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Last time, on Luna "Quest:"


You woke up to discover that Luna was missing! It became apparent she had somehow gone off course or was in some form of danger, as she was days overdue from her "important business."

Fearing for her sister's safety, Celestia organized a small search party. You couldn't just stand by, and so persuaded her to let you go. Thus you were given armor and a weapon, and set out with Shining Armor, Bear, and Golden to search for Princess Luna.

What you found in the Everfree was a mysterious old castle ground. Undaunted you proceeded to search the ruins.

Bear triggered a trap that nearly crushed him and Shining Armor, and was sealed off from the rest of the party. Finding a crescent emblazoned stone button of sorts, the partition was lifted.

But the ruins were far from safe.

Bear landed at the bottom of the staircase, a bloody mess from what soon stomped down the stairs after him.

Nightmare Moon.

Or so you thought. As the battle raged, it became apparent that this was not the actual Nightmare Moon. Only when you put a magic imbued artifact given to you by Celestia did the facade fade from the creature. It was some kind of stone golem, imbued with magic and quite deadly.

With a screech, the thing exploded, flinging you through a brittle wall and onto a nearby hill.

After recovering your senses, you dug your party members from the rubble. Shining Armor fired a magical signal flare, and collapsed.

Royal guards from a nearby garrison arrived with a carriage and a stretcher to take the wounded one at a time. Surprisingly, Luna's carriage and personal guards also arrived.

As she doted over your well being, the others were carted away for immediate attention.

Overwhelmed by what had happened, you did the only thing you felt right. You kissed Luna, firmly and passionately.

She accepted it, and you rode in her carriage back to the garrison, and subsequently the Royal castle in Canterlot.




penis is ready


Are we out of the infirmary yet?
Debrief time?


That was days ago, and seems distant from your hospital bed.

Despite you insisting that you aren't injured, both Princesses and the entire medical staff demanded you stay in bed. Both to make sure you were healing properly, and to take notes on how your body repairs itself, apparently.

That's not to say it's been an unpleasant experience thus far, both Celestia and Luna taking turns staying at your bed side and making sure you're cared for.

Celestia and a handful of her upper echelon of guards listened to your initial report with concerned looks, but told you to rest before they came for a more detailed recounting.

It seems today is that day.

After your breakfast in bed, provided by a smiling Luna, Celestia and her guards come in, bringing seats to sit on around your bed. Even Shining Armor is wheeled in, a hind leg in a cast. He nods an acknowledgement to you, taking a place behind and to the right of Celestia, who sits beside her sister, to your right.

The medical staff leave the room after reporting your stable condition, and Celestia asks what you remember of your encounters.


Don't hurt yourself, anon.


File: 1345340168403.png (257.18 KB, 688x969, 1344383240809.png)

I am having difficulty containing myself.


Tell her the major events in as much detail as we can recall.
The traps set within still being activate and especially the NMM golem.


Well I for one already have a boner.



Tell them about our encounter with the fake NMM at the castle ruins.


Well, I guess I didn't miss much after all.


Started later.


What for?
We haven't even gotten to the horsefucking yet.


File: 1345340468105.gif (1.54 MB, 100x159, 1339665180717.gif)

>Red Player


Yeah, I love you too.


You better not be rolling tonight nigger.



You recount the Timberwolves, and one of the guards hand waves that section away.

"The Ruins are the most important factor of this story, please, skip ahead."

Everyone looks expectant, so you skip to exploring the ruins.

You recount entering, Bear tripping some trap, and the golem with the visage of Nightmare Moon. Luna appears shocked as this information is revealed to her, and everyone seems most interested in the golem, for obvious reasons.

When you finish, they have questions of their own.

"How did you defeat it?"
"Where did it come from?"
"Who was it targeting?"
"How powerful was it?"
"Do you think it was controlled, or automated?"

Celestia finally waves a wing, the small gust of air flapping your bed sheets as the motion silences her advisers.

"Please, one at a time," she says firmly, but politely, as she turns her gaze to you, "First, tell me. What was your reaction to its appearance?"


Every night is a fresh start.
We'll see what kind of a precedent he sets.


Surprise and worry.


Shock, for one. Fear is another.


"I was shocked initially.
Unsure of how to proceed.
Hesitant describes it best."




Shock and fear that something had caused Luna to transform.



"Shocked. Afraid. Worried."

"Worried?" A guard says, genuine curiosity in his tone, "For your comrades?"



Worry for our comrades and for Princess Luna.


Well, yes, certainly. But mostly for Luna.


Let's be honest with them.

For the others there, and Luna. We did think it was her at first, right?


"Yeah and for the Princess too"


No Red
Shut up



"Well, yes. But for L-, Princess Luna, as well."

Rolled 1, 7, 1 = 9


G'night folks, it's been fun.


The guards are going to rip us a new one.



Guards are going to kill us for wanting to have sexual relations with their princess.


The adviser allows a small smile on his face, and he nods silently.

Celestia smiles and looks at her sister, momentarily putting a wing around her.

Luna opens her mouth to say something, then rises from her seat.

"E-excuse me, I need to step outside a moment."

No sooner does the door shut behind her than some of the other guards begin questioning you, a couple in particular getting rather heated until Celestia once again waves everyone silent.

"Now, now, if you were in his position you'd have been concerned for her as well, would you not?"

They grumble amongst themselves before relaxing once again, only the guard who gave you the initial question not bothering to get upset, aside from Shining Armor, who just sits and listens.

You think you catch Celestia wink subtly at you before she asks the next question.

"So, how did you deal with the monster?"


With the amulet you gave me. I hung it around her neck, and she kinda… exploded.


Opted not to use lethal force.
We soon discovered after barging into the golem that it wasn't Luna at all.



We used the amulet she gave us before we left.


Say, the situation helped to resolve the amulet she gave to you.



"Well, after Bear told us in no uncertain terms it wasn't the Princess, I uh, charged it."

This makes every eye go wide, the exception being Shining Armor since he was there and saw it first hand. In fact, many turn to face Shining and ask if it's true.

He nods, "He sure did," he looks at you with the hint of a smile, "Though he could've done it sooner."

You smile back at him before continuing.

"The thing was approaching me anyway. But when I got close, something in my satchel started smoking. Turns out the amulet Princess Celestia gave me was burning hot. Not knowing what to do, I put the amulet around the creature's neck."

Celestia looks intrigued, and an adviser prompts you to continue.

"Well, it uh, exploded."

Murmurs begin to circulate about the small hospital room, theories of what could have happened abound.

When you elaborate on how exactly it reacted to the amulet, they conclude the magic held within the sphere must have overloaded the magical construct, causing its explosion.

"Why it would have willingly sought out the one carrying a device capable of destroying it is another matter," Celestia surmises.

Happy with your answers, the small council begins to depart, Shining Armor being wheeled into the hall by one of his compatriots, though Celestia stays at your bed side.


Sort of, except for the explosion that injured everyone.


Ask her what was that thing.


Err, I mean the monster.


Anymore answers we can get out of her?
What was that amulet really for and how did that golem come to be in the first place?


They seem to have concluded it was a magical golem of some sort.


Did they conclude why it has exact form of Nightmare Moon too?


Well, read back. Unless it's written up there, I doubt it.


"Look, uh, if it was about the amulet," you stammer, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to be destroyed."

Celestia smirks and gently pats one of your legs with a hoof, "Don't worry about that. I can always imbue some other artifact with magic," she sighs, "Although that one was sort of special to me and my sister. Regardless, I can craft a new one in time."

She looks briefly towards the door, then back at you.

"Now, are you certain that creature had the appearance of Nightmare Moon?"


Well, it is not, that is why I'm asking - we and Celestia are alone, the subj is still hot in the air so I thought it would be perfect opportunity to ask.


Yes. That was confirmed beyond all doubt by the other three.


Nod. "The spitting image, no question."


"Yes, I was certain. It was quite a resemblance, others confirm it too"



"Yes, I'm certain," you reply, "Even the others saw it. Heck, I'd still think it was the genuine thing if Bear hadn't told me it wasn't."

Celestia nods, "And that is why you hesitated, yes?"


Do you know why?




"Nightmare Moon was Luna, wasn't it? Of course I would hesitate to attack."


Say you have tried (while being confusedw to find another way to resolve the issue, without direct violence towards NMM.


"Yes. Truth be told, I was more worried about what had happened to Luna when I first saw it."



"Yes. To my understanding, Nightmare Moon and Luna were one and the same in the past."

"And you were concerned she had somehow reverted to that hateful form," Celestia says, nodding gently, "Shining Armor told me you threw down your weapon and tried to reason with it."

She allows herself a smile once more, "It was noble, if a bit naive." Slowly the smile fades and her face becomes serious, "But you could have been killed out there. If this creature was every bit as dangerous as you and Shining Armor say, not to mention the condition Bear came back in, then I have to ask; What were you thinking, charging such a powerful creature like that?"

You didn't notice at first, but her voice has slowly risen and taking on a stern tone, and she's pacing back and forth on one side of your bed.

"I am disappointed in you, young Trainee."


We're about to be scolded something fierce, I'd wager.


W-what? I'm not sure that it is still Celestia anymore?

This confuses me.


"I wagered I would be able to wrestle it to the ground, distracting it from attacking the Captain. He would then be able to use his magic to take the offense."


I wasn't sure if it was NMM.
Perhaps I did make a mistake, I didn't want anyone to be hurt and certainly this was a complex situation I wasn't ready to deal with.


>interrupting the Sun Princess in the middle of a scolding
This will surely make her think higher of us.


"I wasn't going to turn tail and let it slaughter the others while I ran and hid."



We die and Luna's mood takes a severe nosedive. In this case though we thought thought that was Luna, so I guess she's just saying this so we're more careful in the future.


Too confused, I think I will skip this one. Something smells fishy.


I was talking about Celestia's acting there is general. It feels like it is someone else, not her. Why would she even ask such question? "What were you thinking, charging such a powerful creature like that?" What the point now asking that, especially after we explained the situation? That is just too dumb for her.


