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Last time, on Rarity “Quest:”

You woke up from your night of intimacy and went yet another round after some clever word play prompted it. Not that you mind, though her taking a dom position without your initial consent caused a little confusion. But in the end, you enjoyed it more than you might care to admit to her. You suspect she enjoyed it a little more than she lets on as well, but have no way of backing up that claim.

Afterward, the two of you showered, were informed that you are now an ambassador, and went out shopping for a saddle in celebration. You aren't certain what significance saddles hold in pony culture, but Rarity seemed beside herself at the proposition.

You ended up heading to a store where you met a stallion named Sal. He lamented the fact no one had purchased the last saddle of his own design, and in the end convinced you to purchase it. Rarity confirmed its value and genuine craftsmanship, and had tears in her eyes as you put it on her.

The two of you set off back for your hotel room, and she spent a decent amount of time teary eyed, telling you how perfect everything is.

But it's not over yet!

Today you're packing your bags back up and taking the train back to Ponyville, since you're out of cash and the reason for your trip is over with. How will Rarity's friends react to the news, or will you tell them at all? Who waits for you when you return?

Only one way to find out! Onward!


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Time to get my ridiculous waifu feels on


Well, first order of business for consideration is indeed, who we are going to tell first.
Should we let Rarity tell her friends while we have a man-to-dragon talk with Spike?


The rape train has no breaks. Tear that ass up.


We nee d to confront Spike alone.
Beeter from us than just to hear it from Twilight or something


Yeah, gotta do the bro thing and have a word with Spike, no gloating though.
We can deal with the inevitable questions from the rest afterwards.


[spoiler]I apologize for any railroading that may occur.[/spoiler]

>After spending almost all your cash on a nice saddle for Rarity, the two of you decided that after a few walks around Canterlot, it was time for the both of you to head back to Ponyville. Rarity has work she could be doing, you need to find some income, and there are oh so many people who would no doubt be interested in finding out how this trip went, and what exactly happened.

>It is now the next day, early morning since you'd like to be back in Ponyville before dinner.
>So the two of you pack your luggage carriers, Celestia being kind enough to provide a case for Rarity's new saddle since it wouldn't fit in your luggage without ruining something, and you're both on the train once again.

Opportunity to discuss things with Rarity/miscellaneous before you reach P-ville. Otherwise, we can time skip.


We'll discuss who we tell first. Perhaps while cuddling. I'm sure her parents would like to know, but that can wait if she likes. Her friends are certainly going to want to know, and we should probably be the one to break the news to Spike.


We only need to ask about how to break it to her friends
[spoiler] And her parents[/spoiler]

Other than that there's really nothing more to discuss


How and when we're going to tell her friends, I guess.


Agreeing with having a one on one talk with Spike, he deserves to hear it directly from us and not a third party.


Ask Rarity if she can think of any ideas of where we could find a reliable source of income



Do we bring up Spike with Rarity? Might be an idea, see if she can help soften the blow with him.


Personally, I'd like to get into her mind a bit. Never pegged her for interspecies; as physical as things got, and so quickly, I don't doubt that the attraction is genuine, but it's difficult to believe it's entirely intellectual.


No this is something between men. We need to do this alone.


>The two of you are sitting in a forward cab, looking out at the rising sun while you enjoy some coffee and doughnuts, when you wonder aloud what her parents and friends will think when they find out about the two of you.
>Rarity sort of giggles before taking a sip of her coffee, "Well, my friends are my friends. I'm certain they'll be happy, though Twilight may have some questions for you, as she always does." She sets her coffee down and continues, "As for my family….they all seem to like you too. I don't foresee any problems as long as you don't do anything rash."
>Once again she smiles, putting her hoof across the table and gently resting it on your hand, "I still can't quite believe how quickly everything happened, myself. But in the end, I couldn't ask for anything more."

>You still wonder about Spike, and how you're going to break it to him. Also, why did Rarity fall for you so quickly? Not that it matters where you stand right now, it just seemed so sudden. One moment you're admitting you have feeling for one another in a theater, and then after that dinner with Celestia and Luna, suddenly you're getting physical in the hot tub. Again, not that you were complaining then or now.

In the end, it's all the players choice. What will you do now?


I'm also curious about this. If possible can we do what >>32830
said and ask her about this?

If not time skip to Ponyville




Yeah, let's ask her why us


Honestly, I'm trying to avoid that at this point. We've already done that quite a bit and I promised I'd try to cram some >feels in before pulling the plug.


What's wrong with just cuddling? I'm sure she wouldn't want to arrive so disheveled and reeking of our amorous attentions.
Or she might. Seriously though, rein it in.



I'm curious about this as well


We fucked her silly enough Libido.
Shut up
We waifu now.
Maybe some other time


>You take her hoof in your hand, smiling back at her as you think of the good times the two of you have had in such a short period of time.
>But one question keeps popping up, "Why me?"
>It's time to get it off your chest, you decide.
>So you ask her.

Rolled 10, 8 = 18


File: 1341710530665.png (110.22 KB, 650x449, rarity_quest.png)


We are about to be the manliest of men


The dice gods once again favor us.


