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Last time, on Luna "Quest:"

A tabloid got a photo of you and Luna stretched out over a table, and Celestia gave you a decision to make: Either show some restraint around the castle grounds, or you and Luna could go live off on your own for a while.

After discussing the matter with Luna, you decided to stay at the castle and allow her opportunities to start being more interactive with the citizens of Equestria.

With that in mind the two of you took a slightly awkward shower together, then set out to give Celestia your answer.


I feel we're nearing our end game here, as far as romance is concerned, so I'm going to leave it up to you guys if you want to time skip after the decision is relayed to Celestia or not.

If we do, then this might be our last session, depending on how far we get in reasonable time or if anything forces me away from the computer.

Since it largely mostly affects you guys, I'll leave it up to you.


>inb4 red guy


Romance as in sex or Romance as i waifu stuff?


We might as well time skip. That way, we won't bog too many people down with the day-to-day minutia.


Yeah, I vote for timeskip. It's been… 3 months? Time to finish it.


More the long arc towards getting her for good.

There's still waifu things I could do, like living day to day with her as your significant other, but I feel like that's taking it a step beyond what I intended originally with this.


>still no decent sex scenes Aspirant is so good at

and Applejakc is here too!



This. No point in artificial extensions.


Well, you could do what you did for PinkieQuest, and drop us at an event a few months down the line.


sorry to ask here, but why aren't you in ever in steam anymore? You can come over to "our" general if you want to answer


This whole thing has had a different tone and weird set up from Pinkie Quest, I'm not so sure that'd work.

And really, that'd just be exploring scenarios I could've shoe horned in before but didn't feel meshed very well at the time.


get lost steamfag


Fair point.


If you want to get this over and done with then lets get this over and done with.


Well, I'm leaving it to you guys really. If I really wanted it dead I would've never come back to it.

But I'm getting off track. What say you guys, time skip or no?



I vote time skip.


Skip it


It's just a step step to the left.


Well, it depends, will be there _sex (despite redplayer's wish)? If so - I vote time skip and concentrate on "action".


Alright, I'll write in a time skip as we close in on end game. Gimme a bit.


You know, I'm all in favor of sex occurring, so long as it occurs naturally and not shoehorned in to appease people with no patience.


I said I was going to do a (hopefully) better sex scene, so yeah, there will be one somewhere in here.

But I am going to ask you to stop being so overbearing with that. I've had my fill of people arguing over this.


>Aspirant directly gave few moments where it could be smoothly turned into erotic scenes

a true sentenal tier of autism.


Anon pls shut up


Celestia was surprised when you and Luna told her you would stay at the castle. She had been certain the two of you would go out and live together happily. It wasn't until after you explained Luna's aspirations that she nodded and understood. With a smile she had beckoned her sister to her side, and the two began a discussion of the roles Luna could begin to take a greater part of.
You were rewarded with a little leniency in the restrictions for seeing Luna, the two of you allowed to see each other nightly at dinner and once a week for dancing and stargazing. Celestia even joined in a few times, daintily laughing when you and her danced under Luna's tutelage, and smiling as she watched the two of you sit together under the clear night sky.

Days turned to weeks, and in the first of those you saw Golden wandering about the castle with other guards.
Bear's condition, they informed you, had steadily improved.
About the time the cast came off Shining Armor's leg, Bear was conscious more often than not, and had requested your presence on more than one occasion.
It was nice, seeing that gruff, scarred face give a smile when you told him about the others. About where you and Luna stand at this point.

But of course, not everything was sunshine and rainbows.


What happened?


we ded


he is writing, be patient.


When a few months had passed, Celestia, Luna, and yourself agreed that the public should know about the relationship you'd been fostering for so long now.

The general public was a bit confused, at first, but ultimately supported it. Most found it adorable, like a fairy tale come to life.
A few notable figures, including a pair in Celestia's advisory staff, had brought up a stink about the entire thing though. The argument about whether a pony should be with a non pony species erupted, and the topic still brings a few to a hot headed boil.

But in the end, things went right for you and Luna.

Celestia formally approved your union, you received honors for bravery in that mission to find her, and thanks to that discovery a potentially deadly threat in the Everfree was shut down. Bear was upset he couldn't be there, but took solace that his injuries had been for something good after all.

Luna began to take her roles more seriously, and quickly became popular as a mediator, consultant, and ruler of the night.

Finally, there was enough of a break in policies and things that needed doing that Celestia gave the two of you a break. With a nudge she had pushed the two of you onto the guarded flight carriage that brought you to that cozy little shack out north.


>wedding timeskip
aww, I'd rather to attend it


The weather is a bit cool here, where snow gently falls every other day, setting a beautiful white blanket over the gently rolling landscape outside, topping the trees in the distance with a coating that looks like powdered sugar.

You take a deep breath of the cool, crisp air before tightening the scarf you wear around your neck. It was a gift from Luna, a nice dark blue with a modified mark of hers on it. Instead of the crescent that adorns her flanks, it's the other portion of moon missing from hers, a nice three quarter ellipse.

The creaking of the door to the small shack breaks you from your reverie as one of Luna's guards open the door for you and motions the two of you inside.


Whatever happened to Luna points?


We had so many by now they became a moot point.


It hasn't happened yet, it was merely announced that it was going to happen.

You got enough it stopped mattering. That, and the idea needed more refining.


>it's the other portion of moon missing from hers, a nice three quarter ellipse


Ah, I see. Good (I guess? I always thought this is how it will end, for some reason; while I'm all for some awesome sex in the end i still think actual ending should be sweet afetrthat).

So… what do we see inside?



Let's go inside then. Ladies first, of course.


Pinkie, surprise visit

Then we fuck


Luna, wearing a scarf, small hat, and little hoof booties, leads the way inside.

The shack smells faintly of pine, but with a warm, thick atmosphere of a roaring fireplace that sits in the corner of the room to your right. The inside of the cabin is adorned with trinkets, all with heraldry of some variety on them.

To the left is a glass paned cabinet, filled no doubt with valuable things.

