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The eastern horizon has only just started to glow thanks to the sun's rays. For one reason or another, the entire party is awake at this early hour.

Pomelo, Dreamkicker, and Bessy
The three of you spent the night in the temple and were woken bright and early by a priest who returned your donation money to you. The three of you currently have a Large money level that can be used to buy dresses to replace the ones Pomelo ate, but only have until noon to get them back to the temple. Dreamkicker is the only one left among the three of you who still has any money of his own.

You stayed up talking with the Twins before taking a nap in one of the bedrooms.

You and Hornbeard were given a bed in the Nature temple.

After a long night of talking and learning you settled down for a nap. As you wake up you can feel that you only have a short time before you turn back into a buffalo.

Happyhorn and Muddy Morass
Both of you probably found rooms at an inexpensive inn or a temple.


"So I suppose we have an appointment in the garment district, yes?"


I pace around nervously.
"We gotta get dresses quick before it's too late! If we don't then… the party master will hate me and so will the rest of the temple and the poor orphans the dresses were for a-and… even the Pink One herself!"

I nod furiously


Correction: Pomelo is the only one left with any money of his own. His money level is Low unless he decides to use Andelia's payment too.


Did anything ever come of my adventures in the fire temple?


"Well then let's hurry."

Leave the temple, asking for directions to the nearest dress shops on the way.


I follow behind him
Can I see any dress shops so far? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You had to leave quickly because of some sort of ritual they were about to start, but luckily you found an inexpensive place to stay right across the street. What luck.

They direct you to the Market district. Once the three of you get there Pomelo spots some fancy, but expensive dress shops right away. Maybe there are less expensive ones farther in?


Well, if I've got the time, I can try and intentionally change back and forth from one form to the other. Let's see if I can turn back to a buffalo. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I look around for something a bit less fancy.

Roll #1 7 = 7


I hop up on his back and look too! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"This place looks expensive… maybe we should find someplace cheaper… So we can get double the dresses!"
I start hopping along looking for someplace cheaper but still just as nice.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Well then let's bounce back inside and see if my new friend is still there.



Roll #1 6 = 6


It was a very touching conversation. I'm sure the twins know they are loved now.. I better get going to ask for other opinions on the situation. Who else is around at this hour?


You grunt and strain but nothing happens.

You see a store named Pluto's Closet with a few okay looking dresses on display.

You look around, but your eyes keep going back to the fancy stores and the fancy dresses in their fancy window displays.

You hop into an alley to try and look through the thrash behind the dress stores for free dresses, but the smell convinces you that buying them would be a better idea. You have the money from the temple with you so you are the one who can make the final call on which shop to visit.
Speaking of the money, you feel a hoof pulling on the coinpurse.

Down here? No one. While you were asleep Sandy woke up and returned to the temple and the Twins returned to their coffins to sleep the day away.



Eh, it was worth a shot. Guess I'll just wait until the sun comes up and I change back.


Whip around and face whoever is trying to touch my coinpouch!


"See anything guys?"


He's staring into the fire again.


Alright to the upstairs..


I hop up and greet him.
"Morning! How can you even tell what time it is in here?"


"I'm fairly sure quantity matters over quality in this case."



As you sit down to wiat you feel your body start to bulk up and your hair curl and grow thicker. With two small pops your horn stick back out of your head. You are once again a buffalo. The others, their forms the same was they were a few minutes ago, begin to wake up.

A small earth pony filly is balancing on top of a small unicorn colt so she can reach your purse. They are both naked and their fur is covered in dirt and grime. The filly glares at you when you turn around but the colt starts to shiver.

You make your way back through the labyrinth and press a hidden button to open the wall into the broom closet. You can hear a few early birds rising and leaving their rooms as well as late nighters returning to bed.

He points at a clock in an alcove.
"Have you come to talk more about the horn?"


"Away, urchins!"


vs says she's not with us, so ignore that, I guess.


Bessy is separate from the two of you.


"Good morning."


"Huh. I didn't think you guys had one of those. Anyway, yeah! Is there other stuff you could do with it? Could I talk to it?"


"Huh?… Were you the ones trying to steal my coinpouch?…"
I look at them confused.


"See anything Dreamy?"
I hop up on Bessy's back to get a better vi- no Bessy.
"Buddy? Besssssyyyyy!?"
I jump up and down to see if I can spot her '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"There's a dress shop called…



One of them yawns.
"Morning. You going into the city or do you want to hunt down some tasty grass for breakfast?"

"Talk? No, there is nothing in there to talk to. The horn contains a magical imprint, sort of like a picture, of whoever it used to belong to. I can change the magic so that it will help you in a way related to its owner."
He brushes some embers off his coat.
"If you can't remember what I said I can do with it I can tell you again."

The colt and filly answer at the same time.

There she is! She's walking back towards the temple district for some reason. Better catch her before she gets away.


"Going into the city. I can graze along the way. There's a few things I need to take care of."


Go find anyone who looks awake. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"She's over here Dreamy! …And she's goin' back to the temple?"
Hop after her '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I follow.


"Aww. I get the feeling it would have been fun to chat with. Anyway, you said you could either stick it on my crossbow or do something that would change new friends somehow."


I scrunch up and my face softens up.
"You two are only doing this 'cause you're hungry and sad and you both have no money… that's so saaaad!"
I pull them both into a hug and start crying, but quickly recover.
"Wait a minute… I can take you both to the Pinkie temple! They can feed you and wash you and clothe you and teach you there! MAYBE THEY CAN EVEN HAVE A PARTY!"
I let them go and give a little hop of joy.


"Alright. Remember that Cloey wants you here sooner tonight."
They lead you to the river exit from the caverns then back to the forest path.

All the ones who are up and about look about as awake as you, which is the say their eyes are blurry and their faces scowly. There are a few zebras and ponies of various types walking around the hallways, but maybe you can find some coffee or tea as well as some more awake people if you look harder.

The two of you follow Bessy and Pomelo hops up onto her back. As he does this the buffalo lets loose a startled bellow and throws Pomelo off. She spins around and, now that you can both see her face, you realize that she isn't Bessy.
"What's the big idea?"

"Right. The horn and the magic in it are weak, so it can only do one of those things. Do you want to be able to fire flaming bolts from your crossbow or raise minions that can burn whatever they attack."
He brushes a few more embers off his coat and steps away from the fire.
"Your minions would not usually make things burst into flame, of course. it would be like pressing hot embers against whatever they attacked."

They both hug you back, albeit awkwardly. When you let them go and start hopping around you can see the filly looking through your coinpurse, which is now in her hooves. The colt shakes his head.
"Nu uh, no hoofouts. We get our own money and or own food. It's called self reliance."
His stomach grumbles and he grimaces.
"We aren't very good at it."


"Hey! Gimme that back! That's not even my money!"
I try to grab it back from the filly.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"See you all tonight, then."
And then I'm off to town. Got some silver to pawn.


"Hey, you're not my best buffalo buddy Bessy! You do kinda look like her from behind though. Sorry!"
Walk back to where we were
"Now where'd she go?"
Jump up and down looking for her '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Pardon. You must understand that you all look the same to me."

I follow Pommy and look around, too.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Alright search for tea.


I put on my best thinking face for a moment.
"Hm…that last one sounds pretty neat. How would that work?"



Roll #1 4 = 4


She runs out of the alley and a few seconds later the confused looking colt follows her.

You stampede your way back to the city but move more slowly through the farming village. The farmers all wave at you as they head out to the fields. It is early morning when you get back to the city.

She scowls at you.
Try as you might you cannot see Bessy.

She huffs and leaves.
You cannot see Bessy either, but see two dirty looking foals running right towards you. One of them, a filly, is holding the coinpurse the priest gave Bessy in her mouth.

You fail to find any. Looks like the ponies here wake up the old fashioned way: dunking your head into a cold pond. You can see a few wet-but-alert ponies and diamond dogs chatting in the main room of the temple by a pond.

"Whenever your minions attack something they will burn it as if they were on fire. The downside is that it makes your minions more, ah, volatile and over a period of months will turn to ash. You can still raise normal ones if you wish, of course."


"Heeeey! Get back here!"
I try to chase them down!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Alright, let's start looking for a good pawnshop for this silver. And that silver disc is probably large enough to be smelted into something. So, Pawn shop hunting and maybe interesting things will happen. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Really? I guess I will follow suit. Get wet and wake up. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Where is that buffalo!?"
Nudge Dreamkicker and look at him with sad eyes
"Got any ideas..?


"That does sound pretty neato…and they tend to fall apart after a while anyway. Poor guys. How you gonna do this?"


GRAB THEM (with telekinesis so I don't get germs on me)

"Irrelevant, Pommy! Grab the little bastards!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


I nod and run after them… but then stop and let Dreamkicker handle it


Your buffalo legs are superior to their little foal legs and soon they are trapped between you, Dreamkicker, and the moving crowd of early morning risers.

You find a pawn shop run by an old donkey jack in the Adventurer's district. When you walk in he is reading a paper and drinking coffee.
"How can I help ya', son?"

"With help from the Fire and some magic from my own. Follow me."
He leads you to the main room with the large bonfire. it is smaller now, only the size of a house, and the chanting ponies are all gone. He holds out his hoof for the horn.

You pick them both up with you magic and pull the bag of money over to you.
"He's trying to rob us!"
No one pays any attention to them.


"Got some silver to trade in. Was hoping to get a good price for it."


I fish it out and fork it over, staring at the fire.


I scowl at the two of them and keep them levitating in the air.
"Well now. It looks like I've found some supper for the city guards."


"That wasn't very nice!"
I frown and walk over to them, bopping them both on the nose.
"What do you two have to say for yourselves?"


I guess that splash didn't do it? Try and wake up already.. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I frown at them
"What's the big idea? We needed that money for dresses!"


I guess that splash didn't do it? Try and wake up already.. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


He puts on a pair of thick bifocals and puts down his paper.
"Give 'em here then."

He chants a few words then leans far back and throws the horn into the flames. The fire flares up and shifts from red and orange to yellow and white for a split second before the horn is launched back out. Without thinking about it you reach up with your hoof and grab it as it sails overhead. Unlike every other time you have touched it it does not give you a hallucination.
You can now apply Elementalist: Fire to Raise Dead. Whether or not you want to do this must be chosen at the time the skill is used and cannot be applied after the minion is raised. Raise Dead defaults to normal if you do not specify what you want to do when casting it.

"Don't give us to the guards!"
"We're hungry!"
"We just wanted some food!"
"And a nice room at an inn!"
"Why do you even want dresses, you're a boy!"

You are wide awake now. You can see the zebra mare you met on the first day. There are plenty of members of every race here, save for donkeys. As far as you can see all of them have at least two sets of bite marks on their necks, or are covering up their bite marks with clothing.


And I'll set them on the counter, lining up the silverware and silently regretting that I hadn't wrapped them in something.


I continue frowning.
"That money was going to go towards buying dresses for the goat orphanage as a treat for them, because they've been eating old cans for the past forever!"
I bop both of them on the nose again.
"And just because you were hungry doesn't mean you should steal! Stealing is bad, very bad!"


I turn the horn over a few times.
"Neat! Thanks!"


I tap my hooves on the ground and give them a stern look.
"Well… we need that to buy dresses for hungry orphans! And Bessy's right! Stealing is wrong!"
I put a hoof to my chin and pause
"Hm.. in fact, I think you two should come shop for dresses with us as punishment!"

Lean in and wink at them
"There might be a little reward for you if you do it without causin' trouble!"


"What? No. We're not taking them anywhere except the stockade."


"Dreamy, come on. We can't just turn em in like that!"
I frown and give him the saddest eyes I possibly can.


"Got some sort of allergy? Whatever, doesn't matter."
He leans down to get a very close look at the candlesticks, knives, forks, and spoons laid out in front of him.
"Not too bad, not too bad. here's what I can give you for them."
Seelling these will raise your money level back to comfortable Medium, instead of leaving you at the point where any purchase will take you from Medium to Low.

"Starving is bad too."
"Are you really got to let a couple of orphan foals starve? Can't we just have a little bit?"
They try to give you three puppydog eyes.

It looks the same as before, but feels a little more brittle now.
"Don't thank me, thank the Fire. Keep that horn with you, I have no idea if it will continue to help you if you lose it."

"Why would I want to go dress shopping?"
His sister punches him in the gut.
"He means we'd love to go dress shopping. We're the best at it."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"That's a great idea!"

"Aww… c'mon DK! They're just hungry! What they did is bad… but they shouldn't be thrown in jail!"
I join Pomelo in giving him the saddest eyes I possibly can.


Their eyes are big, watery, and cute. Paired with Pomelo's they are enough to make a stone heart melt.


I fight a smile from coming to my face.

"Fine. But they are expressly prohibited from touching my books and other belongings. They are your responsibility."


"Thanks kindly."
Now to go pick up my armor.


"I sure will! Call me crazy, but I like having it around!"
I give one last look at the fire before hopping out the door, waving as I exit. Now where is everyone else?


"Yes yes yes!"
I hug him

"Hear that? You're our responsibility, so you gotta behave. And don't forget what I said!"
I wink at them again


"Thanks DK!"
I hug him.


"Can you put us down now?"

You arrive at the smithy just as the smith turns around the CLOSED sign to display the side that says OPEN.
"You're here early. Armor's all ready though. Follow me."
He leads you through the shop and into the smithy in the back. Your armor is resting on an upsized ponikin. All the holes, dents, and scratches in it have been fixed.
"It's all yours. You should still have the directions to my friend's palace if you want it magicked, and if you want something done to that helmet you should check the Nature temple to see what they have to say."

"What did he says, sis?"
"He said shut up, stupid."


I put them down on the ground and eye them carefully.

"We still need to find a good tailor. You two wouldn't happen to know where one would be? Or, perhaps, where we could find a lot of dresses?"


