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Crypt Quest 2 Campfire 374709

After losing one off the henchponies sent with them and exploring a library, the party made their way to the second floor of the mansion. Most of the party and three henchponies are standing in a burned portion of a wide hallway. Ahead of you, at the opposite end of the hallway, is a closed door. To your right is the landing and another closed door. Directly behind the party is a closed door that is burned like the wall around it. To your left is a jagged hole in the wall. What can be seen of the room on the other side of this hole is grim: The walls floor and ceiling are stained almost completely with old, dried blood and twisted, heavy bed frames have been throw around as if they weighed nothing.

You are on the first floor with two henchponies in a small room with four ways out. To the left is the library, with a number of potentially useful books in it. Ahead of you is a large room, as big as the kitchen and dining room combined. There is a large rectangular pit in the middle of it. To the right is a small gaurdroom with a few corpses on it. The only weapons are the broken ones that are next to them. Behind you is the mansion's entrance hall. To your right and front are closed doors.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 374710

Could we get a map?

Look through the library again. Scan for something interesting.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374711

"Let's keep looking for the armory."


"Uh…do we have to go in that one?"

Peer inside the hole a little bit.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Campfire 374713

Give me a second.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374714

'1d10' to keep Happyhorn in her nest instead of tumbling into the room.
"Not until we find the weapons that can hit spirits, most likely. I Don't like to think what might be in there."

Roll #1 8 = 8

Pomelo [Preacher] 374715

"Heya, don't go stickin your head in weird burnt places silly!"
Immediately pull her head away from the hole '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Bessy [Soothsayer] 374716

"Hey now! That's probably not a good thing to go stickin' your head in!"
I try to pull her head out. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Andelia [druid] 374717

"Looks like you will have to rebuild a little?"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 374718

"Whoa! You guys spooked by it too?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374719

"It's covered in blood, little goat. It would take an odd thing not to be at least a little disturbed."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 374720

"Most rooms we've seen so far could have used some serious redecorating. But I just know we're gonna have to go in there eventually…"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374721

"Which is why we should find the armory first. We don't know what sort of spook made its home there."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 374725

"I can guess though. Can you?"

Campfire 374726

Your keen third eye spots an old book hidden in the pile of destroyed books and bookshelves in the center of the library. There is a stylized drawing of an eye on it.

You try to stick your head in, but >>374714 and >>374716 keep you away from the hole.

You try to reach her but bounce off Brutus's side.

One of the henchponies gives a tense laugh.
"A little, yes."

Old, old blood.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374727

"I probably could, but I don't think I want to see if I'm right. At least, not without the right equipment."
I'll look around a little.
"Where is that unicorn? And the other two?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 374728

Hm. I check out the book. What's in it?

I also rejoin my comrades and take the henchponies with me. No need for them to stay here.

Pomelo [Preacher] 374729

"Oops! Sorry big guy!"
I pat Brutus' side and take a step back

"So now what? That thingy's gotta be around here somewhere right?"
I look around and wander to the door to the right and open it

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 374730

"I dunno. Wandering off in here doesn't sound like all that fun."

Bessy [Soothsayer] 374731

"Silly Happyhorn! You shouldn't go sticking your head in random holes!"

"Right! Let's go find it!"
I join him in searching for the door.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374732

"Or smart."
I'll turn after Pomelo.
"What are you up to, little goat?"


I smile a bit and follow Pomelo. "You got a feeling about that way pommy?"

Roll #1 1 = 1

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374734

There's no way I can stop either of them from unleashing what they're about to, is there? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Pomelo [Preacher] 374735

"Opening doors!"

I give her a big smile
"I got nooo idea Andy!"

I help her! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 374736

"You shouldn't start opening random doors either!"

Campfire 374738

"They went downstairs."

It looks to be a spellbook related to simple magical sight.
After it has been read enough times you get a +1 to Farsight. Roll to read it and it can be read once per session.

The door is stuck. Roll if you want to open it.

You walk into the room full of old, dried blood. After a few seconds of being in there the blood starts to smell fresh and you swear you can feel it sticking to your hooves a little bit.

Your hoof falls through a rotted section of the floor and you get stuck.

Not by yourself or without a 10.

