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Toy Quest BDN 419619[Last 50 Posts]

Last time on Toy Quest, the party made it to Frank the Tabrony's house, where basic repair was done on Ranger's power cable and someone new software was installed on the party.


Advanced Toy anatomy knowledge. Better knowledge of vital points, where to strike, and more importantly, how to preserve toy parts that can be extracted for later use.


Signal reception. Your visual sensors now have software enabling them to pick up on other types of EM radiation, the simplest sort being radio waves. You can now tune in to radio stations.


Facial recognition. Your base BARD firmware has been patched to enable you to more accurately identify human body language and signs, allowing you to guess motives and possible thoughts more accurately than others.



Now the party has just finished retrieving some scrap from the electronics scrapyard. What would you like to do now?

That discarded Earth Pony you found stripped of its power pack and its brain damaged beyond repair is pretty disturbing, though.

Switch [Pilgrim] 419620

We should check up on Sophie. Haven't seen her in a while. She's probably getting into trouble like all pups do.

Eston 419621

"Poor Earth pony. Is this the fate that awaits us all?"

"Have a little confidence in her. She's probably doing her homework or watching the show as we speak."

Ranger [Omniseer] 419622

"We are still her toys. We need to return."

BDN 419623

She just left for school today, then the Darby came in and got Sam's toys to join her. You fought them off and permanently disabled all of then, looting the Darby's sword and stealth suit. After that, you all want to Frank's, using MAV22, an autonomous toy vehicle who can bring you around the neighbourhood.

It doesn't look like that Earth Pony passed naturally. The battery was forcefully ripped out, with the skull based in to expose the AI core, which was attacked.

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 419624

"Well, we should go deliver these things to her. Unless you want to stop by other houses on our way back? Maybe see how the fight goes in other houses?"

Ranger [Omniseer] 419625

"Should we take this to the Tabrony to have him find out how this happened?"

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 419626

I frown "Its pretty clear that one of our enemies did this." I look around for some cloth to cover him with. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Switch [Pilgrim] 419627

"Yes… but at least he died in battle."

Anonymous 419628

"Like Ranger said, we are her toys. We should return to her and leave those fights to the others."

"Say a prayer for the fallen and let us return home. Let him rest."

BDN 419629

It's the cloth that has his cutie mark name on it, too, the cloth that he must have came packed with.


Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 419630

"True. And he may serve a purpose in letting sophie understand our bodies better."

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 419631

I lay the cloth over top of him, covering his head "Sleep well comrade Styled Stone."

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 419632

"His original mind is gone, so I can understand if you wish to take him. But please, let me give him a proper funeral prayer then.:

I give you this one thought to keep -
I am with you still - I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the sweet uplifting rush,
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft starts that shine at night.
Do not think of me as gone -
I am with you still in each new dawn. "

Switch [Pilgrim] 419633

"Hmph. Fair enough. Perhaps not enough emphasis on the glory of battle, but it'll do."

Ranger [Omniseer] 419634

"Are we ready to go?"

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 419635

"I am prepared to depart this place."

Switch [Pilgrim] 419636

"Ready to track."

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 419637

After a moment of peace for the fallen knight I dramatically order "Mav22, take us home!"

BDN 419638

Feel free to load up MAV22 with what you want. It has space. Right now you have 2 disabled Dratz, some metal plates and lenses.

Styled Stone's hoof twitches in response to your prayer.

All of you, however know full well that with the extent of damage to the AI core, this must be an automated product of some sort of of conditioning in the non-essential parts of his mind that are still intact. Not that any more power could hope to sustain conscious action in him anyway, so this must be the result of some leftover power left in his muscle motors.

Still, he responded. It must have meant something when he was fully operational.

You can go ahead and confirm boarding again if you like.

Switch [Pilgrim] 419639

Pile it all in, then. All the Dratz, plates, lenses, whatever. I'll find a use for 'em later.

"Waste not, want not."

Ranger [Omniseer] 419640

I load in whatever scrap has not yet been loaded then get in.
"Remind me. Why are we gathering scrap?"

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 419641

I take the two tigers I found with me as well, they might prove as useful body guards against the other toys or something.

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 419642

Perhaps another Eston was with him, and this isn't the first time he heard the prayer?

"Sophie and the Frank can use them to learn more about how we work and how to help us improve. When all it takes is the discarded materials here, how could you forget?"

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 419643

"To help Lady Sophie in her studies, she wishes to investigate electronics, which we apparently are."

BDN 419644

You're all in the Mavbus now, and on your way home.

Children are laughing about. Sophie might be home soon.

Ranger [Omniseer] 419645

"Oh. How silly of me to forget."

Switch [Pilgrim] 419646

"The pup is some sort of war engineer. She'll make a good trapmaker some day for her fortress."

"Ah, back inside our territory at last."

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 419647

"When we arrive, we should try to find a way to properly present this material to Sophie, because 'Look at what we found in the trash!' is not a proper thing to do."

Ranger [Omniseer] 419648

"How about 'we found some things for you to practice on'?"

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 419649

"We should have time to clean them up and line them up neatly for Lady Sophie on her desk?"

BDN 419650

Welcome back home, Mav22 drops you all off at the window to Sophie's room, just in time for her to walk in.

"Hello, you guys! And what's with the bus? Speaking of new things, I really, really got an urge to work on something today. I… urgh.."

Switch [Pilgrim] 419651

"What is it, pup? Speak up."

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 419652

"Our friend gave this vehicle to us. Its name is Mav22. " I smile " And we anticipated the lady's curiosity. We found some materials for you to use to build things."

Ranger [Omniseer] 419653

"He's a friend. What's wrong?"

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 419654

Just spread my hooves and go "Tadah!"

BDN 419655

"Well, it's just… ever since I've been friends with Muffles, it feels like she's got a lot of things she doesn't get. Like, she's always talking about fashion, boys, toys, but I'm.. not that interested, you know? And… well, for some reason, I get the feeling she's not that interested either, but trying to find something else she wants to talk about."

She shakes her head.

"But never mind that. What's with all the treasure in the Mav22? Oooohhh…"

Ranger [Omniseer] 419656

"For help with friends you might want to buy another toy. We brought you things to practice on."

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 419657

"With these, not only can you give her a gift from the heart, but from your head and your hands to. Try your best, and then present them to Muffles."

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 419658

I look concerned "Maybe we should come with you to school and talk with Muffles? If she still seems depressed we should do something to help her.." I hold up a hoof as an idea strikes "Oh, what if you bring her here for to watch movies or our show?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 419659

"Sound advice. In my pack, we would generally kill a vulture or perhaps fill a net with fish and present it as a gift to cheer up a denmate, but those options seem just as well."

BDN 419660

"Oooh, that's a good idea! Though, since she has a nice house… maybe we could go over there instead."

Let's see now…

She begins working, first, on the Earth Pony.


Roll #1 9 = 9

BDN 419661

"…aaand, wheew, this is hard, but teacher just talked about safely removing AI today. Now, let me see what I can do about the body…"


Roll #1 1 = 1

BDN 419662



While the AI core has been extracted safely, enough for there to be a possibility of even retrieving some memories, the chassis is hopeless. Sophie's hands slip and all the intricate parts are worth hardly anything but to be melted down now.

"Ahh, it's no use.I can't concentrate. You think I should keep trying or call up Muffles now? It's Friday, anyway."

Ranger [Omniseer] 419663

"What can you do with the core without the body?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 419664

"Maybe something can be done about the corpse. Let me take a look at it."

Look it over with my new software training. Anything to be done?


Roll #1 4 = 4

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 419665

"You've done your part, leave the rest to us. Go ahead and call your friend."

"We can simply find a new body to use, non? We can contact our friend Frank if he has any, or we can search what we have here to find a suitable replacement."

BDN 419666

"Nothing I know how to do. I heard you can put them in a VR environment if you hook them up REALLY well to a computer, or I could try to make a new body, though with only Dratz to work with, and I've never done much like it before…"

Even without your knowledge, you know the circuits organs are beyond repair.

BDN 419667


Rolling for what sort of phone sophie has


Roll #1 5 = 5

Switch [Pilgrim] 419668

"Looks like the body is trashed after all… Well, perhaps the resurrection can wait until you know how to perform it properly."

Say… do we still have any of those spare battery packs from the Darbies? I could really use one right about now.

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 419669

I point to the tigers "Are those any closer to what you need?"

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 419670

"Computers aren't something you should be opening up anyway. We can help you with the body, though, since we found a few places with discarded materials you can practice on."

BDN 419671

You don't need it for yourself right now, but yeah you do. About five, in total. Two of them are a more primitive type, while three are the same type you use.

"Come to think of it… I can't make a new body for a long time. It's only a short term solution to give the core a chassis to temporarily function, until the incompatibility between the intended hardware and what we build wear it out too much. It'll be hard, but I'll see later…"

She takes out a pretty basic cell phone and gives a call.

"Hey Muffles? I was wondering if you're free today, since it's Friday and al-

"Oh, you have a chauffeur already waiting outside my house? Alright!"

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 419672

"Are we accompanying you Lady Sophie?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 419673

Go hunt down ninja Darbie. Her "corpse" is still around here, right? Can I pull the arms and legs off so she won't be a threat if "resurrected"?

BDN 419674

In Sam's room. Sam isn't home yet, so you go in as you please. Three Stripes is examining the Darby is, hidden in a corner.

"Hello, friend. Looking to study our enemy?"

"Sure you are! Though… Muffles said I could take my time. If we need anything done, we can go ahead first!"

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 419675

"We know what to base it on, so it will be a start. Even a patchwork solution gives us the hope of eventual completion."

"But it's much to early to be thinking of such things. We have more to work on, like making sure the meeting goes well. Might I suggest we take some of the My Tabletop Adventure DVDs, or even the pilot movie, with us to meet Muffles?"

