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Campfire 368341[Last 50 Posts]

Previously on Diamond Dog Fortress our brave colonists had a less than profitable encounter with two caravans of zebra and merchant traders. The fortress continues to attract new colonist and, as dogs will be dogs, births have added to the fortress's population as well. A project, led by Prophesy, is seeing that all the new arrivals will be given basic bedrooms and the work done by the original colonists have made sure that the fortress will not go hungry any time soon. There are whispers, however, that the fortress may not be secure. The milita still has no leader and is quite small as well. The two trap makers have been taking their time preparing static defenses for the fortress, but with the discovery of stone and metal that should soon change. The diamond dog trader from last year should be back soon, if she holds true to her word.

Boyar (Preacher) 368342

Talk to Prophecy.
"With this stone, would it be possible to construct some larger fortifications? Walls perhaps?

"And I suppose our metal supplies should be used to construct tools and weapons."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368343

I'll be busy with cutting gems. Have to have a good stock of things ready for when they get back. That bonecrafter should likely be a good source of materials for gem mounting.
Anyway, cutting gems. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368344

A strong servant of God Noblesuperior to guide the flock is necessary.

Crunch [Knight] 368345

So, where is my next opponent?

Campfire 368346

He nods his head.
"It would take quite a bit of doing to make this top part, the living area, defensible, but it is possible. Pits would need to be dug, walls built, gates made, fortifications carved, and other things to, I think. The wall would also need to protect both our living area and the mine while still leaving enough room for our animals to graze. I believe that it would take at least year, and that is if everything went perfectly. Between then and now, however, I think that we will need some other way of defending ourselves."

You cut gems like a mad dog. In an impossibly short amount of time you have cut all the gems you have and made them ready to mount. The cutting on each of them was done exceptionally well too.

That depends on if you and Switch want to fight each other now or after some more NPC fights.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368347

May as well get to it. I've cleared out 3 NPCs.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368348

I move over to Boyar.
"Brother! I notice that we have gained some additional smiths. I must say that I'm now a bit lost as to where I can be useful. Are there any areas that require additional paws?"

Crunch [Knight] 368349

And I've done…one. Yay me.

May as well get to it, I can't stay up too long.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368350

I'll look over the cut gems.
"Fiddlesticks. I forgot to pace myself."
Shaking my head, I'll wander up to the boneshop to see what our newest crafter has been making.

Campfire 368351

The two of you are facing each other in a pit dug out for the fight. In order to keep the playing field level each of you have been given a bone helm, leather armor, and your choice of wooden sparring weapons. Several dogs that have already been defeated or are contemplating joining the militia stand around the edges of the pit.

Boyar (Preacher) 368352

"I'd like to consult with a few of the others about specific plans, but it would be good to begin preparing more elaborate defenses soon.

"In the meantime, perhaps we can work on making the tunnels themselves more defensible. Any ideas on how? Maybe… create guard rooms and more traps…"

"We need weapons, certainly. You are our lead smith – tell the others that if they are not working metal into tools, they need to work the metal into spears and swords.

"…perhaps you could think of a more elaborate trap to help defend us in a crisis, brother. Maybe… a trap door that would drop any invaders into a pit? We would need gears and such for that to work, I'm sure."

Crunch [Knight] 368353

I make ready my spear and shield.

Campfire 368354

Rules for Poison in PVP:

Poison deals 1 hit of damage in addition to the damage already done by the attack. The save against being hurt by the poison is DC5.

Does this work for both parties?

Campfire 368355

Oh, and roll of 1 or 2 to save against poison means you will have to roll against taking poison damage the next turn.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368356

Take a deep breath of the fresh wilderness air and nock an arrow, letting the wind ruffle my coat.

"Good day for fighting. Noblesuperior wills it."

Works for me.

Crunch [Knight] 368357

All right.

"If the Alpha wills it so. Our pack has use of us."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368358

"Weapons… I will admit, that defensive measures would be useful. And as for the trap door… hmm. Perhaps I will have to discuss that with the trapmakers."
Could I apprentice under one of them to learn their trade, or will I have to collaborate with them in the future to develop any kind of advanced trap?

Campfire 368359

Prophesy shakes his head sadly.
"Stone mechanisms are required for all traps, and as far as I know Aidi and Bark Spawn are the only ones here that know how to make them. Perhaps someone should check their workshop and see if they have made any?"

Yes and yes.

Campfire 368360

Both of you please roll to determine if the fight starts at Near or Far.



Roll #1 4 = 4

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368362

So wait, if I apprentice under them and learn their trade, I'll still have to consult them whenever I attempt to make something that requires trap making?



Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 368364

Combat starts at Close range.



Quick as a whip, take aim, and fire.

Trick shot! Poison.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


I rush him and jab with my spear.


Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 10 = 10

Campfire 368367

Apprenticing won't instantly teach you the skill. You will need to work alongside one or both of them unless you want some pretty serious negative modifiers for doing something that you don't know how to do. Once you've worked with them enough you will learn the skill and be able to do it on your own.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368368


Come on, every session we go over this.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368369

Ah, right. That's what I was thinking. I'm assuming neither of the trap makers are here at the moment?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368370

All it takes is putting a little "F" in the name field…

Campfire 368371

Nope, but they made quite a few mechanisms last time. Since neither of them are here I guess I can let you round up a pack of mutts to help you made some simple traps.


I make that mistake often enough

The bolt bounces straight off my armor as I quickly close the distance, sending the tip straight under Switch's arm and knocking her off her feet. She is now Helpless.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368373

Eh, maybe I'll focus on weapons for now. I still want to try attempting that mechanical hand for the one that lost part of his paw.

"Well, I suppose I should go and begin the manufacturing of weapons. Farewell, brother."
I leave and move to the smithy. What are they up to there?

Boyar (Preacher) 368374

Approach Prophecy again.

"Anything that requires the attention of the alpha? Disputes to settle?"

If not, I suppose I could begin digging out a shrine to the Most Supreme One.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368375

You don't go helpless from a single attack. Critical means I take 2 instead of 1.

So I'm at 3/5.

Fire off another bolt. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


This is why I never PvP.

Attempt to block it.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368377

The tables have turned! Firing a point blank shot, I hit a vulnerable spot in Crunch's armor. You also made a mistake on your character sheet, you should get +2 hits from Martial Defender.

Crunch: 5/7
Switch: 3/5

See, your 3 is opposed to my 10. That 10 is opposed to the roll from this post: '1d10' attack

Roll #1 10 = 10

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368378

Since we rolled the same here, nothing happens.

I fire a precision shot, but you slash it out of the air, having no other time to produce another attack.

I follow that up with another poison trick shot. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Campfire 368379

From the looks of things one smith is making small silver bells and the other is moving stones around.

"The final fight to determine the leader of the militia is happening now. You could also tour the deep, at least for a young fortress, mines where we have been getting our ore from. There are several families with pups you could meet with if you are so inclined. I do not believe you have toured the workshop level yet. Oh! Do you remember the merchant bitch from last year? She should be arriving soon, maybe even today. You might want to check and see if we have anything left to sell after dealing with those ponies and zebras."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368380

I will, of course, have been pestering the Bonecrafter about items to set with gems.


Well then I'll try the same trick. I have to keep close to you after all.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368382

"Well… the Alpha put me in charge of both of you. Might I ask what you are currently doing?"

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368383

9 vs 7. Another arrow makes crushing contact and robs you of yet another hit. Fortunately for you, it looks like by Campfire's poison rules, you save against the extra hit.

Crunch: 4/7
Switch: 3/5

Leave no quarter! Strike again! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Boyar (Preacher) 368384

Do a quick inventory to see what we have to sell and what we need.

And then meet with the families that have had pups. Important to make the rounds and shore up one's political position.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Keep close. Don't let him point that thing at me.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368386

10 v 4. Another critical blow brings you that much closer to stumbling.

Crunch: 2/7
Switch: 3/5

No margin for error here, you're still a big threat. Big threats make big targets, though. Fire again. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


That bow of yours isn't making this easy. Keep coming after him!

Roll #1 10 = 10


I finally get my second wind and manage to deflect another bolt, getting a fierce jab in for my troubles.

Crunch: 2/7
Switch: 2/5

Press my advantage and keep inside his range.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368389


You strike very true, taking a critical hit out of me.

Can't let you get any closer… Don't Die On Me! '1d10'

Crunch: 2/7
Switch: 1/5

Roll #1 10 = 10

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368390

So the reason I went to 1 instead of 2 is because you crit there. Normally you'd be out of hits if I had attacked there, but I was healing instead of attacking you. What a shame!

Crunch: 2/7
Switch: 5/5

Attack again! Poison trickshot! '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Dodge it and stab again.

Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 4 = 4

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368393

You take the hit and don't save against the poison, meaning you go down to 0 hits left. Helpless.

You must beat this roll to get up or you lose the PvP match.

Attack! '1d10'

Crunch: 0/7
Switch: 5/5

Roll #1 1 = 1

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368394

Don't Die On Me recovers wounds, not hits.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368395

PvP doesn't use wounds at all anymore.

Campfire 368396

He looks up form a large bone he is working on and points at a barrel.
"That's all I've had time to make after those caravans left. You might want too check with the wood and stone carvers too."
Inside the barrel are a few pieces of bone jewelry like bracelets and earrings, a could of crowns, and a couple of scepters.

The stone moving dog grunts as he puts the large rock down.
"I be movin' some stones inta place for any metaldogs that want to build their own place to work. Right now me and me brother only have our two smelters for turning ore inta bars of metal. If you wan' to do anything with it you will need to make a place of yer own."

You need more crafts, plain and simple. Those two traders cleared your fortress out of almost everything. The crafters are working as hard as they can't, but they aren't miracle workers. You then go to visit with thee fortress's parents. Gate Bannerage and her three pups are first on the list, and after that it is Oar Yorpot and her three little pups, and finally Cloisterarena and her two pups. All of them are healthy and doing well.


Rolling to get back up.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368398

I will not protest converting that roll to an attack roll instead, because based on the following rolls, it would mean instant victory for me. However, that would also mean that since there are no longer wounds in PvP, DDOM is useless in PVP.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368399

Wait, I thought I constructed a smithy a while ago? Did they repurpose that to a smelting room?

Boyar (Preacher) 368400

Excellent. I congratulate the new mothers on their new litters.

"The children are our future!"

Also, I go meet with some of the craftsmen.

"We need you to devote everything to your tasks! The Most Noble One rewards those who give everything to their pack."
'1d10+2' to inspire them

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6

Campfire 368401

That got torn apart ages ago to make a glass furnace.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368402

I'll nod as I look over the stock.
"Good, good."
I'll look over a crown for a moment.
"I've just the gems for this."
Taking a few pieces (a scepter, two crowns, and a couple of the smaller pieces of jewelry), I'll drop them off at my workshop before checking out what our stone, glass, and metalcrafters have been cooking up.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368403

Ah. Goddamn glass maker…

"Very well then."
I begin surveying around. Are there any rooms nearby to the smelting room that I could either dig out or repurpose into a smithy?


Well so is my only combat-related skill anyway

I successfully manage to get back up on my paws and keep after you.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368405

No, suppress deals 2 hits instead of 1, it's a very good skill for PVP.

Campfire ruled in Steam to treat it as heal.

Also note that you stand up with only one hit in PvP, and if you ever fail the roll to stand up, you instantly lose. You can only make the stand up save 3 times.

Fire! '1d10'

Crunch: 1/7
Switch: 5/5

Roll #1 3 = 3


Fine, then I'll just start using it.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368407

"I heard you were looking for someone to show you how to make traps, are you still interested? However, we already have a few and I think getting your smithy up and running would be more beneficial to the pack."


I successfully manage to overpower you and push you back, giving me some breathing room. I keep pressing my advantage.

Crunch: 1/7
Switch: 3/5

Roll #1 5 = 5

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368409

No you don't! Poison trick shot! '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Campfire 368410

The short sermon you deliver at each of their workshops encourages them to move faster and complete a could of works before you hear a running dog come to a stop behind you.
"Boss, merchants coming!"

The wood worker has made more of the same, but the stone carver has made several toys and instruments.

There is one directly behind them with a small stack of stone already in it. All you will need is an anvil from the general storage area.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368411

I nail you in the torso with another poison bolt, and it's toxic. Since you didn't save against poison, that extra hit should result in instant win, but that's a little anticlimactic, so go ahead and try to stand up again.

Beat this shot: '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368412

I guess I'm gonna go grab that anvil then.
Is it too heavy for me to at least drag by myself?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Rolling to save against poison is a separate roll.


Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 2 = 2

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368414

I'll get a few of the items from both shops, but focus on the instruments from the woodworkers.
Then hurry back to my workshop. I've got work to do!

Campfire 368415

the save roll is a made after the poison attack hits.

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368416

Since I was talking to him, I'll help with the construction.


Roll #1 6 = 6

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 368417

Looks like you save against poison, but don't against the arrow.

Nod at him. "Good fight. Worthy opponent."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368418

Oh hey, you're back!
"Ah, Aidi. I was, erm… looking for you. By chance have you heard of what happened to… erm… what was his name? The other trap making dog."

Campfire 368419

Much too heavy. Luckily there are always dogs hanging out here that may be able to help you. Dogs like Aidi, who is able to help you lift it.

You get back in time to see a few dogs carrying barrels of gems out of your workshop/
"We left you a barrel. Better hurry, 'cause a merchant is here."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368420

I'll fume at them.
"But! I can't just! You left the bonecrafts at least, right? Argh!"
Then I'll rush inside and get to work.
Setting gems as fast as dogly possible. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368421

"About that other dog, let's not ask him for the moment. He's a little…accident prone. We're waiting on a doctor."

"It seems that you have your own project going now. Let's finish that and then we can move on to something else."

I'm helping.


Roll #1 5 = 5

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368422

And I continue to try!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Boyar (Preacher) 368423


Go up and meet the merchants.


I'm not even going to bother wondering how I just walk off poison in a mock fight.

"The victory is yours. You fought well."

Roll #1 8 = 8

Campfire 368425

You get a few items covered in gems, but there are still more.

Halfway back to the pit leading into the mine you both lose your grip on the anvil, and it lands directly on Moloch's paw.
Moloch, roll for damage.

The same dog from last year is there helping her dogs unload the wagons.
"Ah, Boyar, right? How is your fortress doing?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368426

Pls no…

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368427

Augh. No time, no time!
'1d10+1' set more gems and have the finished items hauled to the depot.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368428

Help lift up that anvil and keep the damage low.


Roll #1 3 = 3

Boyar (Preacher) 368429

"We are doing well. Growing quickly and growing strong.

"We have some goods to trade. What have you brought?"

Campfire 368430

You are able to flip the anvil off your paw quickly, but you cannot put any weight on the bloody thing. It's still attached and in the same general shape, though, so you think a healer should be able to save it.

You work too fast and end up missing one of the crafts completely, instead hitting the pack of your paw with a wooden mallet and studding it instead.

You very nearly get the anvil tipped onto your own paw.

"Many things, let me show you."
Please hold while I look through the list of things.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368431

I'll let out a short yelp of shock, and shake my hand a bit to soothe the pain before making sure my fingers still do what I want them to.
Whining slightly, I'll get back to work. I don't have the time to stop. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368432

I let out a loud yelp and clutch my paw close to me, and run around trying to find a healer.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368433

rng pls

Roll #1 1 = 1

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368434

Let's see if we can find Switch, or any other dog trained in the medical arts.


Roll #1 10 = 10

Campfire 368435

She leads you past a few cut gems and metal bars laid out one a cloth next to a wagon to a wagon that could easily be confused with an armory. Inside it are all manner of weapons and armor made from a variety of metals. After giving you a few seconds to look inside she leads you past slave cages being taken off a wagon to a tables covered with cloths, silks, and ropes. After that she leads you to two more wagons are are stuffed full of barrels of meat and living sea creatures.
"See anything you like?"

You step on a an old bolt that a hunter forgot to pick up and ot goes straight through your paw.

Luckily, you find a healer and bring him to Moloch's location. He is able to remove the arrow and patch up Moloch's paw.
"There, almost as good as new."

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368436

I'll leave Moloch in the care of the healer. FOr now, the merchant is here and I should prepare myself for haggling.

Bonus for being chief negotiator.


Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368437

How's my paw doing?

Boyar (Preacher) 368438

What sort of slaves? The kind that can do work?

Would we be able to stock a pond with fish or something?

Do we need more cloth? I suppose we could also buy weapons.

"Let me speak to my advisers."

What do y'all want to do?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368439

Empty cages can be melted down for metal, and are cheaper than weapons. If they've got turtles, then those have a two-fold purpose, both as food and for shellcrafts. Any good metal should also be considered, as well as seeds. Might want to start stocking up on cloth so we can set up a hospital area.

Boyar (Preacher) 368440

Somehow I doubt they'll let us keep the cages, but I like the turtle idea.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368441

Pets and slaves come in cages and stay there until they're claimed or let out. Once the cages are empty, we can either use them for a jail, or to melt into weapon materials.

Campfire 368442

You rub your eyes thinking they must be playing tricks on you, but there he is. A large dig dog is wearing an outfit signifying that he is one of the merchants. A few kind words and small gifts are all it takes to have him eating out of your paw and showing off his wares.

You won't be running around for at least a week, but so long as you don't drop anything else on it it will be fine.
You spot a dog pushing a wheelbarrow full of stones away from the mine and towards the fortress.

Two buffalo cows and bulls, a pegasus mare and stallion, a gryphon female and male, two nanny goats, two earth pony mares and a stallion, a unicorn mare and two stallion, a zebra mare and stallion, and a donkey jack and jenny.

Upon closer examination, the sealife are cave fish and cave lobsters. You do not have the propper ecosystem for them to survive, but they could be quite tasty.

The fortress purchased quite a bit of cloth from the ponies, but more ropes could be good.

Prophesy whispers in your ear.
"I just checked, and our stock of plump helmets are running low. They are selling some here, if you wish to buy them. After being eaten we can plant the seeds they leave behind."

No turtles, just fish and lobster.

They've got one zinc, one iron, one bronze, one brass, two trifle pewter, one bismuth, and one bismuth bronze bar.

You keep the cages.

Boyar (Preacher) 368443

"A good idea, Prophecy."

"If we wish to buy slaves, I suggest the earth ponies. But we likely have larger concerns right now."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368444

Don't have any particular reason to bug him, so I guess I'll just…
Wait a minute.
I approach him then.
"Ah, hail fellow brother. By any chance is there… erm… any sort of… extra wheelbarrow I may be able to use? I need to move an anvil but I cannot put any weight on this injured paw of mine."

Boyar (Preacher) 368445

"How did you hurt yourself, brother?"
'1d10' to heal him
"You should have come to me sooner."

Ask Prophecy if we have any extra wheelbarrows Moloch might use.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Boyar (Preacher) 368446

Keep trying until it works.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Boyar (Preacher) 368447

Well, shit.

Campfire 368448

The merchant perks up her ears.
"What concerns would those be? Certainly I have something here that can help out?"

He sets it down and jerks a thumb over his shoulder, pointing back at the mine.
"Four or five empty ones, last I saw."

He is already healed so I am going to ignore those rolls.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368449

"I… dropped an anvil on my paw."
I furrow my brow.
"Not the most pleasant of experiences…"

"Ah, excellent."
I go and retrieve one of the wheelbarrows and attempt to place the anvil inside it.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368450

Before we buy more, how many slaves do we have now, and what are they doing?

Campfire 368451

Prophecy purchases a bag of plumb helmets and some seeds of other things that the farmers need.

You remember to lift with your knees instead of your back this time and are easily able to place the anvil in the wheelbarrow and bring it back to the room where you were planning on building your workshop.

Two adult buffalo slaves. One is caring for her calf and the other is helping the farmers. There are a variety of young slaves floowing their owners around the fortress because they are too young to work.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368452

Now is my workshop properly set up?

Campfire 368453

Sure, unless you and Aidi want to go through the excitement of building it.

Campfire 368454

>through the excitement of rolling to build it.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368455


Roll #1 7, 9, 3, 7, 3 = 29

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368456

Have we sold off the prepared meals we had overflowing? If we are getting a slave, I'd vote for the Earth pony mare as well. If we have lots of young slaves, it'd be wise to get one to look over them. If anything, they could work as an assistant to the Mayor dog during the day.

"Yare yare."


Roll #1 10, 8, 1, 3, 2 = 24

Campfire 368457

Functionality over form. It doesn't look very nice, but it is sturdy and will do everything you need it to.

The prepared meals have been mostly been sold off. One of the oldest of the younger slaves is helping care for the others already.

