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Toyquest Thread 2 BDN 358433[Last 50 Posts]

Welcome to the Lair of the Beast.

After an… 'Unfortunate Accident' sen you all sprawling from Sophie's Bag to the ground, a monstrous vermin looking as if it belonged in the unsettling dreams of disturbed salesmen fetched you and brought all you into its most foul lair.

The 'Tabrony', however, has submitted to your watchful orders and is getting a start on cleaning its subterranean den. Switch has made use of a good number of distractions to flee, and is now outside, peering in through a window. The rest of you remain inside, while he throws out his 'MOUNTAIN DEWRITO' packs and makes some attempt to clean.

Eston [Shaman] 358440

While I am more than suited to be in command of this situation, workers tend to lose heart when they see management mucking about.

I shall aid "The Tabrony" with the cleaning chores.


Roll #1 10 = 10

Campfire 358442

I try to spot any areas where we can hide.



Roll #1 5 = 5


Attempt to use my wings and hoover over the area.

Roll #1 6 = 6

BDN 358448


As it turns out, your High-potency repair and cleansing Nanites, also know as 'Natural Remedy' by your manual, are very effective at cleaning dirt!

The whole desk, once a mire of muck and other unspeakables, is not looking quite clean.

"H-hey, uh, you're pretty good…"

Not very many places, unfortunately. There's behind his stack of disc cases labelled 'Underage Panty Quest XXVII - Hurt Feelings Edition'.

Looks like you have enough power for flight. You fly behind the Beast's back.

If you all look to the latched window, you will see Scratch there.


While he is busy I try to escape.

Roll #1 5 = 5

BDN 358456

With the way it is positioned, going out the door would only have you meet his attention.

Now, if only that window was open…

Eston [Shaman] 358457

"Of course, anything Eston puts his mind to gets completed. In record time, too."

"Now then, I am curious about all the things you want to do with your day today. What is it that you want? What do you hope to accomplish, my boy?"


Such a large beast, how am I to free us.. use my sword to cut at his back so that he is distracted from the window where our brave friend Scratch is.

Roll #1 9 = 9

BDN 358468

Though that pesky 'Laws of Robotics' firmware you have interfere when you try to scratch at his back with your mini sword. You prodding is enough to shake him.

"Huh? Yes, pretty gryphon?"

"Well… uh… hey, yeah, what DO I want?"

He seems stunned for a while.


I wave for scratch to hide and try to open the window a crack with my magic.

Roll #1 3 = 3

Gerald [troubadour griffon] 358473

"Sir, I must request you return us to our proper owner at once.Young Sophie needs us."

Eston [Shaman] 358475

"This might be tougher than I thought, so let's start with an easy one: What do you like about My Little Tabletop Adventures™? What is it about the show that keeps you glued every week? Which are your favorite episodes?"

BDN 358483

The latch opens, at least. One could probably push it now.

"Well, um…"

He thinks for a while.

"It's like…"

"I wish I could be like them, you know? Because t-they're so nice people and here I am. I-I like the characters because they're nice, a-and, well… I don't think I can be like them."

"Who? Oh right. Someone lost you? I thought the acclimatization would have started already…"


Keep trying.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Acclima- what now? I doubt I could ever forget our sweet Sophie.." look around from something kind of round and hard like a rock.

Roll #1 2 = 2

BDN 358493

And it does open! The tech in your 'horn' is pretty amazing.

Nothing of the sort around small enough for you to use, unfortunately.

You do notice a few thick books that you can't recognise, though. The words on them are odd, like 'Turing', 'Neural AI' 'Cognitive Theory' and other bizarre things.

"Right. I get it. How did you all get lose, anyway?"

Eston [Shaman] 358495

"This is good. You've admitted to wanting something. But now we have to deal with the costs of getting it. While being in my presence usually adds a penalty to other males' attractiveness, I think I can turn it around for you."

