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The end is near.

Previously, on Cute Quest:

A secret santa gift exchange at your school is fast approaching!

After briefly talking with your friends over a friendly board game, you went out to town window shop.

You struck a deal with the owner of a trinket shop; You'd work for him for a few days, he'd give you the rather fancy looking brush you had your eye on.

The next few days were a dull tedium of sorting boxes and setting up displays. But surprisingly, you were done working for him a whole day earlier than anticipated. He gave you the brush, and you promised you'd help him out any time he needed it.

You also spoke with Apple Bloom, who says she'd really like you to head to the farm with her after the party on Friday. She wants you to be there when she gets her latest design working so she can give you the credit you deserve.

You also had Brynn check out the hardware store for stuff to help Scootaloo fix her scooter with.

After heading home for the day you coerced your parents into letting you spend 100 bits on gifts for everyone.

A photo of Woodrow and a mare named Rosie was also discovered in the brush box, showing just how much sentimental weight the brush carried for the old colt.

You want to make everyone happy, but you can only have one special somepony.

The big question remains: Who will you choose when the parties are thrown and the gifts are exchanged?


Though Sweetie is a very, very close second.


<Thursday, final day before the party>

The class is busily chatting as you walk in the classroom door, depositing your bag in the back after unloading your school supplies at your desk.

You pull out the photo of Woodrow and Rosie, setting it in with your school supplies so nobody finds it in your bag if they decide to snoop around. You need to get that back to him. It looks like something he wouldn't want to lose.

There's a bit of time before class starts yet, and you look around the room to see who all is available for talking to.

Brynn has his nose in a book, but is otherwise unoccupied.

Sweetie and Apple Bloom seem to be talking about something. They're all smiles and prodding each others arms once in a while before giggling. Silly.

Scootaloo sits a couple rows behind you, looking bored as she balances a pencil horizontally on her nose. She's wearing the hat Brynn made today. You watch as she completes balancing the pencil on her nose, only for the hat to slide over her eyes again. The pencil retains its balance as she hardly moves, only letting out a bored sigh as she sits and waits for class to start.


Let's talk to Scoots. See what's got her all blue.


"Oh, hey Puff," Scootaloo says when you approach, knocking the pencil off her nose as she raises the front of the hat from her eyes.

"What's up?" you ask as she retrieves the writing tool.

She sighs again, "Just….bummed about my scooter. I can't fix it right now, walking to school is boring, couldn't really fly here or anything either, and……" she looks around for a moment before waving you closer so she can whisper, "I know Apple Bloom and Sweetie have plans for after the party. Their own thing for that night. But I don't have anything to do, no pony to spend time with."

She blushes a bit at the implication, coughing before she continues, "I-I mean, I just want some company. Those big parties for Hearths Warming Eve don't really count; Everyone gets invited to those. I just hate feeling like I'm tagging along, only to have nobody to spend time with afterward. The others have a big sister to spend some one on one time with before the family things, but I….I really don't. Rainbow Dash is busy more often than not."

She sighs a third time, then looks at you apologetically.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to whine so much at you. It's just this time of year, being alone hits the hardest."


Kill some time with scoots




>wants somepone to hang out with at the Afterparty
>we already promised Applebloom
>Sweetie's going to ask us soon
Shit. Shit shit shit.


Reminder: The bell rang before you could answer AB and she told you to "Think it over."


Aw shit.
What the hell are we going to do.


Well, small blessings, I guess.
Still, we're gonna have to make a painful decision soon, and two fillies might end up in tears over it.


There's no helping it


I know, I just don't like making children cry.


but anon
you are the children


You put a hoof on her shoulder, and she smiles weakly at you.

Both of you start to say something, but Miss Cheerilee interrupts by calling the class to order for the day.

"Thanks," Scootaloo manages to say before you head back to your seat.

Another day of snow, another recess indoors. What a drag. That snow looks fun to play in.

Scootaloo is asleep in her chair. Maybe she had a rough night. Or maybe the class was just that dull today. You hardly noticed one way or the other, really.

Apple Bloom is busy drawing or writing something.

Sweetie Belle waves in your direction when you look at her, and you wave back.

Brynn has likewise put down his book and smiles at you when your eyes meet.


We gotta talk to Brynn. I'm sure he's tired of hearing our girl troubles, but he's smart. Maybe he can give us an idea of how to share the night with all three of the CMC. Get them in the same place… like an afterparty party and gift exchange! We can use that idea if we don't get the others in the drawing. And we need to ask him to join us for afterschool shopping to pick up the gifts.


Slow night.

You meander over to Brynn, and he thumps you on the shoulder as you greet him. He's sure changed from the rather reserved bookworm when you first met.

"Hey there, Puff, how're you doin?" He looks around then leans in close, "Still got the girl troubles?"


