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Crypt Quest 2 - Tokyo Drift Campfire 350054[Last 50 Posts]

Previously on the second installation of Crypt Quest our heroes took a bath. That's right, they took a bath. Noon, the time when the party agreed to meet with the Inquisitors, is fast approaching and the squeaky clean party must hurry if they wish to make it to the gate between the Temple District and the Residential District on time.

Andelia, on the other hand, is not with the party. After an encounter with a diamond dog that had stolen her letter she set off to the Temple District to look for the Nature Temple.

Olga [Lifebinder] 350055

"There is one among us still missing! Where is that young Druid?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350056

"Didn't she tell you? Or the rest of her friends?"


It can't be that hard to spot a nature temple. I'll just use my sense.. feel the connection to nature and follow it..

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pomelo [Preacher] 350058

"Ya mean Andy? Maybe she already went on ahead to that building we're supposed to be taking back!"
Hop on top of Bessy's back. Can I see her or anything interesting from there? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350059

"Andelia's a smart filly. I'm sure she will meet us at the rendezvous point."

Olga [Lifebinder] 350060

"I heard she was going 'shopping'. Not very fitting for a druid, and besides, she would be back now!"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350061

"W- Wait! She said she was just going shopping!"
I flail my hooves to try and get get attention.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350062

I sigh at the spastic buffalo.

"Did she tell you that?"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350063

"Does she know where we're supposed to meet those guys? I'll be honest, sometimes I zone out…"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350064

"Yes. That's what she told me!"


Do I have enough experience and wsdom to see through that?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Campfire 350066

You plant your hooves firmly against the cobblestone street and close your eyes. Eventually you are able to feel the gentle tug of nature. You open your eyes and walk towards the pull, only stopping every now and then to repeat the process. Eventually the buildings on one side of the street give way to dense trees broken by a small dirt path.

You see no sigh of her, but from this vantage point you can hear that a splash fight has broken out in one of the bathhouses.

That buffalo is lying through her teeth.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350067

"Well then I am sure she will meet us when she is done."

Olga [Lifebinder] 350068


"Child. Something must have happened. You should know that we wish to look out for her as well, even if she was the one who told you to tell us she was going shopping. Now, why don't you tell us what really happened? For her?"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350069

"Whoa, what brought that on, old goat?"


Do a quick spot check before following that trail, don't want anyone to follow me.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Olga [Lifebinder] 350071

"The Buffalo is clearly worried about us uncovering something. And then, why would she want to hide something? It is more likely she is doing it for her friend."

Hold my staff and try looking welcoming to Bessy.

Campfire 350072

You aren't the only one on this part of the road, but you cannot tell if any of the ponies or ostriches are following you.


"Is that really true, Bessy? Are you…keeping a SECRET?"

Goat glare.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pomelo [Preacher] 350074

I look at her and tilt my head
"You callin' my pal a liar?"
Stick my tongue out at her! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350075

"You're addled."

Bessy [Tracer] 350076

"I- I'm not lyin'!"
I try to resist the goat glare.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350077

I'll just sorta sit on the sidelines for a bit. I don't think this is something I should get too involved in.


Well.. take the path confidently then dash in to the trees, just to the right of the dirt path. Hide just out of sight and see if anyone follows.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Olga [Lifebinder] 350079

Put a piece of paper on that tongue.

"Why don't you use your brain instead of your waste-path for once and see for yourself?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350080

"See for myself? Fine. Bessy, are you lying to us?" I roll my eyes.

Pomelo [Preacher] 350081

…I shut up and eat it, BUT STILL LOOK AT HER FUNNY

Campfire 350082

Your beady yellow eyes are the only thing keeping that from being cute.

You cannot resist the power of her glare.

You rush headlong into the densely packed trees. When you come back to your senses you are lying on the ground looking up at the foliage above you. Your head hurts really bad and you think it might be bleeding.

Bessy [Tracer] 350083

I go all shifty eyes and wildly gesture for Dreamkicker to come over to me.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350084

"…yes, Bessy?"

Bessy [Tracer] 350085

I continue wildly gesturing for him to come over closer to me, also mouthing the words 'come here.'


