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When we last left the party they had killed a necromancer, killed him again when he turned into a lich, and turned down his offer of help after Mwandishi found a skull that could let corpses talk. After that they broke into the slave's quarters and defeated an ambush laid for them there. Once the slaves were freed and armed with the weapons of the dead diamond dogs the party split in half. One half created a distraction and the other half freed the remained slaves and slaughtered everything not on four legs. Candy Cane also summoned the evil version of herself from and alternate universe, but the party was able to kill her.

The party is currently with the slaves on the cavern floor. Most of the slaves are too exhausted or wounded to fight any more, and the ones that aren't are carrying the ones that are to wounded to move.



"Strawberry, can you heal some of the slaves? We'll need to leave soon."


Im here.


Strawberry shakes her head.
"I'm sorry, but I've done all I can do with exhausting myself. If I keep going there is no guarantee that I'll be able to save you or anyone else if a fight goes badly."


Oh well, we should go.


"Yeah. We probably shouldn't dilly dally too much around here, 'lest we wanna tempt fate and bring down even more Dogs on us."
"Hey, it's alright…
We'll just find some other solution for getting us out of these caves. Can't be that hard."


"Well then I guess we should get moving back to the main caverns."
How many of us are there? How many are wounded, etc.?


There are 11 earth ponies and nine donkeys. There are 2 earth ponies that are still well enough to fight, but they are carrying slaves that are heavily wounded. The others are either so tired that they can hardly hold their weapons, so wounded that a few good hits would kill them, or both.


"Well, I'm sure the only way out is up, so I'm gonna go up there and check."
I fly up and check the path out. Anything?

Rolled 3 = 3


Your wings get tired and you have to land on the platform halfway up. You don't see any sign of Diamond Dogs on this platform though.


"We need to stick together. There's a lot of us here, most aren't in any condition to fight, and it's a long way back to the surface. Candy, Melody: At least one of you should bring up the rear, make sure no one falls behind, and watch for any dogs attacking from our rear."


Do I hear anything that sounds like someone might be coming?

Rolled 7 = 7


Im on it.


Strawberry speaks up.
"I can stay at the back until any of you need healing. I'll be able to watch for stragglers from there."

You can't hear anything from here. You aren't sure about further down the tunnel, but are reasonably certain that the top platform is clear.


I peek down and wave them up,
"Clear up here. Gonna keep going higher and check it out."
I try to fly up to the top platform.

Rolled 2 = 2


I wave to Melody and start moving up the ramp, signaling the other ponies and donkeys to follow in an orderly manner.


The wing that got wounded earlier refuses to open as you jump off the platform. After what feels like a lifetime of freefalling you manage to open your wing and glide down to the ground. It may be wise to find some way to work the muscles in your wing before trying something like that again.


Let me try

Rolled 1 = 1


I stomp the ground and start walking.
"Hey Strawberry, is there any way I can, I dunno, stretch the muscles in my wing or something? It still feels really stiff. I can barely fly like it is now."


Didn't see this post.
The slaves form up into a somewhat ordered mob, keeping the most heavily wounded in the center, and follow you.

You jump into the air and fall flat on your face. Your mouth is now full of dirt and gems.

Strawberry gives you a wry smile.
"I hope you're not asking me to play with your wing. Just stretch it out on your own."


Try to get up and clean myself.

Rolled 2 = 2


I move further up the ramp towards the top — but I stop at whatever the penultimate platform is.


"Wha- no!
Wasn't even thinking of it. I swear."

Rolled 1 = 1


You manage to get a bit of the dirt out, but most of it is still there. At least you have a very shiny smile now.

She frowns.
"Stop that. My eyes are on my face, not behind my tail."
She slows her pace until she is at the very back of the group and no longer in front of you.

You collect the rest of the part and Shortcake. She goes to be with her sister at the back of the group.


This is not that bad…
Follow Mwandishi


Okay, I run forward to scout out the tunnel.

Rolled 9 + 1 = 10


you know, the one past the top platform or whatever


You slip into the shadowy tunnel leading out of the gem cavern. The way is clear all the way back to the intersection, with the exception of a couple of Diamond Dogs that you silence and hide.