Dreadfully slow.
Do we ever.
Explain the situation, and the fear that Sweetie is going to spring something on you next. We can't be in three places at once…


Brynn rubs his chin with a hoof, eyes narrowing as he thinks.

"That's a problem alright. And to me it sounds like Scootaloo wants some one on one time, so I bet if you asked the other two to join in it just wouldn't be the same."

It's his turn to sigh, "I guess just hope Sweetie doesn't ask you to do something with just her afterward. I don't know what you can do about it other than pick one and hope for the best. I mean, you COULD take everyone to Apple Blooms when she does her thing like you say, but I feel that'd hurt both Scootaloo and Apple Bloom's feelings about both matters."

He shakes his head sadly, "I don't think there's anything I can do for you on this one, Puff."

But he can help you pick up gifts after class. That much he can do.

"As far as having them do a gift exchange after the class gift exchange though, that shouldn't be a problem. Just talk to them at the party and have them meet you somewhere afterward and present your gifts to each other I guess. Only problem is, after you do that, they might expect you to accompany one of them to the thing they've asked you to. Might hurt some feelings, but at this point I don't know if you can get away with not hurting someone's feelings."

"I do not envy your position. Not this time. But if something does come up I can help with that isn't just lugging around gifts for you, let me know. I'll do what I can."


You're a real pal, Brynn.
And we've got a lotta thinking to do…


Open question: Should we postpone until tomorrow night, since it seems a fair amount of questers are missing?

I understand wanting to wrap this up, but I feel bad having only a couple determine the final outcome when so many have participated for so long.

I respect your opinions, so that's why I'm asking.


"Thanks, Brynn."
Time to choose soon…


We are running kind of a skeleton crew tonight. And I sure as hell don't want to be blamed for taking the reins on this and running off in my own direction.
So, we should probably postpone. We should still be able to use this thread if you want to come back to it later, though.


As much as I hate the idea of rushing through the finale, we can't go on with a grand total of 2 players. Looks like we'll have to postpone…


Of course, I'm not about to delete it and retype all that's already been typed.

My thoughts exactly.

We'll postpone until tomorrow, when hopefully we'll have more participants and a bigger pool of suggestions for the final decisions.

Even if we don't, tomorrow will be the last day for the quest. So if it's just a handful of us tomorrow, so be it.

Thanks for showing up tonight guys. Sorry we're postponing.


S'alright. See you tomorrow, then. Same time?


Yep, we'll aim for same time tomorrow night. 7pm EST or a little after.

Again, sorry. I'll see you guys tomorrow night.


You motherfuckers.


Now everything is going to crammed into the end and rushed.


I'm a third player.

Are there seriously only 3 of us?


Go home, quest is ruined.
Soiled it. SOILED IT


Why the fuck was it postponed? Are those 2 other anons for real?


Yes, it's been canceled.
Now we only have one, two days left? Now things are going to be even more crammed.


Aspirant has to work on the christmas book, too.

He's taken a lot of fucking work on.


Which is why any opening we can get on this quest is fucking great.


>2 anons ruined the quest because of a supposed "skeleton crew"
What the fuck, guys?


It's fine, we'll just rush the ending tomorrow.


Wait, it got canceled? Does anyone have Aspirant on Steam?


He's in Stillwater. Just popped him a message.


Guys, look enthusiastic.


I'm still here guys. If you want to pick up where we left off tonight, we can still do so.

Believe me, I'm not sleeping anytime soon.





I'm here.




If you fuckers had gotten here on time this could have been avoided.


What are you even on about.

Calm down.

Alright, how many are here and do you wish to resume right now instead of tomorrow?


I'm willing to continue, since there are more people now.


Let's go now.


I'm here.


Continue mang.
We don't have much time left to actually quest.


these two



Just got here

Like hell I'm missing this


You're telling me.

I just didn't want to leave people out after they've invested time into this. If it's anyone's fault it's mine.

Now shut up and get ready to play. <3


I bet those two anons felt bad they were just playing with themselves and no-one else could join.

But now everyone's here and we can all play with each other!


Alright, here's where we left off, in case you missed that.

Recess is still going on, so you can talk to ponies individually if you'd like, or gather them up in a group again to do something during this time.

Otherwise, we can just skip to after school so you can panic about your situation some more while buying gifts.


Panic more. Panic until there is no more panic to panic.


Ask him if he has a sweet spot for any of them.



Roll #1 7 = 7




We've still got Friday to make surprise plans, but if we could plan a sort of afterparty party with the CMC, and Brynn maybe, that might make it a bit less awkward before we pick the one to go spend Hearth's Warming with.


So an after party after party with Brynn and the CMC?


Well, everyone likes parties, right?
But we've still gotta go home with one of them.


Brynn laughs, a small bead of sweat trickling down the side of his face as he waves a hoof at you.

"Ha ha! Yeah….right. They're nice and all, but I think they dig you more."