Ow, put a leaf wrap on the area. And, at least I'm in the woods, I feel right at home here.

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350087

I come over.
"Okay, what is it? What did she tell you?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 350088

I slide down Bessy then slowly pop my head up between the two
"What are we talkin' about?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350089


Bessy [Tracer] 350090

"She got a weird note that said the inquisitors can't be trusted! And to go to a…"
I go all shifty eyed again and survey the area for any potential people listening in, perhaps inquisitor people.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well this isn't very nice. Can I hear them?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350092

I might as well see if I can't hear them. '1d10'
Slightly beginning to wonder if I'd made the right friends here.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350093

"Bugger off."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350094

Never said I moved.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350095

I can see you listening :p

Campfire 350096

You bandage the wound on your head with some medicinal leaves and before long it is almost as good as new. You can still see the path from where you are.

You can't see anyone wearing big fancy Inquisitor hats.

You can only understand a few words.

Nope. You can hear whispers but you cannot understand their words.

Bessy [Tracer] 350097

I lean in even closer and whisper extra quiet.
"She went the the nature temple because the note told her to. She said we can follow but we must not let the inquisitors follow!"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350098

"…you know you don't get to take all the friends just because you're a big dumb jerk."

Wander off on my own. Who needs them?


Alright, I'll just follow the path, watching careful for anyone following.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Andelia [Druid] 350100

+1 for gaia

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350101

"Where are you headed, little one?"
I'll trot after Happyhorn.

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350102

"I dunno. Where d'you feel like going?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350103

"Well of course the inquisitors aren't to be trusted. But whoever sent Andelia this note – and it is likely that it is our friends the twins – is not to be trusted, either."

"So do we follow her? If we fail to show for the inquisitors' appointment, we may arouse their suspicion."


"Has that Second Aperture widened so much you cannot tell it from your mouth?"

Smack him on his butt with my staff.

Rolling for force

Roll #1 6 = 6

Campfire 350105

The sun is high in the sky. It is now noon.

You start wandering to the rendezvous point at the gate between the Temple and Residential Districts.

You follow her.

You are too fascinated by all the trees that have been stuck into such a large and cramped city. You can't even hear the hustle and bustle of the city anymore.

It hurts, and not in a good way.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350106

"Well, I had thought to follow them to their little party, but it seems I may have been hasty in agreeing to do so, if they don't see fit to trust me with anything other than hitting things."
I'll shrug as we walk.
"So, we seem to have some time before we are to meet the inquisitors. We could just walk about town for a while."

Pomelo [Preacher] 350107

I cover his butt
"Hey! Stop hitting him!"

Bessy [Tracer] 350108

"Andy's worried for the twins, yeah… But she's our friend! And she trusts them! We can't just go being angry at them for no reason… And they even helped us last time too!
I go all shifty eyed again.
"Maybe… we can split the party up? Have half go to the meeting and the other half go to the temple with Andy?"

Andelia [Druid] 350109

What a lovely place, such life.. but I really need to hurry, besides its probably even more vibrant deeper in. speed up to a trot.

Campfire 350110

You were all supposed to be at the gate at noon.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350111

"Keep your hooves to yourself, crone! Or do I need to teach you a lesson about showing respect to your betters?"


Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350112

Good heavens, is it that time already?

Olga [Lifebinder] 350113

"I, for one, am concerned. I tried visiting the temple yesterday, and there were none to receive me. I am leaving for the temple."

Go on ahead.

"I am trying to make your Dreamy a better party pal for you, you know! When he is nasty, he must be.. taught! You should do it too!"

Bessy [Tracer] 350114

I perk up and notice the sun.
"Ah! We gotta go meet the inquisitors now! No time to waste!"
I perk up and look around. Do I remember where the meeting place is?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350115

"Yeah…Bessy and Pommy are nice enough, but Duncekicker is just loud and rude unless you're giving him the butt treatment, and the old goat is just…weird. And not the good kind usually."

"Anyway, weren't we supposed to meet those guys soon?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350116

"Some of us will need to go meet the Inquisitors…

"Perhaps I should go there."

Pomelo [Preacher] 350117

"But he's never nasty to me or Bessy! Maybe you're just a-a… cranky butt!"