Have you never been scolded by your parents? That is a classic rhetorical question.


She knows more about this than she is letting on.


There are two possible answers:
1. This is a test to see how we react
2. Aspirant's characterization of Celestia is different from yours


Celestia probably created the golem as a test in the first place. She is just pissed that it backfired due to the amulet exploding and injuring you and your party.


Celestia indeed has a cunning mind and usually plans lots of things ahead but she is not a cod-blooded murderer. She wouldn't take such chances.


She may not have planned for the the half trained, bald, scrawny, diamond dog-looking thing to charge the golem unarmed.


I tried postulating a theory very early in the week.
I had a motive, it was weak and a stretch, but wasn't entirely ridiculous.



"I thought I'd be able to distract it from Captain Shining Armor-"

"And then what? If I hadn't given you that pendant, which was supposed to be used if you found Luna weakened, you could have died."


"I wasn't going to just let it kill the others!" You find yourself replying loudly, trying to defend your decisions.

Celestia stays silent, her eyes looking into yours. Despite her scolding attitude, they don't seem to convey any anger.

"You have to think about the consequences of your actions," she says slowly, "If your brash actions hadn't worked I'd have lost three of my best soldiers and a being we know very little about who I said I'd protect."

She sighs, retaking her seat, "I know you did what you thought was right. And it's true, losing even one of you would have hurt. But you have to be more careful. Not only are you supposed to be a guest of mine, not a soldier, but think of the ramifications of your injuries, especially from this point forward."


Tell her that we will be more careful in the future, but that if we see a friend in danger we are still going to do our best to help. After that ask her about the golem.


This is what I meant by dumb. They would lose to golem anyway, without the amulet (be anon with them or without), so it is just pointless to accuse Anon in anything. i just assume the scene is for the sake of a quest.



Again, I have to ask if you've never been scolded by anyone in your life. Asking someone "what were you thinking" is usually the quickest way to point out someone had a tremendously stupid idea without outright saying "that idea was retarded.


satan pls



We'll try to put more forethought into our actions.


He's got a point. When your parents ask you what you were thinking jumping off the roof with nothing but a blanket as a parachute they don't want to hear about the movie you just saw that inspired this, they want you to realize that you had a stupid idea and now your arm is going to be in a cast for a few months.


"I'll be careful," you reply slowly, lowering your voice as well, "But if a friend is in danger I'm still going to do what I can to help them."

"I understand that," Celestia replies softly, "And I don't mean to make it sound like the entire situation is your fault. But you are something new and unknown to us. We have so much to learn from one another yet," she looks at the door, as though trying to look through it, "And….we care about you. Very much."

[Perception check: First 3 rolls, 1d10 each]



Why the hell flood detection.

Rolled 3 = 3


dice+1d10, friend.



Rolled 8 = 8


Flood detection, odd.

Rolled 1 = 1


You've got to be fucking kidding me.


Take my 1!

Rolled 6 = 6


It hurts to live anon.
Guess why?



[Total: 12]

Rolled 7, 9, 2 = 18


Either stop posting or change your damn name.


Because having a name and rolling a 1 is horrible, but when it's anonymous, oops, better luck next time.


I'm one of the D&D players and I think names have an influence over how the dice roll.


A…Are you serious?

Dice rolls are RANDOM, that's the whole damn point of dice. Chance, lady luck. RISK.


> I'm one of the D&D players and I think names have an influence over how the dice roll

I don't think there is a proper way to respond to this.


That doesn't explain some of the things I have seen.


File: 1345345080591.jpg (56.81 KB, 554x536, 1344140746132.jpg)


>mocking the dice gods

That's almost as bad as mocking the gods of magic.


[12 v 13; minor failure] yes that's supposed to be 13, it had a modifier on it.

Something about Celestia seems….off. She no longer seems willing to meet your eyes, and something just feels….different. Not threatening, sort of familiar, but you can't put your finger on it.

"N-now, you're going to stay here until we're certain th-that you've healed properly."

Is her voice wavering? The great Princess Celestia?

[Perception check again, +3 to total this time]


As superstitious as it sounds, he's got a point.
But I know that if I do swap names I'll only lull myself into a false sense of security and then, bam, nothing but 1s when we need at least 2s.



Rolled 9 = 9


Ah, of course it's Luna.

Rolled 7 = 7



Rolled 7 = 7




Rolled 4 = 4



[Total: 26]

Rolled 1, 6, 7 = 14



Rolled 7 = 7


Time, of course, has the bigger effect, but there are some characters that just roll horribly and others that roll well. A character by the name of Short Fix rolled 1s about a third of the time.


I guess questanon isn't a completely perceptionless ape then.
He was so bad at spot checks and even this took him two tries.


[s]questanon is slightly autistic



[26 v 9; Massive success]

This is not Princess Celestia, you determine. And you can only think of one powerful enough to change her appearance who also cares about you so much to put on such a charade.


Rolled 5 = 5


Try to rise from the bed while asking to make her worry and take off the cover.


Celestia is about to spill something.


While asking what?


If it's actually Luna, I'm assuming.


knew it wasn't her, hehe


Oh, uh, reminder, I can't keep putting words in your mouth for you. This is supposed to be your decisions, not mine.


While asking "Luna?"


No, I meant what did you want to ask.

Is this a Who's on first moment or what.


>Luna nearly killed us
>she made the golem


That is what I meant.

You rise form the bed, towards her, while asking being unsure: "Luna..?"


"Luna, is that you?"
Something along those lines.


> Luna's master plan
> turns into pool of spaghetti


>Luna becomes the spaghetti
>She asks us to eat her so that we can always be together
>After several uncomfortable seconds she starts laughing so hard that she passes out


Sounds like she is hysterical.
I would probably seek Celestia's help for that one.


Greenquest within a quest

I'm grinning like an idiot right now.


Just wait until he runs out of ideas and does Steve "Quest" where we play as Lyra in Humanopolis.



You attempt to silently get up from the bed, but the rustle of sheets makes "Celestia" turn her head in your direction with a gasp.

The first thing you notice are the tears in her eyes as she gets up and pushes you back into a prone position.

"D-don't get up, you need your rest!" she says.

The voice that comes from her is not her own, but one still familiar to you.

"Luna, is that you?" you ask as she begins to tremble and tears begin to stream down her cheeks, as though washing away the rosy white tone of Celestia's coat as they reveal a dark blue.

She leans forward and buries her face into your stomach, her front hooves gripping you tightly as she begins to cry softly.

After a moment the rest of the illusion fades, and, sure enough, it's Luna clutching you like you're about to disappear.


Hug her back. Maybe chuckle a little.


Hug her back and make reassuring noises while she cries.


Oh god oh god oh god

Stroke her. Try to calm her down.


>have to do a chuckle roll
>roll a 1
>anon loses his shit while Luna cries even harder

Rolled 2 = 2


…and whisper some silly things to her as well. Nothing in particular, just to take all her attention.




Good thing we didn't try to laugh.
We'd be pissed.


At least we're not a Tidus.


Jeez, you'd think a creature that doesn't age wouldn't break down over something small like this.


You put your arms behind her head as she cries, stroking her mane and trying to tell her it'll be alright, chuckling at the efforts she went through to deceive you.

She nuzzles her face into your stomach even harder, but her sobs cease enough for her to try and talk to you through her tears.

"I-I'm sorry, I don't know what's come over me…"


Creature like her never had special somepony before, besides, she is pretty much pariah.


y-you too


"That's okay, it is okay to cry, I'm her for you, I won't go anywhere."

Keeps stroking. When she will calm down a bit, life her muzzle and smile at her, looking into her eyes.


Continue to stroke her mane. Maybe put in a reassuring ear scratch or stroke the side of her face.


>tfw not a pony


By the way, are we going to tell Celestia about her sister's little masquerade?


"It's alright."


why would we? if she doesn't ask, we won't tell.


We do need to ask her more than a few questions when she callms down and feels more comfortable talking.


>being a tattle tale


I'm ok with that, let is be something between us. Little secret to laugh at later.


You keep stroking her mane, until her awkward position gets to be too much on her and she climbs herself onto your bed, laying on you so her head rests against your chest, careful not to poke you with her horn.

She readjusts her hooves around your sides as she sniffles and her breathing steadies her eyes closed as she holds you.

Slowly her tears dry and she regains some semblance of composure.

"I…don't know what it is but, I can't stop thinking about what could have happened," she whispers meekly as she gives you a squeeze, "I…meant what I said, you know. That I…care about you."


Ssh, no tears now. Only dreams.


Oh my…
Tell her you care about her too, that's why you did what you id in a first place back then, at Ruins.

May be it is time to tell that your feelings is much more than just friendship?


"And I about you."
Scratch her behind her ears.


We care about her too. There's no point in worrying over what might have happened. We are alive and that is what matters.


Give her the huggest of hugs.


I know.
Fuck I can't think of anything. You people with more romantic experience, you field this one.


That's some Han Solo swag right there.


Is the door closed?


Boop her nose.


That could work too, would be cute, but it will kill romantic atmosphere so far.

I'm where is this going so far…


You pull her upward, so that her front hooves are resting on your shoulders and she's straddling your waist, and you put your arms around her and pull her closely to you as she rests her head against the side of yours.

"And I care about you, Princess Luna."

You pull back and gently boop her nose with a finger, making her look confused as you say, "But I'm still alive, as you can see. So stop worrying about what could have happened."

Rolled 6 = 6


Our spaghetti remains firmly stowed.


As does hers, but if we're lucky we might have gotten a giggle out of her.


Slowly she smiles before leaning against you once more, hugging you just as firmly as you hold her.

She sighs, "You're right. You're here, and safe. It's all I could ask for."

Rolled 4 = 4


We are covered in blanker n the bed, right?

Share the blanket with her.


>Celestia was watching the entire time


welp, moment lost for today's episode


Kiss her and cuddle up. It's not like a bunch of ponies will suddenly burst into the room to spoil everything, right?


u wot


well, that was lame.


I assume he was going to suggest giving her a good dicking while she was in that position to showcase our renewed energy and vitality.



