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Campfire 331858[Last 50 Posts]

After the fight with the vampires the party has gathered on the first floor of the inn. The hostile group the accosted you all last night was calmed slightly after speaking with the Innkeeper. As things currently stand a few armed ponies are watching you all from across the room while the others drag the bodies out into the street and clean the blood off the floors and walls with a foul smelling liquid. The innkeeper returned to her room after inspecting the damages to her inn.

Resume play.

Andelia [druid] 331870

So.. we don't have to explain ourselves? Are my friends all okay?

Pomelo [Preacher] 331872

I check everyone out. Anyone have any lingering injuries?

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 331873

"So… we don't have to give you our weapons any more, correct?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331875

"So, the Inquisition? I suppose you're the ones we need to talk to about getting this inn condemned for vampire infestation?"

Gaius Smitebird 331878

"Yeah! Are you the ones I was supposed to find for those guys at the temple?"

Campfire 331884

They seem to be content to deal with all of you later, but they are keeping their eyes on you for now.

Dreamkicker is still a bit torn up from the fight, but everyone else is fine except for a few bruises.

A unicorn with a loaded crossbow sitting on the bar next to him speaks.
"Keep them pointed away from us and everything should be fine. The head Inquisitor will speak with you once he is done with the bodies."

"The whole city is infested, Equestrian. Up until tonight this inn was safe."

"There are dozens and dozens of temples in this city, goat. You must be more specific."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 331892

I'll just harrumph and remain where I am.
"And I was having such a nice night, too."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331893

and gaius remembered his name this time

"The two ponies and the big bird man in the shiny one with the dress-wearing weirdos in it!"

vs 331894

Give Dreamkicker a nice big healing hug! '1d10+2'

I tilt my head at them
"Just how many of these blood sucky creeps are there around here?"

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Andelia [druid] 331895

I narrow my eyes and pull dreamkicker aside "We can't waste time here, the twins are in trouble. Just finish up with them and meet me outside. "

"I'll speak with you in tomorrow sometime Inquisitor." I head out the door.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331896

"Uh, thanks, Pommy."

"The whole city? I suggest you stop harassing us, then, and go hunt some of them."

Campfire 331897

Your magic doesn't manifest and you give him a regular hug instead.

The unicorn casually levitates the crossbow and points it at you.
"Stay put until the head Inquisitor is ready to speak with you."

A diamond dog wearing a large hat speaks as he drags a vampire down the stairs.
"Why do you think there is room for you in this inn? We have been hunting vampires and other foul creates nonstop ever since we got here."
He stops talking as he leaves through the door.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331898

"So bring this leader to us now. I wish to talk to him."

Pomelo [Cleric] 331899

More healing hugs. There's nothing that hugs can't heal! '1d10+2'

I glare are the unicorn while still hanging off Dreamkicker.
"That's not a nice place to aim that thing, mister…"

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

Andelia [druid] 331900

I sigh and trot over to the unicorn.
"Alright, then.. tell us more about the vampire's you've been hunting. How old were they? What races? How many recently turned?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 331902

I'll just sit tight until I'm needed. Hopefully, I won't be.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 331905

Though, to fill the time, I suppose I can chat with the new goat.
"So, how do you know these folk?"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331906

"Are you saying this whole city is full of those guys?"

Campfire 331907

"He will talk with you when he is ready, Equestrian. Go back to hugging your goat."

You hug heals his cuts and bites.
"Deal with it."

He fires the bolt at the floor in front of you as you take your first step. The other ponies watching you grab their crossbows and other weapons as well.
"Get. Back. To. The. Other. Side. Of. The. Inn. Our leader will let you ask your questions soon." The hat wearing ponies and other creatures continue to carry out bodies and scrub at blood puddles.

A pegasi pointing a crossbow in your general direction speaks.
"There have been attacks all over the city, yes."

Campfire 331909

>He fires a bolt at the floor in front of you as you take your first step, and quickly loads another bolt.


"Well, you're certainly eager to attack potential allies. I don't see why you can't answer a few questions yourself."

