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Last time on Rarity “Quest:”

After the show at the theater, a storm threatened to delay you from your dinner with Celestia. Conveniently enough, Princess Luna herself gave you a ride in her personal coach after seeing you trying to wave down a cab outside the theater.

Dinner itself was….something. Luna drank quite a bit rather quickly, asked you to rub her mane, and Rarity got a pep talk from Celestia that led to an intimate evening involving a hot tub, massages, and entertainment of the more carnal variety.

Now it is the next morning, and you awake slowly to a quiet room. The only sound is the gentle breathing of the white pony that lay in your arms, her silken mane unkempt from your night together. A content smile is on her face even as she slumbers, and you can't help but smile at the sight.

It's a new day, one free of obligations with Princesses. So the only important question is: What will you do now?



Time to put to good use that 300+ bits


Now? Now we have the morning cuddle, followed by hand-made breakfast.


reporting in. may the dice gods be merciful.

excellent idea.




I don't suppose there's an extension for this site, is there? Posting without one is suffering.

Anyway, order breakfast. Surprise her with it after waking her up with a kiss.



>not making it ourselves
Come on now.


Oh come on we get free food handmade b a trained chef.


But where's the romance in that?



Thank god


We have full day of romance in front of us dude.


So we have to start it off right.



I think the surprising her with breakfast in bed and waking her up with a kiss is romantic enough.

She'll just be a bit disappointed if you make the breakfast. You're turning down gourmet food for something that barely even passes as a romantic gesture.


summoning the chef could leave extra time for cuddling


If we take a gondola down the river we'll have row mans in front of us all day.


If it benefits you in any way, remember that there is an enchantment that can place an order with the chef on duty for you if you wish.

Otherwise, give me a decision.



Order some breakfast, man.


But that would mean leaving the pretty bluish gray pony alone in bed.

Come on man we have a lot of time.

Get the high quality food while cuddling her


Well, it seems I'm outnumbered and they want to Summon the chef.
So instead of getting up, we might as well cuddle some more.


yeah, let's stay in bed with Rarity and order via the enchantment


Start her day right with a mouthful of Cox sausage.



>You decide to spend as much time as you can with Rarity in your arms, squeezing her as you pull her closer to you, burying your face in her mane as she lets out a gentle hum.

>You kiss her on the head before looking about the room, until your eyes rest on the magical clock across from the bed.
>You whisper at it, instructing it to order breakfast for two.
>It responds equally softly, "Breakfast in bed for two. Estimated time, thirty minutes."

>Plenty of time, you decide as you resume your cuddling of the sleeping Rarity, running a hand through her mane and holding in a laugh as her ear twitches adorably.


Wait did we request that the chef not make the breakfast in our room?



>Cuddling a sleeping Rarity


Anyway, try and slip out of bed and brush your teeth. Maybe wake Rarity up and ask if she'd like to shower with you or something.


Seconding this. Last thing any lady wants is to go in for a kiss and get blown away by dragon breath.


>sleep humming
oh god, my heart.

anyway, thirding. try to get up without disturbing her.



>Your eyes snap open and you urgently whisper at the clock to have the chef make the food elsewhere. It confirms, and you relax a little, though your little panic attack has now woken you up quite effectively.

>You yawn and stretch a little, trying not to disturb Rarity.Rolled 3 = 3




Ask her if she'd like to join you for a quick shower, we've got 30 minutes.


damn dice.

30 minutes to food. Showertime.


Oh well. Could be worse.
Hurry up so we have more time to cuddle


power sex in the shower, for one half-hour


Slow down there, trigger. We aren't even there yet.


>Your movements shift Rarity, and she rubs her right eye with a hoof as she rolls onto her back, stretching her hind legs under the covers and inhaling deeply.
>"Mmmm…..Morning, already?"
>She turns her head, seeing you sitting upright, and smiles a little as she blinks away her sleepiness, her front hooves coming to rest against her chest.
>"Good morning. I hope last night was….enjoyable?"


Only because I spent it with you.


More than enjoyable.
Might as well spill about the breakfast, and ask if she wants to take a shower first before it arrives. Or if she wants to share a shower, paired with waggling eyebrows.


"Good morning, enjoyable to say the least. Incredible, one might say."

Stroke her mane. "Care to join me for a shower? We have a little bit before breakfast"


The Seamstress put on a wonderful show. In fact, I think the audience is still giving her a standing ovation.

>reveal morning wood



…now that's clever.




>You toy with the end of her mane with a hand, "The Seamstress put on a wonderful show. In fact, I think the audience is still giving her a standing ovation," you say with a wink.Rolled 8 = 8






Damn, I swear I'll never be quite on time for these things, even when they're late. Hello all, hopefully I won't fall asleep before the finale of tonights "questing".



We got a suave motherfucker up in this bitch.


Well, I didn't foresee writing sex at the start of this one, but if that's how its gonna be….

>She laughs, her eyes twinkling as she takes a sitting position beside you, "Do they request an encore?"

>"Oh, they're waiting anxiously, I assure you," you say, cupping Rarity's face in your hands. One of Rarity's hooves come up and hold onto your right hand as she leans forward and your lips meet in a passionate kiss.
>While your lips are locked you feel her other hoof prod around your waist. You don't remember putting boxers on after your romp last night, but you're sort of glad you did as you feel Rarity fish your boner out between the flaps, running the side of her hoof against it, the short fur on her legs tickling in a not unpleasant sensation.
>The kiss breaks and Rarity chuckles to herself as she continues stroking you beneath the sheets, "And here I worried that I might have been too….upfront, last night."


Chuckle and tell her we feared the same.



>"And here I worried that I might have been too….upfront, last night."


I see what you did there


Let's put our hands to work.





Gah, gonna be one of those nights again.Rolled 4 = 4


We probably would have danced around the issue for days longer if she hadn't been. Or at least until tonight.


Remember that you don't need noko here.

One of those nights indeed.


Oh come on
And we had such a good sart



Why are we using d10 rolls? Nobody uses d10's.

We should be using d20. It adds the possibility of a critical success… or a critical miss.


It could have been worse.


We just have, I think. No point changing it now.


We use d10s because it's easier that way. And we used to do these in dead threads, which range from 1 to 0, or 1 to 10. Thus, the d10 system is used.
So quit whining and roll with it.


