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It is the morning of the funeral.

Some have opted to stay in bed, safe away from today's proceedings. As you come out of the house, you see before you a reaised pedestal, about one storey high, where you can see three boxes. Offerings of seaweed, scattered with soil, line the table around the base of the pedestal as offerings, and a signal to the heavens from where these souls came from.

In the day, they are presented to the sun to be judged and glorified in the name of the heavens, while the party sees crowds of ponies, the parents missing from sight here.

Despite all that has happened, things go on. Hawrkers hawk, sailors sail, and the day goes on.


"How are we gonna get home?"


And then they never got home.


Too much sun.
The sand is too hot.
The ponies too sad.
I wish I was home playing magik-games.

But yeah, look around. Where are the o


Too much sun.
The sand is too hot.
The ponies too sad.
I wish I was home playing magik-games.

But yeah, look around. Where are the offerings?


On a table at the base of the platform, which raised to a height of about a story high.

Some seaweed is there, and what appears to be a map of the afterlife. Some coins are put on the altar, too.


I look at the map of the afterlife. Have I seen anything like it before or is it new to me?

Roll #0 10 = 10


You might have heard of something like that before in class, because the concept seems clear to you.

The map gives a crude depiction of the earthly realm as being at the top of many other layers. As ponies die, their souls are returned to the worlds below theirs, worlds that were once the civilizations of ponies, now lost to all memory. They go down, till they reach the origin of all and are reduced to nothing, wherein the Sun may yet again give new life.


With that 10 was I able to notice if there might be worlds above this one?


The only world there is that there are the heavens.


I speak with a worried voice.
"Table Top, come over here and look at this."


File: 1360952049022.jpg (254.93 KB, 1654x1196, Image (7).jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)


Move closer, but not too much.
"W-what is it?"


Which on is this one?


This is the chart of the afterlife.

It is clear that the lands on top are supposed to be this plane.


Oh and if I didn't clarify, OP is opening post

Welcome to the morning. You found breakfast waiting for you and ate however you liked, though your hosts have not been seen.


"Should we find a sailor and a boat?"


"…We are not going to traverse a real river, Steras."


I look at him quizzically.
"A what? Where did you see a river? I thought boats could cross seas too."


"But nopony here knows anything about home…"


"Oh, hey, you kids."

An older stallion approaches. You recognize him as one of the searchers.

"Hey… you… didn't need to come here and see anything. Though it was very nice of you all."

He pauses.

"So… a boat is going to leave for the mainland in a few days. And, well, there were spots for a few people you guys can take now. So until then just, take it easy, alright?"


Just stay silent in the back and don't speak.
Oh damn but I should ask..

Roll #1 4 = 4


You look as if you want to say something.

"…I know it's hard, kid. Anything I can do?"


"Oh, what a coincidence, but what are we going to do for 'a few days?'"


Shake my head vigorously.


"Is there anything we can do to help?"


He shrugs.

"I dunno… you guys are kids, aren't you? It's not right to be just hanging out here sad. Go have some fun about town? Go swim? The coral looks lovely this year. Hell, I hear we've been seeing the Sea Dragon migrations lately, too."

"Suit yourself."

"No, really. Although… right, how about I do you kids a favour? I could follow you all wherever you like to help, or lead you someplace fun. Or explain anything! You guys aren't from here, right?"


"Take us somewhere fun, like the coral."


"Explain anything! Why do you have such huge timberwolves in the forests?"


"It's just how it is. Elder Timberwolves can disguise themselves as trees for months, and continue to grow by passively hunting prey. Besides… well, you can't really eradicate wildlife."

"We could, yeah. Let's wait for noon, first, though."

A group of ponies some distance away are sitting still, facing the east.


I go over to them.
"What'cha doin'?"


None of them respond. They have their eyes shut, bowing in reverence to the rising sun over the sea.

The stallion goes up to you.
"Hey, don't disturb them. Deep in prayer, you know? Asking the Sun to know the children before the Moon guides them back into the sea of milk?"




"That does sound like something you'd need to do…"


"Yeah. The old myths."

He sighs. Even in the bright sunshine and cacophony coming from the town center, it seems to stand out very well despite these others competing for attention.

"Hey, I'm helping you guys. I mean, Breeze and Hearth asked me to do it."


The group of ponies disperse, and all that is left is the party and the stallion.

"Huh, looks like it's hot enough now. Anyone up for a dive?"

