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Diamond Dog Fortress Campfire 412260[Last 50 Posts]

The party stands at the base of a tall mountain with roughly twenty other diamond dogs and a buffalo hooked to a wagon.The top of the mountain is shrouded by clouds, and below them is the reason you are all here: a small village populated by goats that you have learned about from goat merchants. The sides of the mountain a steep, but the strong paws of a diamond dog should be able to find purchase there. A large waterfall hangs frozen off the side of the mountain like a glittering vein of diamond. Cut into this frozen waterfall is a winding staircase with plenty of landings to stop and rest on. Next to it is a curling slide large enough and sturdy enough to be able to take the wagon being hauled by the buffalo slave. Switch's squad of marksdogs gather around her and asks for orders while Crunch's squad gathers around Boyar for the same reason.

It is snowing lightly, adding to the already knee deep snow on the ground.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 412261

"So's anyone ognna scout it, or are we just going to charge in there like a bunch of pups fighting over their mother's teat?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 412262

"I have an idea to try and take as many alive and unharmed as possible. Do you know who I would talk to regarding this?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 412263

"Talk to me."

Boyar (Preacher) 412264

"We need someone to scout ahead."

Aidi [DD Knight] 412265

"Alright, but it might not be possible if the rest of the militiadogs just want to rush in. If possible, when scouting the town, can the dogs pick up some burnables and place them so the wind takes the smoke into the town? It'll blind the inhabitants, and we could use the shock as an opportunity to demand their immediate surrender."

"I'll volunteer myself. Staying back here in the cold doesn't suit me."

Campfire 412266

"Boss Switch's dogs should be able to do that, Alpha."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 412267

"And what about the dogs? Wouldn't the smoke blind them, too? And the smell would be nasty at best."

Boyar (Preacher) 412268

"Okay, fine. You go with Switch's dogs and scout ahead. Switch? You should probably go with them, as well. Keep out of sight."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 412269

"A surrender would definitely be preferable…"
I gulp.

Campfire 412270

"But the smoke would sting our eyes, and if they surrendered we wouldn't get to fight."

"You want to send eleven dogs to scout, Alpha?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 412271

"If it is your command."

Aidi [DD Knight] 412272

"Burn it so the smoke flows into town. We'll come in perpendicular to it."

"Even without the wind, it'll hurt the morale of the town to see themselves be surrounded by dogs and flames. We'll offer them the chance to surrender then. If they refuse, we can fight them and use the fires set fire to some houses and smoke out the rest."

"You shouldn't bring a businessdog to a raid then. We'll try to maximize the profit of everything, and that includes you coming home unharmed with trophies of a successful conquest."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 412273

I'll roll my eyes.
Quick question: is the "dig under the middle of town" plan still in effect?

Boyar (Preacher) 412274

"No, not that many. Take six, including Aidi and Switch."

Campfire 412275

"But scares make great trophies!"
One of the dogs thumps his chest with a paw and a few others echo his comment.

Not unless they are told to do it again.

"Yes, Alpha."
The diamond dog bows and then looks at Switch.

Switch [Pilgrim] 412276

"We move as a pack. Close. Don't give away our presence early. We find something to burn before we get close. Carrying branches will also keep us covered… look like trees when we move in to make fires. All of you, tear limbs off trees. The last one of you to tear four limbs from a tree is the runt of our little litter. Get moving!"

Get out there and collect some myself. Tear trees limb from limb! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Aidi [DD Knight] 412277

"Sorry, but I can't trade scars. No money to be made, no interest on my part."

"Unless… Nah."

"Please, if you think it's worth it, let me try my paw at negotiating. I want as many of them whole as possible."

"Hey, you dragged me here, you'd better not leave me behind now!"


Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 412278

Six of them follow you and start to tear tree limbs off the trees hiding your party. Who knows, they might provide cover as you cross the frozen lake leading to the staircase.

You get a single branch.


Switch [Pilgrim] 412279

Well, they're mostly to have something to burn ahead of time.

"Let's move. Keep the distance… stalk our prey. We need to get upwind of the town."

Aidi [DD Knight] 412280

"Sorry, an idea for short term gain crossed my mind and was quickly crossed off. Remember, I'm your friendly neighborhood negotiator, only the best for my pack."

Is the branch at least big and concealing?


Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 412281

"Do we go up the staircase, up the side of the mountain, or dig our way up?"

It's big enough to cover you, and now it's not very cold thanks to you shaking off the snow. The bright green pine branch will cover most of you body if you hold it right.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 412282

I shuffle on my paws a bit while waiting for them to scout.

Switch [Pilgrim] 412283

"Hm… I work well topside, and digging will slow us down, but maybe you are good diggers. How fast can we get a tunnel to the upwind edge of the village? I am a warrior, not a tunnelmaker."

Campfire 412284

"We would need to find out how high up the village is first."
"Has anydog seen the dig dog? He could make a tunnel for us fast."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 412285

"Getting cold paws, eh?"

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412286

If I was there, I raise my hands up

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 412287

"No, not cold paws…"
I scratch the back of my neck.

Aidi [DD Knight] 412288

"Sorry, the last time I worked on a tunnel, I got stabbed through the chest."

Campfire 412289

"Looks like he followed us."
The diamond dog points at part of the mountain that is hidden from sight to anyone standing at the bottom of the staircase.
"Start there. Dig in a little ways then dig us a way up. Every few lengths dig close to the surface so we can poke a hole and peak out."
She folds her arms over her chest.
"Do you understand?"

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412290

I nod and go to the designated area that the dog pointed at. Start to dig a little forward about 15 feet.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 412291

Your large paws easily dig through the snow and rock hidden underneath. You carve our a path wide enough for diamond dogs to walk single-file fifteen feet into the mountain. The bitch speak from the mouth of the tunnel.
"Good boy. Now dig up. Make us a staircase and mark the spots that are close to the surface."

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412292

I nod at her and proceed to dig slowly and surely, making my way up. I then try to sense with my paws too if we are near the surface and mark the spots where I can feel hoof movement.
>pls rng inb4 a 1

Roll #1 8 = 8

Campfire 412293

You dig upwards at an even pace and leave large, rough steps following you in a spiral shape as your claw your way through the insides out the mountain. Every time you can feel the stone beside you grow thin you gouge an X on the wall with your claw. After nearly an hour of digging you feel yourself drawing close to the top of the mountain.

The diamond dog that was directing Barkspawn looks at you.
"Should we follow him now, boss? Do we get the others in here so they can hide?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 412294

"We're just here to plant some smokescreen. If the alpha wants to attack from the ground, that's up to him. Give me your limbs, go back and ask the alpha how he wants to attack. If it were up to me, we'd burst from the ground already."

Take the bitch's limbs and carry both of ours into the tunnel, drop them off at one of the near-surface points.

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412295

Well , thats good enough for army work. Go and stand close to the others and rest till I get new orders from the alpha and the others.

Aidi [DD Knight] 412296

Smile that my idea might reach fruition and I'll have a heaping helping of new slaves.

Campfire 412297

The bitch runs off to deliver your message. You lead the rest of your squad into the tunnel and and drop a branch at every marker you see without bothering to dig through them to see what is on the other side. You run out of branches before you are halfway up the tall mountain.

You follow the others around inside the tunnel as they drop branches.

One of Switch's dogs runs up to you.
"Alpha, the tunnel is dug. Boss Switch wants to know how you want to do the attack."

Boyar (Preacher) 412298

So what's our situation here? Switch is up the mountain or in the tunnel? I'm not really clear on what we've done now.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 412299

Yeah, likewise.

Campfire 412300

Switch is in the tunnel that has been dug up the inside of the mountain with her squad and Barkspawn. The rest of you are hiding in a forest near the base of the mountain.

Aidi [DD Knight] 412301

"We came here to scout, so shouldn't someone pop their head out and see what we're dealing with?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 412302

"Hmph. I'll take a look."


Roll #1 3 = 3

Boyar (Preacher) 412303

"Are they sure they're underneath the town? I don't need all of us bursting up from the tunnel into nothing."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 412304

"Or off the side of the mountain."

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412305

Wait for orders then and just wonder what is happening at the fort right now and when will we attack.

Campfire 412306

You punch an X and crack the rock around it and another diamond dog finishes the job and pokes his head out.
"Nope. Still too close to the base of the mountain. If we dog out here we'll fall to our deaths."

She shakes her head.
"No, Alpha. The dig dog dug straight up the mountain and left places where we could dig holes to see what was nearby. We don't know where on the mountain the village is."

"Dig Dog, are you with Crunch's squad?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 412307

Keep going, then! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Aidi [DD Knight] 412308

Try to help out. I was brought for more reasons than being pretty.


Roll #1 7 = 7

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412309

I nod with him.
"Bark is with Boyar as far as Bark knows."

Boyar (Preacher) 412310

"Okay then. Into the tunnel behind her. When we find the opening, we'll burst through and attack. Take as many goats as we can and take as much goods as we can."

"Brother, perhaps it's best if you stay at the bottom of the tunnel with the supply wagon."

Campfire 412311

File: 1368164531912.png (47.56 KB, 1292x1548, At the top lives the dreaded g…)

You punch a hole through the side of the mountain but are still too low. Outside is a sheer drop.

You punch through the hole above Switch and see the same thing she does, except there is a bird's nest with a few eggs within reach.

All the diamond dogs start moving towards the tunnel mouth. The buffalo clears his throat.
"Master? What shall I do?"

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412312

Follow Boyar and Crunch up and wait for their signal

Aidi [DD Knight] 412313

"Nope, I've already had breakfast. Let's keep helping Switch."



Roll #1 8 = 8

Switch [Pilgrim] 412315

Stop messing around! Find a good spot! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 412316

"If it were up to me, you'd stay here. Doesn't look like you could climb as easily as we can. And we need someone strong enough to guard the base camp. I saw how you flattened a lot of dogs last night, so I think we could trust you with the task."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 412317

"For the time being, right?"

Boyar (Preacher) 412318

"Stay outside the tunnel. We'll leave a guard to make sure nothing happens, but I don't expect anyone to come down the mountain until we're back with the loot."

"For as long as you think it wise."

Campfire 412319

You run up ahead of the main group and punch a small hole through the X. Outside the drop still looks steep, but from this angle you can see the side of the frozen waterfall.

You run back downstairs to punch a hole in the X you missed, but hurt your paw instead.

He bows.
"Thank you, sir. You are too kind."

"Yes, Master. Shall I take the supply wagon with me?"


"Are we scouting, or punching air holes?"

Keep going, Gotta find the target.


Roll #1 8 = 8

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 412321

"Praise is given where it's due, that's all."
And I'll start heading up the tunnel. What are those dogs up to?

Switch [Pilgrim] 412322

Finish this already '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412323

Alright lets do this

Roll #1 9 = 9

Campfire 412324

One of the scouts speaks.
"Both. Keep going until you can see the village."
You go up a few holes higher and once again knock a hole in the wall. outside you can still see the waterfall, but you are still too far down the mountain to make an exit hole.

You go a few Xs above Aidi and check, but find the same thing.

You go even further up and punch a hole big enough for your head to stick out of. Looking upwards you can see the icy waterfall seemingly disappear into the mountain.

Campfire 412325

File: 1368165434470.png (47.97 KB, 1292x1548, At the top lives the dreaded g…)

Boyar (Preacher) 412326

>"Yes, Master. Shall I take the supply wagon with me?"
"Is there anywhere else to leave it?"


"I'm getting myself and the fort hot chocolate after this. No one should tolerate such cold."

Keep on digging.

Roll #1 8 = 8

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412328

"By Bowie's Hair…." I look down and go inside the again.

I then slowly descend higher and scout for the fabled goat mountain.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 412329

"Alright then…"
I mumble under my breath.
"…Why did I think it was a good idea to come here…"

Switch [Pilgrim] 412330

I'm not messing around here. Go to the very last X and punch it out. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Campfire 412331

"Hidden in the trees, but a wild animal might find it and eat our food."

You punch out an X and look through it. A little ways off in the distance you can see a river, frozen solid, disappear off the side of the mountain. Between here and there you can see snowy ground.

You punch a hole in the wall that is too low and can only see the side of the mountain dropping away below you.

You climb the stairs to the very top and punch out the last X. Looking down you can see barren, snow covered rocks and a thick layer of clouds. There is an old scorched portion that suggests something was thrown down and its ruin smoted on the mountainside.

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412332

Well. go inside again and slowly dig a bit forward towards the middle of the mountain then dig upward until I come at an end and poke my head slowly out.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 412333

I'll start pacing along the base passage.
"What's taking so long? It can't be but so hard to find a river on a mountain."

Boyar (Preacher) 412334

"Then, yes, take it with you."

Follow the dogs up the tunnel.


Is there a way to get to that ground safely, or shall we continue digging?


Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 412336

You dig sideways until you feel you have reached the middle of the mountain then dig straight upwards. After a while you break through the surface and are staring up into the clear blue sky. The air is bitterly cold and thin here.

"Maybe Switch's squad is slacking off?"

You follow the others up the mountain. There are a few holes punched in the wall, but none you see reveal anything useful.

Not really. Trying to get down there would risk you falling off the mountain or dashing yourself against sharp rocks.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 412337

I guess I look around?
Can I see anything from down here?

Roll #1 9 = 9

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412338

Can I see anything from here? Any sign of goat village or something in the distance of goats… in the mist?

Roll #1 1 = 1


"How much more up is there?"

Keep working on those spy holes, all the livelong day.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 412340

"Or they forgot what they were looking for, and that the only reason we can actually reach the goat village is because the river freezes over."
I'll shake my head.
"And I doubt the Alpha remembers either. Suppose it's up to me to think for the rest of them."
Giving a small huff, I'll start climbing the shaft, stopping random dogs here and there and asking if they've run across a river.

Boyar (Preacher) 412341

"Keep ascending"

Campfire 412342

You can see that the waterfall does not go all the way up to the clouds that are hiding the top of the mountain. Instead, it stops and leaves a stretch of mountain that looks empty from down below. If you had to guess, you'd say the goat village was somewhere between the clouds and the top of the waterfall.

Nope. You are at the very top of the mountain. All you can see are jagged rocks, the clouds below you, and an angry eagle dive bombing you.

One of the dogs looks through your hole.
"A whole lot. We are just past the halfway point."
You go up higher and punch another one. From here you can see faint smoke rising in the distance, but not the source of the smoke.

"Aidi just found a river, puppy."

"Yes, Alpha."
The dogs go up.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 412343

"Good, that's what we're supposed to be looking for. Goat village is supposed to be on the other side, if memory serves correctly."
I'll scratch the side of my nose at being called a puppy.
"Did none of you dogs remember that?"


"We found the river, but now we have to find a safe way to get to it, and then to the otherside. Help us dig and find a way."


Roll #1 7 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 412345

Hmm. Looking out the hole, I don't suppose I can guesstimate how far down I'd need to go in order to dig on the proper z-level and open a nice cave at the same height as the river? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412346


Roll #1 7 = 7

Switch [Pilgrim] 412347

Help her with that. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 412348

Is there anything going on at the base of the waterfall?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Boyar (Preacher) 412349

Reconnoiter with Switch and her scouts.

Campfire 412350

They shrug.
"We do what the boss says."

You punch a hole above the one you just did. Looking down you can see, once again, land that you can walk on as well as the frozen river and some smoke rising from the distance. You can go higher for another look or go out and sneak over to it.

You see every thing she does.

You would have to dig just a little ways above you. You get the urge to mark the area with a green circle, but have no ability to do so.

You duck back into your hole before the angry bird reaches you.

You spot some juicy looking fishes swimming beneath a thin section of ice.

You are now with them.

Switch [Pilgrim] 412351

Just sneak on over there.

Campfire 412352

File: 1368167494379.png (51.82 KB, 1292x1548, At the top lives the dreaded g…)


"Don't leave me."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 412354

Going up a bit, I'll tap that section of wall.
"Here. This will open the proper way."

Switch [Pilgrim] 412355

"Didn't say you can't come."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 412356

I fidget in place, deciding what to do.

I'm here guarding something, right?

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412357

Duck for a moment and wait for the damn bird to go away. After that look again and see if there is any goat village nearby.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Campfire 412358

The two of you bust open a section of wall nearly fifty feet above ground level and slide down the side of the mountain. You are both out in the open in the white, undisturbed snow. In front of you the slope of the mountain is much more gentle but picks up slightly on the other side of the frozen river. It's impossible to see from this low angle, but you know there is smoke coming from the other side of the hill beyond the river.

The buffalo nudges your shoulder.
"Shouldn't you be with the others, sir?"

After the bird stops squawking at you you poke you head out and look down the mountain. Between where you are and where the clouds are you are reasonably certain that the goat village is not above the cloud level.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 412359

"If it wasn't clear, that wasn't a suggestion. Dig."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 412360

I start heading up.
I'm not gonna get lost, am I?

Roll #1 10 = 10

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412361


Dig down then below cloud level and dig sideways towards the other end and poke my head slowly to see if goat village is visible.
>rng pls

Roll #1 10 = 10


Grumble at the need to be exposed to the outside air and head to the hill while keeping my head down.

Switch [Pilgrim] 412363

"Stay behind if you like, I work best in the open air."

Get close to that edge. What's can I see?

Campfire 412364

The diamond dogs grumble but start expanding the hole. Before long there is a large cave, staging area with a hole big enough for two diamond dogs to go through at a time.

It is literally impossible to get lost going up this staircase. You are now with Pom, Boyar, and the two squads.

You go back down to where you started you new tunnel and start a third. The digging is easy as you make your way through the mountain before poking a hole at the other side and looking down. Below you can see several wooden huts with steep, slanted roofs all covered with snow. smoke rises from the chimneys and a few mountain goats can be see walking around and talking to each other.

You both need to roll if you want to look over the ridge.

Switch [Pilgrim] 412365

Rolling with Aidi nearby… oh boy.


Roll #1 2 = 2

Aidi [DD Knight] 412366

"If we conquer this town, can we turn this place into a volcano so it's never cold again?"


Roll #1 10 = 10

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412367

Shit!! Jackpot! I smiled.
Slowly cover my track and went back to Boyar and the others.

"Dogs! Bark has found goat village!" I gleefully announced to them.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 412368

"Grumble all you like, but it'll lead more or less to a straight shot. You want to fight? You've got to get there first. And I'm not going to embarrass myself by putting my paw in the wrong spot."
…I'll look at him for a second, and then close my eyes and slowly massage them.
"As it seems I've just done. Are you sure, Barkspawn?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 412369

"Boyar, have you found th-"

I gulp.

Campfire 412370

You stand up and start to walk to the top of the ridge.

You, however, grab her by the tail and pull her down before she can reveal herself you whatever might be on the other side. After digging a hole in the snow you tunnel through the soft white stuff until you reach the top and peak out from your cover. You can see several small houses with smoke rising from their chimneys. Near the buildings are a few mountain goats.

All the militadogs look up at you.
"Show us!"

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412371

I nod at Pom
"Bark has seen it below cloud level Gem pony, Bark can lead dog party to there. Dog got to be careful though since goat vilalge is at the edge of mountain."

I nod.
"Bark can lead dogs there but according to Alpha we must surprise them."

Switch [Pilgrim] 412372

Are we upwind of town? If so, refocus the limbs here.

Aidi [DD Knight] 412373

"I'll leave the decisions from here on out to you Switch. I trained with the militia somewhat, but this is your area."


Boyar (Preacher) 412374

"Correct. Everyone through the hole. Don't bunch up, and keep quiet until they raise the alarm. Seize as many of them as you can, take what goods you can. Back down the hole when we're finished."

Try to inspire the dogs. I guess it's all in the delivery and timbre.


Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Campfire 412375

You are and you do so. With the help of your squad you make a pile of the branches where it will be out of sight of the village.
If you light these they will know something is up before the smoke has enough chance to negatively affect them.

And you help.

"Show us!"

An electric feeling fills the cave as the dogs get pumped up.
"What do you mean, boss? Follow Switch outside or follow the dig dog through his tunnel?"

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412376

Follow the Alpha's and lead the group towards the goat village.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 412377

They're out for blood, aren't they?
Read Intentions on the dogs.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

BarkSpawn(DD Inq) 412378

"Follow Bark, Bark will show way."
Lead them to the village to a vantage point where we can see the goats clearlyl.

Campfire 412379


Campfire 417343

File: 1369008982307.png (35.11 KB, 1292x1548, Goat Town map.png)

The war party has gathered behind the cover of a snowy hill. Beyond this hill is the town that consists of four large houses and one long building. Each are made of timber and each have steeply sloping roofs. A gravel road travels from the buildings and splits in half once it leaves the small town. One road loops around the snowy hill and leads to the frozen river and waterfall. The other travels through a thick group of evergreens and up into the mountain. The town itself is built around one enormous evergreen. In the streets are two adult goats and one kid. It is impossible to tell their genders from this distance.

Next to the war party is a bundle of branches made by Aidi to create a cloud of smoke. With a few more branches brought up from the base of the mountain or taken from nearby trees it could be made large enough to blanket the town in smoke. This would alert the goats that something was wrong and hinder fighting done by either side in the smoke cloud, but it could also divert their attention to allow for an attack from the flanks or give archers a chance to pick off targets with less risk to themselves.

There is an alternate approach from higher up the mountain (to the right) thanks to Barkspawn.

The two squads, including their leaders Crunch and Switch, number twenty diamond dogs.

The chain of command is as follows:

Crunch and Switch (to their respective squads)
The other PCs that have been here since day one
Everyone else
The NPCs

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417344

It's cold. The goats are too loud. My paws hurt.
I'd rather be in my workshop carving gems.
But instead I'm just waiting for the signal.

Crunch [Knight] 417345

It's good to be back. Well it doesn't look all that defensible, so long as we can take the houses fast. Corner them all in the hall and we can probably smoke them out.

Switch [Pilgrim] 417346

We will bury them.

Moloch 417347

I don't like this at all…
I'm just gonna sit and uneasily wait for the signal…

Boyar (Preacher) 417348

"Try to take hostage as many as you can. Refrain from killing them unless it's absolutely necessary. I hope to come back to this place later, and we don't want to exhaust our population of future slaves.

"Take captives, take loot, avoid killing, stay together. Those are your orders. Wait for my signal to attack."

"I'll leave the specifics up to the both of you. I feel that we should wait to use our smoke cover until we want to withdraw, but the choice is yours."

"Is that better?"

Crunch [Knight] 417349

"A village can only be raided once, Alpha. After that they will expect us."

Boyar (Preacher) 417350

"Incorrect, Crunch. You just can't raid them weekly."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417351

"And if the survivors move? Then what? And if we want more slaves, we can just breed them. We have trainers. Only reason we're even taking slaves is because we don't want ours getting inbred to Tartarus and back."