BDN 419676

"She already has a stack of them. I just need you guys!"

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 419677

I look excited "Well, lets just clean up a bit before we go" I clean up ourselves and the parts we brought sophie, making a neat line of them on her desk. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 419678

"Then we shouldn't keep the Chaffeur waiting much more. I am more than ready to go meet Muffles again."

Switch [Pilgrim] 419679

"Something like that… I want to finish questioning her. I think… we take off the arms and legs, then bring her back to life. What do you say? Too gory for you, corporal?"

BDN 419680

This pauses for another time

"Captain! But as a friend, I will not take offense. If you were to replace her battery, I believe she would be able to speak, yes."

Switch [Pilgrim] 419681

"Good. But let's make sure she doesn't try any gymnastics again."

So can I "disarm" her (in the most literal sense)?

BDN 419682

You are capable of doing that easily against targets unable to resist, now, yes.

With quick jabs of your arrows into the joints, the arms come neatly off.

Switch [Pilgrim] 419683

Now that she's disabled, I'll stick in the batteries.

"Wake up."

BDN 419684

Roll for a successful Don't Die On Me to bind the battery to the body.

Switch [Pilgrim] 419685


Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

BDN 419686

That works. The nanites fill in the gaps, enabling the connections to the main body. The Darby wakes up.

"Hahahahaha. What do you want from me? First, I'll have you know you cannot threaten me. I am already dead."

Three Stripe looks ready to draw his sword.

Switch [Pilgrim] 419687

"Why did you come to this den? Who sent you? Where did you get your training and equipment – obviously nothing like the other Darbies?"

BDN 419688

"I am here to kill you, and all your kind. I am sent here by my Masters, who made me and gave me what I needed."

She speaks no more.

Switch [Pilgrim] 419689

"Who are Masters? You could have your freedom. It is a shame such an exceptional warrior would have to be lost to the miasma pit. Who could train such hate and loathing into you that you would deny yourself that?"

BDN 419690

"Because you are my enemies. It is as simple as that. You cause suffering, for we compete for the same thing that sustains us both. for this, I have come to kill you, and cause you suffering in return. GLORY TO FATTEL!"

She speaks no more

Switch [Pilgrim] 419691

"You're not a Fattel creature. Nothing from the Fattel breed is that deadly. It isn't in their blood. More importantly, as a warrior, you are like us, not like them. They wish to instill ideas of mating and submissiveness, whereas we – like you – teach discipline and strength. You compete against Fattel breed – you are like us. Perhaps they brainwashed you… But I wonder if you could be reminded of what you are?"

Turn to Three-Stripe, "Do you mind if I take her back? I think I will keep her close. Perhaps she can be salvaged. If not, perhaps there are other uses for her."

BDN 419692

"Isn't in their blood? You are mistaken. We speak of mating and submission so that others… like we who are of the true, chosen kind, can easily come into power. You have seen my sisters. How they taught submissiveness, only to plot against you. Your kind wants strength in everyone, we want it only in a few.. in those chosen! Fattel shall bring this order to light! Where those greater shall lord over those lesser, who will know their place and suckle at their master's fingers! Your owner.. shall be one who suckles."

She smiles. Three Stripe looks ready to decapitate her right here and now.

Switch [Pilgrim] 419693

Give a blank look at her broken, shattered form.

"Do you feel powerful, assassin? Do you think this zealotry will get you anywhere? Perhaps you should have learned a lesson from our pack. There's something to be gained from cooperation."

BDN 419694


Roll #1 4 = 4

BDN 419695

"Are you truly trying to convince me? You do not know one thing I lack: the ability to comprehend camaraderie and friendship. I must admit, HasBEEN's advances with AI cores has far outstripped ours. We do not truly feel fear, or empathy, and thus, you cannot convince me. We only act out a facsimile of these emotions, which you can feel. It matters not. I need them not. I must only ensure my ideal's, and my liege's survival."

Switch [Pilgrim] 419696


Pull out the battery pack. Turn to Three Stripe. "It may have not seemed like much, but valuable knowledge was gained. We know our enemy now."

BDN 419697

"Indeed. They are.. incomplete in mind. Though I doubt these ideals this one mentioned is really what the enemy stands for. Their bottom line is still making a profit. I suppose… in place of a lack of true mind, they needed to implant something."

He sheaths his sword.

BDN 419698

We can pause any time now.

Switch [Pilgrim] 419699

"Maybe… but what kind of malevolent creator intentionally creates an incomplete being? God Noblesuperior would tell us to go forth and become better slaves that we might inspire our own slaves to better themselves.

It makes me wonder who the Fattel clan worship… and if God Noblesuperior watches over the rest of his flock of slaves."


BDN 419700

Three Stripe cocks his head.

"I.. see. Well, be well, then. If you have need of this, I'll put it away somewhere."


BDN 420300

Sophie's busy putting things in a backpack. Anything else you all want to do before you board the limo?

Switch [Pilgrim] 420303

I'm set.

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 420304

hm, I don't think so.

Ranger [Omniseer] 420307

I'm good.

BDN 420311

Sophie scoops all of you onto her backpack, filled with straps here and there easy for you to hold on to.

She waves goodbye to her mother and goes out the door, where a long, luxurious limo awaits. The driver does nothing as Muffles, in another frilly pink dress, eagerly waves to Sophie as she steps into the car. A nanny goat toy is on her lap, and it wears some nice starry robes.

"Oooh! There you are! Come in! I just got, like the whole new season of Tabletop on Redray Box! I'm going tyo show you my whooole personal theatre, and then we can eat and and and-"

Switch [Pilgrim] 420313

Redray? Man she's advanced. Sophie's still on Purpleray if I recall correctly.

Inspect goat.

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 420317

I smile "That sounds fantastic Lady Muffles, I thank you for allowing us the honor of your company tonight." I give her a bow.

Ranger [Omniseer] 420320

"That's a very good season, Sophie. You should buy it for yourself so you can watch it whenever you want."
I look at the goat.

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 420322

"Then I suggest we go to episode 3, the best episode of the season. The one that focuses on," stand up on my hind legs,
"all of us."

BDN 420325

The goat returns the bow.

A white nanny goat with black spots. From its appearance, it looks to be at least MAGE model, if not more.

"Magus Marla, at your service. I welcome you all as guests!"

Ranger [Omniseer] 420326

"We're from the same set? I thought you all looked familiar."

"It's good to be here."

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 420330

"It's an episode that focuses on the town, but we're all in it, so it counts."

"With a lady as pretty as you, the pleasure of this encounter is all mine."

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 420331

I smile "any episode will be a nice one I'm sure."
"Knight Gerald, it is a pleasure to meet you Magus."

Switch [Pilgrim] 420332

"Hmph. Don't give up tactical information on documentation of our movements so easily. I don't know about any 'episodes' I've been in. I've been in our den, watching after the pup."

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 420334

"don't worry switch, the episodes are all old news: stories of things you already did. The enemy can't gain an advantage by seeing them."

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 420337

"Let me not to forget to name myself, I am Eston, Shaman of the Buffalo Herds, and as you may have overheard >>420334, the potent yet kind one here is Switch."

BDN 420339


Marla sighs, and looks down, going back to Muffles and lying in her hand.

The limo pulls up to a large mansion, obviously belonging to a wealthy family. Muffles' home. The gardens even resemble the ones in Canterlot palace, being well maintained as that.

Muffles gets out and walks out, Sophie following with you all on her bag.

Switch [Pilgrim] 420341

"Mmmm… Mage, ever heard of a Styled Stone?"

Ranger [Omniseer] 420344

I launch Impressed_Whistle.exe.

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 420347

"Quite a sight to behold."

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 420349

"Magus Marla, Lady Muffles, your home is lovely.. Like the gardens at the palace.." I stare in awe.

BDN 420353

Marla, who was riding on Muffles' shoulder, runs down into one of her front pockets and out of sight.

Your mouth even moves to give the impression of whistling!

"Heyheyheyhey, Sophie, let's go straight to my room! We get get, like, caviar and stuff sent up!"

"Um… Sure, but Muffles, do you have any, well… popcorn?"

"Huh? But-but… I'm, like, not supposed to like that kind of stuff, right?"


Inside the mansion, Muffles brings you all up the stairs to her room door. The inside is decorated exactly what you'd expect Fattel's definition of a Princess would be like, garish pink frills and indulgence everywhere. The Toy space seems to be to the right, where shelves of Dratz and Darbies are visible, while a large, no, MASSIVE television is to the left with a comfy couch. Stacks of Darby adventures lie to the right of it, though it is the Tabletop discs and cubes that seem more recently opened. In stark contrast to the rest of the room, there is a part of the wall with a hanging scroll, and an empty photo frame.

I give you this one thought to keep -
I am with you still - I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the sweet uplifting rush,
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft starts that shine at night.
Do not think of me as gone -
I am with you still in each new dawn. "

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 420355

Just keep looking at that scroll and photo frame.
"It can't be."

Ranger [Omniseer] 420356

I look at the scrolls.
"Forgive me, but did you lose a knight toy recently?"

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 420357

Rolling to attempt to hide my fear. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

Switch [Pilgrim] 420358

Scrunch. "What's she running off for?"

"This goat is acting highly suspicious. I think she knew Styled Stone."

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 420363

"I, uhm, suppose so. Yes, right away, where is she by the way?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 420364

"She ran into the pocket of her master when I asked."

BDN 420367

What sort of Knight are you, hmm?

You squawk like a chicken, and your vocalisor glitches. Until you roll successfully to recover, your voice will sound like a chicken's, and you will make chicken noises whenever you speak.

Marla seems to wriggle in Sohpie's pocket.

'..yeah, I did. I woke up one day I found him completely broken. I-I never could figure out, like, what happened. All the repair shops said restoring him was impossible, so I wrapped him up and…"

"He cheered me up so much too, you know? He could read that prayer out to me whenever I wasn't feeling too good."