I stretch out my wing I guess.
"Hey Strawberry…
I'm, uh, sorry about that.
It's been a long day and I… I guess the stress is starting to get to me or something. I don't know."


>with the exception of a couple of Diamond Dogs that you silence and hide.
Wait, did I kill them? What happened there?


You stretch out your wing while talking. The muscles scream in protest at first, but soon you are able to work the stiffness out of them. You no longer need to roll to do simple flying, but more complex areal maneuvers may require rolls.
Sstrawberry sighs.
"Just forget it. We're all under pressure here."
"Forget what?"
"Nothing, Shortcake."
"Aww come on sis, tell me."
Strawberry leans over and whispers in her sister's ear. Shortcake's eyes go wide.'
"She what? Ever since the three of you got here!? She was looking WHERE!?"
Shortcake starts laughing so hard that she stops walking. Strawberry grumbles and massages the side of her head with a hoof.

You killed them and hid their bodies in little side tunnels.


"Just when I was starting to maybe get somewhere… ;_;"
I guess I head up ahead of the group and catch up with Mwa. I GUESS.


Something wrong?


I run back and signal everyone to move up


"No. Nothing's wrong."
I keep following Mwa.


The party and rescued slaves move quickly through the deserted tunnel. After stopping a few times so that Strawberry could check on the more heavily wounded slaves the party reaches the tunnel intersection. All the dead diamond dogs that were here have been cleared away, as well as any weapons and armor they had. To the left is the tunnel leading to the main cavern. Straight ahead is a poorly lit tunnel leading to the maze of smaller tunnels. Despite the length of tunnel separating the party from the main cavern a commotion can be heard coming down the left tunnel.


I hide and then….

Rolled 7 = 7


scout out the left tunnel

Rolled 5 + 1 = 6


If you said so.

Get ready.


I wait for Mwa's cue.


You walk softly down the tunnel and avoid the pools of light casts by the torches on the walls. After a few minutes you reach the end and can see into the main cavern. There is a large group of dogs, you estimate at least three dozen but there could be more, in a large group in the center of the cavern. Their attention is all focused inwards and the sounds of fierce fighting can be heard from within the ring. Every so often a few of the dogs will leave for other parts of the cavern or leave the cavern entirely, but they are always replaced by others coming out of the various tunnels leading into the cavern.


Okay, I go back to Melody and the rest of the party.
"There are dozens of dogs back in the main cavern. But I remember that the tunnels to the right lead us back to caverns we saw when we first entered this place. Maybe we can take that route back to the surface…

"Of course, we'll be abandoning all the treasure in the alpha's lair. But there's no way we can get everyone back through the main tunnel."


What if we lead them out and then we come back for the treasure?


"Man, is the treasure really worth our lives?
S'just a bunch'a money. What's that gonna do."
I sigh.


Strawberry turns from a slave she was checking on to face the group.
"I can stay here with the others if the three of you really want all that treasure. If there are as many dogs as he said there are though, and they see any of you…"
She looks away.


No Melody is right is just money. Im with you.


"Let's focus on finishing our mission and getting these people out of here."


"It's… a lot of money.
"But there's no way we could get it out without alerting the guards, I think. And even if we got past them, we couldn't haul much out by ourselves, anyways."
"Let's get these ponies back to their homes, and then maybe we'll worry about the treasure later."


Strawberry smiles.
"I'm glad to see you all care more about us than the treasure. Lead the way."


Rolling to navigate back to the surface, or, barring that, back to that… tomb we found.

Rolled 6 + 1 = 7


We are nearing the very end. Do you guys want more fights or do you just want to get back to town?


Dunno about the others but is your call.


I'm really fine with either. Whatever the rest want.


I'm fine with either.


Even after spending hours in the tunnels before they are still very confusing. After many twists and turn, and even almost ending up in the mane cavern once, you lead the party back to the pile of diseased corpses. Strawberry holds the group of slaves back while the ponies gasp and the donkeys make signs of respect for the dead. The smell is still unbearable and flies buzz around the bodies.


"Is there anything we should do here, Strawberry?"


"I don't know any fire spells and it's not healthy to be anywhere near those bodies. The Royal Guard will take care of them when they come to clean this place out."


This is disgusting.