The cabin is dimly lit, candle light lighting the sleepy cabin as Luna removes her hat and shakes her head gently to scatter any snow from her beautiful mane.

The door creaks shut behind you as the guards shut the door gently, giving you a brief salute when your gaze meets theirs before the door shuts completely.

You remove Luna's scarf for her, still feeling that pang in your chest when you hold it's emblazoned image of her cutie mark beside your own scarf's mark.

Luna gently sets her little booties beside the door as you hang your scarves on a coat rack opposite the glass cabinet.

You rub your hands together to get some warmth in them as Luna takes the little cabin in.


>little hoof booties
Let's look around, see if they've stocked the fireplace.


I, uh… may be I'm msising something, but so far it seems to be quite a small place. Where are guads placed in? Just want to redline the private space


For clarity's sake

The cabin is roomy, but of a cozy nature. To the left is a glass paned cabinet with knick knacks and valuables, perhaps only of sentimental value, but still valuable, and just beyond it is a door frame that leads to an adjacent room.
Looking to your right lays eyes on the lounge area, with a warm fireplace, a single couch, and an assortment of very cozy looking pillows, all bathed in a soft yellow orange light as the adequate fire lights and warms the room.
To the left of the fireplace, further along the wall, is another door frame, and from your position you can see down a short hallway, spotting another two or so doors. The one facing you is the bedroom, the outline of a bed visible even from this distance.


Oh, and, there are no guards inside the cabin with you. If there are any guards stationed here in this little neck of the woods, they're outside, probably in a different building a short distance away.


Well, let's poke around the cabin with Luna. I'm sure we'd both like to see what the place has to offer.
Maybe we'll find some cocoa and blankets, and we could cuddle up by the fire for a while.


Oh, thank, that makes sense, for some reason I thought they are inside (read it wrong).


Well them, I guess, let's make something hot for Luna and yoursel;f to dronk and start exploring the surroundings to be familair with?



"Alright, where's the kitchen in this place?" You muse aloud, wandering past the cabinet of things to the first door frame on your left and stepping through as Luna follows you with a giggle.

Lucky for you, the first room you found is the kitchen. Smooth and refined counters cover the wooden cabinets and drawers, and a small ice box fridge is set up next to the sink, with a stove set on the wall to your left when you enter. A set of pantry racks are along the wall immediately to the left of the door frame, and are fully stocked with more food than you think you could eat in a year.

You find some hot chocolate mix, and open the fridge to find some bottles of milk. As you find those things, Luna opens a cabinet and finds a small pot to boil the milk in, and you soon have some hot chocolate mixed up and ready to drink.
Some mild rummaging finds you a set of mugs, one dark blue with a swirl of stars on it, and the other a lighter blue, with white clouds on the sides.


I need to remember to put cont'd on things again.

You pour the two of you some drink, and Luna grabs a bag of marshmallows as the two of you head back into the lounge area.
You sit on the couch, sipping hot chocolate and chewing on marshmallows as you warm by the fire, until Luna lays her head against your side and you put an arm around her.


>and open the fridge
I know they have fridges in the Equestria, according to the show, but for some reason this threw me off a bit.

>one dark blue with a swirl of stars on it, and the other a lighter blue, with white clouds on the sides.

Hehe, I thought we will find one that resembles Celestia's colors and one that resembles Luna's (so she will drink from th cup that belonged to her Sister and you from hers)


Let us engage in mindless cuddling, simply enjoying one anothers' company.


Well, there is a lot of things can be done from now on, I guess, how about we start to stroke her mane and ask few question about this place? How old it is? When Luna visited it last time?



Both of these at the same time.


Setting the remainder of your cocoa aside, you gently pull Luna into your lap. She gives a tiny squeak at the sudden motion, before laughing softly and setting her mug on the floor as you hold her from behind. It's a little awkward, thanks to her shape as a pony, but soon the two of you find a way to sit comfortably, her head leaning slightly back and resting against your left shoulder as your arms wrap around her underside and idly stroke her short coat.

You look about the cabin as you comment, "This sure is a nice little place out here. Have you ever been to it before?"

Luna, comfortable with a warm fire to her front and your warm body at her back, manages to mumble a "Mmmmhmmmm," before giving a bit better of an answer, "Some time ago, during a winter where I felt I had nothing to do. I was…stressed, I suppose, and Celestia wanted me to visit different towns. The guards had me stop here during a particularly bad storm one night."

She breathes deep and squirms her body as close to yours as she can with an equally deep sigh of happiness, "I didn't think much of it at the time."



Ask her if bad storms are common around here.


Let's go find something to do. Board games? Anything to do in a cabin?


>wanting to break the snuggle-cuddle
You're mad.



What does she think of it now ?


>her head leaning slightly back and resting against your left shoulder as your arms wrap around her underside and idly stroke her short coat.
does that mean she is snoozing in out neck?

Anyway, uh… Ask her more personal questions just for the sake of chit-chat? To whom belongs the cabin? How much time she wants to spent in here?


>How much time she wants to spent in here?

She wants to stay here for as long as we want to stay. This is our time together.


Luna idly shakes her head, rubbing her mane against your shoulder, "Not really. Probably just an accident, or the Everfree affecting the weather in weird ways, despite it's distance."

"My home, as I've known it, has always been the castle," she says slowly, "But at times, it's felt….empty. I know it's very much not, so many guards, notable ponies, myself and my sister….But there was always something I never felt in there that I feel here, now, with you."

"And what's that?" you ask quietly, feeling her warmth against your chest, and the softness of her coat under your fingers.

"It feels like…a home."


I got nothing then at the moment. Someone lead? Unless we can keep stroking her mane until fall asleep (and then a lonely spark unnoticed goes through open fireplace and sets the cabin on fire and oh shi~)


Burn it to the ground


I'm thorn between possible sex scene and snowplay outside. If we go to sleep shortly from now on we can organize the second. Or we can play current line and, well, have some fun with feels.


