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Previously, on Cute Quest:

The fashion show was held, and you did just fine strutting that catwalk.

Though Sweetie Belle's attention made your heart flutter in your little chest, you pulled your act together to show the crowd how well you could pull of such a well tailored tuxedo.

Things went swimmingly, and you raised the most money during your walk.

As a reward, Rarity took you and Sweetie out to lunch. Surprisingly, your father was at the diner on his lunch break. Him and Rarity chatted for a bit while you and Sweetie ate. Sweetie seems to think your dad is cool, despite how he embarrasses you sometimes.

You also shared your shakes before heading home for the day. A sweet end to a busy week.


and heeeeeeeere we go


It's been weeks since then, your relationship with each of the CMC improving gradually as you spend more time together.

Sweetie seems a bit more easily flustered than she used to get whenever you're around, but the holiday season is quickly approaching, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Apple Bloom still greatly values your input on her invention ideas, to the point she's invited you over to Sweet Apple Acres a few times to help her make one or two of the things and field test them.
You've gotten to share cider with Applejack in the process, and she thinks you're "An alright little pony with a big heart."
The praise makes your cheeks red whenever you think about it too long.

Scootaloo has challenged you to more races than you can count now, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. Sweetie and Apple Bloom don't tag along much now, each busy with their own things as the year threatens to draw to a close.
The tradition of buying the winner a shake after each race has continued.

Sweetie, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, all 6/5

Cheerilee 4/-
Rarity 3/-

One moment, gotta grab a bite real quick.


Alright, uh, 20 minute delay while I grab some food and we wait for others to arrive.

Sorry bout this.


I wonder if we could boost our Cheerilee levels somehow.


Alright I'm almost done.

Quick headcount, how many have we got here?


I'll be here in a few, busy right now






That's cool, take your time.

Nice! I'm always pleasantly surprised by you guys.

I'll get to writing the prompt. Bear with me.


Why doesn't puff have more friends?

Why didn't we try to max out more then three social links?
You people are horrible at this game.


Brynn's friendly. So we've got three links fully developed, one mostly developed, and then two more somewhat developed.


I suggest we chase Cheerilee this session.


Not enough time.


Fall has turned to an early winter, apparently the higher ups deciding there wasn't enough snow last year.

As such, scarves and woolen caps are deployed. Students and adults alike frolic through the snow as Hearths Warming Eve, and it's glorious celebrations, approach.

It's your first Hearths Warming in Ponyville. It's not so different from your old home, you decide.
Wreaths on doors, lights on street lamps, holiday candies and cookies that warm the frigid air with their warm, spiced smells.

Truly it is the best time of year.

Except for the flying conditions, you guess, but you gotta give something up.


One more.


"And what's a holiday without some holiday fun!" Miss Cheerilee announces at the front of the class, wearing a candy cane colored scarf. The classroom is a little…..brisk, you might say, so teachers and students alike wear scarves or little booties to keep themselves warm.

"Since a fashion show took place earlier in the year, and the performance of the Hearths Warming Eve play is to be held in Canterlot, I thought it'd be fun if we had ourselves a simple party at the end of the week."

The crowd cheers, ponies beginning to murmur their excitement as Miss Cheerilee continues.

"And as a bonus, those that want to participate are welcome to participate in our secret gifter present program!"


>participate in our secret gifter present program!"

Oh man this will be amazingly catastrophic

Lets do it.


Time to volunteer for both.


What is that about, Miss Cheerilee?


I want to party with Miss Cheerilee!




Gauge your friends' reactions.


You wave a hoof and ask how it works.

"Simple! Anyone wishing to take part will write their name on a slip of paper and give it to me. Then, just go out and get a present! Make sure it's wrapped, bring it to class on Friday, and we'll draw names that each gift will go to. Don't worry, you won't get your own present. I'll just redraw a name if that happens."

You're excited! Parties are great, and since it's winter, there's gonna be a bunch of cookies and hot drinks! Probably!

And Miss Cheerilee is pretty awesome, you have to admit.

You look around.

Brynn is writing something on a notepad in front of him, a faint smile on his face.
Apple Bloom is likewise drawing or taking notes, though she has to hold the pencil in her mouth since she can't wield magic like Brynn.
Sweetie Belle is smiling and bobbing in her seat excitedly. She must really love this idea.
Scootaloo looks kinda bored, though when you get her attention she's all smiles and nods. Seems she'll participate too. Probably.

Other classmates murmur and pull out paper to write their names down. A few nervous looking ponies in the back don't.
Maybe they'll come around, but for now about one quarter of the class isn't participating.
But Sweetie, Scoots, Apple Bloom, and Brynn are.


We're definitely in on the gift exchange.

What about DT and SS? Are they a risk factor?


As ponies take slips from others sitting near them and walk forward to put names in the hat, you notice Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon also turn slips in.

There's a chance you could get a gift from them, or give one to them.

You're unsure how to feel about this, at the moment.

Tis the season and all that, but they haven't necessarily been kind in the past.


Who cares? We might get one of the CMC or Cheerilee.


They'll probably not be a factor, but who knows.

What are our S.Links levels? Missed he last session.



Thinking of this you shake it off. Chances are better you'll draw someone you're on more….favorable terms with.

<Enter name in hat?>


Do it!


Of course!



Well, duh!


Let's do it. Secret santa is always fun.




Hell yeah!

Would it be possible for a cute /ss/ end?


Yeah! It'll be great!

