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Campfire 333652[Last 50 Posts]

Snow covers the ground outside the fortress, and blood covers the ground deep within. The mad dog Urn Rocklflicker was put down after assaulting two recently purchased buffalo slaves. During the chaos Switch slew a goblin stealing utensils from the dining hall. The dogs are only now beginning to calm down and get back to work. The glass worker has gathered a small group to help him demolish the woodburning station so that he may use its materials to build his own workshop.

Prophecy runs up to Boyar, panting.
"Alpha, are you wounded?"

Boyar (Preacher) 333655

I check myself. Am I?

Campfire 333656

You are perfectly fine. The mad dog wasn't able to touch you.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 333657

I suppose someone should start making a coffin for Rockflicker.
…Guess it'll be me if I can't pass it off on an actual carpenter.

Moloch [Charlatan Carpenter/Smith] 333658

"I'll handle it."
I set to work carving out a coffin.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 333659

'1d10' to either fob it off or craft, by the way.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Crunch [Knight] 333660

"So what's that map say?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 333661

Well, that solves that.
"The map was of our fort. That thing Switch killed was probably a scout."

Crunch [Knight] 333662

"Does it cover any areas we haven't dug out yet? That thing had to get in somehow."

Boyar (Preacher) 333663

"I'm fine, Prophecy.

"We must make preparations. First we need to bury Rockflicker. A full funeral, befitting such a craftsman.

"And more outsiders are sure to come to this place. We must begin forming a militia and pick a militia officer. Aidi, Crunch, or Swift would all make fine leaders, but we need a way to select among them.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 333664

"Do I look like a cartographer? The thing probably snuck in here while no one was looking. We don't have any guards, so it can't have been that hard."

Aida [DD Knight] 333665

"I'll take myself out of the running. I'll have my paws full with the farms. But I can deal with the busy work, in case I do have to."

Campfire 333667

You make a simple wooden box and dedicate it to him. It's not much, but you think it should be enough to appease his spirit. Probably, anyways.

You try to make some pretty carving on it, but only manage to scratch it up. It is still functional as a coffin though.

"Yes, Alpha, I will have a few dogs make the first hole we dug her into his grave. Selecting a leader for the militia is both simple a traditional: All the dogs that wish to lead must duel for the position. I have heard several newcomers talking about asking you for the position, so they will wish to join in the fighting."

Crunch [Knight] 333669

"I will volunteer if the alpha desires it."

Moloch [Charlatan Carpenter/Smith] 333670

Can I give it a few engravings to honor him?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Boyar (Preacher) 333671

I pull my brother and Pom aside.
"It's important that this funeral appropriately honors Rockflicker's memory. So please try to make the casket… better."

Inspiring pep-talk?

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Aida [DD Knight] 333676

"I'll pick him some flowers. I can add a little color to his casket, at least."

Boyar (Preacher) 333677

"Thank you, Crunch. I suppose the choice is between you and Swift now."

Campfire 333681

You make a crude carving of how his body looked after he died, and crave a few words insinuating that his mother was a cat.

A passing carpenter hears your speech. When he sees the coffin, he grabs his axe and cuts it into firewood before disappearing into a carpenter's workshop to make a better one. After a while he comes out with a coffin that looks like it is fit for royalty.

Boyar (Preacher) 333683

"Most excellent! Someone put the body in there."

Crunch [Knight] 333684

"Well, at least he'll be buried with respect."

"Do you want us to fight for it?"

Moloch [Charlatan Carpenter/Smith] 333686


Rolling not to feel ashamed.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Boyar (Preacher) 333688

"That would be ideal, but if Swift does not want the position, we will consider it yours."

Crunch [Knight] 333695

"Of course. I look forward to the alpha's decision."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 333697

While they're arranging the funeral, go check on the progress of the Glassmaker.

Campfire 333701

A dog takes a break while standing on top of the body, then finishes his break and goes to do something else picks up the body and puts it in the coffin.

You feel a little ashamed of your actions.

Prophesy looks a little worried.
"If the alpha ignores the other contenders there could be…problems."

He has finished his workshop and is now collecting sand.

Boyar (Preacher) 333703

"Other contenders?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 333704

I suppose I'll pitch in a bit and help. '1d10'
"So, how's it going so far?"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 333711

"Yes. Many of the newcomers have at least some knowledge of war, but two of them seem especially good at it. If they find out that they have been passed over for consideration they could cause a few problems."

Boyar (Preacher) 333714

"Tell me their names. It seems there will be a competition, after all."

Crunch [Knight] 333715

"That would be…enjoyable."

Aida [DD Knight] 333718

"So we have 4 vying for the position? Do we have any practice arms we can use, we don't need an injured military leader so soon."

Campfire 333721

"Trade Bottle, Channel Glow, Breeches Quakecreep, and Cloisterarena are all competent weapon users and they know how to fight well while wearing armor. They will each want to duel for the position of militia commander."

A diamond dog with a dusting of snow on his shoulders interrupts Prophecy.
"Alpha, I beg your pardon but both our adult water buffalo have been found starved to death. The water buffalo and yak calf are still alive, but they look close to starvation as well. Shall we butcher them?"

Campfire 333723

"No, but our leather worker has been making simple leather armor and our bone crafter has been crafting bone helms. You two may wish to start crafting wooden weapons now, I can give you a list of who uses what type of weapon."

Moloch [Charlatan Carpenter/Smith] 333725

"What?! Who allowed this to happen? Who was in charge of feeding them?"

Crunch [Knight] 333726

"I have my hacksaw, but a proper weapon would be preferable."

Aida [DD Knight] 333727

"We need to save the buffalo! Their help will be necessary on the farms, otherwise I will have to pull dogs from their duties."

Was this the game's doing?

"Let's find out what we need. Afterwards, we can use them to train the others."

Boyar (Preacher) 333728


"Who was responsible for feeding them?

"If we can save the calves, we should do so.

"Any thoughts from the rest of you?"

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 333730

"It's especially worrisome considering we have a surplus of food. I long to hunt and cook again."

Crunch [Knight] 333735

"Find and punish the ones responsible of course. Slaves are our responsibility as a pack."

Campfire 333737

He cowers.
"They graze; we didn't expect to have to feed them through the winter because this is a jungle. Why is it snowing in the middle of the jungle?"

"There are a few wood axes lying around. You could use one of those once you join the militia."

Prophesy pulls you two aside.
"He is talking about the water buffalo. Those are the animals that pulled us here, remember?"

The cowering dog turns to you.
"We don't have anything to feed them and the grass is all frozen. If we butcher them now we can still get some meat and bone out of them."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 333751

"It makes sense… water buffalo come from wetlands. They cannot live in snow."

Boyar (Preacher) 333753

"You should have come to your leaders before now and told us of this trouble. Five lashes for not reporting to us. You may not have had anything to feed them, but you should have told us."

"With nothing to feed the animals we should probably butcher them."

Campfire 333759

Prophesy whispers in your ear.
"Uh, boss? I don't think we have a lash. Want me to go pummel him instead?"

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 333761

Nod. "Have them sent to my butchery, Alpha. I will make meat from these beasts of burden."

Campfire 333766

Loud barking can suddenly be heard coming from the stockpile. Above the din a voice rises.
"Thief! Protect the hoard from skulking filth!"

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 333773

I let loose a ferocious growl. "ANOTHER FILCHER!"

Sprint off for the stockpile. What is it? Another goblin?

Crunch [Knight] 333775

I run off on the direction of the shouting.

Aida [DD Knight] 333780

I'll make sure to keep them protected, so I'll follow.

Boyar (Preacher) 333781

"Yeah, but let's say it's a 'lash,' anyways. Sounds better."

"Thank you, Switch."

"Dammit! TO ARMS!"

Campfire 333787

Unperturbed by the shouting he nods and drags the whimpering diamond dog off.

All of you arrive at the stockpile to see several dogs holding weapons and a few unarmed ones shivering and panting and the ground. One of them looks at you.
"Bushwoolie. Lost it. Too fast. Couldn't see what it took. Fled south."

Boyar (Preacher) 333790

"To the south, then!"

"And some of you set up a patrol at the entrance. I'm getting tired of thieves sneaking their way into our home! Two on duty at all times!"

Moloch [Charlatan Carpenter/Smith] 333791

I follow after Prophesy.
"Prophesy, perhaps there's another way we can… punish, him?"

Aida [DD Knight] 333794

"Do we even have secured doors?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 333799

Completely oblivious to the goings on of the main group, I suppose I'll just… hm. What actually needs to be done? Do we have enough wood? Is there enough space below?
I'll sigh, and then head back into the compound.
"Hey, what needs to be done up here? I'm running out of things to busy myself with."


"I'm on it alpha."

Gather up some dogs and create a watch at the entrances.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 333803

Follow the Alpha south.

Boyar (Preacher) 333806


Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 333808

"You're kidding."

"…You're not kidding."
Sighing again, I'll fall into step behind him.
"I hope you know I don't fight well."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 333810

Give him a very serious look over my shoulder as we run.

"I will protect you."

Campfire 333818

"Yes, boss."
A few of them take off after you, and one speaks.
"Alpha, me and a few others want to fight to see who will lead the militia. Will you mandate a barracks and training room be dug out near here so we can fight?"

One of the panting dogs shakes his head.
"Wouldn't stop them. Magic. They can get through doors."

He stops, but doesn't let go of the diamond dog.
"Talk to the Alpha. those water buffalo were our only source of milk, and a possible source of meat and bone from their offspring. Unless you want to milk the slaves and risk depopulating the local wildlife we'll need to buy more animals or steal some during a raid."

You grab a few dogs and take positions at the entrance to the fortress. While walking from the stockpile to the entrance/exit you notice a perfect spot for a barracks and training room.

