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Campfire 343676[Last 50 Posts]

After the fight with the vampires and the tense time spent talking with the Inquisitors last night the party retired to their rooms. One by one the party is awakened by knocks on their doors. Daylight now pours into the rooms through open windows or creeps in around closed drapes while the harsh smell of cleaning fluid makes its way in from the hallway. The sound of people talking softly and moving can be heard coming from the floor below. Although you have agreed to help the Inquisitors reclaim a building of theirs in the afternoon, the morning is yours to do with what you wish.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343680

To that bath house, wherever it may be.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343681

"After a long overland journey and a battle against vampires, I think we could all use a bath…"

"Or several," I say, looking at Olga.

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343682

"Ooh, that does sound like it would be fun…"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343683

"A bathhouse?"
I perk my head up in excitement and do a little hop.
"A bathhouse would be tons of fun! We should totally go to a bathhouse!"

Pomelo [Preacher] 343684

"Bath? Woohoo!"
I hop up and down happily


Is there a map of the city I can pick up somewhere?
"A bath might do us some good."

Roll #1 6 = 6

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343686

I go downstairs and talk to the innkeeper (or whoever).

"Where are the nearest facilities for bathing. You have those here, yes? You don't just roll around in the dung?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 343690

I follow him!
"But Dreamy that's now how a bath works…"

Mirabelle [Maid] 343692

"Ze Ostrichians vould be ze ones to do sometzing like zat…"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343693

"I'll say! Usually you bathe to get rid of dung."

Campfire 343703

You head downstairs with the others. You can see the Inquisitors and their henchponies sitting around the tables eating. The innkeeper mare is sitting behind the bar. She looks up at you all and is about to speak, but Dreamkicker speaks first.

She glares at you.
"Of course we have bathing facilities, horseworshiper. Our city has the largest bathhouses in the entire region, and many smaller ones spread throughout the city."

You get a folded map of the city from a small pile on the bar downstairs. The largest bathhouses are in the Residential district, right next to the Government district.

Andelia [Druid] 343705

"Oh, excellent, I don't suppose there were any notes left for us?" I ask politely.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343707

"Thank you for the information, Miss."
I'll flash her a friendly grin.
"I do apologize for the mess, but they weren't quite polite enough to wait until we had left your inn before raising a ruckus in the night."

Pomelo [Preacher] 343710

I pop up in her face, waving my hoof frantically.
"Oh oh where's the closest one?"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343711

"Ooh! Ooh! How big is the biggest? And how close is it?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343713

"Horseworshipper?! I'll be lodging a formal complaint with whatever government agency is in charge of disgusting hovels, I'll have you know, and you'll be shut down sooner than the bedbugs can scurry out of your linen closet!"

Andelia [Druid] 343715

"Actually, the biggest one is here on this map, should be easy enough to find." I show them the map.

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343716

"Hey now, let's not start another fight in the inn. If you're really upset, save it for the bath."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343719

"Hey now, I understand you're upset at having your beauty sleep interrupted, but you can't take it out on the owner. It's not like she sent those… things after us."

Andelia [Druid] 343720

I shake my head. "Dreamer- Dreamkicker, She didn't mean anything by that, just let it go."

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343725


Bessy [Soothsayer] 343726

"Dreamyyy, stop being such a meany-pants! They haven't done anything to us!"
"Oh, cool!"

Campfire 343729

"No? Were you expecting any?"

She gives you a bit of a smile back, but her face looks like it doesn't smile often.
"No, thank you. I don't want to think what may have happened to me if the Inquisitors did not have help."

"Very big, and near the Government district. It was built shortly after the joining of the Ostrich and Pongarian empires. It is run by this city's ruling body, so none off you have to worry about paying."

"If you don't like my inn feel free to sleep on the street. Maybe your attitude will poison a few bloodsuckers when they drain your corpse."

Pomelo [Preacher] 343730

"Aw I bet he's just grumpy 'cause he hasn't eaten breakfast!"

I ruffle Dreamkicker's hair and give him a big smile

Andelia [Druid] 343732

"I wasn't expecting one persay, just thought a friend might try to get in touch. " I smile a bit. "don't mind dreamkicker, he hasn't had his breakfast yet."

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343733

I smirk a bit.
"Where's this bath house, then? Let's go. Maybe they'll have breakfast."

Campfire 343738

"I'm afraid the Inquisitors got the last of my food. If you want anything you will have to find it elsewhere."

"They teach you how to read maps in Equestria, don't they?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343739

"I wasn't talking to you, wench."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343740

I'll give a short laugh.
"Never was much one for maps! I figure I walk around enough, I'll find it eventually."
Heading towards the door, I'll call out once before exiting.
"Do have a good day, Miss. In times when things prowl the streets, you've got to find happiness in the little things."

Andelia [Druid] 343742

I sigh. "Well, thank you for your time." I turn to the others. "Well, the bath house is here on this map, lets go then. "

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343743

I sigh and ruffle Dreamkicker's mane as well.
I turn to Andy.
"Let's go!"
I gleefully hop outside.

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343744

"Wow, you are on a roll today mister."