Too bad we dont have torches.


"Let's go, then."

Rolled 8 + 1 = 9


"I guess we might as well move on then."


The party leaves the grim scene behind and Strawberry pays each of them and every slave a visit, her horn glowing as she cleanness them of any possible infection. Mawndishi finds his way much more easily this time and leads everyone to another intersection after not even half an hour of walking. To the right is the exit and freedom, to the left is a wooden door and an unexplored room.


Oh, right, that fucking door.


Isn't this the same way we entered?
How'd we not notice that?"
I guess I go up and examine the door. Do I hear anything behind it?

Rolled 6 = 6


Whats wrong with the door?


"We had some difficulty opening it, I got a nasty splinter, and we decided to just leave it alone and continue on into the caverns."


In that case we should go.


The sound of snoring that was behind the door last time has been replaced with the sound of conversation. There are a few diamond dogs in here, but you can't tell what kind they are.


Aaaand that's a no.
"Dogs behind it. Let's just go."


>running away from a few dogs
Strawberry looks at you.
"Are you sure? There's no way anyone is going to be able to sneak back in here after they find out their slaves are missing."


Better safe than sorry.


I'm roleplayin' man! Would you wanna get into a fight if you were all depressed an' shit?
"I don't know. What about you guys?
I… guess I could go for a fight."


"Yeah, let's bust in. I'm curious."

"You could always lead the ponies out of the cave."


Ok! Lets go Strawberry.


Strawberry looks over her should at Mwandishi and Melody Maker as she leaves with Candy Cane and the slaves.
"Don't get yourselves killed. You are both good ponies."
Shortcake calls out from somewhere in the group.
"She's right. You still need to get your reward, Melody."


Oh, do I get a reward too?


>You are both good ponies
My spirits have been lifted!
"No worries here! I ain't planning on on dyin' just yet! No ma'am!"
I give a mock salute then turn to Mwa,
"You ready to do dis man?"


Shortcake laughs and Strawberry punches her in the side.
"Yes. I'll talk to the mayor and see that you get paid."


"Yeah, okay."
Hiding and approaching the door (not opening it until Melody gets hidden, though).

Rolled 4 = 4


I also slink up to the door all stealthy like and hide.

Rolled 3 = 3


Good! Lets go.


Your stripes meld with the shadows by the door.

Your colorful coat stands out like a beacon. The conversation is still going on.


Uh, hehehehe…
Let's try that again.

Rolled 8 = 8


I very carefully open that door

Rolled 6 = 6


You correct your mistake and find a darker shadow to hide in.

The door swings open silently. From the doorway you can see several crudely made beds as well as alcoves dug into the walls that look big enough to hold a single diamond dog each. The conversation is louder now that the door is out of the way. You can't see any diamond dogs or other doors from this angle.


I signal Melody to stay put and inch my way inside


I make a gesture to Mwa that says "Should we go for it?"


You slip silently from the doorway to a bed. You now have a much better vantage point and can see a door, another tunnel, and a small group of talking Diamond Dogs.


I guess I'm waiting here then.


How big is a "small group?"


Roll and find out.



Rolled 2 + 1 = 3


You can see four Diamond Dogs sitting in a circle and playing some game involving dice while they talk. You are to focused on trying to learn how the game works to check out the rest of the room.


I backstab whichever dog is largest

Rolled 7 = 7


"…of course I'm not going to try. Have you seen the size of the dogs I'd be fighting against? I'd be killed ins-URK!"
His eyes go wide as your knife pierces his spinal column. The other dogs jump back as he slumps over, looks of horror turning to looks of rage as they see you behind him with a bloody knife. The leap to their feet, each one grabbing nearby weapons.

Roll for initiative.

Rolled 6 = 6


I disappear again, too

Rolled 10 = 10


I rush in and use Cheap Shot on one of the Dogs!
since I was hidden this still counts as initiating combat, yeah?


The Diamond Dogs are visibly startled as you disappear without even seeming to move. One of them shouts.
"Wake up you mutts! One of those ponies is here!"
you get +1 to your next action

As you run into the room you see a Dig Dog crawl out of a hole in the wall. Thinking quickly you pick up a crudely made mace that was lying on the ground. It snaps in half as you smash his paw with t. He howls in pain and grabs his paw then starts hopping around like a fool.


