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Campfire 315501[Last 50 Posts]

For a home supposedly hidden far away from the troubles of this world a surprising number of refuges have been able to find it. While these new dogs have been able to take some of the burden off the six of you, they have also made the small fortress rather cramped. There are not enough rooms, beds, or furnishings for all of the dogs, and to make matters worse they have begun complaining about the lack of a proper dining area. As if these problems weren't enough a rumor has begun circulating that one of the dogs has retreated to his room and will not come out. These strange moods that sometimes strike your species can bring great or terrible things.

Ultimately, it is up to the six of you to decide what to do. The future of this fortress and the fate of all that dwell here are in your paws.

Boyar (Preacher) 315503

"What should we do now?"

Crunch [Knight] 315504

"Start expanding for one thing. We need more space."

Pom Rainian [M. Runt Dog Gemcutter] 315506

"Down, or sideways? We can't dig too far until that aquifer empties out."

Crunch [Knight] 315507

"To the side for now. If it floods we won't have far to get out I suppose."

Campfire 315508

File: 1358999212462.png (340.08 KB, 4424x1804, end of session 2.png)

Here's the map as of right now.

Pom Rainian [M. Runt Dog Gemcutter] 315509

File: 1358999341983.png (37.85 KB, 807x414, New rooms.png)

"Then I suggest we dig here and here until we can get enough rooms, and then make a large dining area near the kitchen, if we can. We'll need more tables and chairs, though."

Crunch [Knight] 315510

"I'll work on that, I just need somewhere to put them."

Aida E'betting [DD Knight[ 315511

"A place for everyone to enjoy a good meal, I like the sound of that. It'll make everyone happier."

"Leave it to me."

Dig for that dinner room.


Roll #1 6 = 6

Pom Rainian [M. Runt Dog Gemcutter] 315512

I suppose I'll assist in the digging. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 315516

File: 1358999757415.png (30.36 KB, 873x450, dining room.png)

A few of the dogs run to chop down more trees. They recently built a second Carpenter's workshop to deal with the pressing need of wooden furniture.

A few other dogs gather around you and await your command.

Thee two of you begin digging out a large room. It won't be anything grand, but it will do.

Boyar (Preacher) 315517

I'll do an inventory. How much food and stuff do we have?
Or was it +1?

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"Right. We don't eat off the floor anymore, boys. Let's get to work!"

Make furnishings for the dining hall.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Aida E'betting [DD Knight] 315520

I'll help with the utensils. Can't be putting food ON the table.


Roll #1 8 = 8

Campfire 315530

You do your best to take stock despite the stains left on your ledgers by diamond dogs using your office as a dining room. You're certain that the fortress has enough stuff to survive for a while.

The two of you takeover the carpenter's workshops and begin pumping out finely crafted tables, chairs, and utensils.

A dog comes running in from outside.
"A trader has come! Bring whatever we've got to sell outside, and bring our broker too!"

Campfire 315531

File: 1359000892079.png (64.79 KB, 1848x1806, stocks.png)

Pom Rainian [M. Runt Dog Gemcutter] 315532

"Who was our broker again?"

Campfire 315533

Prophesy runs past.

Aida E'betting [DD Knight] 315534

"Shh, you'll wake the sleepier ones."

That would be me.

Like a dainty little housewife, I'll negotiate with the trader.

"What inspired you to come here? We're still barely growing." I ask.

I have no idea what we need, so I'll just put my heft behind negotiating in general. Post what you want.


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


I gather up whatever spare wooden goods we have and take them outside.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Pom Rainian [M. Runt Dog Gemcutter] 315536

"Not my problem, then. She's over in the craft area, probably. Be sure to yell at her extra loud."
I'll get back to digging, if there's anything left to dig. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Boyar (Preacher) 315540

"Slaves that can actually work would be good. No more children."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 315543

"About that… may I have a word with you about that, Boyar?"

Campfire 315547

Your act soon has him wrapped around your little claw. Getting a good deal from him should be simple.
"We had heard rumors of diamond dogs leaving their homes and traveling in this direction. New fortresses are almost always profitable, so we started hunting around for your group. I must say that I'm glad we found you-found your fortress, I mean."