> possible romantic sex or at last cuddles
> dicking

red player please




Rolled 7 = 7


Cute and lighthearted.

I liked it.


"That's not all you could ask for."

Offer her a spot under the covers.



Not in public. We should go to her room first.


File: 1345348051064.jpg (18.85 KB, 254x271, she's just waiting for it, you…)


Spoon her.


I tempted fate, AND gave the DM an idea. Truly I am a fool.


we are not in public
we are in out room


Rariquest's dick didn't happen until the end of session 7
Careful how you apprach this.


In and out you say?


I thought we were in the infirmary.



We're in a hospital room, are we not?


Luna gently nuzzles your neck, her hot breath making your skin tingle as you look down at her as she looks into your eyes.

She leans forward gently, and your lips meet.

Unlike the kiss at the ruins, this time Luna is completely relaxed as your lips part, then meet a second time, the slick smack of your lips parting again the only noise in the infirmary room other than your noisy heartbeat.

Rolled 4 = 4


I don't suppose she could lock the door with magic? Maybe soundproof it if things start getting heated?


they weren't once per week


NOW what?



Try running a hand up and down her neck and upper bac-


some tongue work please


Play with her ears.


"Well, I knew the two of you were close, but consider me surprised."

The sudden voice makes you and Luna jump, Luna squealing briefly before covering her mouth with a hoof and blushing incredibly as she looks over her shoulder, one of her hooves still draped around your shoulder as she straddles you. You look over her shoulder towards the door as well, your arms still firmly locked in a hug around Luna.

Standing in the doorway is…..another Luna? What?


We came and started farting









"…uhh, OK. I'm just going to stand in the corner so I don't get hit by the real Luna."


File: 1345348487704.jpg (10.55 KB, 240x207, 1319175991920.jpg)


"Princess Celestia, far be it from me from scolding you, but you could have knocked first."


Celestia was in on it.
How about that.
What if that is the real Luna and we are kissing Celestia?


> tfw Celesti had a crush on us whole time

okay, as much as I don't like this OOCiness, this is kind of… cute and interesting



Blush redder than a tomato.


>Celestia is trying to seduce us by impersonating Luna
I sense sibling tension coming up…


File: 1345348582278.png (801.72 KB, 1200x1200, 1344933996907.png)



This seems like a good opportunity for a threesome.





That isn't how waifu's work.
We cannot knowingly be unfaithful.



The question is in your head and out your mouth before you can think. Two Luna's? What the…?

The Luna in the doorway looks at herself, "Oh, my apologies. I forgot about that," before focusing her magic. There's a gentle flash and suddenly Celestia stands in front of the door, a smirk on her face.

"As I was saying, I knew you two were getting close. But this seems a bit more than I expected given how long you two have known one another."


Does it count as being "unfaithful", if she's okay with it and partaking in the action?



Blush and trip over our tongue as we try to speak.


"Is this bad?"


"I… don't understand"


Cough uncomfortably.
"I suppose the cat's out of the bag, then."


what the

If we continue with this relationship, will mind games be part of the package? Test our faith constantly?


We are moving at 3000 sanics.
There are no brakes


It's time for a calculated spaghetti jettison.


Another "What" for good measure
This time, just with a period. "What."


I actually really confused and don't understand - when she was Luna? At ruins?


Luna and Celestia swapped places before coming into the sickroom.
Celestia left and and the advisers followed her out a short time later, at Luna's urging.
Luna stayed behind to drop all her spaghetti.
Celestia re-enters the room, still in "costume."
Shenanigans ensue.


But it does not make any sense, why is all of this masquerade in a first place, considering the fact Luna genuine didn't want Celestia to know about you relationships (as we can see from her reaction)


Ah, that's the test of faith.


She knew we liked each other. She didn't know exactly how MUCH we liked each other, though. Plus, she probably thought Luna was going to scold us, not jump our bones.


"What." You reiterate the question as a statement, your mind still not wrapping around what's going on here.

"S-sister! You could have knocked first!" Luna says, slowly pulling herself away from you to get off the bed and face her sister, who outright giggles at you and Luna's awkwardness.

"Oh don't mind me, I won't stop you. I was just checking in on you since you'd been in here for some time. But if you need more time alone for more….personal matters…."

You can't see Luna's face but you're sure she's blushing, though Celestia walks to her side and puts a wing around her, the two of them whispering.

Finally, they both giggle, Luna leaning into her sister and hugging her with a wing as well, before heading to the door. She waves at you, and you wave back, before she heads out into the hallway.

Celestia sees the look on your face and can't help but giggle a warm laugh, "I'm guessing you'd like to be filled in on what just happened?"


Okay, but how is this explain the reason why Luna took Celestia's form willingly then?


>inb4 Celestia slipped her a horse condom


Yes please.


"Couldn't hurt…"




A little, but that can probably wait until later. Once we're all more… adequately prepared for things.


>Luna uses her moon magic to make us fit it


>you'd like to be filled in
>by Celestia
Yes, please.


Luna pls



It'd be nice


We should actually say this, just to see what happens.


…No. Mostly because Celestia's the one providing the exposition.


She'd probably just tell us to go back to /b/.


Celestia pls then
God, do you have a fetish for ruining fun or something?


File: 1345349656641.png (83.42 KB, 163x295, You just can't.png)


i don't want to ruin sex


"Y-yes, please," you say, hastily asking, "You ARE Celestia, right? Not Luna?"

She laughs once again before sitting in a seat beside your bed and begins to explain.

"Yes, I am the real Princess Celestia. My sister, as you noticed, was very worried about you after you returned from your search in the Everfree. Well, she thought she would command you to stay in the castle from now on, but felt she couldn't ask you herself."

"'So, why didn't I do it for her?' you may be asking yourself," Celestia says as she gauges your face for reactions, "Because I thought you were doing the right thing when you volunteered to search for her. We had our little talk before, you remember, and you made it clear you weren't going to be swayed away from pursuing her. No matter the consequences."

She smiles, "Well, should not a stallion, or a man, desire to protect those he cares about? I did worry about you, I truly did. But I understand the need for you to be there for her. She didn't take it as well. So she asked, well, begged really, to impersonate me so that you would listen to her. So she could make you stay here, where it's safe, probably forever."

Her smile widens, "But I think after your little moment together, she'll start to understand you can't command people to effectively stop caring about someone. To stop being willing to put yourself on the line for them."

She bows her head deeply, "I'm sorry for the deception, but in the end I thought it would be a way for you both to learn something."

"Although I may have been a bit tardy on my entrance. And to walk in on such a scene! If what Golden saw was anything like this, I can see why he'd be flustered."


Well, to be fair to him, this was far and away more serious.
And intentional.


Ask her directly right here and right now - does she mind such kind of relationships between us?


An what she thinks of.

There will be no better chance.


This. We want her blessing before we go any further.



Inquire as to what she thinks of our budding relationship


Reassure her that you've got enough love for both of them.


That's a horrible idea.


This is probably the most logical one




"And…what of our relationship? Do you mind? Is it alright?"

Celestia puts her hoof to her chin, surprisingly, as though thinking about it seriously.

When she sees your nervous look she laughs and lowers her hoof, still smiling as she begins to speak seriously.

"Well, I think we have a good grasp of your personality now. You're courageous, if a bit brash. You're willing to put yourself on the line for her," she pauses, "I'm willing to guess that you'd support her through good times and bad as well, if the first two statements hold true."

Suddenly her cheeks tint red, ever so slightly, "The main concern is whether the two of you are….compatible. But I won't inquire about that, the medical staff can handle those kinds of concerns."

She regains her composure and looks you dead in the eye, all playfulness gone from her royal voice.

"Do you love her?"




I would think that would be obvious, but yes. Very much.


"Of course."



No, not really.


Y-ys, of course.





>Serious manly anime face
"Yes. With all my heart."


File: 1345350529385.jpg (38.67 KB, 357x367, ingest.jpg)

>The main concern is whether the two of you are….compatible


> Suddenly her cheeks tint red, ever so slightly, "The main concern is whether the two of you are….compatible. But I won't inquire about that, the medical staff can handle those kinds of concerns."




"Nigga, i ain't gonna fuck no horse"


> Luna's horn glows
> your dick increases for a few inches

oh my


>the main concern
Yeah, not sure how that is the biggest concern now (or later)


File: 1345350597662.png (26.62 KB, 454x455, 1336890365612.png)

Is this serious enough.


Possibly the smallest concern.


Not really. As long as penis fits in horse vagina, it's all good.


> smallest




"Yes," you reply confidently, locking eyes with Celestia.

The smile returns to her face as she rises, "Well, then I think you have your answer."

She giggles as she heads for the door, "Just don't let me walk in on another scene like that, alright?"

Sorry, poor word choice. I suppose I meant the main physical concern. D'oh.


Yes, like that!
Except maybe a little less angry looking.
Think "manly tears", minus the tears part.


>Just don't let me walk in on another scene like that, alright?
I…I don't under…stand.


Tell her might might need a door with a lock.


Laugh a bit, and say that so long as our room has a lock, that should be the least of her worries.


I think what she means is, don't let her catch you doing things like that with Luna without asking her if she wants to join too.


We will try to keep out private matter as much private s possible (unless she wants to share it~~)

(in fact, may be we could say that and see her reaction)


"Just knock first next time, yeah?"




Tell her that's she's free to join in, she only need ask.



It's like Libido's multiplied, and lost base discretion to boot.



You nervously laugh, "Well, if my room had a lock on it…"

Celestia shakes her head, "Just…keep it in private. And take it slow. Considering how long you're going to be here I don't think you need to be in any hurry."

"Oh, and of course, treat her right. Otherwise…," the implication lingers in the air, and you nod, swallowing nervously.

"Good. Now, I need to check on Bear and attend to some business. You're free to check in on him if you wish. The medical staff will show you to his room. Otherwise, if you feel you're fit enough to get back to your studies, you can take the day off to rest and maybe do some reading. Tomorrow morning at the latest we continue our lessons."