You can have critical success and failures with d10s. Believe me, I know.


>needing d20s for criticals
get a load of this faggot


It doesn't really have the same impact when it's twice as likely.


You're right, it has twice the impact.


So… Anal?


Knowing our luck, she's topping.
…and knowing some of you guys, that's your fetish.


>You chuckle as well, "I…worried about that myself. If you hadn't made it clear what you wanted….well…"
>She smiles before kissing you again, her hoof still moving up and down slowly, pressing into your shaft a little harder each time.
>She breaks the kiss off as you move a hand towards her flank, her other hoof whipping around to slap your wrist rather hard this time, "Ah ah, not this time. The audience must watch the actress, they do not participate in the performance."
>Before you can retort a pillow casing comes off the pillow she was sleeping on, a blue magical field around it as it flattens and darts to your hands, wrapping itself around them and tying your hands together, before forming a cute bow on top.
>"Well," she continues the earlier conversation, "during dinner last night, Celestia gave me some….advice." She looks at you, her expression soft and caring, "Never before have I felt so….transparent, as when she spoke to me. She hit the nail on the head, as they say."
>She shakes her head, "I'm sorry, I'm getting off track again. What I mean is, she told me to just put myself out there, for you. So…."
>She drops the sentence as she tosses back the sheets with magic, ceasing her stroking to move her head to your member, her hooves draped across your thigh as you feel her hot breath against you.
>She giggles, suddenly, "I couldn't tell last night, in that dimly lit bathroom. But looking at it like this, it's almost cute." She gives your tip a kiss, sending a shiver up your spine as her wet lips meet your twitching cock. "I could just…"
>She breathes a heavy breath onto you before slowly taking your cock into her elegant mouth, her tongue playfully dancing across your tip as she takes you in.


Oh jeez.


…I'll be in my bunk


File: 1340760446034.png (56.7 KB, 800x800, 1330258915542.png)


Hah, I always thought Celestia was well behaved at dinner. Figured there were some ulterior motives in there somewhere.


My sentiments exactly.

>bound-hands blowjob while getting talked at

Boner is at maximum, captain.


yeah. would be interesting to know exactly how their conversation went. though Rarity has pretty much given us the gist of it.



>rarity casually domming


File: 1340760934268.png (296.65 KB, 1500x1500, Fetish.png)

Not the only one bro


Sorry, I'm slow on the typing tonight for whatever reason.

>She continues downward, until the upper half of your member is in her hot mouth, her tongue swirling around your tip, her head bobbing slightly.

>Though your hands are tied, you move them to her mane, desiring to push her further until her magic field moves your hands away from her, holding them at level with your face as she gives you a look out the corner of her eye before withdrawing, leaving your saliva soaked member exposed to the suddenly cold air.
>"Now now, I told you, no touching," she moves, straddling your lap in a kneeling position as she leans against your chest, her face level with yours and your hands magically held just behind her head.
>"Should I…punish you?" she asks playfully as she lowers her body, her rapidly moistening snatch touching your cock teasingly. She raises herself back up, only to gently lower herself back to a gentle touching position, letting your tip part her folds delicately before raising herself up again.
>She lowers herself again, this time grinding against your shaft, her hips swaying forward and back, re-wetting your member as she begins to pant, her hot breath hitting your face and neck as she leans in to kiss your neck.Rolled 5 = 5



I think Aspirant has done his research in the general.


… Jesus Christ this is the best thing ever.


Oh…I…damn man




She does know we're going to "get her back" for this later, right? I hope she does.
Until then, let's just hope we can hold out long enough so that she doesn't get disappointed in our performance.


File: 1340761270945.jpg (37.03 KB, 400x400, 130488651500.jpg)



Oh yeah, we are. We will just have to be creative with how we get "revenge". After all, it's not like conventional tying and binding will work, what with her magic and all.

Hmm….let's make a mental note to ask Twilight if there's any ways to suppress unicorn magic.


Oh god we HAVE to.

Covering her horn or something similar does affect magic here, right?


Are we getting her back in bed or when we next talk with her parents?


In bed.


Why not combine them?



Maybe a tad TOO kink. Admire the thought though.


Invite her parents to the bedroom? You know we don't roll tens.


>You're panting heavily too at her teasing, your desire to flip her over and ruin these sheets completely filling your mind.
>Rarity sees the look on your face and smiles despite herself, leaning into a hard kiss, her tongue entering your mouth as she grinds away, grunting with every other sway of her hips.
>When she lowers her head to catch her breath, her horn comes dangerously close to your face.
>And gives you an idea.
>Without warning you put your lips around the tip of her horn, making her jump with a gasp. And for a moment, you feel yourself regain some control of your hands.
>Before you can put them to use her head whips back and you find your hands held in the iron-like grip of her magic again.
>She smiles, her cheeks red and her breath heavy, "N-naughty, naughty, ah~," she moans as she raises herself and slaps her flank down onto your thighs, slapping your shaft with her folds.Rolled 2 = 2


Well, as metagame knowledge we know that a small impact to the horn disrupts magic, interrupting any spell currently running, be it telekinesis or something requiring concentration. So if we tie a vibrator to her horn, we should be in the clear.


Oh well it was nice for how long it lasted


Uh Oh
is a low roll punishment?


I hope that was just barely enough to hold it in. Otherwise we're dead for this.


It's not metagame now.


File: 1340761850917.jpg (161.01 KB, 400x519, 1290906653236.jpg)


Oh my god you have no idea what you're doing to me.
>that roll



Uh-oh. I think we're about to lose it…


Dem dice man…


>ND into our own abs
this kills the romance.


Maybe we can bribe someone who can into computers to modify the dice code at certain times of the week


Oh just cut the middle man



>You give a grunt, breathing through your teeth as you struggle to hold on.
>Rarity notices, a sly grin on her face between expressions of pleasure.
>"Can't, hah~, hold on much longer, c-can you?"
>She leans forward again, licking your neck with her warm tongue, slowly moving her head down to your chest and flicking her tongue over an erect nipple which sends a feeling like lightning through your body. Any moment now, and you're done.
>She sees you tensing as she raises herself up and slaps down against you again, harder this time. She moans and bites her lip, a long strand of her mane covering her right eye with the movement.Rolled 4 = 4


Oops, forgot a second die.Rolled 1 = 1


No way we didn't fail this roll


We lost

Game over


oh Rarity, you minx~

She's loving every moment of this.



