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FlutterDash Quest: Final Session Completely Comfy 339886

Previously on FlutterDash Quest:
After a drunken night out with the two ponies, they both ended up kissing you without the other one knowing. The next morning, you admitted to Fluttershy that Dash had kissed you and she actually took the news rather well saying that she was willing to share you with Dash… if that was okay with you. Though a little shocked at this, you still took Dash out that evening. After an intimate night in a dimly lit bowling alley, you told Dash what Fluttershy had said. Surprisingly, she seemed pretty excited about the idea and the two of you ended the evening on a high note.

Completely Comfy 339888

It's been about a week since Dash and Fluttershy came to an amiable understanding to "share" you. It's a little different, but it's something you could definitely get used to.

Your only regret so far is that it seems like all three of you are hanging out together less. It's either been picnics with Fluttershy or nightly outings with Dash. So tonight you've decided to do something all of you can enjoy; a night out at the Trot In outdoor movie theater.
You now find yourself waiting with Fluttershy at her cottage for Dash to arrive.

"It's so nice of you to take us both out on the same night," Fluttershy says with a nervous smile. "Have you been enjoying all the time we've spent together this week?"

Anonymous 339893

"Best week of my life. How about you?"

Completely Comfy 339911

>"Best week of my life. How about you?"

"Oh it's been just wonderful. It had been so nice having you around the house to help with my animals, but now that you're my…well…special some pony, Oh I could just-" She stops herself and reaches in for a delicate hug "mmmm." You smile and the two of you just sit on the couch in silence for a moment before being interrupted.

"Ewww, get a room you two." You didn't even hear Dash come in. Fluttershy releases her light grip on you and sits back on the couch, a little red in the face. "So where are we going tonight anyways, do I need to dress up or something?"

>recommend an outfit for Dash/Fluttershy to wear

>just head to the theater

Anonymous 339914

"Rainbow Dash always dresses in style, right?"

Anonymous 339915

How about they wear each others clothing?

Anonymous 339917

It's just indoor movie, no need to dress up

Completely Comfy 339918

<actually it's an outdoor theater>

Completely Comfy 339925

>"Rainbow Dash always dresses in style, right?"

"…Rarity swore that those pictures of me as her practice manikin were never going to surface."
She looks kind of embarrassed so you decide not to press her about that one, just yet anyways.

>How about they wear each other's clothing?

You tell them your crazy idea but they don't look like they want to do it. After a little coaxing Dash agrees since she wants to actually make the movie on time, and Fluttershy follows suit with little fuss.

They disappear upstairs to Fluttershy's room room and come back down a moment later. Fluttershy is wearing Dash's blue baseball cap and a little white skirt (good thing Dash keeps some of her stuff here). Dash just has a few pink and yellow bows in her tail. Fluttershy looks at herself and Dash and tries to stifle a giggle with her hoof. I think she's warming up to the idea. Dash just rolls her eyes and trots out the door, "come on slow pokes let's go already."

The three of you arrive at the outdoor theater and you go to pay with some of your saved up bits. It's actually a pretty sizable field and they have a few different screens with different movies playing.

Movie choices:
>Attack of the Killer Clown Ponies
>Some foreign documentary about bunnies across the world
>Romeo and Poniet

Anonymous 339929

Romeo and Poniet sounds like a neutral choice.

Anonymous 339937

Go for the romance flick

Completely Comfy 339942


>Romeo and Poniet

The Romance Movie. You figured it was a good pick for everyone.

Dash frowns a little at your choice, I think she had her heart set on the cheap horror flick. Fluttershy whispers to you that she'd already seen "Les Lapins du Monde" five times anyways so she likes your pick.

"Well, I heard some ponies die and stuff in this one so I guess it could be cool." Dash says, seeming a little more hopeful at the movie choice.

The three of you grab some popcorn and a blanket and go find a nice spot on the grass right as the movie starts to play. The two ponies sit on either side of you and Dash rests the popcorn in your lap. They can't exactly grab at it with their hooves though, ponies just kind of stick their heads in the bowl and grab some with their tongue, so this creates a pretty funny scene when they both lean in at the same time.

It's a decent ways into the film, and both ponies have been claiming more and more "real estate" on you. Fluttershy is practically laying on top of you and Dash has her wings wrapped around your back.

>It's a little uncomfortable so you're going to have to ask one of them to do something.

Anonymous 339953

Uh, this is hard to pick. have them both sit in between your legs and share the popcorn together?

Anonymous 339954

Invite them to both rest their heads in our lap.

Anonymous 339956

This, I was going to say that.

Completely Comfy 339973


They're both pretty engrossed in the movie, but you mention that you're a bit uncomfortable with both of them like that.
"S-sorry, I didn't mean to." Fluttershy whimpers as she slides off of you.
I don't think Dash even realized she had been getting that intimate with you because it took her a second to process the request. Blushing, she relinquished your arm and retracted her wing.

You suggest that they both just rest their heads in your lap and they both quickly agree before getting on their stomachs and sitting pony style with their heads resting on your lap.