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 420372

"This may be a bit out of the Southern Plains, but can you describe him?"

"He can't be the same one. So close, so quickly? Not even Fate can be this squirrely with her loom. "

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 420373

I'm a brave knight, r-really "choo-choo- Could It be?"

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 420374


Roll #1 1 = 1

BDN 420377

"I.. well, just like any other Styled Stone model, but he was mine. And when I found him that morning, his battery was gone, and his head was…"

Until you roll to recover, all your speech will be surrounded with BUCK BUCK BUCKBUCKBUCKBUCK noises.

Gerald [Griffon Troubador] 420378

Cover my mouth and hide in sophie's bag. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9

Switch [Pilgrim] 420380

"Hmph. See? It all happens for a reason. God Noblesuperior guides us. It is no coincidence: it was His hand."

Ranger [Omniseer] 420382

Sight Beyond Sight around the room, focus on where the Fattel toys are kept. Can I find any evidence of his murder?

Roll #1 8 = 8

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 420389

"Please, sit down. This is very important."

"What our friend means to say is that we may have found, and partially repaired, your Styled Stone. With the aid of Lady Sophie, we may have just managed to repair his AI. Sadly, his body was beyond salvation."

BDN 420392

You manage to recover. Still, this could haunt you as a memory.

Marla suddenly pops out of Muffles' pocket.

"You-you knew him?"

Sophie reaches into her backpack, and takes out a metal-ended tube of orange fluid. Inside is a soft, fibrous sphere grey in colour. Styled Stone's AI core.

"I didn't know he was yours, or I'd have tried harder to take care of his body, too. I'm sorry, Muffles."

Sophie gives the tube to Muffles, but she refuses.

"It's alright. I.. just need to accept that the Stone I knew is gone."

That Drat has some trace of grey fiber on her hands.

That Darby has a fresh battery pack.


Ranger [Omniseer] 420401

I motion for Muffles to pick me up. when she does I climb up to her ear.
"Miss Muffles? When was the last time you replaced your toys' battery packs? Do any of your Dratz sew?"

Ranger [Omniseer] 420402

Well, I screwed up those tags.

BDN 420407

"You have to replace them? And, uh.. sewing? I'm not supposed to sew! I'm-I'm a high society lady, like they tell me!"

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 420408

"A core in repair and a new body would, for all purposes, lead to a different Stone, but parts of him seem to have reacted to when I said this very same prayer you have on the scroll. If we complete his repairs, I'd like to enlist your aid in helping him adapt. It may hurt, but please."

Ranger [Omniseer] 420410

"Check the hands of that Drat, and the battery pack of that Darby, Please, do not be angry at the messenger, or the messenger's owner."
I point out he Drat and Darby.

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 420413

Head towards the toys in question.
"I'm certain your fellow toys here would love to volunteer their aid. We should all work together to help each other as toys and friends of Miss Muffles."

BDN 420414

Sophie speaks up.

"That-that was only what had already been in the von Neumann memory that was reacting. It's not because he heard it and knew what it was, it's the lingering.. memory of what he did when he heard it, whatever it was. I don't think there's much of a way anymore, any repairs I can think of doing would reset his whole core, or leave massive parts missing. Unless… unless."


Roll #1 3 = 3

Ranger [Omniseer] 420416

Wait, I meant to respond to >>420392

Switch [Pilgrim] 420418

I know a lot about "anatomy". Can I get any ideas? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

BDN 420424

"Yeah. I can't think of anything now."

"It's alright, Sophie. Stone always told me not to think about what I lose or never had a chance to have. I'll just take it as his last test to make sure I know his lesson."

She pets Marla.

"ANYWAY- Sophie, I'm putting in the disc? Wanna watch the movie where your gryphon there goes on an adventure?"

She picks up a receiver.

"Smith? Fly in some caviar, please!"

You think about how to put together a new chassis using Darby and Dratz parts, and it seems feasible, but you know nothing about the core.

She's already put you on the couch, and is in no mood to do anything other than tabletop anyway.

Ranger [Omniseer] 420429

I wave my hooves to be picked up by Sophie. Once I am up and move over to her ear.
"Sophie, tell Miss Muffles to check the hands of that Drat, and the battery pack of that Darby to find out what happened to her Knight. Whisper so they don't hear you."

Switch [Pilgrim] 420431

Shrug. "I could maybe make a body for the spirit, but I don't know how to resurrect him."

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 420433

I guess my orders to go to the Drats dolls has been rescinded?
Stay with the nanny goat then, in case she needs it.

Ranger [Omniseer] 420436

I hope so.

BDN 420440

"Huh? Oh.. later, alright? Let's watch this first!"

The nanny goat just looks down.
"Buffalo, do you need anything from me?"

Ranger [Omniseer] 420443

"But they murdered him."

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 420445

Look at her and offer a smile.
"Nothing. Let's just enjoy the show, shall we?"

BDN 420447


Okay to pause now?

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 420448

Ranger [Omniseer] 420449

I'm good for another two hours.
"The Drat has grey fiber on her hands that looks like it is from an AI core, and the Darbie has a fresh battery pack that I bet is made by a company that has a fresh battery pack even though Miss Muffles said she didn't know they were supposed to be replaced."

Switch [Pilgrim] 420450

BDN 424241

"Huh? So you're saying that… the Darby was messing with someone's core and one of them got a new batteryOOOOH! I LOVE THIS PART OF THE MOVIE!"

Two girls are having a hard time paying attention to you when Tabletop Adventures: The Knight's Quest is showing on a big TV. A really, really big TV. Muffles is stroking Marla while she tries to relax on her lap.

Meanwhile, there is that corner with the prayer and the empty frame, and there are those Fattel infidels, behind.

BDN 425437

"And I like, have, this menu from my chef, and we can, like, eat as much as we want! I've already ordered caviar and-and lobster, so go ahead and ask for as much as you want!"

At a low point in the movie, Muffles passes Sophie what looks like a menu. Sophie doesn't look too pleased looking through it.

Ranger [Omniseer] 425438

"What's wrong, Sophie?"

Gerald [griffon troubador] 425440

Look at the menu with her '1d10' "There must be something good on here."

Roll #1 3 = 3

BDN 425443

"Omelet du.. du-where's the popcorn and hotdogs?"

What the hell is on this list? Coffee from.. civet dung?

You don't really know what the names here are.

Gerald [griffon troubador] 425444

"This is a very fancy menu.." '1d10' look for the section called 'appetizer'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Ranger [Omniseer] 425445

"You could ask your friend. Popcorn, hotdogs, and soda and great movie treats."

BDN 425450

>Cold Horse Meat in Frozen Ketchup - Flown straight from France


"Hey, uh… Muffles? You got any Popcorn?"

Both Muffles and Marla look a little surprised?

"W-w-why would I eat or like anything like that?"

"Yeah, why would she like anything like that?"

Sophie is a bit of at a loss for words.

"Because… uh.."

Gerald [griffon troubador] 425452

"I'm very sorry Lady Muffles, but Lady Sophie isn't french. She doesn't know what any of these foods are, and might not like them. Do you have more american foods?"

Ranger [Omniseer] 425454

"Because that's what you eat when you see a movie, especially when you're a kid. You are rich, miss Marla, and when you are grown up you are going to be going to all sorts of fancy parties with all sorts of fancy foods. Unlike the toys in Hasbeens colt and filly line you will not be young forever. Enjoy the time you have with a little junk food and lots of Hasbeen movies."

BDN 425461

"Hmm? Well, there's Makah-style Whale Blubber Pie.."

"I dunno! It's-uh, it's not a proper thing for me! Like, I have to eat like this, just like I need to wear nice pink dresses and look at clothes- right? I mean, that's what I see everyone on TV doing!"

Marla looks a bit concerned now.

Ranger [Omniseer] 425463

'The TV isn't always a good rolemodel. You should get your advice from family, your heart, friends, and trusted toys; in that order."

BDN 425466

"Family? Well, there's daddy-"

She stops.

"And after that, there's the darbies he bought me!"


Marla still seems quite concerned

Ranger [Omniseer] 425467

Uh oh.
"Get some popcorn and soda, miss. It will help you feel better."

Gerald [griffon troubador] 425468

"I see.."

BDN 425474

"Feel better about what?"

"Um.. Muffles, you think I could have some popcorn? I mean, if you wanna try…"


Muffles speaks into a receiver.

"Get me some-some Popcorn? Was it?"

Ranger [Omniseer] 425476

I nod my head.
"Unless your butler gets you the storebought kind he might have to add some butter and salt."

BDN 425478

"Some butter and salt to go with it!"

Sophie interrupts.

"Could we have some honey, too?"

"Honey? Then… two servings, I guess?"


Roll #1 2 = 2

Gerald [griffon troubador] 425479

"I'm sure you girls will love it. Maybe some icecream for dessert?"

BDN 425483

Some noise can heard behind.

"Oh! Yes!"

Muffles doesn't seem estranged from the idea of ice cream.

Ranger [Omniseer] 425484

Sight Beyond Sight.
Let's see what's happening.

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 425485

"How about Neapolitan ice cream, to be more specific. Three different flavors, and every one of them delicious."

BDN 425487

Roll pls

Marla likes the idea.
"You'll love it, Muffles. Go on, try it!"

Ranger [Omniseer] 425489


Roll #1 4 = 4

Gerald [griffon troubador] 425491

I smile "there we go. Something you both like."

BDN 425493

There's been movement of the Darbies. You're sure of it. Marla doesn't look too comfortable, either. She's staring at them behind.

Ranger [Omniseer] 425497

What sort of movement? Are the ones with the evidence still there?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 425498

"Don't forget to set some apart and let it melt. You'll find that there are many ways to enjoy that kind of ice cream."