"It looks good as new! Better, even. Thank you very much."
And I'll get the stuff all tied together and head off to the magickker's.


"Oh yeah. You two eat dresses, right? So you gotta know all the best dress shops!"



Roll #1 6 = 6


"We know where Taylor is, but he doesn't like dresses so I don't think he'd be helpful."
"Pluto's closet has used dresses and it's right over there!"
He points at it.
"There are a few others too if you want us to take you to them."
If you had to guess it is about eight o'clock now.

"Come back if you need it fixed again."
After a bit of walking you find a smithy with a large prop anvil on top of it. Inside is a unicorn fitting the smith's description.
"Yes? How can I help you today?"

"We aren't goats."

Brutus is inside a smithy. Pomelo, Bessy, and Dreamkicker are in the Merchant's district talking to some orphans. Andelia is probably talking to those vampires, Olga is whever old goats go when they want to act weird, and you will possibly run into Muddy Morass if you look for long enough.


Well I know where I'm searching first. Let's go find the smithy!


"Yeah! Take us to the other ones! We gotta hurry up and get these by noon."
Do I see any from where I'm standing, just in case?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I'd like to get my armor enchanted. Had a bad run-in with a wizard that enjoyed polymorph spells too much, so I thought to get my armor treated so that it would change with me, no matter my shape, in case I ever run into another one."


"I know that! But anyone can enjoy a dress, silly!"
Turn to the others
"Should we go for the used dresses?"


You arrive at a smithy with a large prop anvil on the roof. You can see Brutus inside.

Nothing that looks cheaper than Pluto's Closet.

He floats a measuring tape off a counter and measures you in a few different places.
"I can do that, but it will cost you."
That enchantment can only be purchased with a Large amount of money or greater.


"I don't suppose mentioning I was sent here by the smith down the way will encourage you to knock off a portion of the price?"


"It seems like the best option."


I nod and head over there


"Mm… I guess so. Let's just head there then. Maybe they'll have some really nice ones!"
I hop over there with Pomelo.


Go in.

"Hey, big dude. How was your night?"


"Fairly wild, little one. But it ended well. And yourself?"


"Oh really? I won't make the price any lower, but I can do something else for you. For only a Low amount of money I can give your armor part of the enchantment. If you get transformed the armor will vanish into otherspace and return once your body is more or less normal again. Come back with the rest of the money and I can finish the enchantment to make it morph with your body."

The five of you enter the store. Inside are racks and racks of dresses, coats, jackets, saddles, saddle blankets, hats, boots, and shoes. A male diamond dog is sewing shut a hole in a saddle blanket but puts it down and smiles when all of you enter.
"Are you three making a purchase or a donation?"

An attendant greets you.
"Hello, looking for anything in particular?"


"That will have to do until I have the balance. How long will it take to enchant?"


"A purchase. How much to buy up the whole stock of dresses?"


"Purchase! We're buying dresses! Lots of 'em!"
I start hopping through the racks and looking for good dresses.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"We're here to buy some dresses!"
Take a quick look around. Can I see any good quality or even new-ish dresses…? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Pretty normal, other than the big fires and the guys who talk to them. But at least I got a bed."

"Not really. What do you have here, anyway? Leather usually does me well."


"Only a few hours."

"The whole stock? Let me see how many I have and what condition they are in."
He gets up and walks around the store before going into the back room.

You can both find some okay quality old dresses that are out of fashion. There are some newer, fancier dresses but they all have stains on them.

"Oh we have a wide variety of enchanted leathers that range in price from Medium money level to Rich money level. Are you looking for any particular enchantment?"

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


"That's good to hear. And the others?"


"I'll be back to pick it up in a few hours then, if nothing else delays me."


I lower my ears down and sigh
Keep looking! There's gotta be something I can find that's good… '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I gotta keep looking…
We gotta find the BEST dresses!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I got nothing particular in mind, but I don't think I could afford that much. What do you have for cheap?"

"I dunno. We split up not long after we got back. Haven't seen them since."


"Perhaps they're out by the nature temple, or the temple of the laughing one."
I'll stop a moment.
"Oh, you remember that town from yesterday? Turns out they want to throw us a party for dealing with their problem, along with returning their lost silver. Think the others will be up to it?"


He returns.
"For our entire stock it will take about a Very Large money level, if you are only interested in the older ones they will cost you Medium Money level."


"Oh I know two of them will! No guarantee on the party bookworm himself."


"I'm pretty sure Pomelo and Bessy will drag him along regardless. Anyway, I'm going to head up to the nature temple to get something looked at."
I'll turn back to the shopkeep.
"Unless you happen to do appraisals for free?"


"Do you take payment in street urchins?" I pull one of the orphans up to the counter

"Make that pathetic face again, dear, if you want to eat tonight," I whisper to the orphan.

"I jest, of course. We are buying dresses for the benefit of such wonderful youths as these over at the Pink Temple. Surely a discount of some sort would be in order."

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Excellent. Will you need help or a changing room to remove your armor?"

You find a very tasty looking dress with images of candy sewn into it. A large stain in a blank and easily removed area means that it is very affordable.

You find a wedding dress that looks like it is straight from Fancy. The price is high enough to make you recoil.

"Our economy enchantments will keep your armor from staying wet in the rain, being stained by blood or other things, make sure it always has that new leather smell, and things like those. Each of those cost a Low money level.. We also sell rust resistance for metal armor.


I frown and start to tear up
"Oh… w-well I don't suppose you can go a bit lower for us, can you? We're tryin' to get dresses so we can feed hungry orphans at the temple of the Pink One and all they have are rusty cans and.. and… I just want them to have a good meal…"


"Just the changing room."


They try to make that face.

Roll #1 7 = 7


He looks at the grimy, pupppy-eyed orphans.
"I can throw in some of the nicer dresses with the old ones at the price I gave you, but I need to keep a few of them. This is a clothing shop, not a food shop."


"Probably, yeah. Might even do him some good!"

"Huh. That sounds…kinda helpful. Why don't you just tell me what else you got?"


Can I join in on making that face too?

Roll #1 8 = 8


…"Can ya go just a tiiiny bit lower? Maybe for a song?"
Take out my instrument and start playing
Inspire for the out of combat effect to warm his heart '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Might as well reroll with my periapt of luck '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Say, you say you take donations… what for?"


"Follow me, sir."
The store owner leads you to a few rooms in the back with thick curtains covering the entrance.
"They are all empty, pick whicher one you like."

"All premium enchantments come with the rain protection. Our cheapest premium enchantments offer +1 Hit, +1 Wound, a +1 to resist attacks of a chosen element type, or a hidden compartment for a small weapon. For a High money level you can buy +2 Hits, +2 Wounds, a +2 to resist attacks of a chosen element type, or a +1 to get up from Helplessness. For a Very High money level you can buy +3 Hits, +3 Wounds, a +3 to resist attacks of a chosen element type, a +2 to get up from Helplessness, a hidden compartment for a medium sized weapon, or a +1 to Spot rolls, . For a Rich money level you can buy +4 Hits, +4 Wounds, a +4 to resist attacks of a chosen element type, or a +3 to get up from Helplessness, a hidden compartment for a Great weapon, +2 to Spot rolls, or a +1 to regular attacks..

You add your eyes, but Pomelo's song sort of ruins any good they may have done.
"I'm sorry, but that is as low as I can go. You get all my old dresses and a few of the newer, nicer ones for a Medium Money level."

"I accept clothing donations."


"But why would anypony donate clothes to you?"


"Okay… I think we'll take 'em.."
I put the nice dress I found on the counter


"Well… I guess we can accept that."
I give him the money.


While I'm changing out of my armor, I'll ask the shopkeeper.
"Hey, you wouldn't happen to do free appraisals, would you? Gauging a magic item's abilities at a glance?"


"To feel good about helping the less wealthy."

You put them on the counter and he collects all the old dresses.
"Throwing a party, goat?"

"Thank you."
The money left from the temple is currently at a Low level. The time is now ten o'clock, leaving you all only any hour left to shop and an hour to return to the temple. You have enough dresses to replace the ones Pomelo ate.

"For a paying customer? Certainly."


"Could you take a look at this helmet? Your friend suggested the Nature temple, and I was planning on heading there afterwords, but if you can get a grip on it, I might be able to save myself the trip."


I whistle.
"Wow. You do some high-quality stuff here. I'll have to remember this place!"
What is my current money level?



How long would 'an hour' be in turns?


"I'll be back! You can be sure of that!"


Leave the store.

"So, urchins. You have names, yes?"


Enough to look around this shop a little more for a specific dress or to go to aanother store and buy the first thing you see.


"Just feeding hungry orphans."
I frown at him and walk out

"Maybe there's someplace nearby that can wash these dresses in an hour? Oh, but I still gotta keep my word…"
Turn to the filly and colt
"You guys were super behaved and didn't cause any trouble, so like I said, you get a reward!"
Any good food vendors around? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Do I remember those spells I learned as an undergraduate to remove embarrassing stains from scholarly robes?

scholar's gotta help here, yes?

I figured this would happen

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Can you guys point me to the other dress shops you were talking about?"


So what is the situation in the temple? Its morning or something?


I found the post.
Talk to that zebra "morning. You looked like you've had a fun night."


He levitates it out and is silent for a minute.
"Yes, this is connected to Nature. I can do some things with it, but would need to charge you. The Nature priests might do it for free if you are a follower or have some other connection to them, I don't know."

"We look forwards to your business."

"What's it cost you to know 'em, bub?"

There are a few food carts selling fresh fruit and fried dough.

You are trying to recall something, not learn something. Scholar does not apply here.
You remember how to remove a certain type of stain, yes. Whether or not it will work on food stains, ink stains, dirt stains, and grass stains is anyone's guess.

"You continue down this road and turn right two turns down."

She yawns then dunks her head in the pool.
"A warm bed and a warm stallion. Same as every other night."
She look at your neck and brushes your bits with a hoof.
"Looks like I wasn't the only one who has some company, although I bet mine was certainly warmer."


"I'll give them a shot, then, and see what they can do."
After having finished shucking my armor, I'll bring it out to the magicker.
"And if I can't set up a deal with them, well, I know who to come to."


"Wait right here for a special treat!"
Speed over and buy some of both with my own money if I can afford it. If I can't afford both, just get some fruit


"Fine. Don't tell me."

I point at the colt. "You're 'Gutter.'"

I point at the filly. "And you're 'Snipe.'"

>You are trying to recall something, not learn something. Scholar does not apply here.


"Pommy, I think I might be able to get some of those stains out."


I hop down to that dress store they directed me to!


>and brushes your bits with a hoof.
Bites. Brushes your bites.


Actually, wait.

Are there any magic shops/libraries nearby? Ask someone.

Roll #1 5 = 5


C'mon don't be like that.
Scan for one.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Best of luck."
He takes the armor to a back room.

You can. They hardly cost anything.


Inside the store you can see some older, moth eaten dresses on display at the front.

You see one, but it is a bit of a distance away. You could run there and run back, but you seriously doubt you could learn an extension of your old spell and clean the dresses, and get back to the temple in time.


"I'll probably need it…"
And after Happyhorn has resumed her perch, I'll head off to the nature temple.
…Do I actually know where the nature temple is? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Yes. Yes I do. So I go there.


That's not good enough!
I go inside and start searching for good dresses.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Bleh. Alright well try to clean one of the dresses. One of the not-so-nice ones, just in case I screw this up.


Roll #1 9 = 9


"Here ya go!"
Hand the food to them.
"You may have tried taking our money, but you only did it because you're hungry… Hey, uh… what're your names?"


"That one's Gutter, and that one is Snipe," I say while casting the spell.


I blink, had I really spent all night with the twins "Yeah, they're great, really sweet twins don't you think?"


You arrive. It is nearly midday. You can see members of every race except for donkeys inside and outside the temple doing Nature things or relaxing on the ground.

Those dresses at the front are the best they have. All the others look like they were pulled out of the garbage or off of murder victims.

The stain vanishes. you aren't sure if it was a certain sort of stain, or if you spell works on other ones.

"Olive Twist."
"Fin Berry."
They take the food and start chowing down.

She nods.
"They're perfect. Smart, handsome, beautiful, sexy, nice, and fun. Funny too. I'm glad they came here."


No hidden box in the back?…

Roll #1 7 = 7


Well, time to bite the bullet. I'll take a few steps towards the entrance, and if nothing happens, continue until I am "inside" the nature temple.
Don't suppose I see Andelia anywhere? Or any of the rest of the party? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"My names were better."

"Well, I could try again on another, but I don't know if I'll hurt the dress or not if I somehow fail. Minor transmutations were never my specialty."


I smile at them
"Olive Twist, Fin Berry, I'm Pomelo! And the stallion with the cute mane is Dreamkicker and the pretty buffalo is Bessy!

I start hopping around them
"Like we said, we're on our way back to the temple of the Pink One to give these dresses to hungry orphans. Wanna come with us? There's a super neat bouncy floor there you can play on! And there might even be… parties!"


"I'm glad they have such supportive friends. But, have you been feeling different since they came here?"


There is, but it is getting very late. You do not have time to open the mystery box.

"He's coming around!"
You open your eyes and find that you are in the middle of the forest and tightly secured by branches and roots. A few ponies with long, silver spears stand in front of you. They are armored in ironbark and wear ironbark masks.
"Another one?"
"You think he's a straggler?"
"Wait, is that Brutus?"

They look at each other.
"Is this a trick?"

She scratches her head.
"I hadn't really thought about it, but yeah. I like to have fun now. It used to be that I'd just pray, tend the gardens, and wait for visitors and worshipers all day. I was really boring."


I give her a flat look "Really? And who tends the gardens now that you have fun?"


"Ah, so I suppose Andelia told you about me, then."
I'll look around as best I can.
"Good afternoon. I had hoped the Nature temple could help me with something."


"No! That's just one of the many incredibly fun things to do there! I would know, I'm a priest of the Pink One myself! and be right on our way when Bessy gets back!"