The movie starts to get a little sappy as it gets to the more romantic parts and Dash starts to look a little bored. Fluttershy is loving every minute of it though and it's not long before she's wrapped her two front hooves around your leg. Dash turns and notices this.

"Fluttershy! He said he was uncomfortable like that what are you doing?"Dash yells, loud enough to draw the attention of a few nearby movie goers.

"I I didn't mean to-" she says while backing away from you.

"You get to have him all day, and I didn't say ANYTHING when he invited you out with us tonight. And now you're trying to take that from me?"

The tone of Dash's voice alone was enough to bring Fluttershy to tears, but the message sends her running off crying towards the exit.

"Dammit Fluttershy, I didn't mean to make you cry again." Dash says to herself while looking up at you as if asking what you're going to do now.

>tell Dash to wait here, go see Fluttershy

>the two of you go see Fluttershy
>I'm sure she'll be fine, keep watching the movie

Anonymous 339975

Take dash with you and see Fluttershy

Anonymous 339976

Go get Fluttershy with her.

Completely Comfy 339979

You tell Dash that the two of you have to go get her


Roll #1 1 = 1

Anonymous 339980

Anonymous 339982

File: 1360377318102.jpg (224.85 KB, 600x600, 1358315359079.jpg)

Oh shit

Completely Comfy 339993

Dash is still quite Irritable

"I don't see why, she didn't even listen to you when you told her to stop. And the night time is supposed to be our time."

Dash almost doesn't come with you, but you remind her that she isn't enjoying the movie much anyways.

"Whatever" is her only reply as the two of you go search for Fluttershy near the exit. Maybe trying to date two ponies at once was a bad idea.

You don't see her anywhere so the two of you assume she just went home, so the two of you do the same. The walk back gives Dash some time to cool off, and by the time you reach the cottage you can see that she has a genuinely concerned look on her face. Opening the door, the two of you follow the sound of soft sobbing to Fluttershy's room. Dash doesn't waste any time in jumping onto the bed and giving her a hard hug.


"Fluttershy, I didn't mean it. I was being a real jerk. I've just been so jealous of you two spending all that time together. I'm… I'm sorry"

Seeing the two of them hugging in bed gives you another crazy idea. What if instead of just them sharing you, you all shared each other? Would that help Dash not be so jealous? You wonder if the two ponies even like each other that way but it's worth a shot.

>Outright propose the idea

>Climb in bed with them and comfort them for now
>other / combo

Anonymous 339995


Anonymous 339997

Mothafuckin' combo nigga.

Anonymous 340001

2 then 1.

Completely Comfy 340004

Fluttershy has stopped crying and the two of them seem a lot happier now. You climb into bed in between them and they both smile and climb on top of you. Fluttershy grabs Dash's hoof and places it on your chest. "See I'm sharing!" They both burst into a fit of laughter.

The laughter dies down and you break the silence by asking if you can ask them a serious question. You're not really sure how else to say it, so you just ask if either of them had ever thought about the other romantically.



Roll #1 7 = 7

Completely Comfy 340006

<I cannot into rolling, that was Dash's here is Fluttershy's:>


Roll #1 6 = 6

Anonymous 340010

Oh boy oh boy…

Completely Comfy 340012

They both seem a little shocked, but neither of them look upset at the question.

"Well, I guess, I never really thought about it." Dash says while nervously scratching the back of her head.
Fluttershy gets quite flustered and looks over to Dash but doesn't say anything. You think maybe she might have had a little crush on a certain blue pegasus for some time.

>encourage the two of them to "try it"

>comfort/kiss one of them to settle them down
>point out that Fluttershy looks like she has something to say

Anonymous 340014

If Fluttershy has something to say then let her say it.

Anonymous 340023

Give Fluttershy an encouraging kiss and do >>340014.

Completely Comfy 340027

>If Fluttershy has something to say then let her say it.

You lean over and turn Fluttershy's head towards you before giving her an encouraging kiss. You ask her if she has anything she wants to get out.


Roll #1 6 = 6

Anonymous 340030

>anything she wants to get out.

Anonymous 340031


That good?

Completely Comfy 340038

File: 1360380225501.png (758.46 KB, 765x669, 13.PNG)

The kiss helped a little and she props herself up on the bed. Dash is still a little shocked at the question, not to mention the intense kiss you just gave Fluttershy.

"Well, ever since we were little fillies me and Dashie have been best friends. But I always wondered what it would be like if me and and her-" she stops talking to you and looks over to Dash "-if me and you, well you know, did more than that…"

"Whoa, Fluttershy I… wow."
Fluttershy looks like she's about to burst waiting for more of Dash's reaction.

>let the scene play out by itself

>scooch the two ponies together
>try and get more out of Dash

Anonymous 340040

Don't rush them, let it play out

Anonymous 340042

Do we scratch Rainbow's ears while she processes what she heard?

Anonymous 340043

Anonymous 340045

it's a bit forward, but I like it

Completely Comfy 340055

You decide to see what happens and not intervene, although you can't help but give Dash a comforting scratch behind the ear.

"I mean I'm always down for trying new things, but I've never really thought about another mare like that, Fluttershy. How does that even work?"