So far plump helmets have been bought. If you want any more details about the things isted earlier please ask.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368458

Can I maybe clean it up a bit?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Boyar (Preacher) 368459

Maybe buy some metal. Couldn't hurt. And ropes.

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368460

I'll buy some of the lobsters. We should prepare a big meal to celebrate the fort and all that we have.

Rolling to try and help with the wheeling and dealing.


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Campfire 368461

You smooth some of the rougher stones you used to build it.

You get every single lobster the caravan has for a small stone puzzlebox and a pretty smile.

With the help of one of the miners you pick out the most useful bars of metal and some ropes as well.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368462

Alright, now that we've mostly sorted out the trade issues, I'm going to track down our healer. '1d10' I need somedog to look at this hand of mine and make sure I didn't ruin it.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368463

"WAIT! I need the two Earth pony mares. I only have one of the buffalo available to help me with the farms, the rest are too young."

I've already gotten good prices out of them, I just want better ones.


Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Campfire 368464

He gives them to you for a kiss on the cheek.

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368465

"We have plenty of food, but we are still expanding and I don't know how much more help we'll need. So then, I'm going to buy as many of the slaves as I can."


Let's see how good a deal I can get for them.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Campfire 368466

His mouth starts watering when you bring out a bin of freshly prepared lavish meals. After sampling it he quickly brings all the slave cages over. Seeing that you aren't quite please with that, he brings over some steel armor and weapons as well. You buy all of them and have some dogs lead them back to the fort.

Time passes and slowly but surely everything that needs to be bought is bought.


Campfire 368467

A group of diamond dogs quickly bring the slaves inside before another merchant can realize what has happened and put a stop to it. The slaves are let out of their cages and led to the slave pin, which is still being enlarged by miners to make room for the new slaves. The slaves are lined up according to gender and race. The fortress has purchased:
2 buffalo bulls.
2 buffalo cows.
1 donkey jack.
1 donkey jenny.
1 zebra stallion.
1 zebra mare.
1 billy goat.
1 nanny goat.
1 male gryphon.
1 female gryphon.
1 earth pony stallion.
2 earth pony mares.
1 pegasus stallion.
1 pegasus mare.
2 unicorn stallions.
1 unicorn mare.

Boyar (Preacher) 368468

I say a blessing of the Most Noble One. An auspicious day!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368469

Upon failing to find a proper healer, I'm going to have to find the Alpha and browbeat him into getting a hospital carved out and a doctor assigned.
So that means lurking near the slave pens until I find him.
"Hey, did you know we don't have any medical facilities?"

Boyar (Preacher) 368470

>"Hey, did you know we don't have any medical facilities?"
"Are my ministrations not enough for you?"
I heal him.

"Very well. We will create an infirmary."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Crunch [Knight] 368471

I come out and inspect the slaves, directing some dogs to check the bindings on the winged ones.

Those gryphons will need to be watched. What condition are they in?

Aidi [DD Knight] 368472

"I was also able to acquire more steel weapons and armor. Have the dogs that will be in the militia been chosen yet?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368473

I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Well, you aren't there for every dog, and having a hospital set up and a doctor assigned means that there's somedog on call in case some nasty injuries happen. Well, any more than have already happened, anyway."
I'll cross my arms.
"We'll probably need to make the necessary items before it's useable, though."

Campfire 368474

You can feel that God Supernoble is happy your fortress has purchased so many slaves.

A dog peeks into a workshop down the hallway, then quickly walks over to you.
"Uh, boss? I think Post Orblance is possessed. He's got the leatherworks locked down and is making something in there. He's not a threat or anything, at least not now that he has all his stuff, but I thought you should know."

They are in good shape and standing in line with the others patiently. The male has a grey coat and tan feathers. The female has a buff coat and ecru feathers. The defiant fierceness that their race is (in)famous for cannot be seen in their eyes or posture.

Boyar (Preacher) 368475

"Well, let's all hope he is crafting something valuable."

"We are making an infirmary. Where would be a good place for one?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368476

File: 1363145561107.png (15.41 KB, 505x560, New Hospital.png)

"As we're starting to run out of room topside, I'd suggest here, Alpha, as we can finish digging to that staircase so wounded dogs have less distance to travel."
I'll clear my throat.
"I'd also suggest paving the infirmary floor, as it will be easier to keep the place clean."

Aidi [DD Knight] 368477

"I can put the buffalo and earth ponies to work the fields. They can also help bring in trees so we can fortify the fort. As for the unicorns, we can assign them to help the medic, since their horn powers could prove useful."

Crunch [Knight] 368478

Grab their faces and glare into their eyes, testing them.

"Keep their beaks bound. Alpha, we should consider filing down their talons as well."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368479

Where are all the slaves gathered at the moment?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368480

I'll perk my ears.
"Unicorns? The fussy ones with horn magic? Aren't they supposed to be good with tasks needing finesse?"
I'll shake my head at that.
"And then they'd be useless for hunting."

Campfire 368481

File: 1363145812652.png (4.84 KB, 226x356, Slave pen and workshops.png)

"The runt's got a good idea. The place is close to the barracks in case there is a training accident, and it's above the aquifer so drawing water for it won't be a hassle."

They flinch when you grab them.

They are all in the slave pen, which is the large room at the top.

Aidi [DD Knight] 368482

"Down in the animal pen. You might want to come down and see which one you can use."

"So far, we've gotten lots of small injuries, things like arrows being embedded into a dog's hand and paws being crushed. Things that a little delicacy can fix right up. They can cover for the moment, while we get a real doctor dog."

Boyar (Preacher) 368483

"Seems like a fine plan, Pom."

"For the moment, I think we can trust the slavers to effectively train their charges. Your concern is noted, however – always good to stay on guard, Crunch."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368484

"Mind if I look them over? Could always use a slave that knows how to treat a delicate item, and the ones I don't need can go to the doctor. When we eventually assign one."
I'll nod to these two.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368485

I frown and approach Boyar.
"Brother, perhaps it would do us well if recorded the names of all the… slaves, we.. purchased?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368486

I'll huff.
"They get names if they're useful. Otherwise they are either 'hey you' or 'slave.'"

Boyar (Preacher) 368487

"No, no, Moloch is correct. They need names, or else we won't be able to effectively administrate them."

"Yes, let's go to the slave pens and start recording names and such." I go get my accounting book, quill, and ink.

Crunch [Knight] 368488

"True, but there are many other thing they could be used for."

"I've seen too many pups lost to them to not be careful. Hopefully the slavers can keep them broken then."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368489

I'll roll my eyes a little.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368490

And I'll huff in response.
"Would a hap-"

"…Yes. Administrative purposes."
I join him in walking to get his accounting things.

Campfire 368491

File: 1363146478673.png (4.47 KB, 1904x131, Cathood.png)

You do so. You pass a confused looking Post Orblance standing in the hallway outside the leatherworks holding a shield.

Boyar (Preacher) 368492

"Oh, excellent. Post, have you completed this shield?"
What's it look like?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368493

I'll be trailing behind Boyar and Moloch, and cast a sidelong glance at that.
"What is with our dogs and shields… Good craftsdogship, though."
Hmm. Didn't get a look at those slaves before they were bought. Hope they didn't sell us a lame slave or something.

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368494

"If you are going to give them names, let's follow the naming pattern we established for the buffalo we got earlier. Give them a job, and name them along those lines."

"In fact, why don't you get one to help both of you out? You get first pick, after all."

Boyar (Preacher) 368495

Oh I guess I should read the image, to.

Boyar (Preacher) 368496

Crunch [Knight] 368497

Inspect the rest of the slaves. How do they all look?

Campfire 368498

They all look fit to be put to work, whatever sort of work that might be. None of them appear to have an bodily defects, not even scars that hard-to-train slaves will inevitably end up with before they are fit to be sold. The buffaloes, having seen that you already own others look happy.

One of the miners is waiting outside your office when you get there.
"Boss, what's the word on the slave assignments? Who gets what?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368499

Bah. Let's investigate those unicorns.
Two stallions and a mare, is it?
I'll look 'em up and down.
"So. What were you trained to do?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368500

"Perhaps we should ask them what they'd like to- err, what they are skilled in doing?"

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368501

I'll check out the buffalo and earth ponies.
"Do you little guys have any names? Were you trained in anything before you got sold to us?"

Campfire 368502

The mare speaks.
"We are trained to use our horns, master. Fine manipulation and manipulation from a distance are our forte. We are also good at moving things with our levitation. We have also been given general slave training which means we can work long hours, do physical labor, and provide companionship."

They all look at each other when you ask about names. One of the earth ponies speaks.
"Our trainers did not give us names, mistress. We have all been trained to use our strength to push, pull, and carry things as well as how to use a plow. The other ponies and I were trained mostly inside old mine tunnels pulling carts and moving heavy objects."
He stops speaking and one of the buffaloes start.
"We were trained to pull heavy objects like building materials above ground and in large tunnels."

Boyar (Preacher) 368503

"Yes, we'll be deciding on which go where when we know more about them."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368504

Well, I suppose some dogs are ponyfuckers. Anything with a hole.
"Fine. Two of you are going to be assigned to the medical wing once we get a doctor sorted out. The last will be with me to fetch gems and tools. And eventually assist, if you aren't incompetent."
I'll look over all three.
Stallions might be of more use in the infirmary, in case they need to hold down a mad dog or keep somedog still while the doctor works.
I'll point to the mare.
"You. Name."

Campfire 368505

"Thanks boss. Send us dogs in the hole some, alright?"
After saying that he walks back to the common area then leaves the fort, probably on his way back to the mine.

"I have none, master."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368506

I raise an eyebrow at her.

"So none of you have names?

"Do any of you have any preference for what you'd like to be called, then?"

Crunch [Knight] 368507

"I don't suggest becoming too familiar with the slaves."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368508

How's she look? Coloration, that sort of thing. Same with the two stallions.

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368509

"Looks like the whole lot has been born and raised in slavery. If you want one, you can assign it a name."

"So far, I have an idea on what we could get a few of them to do:"

Generalist/ Probably helping with large loads inside:
Buffalo Cow: Barrow
Buffalo Cow: Pushcart

Cut down trees to fortify fort/ Heavy lifting/ Farming
Buffalo Bull: Ax
Buffalo Bull: Saw

Earth Pony Stallion: Ard
Earth Pony Mare: Basket
Earth Pony Mare: Pannier

"I'll take these if no one has any objections. With them, we should be able to improve the outside of out fort and make it more secure and productive."
Naming them took longer than I thought.

Campfire 368510

"Yes, master. What ever kind of companionship a diamond dog might desire."
When you ask about their name preferences they all go quite and start to think. Eventually one speaks and the others echo his response.
"We'd like to be called whatever you want to call us, master. The trainers never gave us names, or even nicknames."

The mare is very strong looking and her teeth are crowded together in her mouth. Her head rises a bit taller than most ponies and her mane has been neatly brushed. Her coat is a deep lavender and her mane is mahogany. Her irises are heliotrope.
The first stallion is skinny and has a sparse, unkempt mane colored with stripes of indigo, heliotrope, saffron, and yellow. His coat is chocolate colored. His voice is deep and he has narrow, tall ears. His irises are gold.
The second stallion is skinny, but fit. His mane is straight, dense, and blue. His coat is a deep lavender. He speaks with a clear voice and has a short, broad head.

"We live to serve, master."

Boyar (Preacher) 368511

"At least one of the earth ponies needs to go into the mines to help the dogs down there."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368512

…This is deeply unsettling.
"Well… perhaps… I order you to choose your own names, to… save us the massive effort of naming each and every single individual one of you."
I wince as I finish the sentence, deeply uncomfortable with the notion of ordering around slaves.

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368513

"Take the stallion, I can deal with the females top side."

"They are slaves. This is the right you have as their owner. If it's any consolation, you can let them take a last name, but for the sake of our archivist, the first name will be their duty."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368514

I'll just go down the line, then.
Pointing to the chocolate-colored unicorn, I'll speak.
"You're Brown. You'll be helping to set up and run the infirmary."
Pointing to the other stallion, I'll continue.
"You are Voice. You'll be assisting Brown."
Finally I'll point to the mare.
"You are Gem. You will be assisting me in my shop, fetching gems to cut, and tools to do so."

Campfire 368515

I'm assuming you two are still in Boyar's office until you say otherwise.

The slaves all look confused when they hear your order. A few of them start to panic in place, while others look genuinely thoughtful. After a few minutes one of the goats reaches a conclusion and speaks.
"My name is Goat."
This is followed by declarations of names like Buffalo, Pegasus, Zebra, Earth, Unicorn, and Donkey from the other slaves.

They each look pleased at the names you give them. Gem steps forwards to stand by your side and Voice speaks.
"Will the dogs building the infirmary come fetch us, master, or are we to start gathering materials for the construction?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368516

"I'll send somedog in a short while. We still don't have a doctor picked, for some dog-forsaken reason, and we're lacking certain necessities. And since you can't help dig, the ones making the infirmary are likely to be telling you both to haul paving stone until they're ready to start setting up the beds and other things."
Beckoning Gem, I'll scout out the area where the infirmary is to be, and see if work has begun already.

Campfire 368517

They each give you a "Thank you, master" as you leave with Gem. No work has begun yet, because no one has assigned any dogs to dig out the area yet. The ground is soft here, though, so it is something you should be able to do.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368518

Hmm. Take too long to do it myself, and my gems won't wait forever. I'll draw an X on the wall to show where we'll be digging. Turning to Gem, I'll speak.
"Step back for a moment."
And then I'll link the staircase to the hallway. Dig dig. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368519

"For now, I'll take the Earth pony mares to help me plant the Plump Helmets. Have we decided on what we do for the militia, though? We can have some of the slaves work on fortifying the home."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368520

A twitch develops in my eye as I observe the level of docility present in the slaves, and the sheer empty mindedness and lack of anything even resembling free will.
"I suppose… it's a start."
I look over the slaves.
"By chance would any of you have experience in metal working?"

I also turn to Boyar.
"Brother… might I propose an idea, since we have experienced a sudden influx of… slaves?"

Boyar (Preacher) 368521

"No, that's not going to work, Aidi. Take the stallion. I'll take one of the mares down to the pits.

I… suspect the dogs would prefer her."

Boyar (Preacher) 368522

"Yes, speak freely, brother."

Campfire 368523

She steps back and watch as you crack your knuckles and dive into the wall. You dig through the sandy clay like a fish swims through water. You dig out several operating/recovery rooms for patients as well as a main area large enough to accommodate guests and wells needed to fetch water for patients. You even dig holes down to the aquifer so that the well can be quickly built once all the necessary items are brought together. Once the last bit of soil has been pummeled you can see Gem stomping her hooves and cheering quietly.

Are you in the slave pen with the slaves or in Boyar's office with Boyar and Aidi?

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368524

File: 1363150452157.jpg (224.63 KB, 640x384, 4977393184_ffafc7e323_z.jpg)

"I guess she would find it easier to deal with the smaller places. We'll switch them and get them to work."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368525

"Perhaps it might benefit us to educate them? Teach them to read, so they may… learn of the greatness of the Most Noble One? Perhaps even teach them along side the pups, so our future generations gain a certain familiarity with them, so that they may better work along side them in the future, increasing our productivity?"

Can I just assume I do both, so I don't waste additional turns dilly dallying?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368526

I'll dust off my paws.
"Well, guess I didn't need anydog else for that after all."
Motioning Gem to follow, I'll head up the stairs and start looking for slackers. Anydog not doing anything can get to work on paving that infirmary and building the beds and other things we need for it.

Boyar (Preacher) 368527

Let's just say I've gone down to the slave pens now.

"Yes… yes I think that could work well."

Boyar (Preacher) 368528

"It's important the conqueror know the conquered and know why he is superior."

Crunch [Knight] 368529

"Alpha, education is the surest path to insubordination. If we provide them with it, we give them tools we cannot take back."

Campfire 368530

Sure, just make sure you tell me what you are and aren't saying where the slaves can hear.

The look at each other then back to you. One of the zebras speaks.
"No, but we are willing to learn, master."

You tell a few that are lazing around by the food barrels. They aren't too eager at first, but when you tell them that they will get to put some of the new slaves to work they eagerly jump to their paws and run deeper into the fortress.

A goat speaks.
"You have work for us, master?"

Boyar (Preacher) 368531

"A fair point, Crunch. But if we teach them to read the words of the Most Noble One, they will undoubtedly come to rejoice in their thralldom.

"And if that does not work, there is always the lash."

Take one of the Earth Pony mares down to the mines.

"I've brought you some help, boys."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368532

That takes care of them. Now. What do infirmaries have?
Well, back home they had those stretching tables to tie down dogs if they got unruly. Those probably need mechanisms made. We'll need cloth. Lots of cloth for bandages. Beds, tables, some chairs… Hrumph.
Right, time to make the rounds and drop off orders at the mason's, carpenter's, and… we don't have a weaver to make cloth. Not that we have the materials anyway.
At the mason's, I'll place an order for three of the stretching tables, if they've got the parts for them, and two tables. At the Carpenter's, I'll place the order for four chairs, four beds, and a pair of barrels to store cloth.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368533

"…Yeessss. Exactly."

"Ah, but-"

"Precisely brother! Why… they might even become… moooore docile and subordinate if we introduce them to the words of the Most Noble One."
I grit my teeth as I speak.

"Willing to learn you say?"
I pick out… a unicorn, a zebra and an earth pony. Of whatever genders.
"Come with me then."

Crunch [Knight] 368534

"Of…course. But to the proper slave, the only word needed is instruction."

Campfire 368535

The head miner looks her over as a couple of the miners in the back grin at each other and surreptitiously bump fists. He finishes his examination and stands back up.
"She's pretty skinny boss, but that's nothing we can't fix with double rations. Something needs to be done with all that food before it rots."
He looks over his shoulder and growls softly at the two dogs standing at the back.
"And thank you for the…extra consideration. I'll make sure that productivity doesn't go down."

All of them are busy with other work, but they write down what you want and shuffle your order to the tops of their stacks. One of them, and older dog, speaks after hearing your order.
"Making a hospital? About time, I was wondering when the Alpha would finally order one made instead of having the doctor work wherever he found a patient."

You take a zebra stallion and earth pony mare from the slave pins then pull a unicorn stallion away from the dogs working to pave the hospital and give them a donkey to work with instead. The zebra speaks first.
"Thank you for choosing us, master. What will you be teaching us, master?"

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368536

"Let's see, I'll be spending most of my time outside, so I'll focus on things we can improve there."

Do we have a functional trade depot to impress the travellers and sufficient space to store wood for construction and crafting?

Campfire 368537

You have one outside that is exposed to the elements and thieves. If you want to improve it my recommendation is to go down a z-level and carve a way to it from the side of the hill, or build a wall and roof around and over it.

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 368538

"I think putting a roof over it would be most helpful. We can use it to cover our building materials in the meantime, and we can use what remains to improve it. I'll get the buffalo to start cutting down some trees to expand our farming area."


Will you roll for the buffalo, or is just mine fine?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 368539

The buffalo, and any dogs you want to recruit, are yours to roll for. You can wrap it all up into one roll or roll for everyone. Want to roll more or should I start my response now?

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368540

"My craft. Metal working."
I turn to Boyar.
"I shall now make my departure, Brother. I have to acclimate these… slaves, to their future job."
I turn and leave towards the metal workshop.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368541

"Sometimes I'm beginning to think the Alpha isn't as capable as he claims to be. But then again, I'm just a gemcutter, what do I know."
I knew we needed a hospital, and the need to take that glassmaker's idea.
Nodding to the workdogs, I'll leave to check in on the bone and wood crafter to pick up a few things to bejewel, and then head back to my workshop.
"This, Gem, is where we shall work for the glory of Glitter Bronzelilac, patron of crafters and jewelers. Now, before I put you to work, I need to teach you what your tasks are, and what not to touch without my permission, or until you're ready to handle them."
And then I shall begin teaching Gem the basic dos and don'ts in the shop, starting from what each tool is called.. '1d10' teaching.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368542

And… I suppose I look them over.
How do the three of them look?
The Unicorn, Earth Pony, and Zebra that I took.

I rub my chin.
"I'm assuming that none of the three of you have any names that you wish to be referred to by?"

Campfire 368543

The buffalo, having no axes, simply start knocking over trees with their immense strength. They ruin half the trees they knock over, but soon you have enough to build supports and scaffolding for the roof construction.

"Thank you for choosing us to learn you craft master."
They happily follow behind you as you lead them up and out of the fortress, over the land towards the plug, down the stares carve into the sides of the pit, over the small bridge, and down the stairs into the mined out level where the metal industry buildings are. The two smiths look up from their furnaces at you and your entourage then get back to work.