The lot of you head south.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 333821


Roll #1 8 = 8

Aida [DD Knight] 333822

I was following them too, so I'll roll as well.


Roll #1 10 = 10


What's the worst that could happen??

Roll #0 5 = 5

Boyar (Preacher) 333827

"Yes, that sounds fine."


Roll #1 3 = 3


Call a few dogs over and tell them to start working on those rooms.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Moloch [Charlatan Carpenter/Smith] 333832

"I'm the alpha's brother. I'm as much his… trusted advisor as his right hand. He's, um, busy right now besides that, went off to detain a thief or something."

Campfire 333850

You two lose track of the bushwoolie's trail the moment you leave the fortress and so follow behind the others.

Your sharp eyes are enough to spot the bushwoolie's small tracks. You lead the pack through the snow with Aida.

You all follow the tracks for as far as you can. Eventually, though, you loose its trail as the shallow tracks have been filled with falling snow. Although you cannot see anything, your nose leads you to a nearby bush. After a bit of digging through the plant you find a few scraps of hair, some blood, a scrap of burlap, and a few cut gems. A few paw prints suggest that the thief ran afoul of a local predator, but it looks like both of them made it away from here alive.

They scoff.
"Look at 'im, he thinks he's the Alpha."
"We've already got our own jobs to do, dingus."

He thinks for a moment, then let's go of the diamond dog.
"Very well."
After speaking he walks off.


Growl a little.
"This is for the good of the pack, you mutts! We need a barracks to prevent messes like this in the future!"

Roll #0 5 = 5

Boyar (Preacher) 333866


I take the gems.

"We should keep tracking it. We can't allow it to make it back to its kin."

Moloch [Charlatan Carpenter/Smith] 333867

I place a paw on his shoulder.
"Now… what's your name, dog?"

Aida [DD Knight] 333868

"As much as the little thief displeases me, the predator worries me. We should also try to put up some defenses."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 333869

"Stupid bloody thieving vermin."
I'll turn to Boyar.
"Are we done here, then? Can we go back to doing pretty much nothing at all until spring?"

Boyar (Preacher) 333874

I give Pom the gems.

"You can return, I suppose. Make sure that the barracks get built and the water buffalo are butchered.

"You're an intelligent dog, however. Find something to do. Do not be idle just because it is cold on the surface."

"A keen insight."


"By the blood…"

Take a look around. Can I keep tracking it from here?


Roll #0 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 333876

"As you say."
I'll head back with the gems and relay the instructions to the other dogs.
"And don't laze about, I want them at least started by the time he gets back."
Placing a few of the gems back in stock, I hold onto one of them.
"You… I can make something with you."
And I shall. '1d10+2'
Taking the gem and some random trinket from the stockpile, I shall make it better.
Does the gemcutting skill apply to this, along with the craft bonus from the necklace?

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Campfire 333889

"And our work is for the good of the pack too!"
"Talk to the Alpha and the dogs he took when he gets back, they'll be able to help you more than we can."
They finish their break, grab their stuff, and disappear deeper into the fortress.

He cowers before you.
"Oddomuvash, boss."

You follow the blood a bit further south, but it stops at another bush. The bushwoolie must have stopped here to apply a bandage.

Your gemcutting talent only applies to gemcutting, but I think the necklace you found boosts all your crafting skills.
You recruit a few idle dogs and have them help you build a Jewler's Worskshop. After that is done you take the cut gems and set them into the better looking items you can find. You've got a feeling that these should sell for a quite a bit when the next trader comes.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 333891

I'll smile at this.
"Lovely. Just lovely."
Now, to busy myself with helping dig out that barracks. '1d10'
I'll bark at the carpenters that we'll need armor racks, weapon racks, a couple closets or dressers, and beds for the barracks. Maybe a table and some chairs.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Has the trail gone cold?

See if I can follow any further. If this fails, just give up and go home.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Moloch [Charlatan Carpenter/Smith] 333894

"Oddomuvash, do you… do you have a reason why you didn't inform the alpha the water buffalo had no food?"

Aida [DD Knight] 333897

Do we have anything available so I can start making animal traps?

Campfire 333909

"I'll get to work, but aren't your friends the carpenters here?"

You sniff around, but the trail stops cold at this bush. the sneaky little thing must have disappeared somehow.
Roll 1d10

He looks down.
"I wasn't paying attention. I thought they could eat the grass under the snow. I'm not even supposed to work with animals, I'm a fisherdog. Of course, there is nothing to catch here so I was trying to make myself useful by helping farm and watching the animals."

Yes, but they can only catch vermin likes rats and flies.



Roll #0 1 = 1


"Hmph. See how well they like it when we're overrun with gribblies."

Start digging it myself.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 333913

"Bah. What good are they if they aren't around to work? Besides, redundancy never hurt anydog."

Campfire 333919

A cold gust of wind cuts through your clothing and coat alike. You begin to shiver and your teeth start chattering.

The two of you begin to dig out the barracks and training room.
Pics when they're done.


Just go home and cook some meals.

Roll #0 5 = 5

Boyar (Preacher) 333927

"So you've lost the trail, then?"

"Not good."

Back to the fort, I suppose.

Aida [DD Knight] 333928

I'll do what I can to improve our trap making abilities.


Roll #1 1 = 1

Moloch [Charlatan Carpenter/Smith] 333930

"You… you didn't notice that they were slowly starving to death? At all?"

Campfire 333937

You make some food, but sneeze on it. You didn't get any snot on it, but you might not want to share it.

You arrive back at the fort.

You begin gathering materials to make traps, but your mind wanders. When you come back to reality you find that you have gathering a pair of pants, a cucumber, and two small potatoes.

"No? I don't know what they are supposed to look like, all I know is fishing."


"Well it's a step in the right direction. Hopefully we can organize better if more creatures find their way in."

Make sure the patrol is set up well, then check back in with the Alpha.

Roll #0 4 = 4

Boyar (Preacher) 333941

"We lost the trail. We'll need to be ready for more of those little creatures.

"How goes the barracks?

Moloch [Charlatan Carpenter/Smith] 333943

I sigh.
"The Alpha needs to be informed of this… please come with me, Oddomuvash."
I pull him up and gesture for him to follow me as I go look for Boyar. He should be done by now…


Cook more stuff, I guess. Too cold to fish, no luck hunting.

Roll #0 2 = 2

Aida [DD Knight] 333945

I guess my body wants a salad. Let's see how well I make one. Afterwards, I'll help with whatever expansion is possible/needed.


I need to cut out at this point, sorry.

Roll #1 6, 6 = 12

Crunch [Knight] 333946

"We have space set aside for both it and a sparring room, and Pom is supervising the construction of goods for it."


>Perpetually be damned to be a worse cook than the farmer



Roll #0 8 = 8

Boyar (Preacher) 333953

"What is it, brother? Oh, did you personally oversee that dog's lashing? Most excellent!"

Moloch [Charlatan Carpenter/Smith] 333959

"Not yet, I had an alternate idea for hi- never mind that. Did you know that he is a fisherman? He doesn't even know how to care for animals."
I lean in a bit closer.
"We may have a serious problem on our hands here. What other unsuited dogs are there, manning positions they have no idea how to manage?"

Campfire 333960

Because of how small the entrance tunnel is you set up guards on the outside of the fortress and the storeroom.

You burn some stuff but eventually are able to make yourself a nice sandwich.

You set to work digging stuff out.

I can't split my attention between the game, this quest, and BDN's quest. I'll try to get caught up on what should already be done and stick around for controlling NPCs, but no more building or digging or anything like that please.

Boyar (Preacher) 333963

"Hmm. Good point.

"We need a more systematic inventory of our pack. Good work, Moloch."

Moloch [Charlatan Carpenter/Smith] 333973

"And… on that subject, I was thinking. What if we instituted the more… undesirable forms of labor as punishment, instead of violence? Or possibly assigned extra labor in addition to their primary job?"

Crunch [Knight] 333974

"I agree. We need to at least know who can make capable warriors."

Campfire 334053

Well that only took all night.
Stupid dwarves dogs.

Campfire 334056

File: 1359881913557.png (325.61 KB, 1920x2043, DDF ssession 4 end.png)

Campfire 341854

File: 1360731388181.png (124.9 KB, 868x4092, The plug.png)

Spring has come, and as if the celebrate the first anniversary of the fortress's founding the snow has melted and life has returned to the world. The harsh winter necessitated the slaughtering of the livestock, but the slaves are still alive and healthy. There was a death last year, a dog whose mind snapped, and thieves broke in but were unable to steal much. The fortress has done about as well as can be expected of one that has no source of stone, gems, or metal, but as the dogs stop what they are doing and pour out of the fort that is, hopefully, about to change.

Campfire 341855

Prophesy stands next to Boyar.
"Give the word, Alpha, and the miners will remove the supports holding this plug in the air. It will fall, and we may dig through it into the ground below the aquifer."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 341856

I'll tap my footpaw impatiently. The gems in the earth cry out for a skilled hand to shape them.

Aidi 341857

"I should prepare the slaves to tend to the fields. Now is the best time to sow the seeds of our future."

Boyar (Preacher) 341858

"Thank you, Prophesy.

"My brothers, this is an auspicious day – a grand step forward for our fortress and our pack. May the Supreme Noble God bless us, his servants, and may we go forth and place the yoke of discipline upon the unruly beasts of the earth."


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 341859

Give a wary look. "I don't like all of this cave-in business. I think I will stay above the aquifer and let the miners tend to the gems below."