Campfire 417352

One of switch's squad members speaks up.
"Does that mean no arrows?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 417353

"They don't know we're here to enslave them. March up and demand their surrender with the close-fighting group. Once the arrows start flying, corpses will stack up."

Crunch [Knight] 417354

"Make a pattern of it and this village will become a fort eventually. Or abandoned."

Boyar (Preacher) 417355

"Then we won't make a pattern of it."

"It's up to Switch on how we will use you. I think lighting some houses on fire to start the assault would be an excellent demonstration of force, but it's up to her."

"A good idea, but one I feel they're unlikely to accept and which may get many of us hurt."

"If the survivors move, then we will find them. If we put too many of these goats to the sword, they will tell others, and they will try to find us and kill us. If we exterminate the village, then the same thing will happen. Traders know who we are. They know what we are. And we are not strong enough to resist a large number of ponies marching against us."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417356

"And who would be left alive to tell? Honestly? We take the children, maybe a few more, then do away with the rest. Or sell them."

Crunch [Knight] 417357

"You're the Alpha."

"Seems like a bit of a waste."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417358

"Well, if we don't want any rumors spread, then what do you suggest? Survivors tell stories. And we're the only dogs around in miles. It won't be too hard to point a hoof. Or paw."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 417359

"In a way, I suppose… thank you for easing the severity at least, brother."

Boyar (Preacher) 417360

"When traders come here and find an abandoned goat village with burned buildings and signs of a fight, what do you think they will surmise? And do you think they'll blame ponies or other goats? Somehow, I think they'll begin to suspect that it was us, the nearest settlement of a species widely-known for its habit of attacking villages and taking their inhabitants.

"This is not the time nor place to discuss our political situation. Suffice it to say that we must strike a very delicate balance. We need the other settlements to fear us, but we also need them to not hate us so much that they unite against us. Killing or enslaving the whole village would do exactly that. Taking some and letting the others know that we mean business, however, would scare them just enough.

"Now if there are no more further questions, I would like my commanders to begin our operation as soon as they can. Time is of the essence here."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417361

I'll just huff slightly.
"We go to all the trouble, we might as well just ask nicely if any of them want to be slaves and part with their belongings."

Crunch [Knight] 417362

"You're the one with the head for this."
"Switch, I agree with the Alpha's suggestion, fire arrows would probably be a good way to start."

Switch [Pilgrim] 417363

"Mmmm… start the bonfires, then. We can light the shafts from the fires."

Crunch [Knight] 417364

"Right. We'll have to move fast though. I hope your men are good shots."

Campfire 417365

"Should we add more branches?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417366

"Well, we've got to make it big enough to smoke the whole town, don't we?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 417367

"Better now than later. We can have the whole pack pitch in and bring branches so we're sure to not run out during the attack."

Crunch [Knight] 417368

"Right. We're shortpawed enough as-is."

Campfire 417369

File: 1369012382912.png (35.21 KB, 1292x1548, Goat Town map 2.png)

Crunch's squad use their weapons to strip the trees on this side of the hill as much as they can without alerting the goats on the other side. Before long there is a very large pile of evergreen branches ready to burn.

Switch [Pilgrim] 417370

"Archers, stand ready!"

Turn to face my troops.

Campfire 417371

Each of them knock an arrow or load a bolt whose heads have been hastily wrapped in cloth from spare torches.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417372

I'll grip my spear a little tighter. By all the glittering gems in the earth, what was I thinking?

Crunch [Knight] 417373

Ready my own dogs to advance as soon as the arrows fly.

Switch [Pilgrim] 417374

Jab an arrow into the fire.

"Tonight, we teach these beasts of burden the embrace of God Noblesuperior!"

Turn and launch the first fire arrow forward the largest structure. Trick shot. '1d10+3'


Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8

Switch [Pilgrim] 417375

Oh yeah. We probably lit that pile of wood somewhere in there.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 417376

I wince further as I hear the combat about to start.

Campfire 417377


Your nine dogs fire their weapons.

Roll #1 3, 6, 5, 8, 10, 5, 8, 10, 1 = 56

Campfire 417378

Nine arrows sail over the hill and before long everydog can spot smoke rising from the town's side of the hill and can hear frightened bleats from the goats. One of the diamond dogs, untrained in the use of fire arrows, sets his crossbow and paws on fire. He throws his burning weapon away and dives into the snow.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417379

I'll just sigh.
"Well, there goes any hope of plunder."

Crunch [Knight] 417380

That's our cue.
"Up and over, boys!"

Boyar (Preacher) 417381

Give an inspiring battlecry!

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417382

And I'll trail behind these dogs. Maybe things haven't burned too much yet.

Switch [Pilgrim] 417383

"Gems don't burn, runt. ARCHERS! Keep an eye out for runners."

Switch [Pilgrim] 417384

And order a volley at the town.


Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Campfire 417385

You wag your tail, the pleasant thoughts of victory, slaves, and plunder filling your head. you open your mouth to give an inspiring shout, but all that comes out is a loud yelp as your tail wanders into the fire and catches ablaze.
Every roll next round is at -1.

All of you and Crunch's diamond dogs rush up the hill and down to the road. The smoke is making it very hard to see anything clearly, but from what you can see the large building and one of the houses are totally engulfed in flame and part of another house's roof is on fire. All of you can hear panicked and pained bleating coming from within the cloud of smoke.
Every roll made by anything in the smoke is at -1.


Roll #1 2, 6, 5, 2, 7, 1, 9, 7 = 39

Boyar (Preacher) 417386


Roll around to put out the fire

Roll #1 5 = 5

Boyar (Preacher) 417387

-1 I guess goddammit

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 417388

I try to help put out his tail!

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417389

Right, time to loot one of the houses that aren't completely torched. In the closest one that's either not on fire or just singed. Anything good in here? '1d10-1'

Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7

Switch [Pilgrim] 417390

Pick off any of the goats that looks like it's trying to flee. Another round!

'1d10' (+1 -1)

Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 417391

You and your dogs advance to the top of the hill and fire at the targets on the edge of the cloud. Most of the arrows hit their targets. One goat falls to the ground and starts screaming in pain as three silver headed arrows bite into its unarmored side. Another goat disappears into the cloud of smoke as two arrows bite into it. The bowstring snaps as one of the dogs draws her bow two far back. The bow opens a large gash on the side of her head as it loses its tension.

Crunch [Knight] 417392

Let's herd some goats. Try and get them towards the large hall at the back of the village.

Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7

Boyar (Preacher) 417393

Glorify him! '1d10'

And if I can't do that, then do it on Switch.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Aidi {DD Knight] 417394

Grab a spare bow and try to help.


Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7

Campfire 417395

You panic and knock over part of the fire which traps you tail inside the blazing pile.

Luckily, your brother is there to help. He pulls your tail out of the blaze and jams it into the snow. The snow helps dull the pain a little bit.

You duck into the first building on the left and find a small leather necklace with a shiny copper amulet on in.


You and your nine diamond dogs spread out in a line and start forcing the chocking and confused goats back towards the large burning building.

You start yelling a sermon loud enough to be heard over the screams, bleats, and burning, but not loud enough to be understandable.

Roll #1 1, 1, 3, 6, 8, 3, 10, 1 - 1 = 32

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417396

Does that need a -1 as well?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Crunch [Knight] 417397

All right, let's turn and get them out as a group. No reason to waste good stock.

Roll #1 1 - 1 = 0

Boyar (Preacher) 417398

Evidently everything does.

Help them herd the goats.

Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417399

Well, I'm not in the fire and your backfired inspire wore off.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 417400

I guess I try to help them herd the goats?

Roll #1 4 - 1 = 3

Campfire 417401

Switch, her squad, and Aidi fire another volley at the town. Before their arrows have reached their zenith, though, a volley of arrows land among the diamond dogs on the hill. Three are killed instantly as incoming arrows pierce the sides of their necks, and others duck as arrows bounce of their helmets or breastplates. One of the diamond dogs shouts.
"They came from the mountains to the right! Archers in the mountains!"

Switch [Pilgrim] 417402

"Deal with the defenses first! Take out the archers!"

Take aim and fire a trick shot. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Campfire 417403



An arrow hits you in the side behind your breastplate and punctures one of your lungs. You cough up some blood and fall to your knees.


You see your arrow, and two other arrows, hit a goat that was trying to make a break for it.

Switch [Pilgrim] 417404

Then get up I guess


Also I would like wound reports on my entire squad, since DDOM is wound-based.

Aidi {DD Knight] 417405


Take aim with what I have and try to take them down.


Roll #1 7 = 7

Boyar (Preacher) 417406

Hey can I find out what happened here?


Campfire 417407

You hear some whimpering coming from further in the house. Following your ears you come to a small room with a bunk bed and uneven shelves for climbing. Your sharp eyes spot two goat kids huddled together on the top bunk.

You and your squad run headfirst in a group of six goats armed with wooden spears and leather armor. The force of the collision knocks three off your diamond dogs to the ground.
The goats attempt to rally.

You run towards Crunch and his mob in time to see them run into a squad of six armed and armored goats.

You run into the thick some and lose sight of the others.
Roll a d10 with no modifiers.

Despite the arrow in your side and your collapsed lung you roll over and fire a poison shot up at the archer goats on the mountain. Your arrow flies true and strikes the largest goat. Mad with pain, the goat rams a large tree that the archers are using for cover. The force of the ram causes the tree to tip over where gravity takes control and pulls the tree out by the roots and down the hill. The ground the archers are on, no longer stabilizes by roots, collapses under the weight of the goats who fall nearly one hundred feet down the mountain side. Most of them hit rocks and burst like squeezed tomatoes, the others bounce reversal feet in the air when they land.

You watch carefully and shoot the only one that looks like it might have survived. It cries out as your arrow hits it, but soon grows silent.

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5

Campfire 417408

The goats back off and lower their spears to make an uneven wall.
"B-back the fuck off?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 417409

Oh no…
Oh no oh no oh no oh no…

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417410

Great. Kids.
"You two have two choices. You either stay here and go up in smoke with the house, or you come with me as captives and live. That's it."
I'll level my spear at them.
"And don't try anything stupid or brave. I don't like the thought of getting my paws dirty."

Boyar (Preacher) 417411

Inspire Crunch and his squad!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Aidi [DD Knight] 417412

Are there any other defenders we can incapacitate?


Roll #1 10 = 10


"You first!"
Let's try to intimidate them.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Wf 417414

Clean up any remaining archers.


Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 417415

You cock your ears, but hear nothing but the raging fires and a few screaming goats.

They start crying, but slowly climb off the bed and walk over to you.

You let loose with a long, loud howl and raise your weapon high. Crunch's dogs glance over their shoulders and stand taller when they see you.

One of them drops his pear and runs. The others tremble but close ranks as your squad surrounds them. Most of them are injured, and two of them have very serious burns on their bodies.
"W-we're serious! There's more of us in the mountains! They'll kill all of you!"
Your dogs that were knocked over stand up and join the circle around the cowering goats.

You tie up and bandage two goats you find outside of town that were brought down by arrows and pounce a kid that makes a break for a group of trees. Hearing another goat coming you dive into the ground and quickly dig to intercept him. Soon an armed and armored goat falls into a pit you hastily prepared and you knock him out and tie him up before he has a chance to react.

None of them are moving. You spread your squad out so they will have a better view of the town.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 417416

Screaming goats?
Oh no…
I rush over to where I hear the screams coming from.

Roll #1 5 - 1 = 4

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417417

"Yes, yes, cry all you like."
Anything I can use to tie them together in here? Rope, cloth, an overlarge shirt? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Boyar (Preacher) 417418

Attack the goats with the flat of my sword.

"Surrender, goats!"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Aidi [DD Knight] 417419

"Surrender to me and you'll live. Fight and the Dogs will kill you!"

Anymore goats we can take down?


Roll #1 9 = 9


"Well they're not here now,are they? Drop your weapons, now!"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Switch [Pilgrim] 417421

Start healing through my squad – begin with the most injured. DDOM

'1d10' (+1 per wound)

Roll #1 1 = 1

Campfire 417422

You run out of town to where the screams where coming from and find two knocked out adult goats, one tied up, screaming goat kid, and a pit.

You tie them up with some cloth you find hidden under the bunk bed. Turning away to make sure there aren't any goats sneaking up on you you turn back to face the kids when their crying stops. They are sitting on the floor, tears still streaming from their eyes, eating the cloth you used to tie them up.

You think better of yelling at the unconscious goat and run over to the group that cruch's squad has surround. They cower some more when they see you join their opponents.

They throw down their weapons and strip off their armor.
"Please-please don't hurt us any more! We'll do whatever you want just don't hurt us or our families!"

The three diamond dogs whose necks were hit by arrows are stone dead. You try to help out the diamond dog whose head was gashed by her bow, but no matter what you do you cannot stop the bleeding.

Boyar (Preacher) 417423


Any loot to take?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417424

Cheap shot one goat, knocking him out.
"What did I tell you about doing something stupid or brave?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 417425

Maybe I can't, but God Noblesuperior will surely save his servant!


"Not this one, Noblesuperior! Don't die on me!"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 417426

I wince and back away, trying to resist freeing them.
Are… is there anyone stuck in the fire?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Well keep quiet and listen and we won't have to. Alpha, we should move them out of here get ready to make a fast exit."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Aidi [DD Knight] 417428

Do my best to help after hearing those yells.



Roll #1 8 = 8

Campfire 417429

The smoke starts to clear as the bonfire burns itself out. The large building and one of the houses are smouldering rubble now, and another house is a blazing torch. The only sounds now are a crackling fire, popping embers, whimpering goats, and a crying goat kid.

You crouch down and punch one of the kids in the face. He drops like a sack of plump helmets which causes the other kid to cry so loud that your ears start to ring.

Inside the rubble of the large building you can see a large gold idol of some goat deity that is studded with jewels of various cuts and colors..

The bleeding still will not stop. Head wounds are expected to bleed a lot, but this is becoming worrying.

You can't hear anyone screaming in pain as they are burnt alive, but judging by the two burnt and one burning building it is far too late to help anyone that was inside them.

Oops. Boyar's response should have been yours, and I have no idea what happened to the response that should have gone to Boyar.
You can hear Switch yelling something on the hilltop.

Switch [Pilgrim] 417430

Come on. One more time! '1d10' +# Wounds

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417431

Roll my eyes.
"I really don't have the patience for this."
Cheap shot the other kid.
Is there a sack big enough I can put them in? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Aidi [DD Knight] 417432

Help stop the bleeding.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Boyar (Preacher) 417433

Oh, excellent. Grab the idol.


Go to switch to get her report and also to try to heal that dog.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Crunch [Knight] 417434

I'll just roll my eyes at him.
"All right, all of you get moving. And stay together!"

Have my pack herd the captured goats back after the Alpha.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 417435

I gaze in horror at the burning building and try not to puke.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 417436

The bleeding stops as the wound finally clots up. The diamond dog opens her eyes.
"What happened?"

You punch the other one and the crying finally stops. After exploring you find a giant burlap sack in what looks like the kitchen and stuff the goat kids into it.

You murmur a prayer to Ward Castleloves the Symmetric Blankets and ask him to take care of the injured archer. In the blink of an eye the wound on her head disappears.

Two of Crunch's dogs grab you by the shoulders.
"Careful, Alpha. You should wait for things to cool off unless you don't want to have any paws left. By the way, can we loot the other buildings now?"
Looking at the building again you can see that the burning rubble is still hot enough to disturb the air above it and make it shimmer and dance. They let go of you and you go over to Switch, who is standing over a perfectly fine, if a bit bloody, diamond dog. Aidi is there too.

You can feel bile rising in the back of your throat.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 417437

No no no…
I try to hold back and continue searching. There's gotta be some survivors still around that maybe I can save…

Roll #1 4 = 4

Switch [Pilgrim] 417438

"God Noblesuperior judges you fit to serve another day."

Clap her on the shoulder. "You are worthy. Now stand and take spoils."

Anyone else badly injured in my group?

Aidi [DD Knight] 417439

I'll leave the dogs in Switch's care, but I'll try to find any more goats to capture.


Roll #1 1 = 1

Crunch [Knight] 417440

"We're gonna need something to haul that thing on anyway, especially if we want to take anything else back with us, Alpha."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 417441

Right. Pick up the sack if I can '1d10', drag it if I can't. Maybe put it on a sled if I can find one. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 7 = 7

Boyar (Preacher) 417442

"Yes. Take as much as you can carry."

Campfire 417443

After taking a quick break to vomit you check all around the town. You find three goat adults and one kid tied up outside of town. The adults all have arrow wounds except for one who is tied up inside a hastily dug pit. There are five captives surrounded by Crunch's squad. All but one of them have burns of varying severity.

Nope. Aside from her and the dead ones none of your archers suffered so much as a scratch.

You climb up the large tree in the middle of town and look around. From here you can see the goats that fell down the mountain when Switch collapsed part of it. From your vantage point you can also see two large, blackened corpses curled around a smaller, blackened corpse in the burnt down home.

You drag the sack out back and, after some struggling and straining, manage to lift it onto a sled that was placed by the back door.

The dogs quickly knock out the surrendered goats and begin ransacking the two houses still standing and unburnt.

Switch [Pilgrim] 417444

"Squad, with me. We're going to check out the enemy lines."

Go head off for the mountains. See if there were any survivors from that avalanche. Dig around a bit if we need to.

Crunch [Knight] 417445

I'll go poke around in a house then and see what I can find.

Campfire 417446

Your squad follows you, upset at missing the chance to loot. As you get closer to the pile of dirt and snow your nose picks up something strange. It smells like…tomato? After your squad finishes excavating the site you find that four of the six goats survived the fall, but are heavily injured.


Aidi [DD Knight] 417447

Let's go and look for anymore that are hiding, or any valuables I can take.


Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 3 = 3

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 417449

I guess I'm just gonna go back and…
No. I can't watch those faces.
I'm just gonna go sit down somewhere and stare off into the distance.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 417450

LOOT '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 417451

You both take different houses and find a few simple carving of goats.
Roll again.

You sit down on the gravel path and stare off into the distance. Is there anything you could have done to stop this? Should you even want to have stopped this? You are a diamond dog after all.

Campfire 417452

You find a polished, but cracked, goat horn lieing in the snow.
Roll again.


Cute, but worthless. Try again.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Aidi [DD Knight] 417454

Keep looking then.


Roll #1 1 = 1

Boyar (Preacher) 417455

So overall, how did we do? How many total casualties on either side?

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 417456

Loot? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Switch [Pilgrim] 417457

Collect the goats and tie them up, then release my archers to loot as they please with a gruff, "Good work, pack. Take the weapons and armor of these goats as you please, and take the spoils of their town."

Any of the goats need immediate triage?

Switch [Pilgrim] 417458

Oh right, and if not, I'll search for loot myself. If I do need to heal, just save this searching roll for later. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 417459

You find a chewed on goat doll.

You leave the house and check around the burned one with the charred bodies. Bending down to pick up something you noticed in the snow you find a dyed woodcarving of a billy goat and a nanny goat hugging a goat kid.

You put your bookkeeping skills to work and performing a count.

Diamond Dogs:
Start: 18 + PCs
End: 15 + PCs
Crunch's Squad:
0 Deaths
0 Serious Injuries
9 Uninjured
Switch's Squad:
3 Deaths
0 Serious Injuries
6 Uninjured

Start: 20
End :15
5 Deaths
8 Serious Injuries
7 Uninjured

Captives taken:
12 adult goats
3 kid goats

You find some misshapen brass figurines. The smiths can probably melt them down and make them into something else.

The four you found need immediate help or they will die.
Your diamond dogs start stripping the dead and injured then run towards town while barking happily.

You find some pocket lint in the torn off pocket of an outfit one of the goats was wearing. If you tilt your head it sort of looks like a diamond dog.

Boyar (Preacher) 417460

"Hm. We took too many. But no going back now, I suppose."

Go heal some goats.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Aidi [DD Knight] 417461

Patch up the wounded and try to find a stretcher for what goats need it.


Roll #1 10 = 10

Crunch [Knight] 417462

"Next time we might not want to start with fire arrows."

Switch [Pilgrim] 417463

Begin treating the goats with the most injured.

DDOM '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 417464


Good… good..

Now stand at the entrance of the town and look out, can I see my home from here? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Switch [Pilgrim] 417465

Just take all of the goats to Aidi for her to heal.

Campfire 417466

You try to use your connection to your god to heal the goats, but Noble Superior seems unwilling to lend enough of his power to aid them.

Praying to your god you start pulling arrows out of the tied up goats and watching as the holes knit themselves shut. You can feel a stirring within you.

A few of the dogs nod in agreement as they try to find any items of value.

You try to give aid to a goat with half a dozen broken ribs, but he expires before you can get you medical kit out.

It's all trees in every direction. You know which way to go to get home, but you don't know what the area looks like from up above.

Switch [Pilgrim] 417467

DDOM on the others


Good night.

Roll #1 7, 4, 9 = 20

Campfire 417468

Working quickly you are able to save the others from death.

Aidi [DD Knight] 417469


Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 417470

The feeling quickly goes away.

Campfire 417471

The fires go out, the ashes cool, the slaves are tied up, and the war party removes anything that could point to their pack, and collapses the tunnels in the mountain before loading up their wagon and heading home.

Final loot:
Fourteen slaves (three of which are children)
Golden, gem studded idol to goat deity that is bigger than a Runt
Some wood carving
Some horn carvings
Some coins made of common metals
A few rough gems
Leather goat armor
Goat clothing
A couple of rugs
Some pillows and blankets


Campfire 419226

The war party has loaded the loot onto the wagons and put their own loot into their rucksacks. After loading the wagon they carefully lay the three dead diamond dogs, wrapped with sheets taken from the goat village, on top of the loaded wagon. One of the diamond dogs looks at the cowed goats.
"What do we do with all of them?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419228

I don't remember much…

Crunch [Knight] 419229

"We got our slaves. Can we drive them back to the fort?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 419230

"We have some sick and wounded. We can keep the mothers and children in a guarded cart to make sure the others don't try anything, and have the healthy goats carry any other injured ones that don't fit in the cart."

Campfire 419235

The party sacked the town, burned a few buildings, a few goats got killed, and three diamond dog archers were killed by other archers. The loot that was taken is in >>417471. Everything but the first two is among the personal loot you could have taken.

"How do we keep them from running?"

"Healers fixed the wounded goats. We only have one cart and its already full."

Crunch [Knight] 419239

"Tie them together, of course. What is this, your first raid?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419240

Can I get some of those rough gems?