I hop on her back
"Oh right! Let's get goin'!"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350118

"Noon, I believe they said. We might make it on time if we hurry. Care for a lift?"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350119

"Yeah, thanks."

Smile and hop back up on him.

"You're good at this, you know."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350120

"What, carrying goats? Must be a natural, then! You're actually the first."
And I'll pick up the pace.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350121

So who is going to meet the inquisitors? Who is going to find Andelia?

Bessy [Tracer] 350122

Well, the only ones who know about Andy are you, me and possible Pomelo.
Me and Pomelo could go look for her I guess?

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350123

"Yeah. After watching Bessy do it for so long I kinda wanted to do it myself, but there's not many buffaloes around. You're a lot softer and easier to hang on to than my old ride too."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350124

I'll give a deep chuckle.
"Well, glad I'm so comfortable, then. I have to wonder who your previous ride was, though, that you'd complain of them that way."

Pomelo [Preacher] 350125

Probably for the best unless you wanna include the others on the secret

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350126

"Go find Andelia, then."
"But, please, be careful. Be very, very careful."

If everyone else is moving towards the inquisitors, I'll follow.

"Come on. We're late already."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350127

"Nah, I don't think he cares. It was a big ol' spider I brought back to life and the crazy old goat shaman super-sized with dark magic. He fell apart not long ago."

Sigh a bit.

"He was fun to ride too."

Bessy [Tracer] 350128

I follow behind them slowly, pushing Pomelo back up on top of me.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350129

I hug Pomelo before I go.

Pomelo [Preacher] 350130

I hug back and give him a quick peck on the nose, then hop back up on Bessy

Campfire 350131

You pick up the pace and soon come too the end of the path. Before you is a clearing filled with flowers and soft grass. Statues held together by creeping vines create a path that leads to a large building made of dark granite and surrounded by trees whose trucks must be several times your width. Many of their branches grow into the building and seem to act as supports for the crumbling stone structure. The doors to the temple stand open and reveal part of the dimly lit interior. Several ponies and members of other races sit together in groups outside. Some of them are lying down and sunning themselves while others talk, eat, or snuggle closely together.

Who is going where? Respond to this post with either Temple or Inquisitors.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350132

I'll stumble a bit for a second.
"S-spider, you say? Can't imagine they'd be terribly comfortable to ride, no not at all."

Pomelo [Preacher] 350133


Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350134

The Inquisition.
What a show.

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350135


"He was really itchy sometimes, but we could climb all over the place and he got me out of some real nasties sometimes."

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350136


Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350137

"Speaking of, I've not had a chance to hear the stories of the last time you all were together. It certainly sounds like there's something to tell!"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350138



I walk over to them "So, you're the ones tending this forest? Wonderful work.. If only those townsponies would take an interest in nature like this.." Check the crowd for the diamond dog that gave me the note.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350140

"Not that much. Just a romp through a scary dungeon with lots of traps, a magic door, and some vampires. Then I got chased around by the goat lady."

"What are you doing here?"

Campfire 350141

After a bit of careful navigating the three of you found a way into the Temple District that wouldn't take you past the waiting Inquisitors. The three of you now stand before a large group of thickly packed trees between some stones buildings. A small dirt path leads into the forest.

The three of you walk back to the gate to meet the Inquisitors. As you all approach Hakk, the gryphon leading the group of Inquisitors, lands in front of you.
"You are all late. Where are the others?"
The other Inquisitors and and roughly a dozen henchmen walk away from the gate and towards your group.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350142

"We need to talk to do what those Inquisitors need us to do, and I am here to make sure that whatever is in that mansion does not murder all of you."

"They are attending to something on their own. They'll meet up with us when they can."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350143

"I see. A shame I missed it! Sounds like it could have been fun."
"I'm afraid I don't know that, Inquisitor. They were being dreadfully secretive, and we decided to at least try to get here closer to on time."

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350144

"Should we go down there Pommy?-"
I turn and notice Olga.
"Oh heeey Olga…"
I shuffle my hooves.

Campfire 350145

You receive a few thanks yous from a few of the people there and several groups invite you top join them on the grass. You spot the diamond dog that gave you the note sitting in a group of snuggling ponies. Before you can say anything she picks up one of the stallions and runs off into the woods. A few of the ponies that see her go give wolf whistles as the tow of them vanish into the trees.