You hop into the room. The smell of fresh blood reaches your nostrils after a few seconds and you think you can hear it squish when you move. You can see a large pile of twisted bedframes at the end of the room.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 374739

Well let's try reading it.

Am I back with the others yet?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"This place is falling apart. Some pony grab my hoof and help me out of here." I try to get free from the hole.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374741

"Get out of that room, you two! Now!"
And I'll pull Andy out of her hole. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Yeah, it's starting to smell as bad as it looks!"

Can I see anything different about it?

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Bessy [Soothsayer] 374743

"H- Huh?… Pommy?… W- What's… w- what's… AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!"
I run out of the room screaming.
Trying to get a hold of myself '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pomelo [Preacher] 374744

I look down at the floor and start shaking.
"B-Bessy… it's wet. Wet blood wet blood oh nononono"
I follow her and try to give her a big calming hug '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Andelia [druid] 374746

"Careful Brutus, there is something alive in here."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374747

"Not alive in the normal sense of the word, I'm afraid. This is why I didn't want them going in there."

Campfire 374748

You are back with the others. You read through the first few pages and are able to tell that this book has some useful knowledge. This isn't the best place to read though, so you slip the book into your saddlebags.

You can't quite get your hoof out of the hole.

You grab her with one hoof and lift her straight up into the air then put her down a few feet away from the small hole in the floor.

No one outside the room can smell the blood.
Not really. The light from Bessy's lantern shows you more of what you could already see. Old, dried blood that has been absorbed by the wood in the room and crumpled bedframes.

You manage to get your heart rate and breathing under control.

You try to hug her without getting your bloody hooves one her coat. Failing to figure out how to do so you instead nuzzle against her.

Bessy [Soothsayer] 374751

I softly nuzzle Pomelo back.
"P- P- Pommy i- it- did you see that? I- It's scary…"
I continue shivering.


cover up the hole with a wooden plank. "We don't want to fall down there." step back carefully and examine the floor

Roll #1 4 = 4

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 374754


"What's got you two so jumpy?"

Muddy Morass [Pegasus Charlatan] 374755

No time to mess around. I'm opening that jammed door!

Remember, I'm still wearing my mysterious "perfect ghost disguise" that I don't know what it does. '1d10'

"Aiight, I got this one."

Roll #1 1 = 1

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 374756

"I told you both about the room. Why did you go inside?"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 374757

"Th- there was blood everywhere! And it was dripping from the ceilings and it was on the floor a- a- and I heard this really scary noise a- and…"
I sniffle and shiver again.

"W- We were just trying to help…"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374758

"Is there any sign of the armory down there?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 374759

"I-I could smell blood a-and feel it squish on my hooves…"

"I wanted to find that thing… a-and I didn't wanna let Bessy go in there all by herself!"

Campfire 374765

You tear a wooden board from the wall and and lay it across the hole on the floor.
Hopefully that new hole won't let anything out.

You charge at the door, but step on the plank Andelia placed over the hole in the floor. The plank slips and knocks into one of your hooves. You are thrown off balance and fly headfirst towards the hole in the wall that Andelia made when she ripped the board off. Everything goes dark and sound becomes muffled as your head gets stuck in the wall.

Everyone roll a d10.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 374767

"Not that I saw, no. But we need to look more thoroughly."

waiting until images can be posted again so we can get a map

"Admirable, but we won't find the armory by wandering off. We need to be systematic in our search."

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 374769


Roll #1 6 = 6


"Hornin' spirits, I knew it. If only we had that map!"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pomelo [Preacher] 374773

"Oh gosh, are you okay?"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Bessy [Soothsayer] 374774


Roll #1 3 = 3

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374775

Oh dang. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Campfire 374776


Roll #1 6, 9, 1, 3, 1 = 20



Start tearing at my ears with my hooves.

Roll #1 10 = 10


my eyes widen. "Oh, no."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Campfire 374782

The three of you hear some creaking from somewhere downstairs. Two of the henchponies go back to the landing and look over the banister.

You can hear something to your left.

One of the henchponies yelps and jumps away from the burned door.
Another one stabs his sword into the hole in the floor Andelia made.
"Something's in here!"

You two do not hear or see anything unusual.

Fueled by adrenaline your hooves punch right through the wall and start boxing at your ears. You are now free of the hole, but it has also become larger.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374784

I'll skitter to my right and look left, shield up. Is anything there?