If possible, I say kiss her.
And at the moment there's nothing but dangerously cheesy one-liners knocking around in my head, so I'd let someone else handle that.


You guys wanna nudge it one way or the other, that's your call. I'm up for whatever.


>play in the snow
>come inside
>tell her you want to help "warm her up"
>come inside


>Jr tries running a waifu quest


Home is where the heart is.


We'll just have to see if that scenario presents itself.


Okay, time check? How tired we are?


Hoisted by my own petard, it seems.
We'll see, I guess.


That was actually a pun, but yeah I guess.


Your cliche comment gets a chuckle from her, and she turns about on your lap to look at you.

"Yes, well, this is different. The castle is large, and I'm comfortable there, but here…it's quiet, warm…" she bats her eyelashes, "and just the two of us."

The trip was a few hours in length, but you didn't really have to do anything during it. Guards did all the flying.
You're mildly fatigued at best, but you've got plenty of energy for horsing about in the snow and/or in bed.


I hope it doesn't end up half baked.


Yeah I wanna make a snowpony with Luna.


I only wanted to break it because we've done it a billion times, let's actually do something


What about a snow bed?


Yeah, I think we have some time, but going outside tight now would look a bit forced. I don't know, we could go and check cabin for some prettiest and stuff (put some on Luna for shit and giggles) and "play" until we are ready for "big thing" or, we can go outside, but I'm not sure how to do it smooth so it would make sense, considering current relaxed state of things. Anyone?


And we're going to. At the moment we've got two choices: Horseplay in the snow and horseplay in the bed.
Since I'm assuming we'll be here for a few days at least, we'll have plenty of time for horsing around in the snow tomorrow/later.


Is there any chance we can remember something from out former lifes at this point? Maybe something that can be related to Luna?


Go outside, snow related activities, invite the guards because fuck the police, tire luna out and then do whatever i dont even care fuck



Let's go make snow pegasi.


You give Luna a kiss on the cheek as her attention shifts to the window beside the door.

She smiles brightly and points with a hoof, "Look!"

You follow her hoof and see the snow falling rapidly outside. Before you can comment on how beautiful it looks, Luna gently hops off your lap and crosses the small distance to her booties, slipping them on one at a time while you watch.

She's got three on and is lifting your scarves off the coat rack when she eyes you sitting on the couch still.

"Well, come on! You are going to join me, aren't you?"


>lying with your waifu on comfortable sofa after a cup of hot chocolate
>talking sillies
>go outside to play in cold



You're damn right we are. Jump into our shoes and run out.

Then prepare the snowballs.


Oh, okay, I guess…


Let's just put away the cups, and then head out into the snow.
If we intend to start a snowball fight, I suggest we get the first shot off, since we probably wouldn't get any other ones to hit.


I'm bored of doing the same shit, I guess I'm trying to reenact Pinkie quest and it doesn't work because this isn't pinkie oh well i hate ponies


Speaking of snowball fight, I wonder who will be better - we with our two arms or Luna with magic. let's find out.


>oh well i hate ponies
haha what


Luna can cheat. She probably won't, though. Maybe.


I guess that means you get to do it again in a different manner later.

You sigh at the rapidly cooling lap that Luna only moments ago occupied, then rebound and hop off the couch to get your shoes on.

"That's the spirit!" Luna chimes, opening the door as you step out into the falling snow.

It's cold out alright, but you find that it's tolerable enough as Luna begins to prance about, catching snowflakes in her mouth and kicking great bouts of snow around in excitement.


Go for the snowball.
After the inevitably short snowball fight, we can build a snowpone.


>Luna begins to prance about, catching snowflakes in her mouth and kicking great bouts of snow around in excitement.
>mental image



Yeah really, fire and chocolate comes after snow antics


"Does it not snow often in Canterlot?"


It only makes sense to start snowball fight first. Make a ball and throw it at unsuspecting Luna - this will work better than any words, hehe.


Aim for the cutie mark.


You look like you're having fun. Does it snow much in Cantorlot?


It's not like we have anything to compare it to though since we can't remember.


Sorta my fault for jumping to that pretty quick.

While Luna's prancing around, you stealthily scoop some snow into your hand, forming a ball and debating the perfect time to strike while you ask, "Does it not snow often in Canterlot?"

"Of course it snows in Canterlot," she says while giggling, still catching snowflakes in her mouth and spinning in circles, "But I could never go out and just enjoy it like this, not in the middle of the city, with all those ponies watching-"

The snowball you prepared hits her in the flank as she spins with a resounding smack, making her yelp and look at you with a sort of dazed look, before grinning as a wad of snow the size of your head floats from the ground beside her.

"So it's a snow fight you wish, is it?"


Do a snow angel

Laugh because ponies struggle to snow angel


Actually we suggested it but whatever



Oh shit, evasive manoeuvres!


Well, she's certainly using a higher caliber snowball. Let's make ourselves harder to hit, then.




"Are there any pony snowball rules I should know about?"



Roll to dodge


>meanwhile the snow has smashed you in the face


and then there is this…


I must be off the ball tonight, forgetting my roll prompts. D'oh.

Evasive roll!
first 5 taken, 1d10 each, let's say you need a….25 to dodge.



Rolled 4 = 4




Rolled 3 = 3




Rolled 6 = 6


Yeah, that's what I thought would happen. Oh well, no more rolling fro me tonight.



lus do dis

Rolled 10 = 10


We are going to get smacked in the head



Rolled 5 = 5


We only need a two, we should be fine.


Nope, we're good!


[28; pass]

The large ball of snow whistles past your head as you duck out of its path, much to the dismay of Luna, who stamps a hoof against the snow in mock anger, "Oh, come on!"

You stick your tongue out her as you roll another ball of snow and toss it at her!

Roll to attack
First 5, 1d10 each, need a 30 to hit her this time since she's aware.



Rolled 6 = 6


pro as fuck

Rolled 10 = 10





We'll never get 30 you guys

Rolled 5 = 5


We might, only nine to go.