This is worse than Tau Quest.


File: 1340762252360.jpg (108.54 KB, 563x364, 1340294679334.jpg)


Explosion imminent


aaaand we ND into our own abs.

She's going to be so proud of herself.


Maybe…maybe that was her roll you know


I hope so. That would be pretty funny.


And now we paint her insides. Probably. Unless that second die was for her I hope that second die was hers.



We can always hope.


She's rubbing herself against us. She's likely to lose it herself.



>Rarity raises herself again, this time a little too high, allowing your member to stand tall once again without her weight on it.

>When she thrusts her hips down again, the hardest out of the set, she thrusts you into her with all the force her hips can muster.
>You're almost certain the cry she gives out can be heard all the way at the palace.
>The pent up tension and the force of your entrance make you blow your load inside her as the sudden intrusion forces her to orgasm as well. All that teasing really did something to you, you think as you unload strand after thick strand into her while she twitches uncontrollably around your member, soaking your crotch in your mixed fluids. Her entire body shakes and she grips your neck with her hooves as she moans continuously, her cry finally giving way to relieved panting as both your orgasms eventually end.


I can smash to this.


I was really hoping that one meant we would end up in her ass.


For that, she'd need to have rolled a 1 on a d20. Thats CRITICAL miss territory.


Fucking amazing encore, my little seamstress.


>accidental ass penetration
this is my fetish


The audience would enjoy being able to applaud next time.


That was fantastic. You were fantastic.
Assuming she no longer has control of our hands, we should probably be hugging her to us. No pulling out yet. Attempt to guess how much time has passed, and see if we can't get a quick second round in before breakfast arrives.
Failing that, extricate ourselves from the pillowcase, and walk to the bathroom while still inside Rarity.


>Failing that, extricate ourselves from the pillowcase, and walk to the bathroom while still inside Rarity.
This. Oh please this.


>Failing that, extricate ourselves from the pillowcase, and walk to the bathroom while still inside Rarity.

I can only imagine Rarity just hanging in there while we hokd her and walk without a care, maybe even whistling


Or if we just tied her to us with the bedsheet and brushed our teeth or showered or something.


Hey bro guess what's in the Rarity


That's just dumb.

Cute, but dumb.


But if we don't do that how can we make a witty comment about her making good clothing?


We exhausted our with with the 'standing ovation'.








I think that might just be a bit too cheeky.


Yeah, just a bit.


Oh come on, she'd love it.


Lets just carry her to the shower, get clean, and pound her into the wall while doing it.


>Assuming that we won't have to roll for her reaction.

Do you want to tempt the dice?


I think we have enough points to take the risk


Can't we at least tell her that she looks better than those suits she made us?


I like this idea



That's verging on an insult, man. Considering we're probably both pretty unkempt…


There are never enough points to take risks.


Really? I figured that was romantic.


The worst that could happen is a stare.
It's not like a one will make her leave us


>Roll a 1
>Canterlot in flames
Do you really want to risk it anon?



Perhaps under normal circumstances. Not when she was the one who made them and creating clothes is her profession.


More like
>roll a one
>accidentally the whole horn in own ass


And that's a fail because…


>You realize you can move your hands again, and promptly hug Rarity's exhausted body to your own as the two of you pant and try to find the will to move.
>After a few minutes, you move your arms to move Rarity off of you, but she tells you to stop in a near panicked voice.
>"N-no! Don't….not here, we'll, we'll ruin these elegant sheets!"
>The absolute absurdity of her concern makes you laugh uncontrollably, and she puffs her cheeks out in indignation for a moment.
>"If you don't carry me to the bathroom right this instant, you'll never get another performance like that again!"
>You cease your laughing when you realize she's serious, promptly trying to swing your legs over the side of the bed so you can move again. Your legs are jello-like, and it takes some effort to move them properly, but eventually you manage to stand, Rarity in your arms, the two of you still connected, and wobble your way to the bathroom.
>You turn the shower on and step into the streams of hot water, Rarity clinging to your neck and inhaling sharply when the water first hits her. After the two of you acclimate to the temperature, she gently asks you to lower her.
>With an audible pop, the two of you part, and you gently lower Rarity to the floor of the shower, where she lies down on her belly for a moment to catch her breath, still winded from her "performance."
>You recall you ordered breakfast for the two of you, and offhandedly mention it to Rarity before grabbing a bar of soap to scrub the two of you with.
>She takes the bar of soap from you via magic when you move to scrub her, "As much as I love the gesture, darling, you do remember what happened when you did that last night, don't you?" She smiles, flipping her soaked mane and batting her eyelashes, "I know I'm absolutely ravishing, but do try to contain yourself."


It would make her magic shitty.


"You contained us pretty well while I walked us to the shower."



>she fucking asked for it

Oh gosh


Well I guess there is a "to much"





My apologies. It's just so hard to resist!


You make that such a feat, dear.


>"You make that a feat of endurance, dear," you say, emphasis on the "dear," with only slight mock in your tone.
>She runs the bar of soap across your junk, gently, with her magic, making you squirm a little.
>"I could make it much, much tougher. You should keep that in mind," despite her words her tone carries affection with every syllable.
>She resumes washing her now soaked, white body, until her short fur is lathered sufficiently. The two of you rinse off, then wash your hair, no more playfully snide comments being said as you finish up.
>You exit the shower, grabbing a red phoenix towel to dry off with, Rarity grabbing the one with Celestia's emblem on it for herself.
>You throw some boxers on as she wanders into the living area, calling over shoulder, "It seems our breakfast is here, shall I pour you some coffee? Oh, and they even brought some pastries!"


While we eat breakfast we should ask her what that tune she was humming before we left for the play was.


Coffee would be wonderful

Definitely this




So, how do we take our coffee? Two sugars and maybe a good dollop of cream?
Or some other variation thereof?


Coffee's good
Coffee's always good

We should do that

Also we should ask what our schedule is. when are we leaving and if she would like o visit something


We've played beta long enough. We are the ones deciding what we do today.


We know shit about Canterlot. She's the only one that knows the local attractions. At least something suggestion would be good.


It ends with a nice dinner, that much we're sure of. Let's ask the Magitech AI for a list of places we could go: shops, parks, a modestly-priced restaurant for a luncheon…


Any good places we can "take her"?


