And don't you forget it. I'll be waiting."


"Hey Verne!"


"…and that's how you make sparks fly out of your horn and do nothing! Dammit!"

Roll #0 2 = 2


DM hey


hey DM


Roll #0 3 = 3


"I understand it's important to you, I wouldn't brush it aside."

She's following me, right? Assuming I'm in the library, sat hi to Pumpkin, Nylis and whoever else is there


Welp, guess I'll just find myself someplace to sit and relax a little outside

Roll #0 7 = 7


I wave at her over my books, "Hey."


"You just need more practice."


"Uhhmm.. Is there something you wish to say?" Seeing him being hesitant for a moment there while still following him.
"You can tell me if you wanted to that is." I try my best to sound persuasive.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Oh, hey! Good to see you, this is Venus, a friend of mine. Venus, this is Pumpkin, a good associate I've had for a long time."

"Anything important happen so far?"


"Oh, hello mr. Meat!"


And he is headed to the woods.
Magna's heal fizzles ineffectively, but Nylis makes an absolutely textbook performance.
Bit past a third of the book now.
Poetry analysis… wonder if that ever catches on as an academic profession…
Frostmourn, Sunrise and Unyielding are returning from the cliff.
Frostmourn and Unyielding are both flying.
"Well it's just that… uh… well I've never been very popular at all. Indeed quite the opposite… I've taken so much flak and abuse over time I always get hopeful when I meet someone new. Like you. Because I get a fresh start and a new chance."
Venus, the big stallion, offer a hoof


Leave them be and find somewhere to sit and enjoy the outside


I shake his hoof excitedly.


"What are you-oh. Ahem. Yes, hello. You memory of me might be mistaken, by the way."


Roll #0 10 = 10


"Hey Venus!"
Shake his hoof
"Never seen you before today!"
turn to Verne
"Yes. Big things. see this book? Is extremely important, but it's Nylis'. Make sure she gets it back. I have to go to find Shadow Song."
Take the original book with me and head for the forest.
Once I'm done copying.
"Shadow Song! I have the book!"
Stay ready..

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Nice to meet you."


It is a nice and cool day. Calm and sunny.
You could doze off for a while, not like the prince will need you any time soon.
Two shadows immediately pin you down
Shadow Song herself walks out of the darkness
"Where is the book?"


Is it Shadow Songs'? She'll know you made a copy, make two. That way when she asks for the copy you made feign defeat and give it up.

"good to see you. Is Nylis around, by the way?"


That'll be all for me today. See y'all in 7 hours


"Yeah she is around here."


"I told you, it's here!"
leave it on the ground.
Escape artist. Stealth.

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"Wow! ok yea! thanks a lot Magna!"
hug her
"Can I borrow this? I promise I'll return it!"

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Oh. So you dont have any friends in here? " I looked at him, concerned at Embers plight.


astral projection, where the hell did my book go?


"Nylis, there you are! Just thought I'd introduce you my friend here, Venus. Pumpkin asked me to hand you this copy of uh, notes, though I think you should make another copy just in case. What's that book you have there, anyway?"


She picks it up and puts it under her cloak as you slip away from the shadows, only for more to push you back as you try to hide
"And why did you not give it to me when I first ordered you to?"
Verne(?) has a copy of it
Pumpkin took the original and now it is gone


I hand her the copy, then.


"Well, I try. Then, most friends I make seem to move on quickly. But I'm ok with that. I prefer being ignored to being beaten up."


"Nice to meet you Venus! uhh.. sorry but hold on"
that asshole took the book from me!
"Uhh. Thanks Verne."
read from it, it's all still there right?

Roll #0 6 = 6


"It must have been some other stallion then…"
"Yes! Of course! I should manage if I practice…Hey, do you know anything about a student party coming up?"


"What a question is that? You tried to force it out of my hand!
What Lordbl.. No! What Bladeling would fall to intimidation?
That book was a treath to the Prince for all I knew!
And as you said, there is no lover's lament or master's scorn, when serving you Lord!"
Try to resist the shadow.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Student wha ? Sorry I've not heard anything like that. There's one happening?"


"It should be. Anyway, what's that book you were looking at earlier? Something about healing without divinity?"

"A party? Organized by what?"


yes, word for word.
Just that this is a pile of paper, not a book.
You jump past the shadows and hide in a bush
"But there is your master's orders. Who are you to defy them and think you can run unpunished?"


Read up on disguises, '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I heard there was…I don't talk a lot with ponies, sorry."


"This is magna's book. And yea. It's about healing"
alright keep them neatly in order and put them in my bag
"I don't talk to many ponies either. Just.. haha just mainly reading and studying!"


"Well, since you are one of the few who's willing to help me, we can be friends if you like." I look at him and gave him a warm smile.


"Mainly reading and studying… Nylis, could I propose something to you? Frosty and the Kingdom will have need of your talents."




"You are not my master. This you said yourself.
My only master is the Prince. Remember that."
Lock eyes with her.
"I was scared for what that book could have meant. The rhymes, the writing, sappy poems at first, when seen with the right frame of mind became more. Instructions to trick your opponent, to vanish into mist and nothing more.
The existance of such a book scared me."
"And I really am nopony to escape your punishment. For all my worth, I know you, Shadow Song. I know you could crush any one of us.
But I don't fear pain, and sure as tartarus I won't stand by and just suffer your wrath!"


Hm hm hm… interesting. Temporary dyes… makeup tips… hmmm…
"I'd like that. Thank you. Just don't turn into one of those types. Aaaand there's the list. Just sign your name into any classes you want to attend."

>ALPHABETICAL ORDER: Elemental Magic, Everyday Magic


>RAGING STORM SGT. SHIELDBASH: Combat, Strategy, Warcraft, Physical Education

Pumpking Smile

>UNYIELDING ANVIL: Survival, Outdoorsponyship, Hunting, Weapons, Literature

Pumpkin Smile

>VENIA: Conjuration, Health Education, non-elemental magic, magical combat techniques

>MANIFEST DESTINY: History, Religion


>SILVER LINING: Art, Music, Politics

"You have shown you do not fear pain nor death. This is not a thing one is born with. It is learned. Where did you learn it?"


"Yes, yes. You know the threat to Wintergrasp Equestria poses, and I have recently learned of their true power. Believe it or not, it is said that physical gods are the rulers of Equestria, possessing terrible magic artifacts… the only way to counter that would be to build up our own strength, to research and develop magic technology for ourselves to counter them. And.. you're the only one I know who can do this, I've seen your skill, even if it has brought some of us misfortune. What I'm asking you to do is pursue your studies in magic even further and use that knowledge to develop technology for us. Perhaps one day I could ask Frosty or King Goldenblood to intern you with the mages. Is that understood?"