Brynn regains his composure, wiping his brow with a hoof as he feels he's taken off the hotseat.

"Well….yeah we could do something like that. Maybe meet up at Sugarcube Corner after the party on Friday? Just exchange gifts while we're there before you make a decision?"

"I still think there'll be some tension about who you go hang out with, but I guess you know them better than I do at this point."




inb4 he likes Applechild


Oh Brynn, so easy to read, so spaghetti.


"Then why do I feel like crying?"




Highly suspicious.
If only he had caved, then we'd know who would go to him on the rebound.
unless it was Puff himself who Brynn liked.
We'll need to keep talking things over while we're out on the town today.
We can pick up a chintzy scarf in case we don't draw the CMC or Brynn from the Secret Santa hat.


Oh god

This is going to be the 2 we leave behind when we choose

Fuck everything


I am pretty sure Brynn is hot for Puff Daddy.


We already talked to AB, Scoots and Brynn. Lets go to Sweetie next.


"Hey! Focus!" Brynn says in a firm tone, surprising even himself as he grabs your shoulders.

"You're gonna make everyone happy, like you have done and will keep doing, and one of them is going to feel extra special at the end of Friday," he says as he shakes you by your shoulders, "Now snap out of it!"

Woah. Where did that come from?


It came from his heart. Poor guy. ;_;7


If we didn't have a good friend like him keeping us grounded, we'd probably have handled this a lot worse by this point.


"Thanks…I needed that."


He wants us pretty damn bad

But seriously, he's a good friend and he's just looking out for us.


Maybe he's talking from past experience.
Maybe he failed his frens.


"Yeah… Sugarcube Corner. Sounds good."





You apologize, thanking him for the pep talk.

"If I didn't have you keeping me grounded, I'd have messed everything up by now. Thanks, Brynn."

Brynn lets you go with a sheepish smile, suddenly resuming his more reserved demeanor.

"Hmph, yeah right. You ask me for advice, I give it. That's about all I do. You're the one coming up with all the cool ideas, making all kinds of friends, generally being a cool colt…"

His cheeks tint red as he realizes he's going on a bit of tangent, and he waves you off, "S-sorry. Didn't mean to sound negative. You should go talk to Sweetie, I think she's gonna dislocate a shoulder if she waves at you any harder."

You turn around to see that Sweetie waving her arm frantically in your direction. Did she not realize you were turned around?

She's still smiling broadly as she waves for you to go to her. Whatever she wants it's nothing bad. Probably.


Go talk to her.


You're my friend, too, Brynn.
And then head over to Sweetie.


Talk: Sweetie


Thank him, say we owe him everything, and head on over to Sweetie.

Bookworm Brynn, Bookworm Brynn
Brynn can't keep his spaghetti in



"You're my friend too, Brynn."

"Get outta here before my whole coat turns red you darn….," Brynn trails off, pulling out a book and glaring at you before he puts his face in it to start reading.

Even so, he can't keep the smile off his face as you turn to go see what it is Sweetie Belle wants.



Sweetie Belle is virtually bouncing in her seat as you trot over to see what she wants, and as soon as you get within reasonable distance the words start flowing from her in a stream of excited near-babble.

"Puff! HeyyouknowaboutthatpartyonFriday,right? Rarity'sgoingtotakemeouttoaniceplacetoeatforHearthsWarmingEveand….and I wondered if maybe," she says, slowing down as she begins to blush, "Maybe you'd like to come with? I know Rarity wouldn't mind. She likes you."



And there it is.
Do we make the choice now, and lock in on one of them, or string Sweetie along until Friday?
I vote we talk about it after school so she doesn't break down in the middle of class.


File: 1355452518071.gif (288.54 KB, 1250x960, apple_bloom_panic.gif)


Yes. Let's choose Sweetie.


ah geez


But Scootaloo is going to be all alone on Hearth's warming, and Applebloom really wants us to go the farm with her.


I vote hold off


But we promised Applebloom we'd be there
We holded hooves and everything


Clone pool? Clone pool.



Two fillies are going to end up sad no matter what we do. We have to make the hard choice.


>Puff clones himself
>Suddenly hundreds of beige pegasi running around town trying to help everyone they can, getting in the way and inevitably ruining things

That's if he even knew about the pool.


We should ask Dad for Girl Advice.
I'm surprised we didn't do that before, actually.


I dunno man
sweetie's cute and all but my conscience is pushing me towards one of the other two.


Commit to plans with Sweetie, or hold off for now, telling her you need to check with your parents?

Choose now!


Check with parents.


Same here. Sweetie might be my favorite one, but Scoots and Applebloom deserve more.

Hold off for now.


Hold off for now.
But soon we're going to have to stop sitting on the fence like this.



Set Brynn and Scootaloo up together.




No, dude, that implies we have no other plans.