Pomelo [Preacher] 343745

"Aw.. maybe we'll find something on the way. Like a some bananas or a nice dress…"

Andelia [Druid] 343747

I giggle at this site, it never gets old seeing a buffalo hop. I take the lead in pursuit of the giant bath house inbetween the government district and residential one.

Pomelo [Preacher] 343748

I follow and hop on her back!

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343761

"Ooh, bananas sound good…"
My eyes light up and I do a higher hop.
"OOH! Maybe we can make banana bread out of them! Or smoothies, or or… something!"

Pomelo [Preacher] 343762

"OH OH And then wear the peels on our heads like party hats!"
My smile grows wide as I look around to see if any banana trees are around

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343766

"Banana bread? You can make bread from bananas? What's a banana?"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343767

I assist him!
Or Or
Party Surivival! I forge for bananas!

Roll #1 7 = 7

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343770

"Somehow I doubt they have bananas here…"

"It's a tropical fruit. A delicacy in Canterlot."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343771

"A wonderful, fantastic fruit that doesn't listen to anybody and does what it wants!"

"Can I ride you?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343774

"Ohh. Never had one. Might give it a shot."
'1d10' to not get the wrong idea from Happyhorn.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343775

Phew. That coulda been awkward.
"Sure, climb on up."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343777

"Yes! You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that after watching those two through that whole crypt."

Hop on up.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343779

I'll give a little chuckle.
"So, how's the view?"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343783

"That was a fun day we went and bought out that store's entire stock of them!"
I giggle.
"You could've just asked, y'know."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343784

"Like three times better what it normally is! Not as good as on top of the buildings, but you can move!"

"You're occupado most of the time. As fun as a roving battle for possession of Fort Fuzz would be, someone might end up not having fun."

Pomelo [Preacher] 343786

"Oh gosh that was fun. All those yummy bananas and party hats…"
I shake myself out of my banana daydreaming
"H-Hey wait! She cant just take my spot like that! She has girl germs Bessy!"

Campfire 343787

The lot of you set out for the bathhouses. Moving away from the Temple district's central plaza the temples and shrines become smaller and less grandiose, and eventually houses begin to show up in between them. Before long the party is walking down a broad street lined on each side by stone buildings. A few of these buildings are shops, but most of them seem to be private residences for the well-to-do. Despite the early hour many other ponies and common Equestrian species are out and about, as well as tall birds and a few other strange species.

After a half hour's walk the party comes to a plaza full of fountains. Two large marble buildings with domed roofs stand side by side in the center. Each one is surrounded by statues of those strange birds, as well as large, fat creatures with gaping mouths, and even larger creatures with tusks and thin snouts that appear to be as long as their legs. Each of these are carved in various ballet poses.

You can see a pony standing by a cart on the edge of the plaza. A sign by his cart is covered with colorful drawings of various tropical fruits.

Andelia [Druid] 343788

"What ever did you do with the whole stock of bananas?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343791

"Well, that appears to be the bath house."

Pomelo [Preacher] 343792

"Eat them, of course!"

"Bessy look!"
I point at the cart and hop off towards it

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343793

"Yeah…but I don't think some of those statues are built right…"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343794

"I got very sick of bananas."

"What odd creatures…"
Do I know anything about these things?

Roll #1 1 = 1

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343796

Man DK hasn't known shit about Ostrichia.


"I've never seen creatures like this.. " examine the bird statues.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Pomelo [Preacher] 343799

In fact, I purchase as many as I can [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343803

"But I'm a girl too Pommy! Shouldn't I have girl germs too?"
I hop over there and also buy some bananas.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343805

"Well, perhaps they're artwork? Different folk think different things are pretty, after all."
I'll sidle up to them to get a closer look.
"I wonder what they even are, though."

Pomelo [Preacher] 343807

…Did I hear that in my mad rush to get bananas? [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343808

"Don't look like any art I've ever seen. Or made for that matter. Who has a leg on their face?"

I giggle.
"I dunno, you seem to have gotten more than enough banana by now."

Pomelo [Preacher] 343810

Nope! Not a word!

Andelia [Druid] 343812

"I think we passed a few creatures like this on the way here.. what an odd place to have such foreign life. "

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343813

"Well, it takes all sorts. Maybe the think it odd to have horns on your head, instead of in your mouth. Who knows?"
After a moment, I'll look around. '1d10'
"Did the others already go inside?"

Roll #1 7 = 7

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343814

"Ah wait, they're next to that fruit cart."

Campfire 343815

These are three terrible species of demon from the deepest, blackest pits of Tartarus. The fact that there are several of the bird ones walking around this plaza right now tell you how far into the grip of evil this city has fallen, and how much danger you and your companions are in right now.

You recall that these large birds are called Ostriches. They controlled a large portion of this continent before joining forces with the Hungarians. Why these are dressed like ballet dancers you have no idea.

The two of you rush over to the cart and Pomello immediately shoves a banana into his mouth and starts to chew. It isn't until the pony operating the cart holds out his hoof for money do the two of you remember that both of you, and Dreamkicker as well, used up the last of your money to buy a few nights at the inn.