Pomelo [Preacher] 350146

I look left and right in a sneaky manner, keeping and eye out for-

I turn to her. "What'cha doin here?"

Andelia [Druid] 350147

I'll just sit on the grass and listen into what the group is talking about. If she was that in need she wouldn't be in the condition to talk to me.

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350148

"Oh wow. What would we have done without you? Maybe we would have had to read something. Why start caring now?"

"Yeah, what they said. What'cha need?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350149

Rolling to zap him with a bit of electricity. Just a little bit. Not too much.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350150

I start walking down the path.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350151


Pomelo [Preacher] 350152

I keep a lookout for anything dangerous/interesting/silly '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


they're interchangeable

Rolling to see if I can mitigate this at all.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I fly off Brutus and land on the ground.

"Wh-why would you do that, you jerk?!"

Rolling to not start crying big goat tears.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 350155

The buffalo with the small hat stomps the ground with a hoof.
"When they can!? Did Hakk not impress upon you all how difficult it would be to retake the mansion? Your foolish friends play with all your lives."

All the Inquisitors share a glance when you mention them being secretive.
"They did not say where they were going? You are sure?"

A few of them are talking about local politics, others are talking about the rash of disappearances lately, others are talking about parties they have been to recently and parties they plan on throwing. There are many conversations going on.
If you want to hear anything god you will need to roll.

Dreamkicker pops Happyhorn with a bolt of lightning and she collapses like a felled tree. A few of the Inquisitors and henchponies laugh at that, and Hakk claps you on the back.
"Thank you for that. Maybe she will listen next time we try to give you all a mission. I can fill you all in on the rest of the details as we walk. Are you all ready to go?"
He gives each of you a look that dares you to answer no.

You can see some birds flitting from branch to branch, following you and your friends as you walk down the path.

Your eyes water a bit.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350156

"Don't doubt my power, cud-chewer." I smirk.

Andelia [Druid] 350157

Try to listen in on the people disappearing [1d10+1]

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350158

Do I see anything weird on this path?
Is this supposed to be a trick or something? Or is it a straight path?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Pomelo [Preacher] 350159

"Oh, look Bessy! Pretty birds!"
I wave at them, then try to keep an eye out for anything else (or at least not get distracted by the birds) as we head down '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350160

"We have handled large tasks before, including those against vampires. I am sure we can handle this.

"With that said, surely you have some weapons better-suited towards attacking these creatures. I suggest you share them with us."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350161

Sniffle and run off. What does Pommy see in him?

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350162

I'll glower at Dreamkicker.
"You're quite the rude pony, aren't you?"
And then I'll hoof a little after Happyhorn. We had agreed to do the job as a team, after all.
"Hey! Slow down little one. I'm not as agile in these streets as you are."

Campfire 350163

You hear that people inside the city have been disappearing for months now, but people have been disappearing outside the walls for even longer than that. A majority of the ones that disappear are found later, drained of blood, but every now and then one is found completely mutilated. Some of them are never seen again.

The path looks straight, but you can sense that it keeps winding back and forth. You think it even crosses itself once or twice.

There are a few small animals trailing you all in the bushes that line the path.

Hakk gives you a confused look.
"If you've handled tasks like this before why do you need weapons? Surely everything you have is either silver, enchanted, or blessed, is it not? I am not sure what we will face inside the mansion, but if my fears are correct then common weapons will not harm them."

The two donkeys move to stop you.
"Where do you think you're going, Equestrian?"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350164

That's weird…
I try to find my way to, uh, this nature temple!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350165

"I'd be doing better, but I was just shot!"
I bawl.

"I don't care, so long as it's away from him!"

Pomelo [Preacher] 350166

Hop up as high as I can and see if I can spot the temple, then point Bessy in that direction '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350167

>Surely everything you have is either silver, enchanted, or blessed, is it not?
"No. It has been a year since we last faced these sorts of creatures. We did not come to this country prepared to fight more.