Hold off for now and mention a meetup for the gang at Sugarcube Corner, because we'd all be doing separate things and we need to see each other outside class, with just us four/five.


File: 1355453057442.gif (1.12 MB, 502x405, 1336112610030.gif)

But…but what about Scootaloo…


What about her?
Seriously though, we need some good old fashioned Dad Advice on this. If you can't go to your dad with girl troubles, then who can you go to?


Pony Jesus?



"I'll have to check with my parents first, Sweetie. I'll talk to them then get back to you, okay?"

Sweetie nods energetically, "Alright! I hope you can make it, it'd be nice to share a festive meal with my sister and spe-, boy-, er," she says, her face slowly turning scarlet, "Good….friend….who is a colt…"

Oh dear.

Before any spaghetti can be spilled the recess bell rings. Jeeze, where did the time go?

You head back to your seat as Sweetie lets out a sigh of relief. Saved by the bell indeed.

The rest of class passes uneventfully.

You wave goodbye to Miss Cheerilee as you head out the door and meet up with Brynn at the flagpole out front.

"Alright, I've got….100 bits," you tell Brynn, who gives a small whistle before you continue, "You said the small repair kit for scooters was 20 bits, right?"

Brynn nods, "Yep. Large one that'll have spares for future repairs is 60 though, if I remember right."

And there's still the matter of small, disposable, gifts for the class exchange. And getting Brynn a present when he's not looking. And one for Miss Cheerilee.

At least Sweetie's good gift is settled. And Scoots sounds like she needs a special somepony more than anything material. And Apple Bloom just wants you to head to the farm at the same time that the other two want you to do things…..

You shake your head, trying to focus on the task at hand before you fall into another panic.

One thing at a time.


First, let's get that large Scooter Kit.
And let's not forget to swing by the Trinket Shop to return Woodrow's photograph. It was important to him, after all.


File: 1355453415813.jpg (13.85 KB, 199x302, 1320563870723.jpg)

> "Alright! I hope you can make it, it'd be nice to share a festive meal with my sister and spe-, boy-, er,"

Sweetie losing her spaghetti.


As the CMC themselves head out the door, passing you and Brynn, you call them over and tell them you'd like to meet up at Sugarcube Corner after Friday's party for a more meaningful gift exchange.

They all smile and nod, saying it's a good idea.

After that's settled, they head off their separate ways, leaving you and Brynn to go check out the stores.


So if we get the large kit, we're left with 40 bits, which have to be divided between Brynn, Cheerilee and a small thing for the exchange.



We really should set Brynn up with Scootaloo.


It bugs me that we don't have another couple days at least so we can do something afterwards with them.


They don't seem too compatible, you know.


I'd be better if it was AB/Brynn but it's too late for that.


There'll be a resolution to the whole thing. And you'll all still be friends afterward (probably).

It's not like you trade two friends away for one special somepony. One will just be….closer than the other two, in the end.


Isn't there a big joke shop around here? Get something from there for the exchange.

Then we go shopping for Cheerilee's gift. Sadly Brynn's gift has to wait til we can get rid of him.


You decide to head to the hardware store with Brynn in tow, the two of you not saying much of anything until you get to the store.

As you stare at the selection of things, you ask Brynn for his opinion.

"Personal preference. If Scootaloo needs to fix her scooter, you could simply help her fix it this one time. But if you really want to show you care, like, next level care, I'd get her the one for future accidents. It's symbolic, you know?"


The problem is we do care, but we aren't sure about that "next level care" business. We're still sorting out whether we "next level care" about the other two.


Seems like Sweetie and probably AB is already thinking in that level.


"Yeah, I get what you mean. Still, even if you don't….pick her, I guess, you could get her that as a way of saying you'll still care about her?"


spring for the good one


"You could always buy it for her~"


It's not like we'll get to score with Cheerilee or Brynn?, so we may as well splurge.


>in Cute L'il Pone Quest
I think your priorities are skewed.


We should get Scoots the large kit if we aren't going to be with her in the end. It would -kinda- soften the blow.


All in favor of the Large Kit?
I say we get it.


well, for a certain definition of scoring


Good point. Let's do it.


"I like Scootaloo, and I'd help her fix her scooter I guess," Brynn says, "And she seems nice enough…..But I don't know about all that."

He thinks for a moment, "Tell you what though; I'll split the cost with you on the big one if you're on the fence. We'll just say it's from both of us. That work for you?"


Buy it, give it to Brynn and he can give it to her?


Or that, that works too I guess.


If you're comfortable with it.
On the other hand, this frees up 30 bits to get him a nice gift.


Nah. He's done enough for us already.


I kind of have to agree. Beginning to ask too much of him.


holy shit, I actually made it to one. I haven't had a midshift in months.


Good point. We can cover it, since it was our idea.


"What? No! Get your own gift."