Looks like everyone is at the fruit cart or looking at the statues.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343816

"Damned heathen dotards."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343818

Well, let's wander over then.
"So, find you bananas?"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343820

"You say something there, sunshine?"

Andelia [Druid] 343821

"Oh, so this is an ostrich, Somehow I thought they would be more.. regal looking."

Pomelo [Preacher] 343823

I give him a blank stare for a few seconds

"…Hi! A-Are these yours?"
I smile while looking left and right…
"You accept songs, right?!"
I give him a high five with the hoof he has stuck out, whip out my rope, and starting squeaking it while singing the most beautiful song I can
Inspire! [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343824

"It's hard to look regal in one of those. I've tried."

Rolling to keep my composure at this. [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343826

"Um, um… w- we can pay for it! How about a trade? I can brew some delicious things for you to sell a- and we don't get in trouble! Is that fair enough?"
Rolling to give him a pleading look.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343828

I'll just shake my head at this display.
Turning to the vendor, I'll ask.
"How much?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343830

"This fruit is awful. We refuse to pay."

Roll #1 3 = 3

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343831

I'll shoot a half-irritated glance at Dreamkicker.

Campfire 343832

You end up drooling mushy banana on your squeekyball rope. He speaks in heavily accented Equestrian.
"If you cannot pay I will calling the guards, goat."

Your giant buffalo face doesn't do much for him. Maybe it's because of all that sleep in your eyes and the booger peaking out of your large nose.

"Two coins."

"No, four coins."

Pomelo [Preacher] 343833

Uh… uh…
Quick street performance! See if we can get some coins!
Inspire again! [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343834

I'll sigh, and fish out my coinpurse.
"This should cover it, I think…"
I'll dole out four coins, and then ask.
"Do you have any bananas? I've never had one before, and was wondering how they tasted."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343835

Okay, this isn't funny at all.

"Where do you get off jacking up prices like that? I know Senator Boring over here is a loudmouthed meanflank, but that's not fair!"

Goat Glare! [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2

Olga [Lifebinder] 343836

Sure I followd the party wherever they are?
Where are they, anyway?


"Ha, of course it is."
"Say where did.." I notice the nearby cart and my friends making a scene. "Oh, that silly goat." I trot over and gesture toward the street. "Look at that! I've never seen anything so fascinating!"

Roll #1 9 = 9

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343839

I pull a piece of cloth out of my bag and blow into it, then put it away.
"Um, uh… maybe I can make smoothies for you! Would that work? Ponies love smoothies!"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 343840

You start bouncing around the square while squeaking your ball rope. A few ponies take pity on the poor, insane, banana-mush drooling goat and throw a few coins your way.

"No more banana, but I do have long yellow things."
He takes your coins and holds up a banana.

He glares right back at you. He has several years and quite a bit more glaring experience than you do.
"I wake up and push my cart to sell fruit to paying customer, not being robbed and insulted by tourist!"

They are in a plaza in the residential area by two large bath houses.

"Finally, a pony that appreciates my work. The fruit is beautiful, is it not?"
He opens part of the cart adn sweeps his hoof over a large assortment of bananas, oranges, and other fruits sitting in tubs of ice.

He covers his fruit as you blow.
"I already make smoothies. Do not need help from large buffalo with gooey eyes and feathers in hair."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343841

"I'll take one of those, then. Two coins, wasn't it?"


Let's go see what's in the fruit cart. Using what should be my knowledge of traditional medicines and whatnot, anything itneresting?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Pomelo [Preacher] 343843

I swallow whatever bits of bananas are in my mouth and immediately shove a few (not all) in the cart pony's face.
"Here thank you come again!"
I hide behind Bessy.
"I suuure do feel like getting out of here as fast as we can and cleaning up!"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343844


Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343845

"Okay you may have a point there. Hey Professor Grumpers, feel like apologizing to the poor street vendor?"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343846

"But I wanna get some bananas to make banana bread with!"
I look back at the shopkeeper.
"Is there aaaanything I can do to get some bananas? Anything at all?"


"Oh, perfect, I'll take a basket if that's not too much trouble. " I take a few bits out.. and then looks over the mess my friends are making.. "How's 12 bits, and we forget about my comrades behavior?"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pomelo [Preacher] 343848

I slip her whatever coins I didn't give away

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343849

"For what?

I turn to the vendor.
"I'm sorry I pointed out the poor quality of your merchandise. Please accept these coins as payment." And I give him some of Pomelo's coins.

Pomelo [Preacher] 343850

>and immediately shove a few (not all) coins in the cart pony's face.

Campfire 343851

He takes your two coins and gives you a banana.

A few of the fruits and smoothies he offers look they they would be healthy and could help treat some diseases, but medicine would be better.

He pushes then back your way.
"The bull already paid for you."

"These are the goat's coins. Is there no honor among thieves?"

"Bits? You try to bribe me with money we do not even use here?"
He slams the lid of his cart down furiously and yells at you.
"No fruit for you!"
Having said that he picks up his sign and pushes his cart away.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343852

"The goat is with me, merchant."