BarkSpawn(Inquisitor) 419241

Guard the goats and the others.

I nod at this.

Boyar (Preacher) 419242

"Crunch, I'm putting you in charge of handling the captives. Delegate that as you see fit."

Aidi [DD Knight] 419253

While they are locking the goats to one another, let me ask them what jobs they had in their goat village. I need to know so we can assign them the right jobs back at the fort and which ones to look out for.

Crunch [Knight] 419257

I nod and break up my squad of dogs to guard the train of captives.

"Make sure to drive them, but don't break any. We can't afford any delays."

Campfire 419258

They all nod and a few start tying them together with rope. It loops around their necks and will require them to walk in a straight line.


Most of them were farmers. There are a few carvers too.

"Yes, boos."

Campfire 419259

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419261

Well everyone's off doing… whatever, I take a walk through the town.
What kind of a place was this before it was razed to the ground?

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419274

Good, good!
Take a few!
The shiny ones!
Colorful ones!

BarkSpawn(Inquisitor) 419275

I look around, any loot still available for me?

Crunch [Knight] 419276

Check their knots. How'd they do?

Aidi [DD Knight] 419280

"You know you'll be working for us from now on. If you all cooperate, I'll make sure the mothers can stay with their children and that you'll work along the other slaves."

Ask them about what types of plants they were used to growing and what the carvers usually made.

Campfire 419290

You climb back up the staircase carved into the frozen waterfall and walk through what is left of the village.

You take them. They are shiny and each is a different color.

They tied those goats pretty well. It seems that all your dogs know a thing or two about tying knots.

"We grew tomatoes. The carvers carved wood and horns."

Two goat kids start crying.
"Daddy? Where's daddy?"
A nanny near the front of the line is crying quietly.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419292

Perk my ears at the crying.
"Why cry?"

Crunch [Knight] 419298

Well good on them then. I'm sure they've had plenty of practice. Move on up to the front of the convoy.

"What's up with the kid?"

BarkSpawn(Inquisitor) 419299

I shrug.
"We just raided them. They miss their parents and they will go to slave pen. Thats why they cry."

"They dont cry no longer when they get used to it."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419300

I guess I take a look around then.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Campfire 419303

A few of the goats glare at you.

You wander around through the town, so caught up in the devastation that you don't watch where you are walking and step on a glowing ember.

Aidi [DD Knight] 419304

Try to keep the goat children quiet. I don't want the other acting up. Tell them about the other slaves and all the new people they will meet.

Maybe petting them will keep them silent?


Roll #1 5 = 5

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419306

Blink and nod.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419307

I try to limp over to some snow to cool it off.

Roll #1 2 = 2

BarkSpawn(Inquisitor) 419308

Crunch [Knight] 419309

"Right. See if we can't get that one paired with one who'll look after him if we can't find his dad. Low morale isn't good for us."

Campfire 419319

Well, they don't get any louder.

You jam your burnt paw into some snow, but it's still sending white hot daggers of pain stabbing though your body. You should have your brother take a look at it.

You can take anything but the slaves and the idol as personal loot.

A few of the dogs work on moving the nanny back to the kids while another one whispers in your ear.
"A few goats were killed during the raid. All of the living ones are on front of us right now."

Aidi [DD Knight] 419323

Keep going about all the caravans we get and all the things they bring and how they'll help us.


If I heard this, scrunch hard. Very hard.


Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 9 = 9

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419324

I whimper and walk over to Boyar, holding my paw out to him.
"Erm… brother, can you heal this?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419325

Right, I have a slave waiting for Kopaz!
Maybe I should get her a rug?

Crunch [Knight] 419326

"Thought so. Well, keep them together for now. Maybe we can encourage some sort of adoption or something."

Boyar (Preacher) 419328

"What did you do?"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Boyar (Preacher) 419329

Give it another try etc.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Boyar (Preacher) 419330

C'mon now

Roll #1 8 = 8

Campfire 419332

"We don't wanna be slaves until we die!"
The two kids start crying even harder, which sets off the other kid. Several of the adults are starting to look angry.

A rug is one of the things you have taken for yourself.

They nod.
"Can you ask the Alpha when we are leaving? The goats are starting to get upset."

Your paws are cold, but eventually you get them warm enough to heal your brother's wound.

BarkSpawn(Inquisitor) 419334

Take Gold then, perhaps some food for pegasus pony slave(whats hername?) and tools for working I guess.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419336

"Slaves not bad. Slaves will like being slaves."

Crunch [Knight] 419337

"Right. We should get moving. Alpha?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 419341

Maybe some food will keep them quiet! Do we anything in that cart that will shut them up?

Can I get the bookkeeper and Slaver bonus, since I would at least know what we have and can deal with the future slaves better?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419344

"Stepped on something that was still burning…"

"Thanks, brother."
As he finished healing me, I notice the kids crying and walk over to them.
"Hey hey hey… you're not gonna be slaves! You're… what are your names?"

Roll #1 10 = 10

Boyar (Preacher) 419345

"Good idea. Let's go."

Scouts out front, everyone else stays together.

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419348

Just follow the caravan and let them handle the situation.

Campfire 419352

There is no gold,, but you take some food that will survive the trip home and grab some basic woodworking tools.

That only makes things worse.

You already have one rank in each of them. Would you like to take each of them again?
You pass out some of the food taken from the town to all the goats, and give the adults a bit of booze as well. They calm down, but the kids are still whimpering.

They cheer up instantly.
"We aren't? My name's Plinny, and my sister is Aegipa."

The group starts moving through the forest.

Tell me when you are ready to get back to the fortress.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419355

I am, I think.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419361

"No, you're… not. I'm Moloch, and… we're going to take you somewhere else, okay?"

I get up and quickly walk over to Boyar.
"Brother! Do you… do you have any plans for the young?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 419362

Stay with the kids. Might as well let them get used to being around dogs.

I'm ready to go back.

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419363

Campfire 419368

They're both smiling, and the other kid has stopped crying.

Boyar (Preacher) 419370

"Let me guess. You want to take them and educate them?

"I don't have a problem with it. They're too young to pull minecarts, after all."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419372

"I would like to do that, but just… some of them don't even have parents anymore! What are we going to do with them? Who's going to raise them?"

Campfire 419383

Boyar and Moloch can keep having their conversation.

It takes a week to get back, but vigilant guards prevent the only escape attempt that was made. As all of you finish climbing the hill that your pack claimed a group of skinnier than normal diamond dogs, Prophesy included, run out to meet you all. Prophesy speaks.
"Oh thank the mountains and all the glitters that you are back, Alpha. The fortress is in bad shape."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419385

"Bad shape?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 419386

"What's going on?"

Look around, are the farmers and slaves working the fields, or should I start worrying?

Boyar (Preacher) 419387

"Well there's you. And Road. And you have some… workers, too, right?

"What, do you want me to nurse them? I'm pretty sure mine are dry."

Boyar (Preacher) 419388

"What happened?"

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419390

Go in the fortress check it out and head for my sworkshopt. How are the citizens? How about my traps?

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419394

"No, just… just…"
I groan and knock a paw to my head.
"…I don't know anymore."

"Wait what. What happened?! Is everyone okay?!"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419395

And also I rush back to my workshop or my room to check on my assistants.

Boyar (Preacher) 419396

"So what else is there? Do you want to let them live as little family units?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419397

I growl at him.
"I don't know! Okay?"
I sigh.
"We came in here and slaughtered their families, razed their village to the ground, and now we've taken every single one of them, male female and even the children… I just don't know."

Shortcake [Rogue] 419399

"There's almost no food, a bushwooly thief killed a puppy when it attacked a dog working outside, and our diggers breach two caverns beneath the aquifer."
He looks faint and starts to sway when he mentions the caverns.

The citizens are skinny and their clothing has started to fray and wear thin. Your traps are all fine and in working order.

Your assistants are all fine. they kneel as you enter.
"We are glad you are safe, Master."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419400

"Dig good?"

Boyar (Preacher) 419401

"This isn't a good time to be having an identity crisis, Moloch."

"So what happened to the food?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 419402

"What about the farmers? We had plenty of food before, so much that we had to trade it away."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419403

I grab all three of them into a hug.
"Oh thank the heavens… I'd heard that things were going bad here are the fortress. How are you all feeling?"

"It's not a crisis of identity, it's a crisis of morality."
I sigh again.

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419404

I tilt my head, confused a bit.
"Raid is good for training our dogs and getting loot and slaves for trade. You cant make melet without breaking eggs.." I then snicker.

I frown at this and scratch my head. I thought we had food that will last for long.
Go and check out if Spring Green is fine and well.

Campfire 419405

"Normally, yes. Caverns are bad. Caverns are full of all sorts of monsters that could easily kill all of us."

"We had plenty of food for the number of diamond dogs we used to have, but between the number of migrants we have received and the number of puppies that have been born things got much worse than we realized at the time. Most of the hunters leaving with you on the raid was the straw that broke the donkey's back, as it were. We bought as much food as we could off a caravan that came in your absence, but that is only a temporary solution."

He shakes his head.
"The farms are no longer big enough to grow everything we used to grow."

"Hungry. The diamond dogs have been hording the food because there is almost nothing left. We do not get much because we do no important work for the fortress when you are gone."

She smiles up at you when you enter your workshop. Her foal is resting on her back.
"Are you well, master?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419406

I try my best to think.
"Collapse cave, dig else?"

Boyar (Preacher) 419409

"Okay. For the moment, we'll need as many dogs and slaves as we can out fishing, hunting, and gathering if they're not actively farming."

"We have brought back significant wealth, so we should be able to trade for more food if we need to.

"Also we need to expand farming operations as soon as possible."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419410

I frown and say no more as he enters the conversation.

"Has anyone hurt you three?… And we'll get food soon, don't worry."

Campfire 419411

He shakes his head.
"Not possible. Our diggers went down almost layers* while digging out our fortress, but compared to what they saw of the caverns our fortress is nothing more then a small hole in the ground."

"Yes, Alpha."
The diamond dogs with Prophesy run to carry out your instructions and most of Switch's squad follows them.
"Alpha, wold you like to survey the progress we have made in preparing the new fortress beneath the aquifer?"

"No, master. They ignored us."

*Layers: a diamond dog unit of vertical distance.

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419412

Bring out some of the food that I got from the goat village and give it to the two of them. Save some for later/tommorrow.
"Is foal already eating solid food? If not eat, pony must get strength back."

Boyar (Preacher) 419414

"Yes. Bring the loot in from the carts and we can take a look."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419415

"Collapse enterance? Mine else? Slaves cart gems back to fortress?"

Aidi 419416

"I'll help with the farms, since I'm most familiar with them. We'll try to improve what we have topside, but can you spare any digdogs to make subterranean farms?"

Campfire 419419

She nods.
"Yes, he is weened."

The buffalo pulls his cart into the fortress and the diamond dogs start unloading it while he unbuckles himself. They are visibly disappointed by most of the loot, but every dog is stunned when they see the large idol.
"Where are we gonna put that?"
"At least we don't have to worry about the fuzzballs taking it."

"If you can figure out how to cause a cavein to block off the caverns forever without flooding the fortress or destroying the things above that layer, do it."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419420


Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419421

Can I take any of the food we looted?

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419422

Let her rest and eat, for now and stand up to check if my traps are functional. If so, check if there are something I can help with the current food crises. Check out the Alpha/her assistant for work.

Campfire 419423

I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but everyone has one Skillpoint to spend now. I will be working on updating the pastebin with the character sheets.

"Find the miners and have them walk you through it. Don't screw this up, dig dog."

Of course, you were one of the looters.

"BarkSpawn, assist Kopaz with the cavein."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419424

But first!
Try to find my room!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419425

I'll take some food and bring it back to my assistants then.

Aidi 419426

How are the rest of my slaves doing then?

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419427

Go to Kopaz Area'

"What needs diggin to be done?" I grin.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419428

"Dig good. Not mess up. Caves dangerous.
Got attacked by gempony once."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419429


Boyar (Preacher) 419430

Make a speech to the dogs.

"Dogs, I'm proud to say that we were victorious on the field of battle. And this idol is proof of the Most Noble One's blessings. Unfortunately, we will still need to ration our food and make sacrifices for right now. But soon we will rise above these petty concerns, and prove to the world just how strong and powerful we really are!"

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419431

I nod at this and began to clear the rubble and mess.
"gem pony?!"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Campfire 419432

You are completely lost and wind up in a small shaft leading down to the aquifer.

They practically inhale the food when you give it to them.
"Thank you, Master."

There is much cheering, barking, and clapping when your speech ends.

Campfire 419433

Prophesy taps you on the shoulder.
"Are you ready now, Alpha? Will your brother or anydog else be coming?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 419434

I smile at them finally getting some food.
Also, gotta go, later! Thanks for running!

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419435

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419436

Shake my head.
"Gemdog. Dog, but from gems. Attacked me while Kopaz dig."

Any of the overseer dogs here?

Aidi 419437

Where are the farm dogs? What do they need to get production up to what we need?

Campfire 419438

Glad you enjoyed it.

You and Kopaz are currently inside a vertical shaft that was dug while the party was trying to find a way around the aquifer. There is no rubble here and this isn't anywhere close to where the caverns are.

Nope. Just you and Barkspawn in a small, dark, wet, shaft.

They are all plowing most of the fields underground with the help of the buffalo.
"Aidi, there you are! Could you go to the woodburners and have them make potash for us? If we can fertilize these fields the crop yield should go through the roof!"

Boyar (Preacher) 419439

"I think he'd rather be on his own right now."

Also i need to go for a while, too.

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419440

I scratch my head.
"Thats weird, hope Bark dont meet one of them."

I then look at Kopaz.
"So where too? Where will we dig? Lead Bark there and Bark can help."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419441

Scratch my head.
"Kopaz got a bit lost."

Aidi 419442

"Something easy, I'm grateful to Ward for it."

Let's go to the woodburners and explain our situation and get what we need to make sure everyone eats.

Campfire 419443

"This is a work I think all of us original seven should see. Please come find me when you are ready."
See you.

Two very tired looking diamond dogs nod.
"Right away, miss. Can you talk to somedog about making more places to burn wood? The glassmaker was running us ragged."

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419444

I look around.
"What do we do now? Try to go back?"

Aidi 419445

"I'll check with the Alpha if we can get authorization for more. In the meantime, please make what you can."

Let's try to negotiate with the glassmaker. Surely they'll see reason and let us use the place to burn wood.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419446

"Find overseer dogs. Overseer tell us where dig."

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419447

I nod at this and lead him and me out of this place. Go find the overseer.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Campfire 419448

You find the glassmaker in his room,, sitting in a chair made of green glass while drinking out of a clear glass mug.
"Take as much as you want, miss. I was the one that was told to make the bridge, so I needed the woodburners' help to make the right kind of glass. Care for a drink?"
He nods towards a small glass table with some alcohol in glass containers on it.

The two of you get out of the shaft and go down into the pit. You meet the overseer coming up the stairs under the aquifer.
"Hello you two. Raid finished?"

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419449

I nod at this.
"Got Goat slaves and more. Other Dogs at least now knows how fighting feels like."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419450

"Dig now."

Aidi 419451

"Thanks, maybe later. Gotta go."

Inform the woodburners with all due haste.

Campfire 419452

"That's good. More cart pullers."

"Dig how? Did Prophesy tell you about the caverns?"

One of them yawns.
"Alright. We will get started as soon as we can."

Aidi 419453

"Please hurry. This is one problem that I want to solve as soon as possible."

Campfire 419454

"We will, don't worry."

Campfire 419455

I'm going to go ahead and let things wind down now because Bats 2 is starting soon.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419456

Point at him.
"You tell. Cavern door should collapse."

Aidi 419457

"Thank you."

Give a courtesy bow and head off to the slaves.

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419458

I nod alongside with him.
"Somedog told me to help Kopaz clear tunnel, so Bark is here."

Campfire 419461

File: 1369357025324.png (209.22 KB, 1407x1010, bedroom level.png)

"Alright. Follow me. We walled off both entrances, but there are things in caves that can smash aside walls easily enough. If you screw up the cavein and get anydog hurt I'm going to leave you in the cavern, understand?"
He leads you and Barkspawn down nineteen levels to a large area with walls made of grey diorite. Both of you can see several slaves carrying stone stowards the staircase and in the distance you can hear several diamond dogs digging.
"This is going to be the sleeping area. Every single diamond dog will have a nice big room to sleep in and furnish as they see fit."
He takes you to see each of the walled off areas.
"We need to cause a caveing that will block off these caves but not block off any of the bedrooms. Understand?"

The red circled areas are the caverns and the bright white things in the red circles are limestone walls that were built. The yellow areas are places that have not yet been dug out.

You can see a few diamond dogs digging a tunnel out of the slave pin while the few slaves that do not currently have any work watch them. The new goat slaves are not here.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419463

"Small cave first?"

Aidi 419464

"Should we keep the salves all in one master pen, or should we separate them? How?" I think to myself.

I'll pause here.

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419467

I tilt my head at this.
"So Bark and Copaz make a cavein on those caverns to block access to the sleeping area's. Bark notes that."

Go to the area's and check if there are suitable places to start the operation.

Roll #1 6 = 6

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419468

And if found, perhaps try to mark the area's to collapse to make it easier for the two of us to start.

Campfire 419470

"They're both a lot bigger than they look. Start with either one, it doesn't matter."

See you.

The one to the south would be easiest because the hallway leading to it is longer. The one to the north will require precision. The hallway leading to each cavern should be filled in with a cavein to protect the fortress.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419472

The south one we check then.
Is it enough to collapse it at one point?
What's above?

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419473

"Lets start at south cavern first Kopaz for it will be easier, let future Bark and Kopaz worry about north caverns." I grin at him.

Campfire 419474

There is absolutely nothing directly above it for ten layers, but if you do not dig straight up you might hit an upper level of the cave.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419475

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419478

Go to the south side and lets see the caverns.
"Lets start." I smile at Kopaz.

I then began to dig. Dig and make said area of the south cavern to collapse so it will cave in. Use my doggy sense to achieve this.
>rng pls.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419480

Dig dig dig, be helpful!

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12

Campfire 419485

You start clearing rubble out of the area the cavein will occur and smooth the walls to keep rock from getting stuck on the way down then follow Kopaz to aid him in digging.

>13 with a DC3
You walk into a small recess in the wall that was originally supposed to be a hallway then dig upwards a level. Somehow managing to keep a map of the area in your head you mine out an area around a plug of rock that matches the hallway below perfectly. You do this for for the two levels above as well. Working carefully, You and Barkspawn dig up one more level and start to remove the stone attaching your plug to the rest of the ground. You count down with your fingers, and as you reach zero each of you strike the last two piece of rock holding the plug up. There is a loud crash as it falls, but very little dust. Looking down both of you can see that the plug fits into the hallway like a puzzle piece. Once the two of you tell the miners what you did and how you did it they are able to help you block the other cavern in the same manner.

Both caverns are now blocked off.

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419487

"We did it Kopaz." I grin and raise my paw up to Kopaz

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419488

I grin and shake his paw.
"We dig good. Report?"

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419490

"Yes, we report." I nod at this.
Go back to the Overseer and show him our work.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419491

I follow.

Campfire 419494

He was watching the second plug as it was formed and dropped. The Overseer walks over to both of you and shakes your paws, then claps Kopaz on the back.
"That was brilliant, Kopaz! Where did you get the idea to do that?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419499

Blink and scratch my chin, then form a hole with two fingers on one paw and make a sealing motion with the thumb of my other paw.
"Prophesy say not flood. Water flood from bottle. Put cork in bottle to not flood."

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419501

I just give Kopaz a side way glance.of doubt.

Campfire 419504

The Overseer nods his head.
"You're smarter than you look. As a reward for your good idea go ahead and take the rest of the day off. I'll have a slave take you to your room."

"Barkspawn, help with the digging for a while and you can take the rest of the day off too."

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419507

"Thank you Overseer."
I nod at this and head back to my workshop. How is Emri… I mean Spring green?

"Has pony eaten food? Bark has more if its not enough."

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419512


Before I do all of those, I go to the Overseer.
"What needs digging Overseer?"

Campfire 419514

"Hallways and bedrooms. Either dig in a straight line with the other diamond dogs or dig out a five square* by five square room with a one square entryway at the marked areas."

*Square: A unit of measure, much like a square meter or square foot.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419515

Wave goodbye to him as he leaves.

"Thank you. My slave?"

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419518

I nod at this and start working.
Hmmmm… perhaps I help in making the dogs dig a straight line first. Working together makes the work go faster.

Roll #1 4 = 4

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419521

Wave back.

Campfire 419525

He calls out to a passing donkey.
"Slave, lead Kopaz here to his room. He's the one with that zebra slave."
The goat's expression darkens.
"Yeah, that zebra. Hop to it."
the goat leads you first to the stone stockpile to drop off his load, then to a doorway.
"This is your room, sir."
Roll when you go inside.

You and three other dogs working together are able to quickly finish the main hallway. There are still side hallways and a few dozen rooms to dig.

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419528

Alright go for the side hallways and make it a bit spacious so that Dogs can walk in easily through the area.

Hmmm… does this area need traps in the future, I ponder.,,

Roll #1 6 = 6

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419530

Sure feels good to be finally home.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 419532

Yoou pair up with a diamond dog and dig side by side until the hallway is done. You might want to put a few cage traps between the plugs and the bedrooms, but those are the only traps you can think of. They might not be traps, exactly, but you might be able to use floodgates controlled by levers to section off parts of the bedroom level if there was ever a flood or an invasion that got past the defenders.

You are sure that you room is exactly the same as it has always been. Absolutely nothing is different. Your slave comes up a staircase in the corner of the room and grins when she sees you.
"You're back? Excellent."

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419533

Flood gate? Nah. Spikes is where its at for now.
Go and make the five by five rooms. Go and ask help from the other dogs in making these.


Roll #1 4 = 4

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 419536

Nod and sit down on my bed.
"Day off. Kopaz dig very good. And got gems."

Campfire 419538

You and a group of five dogs start digging out rooms. You are able to dig several pretty quickly by working together. The Overseer walks up to you.
"You can leave now if you want, or keep digging."

"A whole day off? That's great, a good dog like you deserves a day off. A very good dog who broguht me gems back from a raid."
She smiles up at you sweetly.

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419539

Just a few more, perhaps I have made some mistakes here and there. I dont want a mediocore work ruining some dogs day.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Campfire 419541

With the strength of ten diamond dogs you knock out another hallway and eight rooms by yourself.
"Yeah, you've got the rest of the day off. Enjoy it."