I backstab whatever is largest

Rolled 2 + 1 = 3


I prepare to wail on a Dog!

Rolled 6 + 2 = 8


You sneak around behind the startled group of Diamond Dogs and are about to stab one in the back when your skill at hiding backfires. You were hidden so well that a Dig Dog didn't even see you as he came to investigate the noise and stepped on you. You didn't feel anything break, but he knows you're there now.

You push the top-heavy Dig Dog over and jump up onto his chest before pulling out your mandolin. The ghostly instrument makes quick work of the crippled dog as he is unable to defend himself against it.


Hiding again

Rolled 5 = 5


I start wailin' on the Dog who noticed Mwa.

Rolled 7 + 2 = 9


You start to panic when you can't get out from under his hoof, but are able to crawl away and hide yourself when Melody Maker comes to your assistance.

Your attack causes him to step back and take his weight off your friend. He's in some pretty bad pain, but he's still standing.


I leap out and backstab him

Rolled 7 = 7


I turn my attention to another Dog.

Rolled 4 + 2 = 6


While he's still trying to defend himself from Melody Maker you jump onto his back from the shadows and plant your knife deep in his neck. A jet of blood shoots out as you pull your knife free and he goes limp and collapses.

He runs from you and throws cloths, blankets, pillows, bits of armor, and anything else he can get his paws on over his shoulder to deter you. It works, but he bumps into some things pretty hard while running.

The other Diamond Dogs burrow into the walls and ground.


"Run! Run all you want but you can't escape!"
I take flight and go for him!

Rolled 2 + 2 = 4


"Let's just get out of here, Melody."


Or not.

Rolled 5 = 5


You dodge the first few things he throws at you, but a blanket lands over your head and you crash into a bed.

You step into a shadow. Best hope the Diamond Dogs didn't hear your hoovesteps from underground.

Rolled 1 = 1


I backstab whichever stupid dog comes up nearest to me

Rolled 8 = 8


"Why man?
Why not just have one last hurrah?"
I get out from under the stupid blanket and prepare to start wailing on some poor mofo!
…Assuming that wasn't a Helpless thing.

Rolled 9 + 2 = 11


A Diamond Dog pops up where you were standing moments ago. He has just enough time to look at his empty paws before you stick your knife through his skull. He body slides back into the tunnel as you pull your knife out.

The Diamond Dog starts burrowing into the ground as you catch up to him. You don't have room t swing your mandolin in the small amount of tunnel he has already managed to dig so you just stab at him as if it were a spear. He doesn't seem to react to your attack, but you must have been causing him a lot of pain because he miscalculates and brings part of the tunnel down on top of himself. You just barely escape the tunnel as it collapses, but look damn cool doing so.

Another pair of Diamond Dogs get ready to attack from underground.

Rolled 8 = 8



Rolled 7 = 7


I fly over to Mwa and prepare to wail on any Dogs I see pop out.
It's like whack-a-mole!

Rolled 9 + 2 = 11


You don't move fast enough and a Diamond Dog appears underneath you, but…

You push him out of the way and stick your mandolin down into the hole. The Diamond Dog starts screaming as you move the mandolin around in a stirring motion. He stops after a few seconds, but his screams were enough to wake up a Dig Dog that had managed to stay asleep so far.

There are still some more Diamond Dogs under ground and they are still angry.

Rolled 1 = 1


I stab whatever makes its way up.

Rolled 7 = 7


I fly over and start beating on the Dog who just woke up.
Talk about a rude awakening! Heh.

Rolled 10 + 2 = 12


You stab the dog in the shoulder before it has a chance to grab you. It yelps then disappears back into its tunnel.

Your time fighting the various kinds of Diamond Dogs has taught you their weak spots and you put this knowledge to use as the massive beast lumbers towards you. You jab it in the testicles, then the head, then the testicles, then its feet, the testicles, its paws, testicles again, and one last shot to the testicles. After doing all this in the space of a few seconds it collapses before its face even had time to change its expression.

There are those damn Diamond Dogs again.

Rolled 6 = 6


Fucking dogs. I'll stab one of them with my sword.