Campfire 341867

File: 1360733865247.png (84.59 KB, 940x2356, The plug falls.png)

Most of them look eager to get at whatever lies in the rock down below, but others are worried. They've seen this sort of thing go wrong before. A miner steps forwards and, lifting his paw him into the air, smites the support holding up the large chunk of earth. There is a thunderous splash as it falls into the pool of water below. Everyone present feels as if catastrophe was narrowly avoided as dirt and mist is thrown into the air. The crowd holds its breath and waits.

Boyar (Preacher) 341870

I hold my breath.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 341871

Follow his lead.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 341872

I'll still be a bit impatient, and start pacing.
"Why's it taking so long? It should have settled by now. We should be digging."

Aidi [DD Knight] 341874

I'll work off whatever worry I have.

Campfire 341875

File: 1360734854087.png (91.72 KB, 880x2700, Fuck you, Toady1.png)

When the air clears several miners go down to check thing out. They come back up looking confused.
"Back to work, dogs. This thing won't be breach so easily after all. The aquifer goes several layers down and a layer of the plug, um, vanished. We'll figure it out."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 341876

I'll just rub the spot between my eyes.
"How long you think it'll take to make another plug to fill the gap, Alpha? Can we do it before winter strikes again?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 341880

I groan and rub my forehead.
"What now then?"

Boyar (Preacher) 341884

I'll let Prophecy field that one. Or Moloch.

"We still need to decide upon a militia captain – we need to organize a tournament to decide who will lead the guardsdogs."

Campfire 341893

"Yes, that will pass the time and lift spirits while we wait for the plug to dry. Once that happens I will send a dog to test it and see if he can find our missing layer or soil. Alpha, Glover Cloisterstick, one of our woodcutters, gave birth last night. Why don't you go speak with her while I take to others to gather training weapons and contestants?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 341899

"Oh? She gave birth?"
I turn to Boyar.
"Perhaps you should pay her a visit, Boyar?"

Boyar (Preacher) 341900


I'll go over there. Gotta say the right blessings and all that.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 341902

Before he leaves, "Alpha, do you want me to compete to become militia leader?"

Boyar (Preacher) 341903

"Of course."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 341904

I follow him over there as well.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 341908

I'll just grumble and get back to work. Those things won't plant themselves, the dirt won't dig itself, and Glitter Bronzelilac knows the gems won't pull themselves from the earth to my paws.
So, let's get working on that new plug. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 341909

"Then I will."

I trudge off to join the competition.

Anonymous 341910

Is it possible to help improve the trap making facility?


Roll #1 2 = 2

Aidi [DD Knight] 341911

Guess not.

Campfire 341925

The two of you make your way to their room; it is one of the nicer ones for it has a bed and a door as well as a cabinet and a dresser. Road Merchantdawn, the young donkey slave is lying down on the bed watching Glove Cloisterslick and Flag Silkbelch admire their child. Flag stands when he sees you come in, smiling like he just hit a vein of gold.
"So, you heard?"

You and Prophesy gather the contestants. The lot off you gather armor and training weapons and climb up the small hill that the fortress lies under. Prophesy speaks.
"Here are the rules. You will each break off into pairs. Combat will be to the first blood. Any of you kill your partner and you answer to the whole pack, not the Alpha. Put on your armor, grab a weapon, and grab a partner."
There are a wooden axes, spears, pikes, swords, maces, hammers, and shields on the ground. Beside them lie a pile of simle leather armor and bone helms.

Boyar (Preacher) 341928

"Yes, the birth of your child makes this day even more important to the pack. The child is the first of this settlement! Congratulations are in order."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 341935

Fuck those weapons, I'm using my bow. I'll take a sword for backup, though, in case they get too close. Get armor while I'm at it.

Aidi [DD Knight] 341938

Might as well get some food ready and make this into a more celebratory event.


Roll #1 5 = 5

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 341939

I smile at them.
"Congratulations are indeed in order."

Campfire 341948

"Thank you, bo-"
Cloisterslick interrupts.
"Congratulations are nice, Alpha, but how about something that will help my family."
She points at Road, who is busy rolling back and forth on the bed.
"I want my slave back."

Prophesy pulls a few purple fruits out of his bag.
"If you really want to use your bow, put these on the tips of your arrows. They should dull them enough to be safe."
After putting on your armor and grabbing your sword you see the other dogs starting to pair up. Two of them have selected pikes, one a sword, one a mace, and one an axe. Better hurry if you want to choose one.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 341954

I'll take the axe-foe. Axes are for carpenters, not warriors.

Boyar (Preacher) 341958

"We're living communally at the moment, Cloister. As much as it may seem unfair, we have all given up our possessions for the greater good of the pack.

"When the pack is in better shape we can talk about the return of private property, but at the moment consider that you do not need to pay the pack for her care – surplus pay you do not have."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 341969

I mumble under my breath when he mentions the slave.
"Slaves ar-"
"…yes. We'll… further discuss the issue, when we are more, erm… settled in."


"On my mark, dogs!"
Prophesy howls and the fighting starts. Not wasting any time the axedog rushes you.

"Pay? You are joking, right? If we want something we take it from the stockpile or we barter for it. If you give me my slave back she can watch my pup while I work instead of getting underpaw while looking for things to do."
Road is lying on her back with her head hanging off the bead. She looks up at you with big, donkey eyes.
"Can she please be my master again? Pleeeeeeeeeease?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Trick Shot + Vantage Point.

I can still be tricky about how I shoot even if my poison is removed, right?

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 341979

After digging for a while, I'll realize that digging's for scrub-dogs. Time to wander the fort until something better occurs to me.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 341980

Wait, I forgot Switch has survival in this quest, not vantage point. That should be a 9, not 10.

I should have kept one constant build!

Boyar (Preacher) 341984

"Yes, exactly, Cloister – if you needed something for her, you would just take it from the stockpile. And that would not be fair to the rest of the pack – they work just as hard as you, and they contribute all they have to the stockpile, and yet they would not be able to give Road orders. Tell me – is that fair?

"No, we can't just hand her over to you exclusively. Not yet."


He slashes at you and forces you to dodge, which makes your shot go wide. he spins and attacks again.

Meanwhile the sworddog is holding a pikedog at bay with his shield. The other pikedog is standing over the macedog she was fighting and laughing at him.

Maybe you should check on the glassmaker?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Perhaps. Maybe he's found suitable sand by now. Let's hunt him down.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 341991

I give a confused look towards Road, then groan and concede.
"…perhaps we may compromise then, brother? Road takes care of the pack children? A sort of… day care, if you will? She will still be community… 'property,' and Cloister's wishes will be satisfied. Is that a reasonably compromise?"


Well! Parry and reposte with my blade?

Roll #1 7 = 7

Aidi [DD Knight] 341993

"Come on everyone, do your best!"

"Switch, make sure to win!"

Boyar (Preacher) 341997

"Hmmm. Yes, I think that could work. She will have something to do, then."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 341999

I also turn to Road herself.
"Do you think this is a fair compromise, Road?"

Campfire 342009

Cloister looks angry at this, but calms when Moloch speaks.

Her ears swivel towards the tow of you.
"I can take care of puppy Platebrother?"
She rolls over and starts jumping back and forth on the bed.
"Yes! Yesyesyesyesyesyes!"

You are unable to draw your blade in time and he lands a solid hit on your shoulder.
4/5 Hits.

You walk into his workshop just as he is leaving.



Roll #1 2 = 2

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 342017

Hmph. Strike back! '1d10'

You didn't roll!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 342019

I give her a lopsided smile.
At least she's… happy?
"So have we… erm, reached a compromise?"


The glass he was carrying shatters and shards pierce both your chests, arms, and faces. He starts screaming, but you can't tell if he's angry or if he's hurt.

I know.
The dog stats laughing at you, but is able to jump back out of reach of your sword. He raises his axe for an attack…

She bounces off the bed and nuzzles your leg before walking over to the cabinet and digging through it.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 342030

"What are you looking for, Road?"
I lean down and look at what she's digging for in the cabinet.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 342031

I'll inspect myself [1d10], and then the glassmaker[1d10], for wounds.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 5 = 5

Aidi [DD Knight] 342032

"Come on, let me hear you cheer!"
Let's get the crowd riled up and lift those spirits!


Anything else I can do?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 342038

I don't understand… do I get a hit? 3 beats 2 right?

I take advantage of his opening as he laughs and get in a solid hit, then quickly knock an arrow and loose it.


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 342040

That's a trick shot obviously.

Boyar (Preacher) 342043

I'll go check out the tournament.


"Toys for the puppy."
She pulls out a ball then drops it.
"Nope, too young still."

Both of you have only superficial damage, it seems. The glassmaker is more upset by the loss of his object than the glass in him.
"What is wrong with you, mutt? Don't you watch where you walk!?"

The are too busy eating the food you made earlier to make much noise, but a few stomp their paws.

The three was an unopposed roll, but you beefed it because 3.
You hit him in the gut with the flat edge of your wooden blade and topple the dog. As he lays wheezing on the ground you knock an arrow and fire it through the fleshy part of his arm. He yelps and holds his paws up in surrender. Prophesy steps between you two.
"That's enough. Do you want to rest or move on? The pikedog is ready for her next opponent."

Switch is standing over an axedog with an arrow sticking out of his arm. A macedog is bandage the arm of a sworddog whose shield he just shattered, and a dog with a pike is leaning against a tree waiting for the next fight to start.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 342057

I'll huff.
"Normally. But that doesn't excuse you from doing the same."
Looking at the shards, I'll start picking a few of them up.
"So I take it that, by the evidence of glass, you found sand that fit your needs?"

Campfire 342058

Ignore that roll.

Boyar (Preacher) 342059

I talk to Prophecy.

"How goes the tournament? I see that there are already some wounded."

I'll try to heal some of the contestants.