How about "the park"?


File: 1340765113330.png (3.21 KB, 99x140, 1279931197807.png)

The moon.


Dammit dick how much is needed to satisfy your hunger,


>"Yes, please," You call into the living room as you put on some casual clothes for the day.
>When you exit you find your little dining table covered in plates, a large silver tray with a dome cover sitting in the center, with a small drink cart next to the table.
>Rarity drops some cream and sugar into the coffee she's preparing, placing it next to one of the two seats for you.
>She pours herself a coffee, adding only sugar before she takes her own seat. You sit across from her as she lifts the silver cover, revealing heaps of steaming hotcakes with butter dribbling down the sides, a large pile of hashbrowns on the other half of the plate, crisp and golden brown.
>She pulls two pancakes and some hashbrowns to her own plate, then sends another set of pancakes and hashbrowns to your plate with her magic.
>She grabs jelly from the lower shelf of the cart to put on a piece of toast from a side plate as you dig into your pancakes. Her little performance really took a lot out of you, and though you suspect she's starving as well she's much better at hiding it.
>"So, what shall we do today?" She asks before taking a bite of her toast.



You know, since we're in a relationship now, we should maybe see about helping her business.

Perhaps look at some local fashion boutiques, scope out the latest in Canterlot, perhaps Rarity could draw some inspiration.


Ask her what song she was humming before we left for the play.


good idea. get dressed up and hit the town. indulge her passion for fashion.

this. so much this.



She did offer to teach us how to sew at one point


Let's go watch the horse races!


Not a bad idea.
And really a nice walk trough Canterlot with a bit of shopping is pretty relaxing


One moment, typing/retrieving my toast.

I liked the sound of it so much I had to make some.


That can wait until we're back home. After all, she doesn't have her equipment.
Well, we wouldn't call it corporate espionage in so many words. But shopping would probably delight her. So long as we don't end up bankrupt by the end of this… Those tickets were round-trip, right? And we've still got another day in Canterlot after this one? Or is tomorrow the departure date?


Wait, remind me how we have any money in the first place?


We're Zecora's drug mule.


We're probably gainfully employed somewhere in Ponyville. After all, we're very handy.


let's call in a favor from the princess and get some extra bits. surely she'll understand, right?

ha. seriously, let's just watch the bit count, and try to show our lady a good time.


We probably help around the town. I mean we have hands. Not that is much since Unicorns have Telekinesis and Pegasuses' wings are basically hands OH GOD WHY? but I'm sure we are a lot of help to the Earth Ponies.


>"Hey, what was that tune you were humming yesterday? Before we left for the play, I mean."
>Rarity nearly spits out her coffee, dabbing at her mouth with a napkin as she regains herself.
>"You heard that?"
>You nod, wondering why she's so flustered.
>"W-well, it was nothing. Just a tune I came up with once while working some time ago." She resumes eating her breakfast, though with a little less grace than before, taking large bites out of her pancakes and getting butter on her cheeks.
>You hold any other questions until the two of you have finished your main course, setting silverware and plates aside. You retrieve a pastry from a small dessert platter and offer one to Rarity.
>"Oh, no, I've had my fill of cream for a while, thank you."
>You laugh and she blushes furiously, "I-I meant the creme de menthe pastry for lunch yesterday! And you still haven't told me what we're doing today!"
>You tell her to calm down, you plan to take her shopping today.Rolled 5, 4 = 9




>Had my fill of cream for the day
Oh My


>"Shopping?" her eyes light up, and she holds her hooves together over her chest once again, "Oh, you really do know how to treat a lady right! Tell me, what are we going to go shopping for? Dresses? Bridles? Gems and jewelry? Oh there's so much to look at and try on! Where do we even start?"
>"May I suggest the Canterlot store known as 'The Roundup,'", the enchantment calls out from nowhere, "It has the latest in bridle fashion, both for formal occasions and private affairs."


"It would be nice to not be the one tied up…"


thank you based enchantment. oh man, we need so many more bits. we need an equestrian express card for fucks sake.

agreed. we need to know.



Quick note, depending on how fast or slowly we get through things I may cut it off around the in game lunch time. It's the only way I can ensure I don't repeat goofing up my typing methods and all that garbage. Plus, I'm sure some of you would like to sleep at a decent hour.


sounds good. even though i've been pone-ing for 40 some hours now. quality over quantity.

still think you're being too hard on yourself over the last session


We need to find a place with supplements, like some health boutique or something. Put pygeum, l-arginine and lecithin on the shopping list.

She'll have her fill of cream, all right.


Sounds like our first stop, then.
I'm usually up until the wee hours of the morning anyway, but whatever floats your boat, Aspirant.


Sleep is important I guess.
Would you mind doing some advertising for Pony D&D at the end of the quest today? We really need more players.


We can save those for Zecora Quest.


>"It would be nice to not be the one tied up," you mumble, making Rarity nearly spit out her coffee once again.
>You laugh before wondering aloud, "Do we even have room in our bags for something like that? How much longer do we even have here at the hotel?"
>The enchantment chimes in, "Princess Celestia has officially deemed this particular suite to be accessible by yourself only. She officially gifts her former private suite to you, as a gesture of goodwill between our two species."Rolled 9, 1, 10, 10 = 30



Wouldn't bridles be considered bondage gear for ponies ?


No worries, I like supporting other quests. I'll make sure to mention it.


I wait what.
That's absurdly generous.


We don't do nearly enough horsefucking in DnD to attract new players


woah. WOAH. Celestia with the hook up!


That Celestia man.
She really wants us to screw Rarity man


>"Miss Rarity has officially deemed this particular vagina to be accessible by yourself only. She officially gifts her privates to you, as a gesture of love between our two persons."


and thus, our wedding vows were written



Huh, not bad checks, but what could they be for?

Also, nocturnal Britfag here, usually don't sleep until 6am anyway, last game did go a bit beyond that to me (vaguely remember being awake at 7am before passing out and the game was still going on). Pretty sure Midnight there is 6am or so here, so the usual finishing time is about right.


Man, I just can't do it. Gotta catch an hour of shut-eye. I love the fact that we're doing these here now so that the thread doesn't die before I can catch up.

Thanks in advance Asspirate, it's been fun as always.


100% guaranteed that thing has a camera built in.