Roll #0 10 = 10

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331911

"And how many have you got so far?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331912

"The goat was part of our illustrious band of 'adventurers' about a year ago. We investigated a…

"Well perhaps it's best not to discuss that right now."

"Andelia, needless to say – I think it would be best if we neglected to mention why we are here."

Pomelo [Cleric] 331913

I stick my tongue out at him, then while still hanging off Dreamkicker turn my head to Brutus

"Hey other buffalo person! Hi!"
I wave furiously
"You here for the party the twins are throwing too?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331914

"Dammit, Pommy!"

Campfire 331915

He sighs and lowers his crossbow a bit.
"I'm just a guard, mam. I have my orders. After seeing what you all did to those vampires I would be surprised if we weren't on the same side, but we have lost too many good ponies, good people, to take any chances."


Andelia [druid] 331916

I nod. "Yeah, well.. how is your time in the college?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 331917

"Don't know any twins, I'm afraid. I was just passing through."
"Illustrious band of adventurers, eh? Sounds like a tale to tell, though you're probably right that now isn't the best time to tell it."

Pomelo [Cleric] 331918

I press my nose to his ear
"What? It's gonna be lots of fun I'll bet!"

"Aww. You should come! Nobody should miss out on a party!"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331919

"That's awfully vague. Is that the only reason you're here?"


Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 331920

"Well, how I can I turn down an invitation like that? I suppose you're stuck with me for the moment, then."

Andelia [druid] 331921

"Alright, I understand your doubts." I go find a seat near the others and wait.
"Yeah, a party. A party for old friends, that's why we're here after all."

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331923

"…interesting. Well, Bessy and Pomelo make it interesting, anyways.

"And you? Traveling with the Prench fool has treated you well, I trust?"

Ack! Rolling to not blush. '1d10'
"Just, uh, not in front of the ponies with all the weapons.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331926

"Are you kidding! It was super-rad!"

Andelia [druid] 331928

"Of course, Mirabee and I are closer than ever. She's a good house-mate. " I smile a bit. "Yeah, its been a really nice time, how long has it been now.. a year?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 331929

"They don't like parties or something?"

I let go of Dreamkicker and throw my hooves in the air.
"Woo! Good choice!"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331931

"I don't think they'd like the party we're going to, no."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331933

"Party's a party, no matter who the guests are. Why do you think I hung around with big ol' leggy for so long?"

Andelia [druid] 331934

"Uh.. this is supposed be a small gathering, invitation only kind of thing. You know.." I try to get the message across to that thick headed little goat. He can't go inviting these inquisitors to tag along,

Olga [Lifebinder] 331935

Guess I'll just wander in.

"What was this about vampires?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331936

That…. voice….

"Oh, gods, no."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331938

"Wait a minute…"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 331939

"Ah, unfortunate. But, if that's how it is, I suppose that's how it is. I suppose I'll be drinking for all of us here, then."

Olga [Lifebinder] 331940

"Oh, THAT voice. The heavens have not left me without a trial again!"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331941

"What are you doing here!?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 331942

"Aw.. but everyone loves a party Andy…"

"Oh gosh, is that…"
I run up to her and look her up and down

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 331943

I'll look between the two.
"I take it you two know each other, then?"

Andelia [druid] 331944

I give a wave to you. "Hey, I see you've made it here as well."
"Ah, but I think you do have an invitation."

Campfire 331945

"The Inquisitors destroy evil and kill monsters. We keep them safe."

There is a loud roar and the light from a large fire suddenly floods through the barred windows and open doors. The light is enough to let anyone looking through the windows see a pile of bodies turn instantly into ash, with the exception of one that continues to burn. A gryphon walks through the door and approaches the group.

He is not old, although the prime years of his life are definitely behind him. His beak is chipped in several areas and scars are visible on his face and body. He wears a large hat with the symbol of the Inquisition on it.

"My name is Hakk, and I lead the group of Inquisitors sent to this city. What are your names, what are you doing in this city, and why did you choose this inn?"