Early on she gets confused about what she is and isn't allowed to touch and starts flinching every time you show her something. Don't don't think she learned anything.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368545

"I'm not going to beat you without reason. It damages my paws, and I need those to work. And a gemcutter's tools aren't meant for such base uses."
Taking a magnifying lens, I'll hold it up.
"Now, from the top. This is a magnifying lens. It makes things look larger than they are so you can get a better look at it while you work."

Campfire 368553

The zebra stallion is short and has a narrow head, narrow eyes, and flattened ears. He has a wavy, ash grey mane that is the same color as his coat, and has black stripes. her irises are amethyst.
The earth pony mare is short and has short, flat ears and a clear voice. Her coat is purple and her neatly combed mane is tan. Her irises are jade.
The unicorn stallion is skinny and has a sparse, unkempt mane colored with stripes of indigo, heliotrope, saffron, and yellow. His coat is chocolate colored. His voice is deep and he has narrow, tall ears. His irises are gold.
They tell you that they were already given or told to chose their own names in the pen.

she stops shaking and nods her head.
"Magnifying glass. Makes things look bigger so you can see them better. Got it, master."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368565

I gesture towards the forge.
"This is the forge, where raw ore is melted down and refined into ingots, which may later be used to create various tools, weapons, and other such objects or components."
I lead them over to my workshop, and gesture inside of it.
"This is my workshop. This is where the metal is further refined and then processed into whatever we need it to be. This is where I'll be teaching you."

"Very well, Brown, Zebra, and Earth. I suppose I should first lay over some rules for you. You are to have scheduled work hours, following my own work hours. You're allowed to take two half hour breaks at any point in the day, and there will be a lunch hour during which you can also rest. Is this fair?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368569

"Good. Next are these…"
And then I'll run down the list of tools available to novice crafters. '1d10' for teaching effectiveness.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Campfire 368576

They attentively look where you point and follow you as you walk.
"Will we be carrying hot items and bringing you refreshments, master?"

She recovers from her fright and pays attention to everything you say and show her. She's still a little shaky on some things, but she is ready to start simple tasks as well as hauling materials.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368601

I'll nod.
"Good. You can learn. That's a start. Now, you'll see what you can see in observation."
I'll take a pair of uncut gems, and place them on the table.
"I am going to cut this gem here. You will observe, and show me what you learned on that second gem there."
I'll wait until she's focused on the gem, and then begin working, using the tools I've shown her. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368607

"No, you will be assisting me in my work, if that is fair with you."
I lead them down to my quarters and gesture around.
"These are my quarters. I will be sharing them with the three of you for the duration of my employment of you. I will be requesting additional beds for the three of you."

Campfire 368614

Guided by the charm you wear, your paws skilfully cut the diamond until it shimmers beautifully in the sunlight coming down on your workshop. Let's see how she does on her first try.
+0 from the 6 to teach
+1 from the 9 to demonstrate
-3 from Dabbling skill level

They seem a little confused when you say the word 'fair'. They seem to understand when you tell them that you will be sharing your quarters with the three of them, but become flabbergasted when you tell them that they will be getting their own beds.
"Forgive me for questioning master, but why does master which us to share his room but not his bed?"

Roll #1 7 - 2 = 5

Campfire 368618

She tries to tap at the gem lightly, but uses a bit too much force and shears off several large chunks. After twenty minutes of working she has a crudely carved round gem. The sides are all uneven but a surprising number of them shine in the daylight.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368620

"Oh? Would you prefer to share my bed, instead of having your own? Very well then. If that's what you wish."

Campfire 368627

They seem even more confused now.
"W-we meant to say, that is, uhm, what we meant was why does Master wish us to share his room if he does not want us to keep his bed warm or use our bodies?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368630

I'll look it over.
"Hmm. Hmmmmm."
I'll polish it a bit with a rag.
"Definitely not perfect. You struck far too hard for the task. Gemcutting is a delicate business, and should not be rushed, if one can help it."
Turning the gem to the shiny facets, I'll continue.
"However. These facets here and here. Very well done, for a beginner. There might be hope for you yet."
Placing the gem back on the table, I'll see if I can't smooth out this gem to be a bit more presentable. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368631

I perk up and blush.
"O- Oh! Oh… erm, that's not at all what I intended for. I simply wished to share my room with you because I wanted the three of you to be comfortable, that's all."

Campfire 368643

"I am sorry for failing to learn, master. Thank you for showing me what I did not do wrong and giving me another chance."
It is very nearly salvageable, but you manage to get it looking nice at the cost of cutting it down to be very small. It might go well on a necklace or a ring.

They are quite for a few seconds as they process what you tell them, then they each give you a small "Thank you, Master." A few seconds later the zebra gulps and speaks quickly.
"This is not a trick, Master?"
He cringes backwards a step as soon as he speaks and looks down at the floor.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368649

I lean down so I'm at their eye level.
"No, this is not a trick. I intend to treat the three of you fairly and with respect."

Campfire 368652

They all struggle to meet your eye after the zebra's outburst. The mare quietly says something.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368653

I'll roll my eyes at being called master.
"While it's flattering to be called 'master', while I am teaching you, I am to be called 'teacher.' Elsewhere, I'm to be called 'sir.'"
I'll hold the gem under the lens.
"Also. You are not to give sexual favors to other dogs. You are my slave, and as such I am responsible for tending your needs. If the trainers have left the other two unicorns whole, I will arrange them to perform their service during your season."
Taking one of the small crafts I picked up on the way here, I'll fit the tiny gem into it. '1d10+1'
"Until you are competent enough that I can leave you to work unattended, you will be accompanying me and observing my work."

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Campfire 368669

"You are taking me as your personal slave, Teacher? Thank you for choosing me, I promise to not let you down, and not run from punishment if I do. And thank you for offering to arrange that, sir. Normally it happens naturally in the slave pen. I will do I best to learn from you, Teacher."
I am going to call a vote next time to see if they have "seasons" or not. All that would do is mean that all the female equines go out of commission at the same time every year to breed and go out of commission at the same time later to raise their young. Currently it happens whenever the game says it happens.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368674

"Hmm? Do you not believe me?"
I let out a sad sigh.
"I suppose you have reason not to… and yes, miss Earth? Did you wish to say something? Please… do not feel any fear in speaking up."

Campfire 368676

Her mouth works silently a few times before she manages to whisper.
"Thank you, Master."

Campfire 368677

And you can thank sol for bringing that to my attention, otherwise I would have missed it.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368680

"You're very much welcome, miss Earth."
I place a paw on her shoulder and smile at her.
"Now, perhaps we should begin your training… but first, I'll put in the request for beds for the three of you."
I depart and head over to the workshops and request three beds for my… personal slaves.

Campfire 368683

The carpenter grumbles a bit when he hears you have three personal slaves, but writes down your order and puts it in his stack.

I'm going to pause here unless anyone still awake wants to keep going.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368690

Guh. Talky thing, isn't she.
Having finished with the small itemlet's say it's a locket, for ease, I'll take a small piece of paper and begin to scribble on it:
This slave is Gem. She belongs to Pom Rainian, Gemcutter. If she is lost, return her to my workshop. Any liberties taken while returning her will be paid for from your hide.
Tucking the small piece of paper into the locket, I'll tie it around Gem's neck.
"This shows you are mine. There is a slip of paper inside the locket saying as such. If you are approached by other dogs who wish to use you, you are allowed to defend yourself or flee."

Campfire 368694

She beams.
"Thank you, Master. Will you continue to teach me or are you wanting a break?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368699

I'll look around the shop.
"No, I think that's it for today. I still need to show you where to fetch gems from, and make certain the other crafters and workers know who owns you so that if I send you with orders or requests, they won't just shoo you away."
I'll scratch a moment.
"Now, food, and then sleep. As these beds are too stupidly large for me, you may have the bottom half until I can find you something more suitable."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368704

I guess we're gonna keep going then.
"And with that, I shall now begin teaching you the basics of my craft."
I lead them back to my workshop and attempt to teach them.

Roll #1 5, 3, 7 = 15

Campfire 368710

"Thank you, Master."
She levitates all the tools back to their proper places and levitates the broken gem shards into a pile with the others.
"Shall I fetch you your food or will I follow you to the food?"

If you need to stop, then stop.
The unicorn almost grasps what you are trying to teach him, but isn't there yet.
The zebra stallion is completely clueless.
The earth pony mare catches on fairly quickly, but she is no prodigy.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368711

Hmm… perhaps with some examples they may pick it up better?

Roll #1 7, 10, 6 = 23

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 368716

"You need to know where they are first, else I'll be waiting far too long. This way."
And I'll hop down from my workstool, and lead her to the kitchens. After getting our meals, we'll eat, and then retire to my room.
And that's it for me.

Campfire 368719

You can see the earth pony stallion start to understand as you demonstrate the forging of objects, tools, and weapons but he could use another lesson or demonstration.
It clicks for the zebra stallion and he looks ready to try forging something.
The earth pony mare also looks ready to try forging something.

She follows you to the food stocks and eats a meal with you, then returns to your room with you and curls up at the bottom of your bed and falls asleep, ear ear twitching gently.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 368723

"Good! Good good good, very good."
I applaud their quickness and adaptation at picking up metal working.
And that's it for me too.

Campfire 369075

>Lorik and Koka
The two of you, and small group of other dogs, fled the southern mountainhomes after word reached you of a small fortress that was founded in the north, far away from the troubles of the world. Deciding that traveling along the coast via boat would be the safest and fastest option the lot of you pooled your money together to hire a small ship to carry you and your possessions to your new life in the wilderness. Unfortunately, last night a family of Rocs living in a nest by the shore took offense at the sight of your boat. The large birds smashed the craft and carried off many of the crew and passenger. Most of the ones that were knocked into the water drowned, or were eaten oceanic firecarp.

As the sun rises the light shines on two small holes dug under a large tree. The two of you made it to shore together last night and took shelter under a tree marked with a merchant rune signifying that a fortress was nearby.

>Everyone else

You decide where you are.


Shake myself up and assert the severity of my wounds, then my surroundings.

Roll #1 5 = 5


We're not wounded are we?

Either way, scan our surroundings for potential threats/landmarks

Roll #1 4 = 4

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369082

Today is a glorious day!

I assign Earth and Zebra the task of forging a simple… tool. Not quite sure what we're deficient on, so whatever would be useful to make. So how's this gonna work? Am I gonna roll, or are you?
Meanwhile, I attempt to give Brown a further lesson to help him understand.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Crunch [Knight] 369083

I'll go down and see those gryphons, asking what they were trained for.

Campfire 369086

Your entire body is sore and you smell like wet dog and seawater, but otherwise you are fine. Aside from your weapons, which you had on you when the ship went down, you cannot see any of your other possessions on the beach. The jungle is thick and foreboding, but not as warm as you thought it would be.

You pulled a few muscles during the fight and frantic swim to shore, and the rest of your body feels like a giant stepped on you. You cannot see any of your supplies or anything else, washed up on the beach. Where the sandy beach stops the jungle begins. Not being the outdoorsy type, you have almost no idea what to expect from the jungle.

The Earth mare and Zebra stallion get to work forging an axe for the woodcutters.
[1d10-1] +1 from 7 on lesson +1 from 6 on demonstration -3 from skill level: Dabbling

[1d10-1] +0 from 3 on lesson +2 from 10 on demonstration -3 from skill level: Dabbbling

Brown nods his head as you finish your lesson.
"I understand now, Master."

Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1 / Roll #2 2 - 1 = 1

Campfire 369088

They speak together.
"We are trained to fly objects from place to place and watch for intruders. We are trained to use our claws to help crafters. We are trained to work long hours and provide companionship."
The gryphon female speaks as the gryphon male stops.
"I have heard that some diamond dogs train our kind as hunter or warriors to better serve the fortress."


Get on all four and run towards the edge of the jungle.
Look for a road to the fort.
There must be one!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369090

…Can I interfere before something terrible bad happens?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Follow this guy, he seems to know his stuff.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Crunch [Knight] 369093

"While I can certainly see the appeal, i don't see why we should trust slaves with such important work. How good are you at these tasks?"

Inspect their talons. What condition are they in?

Campfire 369097

The two equines try to pour molten copper into a mold, but their clumsy hooves cause them to pour far too fast. The glowing metal overflows out of the mold and splashes onto their front legs. The two of them scream and drop the container, splashing more molten metal around the room as their screams and the smell of burning flesh pulls the two smiths into the room.
"Moloch, wha' in tha' hell happened!?"
One of the turns tail and runs to find a healer.

You are too slow to save them. Fortunately you are able to lift the unicorn stallion out of the same and kkeep any of the metal from getting on you or him.

You run into the jungle. There is no road and it all starts to look the same after a few minutes, but eventually you spot another tree with a merchant's rune on it.

You follow behind her and fail to notice anything other than how it is getting colder the further you go into the jungle.

"We are not very skilled, master. The ones that show much skill are taken and sold individually for higher prices. Those of us that have no real talent are sold to traveling merchants."
All of their claws look to be in good shape. None of them are missing any talons, but they have been filed to make them dull. The male speaks as you inspect his claws.
"I understand why you may be worried, but we were both born and trained in captivity."


Keep up with the other dog then.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Uh. Good. Smell around. Follow the scent of other dogs.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369100

"Dammit! Dammit! I- Earth! Zebra!"
I place the unicorn down and attempt to pull them both away from the molten metal.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Crunch [Knight] 369101

I snort.
"Well let's hope your 'training' has made up for deficient instincts."

I turn and head up above ground.
"Both of you, follow me. I want to see just what we're working with."

Campfire 369102

Just because you spend most your time in the fortress doesn't mean you don't keep in shape. You should be able to keep up with Koka almost wherever she goes.

You sniff around and soon find the scent of a small host of dogs. Following it you soon come across imprints in the soft soil of the jungle floor left by wagon wheels. The smells here are mostly diamond dog smells, but you can also detect the scents of a variety of other races, plus food, metal, and gems. There is something else, but you cannot quite tell what it is.

Large pieces of skin come off their front legs when you try to move them. The zebra passes out from pain but the mare starts screaming even louder. One of them smith's grabs you.
"What are ya doin'? Leave them be until the healer gets here!"

"Yes, Master."
They fall in behind you.


Doesn't matter, time to stand up and slowly approach the source.
Try to be on the lookout for dangers.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369104

I wince and leave them be then, waiting for the healers to arrive.
Where the hell are they?…

Lorik [Cleric] 369105

Yup, let's just follow this runt. She knows.

Campfire 369106



Roll #1 9 = 9

Crunch [Knight] 369108

I take them up above ground and motion to the male.

"You first. Tell me what's out there and how you'd get it. Without flying."

Campfire 369109

The mare's screams are to loud for you to hear the doctor coming until he runs into your field of vision. He starts barking orders and soon the two smiths have the mare and the zebra loaded into wheelbarrows which are then rushed to the surface.

You try to find the source of the smell, but it eludes you. You keep your eyes on the thick greenery growing at the base of the trees, worried about wild animals, but fail to ever look up. The only warning you have before a jaguar pins you to the ground is a loud snarl.

You spot the jaguar, put are not able to warn Koka before it pounces.

He shields his eyes and peers off into the distance.
"The snow makes it difficult to see, Master, but I think there is a giant sparrow to the south. I am sorry, but without flying I do not know how i would catch it."
He hangs his head and spreads his wings, waiting for punishment.


Take out my crossbow and shoot that thing!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Monk Agility to avoid the Jaguar.
Earthen Strike on its head!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369112

I pull along Brown with me and follow them to the surface.

Crunch [Knight] 369113

Growl derisively.
"I expected more from something part cat. Is that all you were trained to do? I have no intention of letting either of you use your most obvious skills until you can prove otherwise."

Bind up those wings.
"Remember, we you live underground now. I know your vaunted eyesight and dread wings serve you oh so well above it, but we spend just as much time tracking nuisances in our own home."

Campfire 369114

Your small from allows you to roll under, then away from, the jaguar. You try to strike it, but it has already turned to attack it's new target.

You draw your crossbow, but the jaguar is upon you before you can fire. Your chest burns as its claws open bright red lines along it.

Keeping a tight grip on Brown with one paw, you follow them to the surface, then to the fortress and down to the hospital that is still being furnished. The doctor looks up from the mare, who is still screaming, as you enter.
"This is not a good time!"

He does not protest as you bind his wings.
"I am sorry, master, but neither of us have hunted or fought before in our lives. With training I am sure we can be more useful to you."


Leap upon it and strike it again.
"Stop, you food!"

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


I growl and grab my mace to smash it on the head

Roll #1 1 = 1

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369117

"They're my responsibility and this is my wrongdoing, and I merely wish to see it remedied! I will wait outside."
I wait outside along side Brown for the doctors to finish healing Earth and Zebra.

Crunch [Knight] 369118

"I can see that. Apparently your so-called training has been woefully deficient. Well rest assured I have no intention of letting such valuable assets such as yourselves go neglected. You will learn to earn your share of food around here."

"I assume neither of you were issued names along with the rest of our purchases?"

Campfire 369119

Chunks of earth leap from the ground beneath you and wrap around your arm as you make a fist. The jaguar goes flying and hits a tree with a loud crack, but is able to stand. It tries to flee.

Unfortunately, Koka's attack hits you as well. You roll for several feet and are too dizy to stand up right away.

The screaming stops a few seconds after you leave, and about an hour later the doctor comes out into the waiting room.
"The good news is both of them are keeping all their legs. The bad news is that they won't be able to do any work for quite some time. Once they no longer need to be kept in here I will see that they are returned to the slave pens and a dog with the right kind of experience keeps them trained."

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5


Hissing, leap forward and try to tackle the food!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Ugh… try to get back up on my paws.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369122

I frown.
"Please… this was born of my own oversight and a momentary misjudgement in the ability of my… slaves. I would like to rectify it and properly teach them. They would be immensely useful as assistants for me."

Campfire 369123

The jaguar is able to escape into the thick greenery before you can get to it.

You get up.

"I am sorry, sir. We were told to choose names by one off the diamond dogs here. We both chose Gryphon."

Koka [Monk] 369124

Growl at the direction the Jaguar ran towards and move to Lorik.
"You alright?"

Lorik [Cleric] 369125

I shake my head
"Stupid cats…"
I turn to Koka
"You wounded badly?"

"I am fine."

Koka [Monk] 369126

"Nah. He didn't get a scratch on me. Too slow."
Look back at the direction I was going towards.
"I smell dogs near."

Lorik [Cleric] 369127

I nod
"Good. The jungle is for cats, not for dogs. Let's go find that fortress."

Crunch [Knight] 369128

"Yes…I was there for that. That will be rather inconvenient for me. I'll give you new ones based on your performance. Consider it your incentive to work towards."

Lead them back down towards the fortress.
"There's something else I want to test you on. Follow."

Koka [Monk] 369129

Nod to him and go back on my tracks.
to find the smell and follow it again.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Lorik [Cleric] 369130

Follow her

Campfire 369131

The dog pinches the bridge off his nose.
"It doesn't matter what you want. Both of them lost a good amount of flesh from their legs. It will be a long time before they are able to stand, much less work."

The smells are all still there, even the one you couldn't identify. The tracks stretch off in two directions.

"Yes, master."
They follow behind you.

Koka [Monk] 369132

Can I tell which one is more… Dog-y?

Crunch [Knight] 369133

Take them down to the wood shop.

"How much do you two know about woodcrafting?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369134

"I'll care for them while they're injured then."


Any signs that may indicate which way the fortress is?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 369136

It smells like diamond dog in each direction. This was probably a merchant caravan with diamond dog merchants.

"We were taught the basics long ago, master. If you assign us to a carpenter I am sure we will not disappoint you again."

He crosses his arms.
"I'm touched that you care so much for your slaves, truly I am, but do you have any medical training? I can turn them over to your care once they are fit to be released from the hospital, but giving them to you now would endanger them."

You spot a carving high up on a tree.


Well now.
Where does it smell like other things, too?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Lorik [Cleric] 369138

I point at the carving
"Can you climb well like cats can?"


Look at him.
Then at the carving.
"Can try."
Do I add +1 or is it just dc-1?
Climb the three and look at the carving.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I guess I'll just try myself

Roll #1 4 = 4

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369141

"I do not…"
I sigh and raise my paws in defeat.
"That is a fair compromise. How long will their recover be? Are they conscious now? May I speak with them?"

Crunch [Knight] 369142

"Well, then consider yourselves lucky, since I happen to be one. I expect…adequate performance from both of you.

Lead them to the wood shop.