I might want to study magic utility…


I check the library for anything interesting.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Misfortune.. yea. I uh. I'd rather not take on something like that. Sorry but after all that's happened. I don't think I'm the best for such a thing. You should find another"
head to one of the couches and read up on the notes

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Hmmmm this will do. So what do you think?" I show him my list.
"Also whom, should I approach in order to process my chosen academic studies."
>ALPHABETICAL ORDER: Elemental Magic, Everyday Magic
>MANIFEST DESTINY: History, Religion
>SILVER LINING: Art, Music, Politics


"W-what? No, please! Wintergrasp needs you! You're the only one-"

Damn it… am I starting to take Madpony Destiny seriously now? If this 'Creator' is weaving a story, the ones who can best affect it are the 'main actors'… no, why am I even paying atten-ARRRGH!

"-you're the one I know who can do it! You just need more time, and, well, everything you've done has turned out for the better, hasn't it! Please, at least just consider it…"


Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


[Heroes of Legend VOL4 - The Complete Compendium of Commendable Clerics: compiled by Cornelius Cornhusk & Co.]
You put your name down
"Looks good. Speaks volumes of your interests too. Most ponies seem to prefer the more physical courses."
Seems about as legit as it gets.
What a glorious, heroic fate!


"Sounds pretty bad..Kind of like a bard's tale if you ask me. " Keep reading on disguises. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Arrow. Dodge.
"Who do you think I am, Shadow Song?"
walk towards her.
"I was born with nothing. No home, no friends, not even parents.
I survived for years in the freezing winds of the lower city. In the slums, the bug-ridden streets were my home.
I don't fear pain, because I was born into it.
And then, I went soft. I met the Prince. Valnia. Verne. Miss Venia. Medve.
They gave me a place to stay, swept far my young life of sorrow.
I still can't understand how such a luck fell upon me. From beign one nameless scoulder on the street, to one of the closest friends of the Prince.
I had forgotten everything. No more pain, no more shouts, no more sounds of broken glasses.
And then they killed Medve. Right there in front of my eyes. And why couldn't I help? Because I had blacked out from the pain, the equestrian assassin overtaking me in a fight.
And then I realized just how wrong what ponies call 'pain' is.
It's not the burning flesh. Is not the broken nose or the smashed bone.
Is the searing sensation of the heart, the knoledge you could have done something, but didn't.
So no, Shadow Song. I don't fear pain. Not anymore."

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Maybe it has, but I'm not the only one you should be asking that to. Yea I-… I'll consider it, for Wintersgrasp"
"Like a what?"


"I mean, that sounds like a old story, ya know? Like, somethin' you would hear in an old rhyme. "


"Oh… oh yea!"
ponder it a moment
"….oh. yea I- I'll do it. What should I do then, Verne?"


I take the book to the others and start reading while listening to the conversation.

Roll #0 8 = 8


A fake nose and big-ass glasses. GENIUS!
She smiles and nods
"Then embrace it. Make it serve you. Make it your weapon. Your friend. Your brother. Your lover."
She tosses you a knife and pulls one herself
"Come then. If you will not take your punishment standing, let us make good use of it. To first blood."


"Well I always am interested in history and such. Not that I dislike being physical once in a while but I lack the staying power for such activities." I then put write down several information about my parents address, past education and name.


"Thank you, thank you… we will need good machines and magic on our side when the time comes."

"Hahahaha.. how silly to comapre reality to a bard's tale, eh?"

No, causality shouldn't work like this, it-gah!

Fuck this. Let's grab a book about Entertaining others and oratory to learn Entertain and relax wit Venus.

Roll #0 9 = 9


"So shall it be!"
Vanish, Backstab.

Roll #0 4, 5 = 9


I check over the pair
"I wonder if the party is gonna require you to bring a partner…"


"Huh. didn't mean to trip ya' up bro. If you say its true, I believe ya' "


[Entertainment for all occasions: By Clever Pun]
Entertain will take a total of DC50 to learn.
You puff out a big cloud of dirt but as you go for a stab, it is Shadow Song who has disappeared.
"Less than perfect."
DC: my roll
"Understandably, I don't like the more physical courses. So, would you like to do anything before class?"

Roll #0 4 = 4


keep reading up on that thing for vanish

Roll #0 10 = 10



"You got sloppy yourself!" Counter her attack!

Roll #0 8 = 8


Im going to try to find a book about conjuration.

Roll #0 10 = 10


The index has a list of notable clerics from the past, as well as old legends.
>You may pick a DC60 multiclass study
You step out of the way and crack her in the jaw with a hoof
"Yes. Yes I did. Then, I'm not sure if I want to stop holding back quite yet. You don't seem ready."
Hm, looks like a lot of the conjuration books are missing.
There is a note instead
[On loan to Alphabetical Order. Contact in class if needed]

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Of course it isn't." It can't be!

Wonderful. Relax in a warm corner of the library with Venus and begin reading.

"…you want to continue talking about just now?"

Roll #0 6 = 6


Go look for him.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"I'm heading to my room, 'nite guys!"
get up and go

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Oh that would be nice. So where should we hang out?"


I shrug. "Well, if you say so.." Keep reading, got know all about disguises. '1d10'
"Alright, see you at the party!" I wave as she goes.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Then teach me! Teach me the secrets of that book!"
Vanish behind her to avoid the attack!

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Mind if I follow you to the dormitories?"


"Not at all! come on!"


Venus nudges you a little
His classroom is empty, but a big gem on the desk pulses with energy
"Well are there any placed you'd like me to show? Training grounds, washing areas, faculty quarters, some of the stuff outside the school?"
She barely misses
She has lost sight of you


I mark the book as loaned and follow her.


Inspect the gem.

Roll #0 10 = 10


head to the dormitories
"My room is over there."


"I said I'd listen to your problems, didn't I? Just tell me what you want, now."

Sit a little closer to her and see if I can keep reading.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"I get it. It's not something you want to talk about.
But that books holds the secrets for the art of vanish, I must learn it!"