Rolled 3 = 3


I am like, a Diamond Dog killin' machine or something!
I wait for them to surface.
More whack-a-mole!

Rolled 8 + 2 = 10


Your luck fails you and a pair of paws wrap around your legs. Roll to get free.

You grab the Diamond Dog when it surfaces and pound its head until it stops moving.


I stab at the arm, too

Rolled 6 = 6


I… guess I wait for more?
Are there even any left?

Rolled 2 + 2 = 4


The Diamond Dog is near death now, but he slips free.

There is only one left, and here he comes.

Rolled 5 = 5


Fuck that dog. Fuck him with my knife in his head.

Rolled 9 = 9


Beat his ass!

Rolled 1 + 2 = 3


The Diamond Dog, bloody and enraged, bursts from the ground beneath you and wraps both arms around your midsection before pulling you down into the tunnel with him. Mwandishi was faster than the dog though, and as you struggle to turn around to the cramped conditions you can see a knife sticking out of his head. The dog is dead, but you are still trapped underground. Roll higher than a six to dig your way free.


…Well this is anticlimactic.

Rolled 5 = 5


And I help!

Rolled 3 = 3


You twist free of the dead dog's grasp, but can't shift the loose stone and dirt that is imprisoning you.

You try to dig her free but can't manage to get any of the rocks loose.


I keep digging to get my friend.

Rolled 4 = 4


I try to dig myself out.

Rolled 1 = 1


Stop screwing it up, Melody


Those rocks are wedged in there pretty tight.

It looks like you are making progress, but then even more rock falls down. It's even harder to move now. Roll higher than an 7 to get free.


I'm not gonna die here am I? ;_;

Rolled 10 = 10


I help, just in case


No, no, I'll just sit and sob.


You gonna roll for that?


No, sobbin'


With a miraculous burst of strength you are able to dig yourself free of what was almost your tomb. Your reward for your hard work is the sight of Mwandishi sitting on the floor and crying.


I stare, dumbfounded,
"…You didn't really think I was gonna die from a hole caving in on me, did you?
…You did, didn't you?"
I pause.
Then start laughing like crazy.
"Aww, c'mere you big lug"
I grab him into a hug.


I return the hug.
"I- I just was worried because if you died, there would be no one left to carry my loot or take the fall with the cops."

"Let's just get the fuck out of here. There's been enough killing today."


"Hold up.
Might as well check out this room while we're here."
I look around.

Rolled 4 = 4


"Well, if you insist."
Checkin' for traps and such

Rolled 8 + 1 = 9


It's a sleeping area for Diamond Dogs that has been hewn out of the rock. It has everything you might expect to find in a sleeping area: beds, blankets, clothing, some weapons and armor, and various personal items. There is a metal door and a wood door aside from the one you entered through.

No traps here.


Inspect metal door

Rolled 1 + 1 = 2


fuck metal splinters


I check out the wood door.

Rolled 4 = 4


Your put your head down and charge the metal door. You hit it so hard that it pops off it's hinges and falls over with a loud CLANG. Your face is bleeding and you think you may have a concussion.

It's made of wood and covered in tiny splinters.


I shake it off as best I can
What's in there?

Rolled 7 + 1 = 8


I ignore Mwa and open the door.

Rolled 6 = 6


It's an armory. There are wooden stands with armor made for Diamond Dogs. There is also a wide variety of weapons, but the chances of them being better than anything you found in the Alphas room are negligible.

You open the door and don't even get any splinters. Past the door is a very dark area, and past the dark area is the main cavern. The giant ring of dogs is still there as well as the sounds of fighting.


"It's like this is full of basic equipment that would have been useful when we came in but is now tragically obsolete because we advanced well past this stage. Or maybe that's just the concussion."


I close the door and walk away.
I think that might just be your concussion man.
Sometimes an armory's just an armory.
Anyways, let's blow this joint man."
I hold my hoof out for a high five.


Epic brohoof returned.

"Let's get out of here and get my wound healed. You know this is probably the worst I got it while we were in here?"


"I figured as much.
Doesn't even compare to the shit I got man."
Come to think of it, am I scarred at all?


Your chest and sides have several scars. Most of them given to you by the Alpha.