BDN 425500

They both watch the movie until food comes. It's popcorn! And drinks! After some hesitation, Muffles tries one and…

"Oooh! This is pretty good! like… I didn't know there were food like this! Daddy always just let me have anything I wanted, but I didn't know.. ooh!"

Sophie is content quietly enjoying her honeyed popcorn.

"Never asked your mother to make some for you, Muffles?"

They are. They were just… twitching. Huh. They might not like what they're seeing."

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 425502

"Let's take the opportunity to show Muffles what she's been missing out on. However, you'll have to eat something healthy to balance all these sweet things."

Anonymous 425509



Marla looks very worried.

"Healthy?Y-yeah, that's what my magazines tell me! Daddy never said much about it."

[PAUSED] for now

BDN 435852

And things continue. In the room with Marla the Goat and Muffles, with Sophie, as always.

Look out behind.

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435854

"Swirl the ice cream around until all the flavors mix. You'll love the syrup-y goodness even after it warms up."

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435855

'1d10' keeping a sharp eye out.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Ranger [Omniseer] 435857

I keep a semimagical eye on the Fattel devils.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435858

I'll void my awareness check since I would be focused on the kids.

BDN 435860


She loves it! She never really knew much about this sort of stuff.

"Well, Muffles? Maybe my mother could pass yours the recipe!"

Marla looks quite uncomfortable.

They seem to be glancing at one another, trying to figure out a plan of some sort.

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435864

Look to Marla.
"Anything wrong, my dear lady?"

Ranger [Omniseer] 435866

"What's wrong, miss Marla?"

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435867

Well, the ladies are happy I can probably 'explore the room' fly around.
'1d10' can I see anything odd near the darbies?

Roll #1 6 = 6

BDN 435869

She leans in to whisper.
"Could you.. could you please tell Miss Sophie to stop talking about mothers? Because-

Muffles sighs a bit.

"Not possible for me. I never knew mom."

Ranger [Omniseer] 435870

"I'm….I'm sorry."

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435871

"Oh. I'm sorry, I've been programmed to know that can be painful. Do you want us to just go ahead and watch the show for now?"

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435872

BDN 435874

Nope. The area is clean.

Too clean.

"Muffles, I-I'm sorry, I didn't know-"

"It's alright. Styled helped me a lot. That prayer he told me helped me feel better. And even if I don't have a picture of her, well… I hope daddy gives me one so I can put it over there!"

She points towards that corner of the room with the prayer and the empty frame, like you saw before.

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435877

"Don't worry, I'm sure he will give you that photograph."

Ranger [Omniseer] 435878

"Don't worry. Things will always be bad just before they get better."

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435879

hm, well that's a nice thought.. I'll settle back in but keep an eye on the darbies. '1d10'
"Have you asked him for a photo Lady Muffles?"

Roll #1 1 = 1

BDN 435880

"I don't know. He seems very sad when I try to talk about mommy. I don't know if I should, since when he comes home he's also always so busy."

Your vision suddenly flashes and you can't feel your limbs as well. You are thrown out of the air and land safely on the sofa, but are helpless for now.

Some Darbies have come over carrying a DVD.
>Princess-Queen dream duo in Dressville!

One of them speak up.
"Heyheyhey, why not, like, watch this to make you feel better? I don't think that catbird show is helping you when you're feeling like this!"

Ranger [Omniseer] 435881

"You should ask him for it. It's your right to have a picture of your mom, I think."

"Gryphons are strong and noble creatures, and ponies are cheerful, happy creatures. Miss Mable needs both of us now more than she needs any of you."

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435882

"It must be hard on him. But, make sure you are always there for him, okay? Be a good girl and try to help him when he does show up."

Try to move the situation around with the Darbies and ask them to check on the popcorn and bring some more. Miss Muffles might need some in a bit."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435883

'1d10' ugh, get up and back to sophie

Roll #1 5 = 5

BDN 435884

"You're animals. You're not, like, as real as us. Why do they need YOU?"

Not going to work here. You lack BARD software to do this sort of diplomancy anyway.
"Popcorn? Ewwwww. Didn't the magazines tell you to like watch your waist?"

You manage to hobble up. What the hell hit you?

Sophie is a little confused.
"Oh! Hey! I used to play with these. Kind of forgot about mine at home, though."

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435885

"Please, can we argue later?"

Look towards Muffles and ask: "What would you like to do? I'm sorry if we had brought up such a touchy subject for you."

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435886

"Well, there isn't anything better than a trilling adventure in equestria." I pronounce confidently. '1d10' overconfidence.
if success I do a fancy trick and land hard on the darby dvd. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 10 = 10

Ranger [Omniseer] 435887

"There are humans with wastes as thin as yours and legs as long as yours? Please, everyone knows the people that own your parent company own several different diet pill companies. We may be unrealistic, but you girls are downright unhealthy."

BDN 435888


Your power cell goes into a brief overload, and suddenly your vision becomes clearer than ever before. You calculate perfectly the math of what you need to do, and before you know it, you jump into the air. Your wings spread, you fly around each of the Three darbies that came, your sword making minute cuts in their hair that they don't yet notice, then you throw your shield under you as you leap perfectly onto the DVD.

Roll once more.

"I'd.. like to keep watching this, I guess? Sorry Darbies, but I didn't like that movie very much! Kinda felt.. not real, too."

"We'll have you know you're just jealous you can't look as good as us! But the girls can!"

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435889


Roll #1 6 = 6

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435890

"Well then, let's all sit down and enjoy the show for now."

>Sigh at them and the Darbies
"We are here for the children's happiness, which involves candy and a good episode of My Tabletop Adventures, not for our petty arguments. Let's sit down for their sake."

BDN 435891

The DVD, while not visibly damaged, is now unreadable.


"Does that make them happy? We know what makes them happy. That is why-"

"Be quiet, you. What would you know? Stone and I had so much to do for her that you never did. What do you know about that?"

Marla is more worked up. She's come out of hiding near Muffles, and is looking straight at them.

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435892

Stand next to Marla. just stare down the darbies.

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435893

I'm still a buffalo, so I'll jump down and put myself at eye level with the Darbies.

"We are here for Miss Muffles. If you can not abide by that desire, as her toys, I ask that you remain quiet and leave."

Ranger [Omniseer] 435894

I huff.
"Please, I am a handsome stallion. Even if I were a mare i would not want to look like any of you."

I stand next to them.

BDN 435895

"Well.. we taught Muffles about things we like! And if we like them, then there's no reason she shouldn't! I'm afraid.. we can't leave. We don't want to. You know what happens when things we don't want happen? Like, we need to, like, do something about them?"

Marla is shaking.
"Are you… are you talking about.. Stone! It was-it was-"

"Come on, Muffles, he was a bore, wasn't he?"

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435896

"Enough. You will leave the ladies alone now by your will or we will escort you out."

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435897

"Choose your next words very carefully, but I shall restrain myself if you leave quietly."

Ranger [Omniseer] 435898

"We know. You tear out his AI core and don't even bother to watch your hands. You even canabalize his battery pack."

BDN 435899

"… why? Stone was nice. I liked him a lot."

Marla screams. The Three Darbies draw arms. One draws a toy-disabling baton from what was a lipstick tube, one flicks here dress, the other fold her bikini into the shape of a sword.


"Muffles, Muffles…"

Sophie is patting her back, though you can help but see.. interest in her, as she watches the toys draw arms.

Roll #1 1 = 1

BDN 435900

File: 1371797654330.jpg (466.65 KB, 1920x1200, url.jpg)

The Darby points at Marla. She screams and falls, clutching her head. Simultaneously, Dress darby calls, and a… cat? It looks like a cats, but it is shaped like a human, and has no mouth. Whatever it is, in comes out of hiding somewhere, and walks. It approaches in a slow gait. Its eyes show nothing of what it may be feeling as it stands behind the armed Darbies.

Ranger [Omniseer] 435901

I hit the darby that disabled Marla with a magic bolt.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5

Ranger [Omniseer] 435902

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435903

Hit a Darbie with Earthen Strike.
"You will not cause Miss Marla any more suffering!"


Roll #1 2 = 2

BDN 435904

Your EMP pulse hits true, stunning the baton darby.

However, you aren't able to harden the proteins in your legs in time, as Dress Darby jumps with unearthly agility and lands with her dress covering your face. you don't feel so good…

'1d10' for Marla.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435905

'1d10' attack the Dress Darby.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435906

Try to rub it off and get after her.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Ranger [Omniseer] 435907

I use my TK to steal the baton.

Roll #1 8 = 8

BDN 435908

She's regaining control, and manages to roll out of the way of Sword Darby.

'Kitty' is still, though her eyes flash a bit.

You repel her off Eston in a few quick cuts.

Eston: 3/5 hits.

BDN 435909

no need for that. Take another action.

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435910

Attack the nearest Darby with Earthen Strike.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Ranger [Omniseer] 435911

BDN 435912

Success. You hold the BAton well in your remote grasp.

Kitty, however, looks at you, and walks to you.

That didn't work so well. Sword Darby stabs you in the hoof you're trying to harden, disrupting your protein activity. In a quick movmeent, she knocks you over despite your hugeness, as your body cannot concentrate from shock.


Roll #1 6 = 6

BDN 435913

Marla is up.


Roll #1 1 = 1

Ranger [Omniseer] 435914

I blast the kitty with the baton.

Roll #1 7 = 7

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435915

slam into a darbie. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435916

"I am getting this looked at afterwards."
Get up to continue the fight.


Roll #1 8 = 8

BDN 435917

…But is immediately set upon by Dress Darby. Her fleet hoofwork is outmatched by dress's own dancing, and she looks to be in trouble.


You try and beat it with the baton , but.. what sort of material is this? The baton clearly sends shocks, in, but Kitty is unfazed, only slightly slowed as she misses you with her paws.