A few seconds later a mare follows you into the inn. She motions with her hoof and several armed ponies surround you. The mare speaks, and you recognize her voice as the one you spoke to before leaving the inn you were staying at this afternoon.
"Step outside, mam."

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331946

"I'm acquainted with the cud-chewing crone, yes. She was part of our previous misadventure."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 331947

I'll raise an eyebrow.
"Do I now?"
Turning to the inquisitor, I suppose there's no harm in telling the truth.
"Name's Brutus. I'm currently traveling, and I chose this inn because it was the closest to the gates."
"And you don't mind her being escorted off by armed guards?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 331948

I completely ignore the gryphon and walk in front of the mare to cut her off '1d10'
"B-But she just got here!"

Roll #1 3 = 3

Andelia [druid] 331949

"My name is Andelia, and I choose this inn because it had open rooms." I shrug. "Guess it was a bad choice. "

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331950

"Whoa, there are griffons that don't have G names? Where are you from?"


I support this motion and add in "Please, there's no need to be rough on her, she's just a friendly old lady."

Roll #0 1 = 1

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331955

"I am Dreamkicker, and my goat companion here is Pomelo. We chose this inn because it was nearby at sundown. We are in the city in order to find some… old friends."

Olga [Lifebinder] 331956

"Well, hello there, children! And YOU, I hope you have been taking care of yourself? This sex change business is dangerous, you know!"

"Yes, we are. Hello there, You may call me Olga."

Campfire 331957

The mare looks at you all.
"You all know her?"
She whistles and a pair of donkeys rush through the door, she motions towards you and they rush towards you table, but are stopped by Hakk. She wishers something to him and he looks at the group.

"Possibly. Tell me how you know this goat."

Hakk snaps his claws and the two donkeys step closer.
"Why don't I believe you?"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331958

"Of course I have! I've learned a lot, no thanks to you!"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331959

"She traveled with us a year ago. She is another friend of the ponies we are trying to meet."

Olga [Lifebinder] 331960

"Excuse me? Why would I need to step outside, hmm?"


"Maybe you're just too paranoid to see anything but danger around you. We're just here to reconnect with some old friends, and she's one of our friends." I stand defensively in case they try anything.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Pomelo [Preacher] 331963

"Oh gosh that was a fun time wasn't it?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 331964

I'll give a small nod in her direction.
"Nice to meet you, Olga, though this is a bit of an odd way to introduce oneself."
"Which goat? I've met quite a few today, and one just now."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331965

"You betcha!"

"By the way, how'd you get in trouble this time? Did you chase them with your nasty hook too?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331966


Pomelo [Preacher] 331968

I point to Olga
"The older one!"

Olga [Lifebinder] 331969

"What? 'Nasty' hook? Do you know how much holy water we soak these hooks in? Why, you think of it as some instrument for malice!"

"Well, I see you have been keeping well too? I hope you are replenishing vitality lost through your matching of rods!"

Campfire 331970

Hakk speaks.
"And she shows up in the middle of the night, after a vampire attack aimed at the inn we have been staying at since arriving in this city, while all of you arrived just hours before? Who are these ponies you are trying to meet?"

The mare speaks.
"You know why."

Hakk speaks.
"I wouldn't have lived this long if I wasn't paranoid. Even if you are simply here to meet with friends the fact remains that this goat said something suspicious, navigated through the enchanted forest surrounding the Nature temple despite it doing it's best to keep her and the ponies tailing her out, and was never received by the nature priests at the temple. She has some explaining to do."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331972

"You tried to stick it in me! You were probably painting all over their buildings, and not the fun kind either!"

Olga [Lifebinder] 331974

"Never received by the nature priests? What sort of temple becomes completely abandoned in the middle of the day, and the only pony I even meet is just some young seeker who knows nothing about my invitation, huh? The nerve of you! What would you know about a forest trying to keep out seeker anyway? Do you think I would have found the temple if it truly had its will against me? Do you?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 331975

"Oh. Well, I've just met her right now, so there's not much I can say, is there? She seems nice enough, though I've only first impressions to go on."
"What, exactly, did she say that's got you so up in arms, anyway?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 331976

"Matching of wha..?"