Roll #1 1 = 1

Boyar (Preacher) 342060

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 342062

Let the cool Spring run through my fur. I'm alive here, outdoors.

Through similarly cool, disinterested eyes, I remark, "My will is the Alpha's."

I look toward Boyar expectantly.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 342063

"Well… you, erm, enjoy your new occupation, Road."
I give her a pat on the head, then hurry out and go catch up to Boyar.
"Brother? I think we may need to start consi-"
"…Boyar, what are you doing!?"

Aidi [DD Knight] 342074

With a smile I'll offer some drink to the ones who lost.

"Now which drink to offer them?"
Rolling to make sure I get them something good.


Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 342083

He starts picking glass out of himself.
"Yes, in the hole where we buried the mad dog. I've made some good things so far."

You try to pull the arrow out of the hurt dog, but twist it and break it off inside his arm instead. Prophesy stands by your side as the dog passes out.
"Alpha? Did you mean to do that?"

"Right, yes. Do you want to sit down for a minute or fight the bitch with the pike?"

You grab some warm, refreshing water.

Boyar (Preacher) 342087

"Uh… pain is the crucible through which the strong are made pure."

Let's try that again….

Roll #1 7 = 7

Aidi [DD Knight] 342089

"I'll get some bandages and blankets for the poor thing. Can someone get me a plank of wood we can use as a stretcher?"


Roll #1 6 = 6

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 342094

"Oho, have you? Enough to rebuild the woodburning building, and perhaps a decent forge?"
I'll lick my lips a bit.
"And any raw glass that needs to be… shaped? Cutting glass can't be much different than cutting gems."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 342096

Aidi looks busy.

"I'll join combat."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 342098

Wait! Before I do, restore my hits!

'1d10' don't die

Roll #1 6 = 6

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 342099

I raise an eyebrow and groan at Boyar.
"I- never mind…"


You wave the skull on your staff over the wound and the arrow pops out.

A few dags bring you some wood and strip the dog's vest off to use as the cloth for the stretcher. After that they pick him up and lie him on it.
"Do we really need to do this? The hole's in his arm, not his leg."

"Yes, I made a few glass pieces for you to cut. Take the off my bench, but don't break anything else."
He grabs an empty bag and leaves.

You steal yourself and face the dog with the pike. Sh lowers it and charges you.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 342119

I'll grin from ear to ear.
Finally! A chance to ply my craft once again, though not with the materials I'd prefer.
Licking my lips again, I'll take a nice piece of glass, and haul it back to my workshop. Time to cut some gems. [1d10+4]If I've got my numbers right, it's 2 from the talent, 1 from the skill, and 1 from the amulet?

Roll #1 7 + 4 = 11

Aidi [DD Knight] 342123

"I don't want the dog moving anything unnecessarily. No need to get the heart to pump out more blood. Now lie down and take it easy."


Fire arrow! Trick shot!

I assume my 'break' was long enough to reset cooldowns? If not, count as a normal shot.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Aidi [DD Knight] 342126

Rolling to make the dog comfortable.


Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 342127

Are you firing an arrow or is that a fire arrow?

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 342128

"Well… at least you fixed it."
I sigh and turn to Boyar.
"Now, brother, I was thinking. Since the pack is beginning to welcome children, perhaps we should put in place some form of education?"

Boyar (Preacher) 342130

"Excellent idea, brother. The children need to know the essentials of life – the greatness of the Most Noble One, the glory of serving His divine will, and the terrible fate that awaits all who do not submit to Him."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 342134

"…I was thinking more… practical things? Literacy, mathematics, trade skills?"

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 342139

My trick shot is poison, but I'm just trick-shotting for the talented bonus since I don't want to kill anyone.

Boyar (Preacher) 342143

"Yes…. yes that could work, too. Once the children are old enough to start learning, we can begin their lessons. We can probably use the dining hall for the moment, though."


You take it back up to the workshop and begin to cut it. Before long a jewel that catches and throws light light a start emerges from the glass, helped out of it's shell by your skilled paws. This jewel is perfect in every way.

"So…I get the day off?"
The dog begins to softly groan from and rub at the area around his wound.

The fruity arrow hits her in the chest and makes her, stumble, but she remains standing. She sweeps at your with her pike.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 342149

At last…
I'll smile.
"At last, my work is continued! Ha ha! Ha hahaha!"
Gently buffing the cut glass with a rag, I'll admire it some more.
Setting it carefully to the side, I go grab another piece of glass.
Ha ha, such simple joy in plying my craft! I really will have to thank that glassmaker for presenting his idea.
After fetching the glass, I'll return to the workshop and continue working. [1d10+4]

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6

Boyar (Preacher) 342150

Go over and heal that malingerer who is talking about skipping out on work.

"Hold still and allow the Most Noble One's healing touch to bind you."

Roll #1 8 = 8


It's alright, you guess. It can't really compare the the beauty you just made.

The hole in his arm closes.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Campfire 342161

Ignore that roll.

Aidi [DD Knight] 342163

"Looks like you're healed now, but let's not get to excited and open up the wound."

Offer him some food.

"Let's watch the rest of the match and take your mind off it. It might not be a day off, but you don't have to go back right now."


Hold her off, then press the attack!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 342167

I'll set that one aside. After thinking a moment, I'll take the masterfully carved glass item, and put it in a safe spot until I have an item to match it. I am Forbidding it from use.
Afterwords, I'll grab another piece of glass, and set to carving it up. [1d10+4]

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5

Campfire 342176

He takes it and stands next to you. He speaks with his mouth full.
"Wanna bet on the winner?"

You knock the pike away with your sword, then rap her on the paw with it. She almost looses her grip on it.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 342179

Well, having said what I wanted to say to Boyar I depart and head off towards any spare rooms we may have.
Would it be possible to start working on building a smithy now?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Take the fight to her!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Aidi [DD Knight] 342181

"I put a gem on Switch."

Campfire 342183

The fortress has all the materials you would need to build a forge, but you only have two bars of metal.

You swiftly disarm her and force her to the ground. She holds her paws up.
"Take it easy big boy, you win."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 342184

Better to be prepared.
I begin working on building the forge.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Campfire 342186

"One gem on the macedog."

You collect green glass blocks from the stockpile and have a couple of dogs carry the anvil, tongs, hammers, and other tools down to the forge. It's ready to be used.

Boyar (Preacher) 342187

I'm going to do a quick survey. How many dogs do we have? Do we have any other pregnant dogs?

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Campfire 342188

There are 49 dogs in the fort right now. None of them look pregnant but it's not always very easy to tell until they are just a few days away from giving birth.

Boyar (Preacher) 342190

About how long until the puppy is ready for school and such? How long does it take for a dog to mature?

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 342192

Give her a nod.

"I am female."

Campfire 342195

One year.

She stands up.
"It's a figure a of speech, sheesh."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 342205

I head out again to go find Boyar.
"Brother, I have just recently finished constructing a forge. While I am going to wait for our rather small supply of metal to increase, I want to start planning what I should forge. I was thinking of beginning with farming implements. Or do you have any other ideas?"

Campfire 342209

I need to stop here.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 342211

"Are there any competitors left? Or am I to serve as militia leader?"

Boyar (Preacher) 342223

"Plows and such are undoubtedly necessary. Weapons will also be needed, but we can probably last for now."


When we last left our brave colonists Switch was fighting for the right to lead the militia, Aidi was betting with another dog on who would win the fight, Pomeranian was using glass to relieve his gem addiction, and Boyar and Moloch were harassing a woman that had just given birth.

Switch, you stand before a large dog holding a mace. He takes a fighting stance and waits for you to make the first move.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346191

Damn straight I was.
And after I finish up that last one, I'll hunt down that glassmaker smiling the whole way. '1d10'
Will remember to watch where I'm going, though.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Aidi [DD Knight] 346193

Hoot and holler at the contestants,


Boyar (Preacher) 346195

I watch the competition.

Campfire 346198

Not only do you watch where you are going, you notice a small wooden bracelet that some other dog must have dropped; finders keepers. You arrive at the glassmaker's workshop and see him pouring sand through a sieve.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346200

"Glassmaker Gate! You had such a wonderful idea! While not gems, your glass carves beautifully nonetheless. I am so glad I backed your idea."

Campfire 346202

A dog comes running from the south and whispers something in Prophesy's ear. Prophesy then walk around the small battleground and to Boyar's side.
"Alpha, I have just been told that the plug has nearly finished drying now. The dogs inspecting it can smell stone underneath. Would you like to pause the fighting and call the fortress to attend the stonebreaking?"

Boyar (Preacher) 346203

"Hm, yes. We will need all on hand for that. And this will give the contestants time to heal and rest. To the mines!"

Crunch [Knight] 346204

Nod, get up, and head towards the mines.

Aidi [DD Knight] 346205

"This is wonderful news."

Let me make sure all the food is put away first before joining them.

Campfire 346206

Prophesy separates Switch and the dog she is fighting, then runs off with several others into the fortress. Before long every dog in the fortress, as well as the two slaves come streaming out. All of them rush down the stairs made of tightly packed soil into the pit left behind after the plug was dropped. Each of them take a spot on the stairs or the small strip of land between the sairs and the exposed aquifer.

All of you are deep now, deeper than than the fortress. Prophecy shoves his way through the gathered crowed, crying loudly for them to make way for the Alpha. Eventually all of you, the original colonists, are standing on the muddy clay that makes up the top of the plug. Prophecy turns to look at you all.
"Shall we all dig down together?"

Campfire 346207

File: 1361079563674.png (4.06 KB, 237x414, The top of the plug.png)

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346208

"Aye! And let us dig up some lovely gems while we're at it!"

Crunch [Knight] 346209

"Yes! For our pack!"

Aidi [DD Knight] 346210

"For our home!"