You add lots more room to the fortress stockpile.

One of the diamond dogs walks over too you. From the look of her dress you'd say that she was the leader of this caravan.
"Runt, take me to this fortresses Alpha. I want to speak with him so I know what he wishes to purchase in the future."

Boyar (Preacher) 315548

"Yes, of course."

Boyar (Preacher) 315550

"I am the alpha, and you shall speak to me with the respect I am due!"

Inspire, I guess.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Pom Rainian [M. Runt Dog Gemcutter] 315552

Brushing off my paws, I suppose I figure I've done enough dirty work for the day. Time to find something else to do… It's still winter, so there won't be anything to gather… Hm. I know, I'll find a nice spot to put my gem cutting station. Let's look for one. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 315553

Read Intentions on the dog.
Is she trying to scam us?
"I was thinking, erm… perhaps… maybe we could eventually… release the slaves?"

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Boyar (Preacher) 315554

"MOLOCH! I would never expect you to suggest we release these slaves from their mortal coil! Shame on you. We will only do that if it is absolutely necessary."


Examine his wares and caravan. How profitable does he look?

Roll #0 2 = 2

Campfire 315556

The corner's of her mouth twitch, but she manages to keep from laughing at you.
"Of course. Take me to your office and we can begin our discussion."
What is going on in the game right now is this. You are asleep in your bed. She is standing next to the bed waiting for you to wake up. Dogs are weird.

Some dog decided to eat lunch in here, but must have eaten something that disagreed with him. Your workstation is completely covered in half rotten food and vomit.

All the merchants here are honest, but they won't stop you from overpaying for an item.

You don't know much about trading, but who needs educamation? All this trader has is a wide variety of food, alcohol, gems, cloth, silk, seeds, plants, anvils, and clothing. They also have several weapons, shields, pieces of leather armor, and a few crutches. They have a few gems and instruments crafted from metal that they must have purchased on a previous stop. They have a few bars of metal and several stone blocks. Lastly they have a two buffalo slaves for sale: a male and a female.

All in all, it's all junk.

Pom Rainian [M. Runt Dog Gemcutter] 315557

I will fume. Fume, fume, fume as only a diamond dog can fume. And then I will clean it. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 315559

"Wha- bu-"
I sigh and grumble.
"…Excuse me, brother."
I lean into Boyar.
"Be careful what you offer. They seem honest, but if you give them too high of a price they'll probably let you pay it."

Boyar (Preacher) 315565

I show her to my office.
"I will return momentarily. I need to discuss things with my pack."

Then I go get Road (the little donkey) and tell her to bring the trader some food and drink.
"And make sure she doesn't look through my books."

"Of course, dear brother."

"Those buffalo slaves would be useful… but what if they revolt? They are quite large."

Crunch [Knight] 315570

"I'm not sure where we would keep them at the moment. What could we even do with them at this point?"

Campfire 315571

You clean most of it off, but some of it is too high for you to reach.

She smiles, finally having something to do.
"Yes, sir!"
She runs off to the stockpile to start gathering food and drink.

When you return to your office you see that she has made herself comfortable by your desk.
"Those two? Do not worry your little head about that. They are thoroughly trained and will be loyal to the end. Their training isn't perfect, of course, but it's quite close to it."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 315576

"What did this… training involve?"

Campfire 315586

She laughs.
"How should I know? I'm a merchant, not a slave trainer. All I know is that they were born in captivity."

Boyar (Preacher) 315592

"So what should we buy?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 315594

"The… slaves would be of more use to us, I think."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 315596

Sort of at the edge of the room, disliking outsiders, I growl, "Efficient or not, God Superiornoble would see thralls as tribute. He is our patron, isn't he?"

Crunch [Knight] 315597

"You just want to set them free, don't you? We're not running a halfway house."

Aida E'betting [DD Knight] 315600

"They're really big and strong. If we want to expand further, I'll need help with the fields."

Crunch [Knight] 315602

"True, we do need to set up some farmland."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 315603

I vigorously shake my head.
"It was just a foolish idea."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 315604

"I would help you with the fields if you asked, Aida… You came hunting with me. I agree with your judgment, though."