"First, taking immediate action to clean your room will help make you feel better. Let's finish up here. Step two follows after that, and brings with it lots of soap bubbles."

Ranger [Omniseer] 358497

I climb out the window and move around the side of the house.

Gerald [troubadour griffon] 358500

"It was the darbies, they did something to our box and we fell out on our way to school.. That show and tell is probably ruined already."

BDN 358505

"Yeah, I guess-"

He checks the time on his computer.

"We can probably make it if we hurry. Sorry, Buffalo, but it looks like I can't clean my room right now. You all need help, right?"

You're in front now, near the front door.

Ranger [Omniseer] 358506

I ring the doorbell with my horn, then run back around to the open window when I hear him coming.

Gerald [troubadour griffon] 358507

"You will take on this noble quest to return us to Sophie?" My eyes light up. "Lets go then!"

Eston [Shaman] 358510

"Every plan has to have something messing with it. It's a law of the universe, or it's just out to get me. Nonetheless, give me your email and I will seek to help you in your own quest for happiness."

BDN 358515

You all hear a doorbell ring.

"Right, but first, looks like I got someone. In the meantime… go ahead and makes yourselves comfortable, I guess."

"You- really? Well… you could always send it to Joeponeat poogle dot org. But… yeah. Thisi s really nice of you."

Looking a bit wistful, he leaves for the front, leaving all of you in his room alone. Only now do you all notice the odd books he has around. What's all this about 'Neural AI', 'Turing Criterion' 'J-P Power Engine', anyway?

BDN 358517

You can hear his footsteps. You're at the window now, seeing the other toys inside. You also see his odd books.

Ranger [Omniseer] 358520

"Come on everyone, we're escaping!"

Eston [Shaman] 358523

"Does it count as escaping if we are being taken back voluntarily?"

Gerald [troubadour griffon] 358524

"Maybe we don't need to escape? He's agreed to help us return. Perhaps, he truly wants to be a hero now, and we may fare better with him?"

Ranger [Omniseer] 358525

"Really? That's nice of him."
I climb back in through the window.

BDN 358530

He returns back into the room.

"Seems like there's no one there. Anyway, you all ready to go?"

He seems to have washed his hands, at least. Though he seems to deliberate not look at the side of his room where his books are.

Gerald [troubadour griffon] 358533

I eagerly nod. "Indeed, I have my sword and my shield. I am ready to proceed on the quest" Go land on his shoulder.

Ranger [Omniseer] 358535

"Tell us about your books. Reading is magic, after all."

BDN 358538

While you land on his shoulder, he picks the rest of you all up with him in his hands and walks out of the house.

He takes a long while to answer.

"…stuff I used to do a while back, that I couldn't make it in. Whatever. I don't think I'll ever make it in what I wanted to do."

Eston [Shaman] 358543

"You'll figure something out, young man. I trust you. You are on the first steps to something great."

Ranger [Omniseer] 358544

"You'll get it eventually."

BDN 358551

"…yeah, I guess. Maybe I got into your cartoons so I wouldn't have to look at myself. Though… I can't say it's not entirely unrelated! Things like you all were what I wanted to study for a very long time."

He puts you all into a car, and gets into the driver's seat.

Ranger [Omniseer] 358553

"You can buy your own. I'm a very popular model. At least, I ought to be. I'm a nice pony."

Gerald [troubadour griffon] 358555

"So, you have failed on your own quest before? Don't worry! I've failed on many a quest but I still strive to make things right and reach the goal. No matter how many times you're lit on fire, or crash into a wall, or that one time a mouse.. well never mind that.. You just have to keep trying! "

BDN 358559

He says nothing, but smiles as he drives on and continues down the road, to the direction where a sign saying 'MILLER SCHOOL' is pointing.


BDN 359821

Some time later, it appears that we have arrived in school!

A problem has come up in that you can't really go to Sophie's class on your own, can you?

The beast-turned-ally in sitting in the driver's seat of the car and appears to be trying to park.