I'd say split it with him, take your name off of the gift, and try and drop some not-so-subtle hints to scoots that Brynn likes her. As apprehensive as he seems, I recognize that attitude. if she even so much as talks to him there's no way he'll turn her down.


"Oh come on. I know you're going to buy a gift for all of them, if you haven't bought gifts for the other two already. Consider it my gift to you if you must, I just want to help."

"Seriously, if you don't let me do this I'll just bu you something else. And it might be an ugly scarf for all you know."

Deal (Brynn pays half the large scooter kit cost)
No Deal? (Get smaller one or pay for big one with your own money. You'll get a gift from Brynn at the exchange instead. [Although he might be lying about not getting you something if he helps pay for this] )


If there's no talking him out of it, then we'll have to take the deal.
Just means we've gotta get him something nice.


"Ohhhh…okay fine!"
He just had to get all insistant on us…


I vote
Get him a gift of another kind. I'm not so sure scootaloo has you locked in personally (not nearly as much as AB or sweetie, at least), and I know that attitude of his way too well.


This is actually doable, since you'll be holding onto the gifts overnight.

If you want to be sneaky and a bit cheeky, that is.



Guys, let's decide once and for all who we're going for because depending on which way we swing, that can alter our gift plans.


It's not sneaky, but cheeky as fuck. besides. Everyone wins. Two lonely and probably depressed ponies get someone to spend time with, and you're down to two fillies that are head-over-heels for you.

Hey, do they know that they all have a crush on you yet?


This sounds good.



I vote Sweetie Belle, myself



You sigh in resignation as you grab the large scooter kit, "Fine, Brynn. Fine. You can pay for half."

Brynn smiles as you wander to the counter and the two of you fork out 30 bits each for the scooter kit, Brynn deciding to toss an extra 5 to have the clerk pony gift wrap the box for you.

"There! That wasn't so hard now, was it?" he says as he grabs the box and sticks it in his light brown saddle bag. The box is kinda big and sticks out the top, but can be carried safely this way.

"Alright, that's one gift down. Ideas for the others?" Brynn asks.

<Where do you want to go?>

Unknown. It's not really something you go up and ask, and you aren't sure how much they've been talking to each other the past week since they've all seemingly been busy with their own things. Well, except for Scootaloo, who seems bored half to death.


Let's hit the Trinket Shop next. Gotta return that old guy's photo.
And who knows, Brynn might see something that sparks his interest.


What he said. Lets return that photo.


Oh yes, I almost forgot about that.


You lead Brynn to the trinket shop, opening the door and showing him in.

"So this is where you said you were working this week, huh?" he says as he browses over trinkets and some musty looking books, "Seems alright to me. Good job arranging stuff, if that was you."

"Thanks," you reply as you head for the counter.

Woodrow appears slowly from the back room wobbling forward and smiling at you as you fumble in your saddlebag for the photo from the brush's box.

"Well, if it isn't Puff. Back already eh? Perhaps you….enjoy sorting knick knacks?" He says with a dry laugh.

You find the photo and produce it from your saddlebag, handing it to Woodrow.

"I think you left this in the brush's box by mistake. It looked important, so…."

He takes it from you with a shaking hoof, his small smile receding a bit to a more thoughtful happiness that creases the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes.

"Ah…..," he whispers as he stares at the picture, "So I did. So I…..did." He turns and sets it next to a row of framed photos to the left of the counter. "Thank you, young man. I felt I'd forgotten something. But…when you're my age, that's bound to happen."

He coughs, "Now then, unless you want to hear me talk about the past some more; Was there anything I could do for you? I feel I owe you for bringing me back a…fond memory."


Unless we plan to ask him for some sage wisdom, we should see if Brynn will do anything.


He's already done more than enough with that brush, though if he doesn't mind us browsing for a bit…


Anyone think Brynn would like something from there?
Wonder if hes interested in any of the old books.


"Just taking a look around. I thought we might find more amazing gifts for our friends."

Do we recall seeing anything interesting during sorting?


"It's a shop, isn't it?" he says with a wide grin, "Of course you can look around. Your friend is already ahead of you there."

You turn around to see Brynn looking at some trinkets, before turning his attention to a bookshelf and looking at the titles.


You don't recall finding anything that eye catching, although it's completely possible you missed it in the tedium that is sorting things for retail.

Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #0 4, 1, 10, 7, 8, 3, 8, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 6, 4, 5, 4, 6, 9, 7, 9, 6, 7, 10, 2, 4 = 134


You didn't need to roll…



Roll #0 1 = 1


What did you do?




Brynn pulls a book from the shelf, eying the cover more closely before cracking it open. He coughs and waves a hoof to scatter the dust from the pages while levitating it, then sets about reading the first few pages.

"Hmm….Theoretical designs for non pegasi, based on the concept of unnatural flight without the use of magic…..Interesting."