"Stick it in… oh! Is Olga your special best friend…?"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331978

"You were there for it!"


Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331981

"Two siblings. They were students under a mage I knew some time back."

"The old goat is competent, if not mentally so. Forgive her – she is given to wandering like the invalid she is."

Pomelo [Preacher] 331983

"And I still don't know what was going on then…"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331984

"It was weird! And not the new kind of baking mistake weird, the just-stepped-in-i-don't-know-whose-poo-this-is weird!"


"Hmm? I-no, she isn't! Just another wayward soul I wish to heal, is all."


Inspect Happyhorn's passage of life for damage.

Roll #0 5 = 5

Pomelo [Preacher] 331986

I put my hooves to my cheeks
"Oh gosh… the worst kind of weird!"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331987

"AAAAGH! Get away!"

Campfire 331988

The mare speaks again.
"The nature priests are pacifists. They rely on their enchanted forest to keep out intruders, and their animals to deal with any that get through in the 'natural' way. We have tried several times to get into the temple, and each time we have been turned back after wandering hours through the forest. You made it through in less than twenty minutes. We watched until after you fell asleep, but nothing, not even animals, came out to meet you. This means your invitation was either a hoax, or you are capable of things that would keep the priest's animals away from you."

"She implied that her job was being evil. Given the charms, staff, and dagger she carries I would guess that it is a fell branch of magic."

Hakk speaks.
"Lorr, is he telling the truth?"
The buffalo trundles over to the group. He wears the same sort of hat as the gryphon and the mare, but his looks comically small on his large head. His horns glow.
Dreamkicker, roll a d10.

You are stopped by several crossbows and swords pointed your way. A diamond dog with an Inquisitor''s hat joins the group surrounding you and a burning dagger materializes in his paw.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331989

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331990

"You question me?"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 331992

I'll turn to Olga.
"Well, is that what you said?"

Pomelo [Preacher] 331994

"Maybe she just smells a little funny and it keeps the animals away!"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 331996

"Get her out of my rear!"


"What outrage is this? Would you bear your weapons against an old biddy? If you could not go through, does that not mean you were uninvited, while I was? What utter codswallop! Besides, I have the invitation right here!"

Let them see it.

"Evil? How dare they? I'll have you know my job is expunging evil! Were you deaf when I said that?"

Roll #0 6 = 6


"If anyone should be able to contact the nature priests it should be me. I was actually going to visit this temple tomorrow."

Roll #0 5 = 5

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 331999

"Oh, dammit."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 332000

"To be fair, this is our first meeting, so you haven't really told me much of anything. Them, I'm not so sure about."

Campfire 332001

The buffalo speaks, his voice a deep rumble.
"I believe he may be withholding about the students, or possibly the mage."
He squints at you again, then looks at Pomelo.
"Given how this one was hanging off him earlier, and some surface thoughts, I believe I know why. The relationship between him and his mage friends is not something we need worry about."

The mare looks at it again.
""Yes, yes, I've already seen this. For all I know you kill it's recipient and came in its place."
She falters for just a moment when you suggest that it was them that agitated the forest, not yourself, she falters slightly.
"Maybe, but that does not explain why you were not received. Lorr, tell us if she speaks the truth about her job."
Lorr's horns glow again.
Olga, roll.

"Plans can change quickly in this city, Equestian."

Pomelo [Preacher] 332003

"Friends? More than one?"
I turn to Dreamkicker and start to tear up
"What's he talking about Dreamy…?"


"And what's this?"

Roll #0 10 = 10

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 332007

"I think he thinks… I'm… involved with the twins. Disgusting. But it may keep us from getting thrown in the local dungeon."

Pomelo [Preacher] 332009

"O-Oh! Gotcha Dreamy!"
I give him a big hug and stick my tongue out at the buffalo
"Yeah, none of your business!"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 332011

"What are you two talking about?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 332013

"I'm vaguely curious as well, but I'm pretty sure I don't need to know."