Rolled 9 = 9



we did good





I have rolled four times this quest and gotten a 10 every time
Stay jelly


It's "dice" but that's okay, don't be upset brom, we already got 30, heh.


>one roll left

Rolled 7 = 7


Still needs the roll.


We hit her right in her mouth and then help her to chuckle.


[37, pass]

Luna gives out another yelp and puts up a hoof as a snowball splats against her and you put your hands in the air at your success.

Just before the snow under your feet slides out from under you, making you fall on your back just before it rises into the air, then falls on your face.

"Aha! A taste of thy own medicine!" Luna proclaims.


"But that's cheating!"


Act like we can't breath. Once she comes over to help us start play wrestling with her in the snow.


Well, keep tossing snowballs. Get her while she's gloating.


Haha, what. This could be quite a show.



Return fire


you can't, are on the ground, covered in snow


You can throw snowballs while prone.


"Cheating!" you say, the snow muffling your voice so Luna has a hard time hearing you.

"Beg pardon?"

A sudden idea springs to mind, and you mock flail as though having issues getting up or breathing.

"A-are you alright?" Luna asks nervously, the sound of her hooves crunching the snow beneath them as she comes closer telling you she's falling for it.

The sound quickens as she runs to you, "I'm sorry! You should've said snow was harmful to you!"

You have to stifle a laugh as you feel the snow on you suddenly leave, lifted by Luna's magic as she stares worriedly down at you.

"It's not," you reply, tossing a handful of the snow still clutched in your right hand at her as she yelps and stumbles back.

You use the distraction to get up and grab her, gently, as you begin to tickle her mercilessly.


Yeah, sound quite practical and reasonable, especially with a bunch of the snow on your chest and possibly on your face.


Dish out the tickles and raspberries in equal measure.


Go for the weak spots. We should know where they are by now.


"Bury" her under the snow, haha.



Go for the hooves


Luna tries to buck you, but the tickling is too much, weakening her as she laughs uncontrollably while trying to stammer, "Th-that's, ahahaha, aha, n-not, funny!"

She falls to the ground under your deft fingers, making sure to take you with her into a formidable snow bank. She ends up on her back, and you tickle her dark blue stomach while she kicks the air and gently flaps her wings, laughing so hard she begins to snort, making her blush and try to push you off.

You give her a raspberry that makes her eyes go wide as she squeals.

When she realizes she can't push you off, she grabs you with her hooves and pins your face to her stomach, though she can't stop your fingers from exploring her sensitive sides and the pit of her wings.

Finally, the two of you laughing breathlessly, you ease up, lying with your head on her stomach as you both suck air deeply to catch your breath.



Now we move on to snow angels, and whatever the pony equivalent of a snow angel is.


"I haven't had so much fun in a while. Not since training lessons with Bear, haha."

or something.


Snow alicorn perhaps?



Fingers are quite a handy thing to have.


Snow pegasus, probably.
I'm all for giving Luna's belly a vigorous rub as we move into position for that, though.


>little snow alicorns
>as a allegory to their impossible baby
>it has hands


How would pone accomplish this when anatomy doesn't support?


>fingers instead of wingers, but it still has wings


File: 1347668299004.jpg (81.65 KB, 720x479, 1342114534771.jpg)


Nothing is impossible



Start to mindlessly build it around her so then she will catch up.


Music for tone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8z1rfSixmY&feature=share&list=PL1E4FBF44B1DD1D68

You roll off of Luna and spread your arms, moving them and your legs to make a snow angel as Luna begins to stand and looks at you oddly.

"What are you doing?"

"Making a snow angel," you reply, hopping up to take a step back and look at your work. It's sorta lopsided, but hey, still looks about right.

Luna eyes it curiously, "Snow…angel?" before standing to the side and dropping to her belly, moving her front and hind legs back and forth as she tries to make one too.

She hops up and moves to the side, her wings flexing as she looks at the shape her movements made.

"It looks like a butterfly," you decide, chuckling just before Luna tackles you.

"You are such a meanie!" she says playfully, somehow ending up on your back and teasing you by licking your ear. It wouldn't be so bad if the cool outdoors didn't turn it real cold real quick. She finally lets you go after ruffling your hair with her face, and the two of you share a laugh as you rub your ears with your hands and Luna looks about the snowy landscape.

Despite the clouds above, you can tell it's starting to get late.


Let's head back inside. I'm sure we packed a cookbook or two in case we needed some inspiration when it came to making dinner.




File: 1347668657844.jpg (5.03 KB, 251x251, 88.jpg)

Oh yeah… a cookbook


File: 1347668702413.png (82.9 KB, 265x394, 1306382462186.png)


That infernal cookbook has been nothing but trouble


"Hmm, I could, probably, try to sulpt you of this angel (ehh, this could be pulled off better) but it's getting late, isn't it?"
with smile


Using the book to make dessert sounds better than using it to make the main course. We both need our strength.


…That's got to be worded worse than anything I've ever said.


What can I do, English isn't my strongest side. I should have studied it instead of Deutsch.


>it haunts Questanon's dreams every few nights, causing embarrassing spaghetti drops on the level of "at school in underwear dreams"


That gives you a pass, then.
Awkward, but acceptable. I guess.


We need to go inside and get started on dinner.

The only way to break the curse is to make sexual spaghetti.


With a white sauce.
I was not serious about the cookbook.


For some reason I doubt it was in the list of things we took with themselves into vacation on the north.


I was.


>tfw surrounded by social aspies


The two of you take a moment to sit and look at the falling snow, Luna leaning her head against your shoulder again as night falls.
When it gets too cold for you to bear any longer, you give her a gentle squeeze and stand up, heading towards the door to head back inside.

Just before you head in she calls out to you, and you turn about in time to get hit in the face with a final snowball.

She doesn't say anything, just sticks her tongue out as she strides past you, through the door you're still holding open for her.

You wipe the snow from your face and head inside after her, seeing her flank head into the kitchen just after you shut the door and remove your scarf.