He looks up, "Shouldn't this be in a museum, or being looked at by scholars or something? This seems pretty detailed."

Woodrow waves a hoof, "Bah! I find and get sent books from wherever of whatever kind. If I got it, either it passed through the hooves of scholars and they didn't care, or it's gone unnoticed for whatever reason."

You walk over to Brynn and ask if it's interesting.

He nods, turning another page. "It's pretty interesting alright. If these haven't been tested, I'd like to try them out. Some are a bit….silly," he says, pointing to a design of some kind of…flying bicycle with balloons strapped to it, "But most are plausible at worst."


If he puts it back, make sure to remember the title.


File: 1355456578063.jpg (184.87 KB, 683x1036, 1354913651615.jpg)

I like the way this guy thinks.


This. We should come back later and ask for the price.

Also, look around if we can see something interesting for Cheerilee.


"So…..do you want it?"

Brynn seems taken aback at the suggestion, "Well, I won't say no….but you don't need to get it for me if that's what you're getting at."

He puts the book back and continues looking, pulling one off the shelf and looking at it's interior as well.

You take note of the title: "How to fly without wings or magic"

You turn to ask what Brynn's reading now, and find his whole face has turned near scarlet. He seems zoned out staring at the book.

>Try to see what he's reading

>Get his attention
>Cough loudly
>Resume speaking with Woodrow about…something.


Let's let him read that while we look for a gift for teacher.


See what he's reading. What can be more interesting than jetpacks and robot butlers?


Sneak up behind him and see what's he reading


Try to see what he's reading.


We gotta figure out what he's reading. Maybe… maybe it's a dirty magazine like our dad keeps in the closet!


oh ho ho
take a peek


>old Woodrow selling porn


its not porn, its "vintage erotica"
totally different


Very carefully you pretend to go towards the other side of the store, only to wander back and cautiously peer over his shoulder at the book.

It's tough to make out whole sentences from just outside of proper reading distance.

You look at the top of the page to the bigger letters that tell the book title instead.

"Peep Show - Mulehilde Madden"

>What do?


Whatcha readin', Brynn?


Read it with him.





mules, huh
I didn't know you were into that


See how much that book on flying costs.


You whisper over his shoulder, "Whatcha readin', Brynn?"

Brynn physically jumps into the air with a small yelp, dropping the book and putting a hoof to his chest while you laugh.

He's speechless, until you try to pick up the book. Before you can grab it to check it out it's whisked out from under your hoof by magic.

"I swear to…..darnit Puff, you nearly scared my cutie mark right off me."

He shakily puts the scarlet novel back on the shelf, not willing to answer any questions about it.

"You boys doing alright over there?" Woodrow asks obliviously.

"Y-yessir!" Brynn replies, making a cutting motion with his hoof on his throat, trying to signal to you to be quiet about this.

You want to check the price on the book.

"Hey, Mr. Woodrow," you holler, causing Brynn to freak out and prance in place, "How much is the-"

You're shoved out of the way as Brynn flees from the store, apparently thinking you were going to ask about the OTHER book.

Good, now he's outside.

"How much is the book on flying, Mr. Woodrow?"

Woodrow looks at the door that Brynn just darted through, a puzzled look creasing his features as he replies, "Eh….well….10 bits, about. I'll give it to you for 5 though since you brought back my photo. Sound good?"


Give Woodbro 10.


Hell yeah that's good. I say we take it.

Though we should do a quick check for something for Cheerilee.


Sounds great.
But what's up with this red one here and why was Brynn all up in a kerfluffle over it?


Sounds good, deal.


No man, no.
Keep it on the down low.


Works for me.


"Neat," you reply, pulling it back off the shelf.

You quickly look about the room for anything Miss Cheerilee might like. Then again, you aren't really sure what she likes. And Woodrow said not to do jewelry, might send the wrong message. Plus you've only got 65 bits left, 60 if you count the book you're holding and only want to give Woodrow 5.

There's a sort of cute pen and pencil holder you didn't notice before. It looks like a miniature white vase and has three ceramic daisies hanging over the rim. It's cute.

"How much is that?" You ask Woodrow, pointing to the ceramic pen and pencil holder.

"10 bits."


Give him ten for it.
Also buy the Peepshow magazine and use it as our secret santa gift.


Done deal.


So 15 for both that and the book.
Great times. Now we need the chintzy gift for the secret santa if we don't draw one of our friends.



Wow, three daisies? Isn't that the same as Cheerilee's cutie mark? Sounds like it was made for her… Get it.


all jokes aside, this strikes me as a bad idea


How so?


Cheerilee might get a bit incensed at us for peddling smut in the classroom.


We can get a second gift too. Wrap each one up with different paper and slip the book into the pile when no one is watching.


I just have the feeling that our classmates, and Cheerilee, probably won't find it as funny.


Ah, good point.
We can do something like this once we are in horse high school.



