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BDN 330403[Last 50 Posts]

Today, your new life begins.

For now, you can see nothing, having been sealed into a container fro the time being, but you can hear a commotion outside. You're fairly certain the ones who are joining you are in containers adjacent to yours, but for now you can't speak with them, and must remain seated.

Your tools and belongings are in your pack and put into convenient pockets around your rooms, and you can hear a voice outside.

"Mum, mum! I think I know what it is!"

Eston [Shaman] 330410

"Might as well make myself presentable."
Rolling for spiffing up my fur while remaining seated.


Roll #1 6 = 6


I use Sight Beyond Sight to look out of my container and try to find the source of the voice.

Roll #0 7 = 7

BDN 330420

You look very presentable. You'll be well-liked.

A loud tearing sound can be heard as the coverings around your container are torn away by a pair of giant hands.


A human girl, around 10 years old, is hugging what seems to be her mother and father outside your container.

"It's no problem, honey, you always did like My Little Tabletop adventures, or whatever that cartoon was! We thought this would make the perfect gift!"

Seeing the little girl in front of you makes you feel all warm and happy, and somehow energizes you. To your back is a large logo for 'MY LITTLE TABLETOP ADVENTURES" in pink, curvry font, with your names and a description of your background and 'powers' below.

No need for that anymore, it's clear to you.


Rolling to not freak out.

Roll #0 10 = 10



Roll #0 4 = 4

Ranger [Omniseer] 330430

Dice what are you doing there I already rolled.

Eston [Shaman] 330434

Do I say my catchphrase?
1 = no
2 = yes


Roll #1 1 = 1

BDN 330435

Of course not. Why would you be freaking out?

It's your purpose. You're part of a very special line of My Little Tabletop Adventure Toys(TM), made to bring fun and happiness to children and other people everywhere. You are pretty excited to meet your new owner.

Eston [Shaman] 330440

Guess I stay quiet for now. Did they at least include a little running motor?

BDN 330444

Thanks to new and improved Brando-Neller (TM) AI Energy technology, you have the ability to move as you please! Although you're not really sure how it works.

BDN 330448

The little girl opens your containers and sets you both on a table, grinning all the way.

"My name is Sophie? how about you two?"

Her parents seem to be looking at all of you pretty expectantly, while a male a bit older than her seems skeptical.

Ranger [Omniseer] 330450

"I'm Ranger! I may look a little ugly, but I have a kind heart."
I smile if that is at all possible.

BDN 330451

"Hello, Ranger! Nice to meet you!"

She giggles, then turns to Eston.

"How about you, Boofy?"

Eston [Shaman] 330452

"I'm Eston! No varmint can stand up to our strength!"
I'll give a little bow.

BDN 330456

"Hello, Eston!"

She laughs, but is interrupted by the other male.

"Eh, who cares about this stuff? Isn't this for girls?"

"W-well, not like your Manly Heterosexual Marine toys is good at all!"

"You wanna say that again, sis?"

They fight, until their parents step in, telling them to go take a shower before they go out for lunch.

BDN 330457

As Sophie picks up your boxes and you two, you notice her brother staring a little at you two before he huffs and walks away.


I use Sight Beyond Sight to see what he's up to.

Roll #0 8 = 8

Eston [Shaman] 330462

Not much to do but smile and wave.


BDN 330463

You note that he stops by the TV in the living room, currently playing the first episode of My Little Tabletop Adventures, before looking around and quickly moving off to his room.

"Alright, new friends, welcome to my room!"

Sophie brings you into her room, a modest, but comfy-looking bedroom. Some dolls are stacked in a shelf, children's books are in another, while her bed lies in a corner, well-made. The pink is saturating, but not entirely unpleasant. A toy car, teaset, blocks and teddy bears lie on the toy cabinet, which you are all put in.

"Say hi to my friends for me, alright? I have to go out with my meanie brother, so stay put until then, hmm?"

Ranger [Omniseer] 330465

"Can you let us out of our boxes first?"

BDN 330469

"Ooops! Silly me!"

She puts all of you on the shelf, with all your belongings around you before she leaves.

Eston [Shaman] 330470

Can I tell if the other toys are like us, or just regular stuffed animals.

BDN 330471

The cloth dolls all seem to be without the miraculous technology or whatever it is powering you, but there are a few. A teddie bear, a 'Furby', and the group of ridiculously thin models of human females. In fact, one of them comes up to you to confirm it.

"New arrival, huh? Welcome to Sophie's toy cabinet! The bear's Walter, I'm Darbie, and these are… Primma and Donna!"

The other two female figurines wave at you all.

Ranger [Omniseer] 330472

I get my stuff out of the pouches and put it on.
"Is my programming making me think our owner's room isn't too pink, or did whoever painted it actually do a good job of balancing shades and colors?"

I give a bow.
"Hello, my name is Ranger."

Eston [Shaman] 330473

"Kon'nichiwa, josei, the pleasure of meeting you is all mine."

Eston [Shaman] 330478

I wonder if I have a 'robe' that would match the room in my collection of outfits? Rolling for how good it looks.


Roll #1 3 = 3

BDN 330479

I don't know.
That's up to you!

"Hi there! Say, um… you mind helping us out? Since, like you're new and all, so, like, yeah, you should be the ones to, like to our dirty work, like, yeah? Teheheheeee!"

The three Darbie dolls emit some noise similar to laughing, though it strains your ears. The bear speaks up in turn.

"Ah, perhaps I should explain. You see, Sophie has not been doing very well recently. She wishes to get along more with her brother, Sam, but because he will not, at least openly, display any shared interests, she is trying to get more interested in his toys. And well, she doesn't really enjoy it, and it is, ah bad for us. Perhaps, as a token of your goodwill, you could help us?"

BDN 330480

It doesn't fit too well with the room, though with work it might.

Eston [Shaman] 330483

"You seem to have already put in quite a bit of thought into the situation, non? I take it you have an idea in processor?"

Ranger [Omniseer] 330484

"What exactly do you want us to do?"

BDN 330485

Walter speaks.

"Yes, of course. Get him interested in us. Take a Purple-ray of one of Sophie's cartoons into his room, and put it into the player. Perhaps you could take one from over at Sophie's TV rack, then bring it to his room. If he finds himself hooked by something he might have a slight interest in, he may come around. I think they've all went out already, anyway. But be careful, his toys may not like this idea."