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419543

"Thanks Overseer. Bark hopes work is good enough." I grin at him
I dust myself and remove any dirt thats with me. With that I head back to my workshop and. do this…

Campfire 419547

Spring Green nods.
"Those of us with children know which diamond dogs to talk to in order to get food. It's still not enough, but it's better than what them others get."

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419549

I smile at this.
"Bark will see that pony will get rest and food. If he can until pony is stable enough to work again. Unless…. Bark has needs to satisfy." I stroke her mane gently.

Campfire 419552

She lets you pet her mane.
"I look forwards to the food, Master. Can Master please wait for satisfaction until I find someone who can watch my foal?"

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419554

I nod at this.
"Bark can wait." I smile.

"That is not Barks, right?" I snicker.

Campfire 419556

"No, Master. I think you's would have paws."
She leaves and returns twenty minutes later.
"I am ready, Master."

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419557

I look at her startled a bit.
"Bark thought now is not the right time for pony has to care for her foal."

Campfire 419558

"I am recovered enough now, Master."
She looks around and her stomach grumbles.
"I thought you said there would be food."

BarkSpawn(DD inquisitor) 419562

"Ah yes! Bark will go get it," Fetch some of the food and give her some. With that I head to the bed and try to get some shut-eye.

"Eat Spring pony and take care of your foal, Bark can see now is not good time for that. Time for rest."
With that I then try to sleep.

Campfire 419563

She eats as you drift off to sleep.


Campfire 420667

File: 1369524527807.png (93.06 KB, 450x450, rover talks.png)

It is still the day that the raiders have returned. Continue where you left off or join in wherever you want.

Lorik [Doctor] 420668

File: 1369524736846.png (143.26 KB, 512x500, 323906__UNOPT__safe_crystal-po…)

Where am I? In the fort again?

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 420669

Open my eyes and stretch a bit. What time is it? Where am I?

Campfire 420670

Yes. If you went on the raid choose a few of the items off the list in >>417471 except for the first two items.

You have no way of telling the time, but you have the feeling that you didn't sleep for very long. Nevertheless, sleeping on a real bed for the first time in weeks worked wonders for you. You are in your room. Your slave is feeding her foal some mush in one of the corners.

Boyar (Preacher) 420671

"So, Prophecy, you wanted to show me the work on the new fortress?"

Lorik [Doctor] 420672

I don't need any of that junk.
Are my assistants around?

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 420673

Mush? As in porridge or a weird food? Anyway stand up and approach her.
"Bark will go and grab some food, what is pony feeding him?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 420675

How is the fort holding up since the raid?

Campfire 420681

File: 1369526353239.png (353.8 KB, 2202x1157, entrance.png)

"Yes, please follow me."
He leads you out of the main fortress and down into the plug. A few levels lower than the smithy, in the layers that were abandoned by miners after they found very few gems, is the entrance to the new fortress. All the walls and floors have been smoothed, and to the south is a very wide walkway with a bridge made of clear glass spanning a gap. Many diamond dogs and slaves are walking across it carrying stones and buckets of rock rubble.
"This is what merchants will first see when they enter our fortress, Alpha. We plan to dig small alcoves into the walls and place statues there, but that is for later. If we are ever attacked the bridge will be raised and force any attackers to walk along thhis long, winding, and very slick walkway while being fired on from being the fortifications to the north. After walking across the bridge to your left will be the staircases and to your right will be our trading depot and trade good storeroom."

Paws and your stallion have found you.
"Welcome back, Master. We are glad you are well."

"Thank you, Master. I am feeding him some mushed up vegetables."
She wipes some yellow mush off his nose with a hoof.

The food situation is dire, but slowing being fixed. Many of the diamond dogs' are wearing ragged clothing, because no one ever thought to buy any from the traders or buy enough material to make clothing.

Switch [Pilgrim] 420682

Go gather my squad.

"Which of you are hungry? I'm putting together a pack hunt."

Lorik [Doctor] 420686

"Doctor. Not master."
I look them both over
"Anydog bother you while I was gone?"

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 420687

Alright, go and find some food in the fort. Perhaps after that I might go and ask the overseer what are the things that still needs be done in the fort.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Campfire 420688

The all raise their paws. One of them speaks.
"I saw a flock off big ravens when we were coming back. Should we hunt those?"

"No, Doctor."
They have both gotten much skinnier.

Following your nose you find a small barrel full of preserved fruit that somedog buried in a wall. Finders keepers.

Lorik [Doctor] 420690

I roll my eyes
"You need to eat more, you idiots. How long has it been since you last ate?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 420691

"It's a start. And we may find larger game while we're out."

Do we have any warhounds or anything to help with the tracking? If not, lead them out to the entrance of the stronghold so we can get started.

Campfire 420695

"Four days, Doctor."
"Food is scarce, Doctor. The fortress is starving."

No, but you could try training some slaves to aid the hunters.
You lead your squad out of the fortress and into the thick forest to the south. Most of the threes are bare, but the snow has started to melt off them signalling that the end of winter will soon be here. A few of you squadmates stop when the sound of cawing comes from the distance.

Boyar (Preacher) 420696

"This looks excellent, Prophecy. Lead on."

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 420697

Haha… Ha.
Perhaps put half of it on a sack(if I have one) and put the rest back in his hiding place. I dont want to deprive whoever put that there of his food.
Go back and hand some of the preserved fruits to Spring green, eat some and then storing the rest for safe keeping.
"How is foal going? Will Spring be able to work by tomorrow or does she need time to rest?"

Lorik [Doctor] 420698

"Four days? Unacceptable."
Looks like we'll get some food from the phat lewt from the raid after all.

Switch [Pilgrim] 420700

Move out. Track 'em! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 420704

File: 1369527760650.png (254.21 KB, 1916x1010, stone level.png)

He leads you across the bridge and down the stairs. The walls have been smoothed here, but the floor is still rough. There is a passage leading to the south with many opening leading off of it, and a passage to the east that turns to the north. There are many diamond dogs and slaves here carrying stone.
"This will be the level where we work with stone and jewels. Craftsdogs and slaves will churn out goods for traders, gemdogs will decorate them with gems, masons and slaves will creature furniture here out of stone, and mechanics will create mechanisms for traps and other mechanical things. The stone, gem, and stone item stockpiles are also here. The passage to the east leads around to the barracks that will house Switch's squad, and most likely another squad of archers as well."

What self respecting diamond dog doesn't always have a sack for found or stolen things with them? You place half the barrel's contents in the bag then hide it again and return to your slave. She smiles and hugs you when you offer her the fruit.
"Oh, thank you! He is growing well, Master. I can work now, but my foal must stay with me."

You took some nonperishable food items from the goat village. Your slaves look at it hungrily.

They all scatter as soon as you and your squad draw near.

Lorik [Doctor] 420705

Give it to them both.
"Eat. You need strength to properly use magic."

Campfire 420706

The crows start to scatter, but you and your squad have a chance to fire on them as they leave. There are eight ravens.

Switch [Pilgrim] 420709


'1d10+2' Trick Shot

"Bag some bird."

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 420711

I frown a bit and boop her nose lightly
"No, bad slave. Spring knows how dangerous our work is so bringing her foal while we work is a no no. Spring rest until foal can either take care of himself or other takes care of him."

Campfire 420712

Your squadmates fire.

Roll #1 3, 10, 10, 1, 6, 10 = 40

Campfire 420716

They both chow down and the food disappears in seconds.
"Thank you, Doctor."

She nods.
"Yes, master. I will reread the material you left me with."

You and three of your dogs shoot perfectly and clip the wings of four ravens which cause them to crash into the four other ravens. With a bunch of loud squawks they all fall to the ground and are set upon by your squad.

Boyar (Preacher) 420717

"Good, good."

Switch [Pilgrim] 420723

"Mmm… four ravens is barely enough for us. The hunt continues."

Let's look for bigger game. Bears about? They should be coming out of hibernation…


Roll #1 3 = 3

Lorik [Doctor] 420724

I grumble
"At least you'll be stronger again. Are you feeling strong enough for practice?"

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 420727

I nod at this and goes to the Overseer.
"Does fort need my asssistance?"

Campfire 420738

File: 1369528961104.png (650.75 KB, 1916x1010, bedrooms.png)

"If you would please follow?"
He leads you down eleven layers through a thick layer of blue microline and into an even thicker layer of grey diorite. This place is massive. two small hallways stretch off to the north and south and a wider hallway leads to the east where the color changes to white. All the walls and floors are rough stone, and a few of the walls are studded with unmined gems. You can hear diamond dogs digging out of sight.
"This is where the entire fortress will sleep. The discovery of the caverns disrupted our plans, but without changing them will we still have roughly two hundred and fifty rooms. This place is still being dug out."

The dogs bag the eight ravens after breaking their necks and follow you. You can see a few small paw prints in the snow. Possibly a jaguar or wolves that wandered into the jungle.

They both nod.
"Yes, Doctor."

"We are still mining, but I gave you the day off, remember? If you want to dig that's fine, but you should also see what you can do about making a sytem to raise that glass bridge up at the entrance level."

Switch [Pilgrim] 420741

Track them! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 420745

Hmmm… a days off. Perhaps its time to check so called glass bridge that they are planning to do at the entrance, see whats up.


Right, how advanced are these two right now? Can they cast healing spells yet? If not it's high time to show them how it's done.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Campfire 420747

You and your squad follow the pawprints and see that they lead up a large tree. You see a swishing tail hanging out of it. It is high enough up that you would need to jump in order to grab it.

The bridge is made of thick, clear glass glass and is six tiles long by five tiles wide. It is crowded so you hop off the led and into the pit it passes over. From down here you can see that it is anchored on the side closest to the new fortress's location. it must be strong to support all of those diamond dogs and slaves passing over it.

They can cast basic healing spells. You are not sure where they got the patients to practice on.

Boyar (Preacher) 420748

"Good. The rooms are large. The dogs will like that."


Enough idiot dogs around that get themselves hurt by stupid stuff, I guess.
Can I teach them the more advanced Mend?

Roll #1 8 = 8

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 420754

I tap the glass. Is the drawbridge functional? I then check if its hinges are in good condition and everything.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Switch [Pilgrim] 420757

But I have a bow. How much cover could a tree possibly provide?

Drill it with arrows, the whole squad! Trick shot! '1d10+2'

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Campfire 420761

Prophesy nods.
"Yes, they will have plenty of room to customize their rooms. I had been receiving complaints from crowded dogs, so this will hopefully cheer them up once enough beds have been made."

You give them each a lecture on using Mend and they seem to grasp a basic understanding. Watching a demonstration before they attempt it would be helpful to them.

You tap the glass as a bitch is passing over head. She glares at you and mouths a word that looks an awful lot life "perv" before walking out of sight. The bridge itself is just a bridge right now. There are no mechanisms that would let it function as a drawbridge installed.

You fire a poisoned arrow at the tree near the tail. A few seconds latter a dead jaguar falls out, and it is followed by a deer it killed. Your squad stands there with their bows drawn.
"Still want us to fire, boss?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 420762

"No, I think that will be sufficient. Yet… how many hungry mouths are there back at the stronghold? No matter what we hunt, we can't feed all of them. Perhaps the sight of good, fresh food will inspire them to hunt. We will take this kill back to the kitchens to be cooked, then we feast as though we are the alphas of our own forts."

Lorik [Doctor] 420763

If I was a crazy enough dog, I'd cut off my arm to showcase it.
But I'm only mildly insane.
"You are making good progress. It will be useful to have multiple healers. Safer. In the event of major disaster, this may save a lot of lives."
I look at them both
"How are you doing on the names department?"

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 420764

Grin back at her and stand on the bridge. Is it even possible to make it a drawbridge? Can I even do it myself? Use my engineering and trap making skills and draw something up that will look like it can work.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 420765

The dogs all cheer and quickly pick up the dead jaguar and deer before follow you back to the butcher's shop. Two of them get started on the deer and jaguar while the others pluck the ravens. Before long a large crowd gathers.

The mare bows.
"I'm Paws, Doctor."
The stallion bows.
"I'm Hungry, Doctor."

Of course it's possible, and of course you can do it yourself. It should be safe enough for your slave to help with most parts, even. You try to figure out just how to make it work, but sketching doodles of the bitch you tapped at doesn't help you figure it out.

Switch [Pilgrim] 420770

"Dogs! All of you, see this? It took not even an hour to harvest this game from the countryside. I see hunger in your eyes! I know you want a taste. I can teach you to use a bow, a spear, a sword. To track animals. You can become strong for your fortress, and never go hungry again, if you choose it!"

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 420772

Okay thats awkward.

"aaahhh… Bark is… errr.. its Bark day-off."
Fuck run back to my workshop, close the door and avoid contact to anybody today.

Lorik [Doctor] 420774

I facepaw
"You are jesting, right?"

Campfire 420776

They all start clamoring to be trained by you. One of your hunters whispers in your ear.
"Boss, if too many dogs are hunting we might kill all the game in the nearby area. A few need to be left to breed, but hungry dogs can't always think in the long term."

"The stallion cowers.
"Should I be?"

Lorik [Doctor] 420777

I swear to the oracle…
"Don't be stupid. I'm not mad, just concerned. Paws and Hungry are not proper names."
Tap my chest with a finger
"My name is Lorik. That is a proper name for a dog."
What do they look like in terms of colors again? Maybe…

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 420778

Now back to my workshop. Perhaps it is time to draw a work table on how to make the draw bridge work.

What is my slave doing btw?

Campfire 420779

I have no idea and by now there are probably a dozen unicorns.
The mare is purple and the stallion is green.

Reading while her foal plays in a corner.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 420781

Okay concentrate on making planning to make a draw brdige.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Lorik [Doctor] 420783

Green and purple, wonderful.
"Think of something better, will you? Ponies like using colors, seasons, fruits or flowers as part of their name. Like… Blueberry Summer… or something."

Switch [Pilgrim] 420787

"Tell the Alpha that we need to expand our territory. More hunters means we can claim more turf. I know we need the rooms, anyway. We can expand horizontally… instead of going deeper underground. I'll make sure you get a whole leg of deer."

Tell the rest of my hunters to dig in and enjoy the kills, but to save a leg for my runner. "As for the rest of you that want to be trained. Bring a weapon if you have one, go request one from the smiths if you don't. I'm going to teach you to kill. One day you will feast. Let me tell you, when I took my dogs on the raid, we killed three bears, and feasted until we were FULL. So full there were LEFTOVERS!"

Lead those who were armed out to the entrance of the fortress. Bring some solid-looking slaves, too. I have three ranks in Slaver.

Campfire 420795

You draw up plans for a simple drawbridge. The bridge will be linked to a lever via chains and mechanisms. When the lever is pulled the bridge will quickly raise or lower and become a wall protecting the side closest to the fortress entrance. You spot a note asking you to use a certain mechanism made by a diamond dog that was taken by a strange mood when you make the bridge.

The mare speaks fast.
"Purple Winter!"
The stallion glowers at her.
"Green, uh, Fall."

He nods and leaves. your dogs start chowing down on the food. You grab a few donkeys, gryphons, and zebrass from the slave pins and lead them to the surface. There are eight diamond dogs armed with melee weapons waiting for you.

Lorik [Doctor] 420800

I shrug. Good enough for me.
"Nurse Winter and Fall. Good. Very good. Do you want to learn something else besides Healing?"

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 420809

Well that is good enough. I will double check this plan tomorrow.
Look back Spring and look at the notes that she is reading.

Switch [Pilgrim] 420811

"Hmmm… melee weapons do not have the reach that bows do, but it will work. The snow is melting, so work quickly. Each of you build a snowdog. Build it as sturdy as you can. Reinforce with branches and mud – anything it takes to make the strongest! The dog who makes the finest snowdog will get a reward."

Campfire 420812

"We want to learn what you want us to learn, Doctor."

They are notes and texts on trap building, mechanism building, and trap installation.

They get to building.

Roll #1 6, 4, 4, 7, 4, 5, 7, 8 = 45

Campfire 420813

None of them are perfect, but one looks pretty good. It even has a tail.

Lorik [Doctor] 420814

"Good enough for me."
Let's finally try out some stonecrafting. Get some tools and materials to work with first.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 420817

Sit next to her then wrap my arm around her neck and squeeze her flank while we are at it.
Then teach he/review together more on how to make traps and the mechanisms of it

Roll #1 6 = 6

Switch [Pilgrim] 420834

"Mmm… not bad."

"Before I show you how to kill, I want to see how your instincts work. See if you now how to move by nature. Who knows how to fight already. With a bow, you always aim for the center of mass, but a melee weapon is different. Let's see how you approach these targets. Each of you move over one to the left – you on the end, go back to the beginning of the line, and attack the snowdog you are now in front of."

Campfire 420864

You find an empty stonecrafter shop in the workshop level of the original fortress. You're pretty sure you know how to use them.

She shifts around a bit to let you grab her more comfortably while listening to your lesson. She nods as you speak and points at a paper.
"Correct, master, just like it says on this page here."
She has taught herself enough to make any further lessons nearly useless, unless that lesson is about how to build a trap you have come up with yourself.

They attack.

Roll #1 7, 10, 9, 1, 7, 7, 2, 9 = 52


Let's see if I still have it in me. Craft some stone bowls.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420875

What shape is my shop in? My slaves? Some fucknut hotshot dog better not have taken over my shop. I had it just like I wanted it.

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420881

Caress her a bit while I lay her down and the notes.
"Bark is checking out the front entrance. Overseer wants to make glass bridge to make it into actual drawbridge. WIll Spring be available tomorrow?"

Campfire 420884

You get a couple of roundish rocks and split them in half, then get to work chipping the stone out of their center until they are roughly bowl shape. after that you flatter their bottoms so they will not tip over them smooth their insides and outside as much as you can. After all this work is over you are rewarded with four sturdy stone bowls. They aren't as pretty as glass, clay, or metal bowls might be, but they are much sturdier.

Your shop is untouched, but has been kept dust free by your slaves. Both mares rush to great you while Luster rolls a ball around in the back of the workshop. Spinel is very skinny and Gem is a bit skinnier than she was when you left her, but Luster looks perfectly healthy. They both smile when they see you.
"Master, welcome back!"

"I am available whenever you want, Master."


That's the point!
"I am ready to teach you the ways of stonecrafting. Gather round. Observe. Duplicate."

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420888

I look at her foal.
"We need someone to care for foal for the meanwhile." I scratch my head.

Campfire 420889

They watch a you craft the stone bowl.

She gets down and places him on her back.
"One moment, Master."
She leaves and returns a few minutes later without her foal.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420890

I'll nod.
"Thank you. Why are you both so skinny? Spinel, you're practically bones. And you, Gem, you're hardly better…"
I'll run a paw along their sides and grimace at their lack of size.
"Tch. But at least Luster is well-fed, it looks. Did you both sacrifice food so he would stay healthy?"

Campfire 420891

They both nod. Gem speaks.
"I was able to get a little bit extra food because I am a mother, but Spinel insisted on sharing her food too."
Spinel blushes a bit and rubs that back of her neck with a hoof.
"We needed to all take care of each other while Master was gone."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420892

"Be that as it may, if you don't take care of yourselves, then no one will be able to care for anyone. Next time there is any food shortage, I forbid you from starving yourselves. If it gets bad, eat grass. Ponies eat grass and flowers, right?"
I'll scratch my chin.
"Well, not like there are a lot of those in winter, but still. Anyway. We brought some food back along with us from the raid. Maybe even a playmate for Luster, once the kid gets used to life here."
I'll think a moment.
"Actually, you both stay here for the moment. You look as if a strong breeze will knock you over. I'll return with food."
And then I do so.

Campfire 420893

The food disappears within seconds of you giving it to them. They lick their lips.
"Thank you, Master."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420894

I'll nod.
"Now, what has happened while I was away? Have you been keeping up with your practice, Gem? And you, Spinel, have you been helping around the fortress too?"

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420895

"Where is he?" I scratch my head.

Campfire 420896

They both nod.
"The only thing of note that happened was a poor puppy getting killed when a Bushwooly thief attacked its mother."

"I left him with Road Merchantdawn, the donkey jenny that takes care of young ones in the fort when their parents can't watch them."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420897

"I doubt it escaped, then. Did the remaining dogs have the sense to strip the thief and sell whatever it was carrying, if a caravan rolled by?"

Campfire 420898

They shrug.
"We aren't sure, master. We think the smiths have been collecting their weapons. They call the metal made from it Bushwoolium."

Chip(DD Warmaster) 420899

I nod at this.
"Good pony, Spring Green will be able to take care of him after we check and see if we can do the drawbridge tomorrow."
With that I start to lead her near my bed.
"What is foal name btw? Bark has not asked."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420900

I'll look the two of them over again.
"Now, until you both are fit and healthy again, the only work you are allowed to do is polish gems. Is that clear? I don't want you two straining yourselves and then collapsing from hunger."
I'll rub my chin a bit.
"And I never did finish that approved partner list, did I? Bah. Just stick with the four we visited. Ard, Voice, Brown, and that pegasus Sage. We'll look at the others if you'd like to have a few more choices than just those four."

Campfire 420901

She lets you lead her.
"Spring Green, Master. Before I was named by you I had no name."

Spinal perks up.
"Can we search for more while recovering?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420902

I'll raise an eyebrow.
"One caught your interest already?"

BarksPawn(DD Inq) 420903

I scratch my head. Perhaps I have to name him… or give her an idea on how to name someone after this.
Lifts her up the bed and follow her next to it. I then produce the paper in where I drew my idea of a drawbridge(>4) and show it to her.
"What does Spring Green pony thinks of Barks plans?"

Campfire 420904

She blushes.
"No, Master. I enjoy looking."

She might name him if you don't, who knows. Spring Green looks at the paper.
"The plans look good, Master. Are you thinking of courting her?"

BarksPawn(DD Inq) 420905

"Courting whom?" I scratch my head before smiling and cuddling her.
"After inspecting Barks draw plans that is."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420906

"Just don't let that distract you if you have to work with them, got it?"
I guess we'll go around and take it easy today, then. Inspect a few more stallions. How many are unattended or not ownedby PCs?

Campfire 420907

my bad, I got my greater than and less than signs turned around.
"They are good plans, Master. are you certain you do not want my aid?"
She goes limp to allow you to cuddle her better.

"Of course not, Master. My work always comes first."
You take them around to inspect the six pony stallions own by other members of your pack. Both of your slaves see a few they like and a few they don't.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420908

Descriptions, please.
I'm actually keeping a list.

BarksPawn(DD Inq) 420909

I just cuddle/explore her and whipser.
"Bark needs your aid tommorow.. and today." I then bite her ears.