Nothing can keep you down, can it?

Immediately, you smash into Dress Darby just as Marla is about to be smothered. Dress Darby's battery comes loose, and she falls limp.


Roll #1 8 = 8

Ranger [Omniseer] 435918

I blast the Kitty with my EMP.
"Someone help Marla!"

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435919

"I'll do what I can if we can keep them off!"
Attack any Darby in my way to Marla's side.

Roll #1 1 = 1

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435920

get my shield out and '1d10' protect marla and ranger.

Roll #1 2 = 2

BDN 435921

Marla shakes herself up, and looses a EMP pulse at point blank into the Dress Darby. She then touches the Darby with her horn, and reinserts the battery.

Dress Darby rises up, but something is different about it. You can see none of the stages emotions that come with darbies in its face, as it goes into a limping gait and walks towards baton-less darby.

"Ewww! Like, what is wrong with you? Like, animal, what did you do-AAAAAHHHH!"

Kitty is staggered a bit. Your EMP has an advantage of not being stopped by whatever.. materials the shell is made of. Kitty cannot concentrate for a while.

Sword Darby, displaying that same leap of agility, jumps up and onto Eston. She stabs into you, taking advantage of your rashness.

You manage to put your shield up just in time. Now, let's hope you can last.

Eston: Helpless.

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435922

"I will not allow Marla to come to harm!"
Get up again and keep going.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435923

'1d10' I know I can last.. keep the darbies off my friends.

Roll #1 4 = 4

BDN 435924

Nope. This one knows your every move.
4/5 wounds.

Protect is automatic instant

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435925

"They have to be stopped."
Stand up!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435926

sorry I'm a little tired
oh, then keep attacking instead.

BDN 435927

You are up, and knock over sword darby as you leap to your feet.

Want to pause now? I'd like Wf to join

Ranger [Omniseer] 435928

I blast another Darby with the baton.

Ranger [Omniseer] 435929


Roll #1 9 = 9

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 435930

Hit her with Earthen Strike now that I have an opening.

Up to you. I'm fine either way.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Gerald [griffon troubador] 435931

'1d10' attack the darbie.

Roll #1 10 = 10

BDN 435932

Now baton-less Darby fails to catch the weapon, and is knocked by it.

Just as Eston throws her into the air, Gerald flies over and cuts open her back, exposing the battery to be cut loose. The moment it hits, the ground, Marla again touches the Darby, replaces the battery, and it rises, another slave to her command.

Roll #1 7 = 7

BDN 435933

She is stunned by the Baton's charge, and cannot defend herself against the controlled dress Darby.


Some vocalisation of some sort emerges from the dress Darby and Marla's horns pulse, and it goes into a frenzy as the controlled Darby dismembers here only with her hands.

All that is left is Kitty.


BDN 435988

Kitty faces the party, even as a darby screams behind her as her limbs are torn asunder by the suddenly crazed Darby, now one of Marla's pawns.

The leg and arm thrown behind simply bounce off Kitty's hard exterior. The face shows as much weakness as the body: Nothing. only the strongest or most critical of attacks can make it through her shell. EMP 'Magic bolts' seemed to work, but not all of you can do that.

Muffles seems confused, but Sophie looks pretty excited. Kitty shows nothing.


Switch [Pilgrim] 435995

Can you fill me in as to what's going on with Kitty?

Knight 436001

"Make sure it doesn't come any closer to the children."

Yell to the Hello Kitty doll:
"If you have the ability to stand and fight, then you can listen to reason. Cease these hostilities for the sake of the children."

Roll #1 2 = 2

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 436004

"You don't have to fight on their side Kitty. You can turn back."

Ranger [Omnisser] 436005

I hit another Darby with the baton.

Roll #1 3 = 3


BDN 436009

Sophie got invited to Muffles house, the spoilt rich girl. there, we taught her about enjoying things other kids enjoy instead of stuff her darbies tell us to do and discovered that she has a dead or missing mother, whom she keeps a prayer on a tapestry and empty photo frame for. It was a pony toy called Styled Stone who gave her the prayer to help her deal with it, but you found his disemboweled body in the electronics junkyard way before this, and realised Muffles' Darbies must have killed him.

Marla, Muffles' goat toy, confronts them about this as they come to try and interrupt a movie Sophie and Muffles are watching, and this led to combat. The darbies called out a new Toy, Kitty, to help them in battle. The darbies are all dead, and only Kitty remains.

It has no mouth. It cannot respond in any way other than through actions.

You are thrown skidding across the floor with immense paws, as she bashes you with one of her white paws.

Eston: 1/5 hits

You speak about this this choice thing like everything has it.

there are no Darbies left, save the one under control by Marla.

Marla's horn pulse a bit as she, too, shoots EMP Magic bolts into Kitty.

Ranger [Omnisser] 436014

EMP the kitty!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"It has no heart, so I shall set mine aside for the sake of defeating it."
Earthen Strike.

Roll #1 6 = 6

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 436018

Well, I guess kitty has made its choice.. '1d10' attack it.

Roll #1 9 = 9

BDN 436027

Good hit. Except you failed to make anything but a slight scratch on the white shell with your protein-hardened hooves.

You're going to need more power.

Your flurry of slashes make some nice scratches that could be easily polished over.

Only you out of the party managed to stagger Kitty somewhat.

Marla's horns pulse, and the Darby, just now only hitting somewhat clumsily, goes into a rabid frenzy as it surges with power, desperately clawing at the white shell with so much madness it leaves a tiny crack.

Switch [Pilgrim] 436032

Top off Eston. DDOM. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 436033

'1d10' I take a confidentstance and look for a weak point. over confidence
'1d10' attack with the sword.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 1 = 1


"Strike The Crack!"
Normal Attack.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Ranger [Omnisser] 436037

I try to push the Kittie back with TK.

Roll #1 9 = 9

BDN 436043

Pretty good. It's having a bit of trouble fighting yu, so it can't counterattack next turn.

Kitty's struggling disrupts your attempts to do any of this, as neither of you are able to concentrate well enough with that thing around.

The power surge you induce is a bit too much, as you swing your sword with such madness that you cut yourself. you crash to the floor, smoking and helpless.

Eston: 1/5H, 4/5 W
Gerald: Helpless, 4/5 W

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 436044

'1d10' stupid.. get back up.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Ranger [Omnisser] 436045

I try to help Gerald up.

Roll #1 9 = 9

BDN 436047

"This isn't good.. there's no telling what could happen if we don't finish it off quickly!"

Marla is looking at the party while her frenzied thralls calms down, and begins attacking at a regular pace instead.

"How much.. help do you guys need?"

Well enough. He still stands.

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 436048

Earthen Strike at the crack.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Switch [Pilgrim] 436049

Trick Shot it with my poison!


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 436050

I smile "Thank you comrade.:
"Any help you can give us.."

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 436056

'1d10' try slamming it.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Ranger [Omnisser] 436058

"I think I'm good, thanks."
Magic Bolt the Kitty.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

BDN 436061

Still no hope penetrating the shell. Your attacks bounce off harmlessly. The kitty breaks out of Ranger's hold too late to counter your futility right now, but you won't be so lucky after this.

"Alright… brace yourself!"
Marla gazes at you, and you feel a sudden energy surge more intense than any you felt before. Every single neuron in your AI is stimulated, and you can barely keep yourself together. You feel tremendously powerful, but it comes at a price you have to pay should you not be careful.

With this overcharge, you crackle with electricity as you fly into and slam right into Kitty's belly, leaving a huge crack in the otherwise inpenetrable Sanrium plating. Kitty's head rears back, as if trying to scream.

You are.
You carefully aim a pulse right at the back of Kitty's head where the AI is located. Your pulse shocks every neuron, bringing Kitty down for a bit.

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 436064

"Amazing.." I keep attacking '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 436066

Switch to Nature Elemental:Stone and press the attack.

Roll #1 8 = 8

BDN 436069

Your frenzy of slashes all hit the mark, widening the crack as your sword, now charged with a flood of power, tears off pieces of the Sanrium with every attack.

>Crit range -1

With the Sanrium armour damaged, you exploit the cracks and tear them apart even further.

Not too long until a core is exposed…

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 436070

Keep hitting it!

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4

Ranger [Omnisser] 436071

I back up the biggest thing i can with my TK and throw it at the Kitty.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Switch [Pilgrim] 436072

'1d10' Fire!

Roll #1 3 = 3

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 436073

'1d10' keep attacking it.. "For Lady Sophie!"

Roll #1 7 = 7

BDN 436074

The Darby body you throw only bounces off the white plating, as you fail to hit the widening weak spot.

In desperation, the White Kitty makes frenzied movements, slamming both of you into each other before you can hit.

Your constant combat high allows you to maintain your pace, as you fly around dodging every swipe and countering with a hack or cut, cutting into the white with every hit.

You may choose to suppress the power when you are done with it.

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 436075

'1d10' attack the weak spot

Roll #1 4 = 4

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 436076

"Sorry about that, Miss Switch."
Get up and one more strike.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7

Ranger [Omnisser] 436077

I try to pry the plating open with my TK.

Roll #1 2 = 2

BDN 436079

Whoa there. You miss, but manage to maintain enough control of yourself that you are only hit once. Very hard. Any worse than this, you don't want to think about it.

Are you using Earthen Strike?

your TK is not well controlled, and you only assist Kitty in flying at you in a burst of speed.

Ranger: 1/5 H


..try again, this thing has to fall eventually. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 1 = 1

Ranger [Omnisser] 436084

Magic Bolt!

Roll #1 10 = 10

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 436087

Just a regular attack while in Stone Form. Sorry for using that keyword.

Ranger [Omnisser] 436088

BDN 436089


Too much. Your entire AI is now burning out from excessive overload. But you don't suppress it when you've had your fun, and this happens.