You hand a slip with your name on it to Brynn, since he's close by, and his smile widens before he takes the assortment of names up to Miss Cheerilee.

"Thank you, Brynn. Now then, is that everyone? Remember, you can enter at any point during the week. Just keep in mind that the longer you wait, the less time you have to pick a gift and get it wrapped! And it MUST be wrapped! The point is for it to be a surprise, after all."

With that, class starts as usual, the only difference being Miss Cheerilee in a nice looking scarf. And maybe she seems just a little more excited about class than usual. Just maybe.

Like, pairing off with Miss Cheerilee?

Not exactly. No.


the question now is…what sort of present do we get?


Recess takes place indoors today, thanks to an increase in snow outside. While every pony likes to play in the snow, Miss Cheerilee says she won't let a student get sick on her watch.

So the board games come out. Students group up to play checkers or chess, chutes and ladders, even a few card games start up.

You find yourself grouped up with Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and for the first time in a while, Brynn.

"Hey Puff, wanna play some Candyland with us?"

<You can play along, maybe ask them what they want for gifts. Or we can skip and you can go ahead and snoop around town after class.>


Ask Miss Cheerilee if she'll be getting a present, too.


Let's see if we can get an idea of what they want while we're playing.
Then we can get to snooping.




Play with them and ask for gifts.



Lets get our board game on! And chitchat about gifts.

This to.


We can ask for gift ideas, just in case we draw their names.


Briefly ignoring your friends question, you ask Miss Cheerilee if she'll be taking part of the secret gift exchange.

She smiles as your friends turn to look at her.

"Oh! Well, I don't think I'll be taking part this year. I want the gift exchange to be between you students. Being part of it myself hadn't really crossed my mind. It's probably for the best I sit this one out and just oversee it. Besides, I get enough teacher appreciation cookies from the parents," she says with a playful wink.

That's kinda sad.

"Sure, let's play!"

"Alright, here, you can be the red pegasus piece," Brynn says as he hands you your little board piece.

It's a tiny figure of a red pegasus in flight, though he doesn't look like he's trying too hard to go forward.

Brynn gets a green unicorn, Sweetie takes the silver unicorn, Apple Bloom grabs the orange pony, and Scootaloo grabs a cart piece.

"What? I like things with wheels."

The game starts, and you start chit chatting with the others as you take turns rolling dice and drawing cards.

<Who do you want to start with?>


Add to the secondary objective list:
>Get a gift for Miss Cheerilee


Let's start with Applebloom and work our way around the table. We can ask for ideas for gifts just in case we draw their names.


File: 1355361915887.png (42.95 KB, 225x323, Oh jeeze.png)

>she says with a


Applebloom first.





Let's not ask what each pony wants. There's no guarantee you'll get what you want anyway.

Ask about what kind of gift each one is going to get.


You make a mental note to get something for Miss Cheerilee. She's a nice teacher, a nice pony, she deserves something more than "Thank You" cookies. Right?

As the board game commences you turn to Apple Bloom.

"So, just in case I draw your name, what would you want?"

Apple Bloom smiles, "That ain't how it works, Puff. If you just get something for me and it gets handed to someone else, they might not even like it!"

"Aw come on, give me at least an idea," you plead.

Apple Bloom ponders before answering, "I….I guess….hmm…..how about a box of candy? I don't really need much of anything."

Oh come on that's boring.

"Besides," she leans over and whispers in your ear, "You already know what I REALLY want."

"What're you two whispering about?" Sweetie asks.

"Nothin'," AB responds, handing the dice to Scootaloo, "Scootaloo's turn."


File: 1355362409670.png (171.64 KB, 631x457, 1355110512044.png)

>You already know what I REALLY want."


We do? Ah jeez.


>You already know what I REALLY want.
Oh my~


Oh you.

What has she wanted more than anything else since you met her?




A way to help her family.


That machine thing right?

fuck fuck I have to re-read the quest oh god we're going to mess this up fuck


File: 1355362579884.jpg (63.36 KB, 1024x640, Applebloom Now.jpg)

She wants it now


Something to help her family, I guess.
I wonder if that means she wants us for Hearth's Warming.



You ask Scootaloo the same question.

"A new tool kit for my scooter," she answers immediately, "But I don't think anyone else would appreciate that."

Sweetie gets the dice and you ask her what she wants. She blushes as she mumbles, "A…a new brush."

"A brush?" Scootaloo asks.

"Y-yeah. Mine's old and falling apart now. I don't want to bother my folks for a new one, but I can't wait until Hearth's Warming Eve!"

You finally ask Brynn. He shrugs, "Could use a sweater, I guess. Or a good book. Can never have enough of those."

He then asks you the same question.

"What do YOU want out of the gift exchange, Puff?"

Everyone leans in just a hair to hear your response, curiosity lighting everyone's eyes.




That's a good question.
What do we want? A sweater, maybe? Or a nice scarf? Maybe An Egghead's Guide to Flying?


Uh, a nice scarf?


>Eggheads guide to flying
>Written by Twilight Sparkle
>The inside is just a picture of Dash that says "Just do it, you wimp."


A new pair of official Wonderbolts goggles.


Chocolate we are cuckoo for Cocoa


I'd buy it


I'd buy that for a dollar.


maybe some earmuffs for when it gets really cold out


In short, I think Puff would be happy with anything that he got, so long as it was a heartfelt gift.


Defuse the situation with a joke?

"I want a jetpack and a robot butler."



<One sec>

"A jetpack and a robot butler," you reply with a grin.