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 332015

"Fun stuff. Weird fun stuff. Keep your noses out of it."

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 332017

"Well now I have to find out!"

Sidle up to him.

Andelia [druid] 332018

"Don't worry Dreamkicker, they'll catch on eventually.. It sure took me a while for it too sink in back then.." I sigh a bit and turn my attention back to Ogla's situation.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 332021

I'll just shrug.
"Far be it from me to pry into places that shouldn't be pried into."


"Well, I hope one such as you has been returning your partner's milk-of-life-giving! I should hate to think what would happen if your Second Aperture is so greedy!"

Roll #0 4 = 4

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 332026

"See, Inquisitors, this is what I mean. She just rambles about nothing."

Pomelo [Preacher] 332029

Aww… rolling to give Andy a big friendly hug! '1d10'

I give her the most confused look I can
"You still use lots of funny words huh.."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 332030

"Be thankful that's all she does to you…"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 332031

"I have no idea what that means. And I'm not certain I want to."

Andelia [druid] 332036

I laugh a bit, " Yeah, its a bit confusing, but I suppose it takes a while to learn everything. " rolling for hugging you back. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Campfire 332044

"She speaks the truth. It seems she has found a way to work with spirits in a way that mimics necromancy, but leaves her at less risk for treading down it's darker paths. Very interesting."
Hakk nods and looks at the mare. She looks as if she is about to say something, but hangs her head a walks upstairs after grabbing a bucket and a rag.

Hakk turns back to the group.
"I apologize. It seems most everything that has occurred between us tonight has been a misunderstanding. Let us try and restart this on the correct paw."

He clears his throat.
"My name is Hakk, and I am the senior Inquisitor."

He gestures towards the buffalo and diamond dog.
"With me are veteran Inquisitors Lorr and Coteaz and initiate Inquisitor Blossom who has just gone upstairs. Heldane and Helgrund, the donkeys, are the head of our security detail and the ponies are their subordinates. We arrived in this city several months ago to reclaim something that was long lost to us, but underestimated that amount and variety of evil lurking here."

He clears his throat again and looks as if he is struggling for words.
"I want to…thank you all…for killing those vampires. If not for the sounds of your fighting we would not have awoken in time to prevent the ones breaking in on our side from killing. After proving yourselves in that fight I am prepared to offer your group the chance to help our righteous cause. I understand that you all wish to meet with your friends, but the evils lurking here puts them at danger no matter how accomplished they may be with magic. We will pay well, and that pay will keep food in your belly and rooms at an inn open to you all."

Several of the guards cough awkwardly. Lorr chuckles as quietly as he can, but it sounds sort of like a goat bouncing on a base drum.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 332046

"And how exactly would we do that? Write reports after every fight? Or just bring you heads and we get a to-be-specified amount of coin for them?

Pomelo [Preacher] 332047

I turn to Dreamkicker
"We could buy more party supplies with whatever they pay us! A-And some good tasting books!"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 332049

"A good set of questions."

"Yes, and perhaps some enchantments to keep you from eating said books."


"Well, I am glad to see that you have come to your senses! Of course, if dark spirits tread here, then my role is to exorcise them. Of course, if you need any more of my help please don't hesitate to ask! This goat lady here, see, she used to be a strapping billy, but then she up and then decided she wanted to be a Bearer of Seed! So she used this magic artifact without telling me, and then I found out she was in danger because she hadn't gone through the ritual removal of the Sword-Cannon's spirit! So I had to help the poor thing and remove it from her before she got into any real trouble,m you know?"

Roll #0 2 = 2

Olga [Lifebinder] 332052

Didn't mean to roll there

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 332053

"Wh-what? How many people do you walk around telling that, old lady?"

