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It smells like sea air.

Warm sand lies under them, as your eyes struggle under the bright sun. The crashing of waves gently rocked them awake from their dreams, be they pleasant or unsettling.

Where were they? They seemed to be on a beach! Beaches were places where ponies went to have fun, but these ponies didn't know why they were here. they have never seen this place before, and woke up here somehow.

It isn't the worst place to come to, though! It's pleasantly breezy, and the trees down south could provide shelter. Up North, there could be people in the village. Whatever could be over the large cliff wall to the east?

And look, loo, they're finally waking up! I wonder what they'll be like?


I stand up and look around, where am I? What is this place, anything nearby that is of importance?


Roll #1 3 = 3


I yawn and stretch out slightly. Looking around, my ears perk up.
"Where… am I?"

Roll #0 7 = 7


An island, it looks like.

You've never seen it before, though! But it looks like a really nice place. The water is so clear, you can see the seaweed forest from here.

You don't really know, either. But this is a nice beach. You can see a town to the North, and foret to the south.

West is all clear blue sea, and the sun seems closer to there.


Ehhh… I am afraid of the water.

I walk back a bit away from the sea.

"Hi there." I wave


… yeah right. Put some sand into my pockets.
"This isn't Clopantinople…"

I quickly turn around to see the source of the voice
"… 'Sup."


It's some very nice sand, yes.

Nice and fine.


Does that filly have anything valuable on her? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1



She looks.. really poor. You feel a bit of pity for her.


There are 2 ponies, right by you! Why not say hello before you venture out into the forest or village?


"Nice to meet you. Do you know where we are?" I then look around and see if there are some shade nearby.


Ignore the post as Table Top.
Look around. Why is it so warm here? Where is the snow?


Pity? Yeah right.

"We sure aren't in Clopantinople anymore…"
I give her a cross look
"Who are you?"


Snow? Why, there's none of that you can see anywhere.

It's a particularly nice sun, off to the west. You could lie here all day.


I should really get up.
Escape Artist.
Don't want any of the big kids see me like that.
Look around.

Roll #0 7 = 7


An Earth pony and a unicorn! Maybe you could make friends with them?

Either way, there's no point venturing off to the village up north or forest down south alone, is there?


I put a hoof on my chest.
"My name's Etherlight, a student of the wizard academy at Fillydelphia, but you can call me Light or Ether if you want, my Dad always does."

I then look around if there are some nearby shade to hide from the sun.


Uhuh. They are not out for my neck, right?
Stealth and sneak up to them.

Roll #0 3 = 3


"… Fillydelphia. An Equestrian. And a stuffy mage at that. That's just great."
I shake my head at her


Looks like nearest are those trees, a fair distance to the south! Spikes seem to jut out from the soul and mud under them, though. Of course, you could settle for one of the palms around you.

The rock you hide behind is too small, and they can see your tail.


Let's look at them and stand still. What are they talking about?


Or so the little pegasus thought. Such a clever disguise, he thought! And while his tail wagged in the air, he heard them introduce one another and say were they were from.


"Stuf… I.. ah.."
I then start to draw circles in the sand.
"How.. about yours? Whats your name?"


I ignore her question and motion at her gear
"Nice stuff you got there. Did daddy give you all of that?"


Uh, she has stuff! Lots of stuff! Sneak up to her and try to snatch something!

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Well… they are mine and I use them for school activities." I look at my saddlebag as I move slowly away a bit from this strange pony.


Ether can roll to detect Pumpkin.



Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hey… hey! What are you doing?" I stare at the newcomer."


"Shee… Hello!"

Roll #0 9 = 9


Oh dear, look! There's a pegasus pony right behind you!



I move forwards slightly as she backs off
"Is that so? You know, I haven't eaten anything since yesterday. Maybe longer. I forget sometimes."

Roll #1 10 = 10


This pegasus looks very lost and confused.

But, you saw him, and you know he was definitely going to snatch some of this unicorn's stuff.


"Hello there."
I look at the two.
"Well that… makes three of us that are kind of lost.."

"Uhhmmm.. are you hungry? I dont know but I might have some food in here. Let me check." I then look inside my bag.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Oh, you two are lost too? This doesn't look like Wintergrasp.."


You have a lot of food here! Plenty of dried flowers for everyone. They look delicious.


I stare at the pegasus for a while but say nothing

"You've got plenty of food! Gimme some!"


I took out one of the packed dried flowers. I'll save some for later.

I give her a sad look and scrunch my snout before handing it to her using telekenesis.
"H.. here miss."


Food? Oh crap crap crap.
Roll not to give out how hungry I am.

Roll #0 9 = 9


Wintergrasp… ?
I then give this new one a sideglance.

"W.. whats a Wintergrasp?"


Why, you're a strong pony. You don't need to care. It's alright for you.


Grab it and dig in

"I dunno."


"Uh… A town? Filled with snow, everywhere!"
Eye the food.
"Say… You don't ming sharing some, right?"


"Sharing some?" I tilt my head a bit.

"…. oh some food."
I then go inside my saddlebag and him one of the package. Looks like there are still 8 more left.

"You're welcome." I then sit down in a shade and watch them eat.


The sun seems further down the West now.

What will you do now that the sky is turning orange?


I look at the setting sun.
Where are we? Mom, Dad?

"What shall we do now?" I look at the two.


Turn to the others.
"You know where we are?"


"Well this place sure isn't anywhere near the snow."

Approach her once I'm done eating

"No idea. I guess we'll just have to go to that town or something. Maybe sneak in somewhere."


Maybe you should! It is getting cold here, after all.
You don't want to camp out here, do you?


I look at the town in the horizon.
"Well alright but why sneak in? Nothing bad is going to happen to us if we go there right?"


"Duh. They're not gonna let us in for free."
I shake my head at this stupid pony and walk over to that town in the distance


What are you going to see?

We'll just have to find out another time, won't we?


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