Roll #1 8 = 8



is this bad?


Brynn is the first to laugh at your joke.

For a moment it looked like Apple Bloom was taking you seriously, but as everyone, including yourself, join in, she blushes and laughs alongside everyone else.

When the laughter subsides you tell them you'll be happy with anything you get.

"Sweater, scarf, wonderbolts goggles, whatever! As long as it's sincere, I'll be happy for whatever I get."

Everyone gives a warm smile and nods in agreement, echoing the sentiment.

"But really," Scootaloo says after a moment, "Scooter tool kit."

Everyone laughs and playfully chastise her for ruining the spirit of the season.

Time for recess runs out, and it's too soon that you have to pick the game up and sit through class once more.


Time flies and it's now after school!

You check your little wallet as you pack your bag. You've got….20 bits on you. You can probably bring more for after school tomorrow, now that you know about the event. Might not hurt to do some window shopping anyway.

>Ask Miss Cheerilee what she wants for HWE

>Go to town and start window shopping for gifts
>Other: Player choice


Ask Cheerilee.


We'll surprise Miss Cheerilee. If we ask her what she wants, that'll tip our hoof.
Then maybe we can window shop a little and plan.


Ask Cheerilee what she wants.
Then let's do some window shopping~


Let's go shopping


If we ask her I feel like she would shy away from it again. I vote for surprise gift


Hmmm. Surprising her WOULD be nice…
Let's see if we can come up with something nice for her on our own.


Don't ask Miss Cheerilee directly, just kind of inquire what kind of gifts she gets for HWE aside from cookies.


Yeah, we should leave it a surprise


Let's Surprise Cheerilee, head into town and window shop.


You don't want her suspecting anything, but you can't think of what a teacher would want for HWE.

You approach her and ask, doing your best to conceal your intentions.

"Hey, Miss Cheerilee? What kind of gifts do you get for HWE? Ones that aren't sweets, I mean?"

Miss Cheerilee wanders over and pats your head, ruffling your mane, "What I want for Hearths Warming Eve, is for all my students to stop worrying about me and go have fun! You can do that for me, can't you, Puff?"


"So it IS true!"

"…Teachers go to sleep in their coffins during school break!"


Lie and say yes. I mean, if she says so…


She is getting a physical gift whether she wants it or not.


Well, alright…I just wanted to make sure teacher was happy too!


You have mixed feelings, but you just want Miss Cheerilee to be happy too.

So you tell her.

She giggles and pulls you into a gentle hug.
"You're such a sweet little colt," she says before pulling back to show you her grinning face, "But really. I don't need anything other than to see the students I care about having fun and enjoying the holiday. Now you get out of here and go play with your friends," she chides.

You dart from the room, waving over your shoulder when you reach the door, before heading out in the direction of town.


I'm glad we didn't need to roll for spaghetti.

What's open in town?


>such a sweet little colt
I can't believe we didn't get a spaghetti roll for that.



School just let out, so it's pretty early. Virtually every shop is open at the moment.

What strikes your fancy?

>Sporting goods

>General goods
>Hardware shop
>Sugarcube Corner
>Rarity's Boutique
>Just wander around




Let's wander around and see what pops up



A vote for wandering


wander around for now
contemplate how to get Apple Bloom the gift she really wants


Curious to find what we can by wandering.





You decide to wander town, since you only have 20 bits.

You're really not sure what to get right now, or for who, either. Surely you won't have the resources to get something for everyone, so who will you get gifts for?

Additionally, what did Apple Bloom mean by "You already know what I REALLY want," ?

She really wants to help her family, so something along those lines, surely.

You're lost in thought when you bump into the side of some mare selling hot wraps from a cart on the street.

You apologize as you shake your head, checking to see if she's alright.

"Don't worry about it, kid," she says, patting you on the head, "No harm, no foul."

As you look around to get your bearings, you see a trinket store across the street from the cart. Maybe it's worth checking out?


>wraps mare
Anyway, let's check out that Trinket Shop.





Let's have a look inside.


>Wraps mare
Check out the trinket store while trying to not get drugged.


>wraps mare
Go home and put on as many cloths as we can. After that come back to the cart, stand on our back legs, and start hitting on her.


w-wraps mare, is that you




My sides.

Sure, what could it hurt?

You open the creaky wooden door and head inside, finding the place dimly lit and rather….foreboding.

Despite this, small tables and wooden shelves are lined with glittering, eye attracting…….things.

Necklaces, hoofbands, the occasional old timey looking hat, book ends, just an absolute smattering of things.

You bet you could look in here all afternoon for something. For who, you can't say. Guess it would depend on what it turns up.

A wrinkly looking stallion with balding mane nearly scares you to death when he taps you on the shoulder.

"Afternoon, sonny," he says in a wheezing gasp, "Lookin'….for something?"

Maybe he could help you find something.


Just browsing today. Thinking of Hearth's Warming presents for friends.


Presents for H-hearth's warming e-eve.


Just looking.

Are we going for AB this session? Or whatever comes up?



Ask him what a hard working teacher might like.


I was hoping to get everyone something.


FYI: You get to pick.

I'm not leaning you one way or the other. If you do nothing, nothing will happen.

It's the big moment, you see.

You could probably get everyone something really, really cheap. Not what they want, but something else.

Besides, there's the party and after the party.


Ask him if he has any nice brushes.


What if we take a forward on our allowance, and get Scoot her scooter kit, Sweetie her comb, Brynn his scarf thing, and that would just leave an IOU booklet for a variable number of days of helping around the farm.