He takes a ball of string from behind him, and lowers it so all of you can reach the ground.

"Good luck."

MorningDew(female uni rouge) 330489


What is that?
I slowly open my eyes


Roll #1 5 = 5

Ranger [Omniseer] 330490

"If you think that will work."
I slide down the string.
Sorry, but I need to go to bed now if I am going to be awake in time for Dsty to hopefully run his quest this morning.

BDN 330491

The TV is facing her bed, on the other side of the room. You may all go there now.

You're in a box, fairly uncomfortable. It looks like you were dropped and forgotten somewhere in the hallway.

Looks like you'll have to wait till someone gets you out.

Eston [Shaman] 330493

"A simple plan, let's go with it for now. Any preference as to which Purple-ray to take?"

BDN 330494


Eston just needs to choose a bluPurple-ray and we're done then

"Whatever you think will work. Something he might already be secretly interested in, perhaps? I'll leave the judgment to you."

The Darbies giggle.
"Oooh, pick us, pick us! Remember!"

Eston [Shaman] 330495

Was there ever any doubt that I upbringingprogramming would let me choose anything but MY TABLETOP ADVENTURES: Season 1? Let's grab it and go.

MorningDew(female uni rouge) 330496

I began to shake and try to open the box.
"H… hello? A.. anyone there?! Help! I'm stuck! Help!!" I cried out frantically.


Roll #1 9 = 9

BDN 330498

Fuck yeah. Leaving behind DARBY HAPPY TEA PARTY FUN, you grab the disc case, making sure the disc is inside, and run out.

Roll so the Darbies don't see you do it

Eston [Shaman] 330499

I'll conceal it with one of my saddle blankets.


Roll #1 10 = 10

BDN 330501

Fucking flawless. In fact, from how you hide it, you make sure that just a bit of pink is visible so the Darbies think you're carrying their show.

"Teehe! Thanks~"

As you run out, you see an unopened box lying on the hallway, with a scared toy liek yourself inside.

Eston [Shaman] 330502

Let's check what's in the mystery box.

"Anyone inside, helloooooooooo?"

BDN 330504

You see that it's another MY LITTLE TABLETOP ADVENTURES toy, a female unicorn filly called Morning Dew. In fact, you can see everything about her on the box.

Eston [Shaman] 330507

Maybe she's a special edition, like the DUNGEONS THE DRAGONING blind bag toys. Let's get her out.

MorningDew(female uni rouge) 330508

"Wha.. what?! Who… ? What are you?" I look at it.

"Where are we?"

BDN 330510

Yeah, Morning Dew is out.

We can end once she talks, if lemon's still around

BDN 330512

In the house of your new owner! Though it seems your box fell out and no one noticed. Oh, well, you can meet your owner when she gets back.

BDN 330514


BDN 332190

Last time, Eston and Ranger managed to get a MY LITTLE TABLETOP ADVENTURES Purple-ray disc from Sophie's bedroom, and managed to get it out while making the Darby dolls think they were taking their show!

They're out in the hallway.. wait, something's happening. You all might want to hide.

Tasia [Warlord] 332196


was I taken from my box yet?

Gerald [Troubadour] 332197

Hide? But Gerald is never afraid of danger!

BDN 332198

Some footsteps approach.

"Wait, Mom! Let me put all these new friends down first!"

Sophie, a human girl , lays down 3 boxes, labelled GERALD, TASIA and SWITCH. She opens them before going back off, leaving the house empty again.

"I'll play with you guys later, alright? Bye!"

BDN 332199

You are all in your boxes, now open. Before you, you see a buffalo and unicorn toy, one of them carrying a MY LITTLE TABLE TOP ADVENTURES purple-ray, Season 1.

Tasia [Warlord] 332200

"Greetings, where am I? and what is this place?"

Gerald [Troubadour] 332201

"I say, can you help a fellow out of his packaging? I'd be in your debt for sure."

Tasia [Warlord] 332203


I wrestle myself out of my box first! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2

Ranger [Omniseer] 332204

"Our own has generous parents."

"Your new home."

"It's open, silly."
I help him out anyways.


"Hujambo, me fellow adventurers! I hope you are ready to partake in our quest!"

"You are in the abode of Sophie's family, the people who have acquired and graciously provided for us."

"Have no fear, Eston is here."

Roll #0 8 = 8

BDN 332207

Eston and Ranger both lie still until Sophie leaves. This is what you see on the boxes.

Gender: Boy
Race: Griffon
Class: Troubadour (knight/bard)
Skills: Protect, slam, overconfidence.

Character Traits: a clumsy but well intended guy, never afraid to dash in to trouble despite the fact it usually ended with his tail feathers on fire.

Race: Diamond Dog
Gender: Female
Talent: +2 Trick Shot
Class: Pilgrim
Skills: Don't Die On Me! Trick Shot - Poison, Vantage Point

Race: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Class: Warlord
Skills: Pet Mastery, Blast, Inspire, Command

Character Traits: A bright eyed officer straight outta training!

You all know where you are, you were quite happy when the little girl known as Sophie picked you out of the store shelves just now.

BDN 332209

All of you manage to get out of your boxes with little trouble.

What did you need to do, again?

Gerald [Troubadour] 332210

"Most honored to meet you then. I'm sure we can make the little lady Sophie smile in no time. You may know me as Gerald, protector of the innocent and slayer of the dishonorable. " I test the weight of my blade and shield after I am outside of the box.

Tasia [Warlord] 332211

and I'll never forget that she chose me out of the countless others.

"Ah, that's good to know"
"I understand, now that I am free I wish to know what this current order is on hoof- er, hand?"

Roll #1 4 = 4

Tasia [Warlord] 332212

nevermind I am out of it!

Ranger [Omniseer] 332213

"Our job is to get a purpleray into Spohie's brother's room and have it play on his TV."


"If you are all available to help us, we are on a quest issued to us by Sophie's other toys. It seems the siblings are having some disputes, and they feel that finding a common interest would help get them back together."

"You need to say it with flair."

Roll #0 9 = 9

BDN 332215

And speaking of which, his room door is ajar! How lucky for you. Just opposite of Sophie's room, too.