Roll #0 4 = 4


The gem presents a list of conjuration spells.
[Conjuration selected]
[Specify spell to train]
[Protective bubble]
[Conjure weapon]
[Conjure armour]
[Bodymorph: Horns]
[Bodymorph: Wings]
[Bodymorph: Muscle]
[Bodymorph: Gender]
[Bodymorph: Misc]
(s)he slaps the book away
"Either pay attention to me or the book. Now, how cute is that stuff you're wearing under there?"
She sidesteps and slaps you across the face
"Then learn from lessons, not from the writings of a young fool!"
She slashes at you

Roll #0 4 = 4


I need some sort of description of this area


Hmmm, read Conjure armour.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Hmmm…. I really have no idea what places in the school premises that may garner my interest, well partly because I am a new student here. Maybe you could show me what places you specifically liked. I will then let you have the reigns then." I smile at him.
"Oh first things first, where or to whom should I submit my enrollment papers?"


"Writing of a youn.. Oh. I get it."
Counter her attack
"It was you, wasn't it?"

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Hmm? Well… frills. How do you like it?"

Pick up the book for use later.


ask DM, I don't know. Probably a set of halls with rooms on either side. then in each room a set of beds, dressers, things a dorm room would have. then hopefully a bath/washroom as well
"yea… uh, oh shit! Later Magna!"
head back to the library, look for winterbreeze!


"Oh! Later!"
I'm left in the hallway, rather dumbfounded.
Oh, I guess I'll go to my room and read up on Thaumaturges.

Roll #0 7 = 7


I am a little confused at where everyone went, I keep studying making careful notes about what materials are best to use for dyes and make up. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"A lordblade would have figured that out faster."
She pings the blade away and slashes your cheek.
"First blood."
"Hm. Fitting for a little freakjob like you. Not a warrior like me though."
Yeah seems accurate.
Winterbreeze is lugging around some candles
[–Thaumaturges are scholars and spellcasters supreme, masters of both the divine and arcane. Unmatched in their thirst for knowledge, some say their traits are legacy of the legendary Starswirls himself, though other scholars claim–]
"Just put them in the box on the door. Miss Threadbare will take care of them later. Sorry if I asked this before but.. where are you from? Oh, and for interesting places… there is one I did always like. It's special to me. C'mon, it's a bit… tricky to get to."
[Conjure Armour selected]
[Conjure Armour - Advanced Conjuration Spell - developed as an extension to the Conjure Weapon spell made famous by the Battlemage orders, Conjure Armour uses the same principle of creating a shaped elemental construct via energy manipulation.]
A large book appears alongside the gem, containing the info.
Learning to cast conjure armour at DC10: total DC40
Lowering the cast DC to 6: total DC60



Roll #0 2 = 2


I keep reading.
How long can I keep reading?

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Winterbreeze! Hey!"
help her with some of what she's carrying


Drop my dagger
"But a friend would have waited for you to talk about it."
Sit down
"I understand how important that book is to you.
It's a part of your life you just don't want to revive and.. yeah, I can understand that."
Clean my cheek
"And yes, I still have long to learn. Will you help me?"


"Freakjob… interesting assessment. So, you like physical fighting? I'm sure you know where my skills lie."

Depending on how much attention she's devoting to me, begin reading again.

Roll #0 10 = 10


Talk about heavy duty reading. This thing must be a thousand pages lo- oh wait. Last page is numbered 1344. This could take a while.
That's quite enough.
All powergaming and no roleplay makes jack a dull player
"Oh, howdo Nylis. So um… about that… using your dorm tonight thing?"
"I will… you have proven that much… Will we meet again tomorrow night?"
"They seem to lie in burying your face in a pile of paper and ignoring me, is where you dense dummy"
She knocks you on the head
"Read up on wordplay next time. What is that book anyway? A guide to ladylike underwear?"


One roll per session?

Roll #0 1 = 1


I put the book on my night table.
How early/late is it?

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Yea of course! Lets go!"
carry most of what I can and lead her to my room


Afternoon. A few more classes left.
"…cute room. You can but the box anywhere. It was mostly props for reference."


"Pfft, It was merely a ruse, of course I knew what you meant."

'1d10+2' to bluff

"And anyways, this a book on how to hold the attention of and entertaining ponies. I think I'm pretty good at handling ponies, just take a look over here.."

Show her some highlights and 'r2 1d10' to read on more

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Seeing the box I slip my papers inside then hurriedly follow Ember.
"Well, I lived in the countryside near the snowborder's area. Nothing much happens near our village, something which I like. By the way, where is this special place that you are mentioning about?"


"Im sure hes not going ot miss this book."
Take it and walk away.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Ahah! yea! no wait!"
put the box by the dresser and try not to lose my spaghetti!

Roll #0 9 = 9


"No. Tomorrow night, the prince will be at a dance, which I fear to be a setup. A trap orchestred to steal his heart and throne by a mare called Prima.
I cannot come less to my duties towards him. We will have to train right now!"


I get up and wonder why Nylis would go to bed so early.
I head to the next class.

Roll #0 4 = 4


She has fallen asleep of boredom, a hoof in her pants.
Well fucking done romeo.
"Up here. Just. Up… here we go."
He hops onto a box and then onto a rafter
"C'mon. Grab my hoof, let me help you up."
[Session terminated. Have a nice day]
You keep it together
"You know, candles for light, some drawing implements, reference book, stuff…"
"I would rather break your wings than allow you to get away with impatience, bladeling. Impatience is what kills more assassins than any amount of traps, guards or shadowy watchers. Impatience is the enemy. Impatience is death.
You will return tomorrow night, and you will learn to vanish like a true Lordblade."
Guess you wasted more time than you thought. The last class left is Manifest Destiny's history and religion in half an hour.


Oh, well.

Let's look around to see if anyone can see us here.

Roll #0 7 = 7


And if no one can easily see us

Snuggle up to her and keep reading

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Y-yea I know! I was just worried there wouldn't be enough room or anything! yea! haha"
uhh, well shit. sit on my bed and see what can be moved to make room for her

Roll #0 10 = 10


"I will find a.. different way to deal with the matter, then. And as of our training.. I need some way to see through disguises and lies.
Is there anything that would let me do that?
Beside torturing a pony until he foams from his mouth, I mean."


I walk up to the classroom and look out for any interesting ponies.

Roll #0 10 = 10


When are we going to recieve the invitations?


I reach my hoof up for him to reach me and try climbing up. "Are you sure this is safe?"