"Now where is this bath house?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 343853

I turn to Brutus and give him my coins.
"You didn't have to do that… sorry…"

Olga [Lifebinder] 343854

Not like your fruit is anything special at all, vendor! Did you not fertilize your trees with Essence of the Passing?

leaving any time


"…Ah, well its for the best.. I'm going to go wash up." Head to the bath now, rolling to inspect it and pick up any social clues in case they do it different in rome.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343856

"We've been right in front it the whole time, bright-eyes. No wonder you get sent on field trips all the time."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343857

I'll idly munch on the banana.
"Oh! It's sorta squishy. Neat. Odd flavor, though."
I'll take three, and push the rest back to Pomelo.
"Don't worry terribly about it, little goat. Now what say we go and clean ourselves up for your little party later?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343858

"I was attempting to herd our little gaggle towards our goal, goat. If you don't want to receive these necessary tips, I can leave you WITHOUT guidance, whereupon I am sure you will immediately perish when you drown in your own snotty tears."

Pomelo [Preacher] 343859

I give a small nod
"Y-Yeah! Sounds like fun!"
Head towards that bath house

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343860

"How can you lead us to a goal we've already reached? Were you too busy thinking about the bananas?"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343861

I pout.
"It's right there Dreamy!"
I point to the bathhouse.
I follow him.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343862

I'll start heading into the bathhouse. I assume Happyhorn's tagging along, having not jumped down.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343863

I follow Pomelo and Bessy in.

Campfire 343864

He is already gone.

You waltz right into the rightmost one. A large, clear pool takes up most of the large building. Ignoring the finer details of the statues and mosaics depicting ponies and other species involved in various sports and acts of war you drop your things on the edge of the large pool and cannonball right in. When you resurface the only noise is from the water spouting from statues in and around the pool, and every eye is focused on you.

You head towards the two large buildings. Above the entrance to the building on the right is a statue of a large stallion with a spear. Above the entrance to the building on the left is a statue of a large mare playing a harp.

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343865

"I think we're supposed to split up here."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343866

"Seems the baths are separate here."

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343867

"Well, despite Andelia's choices, I think this is where we separate.

"Come on, Pommy." I gesture towards the stallion section.

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343868

"Remember to wash behind your ears, you two!"

Hop off Brutus and trot into the left building.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343869

I'll head to the male baths. Take a look around, I guess. Being the largest, this place has to have some nice stonework, right? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Pomelo [Preacher] 343870

"You know I gotta have bath time with Bessy first, Dreamy! It's been that way since I was like, this big!"
I hold my hoof up a foot from the floor
"I'll be right back, okay?"
I put my nose to his cheek and ruffle his hair, then hop up on Bessy's back


Check myself over, perhaps they are staring because I have something on me?

Roll #1 6 = 6

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343872

"In public, too…?


Down the right, I guess.

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343873

"Let's go!"
I hop over to the right section of the bath and take a dip!

Pomelo [Preacher] 343874

I stay on her back and point forward
"Prepare to submerge!"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343875

"Aye aye captain!"
I slowly start submerging underneath the water, then slowly start saying "Boop… Boop… Boop…"

Campfire 343876

It has some very nice stonework. Lots of statues carved so well that they look like they could get off their pedestals and hop into the pool at any moment. In addition to the colorful mosaics of males of various species there are designs of ships and fish above and below the water. At the back there are two doors. One has a design of a fire above it and the other has a design of a snowflake.

Yes and no. Looking at yourself, and then at the others, it could either be because of several things you have or several things you lack. You are the only female in here.

A goat on her way out stops the two of you at the door.
"That's not a billy on your back, is it? Custom keeps these bathhouses divided between gender."

Pomelo [Preacher] 343877

I pat her back excitedly
"Find any baddies in the water, first mate Bessy?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343878

"This is much more elaborate than what we have back home…"

Ask someone nearby.
"How do you, uh, bathe here? What are the other rooms for?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343879

I'll tilt my head a bit.
"Now, if I know my symbols, one of these is hot, and one's cold."
I'll tilt it the other way.
"I could use a hot bath, or I could take a cold dip first."
Looking back at the main area, I'll speak to myself again.
"Or I could just hop in there and relax for a while."
Shrugging, I'll sink into the main pool. Might as well wash myself off, and then go relax in the hot pool.

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343880

Isn't the right side the men's section?

Andelia [Druid] 343881

"Oh, pardon me." I gather my things and rush over to the other side of the bath. assume I take a peak at the cute ones as I leave. I'm sure you would take the chance as well.. [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343882

Examine the interior of the female bathhouse

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343883

They're still going to try to split you up.

Pomelo [Preacher] 343884

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343885


Campfire 343886

You trot past Bessy and Pomelo and walk inside. The entire place has a rosy tint to it, and the gentle smell of flowers and perfume fills the air. There is a wall of cubbies off to the side for storing one's things and a few piles of neatly folded towels on either side for those ready to dry off and leave. Statues and mosaics of females of various species singing, dancing, and talking decorate the area in and around the large central pool, and designs of sea creatures decorate the bottom of the pool. At the back there are two doors. One has a design of a fire above it and the other has a design of a snowflake.