"You all know how to find your owner?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 359823

"I'm ready to track."

Eston [Shaman] 359824

"We must find the one who knows all of the children, or at least close enough to it."

"Then lead us to THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE!"

Campfire 359827

"Eston is correct. My lost toy return software tells me that an attendance office is a good place to be taken."

BDN 359828

The beast examines you closely.

"You don't seem to be equipped with any microsensors. You have… advanced balancing and climbing firmware, nanite-tipped arrows for… oh dear. And more nanite recharge and self-replenishing nanorepair stocks."

"Right. Uh… who was your owner's name, again?"

He picks all of you up and heads out of the car and into the school.

Ranger [Omniseer] 359831


Gerald [troubadour griffon] 359832

"Sophie is her name." [1d10] rolling to see if I ever saw a last name on her stuff that I might remember.

Roll #1 8 = 8

Switch [Pilgrim] 359835

"There is more to tracking than your sorcery babble. I am a natural tracker."

BDN 359838

Looks like you did. You recall something along the lines of 'Sophie Tissip'.

Beast goes into the attendance office, and you all immediately notice him start to shake as the receptionist speaks.

"Hello, sir, what do you need?"



Roll #1 2 = 2

BDN 359842


He is sweating like mad, and you can almost see his pockets loose their contents from how much he is shaking.

"Here toy for little girl please take please take it and give to her right now"

"Sir please what are you even here for"



Shit, try to comfort him. "Sophie Tissip, say "I have a delivery for sophie tissip, she left this" "

Roll #1 4 = 4

BDN 359846

"I-I have a dedede dedeedeede"

Ranger [Omniseer] 359848

I spark my horn to get the receptionist's attention.
"We belong to a girl named Sophie. This kind man found us and is trying to return us to her."

Eston [Shaman] 359850

"Take a breath young man, and relax."

BDN 359855

"Oh, is that so? Why, thank you! Sir, would you like to go to her class and give her the toys yourself? Her class is labelled right there on the map-"


"Haaaa- Right yes I see thank you."

He rushes out of the office with all of you to breathe in.

Switch [Pilgrim] 359856

I'm going to climb up his arm.

"Victory or death, friend. You have fought bravely, but for now, I should take point."

BDN 359865

Your improved spotting and balance firmware, known on your instruction manual as 'Vantage Point', helps guide him to the class.

You can hear a girl's sobbing behind a closed door, even among loud noises of children playing.


Fortunately, the bag held no space for you, so Sophie opted to put you in her pocket instead. Unfortunately, your friends are lost, and Sophie is very upset. A few tables away, more girls and their Darby Dolls laugh among themselves, and some boys either brought Nickel man or Arachnid Dude action figures. NOT DOLLS!

Right next to Sophie are two friends of hers, who both have one little tabletop adventures toys too. One of them is a Unicorn stallion, the other a nanny goat. They're generally quiet, not sure how to cheer her up.

Ranger [Omniseer] 359866

"You are doing very well. You clean up your room, returned us to our owner, and talked to a real person face t face. I'm proud of you."
I give his neck fat a hug.

Switch [Pilgrim] 359872

"The hunt awaits. Are you prepared for glorious combat, Large One?"

Ranger [Omniseer] 359876

"I don't think he'll find anything to fight here. At least, I hope he doesn't."

Glister the Sparkle Thrower [Mage] 359878

walk closer to sophie
"Don't worry! Sophie! They'll be alright! I swear! uhh… uh.."

do a cool lightning sparkle orb in the air! '1d10+3'

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Gerald [troubadour griffon] 359879

"Your noble quest is near completion fine sir I thank you, now since It will seem we night not meet again." I give him the most noble bow. and look expectantly at the door.

Eston [Shaman] 359881

"You've made it this far. Just a little more and you can count this as the first of many future successes."

BDN 359884

He sniffs, and enters the room.