He holds out some pairs of goggles.


I take the goggles and put them on.


"Yeah! Let's go!"
I run to the shore.


My eyes widen.
"Are we going to the beach?"


Ded lil kids.
We almost got eaten, too.
No way home.

Yeah let's dive. Silentrly trot along.

I still miss my dice…


"Right.. come on, we'll race to the shoreline!"

Off he goes. Rolling for his speed '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 10 = 10


"Wha what? Hey wait for me!" I started to follow him.


Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 3 = 3


Looks like being the scrawny shy kid doesn't mean you don't have many hidden talents.

You race across the sand, easily beating everyone else, then right at the water's edge, jump up high and vanish for a moment in the sun's light. In mid-air, you adjust your goggles, then spread out your legs and swan-dive into the sea.

You two follow next. While Steras manages a nice and stylish dive, Etherlight is content with a simple jump.


The stallion slows a bit for you to catch up, then watches you flop into the water before jumping in himself.

What awaits you under is a veritable sea of colours. Coral of just about every colour grow in odd formations, some spiraling or snaking, even. Small fish swim in and out of the colonies, some just as full of colour. To the north, lush greenery, even under the water. That must be the seaweed forest this island is known for.

As you all come up from the water, the stallion handles a few tubes in his hooves, and turns to Table Top.

"That was AWESOME! You get to use this first, then!"

He slides a tube into the snorkle of your goggles, and a shield comes out and covers your mouth and nose, expelling out all water before sealing.

"Air tubes! Didn't think I forgot, did you all? And by the way, you can call me Kelper."

He slides tubes into all your goggles as well.


"Kel… per." I said.
"Are you a fisherman sir Kelper?"


"This is really cool Mr. Kelper."
I try to float on my back.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Well, dive then! What can I see?

Roll #1 7 = 7


I nod and follow him

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Yeah! Well, kind of!"

He points to his cutie mark, which is a fish and a blade of seaweed.

"Good to know the fish who can help you find the best Kelp, you know!"

You pull up your goggles, and lie face up on the sea, above the rest. While the sun shines down on you, it doesn't hurt very much as long as you close your eyes.

Being in the warm water is very relaxing. feel as if this would make a good memory.

Going further in, you see orange sea ferns and fans, and balls of yellow brainlike coral.

What's that flat, thin thing hidden amongst the rocks, though?


I commit it to memory ass I take a deep breath and dive down.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Something I surely can't reach with my little breath, right?

Roll #1 9 = 9


I smile.
"I'll dive in and see whats below sir Kelp!"
Go in and dive and try to catch a small fish,

Roll #1 3 = 3


Your breath doesn't matter here, you have an air supply!

You easily reach it, and it appears to be a piece of paper with language unknown to you. You cannot recognise the characters, though they'd look nice on your magik games.

A school of small fish come your way, swimming past your face like a curtain. The waving seagrasses greet you thereafter.

You can see that Table Top is holding some sort of paper.

A Big fish slaps you with its tail fin, but you otherwise get a nice view, too.


I swim over to him. What's on the paper?

Roll #1 5 = 5


I try to catch a fish underwater.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Take it back to shore, show it to Kelper.


I try to swim and see if I can catch that fish.

Wait, why am I doing this? Gryphons like fishes but ponies dont even eat fish…

Roll #1 5 = 5


>สำหรับนักผจญภัยทั้งหมด! ผมทะเลมังกรผจญภัยเกินไป

"What's this you found?"

"..Oh? Looks like something out of a Sea Dragon? Although I can't read it myself… Maybe a sailor could?"

You two swim together and manage to nab one by swimming from different directions. It has some seaweed in its mouth, and is pretty big. Big enough for the silvery scales to reflect your faces.


I swim back up to the surface and float around some more.


Catch my breath, all that swimming and running and trotting is not good for me.
"What's a sea dragon?"


Swim on top and carry the fish to Sir Kelper.


I help her.


You float by Kelper, letting more of the warming sea bathe you.


"Oh, never seen one? You know, they're kind of like dragons, but they have flippers and the live in the sea, and have pretty long bodies. They live in the Hole Atolls, somewhere between us and the mainland. Maybe you'll get lucky and see one of them wave you by when you go!"

"Oooh.. now this is a pretty nice one. Watch what he can do."

He taps the fish a few times, and it swims off to the North.


Shiver slightly.
"I dunno, they seem scary.."


"…they're a compass?"


"What's it do?"