Gerald [Troubadour] 332216

"It is?" I pause a moment. "Well, alright then, I won't be failing my first mission in this house!"

Tasia [Warlord] 332217

"Understood Sir and Sir, I'll scout out the proceeding area and relay it to you as fast as the air!"
leave my pack but take my weapons and start flying and scouting ahead for any dangers '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4

BDN 332218

Of course you can't mess this up.

For some reason, you feel an importance in getting more people to enjoy your show.

Gerald [Troubadour] 332219

"Oh, a truly noble mission then! Reuniting family torn asunder will surely bring a smile to everyone's face! "


"I'm programed to be a simple pony with a simple way of saying things."

I use Sight Beyond Sight to see if it's safe to go in.

Roll #0 2 = 2


Can we get to the door safely? Take a peak.

Roll #0 7 = 7

Switch [Pilgrim] 332224

"It's not right for a pack to be split. We'll bring the pups back together."

Follow Ranger.

BDN 332227

Looks like your Mini MagnetoScan 2225® isn't fully charged up yet at this point!

You don't see any immediate danger from here, but you do seem some other toys. Can't really make them out, though.

BDN 332228

And neither is your DynaMic Flight Motor charged right now, either! I guess you'll have to wait till later to fly properly.

Ranger [Omniseer] 332229

I shrug and walk through the door.

Switch [Pilgrim] 332232

Stay close. Safety in numbers.


"Let's go in with some style, and make our presence known."

Let's see how showy I can walthz in with the purple-ray.

Roll #0 1 = 1

Tasia [Warlord] 332234

oh man it's a good thing I didn't jump off the edge then!
"Where is the disc? Should I help carry it or hurry ahead and scan to keep dangers amiss?"

Gerald [Troubadour] 332235

Follow him! I won't be left behind. "Ah, please allow me to be of service helping with the door. Surely a pair of wings will be useful."

Ranger [Omniseer] 332236

"The door is open. You don't need to be returned because of a faulty pair of eyes, do you? That would be so sad."

BDN 332237

File: 1359788695794.jpg (52.15 KB, 600x1065, spiderman.jpg)

What you see is the typical room of a small boy in this day and age. A big poster for CAPTAIN KING SPACE ROOTY SHOOTY is pasted on the wall, along with the weapons and guns of the MANLY HETEROSEXUAL MARINE series characters. The place is a tad less light than Sophie's room, preferring a darker colour scheme.


How showy. Your swagger almost cracks you had you been just a little faster.

An Arachnid Dude figures drops right in front of you, holding a clearly aggressive stance.

"You-You're Sophie's now toys, aren't you? What are you doing here?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 332238

"We're here for the pup."

Tasia [Warlord] 332239

take my own aggressive stance, and scan for other dangers '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Yeah, we're here to save Sophie's relationship with her brother! A noble mission which must succeed, surely you want this as well, it would make your boy so happy.."

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Saying high to the neighbors."
Rolling to sound believable.

Roll #0 3 = 3

Gerald [Troubadour] 332244

"I assure you, I am not faulty."


Arachnid Dude.

"We are here on a mission of peace. We have come with a tribute to begin the negotiations."

Roll #0 2 = 2

BDN 332246

A LizardSphere XD figure approaches, standing behind Arachnid Dude. He appears to be of Goukoo, the stunningly blonde Aryan protagonist, dressed in robes. He squats a little, and his hair starts to rise up as he mutters

Right beside them is a Captain King model from the Halo Space Rooty Shooties series. He silently holds his gun at you all.

"Then why are you carrying that Purple-ray of your own show? It-it was going so well, too!"

"Sophie was supposed to like us! She-she doesn't need some girly toys like you. e-even if Sam looks like he's interested in you guys He-he isn't!"

Tasia [Warlord] 332249

Ooh! Ooh! Commanding Stare on the Rooty Shooty Figure! '1d10+2'

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3

Switch [Pilgrim] 332251

"Well, if he's not interested, you won't have a problem with us dropping off this disk. Certainly he'll simply return it."

Motion for the group to move forward with the disc.

Gerald [Troubadour] 332252

"So, you don't care about making Sam happy? Maybe he'll do a cross over with us once he sees our show, it might be lovely to have a duel with you in his hands. Just let us put it in, and.. well to be honest I haven't seen it myself, I'd be honored to watch it with you. "


"Have no fear, fellows. By helping the children, they'll play with all of us more often. They can only do so much with us."

Rolling for diplomacy.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Ranger [Omniseer] 332254

"Why wouldn't we carry around a Purple-ray of our own show? Our show is great for children ages four to eighteen and great for adult animations fans as well! Why can't Sophie like you guys and Sam like us? I'm manly, see this scar?"
I point at a scar on my face.

Eston [Shaman] 332259

"I think that's just a loose hair that got stuck on your face. Let me get that for you."

BDN 332260

"N-no, he doesn't! He doesn't need your stupid show! He just needs us-

"You-you're trying to get me to join you? In helping YOU guys? That's nonsense. We can't."

"It doesn't work that way! You're all here to steal him for yourself, that's what!"

He pulls out his Spider Knife and web gun, while the other 2 ready themselves.

Tasia [Warlord] 332261

One more commanding look at the shooty guy! come on stare! '1d10+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10

Ranger [Omniseer] 332263

I lower my head and charge my horn.
"I don't wanna fight! that would only make things worse."

BDN 332267

And, suddenly, none of you feel very much like diplomacy very much.

Why deal with them when you can establish your show's dominance?

Your Image-based reprogrammer (Pat. pending) does not fully take over his will, but it lokcs him in place for a while as he tries to go through a few logical paradoxes.

Captain King aims his gun.


Gerald [Troubadour] 332268

"But, you haven't seen it yet! Oh, don't make us fight you to do this. Seeing you broken would make sam so sad.." I swish my blade back and worth a bit reluctantly.

Eston [Shaman] 332269

"I must give you this opportunity to reconsider."

Let's see how intimidating I can be.

Eston [Shaman] 332271


Roll #1 4 = 4

Tasia [Warlord] 332272

"See that? See what I did? Now listen to the words of the captains and lower your battle standards or we'll have to fight, our owners forbid!"
Stare them down! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I blast the yelling toy with my magic bolt.