Your nanogenerators seem to experience a power surge, and a large display of sparks eclipse the area, the sparks seem to even surround the large person who entered the class, and when they clear, it looks like your friends ave been returned.

"Oooh! Switch! Gerald a-and all of you! Thank you, sir!"

Sophie is clearly overjoyed as you are all set on the desk.

Glister the Sparkle Thrower [Mage] 359885

seeing Sophie isn't sobbing anymore I smile happily and jump around

"Yay! I knew it!"

Switch [Pilgrim] 359886

"Of course. I would never allow harm to come to one of my pups."

Try to remain stoic. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Switch [Pilgrim] 359888

Yes. Proud dog lady shows no doubt.


"Of course we arrived for your show and tell." I prepare to strike a daring pose. "No dangers could keep us away!" Rolling to activate over confidence.

Roll #1 9 = 9

Ranger [Omniseer] 359891

I jump around and do a happy dance on the desk.
"Sophie! We're back!"

BDN 359892

"Uh-uh… y-you too."

He leaves the classroom, and you are all now with sophie."

"Alright, class, looks like it's finally time to show us all your toys! Who wants to come up first? or do the toys want to do that?"

BDN 359894


Roll #1 9 = 9

BDN 359897

A shrill voice speaks.

"IIII~ will, Miss Peen!"

Looks like THAT sort of girl is raising her hand, complete with her Dratz collection of dolls! Only about 5 of them are animate like you all, the remaining 19 or so seem to be ordinary. The suited man behind her helps carry the large Dratz Exclusive Fashion Bonanza (TM) stage.

"Alright, I guess Muffles wants to show us her toys! unless anyone has any objections?"

Glister the Sparkle Thrower [Thau] 359903

raise my little toy hoof in the air! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Nail her with an arrow on the head. Trick shot!

"No. Glory will be ours."

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Ranger [Omniseer] 359906

"Nice shot."

BDN 359912

No one notices that, but no one needs to.


Somehow, your Three Laws restrictive Neural Chipset fails to come online, and an arrow flies out and knocks one of Muffle's hairclips off her head.


She proceeds to kick the hell out of the suited man behind her carrying her Dratz, who somehow acts as if nothing is happening at all.

"Oh? Does Sophie's toys want to come up?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 359915

"Yes. We will answer the call!"

Glister the Sparkle Thrower [Thau] 359917

"Yes! Ooh! Ooh!"
jump around in excitement

Gerald [troubadour griffon] 359918

"Indeed, I would like to come onto the stage"

Eston [Shaman] 359920

"Of course. How could we deprive the children of basking in our glory?"

Ranger [Omniseer] 359922



"Y-yeah, Can I come up, Miss Peen?"

Looks like Sophie's going up.

Rolling for her speech

Roll #1 9 = 9


"..and that's why I love my toys! Not only are the a great invention by the My Little Table Top Adventures Crew, a subsidiary of the HasBEEN subsidiary, they are great friends!"

Rolling again for her efficiency

Roll #1 10 = 10

BDN 359931

The whole class is cheering. Some kids have taken out their erPhones to call their parents.





Using over confidence now, since this is my next roll
I fly up and do an impressive stunt, a double back flip with a barrel roll, landing on Sophie's head gently for the finish.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Glister the Sparkle Thrower [Thau] 359933

Giddily to another Sparkle Orb in happiness '1d10+4'

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8

Switch [Pilgrim] 359934

"Well, well. How could I know that My Little Pup was this good at talking?"

Eston [Shaman] 359935

"With a group like us, the children wouldn't do anything less than buy one of each us now."

"Increible, Señor Gerald."

Ranger [Omniseer] 359936

I stomp my hooves on the table.
"Well said, Sophie! Well said indeed!"

BDN 359937

For some reason, in response to this overwhelming cheer, all of you feel a surge in your minireactors.

you all get a +2 to actions until further notice.


The golden sparkle orb stays in the air as gerald flies around it. Gerald then flies around the class, brushing each and every child, until he comes to rest on Sophie's head again.