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 374785

Scan around for whatever it is the henchpony saw.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 374787

"What? What was it?"

"Whooooah, and where are you going, fuzzcart?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374789

"I heard something."


Follow the hench ponies and try to spot what they are talking about. "I think we woke something up.."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 374793

"Heard? Heard what?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 374794

"Something's in the floor!? So that's what made that noise…"
I look around on the ground to see what the heck it is. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374795

"The door there. It wasn't always shut. Was it?"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 374796

"What noise? I didn't hear a noise…"
Do I hear anything now?

Roll #1 7 = 7


Check out that hole. I didn't destroy too much with my INCREDIBLE MASCULINE STRENGTH, did I?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 374799

"Well, there are a bunch up here…and I don't think shiny over there managed to open his…"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374800

"I think this place is finally starting to get to me. We should be cautious."

Campfire 374804

All you can see are ghosts hiding and watching the party.

You can't see anything out of the ordinary other than two panicky ponies.

All you can see is the floor.

Only the creak and groan of the floorboards as the party moves and the occasional settling of the house on its foundation.

The hole is dark, but empty as far as you can tell.

Bessy [Soothsayer] 374805

"I don't hear anything… what are you guys talking about?"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 374806

"Yeah. I'm gonna stay close, if you don't mind too much."

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 374807

"…damned ghosts."

"It was probably just a ghost. We need to remain calm."

Okay, where are we and what's around us? What hallways have we not investigated yet? Map?

Pomelo [Preacher] 374808

"You didn't hear it all all, buddy? It sounded like this…"
I cough and clear my throat


"I believe you both, but it seems to be gone." check once more to be certain.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Bessy [Soothsayer] 374810

"Yeah, but that's just us! We're making those noises Pommy."


Whatever. Check out the stuck door again.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374812

"Well, it will likely take more than a few noises and moving doors to get you out of your nest, little one."

Pomelo [Preacher] 374814

"But those ponies said they saw something under the floor. Ya sure it wasn't that…?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 374817

"It was most certainly a ghost."

Bessy [Soothsayer] 374819

"No… I-"

I perk up and shiver.
"G- Ghost?"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 374820

"And don't you forget it!"

"Why would a ghost need a hole in the floor?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374821

I'll chuckle a little, and then head over to Morass.
"What d'you see?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 374823

"G-Ghost in the floor?"
I hop up on Bessy's back

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 374824

"Yes, Bessy, the things we've been fighting this whole time."


"Why would a ghost need a dead body?"

Campfire 374828

Four of the henchponies are examining the holes in thee floor and walls while the fifth is still keeping an eye on the burned door.

It's gone. At least, you think it's gone. You still aren't sure what exactly "it" is.

Everyone is by the red room, except for Muddy who is farther to the right.

It seems to have been damaged at some point in the past. A few hard bucks are enough to force it open. What you see here mirrors the area on the opposite side of the mansion, but instead of a large hole in the wall there is a door. Nothing her is burnt, either.

Muddy Morass [Pegasus Charlatan] 374830

"Woah, hey, check it out! Pretty nice room. I like the way nothing looks decrepit in here. Come take a look!"

Stride on in with style, and take a look around.

Bessy [Soothsayer] 374832

"We haven't been fighting ghosts! We've been fighting… zombies and vampires and monsters and ostriches! Not ghosts! Ghosts are too spooky…"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 374833

I'll cautiously follow.

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 374834

"I dunno, by now it almost feels like we're fighting the house…"

Hunker down and peer into the room through my curtain of hair.

Bessy [Soothsayer] 374836

I guess I'll join him.
Anything interesting in there?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pomelo [Preacher] 374837

I ride along on her back and look around too '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Perhaps we should leave then?" I follow them into the next room. any sign of 'it'?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 374845

Alright. Farsight down into the room. What do I see?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Campfire 374854

There party is all on the right side of the revealed map. Everything looks the same as it did on the left side with the exception of the holes, the bloody room, and the burned area.

Nothing interesting. It is an interesting of a hallway and the landing.

You think the doorway to the north is open a crack.


A ghost is mooning you.

Pomelo [Preacher] 374855

"Oh, let's look in there!"
I point to the door that's slightly open

Campfire 374856

The site seems to have died now.


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