Lets get something cheap for the secret Santa

And a nice brush for the after party


I would also like a nice brush.


I don't think we can afford to fence-sit much longer, anon
we should pick a nice gift for the filly we're after


this >>247946

Then we get to comb her in the after party once it ends.



"G-got anything a teacher might like?" you ask nervously.

"Hmmmm…." he mumbles for what seems a good minute. "Something for….a teacher….."

He shakily walks over to the counter in the back, pulling paperweights, pen holders, and other miscellaneous stylized office trinkets from the display.

Not really what you had in mind.

"Ah….something more….personal?" He asks, a smile slowly creasing his weathered features, "I once had a crush on my teacher. I was older….than you, though. Bought her a necklace….." he licks his lips before looking at the floor, a sad expression suddenly replacing the smile, "I was….too young for her, she said…."

He coughs, then waves a hoof, "Ah but you don't want to….hear that. I'd say…..get her something nice…..but not jewelry. No. That's too much."

"A brush?" He says, arching a silver eyebrow, "Some old style ones….don't see them much anymore. Good condition." He wanders to a small chest behind the counter, picking it up and setting it on top of the counter gently before opening it's top.
Inside is a very nice looking brush, polished white stone for the handle and back, bronze colored trim dimly glowing in the poor lighting of the room. On the back is a design of red roses and soft green vines that curl around the handle and display prominently on the brush back proper.


That looks really nice…
It probably costs a fortune.


How much is it?


So we're going for SweetieBelle, guys?

Nervously ask him the price.


No one's made a row of it, so I think we're going for Sweetie Belle. Guys, come on, think hard on this.


I'm okay with this.
AB would also be nice, but let's not be greedy here.


Nervously Inquire about the cost of the brush.

I want a peck on the cheek from sweets



"For a while now," he says wheezily, "I've asked….for 200 bits."

The price shocks you to your core. 200 bits? How could you even get money like that?

"But," he says, a faint echo of the smile from before subtly playing with his wrinkles, "You remind me of myself, when I was about your age. I'll give you a discount. 150 bits."

That's still so, so much.


Where are we gonna get that kind of money…?
Alright, brainstorming time!


But seriously, thank him for showing you around the shop. Head out, and Wish him a Happy Hearth's Warming.


That's a lot.


I say we should try and get AB to get together with Brynn. though Scoots woould be alone and then it would be awkward. Fuck

>150 bits

Damn… it would be hard to do a job to get it right?


Looks like we'll be getting a part time job.

How long do we have, again?


It's Monday. You have until Friday afternoon, since the party will take place at the end of the school day.


Where would we even find a scooter repair kit?


so if we're getting that brush, I'm guessing that won't be the present we use in the gift exchange?
we'll probably have to get something cheap on the side for that as well





You're crestfallen. It's such a nice brush too.


Roll #1 9 = 9


Ask him if 20 bits and a piece of gum would cover it.


Wonder how much of a Hearth's Warming allowance our Dad would forward us if we told him it was for a girl?


thank you based dice gods


This looks good.





Personally I'd rather vote for AB or Scootaloo.

We have a week to figure it out, so maybe we could try spending more time with each one. It's not flight season for young ponies, so maybe we could see another side of Scootaloo.


You pull out your small bag of bits, pleading with the shopkeeper.

"All I have is 20 bits. I can bring more tomorrow, but I don't have nearly enough for the brush if you don't lower the price."

The old pony sighs, pushing your little bag of bits back toward you, "Don't play the sad pony card on me little one, I've had more of that than I can bear."

He turns around, mumbling something to himself.

After what seems like an eternity he turns back around, whispering, "Celestia curse this old, sentimental heart. Alright lookey here. If you help me organize my shop and help draw in customers this week, I'll give the brush to you as payment. But you have to be here every day, from when school lets out to when we close. Luna knows I could use a spry youngin' to reach the higher shelves or lift things my old back can't take."

"So, deal?"


>Defer decision until you've looked around some more.


File: 1355367760702.png (136.97 KB, 538x561, 1354726811354.png)

more scootascoot pls




Let's do it. We might even be able to find a scooter kit in the back.


I say we should hold a bit since >>247979 raises a good point.





Aww yiss, Accept



Shit, that eats into our free time for socializing.

But hell, it's a good deal. If we end up not going for Sweetie we can still give it to Cheerilee.


For a AB or Scoots route to be meaningful, we'd have to solve their respective problem: helping AB's family, or teaching Scoots to fly.

I think that for better or for worse, this decision should be made now.


Dammit you guys, Sweetie isn't the only filly in the CMC.


It's winter so it could go either way. I say we should do Scoots and give her that kit.

But she's best filly


There's Babs Seed, too!

I think the others are fixated on her because of the fashion show. >>247996 has a point in that we have a ways to go to actually making a real dent in the other's stories, though I think the early bonding moment concerning betrayal and such was a major boost for AB. It's just a shame we haven't had a chance to exercise it.


but we won't have time for anyone else, plus sweetie would be happy with just any brush from us.


>going for EZmode waifu
The best wives in Harvest Moon have an involved storyline attached.


we need to do other stuff


We've only got today and potentially tomorrow to finish this up, right?





Because he's got real life problems with full life consequences.


Since this is being brought up, let me clarify: Taking this opportunity will indeed eat your socializing time, though you can still talk with people at school.
Apple Bloom's problem requires an initiative on your part to trigger. I suppose I didn't indicate this anywhere. My bad.
Scootaloo is a very straightforward filly. Though her "big hook" has not shown itself quite yet.