Boyar (Preacher) 346211

I give a short speech about the importance of digging.

I'd write out the speech but I don't feel like it.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


You got the food put away before accompanying them to the plug.

It's a good speech and the seven of you feel motivated.

"Prophecy lifts his right paw him into the air.
"Strike the earth!"
As he says that he slams the ground with his paw and begins to dig.
Everyone roll, if you want to.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Aidi [DD Knight] 346213

"Strike the Earth!"


Roll #1 9 = 9

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346214

Dig deep, dig greedy. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Boyar (Preacher) 346215

I'm going to assume that means +1

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2

Boyar (Preacher) 346216

For fuck's sake


"Strike the Earth!"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Campfire 346218

File: 1361080806334.png (694 B, 129x178, Stone.png)

The two of you both choose soft spots to start digging. This proves to be a mistake as each of you open up and fall into a different pool of water.

The two of you work together and dig down into the plug, revealing the layer of sandy clay loam that had somehow gone missing last time.

You dig straight down, nearly swimming through the earth and carving out a staircase as you go down one layer, then two. Red silty clay flashes past you as your paws bite into rough stone and shatter it. When you stand you are in a small chamber, big enough only for yourself, with walls of rough limestone surrounding you and sunlight pouring down upon your head..

Boyar (Preacher) 346219

Ack! Climb out.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Boyar (Preacher) 346220

Keep climbing out.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346221

Well, keep digging. Down down down, until I hit rock. And then expand from there. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Well that wasn't very dignified. Get out of there!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Aidi [DD Knight] 346223

Go back up and help the others.

"No dog gets left behind, but no dog ventures on its own."


Roll #1 9 = 9

Campfire 346224

File: 1361081330390.png (1.59 KB, 237x414, Stone 2.png)

You flop out of the water like a retarded fish then quickly burrow down as well, creating another staircase down to the limestone below.

You dig down until you hit rock, but the hard substance bruises you relatively delicate paws.

Your legs are caught by the sucking mud and you sink under the surface of the water.

Luckily, you climb back up and spot him going under. With a bit of work you manage to pull him out of the hole.


Okay, this is not good.

Get out of here! Back up!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346226

I'll nurse my paw for a moment, the novelty of fresh earth wearing off.
"Right, they can dig through stone, I'll just carve what they bring up. What we need now is a stoneworking shop, if we've not one prepared, and other such things."
Heading back up, I'll see if we've got one already set up[1d10], and if not, start building one.[1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 2 = 2

Aidi [DD Knight] 346227

"This is for all of us, so if you need help, don't fret about asking for it."

Continue digging.


Roll #1 8 = 8

Campfire 346228

The two of you keep on digging. The rock crumbles as the two of you power through it and make the room larger.

There is one in the fortress itself, but it may be better to build one out here where it can be close to stone. Unfortunatelyall the other dogs are too excited for you to get any help building it right now.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346229

Well, once the excitement dies down, we might need to work on that. We'll also need a stockpile for that stone.
Could I get a map to show where I can put it?

Campfire 346230

File: 1361082663422.png (13.26 KB, 679x414, workshop.png)

How about right here?

Boyar (Preacher) 346231

"Keep digging, my good dogs!"

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Phew. That was a close one. Hopefully nobody saw that.

Back to work!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346233

Looks fine to me, I guess.
Now, back to… digging, I guess. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

BarkSpawn(DD Inquisitor) 346234

OOC: Looks like everyone is in the middle of something. Where do I start or would I enter at a later time?

Aidi [DD Knight] 346235


Keep on digging.


Type "Strike the Earth!" and roll.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 346236

File: 1361083327620.png (4.99 KB, 195x104, gems.png)

Your words inspire them to dig harder.

The two of you set out in three different directions, searching for gems and precious metals. Crunch manage to knock loose several large pieces of stone as they dig, which are promptly collected and hauled off to a stockpile.

You lift your head and sniff a few times. You can smell them, they are close. You claw at the limestone wall and it falls away before you. Digging and digging you soon pass straight through a cluster of schorl and into a vein of green tourmaline.

Campfire 346237

Jump in and do whatever. You put points into digging a trapmaking, so you can either join the digging or take some stone and start making trap components.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346238

I'll start giggling like a loon.
Gems! Glorious, beautiful, marvelous gems!
Dig! Dig them out and make them ready to carve! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Aidi [DD Knight] 346239

"Now this is work!"


Roll #1 9 = 9

Campfire 346240

You dig a few out but spend most of your time holding them in your paws and admiring them.

You keep digging more tunnels and find some more gems.

BarkSpawn(DD Inquisitor) 346241

Strike the earth!

and roll on the ground.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 9 = 9

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346242

Need to take these back to my workshop right away! Lovely, beautiful gems!
Grabbing as many of the uncut stones as I can carry, I hurry back to my workshop, and get cutting.

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5

Boyar (Preacher) 346243

I organize a work crew of some of the other dogs. Get them digging!

Roll #1 4 = 4

Aidi [DD Knight] 346244


"Come on everydog, the future is before us!"


Roll #1 3 = 3


Keep digging, hauling out what ore I can find as I go down.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 346246

You start going up the stairs with your gems, but…

You bowl over a diamond dog runt on your way down the staircase. You ceremonially strike the earth with your first, then roll around on the ground, scratching an annoying itch on your back in the process.

They excited dogs start digging in random directions instead of digging where the two of you tell them to.

You only manage to haul out a few pieces. the other dogs keep getting in your way.

Boyar (Preacher) 346247

"No, you mongrels. In the aquifer!"


Also, I ask Prophecy if there's anything else that needs my attentions.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Group work is overrated. Keep at it, we need to keep our findings organized!

Roll #1 3 = 3

BarkSpawn(DD Inquisitor) 346249

Now that the itch is gone.
Continue on digging for gems
Strike the earth

Roll #1 8 = 8

Boyar (Preacher) 346250


Roll #1 2 = 2

Boyar (Preacher) 346251

I'm done. See y'all tomorrow.

Aidi [DD Knight] 346252

"Work together now!"


Roll #1 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346253

"Watch where you're going, you oaf!"
Quickly, gather the gems and bring them to my shop before further mishaps.
And then, get to work.

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13

Campfire 346254

File: 1361084862138.png (40.06 KB, 814x536, mine.png)

They look at you, confused, then start to dig upwards towards the aquifer.

You do your best to haul stone back up to the surface, but it is slow going.

You find a pocket of green tourmaline.

While prompting some of the diggers to work together you notice a group digging straight up to the aquifer…

You gather all the gems and run to your workshop as fast as you can. You work like a maddog, and after no time at all you have dozens of expertly cut gems waiting to be used.

BarkSpawn(DD Inquisitor) 346255

I told the others about my discovery.
I then scratch my head.
"What are we doin here again?"

Boyar (Preacher) 346256


BarkSpawn(DD Inquisitor) 346257

I stand still and listen.

Aidi [DD Knight] 346258



Roll #1 1 = 1

Crunch [Knight] 346259

Curious, I stop and return.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346260

Such glee cannot possibly be contained.
"Oh it's been so, so long!"
More gems! I must fetch more.
Down we go, digging and hauling. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Boyar (Preacher) 346261

Y'all aren't even in the same area.

Campfire 346262

They stop.
"Don't yell at us, boss!'
"Yeah, you told us to dig in da aquifer!"
"We was only followin orders."

A dog carrying a bunch oof rocks answers you as he walks past.
"Mining, ya big mutt."

They start advancing on you.
"Don't you start giving us orders too now, bitch."
"Yeah, you aren't the Alpha!"

You gather more of the valuable green gems and begin cutting them as well. They do not look as good, though, and the cutting takes longer.

Aidi [DD Knight] 346263

"I apologize, I thought he wasn't loud enough to be heard in all this mess."


Roll #1 5 = 5

Boyar (Preacher) 346264

"Yes, well, go to Prophecy. He will tell you where to dig."

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346265

It happens, it happens. They can't all be masterworks.
Humming merrily to myself, I'll fetch more [1d10] and then carve them up. [1d10+4]

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 1 + 4 = 5

Campfire 346266

"You better apologize."
"We showed her."

All three of them answer.
"Yes boss."

You fetch more green tourmaline and schorl, but when you start trying to cut them your knick your paw with the chisel. This throws you out of your groove, and you wind up destroying the uncut gems you gathered when yo utry to cut them.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346267

'1d10' not to weep bitterly.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346268

I'll sigh.
"Such a waste!"
Licking the wounded paw for a bit, I'll sweep up the shards with my free one.
"Such a waste."
But I suppose that's enough carving for now. Have to save some for later.
Hmm. Let's check on the food situation. Have the slaves and farmdogs been planting, gathering, and fishing like they're supposed to? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

BarkSpawn(DD Inquisitor) 346269

"Ah yes yes, more gems more gems."
Start digging for more.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Well, back to work then.

Dig up that ore!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 346271

You keep your eyes dry as you look at the crushed gems on your workbench. At least there are plenty more where those came from.

None of the nearby ponds have any fish in them. Planting and harvesting is going well, as is gathering plants growing wild outside, but the buffalo are still in the slave pen. It seem that no one ever told them to help with the farming.

You keep on digging and find even more gems.

You hit a pocket of powdery stone and are unable to get any useable chunks out of it.

Prophecy leads the three dogs from early into the main room of the mine and has them dig deeper into the earth.

Aidi [DD Knight] 346272

Promise to make them some decent food to make up for it, since I think I've dug quite enough for the moment.


Roll #1 2 = 2

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 346273

So uh.

Did I win that competition?

Campfire 346274

They chuckle and share glances as they dig. It seems they have misinterpreted your promise.