And with that, Celestia leaves the infirmary room, leaving you alone and sitting in your bed.


Check on Bear.


We have more important things to do.

Like hug the waifu.


Let's hobble on over to the information desk to find out where Bear is. He's probably already grumping at the nurses to let him get up and get back to work.


Read that last sentence again. We're alone in the room now. Luna's scooted out of there before Celestia gave us The Talk.


She's also said she approves. HUG THE WAIFU.


She said take it slow.


Who isn't in the room. Kinda hard to hug someone who isn't there.



Let's go find her then, so we can hug her.


> Considering how long you're going to be here I don't think you need to be in any hurry."
> no sex till session 20






Let's go check on Bear.


I am okay with this.

Sex can wait.


Check on the grump ass.


Checking on Bear. And maybe, if we're able to, swing by the library to pick up a book.


I'm not, it was 6 session already and each takes a week, unlike other quests. Besides I'm getting a feeling Aspirant is burning out in this one (quality kind of dropped).


Where is he.


Seconding this. We've waifu'ed a bit, let's go talk to our other hurt friend.


Stand up, put your clothes and crawl to the Bear's cave. Don't forget to check on Shiny too.



Does it always have to be about sex ?



You roll yourself off the infirmary bed, stretching your arms and legs, checking to see if anything is still sore or bruised. Your right shoulder hurts a bit, but it's just superficial you decide.

You find your clothes neatly folded on a counter on the far end of the room, and put them on quickly before heading into the hall.

A nurse and doctor see you exit the room and immediately rush over to you, making you perform a small series of movement exercises so they can confirm you're doing well enough to move on your own. When they're satisfied, they direct you to the room Bear is staying in, and you walk towards it briskly, wondering just how badly Bear is injured.

Rolled 2 = 2




Don't pull this argument, please. It is actually the point of this quest.


What was that roll for?


Here's hoping that's not our "not getting lost" roll.


I seriously hope he isn't mad at us/ in intensive care.


How much blame Bear places on us



Welp, look like Bear is in the ICU.


But we were heroes, didn't we.


The point of the quest is to have a good time.


For everyone, right. And some people actually want to see sexual scenes, especially considering the fact Aspirant is damn good at them. I do agree that good base will make the final scenes even better, but overdoing it is not a good thing too


A loud beeping sound echoes from the room they pointed you toward, and you put some hustle in your step as the doctor and a handful of nurses dash to the room in question.

One of the nurses prevents you from entering, but you're tall enough to see over her at what's going on.

The doctor and three nurses are crowded around a heavily bandaged figure, the doctor giving orders and demanding medical devices as the beeping continues.

One nurse leads a thin, transparent, plastic tube from a device in the corner of the room, leading it toward the figure's face. When they unwrap his muzzle, you recognize the fur to be the shade of Bear's.

The doctor's head is in the way, but you can guess what the tube was for when the machine it comes from begins making a whirring noise, and the tube fills with a thin smattering of blood.


Find someone uninvolved and ask if Bear is going to make it.


Aw shit.
This is our fault, isn't it? Because we didn't get take action fast enough.


Well fuck, he wasn't injured that bad, was he?


No, anon. He just needs Tylenol and a bit of rest.


"Is he going to be alright?" you call out, asking the nurse at the door and any nurse not actively working something in the room.

"Please, sir, we're doing what we can for him, but you have to let the doctor concentrate."


This is a bad feel.
Ask them if there is anything they need?


Well, we can't do anything here, let's check out Golden and Shiny.


Get out of there, let them do their job.



See if any of the nurses know Bear's condition.


Well, if they're working on him right now, it's probably pretty critical.
We should check in on Golden. He was also pretty beat up.


"Is there anything I can do to help? Anything?"

The nurse shakes her head just as the beeping in the room stops, and the whirring shortly after. You look past the nurse once again to see the doctor wipe his brow, then nod at the nurses around him.

The nurse blocking the doorway moves aside, and the nurses who assisted the doctor exit the room, asking you if you're alright as they pass. You nod and ask about Bear, but they tell you to speak with the doctor himself.


Golden is going to be pissed at us.


Well, I guess we'll ask the doctor.


Speak to the doctor then, as how bad he is injured.


> tfw dollchan script does not work in Opera



"How long do you think until he recovers? How bad is it?"


>we roll a 1
>he has 2 days to live
lets not



test roll

Rolled 5 = 5


Bro, i'm posting from a galaxy player.
The default browser is dicks.


>not using Opera, Firefox or Dolphin


> handheld


It's not mine.


You enter the room, a faint smell of iron mixing with the otherwise sterile environment as you get a good look at Bear.

He's bandaged nearly from head to hoof, his entire torso and his entire right front hoof covered in gauss, while a back leg has a cast on it and his head is bandaged pretty heavily as well. He's nearly unrecognizable.

"How is he?" you ask cautiously, and the doctor looks on at Bear as he answers.

"He's showing improvement, but it's only been three days since he was brought in. His injuries are quite extensive. His back leg is shattered in three places, his right shoulder has a fracture, he broke 3 ribs, punctured a lung, and has severe muscle tissue damage in most limbs. His lung keeps filling with blood, so he's going to need another surgery."

He shakes his head sadly, "Still, he holds on. And I have to say, if he hadn't been brought to us while a potion was circulating in him he would've died on the operating table."

"But he's holding on. And as long as he has that spirit, I'm sure we can get him moving around again. It'll just take time."


Oh thank god. So force-feeding him that potion was a good idea.


So we did good, phew.
Not out fault at all.


Ask if he can hear us. If he can we should apologize for not attacking right away so we could help him sooner.



What are his chances ?


Fuck yeah, we saved bear with our quick thinking.


"Is he conscious? Can he hear me?"

The doctor shakes his head, "No, we've had to put him under sleep spells any time he comes up. The first time he did was nothing but screaming. It'd be inhumane to make him suffer like that."

"Should the operation to repair his lung be successful, he'll have months of bed rest ahead of him. After that, muscle therapy. He can pull through so long as the operation goes successfully, I'm sure of it. Still, he's going to have a lot on his mind. I wonder if he'll be able to cope with the possibility he may not be fit to be a soldier after he recovers."


"Tell him that he did his job as well as he could for as long as he could."


He'll be fine. He's Bear, after all. I'm more worried he's going to deck us once he's strong enough to get up.


We suck at these missions, everyone is hurt
Let's go check on Golden then.


We could ask the Doctor. He might know where Golden is, or be on his way there himself.



Nothing else we can do here, might as well check on Golden and SA.


Well, I see the opportunity for possible another quest in search a cure for Bear,but this is another story.

Ask Doctor if we can help, and if so - how. If not - let us check others.


It is not up to Doctor, it is up to the main nurse.


"He'll be fine. I know he will be," you say, hoping your voice sounds as confident as you wish it was.

The doctor smiles sadly and nods before leaving the room.

You follow the doctor out of the room and inquire about Golden.

"Ah, yes, Bear's brother. He had some muscle damage from a magical attack on his system that rendered him unconscious. Magical healing methods were already enacted, and he's scheduled for minor muscle rehabilitation. He's conscious, if you'd care to visit him?"


Sure it is. The Doc told us they had to put Bear under a sleep spell for humane reasons.


I'd like that, if he's up for visitors.



yes, go for it


we need to don't forget to visit shiny too


nah, fuck that guy


He visited us, actually, though that was more in an official capacity than a friendly visit. He was wheeled out of the room with the rest of the advisers earlier.


We'll see Shiney last.
He was at out debrief.


You nod and the doctor has a nurse lead you down the hallway, past the front desk, to a better lit and more cozy looking room.

She knocks on the door frame and stands in the door way, "Mr. Golden, you have a visitor if you'd like to see them."

You hear an audible grunt, "Visitor? Who would come see me? Sure, send 'em in."


Go in.



I hope he isn't mad.


Come in with a slight smile


>who would come to see me?
Either he's not nearly as popular as we think he should be, or he's faking it hoping for a lady caller.
We can joke about his lack of enthusiasm a bit. Maybe ask if he was expecting a nurse who'd gotten infatuated with him.


If he's really mad he might spear us.


The nurse moves aside as you enter the room.

Golden lies in a comfy looking bed with white sheets, wearing a patient smock and looking bored.

"Well, well, if it ain't Jockey. Up and walking no less. We should all be so lucky."


"It seems like not everyone were lucky", you couldn't be more about Bear's state. "How are you?"


Tell him about how you totally tapped that blue ass this morning.


> obvious


I'm sorry you're all in this state.
I should have acted faster.
I didn't expect the golem to explode.



How's he feeling ?


I'd swap places with you if I could.




he'd probably make a joke about wanting to be a shaved monkey


Hey, as long as it lifts his spirits.


"How're you feeling?" you ask as you take a few steps into the room, seeing a chair beside his bed.

"Oh, you know, just great. Get zapped and nearly blown up, or so I hear, and wake up in a hospital bed, feelin' like my limbs are made of jello."


You take a seat in a small chair next to his bed, "Look, Golden, I'm sorry. I should've acted faster. I-"

Golden stops you with a wave of a hoof, that flops around like he has little control over it, "Save it. I don't need your pity, your apologies. We did our duty. And we came out of it, scarred but alive," his hoof flops back onto the sheets, "Besides, had you not figured out whatever it was you figured out that turned that thing to a smoldering wreck, none of us would be here, right?"

"Besides, I wouldn't trade my devilish good looks for nothin'."


Oh please, he wishes he had the dashing good looks of a human.



Ask him if he knows about Bear.


"You say that like my body wouldn't be a trade up."


Laugh heartily.

"Have they told you about Bear yet? He's still alive, don't wory about that. But he definitely got the worst of it."

Tell him WHILE asking weather he's heard or not. If he hasn't, he might immediately assume Bear might be dead.


I guess it is time for some light-hearted laugh between bros.


Give him the dick.




No, laugh at his joke, simmer down, THEN ask+tell him.


"Oh please, like you wouldn't want this body," you say, doing a mild flex and laughing.