Campfire 369143

Everywhere that smells like dog smells like other races, food, gems, and metal too. All of those are things a caravan of merchants could be expected to have with them. the only oddity is the foul, unidentifiable smell coming from off the path in the direction that you went before being attacked by the jaguar.

You climb a ways up the tree, but when you grab what you thought was a vine it slithers out of your grasp. No longer having anything to hold onto, you fall.
It's DC-1.

You start to climb, but Koka hits you on her way down.

"They should be fit to leave in two weeks unless the Alpha or another dog that knows magical healing tends to them. Both of them are still sedated but should be awake soon enough."

They look around your workshop.
"Will master show us what he wants made?"


I'm freeeeeee!
Free faaaaalling!

Roll #1 1 = 1


I grumble and dust myself off
"Dogs aren't fit for catwork…"
Let's heal that runt

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369146

"Very well then. I shall wait here for them to recover."
And I gotta go somewhere for a bit. Later man!

Koka [Monk] 369147

Growl weakly.

Campfire 369148

You hit your head on a rock at the base of the tree and black out.
You are now at 4/5 wounds and will loose one each turn until Mended.

You don't put enough power into the spell. Looking at how her head is split open and bleeding everywhere, you doubt a simple Heal would be enough.


I scratch my head
"No lack of work at least…"
Try a Mending spell instead

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Campfire 369150

Still not enough power.
Is your talent Heal or Mend?


"Let's try some basic furnishings. Surely you were taught that much."

Get to work myself, supervising them as I do so.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Doesn't it work for both versions? If not then just say it's Mend

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Campfire 369153

They watch you as you begin to craft a cabinet then pick up their own tools and get to work.
[1d10-1] +0 from no lesson +2 from 10 on example -3 from skill level: Dabbling
[1d10-1] +0 from no lesson +2 from 10 on example -3 from skill level: Dabbling

You recall your lessons from the healers at Oracle the Taught Plan's temple and place booth paws on either side of the large split in Koka's head. The gold in your bag glows along with your paws as excess blood leaves the wound and bone and flesh knit themselves back together. A few seconds later it would be impossible to tell there was any wound at all.
Koka is now awake and can stand up whenever she wants.

Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1 / Roll #2 2 - 1 = 1


I let out a satisfactory grunt
"Good. Now, we must locate the fortress."
Try climbing up that damn tree to see that rune already

Roll #1 2 = 2

Koka [Monk] 369155

Stand up scratching my head.
"Right. This way."
Show Lorik on the path we were taking before the jaguar jumped on us.

Campfire 369156

Once you finish with a few small engravings on the cabinet you look at the progress the gryphons are making on their work. Each off them is desperately trying, and failing, to salvage something from the pile of kindling they have made with their assigned wood.

You cannot get a good grip on the tree and keep sliding down.

Lorik [Cleric] 369157

I shake my head and follow Koka >>369155

Campfire 369158

Each of you can smell something rotting.
Roll if you want to find out where.


Of course.
Rotten, no good.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Bah, curse all these distractions. Find out what is rotten.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Were either you trained in anything?"

Growl and push them aside.

"Open up your eyes and watch me. By the time I'm done, I hope you can make something at least comparable to what I've done back there."

Start teaching them my craft.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Campfire 369162

Both of you spread out slightly to try and get the source of the smell in between you.
+1 to your next rolls to locate the source of the smell.

They tremble and watch your lesson carefully.
[1d10] +1 from no lesson +2 from 10 on example -3 from skill level: Dabbling
[1d10] +1 from no lesson +2 from 10 on example -3 from skill level: Dabbling

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"Must be here-"

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Keep sniffing around

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Campfire 369165

The male makes something that looks sort of like a bracelet if you tilt your head and squint your eyes.
The female is able to make a crude, but functional, chair.

You still aren't able to locate it.

You, however, are able to find the source off it. In a small clearing is the decaying, partially eaten corpse of a dig dog wearing a merchant uniform. He doesn't look to have been here more than a weak and his corpse is still intact enough that you may be able to find out the cause of his death. On a tree near his corpse are several merchant runes.


Inspect his corpse

Roll #1 3 = 3

Koka [Monk] 369167

Shout to the other dog.
"Found anything?"

Lorik [Cleric] 369168

"Yes, dig dog corpse and runes!"


Rush over.
Inspect the corpse.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 369170

You aren't able to find the exact cause of death, but you are pretty sure it wasn't a natural one. He does not have any possessions with him either.
You are a Cleric/Doctor, so your DC for this sort of thing is lower.

He's dead, Jim.


What about a closer inspection? No indicator at all?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Crunch [Knight] 369172

"Well, congratulations. This actually looks like it belongs in the slave quarters. Show improvement and I may allow your work to be distributed through the fortress proper."

The bracelet I give back to the male.
"This, however is a disgrace, and is worthless. You are to wear it at all times, as an example of what to avoid in here from now on. Consider yourselves very lucky you still have all your limbs at least."

Campfire 369173

Upon closer examination it appears that a dagger or spike of some kind was driven up under his chin, through, his mouth, and into his brain. Rolling the body over you can see a wound made by a similar, perhaps the same, weapon when it was used to stab one of his kidneys.


Are you going to pause now that Sylt is gone?
"Interesting, but somewhat irrelevant."
Let's go inspect those runes next

Roll #1 3 = 3

Anonymous 369175

"Alright, now that we've cleared more of the land, let's start preparing it for farming."

What seeds do we have available for above ground farming?

If no one objects, I'll try to work on things outside the fort.

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 369176

Whoops, that was me.

Campfire 369177

The female gryphon smiles at your words.
"Thank you, Master. Shall I make another?"
The male gryphon bows and puts the bracelet on.
"Thank you for your mercy, Master."

Nah, the Americans should be showing up soon.
You see a sign very similar to the "fortress near" symbol from last night, and another one. The symbol below it is an arrow with a number next to it. Above the fortress symbol you see a confusing one. After a few minutes of puzzling it out you narrow it down to either "shrewd negotiator at fortress" or "jump: secret area ahead."

There are four celery seeds and two winter lettuce seeds. More could be found by gathering and either consuming or processing above ground plants.


Where is this illusive fortress… track it down already!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 369179

The RNG is being a botch so I am going to give you a collective DC.
After going back to the wagon trail with Koka you start sniffing up and down it. Deciding that the path that smells the most strongly of the now dead dig dog is the correct direction, you start traveling along it.


Damn right it is
Good, keep on the move. How warm/cold is it here?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 369181

I'll have Barrow go to the buffalo and claf from earlier, and to see what else that pen would need to house them all comfortably.

"Ax and Saw, you will be removing the stumps and tilling the area around the trees you fell. Pushcart will help gather and remove them. Bring me the seeds of whatever ground plants you eat and we will save them for later. Ard will be with me planting the seeds we have now."

Farming bonus roll.

>"shrewd negotiator at fortress"
All them critical rolls to their wallet.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Campfire 369182

Very cold. In fact, you can see patches of snow on the ground that get bigger and bigger as you walk along the path. It must be getting colder as you go further inland, and you no that the fortress is somewhere inland. The trail vanishes after a while, but you see a merchant symbol that points you onwards.

Crunch [Knight] 369183

"To the best of your ability. You're of no use to me without practice."
Look at the male.
"Or if I have to waste time beating each of you for every failure. If you can't serve here, then you will work in the mines, but I would rather not have the two of you wasted on jobs a buffalo or pony could do."


Pfah, just another reason to hurry along. Stay on the advance.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Campfire 369185

Are the mother and calf gathering plants and eating them? Barrow can do it without rolling because of how long he has been helping the farmers and teach the other slaves.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369186

And I wake up. A fine nap.

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 369187

Seeing as how the water buffalo we used to get here died of malnutrition, I'd assume the buffalo and calf would take the initiative to gather their own food. Barrow probably just went through what they already had in that instance.

Campfire 369188

The female gets back to work.
"Master, please forgive me, but could I not try with another type of craftsdog or be given to one that can train me to hunt or fight for the fortress?"

You loose sight of the symbols every now and then, but with a little backtracking you are always able to find them again. You can feel the land starting to slope gently upwards as you walk.

Gem is lying sprawled at the end of your bed and snoring gently. After spending who knows how long in a metal cage your bed must feel very nice.

Water buffalo are not sapient.
Barrow helps the other buffalo to pull up stumps and plow the ground outside. It takes a while for them to learn, but with Barrow's help the other buffalo are able to pull the plow with Barrow doing nothing but watching them to make sure their lines stay straight. Shovel and her calf start wandering the hill that the fortress is built on, but come back a few hours later with a small bundled cloth.
"We are sorry, but we cannot find any plants safe to eat. Winter is here, and plants have stopped growing. The few we found have seeds that can be planted when the weather warms, though."

Roll #1 10 = 10


Good… soon I'll reach that blasted fortress…

Roll #1 10 = 10

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369190

Hrmph. Lazy pony.
Giving her a light tap on the hindquarters, I'll speak.
"Time to get up. There's a long day ahead of us."

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 369191

"That's unfortunate, but it's good to know that a lot of the plants here aren't safe to eat. We'll save the seeds for the time after winter. We'll focus on cutting down some trees to get firewood for the coming cold. By the way, did you run into any bees?"

Which dog should I go to if I want to get a saw for the buffalo so they can cut down trees better?

Crunch [Knight] 369192

"I was hoping to expand your skillset with the hunting exercise and eventually work our way up to combat. But we are short-pawed in a variety of areas. Maybe we can switch focus."

Campfire 369193

The trees grow thin as you come up to a nearly vertically wall of snow covered earth and greenery. Very carefully both you and Koka climb it. At the top of the cliff the two of you hack your way through some thick arrow bamboo and come out to the other side. To the northeast you can just barley see the flat peak of the hill and to the west you can see a giant sparrow flying through the air, then drop suddenly as a bolt pierces its breast.

She wakes up with a snort and blinks a few times as she takes in her surroundings, then scrambles to get off the bed until she remembers she had your permission to sleep on it. Blushing, she hops off the bed and turns to face you.
"Shall I fetch you breakfast, master?"

"I am sorry, Mistress. What I meant to say was that they not not safe to eat now. If they were harvested in their season I am sure they would be fine."
The smiths could probably help you with your saw problem.

"Master, I am certain that if you found a dog to train me I would be able to hunt for you, even if you kept my wings bound. I will do whatever task you do as best I can though, no matter what it is."

While he is talking the female gryphon is making another chair. This one is much nicer, but very plain. She sanded it to removed the splinters, but the sanding is uneven in places.


Let's go to the west then.
Any runes or scents that indicate the fortress is someplace else?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369195

"Not today. The kitchens are on the way to the other workdogs, so we might as well eat together to save time."

Crunch [Knight] 369196

"Fine. I can't watch both of you all the time anyway. Remember your place though. I expect to see you matching your mate here in improvement before long."

I send for one of our hunter dogs, and nod to the female as she finishes her next chair.
"Much better. This might even find its way into general quarters."

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 369197

"Did you happen to run into any beehives, though? We should plan for the coming spring, and getting a few setup would help out. However, since you mentioned winter, we should improve our underground farms to make sure we have enough food to get us through it."

I'll have the two buffalo bulls clear out any small trees to add to the wood pile next to the depot. We can use them for heating and building. I'll have Barrow and Ard help me expand the underground farms for Plump Helmets.

Is there any room to expand the underground fields, or can I just focus on improving the area we have now?


I'm focusing on improving our farms, so I'll add the plus two.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Campfire 369198

File: 1363229714279.png (147.25 KB, 803x854, farms.png)

There are no more runes, but when the winds shift you can smell a bunch of dogs as well as some buffalo to the north. To the west you can see some diamond dogs trying to knock the sparrow they shot out of a tree by poking it with long branches.

"Thank you master."
She waits by the door for you.

They both start blushing and stammering when you refer to the female as his mate. The female evetually pushes the chair towards you.

"We did not notice any bees, Mistress, but we were not looking for them. We are sorry."
The calf nods his head when her mother apologizes. Barrow and Ard follow you to the farms underground. They are cramped. The walls that aren't separating the farm area from a workshop, bedroom, or storeroom have been marked with symbols to mean there is water directly behind them. Barrow leads you to a dusty workshop.
"Mistress, I have been working here for several seasons now and have never seen a diamond dog working in here. Perhaps it can be torn down so the farms can be expanded?"
The workshop is an old bowyers workshop. Now that a forge has been built this place is no longer necessary.

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369199

Hunters! Approach them.
"You. There is a fortress nearby. Is it located up North?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369200

First stop, the masons. Have to check up and see if those mechanisms and such are already on their way out, or if I need to bark at them for being slow.

Campfire 369201

One of them spares you a glance while poking at the sparrow with a branch.
"You bet. Normally you migrants run right towards it and don't bother to say hello. Speaking of usually, shouldn't there be more of you?"
One of the dogs throws his branch like a javelin and hits the sparrow, knocking it out of the tree.

There is a small pile off mechanisms next to a note.
Note to self: Ask the metalsmith if he can make metal mechanisms.

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 369202

"Let's begin then. Shovel and the calf can go back to their pen. Check where we can expand it, you will all need more room. Ard and Barrow will remove the earth that I move and put it outside. We can use it and the cut down trees later to fortify the home for all our safety."

Let's begin by digging, like the Dog we are!


Roll #1 1 = 1

Crunch [Knight] 369203

Smirk a bit.
"Yes, you seem to have a firm grasp of the basics. Continue working."

Take the male down to the pit and set up some practice dummies.
"I hope I don't have to show you what to do with these."

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369204

"Our vessel was attacked by beasts. By my knowledge the two of us are the sole survivors of the wreck."

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 369205

Clearly, punching the Earth is not the best way to do things. Let's try that again.


Roll #1 1 = 1

Campfire 369206

You hit the sandy loam wall to hard and go right through it. Unable to catch your balance you stumble forwards into the bowyers workshop and bring it crashing down on top of you. The two buffalo run to your side and quickly start pulling rubble off you.

"That's terrible. Well, around here all you have to worry about are mosquito dogs, and they aren't even a problem so long as they don't catch you buy yourself."

You try to push some of the rubble off of yourself, but the pile collapses even further and you can feel something sharp pierce your gut.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369207

I'll nod after reading that.
That was the plan. They hold up better, especially if they've got decent metal. These can be used for the stretching beds, though.
Next stop is the wood/bonecrafter.

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369208

I nod
"Good. Fighting is a wasteful activity."
I look towards the north
"I should move on and reach the fortress at last. Time is wasting. Thank you for the information, friend."
Turn and leave, let's head over to that fortress at last

Campfire 369209

File: 1363231298186.png (68.53 KB, 930x932, map for Groves.png)

You stop by your old workshop. There is a barrel with a few skull totems inside and a barrel with wooden objects that have been decorated with bones in it.

The female gryphon gets back to work.
the male gryphon follows you to the pit.
"No, Master. Will I be given a weapon to work with?"

Approaching the fortress you can hear the hustle and bustle and see dogs walking back and forth between a large open pit and the peak of the hill. You can see their breath on the air as they push wheelbarrows laden with stone and gems, cut down trees, or simply wander around. The sound of dogs working comes from the pit. The destination of the dogs coming from the peak of the hill is hidden from your sight by the peak.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369210

I should go find the dog in charge here first to request entrance. Or simply out of politeness to inform them that I have entered their grounds.
Approach one of the dogs wandering around and ask for directions.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369211

I'll frown a little.
Good craftwork, but completely uninspired.
Taking one of the bone-decorated items, I'll turn it over a few times before deciding to leave it. And then I'll knock on the workshop door.

Crunch [Knight] 369212

I nod and toss him a training sword, like the kind used in our sparring.

"Use this for now."

Campfire 369213

That would be zulu, but he doesn't feel like playing right now.
One of the nearby dogs directs you to one standing at the very top of the hill directing several other dogs that are cutting down trees. When he sees you coming he walks up to you and shakes you paw.
"You must be a new arrival. My name is Prophechy, and I am the Alpha's unofficial right paw. What an I do for you?"

"Hello? If you've got more bones yo can bring them in and leave them in the pile."

He swings it around to get a feel for tit, then dives towards the target.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Campfire 369214

The gryphon slashes at the training dummy several times with his sword, and never stays still while doing so. He spends the next few minutes circling around the target slashing, stabbing, and jabbing it with his sword.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369215

"It's Pom. I need my slave to know your face so that when I send her here to fetch me things you won't chase her off."

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369216

"Yes, my companion and I are the only surviving immigrants. I'm here to announce our arrival at the fortress."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369217

I do believe that my slaves should be awake now?

Crunch [Knight] 369218

"Well well well…it looks like you are good at something after all. This is definitely useable. Maybe we can even get you back into hunting."

Campfire 369219

"Your slave?"
You can hear a chair get pushed back and the door opens, revealing Lesson Dotstring. She kneels down to look at Gem.
"She's a muscly little thing, isn't she? I though unicorns were flimsy."

He looks worried when you say that.
"What happened to the others? Could what killed them threaten the fortress?"

They're awake. Do you want to move them both into the same room while you talk?

"Thank you master. If my wings were unbound, I could simply fly the training dummy into the air and drop it."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369220

If I could do it without inconveniencing them, yes.
If not, I'll just talk to them separately.
How do they look?…

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369221

I shake my head
"Unlikely. Our vessel was attacked by flying creatures of sort. We both woke up on a beach and marched our way here. The rest most likely drowned or were eaten by other creatures. Aside from a jungle cat attacking us, the rest of our trip was peaceful."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369222

"The ones I've assigned to help the doctor are, but the trainers didn't let them get too skinny, thankfully. Once she's got the layout of the fort down, I will have her fetch me things from your shop for gem setting, as well as any other shop that produces crafts I can bejewel."
I'll scratch my chin a bit.
"And she'll need that muscle to carry everything swiftly."
I'll turn to Gem.
"Gem, this is Lesson Dotstring, bone and woodcraftdog. She will be our main supplier of materials. Say hello."

Crunch [Knight] 369223

"Well obviously, but the point of all this was to find out what you can do without them. A versatile slave is most useful after all. Besides, what would we do with you if you lost use of them?"

Walk over and cut his bindings.
"Show me though. You've earned that much by now."

Campfire 369224

Your unicorn is able to levitate the bed one is one and carry it into the room of the other. Both of them have goofy smiles on the face from whatever they have been given to keep the pain down. Both of their front legs are wrapped in bandages that are gooey looking thanks to all the balm on them. The zebra blinks at you, trying and failing to not go cross eyed while the other giggles.

He smiles.
"I'm sorry to hear about your loss, but I am glad that the threat will not come to our fortress. What are you and your friend, is she your friend?, skilled at?"

"Thanks for letting me know, Pom."
Gem curtsies.
"Hello, mam."
Dotstring reaches down to scratch her behind the ears.
"I should get myself one. Are there any slaves left?"

He gives his wings a few flaps once you cut the bindings. Once he is certain they still work, he cuts the rope holding the training dummy in place with his beak then grabs it and launches himself into the air. Flying up to the lip of the pit, then up further still he lets go. The dummy plummets to the earth and bounces when it hits the ground. Then gryphon lands in front of you.
"Did I do well, Master?"

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369225

"I am a physician as well as a stoneworker. My friend is a cook, brewer and a fighter."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369226

"Should be. Just hope the Alpha's fool sibling hasn't gone off and let them go in some weird perversion of charity. Don't think anyone claimed a goat."
I'll nod.
"Anyway, there are other crafters to introduce her to, Lesson. We've a busy day ahead of us, and if you do pick up an assistant of your own, be sure to send it by so I know which one you pick."

Crunch [Knight] 369227

"You did. Were you trained in any other forms of combat?"

Campfire 369228

"A physician? Do you know the natural arts of healing, or the magical?"

"Alright. When I leave for lunch I'll talk to Prophecy about getting one."

"No, Master. I was not trained in any form of combat."

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369229

"Both. Though the magical side is my specialty."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369230

"Perhaps this is not the best time… are you two… erm, well?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369231

I'll nod.
"Good. Look forward to meeting it. Come along Gem, there are others to meet."
Then we'll make our way to the metalcrafter's.

Crunch [Knight] 369232

"I'm beginning to wonder what your trainers did with you exactly. Let's try another weapon then."

Toss him a spear.
"I want to see you improvise with this."

Campfire 369233

"Excellent! Pearl, take the little one and show her around the kitchens!"
One of the diamond dogs walks away from a tree he was cutting down and leads Koka into the fortress. Prophesy claps you on the back with a paw.
"Come with me, I can take you to our hospital. What did you say your name was?"

The zebra keeps blinking and shaking his head too try and make his eyes work right.

The metalcrafter's forge is empty right now because Moloch isn't there but the two smiths are.
"That's a bulky lil' mare ya got there."
"She goone be a replacement for the one Moloch burned?"