"Nothing I have is suited for the task, though I suppose it did the job against the vampires last night."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350168

I'll give her a little pat on the back.
"Come on now, We all agreed to do this as a team. And afterwards, what say you and I go out to eat. You can pick where we go."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350169

"I guess…some of those guys at the temple had some tasty-looking dresses…"

Sniffle some more and look at the inquisitors.

"I didn't bring anything for vampires though."

Andelia [Druid] 350170

Ask the person next to me. "What do you think of all these disappearances?"

Campfire 350171

The birds and critters following the group scatter as the path suddenly ends. The party is surrounded by trees.

You hop up on her back but cannot see over the trees that surround the group.

"Too bad. We already have too few ponies to tackle the mansion, and we aren't letting you run off. Suck it up and deal with it."

Hakk massages his brow as he walks.
"We do not have the funds to arm you and your…companions, nor do we have spare weapons with us. Coteaz can summon weapons for you once we reach the mansion. Once your group disables the enchantment keeping the protective barrier up we can get in to assist you, alternatively, your group could head straight for the armory once you get inside. Either way, vampires should not be one of the things you need to worry about in there. My guess is that the mansion is full of magical entities and blasphemous creatures left over from the Cataclysm."

"No vampires in there. They have no way of getting in."

A young zebra sunning herself answers you.
"They are terrible. Being killed is one thing, but being completely drained by a vampire?"
She shudders.

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350172

"I dunno where to go… this path is so confusing Pommy!"
"Where'd the path go?…"
I scratch my head in confusion and look around.
Can I find… any way to anywhere at all?

Roll #1 4 = 4

Pomelo [Preacher] 350173

"Bessy? I think we're lost…"
Is there a right way out of here? I pray and ask the Pink One for guidance '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350174


Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350175

"Armory you say? Any shields that might be of use there? I find they work best of my method of combat."

Andelia [Druid] 350176

"So, the vampires must be nearby.. I couple of my friends have gone missing, a pair of twins.. Can you help?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350177

"From what they have said, I believe he is talking about the war between the Princess and her sister."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350178

"…oh, right that. That…wasn't very nice at all."

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350179

"We just might be lost…"

Pomelo [Preacher] 350181

"Oh no… maybe we can turn around?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350182

"For an inquisition, you all seem to be notably lacking in either efficacy or funds. Who supplies you, anyways?"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350184

"Where's around?…"

Pomelo [Preacher] 350185

"Whichever way your butt's pointing… I think…"
I look at my butt.

Campfire 350186

No. The path behind you disappears after following it for a short way. You party is entirely cut off.

You don't think she heard you. The only response is the wind blowing through the trees.

"Dreamkicker is right. The war between Celestia and Luna had effects that reached across the entire world. This city contained a the largest temple dedicated to the two of them in the entire region, and an even larger temple dedicated to Luna. This meant that when Luna fell to the Nightmare this city was nearly destroyed. The records from that time say that the shadows in the two temples came to life, killing and twisting everything they touched while seeking out and infecting every other shadow in the city. When Luna was banished the shadow whose heart was in the Sisters' Temple became docile and was forced back, but the one sprouting from the Lunar temple continued to hunt and kill. It was finally contained by the large wall that now separates that district of the city, and by the blood of those that died protecting the builders."

The diamond dog speaks.
"The records to not say what was in the armory."

Muddy Morass [Pegasus Charlatan] 350187

Okay, where have I stumbled upon this hapless party in my 4/10 goat disguise?

Campfire 350188

You woke up late and got dragged along with the Inquisitors to meet your vampire hunting friends. You seem to have been volunteered to retake an abandoned mansion full of evil.

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350189

I try not to panic and continue trying to find my way to the temple!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Andelia [Druid] 350190

"Is is possible to track down the vampires? I'm not eager too lose any more family to monsters.. "

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350191

"If we are facing ghosts and spirits, perhaps it would be best to wait on our companions…"

Pomelo [Preacher] 350192

I hold on a little tighter out of nervousness
"B-Bessy what do we do?"
I also try not to panic '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Andelia [Druid] 350193


Roll #1 6 = 6

Muddy Morass [Pegasus Charlatan] 350194


"What's the situation, boss? Wait!! Don't tell me. I think better on my hooves. Just throw me at the problem. I'll fix it. I think a mansion was involved? Also who's the boss, again?"