He laughs too, "Yeah right, lookit your nose. It's, like, in the middle of your head. And I wouldn't know what to do with those squiggly bits at the end of my hooves."

The two of you laugh for a good few minutes, until tears form in the corner of Golden's eyes from laughter and he has to calm back down.

When he's finally near settled again he starts to talk.

"I overheard the nurse and doc talking about Bear last night, when they thought I wasn't listening," he looks at you with a weak smile, "These big ears aren't just for decoration, ya know."

The smile fades slowly, "I…heard about all the things wrong with him. How they think he can't be a soldier after he's fixed up, how he might not even be able to walk right again." He's staring into your eyes now, and a hoof flops weakly in your direction, "Do you….do you think he'll be alright, Jockey? Tell me straight, I can't get an honest answer from the nurses."


I wish I knew.
The doctor told me he will need more surgical operations until his lung stops filling with blood.


oh shit oh shit oh shit
"yeah, he will be fine."


"Yes. Not only are these Cantorlots finest doctors, but there is also the Princesses."

Or something like that. That's my optimistic two cents.


Tell the truth that you are unsure, but promise him you will do everything to "fix" Bear, to help him.



We have faith that he's going to pull through.


It will take a lot of work. A lot. But he might. As long as there's hope, there's a chance. It's slim, but it's there.


"You kidding? That brother of yours' got balls of iron. Doesn't matter what some Manehattan quack says, he's gonna pull through, they'll see. bravest bastard I've ever known."


He'll be alright.

I'd worry more about the doctors when they try to tell him what he can and can't do.


He'll be fine.
He's a bear.


Or this. Same idea.


>"Tell it to me straight."
>proceed to lie to him
Really guys?


Not lying.


Tell him that Bear will survive.


Well, we don't know, and he asked us what we think.


This, Bear's a fucking bear. He can deal with it.


You sigh deeply before answering.

"They say he needs surgery on his lung. It keeps filling with blood. They're confident they can do that, but afterward it's all muscle therapy and healing bones."

Golden's eyes are tearing up, his nostrils flaring.

You gently put a hand on his outstretched hoof, "But I know he'll pull through. He's the toughest bastard I know, and the doctors will have to watch out for telling him what he can or can't do."

"And we'll be there for him, won't we, Golden?"

Rolled 3 = 3


You are spinning the story.
Not only that, you aren't passing along any of the information the doctor told you.



We don't know what's going to happen, it's best to keep a sense of cautious optimism.




> 3





Well, at least it wasn't a one. Last thing we need is Golden bursting into treats.


File: 1345355753752.jpg (109.03 KB, 1280x720, 1345096831282.jpg)

Oh boy, Bear will die


Some tears begin to stream down his cheeks, but he clenches his teeth and nods.

"Yes. Yes we will be."

He sniffles loudly before pulling his hoof away from you.

"Well, you can walk. Get your ass outta here and go do something more productive. Do some target practice, for me."


Welp, all we can say is "Take care" and leave him alone for now.

Tip his "shoulder" and go outside. Time to check Shiny and then Luna (finally).


If you're okay with having someone with terrible aim substituting for you.
Try to leave him with a smile, instead of crying into his pillow.



Time to check on Shiny.


Check on Silver Surfer.


"I'll try and hit a target this time," you say as you pat his right shoulder, earning a smile from him as he wipes at his eyes with his wobbly hooves.

"Ha ha, yeah. Good luck with that."

You tell him to take care before leaving, in search of Shining Armor.

You find him at the Training Grounds, sitting in a wheelchair on the sideline as he watches his men train. A nurse sits near him, probably to wheel him around if he wants to go anywhere.

He shouts the occasional order at a guard nearby, telling them to repeat an action, or spar again. Despite his leg being in a cast, he's still in charge.


Figured they wouldn't be able to keep you cooped up in a hospital room. Sir.


Ask the nurse if we can be alone for a little while.


> Hi Shiny
just kiddin

greet him


Ask him how he's doing.



Ask him how he's holding up and if he knows about Bear.


You wave to the nurse, and she steps back indoors to let the two of you talk.

His chair is parked next to a bench, and you take a seat next to him as you ask him how he's doing.

"Fine, besides the leg," he says, tapping it with his other hind hoof, "Gonna be weeks before I can use it again."

He sighs, "Still, could be worse. Could be Bear," he shakes his head, "I hope he pulls through. I really do. And Golden. He'll be up in a week I bet, if he doesn't try and get some extra bed time out of it."


Ask him if she knows anything about creature we were dealing with. Remember, we haven't had chance to ask about it from Celestia.


Yeah. Ask him if we set off some defensive system or something.


He's a captain,
Ask him if he feels we did the right thing.
What if we hadn't hesitated?


Shining Armor magics a small folder from a pouch in the side of his wheelchair, putting it in your hands as he apparently summarizes the documents within.

"Official report says it's some sort of magic leeching golem, or at least that's the theory. Not certain where it came from, though that crescent symbol might mean Nightmare Moon crafted it over a thousand years ago. Can't say for sure as Princess Luna has no memory of creating such a monster."

"Likely they're going to send a magic squad out there to scour for clues and see if there might be any more of them littered in the Everfree. With luck, they won't find anything."

You close the folder after reviewing the official statements, your vocabulary not quite enough to decipher all of it. You thank Shining Armor for summarizing for you, and he just nods.

You think for a moment before asking, "Did I do the right thing? Waiting, I mean?"

Shining sighs, "Normally, I'd say no. Swift thinking usually saves lives, doesn't spare them. But in this case it might've been for the best."

"I don't follow."

He coughs before continuing, "It advanced towards you while firing at me, remember? This was after Golden and Bear were taken out, mostly. Well, it walked AWAY from Bear and Golden to get to you. When the damned thing finally blew, you may have put the blast radius farther away from the two most injured. Had it been closer, or worse, on top of them……"

The sentence hangs in the air as you shiver just thinking about it.

"So yeah, I think you did the right thing. Whether you meant to or not is another matter."


Ask him who we should train with while Golden and Bear are out of commission.


fucking awesome
we are cool


Do you have any guesses as to WHY it walked towards me? Didn't even start attacking until I tried to put the necklace around its neck.


Shining Armor shrugs, "If it leeches magic energy maybe it wanted that sphere that you used to blow it up. You did say it was charged with magic, right? But yeah, I don't know for certain. Seems weird it'd search out the thing that could blow it up."

He shrugs again, "If you're looking to train again, you can ask some of the other guys out here. I obviously can't, though I can still watch and give pointers if you want. Otherwise, Golden should be back on his feet in about I week I'd guess, so you could take the time off for your studies. Never meant for you to be a soldier anyway."


"It doesn't hurt to stay in shape."
Go looking for a training partner.



Seriously, it's late. Lets see what feels we can dredge up.


Ask if we can train with him (instead of Bear) and Golden to help them recover.

Then ask if she knows where is Luna.



Maybe we should take it easy and stick with our studies for now.


Thanks for your answers, Captain.
I hope Bear pulls through and recovers well.



How tired are you getting Aspirant, you haven't said anything in a while.


He is sort of in a cast right now.


Hit the library, then?
And now I have to wonder how slim the chances are for running into Twilight would be. Her brother was injured, after all, and she'd probably be worried about him. Assuming, of course, she was given a straight answer after quite likely seeing that signal flare Shiny put up over the Everfree Forest.


I think it is time to get back to Luna, srsly.

You expecting us to go study right now, really? We feels.


That would be hilarious if we did.

I wonder what her reaction would be.


You're about to go train when your leg feels like it's trapped, and you look down to see it encased in purple magic.

"Not today, it's getting late if you hadn't noticed."

You look at the sky and are surprised to see dusk approaching. Wow, you really didn't notice. Most the guards on the grounds are starting to pick up their gear and head to their posts or barracks.

You thank Captain Armor for his time, wishing him a speedy recovery as you put his documents back in the wheelchair's pouch.

"Save those wishes for Bear," he says with a smirk, saluting you. You salute in turn and surprise him by wheeling him indoors to the nurse, who smiles and thanks you.

"Oh," Shining Armor calls back, prompting the nurse to turn him around so he can address you better, "My sister and wife might be coming by, since I think Celestia may have told them I was injured in the line of duty. So if you see a young purple unicorn or a beautiful pink alicorn wandering about, tell them I'm in my quarters. And be nice to them, my sister is a bit of a prodigy. That and she's real inquisitive about stuff, so be patient with her. But that's if you see 'em, you should be focusing on your studies."

You thank him for the tip and think about what to do next.


Probably scientific fascination. Wouldn't be surprised if she was kibitzing on the other researchers.


Hit the library, grab a few books about what we think might be fun to talk about with Luna the next time we see her (perhaps an Egghead's Guide to Romance or something silly like that), and head back to our recovery room.



Head to the library


If we see Twilight Sparkle we should tell her that we are a pony that screwed up a spell really badly. We are staying here while the princesses try to figure out how to turn us back.


Search for Luuuna, we need to report to her, tell her everything.

But… I guess we can look fro a lunch and encounter these tow on the way


Sleepy, it's 2:35am for me so I'm getting rather tired. But one anon noted the quality was dipping already, so what else could go wrong?

Plus, I know you guys want more feels or something.



i liek dem feels yo dog



Forget that, we tell her we're an ancient and eldritch being who is beyond her comprehension.


You decide to hit the library and grab some books to help expand your vocabulary.

[Pick something specific or just grab off shelves randomly?]


> library

Really? Really? We just discovered out best friend may die, we have had serious talk with Celestia and Luna, two our and out condition isn't that great too. And you want to concentrate on study? What are you, a casual jRPG puppet?


Yes, but not in that way, if you are tired let's end it here and continue the next week.


Well, we're either fairly close to, or moderately far from, a stopping point with us retiring to our room. Depends on if we have any encounters on our way to and from the library.


I just can't believe in that. Dammit guys, where is our sane usual crown during the quest?

Way to make it so boring. Thank you.



Maybe something related to Equestrian astronomy ?



Oh, uh, feel free to reconsider.