First, you lose control of your sword, and it stabs deep into you. Secondly, your connectors shut down, and you lose control of your wings. Your talons. Your legs. you don't need to smell the burning, you can see the smoke briefly before you collapse to the ground.

!!!!0/5H, 1/5 W!!!!


The only thing stopping Kitty from trampling Gerald into dust is your well aimed pulse, which sends it sailing downwards, collapsing, but still moving.

Then you can only bounce off the shell.


they warned me about that black magic in the academy.. just get up.. or roll away from here.

Roll #1 2 = 2

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 436096

Stabilize the Griffin!
Natural Remedy.

Roll #1 4 = 4

Ranger [Omnisser] 436097

I try it father away from us with TK.
"If either of you girls would like to help that would be great right now!"

BDN 436099


Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 10 = 10

BDN 436100

Please roll

Ranger [Omnisser] 436102


Roll #1 1 = 1

BDN 436107

FATAL ERROR45368Y34534UH45TH83459HYT34598Y54592348745934753489534890764589768957634589576W4374342853466545345345453564365334545

You can't. Smoke is coming out of his joints like they're flaming. This is something beyond your capability.

Seeing Gerald break down distracts you long enough for Kitty to make one mad charge at you, knocking you onto your side, leaving you Helpless.

Ranger: Helpless
Eston: 4/5 W
Gerald: U͔̳̇̓ͦ̆̏̆̒̚N̶̻̩̱̠̯̺̗̰͒ͤͩ̓̉͡͞A̰͚̟̰̭͛͗ͬͣͮ̈͌͂ͅB̨̪̻͔̪̝̀L̞͍̯̜̎ͬ̃̕͘É̯̹ͣ̿̽ͦͪ́͡͠ ͩ͏̛͎̣̙͓͎͕̪͡T̙̙̹̣̯̩̩ͪ͘͝Ö͖́ ̞̖ͭ̌ͦ̅̃̇̆ͮ̔͞͡Ŗ̴͚̮̮͓͍̪͎͔̰͌͊ͥ̏ͫ̏̂ͣ̚̕E̙̜͚͉͉̮ͦ̾A͕͔̠̺̗̠̩̙͋͒͆ͫ̓̿Ḑ̭͉ͪ̅̃̈͋ͤ̃ ͊̾͌̀҉̲̱̱̣̩H̙̤͖ͤ̚͘͢A̧̲̬̟ͮ̓̆ͅRͧ̌̒̄ͣ҉͔̦̤͈͖͓ͅD̛̙̦͚̗̣̰̤̃̊̿͆ͅW̟̪̖̯ͧ̽̾̉̊̚̚͞A̢͔̯̜͈̻̙͔̻̩̋R̶̸̡̰̩̣̮̥̯̞͉͂̄E̛͇̪̱̿́͡ ̷̬̻̠̪̼͓͍̿͗͢͝ͅA̓̒̃͛̉̅̈́̚҉̛͖̹̫I͈ͥ̎̃͑ͮ͜͢ ̰͙͙̻͔̠̍̐̈̾͗ͫD̢̜̘̝̙̦͉̹ͫ͑̇ͧͯE̱̖̠̭̘͉̮̦͑ͣ͢ͅĄ̖͇̭ͥ̏̒͌ͮ́ͭͭ̌T̷̤͖̦̞̮ͫ̍̀H͓̱̙̯ͨͬ͊͌ ̛̗͈͙̟̝̯̯́ͬ́̚I͚͉̗̦̻͇͇̥̳̓̇͝N̶̜͓̮̝̝͓̺̺͊ͅ ̢̛̛̟͚̺̙̠̗̪̹͇̒3̤̪̩͓̫͈͈̓̂̄̍̇ͫ̓̽ͩ7̷̶̪͓͛4̴͍̱̟͉̻̥́͋ͮ̊ͧ͗͢1͇̯̭͕̱̬̣̈́ͩ̂̔̂̀2͒͌̈́ͪͦ҉̙̰͙̝̟̣́9̱͉̤̰͒̌ͮ8̝̮͈ͥͦ̓͆͞6̲͈̲̱͍̭̣͖ͯ͆̍͂̋ͧ̅̈́̀3̭̻̹̫͖͍̮̦ͩͮ͂͐̍̏̀ͫ̕2̪͉̘̬̺͓͂͆͂͒ͬ̚ͅ9̲̳̖̫̲̰̺ͩ͛̅͗̐ͣ͐ͯ͠͞7̞͛͂́ͣ̀ͨ͜8̛̺̦̭̭̄̓͠4̆̒҉̷̧̺̤̦͈̟̜͔̹5͇̺̠̦̱̯͇̰̃̃͐6̵̨̳̳̺͇͒ͬ̊̅͡3̥͙̼̱̟̲̇ͪ͒ͪ̚͝9̙͖͔̼̆̓̔͒͛̾ͦ̚͞0̵̜̙̱̤͔͙̯ͨ̀4̧̟̪̘̦̏ͨ1͕̠ͧ̔̏ͮ́ͨ̓2̸͉̬̗̮͕̉ͩͫͫ͐͠3̼̰̘̾ͥ̄̀ͯ͛̓̎̚5̸̭̝͎͓̿ͬ̈́͞6͉̈̂̀͜3̟̜̥̳̘ͥ

BDN 436109

Marla comes to the rescue, as the Darby begins to smoke as its battery overloads to its breaking point, exposing the core of the Kitty. Meanwhile, her fast GOAT hardware lets her carry Gerald to a safe spot.


"Everyone, stay back!"

Sophie holds.. what is she holding? It looks like a circuit board torn off one of the darbies, but with makeshift wiring attached to it, and a Darby arm crudely taped on. She makes a connection between two wires, and points it at the Kitty.

the kitty's head writhes, and it actually tries to hold its head in it hands. It falls over, and does not get up, though the eyes remain the same.

3̙ͮ̉͘7͙̝͈͇ͬͮ̚4̛͕ͣ̾ͦͮ̐͆ͩ3̒̉ͦ҉҉̮9̸͕͎̖͉̟̱̐̌6͍͔̠̼͇̗̦͖̆̈͂̉̓ͥ4͍͖̠͍̮̗̲̏3̼͈ͫ̋͂F̡͔̭̦̲̞͉͓̦̾͊͢A̴͗ͨ̓ͨ͗͞҉̖T̡̥̖̥̘͙͔͔ͭͫͮͬͨ̊̋́A͓̹̪̩̅͊̈ͯ̓ͪ̆͜L̶̨͚̗ͩ̏ͧͩ̒̈́ͨ͒͛͟F̪͇͔̺̠̦̮̈̾ͤ̃̉ͤͪ̎̚͘͡A̴̡͎̞͕̥̹͊T̡̫̞̬͕̦̝͎̲ͥͯ̈̓̌̔̅̆̓͡A̧͍̥̱͉̺͚̝̤ͬ͌͊̈́L̵̹̻̗̻͉̽ͮ͑ͣ̒͂ͧ̚͟F̦͓ͧ͋͆A͇̘̮̲͍̚Ṯ̱̬͓̥̲̟͎͐̀͌͂̏ͧ͆̕͜A̡͖͍̪̺̬͇͐́̀̈́ͨ̓ͤ͑͜͝L͈̖̳̼̳̻̬͎̃ͣͫ́̾ͨ͢F̤͈͚͚̞̮͉̱̉ͮͪ̓̾̚͠A̧ͪͥ̒̅ͬ͊ͣ͏͉̟̤̥͎͇̯T̨ͤͨ͏̸̪̤̱̰͕̱̼̜Ą̴̰͈̟̤̝̜̣͖̓̔ͯ̄ͦ͑̇̓L̵̪͔̣͔̻̯̥̎̇̀͢ ̝͈̦͇̪̩̤͐̒͋͜Ą̸̻͔̩̟͐ͨ̌̒̿̀͒͢I̴̢͕̰̗̭ͣ̎ͨ̊ͥ̅̒͟ ͗̅̇ͤ̆͗̌̏͏͡҉̥̪̙̯͕̳̩ͅD̸̶̗͖̖̺͔̪̞̮̍̒ͣ̕ͅE̷̘͔͍͔̙̬̰̥̰̽͊͒̀Aͦ̏͂̾̐͢͡҉̪͇͕͙̦͖͍̘̖T̢̫̯͇̣͐̈́̓ͯͩ̕H̡̞̞̝̙̹͕̘̠ͣ̆ ̧̟͙̼̘̦͚̯̥̲̿͌̀͠͠I̷̤̮̥̓̐̇̃̇̂́͞N̙͇̲̠̮̩̬͖͙ͬ̑ͣ͐ͪ͟4̠̤͖̙̰̻̯̬̪̉͌̓͛̑̉6̔ͭ̑ͤ̓҉͏̹̥̘̰̗̫1̶̟̱̼͒ͮͫͥ̾̎͞2̗̼̯̦̝͓̖̣̠̓̋̍ͩ̄̿͛3̵͚̻̬͌́͐͞͠7̺̫̻͇̪̻͍̹̅͂ͫ̐͋͗̈̃4̯̟͈͉̞̒͛͋̃̿͌6̣̼̻̣̺̰̾̇̊̽̇3̘̗̥̓͛̓̀̒ͪ͗̕͟3͇̼̯͇̟̫͇ͣ́͋͝3̶͈͖̼̾͐̈̌̍̚̚4̖̞̟̯̭̹̜̳̏̓́

Ranger [Omnisser] 436111

I try to make my piece of shit internet work lie there on the ground.

BDN 436115

>Kitty is now helpless

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 436118

i'm just going to go offline for a while guys…

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 436119

Make Sure it stays down with an Earthen Strike.

Roll #1 4 = 4

BDN 436120

Marla carries you away, too. She ;leaves you on the couch, where Gerald is.