I can do this every night up to and including Friday.

Friday night is where I personally have to end it, for good or bad.

With that in mind, if you're willing to stretch this out for those days, you can safely turn down this offer and nothing will be hurt (Other than an easy mode way to obtain the brush.)

Mull it over for a second while I get some coffee. I await your final decision in about 5 minutes.


File: 1355368553494.jpg (40.51 KB, 599x466, 1346485877931.jpg)

But real life problems are not as important as pastel colored ponies.
Look at these fucking ponies;


Go for Scootaloo. We hardly know anything about her.


The RNG gods gave us that 9 for a reason. I say we accept.


I say take the deal.


Aspirant has to go and do what must be done by him


I say we take the deal.
And who knows, we might find other things in the trinket store's back room that we could get for a fair price while we're working through the week.


File: 1355368725263.jpg (187.47 KB, 960x540, 1354588629778.jpg)

So it might be possible to go for the brush and the scooter kit? But that will leave AB all alone…

Fuck why must this be so hard!

They're just 3 adorable and cute fillies! it shouldn't be this hard…


Maybe AB's gift can be given without spending any money…somehow.


we go hard or go home!


If we get the brush we are still going to need to get a secret santa gift. There is no why we are leaving who gets that brush up to the RNG.


I direct you back to the IOU idea.


Well duh.
We'll get something cheap that anyone could like for the secret santa gift.


I kind of like that.
I like that a lot, actually.


we can only postpone the big decision for so long, you know


So we do the job, hope we find that scooter kit for scoots and do this >>247945

I know.
I don't want them to feel sad



Also note: This doesn't lock you into the Sweetie Belle path. It's just a really, really nice gift to get for her.

Even if you don't get this for her, there will be a more defining moment where you go for her over the others. Having the brush would just sweeten that.

Conversely, getting her the brush and choosing someone else is doable.

These are just things to make you think who you're going for. Because the final decision will take place around the party/end of the party. This is merely the buildup.

That's the free hint you get this session. Use it wisely.


>real life draws most everyone away on the last day
>the only two players that could make it choose Brynn


Alright, lets do the brush job.


Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

Final call:

No Deal?


We really do need to get Brynn a gift too.
Imagine how shit he'd feel if we got something for everyone but him.


We need more scuba time and find out where to get a scooter kit, followed by heading to the local libary to look for some good books for brynn, I'm sure the local libabrian would be more then happy to share some books.
Then we can find out how to help AB, and finally we can get a brush


But we need to think of ways to get something for Scoots and AB too.


We will deal.



Do it.


Deal. Romance or no it's a great gift and we shouldn't look a gift comb in the teeth.


No deal


But Brynn can go to the library and get books any time.
We need to get him his own really good book.


SB, when did you start participating?



We should probably start thinking about the "how to help AB" thing now.
It seems like a more ambiguous gift. The kind you can't just waltz into a store and buy.



Maybe we can meet someone at the store who knows how to help.


Maybe if we explain its for a fellow bookworm the librarian will give us some of her personal book stash.



6-1 in favor of the deal.

And so the deal is struck.




He's not going to make us sign a pact in blood, is he?


>he turns out to be Hades


"Deal!" you say as you shake the old stallion's hoof. The deal is just too good to pass up.

"Very good," he says, closing the small chest and picking it up. "Come this way," he says as he opens the door behind the counter, leading to the back room.

He sets the brush and it's simple chest on top of a cubby that he tells you to place your bag in as he turns on the back rooms brighter lights.

When they flash on, you see a stock room full of boxes. Big boxes, stacked on top of one another in great rows. Some of the boxes on top of their respective stacks are open, the tops of knick knacks and oddities sticking out.

"Your goal for today is to sort some of this….stuff, so I can put it out on the floor. People send me their strange things from all over, but they haven't the decency to label the darn things. Pfah."

Oh, this is going to take a while.

"If you need a break or get hungry, give a holler. We've got a deal with the wrap cart across the road for food once in a while. Youngin' like yourself could probably put one away while I'm nibbling on it."

He laughs wheezily before patting you solidly on the back, "Alright then, I'll let you get to it."

As fun as that would be, I couldn't rightfully trick everyone into playing such a quest unless I shifted it there subtly.

For example, I toyed with the idea of Brynn being a figment of your imagination. Make of that what you will.


>James Woods attempting to give us advice on how to romance our various potential romantic interests
what could possibly go wrong


> toyed with the idea of Brynn being a figment of your imagination.
why would you do that


>I toyed with the idea of Brynn being a figment of your imagination. Make of that what you will.


Alright, let's sort out this junk.
Keep an eye out while you're sorting. We might spot something that would make a nice gift for someone else.


Box sorting time! Yaaaay…..

First 5 rolls of 1d20 taken.

<30 = Takes the remainder of today and some time tomorrow
31-65 = Finish on time, at the end of the day.
66-85 = Finish a little ahead of schedule, earning some extra town time today.
86-100 = Finish sorting all the boxes lickety split, and even set up the stuff in the main store, eliminating a second task in the process.

Good luck!


Oh, also.

Natural 20 = Find an item suitable as a gift for one of your friends.


Dreams do come true in New Orleans

Roll #1 4 = 4


I hope I don't fuck it up.

Roll #0 16 = 16


Here we go…

Roll #0 14 = 14



Roll #0 18 = 18



Roll #1 4 = 4


It was just a thought as I was thinking what to do with him. But this is Cute Quest, so I obviously decided that wasn't appropriate.