"Well…" Fluttershy quickly stands up on the bed with a new found confidence and walks over to Dash. Looming over her, she leans down and plants a gentle kiss on her lips.

"Whoa that was kind of awesome." Dash moans in delight. She reaches up and grabs the back of Fluttershy's neck, bringing her in for a harder kiss this time. Fluttershy's wings prop out and her body melts as she falls down on top of Dash.

"Oof" they both exclaim simultaneously.

>Time to join in

>Let them enjoy each other a little longer
>say something

Anonymous 340057

Anonymous 340058


Anonymous 340060

Anonymous 340061

Completely Comfy 340067

They're not very good at this as they fumble around but you decide to let them experiment by themselves a little longer.
After Fluttershy falls on top of Dash they both giggle and climb off each other. A devious grin spreads across Dash's face and she rolls Fluttershy onto her belly. Dash then positions herself on top of Fluttershy's back and begins gently licking and rubbing at the base of her wings.
"That ohhh that feels wonderful, Rainbow" Fluttershy pants softly with her tongue lolling out of her mouth. After a few minutes of what you can best describe as sensual preening, Dash rolls Fluttershy back over and lies down next to her, a little out of breath from all the tongue work. Fluttershy just keeps leaning in and pecking little kisses on Dash's cheek and neck as Dash catches her breath.

You decide it's time to join in now
>Lie down beside them and cuddle
>Kiss and rub Dash/Fluttershy/ both at the same time

Anonymous 340068

2 I guess.

Anonymous 340069

lay down and pull them in for a big hug

Anonymous 340072


Let's not rush this, there can be tons of kissing later

Anonymous 340077

One AND two

Completely Comfy 340095


The two of them look a little sweaty but you decide to wedge your way in between and pull them on top of you in a big hug. I think they'd almost forgotten you were even here but they both return the embrace.

While they both lie on your belly Dash turns to Fluttershy and gives her one final smooch before turning her attention back to you with a soft kiss. Fluttershy pretends to be annoyed and gives you a long loving kiss in retaliation.
You tell them that they both taste like movie popcorn. This causes Dash to respond with an even sloppier kiss, being sure to cover your lips in saliva.
"Gross!" Fluttershy says, rolling off of you.
Dash slides over more, straddling on top of you and Fluttershy just lies on her back next to you with her eyes closed and the widest grin you've ever seen spread across her face. You reach over and scratch her belly as she moans softly with pleasure while Dash continues her sloppy little make out session on top of you.

<Anything else you want to do with them before we end the night together?>

Anonymous 340098

Tell them you love em both.
then tickle them

Anonymous 340099

Fluttershy says ew? Give her a kiss so sloppy even Dash would say ew

Completely Comfy 340121

File: 1360384832733.png (284.22 KB, 945x945, 3.png)


You playfully push Dash onto her back and she falls in between your legs. With Fluttershy's eyes closed, you decide to strike. Leaning over to an unsuspecting Fluttershy you give her a kiss so sloppy it was almost all tongue.

"Now THAT is gross." Dash says reeling in laughter. Fluttershy coughs and sputters a bit and you pull back and apologize.

"Actually, I kind of liked it. Even if I don't usually like to be startled," Fluttershy teases.

With the three of you all sufficiently grossed out with one another, Dash climbs back in bed besides you and lets out a long sigh of relief.

>Tell them you love em both. Then tickle them

"Yeah yeah I know" Dash says almost rebelliously while at the same time finding a comfy position snuggling up against you. You reach over to tickle her belly and she softens up her expression with a laugh.

"Oh I love you so much too. And you too Dashie!" Fluttershy leans over you and gives her a kiss on the forehead.

"Jeeezzz, alright alright, I think it's time to get some shut eye," Dash mumbles while pulling the covers up and over the three of you.

After that eventful evening it doesn't take long for the two ponies to pass out, Dash spread eagle and taking up most of the bed and Fluttershy neatly packaged under the covers. It's hard to believe but you've got everything you've ever wanted; The love of your two best friends and cutest ponies you've ever known, and a lifetime to spend together with them. Although, you're going to have to get used to Dash's loud snoring if you want ever want to sleep again.

You soon drift off to sleep as well, snuggled warmly between the two soft pegasi.

Completely Comfy 340124

And that wraps up my silly little "quest" project.
I hope you had fun, I certainly did for my first time doing something like this.

Thanks so much for coming.

Anonymous 340127

It was fun, thank you for doing it.

Also, thanks for having a nice place to hang while the general was going nuts

Completely Comfy 340130

Yeah, I know. I was actually afraid people would get distracted and not show up since that's what happened last time with Allicorn Twilight news.

sentenal01!NROjboqzdY 340131

Saved. What would you like your description be in the main quest archive?


Anonymous 340132

yeah, you're really good a picking times that the entire general would be in disarray.

Hope to see more from you soon especially flutterstuff

Completely Comfy 340134

Whoa that's neat, thanks Sent.

"As anon, you seek out a cute polyamorous relationship with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy"

Anonymous 340135

It was fun.

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