Campfire 369234

He takes the spear and advances on the dummy.
[1d10+1] because his wings are free.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369235

I'll raise my eyebrows at that.

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369236

"Doctor Lorik."
I'll go ahead and follow him
"Who is the doctor in charge of your hospital?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369237

I guiltily frown…
I look around. Do I see any sort of indicator of their care? Will I be needing to provide anything so that they receive adequate care?

Campfire 369238

He spends a few minutes jabbing at the dummy from the ground and air, then starts divebombing it and break off at the last second so as to not break the training spear against the dummy's wooden body.

"Aye, Moloch took a bunch o' slaves."
"Three of 'em. Lucky, well-connected mongrel."
"Aye, he took three slaves into his workshop to try and teach them to help him. A few minutes later two of 'em have nearly burnt all the flesh off their front legs."

"You are."
He leads you into the fortress, through the general stockpile/recreation area, past the farms, down the stairs, past some workshops and into the hospital. A dog lying against one of the walls stands up as the two of you enter.
"Who's this, Prophecy? Doesn't look like he's got anything wrong with him."

They've been cared for pretty well. There is only on doctor here, and these are his only two patients.
You can hear some talking coming from the waiting area.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369239

I'll sigh and start massaging the bridge of my snout.
"Of all the incompetent, stupid… You don't just throw them at something without at least telling them how it works first. Did the slaves survive, at least?"

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369240

"I'm here to work, not to receive treatment."
I look him over from tip to toe
"Who are you? What is your function? Nurse?"

Crunch [Knight] 369241

"Looks like you have a talent. Remember this the next time you're taken hunting. We can't afford be at war all the time."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369242

I stand up and scratch the back of my head.
"Well… I suppose I shall take my leave now… I am deeply, deeply sorry that this happened to either of you… I shall do everything in my power to remedy it."

Campfire 369243

"They were alive when we left them at the hospital."

He frowns.
"Doctor, not nurse. Are yo going to be working under me or do you know healing magic?"

"Thank you, Master. Am I to receive hunting training now?"

The zebra starts laughing and the earth pony mare's apparent inability to control the volume of her voice. Back in the waiting area you can see Prophecy, the doctor, and a diamond dog you don't recognize.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369244

"Which three?"

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369245

"I am a practitioner of healing magic, yes. As well as other things. And your name is…?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369246

I gently pet Earth's head.
"Shh… just relax right now."
I depart towards the waiting area, stopping when I notice the newcomer.
"Ah, hello… erm… I do not think that we have met before. You are?…"

Crunch [Knight] 369247

"Unless we find a way for you to practice against a living opponent. Come with me."

Go back above ground.

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369248

I turn to look at this dog
"I am Doctor Lorik. You must be the resident nurse then."

Campfire 369249

"An earth pony mare, a unicorn stallion, and one oh those stripy ones."
"A zee-somethin'."

"Glaze Musicdesk. All I know are the natural arts of healing. If you want to prove your worth-"

He stops talking when you come in.
"Moloch, mind if this newcomer looks at your slaves? He knows magic>"

He follows you up and out of the pit.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369250

My hackles will rise a bit at the mention of the unicorn.
"Brown unicorn or purple unicorn?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369251

"Ah, no. I'm Moloch, the resident Smith. I'm merely here attending to two of my slaves who were very unfortunately injured in an earlier accident with molten metal…"
I wince as I recall the event.
"I should have been more cautious…"

"Hmm? Oh! He does? Excellent!"
I noticeable perk up.
"Would you be so kind as to take a look at them and see what you can do, Doctor Lorik?"

Campfire 369252


Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369253

"Slaves… of course."
I shake my head
"Show me to them. I am sure my magic will be able to handle injuries like those."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369254

I lead him over to Earth and Zebra.
Where's Brown during all of this? Still just following me?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369255

I'll growl a bit at that.
"That unicorn was to assist the doctors. And that damn fool brother of the Alpha's might have crippled it?"
I'll ball up my fists and fume a bit.
"Son of a cat, that damned idiot."
After taking a few breaths, I'll speak again.
"You said they are in the infirmary, correct?"

Campfire 369256

Following you like a good little slave. He seems worried about the two other slaves, but glad that he wasn't the one hurt.

"Unless they died, yes."


"Equines. Earth pony female. Zebra male."
Inspect their wounds, how grievous are they?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369258

I'll close my eyes for a moment in silent anger.
"If that idiot wasn't the Alpha's brother I'd have him strung up for this."
I'll turn to leave, but stop before I do so.
"To answer your first question, this mare is my personal slave, and is assisting me in my shop. However, there should still be a few unclaimed slaves that you can use. Also, the mason was meaning to tell you that he'd like you lot to take over the production of mechanisms."
And then I'll head to the infirmary.

Campfire 369259

"Thanks fer tellin' us, but after what we saw we decided against any slaves."
"We'll start thinking about metal mechanisms too."

You go to the infirmary, but the waiting room is empty.

You take off their bandages as gently as you can. The wounds go almost all the way to the bone. Most of the burned flesh has been removed. They have certainly suffered nerve damage.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369260

Well, let's go in then. Only an idiot would move wounded out of the hospital before they're due.

Campfire 369261

You can see the doctor, Moloch, and a dog you haven't seen before in one of the rooms along with the three slaves.


I shake my head
"Vicious. Though not an unusual injury for somepony tending to heated and molten metals. A mending spell should speed up recovery process considerably."
I'll try just that. Mend on one of the two.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Campfire 369263

You can see a little bit of flesh start to grow, but the spell did not have enough power behind it.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369264

March right up to Moloch.
"What in all of Tartarus made you think putting slaves with no idea of what they were working with to work a good idea?"
Shoot a quick glance at Brown.
"But at least the one I had meant to work as the doctor's aide is unharmed."


I scratch my head
"Hmph. More healing power required for these wounds."
Try again. Put my back into this time.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Campfire 369266

The doctor speaks.
"She gave me the donkey jack as a replacement. It's fine."

Still not enough power.


I ignore all the yapping going on around me and keep working on it. Another Mend.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Campfire 369268

You try to shut out the noise, but you can't.


I clench my jaw and keep trying.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369270

Turn around, shocked.
"Wha- Pom?"
I frown.
"I did not put them to work immediately. I spent a fair bit of time demonstrating and teaching, and then put two of them to work doing a very basic casting, simply melting down the molten steel and carrying it over to pour into a mold. I did not expect that they would be as unsteady as they were, and I deeply regret not assisting them further. I do take full responsibility for their injury and I do intend to assist in their recovery, in any way I can manage."

Campfire 369271

His muscles squire as they grow back and skin creeps along behind them. Once the last bit of muscle is hidden by skin a short fuzz of stripy hair sprouts.The zebra giggles and slurs something when you finish.


"I suggest keeping quiet if you wish to help, distractions are unwanted while performing high-tier healing spells."

"One down. Clearly drugged with sedatives. Perhaps I can change that."
Would cure clear their minds from the drugs?
Now mend the Earth pony mare.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369273

"That's not the point. Unicorns are better for delicate tasks, and nothing is more delicate than bonesetting and medicine."
"You let complete novices work with molten metal? And you didn't bother consulting with the other smiths to find out if, just maybe, that was a bad idea?"

Campfire 369274

He flesh regrows just like the zebra's did. You doubt they will ever have sensation in those areas again, but in almost every other respect their legs are as good as new.

"You think I'd let them work on actual patients? I use them to haul things like materials and water."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369275

I'll glare at the doctor.
"I'd think you'd train them to at least change bandages in case you were laid up yourself! That's what slaves are for! They are tools that can work even if their masters can't."


Now use Cure to flush those drugged minds away.

And turn to the other doctor.
"Dog is right. I need to pass on my craft in the event something happens to me. Natural catalyst and telekinesis makes unicorn ponies excellent candidates for spellcasters. Wasting that potential is unwise."
I point at the two unicorns in the room
"Wasted potential."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 369277

Stay calm.

Tell the slaves to go get help.

Think happy thoughts.

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1 / Roll #3 10 = 10

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369278

"My slave is hardly wasted potential… who are you? You weren't with the last migrant wave."

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369279

"I am Doctor Lorik. New arrival. What does your slave work on?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369280

"I am teaching her to cut, polish, and set gems. Between lessons she is my gofer."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369281

"I'm unaware if you realize this, but castings the basis of metalworking. That is the very first thing I learned when I apprenticed as a smith! Everything that comes afterwords is just further refinement and finishing! Not something for a beginning apprentice to do!"
I frown.

"Brown is hardly wasted potential… metal working is very involved work that magic would be immensely useful for."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369282

"I know your brother is the Alpha, but that hardly means you can just waltz in and take slaves from their assigned duties without good reason. If that doctor hadn't wandered in out of the wild, those two would have been useless for months."
I'll puff up a little.
"And slaves learn best by observation and practice. I doubt you demonstrated the proper way to melt, pour, and then set metal for them before telling them to just wing it."

Campfire 369283

"Well of course I taught them how to change bandages. I meant that I would not use them to set bones or operate on patients."

Their minds clear and they climb out of bed, their legs still a little shaky from the mending. Both the unicorns hang their heads.
"We are sorry for being wastes of flesh."

You are unable to speak. This makes you start to panic, but you soon slip out of consciousness and into your happy place.

A dog runs into the crowded room.
"The bowyer's workshop just collapsed on some dog!"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369284

I'll just put my paw to my face.
"If not one thing, it's another. Brown, Gem, come with me. Doctor Lorik, it seems your services might be needed."
And then we'll set off for the bowyer's.

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369285

"Paws are more useful for that craft. Diamond dog inherently better with minerals than equines."

"Again, paws are more useful. Suggest using other dogs to help instead."

I shake my head.
"I am needed elsewhere, it seems. Lead me there."

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 369286

If I can, let's try to keep as much blood inside of me by blocking the bleeding.


Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 369287

The dog leads you all up the stairs and to the farming area. Part off a wall has been demolished and two buffalo bulls are frantically trying to remove the rubble. As you get there they fling the last bits of wood away and exposes Aidi, who is unconscious and has an unfinished bow sticking out of her chest.

You are unconscious and cannot move.


Right, let's get to work then.
Remove the bow parts, then apply a healing spell to fix the wound.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369289

"Damnation. Doctor, if you'll set to work once I pull that stick out? The unicorns can hold her in place."

Campfire 369290

You pull the bow out and a bunch of frothy, bright red blood starts flowing out of the hole.
3/5 Wounds left for Aidi.


Healing spell, on the double!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369292

"I did. I demonstrated several times, and I could see a clear understanding on their faces."

I adopt a sympathetic look as I see Earth and Zebra.
"It's alright… it is my fault. I did not properly supervise the two of you. Had I payed more attention, this accident could have been avoided."
I perk up as I hear the dog run in.
I look back at the slaves.
"You two… stay here. Remain in bed until I return. You need to rest. If you do not wish to, then this is an order. I order you, Earth, and you, Zebra, to remain in bed and rest until I return."
I then leave with the rest of the dogs to the bowyer.

I wince as I see the state Aidi is in.

Campfire 369293

The wound on her chest seals itself.
Aidi can start rolling to wake up now.

They climb back into their beds.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369294

Seeing as there's nothing I can really do, I'll turn to Moloch.
"You give them such terrible names."

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 369295

Alright, let's see if I was able to runaway from the light into the welcoming darkness of the cave.


Roll #1 2 = 2


I let out a satisfactory grunt.
"She will be fine. Still unconscious though."
Can I slap her awake?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 369297

Try as you might, you cannot reach the light at the end of the tunnel. You run towards it as fast as you can and run face first into a wall. You open your eyes and see a dog you don't know kneeling over you.

You slap her and her eyes open.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369298

"I did not give them names. I merely gave them the idea to choose their own."

I lean down to Aidi.
"Are you back in the world of the living now?"

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369299

"Welcome back."
I get back up on my feet.
"Are you feeling well?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369300

"Bah. That's pony talk. Letting them pick their own names…"
Anyway, since everything's wrapped up here, I guess I can assign Brown to listen to Doc Lorik, and then continue my way around. Next stop is the storage area.
"This is where we put things until we're ready for them. Gems, food, furniture, crafts… everything until it's needed."

Aidi [DD Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 369301

"Ugh, what kind of Diamond Dog let's their own cave collapse on them."

"Thank you."

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369302

"It happens. Be glad you are still breathing."

Campfire 369303

brown looms a little uncomfortable.
"With all due respect, sir, I belong to Moloch. I follow his orders first."

Campfire 369304

>Brown looks

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369305

I'll have retroactively rolled my eyes at this.
"And I named you, not him. If you wish to discard that name, feel free to do so and beg another from him."

Campfire 369306

"I like my name, sir."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369307

"And what did I tell you that you were to do after I named you?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 369308

"Then you may keep your name, Brown."

Campfire 369309

"Assist with the construction of the hospital, sir. The doctor had no objection to master Moloch adopting me, so now I am his."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 369310

"Then the doctor was a short-sighted idiot. Fine."
And then off I go.

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 369311

I groan and rub my temples
I am surrounded by idiots.
Right, I'm out of here, back to the hospital I go.

Campfire 369312

Off you go indeed.

Back to the hospital you go.


Campfire 376449

Winter has arrived again. The thick jungle trees and ground are covered by pure, white snow. Diamond Dogs struggle, puffs of fog coming from their mouths, to move their burdens between the fortress and the mines as animals struggle to find green grass under the white carpet. The fortress's small metal industry has been churning out mechanisms and components for various types of simple traps, and perhaps a few other things if gems or other valuables grease the correct set of paws. The sound of chopping wood and falling trees can be heard as the woodsdogs step up their timber collection efforts to provide the fortress with lumber and firewood. Dogs on break laugh and drink in the storage area or dining hall, or maybe sneak off to their quarters with another dog or the occasional slave. Hunters stalk through the winter wonderland searching for anything that has not left for warmer parts of the world while surveyors and architects try their best to keep marker poles at the sights of future fortifications uncovered. All is going well, until a cry rings out through the fortress.

"Merchants from the west! Donkey merchants coming from the west!"

Boyar (Preacher) 376450

"Donkeys?" I round up a few of the guardsdogs and go meet them at the trade station.

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376451

"Donkeys!" With that I approach Boyar.
"Is my strength needed?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376452

How are they doing?
Are they being fed well? Cared for enough? Have they been cleared for release into my care?

Boyar (Preacher) 376453

"A show of force is always a good idea. Join us if you like."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376454

Merchants, eh?
"Come along, Gem. We've goods to put up for sale."

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376455

With that approval, I follow Boyar and the other guards with glee, spear(or any weapon) in hand.

Campfire 376457

Several other donkeys, each with a facial expression screaming "I wish a nigga would" jump down from the wagons and place themselves between the wagons and you all. The leader of the caravan look down at you all from his wagon.
"We are here to trade, my good Dogs. What is the meaning off your weapons and lack of trade goods?"

They are doing mucch better now that a magical healer has arrived. They have been resting and regaining their strength while waiting for you to call on them again.
"Do you still want us to work for you, Master?"
"Even after our mistake?"

"Yes, Master."
She carefully begins placing finished items into bins.
"Do you want me to bring the cut gems too, Master?"

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376458

I kept quiet and let the Boyar or another dog handle the talking.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376459

I'll think for a moment.
"A few of the medium-quality ones. And one of yours. Let's see if it'll sell."

Boyar (Preacher) 376460

"We have trade goods to spare, but we always take care to inspect newcomers who come to our home, lest they not be so peaceful as you."

"What do you bring to us to sell, donkey?"

Campfire 376461

Are you wanting to bring Gem with you to the traders, or help you carry stuff to the storeroom for other dogs to carry it out?

Crunch [Knight] 376462


How are my two griffons doing? I'll bring the male up with me to the traders, but have the female keep working in the woodshop.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376464

She is my assistant, after all.

Campfire 376465


Roll #1 10 = 10

Campfire 376467

Her eyes light up as she starts to collect gems and sort them between a bin and a pile on your work table. Soon everything has been loaded into bins and are ready to go.
"I know they will, Master. I have been working very hard."

"Many things, my good Dog. A bar of iron and pig iron, as well as some finely cut gems. Ropes, cloth, leather, thread, and clothing too. We also have with us several barrels of alcohol and above ground fruits and vegetables. We also have bolts, armor, weapons, and trap components for a growing fortress."
A dog comes running from the south and whispers in your ear.
"Goat caravan coming. they'll be here soon."

The male's talons have been sharpened, but other than that he does not look much different. The female has been slowly improving under the guiding paws of the fortresses many woodworkers.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376468

"I'm aware."
And, laden with baubles and cut stones, we'll make our way to the depot.
"So, Alpha, what is there to trade for today?"

Crunch [Knight] 376470

Hrm. Perhaps if one of her goods catches their eye, she might finally earn the right to a name. I'll mix some of hers with our surplus woodworkings and bring them to the caravans.

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376471

I turn to the Alpha(Boyar).
"We dogs have gems right?"

Campfire 376472

One of the donkeys see the pony following behind you and starts to laugh. The other donkeys look at him, but then catch sight of Gem and start to laugh as well. Before long many of them are each rolling around or pounding the ground with a forehoof.

A few of the merchants that are still standing start inspecting the goods that have been brought out.

Campfire 376473


Roll #1 7 - 2 = 5

Boyar (Preacher) 376474

Do we have gems? Let's check the inventory. What do we have? What do we need?

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376475

I'll glare at them as I set down my bin.
"Is there something humorous about my assistant, ass?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376476

"It was my mistake. I would never dare fault you for my own shortcoming. And yes, I would love if you would be willing to work for me."
I smile at them.

Crunch [Knight] 376477

I throw a bemused look at Pom before I start rooting through their armor and weapons.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376478

Let's start working on our sales pitch, at least for next time, after our less than illustrious opening act.

I'll try to smooth things over for now while trying to get a better deal.


Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376479

"Donkey want to trade." I nod.

Check out their stuff but only look. I dont want to touch it before the Alpha does.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376480

Let's try that again.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Campfire 376481

One of the donkeys picks up a simple wooden figurine of almost average quality and brings it to you.
"Why is woodwork like this among your offered goods?"

The gems available for trade, at least the ones that haven't been used to decorate other crafts, are cut schorls and green tourmalines. The fortress itself could use another anvil or two, and new types of alcohol and food are always nice. Everything else being offered by the caravans could be made by the fortress, but why bother when they can be bought?

The caravan leader wipes tears from his eyes.
"That pony of yours. She is a slave, yes?"

They are offering a steel axe, a bronze halberd, a copper mace, a bronze warhammer, a copper axe, a copper warhammer, a bismuth bronze warmhammer, a bronze buckler, a bismuth bronze buckler, two steel bucklers, an iron plumed helm, two bismuth bronze plumed helms, and a copper helm.

Most of them are still laughing too hard to hear you.

You see everything the trader mentioned here >>376467. Tell me if you want some more details.

Boyar (Preacher) 376482

Trade for two anvils. Spend some of the rest of the gems on alcohol and food to stockpile. If the others need things, spend some on that.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376483

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376484


Campfire 376485

They look confused confused when you take the blame.
"Thank for wanting us back, Master. Shall we start work now?"

"There is no love lost between our race and the ponies. They see us as…half-ponies and haave tried, more than once, to kill us all."

You buy a couple of anvils and several barrels of exotic food and drink as well.
"Thank you for your business."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376486

"I see. However, keep your laughter to yourselves. As she is my property, laughing at her is the same as laughing at me. It is bad business to laugh at your partners."

Crunch [Knight] 376487

"Hand crafting can be imprecise at times, donkey. If you don't want it, than feel free to browse the rest of our selection."

"How much for the lot of weapons, trap components, as well as the foodstuffs?"

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376488

I look at the weapons, crossbows and armor available. Is it of good quality?

I look at the donkey then to Pom's pony slave.
"Is what donkey say true?" I look at him surprised.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376489

I'll pick up a few fruits and vegetables for future farming purposes. At least a few of each variety. We'll need variety if we want to keep the inhabitants happy.


Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376490

"I would prefer for you to rest and recover."
I scratch my chin.
"Though… I would not be against teaching you some more. Perhaps we shall begin slower, and safer. For today, you shall just watch me work. Do feel free to ask questions as you see fit."
And with that, I set to work forging a few swords and shields. How's that gonna work? Do I craft in groups of items or do I need to roll for each individual one?
And rolls for the three to learn from my actions.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 4, 9, 6 = 19

Campfire 376491

With a great show of effort he composes himself and yells at the others to do the same.
"My apologies, noble dog."