I then rush back to everyone else and open it as quick as I can.


"I still do, of course. Just because I have fun doesn't mean I don't still do my work. Others help too."

"If you're looking for a cure we are sure the seed council will say yes."
The vines release you.

"Well okay."
"This better not be a trick. We'll mess you up."

you use the last of your money and buy…

Roll #1 7 = 7


A very nice looking dress. You would not mind wearing this if you were a pony.


"Hmm, and this change started with the twins parties? Did you.." I rub my neck a where the bite is "feed them that night?"


"I wasn't, actually. I'm getting help on learning to control it from… others. I was hoping I could get you folks to take a look at this helmet."


I snicker at the urchins' reaction.


"I'm warnin' ya, if you want a shot at me, be careful. I have pretty good aim in a ball pit!"

My ears perk up as Bessy comes back
"Alright, we're cuttin' it close! Let's go!"
Rush back to the temple!


I follow.


She nods.
"We all did. A lot. It was a great night. I passed out a few times but it was worth it."
She rubs her bite wounds too as she talks.
"I fed them before that, of course. They didn't invite people they didn't know."

He scowls but takes the helmet. He freeze for a few seconds before turning it over.
"I think the seed will want to see this. Problem is that you are a wercreature. I can have it taken to them for you, but you cannot meet them yourself. You would need to wait in the temple."

"We'll mess you up too!"
"Double yeah!"

The three of you rush back and get to the head honcho's room just in time.
"You have all of the dresses? Excellent! Was there any money left over?"


I sigh "Thanks, I'm just.. which way is the garden. I could use something to dig my hooves into.."


"I couldn't really expect a better deal, considering. Just so long as they don't decide to keep it. That would be very unkind of them."


"Nope, we used all of it. And we bought some really nice ones too! And some that might need a little washing… b-but there's even more of 'em than before!"
Start plopping dresses down in front of him


"Follow me."
She leads you through some side rooms until you enter a large greenhouse. All sort of exotic fruits and vegetables are growing all around. Several people are working and eating here.

"They wouldn't. What's your is yours."


He smiles at he looks at the dress.
"This is more than enough for the celebration. I forgive you, Pomelo, and I'm sure Pinkie does too."


"No… we had to use all the money… but we got more than be-"

I give an excited hop.
"Really? Thank you!"
I immediately stop and turn to Pomelo with a serious expression.
"Now did you learn your lesson?"


I smile and hug Pomelo.


I clap my hooves together excitedly.
"Thank you thank you thank you! I'll never do that again, I promise!"

Hug him back!

I put on a serious face
"Do not eat what's not mine! …Right?"


"Then I shall wait patiently and in good faith."
Scratching the side of my snout a bit, I'll think of something.
"You mentioned Andelia brought in the other werecreatures. Did she leave already? Speaking with her would greatly help pass the time."


I nod "Thank you." and then start working. '1d10' try to improve something here.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Oh, wait! We brought two special guests with us!"
I point to the urchins
"Olive Twist and Fin Berry. I told 'em about how fun the temple is! …Also they were kinda trying to steal from us because they were incredibly hungry and I thought maybe the temple could give them some help! If they want it, that is."


"I have another job for you three. Rest your hooves and get some refreshments while I have some partiers clean up those two foals you found."
This is all for this session. You three can continue to mess around and talk with NPCs if you want.

"She is still here. She may still be with her friends though."
He looks around the forest as he says this.

You clean up some broken glass from fallen roof tiles. The tiles themselves were replaced but these shards were missed by the cleaners.

"We can give them baths, food parties, and work if they want it."
"It's a package deal."


"What's wrong with parties? They're fun!"


"Then I'll take the opportunity to rest my hooves here. the ground is soft enough, and the forest is quiet."


"I'm sure the objection is to the work part of the 'package deal.' Scrubbing temple floors isn't so easy as cutting purses."


"Yeah, what Bessy said! They're fun!"
"And wait.. are you too alone? I didn't even think about it before bringing you here, but do you have anyone watching over you at all?"


Meditate on this.. I should find out about the schedule..


"Alright. Don't do anything stupid like try to transform."
They leave with your helmet.

They both nod.
"Baths too."
"How do we keep the vampires away if we don't smell like trash?"

"I watch over her."
"And he watches over me!"
"We're a family."

"Thinking about something?"


Well, why would I try that? Especially away from the ones who're teaching me to control it? I'll just lie here on the grass, be comfortable for Happyhorn, and listen to nature. You wouldn't think a buffalo could feel at home in a forest, but… well, it does feel homey.


I nod "Yes, many things." look at who spoke to me, have they been bitten as well? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"At least the smell has a utilitarian purpose."


"Oh… no parents huh… Just like me."
I start to frown, then perk up.
"Well, I had the temple to watch over me! And Bessy too! And they'd be plenty happy to watch over you two too! They'll make you laugh and have fun and even keep away any icky vampires!"
I make spooky motions with my hooves as I say 'vampires'


"The vampires didn't wanna get you because you were dirty?"
I scratch my head.
"How's that work?"


I notice him frown at the mention of parents, and pull him into a soft hug when he's done speaking.


You wait. The warm sun, soft grass, and chirping birds make you realize how little sleep you had last night.

It was a unicorn stallion and his bites are as obvious as Sandy's. He floats the glass you found to a trash bin.
"Care to share?"


"Did vampires eat yours too?"

"Vampires don't look in trashcans."


Well, I can't sleep yet. If I do, I might oversleep and miss heading back up to the woods on time.


"I dunno. Maybe. I haven't ever met 'em before. Did vampires eat yours?"
I give them a sad look


"Do you, know the twins very well?"


Sleeping could be a very bad thing.

They nod.

He gets a faraway look in his eyes and rubs at a bite mark on his neck.
"Yeah. They're great ponies. I'm glad nature accepted them."


I am an awake buffalo! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


I pull his hoof down, stare into his eyes "Are you thinking about being bitten right now? How many times have you been bitten?"


I stomp a hoof down
"Those stupid mean ugly blood sucking losers… That's all the more reason to beat them up and run 'em off! I'll headbutt each and every one if I have to!"

Take a deep breath and calm down
"…Sorry. Sorry to hear too…"


You certainly are. The pony returns to you with the helmet.
"The seed council had some ideas for what they could do with it."

The faraway look vanishes as you pull his hoof down.
"I..was? I was! Why wouldn't I? It feels so nice."
His hoof tries to pull free of yours and go back to his neck.
"I can't remember how often I've been bitten. Lots. I was one of the first ones to volunteer to feed them when they showed up here."

"Can we help?"
"Yeah, we want revenge!"


"There's more than one thing it can do? Far be it from me to turn down options. Did they say what they were, or am I to be left in suspense?"


keep holding his hoof "So.. were you feeding them even before the parties? Did you notice any changes, like things being more fun, easier? …mares being prettier?"


"Sorry… I'd feel really bad if something were to happen to ya if you went with us. I'll be sure to hit 'em extra hard just for you two though, okay?"


"I don't think it'd be safe if you two went with us… they're really dangerous!"


"The options are we just talked about this ."


"Then I'll do what we talked about and wait to make my choices.


I smirk and say, "Oh, I'm sure we could find some space at the back of the lines. We could always use some pack mules."


I nudge him and give him a stare
"Dreamy, no!"


"That's a terrible idea DK!"
I give him a glare.


He nods again.
"I would feed them every few nights. We, that is us and the Twins, decide to rotate through feeders so none of us would have problems with blood loss. I used to think they were just big leaches and Nature was playing a joke on us, but after the first few times I started to talk more with them and learned that they were good ponies. I started to lighten up because they taught me that I could still do the things I had to do and have time for fun. As for the mares…"
He looks you up and down and smiles.
"Yes I do notice how pretty they are."


"Watch who you're callin' a mule, bonehead!"


I let go of his hoof "Yes..I was told about this.. Can I see the schedule?"


"No? Oh well." I chuckle.

"Heh. Watch who you're calling a bonehead, mudbutt."


"Dreamy, stop being mean to foals. Pleeeease?"

"Now you two go have fun. One of the priests will lead you to the ball pit or the bouncy floor or… maybe even the party hall! And we'll be back to check up on you two soon."
I smile and pat their heads


"Schedule? Right, follow me. Do you want to sign up? You don't have too, any of us would willing to share with you."

The head honcho speaks.
"That's enough you three."


"They started it."

rolling to stifle a laugh

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You two should focus on having fun! Maybe you could go play on the bouncy floor or in the ball pit! Or go to parties!"

I giggle.
"DK, I knew you were a child at heart!"


"I want to see how often you are up.. I'm just concerned that all of you are being safe." I smile "I didn't get your name. I'm andelia"


"A particularly genius prodigy child, perhaps."


You giggle.

He raises an eyebrow.
"I would be more than happy to show you how often I can be up. It would be perfectly safe, don't worry."
He stops walking and extends a hoof.
"Charming Masquerade. It's a pleasure to meet you after hearing the Twins talk about you so often."


I shake his hoof "Well Charming, Its nice to meet you." I smirk at his boldness "And, we'll see about that another time, after I get to the bottom of what's bugging me."


"I'll bug your bottom another time, then. Follow me."
He leads you to his room and has you wait outside. He comes out a minute later with a calendar. Each square has a name in it, and some have two.


examine those names! how often is the same name up.


You notice that his name, Sandy's name, and a few other names appear more than three times a moth. Everyone else appears once and occasionally twice a month and follow in the same order again and again.


make note of the names that appear more often "Are those all the twins closer friends?" I ask motioning toward those names. and that will be enough clue getting for me night


He nods.
"We were their first friends here."


>Brutus and Happyhorn
The two of you are waiting in in the forest near where an automated magical defense nabbed Brutus. The priests should soon be returning with his helmet.
Fidget, tell me again which two upgrades you chose.

>Muddy Morass

You are in the city somewhere.


You are in the Nature temple outside Charming Masquerade's room looking at the feeding schedule for the Twins.


You are in the Nature temple's main chamber.


The three of you are in the temple of the Laughing One. The priests there have agreed to take care of the two thieving orphans you found. Pomelo has bee forgiven for eating the dresses.


He got grabbed just now? Where is he?


Cooldown on Guardian, and…what was the one other than the bonus to slam?
Under you. We're just waiting, because they let me go so long as I promised to behave.


Walk out of the temple, bouncing and smiling
"Well that was something. We're gonna come back and check up on them, right Dreamy?"


You are still with him. Some trees grabbed both of you and knocked you out. This was about twenty or thirty minutes ago.

reducing the recharge on Guardian to 4 turns
roll to regain your Sentry bonus at DC8
grant Brutus an extra Hit
Slam crit on 7+


I want to make note of all those names that occur more frequently, and look for the name that appears least frequently as well. "Who is the most recent to agree to feed the twins?"


"I'm sure that even if I said 'no,' we'd be back here anyways."

I look around a bit. What time is it?

"We need to find the others. I still want to talk to the Grogar and Tirek temples about what they know, but first we should really make sure that our companions haven't done anything stupid like get infected with lycanthropy or fall into a well and die."


The names of the ones that feed the most often are now noted. Everyone else feeds equally as often. Charade looks up at the ceiling as he thinks.
"That's a good question. I'm pretty sure that everyone but the seed council has been feeding them for months now."



I shiver
"Or worse, turn into weregirls and then fall into a well! Let's get going!"

Would we have any idea where the others are?


Let's go for the Guardian one and the Slam bonus.
Certainly is peaceful here. Hope they don't take too long, though. I promised to get back earlier…


"I believe Andelia said that she would be going to the nature temple. Let's start looking there."

Head off in that direction.


Are we still knocked out?


"Let's go then!"
I start hopping off over there.


"Alright, thanks for your help Charade. I'd like to speak with a few of the others close friends to be sure." I show him the ones I noted "Do you know what they might be doing?"


"So, we were welcomed quite warmly, weren't we, Little one."


"I guess. Not every day that happens."


"I expect it will become more common if I make a habit of visiting Nature temples in the future."


Can I start trying to discover Hornbeard's identity or have you not planned anything yet?


"Well a lot of our friends like to hang out there."


"We should probably come in the door with them next time, then."


"Yeah, that might be a better idea. It's hard enough for you to climb anywhere."


The priests return with your helmet. It no longer looks like it was trampled under hoof, and also has a pair of sharp horns and larger eye holes.
"The Seed Council was able to repurpose some of its magic while they repaired it. Try it on."

The three of you soon arrive at the forest that surrounds the temple.

"Look around the temple and I'm sure you will run into them. They will be tending to the trees and flowers in the forest, others in one of the various indoor gardens, praying, or relaxing outside or in the front room."

"Once we are certain you can control yourself we will let you through without any hassle."

Sorry. I've been too distracted by studying and video games. I can try winging it if you want.


We go inside and enter the temple proper?


Well, let's put it on.
"Thank you."


Proceed inside and ask someone discretely for Andelia.


I walk in and make my way to the temple


I nod "I'll see you again later." and then I went to the front room to search. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7



Any graves, crematoriums or whatnot around?


"Whoa. Fits you."


"Does it?"


So I was at an inn. I guess I should look around for the group?


As the three of you are walking down the path all of you see Happyhorn, Brutus, and several priests armed with silver headed spears and wearing ironbark armor. Brutus's helmet looks different.

The illusion that normally comes when you touch the helmet is no where near as strong and fades away after a few seconds.

You ask a few questions and are led to a buffalo cow relaxing by the pond in the front room.

There are some graves behind the temple.

Sounds like a good idea.


I'll tilt my head a little curiously.
"The vision that came with the helm. Why is it less vivid?"


"Excellent. We won't need to be checking any wells.

"Hello, Happyhorn, Brutus. Have you seen Andelia?"


"Think so, yeah."

"Not a sight."


I'll shake my head.
"I thought she was here, but then I got a bit tied up."