It was put on hold by order of the Alpha. You had one last dog to fight.
Gaius also wants in on the fight.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346275

I'll roll my eyes at that.
"Come along, buffalo, you were supposed to help with the farming. Why's no one come to let you out?"


I see it now.

Deal with him. Trick shot.

Okay. Should I let him fight the mace dog instead?

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Boyar (Preacher) 346277

Do an inventory. What've we got for food now? Also ore/gems and the like.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Damn. Seems like this vein might not be as good as I thought.

Try someplace else.

Roll #1 6 = 6

BarkSpawn(DD Inquisitor) 346279

Gather all the gems that I had mined and bring it tothe cart.
Then mine some more then rest after wards.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Aidi [DD Knight] 346280

Let's get to work on that food. Everyone else should be tired and hungry as well.


Roll #1 9 = 9

Campfire 346281

File: 1361087400748.png (289.21 KB, 1046x808, stocks 2.png)

The fight was paused and every dog that does not have a pressing job in the fortress is digging. Taking out your competition now would be unethical, even by diamond dog standards. Why not go to the Alpha and ask him to start the fight back up?
I was going to have him fight an NPC, then fight you.

"We do not know, master. We will get to work right away."
They go up to the farm and the head farmer puts them to work hauling and plowing.

Food looks good. In fact, there is an overabundance of food. A fest may be in order once the drink shortage is solved.

You follow Prophecy's dogs downwards and start digging a few levels below everyone else. Before long you strike mircoline. It is mostly worthless, but it has a pretty blue color.

You dump them into a bin and another dog carries them up and out of the mine.

You load a wheelbarrow with a bunch of prepared meals and take them down to the mines. The dogs working there are very grateful.

A loud cry comes from down below.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 346282

Very well. Best not to bother the Alpha with it now.

We have plenty of food, so no need to hunt or fish, right? In that case, get to cooking prepared meals. I have nothing better to do.


Roll #1 9 = 9

BarkSpawn(DD Inquisitor) 346283

Do we have enough gems or ore? If not, continue mining for now.

I then wipe my nose, after this I might rest for awhile.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346284

Hmm. Hmm.
We did construct a smithy, did we not? And we might need another charcoal furnace to keep up with smelting needs.
I'll take a quick run through the fortress. Take stock of our facilities, and see what else we need to make.


Hm. Maybe traders will find this pretty. Or something.

Mark it and rush on down to help dig up the metal vein.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Aidi [DD Knight] 346286

The traders mentioned wanting prepared meals, so I'll see if I can bundle a few up to trade off.

Also, can we use some of the mined material to improve our engineering/trap making ability?

Boyar (Preacher) 346287

"Metal ore? Praise be!"
I say a blessing in honor of the Most Noble One.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Campfire 346288

File: 1361088577543.png (184.23 KB, 748x982, delicious metal.png)

You begin cooking meals with a large variety of animal products in them. Who knew tallow, meat, and brain pie could be so delicious?

You head down and help the other dogs mining the new ly found ore. With their help you soon have several nuggets of Tetrahedrite ore in your paws.

You walk around and look at all the buildings and workshops.

You rush down to help the others, but stop when you hit the microline layer. Following your noise you crack apart the stone wall and find another juicy vein of tetrahedryte ore.

You can feel him smiling down on you. The fortress is finally a real fortress.



Call up for some assistance and dig that shit out.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346290

"We need a smelter, masonry, and… wait, we've had dogs fishing, but no fishery built? Who was in charge of that?"
Pulling aside the nearest dogs, I'll start barking orders.
"You, you, and you! We need to start preparing to smelt that ore we just dug up! So get working on a smelting furnace! And now that we've got some stone to work with, we need a masonry workshop! That needs building! You, you're building a fishery with me. I'm tired of picking bones out of my teeth!"
And then, set to work. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Aidi [DD Knight] 346291

I'm one with free time, so I'll set myself up to help with the smelting furnace.


Roll #1 6 = 6


Well, I don't like digging, so I'll work on that workshop.

Roll #1 3 = 3

BarkSpawn(DD Inquisitor) 346293

I go to Crunch dig area and help him out on whatever he is digging.
>inb4 a >1

Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 346294

All the other dogs are busy digging out the last of the gems on the first stone layer and making sure that there isn't a cave in. You'll have to work alone.

They follow orders and ask no questions. Before long all of those things are built.

The two of you help with the workshops.

You aid Crunch and dig along side him.

BarkSpawn(DD Inquisitor) 346295

While digging I stop for a moment and look at Crunch.
"What are we digging here by the way?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 346296

Now I'm going to take a friggin' nap. More gems when I wake, and more work as well.


"Struck another vein of tetrahedrite here. Between this, the metal ore, and various other semi-precious materials, this place is finally starting to pay off."

Keep at it.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Keep working with Aida.

"Do you think they're all going to move underground, into the deep? The air is stagnant far below…"

Roll #1 4 = 4

BarkSpawn(DD Inquisitor) 346299

"Well wokay"

Keep on digging.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 346300

The two of you keep digging. Despite Bark's bumbling Crunch is able to get some more ore exposed.

You do some work.


Aidi [DD Knight] 346301

"We've been lacking in a lot of supplies for a long time. These recent treasures that we are digging up will help us improve our home and ensure our safety."

Keep working.


Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 359744

It has been several days since the aquifer was breached and the earth's riches brought to the surface. The deep pit left by the attempt to breach the aquifer has been covered by tiles made from excess stone in order to keep the elements out. Workshops to carve gems and embed them into objects, smelt ore into bars of metal, and forge things from metal have been built in the pit near the entrance to the mine. The dogs have put these to good use and the fortress now has a small supply of gem studded goods as well as bronze armor and weaponry.

The fortress is doing well. Two new pups were born, the alcohol shortage was taken care of, and the buffalo slaves have been put to work helping the farmers.

The fight to determine the leader of the militia, put on hold and nearly forgotten after the discovery of gems and metal, is about to resume. Are the combatants ready?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359745

I suppose we should likely take another census, now that the fort's growing. Got to keep track of all these dogs…

zulu 359748

Good idea.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Boyar (Preacher) 359749


Crunch [Knight] 359750

As the alpha wills, if that is still the case.

[lemon] 359752

"Got any work for me boss?" I approach him.

[lemon] 359754

OCC: shit have you saved my character camp? I know he is a dig dog. Please link the doc

Campfire 359755

There are currently 62 dogs in the fortress, 3 of which are pups. There are 8 slaves in the fortress, but only the two buffalo are of working age.

Prophesy appears by your side.
"I do if he doesn't. Our fortress lacks many static defenses. You look like the kind of dog that knows a thing or two about making and using traps."
It didn't get saved into my .txt file for some reason. I'll track it down.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359756

"Sounds like a good idea as any to me. But I'm just a gemdog. You're second in command here."
And I'll start back to my shop.
"We could probably sell some of the animals he catches, though."

BarkSpawn(Dig dog, Inquisitor) 359757

found it.
"I know a thing or two, what need do?" I waited for the command.

Campfire 359758

You are back in your shop. There is a barrel full of uncut gems here for you to work on, and there is a barrel full of bones if you want to try your paw at bone carving.

"Before any kind of trap is made a mechanism needs to be created so that the trap can be sprung. Grab some loose stone from one of the piles and take it to the mechanic's workshop by the slave pin. Once you've made some mechanisms feel free to make stonefall traps, cage traps, weapon traps, or requisition some items from a smith if you want to make something more…inventive."

Crunch [Knight] 359759

Until I'm needed, I'll go back to my workshop and see what needs doing there.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359760

I'll grab one of the bones to gnaw on while I cut gems for a bit. '1d10+4' If I remember how everything adds up.

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8

BarkSpawn(Dig dog, Inquisitor) 359761

I scratch my head and take a note of what the alpha has said.
"Ayeaye, Bark will head to mine for stones!" I then head off to go and collect said loose stones in the.. quarry(?). Collect as many as I can.


Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 359762

You had that duel, remember?

You know the giant crow's bone as you work, the very picture of a professional; Dog doing his work for the pack. After roughly half an hour of work you have several carved schorls sitting in front of you, looking as beautiful as can be.

Not thinking to use one of the wheelbarrows, you instead grab a small armful of stones and carry them all the way back to your workshop. Good thing you have so many muscles, otherwise you might be tired.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359763

I'll smile around the bone.
Just lovely. Look at that luster!
Struck by sudden inspiration, I'll spit out the bone I've been gnawing on and see if I can't make something those gems can properly sit in. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Crunch [Knight] 359764

Well yeah, but you never responded. Am I supposed to be fighting more NPCs?

BarkSpawn(Dig dog, Inquisitor) 359765

Collect more.
I like digging.
Do I remember to use the wheelbarrow, or any tools(crowbar, pick,etc) that may lighten my work load for that matter?


Roll #1 4 = 4

Boyar (Preacher) 359766

Anything need my oversight? Maybe I can go check on Road and see how she's doing with the new pups.

Campfire 359767

Looks like the last dog to use this workshop took some of your tools. Not wanting to walk to the nearby supply depot you instead try gluing the gems onto the crafts. They'll stick, you figure, so long as no one touches them.

A dog comes running into the fortress.
"Merchants! Zebras from the south and Ponies from the north!"

You forget all about using tools to help you dig, but who needs 'em? You do, however, catch sight of a wheelbarrow near the mine exit. After loading that up with stone you now have plenty of stones to make mechanisms with.

Yeah, I can have you fight one or two and we can figure out the battle with Wf+6's character next time he's here.

Boyar (Preacher) 359768

I take a few of the militia dogs and go to the surface to greet the merchants.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359769

I'll grimace at that. No no no. My gems don't need such shoddy placement. Clear 'em off, and fetch a new bone from the barrel. This time I'll carve it before even thinking about placing gems. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

BarkSpawn(Dig dog, Inquisitor) 359770

I head to the Mechanics workshop, what does it look like. Any helper or is it just me there.