Had we been in a more open setting, or I felt I could pull off a subtle horror quest of sorts, it would've been interesting to see how that went without telling you guys he was nonexistent to anyone but you.

Obviously I tossed that out when Miss Cheerilee acknowledged him right away.

It's just a fun thought to mess with is all.


>Finish on time, at the end of the day

It's tedious work, sorting through the boxes in the store room and categorizing them. Not particularly difficult, just…..mind numbing.

But finally the last box is open, it's contents sorted, and you sigh and wipe your brow, looking at the sorted trinkets.

The old shopkeeper walks into the back room, nodding approvingly as he sees you're finished.

"Just in time, too," he murmurs, "Bout time to close."

You get up, stretching your little legs and wings as you head to the cubby and grab your bag.

"Thanks for your help today…..ah…." the shopkeeper blinks, "I realize we never properly introduced ourselves. What's your name little fella?"

"Puff," you reply.

The old man wheezes out a laugh, "Puff, eh? Well, pleasure to have you help me today, Puff. My name's Woodrow."

Strange name.

"Now, why don't you scamper along. I'm sure you've got parents to get back to and things to do. I'll see you tomorrow, same time."

You nod and head out the store, waving back to Woodrow as he shuts the shop door and turns the 'Open' sign to 'Closed' in the door window.

<End of Monday - Day 1>


Maybe we should consult with Brynn at school on potential ways to help Apple Bloom.


<Day 2>

Choose a pony to talk to at school.

You get one conversation before we head to after school shenanigans.

We're probably going to rapidly go through these roll things to keep it moving, then cut off at an appropriate time, leaving the big decisions for tomorrow and/or Friday if you prefer.


Talk to Brynn about our girl problems so we can decide on who to butter up tomorrow.


this >>248090

Roll #0 8 = 8




"So…let me get this straight: You like all three of them, but aren't sure who to make your special somepony?"




Quickly cover his mouth.
"Announce it to the whole world, why don't ya?!"


Blab it all over school, why don't you?



You shush Brynn with a hoof over his mouth, looking around to make sure nopony heard.

"Darnit, Brynn, keep your mouth shut! Last thing I need is for one of them to hear that. Or the whole school."

He puts his hooves up, leaning back in his chair as a sign of surrender, and you slowly remove your hoof from his face.

"Alright, alright, sorry," he whispers, "So, what do you want me to do about it?"


You're smart, you must know how we'll be able to get everyone something they'd like!


Help? I don't know what to do. I really like them and I don't want to make any one of them sad.


I don't have any money and I can't buy all the perfect gifts for them!


"Which one is cutest?"


That makes it sound like we want him to help.
…Though, if he could keep an eye out for that Scooter kit…


"Yeah; having resources to do that. But come on, they all agreed that they'd like something sincere. Doesn't really matter what it is.

Well, I mean, maybe it does if you want it to really be special, but they seem okay with anything from that gift exchange. So unless you're getting them something outside of that, I say don't worry too much about it. Your gift might even get sent to Diamond Tiara or me for all we know."

"Well that's the trick then, isn't it," he says sympathetically, putting a hoof on your shoulder, "I don't know what to tell you there. You can do things for all of them, sure. But you can only have one special somepony. They're good enough friends, I'm sure they'll understand."

Brynn shrugs, "I'm sympathetic for you, I really am."

His eyes light up with an idea, "Hey, how about this. You give me the money for a gift you want for one of 'em, I'll go get it for you since you're doing this trinket store thing. If you trust me with that, that is."


Tell him about what we've done to secure the brush.
But we still need to find a way to help AB out with her family, and manage to scrounge up enough bits on the side to get an actual gift for the exchange.
Because we're not risking that brush ending up with just anyone.


Why wouldn't we trust him?
If he can see a scooter kit for a good price, we'll try and get him the money for it while we work off the brush.


Put your hoof on his shoulder.
"You're a good man, Brynn."



Brynn is bro I trust him, we need to get his ass a gift to.


I like that idea, even if it's something small with anything we have left over


We'll put it on our to-do list.
Let's take this one step at a time.


Brynn is taken aback, "Hey, you're the one crushing on all them, not me, Puff."

You slug him in the shoulder as he laughs, "Alright, alright, cheap shot, I'm sorry!"

"You want to help Apple Bloom and her family? Then tell her! I'm sure she won't turn down a helping hoof."

"Scooter repair kit, huh? So…basically a tool kit. Hardware store probably has something. I'll check it out after school and get you the prices tomorrow."

You put a hoof on the shoulder you didn't just smack, "Thanks, Brynn."

He smiles, "Don't mention it. It's what friends do, right?"

<Recess ends and the school day resumes>
<After class shenanigans incoming>


You head to the trinket shop after school, heading to the back room after being greeted by Woodrow.

Most the trinkets are already off the floor and on display.

"Yeah….got bored with no customers in today," Woodrow says, shaking his head, "Gonna have to close up shop for good if that don't change."

"Ah but listen to me…..ramble. You finish putting those things out on the display floor and….you can head home early."

<20 = Takes all day. You slow poke.
21-65 = Finish on time.
66-85 = Finish quickly, slightly ahead of schedule.
86-100 = Finish first task expediently, allowing you greater free time or able to work on a second task.



Roll #1 14 = 14


Woooo, more sorting stuff. fun.