I smile at Steras.
"Thanks for the help of catching that one."


"Well, they-"

"Oho! Yes, you're absolutely right. We thought they were just going to where the seaweed was at first, but as it turns out they really do go North. Cool, huh?"

"They aren't all that much. They're usually friendly, they sometimes say a hello, sometimes they even trade their stuff at the other ports! You ever seen a discarded tooth turned into a cane? Best stuff, really."

His stomach growls a little.

"Man, looks like we had our fun. Who's up for lunch?"


I swim to shore.


"Lunch… Yeah, great idea. I haven't touched food since we came here yesterday."


"I am!"
"You're welcome!"



"Yeah, sure, guys.. since you're all not from here, let's go for our specialty, eh?"

Past the street vendors, souvenir peddlers, spell tools, library, clothing and gear, he leads you to a cozy-looking restaurant. Kelper lets you all choose your table, then seats himself down, putting down orders.

"Hey! A bowl of weed stew for all of us!"


"That sounds like something my mother would bring in from the garden."
I scrunch.


Seat with him.
"Maybe it's maaaagical weed here!"


"Oh you'll see, you'll see-"

The waiter comes by with all your bowls. It smells not like much you really know, but it has its share of pleasant aromas that you might like.

The waiter speaks.
"Bosses Breezy and Hearth requested we prepare some extra bowls in case you came, sir. Enjoy, kids!"

The waiter leaves. You may roll to see how good your food is, but you're pretty sure it's good.


Oh I want to know.
Rolling for yhum.


"Hmmm…." I look at my food and take a mouthful.


'1d10+2' then
"Do Breezy and Hearth own this place, mr. Kelp?"

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Do I like it?

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


It is some of the best things you've ever tasted. And the best part is, it doesn't look all that hard to prepare, looking at wha twas in the stew. Rice, some flowers, boiled with seaweed and carrots with a stick of cinnamon, at least that's what you can tell.

"Yep, they do! They started off pretty small, but they've made quite a name for themselves! Heh, I think most people on the island come in at least once a week!"

With the large groups of people in the barn-size building, it's easy to see that he isn't exaggerating. Mostly seated on stools on long tables while fans help cool the hotter customers, this place is bustling.

While without the analysis Steras made, both you enjoy it pretty well. It warms you up after your swim.


"This is really good."


I look at the others.
"Has anyone come up with a plan to go…. uhhmm…"
I then keep quiet.


"You can thank Breeze and hearth for that! They prepared this before they got to their.. obligations for today."


He looks down a little.

"You'll find your way! I remember when I did my own traveling. Discovered all sorts of places. Towns I never dreamed could exist."

The sun has dipped a little more to the West.


"Is this your home town? How did you ever find your way back?"
I eat it all.


I look outside.
"I am just hoping that day will come."

"But what can a little filly like me do?"


"It is yeah. Well, you'll learn about Caballia the more you travel. You'll find your way around, see new things as you explore, and ultimately find your way home when you've had your fill. Even without my map and directions, which I never used anyway."


"Little Fillies and Colts can be capable of the most amazing things. Don't ever be afraid just because of that, alright?"

He rubs your head.

"Later, I'm going to have to ask you to do a very brave thing. Please stand with Breezy and Hearthy when they let the moon send off their kids tonight, alright?"


"Have you ever heard of Equestria?"

"We can do that."


"Of course!"


"No, I am afraid I have never. Not once in my travels."

"That is very good. We could have ice cream later."

[PAUSED] for now


It is late afternoon.

Though you've all been tired and hungry from a swim in the sea, a good bowl of Seaweed Stew has fixed that.

Throughout the time in the restaurant, what did you talk with the others here with you about?

Either way, the sun is now orange and low in the west. Where would you like to go? There's a bookshop, there are some adventure outfitting shops, and even weapons. Or would you like to go home?


Do I have any allowance? How much bits do I carry in my bag and pocket?


"We should go to the adventuring shop."


"and do what?" I look up.


"Buy adventuring stuff?"


Lucky you! You've been carrying around 250 or so you saved up. Quite the small fortune there.

Shelves and tables full of all the survivalist gear you can think of fill the shop, attended to by a friendly-looking stallion. If the aqua-breathers don't fascinate you, maybe the tool-knives will! Or the canteens? Even stacks of waterproof paper, if little else, that come with a complementary bottle.