A donkey putting his things into a cubby near you answers your question.
"Jump into the water and soak. It's got a touch of magic that makes it good for your health and can lift the dirt and grime out of your coat and skin. If you had a real mess to clean off there are small pools at the back with soap and brushes."

You walk down a gentle incline into the large pool and let the water soak into your shaggy coat. After a few minutes relaxing and floating around you climb out and walk through the fire door. The temperature increase is noticeable, and you begin to sweat. Three doors lead away from here. One has a design of a desert over it, one has a design of steam over it, and one has a design of a boiling pot over it.

Oops. Pretend that was a male goat asking if you were a cow.

You wolf whistle at a few of them who are more exposed than the others and make a few suggestive motions with your hoof before grabbing your stuff and leaving.

Maybe it's just because you used to be a guy, but this place is a little girly. Everything is a little pinkish and it lacks any excitement or action.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343887

I guess I scrub up~
What's around me?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Olga [Lifebinder] 343888

Look for a nice bath and sat sprinkling

Olga [Lifebinder] 343889

Am I in the bathhouse?

Look for a nice bath and start sprinkling incense, powder, and leaf bits in.


Oh, and don't forget the old spice!

Rolling because

Roll #1 1 = 1

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343891

"Well this is…nice?"

Wade on into the pool. Maybe the bath makes up for the decor.

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343892

"Huh? But we always bathe to-"
I look at the pool and my eyes widen.
We can't take a bath like this!
We need [REDACTED]!
Rolling to find [REDACTED]! Survival

Roll #1 4 = 4

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343893

Steam door seems to be my speed. Let's… wait, I'm curious. I might not get to come here again, so I might as well check out what's behind the desert door.

Pomelo [Preacher] 343894

"Oh! We do!"
I also look for [REDACTED] because why not? [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7

Campfire 343895

You are technically alone, but the last person to use this room what you really hope is mud splattered everywhere. The room smells horrid and the bar of soap looks liek someone bit into it. The brush is full of hair.

You sprinkle some oils, incense, and plant bits into the large pool, but when it looks like your old spice is too old. A bunch of rotten sludge pours out of your vial and into the pool, which startles some of the nearby patrons as the water starts to fizz.

The water is very nice. It is just the right temperature and soaking in it puts your mind at ease. You paddle around lazily while enjoying the calm feeling.

You can't spot any.
"Too bad. The males and females always bathe apart. It gives us a chance to get away from one another and relax."

You spot some that has rolled behind a bush by the front of the building.

Behind the door is a medium sized room with several different species laying on benches inside it. The air inside the room is very hot and very dry.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343896


I go to another one of the rooms. How is it?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343897

"Did you find something Pommy?"

Andelia [Druid] 343898

bathe properly with the ladies now.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343899

Well fuck it's a good thing we haven't been rolling for important shit today.

here have some more

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 10 = 10

Pomelo [Preacher] 343900

"Yeah! I found some! But… they won't let us in together…"
I whimper

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343901

And if you don't want me just rolling over and over again to find a clean bathroom just use that 10 you let me keep a few sessions ago.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343902

Feels sorta like home.
I'll smile to myself a little.
Any unoccupied benches? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


That is nice. Guess I had better do some actual bathing in here though. Lather up.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Bah! I knew I shouldn’t have bought Dog-made bottles!”

Heal away the Sludge and let’s hope that cleans it up.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343905

"Well phooey on them! We're bathing together!"
I grab him and tie a ribbon in his hair.
Rolling for prettiness.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Pomelo [Preacher] 343906

"Wha.. what'cha puttin in on my head? A snack for later?"

Campfire 343907

A bunch of school age colts are splashing and raising hell in the first room you check. The second one has no soap. The third one, however, is perfect. The water is just the right temperature, there is a pair of brushes, a collection of scented soaps and shampoos, some bubblebath solution, and the pool itself is just big enough for two creatures of roughly your size. Because of where it is situated the music of a street mistral can faintly be heard.

You bathe like the propper lady you are. Cleaning yourself and the mares around you while gossiping.

Nope. They are all occupied.

You grab a soapy cloth from the foot of a fountain-statue and lather yourself up.

You try to use your magic, but the water has already dissolved all the sludge.

He is the prettiest pretty goat you have ever seen. Dreamkicker might not even recognize him.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343908

Back out and head to the Steam room.and play some vidya.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343909

"Ah, patience is a virtue."
Get soapy~

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'll just have to find another bath.

Rolling for relaxation

Roll #1 7 = 7

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343911

"A pretty ribbon! So they'll let us inside!"
I give him a big wide smile, then toss him up on my back and walk over to the girl's part of the bath and take a dip inside.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Andelia [Druid] 343912

What a relaxing experience, a bath house might be a good way to start your day after all. Dry off and check the map again, I know the twins aren't relaxing.. but how can I find them in this huge city..