Campfire 420910

File: 1369541683715.png (20.86 KB, 1916x505, seed shopping.png)

Tell me if there are any repeats.

She coos a bit as you hold her and explore her body.
"I exist to aid you, Master."

BarksPawn(DD Inq) 420911

With that I then begin to lay her down on her back and mount her on top.
"Bark has not been with company too long Bark will try to be gentle.."

BarksPawn(DD Inq) 420912


Roll #1 2, 10, 7, 4, 4 = 27

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420913

Going down the list:
Unicorn A - Approved.
Pegasus - Approved.
Earth Pony A - Needs to lose weight, then we'll talk.
Unicorn B: Approved.
Unicorn C: Approved.
Earth Pony B: Denied until he loses weight and is reinspected.

So I'll need names for those unicorns, and the pegasus.

Campfire 420914

You don't bother with foreplay and instead thrust right in. She grunts and clenches her teeth, but warms up and start loudly moaning as you begin to thrust. You start to lose control and soon you are thrusting into her without much care for her pleasure. Nevertheless, she continues to moan and call out your name as you finish and tied her to you. Your Dig Dog mind has no idea that these might have been faked.

Because you are a Dig Dog and she is a pony, you and her will be Helpless for 11 rounds. The DC starts at 10 and goes down one each turn. Critfail resets turn count and DC.


Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420915

Ah. Voice was among them, I see. He'd already been checked out.
The other three are new. And can I just that the other dogs just give them terrible names? Calling a tall pegasus legs is just silly.
Actually, now that I think on it… any fillies about? It's still a bit early, but having considerations for Luster when he's of age might be a good thing.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420916

Wait a minute, that other unicorn was Brown. Bother.

BarksPawn(DD Inq) 420917

Kiss her and cuddle her tight.
"Is pony happy? Bark is happy." I then began to to lazily move my hips in mock attempts to please her/pull it out.


Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 420919

There are eight fillies that belong to other dogs.

Sorry, I could have sworn more had been brought in by migrants.

"Very happy, Master."
She gasps when you move and moves her hooves to the swollen portion off her belly.
"I don't think you're getting free soon, Master."

10 turns, DC9

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420920

Hmm. Still too early, though. But I'll keep that in mind. Back to the shop, and then I'll tack the list up on the wall. They now have a fairly decent list of "Acceptable Partners."
And while I'm here, I might as well carve a gem or two. See if my paws dulled at all.
'1d10+4'I don't quite remember if it's supposed to be a +4 with a DC of 3, since I sunk 3 skill points into Gemcutting, or a +5 with the help of the amulet.

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8

BarksPawn(DD Inq) 420921

Well it is my day off so perhaps I can spend some more time playing with her. Perhaps attempt to lightly pull out of her for the last time?


Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 420922

I think the amulet gave you a +3 to gemsetting only. Your three points in Gemcutter gives you a DC 3 and +1 to cutting gems and setting gems.
Maybe they've dulled a little. You sit down and are only able to cut two nice looking gems. Your slaves gossip about the stallions.

Still stuck. Spring Green mockingly pouts.
"Does Master wish to be free of me already?"

9 turns, DC8

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420923

My talent's gemcutting, so that's a +2. Then there are the three skill ranks, which apply to both cutting and setting I believe you said. And you did say the amulet gave a +1 to base crafting skills, or at least that's what I wrote down.
Let them gossip a bit. I'll grab another gem, and turn it over in my paws a little. Think about what I might make for Poet, as thanks for fixing up my paw.

BarksPawn(DD Inq) 420924

I smile back and just cuddle her tight. Let the time pass.
"Bark dont want free of Spring. Bark apologize.

Perhaps let the other rounds pass by inside her and make her happy.

Campfire 420925

Sorry, it's getting late and I cannot find the note I made about your amulet. Let's go with what you have written down.
Maybe an arrow? She is an archer in Switch's squad, after all.

The swelling eventually dies down and you are able to pull out of her. She stands and stretches after being pinning by your for so long then turns to face you.
"Does master still require me or am I free to clean myself up?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420926

Hmm… nah, that's too obvious.
Got it. Small metal pendant shaped like a quiver and set with rocks. Perfect. Time to hit the metalcrafters.
"You three behave while I'm out. I'll be back in a little bit."

BarksPawn(DD Inq) 420927

I stretch myself and lay on the bed.
"Pony can clean herself, but after that she lays here next with Bark." I smile at her lazily

Campfire 420928

"Yes, Master."
They go back to gossiping.

She leaves and returns about half an hour later, still a little damp from her bath. She hops up into bed and curls up next to you.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420929

And I'm off to the metalworkers.

BarksPawn(DD Inq) 420930

Cuddle her after that and try to get some sleep.
Good night

Campfire 420931

You find the two smiths talking with some diggers while looking over some large papers.
"Hello again, Pom."
"How c'n we help?"

You hold her like a teddy bear and quickly fall asleep.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420932

"Need a small pendant, shaped like a quiver. Whether or not it has arrows in it is up to whether or not you want to give it a shot. It's… a gift."
I'll glance at the papers.
"Unless you're busy, of course. What have you got there?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 420933

Now that the issue of the woodburners and the glassmaker has been settled, it's time to go back to what really matters. Making money, for the fortress, of course.

But I'm going to need some help. Time to head off towards the slave master. I'll need to know which slaves are available for me.

Campfire 420934

They look at each other when you pause, then grin.
"We'll take it."
"These 're plans fer our new place. It's gonna have a much nicer floww to it than this place."

Campfire 420935

A few slaves see you looking around the pin. When they learn that you are looking for the slave master they look confused.
"We thought you were the slave master. You purchased us."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420936

"Where do you plan on setting it up?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 420937

"Yes, well, I thought someone else would be helping deal with so many of you. Has anyother dog been helping take care of you when you're all in here?"

Campfire 420938

"A layer below the stone worker's level. There'll be places for smithies, forges, metalcrafting shops, woodburners…"
"Well, it'll be there unless we want to dig down until we find magma. You have any idea how many trees we need to cut down to keep the metal flowing?"

They shake their heads.
"We were given what we needed under your orders. When we need food we leave to get some from the food area. At least, that's what we do when there is food."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420939

"I'd prefer not to consider the numbers. We've probably cleared most of our area."
I'll scratch my chin.
"Why not just have some dogs dig until they hit magma? Though, they might run into caverns, so I suppose that's not such a grand idea."

Aidi [DD Knight] 420940

"The food situation is being dealt with, I saw to that, after running ragged throughout the fortress. I'll be taking part in running the farms as well, so I'll be taking the Griffin here as my assistant, since I need someone who can write. The rest of you will probably get assigned to help the fields, which means more food for you and your young. Which, how many fillies and other children do you have?"

Campfire 420941

"That sort o' thing needs ta be cleared by the Alpha."
"So, you wan' any hearts or initials on yer gift?"

A male/female [1d2] gryphon steps up.
"Not to be disrespectful, Mistress, but there are nearly a dozen buffalo right now and more on the way. Up until today the farms have never needed all of them at once. Most of the equines and buffalo have at least one child, as do the goats you have bought, Mistress."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420942

"I… no. Why would I…"
I'll shake my head.
"It's just a gift to Poet Stakeshield in return for mending my paw after a small accident while skinning a bear. That's it."

Campfire 420943

>but there are nearly a dozen buffalo working up there right now, and more on the way

"Sorry, we thought that pause meant somethin' else."
"We can do it. Same payment as last time."

Aidi [DD Knight] 420944

"Griffon, you'll be working with me and helping catalogue all the going-ons of this fortress with me. Everyone else, you'll probably get assigned to apprentice from some of the craftsdogs. I'll make sure your children are looked after by some of the mares amongst you, so you won't have to worry about them being here. First question, have any amongst you already been taken to help other dogs in their lines of work?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420945

"When have I ever shown romantic inclination to any bitch? Even if Poet's got a fine tail, she's a flirt and is probably going to be spending most of her time watching that idiot Dig Dog being led around by the nose by his Zebra slave."
I'll shake my head.
"Besides, I'm going to encrust gems on it, so there's not too many dogs it could come from."
I'll scratch the side of my nose.
"So, one well-carved gem for each, or are you giving it to the same bitch again? And should I only make one from the both of you?"

Campfire 420946

The gryphon bows.
"Thank you, Mistress. None of the slaves here have been chosen by anydog. We are all used for simple labor like hauling things, but all of them are free to be adopted by anydog with a specific purpose in mind, Mistress."

Campfire 420947

"To be fair, lots o' us watch that. It's the funniest thing we've ever seen."
"One for each of else worked last time. We haven't decided who we should give it to yet."

Aidi [DD Knight] 420948

"Okay, starting from zero. Could be worse. First, have you been given a name or a title, something to call you by? There aren't many here, but I can't just call you Gryphon all the time."

Shake my head.

"Getting caught up in small things, focus on big and then work down. Breathe and think."

Clap my hands and focus on the sound for a bit.

"Follow me, we'll be taking stock of the fortress and its' workers. We'll see where we can use any of the available resources we have. Let's start close. Which are the nearest smelters and craftsdogs to here?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 420949

"Good enough, then. If you send a runner to my shop once it's finished, then the gems should be ready. If not, I'll send one of mine to deliver them to you."

Campfire 420950

"The craftshops are right outside the slave pin. The smelters are under the aquifer."

"Will do."
They shoo the other diamond dogs away and get to work.


Campfire 424047

Rise and shine, diamond dogs. It's a bright new day full of digging, slaves, riches, construction, crafting, talking, training, dog stuff, and an important decision that can affect the very future of the fortress and all inside it.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424048

Wake up.
Look around.

Crunch [Knight] 424049

Where did I fall asleep last night?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424050

Right, once we've all had breakfast, I can get to work on the gems for the metalcrafters.

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth]] 424052

The hell are we at now?

Barkspawn(DD inq) 424053

I stir a bit and open my eyes. Whats up?

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 424054

Wake up anyways, and then check over my slaves

Campfire 424055

You are in your bed. From here you can see your cabinet for your clothing, your chest for your belongings, your door, and your staircase leading down. You cannot see your zebra, but you think you can smell her down the staircase, as well as food.

In your 3x3 room in the fortress near the armory and main stockpile.

The three of you eat a small meal before going to your workshop. You have a several shades of green and red gems to work with, as well as some blue, orange, and grey ones.

You and your two slaves are in your cramped 3x2 room. You can hear the clinking of plates and the sounds of diamond dogs talking through one of your walls, which connects to the dining hall.

Your are in your bed with Spring Green held tightly against you in your big gorilladog arms. Her foal is sleeping in a cradle near your cabinet.

They are skinny and lying in the bed you got them.
"What shall we do today, Master?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424056

Green and Red usually go together fairly well, and those two always work as a team.
So. One green gem, one red gem. I'll carve them one at a time. First, the green one. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424057

Sniff at the air.

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 424058

"Do? HEhehahahahahahaAHAHAHAHAH!

Eat! Stretch! Breathe the outside!


and then…

then we work! Ahahah! Up! Up! The day is burning from our lives!"

Head to the mess hall with them and eat!

Crunch [Knight] 424059

Well at least I had the sense to make it back here. That raid was a doozy.

Let's go find Sawdust and Hunter and see how they've been doing.

Campfire 424060

Without much effort your are able to craft the green gem into something that could make a nice centerpiece for a collar, or look nice in a large ring.

Your hear hoofsteps come up the stairway before you see your zebra's head appear.
"There is food down here if you want some. You need to keep this a secret though, understand?"

They hop out of bed and follow you to the dining hall. Each of you is given a thin soup with small pieces of meat and vegetable floating in it.

Sawdust is assisting the other carpenters with building beds and easily keeping pace with them. Hunter is perched near a few barrels of food behind the kitchen and looking not quite as skinny as Sawdust.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424061

I'll nod at that.
"Good. Seems my paws are still in good working order. Onto the next, then. Gem, if you could polish this one?"
I'll set aside the green carved gem, and get to work on the red one. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424062

Go there.

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 424063

>thin soup

slurp it down and wait for the two to finish, and then head outside

Crunch [Knight] 424064

"Smile and congratulate them on their work.
"Seems like fortress life suits you well."

Barkspawn(DD inq) 424065

Just hug her a little bit more and shake her a bit to wake her up.
"Bark and Green has work to do.. "

Campfire 424066

You take out a few different tools and get started on the uncut gem. Working slowly and carefully you don't even notice Gem set the polished stone on your bench. After twenty minutes your have cut the gem into a perfect romantic heart that seems to beat in the flickering torchlight.

You go downstairs into a room nearly twice as large as yours. There is a table with a cushioned couch and a wooden chair in one corner, and a bed with an overstuffed mattress and overstuffed pillows in another. The walls here are studded with rough, and a few cut, gems in spiraling patterns that catch and throw the light of a few torches around the room. There are also barrels of food and drink in a third corner. Memory's gem headpiece sparkles in the light as she talks.
"Because there is a food shortage. I know how important your strength is to you, Master, so I hid food and drink for us to eat when you got back from the raid. If you tell other dogs or slaves they might try to steal from us."

They take your cue and slurp theirs down as well, not wanting to cause you to wait. After followed you outside each starts to stretch as you instructed earlier.

In the carpenter's workshop.
"It does. Thank you for teaching me this craft, master."
Behind the kitchen.
"Thank you master. It is an honor to guard the food stores from vermin and thieves."

She yawns and stretches.
"Shall we eat first, Master?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424067

"Not tell about food."
Sit down on the couch.
"Bring me some."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424068

Well. Well, well, well. Glittering guided my paws well today. I wonder… I can't make it so that the two gems fit together, can I? Or would I have to carve up a different gem first?

Crunch [Knight] 424069

"Mm. Just making sure your give back to the fort."
"Sure is. Keep it up, we just got a fresh load of new bodies."

What about the dog raiders?

Barkspawn(DD inq) 424070

Alright hop off the bed and fetch some of food that I stored from yesterday and give her enough for her and her child.

Know think, what are the things that I needed besieds my tools? Do I need some huge ass metal chains to chain the draw bridge? Perhaps a locking mechanism and some hooks? What do I miss?

Campfire 424071

She pulls some preserved fruits and salted piece of meat out of the barrels and sets they on a tray. She turns around and stops when she sees you, then her headset sparkles in the torchlight again.
"Oh, silly me. I forget to tell master that I had the chair made especially for him. That rotten old couch is only fit for a slave to sit in."

You could try setting the heart into the green gem. Of course, you would need to cut a few more green gems and fasten them together because the heart is silight bigger than the grreen gem.

"I live to serve, Master."
One of the other carpenters steps away from the bed and pops his back.
"She has learned very well, Crunch. I hope you don't mind, but we have been teaching her to use her claws as detailing tools."
He salutes.
"Yes, master."
You find your squad watching as two members each try to hit each other while avoiding the paws of the other one. One of them leaves the group when you enter the barracks.
"Hello, boss. Have you come to train us or help you find members for another squad?"

You have all the mechanisms you need: levers, gears, locks, etc. You could use chains if you wanted, but gears hidden inside the earth and attached to the bridge could let it be raised as well.
"Master, the books you gave me to read say the first thing we should do is find a place to keep the lever that will raise and lower the bridge. If you will pardon me for suggesting things, but I have heard there will be a barracks overlooking the bridge area. Placing the lever there may be a good idea."
She bows her head and hoofs at the ground apologetically.
"Any place out of sight of the bridge would be good though, so long as invaders can't reach it."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424072

Nah. I'll just take a bigger green gem, and see if I can't make a good housing for the heart that could work as a separate piece too.
So, measure, measure, measure… and cut a big fat green gem. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9

Crunch [Knight] 424073

"Hmm. That's actually a good idea. Hers are a lot better for it than ours are naturally, plus she won't ruin them by scraping up rock all the time."
"Well you pups did pretty damn well in the raid given the circumstances, especially against those scummy watchmen. How's morale?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424074

Shake my head.
"Comfortable, good for Kopaz."
Motion with my paw that she should speak less and bring food more.

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 424075

after they've had their time in the sun, off to smith's and inventory!

is there an open forge to use? I hope so! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Barkspawn(DD inq) 424076

I smiled at this.
"Good idea Green, Bark has been absent and didnt know of barracks pony is saying. If Green leads me there perhaps we can work together on the lever and mechanism so the dogs can use it there."

"This is also making Bark worry, what if… " I eye her a bit.
"flying creatures like pegasuses fly to dogs barracks. Is there a way to make countermeasures? Perhaps make a metal grill leading to the barracks to the outside world but that would take time."

Campfire 424077

You make a green gem in the shape of a heat and hollow out a space for your red heart gem. Using just the right amount of force you insert the gem into its background until you are sure it is secure. The red heart still looks like it is beating, but the green background does not.

"Thanks. With your permission we will give her a few things to detail once we finish this order for beds."
"Very good. Swtich's squad is doing is well as can be expected after losing three members to a bunch of goats."

Her headset shimmers again as she pouts.
"But I made it just for you. Won't master please sit in the chair that his slave made for him?"

There sure is! There are plenty of bars of copper and silver to use, and a bin full of charcoal to stoke your fire.

She shakes her head.
"I do not know, Master. You diamond dogs are much smarter than us slaves. I am sure somedog in charge as already thought of a way to counter the problem of flying attackers."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424078


Roll #1 10 = 10

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424079

Pop it out. I have to make one better. Take better measurements this time, don't just eyeball it, and don't shove the heart in there until I'm certain it will fit easily, but still snugly.
'1d10+4' to cut another gem.

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 424080

Point the earth pony stallion to the workstation
"Heehehehehahaha- learn"

then make sure the fire is hot and ready to make copper malleable

and finally start teaching the earth stallion to use the fire to help piece together metals for armor. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Crunch [Knight] 424081

"Do it. She's a quick study."
"Yeah, that had to be a rough blow for them. We could all stand to learn from that…never underestimate the enemy. If goats can catch us off guard like that, imagine what else could happen."

Barkspawn(DD inq) 424082

"Dont degrade yourself pony, you are a slave and a pony. Plus you are the one to came up with the idea of putting the switch on an overlook than what Bark is just thinking of putting the switch near the gate."

"Will Greens foal be okay here or should we need to leave him to other caretaker?"

Campfire 424083

You're the master and she is the slave. You can sit on the comfy couch if you want to.
Memory's headset sparkles a few more times before she pouts.
She brings the tray over to you then goes over to the bed and hops into it to watch you eat.

You carefully remove the heart gem and start cutting a larger green gem. Half an hour of careful, quiet work passes until you have carved a green heart just a little bit bigger than your small paw. After hollowing out a place in the middle of it for the red heart, slightly smaller than your small paw, you carefully insert it into the hole you made. Holding it in both paws you watch as both the red and green beat in time with each other in the flickering light. You begin to feel enamored with whoever gave this to you. The spell is broken and you remember that you made this yourself as your newest slave coughs then apologizes for the noise.

He listens closely as you teach him your smithy ways. he looks like he has taken the lesson to heart.
He is now at -2 to smithing rolls.

"Ayeaye, sir."
He nods.
"That's why we need more armor and more fighters. If a few mountain goats can kill three of us with wooden arrows I don't want to know what a small army could do."

"We can drop him off on the way, or take him with us. He is old enough to stay out of the way now."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424084

Start eating.
Speak between mouthfuls.
"Kopaz like this room."

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 424085





Pegasus, make note of teachings. then get water to drink

Time to make some armors! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Campfire 424086

Short pause while I eat. Be back soon.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424087

"Don't worry about it. This is a dangerous piece of work. Even I almost got swept up by it."
Separate the gems.
"But if I keep carving them like this, I'd better start charging for them."
I'll wrap the two gems in separate bits of cloth, and set them aside for when the metalworker's courier comes by with the pendant.
"Now, Gem, it's been quite some time since your last lesson in gemcutting."
I'll hop down and fetch that mica that I dug up before we left.
"From what I recall, you tend to put a little too much force into your carving, so I dug these up to give you a few restraint exercises."
I'll set them out.
"Now, I'm going to demonstrate what I'd like you to do with yours, so watch closely."
And, taking the fragile mineral, I'll set to work carefully carving a simple square. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6

Crunch [Knight] 424088

"Well we just had a population boom. Let's see if I can convince some of them to start earning their keep around here."

Barkspawn(DD inq) 424089

I nod at this. "He can tag along but put him out of harms way."

After eating I gather the items. put the items on a cart, arrange the tounge of the cart and hoist the chains around her and assist Green in pulling the wagon towards the gate.

Knight 424090

"Why must morning come?" I ask to no one in particular.

Let's check the surroundings.

Aidi [DD Knight] 424091

Campfire 424092

She smiles and rols over on the bed.
"That is good. I had this room made for us. Keep it secret though. If others dogs find out your room is so big they might try to take it from us."

You lift the hammer to start beating the bar of copper, but drop it on your paw. You think something might have broken.

You easily carve the soft rock into a square as Gem watches. Someone knocks on your workshop's door.

The two of you pull the wagon out of the old fortress and down into the new one while Spring's foal follows beside her. The two of you are now on the fortress side of that glass bridge, as opposed to the incoming side.

You are in your room. Your gryphon slave is asleep at the foot of your bed.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424093

"Spinel, could you get the door while I overlook Gem's exercises?"
I'll scoot the square carving over.
"Now, Gem, I want you to try carving with your magic instead of with your hooves. See if that goes any better."

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 424094



mnnnh… HEHEH- ahaggh.. HAMMER WORKS


shit, feel out my paw to make sure '1d10' while heading to the doc's

Roll #1 2 = 2

Aidi [DD Knight] 424095

Let's get up and get some food. The fortress can wait a bit while we eat, and hopefully the farmers were able to make a bit more food available after helping the woodburners.

Campfire 424096

She gets to work while Spinel opens the door.
"Master? It's a donkey with a delivery for you from the smiths."

It's broke alright. The doctor comes over to support you when you limp into the hospital.
"Let's see. A limp and you smell like smoke. Let me guess: You dropped hammer or an ingot on your paw, right?"

You and your gryphon get some thin soup from the kitchen then sit down to eat with a few farmers. they say that they've widened the plots where they could to accommodate some misplaced seeds they found. They are confidant that the fortress will last until the first harvest in a few weeks.

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 424097

Laugh uproariously while nodding my head yes

Barkspawn(DD inq) 424098

Go to the said barracks and see how it looks. Then find a place in that barracks where the lever would be put. Perhaps two levers both at a distance from each other would be good to use so that it can be a bit hard to use for lone spies/sabatours to use.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424099

"Good, good. Hoof him the two wrapped gems there on the table. Gently, now. I'll look at the item in a moment. Also, pass along that if I keep making them things this nice, I might have to start charging them more than a necklace or two."
And let's watch Gem work.