Campfire 315608

Moving on.
The fortress's wooden and bone goods are traded away to purchase two hardy buffalo slaves, a few barrels of alcohol, and some blocks of cut stone. The traders, happy with the tidy profit they have made, begin to pack up their goods.

The merchant leader looks around at all the others then back to you.
"Tight ship you run here. What do you want us to stock more of next year? We can bring clothing, stone blocks, metal, animals, slaves, seeds, food, drink, weapons, and pretty much anything you can think of. Just tell me want you want the most, so I can prioritize."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 315610

"We don't know the richness of the earth below the water… metals are good. Slaves are good, too."

Aida E'betting [DD Knight] 315613

"Thanks for the offer, but I couldn't. I know you love going fishing and hunting. I couldn't take you away from that for my own selfishness."

Crunch [Knight] 315614

"We could use some seeds. I don't know if we have anything to plant yet."

Pom Rainian [M. Runt Dog Gemcutter] 315615

I'll busy myself with moving the items from the depot back to storage.

Boyar (Preacher) 315616

"Thank you, merchant. I believe we will need more slaves and seeds. Anything else you can bring will likely be appreciated, as well."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 315617

Sort of avert my eyes, embarrassed.

"To do the unpleasant is not bad if spent with good company."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 315618

"I think I'll leave this up to you brother."
I leave and go help Pom with moving the items.

Campfire 315619

"Metal, slaves, and seeds, got it."
She makes a few notes on a small slate she is carrying.

The two of you join a group of other dogs removing the few items that didn't sell.

Aida E'betting [DD Knight] 315622

"If you have the time now, then you can help me introduce ourselves to the buffalo and expand their quarters."


I head back down underground and check on the dining hall, then start digging more quarters in the other available area.

Roll #0 5 = 5

Pom Rainian [M. Runt Dog Gemcutter] 315624

Could we perhaps get an updated map?

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 315625

"Good. Alpha says we have enough food, and I am only good for food and protecting… and a little healing, too. It will make me happy to work with you."

Campfire 315631

The dining hall is still empty. It seems that the excitement of a trader visiting meant the tables still haven't been put into place.

In a minute.

Pom Rainian [M. Runt Dog Gemcutter] 315634

Very well. Let's place those tables and chairs, then. Four chairs to a table, as many tables as we can shove in here.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 315636

How are the slave quarters?
I wander over there.

Aida E'betting [DD Knight] 315639

Let's make ourselves busy and make the rooms presentable. Just because they're slaves doesn't mean they have to live like animals.


Roll #1 2 = 2

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 315640

I completely agree.
And fix whatever he breaks.

Roll #1 6 = 6


That doesn't look quite right. Maybe I can redeem myself from last encounter by helping.

"Let me try…"

Roll #0 7 = 7


I mentally kick myself for forgetting about this and help.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Boyar (Preacher) 315648

Do the slaves have names?

Campfire 315650

You start to set up individual dining rooms, but Crunch arrives in time to stop you and set up a large dining hall instead.

You wander down to the slave quarters. The two buffalo are lying down in the sand, but look up when the three of you enter and start marking places for beds.

They shake their heads when you ask.

Aida E'betting [DD Knight] 315653

What do they look like?

"That won't do. Even we left after they started to refer to each of us as 'hey, YOU'."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 315657

I turn back to the slaves.
"Would you like names?"

Pom Rainian [M. Runt Dog Gemcutter] 315661

Come to think of it…
I'll ask a dog passing by what the one who's locked himself up is shouting for.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 315664

"I don't want to… impose my way, but to make it easy, in my old pack, we named slaves after their jobs. So to help on a farm, the slave might be called Till, or Spade. To cook, sometimes Pot or Spoon."

Crunch [Knight] 315665

"Well we can't name them both Till."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 315666

A growl a little before stopping myself. "I gave two examples of farm names. Name the other Spade, or Plow, or learn the tools so you can come up with a name."

Boyar (Preacher) 315667

"Sounds good to me. 'Plow' for the male and 'Spade' for the female?"