OOC: how do I start making traps? Do I specify what kind of trap I am going to do or the design for it or do I just roll?

Crunch [Knight] 359771

All right, I'm back in the pit. Hopefully the caravans won't provide too much of a distraction.

Campfire 359772

Both the zebra and pony merchants seem glad to see you. The zebra speaks first.
"It seems the rumors were true, and that they traveled far indeed. We will unload our goods while your people bring out whatever you have to offer us."
The ponies have already started unloading their wagons.

You take a bone out and begin to carve it. Before long there are several beautiful swirls running up and down its length.

It's just you, big guy. The workshop is set up in a room by the slave pen, which is in it's own room. There are all the tools you could possibly need here, as well as several diagrams describing their use and the things you can make.
Roll to make mechanisms. Once they are made roll to start making traps and say where you are placing them. Areas that might need traps are the entrance to the fortress, the entrance to the dining room, the entrance to the mines, the entrance to the sleeping area, etc.

There are several dogs down here waiting for you. The first of them steps up, a big guy with a spear and shield; both are made of wood. He gestures at a pile of bone and leather armor next to a pile of wooden sparring weapons.
"Arm yourself and fight me."

zulu 359773

What do we have to sell?


I suppose we have some of that glass stuff, right?

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6

Boyar (Preacher) 359774


Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359775

Fabulous. Let's see if I can't stick some gems on there, with the proper tools this time, and get it out to the depot before the merchants leave. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Crunch [Knight] 359776

I dig through the pile and pull out some armor and a similar set of weapons.

"I stand ready, dog. Are you?"

[lemon] 359777

I then head in and start to work.
Make a mechanism for a spike trap or anything that is near its equivalent. Also make some alarm traps next.
I am treating trap making now like in Dungeon keeper

Roll #1 8 = 8

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359778

>name sorry

Campfire 359779

The fortress has cut gems, stone craft, bone crafts, and an overabundance of food. The Zebras are offering a wide variety of cloth, fruits and vegetables, and alcohol. They also have some armor and weapons that are made of better metals than the fortress currently has access to, but they are charging a steep price, The ponies are offering fibers that can be woven into various things and armor and weapons much like what the zebras have. The ponies are also charging a high price for their armor and weapons.

You only have time to encrust two objects. Any more will take far too long.

He answers be charging at you with his spear.

You make several fine rock mechanisms and start dreaming up designs for spike traps and alarm traps. you'll need to visit the smiths for spikes and bells once you are done making mechanisms.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Divert his charge with my own shield and jab back at him.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359781

Very well. I'll ferry out some of the cut gems, as well as the encrusted items I finished.
And then I'll browse.

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359782

Make more rock mechanism before I visit the Smith for the metalworks.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 359783

The tip of the spear hits you before you can get you shield up. Your armor provides some cushioning but the blow still hurts. The dog pulls his spear back for another jab.

The zebra merchants are selling a variety of fine silks and beautifully cut foreign gems. The ponies ahve a number of horseshoes and metal bars.

The mechanism crumbles in your hand as you strike it with too much force. Deciding to have the smiths start on your items so they will be done once you carve some more gems, you head to the mines. Once reaching them you see the two smiths lighting their furnaces.
"Wha'dya want?"

Boyar (Preacher) 359784

I ask Prophecy what we need right now. Do we really need some weapons and armor? What about cloth?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359785

Hmm. Hmm.
I'll linger by the gems for a while, and then wander over to the metal bars. Probably be cheaper to buy these than the weapons either of them are selling, and I doubt they've any cages we can melt down.
I'll also check the booze.
Where is our broker, anyway?


Feint with my shield and sweep his legs out.

Roll #1 2 = 2

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359787

"I want metal spikes. I make traps and I want to make spike traps so that intruders would get the nasty end of it."
I stop for a moment.
"Yes and bells! Little bells so that I can make traps that makes noise, alerts us if an intruder pass on a private territory."

Roll #1 10 = 10

Campfire 359788

"Cloth would let us make clothing when ours starts to fall apart. It can also be used to make bandages, bags, crafts, and quivers. Right now I think we should buy weapons and armor. the metal ore we have access to gives us only silver and copper, neither of which are good for weapons and armor."
He moves in closer.
"They are also selling valley herbs for a very low price. If we purchase them one of our farmers can process them into a very lucrative substance."

You see various types of pewter bars as well as a bar of of each of the following: Lead, iron, bronze, and gold. They have some cheap diamond dog booze from a mountainhome and a variety of overland alcohols like river spirits, tuber beer, and strawberry wine.

He uses the reach of his spear to jab under your shield and hit you in the foot. You nearly lose your balance but manage to remain standing. He steps back.
"Had enough yet?"
Roll and state your action.

They look at each other then back to you.
"Yeah, we c'n do that. We've a ton of worthless silver, you want that for your spikes and bells?"

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359789

I scratch my head.
"Is silver stronger than iron or steel?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359790

Hmm. Pewter would be good for crafts, but Iron would be excellent for weapons, or armor. Bronze would also be useful for mechanisms if we want a decent well and a chain to go with it. With that aquifer and a well, we shouldn't have to worry about water freezing in the winter.
I'll head over to Boyar.
"Alpha, I've a few recommendations for trade."


"Not even close!"

Disorient him with some dirt in his face, then rush him!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Aida [DD Knight] 359792

Are the 6 slaves of other species besides Diamond Dogs?

I know I had some bonuses to negotiating and traps, but I don't have my sheet available. Do you have one?

Boyar (Preacher) 359793

"Understood. Thank you, Prophecy."

"Of course, Pom. What do you need?"

Campfire 359794

"We dun have iron 'er steel. Only silver an' copper. They're both shit for weapons, but silver even moreso. Spikes and bells won' be hit with swords in a fight though, well they?"
They laugh.

Your broker is there, speaking with the leaders of the caravans.

He sees you reaching for some dirt and swipes your paws out from under you; you are now Helpless. He looks down at you.

Two buffalo calves (one of which is the daughter of the two buffalo slaves), two donkey jenny foals, a pegasus filly, and a zebra filly.

He goes off to buy the items.
Trap Maker and +2 to negotiating.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359795

"I'd just like to suggest getting the iron and bronze bars from the pony merchants so we can make our own weapons and maybe a decent well, as well as maybe pick up some fresh booze. Don't have anything against our brewer, but the same stuff gets old after a while."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 359796

Anything you need me for?

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359797

Whaddya askin' me for? I ain't the boss.


"If I was that weak, I wouldn't be here in the first place!"

Get up and kick his legs out.

Roll #1 9 = 9

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359799

I laughed with them.
"Silver will do, make shiny spike silver traps I will."

Head back to the workshop and make more mechanism for the spike traps. Who knows I may need spare

Roll #1 1 = 1

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 359801

I meant to link to Campfire. My bad.

Boyar (Preacher) 359802

I go to the broker and tell him what we need to buy – some iron and bronze, as well as cloth. And also that plant Prophecy was talking about.

If we can afford some without giving away too much, also buy some booze.

Aida [DD Knight] 359805

First, I'll help deal with the traders. A soft paw approach will probably help.


Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Campfire 359806

Browse the things offered by the merchants, cook food, go look at all the slaves that have been brought into the fort by migrants, or simply roleplay.

Your kick to his knee sends him to the ground, but you are able to get back up and assume a fighting stance by the time he gets back to his paws.
You have the initiative.

You hit yourself in the paw with a hammer. There was a lot of force behind that blow so it really, really hurt.

He nods and starts negotiating a price for the requested items.


Pin him under my shield and spear.

"My turn to ask. Do you yield?"

Roll #1 10 = 10

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359808

"Welp!" Do I need medical attention? If so go to it, if not let this pain pass for a moment.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Aida [DD Knight] 359809

I'll try again at negotiating better prices.


Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 359811

I'll inspect the stock of chattel, then.

Campfire 359814

You let them know how much you really like their valuable looking stuff. The traders look at each other and smile.

With a growl you toss your weapons aside and lunge at him. Your fist shatters his shield and your other paw snaps the haft of his wooden spear. You pin him under you.
"YES, YES, I YIELD! Don't kill me, dog!"
Some off the dogs watching give impressed barks.

They are all too young to work and, coincidentally, female. They are all personal slaves, with the exception of two. Roads the donkey is helping with the fortresses pups and runs past you with a bucket full of steaming water on her back and several towels in her mouth. The other one is the daughter of the two buffalo slaves assigned to the field. The mother has been returned to the pen to care for her calf.

Crunch [Knight] 359817

Snort in his face and let him up.

"You're skilled, but cowering like a scared pup is shameful. We are dogs!"

Bark in triumph.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 359818

Inspect the mother and the calf. What did we name her? Spade, I believe?

"Spade… What is to come of this calf? Will she grow to work at your side, do you think? I would think that God Noblesuperior would will to keep the mother and child together."

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359820

Aidi [DD Knight] 359822

I'll just go. This has not been a fruitful venture.

However, this means I have a chance to go help with the traps. Getting those up means that I can be even more productive while farming.


Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10

Campfire 359826

He gets up and runs off with his tail between his legs. A dog armed with a large wooden warhammer steps up.
"Ready, berserker?"

"I would enjoy that, but she belongs to the tribe. If you wish to take her she is yours."
Something in her eyes tells you that might not be the best idea, but her voice is calm.

Your hand is a mangled mess and a few of the claws have fallen off, but you cannot feel any pain. Might want to have a healer take a look at this.