I hop over to them.
"Hiya Brutus! Hiya Happyhorn! Have you two seen Andy?"


Run in front of them and wave
"Heya! Oh, nice hat!"


"The Seed Council said they had repurposed some of the magic. That means some of the magic causing the illusion is no longer being used to cause the illusion."


I greet her warmly "Hello, having a good day?"


"I see. Did they know why it was giving those illusions?"
"Thank you, though it's mostly thanks to the Seed Council that it's in such good shape."


Sit in front of the graves and Commune.


"I come here to root out Dark Spirits and other foul creatures, but I believe there are many here still not detected. Departed ones, I seek your guidance! "

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"What's a Seed Council? That a funny name for a hat store?"


So where did they go? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Well that's most of us. Stay with us and don't wander off."

Ask one of the guards about Andelia.

"I'm looking for a mare – Earth Pony, druid, kind of a canine demeanor…"


I'll chuckle a little.
"No, I believe that is the name of the council of elders for the nature temple."


The priests greet the three of you.

She nods her head drowsily.

"They were an imprint left by its previous owner's soul."

Several ghosts rise from the graves.
"Dark Spirits and foul creatures?"
"Be more specific please, this city has gotten bad lately."

"The Seed Council is the temple's guiding council of priests and priestesses."

Maybe they are at the Nature temple with those vampires?

"Andelia? she is either in the temple or with the Twins."


"Well then I hope you will not mind us searching the temple for her."

Go into the temple proper and go find her.


"…Is there enough left to commune with, should I find one who could speak with the dead? Or is it just an imprint and nothing more?"


"So, you're good friends with the twins right? How did you meet?"


Inside the temple we go then!
Roll to find her. Or something interesting!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"If it's anything like what I had, there's nothing left to talk to. I tried."


"Oh! Ya mean the ones in charge of those weirdo priests and priestesses!"

Follow her


"That's unfortunate."


"Friends of the Twins are friends of ours."
You get back onto the path and quickly find the temple. There are plenty of priests and priestesses talking, reading, cuddling, and meditating outside. Inside Andelia is talking to a buffalo cow.

"It's only an imprint. It would be like trying to talk to a painting."

She again.
"The Seed Council asked that I be one of the ones to feed them. Their reasoning was that I was big enough to not suffer any problems if they drank too much and big enough to stop them if they tried to do anything evil."
She laughs at that last bit.

You see everything Dreamkicker saw plus a few fruit trees outside.

She is followed.


"Andelia! Finally. What have you been doing for the past day?"


I'll nod.
"I see. Am I free to leave?"


"Undead creatures? Malevolent vampires? Werebeast conspirators? Nightmares? Or any machinations of the Trickster Draconequss? I do wonder if my allies have already found something. "


"Little bit, yeah. But everyone dies sometime."


"I hope my spirit is strong enough that it could leave behind something to remind others of me after my passing."


"Ooh, fruit!"
I hop over to the fruit trees and pick some fruit for everyone. What type is it anyways?
I carry it back to everyone else and offer it to all of them, and speak to Andy while munching on some.
"Hiya Andy! What's up?"


Right, right. Very wise. I'll go there. What do I see?


"Hi Andy!"
Circle her while looking her over
"You didn't turn into a weregirl or fall down a well while you were gone, did you?"


I chuckle a bit with her "It is an amusing thought."
"Oh, its nice to see you two again. I've been looking into something for twins." I smile making no attempt to cover my bite mark. "I'm glad you've come along you might be able to help."


"Well we gotta find you something for that first!"


"Well, my armor is shaping up to be something interesting, once I scrounge enough money together to get the enchantment finished."


"Of course."

"The Grogarians and a few other death worshiping have been doing something in the graveyard, but they keep ghosts out or blind them while they work."
"The city is plagued by vampires, but none of us know where they stay."
"A bunch of werbeasts just showed up here and are being kept contained for the time being."
"We've not heard anything about Nighmares or Shadows, but then again we wouldn't. They can catch and eat ghosts."
"Discord's always doing something or other. He and the Laughing one just finished a joint venture to pants a minotaur deity."

Apples. You get a few small buckets from near the trees and fill them with apples.

Happyhorn and Brutus are talking with priests near the path away from the temple. Outside the temple are a bunch of priestesses and priests talking, cuddling, reading, and praying. Inside the temple are more priests and priestesses as well as Andelia, Bessy, Dreamkicker, and Pomelo.

She nods again.
"Why do you ask?"


Do I notice the bite mark?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Do I see that mark? '1d10'
"Oh? Looking into what? Creep repellant? Holy water?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll get to my hooves.
"Well, little one, do you want to stay with the others here, or keep me company until I head back out for the night?"


"Well, I was wondering, if you noticed anything about how you feel, or started to feel after you started to feed the twins."
"No, looking into why the priests and priestess act the way they do."


"What'd you have in mind?"


"Yes, is the public… affection… normal behavior for druids?


"I don't really know what they plan to do yet."


"Well they got it from the twins, right? Those two explored the world, looking for others as crazy as them and found 'em here!"


"I want it to change along with me, instead of having to repair it every month."
"Well, we can ask, then. But I can't afford to stay too long. While I'm improving on control, I doubt it would be safe for me to be in the city after nightfall."


"Probably not…how long do you think it'll take?"


"Hopefully not long. We've got a few hours at least until I absolutely must leave, but I am available for that long, I suppose."


Ew, why would you be looking at a mare's neck?

You sure do. You even recognize it as a vampire bite.

She taps her chin with her hoof.
"I think I started to like socializing more. Yes, yes I did. Before them I would wander off into the forest and read once my duties for the day were done."


"Didn't they just get it from the twins?"
I stick my tongue out and make a 'bleh' noise.


"Well I don't think we can wait for you again, and they'll probably need help on whatever they want to do next."


"Not at all."
"I don't think so, I think something changed once they started hanging out with the twins."
"Ah, just like the others.. how curious.."


"Minotaur deity…? Regardless, I thank you! "

Go wander around the temple till I find the party.


"Well, let's see what they've got in mind. We can work from there."
And then we'll trail after the other three, once Happyhorn's back up top.


Lean in closer and stare at her bite mark
"What's that from? Something attack you? Was it a… c-chupacabra!?"
I shudder


"Maybe indirectly, perhaps something they did triggered the change in behavior. "



They shrug and vanish. You find everyone in the main room of the Nature temple.

You are now in the Nature temple with everyone else.


I step back from you "No, its from yesterday, I woke up the twins to ask them about the priestesses, bad idea, but I wasn't really hurt."


"What was from yesterday?"


"Yes, um.. do you remember when you started to feel differently? Was it the first feeding, or maybe a second one? Or was it after a party?"
I silently turn my neck so you can clearly see the bite mark "I feel fine."


Is something the matter? "


"Aw man, not you too?"


"Are you sure? Looks pretty nasty from here. You didn't… catch anything, did you?"


I frown
"That's not gonna make you sick or anything, is it? And that's not very nice of 'em to turn you into a snack.."


I frown, but perk up as I realize the game she's playing.
"You're most definitely fine, riiight?"


"You let the vampires bite you? And you 'feel… fine?' Don't be daft, mare. We need to get you purged of their disease."


"It was all so long ago I can hardly remember. It was before the party, I'm sure, but not long before it. Maybe a week?"

"Vampires don't work that way."


I'll raise an eyebrow.
"You're sure? I figured they worked the same way as lycanthropes."


"And then how do they work, priest?"


Go over and approach Brutus.

"Hey tough guy, what'd I miss? Slept in, I feel great. Like a million bits over here."


"Just another night, it seems. We all seemed to split up for a while, and I ended up in the woods. The others stayed in town."


"Sounds like a real pack a laughs. So are we gonna roast some vampires or what? Or was that the plan? I'll be straight with you, I am pretty sure I never understood the plan in the first place."


She shrugs.
"They won't tell us how it is done. I do know that if biting spread it none of us would be able to go outside during the day."



"They won't tell you?…"
I scrunch up.
"That's not nice… we should get them to tell you!"


"You're sure about that?"


"I've no idea. That's what we came over to ask."
"That seems like something you'd want to ask, if they were making a habit of biting folk."


"Yeah, I'm in the same boat, ghostface. I just got back in."


"Thank you, you've been a big help."

I shake my head "Well, I think Something, is happening to those who feed the twins, but Its not happening to me yet. I'd like your help in figuring it out, Dreamkicker you still have that vampire book right?"


"Well there's always umbrellas and big hats…"

I gulp


"Wait, you just offered yourself up like that? Why?"



"And you tell us if you get the urge to start fondling poor Pommy.

"Or me."


I frown.

"Please don't do that!"


"Something doesn't tell us anything! What is this something? "


Both my eyebrows will go a bit skyward.
"That was foolish of you. What possessed you to take such a risk?"


I scrunch up


"They are afraid one of us might try something. I enjoy the day too much to consider it, but I've not talked to the others to see how they feel."

"I am very sure I know my gender, little goat."

She shrugs.
"They told us being bitten was safe."

"Any time, Andelia."
She pulls out a book and starts reading.


I wink.
"Oh you'd be surprised… but I meant about the bitings."


I roll my eyes "It wasn't exactly like that, but the short version is never wake up a vampire early."
I nod guiding you all to a more empty spot in the temple "so, you'll try to help figure it out? I've been getting the same answers from everyone so far: they were all normal priests and priestesses, very devot, a little stuffy, and ritualistic about things, now.. well you've seen how they are, very unpriest like.. and the change seem to have to do with feeding the twins, its more obvious in those that have fed them longer.. Everyone seems to believe the twins are beyond fault, and they all seem to barely notice anything changed at all. The twins definitely didn't do this on purpose, they had little experience in how ponies normally act and did not know the extend of the change. So, can you look in dreamkicker's book for a vampire's bite?"


"Well, I can't do more than guess, but maybe they're slowly falling under the thrall of the twins, without them even meaning to do it?"


"Let's leave this place and discuss what we know.

"And, just so we are all clear, we're not staying here with these perverts and plague victims tonight. I'd rather endure the midnight gong parties at the Pink temple than worry about protecting my honor here."

I look through my book for the appropriate information.
scholar should help here

Roll #1 9 = 9


Ponder a moment. "That reminds me. I want these guys to take a look at that kit…"


"Yeah, I'm with you."

"Honestly it sounds like they're building their own cult."


"Not at all, Happyhorn."
She winks back.
"Yes, I am sure about the bitings."
She gestures to the other priests and priestesses. All of them are wearing their manes down or using items of clothing to cover their necks.

One moment.


"So it's not normal for them…? I think that might be the biggest surprise on this entire trip!"

I tense up for a moment
"Wait… I told you it was a thing for going after vampires right? You think friends of the twins would like seeing somethin' like that?"


"I communed with the spirits beforehand. They told me that Grogar followers have been at work. They could not say what, but there is a lead. "


I frown and scratch my head, trying to think.
"Uh… maybe the bite is like… it's magic or something! Like… some kinda magic that controls your mind!"


"You can go ahead and ask someone." I nod.
I look disturbed at the idea "I hope not.."
"They are perverts but not rapists, they won't violate your honor."
"No, its not normal. In fact, the high seed themselves told me it wasn't normal, and that they are concerned."
"Well, it does seem like that.. but.. no I spoke to them and that's definitely not what they're doing"
"That doesn't surprise me, but where should we start to look?" I glance worriedly at Brutus "Maybe you should call him The Charioteer for now?"
"Well, I've been bitten and I"m fine, but it does seem as if the bite effects their minds.."


"Maybe, but if they end up with a church full of priests worshiping them instead of trees, they'll be found out pretty quicklike."


I'll just shrug.
"That old Goat can just bite himself."



"It's possible that their bite imparts some sort of low-level magical energy that builds up over time.

"It could also be that it does something that interacts with another magical source, which might explain why Andelia – who may not have been exposed to this second source – has not started molesting passers-by.

"In any case, I would like to talk to the Grogar and Tirek temples while we're here. They may know more."


"Maybe… maybe it affects them when they're in groups or something?"
I scratch my head.
"There's magic that only works when there's multiple ponies, right?"

"Yeah!… What he said!"


"You want to go where?!" I look stunned. "Why? Do you really think they'd be honest with you?"


"Whoa, our last trip to a shrine of Tirek didn't go so well."


"Maybe it's different! I mean, this city wouldn't just let a house of creeps and killers sit around in broad daylight, right?"


You find the relevant passage in your book.
Vampire Bite, the Dangers of:
Vampire bites tend to clot very slowly which is problematic for hemophiliacs. If the vampire is careful the bite will not hurt, and may even feel pleasant the first time. If the vampire stays inserted for long enough the victim will eventually experience a "floaty" sensation much like one who has been stupefied by a dentist before having a tooth drilled. Although it is rare for a victim to survive long enough repeated feedings will cause the victim to take on personality traits of the vampire that feeds on them and become subservient or even eager to do what they are told and what they think the vampire wants them to do. All evidence points to this being a natural effect of repeated feedings and not a deliberate action but the vampire, but once it reaches a certain point it becomes very similar to enthrallment. For more on enthrallment see the section dedicated to it.


"I hope not, but it just seems like those guys can't help themselves. Grogarians are usually just no-fun dullards, but have you ever seen a Tirekian who wasn't crazy?"


"When they're in groups? An interesting theory, Bessy, and one we may be able to test easily enough by sending Andelia into a pack of these harlots and seeing if she feels any greater urge to shred her dignity."

"Perhaps not, but I doubt the twins are being truthful with us, and even if they lie to us there, we may learn new information."

"Ah, yes. They're being enthralled by the twins. Simple enough – their minds are becoming poisoned by our vampire friends, resulting in promiscuous behavior and a susceptibility to their suggestion."

Flip to the section on enthrallment for more.


I nudge him and frown
"Dreamy! Andy wouldn't do that."