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 315669

A small nod. "Your will be done, Alpha."

Campfire 315670

File: 1359007706362.png (199.02 KB, 1920x2164, end of session 3.png)

They look at each other.
"If the masters wish. We were told that our owner would give us a name once we were chosen."

"He's taken over the metalsmith's forge we built for him and has started scattering pictures of gleaming metal and cut gems everywhere. He already looked through the stocks, and even the trader's goods, but couldn't find anything he needed."
The dog looks back and forth before whispering in your ear.
"We should lock him in the workshop and let him starve. He will go mad and try to kill us all, I've seen it before."

"If the masters wish it."


Campfire 315673

File: 1359007909843.png (5.67 KB, 731x314, desired items.png)

A dog runs up to you.
"Alpha, the trader told me to give you this before she left. She says it's a list of items she will pay highly for next year."

Paused for real this time.

Pom Rainian [M. Runt Dog Gemcutter] 315675

I'll grumble.
"I wouldn't mind some lovely gems to cut, myself. But you say he's asking for metal? We won't find any of that for a good long time at this rate…"
I'll shuffle a bit.
"Bring your concerns to the Alpha. I don't think we'll be able to save him, but we might want to build up a trade supply for things we'll need eventually. I hear turtles make good ornaments, if you can find any."

Campfire 317004

File: 1359086873117.jpg (111.61 KB, 616x281, 1270426895287.jpg)

The winter has been surprisingly long and harsh for the middle of the jungle, but so far both dogs and livestock have avoided freezing to death. In an effort to save their addled companion a few of dogs threw together some things at the last minute to buy metal and gems off the traders, but none of them were accepted by the crazy canine. The two recently named buffalo slaves, Plow and Spade, are ready to be put to work for the good of the fortress if there is no one that wishes to keep one of them as their own personal slave.

Boyar, there is a diamond dog that wishes to speak with you.

Gaius Smitebird 317012

"Hm. I can't say I'm happy with the idea of letting one of our own die of madness, but we might have no choice. We really ought to start digging for ore soon, we'll need it."

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317014

"So now what?"

Boyar (Preacher) 317015

"Yes, my child?"

Crunch [Knight] 317016

forgot my name
"Start tilling I expect. Have we cleared enough of the forest so the slaves can get to work up there?"

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317018

"How should I know? No one tells me anything."

Campfire 317022

Prophesy stops next to you.
"Have you tried your paw at bonecarving? Our hunters have left us several skull and bones to work with. If you don't like that you could try exploring."

He cocks his head to the side.
"You do know that it's winter, right? Nothing grows up there during the winter."

The dog looks nervous.
"Alpha, something must be done about Urn Rockflicker, the mad dog. He is nearing the end of his rope and we're all afraid that he'll snap soon. What are you going to do?"

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317026

I'll grumble.
"Might as well. Not like we've found any gems, and my paws are getting rusty from disuse."
I'll try and whip up a couple items. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 317027

Is the smithy set up?
Can I go and set it up yet?

Boyar (Preacher) 317029

So who is he? What's he good at?
"We must try to heal his mind first. The pack needs all of its members."

"Where is he now?"

Crunch [Knight] 317031

"Well there's always underground farming. I don't think we're set up for it yet though."

Campfire 317042

Working with bone isn't at all like working with gems, but before long you are able to fashion four giant crow skulls into four rather impressive totems.

The smithy has been built, but Urn Rockflicker, the mad dog, has taken it over and is preventing anyone else from entering. Pictures of cut gems and bars of shining metal are scattered around the place.

"He's in the smithy, Alpha, but be careful. I've seen dogs like him go berserk and tear others in half!"

"We're set up, but if you want to get the slaves started on the plump helmet farms I won't say no."

Aida E'betting 317043

"What do we need to set that up? It'd be a good security measure for us, in many ways."

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317049

Well, that's something.
Time to find other things to do. Let's learn the names of all the rest of the dogs in the fort.