Scrutinize my "friends".

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350195

"All that happened here? Was locking it up really all they could do?"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350196

"Hey! Calm down Pommy… we can get out of this!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350197

"Should be a fun surprise when we find it, then, eh? Do the records at least have a map, so we know where it is?"

Campfire 350199

She seems to have not heard your first question, or maybe she ignored you?
"Maybe? The guard hasn't ad much luck with that, so how could we possibly do anything?"

Some branches rustle to your right and a rather content looking female diamond dog walks into the very small clearing your party occupies.

Pomelo fiants when the diamond dog walks into view, but Besssy manages to catch him.

The gryphon speaks.
"I'm the boss."
You are with a unicorn stallion, a nanny goat, and a shaggy buffalo bull. The Inquisitors are a male gryphon, a buffalo bull, a male diamond dog, and a mare. Their guards are a collection of ponies led by two donkeys.

"Yes. It is ahead of us."
The buildings have thinned out and changed slightly in style. There are mostly walled properties around here complete with everything a rich pony might want. He points ahead at a crumbling building standing on a tree covered hill complete with a crumbling wall at the base of the hill.

Muddy Morass [Pegasus Charlatan] 350201

"Good to know, boss. I'll just let the details slide in one ear and out the other. When you're ready for me to fix a problem, point me at it, and I'll work my magic. I'm good at following orders, boss."

Pomelo [Preacher] 350202

I stay dramatically laid across Bessy's arms, hoof across my forehead, and look at the diamond dog.
"What? Who are you doggy?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350203

"I assume at least one of you is a priest, yes?"

Fidget 350204

"Excellent. Then we should waste no time then. The day is burning through, after all."

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350205

"Postcards?… What postcar-"
I perk up and my eyes widen.
"OH! Uh… our friend Dreamkicker has those! I'm Bessy and this is my friend Pomelo! We're here for Andy. Do you know where she is?"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350206

"Wow…if I was going to lock away a big old shadow, that's where I'd put it. What's the story behind this place?"


"You have skills don't you? Do you just want to let your fellow pony be taken away?" I sigh "It seems like I'm wasting my time here."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Campfire 350210

"My name is Sand."

"A few of the guards are, yes."

She folds her arms across her chest.
"Are you sure he has them? Think carefully about anything you might have received."

"The mansion was our base of operations in this city before the Cataclysm. It was overrun and sealed from the inside by one of the surviving Inquisitors. We are here to take it back and reestablish ourselves in this city."

She rolls on to her side, facing you, and grins coyly.
"I do have some skills, but they are better for wasting time than finding dead ponies."
Her ears swivel towards the forest.
"How about we waste some time while we wait for Sand to get back?"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350211

I pause and contemplate the question for a few moments…
"Oh! Do you mean this?"
I pull out the drawing I got and show her.

Andelia [Druid] 350212

I shake my head at her. "I'm not really in the mood for a walk."

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350213

>"A few of the guards are, yes."
"Good. Our healer is indisposed at the moment."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350215

"Huh. So does that mean you know the layout of this place?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 350216

I poke her chest
"Bessy! Dreamy didn't want anyone seeing that picture!"

Campfire 350217

The party with the Inquisitors arrives at the wall. The diamond dog and buffalo walk over to gate gate while the others begin checking their equipment.

She takes it and looks at it front and back before laughing and handing it back to you.
"That's it. Where's the unicorn? Where are the others, for that matter? They didn't wander off into the forest did they?"

She scooches closer to you.
"Who said we had to leave this spot~"
She keeps her pose for a few seconds then laughs and sits up.
"That's fine, we wouldn't have time for that anyway."

"Yes and no. Flyovers have given us the shapes of the buildings, and we know that there is a second floor and basement in the mansion itself. None of the ones that went in during our first attempt survived long enough to tell us what they saw."

Campfire 350218

File: 1361513917859.png (117.61 KB, 1292x1548, Hoof drawn map.png)

He sketches out the design in the dirt.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350219

"Have you considered simply burning down the house?"

"You might get what you're after much quicker that way."