You take the opportunity to warm your face with some hot water from the kitchen sink, taking note that Luna is getting out some pots and pans, as well as having set aside some vegetables from the fridge. Seems she'll be cooking for you tonight.


We are saved from terrible rolls then.
Unless… does Luna know how to cook? Being royalty and all?


I wish you hadn't been.



Rolled 6 = 6


Okay, I've got it: let Luna cook the dinner while we preparing the bath… Jacuzzi? Whatever we have there.

yess, I can see where it is going.


I have a feeling this won't be the last session. Not like I mind, hehe











File: 1347669616946.jpg (218.31 KB, 800x918, touchdown.jpg)


Luna dons a small apron that covers her front and part of her under side, tying it neatly on her back as she tells you to make yourself scarce while she cooks.

"I don't need help, I've been practicing," she says with a wink before shooing you from the kitchen.

You look about the lounge area, realizing there's not a dining table. Just the couch, and maybe a small end table below the window.

Maybe one of the other rooms?

You walk down the hallway and check out the other rooms, very briefly, finding three doorways, all with solid wood doors and a tiny gem encrusted handle in each.

You open the first you come across, and find a storage space with supplies like blankets, more pillows, some dry food stuffs, etc…

The second door opens to the bathroom, the floor no longer wooden but a nice, not too fancy, tile. It's not nearly as large as the one in the castle, obviously, but there's still a slightly larger than normal tub beyond the toilet and sink. It's fairly plainly decorated, no real emblems on the walls or towels like at the castle.

The third and final doorway is the one that was ajar when you first entered, the one with the bed. It's a nice sized bedroom with a large, very warm and comfy looking bed in the center. There are two night stands, one on either side, a set of drawers and a nice full body mirror, though it's full body for ponies so it's a bit short for you yet.

Your little exploration complete, you head back to the lounge area, waiting for Luna to finish cooking.



>she says with a wink
what exactly was wiking



Dinner is comprised of steamed vegetables, and a small, leafy set of finger, or maybe it's hoof, sandwiches on a silver tray.

Luna floats it and some eating utensils out to the lounge area for the two of you. You quickly grab that small end table from under the window and put it in front of the couch for her to set it on, and after it's settled away, she sits beside you, still wearing her cute apron, as the two of you begin to eat.

The food is cooked pretty well, you decide. Maybe not five star, but still pretty tasty. You make sure to let Luna know you appreciate her cooking, and that it tastes fine. She claps her hooves together gently, sighing happily with relief before starting to dig in to the meal as well.

Somewhere along the way the two of you end up feeding food to one another, gently pushing a fork of steaming vegetables into Luna's mouth before she pushes a tiny sandwich into yours, both of you chewing happily and scooting closer to one another.

The final sandwich is hers, and you pick it up between your thumb and forefinger and gently move it to her waiting mouth.

Her lips come down around your fingers gently, the warm and wet sensation on your fingers making you shudder gently as her tongue lifts the tiny sandwich from your fingers.
Even after she's swallowed though, she's not done, licking your fingers with her hot tongue and gently sucking on them as you wonder what to do about this sudden turn of events.


ded aspirant hates you


File: 1347670352479.png (279.78 KB, 1000x1000, 1342575777236.png)

I don't hate anyone anon

Okay not true, but I don't hate any of you guys.


Pretty impressive timing.


Well, she seems to be in the mood. Who are we to deny her wants?


Ask her if she wants to make something out of the cookbook we found.


>Her lips come down around your fingers gently, the warm and wet sensation on your fingers making you shudder gently as her tongue lifts the tiny sandwich from your fingers.

oh my god
do i sense orall sex as a prelude/foreplay? yes please


Anon please

Go on, push your fingers towards gently, let her know you are in the game…


Did she swallow the sandwich whole or is she choking it down?


It was a tiny finger sandwich, allowing her to swallow it whole without issue.


He gave us the cook book for a reason.


She's already swallowed it.
I'm assuming she's giving us "The Look" while doing this, in an attempt to get us in the mood.


>luna is chocking
>we are too busy with fingerlay and keep pushing it in her mouth
>luna passes out
>you keep gong
>she dies
>the end
>Jr tries to run waifu quest


You push your finger forward gently as you try to look into her eyes, but find that they're closed as she sensually runs her finger around your index finger, sucking on it as it's wrapped up in that hot, wet tongue of hers. All the while she's gently sucking on it, and you feel your pants tighten when she opens her eyes and lets your finger go with a soft pop before smiling.

"How was dinner?"

A surprisingly odd question considering, but you feel she's leading it somewhere.






>her finger around your index finge


Delicious, but I can't wait to see what we do for dessert.


Ah god dammit. I lost track of that sentence and autopiloted it I think. Hurf.


>Luna picks her nose


"I'm ready for desert.."


"Good," she says smoothly despite her blushing, "Would you care for dessert now, or after a hot bath?"


After bath, please, because then we could hope for some oral action, right?


Bath, to give her time to prepare.
Who knows, she might surprise us with heretofore unseen lingerie.


We might need cleaning up after desert.


"A-after a bath, would be nice," you say, just before Luna gives you a kiss and makes you question your decision.

"Alright then, I'll join you. Could use some warming up," she says as she slowly clambers off the couch and heads for the bathroom, swaying her rear rather sensually as she does so.

You've got a free moment or two, would you care to do anything or would you rather just follow her into the bathroom and get going?


Quckly clean upthe table and follow her?
are you implying we can look for some toys? Do so then.


Thank our lucky stars aha that things have worked out this well. Then swiftly tidy things up and head to the bathroom.



See if the supply closet has any candles


I'll give you a hint.

If you're taking the tray and stuff back into the kitchen, think about what you can do/look for there.


>Implying we don't have the only toy we need between our legs


Oh god you're right
Luna didn't turn the oven off


And towels. We'll want to grab a pair of towels for after. Maybe some lotion for rubbing her down? She might enjoy a nice massage to really get her going.
unrelatedly, I'm stepping away for a few minutes. inb4 various happy exclamations at the fact I'm leaving.