File: 1341710650495.jpg (65.47 KB, 498x500, Saint Walker template.jpg)

I knew my faith would be rewarded.



Insight time…. hopefully


I have a feeling that strong **>feels** will follow


>Rarity blushes at your question, removing her hoof from your hand and fidgeting in her seat.
>"W-well, you see…." she coughs, "Oh this is going to sound so cliche, but there was just….something about you when we met. Back when Twilight first introduced us, I remarked to her how….well…handsome, you were. She laughed and made a joke, I can't really remember what it was, but for some reason it stuck in my head. And then you just waltz into my boutique one day, talking about an interest in sewing, asking me to make you things…" she trails off a bit before recovering, "Everything just felt right. But, I was worried you didn't think the same of me. Especially after how off putting meeting my parents might have been."
>"And I was worried you might just not be attracted to me. We are different, after all. And then Celestia herself tells me to just put myself out there and see if you reciprocate, and the whole time I'm worried I'm going too fast, that I'm being unladylike, a harlot, lusting after someone I hardly know, and, and…."

>She seems a little worked up now, wringing her hooves together while she looks at her cup of coffee, taking occasional glances at you to see how you react.


Hug her and say that you love her too and that we are glad that she feels the same way for us.
No matter what she'll be a lady for us


Smile brightly and try to contain our spaghetti, seeing as she's got enough output to feed half of Italy at this point.


Well, we can laugh and say we were worrying about the same thing. Going too fast, thinking she wasn't attracted to us…


Tell her how we felt, then



Comfort her by telling about our own anxieties with regards to our feelings for her and wondering if she would reciprocate


>You move from your side of the table to sit next to her in the padded booth, putting an arm around her and pulling her close to you as you chuckle to yourself.
>She relaxes into your hug, whispering, "I've just never felt like that before. So…impatient. Out of control. It worries me."
>You squeeze her a little and tell her that it's alright. In the end, you felt a lot of those fears too, wondering if it was right to go so fast, if that's really what she wanted, and so on.
>She can't help but laugh a little as well, "You too? And yet we both moved forward anyway. But…if you are alright with where we are now, then I won't worry about it anymore."
>She finally puts her hooves around you and squeezes you in a gentle hug, breaking free of her spaghetti moment, "Thank you."


>y-you too


So. Cuddling until we reach the station? Or is there anything else we need to talk about, fellow Voices in the back of QuestAnon's Head?


That's so cute
And it isn't wrong


Ah m-my heart.
That was so cute I can't stop smiling.



I guess some things were meant to be.
Couldn't have asked for anything better either.


You know what we need to do with her?



>The rest of the train ride goes without problems, the two of you eating another free lunch and holding one another on a couch or in a padded chair, Rarity nuzzling your neck and chest and looking up at you with those big, beautiful eyes of hers while you stroke her mane and hold her close.

>As you near Ponyville, she reminds you, "I'll talk to the girls when the time is right. Leave them to me. My parents, well, they should be happy too, but I'd still like you to be there."

>That just leaves Spike.

>The train pulls into the station of Ponyville, and the two of you exit the train together, carrying your luggage, to find Twilight waiting on the platform.

>"Welcome back you two!" she proclaims, walking forward to give Rarity a hug and nod at you appreciatively. "Before you ask, I knew you were coming back because Celestia sent a letter. I took the liberty of getting a cab for the three of us, since Celestia mentioned you were coming back with a little additional luggage."
>You thank Twilight for her planning, helping to load the luggage into the cab's trunk. Twilight asks Rarity how things went, and Rarity replies, "Wonderfully, but I'll tell you in detail about it later. First I need to arrange a meeting with my parents."

>The cab drops Rarity off at the boutique without fuss, and she waves at you and Twilight as the cab continues onward towards your home. You and Twilight are alone in the cab, and she tries to break the silence, "So, how was your trip, Mr. Ambassador?"


Laugh. "It went well, but i'm sure Rarity would prefer to tell you about it in greater detail."


It was more than we could have hoped for. And more than a bit overwhelming.
Also, is Spike free for the afternoon? We'd like to have a chat with him as soon as possible.


Tell her about the play you saw and that the Dinner at the Palace was a bit overwhelming but fun. No need to go into the details of what happened after just yet.



The trip was wonderful

Ask if Spike is free to have a talk with us


She gave us that suite that's cool
and ask about that magic Siri


If you mention Spike she'd probably make the connection pretty quickly.


I agree, lay off asking about Spike for now. No rush.


Point taken. All things in due time, I suppose.


Add this to whatever you do, but also add to the end "In 'much' greater detail, with a wink,


Tell her that Rarity could tell her better than we could, but it was fun.


>You smile, "It was nice. Saw a play, had dinner with the Princesses-"
>"BOTH of them?" Twilight gawks, "Oh wow, what was Luna like? Where did you go? What kind of food was it?"
>You laugh as she runs question after question by you, and you do what you can to answer before finally telling her to wait for Rarity to give her all the details.
>Twilight's ears droop a bit, but then a smirk comes across her face, "Why, Mr. Ambassador, is Rarity your secretary now?"
>You stumble with your words, trying to tell her it isn't like that, but she laughs and tells you she's kidding.
>The two of you share a laugh at your misunderstanding before you ask about that magic enchantment thing in the hotel suite.
>"I….wait, are you telling me Celestia let you stay in HER VIP suite?"