Kelper lets you all in before him.
"Now, now, I know you''re all excited, but remember that you'll be getting most of this stuff from Breeze and Hearth later, okay? But see what else you might want!"


I look up at him.
"Do we get those aquabreather things?"


I ponder for a moment
"If that will help us get back to my parents…. "
I then follow Swirl

I nod with Swirl
"Yes that will be great."


I try to find something really interesting.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Well, I can't exactly give you those. They are for our harvesters, you know?"

"Why don't you pick out a colour you like here?"

There are lots of them in different colours, ranging from abyssal black and cloudy white. Or orange orange and pony pink.


I want one with lots of pretty colors!


It's pink and yellow! That's pretty.

Kelper seems to be looking very intently at the waterproof paper and bottle.


Go for the orange orange.


You like orange, don't you?

Why don't you pick up an aquabreather? Or one of those fishing rods or seasieve nets?


I smile and pick it up.
"Yes… it reminds me of.. someone."


"Thank you for the aquabreather!"
I hug his leg.


"Can I have an aquabreather too?"


"Sure! Go ahead and pick one out!"

"…you do have money, don't you?"


"Well, I…"
Do I?


All you have with you is your kiddy staff, and robes.

"That's alright. Consider it my present to go with Mr Breeze and Mrs Hearth, then."

He waits by the shopkeeper's counter. You're all free to pick out anything else you know or think is here.


Do I have any money with me?

Roll #1 8 = 8



You might have been looking to buy a new book when you came here, because you've also got a pretty amount of your allowance. 50 bits! That's rich!


I approach Kelp.
"Where will we go afterwards? To the beach?" I tilt my head.


"Wasn't there a bookstore? We should go there! I'm a magician, after all."


"It's late, and it's dinner time soon. Why don't we go back?"

"Oh, well, that's fine, too! But first…"
He takes all your aqualungs, and before you can object, slips a number of silvery coins to the shopkeeper. He then returns them all to you.

"Right, let's go!"

He waits for you all to leave.


I leave and run to the bookstore.


I smile and follow him.
"I would love too."


I hop out with him.


You are all lead to a large tree, bigger than many houses here. Built into the tree is a door, and a sign with 'BOOKS' on it.

Kelper lets you all in, while the purple shopkeeper unicorn mare waves hello before going back to her own books.

You see a number if interesting titles. There's on on history, some on magic, guidebooks for skills and others. Some for traversing geography, too.


I wave at the purple unicorn giving her a smile.

Now lets see….
I approach the history lane and pick a random book.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I look for good magic necromancy books.

Roll #1 1 = 1


>How to Counter and disable Necromancy - An Inquisitor's Guide

>A guide to Caballia for Travelers

It has all sorts of detail on various places in the world. You may find it useful.


I take it and keep looking.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I know what to look for!
Fantasy books!

Roll #1 3 = 3


I read the book, what is this Caballia place that the title is saying?

Roll #1 3 = 3


>Ancient Ponyland: The Lost Empire (Comes with exclusive FREE dice and T-reck poster!)

Nothing more on necromancy, it looks like.

On the chapter page, one of them reads Seasprout Island.

It's the land you all are in, it looks like!


Hey, I can dig this!
And since we are in a new and unexplored land, something on survival.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I approach the purple mare and ask her if the continentt or country that we are in is Caballia. Just to clarify things.


I go pay for my book.
"You remind me of a pony from where I live."


>The Traveller's Guide to the World

Now, this looks something like that book Ether has, but instead of history and cultural details of the cities of the land, it talks about the tools one might need to go around and survive in the wilderness of each location, as well as what one might scrounge up anywhere.

"Oh, yeah! Our land is called Caballia as a whole! Now, something from this book I'm reading: 'Though most of the inhabitants of the world are ponies, many other races like goats, donkeys, griffons and diamond dogs live here with us on Caballia. Yeah, they'll tell you that in school next year, I think!"

"Huh? Oh, cool."

She does sort of look familiar, though her cutie marks is of a 5-pointed star instead.


Hey, I'm game. Can I check both of them out?


"Yeah. She went insane after miscasting a spell. Now she walks around with paper wings taped to her sides."
I sit down in a corner and read my book while waiting fort eh others.


Sure you can, as long as you have enough money.

Kelper waits by the shopkeeper.


See, that was the question. Do I have money?

Roll #1 1 = 1


You confidently strut over to the unicorn mare and put down your two books, as well as all your bits. 60 bits.