Pomelo [Preacher] 343913

"You got the box upside down!"
Pour it in the right way! [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 343914

You walk into the sauna. Several species are here relaxing in the steamy room.

You struggle to manage the brush with your hooves and end up dropping it more often than you scrub yourself with it.

You go to the other side of the room and climb into the pool there. You float on your stomach and let the gentle motion of the water carry you around the pool.

The two of you walk into the female's bathhouse. When none of the dozens of of the building's occupants are looking you pour all the bubble bath mix into the water.A few bubbles are made, but it looks like there wasn't enough to make very many bubbles.

you fail to stop her in time.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343915

Well obviously I need to be using my magic to scrub, duh.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343916

Hmm. There's got be some benches in here, right? '1d10' Or at least somewhere to sit?

Roll #1 3 = 3


And now, the rinse cycle.

"What do you two think you're doing?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Can I see Bessy and Pom?
"Well, hello, Buffalo! And who is the one beside you?"

Light some incense sticks.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Olga [Lifebinder] 343919


Bessy [Soothsayer] 343920

"Aww… wait!"
I start praying to the Pink one for more bubbles!

Roll #1 9 = 9

Andelia [Druid] 343921

"Incense?, I don't think we need that."

Campfire 343922

You clean yourself off with the brush and some of the better smelling soap. It's nice being able to bathe without having to worry about Pomelo or Bessy cannonballing into the tub.

Not unless you want to squeeze in between some of the others. Space is already limited enough that a few of them have to sit awkwardly on their rears and rest their backs on the wall.

You are about to rise yourself off, but you become distracted when…

You somehow light yourself on fire while half submerged in the water. A unicorn uses her magic to dunk your entire body under the water.

Pink bubbles start to form in the water before you. Every time they pop you can hear a pony, as if from far away, making popping noises with her mouth.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343923

Bah. I'd make no friends pushing and shoving for room.
Time to check out that last door, before I give up the ghost and check out the cold baths.


"This is most assuredly a cursed bathhouse if my gifts have been faling so much! Pardon me!"

Heal the area and purge the bad vibes!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343925

I giggle and pop a few of the bubbles.
But wait…
That's no fair to everyone else if there's only this many! There's gotta be enough bubbles for everyone!
I mean, who doesn't love bubbles?
I pray again!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Pomelo [Preacher] 343926

I pray too! [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343927

I guess I'll just relax for a bit then.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Andelia [Druid] 343928

Watching this scene with concern, I make my way over to Olga.
"Everything okay? Maybe you should get out of the water if its cursed?"


Was that the crazy old lady?

Quickly hide underwater!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Olga [Lifebinder] 343930

"Well, who better to take and crush such hexes than myself?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 343931

Oh man… Dreamy definitely loves bubbles too I think! I pray to the pink one to bless him with bubbles too! [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


Do I see him/her?

Roll #1 10 = 10

Campfire 343933

This last room has several pools in it that range from being full to being nearly empty. The water in each one of them is bubbling, but none of the people you see act like they are sitting in boiling water.

You open your mouth when you are still under water and get a mouthful of it.

The two of you start praying and the bubbles spread through most of the pool. A few of the creatures in the pool grumble and swim to nonbubbbly areas, but the rest are cntent to soak in the pink bubbles.

You try to relax, but you keep worrying about the others. They aren't exactly stupid, but without your brains there to guide them who knows what sort of trouble they could get into?

You are hidden unless Olga rolls a 7 or higher.

You don't think it worked.

Happyhorn is trying to hide under some bubbles.



"Oh, hello there, You-who-were-once-Man! It is improper of you to bathe in these waters meant for bearers of soil just yet, so soon after the changing of your sex path! Come, let me cleanse you first!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I told you to stay away from me!"

Swim awaaaay!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343936

Maybe I'll rinse off a bit and go out and check on them…

Campfire 343937

Looks like Happyhorn is 2slow.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343938

Well, that's interesting. Let's find one that isn't occupied. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I wish I said I was rolling for volume

"Do you wish our paths rot from your untreated curses! Get here!"

Now do a heal on her nanny parts.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Andelia [Druid] 343940

"Not again.." I sigh and let them have their fun, I'll just wait outside.

Pomelo [Preacher] 343941

Aw.. Well we can't keep all the fun to ourselves!
I hop out and search for drea-

"Dreamy! You're missin all the fun!" I give him a great big hug and drag him into the mares bathing area.
[1d10] to toss him in~

Roll #1 10 = 10


Dive! Dive!

Roll #1 2 = 2

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343943

"W-wait! Ack!"


My eyes widen at seeing dreamkicker and pomelo fly past me, I pause only for a moment and then keep on track to waiting outside for everyone. Checking over my map for areas of interest that might hold a large basement.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343945

I contentedly relax in the pool of bubbles.
"Oh hi Dreamy!"
I swim over to him.
"How do you like the bubbles?"

Campfire 343946

You hold her down and heal her nanny parts of anything that may have been wrong. Some of the people watching roll their eyes and others giggle.

You get up and leave.

You get up and leave when suddenly…

You channel Pinkie Pie and are able to drag him from outside the building and into the pool in the blink of an eye.