"We're not testing this with Andy!"
I nudge him and frown.
I turn to Andy.
"What did the twins tell you about all this Andy?"


"Well, I might, if its effect is as strong as it seems." I look curiously at dreamkicker as he flips throu the pages.


"Doesn't it only get bad after lots of them?"


Even moderately skilled vampires are capable of enthralling the living with their magic. The strong, and usually older, a vampire is the more completely it can enthrall a living creature. Enthralled creatures are compelled to obey a vampires orders and can even act with complete disregard for their own life, although a weakly enthralled person may still be able to act against their master in subtle ways or even break free if their will is strong enough. If the enthrallment is complete enough or if it lasts long enough a full recovery is impossible even with the destruction of the vampire. Note that this is different from what can happen to a victim that is repeatedly fed on as enthralled people do not take on the personality traits of their vampire masters.




I'll just shake my head at him.
"You must care very little for your friend if you're willing to expose them to that just to sate your curiosity."


"Right. So now that we know what's happening, no more bites!"


I think back "When I told them about how everyone was acting they were shocked, they swore they didn't intentionally do any magic on the priestesses here and didn't know they were so.. perverted all the time, thought it was just around them because they were great in bed. I asked them a lot of questions about it, maybe I overlooked something?"


"but that's not a good answer. The twins need to feed to live."


"Well, at least it's not proper enthrallment. If they were being deliberately enthralled, it's likely they wouldn't be touching one another nearly as much. Well, they could, if the twins were enthralling the nature-lovers and then ordering them to do that to each other – that seems like something they might do just for fun.

"But I doubt the twins are powerful enough for that."

Hey let's flip to a section on how vampirism proper spreads.

"Maybe. It's also possible, though unlikely, that we are witnessing a vampire conspiracy of immense proportions, in which another vampire or vampires has truly enthralled the druids without the twins' knowing, ordering them to mimic the effects of this lesser enthrallment.

"In any case, we certainly have the means to track vampire feeding populations, at least in the short term. Be on the lookout for ponies acting strangely."


I nudge DK.
"Well? What are you reading? Did you find something yet?"

"Uh… maybe… maybe it's like some kinda passive thing? Maybe they didn't know what they were doing!"


"Can they not feed indirectly? Like having one spill blood into a goblet?"


"Vampires secretly tricking other vampires? Naaah, it'd probably be a lot more mean and violent in that case."


"I don't think we have enough guys here for that."


"That might be the best option, actually. That way enthrallment doesn't happen, and the twins are still fed."


"What signs should we look for?"
"… That would probably work! It would eliminate the biting part at least, and then maybe they would go back to normal?"


"Can't they… can't they feed on other blood?"
I give a grossed out look, but continue on.
"Maybe… can't they drink, um… animal blood?"

"What if the twins are just… they don't know what they're doing? Can't magic work like that too?"


I forgot to mention this in >>448284
Victims will slowly recover as long as they are not fed on, but repeated feedings over a short period of time will stop or retard the recovery. If the feedings are spaced far enough apart it is assumed that a victim will recover or never develop the problem in the first place.

Vampirism, the Spread of:
Vampirism is spread by infected blood entering the bloodstream of a non infected person. This can be done by a vampire biting itself then biting a victim, by poisoning a weapon or consumable, or in any other way a clever vampire or poisoner can imagine.


"Well of course. But I presume they know and are lying to us. They are vampires, after all."


"We can certainly ask them about switching to another source of blood, I plan on staying over night so I can talk to them about my findings."


"But then you might… they might…"
I stick my tongue out and make a 'bleh' noise.


I shake my head "Well, what did your book say exactly?"
"I won't let them bite me, don't worry."


"I hope not. Eventually you might not have the choice if this is right."


"Good! I wouldn't want you turnin' all gross and stuff…"


"Or they could actually be ignorant. I once thought all lycanthropes were mindless creatures, after all, but I was proved quite wrong."
I'll shrug.
"If it's explained to them what they're doing, do you really think they wouldn't switch feeding methods? If they refuse to do so, then the Seed Council would just have them dragged out into the daylight."


"That's not a good idea for reasons that I feel should be patently obvious.

"While it would be unlikely that the twins called us here simply to enthrall the lot of us, it's possible that they might take advantage of you to do so. It would make sense – call us here, have us eradicate their rivals, and then enslave us as their… playthings."

My butt cheeks clench a little.

"The book says that you will be fine so long as you don't continue to be bitten. You'll recover from the bite's side-effects in time. But if you continue to be bitten, you'll gradually become like them and grow more susceptible to their manipulations."


"Be wary! Do not stay alone! "


"You think I shouldn't stay? But I can't wake them up early again, and I have to tell them about their bite's effect." I sigh "I guess I can leave them a letter about it, but that seems so impersonal and I'm not going to be effected unless I"m bitten again."
I frown "Alright, I'll have someone with me."


"I'll stay with you then!"
I stand by you.
"I'll make sure nothing weird and icky happens to you!"


"Well, it seems you all have your plan."
What time is it, by the way?


"Are you sure bessy? I bet the pinkie temple has plenty of room and would be more enjoyable for you."


It's almost one in the afternoon.


"I'm not gonna leave a friend here where weird things can happen to her! Nuh-uh!"


I tug on her
"Bessy… I don't want nothin' icky happenin' to you too…"


Well, they don't seem to register when I talk to them, so I suppose I'll take that as a cue to go. Looking up towards Happyhorn, I'll talk.
"Do you want to stay here for now, little one? It's time I begin thinking of heading away for the night."


"Do you hafta go too?"


I frown.

"I suppose this means that all of us are staying with the twins.

"Fine, but everyone keep your wits about you."


"Are you going already? You didn't tell me about how your training is."


"You don't all have to stay, and we have some time yet before dark. What have you all been up to?"


I smile at them and just give them a hug.


"I'm not leaving Bessy or Pomelo alone in there.

"As for what we've been doing – cleaning up the streets from minor child criminals and buying dresses for orphaned goats to eat."


"But… something weird might happen to Andy…"

I hug her back.


"Well, that's exciting at least.. you spent all the reward money on dresses for food?"


"They did ask I return earlier. Last night didn't start so well."
I'll smile a little.
"Besides, you can stay here with the others."
"You've got more problems than mine to worry about. It's only been a day."


I 'hug' back, hovering my arms slightly over her

"Kinda. It's complicated.. And hey, that reminds me! We got your reward from the last job!"
Hand over her reward money


"Then it is settled. We come with you."


"I guess…the last thing we need is to lose you too."


Pomelo's cash level is now Low.
Andelia's cash level is now Low.


"Its still really early, but okay if you want to leave." I pause a bit "but I should tell you, were-creatures and vampires don't usually get along. The twins being followers of nature won't be effected, but you.. would probably feel the urge to attack any vampire you see. Just thought you should be aware of it."


"It's uh… kinda complicated! It's all good now though!"


"Oh, thanks. " I pocket the coins "Well, I guess this just means we need to find another job to do."
"Thanks guys."


I'll chuckle.
"These lessons are so you don't. And just think, once my armor gets enchanted properly, you'll have a ride that comes in buffalo, and warg. Not many goats can say that."
"It should be no harder to control that urge than to control whatever else springs up from my transformation."


I didn't spend any of hers, right?

"That's right! Maybe I can spend something on our new little orphan friends at the temple when I get more money too."

"So… no more crazy out of control doggie moments?"




"That's the idea."


"Ask cloe for more details when you go to train, but from what I heard its almost irresistible for non-nature worshiping were-beasts, and well its the same for other species of monster too.. just be careful." I smile a bit "And don't let dreamkicker use you as bait to lure out vampires, as well as that might work it wouldn't be safe."


"To be fair, him using you as a test subject for his theories doesn't quite sit well with me either."
I'll shrug.
"And I'd sooner throw him out in front or dangle him on a fishing pole than play bait."


Keep talking among yourselves if you want. I am going to go play a bit of vidya before going to bed.

Can I get some reviews in the meta please?


"Yeah, you're right. But it gets lonely at night without you."


I slap you on the back a "Well, train hard big guy."


"And it is odd sleeping without the weight of a cheeky goat on my back."
I'll nod.
"Be sure to tell me if we line up any jobs, by the way. Getting my armor enchanted to change along with me turned out to be pricier than I thought."


"Well I get the feeling it'll pay off."


"It had better. Otherwise I'll be no better off than when we started."


The party is currently in a part of the Nature temple awway form all the priests and priestesses. From talking with members of the Nature clergy and one of Dreamkicker's books all of you have learned that excessive biting has caused all of the priests and priestesses, some more than others, to take on the traits of the Twin. The excessive biting has also made all of them more open to suggestion by the Twins. Whether or not the Twins know this is unknown.

It is currently an hour after noon. The party is currently without a job but Dreamkicker still has those two fliers in his saddle bags.


Well, they're going to solve this groovy mystery today, so I suppose I should help pick out the next job before we go.


What were the fliers for again?


"Well lets pick a new job. What's left on those fliers?"


There is a help wanted ad asking for "discreet individuals wanting to advance the fields of science and magic" that was posted by a Doctor Frank Intense. The reward for this one seems a bit small.

There is an add asking for adventurers to gather and discuss ways to combat the vampire menace. The reward for this one is moderate.


I don't think I trust that first one. And we have lots of firsthand experience with vampires.


"I'm curious about the state of magical research in this backwater country."


"Maybe you are, but it sounds too much like 'test subject' to me. If I'm gonna sell my body, I at least want to be paid more than that."


"Considering we've fought, and beaten, vampires, the latter sounds more sensible. Plus, the reward is bigger."


"I'd rather go to the second one, we might find a head on those evil vampires."


"I for one am tired of being a target for crazed hemophiles' appetites, and I think we should take an attempt to speak to a learned person here as an opportunity to not only gain some cash but to possibly gain in our knowledge and power.

"So my vote, such as it is, is for this 'Dr. Intense.'"


There is an add asking for adventurers to gather at an address in the Adventurer's district and discuss ways to combat the vampire menace. The reward for this one is moderate.


"Well, maybe we can do both? Does it say when we need to meet for the vampire hunting one?"


I'll nod.
"That would likely be a good way of going about it, though I don't think anyone should go by themselves."


Oops again.
There is an add asking for adventurers to gather at an address in the Adventurer's district during the late afternoon to discuss ways to combat the vampire menace. The reward for this one is moderate.


"Yeah, me too."


"Late afternoon? Well, if we hurry we can go meet this Dr. frank see what he wants, arrange to come back tomorrow and run to the vampire hunting meeting. "


"And I suspect that this gathering of vampire hunters business is a trap. The vampires send out their thralls to impersonate adventurers and hunters and such, we all meet in a 'safe' place, and then we suddenly find ourselves being made into thralls ourselves.

"Come to think of it, it would not surprise me one bit if half of the vampire hunters in this city are under the control of the vampire cabal."


"Really? Then it would be a good place to find a lead on where the vampire cabal is wouldn't it?"


"Then we should be able to clear them out, and then take the money that would have gone to luring other adventurers to their doom and put it to better use."


"Just because it happened to us once already doesn't mean it'll happen again, right?"


"I wonder if there are fish who bravely swim into Griffins' nets while thinking the same thing."


"I think your magic eye might be broken."


"look we need to get moving or we won't make it to either job, if it makes you feel better we can ask around town about this job see anyone knows anything or has attended this meeting before?"


"Well, I'm afraid I can't risk that second job just yet, since it's so close to night. But until I can control my shifting properly, perhaps it would be best just to take the doctor job and help Andelia with the twins."


"Have you considered getting your condition cured instead of going about the rest of your life as some sort of large, wooly traveling freak show?"


hmm "Well.. it being close to night is exactly why we would need you there, if any vampires are attending the meeting.."


"Do you hafta? I think we're gonna need you."


"Have you considered learning to soften your tone, or are you just going to go about the rest of your life as an ill-tempered, sharp-tongued unicorn?"
"Regardless, I can't do it tonight. The others wanted me back earlier than yesterday, so I'll be leaving in the next hour or two."


"All the more reason we should see this doctor first, and at least ask around about the meeting before coming back here."


"Better to be sharp-tongued and ill-tempered than dull-witted and ill-bodied. Lycanthropy is no joke. You should see a specialist."


"Dreamkicker please, can't you lecture him later? Olga doesn't even go on this much."


"And you should see a specialist as well, to remove the tree branch lodged up your backside."
"Then let us be done with it."


"Olga is addled. But, yes, I suppose that this can wait until Brutus is frothing at the mouth and looking for a tree to urinate on before eating his own filth."


I roll my eyes. "Then we're agreed, and can move on to that doctor? Does your flyer have directions?"


"Huh? I didn't see any tree…"


"It's a figure of speech, little goat."


"None of the others seemed to be doing that."


"You both stop your arguing!"
I frown.
"DK, apologize. Brutus… maybe you should consider what he's saying and see someone?"


"Oh right. They were mostly concerned with eating us. Yes I suppose that wouldn't be objectionable at all."


just.. take a peak at the flier for the doctor, what's the address or directions? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I have, though. The others who have lived with it, and I've talked to the nature priests. This is my decision."
"You seem to be keen on omitting the part where their wills were not their own. Or did you forget Cloey helping us?"


"Yes, that was likely a result of their lycanthropy. Good thing you don't have such a curse.

"In any case, I offer the olive branch of apology to you, Brutus. I am sorry I offered too honest an assessment of your condition."


The address is somewhere in the Residential district. If you could get the flier from Dreamkicker or convince him to read it the specific address could easily be found out. After that it would only be a matter of asking a local for directions.


"It's probably the best you'll get from him, big guy."


"That is hardly an apology at all, but I assume that is the best I will be receiving. So I shall accept it."
I'll nod.
"Yes, I know. Can we all get on with this, though? Daylight is burning."


well, I'll try to read the address again. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"If you know what you're doing then…"
I scoot away a bit from him.