Aidi [DD Knight] 424100

Since I'm there with them, let's take advantage of the opportunity.

"I have a few slaves that can be put to work, and I'd like to know if you need any help out there with anything?"

Moloch 424101

I'm here now!
Where am I? What's going on?

Crunch [Knight] 424102

Any of the new arrivals interested in enlisting?

Campfire 424103

"At least you aren't screaming. Stiches! Carry our patent to a room while I prepare cast material with the other one."
Your body starts to glow as you are lifted up and magically carried by a unicorn to a room and sets you on a long table by a bed. After a few minutes the doctor and a donkey enter the room and wrap your foot in a cast. Once it has drip the doctor helps you up and the donkey gives you a crutch.
"Take it easy until it heals. Grab some slaves from the pin and have them do your work for you if you don't have any already."

You dig out two spots on one of the walls of the barracks overlooking the bridge and begin preparing the spots for levers while Gem makes a notes in a small booklet about the location of the levers and what their function is.

Rolling for Gem.
The donkey bows and leaves.

They look at each other.
"Buffalo can do almost everything we need to do well enough, and they're a pretty jolly sort once they get to know you. Of course, a unicorn could make planting and harvesting go faster and a gryphon could help keep birds and animals out of our above ground fields."

You and your slaves slept in.

Not especially, but a few of them have absolutely no work other than hauling rocks from the new fortress.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Boyar (Preacher) 424104

I emerge from my office, ready to make the hard decisions for the fortress.

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 424105


Have some already-hehe- good learner and good work- pfffftHAHAHA

gooooood worker!

bow to the doc and crutch my way out.

fucking pray that my first few steps with these things are fast learning '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Melody Maker [Bard] 424106

I get up.
"Rise and shine, my assistants."
I try to wake them all up.


Well then let's start a recruitment drive! Surely tales of our raid should inspire a few to sign up.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Barkspawn(DD inq) 424108

With that arranged perhaps use the chains that we got and attach it to the lever wheel and to the weights that will be used to counteract the weight of the drawbridge. Also attach the chain to the drawbridge after doing that.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Campfire 424109

You emerge and nearly run into the bitch that is in charge of the diamond dog caravan.
"Hello, Boyar. You fortress has grow quite large. Shall we talk inside your office?"

You becoming a crutching pro.

They stretch and quickly wake up.
"What do you wish of us, Master?"

You get seven diamond dogs willing to join the milita. Most have some experience with melee weapons.

Aidi 424110

"I'll see what I can do with what we have. Gryphon, make sure to write this down."

"Wait, I can't be calling you just gryphon all the time. Let's go with Quill, since you'll be helping me with the paperwork."

Thank the farmers for their assistance and ask if they'll need anything else, they can leave a message with Quill if I'm unavailable.

Campfire 424111

And Gem accidentally crushes the mica into powder as she grabs it with her magic.

Boyar (Preacher) 424112

"Yes, let's."

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 424113

Awesome, now quickly hobble back to the forge and see what the earth stallion's progress is. Oh, and did the pegasus mare fetch him drinking water?

Crunch [Knight] 424114

Great. Direct them to the barracks to meet and drill with their new squadmates. Now let's go check the smithy and see if we can't get some better armor circulated.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424115

I'll sigh slightly as she powders the first one.
"This is why I got several. Once more. Gently, and slowly, if necessary."

Melody Maker [Bard] 424116

"I can't think of anything at the moment. So please, feel free to relax and play while I go and check on what needs to be done."
I smile at them and depart to find Boyar or the militia leader.

Barkspawn(DD inq) 424117

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424118

Campfire 424119

He writes that down.
"Thank you for the name, Mistress."
They thank you for your time.

She follows you in and sit in front of your desk.
"I will be blunt, Boyar. Your fortress is doing much better than I thought it would at first. What was once a small hole in the dirt has become a deep metropolis. Tell me, have you ever considered branching out?"

The mare has fetched him water. Let's see how well the stallion did.

You can see the two smiths admiring a crystal heart and hear some noise coming from one of the forges.

"Sorry, Master."

Digging an absurdly small hole you somehow manage to reach down into it with both arms and begin to set up the weights, gears, and chains needed to make the bridge work. Working a bit of mechanic magic you stretch the chins underground towards the bridge. After installing some hidden gears on the piece of glass engineering you hook up the chains and order the bridge clear. The diamond dogs and slaves clear it and wait to see what you will do.

Roll #1 6 - 2 = 4 / Roll #2 9 = 9

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424120

"Teacher. And see, you do well when you try. Now keep practicing your carving until there are no more uncut pieces on the table."

Campfire 424121

The stallion has hammered out a lumpy piece of copper, but has somehow not manage to hurt himself or the other slave.

Gem carves a square that looks just as good as yours.
"I will, Master."
She gets to work.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Crunch [Knight] 424122

"What have you got there, smithy?"

Boyar (Preacher) 424123

"You mean create smaller settlements? I've thought about it, but I thought it would be best to consolidate our strength at one location. Why?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424124

I'll nod as she works. She seems to have gotten the hang of it.
Now, to check out that pendant.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424125

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 424126





ihihihhahaha- I trust you to try again! Heat the lump- hammer it down- again and again!

eheahah- Hard knocks teach just like books!

Campfire 424128

She closes her eyes and lifts every piece of mica into the air, and several tools as well. In less than a minute each piece is cut into a perfect square and set back down on your table. She opens her eyes.
"I'll get started now, Te-what?"
She looks at the mica.
"What happened?"

"Payment for a job we did for Pom Rainian."
"You have a bitch you've got your eye on? Go to him, he's not let us down yet."

"Because the wealth you are giving us each year nearly matches the capital of the nation you left on its worst years, and that's with your fortress built above the stone. Once you get it squared away I think you might become a powerful nation. Of course, there is the matter of attracting certain sorts and repelling others. You will need our help with this."

They take out their instruments and puzzle boxes and get to work. Boyar's door is shut right now and it sounds like he is in a meeting.
Switch cannot be found, but Crunch is with the Smiths.

He does so.

Roll #1 3 - 2 = 1

Campfire 424129

He hits it too hard and the hammer rebounds and smashes him in the face, knocking out several teeth and sending blood splattering all over the forge. He crumples to the ground and the pegasus mare screams and rushes over to him.

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 424132


hobble over and sling the pony over my back

"Heheh- Pegasus, grab the teeth andfollow"

take him to the medical doc's thing!

Boyar (Preacher) 424133

"And what, exactly, do you mean by the terms 'attracting certain sorts,' 'repelling certain others,' and 'our help'?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424135

I go to Crunch then. Might as well clear things with him while I wait for Boyar to finish his meeting.
"Crunch? Are you, erm… free?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424136

"Magic, it seems, made for a very efficient tool."
I'll look over the cut mica.
"And they're perfect, besides. A light polish and they could even be used for decorative purposes."
I'll pat Gem on the head.
"Good girl, Gem. I knew it was a good idea to teach you. You might even have a talent for the craft, with enough work."
I'll dig out a gem from the bin, and set it on the table.
"Now, I want you to do that again, but this time focus it on this gem here, and carve the first thing that pops into mind."
I'll idly turn the pendant over in my paws while watching.

Crunch [Knight] 424139

"…maybe later. Any progress on some better armor for our soldiers? We could have taken much worse on that raid."

"For the moment, I guess. Do you need something?"

Campfire 424142

The doc looks up again as you enter with a quietly crying pegasus mare in tow. The earth pony is gently lifted into the air with magic and carried into a back room. A while later the doctor comes out.
"I think he will be okay. There's no brain damage, but he's going to be eating much for the rest of his life unless you can the magic healer Groves's PC."

"It's code for 'if you give us good deals we will find good fortress sights for you, find new settlers for you, and make sure the nation you came from doesn't find out what you are planning and march an army up your rear end.' The better the deals are, the faster we can make sure these things happen."

"Master? I'm not sure what I just did."

They nod.
"It's slow work making all of that armor. Each dog takes eight pieces of armor for the bare minimum. If you want layers you can nearly double that number."

Crunch [Knight] 424146

"Let's just do one layer for the moment. Focus on breastplates and helmets first, then we'll see if we can get a full suit for each before the next raid. Slow and steady"

Boyar (Preacher) 424147

"Hm. Okay. Deal.

"Let me talk to you about the sort of settlers we're looking for: We need dogs who are… open to new ideas, shall we say? Ones who won't find new ways of doing things frightening. Ones, perhaps, who are tired of the way they live back home.

"We don't need troublemakers or raw manpower. We need skilled dogs. Dogs who won't be constantly agitating for needless raids and conflict.

"In other words, we need disciplined dogs. I'm willing to be selective and accept fewer newcomers if that's what we get."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424148

"Your horn lit up, lifting all the pieces of mica into the air, and then you cut them all perfectly."
I'll rub my chin.
Taking a small, rough, blue gem, I'll set it on the table.
"Now, see this gem? I want you to do exactly what you did last time, but this time keep your eyes open."

Boyar (Preacher) 424149

er, dogpower

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424150

"I'm just checking in to see if, the… erm, militia needs anything. Any weapons, armor, that sort of thing."

Campfire 424153

"Everydog's already got breastplates, a shield, and a helmet. Do you want us to make greaves, boots, or gauntlets for 'em?"

She nods her head.
"I can do that. Will you be building these new fortresses on the backs of slaves, or the backs of those pups, once they've grown, that are running through and around your fortress?"

She tries.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Barkspawn(DD inq) 424154

I look at Spring.
"Anything we miss?"

Crunch [Knight] 424155

"Yes. Let's start branching out. We got lucky last time."

"Right now? Better equipment, mostly. We could really use some higher-quality metals to protect us."

Campfire 424156

And she does it. The gem glows and lifts into the air, the bits fall off of it and reveal an almost perfectly cut gem. She carefully sets it down on the counter as you notice her rear flash.
"Wow. I did not know I could do that, Master."
Spinel, meanwhile, is picking her jaw up off the floor.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424158

"Have anydog taken inventory since we got back? What is our metals situation looking like?"

Barkspawn(DD inq) 424159

Boyar (Preacher) 424160

"Both, I'm sure. We don't waste labor here."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424161

"I knew there was potential, but I honestly didn't see it happening so quickly."
I'll walk around to her flank to inspect that glow.

Campfire 424166

She shakes her head.
"I don't think so, master. Are we ready to test it?"

They nod.
"Right. Do you want us to focus on paw armor, foot armor, or leg armor?"

One of the smiths speaks.
"The Alpha's been the bookkeeper for as long as we've been here."

"So I've seen. Anyways. Without further ado I will go oversee my side of the trading."
She stands and leaves.

Her cutiemark looks almost the same as it always has, a pair of shackles, but now each of the pair is studded with a beautiful gem.
"Teacher, what are you looking at? Do you, um, want us to move somewhere more comfortable?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424170

"Right. But… nobody else took down records during his absence? Nobody at all?"
I groan.
"I'll go and take them down then."
And with that, I depart and try to track down metal supplies. Hopefully it's all in one place and wasn't scattered about during our absence.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424171

"No, it's not that. Your marking changed. It's interesting."
I'll rub my chin.
"Perhaps you really did have a talent for gemcutting after all."

Barkspawn(DD inq) 424172

Double check the mechanism and the draw bridge. After that we both test it out if it works.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Crunch [Knight] 424173

"Let's start with leg armor for now."

Campfire 424174

You notice a pile of copper and silver bars by the smiths' and find another pile in the new stockpile a few levels down. Running back and forth to count each pile gets confusing though, and when its over all you know is that you have a lot of silver, and a whole lot of copper.

She look at her butt.
"This is amazing! I didn't know this could happen1 I really am special after all!"
She hops up and down a few times. Her colt sees his mom having fund and hops up and down with her.

They all look good. You and Spring Green pull the levers and the bridge shoots upwards. A stone that was left on it is flung through the air as if by a catapult and shatters against a wall, thankfully not injuring anyone. Spring Green cheers.
"It's perfect, Master! This is just like the books said it should be."

"Sure thing."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424176

That's it? No other metals?
Dammit! We need new metals to smelt down and make new alloys!
Keep searching.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424177

"Yes, yes, congratulations. This just means you get harder lessons. And Luster is just about old enough to start learning how his magic works as well, isn't he?"
I'll look at the happy colt.

Campfire 424182

You find some bronze, black bronze, nickle, brass, steel, pig iron, platinum, lead, tin, bismuth, bismuth bronze, nickle silver, and soap bars. You cannot get an accurate count of any of them.

He looks up at you and makes a farting noise with his mouth before giggling.
"He is almost old enough to speak his first words, Master."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424185

"You and Spinel can teach him his letters and numbers, correct? At least so long as you aren't occupied with other duties? I recall the Alpha's brother yammering on about some sort of school for younger slaves. We might take advantage of that."
Right, now to focus on that thing for Poet.
Pendant, let's see how you look. Color, shape, size, potential spots to cram gemstones…

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424187

I groan.
I need to go fetch Boyar…
I do that.

Boyar (Preacher) 424188

"What is it, Moloch?"

Campfire 424189

They both nod. The pendant is a silver arrow about as long and wide as one of your fingers?.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424190

"The other smiths and I need you to take inventory on our metals. We can't make any progress on forging new alloys until you do."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424191

I'll roll my eyes. When those two decide on something, they don't take no for an answer, it looks like.
Oh well. Get a few small gemstones, and cut them to accent the arrow. Maybe a nice bed for it? '1d10+4'

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7

Boyar (Preacher) 424193

"Okay, let me check my records."

Do an inventory.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Campfire 424196

File: 1370146044000.png (2.92 KB, 225x251, dude, that's metal.png)

You make a simple bed of pale crystal to house the silver arrow pendant.


Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424198

Oh come on, I can go fancier than that. She said she didn't have any nice things, and I can't do any less than making the nicest thing. '1d10+4' with another gem. Maybe leave a small hole so that it can be worn on a necklace.

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14

Campfire 424202

You make a quiver out of pale crystal and make an arrow equal in size to the silver arrow out of each type of crystal available, with the exception of the pale crystals. Once that is done you carefully insert each arrow into the quiver before closing the quiver with a small amount of magic granted by your deity. One that is done you for a hole just large enough that a fine thread or chain could be run through it to make a necklace.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424205

Damn straight I do. After giving thanks to Glitter Bronzelilac for granting me such fine materials, I'll entrust the shop to Gem, Spinel, and Luster, and I'll tell Gem to keep practicing her new talent while I'm out. Two or three gems should do.
Now, off to find Poet. Wonder if she's by the barracks?

Campfire 424208

Gem practices while you are gone.
Poet is outside shooting at a dead tree with her bow.

Roll #1 2, 3, 7 = 12

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424209

"Hey! Finished what I promised you."

Barkspawn(DD inq) 424210

I grin,
"thanks for helping me pony, come lets report to the Overseer and show him our work."

Go to the Overseer afor a visit and show him the fhuncthining drawbridge,

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424211

"Damn! Still nothing good…"
I sigh.
"Well, thanks Boyar. Since it appears that we do not have any the requisite materials to forge new alloys, do you have anything you want made?"

Campfire 424214

She looks over her shoulder as you approach.
Her eyes go wide and her bow and her jaw drop when she sees what you made her.

Spring Green lowers the bridge before you leave. Once you return she raises and lowers it again. The overseer claps you on your back.
"Good job, Barkspawn. You're pretty smart for a dig dog."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424217

"Yes. As promised, here you are. And my paw seems to be in better shape than ever, if you can believe it."
I'll give it to her.
"It's got a little hole there if you want to put it on a necklace or… whatever would suit you."

Campfire 424219

She takes it from you before kneeling and hugging you tight.
"It's the best gift I've ever gotten. Thank you."
You can feel tears dripping down your back.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424220

My tail will wag unconsciously before I stop it.
"You're… ahem. You're welcome."
I'll give her a light pat on the back.
"You said you didn't have anything fancy, and I thought, well, what's a diamond dog without any gems of her own? So…yeah."
Smooth as uncut lumber I am.
"I'm… glad you like it."

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 424221

"Magic.. heheheha

well now…hhehehehehahaha!


-eh, who does magics?

Boyar (Preacher) 424223

"No, nothing I can think of. Check with the warriors to make sure we don't need any weapons. Check with the farmers and see if we need farming tools. The farms should take priority."

Campfire 424227

She wipes her eyes then holds the gem in her paws and look at it.
"I love it. How did you make it? It shouldn't be possible for you to fit those gems together like that."
You can see that her tail is wagging.

"The kind of magic you need is done by a troll's ass named Lorik. He's proud, but his magic works well enough."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424228

I'll look at her completely seriously.
"Very, very carefully. And a little help from Glitter Bronzelilac doesn't hurt either."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424230

"Alright then."
I head to the farmers and try to find the… head farmer or whatever.

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 424232

"hehehaha- right right



walk out, carrying the stallion if I need to, and put him back in the room to rest.

Campfire 424235

"I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I worship about half off the gods, but I pay the most attention to Ward Castleloves the Symmetric Blankets. Glitter Bronzelilac's domains are jewels, wealth, trade, and love right?"

You find her riding on top of a buffallo that is pulling a plow behind him.
"Can I help you, Moloch?"

You firedog carry him back to your room and lie him on the bed.
He says a muffled something or other. Your mare speaks.
"I think he is apologizing, Master."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424237

"I'm here to see if you, erm… need any new tools to aid in farming. Do you?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424238

I'll nod.
"Though I never really thought much about that last one."
Shrugging, I'll continue.
"And yet, it seems my best works are when I'm making something for somedog in love. Or at least on the prowl."

Campfire 424243

She shakes her head.
"We've got plows, shovels, and hoes aplenty. thanks for asking though. Want to ride a buffalo?"

She grins.
"So you're the ones that made that gem for those smiths a while ago? I thought it might have been you. My friend was impressed by them."
She wipes another tear from her eye.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424245

"You don't need anything at all?… So be it then.

"And um, no thank you."

And with that I depart back to my assistants. I guess I don't really have anything to do for the day.
How are they fairing?

Braiq [Wardncr. Mnr/Smth/Slavr] 424247

"Tend to him


Campfire 424248

"Your choice. They're nice and warm when its a snowy day like this."
They are practicing their instruments and opening puzzle boxes. they seem bored.

She nods her head and tucks him into bed.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424249

"Hello my assistants. How are you? It appears that we do not have anything that we need to do today."
I smile at them.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424251

I'll nod.
"So they said. As a matter of fact, I got them to make that silver arrow in there in exchange for another set of gems."
My tail will wag a little at the indirect compliment. Giving her a toothy grin, I'll idly put my paws in my vest pockets.
"I'll let you in on a little secret, though. The gems I gave them that time were not the first cuts. It seems Glitter has a bit of a sense of humor when it comes to my work, and I ended up carving, well, a more direct interpretation of their intentions."
I'll shrug slightly.
"Probably still shoved into a corner somewhere in the shop."

Campfire 424252

"Are you sure, Master? The fortress needs no armor or weapons?"

She raises an eyebrow.
"Oh really?"
She sniggers.
"I guess that makes sense. Like I said, Glitter is the god of love."
She picks up her bow, tail still wagging.
"Wanna show me? I could use a good laugh. Not at you, I mean, but at those gems you mentioned."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424253

"Well, if you haven't guessed what they are already…"
And we'll head back to the shop. I'm sure that last remaining red gem dong is somewhere in the bottom of a bin…

Campfire 424254

It is, along with the orange one. Poet laughs uproariously when she sees them and holds them up to the light. Gem and Spinel both blush when they see them, but Gem's blush seems a lot more embarrassed than Spinel's.
"Wow, Pom. I can't imagine why you haven't tried selling them to a merchant or giving them to some pretty bitch. I'm sure they love them!"
She has to sit down to avoid being knocked over by her laughter.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424255

"I prefer my teeth where they are. You can keep one, if you like. In case you need a quick laugh or two."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424256

I shake my head.
"Nothing with the materials we have now. We need better materials, but we don't have anything to make them with."
I look over the three of them.
"Are you three becoming bored with your toys?"

Campfire 424257

"Offering me your ruby already? You move pretty fast."
She grins at you then slips the red one into her pocket.
"You're a sweet dog, Pom. Thanks again for the gem quiver you made me. I'm not lying when I say it's the most beautiful thing I have ever had."
She leans down and gives you a quick kiss on the forehead.
"I need to get back to practicing. See you around."
She leaves.

They all nod.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424258

I'll rub the spot on my forehead for a minute, then shake my head and look at Gem.
"So. How did your practice go?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424259

"Oh… well, what would you like to do then?"

Campfire 424260

She stammers for a few seconds then levitates two ugly gems and one well-cut one over to you. Spinnel doesn't stammer.
"Why did you make crystal dicks, Master?"

"We would like to practice in the forge again, Master."
"We can make toys or decorate things."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 424261

"Eager to work I see… very well then!"
I lead them to the forge.
"We still have a lot of copper, so what do you want to make? You all can pick."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424262

I'll look over the three gems as I answer Spinel.
"Glitter Bronzelilac enjoys the occasional joke. At times, it seems as if I don't have complete control over my paws, and things happen. There was a third one, but I got very angry and shattered it against the wall."
I'll put the good gem in the "for sale" bin, and the two ugly ones back into the "to carve" bin.
"One out of three, but at least it was decent. However, it just shows you need a bit more practice. So! From tomorrow onwards, you are to produce at least one gem matching or exceeding the quality of the one I placed in the sale bin. I would advise mixing both your muscle and your magic, so you get a good sense of yourself for each method."

Campfire 424263

They all decide to make metal toys and instruments.

She nods her head.
"I will, Teacher."


Barkspawn(DD inq) 424264

"Thank you.:

Campfire 424713

Diamond Dog traders have come to trade their wares. All who wish to buy something should report to the trading depot. Be aware that there are still other things that you can do for your fortress. That is all, dogs.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424715

I was busy eating and showing dominance over my zebra I think

Koka [Chef] 424716

I better check on the progress Cook made.

Braiq [Wrdncr/Mnr/Slvr/Smth] 424718

Ooh my do I have enough to purchase another? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424722

Merchants? Grand. Let's see what they've got. And I'll be bringing a small pile of cut stones that weren't already up there.


I think I was teaching my lovely little unicorns how to stonecraft.
Give them some materials to work with and keep working myself. Stone bowls, arrowheads, anything the fort needs.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 424748

She is lying on a plump bed watching you eat a large meal.
"Remember, Master, other dogs might try to steal from us if you tell them about this food and this room."

He is busy helping a diamond dog cook to make soup for the morning crowd.
"Hello, Mistress."

Maybe. Another what?