Boyar (Preacher) 317050


"Rockflicker has gone mad. I will attempt to heal him, but is likely that he is too far gone for even the Most Noble One's grace to save him. I will need help if he is violent."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 317052

I groan.
Can I Read the mad dog's Intentions, or is he too far gone? '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


"I'm just musing. We can't live on hunting and gathering forever. Winter is going to be rough without a steady source of food."

Is there a place we can set aside for farming?

Roll #0 2 = 2

Campfire 317066

You starting taking a census of all the dogs in the fort. you already know your five friends and Prophesy, but there are many more.

Glove Cloisterlick is a woodcutter by trade, but has been helping with the farms.
Trade Bottle is an Animal Disector, but she has also been helping out the farmers thanks to no one having any animals that need dissecting.
Bodice Kissplan is a hunter of the same skill as Switch.
Urn Rockflicker was a metalcrafter before his mind was claimed by madness.
Rag Sizzlehammer is a weaponsmith, but because she is currently without access to a forge or to metal she has been helping the farmers.
Oar Yorpot is a gemsetter, but she's had no gems to set so she has been helping grow and harvest plants.
Channel Glow is a bonecutter and has been keeping himself busy with the bones the cooks leave behind.
Gate Bannerage is a glassmaker.
Cloisterarena and Door Pondersnuggle are both fishery workers. One has been helping butcher animals and brew alcohol while the other has been helping in the fields.
Crystal is the fortresses only true farmer and has taken command of all the other dogs that are helping on the farm.
Breeches Quakecreep has been keeping herself busy in the kitchen.
Flag Silkbench has been making leather goods in the letherworking shop she built.

Gate Bannerage seems to want to speak with you, but can't work up the courage to do it.

"A few of us are good with weapons. We are ready to follow your orders, but please don't let us kill our packmate if we don't have to, Alpha."

You can see images of cut gems and metal bars filling his head and drowning out all else. Short of a miracle curing him will not be possible.

You ask a dog with clumps of dirt and sand in her fur if there are any good locations to set up a farm. She looks at you for a few seconds without saying anything, then spins you around. Before you you can see three farm plots that are currently growing plump helmets.
"Any more questions?"

Aida E'betting 317075

"We have so much help with the farms. As much as I appreciate it, I can't allow myself to monopolize all their time. We should focus on expanding and acquiring the tools the other dogs need."

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317077

"What is it, Gate? You look any more nervous and even I'll start feeling it."


Hm. Make some prepared meals. I could use the practice cooking, at least.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Boyar (Preacher) 317079

"What is on your mind, Gate?"

"I will do my utmost to make sure he is not harmed. We will only kill him if there is no other way."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 317082

"He seems too far gone brother… all he seems to care about is cutting gems and smithing. Nothing short of completely resetting his mind seems like it will cure him."
"Perhaps we should make a list?"

Crunch [Knight] 317084

"Well, good job then. Keep at it."

"That's a good idea. Things are getting a little complex down here."

Boyar (Preacher) 317087

"If all he cares about is cutting gems and smithing, perhaps he could simply be given space and allowed to pursue his art. As long as he does not turn violent we should be fine, yes?"

Campfire 317089

File: 1359091644294.png (12.59 KB, 1920x267, delicious.png)

I only now realize I could have taken a screenshot of all that and saved myself 20 minutes.

He looks around at the others nervously, then motions for you to follow him out of the kitchen and into the foodprep area.

He is already out of the room.

You make any delicious and traditional diamond dog meals.

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317091

Sighing, I'll follow.
"This had better be important."

Aida E'betting 317093

"We should prioritize whichever one we can build with what we have at paw. If nothing else, we can prepare the rooms we will use to keep us occupied. Doing so would likely liven up spirits, the anticipation of setting up a place for each dog and their skills."

I don't know enough about DF to say which is best to build. Which of the jobs from >>317066 would be most beneficial in the short run?

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 317094

"Mmmm… perhaps it was greedy to use up so much delicious giant crow spleen, but I am confident the others will appreciate my work."

I'll take some giant crow out to share with Aida and the Alpha. How do our food and booze stores look?