Roll #0 3 = 3


All alone.
"Fine fine I'll amuse myself then… enjoy the book"
-3 to further reading due to distracting noise
You could probably lift the table somewhere else, like up against the wall.
Or put it against the bed and move the mattress around a bit to make a ghetto double bed.
"For a Lordblade, no. Such are the skills of the Omniseer. To many Lordblades a mortal enemy, and a reason to be very careful, nearly afraid."
Well ain't this your lucky day.
The only ponies here aside from you are a pair of big pegasus stallions. They seem to be wing-wrestling.
Probably the next day
He smiles softly
"Of course not. But that's what adventure is!"
He barely manages to get you up, then climbs into an opening between the wall supports
"Not a long way now"


How much more to learn Entertain?

"…you know, I could just loan this book out, and we-we could go to my room. Yeah, you want to come?"


"Give me a blade anytime. Are we done for the night?"


"What, are you planning on hosting a catwalk fashion show or something? …ok sure"
"We are, lest you have more to ask."
A shadow is making a small campfire


"Well, you're correct about that. Now where exactly are we?" I follow him carefully watching where my hooves land.


"What if you trained me in the art of vanish two nights from now?"


"hmmm…. that might work… Hey winterbreeze, how long will you be studying?"

Roll #0 4 = 4


"and how do you like to study?"

Roll #0 6 = 6


"Oh, right. Hang on, let's see if I can introduce you to someone very important first…"

Find Frosty. Hopefully he's in Manifest Destiny's class.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Sorry, I must have drifted off.
I watch them wrestle for a bit, trying to look inconspicuous

Roll #0 2 = 2


"This is a crawlspace between floors. Shoddy construction, but just wait for what is at the end! Come, come!"
He crawls on and slips through a hole in the stonework
"Why do you insist to go to that silly party, bladeling?"
"Well this stuff is really going over my head so I mostly just read. I don't dare try any of it… yet."
He is outside, flying with Unyielding. You can probably get his attention if you try.
They finish the match and high-five
"Good one"
"Aw yiss… hey, who's that?"
"Who's who OH!"
They both turn to look at you


"I told you! Prince. In. Danger!"


I wave my hoof meekly
"My name is Magna. Are you going to the history course too?"

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Oh yea can I take a look at it?"
what is she talking about?

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Hey! Frostmourn!"

Roll #0 3 = 3


"You just want to go party with the pretty mares don't you, bladeling? Do you think I won't have a shadow there?"
She then bursts into a snorting laughter
"Oh go on you scamp. Lordblade or not, you are still a kid. And kids needs to have fun every now and then. Do you need a costume?"
"Oh yes"
"History is important knowledge to a knight"
"See that's what we want to be, knights"
"Strong and unbreakable!"
"To protect those we love most!"
"And who might you be?"
"Yeah, who are you?"
[Lex Tartarus - The Dark Arts]
Both of them land
"Hey Verne, and uh, friend?"
"Hello young lads. How goes it?"


*gulp* "Okay, you said so." I then try to fit myself between the stonework and follow him to the hole.


"Oh, I'm just a cleric. A healer. I want to help others! History is just very interesting to me."

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Well that was sudden.."
"Costume.. What do you have in mind?"


lower my ears and grit my teeth
"Where did you get this?"

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Oh, hey! Just though I'd introduce my new friend here, Venus wings… anyways, how're things?"

"Venus, this is Prince Frostmourn, my childhood friend, and over there's Sunrise."


You squeeze through the stones and fall a little, landing on some stairs
He helps you up
"Watch that first step, it's a dozy."
He then smiles and walks up the stairs to a door, opening it and walking in.
"Oh you silly kid. I appreciate you taking your training seriously, but of course I don't expect you to live up to the standards of a full grown Lordblade. Now, I may live in a forest, but I have a few trinkets and tricks hidden away. What would you like to go as?"
"A healer? So like a doctor?"
"Wanna take my temperature, doc?"
"Shut it casapone"
"You shut it!"
She is visibly shaken and tries to grab the book
The prince smiles and shaker Venus' hoof
"Nice to meet you. A friend of my friend is always a friend!"
"Thank you kindly, prince"
Unyielding squints
"Get that throat checked out lad. Sounds infected. And squeaky. Big pony like you is gonna get mistaken for a damn mare with a crack like that."


I blush
"Well… yes, I kind of am a doctor. I know a lot of sicknesses. But I am mainly practicing so I can heal wounds."

Roll #0 5 = 5


grab her with magic and force her against the wall
"OH you're not are you? and which trunk might that be? WELL!?"


"Hmmm. Right, then, see you, Frosty and Sunrise!"

Leave with Venus for my room.


Pace bacl amd forth
"Argh that's harder than sparring with your shadows.."
Stop. Ahah.
"What if I went just as one of your shadows? Spooky trinkets on the head, glowing eyes and all!"


"Wow! Hey how did you find this place?" I follow him inside as he enters to the other side of the door.


"Bet she can heal an axe wound eh?"
"Har har mate. Har har. So what's your name, cleric?"
"What a nice lad."
"Terrible throat on him though."
"Yeah. Poor guy."
They take to the air again, Sunrise just watching and daydreaming
Venus huffs
"Damnit he could see right through me!"
A shadow steps onto you
"…really now?"
Inside is a small room with a few cushions, books, a lamp, a bedroll and a ladder leading to a hatch
"I found it. This is one of the fort's old towers. They built into most of it underneath, but since the stairwell was collapsed they just built a ceiling there and left the rest intact. I found it bu accident one day when trying to hide. And made it my own little place."


I extend my hoof.
"I thought I said that already. What are your names?"

Roll #0 1 = 1


"I feel violated.."
okay idea scratched.
"Well now, I got this! A batpony! A vampire batpony, of course!"


"…relying on your throat isn't going to work out for very long, Venus. Besides, I don't want you to be sick all the time, it's not good for you and it must hurt.

Well… we could practice to disguise your voice, though, I can do that pretty well. See~?"

Show her my voice as Julie. Are we there yet?

Roll #0 1 + 2 = 3


kiss her on the cheek
"I know you were doing things like this but I want you to know I'm not really ok with it. what are you wanting to find out about it anyways?"


I walk around looking at the place with awe
"Wow. you fixed this place mighty fine. I mean you even have books here." I pick one using telekenesis and see what he is reading.


Go find a good tailorer.