Honestly, you can make your character go to bed any time you want. I'm trying to give you options. Remember, I want you guys making the decisions ultimately while I just type out responses.


Cheesy romance, just for laughs.
Astronomy book.
And maybe a Beginner's Guide to Magic Theory. We'll have magic one of these days…


Luna pls


Or just sort of blow her off. If she starts asking questions tell her to shush because she is in a library.

Ask the Librarian for some good, recent books.


Right, did you want to hit the Library or not. I'm all ears. Or eyes, rather.


We haven't eaten whole day, for example. Why would anyone go to study under these circumstances? Besides, how are we going to met these two being in the Library till midnight?


Library. Grab some star charts and cheesy romance books.


I was assuming that we would check out the books and read them with Luna before falling asleep next to her.


Library can happen some other time.


We can probably grab something to eat in our room. I'm sure there's some bread and cheese somewhere that's up for grabs. The Nurse on duty might be able to get us something, or it's a side effect of magical healing that you don't get hungry.


Some snack and then look fro Luna.



Good point.

Let's try and find the cafeteria.


I decided to skip describing the meals you eat between visiting people, actually.

I know everyone got bored of that in the first few sessions.


I'd say library, just for the chance at shenanigans, but it seems we should drift towards Luna for tonight. Studies can commence tomorrow.


Learn about maaaaaaaaaaaagic!
We must become a magic paladin!


We can do both. Grab cheesy romance books from the library, check them out, fun with Luna.


We tried this already.
We are not magic folk.


Not yet…
But soon.


Go look for Luna, really. You can grab some books if you want, but not reason to study, it is late already.


If at first you don't succeed…
Give up immediately, you obviously aren't suited for it.
I'm kidding. But that's something we can work on after snuggling up with Luna. Assuming we find her and we get the doors to lock.




We're gonna score.
HE He he


You make a quick snack stop before dropping by the Library to grab a few books from the front shelves. Only after you start heading in the direction of the lounge area you usually meet with Luna in do you look at the books you grabbed.

One is a romance, titled "On a Gentle Evening Wind." You have no idea what the premise is, but it says it's a romance on the cover so whatever.

The other one is….a cook book. Weird, it doesn't have the images of food on the front like most cook books. Ah well, have to make do.

I feel like you're on a different quest, anon.





>On a gentle evening wind
Oh that's not going to be important at all.
Wonder if it will be as oddly linked to our situation as the Seamstress play was in the case of RarityQuestAnon.


You find Luna in her lounge area, though she seems surprised to see you as you jog down the hall.

"They let you out already?" she asks, a smile slowly creeping onto her face as she gets up and briskly trots to you, putting her arms around you again and making you stagger as she leans heavily against you, "Are you sure you're alright?"


Uh-oh, should we check the book more closely?

I feel something is coming up. Check it while waiting for her.


Flip through the cook book as we walk to make sure it really is a cook book before arriving at the lounge area where Luna is.




Feeling better now that I ran into you.


"Perfectly fine now that I'm with you."



I'm tired, ok.


>wings hands


kiss her

"Yeah, I seems to be fine."


I'm pretty sure I've checked out of recovery for now.



We're feeling all right and wanted to if she's up for a lesson.


> tired

figured as much already

ma be we can finish on some, mm… let's say a very interesting, the intimate note so we can have more exciting begging later?


When she pulls back to look you up and down you give her a quick kiss, surprising her. She makes a little "Omph!" noise as your lips meet, and grins radiantly when you pull away.

"Feeling just fine now that I'm with you."

Her smile can't possibly get any larger as she hugs you once more before letting you go and resuming a proper standing stance, looking curiously at the books in your hand.

"What books are those? Something you want to read together?"


Tell her we pulled them off the shelf at random.
What if Twilight walks past and sees us cuddling?


read her the romance book


Say you just took these randomly, without any proper thinking, you head too busy with thoughts.

Lend them to her



Flip through the cookbook.


Well, there's this one I wasn't too sure about, but if you want to…
And then we pull out the romance novel.



You hand Luna the romance while you decide to look over that cookbook a little more closely while you tell her you grabbed two books at random.

She looks at the book you handed her and giggles at the title, "Are you sure you didn't pick this one out yourself? The title seems almost fitting."

You laugh as well until you open your book, then your laughter stops in your chest.

Oh shit.

It's….an erotic cook book.


Put that shit away.


oh shit!



Tell her that we swear we picked them out at random then start laughing. If she asks what is so funny give her the cookbook.


Actually, let's roll. Luna;s choice - Luna's roll



Laughing pretty hard right now


Swiftly close the book.
Then suggest you read the romance novel together. Since, you know, that's romantic. Right? Let's forget this other book.



oh damn


File: 1345359909164.jpg (104.44 KB, 500x669, 1344141364921.jpg)


Quickly! Spaghetti roll!

First 5 taken, get 25 to avoid any issues involving the book!


wtf guys
it is time to start actual action, even if it is just light. I mean c'mon, 6 sessions already. Are we going to do this studies every week until Aspirant got tired of the quest, like PQ?


I lost it.

Well played.


Here's hoping we don't just toss the thing across the room.

Rolled 3 = 3



Rolled 3 = 3


Here's hoping for the best

Rolled 8 = 8



Rolled 2 = 2



Rolled 6 = 6



Rolled 5 = 5


well shit




Rolled 10 = 10


File: 1345360041519.png (168.81 KB, 555x555, nowyoufuckedup.png)




> 22
this si going to be epic

we blush
JJ level of blush


File: 1345360133196.jpg (135.14 KB, 1050x1200, 1335117877191.jpg)

I'm more interested in seeing her spaghetti roll.


[Total 22; minor failure]

You stand staring at one of the more conservative images in the book, and your brow begins to sweat.

"What's the matter? You appear to be sweating, are you alright?"

You quickly shut the book, putting on a smile, "Aha, ha, yes, I'm alright. Let's uh, let's read the book you've got together tonight."

Luna raises an eyebrow, "What was in that book? Come on, show it to me."

[What will you do?]


show, for the low of th god show

test roll

Rolled 10 = 10


[cue comic fight over the book]


Show it to her?


Blush and show it to her.
We have so many Luna points that Aspirant lost count, let's see what happens.


Quick! Hide it in you back
so then she will take it by the force


It's, well… certainly an interesting cook book. Maybe you should have a look as well.




Tell her we thought we had aquired a cook book.



Make her fight for it.


Whip out yer dick.


oh my
this sounds interesting

Voting for this - she takes it forcefully, with her magic, thinking you are playing with her.

> then she opens the book expecting something silly

> her face

oooh myyy



Despite your insistence that there's nothing to show, her curiosity won't be stopped.

You finally resign and hand the book to her, your face turning red and your brow still sweating profusely.

She reads the title, the brief description, then she opens the book.

She turns one page. Then another. Then a third. Her eyes widening with every flip.

Rolled 7 = 7


Nerts. She kept her pasta pocketed.



Show her


So much for that 1 I was wishing for.


"So is this like an Equestrian thing? I don't understand what I'm looking at."


File: 1345360537845.jpg (49.14 KB, 555x555, time2fuckanon.jpg)

>Her eyes widening with every flip


Her mouth drops open as she continues flipping pages, apparently unable to stop.

She hits the illustration section and just stares for a moment.

When she regains her ability to speak, the first thing she says is, "Well. It seems what you do with your food has certainly changed in my absence."

Her wide eyes look up into yours, "You…grabbed this at random, you said?"


This, play innocent, ask her about that:


I was expecting a cook book.



"Want me to put it back?"


Completely at random. Didn't even look at it until I was walking up here. I, uh, probably should have…


> When she regains her ability to speak, the first thing she says is, "Well. It seems what you do with your food has certainly changed in my absence."

Wait what? But we took it from their library, it should be about their roleplays with food, bot about human's. or did I red it wrong?



Of course


> not
> read




She might have been speaking in the general you, not the specific you that is us.


but the pictures features ponies


>erotic minotaur/pony cooking


You nod, "Yes, completely at random. I uh, didn't look at it until I got up here."

Luna just nods and flips another page of the cook book, though you can't tell if her fascination is good or horrified.

"Should I, uh, put it back?" you ask nervously.

She closes the book and sets it on an end table nearby, still looking a bit stunned, "N-no. I'll have it put back in the morning."

Rolled 7 = 7


>"N-no. I'll have it put back in the morning."



god dammit, it was such a god chance

Luna points - ?


If it weren't so late I'd say we should ask if she wants a snack, but as it is we should probably just curl up together and read that romance book while hoping Twilight doesn't see us.


Just wait until we find out the romance novel we picked out is a bosom-heaver, complete with Pony Fabio as a coverpiece.


> "N-no. I'll have it put back in the morning."
Approach her with the question about that.

"You.. you going to read that more later?"

[spaghetti roll]

Rolled 1 = 1


"Unless," she says, swallowing nervously, "Unless this was…something…you wanted?"

[Spaghetti roll; First 8 this time. 60 to proceed with erotic cooking. Lower than 30 makes the situation too awkward to continue, and your night will end.]


Oh boy.

Rolled 2 = 2



Rolled 3 = 3



Rolled 9 = 9





Rolled 2 = 2



Rolled 10 = 10


We can't

Rolled 7 = 7



Rolled 2 = 2



Rolled 7 = 7



we dun goofed


Rolled 7 = 7


so, 45

what then? canwe manage somehow?



Rolled 1 = 1


using persuasion?

anyone up for a roll? i won't partake, too much low-rolls


Aspirant admitted he is tired. We can cook with Luna another night.


We always can end at the erotic coking so next session will be more exciting




Opening with sex just doesn't feel right.




This is a pastaroll, not a persuasion roll. This one was just to make sure it isn't too awkward too broach the subject. As it is, we're not completely turned off to the idea, but not tonight.


looks like we;'re stuck between a hard and a hard place.



[Total: 42; Failure]

For once, you think that maybe that's going a little to fast for your tastes, though your imagination begins to run wild with Luna covered in whipped cream, those big eyes of hers looking at you suggestively…..