"All the weapons and the trap components? Metalwork like that is not cheap, and I have seen larger fortresses that could not afford it all. Perhaps you would like to look through each of the trap components we are offering instead?"
Gem looks up at you, confused.
"I am uncertain, sir. I was born and raised under the mountains."

With some flattery and charm you are able to get enough of each vegetable to start a garden for only a few small earings.

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376492

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376493

"Accepted, honorable ass."
And we'll leave them to peruse the gem bins. We'll see if Gem's sold later. We've got more work to do. Got another caravan on the way.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376494

"Even if we can't buy ALL of it, how about a package deal?"

Trying to get as much for as little as possible.


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Campfire 376495


They range froom normal quality to finly crafted, with the price of each item increasing sharply for each level of quality.
Gem looks up at you, confused.
"I am uncertain, sir. I was born and raised under the mountains."

You burn yourself while trying to teach them and are forced to dunk your hand in a barrel of water. The unicorn learns nothing from this, but the zebra and earth pony look like they learned something.
Your choice.

All the gems the fortress has have been sold, with the exception of the few uncut gems.

"The guild master would have my ears if I let them all go without making a tidy amount of money. Maybe a few individual items will catch your eye?"



Attempt to barter my way into the axe, halberd, a couple bucklers, and some trap components.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376497

I wince as I cool my hand off.
"…right. Do not attempt that, please."
I'm going to try that again, and not burn myself in the process hopefully.
And they watch and hopefully learn.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 1, 1, 8 = 10

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376498

Well, let's get cutting. That shit needs to be ready.
"Gem, you take a few and get to work."
And I'll work on the rest. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376499

"I'm sure we can work out a good deal on those."

Rolling to assist.


Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376500

"Ah." I exclaimed to Gem.

I approach the Alpha.
"We dogs have enough weapons right?"

Boyar (Preacher) 376501

"We could always use more."

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376502

I nod.
"We's need some sort of range weapon for far fights."
I then look for crossbows and bolts.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Crunch [Knight] 376503

"Come to think of it, we might want to start working on siege equipment…"

Campfire 376504

The price is very steep despite your bartering, but you get the items. The trap components are two large, brass corkscrews and large, serrated copped disk.

Addendum to the crafting stuff: If you roll individually for each item you make the item will be more influenced by the roll. A ten for a group of items will make some pretty nice items. A 10 for a single item will make one very high quality item.
When the process is done you have several wickedly sharp swords and lighter-than-normal shields. The earth mare is soaking up knowledge like a sponge, but the two stallions are quietly arguing with each other.

You shear quite a bit off flesh off of one of your fingers ass your chisel slips.
"Master? Master!"
Gem rushes over to your side.

They only have crossbows fit for ponies. They have some bolts as well, but your funds are running low and they are made of materials that can be found within the fortress.

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376505

I yelp.
"How we do that?" I frown.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376506

'1d10' to not yelp in pain.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376507

I put the wares back in its place and let the others do their share of the talking.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376508

Nope. I'm yelping.
"Gem! Bandages!"

Campfire 376509

You yelp, but at least you don't start crying. Gem, however, is panicking and spinning around in circles trying to find something to stop the bleeding.


Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 376511

She keeps spinning.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376513

I grin at the fruits of my labor, my grin turning to a frown as I turn and see the zebra and the stallion arguing with one another.
"Is something wrong, Zebra and Brown?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376514

I'll hold the injured finger above heart level. With the other paw, I'll point to the small stash of emergency medical supplies all competent craftsdogs keep under the table in case of just such a thing.
"There, small box. Bandages, and then we go to the doctor."

Crunch [Knight] 376515

"We craft, of course. A ballista is just an oversized crossbow in principal."

I pull out some saddlebags and start loading up my griffon.

"Hopefully the goat caravan will have some more materials."

Boyar (Preacher) 376516

"A good idea, Crunch."

Crunch [Knight] 376517

"I had hoped so. Might I suggest we start drafting plans for trenchworks as well? We'll also need tracks to move siege engines about the fortress."

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376518

"Just tell. I'll help." I grin at him.

Campfire 376519

A bushwoolie, laden with good plundered from a wagon takes off like a shaggy streak as several armed donkeys give chase. Several armed goats break off from the approaching caravan and give chase as well. The goat caravan arrives and begins unloading its goods.

They start quaking when you spot them.
"Z-z-z-zebra was saying I should punish myself for failing you and injuring myself, Master. I was telling him that you said it was not my fault, but he said clumsiness is always a slave's fault."

She gets the supplies and wraps your paw up into a ball of gauze.

the goats stop dead as they spot your gryphon.
"What is that doing here?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376520

"A bit excessive, but it'll do. Come along. To the medic dogs."
And then we're off on a lovely field trip to the hospital.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376521

I'm injured, so I will not be giving chase.
I'll chat with some of the goats, though.

"What are the other fortresses near us like? Is there anything you'd like us to try and stock for your next visit?"

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376522

I look at the commotion and walk slowly towards it.
"Whats going on there eh?!"

Crunch [Knight] 376523

"What I say he does. Do you have a problem with that? It seems like he might come in handy with your little problem there."

Gesture in the direction of the thief.

Campfire 376524

The doctor and Lorik are there, as well as the hospital slaves. Lorik takes the bandages off your paw and begins examining them to see what he can salvage while Lorik heals your paw.

"Baaah, there are so many of them it would take all day to describe what all of them are like. Whatever you can sell us will have a market somewhere along our route, don't you worry."

One of the donkeys sneers at you.
"A thief made off with some of our property. If our guards don't catch it you dogs will be paying for it."

The thief is no longer in sight.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376525

I frown a bit more and give the pair a stern look.
"Zebra, it is not Brown's fault. It is mine for not supervising well enough. I could have prevented it…"
I shake my head and sigh.
"Regardless, because of your bickering you caused both yourself and Brown to miss my demonstration. Now, I am going to do it again, and I expect you to pay attention, alright? No more arguing."
And with that, onwards.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 1, 4, 3 = 8

Campfire 376526

"Yes, I do have a problem. We haaave been fighting against those monsters for decades now. I want to know what one is doing here."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376527

"Well? Can you fix it? I've got work to do."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376528

pls slaves

Roll #1 8, 3, 6 = 17

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376530

"Oh no!" I notion some of the dogs to help the donkeys give chase to the thief as it tries to escape. I also come and try to ctach the thief.


Roll #1 3 = 3

Boyar (Preacher) 376531

"Yes, we need fortifications. Draw up some plans, and work with Moloch and the trapmakers."

Um, I look for the thief, too!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Crunch [Knight] 376532

"I don't ask you what your goods are doing on your cart, do I? What my slave does should be of no concern to you, goat."

Sigh and turn to my gryphon.
"Feel like proving yourself? Do you think you can catch the thief from the air?"

Campfire 376533

"Already done."
You paw is good as new.

They both speak.
"We were watching, Master."
The stallion is a bit too swollen with pride at having been right to get much at all as you create several more high quality metal items. The zebra is sullen but learns his lesson, and the mare was trying to scratch an itch on her back.

Both ponies learn from the verbal lesson you, give, but the zebra is still a little sulky.

The donkeys and goats that gave chance return to the trading post as you start to head out.
"The little shit is gone. He was too fast."

The falling snow has filled in his tracks.

Boyar (Preacher) 376534

"We need to improve our defenses."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376535

I'll wiggle the fingers a bit.
"Good. Thank you."
Taking the cloth back with me (to get washed at some point), I'll head back to the shop with Gem.
"It seems I was remiss in not teaching you where the emergency supplies are. That was foolish and irresponsible of me not only as your owner, but also as your teacher."

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376536

"tsk!| I clenched my teeth,

I get down on all fours and try to smell his trail and check for tracks. Last try to track the damn filth,


Roll #1 9 = 9

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376537

OOC: survival is used to track things and stuff right?

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376538

"I couldn't help but overhear that you wanted to improve security at the fort. I and the slaves have already gathered a fair bit of materials near the trade depot. Let us know what you need and we'll get right to it."

Campfire 376539

The head of the donkey caravan speaks.
"No shit. The thief took our property, and you mutts did nothing until it was already long gone. We expect compensation."

"I should have been more observant, Master. I am glad you are okay."

It's too late.
If you had reacted sooner, that would have worked.


Do you want to buy anything from the goat caravan? It's more of the same, really.

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376540

Perhaps an axe and a crossbow for personal use and some drinks.

I whispered to Aidi
"Do you have slaves that knows how to heal this?"

Boyar (Preacher) 376541

"Wait here."

Go inside, gather the crew, get Prophecy.

"If they want compensation, I suggest we give them compensation. Do you understand me?"

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376542

"Please stop shouting, Mr Donkey."

I'll try to reason with him.


Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376543

I'll wave that off with my newly-healed hand.
"All the observation in the world can't prepare you for somedog's mistakes."
I'll pick up the chisel, and start wiping it off with a clean section of the used bandages.
"Now, you're now familiar with where I keep the emergency first-aid kit."
I'll gesture to the box below the table.
"Now, where do you think I keep the cleaning supplies?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376544

I lean down to Zebra, sighing.
"Zebra… I did not mean to make you upset. I merely just wished for you to stop encouraging Brown to hurt himself. You're not in trouble nor are you going to receive punishment."
I stand up.
"Now… you are behind in your learning though. Perhaps… they say that teaching is the best way to fully know a subject, so perhaps… would the three of you want to try your pa-… er, hoof, at forging something? Show Zebra what the two of you have learned?"

Crunch [Knight] 376545

"I believe so, alpha. Shall we bring the earth out from under them? And what about the goats?"

I direct my gryphon back to the workshop. Waste not, want not.

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376546

shows him my paw.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376547

"Sorry about that. We have a few medical slaves, and a doctor to oversee them. Ask inside the fortress for directions."

Campfire 376548


A few of the dogs seem excited by the idea, but Prophesy shakes his head.
"Alpha, those caravan guards have much more experience in battle than our militia does, not to mention they are better armed and armored. If were were attacking them on the road and had the element of surprise, then we may win. As it stands it would be unlikely that we win here, and we will certainly be defeated if the goats decide to give the donkeys their aid."

He calms down as you speak.
"Very well, I withdraw my demand for compensation and not mention this to my superiors. However, if your trading post has not been secured by the next time we get here we will pass this fortress by, is that understood?"


They all nod their heads.
"We are ready to try again, Master."

He returns to the workshop.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 376549

She spends a few minutes searching all over your workshop but returns empty hooved.
"Sorry, Master."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376550

I smile.
"Very well then. I shall stand by and supervise, and if you have any questions then please do feel free to ask. I'd much rather you ask and learn than don't and be wrong."
Rolling for DANGER WATCH '1d10'
And rolling for their combined performance in making one object together, as a team.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 5, 1, 7 = 13

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376551

Keep trying to sweet talk him.

"With the fine materials we got from you, it's a promise."


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376552

I nod.
I wait for the others to finish their business first before going inside the fortress.

Boyar (Preacher) 376553


"Fine. Thank you for your input, Prophecy. We will allow them to leave."

"But perhaps we could begin construction on a pit trap below the trading post – if another group decided to issue us an ultimatum, we could collapse the pit and do with them as we pleased."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376554

I'll lead her over to a small cupboard next to the table.
"It's because you didn't look inside anything. Looking at the surface can only tell you so much, but it's when you look inside something," I'll open the cupboard to show her the supplies. "That you find what you're looking for. It's the same thing with gems. They all look like rocks from the outside, but from the inside, once you free them from the dirt and stone, that's when they shine."

Crunch [Knight] 376555

"I'll draft up some plans for it and the trenchworks. We should consider ourselves lucky that the thief only targeted the caravan this time."

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376556

I approach a bit.
"Do we put spikes or water below?"

Boyar (Preacher) 376557

"Water, of course. Though the aggression is appreciated, Barkspawn."

Campfire 376558

You pull the zebra away as he nearly pokes his eye out with a redhot piece of metal. He is too shaken to continue working right away. the other two continue to work at the object you have assigned them to create. After a while they have produce a long metal spike for a weapon trap. It is crooked and looks a little brittle, but it should serve well enough.
"Did we do good?"

"Talk is cheap."
He turns to the other donkeys.
"Load it up you bunch of asses, we've got palaces to be!"

"That…is certainly an idea, Alpha. How do you propose we set up areas for the traders and their wares in a none suspicious way? The last thing we want is to dump our own Dogs and goods down into a hole with them."

She nods as she listens.
"Yes, Teach. Thank you for the lesson, Teacher."
Her stomach rumbles.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376559

"Ah, I see it's time for food. Having you around will remind me to eat regularly, if nothing else."
I'll shut the cabinet.
"Well, come along then. To the kitchens."

Boyar (Preacher) 376560

"Mere details, Prophecy. We'll need to work it out with the miners.

"We can think more on this. This is a much lower priority than simply arming and training the militia and creating some basic defenses."

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376561

I smile at the appreciation.

Crunch [Knight] 376562

"I should get to work on that then. We can't be pushed around by caravans any longer."

Go back to the workshop. What is my other slave doing?

Campfire 376563

"Thank you, Teacher!"
She cheerfully follows you to the kitchen area.

"Now that you mention it, Alpha. Neither Switch nor Crunch have visited the barracks or their milita yet. If they do not do it soon one of the Dogs will take over."

She is making more chairs. They look alright. Not good, but alright.

Boyar (Preacher) 376564

"Thank you, Prophecy."

"Crunch, let's head to the barracks. I should tour the facilities, as well."

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376565

I approach the Alpha.
"I need some help on workshop, Aidi told you're one to go to if needed." I show him my injured paw.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376566

File: 1364021085786.jpg (14.26 KB, 250x249, palisade.jpg)

Can we get a palisade up near our entrance? How much effort will it take?

"The Donkey lord is right, it isn't good to leave things out in the open like this."

Let's go to the Alpha and ask about being offering more security for caravans. Maybe we can make them a secured garage we can use to store our own things.

Crunch [Knight] 376567

"Good progress, but not good enough. We need to be able to sell these. I'll return soon."

"Yes sir. I suppose I had better visit them."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376568

"For your first try? Very good! And… it's perfectly alright to be frightened, Zebra. Metallurgy is a very dangerous profession. But you will become used to it with time."
I applaud and take the spike from them, examining it.
"I shall have to deliver this to the trapmakers. Though, now it is time for a break and for lunch. Shall we go to the great hall and celebrate a successful day?"
I pocket the spike and walk to the door, standing by it and waiting for them.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376569

Clambering up into one of the seats near a table, I'll send Gem to fetch us both food.
I suppose the few moments she's gone will give me time to think.

Boyar (Preacher) 376570

Go down to the barracks.

"Dogs, Crunch here will be your new second-in-command. Switch will be your leader, but Crunch will be doing a lot of the work down here, I'm sure. Give him your full loyalty."

Talk with some of the dogs. Any problems they need addressed? Concerns? Personal favors?

Campfire 376571

In the quest? You would need to sharpen the wood for the palisade, build fortifications if you want dogs to be able to walk along the top of it, gather the materials necessary for the gate, and build it all. This will take a lot of rolling.
In the game? A better option is to rebuild the trade depot underground and have a few military dogs patrol the entrance.

You see Boyar inside talking with some Dogs.

"Thank you and sorry, Master."
She keeps working and the male gryphon accompanies you.

The slaves thank you for your praise but are confused by your question.
"Are you asking us, Master?"

The dogs all seem happy to be part of the militia and eager to fight something, but they are also concerned about the small size and lack of a standard uniform. Most of them are making due with a weapon made of sme random metal, a helmet of some sort, and a steel buckler. The lucky ones have breastplates.

Boyar (Preacher) 376572


Roll #1 10 = 10

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376573

Campfire 376574

Several of the dogs speak to you away from Crunch.
"Boss, we aren't too sure about Switch. We think she used some sort of poison while fighting Crunch for the leadership spot. We like that she is clever, but she broke tradition if she used poison."

Boyar (Preacher) 376575

I try to heal his injured paw.


"I don't know if we have any free slaves, but I'll see if we can free up some help for you."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Campfire 376576

The stump is beyond your ability to heal.
Groves will need to use Mend to fix his missing paw, or the metalcrafters and trap makers could try making him a prosthetic with their skills.

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376577

I grin at his effort.
"Me go down and pick what I need like pulling carts and more." I wink.

With that I head to the slave pen.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376578

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376579

"It was more a phrase, but I do believe that it is time that the four of us take a break. Long hours of monotonous, repetitive work do no good for a dog's mind. Nor a pony or zebra's, for that matter."

Boyar (Preacher) 376580

"Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will investigate this thoroughly. But consider that, even if it is true, deviousness and guile on the part of our militia commander may be a boon. Perhaps she broke with tradition, but if Crunch feels that she fought fairly, then her position is valid. But worry no more about it. I will look into it."

Roll to calm their nerves about it.


"This is beyond my skills as a healer. You will need to see Lorik when you are able if you want that fixed. Or you could see the trap makers and see if they could make you a prosthetic."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376581

"When you have a moment Alpha, I'd like to discuss some options I've come up with in regards to securing Caravans. We could dig a small warehouse area underneath the trade depot for Caravans to rest in. Doing so might actually boost our reputation and lead to better goods coming in. If all else fails, the farmers and I can use it to store unnecessary equipment."

Boyar (Preacher) 376582

"Yes, this sounds like an excellent idea. It would also make controlling the caravans a bit easier."

Campfire 376583

In the pins you can see a female donkey, a zebra mare, a female goat, a male goat, a pegasus stallion, a pegasus mare, and a female buffalo sleeping in a corner with her calf.

"Thank you master."
They put their tools away and the unicorn grabs the spike with his magic.

"Yes, Alpha."
You are certain that his will be the end of it and that the Dogs respect your decision.

Campfire 376584

She leaves and returns a few minutes later with some fruit for herself and a brain, tallow, and tallow pie for you. She has to large mugs full of something that smells of strawberries.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376585

And then we go to the mess hall and have a joyful lunch between the four of us.
I should head to bed now too. Later.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376586

"Good mare."
And we eat lunch.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376587

"I'll get started right away. If there are any spare dogs, please send them my way."

Let's get started on that Carport.


Roll #1 6 = 6

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376588

I grin while I scratch my head with my other paw
"I'm a trap maker, but I am willing to wait for proper heal than fake hand Boyar. My thanks for efforts."
Go to the slave pen…..

I approach the pen,
Now how to do this?

I call out to the female pegasus.
"Pony with wings, come here."

Campfire 376589

It is a joyful lunch indeed. The slaves loosen up a little bit with some food and drink in them and secure in the knowledge that their master is proud of them.

The ground is easy enough to dig through, but you fail to clear enough room this time.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376590

I have my buffalo, but they aren't exactly good at digging. Was I sent any spare dogs?

Keep digging in the meantime while I have the buffalos and earth pony haul out the dirt.


Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 376591

She walk forwards and bows.
"How may I serve you, Master?"

The few dogs you got are lazy, and prefer to watch you dig rather than help out. You make a bit of progress, but there is still more to be done.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376592

Keep digging, and inspire them with my effort.


Roll #1 10 = 10

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376593

I notion her to come out of the pen and stand in front of me.


Campfire 376594

You redouble your efforts and embarrasses the lazy Diamond Dogs. Before long a nice area has been dug out that can serve as both a storage area for finished goods and a new pace for the trade depot.

"Pegasus, Master."

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376595

I scratch my head.and frown a bit. What is her color scheme?

"Hmmm…. raise one hoof."

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376596

"Let spiff up the trade depot. That's what they'll see first, and we gotta land a good first impression."

Improving the trade depot, I know one of the other dogs has been making chairs and such, let's add a picnic table too. We want to present a relaxing atmosphere.


OOC: We've been naming them according to their jobs or color scheme.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 376597

She has a chartreuse coat and a purple mane.
She raises her front right hoof.

You add a few tables to it. It looks nice, but you have never seen the traders eat while on the job before.

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376598

"Good pony, come. Bark need assistance because of this." I show her my missing paw.

With that I head to the workshop, check my list and see what are the area's that need some traps.

OOC: got to think of a name too.

Campfire 376599

"Yes, Master."
Your workshop is full of stone mechanisms, large copper serrated discs, silver spikes, and small bells.

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376600

"That's because no one has offered before." I tell myself. Let's spend some time fixing up the trade depot, maybe a nice little room for deep negotiating purposes.


I'll leave a note for myself to build a gate for the Caravan port with the leftover materials we have.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Campfire 376601

Some cheerful howling can be heard coming from withing the fortresses living quarters.

You make a nice little room off to the side with a good quality table, a padded chair for the diamond dog negotiator, and a couch for the four legged merchant. You also leave a fancy looking note to yourself.