Miss Peen finishes her clapping and instructs Sophie to return to her seat.

Gerald [troubadour griffon] 359940

I smile holding the pose, and then rest for a moment, my batteries needing a quick rest after such a flight. "I knew I would make you all proud, and such a crowd, they, love it!"

BDN 359941

"Alright, so.. who wants to come up next?"

No one is raising their hand, from where you are all seated on Sophie's desk. Absolutely no one.

BDN 359945

Suddenly, classroom doors are all opening. Parents flock in, each with one new toy or another, and it looks like almost everyone now has a My Little Tabletop Adventures(TM) toy.

The whirr of huge fanblades can also be heard. You see a helicopter hover nearby outside the window, and a large package is slipped to Muffles through the window.

Ranger [Omniseer] 359949

I whistle as I look at all the money we helped make for glorious HasBEEN.

BDN 359950

Either way, there are lots of different toys around! Most of the people who didn't get one just brought toys like stuffed bears or gorillas. Some other students make some speeches for their old toys.

'1d10+-1' '1d10+-1' '1d10+-1' '1d10+-1'

Roll #1 3 + 0 = 3 / Roll #2 3 + 0 = 3 / Roll #3 6 + 0 = 6 / Roll #4 4 + 0 = 4

BDN 359952

Not a single one sways the crowd. Well, except maybe the one boy talking about his robot cars. I guess those are okay. Not as cool as you toys.

Muffles comes up to Sophie, in her prissy dress, full of something you can't quite put your finger on but really dislike.

"So, Sofee, think you're so hot with your animals? You think they can actually compare to my Dratz?"

She tries to poke one of you. Roll.

Glister the Sparkle Thrower [Thau] 359955


Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 8 = 8


if its possible to protect my teammates from the finger of doom I do so.

Roll #1 7 = 7

BDN 359961

Looks like you all are out of the way
remember, +2 because of some mysterious boost in your reactor outputs

The Finger of Death flicks your horn, and the force reveals some.. defect! The wiring in your horn becomes a bit damaged, and until you find a way to fix it, you will have PERMANENT -1 to your electric/sparkle element skills.

"Hah! Such low-quality work! I bet my Dratz would kick these butts any day!"

Sophie looks like she wants to say something, but is filled in grief upon seeing Glister's horn. She looks like she wants to cry.


No chance I can fix that with my meager triage skills, can I?

"Let me take a look…"

Don't Die On Me!

+1 Vantage Point
+2 Boosted
+X where X is number of wounds.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13

Glister the Sparkle Thrower [Thau] 359965

Hey i'm a crystal pony!

Ranger [Omniseer] 359966

"Hey! We accept that challenge!"

Glister the Sparkle Thrower [Thau] 359968


"Oh yea? Watch this!"

Sparkle Orb anyways! '1d10+4'
+2 for specialty, the +1 from Master Caster takes care of the -1 for now, and another +2 from that surge

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13

BDN 359971


You release a flood of repair nanites into Glister's power release conduit, and soon the wiring is repaired.

Your power release conduit was broken then

One of the Dratz flicks her hair at you.
"Uhuh uhuh, like, yeah you can, nerd."

She giggles along with the rest of her kin.

Sophie immediately cheers up upon seeing the repair, and retorts.

"Oh yeah? Can YOUR toys do that? We work together, like friends-"


Sophie's friends step in and help her away, while Muffles and her team of future skanks flick their hair and walk away.

Not before you put out an impressive show, catching the attention of more, though.

Looks like you're now alone with the Dratz. And then, suddenly more toys crawl out of the woodwork. Nickel men, Arachnid dudes, a Darby here and there, some of those 'Timepieceguys'… they seem to rally by the Dratz.

Pause now?

Ranger [Omniseer] 359973

We really should.

Switch [Pilgrim] 359975

Yeah. Pause.

BDN 359977




Glister the Sparkle Thrower [Thau] 359978

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