"Whatcha readin' Andy?"


I just give her the address.
"Let's go."


You lean on Dreamkicker but cannot get a good view of the address.

Everyone now knows the address and can ask for directions.


Well, we're in a temple full of folk. Let's ask one of them.


"Thanks." I head to the residential district.


I scrunch, then spit on one of my hooves and start rubbing the spot Andelia leaned on



You lean that it is on the far eastern side of the residential district.

You leave your friends behind and go to the residential district. Ponies and other creatures come and go as they either return home for a quick lunch or return to work.

You give his coat a spitshine.


I follow Andy!
"So we're gonna go find a new job?"


I smirk and chuckle at this.

"Another girl germ hoofhold obliterated by Field Marshal Pomelo."

I head for the residential district.


look around for that address. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Yes, we're going to find that doctor's place just now, and then ask around about the other if not going directly there."


I'll trail after the others.


I giggle and follow.


As will I.


It takes a while to get all the way across the city, but once you get there ponies are able to direct you all to the address. The houses in this part of the city are spaced out enough to allow alleyways to snake between each of them and are built in a way that reminds you all of ancient castles. They are all large and made of dark, damp looking, and uneven stone and have similar looking roof tiles. The streets are rough and look like they were made from stone left over when the houses were finished. The gloominess is made worse by the fact that lots of the houses here back right up to the Barrier, the tall, thick, storm cloud topped wall that separates the Forsaken district from all the other districts. The din of the Adventurer's disctrict can be heard from here, but only faintly.

All of you are now standing in front of the correct house. The windows are dark. There is a cast iron knockee on the door in the shape of a ring.


What time of day is it?


Well. knock on the door.


I wait for Andelia to knock on the door.


"Bleh. What a creepy place…"


"This place is creepy…"


"Yeah. Who would want to meet up all the way out here?"


"Academic pay is not great, and I am sure this is one of the less expensive parts of the district.

"And it would appeal to certain eccentrics, I suppose."


"..If you want to back out maybe we can find something safer, like a job at a shop?"


"And why are you so willing to trust this guy exactly?"


About three thirty.

There is the loud squeak of a rusty hinge as a peephole opens.
"Yes? Who is it? The doctor does not want to be disturbed unless you are here on business."


"'Academic bias' I'd assume."
Grimace slightly.
"But I think I might need all the daylight remaining to safely reach the forest. I'll return in the morning. Keep each other safe."


"We are here to answer his flyer."


"Huh? You're leavin' now?"


I frown "alright, maybe next time we'll get a move on instead of standing around.."


I push my way to the front of the group.

"Doctor Dreamkicker, *coughsub-adjunct assistantcough*Professor of Divination, Royal Academy of Magic, Canterlot. We're here to answer your master's ad for help."


"Aw, no…"



"We're here for a flyer!"

I frown.
"Are you really sure you don't want to cure it?…"


"Oh? Oh! The doctor will be pleased!"
The thick wooden door creaks open and reveals a bug-eyed, hunchbacked donkey. The hallway is very poorly lit by dirty candles. He hobbles over to a staircase and beings to climb it.
"Come! Come! Walk this way! The doctor will see you all now!"


I'll nod.
"Leaving now would give me enough to get there."
"Yes, and yes."


"see you tomorrow."
I follow her, "say, you're doctor is.. normal right?" '1d10' read intentions roll preemptively

Roll #1 6 = 6


What's the house inside look like?


I frown and pat him on the shoulder
"Well, alright. At least you'll have plenty of time to get there."

I hesitantly walk in and follow
"It's even creepier inside!"


"Well be careful then."

"Oh man…I do not like this at all."


I silently thank the heavens that my parents had enough money to not hire the crippled and maimed as domestic servants and follow the group.


I cautiously walk inside.

"Super creepy…"


"At least."
"You too, little one."
And with that, I'll head off.


You trundle off and arrive at the forest as the sun nears the end of its journey to the horizon. Once you enter a few wolves step out and twist into ponies, donkeys, and zebras.
"Punctual. Good. How are your friends doing?"

"What do you mean?"
He doesn't mean any of you any harm.

Dark and dreary. Cobwebs and dust cover everything above the donkey's ear level. Presumably his hunch makes it impossible for him to reach that high. Old portraits of buffaloes line the walls.

"The doctor is always about his work. He cares not for the rest of the house."

The donkey leads you all up the stairs and to a door which he knocks on.
"Doctor? Your flier idea worked and people have come. There is even a doctor from the university of Canterlot in Equestria!"
Several fast, booming steps can be heard running across the room before the door is pulled open by a gaunt buffalo. His eyes are slightly sunken and there are deep bags under them. It appears that he has made an attempt to straighten and oil down the fuzz on his head.
"A doctor? From Canterlot?"
He looks wildly at all of you.
"Who? Who is it? What is your field of study?"


I slowly slink under Bessy to hide


"We've had some bad luck with recent jobs, that's all." I look patiently at dreamkicker.


I stay towards the back, away from this weirdo.


I sloooowly step back away from him.


"Well enough, though the unicorn seems to have stick shoved so far up his butt it's a wonder he can walk straight. None of you would happen to know about a Doctor Frank 'Intense', would you?"


"Ah, my name is Dreamkicker. Professor of Divination – specifically across time and space, rather than the trans-modal variety.

"And you? What is your field of expertise?"


The buffalo nods sadly.
"My assistant tells me that this city is not what it used to be. Nevertheless, I am a scholar, an honest bull of science."

They shake their heads.
"Have you tried throwing him against a wall and beating on him until he submits? That's how we deal with troublemakers in our group."

"Diving the past and future? Interesting, very interesting. Do you catch much grief for your non-standard choice of study? I am a doctor of the biological sciences. I seek through the natural world what a seasoned mage with the most powerful magic struggles to do. This has, of course, offended my colleges. Oh, but listen to me talk. Please, come in. I have a job for you all and I must explain what it is. Ritz, fetch the guest some refreshments."
The donkey walks back to the staircase and carefully goes down while the buffalo backs away and motions you all into an unkempt study. There are many charts hanging from the walls and half-empty bookcases with hazardous stacks of books nearby. Several tables have stacks of paper, jars of ink, and quills stacked next to dirty plates and glasses. There are a few simple pieces of glass labware scattered around the room. A large, sagging couch looks like it has been serving as a bed. Candles and a chandelier provide most of the light in the room. The buffalo starts to clear books, papers, and rolled up charts off of other chairs and couches.
"I apologize for the mess. I get so caught up in my work that I loose sight of the world around me, and I had quite given up hope of anyone responding to my fliers."


…is he really? '1d10'
"Well, now that we're here what exactly did you did help with?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Unfortunately, I think that'd just convince him he's right. So, what shall we be doing tonight?"


I poke my head out form under Bessy
"What kinda stuff do you do that mages can't?


"…right. And what do you do, exactly?"


"So uh… what do you need us to do?"


"Biology? Well, you know, if you haven't the chops for the Queen of the Sciences, then I suppose the natural realm certainly has its lures. I understand that Canterlot's College of Naturalism is studying some very interesting topics."

"And so if you



"And so if you can accomplish so much without the aid of magic, what do you need us for?"


He certainly is. He even believes himself to be more of a scholar than his colleagues that rely so heavily on magic.

"More practice. I think Cloey wants to you try turning on your own without waiting for the moon."
The lot of you are approaching the cave entrance from which the river flows. A wersquid waves at your group from the water.

He coughs.
"Well, nothing yet. The college gives me an insulting small budget to do my research with, but I will show them. I will prove that my theories are correct."

"Science. More specifically, I study the living body and how it functions. I seek to understand the fundamental essence that makes creatures live and preserves them until it leaves or is taken from them."

"I need you all to gather experiment materials for me. The payment is not much, I admit, but you may all keep any wealth you find while searching for the things I need."

He chuckles dryly.
"The Queen of Sciences, yes. Have you ever told a mage that all he does is practice math? I have never seen a pony so unjustly angry before. I need you and your subordinates to find me the things I need. I have acquired what I can myself, but I still lack a few items that I will need to conduct what I hope is my final experiment in this phase of my research."


I'll look a little oddly at the squid, but then realize I'm being rude, and wave back.
"I didn't realize that there were lycanthropes that lived in the water…"


"Oh. So you just want us to go get stuff? What stuff?"


I narrow my eyes at being called a subordinate. "Right, I assume you have some sort of list for us then? ..and maybe I'll talk to you alone for a moment before we leave."


"Fundamental what? …Ya mean, soul?"
I let out a little laugh
"That's not a science area, silly! You need a more… holy take on that! Tell me, have you heard the good word about the Pink One?"


"Yes, what would you find out about animating forces and all that with microscopes and alchemy sets that we cannot learn through divination? I've seen souls, separated my own from my body on a routine basis, in fact.

"But while I doubt you'll find anything new, I am certainly curious about your work. What do you need us to find?"


"You seek to take the power of life and make it measurable? This can only lead to disaster, boy."


"That's it? You just need some…gofers? How important is this stuff?"


They wave at him as they pass by.
"He's an odd one. We have absolutely no idea where his strain came from."
Cloey finds you once you and the others have moved farther into the cave. There are a lot of wercreatures with her, but they are not transformed at the moment.
"I'm going to keep this sort to give you as much time as possible. I want you to try and force yourself to transform before the sun touches the horizon and forces your transformation."

"Certain…things. I want to make sure you all understand what I am attempting to do and how important it is before I reveal what I need."

"Oh, yes. I have a list somewhere. What would you like to talk to me about?"

"No, not a soul. Liches are proof that the possession of a soul does not necessarily mean you are alive in a biological sense, and vampires are proof that the lack of a soul necessarily means you are completely dead. I can study souls more, and vampires and liches, once I prove my theories sound and obtain more money from the college."

"Souls are not the point of this. There is some spark, some animating force, that gives true life to creatures. I intend to capture the essence of this spark; to harness it, even."

"You really believe so? I will tell you what I have told the other doubters: The spark I look for is the same one that sets the fetus to growing in the womb once it is conceived. I seek to measure it in a way that does not require such acts and commitments."

"Very important. Vital, even."

Ritz returns with two trays on his back. On the trays are chipped teacups and chipped pots of tea.


Just a matter of focus, after all. I mean, I could change back by choice once before, after all. How hard can it be? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"An animating force that isn't the mind? Ludicrous, but intriguing."


I tilt my head.
"Huh? Harness how?"


I scratch my head.
"So… you said you're just lookin' for something that animates ponies! What don't we understand?"


"This all sounds…a little off. Don't tell me you want us to start kidnapping guys off the street."


..a chipped tea set? carefully drink some tea.
"Oh, perhaps it is not relevant to your research after all. You seek to build an artificial life, not alter one that exists. I trust you haven't turned to demonology to do this?"


You turn your mind inwards and find the werwarg sleeping in the depths of your mind.

"The mind is a product of the animating force. A necromancer can control a dead corpse like a puppet, but only the most skilled can force the animating force back into a body once it has died and succeed more often than they fail. I seek to harness that animating force without the aid of magic."

"By using the laws of existence as they are written! Magic twists, bends, and even breaks the laws of reality. When I do it I shall play by the rules!"

"You understand perfectly except for one single point. I seek to animate a diamond dog"

"Of course not. Doing such a thing would be all my colleagues would need to kick me out of the college and have the guards lock me in a cell or exile me from the city."

The tea leaves are stale and the tea is watery.
"No and no. I seek to build a natural life; a real life."


Hey. Wake up. Time to come out. '1d10'
And behave this time.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"So.. why haven't you enlisted.. more natural help?"


"Why a dog?"


"That's 'cause you never told us that!"
I pout but immediately scrunch up in confusion.
"…Wait. You wanna animate a diamond dog?"


"I dunno… this doesn't sound very natural… Nobody's gonna get hurt out of this, right?"


"I hope the diamond dog is already dead."


"A futile attempt. I, who have worked with such powers for the whole of my life, can say that nothing can manipulate a force so strong so easily."

Any… dead insects, around? Or anything small and dead.


It wakes up. Whether or not it will behave is as of yet unkown. it growls at you and looks as if it is about to attack.

"You mean the forces of Nature? I am afraid that linguistics is not my strong suit. when I use words like nature and Natural I do not refer to the godly power that favors the trees, the animals, and those that can coexist with the trees and the animals."

"Because diamond dogs are bipedal. Their corpses lie flat on an operating table. If I had chosen to use a four legged subject i would need to rotate the body back and forth over and over again."

"Maybe some slight emotional trauma, but nothing physical or lasting. I am an ethical bull."

"All of them are. The body will be constructed from limbs and organs of many corpses so that none can say I used the magic of the Lifebinders. All I still need are a right arm, a right foot, a lower left leg, and a tail. I have sources in mind for each. it is important that the being be strong enough to keep the spark of life within himself once I have guided it into his body."

He rolls his eyes.
"That is what the fire mages told the creator of the chemical match."
There are some dead moths on top of the bookcases.


Hey. Cut that out. You behave, or I make you behave. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


I sigh "Well, I am a devotee of nature, but it sounds like you want a calf, why not seek out a lady buffalo and produce one more naturally and simply?"


"Fire is easily understood, its true nature simple and unchanging. Are you comparing life to a flame?"

Look rather grumpy.


I put a hoof to my chin
"Slight? Hm. Well it is giving life to something that doesn't have it, right? Just like Olga does. Alright, I'm in."


"That's it? So, what? Dig up some graves?"


"Oh. Alright then… So what stuff do we have to get?"


"I somehow doubt the city guards will like grave robbing."


The werwarg snarls and attacks you. It nearly forces your mind to yield but your will is enoough to hold its own, at least for now.

"What? No. What would give you that idea?"

"They are both natural things."

"She knows the magic of the Lifebinders? Really?"
He laughs.
"It will be good for her to watch when I finally succeed. How handy are you with a knife, little goat? You will need to cut some ropes."