No wait Brtifags are 5 hours in the future from the East coast so that's means it's 11PM now in Eastern Murrika


Well that explains Celestia a lot.


Really? We had Dawn and those two spies, Yvonne might be hungry for Tatanka's dick, and Card Trick and Aurelia are an item.



Always forget the time conversion. Even so, I remember it getting really late/early here last time, though I only missed two or three updates.


As an ESTer, I can confirm it's 11:24 (or 23:24, if you prefer), give or take a few seconds.


>Nothing stops you and Rarity from freely spitting out your collective drinks at this surprising news.
>"G-gifted? Celestia's….private….suite?" Rarity is delirious, stumbling out of her chair and falling onto the couch. You aren't certain she's still conscious.
>"Woah, woah, woah, why would she gift me this suite?" You ask the enchantment.
>"She notes that she had not been using it anyway, and that it is suitable for who she considers to be an ambassador. She notes that you claim to reside in Ponyville, so this is for your use whenever you are in Canterlot," it pauses as though reading a list, "She also notes fair treatment of her subjects. One 'Rarity' in particular. It states, 'Should you desire to visit Canterlot with a guest or significant other, this suite shall hereby be open to your exclusive use, as a sign of goodwill, and to encourage growth between our species.'"

>It still sounds absolutely absurd, but who are you to turn down such a gift? Wait, that bit about Rarity…..

>"Ahem," the enchantment continues, surprisingly efficient at emulating someone's speech patterns, "The private chef shall be recalled to the palace, but the suite shall remain stocked for any visits you might make. Additionally, stores will be notified to give you a slight discount, as per your new status. All these things she extends to you, may your future be filled with friendship and happiness."


I… well, what can I say other than that she has my deepest thanks?


Damn man
This is the life

All we need now are cigars

We need to thank her when we next see her



We can continue to be shocked later, check Rarity. I think she might have overhammed herself.


Encourage… growth?


There's a live fucking operator. I goddamn knew it.


>and to encourage growth between our species
Oh Celestia. We need to thank her next time we see her. Twilight is going is flip if she hears this.


File: 1340767769593.png (110.22 KB, 650x449, rarity_quest.png)


Five buck she's the one behind the magic voice changer.


Rolling "Alright, fess up, who's controlling this thing?"Rolled 8 = 8


holy shit. we should send a letter of thanks to Celestia.

and yeah, Twilight is gonna flip. that is, if she doesn't know already.

is it too early for us to start drinking?


To be honest I would be a complete dick and start being childish as fuck for a bit with Twilight about the attention Celestia is giving to us


We the ambassador now. At this time in the morning we should already be snorting coke off of underaged strippers.


We should ask Rarity if she's on birth control.


…I'm not sure how one does that.


I thought we were supposed to be a GOOD example of our species, not a corrupt one? I'm afraid we're stuck in Paragon mode.


But she is pony.

My bad, I confused ambassadors with the Secret Service.


…We should see Twilight about this when we have the chance.


>"Wait, 'encourage growth?'"
>The room is silent for a moment.
>"The transcription is accurate to my understanding. Does this not make sense?"
>Makes a bit too much sense, you think to yourself with a laugh.
>"No, no that's alright. Can you send her my deepest thanks? This is a lot to take in all at once, but I want to thank her sincerely."
>"A missive will be arranged and sent immediately."
>With that you decide to check on Rarity, who still lies on the couch silently.
>You walk over to check on her to find her with her eyes open. She's conscious, but her pupils are a tad dilated and she's muttering to herself. You wave a hand in front of her face and she slowly snaps out of it, blinking quickly and putting a hoof to her head as she sits up.
>"I-I'm sorry, did I fall asleep? I swear I dreamed that Celestia….gifted the entire suite to you."
>"No, that's accurate," you reply, putting your arm around her as she threatens to collapse again.
>You briefly run down the details with her, her mouth agape the entire time.


Ask her if she's ready for that shopping trip. How much money do we have?


champagne, seriously. this has to be more than a dream come true.

also, kiss her. then prepare for shopping. let's see how deep these discounts go.


How much money do we have left?


not sure. 300 something bits. aspirant?


Did I arrive at a good time.


We could just dig for the thread before last. I believe I ran the numbers and put them there.
And got them wrong the first time. But it was more than 300, I remember that much.


>It takes some time, but Rarity finally wraps her head around the situation, making her nothing but smiles as she bounces on the couch energetically.
>"You're an ambassador now! You have access to an exclusive suite that many could only dream of being in, let alone owning! And, and, and….."
>"And I've got the perfect mare to share it with," you say, looking into her eyes.
>She stops bouncing, and her eyes tear up before she tackles you right off the couch with a thud, gripping you so hard you can't move your arms.
>It takes a good half hour to get her to let go so you can take her shopping. And even then the smile never leaves her face, nor the bounce ever leaves her step.

Alright, where ya going? Bridle shop?

I'm not going to bother looking it up, I'll just say you have 375 bits on your person since that sounds like the ballpark area for it.


About halfway trough.
We fucked Rarity again and Celestia gave us the huge ass suite and made us ambassadors.
That means we get discount for booze and cigars.
And other thinks too but who cares about that


Well I got a lot of feels.


Bridle shop. How much was the cab fare from Rarity's to the train station?


Bridle Shop! Bridle Shop!


File: 1340768994519.png (107.1 KB, 310x305, 1330488255244.png)

375 sounds fair. Head to the Bridle shop. Keep her smiling.



Oh boy.


Yes, to the bridal shop.


They're different anon, you're thinking too hard.



Heh, just realised what this potentially means to Rarity.
She did always want a Prince, Ambassador isn't too far off.


They're waiting for you, Rarity.

In the Bridle Shop.


>Roll a 1
>Resonance Cascade in Canterlot



>You and Rarity set out for the bridle shop known as The Roundup, the ponies on the street still stopping to watch you pass. Some wave in a friendly manner, while others just sort of stare.

>You arrive at The Roundup to find a store mostly bereft of shoppers, though a few wander the rows of bridles mounted on pegs and pony sized mannequins. Though most have the same shape, many have lacing, gems, straps, or something just slightly different about them to stand out from the others. Rarity browses the rows with a discerning eye, giggling the whole time, even as she calls some gaudy or unappealing.
>Eventually her eyes settle on one; A dark brown saddle with a laced flank cover of gold, the handle of the saddle gilded silver, and the joints of the bit ruby red gems.
>She looks it over once, twice, three times, circling around it and looking from every angle, commenting on the gems, the fabric, the material of the saddle itself.
>"This, this is perfect! It can be used for both formal gatherings and private use, without looking gaudy in either! I bet it's comfy too, with that padded inside. But how much do they want?"Rolled 4, 8, 2 = 14


This is good, yes?