Look at the map.
"Hm. I dont' think you want to go in the front door, because that's what they'll be expecting. Is that path to the back door? Also, what's this shed thing off to the side?"

Can I discern anything from it and looking at the building?

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Fidget 350221

"Are you daft? Just because they burn it down wouldn't mean the things haunting it would leave. Why, that rickety building might be all that's keeping them there instead of spreading out into the city."

Pomelo [Preacher] 350222

I grab it and quickly stuff it in my bags
"They went to some spooky house.
…Hey, how do you know about Dreamy and the others?"

Muddy Morass [Pegasus Charlatan] 350223

"Okay, let me get into character. This place is haunted, right? One sec."

Pull out my disguise kit and put on my best zombie getup. Forget that awful goat disguise. Wait! No! Build on it! Maybe awful goat disguise equals great zombie goat disguise! '1d10+1'

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11

Muddy Morass [Pegasus Charlatan] 350224

That should be +2, not +1.


I roll my eyes a bit, but stay silent and distract myself with making a tiny figure.. of a unicorn with spiked hair. Using earthen grasp, making it out of vine and stone

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350226

"He's got a point. Nasties tend to like the dark, and they wouldn't be too happy if you burned down their home. And zapping them won't solve the problem this time."

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350228

"They went off to go meet with the inquisitors… where's Andy?"
"I think they're… friends of the twins?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 350229

"Oh! Ya think they're helping them throw us a big party? Oh gosh I bet they are!"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350233

"Trust me, cow, I am more than aware of how the magical realm functions.

"My question is why are we traipsing inside to risk our lives when there are simpler ways to banish spirits?"


"What makes the mansion valuable? And what do you have stored here?"

maybe you already explained this, but that was probably two weeks ago

Campfire 350234

"No, simpleton, we cannot burn it down. We are after the mansion and the Inquisition's property therein."

You think the squiggles might be trees. It's hard to tell because it's a terrible map.
"That is most likely a backdoor, yes. We are not sure about the sheds. One may be an outhouse. The other might be a bunkhouse, a prison, a storage building, a building for disposing of dangerous magical artifacts, or any number of other things."

"We share a couple of friends."

The ones that see you fashion your disguise applause you as you put on your finishing touches, then quickly move to stop their companions that are about to attack the zombie that suddenly appeared in their midst. You are now wearing a perfect zombie goat disguise.

The zebra mares leans down to look at it.
"Cute. Is it a porcupine?"

She frowns when she hears that.
"They are helping the inquisitors? They are going to be so upset when they hear that unicorn left you all for them. Andelia's in front of the temple, follow me."
She walks off into the trees.

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350235

I follow along.
"That unicorn? Which unicorn?"

Fidget 350237

I'll snort derisively.
"Because we're getting paid for it. And watch your tone."

Andelia [Druid] 350238

I smile a bit "I guess it is now."

Muddy Morass [Pegasus Charlatan] 350239

"You want me to scout this place out, boss? Or do we move as a group?"

Pause a moment. "I mean – braaaaains."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350240


"Well I vote for the backdoor, unless you think there might be something in those sheds. In my experience it always pays to check every door. You never know what you'll find!"

"They want to go in, and fire doesn't always work that well with spirits, smartypants."

Pomelo [Preacher] 350241

I nod
"Alright. Lead the way to Andy!"

Campfire 350244

He sighs and puts on his are-you-really-this-stupid voice.
"It gives us a base of operations that we do not have to pay for and can easily defend. It will allow us to contact the nearest Inquisition fortress and ask for reinforcements. It's coffers will replenish our own. It has ancient texts and records that are valuable too those that value knowledge. Need I go on?"

"The stupid one that Pomelo likes to shave. Dreamboat, or whatever his name is."

The trees stop suddenly and you, Bessy, and Olga are standing in the clearing described in >>350131. Andelia is sitting next to a zebra mare on the ground by a statue.

The diamond dog from earlier walks out of the forest with Olga, Pomelo, and Bessy behind her.

"The armory and thing maintaining the barrier will either be on the first floor or the second floor of the mansion. My suggestion is to strike there first. Once the barrier is down we will be able to enter the property as well. If we all go in at once we run the risk of being trapped inside."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350245

Put on my thinking face.