Goose her.


I'll pass with erotic cookbook and stuff if that is what are you hinting at, I'd rather have the same slow pace during sex but more variety (oral/anal) than just foodplay.

If you mean something else then I dunno, can't think of anything. Vanilla cream? Whatever, move the dishes and head her way.


I laughed.

That's a bit aggressive for someone who said they wanted dessert later.

Anywho, moving on.


That really is unrelated, why the hell are you telling us? You've done this before, it's confusing


I agree, but that just isn't as glorious as some people would make it out to be.


I agree. Anal is boring. Vaginal/urethral all the way.


You hear Luna get the bath water going and use the opportunity to take the tray and utensils back to the kitchen sink to be cleaned later.

You can't think of anything else to do in the kitchen, and why would you, so you head to the bathroom quickly.

Luna stands at the side of the tub, front hooves over the side, as she hums to herself and sways her hips back and forth, her tail flicking from side to side as she watches the tub fill with warm water.



Ehh. No.


it is good on paper and Aspirant writes it good so I'm fine with it


I don't think I've ever written anal…..have I?


We had… well, "had" vagian before and it was quite boring. let's try somethig new today? last session most likely. Definietly last one with sex.


I'm not saying I mind it, but it just doesn't really do it for me. At least not unless it's futa-on-male or pegging.


Urethral then.


Magic sex


Well, do you have something against oral then? I imagined it could be as a foreplay/first take before vaginal/anal


>wanting to fuck her
Sex craved autists




Oral is fine as foreplay I guess. I wouldn't really consider it alone "sex" though - rather assisted masturbation.


Hey! She hit on us this time.


>sex-hating asexuals


I guess we'll see how it plays out.


it could be pretty pleasant though
in case with ponies I find it rather hot when they give you a blowjob with their mouth that just "suited" for that - this is my fetish


Because it's a habit I pick up from playing elsewhere. Usually it's good manners to throw out an AFK. Though in this setting, it's just a bad habit.


You can't help yourself, seeing that plump, blue flank swaying back and forth. You just have to give it a smack.

And so you do, giving it a firm, open handed smack right behind her right cutie mark and making her jump in surprise. Her front hooves slip and she ends up lying on the edge of the tub, her front hooves in the water, and her firm butt pointed upward.

"Now now," she says, thinly veiled anticipation tinting her tone, "You said you were going to wait."

It's not the first time you've cursed your words, but you're bound by them at this point.

The two of you share a hot bath together after Luna takes off her apron and helps you slip out of your clothes. Just like in the castle you help each other get scrubbed clean, with minimal sensual touching, one or two instances besides, and when finished she retrieves a bath robe meant for you from the bathroom closet. Apparently her and Celestia thought ahead on this.

Once you're robed, Luna sends you down the hall to the bedroom, telling you she'll join you in a moment.

You head to the bedroom and sit on the side of the bed, noticing that the candles are already lit and sending shadows across the dimly lit room as you wait for Luna.

Alright, here we go. Final moment to put in bids for what goes down, though I've got an outline in my head already.



Lie down and assume an enticing position for when she comes in!

Rolled 9 = 9


We go to sleep because tired



Sorry I forgot to remove the dice.


Your outline.
Don't leave this up to us please.


I hoping for lingerie.
as for the "main course" I'm thinking Oral and then vaginal. Let's not forget to reciprocate any oral ministrations.


Well, I mean I could, and then just write the thing tomorrow….


go full force here
we have 2 hours



It's alright man, I was joking.


i think it might have been a joke


Alright, you're at my mercy then. Gimme a bit as I work my way through some of it before posting.


As was I
>sex crazed autists not getting their fix


oh my oh my

you sound bitter


No, still joking

Wait yeah I guess the joke was bitterness

Whatever suck my dick


guys please stop fighting


Nobody is seriously fighting.


My boner will not last forever


Moments later the silhouette of Luna's figure is in the doorway, and she stands on her hind legs, leaning against the door frame for support, as she looks into the room and lets you get a good look at her.

She's wearing a bath robe of her own, a cream color that offsets her dark coat, though it's untied and hanging loosely at her sides. The real view you get is the pair of semitransparent lingerie panties she's got on, surprising you not only for the fact that she has a pair, but that this is clearly something that pony culture has of its own accord as well. While your mind reels and your body starts revving up at this more than pleasing image, of her with cream colored panties that stand out against her dark blue colored coat, wearing a disheveled looking robe, with her mane still damp and mildly unkempt as she looks at you and very gently bites her lower lip, looking a bit nervous.

“Well, do you like it?”

Your mouth is hanging open, you realize, as you nod. She laughs gently, that wonderful light laugh warming the room more than the fireplace in the lounge ever could hope to, as she drops back to all fours and crosses the rest of the way to the bed, using her magic to de-robe you. You're about to grab her and pull her up to you, but she gently pushes your hands away with her hooves before gently pushing your legs apart, presenting your erection for her.

“No, if you recall, I owe you for the service you gave me before,” she says as she lowers her face to your member, opening her mouth and tentatively poking your dick with her tongue, getting a taste of it before running her tongue from the base of your shaft all the way to the tip, breathing heatedly on it as she goes.

She returns her attention to the base, going lower and gently licking your balls before she takes one into her mouth, caressing it delicately with her hot tongue as she looks up at you to gauge how she's doing. The look of pleasure on your face, and the way she can feel your member twitching against her nose tells her she's on the right track. Slowly she lets go of your testicle, and repositions her mouth at the head of your cock, before pushing her head down and taking you in, all the way to the base.


File: 1347674513468.png (180.46 KB, 900x812, 145667136.png)

Did today's quest end? I just got here…


holy mother of unf


the most interestig part just starting

Fully relax and enjoy the >fun


You feel her nose bump against the spot just above your groin, and you feel the tip of your member at the back of her throat, but mostly you feel the incredible heat of her mouth all along your shaft and head, her elongated muzzle and tongue delicately moving around your cock as she begins to piston her head slowly, back and forth.