You go and get started on making some mechanism. In a few minutes you are able to make several dozen stone mechanisms. Once you finish you notice a Dig Dog staring at his mangled paw.

Moloch [Charlatan] 359830


Uh. Where am I?

Campfire 359833

At the trade depot looking at all the fine goods for sale.

Crunch [Knight] 359834

Reset my armor and turn towards him.

"Berserker, am I? Can't say I've been called that before. I take it you are next?"

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359837

Well, while the fiasco of the traders is going along, I'll head to the smith's to see about getting a good length of chain for the well.
"Well, assuming our broker doesn't end up overpaying too much, we should have some decent metal in here shortly. Iron and bronze. Before that, I need a length of good chain for a well. We've got that aquifer, so we might as well put it to use so we don't die of thirst during the freeze."

Aidi [DD Knight] 359839

"Oh dear, let me help you with that. Let's get a bandage on it and get some aid."


Roll #1 1 = 1

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 359840

I point at the calf. "It must have a name. If it is to work in the fields, it must have a name fitting the fields. Perhaps Millstone, or Scythe?"

Moloch [Charlatan] 359841

Have we progressed at all on mining iron ore and smelting it into ingots?

Aidi [DD Knight] 359849

Seeing as how I am being less than Helpful, let's get Switch on this.

Campfire 359851

He takes a ready stance and waits for you to attack.

You see a large number of silver bells and spikes cooling in barrels of water. One of the smiths turns to you.
"Iron and bronze?

A large chunk of his paw falls off.

"Either one works, if they are what my master whishes."

Iron ore was not struck. What was struck was an ore that smelts into two parts copper and one part silver.

You run to get Switch.

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359852

Visit the forts doctor and had him see it.

Moloch [Charlatan] 359853

Would I be able to use that for tools? Or is it too soft and/or more valuable for trade?

On that note, nobody has purchased any equipment that I could produce, have they? Don't want to be redundant after all.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359854

"Just came in on the caravan. Assuming our broker doesn't blow it, we'll have enough for a few decent weapons or tools. As we've not hit any yet, we could use what they've got. I didn't see any cages we could melt down, though, unfortunately. Still, you're getting some good metal, so be happy about it. And if they can swing it, some variety in our booze."


Jab with the spear then.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 359858


"Why didn't you get me sooner?"


Add +1 for every wound he has.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 359862

He looks at the pit of you paw that is still attached, and the parts that you are holding in your other paw.
"This…I don't know what I can do with this. Hold still."
He takes out an amulet, and a variety of surgical equipment and goes to work on your hand.

Copper is currently the best metal the fortress has for weapons and armor. It can also be made into tools, for there is an abundance of it.

"Iron an' copper? That'll be good. New booze is nice too."
Your friend the glassmaker runs into the mined out portion of the mine that has been converted into a smithy and forge.
"Pom, there you are! A mad dog has taken over your workshop!"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 359863


The two of you work together, but it isn't enough. The doctor wipes sweat off his brow.
"That little chunk of paw is all you'll have left, I'm afraid. At least you won't have to worry about it becoming gangrenous."

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359864

"Son of a thrice-addled bitch, what's he doing in there? He'd best not be fiddling with my tools and gems! I've still got work to do!"

Moloch [Charlatan] 359867

What's are current store of it?
How much would it cost to trade for more?

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359868

"Nothing more can be done?" I ask the healer

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359869

also rolling if he knows something

Roll #1 7 = 7

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 359871

"I do triage, not specialty. Maybe a specialist could regrow the stump. We should pray to God Noblesuperior to send a doctor in migrant or trade."

Campfire 359874

"He's gone mad, just like that dog that tried to kill the buffalo. Come on!"
He runs out of the mine.

There are several bars lieing around, a large pile of smelted ore, and two seems that are still beaming mined out. You've got the feeling your fortress will not want for copper or silver for quite some time.

"With my skill? No. If another migrant comes along that knows more of the healing arts than I do, maybe he can help. There may also be a healer with the caravans that can help."
Until you get your hand back you can only use single weapons with Fencing. You also have a -1 to all actions that require two hands.

Moloch [Charlatan] 359877

…God dammit.
I guess I head back to the smi-
I wander around and hopefully find the other PCs.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359880

"Stupid bloody…"
I'll pad along after the glassmaker.
"Does the idiot at least have what he needs to work, or can we add that to the list of things we need to try and get off of the merchants before they leave?"

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359882

"Wokay." I nod with my ears flop down.

Rest for a moment and find some grub to eat while inspecting my work, how many mechanisms for traps have I made?

Aidi [DD Knight] 359883

Meanwhile, I'll check out the farms. How are they doing?

Campfire 359895

You ask a few dogs and learn of their locations.
You don't ever really have to roll to find them. This is a small place and everyone tends to know where everyone else is.

"I don't know."
As the two of you draw close you can hear laughter. Rounding the corner and rushing into the shop you can see Lesson Dotstring holding a shield above her head. It is a giant crow bone shield. All craftdogship is of the highest quality, It is encircled with bands of giant crow bone. The shield is adorned with hanging rings of giant dingo bone.

She looks at you with a twinkle in her eyes.
"I call it The Bound Climates."

They are doing well, for the most part. It seems that no plump helmet spawn can be planted because no one is eating the plump helmets.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359896

I'll be suitably impressed.
"It very nice. Damned nice. Now scoot, and get out of my shop. We'll build you one if you want."

Moloch [Charlatan] 359899

I guess I head over to Bark Spawn then.
As I approach him, I wince as I notice his mangled paw.
"What… happened there, friend?"

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359900

Aidi [DD Knight] 359905

Let's solve the problem of having too much crop by preparing it for a hearty meal.


Roll #1 10 = 10

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 359908

C-can I help? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 359909

She practically skips out of the workshop with the shield slung over her back.

Sorry, I thought I remembered writing out my response.
There are several dozen that you and Aidi were able to make. The smiths should be about done with their items by now.

You are able to make a large number of fine meals, and are even able to shelter them from >>359908, who sneezes over a bunch of ingredients.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359910

I'll look to the glassmaker.
"She that she gets a bone shop. I'll miss gnawing on the things while I work, but she can put them to use. And then put her to work."

Aidi [DD Knight] 359913

Let's share the food then!

With one bowl specifically for Bark Spawn and another one for Switch.

"Enjoy it. I'll go hunting with you soon."


Drown my sorrows in Aidi's meal. Can I at least enjoy it.

"Thank you, Aidi."

Roll #1 7 = 7

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359921


Nice, enjoy the food and fill my stomach to my hearts content

Moloch [Charlatan] 359924

Campfire 359925

"Why not give her this one? You can move into the one by the mine entrance."

You can. It is very good. Lots of red meat and animal parts in it.

It's really good.

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359926

"Be careful out there." I said while eating my meal.

Aidi [DD Knight] 359939

Let's get back to work on some of those traps. When I go hunting with Switch, we can leave them on the animal trails.


Roll #1 9 = 9

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359943

Help Aidi out with trapmaking

Roll #1 1 = 1


Let's… make sure he doesn't hurt himself.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359947

"Because my things are here…"
I'll sigh a little.
"But you're right, being closer to the gems would be a better fit. I suppose I'll have to let her have it. Just don't let anyone less skilled use it."
And I suppose I'll set off to find a good spot to put that gemcutting station.

Campfire 359951

You grab some wood and begin making small cages to catch animals. You make six of them.

You nearly neutur yourrself with a poorly swung hammer, but luckily >>359946 is there to help you.

"I'll help you carry your things."
With the help of the glassmaker you carry your stuff and get set up in a shop near the entrance to the mine. Another dog built it, but abandoned it after he learned he had no talent with gems.

Pom Rainian [M Runt Dog Gemcutter] 359953

I'll wipe some of the mine dust from it.
"Yes, this will do. Tell Dotstring that I hope she puts my old shop to good use, as her bonecrafts are fitting homes for my gems. And glassmaker? Thank you for fetching me."

Moloch [Charlatan] 359959

Fuck it.
I walk back to the smithy.
Can I draft up plans for any sort of artificial hand for Bark Spawn?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 359960

"You should be more careful, unless you want to be a bitch."

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359962

Okay enough crafting for now. Check out on the smiths if they had crafted the silver spikes that I need

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359964

"Thanks, be carefull next time I will." I give him a pawshake with my working one.

Campfire 359967

"Well, you can make a metal hand for him. It can't move though.

They are busy smelting more ore as you arrive. One of them points at several barrels full of spikes and bells.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 359969

I accept the pawshake sadly as yet another fellow dog mistakes me for a male.

I don't understand why I can't come off as feminine! Is it the fact that I am so deadly in combat? Or my stilted speech? Maybe I should ask Aidi for advice…

Moloch [Charlatan] 359970

I spend some time thinking about if I can possibly make it move.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Campfire 359972

With a few mastercrafted mechanisms you could make the hand poseable.

Moloch [Charlatan] 359974

I'm assuming mastercraft is beyond me at the moment?
I give it a try regardless.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 359976

Yes, that sort of thing is far beyond you. You would need to seek out Bark Spawn or Aidi for help with the mechanisms.

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359979

Carry those spikes into my workship and sit for a moment before deciding to make traps out of it.

Perhaps I'll place some on the gate.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Moloch [Charlatan] 359980

I'll head towards Aidi I guess.
I'm at least passingly familiar with her.
…who appears to not be here. So I guess I'll do it next session. So… I guess I'll call it a night because I have no goddamn idea what to do.

Campfire 359981

Pausing soon.


Goodnight, sorry about being so slow.

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359982

Gate please.
Also I need to sleep.

Campfire 359983

What gate?

BarkSpawn(Dig Dog Inquisitor) 359984

The main gate of the fortress

Campfire 359985

There isn't one.

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