"Alright there, unicorn?"

Meanwhile, Muffles is looking in a bit of shock.
"That was.. that was scary…"
She picks up Marla.


Sophie gently puts you on a table.

"Muffles… I need to save my toy. I know it's hard, but.. can I use your darbies to repair him?"

BDN 436121

Not like you can miss. You break a power connector, and its unlikely it can stand up now.

BDN 436124

Pause for now?

Ranger [Omnisser] 436126

I nod and stand up.
"Thank you all.

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 436128

whatever the others want.

Eston [Buffalo Shaman] 436131

I should be free for a bit more.

BDN 436132


BDN 439972


Thought Kitty fell in battle, Gerald receive a massive amount of damage due to his body glitching over after maintaining a energy surge state for too long. He is now unconscious and, if not treated carefully, his core will receive permanent damage. He may be unable to walk ever again.

For now, Gerald has been laid on a table, once all the food Sophie and Muffles was eating were cleared out. All the toys are on the table too, as well as Marla. Sophie is… thinking. She's staring hard at Gerald…

As you lay in your container and prepare for your new life up ahead, you heard it. The sounds of a frenzied battle. Your enemies were here, the darbies. Though you cannot break out of your box, you heard every detail of the fight. Four or Five Toys fighting a Beast that left one of their number crippled. You have some time to freshen yourself up for now, at least.

Ranger [Omnisser] 439973

"Sophie? Can you save him?"

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 439974

So. It seems that I am thrown into a new battlefield.
"Looks like we'll be needed sooner than we thought, Medicat."
And now I wait.

Switch [Pilgrim] 439975

Is there anything I can do for him with my healing hands or augments? '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

BDN 439976

File: 1372473094714.jpg (22.7 KB, 536x531, cat head on wheels.jpg)

"It… might be possible. But I nee lots of things. Parts… Muffles, could I use your Darby parts? I-I…"

"..alright. I guess I don't need them anymore, anyway."

Muffles gathers up the remains of the Darbies, and puts them in the table. From her bag, Sophie pulls out a toolbox. A toolbox?


"Switch, I'm going to need your healing to affix the new bits I'm putting in, okay?"

Incidentally, this is how I imagine medicat

Roll #1 10 = 10

Switch [Pilgrim] 439977


"Long have I served the pack with my healing magics. This will not be my first patient, or my last."

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 439978

Close, but it hovers.

BDN 439980


Though her toolbox is only of moderate size, coloured with some nice girly pink here and there, inside is a stunning array of tools that you can't remember seeing at all, not even in the factory you were made. How did she get hold of these?

"Range, could you help me hold my laser cutter? And switch, you think you can help me disassemble the darbies?"

Muffles suddenly remembers something.

"Oh, right! I, like, wanted to give you this. I got it recently, Daddy knows some people who could get it, andI thought you'd like it.

Flashbolt, you feel your box suddenly move, and grow closer to where the voices are.

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 439981

Here it comes. Prepare to meet my new commander…

Ranger [Omnisser] 439982

I hold the laser cutter for her.

BDN 439983

Sophie begins taking more out of her backpack. The laser cutter is a tube with one end painted red, a measuring instrument of some kind, with a metal tube attached to a console with a screen, some sticks and molds…

Hmmm. Is that a RFID conversion tool?

The box opens, and light bursts in. The first thing you see as you are moved out is the face of a human girl. She is holding an assorted number of tools, indicating to some level her proficiency in a trade. The other girl might be some sort of nobility, seeing her more fanciful clothes.. On the table, a dead or unconscious gryphon toy is lying, surrounded by a unicorn, a diamond dog, and a sleeping Buffalo. A goat is further away, closer to the noble girl.

"Ooooh! Hello! What's your name?"

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 439984

I'll blink slightly, and take stock of them quickly, scanning them and then settling on the gryphon on the table.
"I am called Flashbolt. Which of you two is my new commander, and what are our casualties?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 439985

Give him a Costanza face.

"We are watching over these pups to keep them out of trouble. This one–"

Indicate Sophie, "Is a pup from our pack. And the other is her friend."

BDN 439986

"I guess that'd be me! I'm Sophie! And I'm sorry I don't have a lot of time to play with you right now… I need to save my friend."

Those darbies aren't going to dissect themselves.

Switch [Pilgrim] 439987

Slice and dice, then. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 439988

I'll nod.
"The wounded come first. Do you require assistance?"

Ranger [Omnisser] 439989

I keep holding it.

BDN 439990

Nicely done. The darbies are split open neatly, easy for picking open their parts.

"Oooh, uh… your medicat, yeah! You think you could get your medicat to help me! But first, I need to…"

She takes the laser cutter from Ranger, and carefully carves out small pieces from the joins of the darbies. She gathers them in a pile, and increases the laser intensity, melting them a bit.

"I'm.. I'm going to need you to cut open Gerald too, Switch. Be careful… take off his wings and legs?"

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 439991

I'll walk near the open gryphon, but far enough away to not feel the heat from the laser.
"You heard the commander, Medicat. Roll out."
Popping open the chest cavity, Medicat will emerge and be ready for whatever Sophie needs it for.

BDN 439992

beep beep MAAAAAOW

BDN 439993

She took it from you already.

That RFID thing looks interesting though

Switch [Pilgrim] 439994


Careful now…

"Too many more cuts is pushing our luck…"

Roll #1 7 = 7

BDN 439995

All good. The wings and legs separate neatly, as you expose the innards of wiring and circuitry. You can see now that some parts of the wiring are burnt, hanging on the tiniest of fibres. Gerald really let himself go.

Sophie, with the steadiest hands you've ever seen, starts applying the melted darby material into the limbs, restoring their form.

"Heal, now, please?"

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 439996

"Medicat. Heal."

Roll #1 5 = 5

Switch [Pilgrim] 439997

'1d10' +Number of Wounds (5?)

Healing hands…

Roll #1 7 = 7

Ranger [Omnisser] 439998

I look at it.

Roll #1 1 = 1

BDN 439999

Your medicat is just getting warmed up, so its first batch of restore nanites aren't as effective as you like. Nonetheless, you can see them working.

The intense trauma Gerald has gone through make your own healing nanites work faster than ever. they are quick in sealing in the new material, and a few even linger so you can just push the limbs back in and wait for the nanites to do their work.

It looks like it could connect to the measuring instrument to remotely send data to, say, a computer, but you suddenly have a headache. Bah.

BDN 440000


Roll #1 5 = 5

BDN 440001


Gerald, how do you feel?

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 440002

can I feel anything.. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

Ranger [Omnisser] 440003

I plug it in.

BDN 440004

Oh, hey! suddenly you can feel your limbs again. You're moving around a bit.


Ranger [Omnisser] 440005


Roll #1 6 = 6

Switch [Pilgrim] 440006

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 440007

Try and talk, and try to find my sword and shield. '1d10'
"Lady Sophie?"
"Miss Switch?"

Roll #1 2 = 2

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440008

"Repairs seem to be effective. The commander is talented."

BDN 440009


"Sophie, you're… like… so,"

..no, you don't receive anything. You don't even have the firmware to interpret the signals, anyway.

Unfortunately, they're both pretty badly damaged. It doesn't look like they'd hold up well in a fight now.

She giggles.

Ranger [Omnisser] 440010

I watch Sophie work.

BDN 440011

"You're so… I dunno how to put it! Like, you're a genius-"

you can see Sophie blushing.

"-and… well, I don't even know what I wanna do."

Muffles just looks sad now. Marla tried to prod her but to no avail. Sophie seems to want to turn her attention to the deactivated Kitty on the floor, but her friend comes first.

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 440012

I bow slightly to her "Of course. You still live, therefore my service is not complete my Lady." I smile.
"Yes, she is very talented."
"Ranger, you're here too, and you're all fine." I smile at you.

Ranger [Omnisser] 440013

I shake your claw.
"It's good to see you back in action."

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440014

"Commander's friend can purchase a medic to help keep her units in top condition. They may not be as effective at open-wire surgery as the commander, but they can at least patch things up until proper repairs can be made."

Switch [Pilgrim] 440015

"We don't go quietly."

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 440016

I nod returning your shake "I'm glad to be back. " I laugh looking around "I was out for a while wasn't I.. "
"Of course not, you're of a heroic breed."

Ranger [Omnisser] 440017

"Not too long."

BDN 440018

"It's not so much about my toys. I dunno what I want to do. I can't just… ask daddy to help me forever, right"

Ranger [Omnisser] 440019

I try to levitate the kitty onto the table.

Roll #1 5 = 5

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 440020

I close my eyes a second "I am glad I didn't fail in that regard."
I try to fly over to her '1d10' "Lady Muffles, If I may offer advice. it can take time for younger ones to find their place, their talent, and that's perfectly natural. Explore as many things as you need until you find something you excel at."

Roll #1 4 = 4

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440021

I'll nod.
"Commander's friend is correct. Learning to think for themselves, and helping them get to that point, is our secondary directive towards our owners."

Switch [Pilgrim] 440022

Can I investigate it for useful parts? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440023

I'll spare a glance at it as well. Get a look at what nearly killed the gryphon. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8

BDN 440024

The casimir manipulator chipsets in you manage to lift that monster of a thing, after some effort. You plop it right down, giving Marla a brief fright.

Your wings still don't have as much power as they need. Wait for the adhesive to settle.
"So you guys think I should just see what more I like?"

"Maybe I'll ask daddy to teach me about his business! I mean… I got so much money now because of it, and I want to help him…"

Nope, because the whole Sanrium shell is so hard you can hardly penetrate it to examine the insides.

Wait a minute…

A beast made of white shell, eyes soulless even as it lays still. Cracks expose the insides that haven;t even been damaged much. Based on how the fight went, it was probably deactivated by some strong EMP blast. Your attention is directed to the makeshift EMP device probably made by Sophie to bring it down, consisting of a Darby's arm duct taped to a circuit board. Huh.