Roll #0 8 = 8



Here we goo

Roll #1 10 = 10


work work

Roll #0 1 = 1


here we go again…

Roll #0 5 = 5


Jesus H. Christ, guys, get it together!


>Finish on time

You take your time, making the displays look nice and organized in the process. You kind of lose yourself in organizing the items on the display floor, and before you know it it's time for the store to close.

You're getting antsy about the whole gift thing. You've got this brush lined up for Sweetie, but what about Apple Bloom, Brynn, and Miss Cheerilee?

Maybe it just isn't possible to get something for them all after all….

<End of Day 2, Tuesday.>


Choose a pony to talk to at school.

<I know this isn't very exciting. Sorry.>


Should we ask Diamond Tiara where she was during the pagent?



Well we got to get the prices from Brynn right?


Don't worry about it.

I say we talk to AB.


Let's talk to Sweetie Belle. About things.


Apple Bloom.
Now seems as good a time as any to get proactive in trying to help her. Maybe she has some new contraption cooked up in that head of hers that we can look to applying to apple-harvesting.


Let's be honest and tell AB we have no idea what she meant and it's bothering us because we got a job at the trinket store and don't have much time to actually shop and guess.


Oh that's right. I change my vote from SB to Brynn



He slips you a piece of paper before class with a small list.

>Smallest kit: Wrench, socket wrench, bolts, nuts, screws. 20 bits

>Large kit, more replacement parts for future accidents, also with wrench and socket wrench: 60 bits
>Custom repair: 50 bits
>Custom logo/paint: 30 bits a logo. 10 bits per color of paint.

>Smallest kit will do, but if you want to prepare against future accidents, Large is the way to go.

>Your call


hmmm…maybe we can get an advance on our allowance to get that smaller kit…
do we still get to meet someone?


We need to talk to our dad tonight about possible advances on allowance.
I'm sure he'll be more willing if we tell him it's for a girl, right?


Shit. Unless we get lucky and win the lottery, it's going to be hard as fuck to get the large kit


don't forget the generic secret-santa gift too
we don't want to neglect that and end up handing over that brush to Diamond Tiara by mistake


Well fuck, man.
Where are we going to scrape up all the money needed buy them all gifts?



3 for AB, 2 for Sweetie. AB it is.

You fess to AB that you want to get her something meaningful for HWE, but you don't know what she meant when she whispered in your ear.

She gives you a smug look, very briefly.

"You know I want to help my family, right?"


She grows serious, leaning forward and looking at you almost pleadingly.

"After the party on Friday….I'm goin back to the farm and building my latest design. I….I want you to help me. We'll make it, then surprise my sister when we get it workin'. I…can do it on my own, but you've been a big help. It doesn't feel right to just do it myself."

Carefully she places a hoof over one of yours, making your heart thump hard in your chest.

"I want you to hold up your promise. Be there with me when it's finished. I'd like that. A lot."

The recess bell rings, making the two of you jump as she quickly removes her hoof from yours.

"J-just think it over, alright?"

<Class resumes>
<Afterschool shenanigans incoming>


Aspirant, I just wanted to say that your questers are the absolute worst at rolling good numbers.


We could always send a letter to Photo Finish and hope to get famous as a male fashion model.


y-you too


Is that all? Hell, we can do that easy.
assuming of course that the other two don't try and pull us in different directions.


File: 1355373685197.png (293.38 KB, 492x455, Sweetie Belle Moderately Sad.P…)


RNG is a fickle mistress.


Do we have that day free or is it a work day?


>Carefully she places a hoof over one of yours, making your heart thump hard in your
>"I want you to hold up your promise. Be there with me when it's finished. I'd like that. A lot."



The day in question is Friday night, after the party.

You only have to work up until Thursday, since Friday night most shops are closed.
<My mistake, I didn't say that.>


You walk back into the store, and find Woodrow admiring your handiwork.

"Ah, there you are…..Had some customers today….remarked at how organized the place has become…" he smiles, showing his dentures, "Good work."

You put your bag in the cubby in the back room, the small chest with the brush in it still sitting atop the cubby as the days before. A reminder as to why you're sitting through this monotonous work.

You get a surprise from the old pony today though.

"I….really don't have much of anything left for you to do. Too cold to make anypony stand outside and attract customers…." he sighs, "Go set up this sign. That's it. When you're done, you can take the brush and head out. You did your part, save for there not being so much work as I thought to keep you busy for a week."


Neat, be sure to thank him.
And let him know that we can help him whenever he needs it again in the future.


Are you sure you don't need any more help? I can't help but feel we're taking advantage of this…


Give him a hug and thank him for his generosity.



That's convenient I guess.

Let's thank him for it.


No, I don't like this.

We should help save this old coot's shop.


Sweet deal, but lets make absolutely sure he doesn't have anymore work.


You thank him for his kindness, putting the brush and it's little chest in your bag.

You feel bad though. Like you're taking advantage of the poor old guy's generosity.

"Are you sure there's nothing else I can do? I don't want you to go out of business….."

"That's kind of you….really," he says with a small smile, "Maybe you can spread some fliers around for me or something? Maybe that'll help…..maybe."

"But take your time doing it. I'm not going anywhere…."

You give the old pony a hug, surprising him. He coughs a bit but pats you on the back in return, smiling as you tell him to ask you for help any time.

"Haha, well, when the weather warms back up, maybe I'll have you stand outside. Folk see a cute kid pointing 'em this way, maybe they'll remember the little hole in the wall."


Well, let's go staple up some fliers, then.
This will give us plenty of time to convince our Dad to forward our allowance.