Good question.





Better hope the knowledge we're an Ambassador can bolster our own ability to haggle. We can't afford to be beta here, we need to drive down costs!


Does it come with stirrups?


Well, no matter how much the saddle is, I wonder how good our discount is. 15%? 20%? Or higher?


oh boy. discount pls.


Guys calm down.
We still have both kidneys so don't worry about money


bit, reins, and blinders while we're at it

and matching spurs


>A stallion wearing a suit and monocle wanders over, his grey mustache looking trimmed and regal as he speaks with Rarity.
>"Miss, I noticed you looking over this fine bridle and couldn't help but think you'd look absolutely fetching in it. Don't you agree?"
>Rarity nods emphatically, "Oh yes, though I'm certain one of this quality would look good on almost any pony!"
>The stallion nods, "You certainly have an eye for quality."
>"I do hate to ask," Rarity begins, "but, how much is this?"
>"400 bits is the standard price," he says. Rarity's face sinks a little, before her eyes glint and she pulls you to her side, "Yes, well, he's an ambassador! He gets a discount, does he not?"
>The stallion nods, looking at you, "Yes, I am aware of the new ambassador. You are with this young mare?" he asks you.
>You nod, and he nods as well. "Yes, well, after ambassadorial discount of 10%, the total would be 360 bits."

Oooh hooo, that lucky die roll put the initial cost right where you needed it. Lucky dogs.




Get the fucking thing and have the guards pick us up to take us to the train back.


Christ, that would wipe out everything but a handful of bits.
I'm assuming we can't haggle and that they have set prices?


That's still mighty expensive. Should we ask Rarity if we could find a similar item at another store?


>attempting to haggle
We are NOT an old Asian man that recently moved to a civilized country. You don't fucking haggle at a retail store.


well, i suppose what Rarity wants, Rarity gets. leaving us with 15 bits. we'll be having lunch back at the suite. she can still windowshop for a while, if she wants.

hmmm. haggling might work as well. but the dice scare me.

fuck we need more dosh to match our ambassador status.


It wouldn't be that polite to haggle in a fancy store in Canterlot

I say we buy it
Or at least keep it for us till we look around.

Dude don't taunt the guys who can fuck everything


That's what I thought.
We need some sort of lucrative occupation, because we sure as hell don't have a country signing our paychecks to be their ambassador.


Alright, time to weigh in: Buy it or hold off on buying until you look around?


Hold off.


Hold off


hold off. this was only our first stop. we can always come back.



Hold off

We can come back later


Buy it, I suppose. We're probably going to find another one exactly like it for half the price later, though.




Or ignore me. That's probably for the best.


Buy it, no questions asked; we don't question Rarity's taste. Just be honest with her about not being able to afford much if anything else. Promise to get her everything else she wants next time we come here.


He aren't THAT whipped.


File: 1340770610085.jpg (55.09 KB, 600x450, do_it_for_rarity.jpg)

Buy it.


Ask about the designer. We can earn Rarity some industry rep.


interesting idea. seconded.



Nice thinking




Well, it seems we have a byproduct. An interesting tidbit that we should keep in mind then next time we're out looking for saddles, perhaps.


[4-4, tied]
>You can't make up your mind, so you stall for time asking about the designer.
>"Actually, I designed this one," the stallion says, a look of pride entering his old face.
>"Really? You designed this marvelous saddle?" Rarity chimes in.
>"Yes. It took some time to think of the correct balance, and a little longer to get these old hooves of mine to build it properly," for the first time, you notice he is an Earth pony, not a unicorn. "These old hooves don't work as fast or as accurate as they used to, I'll tell you that much." He chuckles to himself, "Ah but enough about me, what'll it be?"Rolled 7, 4 = 11


Tell him it's a wonderfully crafted saddle and ask if he has made others as well.


I say we buy it.
Rarity loves it and we can come back another time for shopping.

Or what >>24418 said


That is fascinating. Not many Earth Ponies would have the dexterity to make a saddle of such quality.
Also this.


agreed. go with this.


Buy it, ask Rarity if she has an idea of where she'd like to wear it.




He might have something even better looking in the back


No buying yet. This is a ploy to get him to show us other saddles, one of will will hopefully catch Rarity's eye and be less expensive.


>"You made this with your hooves?" Rarity gasps, "That's unbelievable! I can't imagine making any of my pieces without my magic!"
>"Ah, a fellow designer? Tell me miss, what is your name?"
>"My name is Rarity, a pleasure to meet you, Mr….?"
>"They call me Sal, though I must say I didn't expect THE Rarity to enter my store looking to buy," he takes her hoof in his hand, bowing as he kisses it gently, "Your work has sold out of this very store faster than any other makes or models to have entered it. Your designs are captivating, my dear lady."
>Rarity blushes, and bats the air between them when her hoof is relinquished, "Oh, you're too kind! If I had the skill you possess without magic, just think of what I could make!"
>You comment that the saddle is crafted very well, and he thanks you as well.
>"It is truly high praise to be complimented by both an ambassador and the rising star Rarity."


Oh boy, this is good.

This is very good.


"Well, thank you very much Sal. How much did you say this saddle was? I think we'll be taking it."


Should we ask to see if he's done any others of the same quality as this saddle? It would probably be worth a look-see.


Okay, here's what we do:
Let them geek out a bit.
If he warms up, he'll either come on to her directly or try to graciously win her over.
In the first case we put on our white knight armour.
In the second, she could worm out a gift from him before we smugly escort her out.


ask if he has any new designs he's been working on. something not out on display.

we're probably going to end up making our purchase here, all things considered.


Should we tell him that we would love to buy it, but we are going to be in Canterlot for another day or two that this purchase would cut our funds dangerously low?



Yeah, see the range Sal has, maybe see if Rarity brokers some extra arrangement with him in the mean time…never know, an enhanced business deal might save us more cash while not seeming like pleading.