You have to physically shake your head of the thoughts, looking at Luna and saying as calm as you can, "N-no, we don't have to. Not now. H-how about we just…read that other book a little."

Luna nods, the two of you sitting on a couch some ways away from the erotic cook book, as Luna opens the romance novel and begins to read.

You sit upright against the couch, Luna half curled up against your leg while the book hovers in front of her, held in the air by her magic.

Her beautiful voice speaks slowly and softly, and soon the thoughts of the cook book are out of your mind. Mostly.

Her voice is soothing, carrying with it the peace of a night's breeze, and you scoff at the title of the novel once again as your eyelids begin to feel heavy.

Rolled 4 = 4


Opening will be with prelude, with the game itself, not with sex.

Otherwise, we spent session 7 on nothign again and end like here, right now. Calling it.


I wish for more Adventure Aspirant!
Adventure's with moonbutt and the mystery's of the fake nightmare moon.


>implying this was all nothing
Rome wasn't built in a day.


Well, another session with simple romantic end. And so, 3 ending with nothing. Eventually it will became boring (it is already, tbh).


If you just want sex go ask for slutty mares in MLPG.


You can't handle these feels.


If it bores you, then leave. Don't stick around and be a cunt about it.


Anyway, she will keep the book
so be prepared for incoming butt fun.

Rolled 3 = 3


> pulling that argument


Luna notices, and suddenly you're moving across the floor, but you aren't walking. You look about and see that Luna is carrying you down the hallway with her magic, romance novel hovering at your side as she smiles at you.

The next thing you feel is wonderful comfort. You blink and look about, wondering where you are. Must have snoozed for a moment there.

Your eyes adjust to the dark and you find yourself in a room that is not your own. It's dark and mostly shades of blue or dark purple, with white crescents adorning the bed sheets and some wall fixtures.

It's Luna's room.

You feel something squirm against your arm and turn to look at it suddenly.

Luna lies beside you, her front hooves draped carefully over you as she slumbers, the romance novel sitting on her nightstand beside the bed.




How about you leave with you quite retarded suggestions and rolls, sentenal?


Embrace her and fall asleep.


Aww, good night moon.


I guess we'll fall asleep here.
Unless somebody really wants te get up and move back to our room.


File: 1345362002052.gif (669.69 KB, 400x225, 1336805934917.gif)


haha, nah, we're good here.


Umm.. Take clothes off?


[s]we're already naked[/a]


You aren't serious, are you?


Time for sexsomnia


Snuggle up closer and go back to sleep.


You can always fuck off.


Nah. Besides, why take our clothes off when we can have Luna make us look like her and her look like us for a day?




huh? how are we naked?


You move to remove your clothes, before realizing that doing so might wake up Luna. Not wanting to disturb her, you grudgingly keep your clothing on.

You lean over and gently kiss Luna on the head, trying not to poke yourself with her horn in the process. Perhaps she's not fully asleep yet, as she smiles and holds you a little tighter, murmuring softly in her half sleep.

You slink yourself back into a prone position, putting your arms gently around her as you feel her heartbeat against your chest. Her hair caresses your neck and arm, sending a soft feeling about your body that blends all too well with the softness and heat of the pony in your embrace.

You fall back asleep with Luna in your arms, a feeling of complete comfort and happiness ringing through your tired mind before you finally drift off.





G'night anon, hope you enjoyed.

I know it's not what some people wanted, and I apologize. That's how dice and mass decisions work sometimes though I guess.


Good game and good night.


Things are fine just the way they are.
Thanks, Asp.


aspirant stop

you're making me more tired


Oh, yeah, to clarify; I think that's where I'm calling it tonight. I apologize if it wasn't feely enough, I'm pretty sure I'm going to look this one over a few days from now and wonder what I was doing.

Regardless, I hope it was at least kind of enjoyable.

Have a nice night/morning everyone. I'll try harder for next time.


Thanks for the session, Aspirant.
Some people just have no patience. Instant gratification has eroded their ability to wait for good things.
As a side note, my caps are going to take a bit longer, since I messed up and the edges were cut off of the last leg of the quest.


If I didn't care about the quest and wasn't interested in it - I wouldn't be here. But memories about Rusty quest still fresh - I can see how Lunaquest is grew weary on Aspirant and I'm afraid it will die just like PQ's one or will be ended up badly, like TAW's ERP with NMM, when he had no interest already, because of the stagnation (there was no actual progress, adventure is just an interlude). But this quest does not deserve such fat, it had a wonderful and beautiful start. I'm just very sad and concerned.


File: 1345362499363.png (504.17 KB, 1150x1246, 1345324527380.png)


We teddy bear now



Nice ending

Thanks for the quest


thank you Aspirant, you must be really tired.


Am I really the only one that liked TAW's Nightmare Moon thing?


I enjoyed it Aspirant.

Thanks for questin.


It's nearly 4am. I've stayed up much longer, but without caffeine I'm sorta ded.

I really appreciate your concern. I really do. It's touching to know someone thinks so highly of my random musings. I'll work hard on it to keep it from degrading, I hope.

And it's my pleasure guys. Without you, the players, I would be typing to an empty thread. So really, thank you for all your encouragement and participation.


Well, compare it to Lunabath and you will see difference. It seemed like he was pulling without any interest, only because he was asked many times for. And no wonder he quite doing these since after that horrible session.



friday or earlier?


That's reassuring.
Thanks for the session.


Friday next time.

This time was exception because of request.


I liked it more than the Lunabath, but maybe that is just because I like adventury stuff more. I would stay up and argue longer, but I need to up bright and early today.


We'll see about Friday again, so long as Jr. isn't running Raisin Quest at the same time. I know that one requires a lot of thinking, so I wouldn't want to distract.

Additionally I'll be out of town about mid week, so if you need me you'll need to hit me up before Tuesday.

G'night everyone.


I forgot to thank for that by the way. Thanks, Aspirant, looking forward to next Friday!

> tfw these games are the only good things during the summer


Good night, Aspirant.


I liked A Drop of Nightmare Fuel.
I felt TAW had a pretty good handle on Luna's characterization.


File: 1345363861644.png (1.26 MB, 3895x4950, MoonQuest 6a.png)

And for whoever wants these.


File: 1345363893399.png (378.82 KB, 1304x4928, MoonQuest 6b.png)


Well, I certainly apologize if I do not have a handle on Luna's characterization.


Right, I said I'd post a critique, and I shall.

I think you should perhaps do the quests a little earlier, so you can finish the current quest without it being super late, and that way you don't have to worry about the quality dropping too much.

As far as the build-up goes, it has been okay, but it didn't have the same buildup of Rarity quest. It's a little hard to explain, but the situation we find ourselves in seems a little forced. In Rarityquest, our relationship with Rarity was set off because we needed a suit repair, and because we went to her for it, we were able to hit it off. I felt more emphasis on our similarity with Luna (two being in a world that we are out of synch with, and both at the same time trying to understand the ways of the world) was kinda glossed over when it could have been something to focus on and help drive us forward. Instead it seems to have been a cursory mention. Plus, with Rarityquest, we were able to bring Rarity along on our important trip to Canterlot and, as we knew, she would have loved that and taking her along really got us some brownie points. She got to live the high life and be with us. Perfect.

Celestia's characterisation is brilliant, you've played on her chessmaster aspect very well. However, I would have preferred a tsundere/awkward Luna who wants to know HOW to love, but struggles with it.

As far as the writing goes, it is fine. However, I'd use more similes to set the scene, because it's quite flat most of the time. You emphasised and elucidated a location quite nicely in Rarity/Pinkiequest, but you don't seem to be doing that in this quest.

I understand the focus is more on the subject of the quest and how that is handles more than the actual writing itself, but it does help engage your "audience".

I hope this helps! Got any more questions, ask away.


> Celestia's characterisation is brilliant, you've played on her chessmaster aspect very well. However, I would have preferred a tsundere/awkward Luna who wants to know HOW to love, but struggles with it.

Actually, I disagree, there was whole session where she was quite OOC and blunt, primitive. He got a bit better at the end, bu still I failed to see that "spark" in her character which I was able to see in the show (and which made me love this character).


Which part was that?

If it was the earlier quest… chapters(?), then maybe you're right. I don't remember the earlier interactions with Celestia all that well, except when we basically came onto us with our random "lessons on bodily contact and random pony hugs or 'How ponies randomly invade personal space whenever they want'."



>I think you should perhaps do the quests a little earlier, so you can finish the current quest without it being super late, and that way you don't have to worry about the quality dropping too much.

Yes, this is probably going to happen since I'm finding our sessions last much longer than I initially anticipate.

> I felt more emphasis on our similarity with Luna (two being in a world that we are out of synch with, and both at the same time trying to understand the ways of the world) was kinda glossed over when it could have been something to focus on and help drive us forward.

Very valid point. I'd make the excuse that I was letting you guys pursue such dialogue, but that's not really fair. I did gloss over it, but perhaps we can revisit the topic in the future, since the last two sessions mostly dealt with her coming to terms about how she feels about you and the fact that you reciprocate those feelings, although these also need to be expounded on.

I believe part of this will naturally happen as we shift from the general aspects of the quest and begin to home in more on one on one time with Luna.

>Celestia's characterisation is brilliant, you've played on her chessmaster aspect very well. However, I would have preferred a tsundere/awkward Luna who wants to know HOW to love, but struggles with it.

I'm not certain about Tsundere, now that her sister knows about it, but awkward is definitely planned. I apologize for not putting that in as much as I probably should have.

>As far as the writing goes, it is fine. However, I'd use more similes to set the scene, because it's quite flat most of the time. You emphasised and elucidated a location quite nicely in Rarity/Pinkiequest, but you don't seem to be doing that in this quest.

Well, the "quest" this time around takes place mostly on castle grounds, but I suppose I need to work more on describing my environments even on smaller scenes. I'll definitely work on this.

>Actually, I disagree, there was whole session where she was quite OOC and blunt, primitive. He got a bit better at the end, bu still I failed to see that "spark" in her character which I was able to see in the show (and which made me love this character).