Not just stay at, keep. Like I said, a bit overwhelming.


Uh Oh Twilight gettin jealous


"Yes. Where did you hide the camera."


"She sort of…gave it to me?"


It's kinda mine now



Also quick question
The magic AI in there can't record things right?


Uh Oh


You know that's just going to make her ask more questions, right?


Is it to much to want to not be seen in my underwear by Celestia? And you know how ugly I look in the morning?
Fucking cockatrices get petrified when they see me


>"Uh, she kinda, gifted it to me."
>Twilight remains silent at the news, a look of absolute shock stuck on her face as she processes this information.
>You try to snap her out of it by asking about the magic enchantment thing, and she slowly responds, working her way out of whatever thoughts were so distracting her.
>"Oh…that. That's something that Celestia had me help work on not long before I left for Ponyville. Honestly she did most the work, I just helped get it so you could store information in it, so it could be a clock, calendar, planner…."




>store information
Okay not reassuring at all


"Please tell me it doesn't record video or audio."


"Store information?"


Well, it's a good piece of work. Very helpful. And Celestia did say that it's open to any guests we'd like to bring along.


Dammit Celestia…just fucking dammit


File: 1341714241511.jpg (81.13 KB, 683x476, 1340940180474.jpg)


I hope that this doesn't mean Celestia had some kind of ulterior motive …


It was really useful, like having an assistant around.

Hey, where's Spike?


She's probably making a human harem right now


Guys, guys, relax. If it's just a glorified PDA, then that means we would have had to tell it to record anything. It can't think for itself, right? It's just a task-oriented device that only follows orders, right?
…It's not like Celestia would give it a subroutine to record any hanky-panky that goes on in her suite, right? Right?




Why just record when you can watch live?


>"Well, it's very helpful," you comment, earning a smile and a blush from Twilight.
>"I can't take the credit for it, it was mostly Celestia's work and idea, but I'm glad you like it!"
>Some part of your mind is nervous about the implications of storing data, so you ask, "Hey, could it store images or audio or something like that?"
>Twilight's face contorts into a look of deep thought, her hoof coming to her chin as she thinks.
>"It would have to magically re-draw an image, so I don't think it could do that. Sounds? Maybe, but you'd have to use magic to put them into it in the first place, and not just anypony can do that, although you might be able to access it remotely if you had strong enough magic, assuming you knew how it worked…"
>You snap her out of it by thanking her again, telling her not to worry you were just curious about it. "It was like having an assistant. Very helpful." You look about the cab, as though searching, "Speaking of assistants, where's Spike? I thought he followed you everywhere."
>"He's back at the Library sorting some things for me. If I brought him here, I have a feeling he'd be too distracted to hold much of a conversation. Why? Do you need him for something?"


Perhaps later, after we drop off Rarity's luggage and we settle ourselves back into town.


Should we talk to him now or wait for later?


Later, Twilight is too inquisitive to not wonder why we want to talk to Spike.


Also if we talked with Spike now Twilight would find out.
She'd notice him going into depression.



Don't want to delay it too long, mind you. The sooner we get this done, the less likely it'll come up in casual conversation when everyone's asking about the trip.


We can plan with Rarity. While she talks to her friends, we can talk Spike for a Man-to-dragon walk-and-talk.


This sounds like a plan.



>Sounds? Maybe, but you'd have to use magic to put them into it in the first place, and not just anypony can do that, although you might be able to access it remotely if you had strong enough magic, assuming you knew how it worked…"

Oh you, Celestia.


>"No, not particularly, just curious," you reply as the cab comes to a halt. The two of you look out the cab window and see you've arrived at your home on the outskirts of town.
>You hop out and remove your own baggage from the cab's trunk, and Twilight waves as the cab pulls away.
>"If you need anything Mr. Ambassador, just come get me and I'll be glad to help!"
>You wave as the cab sets off for the Library, before entering your humble home and unpacking.

>It's almost dinner time when you're finally unpacked, and you're wondering what to eat when there's a knock at your door.

>You open it to find Spike, wearing a bellhops hat, standing at the door looking a bit exasperated.
>"Hello Mr. Ambassador," he says in a near monotone as he reads from a letter he holds, "You have been cordially invited to a dinner celebrating your new position, hosted by Miss Applejack. Attendees are expected to arrive at 7, sharp. It will be a small gathering of friends before the larger ceremony to be held tomorrow night in town square, involving the Mayor of Ponyville. We humbly request your attendance to both events, and hope to see you there. Regards, Twilight Sparkle."



Oh boy…


This won't end well


"I fucked you're girlfriend."


Tell him he looks like he's having fun giving out invitations.