"Dig up fresh graves, open fresh tombs, and cut down hanged criminals. Bring me the bodies and I can take from them the needed parts."

"I just told your superior. I see you Equestrian students have the same problem of not hearing things not said specifically to you that the local students have."


I said behave. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Which is why you don't let them catch you, and if they do catch you you run away while spouting Grogarian gobbledygook. The graves were being plundered long before I moved onto this phase of my testing and the biggest suspect is the cult of Grogar in this town."


I roll my eyes "Alright, I guess you can hide your desires in favor of this research, but you wouldn't be doing this if you didn't desperately want a child."


I scrunch up hard
"Nooow I'm having second thoughts. Dreamy?"


"Wait, we're gonna be competing with Grogarians? Those guys are all nuts!"


"We're gonna rob graves?…"
I frown.



"Before I forget, I'd like to know if you've heard about the vampire problem? We saw an ad asking for adventures to come to a meeting about fixing it, have you by chance heard about this?"


"Quite right. There's something very untoward about grave robbing. I could chip a hoof, and that is very painful. Also it's really a job for somepony with a much lower skillset. Can't you think of another source of body parts? We could, for instance, raid these Grogarites for the parts they've likely stolen."


The tide of battle shifts as your will forces the werwarg down. You can feel it begin to weaken.

"I think you are projecting something, miss. I can't prove anything by inseminating a cow. If I could have I would have put up a wanted add for one instead of the flier I had Ritz post."

"For all I know the Grogarians are innocent in the grave robbing. I don't expect any of you to be fighting anything other than drunks in the Adventurer's district or vampires if you stay out too late."

"You can leave the valuables behind if you want. Taking a body isn't robbing."

"I've heard of the problem, yes. I will see about capturing one once I have succeeded in harnessing the power of the life force. Starving one for a few days and leaving it under a smocked glass skylight should weaken it sufficiently to be tested, and a strict diet and washing regime of garlic will keep Ritz and I safe from anything beyond a physical assault. That is for later, though."

"Aquiring bodies from the Grogarians runs the risk of necromantic contamination in the body mare. I want the limbs and organs to be as free of magic as they were the day they died. If you wish to have Grogarians dig grave and cut down gallows fruit for you be my guest, just so long as they don't reanimate the bodies."


Keep up the pressure. This is my mind, and this thing is a part of it. So either it plays by my rules, or I remove it. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Sigh and shake my head
"Fine. Let's just… hurry up and do it."


"Taking a body might not be robbing, but its still unpleasant. Do you at least have some bags or something for us to use to collect these parts should agree to go?"


"Are you sure Pommy?…"


"It's to give new life to something that doesn't have it. As long as he isn't gonna hurt anyone with what he makes…"


You pin it down under the weight of your mind. Take control.

"Good, good. I cannot reward you with much money, yet. Buy all of you will be famous. I will remember everyone that has helped me."

"Yes, I have bags for you to use. Please let me do the separating unless one of you has experience as a surgeon or mortician."

"Of course I won't The only thing I will hurt with him is pride of those that said i was mad."


Assuming direct control.

Roll #1 3 = 3


It regains some of its strength and starts to push you off of it.


No, it stays down. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Nope. It pins you again.


Everyone else feel free to keep posting any questions you have for Doctor Frank Intense.


No it doesn't! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Fame for graverobbing is perhaps not what I'd like, but I could certainly be persuaded with access to your library and some other non-pecuniary payments."


It roars in your face and prepares to jump through your mind and into your body.
Roll to stop it.

"Fame for discovering a way to bring the dead back to life without any side effects like their soul being forever destroyed. I am open to the discussion of payment that does not consist of currency."


C'mon Brutus, use your head! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


All my questions are purely tactical: "do you have a back door? A basement we can dump the bodies in from the outside?"


You force it off of you and square off against it.You can feel the moon as it draws closer and closer to rising and pulling the werwarg into your body. You need to finish this fast.

"My house back up again the Barrier, but there are cellar doors on the side of the house that Ritz can open for you when you drop off what you have found."


"Fame? Bleh. Getting this over'll be enough"


"Wouldn't it be easier to give us a spare key?"


"I'd rather not be famous at all for this… I still don't like that we're robbing graves."
I stick out my tongue.


All or nothing. Will, focus, and go all at once. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"If that is your wish. Imagine a world where no one need stay dead if they die before their time."

"The key might get stolen."

The werwarg throws your mind downwards. You have one last chance to take control.


You stupid dog, just BEHAVE '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"what's the best route from the graveyard to here?"


You hook it by the throat with a horn, but it is just a second too late. Inside your head you can see a silver sliver rise above the horizon and the werwarg, battered and bruised, tears through your mind and makes your body its own.
"Focus, Brutus!"
Roll with a +2 modifier.

"Follow the Barrier east and keep going until you are out of the Adventurer's district then follow the curve of it south."


Damnation. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Alright. I don't suppose you have any information on the movements of the police that we could use?"


The memory of how you regained control of your form is still fresh in your mind from lasst night. That, combined with the worn out werwarg and the sound of Cloey's voice lets you take control of your changed form and send the werwarg back to the depths of your mind.

He shakes his head.
"I am afraid not."


"Bah! Almost had it and then it slipped out from under me."
I'll shake my head.
"But at least I've got the control part down for tonight."


"I guessed as much. That's all I can think of We'll return to you later, providing we aren't arrested. "


Cloey scratches you behind the ear with a hoof.
"Relax. you are doing much better than I thought you would. I hadn't expected to have you trying this until tomorrow at the earliest."

"Remember. Run away and try to sound like Grogarians if the guards chase you."


I give him a 'what now' look at that comment "right I'll try that."


I'll lean into the scratch a bit. This is a new and interesting sensation.
"Glad that I'm doing better than expected."
I'll sit.
"Say, I know most of you all haven't really been to the city much, but do any of you recall a group that discusses vampires near sundown? The others and I thought that was kinda suspicious, so I was wondering if you all had any ideas."


"I already said this. Honestly, I'm surprised the doctor you are traveling with hasn't taught you all to listen more closely to things being said."

"No, we don't. Sundown sound like a good time to start discussing if you plan to go on a hunt."


"We weren't sure if they were actually hunters, or just a clever trap baited with thralls. And if they're neither, then why wait until near sundown for their vampire chat? Why not while the sun is still high?"
I'll let out a small huff.
"Worst part is, I can't help them look into it until I get the dog in my head to accept that I'm the one calling the shots."


turn a bit red at that. "I heard what you said, its just silly. You want us to run screaming about tirek being the greatest? geesh, just hoof over the bags and we'll get started, if you have a big shovel that would be helpful too."


She shrugs.
"Ponies have jobs during the day, right? We are really the wrong people to ask about this. Rest for a bit and try to turn back."
You can try next time.

"Grogar and Tirek are two different deities. One of a ram and the other is some sort of abomination. Ritz can get you the bags and shovels while I make the list of what you need and where to find it."


I'll settle down for now, then.
Thanks for running.


"I know that, but its equally as silly. If we go around screaming about a certain deity the ruse will be see throu, we need preparation, make fake symbols and robes and such so we look the part.."


She scratches your ears again then wanders off to direct the search for the missing werbeasts.
Thanks for playing.

"Very well. Be careful about putting too much effort into it. Grogar is a being that most definitely exists and angering something as strong as him is a bad idea."


"Right, well maybe we'll just say that they forced us to do it if caught. Anyway, here's hoping we aren't caught."


"Here's hoping."



The party is in the study of an old house with a buffalo "scientist" and his hunchbacked donkey manservant. He has told the party of his intentions to construct a diamond dog corpse and raise it from the dead without the use of magic, but needs their help to harvest body parts he has not yet acquired. He hoofs one of you a list of body parts that he needs and where they can be found.

Right leg: Gallows
Left arm paw: Gallows, grave plot #758.
[i]Tail: grave plot #760

"Those should not be too hard to find. Please bring the whole body if you can, I do not wish the limbs to be hacked off brutishly."


And I'm up at the caves. Waiting and resting and doing whatever.
so this is probably a dead session for me.


You can test out fighting with his new hits and wounds.


I look at the list and frown
"Bleh. Let's hurry this up."


"I suppose we should try the gallows first."


"We'll be back soon enough." I say and pick up a body bag.


"sounds like as good a place as any to start."


I nod and look around for a shovel


"Remember, it's for a good cause."

"They are located near the graveyard."

You grab a rolled up one.

The hunchback hands you one and grins at you. He's just trying to be polite, but his giant, bugged-out eyes are creepy.


It'll probably just be like the old hits/wounds, only with a chance of berserk on a critfail and having a lot more hits/wounds to cut through. Plus a bite/rake attack.


I slowly grab it from him and back off
"Dreamyyy let's hurry up!"


Brutus has +3 H/W when transformed. You can also try turning back into a buffalo.


"Yeeeeaaaah… let's just hurry up and get this over with…"


right, lets go to the gallows, keep and eye out for the popo '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I'll take one too.


"Indeed. To the gallows."

Let's gooo


True enough. Let's give that a shot.
Gone, gone the form of Warg, return again the form of Buffalo. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I follow, shaking my head the whole way


All of you quickly leave the house and make it through the Adventurer's district. Even though it is the evening there are still plenty of drunks out trying to get one last drink before retreating to theirs rooms. Eventually the party makes it to the graveyard and sees the gallows. Among a few of the shapes hanging there are two diamond dogs.
All of you please roll.

You start barking and chasing your tail.


No. Bad. Get a grip. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 7 = 7


I say a small prayer for the dead

Roll #1 7 = 7


I grimace.

Roll #1 1 = 1


'1d10' nothing will surprise me

Roll #1 1 = 1



I say a small prayer along side him…

Roll #1 4 = 4


You stop chasing your tail. The other werbeasts in the cave with you are snickering.

Both of you can see gaunt figures creeping around the shadows behind the gallows.

You are too busy praying to notice anything.

Both of you walk right up to one of the corpses and start trying to cut it down. There is no warning as each of you are tackled by gaunt, nearly emaciated ponies with long limbs, patchy and grey coats, sharp teeth, and sunken eyes. It's been a year since you have seen them, but the sight of a hungry ghoul is hard to forget. They tear into each of you with their fangs and boney hooves.

Dreamkicker: 0/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Andelia: 0/6 Hits 5/6 Wounds
Bessy: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Happpyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds


I'll frown as best as I can with this muzzle.
"S-shut up. It's not like you never chased your tail at least once."
Now. For real this time. Change back to buffalo. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Gah! Stand up!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"H- Hey! You let them go you big meanies!"
I pull out my ca-
Oh no… I don't have it!
I… grr…

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Well, we wanted a clue." '1d10' try to buck them away.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Where did these guys come from?!"
Shoot them off!

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"Ack! Hold on you two!"
Bolster Andelia


You are able to breech the part of your mind where the werwarg it. It growls when it sees you and prepares to defend its domain.

You cannot get out from under the cannibalistic monstrosity, but with your magic you are able to keep it from biting you any more.

You charge at them, but before you can get there another ghoul leaps from the shadows and starts clawing into your back.

You are not at the right angle to buck the one on top of you, but it is perfectly able to tear a strip of skin off your neck.

You blast bolts at the ones on Dreamkicker, Andelia, Bessy, and another one you saw slinking around to try and flank the group. All four of them drop to the ground when your bolts hit them, but try to get back up.

It is so.

Dreamkicker: 0/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Andelia: 0/6 Hits 4/6 Wounds
Bessy: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Happpyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds

Brutus: 9/9 Hits 5/5 Wounds


I try to throw it off me and at another ghoul!

Roll #1 4 = 4


It's domain? This is MY brain, dog, and it belongs to me. You are just renting space. So listen and be obedient. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I struggle to get back up again

Roll #1 3 = 3


Pull Dreamkicker up as fast as I can! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Keep shooting them!

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


holy shit.. get back up! with pomelo's bolster


It is off, but you do not notice and keep throwing yourself around trying to knock it off.

Your will hits it and throws it back a foot or two. Your mind relaxes its grip around the werwarg and you feel your body loosen slightly.

You try to get up, but that bite on your leg makes it hard. Here comes Pomelo, maybe he can-

-Nope. What are you doing? There are dangerous monsters around!

You shoot again, but the darkness throws your aim off.

You spring back to your hooves.

Two of the ghouls stand back up.


C'mon now

Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 1 = 1


Well. Either finish the job, or make certain the warg knows that, as a part of me, it has to obey. Otherwise I will simply remove it. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Dreamkicker: 0/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Andelia: 6/6 Hits 4/6 Wounds
Bessy: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 0/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Happpyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds

Brutus: 9/9 Hits 5/5 Wounds


Bodies! Let's see if I can raise some of my own!

Roll #1 10 = 10


'1d10' try out that damaging earthen grasp on these ghouls.

Roll #1 6 = 6


I try to get back up!

Roll #1 1 = 1


And rerolling that!

Roll #1 4 = 4


A qt goat just headbutted you in the gut on accident. You cannot stand up right after such a thing happening.

You freak out even more and crash into a gallows, knocking over and trampling one of the diamond dog corpses under your heavy hooves. The unattacked ghoul takes this chance to bite one of your legs and send you tumbling to the ground.

It starts growling louder, but your body feels even more relaxed. Keep going.

You raise a buffalo the hangponies someone managed to hang. It snaps the rope with a flex of its neck and joins the combat.

You grab one of the ghouls and immobilize it with sharp rocks that cut it's skin.

You would much rather stay here and keep Dreamkicker safe from the monsters while he recovers.

Dreamkicker: 0/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Andelia: 6/6 Hits 4/6 Wounds
Bessy: 3/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 0/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Minion: 4/4 Hits 0/0 Wounds

Brutus: 9/9 Hits 5/5 Wounds

The other two ghouls stand up.



Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #1 6 = 6


Growl all you like. This is my body, my mind, and you are a part of me, whether you like it or not. So either accept that, or I will make you accept it. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Well, it's not Brutus, but it's something. Climb up and reestablish Vantage Point.

Buffalo tramples one of the ghouls. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 3 = 3


just let me get up

Roll #1 4 = 4


well, lets try stabbing on with my spear '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Being this close to Pomelo gives you the strength to stand back up.

You shift so that it is chewing on your fur instead nad stand up.

It bares its fangs and leaps at you. It doesn't make contact but you can feel it's teeth around your neck.

You climb up on top of him, but his body stinks after spending all day in the sun. You will need to try again to get your bonus back. Your minion charges at a ghoul, but the taste of rotting flesh doesn't bother it and it bites your minion.

You lean against one of Dreamkicker's legs and catch your breath.

It leaps forwards and starts chewing on you before you can stab it.

Dreamkicker: 6/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Andelia: 2/6 Hits 4/6 Wounds
Bessy: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 0/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Minion: 1/4 Hits 0/0 Wounds

Brutus: 4/9 Hits 5/5 Wounds


Hey. Cut that shit out. I don't know if I can mentally slam you into submission, but I can certainly try. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Oh, come on, I don't taste that good." Stab it with the silver spear! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I try to get up again '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Seeing Pommy is okay, I cast a lightning spell on the nearest ghoul.


Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


You charge forwards and try to strike at it, but it slams you harder. You are pushed towards the exit of its sanctum.

You stab it with your spear. The rocks enclosing the other ghoul crumble apart and it becomes free once again.

You stand up and get ready to fight.

Your lightning spell lights up the night enough for you to see where a ghoul is a split second before it jumps at you and bites your face.

It gets past your fur and nips you on the side.

Dreamkicker: 2/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Andelia: 2/6 Hits 4/6 Wounds
Bessy: 4/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 0/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Minion: 1/4 Hits 0/0 Wounds

Brutus: 2/9 Hits 5/5 Wounds


Gah. Back up and shoot it!

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


give myself a natural remedy. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Imma shoot some more than.

Zombie keeps trampling. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Just… kick it off.

Roll #1 6 = 6


No! This is my mind, my body, and my power! You are not going to be giving me the bum's rush! '1d10' If possible manifest a shield with which to bash it over the head. It's my brain, why can't I imagine things?

Roll #1 7 = 7


Heal up Dreamkicker '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


You shoot it with a bolt. It hisses at you and backs off.

It tastes foul. You feel a little sick and woozy.

You take aim and shoot the one that Dreamkicker shot, but are forced to leap off your minion as a ghoul tears it apart.

You kick your ghoul in the head an knock it off. It growls and stumbles around.

That's right, it is your brain. You manifest a shield and bash the werwarg with it. It looks like it is about to collapse, but you feel much the same way.

One of the ghouls tackles you and starts gnawing on your horns.

Dreamkicker: 2/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Andelia: 1/6 Hits 4/6 Wounds
Bessy: 4/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 0/5 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Minion: 0/4 Hits 0/0 Wounds

Brutus: 2/9 Hits 5/5 Wounds


Shoot one of the ones attacking him.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Well, nuts to him! This is my turf! Slam with that brainshield. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Scramble out of there '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


this is annoying. Give a howl and transform to a wolf. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Is this…

Roll #1 2 = 2


Crum. Shoot at it again.

Roll #1 7 = 7


erg, +1


One of the ghouls attacks you from behind and knocks you to the ground again.

You slam into the werwarg once more and send it flying through the air. It vanishes as it hits a wall and you can feel your mental self pulled in many directions at once. When you are at last looking back out at the real world you notice that you are you again. All the other werbeasts are staring at you in a surprised fashion.

You nimbly get free and jump back upright.

Your coat grows out and your snout gets thinner. The darkness around you becomes a little brighter as you lookat it through new eyes.

You charge at the ghoul, but step in a hole in the ground and almost break your leg.

Your bolt hits it in the leg and brings it down. It's still alive, but only just.

Dreamkicker: 0/6 Hits 3/5 Wounds
Andelia: 1/6 Hits 4/6 Wounds
Bessy: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 5/5 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 5/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Minion: 0/4 Hits 0/0 Wounds

Brutus: 2/9 Hits 5/5 Wounds


get up

Roll #1 4 = 4


Bolster Dreamkicker


"Oh hey, it worked."


time to destroy some ghouls. '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


C'mon… I can hit him! Just once… pls. Smokeshot?



Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Let's try to raise another body. This time I'll try to use the magic from the horn.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You try to get up, but it's all you can do to keep that monster from killing you.

He is surrounded by a pink glow of magic.

"What worked? How did you manage to do that so quickly?"

You run over to the one on the ground and tear out it's throat before it can stand up.

The battlefield is filled with smoke.
+1 to all ghouls for the two turns.

You try to focus your magic through the severed unicorn horn, but are attacked before you can finish your spell.

Dreamkicker: 0/6 Hits 3/5 Wounds
Andelia: 1/6 Hits 4/6 Wounds
Bessy: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 5/5 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 2/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds


Try again!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Heal Dreamkicker please wooork '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


remember that I'm bolstered


"Well, I just thought that if I was supposed to be able to change shape at will into something, maybe I could change back at will. So I kinda tried, and got into a bit of a scuffle with the warg in my head and then beat it up and now I'm back to me again."


>dead ghoul
…one down, no time to let up. '1d10+2' power attack another ghoul.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Hit back!

Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Despite the ghoul gnawing on your face you manage to stand up.

The ghoul falls off him and one of Dreamkicker's wounds is healed.

"You fought it in your head? Did thought only naturals could do that."

You bowl another ghoul over and tear into it. Half a minute later it is a mess of body parts and blood on the ground.
Two left.

You haul back and punch it in the face with your hoof. The ghoul is knocked over backwards by your attack.

You attack the dangerous, menacing…gallows? Oops. You just squished the other diamond dog corpse.

Dreamkicker: 6/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Andelia: 1/6 Hits 4/6 Wounds
Bessy: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 5/5 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 2/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds


"I suppose the reason I could is simply because no one said I couldn't. The walls you put up yourself are the hardest to break down, after all."
I'll think a minute.
"I'm going to try and change back. See if it'll behave a bit more this time around."
Alright, doggy, time to let you out of your doghouse. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I use storm bolt on the ghoul that attacked me. Three hits.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Finally! Now on to Andy. Heal her '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


'1d10+2' Yes, attack another one.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Hit it with my horns!

Roll #1 10 = 10


It growls at you from its hiding place. You still feel mentally exhausted.

You knock it over and crisp its flesh with your magic. It tries to get up and run away.

A male voice speaks in your head.
"Need a little help there, Pomelo?"
You, and only you, see a claw grab Andelia's tail and yank it hard enough for her to fall onto her rear.

You try to attack, but something pulls your tail hard enough to force you to sit down.

Dreamkicker: 6/6 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Andelia: 0/6 Hits 3/6 Wounds
Bessy: 1/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds
Pomelo: 5/5 Hits 4/5 Wounds
Happyhorn: 2/5 Hits 5/5 Wounds

Roll #1 9 = 9


Not happening. Shoot the ghoul!

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


You crack it's skull with a powerful headbutt. It twitches a few times and dies.

The last one disappears into the graveyard shadows.

Both diamond dog corpses have been trampled, but they may be salvageable.


You bolt clips off a tombstone an inch away from it's head.


Growl a bit confused and change back. who was that? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Hey, come on. I'm letting you out this time. We're going to have to learn to work together and get along, otherwise we'll never be able to leave these caves. So, what do you say? Partners? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You have absolutely no idea. Weird.

It leaps out and attacks you, but you are able to step back fast enough to avoid being bit.


Shake my head and stand up
"No! I don't want any help from you!"

"Whatever that was I'm sure it was mean and stupid and a jerk."
Heal Andelia '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


I'll take a look at them.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Sigh internally. Are we going to have to do this little dance every time?
…You know, I'm gonna try something stupid. I keep saying this thing's a part of me, but I still consider it separate. So I'm going to try and fuse with it. Right here. Right now. In my head. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Are you alright, Pommy?"


"As if that will stop me. Ta-ta for now."
Discord left you too disoriented to use healing magic right away.

You can get right leg from one of the corpses, but the arms are both mangled and the tails were bobbed short.

You slam it into a wall and press your head against it's head. It growls and does the same.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I frown "What makes you say that?"
look over the bodies '1d10'. "Say, dreamkicker, what body part did we need here, the right leg?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


Come on, now. We might as well get cozy with each other. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Sheesh, you guys really did a number on these things."


"We need a right leg and left paw, but in any case we need to bring the whole body back to the Doctor."


You can feel it's body start to become immaterial It whines and presses harder against you.

Beat my rolls until Brutus wins or backs off.

The only useable requested part is the right leg on one of them.

Roll #1 1 = 1


You are me, and I am you. What once was two, now make one. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I've been better. We're off to a crummy start and we got smacked around I'm hurt and sore…"

I shake my head in frustration and try it again '1d10+2'

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"Well.. this one's leg seems fin, we'll need to dig up some more bodies." pick the usable body up and place it in the body bag.



Your horns grow hot pink and Andelia is healed of all her wounds.

The mangled body is now backed away. Right leg down. Now all you need is a left paw and a tail.

Roll #1 3 = 3


The werwarg grows a little weaker, but you can feel that you still have a ways to go.


I frown and limp over to him.
"Aw… are you alright now?"


Then I will continue to press on. This isn't something I can leave for later. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Thanks Pommy, who knows that those ghouls might have been carrying."



Roll #1 2 = 2


Do any of these graves look fresh?


"I don't even wanna think about that. I got ghoul slobber all over my horns!"

"I'm fine… what about you buddy?"

Give Dreamkicker a comforting healing hug '1d10+2'

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"It's likely that they were gnawing on the corpses before we arrived.

"Someone grab the body and let's take it back to the mansion."


"Y-you, too."


The werwarg turns the tide a little. You feel your mental projection turn just a little bit more malleable and realize that it is trying to fuse with you. Something tells you that it being the one to do the fusing would be bad for you. Terminally bad.

You give him a hug and let a trickle of healing power flow into him. It was totally an accident that you used so little magic that you had to hug him for a full minute to heal him completely.


"Not feelin' too hot… and I just messed everything up."
I frown and plop down on the ground, nursing my wounds.


I pat the body bag I stuffed the body in "Got that covered dremy butt, but don't you think we could dig up any new graves while we are here?"


Well, I'm not one for terminal things. Now get in there and make sure I'm the one on top. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 6 = 6


'1d10' look at the graves to see if any are recently buried.

Roll #1 5 = 5


The werwarg makes a little more headway, but you've still got plenty of strength left.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You remember that the doctor gave you grave numbers. Once everyone is ready you could all go find them.


You dumb dog! I'm the one in charge here. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Your head starts to glow and you can feel it's ears pressing into you.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I'll just.. try a natural remedy on her. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Press back! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Aw, I got you buddy…"
Heal her '1d10+2'

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Your combined cures are enough to help her get all better.

You are able to make some headway this time.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Keep it rolling. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"So who is going to grab the body?

"If only Brutus were here…"


I am currently carrying the body, I said as much


It makes a weak effort and you try to conserve your strngth, but it must have been a ruse. It's head is pressing all the way into yours now.

Andelia's got it, I think.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I perk up.
"…aw, thanks guys."
I pull them both into a hug.

"I got it!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Reverse the tide. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You grab both Andelia and the bodybag and sling them both over your back.

You soften it up a little bit more.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Alright, let's give it a bit more of a push. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I cringe
"Bessy! Y-You'll get dead body germs on my spot…"


You're weakening it once again. It's starting to panic.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I might have messed up during the fight… but I'm gonna do my best from here on out! That's a Pinkie promise!"
I patiently wait for everyone else to get ready to set off.

"I- I'll make sure to take a bath when we get back! Don't worry Pommy…"


"Its inside a plastic bag" I say annoyed


A cornered rat fights the hardest. Show that I can keep its pace. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You match it's power.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Now I shall overpower it. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


It starts whining. You've almost got it.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I just scrunch

"Where's the next part at?"


Almost… there… '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7




I just settle in on top of you "Its alright, not every fight goes like you want it too."


Your head and torso are pressing into it and the puttylike wolf is clawing at you desperately.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"That list has grave numbers. We could check those out."


One last hurrah. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


It pushes back into you. This is going to be close…

Roll #1 8 = 8


Last try. Last try and then I pull back. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Shouldn't we go back first and drop this off before someone sees it?"

"I really messed up back though…"
I pout and sigh.


"We could just say it's our laundry bag"


You feel it pressing closer and break off the attack; escaping back into the real world and collapsing in a tired heap.


"Its up to you I guess, but it seems like it would be faster to get all three bodies at once." I pat you on the head "And you'll do it better next time, we're still alive and together, that's the important part."


I'll just lay there panting.
"That was close… Going to have to try that after a bit more mental conditioning…"


"Try what?"


I wave a hoof in front of my nose.
"But it smells funny."

"I guess if we wanna get them all that's okay too…"
I give Andy a soft smile.
"And thanks Andy. You're a good friend."
I lean my head up as far as I can and attempt to nuzzle Andy.


"It probably would be. Let's get going…"
Start heading towards where the left arm paw is, grave plot #758


"You know how I kept going on about it being a part of me? Well, that wasn't right. I kept thinking of it as a separate entity inside my head. So I had an idea. If I really wanted this thing to be a part of me, I'd have to make it a part of me. So I tried to merge with it."


I smile give you a hug from up here.


So cute.

There it is, way off in the distance.

"You mean you aren't already?"



"No. And I'm getting tired of the whole fighting for dominance thing every time it tries to take over my head. So I'm trying to put it on a leash by merging with it."
I'll look at them for a moment.
"And what do you mean 'already'? Did you merge with your brainwargs? Or did it go the other way? It tried to take control too."

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