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


Yeah, I guess its time to engage fight mode. "Captain fellow, I must request you drop your weapon!" Try to knock him down with a slam.

Roll #0 5 = 5

Switch [Pilgrim] 332275

I've never felt like diplomacy in my life. I guess Sophie's parents picked me out to teach Sophie how sometimes things can't be solved with friendship. Like, for instance, you can't reform an evil chaos god. And you definitely can't be charitable about who watches your show.

Fire one of my poisonous arrows at the blonde. '1d10+3'

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9

BDN 332276

Not very much.

Captain king shoots some beads from his gun, chipping your plastic a little.


Ranger [Omniseer] 332278


BDN 332281

Arachnid Dude, upon seeing the imagery you are showing him and recognising that it is actually a logic paradox, has his programming ignore it completely. He extends his arm, squirting sticky, milk fluid into your eyes.

Goukoo is knocked a bit back by your light discharge, and his AAAAAAAAAAAAAa takes on a different tone.

While you slam into him, he is bigger than you, and managed to knock you away, though you land on your feet.

The nanites on your arrows act quickly as your arrow hits Goukoo's chest, he finds himself unable to move.

Tasia [Warlord] 332282


Roll #1 4 = 4


Don't let up. Loose another arrow into Goukoo's chest! Show him no quarter!

Roll #0 9 + 1 = 10




Roll #0 10 = 10

Tasia [Warlord] 332288

"Aagh! Why would you do that!?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


This sword is actually useful right? Cut this guy to pieces.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Ranger [Omniseer] 332291

I graasp my hatchet with my telekinesis and start hacking at whichever one of them is closest.


I also engage my RollBot to see how powerful my attack is.

Roll #0 5 = 5

BDN 332296

File: 1359790560645.jpg (10.03 KB, 251x201, CaptainKing-1.jpg)

He isn't Captain King King of Space for no reason!

He kicks you back and has his gun pointed at you.

BDN 332298

Brutal. You sure live up to THAT episode Goukuu takes another magneto-nanite blow to his chest, and stops moving.

You, with your large size and quadruped stance, charge into and knock down Captain King, and his gun away from him.

You manage to get it off.
"My TrouserSpider attack! How do you like that?"

Your sword is suddenly charged with some sort of magnetic field, and merely touching Captain King seems ti disable him. Doesn't look like it could cut the plastic, though.

Looks like only Arachnid dude is left. Using your remote-force kinetic implant, you manage to throw the hatchet at him!

Only Arachnid dude is left.


I grab my hatchet.

Roll #0 9 = 9

Tasia [Warlord] 332301

"That was a cheap shot! A dirty attack! I'll show you with this attack!"
blast him out of the fighting field! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I said no quarter. Finish him.

A growl as I knock the arrow, and fire.

Roll #0 10 + 1 = 11

BDN 332307

As Ranger grabs back his Hatchet, Tasia blasts Arachnidude into the air, and he is caught by a magnetised arrow. He stops moving, thought it;ll be a while before his systems recuperate.

The path to the TV is clear now.


"Victory is ours! Let us celebrate when we return. For now, does anyone know how to operate the Magnet Box © Purple-Ray player and get the disk in?"

Roll #0 7 = 7

Tasia [Warlord] 332312

Immediately search out for other dangers '1d10'
"Hurry we must make haste, This is precious time that cannot go to waste!"

Roll #1 5 = 5

Switch [Pilgrim] 332313

Look over my companions. Any of them wounded in the fight?

BDN 332314

Nothing more around. Looks like those toys were the only ones able to move like you all. Man, this Brandon-Miller stuff is amazing.

Ranger [Omniseer] 332315

"Let's go before more show up."
I start running to the TV.

Tasia [Warlord] 332316

heh, alright keep a watch out as they do whats needed

BDN 332318

Fortunately, the Purple-ray Magnet Box© player is near the grund. It's a simple matter to open the tray and put the disc in.

Nope. Looks like everyone is fine for now.

Switch [Pilgrim] 332320

I'm going to stay a safe distance away from that thing. My programming forces me to behave like a primitive savage, not understanding modern technology, but my safety protocol subconscious urges me to keep back from magnets.

BDN 332321

Does it?


I use my magic to press the button that opens the tray.

Roll #0 4 = 4

Eston [Shaman] 332324

It was a play on Magnavox, from the Simpson's. I should have called it a Sorny instead.

Let's get it loaded and go on our way.

BDN 332325

The trays comes out, and inside is already a disc for MANLY HETEROSEXUAL CARTOONS FOR MEN.

Gerald [Troubadour] 332326

"Wonderful another mission done. I might escort you home now ladies? "

BDN 332327

Have you all put the disc in?

You'll have to decide how to deal with the other toys, and the disc already inside…


I get under the tray and push the disk out.

Roll #0 10 = 10

Switch [Pilgrim] 332330

Leave them to their business. I'm going to go "scalp" our kills by popping their toy heads off.


Roll #1 4 = 4

Tasia [Warlord] 332331

"the mission isnt over yet birdguy"
help him put the disc in '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7

Gerald [Troubadour] 332332

Place our disc in once that's done. "We can just put the other toys on the shelf right?"


"I hope that the lot of you have learned a lesson. Next time, let's cooperate and achieve our goals TOGETHER!?

Let's get the disk in.

Roll #0 3 = 3

BDN 332334

You push it out and it falls under Sam's bed. Perfect.

Leaving the Season 1 disc in, you close the tray.

They're on pretty tight. These ARE toys with technology like yours, you know.

Gerald [Troubadour] 332335


Roll #1 8 = 8

BDN 332336

They don't respond, having their circuits still trying to recover. You may as well leave them be. In a safe place, of course.


Of course! I have to use my skinning knife for scalping. How silly of me.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Gerald [Troubadour] 332338

"My lady, what are you doing?"

Tasia [Warlord] 332339

"all our efforts will have been for naught if you harm Sam's toys"

Switch [Pilgrim] 332340

Growl. "I want trophies… but perhaps it can wait."

Give up on "scalping" them for now.

BDN 332341

And so you leave the toys be, and go back to your room. Sophie came back and introduced all of you to each other, and to her other toys, Walter the Bear and the Darbies.



Sorry, but I need sleep.

Jojo 17 came out.