Oh i thought you meant the pen. Guess I didn't read the posts well enough.


I don't think he's gonna sell us porn anyway.
and we should definitely take the deal, have you ever tried to refuse gifts from old people? they just keep insisting until you feel like a dick for not taking it.


tfw Aspirant won't be around for Horse High


What sort of generic gift should we get though?


Well, we're in a trinket shop. Little clay statues of Chinese soldiers, scarf pins, cheap broaches, a silly hat, maybe a novelty pin… It's all a matter of looking.


Don't you mean Chineighs soldiers?


File: 1355458413407.jpg (54.26 KB, 480x360, pun_detected.jpg)


"That's exactly like my teachers cutie mark," you tell Woodrow as he rings you up.

"Ah, well, the fourth one broke off years ago," he replies as he stuffs tissue paper inside the pen and pencil holder, then puts it in a small box that he tapes up.

"I don't have any wrapping paper here for ya. Gonna have to do that yourself I'm afraid. Now then….15 bits is your total."

Oh, right, you almost forgot some cheapo gift for the class exchange.

You look around once more while Woodrow patiently waits, and you grab….a joke book from the bookshelf. People like jokes, right?

"That ones five bits since it ain't much of a read. So…20 bits is your total."

You give him 20, then place a 5 bit piece on a shelf behind you before leaving the store. Whether he saw it or not doesn't really matter. He'll find it eventually. This way he can't refuse the money you think he deserves.

Your saddlebags are fairly loaded up now, a small box, a design book, and a joke book taking up a fair bit of space.

Brynn is waiting outside for you, having calmed down in the chilly winter air.

Gift for Sweetie - Check
Gift for Scootaloo - Check
Gift for Apple Bloom -
Gift for Cheerilee - Check
Gift for Brynn - Check
Gift for class exchange - Check

Only a physical gift for Apple Bloom remains, if you want to get her something like that. You've spent 55 bits, and have 45 remaining.

Time is running short on the day.


See if he has any erector sets.
I bet AB would like one of those.


What were our store options?


I've got an erector for Apple Bloom.


I still say we make the Coupon Book of work vouchers for Applebloom. What's more valuable to her than someone around the farm to help?


We have to get something for Apple Bloom.


don't we already help out of our own accord?


This is good.


>Hardware store
>General goods
>Trinket Store
>Sugarcube Corner
>Rarity's Boutique


Yes, but this is just for whatever. Like a book of back rub coupons or "redeem one coupon for a day where I'm at your disposal."


what >>250295 said

It would be symbolic

I forget, are we going to finish with Sweetie or are we going to decide later?


If it's Apple Bloom, there's bound to be something at the hardware store she'd like.


I say go for sweetie, but if the consensus is against me in the end I won't complain


Eh, can't hurt to at least look.

You and Brynn head back to the hardware store while you debate giving Apple Bloom a book of "Use Puff as a workhorse," type coupons.

Not in that way, you gits.

Brynn's a little confused until you tell him you're thinking of Apple Bloom.

"Ah. Right. Well, she likes to make things, right? Could get her some tools or something."

>Tool kit: 50 bits

>Erector set: Weights and pullies that build into a tiny weight lifting device….thing. 45 bits since it's kinda small.
>General tools: 20 bits each
>Maybe the coupon thing is a better idea



I was actually thinking of that the first time around. My notes say "Players went to Hardware stoooooooooore" as a result.


I say erector set, plus the coupon book.


I forgot, how much do we have?


>You've spent 55 bits, and have 45 remaining.


Exactly 45 bits.


uh, I think 50.


Get the erector set. That should wrap up our checklist quite nicely.

All that's left is to make the hard choice.


No, get a tool kit that she'll be able to use tomorrow. Unless the erector can move a significant amount of weight. Which I doubt.


Tool kit or coupon book.


See if we can haggle the toolkit down a measley 5 bits.


You check the box to see how much weight the weights and pulley system can move.

"Pulleys can easily move up to 20 pounds of weight each. Set comes with 4. Use with adult supervision. Use only as instructed in the manual unless you consult a carpenter or engineer who can help you make a system out of the kit."

Oddly specific, but alright.


>unless you consult a carpenter or engineer who can help you make a system out of the kit
AB would have a field day with that thing.


Alright, give me a decision here.


Oh man.

We should get the erector set, she already has all the proper tools, right? So let's get her something she can make something out of, or use the parts from at least.


I say we get the erector setand make her a coupon book later.


I like this anon's idea.
Erector set + coupon book.


Erectors and coupon.




Get that erector set for now. Maybe make some coupons later too.




You decide to get the erector set, and cough up the last of your bits to purchase it.

Brynn scrounges in his wallet to find another 5 bits to get it wrapped for you.

"Least I can do for my good friend," he says when you thank him again.