"Let's go."


Scars are sexy, right?
"I agree.
Let's get the hell out of here and get some of that sweet sweet reward dosh."


The two of you leave the sleeping area and return to the fork, then keep walking until you get back above ground. The moon is hanging full in the sky and the stars are shining brightly down on the resting slaves. Strawberry sees the two of you emerge and runs over.
"Are you two alright? What happened?"


Alright, leaving.
And watching for ambushes.

Rolled 8 + 1 = 9


"I got hit with a door, but otherwise we just killed some dogs."


"We just beat up some Dogs.
So nothin' out of the ordinary really.
Oh, and Mwa rammed into a metal door."


"One of the dogs hit you with a door? Oh my."

She laughs.
"He didn't get any more splinters, did he?"


"My head hurts a lot. Please heal me, Strawberry."


I laugh with her,
"It was a metal door luckily.
He might have metal shavings embedded in him though.
He did hit it preeetty damn hard."


"I'm pretty worn out. Let me see what I can do."

Rolled 3 = 3


Her horn glows for a second then fizzles out. She shakes her head.
"I'm sorry but I'm just too tired. I'll get to you first thing in the morning, I promise.."

Rolled 9 = 9


"Why are we stopping here? The town is just few hours away, and if we stay here who knows what will happen?"


"Yeah, let's head back to town and return these ponies to their homes!"
I let out a great big cheer.


"I'll need to check for those tomorrow too."

"We were waiting for the two of you."

The slaves wake up and a few of them cheer. The group forms up and heads back to town.
Feel free to either talk or just arrive back in town.


I'm too concussed to talk.


I walk up to Strawberry,
"So uh, what are you gonna do now?
I mean, all the ponies are rescued. The Royal Guard will probably be here soon to clear out the remaining Dogs. This is basically over."


"I'm going to take everyone we rescued back to temple of the royal sisters so the other priests and priestesses can heal them. After that I'm going to go home and take a long, hot shower, then go to bed. I suppose you and your friend are only going to be staying long enough for whatever reward the mayor has in mind?"


"Eh, maybe, maybe not.
We might stick around for a bit.
It's awfully hard to blow your bits when you're on the road after all."


She yawns.
"I suppose it is. Do you and your friend do things like this very often?"


"Yes, we could stay around for a while, live as town heroes for a few weeks, maybe."


"That's not a bad idea. I'm sure the families of the ponies you rescued will have their own rewards in addition to what the mayor gives you. Just be careful that you don't think being a hero excuses you from following the law."


The party arrives in town?


Party arrives in town.



The first light of day is just starting to shine over the horizon as the group arrives in town. A guard standing on a recently built watchtower spot the group and by the time you all arrive the families of the mission ponies have run out to greet them. The air is full of the sound of ponies laughing or crying as they embrace each other and both Mwandishi and Melody Maker get their fair share of hugs as well. After speaking with Strawberry the mayor pulls the two of you aside.

"Strawberry says the two of you did real well and even found a bunch of ponies down there that were from out of town. Lucky for you two that only one of them came back to town or your reward would be a whole lot smaller."

He points at the bloody bag that Mwandishi is carrying.

"Is that what I think it is?"


"Yes. We killed their leader. Also, we killed plenty of the rest of them."
I give her the bag.


>Lucky for you two that only one of them came back to town


"I guess the rest decided to just leave."


most of them only played one or two sessions so I'm just saying they parted ways with your group after leaving the mine.


Oooh, gotcha. Those other ponies.
"Huh. Wonder why."


How long more we running?


This is the end.



He opens the bag and scrunches at the smell, then closes it and sets it on his back.

"Yeah, that's him alright. Well you two saved all the ponies, and the other captives, kept any of them from dying, and killed the Alpha. In addition to the large sum of bits for rescuing them, and the items and heirlooms the families will likely want to give you, I'm prepared to make you both citizens of this town if you want."


"So we get to vote for mayor or what?"


Well that sounds nice."