You let out a sharp breath as she starts moving her tongue around your shaft while her head moves forward and back, gaining speed before slowing down to an incredibly long, and amazing feeling, slurp that ends with her briefly releasing your dick so she can kiss its head. The cool air feels intense as her saliva cools quickly, but she wraps you back up with her mouth before you can urge her to continue.

You can't help but grunt in pleasure at her service, and before you can stop yourself you put your hands on her head and begin pushing her faster.

She lets out a muffled sound as you gently push your hips forward, unable to stop yourself from seeking release in this pleasure. It doesn't take long with her piston motion and your assistance until you feel it welling up inside your gut, your dick twitching in Luna's mouth as you tell her you're going to come.

She pushes your hands away and forces her head all the way down again as you go over the edge, feeling your member throb incredibly before you blow your seed into her mouth and throat as her tongue moves over your shaft and head, licking as much of the fluid as she can get while she swallows noisily, the deep gulping sounds only contested by your heavy breathing in the otherwise silent room.

Finally, satisfied with cleaning you, she lets your cock slowly fall from her mouth, a strand of saliva stretching between her smiling lips and your still erect member. She gives it a final lick, almost playfully, before using her front hooves to raise herself up, slowly clambering onto the bed over you and forcing you to lie on your back.


good lord


can we undress her first?


All things in due time.
We're going to have to at some point, though. She is wearing undergarments.


I like the idea of seeing blue vag through the lingerie
We should get a good look first

That was creepy


that was unf'ish


“Now that we're even on that front,” she says as she removes her bath robe from her shoulders, “I think we can continue.”

Maybe it's the questioning look on your face, but she leans forward and gives you a deep kiss, using that same amazing tongue that was just caressing your cock into your mouth. When the kiss breaks, she says, “I thought our night should be a bit longer than before, and I wanted it to be special….so….I may have slipped a certain something into our food to make the night more….interesting.”
That explains why she got aggressive, not that you're complaining.

You have to move back along the bed so that Luna can properly straddle you, rubbing herself on your stomach through her now dampened panties, making your stomach sticky as she moans. Feeling you need to regain some control, you move a hand over the top of her panties, feeling her perky teats that poke through the thin fabric and making her shudder as you make one bend and flick with a palm. You slip that hand under the panties, using two fingers to tweak one of them, and are rewarded with the sound of Luna squealing in delight as she breathes hard, body heating up and shuddering against yours as she suddenly hops up and down gently, slapping wetly against your belly.

But this is no position to take a pony in, not for the first time, and though it takes some convincing to get through her heat addled mind, you finally get her to turn and climb off you, presenting her supple ass to you with her front lowered to the bed.

The panties she put on are near soaked now, fluids running down the inside of her hind legs as she pants and sways, whispering for you to hurry as you gaze at her cunt through the soaked, transparent, fabric. Quickly you grab the edges of the panties and drag them down, ruffling her short coat as the wet cloth runs down them. You're halfway through pulling them down her leg when you get squirted with some fluids, and look square into her marecunt as it flexes and squirts you again.

“Please,” she says pleadingly, “Hurry! I want you, no, I NEED you!”

Whatever was in that food has got her really riled up, and after you touch the edge of her glistening slit, eliciting a sharp moan of pleasure from Luna, also has apparently made her real sensitive.


Time to give as good as we got.


>tfw you want to break the mood and ask Luna why she squirted us because questanon is so naive


so, doggy-style, from behind? Totally don't mindm, this way we can massage her tits


File: 1347676091122.png (552.94 KB, 800x874, 1346478105337.png)

I came here in the right moment.


But you can't just stick it in her, you decide, you've gotta make her sweat a bit. And return some of that nice oral service you received.

You use your thumbs to spread her cheeks apart, and she pants wetly as her cunt flexes again, before you press your head against her and stick your tongue inside.

She cries out, loudly, and her whole body twitches as you probe her insides with your tongue, tasting her hot fluids and smelling the sharp, heated smell of her desire as you suck on her clit, sending a whole new series of twitches throughout her body as she buries her face in the bed and moans incredibly loudly. You're beginning to appreciate just how remote this cabin is as you stop to slip a finger inside her.

The convulsions are amazing, grabbing your finger, turning it, pressing it, fluctuating around it as you pump your finger in and out of Luna, sending a copious amount of fluids down her legs and over the bed as she grunts and coos.

“P-please! More! I, AH, c-can't take this!”

With a final clench on her clit with your fingers, one that causes her to send another streak of fluids across the bed, you raise yourself to your knees and line your hips up with hers after steadying her flank with a hand.

You can't bring yourself to tease her more than a little, putting just the tip in her wet slit and running it vertically to stimulate her some more, earning another peal of pleasure ridden moaning as she begs you not to keep her waiting any longer.


You came at the wrong moment.
You showed up at a decent time though.


i can't
go on man


With a final clench on her clit with your fingers, one that causes her to send another streak of fluids across the bed, you raise yourself to your knees and line your hips up with hers after steadying her flank with a hand.

You can't bring yourself to tease her more than a little, putting just the tip in her wet slit and running it vertically to stimulate her some more, earning another peal of pleasure ridden moaning as she begs you not to keep her waiting any longer.

With a gentle slap on her rear, you start to push yourself into her, slowly, feeling every inch of your cock enter her as she spasms around you, and she arcs her head back, face flush and sweating, her mane disheveled, before she pushes her hips back and slams you the rest of the way home, making both of you cry out at the wonderful sensation of being connected, and with you so deep in her.

You don't have to ask if she's alright, her moaning and the way her hips start to move without prompt telling you to get going.

You move your hips opposite the gentle movement of her own, making sure that when you push against her you slap it in real good, making her cry out with every thrust as you grip her supple ass with both hands, feeling it push back between your fingers as you push against her. The sensation inside is incredible, her muscles moving and contracting around your dick in ways you've never felt before, and the heat! The heat is intense, all the twitching, throbbing, ecstasy inducing sensations magnified by that heat as you pick up the pace and start pumping in and out of Luna with gusto.