"…huh? What are you trying to pay with?"




"Huh? Well, um.. you from somewhere else? Because I can't accept those."

Kelper steps in and puts down more silvery coins.

"It's fine, just leave it to me."


Look at the silver coins.
What image is on them?
"No wait, I really can't accept. I will put these back where I took them."


"Wait, I still have some money, I think."
I put down the rest of my money on the table.


Pictures of prominent landforms, it looks like. One of them seems to be of a ring of mountains, and the words "Hall of Giants" is engraved. Another one has "Spring of Sendoffs" engraved, and has an image of a small, misty lake.

"And I can't accept this. You need things to keep you occupied, yeah? Tell you what… why don't you send me letters when you're all out traveling? I'll take that as payment."

He shoves the coins into the mare's hands.


I look at the coins.
"Are all those things on this island?"


"I see." I smile at her.
"Can I borrow this book?


You have bits.

This shop won't take bits.

Kelper gently pushes your money right back to you and pays for all your books himself. It took about 6 larger silvery coins.


I put my bits back into my pouch.


Look worried for a moment, but then smile.
"Well, if you mean it."


"Thank you again. We'll send you lots of letters."


You do that, and we head back off and away.

"I do. You see… well, I never did get to marry the mare I loved, so, I get kind of lonely at times, huh?"

You were all lead to a park for a picnic dinner while looking at your books, again sent and prepared by your caretakers here. Seaweed sandwiches.. well, it's up to your own tastes if you liked them or not, I guess?

Even Mr. Breeze and Ms. Hearth came down to eat with you all. They looks sweaty and tired, but they seem genuinely happy to be eating here with you all.



Will I ever ask for more of it?

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'm addicted to seaweed.
"Dif dhing if defifiouf!"



"They're for the whole land, really. Most everyone will accept these!"

How the hell did you go for so long in your life without seaweed?
Because damn, it tastes goddamn magical. You're now sure that the powerful wizards in your magick games must feast on these a ton.

It's already been paid for. It's a bookshop, not a library. Silly pony.

You all eat pretty well under the darkening sky. Soon, it is too dark to read, even under the street lamps around that seem to be magically lit.


"When will we have to leave?"


Hearth speaks.

"You can all leave any day for next week. A ship will be sailing over to the mainland every day. So.. I guess it's up to you."

A very full moon is shining brightly in the sky, casting a light blue glow on all of you, somehow.


I finish eating.
"Thank you for your gen-gener-gen-thank you for sharing things with us."


"Luna is watching over us…"
Look at the sky and smile.


Breezy speaks.
"Right… time to go. You kids just stay here and come home- to our house in a bit alright?"

But then, Kelper interrupts.
"Let them see."

And turns to the party.

"Guys, do you want to help Mr. Breeze and Mrs Hearth with one last thing?"


I nod my head.


Stand up and nod.


"I can, what needs helping?" I stand up.


Kelper gently nudges you all forward, while Breeze and Hearth look at each other.

"Alright. I guess everyone has to learn to make their own decisions, huh?"

The lead you all back to the beach, where a few candles are burning. It is completely deserted, and the large constructs you saw earlier in the morning are now but pieces of neatly dismantled wood and bamboo.

On the shore are three boxes, stuck with flagsand other pieces of paper with writing on them, though ti is too dark to read here. The adult ponies make their way to it.

"Right… help us push them into the Moon, alright? You see the Moon in the horizon? Push them into the sea and let them float off."

The light-blue moon seem to beckon to you all from beyond the sea, too.


I help them push.


Oh c'mon those ponies have a funeral fetish!
Help them push. Delicately.
And shut up.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Help pushin

Roll #1 2 = 2


It's done.

The papers actually seem to act as sails as they float off somewhere, on some other journey, maybe not unlike the one you'll come to soon.



Is this the end for the night?


You all can continue if you want


I would like to if the others want to.







Sylt is tired, looks like we're done for now.


It is morning, some days later.

Your few days spent in Seasprout Port were spent resting and playing. Though this land might still seem foreign to you, what you can hold as familiar are your companions, your fellow foals just as lost as you are, who you spent your days playing with however you could.

Mr. Breeze and Mrs. Hearth helped all of you pack in gear into your packs, then fed you all sumptuous breakfasts this morning before seeing you off. They seemed very sad for some reason.

"Write to use whenever you need anything, alright?"

How do you feel about doing that?