"We're a poor town. The reward I'm already giving you cuts deep into our emergency fund. The ponies here will be glad to help the two of you build a house big enough for both of you, or two houses if that's what you want, and I can't imagine anyone charging either of you for the materials. Well, Pinchpenny might, but you rescued her son so she's going to give you both a steep discount. For as long as I'm the mayor neither of you will be taxed for even a single bit. All I ask is that neither of you cause trouble."

"It's not much, but it's all we have."


"Don't cause trouble?"
"I don't think this is going to work. I was born for the road and for revolution, and you can't have that sitting around in some village on the edge of nowhere."


"I'm gonna have to agree with Mwa here. Born for the road man.
So I think we're gonna have to decline the offer of residency."


"This town won't be on the edge of nowhere for long now that the diamond dogs are going to be cleared out. Once word gets out about the massive amount of gems in the nearby mountains this town is going to boom, but if that's really how you feel then you'll have to settle on a free bed at the inn and a free meal whenever you pass through."


"That's good enough for me."


"Sounds like a deal to me."
So Mwa, what are you gonna spend your reward money on first?


Ale and whores and bail money


A man of distinguished taste as usual I see.


I'll spend whatever's left over on printing revolutionary literature when we get to Manehattan


Sounds like a plan! And Manehatten should go over pretty well too. 'Specially around those bohemian communities.


Well, I guess we're basically done.


Looks that way.

What did you two think?


B- But I gotta do one more thing!

Rollin' to ask Strawberry out.

Rolled 5 = 5


…I'll help.

Rolled 6 = 6


Strawberry sees the two of you coming, but leaves when she sees the look in Melody's eyes. Shortcake puts a hoof on Melody's chest to stop her.

"Sorry honey, but I'm afraid she just doesn't swing that way."

She moves her hoof further up.

"I do believe you deserve a reward though~."

She looks over at Mwandishi.

"Does he deserve a reward too?"


"Well… I did do about half the work."


Don't even get a chance? Aww…
I'll take what I can get I guess.
I place my hoof on her,
"I think I'll take you up on that offer~"

Oh Strawberry, you should really know better than to waifu a straight girl. It'll never work!


Aaaand on that note I think I need sleep.


It looks like this quest had a happy ending.


But on a more serious note, could I have your reviews? How did I do as a DM?


Though I highly doubt Melody's gonna give up pursuing Strawberry. Girl just don't know when to stop.
Tons of fun.
I honestly can't think of any criticism, to be honest.
For it being what it was, you managed to balance RP and combat excellently.
And you always had a nice amount of variation and flair to the combat messages. Don't quite think I ever saw you take the easy way out and say something boring and generic.


>And you always had a nice amount of variation and flair to the combat messages.
Really? I felt like I kept repeating myself.


Well, I need to get to sleep, too, but I'll just go ahead and give out my notes.

I really enjoyed it. This was my first time doing an online (PnP) RPG thing (I've done a lot IRL, though), and it went swimmingly, I think. Everyone involved was willing to do a lot of roleplaying, and that was cool.

I think there's a sort of diminishing returns issue that comes with adding more people. There's an ideal number of participants in this sort of thing — enough people that there's a lot of room to interact, but not so many that everything gets bogged down — and once you pass that number things start to get cumbersome. Probably 3-4 PCs at a time is ideal, but I think that's pretty true in real life, too.

As far as the quest itself goes, I guess it could have been more "open." It felt (and there's no way of knowing, I guess, without knowing what you planned) like our only real way to solve problems was via murder, and while you told us it was going to be combat-oriented, and I enjoyed that, I think things could have been more diverse.

It was still a lot of fun, though, and your description of what was going on was key. I never got bored with that.

The system y'all use is kind of interesting. Pretty free form, and that's nice — I like things being somewhat abstracted, though I think it could use some way to simulate skill better. As it is it's just basically a 50% chance you succeed or you don't at any particular task that's not your designated specialty, which isn't terrible, but it's also a little annoying sometimes. Would adding something more detailed make it too cumbersome? Maybe, I don't know. Might be worth a try or two, though.

Would love to bring the characters back sometime. Would also love to do this again regardless of ssetting.


I certainly didn't notice it.
>Would love to bring the characters back sometime.
One of the other dudes here, DM, is actually running a 'Epic-tier' quest soon. Like, Sunday soon.
He's letting people bring back old characters for one last hurrah.