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 317095

"It's far beyond that brother. It's overwhelming. He's lost himself. Rehabilitation is… possible. But I'm not quite sure how to go about it."
I follow over to the kitchen, but stand by the doorway, listening.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 317098

Passing by him, I'll nod. "Moloch… where is the Alpha? I've cooked some giant crow."

Boyar (Preacher) 317099

"Hmmm. Alright, then."

"I will need four strong warriors to hold him. I will try to cure him. If it is impossible…. then I will decide what we will do."

Crunch [Knight] 317100

"Sounds straightforward enough. I'm not sure what we might need next, but from the sound of things, cut gems and ore are becoming pretty important."

Campfire 317103

He nods and leans in close.
"It is, but I'm worried the Alpha and the others won't think it is. I've got a lot of ideas that can help the fortress, but I was run out of my old pack for when the Alpha found out about them. You see, I know how to make glass, and glass is a miraculous thing. I can make almost anything with glass, but other dogs don't like it because they think stone, metal, and wood are all a good fortress needs. You're friends with Boyar, right? Can you convince him to let me tear down the workshop currently being used to make charcoal and let me use those materials to build my workshop? I promise that we can build it again, but with beautiful glass instead of stone."

Glassmaking by far.

You check the fortress inventory list that Boyar always carries around with him. The fortress has an abundance of food and drink right now.

If you want to hear any of that you need to roll.

The dog nods and runs off to gather some warriors.

Everyone who is in the dining room, so I think everyone except Pom, please roll.



Roll #0 3 = 3

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317106

Now, knowing the delight that is glass, and how it shines, I'll think. And then whisper back.
"Don't you need charcoal to make glass, though? Or do you just need the wood to burn?"



Roll #0 6 = 6

Boyar (Preacher) 317109


Roll #1 4 = 4

Aida E'betting [DD Knight] 317110


Roll #1 4 = 4

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 317111

"Oh! Uh… he's, uh, over there."
I point over to where Boyar is.
Rolling for hearing
And rolling for the roll
'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 8 = 8

Campfire 317113

He nods his head.
"A few dogs built a Wood Furnace too make charcoal so Urn could make something and exorcise his demon, but he has refused to work. I can use that as fuel to make glass blocks which can then be used to rebuild the Wood Furnace. After that I can make glass gems for you to decorate goods with and mechanisms so we can finally build some traps."

Moloch hears all the spoilers from last post and what was said in this post
You both spot spot what looks like a small, furless, green diamond dog stealing plates and forks off a table on the other side of the dining room.

The three of you don't spot anything.

Loud barks, growls, and howls suddenly ring out throughout the fortress.

Urn Rockflicker, Metalcrafter, has gone berserk!

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317120

"That actually sounds like a fantastic idea, but-"
Interrupted by the howls of insanity, I'll pause.
After waiting for a moment for them to stop, I'll continue.
"But there is a good chance the Alpha share the same mindset as your former group. I can try, but I make no promises. If nothing else, I can wave the smell of future money under his nose. That might sway him. If it works, we'll try and get working on that immediately. Do you have the sand ready, by the way?"


Is that a Goblin or something? I'm not taking chances. If he's Diamond Dog, my poison won't hurt him, but if he isn't, prepare to die.

Poison arrow, away!

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11

Crunch [Knight] 317123

"What was that?!"

Aida E'betting [DD Knight] 317125

"What's going on?"

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 317126

What the he-
I go to investigate the strange green diamond do-
…I go to fetch medical aid for the thing.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Campfire 317128

"No. Sand must be stored in just the right conditions to be useful for making glass. I can start once the workshop is built."

Several dogs run into the room.
"He's gone mad! He'll kill us all!"

Your arrow strikes him in the side and he crumples instantly. He coughs once shudders as foamy, bright red blood poors out of his mouth as your poison destroys his insides.

You can already see that there would be no point.

Boyar (Preacher) 317129

Run for Rockflicker's quarters with whatever warriors I can gather.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 317130

"Moloch, I must protect us! Deal with the body!"

Charge off behind Boyar. "Alpha! Your hunter is here! Do I shoot to kill?"

Crunch [Knight] 317132


Run off after the two of them.

Boyar (Preacher) 317133

"No, not yet. I will try to heal his mind first."