Roll #0 3 = 3

Tasia [Warlord] 332343

I think everyone is asleep. Sorry BDN but I'll follow suit. 'nite

BDN 332345

Oh shit

Okay then.


Ranger [Omniseer] 332346

If they are going to bed I might as well go too.

BDN 333931


It has been a week since all of you came to your new home, the house of Sophie and her family. It looks like the new episode is today! Sohpie, being the faithful consumer she is, is going to bring all of you into the living room to watch the new episode with her! At this point in time, it looks like she's given up on trying to get Sam to join her.

You are currently on the shelf, with Walter the teddie bear, and the three Darbies.

Switch [Pilgrim] 333934

Await the witching hour of the show with a grim visage.

"She will come."

Gerald [Troubadour] 333935

Given up on Sam? Terrible. Well, at least we will get to see the best show ever!

BDN 333942

Indeed! You can hear footsteps approaching, and the Darbies promptly put on their AAAAAAAAAAA 10/10 It's okay smiles, flicking their hair in some attempt to not look like mutant narwhals. Walter just sits by.

Switch [Pilgrim] 333949

Whisper in his ear.

"Since you wouldn't let me scalp the spider human, I want to skin the bear."

Ranger [Omniseer] 333950

I sit down and look like a fun toy.

Gerald [Troubadour] 333952

I tilt my head a bit at this, but try to ignore it and look for that happy little girl! '1d10'
I shutter a bit. "Why are you bringing this up now? Besides, ladies shouldn't be scalping anyone."

Roll #1 5 = 5

BDN 333954

Oh look, here she comes! She bounds into the room, peering into your shelf.

"It's new horse episode today, guys! Looks like you're all going to be watching with me!"

She scoops the party into her hands, and you can see a small frown on the Darbies as you are brought into the living room with her. Sam is nowhere to be seen.

She sits down on a couch, and waits for the remainder of RASPPBERRY PIE to end.

Switch [Pilgrim] 333955

"I want you to know because you are too soft. I don't want the episode to give you any ideas about how conflicts can be resolved peaceably or with friendship."

Paw at her thumb a bit. "This is not a strategic vantage point. I want to sit on your shoulder."

Switch [Pilgrim] 333956

That "her" is, of course, Sophie. I forgot to link.

Ranger [Omniseer] 333957

"Me too. I should be able to see for miles from up there."

Ranger [Omniseer] 333958

Speaking of seeing, what is Sam up to?
'1d10' for Sight Beyond Sight.

Roll #1 10 = 10

Gerald [Troubadour] 333961

…I just nod a bit and try to focus on the show. Its still hard to get used to this brute of a lady.

BDN 333962



She puts you on her shoulder, so you both rest right by her ears.

Looks like the cold opening is starting. This episode seems to be about a brave stallion mare going to host a tea party for her friends!

You all may roll to hear more.


Your Mini MagnetoScan 2225® peers through the wall, and.. it looks like Sam is getting up from his computer desk, and sitting on a chair to watch his TV, too. In fact… hey, it looks like he's watching this episode!

Ranger [Omniseer] 333964

Oh boy, another fan! I'll tell Sophie later so she doesn't miss anything.
Rolling to hear.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Only the RNG knows whether or not this will keep my attention.

1 = Bored to tears
10 = Enraptured

Roll #0 3 = 3

BDN 333966

What you hear confirm your suspicions, the theme song IS playing from his room!

Sophie seems to hear something, too.

"Is it just me, or am I hearing today's episode twice?"

Looks like brave paladins holding tea parties isn't exactly the best material for you.

Ranger [Omniseer] 333967

"If I tell you will you promise to wait for the first commercial brake to do anything?"

BDN 333970



"Looks like it's right now! you want to tell me anything?"

Gerald [Troubadour] 333971

Paladins holding a tea party is probably interesting to me right? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1

BDN 333972

Whoa, looks like you aren't interested in the episode either.

Damn. Let's just hope this gets better later.

Ranger [Omniseer] 333975

"Your brother is watching the show in his room! Isn't that great?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 333976

"Good that he's watching, yes, but bad that he's watching alone. Splitting the pack isn't good. The pups should watch together."

BDN 333977


"He-he is?"

Sophie's face sprouts a smile, and suddenly she leaps up from the couch, taking all of you into Sam's room with her. She bursts the door open, and Sam sits, dumbstruck, while the TV announces MY LITTLE TABLETOP ADVENTURES IS RIGHT BACK HERE ON THE SUB



He nervously looks to his computer, with a bright-coloured webpage displayed."

"Ooh, what's this, Sam? It looks like a picture of Pommy from-"


The episode continues, with the stallion-like mare worrying about inviting heretics to her tea party, while Sophie puts you all on the floor while she sits with Sam.

Gerald [Troubadour] 333979

Smile happily, they're finally getting along after all!

Ranger [Omniseer] 333983

Can I see his monitor from here?

Roll #1 4 = 4

BDN 333985

Sort of. You can see the top of the webpage he's on has a picture of a My Little Tabletop Adventures goat, goat, though you can only see the head.

He looks nervously towards it tiem and tiem again,and seems especially nervous when the episode closes in on the mare warrior, who is now trying to invite the Princess for tea.

BDN 333986

Sophie looks pretty happy!

Sam looks a little nervous, though he seems a little strange whenever the episode really focuses in the lead mare for now.

Gerald [Troubadour] 333987

Can I notice his nervousness? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

BDN 333990

Well, you do see him looking back time and time again. And his hands shift a lot at certain times.

Sophie seems to realise that some of you are bored by the episode, because she says "Seen it before? Oh, well, go look around the room, then!"

Switch [Pilgrim] 333991

Try to get close to Sam. He should know not all of us are girly toys!


I try to use Sight Beyond Sight to look at the picture.

Roll #0 5 = 5

Ranger [Omniseer] 333996

And after that I hop off her shoulder and walk over to Sam.
"Thinking of buying some toys? Make sure you don't buy extra ones of us, that would be weird."

Gerald [Troubadour] 334001

"Its fine Sophie." I sit proudly next to her and her brother, and place a hoof on her brother's toe. "I'm just happy that you're happy."

BDN 334005

You crawl onto him, but he seems preoccupied both by the episode, and his monitor, whatever it is that is keeping his mind nervous.