"Care for a bit of fun?"
"And by fun he means penis"
She nods to a shadow that runs off
"Ah yes, bat ponies. The night's knights. Servants of the moon and darkness. And if stories are true, lapdogs of Equestria. What could possibly be more horrible?"
The shadow returns, carrying a suit of armour
"This might be a bit big on you. We should pad it out. And you need someone to disguise your wings. I'm no seamstress."
"See there is a problem there. You keep using that fake falsetto voice. It does not sound naturally high. Should I demonstrate my point?"
"…I just was attracted to it because it was forbidden… I wanted to know what was so cool they wanted to keep it from us!"
He pushes it down with a grin and offers another one with a grin.
…what is he hiding…?
The Wintersgrasp market has a few tailor shops. The most notable ones are the ones run by Miss Needleseye and Mr. Button Nose.


Visit miss Needleseye store.


"Hey, something I can do better than you!"
make a disguise for the wings.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Oh, yes, please. Any more practice with voicework would be helpful. Just let me try again…"

Are we in my room yet?

Roll #0 7 + 2 = 9


"Yeah.. almost better!" retry!

Roll #0 5 = 5


"So coo- … cool things are usually not kept from you, Breezybutt"
give her the book and sit at the table and study my notes on vanishing

Roll #0 8 = 8


I give Ember a confused look
"Eh? Alright then." With a smile, I pick the book that he is offering to me by hoof, all the while I then use improve telekenesis to get the other one that he tries to prevent me from picking up.

Roll #0 10 = 10


I blush so red Comrade Lenin would be proud of me.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Look bladeling, just get some sticks and fabric. Leaves and moss are not very convincing. Now hold still and lets try the armour"
Roll for how cool it looks /10
You are.
"Here, allow me to help"
She smacks you in the junk, making you let out a high-pitched squeak
"There. Nice and natural high pitch. He… sorry. Couldn't resist. You're just so adorably pathetic when I do that to you."
Miss Needleseye is at the counter and welcomes you with a smile
"Welcome to Needleseye's Dresses, lady Battleborn!"
These poems are really starting to make sense.
"…Well why else would they keep them in a locked trunk if not for special access only? Besides, it's not like I've actually TRIED summoning demons…"
This is a dirty novel.
Ugh. Boys.
He has his eyes closed as he gives a happy smile, not noticing anything.
"After class?"
"Well YES that she is but"


"Good day miss! I need a cool costume for a party, can you help me?"


Lets give this rogue's book one last try. Maybe I can learn something about disguises.. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Do I still get the +1 from the points I wasted on popularity?

Roll #0 7 + 1 = 8


So uh
Am I still doing that show for Guinevere?


"Gah~, well, enjoy the privilege. You're the only one who I'd allow to do that right now, you know. Now, then.. did you want me to do anything for you?"

I suppose.. best to loosen her up a little before we talk.


I give a frustrated sigh and go off to class.


I just let them continue with my jaw hanging open.


Lets play a prank. >:3
I then hid the book he gave me and replace it with the dirty novel in hand. I then breath hard and shiver.
"W.. wha… Oh no. So, you want me to read this. Why?" I blush hard while looking away with eyes my eyes near tears.


"Maybe to counteract any possible summoning of those demons? I don't know. But how long until you're… how was it said: Flicking the bean like there's an exam on it tomorrow? Oh, what what classes did you say you had?"

Roll #0 9 = 9


forgot to roll

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Oh certainly, you have come to the exact right place. A costume party then? What would you like to be? A beautiful princess? A spooky monster perhaps?"
What a load of guff. This is just a whole chapter about how not to look convincing in the least.
Damn, 8/10.
"Well that fits you almost like a glove! My my. And here I was thinking it'd be big. You must be a bigger lad than I thought. So, what do you think? Like it?"
"…the pause is a part of the show, right?"
"Oh plenty. First, lets get you in here, and out of that stuffy uniform. But keep the frilly stuff. This I gotta see…"
"She is totally cute though"
"I know bro"
"We should share bro"
"Bros before hos?"
"Bros alongside hos."
They shake and bro-hug, then turn back to you
"So how about it?"
"After class, our dorm"
He grabs it and shoves it under a pillow, red as anything.
She just buries her head under a pillow
"…damnit guys… Why did you have to say it out loud…"


Oh, look how late I am, I better run to history class.


"…If I say this entire thing has gone horribly wrong becuase I haven't practiced in ages what would you say?"



"Looks even too realistic. Dare I ask where you got that?"
Try once more to make some decent looking wings.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"A beautiful princess sound nice!"


"Forward as always, my my~"

Change into Julie.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I look at him while blushing.
"I… I like this place… but w… why bring me here?" I hide my face using my mane.


"Oh don't be that way, we can read and study these books. Or we can read and study each other"
put her book by her
"It's a win/win either way"

Roll #0 10 = 10


You get in there just in time to see-
Two pegasi bump hooves as Magna is kinda sitting around awkwardly
"I'd say… improvise. That is an art form onto itself as well."
She gently pushes your knife away and lets the fruit bat fly away unharmed
"Cloth. And. Sticks.
And the armour is genuine. There might even still be some stains on the inside."
"Perfect! I might even have some stuff your size ready to go"
She digs around a bit and finds a (my roll)/10 princess dress
"Well, it is a place I feel comfortable in. Like a home away from home. And you wanted to see places that were special to me, did you not? But the best part is up there."
He points up the ladder
She stops you half way
"Nah. Stick around as Verne for a sec. I kinda like him too."
She snickers a bit
"Nice frills. Where'd you get those from your mom?"
She peeks out from under the pillow
"I bet you think it's kinda sad I resort to that. I imagine you never get that lonely…"
She levitates a book over to the pillow.

Roll #0 9 = 9


I clap my hooves.


"Very well."
I attempt to close the window curtains and darken the room, then use mirror image!

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


"Oh, hey Magna. Is everything alright with you and these two stallions? " I walk over to her.


"Considering her state it would be… difficult to get anything from am other buried for years. I-I'm sorry. Excuse me…"

Rolling not to tear up

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Figured out as much, from someone like you."
Stop there for a moment.
Speak in a low voice, I know this is a bad thing to ask.
"What was it like, your childhood?"


"Oh! Kilana!"
I look visibly more relaxed when I see somepony I know.
"These two genteleponies were just offering some…extracurricular activities to me…"


"Its perfect miss, can you add a belt for my sword?"