You cannot get away. The old goat is performing magic on your vagina.

Your map is not all that detailed. It just shows the different districts and has them color coded.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Campfire 343947

There are a few gasps from the mares as they see a qt little nanny goat pull a stallion into the pool. The general mood seems to be one of amusement rather than outrage, though, so there should not be any problem so long as Dreamkicker leaves soon.


the sound of dice hitting the table.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Now, see? Make sure you consult a healer if you decide to chang your path on Creation, ladies and gentlem-

"Why, you!"

Smack his head.

Roll #1 7 = 7



Get away from this crazy old donkey!

Roll #1 8 = 8

Olga [Lifebinder] 343951

I'm a goat

Campfire 343952

A donkey stands and leaves just as you enter, leaving a pool just for you. The hot water bubbles comfortably around you, and jets of water massage your muscles. There are a small gem-studded dials that control the bubbles and jets of water.

Pomelo [Preacher] 343953

I scrub Dreamkicker! Scrub him behind the ears!
"Bessy I need heeeeeeelp!"


Roll #1 9 = 9

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343954

I'll let out a quiet sigh.
And then curiosity will get the best of me, and I'll start playing with knobs.
"Lessee what this one does…"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343955

I know

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343956

I assist! Clean that unicorn!

Roll #1 6 = 6

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343957

"Ah! Not out here! I'm clean already! Help! Somepony help!"

Olga [Lifebinder] 343958

Öh? You look familliar…

Campfire 343959

You notice a slight difference in the weight of your saddlebag. Looking inside you can see that the letter you got is gone. You also spot a diamond dog disappearing into some bushes between the bathhouses.

You try to swat him, but Pomelo blocks you.


You clean him while Pomelo and Olga fight.

You get away in the confusion while the rest of the people in the pool, some laughing and some looking angry, close in on Pomelo and Dreamkicker.


After that Diamond dog, what could he want with my letter anyway?!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343961


Roll #1 9 = 9

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343962

"Aww… why not?"
I continue scrubbing him anyways.

Pomelo [Preacher] 343963

"Aw yes! He's all the way clean!"
Give her a high hoof

I notice the ponies closing in
"Uh… I don't think they're enjoying this as much as we are…"

Olga [Lifebinder] 343964

Let's try to calm down the pool ladies.

"..bah, don't mind the fool here! He takes no interest in females, anyway, he loves to take the Rod of Fertility in his back-path! He is of no concern, I assure!"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343965

Quickly run into the heat room. That pool is contaminated!


And to Pommy.

"Have I perhaps seen you before?"

Can I figure out his disguise?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343967

"Perhaps it's time to go back to the stallion's section, Pommy." I tug at his leg.

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343968

"But we haven't finished washing up!"
I pout.

Campfire 343969

You leap into the bushes after the dog. Unfortunately she hears you coming and starts to dig, but not before you get a good look at her face. You can recognize her anywhere now. You also notice that she deliberately drops the letter before fleeing underground. Dirt is kicked into the tunnel behind her and the ground sags as she tunnels down.

You figure them out the first time and soon have the pool massaging your muscles while you relax in the hottub.

All three of you roll.

One of them speaks up.
"Even more reason for him to be with the guys."

You see the same three doors Brutus saw.

Pomelo [Preacher] 343970

I tilt my head.
"You saw me a few minutes ago!"

"But we're not done cleaning up…"


Roll #1 2 = 2


I'll go into the steam room. Maybe that will help me forget.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343972


Roll #1 6 = 6

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343973


Roll #1 6 = 6


"Huh.. " reclaim the letter, has it changed?

Roll #1 2 = 2

Olga [Lifebinder] 343975

"You! Baah. I'll give you this tasty pieve of paper if you'll be a good goat and go with Dreamy, alright?"

"Of course, of course. The fool is leaving already, see?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343976

"Hoho, this is interesting."
I'll play with the jets for a little longer, and then put them on the lowest setting before climbing out.
I'll make my way back towards the front, after shaking myself out to dry off. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Pomelo [Preacher] 343977

"Oh gosh… I did have some bananas but…"
I drool a little

Campfire 343978

They lift you up, then shriek at what they see. You are violently thrown out of the bathhouse.
Roll to see where you land.

You manage to keep ahead of them as they carry Pomelo out.

You stay out of the way of the angry females.

It's pretty full in here.

The change is very obvious. A different hoof, or paw, in this case, has scrawled a message on the letter.
Come to the nature temple. Do not let thim follow.

You mess around for a bit then climb out and shake yourself off. The soaks everyone else in the room, but you leave before any of them can get out of the water.

Olga [Lifebinder] 343979

Give him one of my blessed papers.

"Go, quickly!"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343980

"B- But I always take baths with Pommy…"
I hop out of the tub and go after Pomelo.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343981

On my way out of the room, I'll apologize.
"Sorry about that, seems I was a bit too vigorous!"
And then I'll make my way back to the front area, and recover my equipment.

Pomelo [Preacher] 343982

I snatch the paper with my mouth before I'm thrown


Roll #1 7 = 7

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343983

"Pomelo! Keep your hooves off him, you gaggle of nags!"