Cool. Would be interested.


Ah, was hopin' you would be.
Ain't no way I'm going to be playing Melody again without ya man.


Cool, I'll post in the dnd general thread about it or whatever.


>As far as the quest itself goes, I guess it could have been more "open." It felt (and there's no way of knowing, I guess, without knowing what you planned) like our only real way to solve problems was via murder, and while you told us it was going to be combat-oriented, and I enjoyed that, I think things could have been more diverse.
When I first put my ideas on to paper I was just trying to make this the Pony D&D version of "go into that cave and kill all the goblins." In my future quests I'm going to add more ways to interact with the enemies than just blind slaughter. Can you give me any specifics scenarios from this quest and tell me what you would have done instead? That would be really helpful to me.

>The system y'all use is kind of interesting. Pretty free form, and that's nice — I like things being somewhat abstracted, though I think it could use some way to simulate skill better. As it is it's just basically a 50% chance you succeed or you don't at any particular task that's not your designated specialty, which isn't terrible, but it's also a little annoying sometimes. Would adding something more detailed make it too cumbersome? Maybe, I don't know. Might be worth a try or two, though.

I'll pass this on to DM.


>Can you give me any specifics scenarios from this quest and tell me what you would have done instead?
Can't speak for Mwa, but IMO aside from ridiculous dice-abuse style diplomacy or distractions, there really wasn't much else different you could've done here besides blind murder. Like you said, it was basically a Pony D&D version of dungeon diving.


>the Pony D&D version of "go into that cave and kill all the goblins."
Yeah, definitely had that feel. Nothing wrong with that at all, I think.

>Can you give me any specifics scenarios from this quest and tell me what you would have done instead?

I'll give you something tomorrow. Sorry. I'm too tired to think up much right now.


No problem.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll make up a new rule to help with the problem you pointed out.
Or, well, I'll lift DCs out of D&D and add them to the rules.
Again, thanks. A fresh pair of eyes helps a lot with improving the rules.


So I've thought about it a little more, and I guess there's two things I'd have done a little differently:

1) I'd try to incorporate alternate ways to solve conflicts violently — triggering traps (like cave-ins, for example), turning the dogs against one another somehow, etc. This is tough, since you want to provide enough information to let the players think outside the box, but you don't just want to give it all away.

I think I said this before, when you said that you had expected us to try to get the guide who brought us to the lair to come with us, but I'll go ahead and say it again — a lot of that just comes down to the players thinking up this sort of thing and you running with it. I think a lot of it is just communicating to the players subtly that you are willing to let them think up alternate solutions.

But, as a concrete example, what would you have done if we had, instead of just running from the Alpha's lair, dragged his body further out into the cave, so that one of the dogs would find it? Thinking about it now, knowing what you said happened after we were finally leaving, that would have been an interesting way to get the dogs to fight one another for position.

Again, a lot of that is on us for not even really thinking about that, but I think some of it just comes down to setting up a pattern of accepting new paths and solutions.

I know that's really general, but it's hard to come up with something concrete here. The quest was very tightly constructed, so everything made sense, and it's a little difficult to think of new paths through it.

2) On a more "macro" level, I probably would have run with the question I raised early, early in the quest: Why would the dogs attack all of a sudden? The answer given, as I recall, was that the dogs started losing workers because of a plague. That works, and I really give you credit for actually providing an answer to a question that most GMs would have glossed over with "Dunno, they're evil."

This could have been the source of something deeper, however, and perhaps it could have provided a way to maybe solve the quest (more) nonviolently.

Maybe, instead of a plague, there was an issue with a monster deep in the mines, and by killing it we could convince the dogs to release the prisoners. Or maybe they needed more workers because a civil war had killed off many of the dogs, and we could somehow exploit that.

These are things that really would only matter, I think, if you had gone in a less "traditional" direction. As you said, you wanted to do what was basically a "dungeon crawl," and that succeeded marvelously.

Don't think of what I said as advice to address "problems" so much as input on how to make future games different.

Cool. If you've ever played FUDGE, the way the game breaks down skills is really basic — superb/great/good/fair/bad/awful or something like that. Maybe something like that could work. Whatever it is, I'd keep it basic and abstract.

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