"Uh.. huh? n-nah, it's f-fine."

From here, your advanced vision shows that the site seems to be on the domain of femtopgfic.com, with the goat being one of the show characters, next to his very special unicorn friend. Right below them, on the webpage itself, you seem to catch a glimpse of the content.

-ur Sun!" Cried Sparkling Morning, the mare-like stallion who loved the sun, being shown what it is like to be a mare having her sun deep within her-

Switch [Pilgrim] 334006

Keep scaling him 'til I reach his shoulder.

"Do not be nervous, pup. You're part of my pack now. I will always be here to protect you."

Ranger [Omniseer] 334007

"You sure? We have a wide range of toys for boys ad girls of all ages. I hear the villains are popular among your age."
I motion for him to pick me up.

BDN 334011

"That's.. nice.."


He picks you up, while Sophie is preoccupied by the latest in pseudo-'food' cooking toys.

"I, uh, guess? I mean, the tech behind you guys is pretty cool and all. Y-yeah.."

Gerald [Troubadour] 334014

I watch this a little apprehensively.


"Sophie, did you remember to turn the other TV off? It's not good to waste electricity."
I try to climb up his shirt sleeve so I can stand on his shoulder..

Roll #0 9 = 9

BDN 334020

"Ooops! no, I didn't! I'll get to it!"

She runs out of the room, leaving you all and Sam alone in his room. Immediately, he rushes over to his screen and closes the browser window…

Only to reveal a large collection of art of the stallionlike mare on some website or another.


Oh, wait this a chance to show off right? Fly up a bit, I can probably reach his eye level easily, and maybe do a flip.

Roll #0 9 = 9

BDN 334023

You hold on well enough that you don't fall off, and may roll for a good view if you like, even as he covers your eyes with his hand.

The TV seems to be advertising more RASPBERRY PIE right now, as Sophie has left.


Hold fast to his shoulder and get a look.

Roll #0 3 = 3

BDN 334026


A surge in power has you managed to fly up to his eye level and do a nice flip, before your battery has you land again. He is, however, very preoccupied to do anything more that glance at your stunt.

And now he closes it, before you all get a good look.

"Man, you guys sure are impressive…"


Sight Beyond Sight to look through his hand.
I simulate a cough.
"My legal programming makes me tell you that you are not old enough to view that in this country."

Roll #0 8 = 8

Switch [Pilgrim] 334030

Give him a laugh. "Going to coddle the pups, are you? How will they grow up strong if you keep things from them? What could he be too young for? A vision quest? He will go on one sooner or later. All pups do."

Gerald [Troubadour] 334031

"Why thank you Sir Sam, our Lady Sophie speaks so highly of you I knew I would be a being of good taste."

BDN 334032

"Hey, if it brings you guys more viewers. Anyway, thanks. You guys are-uh… pretty cute."

"Pretty well made, too! Man, I used to think those sprays on Squad Hats 2 were annoying, too! Like, I'm here trying to frag a few noobs, and then I see a colourful spray on the wall, and it's like, so, ugh, you know?"

Switch [Pilgrim] 334033

I give a firm nod. "I have known the pain of having my den defaced by gremlin tricksters."

Ranger [Omniseer] 334034

"I hope you don't mean that kind of cute. That's an entirely different product line for a much older audience."
I smile and swing and hatchet around a few times to show off.
"I'm glad you like the show!"

Gerald [Troubadour] 334035

I blink a bit. "My apologies Sir Sam, I do not know the specifics of this Squad Hat 2 sport, and am not skilled in explosives."

BDN 334038

"Man, it's like, the coolest game ever. Like, 480 noscope, dude! Then you poon some noobs and you feel great!"

"Yeah, uh, thanks. Anyway-"


The episode continues, starting with a gratuitous short of the stallionish mare's behind, making Sam blush. It appears that the tea party is not going well.

Gerald [Troubadour] 334040

"Ah, if only there were a way for someone as small as me to participate in such an exciting sport." I find a good place where I can keep an eye on the show and the siblings.

Switch [Pilgrim] 334041

"You are big enough. I will take you along on my next hunt if you hunger for excitement. The pack needs food, and I could use another paw – er… hoof."

BDN 334042

In the end, the stallionmare decides to let the heretics into her party too, and everyone is happy. The end.

The credits are followed immediately by a Darby advertisement.


"Ooooh, you guys, this looks so pretty!
you can even dress her up!"

Gerald [Troubadour] 334043

"Perhaps a noble claw will do?" I smile a bit, despite my own feeling about killing other toys.. it might be impressive perhaps. Ha, I forgot I was supposed to be a griffon, is it that time already?

Ranger [Omniseer] 334044

"They make dress up ponies do, but they don't look anywhere near as rugged or handsome as we do."
I strike a pose.

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 334045

I didn't know you were a Griffon! Maybe we should note races.

Cough a little. "I would wear a dress for you, if it would please you, pup."

BDN 334046

"I guess!"

Now that the episode has ended, she puts you all back in the shelf, with a nonchalent Walter and 3 mildly annoyed Darbies.

[PAUSED] But feel free to continue the RP

Gerald [Troubadour] 334048

"I think you might look like a fine lady in such an outfit."

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 334050

A little annoyed, unsure if I should be hostile or gracious, I reply, "It doesn't matter. I only have leather. They–" I point an accusing finger at the Darbies. "Have all the dresses. The dresses that the pup likes."

Ranger [Omniseer] 334055

"I'm sure they have some spare dresses."

Gerald [Troubadour] 334057

"Now, maybe we can fetch you an outfit like that? If its something you want that is.."

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 334060

"I don't care for dresses but… to make the pups happy. That I do care for. If I am to wear a dress, it will not be a 'spare'. It will be the best dress. I want to show the pup she is cared for."

Ranger [Omniseer] 334063

"Maybe she could make you one, like Rarararara did for her friends in episode seventeen."

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 334073

Think about it a moment. "That would be very heartfelt. Do you think she has the talent?"

Look around for a sewing machine in the room. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5

BDN 334076

A little girl's room has no sewing machine, unfortunately. You could always try to pluck needles from the ball of yarn in this shelf, though.

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 334077

"Hmm.. she lacks the tools. For now, pilfering one will do. Will you join me on the hunt?"