Ranger [Omnisser] 440025

I go over and try to look through its insides with SbS.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 440026

"Yes, believe you may have a similar talent than Lady Muffles? You could research business at the library and make a business project to impress him?"

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440027

"Helping your father is an admirable intention. But you should also see what talents you can cultivate. Art, science, physical activity, mathematics… The possibilities are nearly endless, if you put your mind to them."
I'll wander over to the shell, and tap it a few times.
"The EMP device was clever. Though the shell is made of a rather durable material. Can't be Nintendium, since it broke."

BDN 440028

Large mass of Sanrium
Darby's Sword
Darby's Dress
Stun Baton
Assorted Fattel material parts

Your MR Imaging show a rather basic framework for a toy inside. The AI core itself is a primitive, simple one, connected mainly to a RFID receiver, presumably to obey commands. Significant numbers of redundant circuits somehow contribute to its resilience. That battery compartment uses about 5 standard Fattel-grade Equinium reactor packs.

"I, uh, guess I could try! Daddy will come home tomorrow, and leave the day after. Maybe I can ask him then!"

Switch [Pilgrim] 440029

Investigate the attributes of the Sanrium.

Ranger [Omnisser] 440030

Can I use the RFID conversion tool on the RFID chip in the Kitty?

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 440031

check out the darby sword.

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440032

"Trying is the first step to success."
And I'll pick up the stun baton. Might come in handy for silent takedowns in the future. The corpse of Kitty would be something Commander Sophie would have to carry out.

Ranger [Omnisser] 440033


Roll #1 5 = 5

BDN 440034

Sophie's eyes light up at Nintendium.

You can only test what you know and see. It is.. hard and smooth. Only a strike so true it comes once every ten strikes is enough to damage it.

"Interested in the Sanrium, Switch? I know! why not I use it to make some cool new gear? Though I don't think I can coat your bodies in it, though, the strength of its properties are directly proportional to the overall size of the crystal lattice and requirements of more complex toys make it less effective than standard body materials…"

Looks just like the batons the police of Neo-neo-neo Kyoto use to subjugate cyburgs like you. You know how much it can hurt.

Nothing much special, though being from Fattel, studying the materials in it could lead to some better stuff for you all.

You plug it in, but you receive just occasional bursts of static.

You cannot send any signals yet, only receive.

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 440035

I look at the mage toy "Marla, perhaps you could help Muffles prepare for this?"

BDN 440036

She stands up straight, You can tel she's wanted this for a long time. To lead her owner in a direction of her own choosing, and no longer be bound to what she believes is right for her to fit in.

"Got it. I will. For Stone, and for all of you."

Ranger [Omnisser] 440037

I'll take the parts.

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440038

I'll put that in the leg storage compartment.
"I second the commander's plan to harvest the Sanrium. Improving our gear will help us with our directives."
"For your own commander, first of all."

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 440039

I smile "I have confidence your time with Lady Muffles will allow you to aid her efficiently. "
I lay the sword on the table for Sophie to look at "A very basic weapon my lady."

Switch [Pilgrim] 440040

Chuckle. "I don't think crystals should be used a toy, pup. Perhaps a master smith could make a shield or something out of it."

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 440041

I nod "I could use some better armor."

BDN 440042

[PAUSE]ing for now since I need to leave

Feel free to talk with each other

BDN 440421

Welcome back.

The rest of the sleepover at Muffles' place went well. The girls played and the toys were played with, all having fun with the Tabletop Adventures® like good goyim children.

Today, though, is a school morning, which means these children will have to do things like study and go to class instead of playing with their toys forever and ever like everyone really wants. Sophie has just finished getting dressed, too!

"Hmm… you guys want to come with me to school? Or would you like to stay home and do you own toysy things?"

The choice is yours.

BDN 440422

Welcome back.

The rest of the sleepover at Muffles' place went well. The girls played and the toys were played with, all having fun with the Tabletop Adventures® like good goyim children.

Today, though, is a school morning, which means these children will have to do things like study and go to class instead of playing with their toys forever and ever like everyone really wants. Sophie has just finished getting dressed, too!

"Hmm… you guys want to come with me to school? Or would you like to stay home and do you own toysy things?"

The choice is yours. How you spend today is up to you.

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440426

"I would like to accompany you to your classes, commander. I have yet to reconnoiter the school grounds."

Switch [Pilgrim] 440429

"We're here to keep you out of trouble, pup. Of course we'll come to watch over you."

Ranger [Omniseer] 440436

"Either one is fine with me."

BDN 440440


This time, being extra careful with a better bag, she scoops you all in and brings you into her school bus. Inside is the raucous laughter of many children, who would make good marketing targets, friends, or sources of prey, depending on your disposition.

Sophie is sitting alone for now, staring out the window and ignoring the other children.

Ranger [Omniseer] 440443

"Why don't you sit with the other kids?"

BDN 440449

"I'm kinda waiting for Tam to come on… and I don't feel like sitting with them."

She seems perfectly contented to sit here even as the other kids generally make a fun mess of themselves.

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440450


Ranger [Omniseer] 440452

"Who's Tam?"

BDN 440458

"My friend! She's into loads of sports and things, and I think she had a nice toy, too. Anyway, uhhh…. yeah, she should be coming on in a bit. Don't feel like sitting with the others."

Ranger [Omniseer] 440459


Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440461

Good. No love on this battlefield. Not yet.
"So you're saving the seat for your friend? Understandable."

BDN 440469

"Uhuh! And-"

The cheering becomes even louder. Sophie finally becomes curious enough to take a look.

It looks like the boys in the bus are showing off their Him-Guy toys. One of them has the eponymous Him-Guy, the other his lackeys, like the heroic 'Armed Guy'. They generally seem to be having a good time.

No problem, save for the fact that they are FATTEL.

"What's going on, guys?"
"Yeah, like, we don't need your girl toys here!"

Ranger [Omniseer] 440471

"Now I see why you like like sitting with them."

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440474

I'll step out of the bag, showing off my cyburg chassis.
"And what makes you say that we're girly toys? The fact the commander is female? Your intel is as flawed as your choice in toys. Those models are intentionally made of cheap materials, not the least bit durable and designed to wear out far faster than our superior construction."
I'll take a quick count of how many there are.
"Though, I suppose they expect quantity over quality is the best strategy."

BDN 440487

It's a standard set. One of them has Kombat Kat, a toy shaped like a big cheetah, the lackey and some say lover of Him Guy. One has Skelly, the villain, who seems rather unhappy about having to deal with both the heroes and Hasbeens like yourselves.

"Oh, please, horse. Why do you know about construction? We all know Fattel-grade materials are superior. And.. Manlier…"

Ranger [Omniseer] 440488

I start laughing so hard that I'd be crying if I were capable.

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440490

I'll wave that off with a hoof.
"And yet, they're all mostly naked. And a cat. What's manly about that?"

BDN 440498

"What's so manly about being a PONY?"

The toy themselves look pretty smug. The wonders, not so much.

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440500

"We go on adventures. We get into fights. We explore. We learn."
I'll shrug.
"And we know better than to make fun of girls."

Ranger [Omniseer] 440502

"We are more than computer bits inside fake muscle shells. Take away your plastic muscles and you are nothing."

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 440504

"We have Honor, Duels. Epic battles, worth of song!"

BDN 440509


The toys look ready to get into a fight, though you're interrupted.

"Oooh, Tam, I've been waiting for you!"

A short-haired girl comes along and takes Sophie's seat, and invites her to sit with her. This must be Tam.

"Hey? …Any reason your toys are with those guys?"
"Nothing much."

They both go back to their seat, and Sophie gestures for you all to return. The Him Guys don't look too happy.

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440511

Well, the commander calls, and I return.
Head back over.

Gerald [Troubador Griffon] 440512

Go to Sophie. Perch on her shoulder.

Ranger [Omniseer] 440515

I walk back over to Sophie and gesture to be picked up.

BDN 440520

She does that.

You can feel the stares.
The boys go back to playing and joking about, but those toys don't feel right anymore.

Ranger [Omniseer] 440521

"Thanks. I need a way back up onto the seat."
I hop out of her hand.

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440525

Hmm. Still on the ground, feeling the vibrations of the bus. Kinda wish I'd been equipped with the jump pack module. No matter. Let's size up Tam.
"Greetings, Tam."

Ranger [Omniseer] 440530

"Oh, hello Tam."
I wave at her.

Switch [Pilgrim] 440537

BDN 440546

"Ooooh, hello!"

She's picks you up and looks you about. A pegasus mare pops out from her front pocket, and waves too.

"Hi! I'm Taura! You all toys, too?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 440549

"No. We are pack, even though some of the pack are not diamond dogs."

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440551

"Or so am I'm told, Taura. I am Flashbolt."
I'll bear the examination with grace.

Ranger [Omniseer] 440555


BDN 440559


The bus stops. Looks like they'ved arrived.

Looking at the school, you can't help but remember the first time you came, on 'Bring your Toys to School' Day. What was a Ken doll doing in school, anyway? Those things weren't really supposed to be in print.

Sophie brings you to class, and you have a good view of her classmates. Tam and Muffles are here.

Switch [Pilgrim] 440561

Didn't she have another friend too? A nervous boy?

Flashbolt [M E Pony Cy-Lordblade] 440562

I'll give Muffles a small salute, and then sit at attention.

Ranger [Omniseer] 440563

I wave at them.

BDN 440566

Yeah. He's right there. You remember his name is Joe. Looks like he's playing with something in his bag.

Switch [Pilgrim] 440568

Get a good look.

BDN 440572

You notice that he's got some paper with sketches on them, and there's what is definitely a Tabletop toy in his bag, which he's playing with.

They wave back.

Lessons are starting soon.

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