Andelia [druid] 332054

I pause as if considering it "While I do see the danger here, I'm not quite ready to join your team, at least not on a permanent basis.. you're a little too.. jumpy for my tastes, I'd be willing to hear some more about your problems and some details on these vampires you've been struggling with.. "

Olga [Lifebinder] 332055

"Oh, don't worry, I never tell them your name!"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 332056

I'll just blankly stare as the gears turn in my head.
"There are really some odd things in the world, aren't there…"
Make a mental note to avoid gender-swapping artifacts.

Pomelo [Preacher] 332057

"B-But I don't even even the ones with pictures!"
I sigh as I nibble on a small bit of Dreamkicker's mane

"Are you talking about that time when you ran after Happyhorn yelling silly words?"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 332059

"Do you even know my name? I'm not a story unless it's an awesome one!"

Olga [Lifebinder] 332060

"Silly words? Oh, child, since you follow the Pink one, I suppose it is appropriate. I was trying to help her, you know?"

"Of course I do, Harpyporn!"

Happyhorn [Dark Hunter] 332062

"THAT'S…actually not bad. I may have to use that some time."

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 332063

"Erg… fine. But stay out of my spell books this time!"

Pomelo [Preacher] 332068

"Aww… those are the sweetest ones though…"

Campfire 332070

"Nothing quite like that, although if we ever see fit to give you all a specific target its head will do for identification purposes."

"Er, yes, unidentified magical artifacts can be dangerous. Anyways, I am glad to hear that you all all willing to help. Ever since arriving in the city a few months ago we have been trying to reclaim the Inquisition's headquarters in this city. It was lost along with all the Inquisitors stationed in this city, and most of the city's population, centuries ago during the Cataclysm. The Cataclysm hit the entire continent, but for whatever reason this city was hit the hardest; the walled off section is a testament to the damage that it caused, and still caused again. Our order was nearly wiped out returning peace to this land, but at long last we have sufficient numbers to launch a crusade to reclaim what is our and set up a watch over what the Cataclysm left behind here. Unfortunately, our efforts have been hounded at every step by all manner of evil."

Coteaz, the diamond dog, speaks.
"Simply put: there is a building here that we must reclaim if we want to survive long enough to cleanse this city. Taking it would give us a safe, free base of operations and let us bring more of our fellows to replace the ones we have lost."

Olga [Lifebinder] 332071

"Has your mean partner-of-same-creatrive-tools not been letting you eat his books, hmm? Here, have some o this!"

Hand Pomelo some holy paper.

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 332074

I grab Pomelo and pull him close.

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 332075

"Sounds simple enough. What's the catch? If you've got enough Inquisitors to take it back, what do you need us for? Extra security? Expendables?"

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 332076

"Cataclysm? Tell me more. How many centuries ago?"

Andelia [druid] 332077

"All manner of evil you say? What else has plagued your mission? And, what of these vampires? How many appear, what sort of race are they, are they young in appearance, or old, and do they seem newly turned or very experienced old blood vampires? Got to know what we're up against before you agree to anything."

Pomelo [Preacher] 332078

"Oh gos-"

I widen my eyes as he pulls me in.
"Oh.. okay, I should probably cut back anyway…"

"So just boop some more of those creeps on the head and find your building? That sounds easy enough! I kinda wanna find the twins though… but they didn't seem like they were in a rush to meet us."

Olga [Lifebinder] 332079

"Merely an offering to your back-scratcher!"

"Certainly, sounds important enough. Then I am at your service."

Campfire 332091

Lorr speaks this time.
"That is the problem. We do not have enough. The enchantments surrounding the building should have kept out any threats that were not already there, but they must have grown weak over time or been bypassed by means unknown to us. While were were fighting the evils left behind by the Cataclysm inside a band of Necromancers attacked and slaughtered most of the security detail we had left on the outside. Several encounters with other evils that secretly lurked here took more lives. After forty eight hours in this city half of the ones that came with us were dead."

Hakk speaks
"It occurred roughly four hundred and thirty years ago. You Equestrians may know it as the Long Night. My understanding is that it manifested itself differently than it did in Equestria, where the Nightmare herself walked the land."