Good. Maybe then she won't be able to find me. Squeeze in.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Campfire 343985

He can roll to see if he catches it or you can walk over to him and give it to him.

You are outside.

You recover your stuff.

You manage to land on your hooves. The mares and other females turn to go back inside.
"And stay out!"

"Go play cave explorer with the stallions, tourist!"

You are able to squeeze in between a few others. It's not very comfortable but you will be hard to spot in the crowd.

Andelia [Druid] 343986

I wave to bessy. "Hey come here."


Hard to relax here in water contaminated by TWO inverted bearers of seed, but I'll try.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Pomelo [Preacher] 343988

Rolling to snatch the paper with my mouth then! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343989

"Hm. Well, at least I'm clean. It would have been nice to finish the bath, though." I pout a little.

"What now?"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343990

"Me and Pommy didn't even get to finish our bath…"
"What's up Andy?"
I walk over to her.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 343991

I'll head out front then, I guess. Anyone else out here already? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Andelia [Druid] 343992

I whisper to you "The inquisitors might not be on our side, I got a new note, says to go to the nature temple and not let 'them' follow. It must mean the inquisitors.."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 343993

Relax and enjoy the steam as much as I can.

Pomelo [Preacher] 343994

"Yeah.. a-at least we smell nice"

"It's okay Dreamy. We can come back later! I'm sure all those mean icky girls will be gone by then!"

Bessy [Soothsayer] 343995

"Hu- Who's the note from? Are the inquisitors secretly evil or something?"
I tilt my head confusedly at her.

Campfire 343996

It's actually not. The waves made by the laughing creatures as they get back into the pool carry you around. Two inverted bears of seed being in the pool might not be so bad, actually. Maybe you'd even think it was a little hot if you were a few decades younger.

You leap into the air and catch it like a pro hoofball player, and even do a few flips in the air before landing.

Looks like the gangs all here. Well, all except the goat that was riding you.

You close your eyes and enjoy it. It feels nice and your worries melt away.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343997

"Maybe we could go to a smaller bathhouse, then, and finish up."

"I don't think any other mares are going to be any more tolerant of your… mixed bathing habit."

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 343998

>You leap into the air and catch it like a pro hoofball player, and even do a few flips in the air before landing.


Looks like that's enough then!

Scoop some of the bah water into an empty bottle and head out.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Andelia [Druid] 344000

I shake my head. "Hard to tell, but I'm going ahead to the temple, tell the others for me okay?"
Start heading to the temple.

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 344001

There…that helped me forget what just happened. Do I leave the same way I came in?

Bessy [Soothsayer] 344002

"But we've always taken baths together!"
"Okay. Are you going alone?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 344003

I guess I'll walk over, then.
"'Lo all. Enjoy your baths?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 344004

"Yes, and that's fine back home, but I think it's clear that the viewing public isn't going to tolerate that here."

Campfire 344005

You start walking towards the temple district, but have no idea where the nature temple itself is.

You bottle some water and leave.


Pomelo [Preacher] 344006

"Well too bad! They can just SCRUB MY BUTT if they don't like it!"
I frown and pout

"Some icky meanie butts threw me out! Just when we had bubbles going"

Andelia [Druid] 344007

"I'm really worried, the twins are definitely in danger. If you follow just make sure the inquisitors don't know about it." I give you a pat on the back and loudly announce "Oh, don't worry, I'll just be doing some shopping." with a little wink to you.

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 344008

Walk on out then. Where's everyone else?


Well, I'm a druid.. that's got to help me out a little bit. Keep looking.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 344010

I'll look at Pomelo quizzically.
"Threw you out? Didn't you go into the male baths?"

Olga [Lifebinder] 344011


"Very pleasant, actually! After I healed away the last of Nanny-who-was-one-Billy's malignance, I managed to relax very wel in the artermath of the two inverted Male's prescence!"

Olga [Lifebinder] 344013


Damn c key

Bessy [Soothsayer] 344014

"Yeah! Those meanie's can forget about splitting us up!"
"Oh, okay!"
I wave by to you.
"Bye Andy! Have fun 'shopping!'"

Pomelo [Preacher] 344015

"…I went into a bath!"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 344016

Watching Andelia leave, I'll ask;
"So, is your friend going to finish shopping before it's time for that party of yours, or is she not joining you?"

Campfire 344017

Everyone but Andelia is out here.

No mater which direction you turn all you can find are stone building and the occasional planter box with stuff growing in it.

The sun is almost at the highest point in the sky. It will be time to meet the Inquisitors soon.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 344018

I sigh. "Fine. Just… be more careful next time. Don't go into the big pool – just stay in the private baths. Please."

Pomelo [Preacher] 344019

"Okay okay…"
I droop my ears a little

Bessy [Soothsayer] 344020

"Aw… okay…"
I droop my ears.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 344021

"They really were nags, though. I'm glad you're okay. I was worried they'd try to hurt you!"
I kiss him on the horns and give him a hug.

I give her a pat on the back.

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