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317134

"Good. I'll try to convince him of the necessity of glass. Though…"
Looking towards the door, I'll perk an ear. '1d10'
"What was that hubbub all about?"

Roll #1 8 = 8

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 317140

I give him a trouble look. "I could… try to help. You know I have the healing hands, Alpha."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 317141

"I- Bu-"
I groan and place a paw to my forehead.
I guess I tend to the body. Can I identify what it is?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 317147

The two of you and several other dogs charge down to the workshop level and follow the sounds of fighting to the slave pen. Upon arriving you can see a diamond dog cowering behind the buffalo bull, while the buffalo cow and Rockflicker are squaring off. Each of them are wounded.

When he hears you enter he lets lose a bloodthirsty howl and charges your group. State your actions and roll.

Some ugly green thing got shot in the dining room and the insane dog has turned violent.

You've got no idea what that thing is, but is has a bag stuffed full of plates, forks, and a few gems that the other dogs bought from the merchants.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Anonymous 317149

Ehh. Does it have anything valuable? Aside from what it stole from us, of course.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Boyar (Preacher) 317152

I try to heal his brain.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Suppress him!

Roll #0 6 = 6


I'll follow his lead and try to fix his mind.

Don't die on me!

Roll #0 7 = 7

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 317157

I guess I move to dispose the body in some hopefully dignified place/way.
Who are you?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317160

my name fell off.

Campfire 317163

In addition to what it stole from the fortress it has a small gem necklace from which hangs a holy symbol of Glitter Bronzelilac. You can see it begin to glow faintly when you touch it. There is also a rolled up piece of parchment sticking out of it's pack.

There is nothing left to heal. Perhaps if someone had tried that half a year earlier when he first went mad it would have worked, but now it is far too late.

His mad strength allows him to grab you when you try to force him down onto the floor. Declare an action and try to beat my roll.

You gently lay the body at the far end of the refuse dump.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317164

Score. Take the necklace, and check the parchment.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 317166

"Permiss me to kill, Alpha! Unchain me!"


Fight back! Force him away from the other dogs!

Roll #0 2 = 2

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 317169

I suppose it's as good a resting place as I'm going to find where he isn't going to be pecked alive by the wildlife.
I head back inside.
"Did you find something, Pom?"

Boyar (Preacher) 317170

"He cannot be healed. We must kill him. Attack!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"By your command."

I'll have to switch to a different poison, since my normal one isn't any good for killing Diamond Dogs.

Poison Trick Shot!

Roll #0 5 + 2 = 7

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317184

"Maybe. Maybe not. Gimme a minute to read it."

DD Knight Aida E'betting 317194

I'll try to keep him down.

Aida E'betting 317196

Why do you hate me, HTTP?

Roll #1 9 = 9

Campfire 317198

You put the necklace on and feel your paws become more deft. You can feel the knowledge of making crafts from any sort of material enter your mind.

The parchment has an incomplete map of the fortress on it.

He leans his head back then savagely headbutts you. Stunned, you are easily thrown to the ground. He stomps your chest then charges Boyar and Switch.

You step to the sword and slash at his gut as he runs past. He cries out in pain and grabs at the wound with a paw.

You arrow lands in his back but he does not immediately feel the effects of the poison.

He turns and charges again!

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 317199

I start tapping my paw impatiently.
"Yes? What is it?"

Campfire 317200

You grab him from behind and throw him to the ground. The poison kicks in and he expires.

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317201

"Little shit had a map of our fort! Or was making one! We'll need to inform the Alpha."

Boyar (Preacher) 317202

I say a blessing.

"So passes Urn Rockflicker.

"We will give him a funeral befitting of a metalworker. The madness that took him at the end of his life was not his fault."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 317203

"Hmph. The chaff is separated nonetheless. Are you hurt, Aida?"

Return my bow to my back. "Alpha, before I followed you, I killed an intruder. Stealing from the dining hall."

Crunch [Knight] 317207


Get up.

"Next time, let's not try the wait and see approach, okay?"

Aida E'betting 317208

"Thanks for the worry, but it's going to take more than an angry pup to take me down."