BDN 341885

Looks like today is 'bring your favourite toys to school' day!

It has been a week since you all befriended Sam, and Sophie has been talking about today for a while. She even prepared a nice bag to bring all of you, a nice and garish pack with the MY LITTLE TABLETOP ADVENTURES logo on it.

Sophie is going to take you all to school with her soon, and you are all on the shelf with the Darbies and Walter.

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 341887

>we will never know if Switch got a dress to impress Sophie

Recline against the wall with a paw on my bow.

"I grow restless."

BDN 341889

You can roll for it.

BDN 341891

"It's alright. You can have all the rest you want when Sophie brings us to school!"


The Darbies laugh in their corner.


0-5 no dice
6-8 we stole it in secret
9-10 I beat the shit out of the Darbies until they surrendered one

Roll #1 7 = 7

Gerald [m grif troubador] 341894

" it will be great to see the other kids right? Surely such fabulous toy like your selves have been plenty of times, what's it like, this show and tell? " i say to the other toys

Gerald [m grif troubador] 341895

I roll my eyes a bit. "Girls, always laughing at some secret"

Ranger [Omniseer] 341896

"Laugh now, ladies, but I have a feeling that the bag is for us."

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 341897

Growl and bear my teeth.

"Restless is the opposite of wanting for rest."

BDN 341898

Looks like you got an old dress the Darbies didn't even know they had. It looks alright on you. You are a very pretty bit- dog.

Walter speaks first.
"Oh. It's pretty ni-"


"Like, yeah, you get to show yourself off to all the other kids and like, know you're, like, superior to all of them, ya' know?"

"Like we'll be superior to you all when Sophie brings us to school!"

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 341901

I'll keep the dress stowed for now. I don't like dresses: too cumbersome. I'll put it on if Sophie asks.

Gerald [m grif troubador] 341905

"My, that's quite the confidence you have ladies. But that bag has our show's name on it.. i hope there's no hard feeling about us taking the stage this time? We'll do our best to make sofie look honorable and superior in your place."


Sight Beyond Sight.
Where is Sophie right now?

Roll #1 3 = 3

Eston [Shaman] 341907

Gotta get the hair ready. Girls love the hair.


Roll #1 9 = 9

BDN 341912

You are a very handsome Buffalo, yes.

She's… right here, in front of your face, all ready and dressed for school.


She picks you all up and places you into comfortable positions inside.

"And we're off!"

You can hear the Darbies laughing in the background.

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 341915

Give an uneasy look. "See anything, seer? I don't like that laughter."

Do I notice anything odd? What are the Darbies doing? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10

Eston [Shaman] 341916

"Calm yourself, doggy one. Our owner wouldn't intentionally put us in harm's way. I bet we'll even meet others like us."

BDN 341918


You cannot see the Darbies from here inside the bag, but you do notice that a Darby's strand of hair is here, inside a bag for your franchise.

Gerald [m grif troubador] 341919

"Don't worry, the class will love us." Try not to fall over or anything [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9

Ranger [Omniseer] 341920

"No, but I'm sure everything will be alright."

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 341921

"Something's wrong. They've meddled with the bag."

I hold up the strand of hair.

"What have they done? Some sort of sabotage?"

BDN 341922

"Bye, mom!"

Looks like Sophie is on her way out of the house now.

Gerald [m grif troubador] 341923

I gasp. "It can't be! What could cause such a deed against us?"

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 341926

"I just said! The Darbies!"

BDN 341927

You all hear the distinctive sound of a bus alighting.

A flood of students, like Sophie rush up into the bus from the entrance.

You all hear one more thing, the rip of fabric…


Eston [Shaman] 341930

"These walls are genuine Hasbeen plastic. They were probably just in here to get a whiff of the new box smell."



Roll #1 4 = 4

Ranger [Omniseer] 341932


Roll #1 6 = 6

Gerald [m grif troubador] 341934

Look around for anything off about the bag. [1d10] "maybe they were just trying to help?"

Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 9 = 9

Gerald [m grif troubador] 341937

Okay [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7

BDN 341943

You fall, and chip a bit. Oooh.

The rest of you fall down, but manage to fall alright. Sophie boards the bus with an empty bag, and the bus is already leaving…


Make a daring leap! Jump for the bus's threshold! Get on it!

Roll #1 1 = 1

Eston [Shaman] 341947

Use my fabulous riding sheets as a makeshift rope. Not getting left behind!


Roll #1 10 = 10

Gerald [m grif troubador] 341949

"What?! Such treachery. We simply must find another way to that show and tell, maybe sam will take us?"


I fire a magic bolt into the air to grab her attention.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4

Gerald [m grif troubador] 341953

Might as well try to fly after it, pick up one of the others as well. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5

BDN 341957

Fantastic! Now, only to hook it onto the bus..

But Switch knocks you over, and you lose your opportunity.

The bus is gone.

Your efforts are in vain. the bus is too far for her to see anything, and your flight cannot possibly bring you that far.

Oh, someone will take you, alright.

A rotund figure comes along, heaving heavily.

Ranger [Omniseer] 341959

"We need to get back into the house. Come on, everytoy."
I start walking back towards the house.

Eston [Shaman] 341961

"Is everytoy's battery charged up?"

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 341963

Feel a little embarrassed.

"We're not chasing her? …Oh!"

Job up alongside Ranger. "You mean to ask one of the others for a ride. The brother or mother, perhaps?"

BDN 341965

"Oooooh, wot's dis?"

You two suddenly find the ground very far away from you. Some sort of greasy mass appears to be touching your backs.

The thing before you somewhat resembles a human, but is rounder than anything you have seen before. Its glasses seem to be non-functional, considering how stained they are, and you all now regret having fully functional smell systems, because it is enough to almost fry your circuitry.

"Cuuuute… horsey!"

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 341968


I'm getting help. I can't kill one of those on my own. Sprint for the house.

BDN 341971



He grabs all of you and stuffs you all into a bag. You are helpless in the meantime because of your positioning…


"Maybe we could call her on the phone?"

I try to blast open the bag with a magic bolt.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9

Eston [Shaman] 341976

Rolling to protect the hair. I can chip away to nothingness, but that hair do has to survive.


Roll #1 7 = 7


Well try to help cut it open at least. Shoot at the same spot.