>In the first case we put on our white knight armour.
Rarity is a shameless flirt. All whiteknighting her would do is make her made and ruin the deal.


>"Well, I mean it," Rarity says, looking at the saddle once more, "Do you have any others of this caliber? I would love to see them."
>Sal shakes his head, "Unfortunately that one is the last of my works. As I said before, these old hooves don't have that magic touch anymore. So this is the last of my legacy, as far as designs go. I'll still run my shop and sell designs such as yours, proudly might I add, but my building days are behind me now."
>"How long ago did you make this?" Rarity asks.
>Sal thinks for a moment before answering, "Three months it's been out here on the floor, one month before that was when I started work on it," he shakes his head again, "The one thing you can't always account for is the taste of the people. This piece is the summary of my works, simple, elegant, functional, and not as outrageously overpriced as some other designers. Sadly, some think it doesn't have enough baubles, gems, gold filament, or what have you."
>Sal sighs to himself, "But I digress. Its a one and only in all of Equestria."


Get out your fucking wallets, boys.



This guy's good….and I wonder if I say that in terms of crafting or in advertising his wares and giving them sentimental value.



So I guess we're buying it, then? Though, it being one-of-a-kind would probably put a damper on any horseplay we'd get up to in the bedroom with it.
I still can't help but feel he's just spinning us a story and he's actually got four or five more in the back room that he trots out one at a time.


Well I guess we're buying it. We might have just gotten played though.





Buy it


Yeah, that backfired spectacularly.

Can we still cause that resonance cascade?


Buy buy bits. It's hopefully worth it.


Actually, hold up. Here's our way to not only learn how to make things, but also have a career.


>You pull Rarity off to the side, wanting her opinion on whether the guy is trying to pull a fast one on the two of you or not.
>Rarity shakes her head, "No, I don't think so. The way he acts about that saddle is how I would react if it were the last of my designs. His price is high enough to drive away some buyers, but low enough that the extremely well off wouldn't purchase it since they couldn't flaunt it's cost at parties. The design is indeed simple, but it has a unique charm to it that the other saddles in the store don't have about them."
>She looks over her shoulder before continuing, you follow her eyes and see Sal dusting the saddle off a bit with a cloth, "No, call it intuition but I think he's genuine. He wants it to go to someone who can appreciate it for what it is and what it means."


Tell her that buying it would leave us with fifteen bits. If we get this it's all we can get unless we find a vending machine somewhere.




Are there payment options available? Layaway?


Looks like we're buying it, then.
We do still have the chef at our disposal until tonight, I think. Unless he was summoned back immediately after breakfast.




Oh just buy it you bastards
We've got a damn royal suite in Canterlot. We can come here whenever we want to buy something else


What's wrong with letting her know where this is going to leave us financially? And I'm not sentenal.



Rarity is someone who's able to appreciate the saddle's true value

I say we trust her intuition and buy it


might as well go ahead and make the purchase. doesn't mean we can't still visit other shops if Rarity is so inclined. and our meal can be taken care of back at our suite.


>You're convinced. Rarity wants this, it's a one of a kind gift, you can afford it, and you'll be supporting an old colt's legacy.
>You walk back over to Sal, pulling out your wallet.
>"Done," you say with finality, handing him the bits. He seems surprised, for some reason, as he takes the bits to his sales counter and tallies them up.
>"It's all here," he says, putting the bits away and wandering back over to the two of you next to the display, "The saddle is yours."
>He smiles, the corners of his eyes wrinkling as he does so, "Thank you, both of you. Knowing that a rising designer such as Rarity has this…..it'll really put my mind at ease."
>You both smile at him, then at each other.Rolled 6, 2 = 8


Buy it, then, but be honest with Rarity about how much we have left.


What could we possibly be rolling for?


well Rarity, try it on! admire her in her new saddle.


Who tries it on first.


Give it to Rarity to try on.


She'll make you wear the saddle later.


My ass she will.

Fight every step of the way.



that shit is shit hot


File: 1340773571081.png (30.47 KB, 280x280, 63563563454525.png)


I don't mind…I don't mind at all




>Sal moves to remove the saddle from the mannequin, but Rarity stops him.
>"Actually, I'd like to wear the saddle out of the store."
>Sal smiles, "Of course. Would you like assistance in putting it on?"
>Rarity shakes her head, her cheeks tinting red, "Actually, I'd like him to put it on me," she says, motioning to you.
>Something clicks behind Sal's eyes, and his smile doubles in size.
>"I see, very well then," he turns to you and points out where it buckles and how to handle it without smudging the filament, going over how to remove it from the mannequin properly and how to adjust the straps without hurting Rarity or damaging the material.
>Finally, you remove the saddle from the mannequin, and very carefully put it on Rarity, gently wrapping the strap under her belly and fastening it, making sure the gold colored lacing splays out over her cutie marks evenly, and so on.
>You stand back afterward and take a good long look at her.
>She twirls in place, her mane flowing gently as she beams.
>She looks wonderful.


Cheesy compliments?


Let her admire our face admiring her


Just imagine if we routinely rode horses in the past and didn't need any help putting the saddle on her or removing it from the mannequin. That would be an interesting story to tell her.


Kiss her. Darling, you look absolutely gorgeous.


Can we
Can we ride her?




Well, we can make a joke about how it's quite difficult to keep from ravishing her on the spot.
Not in public, I'd think. She might not like that.


Roll for cheese level

1 means suave as fuckRolled 10 = 10


>Rarity trots over to you and hugs you carefully, thanking you quietly but earnestly, before giving you a peck on the cheek.
>Sal looks on, nothing but smiles.

>The two of you prepare to leave, and you put a hand to Sal's hoof, shaking it.

>You jokingly ask if he'd be willing to share his trade secrets.Rolled 3, 2, 7 = 12


I want to say it's not outlandish for ponies to ride other ponies though, since She rode around on Twilight in that play.




File: 1340773920698.gif (44.84 KB, 331x456, cheetos1.gif)



Oh boy


Ya beefed it. We're practically Swiss now.




If we get a more durable saddle.


Well, that's below average. So it looks like he's not getting an apprentice today.


File: 1340774150204.png (527.59 KB, 439x600, legs of the most cheesiest on …)

We cheeselegs?


He could at least give us a tip or something


That will be 5$ please


Holy shit it's morning.

Hey Aspirant how much longer will this take?