[s][/s]will there be another roll for action?


we are currently busy with different kind of action of you know what I mean


That's a dangerous prospect mate


If you think the worst that can happen is going into the Wrong Hole, then you are wrong.


We have to live on the edge.
While edging.
If you know.
What I mean.


The wet squelching noise of you thrusting in and out of her echoes in the room, competing with the moans of pleasure from both of you, and the never ending slapping sound of your balls hitting her underside. Suddenly thinking of it, you reach your right hand under her and begin playing with her teats while you fuck her, forcing Luna to arc her head back and moan at the full body mirror opposite the bed.

She spasms extra hard suddenly, her insides feeling like they plan to tear your dick off, and you look up to see her staring at the mirror. At the reflection of her getting pounded by you. She stares with half lidded, pleasure stricken eyes, mesmerized at her own happily twisted face as her body shudders under your pounding. A twist of her teats causes her to elicit a sharp squeal, and she has to shut her eyes against the sensory overload as she buries her face in the bed once more, still moaning loud enough to be heard over the wet noises coming from the two of you.

You kick the pace up one final notch, knowing that you're nearing your brink yet again already. But based on how Luna's behaving, she's near the end too, her hind legs quaking under your assault as she struggles to keep herself up. She raises her head again, and this time when she looks at the mirror she looks at your reflection.

“I, ah, I-I love you! Aha! L-love you!”

You thrust into her some more, giving a gentle slap of her cutie mark with your hand, telling her you're near the edge. She manages to tell you she's near too, and you hit the home stretch as you near the end.
The heat and all the convulsions around your cock are finally too much, and you thrust into Luna as hard as you can, over and over again until both of you cry out, and release at the same time as your dick throbs almost painfully with release.

Her cunt clenches around your shaft hard enough to make you stop moving, as it flexes and moves, milking your cock for every lost drop of the thick seed you spray her insides with. Even well after you've finished firing those strands of hot sperm into her, her marecunt clenches and flexes around your member, and she moans softly at how hot it is, how warm her insides are, as you finally manage to pull out of her with an audible pop, and get to bear witness to fluids running down her hind legs as she collapses to her belly, panting heavily and shaking all over from the strength of her orgasm.


Post-coital snuggles? Or does she want to keep going until we both collapse?


>plan to tear your dick off
It reminds me of a joke on Eddie Murphy's delirious tour.


You lie back on the bed, panting just as Luna does, both of you trying to regain your breath. Luna somehow manages to succeed first, crawling across the bed until she's facing you again, and quickly takes your cock into her mouth a second time, lavishly licking it until she's cleaned it again. When she finishes, she smacks her lips and gives you a look that sends the message clearly;

“The night is young, and we're just getting started.”


We tell her we love her too.


I want sex with NMM. That's being selfish though.

Love your lore and world building ASP!


>somewhere far away, at the night sky, a pair of new stars were born from this unusual union


Well, it would be rude to give out before our partner.
Let's make a good show of it.


oh my, Luna is clearly a hungry one here


Some time the next morning, the two of you are finally spent. So exhausted that you feel you can barely move, let alone go for another round. Luna lies beside you, an arm draped over your sweaty chest, panting as she rests her head on your shoulder, the fur around her hind legs and flanks riddled with tufts coated in varying fluids, ranging from organic to the remains of whipped cream you used when the party inevitably shifted into the kitchen. You don't quite recall how you got there, just how you propped her up on the counter and coated her in whipped cream before eating her out, then following it up with her taking charge and riding you on the floor.

You even got her to change into Nightmare Moon for you, once, until her mentality, soaked in lust, whatever was in that food, and the mentality of Nightmare Moon, made the situation a little too domineering for your taste. It's sort of funny, you decide in hindsight, that you had to ride Nightmare Moon into submission to get her to turn back into Luna. But, that's a story for another time.

For the time being, the two of you lie spent as the first rays of dawn shine through the covered window in the room, and you wonder who's going to clean up the messes the two of you made. You roll over and take Luna into your arms, kissing her forehead, avoiding her horn, and smiling back at the tired pony who you've decided to spend your life with. Even if you have to clean, it's definitely been worth it.

And so, the two of you fall asleep in each others arms yet again. This time as true lovers.


File: 1347678209721.jpg (39.2 KB, 410x409, 1342576473523.jpg)

I'd consider writing more smut but I'm starting to get tired, and the quality would nose dive pretty hard as we've all seen. So I think I'll just have to write some of those things as stand alones at some point.

Regardless, I think we'll stop here for tonight. If there's a session next week it's likely just going to be an epilogue.

Thank you for joining me tonight, I hope it was enjoyable and you had a good time.


Thanks for the run, Aspirant. Caps will be up in a minute.


File: 1347678321526.png (268.71 KB, 1215x2680, lunaquest-session_8_just_horse…)

Man, that was amazing.


File: 1347678420050.png (1.23 MB, 3891x4994, MoonQuest 9.png)

…These could probably be fiddled with to look better, but that will have to be done by someone else or at some other time.



Thanks for the quest, it definitely gave me some feels.


File: 1347678477572.jpg (14.84 KB, 300x298, 1342772264496.jpg)

Thank you Aspirant.
I can sleep happy now.


Say, this was the last? You you plan to do a loose, short session as the ending?


Most likely, just an epilogue of sorts to give a final farewell and some measure of scope for how things panned out.

Definitely is the goal, sorry if that got murky on the way.


Looking forward to it! This session as great, both feels and "feels", hehe


Goodnight. Was lovely.


File: 1347692250953.png (42.92 KB, 716x596, 1281762196362.png)

>power play
>with NMM
>only mentioned in passing



For some reason, I found this incredibly funny.

I might do it some other time if I'm feeling up for it. Probably less interactive since the last time I tried that it went bonkers.


That only happened because everybody forgot that the whole point was to get fucked over by NMM, and people actually tried to salvage things. The hell were they even thinking?

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