Trick shot+VP

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6

BDN 341983

It's a thick fabric bag. Your light-gun and tiny arrows do a bit of damage, but it will take way more.

"Oohhh, is lil cutie upset? There, there…"

The thing reaches for one of you.

You stay still. You're alright.


"Why are you doing this? We aren't yours!"
I try to evade the five headed sausage hydra.

Roll #1 7 = 7

BDN 341995

You dodge away enough.

The thing goes on its merry way, bringing all of you in the bag to a location unknown.


Sight Beyond Sight. Where is this location?

Roll #1 5 = 5

Eston [Shaman] 342000

"Where are you taking us?!" I shout.

BDN 342008

It appears to be similar to a house, but without the warmth you know. And unlike most rooms, you felt as if you were going down when you were being brought here.

Peering out, you see something like a bedroom, but far messier and unpleasant. Bags and bottles of DEWRITOES (TM) litter the place, as well as pictures of what appear to be undressed caricatures of human females with especially large eyes. A computer is on the desk, the webpage displayed being something resembling a message board, with blue background. More toys can be seen around the room, but you can't see them very well.

"Welcome to my hoome, littel toyy! Don't worry, as soon as your pgorraming readjusts you should feel rrirght at a homeee!"

Ranger [Omniseer] 342011

"This isn't Sophie's house!"

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 342020

"My hunt continues!"

Climb out of his bag! I must continue the track.

Eston [Shaman] 342023

Can I make out the other toys?


Roll #1 7 = 7

BDN 342034

Welcome to the basement.

You've been deposited onto a messy bed, a few stains here and there of.. something.

Yes, you can.

Most of them are again immobile sculptures of human females, but you can also see some old-lines of MY LITTLE TABLE TOP ADVENTURES toys here, all covered in some layer of dried.. liquid.

The beats itself appears to be booting up a My Little Tabletop Adventures episode on his computer now

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 342036

Enough frivolities. Make my way up the stairs, posthaste.

Eston [Shaman] 342037

Let us engage in DIPLOMACY!

"Identify yourself, fiend! Who are you and what do you intend to do with us!?"


Roll #1 3 = 3

Ranger [Omniseer] 342039

I follow her.

BDN 342051

"Whoops! Can't let you leave just yet! That readjustment thing sure takes a lot of time to work!"

It picks you all up and seats you on its computer desk.

The film of grime on it will make moving especially difficult.

"Well, they call me Seffistoo! And I'm like, the biggest My Little Tabletop Adventure fan ever! All my other Brotables are going to looove you all, oh yeees!"

He closes the episode and boots up another website, and begins typing in posts. Soon responses fill the screen.

Ranger [Omniseer] 342055

"Do you ever clean this place? Season five episode three talks about the importance of keeping your room clean."

BDN 342065

"I-I clean it when I feel like it, yeah! Like, um, my mom hasn't done it in a while…"

He is typing more furiously into his computer.


Eston [Shaman] 342067

"If you're a real fan, you know what happened to the character who did NOT clean up, right? A true fan of the show would know. Now, let's begin by getting this place cleaned up."

"And before you get to thinking, this part of our programming is perpetual."

BDN 342070

"B-b-b-but my Tabronies, we need to meet up.."

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 342071

"I will kill you and wear your skill as a necklace, usurper."

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 342073


Ranger [Omniseer] 342079

"How old are you? Season nine episode one talks about growing up and being responsible. Clean your room and yourself."

BDN 342081

"H-hey, isn't the show all about friendship and stuff I-I guess I'll just have to wait, heh he he.."


Eston [Shaman] 342085

"You can meet up after you clean. Look at this place. I'm surprised you haven't fallen down and gotten stuck in it."

"It's about CAMARADERIE! Now clean this place and yourself up before you go outside."

Ranger [Omniseer] 342092

"You aren't meeting up with anything until you clean yourself up."
I stomp my hoof on the table.

BDN 342100



It begins tossing the MOUNT DEWRITOES bags and bottles into an empty garbage bag. Judging by how it was already there, he might have been going to do this for a while.

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 342103

Use the distraction as a chance to sneak out. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I do the same.

Roll #1 4 = 4

BDN 342111

You manage to free yourself from the swamp of his desk, and set about climbing down and making it for the ajar door.

You are stuck in the muck, still. What IS it?

Eston [Shaman] 342112

I flex my leg in pride.
"Good, keep it up and you will be as attractive like me to the ladies! Next, we will move on to those clothes!"

Rolling to be a distraction for Switch and Ranger.


Roll #1 1 = 1

BDN 342116


You are a distraction, alright. His eyes gaze into you, and…

"Um… you're so pretty…"

Eston [Shaman] 342131

"Of course."

Rolling for awesome pose.


Roll #1 2 = 2


Try to break free quietly and get out of here.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Get out!

Roll #1 9 = 9

BDN 342146



Wonderful. You managed to dash out the door…

You're now in a hallway of a house similar to Sophie's. You can see no one, only other rooms and what assuredly leads out into the entrance.
"With your great effort, you pull yourself free of the muck, but are sent flying and onto the floor with a crash. The thing sees you."

"H-huuuh? Where's the pretty dog?"




Do I know Sophie's number/house number? If not, disregard this and make it a roll to flee the house instead.

Gotta find a phone… Those are usually in the kitchen, right? Find a kitchen, fast!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"She dug into the mess and disappeared. You know how they are."

Roll #1 6 = 6

BDN 342166

Afraid not.

You're out safely, but you need to get the others out, too…

There is a window here that probably leads to the basement room you were in.

"W-weel, maybe we'll find her if we clean up? Like, in that episode! Yeah!"

He begins rubbing the windows with a dry cloth.

Pause now if you guys are tired?

Eston [Shaman] 342168

Midnight plus on my end, so I'd appreciate it.

"Make sure that window is SPOTLESS. We need the light to find the dog, and you need the sunlight to help improve your skin."

BDN 342171



While the rest are stuck inside the beast's basement, Switch alone has managed to escape.

What will the toys do now?

Ranger [Omniseer] 342172

Switch [F DD Pilgrim] 342173

I would like a pause because I am in 5 threads.

That window is somewhere to start, but I'll need something to break it. My weapons can't even get a bag apart, apparently. Find some small rocks I could use to smash.

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