You'll make a coupon thing for AB when you get home too. Hopefully she'll like that.

You're out of money and out of time. Brynn hands off the scooter repair kit to you when your parents show up at Sugarcube Corner to pick you up.

It's getting late so they let Brynn off with minimal spaghetti dropping as you head home.

You get the remaining gifts properly wrapped, making sure to mark each of them so you don't put the wrong gift in the class exchange tomorrow.

Then you get to the repair kit.

>Only put down Brynn's name on the "From" section

>Put both your names, like he asked
>Just put yours


We'll put down both our names, but write his bigger.


both names, otherwise we're leaving Scoots out in the cold.


Put both.
Brynn helped pay for it, but it would suck for Scootaloo to think she's the only one who didn't get a gift from us


Ooh, this. Make sure to both make his bigger and put it first.


>everyone is writing off Scootaloo
In that case my waifu filly vote goes to Apple Bloom



You put Brynn's name first, and make sure to write yours a little smaller.

If Scootaloo asks, it's from both of you. But you'll make her think it was Brynn's idea.

And with that, this day is done
Tomorrow looks to be a lot of fun
Until the end, when you must decide
If it's with Scootaloo you will ride
Or with Apple Bloom you'll build and make
Or be with Sweetie, and eat lots of cake

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

<Short breather, I need to grab a bite and some coffee. 20 minutes and we'll be back and ready to finish this one way or the other.


I still say let Brynn's name be the only one on there. Scoot's gift;
>"I'm gonna let you in on a little secret; Brynn likes you."
Let's stick to the plan, guys. We've gotta let scoots off as easy as possible; making sure she never gets lower to begin with is the best possible option.


I'm with ya


are we still going to continue tomorrow?
don't want to rush through to feels too much…


If you guys really want to we can do the very end tomorrow night instead. I know it's getting late and you guys might be tired.

It'll also allow for roughly 5 hours of feels and such instead of me worrying about you guys getting tuckered out.

Your call though, you're the players.


*through the feels


I'm fine going at it with a full session ahead of us.
Though I'm probably going to miss some of it.


I prefer having a full session tomorrow instead of squeezing stuff in tonight.

I can go for longer tonight, though, short of ending this.


I say we should say it was Brynn's idea to get the big kit. That's closer to the truth and gives him credit.


Let's take the full session. Hopefully my boss won't keep me too late.


I vote tomorrow for a proper final quest night instead of rushed


If it's like that then I can wait.

I'm gonna be a wreck tomorrow aren't I?


Looks like most are saying tomorrow night.





yes for tomorrow


Final answer, Regis








Alright, I will plan for tomorrow night at 7pm EST. Roughly. Maybe later since a bunch of you guys showed up about an hour later.

Think over what you plan to do and who to go for, because once that decision is made there's no going back.

I will do my best to be on the ball for writing more in depth feels tomorrow. I apologize if that's been lacking lately.

I digress, thank you everyone and I'll see you tomorrow night!


See you tomorrow.

Alright, final decision. Sweetie, or Applebloom?
We're not going into the last session half-cocked.


Apple Bloom

Chester pls


I vote Sweetie.




I vote Littleapple.


Oh, and thanks to Sentenal and MSOB for both alerting me as to the late arrivals and keeping me from terrorizing Stillwater instead.

Additional thanks to Sentenal for archiving my quests for all this time. I appreciate the time and energy he puts into keeping this organized for anyone unable to participate.


I want to say Sweetie, but i feel that AB would be much more "feely".

Scoots would've been even more considering it would've been just the 2 of us.


It feels as though these sessions have been getting shorter and shorter.


They kind of have been.

Mostly because I've been trying to keep an eye on the time instead of just writing till I drop again. Partially because of late starts like today.

That and we're winding down in general, in terms of the quest.

But tomorrow will be good. Fairly lengthy I hope, and full of feels.


we just got off to a slow start this time


File: 1355462397867.jpg (188.73 KB, 573x583, D'ya think ah'm pretty.jpg)

Alright, so if I've counted properly, that's two votes Sweetie, and three votes Applebloom.
Looks like we're picking AB for our Special Somepony.


Looks like the Apple family's gonna get some birds in its trees.


Sweetie. She's been the one for us ever since we noticed each other's eyes.


Like hell we are.


I fucking hate you guys so much.


I love how they decided to wait until after we tied everything up to post.


Well regardless,the real decision happens tomorrow. We have until then to wallow in spaghetti and indecision.


I was hoping to get the decision out of the way so that we can go about it without too much hemming and hawing tomorrow.


Not everyone's here anymore, and we don't know who will be there once the quest starts. Plus, we still have a little more stuff happening in-story before we've got to choose.


I never said it wasn't a fool's hope.
And I did ask as soon as we had finished, so everyone should still have been here.


Yeah, I figured.

The fact that we have such an even split is both painful and kind of cool.

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