I glare slightly at the pair. "Yo, you don't have to go with them, they can find plenty of entertainment on their own.." '1d10+2' to intimidate them.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


The seamstress bows and tosses in a belt
"You flatter me, lady Battleborn. I trust you want to pay for it now?"
You neatly split into two, stepping to the side to shut the curtains
"Oh! The good part of improvisation is that you never know what to expect. Do you know what the most important part of improvising is, by the way?"
Her ears droop
"O-oh… I-I'm sorry I didn't know… C'mere. Let me hug the pain away… shh… it's ok… let it all out…"
She looks at the moon, then motions you to join her by the campfire
"Zigga pls"
"We were just being friendly"


"Oh right this is your special place, I remember now. I almost forgot that part when you give me that… novel." I look at him with beady eyes.
I then look to the ladder then up to where he is pointing. "Where does the ladder lead then?"

Roll #0 8 = 8


I hear "Zigga" and my ears perk up.
"D-do you know these ponies, Kilana?"


Walk over, and lay down in front of the fire.


sit beside her
"youch, such stinging words! Yea I was that lonely. Only difference is I learned to keep quiet during."
read up on the book of healing

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Of course, how much for it miss?"


"Oooh-I, I-"

Hug her in return.

"Thank you. The only pony I'd let know about how I feel is you. So… it'd be unfair if you didn't let me help you, too."


"Met? ya, these boyz and I had a few encounters, nothing I want to repeat sweat heart." I say sincerely.


"I can't say I do. Would you mind telling me?"
Try to keep her attention… while my mirror double sneaks up behind her and slowly massages her.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


To the 'bro team' I glare some more "What exactly do you mean by friendly?"


"W-what kind of encounters?"


"No words I could describe it with would do it justice."
He pokes it open
"Go ahead. Take a look."
She takes out her white bow and a single long, jagged arrow, as well as the book
She opens the book, reads a few passages in silence, sighs and throws it into the fire
"Well don't just leave me hanging! C'mon did you ask me here just so we could read and not even talk about stuff in private? I bet you use magic to do it."
She thinks for a moment and does some counting, before looking at you
"Fif-Twenty gold pieces should do."
"You're sobbing all over me about trouble at home while your junk is trying desperately escape from a frilly pair of panties never designed for a stallion's pride. And you're saying I'm the one who needs help?"
She loves your hooves onto the straps of her uniform
"Well help me out of these damn pants first"
She lays down and stretches her legs as it does
"…the most important thing is… whatever your partner does… always go with it. That way the story can flow freely… Mmm~ I like this idea, for instance…"
"You know, being bros"
"With a lady"
"That's not a word bro"
"What are you a vocabulary?"
"You mean dictionary, bro"


"I asked you here so we could spend more time together. But if you want… yea, I do. You?"


Walk over to her, give her a hug.
No, I really got no idea what to say to her.

Roll #0 2 = 2



"oh Okay then." I follow him up the ladder, careful on climbing. I then poke my head up to see what is up there.



Slowly undo her clothes.

"It's all over you, in everything you do. You're the one who can't stand to be who you are and want to become someone else, no matter how much it hurts you. I dress like this because I enjoy, not because I feel like I need to hide from myself. It hurts you, doesn't it?"

When I'm finished stripping her down:
"There. Doesn't it feel better, just leaving yourself like this?"


"I'll tell you in after class.. fer now, just don't be lettin' these foolz drag you into something you don't want, ya can come with me to look for outfits to that ball, whaddya say Magna?" I smile and kind of stand in between Magna and the Two boys.
…they seem kind of distracted.


I shake my head.
"I-it was nothing against my will!"
And then I follow her to the class.
"I was thinking we should ask Nylis to come too!"


"I suppose this is probably not the kind of show you expected, but… if the audience enjoys it, who am I to complain?~"
Walk over to her and nuzzle up against her while the duplicate continues massaging.

Roll #0 10 + 2 = 12


"Aw yeah, Nylis would probably love to go, we should go find her right away."


"But the class is starting soon!"


"There you go miss! Everyone is going to love your work!"
Go back to the castle.


"Alright girl, it ain't gonna hurt to wait a little longer. We'll go get her after class." I smile at you.
Where is the teacher anyway?


"Never figured a good way for that. So I stuck with the more… traditional ideas."
She absentmindedly turns a page
She stands up and fires the arrow into the burning book, creating a billowing explosion of purple smoke and dancing shadows
"When I was small, I remember my mother singing to me. She sang of how I should embrace every day and sleep well every night, for sorrow and death could come any day. But I cannot remember her face. Or even her name. For she, too, was a shadow of the crown."
It is a truly magnificent view. This is the top of the old tower, giving a bird's eye look over the school grounds, the palace, the town and the woods and mountains. Breathtaking.
"I feel damn naked is how I feel. And what kind of psyco-analyzing are you trying to do here? I pretend to be a stallion because frankly I look like one, act like one and sound like one. Heck my dad would probably have preferred if I was one. Now at least have the courtesy to keep me warm if you insist on stripping me down."
"As I said… I'm in no way against this~ J-just hold on while I lock the door…"
Manifest does finally get there
"Good afternoon. I am a bit late, but that is the fate will all share for whatever reason fate demands. I trust everyone has read up well on last time's homework? Good. Because we are going to have a little quiz."


…do I have some notes? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Oh, I hope we do alright."
I steal a glance at the pegasi.


"Sounds like a really sad song, for a child. But a really big hope, for a mother. To see her girl happy, even if life was unfair."
Watch the dancing fire
"How did it go? The song I mean."


"Lock the door? Where do you think this is going?~"
I grin.



Bring her to my bed and cuddle her.

"The same sort I do to a lot of ponies. Part of what I do is analyse them, find out their weaknesses so I can exploit them to control them or otherwise crush them. Of course, I don't want to do any of that to you, but it's still useful skill…"

"Just tell me honestly. Are you perfectly fine with all this, everything you have to do? You only sound like one because of that throat infection you have, probably induced it yourself… you only act like one because you've forced yourself to, not necessarily because you enjoy it. And.. well, looking like one is subjective, not something the work of a skilled beautician can't mask. Answer me honestly, and I won't ask again."

After my next post I'll be going to bed, I'm ded


"Wow, you are blessed to have this place I tell you. This is so cool! Hey is it okay to have a look around here?" I then proceed to get out of the hatch and unto the towers head and look down and spy on the students below.