"Armory is good. You can never say no to more toys…can you talk to the ones who go inside?"

Fidget 350246

"If we can hit the armory on the way to the barrier-maker, it should make the fight easier."
I'll adjust my shield and make certain everything is ready.
"So, how long until we start?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 350247

"No, that is more than adequate. Perhaps you mindless drones all value your lives so little as to proceed without knowing what it is for which you risk your safety, but I require some explanation before I throw my life away on a fool's errand."

Pomelo [Preacher] 350248

"I don't shave Drea-"
I notice Andelia and start waving frantically at her.
"Hey Andy! Over here! What'cha doin?!"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350249

"Oh! Dreamkicker? Pommy doesn't sha-"
I notice and and I start hopping over to her.
"Heya Andy! What's up?"

Andelia [Druid] 350250

"Oh, you're here!" I come over and give the little goat a hug. "I was wondering if you'd come here as well, with them being so keep on us.."

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350251

Pomelo's on top of Bessy, silly. How are ya hugging him?

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350252

Whisper to Brutus.

"I think he's scared."

Andelia [Druid] 350253

…Oh, I see. Never mind, I'll just stand next to bessy. "I guess the others went to the meeting?"

Campfire 350255

"No. The guards we send with you will tell you if sundown is approaching. By that time if you have not made decent headway into cleansing the mansion then we will have to break off the attack and return to the inn."

"Once Lurr and Coteaz get the gate open."
Next week.

"As long as enough ponies survive to drag your body out you needn't worry about death. I would watch your tongue, though. You would not want to come back missing it, would you?"

Sand, the diamond dog, speaks.
"Tell us about this meeting with the Inquisitors. The Twins have been even more on edge ever since you all took rooms at their inn."

Fidget 350256

I'll whisper back.
"I'll admit, I'm a bit put off by this as well. We are taught to respect the dead, and it takes a very special type of buffalo to lay the angered dead to rest."
I'll chuckle a little.
"I don't think my approach will work quite as well, though as long as they can be touched, I should be fine."

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350257

"The inquisitors wanted us to investigate this mansion thing-y… I don't remember much more than that. Also the twins own an inn? How'd they do that?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 350259

I tap her back
"I think she means the Inquisity guys' inn, Bessy."

Campfire 350260

"What? No, I meant the inn that the Inquisitors have been staying at. What do you know about the mansion?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350261

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350262

"Oh we're on a clock? Better get moving then! Time waits for no goat!"

Hop back up on him.
"Yeah, it doesn't sound like they're sleeping very well in there. I don't know if breaking the barrier is going to help that though…"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350263

"Well, breaking it will allow the Inquisitors to come in and help, so it certainly can't make it worse, right?"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 350264

I shuffle my hooves.
"I don't remember much about the mansion… do you Pommy?"

Andelia [Druid] 350266

"We didn't know it was their inn, and we were attacked the night we stayed at that place. They want to reclaim that mansion, they said its important them.. but let me see the twins and we can go on about it after that.."

Pomelo [Preacher] 350267

I put a hoof to my chin.
"Uh… they said it used to belong to them, but some meanies took it over a while ago. And they wanna get it back and use it as a place to crash! ..At least I think that's what they said."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 350268

"I dunno…it might be the only thing keeping them in. You heard them, they had to wall off a whole section of the city."

Campfire 350269

>Inquisition Party
The smell of ozone fills the air as the metal gates creak open. Hakk speaks.
"Everyone already has their orders. Newbies, let Coteaz see your weapons before you go inside. We can't afford to waste any more time today. Get moving."

>Temple Party

Sand speaks.
"Listen don't worry about, I think I know the mansion you are talking about. Don't you three thinks it's high time you all finally saw the twins?"


Andelia [Druid] 350270

"That's right, and once they get it back they'll be bringing in even more Inquisitors. They said they wanted to use it as a headquarters, something about it being their ancient headquarters.. A lot of silliness, they could set up anywhere really."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 350271

"We'll see what we see, I suppose. If we get in there, and find out that that is what's happening, then we can't break the barrier. Putting everything to rest the hard way, though…"
I'll shake my head.
"Let's just hope whatever's in the armory is worth the trouble."

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