"Shame it had to come to this."

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 317214

"A map? Then… that means were under the risk of being attacked."
I immediately go and inform Boyar about this.
Can I recall anyone who would be interested in attacking us? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Boyar (Preacher) 317215

"An intruder? A dog? Or something four-legged?"

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317219

I'll scamper along behind. Still have to talk to the Alpha about the glassmaker, and he's probably in no mood for that now.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 317220

"Two legged, like us, but no dog. Hairless. Looked smart enough to know shiny means worth coin. Moloch offered to deal with the body."

Campfire 317222

A few dogs help the carpenter that was corned by the mad dog out of the slave pen. The buffalo cow spits out a finger then goes and lies down next to the bull.

I think I'm going to pause it here.

Moloch [Charlatan Smith/Carpenter] 317226

"Green. Furless. Bipedal. I set out its body by the refuse dump."

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317230

"Speaking of, you remembered to strip it of its equipment, right? If nothing else, we can sell it to any traders that happen by. And, speaking of trade, Alpha, I would like some words with you. Privately."

Boyar (Preacher) 317236

"Good thinking, brother."

"Go ahead, Pom."

Let's just do this now, I guess

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317240

"Hrumph. Well, there has been talk of making and using glass for construction material. However, we'd need to break down the charcoal furnaces to build the glassmaking station. However, we can rebuild the charcoal burners with the glass, and it should hold up. At least until we dig deep enough to get a steady supply of stone. I also hear colored glass sells particularly well, especially once cut appropriately."

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 317241

I give her a smile. "I could still give you a look, if you want. There is much food in the fortress now, and I've already cooked. I have nothing left today. Would you like my company on your growing land?"

Aida E'betting 317242

"I'd be grateful. Getting our minds off of what happened would be a nice break."

Campfire 317243

Buffaloes, zebra, and gryphons have waged war with your species off and on for as long as anyone can remember, but this looks like a goblin. None of the races know much about them, but there have been stories told of them sacking small fortresses and attacking trade caravans.

Switch [Pilgrim Cook/Fisher] 317247

Wag my tail and signal the slaves. "I'll fix the slaves on the way up."

Can I inspect the buffalo for damages before I lead them to the farm? Gotta make sure they're in tip top shape for God Noblesuperior… and to impress Aida, of course.

Boyar (Preacher) 317248

"It seems like a fine idea, Pom. Anything we can trade is always good. I'm no artisan, however. Do you have any reservations about the plan?

"I suspect we would need to make a great deal of charcoal before we undertook this plan."

Pom [Male Runt Dog Gemcutter] 317256

"We've already enough charcoal to make the glass needed to rebuild the furnaces, or so I've been told, and we'd just need the sand to melt into glass. Now that I have your permission, I will inform the workers, and get them working on the facilities. With luck, everything will be going according to plan."
I'll turn to leave, but then glance over my shoulder before I do so.
"It may not have occurred to you, but we will need a militia at some point. Constructing training weapons might be a good idea, as well as assigning a good dog to lead the troops. Your hunter might do well."
And then I'll head off to inform Gate that we have approval.

Boyar (Preacher) 317258

"Yes, the incidents today show that we need a greater militia. And as we grow larger, we will be an even greater target for raids and thieves."

"Switch would make a good choice, but we will see."

Campfire 317261

The buffalo bull is uninjured. The buffalo cow has a few scratches on her face, but her thick fur was able to absorb most of the unarmed dog's blows.
"Thank you for your concern, master, but I will be fine. I apologize for hurting him, but he had gone mad and was a threat to you all."

Gate is ecstatic.
"Thank you so much! I will begin construction right away!"


"You did right. We will fix you up to honor God Noblesuperior. He blesses good slaves."

Sounds like she only took hits, so I'll top her off. Don't die on me.

Roll #0 4 = 4


Just keep at it until it actually works.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Campfire 317270

she sits silently while you end up scratching her a bit more before you are finally able to take care of the wounds on her face.


Boyar (Preacher) 317271

Wait I'm going to roleplay a bit more


Campfire 317275

Roleplay all you want.

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