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376602

I groan and slump on the floor.
"If I just got this paw healed." I frown at the floor.

I then look at the Pegasus, put a pullcart at her back and put the spikes and bells in it.
"Can pony pull it?" I fold my arm.

Campfire 376603

The entrance to the fortress could use some traps, the entrance to the plug could use some traps, the entrance to the mines could use some traps, the entrance to the trading post's new location could use some traps, and you could also scatter some random traps around the fortress.

"Of course, Master."

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376604

Go to the entrance of the fortress and see what are the best place to put an alarm trap. Perhaps a concealed tripwire that will ring the bell to one of the guard post.


Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 376605

You turn the idea over in your head a few times and eventually come to the realization that sticking a tripwire in an area with this much traffic will result in it getting tripped time and time again. Luckily there is a subtle magic to trap making that keeps the lethal ones from being triggered by pack members.

You can smell blood coming from deeper in the fortress and hear some happy howling and barking.

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376606

Hmmm… I raise an eyebrow.
I go to the source of the barking and howling to see whats the commotion is about with pony in tow.

Campfire 376607

You can see a few of the militia dogs gleefully dismembering what smells like a bushwoolie but looks a ragged shag carpet that has been drenched in blood.

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376608

I approach one of the spectators.
"What is this?" I look at it a bit curious yet a bit disgusted(hiding it of course).

Campfire 376609

One of the dogs kicks it, sending part of its head rolling bouncing off a door and rolling down the hallway of the living quarters.
"A dirty thief is what it was. We were able to get between it and the exit and kill it though."

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376610

I frown.
"We need to increase security and traps from now on."

I look at the pony.
"Lets go." and head back to the entrance.


Campfire 376611


Campfire 376758

Several weeks ago, at least you think it was weeks, the ship you and many other dogs were on was attacked and destroyed by Rocs. The waves pushed you, alone, to the shore with only a few of your belongings. Ever sense then you have been wandering through and below the jungle in a desperate effort to find the rumored fortress. Battered, bruised, and dirty you find yourself forcing your way through a thick wall of vegetation.

Everyone else resume from where you left off.

Koka [Monk] 376760

I was… Following a scent of dead dog?

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 376761

I was on my way back to the hospital.

I'd like to just check around to see how big it is and stuff.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376762

Keep walking
It must be around
Can I pick up any traces with my smelling?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Barkspawn(DD inquisitor) 376763

Lets do trap laying!

Perhaps the entrance of the mines could do first, a spike trap would do fine. Then the treasury later before I forget.

>inb4 a 1


Roll #1 1 = 1

Aidi [DD Negotiator] 376764

I'll need to go back to the fort to grab some tools and commission a few. I'm going to build a few beehives with the leftover wood from improving the trade depot. I'll need the metalsmiths to make me some saws appropriate for buffalo.


>That 1
Guess Aidi and the buffalos are going to be sleeping in the trade depot for a while.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376765

And with that done, I suppose I should go find one of the trap makers and offer the spike to him. See what he can do with it.
Slaves in tow, of course.

Crunch [Knight] 376766

I'll just assume I'm still in the barracks.

Address the dogs.
"As one of your new commanders, it has come to my attention that the fortress is woefully underdefended at the moment. Our first task should be construction of siegeworks. How much combat experience does each of you have?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376767

Also, for what I made earlier I'd like to have made swords and shields. Equal number of each.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376769

Ah, that was a fine lunch.
Back to work.
"Alright, since we don't want to be caught by surprise by any more merchants, we need to build up our stock of cut gems for both decoration and sale. You have your pile, I have mine. Let's get to work."
And to work we get. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10

Campfire 376770

Lorik was able to get you to the fortress. You can start in your room or somewhere else if you want.

It's pretty big, but very cramped. Through efficient, if uncomfortable, use of space the fortress has made enough bedrooms for roughly 100 Diamond Dogs, but the only way this works is by couples and pups sharing rooms, and many smaller than normal rooms. The dining hall has enough tables and chairs to seat sixteen dogs at a time and more room to expand. The foodprep area has plenty of space in it to move around. The main storage area is quite cramped because of an overabundance of things and a lack of specific stockpiles. The corridors connecting the workshops and your hospital is wide enough for three dogs to walk side by side, and the slave pin has plenty of room for more laborers.

The hospital itself is split into several areas. The first area that patients and visitors see is the waiting room which has several beds for exhausted dogs that need a quick nap. Beyond this room is the storage and bone-setting area with several traction benches and green glass cabinets for hospital supplies. Connected to this room are eight operating rooms.

You stumble forwards in a haze. You can smell lots of things, but none of them make any sense to you.


You manage to make a few crude beehives. They look terrible, but you doubt the bees will care. The metalsmiths simply nod as you give them an order.
"We'll get them done when we get around to it."
"Lot's o' things need makin'."

"Not much, sir. That bushwoolie thief we killed a few minutes ago is the most action we've had in ages."
"The little shit nearly killed somedog."
"What's a siegework?"

Alright. You have made several good quality bronze swords and shields. They are better than nothing, but maybe you can check to see if the fortress has any higher quality metal available?

You and Gem both start cutting away at rough gems and before long have two finish piles in front of you. Some of gems Gem's even look good enough to decorate things with.

Koka [Monk] 376771

Very well, I should ask around for the Alpha.
And then present myself as a skilled cook looking for work.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376772

I'll hold one of hers up, turning it slightly in the light.
"Passable. Go to the crafter's to fetch something to put it in. Something you think would fit it well. And a few things for the other gems."
And while she's out, I'll cut another gem or two. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 376774

Well-supplied, well equipped, well built…
Aside from that traditional doctor, are there any nurses or other medical staff?

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376775

This is pretty strange land… but they said fort is here.
So fort must be here somewhere.
Keep searching for it.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Crunch [Knight] 376778

"Well, looks like we have our work cut out for us. From now on, all of you are to have sparring sessions daily with each other. We'll also need some standardized equipment. What do we have so far?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376779

I'll go do that then.
I go to… wherever we store our acquired goods and look them over.
What metals do we have now?

Aidi [Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 376780

Since Barkspawn was working on a trap for the entrance, I should be around to help now that the beehives are built.

"He couldn't have made something so elaborate with only one hand. He couldn't have hurt himself, right?"


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 376781


Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 376784

After being directed to a few different places you find an important looking Dog.
"Ah, hello again. Koka, right? My name is Prohpesy, and I am the Alpha's second in command. Lorik told me a little about you when the two of you first arrived. A cook? Excellent! Our will most likely be leaving her position to lead our military. Do you mind showing me your skills?"

Gem blushes and nearly skips out of the room when you praise her work. You find a nice, large gem and promptly split it in two with an overeager strike. All of your attempt to salvage it fail and perform long you are left with gem dust. You have just enough time to hide it before Gem returns with several bone earrings and bracelets.

You trip over a root. When you roll over you can see something big and grey looking down at you.

"Don't worry about sparring, boss. We've been doing that on your own."
"Standardized equipment? We've almost all got steel bucklers and helmets."
"We have a couple of breastplates if you and commander Switch want them."
"A few of us have steel weapons, but mostly we have whatever we brought with us."

You chose a bad area too place the trap. When you try digging out some room to hide it you cause a small cave in. The falling rocks hurt you, but are not enough to bury you. The slave is fast enough to take cover between your legs, but takes some damage as well.

You find Barkspawn just in time to be buried by falling rocks.

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 376786

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376787

Look back up.
What is it?

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376789

Aidi [Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 376791


Dig myself out.


Roll #1 2 = 2

Crunch [Knight] 376793

"Well step it up. From now on you fight as a team. We can't start mindless brawls during a raid or siege."

Evaluate the breastplates.

"It would be ideal if we had enough to give everydog, and I want some of you with bows…I'll have to speak to the forgemaster about this. A surplus of steel weapons would be great."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376794

I'll grumble a bit at the waste, but look over what Gem's brought.
"Alright, now, what did you pick for yours?"

Campfire 376795

The stocks are thus: 26 silver bars, 107 copper bars, 2 nickel bars, 1 zinc bar, 2 bronze bars, 2 brass bars, 2 pig iron bars, 1 platinum bar, 3 lead bars, 1 black bronze bar, 1 bismuth bar, and 1 bismuth bronze bar.

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 376796

I look at the slave.
"Is pony okay?" I look at her worried.

Try to find a way out while trying to be more careful

>I dare you give me a >1


Roll #1 8 = 8

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 376798


I do need to make sure others know how to heal as well though. I know they use slaves here, so let's get to the slave pen.

Campfire 376799

Shit, sorry.
There is a unicorn stallion and a donkey jack. Both of them and the doctor are currently working on a patient.


Koka [Monk] 376802

Scratch my head and nod.
"Got any gems or meat?"

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376803


Roll #1 10 = 10

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 376806

A unicorn? Perfect.

How badly wounded is that patient?

Campfire 376810

File: 1364070613632.png (8.36 KB, 1017x305, dog hospital.png)

You can't move your arms. The rocks are too heavy.

One of the dogs in the back raises her paw.
"I've got a bow, boss. I don't have anywhere to practice it though. I joined yesterday."

She shows you a bone bracelet. Dingo bone, by the looks of it.
"This one, Teacher."

You move the rocks aside as quickly as you can. The slave has several bruises and small cuts on her, but her wings look fine. She looks up and you without moving from her position.
"I am fine, Master. Are you well?"

You vision clears and the blurry shape turn into a diamond dog. He reaches a paw down to you.
"Are you hurt?"

He looks pretty messed up. He is strapped down and has a piece of leather in his mouth while the doctor works on him.

"More meat than we know what to do with. Why do you ask about gems?"

Please don't have missed anyone this time.

Koka [Monk] 376812

Because dogs eat gems.
At least in the show.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376814

I accept his paw, and shake my head.
"No, just fell. Looking for dog fort."


That looks nasty.

Let's work on that leg first. Looks like it might need a mending spell.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Campfire 376816

You sure? I don't remember them eating gems in the show.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376818

Those would be the dragons

Aidi [Knight/Farmer/Trapmaker] 376821

Let's just call out for help instead, learning our lesson from the last time.


Roll #1 5 = 5

Koka [Monk] 376822

Well I'm silly then.

Woops, look at how silly I am.
"Because they make 'fer good decoration?"

Let's get to the kitchen.

Crunch [Knight] 376823

Great. One more thing we need to build…

"For now, practice it above ground. There's plenty of trees for you to shoot at up there. I'll talk to the alpha about getting us a target course set up. For now…get to know each other and the sparring ring. Up next is squad organization."

Go find Boyar. We have a lot to do here.

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 376824

"What are you doing pony? Get out of the rubble so I can move too!" I give her an angry look.

I give her space to move out. How about the cart with the spare parts for traps? Is it damage?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376825

I'll nod.
"Gem setting is a bit different than gem cutting. You need a few different tools, and the gem itself has to be touched up slightly as well."
I'll set the bracelet and the gem she wants to use to the side for a moment, and pick up another bracelet and gem.
"Now, I'm going to demonstrate with this set here. As I'm not as good at setting as I am at cutting, there is a fair margin for error."
And then I'll teach Gem how to, or not to if the roll is bad enough, set a gem. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 376826

Did I hear Aidu btw?

Campfire 376829

"Well, you found it."
He pulls you to your feet and wrinkles his nose.
"You smell as terrible as you look. What happened to you? Are there more in your group?"

You can hear the bone in his leg crack and split as your magic touches it. The doctor pushes you backwards without turning from the patient.
"What are you doing!? Be careful with your magic you fool!"

You can hear something slowly move rocks away from the pile you are buried in.

"That they do."
He leads you to the kitchen. No one is there right now but nearby there are barrels of meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables.

She salutes and runs off with a quiver full of silver arrows. The other dogs salute and start clearing things out oof the sparring ring. When you get to Boyar's room you can hear soft snoring coming from inside.

She has already gotten herself out of the rubble and is busy moving rocks away from a large pile.

She soaks up your lesson like a sponge. the bracelet looks beautiful now with a perfectly placed gem.



I growl
"Don't question my magic, you idiot."
Try that again, I'll show him!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 376832

Help my pony slave dig for Aidi under the rubble.


Roll #1 8 = 8

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376833

I shake my head.
"Boat attacked. No others. Looking for weeks."

Koka [Monk] 376834

Crack my knuckles and grin seeing all the supplies.
"This a dream come true!"

Get some meat, a few vegetables as side dish and start dressing it up.
Do the 2 points spent in cooking give me a bonus?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Crunch [Knight] 376838

I'll leave a note on his door then about the discussion I just had with the militia. Now, off to the forge to ask about some weapons and armor.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376840

I'll breathe a little easier.
"Alright, now that you've seen it done, we'll go over the tools I used. This is a ring clamp…"
And then I'll go down the list of necessary tools. '1d10' to teach.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Campfire 376842

The dogs yelps through the leather in his mouth.
"Lorik, this is your last warning. Be useful or get out."

Your large paw is easily able to move the rumble away. Aidi is free now.

"Boat? Two others showed up a while ago with the same story. What attacked your boats?"

+1 and a lowered DC to succeed.
You grab tallow from several different animals, and plop in a prepared giant mosquitodog eye for flavor. While it is cooking you make a salad with strawberries, lettuce, and cucumbers. When it is all done Boyar eats it and nods.
"Good pie. A bit heavy on the tallow but it's not like tallow is good for much else. This vegetable thing was nice too. What do you call it?"

"Well the weapons and armor depend on the kind o' metal ya want, don't they?"
"What style do you want? You want the dogs covered from head ta' paw in shiny metal, or only the vitals covered?"

She nods her head as you teach and is even able to answer a question before you finish asking it.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376843

I make a motion with my paws.


I push him out of the way
"Then give me room to work, you idiot."

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Crunch [Knight] 376845

"I was hoping for steel for now, unless you have a better suggestion. Simple vital protection will have to do until we can make enough fullplate for everyone."

Koka [Monk] 376847

Look at him with a perfectly straight face.
"Grab-da-leftovers Salad."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376850

I'm pleased at this, though I don't show it.
"Now, put that into practice. Set your gem in the item you chose."

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 376851

Help Aidi up, I cant even start with my work with all this collapses and bad luck.

I then turn to my slave.
"Lets get pony and me checked first for bruises and broken bones before going back to work."
Ask to some random dog on where the healer is.

Campfire 376855

"Good. That's what the others said. Follow me back to the fort so you can meet Prohpesy."
He starts walking away.

The diamond dog starts screaming in pain as blood gushes out of his freshly bandaged chest. The doctor roars and hits you in the side of he head with a metal try. You fall to the floor and things get blurry, but the last thing you see before blacking out is his paw swiftly coming towards your nose.

One of them shakes his head.
"Steel isn't somethin' we can do. We can make some bronze armor, but tha's not much better than copper."

He licks his lips.
"I like it. You've got the job. Any questions?"

She gets to work.

A dog pushes a wheelbarrow full of light blue stone speaks as he passes you.
"He's in the main fort, first level down."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 376856

Gem can't get the gem to stay in the bracelet.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376857

No bonus for the lesson/demonstration?

Campfire 376858

+1 from lesson.
+2 from demonstration.
-3 from skill level.

Koka [Monk] 376859

"How many dogs, how many times a day, how much staff?"

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376860

Follow him.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376861

Well, I guess I just have to give her a guiding paw.
"Let's try it again."
'1d10+1' to assist

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Crunch [Knight] 376862

"Blast. I suppose bronze will have to do for now. Are we missing ore?"

Lorik [Cleric/Doctor/Stonecrafter] 376863

Well shit.

I'm out for a bit again anyway.

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 376864

Go to the main fort then, first level down and find his or their workspace. My slave(if its official) and me need some medical attendance after that incident. Perhaps my paw can be healed or something too.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376867

I guess I wander around until I find someone who will give me more direct orders for something to manufacturer.

Campfire 376871

"Eighty eight Dogs not counting the young pups, whenever they get hungry, everydog old enough to work works. Don't worry about only cooking when dogs are hungry. Cooked food keeps much better than raw ingredients."

"The Diamond Dog that might as well be the Alpha, but don't let the Alpha hear you say that."
He laughs.
"Seriously though, don't let him hear you say that. I don't know where this fort would be without Prophesy."

With your help she is able to get the gem in place. She hangs her head.
"I am sorry you had to help me, Teacher. I will do better next time."
Skill level attained: Novice

See you.

If you want to adopt her as your own all you have to do is tell her, otherwise when you are done with her she will go back to the slave pins and wait for more work.
A donkey slave meets you at the entrance.
"The doctor is trying to save a critical patient and the magic doctor is…not here."
He looks uncomfortable when he says that last part.

You spot a diamond dog peppering a tree with silver bolts. She stops when she sees you.
"You work with metal, right? Can you make me some more bolts?"

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376876

"So I talk not-alpha Prophesy to stay?"

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 376877

"No heal then?" I ask the donkey.
"What do we do now?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376879

"I'm certain you will. Take each failure as a lesson. Now, we've got more work to do."
And we'll get to work. Cutting gems for the other baubles. '1d10+4'

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14

Koka [Monk] 376881

"Ah'll get to work.
Can ah get a lil' helper fer this job?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376883

"Huh? Oh, er… yes, I am a metalworker. You need more bolts? Do you… reuse the ones that you shoot? Or are they done for?"
I walk over to the tree. Are the bolts in any sort of salvageable condition, at least scrap wise?

Campfire 376889

"Boyar, the Alpha, is asleep at this time of day. If he were awake you would be talking to him, of course. Just tell Prohpesy what you are good at so he can find a job and a place to sleep for you."

He looks at the pegasus slave.
"She doesn't look too bad to me, sir. Come back later, sir, when the doctor is finished and the other one is…back."

The two of you cut some beautiful gems. Gem's gems are almost as good looking as your gems.
"Teacher, teacher! Did I do well?"

"A slave? Of course. We should still have some unclaimed ones."

The bolts are scrapped.
"They would be, if I had a target to shoot at instead of a tree. Boss Crunch told me to shoot a tree though, so I will shoot a tree."

Koka [Monk] 376890

"Looks good. Can Ah' see'm? Wanna run' him through ta kitchen befoa we start."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376891

I'll look them over for a moment.
Setting them down, I'll turn to Gem, and give her a few pats on the head.
"Very well. You are getting better."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376892

I point at myself.
"Kopaz good at digging. Mine gems and ore."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376893

"Do you want specifically silver bolts? Or… do you want, erm… practice bolts? Silver is in limited supply."
I try to salvage the silver from the bolts in the tree.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 376899

I scratch my head as I head back to my workshop with the pegasus towing the cart of traps. I then grab something to eat(bread or something similar) and feed her the same.

"You are under me now pony. You will stay here in my workshop and follow my orders." I look at her as I eat.some food.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 376902

"Of course. Now if you will excuse me, other things need my attention."
He gives you directions to get to the slave pin and then leaves.

She smiles and rubs her head against your paw as you pet her.
"Thank you, Teacher."

The diamond dog nods.
"Yes, yes. Tell Prophecy, not me."
As the two of you draw closer to the fort you can see lots of Dogs running around. There is a hill with a bunch from which a bunch of Dogs are coming and going. There is also a deep pit that smells like stone, metal, and gems. Your guide gives a shrill whistle and waves another Dog over.
"Prophecy, found another survivor of that boat attack!"

"Wooden practice bolts would be good for practicing, but when the fighting starts silver is the way to go."

You get a few lumps of silver that could be melted down and reforged into silver bolts.

The bread has gone stale and has a bit of mold on it, but she eats it without complaint.
"Thank you for choosing me, Master. Shall I fetch my sleeping rag from the slave pin, Master?"
You don't have to roll to feed them.

Koka [Monk] 376905

And with a song in my heart and an onion in my paw, let's head for the slave pit.
For song quality,
For onion quality.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 7 = 7

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376907

I wait for a bit.
Is the not alpha coming here?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376908

Let's not get too attached here.
"But that's only half the work. Now, we set the gems."
Divvying up the materials between us, I'll get to work. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Crunch [Knight] 376911

I guess I'll leave the forge to their metalworks and check on my slaves. How are they doin?

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 376913

"Do that later pony." I then sit and relax.

"What is pony experience in work by the way? Do you have talent?" I look at her curiously.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376916

"Alright, I'll begin forging them immediately then."
I depart and begin instructing my assistants on forging the bolts out of silver.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 376918

The song could be better, but the onion is alright. When you enter you see a nanny goat, a billy goat, a zebra mare, a donkey jenny, and a pegasus stallion. They all stand and bow as you enter the pin.