There are a few bars of metal that catch your eye: A steel bar, a gold bar, and a platinum bar. There are pawfuls of cut diamonds for sale but you are confidant you can make ones that are just as good, if not better. There are ropes, toys, instruments, bins full of cloth, silk, and leather, slaves, animals, barrels of booze, barrels of fruits, barrels of vegitables, barrels of fish, barrels of prepared meat, pieces of armor, weapons, stone blocks, glass, clay, and bags of sand.

They watch you as you try to work, but the stone bowl you make is lumpy and the rim uneven.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424749

Nod while eating.
"This room good."
Is this couch more comfortable than my bed?

Koka [Chef] 424751

Smile at him.
"Hey Cook. Havin' fun?"
Let's boil something real quick to feed everyone.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


That's terrible. Redo it!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424753

I'll make a note of the steel and platinum bars. Those need to find their way to the smiths.
As for the slaves, what's for sale?
The trader should also probably buy as much food as they can, if they're about. We'll need to restock our larders after that famine.

Braiq [Wrdncr/Mnr/Slvr/Smth] 424754

Slave, assistant, smith

actually I need to find the other doctor but the pegasus can't be a load bearer

Campfire 424755

Yes, but it is far too small for you to sleep on.

"I sure am, mistress."
You take a few bones from a pile and crack them in half before dumping them into a pot of boiling water. Now all you need to to is add some ingredients.

Your slaves watch as you toss it aside and make a better looking bowl from another rock.
Their attempts will now be made at -3 to their rolls. A spoken lesson can lower it to a -2 on a success, or a -1 on a crit.

The same as always. Two of every creature except alicorns and bears. The traders are already negotiating food prices, the ones from the fortress apparentlly angry aboout something. You can buy your own stock of food, of course.

There are a male and a female of every sapient creature for sale here except alicorns and bears. No bushwoolie slaves either.

Koka [Chef] 424756

"Suggest me a color then."
Look at the boiling pot and wait.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424757

Let's add another two unicorns to the gene pool. Can never have too many.
And then head over to the arguing traders.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424758

"Slave make this couch comfortable like this?"


Time to explain it to them then. With their telekinesis, they make for ideal stonecrafters! Explain them how the different tools are to be used and when they are to be used.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 424760


You purchase two unicorns for more gems than they usually cost. They bow and give the standard greeting then follow you to the arguing traders. The fortress's traders are angry about the prices being demanded for items. The merchant traders are saying that the prices were authorized by the Alpha.

"No. I, um, found it."

You use a bunch of shoptalk to explain the tools and their uses. Your slaves quickly become lost.


What the hell are you doing, Lorik? Start from the beginning. No more messing around.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424762

"Find better bed for Kopaz?"

Koka [Chef] 424763

Slice'm up and put them in the bowl.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Braiq [Wrdncr/Mnr/Slvr/Smth] 424764

Eeenie meenie miney oh- nevermind I need a magidoc not more slaves to stuffy up my room

find that doc

Campfire 424765

They think they understand.
-2 to their next stonecrafting roll. Because it was a five every roll after that will go back to -3.

"Of course, Master. Would you like to dig today or do you want to buy things from the merchants?"

You slice up a few tomatoes and drop them into the pot along with half of one of your fingers. hey, wait a second. What's that doing in there?

Where oh where could Groves Lorik be?

Lorik [Doc Dog] 424766

Right, let them try it for themselves.
And I'll keep crafting myself '1d10'

Also, I don't remember where I am. I assume the hospital.

Roll #1 10, 4 - 2 = 12 / Roll #2 9 = 9

Koka [Chef] 424767

Giving it a personal touch?
Pick it up.
"Ah leave ta soup to ya, Cook."
A doctor, that's who I need.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424768

"What buy?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424769

"What's this about the high prices? And whose Alpha authorized it?"

Campfire 424770

I forgot he was here.
You find him in a stonecrafter's workshop teaching his slave.

Braiq [Wrdncr/Mnr/Slvr/Smth] 424771

sit next to the wall and wait for him to be finished

Campfire 424772

The mare, Paws, makes something that could function as a bowl. The stallion, Hungry, shatter the rock when he hits it to hard with his chisel.
Did the NPC doctor kick you out of the hospital after you nearly murdderkilled his patient?

You find Lorik teaching his slaves how to craft stone into items.

She rolls around on the bed again.
"Stuffing for you bed, Master. Or food, or gems, or drink for you, or gems, or silk to make clothing, or gems, or food for you."

"Your Alpha authorized these prices after meeting with our leader. She is doing a favor for your fortress, and this is the payment."

You do so.

Koka [Chef] 424773

"Ah… Doc?"
Hold up the finger and the bloodied paw with a worried expression.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424774

"First I've heard of it. I thought you all were just jacking up prices because we were over a barrel thanks to that shortage over the winter."
I'll rub my chin a bit.
"Know the specifics of why our Alpha would agree to get fleeced like that?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424775

"Gems good. Make Kopaz room shiny like this!"

Lorik [Doc Dog] 424776

Pretty sure I gave my assistants new names last time. Purple Winter and Green Fall.
And Prophecy told the other doctor to quit being a dick.
"Good job, nurse Winter."
Pat her on the head.
"Keep trying, nurse Fall."

"Mmhm? Another accident?"
Mend her finger '1d10+2'
"Be more careful. Dangerous business."

"You need me too?"

Roll #1 4, 10 - 3 = 11 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6

Koka [Chef] 424777

"Migh' thanks doc.
Will hook y'up sum special grub."
Smile at him and back to the kitchen I go!

Braiq [Wrdncr/Mnr/Slvr/Smth] 424778

Point to my leg-innacast

"My slaveeeehehehehahahaha- assistant needs healing for his face."

Lorik [Doc Dog] 424779

I grumble and take a look at this assistant. How bad does it look?

Braiq [Wrdncr/Mnr/Slvr/Smth] 424780

"… Hehehahahah!


hahaha- hold on, I need to get him!"

head out and carrry my stallion to the doc!

Campfire 424781

He acts offended.
"Us? Charge higher prices when we know our customers have no choice but to pay? How insulting. Your Alpha is thinking of the future and what we can do for him. That is why he agreed to let us charge these prices."

Your mare breaks the next stone she tries to use, but your stallion is this time able to make something that looks sort of like a bowl.
Oh. Sorry, you don't play very often so I forgot. Both of your slaves have now advanced to the Dabbling skill level. With their physical lesson they are both rolling at -2.

He is able to fuse your finger back onto your paw and restore all function and feeling to it. Your slave is cleaning up the blood.
"Mistress? What happened? Are you okay?"

His face is wrapped up in bandages. A quick, magical check shows you that all of his front teeth are missing and is skull is full of small fractures.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424782

Campfire 424783

"Grab that chest and follow me, Master."
She hops out of bed and leads you out of your room and leads you to the trading depot.


Holy crap.
"What happened to him?"
Start mending those injuries. I want him to be good as new.

I also give Fall a thumbs up for his work. Let them continue while I tend to this. '2d10-2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 5, 4 - 2 = 7

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424785

Grab the chest and follow.

Campfire 424786

Do you Mend Braiq or his slave?

Lorik [Doc Dog] 424787

His slave… Fuck.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424788

I'll shrug.
"It's what I would probably do to anything other than a dog, were I in your paws."
I'll think a moment, then turn to our traders.
"Buy what's needed, no luxuries. That's booze and ingredients. We can make our own meals. Any fancy food comes out of personal funds, got it?"
And then I'll purchase a barrel of prepared foodstuffs with my small cache of gems and have the male unicorn bring it along with us as I head back in.
How do they look, by the way?


"Jus' sliced da wrong meat.
Happen' all the time!"
Smile at him.
Make something for lunch and dinner before starting to think about what to do today.

Roll #1 2, 2 + 1 = 5

Braiq [Wrdncr/Mnr/Slvr/Smth] 424790



….Smithing? Ehehe

Campfire 424791

In that case you need to roll again.



Roll #1 10 = 10

Campfire 424793

Both of your slaves break their rocks.
"Sorry, Doctor."

You easily pick up the small chest and follow your zebra. Heads turn as diamond dogs and slaves obviously admire your strength and handsomeness and your slave's beauty. She points out the merchant selling cotton.
"That is the merchant you are looking for, Master."

They all nod. The stallion grabs the barrel and follows you back to your room.
Descriptions in a bit.

You make few cheese sandwiches for the afternoon and evening crowd.

The pony coughs a few times and spits the rest of his teeth onto the floor.


Dog, I'm sure they're gonna love it.
But just to be sure, make a little more.

Roll #1 7, 3 + 1 = 11

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424795

This really worked!
Kopaz is such a clever doggy.
Walk to the merchant.
"Kopaz want."


I mutter some curses.
"Just a moment… mending spells are very tricky…"
Mend again dammit! I am not failing this guy! Get him back to normal!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Lorik [Doc Dog] 424797

Also, to my assistants.
"Don't be sorry. Keep trying. No point in sorrow. We have time and resources to spare on this."

Roll #1 3, 10 - 2 = 11

Campfire 424798

You make a simple stew for the lunch crowd and add a few vegetable slices to the sandwiches you made for the evening crowd.

"Each bag of cotton is going to cost you six gems."
"Six gem!?"
"Control your slave, dog."
He has a few dozen bags of cotton for sale. You would need four to double the fluffiness of your bed.

The bandages on the stallion's head disappear in a flash of flame and smoke. When the smoke clears it reveals that the stallions head and face is as good as new. He works his a few times.
"Thank you, sir."

The unicorn mare breaks one of her tool when she tries to make a bowl. The stallion makes a bowl that looks like something a puppy might have made out of clay.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424799

"Slave right. Six much."
Strech my back a bit.
Totally not to seem taller than I already am.
"Back needs better bed."

Koka [Chef] 424800

And they better like it.
"Hey Cook, Ah gotta make sum special grub for da doc.
Anythin' mind?"

Lorik [Doc Dog] 424801

"No need. It's what I do."
I shoo him away
"Move along now. Be more careful next time."

Back to my assistants… It's not perfect, but it's a goddamn start if anything.
One last try from all of us, then we'll move onto something else.

Roll #1 10, 4 - 2 = 12 / Roll #2 4 = 4

Braiq [Wrdncr/Mnr/Slvr/Smth] 424802





thank you Magic Doctor

Come pony, lets go.

Campfire 424803

You are going to need to roll if you want to intimidate the merchant.
"Yes, and you should be glad I am only charging six gems. It's a real bargain."
Your zebra is fuming.

"More of my special bread?"

Your mare makes a lumpy bowl this time while the stallion and you both fail to make anything useful.

The two of you go.
"Thank you for having him heal me, Master. I am sorry for getting injured."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424804

Right, sorry
"Six is much."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Lorik [Doc Dog] 424805

"It's fine."

Eh, good enough.
"Do you two need food?"

Koka [Chef] 424806

Smirk at him.
"Sho' me how ya make it."


Right. Roll.

Roll #1 6 - 3 = 3

Campfire 424808

There was an error. Two gryphon females and one gryphon male are on sale.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424809

So no unicorns?

Braiq [Wrdncr/Mnr/Slvr/Smth] 424810

"Sorry- heheah- sorry for what?

I haven't trained you- not fully trained you- and you thank the magic doc


learn and build for him-hahahahaha

got that?

Campfire 424811

"Your Alpha agreed to the price. Pay it or leave."

They both nod.
"We did not want to interrupt the lesson with our hunger, Master."

He makes some of his strawberry bread. It's not his best work, but it still looks good.

Two unicorns. Still waiting for the game to stick them where I can find them.

He nods.
"Yes, Master. Will we return to the forge now?"

Koka [Chef] 424812

Ooooh, no more penalties?
"Ya got good at this!"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424814

"Alpha not me."
Smack the ground.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Braiq [Wrdncr/Mnr/Slvr/Smth] 424815


Ok then!

head to the forge, watch him apply what he's learned earlier

Lorik [Doc Dog] 424817

I roll my eyes
"You should do so next time. And call me doctor, not master."
Bring some grub for them and for myself as well, then dig in.

Campfire 424821

You said she didn't go on the raid, right? I'm assuming she spent her time teaching him.
"Thank you, Mistress."

The DC went up to 8 the first time you failed. It's now at 10.
"Do that again and I will have the guards drag your ass out into the snow and beat you until you can't move."

He looks warily at the forge.
"Forgive me, Master, but may I have another lesson first?"
Is the mare there too?

You get tree bowls of thin, watery tasting soup. Your slaves thank you before starting to eat.

Koka [Chef] 424822

Yep. Great.
Then I should bring this to Lorik.
Where do I find him?


What? What's this shit?
Does it at least taste okay?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424824

Grumble and give him the gems then…

Braiq [Wrdncr/Mnr/Slvr/Smth] 424827

She prolly followed us
Cackle loudly

"SUUURE- sure eheheahaha!"

Lets see who well my lesson can be with my crutchuse '1d10-1'

Roll #1 8 - 1 = 7

Campfire 424830

Still where he was last time: the hospital. The doctor speaks to you as you enter.
"Tell Lorik to clean that room when he is done using it as a workshop. I treat patients in there and it has to stay clean."

It tastes pretty good for restricted ration food.

You open the chest and your zebra counts out the necessary number of gems before giving them to him. She then glares daggers at whoever looks at her as he ties the bags to her back.
"Pleasure doing business with you, rockhead."
"Where to next, master?"
Memory's voice is dripping with venom.

A foot in a cast does not affect how well you can speak or hammer some metal. Decide which one you have done, then roll for the other if you want the biggest bonus for your slaves' rolls.

Koka [Chef] 424834

Nod absently and walk in.
"Hey dog.
Got'ya sumethin, as Ah promised."
Show him the bread.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424835

"Make bed good."

Lorik [Doc Dog] 424836

Are my assistants enjoying it?

Then, they'd probably eat about anything…

"Hm? A reward? Give it to my assistants."

Braiq [Wrdncr/Mnr/Slvr/Smth] 424839

I'll do the hammering part to show him, now for the vocal lesson! '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Koka [Chef] 424840

Cock my head and slowly move my paws back.
"But's for ya. For da finga'!"

Lorik [Doc Dog] 424847

"I got this delicious soup. Thank you."

Koka [Chef] 424853

"Whateva' dog. Keep it, eat it if ya want, Ah dun care 'nymore."
And visibly angered, I'll leave the bread somewhere around here and leave.

Campfire 424855

"Yes, Master."
She sulks out of the trade depot. A few seconds later your Memory is gone and you are left in a big place full of lots of desirable thing and lots of loud diamond dogs. In your paws is a chest with a small layer of cut gemstones sitting on the bottom of it.

They are. Then again, they were probably conditioned to enjoy any food.

You hammer some copper out into some leg armor then soak it in a barrel of water while teaching your slave. He nods as your speak.
His rolls are now at -1 for making metal things.

You leave it on a table before leaving the hospital with your slave.

Lorik [Doc Dog] 424857

I roll my eyes
"The effort is appreciated. But my assistants are hungrier."

Hand over the bread to my assistants.
"Here. Eat. Enjoy."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424858

Do I see something that I like really much?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Braiq [Wrdncr/Mnr/Slvr/Smth] 424863

"Hehehehahahaha! Your' turn!"
Now watch as he makes things, give constructive criticism between laughing '1d10-1' slave's roll

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5

Campfire 424870

Enjoy they do. On their faces are looks of purest bliss as they eat the bread.

Not really. You've got everything you need in the room Memory shares with you.

He tries to make a breastplate, but hammers a hole through it at the last second.
"Sorry, Master."


Let them enjoy, I'll clean up the place.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424875

Try to find my way back there then.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Braiq [WrdncrMnr/Smth/Slvr] 424883




weaken it, again!


Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9

Campfire 424886

You pick up the largest pieces of stone and pile them in the corner for a unicorn to take care of. That should be clean enough, right?

You find your way out of the tunnel the trading post is in and make your way outside. Why is everything so white and cold?

He dries again and makes a decent looking breastplate. No measurements were looked at first so you doubt that it would comfortably fit anydog. Even if it did there are some spots that are much too thin for it to be safe.
"Did I do good, Master?"


Eh… It's important to keep your workplace clean. Not being able to find your tools while crafting is one thing, not being able to find them while performing a surgery is another. Better make a habit out of it.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424889

Scratch my head.
Am I still in the fort?
Kick around some of the white stuff.

Braiq [WrdncrMnr/Smth/Slvr] 424890

"Yess- YES


Time for food! drink! then you learn again!

take them to the mess hall, get food for these two. Plenty o' food

Campfire 424893

You have your unicorns help you clean up all the pebbles and rock dust before you wash off the bed and table with soapy water. There, that's clean enough.

You are outside the fort. You can see the sky over your head, and it is full of clouds that look like cotton. You kick a spray of the cold white stuff in front of you.

You get them each a a bowl of soup and some alcohol. The dog at the kitchen counter promises you more soup if you do some metal working for him.

Braiq [WrdncrMnr/Smth/Slvr] 424897

Head back to the cook

"Oooohhahahahah, what metals you want- hehe"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424901

Is it fun?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424903

Right, well, since I'm back in the room, let's set that barrel up in the corner and look over these two new slaves. Time to pick names. The female is Copper. The male will be… Quartz.
And I'll add Quartz's name to the approved list once we get back to the shop and we introduce them.

Campfire 424906

"I've got a few pieces of furniture I want studded with silver. Can you do that for me?"

It sure is.

They all say their hellos and the newcomers smile as Gem and Spinnel sing your praises. Both of them are impressed by Gem's eyes and cutiemark.
"Are you the Alpha, Master?"
"Your slave looks very high class."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424910

Keep doing it then!

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424913

I'll shake my head.
"No, I'm just a gemcutter who has had exceptionally good luck with his slaves. I have been teaching Gem the craft, so that she can work if I'm not able, and having you two around will ease the burden on both her and Spinel when it comes to watching over Luster."
My tail will still wag slightly with pride, though.
"And they look high-class because I treat them well."

Braiq [WrdncrMnr/Smth/Slvr] 424921




Campfire 424923

You keep kicking the snow for a few minutes until the sound of diamond dogs laughing distracts you.

"We are glad to have such a kind master."
"What are your orders for us now, Master? Only to watch over the colt?"

"Make me a promises and you can get some more soup."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424924

Turn around.
What are they laughing at?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 424931

"For now. Eventually I'm going to start teaching you what little I know of crafting other materials like stone or wood, and then turn you lend you to the stone and woodcarvers once I've taught all I can. You will still be mine, and as such no other dog will be allowed to touch or use you in a way I have not approved of."
I'll think for a moment. That amulet I picked up from the Goat village won't work as a dogtag, really. So looks like I need to hit up the metalsmiths for another pair of lockets.
"To mark you as mine, I'll be making a pair of lockets for you, much as I've made them for Spinel, Gem, and Luster. They will mark you as mine, and carry inside them written proof of ownership. Gem, you and Copper will accompany me to the smiths'."

Lorik [Doc Dog] 424937

Turn to my slaves.
"Now what?"

Braiq [WrdncrMnr/Smth/Slvr] 424938



Where is the furniture- I want to see its size- I might need lots of silver- or more furniture replacement that sizeeeehahahahahaha!!

Campfire 424958

You have no idea.
Figuring this out will require you to roll a d10 with a -1 penalty.

"Yes, Master."
They follow you to the layer where the smiths work, but they aren't there. The only sign of them you can find of them is a tie draped over each of their anvils.

"Whatever you want, Master."
"You could look for patients or visit the merchants."

"In my room."
He gives you directions on how to get there.


"Good idea, nurse Fall."
Patrol the fort. See if I can find myself some patients.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424967

I didn't want to just yet.
"What laugh?"

Braiq [WrdncrMnr/Smth/Slvr] 424968

Wait for my slaves to finish, then head over there and see what I'm dealing with.

Campfire 424970

Every single dog and slave you find is healthy. When you ask them about healing they all speak highly of the doctor that runs the hospital. Most of them haven't heard of you.

A few laugh harder, but most leave and go back to doing whatever they were doing.

A bed, a cabinet, and a chest.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424973

Walk over to them.
"I asked, what laugh?"

Lorik [Doc Dog] 424980

That rat bastard!

Braiq [WrdncrMnr/Smth/Slvr] 424981

And he wants these all done!?

"Well… eheheeh

well now-ahahahahaha!



Intricate work here.. small- delicate- no fire

I doubt he'll want me to make off with his stuff, so head back and agree to the job.

Campfire 424987

They all leave.

You are there. The doctor greets you from the reception desk without getting up.
"Hello, Lorik."

He tanks you and gives you three bowls of soup.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 424989

Stop one of them.
"Kopaz asked.
What. Laugh."

Lorik [Doc Dog] 424991

"That's Doctor Lorik for you. I've been hearing about a lot of propaganda of yours being spread. I don't like that."

Braiq [WrdncrMnr/Smth/Slvr] 424995

spread it amongst myself and my assistants, then head to the forge

Campfire 425005

"I-I said were weren't laughing at anything."
Roll to see if you cal tell he is lying.

One of his ears perks up.
"Propaganda? What do you mean?"

The three of you eat well then return to the forge.

Braiq [WrdncrMnr/Smth/Slvr] 425016

set the forge and tell the pegasus to gather some silver, then have the earth pony help me set out the parts.

"Nowww.. ehehehehe

studs are delicate




If the silver is here then slowly melt it and begin to make little corner studs and small wiring '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425019

I can smell fear.
"Kopaz heard laugh."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 425025

Well. Well, well well.
"They're busy. We'll come back later."
Let's go dig through the stockpiles of crafted items. Any good lockets? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Campfire 425028

You do so. Your slaves are impressed by the workdogship of the studding and silver wiring.
"Will you require me to do this, Master?"

"We-we-we-we were laughing at you kicking the snow. Sorry. You looked sort of like the puppies do when they play in the snow."

There are a few of them made from copper and bronze.

Lorik [Doc Dog] 425029

"Do you have any idea what miracles I have performed while you continue to dabble in your ancient ways? And yet, all the dogs speak highly of you. I know what you're trying to do here."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425032

I only heard what I needed to.
Grab him.
"Making fun of Kopaz?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 425037

That'll do. One copper locket for Copper, and one bronze locket for Quartz. Back to the shop.
Once there, I'll start thinking of a stone for each one.
Green stone for copper, blue stone for Quartz.
Carve 'em up. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14

Braiq [WrdncrMnr/Smth/Slvr] 425044


Yes of course! But not now! Now you learn as you watch! Pegasus, take notes for the stallion's study!"

