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It continues.

For covenience's sake, we'll say you already have the last griffon plush finished, after beating up another gang in the bathrooms.

Light Heart found a book on chemistry, and reading it has given her some information on the wonderful uses of medicinal oils. Lubricating, waterproofing, and relaxing, among things.

Again, for convenience, you are now back in a common hall. Once you deliver the plushes to the griffons, they may be more inclined to aid you.


Just keep reading, I'll be distracted anywya.

Roll #0 6 = 6

Delia [Illusionist] 275000

"So, what are we gonna ask the gryphons?"

Rickety Crimes [Knight] 275004

"We need to decide what we need most first."

BDN 275005

There's more about the use of water saturated with salt as a magic disruptor. It seems that extremely salted water might be able to disrupt a spell of two.

BDN 275012

Remember what you may expect to be able to scrounge in these conditions.

Delia [Illusionist] 275016

"Do we even have a plan?"

Rickety Crimes [Knight] 275018

"Not yet. We need the blueprints of this place and possibly the guard schedules. We can't even begin without those."

Delia [Illusionist] 275047

"Let's get this over with, we give those maniacs their sexdolls and be on our way."

Rickety Crimes [Knight] 275051

Give the plushes to where they need to be given.

BDN 275052

As if in response, a smaller griffon comes up to you, looking as if he's been pushed here.

"Y-you all have the accessories?"

Delia [Illusionist] 275053

Urgh. The guts on this guys.
"Yeah, Everything you asked for. Tell you boss he owes us big time."

BDN 275063

"A-alright. He says to see him if you need anything, since this is a good job. Yeah. Thanks."

He runs off around the corner, where you hear more murmuring and a squeal.]


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