Please elaborate. I know my grasp of Celestia's character is tenuous at best and may be different from yours, so I'd like more on this topic.

> I don't remember the earlier interactions with Celestia all that well, except when we basically came onto us with our random "lessons on bodily contact and random pony hugs or 'How ponies randomly invade personal space whenever they want'."

Yeah, that was a mistake on my part. I admit to having poor planning and forethought on that. Another case where I wrote off the top of my head without thinking as much about it as I should have. Definitely a mistake.


Yeah, that session especially. I do understand it was for the quest's sake, but still.


With that lesson, I thought Celestia was going to be our "love rival" as such.

In Pinkie Quest, we had the temptations of the Spa Twins trying to keep us from Pinkie, in Rarity Quest we had Wrap Pony seemingly having a crush on, and it was implied she drugged Rarity so she could make Rarity seem boring and give her an in.

With Celestia's actions I genuinely thought Celestia was going to be our temptress, which had me excited as fuck. Because some sisterly conflict would have been interesting… and then we are in the hugely awkward quandary of having to reject a ruler of a nation so we could fuck the other ruler, meaning we risk a lot, or we risk fucking it up with Luna by fucking Celestia, to not fuck up our chances of a decent and normal life in Equestria. Wow, that was a mouthful.


I don't want to go into that too much.

I'll say I should've made a firmer decision on whether that was to be the case or not, and perhaps my own little adventure segment backfired by making me think on it less.

It's odd because I feel like if I bring that up now it'll seem like I'm pandering to you, and additionally it'll feel like it's weirdly out of place now that she's given you a thinly veiled go ahead with her sister.

I'll chalk that up to me messing up again. What a mess.


But that is exactly what was quite OOC for her. I understand why do you like it, such kin of portrayal, but still…


File: 1345409595862.jpg (22.44 KB, 332x500, 1336468429683.jpg)

> but still


Don't be silly.

People are enjoying the quest a lot, so stop worrying too much.

I think I am making too many direct comparisons to your other quests. There doesn't HAVE to be a love rival in this one, I just assumed that there would be because your last two had one and Celestia seemed to be filling that role at first.

If I look at this quest as a stand-alone entity, it is fine.

If I do ever go ahead with my own Celestiaquest, I have my work cut out for me.


After re-reading that I realize I may have given the implication I'm considering bringing Celestia to that position. That is not what I plan to do, just to curtail any thinking of that. My bad.


> If I do ever go ahead with my own Celestiaquest, I have my work cut out for me.

That's exactly why I'm hoping PQ will run Celestiaquest. I really love his own interpretation and portrayal of her. Unfortunately, he has no time lately. A pity.


While it's true I don't want the "quests" to be too cookie-cutter in what goes on, it was my mistake that lead to this misunderstanding in the first place. Sorry.

And yes, I know I'm taking this a bit more seriously than I ever initially intended, but I want to still fulfill the initial goals of these things: Having fun, making sense, keeping some semblance of character, and having it be entertaining along the way. If I'm not fulfilling these things, then I really need to know so I can fix it. I really don't want to present sub-par stuff to people who deserve better.

>If I do ever go ahead with my own Celestiaquest, I have my work cut out for me.

I believe it. I'm not certain I could do that one any justice anymore, considering I said this one would be hard mode and really it's playing out much like the others. And in theory wooing Celestia would be the toughest, aside from the impossible like Chrysalis.

But I wish you luck on your endeavor!


I'm curious, what is his portrayal of Celestia? I don't wish to emulate, I'm just curious since I don't know his views on her.


File: 1345410496075.png (41.82 KB, 980x415, tyrant celestia ooc.png)

Eh, we have had a little convo about that, unfortunately, the archive were broken at that time and I was at work so I couldn't do any screencaps of his posts. In short, we share a similar vision on her, which is quite rare, not just in general, but so far I haven't seen anyone who would have such a similar to mine interpretation of her.

This cap isn't exactly related, just one of them I made back then.

Any chance for NMMxAnon quest now, btw?


I've been writing a shit load of minifics in notepad, hoping that I nail Celestia.

I'm also working on a plot, and what the fuck else. It's tough, but I want to make it like a proper quest.

At first I want Anon to be a guy that finds ponies fucking terrifying, and Celestia tries to bring him around. I also want to add a language barrier into the mix, and Celestia decides to teach him the language so he can lead a normal life in Ponyville, and through their interactions she starts to like him and he her. Obviously, that depends on how the questers go about things. So, I'd try to do a story tree with branching results depending on how rolls pan out, and what routes the questers decide to take. I'd be doing forced choices that have a big impact on how the story pans out, and also open choices that don't affect the story too much but do change things slightly, which I'd have to keep note of.

I'd love to run a quest for you guys. Aspirant's quests have inspired me, so yeah.


Celestdate anon, you?


So, more playful while still maintaining a sort of motherly figure? I can see why that's appealing, and it makes sense.

Let current horse die and I can start up on that I suppose. Need to grab some food before I do any writing.

Sounds interesting. I'd like to see how that pans out and how players handle things, plus your own views on running quests.

>Aspirant's quests have inspired me, so yeah.

I'm flattered. And I do hope they've inspired you to do better than me. Goodness knows it's an open market and I'm sure people grow tired of my own views and the mistakes I make with dialogue and formatting and so on.

I digress, I will certainly keep an eye out for this and participate/watch it closely.



nvm then


I am really confused, please elaborate.


> Goodness knows it's an open market and I'm sure people grow tired of my own views and the mistakes I make with dialogue and formatting and so on.

I'm just happy you are doing them, there I actually not so much (good; well, I had to sue this definitive word here) writers who do such things.


Some time ago I started a silly "date with Celestia" thing. It wasn't meant to be serious, I was just having fun around. But some anon picked it up and developed quite good. So I named him Celestdate anon and asked if we could continue this thing. We never met after that, dunno, may be he quit generals.


>I'm just happy you are doing them, there I [are?] actually not so much (good; well, I had to sue [use?] this definitive word here) writers who do such things.

I'm not certain if this is a compliment or something else. But uh, thanks? I think?


Did it involve a dinner with Celestia? Like she takes off her crown and anon was spilling his spaghetti everywhere since he didn't know how to act around an informal Princess?

Or am I thinking of something else?


Could we perhaps discuss how you go about writing these quests? What planning stages you go through, etc?

I'd like to get an idea of how you do it just so I know if I have the right idea.

Obviously not here, this is about your own quest and I don't want to derail this to be about me, but it's definitely something I'd like to discuss with you!


Oh, no, that isn't me.


Of course! Though I don't really think the processes I go through are any different from how you would lay out a story of your own. But I digress, you can message me on fimfiction if you wish, or email me: aspirantwritesthings@gmail.com

Always happy to help fellow writefriends, as little as I may be able to.


Not sure if these bits were there, why?


Nothing, I remember reading, or maybe writing?, something like that months ago, back when I wrote more greentexts as anon between bouts of "Quests."

Probably something different though. My mistake.


Ah, I see. Haha, no, I don't think that either you and generals know about each other existence back then, it was ages ago, somewhere in 2011.


Ah, perhaps not then. I was lurking around then but not really writing until about 5 months ago.

My mistake!


While you can't directly influence questanon's decisions, the world can prompt a certain response if you so desire.
Since you are in charge of the world, you have many possibilities. Other characters in the quest may have obligations, those are directly controlled by you, so if you feel the need to mix things up a bit just create a world event.
Questanon hasn't even been outside in public yet, though obviously he is forbidden to leave the castle yet.


True, though I'm trying not to throw some world shattering event that shifts the focus too badly. I mean the players still expect the end game to be finalizing a relationship with Luna.

I just have to come up with something that complicates or endangers that relationship.

More thought on this is required.


Well perhaps Luna may be having a trying time politically with decisions.
She still helps run the kingdom I'm sure.
Maybe focusing on the other side of her personality for being a serious leader would help her become a more rounded personality.


Yes, I've been considering some things along those lines since we haven't seen her being very serious yet.

Still have loose ends I can tie together with it as well.


There's the issue with the Golem.

Perhaps Shining, Bear, and Golden will find her hard to trust. Who knows. I am interested to see where you go with it.


Me too, haha. Wish I could say more but I don't want to ruin any surprises I come up with.


Check your emails when you have a chance, Asp.


Reply sent, just let me know what you want to know.

I'll check in on it after I go for a run.


There isn't enough horsefucking


File: 1345498803156.png (141.03 KB, 459x324, 1342739044659.png)

I think problem will resolve itself before long.


What does blue nightvag taste like

this is important


Like a horse
ur a faget


File: 1345505995474.gif (81.45 KB, 500x550, Batman Ordinary Adventures 3.g…)

Like Justice.
Or Vengeance, one of the two.


I guess that depends on if you ever get to do that erotic cooking with her or not.


I have no idea what either of those would taste like, though vengeance would probably be spicy.


Vengance is bitter.
Justice is [s]also bitter.


Why don't you do more adventuring stuff?
Why can't we have adventure with a side of moonbutt?
because i love both.


He doesn't want to shift the focus too drastically, though some drastic change may naturally be in order anyway for the weeks Questanon has been there.
That and the sessions become very long. Since they are held late he tries not to let then run over 4 hours. The quest session lasted nearly 6.


We could, but as >>84300 says I'm worried it'd throw the focus of this little thing too far in that direction.

If players wish to do some more adventure-ish stuff I might hold a separate night where you can do those things and it could impact the waifuing segment. I'll think it over and see how people react before deciding though. Don't want to do that and just mess things up or bore people away more than I might already.


I don't want more adventures and honestly, this is not a point of this quest. Really.

If you want adventures - go and make your own quest.


I wouldn't mind seeing more adventures provided it fits within the context of the quest and we aren't just going just to go.
Mixing things up at least every other week will be important.


I'm with >>84803 - it is waifuquest after all


Of course ADVENTURE fits in with the quest, We're trying to romance a magical princess.
Come on guys…

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