A tale Diamond Dog looks you up and down and wrinkles his nose.
"There is a pond over there, jump in it and wash the stink off you. You can tell me who you are and what you are good at while you clean yourself off."

You run into the same problem Gem was having and cannot get the gems to stay in their holes.

The female gryphon is making a door. The male gryphon is practicing stalking a piece of wood.

She seems to be reading off a list instead of speaking.
"I can work long hours and will only ask for food or sleep if I am about to collapse. My wings are dextrous so I can do fine work, and they also let me fly so I can reach high places. I was given very basic lessons on varies jobs a fortress needs done, but am not skilled at any craft. Like every other slave I was given basic reading and writing lessons, and was taught how to provide my masters or mistresses with companionship."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376920

How bothersome. Perhaps my tools need calibration. Have to visit the tinker at some point down at the mechanic's place.
Let's see if I can't get those gems to stick, though. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376922

I nod and head over to the pond.
Jump in just how I am, then look back at the not alpha, and point at myself.
"Kopaz good at digging. Mine gems and ore."

Koka [Monk] 376926

"Okay, who o'ya can tell a cabbage from a liver?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376927

Campfire 376934

There they go. All you needed was a little bit of crafter's glue. They look perfect now.

"Digging, good. We could always use more diggers. You aren't afraid of digging down, are you?"

The pegasus, billy goat, and zebra raise their hooves.

They aren't getting much out of the lesson. They are too excited that they are getting to work with a precious metal like silver to understand much of what you are teaching.

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 376936

I look at her.
"Bark dont demand heavy work, what Bark demand only is loyalty."
I then scratch my head
"Do pony have a name? I mean her true name before becoming a slave? Tell master the truth if not i will give you a name to call your own."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376937

"No dig under feet. Can fall down. Dig down cleverly."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376940

"Please, calm down. I imagine you're all excited that you're going to work with silver, but if you don't pay attention then you're going to mess up!"
One more time.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Hm. You look rather bored. You're not going to learn much on wood."

Inspect the door of the female, and attempt to point out and educate her on any imperfections.

Roll #1 4 = 4


goddamn connection error

Roll #1 1 = 1

Koka [Monk] 376948

"Naw who of you can turn on a fire without burning himself?"

Campfire 376950

"I will be loyal, Master. I was not given a name as a filly, Master. I only got one when Master Moloch toldd us all tochose our own names."

Prophesy nods.
"Good boy. Finish scrubbing yourself off, then dry yourself off. If you want, go to the slave pins and pick out a slave to make sure you don't do something stu-I mean to help you with whatever you need help with. After that report to the mines and tell the mine boss Prophesy wants you to deepen the mines. Can you remember all that?"

Now you are the one that is too flustered to teach.
"We're sorry, Master."

You point out several rough patches, spread out slats, and uneven metal bands holding the door together.
"I am sorry, Master."

The zebra mare lowers her hoof.

Campfire 376952

The gryphon stands.
"I have not been given permission to hunt live things, sir. If you wish, I believe I am ready to try hunting vermin."

Koka [Monk] 376953

"Nathing to be sorry fer, lil one."
Look at the last two with a big grin.
"Who of ya likes ta cook?"

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376958

"Wash, dry, get slave, go mines, boss tell deepen mines, dig."
I nod and start washing myself.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376959

I sigh and shake my head.
"Maybe it would just be best if I demonstrated and had you help at first."
I am going to make… 6 silver ingots worth of bolts. 3 to start off with by myself with their assistance.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Hmph. I would hate to see your progress stall so soon. Keep working."
Give her a quick remedial lesson.

"I was just about to suggest that. Follow me once I am finished here."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376961

Now that everything's shipshape, we can go see how those minedogs are doing, and how steady the gem supply is.

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 376963

"Then I will give you a name, Pegasus does not fit you well."

I then think for a moment.
"color light green…. avocado.. no… pear jam…. no… Emrille… nahh…"

"How about Spring green? What does pony think? I look at her.

Campfire 376968

"We both love to do whatever our master or mistress wishes."

"Good boy. I will have a room made ready for you."
He and the Diamond Dog that guided you leave.

You hit yourself in the paw with a hammer as you try to make the bolts.

She quickly sees what she was doing wrong and corrects it.
"Thank you, Master. I will try not to disappoint you again."
The smallest of smiles plays across the male gryphon's beak but disappears as quickly as it appeared. He stands by your side.

There is excavation on three levels. Shafts cross each other at ninety degree angles and leave behind pillars to support the rock above. One of the miners walks over to you as two more load up a pony's cart with rocks.
"Hello, gemcutter. things are going a bit slow down here. Lots of hard rock and bad luck keeping us from finding the shinies for you."

She smiles.
"I love the name, Master."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376971

3 ingots worth of bolts.
I can do this.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Koka [Monk] 376972

Frown and cross my paws.
Okay, who's the youngest?
You shape them better that way.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376973

After I washed myself, get out, and shake off the water like a true doggy.
"Wash, dry, get slave, go mines, boss tell deepen mines, dig."

Campfire 376974

After a bit of sucking on your paw you manage to hammer out some more bolts and the slaves are able to pay attention.

The youngest one is whichever one you want.

You are mostly dry and don't smell quite as terrible.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 376976

Go to the slave pits where the not-alpha pointed me.
"Wash, dry, get slave, go mines, boss tell deepen mines, dig."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 376978

"I suppose that's to be expected. Plenty of silver ore though, I hear, in addition to stone."
I'll look around a moment.
"Have the metalcrafters thought of making some picks out of the stronger metals to get through the harder rocks easier? I don't much like the idea of our dogs scratching their paws to bits on rough stone."

Crunch [Knight] 376979

"I would hate to see you assigned to…other duties, especially after you showed an aptitude here. Continue as you were."

Gesture to the male to follow me up top for hunting.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 376982

Now I have them make 1 ingot of bolts with my assistance, and another 1 with just my supervision. Saving the last for more attention How many bolts does an ingot make?

Roll #1 6, 10 = 16

Koka [Monk] 376983

Gotcha. Take the pegasus, always nice to have the extra reach a pair of wings can offer.
"So. We start today. Ah'll give ya a tour of the kitchen, teach you to tell the ingredients, get some organization in place.
Sounds good?
What's yer name?"

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 376985

"Good, gather your things from pen. You are now staying with me."

I then inspect the traps from the cart if there are any damage to some of it while I wait for Spring to come back.

Campfire 376996

In the slave bits you see a Runt bitch leaving with a young pegasus stallion. In the room are a zebra mare, a billy goat, a nanny goat, and a donkey jenny.
"How may we serve you, master?"

He scoffs at your idea.
"Picks? We don't all have soft little paws, Runt."

"Yes, Master."
The male gryphon follows you up and out of the fort, where he starts to panic a little.
"M-master? The vermin are inside, by the food stockpile and the kitchen."

Things are a bit shaky when you help them make their first bolts, but success encourages them and they are all able to make some sharp, bolt shaped lumps of silver with only your supervision.
"Did you we good, Master?"

"Pegasus, Mistress. Do you mean to adopt me so that I will always be serving in the kitchen?"

"Thank you, Master"
She smiles and runs back to the slave pin. The trap components all look good. There are a few large axe heads meant to be swung like a pendulum, many large serrated disks meant to pop out of the floor or wall and saw away at enemies, silver spikes mean to impale enemies, and a couple of corkscrews meant to bore very large holes in enemies. There are also bells and mechanisms.

Koka [Monk] 377003

"Yea, sounds good 'enuff."
Pick my nose with a paw and clean it on my apron.
"I don't like pegasus. Choose a new name.
And can ya fly?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 377004

I'll wave that off.
"Just a suggestion. I'm getting a little antsy with so few gems to cut, and I'm starting to consider any idea to get to them faster."

Crunch [Knight] 377005


"Of course. Good to see you've been doing your research. What else have you learned?"

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 377006

Runts no good at dig.
Wash, dry, get slave, go mines, boss tell deepen mines, dig…

Point at the zebra.
"You good thinking?"

Campfire 377008

"Yes, Mistress, I can fly."
He thinks during the walk from the slave pin to the kitchen.
"Maybe I choose Cook?"

He laughs and slaps you on the back, lifting you off the ground a few inches.
"I understand. I get the same way if there is nothing harder than dirt for me to dig through. If you want you could try digging with us. You can even use a pick! The ground is mostly good here, you get to see the gems as they exist in the ground, and we even have a mare here if you are getting tired of yours."
He laughs again.

"This fortress has a problem with flies, little bugs, mice, and other little furry things, Master. I am afraid I would not be of much help with the bugs and flies, but I can kill the red blooded things for you, Master."


Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 377009

Take one axe head and put it in the cart. Perhaps I'll head to the treasury and put it in there, plus a spike trap. For now wait for Spring green to return.

Koka [Monk] 377010

"Look, ya choose something ya like.
Cookin' is done with da heart, if ya don' feel like, ya can't cook right.
And Ah'm countin' on ya ta cook as good as me one day."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 377013

Wash, dry, get slave, go mines, boss tell deepen mines, dig…

"You come. You help Kopaz think."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 377015

"Gem is proving an able assistant. I may, however, take you up on the offer of digging, though. It'll do me good to get some dirt on my paws every so often."
And with that, I'll look for a good spot on the wall, and start digging for gems. '1d10-1' Runts got negatives for physical tasks, if I remember right.

Roll #1 4 - 1 = 3

Crunch [Knight] 377017

"That will be enough. Any effort spent on bugs is a wasted effort anyway."
Take him to the kitchen.
"Well, let's see what you can do."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 377020

I look over the bolts.
"Good, very good! These are excellent."
I smile at them.
And… nah, I'll save it.
I gather all the bolts made and return to the one who requested them from me.

Campfire 377021

Spring rushes into the room and drops her sleeping mat before running back to your side. She watches as you place the traps.
"Do you wish for my help, Master?"

"I love food, Mistress. That must mean I love to cook, right?"

"Yes, Master."
She walks over to your side.

It was a higher DC.
All your are able to do is make deep scratches in the wall. Gem smiles at you.
"I am sure you can do it if you keep trying, Master."


Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 377022

I'll flex my fingers a bit.
I'll tap the wall a few times, and then strike the earth and dig. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Koka [Monk] 377023

Smile at him and pat him on the head.
"If ya can keep yerself from eatin' it all."
Let's take a look around the kitchen.
How far is the food stockpile?

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 377025

"Remember! Wash, dry, get slave, go mines, boss tell deepen mines, dig. Got it?"

Campfire 377032

He disappears behind the kitchen and food storage area and soon loud squeaking can be heard. these squeaks are followed by loud snaps and crunches. The gryphon walks back over to you with several mouse tails in his claw and some blood on his beak.

You hit the wall wrong. Your hoof bounces off and you almost hit yourself in the face.

Not too far. With a bit of digging to make some room you could bring it even closer.

"Yes, Master. Wash, dry, get slave, go mines, boss tell deepen mines, dig. I…think… it is time for go mines?"

"Thank you, Master!"
Your high praise makes them ecstatic. As you lead them up and out of the pit you can hear them slapping hooves together and quietly congratulating each other. The bitch is leaning by the tree waiting for you.
"Is that the bolts?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 377034

I'll rub my paw a bit.
"I'm out of practice. Perhaps I've been spending too much time in the shop…"
One more time. Strike the earth, and the gems within. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 377035

I nod.
"Good, we go mines. You remember!"

Go to the mines!


"Tell me when you come up with one.
Fer now, help me get this stuff dragged."
Damn, I'm no big dog!
Try to carry the food closer.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Try not to look surprised.

"Well done for a first try. I think we've found your calling. I may give you a patrol detail around the fortress."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 377044

I nod and offer her… presumably the container of whatever I put them in.
"The silver ones, yes. You'll need to ask a wood worker if he can craft you some wooden training bolts."

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 377045

As usual she carry the traps by pulling a cart, go to the treasury and lets see if I can place the axe swing trap and the sp[ike trap perfect this time.


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Campfire 377050

You punch yourself in the face this time. You can hear the other diamond dogs down here laughing. Gem rushes over to you.
"Master, are you hurt?"

In the mines you can see a Runt sitting on the ground next to a pony mare and a scratched up wall. Half a dozen diamond dogs are watching him and laughing. There is another pony mare hooked up to a cart watching them all.

"Come up with what, Mistress? I am sorry for not listening."
You might not be big, but you are strong. together you and your slave are able to quickly move the food.

You hide your surprise.
"Thank you, Master. Will I begin now?"

She nods then looks down at the ponies and zebra following you.
"Thanks and sure. Three slaves? You must be pretty important."

Your one hand makes working difficult, and you nearly cut yourself in half as you drop the large axe.
"Master? Shall I call for help?"

Koka [Monk] 377053

"A name."
It's time to mass produce food I say!
'1d10+1', let's see what I can manage to do.
Try to teach the pegasus how a kitchen works at the same time.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 7 = 7

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 377055

Sorry, my bad.

I slump on the floor and exhale in frustration and anger.
"Yes… Bark cant do this with one hand."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 377056

"Just my pride."
I'll rub my jaw for a moment, and wave Gem's concern off.
Fetching a pick with a look of disdain, I'll return to that spot on the wall.
"You might want to stand back."
And, with a little bit of frustration, I'll start tearing into the wall with the pick. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 377057

"What runt doing?"

Look around, who seems to be the pack leader of the mines?

Crunch [Knight] 377058

I nod.

"Yes. Keep vigil over our stores, gryphon. Keep them safe and return with a consistent amount of vermin and you may earn yourself a name."

Aidi 377059

DD'ing from Work.

Now that I am clear of the rubble, let's clea ourselves up and get my earlier traps set up near the Trade Depot/ Caravan Port. We're sure to get a bunch of thieves trying to hit that area.


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 377063

"Well… erm, nobody protested me taking them. And smithing is a, um… very important job, you know."
I scratch the back of my head.
"And um, I'm going to go and find… the militia leader now. See if he has any requests."
I awkwardly excuse myself and depart to find… whoever leads the militia.

Campfire 377068

"I cannot be named Cook, Mistress? What about Chef? Or Food?"

You manage to cook up a tasty looking somethingorother while giving your stallion a lesson on how to cook.

She unhooks herself from the cart and comes over to help.
"Maybe I can help make up for the missing paw, Master?"

The biggest one turn around when you speak and walks over to you.
"What are you here for, Dig Dog?"

He bows.
"Thank you, Master."
He turn and disappears into the barrels of food. Every now and then there is a thump, crunch, or squeak.

You try to set up a cage trap, but somehow manage to get yourself locked in one.

That would be Crunch and Switch.
You spot Crunch inside by the kitchens.

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 377069

Do I remember?

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 377072

Ah! Uh… Crunch? I'm here about the, erm, militia. Do you have any… requests? Anything you need made?"

Koka [Monk] 377074

"Cook sounds good if ya like it so much.
Now try to cook something small just how I showed you."

Campfire 377076

It's a modified DC, not a roll modifier.
You remember perfectly. Looks like repeating your orders over and over a gain was a good tactic.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 377078

Crunch [Knight] 377079

Smirk a bit and let him have his fun.
"Don't forget to check in!"

"Ah, Moloch. Yes. Our militia is in desperate need of some weapons and armor so we can begin drilling. Most of what they have is whatever they own themselves."

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 377080

Oh, okay
I am clever dig dog
"Here to dig. Boss tell deepen mines."

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 377082

I then stand up.
"Alright help Bark here Spring. And follow what I say so we can place trap good together."

With her help perhaps this time it will turn out better Place the swinging axe trap first in the treasury.,


Roll #1 2 = 2

Aidi 377084

I'm still in one piece, so let's get out of it, and proceed to set it up properly this time.


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 377086

"I made a batch of bronze swords and shields earlier, as I was teaching my assistants. Very fine quality. Should serve very well to train them with. But… do you… erm, do you have any specific requests beyond weapons and armor?"

Crunch [Knight] 377089

"That'll do for now. What do you know about siege engines?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 377093

"Siege engines? Uh, erm… I can't say I know very much. I'd… you'd need to find someone else to assist in making such a thing."

Campfire 377098

+1 from demonstration.
+1 from lesson.
-4 from skill level: Unskilled

He starts trying to cook something.

The pick lets you get the hole started. Once you get going, however, you cast the pick aside and start digging with your paws. Following your nose, you dig a small curving tunnel towards a small pocket of schorls.

"Yes, Master!"

"Down? Well, as long as you go first. Follow me."
He shouts at the other dogs to get back to work then leads you down. And down. And down. The limestone gives way to a pretty turquoise stone as you descend. And soon you reach a level smelling strongly of copper and silver. He points at the ground.
"Dig, Dog. Dig."

The two of you can't quite get the trap placed, but you both keep each other from harm.
"I will try harder next time, Master."

All you manage to do is rattle the bars. A bitch with a bow sticks her head into your carpark.
"Well well well. What is this?"

Roll #1 5 - 2 = 3

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 377101

Let's dig those suckers out. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Campfire 377102

He burns the roast he tried to make.
He waves away the smoke while apologizing profusely.

Crunch [Knight] 377103

"It's a many-dog job, of course. But we should start building some once we get the time. Just start drafting some plans if you can. I'll move those weapons and armor to the pits if you don't mind."

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 377105

Last try to put that axe trap with her help after this, we take a rest.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Koka [Monk] 377106

"Ush, no big."
Taste the toast anyway.
"Ya got time tah learn."

Roll #1 5 - 2 = 3

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 377109

I nod and start mining.
Am I doing this right?

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 377111

"Go ahead. They're in my shop…"
I trail off and start thinking about the siege engine.
I need the trapmaker's help to even begin drafting up plans for that, don't I?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Crunch [Knight] 377121

I nod my thanks and make a run trip from shop to pit, depositing the weapons and armor into racks on the side.

Campfire 377128

You dig the gems out, but bring the roof down on top of your small tunnel.
You are now trapped.

The two of you have almost placed the trap perfectly, but at the last second something goes wrong. The axe falls and collides with your shoulder. You arm, the one with the ruined paw, is sheared off instantly and blood gushes out of the wound. Your slave faints.

It's pretty terrible.
"Thank you for your mercy, Mistress."

You dig down and immediately hit cluster of Citrine gems and another vein of tetrahedrite. A level below that you hit phylite rock and more Citrine gems, and below that you find three levels of diorite rock. Up above you you can hear the diamond dog calling for the other miners.

You would need a siege engineers the fortress probably has, oh, maybe four?

"Thanks, boss!"
The dogs are all gathered around a circle where two dogs are demonstrating punching and dodging techniques.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 377130

Trapped as in immobile, or trapped as in I'm in an air pocket and can dig my way out?
I'll try to dig myself out anyway. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Woodworker] 377131

I didn't know that was a thing!
I guess I try and find them then, and start asking around for plans or assistance in drafting up plans.
And actually…
I turn to my assistants.
"How are the three of you feeling?"

Kopaz [Landkeeper] 377132

Dig just a bit deeper.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11

Crunch [Knight] 377133

"The fortress provides. Good to see you have a firm handle on the basics. Now let's see if you can keep it up with some weapon drills. Be careful, these aren't training weapons."

Do we have a medic on hand?

Koka [Monk] 377135

"Ah told ya.
Cookin needs heart. Ah can't expect ya to be good at it if ah beat ya over lil mistakes, or ya will never try new things again!"

Well okay, is there enough cooked food for a day or two?
If not, make more.
If yes, let's go to my room. I have to find him someplace to sleep.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Barkspawn(dd inquisitor) 377137

Cover the stump with my other paw and with some clothing then try to wake Spring with by kicking her.
"Escort me to the doctors Spring or Bark will die!" I grit my teeth.

Campfire 377148

You are able to shift a few rocks, but you must be careful or else you could cause an even worse collapse. you can faintly hear Gem's voice.
"Master? Master, are you alright in there?"

You hit another large cluster of bright orange gems.

No medic.

There is enough food for a few days, so you make yourself a sandwich and go to your room. He follows you.

She wakes up and quickly leads you to the Hospital. When the doctor sees you he grabs his unicorn slave and rushes you to a surgery room. Strapped to the table is an unconscious diamond dog. After a bit of shouting and bustling you are sitting down next to the unconscious dog and holding your arm against your should while the doctor presses the sleeping dog's paw against your wound.
"Slave, now!"
The unicorn taps the sleeping dog's head with his horn and is thrown backwards against a wall by an explosion of light. When you can see again you find that your arm has been reattached to your body, but you cannot feel it or move it. The doctor looks at it.
"I can't believe that worked."

Campfire 377153


Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 377157

I'll sigh slightly, and then yell out to her.
"Yes, I'm fine. I'm stuck, however, as the roof has fallen in. Could you hurry those dogs along and get them to dig me out?"

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