I was afraid of this.
There's a decent chance that our relationship with Rarity might leak at either of these events. And that would just be too cruel to Spike.
Internal dialogue aside, we should thank him for relaying the invitation, and see if he wants a quick snack before we go.
This… this might be where we spill the beans to Spike, though.



What time is it now ?

We should probably try to get in contact with Rarity before the dinner so that we can coordinate.


Can we explain it using sock puppets or something


Invite him in, I think it's time we explain the situation to him


>"Having fun?" you ask with a smile.
>Spike's response is to remove his bellhop hat and stuff the letter inside, "Yeah, totally. Wandering town to hand out invites to the important people when I could be eating ice cream, or at least staring at the food AJ is making, is definitely fun."
>You look at a nearby clock in your foyer. It reads 6pm. You have an hour to get to AJ's for this meal, but you have time to talk with Spike if you're so inclined.



I think we need to make an innocuous question or two and try and gauge how he responds…rather difficult getting reading when he's relaying information.

Probably go for a basic greet and ask of how he's doing. If he asks, we might have to quickly think of a way to postpone answering or just spill it now.


But here's the thing. Say we're at the dinner. say one thing leads to another, one innocent question gets interpreted the way it needed to spill everything. Then the secret's out, and everyone knows. Would you honestly think that Spike would want to find out about this like that, unlikely though that string of events may be?


I'm still worried for he poor guy. No matter what he'll still suffer a heavy blow.


I think we should tell him, but don't talk down to him like he's a kid, even though he is. Explain it to him like an adult.


We did say before we left that we accepted him as a rival, and would treat him as such. No sense changing our tune now.


I don't remember that, but what does that even mean? You sound like you want to rub it in his face?


It's a balancing act when you think about it, I guess.
One hand the longer we wait, the more likely the bomb will drop out of our control, but also the more likely we can coordinate a proper plan of action.

The bro code is a difficult thing to abide by sometimes.


>You invite Spike in for a snack, since he's whining about food and you need to talk to him.
>He waddles in and plops himself on a kitchen chair while you rummage in the freezer, finding a thing of ice cream you sorta forgot about and dishing him up a serving.
>You put it and a spoon in front of him before sitting across the table from him.
>He eats messily but happily, swinging his little legs while he munches on spoonfuls of ice cream, eventually sighing and licking his lips when he's finished.
>"Alright, spill it," he says, prompting you to give him an inquisitive look. "You gave me food before you gave me the bad news last time, I'm expecting it again. What happened?"


No, it means we'd treat him like an equal. We counted him as an actual "threat" and we'd treat him with due respect. Either gracious in defeat, or humble in victory.
Though, not in so many words.



We took him out for icecream and discussed the fact that we and Rarity would be off, alone together. Pretty sure we agreed to be rivals, likewise, he said he'd be reading up on how to be a gentleman, or something to that effect.



I'm sorry, Spike, but we, the Anon-Head-Collective and Rarity officially have a "thing".


Well, there's no easy way to say this, but I am in a relationship with Rarity.


>You take a deep breath and decide to just come right out with it, he deserves nothing less.
>"Well, Rarity and I are in a relationship now."

Rolled 4 = 4


Oh my, he could have handled that better. But at least he's not going to burst into treats.



I smell tears.
Bitter, bitter, hateful tears.


Oh god this is painful to me.
Imagine how he feels now.

He'll say he understands and congratulate us. Then when we're at AJ he won't be there. We'll end up asking Twilight where he is and she'll say that he wanted to stay at the Library.

But he'll be crying and you know it

I'm so sorry


But Dragon tears turn into jelly beans.


"Luna is into some weird shit."


Oh god this is painful to me.
Imagine how he feels now.

He'll say he understands and congratulate us. Then when we're at AJ he won't be there. We'll end up asking Twilight where he is and she'll say that he wanted to stay at the Library.

But he'll be crying and you know it

I'm so sorry


File: 1341716496929.jpg (108.54 KB, 563x364, 1340762252360.jpg)


Prepare to feel horrible



Never again. Time for waifu.



Oh god I love Spike, this is gonna hurt





Spike said he'd rather see Rarity happy. I think he will take it well, but obviously he'll be a little upset of course.

I don't even want to imagine the reaction if Aspierant rolled a 1.



I just don't want to see tears


Our corpse is found burnt to a crisp
Spike is S3 villain
Accidentally kills Rarity when confronted by the mane cast
He just leaves Equestria never to be seen again as Twilight watches helplessly


Well it could have been %worse%.


>that feel of foreboding as the thread descends into silence while Aspirant writes our doom


>Spike shuts his eyes and bows his head, his tiny purple hands clenching into fists on the tabletop as he struggles to come to terms with what you've just told him.
>"So….you…win," he chokes out, obviously holding back tears as his nose begins to run. He bows his head further and you hear a faint whimper as his body begins to shake.
>With a final sniffle, the tears start.
>Spike puts his head on the table, wrapping his little arms around his head, and he cries.
>He manages to keep himself from hysterics, or wailing too loudly, but still he cries, sniffling and sobbing, wrenching at your heart as he experiences his first failed crush.



For the love of god try to hug him


Comfort him, right now.