Either way, whatever voices you can hear from shore have long since faded into the crashing of sea and wind. On board the Water Galloper, one of a line of ships ferrying ponies and goods from the mainland and back, all of you share a room in the decks, packed with your things. But never mind that, on the deck of the ship the wind tickles your faces and salty sea air helps relax. Various adult ponies wander the ship, some working, others passengers, though you can see non-ponies here and there too, and some young ones around your age.

Looks like a new start is here.

Posting updated inventory in next post


I go talk to some of the ones that are my age.
"Hi, I'm Swirl. What are your name?"


I should… Yeah, go on deck and take a look at the sea. Where we are going. How fast.
See if I can find the captain of this ship.


In addition to all the books you got the other day, you all get your aqua breathers, rope, sleeping pack, canteens, food packing, matches, a utility knife, a small first aid kit, a cloak, and waterproof saddlebags to hold everything. Except Etherlight, because she has a lot of her own stuff already.

In addition, you all have a map of 'Caballia' and a notebook with the 'Dragon Express' addresses of Kelper and the couple who took you all in.

A filly.

"Oooooh? I'm like, Diamond Dust! Hey, hey, hey, have you met my dad yet? We're going to see the Deep Blue Hole while on the ship!"

He's in wherever the place Captains usually are, in the covered areas of the ship, behind you!

The sea ahead looks calm.


I look to one of the crew.
"Where are we headed sir?"


"I don't think so. What's the Deep Blue Hole?"


Can you post my character sheet and the book I got last time?


A stallion looks at you.

"Dewport! That's where we carry all this seaweed to, you know. Large market there. They say you can buy just about anything! Like my wife!"

She is jumping in excitement.
"You, like don't know? It's this… area of sea that's really, really blue and deep! If you see it from above the water, the deep parts are going to be a looot darker! And when the ship stops to rest like usual, we're going to dive in!"

Name: Swirl
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Class: Necromancer
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Cutiemark: A hypnotic spiral (+2 to Transfix)
Skills: Raise Dead, Transfix
Armor: Warm traveling cloak
Weapon: Knife
Inventory: Saddlebags, mane comb, coat brush, spell book, locket with a picture of her mom and dad in it, food, water, How to Counter and disable Necromancy - An Inquisitor's Guide

Character Description: Looks and acts like a little filly because that's exactly what she is. She is a quick learner.


I go to the deck and look at the sea. Is there anything interesting?
"you bought your wife?"


I start jumping up and down too.


I guess I could not bother him. Let's meet with my other friends and see what they are doing.


I tilt my head.
"You bought a wife? I thought wives and grooms get married on an altar?"


Some spires of rock are in the distance, seemingly forming a circle over… something.

He laughs.

"Well, yeah! Never know what some ponies could do for a quick blind date, you know."

"No, no! It's… well, she put herself up for sale, you know, for a date. Then we ended up liking each other and then we got married."

BRB 15 mins


"Do you know anypony else on the boat?"


I raise an eyebrow and decide to change the topic.
"So you can buy anything at Dewport? Like Spells and other things?"


"Nah, all I know is my dad. Oh, look, here he comes!"

A brown goat walks up to you.

"Hello there. You a friend of Dust's?"

"Don't see why not! Of course, I hear some sort of troubles are making some goods a bit difficult to come by lately…"


"Trouble? What do you mean?" I frown a bit.


"I am now, sir. My name's Swirl."


He takes out a cigarette from his bag, and proceeds to munch on it.

"Swirl, eh? Ever heard of Sea Dragons, swirl?"

"I dunno. As long as it doesn't affect the seaweed demand, and it hasn't."

The ship suddenly stops. The captain speaks.

"Looks like we got a horde of Jellyflies coming our way! Prepare yourselves!"


"Eehwhat? Jellyfish?" I look below to see the spectacle.

Also ready my spells.


I nod my head.
"They are dragons that are like fish."


"That is a very simple way of putting it! to be more precise-"

He is interrupted when a winged blob with tentacles jumps out of the sea and hits him in the face.

A whole swarm of the are flying out of the water, with sailors and everyone on the ship either fleeing into the safety of the ship's structure, or defending themselves with whatever they have. A unicorn seems to be using a baseball bat to bat them away.

One's flying towards you! Dodge!


I try to pull it off his face with my magic!

Roll #1 7 = 7


RUN! Hide behind the Crewmate, let him handle it while I look for something suitable to hit with.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Sorry, but could we pause here for now?



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