>He laughs, "Maybe someday, but not today. I'd say if you want to learn you've got a proper teacher right next to you," he nods to Rarity, "I look forward to seeing your designs in my store again, Miss Rarity. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must ensure my other customers are as satisfied as I am now. Good day."
>He walks to a pair of mares looking at some diamond studded saddles as you and Rarity look at each other once more before heading for the door.
>You exit side by side and head back towards your suite once again. Ponies stop what they're doing as the two of you walk past, this time whispered compliments of her saddle reach your ears. They reach Rarity's too, and she's soon trotting with her head held high.

>She lets you remove the saddle with some reluctance when you're inside the suite, setting it on the living room couch carefully and with admiration before she grabs you in another hug.

>This time she's openly crying into your shirt, so you ask what's wrong.
>"Nothing. Absolutely, nothing."


Good end point for the night? We're over the expected time frame by an hour or something, so I feel it's a good point to stop.


Can we kiss Rarity's tears away before we end?


I wonder how Spike's doing.


Well, it has to be something. Those don't sound like happy tears.
If this is where you want to stop, that's fine with me.


Oh god the feels.

Great session bro
Loved it. Can't wait for the next one.


This is a good stopping point.


>ending with Rarity crying
god damnit

this please. hum the song we heard her humming if we can remember it (maybe)? not sure if good idea…


Sure no problem Aspirant
Nice session too


Oh alright let me write something more sappy. One sec.


Great ending point.
This was a good session, lots of feels and then some.
Thanks again


I second the song. Let's end this on a high note, so to speak.



Sounds good to me. 6:25am here, got just enough time for….five and a half hours of sleep before I have to get up for work. Totally worth it though. It's why man invented energy drinks.

Heh, thanks Aspirant. Cool stuff guys, see you next time!


>sad about 5.5 hours of sleep
I do that every night.


Sleep is for the weak anyways.
I mean who need more than 6 hours of sleep?


we done


I dunno. I'm holding off on posting a cap just in case.


Lurking since he said he'd be writing one more piece as well.


>You move the saddle to one end of the expansive couch, taking Rarity and sitting on the other end, Rarity still holding onto you with her hooves around your neck, gently crying into your shirt.
>You pull her back a bit, wiping her tears away with your thumbs as she smiles.
>You ask her again what's wrong, and she just puts a hoof to your cheek.
>"A month ago we barely knew each other, and now…," she sniffs again as she trails off, her tears threatening to return. "It's just all so sudden! What would people say, if they knew? What-"
>You quiet her with a kiss, a small, reassuring one that quiets her well after it's done. Her tears fade and she hugs your chest tightly, like she's afraid to let go.
>The two of you sit quietly with each other for some time, looking out into the streets of Canterlot together and thinking about how it all went so……right.




Y'know, after writing that, I realize just how close the end of this is. I really, really wanted to do more feels, but since I goofed up the pacing of everything, now I feel like the only natural step left is the conclusion.

I appear to have boxed myself in.

Regardless, I think that's it for tonight. Time to recharge my batteries and think about what I've done.

I hope everyone enjoyed this session, it was interesting to lead off with raunchy things and follow it up with something else.

Have a nice night everyone, if you have questions or just want to yell at me, I'll be lurking the MLPG or the steam chat for a bit before heading off.

Take care, and I'll see everyone next time! [Not Friday because LyraQuest moved to Friday, so how about Saturday?]


I find it adorable imagining Anon holding Rarity like that.
It was a great session Aspirant. Lots of fun.

Now all we have to do is confront her friends, Spike and…and her parents

Saturday works good.
Kinda sad that we can't really have more feels tough



Eh, everyone can deal with it. Spike, on the other hand, I feel we should be obligated to have a private word with at some point.

Anyway, thanks all.


Saturday sounds fun, I'm sure lots of people will be at home watching streams that day anyways.


Well, we've still got to break it to Spike, her parents, the rest of Ponyville… There's plenty to occupy ourselves before the wrap, Aspirant. Saturday should be fine for me as well. Same bat time, same bat channel?


We still need another meeting with her parents, her friends noticing something different about here, the resolution with Spike, etc.


I'm excited to see who's next for questing.


Come onnnn Rainbow Dash



Saturday is good with me

Thanks for the quest and the feels


File: 1340775802754.png (198.42 KB, 500x750, 1331526431464.png)

Saturday night's fine by me. Thanks for an excellent session Aspirant.

I think there's room for more feels, once we return to P-ville. This session hit me right in the >feel though. Very nice.

Look forward to the next session.


Probably Fluttershy or Celestia man
They had the most votes
Those two and Rarity had a pretty huge advantage so…


I can always write feels to toss in somewhere, it just feels weird being like "Well, we moved on from having sex and buying fancy things for Rarity to…..taking her to the movies."

I mean I can toss those in there, it just messes up natural progression. Plus I hate recycling ideas from Pinkie "Quest" and just inserting Rarity instead.

Yes, these are the next points that need addressing. But they aren't particularly feely and/or waifuy. I dunno, I have things I need to mull over I guess.


File: 1340775864660.png (910.23 KB, 2609x4024, RarAnon Date 8.png)

Posting the cap for whomever wants it.


Hmm, good point.

Tired brain doesn't want to acknowledge these yet it seems.

I'll get some sleep before I plan out anything, lest I box myself in harder.

Thanks for the votes of confidence everyone, I'll see you Saturday at around 8-9pm EST unless something comes up.

Have a nice night!


TwilightQuest someday…

I'll be taking part in all of them, regardless.




Mutual spaghetti


I am very okay with Fluttershy.



Bye bro and don't worry
If it has to end it ends.

I'm sure we all had fun and are happy with what we got

Again thanks for the session


TwiQuest must come


Most definitely, bro. And it shall be glorious.


I think that the only other ones I'll participate are TwilightQuest and CelestiaQuest if it happens.

I love the other ponies a lot but not as much. Feels by them aren't that strong for me.


>not getting feels from all the ponies

filthy, filthy plebeian.


I get feels from them man. Just not heart wrenching as from those three

Still a Sweetie quest where all we do is cuddle and play and have fun would be the best


>not wanting to be Applejack's lover
>not wanting to be like a brother to Big Mac and Applebloom


But I would betray my waifu that way man


Oh man, a Lunaquest would kill me.

It would be so awkward, my heart.

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