Tell him that we feel awful for putting him through such a thing. Give him some sage advice involving our first failure with love, and how it gets better and there's a special someone out there for everyone.


…We can't even pat him on the shoulder or anything without looking like we're patronizing him, can we?
I mean, QuestAnon must have had a failed first love, right? He can commiserate with Spike over loves lost, and new chances?


I'm here for happy feels you bastard.
Just….can we hug him please.


ow my heart, what is this feel
dammit aspirant that song hit me right in the pony

comfort the poor guy



Toss out any inhibitions and give him a hug



We know there's nothing we can say right now that can help. All we can say is that no matter what, we will do our utmost to make her happy.

And if we're ever found lacking, we will respectfully step aside. For the bro code.

Or something.


>You move your chair beside his, and carefully put a hand on his shoulder in a supportive gesture.

Rolled 10 = 10


> All we can say is that no matter what, we will do our utmost to make her happy.
That will only make it worse
Just hug him.
Hold him till he stops






File: 1341717665361.jpg (54.03 KB, 494x498, Template Indigo One.jpg)

Compassion for our fellow beings. Praise be the Dice Gods.


File: 1341717849344.jpg (20.3 KB, 477x325, 4534534564576675671.jpg)


[spoilers]I'm not even kidding when I say that song came on my Pandora while I was typing it. 2spooky[/spoilers]

>He starts at the sudden contact, and looks at you, his eyes red and his face a mess of tears and snot.
>And he grabs you in a hug, burying his face in your shirt.
>You put your arms around him and hug him as he cries.
>Soon enough he starts to quiet down, his wracking sobs becoming less frequent until he's back to breathing normally. He sniffles once, twice more, then pulls himself away from you.
>You get up and grab a box of tissues for him, and he blows his nose and wipes his eyes as you sit beside him.

>Eventually he finds the will to speak, though his voice is cracked and waving from his crying.

>You want to tell him you've been there before, you know what it's like, but in the end you stay silent for fear of patronizing him.
>You just leave your hand on his shoulder as he wipes his face and sniffles, finally regaining his composure.

>The clock strikes 6:30.


What station is that?


God damn… Spike is someone we should aspire to be. Genial towards his rival even in the face of bitter defeat.


We better start getting ready.


Well, Spike, if you want to stick around while I get changed, we can hand out however many of those invitations are left together. We've still got time before seven, after all, and the work would go faster with people doing it.


"Lets get cleaned up little bro, we've got a party to crash."


OH god.
All this >feels
I really can't take anymore of this.




Tell him you gotta get ready but you'd love to hang out at the party.
You gotta be dragon bros with him now


Strangely enough, my B'z station. I forgot I was tuned in to it.


We should say that we are both different species living in the pony world, and as such should always maintain a brotherhood with each other. Spike's awesome, I love the guy.

We can be human-dragon brothers.


This, but not quite so autistic.


If only we were also long lived like dragons



>You pat Spike on the shoulder and speak quietly, "Hey, we've got that thing to go to in half an hour. Let's get you cleaned up."
>Spike just nods and lets you lead him to the bathroom, where you sit him up on the counter and give him a soaked, warm washcloth to wipe his face with.
>As he's doing so you ask about those invites he has to hand out, and he just shakes his head slowly.
>"The other ones I deliver tomorrow. I'm done with the ones for tonight," he looks down at the ground sadly, "I don't even know if I should go to this thing. I don't know if I could look at her and not just…fall apart."



Perhaps one day try and get him and Sweetie Belle together. Make the bro relationship even tighter.

That, and he gets second prize.
Just thinking out loud here.


Encourage him to go.
Tell him it wouldn't be the same unless ALL your friends are there.


This is what I was afraid of.
He won't be able to even look at Rarity for a while


There we go. That's the diplomatic option I was trying to think of.


And Spike too


>"It wouldn't be the same if I was missing one of my friends," you tell Spike.
>He smiles a little, raising his head and wiping his eyes again. "Well, if we're going, we better hurry," he hops off the bathroom sink counter, walking into the kitchen to grab his little hat, making sure it doesn't have any ice cream or tears on it before putting it on.
>It'll take Spike longer than you to get there, due to his size and inability to run as well as you. And if you don't travel with him, he might chicken out and not show up at all. That would cause some suspicion, not to mention just sorta suck. You still want Spike to be happy, despite having taken his crush.

Well, what do?



Piggyback ride


We can be fashionably late.



He's still a kid man
We're making this FUN CENTRAL


Time for a piggyback ride. Or we hold him over our head make airplane noises. One of the two.


"You know she thinks the world of you, right? You may not be her boyfriend, but she loves you like a brother. She'd hate for you not to be there."


Fuck yeah we piggy back now.


Oh god no, you never tell that to someone who just got shot down, even and especially indirectly.


I handled it pretty well, get over yourself. Not everyone thinks the same way, I was just glad to know she actually liked me.