Now, melt some more metal and start on small stud-lining to protect the corners of the furniture '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 425045

He laughs at you.
"Do you have any idea how many lives me and my slaves have saved with our ancient ways? For every spell you have successfully cast I bet my slaves and I have performed four successful procedures."

He might be lying. He still smells of fear.

You carve the gems into the shape of their cutie marks.

The mare takes notes as you try to get the corner guards right, but try as you might you cannot get the angles correct.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 425047

Well, those will do. Time to set them. '1d10+4'since I believe the gemcutting skill also applied to gem setting, if I recall right.

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425048

Shake him a bit.
"Kopaz heard you laugh!"

Lorik [Doc Dog] 425049

I clench my fist
"You dare insult my healing magics?"

Braiq [WrdncrMnr/Smth/Slvr] 425052


work slower, and use a bit more silver to embellish what I have already '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 425058

I think you are confusing gem cutting and Gemcutter. Your cutiemark, as I have it written, only applies to gem cutting. You get a +1 from your 3 ranks in Gemcutter and a +1 from your amulet.
You set them inside the amulets with a small bit of gem glue.

He's crying now.

He smiles and leans back in his chair.
"No, clean you ears out. What I am insulting, you lazy dog, is your work ethic."

You get the the corner guards made and embellish them with silver. Your slaves applaud.
Can we wrap this up soon? I need a break.

Koka [Chef] 425061

So, what's the word around the fort? In general, I mean.
A cook must have heard more than a few tales…
Oh, and do we have a bar?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Lorik [Doc Dog] 425062

"This is not about ethics. This is about superiority. Magic is superior to your methods. You cannot replace eyes or teeth. Your patients take longer to heal and to get them back to work. Your ways are old and foolish."
I storm out of the clinic angrily.
I'll show him…

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425063

Okay, push him away.
"Dogs laugh at Kopaz again, Kopaz will crush them like rocks!"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 425064

Alrighty then. I should probably write that down.
Will they stay stuck there? Hope so.
Now, to scrawl out the notes. "This pony belongs to Pom Rainian, etc etc, touch them without my permission and you will die a grisly death."
There. Now I just need to see a dog about getting me some larger quarters.

Campfire 425065

The fortress is abuzz with talk about the new fortress being dug out under the aquifer. It gives the diamond dogs something to look forwards to and gives every dog in the fortress a job. There is also a lot of speculation about why the number of bushwoolie thefts has gone down.

"At least I show up to work most days!"
Your slaves meet you as you storm out of the hospital.
"Doctor? What is wrong?"
"Is it something we did?"

"I'm sorry!"
He runs off whimpering with his tail between his legs. A few minutes later Memory finds you.
"I have finished fluffing your bed, Master."

You could talk to Boyar or Prophesy about that."

Koka [Chef] 425067

Uuuh, a new piece of the fortress!
I should discuss something with the alpha.
Or the next dog in charge avaiable right now.
Go find them.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 425068

Alpha's useless. We'll see Prophesy. I'll take Gem with me this time, and leave the others to get used to the shop.
"What do you think about the two new slaves, Gem?"

Campfire 425070

Both of you find Prophesy.
"Hello. What can I do for you two?"


Koka [Chef] 425072

"Ah'eard bout da new fort.
Whaddaya think o' a bar down dere?"
Grin big and wide.
"Ah could run it, make it work, keep all'em dogs happy all day long!"

Braiq [WrdncrMnr/Smth/Slvr] 425088

These'll do! Now take 'em and fit 'em to the furniture! do I need to roll for this? rolling just in case '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Shortcake [Rogue] 425686

What a long day this is. The merchants are still here and the sun is yet to set since all of you have woken up.

"A bar? You mean like those pony places dedicated only to serving alcohol?"
He scratches his chin.
"It sounds like a good idea so long as you don't charge anything for basic booze. Talk to the mining overseer about it and tell him I said it was okay."

"I think they will make good additions to your property, Master."
She laughs.
"Now that you have mastered gem cutting and gem setting do you intend to branch into the slaving business?"

Finding that you have forgotten your mallet at your workshop you decide to punch and kick the metal bits into place. Several bruises later you decide to stop. At least the metal bits weren't damaged.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425692

"Dogs laugh at Kopaz!"

Koka [Chef] 425694

"Y're great baws."
Happily scoot away and go find the mining overseer.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425696

"So what does Overseer thinks of Barks and his slave work?"

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 425706


STALLION …stallion doesn't help. Make a name foryourself- also- get hammers from forge


Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 425708

So where am I now?

Shortcake [Rogue] 425711

She gasps.
"Really? I told you you had to watch out for the other diamond dogs, Master. They are jealous of you and your success. Why don't you follow me back to our room with the chest and test your bed before going to work?"

You find him talking to BarkSpawn, one of the fortresses two Dig Dogs, on top of the large clear glass bridge that all who enter into the new fortress must cross.
"A bar, hmm? I'll build it near the new dining hall. How's an occupancy of thirty dogs sound?"

He gets your mallets from the forge and tries to help you hammer the things into place.

Wherever you want to be.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Koka [Chef] 425716

"Thirty? Ah can work with dat…
But dun' com'n complain ta me if dey wan' more!"

Shortcake [Rogue] 425717

He does pretty well and starts hammering the corner guards into place, leaving the studs and wiring to you.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425718

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425722

Kopaz scared dog… Kopaz should have punch dog."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 425723

I'll be overseeing my slaves making the things that they want to try making then.
How are they fairing?

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 425725

Finish the job hammering these in '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Shortcake [Rogue] 425726

"We can always expand it later. Tell me if how you want it to look, or draw me a picture if you can. I don't know much about bars."

"It's very good. If there aren't more mechanical things you need to make I'd appreciate it if you did some digging."

"Maybe, Master. If you want to hurt a diamond dog you need to make sure they won't tell anydog else, and only hit them in places where it won't show. I would hate it if you got in trouble."
She takes you back to your room where you can see your fluffy bed. the zebra drags the chest downstairs.


You string the wiring between the studs before hammering them in. The worksdogship is good, and soon all the furniture is decorated with glimmering studs and wires. The dog that hired you to do this should be pleased.

Roll #1 1, 10, 5 = 16

Koka [Chef] 425732

"Sur' thin' dog."
And with a happy bark, off I go. Back to my room!

Shortcake [Rogue] 425736

Brown hit himself in the face with his hammer on accident, and is bleeding quite badly. Zebra has made a decent looking set of leg armor. Earth is having trouble hammering the metal into the shape he wants.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425737

I nod at this.
"What does Overseer needs to be dug?"

Shortcake [Rogue] 425739

You are now back in your room. You see your bed, your cabinet, and your chest.

"We are still working on the bedrooms and about to the the dining level and the metal level. Take your pick."

Koka [Chef] 425741

Paper. Do I have paper in here? And a pencil.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 425742

Oh dear.
"Zebra, can you help Earth? I need to go and help Brown…"
And with that, I depart for the infirmary.
Can I do anything to at least try and stop the bleeding?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 425745




Goodjob hammer pony- hammer works well- you learned plenty!

But plenty is not enough! Come, you choose a name and I tell of our work!

Head to the dog cook

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425750

"Bark could work on the bedroom area and finish it. What needs done?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425752

Stop her by her grabbing her tail.
"Where take chest?"

Campfire 425754

No paper. You might be able to buy some from the merchants or find some cloth, dyes, and brushes in storage.

Zebra nods and starts trying to help Earth.
I forgot they still have a -1.
You grab a towel off a peg on the wall and press it against his face as you rush him off to the hospital. The doctor meets you as you arrive and helps you carry him to a bed.
"I know how to fix this. Come back in an hour and get ready to feed him mush for a while unless you think you can find Lorik."

"May I be called Hammer, Master?"
You find the cook still working in the kitchen.
"Is it done?"

"There are still seven hallways and nearly sixty rooms to finish."

She hisses as you pull her tail.
"Downstairs, Master. Where it will be safe."

Roll #1 5, 9 - 1 = 13

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425758

Pull her back even more and take the chest.
"Gems safe where Kopaz see. Where Kopaz sleep."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 425760

"Feed him mush? Find Lorik? What are you talking about?"

Campfire 425761

Moloch, when you return you will find they have made an average quality metal plate.

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 425765

hammer works

hammer works

ofcours- eheheahhaahaha!!

Ehehahaah! Yesworkis finished- finishedI'msureyou'll be pleasehehehahahaha!

You would be pleased I'm sure- haha.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425767

My eyes just widen.
"Bark will take care of all of them? That is quite many rooms."

Campfire 425770

"Master, if another dog enters your room and sees the chest, he might take it. If it is downstairs you will hear the thief before he can get away with our gems. I have only your best interest in mind."
The torch lighting her room is reflected in her headdress.

"He's missing a few of his teeth, others are in a delicate position, and I'm pretty sure his jaw has a few small fractures. Lorik knows healing magic, but can be a hard dog to find."

"Alright. If it's good I'll recommend you to my friends."

"No, not all of them. Do what you can. Besides, all but three of the hallways are nearly finished."

Koka [Chef] 425774

Wait, can't I just use a small stone slab? And some brushes! Yeah, go to the storage!

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425777

"Dogs will fear Kopaz. If dog steals gems of Kopaz , Kopaz will smell dog out and beat dog."
Smack her ass to urge her on.
"Get Kopaz food before dig."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 425778

"I'll try to find Lorik then."
I smile and give Brown a quick and gentle hug before departing.
"Please, do take good care of him."
And with that, I set off to find Lorik.
He's not online is he

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 425781


give him a sweeping bow

"Hammer, get pegasus and follow me outside!"


BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425782

I nod at this, I then look at Spring Green.
"Pony can go back to workshop and rest if she want. If not, she can go and follow Bark."

Go to the bedroom area and see the condition of the place.

Campfire 425787

Stone works. You find some thick dyes and a few brushes in the storage area, under a pile of furniture and seed bags.

She glares at you as you whack her ass, then smiles and nods.
"A good decision, wise Master. With the chest far away from your door you will smell them out in the darkness of our rooms and beat them to a pulp. I will bring the chest downstairs and bring you food as you have ordered."
She starts to drag the chest down the stairs again.

That dog is nowhere.
Crusader Kings 2.

He gets the mare and follows you out into the cold air.

"Thank you, Master."
She takes her colt and leaves. The bedroom area has advanced quite a bit, but there is still a team digging as multiple teams of slaves and dogs haul off rocks and gems.

Koka [Chef] 425789

File: 1370383247394.png (31.44 KB, 1454x1046, A dog can dream.png)

And then I'll pour all my artistic talent to draw this on the back of a stone tablet.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425792

Blink, then yank her back by her tail again.
"Chest. Stays."

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425794

Haha time to work, go and make bedrooms and what not.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 425796

Lay on the ground outside, then point at the two ponies

"Lax- stretch- rest- breathe

good day..

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 425797

Wait. Boyar can heal!
Can he fix poor Brown?

Campfire 425813

It is drawn. When you show it to the overseer he frowns.
"Can't do diagonal excavations; diagonal rooms and tunnels invite evil into a fortress. I can do squares, or a blocky diamond if you want. Do you want a still or two made behind the storage room to make alcohol? Do you want seats at the bar itself or just long tables with seats around them?"

She yelps and rubs her tail with a hoof.
"Fine, Master, but if it is stolen it will be your fault. She goes downstairs and returns with a meal and a drink for you.
"Hurry and eat. The overseer will be mad if you are late."

With your massive paws you start scooping stone out of the wall. Before long you have made seven bedrooms.

You lay in the snow and your two slaves do the same. They stretch and relax as you instruct them.

He can't replace the teeth, but he can heal everything else.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425816

"It won't."
Eat quickly.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Koka [Chef] 425817

"Ah, yeah, make da stills!"
Think for a while…
"Do a squar, that's gonna work. And tall seats for the bar!"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 425820

It's good enough.
I go off and find Boyar then.

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 425821


Get up and head back inside, motion for them to follow and warm up.

"Time to work again


BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425822

Wohoo make more!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Boyar (Preacher) 425824

"What is it, brother?"

Campfire 425825

She sits down and closes her eyes as her headdress sparkles. You eyes try to guide the food from your plate into your mouth. You spill a few pieces on your lap and on your floor, but eventually you get them all into your mouth.

"I'll do my best to remember those changes, unless you want to give me your blueprint? Go and place your order with the carpenters for chairs, tables, and such."

He might still be in his office. Luckily his meeting with the caravan leader is over.

they stand and shake the snow off themselves.
"We are ready, Master."

You hit a patch of very hard rock and are only able to did two rooms this time.

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425830

I wipe the sweat from my brows. Perhaps a bit ,more room before I take a break.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 425832

To his office then.
"Brother? Are you busy at the moment? I require your assistance."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425833

Stand up.
"To dig."

Boyar (Preacher) 425834

"Go ahead, Moloch."

Koka [Chef] 425836

Right, redo the drawing and add the changes. Also write "(sowwy)" after "m3".
And who's the carpenter?

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 425837

"Good- goodhahahehahahahehe!

Pegasus, make notes. Hammer, learn and watch.

This time teach about reinforcing and expanding on weak metals. Use the armor he made earlier as an example to turn into proper dog armor. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 425839

"One of my assis- slaves, Brown, hit himself in the face with a hammer. Can you come and heal him?"

Boyar (Preacher) 425841


Try to heal him.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Campfire 425855

File: 1370385617442.png (1.31 KB, 266x48, make up your own joke about wo…)

You clear the sweat from your forehead and knock out four more rooms before stopping. The other dogs are impressed by how fast you work.
You still have a skillpoint to spend.

You still have a skillpoint to spend.

"Follow me."
She leads you out of the fortress dug into the sand and clay then down into the fortress dug into the living stone. A few levels down you find the overseer talking to a runt bitch.
"Kopaz, there you are. How good are you at digging the designs on a picture?"

He takes it from you and smiles at the apology.
"Alright. Hopefully this will get done sometime in the next year."
There are a bunch of carpenters, fortunately you know their names.

You take the breastplate and point out how you would strengthen it. The stallion nods as the mare writes.

You run healing magic through his face before taking off the bandages. he looks as good ass new until he smiles, which reveals a checkerboard pattern of teeth.
"Thank you, Alpha."

Boyar (Preacher) 425856

"Go in peace and servitude, my son."

Go back to whatever it was I doing.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 425859

Saving it.

"Thank you brother."
And with that, I head back to my workshop.
How are they fairing? I know the end product, but what are they doing now?

Has someone already checked the traders for metals?

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425861

"Dig what."

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425864


With that I report back to the Overseer.
"Bark has done several rooms and Bark needs rest, permission to leave." I smile.

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 425866

excellent, now expand on this by adding heated metal to other weak parts of the armor and letting it aircool, because I forgot which metals explode when put in water after being at melting point '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Campfire 425873

You go back to taking inventory on everything in the fortress. The slave is beaming thanks to the honor you just gave him.

"A new level. Can you do that?"

You see him talking to Kopaz, the other Dig Dog.

You hammer that metal in there then set it aside to let it cool. Hammer speaks.
"I think I am ready, Master."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425876

"Dig down?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 425878

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425879

Go back to my room and rest there. Grab some food too.
Look at Spring, how is she?

Braiq [Wrdncr/Slvr/Mnr/Smth] 425880



ehehahaha! Oh really now?

Ehehahaha- well then. You should prove your knowledge to me.

I want to see- something to see.


Campfire 425881

Yes, Pom already bought the useful and valuable metals.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 425892

I return to my forge with Brown in tow.
"Ah, you two have really done some good work here!"
I smile proudly at the armor that they've made.

Campfire 425897

Prophesy knocks on your door before entering.
"Alpha. The miners need to know if you want them to dig down for lava. That will let our smiths, metalworkers, et cetera work without needing to burn charcoal unless they are making pig iron and steel. The problem with this is that there are certain things that live in the magma that might attack the forge workers."

You grab some food before returning to your room to rest. Spring is playing peek-a-boo with her colt.
"Hello, Master."

He tries.

"Thank you, Master."

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 425898

"No, I don't think I'd be cut out for slave training. I'd be too worried I'd damage you unicorns somehow."
Anyway, what I wanted to speak with Prophecy about…
"I need to get a bigger room. Large enough for a half-dozen slaves, my furniture, and maybe even a workshop."

Campfire 425901

He makes another piece of armor that has almost as many imperfections as the one you just fixed used to have.
"Is this better, Master"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425903

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425905

Give her some of the food that I got and ate mine.
"You did good pony." I smile at her.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 425906

"Please, you don't need to thank me. You did great work!"
I pull them both into a hug.

Boyar (Preacher) 425907

"How strong are our defenses? Do you think we could handle whatever we might find down there?"

Campfire 425928

File: 1370387525837.png (19.73 KB, 813x867, food area.png)

"No, here, look at this."
He shows you a picture.
"Can you dig the yellow area on layer below the bedrooms?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425931

Scratch my head.
"…Dig how? Show Kopaz and Kopaz dig anywhere."

Campfire 425934

"You are very good with us, Master. I think you would do well selling slaves that know their way around a gemdog's shop, Master."

She shares it with her colt.
"Thank you, Master. It is an honor to help you."

The awkwardly hug you back.
"What are we supposed to say if we cannot thank you, Master?"

He shakes his head.
"I don't know. The things that live in magma do not wear armor, but their bodies are wreathed in flame. If they touch something that is not made of magma safe material it will catch flame or melt."

He leads you and Memory down to the bedroom level and points out a marked area of the floor near the staircases leading upwards.
"Did downwards taircases here, then dig the yellow area on the picture. Zebra, walk him through this. If he screws this up I know it will be your fault."
Her face stays neutral.

Boyar (Preacher) 425935

"Magma-safe? What, like asbestos?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 425936

"Why would I want to sell slaves I spent the time teaching the craft? The only ones I would even think of selling would be the untrained children, and that's usually to the dogs whose slaves sired them."
I'll shrug.
"But I may be getting too greedy. Five of you is quite a number for one dog."
And the thing with Prophecy?

Moloch 425937

"Accept the compliment with pride!"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425938

Well, dig the staircases out first then.

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425939

I smile at this.
"Is it now? Bark could not work properly without pony help."

I then think for a moment.
"Do Green think that an additional slave would make workload better distributed?"

Campfire 425945

"Glass and certain kinds of stone. What's asbestos?"

And then you were in front of Prophecy at a time when he isn't talking to Boyar.

"Oh, um."
"We accept your compliment with pride, Master?"

They are dug.

She nods.
"Yes, Master. For your work I would suggest a unicorn or a gryphon to help your work with their magic or claws. Last I heard there was a free gryphon female unclaimed in the slave pens. If you want a unicorn you might need to buy one from Pom Rainian, the gemcrafter."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425951

Turn to my zebra for further instructions.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 425953

"I seem to be in need of a larger living space. Room enough for a half-dozen ponies, my bed, a table with chairs, the rest of my effects… and maybe a small workshop. Would that be possible?"

Boyar (Preacher) 425954

"It's a kind of fiber, but that doesn't matter right now."

"I think we should wait on this plan. It sounds good, and could be beneficial, but I want to hear from the craftsdogs on how much this could help. Then we can make a decision."

Lorik [Doctor] 425956

Goddamn asshole doctor and his fancy hospital. I'll show him one day…
Turn to my assistants
"You do, how do you like each other??"

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425958

"Pom?" Think for a moment.

"Is that the crystal gem dog crafter dog? Or dog crafter gem? Or… bahh. that shy dog who makes gem shiny?"

Campfire 425960

She leads you down the staircase and looks at the picture.
"Dig all around us. Stop when I say stop, Master."

He shakes his head.
"Putting a workshop in the living quarters would cause to much noise, and your current room is on top of the hospital so you cannot dig down. If you can find a diamond dog willing to switch rooms with you that lives over nothing, then you can expand your doom as much as you want."
He gives you a list of dogs that have rooms good for what you need. On the list are Crunch, Switch, Poet, and a few others.

"They've already talked with me about it. It takes two trees to make anything out of copper or silver, our two primary metals. The means a woodcutter, woodburner, smelter, and weaponsmith all need to spend time for one item of armor, not to mention the diamond dogs that haul the wood around. With lava power we cut out most of the hauling and free every dog but the smelter and weaponsmith to do other work."

"Very much, Doctor."

She nods.
"That's him."

Lorik [Doctor] 425961

"How much? Friendly? Lovingly?"

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425962

Start digging then.

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 425963

"You mean I can't just dig a new one from scratch, and somedog else can move into the old one after I move everything out?"

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425966

"Bark will take care of that tomorrow. For now Bark will relax after working on the draw bridge and on making space for dogs."

I then pick up my towel and some soap then look at her.
"Spring might want to come with Bark and take a bath in the springs here."

Campfire 425980

They blush.
"While you were raiding we might of-"
"What we mean is-"
"Yes, Master."
They both hang their heads.

You start digging into the wall but stop when you find….a diamond dog head embedded in the wall?
"Why did you stop, what's wr-"
Before she can say anything else the head opens its sickly yellow eyes and hisses at you, then launches itself out of the hole with a pair of large, batlike wings and bites you on the face, causing you to collapse.

"There's no room left in this fortress part of the fortress, and the bedroom level of the new one is not safe for habitation yet. If you do not mind the noise you can dig on on the workshop level of this fortress, but you sleep might be affected."

"Should I bring my colt or find a slave to watch him?"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Boyar (Preacher) 425983

"…and then use the wood on carpentry.

"Hm. Okay. It seems like a good idea. But I want a guard post constructed near wherever you're extracting the lava."

Campfire 425985

"It will be done, Alpha."

Lorik [Doctor] 425987

I clap my paws
"Good. Excellent. One unicorn plus another unicorn should mean three unicorns."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 425989

"And I suppose digging sideways is out of the question as well."
I'll consider a moment.
"Then I suppose we'll just have to make due until the lower fortress is secured. Or…"
I'll consider a moment.
"What if I dig up?"

BarkSpawn(DD inq) 425990

I look at the young colt and pat him in the head.
"If pony thinks her foal needs a bath then bring him along, If Green thinks he is too young and might catch a cold, then it is better to leave her to a caretaker. After all we dont want him to catch cold if Green ask Bark."

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425991

Try to stand up!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Campfire 425996

They look up and smile.
"We are glad you are glad, Master."

"Completely. We are so out of room that there are diamond dogs who live in a room that is nothing but their bed, their chest, and their cabinet. They open the door, get into bed, then shut the door at the end of the day. You cannot dig up because you will hit the surface."

He presses his head into your palm as you pat him.
"I will bring him with us, Master."

You knock it off your face and stand up. The flying head flaps back into the air again. Memory is standing back.

Kopaz [Dig Dog] 425999

No time for talking, punch it out of the air.

Roll #1 8 = 8