"You just made a filly very happy, sir! I won't forget it."

Alright, so we could go window shopping while distributing fliers, maybe bump into somepony or check in on Dad if he's around.


We run into DT/SS and lose the comb or it gets broken.
Calling it.


we should keep an eye peeled for any other place that needs help while we're spreading fliers around
a few extra bits in our pocket would help us with those other gifts


Sorry, internet dropped. I'm back.

You agree to post up some fliers for Woodrow, and he hands you a small assortment of rather dated looking ones. You put them in your bag for the time being and head out the door.

<You have time to visit one store of your choosing, or you can post the fliers now>
<You have 20 bits on you, beside school supplies, the brush, and the fliers.>


Let's post those fliers, and then get the comb to a safe place at home so we can wrap it. And then pester our dad for funds.


Post the fliers.
And keep an eye on that brush.


Post the fliers. We still have two more days.


You decide to head around town and post the fliers before it gets too dark and you have to head home.


Roll #1 9 = 9


Were we not able to get more bits from home?


Oh yes.







You were waiting for the numbers from Brynn so you know how much to ask your parents for.

Posting the fliers goes without incident. If anything it goes too smoothly, if such a thing is possible.

But at the end of the day, you head home with that old, fancy looking brush in its decorative chest container. You can't help but pull it out of your bag once you're back in your room, and look once again at the gift you've gotten. It's simple but elegant. You cautiously run a hoof along its polished surface, then turn it over to inspect the teeth. It's in immaculate condition, despite how old it must be.

You notice the edge of something papery sticking out from a corner of the chest, and you tug on it to pull out a small, wrinkled photo.

It's a faded, black and white photo of a young stallion and a slightly older mare. His hair is slicked back and he has a dumb grin on his face. The mare looks beautiful with her hair done up and a heartfelt smile on her face. She has her front hooves around the colt.

The thing that draws your eye the most is her cutie mark.

A set of vines, with a single red rose in the center.

You turn the photo over and see in scribbled writing:

Woodrow and Rosie


Oh no, we've gotta get that back to him.
…And now I'm having second thoughts about taking the comb, if it was important to him.


thanks, old-timer…
we should get that photo back to him


he passed it on to us. it's time for that brush to make another filly happy.


That old guy needs the photo back.


No, he obviously wanted us to have the comb. It's our responsibility to make some happy new memories with it. But the photo is a personal thing, he deserves to have that returned at least.

Rosie probably passed away due to being much older. If she dumped him, there'd no reason for him to hold on to it for so long.


You go to sleep that night after bargaining with your folks about gift money. Come tomorrow you'll have 100 bits to spend.

But what, and who, to spend it on?

Only one of many questions that flitter through your mind as you slowly pass into sleep.

<End of Day 3, Wednesday. 1 Full day remains before Friday, the day of the party.>

<End of Session 6>
<Calling it here since it's past midnight my time and we're going to be stretching this out to tomorrow at least.

If you're curious enough about Woodrow's story, we can do that tonight or tomorrow if you like.>

<Thanks for playing along one way or the other, I'll see you gents tomorrow night. Same time, same pony channel.>


I'd agree with this, but we're still in the flip floppy undecided-route. It would seem kind of callous to give it to SB as a casual gift.


>casual gift
…when was that ever implied? Just because we might still be just friends doesn't mean we can't give her a really nice gift.


…so who do we choose?



And of course, let me know if I goofed stuff up.

Have a nice night everyone. Thanks for participating.

Decision time soon!


Alright, so, everyone who's still here. Round table discussion time.
Subject of the day: Who do we pick?
Applebloom who will assume we picked her if we go to the farm with her on Friday
Sweetie who will assume we picked her with that nice comb, though we'd have to break it to her if we don't pick her
Scootaloo who at this point would probably take it as a rivalry with something more
Or Brynn, just to curveball it.


Scootaloo seems kind of lightweight in content at the moment. I hope we find out something important regarding her tomorrow since we have keys for both AB and Sweetie but not her.


Choose the impossible.
Choose Puff.




File: 1355377192802.png (531.4 KB, 1024x600, 1341530435560.png)



Narcissism is not a good quality in a foal. Look what it did to Blueblood.
There is that, though tomorrow we'll probably be out shopping with Brynn.
We should probably get him something as well, since he not only is keeping our indecisiveness a secret, but also helped us scope prices for the scooter kit. Plus he's our friend too, so he needs something.


A magical Bluebloodette that he keeps locked in his bedroom?


Personally I vote Sweetie. AB comes in close second, but it's hard to beat Sweetie Belle's adorable affection.
Scoots' "rivalry with something more" route strikes me as Rumblescoot 2.0, so she's in last place for me.


File: 1355377353801.jpg (327.08 KB, 1000x1000, 1346552263211.jpg)

Are you implying Rumblescoot is bad.

>tfw no cute pegasus gf



No but really I'll try to make Scootaloo seem a bit more….attractive? More motivation I mean. Time constraints really kept me from filling stuff out like I wanted to.


Not at all. Just that Scoots already gets her fair share of love and attention.


I'm also leaning Sweetie, but Applebloom is a good choice too.
…I'm a sucker for apple ponies, though.


File: 1355377659361.gif (80.62 KB, 183x333, 1335919615535.gif)

I am in favor of more Scootaloo.


I like Sweetie Belle as a choice.


Choosing is for the weak and casual, We must prove ourselves to all three of the fillys.
There is no other option.

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