>You toss on some casual clothes, deciding that if it's a meeting with friends you don't need to be too formal, and you dash out the door behind Spike, making sure to lock your home up before grabbing spike and putting him on your shoulders before taking off towards AJ's.
>Despite his initial yelp of surprise, Spike is soon laughing as he waves at random passerby again while whooping and hollering while you jog.

>You arrive with scant minutes to spare, but stop well outside of AJ's property and let Spike off your back, giving you time to flatten your clothes back out and for Spike to calm down again.

>"Hey," Spike says, getting your attention, "Thanks. Again."
>You smile at him, despite knowing that you're ultimately the cause of his dilemma, and the two of you head to AJ's barn, where the dinner awaits.

Time skip through dinner or no?


File: 1341720025503.png (245.74 KB, 990x800, Spike and Anon.png)

In case you missed it, Tess just posted this



Nope, Rarity might announce it here.


Why would we want to skip dinner? This is going to be fun.


I need to get in the general.


I saw, I like it. Thanks to the anon who requested it, and of course thanks to Tess for drawing it.



I don't have squat to do tomorrow, one of the perks of this being a Saturday game, so I'm cool with the majority vote either way.


And miss everything? Heavens to goodness no.


I vote for no,
This could be fin


Whatever you say quints


>You enter the barn to find it filled with streamers and balloons of all colors and sizes, with a single long table in the center of the barn covered in a copious amount of food. Most of which are apple based.
>Twilight, Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie are sitting around the table while Dash and Fluttershy hover overhead, all of them talking to one another and sharing jokes. As soon as you enter with Spike, they all cheer, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, and Rarity clapping their hooves together while AJ and Pinkie cheer loudly. Fluttershy just smiles and waves when you look at her.
>When everyone quiets back down, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy take two empty seats next to Applejack, while Spike takes an empty seat next to Twilight. Leaving the only empty seat at the head of the table, between Applejack and Rarity.
>You take your spot at the head of the table, and Applejack shouts, "Dig in!"
>Everyone fills their plates with varying foods, eating raucously and having a good time. Despite his earlier attitude, Spike converses with Pinkie Pie and Twilight normally and eats a healthy amount of food before all is said and done.
>After the food has been picked over and everyone rubs their full bellies, AJ produces a large container of hot cider, pouring a mug for everyone as they relax. Twilight takes the opportunity to make a toast.
>"To our friend and new ambassador! May his future be filled with friendship, happiness, and learning new things!"
>"Hear, hear!" The others chant, Pinkie even whistling through her teeth and clapping before taking a drink of her cider.


Thank Applejack for her wonderful party gesture, and promise to be the best ambassador ever. Or something.


Well, let's drink up. And pray we don't end up doing a spit-take before the night is over.


Let's get Cider Drunk!


What the hell are we even ambassador of? Where's the embassy?


Of the human race nigga

Wait… we get diplomatic immunity.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


We represent an entire race that may or may not ever find their way into this dimension. We are basically an oddity, and ambassadorial status is all that's between us and a zoo, most likely. I'm sure you wouldn't want to end up in a Gryphon Lord's Safari Zone.


>After everyone has a sip of cider, Twilight motions to Rarity, who clears her throat, "Everyone, I have something very important to tell you."
>Twilight makes a motion, and Spike leaves the barn, mug of cider in hand.
>"As you know, I accompanied our friend here to Canterlot for his meeting with the Princess," Rarity says, motioning to you, "We had a lovely time at the dinner, and the hotel suite was simply divine!"
>"Get on with it!" Rainbow Dash shouts, earning a glare from Rarity.
>"Well, fine. What you may not know is that…well…erm…he and I, are…together, now."

Rolled 8, 9, 1, 4 = 22


In before it gets revoked.




Oh lord, who was the 1?


In before the 1 was RD and she starts drunkenly shouting for rarity to tell how the sex was.


Mixed reactions, this should be interesting



Thank the everloving funk we got this sorted out with Spike (well, mostly) before dinner.


Rarity is the 1 and she can't help but drunkenly and loudly brag about how great we are in the sack, upsetting Spike horribly.


That would be pretty funny.


Not to Spike. That would be twisting the knife a bit much.


>and Spike leaves the barn, mug of cider in hand.


Obviously Fluttershy is the 1 because she's always beta.


>"O-oh my," Fluttershy responds, her cheeks turning bright red at the announcement.
>"Neat!" is all Pinkie says, smiling as energetically as ever and bouncing in her seat.
>"You're what now?" Applejack asks confusedly, her jaw slightly ajar in disbelief.
>"HA, yeah right! You and him? Nah." Rainbow Dash hollers, apparently convinced this is a joke or something.
>Twilight just smiles and claps her hooves together, "That's great! I'm so happy for the two of you! Though I certainly have questions…"
>"Yes, please, explain," Applejack says.


Time to share glances with Rarity and see who explains what.


There was chemistry. We simply clicked with each other.




Oh God twilight please save the biology questions for later


Let's just hope Twilight forgot about the recording question.


It would be best to let the pony explain to the other ponies why this is a thing.

No use for a human to do it. They wouldn't understand it. They would from Rarity.