"Necromancers, vampires, various other undead, cultists of the darker gods that worship in this city, werebeasts, and even ponies that have given in the evil that lurks in ever heart. In ages past a common criminal would never have dared prey on an Inquisitor, but these are different times."

"We know where the building is. Destroying the evil that lurks within is what we need your help with. If your twins are mages then they are smart enough to keep their heads down in this city."

"I am glad you have agreed to work with us."

Andelia [druid] 332093

"Why not set yourselves up in a different city if this one is as much trouble as you say. It sounds like a lost cause.. Hm.. werebeasts? Maybe.. have you seen these werebeasts near the forest?"

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 332094

"Eh, good enough for me. I don't know about the rest of them, but we'll probably join you after they've met their friends."
I'll shrug.
"If things are as dangerous as you say, they'll want to make certain they're well."

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 332095


"Tell us where this building is. We can handle ourselves, I am sure."

Olga [Lifebinder] 332096

"Necromancers, you say, abusing their power? Such.. heresy, blasphemy must be punished! An affront to everything we stand for! At first light, we leave for them. I am, again at your service."

Pomelo [Preacher] 332098

"Alright. When are we going? and where?"

Campfire 332115

"Because unlike other cities this one still holds the taint of the Cataclysm. The malignant parts are held behind thick walls and strong enchantments in the Forsaken District, but a benign remnant can still be seen in the main plaza of the Temple District. Retaking this city is not something we will put off unless the only other choice this the total destruction of our order.

As for your other question, the vampires are of any race you can imagine and are of any age, but most seem to be young adults. Without interrogating one, nearly impossible even in the best of circumstances, it is impossible to tell just how old they are. All the ones we have seen could have been a day old, or they could have been years old. From the way they behave it is obvious that the one that began infecting this city is either young and incompetent, or does not care what his children do."

"We will not force you to work with us if you do not wish to. We do not have the resources to enforce a conscription."

"It is in the less populated section of the Residential District. Knowing where it is is not enough to get in though, you will need us to bypass the enchantments safely."

"Your zeal is appreciated, honorable goat, but first we must retake our home."

"We will go this afternoon at the earliest, assuming you are all ready by then. We must rest and clean ourselves after the fight, and I believe you may all want to do the same."

Dreamkicker (Omniseer) 332122

"Hmmmm. Troubling…

"Fine. We will meet this afternoon at the gates to your Residential District, yes?"

Andelia [druid] 332125

I nod and blink a bit pretending to be resisting a yawn. "I see, that's a good start anyway.. perhaps we can catch up with you in the day time.. its been a long night for all of us."

Brutus [Male Buffalo Knight] 332127

"I'm always up for a good scrap. Though, you are right about the bathing. It's been a few… weeks? Come to think of it, I should have had a bath before I went to sleep!"
I'll give a small laugh.
"Seriously though, are we done here? We'll meet up near the residential district this afternoon, right? Plenty of time for them to meet their friends."

Pomelo [Preacher] 332130

"Cleaned up. Right!"
By chance does the inn have anything to make nice bubble baths with? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Olga [Lifebinder] 332132

"The Residential district? Understood."

Campfire 332139

"Good. We will meet this afternoon at the east gate between the Temple District and the Residential District. As for cleaning yourselves off you can either hire a pegasus to make some rain for you, or visit the city's bathhouses in the residential district. The locals should be able to provide you with directions once the sun rises."

Lorr and an earth pony guard start moving between you, and each of you feel an inner warmth that quickly fades. The earth pony explains.
"Just in case any of you may have been infected, you understand. Vampirism is simple to cure if it is treated quickly."

This is it for tonight. I'll be around if any of you have any questions or dice rolls that need resolving but the plot won't move from here.

Campfire 332151

"Oh, Olga? We will have your things put in your new room here. It seems Blossom authorized the search and seizure of your room and property in the inn you were previously staying at."

Olga [Lifebinder] 332157

"How dreadful. Don't drop the soil-seed fluid bottles!"

Campfire 332166

"The guards will, er, try not to."

The Inquisitors and guards finish up with the last of their cleaning and disappear upstairs.

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