Roll #0 7 = 7


"Just a… precaution is all. We should… preserve the artistic integrity of the.. show."
"To sing it all would take weeks. That is how she wanted it. She would sing a small piece every night and morning. Every night and morning until the death the song spoke of came."
"Maybe… just once… I would like to be the mare I was born to be… yeah."
She then holds you closer
"…I can't believe you made me say that…"
You can spot a few sparring in the yard, and some in the market
A cold breeze blows across the tower, and Embers climbs up, giving you a quilt
"It can be cold up here"

They bump hooves and get their quills ready
Manifest taps a hourglass on his desk
"You have half an hour. Those who get at least half the questions right are excused from the next lesson. Begin."
[1: name the border neighbors of Wintersgrasp]
[2: name at least three of the kings that rule the Northlands today]
[3: what weapon is the symbol of A) Wintersgrasp B) Ironfoe]
[4: what is the name of the northland formed as an alliance of three smaller kingdoms?]
[5: who was the king of Wintersgrasp prior to King Goldenblood?]
[6: before King Goldenblood rose to the throne, who was going to inherit the throne of Wintersgrasp?]
[7: what is the primary export Wintersgrasp is known for?]
[8: what is the name of the tall, supposedly magical mountain near Castle Wintersgrasp?]
[9: which of the Northlands is ruled by griffons?]
[10: which of Prince Frostmourn's legs is false?]
This is a real quiz. You actually have 30 minutes.


"I can't imagine what losing a mother would be. I guess I'm lucky I never had one at all. Spares the pain."
Keep looking into the fire.
"Is that when you decided to become a lordblade?"


"Thank you." I grab the quilt and cover myself with it. I then look at him then realize why he is sharing this secret place to me.
"I like this place you got. Its special, I mean this tower is great and all but I do feel it tends to get lonely here specially when you are all by yourself….. "
"…. "


"No. Love made me a Lordblade. Love for a stallion who took me when I had nothing. When I betrayed king Deep Rock over a dozen years ago, I could never look back. So I ran, and ended up in Equestria. With no home, no friends and no money to my name, I lived off the streets until he found me. And he took me in. He gave me a place to sleep, warm meals and all the love he could offer. His name was Falconwreath. He was the first family I had had in decades…"


3: A)Sword B)Axe
4: the Snowborder Alliance
5: King Ironmane
6:Unyielding Anvil
8: Troll's tooth
9: Stormheart
10: left hind leg


Kiss her.

"It's alright, just let it out… you know, I don't think we've really told each other about ourselves. I'll just start first, alright?"

"I was born in Hardflank, probably the worst cesspool in the entire Northlands. Father was often away on business, and sometime he wouldn't eve be able to come back in time with money. Mother, she had to do some… unspeakable things just to keep me fed. Things changed when father finally managed to get us into Wintergrasp, it's not the most prosperous land, but it was better, and worthy of being called a home. We were treated fairly here, and our fortunes were finally looking up. That's when, as a foal, I decided I would serve the land by becoming a helper of Prince Frostmourn, though now I've grown to like him personally as a friend…

I had my talents. I was good at lying, sneaking around, sneaky stuff, you could imagine the sort of stuff I helped the prince out with as kids, heh. Like that one time he met Sunrise, his special somepony, and I saw them… fall in love right there. I was jealous, I wanted to know what it was like, until recently where I just broke and, well, started dressing like this.

And here's where you come into the picture. I've always planned schemes to help the prince, no matter the cost to myself. I've engineered betrayals, damaged things.. well, whatever he wanted that I could agree with. I never once thought of myself, until.. you. It was only when I met you that I started thinking about myself. If something happened to me.. then I wouldn't be able to be here for you.

Well, that's it for my rambling. You can tell me as much or as little as you want."


Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


[1: Ironfoe, Falconcrest, Hardflank, Rosefall]
[2: Goldenblood, Ironfoe, -]
[3: Foerist, - ]
[4: Snowboarder]
[5: Ironmane]
[6: Unyielding]
[7: Gems]
[8: Troll's Tooth]
[9: Stormheart]
[10: Left back leg and left ball]

"And then many things happened, and here you are once again in the north."
look at her
"You are more pony than many would give you credit for."



1. Rosefall, Eaglecrest, Ironfoe
2. Ironfoe/=?, Goldenblood, Mage-King Longshanks of Rockeye
3. Foerist, ?
4. Snowborder alliance
5. Ironmane
6. Unyielding Anvil
7. Food
8. Troll's Tooth
9. Stormheart
10. Left back

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7


"Well, I have my books… and…"

Roll #0 10 = 10


1. rosefall, ironfoe, world's crown, eaglerest
2. Iron mane
3. a. Sword b. Sheild
4. snowborder alliance
5. King Duche
6. Prince duche
7. candy
8. World's crown
9. Storm heart
10. Left Hind leg


"And?" I stare at him wide eyed.


She sighs
"You damned romantic…
…Father was a soldier. Mother was a field cleric. They fell in love in the battlefield, after mother stabbed father, then helped him get to safety in nopony's land. They met again after the war itself ended thanks to king Goldenblood some sixteen years ago. And here I am. Though father always wanted a son. He almost got one too. I have his features. I'm just missing the equipment. So they raised me as a bit of a tomboy at first, and then as a straight up son. I always thought it was normal. So I wore boy clothes and did boy things. But I never really felt like I fit in with anyone. I came here to study the art of war and combat, so I could join the guard and be a soldier like they wanted me to be. And I'm lucky I did. I think meeting you has helped me see that you can only fight nature for so long. That wanting to be who I… really am… is not a bad thing.
…so I guess I should ask to be your pretty little mare tonight."
The flames are dying down, leaving only ashes of the book
"I do not ask for credit. Or even to be remembered. I am not proud of my life or deeds. I wish the world to forget me once I have served to the end."


"Time's up. Quills down. I will tell the correct answers. Swap papers with someone, grade them, and then pass all of them to me.
Here goes"
>[1: name the border neighbors of Wintersgrasp]
Rosefall(west) Eaglecrest(south) Ironfoe (east)
>[2: name at least three of the kings that rule the Northlands today]
Goldenblood (Wintersgrasp) Deep Rock (Ironfoe) Longshanks (Rockeye)
>[3: what weapon is the symbol of A) Wintersgrasp B) Ironfoe]
A) Sword B) Hammer
>[4: what is the name of the northland formed as an alliance of three smaller kingdoms?]
The Snowborder Alliance
>[5: who was the king of Wintersgrasp prior to King Goldenblood?]
King Ironmane
>[6: before King Goldenblood rose to the throne, who was going to inherit the throne of Wintersgrasp?]
Unyielding Anvil, son of King Ironmane
>[7: what is the primary export Wintersgrasp is known for?]
>[8: what is the name of the tall, supposedly magical mountain near Castle Wintersgrasp?]
Trollsfang Peak
>[9: which of the Northlands is ruled by griffons?]
>[10: which of Prince Frostmourn's legs is false?]
Left rear leg


I look away from him for a moment, hiding my blushing cheeks from him and pondered, even though he looks rubbish he do got the courage to say something.. like that.
What to do what to do what to do what to what to do what to do what to do what to do what to do what to what to do what to do what to dowhat to do what to do what to what to do what to do what to do

"A… are you cold? You can come and s.. share this quilt w.. with me." I raise the quilt, inviting him.