>le philosopher face


>You go over what happened between the two of you, sparing any unnecessary details. The other ponies listen intently, though Rainbow Dash rolls her eyes at many things, especially when Rarity describes the nice things you did for her.
>In the end, Rainbow Dash is the only one who remains unconvinced.
>Applejack congratulates the two of you, Fluttershy claps her hooves together and nods in support, Pinkie whoops and cheers, and Twilight is filled with questions, some not all that appropriate for group discussion.
>"So, have you two gotten physical with-"
>Applejack's hoof covers Twilight's mouth quick as a flash, and you wonder when AJ got to the other side of the table, let alone how quickly.
>"Now, Sugar, that ain't something you can just ask."
>Rarity blushes furiously, but keeps explaining why she fell for you and how it happened. It's really odd to hear the reasons explained to a third party, but the compliments she bestows on you still make you feel fuzzy inside. Doubly so when she puts her hoof in your hand in a way that everyone can see.


What wrong with us Dash?


She's a bitch



Research paper on interspecies relations between Homosapiens and Ponies, here we come


The same thing that's wrong with Spike


I mean from a questing standpoint. Could be very >fun.


Explanation; She's jelly and doesn't admit defeat as quickly as Spike. Shenanigans ensure.


Couldn't have put it better myself.


Jelly of us though, not Rarity.




No, of Rarity. if Aspirant didn't want to wrap RQ up so soon, we could explore that concept quite a bit more and watch the spaghetti fly.



Maybe she doesn't want to see Rarity get hurt


It's more fun if she wants to fuck Rarity.


Rainbow Dash soon, fellow Stalker!


Tell Dash you might be able to get her a human friend too if she's that jealous


>and then we ruined out chances with Rarity because we implied RD was in lesbians with her


We can joke about how her parents might react, if her friends are any indication.
Her dad will probably be pretty cool with it, though. We do owe him a beer…


Oh THATS what you mean.

Yes. It would be more fun.


She would never believe and she'd try to cover it up by being aggressive. But, you notice a telltale sign. As you mention it offhanded, her ears prick up ever so slightly, betraying her true desires.

Then she tirades at you for being so stupid.


>In the end, even Dash becomes supportive, though she pretends she isn't happy about it for some reason.
>But the dinner ends and everyone sets out for the night, AJ walking everyone to the front of her property before waving good night to all.

>You and Rarity walk towards her boutique side by side after the others disperse, and she explains that her parents are waiting at the boutique.

>"I had them come over on short notice because I figure they'd like to find out before your little ceremony tomorrow night," she looks up at you nervously as you approach the boutique doors, "Are you ready? I don't think they'll react adversely, but, I'm still nervous myself."


Do you mean end as in the night, or the whole quest?


Hey, as long as we're together, we'll be fine. After all, if talking to Princess Celestia about us went well, how bad can your parents be?


Our body is ready.


"Oh," we chuckle, "I think it'll be just fine, Rarity."


Uh, both, probably. I wouldn't have minded squishing more waifu feels into it, but this is end game stuff and slapping things I should've had in here already at the end would just make me dislike how this whole thing turned out more.

Might just be best to end it an move on.



We're as ready as we're ever going to be

There's no need to be nervous anyway, her parents already like us


I'm sorry you don't think it turned out that great. I had a blast.


Which means Luna/Fluttershy quest will be a go hopefully and obviously in the near future!!!


You mean Celestia quest.


Don't worry about it too much, I'm sure everyone enjoyed it



Could you just give us a cute short epilogue?


Luna or Applejack. There is no other option.


Luna quest would be far more interesting.

IF you go by the encounters we had with her in this quest, she's craving. It would give Aspirant a lot of creative freedom, too. Celestia would be too much like Rarity, the pony's need to keep up appearances would be interfering.

Who knows.


>You nod, and the two of you head into the boutique to find her parents and Sweetie Belle sitting on some of the cushions of her work space.
>"Hey, hey, there's my girl!" her father chimes, wandering over to give her a hug, his wife right behind him.
>Rarity hugs her parents and begins asking them how they are as Sweetie Belle dashes over to you and leaps into your arms, surprising you. You manage to hold onto her though as she greets you with a boop on the nose, "Hey mister! Here to play with me again?"
>"Sweetie, please get off of him," Rarity calls out, the smile on her face giving away that she doesn't mind Sweetie's affection towards you.
>You laugh and ruffle Sweeties mane before she hops out of your arms and bounds back to her parents side, and Rarity motions for you to take a seat next to her, across from Sweetie and the parents.


Here it comes.




I forgot what I wanted to do before we decided on Rarity. i think it was FS, but twi might be fun too.


It's going to be up to a vote. I think FlutterQuest and CelestiaQeust were the two runners up, though LunaQuest might be an upset after the idea of her being a social drinker to re-acclimatize herself with the modern world picked up steam.


Seeing the General it'll be Celestia or Luna

I for one voted Fluttershy because I didn't want Rarity so soon because I was afraid it will end up like Pinkie quest and I wouldn't like it

It was better and I loved it


>waifuing celestia
H… How do you even DO that


I wanted FS or something because I thought since Sophistication and Betrayal was still updating that we had enough Rarifagging to cover us for a while.


Is it any good?

I tried Preggity but I seriously think it's fucking horrible and just butchers Rarity character.


>Her parents take the news about as well as expected, her father smiling, giving you a wink and mouthing "Told ya so," while her mother hugs Rarity, tears in her eyes.
>"What did I tell you? Mama's got a knack for these things, doesn't she?"
>Sweetie is a little confused, perhaps too young to understand what Rarity means when she says you're "together."
>When she asks, everyone goes silent until you bend over and ruffle her mane again, saying, "Just means you'll be seeing a lot more of me, that's all."
>Sweetie's eyes light up and she gives a cheer as she tackles your leg, hugging your shin while everyone else laughs.
>Later that night, after Sweetie is put to bed, You have a serious discussion with Rarity and her parents. They're curious about the whole species thing, and you spend time talking about the future and the implications of the two of you being together. Her parents are supportive, but of course full of questions you don't have answers to.
>When that's finished, you follow Rarity's father to that old hole in the wall pub he took you to before. And you fulfill your promise by buying him an ice cold one.





>not waifuing her
She's so perfect.






And thus, we come to the end. The journey was tough; full of bittersweet, full of palpable fear, excitement, ecstasy, regret, sadness, and then, finally we had closure.

It has been a pleasure, gentlemen. I shared this journey with you every step of the way.

You are my brothers.


She's far from it

But how much she loves her subjects, how motherly she is, how she would do anything to protect them.

My heart belongs to Rarity but she's up there




You and Rarity decide to take it slow after breaking it to her parents, and you make sure to take the time to get to know one another's quirks. Rarity even teaches you how to sew, allowing you to help her make her designs at an increased pace, earning her more business.
There's a point where the two of you realize you spend more time at her boutique than at your own house, which leads to the inevitable moving in with one another. Sweetie couldn't be happier. Every time she visits from school she gets to play with "the mountain", while her older sister always seems so cheerful and full of energy.
Rarity's parents visit every now and then, to see how things are going, always happy to hear things are working out.
And your private life really leaps forward once you share a residence. Sometimes, it's hard to get anything done, so attracted are you to each other. Those days really are the best, though.
Her friends support your relationship and invite the two of you to their parties and get togethers, always happy to have another friend along for the ride.

The future promises to be a kind and loving one, filled with romance and laughter.
And neither you or her could ask for anything more.



Celestia quest when


>Luna used it
>she sits there, eyes wide at the pool of smoke as they twirl into an image of you deep into your sexual encounter with Rarity
>she watches intently
>"Yes… you run your filthy hand through that dirty little mare's mane, you sexy, foul slab of pink meat."
>"Luna? What are you doing?"


It was a pleasure gentlemen
But now we must leave Questanon alone, to enjoy his life





WQai, that was supposed to be d'awww, not awww.


Thanks for the run, Aspirant. That was a fun quest.


While Questanon cannot have offspring with Rarity, they adopt a cute little filly.

Oh god that would be too much cute.


File: 1341724186508.png (308.72 KB, 800x871, 1320710011021.png)

Alrighty, that's it. Sorry for all the pacing issues and some lackluster writing along the way.

I hope you enjoyed, though it probably wasn't >feely enough.

Regardless, have a nice night!



What about our freaky centaur child ?


It was great Aspirant
I had fun the whole time


Thanks. It was great.


Muchas gracias, Aspirant-kun.

Until next time!


It was nice.


gb2 Lihrakwest, faget.


File: 1341724338667.png (991.84 KB, 2616x3903, RarAnon Date 9 - Finale.png)

I had fun, and you sucker-punched us with Spike.
Can't wait to see what comes out next.


that was great



It was an enjoyable ride

Thanks for taking the time out to do this


A lot of fun. And we had feels. Both Rarity and Spike.

Thank you for running it.

It was a pleasure.


Lunaquest in the future?

I hope so.



Greatly appreciated, dude.
Just wish I wasn't always losing my focus around this time of…well, morning, but it was always a pleasure to get involved.


Yeah, get on my level faygit

All in all, yeah, the pacing for this one felt very different from the Pinkiequest as it had a day-to-day setup that made the whole affair seem very rushed. I liked that you actually had the questers navigate social situations for ultimate spaghetti fun, and threw the players for a loop at every opportunity.

My suggestion for your future quests would be to involve the Mane 6 a little more. They are the best of friends, are they not? Pinkie and Rarity were both taken up in a sort of vacuum, but we all know that it doesn't work like that when you come up on a herd of fillies…


We also play D&D here, just in case anyone cares.


Yeah, the idea was just to make these "quest" things really short, so I was isolating them as a result. Otherwise sessions would be lengthier and eat up more pacing time, but seeing as how I fucked this one up in that regard I'll probably try to incorporate them more in the future.

And best of luck on your LyraQuest, I assume it is going well?


And I helped write the rules!

As well as a quest like it could go.




What about Spikequest? Doesn't anyone want to be the little girl?


Just vote for it when the next poll comes around.

At least then Twilight would get one vote, instead of none.

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