"That's where all those like us go in the end, isn't it? Just wanting to be forever forgotten. But you are a great soul, Song.
Takes a strong will to survive all that. A lesser pony would have been broken."
Get back on my hooves
"I know you'll never do it. Never come back, live with normal ponies again.
But you should. Slowly, maybe, you could even like yourself again."


"what? you don't want to experiment a little? only one for reading?"

Roll #0 3 = 3


He smiles warmly and snuggles in next to you
The sun is setting
"You know… I have come here to watch the sunset often. But today… it feels warmer."
"In these broken lands? No. I prefer my woods. I do not want to be another knife to be passed around from back to back in some court of rich fools. No king is worth coming back to. At least… none that rule today."
"It just feels weird and unnatural when I try magic. Lack of precision control maybe. Too jerky and sharp, you know. Bedposts are much nicer."


I pass up the completed quiz, with a bit of sweat on my brow, and wait for what's next in history class.


"I guess, maybe you're a little too eager with your magic.. But that's my thought"
read more on this book of vanish

Roll #0 4 = 4


I return my paper to the teacher.
I got 5 1/2 points right?


Smirk at her
"Not today, no. But we already know how this is going to end, don't we?"
Start making my way back home
"And if you don't care for ponies, don't care for this land.. Know at least this. I care for you, Shadow Song.
Might they say what they want, you are neither a monster nor a blade.
A fool maybe, but not a monster, not the you I know."
Yeah, I'd better get home.


"This place is cold is it not?" I then lay my head on his neck and rest a bit.
"Thank you for sharing this secret to me."


"Maybe I am. Maybe I'm just an eager gal. Ever thought of that?"
She tried nudging you with her magic.
"Oh dear. Well. Looks like I still have a few things to teach…"
"Go in peace and enjoy your party. But come back smelling of wine and I'm making sure you don't fly for a week!"
Hmm… I wonder what awaits back home
"It is not as cold as the hearts of some ponies. And the view alone makes up for it. Then, what do I need a view for now? I can just turn my head and look at you."

Roll #0 6 = 6


Bearing was waiting for you. She might have been mad. Or sad. Or glad. But she fell asleep.
You should get her to bed.


I need her. oh skyes I need her bad.


"I figured you were waiting for a certain stallion or something"
nudge her with my magic. awwww yea you know what it is

Roll #0 5 = 5


My ears flop down a bit but I go and sit back down to wait for the class to end.


"…Stormcloak? What, like how you're saving this pretty little hole for the Prince, right?"
She grabs your tail with magic and lifts your butt up with it


I sit down with a sigh, and get ready to take notes.


Oh no oh no oh no oh no!! He is still at it. Okay what to do what to do.
Calm down first of course.

"A..are you implying something?" I look at him in the eye, trying to hold myself, blushing hard and really confused.


Am I home yet? Let's go to Bearing's room..


"Ah! Hey!"
distract her with magic! something to get her to let me go!

Roll #0 4 = 4


ahem >>178611
Unyielding clears his throat
"So, the first thing for today's lesson will be… get outta here and enjoy the day. You did well enough. Go on. Get!"
"Yeah. Well no. I'm stating rather clearly. You are very pretty."
"What's the matter telebutt? Ask me over and then don't even want to spend with me? Tsk tsk, I might as well have stayed in my own dorm in that case~"


I jump up and squee of joy.
Before leaving I glance at how the pegasi are doing and then wait in the hallway.


Green and purple man, I can't see straight.
Get her to the closest bed, if it's not big enough for two leave her in it and sleep on the floor. I want to be there when she wakes up.


"Awesome!" I trot out confidently, see Magna looking around for those two pegasi.. "Hey, why not meet me in town? I want to get there before all the good costumes are taken!"


fucking song man!
"I do but- gah!"
TeleKinesis; make her squeak, make her moan. i dunno get her over here!

Roll #0 4 = 4


I nod.
"I'm gonna go look for Nylis…"


File: 1351720800391.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.27 KB, 280x400, lila blsh.jpg)

Nonononono, calm yourself.

"Thanks." I smile at him

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Alright, I'll see you both there?" I smile as I walk away.


"You dont look bad yourself."


"Full marks brohammer"
"That was simple. I mean like derpa derpa derr simple."
"And now for-"
You can fit in there if you get snug
She just softly sleeps there. Poor thing must have been really tired
You pull her face first out of bed and onto the floor
"Ow… you'll pay for that telebutt!"
Interrupt Nylis: DC10
He sighs and looks at the sunset
"…no girl has ever said that to me before…"
A single tear swiftly rolls down his cheek


"Maybe Later!"
hold her down with magic! come on work!
ooh! and '1d10' to do some exploring again! if possible!

Roll #0 8 = 8

Roll #1 8 = 8


Take off the armor and costume. Fly outside. Look for the most beutiful flower I can find and bring it back in. Then, place it in her mane.
If fail don't bring back anything.

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10


Well he aint no charmer or handsome, but still…
"So… what do you say we go inside? Maybe we can talk a bit more and read novels and stuff?"



Roll #0 8 = 8


I come back and help Magna look, because who the hell goes shopping alone? Unpopular losers that's who! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Heeeeey! HEY! Kya! NO FAIR!"
Her mouth says no
Just about everything else says yes
A lot
too common…
doesn't suit her…
YES. This is it. This is the one. Facta maculæ - the Ghostblossom. During the day, it looks like a blade of grass, but at night, it opens up into a beautiful, pale bloom.
Snipping it quickly, you preserve the blossoming state, and hurry it back into the mane of your beloved.
Such a gift not many know exist, and even of those, few could give it.
"I'd love to."
He holds the hatch open for you
"Oh and… Lila… thank you. And welcome to our land and school."
No Nylises here.
Just a pair of big pegasi winking at you.


Also there was something about assassins and politics and uniting the north to face equestria bla bla bla you just want to pretend horse sex with your waifus don't you.

Until next time everyone.



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